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Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1973 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 734 7 1881 0001 t% 4 ■ ■i ' " . " viit ' - ' f?4 iJ v; rr 4- ' iM y ■.«.::T ' ' i! ' ' T " - Milligan College Buffalo 1973 The beauty seen is partly in him who sees it. Bovee 71939 V lAIMHifi wwm i:- ' : «•■• » ■• « . To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. Blake . 1? .- ' B ;-vW- ■■ fe • ;■ U; t " ' ■ ,; ! • r r.. • ■ ' ■ ■ ' .: ■ ;.• •«.,• ' ... ■.•• ' ■ .. x ■■ -4 »- %:- .■■■■ ? .- V . ■ .... , . . ■ iWi ' - ' ' EjflHK-Xi;. ■if , ' W ?•{ ' { 1 ;rliii s " ■ k 1 ;■■ ' . - ' r -.• ' i.; %.t.-. ' •-■••-■. • • 5 ' :.v.; ' ' C ' . -. ■ " " . ' .■. ■ - - . . .1- " . ■- ' . . ' ■. " • ' ■ ■ " ■ ■ ■ " . v ' . " -. ■■•■ ' ■■ ■ ' •■ , g|B H R H E Uk, • . xv MJtfM B }■ ' ' - H B H H i H m - L y 12 M Mk . ' i ' t ' ; 5 jr vi 13 There is a Reaper, Whose name is Death, And with his sickle keen, He reaps the bearded grain at a breath. And the flowers that grow between. in memory of two beautiful people, Mrs. Millie Stout Mrs. Dorothy Wilson rts Music and Ideas Comes to Life for Milligan Humanities Students In Europe During the Summer. Sr- 1 it l J B ' lwWwi wJP ni! BPHepSE p " i mw -w X _ — i ' i Zj a .- . Freshmen and Upperclassmen arrive on Campus, eager to see roommates And Anxious to start what may be their last semester of classes 21 Milligan Dorm Life Creates Many Lasting Memories 22 23 24 1 M i X ■ M -H - rft.; _: -J -J 1! iii ' -- " " 4 ■ jfe Wmmm 1 1 : " ! M ■1 iiB rjT-M %Wm 1 fei 1 ffi m . Mi ' 1 liil ' " ' iil t ft ' SHi lKlj Si iSaE8Si3B S ri-sit sist a«w»s»sa!i: 25 JeriSmith, Gary Spencer, receive A wards for their Performance in ' ' 12th Night directed by Leslie French. 26 rlU ' Jrl ' ;:- ' ,.•»• ■ ' V ». ic ' Jt; 29 w " ii i I If ' ■i I . [ ' H,f;U ' ,1 , %. %. 30 New Faculty Member, David Runner Heads Milligan Concert Series Mac F ramp ton Trio MENC Variety Show E. H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRAfTT Mil I IfiflW pni I vnc 34 1972-73 Still finds Happy Valley serving as Home Court for the Buffs. 35 Winter Invades Milligan 36 in A II of Her Glory 37 .. ::,?;! ij 39 Ross Browles i Jester Hairston, noted composer, singer director, left a happy and enthused audience after his Concert U. T. Jazz Giants The Watchmen 41 IcSMtJJ-: ■ 1- 42 43 44 r -- V-M ' jf ' . (fi . ' J». Student Union and Student Council form Student Union Board for more organized and Coordinated Campus Activities " V I 1 j " " ,- irfip !to ) i(e ' •Vi»; •,si. ' ja »« l€jj:-ir ' ' . In di .• ' i»-.2S5:«3-::-i-r? .;ja r„-i:.-. ' _ -?-: 3-i .-5t5 itaft, 47 Faculty and Administration Supply Entertainment for Junior-Senior Class Party M m m: « !T ' ■ " " ; ai?i_i:ui- ' ' k 49 CHEBOKEE NWIOML FOfitSl PROTECT AND ENJOY 50 ' ■■ iSI I 51 EAST TENNESSEE A Unique Way of Life , ■ ' r N »- r r 55 AREA of Speech and ' ' Early Frosf and ' ' The Doctor Drama Presented in Spite of Himself College Life is 58 Much More Than Lecture, Lab, and Homework 59 um 60 Jr.-Sr. Steak Fry Ht ■ jKjflBJ M IRfflvil C i R; ' .:l5?Ni. ■- n FxRflHl Wl H k 1 E ' i Jt- J l T ■ . l HH K F m H HflflHv ' - ' -,. H L A». V k l r 1 ii i Spring brings Outdoor Activities , . A nd Rain 63 Construction Work Continues on Long Awaited Gym, as Work Begins on Married Student Housing I Is 65 Jean Timm Snodderly Piedmont Chamber Orchestra 66 Spring Concerts Include Senior Voice Recitals of Jean Timm and Jim Sluyter 1 1 - . : ■ 1 I A ' ' V IT Concert Choir Jim Sluvter 67 r • Concentrating on Classes is Difficult as Co-eds Prepare for Approaching Weddings. 68 »»»» 69 71 72 73 Graduation Day, A Happy Occasion for Seniors, Parents, And Professors 74 ■3ij« ' rrw. , -. ■.. ■ - v»-; ' »;jx.?jT;t;i:fi j-;: .. ,y-.,-j.g»g g- .s?.«t (i t « J4 4 ORGANIZATIONS Rocky Laha Tim Cameron Dave Ziebart Donna Wyatt Jean Timm Brian Abrell Brent Hart Mike Flora Sue Ragsdale Priscilla Wilkins Shirley Norman Doug Deller Tom Wolfe Debber Baker Cheri Huffine Dave Tysinger Chuck Wheeler Randy Glassburn Wendy Fagan Julia Jones Paul Pettit George Fulwider Eva Hampton Marsha Reed Charma Dunlap Ted Thompson Larry McKinney Skip Hudgins Dr. Gary Wallace, Adv. Dr. William Gwaltney, Adv { k Student Council 78 Sutton Dorm Tricia Cox Deborah Doan Debbie Fuller Carol Hockenberry Linda Horn Denise Schneider Sharon Shaffer Carol Hines Hart Dorm Undine Phillips Kathi Jablonski Cindy Marciniak Denise Taylor Cathy Merritt Joanne Iscrupe Joy Thompson Debbie Welker Judy Gabehart Jacque Crist Pardee Dorm Larry McKinney Homer Hecht Randy Clark Daryl Lanzi Kevin Harkey Hardin Dorm Phil Reynolds Ken Cramer Robbie Gardiner Skip Hudgins Stuart Shelton Webb Dorm Tim Dillon Harry Davis Buddy FuUen Ted Young John Trent John Williams Rex Bell Leif Olson Chuck Wheeler Lester Gindlesperger Kenny Toney Curtis Mullins DougMatney Steve Burchfield Kevin Allsop Fred Harris Jerry Lawson i Dorm Council 79 Kathy Reed, Pres. Carrie Enkema, V. Pres. Shirley Norman, Treas. Sharon Yevtich, Sec. Kathy Phillips, Chap. Joni Harker Susie Benson Debbie Clark Ginger Rhinehardt Gwen McCarty Donna Hammer Linda Cooper Anna Wiley Pam Johnson Barbi Fishback Kathi Jablonski Leanne Knittle Judy Woods Paula Eldorado Dee Benge Marlyn Carter Sweethearts- Woody Wilson Robbie Gardiner Ed Willey BobWattwood Civinettes 80 Circle K Dave Ziebart, Pres. Darrel Manson, V. Pres. Buddy FuUen, Treas. Rich Burton, Sec. Dan Harding, Chap. EdWilley.Parl. Dave Harrison LynTabb Danny Carroll George Fowler Ed Smith Christian Service Club Kevin Harkey, Pres. Cam Pressley, Sec. Mila Balentine, Treas. Cindy Vartenesan Boyn Stover Vave Waters Kathy Jablonsky Everett Essex Peggy Burleson Sandy Whitmore Dave Harrison Tom Lohr Nona Lohr Rob Hooker Fulton Mitchum LesGindelspurger Karen Numyer Marc Harris Susan Elliot Barb Kester Judy Gabeheart Rosemary Holtsbery Janice Mac Leod Jama Humphreys Scott Riedell Marcia Dillon Bill Miller Mara Jo Stevens Sandy Whitmore Jody Woods Marty Milan Vicki French 4A fl % ..-4. ■■ ' ■ L. 1 Li ■t ■ ■m lai HvHsiHK W ii-. .-; I B TT. kkl fliriT :»l . " i 1 -■.,. y. ■■ll jSMk --m L.1 W " ' i.iSl . ' i J 3L K i n -11 i 1 1 ' ' M w ' 4 1 1 ..jhI V " ■.. ■ ' 1 L ' im L " " ' " i t- 1 i_ 82 Service Seekers Susan Benson, Sec. Debbie Baker Sandy Wliitman, Treas. Judi Hartnup Joy Thompson, V. Pres. Sue Mikesell Margene Perdue, Pres. Bev Gerdts Beverly Noel Susie Gregory Leanne Knittel Mila Ballentine Aleeta Kendrick Sandy Meuks Janet Thomas Kathi McCord Peggy Lee Michelle Rock 83 Phi Eta Tau Cathy Merritt Marsha Eastman Susan Kennedy Chris Sankovich Marie Lyons Mila Ballentine Marsha Corbin ReitaMorrical Betty Wilcoxin Laura Robinson Addie Hyder Jane Fink Sharon Jones Correna Bowers Lois Jordan Sue Pickenpaugh Susan Oard 4 i c .- =« 84 Bayard Galbmith, Pres. Dave Akers Dave Morris Randy Clark John Schremser Tom Evans Ed Brundard Dave Chupa Keith Bader Paul Bader Dan Hornung Eddy Williams Mick Labounty Paul Hornaday 85 Pre-Law Club KarlOrdway, Pres. Phil Blowers, Vice-Pres. Dan Ramey Penny Patton Mike Willard Chuck Wheeler Carl Schmidt Brent Hart Rodger Plumb 86 Psychology Club Dan Ramey, Pres. Robin Phillips John Williams, Vice-Pres. Scott Shaffer Marline Grant, Sec -Treas. Monty Lamb Doc Crowder, Advisor Vicki French Michelle Roch Steve Roodhouse Janis MacLeod Cindy Rasler Mark Harris Jim Clutter Julia Jones Becky Hays Judy Hartnup Joyce Lee Pre-Med Club Woody Wilson, Pres. Dave Ziebart, Vicc-Prcs. Judene Howell, Sec. Tom Rogers, Project Chm. 87 M-Club Larry McKinney Dave Torgerson Bob Gootee MarcGrissinger Don Threlkeld JimCrom Woody Shelton Jim Barker Mike McMillan Robbie Gardiner Dan Harding Keith Lisle Danny Carroll WesStarkey Cris Lacy George Fowler Don Steffey Wendell Phillips L CONTRACTORS FCA Larry McKinney Dave Torgerson Bob Gootee Denny Mayes Don Steffey Marc Grissinger Don Threlkeld Bob Wattwood Jim Crom Woody Shelton Joe Gardner Jim Barker Mike McMillan Robbie Gardiner Dan Harding Keith Lisle Danny Carroll Wes Starkey Wendell PhiUips Joey Hensley Rex Parris Tom Dainy 89 Tom Crise, Pres. Steve Roodehouse, V. Pres. Phyllis Harmon, Sec.-Treas. Rick Albert, Reporter Jim Clutter Betty Clark Judy Gabehart Gary Miller John WiUiam Barbara Compston Marline Grant Pat Dogget Bruce Segur Rhonda Roth Jeff Smith Steve Bretton Jerry Cook Kathy Cook Ken Drexaler Skip Brooks Kathy Watkins Kathy Smith JeffQuin Cindy Bick Elizabeth Mills Criss LaMuncha Dave Buttray Linda Horn Margy Lienenger Debbie Fuller Linda Fuller Ruth McKinney Mel Harris Monty Lamb Richard AUman Marsha Corbin Rachelle Reeves Cindy Vartinessian George O ' Meara Cathy Merrit Carolyn Miller Becky Jarrett Lois Jordon Rick Morrell Kim Yeutter •Cindy Rasler Beth Ralph Greg Beck Sue Pickenpaugh Buffalo Ramblers 90 Intramurals Council Chris Sandokovich Randy Matney Jim Mitchell Robbie Gardner Becky Hayes Ellen Merridth Cori Bowers Phil Reynolds Keith Lyle Jeff Holt Wes Starkey Denise Taylor Susan Kennedy Lois Huffman Buddy Fullen Dave Chupa Skip Hudgins 92 Varsity Cheerleaders Noreen Younkin BrendaTruitt Joni Barker Penny Patton Deb Hull Kathi Jablonski Nan Rowland 93 MENC Jim Sluyter k Tom Rogers n Beth Roberts J f " Linda Sartoris v Marsha Holdsworth bI Jacque Crist ' 1 Felicia Fontaine Nancy Pressley - jbt 1 Anita Pruitt Tempa Lawson ¥ Dave Ahers Tom Wolfe « Dave Stout Karen Ross Marcia Dillon 94 Torch Troupe Jeri Smith, Director Bruce Cegui Jim Mitchell Cathy Merritt Richard McDaniel Toni Zimmerman Gordan Miller 95 Chorale 96 . SjJHI Paula Ray Karen Ross Pam Thomas Jo Watts Cindy Vertenesian Joey Hensley Cam Pressley Boyd Stover Joe Atkins Dan Ramey Ken Gough Jim Mitchum Scott Riedel Tim Rogers Mike Shannon Dave Hughston Nancy Amburgey Marsha Cassity TriciaCox Terre Jones Bobbie Massengill Kathy Merritt Nina Morgan Penny Patten Linda Sartoris Cynthia Stephens Terry Vecchiollo Beth Ralph Nona Lohr Lucia Cassity Pam Coon Paula Eldorado Diane Gross Donna Hammer Sandy Pritchard 97 Concert Choir Sherwyn Bachmon, Conductor 98 •■- Dave Akers Paul Bade: Kieth Bader Tim Dillon Dave Huston Tony Jacoky Bob Preece Steve Roodhouse Tom Wolfe Joe Atkins Rex Bill Doug Deller PaulGakinet Jeff Sheridan Jim Sluyter Bick Wright Joy Blackford Jan Jones Tempa Lawson Bev Noel Kathy Polenek Anita Pruitt Linda Schilling Jeanne Timm Felecia Fontaine Kathy Demeter Maicia Dillon Claudia Bartlett Roseanne Evans Carolyn Hard wick Diana Hornung Debbie Walker Rosemary Wright Nona Lohr 99 71999 THE Volllnn XXXVU— No 6 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Tim Stevens SPONSOR: Rodlrvln EDITORIAL BOARD: Tim Cemeron Jeanee Tlmm Doug Oeller COPY EDITORS: JudliK H mell Barb Kester SPORTS EDITOR: PhU Blowers STAMPEDE MUllgan Coilegc, Tenneasce 37682 The STAMPEDE is a mem- ber of the ASflocUted Colle- giate Press, Che Intercollegiate Press, and die College Press Service LAYOLT EDrrOR: Paula Stac y LAYOL T WORKERS: Sue Mlkesell Oenlse Taylor PHOTOGRAPHER: Mike WlHlard The STAMPEDE MUllgan College. Tennessee 37682 101 Buffalo Staff Kathy Poleneck, Co-Editoi Sue Ragsdale, Co-Editor Michael McSwain, Bus. Mgr., Photographer George O ' Meara, Photographer Becky Jarrett, Section Editor Cathy Merritt, Section Editor Carolyn Miller, Section Editor Doug Ragsdale Debbie Amkeny Debbie Hull Robin Phillips Marilyn MacDonald Sharon Smith Wendell Phillips J l% 102 103 " w 107 109 110 V «, ; 111 112 113 114 GirFs Basketball 115 116 117 118 Cross-Country fr SP . ' ' ' r V ■MB TA IH H m. I Vb BHI|9 K IA B fci.»ftC ■HFi F flD Boagi aBii li HJi HI H 119 Men ' s Tennis inii ... 1 HEnWiii ! " Eli 1 1 Women s Tennis 123 Track If S r; " " ' m m -i- aiiiiteAmiaMra y ili-a-:- 124 125 iN vsi ' -V ' - ■ ■ 127 Vi... is - ■c v,.. ,- 129 130 131 Baseball 132 I 133 I ' ■■ " at ' :. - - 135 137 p ';f 138 139 President Jess Johnson 142 Dr, Lawson Named Vice-President 143 a. Robert Wetzel Academic Dean b. TetsLiano Yamamori Dean of Students c. Phyllis Fontaine Registrar and Associate Dean of Students 144 t " S a. B. J. Moore Business Manager b. Gene Wigginton Director of Development c. Don Jeanes Director of Financial Aid : :-; . " c. 145 a. Guy Oakes Director of Alumni Affairs b. Kenneth Joiinston Director of Ciiurch Relations c. Rod Irvin Director of Communications d. John Neth Librarian e. Joe McCormick Assistant to the President 146 Area Of Humane Learning a. John Dowd Assistant Professor of Music b. Jeanette Crosswhite Assistant Professor of Music c. David Runner Assistant Professor of Music d. Sherwyn Bachman Instructor of Music e. Bill Moorehouse Assistant Speech Professor 147 5 C. a. Anna May Crowder Assistant Professor of English b. Terry Dibble Assistant Professor of English c. Ivor Jones Professor of History d. Juanita Jones Associate Professor of English e. Jack Knowles Assistant Professor of English 148 a. Mary Jane Haller Art Instructor b. Marguerite Parris Assistant Professor of English and Speech c. Mary Young Associate Professor of Christian Education 1 149 Area Of Biblical Learning a. Henry Webb Chairman of Biblical Learning b. William Gwaltney Chairman of Humane Learning c. Buford Bryant Professor of Religion d. Howard Hayes Professor of Bible e. Alan Hoffman Assistant Professor of Bible 150 ' 5 ;; :a ' A m r 3 V fk 5. ' , - ;i U rj V I ■ r - ' V 1L , m 1 ■ 1 ■ 4 - a. a. Richard Phillips Associate Professor of Bible b. Earl Stuckenbruck Associate Professor of German 151 i a. Eddie Leach Chairman of Scientific Learning and Associate Professor of Biology b. Guy Mauldin Associate Professor of Math c. Charles Gee Associate Professor of Biology and Education d. Lone Sisk Professor of Chemistry Area of Scientific Learning a. Gary Wallace Assistant Professor of Biology b. Eugene Nix Associate Professor of Chemistry c. Roy Hampton Associate Professor of Mathematics d. James Balch Assistant Professor of Mathematics e. Richard Lura Assistant Professor of Chemistry 153 Area Of Social Learning a. Wen-Yen Tsao Professor of East Asian Studies b. Ira B. Read Associate Professor of History c. Dennis Helsabeclc Professor of Counseling and Director of Guidance d. Robert Hall Associate Professor of Sociology e. Eugene Price Professor of Business Administration f. Robert Lindeman Assistant Professor of Psychology g. Robert Fife Chairman of Area of Social Learning, Professor of History h. Orvil Crowder Associate Professor of Psychology and Bible 154 155 c. Phil Worre Assistant Professor of Physical Education d. Howard Lamon Assistant Professor of Business Administration e. Harold Stout Associate Professor of Health and P.E. 156 Area of Professional Learning a. Hazel Turbeville Professor of Secretarial Science b. Euel Ownby Associate Professor of Education c. Jim Morrison Associate Professor of Education d. Anne Bradford Associate Professor of Education e. Paul Clark Chairman of Professional Learning and Professor of Education i d. 157 Seniors 1973 Senior Class Officers: Kevin Harley, Denise Taylor, Carolyn Enkema, Woody Wilson. Phyllis Banks Dale Lynn Barcus Larry Barker Susan Benson Phil Blowers Olive Patricia Booher 158 Joseph Broyles Edward Allen Brungard Paula A. Bullock Peggy Burleson Richard Burton Debbie Bush Tim Cameron Carolyn Carter Donnie Carter Marilyn Carter Yvonne Christman David Chupa 159 Joyce Clark Ken Cramer Thomas Jay Crise Robert Davis Gaynell Dawson Juanita Dickenson Marsha Dillon Ronald J. Downs Betty Eggleston Dwight Elam Jacquelyn Ellis Carolyn Enkema 160 Katherine Grace Knupp Eunson Pamela Lea Ferguson Gwendolyn Jane Fink Barbara Fishback Harry E. Fontaine, Jr. i Chip Fowler 161 Judy Gabehart Ralph Gatchel Beverly Joann Gerdts Linda Louise Greene Mary Grindstaff John Kevin Harkey 162 David Joseph Harrison Timothy Curtis Hess Charles Bruce Hiibom William Howden Judene Elizabeth Howell Lois Ann Huffman Adeline Leon Hyder Susan Ruth Kennedy Mary A. Kilby William King Dewey Klahn Allen Knight 163 Michael L. Kouns Carolyn Kustanbauter Criss Lamoncha Darryl Lanzi David Lindeman Tliomas Liverette Donna Loving Joel Creig Lytton Swaeng Maleebhan Darrel E. Manson Ronnie Manuel Gary George Marler 164 Randall Sherman Matney Timothy Jack McClellan Larry McKinney 165 Fulton Mitchum Sara R. Moore Bonita Neth Carl Ordway Margene Perdue Edward F. Perez Elaine Perez Paul Pettit Rebecca Pettit 166 Kathy Polenek Suellen Puckett Doug Ragsdale Joseph M. Randall Eugene V. Redden Kathleen Reed Linda Schilling John Shemwell William Sleasman James Sluyter Dannie Smith Edwin Smith 167 Freddie Smith Gary L. Spencer Denise Taylor Jean Ann Timm Don Threikeld Kenny Toney Deborah Sue Vanbriggle A, . 4- 4 i- » J » J ' mi mi m! . w aw mJ ml M vr-i Mark Allen Wasson 168 Grace Elizabeth Wattwood Webb Thomas F. White Sandra Louise Whitmore Cindra Williams John David Williams Sandra Quesinberry Williamson Woodrow Ray Wilson Gwen Wise William H. Wolfe Billy Ray Woolard Donna Wyatt David Lee Ziebart 169 Underclasses Denise Adams Debbie Ankeny Gregory Ash Keith Bader Deborah Baker George Bajko Yvonne Bajko Mila Ballentine Brenda Barbour April Joy Barker Claudia Bartlett David Baum Greg Beck Kathy Beighle Rex Bell Carolyn Dee Benge David Akers Kevin Allsop Nancy Ambwigey Roderick Bernhard Cindy Bick Miriam Diane Bishop Wendy Bishop Roxie Bittner Mark Black 170 Joy Blackford Daniel Blosser Eugene Bondar Greg Bowen Daisy Bowers Stephen Bretton Glenda Brookshire Edward Brooks Kathy Brown Stephen Brown Debra Bruder Edward Buckles Nathaniel fiurchfield Rebecca Burgess Thomas Burnip David Buttray - Ray Caldwell Dianne Cantrell Danny Carroll Lucia Cassity Marsha Cassity Mary Chappell Linda Cheponis Deborah Clark Randy Clark 171 Betty Clark Rosemaiy Clayton Jim Clutter Martha Coleman Barbara Compston Shannon Compton Ronald Cook Pam Coon Linda Cooper Cathy Corbett Marsha Corbin Cathy Counts Martha Cox Sharon Cox Jacquelin Crist James Crom Judith Crothers Deborah Curd Thomas Dainty Deborah Davis Michael Davis Kathleen Davis William Harry Davis Doug Deller Edward Dedmon 172 Thomas Denton Don Deremer Keith Derting Lennea Derting Rick DeWit Donald Dixon Deborah Doan Patricia Doggett Sherri Donohoo Glenna Sue Doty Charles Dowden Kenneth Drexler Cheryl Drury Brenda Dunlap Charma Dunlap Sandra Dymacek Timothy Eade 173 Sandra Earnest Marsha Eastman Janet Eggleston Paula Eldorado Deborah Elliott Susan Elliott Joan Endicott Rebecca Engel Everett Essex Tommy Evans Terry Evans Wendy Pagan Robert Fife Michele Flinn Michael I ' lora Lou Fogleman Karen Ford Christine Forsythe George Fowler Debbie Foy Pamela F ' reije Eugene I ' uUen Debra Fuller Linda Fuller Barbara Grumbein ' ' " " " » " »e.7sttS ■ a s a Ba ,f j( «fl ,„ » »i; B B o B a . 174 Dianne Gross Kim Gumbiner Cindy Gudgell Ken Gough Robert Gootee Bill Hale Roy Haisley Suzanne Gregory Linda Gindlesperger Nancy Gibson Joe Gardner Robert Gardliner Stephen Galbraith Marc Grissinger Lester Gindlesperger Marline Grant Donna Hammer Eva Hampton Cindy Hardesty Kay Hankins Philip Hardin Carolyn Hardwick Dan Harding Joni Harker Mark Harris m 175 Melvin Harris Brent Hart Lydia Hart Judith Hartnup Rebecca Hays William Hardwick Martha Haynie Eric Hochstetler Marsha Holdsworth Robert Hooker Dean Hennis Joseph Hensley Linda Hilborn 176 Lee Hill Carol Hines Tom HoUingsworth Jeff Holt Rosemary Holtsberry William Hermann Linda Horn Diana Hornung Diana Howze Cheri Huffine Mattie Hughes Pamela Hughes David Hughston Debbie Hull Brent Hume Jama Humphrey Nat Hyder Ann Irvin Joann Iscrupe Kathy Jablonski Tony Jacoby Becky Jarrett David Johnson Greg Johnson Pam Johnson 177 Janice Jones Sharon Jones Julia Jones Terre Jones Lois Jordan Robert Judge David Justice Aletta Kendrick Kathy Kemp Lois Keesee Barb Kester Susan Kettelson Randi Kibler John Kilby Karen Klahn Leanne Knittel Tania Knowles George Michael LaBounty Dennis Laws Phil Lawson Tempa Lawson Kenneth Leasure Jim Lee Joyce Lee Phillip Lee 178 Peggy Lee Marjorie Leininger William Lester Becky Lewis Lewis Lynne Anita Ligon Sheila Lillie Keith Lisle Nona Norris Lohr Thomas Lohr Connie Looney Jim Luehm Beth Lyda Marie Lyons Janice MacLeod Chris Malott Gary Manuel Linda Eastridge Manuel Marilyn Lee MacDonald Janet Martin Sandra Marks John Marr Mary Marsh Bobbie Lynn Massengill David Matney 179 Douglas Matney Joseph Eugene McCarty Dennis Mayes Gwendolyn McCarty Deborah McClellan Kathleen McCord Richard McDaniel Siiaron McDonald John McFadden Amanda McKeehan Ruth Ann McKinney Michael McMillan Larry McNett Lina Suzanne Melvin Deborah Merritt Garry Merritt Julia Ellen Meredith Nola Milligan Sherry McCain John McClellan Catherine Merritt Elizabeth Mayer Janet Meyer Stanley Middlesworth Martha Milan 180 Carolyn Miller Gordon L. Miller Linda Miller Jackie Mitchell James Mitchell James Mitchum Terry Mohler Susan Morgan Richard Morrell Glenna Orsburn Reita Morrical Lee Morrow Kathleen Myers Allen Scott Murphy Steven Myers Curtis Mullins Karen Newmeyer Beverly Noel Shirley Norman George O ' Meara Donna Overbay Penny Patton Robert Paswater Steve Palmer Carol Peltz 181 Kathy Phillips Maryann Phillips Robin Phillips Wendell Phillips Susan Pickenpaugh Thomas Pierce Rodger Plumb Chris Ponder Mark Poorman Jeff Powell Robert Preece Cam Pressley Andrew Lee Price Eugene Price, Jr. Sandy Pritchard Anita Pruitt Carol Sue PuUiani Jeffrey Quin Nan Rowland Martha Phelps Rothrock Sue Ragsdale Anna Beth Ralph Cynthia Rasler Paula Lynn Ray Sheila Ray . " .aak. - .SR 182 Marsha Reed Phillip Reynolds Rachelle Reeves Rita Richardson Ginger Rhinehardt Robert Scott Riedel Elizabeth A. Riddle David Riggenbach Patricia Roberts Laura Robinson William Edward Ringley Beth Roberts Michelle Roch Eileen Roehl Tom Rogers Steve Roodhouse Jerry Rothrock Cathy Rose Janet Ross Karen Rothrock Tom Rothrock Don Russell I ' rank Schallock Gary Samples Chris Sankovich 183 Linda Sartoris Denise Schneider Patty Sclioville John Schremser Patricia Scott Gayle Seaton Scott Shaffer Sharon Shaffer Michael Shannon Steve Sharp Stuart Shelton Nancy Shimek Diane Sidle David Slayton Denise Smith Jay Smith Jeri Smith Freshman Class Officers: David Tysinger, Janet Eggleston, Don Deremer, Rosemary Holtsberry. 184 Kathryn Smith Robert Smith Sharon Smith Susan Smith Angela Spaulding Paula Stacy Jeffrey Sheridan Melinda Steele Kathy Stafford Timothy Stevens Pam Stevens Mara Jo Stephens Cynthia Stephens Boyd Stover Carolyn Stever Karen Stover Donna Stinson Greg Swickard Leslie J. Sweitzer Robert Swanson Gayle Styons David Styons Bonita Sturgis Pam Strickland Lily Staszkiewicz 185 Pain Thomas Janet Thomas Jay Thompson Michael J. Thornton Connie Testerman David Ty singer Tony Twist Susanne Tussing Karen Ann Turner Randall Allen Trueblood Johnny Ray Trent David Neil Torgcrson Philip Torbett Glenn Richard Torbett Jon Mark Ulm Paul Urban Cynthia Ann Vartenisian Wanda Marie Vaughn Teresa Annette VecchioUo Rebecca Warden David Wantz J. Dan Walker Janet Walker Deborah Lee Walker Paul WilUams 186 Nancy Jean Waite Richard Alan Wright Judy Diane Woods Thomas Maurice Wolfe Betty Wilcoxen Judith Ann Wise Michael Williard David Wayne Williard Ricky A. Williams Edward Marshall Williams Edmond Hughes Willey Priscilla Emma Wilkins Anna Margaret Wiley Cora Jane White Keith Wade Whinnery Thomas Edward Webber Robert William Wattwood Josephine Ann Watts Kathy Jo Watkins David Holton Waters Noreen Ruth Younkin Kevin Wayne Younkin Sharon Lynn Yevtich Kimberlee Yeutter Ruth Ziebart 231 EAST MAIN STREET JOHNSON CITY, TN 37601 TELEPHONE 615-926-6148 JEWEL BOX Perfect Love Diamond Rings Art Carved Wedding Rings COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL SHALE CORPORATION HOSPITAL PHARMACY " The DRIVE-IN Pharmacy " 602 N. Roan St., Johnson City, Tenn. Dial 926-0121 FREE DELIVERY FREE PARKING 405 South Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 JOHNSON CITY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION FIRST PEOPLES BANK HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION THE BANKING TRUST CO. There ' s a Lot Better Way of Finding a Career in the Textiles Fibers Field than this. V " ' i ' » » 1. Willie T V w ■ ' 0 ' ' Starling ■ hour week itiillties. ■ Ti; ddvflnced If, hospital d vacation •. holidays, or call: erica) I. Knutsen ■n Millff Dioyer .K, outsldf, CV OO P • mm (3 ;!_0033. onlr 514 LO ailPV__Slrm ' t h xh lyn nnly. id t inside 00 .-Ut, coio » ' HMAN " QuMPS - ' r«iH . -TEXTIIES . _x.rj3. i4l % Lr.ifiing cKti!c company hoi ,..,.iiv ' nr recent tcxi ' le coileae qrnV:5trs or -TTSons With cflU ' Vfll ' ' nt wf fk r fi rirnC ' " For the r qht pfnole these st ' fnulflting nosifions c n lead lo future man- Qc ment opportunities in the manu ' ic ' urc and markelin; of textiles. t: ,M ' .-••• . ' o. Pfrml Del lOlh fl, ;.j Ev.ay (39 SI ) .XTlLE TECHNiCAL PF TtXriLE TECHHICIAN (PROVEN , WITH TOP TASTE, TOP STANDA FOR FINE TOP CO. HE OR SHE J12V rail nfll let lilvak (or «ppl pi 2-74: creative placement agency 515 madison TEXTILE artist, d«l»nef, shrllsf to J15M Creative printfd decorative fabrics, ?d opIy. AGENCY 507 5 AVE TEXTILE GRADS START 17,000 Mgrnt future with )oB NY concern ■ ' ::■•• lencv, 152 W 42 5f, NYC TEXTILE CONVERTER $150 • .V_A AGENCY , 152 W 7 TEXTllt 1 tech " new posfn " to $1JM + Jacouarris-Jerscys. ' »cll (utn ' d _ T .Y 507 5 AVF $100 GJ TEXTIlE LonvfrAech Need hrilr nrr ' on Will Irn, Inrfl fabrcs ■ ' ' ,. AQpncy 485 5 A ve _ TFX1I1.E Merchandise A " i5t, J130 Knnwl ' tinq, expnditinn, p!r :.. , r ' -u , I57_W 4 ' ' TEXTILE ASST CONVTR e VIS Cotton synthetic, v ovpn ods, kccD rcrit Mel Gahhe Agency 485 5 Ave TEXTILE ENGR-FEt PAIO-TO $15M Oeg + co ' tfd matorial, RiD. m(9, OC ; .-:y, 107 vK43d Hrs to 1:30 TEXTILE STYLIST. F»« Paid to J12M Cotlon Mensw ?ar TOPS IN TEXTILES i I. ' A ' : ' jency, 152 W 42 TEXTILE SAMPLE CLK5 lo $75 TOPS IN TEXTILES . V:. . • " " .gency. 152 W 42 TEXTILE HEAD CONVERTER JHI must have volume exo WW Bing Cronin Agency 1 RccVefeller Plaza TEXTILE STYLIST to J12«0 Synlhctic L Blends— Menswear TOPS IN TEXTILES : " • ■r--n::, 152 W 42 TEXTILE CONVERTER to UUt TOPS IN TEXTILES .l;, -• ' ' geiicy, 152 W 42 TEXTL 5fYll5f» Asst, ll »nf clef to JM 22 E 42 ST. ._ -t - • " • ' aseoCY TEXTILE DMitintr— Men WMr WovenJ Mai nr female BP 0759 TEXTILE Enfrx-t)M+(io to tnM I W 4n TEXTILE CONVERT AS55 to S45C« TOPS IN TEXTILES ' " -I..-, ' .-ncy, 152 W 42 E c«lli nfl ph RATE EXPORI 7 Iraffie Traffic fation casei. Chai An Eoi .1 " EXTILE TECH to «iOO TOPS IN TEXTILES ncY. 152 W 42 TEXTILE CRAOS Is «200 TOPS IN TEXTILES f. A. .: ' : " -y,152 W 42 " XTILE P ' rInI DesTlrie? wanted ' ■- " -■ada for original work and Good opnortunity ' " ■ ' -ase reply ly -. man or 7 Times ttsca TOPS i TEXTILES L ' l ' .l ' A " gency, 152 W 42 fEXTIL iRP.Ef.S EyPf??!- ' •• I TEXTILES — TiCh.ilclin tttllit fabric design analysis costina ori9la»l I development Salary commensur te with ' ib.lity Send resume Y2I31 Timei -- ' .XlJl ' .. wanttd -Id rereaij TRAE When your future ' s on the line, use your pen to better advantage than circling through the classified sections. Get in touch with Beaunit where big things are happening in fibers and textiles. Who ' s making them happen. People in accounting, engineering, research and development, design, merchandising, sales - and all of the other professions needed to run a business today. If you want to leave your mark on the world, begin by writing us. It ' s a lot better way than leaving your mark on the help wanted ads. Write: Personnel Manager, Beaunit Fibers, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643 ELIZABETHTON VISCOSE POLYESTER PLANTS BEAUNIT CORPORATION UaNNaUx, inc. Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 MEN ' S CLOTHING LADIES ' WEAR BECKNER ' S INCORPORATED Jewelers for 87 Years Diamonds, Watches, and Jewelry China, Crystal, and Silver Johnson City, Tennessee 7 , " . w. « " J -r . ■? jy:- ■ r-i 6 C AN ELECTRIFYING PERFORMANCE Elvis Presley had his first gold record in 1956 when Hound Dog sold a million copies across the nation. That same year, the national average cost of electricity was 2.60 cents per kilowatt-hour. Our customers paid only 1.10 cents per kilowatt-hour. Elvis ' s latest gold record was Burning Love in 1972. The national average cost of electricity for that year was 2.28 cents per kilowatt-hour. But our customers paid only 1.07 cents per kilowatt-hour. That ' s enough to make an oF hound dog happy. ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM Compare with any other For your complete dairy needs FRED MOORE, MANSHOP 441 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. ft 1 V ■ " Jfe Jee jicn J Johnson City, Tenn. ■1 " Nothin ' g is Permanent in Fashion But Good Taste. " 489 camcRa SHOP 20Z discount to students and faculty • Film • Photographic Paper • Camera Filters • Chemicals • Camera Repairs FILM PROCESSING BY KODAK WEST WALNUT ST. SHOPPING CENTER JOHNSON CITY 926-1106 Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 1 2 North Sycamore Street Come See Us! Member F.S.L.LC. Compliments of ELIZABETHTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE " Happy to Extend its services to the students and faculty of Milligan College. " Compliments of CITIZENS BANK ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSE 3 Locations Free Checking for Students Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store CITY DRUG STORE " Visit our store for all your drugs, personal, or gift needs, featuring a large selection of name brand toiletries. " PARK ' S-BELK, CO. Home of Better Values Johnson City, Tennessee " AN OLD CITY . . . GROWING YOUNG II JOHNSON CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - « ■ ■V ■f » i

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