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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1969 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1730 5 THE TIME . . . 1969 . cov- ut THE PLACE -, , " tit - 5? Q± U si MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENNESSEE n i - 99k PI i MILLIGAN COLLEGE SURROUNDED WITH SPLENDOR . . . Krtf -- - 4£ ACCENTUATED WITH FRIENDSHIP... %s M • ■• ,A ■ " «{£ I ABIDING IN SOLITUDE... HIGHLIGHTED IN LEISURE. . . 10 12 BLESSED FROM ABOVE . m a. ■ i JUL 1 ! ? HK 13 IJKAi WHERE " CHRISTIAN EDUCATION IS THE HOPE OE THE WORLD. ' ' 14 15 16 My dea 1 f To each of you, particularly graduating seniors, I express my heartfelt congratulations. Our days in the fellowship of learning here at Milligan College have been most meaningful to each of us. In the coming years they will acquire even greater dimensions of meaning. We have established life-long friendships. Our lives have been enriched as we have pursued the search for and the acquisition of knowledge within the Christian culture of this community. God has rewarded us with opportunity, with fulfillment, with challenge, and most of all with fellowship. This treasure of sharing among students, faculty, alumni, and all of the members of the College will through the years grow more precious and more significant as we seek to serve our Lord in the voca- tions to which He has called us. To those of you who at this commencement season take the next step in your life ' s service we give assurance of our continued interest, of our willingness to be of help in any way possible, and most of all of our continued prayer on your behalf. Together, wherever we serve by the grace of God, let us be flesh-and-blood demonstrations that Christian education is indeed the hope of the world. Jess W. Johnson President Freshman Week Each year the first week of school is tradi- tionally called Freshman Week at Milligan College. This week serves as an initiation and adjustment period for the Freshman as well as a lot of fun. This year proved to be no exception. Upon their arrival, the Class of ' 72 was greeted by the Student Council and ushered into a week of activity including team sports, helping upper classmen move in, the Faculty Reception, prac- tice Registration, Matriculation, and the dreaded Holocaust. Although at the time he might con- sider Freshman week a nuisance, a Freshman usually keeps his dink and the good times and friends he made during this week among his fondest Milligan Memories. 19 H o I o a 20 u t WV E 21 Wayne E. Fife David L. Varner Who ' s Who Each year the faculty of Milligan College selects outstanding Seniors on the basis of their scholastic accumulative average, their participa- tion in extra curricular activities, their citizen- ship, character, and their usefulness to the community for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Linda R. Marrs 22 James L. Magness Patricia P. Magness Earl D. File Jack L. Knowles 23 i i The Girl Is Re 24 q u e d t o Pay y y % Every fall Sadie Hawkins visits Milligan. She doesn ' t stay a day, however. A week of madness and entertainment ensues as she makes her presence known. Girls opening doors, carrying books, and calling for their friends at the dorm are just part of the happenings during TWIRP Week. A few persons always manage to get caught violating the traditions of the affair. The Kangaroo Court insures justice and acts merci- fully? 25 Ugly Men Larry Flynn Freshman Class Stan Kinnett Sophomore Class £S a " ' ' v£ 1 ]■- 1 49b ' ' jfl .- 5 I Mark Wilson Junior Class Brett Younkin Service Seekers 26 Gary Chandler Circle K Dee Rhodes Civinettes Mark Hitchin Pardee Hall Dan Steucher Pre-Med Club -? Doug Gross Chorale 27 Steve Rolh Footlighters • " w fcflfc ■ J ! i ml. 28 The U.M.O.C. invaded the Milligan College campus in November to collect money for the United Fund. Not only were they on campus in full force, but all eleven of them visited the cafe- teria and haunted the girls " dorms for an eve- nings. They were greeted with shrieks and signs such as " Welcome Ugly Men, " " Enter Without Knocking " and others. The entire United Fund campaign was climaxed with a Hootenanny and the award for the " best " Ugly Man. MENC and Choir seemed to have the key to the success of Ugly Men. Jim Cord walked away with the prize of Ugly Man of the Year. 29 Founder s Day The highlight of Founder ' s Day this year was the inauguration of Dr. Jess W. Johnson as the President of Milligan College. Dr. Johnson as- sumed the duties of President upon the retire- ment of Dr. Dean E. Walker present Chancelor of the college. Representatives from colleges and universities from all over the United States were present to witness the inauguration and to extend their best wishes to Dr. Johnson. General Harold K. Johnson, U.S. Army (retired), Army Chief of Staff presented an inspiring inaugural address. The Concert Choir provided the special music. In the evening, festivities continued with the Founder ' s Day program. The audience enjoyed a secular concert by the Concert Choir and the Chi Rho Three. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of Miss Kathy Wymore as the Founder ' s Daughter. The program concluded with the Milligan Family singing the Alma Mater. A reception in honor of Miss Wymore and Dr. Johnson followed in the lower Audito- rium. 30 The announcement of the 1969 Founder ' s Daughter. Miss Kathy Wymore, Cincinnati, Ohio. 31 Founder s Daughter Farzansh Dargahi Sigma Delta Psi Founder ' s Daughter Kathy Wymore Alpha Phi Omega Kathy Fogleman Psychology Club Marsha Elliott Philosophy Club Rindy McNett Civinettes Civitans 32 Candidates Janet Wratten S.N.E.A. Jacque Carroll Footlighters Linda Groves Service Seekers Sybil Sensibaugh Pre-MedClub Gaye Piper Buffalo Ramblers Janice Carr Circle K 33 P- H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRAE MILLIGAN COLLEGE. TENN. 37682 34 Toys for Tots Sponsored by the U.S. Marine Reserves and helped through the generosity oflocal merchants, scores of students set out in borrowed trucks to collect as many cast-out toys as possible. Can- vassing the nearby cities, the students worked exceptionally hard and enthusiastically to help others have a better Christmas. 35 M a d r g a I 36 D n n 37 The second annual Madrigal Dinner was pre- sented by Milligan College early in December. The dinner is an " authentic recreation of the customs, the music, and the costumes of 16th and 17th century England, " given in an atmos- phere of candlelight splendor. Following a fan- fares by three trumpeters, a processional of lords and ladies costumed in rich medieval dress paced majestically to their tables. Thus began an unforgettable evening of friendship, color and music to create the feeling of happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Class Beauties Freshman Sophomore Gloria Fife Pat Rhinehart 38 Junior Senior Judy Butler Sybil Sensibaugh 39 Wonderful Wednesday The date is Wednesday April 30, 1969. The time is 6:00 A.M. You are awaken by loud voices in the hall. You get up to investigate the cause of your sudden awakening and find a slip of paper that has been slipped under your door. " Classes dismissed. Everyone report to the chapel at 8:30 this morning. " You then join the commotion in the hall. " It ' s a prank! " " No, I saw some teachers put them under the door. " " May- be the faculty ' s on strike! " " You don ' t suppose something has happened to one of the faculty members! " " Maybe we declared war! " You then join the mass exodus to breakfast and then . . . to the chapel. The time is 8:30 A.M. You are standing with the entire Milligan student body and faculty in front of the chapel. You see TV cameras covering this event . . . what ever it is. But here comes Dr. Johnson and he is unrolling a big scroll . What is he saying? " Whereas the Milligan fam- ily is suffering from a severe case of spring fever; whereas the college is under the study of the self-study committee; whereas every body likes picnics and homemade ice cream; whereas Milli- gan is known as the " Singing campus of the South " ; this day is declared to be Wonderful Wednesday. " 41 »«ft Ai MLVif bfc? 42 The time is twelve noon. You are sitting on the tennis court lawn enjoy- ing the company of your friends and your picnic lunch. You are talking about the group discussions of the morning. You think, " This sure beats Berkley and the SDS. It ' s too bad that other schools cannot have the close student-faculty relationship of Milli- gan. " Quiet! Miss Bonner is explaining the afternoon ' s activities. BbS sta ■■A 43 ' . ' ' U.:,:v:-- ifcj m ' . ' ■ ' iC 44 The time is 11:00 P.M. You wearily climb into bed. You think of the events of the day: Mrs. Young playing softball for the Senior girls, Dr. Johnson serving as umpire for the boys, how disgusted you were when the Fresh- man cut line for ice cream because they had won the afternoon ' s activities. Wasn ' t the all-campus singout fun? " Finally you drift into slumber thinking, " It certainly was a Wonderful Wednesday. " 45 A wards Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Price Annie Lucas Kennedy Reading Contest Third: Marrianne Dalton Second: Denny Denniston First: Cindy Anderson A Math Award: Denny Fife Dr. Tsao presents the Chinese awards to the College. 46 Music Awards: Jacque Carroll Denny Callahan English Award: Jack Knowles Outstanding Senior Nancv Miller German Award: Suzanne Swango 47 " Half A Six-Pence " " The Crucible " " The Marriage-Go- ' Round ' ' Christ in the Concrete City " 48 I J- • » Lil ' Abner " r B It- ■1 L - ■i i fij Mlipt, ■] Era Iff 1 r TT Mr ■ Plays 49 Milligan Chorale Convocations Dr. Charles Williams Dr. Trueblood 50 Penitentiary Chaplin Fife and Callahan Bill Milliken 51 Concerts MEN OF SONG 52 THE WAY FARERS JACKSON BROTHERS 53 PENN WHEELER JOSH WHITE, JR. 54 55 Grad June 1 and June 2 ended a long four years for one hundred twenty-five Milligan students. The procession from the tennis courts to the Chapel was the last walk these young people will take as Milligan College students. They left the Chapel to become a part of the Milligan College family of alumni. Mr. L. Palmer Young, father of one of the graduates Robert Young, was the speaker for the Baccalaureate services. Dr. Nat T. Winston, Jr., Commissioner of Mental Health for the State of Ten- nessee and President of the Tennessee Psychiatric As- sociation was the speaker for the Commencement exercises. 56 ition I 57 58 59 60 tea »- hm ■•■■v ' •M Alpha Phi Omega President Minor Noe s? ' 1 tfe % ' Sweetheart Kathy Wymore k ik 7h 62 1969 Pledge Class Alpha Phi Omega Sweethearts Sophomore Pat Rheinhart Junior Marilyn Lewter Freshman Ann Wyanns Publications Staffs Buffalo Editor Cindy Anderson Rindy McNett J i Julia Huddleston Wally Swank Stampede Editor Linda Marrs Stampede Staff Co-Editor John Rohsbaugh 64 Circle K Sweetheart and Candidates Janice Carr Rindy McNett Marsha Elliot Cindv Anderson Linda Delp 65 Circle K ATfc All. Club Officers I K f mkhMLAm 6 i 66 Dorm Councils Hart Hall Council Sutton Hall Council Pardee Hall Council Webb Hall Council 67 Fafi Sigma Delta Psi Sweetheart Sigma Delta Psi S.N.E.A. 68 Fellowship of Christian Athletics V " Judo Club Phi EtaTau 69 Young Republicans Club Young Democrats 70 Service Seekers Footlighters Buffalo Rafnblers 71 k ICC. Traffic Court 72 Concert Choir M.E.N.C. 73 Pre-LawClub H.H.H. Pre-MedClub 74 Civinettes Psychology Club 75 Lollipops and Roses Master of Ceremonies Dr. Dennison Ma Pa Helsabeck Doc Mrs. Growder 76 Waiting in line Mothers — Botkin Martin 77 80 Milligan College was saddened this year by the death of two cherished friends. On Tuesday, October 22, 1968, Mr. B. D. Phillips, one of Milligan ' s great- est benefactors passes away. Due to his generosity we enjoy the uses of the P. H. Welshimer Library and the Seeger Memorial Chapel. He knew the mean- ing of true " Christian Stewardship. " On Saturday morning, October 26, Dr. Henry Derthick the eighth President of Milligan College, also went to meet his Beloved Master. Dr. Derthick led the College through the trials of World War I and the Great Depression. His leadership, belief in youth, and his faith made it possible for Milligan College to remain in existence. To both of these outstanding men we are greatly indebted . . . We are grateful for their faith in God, and their faith in us. " am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live; And whosoever believeth in me shall never die. John 11:25-26 " For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then van- isheth away. " 81 Class of ' 69 t fc President, William Randolph Vice-president, Rob Libbie Secretary, Carol Clifton Treasurer. Bob Maxey Chaplain. Wayne Fife r Alan Ahlgrim Chicago, Illinois B.A. Psychology Cynthia Anderson Darlington, Indiana B.A. Mathematics Danny Arnold Saltville, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Linda Batton Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Psychology Pete Beevers Margaret Bennett Stuart E. Bertland Bruce Bittenbender Johnson City, Tennessee Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Charlotte, North Carolina Bethleham, Pennsylvania B.A. Psychology B.A. Psychology B.A. Biology B.S. Physical Education 82 ■ i I Cheryl Blake Susan Gail Blanchard Anna Marie Boone Dina Boot Pataskala, Ohio Charlotte, North Carolina Lexington, Kentucky Toronto, Canada B.A. English B.S. Health and Physical Education B.A. French B.A. English Jay E. Bowen Duffield, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Wayne Bradley Raphine, Virginia B.S. Mathematics Denny Callahan Flenington, Pennsylvania B.A. Music Janice Carr Blountville, Tennessee B.A. English Jacque Carroll Indianapolis, Indiana B.A. English Pamela Casini Hopewell, New Jersey B.A. Business Administration Paul Louis Christian Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration William R. Clem Lexington. Kentucky B.S. Business Administration 83 Carol Sue Clifton Columbus, Ohio B.A. English Dan Collier Appalachia. Virginia B.A. Chemistry Gary Colvin Canton, Ohio B.S. Psychology Jerry Lee Combs Oak Ridge. Tennessee B.S. Psychology and English Jeanne Lee Comer Lindside, West Virginia B.A. English Nancy E. Cornelius Joppa, Maryland B.A. History Elizabeth R. Crea Hubbard, Ohio B.A. Bible Ronald J. Cunningham West Lebanon, Indiana B.S. Business Administration Larry W. Dabney Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration Farzaneh Dargahi Tehran, Iran B.S. Business Administration Glen W. Daughtery Jr. Greenville, Tennessee B.S. Health and Physical Education Marilyn Gay Davis Lexington. Kentucky B.S. Psychology 84 Becky Day Gate City, Virgini a B.S. Physical Education Buford F. Deaton Erwin, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Linda Delp Harriman, Tennessee B.S. Secretarial Science Helen Louise Diane Tampa, Florida B.A. Speech pp 1 HE ■ Vu - ' fc M J ■fc f Cy HbJB fH Peter J. Diekmann Canton, Ohio B.S. Psychology Anita Dorton Big Stone Gap, Virginia B.A. English Donna Jean Duncan Columbus, Indiana B.A. Psychology John Daniel Edwards Galax, Virginia B.S. Psychology Marsha Bea Elliott Debbie Everhart Earl D. Fife Wavne Fife Thousand Oaks, California Kingsporl, Tennessee Hyattsville, Maryland Johnson City. Tennessee B.A. Social Studies B.S. Secretarial Science B.S. Mathematics B.A. Bible 85 Woody Fisher Brownstown, Illinois B.A. Psychology and Bible Kathy Fogleman Sabina, Ohio B.A. Psychology Robert W. Gibson III Grundy, Virginia B.S. Health and Physical Education Rick Gordon Columbus, Ohio B.A. History Linda Gene Gray Groveport, Ohio B.A. Psychology Patsy Griffith Grundy, Virginia B.A. English Linda Groves Danville, Illinois B.A. English Tina Grunder Carrollton, Ohio B.A. Psychology Betty Jo Haden Lexington, Kentucky B.A. Psychology Carolyn Sue Hall Merritt Island, Florida B.A. Social Studies Lee M. Hardison Plymouth, North Carolina B.S. Chemistry David Allen Harris Elk Park, North Carolina B.A. English 86 Kenneth F. Hart Ledgewood, New Jersey B.A. Business Administration Sharon Adele Heiser Selins Grove, Pennsylvania B.S. Health and Physical Education Janet Henderickson Jackson, Michigan B.S. Psychology G. Robert Hottinger Bethesda, Maryland B.A. History Rick Howell Monroeville, Pennsylvania B.A. Psychology Mark Huddleston Muncie, Indiana B.A. Bible and Mathematics David Jobe Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Cecil Johnson Johnson City, Tennessee B.A. English Patricia Johnson Kokomo, Indiana B.A. English William E. Johnson Bedford, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Jeffery Allan Kans Seat Pleasant, Maryland B.S. Business Administration E. Steven Kardos Cleveland. Ohio B.S. Business Administration and Psychology 87 Meleta Johnson Kardos San Juan, Puerto Rico B.A. Spanish and Secretarial Science Yooie K. Kim Seoul, Korea B.A. Chemistry and Biology Karen Kittles Springfield, Ohio B.S. Psychology Billie Jean Kleinjan Chicago, Illinois B.A. English Marcia A. Kling Lock Haven, Pennsylvania B.S. Secretarial Science Jack Knowles Northfield.Ohio B.A. English Gary Koerner Danville, Illinois B.A. English Kathy Kyte Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. Psychology- Bill Larrison Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania B.S. Physical Education Gary A. Laswell Richmond, Indiana B.S. Psychology Anna Lawson Norton, Virginia B.S. Health and Physical Education Raymond E. Leonard Hillsville, Virginia B.S. Business Administration 88 Rob Libbee Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. Bible John Lippard Speedway, Indiana B.A. Biology Robert Lowe Mountain City, Tennessee B.A. Chemistry Rindy McNett Columbus, Ohio B.A. English Lee Magness Bel Air, Maryland B.A. Bible and English Pat Magness Hammond, Indiana B.A. English Linda Robinette Marrs Charlottesville, Virginia B.A. English Stephen L. Mathis Lock Haven, Pennsylvania B.A. History Sue Matthews Robert Maxey Mary Mero C3rolvn Elaine Merritt Cincinnati, Ohio Defiance, Ohio Brandon. Florida Cocoa, Florida B.A. Music B.A. History B.A. English B.A. Health and Physical Education 89 Nancy Miller Hanoverton, Ohio B.A. English Ginger Mitchum Moncks Corner, South Carolina B.A. Psychology A • i A ' ijJ} 1 H B gk pr B Paul M. Molchan Toranto, Ohio B.A. Health and Physical Education Karen Mood Danville, Indiana B.A. English Marie Moore Harrodsburg, Kentucky B.A. English Wayne Moore Richmond. Virginia B.S. Business Administration Sonnie Mottean Watauga, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Park H. Netting Huntington Beach, California B.A. History Bill Nieme Quincy, Massachusetts B.A. Mathematics Minor Noe New Albany, Indiana B.S. Business Administration Diana Lynn Nunnery Indianapolis. Indiana B.A. Psychology Lynn Kay Oliver Elizabethton. Tennessee B.A. Music 90 Marilyn Payne Xenia, Illinois B.S. Psychology Debbie Peck Columbus, Ohio B.A. English Shirley Douds Pellior Toronto, Ohio B.S. Psychology Gaye Louise Piper Benton. Pennsylvania B.A. Bible Daer Piatt Milligan College, Tennessee B.A. Bible Janet Poe Knoxville, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Gloria Hewitt Powers Mount Eaton, Ohio B.A. History John Powers Hebron, Indiana B.A. English Roger Presley Tazewell, Virginia B.A. English Marilyn Carol Pugh Indianapolis, Indiana B.A. English William Ray Randolph Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration L ewayne Knoaes Bridgewaler, Virginia B.S. Physical Education 91 Joan Richardson Hillsville, Virginia B.A. Psychology 1 Martin Lee Ritsch Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Business Administration Larry Ritter Rossville, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Andrea Robson Long Beach, California B.S. Psychology Lowell Ross Mansfield, Ohio B.A. History C. L. Scarce Jr. Danville, Virginia B.S. Health and Physical Education William Seegers Columbus, Indiana B.S. Physical Education Frank Sells King, North Carolina B.A. Psychology Sybil Kay Sensibaugh Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. English Mary Anne Shotwell Carrollton, Ohio B.A. English Kyle R. Simplot Erwin. Tennessee B.A. Bible Jam es Smith Elizabethton. Tennessee B.S. Business Administration 92 dfc V " ■S l 1 fr- - 1 David Styons Reidsville, North Carolina B.S. Business Administration Tim Smith Roanoke, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Elaine Gillam Spradlin Marshfield, Missouri B.A. Speech Elaine Thing Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.A. Psychology Pete Thing Waterville, Maine B.A. English Dave Varner Canton, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Wayne Walls Akron, Ohio B.A. Psychology and Business Administration Herman H. Wandrei McKeesport, Pennsylvania B.S. Business Administration Harolyn M. Ward Charles H. Waugh David Michael Waugh Margret Waugh Great Neck, New York Derby. Kansas Galax. Virginia Sublette. Kansas B.A. History B.A. Bible B.A. Psychology B.A. English 93 oily Wells Sandra Lynn Widener Beverly Annette Wilson Charles R. Wilson lapa, California Winston-Salem, North Carolina Westport, Indiana Canton, Ohio .A. English B.A. English B.A. Psychology B.S. Business Administration James F. Wood Hubbard, Ohio B.A. Bible Janet Wratten Indianapolis, Indiana B.A. Psychology Kathy Wymore Robert Young Cincinnati, Ohio Louisville, Kentucky B.A. English B.A. History Stephen Young Glen Cove, New York B.A. Psychology Donna Zollman Medora, Indiana B.S. Business Administration 94 Senior Pictures Vespers Solitude 95 Jane Abrell Curtis Akard Indianapolis, Blountville, Indiana Tennessee JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: Roy Kustanbauter, President; Kathy Cross, Vice- president; Katie Moffitt, Secretary; Jerry Sedwick, Treasurer. Cheryl Allen Trafalgar, Indiana Virginia Baker Asheville, North Carolina John Banks Elizabethton, Tennessee I - John Beck Hope, Indiana Marilyn Brewer New Vienna, Ohio Darryl Brooks Atlanta. Georgia Mary Lou Brooks Edgewood, Maryland Betsy Bishop Milligan College, Tennessee Thelma Bond Tulsa, Oklahoma 96 Patty Bryant Columbus, Ohio Judy Butler Danville, Indiana Cindy Chambliss Blacksburg, Virginia Gary Chandler Binghampton, New York Charlotte Choate Galax, Virginia Sandi Christian Atlanta. Georgia Cathy Cross Lynn. Indiana Danny Clifton Danville, Virginia Ma ry Donnelly Johnson City, Tennessee JoAnn East Chatham, Virginia John Engleby Roanoke, Virginia Gay Forbes Elizabethton, Tennessee Larry Forbes Johnson City, Tennessee Tom Fore Lexington, Kentucky Frank Giberson Cathy Giffin Kitty Gray Edward Buy, Jr. Lin Gress Karen Hagaman Mediapolis, Iowa Mount Gilead, Ohio Abingdon, Virginia Sparta, Michigan Attica, Indiana Liz Hair Dave Hammond Susie Harper Lee Hendon Gene Hill Delphia Hogston Canton, Ohio Salem, Indiana Ironton, Ohio Coca. Florida Lexington. North Carolina Grundy. Virginia Deanna Howell Green Mountain. North Carolina Larry Howell Johnson City, Tennessee Julia Huddleston Marchetta Hunt Louisville. Kentucky Louisville. Kentucky Rod Irwin Kings port. Tennessee Joyce Jones Bel Air. Maryland Nancy Jones Linden Keffer Bill Kilpatrick Karen Knight Gracie Knowles Jeff Knowles Pitman, New Jersey Dickerson Run, Savannon, Carmichaels, Milligan College. Northfield, Ohio Pennsylvania North Carolina Pennsylvania Tennessee Ronald Kohler Judy LaPrade Claudia Leuthold Jim Liverett Marilyn Lewter Myra Kullowatz Lancaster, Eden, Defiance, Ohio Indianapolis, Richmond, Virginia Washington, D.C Pennsylvania North Carolina Indiana lary Lou Marcum Bill Marler Shirley Martin David McKowen Jeri McCune Linda McDaniel amilton, Ohio Hampton, Virginia Bumpass, Virginia Long Beach. California Steubenville, Ohio Mays. Indiana Jack Metheany Charlotte Miller Harriet Miller Katy Moffit Steve Morton James Mounts Phoenix, Arizona Canton, Ohio Npales, Florida Crown Point, Indiana Kingsport, Tennessee Danville, Indiana Jane Mullins Jerry Musick Barry Mumpower Linda Mumpower Ruth Newton Jack Nipper Lake City, Florida Johnson City, Johnson City, Johnson City, Milligan College, Johnson City Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Patsy Orr Jonesville, Virginia Dave Patrick West Jefferson, North Carolina Linda Penley Titusville, Florida Joyce Quilling Ormond Beach, Florida Beth Ries Wheeling, West Virginia Jean Rhinehardt BlufTCity, Tennessee Ginger Roth Ingrid Sadlers Renee Saher Donna Savnoake Andrea Shipley Brint Simmons Columbus, Indiana Rahway, New Jersey Cleveland, Ohio Johnson City, Tennessee Bristol. Tennessee Havre De Gracem Maryland Diane Skillman Leonard Smith Sandy Smith Ray Stahl Wally Swink Cheryl Tague Cincinnati, Ohio Harmond, Indiana Johnson City, Tennessee Blacksburg. Virginia Danville. Indiana Maureen Teel Ruth Ann Taylor Lillian Vogel Debbie Wingert Ting Welch Mary Williamson Tuscola, Illinois Abingdon, Virginia Napoleon, Ohio Tampa, Florida Footville, Wisconsin Winchester, Virginia Susan Williamson Mark Wilson Pamilar Wood Rick Woodruff Ron Worrell Ginny Yule Wellington, Illinois Anaheim, California Eden, North Carolina Eugene. Oregon Dublin, Virginia Kittenning. Pennsylvania 57498 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Clarinda Phillips, President: Steve Knowles, Vice-President. NOT PICTURED: Jill Bowman, Secretary; Bob Truitt Treasurer. Gary Alber Charles Alderman Gary Balser Ed Barker Patti Blakeslee Jo Ann Bowles Johnson City, St. Dore, Florida Bethel, Ohio Bristol. Tennessee Crawfordsville, Covington, Virginia Tennessee Indiana Jill Bowman Jonesboro, Tennessee Creola Brown Elizabethton, Tennessee Jean Brown Paris, Illinois John Burgess Morrow, Ohio Richard Cassidy Kennard. Indiana Larry Crane Campbellsburg, Indiana Kay Cross Gayle Cox Pat Dales Sherry Daubert Nancy Davenport Linda Davis Johnson City, Johnson City, Grundy, Virginia Columbus, Ohio Lonni, Illinois Pittsburgh, Tennessee Tennessee Pennsylvania Pam Davis Donna Donohoo Gary Edwards Lezlee Eick Bill Ellis Eric Ellis Martinsville, Cape Coral, Florida Charlottesville, Cincinnati, Ohio Orando, Florida Dayton, Ohio Virginia Virginia Marty Flynn Ashville, North Carolina Sandy Ford Los Angeles, California Melody Friend Newark, Ohio Marie Garrett Knoxville, Tennessee Harold Gibson Bristol, Virginia James Gregory Ropedale, Ohio Phillip Gresham Hardinsburg, Indiana Sandy Haga Roanoke, Virginia Sharon Hamilton Felicity, Ohio Wendy Hanselman Dodi Hanson Cincinnati, Ohio Hammond, Indiana Linda Hayden Cincinnati, Ohio Mary Harden Indianapolis, Indiana Sharon Hays Indianapolis, Indiana Donna Howell Livonia, Michigan Scott Holton New Born, North Carolina Karen Kimpton Alliance, Ohio Steve Knowles Pleasant Hill, California Linda Lisle Cadiz, Ohio Judy Matkins Washington, North Carolina Mary Mitchum Rolla, Montana Bob Morton Kingsport, Tennessee Sara Motley Chatham, Virginia Sandi McCoy State College, Pennsylvania Joyce McCullough Jan Mclntyre John McKee Kathy McKee Margaret McLeod Jan Myers Seattle. Washington Northfield, Ohio Johnson City, Thousand Oaks, Madisonville, Cincinnati, Ohio Tennessee California Kentucky Eno Nicoson Bonnie Norton Bill Oates Lewis Owens John Osborne Rita Parris Greenwood, Cleveland, Ohio Akron, Ohio Lexington, Kentucky Bristol, Virginia Johnson City Indiana Tennessee Carol Patton Clarinda Phillips Linda Pierce Marty Ramsey Pat Rhinehardt Susan Robertson Cadiz, Ohio Butler, Columbus, Ohio Mountain City, BluffCity, Bigelow, Minnesota Pennsylvania Tennessee Tennessee John Rohrbaugh Jeffrey Salyer Heidi Schwensen Kay Sedwick Kathy Sheets Bob Shore Canton, Ohio Elkhorn City, Kentucky Canton, Ohio Grovesport, Ohio Bristol, Tennessee Canton. Ohio Tom Sizemore Susie Stone Carol Tinkler Winston-Salem, Big Stone Gap, Phoenix, Arizona North Carolina Virginia David Trumble Bob Truitt Nancy Washier Sheldon, Illinois Louisville, Kentucky Butler, Indiana Judy Weaver Indianapolis, Indiana Ruby Webster Lexington, Kentucky Becky Weist Pompano Beach, Florida Linda Whitehead Elizabethton, Tennessee Vickie Young Minneapolis, North Carolina Becky Yundt Lafayette, Indiana FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Left to right: Mike Mutterspaugh, President; Kathy Robbins, Secretary; Ma rk Webb, Vice-President; NOT PICTURED: Kirk Megee, Treasurer. Sandi Adams Reynoldsburg, Ohio Alan Albrey Debbie Babb Calhoun, Kentucky Sheila Baker David Bailey Anne Banks Tricia Barlow Jim Barnes Larry Beatty Kings port, Dryden, Virginia Elizabethton, Tampa, Florida Wickeliffe, Ohio Westerville, Ohio Tennessee Tennessee Corrine Bell Richmond, Ohio Brenda Bishop Peterstown, West Virginia Joel Blackburn Westlake, Ohio Jimmy Blount Yorktown, Virginia Randy Blum Greenburn, Ohio Connie Britton Bloomfield, Indiana Sandy Broyles Noel Burtch Laura Caley Cathy Carr Bonnie Chapman Kenny Church Bel ford, Tennessee Indianapolis, Canton, Ohio Blountville, Cleveland, Ohio Johnson City, Indiana Tennessee Tennessee Connie Clements Lynne. Indiana Cookie Cole Johnson City, Tennessee Bonnie Crawford Conyers, Georgia Sheryl Criss Clarke Hill, Indiana Pam Cummins Covington. Kentucky Connie Curd Watagua. Tennessee Barbara Davis Harlington, Texas Cindy Davis Eastpoint, Georgia Cindy Davis Lexington, Kentucky Gary Davis Painesville, Ohio DeAnne Daum East Point. Georgia Treva Delp North Salem, Indiana Denny Dennison Lexington, Kentucky Diana DuBoise Winslow, Arizona Terry DuBoise Winslow, Arizona Kaye Duke Griffith, Indiana Sandra DuVall Kingsport, Tennessee Diane Eades Lexington. Kentucky Teresa Egan Clara Elliott Bill English David Everhart Janet Ferguson Gloria Fife Kingsport, Athens. Ohio Lexington, Kingsport, East Point, Georgia Johnson City Tennessee Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee OBMI Mt dm Larry Flynn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pat Frost High Points, North Carolina Caye Gasteiger Johnson City, Tennessee Edwin Geiser Johnson City, Tennessee Peggy Gilbert Envin, Tennessee Janet Gray Rushville. Indiana Peggy Gray Gravesport, Ohio Lyn Greene Naperville, Illinois Barbara Gresham Johnson City, Tennessee Doug Grass Quincy, Illinois Pat Harris Winthrop Harbor, Illinois David Harrison Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Mike Hatchen Sevierville, Tennessee Karen Henes Green Bay, Wisconsin Kaye Henry Johnson City, Tennessee Ernie Hertzog Anne Hill Carla Hoffman Greensburg, Kingsport, Williamson, Georgia Pennsylvania Tennessee Sharon Hoffman Steve Hopkins Frank Hunt Valencia Jarvis Patti Jones Paul Kelly Defiance, Ohio Caire, Illinois BluffCity, Lexington, Reidsville, Greensburg, Tennessee Kentucky North Carolina Pennsylvania Linda Kelly Bruce Kregloe Monte Lavman John Lecky Adie Leon Loretta Lvbrook Greensburg, Broadway, Virginia Columbus. Ohio Russianville, Pennsylvania Indiana Mark Makoski Greenford, Ohio Linda Manion Westport, Indiana Myra Mathes Johnson City, Tennessee Carol Mathis Billie Mayfield Alfrieda McAfee Lock Haven, Eau Gallie, Florida Garden City, Pennsylvania Kansas Rita McDaniels Mays, Indiana Rick Mclnfurf Newark, Ohio Tunis McKibben Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Patti McKinney East Point, Georgia Karen McPhe rson Kings port, Tennessee Darnell Messilc Canton, Ohio Debbie Myer Clay Miazza Toronto, Ohio Syosset, New York Mike Miles Margaret Miller Warren Miller Sandy Montgomery Indianapolis, Hanoverton, Ohio Greenwood, Indiana Casa Grande, Indiana Arizona Gary Murrell Westover AFB, Cathy Muse Mountain City, Mike Mutterpaugh Crawfordsville, Nancy Neuenschwander Carl Pappa Collingswood, Marilyn Pattengale Attica, Indiana Massachuseti :s Tennessee Indiana Angola, Indiana New Jersey n L R £ htm mA mm Ml irl mm Mark Powell Jerry Price Jo Ann Rhodes Sheila Rice Richard Roames Kathy Robbins St. Marys, Ohi Chilhowie. Virginia Caruthersville, Missouri Elk Grove Village, Illinois Hammond, Indiana Plainfield, Indiana Mark Roth Columbus, Indiana John Ruckman Waldon, Michigan Denise Rutzen Chicago, Illinois Connie Sand Los Angeles, California Bill Sherrod Johnson City. Tennessee Barbara Smith Marcia Smith Janet Stanley Marty Steucher Mary Stovall Piney Flats, Kingstown, Indian: West Liberty, Ohio Lexington, Decatur. Georgia Tennessee Kentucky- Shirley Stuart Darla Sweitzer Darrell Tate Ann Taylor A. C. Thomason Elizabethtown, Lock Haven, Appalacia, Virginia St. Louis Park. Elizabethtown, Kentucky Pennsylvania Minnesota Kentucky Carolyn Vogel Martha Walker Robert Walker Mark Webb Ann Winans Napoleon, Ohio Sappere, Hokkaido, Mill Hall. Johnson City, New Smyrna Beach Japan Pennsylvania Tennessee Florida Deborah Wingart Tampa, Florida Julia Wyant Columbus, Ohio Dennis Wyatt Largo, Florida Brett Younkin Tallmadge, Ohio Chancellor Dean E. Walker Joe McCormick 108 Dean of Students Guy Oakes Registrar Phyllis Fontaine Dean of Women Mary Young Dean of Men Duard Walker 109 English Juanita Jones Anna Crowder Marguerite Parris 110 Tracey Miller Carolyn Nipper Lois Hale 111 Social Studies Robert Hall _ V I I Robert Fife William Gwaltney 112 Business Hazel Turbeville Eugene Price 113 Foreign Languages Wanda Hampton - Earl Stuckenbruck Owen Crouch 114 Mathematics Guy Mauldin Dean Crosswhite Roy Hampton 115 Philosophy and Psychology Robert Wetzel Roger Sizemore " N m :• " ' , , Dennis Helsabeck Orvel Crowder 116 Sciences Lone Sisk Eugene Nix Lee Roy Herndon Dr. Gee 117 Education Allie Lou Gilbreath Euel Ownby Paul Clark James Shields 118 Physical Education Rowena Bowers r TH Harold Stout 119 Bible Henry Webb Beauford Bryant Richard Phillips Howard Hayes 120 Music Sherwyn Bachman Jeanetle Crosswhite 121 tfSBSy $8$ Buffs Second in Nation s Small The Buffs moved their home games to Happy Valley Gymnasium this season and here the fans experienced many memorable moments, both joyful and somber. Highlights of the season included. Milligan ' s ranking second in the nation ' s small colleges in free-throw per- centage; and Cash, Seegers, and Glass ranking 4th, 9th, and 15th, respectively, in free-throw shooting in the na- tion. The Buffs will be losing team captain Bill Seegers and Frank Hare, but the remaining nucleus will work hard to compile a winning record for the coming season. 124 MILLIGAN COLLEGE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Carson-Newman King Tennessee Wesleyan Clinch Valley Beckley Bluefield State King Tennessee Wesleyan Clinch Valley Concord L.M.U. Mars Hill Emory and Henry Tusculum Maryville Mars Hill Baptist College L.M.U. Emory and Henry Tusculum Carson-Newman Maryville Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home Home Home Home Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Away Away Home Colleges in Free-Throw Percentage f l m ' .X " , A I . 4H iJfal BFwvS- - Left to right: Roger Phillips, Charley Alderman, Tonie Cash, Dallas Williams, Dick Bock, Argil Jenkins, Gary Glass, Bill Seegers, Bill English, Frank Hair. KNEELING: Coach Stout. Cash, Seegers and Glass Rate Nationally 127 Spring Sports Lure Athletes Into Training m 128 -■■• J For the seventh consecutive year the cross-country team took part in the Volunteer State Athletic Con- ference Championship. Tom Manus placed second in the conference. Having never been beaten by his team members, he was chosen number one cross-country member. 129 tf» i- , l $W ' J tfS£S Victory — the Reward 130 OPPOSITE: Left to right. Bob Winters, Bob Young, J. B. Hampton, Tom Manus, Stan Kinnett. Ron Worrell, Darryl Brooks, and Coach Walker. BELOW: Left to right, Patti McKinney, Joyce Quilling, Laura Caley, Janet Ferguson, Corrine Bell, 2nd ROW, Miss Bonner, Mary Lou Phillips, Becky Day, Marty Flynn, Kathy Stout, and Rachael Backman. KNEELING. Karen Hagamen. " Vim, vigor, and vitality " were the key words of the girls ' basketball team this year. Under the coaching of Miss Bonner, the team performed their best against such teams as King, Mars Hill, Emory Henry, V. I., Sullins, and Hiwassee. For Hours of Practice 131 Under the coaching of Ralph Wheeler, the ten- nis team showed improvement in their tennis tactics and team play. TENNIS SCHEDULE Maryville Mars Hill L.M.U. Tusculum Emory and Henry Emory and Henry Carson-Newman Mars Hill Tennessee Wesleyan L.M.U. Tusculum King -n» " V S. T M[ After losing the ' big 1 five ' , this year ' s baseball team was one of rebuilding, and in accomplishing this task they established a record of 11 — 14. The Buffs had a rugged 25 game schedule, and Paul Molchan and Mike Mutterspaugh finished the season batting well over .300. Gayle Cox was the leading pitcher with a 3 — record and an ERA of 0.00. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Pembroke State Maryville Oglethorp Carson-Newman Georgia Tech. Emory and Henry Furman Mars Hill Franklin, Ind. Emory and Henry Elmhurst, 111. Tusculum Marshall Carson-Newman Wooster College Tusculum Appalachian State L.M.U. Mars Hill Maryville L.M.U. Cox Finishes 134 Season with E.R.A. oj 0.00 » 135 + r» Below: ROW I — John Boston. Reid Taylor, Larry Moody, J. B. Hampton, Bruce Kreglor, Stan Kinnett, Rick Blair, Danny Saunders. ROW 2 — Burt Sparks, C. L. Scarce, Jim Comis, Larry Hogan, John Hutton. Danny Smith, Willie Church, Eddy Garland, Dave Phillips. ROW 3— Coach Stout. Mike Mutters- paugh, Joe Smith, Gayle Cox. Gary Elliott, Larry Gray. Molchan and Mutterspaugh Finish the Season Hitting Over .300 136 : %-Jt Intramurals are always an important part in the lives of Milligan students and this year was no exception. It was a close race with the winner undecided until the final game. The Born Losers won the championship with a ' come from behind ' victory over the White Hats. Team W L TCT Born Losers 11 1 .917 Va. Hogs 10 2 .833 White Hats 9 3 .750 Alpacas 6 6 .500 Big Orange 3 9 .250 Hardons 3 9 .250 Born Losers Capture Football 138 Intramural Crown 139 .— ■ ■-o. I . Jt ■ » i!X F. Three school records in track were broken by two members of the team. Dan Clifton set two new school records for the 100 and 220 yard dash. His times for these were 9.7 and 21.3. Using the same pole Dick Plynale used ten years ago, Steve Kardos set the new pole vault record at 13 2 3 4 feet. Dan Clifton represented Milligan in the national N.A.I. A. meet in Billings, Montana. Buff ' s Break Track 140 gar-- " ; -. B js«aK»«fc. m ' " .-., MB ■ Records 141 - a Dan Clifton Runs 220 in 213! $ ' 143 WRESTLING SCHEDULE Ga. Tech Invit. Univ. of Chattanooga Maryville Appalachian State Western Carolina Georgia Tech Georgia Western Carolina Univ. of Tennessee Triple Dual at Georgia Auburn Sewanee Maryville SEIWA Tournament 144 After a 9 — 4 — 1 regular season, the Milligan matmen entered the twenty-third annual Southeastern Intercollegi- ate Wrestling Association Championships held at Auburn University. Also entered in the meet were the SEC rivals, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Tech, Univ. of Florida, and Univ. of Tennessee. From this meet with participating schools twenty times the size of Milligan, the Buffs placed second, only three points behind the all-powerful Auburn. Pete Beavers, 145 lbs., and Tony Farrace, 177 lbs., won the S.E.I.W.A. championship in their respective weight classes, and by virtue of their victories, they were sent to Omaha, Nebraska to compete in the N.A.I. A. wrestling tournament. Milligan Places Second in S.E.I. W.A 145 146 147 Jane Abrell Sandi McCoy Connie Britton ■ i %. ■ Mi t ■ w - ' Jib 1 . aj « ' ' .41 V- ' Myra Mathes 148 i .. ri ' -A:. . , .;? ' ? ' ' Marty Stuecher Kathy Muse Sharon Hoffman 149 Spanish empire II Fl ' RNITl RE ■ CORPORATION P. O. BOX U, CRB JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE 37G01 Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1214 Sycamore Street Come see us! Member F.S.L.LC. 4 m M Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. of Johnson City $ " jn }f S ■G X AR i 405 SOUTH ROAN STREET JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE 37601 FRED MOORE MA NSHOP Phone 542-4233 Elizabethton Tennessee CITY DRUG STORE For All Your Drug and Cosmetic Needs Elizabethton Tennessee ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM " Lowest rates in the Nation " DIN OS RESTAURANT 420 Elk Avenue Elizabethton Tennessee FAIR ' S JEWELRY 422 Elk Avenue Elizabethton Tennessee PENNEY ' S ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 509 Elk Avenue Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of SOUTHERN CAFE Elizabethton Tennessee Office Supply Co. Johnson City office supplies and furniture 928-3184 Corner Drug CORNER MARKET and BOONE STS. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE PHONE 926-1781

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