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mm WB mk Mm ms mm HBK afi 1 mm m 2HS3I B g£ H JhekS mm mm Milligan College Library LD3311.A47IYI5627 1960 C.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1721 4 of Milligan College can be found within the Contents %■— Dedication 12 Administration and Faculty 14 Student Government 22 Activities 28 Athletics 50 Features 68 Classes 80 Advertisements 1 20 For Nineteen Sixty Christian Education ... the Hope of the World " Preach the Word " Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus " " Be still and know that I am God. " " Study to show thyself approved unto God The fellows enjoy the beautiful lobby of Webb Hall. The atmosphere of the new dorm is conducive to study. On February 5, 1960, Webb Hall became the new home for the male students of Milligan College. P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library Progress and Challenge Continues The Wise Will Hear and Increase Learning Advisee, Shelva Sickafoose, seeks counsel from her advisor, Dr. Lambert. Student teachers meet weekly with Mr. Shields to discuss pertinent questions and problems. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Front row: Sandra Fulks, Ok Jin Yoo, William Garmin. Back row: Pat Johnson, Charlotte Hyder, Bill Lewis, Harry Shaw. ALPHA PSI OMEGA REINSTATED Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatic fraternity. Pledges are accepted into the organization on the basis of points earned in the field of acting, direction, and production. The Milligan Chapter has been rein- stated this year after a period of two years of inactivity. The members are looking toward greater progress in the field of drama at Milligan College. Pictured are members David McCord, Marti Fry, Jim Eckard, Laura Hamilton, and J. D. Smith. The Year of the Snow Our Alma Mater " In Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever to be our watchword, Conquer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! " 10 »l 11 Because he met the Challenge . . . . . . the Senior Class of 1960 proudly presents this edition of the BUFFALO to Dean Oakes. Every student feels a closeness to Dean Oakes. Our class has experienced an especial closeness to him. His sweet smile, sense of humor, and understand- ing heart have made our years at Milligan just a little more memorable. in the office ... on the campus . . . in the home 14 ajLa ' a-n- ,.. . « ft. Dr. Dean E. Walker Progress and Challenge We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for His blessing upon our program of Christian higher education. He has caused aspiring young people of quality to become members of the academic community of Milligan. He has led a superior faculty, dedicated in faith -and truth, to a high commitment within this community of scholars. He has opened the minds and hearts of consecrated Christian people to commit large sums to the stewardship of Milligan College in the task of Christian education. The President ' s Message He has provided a campus beautifully cultivated and expanding with new facilities— The Student Union— Sutton Memorial Hall- Webb Hall-The Hopwood House-The P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library. All of this is reflected in a note of earnest optimism and confident hope in the entire " Milligan family. " Through these blessings the College is liv- ing in a day of unfolding realization of the dreams of the founders and the long line of their successors. Progress, however, presents a challenge of the first order. We cannot regard a certain level of achievement as a goal on which to rest. Such attitude makes progress merely a trip to the grave. Our present advance must be seen as pre- lude and challenge to still enlarging and more significant service. The challenge is to: Students— for more effective learning. Faculty— for creative teaching. Alumni— for work, and character exhibit- ing the genius of " Christian Education— the Hope of the World. " The challenge is severe. Under God we can meet it. We pray for wisdom to under- stand and grace to fulfill the challenge of the progress made thus far. 16 ...... ..... V Dr. Joseph H. Dampier Provost Mr. Joe P. McCormick Assistant to the President Mr. Ray E. Stahl Executive Secretary Miss Lois Hale Registrar Mr. Guy Oakes Dean Miss Mildred Welshimer Dean of Women Board of Trustees FACULTY Ann Barthold Psychology Rowena Bowers Health and Physical Ed. Beauford H. Bryant Religion Renato G. Casale Languages Owen L. Crouch Religion Orvel C. Crowder Psychology C. Warren Fairbanks Biology Robert O. Fife Psychology and Philosophy Spencer R. Gervin Social Studies Omer Hamlin Librarian Sam Jack Hyder Mathematics Ivor Jones History 18 FACULTY Byron C. Lambert Humanities Pohlman Mallalieu Music Eugene Price Business Administration E. Janet Rugg English James Shields Education Lone L. Sisk Chemistry «ptv : " " w . John M. Steele Art B. Harold Stout Health and Physical Ed. Richard J. Tappa Music Hughes Thompson Chemistry and Physics William Threlkeld Biology Hazel Turbeville j k Secretarial Science A 19 FACULTY Duard Walker Health and Physical Ed. William J. Ward History A. C. Watters Religion Henry Webb History Sadie Kinlaw Nurse Irene Nice Housemother Ruth Ratcliffe Secretary to the President Florence Ritz Dining Hall Manager Lucy Swain Housemother 4 20 FACULTY SNAPSHOTS Right: " Let ' s get outfa here! ' Below: Everyone enjoyed the Christmas party. Above: " We want a touchdown! " Below, left: " Pappa " Tappa can play and sing! Below: Real orchids— direct from Hawaii! 1 1 rszr STUDENT COUNCIL I OFFICERS: President, Eric Crites; Vice President, Carl Main; | Secretary, Laura Nelle Hamilton. President: Eric Crites Milligan College is growing. On every hand can be seen signs of this growth. It can be found in the scholastic records and achieve- ments; it is also manifested in the growth and work of the Student Council. Last year ' s Council recognized the growth and the addi- tional responsibility laid upon the representa- tive body. The Student Council Constitution was completely revised, three new offices were added to the Council, and work was begun on a Student Council ' s office in the Hardin basement. There are the marks of the growth of the Student Council just as the Council is a mark of the growth of our College. One of the factors which recommended Milligan to the Southern Association was the work of the Student Council in the coordina- tion of student governmental affairs. Accord- ing to the Student Council Constitution the aim of the Council is to " channel our initiative and activity. " The Student Council is proud to serve a student body which seeks to channel its initiative and activities in those paths which will help us to better serve God and man. Front row: Eric Crites, Gloria Cobb, Sheila Ottinger, Ann Turner, Luella Lewis, Laura Nelle Hamilton, Jim Frasure. Second row: Lucian Robinson, Les Rengstorff, Dave Stuecher, Dick True, Jim Lura, Willis Warrender, Harold Kast. Third row: Carl Main, Gary Burrell. Not Pictured: Dave McCord. f r t. Class Presidents: Freshman, Dave Stuecher; Sophomore, Dick True; Senior, Les Rengstorff; Junior, Jim Lura. Class Representatives: Laura Nelle Hamilton, Sheila Ottinger, Willis Warrender, Jim Frasure, Gloria Cobb, Gary Burrell, Ann Turner. Not pictured: Dave McCord. 25 COMMUTING STUDENTS COUNCIL " We, the commuting student members of Milligan College, in order to establish and preserve unity of spirit and endeavor in Milligan College " — and so was born the NEW Commuting Stu- dents Council in the spring of 1959. This came about due to the insight of last year ' s wide- awake Student Council. They became aware that a large per- centage of the student body was not represented on the Student Council. Provision was made for a representative of the com- muting students to have a seat on the Student Council. Bruce Shields did the pioneering work in drawing up a constitution for a Commuting Students Council to efficiently represent the commuting student body. This new Council is striving earnestly to fulfill its purpose as set forth in the preamble— to keep pace with a growing, changing, and challenging Milligan College. OFFICERS: President, Lucian " Teeter " Robinson; Vice President, Joyce Harris; Secretary, Joani Robinson; Sponsor, Mr. Eugene Price. Earl Humphrey, Brenda Miller, Ken Winder, Roger Bennett, Mr. Eugene Price, Lucian " Teeter " Robinson, Joani Robinson, Joyce Harris, and Paul Lutz. Louise Garlichs, Mary Blount, Gail Jean, Glea Kay Windels, Miss Welshimer, Luella Lewis, Joanne Hines, Mary Jane Barkley, Deanna Cox, Judy Sparks, Linda Elliott. DORMITORY COUNCILS OFFICERS: President, Luella Lewis; Secretary, Joanne Hines. OFFICERS: Secretary, President, Dale Jacobs. Harold Kast; " We, the dormitory men and women of Milligan College, in our desire to promote Christian character and in order to channel our activity through a responsible organization which can more effectively speak and act in our interest . . . " This sets down the main purpose of the Dormitory Councils. Council members are chosen by the students to represent them in meetings held weekly during the year. At these meet- ings, the councils discuss matters concerning the dormitories. " The councils represent their constituents in all matters of dormitory life. They strive to create, promote and preserve an atmosphere conducive to study. They endeavor to maintain a spiritual environment in the dormitories. The Dormitory Councils mutually cooperate with the Administration in the coordination of student affairs. They strive to communicate all pertinent infor- mation between students and administration. " Front row: Harold " Choppy " Kast, Rick Bussian, Dale Jacobs, Larry Forrest, Coach Walker. Second- row: Chuck Mills, Jerry Knepp, Earl Eidson, Ron Sturtz, Bill Smith. Back row: Tommy Starnes, Lowell Williams, Larry Hammack, Dick Ferguson, Frank Hawks. 28 : wmw»y» ---. " wiTnnm, m mw ., | THE BUFFALO STAFF Editor Millie Turner Assistant Editor Connie Foster Business Manager Marti Fry Asst. Business Mgr. Dorothy Liston Art Editor Phil Pletcher Student Photographer Gary Probst Advisor Miss Hazel Turbeville Cooperation and hard work are vital in- gredients for the production of the BUFFALO. The 1959- ' 60 Buffalo staff used these two elements extensively. It was through the com- bined efforts of many that we are able to offer you a record of another year happily spent at Milligan. Seated: Dorothy Liston, Connie Foster. Standing: Marti Fry, Don Holben, Millie Turner, Phil Pletcher. Janie Goddard, Emily Hall, Donna Kay Dial, Janie Aman. 31 Ruth Hammack, Bonnie Allee, John Wig- gins, Earlene Orman, Emerson Darst, Donna Dial. THE STAMPEDE STAFF The Stampede is a publicational organiza- tion whereby staff members actively partici- pate by writing news, feature, and sports articles. Much of the work consists of layouts and typing. This year a smaller newspaper has been published on a bi-monthly schedule rather than the larger newspaper on a monthly schedule as in past years. The purpose of the newspaper is to sup- ply news reports with acknowledgment of activities and accomplishments of our students and our college. It is available to the student body, to other colleges and to alumni. THE STAMPEDE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Ruth Hammack Asst. Editor-in-Chief Donna Dial Business Manager Emerson Darst Exchange Editor Earlene Orman Columnist Martha Fry Sports Editors I. J. Wiggins, Bonnie Allee Club News Editor Connie Shafer Head Typist Carolyn Henley Photographer Mickey Bertelson Staff Writers: Ronnie Hart, Diana Chiarky, Barbara Doxen, Earlene Orman, Carolyn Henley, Claudia Saylor, Sharon Walker, Carolyn Bushbaum, David Sponseller, " Moose " Williams, Emerson Darst, Gail Jean and Winifred Smith. Typists: Earlene Orman, Louise Roop, Sharon Walker, Claudia Saylor, Martha Sue Orr, and Sylvia Lumsden. Sponsor Miss Turbeville Ronnie Hart, Sharon Walker, Martha Sue Orr, Carolyn Henley, Lowell Williams, Claudia Saylor, Barbara Dodson, Randall Ervin. 32 Front row: Janie Stroupe, Claudia Saylor, Jaynell Saylor, Alice Miller. Second row: John Wiggins, Larry Baldwin, Martha Sue Orr, Carolyn Henley, Vaughn Ross. Back row: Jim Conkle, Earlene Oman, Buck Buchanan, Bob Rash, Larry Forrest. THE COMMERCE CLUB The Commerce Club provides an opportunity for students interested in Business Administration and Secretarial Science to gain a better understanding of business. The club takes con- ducted tours of various types of business enterprises each year. Films are shown at frequent intervals to reveal the complexity of business and stimulate interest in present-day problems. Members participate in several fund-raising projects and help support a Founder ' s Daughter Candidate. The year ' s activities are concluded by an annual picnic. OFFICERS: President, Jim Conkle; Vice President, Alice Miller; Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Sue Orr; Sponsor, Mr. Eugene Price. 33 Front row: Dixie Hill, Lois Benscoter, Connie Foster, Laura Nelle Hamilton, Donna Flick, Millie Turner. Second row: Winnie Smith, Marilyn Hutton, Marti Fry, Jeannette King, Phil Pletcher. Back rgw: Mary Johnson, Jim Eckard, Jack Gardiner, Bob Ewbank, Janet Robinson, Ruthann Currey, Janet Knowles. FOOTLIGHTERS The membership of the Footlighters consists of all students who are interested in dramatics. The club prepared three minor productions during the fall semester. " The Ant Bed, " " Come, Fill Thy Cup, " and " The Darkest Hour ' were prepared for chapel. A major production was presented in the spring. OFFICERS: President, Marti Fry; Vice President, Phil Pletcher; Secretary- Treasurer, Millie Turner; Sponsor, Dr. Byron C. Lambert. 34 3te » ,.. Front row: Zenobia Sisk, Gloria Cobb, Joyce Cobb, Judy Smith, Emily Ruckman, Linda Pine, Beverly Weller, Judy Giles. Back row: Richard Hawes, Willis Warrender, Annas Thompson, Greg Brondos, Dave McBride, Gary Probst, Dave Sponseller, Mr. Sisk. PRE-MED CLUB OFFICERS: President, Greg Brondos; Vice President, Willis Warrender; Secre- tary, Gloria Cobb; Treasurer, Zenobia Sisk; Sponsor, Mr. Lone L. Sisk. The Pre-Med Club at Milligan College is an organization that strives to introduce its members to the roles they will be playing in the society of tomorrow. This is accomplished by visiting lecturers, experiments, discussions, and other helpful media. Membership is open to those enrolled in a curriculum for pre-med or allied forms of training. 35 Front row: Edwin Jacobs, Jim Blankenship, Gary Probst. Back row: Jerry Whitaker, Charles Smoot, Jim Conkle, Ben Crandall, Larry Hammack, John Smucker, Buck Buchanan, Joe Bryant, Paul Carriger, Mr. Sisk. VETERANS CLUB The aim of the Veterans Club is to aid, through organiza- tional means, in adjustment to college life. This is done through social affairs and regular meetings that produce a fraternal atmosphere. Contributions of the Veterans Club this year are the duties to the colors— raising and lowering of the flag. The club also sponsors a candidate for Founder ' s Daughter, and an all-school party which adds to the social life of the students. OFFICERS: President, Larry Hammack; Vice President, John Smucker; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Ben Crandall; Sponsor, Mr. Lone L. Sisk. 36 Front row: Laura Nelle Hamilton, Done Whitesel, Joyce Harris, Bonnie Allee, Bob Rash, Janie Goddard, Ruth Hammack, Joanne Swinford, Martha Fry. Second row: Luella Lewis, Earlene Orman, Kathy Whitford, Judy Rinnert, Gail Jean, Donna Flick, Mildred Turner, Carol Tolle, Lois Benscoter, Larry Forrest, Elsie Cochran. Third row: Mary Johnson, Pat Combs, Judy Knaggs. Back row: Larry Baldwin, Neil Conner, Chuck Shumard, Gary Aldridge, Tom Barkes, Barbara Doxen, Alice Miller. The Student National Education Association is the professional association for college and university students who are preparing to teach. It provides experiences which deepen the interest of capable students in teaching as a career. N. E. A. PICKWICK SOCIETY Honest and friendly debate within the tolerant and open-minded fellowship of intel- lectual equals offers opportunities unlimited to the serious student who seeks knowledge for its own sake. For in such a seeking is found the real definition of education; study for the pure joy of learning something new. Some years ago it was customary for friends to gather in the local coffee house to discuss whatever subject seemed important enough to warrant their attention. Political, literary, or philosophical debates in coffee houses became the testing ground for some of the greatest figures of bygone eras. It is this tradition of tolerance and sincere discussion that the Pickwick Society wishes to preserve. Dr. Ward, Dave Stuecher, Gloria Cobb, Dixie Hill, Donna Dial, Randall Erwin, Linda Snodgrass, Norma Faye Barker. Not pictured: Gene Colborn, Charles Fulks. CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB The Christian Service Club is the oldest religious organiza- tion on campus. It is designed to stimulate Christian interest and activity. To accomplish this purpose, weekly programs and vari- ous clinics are conducted. As the name of the organization im- plies, it provides for Christian fellowship and service through weekly singing and " Gospel Teams. " OFFICERS: President, Ray Rensi; Vice Presi- dent, Terry Black; Secretary, Lynn Fowler. Front Row: Dorothy Liston, Janet Spurgeon, Hilda Davis, Ray Rensi, Dr. Watters, Tony Ziady, Maxine Miller, Terry Black. Second Row: Janet Matthews, Mary Ann Garland, Marsha Miller, Dorie Whitesel, Jim Bowyer, Marilyn Hutton, Pat Pickel- simer, Pat Combs, Linda McRoberts, Gloria Cobb. Third Row: Ellen Wicoff, Kathy Whitford, Vickie Koontz, Laura Nelle Hamilton, Connie Foster, Glea Kaye Windels, Margie Wallace, Mary Jean Leggett. Fourth Row: Doris Swiney, Miss Welshimer, Mildred Turner, Linda Snodgrass, Sharon Walker, DeAnn Gideon, Joyce Cobb, Gayle Dunavent, Dorothy Tish, Beverly Kleinjan. Fifth Row: Nedra Morgan, Lynn Fowler, Dixie Mottern, Karen Guion, Carol Hudson, Marty Goeller, Carol Tolle, Joanne Swinford, Eddie Bailiff, Diane Wilson. Sixth Row: John Starr, Nancy Sahli, Rick Bussian, Alyce Conover, Joyce Smithson, Linda Pine, Janet Green, Jerry Mabe, Phyllis George, Ken Winder. 38 Front row: Jim Eckard, Edwin Jacobs, Paul Lutz. Second row: John Starr, Eddie Fine, Gary BurreM, Harold Kast. Third row: Vic Brown, Les Rengstorff, Gordon Mahaffey, Jack Gardiner, Eric Crites, Chuck Miils, Lucian Robinson, John Brownlee. Back row: Ted Speerman, Duane Calhoun, Lynn Berry, Tom Rolph, Don Holben, Donald Davisson, Terry Black, Dale Jacobs, Rick Bussian. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: President, John Brownlee Vice President, Charles Mills; Secre tary, Dale Jacobs; Treasurer, Paul Lutz Sponsors, Dr. Beauford Bryant, Dr A. C. Watters, and Dr. Orvel Crowder The purpose of the association is to provide an organiza- tion through which the ministerial students can find fellowship and be mutually helpful one to another in matters concerning their life and work in the church and College. The association endeavors to create and maintain a Christian spirit on the campus while upholding the Christian ideals and standards of AAilligan College. It encourages the ministerial students to maintain the highest possible standards of Christian character. Membership in the Association is open to all men in Milligan College who are preparing for the Christian ministry or other specific fiplds of Christian service. 39 Front row: Gloria Cobb, Lynn Fowler, Marilyn Knapp. Second row: AAaxine Mirier, Linda Elliott, Judy Knaggs, Kathy Meador, Winnie Smith. Third row: Mary Ann Garland, Joyce Cobb, Pat Matthews, Alva Lee Sizemore, Earlene Orman, Ruth Hammack. Back row: Marcia Miller, Dot Liston, Judy Knowles, Sharon Rash, Millie Turner, Joanne Hines, Judy Sparks. SERVICE SEEKERS OFFICERS: President, Lynn Fowler; Vice President, Gloria Cobb; Secretary- Treasurer, Vivian Swick; Sponsor, Miss Mildred Welshimer. The programs for this organization are planned to instruct girls who are interested in Christian Service in the various fields open to them. Miss Mildred Welshimer organized this group in 1949. The projects for this year included a Halloween Party for children in the East Tennessee Christian Children ' s Home in Elizabethton and a chapel service pertaining to personal de- votions. Also, a number of boxes of used clothing were taken to Grundy. Numerous talks concerning women ' s work in the church were presented to the group. 40 THE ZELOTAI CLUB OFFICERS: President, Mrs. Victor Brown; Vice President, Mrs. Frank Fuller; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Richard Miller; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Lucian Robinson. The aim of the Zelotai Club of Milligan College is to im- prove the spiritual, intellectual, and social life of its members. The membership is composed of the wives of the regularly en- rolled students and faculty of the Department of Religion. The wives of ministers in the area may obtain associate membership. The main project of the Zelotai Club each year is holding Guest Day at Milligan College. Guest Day is held to better ac- quaint the people in the East Tennessee area with Milligan and to show them the progress the school makes from year to year. First row: Mrs. Frank Fuller, Mrs. Paul Lutz, Mrs. Don Davidson, Mrs. Arthur Thomas, and Mrs. L. W. McCown. Second row: Mrs. James Shields, Mrs. Orvel Crowder, Mrs. Erby Messimer, Mrs. Richard Miller, Mrs. Adam Korenczuk, Mrs. Janet Rugg, Mrs. C. Warren Fairbanks, Mrs. Robert Fife, Mrs. Victor Brown, and Mrs. Clinton Gill. 41 Front row: Mary Jane Barkley, Brigitte Thomas, Winnie Haven, Vivian Swick, Mignon Mayfield. Back row: Duane Cal- houn, Arthur Thomas, Buddy McBride, Vaughn Ross, Dale Jacobs. The Missionary Fellowship is dedicated to the spread of the Gospel throughout the world. It endeavors to make every student realize that as a Christian he is a missionary. The club motto is " Every Christian, a missionary. " The club has been instrumental in bringing missionaries to the campus through- out the year. A three-day Missionary Rally in March, in- volving the surrounding community, was planned and spon- sored by the Fellowship. OFFICERS: President, Dale Jacobs; Vice President, Arthur Thomas; Secretary, Winnie Haven; Treasurer, Mignon May- field; Sponsor, Dr. Beauford H. Bryant. MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP PI KAPPA The Pi Kappa Club was first organized in 1957. How- ever, it did not become an active club on campus until this year. It provides a service to the College by promoting an influence through the lives of preachers ' children. It encour- ages students to maintain the highest possible standards of Christian character and spirit. Projects have included partici- pation in Founder ' s Day decorations. OFFICERS: President, Tom Moore; Vice President, Marshall Hayden; Secretary, Sharlene Sanford; Treasurer, Dorothy Tish; Sponsor, Dr. William Ward. 0] KT » % Front row: Donna Dial, Tom Moore, Pat Matthews, Alva Lee Sizemore, Cherri Wor- rell, Theda Piatt. Back row: Dorothy Tish, iff M Steve Hill, Marshall Hayden, Sharlene SB A Sanford, Dr. Ward, Fred Norris, Emily WA wC Hall. ess ' .si i ' ■ ■ ; ■ ■ . . 42 Front row: Mildred Turner, Glea Kay Windels, Linda Snodgrass, Joani Robinson, Duane Calhoun, Mary Jane Barkeley, Sheila Ottinger, Barbara Byrd. Back row: Les Rengstorff, Lynn Berry, Jack Gardiner, Rick Bussian, Lucian " Teeter " Robinson, Don Holben, John Brownlee, Terry Black, Harold " Choppy " Kast. CHRISTIAN YOUTH WORKERS SEMINAR The Christian Youth Workers Seminar is a new group on campus this year. It is composed of those training for the ministry, youth work, or church secretary who are interested in working with young people in the church. Our purpose is to provide practical knowledge pertaining to Christian youth work. 43 Front Row: Sylvia Lumsden, Luella Lewis, Lynn Fowler, Patty Meehan, Jan Matthews, Judy Pease. Second Row: Louise Garlichs, Janie Goddard, Phil Pletcher, Carl Main, Benjie Young, Pat Combs, Elsie Cochran. Third Row: Carol Strickler, Dick True, John Starr, Dave Stuecher, Fred Norris, Joanne Hines, Mr. Tap-pa, Director. Fourth Row: Norma Faye Barker, Winnie Haven, Ray Rensi, Harold " Choppy " Kast, Gordon Foster, J. D. Smith, Emily Hall, Janet Knowles. TOURING CHOIR OFFICERS: President, Ray Rensi; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Janie Goddard. The Touring Choir was Milligan ' s smallest, most compact choral group the first semester. Although there was no fall tour, they made a number of appearances before community organizations, churches and the television camera. This intimate choir was expanded for the spring tour; thus, giving more Milligan choristers the opportunity to enjoy the tremendous ex- perience of touring part of the U. S. with Milligan ' s fine choral organization. 44 CHAPEL CHOIR OFFICERS: President, Mary Jean Leggitt; Secretary-Treasurer, Sandy Eldemire. The chapel choir was created as a result of the rearrange- ment of our music department. This has been a great contribu- tion to our chapel programs. For members of the choir it has been an excellent study in church music. Front Row: Helen Wilson, Beverly Weller, Sylvia Adams, Dorothy Engel, Carolyn Bushbam, Lois Benscoter, Mary Jean Leggitt, Sharon Rash. Second Row: Sharon Walker, Carol Jean Hudson, Donna Warfield, Doris Swiney, Cherri Lou Worrell, Carol Tolle, Gail Jean, Mr. Tappa. Third Row: Sandy Eldemire, Charlene Sanford, Gayle DeArmond, Joani Rob inson, Maxine Miller, Beverly Kleinjan, Theda Piatt, Dorothy Tish. Fourth Row: Harold Kast, Terry Black, Frank Davis, Adam Korenczuk, Frank Harrison, Charles Smoot, David Eunson, Lucian Robinson, Fred Smith. V M U p p p p p|. r j$ is First Row: Janice Martin, Chloe Arlan, Kathy Snapp, Jackie Vaughn, Charlene Christy, Jeannie Trent, Jeanette King, Carolyn Henley, Karen Hammond. Second Row: Don Baker, Ann Bryant, Kathy Meador, Reba Carroll, Pat Wilbeck, Claire Spotts, Pat Picklesimer, Dorothy Liston, Joy Fisher, Millie Turner, Mr. Tappa, Third Row: Emerson Darst, Susan Hope, Ronnie Hart, Judy Giles, Jackie Alford, Alva Lee Sizemore, Pat Matthews, Emily Ruckman, Earlene Orman, Barbara Byrd, Jim Ivanoff. Fourth Row: Gordon Foster, Garvin DeHart, Pohlman Mallalieu, Steve Hill, Gene Colburn, Gayle Dunavant, Jim Eckard, John Starr, Marshall Hayden, Ron Sturtz, J. D. Smith. CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir presents special local programs, includ- ing operas and oratorios. This year the Concert Choir presented the opera, " Down In the Valley, " and later sang sections of Handel ' s " Messiah " in co-operation with the Touring Choir. Richard J. Tappa is choir director. OFFICERS: President, Ron Sturtz; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Millie Turner. 46 DOWN IN THE VALLEY " ,m(knm Above: until my dying day. ' Above: " . . . sing of Brack Weaver Right: " I ' m lookin ' for my gal! " Below: " Hey Diddle-dum Dey! " »-- -« c 4 " r e©j ENSEMBLES AND SOLOISTS Milletones: Pat Matthews, Kathy Meador, Alva Lee Size- more. Christian Heirs: Ed Green, Carl Main, Benji Young, Terry Black. Soloists: Pat Meehan, Paul Sutton, Claire Spotts, J. D. Smith, Norma Faye Barker, Dave Stuecher, Paul Houston. 48 Co-Eds: Carol Tolle, Jean Wicoff, Joanne Swinford, Ellen Wicoff, Accompanist. Keytones: Janet Knolls, Winnie Haven, Barbara Byrd. Not Pictured: Claire Spotts. Harmonettes: Janet Matthews, Judy Pease, Lynn Fowler, Norma Faye Barker, Accompanist. Volunteers: Doug Saxton, Steve Hill, Marshall Hayden, Fred Norris i i r BB l ..... H U § M til? m o ;j iji f xj BASKETBALL Below: Co-captains Charles Tester and Bobby Jo Sams with Coach Duard Walker. Front Row: Richard Hawes, Manager; Boyd Rawson, Bill Harrel, Bobby Jo Sams, Lowell Williams, Dick Plymale, Lew Taylor, Dave Jordon, Manager. Back Row: Coach Duard Walker, Joe Beeler, Bill Hyder, Dana Young, Charles Tester, Terry Black, Richard Edens, Benny Deyton, Coach Harold Stout. Teamwork is the magic word for the " Buffs " this year. Congratulations go to Coaches Duafd Walker and Harold Stout for their role in leading the team through a successful season. The Buff Co-captains for the 1959-1960 season were Bobby Jo Sams and Charles Tester. Recognition is extended to Manager Dick Hawes for his dependable service during the past four years, and Manager Dave Jordon for his service this year. 52 WE BEAT STATE!!! Above: We want Coach. Below: Goal— good! Below: Sink it Buffs! S3 BASKETBALL STARTING FIVE Charles Tester Bobby Jo Sams Lew Taylor Terry Black Lowell " Moose " Williams 54 Billy Ray Harrell Boyd Rawson Dana Young Benny Deyton Dick Plymale Joe Beeler 55 CHEERLEADERS Above: Beverley Weller, Joy Fisher, Earl Eidson, Captain Ruth Hammack, Willis Warrender, Pat Combs, Anita Hiner. Left: Practice makes perfect. f:i if»» " ■ :. ' " % 1 I f Front Row: Ron Sewell, Jim Fraser, Chuck Schumard, Don Alexander, Dick Howell, Earl Hobson, Bill Smith, John Starr. Back Row: Frank Harrison, Gordon Mahaffey, Gene Layne, Tom Rolph, Eddie Fine, Emerson Darst, John Jones, Dave Williams, Dave Sponsellor, Manager Earl Humphries. TRACK TEAM With ten returning lettermen this year the track team is looking forward to a highly successful season. Along with the addition of several capable freshmen the team should improve on its impressive 5-3 record of last year. The team has good speed in Dick Howe, Don Alexander in the dashes. Ron Sewell and Bill Smith will be handling the hurdles for us, while John Starr, Dave Williams, Chuck Schumard, and Boyd Rawson will be whipping around the oval in the distance races. Dave Sponseller and Earl Hobson will be throw- ing the javelin and Jim Frasure will top the bar in the pole vault. Things look favorable for the Milligan thinclads this year. 57 TENNIS As the 1960 tennis season opened, Coach " Doc " Thompson had high hopes of having one of the best teams in recent years. Return- ing from last year ' s team, which finished with 7-6 record and third in the conference, are Seniors Bob Dudley and Eric Crites, and Junior Lowell Williams. Dudley and Williams led the team in winning with 11-2 records and Crites played No. 1 position several times last season with great success. To go along with these boys, Coach Thompson has a fine group from the Junior Varsity team. It looks like a fine season ahead for the Mill igan College tennis team. Returning Lettermen: Bob Dudley, Lowell Williams, Eric Crites. Front row: Phil Pletcher, Bob Dudley, Jim Lura, Lowell Brandon, Bob .Ewbanks, Bill Combs, Homer Neil, Jinn Williams, David Williams, Eric Crites. Back row: Dave Marshall, John Wiggins. 58 ALL STARS All-Star Teams are chosen as each team sport nears the close of season play. The participants in the program elect the most capable players to represent them on All-Star Team of the sport in season. The girls this year playel the Sullens team from Bristol and won both games. The main event of the year is the game between the Girls ' All-Star Team and the Boys ' Ail-Star Team. Left to right: Ruth Hammack, Phyllis Laws, Nancy Phillips, Nancy Sahli, Joanne Swinford, Bonnie Allee, Gail Jean, Hope Deyton, Jerry Mabe. 59 :v Dave Sponseller, Randall Ervin, Gail Jean, Dave Brandon, Nancy Sahli, Bob Dudley Joanne Swinford, Bonnie Allee, Jim Marshall, Ruth Hammack, Lowell Williams, Coach Stout. Not pictured: Emerson Darst. INTRAMURAL COUNCIL The Intramural Council is one of the newest groups on campus. This council was formed because of the growth and interest in intramural sports. The council consists of co-presidents, co-secretaries, co-publicity chairmen, managers of each sport and the intramural director. The intramural program is open to both skilled and un- skilled students who wish to participate in sports. During the year, this organization witnessed the largest participation since its beginning. The program consists of a variety of activities that constitute a year-round schedule: volleyball, tennis, horseshoes, basketball, ping-pong, shuffleboard, softball, swimming, water polo, bowling, badminton, foul shooting, football, relays, golf, track, and field. An accumulation of points based on partici- pation and achievement entitles a participant to an award. OFFICERS: Co-Presidents, Joanne Swin- ford and Dave Brandon; Co-Secretaries, Nancy Sahli and Randall Ervin; Co- Publicity Chairmen, Bonnie Allee and Lowell Williams; Intramural Director, Coach Stout. 60 INTRAMURALS Above: Horseshoe Champions, Gail Jean and Nancy Phillips. Left: " Watch that right! " Below: Intramural football champions. Front Row: Lowell Williams, San- ford Dutton, John Jones, Bill Smith, Ken Bell, Danny McClain. Back Row: John Williams, Jim Bowyer, Garland James, John Wiggins, Dick Howe. Mt msX . ' ■■.•■ ■-■ ■■■.;•. , ?--.■ ' ■ fcj.i ' Above: Nancy Sahli, Intramural Tennis Cham- pion. INTRAMURALS Above: " Moose " Williams, Intramural Tennis Champion. Below: " He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. " M r% ft 0m l : Hi t % m k m 1 4 1 CW i 3 n 62 ET.V Above: Swin makes a strike! Left: Pass it, Marti! Below: " Don ' t just stand there— do something! " 63 First row: Charles Schumard, Johnny Jones, Lowell Williams, Jim Bowyer, Ray Shepherd, Bill Smith, John A. Williams, Charles Tester, Dick Hawes. Second row: Earl Humphrey, Jim Lura, Ronald Sewell, David Sponseller, Boyd Rawson, Phi! Storey, Tommy Starnes, Eric Crites, Earl Hobson. Third row: Gary Aldrich, Jim Frasure, Ron Sturtz, Jim Sanders, Joe Harris, Bob Dudley, Terry Black, Dick Howell, Don Alexander. M " CLUB OFFICERS: President, Bob Dudley; Vice President, John A. Williams; Secretary, Dick Hawes; Sponsor, Coach Walker. The " M " Club is the varsity lettermen ' s club. To be eligible for membership it is necessary to have lettered in a varsity sport. The " M " Club strives to foster better understanding between Milligan athletes, the students, and faculty. Activities for the year include the varsity-freshmen basketball game and the faculty-varsity game. The highlight of the year is the banquet in the spring where special awards are presented. 64 VARSITY VOICES OFFICERS: President, Anita Hiner; Vice President; Gail Jean; Secretary-Treas- urer, Bonnie Allee; Sponsor, Miss Ann Barthold. " Boost the Buffs " is the motto of the enthusiastic Varsity Voices, who have grown remarkably this year. The flashcard section, a new project at Milligan, is a great addition to basket- ball season. The cheerblock wears special-made orange collars and white gloves with their black outfits. Music for the team to warm-up by, relieve tension, and stir excitement was pro- vided by a pep band. During the year the club sponsored a Founder ' s Day candi- date, decorated the gym for Founder ' s Day and special games, helped finance transportation for the cheerleaders to the away games and the tournament, sponsored a skating party and the All-Sports Day picnic, and " Boosted the Buffs. " Thanks to this club the Milligan school spirit is at a high peak. Front row: Dorie Whitesel, Carolyn Henley, Martha Orr, Anita Hiner, Bonnie Allee, Ruth Hammack, Gail Jean, Earlene Orman, Diana Chiarky. Second row: Martha Goeller, Joy Fisher, Mildred Turner, Pat Combs, Joanne Hines, Janet Robinson, Janie Aman, Ronnie Hart, Beverly Weller, Joyce Cobb, Alyce Conover, Jean Wicoff. Third row: Ellen Wicotf, Joanne Swinford, Willis Warrender, Linda Pine, Emily Ruckman, Judy Rinnert, Winnie Smith, Donna Warfield, Janet Spurgeon, Earl Eidson, Karen Guion, Linda McRoberts. Fourth row: Dean Taylor, Beverly Kleinjon, Dorothy Tish, Carol Tolle, Sandy Taylor, Dick Hawes, Marilyn Hutton, Jeannette King, Maxine Miller, Mary Ann Garland, Max Mailowe. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB The Physical Education Club is one of the most active clubs on campus. There is only one requirement for belonging to this club, that being a sincere interest in the advancement of physical education. The club is 43 members strong this year, the largest in its history. It meets twice a month, has an annual project, a year-ending picnic, and sponsors a Founder ' s Daughter candidate. The club is also the wealthiest on campus, receiving its profits from the operation of the concessions at the basket- ball games. The programs which follow the business portion of the meetings consists of playing volleyball, or other seasonal sports, and or presenting films of famous athletes or events connected with the world of sports. OFFICERS: President, Jim Marshall; Vice President, Bonnie Allee; Secre- tary, Ruth Hammack; Treasurer, Jerry Knepp; Club Sponsor, Coach Harold Stout. Front row: Larry Hammack, Ray Shepherd, Sandy Taylor, Jerry Knepp, John A. Williams, Bob Dudley, Ruth Hammack. Second row: Neil Conner, Chuck Shumard, Lowell Williams, John Wiggins, Frances Shipley. Third row: Phyllis Laws, Nancy Phillips, Anita Hiner, Johnny Jones, Tom Starnes, Carolyn Henley, Lennie Walker, Joanne Swinford, Marilyn Hutton, Judy Rinnert. Fourth row: Martha Sue Orr, Bill Smith, Dan McClain, Gordon Mahaffey, Boyd Rawson, Jim Marshall, Earlene Orman, Bonnie Allee, Gail Jean. Fifth row: Richard Horton, Bobby Hines, Jim Bowyer, Wayne McConnell, Ron Sewell. 66 Front row: Jeannette King, Joyce Cobb, Janie Aman, Maxine Miller, Judy Knaggs. Second row: Mildred Turner, Alyce Conover, Beverly Weller, Linda Pine, Marilyn Hutton, Danny McClain, Jerry Stansbury, Ronnie Hart. Back row: Chuck Shumard, John Wiggins, Bill Smith, Lennie Walker, John Jones, John Williams. BUFFALO RAMBLERS OFFICERS: President, Chuck Shumard. The Buffalo Ramblers has two distinct purposes: (1) to give its members a change of pace from the constant pressure of studying and (2) to acquaint the members with the natural beauties of the earth in the Eastern Tennessee area. Sustained mental effort has the same effect as a steam engine. If the steam engine cannot release its steam, it will " blow its top. " Rather than blow our tops, we hike up nearby Buffalo Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view from that height. Or, we make our way down into some dark, mysterious cave. The results of our activities are recreation and relaxation through God ' s natural beauty. 67 Les Rengstorff West Frankfort, Illinois Religious Education Alice Miller Shrene, Ohio Business Administration WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Who ' s who among students in American Universities and Colleges is an organization that recognizes students who are outstanding in achievement from approximately 750 colleges and universities. The organization submits a quota based on enrollment to each campus nomi- nating committee. This quota de- termines the number of students selected for the honor each year. The committee at Milligan used a cumulative point-hour ratio of 3.0 or higher as a basis for determin- 70 Jane Goddard Salem, Ohio Music Benji Young Hawaii English David AAcCord Uvalde, Texas Religion Ruth Hammack Radford, Virginia Religious Education ing the eligibility of students for nomination. Each faculty member then voted by secret ballot for the students he considered most deserv- ing. The following qualities were the criteria upon which they based their decision: scholarship, maturity, character, attitude, service to the college, and whether or not the student reflects the objectives of the college. These seniors were chosen to fill the quota for Milligan College for 1959- ' 60. 71 Linda Elliott Canton, Ohio Social Studies Edwin Jacobs Indianapolis, Indiana Religion FOUNDER ' S DAY 1959 ' : :■ ■ ' ■ pESS : Laura Nelle Hamilton Mildred Turner November is significant to Milligan stu- dents for its homecoming weekend. Founder ' s Day is the main event with a banquet in Sutton Hall dining room. The Founder ' s Daugh- ter is chosen by those attending the banquet. This year ' s choice was Miss Ruth Hammack, a senior from Radford, Virginia. Other activi- ties of the weekend included the Varsity- alumni basketball game, outdoor decorations by the various clubs and classes, and open house observed in the dormitories. Earlene Orman Joanne Hines Shel ' pa Ottinger Right: Ruth Hammack, 1960 Founder ' s Daughter, receives cup and congratula- tions from Jan Rinnert Sizemore, 1959 Founder ' s Daughter. Above: The banquet is served by freshman volunteers. Billye Joyce Vance Carolyn Henley 73 » » - • MISS FRESHMAN Kathy Meador MISS SOPHOMOR Norma Faye Barker m MISS JUNIOR Jaynell Saylor «r- . - V May Court Attendants and Escorts: Mary Blount and Dean Taylor, Norma Barker and Ron Sewell, Jaynell Saylor and Jim Lura, Judy Pease and Ray Rensi, Linda Elliott and Larry Forrest, and Joyce Harris and Les Rengstorff. King, Eric Crites and Queen, Millie Turner. MAY DAY May Day is a traditional event on the Milligan campus. Alumni, friends, and visitors flock to view the crowning of the May King and Queen, the dance of their court around the May- pole, and entertainment by top talent from the student body. 78 MAY KING AND QUEEN Eric Crites and Millie Turner ao 7 " - .», t9(|WIB . Mmm mm. " X x £ m . !w FROSH Sylvia Ann Adams Eula Mae Akers Janie Aman Jacqueline L. Arrowood Larry Baldwin Randall Barnhart Joe Beeler Ken Bell Judith Bender Lois Benscoter Lynn Berry Mickey Bertelson James Blankenship Mary Blount Johnny Wayne Branson Gary Alan Burrell Carolyn Bushbaum Robert Ray Byrd Reba Sue Carroll Diana Chiarky 83 FROSH Charlene Christy Joyce Cobb Neil Conner Alyce C. Conover Deanna Cox Rachel Cox Alvin Eugene Crowder Frank Davis Hilda Davis Donald Davisson Gayle Yvonne DeArmond Garvin DeHart Hope Deyfon Larry Dickey Sanford Dutton, Jr. Linda Estep David Eunson Bob Ewbank Donna Lee Flick Richard Forester Bettie Forrester Norma Jean Fulks William Newton Fulks Linda Fuller DeAnn Gideon Judy Marsha Giles Marty Goeller Janet Greene Mi 84 FROSH Karen Lee Guion Patrick Neil Hall Gwendolyn Harper Frank S. Harrison Ronnie Hart Marshall Hayden Walter Evermont Helton Howard Henning Dixie Hill Steve Hill Susan Hope Paul Houston Carol Jean Hudson David Lowell Jordan Claudette Judy Kejley Jeanette King Charlotte Klontz Judith Knaggs Janet Knowles Anna Lanham Gene Layne Cornelia McLean Ronald Gilbert McSwain Geraldine Mabe Rosalie Marlowe Pat Matthews Kathy Meador Gordon Mehaffey 85 FROSH Brenda Miller Maxine Louise Miller Rita Ann Miller Ronald Mounts Fred Norris Steven Payne Linda Pine Theda Lou Piatt Dick Plymale Gary Probst Sharon Rash Judy Rinnert Emily Jane Ruckman Sharlene Sanford Doug Saxton Claudia Saylor David Andrew Senter Barbara Sue Sergent Connie Delores Shafer Alva Lee Sizemore w i ®y .- »■. fTWlfe S 86 FROSH Judy Smith Verla Smith Winifred Anne Smith Joyce Smithson Charles V. Smoot Kathy Snapp Cecil Snodgrass Larry Spangler Claire Spotts Janet Spurgeon Dave Stuecher Linda Summers Dean Taylor Lee Trout Ann Turner Billye Joyce Vance Jacqueline Vaughn Sharon Ann Walker Donna Warfield Beverly Weller Geraldine Wells Jerry Whitaker Sharon Kay Whitaker Patricia Rae Wilbeck Dianne Wilson - n w IV SOPHOMORE CL reasurer, iss Ann Barthold. ftAI SOPHS Gary Paul Aldridge Bonnie Allee Eddie G. Bailiff Donald Jerry Bain ▲ 14 41 Norma Faye Barker Tom Barkes Mary Jane Barkley Terry Black r mm Carol Boiling David Brandon Joseph Malcolm Bryant Herman Butts 4 4 Barbara Byrd Duane Calhoun Gloria Cobb Pat Combs Martha Cox Norma Gay Culbertson Donna Kaye Dial Ronald G. Dove Barbara Doxen Janice Dean Dugger Gayle C. Dunavent James C. Eckard 89 SOPHS Randall Ervin Joy Anne Fisher Ken Fisher James Scott Frasure Charles Ellis Fulks Jack A. Gardiner Phyllis S. George Ed Green im Karen Ann Hamand Joe Harris Winnie Haven Carolyn Hayes MJ| Richard Hayes Carolyn Henley Earl Hughes Hobson Donald L Holben 4 ftliii 90 SOPHS rtifcAtaefc Leon A. Hopson Gail Marie Jean Gary Johns Mary Ethel Johnson Beverly Ann Kleinjan Marilyn Knapp Jerry Knepp Lorraine Victoria Koontz Mary Jean Leggett Dan McClain Wayne Gray McConnell Linda Kay McRoberts John Joseph Magill Janice Elaine Martin Phyllis Mignon Mayfield Patricia Louise Meehan 91 SOPHS Samuel Gordon Moore Homer Donald Neal Brenda Kay Nidiffer Clementina Penley Keith Pharis Pat Picklesimer Joellyn Probst Wiley Frederick Ramsey Mary Alice Randle Ernest Boyd Rawson Lyle Rittenhouse Janet Robinson Richard Vaughn Ross Linda Lee Sadler Lynn Garson Seger Raymond Sheppard iil fi - Aktf %— ' $ ■ " f S " f 92 AfeAfe SOPHS Frances Shipley Fred McCauley Smith Linda Sue Snodgrass Judy Sparks David R. Sponseller John Phillip Starr Phillip Reed Storey Janie Lee Stroupe Ron Sturtz Vivian Gae Swick Lew Taylor, Jr. Annas Thompson Dorothy Tish Ro.y Richard True Lola Leah Vaughn " Lenie " Walker David Williams Eddie Williams Cherrie Lou Worrell Dana Dean Young Tony Ziady 93 J U N 1 R- C LASjvO President, Jim Lura; Vice President, ; J Pease; Sponsor, -Dr. C JUNIORS Jackie Alford John Edgar Barkes John E. Beck Carol Boot James Dixon Bowyer Richard AA. Buchanan Billy Campbell Sam Cecil James Leslie Conkle Ben Crandall Ruthann Currey Earl W. Eidson Sandi Eldemire William Edward Fine Connie Rae Foster Laura Lynn Fowler Mary Ann Garland Louise Garlichs Margaret Lynn Gregg Anita Louise Hiner 95 JUNIORS Joanne Hines Earl Humphrey Dale Duane Jacobs Garland E. James Phyllis Ann Laws Dorothy Liston Sylvia Lumsden Jim Lura James A. Marshall Jimmy Martin Janet Matthews David McBride Marcia Darlene Miller Nedra Morgan Dixie Ann Mottern Sheila Ottinger Judy Pease Nancy Phillips Pat Powell Ray C. Rensi 96 JUNIORS Joan Emrich Robinson Louise Roop Jaynell Saylor Yvonne Shafer Barbara Shoemaker Shelva Jean Sickafoose J. D. Smith John F. Smucker Tommy Lee Starnes Doris Swiney Sandra Taylor Charles Tester Marji Wallace Willis Warrender Dorie Whitesel Jean Wicoff V ' - tas V J. J. Wiggins y w riH Lowell Morris Williams 97 «. CLASS OFFICERS |jstorff ; Vice Preside Larry ; « fc Elliott; Treasurer, t$of, ,Dr Spencer GerVin. H G. A. BRONDOS West Frankfort, Illinois Biology— A. B. ™ " " ' -i. JOHN H. BROWNLEE Youngstown, Ohio Religion— A. B. JIM BURLESON Roan Mountain, Tennessee Health and Physical Education— B.S. Freshman week— What a beginning! 99 ELSIE COCHRAN Hillsville, Virginia English— A. B. JOYCE EMILY COLEMAN Unicoi, Tennessee English— A. B. 100 JUDITH KAREN COULTER Peterstown, West Virginia Social Studies— A. B. The pause that refreshes? ERIC FRANKLIN CRITES Charleston, West Virginia Religion— A. B. DEAN CURDE Elizabethton, Tennessee Social Studies— A. B. JAMES DWIGHT DEARMAN Harmony, North Carolina Business Administration— B.S. Could that be a red tie? 101 JAMES ROBERT DUDLEY, JR. Radford, Virginia Business Administration— B.S. HELEN LINDA DUGGER Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration— B.S. i% ■ " ! Twirp week— Our charming flower girl. LINDA MAE ELLIOTT Canton, Ohio Social Studies— A. B. 102 PETER RICHARD FERGUSON Brilliant, Ohio Business Administration— B.S. LARRY FORREST Summitville, Indiana Business Administration— B.S. MARTHA ANN FRY Oakford, Indiana English— A. B. The beginning of the end. 103 FRANK B. FULLER Blairs, Virginia Religion— A. B. CLINTON R. GILL Bristol, Tennessee Religion— A. B. EMILY ELIZABETH HALL Follansbee, West Virginia English— A. B. LAURA NELLE HAMILTON Humboldt, Tennessee Social Studies— A. B. Little Nell— Our Rendezvous with Laughter. ■■- . :; S JOYCE ANN HARRIS Charleston, West Virginia English— A. B. MAX T. HARRISON Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration— A. B. MARVIN RICHARD HAWES Columbus, Indiana Biology— A. B. 106 We gather together . . WILLIAM DON HOUPE Statesville, North Carolina Business Administration— B.S. WM. EDWIN JACOBS Indianapolis, Indiana Religion— A. B. CLARA JOHNSON Fort Blackmore, Virginia Business Administration— B.S. The Filthy Four rides again! 107 ■■ •■ - ■ . ' -w . JOHN EVANS JONES Radford, Virginia ■fl Business Administration— A. B. HAROLD " Choppy " KAST Edwardsville, Illinois Religion— A. B. i GERALDINE LEWIS Elizabethton, Tennessee Social Studies— A. B. J Which twin has the Toni? . ■ r 108 us! 3 ' -;, - LUELLA MAE LEWIS Canton, Ohio Social Studies— A. B. DAVID " Tex " McCORD Elk Park, North Carolina Religion— A. B. WANDA McCORD Elk Park, North Carolina Health and Physical Education— A. B. The Suttonaires, alias the Mississippi Sisters. 109 WILLIAM McKAMEY Piney Flats, Tennessee Health and Physical Education— B.S. CARL N. MAIN Hammond, Indiana Religion— A. B. no Our last Christmas. ALICE JANE MILLER Shreve, Ohio Business Administration— B.S. CHARLES FREDRICK MILLS Akron, Ohio Religion— A.B. EARLENE ORMAN Edwardsville, Illinois Business Administration— B.S. Big Year — Statehood, Car, and a Diploma CHARLES ROBINSON Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration— B.S. LUCIAN " TEETER " ROBINSON Mt. Olivet, Kentucky Religion— A. B. 112 Oh Goody! Beans and Mashed Potatoes. HAROLD RUNION Erwin, Tennessee Chemistry— A. B. SAMI MICHAEL SANSUR Bethlehem, Jordan Chemistry— A. B. JOHNNY SEEHORN Elizabethton, Tennessee History-A.B. DON SHEPHERD Milligan College, Tennessee Business Administration— B.S. Talk while you work. 113 DONNA SHEPHERD Milligan College, Tennessee Health and Physical Education— B.S. CHARLES H. SHUMARD, JR. Mingo Junction, Ohio Health and Physical Education— B.S. . ' ! ?: ? . I i P« s Sb I( The cheery dispenser of the Care packages. ZENOBIA ANN SISK Johnson City, Tennessee Chemistry— A. B. V M H|i CHRISTINE SMOCK Johnson City, Tennessee Social Studies— A. B. MARILYN ELAINE SPARKS Kenosha, Wisconsin English— A. B. CAROL STRICKLER Lewiston, California Social Studies— A. B. JOANNE SWINFORD Flat Rock, Indiana Health and Physical Education— B.S. Sutton Hall. 116 KATHRYN CAROL TOLLE Sabina, Ohio Music— A. B. - amx- BRUCE TRENT Plainfield, Indiana Business Administration— B.S. aap BS MILDRED TURNER Detroit, Michigan English— A. B. DORIS WHALEY Charleston, West Virginia Social Studies— A. B. Pardee Hall 117 CLYDE P. WHEELER Tampa, Florida Religion— A. B. KATHERINE WHITFORD Indianapolis, Indiana Social Studies— A. B. A - " If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind? " 118 ELLEN WICOFF Angola, Indiana Music— A. B. : c JOHN A. WILLIAMS Radford, Virginia History-A.B. GLEA KAY WINDELS Mowequa, Illinois History-A.B. BENJAMIN YOUNG Honolulu, Hawaii English— A. B. FRANK HAWKS KEN WINDER 119 120 : ,? " J.E.GRFENCO. OINIHM (0NIHM.I0R w mif.i. W ■, i. ' H 0m " »»» VTTffLEP s w- -S4t R Best Wishes To The Class of " 60 " The New and Greater DOSSER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE THE BOOK SHOP Books - Cards - Gifts Church - Office - School Supplies C. A. Johnson John Sevier Bldg. Johnson City Tennessee BECKNER ' S INC. Diamonds - Watches Jewelry Jewelers for 72 years 232 Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee For flowers call on GUNNER TEILMANN " Johnson City ' s Leading Florist " 318 E. Main Johnson City FLOWERS BY WIRE THE NETTIE LEE SHOPS 240-242 East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee Kingsport Bristol KING ' S Johnson City ' s Great 5 Floor Department Store THE TRI-CITY ' S FINEST Corner Roan and Main Streets JOHN SEVIER HOTEL East Tennessee ' s Finest 225 Rooms Coffee Shop Convenient Facilities BURGIE DRUG STORE " 65 Years of Drug Service " 1 Whitman Candies Quality Drugs Only Elizabethton Tennessee 122 Best Wishes BEAUNIT MILLS, INC ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE 123 Compliments of WOOLWORTH ' S THE MUSIC MART RITCHIE ' S INC. JOHNSON ' S FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE QUALITY CLEANERS DYERS THOMAS MEN ' S SHOP FRED DAVIS JEWELERS Compliments " Milligan ' s Diamond, Jewelry, CITY DRUG STORE and Gift Headquarters " Student and Graduate Accounts Welcome Elizabethton Tennessee " Your Rexall Drug Store " DIAL LI 3-2051 Elizabethton Tennessee HALE ' S RIKARD ' S STYLE SHOP DRUG STORE " Where the woman who knows buys her clothes " Walgreen Agency Your Prescription Center FRED MOORE MEN ' S SHOP Elizabethton Tennessee Elizabethton Tennessee 724 UannaIJ Compliments of BIRCHFIELD ' S Elizabethton Tennessee 125 ■ ' " ' " u » CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY, TENN. 126 Compliments of ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION IUnnaLI Best Wishes To The Class of 1960 127 128

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