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Wi jtoogH@9i $ to X ' 1 Milligan College Library r co.leoe 2 Buffalo Milligan c ,°. ,f » |ii |i i Mill 3 1881 0001 " 1723 ILLIGAN COLLEGE BUFFALO 23533 Uiltigan College Library Iflllllsa College, Tennr- Table of Contents Dedication Introduction 2-9 President ' s Message 10 Board of Trustees 11 Administration and Faculty 12-16 Ability (Club Section) 17-34 Strength (Sports Section) 35-48 Gladness (Feature Section) 49-74 Knowledge (Class Section) 75-109 Ads 110 « " i £ - " -$ - - " • . . but the life he lives he lives to God. J7 Romans 6:10 Every Youth has a quest to make, For life is the King ' s Highway, And a joyous heart is the script we fake, On the road of Everyday. Every Youth has his gifts to guard, As he fares to a far-off goal; A body pure, and a mind unmarred, And the light of a lovely soul. Every youth has a task of his own, For the Father has willed it so. Youth seeks the way, and He alone, Can show him the path to go. Every youth has a lovely Guide, From the vale to the mountain crest; For the Unseen Friend who walks beside, Is the Way and the End of the Quest. Mary S. Edgar IN KNOWLEDGE " Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. " Proverbs 12:1 " The glory of young men is their strength . . . " Proverbs 20:29 IN STRENGTH AND IN ABILITY " To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. " Matthew 25:15 «Tv IN GLADNESS AND IN LOVE IN SERVICE .- ' ■ President ' s Message Dedication of the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library will unquestionably stand out as the most significant event of this year. I am sure we all recognize our debt to the T. W. Phillips, Jr., Charitable Trust and to the Phillips family of Butler, Pennsylvania, along with the initial gift from the Kresge Foun- dation. These people who are interested in Christian higher education have done a service to many generations of students at Milligan College. I am pleased with the response of the students to this stimulus to study. The entire faculty is impressed with the fine manner in which the students have utilized the library both in studying in the building and in the care they have taken of the beautiful appointments found therein. It is a fitting memorial to a great man who was so pleased when he could stimulate young people to study for Christian service, whether in the ministry or in some other vocation. The library will do its most significant service as it affords the means of enlarging and sharpening the mental and spiritual perceptions of Milligan people. Let us use it faithfully and remember with prayerful thanks those who have made it available to us. Board of Trustees Christian Education — The Hope of the World! : J$p The trustees are the members of the College to whom are committed the ownership and oversight of the physical property of the College and the responsibility of electing the officers of administration and of instruction. Upon recommendation of the faculty, they authorize the advancement of candidates to the degree for which they have qualified. The Board of Trustees is self-perpetuating. Members are chosen for their commitment to the purpose of the College. Officers: Chairman, Steve Lacey; Vice-Chairman, C. Howard McCorkle; Secretary, Leslie L. Lumsden; Treasurer, Henry C. Black. Ml.. j ....... , 4 Dr. Joseph Dam pier Provost Miss Lois Hale Registrar Mr. Joe McCormick Assistant to the President ADMINISTRATION Mr. Guy Oakes Dean Mr. Ray E. Stahl Executive Secretory Miss Mildred Wclshimer Dean of Women Mrs. Howard Bowers Health and Physical Dr. Beauford H. Bryant Mr. Renaro G. Casole Dr. Owen L. Crouch Ed. Religion Languages Religion Dr. Orvel C. Crowder Psychology FACULTY Mr. C. Warren Fairbanks Dr. Robert Fife Biology Sociology and History Dr. Spencer R. Gervin Mr. Omcr Homlin Social Studies Libra rion Mrs. Mory Bomor Hcrrin English Mr. Dale Hudson Music Dr. Sam Jack Hydcr Mathematics Miss Ivor Jones History Miss Betty Jean Lawson Music Mr. C. C. Montgomery Psychology FACULTY Dr. William R. Montgomery Mr. Eucl Owcnby Biology Educotion Mrs. Marguerite C. Porris English and Speech Mr. Eugene Price Mrs. Janet Rugg Business Administration English ond Religion Mr. James Shields Education Mr. Lone Sisk Chemistry Mr. Harold Stout Mrs. Arthur Thomas Health and Physical Ed. German Dr. Hughes Thompson Miss Hazel Turbeville Physics and Chemistry Secretarial Science FACULTY Mr. Duard Walker Dr. Franklin Walker Dr. Henry Webb Health and Physical Ed. Humanities History Dr. Charles Wetzel Philosop hy and Human. Mrs. Dorothy Wilson Art and English Mrs. Mary Archer Librarian Mrs. Sadie Kinlaw Housemother Mrs. Florence Ritz Dining Hall Manager Mrs. Lucy Swain Housemother Mrs. Louise Weiss Housemother STAFF Our Cooks: Mrs. Munday, Mrs. Hambrick, Miss B lev ins, Mrs. Garland, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Wooten. 16 Editor-in-Chief Beverly Kleinjan Business Manager Janie Stroupe Student Photographer Gary Probst The 1962 Buffalo is to present a pictorial history of the year ' s activities. The staff has worked exceptionally hard to carry out the pur- pose of making this year ' s Buffalo one of the best. BUFFALO STAFF Jim Gordon, Sports Editor; Sylvia Adams, Features Editor; Miss Turbeville, Advisor; Joy Fisher, Layout Editor; Nancy Rogers, Club Editor. Row 1: Becky Howell, Barbara Brown, Janie Stroupe, Glenda Warner, Barbara Doxen. Row 2: Diane Hubbard, John Brown, Claudia Saylor, Bev Kleinjan, Emerson Dorst, Jim Hording, Barbara Seef, Marsha Read, Joy Fisher, Marty Cox. 19 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the students ' body of government. Its purpose is to interpret the traditions of the College and seek ways and means of stimu- lating campus activities within the framework of the aims of Milligan. The Student Council stands ready to help the student body in ways of bettering itself to be of the greatest use to God and to its fellowmen. Officers: Pat Picklesimer, Recording Secretary; Marshall Hoyden, Vice President; Coach Stout, Advisor; Tom Barkes, President; Randall Ervin, Treasurer; Sally Gray, Corresponding Secretary. Row 1 : Barbara Doxen, Brendo Durham, Leon Hop- son, Rod Sturtz, Dave Steucher, Ron Dove, Larry Brandon, Fred Norris, Sylvio Adams, Bill Morrison, Bill Nice. Row 2: Coach Stout, Tom Barkes, Marshall Hoyden, Pot Picklesimer, Sally Gray, Randall Ervin. The Dormitory Councils are made up of students who are elected by the members of the dormitories. These councils are to create and maintain an atmosphere that is advantageous to study. They are also responsible for community life in the dormitories. WOMEN ' S DORM COUNCIL Row 1: Miss Welshimer, Advisor; Barbara Doxen, Mary Blount, Frances Shotwell, Diane Hubbard, Carolyn Bushbaum. Row 2: Marilyn Knapp, Alice Dovis, Joan Cunningham, Sharon Elliott, Myrtle Heid, Gerry Wells, Judy Giles, Nancy Rogers, Dottie Comer. MEN ' S DORM COUNCIL Row 1 : Clyde Campbell, Don Adkins, Arnold Wolloce, Leon Hop- son, Earl Hobson, Lorry Tucker. Row 2: Keith Jones, Sam Cassell, Jim Dial, Ed Hugill, Phil Webster, David Eunson, Dove Yoder, John Magill. Left to right: Arnold Wallace, Duane Calhoun, Mary Jane Barkley, Mignon Mayfield, Brian Murray. Second row: Norman Newton, Joy Fisher, Larry Bondar, Ok Jin Yoo, Tom McCann. Third row: Don Holben, Beverly Kleinjan, Eunsik Park, Marsha Read. INTERNATIONAL CLUB A recent addition to the clubs on campus this year is the International Students ' Relations Club. Organized to pro- mote a more complete understanding between American stu- dents and those from other lands, the International Club has sponsored debates, panel discussions, slide talks, and movies covering a wide range of subjects of " international " interest. Foreign students may enter the club as regular members and all other Milligan students as honorary members. Only regular members may hold office, but all have a hand in plan- ning and participating in the meetings. This year the club has been greatly helped by its sponsors, Miss Hale, Miss Jones, and Dr. Wetzel, in getting organized and started. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association is an organization created for the purpose of uniting the men of Milligan College who are interested in entering the ministry or some area of this field. The club has recently adopted the name BYKOTA mean- ing " Be ye kind one to another. " Many of the members are gaining practical experience by working and preaching in various churches in this area MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP Row 1 : Bev Weller, Joyce Smithson, Ron McSwoin, Ok Jin Yoo, Lessie Henry, Jane Costello, Frances Shotwell, Edna Henderson, Mignon Moyfield. Stand- ing: Don Holben, Darrell Hiatt, Karen Guion, Ruth Dahl. The Missionary Fellowship is open to all students who are interested in the missionary work of the church. Its purpose is to increase interest in the various fields of Christian missionary work both at home and abroad. Through the various activities of this club, it strives to illustrate its motto: " Every Christian, a missionary. " SERVICE SEEKERS Row 1: Ellen Cox, Bonnie Pepperman, Margie Reed, Frances Shotwell, Joyce Smithson, Carol Hudson, Joan Cunningham, Gerry Wells, Mary Blount, Sue Larter, Nancy Reeves, Sheila Iron, Row 2: Ann Turner, Linda Or, Donna Hoven, Carolyn Harriman, Carolyn Coulter, Marion Korpi, Joyce Vandergriff, Joyce Cobb, Jane Costello, Kay Fry, Lessie Henry, Linda Boles. Row 3: Precious Brady, Pat Harper, Janice Neal, Pot Loichle, Bev Weller, Karen Guion, Marilyn Knapp, Edno Henderson, Vonda Wotz, Martha Barb, Barboro Allen, Corol Chandler. Row 4: Ruth Dahl, Susie Stinson, Sharon Parker. Row 5: Sylvia Adams, Miss Welshimer, Sponsor; Winnie Haven, Janet Knowles, Ellen Kitzmiller, An ita Murray, Pat Wilbeck, Billye Joyce Vance, Pat Picklesimer. The Service Seekers is an organization for young women who are preparing for service in the church or those who wish to participate in helpful service to the less fortunate and to the community. One of the main projects of this club is to visit the Children ' s Home in Elizabethton, and to have a Halloween party for them. Row 1: Paul Shepord, Kay Fry, Ester Bryan, Carol Chandler, Carol Brooks, Karen Homand, Lida Murphy, Carolyn Clem, Mory Jo Weaver, Phyllis Humphrey, John Murphy, Lynda Starrett, Sharon Penrod, Nancy Rogers, Wold ' s Ann Glodich, Sylvia Adams, Karen Guion. Row 2: Becky Human, Winnie Haven, Marilyn Knapp, Joan Cunningham, Becky Howell, Joyce Vandergriff, Darlene Debault, Gail Jeon, Billye Joyce Vance, Mary Frederixon, Becky Nice, Mary Blount, Frances Shotwell, Loretta Pennington, Sylvia Lyon, Marion Korpi. Row 3: Pat Wilbeck, Linda Boles, Carol Jrludson, Deanna Cox, Ann Turner, Gerry Wells, Joyce Smithson, Nancy True, Borbora Chambers, Jane Costello, Carole Reynolds, Donna Haven, Sue Larter, Barbara Allen, Karl Marshall. Row 4: Bonnie Allee, Judy Rinnert, Judy Freeman, Shirley Hewitt, Marsha Potton, Vonda Watz, Marilyn Sharp, Dorothy Bullis, Carolyn Potter, Edna Henderson, Suellen Neth, Carolyn Coulter, Dave Roberts, Wayne Hay, Bill Nice. Row 5: Betty Jo Wiley, Earl Hobson, Mary Alice Randle, Mary Ann Worrell, Daisy Read, Pat Picklesimer, Pat Matthews, Pete Shelton, Pat Combs, Bedford Motley, David Williams, Jerry Shelton, Doug Hyer, Danny Martin, Bob Dabney, Bob Hull. Row 6: Marsha Read, Brenda Durham, Bill Conner, Darrell Hiatt, Ron Ellis, Bill Scott, Rod Sturtz, Judy Smith, Marshall Hayden, Chet Crump, Lyman Burleson. Row 7: Bev Kleinjan, Joy Fisher, Allen Palmer, Anita Murray, Noncy Conrad, Janet Knowles, Ellen Kitzmiller, Bruce Montgomery, Bill Walters, Jim Saunders, Jim Crawford, George Hayden, Don Daum, Mike Newman, Bev Weller. Row 8: Larry Brandon, Pot Harper, Clyde Campbell, Jerry Carroll, Terry Black, Fred Norris, Dave Stuecher, Leon Hop- son, Len Smith, Larry Bondar, Bill Morrison, Gory Jenkins, Mike Hartung, Glenn McForlond. CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB The Christian Service Club is open to all students in the college. The main purposes of the club are to organize Gospel Teams which provide religious services at various churches and to stimulate the spiritual growth of the students. 25 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The S. N. E. A. is designed to help college students who are plan- ning to enter some field of the teaching profession. Special programs are planned to show or demonstrate specific areas in this profession. Row 1: Jane Costello, Nancy Sohli, Pot Harper, Frances Shipley, Margie Reed, Nancy True, Judy Henry, Melody Sparks, Susie Stinson, Sandy McBane, Becky Gregory, Mary Jane Berkley, Frances Shorwell, Pot Wil- beck, Donno Flick. Row 2: Carol Chandler, Donna Sahli, Esther Bryan, Judy Rinnert, Carole Reynolds, Shar- lene Sanford, Winnie Haven, Mary Alice Randle, Ann Turner, Sylvia Adams, Deanna Cox, Cherri Worrell, Becky Marsh Row 3: Myrtle Heid, Nancy Conrad, Charlotte Ely, Mary Johnson, Mary Clark, Pot Combs, Gail Jeon, Darlene Debault, Barbara Sergent, Pat Messenger, Alice Davis. Row 4: Joan Cunningham, Carolyn Haggard, Carol Brooks, Bev Weller, Sharon Elliott, Karen Guion, Carol Hudson, Daisy Read, Joy Fisher, Pat Picklesimer, Nancy Rogers, Joyce Smithson, Joyce Keis, Mary Blount, Biliye Joyce Vance. Row 5: Carolyn Moore, Carol Barker, Kathy Cope, Bonnie A I lee, Bev Klein jan, Marilyn Knopp, Jim Shields. Row 6: Mr. Owenby, Sponsor; Charlie Golding, Larry Spongier, Diana Rogers, Anita Murray, Judy Freeman, Becky Hu- man, Barbara Doxen, Karen Ham- and. Row 7: Earl Hobson, Lessie Henry, Carl Davis, Vonda Watz, Marty Cox, Randall Ervin, Tom Barkes, Rod Sturtz. Row 8: Gordon Mehaffey, Leon Hopson, Jerry Carroll, Jack Waugh, Ray Henry, Jim Wood, Ron Dove, Fronk Davis, Dean Taylor, Bob Byrd, Bedford Motley, Larry Johnson, Warren Reavis. 7T fc Karhy Cope, editor; Miss Turbeville, advisor. STAMPEDE STAFF The " Stampede " is an organization for students who are interested in journalism or creative writing. This newspaper includes all campus activities, features, student accomplish- ments, student and faculty compositions, and important announcements. Row 1 : Emerson Dorst, Claudia Saylor, Barbara Doxen, Kathy Cope. Row 2: Mary Alice Randle, Gary Ellis, Myrtle Heid, Mike Newman, Alice Davis, Carol Hudson. Row 3: Vondo Watz, Gail Jeon, Bonnie Allee, Ed Pierpont. FOOTLIGHTERS Mr. Hudson, sponsor; Jim Eckord, Mary Johnson, Donna Flick. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Row 1: Donna Flick, Mary Johnson, Rachel Cox, Claire Spotts, Kay Turnbull, Shorlene Sanford, Sandy McBane, Cheryl Fisher, Marty Cox, Liz Ellis, Suellen Neth Row 2: Bill Walters, Ron McSwain, Jack Waugh, Jerry Carroll, Ray Henry, Tom Botes, Frank Harrison, Bill Cornelius, Jim Eckord. Alpha Psi Omega is a national honor- ary dramatic fraternity. Its members are elected for their outstanding performance in dramatics. The Footlighters provide students an opportunity to work in and on play productions. Through the Footlighters, students are admitted to the national honorary dramatic fraternity of Alpha Psi Omega. Most of the productions on campus have been sponsored, produced, or aided in some way by this organization. PRE-MED CLUB Row 1 : Gene Colborn, Wayne Hoy, Mr. Sisk, sponsor, Joyce Cobb, Judy Giles, Gloria Cobb, Judy Smith. Row 2: George Clark, Annas Thompson, Bill Nice, Jim Frasure, Dave Sponseller. The main purpose of the Pre-Med C!ub is to prepare students who are interested in the medical field. The club provides discussions of opportunities in the medical and allied professions. Many of these dis- cussions are led by physicians, specialists, and important men in this field. COMMERCE CLUB All students who are interested in a career in business or industry are invited to become members of the Commerce Club. This club plans programs and speakers that will present discussions of topics which are not normally pointed out in the class- room. The members take field trips to plants and industries in the area. Row I: Howard Henning, Fronk Harrison, Borbara Brown, Carol Fraley, Claudia Saylor, Janie Stroupe, Kathy Martin. Row 2: Connie McFadden, Becky Howell, Dottie Comer, Lynn Harrison, Corol Porter, Moxine Miller. Row 3: Jerry Sheldon, Gary Ellis. Ken Fisher, Mike Dovis, Eunsik Park, Jerry Hicks, Bob Dillon, Frank Davis. THE VARSITY VOICES The Varsity Voices is composed of people who promote pep and enthusiasm at the various athletic activities. The purpose of the club is to keep the Milligan spirit at an all-time high. It also helps to finance the cheerleaders and to sponsor a candidate for Founder ' s Daughter. Row 1: Bonnie Allee, Dione Hubbord, Nancy Conrad, Gail Jean, Noncy Bennett, Carolyn H ' orriman. Row 2: Mary Frederixon, Carolyn Colter, Mary Alice Randle, Glenda Warner, Joy Fisher. Row 3: Becky Nice, Betty Jo Wiley, Alice Davis, Kathy Cope, Donna Haven, Myrtle Held. P.E. CLUB The Physical Education Club is an organization for students who are major- ing in this field. Its purpose is to stimu- late an interest in sports and physical education. The club has an annual pro- ject and many activities throughout the year. It also sponso rs a candidate for Founder ' s Daughter. Row 1 : Dick Howe, Larry Spongier, John Murphy, Woyne Odin, Ed Pierpont, Earl Hobson, Ken Bell, Larry Johnson, Dave Brandon. Row 2: Glenda Warner, Moria Bible, Arbeth Reitmayer, Diane Hubbard, Gail Jeon, Bonnie Allee, Bev Weller, Darlene Debault, Frances Shipley, Bob Perry, John Magill. Row 3: Jim Gordon, Cliff Johnson, Rusty Stevens, Howard Fohnestock, Ray Sheppard, Joy Weitzel, Keith Jones, Phil Webster, Jack Gelzleichter, Roger Shaffer, Pete Shelton. 30 (tun M " CLUB The " M " club includes students who have won the letter " M " for performance in an intercollegiate sport. It sponsors many activities, fund-rais- ing projects, a Founder ' s Daughter candi- date, and presents trophies to all of the senior lettermen. Row 1: Jim Frasure, Dove Sponseller, John Starr, Ron Sturtz, Ed Pierpont, Jim Gordon, Earl Hobson, Larry Sizemore, Ray Sheppard, Fran York, Som Cossell, Phil Webster, Bill Lewis, Homer Neal, Ken Bell, Wiley Butterworth, Andy Lowe, Jim Dial, Rusty Stevens, Rondy Wright, Gory Aldridge, Don McConkey, Dove Herndon, Dick Howe. 31 THE CONCERT CHOIR The Chapel Choir is a musical organi- zation created for the purpose of present- ing religious music for the chapel programs. The Concert Choir includes both sacred and secular music in its repetoire. This group of selected voices travels and per- forms at many places for churches, schools, and civic organizations. The ensembles are formed by people who wish to express their talents in service to God and Milligan College. THE CHAPEL CHOIR Row 1: Marsha Read, Sharon May, Norma Faye Barker, Pat Matthews, Mary Johnson, Gail Jean, Claire Spotts. Row 2: Pat Combs, Paul Shepard, Rod Sturtz, David Eunson, Bruce Montgomery, Fred Rogers, Jim Shields. Lynda Starretr, Sharon Penrod, Nancy Rogers, Wallis Ann Glodich, accom- panist. Fred Norris, Marshall Hayden, Dave Stuecher, Andy Lowe. Row 1: Nancy True, Karen Guion, Beverly Weller, Nancy Rogers, Jim Shields, Michael L. Davis, Dave Pugh, Miss Lawson, Dan Galleher, Ronnie Garard, Mary Ann Worrell, Dorothy Bullis, Carole Reynolds, Vonda Watz, Dorothy Engel, Carolyn Bushboum. Row 2: Loretta Pennington, Carolyn Colter, Daisy Read, Marion Korpi, Melody Sparks, Larry Bondor, Ron Mounts, Bruce Montgomery, Len Smith, Rod Sturtz, Poul Shepard, Lola Vaughn, Ellen Cox, Sharon Penrod, Wallis Ann Glodich, Sheila Tressler, Martha Barb, Corol Greene, Edno Henderson. Row 3: Rebecca Howell, Mary Clark, Brenda Durham, Pat Messenger, Harry Burwell, David Eunson, Jock Waugh, Gary Falkerron, Fred Rogers, Bonnie Pepperman, Brooke Harmeyer, Marilyn Sharp, Phyllis Humphreys, Sharon Porker, Donna Haven. 33 Wllffftn Collet Library VHII|r»H Colle.ii . Ti- ' n ! •--- «»» 4Tr The Crusaders: Jim Shields, Terry B|ack, Paul Shephard, Bruce Montgomery. The Bolladeers: Terry Black, Wayne Colter, Shelburne Ferguson. The Havenaires: Fred Kelly, Chester Crump, Fred Rogers, Lorry Brandon. The Keynotes: Ann Bryant, Bonnie Pepperman, Alva Lee Sizemore, Jerry Carroll. 34 i i i . - A • II STRENGTH " The glory of young men is their youth Proverbs 20:29 tll h Co-captains: Terry Black, Wayne Herndon. BASKETBALL The 1962 Buffs This year ' s edition of the Basketball Team was plagued with injury and mis- fortune so that the final season record was rather lean. Terry Black, a graduat- ing senior, was a bright light and con- sistent scorer. He gave the Buffs four Pictured below, Back row: Coach Walker, Larry Sizemore, Dwight Barker, Steve Hayes, Terry Black, Wayne Herndon, Dona Young, Bob Karnes, Dave Fulks, Jerry Frasure, Ray Shepard, Coach years of fine ball playing and he should be congratulated on his fine sportsman- ship. Gaining from their experience, Coach Walker should have a handful of fine players next year. Stout. Front row: Som Cassell, Gary Nicholson, Billy Rae Harrell, Guy Gilmore, Dave Herndon, Rusty Stevens, Wayne Walters. 36 JOY AND DESPAIR 1961-1962 MILLIGAN COLLEGE BASKETBALL November: 23— Alumni at Milligan 25— Clinch Valley at Milligan 30 To Dec. 2 — Smoky Mountain tourney at December: 2 Carson-Newman ' 5 — Emory Henry at Milligan ■■ 8— Tenn. Wesleyan at Athens 9 — Bryan College at Dayton " 11 — David Lipscomb at Milligan 13— Milligan at Clinch Vallev (Wise, Va.) January: •• y — Tusculum at Milligan " 13 — Tenn. Wesleyan at Milligan »° " 26 — Lincoln Memorial Univ. at Milligan " 29— Milligan at King February: ° 1 — Carson-Newman at Milligan • " 3 — Milligan at Lincoln Memorial Univ. ° 5 — Milligan at Emorv Henrv •■ 8— King at Milligan . ' °10 — Milligan at Carson-Newman tQ °13 — Milligan at Tusculum 16— Brvan College at Milligan 20-24 — V.S.A.C. Tournament at Nashville ' Denotes Smoky Mountain Conference game Denotes Volunteer State Athletic Conference game • • Denotes game counts in both conference standings. CHEERLEADERS t Jl Ji A 4r Captain Pat Combs Bob Dawson, Pot Combs, Nancy Conrad, Bonnie Allee Dian Hubbard. TENNIS This year ' s tennis team will have a long way to go in order to beat last year ' s 12-2 record, but there is good reason for high hope for a championship team in this spring sport. Back from last year ' s conference chomps are Homer Neal, Dave Williams, and Don McConkey, who compose a strong nucleus for another winner. Looking strongly im- proved from last year are Randall Ervin and Larry Johnson. Rounding out the top six is Bill Morison, a freshman with a good deal of experience on the courts already. The pressure will be on this year at all times from the " B " team, which is always striving to break into the upper set. So we predict another great year for the Racket Squad, which will try to surpass the record inherited from last year ' s team. Kneeling: Jim Marshall, Don McConkey, Homer Neol. Standing: Randall Ervin, Dove Williams, John Wiggins, Lowell Williams, Coach Thompson. Front row: Jim Shields, David Herndon, Don Alexander, Ed Pierpont, Jim Dial, Lorry Patterson. Second row: Steve Hill, Neil Conner, Dan Lee, Robert " Andy " Lowe, Gary Nicholson, Jerry Frasure, Jim Frasure, Bill Smith. Third row: Lee Trout, Mgr., Bill Bianchi, David Sponseller, Earl Hobson, Jack Gelzleichter, Larry Patterson, Sidney Johnson, Dick Howe, Coach Duord Walker. TRACK The 1962 Track Team will be especially strong this year for many reasons. One of the big factors in the hopes of in- creased success over previous team records is the addition of Cross-Country to the Milligan athletic program. The results of this first year ' s fall sport led Coach Walker to believe that Milligan will be especially strong in the distance races with some good depth for a change. The only place the Buff thin- clads will be weak in numbers is in a couple of the field events. Most of last year ' s speedsters will be back again and there are always several promising freshmen to add to the bright outlook; this will also be a veteran year for many of last year ' s stars. Track, as well as the other spring sports, should have one of its prime years. 42 BASEBALL j : . . . : ' - . This year ' s edition of the Milligan Col- lege baseball team should be the best in many a year. With only a handful of non- returnees of last year ' s team, which won more games than the combined wins of the previous four years, the hopes are high for a solid pennant contender. Some fine freshmen and transfer students also brighten the picture for Coach Stout and his Buffs. Pitching, as well as power, appears to be strong this year. Confidence will be high because of the apparent great depth, which encourages healthy, fierce competition among the players on the Buff squad. If all the possible prospects are on the team for the entire season, barring injury, and they get a few breaks, the 1962 baseball team should be " loaded. " First row: Sanford Dutton, Randy Wright, Russell Stevens. Second row: Wiley Butterworth, Bobby Warren, Richard Forrester, Bobby Hines. Third row: Buddy Sokol, Mgr.; Gary Aldridge, Capt.; Fran York, John Pickford, Phil Webster, Paul Hall, Coach Stout. Not pictured: Ken Bell, Charlie Golding, Robert Green, Don McClain. iff r i " 55 WRESTLING The campus ping-pong players get a little practice during the dreary winter weather. The girls show off their spring form in a healthy game of Softball. Basketball, volleyball, and girls ' baseball were the intra- mural sports that were given enthusiasm this year by the Intra- mural Council and the student body. Ping-pong was popular this year. Men ' s intramural basketball drew a record number of twelve teams this year. INTRAMURALS Intramural Council: Cloudio Say lor, Francis Shipley, Dave Sponseller, Beverly Weller, Dave Brandon, Bonnie Allee, and Noncy Gray. CROSS COUNTRY GOLF TEAM Members of Milligon ' s first cross-country teom which ended the season by capturing second place in the VSAC meet are: Coach Duard Walker, Larry Bondar, George Hayden, Ed Pierpont, Jay Weitzel, Denny Martin, Bill Cornelius. Front row: Jerry Judd, Dave Herndon, Horry Whitt, Clyde Camp- bell, Larry Newton, Brian Murray. Members of Milligan ' s first organized golf team are: John Murphy, Larry Poe, Kim Whitmore, Larry Reynolds, Coach Roy Stahl, Kirt Whitright, Bob Dabney, Dick True, Bob Kerrick. GLADNESS . . . God, thy God, has anointed thee with the oil of gladness. " Hebrews 1:9 FRESHMAN WEEK TWIRP WEEK i jlfa The Windsor Singers MILLIGAN CONCERT Richard Goodlake Baritone Sophia Stcffan Mezzo-Soprano Lilian Messina Soprano 52 SERIES " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream " PLAYERS INCORPORATED RUDIE STRING QUARTET Carol Keefe John Knight : i h ,li: MILLIGRAS WHO ' S WHO The seven seniors on these pages have been chosen to represent Milligan College in the 1961-1962 chapter of WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Students are nominated each year for this honor from, approximately 650 colleges and universities throughout America. They are chosen on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Mr. Thomas Barkes Senior 56 Mr. Terry Black Senior Miss Gloria Cobb Senior ?P5i Miss Barbara Doxen Senior Mr. James Frasure Senior Miss Beverly Kleinjan Senior Miss Nancy Sahli Senior 1 " ' " ' |h ] J 59 FRESHMAN CLASS BEAUTY MISS FRESHMAN Too young to claim — " I ' m not a teen " — And yet, her beauty, it would seem, Would far outweigh a woman ' s lot. Though young in years — in beauty not! Pat Combs Miss Carol Greene 60 SOPHOMORE CLASS BEAUTY MISS SOPHOMORE The in-between — perhaps left out, Although to most, there is no doubt That she could never reach that sphere With loveliness so real, so clear! Pat Combs Miss Maria Bible JUNIOR CLASS BEAUTY MISS JUNIOR Maturity has come — though slow, But still there is thot teenage glow. A shining light which calls to mind How dear she is, how sweet, how kind! Pat Combs Miss Sylvia Adams SENIOR CLASS BEAUTY MISS SENIOR She stands so tall and proud and sure. And seems to say with heart so pure — " Make me, oh Lord, with love and core, Older — not old, would be my prayer. " Pat Combs Miss Pat Picklesimer 63 1962 MAY DAY Sophomore Representatives; Jerry Carroll, Anita Murray. Fresh- man Representatives: Judy Jones, Bob Hull. I KUk lb Junior Representatives: Fred Norris, Gerry Wells, Nancy Conrad, David Eunson. MAY KING AND QUEEN Miss Norma Faye Barker Mr. Terry Black Senior Representatives: Marilyn Knapp, John Starr, Gloria Cobb, Randall Ervin, I k r, , r,vir Founder ' s Daughter: Joy Fisher, Pat Picklesimer, Kathy Cope Nancy Conrad, Norma Faye Barker, Rachel Cox. Candidates: Judy Giles, Carol Greene, Gerry We I Is, Barbora Doxen, Bonnie Allee. FOUNDER ' S DAUGHTER • , 69 ' % :■ ' £ £?% m $ • " 0£ $3 M PfV U ' r I I ' J llll 1111 ss; DEDICATION of P. H. WELS Tl m hi ni II TT1 II ....... J- HIMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY 1961 " NvFF if A - • J + ■ • i- - .7 ' KNOWLEDGE " Whoever loves discipline loves knowl- edge, but he who hotes reproof is stupid. " Proverbs 1 2: 1 " ■yZ It TO THEE . . . MILLIGAN COLLEGE Oh mossive walls! What storms you ' ve stood, What mighty blasts you ' ve borne, To show to us that life is good When we have felt forlorn. When first your long, grey halls we walked, Excitement filled the air; We walked then where others had walked And others still would dore. Ideals, like walls, aren ' t built in a day Nor swayed by a passing wind, Though many a wind may blow our way, We ' ll strengthen, but never bend. So we, the class of sixty-two, Will make our aim to be: Good lives, like walls, to build so true That we may stand like thee The way seemed lone and long and steep, But then the light shone through Giving traditions we ' ll always keep, For they stand strong like you. Pat Combs I , 1 f: - 5 ? ! JW I ENI - Seniors Gary Paul A Id ridge Harrisburg, Illinois Mathematics — B.S. Norma Faye Barker Bristol, Tennessee Music — A.B. Thomas Von Barkes Columbus, Indiona Mathematics — B.S. Seniors Mary Jane Barkley Telford, Tennessee English — A.B. Terry R. Black Greenwood, Indiana Religion — A.B. David T. Brandon Clinton, Ohio Business Administration — A.B. 79 r ' Seniors Guy Norman Brown Bristol, Tennessee Religion — A.B. £4d Lyman E. Burleson Johnson City, Tennessee Religion — A.B. Herman Ray Butts Mt. Eden, Kentucky Business Administration — B.S. Calvin D. Calhoun Brownsburg, Indiana Religion — A.B. Seniors Mary S. Clark LaSalle, Illinois English — A.B. Gloria Jeanne Cobb New Augusta, Indiana Chemistry — B.S. Gene L. Colborn Milligan College, Tennessee Biology — B.S. Patricia Ann Combs Fountain City, Tennessee Music — A.B. Philip H. Davis Los Angeles, California Science — A. Robert Lee Dean Columbus, Ohio Religion — A.B. Seniors Martha Cox Columbus, Ohio Social Studies — A.B. Ruth Phyllis Dahl Dallas Center, Iowa Social Studies — A.B. • " •- Seniors Ronald G. Dove Scottdale, Pennsylvania Mathematics — B.S. Barbara Lea Doxen Be! Air, Maryland Social Studies — A.B James Eckard Wintersville, Ohio Religion — A.B. Sharon Elliott Mtlford, Illinois - Social Studies — A.B. Seniors Randall Ervin Harrisburg, Illinois History — A.B. E. Gerald Forrester Loganville, Georgia Religion — A.B. James S. Frasure Waynesville, Ohio Mathematics — B.S Seniors Charles Golding Low Gap, North Carolina Health and Physical Ed. — B.S. Judith Sparks Greer Corinth, Mississippi English — A.B. Karen Homand Perryville, Indiana Social Studies — A.B. Winifred Joyce Haven Bedford, Ohio English — A.B. Earl Hobson Richmond, Virginia Health and Physical Ed. — B.5 Donald L. Holben Allen Park, Michigan Religion — A.B. Seniors Carolyn Marie Hayes Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration — B.S. Bob Hines Pineville, Kentucky Health and Physical Ed. — B.S. Seniors Leon A. Hopson Millersburg, Ohio Business Administration — B.S Gail Marie Jean Attica, Indiana Health and Physical Ed. — B.S Gary W. Johns Greensburg, Pennsylvania Mathematics — B.S. Mary Ethel Johnson Lynn, Indiana English — A.B. John J. Mogill Ooklandon, Indiana Social Studies — A.B Phyllis Mignon Mayfield Toronto, Ontorio English — A.B. Seniors Beverly Ann Kleinjan Chicago, Illinois English — A.B. Marilyn Marie Knapp Arcadia, Indiana Social Studies — A.B. mmii Seniors James Bentley Morrow Rodford, Virginia Business Administration — B.S H6mcr D. Neal Columbus, Indiana Business Administration — B.S Pot Picklcsimer Springfield, Ohio Social Studies — A.B. 89 W. Fred Ramsey Johnson City, Tennessee Business Administration — B.S. Mary A. Randle Lebanon, Indiona English — A.B. Seniors Carolyn Ann Potter Roon Mountain, Tennessee Business Administration — B.S. Joellyn M. Probst Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Social Studies — A.B. Seniors Daisy Read Danville, Illinois English — A.B. Judith Joan Rtnnert Mt. Vernon, Indiana Business Administration — B5 Nancy Sahli Nashville, Tennessee Mathematics — A.B. Seniors Frances Shipley Kingsport, Tennessee Heolth and Physical Ed. — B.S. John Starr Steubenville, Ohio Religion — A.B. Suzanne Srtnson Orlando, Florida Social Science — A.B i r r Seniors Phillip R. Storey Michigan City, Indiana Business Administration — BS. Janie Lee Stroupe Church Hill, Tennessee Secretarial Science — B.S Ronald R. Sturtz Scottdale, Pennsylvania Social Studies — A.B. Arthur Lee Thomos Morene, Michigan Religion — A.B. 93 Kay Turnbull Long Beoch, California English — A.B. Kyle L. Wallace Danville, Indiana Business Administration — B.S Seniors Annas Thompson Wotauga, Tennessee Chemistry — A.B. Seniors Cherri Lou Worrell Irvine, Kentucky Sociol Studies — A.B. Betty Ann Yarb rough Atlanta, Georgia Religion — A.B. Dana D. Young Roan Mountain, Tennessee Health and Physical Ed. — B.S. Tony Ziady Beirut, Lebanon Business Administration — B.S. 95 Hack Hyder Lowell Simmons Mountain City, Tennessee Business Administration — A.B. Thomas Davenport Unclassified - ■ r ? % I QG| • r«tf . ft: I Juniors Adams, Sylvia Ann Barnhart, Randall Lee Blount, Mary Nellie Brown, John Byrd, Robert Ray Cobb, Joyce Annette Conrad, Nancy teUasM k Fisher, Kenneth Flick, Donna Lee Giles, Judith Guion, Karen Lee Harrison, Frank S. Hoyden, Marshall Wayne Henning, Howard Arthur Mivi rtf h 98 Juniors Henry, Judith Jane Hoss, Mary Ann Hudson, Carol Jean Hugill, Edmund Fink Jones, Keith Khalil, Kassem M. Kitzmiller, Mary Ellen Knowles, Janet Louise Leamnson, Dian Delfa Martin, Katherine E. Mrs. Matthews, Pat Mehaffey, Gordon Richard Miller, Brenda Miller, Moxine Louise ifcsl Motley, Bedford A., Jr. Mounts, Ronald L. Norris, Frederick Wolter Pickford, Don Probst, Gary Keith Reovis, Worren Dowe 2J39S F t Juniors Sanford, Shorlene Saylor, Claudia Laverne Seger, Lynn G. Shelton, Pete Shepard, Paul Dean Sheppard, Lyols Raymond Shotwell, Fronces Louise Sizemore, Alva Lee Smith, Judy Lynn Smithson, Barbara Joyce Spongier, Walter Larry Spotts, Cloire Isabel Stuecher, David Wray Taylor, Dean Emmet t Turner, Ann Pauline Vance, Billye Joyce Vondergriff, Joyce Wallace, Jonie Weller, Beverly Jane Wells, Geroldine Kay Wells, Myrna Sue fr - 0 Sophs At ha, Karen Marie Bailey, Marsha Ann Baker, Carol Lynn Bible, Maria Adeline Bodwell, Lynn Frances Bradford, Michael Lee Brown, Barbara Lillian Campbell, Lewis William Carroll, Jerry Lee Cecil, Esther Parthena Chandler, Carol Ann Collins, Barbara Kay Colter, Daniel Wayne Comer, Dottie Ann Cooper, Herman Stuart Cope, Kathleen Cox, Delia Lee Cunningham, Joan Marie Curd, Phyllis Clark Davis, Alice Jean Debault, Darlene Dale Dillon, Robert Franklin Donnelly, Nell Earlene Ellis, Lydia Elizabeth Fraley, Carol Jean Frasure, Jerry Evan Glodich, Wallis Ann Gray, Sally Louise Groseclose, Edna Lucille Haggard, Carolyn Lou Hansen, Phillips Brooks Harber, Margaret Louise Harding, James F., Jr. Hardison, Lee Montford Harmeyer, Audrey Brooke Sophs Harrell, Billy Roy Harrison, Alma Lynn Harrison, Marcia Ann Hay, Olin Wayne Heid, Myrtle Mae Henry, Carol Barbara Henry, Lessie Fisher Herndon, George Wayne Hicks, Jerry Mason Howell, Rebecca Ann Hubbard, Nina Diane Keis, Joyce Elaine Lewis, Stanley Thomas Lowe, Robert Andrew Lyons, Mack Ray Marsh, Rebecca Jane Marshall, Karl Madison May, Sharon Gail Montgomery, W. Bruce Moore, Noncy Carolyn Mounts, Erma Jeanette Murray, Anita Belle McBane, Sandra Lee McDonald, Beulo Belle McSwain, Ronald Gilbert Neth, Suellen Penrod, Sharon Peterson, Matthew Robert Peterson, Nodine Pickford, John William Pierpont, Edward Arthur Range, Alfred Park, Jr. Read, Marsha Ruth Reid, Roy W. Richardson, James Burrell i, £$ [ ' ( ■ T. f P Sophs Roberts, Ronald David Rogers, Diana Hodges Rogers, Nancy Irene Ross, Calvin Wayne Rowe, Robert London Sahli, Donna Gayle Shields, James Leroy Shumate, Alban Edsel Simmons, Danny Joe Sims, Ruth Ann Smith, Roberta Lynne Tucker, Larry Gene Walters, Effie Alice Walters, William Harry Ware, William Reid Warner, Glenda Gay 1 £i iST ' Jfe) iff. ' • i - Webster, Phillip Alfred Whitt, Harry Beckwith Williams, Christopher H. Wilson, Guy Burnhom Worrell, Thaddeus J. York, Francis Arthur r-. «» ••• ' ■ ■; ' J » Frosh ft f- E • ,C • J % E B k. L__ Bl. Allen, Borbora Jo Bain, Lawrence Wade Banks, James Vaughn Barb, Martha Ann Barker, Robert Dwight, Jr. Barnord, Thomas A., Jr. Bishop, Jomes Wilkie Boles, Linda Koy Bondar, Walerij Arkodij Booth, Carolyn Maurice Bowles, Julian Brady, Precious Roro Brooks, Carol Jean Bryon, Esther May Bullis, Dorothy Mae Campbell, Clyde Chambers, Barbara Sue Clark, George William Clem, Carolyn Lee Colter, Juanita Carolyn Cornelius, William Gordon Costello, Jane Fronces Crawford, James Hewitt Dabney, Robert Whitnell Darr, Charles Edward Darr, George Alvin Doum, Donald Terry Davis, Carl Dyer Davis, Michael Lewis Dawson, Robert Burgess Decker, Ronald Bruce Dunlap, Linda Sue Durham, Brenda Maureen Eggers, Rosalind Darlynn Ellis, Ronold William Ellison, Gary Lee Ewers, Linda Lee Fife, Sally Elizabeth Fisher, Cheryl Lynne Fleemon, George Williom Fleener, Bruce Forester Fro ley, Judith Ann Frederixon, Mary Louise Freeman, Judith Sondra Fry, Kay Ellen Fulkerson, Gary Lynn Fulks, David Joseph Galleher, Danny Roy Frosh Gilmore, Guy Alton Gilmore, William Edward Greene, Carol Ann Grey, Nancy Jone Haden, George W., Jr. Hammons, Larry Roger Harmon, Robert Lee Harper, Patricia Harriman, Corolyn Sue Hartung, Michael Edwin Haven, Donna Laurie Hayes, Stephen Jack Henderson, Edna Elise Henry, Ray Cecil Henson, Janice Kay Hewitt, Shirley Ann Higgins, Charles Eugene Hilbert, Mary Sue Hubbard, Denny Keith Hull, Robert Fulton, Jr. Human, Rebecca Ruth Humphreys, Phyllis Dean Hyer, Douglas Everitt Jeffries, James Albert Jenkins, Gary Gene Jenkins, Margaret Joy Judd, Jerry Leland Karnes, Bob Joe Kenney, Garry Dyer Kincaid, Kenneth Howard Knowles, Dave Elliott Korpi, Marion Lady, Donald Wayne Lanier, Lana Jane Larter, Suzanne Leggett, David James Loichle, Patricia E. Lyon, Sylvia Martin, Danny Elvin Moy, Linda Leigh Messenger, Patricia Ann Miller, James Ralph, Jr. Miller, Terry Jewell Montgomery, Jim Montgomery, Sandra Kay Moore, James Alvin Moore, William Clinton Morison, William James y -. ' - - - f| v 4? © P . ST s j ry i rr i b+ ¥- ft r ; cr f«|« U J ? R J f f ' d- ■• -, y ( »- " ■f ' x g R r. p: a a ' » r ft , VN. ' ■ ■KIKaMiMI Frosh Murphy, Lida Margaret McFadden, Connie Jo McForlond, Glen Melvin McMullen, David Wilbur Neol, Janice Rae Newman, Jomes Michael Nice, Rebecca Ann Niemi, Robert Edward Oden, Durward Woyne Orr, Linda Lou Parker, Shoron Diane Potton, Marsha Elaine Payne, George Kimpton Pell, Randy Earl Pennington, Delia Loretta Pennington, Doris Ann Pepperman, Bonnie J eon Perkins, Jomes Lewis Phipps, W. Cornet te, Jr. Pugh, David Robert Quire, Vera Elizabeth Rawle, Richard Shelby Razeghi, Khosrow Koshani Reed, Margie Kaye Reeves, Noncy Ellen Reynolds, Carole Kay Reynolds, Larry Gene Rogers, Frederick Wendell Ross, George Paul Sargent, Jesse David Saunders, James Donovon Scott, Williom Wesley Seef, Barbara Joanne Shorp, Morilyn Kay Show, Judith Ann She I ton, Jerry Rucker Shepherd, Mary Lynn Shields, Barbara Susan Smith, Len Pope Smithson, George Edward Sparks, Melody Ruth Spires, Thomas Carl Stevens, Jomes Monroe Sturtz, Rodney Alan Sweeney, Dovid Caldwell Thompson, Williom Bruce Tipton, Roger Lynn Tread way, Donald Frosh Tressler, Sheila Pauline True, Nancy Jo Wallace, Arnold Walters, Joonn Walthour, Frank Philip Watz, Vonda Elizabeth Waugh, Jack Sherman Weaver, Mary Joanne Webb, Julia Fay Weed, Donna Rose Weitzel, Louis Jay Whisman, Clarence Odell Wildman, R. Walton, Jr. Wiley, Betty Jo Willocks, Brendo Foy Wilson, James Dennis d£i n T Wood, James Francis Worrell, Mary Ann For FLOWERS call on GUNNAR TEILMANN " Johnson City ' s Leading Florist " Flowers by Wire 318 East Main Johnson City, Tennessee OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Office Supplies, Equipment And Machines 408 S. Roan St. Johnson City Tennessee REEDS, INC. East Main Street Johnson City Tennessee NEW VOGUE 221 East Main Street Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of WOOLWORTH ' S Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of HART ' S JEWELERS Johnson City Tennessee THE BOOK SHOP John Sevier Hotel Building Johnson City Tennessee RIKARD ' S STYLE SHOP The Store of Persona! Service 543 Elk Avenue Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of RELIGIOUS BOOK STORE 700 East Elk Avenue Elizabethton Tennessee TEXAS STEER Restaurant Drive-ln Bristol - Kingsport Boulevard Compliments of FORBES MARKET Milligan Colleg e Tennessee Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 DOSSER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 228-230 E. Main Street Johnson City Tennessee ARCHER GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION Milligan College Tenn. Best Wishes To The CLASS OF 1962 THOMAS ' MENSHOP THOMAS ' LADIES ' SHOP 218 E. Main Street Johnson City Tennessee Rcnfz Jewelers Fred Davis Jewelers The Music Mart Ben ' s Sport Shop Johnson City Compliments of FIRST PEOPLES BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Tennessee DINTY MOORE ' S RESTAURANT 121 East Market Street " Dinty Moore ' s No Better Than The Best But Better Than The Rest " Johnson City Tennessee THE NETTIE LEE SHOPS Kingsport 240-242 East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee Bristol Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE " Your Rexall Drug Store " DIAL LI 3-2051 Elizabethton Tennessee BURGIE DRUG STORE " 67 Years of Drug Service " Whitman Candies - Quality Drugs Only Elizabethton Tennessee Best Wishes, Seniors, from 7-HOUR LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING, INC For FAST Service Phone LI 3-21 1 1 Elizabethton Tennessee UNAKA STORES, INC. " The Coupon Store " Erwin Tennessee Compliments of HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK Member of F. D. I. C. Johnson City Tennessee K Y K E R FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of WAInut 6-6146 - 6-6144 320 East Main Street Johnson City Tennessee SEVIER THEATRE Johnson City Tennessee HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND FOLSOM PRINTING COMPANY LOAN ASSOCIATION Printers of Everything Upper East Tennessee ' s Largest Johnson City Greeneville Kingsport 708 East Elk Avenue PHONE LI 3-2632 Elizabethton Tennessee PEERLESS STEAK HOUSE Compliments of 2521 Bristol Boulevard RITCHIES, INC. Johnson City Tennessee Elizabethton Tennessee HANNAH ' S BECKNER ' S, INC. Jewelers for 76 Years Best Wishes To Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry The Class of 1962 232 Main Street Johnson City Tennessee BEST WISHES BEAUNIT MILLS, INC. Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of THE JOHNSON CITY BOTTLERS ASSOCIATION " Enjoy your favorite Carbonated Beverage " CHCER UP. ' LITTLE ACORN. DONT YOU CRY. ' V0U-U se HARRIS FLOORING bye caret L X» HARRIS MANUFACTURING CO. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE YOUR B.J. .J,,, 77a display this S9 J ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY United States Fidelity And Guaranty Company Erwin Main at Gay Tennessee HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY BROYLES INSURANCE AGENCY 214 South Main Street Erwin Tennessee PET DAIRY PRODUCTS Compliments of GRIFFITH MOTORS, INC Johnson City 84 Wilson Avenue WAInut 6-7121 JIM ALLEN, President Tennessee VOLUNTEER JOHNSON CITY LUMBER CO. NATURAL GAS COMPANY " IF IT IS: Heating, Cooking, Water Heating 200 S. Boone Street WA 6-2184 YOU CAN DO IT BETTER WITH NATURAL GAS " 334 E. Main St. Johnson City, Tenn. PHONE WA 6-0157 Semitone Drycleoners Linen Rental - Personal Laundry Compliments BRANCHES of 1004 S. Roan St. Tennessee at W. Walnut Mrs. 0. E. Taylor Mrs. Ruth Wells ELIZABETHTON WA 6-1033 WA 6-0951 FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION CsVwmzo UPDATED. The perfect union between the classical trend and the practicality of today ' s living . . . from the John Sevier Collection. Masterfully crafted of solid cherry, impeccably finished in a distressed, burnished, scratch-resistant Tavern Brown. EMPIRE FURNITURE CORPORATION A Gold Medallion for your home FREE PLANS ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM We ' ll work with you, your architect, builder and contractor in planning electric heating, wiring for full housepower, and Light for Living for your Gold Medallion home. CALL US FOR THIS SERVICE— IT ' S FREE FOR THE ASKING. ...better living for your family A GOLD MEDALLION home is truly modern, with electric heating for complete winter comfort . . . electric appliances for saving time and work . . . full housepower, with outlets, switches, and wiring for present and future electrical needs . . . Light for Living to give you ample light in every area of your home for good seeing and more pleasant surroundings. The Gold Medallion home may be in any price range, in any building style. It is economical to operate ... is convenient to live ill . . . provides a comfortable background for happier family living. LOVELY Laundromat and Beauty Salon Milligan College SiF !i I •ffl i Hi i«i s ii ' ili Milligan College Library flllllllllllllllll 3 1881 0001 1723 m

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