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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1961 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1722 2 .iV ' - S-r ■tt n II ■jw .. - , - I: : .- . ;ii -i5- .. , v-., ' .- ;; ' V- V i: ■iWL l V !.- A «-- , ■ -% ' ?•! 5 ' « s ■• : R ' -« - ■ " ■-■ , u? ' •■n.-.. ' -i,ii ' ff ' ' ' Tr i-V.: ' -ff ' --- . ■-. ■Vi.. - ' ' 11 ' K, -«? V«, ' - • . . . . ■ ,.i v-v.. " - T ' - ■ ' • " • ' ■ " ■ ' ' " ■ " »- • V . .-■ Si " . V ... ' = »M »e « , . .,«| ■- ,.»r J " • . ..• : ' ' • 1961 BUFFALO MILLIGAN COLLEG Tenn Student photographers, Charles Fulks and Gary Probst. m -y - } ; M ' :. ' M - ? ' ,. ■; V5 tr-.; - tV ' ' fci.i ' a- ' ? « -, , « ' ' «»iW » • " W-l i CHRISTIAN EDUCATION FRIENDSHIP ' S GOLD... THE GOLD OF VlflSDO 5;x «- ' e ' j-- };- yTi, THE ACTIVITY, 10 tr«( 4 11 DEDICATION The students of Milligan College hove known Dr. Orvel Crowder as a man behind both the pulpit and the lectern. For four years, the class of 1961 has known him as the guid- ing force behind its every activity. Because he is our teacher, preacher, and friend, we proudly dedicate the 1961 Buffalo to our class sponsor. Dr. Crowder. ' f-f ' Below: Dr. Crowder serves as pastor of Hopwood Christian Church. Left: The Crowders enjoy hiking in the mountains of East Tennessee. :, - !«?i -5- - ■..■■• -« , .,?,??••, »!fc :; g|S J I ' - ' ' ' , » " S ' ' ' ? •- j.Uijfev ■■■■ ■ ' - ' - " J?!.w Mrs. Florence Ley Walker In tender memory of a gracious lady whose Christian faith, common sense, and courage were a source of inspiration to all of the members of the Milligan family. 14 -A titUft !. - —I ,.. -« 15 Our President Greets U The year 1960-61 will be cherished in the memory of the Milligon family. The P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library, gift of the T. W. Phillips Charitable Trust and the Phillips family of Butler Pennsyl- vania, is nearing completion. The Quality Improvement Award ad- ministered by the Association of American Colleges on behalf of the United States Steel Foundation was won this year by Milligon. In this year Milligon became a fully accredited member of the Southern Associ- ation of Colleges. Milligon resumes a summer session looking toward the adoption of a trimester plan of operation. Outstanding work by a distinguished faculty met with measurable achievement among the students. Unprecedented generosity by Johnson City friends provided for the retirement of the long-standing debt of the college. All of us, the entire Milligon family and friends, rejoice in these achievements and set our faces toward the achievement of further distinction in education. To you, the students, my warmest salute, and my " God speed " on your way. Dean E. Walker, President 16 Administration Dr. Joseph Dampier Provost Miss Lois Hole Registrar Mr. Joe P. McCormick Assistant to the President Mr. Guy Ookes Dean Mr. Roy E. Stohl Executive Secretory Miss Mildred Welsliimer Dean of Women 17 First row: Mrs. Rowena Bowers, Health and Physical Education; Dr. Beauford H. Bryant, Religion; Mr. Renato G. Cosale, Languages; Dr. Owen L. Crouch, Religion. Second row: Dr. Orvel C. Crowder, Psychology; Mr. Josef Csiby, Music; Mr. C. Warren Fairbanks, Biology; Dr. Robert O. Fife, Sociology and Philosophy. Third row: Dr. Spencer R. Gervin, Social Studies; Mr. Omer Hamlin, Librarian; Mr. Dale Hudson, Music; Dr. Sam Jack Hyder, Mathematics. ulty 18 First row: Miss Ivor Jones, History; Mr. C. C. Montgomery, Psychology; Miss Violet Muse, English; Mrs. Morguerite C. Porris, Psychology. Second row: Mr. Eugene Price, Business Ad- ministration; Mrs. Janet Rugg, English; Mr. James Shields, Education; Mr. Lone L. Sisk, Chemistry. Third row: Mr. B. Harold Stout, Heolth and Physical Education; Mr. Richard J. Toppa, Music; Dr. Hughes Thompson, Chemistry and Physics; Dr. William Threlkeld, Biology. ulty 19 f p ' :su.. r " ■ ' •» , Above: Miss Hazel Turbeville, Secretarial Science; Mr. Duard Walker, Health and Physical Education; Dr. Franklin Walker, Humanities; Dr. Henry Webb, History. Faculty Below: Mrs. Sadie Kinlow, Housemother; Mrs. Mildred Mulllkin, Housemother; Mrs. Florence Rifrz, Dining Hall Manoger. " , ' .._ ' 20 Our Faculty - As they were! 23 First row: Joanne Mines, Sheila Ottinger, Kathy Cope. Second row: Norma Faye Barker, Judy Giles. Third row: Jim Frosure, Jim Lura, Ben Crandall. Fourth row: Dick True, Tom Starnes, Gary Burrell, Jerry Frosure. Fifth row: Terry Black, Ray Rensi, Dean Taylor, Eddie Fine. 0 1 Student Council Milligan College stands on the threshold of o new era. This era is a period of growth and development such as she has never before known. The Student Council of 1960-61 has set as its goal the some record-making advancement as that exhibited by this physical and curricular growth. With the greatest enrollment of its history, Mill igan stands in a position of need- ing an even closer bond between administration and students. Here stands the Student Council, ready to act as a sounding board and administrator of student suggestions and problems. This year ' s Council is proud of its newly completed office in Hardin basement. Even more it is proud to serve a growing school and student body which seeks to direct its initiative and activities in the ways which will help us to better serve God and our fellow man. z-i 24 Student Council Officers: Treasurer, Ray Rensi; President, Jim Lura; Secretary, Joanne Hines; Vice President, Dick True. This newly organized Coun- cil consists of students who represent the " off-campus " or commuting students. Its pur- pose and goals are identical to those of the Student Council in that both Councils work hand in hand for the students and administration of Milligan College. Commuting Students Council: Front: Eddie Fine, President. Behind: Steve Payne, Jim Shields, Charlotte Hyder, Carolyn Hayes, Nell Donnelly, Kathy Snopp. 25 First row: Ann Becker, Judy Pease, Lynn Fowler, Sylvia Lumsden, Alva Lee Sizemore. Second row: Myrtle Heide, Yvonne Shafer, Nancy Rogers, Martha Cox, Mary Blount, President Sheila Ottinger, Miss Welshimer. Dormitory Councils The Women ' s and Men ' s Dormitory Councils are composed of stu- dents chosen to represent the members of the respective dormitories. Weekly meetings are held by both Councils to discuss matters concern- nig the dormitories and student affairs. The main purpose of these Dormitory Councils is to create, promote, and preserve an atmosphere conducive to study. The Councils try to carry all information between the students and the administration which is pertinent to dormitory life. Bill Nice, Harry Shaw, Bobby Mines, Bob Deyton, Dan McClain, Tom Starnes, President Sanford Dutton, Bob Ewbank, Tom Barkes, Don Alexander, David Sponseller, Dave Thompson, Dana Young. Editor in chief; Donna Koye Dial. Exchonge editor, Martha Sue Orr; Sports editors, John Wiggins and Bonnie Allee. The " Stampede " staff is an organiza- tion with membership open to the student body. The paper covers all campus events, presents features, and allows for student and faculty compositions. This year ' s newspaper has been styled as a magazine-paper with issues published every month except January. The purpose of the newspaper is to supply news reports with acknowledgment of activities and accomplishments of our students and our college. It is available to the student body, to other colleges, and to alumni. First row: Frances Shipley, Winnie Smith, Sylvia Adams. Secon d row: Diana Chiarky, Joyce Keis, Anita Murray, Kathy Cope, Diana Hodges. Third row: Phyllis Laws, Pat Wilbeck, Charlotte Ely, Barbara Doxen. uffffalo Editor Connie Foster Business Manager Dorothy Liston Assistant Business Manager Janie Stroupe Section Editors Administration Organizations Features Athletics Classes Sylvia Adams Nancy Rogers Joy Fisher J im Gordon Nedra Morgan First row: Jim Gordon. Second row: Nancy Rogers, Joy Fisher. Third row: Nedro Morgan, Dorothy Liston, Sylvia Adams. Becky Howell, Diane Chiarky, Louise Roop, Joyce Kets, Borbara Brown. First row: Diana Hodges, Barbara Doxen, Frances Shipley. Second row: Jackie Alford, Charlotte Ely, Ann Meredith, Tom Barkes. Editor in chief: Connie Foster. The 1961 Buffalo is the product of the combined efforts of this organization. Much hard work was contributed by every staff member in order to record most effectively the events of 1960 and 1961 at Milligan College. 29 Christian Service Club This year Christian Service Club, one of the oldest organizations on campus, really put its members to work. At the beginning of the school year the students formed " Gospel Teams. " These teams went out to various churches in the area and conducted services. This is the first year that the teams have been so active, and their work proved to be a very reward- ing experience for all who participated. Officers: President, Fred Norris; Vice President, Dave Stuecher; Secretary, Nedra Morgan. First row: Becky Marsh, Bonnie Wiley, Sharon May, Carol Conrad, Suellen Neth, Phyllis Curde, Rene Reineke, Dorie Whitesel, Janet Knowles, Gail Jean, Karen Hammond, Ann Turner. Second row: Billye Joyce Vance, Karen Guion, Alva Lee Sizemore, Daisy Reed, Martha Cox, Moxine Miller, Mary Ann Gar- land, Mary Clark, Mary Blount, Frances Shotwell, Ann Meredith, Diane Chiarky, Nancy Conrad, Kothy Cope, Pot Wilbeck, Joyce Smithson, Nancy Phillips, Beverly Weller, Gerry Mabe, Diane Hubbard, Lynn Fowler. Third row: Terry Black, Shelburne Ferguson, Kathy Meador, Carol Chandler, ixuiny vieuuui, , ' -uiwi « i lui ■ .ii .i , Lois Benscoter, Morcio Miller, Ruth Dahl, Winefred Smith, Sylvia Adams, Deanno Cox, Joanne Hines, Lessie Henry, Anita Murray, Betsy Lipscomb, Connie Foster, Jean Wicoff. Fourth row: Bill Walters, Paul Shepherd, Karl Marshall, Roy Rensi, Pot Picklesimer, Joyce Vandergriff, Dave Roberts, Ann Bryant, Jerry Carroll, Judy Giles, Pot Combs, Dove Steucher, Doug Saxton, William Wore, Fred Norris, Bruce Mont- gomery, Gerry Wells, Roy Reid, Dorothy Liston, Nedra Morgan, Jim Shields. Don Holben, Mignon Moyfield, Duone Calhoun, Mary Jane Berkley, Kathy Rotliff, Vaughn Ross, Frances Shotwell, Winnie Haven, Karen Homand, Carol Hud- The Missionary Fellowship proposes to start a growing interest in missionary work among all Christians. The Missionary Fel- lowship held services throughout the year at the Washington County Old Folks Home, son, Karen Guion, Gerry Mills, Barbara Walker, Lola Vaughn, Cherri Lou Worrell, Dale Jacobs. gathered clothes for needy families at Christmas, and planned and sponsored a Missionary Rally, March 9-11, 1960. By its projects it endeavors to exemplify its motto: " Every Christian, a missionary. " issionary F inisterial As llowship isociation First row: Gordon Mehoffey, Karl Morshall, Dale Jacobs. Second row: George MacDonald, Dave Roberts, Dick True. Third row: Jim Eckard, John Starr, Duane Calhoun. Fourth row: Eddie Fine, Don Holben, Bill Walters, Terry Black, Roy Rensi. The purpose of the Ministerial Associa- tion is to join together the men of Milligan College who ore interested in the ministry or other specific fields of Christian service. It endeavors to establish and preserve the Christian spirit on campus and in the com- munity. Many members of the Ministerial Association are working as assistant minis- ters, youth directors, and in other positions in churches in this area in order to gain valuable experience in their various chosen profession in serving God and mankind. 31 - jssssr , i_ First row: Ruth Dahl, Gerry Wells, Janet Knowles, Joyce Smithson, Pat Picklesimer. Second row: Carol Hudson, Kathy Cope, Morilyn Knapp, Joyce Cobb. Third row: Lynn Fowler, Sylvia Adams, Sheila Ottinger, Billye Joyce Vance, Dorie Whitesel, Maxine Miller, Lessie Henry, Mary Blount. Fourth row: Joan Cunningham, Miss Welshimer, Morcio Miller, Anita Murray, Carol Chandler, Carolyn Moore, Karen Guion, Winnie Haven, Ann Turner, Dorothy Liston, Nedra Morgan, Joanne Hines, Judy Rainery. Service Seekers This organization is open to all girls who wish to learn more about Christian service. It was begun in 1949 by Miss Mildred Welshimer. One of the worthwhile projects of this group is visiting the Children ' s Home in Elizabethton every Saturday afternoon. Also, a Hallowe ' en party is held for these children in October. The club meets every second and fourth Tuesday. 32 First row: Bill Smith, Howard Henning, Harry Show, Martha Sue Orr, Claudia Soylor, Morcio Miller, Sylvia Lumsden. Second row: John Wiggins, Ben Crandall, Jim Marshall, Maxine Miller, Mary Ann Garland. Commerce Club First row: Becky Howell, Diono Hodges, Barbara Brown, Jonie Stroupe. Second row: Lynn Horrison, Carol Froley. Third row: Louise Roop, Frank Harrison, Larry Baldwin, Bill Lewis. Fourth row: Ken Fisher, Herman Butts. Officers: President, Harry Shaw; Vice President, Martha Sue Orr; Secretary-Treasurer, Howard Hen- ning; Reporter, Claudia Saylor. The Commerce Club provides an oppor- tunity for students interested in business administration and secretarial science to gain a better understanding of business. The club takes conducted tours of several business enterprises during the school year, which helps to give the students a better understanding of the operation of business firms. Films are shown that the students may obtain a broader view of the many aspects that are encountered in the busi- ness world. Fund-raising projects help in the many outside activities sponsored by the club, including the support of a Founder ' s Daughter candidate. The year ' s activities ore concluded by an annual picnic. 33 Footlighters Janie Aman, Kay Eberhard, Connie Foster, Sylvia Lumsden, Jim Eckord, Mory Johnson, Dorie Whitesel, Sylvia Adams, Donna Flick. Officers: President, Janet Knowles; Vice President, Joyce Cobb; Secretary-Treasurer, Marilyn Knopp; Reporter, Pat Picklesimer. For all those students interested in drama, the " Footlighters " provides the per- fect answer. Proving both a challenge and a release, Footlighters gives many oppor- tunities to those dramatically inclined. Whether one desires to emote before the " spots " or work backstage, Footlighters is the solution. Providing a stepping stone to Alpha Psi Omega, this organization is one of the favorites on campus. During the past year this group has sponsored, produced and helped with most of the productions on campus. It is sin- cerely believed that the Footlighters will continue its important part in the college ' s activities. Miss Muse is the sponsor. ed Club The purpose of the Pre-Med Club is to help prepare its members for future careers in medical fields. The meetings ore devoted to discussion and activities related to the stu- dents ' chosen professions. The discussions are often led by men eminent in these fields. First row: Dorothy Liston, Mr. Sisk, sponsor, David Sponseller, Buddy Mc- Bride, Joyce Cobb, Zenobia Sisk. Second row: Bob Ewbank, Emily Ruck- man, Wayne Hay, Annas Thompson. Third row: Gloria Cobb, Jim Frasure. Officers: President, David Sponseller; Vice President, Gloria Cobb; Secre- tory, Joyce Cobb; Treasurer, Judy Giles. 34 First row: Ruth Ann Sims, Mignon Moyfield, Carolyn Haggard, Myrtle Heid, Sylvia Lumsden, Frances Shotwell, Karen Guion. Second row: Margie Kaye Reed, Sandy McBane, Judy Rinnert, Winefred Smith. Third row: Nancy Conrad, Lynn Fowler, Mary Clark, Beverly Weller, Yvonne Shafer, Donna Sohli, Frances Shipley, Anita Miner, Suellen Neth, Gail Jean, Elizabeth Ellis, Joanne Mines, Ruth Dahl, Nedra Morgan, Shelva Sickafoose, Lessie Henry, Judy Pease, Sheila Ottinger. Fourth row: Mary Ann Garland, Martha Sue Orr, Jackie Alford, Cherri Lou Worrell, Janet Knowles, Joyce Smithson, Mary Blount, Jean Wicoff, Joy Fisher, Connie Foster. Fifth row: Dorie Whitesel, Kathy Rotliff, Gerry Wells, Janet Greene, Bonnie Allee, Barbara Doxen, Nancy Sahli. Sixth row: Bill Smith, Tom Barkes. . E. A. Officers: President, Shelva Sickafoose; Vice President, Tom Barkes; Secretary, Cherri Lou Worrell; Treasurer, Barbara Doxen. The Student National Education Association is a professional organi- zation for all students in college who are planning to enter some field of teaching. Programs ore planned to help the members learn of the oppor- tunities available in the profession, as well as the problems that they will face. The members hold student membership in both the Tennessee Educa- tion Association and the National Education Association. 35 First row: Don Alexander, Lowell Williams, Anita Miner, Bill Smith, Gary Aldridge. Second row: Dona Young, Jim Gordon, John Wiggins, Danny McCloin, Bob Hines, Jim Frasure. Third row: David Williams, Charles Golding, Earl Hobson, Richard Forester, David Sponseller, Tommy Starnes, James Marshall, Bill Lewis. Fourth row: Steve Hill, Ken Bell, Charles Tester, Terry Black, Dick Howe, Sanford Dutton, Ron Sturtz, John Starr, Frank Horrison, Phil Storey. I f M " Club The Varsity M Club started the year with on initiation that ended with a rather long walk through the country. The big club project this year was the purchase of heavy letter jackets for winter wear. It also sponsored a candidate for Founder ' s Daughter and presented trophies to all of the senior lettermen. In order to raise funds for the different projects, the club spon- sored the Varsity-Freshman and Varsity-Alumni basketball games. Other activities were having bake sales, selling inscribed ink pens, and a steak fry in the spring. Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. It meets twice a month, has an annua! project and a year-ending picnic. Seasonal sports are played after the meetings and films concerning sports are often presented. The club also sells concessions at the basket- ball games and sponsors a Founder ' s Daughter candidate. First row: Judy Rainery, Winefred Smith, Bobby Hines, Martha Sue Orr, Beverly Weller, Mary Ann Garland. Second row: Steve Hill, Lowell Williams, Judy Rinnert, Frances Shipley, Kathy Cope, Anita Hiner, Gail Jean, Billye Joyce Vance. Third row: Bonnie Allee, Bill Smith, Dave Brandon, Rene Reineke, Dan McCloin, Dick Howe, Ken Bell, Jim Marshall, Homer Neal, Tom Starnes, Earl Hobson, Fourth row: Doug Vaughn, Jim Gordon, Lorry Johnson, Sanford Dutton, Dona Young, John Wiggins. 36 First row: Anita Hiner, Joy Fisher, Jean Wicoff. Second row: Martha Sue Orr, Winefred Smith, Judy Rinnert, Billye Joyce Vance. Third row: Kathy Cope, Goil Jean, Suellen Neth, Bonnie Allee, Marcia Miller. Fourth row: Joyce Cobb, Myrtle Held, Nancy Conrad, Judy Rainery. Fifth row: Mary Ann Garland, Janie Aman, Maxine Miller, Dorie Whitesel. Varsity Voice: The Varsity Voices is the campus pep club. During the year it spon- sored o candidate for Founder ' s Daughter, decorated the gym for special games, helped finance the cheerleaders, sponsored the All-Sports Day picnic, and " boosted the Buffs " at all times. In general, it kept the Milligan spirit at its peak. 37 First row: Lynn Fowler, Janet Matthews, Judy Pease, Louise Garlichs, Sharon Penrod, Alva Lee Sizemore, Pat Matthews, Ann Becker, Sylvia Lumsden, Judy Henry. Second row: Mr. Toppa, Gail Jean, Winnie Haven, Jean V icoff, Kath y Meador, Mary Johnson, Norma Faye Barker, Joanne Hines, Sharon May, Janet Knowles, Pat Combs. Third row: Steve Hill, Jim Shields, Doug Saxon, Dave Stuecher, Marshall Hoyden, Jim Eckord, Paul Houston, Paul Shepord, Roger Bennett, John Starr. Fourth row: Larry Brandon, Fred Norris, Emerson Darst, David Eunson, Roy Reid, Wayne Colter, Dave Thompson, Shelburne Ferguson, Jerry Carroll, Adam Korenczuk, Ron Sturtz. Touring Choir The Touring Choir consists of forty voices this year and the Choralolres consists of twenty-five. Between November 7 and November 12, these musical groups participated in the annual Arts Festival. The Choralaires presented a concert, and the Touring Choir presented the opera, " The Devil end Daniel Webster " by Douglas Moore and Stephen Vincent Benet. Both groups then combined their talents for the presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah. " In the spring of the year the Touring Choir had the opportunity to travel through the southeastern section of the United States. It also sang for gradua- tion, and gave concerts for the local churches, schools, and community organizations. The choirs are made up of students of Milligan, not necessarily music majors or minors. 38 Choraleers First row: Carolyn Bushboum, Donna Flick, Jeanette King, Janice Martin, Mr. Tappa, Director, Jo Nell Whitehouse, Nancy Rogers, Parthena Cecil. Second row: Dorothy Liston, Becky Marsh, Beverly Waller, Lynda Starrett, Daisy Read, Ann Bryant, Cherri Worrell, Lola Vaughn. Third row: Charlotte Hyder, Joy Fisher, Joan Cunningham, Becky Howell, Myrtle Held, Darlene Debault, Yvonne Shafer, Judy Giles. Continentals First row: Judy Pease, Joanne Hines, Claire Spotts, Norma Foye Barker. Second row: John Starr, Wayne Colter, Shelburne Ferguson, Adam Korenczuk. 39 Harmonettes: Jon Matthews, Lynn Fowler, Judy Pease, Norma Faye Barker. Millil-ones: Pat Matthews, Kathy Meador, Alva Lee Sizemore. Ensembles Volunteers: Fred Norris, Marshall Hoyden, Dave Stuecher, Doug Soxon. Keynotes: Jerry Carroll, Judy Giles, Ann Bryant. WKBB0 w !• _ _ . £ 7 t ' .if MSiS 41 TVIfIRP WE This year ' s Twirp Week was a week of fun and frolic built around the Roaring Twenties. The Monday chapel program started the week off by enlightening the Milligan girls as to their part in the pro- ceedings. Daily court sessions, a night at the " Speak-Easy, " and a concert high- lighted the week. The Roaring Twenties Personality Parade, with such celebrities as Ethel Barrymore, Al Jolson, and Helen Morgan, added a gay finish to a successful week. Twirp Week for 1960 was sponsored by the Junior Class. Above: The Keynotes Below: Make up your mind Above: Roy ' n ' Pat — in disguise! Below: Go fo it, Helen! FOUNDER ' S DAY Both students and alumni anticipate Founder ' s Day, Milligan ' s home- coming weekend. This is the time when friends reunite on the campus of their " old " Alma Mater. The weekend opens with a varsity-alumni basket- ball game. The grounds boast of decorations made by the classes and school organizations. The gala weekend culminates in the selection of the Founder ' s Daughter at the annual banquet. She embodies the fine Christian character which Josephus Hopwood, Milligan ' s founder, would wish to attribute to his daughter. Miss Joanne Mines of Lizton, Indiana, 1960 Founder ' s Daughter, gives Milligan reason to be proud of her heritage, " Christian Education, the Hope of the World! " Founder ' Below: U. S. Steel ' s gift of $25,000 was recognized at the 1960 Founder ' s Day celebration. Ann Turner Below: Webb Hall and the Crouch Memorial Build- ing were dedicated at the annual Founder ' s Day banquet. 44 Right: Founder ' s Day Bonquet Held In Sutton Hall. Daughter Candidates Anita Hiner 45 Lynn Fowler Kathy Snopp Founder ' s Daughter Candidates Connie Foster Mary Ann Garland Ruth Hammock, Founder ' s Daughter, 1960. Founder ' s Daughter Joonne Mines, Founder ' s Daughter, 196). The Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools is the regional ac- crediting association for more than 240 four-year colleges located in eleven southern states. These colleges set high standards for this association and act together to keep the quality of education at a high level. This gives the student assur- ance that his work at one institution will be recognized at another. Milligan, there- fore, is happy in the knowledge that work done here is recognized and will transfer. Right: Beginning with a bonfire and marshmallow roast, students began to celebrate the event of Milligan ' s ac- creditation. Right: As a grand finale, the entire student body sang the Alma Mater, long distance! iss Frestiman Kathy Cope iss Sophomore Ann Turner iss «lunior Daisy Read iss Senior Phyllis Laws VlfHO ' S VVHO The seven seniors on these pages have been chosen to represent Milligan College in the 1960- ' 61 chapter of WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Stu- dents are nominated each year for this honor from approximately 650 colleges and universities through- out America. They are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Jackie . y lfom 54 msmimi , oanne ' S? m J uit ia aJ-umide orenczaf ( arol Lfunei . » r r Queen Sheila, King Ray ly D3y Early in May, alumni, friends, and visitors return to Milligan ' s campus to view the traditional crowning of the May King and Queen. The King and Queen are chosen by the entire student body. Their Court consists of a Freshman girl, a Sophomore girl, and two girls each from the Junior and Senior classes, each escorted by a man chosen by her class. Senior Representatives: Joanne Mines, Eddie Fine, Nedro Morgan, Jim Marshall. 59 Junior Representatives: Ron Dove, Nancy Sahli, Terry Black, Joy Fisher. Freshman Representatives: Bonnie Wiley, Dave Roberts. Sophomore Representatives: Judy Smith, Mar- shall Hoyden. 60 61 DEFEAT AND 62 VICTORY Both Build Character In The Wonderful World Of SPORTS 63 Terry Black, Wayne Herndon, Larry Sizemore, Charley Tester, Ben Deyton, Doug Vaughn, Don Alexander, " Moose " Williams, Billy Ray Harrell, Rusty Stevens, Gary Nicholson, Dona Young, Lew Taylor, Paul Hall, Jerry Frasure. The 1960-61 Buffs had trouble getting started, and because of in- juries and a combination of many other factors they never did work up to the great potentiality which was theirs. It was a hard-luck year for the Thundering Herd, but they fought well enough to maintain the loyalty of enthusiastic Milligan fans. Experienced seniors, Charley Tester, Lew Taylor, and " Moose " Williams added to the team ' s appearance once more and will be missed by both the team and the fans next season. Others on the team who saw plenty of action were Jerry Frasure, Paul Hall, and Terry Black. One of the highlights of the season was the game at Tusculum where the Buffs stormed from behind to outplay the " noisy " Pioneers 67-64. 64 Above: Don ' t Shoot! I give up! Jerry Frazure, Charlie Tester battle the Pioneers in Cheek gymnasium. Right: Buffs plan strategy for third quarter of the Tusculum game. 66 BUFFALO ACTION Above: Coaches Walker and Stout instruct Buffs at half time. 67 Above: Come on, Big Buffs, we ' re still on your side! BEAT ' EM BUFFS Below: Loyal Milligan fans sing Alma Mater at half time. Cheerleaders: Earl Eidson, Pat Combs, Joy Fisher, Janie Aman, Diane Hubbard, Anita Miner. CHEERLEADERS 4% t, w. M., W. M ' ■ V y k JfcSfc- 3- ( ' sa-. ' -.. ' 4, ,Ai ' A»vL-.AliM) lli%4v;iukfMc r k. First row: Dick Plymale, Ron Sewell, Steve Hill, Bill Smith, Bob Ewbank, Dick Howe, Jim Frasure, Jim Bowyer, Coach Walker. Second row: Herman Butts, Frank Harrison, Neil Conner, Doug Vaughn, Joe Beeler, Earl Hobson, Don Alexander, Sonford Dutton, Earl Humphries. The 1961 addition of the Thundering Herd cinder team should be a speedy, well-balanced club, strong with depth in many of the events. Because of the early press date the schedules, much less the season record itself, hod not been announced for any of the spring sports. This year, how- ever, there ore several bright spots of encouragement. The Buffs will have a better track and facilities for the field events due to the improvement of Anglin Field, where the thinclods resume meet competition after several years of running in the Johnson City Stadium. Below: Bill Smith and Ron Sewell. MjlM. Lett: Dick Plymale breaks pole vaulting record at M. C. in i TENNIS Right: Williams moves up for o kill! This year ' s edition of the Milligon College Racket Squad appears to be in fine shape for a great season. Re- turning from last year ' s team which wound up second in the conference with a 12-4 over-all record will be veterans J. J. Wiggins, " Moose " Wil- liams, Jim Marshall, Dave Williams, and Jim Lura. Homer Neol, Terry Black, and Phil Pletcher will also give added strength and depth to Coach " Doc " Thompson ' s tennis team. Below: Returning lettermen Jim Lura, " Moose ' ' Williams, Dave Williams, and John Wiggins. 1 I 1 1 ■ T T ■ " ' ' ■ asW f " . ' T ' ' ■ — — Av — ■— — — - )— — - — — — " — i ' — — 4 — J, k_ it| — -_jj — _4 — — 1 — i — — - — f— » ' ■ ' ' ■ ■ — -.»■ y, — — fc ) ' ■ ' — — — " » i I — i — H- i- » t — 1 " i — " " ' — ■ " — -r-V ' •-..» A — t — ,— i,-v- -A — « — j- v w— 4 -I - . » . , t - - — f — 4 — »— 71 " Hustle " was the word for Coach Harold Stout ' s baseball team as the returning lettermen with the addition of several talented underclass- men mode baseball an unforgettable sport at Milligan College this year. With an ever-increasing and intensifying schedule, the Buffaloes showed what the combination of teamwork, ability, and hustle can do in making them a team to remember. First row: Billy Compbell, Dan McClain, Richard Forrester, Charlie Golding, Phil Storey. Second row: Coach Stout, Tom Starnes, Billy Ray Harrell, Terry Black, Earl Hobson, Charlie Tester, Ken Bell, Sanford Dutton, Bobby Mines, Dave Brandon, Paul Houston, Ron Sturtz, John Barkes. Mr ' ' ' ' % lilllllllllll; lllllllllllll 72 f Wf Above: Baseball practice on Anglin Field. Right: " Let me at ' em, Coach — I got a feeling this is my day. " Coach Stout gives Sanford Dutton a few pointers. 73 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL As usual this past year, the intramural program at M. C. was full of active participation. In the fall the boys played tennis and football with the defending champs, the Gamecocks, who are again reigning supreme. The girls went at it in volleyball with Nancy Sahli ' s team coming out on top. In the winter both boys and girls played basketball with a championship tournament at the close of the season. The springtime brought out baseball for the fellows and softball for the girls. Also throughout the year at different times there were bowling, swimming, badminton, ping-pong, wrest- ling, golf, and weight-lifting with " heavy-weight " J. D. Murphy walking off with all top honor trophies — completely unnoticed, until the judges discovered the missing prizes. The Intramural Council did a fine job and deserves a vote of thanks. Intramural Council: Bev Weller, Gail Jean, Coach Stout, advisor, Noncy Sahli, Dave Sponseiler, Bobby Mines, Jim Marshall, and " Moose " Williams. Not pictured: Dave Brandon, Bonnie Allee, Randall Ervin, and Emerson Dorst. 74 Above: Van Greer back in his pocket — looking for a receiver! Above: What shall we do? Drop back 20 yards and punt! Below: The Champion Gamecocks. 75 INTRAMU Above: While the excited fans are bubbling over with enthusiasm . . . Above: You think that shot was good, just watch this one with my eyes closed! Left: " Say that once more and I ' ll put you away for good, big boy! " Nancy Sahli and Jim Marshall, intramural tennis champs. 76 77 FRESHMAN Sponsor, Dr. Webb, Vice-President, Larry Patterson, Treasurer, Sharon Penrod, President, Dave Roberts, and Secretary, Donna Sahli. Mike Anthony Walter L. Arnold Karen Atho Marsha Bailey Carol Barker Ann Becker Marcia Bible Lynn Bodwell Michael Lee Bradford Reid Patterson Broce Barbara L. Brown Robert Brown 78 Carolyn Carr Sam Cassel Parthena Cecil Carol Ann Chandler George Clark Kay Collins Daniel Wayne Colter Michael Evans Combs Dottie Comer Bill Conner Nancy Conrad B. Jack Cooper Kathy Cope Delia Cox Joan Cunningham Dan Galleher Ronnie Gorord Wallis Ann Goldich Solly Gray Becky Gregory Gaytheo Grigsby Edna Groseclose Georgia Lee Grow Carolyn Lou Haggard Phil Hansen Margaret Louise Harber Lynn Harrison Marcia Harrison Wayne Hay Myrtle Mae Held 79 Carol Henry Judy Henry Lessie Fisher Henry Johanna Hergert David Lee Herndon Darrell J. Hiatt Jerry Hicks Diana Hodges Rebecca Howell Diane Hubbard Marcello Jean Huey Linda Humphrey Moon Sik Hwang Anne Ingram Norma Ivey Karl Madison Marshall Sharon May Martha Ann Meredith Jerelene Mills Bruce Montgomery Carolyn Moore Norma Moore Bonnie Mostoller Jeanette Mounts Anita Murray Suellen Neth William Archie Gary Nicholson Jerome Norris Gene Orendorff Nice 80 Larry Edman Potterson Sharon D. Penrod William Price James Puckett Judith Louise Rainery Park Range, Jr. Kathy Ratliff Margie Reed Roy Re id Rene Reineke James B. Richardson David Roberts Nancy Rogers Bobby Rowe Donna Sohli William Reid Ware Ralph Wheeler Jo Nell Whitehouse H. B. Whitt Bonnie Kay Wiley Betty Williams Chris H. Williams Barbara Wilson Thad Worrell Dave Yoder Ok Jin Yoo 81 SOPHOMORE Dr. Fife, Ann Turner, Fred Norris, Gary Burrell, Alva Lee Sizemore. President Gary Burrell Vice President Fred Norris Secretary Ann Turner Treasurer Alva Lee Sizemore Sylvia Adams Janie Amen 82 Rondel Barnhart Lois Benscoter Lynn Berry Mary Blount Carl Bracken Ann Bryant Ruth Bunton Carolyn Bushbaum Bob Byrd Robert Keith Dewey David Eunson Robert C. Ewbank, Jr. Shelburne Ferguson, Jr. Ken Fisher Donna Lee Flick Richard Forester Judy Giles Marty Goeller 83 Jane t Greene Karen Guion Frank Harrison Marshall Hoyden Howard Henning Steve Hill Carol Hudson Edmund F. Hugill C. Judy Kelley Wanda Kelly Jeanette King Mary Ellen Kitzmiller Moxine Miller James Bentley Morrow Ron Mounts Fred Norris Steve Payne Gary Probst Dove Randolph Warren Reovis Kothy Rengstorff 84 Elinor Robbins Emily Ruckman Sharlene Sanford Douglas R. Saxon Claudia Saylor Doug Vaughn Beverly Jane Waller Gerry Wells Patricio Rae Wilbeck Dianne Wilson 85 JUNIOR Tom Barkes, Mr. Price, Barbara Doxen, Ron Sturtz, and Jim Frasure. Gory Aldridge Bonnie Allee Norma Faye Barker Tom Barkes Mary Jane Barkley Terry Russell Black David Brandon Guy N. Brown 86 Herman Butts Duane Calhoun Paul M. Corriger Mary S. Clark Gloria Cobb Gene Colburn Patricia Ann Combs Martha Cox Phillip Davis Bob Dean Donna Koye Dial Ronald S. Dove Barbara Doxen James C. Eckard Dorothy Engle Randall Ervin Joy A. Fisher James S. Erasure Karen Ann Hammond Joe Harris Winnie Haven 87 Beverly Kleinjan Marilyn Knapp Eugene Koo Carolyn Hayes Bobby Mines Ear! H. Hobson Don Holben Leon A. Hopson Frances Howard Gail Marie Jean Gory W. Johns Mary Johnson Don McClain John Magill Phyllis Mignon Mayfield Homer Neal Mary Jean Neff Pat Picklesimer Joellyn Probst ' 88 W. Fred Ramsey Mary Alice Randle Daisy Read Judy Rinnert Vaughn Ross Nancy Sahli Lynn G. Seger Harry Shaw Frances Shipley Ron Sturtz Roy Richard True Lola Vaughn Kyle Wallace David Williams Cherri Worrell Dbna Dean Young David Ross Sponseller John Starr Jonie Lee Stroupe 89 Ben Crandall, Jim Marshall, Dorothy Liston, Dr. Orvel Crowder, Jackie Alford. Senior Offfficeri President Ben Crandall Vice President Jim Marshall Secretary Dorothy Liston Treasurer Jackie Alford Sponsor Dr. Orvel Crowder 90 Don A. Alexander Indianapolis, Indiana B.S.— Health and P.E John Borlces Columbus, Indiana B.S. — Health and P.E William Spencer Campbell Johnson City, Tennessee A.B. — Religion Samuel Bradley Cecil Pennington Gap, Virginia B.S. — Business Leif Ericsson Clark Kingsport, Tennessee A.B. — Chemistry 92 Jomes Leslie Conkle Waynesburg, Pennsylvania B.S. — Business Administration Ben E. Crandall Springport, Indiana A.B. — Business Administration Ron DeLong Yorktown, Indiana A.B. — Religion 93 William Edward Fine Watauga, Tennessee A.B. — Religion Earl Wallace Eidson College Park, Georgia B.S. — Chemistry Connie Roe Foster Mankato, Minnesota A.B. — English 94 Laura Lynn Fowler Follansbee, West Virginia A.B. — Music Mary Ann Garland Mountain City, Tennessee B.S. — Business Administration Louise Gorlichs Stoneham, Massachusetts A.B. — Music 95 A Margaret Lynn Gregg Mountain City, Tennessee B.S. — Business Administration Carol Boot Gurley Munhall, Pennsylvania A.B. — Business Administration 4 " i " " iPS jx. 1 m v ' H k ■ I HI ? m ■i % S ' ' MiW ' x -, Richard Hayes Minneapolis, Minnesota A.B. — Social Studies 96 Anita Louise Miner Central City, Pennsylvania B.S. — Health and P.E. Eileen Joanne Mines Lizton, Indiana A.B. — English Earl Edward Humphrey Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. — Mathematics 97 Charlotte Hyder Johnson City, Tennessee B.S.— Health ond P.E, Dale Duane Jacobs Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. — Religion J - Adam Korenczuk Elizabeth, New Jersey A.B. — Religion 98 Phyllis Laws Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. — Health and P.E. William O. Lewis Brilliant, Ohio A.B. — Business Administration Dorothy Ann Liston Follansbee, West Virginia A.B. — Religion 99 Sylvia Lumsden Elizabethton, Tennessee A.B. — Business Administration Jim Lura Kenosha, Wisconsin A.B. — Business Administration David Lloyd McBride Memphis, Tennessee B.S. — Chemistry 100 George T. MacDonald Rising Sun, Maryland A.B. — Religion Jimmy Don Martin Piney Flats, Tennessee B.S. — Business Administration James A. Marshall Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. — Business Administration 101 Marcio Miller Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. — Business Administration Janet Mae Matthews Republic, Pennsylvania A.B. — English Richard Miller Lock Haven, Pennsylvania A.B. — Religion 102 Nolan D. Moore Canton, Ohio A.B. — Religion Nedra Ann Morgan Fisher, Illinois A.B. — Social Studies Dixie Ann Mottern Bristol, Tennessee A.B. — Social Studies 103 James B. Neff Coroopolis, Pennsylvonia B.S. — Business Administration Sunny Sung-Whun Oh Seoul, Korea A.B. — Business Administrotion Martha Sue Orr Miami, Florida A.B. — Business Administration 104 Sheila Sue Ottinger Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. — Social Studies Judith Noldine Pease Chattanooga, Tennessee A.B. — Mathematics Nancy E. Phillips Ashley, Indiana B.S.— Health and P.E. 105 Philip Fletcher Akron, Ohio B.S.— Health and P.E. Pat Powell Decatur, Georgia A.B. — English Ray C. Rensi Hopedale, Ohio A.B. — Religion 106 Louise Roop Jonesville, Virginia A.B. — Social Studies ' W . i Yvonne Shofer Gurnee, Illinois A.B. — Social Studies Sandra Taylor Sheppard Hobcrt, Indiana A.B. — Biology 107 Shelva Sickafoose Conton, Ohio A.B. — English Barbara Shoemaker Gate City, Virginia A.B. — English J. David Smith Lexington, Kentucky A.B. — Music 108 «? ' % William E. Smith Hillsboro, Ohio B.S. — Business Administration John F. Smucker Orrville, Ohio A.B. — English Tommy Starnes Fort Blackmore, Virginia A.B. — Chemistry 109 V- " Charles Tester Elizabethton, Tennessee B.S. — Business Administration Ruthann Currey Taylor Charleston, West Virginia B.S. — Business Administration LaDoris Whitesel Ashland, Ohio A.B. — Social Studies 110 Jean Wicoff Angola, Indiana A.B. — English John J. Wiggins Plainfield, Indiona B.S. — Business Administration 111 Lowell Williams Jonesville, Virginia B.S. — Health and P.E. James Gordon Zenobia Sisk Second Semester Students Lee Trout, Kay Tumbull, Barbara Seef, Judy Spark%, Joe Bryant. Elaine ' s Beauty Salon Didn ' t you listen to the Prohibition Boys, Pat? Everyday Stuff " -S Fishing for Daniel Not there, Fidge ' 113 Lucky 7 minus 1 Must be time for " Huck " C ' mon, Rochel, you can do it! ' Where the Boys Are " Trumpet Trio: Jim, Terry, Paul, and Bruce. Smoky mountaineers " Look out for those bedsprings! " " What bedspring — " Party Pardee " ing — ings? " Fine sight any time of year! Conspirators 115 ISERS 116 Best Wishes BEAUNIT MILLS, INC. Elizabethton , Tennessee FOLSOM PRINTING " i COMPANY Printers of Everything 708 East Elk Avenue 1 F _ «WI § ' - Phone LI 3-2632 Johnson City ' s Complete Five-Floor Department Store Elizabethton Tennessee The Tri-Cities ' Finest Corner Roan and Main Streets JOHN SEVIER HOTEL BURGIE and DRUG STORE RESTAURANT VILLAGE " 67 Years of Drug Service " East Tennessee ' s Finest Whitman Candies 225 Rooms - Coffee Shop Quality Drugs Only Convention Facilities Elizabethton Tennessee 117 The Home with a Gold Medallion! IN ANY GROUP OF HOMES, the Gold Medallion home stands out because better living is built in! It ' s a home you ' ll be proud to own because it gives you your money ' s worth in comfort and convenience for your whole family. The Gold Medallion home has electric heating for snug, clean warmth — automatically — at the flick of a switch . . . has electric appliances for making all household tasks easier . . . has adequate wiring for economical and full use of electric appliances and lighting for the present and future . . . has Light for Living for making every area for work or play pleasant and comfortable. Your Gold Medallion home may be in any price range, in any build- ing style. Whether large or small, you ' ll enjoy new ease and joy in electrical living in this really modern home. Make the move to this modern home now. See us for full par- ticulars about how to obtain a Gold Medallion for vour home. free planning service We ' ll work with you, your architect, builder and con- tractor in planning your Gold Medallion Home. This service is free! Just call. JOHNSON CITY POWER BOARD providing low cost power for progress 118 ANOTHER RECORD YEAR FOR ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM 1960 marked another record year for the Elizabethton Electric System. During the year our consumers used more electricity then ever before. And their average cost per kilowatt-hour was less than ever before. An area ' s use of electricity is a pretty good indication of the progress of that area. Area progress is one of our goals. As We have in the past, we will continue to provide plenty of low cost electricity to help this area grow and prosper. Take a look at these three signs of electrical progress in Eliza- bethton: • Total KWH Use: More than 143 million kwh — 25 million more than total use in 1959. • Average Residential Use: Reached almost 10,000 kwh, three times the national average. • Average Cost: Dropped to .92 cents per kwh for electricity used in the home. National average is about 2.5 cents per kwh. CTMZt! ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM 119 KYKER FURNITURE CO. 320 East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of HART ' S JEWELERS Johnson City, Tennessee RITCHIE ' S Elizabethton, Tennessee THE MUSIC MART Johnson City, Tennessee JOHNSON CITY LAUNDRY CO. Corner Boone Wilson Streets Phone: WAInut 6-2184 Pick-up twice weekly Your Dormitory Linen Supplier SUB-STATIONS: 1004 S. Roan St.— WA 6-1033 Tenn. at W. Walnut WA 6-0951 YOUR SANITONE DRY CLEANER OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Office Supplies Equipment Machines 408 S. Roan St. Johnson City, Tenn. Dial WAInut 6-3184 Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 120 may daplif Ifin j ej " ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY HALE ' S UNAKA STORES DRUG STORE INC. Walgreen Agency Your Prescription Center " The Coupon Store " Elizabethton Tennessee Erwin, Tennessee Compliments FASHION FAIR of " For clothes with a flair. WOOLWORTH ' S shop at the Fashion Fair. " Johnson City Tennessee Elizabethton Tennessee BECKNER ' S INC. FRED MOORE MENSHOP Jewelers for 75 years Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Elizabethton, Tennessee 232 Main Street Johnson City Tennessee Compliments Compliments of of CITIZENS ' BANK RITCHIE ' S, INC. " Keyed to leadership - Dedicated to service " Elizabethton Tennessee Elizabethton, Tennessee 121 STANDARD OF QUALITY V_ FUaiirTURE COBPOHATIOH JOHNSON CITY, TENN. 122 For flowers call on GUNNAR TEILMANN " Johnson City ' s Leading Florist " 318 E. Main Johnson City FLOWERS BY WIRE THE NETTIE LEE SHOPS 240-242 East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee Kingsport Bristol UannaU Best Wishes to The Class of 1961 COMPLIMENTS OF: LYNWOOD CAFETERIA BIRCHFIELD ' S CAMERA SHOP 123 Best wishes. Seniors from LES LUMSDEM HOUR LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING, INC. For Fast Service Elizabethton, Tennessee Phone Lincoln 3-2111 124 - • J- : ■• ■•- " " : • • ,•;?«??,- ' --■i ' - ti . «.r " " ■■ :i ' , --. ■■|W «iN»( K - A » , M i » M a jH ' : %i. ?w » fc- " " ..-v •.w. ? ' iiiff? ' . ' ■ ' m: .i i ' ,,«. -m -

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