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WM Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1967 C.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1728 9 The Time . . . . . 1967 E. H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLIGAN: COLLtGE MILLIGAN COLLEGE. TENN. 37682 The X 13,CC • • • . . . milligan college milligan college tennessee NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN The BUFFALO T)t 2t1 The Setting . . . tw-Z ' w ' " ' 1 .SI ,-., ' l!;,if I ' V RiPiPiilSMsli The Campus . . . provides opportunities for learning with our professors, with people that care for us, with people that we care for and opportunities to learn by ourselves ... to be alone. People thinking, people dreaming, people waiting . . All of these are a part of our lives. isr Sif !- t i M We know that there is someone to turn to . . . some place to go, even if it is to the Hbrary. We rush from class to the cafeteria to grab a quick lunch and a short breath between the hurry and the scurry of things. Even on a lonely path there are footprints on the gravel and buds on the trees ... all signs that life has been and will continue to be. But, we are stepping ahead of ourselves! Milligan wasn ' t always like this . . . Milligan . . . yesterday ,- ' ' Buffalo Creek Church Hopwood House Nestled in the hills of East Tennessee an idea became reality in the form of Josephus Hopwood ' s dream of a Christian college. In 1866, Mr. Hopwood succeeded in gaining a charter for Buffalo Male and Female Institute which became Milligan College named in honor of Profes- sor Robert Milligan of Kentucky University. 1 13 Mee Hall— 1913— was a girls dormitory and cafeteria until it burned beyond restoration in 1915. 14 Progress became the key for Milligan. Slowly with determination the fore-fathers began a tradition of Christian Education — the Hope of the World. Needed classroortis were added when the Administration Building was built in 1885. Later it burned and was replaced in 1919 by the present building. Anglin Field was developed in the twenties becoming the sight of many football games. We open the pages to another year at MiUigan. This year offers new hopes, new dreams, and n ew plans of the future. It brings friendships and memories to last for a lifetime. At the end of the year, we must close our book and begin a new chapter next year. The Story of the Year Frosh Welcomed by Campus, The 1967 Bujfalo remembrances of freshmen this one fades to become college career. They shall always with their arrival acquaintances wh party, their team along with High events all lead up Milligan family. is the visual record of the our college years. To the year of specific events soon a fragment of their whole remember Freshmen Week on campus and their new ich began at the mixer sports and creek events, and Low Council. These to becoming a part of the First stop for Frosh Say! This is quite interesting. Capers and Classmen A nyone care for a swim? Oh! The excitement of registration. Ooh, is this water cold! ■ K ,, ,, _ MX • ■■ m - US % o9 ' ■ - " v jvPH M Ib - " ■ " ' SSS ) m 19 They have a chance to become better ac- quainted with the President at the president ' s reception. Throughout the week come numerous sur- prises, one being the Mystery Special. Then there is the day of registration and the ex- citement of the first day of classes. To seal their memories and to become an official member of the Milligan family, each takes part in the Matriculation ceremony. A ticklish affair! Father Time visits Milligan. 20 Thank goodness! Holocaust only comes once a year. Freshmen being greeted al the President ' s Reception 21 Would you believe a dermatologist? Ugly Men Invade Milligan AH i need is a good night ' s sleep. I will not submit! My lips are sealed. He ' s not good-looking, but he sure is sweet. Sophomores Sponsor Slave Day Juniors Sponsor Twirp Week We are Utile pickaninnies. How you. Sassafras? 23 Kangaroo Court is now in session. Hi ' ya. Joe! Hi ' ya! Mr. Price performs for Twirp Week. STUDENT-FACULTY ENTERTAINMENT Faculty entertainment is a favorite event among the students. Here, various members of the faculty participate in a basketball game with the intramural council. Keep up the good work, coach and team! All right, guys, I have the plans. Come on coach, only three more quarters to go. Coach must have lead in his feet. It only hurts when I laugh. Behind the Scene . ♦ . at Milligan Campus scenes and dorm life are all a part of college, and here at Milligan we ' re no different. A little strange maybe . . . " In the spring, a young man ' s fancy . ' The girls ' ' bop in to the Dairy Queen , curlers and all. Are you going somewhere. Sandy? Is that right, Tracey? Is it worth all that thought? Have you had the pleasu re of meeting the late Josephus Hopwood? ' -; t ' f " F ' No news is good news, Faffy. 25 Sue Black Gayle Sue Harrison Janet Henning Jan Moon Nancy Smith Eriine Soutlierland Karen Webb Circle K Sweetheart " Circle K, " organized at Milligan College some three years ago, crowned Gayle Sue Harrison as " Circle K Sweetheart " on the occasion of " Sweet- heart Reception " in the Student Union Building. The gala event featured nine senior girls vying for the club sweetheart. The coveted title was equiva- lent to automatic endorsement by the club for Founder ' s Daughter. The Sweetheart reception consisted of entertain- ment by Wayne Fife and a presentation of the candidates. This is the first time any club on the Milligan Campus has ever chosen a sweetheart, and Circle K plans to continue and make it into a tradition for future organizations. Members of Circle K made this send-off of the Club ' s social activities a memorable one for the Milligan Campus. Jim Jessee acts as Gayle Sue ' s escort. Ed Springman, president of Circle K, presents Gayle Sue Harrison with flowers. Entertainment is provided by Wayne Fife and Gretchen Graf. Tony Ingle and Mike Biddle talk with sweetheart candidates, Karen Webb and Barbara Bullis. Founder ' s Daughter Candidates Carol Horning Choirs Nancy Smith Civitans and Civinettes Connie Bullock Sigma Delta Psi 29 Sue Black S.N.E.A. Karen Webb Linda McBane Physical Education Club Pre-Med Clu b - 3 % Founder s Daughter 1 967 ««! Miss Judy Wilson ) Founders Day Events Founder ' s Day was crowded with events this year. A parade was sponsored by the Student Council. Various clubs and organizations made floats and displays, depict- ing the theme of the centennial. The evening brought the Founder ' s Day Banquet with the presentation of the Founder ' s Daughter. Then there was the traditional Student-Alumni Basket- ball Game. Time passes quickly, but there will always be a Founder ' s Day at Milligan. V Ib H Hl J ' El 31 iL sflH i 1 IM K 4V »[ w iilMI hr ii| 3( H fc B Hp ' -in Bil a1 HI BK % ' ' ' HH I V mli Mr. Russell F. Blowers Founder ' s Day Banquet Speaker ' Hold it. Doc. You ' re shooting for the wrong goal. " " Heads up, boys. Dr. Sizemore just made his starting kick-off. ' .m Zii i : Sigma Delia Psi First Place Floats Circle K Second Place Civitan-Civinelle Clubs Third Place MlULlGftN COLLEGE. It 33 Displays X Freshman Class Hardin Hall S.N.E.A. 34 TOWN CRIERS The Town Criers came to the Milligan campus Saturday, November 26, 1966. They are a versatile singing group who travels from campus to campus and from city to city. They sing songs made popular by most vocalists and singing groups today. They were a part of our Founder ' s Day activities. Their " them poems " swept the campus in a big way and kept the students busy writing for the " Stampede " and reciting for their friends. They will remain with us as one of the finest entertain- ment groups on campus. o . Riia Spurlihg Gayle Sue Harrison i : , ; Rick Everrqac , miS«BB!r ;■ Norin Hyder :, ::: ::Mi ' :. ■■• • " ■ ,■ ' ■■!. ' ■ , ' , ' HHHH HH Rf- ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■; ' ' ;; ■ - ' •: ' i ' ;■:■■;■ ' : ' ■ ' ' ■■ ' ■ ' AY i HMMMM||H| Pi,v . ' ! ' ■ ' ■ - ' l j : ' ' -- ■■ ' ■. " ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' . ' ■ ,,, ' • ' " ' ,! ■:■: " . ' ■ ■ ' " WBBILm AtuitiHiMiUMSM 1 :: ' ■ " . ■ . ■, ' ' lii ifcu ii ia ' i ' . T " , ' ; ' ' ,„i; v ' .,;■ ' ■ :■ ' ■ ' ■• ' •. ' , ' ' ' ■■■.:;„;;:;;•■ ' : ' ■!;;,, ' ;•;; ; ' ' Darry Hood Erline Southerlarid Who ' s Who in American • " %)t ' ' •yCw.! S- m ' H ffr t4t: td Springman Judy Guion Judy Wilson Judy Washier Carol Horning Colleges and Universities APO Alpha Phi Omega is a new service fraternity on campus this year. They sponsored a Sweetheart Contest, choosing nine girls for their sweetheart candidates. From these nine were chosen a sweetheart and her court which consisted of a first runner-up and one representative from each class. These girls were judged on beauty, charm, poise, and personality. The sweetheart and her court will reign at all social functions sponsored by the fraternity. Marsha Elliot First Runner-Up Linda Bibb Freshman Representative Sherri Covert Junior Representative Barbara Bullis Senior Representative Kathy Wymore APO Sweetheart 38 Sweethearts Becky Black Carolyn Roop Rindy McNett Jackie Buetell 39 Everyday Occurrences ' May I speak to Jerry Judd. please? " " I ' ll match your one and raise you three. ' Decisions! Decisions! " Hey Betty. Turn around. We want to take your picture. " 40 In a Girl ' s Dormitory ' Go get ' em chicken heart. ' " I have more trouble rolling my hair. ' Brusha! Brusha! Brusha! This is the way we iron our clothes. 41 Shake that rug. Donna. Religious Life Religious life is an important aspect at Mil- ligan. There are weekly prayer meetings held in both the boys and the girls dormito- ries. Our chapel service, church attendance, and daily prayer, all contribute to a well- rounded religious life important to all Christians. Ken and Judy pray before Sunday dinner. Sandy Smith leads songs al a Harl Hall prayer meeting. Boys from Webb and girls from Hart combine in a weekly prayer meeting. 42 Welshimer Lectures Annually Milligan is host to the P. H. Welshimer lectures which commemorates Mr. P. H. Welshimer, a donor to Milligan. He has given much time and money to the betterment of our campus, and we show our appreciation by giving a week to him. ' The Big Four " Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Phillips. Mr. John E. Baird, lecturer, and President Dean E. Walker converse at the reception. Dr. Crowder going back for thirds. 43 Concert Series The Lillle Angels Jake Holmes Concert Theodore Ullmann, Concert Pianist This year Milligan sponsored a number of concerts for our entertainment. They were a delight to attend in our new Seeger auditorium and were most profitable for those who attended. ' Everyone " enjoyed the Jake Holmes Concert. 45 Concert Choir ' s Maestro Owens! ) ({ y jAI ' O Sing it girls. What enunciation! 46 Recording Session The confusion of a recording session. ■ F?»:annpBk ' V HHH H ■Pl SM 1 JlfA Sn l QL 5 r Bb I Kfw H H B BiPsi l m r ■ ■V v ,.— m .i H I H ■i m HBL aatixs i Rest ye tired and ye weary. Bull sessions between recordings. A7 Town and Really girls, ihey aren ' t that bad. are they? Make sure he does il right Pete. Washing is such a bore for a man. 48 ampus Candids Open the door to knowledge. Uh. Jack, you have ihe wrong fool. Jackie and Linda take a break after a hard day of shopping. 49 Nothing ' s better than getting letters. Don ' t be so shy, Danny and Jo Ann. If glares could kill Enjoying a delicious meal in our cafeteria. SO Studying is such a bore. Are you bored with it all? Women! Turn about is airplay. Miss McNett. 51 Class Miss Senior Nancy Smith Miss Junior Sherrie Covert Beauties Miss Freshman Carmen Dardanet Miss Sophomore Kathy Wymore CARRY ON CAMPUS A P E R S didn ' t want those eyelashes anyhow. Huh. I just don ' t give a rip! ' ' ' A w gawrsh . Cindy. ' Engrossed with the news of the campus. Mr. Harlan Tarbell. magician, performs at the Sweetheart Party, assisted by Sharon Bairn. 55 Long hours of practice, sweat, strain, hard work . . . all this for only minutes of competition. What is the reward? Glory . . . not much; money . . . none; but an inward satisfaction, a deep-felt drive to be active in athletic competition. Athlet ics Cross-Country During the about seven years of its existence, the Buffs cross-country team has won now five consecutive V. S. A. C. titles. This year was another first they flew home from their victory. V.S.A.C. Champs 1966 TEAM MEMBERS Barry Wallace Bob Winter Cy Weaver Dale Underbill Don Wymore Roger Smitb Pat Quinley Arigle Jenkins Bill Judd Charles Dobson Dave Thompson SCHEDULE Two head men. Mill igan Opponent 24 AshevilU ; Biltmore 36 81 Brevard 20; Wingate 61;A-B 82 23 Mars Hill 71; Carson Newman 37 15 Mars Hill 50 43 Cumberland (Ky.) 20 22 , Carson Newman 39; Mars Hill 73 30 Carson Newman 62; Asheville Biltmore 38 V.S.A.C. Milligc jn 33 Union 40 Carson Newman 50 Christian Brothers (disqualified) Denotes a perfect score. Coach — Duard B Walker 58 On Your Mark What they ' re thinking . . . Don — " I think my shirt ' s got too much starch. " Pat — " Did he say 4 miles! " Cy — " Oops, forgot to wash my elbows. " (Argil ' s just anxious.) Barry — " Ho- hum. " Dale — " Wonder what they ' re having on the hill tonight. " Dave — " Now, if I just hide. " Roger — " Would you be- lieve. " Charlie — " Burrp! " Bill — " I knew I should have gone to the restroom. " Vnij •-■ tXlTtia... Get Set . . . l|lllllllllll[A|||((!|ifl!i ; Barry wins . . Go! even using only one leg! Basketball ROW I — Tim Sharpe, Larry Hughes, Benny Arnold, Argile Jenkins, Ken Jones. ROW 2 — Tom Fore, Tom Davis, Dick Hatfield, Bill Tolson, Frank Hare, Gene Honeycutt. ROW 3 — Charlie Dobson, Bill Seegers, John Engelby, Gale Cunningham, Sam O ' Dell. Hoffman, Terry Owens. Not Pictured — Alan MC OPP. 115 Alumni 66 Asheville Biltmore 42 Wofford 42 Carson-Newman 92 Mars Hill 59 Tenn. Wesleyan 91 Maryville 76 Emery Henry 54 Carson-Newman 79 Mars Hill 43 L.M.U. 58 King 64 Shorter 60 Georgia S. Wester 79 Maryville 68 Tusculum MC OPP. 99 (H) 50 Tennessee Wesleyan U. 80(H) 96(A) 63 Emery and Henry 71 (H) 74(H) 59 Lincoln Memorial U. 92(H) 106 (H) 88 King 67(H) 85(A) 63 Tusculum 68(A) 83 (A) 53 Wofford 60 (A) 75(A) 108 Asheville Biltmore 96(H) 79(A) 58 Sewanee 80(A) 84(A) 80(H) V.S.A.C. Nashville 70(A) 69 Belmont 110 62(A) 91(A) 57(A) 78(A) 65(H) Overtime 60 Frank tips in two more! Alan arches loftly free throw as Millie in upper right . . . looks on in wonder. Gene goes for ball. Could thai be Dr. Wetzel playing for Maryville? Frank takes aim. Right: Seegers and Hare eye the ball in battle with Carson New- man. " The easiest two I ever made. ' Did you have to throw it so high ref! Gene springs high for this rebound against two Mary- ville opponents - Seegie is asking him if he wants help. Was this an intentional foul on Argil? Holy mad-Buff. 62 Sigma Delta Psi brings the coffin for the Tusculum Pioneers. The Bolshoi Ballet in action! 63 Wrestling ROW 3 — Ken Hart, Danny Carr, Rex Jackson, Tony Farrace, Jack Gillman, Dr. Crowder, Coach. ROW 2 — Jon Webb, Tom Hicok, Bruce Bittenbender, Jerry Cole, Larry Kurtz, Ray Miller. ROW 1 — Duane Blackburn, Cal Wilson, John Mclntyre, Dennis Vacente, Bill Donovan. Milligan Matmen Nov. Georgia Tech. Tournament Dec. Pembroke Dec. St. Andrews Dec. Appalachian State Dec. Maryvilie Jan. Chattanooga Quadrangle Jan. Maryvilie Feb. Knoxville " Y " Feb. New York Maritime Feb. Georgia Tech. Feb. Georgia Feb. Carson-Newman Feb. Morehead State, Ky. Feb. Knoxville " Y " Feb. Carson-Newman Feb. Southeastern Conference March Southern Open 13 dual matches 7w 3 first place W W L L Milligan placed L W L L W W L W W 6 loses Graduating Matmen Rex Jackson Lee Cerovac Lee pins his man! Last pin of his college career . The winner . Father and son battle it out! 65 On the sidelines . . . He ' s smiling or could he be in pain? Toni stalks his man . . . They call it ear rubbing. Below: Kenny prepare to kick an opponent. Milligan wrestlers are friendly but mean. Now listen — I ' m gonna ' win Farrace — a human stretching machine? Rex watches for a pin. Hicok takes opponent head over heels! Intramurals Football Champs MEN IN WHITE HATS Bottom; J. Knowles, J. Cord, G. Colvin, B. Smith, D. Eberhardt. Top: W. Swank, M. Lee, M. Smith, J. Knowles, L. Knowles, D. Hendrickson. RECORD 12—0 White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats White Hats 24 30 18 14 30 18 24 win by forfeiture win by forfeiture 18 win by f orfeiture 12 igma Delta Psi Whites Sweet Cheeks 6 Studs 12 Sigma Delta Psi Blues 6 Hardin Hall Cracks 12 Lobos n Animals 12 Studs 2 Animals 6 68 " Charge! " Awright you guys " Ha! Ha! Ha! " - . ' ■;- ' .- ■-.•■ytlfim - . ' looking for grasshoppers. 27 — 33 — 96 — 13 — 538 — 7 — 16 — 444 — hup one — huuuup two — huuuuuuuup three — Hike Cheerleaders Jackie Buettel Toni Taylor Pat Alexander Linda Lee Cathy Cross Jeanne Robcke GET ' EM BUFFS HELLO BUFFS! This is hard work! lif FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Ooops! 71 GO! FIGHT! WIN! Jv .j£ l Iwt. v i - i, liv . .MP ' m . The path to wisdom is steep — with perseverance, and a smile students trod from one class to another for inspiration, entertainment, and sleep . . . Classes Class of 1967 ftfimraiW iMiiiii Nancy Smith, Secretary; Dennis McMahan, President; John Colson, Treasurer; Bill Reeves, Vice- president Bertram S. Allen Abington. Pennsylvania B.A. English Dan Anderson Johnson City, Tenn. B.A. Religion 74 Katherine L. Armstrong Canton, Ohio B.A. History R. Benjamin Arnold Saltville, Virginia B.S. Psychology Linda Sue Black Greensboro, Indiana B.A. Social Studies Don C. Boswell Columbus, Indiana B.A. History Jeffrey N. Brandon Clinton, Ohio B.S. Physical Education Vera Sue Branscum Kennard, Indiana B.A. Social Studies Judy Rosalyn Brown Alton, Tennessee B.A., Psychology Barbara Bullis Joppa, Maryland B.A. English Connie M. Bullock Bristol, Virginia B.A. English Patsy Campbell Martinsville, Virginia B.A. Christian Education Robert A. Carnes Cleveland, Ohio B.A. Social Studies mi Mack J. Caudill Sparta, North Carolina B.S. Physical Education Joyce Mayfield Cerovac Scottsburg, Indiana B.S. Physical Education Lee A. Cerovac Cleveland, Ohio B.S. Physical Education Thomas J. Clark Elizabethton, Tennessee B.A. History Eddie L. Cole Elizabethton, Tenn. B.S. Physical Education John P. Colson Anderson, Indiana B.S. Biology Thomas L. Crafton Fiatrook, Indiana B.A. Religion Terry C. Crowe Elizabethton, Tennessee B.A. History Samuel A. Daniels Statesville, N.C. B.S. Physical Education Brenda Gail Davis Lebanon, Virginia B.S. Secretarial Science Ernest F. Dobbins Bristol, Tennessee B.S. Philosophy Charles E. Dobson Cloverdale. Indiana B.S- Physical Education Marilyn C. Doolan Damascus. Maryland B.A. Social Studies Dennis R. Dotson Corona, California B.A. Religion Jane K. Evans Elizabethton, Tennessee B.A. Social Studies Richard A. Everroad Columbus, Indiana B.S. Physical Education Phil L. Favreau Carbondale, Illinois B.S. Business Administration Peter Glide Plainfield, New Jersey B.S. Psychology Edna L, Groseclose Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Psychology Alfred E. Newman vs. Alfred. Lord Tennyson 80 Judith L. Guion Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Psychology Wanda Haley Tallamdge, Ohio B.A. Social Studies JB jV;- ' Barbara Hamm Milligan College, Tenn. B.A. English I B ll IRH ■ l 1 |L K V; Lynn Hansbury Titusville, New Jersey B.S. Physical Education Betty Harris Appalachia, Va. B.S. Secretarial Science Gayle Sue Harrison Capitol Heights, Maryland B.A. English Douglas R. Haven Bedford, Ohio B.A. Mathematics Duane J. Heath Zionsville, Indiana B.A. History Janet A. Henning Scotch Plains, N.J. B.A. Psychology g - ' . ' !i?, -. ' { ■■-v.. Leo G. Hessler Meadville, Pennsylvania B.S. Business Administration Lynne Hilbert Jonesboro, Tennessee B.A. English Harriet Hitchner Lexington, Kentucky B.S. Nursing Gene L. Honeycutt Roan MT., Tennessee B.S. Physical Education Darryl L. Hood New Castle, Indiana B.S. Biology Carol L. Horning Lanchaster, Pennsylvania B.A. Music William Hull Indianapolis, Indiana B.A. English Norine Hyder Elizabethton, Tennessee B.A. Social Studies Carl C. Jenkins Bluff City, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration James J. Jessee Ormond Beach, Florida B.S. Physical Education Richard T. Johnston Carrollton, Ohio B.S. Business Administration Billy L. Judd Scottsburg, Indiana B.A. History, Religion Duane C. Keeran Marion, Ohio B.A. Philosophy 84 Robert King Capitol Heights, Maryland B.A. Psychology Kathleen J. Larson Havana, Illinois B.A. Religion Roger A. Larson Clifton, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration Kay S. Lewis Kingsville, Maryland B.A. English Robert B. Lienhard Pittsburg, Pennsylvania B.A. History Kermit Looney Grundy, Virginia B.S. Business Administration William Love Elizabethton, Tennessee Patricia H. Magill Oaklandon, Indiana B.A. Psychology Linda McBane Columbiana, Ohio B.S. Physical Education Robert McCann Lake Forest, Illinois B.S. Psychology 86 And here we have a specimen of . . . uh . . .? Kenneth A. McCullough Seattle, Washington B.A. History Dennis S. McMahan Columbus, Indiana B.A. Psychology 87 Helen Mayer B.A. Religion Bluffton, Indiana Paul B. Meyer St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. Business Administration Michael Miner Scottsburg, Indiana B.S. Physical Education Barbara Janice Moon Atlanta, Georgia B.A. English Dana Norton Erwin, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Physical Education William D. Oakes Milligan College, Tenn. B.S. Physical Education William C. Orr Jonesville, Virginia B.S. Biology Cherly A. Ottenberg Rockford, Illinois B.A. Social Studies Nancy E. Parke Alliance, Ohio B.A. Psychology Joyce Perry Columbus, Indiana B.A. History Gary W.Quillen Kingsport, Tennessee B.A. English Richard Rawie Joppa, Maryland B.A. Social Studies William F. Reeves Columbus, Indiana B.A. Psychology Dorothy Reddick East Piont, Georgia B.A. Psychology Wallace Robinson Milligan College, Tenn. B.A. Psychology Rex R. Roth Columbus, Indiana B.A. History Jack Sale Capitol Heights, Maryland B.A. Psychology Paul R, Sargent Lancaster, Ohio B.A. English Johnny Shore Milligan College, Tennessee B.S. Physical Education Gene H. Skelton Surgronsville, Tenn. B.S. Physical Education Michael R. Smith Milltown, Indiana B.S. Mathematics Nancy C. Smith Boston, Kentucky B.A. Psychology y ' AK -l Edward Springman Rushville, Indiana B.A. History Hop wood Church 92 Sylvia Snodgrass Smith Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. Secretarial Science N. Erline Southerland Greenville, Tennessee B.A. History James B. Spradlin Danville, Virginia B.A. Religion Rita Spurting Kirksville, Missouri B.A. English Ellen Jo Stahl Johnson City, Tennessee B.A. English 93 R. Stephen Steed Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Business Administration Glenda Stultz Columbus, Indiana B.A. Philosophy Alfred J. Taylor Bristol, Tennessee B.A. Psychology Brenda Lyons Tiejen Joppa, Maryland B.A. Social Studies Richard L. Tiejen Columbus, Indiana B.S. Business Administration Judith A. Washier Butler, Indiana B.A. Music Karen J. Webb Johnson City, Tenn. B.S. Biology Curt E. Whitright Chardon, Ohio B.A. Psychology Claude E. Williamson Mount Airy, N.C. B.S. Business Administration Judith K. Wilson Hanoverton, Ohio B.A. Psychology David E. Wollett Washington, D.C. B.S. Business Administration Class of 1968 , y _,jj . JT- . -t ;-; :gCT Tilda Jones, Secretary; Lloyd Knowles, Treasurer; Don Jeans, President; John Hughes, Vice- president; Mickey Smith, Chaplain Sarah Atha Gary Atkinson Sharon Bain Amanda Ballingal Hal Baker Marilyn Banks Mike Biddle Becky Black Ron Blevins Lee Bradford Beverly Bray Paula Buskell Larry Carpenter Sherrie Covert Robert East John Ellis John Elsea Dean Everhart Carol Funnell Dan Gastineau Ed Goan Larry Goble John Haase Gary Hall Irene Hansbury Wayne Harris Alan Hoffman Charlie Holden Harry Hopson Larry Huff Alan H ughes John Hughes Tony Ingle Don Jeans Helen Kaprehan Joyce Keilman Shirley Kleiner Lloyd Knowles Anna Lawson David Lindenthal Jenny Lockman Bill Martz Alice McDowell Valarie McKeowan Trigg McNew Don Mikesell Hobart Mills Edward Mise Paul McKowen Jim Morris Jo Dean Neese Park Netting Rush Netterville Alta Nighbert Lynne O ' Dell Sam O ' Dell Becky Ormandy Penny Philips Curtis Pittinger Gary Porter Tom Rakes Jim Ray Richard Rowan Sue Schooley Kent Schumate Betty Shields Dan Sipes Rick Shafer David Shepherd Gloria Shore Betty Jane Smith Don Smith Mickey Smith Wilbur Tague Margaret Templeton Alice Tenney William Turner Kitty Raye Walker Linda Walters Sue Vernon Mike Walton Stu Ward Cy Weaver Tom Wigal Ellen Wilson Rich Williamson James Wood Melinda Young Steve Young Cheese? 77427 99 Class of 1969 Tev Hammel, Parliamentarian; Ken Hart, Vice-president; Dennis Callahan, Chaplain; Mike Saint Pierre, President; Jack Knowles, Treasurer; Claudia Fort, Secretary Alan Ahlgrim Dan Arnold Dan Baker Linda Batton Gary Bennett Peggy Bennett Stuart Bertland Betsy Bishop Sue Blanchard Wayne Bradly Larry Brown Jackie Buettel Mike Bundy Sandy Burkhart Mitchell Carr Jacque Carroll Ruth Cassiday Charlene Child Paul Christen Carol Clifton Gary Colvin Jeanie Comer Jerry Combs Caroline Crockett Ron Cunningham Ted Dalton Becky Day Linda Delp Helen Diane Pete Diekmann Glen Doughrty Donna Duncan Marsha Elliot Debbie Everhart Earl D. Fife Trudy Fife Wayne Fife Alice Finney Debbie Fisher Cathy Fogleman Cahty Geiger Betty Geistweite Jack Oilman Linda Gray Patsy Griffith Tina Grunder Betty Jo Haden Kenny Hart Steve Haupt Dan Hendrickson Elaine Henze Nancy Herman Robert Hottinger Ricic Howell Gloria Hewitt Bill Huddleson Shirley Hughes Betty Hurst Bill Johnson Cecil Johnson Meleta Johnson Dona Judd Tom Kim Jack Knowles Joe Lance Tim Lanzer Rob Libee Danny Locke John Lippard Robert Lowe David Lowell Lee Magnuss Carla Malotte Maria Malotte Steve Mathis Glen Mayfield John Mclntre Lala McKinney Rindy McNett Jane Minx Diane Mitchell Ginger Mitchum Gracie Moody Wayne Moore David Morris John Neth Lynn Kay Oliver Debbie Peck Karen Petersen Janet Poe Roger Priestly Marilyn Pugh Phil Reed Marty Rich Sharon Richardson €Mk Priscilla Richardson Larry Ritter Lesley Rogers Lowell Ross Chris Roupp Mike Saint Pierre Mary Seavy Sybil Sensibaugh Mary Anne Shotwell Ellen Sivac g iik Jackie Smith Jim Smith Angie Southerland Betty Tuell Lyn Ward Sonny Ward Charles Waugh Polly Wells Bruce White Sandy Widener Betty Wilhoit Bob Williams Beverly Wilson Karen Worl Janet Wratton Rhonda Wright Kathy Wymore Donna Wyatt Bob Young Marty Young Donna Zollman 104 Class of 1970 Bill Fordyce, President; Gale Cunningham, Treasurer; Glenn ShuU, Chaplain; Grace Washabaugh, Secretary: Phil Cobb, Vice-president Jane Abrill Cherly Allen Pat Alexander Emily Austin Jo Ann Bailey Jim Baker Lanny Baker Virginia Baker Harold Barnes John R. Beck James Battaglia Randall Begley Linda Bibb David Bisset Duane Blackburn Rick Blair Cheryl Blake Diny Boot Phil Boots Richard Blevins Eddie Booth Bruce Boswell Bobbie Brean Marilyn Brewer Darryl Brooks Paul Brown Martha Burgett James Burke Tim Bush Mary Lou Butcher Ed Carter Cindy Chambliss Gary Chandler Charlotte Choate Julie Anne Clark John Cockrane Jerry Cole Terry Colter Cathy Cross Dennis Crossman Jim Crowe Gale Cunningham Nancy Dampier Carmen Dardanet Thomas Darrs Paul Davis Linda Dillion Mary Donnelly Joanne East John Englebe Richard Estep Gary Fait Donna Fewell Gay Forbes Larry Forbes Bill Fordyce Tom Fore Jim Foringer Betty Furman Roger Gardner Eddie Garland Franklin Giberson Cathy Giffin Steve Glasgow Donna Goforth Kitty Gray Joyce Gregory Stuart Grimstad Bill Grindstaff Carole Grizzle Jerry Guthridge Sandy Haga Karen Hagaman Liz Hair Betsy Hambrick Tom Harmon Tom Harned Shirley Harris Richard Hart Sue Hart Cindy Haun Charlotte Hays James Heller Peggy Ann Heller Tom Hicok Gene Hill Gordon Hodges Linda Hodge Donna Hopmann Larry Howell Lester Huff Joan Human Donna Hunt Vickie Inge Carol Isaacs Ronald Jeter Gary Johnson Sandra Johnson Joyce Jones Nancy Jones Roy Jones Sam Jones Bill Kilpatric Marcia Kling Jeff Knowles Jeff Krauss Larry Kurtz Roy Kustanbauter Thomas LaRue Carolyn Largen Shirley Laughten Linda Lee Bill Ledman Ruth Leonard Claudia Leuthold James Liverett Bruce Long Mary Love Bonnie Lynch Mary Lou Marcum Nancy McClurg Marilyn McConnell Jerri McCune Linda McDaniel Elaine Merritt Harriet Miller Ray Miller Katy Moffitt Kathy Morgan Stephen Morton Jane Mullins Barry Mumpower Ruth Newton Vernon O ' Quinn Robert Pakrul Mary Lee Palsgrove Jerry Pass Dave Patrick Gary Perkins Donis Perry Linda Phillips Steve Phillips Gordon Pippin John Pituch Joyce Quilling Patrick Quinley Robbin Raggi Bonnie Reise Jean Rhinehardt Jean Robcke Kathy Roegar Ginger Roth Ingrid Sadlers Jerry Sedwick Andrea Shipley Laura Shultz Diane Skillman Mark Smith Mary Ellen Sprang John Stainbrook Ray Stahl Randall Stidham Ragues Stiltner Kathy Stout Mark Strader Pat Sims Dawn Stewart Wally Swink Diane Swoyer Cathy Sykes Patty Sykes Cheryl Tague Toni Taylor Judith Thomas Dave Thompson Mary Turner Herman Wandrei Robert Warren Grade Washabaugh Martha Whitford Anne Williams Mary Williams Richard William Mary Williamson Cal Wilson Bob Winter Karen Wolf Steve Wood Karen Wright Don Wymore Cindy Yentes Virginia Yule Ron Zimmerman fesSJ 112 Typically Milligan , . . A lot of work A little play . Would you believe . . . a drop of liquid sunshine? To inspire, to educate, to mold young men and women into the propagators of Milligan ' s Hope, is the purpose of the . . . Faculty S Administration DEAN E. WALKER President 116 Presidents Message OUR FIRST HUNDRED YEARS Twenty-five student generations. In every one of these generations came disap- pointments but also achievements. Growth came from idea to hope, from hope to work; from work to merit, from merit to recognition, from recognition to hope, and the cycle moves ahead. This is Centennial. People invested life here. Students gave time to learn. Faculty gave talent to teach. Friencls gave money to build. The community round about and the Churches far and near gave encouragement to Christian higher education. Heri- tage — ideals, liberation of mind, sensitivity to beauty, dedication to integrity, cultivation of knowledge, commitment to good, service to mankind, faith in the Christ. This is Centennial. Milligan people resemble a family. They cherish their name. They are ma rked by concern for people. They dare to be different. They stand by convictions. They put service first. Life to them means sacrifice, vision, justice, right, love. That these traits may be effectively used they seek to learn. Thus, the cycle of generations pass. This is Centeniiiai. Mountains guard the valley. The Buffalo waters the campus. The providence of God spreads as the sky above, the Word of God lights the pathway below. For these blessings we thank our God and pray the continuance of His favor for the next hundred years. This is Centennial. MLojuAX JUcaJ Dean E. Walker President MRS. DOROTHY J. BRYANT Dean of Women MR. GUY OAKES Dean MR. DUARD B. WALKER Dean of Men 118 MR. JOE P. Mccormick Assistant to the President DR. JESS W. JOHNSON Vice-President for Development Board of Advisors 119 MR. RAY E. STAHL Director Office of Information iVlR. B. J. MOORE Business Manager MRS. PHYLLIS D. FONTAINE Registrar DR. ROGER SIZEMORE Co-ordinator of Campus Life 120 % • y- gf , ' 1 ' I Mrs. Ruth Ratcliff Secretary to President Miss Faye Filby Secretary to Vice-President Mrs. Phyllis Parsley Secretary to Dean Mrs. Emerald Webb Secretary to Mr. Moore ' ' %» Mrs. Ruth Gresham Secretary to Mr. McCormick Mrs. June Leonard Secretary to Mr. Stahl Mrs. Virginia Laws Accountant Mrs. Lorie Anderson Secretary to Dr. Sizemore Loretta Short Secretary to Mrs. Bryant Mrs. Sarah Smith Bookkeeper Mrs. Roberta Carman Secretary to Mr. Neth Mrs, Patricia Huffine Clerk 121 Charlotte Blevins Cashier Doris Crowder Clerk Business Eugene P. Price Business Administration Future secretaries learn how to operate office equipment. Hazel Turbevilie Secretarial Science Samuel Thompson Economics These Business Education students learn thai efficient record keeping is a necessity of any business firm. 122 Science Ralph Wheeler, Biology lab instructor, conducts a Freshman lab session. Chemistry students learn that concentration is a necessity in dealing with chemicals. C. Warren Fairbanks Biology Magdalen Broyles Justice Biology John Leonard McConnell Biology Lone L. Sisk Chemistry Lee Roy Herndon Chemistry Hughes Meacham Thompson Chemistry 123 English ROY LAWSON English DAVID PARSLEY English " Kiddie " Literature is a popular class among future elementary teachers. ANNA M. CROWDER English LOIS HALE English MARY YOUNG English MARQUERITE PARRIS English CAROLYN NIPPER English 124 History Dr. Fife explains a case study in Sociology class. Robert O. Fife History and Sociology William C. Gwaltney History Ivor Jones History Miss Jones ' s American History class is a favorite Sophomore course. 125 Mathematics Gay R. Mauldin Algebra and Trigonometry Dean H. Crosswhite Fundamental Mathematics Guy Oakes Algebra Roy Hampton Finite Mathematics Students listen attentively as Mr. Hampton explains a problem in Finite Math. Library John Neth Librarian Students spend hours working in the library, as well as in the classroom. Mary Archer A. W. Payne Pat Thiel Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Secretary of Educational Library One can often find couples studying together in the library. Education Euel J. Ownby Education Paul A. Clark Education Bill Hull, one of the many student teachers from Milligan. presides over his senior English class at Happy Valley High School. 9 f New to Milligan is the course. Teaching Reading, open to those planning to teach. Allie Lou Gilbreath Reading Fine Arts DOROTHY WILSON Art Kitty Walker practices lettering in the art room. Lynn Bain instructs students in her music theory lab. GLEN OWENS Music STUART C. MILLIGAN Music ROBERT P. BERNARD Music Tired choir members take a break during a busy day of recording. 129 ■» igron HENRY WEBB Religion Dr. Bryant explains his syllabus lo his Freshman Bible class. OWEN L. CROUCH Religion Dr. Webb returns test papers to one of his religion classes. BEAUFORD BRYANT Religion Dr. Crouch lectures to his Acts class. - ' U ' lU ' ' v.i 7 130 Language Donald Shaffer German Jorge R. Alcalde Spanish Student language lab assistants relieve teachers of many hours of work. Carolyn Paduch French Wanda Hampton Latin " Parlez-vous francais? " 131 Physical Education ROWENA BOWERS Physical Education PATRICIA BONNER Physical Education t ' Students make use of what they have learned by playing on Anglin Field. Sophomore P.E. students learn to play tennis correctly. Miss Bonner explains a strike in field hockey to her Freshman class. HAROLD STOUT Physical Education Social Science Psychology classes have their funny moments as well as their serious moments. ORVEL CROWDER Psychology DENNIS HELSABECK Psychology O. ESTELLE PINKSTON Psychology GEORGIA STEWART Psychology Mr. Lawson directs one of the discussion groups that meet frequently on campus. C. ROBERT WETZEL Philosophy B BiiHFl ' " " Bi BHBBii j m Mt " ' M » ' ' 1 B Z r J-L L ■ Ml. .. ' : i ra SL Ji 133 J ' :V Mrs. Willie Botl in Housemother Mrs. Willie Martin Housemother Mrs. Sadie Kinlaw Housemother Mrs. Lucy Swain Housemother Miss Harriet Hitchner Nurse Miss Arlene Skaugset Assistant to Dean of Women Mr. Stanley Newton Student Union Manager Mrs. Florence Ritz Cafeteria Manager E«»i «M| g Our cooks! ' 1 I " f Sti : Rake ' em up . . . Move ' em out! Mr. Preston Kyte Maintenance Supervisor Mr. McKiney Custodian of Administration Building 135 Dedication Dr. William Dennis Helsabeck 136 x Fitting for this 100th Anniversary of Milligan College, Dr. Helsabeck exemplifies the ideals that have made Mil- ligan what it is and what it will continue to be. For all that William Dennis Helsabeck believes, for that way of life he so aptly lives, we gratefully honor him. ' Ma " and " Pa " Helsabeck 137 To accomplish the reality of a better society by learning responsibility through service, meetings, deadlines . . . to learn to live with others through socials and human relationships . . . These are the purposes of . . . Organizations PRESIDENT Darry Hood VICE-PRESIDENT Kathy Armstrong SECRETARY Judy Wilson TREASURER Richard Tiejen Student Council FEMALE REPRESENTATIVES Left to Right SEATED: G. A. Harrison, J. Carroll, J. Washier, K, Armstrong, J. Moon. STANDING: R. Spurling, C. Clark, E. Merritt, H. Miller, L. Marrs. 140 WfMW ' Male Representatives FIRST ROW: A. Hoffman, A. Hughes, D. Hood, D. Varner, M. St. Pierre SECOND ROW: B. King, D. McMahan, B. Hull, R. Roth, E. Springman Commuters Council FIRST ROW: G. Forbes, M. Young, C. Hayes SECOND ROW: G. Hall, M. Donnelly, J. Taylor 141 Hart Dormitory Council SEATED: Pat Phillips, Alta Nighbert, Gayle Sue Harrison, Lynn Ward, Cindy Anderson STANDING: Carol Wilson, Penny Phillips, Carolyn Clark, Donna Duncan, Patsy Campbell Women s Dorm Council Sutton Dormitory Council SEATED: Shirley Dowd, Judy Washier, Cheryl Ottenberg STANDING: Marilyn Pugh, Eriine Souther- land, Carolyn McRoberts, Leslie Rogers Men s Dorm Council s- o m f «• - j ?»• «| M m w Ili U Tf . . % , .;:: ' Ih iSl B ' ' ' ■ tk ' Ifcu?- " jI WEBB DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Gray Colvin, Ken McCullough, Dick Barnard, Bill Hull, Dave Wollett SECOND ROW: Mac Caudill, John Ellis, Denny Fife, Steve Young, Steve Steed, Jim Ray PARDEE DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Glenn Schull, Michael Libbee, Larry Brown SECOND ROW: Darrell Peer, Bruce Bittenbender, Bob Hottinger. HARDIN DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Jim Comis, Doug Theobald, Darrel Johnson, and Hal Baker. 143 The Buffalo EDITOR: Norine Hyder, ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Erline Southedand SPONSOR: Mrs. Dorothy Wilson COPY EDITOR: Jan Moon BUSINESS MANAGER: Betty Hurst PHOTOGRAPHER: Robert Hoffman COPY EDITOR: Larry Goble ACTIVITIES and FEATURE: Nancy Lawson and Kathy Kyte FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION: Cindy Anderson and Sandy Widner CLASSES: Irene Hansbury and Vera Branscum CLUBS and ORGANIZATIONS: Linda Turner and Peggy Bennet ATHLETICS: Billy Judd ADVERTISING STAFF: FIRST ROW: N. Hyder, E. Southerland, K. Kyte, N. Lawson SECOND ROW: L. Goble, A. Ballingal, D. Duncan, J. Neese The Stampede EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Gayle Sue Harrison SPONSOR: Miss Hazel Turbeville FEATURE EDITOR: Rita Spurling, NEWS EDITORS: Robin Craig, Tilda Jones 146 PHOTOGRAPHER; Robert Hoffman STAFF; FIRST ROW— E. Sivak, J. Henning, J. Guion SECOND ROfV—G. Washabaugh, S. Wood, W. Swink, C. Wilson EXCHANGE EDITOR: Linda Lee, COPY EDITOR: Lee Bradford, SPORTS EDITOR: Kenny Hart 147 Circle K Circle K is a collegiate service organization sponsored by the Elizabethton Kiwanis ' Club. It ' s an alleviation from high school Key Clubs and its status is now 750 clubs with 25,000 members, all over the United States. The Circle K motto is " We Build " for service to the campus with leadership and fellowship. Milligan ' s Club motto for the 1966-67 school year is " Service Begins at Home " and this certamly has been followed by the men of Circle K. Evidences of this has been the campus clean-up; basket- ball programs; promotion of Founder ' s Day with candidate and float; donkey basketball game, and sponsorship of many other events that have served the campus and students of Milligan. FIRST ROW: Bob Carnes, Wayne Bradley, David Lindenthal, Mike Biddle SECOND ROW: Ed Springman, Richard Barnard, Jim Jesse, Steve Mathis, Tony Ingle THIRD ROW: Sandy Burkhart, Steve Steed, Roger Smith, Dean Everhart, Jack Page, Jerry Haas, and Mike Bundy. ]48 Officers and Sweetheart 66- 67 Ed Springman President Jack Page Treasurer Dick Barnard Vice-President Jerry Hasse Secretary Steve Mathis Chaplain Mike Biddle Reporter dih tk mM Jim Jesse Steve Steed Tony Ingle BOARD MEMBERS Gayle Sue Harrison Dean Everhart Circle K Founder ' s Day activities 149 Footlighters FIRST ROlV L. Turner, J. Moon, K. Kyte, M. Young, J. Abril, J. Baily SECOND ROIV—E. Southerland, T. Grander, D. Goforth, D. Boot, E. Sivak THIRD ROW—L. Coble, N. Tonnesen. M. Lee, R. Stiltner, K. McCullough, S. Branson Bertland, J. Liverette, R. Presley, B. Mac Lee and Pat Phillips in the fall production of " The Boar " In the Foottighter ' s production of " The Clouds " . Socrates and Strep- siades watch in awe as the " clouds " descend. H M Dr. Wetzel gives a last minute check to Socrate ' s floating basket " A 151 Collegiate Civitan Club FIRST ROW K. Looney, C. Pittinger, E. Goan, R. Ash, D. Calahan SECOND ROfV }. Hasse, J. Hughes, G. Quillen, J. Spradlin, S. PhiUips S.N.E.A. Student National Education Association 152 Civinettes FIRST ROW: N. Lawson, C. Bullock, V. Vinning, D. Harkey, M. Banks, C. Clark SECOND ROW: C. Wilson, J. Brown, M. Dickson, A. Ballingal, J. Neese, N. Smith, L. Turner, B. Bishop FIRST ROW: J. Gregory, J. Henning, P. Wells, G. Roth, J. Carr SECOND ROW: J. East, L. Batton, J. Moon, S. Black, J. Robcke, C. Geiger THIRD ROW: M. Turner, L. Hilbert, W. James, B. Branscum, K. Kyte, E. Merrit, M. Elliot, J. Comer, C. Clifton 153 ikjm President Gerry Atl inson IstV.P. Denny Callahan 2ndV.P. Rick Shafer Advisory Chairman Donald Shaffer i9 Correspondence Sec. Larry Brown . J; ' wm ilumni Secretary Bob East NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY f ■ ' ' H Mike St. Pierre Sergeant-At-Arms Marty Ritsch Chaplain John Hughes Historian Wayne Walls m iM Sweetheart Kathy Wymore Record Secretary Mitch Carr Treasurer Minor Noe Dave Varner Paul Sargent Bob Leinhard Larry Goble Jerry Combs John Neth Sigma Delta Psi 2 A W M-Club 155 YOUNG DEMOCRATS O N G R E P U B L I C A S §R f«1 156 Ski Club WfMm Buffalo Ramblers 157 Farzanah Dargahi David Morris International Club Barry Wallace Sherry Walker Dina Boot Frank Giberson Ruth Newton John Ellis Tom Kim Diane Phillips Ingrid Saddler German Club Philosophy Club 159 Fellowship of Christian Athletics Growth Through Physical Education Club 160 Women ' s Recreation Association Physical Activity Judo Club 161 Pre-Med Greek Fellowship 162 Math Club Poetry Club 163 Christian Service Club The Hope of Missionary Fellowship 164 Service Seekers the World f Bykota 165 Concert Choir Mr. Glen Owens — Director 166 Chapel Choir 167 To promote Christian Education — to lend a supporting hand — thus, we thank our sponsors for their assurance and generosity. Advertisements The Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of all Johnson City business firms, is happy to extend its services to the students and faculty of Milligan College. We are proud you have chosen Milligan College to be your Alma Mater. We invite you to make Johnson City your home. " An old city grov ing young ' STANDARD OF QUALITY you ' ll love the indestructible nostalgic beauty of our " SEVERN SERIES " a collection of Early English CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY, T E N N . Warmth . . ? Friendliness . . ? Crafted beauty depicting cen- turies of cultured . . ? Yes, all this and much more when you select our " Severn Series " to place in your home. Authenticity of Old English designs fairly glows from its many pieces because it is a composite of the best from the past to grace today ' s living. Finished in Tudor Green or British Oak, you, your family, yes, and your guests will love its sturdy grandeur. Cabinets and their drawers are generously pro- portioned, wood turnings are sized right and in the right places. We think you ' ll be pleasantly impressed by how easily this furniture of the centuries will blend into your home. Ta- bles to grace your living room, dining and bedroom pieces form a large selection for you to see and enjoy. From " Empire " makers of quality furniture. Compliments of GREAT LAKES RESEARCH CORPORATION Elizobethton, Tennessee Compliments of WATAUGA CHEVROLET CO. Elizobethton, Tennessee Compliments of SOUTHERN CAFE Elizabetfiton, Tenn. f tiJ i Sjgai M; of glss Cormr Elizobethton, Tenn. 37643 Compliments of LINGERFELT PHARMACY Elizobethton, Tennessee BURGIE DRUG STORE ' Your Prescription Druggist for Over Half a Century " 610 Elk Avenue Elizobethton, Tennessee MAX JETT, Prop. DINO S RESTAURANT iWKB CSIBeiMn pi M AN " PIZZA DINO ' S RESTAURANT 420 Elk Avenue Elizobethton, Tennessee m i DIXIE BATTERY CO. 310-312 Elk Avenue Elizobethton, Tennessee BIRCHFIEL ' S Elizobethton, Tennessee Compliments of 7-HOUR LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Elizobethton, Tennessee RELIGIOUS BOOK STORE Elizobethton, Tennessee CUNCHFIELD RAILROAD CO. Erwin, Tennessee Compliments of LIGGETT ' S REXALL DRUGS Johnson City Tennessee KEY ' S JEWELRY 320 E. Main 10%-25% Discount On All Jewelry Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of MARKET STREET DRUG STORE Johnson City 2900 Kingsport-Bristol Boulevard Phone: 926-9533 Compliments of WALLACE ' S SHOE STORE " Serving East Tennessee " 236 E. Main Street Johnson City Tennessee Elizabeth ton Compliments of LUKE BRUMIT SPORT SHOP 628 Elk Avenue Tennessee HILLCREST DRUG STORE 700 W. Market Street Johnson City Tennessee THOMAS ' SQUIRE SHOP 216 East Main Johnson City Tennessee i fj :%.-»■ ' - ' ixtm TnC SPOT drive-in restaurant 421 E. Main St. Johnson City Genuine charcoal Broiled Western Steaks Crisp salads with imported Feta Cheese Large assortment of seafoods Genuine Italian pizza and Spaghetti served with imported cheese " VISIT OUR CONVENIENT DRIVE-IN WINDOW " . . . where you ' re always welcome 10% discount for students Students checks cashed GRIFFITH MOTORS, INC. East Tennessee ' s Largest Pontioc — Buick — GMC Dealer Telephone 928-7111 P. O. Box K West Side Station New Jonesboro Highway Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of DUTCH MAID DRIVE-IN 925 W. Market St. Johnson City Tennessee Johnson City Compliments of DOSSER ' S Tennessee ;v NM2 Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store Congratulations and Best Wishes Mr. Mrs. Bill Shoun Johnson City Savings and Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION J. B. Miles, President Come to see us! DUST-TEX SERVICE Compliments Bristol Tennessee of Phone 764-661 1 WE SUPPLY TREATED FORBES MARKET Floor Mops Shop Towels Milligan College Dust Cloths Tennessee Entry Carpets WMM ■ Sweeping Cloths KOA Blocks Deodorant ■H ■ CITY DRUG STORE Elizabethton Tennessee For All Your Drug And Cosmetic Needs INDUSTRIAL GROWTH BEGINS WITH OUR SCHOOLS CARTER COUNTY BANK See How Much Better a Bank Can Be Member F.D.I.C. Elizabethton, Tennessee WATSON ' S WHERE SO MUCH " MORE " COSTS SO MUCH " LESS " 527-29 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee HALE ' S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY Your Prescription Center Elizabethton, Tennessee Congratulations Class of 1967 CHICK ' S PURE OIL Elk and Roan St. Elizabethton, Tennessee Compliments of CITIZENS BANK Member F.D.I.C. Elk Avenue Broad Street Elizabethton, Tennessee Gifts Typewriters II Cvetutklna t t tke LJttice L O, 107 W. Center Street - Eingspoit, Tennessee Telephone CI 5-6178 Your Milligan Headquarters for Greeting Cards Adding Machines Office Equipment and Supplies Duplicating Equipment Compliments of Nationolly Advertised Furniture-On-Easy-Terms Dial 542-4177 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tenn. Elizabeth ton FRED MOORE MANSHOP Phone 542-4233 Tennessee J. L. HYDER SON COAL WAYNE FEEDS RAINBOW FERTILIZER Elizabethton Tennessee LOVELY LAUNDROMAT and MILLIGAN SALON RIVERVIEW REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE AGENCY Corner Elk Academy — By bridge Elizabethton, Tennessee Richard K, Bain Tel. LI 2-8031 George Daniels, Broker Res. Phone LI 2-2687 OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY BOWMAN JEWELERS 121 Fountain Sq. Johnson City AGENTS FOR OLIVETTI UNDERWOOD ELECTRIC AND MANUAL TYPEWRITERS, CALCULATORS AND ADDING MACHINES BBS Milligan Students Welcome Here JonesVance DRUG Co.. INC. p»£SC??IPTIONS CTHICAt. PRESCRIPTION S C i) V I C C ' CorMain and Sprin g Sts. JOHNSO N CITY. TCNH " f HONE 9 2 6-71»q Johnson City Tennessee C x me ( eSeval Savinqs AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Johnson City, Tennessee ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY UNITED STATES FIDELITY AND GUARANTY COMPANY Main At Gay Erwin, Tennessee Upper East Tennessee ' s Largest " THE BOOK SHOP ' We Can Supply Any Book in Print " John Sevier Building Johnson City Tennessee LOUIS SHOE SHOP 117 Buffalo Street Johnson City, Tennessee 15% Discount to College Students T rui , mmmn mmmi Hamilton INATIONAL BAIVK " Where we try harder . . . on your account! " Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. of Johnson City HANNAH ' S Men ' s Clothing BECKNER ' S INC. Ladies ' Wear Johnson City Tenne JEWELER ' S FOR 81 YEARS Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Johnson City Tennessee NANCE LANES Your Most Convenient Bowling Center Johnson City Tennessee Elizabethton, Tennessee We Give S H Green Stamps UNAKA STORES, INC. " We Give S H Green Stamps " Erwin Tennessee Congratulations to the Class of ' 67 MRS. GEORGE COLE 1 " SM HAPPY VALLEY MOTEL 16 Modern Units TV— Electric Heat Air-Conditioned 3 Miles East of Milligan College on Rts. 321 67 Phone 542-9926 HALE BROTHERS, INC. MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE Institutional Foods — Canned Frozen Fresh Fruits and Vegetables COMPLIMENTS of SUPERIOR HOME CORPORATION ERWIN, TENNESSEE SHuilulte u!i CAFETERIA-RESTAURANT 121 East Market Street Phone 928-7211 Specializing in fresh seafood, western steaks, chops, golden- fried chicken, barbecued pork or beef Several college special dishes Private dining rooms at no extra cost Johnson City lennessee mmimmuM vV THE FREEDOM BOOKSTORE 1206 South Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee Telephone: 928-9051 Your Conservative Bookstore Providing Information And Opinion Based on Fact yfe jee j icm 240 242 E. Main St. Johnson City, Tennessee " Nothing Is Permanent in Fashion But Good Taste " RENTZ gemeUA Home of Blue White Diamonds 305 S. Roan St. Johnson City, Tennessee Johnson City North Johnson City FIRST PEOPLE ' S BANK Jonesboro University Branch Member F. D. I. C. JOHNSON CITY AUTOMOTIVE TRADE ASSN. COURTESY MOTOR CO., INC. DAN PLANK FREEMAN MOTOR CO., INC. TENNESSEE MOTOR CO., INC. GRIFFITH MOTOR CO. HOME FINANCE CO. Best Wishes MILDRED NELSON FLORIST NELSON JEWELRY STORE 545 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee GEORGE OLDHAM ASSOCIATES, INC. General Insurance Travel Bureau Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of 319 E. Main Street Johnson City Tennessee Phone 928-3141 Compliments of CAPITAL THEATER Elk Avenue Phone 542-9996 PARKS-BELK CO. Home of Better Values Johnson City, Tennessee FRED DAVIS JEWELERS Elizabethton Tennessee Miliigan ' s Heodquarter ' s for ARTCARVED — KEEPSAKE STARFIRE ORANGE BLOSSOM — DIAMONDS — ' Peace of Mind Guaranteed ' Soon man will conquer space. This effort represents the sunn total of man ' s desire to conquer the forces of nature. This quest involves knov ledge and tools. One of the most valuable tools is elec- tricity — it will help power the next moon shot. Yet it ' s gentle enough to warm your home and cook your food. We serve this area with low-cost electricity and we are proud! We are proud of our students whose knowledge will help to power our new age. ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM e Htswji Beounit Fibers At EITzbbfethtort BEAUNIT FIBERS Producers of viscose rayon textile yarns, Tyrex " rayon tire cord, American Bemberg rayon yarns, Xena ' rayon fibers, as well as Quion " nylon 6 6, nylon 6 and Vycron ' polyester fibers. Manufacturing quality fibers for home and industry from plants in Elizabethton, Tenn., Etowah, Tenn., Childersburg, Ala. and Utica, New York. Opening soon with Division Headquarters, Research and Development facilities in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Happy Birthday on this memorable occasion! We are truly proud of our association with Milligan and want to extend to each of you our sincere congratulations and best wishes for continued prosperity and success. Ron Wempe American Yearbook Company P. O. Box 10204 Knoxville, Tennessee 37919 J. E. GREEN COMPANY V ln. P.O. Box 270 COLEMAN STUDIO 404 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tennessee " Where Photography is an Art " Jack Ramsey, Owner Fred Bowers, Photographer Specializing in Bridal Portraits and Weddings General Contractors Johnson City, Tennessee CHAPTER MEMBER Phone 926-51 61 Be Modern — Bowl Compliments of DIXIE LANES ARCHER ' S GROCERY SERVICE STATION Milligan Highway Milligan College, Tennessee Autographs 191 uiigan . . . tomorrow Build thee more stately mansions. O my soul . . . f ' %i- : -M ■fetoi ' iiJ K -----,_ As the Swift Seasons Roll, Leave Thy Low- Vaulted Past 193 Let Each New Temple, Nobler Than the Last, Shut Thee from Heaven with a Dome More Vast, Proposed Science Building Till Thou at Length Art Free, Leaving Thine Outgrown Shell by Life ' s Unresting Sea! )94 Editors ' Note The 1967 Buffalo presents the Milligan College of yesterday and the Milligan College of today. The story of Milligan College began 100 years ago in 1867. Since Milligan College is celebrating its one-hundreth year, the Buffalo proudly continues the 1967 part of the story. The 1967 Buffalo proposes to illustrate the achievements of the students and to re- veal the excellence of the areas of learning. It also intends to show the legendary qualities of Milligan College. Through the record of activities of the students and the faculty, this yearbook mirrors the attitude of both students and faculty. The 1967 yearbook will be a reminder of the friendships made in the dormitories, in the cafe- teria, and in the Sub. It will be a reminder of the work and of the fun which were shared. It will be a reminder of the qualities of spirit which was and which is Milligan College. Through these pages including the May Day and the Commence- ment which will be in the supplement, one may relive memorable experiences. With some wistfulness and with much reverence, the staff completes the 1967 edition. Recognizing that this book is more than paper and ink because it represents the life of Milligan College and provides memories of Milligan College, the Buffalo staff mem- bers invite you to share these memories now as students, later as Alumni. Norine Hyder, Editor Erline Southerland, Assoc. Editor 195 Index Advertisements 168 Alpha Phi Omega 154 Alpha Phi Omega Sweethearts 38 Basketball 60 The Buffalo 144 Buffalo Ramblers 157 Bykota 165 Cheerleaders 70 Choir 166 Christian Service Club 164 Circle K 148 Circle K Sweethearts 26 Civinettes 153 Class Beauties 52 Collegiate Civitan Club 152 Commuter ' s Council 141 Cross Country 58 Dedication 136 Dorm Life 40 Editor ' s Note 195 Faculty and Administration 118 Faculty Entertainment 24 Fellowship of Christian Athletics 160 Footlighters 150 Founder ' s Daughter 28 Founder ' s Day Events 32 Freshmen 105 Freshman Week 18 German Club 159 Greek Fellowship 162 Holmes, Jake 44 Intramurals 68 International Club 1 58 Judo Club 161 Juniors 96 Little Angels 44 " M " Club 155 Math Club 163 Mens Dorm Council 143 Milligan Tomorrow 192 Milligan Yesterday 12 Missionary Fellowship 164 Organizations 139 Physical Education Club 160 Poetry Club 163 Political Clubs 156 Pre-Med Club T62 President ' s Message 116 Religious Life 42 Seniors 74 Service Seekers 165 Sigma Delta Psi 155 Ski Club : 157 Slave Day 23 SNEA , 152 Sophomores 100 Stampede 146 The Story of the Year 16 Student Council 140 Town Criers 35 Twirp Week 23 Ugly Men 22 Ullman, Theodore 45 Welshimer Lectures 43 Who ' s Who Among College Students 36 Women ' s Dorm Council 142 Women ' s Recreation Association 161 Wrestling 64 196

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