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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1968 t MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1729 7 a new image . . . M U.UGAN COLL . 1968 buffalo Milligan College, Change is consistent with programs in our era, and Milligan College is no exception. In this annual we wish to em- phasize the new along with the tradi- tional. Thus as we turn the pages of 1968, a new image of Milligan Life is unfolded. Milligan College, Tennessee Contents Introduction Activities Sports Clubs Faculty and Administration Classes Advertisements 11 2% Traditions from the past and hopes for the future N?Q ' ■■ i,M become the present Yet Milligan ' s heritage is strong enough to adapt and endure. v Mr 13 Dedication Dr. William C. Gwalmey 14 For his advice, counsel, and friendship, the Class of 1968 is proud to dedicate this annual to Dr. William C. G wait new 15 y0 ■ ' ■-. - --::■•■ HHP .■}.;.. MM? W ■ ' : : §s§ • I ¥;-:, 1 ' k, HnS activities ;. - ' V ' s Ss,» Chapel Complete In the fall the Chapel was finally completed when the cross was placed on the steeple. 18 19 Founder ' s Daughter Candidates Music Department Mary Ruth Dickson Christian Service Club Sue Sellmer Bykotas a nd Service Seekers Penny Phillips 20 Circle K Sherrie Covert Pre-Med Club Robin Craig Sigma Delta Psi Carolyn Clark 21 S.N.E.A. Donna Harkey Judo Club Sarah A tha Civitan-Civinette Publications Carol Wilson Linda Walters 22 iu. Founder s Daughter 1968 Miss Sherri Covert Concert Series Richard Leibert Organist Eastman Brass Quintet " ■;;! ' : ' ' : ' ■■« ' •;?: mi J f ■ -2 . ... ' A Ml I " I 1 1 1 v - 1 V ?n x. ' f ¥ 1 r» yy,. w K » i» - 1 " i " E. ' f i jjjj fc ft™ 4 1 liPP ft KmZ:: 1 y ■ ' m mi vM v- Mfc y . 1 Rk 1 ;, .,_;.(_ m % ' , j . f B J V l - 4 ' ™ t « iMiiiiig ' ' ' " ' 1 si r 1 • ' . ' CTL. ,,,,.,1 J ■ IMMflff jMRESP ■• ■ • : : ' -. r -. If 5 1 P b J p- : ; : " J- ' . imp? ' - 1 Clebanoff Strings 24 A Comedy of Errors American Classical Theatre Adriana meets her husband ' s twin and mistakes him for her husband. Dromio suffers at the hands of his master for a mistake made by a tv 25 Circle K Sweetheart Kitty Walker escorted by Steve Malhis Carol Wilson escorted by Pete Diekmann Robin Craig escorted by Mike Gearhart Melinda Young escorted by Jack Page Carolyn Clark escorted by Mike Biddle 26 Jo Dean Neese escorted by Tom Harned Donna Harkev escorted by Dick Barnard wvpmnK w sag HW»t»JliB ■ as ■ ■ . M . 27 Footlighters in Action J.B. ■ -■ ■ ■ ' " ' ■ ' ' J 4 4 4i m W . ' :S?:.,. . ,.T: dMjp plPP _ ■ I I xm ....... 1 . ■ -. " ■..■■ ' .■ :.:,;■ .. . ■ . . ■ ■,,■■■ . ■. .-. .--■ ■■■■■■■ -y.j.. ■ .•■• •. -r r s iJ ' Mm Babes in To viand 28 Several students give some time each week to Project Help in an attempt to aid Johnson City ' s underprivileged children. Meanwhile, other students are busy trying to help themselves Every student at Milligan graduates summa cum laude in " wailing ' 29 Spring! When things gel really dull, you can always go to classes Lei us stroll down to the Post Office together so that we can dust out our boxes. Everybody loves the Ice Cream Social. 30 Some of our luckier students hold class out on the President ' s lawn. : ' .« y The question is. " Does Rapid Shave really out-shave them all? ' JoAn Osborne puts the Library to good use. 31 Class Miss Freshman Lezlee Eick Miss Sophomore Katy Moffit 32 Beauties Miss Junior Kathy Wymore Miss Senior . H m sH,M E K«oR.M L " Mary Ruth Dickson MIUIGAN COLLEGE MUCM COLLEGE. TEHN. 37682 33 - , jp % r Jim Cord ■ : Don Jeans Joyce Smith Linda Walters Who ' s Who in American y ., V4 » ♦ Z- wmm: ■-■ ■ «. ■. fr ■», t i Lloyd Knowles Carol Wilson Colleges and Uni versities « ?3N : Alan Hoffman Marilyn Banks Flagpole Dedication The Honorable James Quillen congratulates Miss Jones while Dick Barnard, president of Circle K, looks on. The Science Hill High School Honor Guard raises the flag on the pole that Circle K dedicated to Miss Ivor Jones. A wards Don Jeans receives Senior oj the Year A ward Other top seniors receive awards front President Walker. 36 Graduation Graduates assemble in Seeger A uditorium because of cloudy weather. All candidates for a Bachelor oj Science degree are recognized. Alumnae Final role call 37 r ; ?£5 • ;. ; s 1 ' : 22 :■■ •5!;«,Ofo?i i .-V sV ' i i I®.. Ssgf: sports Coach Walker, Ci Weaver. Barry Wallace, Bob Young, Tom Manns, Bob Winter, Darrell Peer Cross-Country V.S.A.C. Champs 6th Consecutive Year This was another exciting year for the Milli gan Cross-Country team. It is believed that the 1967 team is probably the best as a total team that Milligan has ever had. In addition to winning the V.S.A.C. Cham- pionship, this team placed fourth in the N.A.I. A. District 24 which is composed of teams from Kentucky as well as Tennessee. They missed third place by only three points. BEFORE The 1967 Cross-Country team defeated the following: Mars Hill 2 Carson Newman 4 Appalachian State 2 Ashville-Biltmore 3 Western Carolina 1 ' Christian Brothers 1 Union University 1 They lost to: Cumberland (Kentucky) 2 Kentucky State 1 David Lipscomb 1 Milligan Marathon Run It began in Knoxville at 4: A.M. and ended 110 miles away, in front of Pardee Hall, at 6:35 P.M. AFTER 40 Barry holds the school record on the present course, 19:25.5. set November 7. 1967 during a meet with Appalachian Slate. Barry finished first in V.S.A.C. and then took a well- deserved rest. Coach Walker takes a trip to the creek after 6th consecutive V.S.A.C. win. 41 Wrestling FIRST ROW: Bruce Biuenbender. Tony Farrace, Bruce White. Larry Kurtz SECOND ROW: Mike Boyd — Manager, Mike Morasca, Jim Macllwain, Bill Dona von. Scott Hoi ton scores with a pin. A great season for the wrestlers: U. of Georgia 13 Carson Newman 14 U. of the South 19 Maryville 6 Appalachian State 25 V. of Tennessee 13 E.T.S.U. 19 Maryville 14 Carson Newman 10 Chattanooga 14 Chattanooga 8 E. T.S. U. 8 North Carolina 20 Georgia Tech 16 Eastern Michigan 23 Is it a pin or not. Sam? M M M M M M M M M M M, M, M, M M gan 28 gan 24 gan 23 gan 20 gan 12 gan 25 gan 19 ' gan 22 gan 25 gan 26 ' gan 32 gan 30 gan 9 gan 28 ' gan 18 42 Milligan won fourth place in the South-Eastern Intercollegiate Wres- tling Meet placing behind Auborn, Georgia Tech and University of Georgia. In this meet Pete Beavers was champion in his weight class— 145 lbs. as was Tony Farrace in his weight class — 177 lbs. Runners-up in their classes were Bruce Bitten- bender — 165 lbs. and Mike Mo- rasca — 191 lbs. Congratulations for a job well done. Tony Farrace, Pete Beavers. Bruce Bittenbender, Mike Morasca Bruce works on his man Tony sets up the pin. 43 ■ feH| Basketball Strategy Captain Bill Seegers scores two. AA The Buff cagers got off to a slow start this year but managed to end the season with a 10— 20 over-all record and a 3 — 7 record in the conference. The team won seven out of their ten last games and were fifth in the nation in free throw percentage. Leading the Buffs this year were " Toonie " Cash with an average of 26.9 points per game and Bill Seeger with an average of 16.2 points per game. Cash, a freshman, also received an Honorable mention to the Ail-American team and made All-Conference. " Tonnie " Cash. No. I scorer— 26.9 average per game 45 Cheerleaders V immiMiJ M)0S»m»mmmti$ 0l)m L-R. Linda Lee — Captain. Peggy Scott, Karen Hyder, Jeannie Robcke — Captain, Toni Taylor, Cathy Cross, Marilyn Walker The Cheerleaders have worked hard this year to promote spirit in the student body. With their ability and enthusiasm they have done a great job. With the help of many of the clubs on campus the cheerleaders were able to get new uniforms for the second half of the season. 46 " Watchful waiting ' S-U-C-C-E-S-S Happy cheerleaders and a happy coach after a victory. 47 Track FIRST ROW: Tom Manns. Don Hettinger. Cy Weaver. Barry Wallace. Bob Winter. Bill Lowe SEC- OND ROW: Bob ) ' oung. Darrell Peer. Ron Worrell. Don Skeens, Richard Cassiday, Glen Dougherty. Coach Walker Even though the over-all record of this year ' s track team was not the best, two school records were broken. Richard Cassiday set a new school record in the 220 yard dash with a time of 22.2 seconds. Barry Wallace broke his own record with a new time of 4:22.6 minutes in the one mile run. Alan Hoffman, a senior who was not on the team this year, still holds the school record in the 440 yard intermediate hurdles. Barry goes on to set a new record. 48 Nice going. " Critter ' Gayle Cunningham lakes a hurdle. lib. 49 i I ' -. J x W ' ■ FIRST ROW: . .Ifoms. C. Scow £. Garland. L. Brrd. R. Taylor. W. Miller. P. Reed. SECOND ROW: 5. Kinneii. P. Molchan. R. Blair. S. Smith. B. Mar;:. B. Simmons. E. Mise THIRD ROW: T. Buchman. G. Cox. D. Rhodes. T. Clark. R. Watson. J. Comis. S. Robinson — Most I aluable Player. Baseball Vi HHBH Hold him on. Jim. Molchan — perfect form - ? Rhodes stretches 50 1968 Schedule Tough but Rewarding M.C. 6 Pembroke State 16 M.C East Mich. 8 M.C. 7 Pembroke State M.C. 13 Furman 6 M.C. I Georgia Tech i M.C 6 Furman ■) M.C. 2 U. of Georgia 3 M.C. 8 Furman 7 M.C. 6 Concord M.C. 9 Mars Hill 6 M.C. 2 Concord 5 M.C 8 Mars Hill 7 M.C 9 Concord 2 M.C 3 Carson Newman 5 M.C. 4 Tusculum M.C. 13 Tusculum 7 M.C. Emory Henry 1 M.C. 16 Marvville M.C. 7 Emory Henry- 5 M.C. 6 L.M.U. 5 M.C. 2 Mars Hill 3 M.C. 3 U.T.M.B. 6 M.C. 7 Mars Hill Coach Sioul surveys the field. 5 M.C. Furman Reid Taylor " Anyway l 5 ' can. ' Wjp r L Coach and Millie Stoul with the newest and youngest member of the team — Tony. 51 FIRST ROW: Jeff Kans, Jack Metheany, John Powers SECOND ROW: Bill Seegers, Dr. Reed- Coach, Tom Kim. Tom Kim The Kim brothers stand ready. 52 Intramurals ' ££ tic- Members of ihe Intramural Basketball Champion Team " The Governors " Sam O ' Dell, Jimmy Fink, Marly Hudkins. Warren Miller, David Shepherd Middle Left: The " Born Losers " took the football championship away from the " Men in While Hats " . Intramurals? The girls basketball team had a tough schedule this vear but did a good job. They played teams such as Sullins. Virginia Intermonl, and Carson Newman. 53 % E HHS Now see that line . . . ? 54 Coach Stout awards Stan Robinson — Most Valuable Player for baseball. Whew! 1-2-3-4. 55 !■=■■: B ' :U ; :i ' ;«K, ' :.:3 V;V : ;;: ■■ " ■ ::: ' ' He lo ves his golf. 56 Slow traffic keep right. Hold still. 57 I. v - Si llswi i ■ . ' • z iiill i ' ! a } ■ . ; ■■■.. " ' ; vv ' ■;, ' ; ? ■-■.,-... V v ' .■•:;■•.■ v. :■:-.... .. ■«•■■•.-■■ ;.r . , . . .. mm ■ . . MB ' ! " ,• " . ;. ' " .■%? IP ■ ' ■■s f ' . •:- ' ; 51 ? ; ■» • ' :■.: ' ' • .; ' ' ■ ' . ' ' . ' , ' • _ - ■ ' . «B t§;ill ifiplpt 0R 1 i rifittf ,Jt? I clubs Glen Schull Dick Barnard Barry Wallace Donna Harkey Linda Marrs Donna Goforth Bob Young Sharon Pierponl Sarah Atha Kathy Wymore Lezlee Eick Linda Bibb Student Jacque Carroll — Secretary Dave Varn ' er — Vice President John Ellis— President Alan Hughes Kenny Hart Council Alan Ahlgrim Steve Wood Gary Balser Shirley Douds Jeannie Comer Gerald Haase -Treasurer Mr. Lawson -Advisor Pre-Med Club FIRST ROW: Vickie Inge, Dawn Seeley SECOND ROW: Tom Kim. Prof. Sisk. Bob Ledman THIRD ROW: Bill Lowe. Darrell Peer. Bob Mavnard. Steve Barnhart. Mike Kasler. Pre- Law Club Jim Tolhill. Bob Bower. Mark Craig. Gary Fail. Bill Johnson. Mr. Hall. Jim Forringer. 62 Philosophy Club FIRST ROW: Bob Morion. Jack .Melbeany, Jeff Knowles SECOND ROW: Jack Knowles, Jerry Carriger, Cecil Johnson, Diane Cowley, John Powers, Sieve Patrick. Stampede Staff Linda Lee, Sieve Wood, Wilbur Tague.John Rohrbaugh.John Dull. Rick Gordon. 63 Christian Service Club FIRST ROW: Pat Dales, Beth Ries. Linda Carpenter. Elaine Gil am, SECOND ROW: Mike Boyd. Patty Bryant, Mary Willaimson, Brim Simmons. David Trumble. Bob Shores. John Rohrbaugh Service Seekers FIRST ROW: Linda Groves. Sharon Hamilton. Linda Lee. Gloria Hewitt SECOND ROW: Beth Ries. Tina Grunder. Mary Anne Shotwell. Myra Kidlowatz, Shirley Kleiner — President. 64 Fellowship of Christian Athletes FIRST ROW: Ed Garland, Bill Lowe. Dave Harris. SECOND ROW: Bud Wandrei. Larry Dabney. Wayne Moore. Tom Kim By hot as Dave Trumble. Mike Boyd. Brim Simmons. Rick Rowan. John Rohrbaugh. Bob Shores. Alan Ahlgrim. Wayne Fife. 65 Sigma Delta Psi Dan Baker Smith Bolejack Phil Boots Paul Cerovac Bill Goetz Scott Holton Steve Kiger Stan Kinnett Tom Secord David Siminatis Brian Teeple Jim Tothill David Waugh Bob Winter Ron Worrell pictures taken by Stewart Bertland 66 Webb Hall Dorm Council ROW ONE: Larry Ritter. Denny Fife, Wayne Fife ROW TWO: Bill Moore, Spanky Ray ROW THREE: Ray Stahl, Jack Knowles ROW FOUR: Mike Biddle, Mike Watson ROW FIVE: Bill Smith ROW SIX: Gary Colvin. Curt Pittinger. Concert Choir 67 Footlighters FIRST ROW: Marilyn Pugh. Bonnie Crabili. Beverly Enoch. Linda THIRD R£)W: Becky Yundt, Mark Wilson, Bill Branson. Pal Hayden. Gloria Hewilt SECOND ROW: Donna Goforth, Dina Boot, Magness, Rick LaRue, Tina Grunder, Bill Oates. Ann Dalton, Joe Lance. Linda Pierce. Jov Moss. J anice Mclntvre Alpha Psi Omega L-R: Janice Mclntvre, Marilyn Pugh, Donna Goforth, Dina Boot. Bill Branson. Mac Lee, Tina Grunder, Ken McCullough, Beverly Enoch. Jacque Carroll, Roger Presley. 68 Circle K FIRST ROW: Alan Ahlgrim. Phil Cobb, Francis Page, Danny Ed- wards SECOND ROW: Mike Bundy. Tom Horned, Bob fruitt. Boh Bower, John Smith, Tony Ingle, Mark Craig THIRD ROW: Roger Smith, Jack Page. Rodney Irvin, Gary Chandler, Garv Fait, Gerry Haase, Steve Mathis FOURTH ROW: Dick Barnard, Pete Diekman, Mike Biddle, Mike Gabehart, Steve Hyatt. Alpha Phi Omega 69 Pardee Hall Dorm Council L-R: Buford Deaton — Head Resident, Marty Rilsch, Gale Cunningham, Marty Young. Bruce Bitten- bender. Tom Fore. Hardin Hall Dorm Council L-R. Bill Goetz. Jerry Pass. Dan Merricks, Dan Rainey. Jim Comis. Ellis Sawyer. 70 Hart Hall Dorm Council L-R: Cathv Cross, Linda Lee, Irene Hansbury, Cindy Anderson, Robin Craig — President, Penny Phillips — Vice President, Alia Nighberl — Treasurer, Linda Walters. Sutton Hall Dorm Council L-R: Farzaneh Dargahi, Sheryl Walker, Betty Jo Harden, Ginger Mitchum, Janet Wratlon, Shirley Douds — President. Karen Mood. 71 Civil an FIRST ROW: Larry Ritter, Mr. Ownby SECOND ROW: Steve Haupt, Glen Dougherty. Steve Barnhart Richard Cassiday. Ed Goan Jim Davis. David McKowan, Curt Pittinger. Duane Black- burn. Civinettes FIRST ROW: Ginger Roth, Nancy Jones, Kathy Wymore. Sarah Motley. Linda Marrs, Rindy McNeil, Carol Wilson — President, Toni Taylor, Sybil Sensibaugh, Joyce McCullough, Jeannie Comer, Connie Davis SECOND ROW: Linda Batton, Kathy McKee. Jean Robcke, Donna Harkey, Pam Davis, Marsha Elliot. Elayne Baer, Jill Bowman. Carol Bridwell, Linda Bibb, Jo Ann East, Mary Glenn Dunn. 72 MClub FIRST ROW: Wayne Harris, Tom Kim. Larry Dabney, Wayne Moore, Gale Cunningham. Bob Win- ters, Glen Dougherty SECOND ROW: Don Hettinger, Barry Wallace, Bud Wandrei, Ed Garland, Dave Harris, Bill Lowe. Buffalo Ramblers SITTING— Bill Oates L-R: John Neth, Herr Shaffer, Rick Rowan, Bud Gibson, Stan Kinnatt. Lewi. Gabehart.Jan Gresham. Dina Bool. 73 Ski Club L-R: Jim Byerly, Jan Mclnlyre, Louis Gabeharl. Dave Harris Judo Club L-R: Linda Pierce, Harry Hobson. Bob Ledman. Mike Guion. 74 Math Club Anne Mikesell, Rick Rowan S.N.E.A. FIRST ROW: Marie Garrett, Harrv Hobson, Marilyn Walker, Lezlee Eiek SECOND ROW: Patty Bryant, Becky Ormandy. Joyce McCullough THIRD ROW: Shirley Kleiner, Paul McKowen.Jean McFadden. 75 faculty and administration 78 President ' s Message i4r During each of the past nineteen vears I have wondered how this one might exceed the last " vf« Yet, in one respect or another, each Senior Class has won its own distinction. The Buffalo: ' records in some measure, this constantly rising quality. Through all these vears the mark of Christian gen- - tility has remained, forming a common bond which marks the Milligan family. The events recorded in this annual are yours for all time in your memories. The quality of life you have absorbed during your days at Milligan can grow increasingly rich as you carry forward with you the practices which, identify you through the Christian education here received. In the providence of God you will find this life effective, and of surpassing value, in whatever career you may choose. Through the faculty you have been privileged to hear the words and see the acts of the Master Teacher before whose teetiMl of us sit in reverent learning. Before vou is the privilege of translating His teaching into the comprehension of those with whom you live. By this process, you have the high privilege of extending our Lord ' s Kingdom out of the troubling struggles of our world ' s people. ik forward. The Future is better than the past — if only we create that future in the presence and under the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ. Live in faith and in hope — and He will make the dreams of the present the ? realities of tomorrow. «i«i miisM i L?m f AsOzh vlaS MR. GUY OAKES Dean MRS. MARY YOUNG Dean of Women MR. DUARD WALKER Dean of Men 80 DR. ROGER SIZEMORE Coordinator oj Student Life MRS. PHYLLIS FONTAINE Registrar MR. B. J. MOORE Business Manager 81 English Mrs. Anna M. Crowder Miss Lois Hale American Literature is essential for all English majors and minors. 82 Mr. Roy Lawson talks with two of his students. Mrs. Dorothy Bryant Mrs. Addington Mrs. Marquerite Parris 83 An English Literature class discusses Charles Lamb ' s " Dream Children ' i Mrs. Carolyn Nipper Mrs. Sandra Smith Mrs. Aleen Jones 84 Business Mr. Eugene Price, professor of economics and business administration conducts a final sale of centennial souvenirs. Dr. Samuel Thompson Economics and Business Administration Miss Tubeville and her " children " . Miss Hazel Turbeville Secretarial Science 85 Social Studies Dr. Robert Fife Sociology and History Miss Ivor Jones History Dr. William C. Gwlatney History Dr. Tsao Government, History, Chinese 86 One of Milligan ' s assets is the informal relationship between students and faculty. Above, two sociology professors, Mr. Hall and Dr. Fife, talk with Tim Sharpe and Alan Hoffman respectively. Mr. Robert Hall Sociology 87 Foreign Languages Mr. Donald Shaffer German Mrs. Wanda Hampton Latin Polly Wells assists students in the language lab. ' :■--.» ' : ' .■ Dr. Owen L. Crouch Greek 89 Psychology and Philosophy Dr. Dennis Helsabeck Phychology Dr. Orvel Crowder Phychology Cwtoa» . ' ■ ' .:■% uwUfT TT 1 fef ' _ fl aHBl A J Ik Dr Robert Wetzel Philosophy Miss O. Estelle Pinkston Phychology Mrs. Georgia Stewart Phychology 90 Mathematics Mr. Guy Mauldin Mr. Roy Hampton Mr. Williams Mr. Dunn 91 Fine Arts Mrs. Dorothy Wilson Art Mr. Robert P. Bernard Music Mr. Bachman works with a voice student. 92 The Milligan College Concert Choir is very well known and well respected. They have recorded several albums and perform frequently during the school year as well as on tour. - s y e Miss Jeanette Elder Music Mrs. Rachel Bachman Music Mr. Sherwyn Bachman Music Choir Director 93 Science Mr. Ralph Wheeler Prof. LoneSisk Dr. Robert Ewbank 1 ' ! A r. Wallace Dr. Gee 94 Chemistry Lab requires concentration. Mr. Nix Mr. Roy Hampton Dr. Lee Roy Herndon Mr. C. Warren Fairbanks 95 Religion Dr. Webb prepares to make chapel announcements. Dr. Phillips Dr. Charles Gresham Dr. William C. Gwaltnev Dr. Owen L. Crouch 96 97 Library Mrs. Mary Archer Assistant Librarian Mr. William Ware Assistant Librarian Mr. John Neth Librarian A lot of work is necessary to keep a library operating. 98 Education Mr. EuelJ. Ownby w 1 ' ■• ' " ■■ W JLv ■ " ■ ' ■ •« Hu C fl C? 7 |P ' -i w : W " " Hr f I V B t ■ --■ ' ■ ■ ■ " H - 1 ■ Mrs. Allie Lou Gilbreath Dr. James L. Shields 77428 99 Physical Education Barry Wallace, an outstanding athlete, receives an award from Coach Walker. 100 Miss Bonner tries to keep her girls in line. I » V Mr. and Mrs. Stout present their son Ton) Some conscientious students try to improve their volleyball game. 101 Staff 1 1 102 Mr. Stanley Newton Student Union Manager Mrs. Willie Botkin Housemother Mrs. Willie Martin Housemother Mrs. Sadie Kinlaw Housemother Mr. and Mrs. Duard Walker Head Residents — Webb Mrs. Lucy Swain Housemother Mr. and Mrs. Buford Deaton Head Residents — Pardee 103 Miss Arlene Skaugset Assistant Dean of Women Mrs. Emerald Webb Secretary to Mr. Moore Mrs. June Leonard Secretary to Don Clark • " is Miss Faye Filby Secretary to Vice-President Mrs. Deaton Secretary to Dean 104 Mrs. Virginia Laws Accountant Miss Charlotte Blevins Cashier Mrs. Sarah Smith Bookkeeper Miss Loretta Short Secretary to Mrs. Young Mrs. Lorie Anderson Secretary to Dr. Siiemore 105 Wrff ' A ' ..;■ IW m ■S i Bk ; Wmm. imM mim mm mm Z : W-: ' ' - mm spmm?. ■y:n: M mm , aasff- --.,.,.--..- ....... siM 0;;$ IP ' . ' : mm ' M iy U wmm -1 - - - ' ' ■■ ' -. fills ;■;? ' ;; " ' I i . ■ ' II PiilPPfl WsmM ..: ' ■ 1 HI ■ ■ ' , ' " ■;•;?. " = W.-, ' ..ia. ' .- £ ill ' v- ■ ' ::■•■ ' :■•: . ' ■.-.■. ' ' .™.i Sil® r; --P ' m4 ££. ;€t S;S; MMiA: : ■.;•.■; |fe Hi sasigaS IHHB W?: ' V i.- •■ - ■-. sPfl ... " . i;M m m :1V . " i .: M¥? ' ■ ' L ill! : l fflBNT " . ' ■ ' . ' ■. ■M ' - J; .-- g jl classes Class of 1968 Class Officers Left to Right: Alan Hoffman — President, Mary Ruth Dickson — Secretary, Lloyd Knowles — Treasurer, Alan Hughes — Chaplain, (not pictured) Gary A tkinson — Vice-President. Graduates Jo Ann Alligood Washington, North Carolina A.B. English Danny Joe A nderson Johnson City, Tennessee A.B. History Sarah Lynn A tha Clinton, Ohio A.B. Social Studies Marilyn Banks Elizabelhlon, Tennessee A.B. English Nancy Jean Bowen Olney, Illinois A.B. English Daniel John Baker Ponliac, Michigan A.B. Music 108 Richard Francis Barnard Chesapeake, Virginia A.B. Psychology Barbara Lee Bradford Carmel, Indiana B.S. Secretarial Science Mary Buchanan Elizabethton, Tennessee Paula Goodwin Buskell Richlands, Virginia B.S. Secretarial Science Carolyn Sue Clark Lexington, Kentucky B.S. Psychology Thomas E. Clark Danville, Indiana A.B History James Cord Stow, Ohio A.B. Music Robin Lynne Craig Hammond, Indiana A.B. English Barbara Whittimore Crain Johnson City, Tennessee B.S. Social Studies Robert Lee Davidson Clinchport, Virginia B.S. Business Administration James Andrew Davis Wilkinson, Indiana A . B. Social Studies Mary Ruth Dickson Etowah, Tennessee A.B. Psychology 109 Clifford John Dull Soldiers Grove. Wisconsin A.B. History Robert Douglass East Cleveland Heights. Ohio B.S. Business Administration John Edmund Ellis San Francisco. California (APOl Korean Broadcasting Mission A.B. History John A. Elsea Kingsporl. Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Dean A l red Everharl Johnson City. Tennessee A . B. Social Studies Jimmy Lester Fink Kingsporl, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Vivian Kay Fish Milligan College. Tennessee Daniel A. Gastineau Car met, Indiana A.B. Psychology Edwin Carroll Goan Morristown. Tennessee B.S. Psychology Gretchen Elaine Graf Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Music Gerald Thomas Haase Summit, Illinois B.S. Business Administration Irene Ivins Hansbury Titusville, New Jersey A.B. Business Administration Margaret Hardin Elizabethton, Tennessee Donna Louise Harkey East Point, Georgia B.S. Physical Education Robert W. Harris Clay City, Illinois B.S. Physical Education Kathryn Louise Hayes Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. Bible David Alan Hoffman Defiance, Ohio A.B. Bible Harry B. Hopson Millersburg, Ohio A.B. History Martin Dale Hudkins Know, Indiana B.S. Mathematics Lawrence Eugene Huff Kingsport, Tennessee A.B.Bible Alan Wayne Hughes Ladoga, Indiana A.B. Religion 111 John William Hughes Milligan College, Tennessee B.S. Mathematics Sue School er Hughes Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. English Glenna Hall Barherlon, Ohio A.B. Music Anthony Roger Ingle Bristol, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Wandaleen James Jonesville, Virginia A.B. English Donald Richard Jeanes College Park, Georgia A.B. History Med ford Herbert Jones 11 Johnson City, Tennessee B.S Chemistry Tilda Jane Jones Pennington Gap, Virginia A.B. English Linda K. Kennedy Hampton, Tennessee Shirley Joy Kleiner Dan ville, Illinois A.B. History Lloyd Alan Knowles Northfield. Ohio A.B. History- Mac Lawrence Lee Kilgore, Texas A.B. Bible 112 David W. Lindenthal Tilusville, New Jersey William Doran Love Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. Psychology John Graeme MacDonald Prince Edward Island. Canada A.B. Language Margene E. McBride H-artville. Ohio B.S. Psychology Alice Joanne McDowell Indianapolis. Indiana A.B. Christian Education Valerie Jean McKoewan Mentor. Ohio B.S Psychology Lala McKinney Roan Ml.. Tennessee B.S. Secretarial Science William Floyd Martz Broadway. Virginia A.B. History Daniel Preston Merricks Roanoke, Virginia B.S. Biology Donald Earl Mikesell New Paris. Ohio B.S. Mathematics Paul Edwin McKowen Long Beach, California B.S. Business Administration Edward Lee Mise Danville, Virginia B.S. Phvsical Education 113 Grade Rulh Moody Hearice, North Carolina B.S. Secretarial Science Jacqueline Lee Moore Bristol, Virginia B.S. Psychology James William Moore Loyal . Kentucky B.S Psychology James Shade Morris Winston-Salem. North Carolina A.B. English Jo Dean Neese College Park. Georgia A.B. English Joseph Michael Biddle Columbus. Indiana B.S. Psychology John Watson Neth 111 Milligan College. Tennessee B.S. Biology Alia Kay Nighbert Indianapolis. Indiana A.B. History Park Netting Huntington Beach. California A.B. History Joe Kern Noe Haperville, Illinois A.B. Bible Etta Lynn O ' Dell Bristol. Tennessee B.S. Psychology Sammy Lynn O ' Dell Piney Flats, Tennessee B.S. Health and Physical Education 114 Becky Jane Ormandy Mooresville, Indiana A.B. English Jack Wayne Page Charleston Heights, South Carolina B.S. Mathematics Linda Kay Patlon Jewell Ridge, Virginia A.B. Social Studies Penalee Ann Phillips Barberton, Ohio A.B. Psychology Curtis Leroy Pittinger, Jr. Newport News, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Jerry Plummer Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Physical Education " fo N fc " $ ii ' «i a wwwiMM A4. 115 Gary Douglas Porter Brilliant, Ohio A.B. Bible Sharon Bairn Rakes Milligan College Tennessee B.S Psychology Thomas Arthur Rakes Milligan College, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Mary Rasor Elizabelhton, Tennessee James Alan Ray Toronto, Ohio A.B. History Barbara Limerick Robinson Milligan College, Tennessee B.A. Psychology Stanley Brooks Robinson Milligan College, Tennessee B.S. Physical Education Gordon Lynn Rogers Milligan College, Tennessee B S. Physical Education Sherrie Covert Rogers Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. Mathematics Richard Edgar Rowan Pittsburg, Pennsylvania A.B. Mathematics Robert Lorson Schaff Elizabelhton. Tennessee B.S Business Administration Caroline Scharfstein Johnson City, Tennessee 116 Sue Ann Sellmer New Palisline, Indiana A . B. History Amanda Ballingal Sells Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. English Rebacca Black Sharpe Gale City. Virginia B.S. Psychology Timothy Byron Sharpe Savanna, Georgia A.B. Chemistry David R. Shepherd Kingsport. Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Elizabeth DeVares Shields Johnson City, Tennessee A.B. English Gloria Wright Shore Milligan, Tennessee A.B. English Dan Sipes Batavia, Illinois A.B. Mathematics Betty Jane Smith Bristol, Tennessee A.B. English Frederick Marland Smith, Jr. Milligan College, Tennessee B.S. Physical Education Joyce Keilman Smith Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. English Nancy Anne Smith Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. English 117 Roger Keith Smith Columbus, Ohio A.B. History Ronald E. Smith Pinely Flats, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Woodrow Michael Smith Milligan College. Tennessee A.B History Roger Lee Stiltner Grundy, Virginia B.S Business Administration Wilbur Allan Tague Danville. Indiana B.S. Business Administration Margaret Trudell Templeton Ten Mile, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Alice Marie Tenney Barberton, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Sandra Crawford Vowell Johnson City, Tennessee B.S. Secretarial Science Kitty Raye Walker Reidsville. North Carolina B.S. Psychology Barry M. Wallace Toronto, Canada B.S. Physical Education Linda Kay Walters Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. English Michael Lynn Walton Cloverdale. Indiana B.S. Physical Education 118 Mike Watson Galax, Virginia B.S. Psychology Thomas R. Wigal Akron. Ohio A.B. History Richard Lyle Williamson Wellington, Illinois A.B. History Carol Diane Wilson Sarasota, Florida B.S. Mathematics Ellen Jane Wilson Columbus. Ohio A.B. English Myral O Winebarger Pinely Flats, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration William Lawrence Worcester Flushing. Ohio A.B. History Melinda Elaine Young Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. English Stephen Young Glen Cove, New York Patricia Cross Bower Milligan College, Tennessee B.S. Psychology Rachel McGllvrey Rilchey Joliet, Illinois A.B. Religion William Tolson Miami. Florida B.S. Social Studies 119 Class of 1969 Rob Libbee — Chaplain. Linda Marrs — President, Steve Mathis — Vice-President, Carol Clifton- Secretary, Ron Cunningham — Treasurer. A Ian A hlgrim Chicago, Illinois Linda Armstrong Canton, Ohio Cindy Anderson Darlington, Indiana Darlene Balser Bethel, Ohio Stuart Bertland Charlotte, North Carolina Sue Blanchard Charlotte, North Carolina Karen Bolejack Rural Hall. North Carolina Marie Boone Lexington. Kentucky Dina Boot Toronto. Canada Linda Carpenter Staunton. Virginia Jacque Carroll Indianapolis, Indiana Paul Christen Scotch Plains, New Jersey 120 Carol Clifton Columbus, Ohio Gary Colvin Canton, Ohio Jerry Combs Oak Ridge. Tennessee Jeanne Comer Linside, West Virginia Nancy Cornelius Joppa, Maryland Farzansh Dargahi Tehran, Iran Glen Daughter}- Greeneville, Tennessee Marilyn Davis Lexington, Kentucky Becky Day Gale City, Virginia Linda Delp Harriman, Kentucky Donna Duncan Colu mbus, Indiana Danny Edwards Galax, Virginia Marsha Elliott Thousand Oaks, California Denny Fife Hyatteville, Maryland Trudy Fife Hyatteville, Maryland Wayne Fife Johnson Citv, Tennessee 121 Alice Finney Akron, Ohio Woody Fisher Vandalia. Illinois Kalhy Fogleman Sabina. Ohio Elaine Gillam Springfield. Missouri Linda Gray Groversporl, Ohio Linda Groves Danville, Illinois Christina Grander Carrollton, Ohio Linda Haun Erwin, Tennessee Janet Hendrickson Jackson, Michigan Gloria Hewitt Apple Creek. Ohio Robert Hottinger Faithersburg. Maryland Tom Kim Gary, Indiana Marcia Kling Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Jack Knowles Northfield. Ohio Linda Lee Indianapolis, Indiana Robert Libbee Cincinnati, Ohio John Lippard Indianapolis, Indiana Robert Lowe Mountain City. Tennessee John Mclnlyre Milligan College, Tennessee Steve Mathis Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Sue Matthews Cincinnati, Ohio Ginger Mitchum Booneau, North Carolina Karen Mood Danville, Indiana David Morris Gammidipondi, India €iM4iA ( 0? V r t $L± A 122 Marilyn Payne Zonia, Illinois Debbie Peck Columbus, Ohio Janet Poe Knoxville, Tennessee Marilyn Pugh Indianapolis. Indiana Joan Richardson Hillsville. Virginia Racheal Ritchey Elizabelhlon, Tennessee Martin Rilsch Cincinnati, Ohio Larry Ritler Rossville, Illinois Frank Sells King, North Carolina Jim Smith E izabethton, Tennessee Mark Smith Richmond. Indiana Tim Smith Roanoke. Virginia Doug Theobald Columbus. Indiana Lyn Ward Great Neck. New York Sandra Widner Winston-Salem, North Carolina Janet Wralten Lawrence. Indiana Kathy Wymore Cincinnati. Ohio Bob Young Louisville. Kentucky Donna Zollman Nedora, Indiana 123 Class of 1970 CLASS OFFICERS: Darrell Brooks — Vice President, Tom Fore — President. Cathy Cross — Parlia- mentarian, Darrell Peer- Chaplin, Diane Skillman— Secretary, Cal Wilson—Treasurer. Jane Abrell Indianapolis, Indiana Curtis A kard Blountville, Tennessee Cheryl Allen Trafalgar, Indiana Emily Austin Hammond, Indiana Jo Ann Bailey Rockwood, Tennessee John Banks Elizabethton, Tennessee John Beck Hope, Indiana Greg Bermel Chicago, Illinois Dave Bissett Radford, Virginia Cheryl Blake Patashia. Ohio Thelma Bond Tulsa. Oklahoma Eddie Booth Salt ville, Virginia 124 Phil Boots Crawfordsville, Indiana Judy Butler Danville, Indiana ShelbaJean Brown Chandler, North Carolina Patty Bryant Columbus, Ohio Sue Ellen Cheek Louisville, Kentucky Charlotte Choate Galax, Virginia Patricia Clark Winchester. Virginia Jean Courtney Fi ndlay, Ohio Gale Cunningham Wellington . Illinois Cathy Cross Lynn, Indiana Dennis Crossman McKeesporl, Pennsylvania Carmen Dardanel Hicksville, New York Connie Davis Weslace, Texas Paul Davis Falls Church, Virginia Linda Dillon Lexington, Kentucky Mary Donnelly Johnson City. Tennessee Jo Ann East Chatham, Virginia Harry Farris Saltville, Virginia Gay Forbes Elizabethton, Tennessee Larry Forbes Johnson City. Tennessee Tom Fore Lexington, Kentucky Roger Gardner Tonawanda. New York Texas Joe Gasperson Chandler, North Carolina Cathy Giffin Mount Gilead, Ohio 125 Donna Goforth Kingsport. Tennessee Lin Gress Sparta. Michigan Carole Grizzle Marieite, Georgia Karen Hagaman Attica, Indiana Betsy Hambrick Bristol, Virginia Shirley Harris Mowreystown, Ohio Sue Hart Cincinnati. Ohio Charlotte Hays Jonesboro. Tennessee Deanna Howell Green Mountain, North Carolina Larry Howell Johnson City, Tennessee Julia Huddleston Hixson. Tennessee Marchetta Hunt Louisville, Kentucky Leighton Johnson Stamping Ground, Kentucky Susan Johnson Barberton, Ohio Joyce Jones Bel Air, Maryland Jan Jordan Gasporl, Indiana Bill Kilpatrick Savannon, North Carolina Karen Knight Carmicheals, Pennsylvania Jeff Knowles Northfield, Ohio Myra Kullowatz Washington, D.C. Roy Kustanbauter Bellefonte, Pennsylvania Shirley Laughlon Claycity, Illinois Bill Ledman Rockville, Maryland Claudia Leuthold Defiance, Ohio 126 Marilyn Lewter Richmond. Virginia Jim Liverett Indianapolis, Indiana Jerry McCune Sleubenville. Ohio Linda Mc Daniel Mays, Indiana Mary Lou Marcum Hamilton, Ohio Bill Marler Hampton, Virginia Robert Maynard St. Petersburg, Florida Jack Metheany Phoenix. Arizona Katy Moffitt Crown Point, Indiana Steve Morion Kingsport, Tennessee Jane Mull ins Lake City, Florida Barry Mumpower Big Stone Gap. Virginia Ruth Newton Milligan College, Tennessee Bill Niemi Quincy, Massachusetts John O ' Dell Pinev Flats, Tennessee Palsy Orr Jonesville. Virginia Linda Phillips West Liberty. West Virginia Sarah Prescolt New Born , North Carolina Joyce Quilling Ormond Beach, Florida Bonnie Reese Salem, Virginia Beth Ries Wheeling, West Virginia Jean Rhinehardl Bluff City. Tennessee Paul Roberts Havanna. Illinois Rusty Roberts Eustis. Florida Kathy Roeger Canal Winchester, Ohio Ginger Roth Columbus, Indiana Ingrid Sadler Rah way. New Jersey Ellis Sawyer Washington, North Carolina Jerry Sedwick Groversport, Ohio A ndrea Shipley Bristol. Tennessee Glen Shull Canton. Ohio Diane Skillman Cincinnati. Ohio Ginny Yule Killenning. Pennsylvania Mary Ellen Sprang Big Prairie, Ohio Kalhy Stout Alliance, Ohio Wally Swink Blacksburg, Virginia Cathy Sycks Barber ton, Ohio Cheryl Tagtie Danville, Indiana Reid Taylor Danville, Virginia Ruth Ann Taylor Abingdon, Virginia Karen Tenney Barberton. Ohio Grade Washabaugh Willowick, Ohio Rich Williams Kingsport, Tennessee Mary Williamson Winchester, Virginia Barbara Jean Wilson Forrest Park, Georgia Cal Wilson Sarasota, Florida Pamilar Wood Spray, North Carolina Steve Wood Indianapolis, Indiana Lillian Vogel Napoleon, Ohio 129 Class of 1971 I ■ CLASS OFFICERS: Eno Nicoson — Treasurer, Janice Myers — Historian, Gary Balser — Presi- dent, Joyce McCullough — Vice President, Clarinda Phillips — Secretary, Bill Baynes — Chaplin. Elayne Baer Anniston, Alabama Gary Balser Bethel. Ohio Steve Barnharl Williamsport. Indiana Bill Baynes Cincinnati, Ohio Cathy Bell Lexington. Kentucky Pall ' i Blakeslee Crawfordsville, Indiana Smith Bolejack Rural Hall, North Carolina Bob Bower Mill Hall, Pennsylvania Joby Bowers Elizabelhton, Tennessee Jo Ann Bowles Covington, Virginia Jill Bowman Jonesboro, Tennessee Carol Bridwell Kingsport, Tennessee ftjfcfcfc 130 James Brown Chuckey, Tennessee Jean Brown Paris, Illinois Phyllis Browning Williamstown, Kentucky Connie Cain Bristol, Virginia Richard Cassiday Kennard, Indiana Paul Cero vac Parnia Heights. Ohio Diane Clamon Johnson City. Tennessee Keith Corn well Dan ville, Indiana Bonnie Crabill LeHarpe, Illinois Mark Craig Hammond. Indiana Donna Cross Hammond. Indiana Patricia Dales Grundy. Virginia Sharon Daubert Columbus. Ohio Nancy Davenport Lonni. Illinois Linda Davis Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Pam Davis Martinsville, Virginia Leilee Eick Ontario. Canada Eric Ellis Dayton, Ohio Cathy Flett Aurora. Illinois Mike France Callin. Illinois Jeanie Fulmer Cincinnati. Ohio Lewis Gabehart Leitchfield, Kentucky Marie Garrett Knoxvil e, Tennessee Harold Gibson Bristol. Virginia 131 Jan Gresham Hardinsburg, Indiana Louise Gum Roseberg, Oregon Sharon Hamilton Felicity, Ohio Dewey Hancock Danville, Virginia Wendy Hanselman Cincinnati, Ohio Pat Hardesty Lexington, Kentucky Pat Hardwick Williams, Indiana Linda Hay den Cincinnati, Ohio Sharon Hays Indianapolis, Indiana Scott Holton New Born, North Carolina Donna Howell Livonia, Michigan Karen Hyder Lakeland, Florida 132 £ar r Jarvis Salem, Virginia Mike Kasler Wooster, Ohio Tom Knode Grovesporl, Ohio Sieve Knowles Pleasant Hill, California Barrie Lassiter Martinsville, Virginia William Lee Sallville, Virginia Bob Ledman Rockville, Maryland Linda Lisle Cadiz, Ohio Diana Lomison Salladasburg. Pennsylvania Sandi McCoy State College, Pennsylvania Ron McCready Sallville, Virginia Joyce McCullough Seattle, Washington Debbie McGee Elk Park, North Carolina Jean McFadden Hammond. Indiana Janice Mclnlyre Norlhfield, Ohio John McKee Johnson City, Tennessee Kathy McKee Thousand Oaks, California Mary Jane Marshall Blacksburg, Virginia Karen Moberly Lexington. Kentucky Bob Morion Kingsport, Tennessee Joy Moss Jefferson town, Kentucky Sarah Motley Chatham, Virginia Janice Myers Cincinnati, Ohio Nancy Noe New Albany, Indiana 133 Bonnie Norton Cleveland, Ohio Bill Oates Akron, Ohio Lewis Owens Lexington, Kentucky Yvonne Parker Muncie. Indiana Rita Parris Johnson City, Tennessee Carolyn Pelton Roscommon. Michigan Nancy Perdue Edison, New Jersey- Beverly Phillips Lakeland, Florida Clarinda Phillips Butler, Pennsylvania Linda Pierce Columbus. Ohio Sharon Pierpont Indianapolis, Indiana Sharon Pits Farwell, Michigan Marty Ramsey Mountain City. Tennessee Patti Rasar Elizabethton, Tennessee Pat Rhinehardl Bluff City, Tennessee Katherine Richardson Elizabethton, Tennessee Howard Roberts Indianapolis, Indiana John Rohrbaugh Canton. Ohio Jeffery Salyer Elkhorn City, Kentucky Heidi Schwensen Canton, Ohio Peggy Scott Lexington, Kentucky Tom Secord Miami, Florida Kay Sedwick Grovesport, Ohio Dawn Seeley Johnson City. Tennessee 134 Kathy Sheets Bristol, Virginia Susie Strong Big Stone Gap. Virginia Jim Tothill Winston-Salem. North Carolina Bob Traill Louisville, Kentucky Dave Trumble Sheldon, Illinois Linda Turner West Liberty, West Virginia Carol Vilches Ridgewood. New York Marilyn Walker East Poinl, Georgia Judy Weaver Indianapolis, Indiana Ruby Webster Lexington. Kentucky Robert Wells Cincinnati, Ohio Donna White Eastern Springs, Illinois Larry White Elizabethlon, Tennessee Linda Whitehead Elizabethlon, Tennessee Carol Wilhelm Canton, Ohio Edward Willis Sullivan. Indiana Margaret Wood Grundy. Virginia Judy Woodruff Cincinnati, Ohio Vicki Young Minneapolis. North Carolina Becky Yundt Lafayette. Indiana 135 WKSr HHr ■ ; i advertisements GEORGE OLDHAM ASSOCIATES, INC. General Insurance 926-0137 Travel Bureau 928-8161 John Sevier Hotel Building Johnson City, Tennessee BECKNER ' S INCORPORATED Jeweler ' s for 82 years Diamonds, watches, and Jewelry Johnson City, Tennessee INSTANT SHOPPING FROM PENNEY ' S CATALOG Phone Today 542-4195 Penney ' s Elizabethan DIXIE BOWLING LANES Route 6, Elizabethton " We would like to extend an invitation to the Milligan College student body and faculty to bowl at Dixie Lanes. " Come Soon! WATSON ' S Where so much " more " Costs so much " less " 527-529 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee LOUIS SHOE SHOP 117 Buffalo Street Johnson City, Tennessee 15% discount to college students The Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of all Johnson City business firms, is proud to extend its services to the students and faculty of Mill igan College. We are proud you have chosen Milligan College to be your Alma Mater. We invite you to make Johnson City your home. " An old city growing young. " Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 CLINCHFIELD RAILROAD COMPANY Erwin, Tennessee THE NETTIE LEE SHOPS 240 242 East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee " Nothing is Permanent in Fashion But Good Taste. " Compliments of RITCHIES, INCORPORATED Nationally advertised Furniture-On-Easy-Terms Dial 542-4177 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee DINO ' S RESTAURANT Open 10:00 AM— 8:00 PM 420 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Johnson City, Tennessee " Upper East Tennessee ' s Largest " COLEMAN STUDIO 404 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee " Where Photography is an Art " Jack Ramsey, Owner Fred Bowers, Photographer Specializing in Bridal Portraits and Weddings PARKS-BELK, CO. Home of Better Values Johnson City, Tennessee Bank at the HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK of Johnson City " Where we try harder ... on your account " 4 offices to serve you Member of F.D.I.C. Compliments of SUPERIOR HOME CORPORATION Erwin, Tennessee BOWMAN JEWELERS ' Home of the Diamond Vault " 121 Fountain Square Johnson City, Tennessee THE BOOK SHOP ' We can supply any Book in Print ' John Sevier Building Johnson City, Tennessee HANNAHS, INC. Men ' s Clothing Ladies ' Wear Johnson City, Tennessee Mill igan Students Welcome Here JONES-VANCE DRUG CO., INC. " Ethical Prescription Service " Corner of Main and Spring Streets Johnson City, Tennessee 926-7196 KINGS Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store FRED DAVIS JEWELERS Elizabethton, Tennessee Milligan ' s headquarters for Artcarved — Keepsake Starfire — Orange Blossom Diamonds " Peace of mind guaranteed " Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND F. W. W00LW0RTH CO. LOAN ASSOCIATION of Erwin, Tennessee Johnson City Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE ARCHER ' S GROCERY Elizabethton, Tennessee SERVICE STATION Milligan College, Tennessee For all your Drug and Cosmetic Needs Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1214 Sycamore Street Come see us! Member F. S.L.I. C. tributed more to mankin eats the baby ' s bottle . . . runs computers . . and heats the home . . . i large for electric powc • Electric power works around the ck in extremes of heat and cold. It is unique. Science has found no substitute for it. We pledge to provide you an abundant supply of electric power — at low cost — to help this area move forward " V new age. ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM " Lowest rates in the Nation " Compliments of WALLACE ' S SHOE STORE Serving East Tennessee 236 East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Agents for Olvetti Underwood Electrical and Manual Typewriters, Calculators and Adding Machines Johnson City, Tennessee GRIFFITH MOTORS, INC. East Tennessee ' s Largest Pontiac — Buick Opel— GMC Dealer Telephone 928-71 1 1 P.O. Box K West Side Station Johnson City, Tennessee ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY UNITED STATES FIDELITY and GUARANTY COMPANY Main at Gay Erwin, Tennessee HILLCREST DRUG STORE 700 West Market Street Johnson City, Tennessee 926-6231 Thank you for your patronage, John Sevier Barber Shop Autographs 149 In dex " A Comedy of Errors " 25 Activities 16 Advertisements 136 Alpha Phi Omega 69 Alpha Psi Omega 68 " Babes in Tovland " 28 Baseball . . ' . 50 Basketball 44 Buffalo Ramblers 73 Bykota 65 Cheerleaders 46 Choir 67 Christian Service Club 64 Circle K 69 Circle K Sweethearts 26 Civinettes 72 Class Beauties 32 Clubs 58 Collegiate Civitan Club 72 Concert Series 24 Cross Country 40 Dedication 14 Faculty and Administration 77 Fellowship of Christian A thletes 65 Flagpole Dedication 36 Footlighters 68 Founder ' s Daughter 23 Founder ' s Daughter Candidates 20 Freshmen 130 Graduation 37 Hardin Hall Dorm Council 70 Hart Hall Dorm Council 71 " J.B. " 28 Judo Club 74 Juniors 120 " M " Club 73 Math Club 75 Pardee Hall Dorm Council 70 Philosophy Club 63 Pre-Law Club 62 Pre-Med Club 62 President ' s Message 79 Seniors 108 Service Speakers 64 Sigma Delta Psi 66 Ski Club 74 S.N.E.A 75 Sophomores 124 Sports 38 Stampede 63 Student Council 60 Sutton Hall Dorm Council 71 Track 48 Webb Hall Dorm Council 67 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 34 Wrestling 42 151

Suggestions in the Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) collection:

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