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i J i ' M ' ¥y ! m Vi « ' .. m 4 ' r;v ' ' M i!. ' : ' • -vy. n ■t- . ;•■-•:■ ' ■ ' ' " ■ ' » ■ i ■ - . - " ..- ' ■ .I- ' ' - ■■ ' , : i ■ • ' ' ■... ' ■; ' ' .V. ' .: r ■ vv;--4 ' , ' , -y I ■I - THE •V ' ■i:5. ' ' . V reacr ' McAfee., ditor-u ' n-Onlef 4a . . ji» i M i M i iiittmw ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' p . ' « i .. J .. fi- rj Milligan College . . . A Place To Live For Four Years s • I t ' 4 m C t i iii I p H WELSHIMER MEMORIAL UBRAK. MILLIGAN COLLEGE MILLIGAN COLLEGE. TENN. 37682 Jjfe :.■ ' .-. . ■. " it.iS. ' jS; Somewhere To Live and Learn r-- i .f- ' -7 ' . , .... .;. ' ■— - ■-r !« ' " .:,_. ;J fe ' ■ ' ■ ' - -■(■■ ' ;- " ■ll a ::.:Ivk{: .: • :.:i.-:m i " ' ■■■• ■■ ' „ ' .. ' i : • ■■• ' - n i y ™ ' • - 4 ' mww- - 77432 A place to " he " % : ... " _ — I All III IllSt I M I VI U. ( II IXillflM SIMM H«M IHK l l M. to laugh and to cry A place to experience, enjoy and relax, MHttiMiilillilliH - Somewhere to love and share, « -iwiil ' wrirwwrirriiiitiiTiitiif .,1 3: ' ; V 10 11 A place to believe and hope a ■ 1 [ - ■ r -K It 1 ■fl fllflV all ' 4A ■■■ BBB I i 11 2P 1 T ' l-i s 4 J ■■B9HBI A place to learn, grow 14 achieve and exert, " «• IS A place where we thank God for the beauty that surrounds us. 17 fk ' M For their dedication and collective service of 90 years to the Milligan ideals, but more importantly, to the students and faculty of Milligan College, we of the 1972 Buffalo staff dedicate this yearbook to: Prof. Ivor Jones for her 30 years Prof. Lois Hale for her 25 years Prof. Lone Sisk for his 24 years Prof. Allie Lou Gilbreath—6 years Prof. Howard Hayes for his 5 years We thank them for their great contributions to our educations and our lives, and hope this small tribute can help them realize how much we appreciate them and their efforts. 20 21 Registration and Freshman Week . . . 22 Begin School Quietly «;«g2r- 2 23 classes Begin y m m Z ' Back to the Same Old Grind. Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities ' If ' Deanna Daum, Steve Barnett, Susan Lee Sharon Hoffman, Mark Webb Bonnie Crawford 26 Anne Taylor, Warren Miller, Myra Mathes Rich Roames Chuck Harper, Freda McAfee, Lee Meador 27 Milligan Students and Faculty Tour London! 28 Pre-MedCluh Picnics at Prof. Sisk ' s 29 Founder ' s Daughter Candidates 30 Ann Baugh Connie Britton Bonnie Crawford a " ! Deanna Daum Sharon Hoffman Lee Meador Rita McDonald 132 Debbie Meyer Sandy Scbield Cathy Muse 33 . Anne Taylor 1 9 7 2 F u n d e r D a u I. t e r 34 Miss Deanna Daum _ ,?v.-i ' .V.V»- is?v«-iT - . f:»- T;j v? ,fv j - l ' T 35 New Gym Construction « . , - 1 . • . •-,. S1j w- i_- t3fc « t ;;S «! a£.$ £sVr f Si; :::S 36 Moves Slowly 37 Toys for Tots " Marines and Students 38 College Christinas Toys for Needy Children 39 New Religious Emphasis in Foco 40 r !.. 41 Students Tutor Rich Acres Children I 42 Torch Troupe Presents Religious Dramas 43 Last Science Class in the Ad. Building Hails the 1 .-:% 44 . " jr. %wFm Opening of the New Science Building ■MA 45 V 47 " The American Dame " 48 49 KJ I5iji 4 V W i ii? f M Sub gets a ifii?i V V A I ' Si 1 35 15, ' face lift nil Anew Buffalo on Anglin Field i i itj i m a mm 54 V ' ' f ' fy , y ' And the year of the Beaver Scare 55 Wonderful Wednesday m • 1 J ' - ' tJ V ' ' ' ' ' ' X a :ii -.k. 1 l s ' | s7 ijjjjg ■■ - i:.ij«ji _ar :.,. 56 57 ' ' , » ' z . Concert Enjoys Steaks 58 And a Ride on a Steam Engine 59 ' :MAL ' :i R e P e I I • 1 n g A n y o n e ■60 BWI t m 1 i r- ' -r 1 N;,: ' 61 Junior-Senior 62 Steak-Fry 63 KMiSs ' Hs il. . 3sa. Fresh- men and Sopho- mores !» n i » if p " 64 -.u:.. Picnic at Warriors State Park pmm ' mmmmmmmmmmmm »m m m « mim i mimim 65 study is also a part of Miiiigan life 66 mi mm 67 68 ' „a V fR-YJKXa ■ " W 4 ' ' ■ • ' I ' V- i - ••», . | r« W 11 J jJL;e.jr.ft« ' .aK CiC ..j6: ,.,ae.„«-„mjM 69 But it is Not all work 71 .1 i -i»i 72 73 Student Council Meets Faculty For Breakfast 74 n, •n N -1, I, » , jt ' c r o s s C u n t r y 75 Baskethall 76 CoachPbil Worrell Buffs Win King Tourney and Honor Seniors Buff Mascot and Connie Britton Bill English and Mark Berg 77 Women ' s Baskethall 78 79 Men ' s Tennis 80 Women s Tennis i Mf S V STL- — — m ■Btiy 81 J it % S v St Base- baJJ " AAi«.--ii» p-- s sr- -- . w t- f ' 1. , t m-. • ' ' 4 ' S 82 83 Track ;- 1 84 85 86 ■• irV i c.s . ' ' %- . t i.J ' i ' . ' :. f.„..I?. 87 J n t r a m u r a J s 88 89 Senior Class meets to clear final business 90 Graduation ■.■i : " rM 91 92 93 Student Council Student Council President Rich Roames IB Rich Roames and Advisors Dr. Eari Stuckenbruck and Dr Charles Gee. 96 Legislative Council Left to Right — Dale Clayton, Dave Chupa. Dennis Thomas, Lee Meador. Judy Chenei. Ed Brungard, Sue Ragsdo e, Warren Miller, Mike Multerspaugh, Dwight Rogers, John McFadden, Debbie Baker, iVliiie Willard, Donna Loving, Pal Dobbins, Charina Dunlap, Rici DeWitt, Shirley Norman. 97 Dorm Councils Left to Right — iVIrs. Robinson, Charma Dunlap. Pal Dobbins, Pal Booher, Karen Hawley. Left To Right — Mrs. Bolkin, Paula White. Sally Keisling, Lea Meador, Judy Taylor. H a r t Left to Right, Row one — Gary Morrell, Dave Zeibert. Randy Clark. Ron WorreJJ, Row two — Mark Makoski. Bruce Kregloe. Tim Hess, Randy Blum. P a r d e e H a r d 1 n Left to Right — Bruce Moore, fCen Cramer, At Evans, Fred Dobbins, Mike Washko. Left to Right, Row one — Clinl Daniels, Fred Harris, Ted Thomson, Bob Walker, Gary Lowe, Tim Rummer, Row two — Chip Fowler. Roy Mason, Bret Younkin, Ernie Hertzog, Jim Lee. Row three — Rod Erwin, Dale Mulhollen, Rich Burton, Ed Brungard. w e b b 77432 Buffalo Staff Editor-in-Chief Freda IVIcAfee ' t ? im S uyler, Sue Ragsdaie 100 iii ; ?: -. - Freda McAfee. Jim Sluyier STAFF MEMBERS: John Overhay — Business Manager Becky McBride — Faculty Editor Sue RagsdaJe — Organizations Editor Jim SJuyter — Artist Gary Davis — Photographer Jan Aubrey Shery] Criss Becky McBride 101 Stampede Staff . X - Mark Lee, Tim Stevens, Doug DelJer, Jean Timm, Brenda Varnar, Ken Cramer, eannie McWiJJiams. Susie Lee. Paula Stacy. 102 Ih Editor-in-Chief: Mark Lee Judene Howell, Jim Barnes, Biil Howden, Ken Cramer, Anita Pruilt judene Howell, Charon Chernick Deborah Doan, BiJ] Howden 103 Pre-Law Cluh Left to right — Dave juslis, Carl Ordway. Rodney Alkinson, Bren! Harl, Tunis McGibben, Dr. Tsao, Roger Pium, Susan Smith, Denise Schneider, Mike WiJlard, Penny Palton, im Barnes. 104 Psychology Cluh Left to Right, Row one — Jackie Eflis. Cindy GurgelJ. Leshe WoJf. Mickey Scaringer, John Hackelt. Row two — Tim Hess, Phil McCoulough, Mary Holsl. Jim Miller, Dr. Crowder. Dave Lindiman, Dr. Lindeman. DenzuJ Holness. Pre-MedCluh Left to Right — Warren Miller. Charles McDaniei. Mark Webb, Dan Ha rding. Sieve Barnell, Dave Zeibari, David Morris. Juriene Hoi ' eil. Prof. Lone Sisk. Tom Rogers. 105 Service Seekers ?..A, alt ' Left to Right — Sue Ragsdale. Debbie Meyer, Margaret ohnson, Rhonda Sandier, Carrie Enkema. 106 Civinettes «a?» • K Left to Right — Sharon Yebniek, oni Marker, Shirley Thompson, Lisa Carr, Deanna Daum. Kalhy Reed, Carrie Enkema, joy Kegiey, Kathy Phillips, Lisa Lusk. 107 Chape J Crew Bill Howden Charles Harper Jeff Parduhn Paul Bader Circle K Left to Right, Row one — Dave Ziebert, A. C. Thompson. Lynne Tab, R ck Mc nturf, Budd ' Fallen, Leif Olson, Ed Sniifh, Buddy Benda. Row two — Dan Harding, Alien Melton, Clint Daniels, John Ruckman, Darrel Manson, Richard Burton, Mark Webb. Fred Lynch. 109 Foot Lighters Top to Bottom, Left to Right — Chuck Harper, Cathy Merrill, John McFadden, eri Smith, Greg Beck. Carrie Enkema, Robbie ones, Dennis Wyalt, Jeff Parduhn, Donna WyatI, jay Smith, Ed Brungard. Torch Troupe Left to Right — Ed Brungard, Chuck Harper. ]ohn McFadden, Jeri Smith, Donna Wyalt, Robbie ones, Dennis Wyalt, Cathy Merritt, Greg Beck. Jeff Parduhn, Carrie Enkema, jay Smith. 110 Buffalo Ramblers Back, Left to Right — Monti Lamb, John McFodden, Rick Albert, Allan Ford. Mr. Howard Hayes. Kathy White, Phyllis Harmon, Sharon Shaffer, Betty Wilcox, Judy Gabeharl. Front — Tom Crise, Marlene Grant. Steve Rudhouse. jerry Cook, Gary Marler. Ill chorale Left to Right, Row one — Kathy Demeter, Cynthia Stevens. Nancy Waite, Penny Patton. Mrs. Cowles, Paula Ray, Joy Thomas. ]o Watts. Row two — Sandy Shield. Bonnie Lockwood, Beth Roberts. Steve Rudhouse. Rick De Witt, Sondra Miller. Marilyn Carter. Row three — Chris Phil- lips, Kathy Stafford, Nina Morgan, Bill Joyce, Mark Wasson, Betty Eggleslon. Anita Pruitt. Row four — Cindy Williams. Joanne Jscrupe, Danny Carroll, Mick La Bounty, Kathi McCord, Barb Vermillion. 112 Concert Choir 4 h e Left to Right, First Row: Yvonne Bajko, Dan Lawson. Roseanne Evans, Linda Clark, Gary Stewart, jeannie Bordner, Lee Meador, Tim Dillon, Diana Hornung. Second Roiv: R05 ' Mason, eannie Timm, .Alfredo Rhea McAfee, Tempo Lovvson, Doug Deller, Bob Preece, Jackie Ellis, Dale Kraniz, Kathy Polenek, David Akers. Third Row: Rich Burton, Anita Ligon, Rick Wright, Dave Houston. Carol Gabehart, Bev Noel. Anne Tay- lor, Rex Bell, Gary Harney, Claudia Bartlol, Kenneth Cough. Fourth Row: Doug Gross, John Marr, Sherj ' l Criss, Sharon Hoffman, Dan Hor- nung, eff Sheridan, Paul Cabinet, Rocky Laha. Paul Bader. Janet Barcus. Joy Blackford. James Sluyter, Chuck Harper. Conductor is Sherywn Bachman. 113 PepBand Top to bottom — Chuck Harper, Jay Smith. Dan Hornung. Jeff Parduhn, Mr. John Dowd, Sandra Milter, Marlene Grant, John Williams. Carl Ordway. Cindy Gudgell. Skeel Siribling, Betty Wilcox, Nina Morgan. 114 MENC Left to right, Row one — Jeff Sheridan, Paul Gabinei. Beth Roberls, Tom Rogers. Row two — im Sluyler, Gary Sleivorl. Row three — Rick Wright, Jackie Crist, Dave Akers, Fefecia Fonloin. 115 Alpha Phi Omega Left to Right: Row 1 — Ed Brungard, Randy Clark, Denny Dennislon, Randy Blum, Mike Miles. Row 2 — Ed Williams, Mick LaBounty, Keith Bader, Dave Morris, Mark Makoski. 116 APO Sweethearts Left to Right. " Senior — Sharon Hoffman, Junior — Carrie Enkema. Sopho- more — Janice Wingler, Freshman — Carolyn Miller 117 Fellowship of Christian Athletics Left to Right, Row one — Mike Multerspaugfi, Chris Lacy. JVIike McMillian, Row two — Dan Harding. Jim Crom, Rick DeWitt, Wes Starke) ' , Dannv Carroll. M-Cluh Left to Right, Row one — Gary Morrell. Mike Makoski. Chris Lacy. Mike McMillian. Row two — Mike Washko. Mark Grissinger. Keith Lisle. Dave Turpin, Danny CarroJi. Row three — Joe Broyles. Dan Harding, jim Crom. 118 Intramural Council Front to Back — Sharon Hoffman, Cindy Walker, Tommy Evans, Denise Ta ' or, Buddy FuUen. Allan Aubrey, Chris Sankovich, Susan Ragsdaie, Linda Powell, Rita JVlcDanieis, Mike Kennedy, Belinda CadwelJ, Dave Chupa, Randall IVIatney, Laura Matney, Lois Huffman. 119 Varsity Baskethall Left to Right, First Roiv:Sfafislician — Dale Barcus, Trainer — Joe Broyles, Steve Steiner, Bill English, Mark Berg, Don Threlkeld. Dale Clay- ton. Rick Long, Manager — Woody Wilson, Coach — Phil Worrell. Second Row: Statistician — John Kraft, Robbie Gardiner, Dan Harding, Scot McClarren. Jay Elliot, Chris Lacy, Eddie Carver, Steve Drushel, Paul Petit H HI IF Hj H 1 m B H gSr 9 1 « - 1 1 % BIKiHHHLi B Hi ' ■ 1 73 ■1 i yy ' 1 1 , , , ' i, Co-Captain — Mark Berg Co-Captain — Don Threlkeld 120 Baseball Team Left to Right Row one — Coach Stout. Gary EJIiol. Dean Manier. jerryi Jenkins. Darrell Lanze, Ganny Saunders. Danny Smilh. Dave Torgeson. Row two — Mark Makoski, Larr ' McKinney, Eddie Randolf. Gary Bordwine, Eddie Barker, JVIike Washko, Bob Coolie. Sluart Shellon, Skip Hudgins. Rex Parris. Row three — Joe BroyJes, Bruce Kregioe. im Crom, Paui Wilson. Lee Hill. Roger Jackson, Don Threlkeld, Skip Ramsaur, Eddie SlanJey, AJon Evans. Golf Team Left to Right, Row one — Biil Wolf, Mark Roth, Bruce Moore, Mr. Lammon, Row two — Cary Morrell. Rick Strange, Russell Eddy. Bill English. 121 Cross Country Team :li:M:..: UMKjimls , e !iK%J« ' 4. ' Left to Right, Row one — Mike McMillian. Gene Fowier, Mike Washko. Row two — Dan Hogg. John Shemwell. Tommy Evans. Track Team Left to Right, Row one — Dale Mulhollen, Andy Price. Chris Lacy, Ted Young, Tim King, Leif Olson, Danny Carroll. Row two — Von Wagner, Mike McMillian. Paul Petite. Dean Wasson, Tom Evans, Dave Chupa, Lannie Irvin. Meredith Akers, Tom Dun ord, Gene McCarty. Chip Fowler. Coach Duard Walker. Row three — Ken Cramer. Tom Darr, Jack " " Elherington, Dave Hughston, Dave Harrison. 122 Men ' s Tennis Team Left to Right — Randy Matney, Robbie Gardner, Keith Lysie, Carl Ordway, Keith Whinnery, Dole Barcus, Dave Turpin, Brent Hart, Coach John Sur ers. Women ' s Tennis Team | " ■, - i. - « » r% ' -W- 1i -t ; V r-r -iwJT i -r J Left to Right, Row One — JVIarsha Eastman, Sharon ones. Kathy Polenek, Corina Bowers. Row two — JVIiss Bonner. Chris Sankovich. E iza- beth JVIiJJs, Becky Hayes, Sharon Hoffman, Glenno Osborn. 123 Varsity iS ' ' Sisa£ ' i. iE- ( i - ' i:.iso " ' iiri- ii, s k ' ■ » ' . t ,«£ i Connie Britton — Captoin Cathy Merritt Nan Roland 124 Debbie Block Brenda Truitt Cheerleaders juni llarker 125 Jess Johnson President of the College - ' " ' iBttte M 128 129 130 Administration a. Dr. £. Leroy Lawson Administrative Assistant to the President b. Dr. Charles Robert WetzeJ Dean of the College B. J. JVIoore Business Manager Eugene H. Wigginton Director of Development Dr. Guy Oakes Director of Alumni Affairs f. Phyllis Dampier Fontaine Registrar DuardB. Walker Dean of Men Mary Perry Young Dean of Women 131 Joe P. McCormick Assistant to (he President Dr. Robert Lislon Assistant to the Presiden Beauford Deaton Director of Student Enlistment John Neth Director of the P. H. WeJshimer Library 132 Area of Social Studies a. Ivor ones Professor of History b. Dr. Roberl Fife Chairman — Professor Hislory c. Robert B.Hali Assistant Professor Sociology d. Dr. Wen-Yen Tsao Professor of East Asian Studies ■ Wm m Bk ' 3 J 133 Area of Scientific Studies a. Dr. Gary Wallace Assl. Prof, of Biology b. Dr. Charles Gee Assl. Prof, of Biology c. Dr. Eddie D. Leach Chrmn. Asc. Prof, of Biology d. Lone L. Sisk Prof, nf Chemistry e. Dr. Richard Lura Assl. Prof, of Chemistry f. Dr. Eugene Nix Assl. Prof, of Chemistry i ? a. Roy Hampton Asc. Prof, of Malhematics h. GuyR.Mauldin Asc. Prof, of Mathematics c. Yoon Kun Byunn Asst. Prof, of Mathematics C v 5 » 136 Area of Humane Learning a. Dr. William C. Gwahney ]r. Chrm. Asc. Prof, of Bible b. Anna Mae Crowder Instructor of Engiish c. Lois Hafe Prof, of English d. Juanita Jones Asc. Prof, of English 137 138 139 140 a. Sherwyn Bachman Asst. Prof, of Music b. Rachel Bennett Bachman Instructor of Music c. John Dowd Asst. Prof, of Music d. Jeanette E. Crosswhite Asst. Prof, of Music e. Charles Nakarai Asst. Prof, of Music f. Mary Eden Co wles Asst. Prof, of Music 141 !i fc ■ " issi issiiiiNii Js fjiiBSiipi! ' -LifSliliH illlllllliilS iSffliNMIiiiH iHiiniiiiH iiliiniii « -| |W|i ' pimviuMi w»M «i». ■ilNiiiil I I n .ui " K IP ■ h A I i--t -, 5 111 ' i sr u I I U 1 o. Dorothy S. VViJson Asc. Prof, of Art and EngJish b. Dr. Orvei Crowder Asc. Prof, of Psycho ogy c. Robert Owens Instructor of Psychology d. Dr. Leslie Potton Lecturer in Psychology Dr. Robert Lindeman Asst. Prof, of Psychology a. Dr. Earl Stuckenbruck Asc. Prof, of German b. Elise Ann Carr Instructor of Spanish c. Carolyn Pauuch Instructor of French d. Jeff Knowles Teaching FelJow e. JackKnowles Teaching FefJow 144 146 w s AveOi of Professional Studies Q. Dr. Paul Clark Co-Chrmn. Prof, of Education b. AlJieLou FeJton GiJbrealh Prof, of Educalion c. Dr. James L. Shields Asc. Prof, of Education d. Dr. John L. JVlorrison Asc. Prof, of Education e. Dr. EueJ J. Ownby Asc. Prof, of Education f. Eugene P. Price Co-Chrmn. Prof, of Business 147 148 ' •T ; ' . .,-iiJiiA a. Howard Lamon Assl. Prof, of Business Administration b. Dr. Samue) Thompson Prof, of Economics c. Haze] TurbeviJJe Prof, of Scretaria] Science d. B. Harold Stout Asc. Prof, of Heallfi and Physical Education e. Patricia Jane Bonner Asst. Prof, of Health and Physical Education f. Phillip A. Worrel Asst. Prof, of Health and Physical Education g. Roivena Bowers Asc. Prof, of Health and Physical Education h. Duard Walker Pro , of Health and Physical Education 149 Area of Biblical Studies a. Dr. WiUiam C. Gwallney Asc. Prof, of Bible b. Dr. Henry E.Webb Chrmn. Prof, of Bible c. Dr. Beauford H. Bryant Prof, of Religion d. Dr. Fred Norris Asst. Prof, of Bible e. Mary one Cabus instr. of Christian Education f. Dr. Richard PhiJiips Asc. Prof, of Bible g. Howard A. Hayes Prof, of Bible a. Opal Lewis School Nurse b. RulhTayJor Library AssistanI Sondra Loguda Library Assistant Stanley Newton Library Assistant Dr. Dennis W. Helsaheck Guidance Councilor Tom Stokes iVIanager. Student Lfnion Building 152 153 154 155 Seniors 1972 Class Officers: Treasurer — Rita McDaniel, Vice President — Ernie Hertzog, Secretary — Deanna Daum. Chaplain — Sharon Hoffman, Not Pictured — President Warren Miller. ANN MARIE ALBER Johnson City. Tn. A.B. Psychology DALE BARCUS Canton. Ohio A.B. Psychology CHARLOTTE SUE ARCHER Elizabethton. Tn. A.B. History 156 ANET BARCUS East Point. Ga. A.B. Psychology DAVID N. BAILEY Pennington Gap, Va. A.B. Psychology PATRICIA BARLOW Tampa, Fla. B.S. Psychology AMES RALPH BARNES Wickhjfe, Ohio A.B. History STEVE BARNETT Lynn, Ind. B.S. Biology ANNA MARY BAVGH Greenwood, Ind. A.B. English MAR Y ELIZABETH BEERY Augusta, West Va. B.S. Physical Education CORRINE ELIZABETH BELL Rittman, Ohio A.B. Philosophy MARK BERG Da ton, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. CHRISTINE ANN BIRDWELL CoJabasas, Caiif. B.S. Health and P.E. RANDY DEAN BLUM Saiem, Ohio B.S. HeaJth and P.E. V. LUCYBOLEY Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. Psychology CONNiE LOU BRITTON Scotland, Ind. A.B. History THOMAS GRAY BL ' RNS Ashland, Ky. A.B. Bible 157 WANDA PACK BURNS Ashland. Ky. A.B.Bible JUDITH A CHENET Longwood, FJa. B.S. Psychology Y BONNIE CRAWFORD Conyers, Ga. A.B. English f JEAN ANN CLARK North SaJem, Ind. B.S. Sec. Sci. SHERYLL. CR SS Clarks Hill, Ind, A.B. Music MARK CRAIG Hammond, Ind, B,S, Bus, Ad, ADAM B. CROUCH Johnson Cit ' , Tn, B,S. Bus, Ad. CONNIE SUE CURD Watauga, Tn, A,B, Psychology G, RYS. DAVIS Painesville, Ohio B.S. Chemistry Math RICHARD CLINTON DANIEL Chamblee, Ga, B,S, Bus, Ad, DEANNADAUM Riverdale, Ga. A.B. English GAHHKTTL, DENNISTON Le,xington, Kv, -„ A,B, Bible PATRICIA LYNNE DERRICKSON Greensburg, Pa. A.B. Psychology FRED DOBBINS Radford, Va. B.S. Health and P.E. WILLIAM N. ENGLISH Lexington, Ky. B.S. Bus. Ad. FREDA ACQUELINE FACEMIRE Winchester, Va. A. B. English P tt PAT DOBBINS Chrisliansburg, Va. B.S. Psychology EI. Ed. JACK ETHERINGTON KoJ omo, Ind. B.S. Psychology JANET MARIE FAIN Maricopa, Calif. A.B. Psychology CLARA F. ELLIOTT NewMarshfieJd, Ohio B.S. Physical Education . ALLEN EVANS Kingston, Pa. A.B. Bus. Ad. KAREN J. FAIN Maricopa. Calif. A.B. English JANET GRAY Rushvilie, Ind. A.B. Speech V 159 LYN GREENE Naperville, III. B.S. HumanRel. frEI. Ed. L.STEVEN GUTHRIE Roanoke. Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. CHARLES , HARPER Ironton, Ohio A.B. Psychology DAV D J. HARRISON Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. Bible History KAREN K. HAWLEY Monroeville, Pa B.S. Psychology ERW E HERTZOG Greensburg, Pa. B.S. Health and P.E. GARYM. HILL Woodiawn, Va. B.S. Business CAflLA MARLAINE HOFFiVlAN Williamson, Go. A.B. English » CHAHLES liLT Glade Spring, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. J m 1 1 " 1 ■K„_ Ji ' i i SHARON HOFFMAN Ayersville, Ohio A.B. Math Chemistry 160 r BILL HUMPHREYS Roanoke, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. jlM C. HYDER Elizabethton. Tn. B.S. Health and P.E. SALLY KEJSLJNG Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. History SUSAN LYDA KNOX Asheviiie, N.C. A.B. History DARLA IRVIN LELANDS. IRVlN Lock Haven. Pa. Avis, Pa. B.S. Elementary Ed. A.B. History SUEKNOUSE Huron. S.D. A.B. Elementary Ed. CHARLES BRUCE KREGLOE Roanoke, Va. B.S. Health and P.E. SUSAN LEE Indianapolis, Ind. B.S. Math Psychology HANNAH LONDON Guyana, South America A.B. Biology MERR LLEELUFT Spokane, Wash. A.B. Bible 161 MARK STANLEY iWAKOSK Greenford, Ohio B.S. Bus. Ad. LINDA LEANN MANION Westporl, Ind. B.S. Psychology, ■ EL Ed. ROGER MARTIN Blacksburg, Va. B.S. Bus. Ad. ROY MASON Caledonia, Ohio B.S. Psychology LAURA CALEYMATNEY Canton, Ohio B.S. Health and P.E. J BILLIEMAYFIELD Me bourne, Fla. A.B. History J PEGGY MCCURRY Erwin, Tn. A.B. Psychology ALFREDA RHEA MCAFEE Garden City, Ks. B.S. Math Chemistry ' i CHARLES MCDANIEL Greenwood, Ind. A.B. Chemistry 162 REBECCA MCBRIDE Hartvifle, Ohio B.S. Biology RITA ANN MCDANIEL Mays, Ind. B.S. Mathematics mmm n xmm mK " " " " RICHARD MCINTURF Newark, Ohio B.S. Health and P.E. ALLEN WAYNE MELTON Galax, Va. B.S. Business DEBBIE MEYER Toronto, Ohio B.S. Psychology THOMAS MICHAEL MILES Indianapolis, Ind. B.S. Psychology " k DARNELL MESSIK Canton, Ohio A.B. Psychology ANN L. MILLER Viroqua, Wis. A.B. English WARREN MILLER Greenwood, Ind. B.S. Biology 163 GARYMORRELL BluffCily, Tn. B.S. Physical Education DALEMULHOLLEN Tyrone, Pa. B.S. Health and P.E. MIKE MUTTERSPAUGH Darlington, Ind. B.S. Bus. Ad H.S-P.E. ANN WINANS PAPA New Smyrna Beach, FJa. B.S. Psychology JOHN PEDERSON Johnson City, Tn. A.B. Psychology CATHY MVSE IWountain City, Tn. A.B. Bioiogy MARY LOU NEWCOMB Foliansbee, W. Va. B.S. Biology CARL PAPA, JR. Collingswood, N. . A.B. Psychoiogy 164 ROSE JVIARIE PO NDEXTER Chesapeake, Va. A.B. English CONNIE MUTTERSPAUGH Lynn, Ind. A.B. Psychoiogy ]OHN OVERBAY Washington, Ind. A.B. Bible Sr El. Ed. LINDA POWELL Thousand Oaks, Calif. A.B. English EUGENE V. REDDEN, JR. Damascus, Va. A.B. Bible DEBORAH A. REKER Zinnia, Ohio B.A. Psychology RICHARD L. ROAMES Hammond, Ind. A.B. Bible MIL ROBERTS Havana, 111. B.S. Psychology DWIGHT C. RODGERS Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. Psychology iWARGARETROTH Alexandria, Ohio A.B. Psychology 165 7OHNP. RUCKMAN Waldron, Mich. A.B. Chemistry DENISERUTZEN Chicago, III. A.B. Bus. Ad. ]ANE ANN SANDIDGE Gate Cily, Va. B.S. Business CHARLES SANNOOKE Cherokee, N.C. A.B. Bus. Ad. DANIEL WAYNE SAUNDERS Danville, Va. B.S. P. E. Psychology AMES LYNWOOD SHRADER Roanoke, Va. B.S, Bus, Ad. DARREl.l. ' VArE Appatachia. Va. B.S. Health and P. E. SANDY SCHIELD Worth inglon, Minn, A.B. Music GARY STEWART Bristol, Va. A.B. Music 166 ANNE TAYLOR Johnson City, Tn. A,B. Music DONALD G, SCOTT Roanoke, Va. B,S. Bus, Ad. SUSIE STONE Big Stone Gap, Va. B.S. Sec. Sci. ERRY TEKTER PortJand, Ore. B.S. Health and P.E. A.C. THOMASON EUzabelhiown, Ky. A.B. Chemistry SHIRLEY THOMASON Eli2abethtown, Ky. B.S. Psychology DENNIS THOMPSON Johnson City, Tn. A.B. History CINDY WALKER MiJiigan College. Tn. B.S. Health and P.E. MARK H. WEBB Johnson City, Tn. B.S. Biology DONNA L. WYATT Largo, Fla. ROBERTL. WALKER Mill Hall. Pa. B.S. Mathematics KATHERYN ELIZABETH WECKERLE Winchester, Ore. B.S. Sec. Sci. BILL YATES Grundy. Va. B.S. Business MICHAEL V. WASHKO Hopewell, N.J. B.S. Bus. Ad. BECKY WEJST Pompano Beach, Fla. B.S. Psychology 167 Juniors DAVID AKERS Roanoke, Va. CLAUDIA BARTLETT Canton, Ohio JOHNDAVJDBENDA Dallas, Tx. SUSAN BENSON Marshalhown, Iowa PHILIP R. BLOWERS Jnclianapod ' s, Ind. PAT BOOMER North Vernon, fnd. DEBBIE VAN BRIGGLE Frankton, Ind. BECKY BROWN Lake City, Fla. ■■tf - ' i KATHY LEE BROWN Rosedale, Va. JOSEPH M. BROYLES Piney Flats, Tn. PAULA BULLOCK Lexington, Ky. RICH BURTON North Tonawonda, N. Y. i 1 DEBBIE BUSH Minerva, Ohio TIM CAMERON Lander, Wyo. DAVE CHUPA New Cumberland. West Va. ERRYCOOK MiJIigan College, Tn. KENNETH L. CRAMER, JR. Scottdaie, Pa. KATHY DAVIS Martinsville. Va. GAYNELL DAWSON Patterson, Va. ]U ANITA ALLANIA DICKENSON Tazewell, Va. 169 BETTY EGGLESTON Coral Gables, Fla. CAROLYN KING ENKEMA Elizabethton, Tn. SUSAN EWING Blairsvllle, Pa. P.AM FERGUSON Marlinsviile, Vq. GENE S. (CHIP) FOWLER Orlando, FJa. UDYGABEHART Leitchfield, Ky. BEVGERDTS Huron, S.D. JOHN THOMAS HACKETT, III St. Petersburg, Fla. CHARLES BRUCE HILBORN Aiken, S.C. JEFF HOLT MilJigan CoJJege, Tn. DANIEL HORNUNG Marion. Ohio WILLIAM D. HOWDEN Madras, Ore. UDENE HOWELL Ironton, Ohio LOIS HUFFMAN Columbus. Ohio STANLEY C, JOHNSON Angoia, Ind. KATHYKNUPP Ligonier, Pa. ROCKY LAHA EJizabethtown, Ky. CRISS LAMONCHA Columbiana, Ohio DARRYLE. LANZI Mentor, Ohio DENNIS W. LAWS Elizabethton, Tn. ANITA LIGON Weslaco, Tx. BARREL E.MANSON Westminster, Calif. RANDALL MATNEY Grundy, Vq. PATTY MCKEE Reno. Nev. LARRY ALLAN MCKINNEY Elizabethton, Tn. BONITA DELLE NETH Milligan College, Tn. LEIF OLSEN Braddock Heights, Md. CARL ORDWAY Morris Piains, N.j. MARGENE PERDUE Griswold, Iowa EDWARD PEREZ Baitimore, Md. MARTHA ELLEN PHELPS Olney, III. RODGER PLUMB Hammond, Ind. KATHYLYNN POLENEK Atlanta, Go. JANE ANN PRYOR Ventura, Calif. SUELLEN PUCKETT Portsmith, Oiiio 171 SANDRA LYNN QUESINBEHRY Ridgeway, Va. OE RANDALL Kenosha, Wis. KATHLEEN REED Ft. Meyers, Fla. BECKY REPASS Abingdon, Va. LAURA ROB NSON Woodiawn, Va. STEVE ROTH LouisviiJe. Ky, SALLY ANN SCHIELD Worthington. Minn. LINDA J. SCHILLLVG Hinsdale, III. m. JOHN SHEMWELL Memphis, Tn. BILLSLEASMAN ohnson City, Tn. JIMSLUYTER Napa, Calif. EDWIN EARL SMITH Noble, III. RUTH ANN ST. OHN Owens boro, Ky. LARRY EUGENE STONE Col insviile, Va. DEN ISE TAYLOR Newport, Tn. DON THRELKELD Darlington, Ind. JEA N TIMM Fl. Wayne. Ind. KENNY TONEY Chotham, Va. JOHNNY RAY TRENT Fort Blackmore. Va. CAROLYN VAN CARTER CrumpJer, N.C. BETH WATTWOOD TilusviJJe, Flo. SANDRA WHITMORE Liscomb, Iowa WOODROW RAY WILSON Leitchjield, Ky. JUDIE WISE Sleubenville. Ohio DAVID L. ZIEBART WeUinglon, III. Sophomores GREGORY ASH Canton, Ohio REX BELL Rittman. Ohio DEBBJE BLOCK Hoopeston, III. DANIEL S. BLOSSER DaJton, Ohio DAISY CORREjVA BOWERS Gate City, Va. EDWARD A. BRUNGARD Mid Hail, Pa. EDD E BUCKLES Bristol, Tn. BELINDA CADWELL Conowingo, Md. MARILYN CARTER Greenville, III. SANDRA CARTER Johnson City, Tn. MARYCHAPPELL Bluff City, Tn. LINDA CLARK Smithville, Tn. HANDY G. CLARK Reidsville. N. C. CHRISTIE COLEMAN Richmond, Va. MARTY COLEMAN Ridgeway, Va. DL4NE S. CRANE CampbeJisburg, Ind. jACQVE CRIST Ft. Wayne. Ind. DEBORAH R. CURD Walaguc. Tn. DEBBIE DAVIS Martinsville, Va. CAROL ZOLA DAVOLT Birmingham, Aia. KEITH M. DERTING Hillons. Va, DEBORAH ELLEN DOAN Noblesville, Ind. JAMES S. DOLE Ironfon, Ohio SHERRIDONOHOO Johnson City, Tn. DENNIS KIPP DOWNING Louisville, Ky. CHARMA DUNLAP Cincinnati, Ohio TIM EADE English, Ind. MARSHA DAWN EASTMAN High Point, N. C. SUSAN ELLIOT Eustis, Fia. JOAN ENDIGOTT Grundy, Va. TOM EVANS Lexington, Ky; MICHAEL FLORA Xenia. Ohio LOUFOGLEMAN Glade Spring. Va. BUDDY FONTAINE Johnson Cily, Tn. EUGENE FULLEN Appalachia. Va. ROBERT GARDINER Radford, Va. LESTEH G NDLESPERGER Turtle Creek, Pa. BOB GOOTEE Hammond, Ind. SUSAN LYNN GRIFFIN High Point, N.C. MARY FERN HAMPTON Miltigan College. Tn, jrxy- : ' , J KAY HANKINS Elizabethton, Tn. TERESA MARIE HATINGER Vestaburg, Mich. REBECCA JEAN HAYS Indianapolis, Ind. jim i Ls .. LONNIE HENDERSON Kingsport, Tn. CAROL A. HINES Swanton, Ohio DANNY LEE HOGG Coiumbus, Ind. SKIP HUDGINS Radford, Va. STEVEM HULL Winston-Salem. N.C, ADELLVER. HYDER Elizabethton, Tn. m NORMA SUE INGRAM Salem, Ind. ULIEJ.ARRETT Elivood, Ind. P.-XMELA JOHNSON Cincinnati, Ohio SHARON JONES Altoona, Pa. SHAHLA KADKHODAIAN Tehran, Iran MICHAEL R. KENNEDY Indianapolis, Ind. 176 BARBARA KESTER Zionsviiie, Jnd. RANDI C. KIBLER Altoona. Pa. ]OHN M.KRAFT Orrville. Ohio CHRIS LACY LouisviJie, Ky. TEMPA LAWSON Loyall, Ky. ]m W. LEE Columbus, Ohio MARK LEE JndjanapoJis, fnd. PEGGY ANNE LEE Canton, Ohio DONALD LEWIS Speedway, Ind. KEITH L SLE Cadiz, Ohio CONN ELO(WEY Vansant. Va. SANDY iVIARKS Painesvi le, Ohio SCSANMASSENGfLL Watagua. Tn. DOUG MATNEY Grundy. Va. GENE MCCARTY BrisfoJ, Tn. SHARON KAY MCDONALD Alloona. Pa. TERRY MCMAHAN Allanta, Ga. MICHAEL MCMILLAN St. Petersburg, Flo. JEAN MCWILLIAMS Gallon, Ohio L. SUZANNE MELVIN Roan Mountain, Tn. ELLEN MEREDITH Biuff City, Tn. ELIZABETH L. MILLS Gate City, Va. FL LTONMITCHUM Bonneau, S.C. CI RTISR. MULLINS Grundy, Va. BRANT E. NEAL Stockton. Calif. GLENNAORSBLJRN Bel Air, Md. JEFF C. PARDL HN Crown Point, Ind. PENNY ELAINE PATTON Akron, Ohio THOMAS EDDY PIERCE Grinnell, Iowa ROBERT PREECE MassiiJon, Ohio SaSANRAGSDALE Louisville, Ky. .MIKE REED Atlanta, Ga. PHILLIP M. REYNOLDS Salem, Va. m ELIZABETH ANNE RIDDLE Grundy, Va. BETH ROBERTS Canton, Ohio NAN ROWLAND Emory, Va. CHRIS SANKOVICH North Industry, Ohio MICHAEL SHULTZ Crawfordsville, Ind. DEMISE SCHNEIDER Cincinnati. Ohio !OHN C. SCHREMSER Lakevilla. 111. MIACHELLE LEAH SIMPSON Louisville, Ky. JAY SMITH Indianapolis, Ind. SLfSAN EAN SMITH Cincinnati, Ohio PAULA RAE STACY Escanaba. Mich. STEVE STEINER Orrville, Ohio TIM STEVENS Indianapolis, Ind. BETSY STEWART Erwin, Tn. LINWOOKTABB Norfolk, Va. JUDY TAYLOR Johnson City, Tn. CRAIG ARTHUR THOMPSON Grinnell, Iowa PRISCILLATURPEN Indianapolis, Ind. JANET WALKER East Point, Ga. JOAN WALKER East Point, Go. ANN WASHLER Butler, Ind. MARK ALLEN WASSON Union City, Ind. KEITH WHINNER Y Salem, Ohio PRISCILLA WILKINS Williamsport, Pa. GINDRA M. WILLIAMS Canton, Ohio RICKY WRIGHT Austell, Ga. BARBARA VERMILLION Sarasota, Fla. NOREEN RUTH YOUNKIN Tallmadge, Ohio Freshmen DENISE ADAMS Atlanta, Ga. MEREDITH AKERS Lake Wales, Fla. DAVID ARNEY Elizabelhion, Tn. DEBBY BAKER Clinton. Ill MIIA BETH BALLENTINE Garret, Jnd. DONNA BOLEJACK Rural Hall. N. C. JEANNE BORDNER Columbus, Ohio SUSAN CALEY Canton, Ohio DANNY CARROLL Houston, Tx. NANCY CARTER Russianville, Ind. DEBBIE CLARK Cleveland, Ohio SHANNON COMPTON Galax. Va. CATHERINE THERESA CORBETT Eustis, Fla. CAROLYN VANOVER COX Jonesville, Va. SHARON COX Kingsport. Tn. GAYLA CROCKER Indianapolis, Ind. 180 jUDY CROTHERS Ft. Wayne, Ind. LAWRENCE JOSEPH CROUCH Indianapolis, Ind. GAYLE LYNNE CUNNINGHAM Mayfield Heights, Ohio HARRY DAVIS Marlinsville. Va. DOU GLAS DELLER Angola, Ind. CHRISTINE SUE DOWIS WiJJoughby, Ohio SANDIE EARNEST Greensburg, Pa. DEBBIE ELLIOTT Ervvin, Tn. BECKY ENGEL Defiance, Ohio LYNN FIERAMOSEA Pittsburgh, Pa. JWARY FITCH Crown PoinI, Ind. FELICIA FONTAINE Johnson City, Tn. GEORGE FULWIDER NewMarltet, Ind. PAUL CABINET Roan JWountain, Tn. BEVERLY SHEH GARLAND Unicoi, Tn. NANCY GIBSON Grundy, Va. GARY (STRETCH) COODMANSON JVIentor, Ohio KENNETH D. COUCH ohnson City, Tn. JVIARLINE GRANT Fredericktown, Ohio PAM GROCAN IVIartinsviJJe, Va. CINDY . GUDCELL Tampico, III. KIM GUJVIBINER St. Petersburg. Fla. PAiVI HALE Cafax, Va. PHIL HARDIN Elizabethton, Tn. DAN HARDING Canton, Ohio MAHMOOD HASSANZADEH Mashad, Iran MARTHA HAYNIE Wilmington, Ohio LINDA HILBORN Aifien, S.C. RICHOCHSTSTLER Millersburg, Ohio DAVID HUGHSTON Brownsville, Tx. DEBBJHULL BJoomfield, Tn. JVIICHAELHHPP Erwin, Tn. AiVDREW DALE HYLTON Collinsville, Va. DONNA K. INGRAM Salem, Ind. JOANN ISCRUPE Laughiintown, Pa. KATHI ABLONSKf Washington College, Tn. TONY JACOB Y East Point, Go. JVIARGARET LIND JOHNSON Wheaton, Md. ■ ' , OHNK. ONES, JR. JMarshall, 111. BILL JOYCE Collinsville, Va. JOYKEGLEY Erwin, Tn. ■ ! ALETTA KENDRICK Elkhorn City, Ky. TIM KING Parkersville, W. Va. LEANNE KNITTEL Portsmouth, Ohio 182 MICHAEL LABOUNTY Boswell, Ind. MONTY LAMB Annandale, Va. LYNNE ANN LEWIS Valler Station, Ky. BONNIE LOCKWOOD PainesviUe, Ohio RICK LONG Bloomfield, Ind. MARIE A. LYONS Indianapolis, Ind. . ' t ]OHN MARR Roseburg, Ore. CRYSTAL FA YE MARTIN Covington, Ind. RICK D. MATHIS AmaTiWo. Tx. DAVID MATNEY Grundy, Va. AMANDA MCKEEHAN Elizabethton, Tn. JANET MEYER Flora, III. CAROLYN MILLER Greenwood, Ind. SONDRA K. MILLER Kokomo, Ind. TERESA MILLER Erivin, Tn. JACKIE SUE MITCHELL Wingale. Ind. TERRY MOHLER Killbuck. Ohio NINA K MORGAN St. Louis, Mo. DAVID MORRIS Leland, Miss. JOE MORRIS Danville. Ill BEVERLY NOEL Pittsburgh. Pa. SHIRLEY NORMAN Wmston-Salem, N.C. KATHY PHILLIPS Johnson City, Tn. MARYANNPHILL PS Indianapolis, Ind. SUSAN POWERS Kingsport, Tn. ANDREW LEE PRICE Petersburg, Va. L- A LOREL PRITCHARD WaynesviJIe, Mo. ANITA PR UITT Tiiousand Oaks, Calif. DANIEL PU.MMILL Kansas, Ok. JANPURIFICATO Cincinnati, Ohio ANNA BETH RALPH TuJIahoraa, Tn. PAL LA LYN.V RAY Ligonier, Pa. GINGER RHINEHARDT Biuff City, Tn. DAVID RIGGENBACK Canton, Oiiio TR SHA ROBERTS Eustis, Fla. TOM ROGERS Bristol, Tn. STEVEN ROODHOUSE GreenviJJe, III. CHARLES RUTH Bakersfield. Calif. fex-Jfe- l« ' ' 1 i wk 1 ] J5g U ' ImI Wff 1: RHONDA SANDLIN Rockvi]Je. Md. SHARON SHAFFER Roanoke. Vq. JEFFSHER DAN Washington Court House, Ohio MAURICE SKEETSTRIBLING Thousand Oaks, Calif. JERJS.VI TH Indianapolis, (nd. KATHRYN SMITH Columbus. Ohio KATHY STAFFORD KernersvilJe, H.C KEITH STEINMETZ East Sparta. Ohio KIM ROBERT STEINMETZ East Sparta. Ohio MERRILL E. SUTHERIN East Palestine, Ohio NANCY TAYLOR Piney Flats. Tn. JOY THOMPSON, Grinnell, Iowa RICHARD TORBETT Johnson City, Tn. CYNTHIA TRENT Kingsport, Tn. CYNTHIA A. VARTENISIAN Williamsport, Pa. ]0 ANN WATTS Groveland, Fla. TOMMY WEBBER Ridgeway. Va. JANE WHITE Elk Park. N.C. MICHAEL WILLARD Orrville. Ohio EDMOND VVILLEY Indianapolis, Ind. EDWARD MARSHALL WILLIAMS Erwin, Tn. LES WOLFE Franklin, Ind. RONALD D. WOODS Xenia, Ohio SHARON YEVTICH Delta, Ohio . ' A D V E R T I S E M E N T S JOHNSON CITY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION FIRST PEOPLES BANK HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK HOME FEDERALSAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION THE BANKING TRUST CO. COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL SHALE CORPORATION FRED MOORE, MANSHOP 441 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. PARK ' S-BELK, CO. Home of Better Values Johnson City, Tennessee 405 South Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 Hi WALLACE ' S SHOE STORE Downtown Johnson City YOUNG SHOE HEADQUARTERS Serving East Tennessee J UaNNaU : inc. Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 MEN ' S CLOTHING LADIES ' WEAR There ' s a Lot Better Way of Finding a Career in the Textiles Fibers Field than this. % TEXTILESV. white 1 V w ■ ' c ' Starting ■ hour week ibilities. ■ n; advanced . r, hospital 6 vacation ' . holidays, or call: O. erica) I. Knutser n Milltr Diovcr ec, outside, CY 4090 • mm (3l ;! 033. only 51« LO VallPY_5lrm I bench lyn only id ' ft in irir ■no .•irt, color ' HMAN OuMns ' -O Zi _. ..—{Jail npany hoi v college qr«V;itrs of Ir.ifiing tcxiilc com itr, rs ' no ' • ' l cha ' , for reccnf Icitrip T " f5ons With cfiuiv l nl wofk no ' riroc For the r.ghl Dfoole these sl.mulstmg positions can lead to future m n ac ment opportunities in the manufacture and marlietin? o( te«files. .: ,M • ' „-•• . ' o. Persnt De-M 10th ft, ..j7 Bv.ay (39 St ) .XTILE TECHNiCAL P: icXTILf TECHNICIAN (PROVEN , WITH TOP TASTE, TOP STANOA ' FOR FINE TOP CO. HE OR SHE J12V rail nell lee lityak for appi pi 2-74: creative placement agency 515 madison TEXTILE artist, d«Un«f, stylist to SUM Creativeorpoted decorative fabrics, 9d opty. :•.:: agency sotjave TEXTILE GRADS START J7,0(» Wsn nt future with too NY concern ■ ' -. ■■ -lencY, 152 W 42 St, NYC TEXTILE CONVERTER $150 • T A AGENCY, 152 W 7 TEXT ILE tech " new postn " to $12M + f mii ' r JacQuarfis- Jerseys, exclt futiirr Gl ;oC ' _ •rv.Y 507 5 A VFi TEXTIlI LcnvtrAech 1100 Nrc J t ritr orr-.on Will trn, Indl fabrcs _■ ' " ,. Agency 4B5 5 A ve TEXTILE Merchandise A ' isl. JI30 Knowl ro.ivn ' tinq, expeditinn, etr :.. . ' ' ■ ' " " " I IS? W 4- TEXTILE ASST CONVTR eS17S Cotton synthetic, v ovon q«1s, kceo rrrit Mel Gahhe Agency 4115 5 Ave TEXTILE ENGRFEt PAID-TO J15M De9 + co»ted material RJD. rnt?. Of •• .... .-:y, 107 V».43d Mrs to 1 30 TEXTL Sfylisti Asst, llhrjor cler to J» 22 E 42 ST. . -A - " ■ ' " jsenCY TEXTILE DMiiinw— Min Wear Wovens Mil. r r fomale BR 9 0759 TEXTILE Entr -OM + eio to W 40 XTILE Prinf Dcslsner winted IK ■- ' ■ arta for original work and re Good opoortunity r ' man or ' " " ase reply ly -, 7 Times. - - ' at TEXTILE STYLIST. Fe« Paid to »12M Cotton Menswear TOPS IN TEXTILES I L. ' A ' . ' jency. 152 W 42 TEXTILE SAMPLE CLKS to TOPS IN TEXTILES .:•. ' . ' , • ' ' ' .gency, 152 W 42 ' TEXTILE HEAD CONVERTER must have volume exp WW Bing Cronin Agency 1 Rockefeller TEXTILE STYLIST to J12«9 Synthetic i Blends — Menswear TOPS IN TEXTILES 152 W 42 (, " •n : TEXTILE CONVERTER to tiWO TOPS IN TEXTILES .Li ge.icy, 152 W 42 TEXTlLc CONVERT ASSS to MSCfl TOPS IN TEXTILES ! ' . ' -Vfi- rncy, 152 W 42 EXTILE TECH to «iOO TOPS IN TEXTILES " " ' -.v. ,, .iicy, 152 W 42 TEXTILE GRADS tg UM TOPS IN TEXTILES i.:U.y : " -y,152 W 42 fEXTIL 6R0ERS e«( « jniiw »» J4S00 TOPS IN TEXTILES L ' l ' .l ' ;; -gency, 152 W 42 TEXTILES — Tochnlclin «tyllj» fabric design analysis costing onglrnl development. Salary commensurjte with ibility Send resume Y2131 Times -. xjite--.- -r.. wintod li nd rewa ' , An Eo When your future ' s on the line, use your pen to better advantage than circling through the classified sections. Get in touch with Beaunit where big things are happening in fibers and textiles. Who ' s making them happen. People in accounting, engineering, research and development, design, merchandising, sales - and all of the other professions needed to run a business today. If you want to leave your mark on the world, begin by writing us. It ' s a lot better way than leaving your mark on the help wanted ads. Write: Personnel Manager, Beaunit Fibers, Ehzabethton, Tennessee 37643 ELIZABETHTON VISCOSE POLYESTER PLANTS BEAUNIT CORPORATION Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life CompHments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 12 North Sycamore Street Come See Us! Member F.S.L.I.C. PRAENIUM QUOD RECEPI GRATUS EST! " Congratulations Class of ' 72 Complirfients of JGMFRMJWO BECKNER ' S INCORPORATED Jewelers for 86 years Diamonds, Watches, and Jewelry China, Crystal, and Silver Johnson City, Tennessee CITY DRUG STORE " Visit our store for all your drugs, personal, or gift needs, featuring a large selection of name brand toiletries. " STUDENT SPECIAL MILLIGAN STUDENTS CHECK FREE! . . . Start your free checking account at MilUgan-Pinecrest Branch CARTER COUNTY BANK Main Office 601 Elk Ave. Broad Elk Branch Roan Mountain Branch MiUigan-Pinecrest Branch Electricity is one of the most versati le tools we have for cleaning up the environment. When homes, businesses, and industries switch to electricity as their source of energy, millions of chimneys and smoke- stacks stop pouring pollution into the air. Waste treatment and a great many other pollution control devices use great amounts of electricity. And will use more in the future. ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM ' AN OLD CITY GROWING YOUNG " The Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of all Johnson City business firms, is happy to extend its services to the students and faculty of Milli- gan College. We are proud you have chosen Milligan College to be your Alma Mater. PARK ' S-BELK, CO. Home of Better Values Johnson City, Tennessee Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store Compliments of CITIZENS BANK ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSE 3 Locations Free Checking for Students mm __ __ 3 198 199 ' m ; . ' M ' , ,:i ■fV ki ■r-ir. tg| »¥• •;• ' : " ' ' ? ' » . :f:;y .: uf (i f V ' .s--, . ' ■ . ' r« ■, J ' ; , i " :, ' ??- i f -v 3 d : i: ' ■ C -I 4Jlf-: ' ;. ■i i .; !. ' ' ; ' ' i ' i jt, vA: . ii ViSfj- i ' ?y ' ' ' ' ; r«-vx W ' ■m-. 1 i :m ' • m ■Mi ■ iM ' M ■■-■■i ' . i ■■ V i --rJd.- ftt sl . iH r-Vr.i k • ■ - ' ■ vT r " V Milligan College Library 3 1881 0001 733 9

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