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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1954 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 5 6 1881 0001 17 ihe Story of . . . MILLIGAN COLLEGE Ketold tl le or . . . the 1954 BUFFALO Published by the Students of Milligan College. Milligan College, Tenn. TO fiiiiiiiiiii i ' l SI We, the Senior Class of 1954, dedicate this Annual to Miss Ruth White. Through her work with the choir and her participation in church activ- ities and community affairs, she has contributed toward the growth of Milligan. £ x«. % J i I FOREWORD How best to write the vivid story of a year at Milligan? Is it possible to portray the many moments of joy and sadness which are the essence of life in our college? Look- ing back through this memorable year, we have sought to recapture those hours which are unforgettable for all of us. If the scenes which we have pictured in the following chap- ters of the BUFFALO stir fond recollections with future glimpses, we shall have succeeded in symbolizing one year of living in the true spirit of Milligan, ever to be cherished in our hearts. Chapter 1 Hctnnties Rat Weel e These are the days when the fellows get a " jolt " when they see those cute little freshmen girls they have been admiring so much look a little " ratty " with no make-up and clashing clothes. The " rats " who were Senior Class Presidents, bas- ketball stars, and Home-Coming Queens come to the realization that high school is over and that they must win the friendship of these new college acquaintances — so all is fun, good nature wins out, and the week brings about an under- standing that brightens the months ahead! omokies In ip We all welcome the opportunity to go on that Smoky Mountain Trip in the early autumn. Clanging alarm clocks and the long bus ride are for- gotten in the pleasures of the day — the sight of bear cubs along the highway, the breath-taking display of autumn color, the visit to the Cherokee Reservation — all to be remembered by our snapshots and souvenirs. M Spook Inline The gentlemen of Pardee enter- tain the college at Spook Time. Be- witching decorations, hilarious games, and outlandish costumes make their party one of the hap- piest occasions of the college year. Wl , Ti wirp veeiz ' % ; This is the week when every girl has a chance to get her man — and every man has the experience of knowing how it feels to wonder whether he will have a date for a special night. Many Milligan ro- mances have had their beginning during this week — even though " The Woman Is Requested to Pay. " Founders Day One of the most outstanding days in the memory of a Milligan student is the day of Homecoming. At Milligan this celebrated occasion is known as Founder ' s Day. It is an exciting day of many activities for all students, alumni, and old friends. The highlight of the day is a banquet held in Cheek gymnasium to pay tribute to the men and wom- en who have helped to shape the destiny of Milligan College down through the years. With the selection of Founder ' s Day Daughter, the day ' s activities come to a close. From among seven lovely candidates, Miss Kitty Wert, from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, sponsored by the Pre-Med Club, won the coveted honor. Christmas time calls forth all ur talents. Everybody sings — ardee serenades Cheek and Hardin ; Santa Claus comes to Hardin Hall ; he college presents the Christmas story in song and pageant; and our ast chapel ends with the joyous song: " Hark the herald angels shout, One more dav and we ' ll be out ' . " 4. v i. ■ ■R»f.j(p. S JW Chapter 2 fe MOS Left to Right: Sara Zacharias, Pat Masters, Jimmie Buckles, Suzie Ellis, Ken Hanks, Shirley Dougherty, Laken Warnock, Ann MaeDonald, Libby Warnick, Norma Dever, Jackie Harrison, Mary Alice Allen, Betty Snodgrass, Don Williams, Pat Ward, Gertrude Archer, Bob Whitt, and Miss Hazel Turbeville, sponsor. BETTY SNODGRASS Editor NORMA DEVER Business Manager BUFFALO STAFF The BUFFALO staff is made up of volunteers from the student body led by the Editor and Business Manager, who are elected to their positions by the mem- bers of the Junior Class of the preceding year. The aim of the staff has been to publish an annual which will be worthy of pride to the Senior Class of 1954. STAMPEDE STAFF THE STAMPEDE, the col- lege newspaper, is one of the two publications of the stu- dent body. It had Pat Hand as its editor-in-chief this year. Jim Hawes was his assistant. The sports ' col- umn was written under the leadership of Leonard Galli- more. Gertrude Archer was the business manager. Miss Hazel Turbeville was the sponsor. With the help of others, this group contribut- ed much to make the publi- cations of the school a suc- cess. COMMERCE CLUB For those who are study- ing in the field of Business Administration or Secretarial Science, the Commerce Club is organized to promote a better understanding of the business world. President, Jimmie Buckles Vice-President, J. B. Shepherd Secretary, June Jaynes Treasurer, James Fletcher Sponsor, Mr. Eugene Price CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB To deepen the spiritual life on campus and to open greater avenues of service to young people : these are the aims of the Christian Serv- ice Club. President, Dave Brady Vice-President Dick Carpenter Secretary-Treasurer, Ellen Sample Sponsor, Miss Mildred Welshimer YOUTH ORGANIZATION This group meets to pro- vide a time and place where students worship together in order to develop leadership training and to encourage personal devotions. President, Maxie Smith Vice-President Jerry Lindell Secretary-Treasurer, Vera Hamilton Sponsor, Miss Mildred Welshimer : 1m4M CHRISTIAN SERVICE SEEKERS The Service Seekers are girls who plan to do some type of specialized Christian Service. They meet for fel- lowship and discussion of their common interest. President, Arlene Seal Vice-President Pat Bishop Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Cagle Sponsor, Miss Mildred Welshimer rVIINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association is open to all men preparing for any specific phase of Christian service. It is de- signed to furnish them with spiritual uplift and practical knowledge. President, Lawrence Kepler Vice-President Maxie Smith Secretary-Treasurer, Dave Brady Sponsors, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Crouch FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB The Josephus H o p w o o d Chapter of the Future Teachers of America func- tions as one of the main or- ganizations on the campus. Through the social life of this group, they learn to cope with the everyday problems which they will meet in their future profes- sion. President, Betty Jeanne Snodgrass Vice-President Jackie Harrison Secretary, Norma Dever Treasurer, Suzanne Rowe Sponsor, Dean Oaks STAGECRAFT CLUB The work of this organiza- tion develops the talents of its members in preparing the lighting, scenery, and proper- ties for the various programs and plays held. President, Tom Beasley Vice-President Dave Brady Secretary, Pete Miller Treasurer, Margaret Butler Sponsor, Miss Ruth White DEBATE CLUB The purpose of the Debate Club is to develop, through organized debating, the abil- ities of logical thinking, clear expression, and above all, careful selection of truth from varying ideas. President, Johnny Byrd Vice-President, Jim Hawes Secretary, Jim Hamilton Treasurer, Randy Osborne Sponsor, Miss Lucy Price MILLIGAN COLLEGE PLAYERS This is an organization de- signed to give interested stu- dents the opportunity to de- velop their own abilities and an abiding appreciation of the best in acting and stage production. President, Pat Hand Vice-President, Dave Brady Secretary-Treasurer, Kathy Vomer Sponsor, Miss Lucy Price JtauJK , ■ - Mtte oses -. - MILLIGAN COLLEGE CONCERT CHOIR The choir is a very vital part of student life at Milligan and is helpful in shaping the high Chris- tian ideals for which the college stands. Its message in song not only offers entertainment but al- so presents a challenge to all who hear it to follow its plea for the Christian way of life. This year ' s two-weeks ' tour took its sixty- one members through six differ- ent states. laSok - « - ., . Gospelaires Milliganettes Jerry Lindell Gail Willoughby Roberta Dick Bill Dever Carol Wickes Helen Lewis Grant Layman Betsy Eunson Jerry Wagner Ann McDonald Freshman Quartet Ronald Spotts Don Stiffler Bill Hall Don Miller Millettes Carol Wardle Patsy Masters Pat Bishop Sophomore Quartet John Worrell Bob Walther Jay Cooper Jerry Hughes Buffettes Suzy Ellis Helen Fife Sophie Myers Gale Shepard PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB This group meets socially and professionally for the development of character, sportsmanship, and leader- ship. It is made up of those majoring or minoring in physical education. President, Bob Williams Vice-President, James Fox Secretary, Alice MacDonald Treasurer, Shirley Dougherty Sponsors, Miss Constance Mynatt and Coach Duard Walker PHI ETA TAU " Mgr ' This club is open to all girls who are majoring or minoring in physical educa- tion. Honorary membership may be bestowed on those showing a vital interest. Its purpose is to promote the athletic program for Milligan girls. President, Betty Mise Vice-President, Alice MacDonald Secretary, Christine Winters Treasurer, Sue Jackson Sponsor, Miss Constance Mynatt " M " CLUB Membership in the " M " Club is limited to those who have lettered in at least one varsity sport. President, Phil Roush Vice-President, Ken Gaslin Secretary, Pete Miller Treasurer, Jim Burgett Sponsor, Coach Duard Walker BUFFALO RAMBLERS The Buffalo Ramblers find mental relaxation from class- room routine through hiking and becoming better acquaint- ed with the works of Nature in beautiful East Tennessee. President, Bill Casteel Vice-President, Jim Fox Secretary, Gertrude Archer Treasurer, Grant Lavman . ■ ■ ■■■■ ■■■■■ , .■ ■, ■ , -...-. . . ■ .-. ■■• ■■■■••• ' ' . ■ . ■ " PRE-MED CLUB The Pre-Med Club, com- posed of students preparing for careers in medicinal or closely allied fields, strives through its activities to be beneficial not only to its members but to the whole student body. President, Den Taylor Vice-President, Bob Walther Secretary, Pat Ward Treasurer, Grace Lambert Sponsors, Mr. Warren Fairbanks and Mr. Lone Sisk CLUB PANAMERICANO This group has its objec- tives to learn Spanish and to have a good time. It is com- posed of students who have had or are taking Spanish. President, Bill Mahan Vice-President, Don Williams Secretary, Vera Hamilton Treasurer, Suzanne Rowe Sponsor, Miss Dorothy Price ■1 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, com- posed of representatives elected from each class, at- tempts to bring about closer harmony between the ad- ministration and the stu- dents and to coordinate the interest and aims of the en- tire student body. President, Bill Thomas Representatives — Senior, Norma Dever, Mary Jane Kincheloe, Dave Crandall, Leonard Gallimore. Junior, Alice Mac-Donald, Sue Jack- sen, Jerry Lindell, Dave Brady. Sophomore, Gail Will- oughby, Glen Barton. Fresh- man, Ann Robinson, Al Co- vell. THE DORMITORY COUNCILS It is the aim of the councils to coordinate student-administrative af- fairs and to represent faithfully the class which has elected them in a united effort toward a greater Milligan. THE LIBRARY STAFF The library staff is com- posed of the Librarian and student assistants, who use this employment for service to the college and fellow stu- dents. Left to right: Hope Irvin, Anne Robinson, Mary Frances Denune, John Neth, Librarian, Betty June Ald- erman, and Jimmie Buckles. (Not pictured — Carol Ham- ilton and Roberta Dick). DAY STUDENTS The increasing number of day students on the campus makes our Milligan circle complete with their unfailing friendliness and cooperation. Chapter 3 Sports Back row, left to right: Coach Walker, Don Williams, Jim Wilhoit, Duard Aldridge, Jim Crouch, Ted Mekeehan, Norman Held. Front row, left to right: Joe Hill, Al Covell, Glenn Barton. -Jim Burgetl, Bud Gaslin, Phil Roush, Pat Hand, Bob Williams. BASKETBALL Milligan College is proud of the work of the ' 53- ' 54 basketball team. Although the record may not be too impressive, it doesn ' t show the odds against which the team played. Not enough credit for this suc- cess can be given to Coach Walker and to our leaders, co-captains Jim Burgett and Bud Gaslin. Coach Walker has continued his great work since moving here three years ago, while Jim and Bud showed great leadership at all times. Manager, Bob Williams Assistant Manager, Joe Hill BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Milligan Opponent 81 Appalachian State 66 83 Appalachian State 73 68 Concord 84 82 Lincoln Memorial Un. 74 71 Tusculum 74 74 Berea 76 Gl King 44 73 King 70 69 Union University 86 77 Austin Peay State 82 58 David Lipscomb 66 illigan Opponent 75 Maryville 57 65 East Tennessee State 88 61 Austin Peay State 63 71 Lincoln Memorial Un. 66 79 Tusculum 91 85 Carson-Newman 81 53 East Tennessee State 64 87 Emory and Henry 95 91 Carson-Newman 90 83 Maryville 76 75 Emory and Henry 82 During the past season, our basketball team has given us many ex- citing moments of fast, competitive play. Above are shown some of the fellows in action during games with Tusculum, Austin Peay, and Mary- ville. On the night of our last home game, Phil Roush, graduating sen- ior, was honored. Ann Miller, Pat Bonner, Betty Jeanne Snodgrass, Sue Jackson, " Pinky " Craig, and " Doc " Hawes. CHEERLEADERS To " Doc, " " Tinky, " and the girls, congratu- lations and thanks for a job well done ! You deserve much praise for your spirit, your lead- ership, and your loyal- ty. School and team spirit rested largely on your efforts and we are proud of your ac- complishments. First Row: Jim Fox, " Red " Warnock, Don Williams, Roy Sparks, Ronnie Spotts, Leonard Gallimore. Second Row. Coach Walker, Pete Miller, Sid Walker, Joey Saurez Martinez, Bob Van Buren. Duard Aldri dge, Jim Wilhoit, James Fletcher, Jim Devault, and George Davis. BASEBALL The Milligan College baseball team is looking forward to a good year with several returning lettermen and a very good crop of freshmen prospects. All around, this year should be much better than last, with the team being built around these veterans: Leonard Gallimore, Don Taylor, Pete Miller, Don Williams, Jim Fox, James Fletcher, George Davis, and Frank Hawks. RETURNING LETTERMEN Above are shown the returning lettermen for baseball. Top Row: Pete Mil- ler, James Fletcher, Jim Fox. Bottom Row: Don Williams, Leonard Gallimore. RETURNING LETTERMEN Grant Layman — Phil Roush — Leonard Gallimore TENNIS If some new talent can be added to the three return- ing lettermen, the 1954 tennis team can look forward to a very successful season. The three lettermen, around whom the team will be built, are Phil Roush, Grant Lay- man, and Leonard Gallimore. Tennis, under the leader- ship of Miss Mynatt has come to be a major sport at Milligan College. The team this year is built around number one man Phil Roush and ably supported by the return of Grant Layman and Leonard Gallimore. INTRA MURALS ■ •» .; .,T-- f Chapter 4 Features OS In A inencan Qolleges and Universities William Thomas Three Milligan seniors were elected to WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES from the class of 1954. They were considered to be the most outstanding of their class during their four years of college work on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and service to the school. The seniors chosen are pictured here: Wil- liam Thomas, Betty Jeanne Snodgrass, and Norma Spangler Dever. Betty Jeanne Snodgrass Norma Spangler Dever £A6 Best All Around Alice MacDonald Dave Brady Most Outstanding Seniors Bettv Jeanne Snodgrass Bill Thomas Most Intellectual Gail Willoughby Raymond Kisner Most Athletic Bettv Mise Al Covell Most Popular Kitty Wert Tom Hawes Best Looking Sue Sparks Bob Williams Betty Jeanne Snodgrass of Tennessee and Leonard Gallimore of Vir- ginia are the celebrities named by the student body from the senior class who share the honors of Queen and King of May, reigning over the fes- tive occasion centered around a chosen theme. Girls: Ann Miller, Wilma Lewis, Margaret Saunders, Betty Mise, Eileen Suth- erland, and Arlene Seal. Boys: Jim Crouch, Jerry Hughes, Bill Casteel, Don Tay- lor, Phil Roush, and J. B. Shepherd. iss oenior Mary Jane Kincheloe MlLLlGAN Wliss Junior Margaret Saunders iss sophomore Ellen Sample ,,- Beautie s illiss freshman Marilyn Smith GUEST ARTISTS Top Row : Robert Macferran, The Chanticleers, Geraldine Overstreet. Center Row: The Rosenberg Duo, Jean Handzlik. Bottom Row: Barter Theater, Nelson and Neal. X- . £ ■ ■■ 4- ifik ■LtV $ a " •33 c. " . 7 . ' 1 -. ' .- ' V 1 ?% -r •iM-: » ' ■? fc 2 -;-«-: vl. • ■■- v- : Z Chapter 5 Administration DR. DEAN E. WALKER President THE ADMINISTRATION President Dean E. Walker has given his whole-hearted thought and effort during his ad- ministration to the growth of Milligan College. Both he and Mrs. Walker have made a place for themselves in the life of the college because of their sincere interest in all who are a part of it. President and Mrs. Walker GUY OAKES Academic Dean Education MILDRED WELSHIMER Dean of Students Religion RAY E. STAHL Executive Secretary LOIS HALE Registrar English Owen Crouch Arthur Edwards Warren Fairbanks Charlotte Greek Religion Biology Glickfield Religion English Ivor Jones Elmer Lewis German Sam J. Hyder History Sociology Mathematics Psychology Constance Mynatt Dorothy Price College Chaplain Physical John Neth Spanish Education Librarian French Eugene Price library Science English Business Lucy Price Administration Speech FACULTY AND STAFF FACULTY AND STAFF Betty Jo Riddle Lone Sisk Hazel Turbeville Duard Walker Music Chemistry Secretarial Coach Science Physical Ed. Henry Webb Ona Ruth Weimer Greek Music Ruth White Jean Ftndlay Religion Music Dietician Irene Nice House Mother Ray Dean House Mother Ruth Ratcliffe McCracken Cashier Blanche Stiffler Foreman of Secretary Maintenance Chapter 6 asses Senior Class Officers President, TOM HAWES Vice-President, LEONARD GALLIMORE Secretary, EILEEN SUTHERLAND Treasurer, ARLENE SEAL L j8£±]!!3S» -iL _ ff ■•■■w» SENIOR CLASS The Senior Class of 1954 consists of thirty-three members, fourteen women and nineteen men, and is sponsored by Mr. Eugene Price. Each major field is represented with students from approximately nine different states. Eighteen members of this class be- gan their college studies at Milligan as Freshmen. The Student Union Building was begun during the Freshman year of this class. Sponsor, MR. PRICE GERTRUDE ARCHER St. Joseph, Illinois A. B. Social Studies JAY DONALD COOPER Scranton, Pennsylvania A. B. Religion GEREEL CABLE Elizabethton, Tennessee A. B. Social Studies SENIOR DAVID WILBURT CRANDALL Springport, Indiana A. B. Mathematics THELMA RUTH CAGLE Madisonville, Tennessee A. B. Religion WALLACE EDWARD CRIDER Erwin, Tennessee A. B. Religion CLASS COB JEAN DAUGHERTY Johnston City, Illinois A. B. Religion NORMA SPANGLER DEVER Johnson City, Tennessee A. B. Social Science DALTON LEONARD FINCH, JR. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. A. B. Religion SENIOR LEONARD RAYMOND GALLIMORE Willis, Virginia A. B. Physical Education SALLY ANN BONNER GREER Johnson City, Tennessee A. B. Social Studies SAM GRANT GREER Johnson City, Tennessee B. S. Business Administration CLASS THOMAS RICHARD HAWES Columbus, Indiana B. S. Physical Education JOANN FAY GUSTIN Hillsboro, Ohio A. B. Social Studies LAWRENCE ROBERT KEPLER Ft. Lauderdale, Florida A. B. Religion SENIOR GRANT WILLIAM LAYMAN Johnson City, Tennessee A. B. Religion MARY JANE KINCHELOE Johnson City, Tennessee A. B. Social Science DOUGLAS A. MOREHEAD Radford, Virginia B. S. Physical Education CLASS JAMES EDWARD PATTON McClure, Virginia A. B. Business Administration ARLENE JANNET SEAL McKeesport, Pennsylvania A. B. Music PHILLIP HENRY ROUSH Burlington, Vermont A. B. Psychology SENIOR JAMES BRADLEY SHEPHERD Milligan College, Tenn. A. B. Business Administration BETTY JEANNE SNODGRASS Elizabethton, Tennessee A. B. Religion ■.:%• »$: tf .,. • ' -? " OSCAR STEPHENS Elizabethton, Tennessee A. B. Religion CLASS WILLIAM KENNETH THOMAS Scranton, Pennsylvania A. B. Religion FAITH W. STAHL Milligan College, Tenn. A. B. Social Science JACK STEPHENS Hampton, Tennessee A. B. Social Science RUTH EILEEN SUTHERLAND Greeneville, Tennessee A. B. Music ROBERT STEPHENS WILLIAMS Radford, Virginia B. S. Physical Education 4 PATRICIA LEE WARD Chicago, Illinois A. B. Science Junior Class Officers President, DICK CARPENTER Vice-President, BILL CASTEEL Secretary, SUZANNE ROWE Treasurer, ELIZABETH EUNSON Sponsor, MR. S. J. HYDER JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class is composed of forty-one mem- bers coming from ten different states. Under the leadership of the officers and sponsor, the class has enjoyed many interesting parties and activities, hav- ing as its highlight of the year the sponsorship of Twirp Week. JUNIOR Andrews, David Barton, Richard Bishop, Patricia Brady, David Buckles, Jimmie Byrd, Johnny Carpenter, Richard Casteel, William Dever, William Dougherty, Shirley Elam, Sam Eunson, Elizabeth Fletcher, James Fox, James Gourley, Lois CLASS Green, Carolyn Hand. John Harrison, Jacquelyn Harrison, Max Hawes, James Hazelwood, Charles Hicks, Thomas Jackson, Sue Kisner, Raymond Layman, Eva Lindell, Gerald MacDonald, Alice Mahan, Bill Mise, Betty Jo Rowe, Suzanne JUNIORS Saunders, Margaret Schlapia, Thelma Smythers, Charles Sproles, Bill Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Don Topping, Pat Vonier, Kathy Wert, Francis Wickes, Carol Sophomore Class Officers President, KENNETH GASLIN Vice-President, JAMES BURGETT Secretary, ROBERTA DICK Treasurer, VERA HAMILTON SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore class has Miss Ruth E. White as its very capable sponsor and is composed of fifty-nine members. Twelve states and every major field of study offered at Milligan are represented in the class. Our president, Bud Gaslin, and our vice-president, Jim Burgett, are co-captains of the basketball team and have done a swell job this year. SOPHOMORE Alderman, Betty Barnes, Robert Barton, Glen Beasley, Thomas Brown, Jeanette Burgett, James Butler, Margaret Colbert, Katherine Crowder, Gorda Cunningham, Glen Davis, Bob Davis, George DeVault, Harold Dick, Roberta Dillon, Agnes Gaslin, Kenneth Hall, Bill Hall, John Hamilton, Vera Hamlin, Omer Hanks, Eugene Hays, Marlene Held, Norman Hughes, Jerald Irvin, Hope Jaynes, June Johnson, Billie Jo Johnson, Max Lamb, Clarence Lambert, Grace CLASS Lane, Nancy- Lewis, Helen Lewis, William Lewis, Wilma Love, Joanne MacDonald, Anne Marsh, David Miller, Walter Nigg, Barbara Osborne, John Patrick, Christine Pearson, Betty Reitzel, Patricia Remsnyder, Frank Sample, Ellen Simcox, Frankie Smith, Maxie Snyder, Bob Speer, Mary Stofferan, Lorena Vance, Gail Wagner, Gerald Walther, Bob Warnick, Elizabeth Williams, Donald Williams, Marcella Willoughby, Gail Winters, Christine Worrell, John Zacharias, Sara Freshman Class Officers President, JACK LEIMBACH Vice-President, DON STIFFLER Secretary, PATSY MASTERS Treasurer, SUZIE ELLIS Sponsor, MR. OWEN CROUCH FRESHMAN CLASS The freshman class is composed of 105 members and has as its sponsor Dr. Crouch. We, the Class of 1957, hav taken as our project the raising of money for new library equipment in memory of Calvin Doughterty. Our president is Jack Leimbach, to whom we give a lot of credit for his help in making a successful class. FRESHMEN Aldridge, Duard Allen, Mary Alice Anderson, James Angel, Folsom Arnold, Ruth Bennett, Palma Bevan, Richard Boiling, Chad Bonner, Patricia Bowers, Eugene Bowers, Shirley Bowman, Helen Ann Brackman, Alan Buck, Janet Carpenter, Jane Covell, Alvin Craig, Larry Crouch, James DeSilvey, Neilus Ellis, Suzy Etter, James Eunson, William Fairchild, Gordon Ferrell, Bill Fife, Helen Gehrum, Nancy Gouge, Jerry Hamilton, Carol Hamilton, James Hay, Barbara Hill, Joseph Hyder, Helen James, Geneva Jermyn, Alice Johnson, Mildred FRESHMAN Kannel, Jerrold Kohls, James Lee, Delbert Leimbach, Jack Lewis, Scott Lindsey, Patricia McCracken, Ruby Masters, Patsy Menear, Fredrick Miller, Anne Miller, Donald Mottesheard, Donald Myers, Sophia Quesenberry. Joline Robinson, Anne Ross, Clarence Rowe, Evelyn Rozell, Marilyn Shepard, Gale Smith, Marilyn Sowers, Ronald Sparks, Roy Sparks, Sue Stiffler. Donald Stills, Ross Martinez, Jose Swiney, Marvin Sword, Nancy Tapp, June Tavlor, Deane Triplett, Bruce Van Buren, Robert Van Dine, Earl Vicars, Johnny Walker, Diane CLASS Walker, Sidnev Wardle, Carol Warnock, Laken Weaver, Roger Wells, Marlene Wilhoit, James Williams, Barbara Williams, Burley Wilson, Charles Ishikawa, Mamoru ' h ill SPECIAL STUDENTS demons, Luther — Randall, Dick — Gutierrez, Hilda — Hardin, Richard Lumsden, Denis — Dorton, Vonda 3fn iHemortam Calvin Dougherty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Dougherty, came to Milligan College from Greenwood, Indiana, as a member of the Freshman Class of 1953. He was a graduate of the Clark Township High School, where he was an excellent student and a member of the basketball and baseball teams. He was a member of the Rocklane Christian Church. In Calvin ' s memory, the Freshman Class of 1953 has established a Calvin Dougherty Memorial Fund to be used for the improvement of the library facilities of the college. While his death inevitably shocked and saddened all who had known and loved him. we are comforted by our faith in the wisdom of our Heavenly Father. W 1 i - i • i .V £ -- ' Chapter 7 -. M y » s AMERICAN BEMBERG and NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORPORATION Elizabethton, Tennessee ¥■ V 5 § is o 3 " o x c z W « X C Z 3 o O it? 5 " o Q — Z 3 -° I o x 5 Q cn° CO CD — CD 3 95 a. £5 w CD ST Ores o s rf- W 9= - ■ 1 o 93 3 95 q . 95 K| 1 c V en p, :;ia; 95 03 SB i-S CD i J p CD © Pi 1 ►a 3 i - V! 3. O i e T3 £ i-b CO yj ri c-t- " l-S ! :: en CD O Si- rt- 3 o " Ms o Si (6 O CD CD i-j 1 V - i ■Xte-r- ' -fXrWjft.WnjswVWw; -■-■-■ •- ■:. : •••-.-- THE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF ELIZABETHTON Welcomes You To Our Worship Services Minister, FRED W. SMITH Best Wishes Seniors from LES LUMSDEN 7 HOUR LAUNDRY For Fast Service Elizabethton, Term. Phone 7771 Congratulations Buffalo Class of ' 54 DIXIE DRIVE IN RESTAURANT " The Pride of East Tennessee " Famous For Good Food Students Welcome East Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee THE S. E. MASSENGILL COMPANY Pharmaceutical Manufacturers BRISTOL, TENNESSEE New York San Francisco Kansas City Electricity Is Your Best Bargain Your ELIZABETHTON ELECTRIC SYSTEM FREE SERVICE TIRE COMPANY Stores All Over East Tennessee UannaLLt " Your Quality Clothing Store Since 1912 " Larkin Baking Co., Inc, Elizabethton, Tennessee FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH ERWIN, TENNESSEE Henry E. Webb, Minister Bible School 9:45 Morning Worship 10:45 Youth Meetings 6:30 Evening Worship 7:30 ERWIN INSURANCE AGENCY Established 1909 Real Estate — Rentals — Bonds MAIN AT GAY Dial 5371 Erwin, Tennessee KING ' S, INC. Johnson City ' s Great 5 Floor Department Store Compliments ANDERSON DRUG STORE " On the Minute Service " Phone 1094 Johnson City, Tennessee Congratulations Senior Class of 1954 iiiiiyiiiik UNAKA STORES. Inc. COCA-COLA " The Shopping Center BOTTLING WORKS of Erwin " L. G. BALFOUR CO. Compliments of " Known Wherever There THE PEOPLES BANK Are Schools and Colleges " Class Rings and Pins Johnson City Commencement Invitations Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia Medals and Trophies MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT Represented by: INSURANCE CORPORATION John and Albert Bealle P. O. Box 97 Johnson City, Tennessee THOMAS ' MENS ' CALFEE SWANN, Inc. STORE " Everything Photographic " 102 E. Main St. P. 0. Box 126 HART SCHAFFNER AND MARX BOTANY " 500 " JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE STETSON HATS The Home of Kodak Album Snapshots that are " bound to be better. " Phone 1553 218 East Main Street Rustcraft and Barker Greeting Cards JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Eastman, Bell Howell, Revere, Argus • and Zeiss Ikon Cameras and Projectors Best Wishes Compliments of SENIORS JOHNSON CITY from STEAM LAUNDRY FRANK MORRIS Phone 3688 of the PATIO BEGKNERS ' Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Jeweler for 66 Years JOHNSON CITY 232 Main Street BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. Home of DuPont Paints " There Is a Material Difference " Dial 2-1711 ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE FOLSOM PRINTING GO. 708 East Elk Avenue " Printers of Everything " Phone 2-4211 ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of SELL PRODUCE GO. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Snyder-Jones Pharmacy Elizabeth Arden Toilet Goods 100 Main Street Phone 2042 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE CITY DRUG CO. " Your Prescription Center " 523 Elk Ave. Phone 6431 ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Enjoy Fine Food At ROAN RESTAURANT JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Compliments of LOUIS SHOE SHOP 117 Buffalo Street " Work Done While U Waif 15% STUDENTS ' DISCOUNT Phone 1568-J The Church of Christ of Elizabethton JOHN SEVIER HOTEL WELCOMES YOU East Tennessee ' s Finest TO OUR WORSHIP SERVICES Sunday Bible Study at 10:00 Morning Worship at 11:00 225 ROOMS COFFEE SHOP Evening Worship at 7:30 Wednesday Bible Study at 7:30 CONVENTION FACILITIES ' Minister, Robert O. Wilson For Flowers Call On For clothes that are smart GUNNAR TEILMANN That will give the boy ' s heart a start ' " Johnson City ' s Leading Florist " NETTIE LEE SHOP 318 E. Main Phone 511 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE 204 East Main Street , FLOWERS BY WIRE JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE French Dry Cleaning Compliments of and Laundry Corporation SEVIER TENNESSEE " Quality Cleaning For Over Quarter Century " THEATRES Davis-Mottern Jewelers BEST WISHES " Elizabethton ' s Blue-White Diamond Dealers " TO THE CLASS OF ' 54 405 Elk Avenue The New and Greater ELIZABETHTON TENNESSEE Dosser ' s Department Store Phone 7931 " Compliynerits " TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION CO. ELIZABETHTON. TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS Home Federal Savings and Loan Association JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE PET ICECREAM Edens Grocery and Coal Company ' Groceries, Meats, Gas, Q7id Oil, Highest Grade Coal " Glandstoff Highway Phone 2-6111 Compliments of HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS of CARL ' S SHOE SALON NETTIE LEE SHOPS Compliments oj WOFFORD BROS., Inc. Insurance Wofford Building 327 E. Main St. Phone 1900 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Elizabethton Steam Laundry Opposite Court House Sub Station 130 West Elk Ave. Dial - 2113 or 551 Compliments of COLEMAN ' S STUDIO THE JEWEL BOX " Your Friendly Credit Jeweler " 247 East Main Street JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE j Congratulations, Seniors BIRCHFIEL-BROOKS " The Gateway To A Man ' s World " 431 Elk Avenue ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of East Tennessee Petroleum Association MASENGILL ' S Distinctive Fashions For Women and Girls Compliments of NAVE ' S DRIVE IN JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Compliments of Orange Crush Bottling Co. 112 Jobe St. Phone 43 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Compliments of LONDON ' S HARDWARE CHAMBERS-WILLIAMS Professional Pharmacists FREE DELIVERY 200 W, Market St, Phone 3177 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Evans Motor Company DeSoto Plymou th Case Farm Machinery 340 E. Elk Ave. Dial 7111 ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of BETSY STYLE SHOP ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of CITY MUSIC STORE ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE McNiel ' s Book Store John Sevier Hotel Building Roan Market Streets Phone 2937 JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE Best Wishes From Ajax Steel and Supply, Inc. 500 Brookhaven Drive P. O. Box 546 ORLANDO, FLORIDA J. F. Greene, Manager Compliments of EDMOND BROTHERS BUILDERS SUPPLY Bluff City Highway Dealers in Builders Supply Compliments of THE RECORD SHOP Emma Ruth Riggs and Martha Laws FRED MOORE ' S ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE SILER AND COMPANY 320 E. Main JOHNSON CITY Compliments of MAJESTIC THEATER JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE THE MUSIC MART JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE Compliments of Religious Book Store ELIZABETHTON Compliments of C. B. JOHNSON ' S FRIENDLY HOME FURNISHINGS CO. ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of LODGE EVANS Compliments of BANKS STREET ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of RITCHIE ' S, Inc. Nationally Advertised Furniture On Easy Terms Elizabethton Hardware Co. " Good Hardware and Fine Furniture " HOWELL ' S FLORIST 620 Elk Avenue — Phone 23781 Member of F. T. D. Association ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of RENTZ JEWELERS Buckles Supply Store Church School Office Supplies ELIZABETHTON. TENNESSEE ACME GLEANERS " Home of Quality Cleaning " 202 N. Roan St. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Compliments of WATSON ' S ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store Sterchi Bros. Stores, Inc. ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE JOHNSON CITY Compliments of Hughes Grocery Store Compliments of McCracken ' s Grocery " What have you done, " St. Peter asked, " That I should admit you here? " " We ran an Annual, " the young people said, " Of our college for one long year. " St. Peter gravely bowed his head, " What you ' ve been thru I know! Come in, poor kids, pick out your harps, ' Tis here you deserve to go. " The Annual Staff sincerely hopes that you have enjoyed this edition of THE BUFFALO. In the years to come may you enjoy it even more. STAFF, ' 54 Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications ROANOKE, VIRGINIA YEARBOOKS of DISTINCTION Yes, through close cooperation with staff and faculty, and personal supervision of every phase of the work, we produce distinctive, attractive vearbooks vear after vear for a selected clientele. Let us prove that we can produce for you a dis- tinctive vet economical vearbook! Commonwealth Press, Inc. Station A, Box 38 RADFORD, VIRGINIA MEMBER ANNUAL MANUFACTURERS OF AMERICA Zlilliaan Coll. 1881 0001 1 '

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