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Milligan College Library 3 1881 0007 0226 2 ten CK T. Wl L C Ajyy tb P.H. WELSHIMEP MEMORIAL U«?4RY Hope . . . opens outward k and gives itself to others It finds beauty in such simple things and engulfs this beauty in itself. To those who seek mere worldly gain - syst ■- ;t ,- - Z V : ' --.v« - 1 • . «l- - . -_- r - ■;; it may seem a worthless plight •j mm- But the Hope which turns the leaves . . . 11 then seemingly 11 Pi km x v pp . • - ;■ fr $ :, ■ ■ ,r,., ' + 1 S ' aJjl I e W tetter »j " ' ii Mirli • j -wS iaiR walks away r ; »- X w . 13 gives to all 14 who search for it 15 Hope . . . of a better day 16 Brackin Bradford Kappa Miller Perry Parris Mauldin WE set our hopes on Thee for Thou doest all these things ' Dedication responsibility and a desire to help young adults achieve their goals, these are the characteristics of the faculty members this year- book is dedicated to. " Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer " Mrs. Marguerite Parris, Associate Professor of English and speech: Has given much attention to Milligan students in the area of drama. Mrs. Parris put many lines and took out a few to keep plays in the best interest. Professor Parris received her B.F.A. from the University of Georgia. Extra studies led Mrs. Parris to Georgia State Uni- versity for Women and the University of London for her M. Ed. Dr. David Brackin, Assistant Professor of Psychology shows extern interest in Milligan students. This past year Dr. Brackin acted as Men ' s tennis coach and helped with the musical production Godspell. Dr. Brakin received both his B.S. and his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. Mr. Guy Maulden, an Associate professor of Math- ematics: extends time from his work to explain math problems over and over to revial a clearer understanding to the students. Professor Mauldin received his B.A. from Mississippi State University and his M.S. from University of Texas and University of Kentucky. Mrs. Ann Kappa, Assistant Librarian and Cataloger: Al- ways ready to lend a hand to assist students in searching for materials. The past year Mrs. Kappa taught Children ' s literature for interested students. Mrs. Kappa has her A.B. from the University of Ken- tucky and her M.A. from East Tennessee State University. Mrs. Anne Bradford, Associate Professor of Education: Has shown interest in the students throughout her teach- ing career at Milligan. She has made herself available out- side of class to further assist students with personal, as well as academic problems. Professor Bradford received her B.S., M.A. from East Tennessee State University. Miss Mary Perry, Associate Professor of Christian Educa- tion: Has shown interest in the students throughout her teaching career at Milligan. She has made herself available outside of class to further assist students with personal, as well as academic problems. Professor Perry received her B.S. from Milligan College. In furthering her studies Miss Perry has her M.R.E. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and East Tennessee State University. Dr. Tracy Miller, Associate Professor of English: Is resigning from Milligan staff to take a position as full-time minister. Dr. Miller sets aside time for fellowship with students; an occassional chess game at the Union. Dr. Miller received his B.A. from Midwest Christian College. In futher studies he received his M.A. at Fort Hays Kanas State College. Dr. Miller now has his Ph.D from the University of Tennessee with classes from University of Oklahoma and University of Nebraska. 19 ACADEMICS 20 21 Miles to go in Academics. J. ' 23 2 4 i Freshman week and registration I1THHS 2(, start the new year I JL; ej r " 27 Milligan hosts T e d Q u a c k 28 and The Uncle Freddie Show Milligan College concert series was represented by a wide range of entertainment. 10 Thanks to the chapel crew, who really have everything together. 31 Madrigals great entertainment 32 for the college and community alike WTflfELSHT MEMOPfAL • !»PftPt MIL LdtaMK iiOuiLciae, i ' W Lir ' Sfc MERI vvUGA 34 ery HR1STMAS m ?° Ci ■ 35 Drama Department Presents " S n e a k y 37 THERE ' S LOTS TO DO AT ,wc -.tiWr - vTJ-A V ;.;, J ' 53 v m A ' . .1 38 I ' m getting out of here. MILLICAN 39 Somebody call Jim McKay! A new sport captured the imagination of the campus as daring riders equipped with helmets and pads attempted the treacherous run down Sutton hill on the little red wagon races. 40 Monday, April 28th classes were dismissed as the Student Union spon- sored Marvelous Monday. The Students enjoyed a picnic lunch on Anglen fol- lowed with competitive games of softball and volleyball. The end of the day brings tired students to en- joy the evening meal at the close of Marvelous Monday. 41 Milligan College Presents Godspell 42 43 Presenting: Founder ' s Daughter Candidates 1975. Julie McNett, sophomore sweetheart, along with her es- cort enjoy the banquet in honor of the class sweethearts. Sweetheart candidates wait in anticipation for the an- nouncement of the lucky four girls. Bonnie Bunton was honored as junior sweet- heart for 1975 n The faculty of Milligan presented their talent for the students preceeding the presen- tation of the 1974 Buffalo. This was a memorable evening fea- turing M.C. Mr. Price along with the " stars " Dr. Cwaltney and Dr. Wetzel in Tiresius and Oedipus. 45 Times to Remember 46 47 Have you considered this thoroughly It takes a little more imagination without a net. 48 Some people will go to any length to get away from it all. Anticipation for what will happen next with the score 40 vs. love. Wow! Look at that view. 49 ■ 50 ' m m 51 jb Coach Phil Worrell Assistant Coach Dale Clayton 52 Craig Boyles 33 Craig comes from Pinnacle, North Carolina. He is a 6 ' 4 " senior and played wing. Eddie Carver 35 Eddie is a native of Elizabeth- ton, Tennessee. He is a 67 " senior and played poste. He was also co-captain of the Buff team. Craig Clayton 44 Craig ' s hometown is Mer- ritt Island in Florida. He is a 6 ' 3 " freshman and played wing. Jerry Craycraft 22 )erry is from Millersburg, Ohio. He is a 6 ' 4 " wing- man and has completed his sophomore year. Dan Harding 55 Dan ' s hometown is Canton, Ohio. The 6 ' 5 " senior plays post. He is co-captain of the team where he displays his leadership qualities. Tom Harpley 40 Coming from Akron, Ohio, Tom is a freshman standing 6 ' 2 " and playing wing. S3 Don Harris 5 Mt. Dora, Florida is the home of Don. He is a 5 ' 9 " freshman and played point. Albert Larry 25 Albert is also from Mt. Dora Florida. He is a 6 ' 5 " senior who played wing. Ken Leatherwood 10 Ken comes from Nashville, Tennessee. He is 6 ' 0 " , a junior and played point. He was high scorer for the year aver- aging 18.1 points. With a total of 561 points, over a 31 game spread. Mike Schmidt = 11 A native from Piney Flats, Tennessee. Mike stands 6 ' 2 " and is a sophomore who played point. Marty Street 21 Marty is from Johnson City, Tennessee. He is a 63 " fresh- man, played wing. 54 J ' ■ EECa UfciiilW Our Score Their Score 75 Bryan 67 78 Cumberland 68 90 Gardner Webb 100 % Clinch Valley 68 97 King 91 (OT) 74 Knoxville College 68 101 King 87 101 Emory Henry 57 % Clinch Valley 77 80 Tennessee Tech 88 75 Walsh 73 95 Malone 79 73 UNC-Asheville 74 80 Maryville 60 127 Bryan 96 97 Maryville 81 84 Charleston 79 72 Tennessee Wesleyan 71 100 Tusculum 65 86 King 73 122 Lincoln Memorial 95 76 Carson-Newman 85 122 Clinch Valley 85 96 Knoxville College 81 115 Emory Henry 84 76 Lincoln Memorial 72 69 Tennessee Wesleyan 70 88 Carson-Newman 75 120 Tusculum 98 Home Court Away Record Neutral Court 10-1 12-3 2-1 55 t X I 1 tijf iff rjKrV The Buffs maintained a 10-1 home record this season and were helped out by enthusiastic fans cheering them on. 56 Spud surprised many this season after seeing lim- ited action last season. He averaged 15.5 points per game and was a team leader. Eddie again had a great season of rebounding with a total of 329 averaging 11.3 per game. 57 The Buffs had a very respectable away game winning percentage with a 12-4 record. One of the away game highlights was the game at Carson-Newman where team and fans pulled together to create an exciting contest. 58 • safe um b n i SBtk « m r» The fans had a few restive moments during the season, but the team had a few restive moments also. The team ' s winning margin per game was 12.5 with shows in their 25-6 win loss record. V J 6RGLES; 59 The varsity squad cheerleaders this year consisted of (from left to right): Brenda Truitt (captain), Joni Walker, Rita Morical, Marsha Corbin, Sissy Hill. m ■ I. , r x_: f t •- 1 -- ■ J Krr - — i r — ; — i Rhonda Dial, Cindy Lewis, Deb- bie Mains, Nancy Lawyer, Sue Bridger 60 Intramurals Milligan has a fine intramurals sports program which con- sists of football, basketball, and Softball. These programs help even more of the Milligan student body participate in the athletic program. I h 61 • " £ • t ; V- - - at- ' . . ' JBHE « ■ f 62 ■ m„ 63 1,1 from left to right Chuck Wheeler, Tom Jones, Roy Haisley, Brent Sanders sec- ond row David Musick, Jeff Wingo, Greg Bonington, Rodger Almond, coach Bracken The 74-75 tennis team fared well in the tough competition of the past season. This years team was young with no se- niors and many upcoming under- classmen, which could make for an even more exciting season next year. 65 Girls Athletics Girls tennis team from left to right: Ruth Sandy, Leigh Cook, Grace McCall, Cindy Brady, Denise Giles, Ruth Ziebart, Belinda Brown, Michele lones. Girls softball team left to right: Sue Obney, Marlene Grant, Brenda Foist, Carla Collister, Nancy Lawyer, Kathy Jablonski, Marty Williams, Marsha Fraser, Kim Yuetter, Melody Newmeister, Holly Huitt, Donna Overbay, Ruth Ziebart, Kim Peters, Suelene Davis, Marty Hanie, Kaner Opstad, Cindy Brady Girls basketball team from left to right: Brenda Foist, Patty Dinguis, Patricia Stump, Ruth Zie- bart, Jodi Fjeron, Ted Young (coach), Marlene Grant, Kim Augsburgers, Julie McNett, Ruth Sandy, Marie Lyons, Kim Peters, Belendia Brown, Liz Vernon, Robin Phillips. Cross-country 67 Center Blevens, Mike Thom pson, Noble Edwards, Craig Ott, Oris Densford, Tim Beck, Terry Jarvis, Larry McNett, Lee Mor- row, Robbie Allen, Bob Richards (manager) Jeff Steman TRACK Milligan track team finish a hard season without seeing a team victory. There were however, several in- dividuals who won or placed consistantly for the Buffs. They were Lee Morrow in the mile and 2 mile; Larry McNett, 440 yd. hurdles; Terry Jarvas, javelin- and Jeff Steman, high jump. ass g ■ ' ■-• . . - -■ " 13 68 p- °6 69 AfWMwmi aw .-.•j ! —-— " -;. " " :vir ' i -. " : »- : ' --- - ' _ - - Player C AB R H 2B 3B HR K SB BB RGL AVG Denny Mayes 40 127 7 44 9 12 2 20 22 .346 Danny Roller 33 98 16 32 6 3 2 13 1 12 19 .327 Dean Minier 44 172 46 55 10 4 10 8 14 18 37 .320 Sam Austin 31 88 15 26 7 2 20 4 14 15 .306 Steve Palmer 27 81 17 24 2 1 1 12 15 .296 Lynn Deskins 40 132 17 35 3 2 19 1 12 15 .265 Ron Doss 41 40 21 35 6 1 3 10 2 8 24 .250 Mike Cline 40 136 20 36 6 1 4 26 2 21 14 .265 Bob Wattwood 43 154 27 44 7 3 3 19 8 16 22 .286 Terry Treadway 4 5 2 .000 Scott Fox 23 42 7 12 1 2 10 2 7 8 .286 Danny Cullop 9 4 10 2 1 1 .000 Ted Comer 11 24 2 3 10 1 2 2 .125 Bob McNeil 10 15 3 2 1 4 1 2 2 .133 Steve Hodge 9 16 2 1 4 5 2 .063 Mark Wooten 15 20 16 7 5 4 6 .350 Mike Shifflet 15 34 8 9 3 1 1 5 1 3 8 .265 Jeff Walker 10 1 1 .000 Marty Street 11 2 2 .000 Steve Allen 10 18 7 5 1 3 2 3 3 .277 Jeff McNabb 8 22 2 3 1 6 1 3 .136 David Young 4 11 3 4 1 1 2 .364 Joe McClain 8 1 .000 Fred Akers 8 1 1 .000 Steve Hypes 12 1 1 .000 72 ■ mm X ■ » • ! 73 Pitchers Dean Minier Joe McClain Jeff Walker Fred Akers Steve Hypes Marty Street Greg Goulds Gordy Miller Lynn Deskins Scott Fox TOTALS W-L 2-0 3-5 4-1 3-3 5-5 4-3 0-0 1-5 0-0 0-0 22-22 IP 26 63 32- 1 3 45- V, 68- ' A 48- Vi 11 27 -Vi 6 2 329- ' A H 17 58 30 48 71 49 17 33 6 3 334 R 14 38 23 41 51 37 10 41 3 258 ER 8 23 12 21 32 27 7 19 1 150 BB 14 33 26 23 35 40 7 37 4 1 220 K 19 49 23 28 40 40 3 I I 4 217 ERA 2.77 3.00 3.34 4.16 4.21 5.02 5.73 6.30 1.50 .000 4.09 - ■• - - JM V JZ - V ' s ■ a . ., It is finished n - " t fc r- «; 76 J if ■eYS f f a 1 o S t a f f Seated (L. to R.) Becky Coleman, Sara Searle, Cayle Epperly Standing (L. to R.) Ed Charlton-Photographer, Tim Beck-Editor, Sherry Pauley, Scott Shaffer, Bob Ray, Debi Holsapple, Randy Ray, Dan Kirkland This year ' s Buffalo staff began at a rather slow pace, but was quickly squared up by editor Tim Beck. Although most of the annual staff is only semi-experienced, we have collected, sorted, and presented to you a fine collec- tion of memories for your enjoyment. 78 A Stampede Staff Front Row (L. to R.) Ermine Campbell, Kathy Harder, Dan Kirkland, Sherry Church, Kevin Bowers, Kim Yeutter, Robin Phillips-Editor Second Row (L. to R.) Gary Richardson, Mike Shannon, John McFadden, Skip Jones, Mark Broyles, Ed Charlton— Photographer The Stampede working under a very restrictive budget, turned out some of Milligan ' s news work. Edited by Robin Phillips, this year ' s Stampede saw many new columnes along with some of the old favorites. 79 Student Council Executive Council (L. to R.) Cayle Epperly— Secretary Dan Pummill— President Dick Barnett— Treasurer Kathi Jablonski-Vice President The 1974-75 Student Council proved to be a very hard working and unified body. Through much discussion and deliberation, new Disciplinary Guidelines were written up and accepted by the Administration. Also, amendments for the Constitution were tackled and proved to be a very big topic on campus for the spring semester. Student Council also saw a fun side. Buses were chartered for important away games, The Sweetheart Convocation and Banquet was sponsored by Council and many clubs received support from Council, financially. Freshman And Sophomore Class Representatives Front Row (L. to R.) Jackie Swearingen, Robin Thomas, Martie Williams, Cindy Brady, Rhonda Dial Second Row (L. to R.) John Carlson, John Ray, Dave Mayer, Bob Keesee, Bill Harper Keith Hertzog 80 Junior And Senior Class Representatives 1 ■ i « ' f l Front Row (L. to R.) Susan Gregory, Nancy Paswater, Robin Phillips, Denise Adams Second Row (L. to R.) Dan Dill, Scott Shaffer, Don Steffey, Charles Fitzsimmons, Karl Schmidt, Richard Torbett, Jeff Stammler, Gordon Miller, Les Wolfe, Dave Johnson 81 Dorm Councils HART HALL— Rachel Reeves, Denise Smith, Lennea Derting, Kathleen Powell, Mary Phillips, Denise Adams, Deb- bie Murphy, Joy Barker, Cindy Watt, Dee Aiken SUTTON HALL— Debbie Piper, Connie Paschal, Nancy Hook, Julie McNett, Carla Collister, Suelene Davis HARDIN HALL-Don Steffey, Bill Harper PARDEE HALL-Dave Hughston, Les Wolfe WEBB HALL— Dave Soucie, Dan Harding, Dave Johnson, Mark Jarrett, Jeff Wingo, Kim Cumbiner The Dorm Council is a group of representative members of the five dormitories on campus. Open house, gen- eral dormitory rules, and rule changes are the essential concern of the Dorm Council. Hi Ministerial Association Front Row (L. to R.) Craig Ott, Kevin Huddleston, Tom )ones, John Carlson, Gary Newport Second Row (L. to R.) Tim Spear, Richard Evanoff, Greg Johnson, Tom Lohr, Bob Judge Third Row (L. to R.) Mr. Nelson — Sponsor, Dave Johnson, Ron Reilly, Joe Hatter, Jim Leuhm The Milligan College Minis- terial Association is a new club for the 1974-75 year. Formed by faculty and students recognizing the need for a professional orga- nization of Bible students, the association provides stimulating learning experiences for our fu- ture ministers and other Chris- tian educators. Missions Club From left to Right Greg Johnson, Becky Brown, Bob Fife, John Ray, Dr. Taber— Sponsor, Becky Reeves, Terry Vecchiollo Under the leadership of Dr. Taber, the Missions Club spon- sored a new activity for the Christian experience of Milligan College. A faith-promise rally was held for a three day period during the fall semester. Several speakers brought messages and testimonies of their work in the missionary field for the enjoy- ment and learning of the Milli- gan College student body. 83 Circle K Front Row (L. to R.) Sherry Pauley, Ray Blakely, Skip Jones Second Row (L. to R.) Danny Carroll, Keith Roberts, Ann Yohe, John Carlson The Circle K Club is an on campus service club in that they have repaired the fountain, worked of restoring a classroom in the Administration Building and provided discount tickets for the Milligan Students for area theatres. Christian Service Club Front Row (L to R.) Nancy Basnight, Jan Keyes, Kathy Harder, Dee Ledermann, Martie Williams Second Row (L. to R.) Steve Hinderliter, Becky Cole- man, Bonnie Bunton, Ann Our- ada, Kevin Hedlund The Christian Service Club has been a very busy organization this school year in that it has been in charge of Vespers and House of Bread. As a service to the community, the club has been going to the Christian Chil- dren ' s Home every other Satur- day and to the Old Folks ' Home on every Wednesday helping them or just being a Christian witness. m ■ us Ml 84 A Bike Club From Left to Right Craig Hardy, Cordon Miller, Jeff Stemen, Greg Byington, Robin Phillips, Cindy Brady, Karl Schmidt, Grace McCall, Gary Smith, Dr. Dowd— Sponsor The Bike Club got its origin from the recent interest in biking. Many students returned to Milligan in August with bikes and with similar interests. Cordon Miller got the club together with the students willing to form the club. It has proven to be a very well liked club and has good turn outs for all of its " Bike Hikes " , jonesboro, Piney Flats and the Laurels have been some of the favorite destinations. 85 Civinettes Front Row (L to R.) Beth Ferguson, Dee Aiken, Anna Wiley— President, Terry Vecchiollo, Susie Gregory, Debbie Fralish, Pam Carroll, Mary Robinson, Cindy Crum. Second Row (L. to R.) Deena Hurley, Sharon Smith, Suelene Davis, Linda Cooper, Gayle Epperly, Michelle Wiles, Cindy Brady, Cheri Maynard, Karen Schmidt, Patty Odell, Robin Thomas, Karen Huber, Michal Teskey. The Civinettes have seen a very exciting and servicable year. The Civinettes under the rule of Anna Wiley have sponsored two very successful shows, The Ted Quack Amateur Hour and The Uncle Freddie Show. With the money earned, a scholarship was given and many projects were financially aided. The Civinettes also helped with the Fall Blood Drive. P r e L a w C I u b Paul Blowers, Rhonda Dial, Freddie Waggoner The Pre-Law Club has seen a very difficult year in that the sponsor was not here. Al- though this has proven to be a " dull " year, the Pre-Law Cl ub has represented Milligan College in their own special way, with their support, they have a lot to look forward to. 86 French Club First Row (L. to R.) Lennea Derting, Cindy Crum, Martie Williams, Kathy Kemp Second Row (L. to R.) Glenda Brookshire, Laura Souder, Robin Phillips, Sandy Dymacek La Cercle Francais, under the leadership of Mrs. Wol- lard has had a very good year even though the atten- dance has been smaller than last year. The French Club had a dinner in February and during the fall semester, the club held discussions in French on Thursday afternoons. Ecology Club Robin Phillips, Tim Brady, Kim Yeutter The Ecology Club, another new club on campus, spon- sored paper and bottle drives during the school year to help the ecological values of the campus and community. 87 I • Kitchen Crew First Row (L to R.) Blanche Markham, Dorothy Morrell, Thelma McKay, Geneva Livingston, Betty Williams, Pauline Lyons, Charlotte Byers, Celia Gouge, Virginia Jenkins, Hazel Williams, Roxie Guinn Second Row (L. to R.) Kitty Becker, Lois Jordan, Diane James, Becky Reeves, Claudia Thompson, Debbie Murphy, Cindy Brady, Pam Freje, Kevin Hedlund Third Row (L. to R.) John McFadden, Tom Dainty, Molly Mop, Bill Harper, Tom Jones, John Carlson, Ruth Jordan, Kathleen Powell, Nancy Basnight, John Ray, Ed Charlton 88 Phi Beta Lambda Kneeling in front Eileen Roehl, Fumida Aoyagi, Norma Roehl, Kayoko Arai, Bob Ray, Second Row (L. to R.) Betsy Dill, Linda Cooper, Cindy Roodhouse, Betty Clark, Michelle Jones, Becky Burgess, Mrs. Laws— sponsor Third Row (L. to R.) Bob Smith, Ranee Hopwood, Gene Price-President, Don Steffey-Vice President, Bill Hale, Phil Torbett, Bob Wat- twood, Dan Carroll— Treasurer, Richard Torbett, Randy Ray Phi Beta Lambda is a new organization on campus this year under the influence of Mrs. Laws. Phi Beta Lambda is for Business majors and minors. 89 Pep Club From Left to Right Skip Jones, Debi Holsapple— president, Gayle Epperly, Sherry Pauley, Pam Carroll, Deena Hurley, Kris Masters, Freddie Waggoner The Pep Club under the Leadership of President Holsapple, was very active in supporting our very impressive and skilled basketball team. Some of the activities the Pep Club was involved in are; sign making, cheering, show- ing spirit and backing up our " Buffs " . Pep Band Bottom Row from Left to Right Sherry Pauley, Jack Grey, Greg Bying- ton, Rick DeWitt Top Row from Left to Right Rick Evanoff, Chris Harkey— Director, Rachel Reeves— President, Deena Speece, Becky Replogle, Gary Rich- ardson, Becky Reeves, Robin Phillips The Pep Band supports the Pep Club by their beautiful melodies of pep. Under the direction of Chris Har- key, the Band begins the games with the National Anthem and then the juicy songs at half time and pre-game. 90 A Helicon Staff From Left to Right Tim Brady, Kevin Huddleston, Chris Harkey, Jama Humphries, Becky Brown, Eric Duggins, Jim Wilkins, Robin Phil- lips and Kim Yeutter Philosophy Club From Left to Right Kevin Huddleston, Dr. Wetzel— spon- sor, Robin Phillips, Jim Wilkins, Tim Brady, Tony Rousy The Philosophy Club under the di- rection of Dr. Wetzel has had guest speakers for the campus community. 91 Pre-Med Club (From Left to Right) John Ray, Steve Van Dyke, Gayle Epperly, Bob Fife, Dan Pummill— President, Shannon Compton, Tim Doty, Glenn Bunton The Pre-Med Club under the leadership of Dan Pummill has had cookouts at Prof. Sisk ' s house and many of the members at- tended Seminars which were held at Oak Ridge in the Spring semester. Phi Eta Tau (From bottom Left to top Left) Martie Hayney— President, Ruth Ziebart, Karen Opstad, Becky Bond, Helen Sawyer (From top Right to bottom Right) Ruth Sandy, Lois Jordan, Donna Overbay, Carla Collister, Reita Morrical The Phi Eta Tau is an organization which is basically for P.E. majors, although many athletically oriented girls participate in the club. In the spring, Phi Eta Tau sponsors a Country Fair which is to raise money. There are various other activities in which Phi Eta Tau takes part in. 92 Concert Choir (First Row from I. to r.) Jeff Stammler, Becky Brown, Joan Walker, Carolsue Robbins, Tom Flack, Larry McNett, Alan Gorman, Jan Jones (Second Row L. to R.) Mary Phillips, Tom Wolfe, Holly Sias, Keith Ashbough, Anita Pruitt, Harry Davis, Rhonda Crockett, Karen Owens, Nina Morgan (Third Row L. to R.) Cathy Hardy, Jeff Cassens, Ron Elkins, Lee Cook, Felix Batton, Nona Lohr, Gary Smith, John Ulm, Phil Clark, Barton Hume, Gene Estep, Tim Doty Director— John Wakefield Pianist— Becky Lewis Chorale (From L. to R. First Row) Professor David Runner, Marilyn Harper, Wayne Lan- caster, Jan Keyes, Amy West, Tom Jones, Patty Kesling, Terri Morgan. (Second Row, from L. to R.) Judy Carrier, Tricia Stump, Rhonda Dial, Debbie Mur- phy, Dinah Drewes, Carol Roodhouse, Jo Ann Foster, Sandy Pritchard (Third Row, from L. to R.) Sheri Hennes, Betty Morrison, Judith Campbell, Dan Kirk- land, Linda Taylor, Kitty Be- cker, Jeanine Weatherman (Fourth Row, from L. to R.) Del Myra Carter, Karen Op- stad, Eric Duggins, John Tin- skey, Tim Geise. Service Seekers (First Row, from L. to R.) Marsha Cassity, Debbie Piper, Joy Thompson, Karen Huber, Michal Teskey, Lucia Cassity, Denise Smith (Second Row, from L. to R.) Debbie Murphy, Becky Reeves, Jan Keyes, Linda Cindlesperger, Sue Bridger, Rachel Reeves, Tricia Scott B u f f a I o F r e e d o m From Left to Right Jim Wilkins, Tim Spear, John Ray, Dave Soucie, Mark Jarrett, Greg Bowen, Tony Rousy 94 From Left to Right Ranee Hopwood, Gary Smith, Steve Bretton— Pres., Cincy Crum, Kathy Harder, Ruth Jordan, Chris Russell, Debi Hol- sapple, Sherry Pauley, Dave Soucie, Lois Jordan, Mary Robinson The Buffalo Ram- blers are a daring group in that they go on all day hikes up mountains; all week- end trips fighting the wild; or just back packing up the Ap- palachian Trail. Buffalo Ramblers Chapel Crew From Left to Right Tim Brady, Ron Elkins, Barton Hume, Gordon Miller and Don Steffey The Chapel Crew is that group of fellas which take care of lights for activities in the Seeger Chapel. They also take care of showing the latest " Milligan Movies " or working in the control room during Convocation. 95 and from death arises a new and greater life IN LOVING MEMORY OF Mrs. Charles Gee % Faculty and Administration 97 Dr. Robert C. Wetzel Academic Dean Dr. Tetsunao Yammamori Dean of Students Dr. less W. lohnson President Mr. B. ). Moore Business Manager Mr. Eugene H. Wiggington Director of Development 98 1 F w ' jj i N . Ska W 4 { 1 RHkh, " v Hi i • ■ ki ■ :„. «ffl M Mr. Rodney D. Irvin Director of Communications Mr. Phil Worrell Director of Student Enlistment Mrs. Phyllis Fontaine Registrar Mr. )oe McCormick Assistant to President Mr. Dale Clayton Financial Aids Director I Mr. Kenneth lohnston Director of Church Relations Mr. John Neth Librarian 99 Dr. Charles W. Gee Associate Professor of Biology Professor Hazel Turbeville Professor of Secretarial Science Professor Lone L. Sisk Professor of Chemistry Professor luanita |ones Associate Professor of English Virginia Laws Instructor of Secretarial Science KKI Dr. Ira Read Associate Professor of History Dr. Terry Dibble Assistant Professor of English 101 Professor leanette E. Crosswhite Associate Professor of Music Professor B. Harold Stout Associate Professor of Health Physical Education Dr. Euel Ownby Associate Professor of Education .■ ' -,,::; Professor Guy R. Mauldin Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Eugene Nix Associate Professor of Chemistry 102 Dr. Tracey R. Miller Assistant Professor of English Dr. William C. Cwaltney Assistant Professor of Bible Dr. Orvel C. Crowder Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Gary Wallace Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Richard D. Lura Assistant Professor of Chemistry 103 Professor John C. Wakefield Assistant Professor of Music Director of Concert Choir Dr. John L. Morrison Associate Professor Education Professor Marguerite Parris Assistant Professor of Speech 104 Professor Carolyn Nipper Associate Professor of English Professor Robert B. Hall Associate Professor of Sociology Professor Donald Shaffer Associate Professor of Bible German Dr. W. Dennis Helsabeck Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. James L. Shields Professor of Education Professor Duard B. Walker Professor of Health Physical Education 105 Dr. Henry E. Webb Professor of Biblical Learning Dr. David Bracken Assistant Professor of Psychology 71 -. •W W Dr. Richard Phillips Professor of Bible Professor Roy Hampton Associate Professor of Mathematics 106 Dr. Charles Tabor Professor of Anthropology A ASCUS JfStM Dr. Paul A. Clark Professor of Education Professor Carolyn Wollard Professor of French Professor Earl Stuckenbruck Associate Professor of Bible 107 Professor lack L. Knowles Assistant Professor of English Professor Mary Perry Associate Professor of Christian Education KM Professor Eugene Price Professor of Business Administration Professor Ed Nelson Associate Professor of Bible Professor Rowena Bowers Associate Professor of Health Physical Education Professor Anna M. Crowder Assistant Professor of English Dr. lames Balch Assistant Professor of Mathematics 109 Mrs. Opal Lewis Nurse Mr. Sam Coombs Director of Dining Hall Student Union Miss Diane Cantrell Head Resident of Hart Hall Mrs. Leila Wright Secretary to Dr. Helsabeck mmmmmmmmmmK Mrs. " Bubba " Broome Secretary to Mrs. Fontain 110 Mrs. Treadway Secretary of Fine Arts Area Mrs. Henry Britt Secretary to Dr. Clark Miss Pam lohnson Secretary to Dr. Wetzel Mr. Preston Kyte Head of Maintainance Department 111 Mrs. J.E. Henry Secretary to Mr. Neth Mrs. Sara Smith Bookkeeper fV Mrs. Freddie Smith Secretary to Dr. Yamamori Mrs. lames Leanord Secretary to Mr. Wigginton Mrs. Henry Webb Secretary to Mr. Moore Miss Sandy Marks Secretary to Rodney Irvin Miss Charlotte Blevins Switchboard Operator Cashier Mrs. Harold Carst Receptionish, Faculty Office Building 113 Hope 114 115 Gregory Alan Beck Twinsburg, Ohio Denise Adams Atlanta, Georgia Nanci Lee Ahlgrim Chicago, Illinois Mark Allen Black Canton, Ohio Craig H. Boyles Pinnacle, North Carolina Claudia Bartlett Canton, Ohio Bonnie Bunton Elizabethton, Tennessee Glen A. Bunton Elizabethton, Tennessee Rebecca J. Burgess Morrow, Ohio 116 Diana Cantrell Indianapolis, Indiana Dan Carroll Houston, Texas Marsha Cassity Lexington, Kentucky Tim Coleman Martinsville, Virginia Shannon Compton Galax, Virginia Debbie Condon Catlin, Illinois Lucia Cassity Lexington, Kentucky Janet Courson Bath, North Carolina 117 Franklin Crum Elkhorn City, Kentucky Harry Davis Martinsville, Virginia I Doug Deller Angola, Indiana Betsie Dill Tampa, Florida Tim Dillon Canton, Ohio Charles Dowden Olney, Illinois Steve Drushel Jeromesville, Ohio Debra Jean Duckett Newport News, Virginia 118 Charma Jo Dunlap Trafalgar, Indiana Rebecca Engel Defiance, Ohio George Fulwider New Market, Indiana Marline A. Grant Fredericktown, Ohio Kimball Gumbiner St. Petersburg, Florida J _ 3c Daniel L. Harding Canton, Ohio Buddy Fullen Appalachia, Virginia Mark Harris Columbia, South Carolina 119 Martha Haynie Wilmington, Ohio Carol Hines Swanton, Ohio L- _i_ ■ " — . . a % ■ .-- ±= L 1 ». - - Eric Nile Hochstetler Millersburg, Ohio lames Scott Hudson Forest Park, Georgia David Hughston Brownsville, Texas JoAnn Faith Iscrupe Laughlintown, Pennsylvania Kathy Hensley Jarrettsville, Maryland Kathryn E. Jablonski Washington College, Tennessee 120 Michele A. Jones Altoona, Pennsylvania Judith E. Kelly Fort Wayne, Indiana Monty Lamb Falls Church, Virginia 23 Donald A. Latner Jonesboro, Tennessee Micheal T. Lawson Bluefield, Virginia Joyce Lee Oak Ridge, Tennessee Leanne Kay Knittel Portsmouth, Ohio Rebecca J. Lewis Orlando, Florida 121 Deborah H. Long Bloomfield, Indiana --? J - Jim Luehm North Huntington, Pennsylvania Janice MacLeod East Islip, New York Barbara Jeanette McElyea Johnson City, Tennessee P £ V »- John McFadden Hammond, Indiana Linda Eastridge Manuel Mountain City, Tennessee Marie Lyons Beech Mountain, North Carolina John N. Marr Roseburg, Oregon 122 Carolyn Miller Greenwood, Indiana Shelia Minier Jonesboro, Tennessee — — , — . .. - Terry Mohler Killbuck, Ohio Nina Kay Morgan St. Louis, Missouri Ian David Morris Leland, Mississippi Vanessa Moskala Fayette City, Pennsylvania James Mitchell Columbus, Ohio Gary Leon Merritt Rural Hall, North Carolina 123 Beverly Noel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania --?- -- 1 1 " . ' - . ■£ - — .lI J 2, J — ■■ :_ __- " L Ronald E. Nolen Christiansburg, Virginia Karen Owens Johnson City, Tennessee Nancy Paswater Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Robert Paswater Indianapolis, Indiana Maryann Phillips Indianapolis, Indiana Sachiko Osawa Tokyo, Japan Andrew L. Price Petersburg, Virginia 124 ■ Bm HR Anita Pruitt Thousand Oaks, California Anna Beth Ralph Tullahoma, Tennessee David Allen Riggenbach Canton, Ohio J : Xxr L, Margaret Larson Robb Brainerd, Minnesota T t ; I ' .v, JL fc V - Jh= Bw - ' ' Randy Wade Robb Isle, Minnesota Patricia Ellen Roberts Eustis, Florida Ginger Rhinehardt Bluff City, Tennessee George Edward Rolen Saltville, Virginia 125 mm m Cynthia L. Roodhouse Greenville, Illinois rWH KftiHi ' WMi ii mi ■.._ Donald Russell Thousand Oaks, California Debbie Elliot Smith Erwin, Tennessee Denise RosAnn Smith Garrett, Indiana Jeri Smith Indianapolis, Indiana Sharon Lee Smith Waterford, Ohio Sharon M. Shaffer Roanoke, Virginia Dale D. Snyder Johnson City, Tennessee 126 Jeffrey George Stammler Bexley, Ohio Teresa Walker Steward Milligan College, Tennessee Leslie Sweitzer Lock Haven, Pennsylvania __ -- ' - AJmF W | _- 1 Ellen Lee Thompson Atlanta, Georgia Joy Ann Thompson Hot Springs, Arkansas Glenn Richard Torbett, Jr. Johnson City, Tennessee Robert Swanson Wyoming, Michigan Kathy Phillips Torgerson Johnson City, Tennessee 127 Johnny Ray Trent Fort Blackmore, Virginia Peggy Trolier Rockville, Maryland Janet Walker East Point, Georgia Amy West Beech Grove, Indiana Rick A. Williams Indianapolis, Indiana U .. William L Wolff Franklin, Indiana Brenda Gayle Truitt Fern Creek, Kentucky Ted Young Oak Ridge, Tennessee 128 Graduation 1975 129 Class of 76 Jon Ulm Linda Cooper Karl Scmidt James Baggett Richland, North Carolina Ivy Anderson Atlanta, Georgia OHKikf Tk M -» - »§ 1 fet 3» 1 ll J BBi . ' tf, i i ■MO H Keith Ashbaugh Richmond, Indiana . si. k. George Bajko BelAir, Maryland Mary Barbour Chatham, Virginia Conrad Auel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Joy Barker Eustis, Florida Tim Beck Bargersville, Indiana Pamela Bethard Delray Beach, Florida 131 Glenda Brookshire Marion, North Carolina Greg Bow en Portland, Indiana Tim Brady East Point, Georgia Nathaniel Steven Burchfield Huntsville, Alabama Thomas ). Burnip Salineville, Ohio Steve Bretton Arcadia, Florida David Buttray Tokyo, Japan Ray H. Caldwell Westlake, Ohio Ermine Campbell Jamaica 132 Elaine Courtney Jonesboro, Tennessee Sharon Carawan Scranton, North Carolina Betty Clarke Casburg, Virginia Thomas S. Dainty McKeesport, Pennsylvania Gary Deater Kalkaska, Michigan Marsha Corbin Greenwood, Indiana Don A. Deremer Canton, Ohio Kathie Deremer Massillon, Ohio Lennea Derting Hiltons, Virginia 133 w Rick deWit Cleveland, Ohio Dan Dill Tampa, Florida D. Kipp Downing Louisville, Kentucky Peggy Dyer East Point, Georgia Paula Elam Largo, Florida Charlotte S. Fate Danville, Illinois Tim Doty Lansing, Michigan Bob Fife Johnson City, Tennessee 134 Charles Fitzsimmons Elizabethton, Tennessee Rick Freeman Portsmouth, Ohio S. Bayard Galbraith Carnegie, Pennsylvania Linda Cindlesperger Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania Suzanne Greogry Clinton, Illinois Barbara A. Crumbein Lexington, Kentucky Pamela Sue Freije Indianapolis, Indiana Mike Hoffman Wahkon, Minnesota 135 Ranee Hopwood Maiden, Missouri Linda Horn Grundy, Virginia Tony Jacoby College Park, Georgia ( fmEsm Dave Johnson Marion, Ohio Greg Johnson Haro, Ethiopia Jan Jones Gahanna, Ohio Jama Humphrey Lawrenceburg, Indiana Lois Jordan Akron, Ohio 136 Bob Judge Canton, Ohio Patty Keesling Lexington, Kentucky H j9k Sh ■ --_ J jt £ - ' --|mJ |Ki j H9 BB?- 1 IPs Bonita S. Lamb Milligan College, Tennessee Kenneth Leatherwood Nashville, Tennessee Dee Ann Ledermann West Union, Illinois Margie Leininger Groveland, Florida w - f -■• W WL - ■ ft Kathy Anne Kemp Bumpass, Virginia Nona Lohr Wellsburg, West Virginia 137 Tom Lohr Wellsburg, West Virginia A I " . . Larry McNett Sigonella, Sicily . Donnie Mason Kingsport, Tennessee IMIJ Kris Masters Ervvin, Tennessee Denny Mayes Knoxville, Tennessee M- 3 ■ - B A ■ f ' S fib Martha Milan Mexico, Missouri Janet Martin Freetown, Indiana Gordon L. Miller Greenwood, Indiana 138 Dennis Morgan Indianapolis, Indiana Rick Morrel Bluff City, Tennessee Lee J. Morrow Alliance, Ohio Steve Morse Duk Daug, Kachinland, Burma Donna Overbay Washington, Indiana •at jf Robin Phillips Hammond, Indiana Reita Morrical Portland, Indiana Kathleen Powell Dundee, Florida 139 Gene Price Erwin, Tennessee flfe Sandy Pritchard Johnson City, Tennessee ' Bob Ray Shelbyville, Indiana 11. M Rachelle Reeves Terre Haute, Indiana i i V ; i Michelle Roch Indianapolis, Indiana Eileen S. Roehl Homer, Alaska Darel Pruett Salisbury, Rhodesia Danny Roller Kingsport, Tennessee 140 Brent Saunders Mercersburg, Pennsylvania Karl Schmidt Piney Flats, Tennessee ). Scott Shaffer Greensburg, Pennsylvania Holly Ann Sias DeLand, Florida Steve Schwartz Marrion, Virginia Robert Smith Grundy, Virginia 141 Ernest Stoltzfus Grayson, North Carolina Randell Trueblood Louisville, Kentucky Jon Ulm Clearwater, Florida Steve Van Dyke Seattle, Washington Wanda M. Vaughn Williamsport, Pennsylvania Terry Vecchiollo Crown Point, Indiana Karen Turner Portland, Indiana David Waters Washington, North Carolina 142 Bob Wattwood Titusville, Florida John E. Wasem Milligan College, Tennessee Paul Williams Baltimore, Maryland Christine Wood Clarmont, Florida ]udy Woods Rogersville, Tennessee Ruth Ziebart Wellington, Illinois Anna Wiley Kingsport, Tennessee 143 ' W 1 ■■ 144 145 Debbie Adams Indianapolis, Indiana Dee Aiken Newport News, Virginia Kayoko Arai Yokohama, japan Dick Barnett Lynn, Indiana Nancy Basnight Kernersville, North Carolina Ray Blakely Massillan, Ohio Fumiko Aaygi Saga, Japan Paul Blowers Indianapolis, Indiana 146 Mike Boehler Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Rebecca Bond Nashville, Indiana Cindy Brady East Point, Georgia Becki Brown Johnson City, Tennessee Greg Byington Ironton, Ohio IHI Paula Campbell Bluff City, Tennessee John Carlson Canton, Ohio Jess Cassens Rockford, Illinois Kimberley Campbel Canton, Ohio 147 Ed Charlton Wellsburg, West Virginia Roger Cheesman Indianapolis, Indiana Becky Coleman Salem, Indiana Carla Collister St. Petersburg, Florida Marshall Combs Knoxville, Tennessee Leigh Cook Mauldin, South Carolina Becky Clark Columbus, Indiana Jerry Craycraft Millersburg, Ohio 148 Rhonda Crockett Indianapolis, Indiana Cindy Crum Brownsburg, Indiana Lynn Deskins Kingsport, Tennessee Ronnie Doss Bristol, Virginia Cheri Drury Farmington Hills, Michigan Sid Dunford Grundy, Virginia Suelene Davis Crown Point, Indiana Laura Eaton Indianapolis, Indiana 149 Artie Edwards )r. Jonesboro, Tennessee Gale Epperly Salem, Virginia W A " . « v. ? « 8 8 % i Ik l 111 i i 1 1 Thomas Flack Indianapolis, Indiana I Um Rose Ellen Fogleman Rro Piedras, Puerto Rico Brenda Foist Brownsburg, Indiana James (Jay) Fore Lexington, Kentucky Gene Estep Elizabethton, Tennessee Debbie Fralish East Point Georgia 150 Pete Frizzell Johnson City, Tennessee Janice Gates Garden Grove, California 4G- " ' Deni Giles Yasow, Ethiopia Allen Gorman Sandy Spring, Maryland Diane Hailing Aurora, Illinois Kathy Harder Queens, New York Craig Hardy Aurora, Illinois Diana Harker Indianapolis, Indiana 151 Marilyn Harper Ironton, Ohio Steve Hodge Elizabethton, Tennessee mm ;■■: In . «cr-r A I 1 1 Nancy Hook Princeton, New Jersey Bill Horner Shelbyville, Indiana Doug Howell Moroeville, Pennsylvania Keivn D. Huddleston Rockford, Illinois Debi Holsapple West Palm Beach. Florida Chuck Huffman Limestone, Tennessee 152 Holly Huitt Rorkville, Maryland Barton Hume Bargersville, Indiana Donold Imel Columbus, Indiana Connie Jackson Kendallville, Indiana Diane James Alma, Michigan Mark Jarrett Elwood, Indiana SteVen J. Hypes Radford, Virginia Terry Daniel Jarvis Sugar Grove, Virginia 153 Mike Jessee Big Stone Gap, Virginia Tom |ones Follanskee, West Virginia Ruth Jordan Akron, Ohio Lisa J. Keely Witchita, Kansas f ' -€Sfc ■SMBEgU Kenneth R. Lamb Milligan College, Tennessee Steve McCoury Canton, Ohio Vincent M. |ones Canton, Ohio Bobby McKinney Martinsville, Virginia 154 Bobby McNeill Johnson City, Tennessee Julie McNett. Sicily, Italy David Mayer Tampa, Florida Jane Meade Rockville, Maryland Paulo C. Motta Mello Campinas-Sao Paulo, Brazil K» ■ St 4. j M 3 1 ' ■ ' 1 ' ' 1 ' " ' H Mc:-r i Karen Miller Bristol, Tennessee Karen May Portland, Indiana Randy Miller Indianapolis, Indiana 155 Debbie Murphy Rochester, Indiana Sue Obney Norton, Ohio Karen Opstad Washington, D.C. Cearlene Parks Elk Creek, Virginia Anne Parsly Oak Ridge, Tennessee Connie Paschal Milford, Ohio Patty O ' Connor St. Petersburg, Florida Sherry Pauley Blacksburg, Virginia 156 Dianne Peters Bedford, Massachusetts Kimberly Peters Bedford, Massachusetts Kenneth C. Rannick Johnson City, Tennessee John Ray Louisville, Kentucky Randy Ray Shelbyville, Indiana Becky Reeves Terre Haute, Indiana Deborah Piper Benton, Pennsylvania Ron Reilly Gorham, Maine 157 Jacqueline Rice Metoluis, Oregon Mary Robinson Brownsburg, Indiana rv k 7 x Norma L. Roehl Homer, Alaska Timothy C. Rogers Fairbom, Ohio Tony Rousey Danville, Kentucky Roxanne Sandlin Rockville, Maryland Ruth Sandy Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Helen Sawyer Chester, Virginia P 158 Jeanne Schrumph Kansas, Oklahoma Sara Searle Clinton, Tennessee Wanda Smith Columbus, Georgia ill K ' Dave Soucie Lawrence, Indiana Laura Souder Garrett, Indiana Tim Spear Beech Grove, Indiana Cindy Shultz Loves Park, Illinois Shelba Stebelton Carroll, Ohio 159 Jeff Stemen Lithopolis, Ohio Maurice L. Stribling Thousand Oaks, California Tricia Stump Danville, Indiana Barb Sweeney Cincinnati, Ohio Linda Taylor Indianapolis, Indiana Robin Tinsky Johnson City, Tennessee Becky Stroup Johnson City, Tennessee Robert R. Todd Jr. Crown Point, Indiana 160 Donna Trexler Richmond, Virginia Cindy Watt Canfield, Ohio • m Jeff Walker Daytona Beach, Florida Elizabeth Ann Vernon Mt. Airy, North Carolina Randy Weaver Wellsburg, West Virginia Lydia Walton Columbus, Indiana David A. Wiafe-Ababio Accra, Ghana 161 Michelle Wiles Columbus, Ohio Jim Wilkins Williamsport, Pennsylvania Debbie Willem Indianapolis, Indiana Marthel Williams Cincinnati, Ohio Nikki Winslow Deerfield Beech, Florida Marilyn Wood Greenwood, Indiana Tom Woodall Lynchburg, Virginia 0 K i - 4lH Hk iWt Anne Yohe Canton, Ohio 162 163 164 Cheryl Abram Bloomington, Indiana Robin Alexander Thousand Oaks, California Robbie Allen Bowie, Maryland Roger Allman Ironton, Ohio Robin Andrews Mt. Eagle, Pennsylvania Leasa Annis Newland, North Carolina Ghadir-Assarzadeh Pehran, Iran )anet Ball Bristol, Virginia Martie Barrett Smyrna, Georgia 165 Debbie Barringer Columbus, Indiana ' Ki U u: :iiit Felix Batton Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Kitty Becker Cincinnati, Ohio Carter Blevins Johnson City, Tennessee Kevin L. Bowers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Charlene Britt Unicoi, Tennessee Lee Ann Brookshear Kingsport, Tennessee Belinda Brown Lake City, Florida Sue Bridger Johnson City, Tennessee Lyn A. Brum Field Gretna, Virginia Judith Campbell jonesboro, Tennessee Pam Carrel Schaumburg, Illinois )udi Carrier Bristol, Tennessee Del Myra Carter Greenville, Illinois Sherry Church Butler, Tennessee Philip G. Clark Johnson City, Tennessee Danny Cullop Bristol, Virginia Gene Carter Hampton, Tennessee 167 _ ' X-: _ ... _ ffi IB Orris Densford Crothersville, Indiana Ronda Dial Baton Rouse, Louisiana lr Pk m - " Jt JH m | " ' " - ■ , k. v- — «- " ■ ' " ■ » • .-« , -■--.Vfr- -, . ' im«i n ' jw f rf ' 1 Dinah Drews Arlington, Illinois Eric Duggins Indianapolis, Indiana Robby Aymacek Montpelier, Virginia David Easter Charlottesville, Virginia Patty Dingess Cocoa, Florida Carolyn Edgington Miltord, Ohio 168 _ L Tim Elam Lexington, Kentucky Doug Estep Elizabethton, Tennessee Richard Evanoff Massillon, Ohio Mernell Faircloth Moodus, Connecticut Greg Fleetwood Columbus, Indiana )anet Elliott Elizabethton, Tennessee Jo Ann Foster Columbus, Indiana 169 Marcia Fraser Wilmington, Ohio V ' l Greg l-reeman Portsmouth, Ohio Gary Gambill Garyson, North Carolina |ody Rae Gjeran College Park, Georgia Jack Gary Indiani polis, Indiana Lisa Carole Grindstaff Hampton, Tennessee Mike French Greenville, Tennessee Kenton Hal lohnson City, Tennessee 170 Chris Harkey Atlanta, Georgia Sandy Harkey Virginia Beach, Virginia Jeff Harper Orlando, Florida Thomas J. Harpley Akron, Ohio Buddy Harris Columbus, Georgia Joe Hatter Walltown, Kentucky Bill Harper Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Fayth Heath Roanoke, Virginia 171 Kevin Hedlund St. Petersburg, Florida Sheri Hennes Hilliard, Ohio Steve Hinderliter Indianapolis, Indiana mi IP 111 Mark Horner Jefferson City, Tennessee Sissy Hill Mt. Dora, Florida Karen Huber Weiner, Arkansas Keith Hertzog Greensburg, Pennsylvania Deena Hurley Elgin, Illinois 172 Kimberly Imel Columbus, Indiana Archie Iscrupe Laughlingtown, Pennsylvania Keith Jeffers Limestone, Tennessee Bob Keesee Ocala, Florida Patricia Kennedy Cocoa Beach, Florida Jan Keyes Jonesboro, Tennessee Carol Jackson Johnson City, Tennessee Mary A. King Indianapolis, Indiana 173 Daniel Kirkland Basel, Switzerland Wayne Lancaster Bethel, Ohio Terri L. Lawerence Lexington, Kentucky Jane Lewis Jonesboro, Tennessee Olivia Lillie Garrett, Indiana Grace McCall Marion, North Carolina Nancy Lawyer Colonia, New Jersey Steve McKinney Oak Ridge, Tennessee 174 Jeff McNabb Envin, Tennessee Julie McQueary. Nashville, Indiana James B. Malless Indianapolis, Indiana Cathy Manier Johnson City, Tennessee Robert Manuel Columbus, Indiana Dave Marshall Prospect Hts., Illinois Deborah Jean Mains McKeesport, Pennsylvania Cheri Maynard Clinton, Ohio 175 John Miller III Mt. Dora, Florida Tammy Miller Livonia, Michigan Becky Rae Morrison ohnson City, Tennessee Suzanne Mundy Danville, Virginia Kent Mutchmore Palatine, Illinois Valerie Neth Milligan College, Tennessee Bill Morrell Bluff City, Tennessee Alan Neal )ohnson City, Tennessee I 6 Melody Neumeister Mt. Gilead, Ohio Patty O ' Dell Bluff City, Tennessee Ann Ourada Cincinnati, Ohio )ohnny Parks Charlottesville, Virginia Doris Parlier Elizabethton, Tennessee Leigh Ann Pearson Venice, Florida Craig Ott McKeesport, Pennsylvania Janet Pickel Johnson City, Tennessee 177 Sandy Pierce Fort Myers, Florida Becky Replogle Milford, Indiana ■ ■Mil ■ Susan Rehea Johnson City, Tennessee Jerry Rhinehardt Bluff City, Tennessee jimmy Rhinehardt Bluff City, Tennessee Gary Richardson Havre de Grace, Maryland Ronald Edward Riedyk Paterson, New Jersey Keith Roberts Canton, Ohio 178 Mae Bee Romisher Louisville, Kentucky Carol Roodhouse Greenville, Illinois Christine Russell Orlando, Florida Ron Sandlin Rockville, Maryland rV vj » f . Mary Sartoris Akron, Ohio Karen Schmidt Piney Flats, Tennessee Larry James Rose Johnson City, Tennessee Teresa Searle Clinton, Tennessee 179 Debbie Senesi Elizabethton, Tennessee Andrea Shaw East Point, Georgia Marilyn Sherrill Crossville, Tennessee KPt wm mkrb ' fFfx ■i ■ a5I V ■» H Barbara Shoun Johnson City, Tennessee Cheri Smith Mesa, Arizona Jayne Snyder Barkerton, Ohio I ■ r c b -MBkjM$jy i - :C«l¥ ' VU _, »-TJh ' ; w hf 1 y - «i dfW - — -■ :.■ . I Alan Shely Lexington, Kentucky Cheryl Souder Garrett, Indiana 180 Mary Southworth Lexington, Kentucky Douglas Sox Lexington, South Carolina Donn Stephan Fairfox, Virginia Lorraine Stoltzfers Mountain City, Tennessee Mike Taylor Lincoln, Illinois Doug Thatcker Lancaster, Pennsylvania Dena Speece Kansas, Illinois Janie Theobald Shelleyville, Indiana 181 Robin Thomas Hamilton, Ohio Claudia Thompson Hot Springs, Arkansas Rodney John Tinsky Johnson City, Tennessee Michal Ti skey Brownsburg, Indiana 1 John Watterworth Oregon, Ohio Jeanne Watts Tavares, Florida Mike Thompson Largo, Florida Jeannine Weatherman Spruce Pine, North Carolina 182 Wendy Webb Johnson City, Tennessee Debbie Williams Loyal, Kentucky Scot Alan Whitesell Silver Spring, Maryland Diane Wine Kingsport, Tennessee Mark Yawbert Ft. Wayne, Indiana David Young Radford, Virginia Marsha Elaine Wilson Indianapolis, Indiana Jon Zeltman Strasburg, Ohio 183 !, " ..) 185 DANDY DON ' S MENS SHOP " The Clothes Hanger " CITY DRUG STORE 410 E. Elk Avenue Elizabethon, Tennessee Elizabethton, Tn. Phone 543-5601 " Clothes for the College Man " Health - Cosmetic - Gifts GOODYEAR FH€£ £RVIC£ TIR£ TORE •INCE 1919 IJANNAlLf, inc. Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 DRAKE ' S SHOES Johnson City Elizabethon MEN ' S CLOTHING LADIES ' WEAR RITCHIES Compliments of Fine Furniture Elizabethon, Tennessee MAGNOVOX Johnson City, Tennessee 186 FORBES MARKET PHILLIPS 66 - GAS OIL Route 8, Milligan Hwy. Johnson City, Tn. 926-4491 Beckner ' s, Inc. watches— diamonds— jewelry 928-6311 232 main st. Johnson City fffltikJee ' A em it? CnkM In the Moll . . . and Downtown Johnson City FRED MOORE, MANSHOP 44 1 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. SHERWOOD CHEVROLET " We Mark ' Em Up Just a Little Bit! " 2111 North Roan Johnson City, Tennessee Phone 929-3131 EDGEHILLGULF Rt. 7, Milligan Highway 24 Hour Wrecker Service 928-0365 Roger Tunnel Owner 187 JOHNSON CITY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS First Federal Savings Loan Association First Peoples Bank Hamilton National Bank Home Federal Savings Loan Association The Banking Trust Co. Moutain Empire Bank 188 COMPARE WITH ANY OTHER MILK COMPANY DAIRY DIVISION For Your Complete Dairy Needs 189 JOHNSON CITY AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Chamber of Commerce on behalf of all Johnson City business firms is happy to extend its services to the students and faculty at Milligan College. We are proud that you have chosen Milligan to be your Alma Mater — We invite you to make Johnson City your home! 405 South Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 compliments of Woolworths Elizabethton, Tenn. 190 -1 1Y£ Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store HOSPITAL PHARMACY " The DRIVE-IN Pharmacy " 602 N. Roan St., Johnson City, Tenn. Dial 926-0121 FREE DELIVERY FREE PARKING WALLACE SHOE STORE Downtown Johnson City FEATURING: 4% MOORE FURNITURE COMPANY of Johnson City, Inc. Home Furnishings GE Appliances TV ' s Quality Furniture at Discount Prices 124 West Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee 37682 Phone 928-6165 ANDREWS FLORISTS 303 South Roan Street Johnson City, BEN ' S SPORTS SHOPS Tennessee Phone 926-0831 Johnson City, Tennessee A CLEANER WORLD Garment Care Center WALKERS FURNITURE STORES Johnson City Bristol 191 COLEMAN STUDIO 404 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. ' Complete Photograph Services " The Lady Bug Gallary Downtown Johnson City PARSONS ELECTRONICS STEREO Stereo Center for East Tennessee Stereo Equipment • TV ' S • Carpeting Hot Point Appliances • C-B Radios West Towne Square Shopping Center Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643 Hours 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Monday-Saturday Phone 615-543-20401 SERVICE WHAT WE SELL Camara Inn Elizabethton, Tn. The Religious Book Store Elk Ave. Elizabethton " Where People Make the Difference " CITIZEN ' S BANK ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE 4 Locations Free Checking for Students 192 SECURITY FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association of Elizabethton 628 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643 Compliments of Charles Gregory 193 ■..f ,., . He put electricity to work for you Thomas Edison, father of the electrical industry, didn ' t discover electricity; but he did develop its use for people like you. He patented almost 1,100 inventions that use electric power. Today, electricity is still working to improve the quality of your life. Electricity runs equipment that purifies the water, cleans the air, recycles trash into usable material, and mashes trash. Edison put electricity to work for people. And we will keep it working. For you. ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 1 2 North Sycamore Street Come See Us! Member F.S.L.I.C. Oldham Compliments of Insurors J.C Penny Realtors Travel agents 929-1111 and company 928-8161 Elizabethton, Tn. 543-1111 Compliments of WATSON ' S GENERAL SHALE CORPORATION CARTER COUNTY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER i% CARTER COUNTY BANK Main Office 601 E. Elk Ave. Branch Office Broad Elk Ave. Milligan-Pinecrest Branch Plaza Branch J. I. CDRNETT CDNSTRUCTIDN CD., INC, L.J e net a I L oiittactoti Tenn. Lie. No. 9953 Va. Lie. No. 8305 Box 826 - South Sycamore Elizabeth ton, Tenn. 37643 Phone 615-543-3197 615-928-7214 Phones 542-5412 Phones 543-1541 FELTY-ROLAND FLORISTS, INC. Lynn Ave. and F. Elizabeth ton, Tennessee " The Beauty of our Business is Flowers! FITZSIMMONS PRINTING CO. Compliments of Phone 542-2532 Elizabethton, Tennessee 197 nil H 9jj . urn ! ■mi 1 uw ' ■ 1 iifiua Hill Hill inn Hill - ■K | MB ■ J ■ ■ ijiii $8i 199 " and if ye suffer for righteousness ' happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled; But sanc- tify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you " © -1 - - c S K V,v ' 54»» " » ' « P.H. WELSHIMEB EMORIAI, UFRARY MiLUGAft Cu«-Li£GE, FN 3V«x$2 III 3 1881 0007 0226 2 RESERVE LD3311.A47 M5627 Milligan College Buffalo. Milligan College. -;j

Suggestions in the Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) collection:

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