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. " Miliigan CollegeTibra ry ' III... I 3 1881 0001 1735 4 ■ vsp MILLIGAN COLLEGE 1973-74 E. H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRAKi MILLIGAN COLLEGE ; MILLIGAN COLLEGE. TENN. 37682 BUFFALO CONTENTS Opening 1 Life 17 Organizations 35 Sports 65 Faculty, Staff, and Administration . . .81 Classes 95 Dedication 149 Milligan Campus 173 Advertisements 180 r405 I r erne. jiiir m. ■:•) 1 HHI [mmin HBI H B ■■■■■■ ' • V m i? ' f MC%i ' i: ' ii . ' T9tS rrw stam nec lligan College was estamfsned through the efforts of concerned individuals of tt rea dedicated to the restoration plea. In 1866, Wilson G. Baker established the HpTalo Male and Female Institute in the old Buffalo church later renamed Hopg[od Memorial Church. The school selected Josephus Hopwood as president in I ft achieved collegiate status in 1881, and was renamed Milligan College at that Bie in honor of Robert Milligan, an outstanding Christian scholar. Presi- dent Hopwood als( selccted the motto, " Christian education theniifiP o( the ' WorflF I ' 1 lS»i ■■ Henry J. Derthifl became the eighth president of Milligan College in 1917. During his twenty mree years of service the Administration t i gi g, Cheek " Activity building, and Pardee Hall were built. In 1950 Dean E. Walker assumed the presidency. Under his leadership students _ ere recruited from a larger area; accreditation was received; and the Sub, Sut- h Hall, Hart Hall, the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library, and Seeger Memorial Chapel were erected. y er the direction of Dr. Jess W. Johnson who became president in 1968, Wwm lege has continued to grow. A Faculty Office building. Science building, and married student housing have been recently constructed. „ . , the serenity and the seasonal beauty of the area. . . . those lazy autumn evenings when a walk from class amid the colors was life ' s most refreshing experience. . . . those nippy wintry mornings when getting out of bed for an early morning class was the most difficult task on campus. . . . those early morning dashes to class. . . . the most unpopular pastime on campus, cramming for exams. ' ■r,. ' ' , ' . . . the challenge of the class room. ■j n ■■■■HI H MiiH H H ■ ■d f ■IB !i | ■r ' ' i. l ' m HII H Ki l . . . the color and the excitement of the annual Madrigal Dinners. . . the thrill of sharing with others. aPti B MJJ H 9m mBB ' I v v BHmBH K3W s w ? " " E I ' . .. .«iif ' ... ' ' - « - al! - " - I I 1 w H " ' 9 B I • iW HI m i t u ■•- " ' -_rt_, t r ' 3 If 1 |E n % Sgi 1 E 4 ' ' , . ■■ ' ■■ 1 " She ' d better be your cousin! ' ' I ' m so glad I finally got here. We ' re so glad to see you again. I wasn ' t invited, but I ' m having a blast! • «i r — V I hope I can remember the combination! •) 4 »! A care package at last. I knew my ballet lessons would come in handy. Field House — September, 1973 r ,f,m- -i l ' - Where ' s ray toothbrush? Mock Senate Dr. Ramey is so interesting! Sophomore Campout What a group! Mom would be so proud! Will the real candidate please step forward? 20 A Lir something more than food . . . Take Sominex tonight and sleep . This restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere. Let the peasants eat cake. 21 Quit your witchin ' ! . . . Special Cafeteria Programs Today Milligan — tomorrow Carson. Madrigals , . . This is a real boar! Sing a song of sixpence Shall we indulge . . . even though we are at Milligan? ;, I. -.:iiS C: i.: " !i. i 22 . . . 1973 pocketful of rye . . Tim plays the fool! Who does this remind you of? 23 Christmas is . . . Enjoying the innocence of a child Painting a window? Giving . . Decoratini Sharing with those less fortunate 24 A tree . meeting an old friend enjoying a good time with friends I ' M? " ' ' . Receiving Laughter and happiness 25 Registration What do you mean this class is full? Are you back again? Waiting to be sentenceu . 26 And Back To Classes Mad scientist at work again! German is fun, class . I can really swing it! One-uh-two-uh-three There ' s a centimeter missing from this . 27 w I N T E R 1 9 7 3 Keep on sledding! I feel so dignified! Oh, that tickles! The Milligan Globetrotters The June Taylor dancers we ain ' t. You were expecting Smokey the Bear? Did you see that? John, where ' d you get the third leg? 29 If you stay at Milligan, you ' re bound to get a head! V s u B I hope you have the right change! This is a great place to study — if you can stand the noise! Supercoach to the rescue! What ' s your hurry, coach? 30 Is this stuff spiked by any chance? Open House This is the way the Japanese do it. I knew you guys would come in handy for something! I have a pair of threes — do I win? 31 Are you really serious? •• ' • lii - 1 ' - Practice makes perfect! Seeger Chapel I want to make this perfectly clear . I wonder if the Supremes would like to cut a record . . . That looks like my great-Aunt Mable . We finally made the big time! It ' s so nice to get together with friends! This is so delightful P L A Y S 1973-1974 E. H- WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LlBRAHi MILLIGAN COLLEGE WILXIQAN COLLEGE. TENN. 37682 The moment of glory! Why me, Lord? I don ' t care what they say — mother knows best! j U ■ .-l OJV ■ " ' ? In spring, a young man ' s fancy turns to Spring . . . Paul, where did you get that marvelous outfit? Field House — May, 1974 ' - 34 m . .; vSg® v i - - :Xx? m -. ' V . 0. . ri Purpose of Clubs Clubs and organizations give students a welcome relief from academic pres- . ji ' ; sures and encourage creative activities. The wide selection of organizations at ,;; ' Sy Milligan College offers the student the opportunity to pursue many varied interests. Academic organizations strive to promote an interest in specific areas of learn- ing. Current information about a future vocation is available. Recent develop- ments in many fields are explored. Opportunities for experimentation outside the classroom give members a time to learn by doing. Service clubs endeavor to help improve the campus and community. Students ,. find that sharing a helping hand with others can be a personally rewarding ex- ,! perience. As students work to enhance campus life, to guide scout troops, and to :,i: tudor area children, they learn the joy of giving. i--,- Clubs also fulfill recreational needs. Good sportsmanship is gained through i- " - ' - ' team work. Athletic organizations give the student an opportunity to learn new ' ] ' . jj ' rv. skills and to improve old techniques. By participating in recreational activities ' ,} ' i " A ' , ' ; ' -.. the student can grow physically as well as academically and spiritually. ' fi : ' " ' : ' ' ■-, By participating in various club activities a student becomes acquainted with ■ " : ;;.■: ' : : ' ' . •■ his f ellow students. Subsequently, lasting friendships are formed; and a sense of ■ : ' ■ ' •■•■ unity pervades the campus. ' -■ ' :• ■•■. ' .:- -v.- " ' .-iv- ' ■•■ ' ' ■ ' • ' ■ ' ■ " ' • -i L .Ai M •-r " m i ::- :. :. ' • .■ l-; B u f f a I o S t a f f Seated (L. to R.): Glen Bunton, Charma Dunlap, Carol Hines, Susan Kettleson. Standing (L. to R.): Steve McCoury, Mattie Hughes, Alice Everhart, Brent Ballard, Bob Woods, Deborah Doan, Betsie Mayer. e n B u n t n 37 C h a r 1 e s F i t z s i m m o n s B u s i n e s s M a n a g e r CHARMADUNLAP, Chairman — Circulation Committee ALICE EVERHART, Chairman — Publications Committee T 38 MATTIE HUGHES, ■ Chairman — Typing Division BETSIE MAYER, Chairman — Literary Committee A BOB WOODS, Co-Chairman — Information Division 40 DEBORAH DOAN, Chairman — Photography Committee ▼ fte . SUSAN KETTLESON, Co-Chairman — Information Division STEVE McCOURY, Chairman — Layout Division T . s — " -:XVi. BRENT BALLARD, Coordinator 42 STEVE COON (left) TIM STEVENS (right) Co-editors Front Row (left to right): PRISCILLAWILKINS TIM STEVENS STEVE COON Back Row (left to right): PENNY PHILLIPS BARB KESTER JIM LEE Stampede Staff Student Council mmmimmfm MARIE LYON, Secretary BRENT HART, Vice President T MIKE FLORA, President Junior Council Representatives KATHI JABLONSKI (left) I MARK HARRIS GINGER RHINEHARDT 44 Freshman Council Representatives JOE CHAFFEY (left) DEBI HOLSAPPLE JOHN CARLSON % ' I .- i r { .s ft% Sophomore Council R epresentatives CINDY RASLER LEE MORROW ROBIN PHILLIPS Dorm Representatives MARSHA REED (left) — Hart Hall Representative KEITH WHINNERY — Hardin Hall Representative CAROL HINES — Sutton Hall Representative 47 A ' riU ox: 1 ' .v Torch Troupe Front Row (L. to R.) Kimberly Campbell Nola Milligan Back Row (L. to R.) Scott Riedel Sara Britton Bobbv McKmnpv Christian Service ► Club (L. toR.) Kathi Jablonski Sue Elliott Connie Jackson fi h W a 48 Pep Band (L. to R.) Rachelle Reeves Christine Wetmore Gordan Miller Greg Byington Allen Addington Jeff Anderson Karen Opstad Connie Jackson Paula Russell Cindy Crum A Psychology Club (L.toR.) Mark Harris — President; Marline Grant — Secretary; Kathy Watkins Greg Byington Dr. Crowder — Sponsor; Robin Phillips (Center) — V. Pres. Foot Lighters (L. to R.) Debi Holsapple Joan Anderson Rod Bernhard Kimberly Campbell Tom Beckner Mike Shannon Marilyn Wood (Front of desk) Felica Fontaine Jeri Smith (seated) Sutton Hall ► Dorm Council Front Row (L. to R.) Carol Hines — President Rebecca Hays — Vice President Mrs. Robinson — Resident Nanci Ahlgrim — Secretary Back Row (L. to R.) Wanda Vaughn Ellen Meredith Sharon Yevtich Barb Grumbein Circle K (L.toR.) Dan Carroll — President Joe Chaffey Joy Thompson — Treasurer Ray Blakely Dan Harding Penny Patton John Carlson Ann Yoke J Missions Club Front Row (L.toR.) Becky Reeves Dee Ledermann Becki Brown Bob Fife — Vice President Back Row (L.toR.) Chris Taber Greg Johnson — President Dan Ramey David Tysinger Dr. Taber — Sponsor WiMh Chapel Crew (L. to R.) Don Steffey Phil Torbett Dave Akers Paul Bader Pre-Law Club (L. to R.) Dr. Tsao — Sponsor Karl Schmidt Sharon Shaffer Mark Poorman Penny Patton — President T Mechanics of Pardee (L. toR.) Don Steffey John Schremser Bayard Galbraith Civinettes Seated (L. to R.) Cindy Watt Hilda Harned Cindy Crum Nancy Wait Terry Vecchiollo Secretary Judy Woods Dee Aiken Cindy Brady Becky S eerley Gayle Epperly Debbie Fralish AtTable(L. toR.) Dick Bamett (Freshman Sweetheart) Dave Wantz (Sophomore Sweetheart) Tom Hollingsworth (Junior Sweetheart) Keith Whinnery (Senior Sweetheart) Standing (L. to R.) Ginger Rhinehardt Becky Stroup Jacqueline Rice Cathy Corbett Sue Elliott Leanne Knittel President Gwen McCarty Susie Gregory Joan Anderson Linda Cooper Beth Ferguson Sharon Yevtich Anna Wiley Treasurer Betsie Mayer MENC Clockwise from 12 o ' clock Skip Jones Cathy Hardy Rick Wright Felicia Fontaine Libby Hendrix Anita Pruitt — Sec.-Treas. David Akers — V. Pres. Mrs. Crosswhite — Sponsor Tempa Lawson — President CarolsueRobbins Joy Blackford Hart Hall Dorm Council (L. to R.) Mary Phillips — Treas. Randi Kibler (standing) Sharon McDonald Marsha Reed — Pres. Kathy Kemp Sandie Earnest Becky Engel Kathi Demeter — V. Pres. French Club FroiitRow(L. toR.) Nola MUligan Lennea Derting Donna Trexler — V. Pres. Sandra Dymacek — Sec. Second Row (L. to R.) Cindy Crum — Treas. Kathy Kemp Karen Turner Mary Robinson Brenda Truitt Mrs. Woolard — Sponsor Back Row (L. to R.) Wanda Vaughn Pam Coon Lois Eckhardt Leanne Knittel Glenda Brookshire — Pres. 54 APO Clockwise from 12 o ' clock Dave Morris (standing) David Akers — Vice President Tempa Lawson — Senior Sweetheart ■ Bayard Galbraith — Scoutmaster Debbie Duckett — Freshman Sweetheart Dave Harrison Larry McNett Bob Judge Eva Hampton — Sophomore Sweetheart John Schremser — Sec.-Treas. Carolyn Miller — Junior Sweetheart Executive Directors of Webb Hall Front Row (L. to R.) Back Row (L. to R.) Lee Morrow Curtis Mullins Greg Ash Craig Boyles Steve Burchfield Ted Young 55 Buffalo Ramblers Clockwise from 3 O ' clock Debi Holsapple Kathy Harder Lois Jordan Cindy Crura Rutli Jordan Mary Robinson Mr. Shaffer — Sponsor Steve Bretton Ed Charlton Dave Soucie :?i ' ££; a-,Ai i iifeP ' «« li 4ifi ' M ' i.5 te.fe»,.4fe3? iiLi. ' % ' V a«ii4Vk.4. h, i M, S l . ' o j-.KOi h M- Hardin Hall Dorm Council Jim Luehm (lying) — Vice President Brian Abrell (sitting) — Secretary (L. toR.) Phil Reynolds — Assistant Greg Johnson Bob Fife Tom (Duf) HoUingsworth Keith Whinnery — President ■ ■ ■ 1 ■}:■:.. »:.■■■ rst CT T 1 SuHli Hi -cnx Intramural Council (L. toR.) Jim Mitchell Student Coordinator Marie Lyons Female Council Member Curtis Mullins Men ' s Director Patra Bonham Female Council Member Pre-Med Club Front Row (L. to R.) Tom Rothrock David Buttray Sherry Pauley Peter Frizzel Jerry Rothrock Glen Bunton Cindy Hardesty Kimberly Campbell Prof. Sisk — Sponsor Dave Morris Back Row (L. to R.) Dan Pummill Dick Barnett Tom Rogers 57 Service Seekers Front Row (L. to R.) Trisha Scott Cindy Hardesty •Jackie Mitchell — Sec.-Treas. Ellen Meredith Second Row (L. to R.) Wendy Bishop Paula Russell Debbie Emanuel Karen Adams Linda Gindlesperger Debbie Murphy Third Row (L. to R.) RandiKibler Denise Smith Back Row (L. to R.) Becky Reeves Joy Thompson — President Rachelle Reeves Rhonda Crockett Caroline Carroll Phi Eta Tau Front Row (L. to R.) Ruth Ziebart, Reita Morrical, Darlene Moffett; Sec- ond Row (L. to R.) Leslie Sweitzer, Elizabeth Vernon, Marsha Corbin; Back Row (L. to R.) Miss Bonner — Sponsor, Daisy Bowers, Sharon Erby, Ruth Sandy, Marie Lyons, Marty Haynie, Kimberly Peters. Resident Assistants Clockwise from 7 o ' clock: Beverly Noel (Hart), Jim Mitchum (Hardin), Rick Wright (Webb), Deborah Doan (Sutton), Charma Dunlap (Sutton), Beth Ralph (Hart), Sue Elliott (Hart), Lester Gindlesperger (Webb), Tom HoUings- worth (Hardin), Kathy Hensley (Sutton), Jim Lee (Webb), Wendell Phillips (Pardee), Dan Carroll (Webb), Joy Thompson (Hart). 58 Chorale Front Row (L. to R.) Cathy Hardy Professor David Runner — Director Linda Taylor Kathy Lamb Leigh Cook Jane Harris Libby Hendrix Patricia Stump Diane Rivers Nona Lohr Sandy Pritchard Amy West Diana Harker Back Row (L. to R.) Jacqueline Rice Vincent Jones Caroline Carroll Tom Flack Rhonda Crockett Jeff Cassens Lisa Gentry Don A. Deremer Larry McNett Second Row (L. to R.) Phillip Waring Carolsue Robbins Charles Reese Debbie Willem Allan Gorman Elizabeth Vernon Gene Estep Womens ' Ensemble (L. toR.) Libby Hendrix Penny Patton Jacqueline Rice Debbie Willem Becky Hays Joann Iscrupe Alice Everhart Leigh Cook Anita Pruitt (L. toR.) Libby Hendrix — Accompanist ■ Anita Pruitt — Director 59 Round Table Front Row (L. to R.) Sandra Dymacek BUI Hale Back Row (L. to R.) Harry Davis Beverly Noel Carol Hines Sara Britton Carol Pullium Spring Choir Tour — 1974 Remember Ft. Myers, Florida? EAST POINT, GEORGIA LARGO, FLORIDA CLEARWATER, FLORIDA ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA MIAMI, FLORIDA POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA ORLANDO, FLORIDA SOUTH DAYTONA, FLORIDA JONESBORO, GEORGIA ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE East Point Christian Church First Christian Church First Christian Church Central Christian Church First Christian Church First Christian Church Southeast Christian Church South Daytona Christian Church First Christian Church North Druid Hills Christian Church Hickory Valley Christian Church FRIDAY, MARCH 22 SATURDAY, MARCH 23 SUNDAY, MARCH 24 A.M. SUNDAY, MARCH 24 P.M. TUESDAY, MARCH 26 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 THURSDAY, MARCH 28 FRIDAY, MARCH 29 SATURDAY, MARCH 30 SUNDAY, MARCH 31 A.M. SUNDAY, MARCH 31 P.M. i ' ••S-M -.7.e- - i 3S !f: Is it edible. Rick? We could get there faster if we push! How can this happen to me? What ' s under vour sweater, Diane ' 60 THE CHOIR TOURS GEORGIA, FLORIDA, AND TENNESSEE. Pony Express? — but who ' s the pony? Singing along with Mitch at East Point Christian Church. J The 1973-74 Milligan College Concert Choir topped its season this year with a spring and summer tour which in- cluded seven weeks of nothing but travel, fun, experience, work, play, goofing off, and plain old fatigue! The choir toured twenty-two states and Mexico making appearances in nineteen states and Mexico. Major appearances included Mexico City where the choir was one of two choirs invited to perform for the World Convention of the Churches of Christ; and Anaheim, California where they performed for the North American Christian Convention. Throughout this year the choir has appeared before thousands of people, performed more than forty concerts, traveled an excess of 13,000 miles, and caused Mr. Bach- man to lose a little more hair! Depicted in these few pages are scenes of how members of the choir sang together, had fun together, pushed the bus together, skipped Ft. Myers together, and lived as one people while on spring tour. Ah, come on now! You can ' t really fly! Let ' s get together and talk this over! W. ' " . iaac - ' :i i...-J This big? No, this big! Does anyone really know what ' s happening? Am I tired, or am I tired? Hi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i! The only way to contain the Concert Choir! nn 63 n Members of the choir seek rest whenever possible, and many times even that isn ' t rest! Rest, sweet rest. Ready for the attack! Eye see! It takes a thief, Sara! 64 1 1974 — A Good Year For Our Cheerleaders! A valuable segment of our student body is our cheerleaders. Through their efforts to promote school spirit, they do much to unify the Milligan Community. Our Varsity Cheerleaders Brenda Truitt — Captain Marsha Corbin Go-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 BUFFS! Our Junior-Varsity Cheerleaders Front Row (L. to R.) Sherry Pauley, Joaney Morris — Captain, Cindy Watt. Back Row (L. to R.) Lee Leppo, Debbie Fralish, Diana Harker — Co-Cap- tain. ■ mlf ' My iH n n r OSS-Country Team Begins Our 1973-74 Sports Season. Front Row (L. to R.) Lee Morrow, Lester Gindlesperger, Skip Wright, George Fowler, Mike McMillan, Robin Johnson, Coach Walker. Back Row (L. to R.) Tom Evans, Doug Howell, Larry McNett, Tom Flack, Richard Major. SCHEDULE 1973-74 We They (Low Score Wins) 1. Carson-Newman 46 15 2. Brevard College 43 16 3. Warren Wilson 17 45 Walters State 4. Carson-Newman 44 15 5. Warren Wilson 17 45 6. Cumberland College 48 15 7. LeesMcRae 15 48 8. LeesMcRae 15 48 Walters State 9. Carson-Newman Invitational A. Carson-Newman 18 B. Milligan College 65 C. Bryan College 87 D. Covenant College 99 E. Walters State 121 F. Warren Wilson 135 10. Bre vard 54 15 Wingate 71 1 1 . Southern States Invitational A. Morehead University 36 B. Brevard College 41 C. Cumberland College 49 D. Centre College 126 E. Milligan College 130 12. Bryan College 22 37 13. N.A.I.A. District 24 A. Cumberland College ..... 26 B. Carson-Newman 53 C. David Lipscomb 106 D. Milligan College 106 E. Covenent College 131 F. Bryan College 147 67 1973-74 Women ' s Volleyball Team " m J%i f K H ft r J l ' i 1 • ' a M » . ' r " 1 1 . m ' ' r ' A ' i ' r ▼-■ ' ' ' j9 kt A ' M ' 1t H n iy«v il ' ttt TV f u 1 mm BSMi I . wi.K WV » -V l ijii v - ' 0.--i ' i fe..,. . Front Row (L. to R.) Miss Bonner — Coach, Chris Sankovich, Reita Morrical, Marsha Corbin, Correna Bowers. Second Row (L. to R.) Sandie Earnest, Linda Taylor, Kim Yeutter, Nancy Skil- lem, Mila Ballentine. Back Row (L. to R.) Ruth Sandy, Kimberly Peters, Ellen Meredith, Cindy Hardesty, Ruth Ziebart. Get ' em, coach! Stre-e-e-e-e-tch! Junior- Varsity Basketball Team Front Row (L. to R.) Karl Schmidt— Man- ager, Mike Jessee, Pete Abrell, Mike Schmidt, Daryl Smith, Chuck Wheeler- Manager. Back Row (L. to R.) Gordan Miller— Stat- istician, Coach Hoffman. Dennis Oexmann, Craig Hardy, Dan Harding, Tom Dainty, Roger Garrett, Jim Crom — Asst. Coach, John Ruark — Statistician. 68 Women s Basketball Team — 1974 Front Row (L. to R.) Correna Bowers, Liz Vernon, Ruth Ziebart, Sandie Earnest. Back Row (L. to R.) Ruth Sandy, Peggy Dyer, Brenda Foist, Kathi Taber, Chris Sankovich, Miss Bonner - Coach. Cheerleaders? ri " ' yf faiL M 7 1 m Pre-game strategy. Making their grand entrance! The crowds. Sleepy, Undine? Presenting Our 1973-74 Varsity Basketball Team SCHEDULE 1973-74 We They 1. UNC-A 75 70 2. Clinch Valley College 65 63 3. King College 68 83 4. King College 81 76 5. Maryville College 105 76 6. Clinch Valley College 76 69 7. Bryan College 94 74 8. Emory Henry 88 66 Mars Hill College 66 70 Southern Tech 92 112 Defiance College 87 100 N.Y. at Oneonta 78 96 Concord College 70 74 Union College (Ky.) 73 62 Charleston College 74 67 Charleston College 55 89 Bryan College 62 63 Maryville College 63 70 Tenn. Wesley an 58 53 Tusculum College 87 79 King College 81 87 22. L.M.U 82 87 23. Carson-Newman College ... .82 66 Clinch Valley College 92 74 Trevecca College 84 69 Emory Henry 90 66 L.M.U 102 78 Tenn. Wesleyan 77 81 Carson-Newman College ... .77 90 Tusculum 88 78 TOURNAMENT (VSAC) A. Bethel College 81 66 B. Lambuth 77 81 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Front Row (L. to R.) Jerry Craycraft, Craig Boyles, Mike Schmidt, Chris Lacy, Chuck Wheeler. Back Row (L. to R.) Dale Clayton— Asst. Coach, Karl Schmidt, Albert Larry, Reese Neyland, Steve Drushel, Dan Harding, Scott McClarren, Ozell Ward, Mr. Alan Hoffman — Asst. Coach. The 1973-74 BUFF Team consisted of returnees from the previous year. Scott McClarren and Eddie Carver served as the team ' s Co-Captains. Other returning lettermen included seniors Steve Drushell, Chris Lacy, Robbie Gardner, and juniors Rick Long and Dan Harding. Other players composing the varsity line-up were transfers Jerry Craycraft (Miami of Ohio), John Hunter (Indiana), Bobby O ' Neal (South Plains Junior College), Craig Boyles (Surry Community College), Albert Larry (Central State), and freshmen Reese Neyland and Mike Schmidt of Sullivan East High School. The BUFFS faced an improved schedule from the previous year which included several tournaments drawing top teams. Scott was Co- Captain of the team this year after serving as tri-captain last year. He is a three-year letter- man. He is a very aggressive player and a tough re- bounder. His teammates voted him " Best De- fensive Player " last year. Chris is a good all-round player. He can play most any position well. He has improved very much, and he enjoyed a fine senior season. Buffs Upset Carson-Newmani Steve was the second leading scorer on the 1972-73 BUFF team. Also, he was the second leading rebound- er on that team. He had the best field goal per- centage on last year ' s squad. C R A I G B Y L E S 21 W i n g m a n Craig was a starter at Surry Community Cok- lege in North Carolina for the past two years. During those two years, he had an average of 18 points per game. He made All- District while at Surry and played in the district all-star game. Jerry trans- ferred from Miami Univer- sity of Ohio. Be- fore coming to Milligan, he was First Team All- State for West Holmes High School in Ohio. J E R R Y C R A C R A F T 20 G u a r d Albert trans- ferred to Milli- gan last year from Central State University in Ohio where he averaged 13 points and 9 re- b ounds per game. He led Mt. Dora High School to a conference championship while making All-State Honor- able Mention. 71 Reese attended Sullivan East High School and was All-Big Nine Conference, All- Upper East Ten- nessee, Second Team All-East Tennessee, and Bristol Big Six Player of the year. D A N H A R D I N G 55 P o s t m a n Dan proved to be a valuable back-up man and spot player. He experienced some knee trou- ble, but recover- ed well from sur- gery. He was a very aggressive player who dis- played skill in re- bounding and shooting. Buffs Unite For Victory!! The Hot Spot! Who are you hiding under your pom-pon, Marsha? What ' s in your hands, Kathi? Can ' t yawn now, Chris! ! Scott Eddie attack Carson-Newman : i 1974— A Good Season For Our Track Team! COACH DUARD WALKER SCHEDULE 1974 We They 1. Woffard 54 44 Gardner-Webb 84 2. Maryville 77 1 2 58 1 2 3. Brevard 42 87 1 2 LeesMcRae 22 1 2 4. Mars Hill 44 97 5. Brevard 481 2 88 LeesMcRae 42 1 2 6. Carson-Newman . .40 100 1 2 Maryville 38 1 2 7. Carson-Newman ... .52 93 8. Maryville 78 52 Emory Henry 47 9. T.LA.C. Championship A. David Lipscomb ... 81 B. Carson-Newman ... 68 C. Southwestern 45 1 2 D. Maryville 33 E. University of the South 21 F. Milligan 17 1 2 G. Bryan 10. N.A.LA. District 24 Championship A. David Lipscomb . . .101 B. Cumberland (Ky.) . . 49 C. Fisk 46 D. Milligan 29 E. Carson-Newman ... 28 F. Union 11 G. Bryan Front Row (L. to R. ) BOB RICHARDS — Manager; JIM FALWELL — High Jump; ROGER CHEESMAN — 100 yd. dash. 220 yd. dash, 440 yd. relay; BOB JUDGE — 440 yd. relay, 100 yd. dash, mile relay, broad jump, triple jump; TOM FLACK — 440 yd. dash, mile relay, pole-vault; JAY FORE — pole-vault; BOB SMITH — 440 yd. intermediate hurdles, 120 yd. high hurdles. Back Row (L. to R.) DAVE MORRIS — Manager Trainer; ALBERT JONES — shot-put; ROB HOOKER — shot-put discus; DICK MAJOR — 880 yd. run, j mile relay; LARRY McNETT — 440 yd. intermediate hurdles, 440 yd. dash, mile relay; CHRIS LACY — [ triple jump, long jump, 440 yd. relay, high-jump, 220 yd. dash; TOM EVANS — triple-jump, long-jump, 120 yd. high hurdles, 880 yd. run, mile relay; STEVE STEELE — shot-put, discus; RICK WILSON — shot-put, discus, javelin. Sprinters (1. to r.) Chris Lacy, Roger Cheesman, and Bob Judge finish a fine season. Track Demands Blood, Sweat, And Tears. LARRY McNETT in action! (Come on Larry, whose head are you balancing yourself on? ) CHRIS LACY — Up! Up! Up! Up! JIM FALWELL — What goes up must come down RICK WILSON, astronomer? TV ' ■i-J This Year ' s team saw two school records broken! Mike McMillan ran the 3-mile run in 15:03.9 minutes in the T.I.A.C. Meet at Tennessee Tech on May 3. He broke the old school record of 15:21.5 minutes which he set in April 1971. Rick Wilson threw the discus 136 ft. 6 in. at Nashville in the N.A.I. A. Dis- trict 24 Meet on May 11. He broke the old school record of 133 ft. 2 in. set by his former high school coach, Andy Lowe, in April 1963. Another remark- able fact is that John Hunter went through the regular season without once experiencing de- feat in the high-jump compe- tition! Middle distance men — DICK MAJOR and TOM EVANS L. to R.) — In perfect stride! STEVE STEELE — Becoming air-borne! Presenting Our 1974 Women s Softball Team. Front Row (L. to R.) BRENDA FOIST — Right Field, MARLA MILLER — Short- stop, Coach PATRICIA BONNER, CARLA COLLISTER — First Base, MARTY HAY- NIE — Catcher Captain. Second Row (L. to R.) CINDY BRADY — Second Base, BRENDA TRUITT — Center Field, DEBBIE HENDERSON — Pitcher. SUELENE DAVIS — Catcher, HOLLY HUITT — Short Field, SHARON ERBY — Short Field. Third Row (L. to R.) MARLINE GRANT — Third Base, PAM JOHNSON — Third Base, RUTH SANDY — Utility Score- keeper, RUTH ZIEBART — Left Field, KATHY WATKINS — Pitcher. The Slugger! Play at first! Who is kicking the catcher Holly? 1974 Baseball Team Sees Remarkable Improvement of Field And Addition of New Stands. schedule 1974 We They 1. Appalachian State 10 --, 2. Tennessee Tech 1 15 - . n Is, . Wi . 3. Tennessee Tech 3 ■ ' ll aBJkki4 i - Eastern Michigan 1 3 W l Hp ' - ' 5. Eastern Michigan 9 3 jT - .p ' ' , ( ' ' ' ' l SUH 8- Cumberland 8 2 m -Wm l t tV yf f 11. Emory Henry 6 • ' - ' ' V " ' ' ' jB 12. Emory Henry 9 3 j, H iji ' i :;- ' ).■;, ' • J;i ' ' ' ' - c ' ' jM Mi. jS b 13. Carson-Newman 2 t- - 1 J r rt,iti-F 14. L.M.U 11 3 JPr ' — ' ■ ' - " ' " ' W ' " ' t » X -kW 15. Tennessee Tech 1 16. Tennessee Tech 3 5 17. Emory Henry 9 8 _ 18. Emory Henry 15 2 ■ . . __» x, - «p 19. University of Tennessee 6 11 20. University of Tennessee 1 « «s Sir- ■WW8KP =- ,- 21. L.M.U 11 22. Tusculum 8 9 _ 23. Carson-Newman 3 14 ' " ■ " ' — .-■ - - 24 Maryville 3 6 25. Maryville 6 ' ■ " rontRowiL. to R.) GREG GOULDS — Center Field Pitcher, STEVE HODGE — 3rd Base, 9fi P h 1 H fi 10 )AVE CHUMBLEY — Outfield, MARK WOTTEN — 2nd Base, LEE HILL — Pitcher, " • umoeriana iU ;TEVE ALLEN — Outfield, DENNY MAYES — Catcher, JOE GARDNER — Catcher, 27. Cumberland 3 6 DONNIE MASON — Pitcher, WADE LOCKNER — Catcher, GORDY MILLER — Pitcher. 28. Clinch Valley ; . . .9 2 29. Clinch Valley 9 5 iack Row (L. to R.) SAM AUSTIN — Center Field, STUART SHELTON — Pitcher, REESE 3Q Gardner-Webb 1 3 vIEYLAND — Outfield, LYNN DESKINS — 3rd 1st Bases, STEVE TEMPLETON— Pit- 0 pi- u Vallp 9 1 her, DENNY OEXMANN — Pitcher, BOB McNEIL — 1st Base, RONNIE DOSS — 3rd Base, J " nr ' u r 11 q iOB GOOTEE — Catcher, STEVE HYPES — Pitcher. Head Coach (left) HAROLD STOUT, 32. Chnch Valley 9 4 ind Assistant Coach, DAVE TORGERSON appear behind the team. 33. Tusculum 3 2 34. V.S.A.C. Tournament A. Belmont 1 5 D A V E T R R S N s t. Short Stop — JIM CROM ' Center Fielder — MIKE CLINE First Base — BOB GOOTEE First Base — RONNIE DOSS Catcher — DENNY MAYES Third Base — DEAN MINIER Second Base — STEVE PALMER Right Fielder — REESE NEYLAND .T Pitcher — STEVE TEMPLETON Left Fielder — BOB WATTWOOD .1 :C£;:)KicoC--- ' i4i::.;- ' ' " ' 5 ?? : « The fans. Our new press box, and its statisticians. Our 1974 Golf Team 1974 Women ' s Tennis Team to R.) Coach HOWARD LAMON, ANDY PRICE, TERRY MOHLER, RANDY Front Row (L. to R.) RUTH ZIEBART, DENI GILES. Back Row (L. to R.) :iUEBLOOD, RIC HOCSTETLER, JIM MITCHELL. GLENDA ORSBURN — Captain, DENISE SCHNEIDER, CORRENA BOWERS, UNDINE PHILLIPS, Coach PATRICIA BONNER. 79 1974 Mens Tennis Team Front Row (L. to R.) Coach PATRICIA BONNER, BRENT HART, KEITH WHINNERY, KEITH LISLE. Back Row (L. to R.) JOHN HILL — Manager, CHUCK WHEELER, GREG BYINGTON, TOM JONES, BOB FIFE, ROY HAISLEY. KEITH WHINNERY BRENT HART KEITH LISLE " iAWf. i7¥¥ke-President rtTSpy!«?iT!TTrfff!nB!f?rMSI?l " amily — but in a very real sense it is. We are all here curriculum, the services, are all assembled for the purpose of providing an opportunity for students to achieve a quality Christian liberal arts education. The degree to which we achieve this is entirely dependent upon the inve stment of our livey anri nur-P -nmrnitment to its achievement. This holds true for MB l a im to be Clu i s tigns are in the Master ' s service in whatever vocation we serve. I sincerely hope that this last year has been one within which our fellowship, our love and concern for one another, and our commitment to the purposes for which the college exists have been to a great extent achieved in your life. This kind and quality of education is the hope of our world. ' Blessings to you as you serve the Master, and power as you seek to accomplish significant things with your life. DR. JESS W. JOHNSQN President This year ' s Faculty, Staff, and Administration consisted of 103 individuals. Besides having a stabilized faculty in terms of num- bers, the faculty experienced constant professional growth through- out the year. As the 1973-74 school year terminated, 52 percent of our faculty members held earned doctorate degrees. This number could climb as high as 57 percent by the end of next school year as degree programs are completed. Administrative Officers MR. B. J. MOORE — Business Manager MR. EUGENE H. WIGGINTON — Director of Development MRS. PHYLLIS D. FONTAINE — Registrar Associate Dean of Students A dm inistration MR. RODNEY D. IRVIN — Director of Com munications MRS. W. G. KAPPA — Assistant Librarian and Cataloger MR. DANIEL STUECHER - Associate Director of Student Enlistment MR. DALE CLAYTON - Financial Aids Officer MR. JOE P. McCORMICK Assistant to the President 84 MR. JOHN W. NETH — Director of the P. H. Wei- MR. LARRY HUFF — Assistant Director of Student shimer Library. Enlistment. DR. KENNETH JOHNSTON - Director of Church Relations Faculty PROFESSOR MARY PERRY — Associate Professor of Christian Education. B.A., Milligan College: M.R.E., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; East Tennessee State University. PROFESSOR ALAN HOFF- MAN — Assistant Professor of Bible. B.A., Milligan College; M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. DR. RICHARD PHILIPS — Associate Professor of Bible. B.A.. Th.N., Lincoln Christian College; B.D.. M.A., Butler University; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; University of Tenne- ssee. DR. HENRY E. WEBB — Chairman, Area of Biblical jearning Professor of Church History. B.A., Cincinnati Bible Seminary; Ph.B., Xavier University; B.D., Th.D., southern Baptist Seminary; Butler University; Union Theological Seminary; Oxford University. 85 DR. WILLIAM C. GWALTNEY — Chairman, Area of Humane Learning Associate Professor of Bible. Th.B., Cincinnati Bible Seminary; B.A., Wilmington College; Ph.D., Hebrew Union College; University of Cincinnati. PROFESSOR ANNA M. CROW- DER — Assistant Professor of English. A.B., B.M., Oklahoma College for Women; M.A., East Tennessee State University; Uni- versity of Arkansas; University of California; Christian Choral School (Chicago); Columbia Uni- versity. R E A F H U M A N E L E A R N I N G DR. IRA READ — Associate Professor of History. B.A., Milligan College; M.A., Ph.D., Emory Uni- versity. DR. TRACEY MILLER — Assistant Professor of English. B.A., Midwest Christian College; M.A., Fort Hays Kansas State College; University of Oklahoma; University of Nebraska; University of Tennessee; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Tennessee. PROFESSOR JUANITA JONES — Associate Professor of English. B.A., Milligan College; M.A.. University of Tennessee; East Tennessee State University; University of Chicago. DR. JOHN DOWD — Associate Professor of Music. B.M., M.M., New England Conservatory of Music; Boston University; University of Tampa; University of West Virginia. PROFESSOR WILLIAM WRIGHT — Pro- fessor of Art. B.F.A., M.F.A., University of Kansas. PROFESSOR DAVID R, RUNNER — Assistant Professor of Music. B.Mus., Boise State College; M.Mus., University of Rochester. PROFESSOR EARL STUCKENBRUCK — Associate Professor of German. B.A., University of Kansas; B.D., Butler University; University of Birmingham, England; University of Tuebingen, Germany. PROFESSOR JACK L. KN0W1.ES — Assistant Professor of English. B.A., Milligan College; Ohio State; M.A., University of Tennessee. DR. WILLIAM M. MOORHOUSE — Assistant Professor of Speech. B.Th., Minnesota Bible College; B.D., Christ- ian Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Indi- ana University; Butler University; Uni- versity of Minnes ota. PROFESSOR CAROLYN WOOLARD — Professor of French. She makes her classes a pleasure to attend. PROFESSOR SHERWYN BACHMAN — Assistant Professor of Music Dir- ector of the Concert Choir. B.A., Goshen College; M.M., Indiana University. DR. TERRY J. DIBBLE — Assistant Professor of English. B.S., M.S., Fort Hays Kansas State College; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Nebraska, 87 DR. CHARLES TABER — Professor of Missions Anthropology. B.A., Bryan College; M.A., Ph.D., Hartford Seminary Foundation. PROFESSOR CAROLYN NIPPER — Associate Professor of English. B.A., Milligan College; M.A., University of Tennessee; University of Kentucky. J? PROFESSOR DONALD SHAFFER — Associate Professor of German Bible. A.B., Albion College; M.A., Indiana Uni- versity. PROFESSOR JEANETTE E. CROSSWHITE — Associate Professor of Music. B.M.E., Longwood College; B.C.M., M.C.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. R F E L A S E R s A E I R A N N I A N F L G DR. PAUL A. CLARK — Chairman, Area of Pro- fessional Learning Professor of Education Director of Teacher Education. B.A., Harding College; M.A., East Tennessee State University; Ed.D., University of Kentucky. DR. EUEL J. OWNBY — Associate Professor of Education. B.A., Carson-Newman College; M.A., George Peabody College; University of Tennessee; Ed.D., University of Tennessee. PROFESSOR ROW- ENA BOWERS - Associate Professor of Health Physical Education. B.S., M.A., East Tennessee State University. PROFESSOR B. HAROLD STOUT — Associate Professor of Health Physical Education. B.S., East Tennessee State Uni- versity; M.S., University of Tennessee. PROFESSOR ANNE BRADFORD — Associate Professor of Edu- cation. B.S., M.A., East Tennessee State University. DR. JOHN L. MORRISON — Associate Professor of Education. B.Th., San Jose Bible Col- lege; A.B., M.A., San Jose State College; Ph.D., Stanford University. PROFESSOR PATRICIA J. BONNER — Associaete Professor of Health Physical Education. B.A., Milligan College; M.E., University of Arizona; M.R.E., Em- manual School of Religion; San Fernando State College; FuUerton State College; Pepperdine College; University of Colorado; University of California at Los Angeles. 89 DR. JAMES L. SHIELDS — Pro- fessor of Education. B.Sc. in Ed., Uni- versity of Southern California; B.A., M.A., Pacific Christian College; M.A., California State College, Long Beach; Ed.D., University of Tennessee; Talent Education Institute, Matsumoto, Japan; East Tennessee State University. PROFESSOR EUGENE PRICE — Pro fessor of Business Administration. B.A. M.A., Duke University; Harvard Uni versify. PROFESSOR HAZEL TURBEVILLE — Professor of Secre- tarial Science. B.A., Western State Teachers College; M.A., University of Kentucky; Ed.S., George Peabody College; Bowling Green Business LIniversity. PROFESSOR PHILLIP A. WOR- RELL — Assistant Professor of Physical Education. B.S., Milligan College; M.S., Indiana State Col- lege; Butler University; Kent State, University. PROFESSOR DUARD B. WALKER — Professor of Health Physical Education. B.S. and B.S. in Physical Education, Milli- gan College; M.A., Teachers College; Columbia University; Uni- versity of Tennessee. PROFESSOR HOWARD L. LAMON — Assistant Professor of Business Administration. B.S., Tennessee Wesleyan College; M.B.A., University o: Tennessee. DR. EDDIE LEACH — Chairman, Area of Scien- tific Learning Associate Professor of Biology. B.A., M.A., Baylor University; Ph.D., Texas A M University. 90 PROFESSOR GUY R. MAULDIN — Associate Professor of Mathematics. B.A., M.S., Mississippi State University; University of Texas; University of Kentucky. DR. GARY O. WALLACE — Assistant Professor of Biology. B.S., Austin Peay State College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Tennessee. ) ■-. ;« PROFESSOR LONE L. SISK — Professor of Chemistry. B.A., Carson-Newman College; B.S., East Tennessee State College; M.A., George Peabody College; University of Tennessee; Vander- bilt University. DR. EUGENE NIX — Associate Professor of Chemistry. B.S., M.S., Ed.D., University of Georgia; West Georgia College; Fort Hays Kansas State College; Oak Ridge Associated University. DR. JAMES BALCH — Assistant Professor of Mathematics. B.A., Arkansas College; M.S., Oklahoma State University; Ed.D., Oklahoma State University. PROFESSOR ROY HAMPTON — Associate Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Milligan College; M.S., University of Pittsburgh; University of Tennessee; East Tennessee State University; Johns Hopkins University; University of Kansas; Columbia University; Clark College. DR. CHARLES W. GEE — Associate Professor of Biology Education. B.S., LIniversity of Wisconsin; M.S., Oklahoma State University; Ph.D., Michigan State University. 91 PROFESSOR CAROLYN L. KINSLEY — Assistant Professor of Biology. She made microbiology come alive! DR. RICHARD D. LURA — Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B.S., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., Iowa State University. J il s fi DR. DAVID BRACKEN — Assistant Professor of Psychology. B.S., University of Tennessee; Ph.D., University of Tennessee. DR. ROBERT O. FIFE — Chairman, Area of Social Learning Professor of History. B.A., Johnson Bible College; B.D., Butler University; Ph.D., Indiana University; University of Glasgow. J 1 PROFESSOR ROBERT B. HALL — Associate Pro- fessor of Sociology. B.A., Cincinnati Bible Seminary; B.D., M.A., Butler University; M.A., East Tennessee State University; Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary; Vanderbilt University; University of Chat- tanooga; Harvard University. DR. ORVEL C. CROWDER — Asso- ciate Professor of Psychology Bible. B.A., Hiram College; M.A., Cincinnati Bible Seminary; Th.B., Harvard Uni- versity; D.D., Atlanta Christian Col- lege; University of Tennessee. 92 DR. WEN-YEN TSAO — Professor of East Asian Studies. L.L.B., National Central University (China); J.S.D., University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley; Mel- bourne University. (L. to R.) MRS. PAUL HUFFINE — Mailing Department; MRS. (L. to R.) MISS GAIL MORRIS — Sec- SARA SMITH — Bookkeeper; MRS. GRAY MILLER — Accts. retary to Dr. Johnson; MRS. MIKE Payable Supervisor; MISS CHARLOTTE BLEVINS — Switch- KOUNS — Secretary to Dr. Johnson. (L. to R.) MRS. LEILA WRIGHT — Secretary to Dr. board Operator Cashier; MRS. HENRY WEBB - Secretary to Helsabeck; MRS. DAVID STYONS - Secretary to Mr- Moore. D Helsabeck. MR. JAMES NEWPORT — Asst. Manager of the S. U. B.; MR TOM STOKES — Manager of the S. U. B. (L. to R.) MRS. MARK HOLDSWORTH — Secretary to Larry Huff; MRS. JAMES LEONARD Secretary to Mr. Wigginton; MRS. TOM BECKNER — Secretary to Mr. Neth. MRS. OPAL LEWIS — Nurse MRS. J. F. TREAD WAY — Secretary to Fine Arts Area MRS. " BUBBA " BROOME — Secretary to Mrs. Fontaine MRS. BEN MORRELL — Secretary to Dr. Wetzel (L. to R.) MRS. HAROLD GARST — Receptionist; MRS. HENRY BRITT — Secretary to Dr. Clark; MRS. CRAIG FERRELL — Secretary to Dr. Fife MRS. MARY L. REED — Secretary to Mr. Neth MRS. FREDDIE SMITH — Secretary to Dr. Yamamori In Remembrance . . Dr. Oakes experienced a long and fruitful teaching career devoting most of his teaching life to Milligan College. Since 1942 he had unselfishly given of his time to the college. He served as Dean of the Faculty from 1952-70. Following his service as Dean of the Faculty, he taught mathematics and was in charge of the college mailing de- partment. Under Dr. Oakes ' leadership as Academic Dean, Milligan was granted full accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. K one word could best describe Dr. Oakes, that word would be " devotion " . He was devoted to people and to God! 94 95 1 4§- 4§ ' 4 4.4 d dl:.: d dji:, : d d d!i:.dl(:, : 4.dlf,dji:.dji:.: 96 ' President Historian «« Jim itchum Deborah Doan BV](lim • r,ttw[!i KAREN L. ADAMS Bayport, Long Island New York A.B. English SUSAN M.ANDERS Roan Mountain, Tn. B.S. Bus. Ad. GREGORY L. ASH Canton, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. KEITH R. BADER Manchester, Missouri B.S. Bus. Ad. REX H. BELL Rittman, Ohio A.B. Music Class of 1974 JANICE K. BIRNEY Minerva, Ohio B.S. Hum. Rel. , 98 li ' THin [ ' ' f 1 ■j ' n DAN S. BLOSSER Dalton, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. ROYIE E. BITTNER Keyser, West Va. A.B. Bible SARAM. BRITTON Roachdale, Ind. A.B. Speech LUCY BOLEY Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. Psychology MARY L. CHAPPELL Bluff City,Tn. B.S. Psychology CORRENA BOWERS Gate City, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. 7 405 Class of 1974 99 bVIubri JANET E. CHRISTMAN Council Bluffs, Iowa A.B. Psychology SHARON J. CHUPA Altoona, Pa. B.S. Health Phy. Ed. RANDY G. CLARK Reidsville, N. C. A.B. Bible Philosophy PAM M. CLAYTON Mount Dora, Fla. A.B. Sec. Sc. DEBBIE COLE Carthage, Ind. B.S. Elementary Ed. Class of 1974 JIM CROM Livonia, Mich. B.S. Bus. Ad. 100 DEBORAH E. DOAN Noblesville, Ind. B.S. Chemistry Math KEITH M.DERTING Hiltons, Va. B.S. Hum. Rel. DEBBIE R. CURD Watauga, Tn. A.B. Math Bus. Ad TIM M. EADE English, Ind. A.B. Bus. Ad. CHARMAJ.DUNLAP Trafalgar, Ind. A.B. Psychology SHERRIL. DONOHOO Marco Island, Fla. B.S. Sec. Sc. Class of 1974 101 Btill SANDRA L. EARNEST Greensberg, Pa. A.B. Psychology JOAN L. ENDICOTT Grundy, Va. A.B. History Class of 1974 JANET E. EGGLESTON Miami, Fla. B.S. Sec. Sc. SUE M.ELLIOTT Eustis, Fla. B.S. Hum. Rel. EVERETT D. ESSEX Jackson, Mich. A.B. History THOMAS EVANS Lexington, Ky. B.S. Hum. Rel. 102 FELICIA A. FONTAINE Milligan College, Tn. B.S. Psychology MICHAEL FLORA Xenia, Ohio B.S. Biology ALICE N. EVERHART Portsmouth, Va. A.B. History 1 . ROBERT L. GARDINER Radford, Va. B.S. Sociology LESTER GINDLESPERGER Turtle Creek, Pa. A.B. Bible KAREN E. FORD West Rupert, Vt. A.B. History Class of 1974 103 ' li ' m K t T: ' " ' r ij n il ml IH HH i ■Bivji Mi ROBERT W. GOOTEE Hammond, Ind. B.S. Bus. Ad. DEBBIE D.GREENE Bluff City, Tn. B.S. Psychology EVA R. HAMPTON Milligan College, Tn. B.S. Sec. Sc. RAECINDA L. HARDESTY Martins Ferry, Ohio B.S. Biology CAROLYN J. HARD WICK Louisville, Ky. B.S. Hum.Rel. Class of 1974 BEVERLY K. HARRIS Elizabethton, Tn. B.S. Bus. Ad. 104 J. BRENT HART Louisville, Ky. B.S. Bus. Ad. ROGER L.HARRIS Jonesboro, Tn. B.S. Biology LONNIE D. HENDERSON Kingsport, Tn. A.B. History REBECCA J. HAYS Indianapolis, Ind. A.B. English RONALD E. HAYES Richmond, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. LINDA C.HILBORN Aiken, S. C. B.S. Hum.Rel. Class of 1974 105 BxUlB AMANDA M.HOLT Johnson City, Tn. B.S. Sec.Sc. ROBERT D. HOOKER Boswell, Ind. B.S. Phy. Ed. SKIP HUDGINS Radford, Va. B.S. Phy. Ed. ANN H. IRVIN Kingsport, Tn. B.S. Sec. Sc. PAMALA K. JOHNSON Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Sec. Sc. Class of 1974 BARBARA J. KESTER Indianapolis, Ind. B.S. Math Science 106 RANDIC.KIBLER Altoona, Pa. A.B. Speech JOHN F. KILBY Culpeper, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. TEMPA L. LAWSON Loyall, Ky. A.B. Music CHRIS B. LACY Louisville, Ky. B.S. Bus. Ad. JOHN M.KRAFT Orrville, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. Psy. JIM W. LEE Columbus, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. Class of 1974 107 ' ml imm KEITH E. LISLE Cadiz, Ohio B.S. Health Phy. Ed BOBBIE L. MASSENGILL Watauga, Tn. B.S. Sec. Sc. Class of 1974 WADE LOCKNER Bluff City, Tn. B.S. Phy. Ed. CONNIE L. MATNEY Grundy, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. SANDRA L. MARKS Painesville, Ohio B.S. Hum.Rel. ' ■ :pi i 14 M i y H| 11 H If rii l l j _ ■ ill DOUG A. MATNEY Grundy, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. 108 SHARON K. McDonald Altoona, Pa. B.S.Sec.Sc. Music SCOTT S. McCLARREN Alliance, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. Psy. JACALYN S. MITCHELL Wingate, Ind. B.S. Psychology ELLEN MEREDITH Bluff City, Tn. B.S. Hum. Rel. MIKE D. McMillan Charleston, 111. B.S. Phy. Ed. JAMES P. MITCHUM Rolla, Missouri B.S.Bus. Ad. Math Class of 1974 109 Bxl um CURTIS R. MULLINS Grundy, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. KATHLEEN R. MYERS Bloomington, Ind. B.S. Hum. Rel. STEVEN MYERS Bloomington, Ind. B.S. Bus. Ad. GLENNAF. ORSBURN Bel Air, Md. A.B. Hum.Rel. Class of 1974 CATHY C.PARRIS Elizabethton, Tn. B.S. Psychology PENNY E. PATTON Akron, Ohio A.B. Humanities 110 WENDELL L PHILLIPS Somerset, N. J. B.S. Psychology RICHARD W. PHILLIPS Johnson City, Tn. B.S. Biology PENNY G. PHILLIPS Hammond, Ind. A.B. English MARSHA REED Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Biology RODGER C. PLUMB Hammond, Ind. A.B. History TOM E. PIERCE Grinnell, Iowa B.S. Bus. Ad. Class of 1974 111 V ' A BliWB? PHIL M.REYNOLDS Salem, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. Psy. ELIZABETH A. RIDDLE Grundy, Va. A.B. Hum. Rel. JERRY G. ROTHROCK Clay City, 111. B.S. Biology KAREN M. ROTHROCK Olney, 111. B.S. Psychology Class MARTHA P. ROTHROCK Olney, 111. A.B. English THOMAS M. ROTHROCK Clay City, 111. B.S. Biology 1974 112 JOHNC.SCHREMSER Lake Villa, 111. B.S. Bus. Ad. Math DENISE P. SCHNEroER Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. History CRYSTAL A. SANKOVICH North Industry, Ohio B.S. Health Phy. Ed. WES E. STARKEY Floyd, Va. B.S. Health Phy. Ed. SUSAN J. SMITH Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. History GAYLE D. SEATON Johnson City, Tn. B.S. Psychology Class of 1974 113 ' mi LiBi PAMJ. STEPHENS Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. History CAROLYN S. STEVER Greenville, 111. B.S. Sec. Sc. BETSY A. STEWART Erwin, Tn. B.S. Bus. Ad. Sec. Sc. KAREN J. STOVER Jonesboro, Tn. B.S. Sec. Sc. Class of 1974 DARRELL P. TATE Appalachia, Va. B.S. Hum.Rel. STEVE W. TEMPLETON Crawfordsville, Ind. B.S. Sociology 114 MICHAEL J. THORNTON Frankford, Del. A.B. Bible JANET L. THOMAS Roanoke, Va. B.S. Sec. Sc. TONY A. TWIST Dallas, Tx. A.B. Bible TERRY L. TRIPLETT Bassett, Va. B.S. Phy. Ed. RICK L. TOWNSEND Centerville, Ind. A.B. Bible mi s . ■ ■ ■■■; i KEITH W. WHINNERY Salem, Ohio B.S. Psychology Class of 1974 115 JANE WHITE Holden Beach, N. C B.S. Psychology Class of 1974 BOB WOODS Elizabethton, Tn. A.B. Bible RICHARD A. WRIGHT Atlanta, Ga. A.B. Music vV All things come to those who patiently wait! 116 After four years of living together, another class emerges to the scene of graduation. Although these four years were trying years to the individuals of the class, many friendships were formed — friendships which will last throughout the years! That must be the Gothic style of archi- tecture. Nathaniel Winston addresses the Class of 74; ii When the saints go marching in! Row 17 — Seat 10 — Ah! My old convocation seat! Remember that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction! At last!! comTTv m H AgCl = Ag + +Cl- 117 [4 v 4 vx » ; %z. Z4 K «£l IftI » ' ♦! » ' H4» ! »K« r!S!« »! « r!5!« »! i »?S« • ► »5S« ■J ' V m n m n n n Pi M n m n m n n M m M M m M M m M M M m m n ¥l U M m m M M u m H n M U M M n k 1 A DENISE ADAMS Atlanta, Ga. Class of 1975 JOSEPH ATKINS Millheim, Pa. MARK BLACK Canton, Ohio MILA B. BALLENTINE Garrett, Ind. CLAUDIA M. BARTLETT Canton, Ohio JOY L. BLACKFORD Greenwood, Ind. CRAIG BOYLES Pinnacle, N. C. 120 JERRY L. CARMICHAEL Johnson City, Tn. REBECCA J. BURGESS Morrow, Ohio GLEN A. BUNTON Elizabethton, Tn. JANET COURSON Bath, N. C. STEVEN D. COON Johnson City, Tn. SHANNON COMPTON Galax, Va. DAN CARROLL Houston, Tx. HARRY DAVIS Martinsville, Va. Class of 1975 121 bVUibbi DOUG DELLER Angola, Ind. PAUL CABINET Elizabethton, Tn. Class of 1975 DAN DILL Tampa, Fla i: i. NANCY GIBSON Grundy, Va. REBECCA ENGEL Defiance, Ohio JIM FORINGER Elizabethton, Tn. KIMBALL L. GUMBINER St. Petersburg, Fla. MARY L. HAMILTON Lansing, Mfch. 122 MARTHA J. HAYNIE Wilmington, Ohio MARK HARRIS Columbia, S. C. DAN HARDING Canton, Ohio CAROL A. HINES Swanton, Ohio TOM R. HOLLINGSWORTH Lynn, Ind. CARL L. HILL Stuart, Va. KATHY A. HENSLEY Jarrettsville, Md. DIANA HORNUNG Marion, Ohio Class of 1975 123 ERIC HOSHTETLER Millersburg, Ohio JOHN HUFFMAN Salem, Ohio DAVID HUGHSTUN Brownsville, Tx. JOANN ISCRUPE Laughlintown, Pa. KATHI JABLONSKI Washington College, Tn ALETTA KENDRICK Elkhorn City, Ky. Class of 1975 LEANNE KNITTEL Portsmouth, Ohio PHILLIP A. LEE Big Rock, Va. 124 JIM LEUHM Irwin, Pa. la LINDA MANUEL Mountain City, Tn. MARIE LYONS Beach Mountain, N. C. REBECCA, LEWIS Orlando, Fla. CAROLYN K. MILLER Greenwood. Ind. JOHN McFADDEN Hammond, Ind. BETSIE MAYER Tampa, Fla. JOHN MARR Roseburg, Oregon Class of 1975 125 TERRY MOHLER Killbuck, Ohio VANESSA MOSKALA Fayette City, Pa. Class of 1975 NINA MORGAN St. Louis, Missouri SUSAN E. MORGAN Elizabethton, Tn. DAVID MORRIS Leland, Mississippi BEVERLY NOEL Pittsburgh, Pa. RON NOLEN Christiansburg, Va. SACHIKO OSAWA Tokyo, Japan 126 KATHY POORMAN Columbus, Ohio MARYANN PHILLIPS Indianapolis, Ind. ROBERT PASWATER Indianapolis, Ind. GINGER K. RHINEHARDT Bluff City, Tn. PAULA RAY Ligonier, Pa. BETH RALPH TuUahoma, Tn. ANITA PRUITT Thousand Oaks, Cal. DAVID RIGGENBACH Canton, Ohio Class of 1975 127 RANDY ROBB Isle, Minn. PATRICIA E. ROBERTS Eustis, Fla. SHARON SHAFFER Roanoke, Va. Class of 1975 TOM ROGERS Bristol, Tn. EX ' MB N STEVEN P. ROODHOUSE Greenville, 111. JEFF SHERIDAN Washington Court House Ohio DENISE SMITH Garrett, Ind. SHARON L. SMITH Waterford, Ohio 128 DON STEFFEY Fern Creek, Ky. ELLEN THOMPSON Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD TORBETT Johnson City, Tn. JOHN L. STREET Elizabethton, Tn. JOHN R. TRENT Fort Blackmore, Va. KATHY TORGERSON Johnson City, Tn. JOY A. THOMPSON Hot Springs, Ark. ■1 Bg 1 p 1 B |di ' ' ? |K K K H 1 : % i- ■ BRENDA G. TRUITT Fern Creek, Ky. Class of 1975 129 SUSANNE TUSSING Brownsville, Tx. CINDY VARTENISIAN Williamsport, Pa. NANCY WAITE Lock Haven, Pa. BARBARA WHITED Bristol, Tn. TONI ZIMMERMAN Havre de Grace, Md. SHARON YEVTICH Delta, Ohio JAMES M.YOUNG, JR. Oak Ridge, Tn. 130 Junior-Senior Steak Fry j:iiWKi-3r--,ii.r ' .-su-A7j Ride ' em cowboy! Strike seven! Up! Up! — and away! Indulging? 131 132 ii ■t ■p i i ' i ,. ' v ' ' ?r j ,: . wvs- . , ' ' V is S ' A ; aV..: ' ,4 . 1 .4 S r hi V v ' v, ' ' f. 1 , ' v f esident )eremer I J Treasurer Wendy Bi - NANCY AHLGRIM Chicago, 111. KEVIN ALLSOP Svkesville, Md. NANCY AMBURGEY EUicott City, Md. KEITH E. ASHBAUGH Richmond, Ind. BRENT BALLARD Coal Grove, Ohio Class of 1976 JOY BARKER Eustis, Fla. ' ml limxi DEBORAH J. ANKENY Boardman, Ohio TIM BECK Bargesvill , Ind. 134 WENDY BISHOP McKeesport, Pa. PAMELA S. BETHARD Delray Beach, Fla. ROD BERNARD North Canton, Ohio GLENDA J. BROOKSHIRE Marion, N. C. THOMAS BURNIP Salineville, Ohio NATHANIEL S. BURCHFIELD Huntsville, Ala. THELMA J. BULLOCK Lexington, Ky. STEPHEN BROWN Mooreland, Ind. Class of 1976 135 BlluBW ROBERT CHATMAN Johnson City, Tn. Class of 1976 " t-Zi V-»ivr i r.. ' A 2 LUCIA A. CASSITY Lexington, Ky. MARSHA R. CASSITY Lexington, Ky. BETTY CLARKE Gasburg, Va. LINDA C.COOPER Kingsport, Tn. MARSHA L. CORBIN Greenwood, Ind. 136 LENNEA M. DERTING Hiltons, Va. DON A. DEREMER Canton, Ohio DEBORAH DAVIS Pittsburgh, Pa. TOM DAINTY Pittsburgh, Pa. ■ . j ' ■ H PP| «£ ' ■ H - 1 K B ■ B i ! . ' 1 k- B i ft M k " il Sa Hf ' 1 K M M 1 mM i l BKaH i B ' i 1 ROBERTO. FIFE Johnson City, Tn. PAULA ELDORADO Chicago, 111. SANDRA DYMACEK Bumpass, Va. PEGGY L. DYER Atlanta, Ga. Class of 1976 137 eVUibbis CHARLES FITZSIMMONS Elizabethton, Tn. JOSEPH GARDNER Woodlawn, Va. Class of 1976 PAM FREIJE Indianapolis, Ind. LINDA GINDLESPERGER Turtle Creek, Pa. BAYARD GALBRAITH Carnegie, Pa. SUZANNE GREGORY Clinton, 111. DIANNE L. GROSS Quincy, 111. 138 ROSEMARY HOLTSBERRY Worthington, Ohio JUDI HARTNUP Ft. Wayne, Ind. BILL HALE Johnson City, Tn BARBARA GRUMBEIN Lexington, Ky. BECKY JARRETT Morrow, Ga. JAMA HUMPHREY Lawrenceburg, Ind. MATTIE HUGHES Piney Flats, Tn. LINDA HORN Grundy, Va. Class of 1976 139 mI urn] DAVID E.JOHNSON Marion, Ohio TERRE JONES Clearwater, Fla. Class of 1976 GREG JOHNSON Haro, Ethiopia JAN JONES Columbus, Ohio LOIS J. JORDAN Akron, Ohio BOB JUDGE Canton, Ohio JULIA JONES Cocoa, Fla. KATHY KEMP Bumpass, Va. 140 GRACE LIMBERICK Washington, D. C. MARGAREET LARSON Brainerd, Minn. SUSAN KETTELSON Greensberg, Pa. m :m ji ' v. .♦. Ml ■■;, TOM LOHR Wellsburg, West Va. NONA K. LOHR Wellsburg, West Va. MARGIE LEININGER Groveland, Fla. JANET MARTIN Freetown, Ind. RICHARD MAJOR Portsmouth, Ohio Class of 1976 141 EXklBBl GWEN McCARTY Bristol, Tn. Class of 1976 KRIS MASTERS Erwin, Tn. DENNIS MAYES Knoxville, Tn. LAURENCE W. McNETT TomsRiver, N. J. MARTHA MILAN Mexico, Missouri SHERRY McCAIN Marietta, Ohio RICK MORRELL Bluff City, Tn. 142 LEE J. MORROW Alliance, Ohio REITAM. MORRICAL Portland, Ind. ■K K " Rf 1 i IP ' Bi ■ i r 1 jt ' c. mI t i lln eP t 1 HHk L_ KAREN PATTON Johnson City, Tn, •.; ' . : ' V i- STEVE PALMER Johnson City, Tn. DAVID C.PAGE Monroe, Ga. DONNA OVERBAY Washington, Ind. ROBIN PHILLIPS Hammond, Ind. Class of 1976 143 MARK POORMAN Milligan College, Tn CAROL PULLIAM Indianapolis, Ind. Class of 1976 CYNTHIA RASLER Greenville, 111. RANDALL RAY Ellettsville, Ind. SANDRA PRITCHARD Johnson City, Tn. RACHELLE A. REEVES Terre Haute, Ind. 144 KARL D.SCHMIDT Piney Flats, Tn. EILEEN ROEHL Homer, Alaska MICHELLE KOCH Indianapolis, Ind. SCOTT RIEDEL Ironton, Ohio I P i J. SCOTT SHAF FER Greensburg, Pa. BECKY SEERLEY Lynn, Ind. TRISHA SCOTT McCoy, Va, PATTY SCHOVILLE Webster City, Iowa Class of 1976 145 MIKE SHANNON Largo, Fla. KAREN STILTNER Hertford, N. C. Class of 1976 RICHARD SIMPSON Salem, Ind. ROBERT D. SMITH Grundy, Va. BONNY STURGIS Indianapolis, Ind. LESLIE SWEITZER Lock Haven, Pa. ANGY SPAULDING Bristol, Tn. CONNIE TESTEpMAN Canal Fulton, Ohio 146 PHIL TORBETT Johnson City, Tn. DAVID C.TYGINGER Largo, Fla. KAREN TURNER Portland, Ind. RANDY TRUBLOOD Louisville, Ky. JOE WALLENFELSZ Front Royal, Va. TERRY VECCHIOLLO Crown Point, Ind. JONULM Clearwater, Fla. Class of 1976 147 BOB WATTWOOD Titusville, Fla. ANNA WILEY Kingsport, Tn. PAUL WILLIAMS Baltimore, Md. DEWEY A. WITT Grundv, Va. JUDY WOODS Rogersville, Tn. KIM YEUTTER Cozad, Neb. Class of 1976 RUTH ZIEBART Wellington, 111. 148 Dedication: Miss Turbeville and Miss Jones Chosen M I L L I G A N MISS TURBEVILLE Miss Turbeville, better known as " Turby " around campus, has contributed much to Milligan College in her twenty-four years of ser- vice to the college. Since 1950 her primary concern has been the student at Milligan, and she has put forth her total effort toward the betterment of the student. As a result, she has earned a favorable spot in the minds of many students. Miss Turbeville obtained her B.A. degree from Western State Teachers College, her M.A. degree from the Uni- versity of Kentucky, and her Ed.S. degree from George Peabody College and Bowling Green Business University. Because of her interest in the student, we dedicate this book to her. Miss Jones has also shown much interest in the student throughout her teaching ca- reer at Milligan. She has made herself available out- side of class to further assist the student with his studies. Because of the ease with which she relates to students, she has made studying much easier for the student. Miss Jones, a Milligan graduate, began teaching English at Milligan in 1968 after several years at Science Hill High School and Sulli- van High School. Following her undergraduate work at Milligan, she received her Master ' s degree in English from the University of Tennessee. In 1965-66, she received a John Hay Fellow- ship in Humanities. During that year she studied at the University of Chicago. The Fellowship was awarded to 70 teachers from 40 states and the District of Columbia. Because of her interest in the student, we also dedicate this book to her. c L L E G E 149 MISS JONES |j|s :|: :! s|::i::i£3f:4:4: He Hc:ic :ic4: :icHc4: 4:4i4:4c4: 4c4c4e:ic4(4: H :ic :ie 4c4::ic:f;:ic:fc 4c:ic« ;9is3|:9fs sis 3ie « e 4:Hc4c 3i( i|c4c9ieiic9iciie4e4Eiie4niC9ie4e9Me 4c4c4c :(: Hc4!H::ii4c4cHcHcHc 4c Mfi i 150 14-1111 DEBBIE ADAMS Indianapolis, Ind. FUMIKO AOYAGI Saga. Japan Class of 1977 DEE A. AIKEN Newport News, Va. KAYOKO ARAI Yokohama, Japan eVa ixm JEFF ANDERSON Marion, Va. BRENDA AUGEN STEIN Galion, Ohio JOAN K. ANDERSON Canton, Ohio DICK BARNETT Lvnn, Ind. 152 RONALD BARRICKLOW Holton, Ind. Hpp - ■f H A p1 PAM BOATRIGHT Elizabethton. Tn. JUDY BENNETT Weaton, 111. REBECCA A. BOND Nashville, Ind. JONIJ.BEYER Batavia, 111. CINDY BRADY East Point, Ga, RAY BLAKELY Massillon, Ohio ■ __ M 1 HP m 4K i 1 wi •:( i ...J. 1 BECKI BROWN Johnson City, Tn. Class of 1977 153 GREG BYINGTON Ironton, Ohio CAROLINE CARROLL Houston, Tx. Class of 1977 KIMBERLEY CAMPBELL Canton, Ohio PAULA CAMPBELL Bluff City, Tn. JOHN CARLSON Canton, Ohio CHARLES E. CARTER Grundy, Va. JEFFCASSENS Rockford, 111. JOECHAFFEY Canton, Ohio 154 REBECCA CLARK Columbus, Ind. BEVERLY COLVIN Evansville, Ind. CARLAL. COLLISTER St. Petersburg, Fla. BECKY COLEMAN Salem, Ind. TED COX Akron, Ohio CURT COREY Crawfordsville, Ind. LEIGH COOK McKeesport, Pa MARSHALL COMBS Knoxville, Tn. Class of 1977 155 Bx imms JERRY CRAYCRAFT Erwin, Tn. RHONDA G. CROCKETT Indianapolis, Ind. CINDY L. CRUM Brownsburg, Ind. LYNNE E, DICKINSON Cadiz. Ohio DEBBIE DUCKETT Newport News, Va. LAURA S. EATON Indianapolis. Ind. Class of 1977 ARTIE E. EDWARDS Jonesboro, Tn. DEBORAH L. EMANUEL WinstonSalem, N. C. 156 GENE ESTEP Elizabethton, Tn. SHARON E. ERBY Rockford, 111. GAYLE EPPERLY Salem, Va. JAY FORE Lexington, Ky. BRENDA FOIST Brownsburg, Ind. THOMAS E. FLACK Indianapolis, Ind. JAMES FALWELL Fowler, Ind. DEBORAH FRALISH East Point. Ga. Class of 1977 157 ■ ■M i ' ' " ' %-4 ' l ! r . tm K " " ' ' k. 1 ML PETER FRIZZELL Johnson City, Tn. DENISE GILES Johnson City, Tn Class of 1977 JANICE E. GATES Garden Grove, Cal. LISA C.GENTRY Columbus, Ohio JACK GORMAN Rockville, Md. DIANE M. HALLING Aurora, 111. Exl ' imii KATHY GERSON Johnson City, Tn. KATHY HARDER Ridgewood, N. Y. 158 CRAIG HARDY Aurora, 111. HILDA HARNED Boston, Ky. DIANA HARKER Indianapolis, Ind. LIBBY HENDRIX Greenville, Tn. DEBBIE HENDERSON Washington, Ind. JANE HARRIS Columbia, S. C. MARILYN HARPER Ironton, Ohio JM HERRON Independence, Ky. Class of 1977 159 JILL HILDEBRAND Lawrenceburg, Ind. STEVE HODGE Elizabethton, Tn. DOUGLAS E. HOWELL Monroeville, Pa. LAVINIA HUFF Birmingham, Ala. Class of 1977 DEBIL. HOLSAPPLE Wheaton, 111. CHUCK HUFFMAN Limestone, Tn. NANCY HOOK Princeton, N. J. HOLLY N. HUITT Rockville, Md. 160 KAREN HUMPHREY Elizabethton, Tn. DON IMEL Columbus, Ind. STEVE HYPES Radford, Va. MIKEJESSEE Big Stone Gap, Va. JOE JENNINGS NewTazwell, Tn. MARK JARRETT Elwood, Ind. CONNIE JACKSON Kendallville, Ind. ROBIN JOHNSON Orlando, Fla. Class of 1977 161 b:b!iibri DAVID JONES Columbus, Ind. RUTH E. JORDAN Akron, Ohio Class of 1977 MICHELE A. JONES Altoona, Pa. LISAJ.KEELY Wichita, Kan. KATHY F. LAMB West Islip, N. Y. VINCENT JONES Canton, Ohio DEE A. LEDE;RMANN West Union, 111. 162 LEE LEPPO Sykesville, Md STEVE C. McCOURY Canton, Ohio JULIE McAETT Toms River, N. J. ;■ I l ' v..... ..A ' - WW DAVID MAYER Tampa, Fla. KAREN MAY Portland, Ind. KAREN MILLER Bristol, Tn. JANE E. MEADE Rockville, Md. ROBERT McKINNEY Martinsville, Va. Class of 1977 163 MARLA T.MILLER Crown Point, Ind. DENNIS M.MORGAN Indianapolis, Ind. Class of 1977 RANDY MILLER Indianapolis, Ind. JOANEY MORRIS Norfolk, Va. CORINNE M.MILLS Garden Grove, Cal. SHEILA D. MOFFETT Johnson City, Tn. PAULO C. MOTTA MELLO Campinas, Sao Paulo Brazil DEBORAH R. MURPHY Rochester, Ind. 164 KAREN S. OPSTAD Washington, D. C. SUE A. NAY Crothersville, Ind GEARLENE PARKS Elk Creek, Va. PATRICIA O ' CONNOR St. Petersburg, Fla. LISA NEWTON Piney Flats, Tn. SHERRY PAULEY Blacksburg, Va. CONNIE J. PASCHALL East Point, Ga. ANNE M. PARSLY Oak Ridge, Tn. Class of 1977 165 EBMBBU LINDA PENNINGTON St. Petersburg, Fla. DIANE PETERS Bedford, Mass. KIMBERLY PETERS Bedford, Mass. ELIZABETH A. QUESINBERRY Martinsville, Va. KEN RANNICK Johnson City, Tn. Class of 1977 TAMMY REDMAN Birmingham, Mich. DEBORAH C. PIPER Benton, Pa. CHARLES REESE, JR. Winston Salem, N. C. 166 CAROLSUE ROBBINS Cocoa Beach, Fla. DIANE E. RIVERS Lake Butler, Fla. JACQUELINE RICE Metolius. Oregon REBEKAH K. REEVES Terre Haute, Ind. BILLENA RUSK Crawfordsville, Ind. TONY D. ROUSEY Danville, Ky. VICKI L. ROTHENBERGER Brownsburg, Ind. NORMAL. ROEHL Homer, Alaska Class of 1977 167 ExUiBms PAULA K.RUSSELL Conneautville, Pa. GARRY SEDAM North Vernon, Ind Class of MARY H. SAWYER Louisville, Kv. JEANNE SCHRUMPF Kansas, Ok. SARA SEARLE Clinton, Tn. NANCY SKILLERN London, England DENISE SLONIGER Chicago, 111. DARYL SMITH Knoxville, Tn. 168 LAURA SOUDER Garrett, Ind. DAVID SOUCIE Indianapolis, Ind. WANDA SMITH Columbus, Ga. RONALD E. STIFF Elkhorn City, Ky. JEFF STEMEN Columbus, Ohio SHELBA STEBELTON Carroll, Ohio TIM SPEAR Beech Grove, Ind. BECKY STROUP Johnson City, Tn. Class of 1977 169 PATRICIA STUMP Danville, Ind. JACI SWEARINGEN St. Joseph, 111. Class of 1977 CHARLES STURGILL Newhearen, Ind. VICKISUFFECOOL Fremont, Ohio BARBARA A. SWEENEY Cincinnati, Ohio LINUA TAYLOR Indianapolis, Ind. AMANDA SUGGS MuUins, S. C. ROBIN TINSKY Johnson Cit , Tn. 170 PHILLIP WARING Whiting, Ind. LYDIA WALTON Columbus, Ind. ELIZABETH A. VERNON Mount Airy, N. C. DONNA TREXLER Richmond, Va. AMY WEST Beech Grove, Ind. DEBBIE WELLEM Indianapolis, Ind. RANDY WEAVER Wellsburg, West Va. CINDY WATT Canfield, Ohio Class of 1977 171 CHRISTINE WETMORE Brayan, Ohio MICHELLE WILES Columbus, Ohio JIM WILKINS Williamsport, Pa. MARTHEL L. WILLIAMS Cincinnati, Ohio MARILYN WOOD Greenwood, Ind. Class of 1977 ANN YOKE Canton, Ohio 172 M i ILiCrA ' Q MP Seeger Memorial Chapel ... the Campus was probably the last part of collegiate life to enter our minds. However, it played such an important role in our lives. On this Campus we together experienced most of our loneliness and most of our companionship, most of our failure and most of our success, most of our disappointment and most of our joy. On this Campus we bacame aware that we were one people with one goal! Cheek Activity Building _ .3 TEST s;vl■rSffl. rs.„J:-: ; ;: o ,. .■■».■;■ ' -?■ . " -• -.f v ■ • Laboratory Post Office Faculty Office Building Baseball Field iitj. " ® " ■ia Me i Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Hyder Auditorium - .B te " N t:V- .ov s:- " i.V N c ;v - Vv S ' sosE : 176 Married Student Housing Webb Hall Hospitality House Tennis Courts Hardin Hall P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library Science Building Pardee Hall Student Union Building Hart Hall Sutton Hall Administration Building m K } " - • 5sS3b t= " ' " ' JI C Qb : - ' ' ' " ' % j__ 7jy c jiic . y " " ' " — ' ; 3 I 1 -r-V, I E ' III m ' ' m iiness IS ine sail or Thomas Fuller Advertisements Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store Compliments of INDUSTRIES me. ;• f ' lrc tK lie STORES the people tire ( eople W. Elk Bemberg Rd. Elizabethton, Tn. 37643 Phone: 5434411 ei ' ee )m INCORPORATED on and In the Mall . . . and downtown Johnson City, Tn. % f 182 ' He put electricity to work for you Thomas Edison, father of the electrical industry, didn ' t discover electricity; but he did develop its use for people like you. He patented almost 1,100 inventions that use electric power. Today, electricity is still working to improve the quality of your life. Electricity runs equipment that purifies the water, cleans the air, recycles trash into usable material, and mashes trash. Edison put electricity to work for people. And we will keep it working. For you. ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM 183 CARTER COUNTY BANK Main Office 601 E. Elk Ave. Branch Office Broad Elk Ave. Milligan-Pinecrest Branch Plaza Branch EDGEHILLGULF Rt. 7, Milligan Highway 24 Hour Wrecker Service 928-0365 Roger Tunnel Owner HOSPITAL PHARMACY ' The DRIVE-IN Pharmacy " 602 N. Roan, Johnson City Dial 926-0121 Free Dehvery Free Parking 184 FRED MOORE MANSHOP 441 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. Phone - 542-4233 HATHAWAY-PERCY FUNERAL HOME F Roan Street Telephone 543-5544 Roy Hathaway Frank " Bob " Percy JmtFral ©irnrtor CITY DRUG STORE Elizabethton, Tn. Health — Cosmetic — Gifts FRED DAVIS JEWELERS Elizabethton ' s Diamond Center 405 Elk Ave., Elizabethton Dial Direct From Milligan 928-78 1 1 COLEMAN STUDIO 404 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. ' Complete Photograph Services " 185 IJANNAUy; INC. Men ' s Clothing MEMORIAL FUNERAL CHAPEL INC. 212N. MainSt.,Eliz.,Tn. J. A. Stalcup, Jr. Paul E. Estep Phone (615) 543-3839 " Elizabethton ' s Newest " I I J. I. CDRNETT CDNSTRUCTIDN CD., INC, Cy e n ex a I C oitttact, Oti Tenn. Lie. No. 9953 Va. Lie. No. 8305 Box 826 — South Sycamore Elizabethton, Tenn. 37643 Phone 615-543-3197 615-928-7214 JOHNSON CITY AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Chamber of Commerce on behalf of all Johnson City business firms is happy to extend its services to the students and faculty at Milligan College. We are proud that you have chosen MOligan to be your Alma Mater — We invite you to make Johnson City your home! 186 JOHNSON CITY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION FIRST PEOPLES BANK HAMILTON BANK HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE BANKING AND TRUST CO. 187 THE CLOTHES HANGER MEN SHOP 410E. ElkAve.,Eliz.,Tn. Ph. 543-5601 " Clothing for the College Man " DAVID-LYNN INC. 432 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tn. 37643 Phone 543-5822 " The Shop for Men " TAYLOR ' S GUITAR SHOP c W V. Franchised Dealers for Gibson, Fender, Martin, Peavey, Gretsch -X Phone 543-3581 Pine F St Eliz. reets ,Tn. BIG VALLEY RESTAURANT MiUigan Highway Home Cooked Meals 5:30 a.m. — 1:00 a.m. 188 m 405 South Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 Security Federal SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. OF ELIZABETHTON 628 ELK AVE. ELIZABETHTON, TENN. 37643 Phones 542-5412 Phones 543-1541 FELTY-ROLAND FLORISTS, INC. Lynn Ave. and F. Elizabethton, Tennessee " The Beauty of our Business is Flowers! " 189 Compliments of GREAT LAKES RESEARCH CORP. FORBES MARKET PHILLIPS 66 - GAS OIL Route 8, Milligan Hwy. Johnson City, Tn. 9264491 Compliments of JIM ' S MEN SHOP Eliz., Tn. FITZSIMMONS PRINTING CO. 542-2532 BOWERS FLORIST 543-2621 231 East Main St. Telephone Johnson City, Tn. 37601 615-926-6148 e { e C Perfect Love Diamonc Rings Art Carved Wedding Rings BECKNER ' S INCORPORATED Established 1886 Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry 232 Main St. Johnson City, Tenn. 37601 928-6311 ■ ' Where People Make the Difference " CITIZEN ' S BANK ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE 4 Locations Free Checking for Students 190 Summers - Taylor, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE ELIZABETHTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE " Carter County naturally nice . . . Happy to Extend its services to the students and faculty of MOligan College. " 191 Compliments of PINECREST GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION MiOigan Hwy. WATSON ' S CARTER COUNTY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER «:» ' • y vv ■: " ! imi mm wkkb p ■■■ ! | PK-r--3 . I Compliments of GENERAL SHALE CORPORATION 192 There ' s a Lot Better Way of Finding a Career in the Textiles Fibers Field than this. v wliilf TV w ■ ' 0 ' ' Starting - hour wrck ihililies. ■ n; adv;inced If, hospital •. holidays, or call: O. erica) . XnutstP n MillK- Diovtr TEXTILE irllsl, dnUnw, stylist to $15M Creative prrntfd decorative fabrics, 9d oDtY :..:: agency so? s ve ,ec. cutsld . CY i 090 • men (3). ;8£023. only 514 LO v ' alley_5trm. I hench vn nnly OuMns ' •■O TEXTILESV. _i,.■ " J: «) CKli!c cnmoany h i itri rs ' ' nr recen ' Ir i-fson? wilh cnu ' vai nt wo ' k ' " xprrirnf-- For the rqhf pfnol« these stimulslinq r os ' tions can IpdtJ to ' uturp maniac ment in the manufaclurc and marketin? of lenMes. (.:. ,:-(■ ' ..••• . " " o. Persnl De.-t lOlh fl, ,.j; S .ay (39 St ) .XTILE TECHNICAL P cXriLE TECHNICIAM (PROVEN WITH TOP TASTE, TOP STANI FOR FINE TOP CO, HE OR SHE i rail nell lee lilvaV (or spot pl ?-7 : creative placement igency 515 madijor TEXTILE GRADS START J7,0 » Mgf nt future wilh too NY concecn ■ ' : ■■■ -lenci, 152 W 42 St, NYC TEXTILE CONVERTER $150 • .T :a agency, 15? W t7 TEXTllt lech " new posfn " to J12M + 3rniti»r JacQuA ' rtsJerscys. excll futii ' p Gj ' __ T .V 507 5 AVE TEXTIlE tcnvtr Tech ItOO! Need hrite orr ' rin Will trn, Indl fabrcsj Aqency 485 5 Ave 1130 eir " w TEXTILE Merchandise «l, Knowl fnr.vP ' tinc, expfMlilinn _j_ ' _ " IM ' LIL TEXTILE ASST CONVTR t JI7S Cotton synthelic. v ovrn qds, kcco rcri Mel Galibe Agcncr 485 5 Ave TEXTILE ENGRFEt PAIO-TO $15M Oe9 + co " led rnat»rial, RiD, mffl. OC ... r:y, 107 vK43d Hr$ to 1 30 TEXTILE STYLIST. Tf PaU to J12M Cotton Menswear TOPS IN TEXTILES jcncy u 152 W 42 S75 TEXTILE SAMPLE CLK5 to TOPS IN TEXTILES •K ■ ■n r.r 152 W 42 E»c«ll nq ph| RATE .gency. TEXTILE HEAD CONVERTER must have volume exo WW Bing Cronin Agency 1 Rcctefeller » " ' EXPORl Plaza TEXTILE STYLIST to }12«0 Synihctic i Blends — Menswear TOPS IN TEXTILES .[ " ■ ' f,. ' -n: , 152 W 42 TEXTL Shrlisti Asst, llhrirr cler to itO 72 E n ST. A ' " ■ " asenCY TEXTILE CONVERTER to ttl4« TOPS IN TEXTILES . .Li, ■ ;• ge.icy , 152 W_42 TEXTILE COVERT ASSS " tV M5M TOPS IN TEXTILES :•. ' ' .i-l- ■.■,?ncy, 152 W 42 EXTILE TECH to «500 TOPS IN TEXTILES TEXTILE Dtllcntr— Mens Weir Wovtns Male nr f=m»l. BP 9 97 " ;9 TEXTILE EnirsOM + exe to XTILE PrInT DcsTjne? wanted - " • ada for original work and re Good opnortunity Z ' - " man oi ' ■ " " ise reply iV -. 7 Timej ,-icy, 152 W 42 TEXTILE GRADS lo U200 TOPS IN TEXTILES t I " -y,152 W 42 fEXriLd fiftOEftS E»P«miM h TOPS IN TEXTILES Traffic faiion cases. Choi An Eofl TRAE L " ttsoa r X gency, 152 W 42 TEXTILES — Technlclin jfrllst fabric dessn analysis tostinj srnlrMl development. Salary commensurite with ibility Send resume Y2I31 Times. XT-LUE ' - " -r.. wanted id re«iij When your future ' s on the Hne, use your pen to better advantage than circHng through the classified sections. Get in touch with Beaunit where big things are happening in fibers and textiles. Who ' s making them happen? People in accounting, engineering, research and development, design, merchandising, sales — and all of the other professions needed to run a business today. If you want to leave your mark on the world, begin by writing us. It ' s a better way than leaving your mark on the help wanted ads. Write: Personnel Manager, Beaunit Fibers, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643 ELIZABETHTON VISCOS POLYESTER PLANTS BEAUNIT CORPORATION 193 COMPARE WITH ANY OTHER MILK COMPANY DAIRY DIVISION For Your Complete Dairy Needs 194 Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 2 North Sycamore Street Come See Us! Member F.S.L.I.C. 195 ALCAMP SHELL SERVICE STATION Rt.8,Higliway67 Joluison City, Tennessee 196 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges And Universities A difficult task facing the faculty each year is to determine which senior students were most outstanding in their leadership and their academic example displayed throughout four years at Milligan College. The task was no less difficult this year. After much deliberation by the fac- ulty, nine students were honored with their names appearing in WHO ' S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Students honored with this title are those who have " gone beyond the call of duty " in their studies and their service to the college. As a result of spare time spent in service to fellow students, these students are honored on this page. L. to R. Pam Stephens, Mike Flora, Penny Phillips, Charma Dunlap, Priscilla Wilkins, Tim Stephens, Deborah Doan, Yvonne Bajko. Mike Flora Tim Stephens Deborah Doan Charma Dunlap j H ? n m ,:M ) i 1 VxAM L b H 9l 1 197 Sue Elliott Chosen 1974 Founder ' s Daughter I An event which does much to bring the campus together is the annual Foun- der ' s Daughter Contest. Since its be- ginning in 1951, the contest has drawn students together to decide which fe- male student was most representative of Milligan ' s student body. Ten clubs and organizations spon- sored female students for the contest this year. They were as follows: Chris Sankovich — Phi Eta Tau; Pam John- son — Civinettes; Tempa Lawson — Alpha Phi Omega; Marsha Reed — Mission ' s Club; Cindy Hardesty — Service Seekers; Penny Patton — MENC; Tanya Knowles — Circle K; Sue Elliott — Hart Hall; Becky Hays — Sutton Hall; and Joy Blackford — Con- cert Choir. Students were faced with a decision which was more than just a beauty decision. Students were to decide which female student had contributed most to the college in her display of character and her academic pursuits. After deciding over a wide range of qualified students, the student body finally narrowed its decision to one student. Founder ' s Daugher Candidates L. to R. Chris Sankovich, Marsha Reed, Joy Blackford, Tempa Lawson, Cindy Hardesty, Penny Patton. L. to R. Para Johnson, Becky Hays, Denise Schneider. 198 INDEX OF ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENT PAGE NUMBER 1. Alcamp Shell Service Station 196 2. Beaunit Fibers Division of Beaunit Corporation 193 3. Beckner ' s, Inc 190 4. Bemberg Industries 182 5. Big Valley Restaurant 188 6. Bowers Florist 190 7. Carter County Bank 184 8. Citizens Bank 190 9. City Drug Store 185 10. Clothes Hanger Men Shop, The 188 11. Coleman Studio 185 12. David-Lynn, Inc 188 13. Edgehill Gulf Service Station 184 14. Elizabethton Chamber of Commerce 191 15. Elizabethton Electric System 183 16. Elizabethton Federal Savings Loan Assn 195 17. Felty-Roland Florists, Inc 189 18. Firestone Stores 182 19. Fitzsimmons Printing Co 190 20. Forbes Market 190 21. Fred Davis Jewelers 185 22. Fred Moore Manshop 185 23. Frick ' s Music Mart 189 24. General Shale Products Corporation 192 25. Great Lakes Research Corporation 190 26. Hannah ' s, Inc 186 27. Hathaway-Percy Funeral Home 185 28. Hospital Pharmacy 184 29. Jewel Box 190 30. J. I. Cornett Construction Co., Inc 186 31. Jim ' s Men Shop . 190 32. Johnson City Area Chamber of Commerce 186 33. Johnson City Financial Institutions 187 34. King ' s 182 35. Memorial Funeral Chapel, Inc 186 36. Nettie Lee Shops 182 37. Pet Corporation 194 38. Pinecrest Garage Service Station 192 39. Security Federal Savings Loan Assn 189 40. Summers-Taylor, Inc 191 41. Taylor ' s Guitar Shop 188 42. Watson ' s, Ira A. Co 192 Ji l)i The 1973-74 school year was a year filled with much uncertainty in the national and international scene. Be- sides being pressured by events occurring on campus, students were exposed to a world which appeared to change entirely throughout this single year. Fuel prices almost doubled (and in some cases tripled); increasing food prices forced the " little man " into inevitable star- vation; political offenses in high positions were exposed to the public for the first time in many years; and the September-October holocaust in the Middle East pre- sented this country with many shortages which affected its entire economy. Realizing that unity is a very important factor for a better world, a member of the yearbook staff therefore suggested UNITY as the theme of this book in hopes that we might draw members of the college closer to- gether. After confirming the theme with other members of the staff, UNITY was accepted as our theme. The layout, the body copy, the captions, the cover, the end- sheets, the transition pages, and the pictures all center around the theme of UNITY. Acknowledgement To: 1. COLEMAN STUDIO for cooperating with us in our scheduling in order that we might meet our deadlines — also for the fine quality of prints. 2. ALL BUSINESSES, FIRMS, ETC. WHICH SUPPORTED US IN OUR AD- VERTISING SECTION. 200 ' fa Iff, %t. 1 J. f.: ' . i - .mm ' ...

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