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J -f y i Dedicated to Dr. Beauford H. Bryant .: . Left: Dr. Bryant watches as members of the college class of Oak Grove Christian Church put the finishing touches to his " home-made " Christmas tree. s Right: In the full academic dress of the University of Edinburgh, presented to him by his Oak Grove congregation as a Christ- mas present. For his outstanding example, his su- perior scholastic ability, his rapport with the students and faculty, and his admirable character, we, the Class of 1963, proudly dedicate this edition of the Milligan College Buffalo to Dr. Beauford H. Bryant. Dr. Bryant ' s deep interest in others is seen in his frequent visits to the boys ' dormitories, where he spends many hours in discussion, and in his ministry at the Oak Grove Christian Church, where he faithfully tends to the needs of his congregation. In the classroom and in the pulpit he causes Christianity and the Scriptures to come alive, moving his hearers to listen, to learn, and to live accordingly. In our four years at Milligan, we have come to know and love Dr. Bryant — the way he laughs when enjoying a good joke, his particular use of the word " wee " when describing little things, his tender compassion in times of stress, his hearty handshake, his impassioned pleas for the cause of Christ. By his very life he exemplifies Christianity, and for all that he means to us and so many others, we gratefully honor him. IE ?: f ' iMM •« ' -1 ' ,1 ' A ' i— v? »fH , •;:% ♦l -v ■ " j » - . ' «W -ffl L ' m; 4 : WR: J»S|Rfc ft l « f i;r y tke 9 ma test P owev on eat ik. iKeadlvia . . % me fountaiyi of vuiddom. klnkln 9 • • • !£.r " •_ » s? 2 .3 ' ' ss i_ » ' ' a.- Itei£_.jes2s4: . Opens auenLie6 of di vscovem, nenddki f tL e ma a to ki aoDivieSi. w cJLaviaktev ' . . . luma . . . ike 5p m Vivi5elfishn,e66 L 10 a wen Dnvi pnviiea leae. 11 D M I N I S T R A T I O N c ounde 1 • m • 12 a avii f ide fov U or uvma. f M Pages in the Buffalo are like cards in an index. Each one records words or pic- tures recalling events and people. They stir imagination and quicken remem- brance. In these memories we live again our treasured years at Milligan. Changes in campus and facilities do not change the college. Milligan is a spirit. It is a spirit of curiosity and in- vestigation. It is a spirit of discipline and resolution. It is a spirit of learning and service. It is a spirit of loyalty and af- fection. It is a spirit of devotion and com- mitment. It is a spirit of faith and hope. It is a spirit of prayer and confidence. Alumni are distinguished by such spirit. Our Lord has blessed us during this year. We have high privilege in express- ing our gratitude to Him. May His con- tinued favor be with us, we pi ' ay, as we try to conform ourselves to His will in all our relationships in the family, in so- ciety, in our careers, and in His Church. So shall we build for the future upon our inheritance, that we may assure Christian Education — the Hope of the World. Dean E. Walker, President v .-sJf " ., : 7 On May 28, 1962, a few hours after graduation exercises were concluded, our President married Miss Dorothy Keister of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. The Walk- ers flew to Europe immediately following the ceremony, spending the summer there. Although Mrs. Walker is a very busy person, traveling extensively while pre- senting her well-known " Mission to Wo- men, " she has nevertheless taken the time to become well-acquainted with the fac- ulty and students. On behalf of all of its members, we welcome her to the Milligan Family ! The Walkers en route to the airport for a Euro pean honeymoon. 15 Miss Lois Hale Registrar Dr. Joseph Dampier Provost A D M I N I S T R A T I O N Mr. Joe P. McCormick Assistant to tlie President ••« ■ ' H Miss Mildred Welshimer Dean of Women Mr: Guy Oakes Dean 16 Mr. Ray E. Stahl Executive Secretary Mrs. Mary Archer Librarian Mrs. Howard Bowers Health and Physical Ed. Dr. Beauford H. Bryant Religion Dr. Lloyd G. K. Carr Biology Mr. Renato G. Casale Languages Dr. Owen L. Crouch Religion Dr. Orvel C. Crowder Psychology F A C U L T Y Dr. Robert Fife Sociology and History Dr. Spencer R. Gervin Social Studies Mrs. Roy Hampton English Mr. Dale Hudson Music Dr. Sam Jack Hyder Mathematics Miss Ivor Jones History Dr. Dale Jorgenson Music Mrs. Magdalen Justice Biology Miss Betty Jean Lawson Music Mr. C. S. Montgomery Psychology Mr. John W. Neth Librarian F A C u L T Y Mr. Euel Ownby Mrs. Marguerite C. Parris Education Eng lish and Speech Mr. Eugene Price Business Administration Mrs. Janet Rugg English and Religion 18 Mr. James Shields Education Mr. Lone L. Sisk Chemistry Mr. Harold Stout Health and Physical Ed. Mrs. Arthur Thomas German Dr. Hughes Thompson Physics and Chemistry Miss Hazel Turbeville Secretarial Science Mr. Duard Walker Health and Physical Ed. F A C u L T Y Dr. Henry Webb History Dr. Charles Wetzel Mrs. Dorothy Wilson Philosophy and Humanities Art and English Mrs. Mary Perry Young English Miss A. Brooke Harmeyer College Nurse Mrs. Sadie Kinlaw Housemother Miss Ethel Osborne Housemother s T A F F s-f js r. •I Mrs. Florence Ritz Dining Hall Manager Cooks — Mrs. Wooten, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Shook, Mrs. Hambrick, Mrs. Blevins, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Livingston. Mrs. Lucy Swain Housemother Any firm, public or private, to run smoothly must have a body to make policies and choose those who will carry out these policies. This body is the Board of Ti ' ustees. They perform many duties, one of which is to authorize candidates for degrees upon recommendation of the faculty. Members of the Board are chosen for their in- terest in the ideas and ideals of the college. Board of Trustees Dr. Derthick and his " children. " Dear to the hearts of all those associ- ated with Milligan, Dr. Henry J. Derthick has become a living tradition. His ever present liveliness and enthusiasm stand as a constant stimulus and encouragement to every student at Milligan. Dr. Derthick ' s influence extends be- yond Milligan. Since his retirement from the presidency of Milligan College, in which capacity he served for twenty-three years, he has become known in the area for his program of counseling and guid- ance which he takes to thirty schools in Upper East Tennessee. In this program he instructs about thirty thousand stu- dents. Dr. Derthick also teaches school and serves as minister of Hale ' s Chapel Christian Church. This year Dr. Derthick celebrated his ninetieth birthday. He is looking forward to many more years of service. and Dr. Derthick 21 ■.«■: o R G A N I Z A T I O N S Wo.L. oun. dat ton 6ViCCeS5. 23 J n service to Oik ers . The Student Council is the representa- tive voice of the student body in all mat- ters referring to student life. It is com- posed of representatives from each class, the class presidents, and the presidents of the dormitory and commuters ' councils. The function of the student govern- ment is to provide and maintain a well- balanced spiritual, social, and academic life and to facilitate communication and- coordination between the student body and the administration. Student Council President Gary Burrell takes time out from his busy schedule to enjoy a good joke! Student Council First row: Gai-y Burrell, Dave Roberts, Gerry Wells, Mary Blount, Dave Eunson, Bill Nice, Miss Jones, President Walker. Second row: Paul Shepard, Jerry Frasure, Donna Sahli, Bob Hull, Bill Morison, Sue Larter. Third row: Pam Hampton, Jim Young, Mike Lacy. Above: The Four Preps, in person, spring, 1962! Council Sponsored Activities Below: Santa Claus, at Milligan? -ii;S3a:.; S3Si? Above: Goodbye, Seniors, Milligan style. Above: Quietly awaiting the festivities to begin. Left: The Christmas party, " in the clouds. " Below: He ' s everywhere! He ' s everywhere! Women ' s Dormitory Council — Front row: Donna Waifield, Diane Hubbafd, Billye Joyce Vance, Mary Blount, Phyllis Humphreys, Haide Ensha. Back row: Carolyn Booth, Phyllis Curd, Mary Ann Worrell, Marsha Bailey, Nancy Reeves, Becky Nice, Joan Cunningham, Donna Sahli, Carolyn Colter, Beverly Weller. Representative Councils The Dormitory Councils are composed of men and women who endeavor to maintain, in the dormitories, an atmosphere conducive to study. They are also responsible for creating a spiritual environment and suggesting regu- lations and providing for their enforcement as the need arises. Meeting once a week to discuss matters concerning dormitory life, the Councils establish a spirit of cooperation between the administration and the students. 26 o. o. 4 Men ' s Dormitory Council — First row: Frank Davis, Bill Walters, David Nash, Alban Shumate, Jerry Hicks, Ron Barker. Second row: Randy Wright, Ok Jin Yoo, Forrest McKay, Bedford Motley, Josef Klipsch, Lowell Pemberton, Coach Walker. Third row: George Clark, Wayne Colter, Dave Eunson, Billy Bowen, Jerry Shelton, Kassem Khalil, Bob Kerrick, Lee Cerovac, Ralph Wheeler. Fourth row: Gary Ellison, Jim Saun- ders. Fifth row: Bob Dillon, Fran York, Bill Gilmore. The Commuters ' Council represents those students who are not dormitory residents. Its function is to keep fellow commuters informed as to the social events, religious activities, and changes in rules and regulations of the college. Its ultimate purpose is to bring about a closer unity of thought and spirit between the commuting students and the dormi- tory students. Commuters ' Council — Kathy Martin, Steve Payne, Brenda Miller, Nell Donnelly, Jim Bishop, Betty Osborne. 27 Section Editors — Sylvia Adams, Rachel Cox, Don Daum, Nancy Rogers. Buffalo Staff Editor Business Manager Section Editors Organization Features Athletics Classes Janet Knowles Deanna Cox Nancy Rogers Rachel Cox Don Daum Sylvia Adams student Photographers — Mike Newman, Bill Flee- man, Jim Harding. Business Manager Deanna Cox 28 Seated: Paula Maxey, Jackie ToUey, Diana Rogers, Parthena Cecil, Margaret Harber, Janet Knowles, Mr. Stahl, Advisor; Rachel Cox, Carol Hudson, Joyce Keis. Standing: Deanna Cox, John Brown, Jim Harding, Bill Fleeman, Mike New- man, Julia Webb, Nancy Rogers, Sylvia Adams, Don Daum, Ann Turner, Jack Waugh. We, the staff of the 1962-63 Buffalo, wish to express our apprecia- tion to the faculty and student body for their cooperation and helpfulness. A big " thank you " also goes to everyone on the staff who worked so diligently in order to present this account of the year ' s activities. We sincerely hope that this edition of the Buffalo will bring back many pleasant memories. Mr. Stahl and Janet have a last minute conference — can we meet that deadline ? 29 Editor Anita Murray and Miss Hazel Turbeville, sponsor. Stampede Staff The Stampede, the Milligan newspaper, was created for the pur- pose of providing practical experience in journalism to students who are interested in this field. It also provides editorials, items of entertainment, and important information pertaining- to the activities and accomplish- ments of our student body and college. This newspaper is published once a month, and is available to the student body, to local colleges, and to alumni. Front row: Anita Murray, Ed Pierpont, Gordon Mehaffey, Larry Spangler. Second row: Marga- ret Harber, Sylvia Adams, Lida Murphy. Third row: Myrtle Heid, Darlene Debault, Donna War- field. Fourth row: Dave Roberts, Dorothy Bullis. Fifth row: AI Palmer, Diana Rogers, Joan Cunningham, Pat Wilbeck. 30 w% , ■ ' ' - i - " J First row: Jim Saunders, Bill Morison, William Ware, Don Daum, Fred Norris, Wally Bain, Wayne Emery, Bedford Motley. Second row: Chester Crump, Gary Ellison, Gary Burrell, Dave Fulks, Dave Roberts, Marshall Hayden, Lai-ry Bondar, Larry Brandon, Karl Marshall. Third row: Darrell Hiatt, Jerry Erasure, Keith Erasure, Jim Young, Bob Hull, Dave Stuecher, Bob Dawson, George Haden, Larry Tucker. Fourth row: Danny Martin, Jack Waugh, Glenn Mc- Earland, Dave Knowles, Gary Nicholson, Jerry Taylor, Larry Patterson, George Ross, Dean Tate. Bykota The Bykota Club, formerly known as the Ministerial Association, is designed to aid the spiritual growth and to provide practical knowledge and experience to the men of Milligan who plan to enter some phase of Christian service. The members not only benefit others, but also the Kingdom of God and themselves as they strive to follow their motto, " Be ye kind, one to another. " The activities of the organization include the individual services and activities performed in the churches of the area, such as those of assistant minister, youth director, and other positions. The club en- courages the ministerial students to maintain the highest possible stan- dards of Christian character at all times. 31 ■ww— . J i -1 .- ' 1 First row: George Haden, Mary Jo Weaver, Phyllis Humphreys, Pat Watters, Don Daum, Jerry Shelton, Keith Frasure, Jim Young, Dean Tate, Calvin Ross, Larry Patterson. Second row : Wally Bain, Becky Nice, Bob Dawson, David Young, Larry Tucker, Sharon Penrod, Karl Mar- shall, Danny Martin, William Ware, Maurice : P Steiner. Third row: Rod Sturtz, Wayne Emery, Gary Jenkins, Kai ' en Guion, Pat Harper, Bev Weller, Nancy Brandon, Marty Hannum, Sandy Moore. Fourth row: Terry Albaugh, Carolyn Clem, Ann Newsom, Lyda Murphy, Wayne Hay, Nancy McCorkle, Joyce Keis, Everett Mounts, Carol Morrical, Paula Maxey. Christian Service Club First row: Dave Stuecher, Kay Fry, Nancy True, Janet Knowles, Jack Waugh, Dave Fulks, Ray Henry, Carolyn Booth, Marion Korpi, Donna Haven. Second row: Molly Tindall, Pat Phillips, Nancy Coni-ad, Wallis Ann Glodich, Bill Cornelius, Dorothy Bullis, Donna Weed, Carolyn Colter, Jenny Bolejack, Carol Brooks, Fred Norris. Third row: Alva Lee Sizemore, Donna Warfield, Bar- bara Brown, Carolyn Haggard, Joan Cunningham, Mary Ann Hoss, June Berns, Nancy Smith, Carol Barker, Vera Quire, Terri Cotton. Fourth row: Jan Howard, Barbara Stephenson, Jackie Tolley, Dave Knowles, Carol Hudson, Myi-na Wells, Lola Vaughn, Dorothy Engel, Louise Patterson, Bob Hull. The Christian Service Ckib, one of the oldest clubs on campus, was organized to stimulate and uphold the spiritual life of the campus and to take advantage of op- portunities in which to perform Christian service. This organization meets weekly for song services, devotions, and Christian fellowship. Gospel Teams have been formed from the club to go to churches in the surrounding area and states to hold services. This year the club sponsored a Minstrel Show, which contained possibly the most " original " talent of the year. It is hoped that this will become an annual event. 33 Seated: Joan Cunningham, Pat Harper, Phyllis Humphreys, Pat Watters, Ann Newsom, Nancy Jo True, Carolyn Berg, Mary Jo Weaver, Carol Chandler, Lola Vaughn, Billye Joyce Vance, Maxine Miller, Phyllis Curd, Jane Costello, Jeanette Marks. Standing: Gigi Wickes, Char- lotte Ely, Ann Turner, Joyce Keis, Carol Brooks, Service Seekers Karen Guion, Carolyn Colter, Lana Lanier, Esther Bryan, Miss Welshimer, Donna Haven, Martha Barb, Marion Korpi, Donna Wright, Nancy Mc- Corkle, Carol Hudson, Ruth Shawver, Dottie Comer, Mildred Fowler, Barbara Longabaugh, Lynn Harkey, Bev Weller, Pat Loichle, Anne Moore. The Service Seekers is a club originally organized in 1949 by Miss Welshimer for young women who wished to enter some field of church work. Since this time, the club has been opened to all girls who wish to serve Christ, whether in the home, the school, the community, or the church. Lectures, discussions, and activities are the basis for the meetings of the Service Seekers. These meetings are designed for practical appli- cation in the various fields of service. During the year, the members find many ways in which to encourage and increase in Christian service, one of which is visiting the children at the East Tennessee Christian Home in Elizabethton. Freshmen and other new members sign the membership roll at the installation services. 34 Seated: Brian Murray, George Haden, Karen Guion, Lola Vaughn, Gary Burrell. Standing: Marty Hannum, Sandy Moore, Carol Henry, Karen Atha, Martha Barb, Pam Hampton. Not pictured: Paula Maxey. Missionary Fellowship The Missionary Fellowship is a group of young Christian men and women who study the various aspects of missions, both at home and abroad. The aim of the club is to help all students to realize the sig- nificance of their motto, " Every Christian a missionary. " The Missionary Fellowship strives to spread the Gospel through the activities of its members. Services held at the Washington County Old Folks ' Home and gathering clothes for the needy at Christmas are two of the activities done in Christian love by this organization. 35 First row: Gary Probst, Donna Warfield, Anita Murray, Glenda Warner, Becky Neff, Diane Hub- bard, Loretta Pennington, Ruth Bunton, Wallis Ann Glodich, Karen Guion, Ann Turner, Paul Shepard, Carol Barker, Mr. Ownby, Sponsor. Second row: Carol Henry, Maria Bible, Delia Cox, Nancy Conrad, Sandy McBane, Jane Costello, Donna Weed, Donna Flick. Third row: Carol Chandler, Bev Weller, Pat Loichle, Ann Moore, Linda Reid, Rita Farmer, Becky Marsh. Fourth row: Charlotte Ely, Carolyn Berg, Pat Harper, Nancy Rogers, Nancy Reeves, Marsha Bailey, Juanita Knauer, Carolyn Clem. Fifth row: Diana Rogers, Margaret Harber, Parthena Cecil, Reba Carroll, Barbara Longbaugh, Paula Maxey, Mari- lyn Sharp, Lida Murphy, Janet Knowles. Sixth row: Esther Bryan, Donna Sahli, Lola Vaughn, Carol Hudson, Sylvia Adams, Gordon Mehaffey, Mary Jo Weaver, Vera Quire. Seventh row: Mary Ann Worrell, Alice Walters, Nancy True, Gerry Wells, Darlene Debault, Myrtle Heid, Betsy Lipscombe, Pat Wilbeck, Larry Spangler, Sally Gray, Mike Combs. Eighth row: Sharlene San- ford, Carol Brooks, Myrna Wells, Karen Atha, Walter Arnold, Chris Williams, Ron Garard, Jack Waugh, Park Range, Bedford Motley. Student National Education Association The Student National Education Association is a professional or- ganization for all students whose main career objective is teaching. The programs are centered around the various aspects of teaching, including its rewards and advantages as well as its problems and disadvantages. Through these programs the future teacher gains a greater insight into the techniques, methods, and application of subject matter. Members hold student membership in both the Tennessee Education Association and the National Education Association. an. J In pur ul t oais L 36 Commerce Club The Commerce Club provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in business administration and secretarial science to become better acquainted with the world of business. Films and conducted tours through business enterprises are ways in which the students gain a better understanding of the operation of commercial firms. On various occasions outstanding persons in the business world give lectures and answer ques- tions pertaining to their chosen professions. The year ' s activities are con- cluded by an annual picnic. First row: Howard Henning, Ken Fisher, Connie McFadden, Dottie Comer, Mr. Price, Sponsor. Second row: Maxine Miller, Mary Frederixon, Jan Howard, Barbara Brown. Third row: H. B. Whitt, Alban Shumate, Frank Davis, Jeri ' y Shelton, Eunsik Park. Fourth row: Carl Jenkins, Carl Davis, Bob Dillon, Jerry Hicks, Lessie Henry. 37 Zelotai standing: Mrs. Ken Kincaid, Mrs. Richard True, Mrs. Noel Kirk, Mrs. Victor Brown, Mrs. Roy Hampton, Mrs. Bill Griffin, Mrs. Arthur Thomas, Mrs. Donald Davisson, Mrs. Jirair Apissogho- mian. Seated: Mrs. Janet Rugg, Mrs. Robert Fife, Mrs. Schmeissner, Mrs. L. W. McCown, Mrs. Orvel Crowder, Mrs. Irene Nice, Mrs. James Shields. The Zelotai Club is an organization consisting of the wives of the students and faculty in the religion department. Wives of the ministers in the area are granted associated memberships. The purpose of this or- ganization is to train and strengthen their Christian character, and to discuss and solve the problems which confront a minister ' s wife. Their programs include discussions, service projects, and social activities, such as dinners and holiday parties. 38 International Club Front row: Carol Zavadsky, Haide Ensha, Shirley Listen, Mrs. Thomas, Linda Marshall, Rita Farmer, Cathy Massimo, Marlys Meier. Second row: Billye Joyce Vance, Maxine Miller, Carolyn Carter, Paula Maxey, Diana Rogers, Joyce Keis, Cheryl Faust, Carol Henry, Brian Murray. Third row: Bill Coi-nelius, George Clark, Kassem Khalil, Gary Ellison, Denny Hub- bard, Ron Mounts, Bedford Motley, Arnold Wal- lace, Miss Hale, Ok Jin Yoo. The International Students ' Relation Club is one of the newest clubs on campus. The purpose of this club is to promote a more complete understanding between the American students and the students from other lands. The foreign students are the regular members, and only they can be the officers. All other Milligan students wishing to join this club are honorary members. Programs consist of discussions, debates, slides, movies, and several social activities which include a dinner with a dish from each represented country. Through this organization the members have attained understanding and knowledge of the customs, habits, en- vironment, geography, beliefs, and ideas of the various countries. 39 Footlighters is open to all students who are interested in the arts of acting and stage production. It provides to the student an excellent opportunity to de- velop his own abilities in the field of the theater. This group sponsors, pro- duces, and helps with most of the produc- tions on campus. Alpha Psi Omega is the honorary dramatic fraternity. Member- ship is gained by compiling points earned in acting. Alpha P ' si Omega — Bill Walters, Sandy McBane, Donna Flick, Mr. Hudson, Mrs. Parris, Jerry Carroll. Footlighters First row: Shirley Hewitt, Nancy McCorklc, Sandy McBane, Donna Flick, Carolyn Berg, Ann Bryant, Donna Haven, Margie Reed. Second row : Jack Webster, Bill Cornelius, Gary Ellison, Bill Walters, Richard Ganz, Jerry Cai ' roll. Third row: Jan Rowland, Rachel Cox, Esther Bryan, Joyce Keis, Marsha Read, Lana Lanier, Liz Ellis, Snellen Neth, Mrs. Parris. 40 First row: Bill Nice, Judy Giles, Judy Hayden, Brooke Harnieyer, Carol Thompson, Wanda Jack- son, Ann Maybee, Mr. Sisk. Second row: Lynn Bodwell, Rachel Cox, Mary Ann Hoss, Chris Williams, Gregg Hill, David Nash. Third row: Al White, Tom Barnard, Dick Polly, Eugene Woodby. Fourth row : Gary Kenney, George Clark, Terry Miller. Pre - Med Club The Pre-Med Club is designed to help prepare its members for careers in medicine or in some closely related field. Their regular meet- ings are devoted to discussions and activities associated with their chosen professions. Many times discussions and lectures are given by outstand- ing persons in the medical profession. This organization provides, through its activities, preparation for the undergraduate who plans to continue on to a school of medicine. 41 Kneeling: Mike Combs, Gordon Mehaffey, Mike Hartung, Ed Pierpont, Larry Spangler, Rusty Stevens, Ray Sheppard, Billy Ray Harrell, Bill Bianchi. Second row: Carolyn Berg, Sally Gray, Pat Loichle, Connie Linton, Marlys Meier, Pat Harper, Bev Weller, Marty Hannum, Darlene De- bault. Donna Warfield, Pat Wilbeck. Third row: Phil Hansen, Billy Bowen, Larry Johnson, Dick Teaster, Dwight Barker, Tim Blakely, Don Gar- land, Paul Conklin, John Pickford. Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is comprised of students majoring or minoring in physical education. The purpose of this organization is to de- velop character, sportsmanship, and leadership, both socially and profes- sionally, in its members. The meetings consist of lectures, discussions, and, occasionally, films concerning sports. Many times seasonal sports are played after the meetings. One of the main activities of the club is to sell concessions at the basketball games. 42 66iiyr99 M " Club The " M " Club is the lettermen ' s club of Milligan College. Eligibility for mem- bership in this club is based upon the earning of a letter in one varsity sport — basketball, baseball, tennis, track, cross- country, golf, or wrestling. The " M " Club sponsors various activities and fund- raising projects, sponsors a Founder ' s Daughter candidate, and has a steak fry for its members. The year is climaxed at the spring banquet when special awards and recognition are given. From left: Ray Sheppard, Frank Harrison, Wayne Oden, Larry Poe, Ken Bell, Dwight Barker, Park Range, Rusty Stevens, Phil Hansen, Bill Moore, Bill Gilmore, Bill Cornelius, Bob Kerrick, Gene Woodby, Sanford Button, Bob Dabney, Danny Martin, Jay Weitzel, Ed Pierpont, Dave Herndon. ■f-. ' iW 43 c c . - ■■ -4 ;rJI ft U First row: Dorothy Engel, Gretchen Graf, Par- thena Cecil, Martha Barb, Pat Matthews, Pat Messenger, Marilyn Kling, Marsha Read, Patsy Martin, Ann Bryant. Second row: Fran Shotwell, Ann Jackson, Sheila Tressler, Donna Haven, Lynda Starrett, Kathy Ratliff, Lola Vaughn, Nancy Rogers, Paula Maxey, Dottie Comer, Caro- lyn Berg. Third row: Nancy Thomas, Claire Spotts, Sharon Penrod, Donna Wright, Bonnie VLKJ Hunt, Carol Morrical, Judy Giles, Becky Nice, Brenda Durham, Lynn Hai-key, Pat Wilbeck, Dave Stuecher, Eai ' l Picklesimer. Fourth row: Rod Sturtz, Roger Bennett, Len Smith, Paul Shepard, Larry Brandon, Fred Rogers, Dave Eunson, Harry Burwell, Jerry Taylor, Jim Price, Larry Bain, Rod Price, Danny Galleher, Bill Thompson, Maurice Steiner. Choir Dr. Jorgenson puts the Choir through its paces — and joins in too! Membership in the Milligan College Choir is open to those who can meet the rigorous requirements of the try-outs con- ducted by Dr. Dale Jorgenson, the di- rector. In his first year at Milligan, Dr. Jorgenson has raised the standards and quality of music produced by the Choir. The hard work and long practice ses- sions are rewarded by a tour conducted during the spring vacation. On tour with the Choir — what a wonderful way to spend spring vacation!! First row: Fran Shotwell, Barbara Stephenson, Mary Ann Hoss, Larry Bondar, Esther Bryan, Ruth Shawver. Second row: Donna Flick, Joan Cunningham, Judy Nighbert, Roger Bennett, Wayne Emery, Paul Shepard, Ken Klug, George Haden, Rod Sturtz. Standing: Dr. Dale Jorgen- son, director; Maurice Steiner. Wind Ensemble The Milligan College Wind Ensemble was organized by Dr. Dale Jorgenson in September, 1962. From this group developed also a Brass Choir. The limited number of play- ers has kept the Ensemble from doing all it would like to do ; it has, however, been used as a " pep " band at several home basketball games and has taken an active part in the Christmas program. Plans have now been made for a Spring Concert to be given in late April or early May. This will be the first formal appearance for both the En- semble and the Brass Choir under the direction of Dr. Jorgenson. 45 The Havenaire s — Fred Kelly, Chester Crump, Fred Rogers, Larry Brandon. The Treblettes — M a r t h a Barb, Donna Haven, Carolyn Colter. Ensembles Below, The Continentals — F i r s t row : Pat Messenger, Pat Matthews, Claire Spotts, Nancy Rogers. Second row: Rod Price, Larry Brandon, Dave Stuecher, Paul Shepard. Above, The M i 11 i g e n t s — Earl Picklesimer, Everett Mounts, Wally Bain. 46 The Volunteers — Dave Stuecher, Marshall Hay- den, Andy Lowe, Fred Norris. The Keynotes — Ann Bryant, Jerry Carroll, Alva Lee Sizemore. 47 E A T U R E S r ' adlii ion . . . 48 tke biA,ll(iey of memone6. 49 WAKANDAGI The lineup. Sweet dreams, uninterrupted ? i Don ' t scorch it again, Pat. That doesn ' t count for points, Harriett! Splat! Another Holocaust victim gets it! Hurray! Now we look almost human again 1 You can ' t beat those upperclassmen! Now officially members of the Milligan Family. TWIRP WEEK p How in the world do you get in it? Next time you ' ll get a date, girls! Look, Ma! No hands! A simple game of toss and catch ? Will this week never end? A hike and cook-out on Buffalo. 1 S 81 ' A STKPPIXCS i- „ , - f » . Miss Mary Blount FOUNDER ' S DAY 1962 In 1881, Josephus Hopwood founded what is now Milligan College. In com- memoration of this event, alumni return each November to reunite with old friends on the campus of their Alma Mater. This year ' s " homecoming week- end " began with a varsity-alumni basket- ball game, which was won by the varsity by the scor e of 80-76. Each of the classes, the dorm councils, and several of the clubs provided outdoor displays, giving a very festive air to the campus. The week- end was culminated in the annual Found- er ' s Day Banquet, held Friday evening, November 23, at Sutton Hall and attended by some 700 persons. Those present at the banquet selected Miss Janet Knowles, a senior from Northfield, Ohio, and the candidate of the Christian Service Club, to reign as the Founder ' s Daughter for 1962. FOUNDER ' S Miss Rachel Cox .-fe n.- Miss Phyllis Curd Miss Sandy McBane DAUGHTER CANDIDATES Miss Judv Giles Miss Nell -Donnellv . V S3 FOUNDER ' S DAUGHTER Miss Anita Mur ray Miss Billye Joyce Vance CANDIDATES Miss Donna Warfield Miss Donna Sahli ■ - I ' ]F% 54 f t founder 6 ,=J aucikt 1962 Hi anet nowies Dr. Derthick congratulates our Founder ' s Daughter — in his own inimitable way! 55 4. J- - WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES is a national organization de- signed to give recognition and lasting benefits to students of outstanding achievement. Approximately 775 univer- sities and colleges participate in this program. Each institution is assigned a quota large enough to give a well-rounded representation of the student body, yet small enough to confine nominations to an exceptional group of students. Selection of nominees is conducted by a campus committee, with their selections being based on scholarship, participation and leadership in academic and extra- curricular activities, citizenship and serv- ice to the school, and promise of future usefulness. The seven seniors on the following pages were elected to Who ' s Who from Milligan College for 1962-63. -oum Kackel ) i ■l i ■1 m _ il -- ' ,■ ' . ' . r ■iJ 1 ■■■ mmmSBBm ' ' a{4den red orn:i ?3 WJ ; " T(f ' YA--» ' n !:«; ;.■ J ' -V- ■ m iiiyfVi::. ' -reiyiyyictn laneu viovyiove L awiiAn USe. fm mrEK KlB. lA I LOr senior i y ' MILLIGRAS KING Mr. Jerry Carroll MILLIGRAS QUEEN Miss Billye Joyce Vance 64 MAY DAY 1963 Left, Senior Representatives — Howard Henning, Donna Warfield, Deanna Cox, Frank Harrison. , ' fii n ' ' pprfTiwi MAY COURT Above, Freshman Representatives — Keith Fra- sui ' e, Jeanette Marks. Sophomore Representa- tives — Kay Fry, Gary Jenkins. .Junior Representatives — Dave Nash, Patsy Mar- tin, Nancy Rogers, Jerry Frasure. 66 MAY KING AND QUEEN Miss Nancy Conrad, May Queen, and Mr. David Eunson, May King. wtmgl$SSimiSSS 67 MAY DAY IliMiilli Hiiiii !fiiinii!!!niHi!iii!uiimiii iiliiiiiinniiiimiiiiiiiiiiii ss r«i T H L E T I C s j- tau . . . 70 ike secmi of uoum. 71 Seated: Ken Robinson, Billy Ray Hai ' rell, Ray Sheppard, Rusty Stevens, Benny Arnold, Charles Hendrix, Sam Cassell, manager. Standing: Coach Duard Walker, Charles Campbell, Wilson Terry, Mike Phipps, Wayne Herndon, Steve Hayes, Dwight Barker, Fred Sciance, Guy Gil- more, Gordon Mehaffy, manager. BASKETBALL The 1962-1963 basketball campaign turned out to be a rather disappointing one for the Milligan squad. The team was a rather " green " one, with a number of freshmen being moved into the starting five at different times throughout the season. Ken Robinson was a starting for- ward the entire season, thus becoming the first freshman to start every game in recent school history. Rusty Stevens led the Buffs in scoring with a 16.9 points-per-game average, fol- lowed closely by Ken Robinson with a 15.1 points-per-game average. " Robby " led the team in field goal percentage and foul shot percentage, completing 111 of 258 attempts from the field, for a per- centage of 43.0 and 48 of 57 attempts from the foul stripe, for an 84.2 per- centage. Wayne Herndon led the Buffs in rebounds with a fine average of 11 per game. Things look promising for next season, since the squad will be losing only two men — Ray Sheppard, a senior, and Billy Ray Harrell, a junior, but a senior in eligibility. Also, our promising freshmen will have gained more experience, and the team is expecting to be fortified with some top-notch graduating high school seniors. 72 Coach Walker outlines some practice drills for Mike Phipps, Dwight Barker, and Ray Sheppard. This year Milligan had two seniors in eligibility Left: Ray Sheppard. Right: Billy Ray Harrell. SENIORS 73 Above: A tense moment early in the second half as Dwight Barker attempts to get the ball for the Buffs. Below: Now, according to Newton ' s Law of Gravity. BUFFS IN ACTION Below: " You can smile when you can ' t say a word. . . . " Above: " Here we go loop-de-loop . MILLIGAN COLLEGE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1962- 1963 November: 22 — Home — Alumni 29 — At Emory and Henry (Emory, Va.) December: 4 — At Mars Hill (North Carolina) 8 — Home — Tennessee Wesleyan=:- 13 — At Carson-Newman=: (Jefferson City, Tenn.) 15 — At Maryvilie (Tennessee) January: 5 — Home — Maryvilie 11 — At Bryan (Dayton, Tenn.) 12 — At Tennessee Wesleyan-- (Athens, Tenn.) 1 5 Home — King= ' = 1 9 — Home — Carson-Newman 26 Home — Tusculum ' := 31 — At King=:= (Bristol, Tenn.) February: 2 — Home — Lincoln Memorial University 5 — Home — Mars Hill 8 — At TuscuIum=-= (Creeneville, Tenn) 12 — Home — Emory and Henry 14 — At Lincoln Memorial University (Harrogate, Tenn.) 1 6 — Home — Bryan 18 — At University of the South (Sewanee, Tenn.) 20 to 23 — V.S.A.C. Tournament, Nashville, Tenn. Volunteer State Athetic Conference Came Coach— DUARD WALKER CHEERLEADERS From left: Diane Hubbard, Nancy Conrad, Bob Dawson, Donna Wright, Rita Farmer. 76 Dr. Crowder, wrestling coach, ponders the pros- pects of a winning match. WRESTLING The Milligan wrestling team, coached by Dr. Orvel Crowder, became one of the major intercollegiate sports on the cam- pus. The only losses of the season came at the hands of Appalachian State and Morehead State — schools of more than three thousand enrollment. Prospects for 1963-64 are excellent with the same squad returning and the addition of a junior varsity team. Below, Kneeling — Ok Jin Yoo, Sam Bower, Wayne Oden, Skip Perry, Tom McCune, Tommy Spires. Standing: Rex Jackson, Bob Niemi, Arnold Dort, Lee Cerovac, Al Traynor, Don Pick- ford, Paul Conklin, John Boyd. From left: Larry Reynolds, Charles Hendrix, Bob Kerrick, Bob Dabney, and Larry Foe. Golf was inaugurated as an inter-collegiate sport in Milligan Col- lege in the spring of 1962. In their first season, Milligan linksmen won the Eastern Division championship of the Volunteer State Athletic Conference. They also claimed a victory over cross-town rivals East Tennessee State College. In the Volunteer State Tournament held at Fort Campbell, Ken- tucky, Milligan placed sixth in nine-team competition. Captain Bob Ker- rick was runner-up to the medalist among forty-five golfers. The 1963 team includes four lettermen : Captain Robert Kerrick, junior; Larry Reynolds, Larry Poe and Robert Dabney, sophomores. Left: Robert Kerrick, Captain. GOLF Right: Ray Stahl, Coach. 78 ' iA-- " -?l TENNIS For the second straight year our tennis team has finished with an impressive 12-2 record. This record gave us first place in the 1962 VSAC tournament and the runner-up spot in both the VSAC and the SMAC conferences. With Bill Morison, Don McConkey and Larry Johnson returning to this season ' s team, our hopes are high for another championship team. The team will be par- ticipating in the VSAC and TIAC (Ten- nessee Intercollegiate Athletic Confer- ence) tournaments this year. Don tries to catch the line. From left: Don McConkey, Dave Williams, Homer Neal, Terry Black, John Starr, and Larry Johnson. 79 Front row: Jim Wood, Ron Decker, Mike Har- tung, Dave Herndon, Eugene Woodby, David Sponseller. Second row: Calvin Ross, James Frasure, Ed Pierpont, Bill Cornelius, Larry Bondar, Earl Hobson, Gary Nicholson. Third row: George Haden, Manager; Jay Weitzel, Jack Gelzleichter, Norman Newton, Guy Gilmore, Andy Lowe, H. B. Whitt, Wayne Walters, Coach Duard Walker. TRACK Although the 1963 Track Team has lost three men from last year ' s team, it should be able to improve last year ' s record. Our cross-country season shows that the team is especially strong in distance races. Also, the team will have more experience in the dashes. Milligan will be re- building somewhat in the field events, but returning lettermen and the promising freshmen should hold their own in most of these events. All in all, the general outlook points to a stronger team in 1963. A real Milligan muscleman. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease! t ' rom left: Wayne Walters, Dave Herndon, Woodby, Jay Weitzel, Jerry Judd, Mike Hartung, Danny Martin, Tim Cox, Bill Cornelius, Eugene manager. CROSS - COUNTRY In the second year of competition the Buffs ' Cross-Country team won (Novem- ber 10, 1962) the VSAC championship. Eugene Woodby won a trophy for his out- standing performance for the team. Indi- vidual medals were won by Bill Cornelius and Dave Herndon. In the Second Annual Cross-Country Run of the Ohio Valley Conference the Buffs placed fifth. Milligan was the smallest school represented, competing against such schools as Tennessee Tech, Western Kentucky State, and Eastern Kentucky State. ■ . ' 0 i si: ' -i; ' i ' ' t;« . 4 ' £s=.j Front row: Bill Gilmore, Jerry Judd, Bill Moore, Bobby Hines, Lynn Tipton, Don Garland, Phil Hansen. Second row: Ken Bell, Phil Webster, Bud Campbell, Dixie Dudukovich, Rusty Stevens, BASEBALL Howard Fahnestock, Randy Wright. Back row: Coach Harold Stout, John Pickford, Don Pick- ford, Gary Aldridge, Buck Bowen, Terry Black, Clyde Campbell, manager; Park Range, manager. Baseball is in the air again, as is evi- denced by the old familial cry, " Heads up on the tennis courts ! " ringing through the air. The Buffs should be better than ever this year and should improve on last year ' s excellent 16-10 record. Leading the parade of returning lettermen is all- Volunteer State Athletic Conference and Smoky Mountain Conference shortstop, Randy Wright. Returning to the various other positions are John Pickford at catcher, Don Pickford — first base, Dixie Dudukovich — second base, Kenny Bell — third base, Phil Hansen — left field, and Lewis " Bud " Campbell — center field. In right field will be Don Garland, who as last year ' s leading hitter chalked up a .417 average! The pitching staff will in- clude Lynn Tipton, Phil Webster, and Howard Fahnestock. Newcomers to the team this year are Ronnie Bowen, Dick Ryan, Lonnie Lowe, Ralph Earnest, Sanford Dutton, Tony Bowman, Bill Howe, and Bill Stafford. Coach Stout is anticipating a fine season! 82 A ' ■- ' ' ' i-i iiA ' v» ' » t " . - i.- - -J»»i -«Ss» iS ' t »r i .»».a- ' 1«i (- £ ' ' »«»i. ;-Jrt«a 324 5 ?- ' ' .i?Tt-J» J:i Action ! 83 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL At Milligan the Intramural Council has been formed to set up an extra- curricular program in sports for the stu- dent body. The council is very interested in giving the students healthful activities in which they can enjoy themselves. This year approximately half of the student body participated, making this year one of the more successful ones. Intramurals, a program for skilled and unskilled players, consists of the following sports: volleyball, basketball, Softball, swimming, ping-pong, badminton, shuffle- board, foul shooting, bowling, tennis, horseshoes, and golf. All-Star teams are chosen also from the better players who participate in the program. Individual awards are given for winners in each sport, and at the end of the year, awards are given for the accumulation of points based on participation and achievement. Kneeling: Larry Spangler, Mike Hartung, Gordon Mehaffey, Ed Pierpont. Standing: Coach Harold Stout, Lorna Crouch, Bev Weller, Pat Harper, Pat Loichle, Sally Gray, Mike Combs. 84 Basketball, an outstanding Intramural sport. Str-r-r-r-r-retch ! INTRAMURALS Is Larry really using f lubber? Arms, arms, and more arms! Keep them playing fair, Joyce! Lorna tries a set shot. L A S s E S Lytherd • • 86 tixe pain to seif-dldcouem. 87 From left: Dr. Fife, Sponsor; Paul Shepard, Ken Fisher, Rachel Cox, Howard Henning, Gerry Wells, Fred Norris, Dave Stuecher. CLASS of 1963 Senior Class Officers President Paul Shepard Vice President Ken Fisher Secretary Rachel Cox Treasurer Howard Henning Chaplain . . Dave Stuecher Student Council Representatives .... Gerry Wells Fred Norris Sponsor Dr. Fife 88 Sylvia Ann Adams College Park, Georgia A.B. History SENIORS Jirair M. Apissoghomian Alexandria, Egypt A.B. Religion Randall L. Barnhart Polo, Illinois A.B. Biology Kenneth L. Bell Elizabeth, Pennsylvania A.B. Biology 89 Lois Marie Benscoter Binghamton, New York A.B. Social Studies CLASS Marcella Ann Bryant Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Social Studies Mary Nellie Blount Norfolk, Virginia A.B. English Joseph M. Bryant Gaston, Noi ' th Carolina B.S. Business Administration 90 iSSfti Elma Ruth Bunton Butler, Tennessee A.B. Social Studies of 1963 Robert Ray Byrd Hampton, Tennessee A.B. History Gary A. Burrell Erwin, Tennessee A.B. Religion Reba Sue Carroll DeBusk Jonesville, Virginia A.B. Social Studies 91 -lijPRMW™ " - g js - " i»- r ' ' Charlie L. Collins St. Paul, Virginia B.S. Healtli and Physical Education CLASS Herman Cooper Waverly, Virginia A.B. Psychology Nancy Conrad Lancaster, Ohio A.B. Social Studies Deanna June Cox Springfield, Ohio A.B. Social Science 92 Rachel A. Cox Columbus, Ohio A.B. Biology of 1963 Chester W. Crump Acton, Indiana A.B. Bible Nancy Crumley Elizabethton, Tennessee A.B. Social Studies Frank Davis Galax, Virginia A.B. Mathematics 93 Ray D. Elliott Goldsboro, North Carolina A.B. Biology and Chemistry CLASS p. David Eunson Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania B.S. Mathematics Dorothy L. Engel Painesville, Ohio A.B. Music Ken Fisher Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Business Administration 94 Donna Lee Flick Columbia Station, Ohio A.B. English of 1963 Judy M. Giles Wytheville, Virginia A.B. Biology William N. Fulks Rockwood, Tennessee A.B. Social Studies William A. Griffin Scranton, North Carolina A.B. Religion y 95 Karen Guion Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Social Studies CLASS Frank S. Harrison Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.S. Business Administration A. Brooke Harmeyer Joppa, Maryland A.B. Nursing Judy Lynn Hayden Johnson City, Tennessee A.B. Biology 96 Marshall Wayne Hayden Johnson City, Tennessee A.B. Religion of 1963 Howard A. Henning Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration Lottie M. Hedge Radford, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Judith Jane Henry Steubenville, Ohio A.B. Social Studies 97 g K-.- Dixie Ellen Hill Alliance, Ohio B.S. Chemistry CLASS Carol J. Hudson Middleport, Ohio A.B. Social Studies 98 Mary Ann Hoss New Market, Indiana A.B. Religion EMmund Fink Hugill Mount Vernon, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Larry W. Johnson Richmond, Ohio B.S. Health and Physical Education of 1963 Joyce E. Keis Rochester, Pennsylvania A.B. English Keith Jones Lancaster, Ohio B.S. Health and Physical Education Kassem M. Khalil Beirut, Lebanon B.S. Business Administration 99 ) ' L Mary Ellen Kitzmiller Jonesboro, Tennessee B.S. Biology CLASS Tom F. McCann Princeton, New Jersey A.B. Social Studies 100 Janet Louise Knowles Northfield, Ohio A.B. History Eugene M. McConnell, Jr. Gate City, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Kathy Martin Bluff City, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration Patricia Ann Matthews Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Music of 1963 Gordon R. Mehaffey Oaklandon, Indiana A.B. Englisli and History Brenda Lee Miller Elizabethton, Tennessee A.B. Social Studies 4 ' . ' I, 101 " -i Maxine Louise Miller Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Business Administration CLASS Hon Mounts Morristown, Tennessee A.B. History Bedford A. Motley, .Jr. Chatham, Virginia A.B. Religion John D. Murphy Binghamton, New York A.B. Religion 102 Fred Norris Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Religion of 1963 Stephen B. I ' ayne Milligan College, Tennessee A.B. Religion Eunsik Park Seoul, Korea A.B. Business Administration Gary K. Probst Lock Haven, Pennsylvania B.S. Mathematics 103 ( ♦V .■ ' WTl I Karolynn J. Probst Lock Haven, Pennsylvania B.S. Secretarial Science CLASS Sharlene Sanford Louisville, Kentucky A.B. English Warren D. Reavis Galax, Virginia A.B. Social Studies Frederick F. (Pete) Shelton Knoxville, Tennessee B.S. Business Administration 104 Paul D. .Sttepard Atlanta, Georgia A.B. Music of 1963 Frances Louise Shotwell Carrollton, Ohio A.B. English and Social Studies Kay Sheppard Greensburg, Pennsylvania B.S. Health and Physical Education Alva Lee Sizemore Painesville, Ohio A.B. English M 105 H] • W ' iggj l ■ i?. -, n g:-5ft»»«e , ii. y. . _! :4M Barbara Joyce Smithson Bristol, Tennessee A.B. Social Studies CLASS Claire I. Spotts Beech Ci ' eek, Pennsylvania A.B. Music Larry Spangler Jonesville, Virginia B.S. Health and Physical Education Dave Stuecher Lexington, Kentucky A.B. Religion 106 Ann Turner Plainfield, Indiana A.B. Social Studies of 1963 Lola L. Vaughn Hamilton, Ohio A.B. Social Science Billye .Joyce Vance Saxonburg, Pennsylvania A.B. History Donna Jean Warfield River Rouge, Michigan A.B. Social Studies 107 I 3? ' ! Beverly Jane Weller Howard, Pennsylvania B.S. Health and Physical Education SENIORS Gerry Kay Wells Grundy, Virginia A.B. English Myrna S. Wells Clintwood, Virginia A.B. History Patricia Rae Wilbeck Painesville, Ohio A.B. Health and Physical Education 108 From left: Dr. Webb, Sponsor; Jerry Erasure, Ralph Wheeler, Dottie Comer, Joan Cunningham, Bill Nice, Donna Sahli, Nancy Rogers. CLASS of 1964 Junior Class Officers President Jerry Frasure Vice President Ralph Wheeler Secretary Dottie Comer Treasurer Joan Cunningham Chaplains Nancy Rogers Larry Brandon Student Council Representatives Donna Sahli Bill Nice Sponsor Dr. Webb 110 k .k uniors Karen Atha Marsha Bailey Carol Barker Nancy Bennett Maria Bible John Boothe Barbara Brown John Brown Gary Bruce Jerry Carroll Parthena Cecil Carol Ann Chandler Kay Collins Wayne Colter Mike E. Combs Dottie Comer William Conner Jack Cooper Jane Costello Terri Cotton Joan Cunningham Phyllis C. Curd Donald Davisson Darlene Debault Robert Dillon Nell Donnelly Elizabeth Ellis Charlotte Ely Haide Ensha Jerry Erasure Danny Galleher Ronnie Garard 111 Juniors Wallis Ann Glodich Sally Gray Edna Groseclose James Grubb Carolyn Haggard Phil Hansen Margaret Harber James Harding Billy Harrell Marcia Harrison Steve Hayes Myrtle Heid Lessie Henry David Herndon Wayne Herndon Jerry Hicks Diane Hubbard Marvin Johnson Stanley Lewis Robert A- Lowe Karl Marshall Patsy Jean Martin Sandra Lee McBane Don McConkey Barbara Anne McCoury C. Anne Moore Anita Murray Becky Neff John C. Neff Suellen Neth Gary J. Nicholson Larry E. Patterson kk i k Juniors Lowell Pemberton Sharon Penrod Nadine Peterson Edward Pierpont Rod Price Charles Randolph Park Range Kathy Ratliff Marsha Read Margie Reed Roy Reid Arbeth Reitmayer James B. Richardson David Roberts Diana Rogers Nancy Rogers Calvin Ross Donna Sahli James Saunders Alban E. Shumate Ruth Ann Sims Lynda Starrett James Stevens Rusty Stevens Lloyd Taylor Larry Tucker Tom Veigel Alice Walters William Walters William Ware Glenda Warner Chris Williams 113 Seated: Nancy True, Sue Laiter. Standing: Gary Jenkins, Bob Hull, Bill Morison, Jack Waugh, Glen McFarland, Dr. Wetzel, Sponsor. CLASS of 1965 Sophomore Class Officers President Bob Hull Vice President Gary Jenkins Secretary Nancy True Treasurer Jack Waugh Chaplain Glen McFarland Student Council Representatives Sue Larter Bill Morison Sponsor . Dr. Wetzel 114 SOPHS Don Adkins Barbara Allen Larry Bain Martha Barb R. Dwight Barker ' Pom Barnard Carolyn Berg Jim Bishop E. Timothy Blakely Larry Bondar Carolyn Booth Billy Bowen Carol Brooks Esther Bryan Dorothy Bullis Clyde F. Campbell Jim Chambers Mitzi Clark Carolyn Clem Carolyn Colter William G. Cornelius Jim Crawford Carolyn Creech George A. Darr Don Daum Carl Davis Robert Dawson Ronnie Decker Bruce Dewalt Brenda Durham Darlynn Eggers Ronald Ellis Gary Ellison Rita Sue Farmer Sally Fife Cheryl Fisher Bill Fleeman Bruce Fleenor Mary Frederixon Judy Freeman SOPHS Kay Fry David Fulks Carol Ann Greene George Haden Roger Hale Townie Hale Larry Hammons Michael Hartung Donna Haven Ray Henry Janice Henson Charles Higgins Hershell Hodge Denny Hubbard Mary Huffman Bob Hull Becky Human Phyllis Humphreys Geoffrey Hutchings Douglas E. Hyer Murray Jamison Gary Jenkins Jerry Judd Garry Kenney Josef Klipsch Juanita Knauer Dave Knowles Marion Korpi Suzanne Larter Betsy Lipscombe Danny Martin Connie McFadden Glen M. McFarland Pat Messenger James Miller Terry Miller William Moore Bill Morison Walter Morris Lida Murphy SOPHS James M. Newman Norman Newton Rebecca Nice Bob Niemi Linda Orr Allan Palmer Marsha Patten Kim Payne Loretta Pennington Bob Perry Skip Perry Winton Phipps Richard S. Rawle Nancy Reeves Fred Rogers George Ross Janice Rowland James C. Russell Marilyn Sharp Jerry Shelton Mary Lynn Shepherd Len Smith Phil Snell Rod Sturtz Don Sweeney Bruce Thompson Lynn Tipton Sheila Tressler Arnold Wallace Jack Waugh Mary Weaver Julia Fay Webb Donna Weed L. Jav Weitzel C. Alien White Betty Jo Wiley Brenda Willocks Stanley E. Woodby Mary Ann Worrell f r " 7 ' :j ' ' V " ' " ' ! ' . From left: Rex Jackson, Pam Hampton, Mike Lacy, Mrs. Young, Sponsor; Jim Young, Nancy McCorkle, Jerry Taylor, Keith Frasure. CLASS of 1966 Freshman Class Officers President . Jim Young Vice President ■ Keith Frasure Secretary Nancy McCorkle Treasurer Rex Jackson Chaplain Jerry Taylor Sergeant-at-Arms ' . Freddie Fields Student Council Representatives .... Pam Hampton Mike Lacy Sponsor Mrs. Young 118 FROSH Terry Albaugh Walter Bain Ronald Barker Harriett Barnes Jim Beck Mary Benscoter June Berns Jackie Blaney Bill Blizzard Jenny Bolejack Ron Bowen Marcia Bower Sam Bower Anthony Bowman Kenneth Brady Brenda Brown Cecil Brown Les Burbage Nancy Butler Bob Carnes Ruth Carroll Carolyn Carter Carolyn Chambers Jerry Clark Larry Clark Paul Conklin Lynn Conway Fred Corn Richard Coy Lorna Crouch Ann Douffas David Dunavent Steve Dunn Tempa Eiford Janet Ellis Wayne Emery Freddie Fields Mildred Fowler Keith Erasure Richard Ganz Sharon Garrett Harold Golding Gretchen Graf Elizabeth Grunder Phyllis Hale FROSH I ' am Hampton Marty Hannum Lynn Harkey Sue Harrison Larry Hash Robert Hass Audrey Hawkins Nadyne Hayden Patricia Hayes Chervl Heaton Charles Hendrix Steven Higgs Gregg Hill Janice Honeycutt Frank Horner Jan Howard Bonnie Hunt Anne Jackson Rex Jackson Carl Jenkins Julie Jones Jay Kleinfeldt Marilyn Kling Kenneth Klug Michael Lacy Kay Lewis Connie Linton Shirley Liston Barbara Longabaugh Jeanette L. Marks Linda Sue Marshall Paula Maxey Anne May bee Nancy McCorkle Thomas McCune Vyva McReynolds Marlys Meier Nancy Milligan Sandra Moore Carol Morrical Dennis Moulder Everett Mounts Mary Myers Ann Newsom Judith Nighbert FROSH Betty Osborne Bobby Osborne Louellen Park Nancy Perry Pat Phillips Earl P ' icklesimer Dickie Polly James Price Charla Purcell David Reed Jerry Richardson Joyce Robb Judy Roush Dick Ryan Fred Sciance Ruth Shawver David Shepherd James Skeen Dianne Smith Nancy Smith Maurice Steiner Barbara Stephenson Harry Sutherland Ernest Tate Janet Taylor Nancy Thomas Polly Thomas Bill Thompson Carol Thompson Molly Tindall Jackie Tolley Billy Townsend Judy Treadway Mary Van Tassel Pat Watters Jon Webb Dennis Wickes Gigi Wickes Frances Wilson Terry Wilson Donna Wright Jean Wright David Young James Young Carol Zavadsky 2), reams . . . ■-• ' 1i ' ' : - ». - « .-.• :V me klanu au to me J t ayiwaiA ar6 ' A ' D V E R T I S E R S 124 Best Wishes to the Class of 1963 ARCHER GROCERY SERVICE STATION Milligan College Tennessee Compliments of HART ' S JEWELERS Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of CARTER COUNTY BANK Member F.D.I.C. Johnson City ' s Complete Five Floor Department Store BECKNER ' S, INC. Jewelers for 11 years Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry 232 Main Street Johnson City Tennessee 125 WE BELIEVE IN YOUR JUDGMENT DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER BROADWAY COURT RESTAURANT U.S. Highway Nos. 11-E, 411, 19 and 23 Banquet and Private Dining Rooms For Reservations Phone WA 8-1145 HAPPY VALLEY MOTEL A Home Away from Home 17 Modern Units TV and Air Conditioning Route 6 Elizabethton Tennessee DIXIE LANES Bowling at its best from 9:00 a.m. Special Student Rates Located on the Elizabethton-Johnson City Highway LOVELY Laundromat and Beauty Salon Milligan College CITIZENS BANK Member F.D.I.C. Elizabethton Tennessee 126 i ■ P«rao0p Tq prmrid fmji willli tlk© hmt poiiifcle al etirie §®r i©g Because of this Credo . . . Nine thousand seven hundred and seventy-four homes in our area enjoy comfort, convenience and economy . . . second to none. More than 1,010 businesses are able to bring our people products and services . . . second to none. And 27 industries and factories are humming away providing our community a sound and stable economy . . . second to none. A happy, prosperous and spirited community, because . . . we practice what we believe. F ecff c fy Powers Progress Elizabethton Electric System 127 Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THOMAS ' MENSHOP THOMAS ' LADIES ' SHOP 218-220 East Main Street Johnson City Tennessee " DRINK COCA-COLA " TEXAS STEER Restaurant and Drive-In Bristol-Kingsport Boulevard HALE ' S DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency YOUR PRESCRIPTION CENTER Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of DOSSER ' S DEPT. STORE 228-230 East Main Street Johnson City Tennessee NANCE LANES Featuring AMF Automatic Pinspotters Main, Market and Division Streets Johnson City Tennessee 128 Cliariiilng; SOLID HARD ROCK MAPLE VERSATILE GROUP Uou (MJ fl ememhle in ifow ' home.! Such a practical, pretty answer to the small dining area! The space - saving round table is small enough for Continental dining, cards or games . . . yet extends to seat as many as eight. Com- fortable sculptured saddle seats in chairs. A rare value indeed in fine Early American furniture. ttlJl no- bier fi rnlture. otamfprtce! HANDSOME BUFFET-HUTCH A real showpiece for your dining room, at such a practical price. The original handcraft feeling is retained in the intricately carved edges, the notched parsling motif, the authen- tic brass hardware. Dustproof draw- ers and storage area protect your finest silver, china and linens. All pieces shown from Empire ' s Bon- nie Kate Collection . . . in solid hard rock maple with an exclusive scratch resistant Spice Brown finish. EMPIRE FURNITURE CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY TENNESSEE 129 Our Very Best Wishes TRI-CITY Container Corporation Elizabethton Tennessee Uifyui INSUROR may display this sati ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY UNITED STATES FIDELITY AND GUARANTY COMPANY Main at Gay Erwin Tennessee VOLUNTEER NATURAL GAS CO. " IF IT IS: Heating. Cooking. Water Heating YOU CAN DO IT BETTER WITH NATURAL GAS " 334 East Main Street Phone WA 6-0157 Johnson City Tennessee 130 MAG] AVOX FrRNITURE COMPANY Milligan Road Johnson City Tennessee PEERLESS STEAK HOUSE 2521 Bristol Boulevard Johnson City Tennessee THOMAS PRODUCTS COMPANY Subsidiary of Thomas Industries, Inc. Painters ' Tools and Hardware Johnson City Erwin Highway Tennessee Compliments of RITCHIE ' S, INC. Elizabethton Tennessee FOLSOM PRINTING COMPANY " Printers of Everything " 708 East Elk Avenue Phone 543-2632 Elizabethton Tennessee 131 BROYLES INSURANCE AGENCY 214 South Main Street Erwin Tennessee Compliments of HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK Member of F.D.LC. Johnson City Tennessee Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1963 CUNCHFIELD RAILROAD CO. Erwin Tennessee Compliments of WOOLWORTH ' S Johnson City Tennessee RAYMOND ' S Fine Food - Specializing in Banquets Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of FORBES MARKET Milligan College Tennessee SEVIER THEATRE " Where Friends Meet " Compliments of ELIZABETHTON STEAM LAUNDRY UNAKA STORES, INC " We give S H Green Stamps " 132 It ' s FRESHNESS that counts Fore most Dairies Fine Dairy Foods Johnson City Tennessee JOHNSON CITY LAUNDRY CO. 200 S. Boone St. Phone 926-2184 Sanitone Dry Cleaners Linen Rental - Personal Laundry — Branches — 1004 South Roan Street MRS. O. E. TAYLOR Phone 926-1033 Tennessee at West Walnut MRS. RUTH WELLS Phone 926-0951 Compliments of THE JOHNSON CITY BOTTLERS ASSOCIATION " Enjoy your favorite Carbonated Beverage " 133 BEAUNIT FABRICS Division of BEAUNIT CORPORATION Elizabethton, Tennessee Producing The Finest Fibers for Apparel, Household and Industry The Nettie Lee Shops Compliments of GRIFFITH MOTORS. INC. 84 Wilson Avenue Johnson City Tennessee WAlnut 6-7121 JIM ALLEN, President Big Hat Grill Restaurant The Wingreen Company, Inc. THESE AREA CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Welcome MILLIGAN STUDENTS Westside Christian Church Elizabethton, Tennessee First Christian Church Johnson City, Tennessee Central Holston Christian Church Bristol, Tennessee 134 JDNESBOm " A mirror of colonial American history, it is the oldest town in Tennessee, chartered by the North Carolina as- sembly in 1779, and founded the following year. Jonesboro was named in honor of Willie Jones, patriot and prominent citizen of Halifax, N.C., who sponsored legislation favoring and aiding the western settlements. The first courthouse west of the Blue Ridge, a crude log structure was the judicial capital of East Tennessee. Riflemen from Jonesboro followed John Sevier to the Battle of Kings Mountain in the Revolution, and went on many of his victorious campaigns against the Indians. Jonesboro was the first capital of the short-lived State of Tranklin, organized in 1784. Andrew Jackson came over the mountains from North Carolina and was admitted to the bar in Jonesboro in 1788. Later, when seventh President of the United States, he rode through Jonesboro many times en route to Wash- ington, and once held a reception for many of his friends on the porch of the Chester Inn. Two of the churches in Jonesboro were built more than a century ago and still retain the quaint old galleries used by the Negro slaves in ante-bellum days. " V 135 JONESBOI O LJur foi emtnen t CITY OFFICIALS Circuit Court Clerk Tommy Dillow Clerk Master Walter E. Saylor County Chairman James D. Elliott County Court Clerk Marion Carr Register of Deeds J. E. Hartman Supt. of Schools William C. Hunt Sessions Judge Will H. Clark Sheriff Jim Crouch Tax Assessor Charles Miller Trustee Stanley Hilbert TOWN HALL Mayor Robert M. May Fire Department Dave Broyles Police Headquarters Scott Vines Recorder ' s Office Norman Francis Water Department H. H. Campbell Oxir vJmanlzatlonS " f DAR Kiwanis Schubert Club Civinettes Tuesday Garden Club Civitan Good Will Circle Boy Scouts Central Christian Robert 0. Fife Jonesboro Methodist Marvin B. Gass Jonesboro Presbyterian _-Floyd D. Ballard First Baptist Joe Strother Jackson Park Church of the Brethren Ronald Wine Second Baptist Clyde Farnsworth West Hills Baptist ..A 0. E. Bradshaw JNESBORQ JUi6in.e66e5 WE ' LL INFORM HERALD and TRIBUNE " Published Weekly Read Daily " WJSO RADIO " The Sound Citizen " WE ' LL CARE REED NURSING HOME 753-3591 JONESBORO HOSPITAL 753-4281 DILLOW-TAYLOR FUNERA L HOME, INC. 753-3821 BROYLES FLORIST 753-4211 HILBERT ' S DRUG STORE 753-3241 YE OLDE TOWNE RESTAURANT 753-6191 WE ' LL FEED HAW ' S SELF SERVICE 753-6821 LAVENDER ' S SUPER MARKET 753-4251 RHUDY ' S MARKET NO. 2 753-6541 WE ' LL SUPPLY CHEROKEE SUPPLY CO., INC. " One Stop Building Materials " SECURITY FEED SEED 753-3422 RHEIN LUMBER CO. 753-4311 WASHINGTON FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE 753-6156 HARTMAN SUPPLY CO. 753-3871 WE ' LL PROVIDE LINGO PACKING CO. 753-3071 FRANKLIN MILK CO. 753-3431 WE ' LL CLEAN HANDY CLEANERS 753-6451 WE ' LL SELL DOBYNS-TAYLOR HARDWARE 753-3301 HOSS MCCALL Men ' s Boys ' Furnishings JOHN C. CLOYD JEWELERS 753-4341 WE ' LL SERVICE UNIVERSAL UPHOLSTERING CO. 753-3133 BY-PASS TV SERVICE 753-3141 JONESBORO SHELL SERVICE STATION 753-6421 FOSTER ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER 753-3322 WHITE ' S GARAGE 753-6212 JONESBORO MOTORS 753-6361 WE ' LL TRANSPORT CITY CAB CO. 753-6831 POTEAT TRUCKING CO. 753-6521 WE ' LL FINANCE UNAKA LOANS, INC. " Complete Loan Service " THE BANKING TRUST CO. Jonesboro, Fall Branch, Gray, Jonesboro Drive-In FIRST PEOPLES BANK Jonesboro WE ' LL INSURE ALLISON-SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY 753-3971 DICK ESTES INSURANCE AGENCY 753-6181 GORDON LYLE INSURANCE 753-4263 137 AUTOGRAPHS 138 AUTOGRAPHS 139 AUTOGRAPHS NEWMAN ' S L reatiue year 140 NEWMAN ' S L reatiue yearbooks-knox Milligan College Library 1724 8 3 1881 000 S ftt? " " ' gTi l :

Suggestions in the Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) collection:

Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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