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N 1 i:J- I -i (i l Tf Miniiri kiiC ) 1 ■« Jl !V ' 0 ■■ ' ■ ' l- ' ■ •i-t.-J. ... 1.1 . ' ' 1 _ .; ' - .■ii«SiiMii a h»fliB)iNMdiiiMliilte«ait BaMaL.. ifi1iitflifc «i ■ h ilJ— HiJlfc Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1959 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 ' sm - ' we contribute life to... the family of Milligan CONTENTS 8 Dormitories 12 Dedication 16 Clubs 34 Choir 37 Sports 49 Features 66 Facu ty and Administration 72 Classes 119 Advertisements It ' s all in the family Left: The annual Tug-o ' -war Left: and STUDY! We, the students of Milligan College, believe that there are common problems which can be resolved and common purposes which can be achieved through united effort; and we believe that the traditions of Christian education and of democracy should be preserved and fostered; and we desire to assume responsibility in the management of our affairs. (Adapted from the Milligan College Student Government Constitution Preamble.) fmmmmam MILUGAN COLLIGE CAMPUS DIRECTORY ! Erected fcy tlie ClasB rf ' 39 A POVr OHfKSb. CI UBPKOOB MFUOHSAU BWa:SBXST 8 COriAOE ■irowvr uimom WK«Mt 8 WJRMiTOfiV nV-OLFKAU. c sTuroarr trsioN Bmuaso BQWU a ALLEYS OTM A«llM aWTTov wax CAiTTHWA VW MFKTt l OriMJTOB K MltttlMJ LOTS S mULFS COCRT H TEKKIS COUHTIi Above: Campus Directory Right: Sutton Hall, Women ' s Dormitory This is where you ' Above: Hardin Hall, Women ' s Dormitory Above: Cheek Hall, Men ' s Dormitory Below: Wolf Hall, Men ' s Lodging Below: Hyder ' s Home, Men ' s Residence find us Above: Sutton and Buffalo Above: Hopwood Memorial Church Left: Student Union Building (SUB) Below: Pardee Below: Administration Building Milligan Grows Above: The Phillip ' s Charitable Trust Fund has donated the P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library to the College. Below: The new men ' s dormitory which is to be com- pleted by September. This fine structure is a gift of Mrs. Nanye Bishop Sutton. 10 Here and there in the dorms Above: Three times a day! Above: Roommates!!! 11 Dedication 4i -»» ♦ } Professor Eugene Price 12 It is with esteem and heartfelt gratitude that we, the Senior Class of 1959, dedicate this edition of the Buffalo to Mr. Eugene Price. We are happy to dedicate this annual to one whose Christian character and versatility are respected by every member of the Milligan Family. IN MEMORIAM Barbara Main had the quality of distinction in soul, in mind, and in personality. Hers was a ready, friendly, quiet smile and word of greeting for every- one. Every one of us remembers a thoughtful act, graciously taken from a busy schedule and bestowed as though she were the recipient of favor. She exer- cised leadership through service. Her class, the col- lege, and the Church are poorer through her leaving us but the richer because she was among us. Her courage and quiet faith in the hour of tragic death enshrines for us the glowing hope of resurrection to life eternal. IS Education on our campus is as a jewel with many facets. One surface shines with classes, others sparkle with such clubs as the Commerce, Missionary Fellowship, and Christian Service Clubs. These help create interest for various fields, enjoyably applying curricular studies to current life, produc- ing a radiant gem. CLUBS 16 BUFFALO STAFF The work involved in the edition of the BUFFALO is momentous. The ' 58- ' 59 staff has seen this verified to the utmost. During the early spring the former editor resigned. With very little accomplished before the deadline, the remaining staff labored diligently to have the BUFFALO in your hands at the earliest dare. We hope that this reaches your highest ex- pectations for a record of this school year. Jim Pierson, Editor and Business Manager. Mildred Turner, Assistant Editor. Marti Fry, Assistant Business Manager. 17 Harold Kast, Head Photographer. David Hall, Photographer. Carl Main, Asst. Photographer. Dorothy Liston, Head Typist. Duane Calhoun, Photographer. Charlene Cameron, Asst. Typist. BUFFALO STAFF Here are shown pictures of the people who were valuable assistants to the editor in the completion of the BUFFALO. Larry Forrest, Editor ' s Right Arm. Dorie Whitesal, Janet Robinson, and Janet Matthews, Typists. 18 THE STAMPEDE The STAMPEDE Staff consists of those persons who are interested in any form of journalism. The Staff publishes eight editions annually and exchanges newspapers with other col- leges. Ruth Hammack is Editor and Gene Garlichs is Business Manager. FOOTLIGHTERS The height of dramatic talent on campus is usually found in the Footlighters. They are responsible for a big play produc- tion during the school year. We were especially delighted with the magnificent performance of Arthur Miller ' s All My Sons. The officers for the club are Laura Nelle Hamilton, president, and Jimmie Pierson, secretary-treasurer. 20 FOOTLIGHTERS AT WORK The spring play production, ALL MY SONS, by Arthur Miller, was presented May 1, 1959, by the Footlighters. Such productions offer not only good entertainment for the student body and the sur- rounding communities, but also give many s1u- dents opportunities for expressing their acting, staging, costuming, and directing abilities. 21 Left to right: Vonda Martin, Earl Eidson, David Hall, and Dick Burger. RADIO CLUB The Radio Club provides opportunity for students to receive training and experience in the technique of radio programs. The club sponsors the production of " Milligan College Speaks, " a weekly program presented over WETB in Johnson City. 22 CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB Below, left to right: Miss Welshimer, Sponsor,- Ray Rensi, Vice President; Marti Fry, Secretary. Lucian Robinson, President, is not shown. The Christian Service Club is a cainpus organ- ization designed to stimulate and uphold the spiritual life and to afford opportunities of serv- ice through Gospel teams. In order to further its purpose the Christian Service Club sponsors weekly Gospel preaching and singing. 23 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association is an organi- zation of men preparing to be ministers and specialized Christian workers. Here these stu- dents can find fellowship and can be mu- tually helpful in matters concerning their serv- ice to the Church and College. Above: Club Officers, left to right: Chuck Mills, Treasurer; Les Rengstorff, Secretary; Bruce Shields, President; and Harold Kast, Vice President. Below: Left to right, Front ro (v: Edwin Jacobs, Dick True, John Brownlee. Second row: Jack Gardiner, Ray Rensi, Harold Kast, and Chuck Mills. Third row: Bill Shive, Ray Gurley, and Les Rengstorff. 24 Girls who are interested in learning to be better Church workers are members of the Service Seekers. Their programs are planned around worship and study, and they serve by helping with various projects of the College. Their Officers are President, Linda Elliott; Vice Presi- dent, Sheila Ottinger, Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Liston; and Reporter, AAarcia Miller. SERVICE SEEKERS The Missionary Fellowship studies the various as- pects of both home and foreign missions, helps bring missionaries to the campus, and endeavors to make the student body aware of missions. The club motto is " Every Christian a missionary. " Officers are: President, Dale Jacobs; Vice President, Ray Rensi; Treasurer, Art Thomas; and Secretary, Dorothy Liston. MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP ' ► 25 NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student National Education Association is a professional association for college students preparing to teach. It helps the, students to gain an understanding of the teaching profession and to learn to cope with the problems which they will face in teaching. The club officers for this year are: Lena Jo Gardner, Presi- dent; Charles Shunnard, Vice President; and Martha Orr, Secretary. 26 COMMERCE CLUB Students majoring or minoring in busi- ness administration or secretarial science find the Commerce Club a new insight in obtaining a better understanding of the business world. Officers for this year are: Bruce Trent, President; Dick Bu- chanan, Vice President; Martha Sue Orr, Secretary-Treasurer; and Jaynell Saylor, Reporter. 27 Left »o right: Glen Arwood, John Nichols, John McConnell, Joe Stephens, Larry Hammack, Bud Purdue, Don Horgan. VETERANS CLUB The Veterans ' Club was organized in 1956. Its pur- pose, as stated at the time of organization, was to aid in the adjustment of the veteran to college life while performing various services to the college. (One must be a veteran of at least 90 days ' service to be eligible for membership.) 28 PRE-MED CLUB The Pre-AAed Club helps its members to gain some knowledge of what lies before them in their chosen careers in medical or closely allied fields. Their regular meetings are devoted to dis- cussions and activity related to their chosen professions. Officers for this year are; Sam Starnes, President; Jerry Willis, Vice President; Zenobia Sisk, Secretary; and Willis Warrender, Treasurer. 29 ■ ' " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy " could be applied as the motto of the Buffalo Ramblers Club. Members of this club realize that the constant pressure of college work must be broken at intervals by activities that will afford them exercise and relaxation. Hikes, moun- tain climbing, and cave exploring are natural activities in beautiful East Tennessee. Chuck Shumard is President. BUFFALO RAMBLERS Below: Whata mess! Office rs are: President, Brigetta Thomas; Vice President, Joyce Harris; Secretary, Joani Robinson. ZELOTAI The wives of the ministerial students and those in the Bible department make up the Zelotai. They have as their high purpose the training and growth of their Christian character. Through regular meetings much is accomplished tha proves beneficial for both the women and the church. 31 James Fisher, President The Student Council is the official voice of the student body in all matters pertaining to student life. As a constitutional representative assembly, the Council is responsible both to the President of the College and to the student body. This year the Council has taken up the tradition of progress by making strides forward in a new constitution, establishing the Milligan Forum and the Commut- ing Students ' Council, and inaugurating an office and a treasury. Throughout the year the Council has worked to provide and maintain a well-balanced social, spiritual, and academic life, and to facilitate communication and coordination between the stu- dents and faculty. STUDENT COUNCIL Class Presidents: Frank Parker, Senior; Carl Main, Junior; James Bowyer, Sophomore; Terry Black, Freshman. Eric Crites, Vice President; Mary Jo Phillips, Secre- tary; Janice Rinnert, Women ' s Dormitory President; Ray Ross, Men ' s Dormitory President. Miss Mildred Welshimer, Sponsor. Dr. Crowder, Sponsor (not pictured). Class Representatives: Philip Worrell, Betty Whit- ford, Judith Sparks, Laura Nelle Hamilton, David McCord. Jan Rinnert, President. Standing, left to right: Luella Lewis, Mary Johnson, Gloria Cobb, Mignon Mayfield, Betty Speece, Martha Cox, and Kathy Whitford. Seated: Sheila Ottinger, Barbara Byrd, Jan Rinnert, Miss Welshimer, faculty advisor, Clara Johnson and Doris Whitsel. DORMITORY COUNCILS The Dormitor y Councils are a part of the student government which function to main- tain better student relationships. The mem- bers are elected by the students and serve as a go-between for the students and ad- ministration. Left to right: Roger Sizemore, Ray Ross, President, and James Neff. Standing, left to right: Duard Walker, faculty advisor, Ray Ross, John Nichols, and Bob Rash. Seated: James Neff and Dick Thompson. Standing, left to right: Frank Deyton, Dick Ferguson, Lowell Williams, and Jack Dixon. Seated: Joe Stephens, Roger Sizemore, Guy Brown, and Richard Buchanan. Music at Milligan in all phases is an act of worship to our Lord. It has a sense of relaxation and joy. Whether it be pops or serious it ties us together with its beauty by permitting us to talk through a different mode. Music, which adds to the Christian atmosphere, is one of our offerings to God. CONCERT CHOIR The Milligan College Concert Choir repre- sents a dedicated group of students who practice daily to achieve a unity of song as well as spirit. The greatest opportunity to serve is during the two weeks ' tour each spring. A blessing through song is provided for those in the various states reached each year. The choir is instrumental in challenging many young people to enroll in the college whose high Christian ideals are personified in this representative group. Because of its high standards of performance, membership in the organization is recognized as both a privilege and an honor. 34 Freshman Choir Council: John Starr, Barbara Byrd, Vic Brown, Pat Meehan, and Dick True. FRESHMAN CHOIR The Freshman Choir, under the direction of Betty J. Lawson, has contributed greatly to the musical life of Milligan this year with its Christmas program, pre-Easter cantata, and presentation of " H. M. S. Pinafore. " Student organists, pianists, and vocalists have partici- pated not only in activities of the College, but also in those of churches and civic organ- izations of this area. Choir group picture. Miss Lawson coaches Dot Eunson during a voice lesson. Mr. lappa ponders over Sharon ElMott ' s music lesson. 35 ENSEMBLES The ensembles add just another spark to our Milligan Family. They delight the student assemblies with selections throughout the year. They are called upon weekly to sing for various civic organizations and church groups. Pictured on the left are the Co-eds: Jean Wicoff, Carol Tolle, Joanne Swintord, and Ellen Wicoff, ac- companist. Below are the Harmonettes: Lynn Fowler, Frances Matthews, accompanist, Judy Pease, and Frances Matthews. Bottom: the Madrigal Singers: Jeannie Canary, Joanne Mines, Luella Lewis, Louise Garlichs, Elsie Cochran, Carol Strickler, Phil Fletcher, Carl Main, Jim Shive, J. D. Smith. Below are the Milligan Men: J. D, Smith, Jim Huron, Benjie Young, and Ted Kinsel. 36 The orange and black of Milligan is always worn proudly; whether in the gym, on the baseball diamond, on the tennis court, or on the track. These four intercollegiate sports, plus a well-organized intramural program, make the school vibrant with uniting activity. SPORTS 37 i fc ' I ' ' 4 38 39 Left to right, Back row.: Lew Taylor, Dick Van Buren, Terry Black, Jim Sanders, Charles Tester, Del Harris, Richard Edens, Carroll Boone. Front row: Bobby Sams, Bob Burton, Milburn Ellis, Howard Painter, Alex Smith, Lowell Williams, Roger Sizemore, Coach Duard Walker. BASKETBALL Playing a powerful schedule, the Milligan Buffs won eight and lost thirteen. However, the team was praised and taken to heart by the school and the fans alike. The man lead- ing the team was Coach Duard Walker. Del Harris won All-Conference for both SMAC and VSAC and was also chosen for Honorable Men- tion on the Little All-American team for small colleges. In Del ' s four years at Milligan, he averaged eighteen points per game. Congratu- lations, boys, on a job well done. 1958- ' 59 RECORD WE OPPONENT THEY 85 Emory and Henry 78 81 Tusculum 78 75 Lees McRae 58 71 East Tennessee State 87 83 King College 76 58 Indiana Central 97 65 King College 70 66 Carson-Newman 72 56 Tennessee Wesleyan 87 Coach Duard Walker. 87 Lincoln Memorial University 98 87 Tennessee Wesleyan 17 89 Emory and Henry 82 74 Tusculum 89 80 Lincoln Memorial University 99 61 East Tennessee State 78 68 Carson-Newman 69 75 Union (Ky.) (overtime) 79 77 Union (Ky.) 75 77 Bethel (VSAC Tourney) 73 61 Carson-Newman (VSAC Tourney) 80 87 Emory and Henry 102 Dick Hawes, Student Manager. 40 With returning lettermen plus the addition of several incoming freshmen. Coach Harold Stout ' s Buffaloes enjoyed one of their most successful seasons. A welcomed addition to the coaching staff of Milli gan College has been Harold Stout, who has taken over the baseball team. BASEBALL Coach Harold Stout First row, left to right: James Martin, John McKamey, Joe Harris, Bill Campbell, Gary Aldridge and Jim Marshall. Second row: John Barkas, Manager, Jim Dixon, George Surratt, Ed Williams, Bob Hines, Tom Starnes, Del Harris and Marshall Milhorn. Standing: Donald Brown, Phil Story, Lyie Rittenhouse, Terry Black, Hack Hyder, Glen Arwood and Coach Harold Stout. 41 TRACK This year ' s track team was strength- ened by the addition of several capable freshmen. An asset to Coach Walker ' s cindermen was the added depth from their performance. ' Seniors Roger Size- more and Phil Worrell served as co- captains and very ably led the squad through their season. First row, Left to right: Roger Sizemore, Ron Sewell, John Slarr, Earl Hobson, Phil Worrell, Sam Moore, David Spon- seiler and Charles Schumard. Second row: Coach Walker, David Williams, Boyd Rawson, Jim Gordon, Dale Austin, Gene Rutledge, Jim Frazier, Don Alexander, John A. Williams, Dick Howell and Earl Humphries. 42 The popularity of tennis as an intercollegiate sport was proven by the many spectators which supported the Milligan netmen thorugh their successful season. Matches from both the VSAC and the SMAC conferences kept Coach Thompson and his competent six active throughout the spring months. This year ' s team was led by four returning lettermen; graduating seniors include Sammy Starnes, Dave Poorman, and Captain Jim Stidham. TENNIS 1958 Tennis Team. 43 ' -■fc, " 1 J a. ' 2 J ' jti, A 2 i -fX - rf ■« " ' rxA " ' ' ! i- ■■- i ' jf ' 4i ;.i,(«0 ' y.. 5 ' -ii. " V-.J ,!h ' - _ Above: Dave Williams, Ken Bishop, Jim Bowyer, and Boyd Rawson try their luck at football. INTRAMURALS Below: Ken Bishop stands ready as Boyd Rawson re- turns the ball to Dave Williams. Below: Joan Vance Brinkley, Wanda Stofferan, and Gail Jean battle to the finish as Charlotte Hyder looks on. 44 Shuffleboard intramurals: (left to right) Kay Pate, Nancy Philips, Gail Jean, and Charlotte Hyder. Ping Pong intramurals; (left to right) Joanne Swinford, Nancy Phillips, Charlotte Hyder, and Gail Jean. Horseshoes: (left to right) Jim Boyer, Boyd Rawson, Dave Williams, and Ken Bishop. r- x ; ; ;4 ' Vf « ' ' ' t : :sr J»l " . ■. ? • ■ " i r ' The Physical Education Club is made up of those students who are interested in phy sical education. The club meets twice a month, has an annual project, has an annual picnic, and sponsors a Founder ' s Daughter candidate. It receives its financial aid from the profit earned from its operation of the basketball con- cession. The officers for this year are: Presi- dent, Phil Worrell; Vice President, Jim Burleson; Secretary, Phyllis Laws; Treas- urer, Ruth Hammack; and Reporter, Kay Pate. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB I The Varsity Voices is made up of those students who are interested in promoting school spirit throughout the athletic seasons. They occupy cheering sections at the games, provide financial aid for the cheerleaders ' transportation to away games, sponsor a Founder ' s Daughter candidate, and sponsor the All- Sports ' King Day. The club officers are: President, Ruth Hammack; Vice President, Martha Fry; Secretary-Treasurer, Kitty Kraft; and Re- porter, Mildred Turner. VARSITY VOICES 46 CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders strive to promote and lead school spirit. They attend nearly all. basketball games and practice twice a week during this season. Ruth Hammack is cap- tain. Lower left: (left to right) Pat Combs, Earl Eidson, and Dorie Whitesal. Below: (left to right) Willis Warrender, Ruth Ham- mack, Joanne Mines, and Frank Parker. 47 M " CLUB The " M " Club is an organization com- posed of those who have earned an " M " through interscholastic athletic com- petition in at least one varsity sport- basketball, baseball, track, or tennis. 48 FEATURES 49 Dot Eunson SCHOLARSHIP AWARD MILLIGAN HONORS Jim Pierson MOST OUTSTANDING SENIOR 51 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Left: Bill Bullis Below, left: Dorthy Eunson Below: James Fisher 52 The five seniors on these pages have been chosen to represent AAilligan in the 1958- ' 59 Edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Students are nominated each year for this honor from approxi- mately 650 colleges and universities throughout America. They are chosen on the basis of scholarship, participation in school activities, leadership, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Right: Lena Jo Gardner Right: Mary Jo Phillips 53 SUPERLATIVES OF 1959 MOST POPULAR Jan Rinnert Jim Stidham (Not Pictured) BEST ALL AROUND Barbara Tenney Delmar Harris MOST INTELLECTUAL Dot Eunson Jim Fisher MOST ATHLETIC Nancy Sahli Delmar Harris 54 Mk a|flB fIrrV ■ I MOST OUTSTANDING SENIORS Jan Rinnert Jim Fisher MOST DEPENDABLE Dot Eunson Frank Parker WITTIEST Kay Pate Don Gertzman 55 , MISS SENIOR IDonna lAJard j- ot 56 MISS JUNIOR C laine — parl!6 57 I MISS SOPHOMORE j- eqau J iatt 58 Ji MISS FRESHMAN L arolun J4ei 59 60 61 FOUNDER ' S DAUGHTER CANDIDATES Laura Hamilton Marti Fry Barbara Tenney Millie Turner Jan Rinnert Ruth Hammack Donna Poorman Mary Jo Phillips 62 MAY DAY KING, QUEEN AND COURT Greg Brondos Barbara Dodson Wanda Stofferan Roger Sizemore Tom Barkas Jim Stidham, King Charlene Cameron Delmer Harris Barbara Tenney, Queen Dick Thompson Elaine Sparks Peggy Hiatt David AAcCord %1 ; T-t ' i ■ ' " ' ' • . -i - ' M " -» j.i ' ' ' - 0 1 " ■ «. ' «»■ ' ■:»! ij M i m mn ' :aJi 63 FOUNDER ' S DAY 1959 One of the highlights of the school year observed at Miligan is Founder ' s Day. This is comparable with a home- coming—many of the alumni return, making it a joyous event. The selection of Founder ' s Daughter at the banquet is awaited by all. The choice this year was Miss Jan Rinnert, president of the Women ' s Dormitory. She is shown at left receiving love and best wishes from Dr. Derthick. Below: Founder ' s Daughter, Jan Rinnert, accepts gift from Ruth Eason, 1957 Founder ' s Daughter. Below: President Emeritus Derthick and President Walker greet those attending the Founder ' s Day Banquet. Founder ' s Daughter Candidafes Top Left: Marti Fry with escort Bob Griffith Top Center: Mary Jo Phillips with escort Les Rengstorff Top Right: Donna Ward with escort Dave Poorman Right: Ruth Hammack with escort Bob Dudley Bottom Left: Millie Turner with escort Charles Tester Bottom Center: Laura Nelle Hamilton with es- cort Andy Brinkley Bottom Right: Barbara Tenney with escort Jim Bowyer THE MILLIGAN FAMILY 66 Above: Dr. Dean E. Walker, President. Below: Board of Trustees, Dr. J. R. Bowman, Chair- man. • t,. .afif ' j 5 Guy Oakes Dean Mildred K. WeUhimer Dean of Women Ray E. Stahl Executive Secretary ADMINISTRATION Lois Hale Registrar Joe P. McCormick Assistant to the President Joseph Dampier Provost 68 J? II If Ann Barfhold Psychology » ■ ■ .■- 1 Rowena Bowers Physical Education m. Beauford Bryanf Religion . 1 1 I Renalto Casale Languages Owen L. Crouch Religion— Greek Orvel Crowder Psychology Arcatia Floyd Duncan Education Arthur B. Edwards Religion Warren C. Fairbanks Biology Robert O. Fife Psychology Spencer R. Gervin Government Quentin Gobble Biology 69 Sam J. Hyder Mathematics Herbert Ingle Librarian Ivor Jones American History Byron C. Lambert English Betty J. Lawson Music Eugene Price Business Administration Janet Rugg English Lone Sisk Chemistry— Physics Harold Stout Physical Education Richard Tappa Music Hughes Thompson Chemistry Hazel Turbeville Secretarial Science 70 Duard Walker Physical Education William Ward Ancient History Henry Webb History Dorothy Wilson Art Presfon Kyte Irene Nice Foreman of Maintenance Housemother Lennie Rentfro Florence Ritz Secy, to the Executive Secy. Dining Hall Manager Ruth Radcliffe Secretary to the President Lucy Swain Housemother 71 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Terry Black, President; Emerson Darst, Vice President; Pat Combs, Secretary; Ken Bishop, Treasurer; Ann Bart hold. Sponsor. 72 ' r FRESHMEN Judy Adkins Gary Paul Aldridge Bonnie Allee Barbara Ann Allen Jerry Arnold Eddie Bailiff Donald Bain Donald Baker Norma Faye Barker Thomas Barkes AAary Jane Barkley Sheridan Barnett Caria Gaye Barton Ken Bishop Terry Black Carol Boiling Harold Wayne Boyd David Brandon Rodger Brown Victor Brown 73 FRESHMEN Joseph Malcom Bryant Gail Buckland Pauline Buckles Richard Allen Bussian Herman Butts Barbara Byrd Duane Calhoun Paul M. Carriger Carol Lynne Cavileer Gloria Jeanne Cobb Bill E. Combs Patricia Ann Combs Lecretia Cook Martha Cox Norma G. Culbertson Emerson Darst 74 FRESHMEN Donna Kaye Dial Joyce Dillow Ronald Dove Barbara Doxon Janice Dean Dugger Gayle Clifford Dunavent James C. Eckard Larry Elliott Sharon Elliott Dorothy Engel Randall Ervin Joy Fisher James S. Erasure Charles Fulks Jack Gardiner Phyllis George 75 FRESHMEN ' Polly Gibson Gene Gibson " Dee " Gillespie Bob Hale Karen Hamand Kent Hanon Winne Haven Carolyn Hayes Sunny Heaton Norman Heckel Carolyn Henley Robert Bolin Hines Earl Hobson Shirley Ann Hooker Leon A. Hopson Richard Howe " %, »» ' ' rW flat, " - - " I 76 FRESHMEN Annette Hurt Marilyn Hutton Gail M. Jean Gary W. Johns Larry Johnson Mary Johnson Ted Kinsell Marilyn Knapp Hollis Jerome Knepp, Jr Mary Jean Leggett David McBride John McConnell Wayne McConnell Jane McGill John Magill James A. Marshall 77 FRESHMEN Janice Martin Phyllis Mignon Mayfield Patricia Meehan Ron Miller Samuel G. Moore Ginger Moore Virginia Moorefield C. B. Morgan, Jr. Linda Morton Homer Nea! Brenda Nidiffer Clementina Penley John E. Perrel Patricia Pickleslmer Sandra Putt Nancy Ruth Rammel 78 FRESHMEN Boyd Rawson Sharon Ramele Jerry A. Rentfro Lyie Rittenhouse Jacquilyn Robinson Janet K. Robinson Rabon Robinson Phillip Roush Earnest Eugene Rutledge Linda Lee Sadler Nancy Sahli Darwin Sauls Judith Arlene Schroeder Lynn G. Seger Ron Sewell Lyals Raymond Sheppard 79 FRESHMEN Frances Shipley Ruth Ann Silvers Fred McCauley Smith J. D. Smith Linda Sue Snodgrass Judith Sparks David R. Sponseller John Starr Elizabeth Stein metz Phill Storey Sharon Stover Janle Stroupe Ronald Sturtz Paul Sutton Vivian Gae Swick Jane Taylor ff ' £ 1 ' i S£:a rs. ,f ' w. 5 {?R « ' ' Mm J H 80 FRESHMEN Annas Thompson Dianne Tompkins Roy Richard True William Varney Lola Leah Vaughn Ron Viers " Lenie " Walker Dick Warren Tyler Welch David Lynwood Williams George Edward Williams Rosemarie Wilson Cherri Lou Worrell Bucky Wrenn Dana Dean Young Tony Ziady 81 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Jim Bowyer; Vice President, Jim Lura; Secre- tary, June Love; Treasurer, Howard Parker; Sponsor, Dr. Orvel Crowder. 62 jjBkj Don Alan Alexander r » Jackie Alford fj Dale Austin £ John Edgar Barkes ■ a John Edward Beck j) ' ' " ' IL Carol 3oot Jim Di on Bowyer ■ JiS Betty Bradford SOPHOMORES Guy N. Brown Raymond R. Brown, Jr. Betty Ann Morrow Jeannie Canary Kay Collins. James L, Conkle Gene Cox Billie Crane Earl W. Eidson Sandi K. Eldemire Connie Rae Foster Gordon R. Foster 83 Lynn Fowler Louise Garlichs James A. Gordon Margaret Lynn Gregg Ronnie Haag David Hall Joe Harris Margaiet Hiatt 7 mj -W SOPHOMORES Anita Miner Joanne Mines Darlene Howell Earl E. Humphrey Hack Hyder Dale Duane Jacobs Jessie Johnson Bill Johnson Martha Keefauver William Kesner Kitty Kraft Phyllis Laws .1 ;=.U ? i 84 Dorothy Listen June M. Love Sylvia Lumsden Jim Lura Jimmy Dan Martin Vonda Martin Todd Matthews Janet F ae Mathtews SOPHOMORES Carmen Michaels Daria Miller Marcia Miller Nolan D. Moore Dixie Ann Mottern Rachelle Murray Martha Sue Orr Sheila Ottinger Hov ard Parker Kay Dav . ' n Pate (not pictured) Judy Pease Nancy Phillips 85 SOPHOMORES William D. Pope Grace Rawson Lawson Rennie Don M. Rensi Ray C. Rensi Joani Em rich Robinson Louise Roop Rex Sailing Jaynell Saylor Joe Shawver Barbara Joan Shoemaker Shelva Sickafoose Bill Smith Tommy Starnes Joe Stephens Bob Sutherland 86 SOPHOMORES Doris Marie Swiney Sandra Tayor Charles Tester David Lee Thompson Richard Thompson Glen Van Huss Marji Wallace Willis Warrender LaDoris " Dorie " Whitesel Betty Whitford Jean Wicoff Keith Wigal John Wiggins Lowell Williams Glea Kay Windels David Winegardner 87 m JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Carl Main; Vice President, Charles Shumard; Secretary, Elsie Cochran; Treasurer, Luella Lewis. 88 JUNIORS Clayton Banks Andy Brinkley Greg Brondos - John Brownlee Wade Bunting Richard A. Burger Jim Burleson Christine Campbell Billy Campbell Elsie Cochran Joyce Colman Judith Coulter Robert Lee Cox Eric F. Crites Dean Curde Mickey Daubert 89 JUNIORS Bettye Ann Davis James D. Dearman Ron DeLong Winifred Dettmer Bob Dudley Linda Dugger Linda Elliott Richard Ferguson William Edward Fine Martha Ann Fry Jane Goddard Robert B. Griffith Emily Hall Laura Nelle Hamilton Larry Hammack Ruth Hammack 90 JUNIORS Joyce Ann Harris Dick Hawes William Don Houpe Charlotte Hyder Wm. Edwin Jacobs Clara Johnson Tommy Johnson John E. Jones Harold O. Kast Geraldlne Lewis Luella Lewis David " Tex " McCord William McKamey Carl Neil Main Alice Miller Charles Mills 91 JUNIORS Fuller Motley James B. Neff Janet Oakes Earlene Orman Vaughn Pearson Phil Pletcher Janice Ramsey Bob Rash Leslie G. P.vngstorff " Teeter " Robinson Charles Sams Marty Sams Donna Seef Don Eldon Shepherd Donna Shepherd Charles H. Shumard 92 JUNIORS Zenobia Sisk Elaine Sparks Wanda Stofferan Carol Strickler Joanne Swinford Carol Tolle Bruce Trent Mildred Turner Doris Whaley Kathy Whitford Margaret Ann Whittemore Ellen Wicoff John A. Williams Benjie Young 93 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Frank Parker, President; Lena Jo Gardner, Treasurer; Dot Eunson, Secretary; and Gene Garlichs, Vice President. 94 Dale Lewis Aldridge Indianapolis, Indiana Music, A.B. Farris Glenn Arwood Blount villa, Tennessee Health and Physical Ed., B.S. Charles Walter Bennett Wise, Virginia Social Science, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 95 Helen Feather Bennett Erwin, Tennessee English, A.B. Donald Edward Brown Bill Bullis Draper, Virginia Kingsport, Tennessee Health and Physical Ed. A.B. Religion A.B. CLASS OF 1959 96 Virginia Byrd Bunting Johnson City, Tennessee Music, A.B. Charlene Cameron Elizabethton, Tennessee Business Administration, B.S. Robert Chambers Elizabethton, Tennessee Health and Physical Ed., B.S. CLASS OF 1959 97 Robert A. Davis Salem, Ohio Business Administration, B.S. Boyd Cecil Deyton Green Mountain, North Carolina Business Administration, B.S. Frank Deyton Green Mountain, North Carolina Business Administration, B.S. CLASS OF 1959 98 Jack Dixon Nickelsville, Virginia Health and Physical Ed., B.S. Dorothy J. Eunson Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Religion, A.B. James V. Fisher Jonesboro, Tennessee Religion, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 99 ip Lena Jo Gardner Johnson City, Tennessee Chemistry, A.B. Eugene Garlichs Johnson City, Tennessee Social Science, A.B. Don Paul Gertzman Canton, Ohio Chemistry, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 100 Shelby Glover Ray Gurley Delmer William Harris Johnson City, Tennessee West Mifflin, Pennsylvania Plainfield, Indiana Business Administration, B.S. English, A.B. Religion, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 101 Anne Hayes Elizabeth ton, Tennessee Business Administration, B.S. John William Heaton Roan Mountain, Tennessee Social Science, A,B. Thomas Hillman Milligan College, Tennessee Social Science, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 102 Donald Horgam Lynn, Massachusetts Business Administration, B.5. James R. Huron Chesapeake, Ohio Religion, A.B. James Nicholas Ivanoff Summit, New Jersey Religion, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 103 Robert Le Roy Johnson Johnson City, Tennessee Religion, A.B. Stan Johnson Spanishburg, West Virginia Religion, A.B. Daniel Kapornyai Griffith, Indiana Religion, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 104 Arlene Looney Portsmouth, Ohio Religion, A.B. Frances Lee Matthews Republic, Pennsylvania Music, A.B. Blanca Miller Johnson City, Tennessee English, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 105 I Carl Miller Coraopolis, Pennsylvania English, A.B. Janet Mills Columbus, Ohio Social Science, A.B. John Nichols Hiilsville, Virginia Business Administration, B.S. CLASS OF 1959 106 Karen Nidiffer Elizabeth ton, Tennessee Business Administration, B.S. Jim Oakes Elizabeth ton, Tennessee Biology, B.S. William Franklin Parker Orlando, Florida Business Administration, B.S. CLASS OF 1959 107 Mary Jo Phillips Jimmie Pierson David William Poorman Plainf ield, Indiana Fall Branch, Tennessee Canton, Ohio Religion, A.B. Religion, A.B. Social Science, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 108 Janice Kay Rinnert Mount Vernon, Indiana Social Science, A.B. Ray L. Ross Lexington, Ohio Business Administration, B.S. Johnny Seehorn Elizabeth ton, Tennessee History, B.S. CLASS OF 1959 109 Bruce Edward Shields Milligan College, Tennessee Religion, A.B. Rosemarie KMne Shields Milligan College, Tennessee English, A.B. William Shive Canton, Ohio Religion, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 110 James E. Shive Canton, Ohio Music, A.B. Roger Allen Sizemore Steubenville, Ohio Religion, A.B. Betty Speece Martins Ferry, Ohio Religion, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 111 Sammy Starnes Fort Blackmore, Virginia Chemistry, A.B. James Doyle Stidham Kingsport, Tennessee Chemistry, A.B. Barbara Tenney Indianapolis, Indiana Nursing Arts, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 112 Jesse Thornburg Johnson City, Tennessee Business Administration, B.S. Dick Van Buren Milligan College, Tennessee Health and Physical Ed., B.S. Robert J. Van Buren Milligan College, Tennessee Health and Physical Ed., B.S. CLASS OF 1959 113 ¥ Joan Carolyn Vance Plumtree, North Carolina Health and Physical Ed., A.B. Donna Marie Ward Butler, Pennsylvania Social Studies, A.B, Jerry Willis Highpoint, North Carolina Chemistry, A.B. CLASS OF 1959 114 - S ' .j ' ' " !-- Kenneth Winder Bethel, Ohio Chemistry, A.B. Phil Worrell Danville, Indiana Health and Physical Ed., B.S. CLASS OF 1959 115 , -. SPECIAL STUDENTS John Baldwin Dea Sik Chey Clinton R. Gill Patsy Rose Johnson Pat Perrel Raima L. Bennett Alvin B. Covell Helen Irene Harlin Sharleen Pate Clyde Wheeler 716 SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Each year at the beginning of the second semester there are some new students who join the ranks at AAilligan, as well as a few who return after a period of absence. Pictured here from left to right are Carol Weaver, Evelyn Banner, Ruth Ann Curry, Pat Hall, Basil Gildersleeve, Larry Forrest, and John Smucker. 117 Left: Daily Choir rehearsal. Below: Relaxation FAMILIAR SCENES AT MILLIGAN Below; Miss Welshimer ' s new kitchen ' z a favorite stop for many. Right, Jim? rt ADVERTISERS With Best Wishes Of AMERICAN BEMBERG Division of BEAUNIT MILLS, INC and NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORPORATION ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE 120 Best Wishes THE To The Class of " 59 " NETTIE LEE SHOPS The New And Greater 240-242 East Main Street DOSSER ' S Johnson City, Tennessee DEPARTMENT STORE Kingsport Bristol BECKNER ' S JOHN SEVIER INC. HOTEL Diamonds - Watches Jewelry East Tennessee ' s Finest Jewelers for 72 years 225 Rooms 232 Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee Coffee Shop Convenient ' Facilifies THE FRED DAVIS BOOK SHOP JEWELERS " Milligan ' s Diamond, Jewelry, and Books - Cards - Giffs Gift Headquarters " Church - Office - School Supplies Student and graduate accounts welcome C. A. Johnson John Sevier BIdg. Elizabethton Tennessee Johnson City Tennessee (Formerly DAVIS-MOTTERN) H. E. HART BURGIE JEWELERS DRUG STORE 214 Main Street " 65 Years of Drug Service " Whitman Candies " The Shop of Beautiful Gifts " Quality Drugs Only PHONE 8631 Johnson City Tennessee Elizabethton Tennessee 121 CHAMBERS-WILLIAMS PRESCRIPTION SHOP Phone 5084 405 North Boone Johnson City Tennessee For flowers call on GUNNER TEILMANN " Johnson City ' s Leading Florist " 318 E. Main Phone 511 Johnson City, Tennessee FLOWERS BY WIRE HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS Upper East Tennessee ' s largest Savings and Loan Association Johnson City Greeneville Compliments Of HONEY-KRUST FIRST PEOPLE ' S BANK Johnson City — Jonesboro — North Johnson City Branch VOLUNTEER NATURAL GAS COMPANY " IF IT IS: Heating, Cooking, Water Heating YOU CAN DO IT BETTER WITH NATURAL GAS " 334 E. Main St. PHONE 4010 Johnson City, Tennessee 122 Best Wishes To The Class of 1959 PEl ICE CREAM Compliments ANDERSON DRUG STORE " On the minute Service " Phone 1094 Johnson City Tennessee Johnson City ' s Great 5 Floor Department Store THE TRI-CITY ' S FINEST Corner Roan and Main Streets Arrow Shirts - Interwoven ocks UannaU Kuppenheimer Good Clothes - Varsity Town Suits McGregor Sportswear 123 SUITE No 600 SOLID ROCK MAPLE , C o I I © C -t. i O r-i of m T i-icJr3t,OF- © fir- iSh i STANDARD OF QUALITY FURNITURE CORPORATION JOHNSON CITY. TENN. EMPIRE FURNITURE CORPORATION, johnson city, Tennessee 124 COMPLIMENTS OF: WALKER FURNITURE THOMAS MEN ' S SHOP WOOLWORTH ' S HALES DRUG STORE RELIGIOUS BOOK STORE RITCHIES INC. JOHNSON CITY LAUNDRY CO Corner Boone and Wilson Streets PHONE 3688 Pick-up at Milligan College twice weekly. Sub-Stations 1010 5. Roan St. Tenn. at W. Walnut Your Sonitone Dry Cleaner 125 AUTOGRAPHS 127 ■ ' ( Milligan College Library ,... ;-

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