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' I t i.V» -- .W!Wl.i- — 1-1— ♦ « rfJ-cr(-» ' .W-=r-,- " il}i : f■g T : r. Milligan College Library {.DiiUMimm m9» f 1 i.s ma Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1700 8 p. H. WELSHiMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. 37682 Perfection is immutable, but for things imperfect, to change is the way to perfect them.— Feltham p H WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. 37682 milligan college, milligan college, tennessee the prologue Deeply-imprinted images lie dormant in the mind and in the heart unti by some word, or by some picture, their dormancy is disturbed. Then these images become a port of a forgotten reality. The purpose of these pages— to reopen the treosurehouse of your mind to the many moods which composed this year within your family . . . the Milligan Family . . . moods intricately intertwined, yet infinitely dissimilar . . . mOOds in mOSaiCS 11 ?A contents College days- each filled with so many activities, such varied activities. Some may constitute boredom due to their ritualistic regularity. Others are of deep, silent contemplation upon things within and things without. Many hours of each day are spent with others in fun . . . in worship . . . in study . . . comprising those associations which develop that acquired sense of sharing. Life is lived day by day. This is the way character is formed . . . day by day. living . . . ■iQairfrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrfrrr Trrrr 4 lfe 10 I I 12 ft if I I Iff I I ■ " 14 15 17 18 ' HT - ' 1 kj ' i mm p m : m ■ K: _l;l i PI :_l r fl t jg ; a m Sp •--•«• " 1 u.. -«toTf ■Im k ' ' ' li H gpc m 21 23 Jv ,vt w 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 32 p. H.WtLSHIMER MEMORIAL UBRAR MILUGAN COLLEGE Vyg i fi COLLEGE. TENN. 37 Rodney Alan Sturtz Mary Sue Hilbert Nancy Jo True Leonard Pope Smith William James Morison Robert Fulton Hull who ' s who Nancy Williams McCorkle Marsha Elaine Patton Pamela Rose Hampton Jack Sherman Waugh 35 Philip Maurice Coleman -u :. To love life and men as God loves them— for the sake of their infinite possibilities, to wait like Him, to judge like Him v ifhout passing judgment, to obey the order v hen it is given and never look back- then He can use you— then, perhaps. He will use you. And if he doesn ' t use you— what matter. In His hands, every moment has its meaning, its greatness, its glory, its peace, its co-inherence. From this perspective, to " believe in God " is to believe in yourself, as self-evident, as " illogical " , and as im- possible to explain: if I can be, then God is. —Dog Hammarskjold 38 39 40 9 p;:, : . ' ■■■■1 hI ' ' ' • JHC d H H ' ; ._ ' . ' , HKfl H H B I H N K 1 n 1 J 41 competition 44 AS 46 47 48 p. H. WLLbi-iuvlER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN- 37,582 49 50 51 " WA. i[ZL ' ' ?: ' M : .» ■ ' 52 S3 54 55 tradi 58 59 licL r H - v ! wsss J. H " H j l |W ' H ' ' H ' 4 Y. 61 Pat Cross, Dianne Ferguson, Carol Zavadsky, Ann Newsom (May Queen}, Nancy Brandon, Becky Huie, Nancy McCorkle. 62 64 ! =i s M,- i 1 I M B v% i ! ! Marsha Patton 1 ' Lynn Horkey Phyllis Humphreys 1 j 1 founder ' s Rita Farmer Sheila Tressler W M • 1 H Kgw i ' ' ' ' ! 1 1 H i « Efei " ' H ' l i ■ Pam Hampton Karen Shaw daughter Carol Ann Greene Nancy True Founder ' s Daughter candidates Nancy McCorkle faculty . . . 70 A man whose every action and thought are rooted in the interest of Milligan College . . . President Dean E. Walker 71 Mr. Joe P. McCormick Assistant to the President Mr. Ray E. Stahl Executive Secretary . . . administration Dr. Joseph Dampier Provost Mp -- i3 i ■■■ ' Wv f y H mI ■ ■V L 1 1 li 1 Mr. Guy Oakes Dean Miss Mary Jewell Ladd Dean of Women 1 1 .-dAoJl 1 w i id Mrs. Phyllis Fontaine w - ' • ' ij l l Registrar H 73 ! H Mrs. Patricia Roberts Aldridge Music Milligan College, A.B. Dr. Robert Ralph Botkin Bible, Philosophy, Psychology LoGronge College, A.B. Emory University, B.D., Ph.D. Mrs. Mary Lucille Archer Librarian East Tennessee State University, B.S. George Peobody College, M.A. Johnson City Business College Mrs. Roweno Shipley Bowers Health and Physical Education East Tennessee State University, B.S., M.A. 74 ty . . . Dr. Orvel C. Crowder Psychology Hiram College, A.B. Cincinnati Bible Seminary, M.A. Harvard Divinity School, B.Th. Atlanta Christian College, D.D. Dr. Beauford H. Bryant Bible Johnson Bible College, A.B. Phillips University, M.A., B.D. Princeton Theological Seminary, M.Th University of Edinburgh, Ph.D. Dr. Owen L. Crouch Greek and New Testament Cincinnati Bible Seminary, A.B., M.A. Transylvania College, A.B. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Th.M., Th.D. Mrs. Anne Broding Dowd Music Oberlin College, B.M. New England Conservatory of Music, M.M. 7S Mr. John A. Dowd Music New England Conservatory of Mus ic, B.M., M.M. Mr. Roy Eugene Hampton Mathematics Milligan College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.S. John Hopkins University University of Tennessee Dr. Robert Oldham Fife History Johnson Bible College, A.B. Butler University, B.D. Indiana University, Ph.D. Dr. William Gary Gwoltney, Jr. History and Religion Wilmington College, A.B. Cincinnati Bible Seminary, Th.B. Hebrew Union College— Jewish Institute of Religion, Ph.D. Miss Lois Hole English Milligan College, A.B. Duke University, M.A. Western Reserve University University of Chicago 76 Mrs. Wanda Lee Hampton English Butler University, A.B., M.A. Boston University Mr. W. Floyd Heiney Psychology Butler University, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A. Dr. Lee Roy Herndon Chemistry Maryville College, A.B. John Hopki ns University, Ph.D. University of Chicago Dr. W. D. Helsabeck Psychology and Counseling Johnson Bible College, A.B. Butler University School of Religion, B.D. University of Michigan, M.A. University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. Ball State College College of the Bible 77 Miss Dorothy J. Larson Christian Education Milhgan College, A.B. Lincoln Christian College East Tennessee State University, M.A. Mr. Sam J. Hyder Mathematics Milligon College, B.S, University of Tennessee, M.S. Mrs. Magdalen Broyles Justice Biology East Tennessee State University, B.S. University of North Carolina, M.Ed. Miss Ivor Jones History Milligan College, A.B. University of Tennessee, M.A. George Peabody College Dulte University Columbia University 78 Miss Betty Jean Lawson Music Mt. San Antonio College, A. A. University of Redlonds, B.M., M.M. Claremont Graduate School University of Southern California Mr. Jack C. Martin Biology East Tennessee State University, B.S. East Tennessee State University, M.S. Carleton College Mr. John Leonard McConnell Biology Ohio State University, B.S., M.S. Mr. C. S. Montgomery Education and Psychology East Tennessee State University, B.S. University of Tennessee, M.A. George Peabody College Columbia University 79 Mr. David Everette Parsley Assistant Librarian Ozark Bible College, A.B. Fort Hoys State College, M.S. University of Denver, M.A. Emporia State Teacher ' s College Midwest Christian College 80 Mr. Eugene P. Price Economics and Business Administration Duke University, A.B., M.A. Harvard University Mrs. E. Janet Rugg Latin and English Central Missouri State College University of Southern California Butler University, A.B., M.A. University of Chicago University of Kentucky University of Tennessee Mr. Donald R. Shaffer German Albion College, A.B. Mi igon State University Cincinnati Bibie Seminary Dr. Carl Everett Shaw Psychology Purdue University, Ph.D. Miami University (Ohio), M.A. Eastern Illinois, B.Ed. 81 Mr. Cameron C. Sinclair Bible, Languoge, History Abilene Christian College, A.B. University of Toronto Dropsle College of Hebrew and Cognate Learning Dr. James Leroy Shields Education Pacific Christian College, A.B., M.A. University of Southern California, B.S. California State College, M.A. University of Tennessee, Ed.D. Mr. Lone L. Sisk Chemistry Carson Newman College, A.B. East Tennessee State University, B.S. George Peabody College, M.A. University of Tennessee Vanderbilt University Mr. B. Harold Stout Health and Physical Education East Tennessee State University, B.S. University of Tennessee, M.S. 82 Dr. Samuel Thompson Economics Lincoln Memorial University, A.B. University of North Carolina, M.A,, Ph.D. Emory University, L.L.B. Dr. Hughes Meacham Thompson Chemistry Woke Forest College, A.B. John Hopkins University North Carolina State College, M.S., Ph.D. Mr. Duard Belmont Walker Physical Education East Tennessee State University Milligan College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. University of Tennessee Miss Hazel Turbeville Secretarial Science Western Kentucky State College, A.B. University of Kentucky, M.A. George Peobody College, Ed.S. 83 Dr. Henry E. Webb Religion Cincinnati Bible Seminary, A,B. Xcvier University, Ph.B. Southern Baptist Theological Seminory, B.D., Th.D. Butler University Dr. Charles Robert Wetzel Philosophy and English Midwest Christian College, A.B. Fort Hays State Teacher ' s College, M.S. University of Nebraska, Ph.D. Central State College Mrs. Dorothy S. Wilson Art George Peobody College, B.S., M.A. Mrs. Mary Perry Young English Mississippi State College for Women Miiligon College, A.B. Southern Baptist Theologicol Seminary, M.R.E. 84 A keen mind ever in pursuit of deeper knowledge . . . An unique combination of thought-provoking teaching and refreshing humor . . . Guidance in times of need . . . Effective Christian witnessing . . . -SBi ti I For these— m jL if the Senior Class salutes WjSS W ' Dr. Robert Wetzel 85 Mrs. Florence Ritz Cafeteria Manager Mr. Stanley Newton Student Union Manager Mr. Preston Kyte Maintenance Supervisor Miss Carol Porter Nurse Mrs. Joy Sutherland Head Nurse 86 Mrs. Willie Botkin Housemother Staff Mrs. Helen Alford Housemother Mrs. Sadie Kinlaw Housemother Mrs. Lucy Swain Housemother 87 ••• - ♦■ associations . ♦ . BASEBALL TEAM — row l: D. Renfro, M. Hammond, L. Tipton, W. Miller, H. Golding, D. Garland, N. Hodge, J. Phipps, S. Daniels, J. Shore. ROW 2: D. Jennett, B. Bowen, M. Walton, L. Lowe, D. Ryan, J. Mor- WRESTLING TEAM - row l: S. Bower, J. Boyd, B. Niemi, R, Jackson, L. Cerovac. ROW 2: T. Mc- Cune, W. Harris, D. Gastineau, D. McMohan, J. Hughes (Manager), Orvel Crowder (Coach). competition . . . ris, B. Jjdd, E. Cole, B. Propsf. ROW 3: Harold Stout (Coach), F, Fields, B. Leather- man, E. Satterly, T. Clark, J. Simmonds, H. Smith. BASKETBALL TEAM — seated: C. Compbell, B. Seegers, A. Hof?man, C. Dobson, B. Arnold, N. Hodge. STANDING: S. Stewart, B. Leatherman, D. Barker, G. Honeycutt, M. Phipps, E. Cole. B TENNIS — J- Brandon, E. Smithson, G. Hill, K. Looney, R. Decker, R. Henry, J. Ray, B. Fleeman. A TENNIS — Df " - Hughes Thompson (Coach), B. Morison, J. Jesse, B. Dobney, J. Sole, J. Judd, T. Sale, L. Bain, T. Barnard. CROSS COUNTRY Duard Walker (Coach), W. Walters, M. Smith, B. Wallace, C. Dobson, D. Swee- ney, B. Judd, B. Cornelius, J. Opstad, C. Fassom, D. Underhill, E. Woodby, M. Miner (Manager). TRACK TEAM— " OW l: E. Springman (Manager), B. Judd, D. Under- hill, J. Weitzel, W. Walters, E. Woodby, M. Smith, B. Wallace, B. Corne- lius, J. Elsea (Manager). ROW 2: P. D. Bradshaw, D. Dotson, B. Wunder- ley, M. Boatright, A. Gibson, S. Frazer, L. Cerovoc, A. Hoffman, G. Rogers, Duard Walker (Coach). GOLF TEAM— Row l: D. Daniels, K. Justice, B. Kerrick, J. Bollinger, J. Cord. ROW 2: Roy Stohl (Coach W. Terry, L. Huff, G. Meredith, J. Plummer. CHEERLEADERS— Row l: BLee Bradford, Rita Ratliff (Captain), Linda McBane. ROW 2: Harriett Robinson, Lynn Hansbury, Nancy Warfield, Patsy Loughridge. 94 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES— SEATED: C. Fassom, M. Hammond, p. Fovreau, D. Gar- land, R. Earnest, Harold Stout (Advisor), J. Colson, D. Horklerood, B. Cornelius, R. Everroad (President). STANDING: J. Judd, M. Miner, B. Judd, L. Cerovoc, B. Niemi, D. Barker, S. Frazer, B. Bowen, G. Honey- cutt, R. Tjetjen. SIGMA DELTA PSI — row l: M. Hammond, L. Cerovac (Presi- dent), J. Williams, J. Sheets, G. Wells, R. Everroad, P. Favreau, C. ■ Daniels, Harold Stout (Advisor). ROW 2: S. Adkins, J. Stapleton, R. Tietjen, S. Frazer, G. Manley, R. Ellis, J. Colson, F. McKay, B. Seegers. 95 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL —Charles Dobson, Harold Golding, Connie Linton (Women ' s Secretary), Mar- garet Walker, Becky Human (Women ' s President}, Jerry Judd (Men ' s President}, Lynn Hansbury, Kermit Looney. P. E. CLUB — ROW 1: Connie Linton, Mary Skidmore, Carolyn Clark, Donno Everrood, Phil Fovreau, Lee Cerovac, Steve Frozer, Danny Harkleroad, Jerry Horkey, Marty Hannum, Linda McBane (Secretary), Lorna Crouch (Treasurerl, Judd, Ralph Earnest. ROW 3: Dwight Barker, Mike Miner, Billy Bowen, Mike Becky Human, Don Garland (President). ROW 2: Coach Stout (Advisor), Rick Hammond, Gene Honeycutt, Barry Wallace, Dona Norton, Bill Moore. 96 leadership . . . WOMEN ' S DORM COUNCIL — SEATED: Barbara Allen, Diane Taylor, Marsha Potton (President Miss Larson, Morion Korpi (Secretory), Goyle-Sue Morrison. STANDING: Lynn Harkey, Pot Hayes, Borbaro Bullis, Goil Dovis, Phyllis Humphreys, Joyce Stokes. 97 WEBB DORM COUNCIL — seated: Bill Phair, Tom Barnard (PresidertI, Dwight Barker, Eugene Wood- by, Gene Higgins, Dana Norton. STANDING; Ed Springman, Mike Druley, Joe Klipsch, Doug Hyer, Coach Walker (Head Resident). HARDIN DORM COUNCIL — AI VanBodegraven, Richard Tietjen, Mr. McConnell (Head Resident!, John Slaughter. COMMUTERS ' COUNCIL — Len Smith (President), Bob Brool s (Vice-President). CHEEK DORM COUNCIL — Roger Larson (Representative), Bill Eaton (President), Roger Meyer (Vice- President Ron Barker (Representative). 77424 99 PRE-MED CLUB — Tom Barnard (Secretary-Treasurer), Prof Sisk (Advisorl, Terry Miller (President), Tir Smith, Glynn Wells, John Slaughter, Al White (Vice-President and Reporter). learning INTERNATIONAL CLUB — Dr. Helsabeck (Advisor), Jim Richardson, Paula Maxey (Secretary), Charles Fassom, Eileen Johnson, Barry Wallace, Gary Ellison (Treasurer), Karen Webb (Reporter), Norman Newton (President), Bob Hoss. SNEA — Phil Coleman (President), Doug White (Vice-President), Dr. Shields (Advisor), Lynn Harkey (Re- porter), Joe Stopleton (Treasurer), Elizabeth Grunder (Secretary, not pictured). GERMAN CLUB — seated: Dave Pugh (Program Chairman), Rod Horning, Marilyn Kling, Wonda Haley, Judy Washier, Donna Weed, Rita Sturtz ' President), Shirley Liston (Secretary-Treasurer), Herr Shaffer (Ad- Spurling, Doug Haven, visor). STANDING: John Slaughter, Joyce Stokes, Judy Wilson, Carol COAAMERCE CLUB — Gene Higgins, Joe Klipsch (President), Dona Grommes, Kermit Looney, Mr, Price (Advisor), Doug Hyer, Vicki Hay, Carl Jenkins, Barbara Bell (Secretary-Treasurer), Rod Price. dedication SERVICE SEEKERS — Judy Guion (Secretary-Treasurer), Pam Walker (Projects Chairrran), Ann Newsort (President), Judy Wilson (Program Chairman). BYKOTAS — Bill Eaton (Reporter), George Haden (Treasurer), Mr. Heiney (Advisor), Steve Everrood (President), Bob Hull (Vice-Presidents, Wayne Emery (Secretary). 102 CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB — Pam Hampton (Vice-President), Miss Larson (Advisor), (Secretary), Barbara Allen (Treasurer), Wayne Emery (President). Jonna Maven MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP - SEATED: Ram Walker, Koy Fry, Paula Maxey (Secretary-Treasurer), Margaret Walker (President), Pom Hampton (Vice-Presidentl, Rita Spurting, Nancy Howk, Phyllis Hum- phreys. STANDING: Kenny Messman, George Haden. 103 STUDENT COUNCIL- SEATED: Morgaret Walker, Marsha Patton, Judy Wilson, Carl Davis (President), Jim Young (Vice-President), Nancy True, Charia Purcell, DeeAnn Cockerhom. STANDING: Ed CIRCLE K — ROW 1: Jerry Sheets iSecretaryl, Ed Springman iVice-President), Joe Earnest (President), C. B. Jones, Dick Barnard. ROW 2: Tom Barnard, Don Connor, Tim Smith, Rod Price, Roger Smith, Sam Bower, Al White. ROW 3: Peter Glide, Larry Goble, Kenny Powers, Jim Ray, Steve Steed, Trigg McNew, Marshall Hall, Phil Kouns. service Springman, Phil Kouns, Len Smith, Jack Waugh, Tom Barnard, Bob Hass, Larry Clark. COLLEGIATE CIVITAN —seated: Bob Hass, Danny Harkelroad Clark. STANDING: Bob Meeks, Roy Maiden, Curtis PiUinger, Jim Young, (Vice-president), Dick Polly iTreasureri, Peter Clark (Secertary), Jerry John Hoos, Jay Kleinfeldt. arts CHOIR — ROW 1: Mrs. Aldridge (Director), Marilyn Banks, Linda Walters, Susan len Wilson, Ellen Jo Stahl, Carol Horning, Norma Jean Greene, Alice McDowell. ROW Jacoby, Pat Phillips, Dana Grommes, Peggy McBee, Kay Keene. ROW 2: Diane Cow- 4: Norman Newton, Jim Gregory, Alan Hughes, Jack Schmarr, Curtis Pittinger, Don ley, Jon Ellis, Larry Goble, Rod Sturtz, Nancy Parke, Mary Ruth Dickson, Diane Rich- Jeonnes, Larry Bondar, Doug Haven, wine, Mondy BalHngai. ROW 3: Eriene Southerland, Lynn Harkey, Judy Washier, El- ALPHA PSI OMEGA — Esther Bryan (Vice-President), Mrs. Parris (Advisor), Donna Haven (Secretary), Bill Walters, Jack Webster (President). FOOTLIGHTERS — Mrs, Parris (Advisor), Susan Jacoby, Donno ager), Nancy McCorkle, Bill Walters, Mary Ruth Dickson, Lorry Haven (Secretary), Hugh Smith (Vice-Presidentl, Esther Bryan (Presi- Goble. dent), Eileen Johnson, Wanda Haley, Jack Webster, (Business Mon- 107 ■ ,r i ' EDITORS — SEATED: Ann Newsom iCo-News Editor), Ann visorl, Steve Everrood (Co-Feature Editor;, Tom Bornord (Sports Douf?as !Co-News Editor), Dorothy Bullis (Exchonge Editor), Caro- Editor), Gory Skidmore (Photography Editorl, Rod Sturtz (Music lyn Clem (Co-Feature Editor). STANDING: Miss Turbeville (Ad- Editor). 108 COLUMNISTS — SEATED: Marion Korpi, Carole Wilson, Nancy True, Marsha Patton, Donna Haven, Nancy McCorkle, Lorna Crouch. STANDING: Bill Cornelius, Skip Maiden, Jay Kleinfeldt (Art Editor), Mike Hammond. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Phil Colemon 109 STAFF — STANDING: Phyllis Humphreys, Carolyn Clem, Dorothy Bullis, Donna Haven, Morion Korpi, Nancy McCorkle, Rita Spurling, Dionne Ferguson. SEATED: Phil Coleman, Gerald Trrbbte, Jay Kleinfeldt. BUSINESS MANAGER - Douglas E. Hyer r7« the buffalo CO-EDITORS — Sue Hilbert ond Gory Skidmore III Individuality is everywhere to be spared and respected as the root of everything good.— Richter students . . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Barbora Bell (Secretaryi, Joe Earnest (Student (President:, Carolyn Clem (Treasurer), George Hoden (Vice-President), Donna Ha- Council Representative), Nancy True (Student Council Representative), Jock Waugh ven (Reporter). 114 seniors . . . Robert Dwight Barker, Jr. Sugar Grove, Virginia B.S., Physical Education Martha Ann Barb Bristol, Tennessee A.B., English Barbara Ruth Bell Corona, California B.S., Business Administration Thomas Alexander Barnard, Jr. Chesapeake, Virginia A.B., English Barbara Jo Allen Ironton, Ohio A.B., Social Studies June Marie Berns Allen Park, Michigan B.S., Math James Wilkie Bishop Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., History 115 Elton Timothy Blakel Highland, Indiana B.S., Business Administration Lorry Bonder Elizabeth, New Jersey A.B., Music Esther May Bryan East Liverpool, Ohio A.B., English William Reece Bowen Jonesville, Virginia B.S., Physical Education Dorothy Moe Bullis Painesville, Ohio A.B., Social Studies Michael L. Bradford Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., Religion Carolyn Lee Clem Lexington, Kentucky A.B., English Philip M. Coleman Mooresville, Indiana A.B., Psychology and English Juanita Carolyn Colter Winston-Salem, North Carolina A.B., English David McCary Daniels Johnson City, Tennessee B.S., Physical Education Donald Terry Doum East Point, Georgia A.B., Bible and History Robert Whitnell Dabney Louisville, Kentucky B.S., Business Administration George A. Dorr Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.S., Psychology Willliam Gordon Cornelius Joplin, Maryland B.S., Psychology 117 Sandra Moore Davis Indianapolis, Indiana A.B., English Ronald Bruce Decker Boston, Kentucky A.B., Biology David Bruce Duunavent Cambridge City, Indiana B.S., Physical Education Bill D. Eaton Fowler, Konsos A.B., Religion Robert F. Dillon Wilmington, Delaware B.S., Business Administration David Joseph Fulks Rockwood, Tennessee A.B., Religion Carolyn Booth Fulks Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., Religion Kay Ellen Fry Ookford, Indiana A.B., Social Studies Ronald William Ellis Cossopolis, Michigan A.B., Social Studies Sally Elizabeth Fife Washington, D.C. A.B., English Stephen Shannon Everroad Columbus, Indiana A.B., Religion Carol Ann Greene Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., English Daniel Ray Harkleroad Big Stone Gap, Virginia B.S., Physical Education George William Haden, Jr, Lexington, Kentucky A.B., Religion Donna Laurie Haven Bedford, Ohio A.B., Social Studies Nancy Jeanette Hawk New Whitelond, Indiana A.B., Religion MoryAnn Worrell Hartung Danville, Indiana A.B., English Pamela Rose Hampton Erwin, Tennessee A.B., Religion Michael Edwin Hartung Amo, Indiana B.S., Business Administration 120 Cecil Ray Henry Follansbee, West Virginia B.S., Chemistry Janice Marie Honeycutt Unicoi, Tennessee A.B., English Norman Earl Hodge Elizabethton, Tennessee B,S., Physical Education Hershell N. Hodge Piney Flats, Tennessee A.B., Psychology Shirley Ann Hewitt Westfield, New Jersey A.B., Social Studies Charles Eugene Higgins Galax, Virginia B.S., Business Administration Mary Sue Hilbert Jonesboro, Tennessee A.B., History 121 William Kent Howe Radford, Virginia B.S., Business Administration Dennis Keith Hubbard South Bend, Indiana A.B., Psychology Robert Fulton Hull Welch, West Virginia A.B., Religion Iris Rebecca Huie Rockville, Maryland A.B., English Jim Edward Hughes Johnson City, Tennessee B.S., Physical Education Rebecca Ruth Human Knoxville, Tennessee B.S., Social Studies k Loretta Pennington Hull Bel Air, Maryland A.B., Social Studies 122 Douglas Everitt Hyer Columbus, Ohio B.S., Business Administration Phyllis Dean Humphreys Watauga, Tennessee A.B., Social Studies Gory Gene Jenkins Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., Religion Geoffrey Kirsop Hutchings Johnson City, Tennessee B.S., Math Betty Osborne Johnson Piney Flats, Tennessee B.S., Secretarial Science Janet Sue Blowey Jenkins Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., Business Administration Clifton Jordon Johnson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S., Business Administration Josef W. Klipsch Columbus, Indiana B.S., Business Adminislration Jerry Lelond Judd Scottsburg, Indiana B.S., Physical Education David Elliott Knowles Northl eld, Ohio A.B., History Darlynn Eggers Lowry Mountain City, Tennessee A.B., English Judith Elinor McClaln Canal Fulton, Ohio A.B., Religion Marion Korpi North Weymouth, Massachusetts A.B., English Nancy WrHiams McCorkI Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., English Glen Melvin McFarland Roochdole, Indiana A.B., Social Studies Mattie Cecile Mettetal Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., Psychology David W. McMullen Lawrenceburg, Indiana B.S., Business Adminislration Kenny Wayne Messmon Joppa, Maryland A.B., Religion James Ralph Miller, Jr. Bristol, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry Barbara Ann Milhorn Bluff City, Tennessee A.B., Social Studies Terry J. Miller Munster, Indiana B.S., Chemistry William Clinton Moore King, North Carohna A.B., Social Studies ?25 Suzanne Larter Morison Ironton, Ohio A.B., Social Studies William James Morison Greeneville, Tennessee A.B., History James Michael Newman Danville, Indiana A.B., History Norman S. Newton Glasgow, Scotland A.B., History Pridene Ann Newsom High Point, North Carolina A.B., Psychology Robert Edward Nieml Quincy, Massachusetts A.B., English Elizabeth Ollis Milligon College, Tennessee A.B., English 126 Mary Lynn Phillips Elizabeth ton, Tennessee A.B., Psychology Winton C. Phipps, Jr. Independence, Virginia B.S., Business Administration ' J?S5 S - ' ? ' Marsha Elaine Patton Mosheim, Tennessee B.S., Chemistry and Moth Betty Jo Putt Goodland, Indiana A.B., Latin Rodney A. Price Astoria, Illinois B.S., Business Administration Linda Beverly Reid Woodbridge, New Jersey A.B., Social Studies Diana Hodges Rogers Gote City, Virginia B.S., Business Administration 127 James Clyde Russell Johnson City, Tennessee A.B., History and Religion Linda Orr Spangler Jonesville, Virginia A.B., Social Studies Robert Landon Rowe Kingsport, Tennessee B.S., Psychology Bonnie Hunt Smith Mllligon College, Tennessee A.B., English Ross Philip Sne Atlanta, Georgia A.B., English Leonard Pope Smith Milligan College, Tennessee B.S., Business Administration 128 Joseph M. Stapleton Somerset, Pennsylvania B.S., Psychology Rodney Alan Sturtz Scottdole, Pennsylvania A.B., Music Sheila Pauline Tressler Mill Hall Pennsylvania A.B., Music Robert Wallace Sutherland Indianapolis, Indiana A.B., History William Bruce Thompson, Jr. Jonesboro, Tennessee B.S., Business Administration Roger Lynn Tipton Elizabefhton, Tennessee B.S., Physical Education Sylvia Lyon Taylor Bel Air, Maryland A.B., Social Studies Alton Wayne Walters Wytheville, Virginia A.B., Psychology Arnold Wallace Southern Rhodesia A.B., Chemistry-Psychology Nancy Jo True Indianapolis, Indiana A.B., History Pamela Day Walker Columbus, Ohio A.B., English Rose Carolyn Warfield Fork, Maryland A.B., Social Studies Patricia Gertrude Watters Foirborn, Ohio A.B., Sociol Studies Phyllis Christine Wassom Bluff City, Tennessee B.S., Psychology 130 William H. Walters Indianapolis, Indiana A.B., Religion John Douglas White Roanoke, Virginia A.B., Social Studies Stanley Eugene Woodby Bristol, Virginia B.S., Moth Jack Sherman Wough Follansbee, West Virginia A.B., English Donna Rose Weed Cleveland, Ohio A.B., Social Studies Charles Allen White Lexington, Kentucky A.B., History— Chemistry Vonda Elizabeth Watz Indianapolis, Indiana A.B., Social Studies Ok Jin Yoo Seoul, Korea B.S., Psychology Joonn Walters Yoo French Lick, Indiana A.B., English Liz Grunder Secretary Wayne Emery Chaplain Lorry Clark President junior class officers fjl P H Greg Hill Treasurer )32 Sam Bower Vice-President Wally Bain (■ ' Jenny Bolejock Samuel C. Bower, Jr. John Boyd Larry Clark Pete Clark Jerry Clark Doni Ann Cooper Clyde Cridlin Robert Dawson Ann DoufFas Mike Druley Jon Ellis Gary Ellison Tom Ellison Wayne Emery Richard Ensor Glenn Estep Cheryl Faust Fred Fields Bill Fleeman Vivian Ford Steve Frazer Don Garland Clifton Garris Gretchen Graf Jim Gregory Elizabeth Grunder Lynn Harkey 133 Jan Horkleroad Robert A. Hass Patricia Hayes Duane Heath Margoret Henderson James Hendricks Carol Hill Barbara Hittle Don Honeycutt Rex Jackson Carl Jenkins James Jessee Richard Johnston Joy Kleinfeldt Marilyn Kling Diana Lease Bill Leathermon Shirley Listen Barbara Longabough Bill Love Cheryl Morgan Charles Newman Jim O ' Dell Wilma O ' Dell 134 Jeri Modil Linda Marshall Paula Maxey Tom McCune Forrest McKay Roger Meyer mkk Bobby Osborne Bill Phair Jon Webb Pat Phillips Bill Pierce Dick Polly Jim Price David Pugh Charia Purcell Ben Rake Rita Sue Ratllff Dave Reed Dick Ryan Emily Shaw Gary Skidmo re Linda Slagle Becky Smith Eddie Smithson Gail Starr Maurice Steiner Joyce Stokes Bob Summers A ' ' ilson Terry A :£A Polly Thomas Bill Thompson Richard Tinker Judy Treadwoy Gerald Tribble Jack Webster Jay Weitzel ruce Wunderley David Young 135 Jim Young Margaret Walker President Kay McCalister Secretary Roger Rick Treasurer sophomore class officers Les Bain Vice-President Rick Everroad Chaplain Bert Allen Benny Arnold Dole Baldwin Ron Barker Nancy Bondor Don Boswell Jeff Brandon Judy Brown Barbara Bullis Connie Bullock Mack Caudil! Karen Coe Eddie Cole Tom Crafton ■ SjR- ' 4 Don Croucher Clint Daniel Gail Davis Jane Evans Rick Everroad Phil Favreau Dianne Ferguson Kay Fish Charles Dobson Judy Foster Judy Gautreaux Peter Glide Noncy Gravely Gary Gray Norma Jean Greene Dana Lynn Grommes Judy Guion Wanda Jean Haley Rosalie Hammock Lynn Hansbury 137 Barbara Horned Gayle-Sue Harrison Doug Haven Lynne Hilbert Bob HofFman Kay Holland Gene Honeycutf Carol Horning Bill Hull Carol Jackson Tom Jeffries Doug Jennett Eileen Johnson Kermit Looney Patsy Loughridge Randall Lowry Brenda Lyon Patricia Magill Mike Malone Greg Manley Judy May Linda McBone Kay McCalister Robert McCann Robert Meeks Mike Miner 138 Dana Norton Carl Orr Jed Pike Frank Pulliam David Renfro Bill Reeves Diane Richwine Roger Rick Rex R. Roth Jack Sale Paul Sargent Jack Schmarr Mahmoud Shafi Anna Sharpe Jerry Sheets Troy Sheets John Slaughter Hugh Smith Nancy Smith Erline Southerland Rita Spurling Norma Toney Kenneth Walls Martha Ware Nancy Warfield Judy Washier Karen Webb Glynn Wells Cheryl White Claude Williamson Judy Wilson 139 1 Jim Cord Chaplain Phil Kouns President freshman class officers Pat Cross Secretary Roger Smith Vice-President Steve Adkins Mohammad Assad Sarah Atho Sharon Baim Amanda BaMingol Marilyn Bonks Dick Barnard Arthur Chapman Carolyn Clark DeeAnn Cockerhom Goyle Combs Don Conner Don Cook Dionn Cowley Robin Craig Adam Crouch Robert Davidson Jim Davis Carmolyn Delay Stefan DeLong Mary Ruth Dickson John Ellis John A, Elsea Dean Everhort Tom Foircloth Jim Fink Norman Fleenor Julie Garrett Alex Gibson Edwin Goon Larry Goble John Haase Marshall Hall Donna Harkey Larry Harris 141 kifktf Wayne Harris Marjorie Mines Rich Hodgkiss Alan Hoffman Harry Hopson Jim Houser Alan Hughes John Hughes Norine Hyder Jean Irvine Wondaleen James Don Jeanes C. B. Jones, Jr. Tilda Jones Manouehehr KashanI Lauren Kay Keene Joyce Keilmon Jim Kilgore Lloyd Knowles David Lindenthal Jennifer Lockman Kay Lynn Paul McKowen Trigg McNew Bill McRee Dicey Mills Judy Mizer Judi Moore Q Larry Huff Darryl Johnson Sandy Kleinjan Nancy McCarty Alice McDowell Rebecca McFarland Perry R. Moore Jim Morris Jo Dean Neese Alto Nighbert Lynn O ' Dell Som O ' Dell John Opstad Nancy Orr 142 Dick Pippin Curtis Pittinger Gary Porter Marie Prystay Donna Richter Gordon Rogers Carolyn Roop Thadius Sale Ed Satferly Sharon Schnier Bill Seegers Rick Shofer David Shepherd Rick Shepherd Betty Shields John Shore Dan Sipes Mary Skidmore Don Smith Melvin D. Smith Mickey Smith Roger Smith on Smith Anita Stapf Glendo Stultz Alice Tenney Kathy Tietjen Tom Tilley Dave Van Curen Saundro Van Winkle Sherry Walker Bill Wallace . ikt Linda Walters Mike Walton Joe Whitaker Tom Wigal John Williams Carole Wilson Ellen Wilson Gary Wilson 143 Glodys Wright Wi ' l f It began . . . . . . and then it was over . . . a blur of events, a mosaic of ' instants ' , a series of split seconds torn from life— this was Milligan 1965. mm It was a year, not of events, but of events that happened because of people, your classmates, experiencing agony and victory, mood and mystery, decisive moments, intellectual illumination, spiritual awareness, friendship— this was MILLIGAN 1965. It began . . . . . . and then it was over but the memory of ' special ' personalities remains vivid in these pages of autographs 144 ™j_jj™™„», .... f. .,,, .,.,....... ™.,„,™.- ., . g ... ,■ A H| Supporting - - - H| Milligan College B Since 1930 H| " Quality Food " H DIXIE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT K 424 E. Main St. — Johnson City, Tenn. Johnson City, Tennessee 5SSS3S3ffi55 DUTCH MAID DRIVE-IN " Hooie of the Original Pizza " 925 West Market Street New Jonesboro Parkway Jotinson City, Tennessee Phone 926-8533 Compliments of [R CI]g)DQCI] ' ®2Z FURNITURE COMPANY MILLIGAN ROAD JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Tennessee i . .. m Complimen fs of GUNNARTEILMANN Johnson City ' s Leading Florist Phone 926-2441 We wish a happy future for every student of Milligan JOHN SEVIER HOTEL § RESTAURANT VILLAGE ohgratulations to the Class of 1965 HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS § LOAN THE SPOT drive-in restaurant 421 E. MAIN ST. JOHNSON CITY Pizza Headquarters Crisp Delicious Salads Assortment of Seafoods Charcoal Western Steaks where you ' re always welcome 10% discount for students Students checks cashed FIRST PEOPLES BANK Johnson City ' The Bank for Everybody " Compliments of Palace Barber Shop 302 S. Roan Johnson City HILLCREST Drug Store 700 W. Market ST. Johnson City.Tenn. FEDERA AND LOAN OF JOHlMSOIlJ 106-8-10 WEST K JOHNSO . SyWINGS ASSOCIATION ITY, CITY G STREET C NESSEE The Savings Center THE BOOK SHOP ' We Can Supply Any Book in Print " John Sevier Building Johnson City, Tennessee OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Agents for Olivetti-Underwood Electric and Manual Typewriters, Calculators and Adding Machines Johnson City, Tennessee BEST WISHES FROM COASTAL STATES LIFE COLLEGE EXECUTIVE DIVISION INSURED SAVINGS INVESTMENT PROGRAMS DESIGNED FOR THE COLLEGE MAN. Jerry J. Thomas, Mgr. Jerry W. Wallace, Executive Associate Jerry F. Clark, Special Representative 1709 ' 2 W. Cumberland Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE 319 E. MAIN ST. JOHNSON CITY 240 242 E. MAIN ST. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. " nothing is permanent in fashion but good taste " Natioislajv Baxk: Johnson Crrr, ' teNNESSEE Charraing SOLID HARD ROCK MAPLE VERSATILE GROUP Such a practical, pretty answer to the small dining area! The space - saving round table is small enough for Continental dining, cards or games . . . yet extends to seat as many as eight. Com- fortable sculptured saddle seats in chairs. A rare value indeed in fine Early American furniture. Uoultujant this ensemhk in cfour tome. no- fi ier umlfum ofamfprtce! HANDSOME BUFFET-HUTCH A real showpiece for your dining room, at uch a practical price. The original handcraft feeling is retained in the intricately carved edges, the notched paraling motif, the authen- tic brass hardware. Dustproof draw- ers and storage area protect your finest silver, china and linens. AM pieces shown from Empire ' s Bon- nie Kate Collection . . . in solid hard rock maple with an exclusive scratch resistant Spice Brown finish. ;■.■•x. :-:.:.:A■A..•. EMPIRE FURNITURE CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY TENNESSEE iyJ anor Pearl E. Hyer nursing home of Columbus, ohio PARKS-BELK CO. Home of better values Johnson City, Tennessee LOVELY LAUNDROMAT and MILUGAN SALON Compliments of FORBES MARKET Milligon College, Tennessee CENTRAL OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY of Louisville, Kentucky BROYLES INSURANCE ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY UNITED STATES FIDELITY GUARANTY CORPORATION Erwin, Tennessee Main at Gay Erwin, Tennessee UNAKA STORES, INC " We give S H Green Stamps " Erwin Tennessee AGENCY Neorly 100 years ago, Thomas A. Edison with his electrical inventions, started the world on a progressive movement that is still going strong. Today, through the use of electricol installations. Industries are expending, diversifying, and improving products, bringing us better goods at lower cost, Todoy, home appliances wipe out drudgery and furnish comfort. Electricity powers these appliances. Today businesses give their customers better service in more comfortable surroundings. Electricity makes this possible. Electricity furnishes he help to make jobs easier . . . powers the devices that make homes more comfortable . . . improves services to communities. We serve this area low-cost TVA-generated electricity and we ore proud! We also take this opportunity to congratulate our students, and to soy, " We are proud of you, too! " iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiimiiiuiiiiiiiiiuiu ELIZABETHTON E. S. " Serving This Progressive Area for More Than 19 Years ' RITCHIE ' S, INC : Elizabethton Tennessee HALE ' S DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Your Prescription Center Elizabethton, Tennessee FRED MOORE MENSHOP Elizabethton, Tennessee Compliments of Lingerfelt— Little Pharmacy Elizabethton, Tennessee I Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Elizabethton, Tenn. Compliments of WATSON ' S Elizabethton, Tenn. HAPPY VALLEY MOTEL 16 Modern Units TV — Electric Heat Air-Conditioned 3 Miles East of Milligan College on Rts. 321 67 Phone 542-9926 Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD Elizabethton, Tenn. BURGIE DRUG STORE " 71 Years of Drug Service " Whitman Candies — Quality Drugs Only FRED DAVIS JEWELERS " The Largest Diamond Selection in East Tennessee " 405 Elk Avenue Phone 542-8593 Member F.D.I.C. Elizabethton, Tennessee 168 P H WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. 37682 Milligan College Library 88 iiiliilliii Hill Hill iilliijiiiiiliillnillll 0001 1700 8

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