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. ; :5» a?ft-Wv i« i ' ui!Ai v V. Milligan College Library LD3311.M7M5627 1953 C.2 Milligan College Buffalo. MA 3 1881 0001 1714 9 A : JM o THE ANNUAL STAFF OF MILLIGAN COLLEGE PRESENTS THE NINETEEN FIFTY THREE P.H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL immt MILUGAN COLLEGE. lENN. 3768 f0 ( ( Pardee H» " I FAIR EASTER Administratio 4 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Gymnasium - ENNESEE ' S OUNTAINS " Iding Qf ? Student l3nion THIS WAS OUR TIME . . . " 0, call back yesterday, bid time return " FOREWORD It is with a deep feeling of pride that the Annual Staff of 1953 welcomes you to turn the pages of this BUFFALO. We have endeavored to pre- sent to you in all sincerity the true spirit of our college of Christianity and liberal arts, Milligan, which in our hearts will forever remain Second to None. CONTENTS Administration 7 Classes 13 Activities 33 Features 47 Athletics 55 Advertisements 67 DEDICATION Miss Marie Smith Mr. Elmer Lewis It is with esteem and heartfelt gratitude that we, the Senior Class of 1953, dedicate this edition of the Buffalo to Miss Marie Smith and Mr. Elmer Lewis. Through their deep understanding and inspiring guidance, they have instilled within our hearts a faith and confidence which we shall alwavs cherish. — 6 — lA ' i »- THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR President Dean E. Walker THE ADMINISTRATION President Dean E. Walker has devoted himself tc the progress of Milligan College with fervent zeal and interest. He and Mrs. Walker have opened their home to students and friends of Milligan with a warm and sincere hospitality. — 8 — Dr. Donald G. Sahli Academic Dean History Lois Hale Mildred Welshimer Registrar Ray E. Stah l Dean of Students English Executive Secretary Religion Janet Catlett Music Arthur Edwards Religion Warren Fairbanks Biology Jean Findlay Dietician Edward Gifford English Sam J. Hyder Mathematics Ivor Jones History Elmer Lewis Sociology, Psychology College Chaplain Robert Milhorn Bookkeeper Guy Oakes Education Eugene Price Business Education Lucy Ethel Price Speech ■% ' ' IT. m -10— . ■tsbJ " , ' -;; » ¥m. Ruth Ratclifpe Cashier Betty Jo Riddle Music Lone Sisk Cliemistry Geneva Marie Smith Spanish, French, English Earl Stuckenbruck German Hazel Turbeville Secretarial Science Roberta Vest Physical Education DuARD Walker Coach Henry Webb Greeli Ruth E. White Music Fauntelle Wood Librarian IN MEMORIAM Mother Meacham came to Milligan Col- lege and served as housemother for Hardin Hall for five and one-half years. Before this she and her husband, the late Mr. E. J. Meacham, were at Sabina, Ohio, where he was minister of the Christian Church. Much cf her time was spent in beautifying the campus and in helping and ministering to the girls. Her life was not in vain for she taught to all life ' s sweetest and dear- est lessons: Hope, patience, faith, humility and love most true. " He giveth his beloved sleep. " Psalm 127:2 Mrs. E. J. Meacham —11— — 12 — THES TH RE THE TIMES TRY MEN ' S SOWLS t , SENIOR GLASS OFFICERS President - Betts Still Vice-President Harry Bibb Secretary Lucille Adams Treasurer Harriet Bullock Sponsor Mr. Guy Oakes SENIOR GLASS The senior class of 1953 consists of thirty-five members, sponsored by Professor Guy Oakes. Of this group, Paul Bajko, religion major, comes from Poland. Frank Hannah, now in pre-med school at the University of Tennessee, will receive his diploma upon completion of his first year there. Each major field is represented here with students from approximately ten different states and one foreign country. This class is responsible for the introduction of " Twirp Week, " which has become a definite part of the early activities of the year. SENIORS Lucille Adams Mountain City, Tennessee A. B. English H. Drx Archer St. Joseph, Illinois A. B. Religion Paul Bajko Pinsk, Poland A. B. Religion Ella Eugenia Ball High Point, North Carolina A. B, Physical Education ' v g we —IS — NIORS MWn. Maribel a. Bare Youngstown. Ohio A. B. Chemistry Harry Edward Bibb Radford, Virginia A. B, Physical Education Harriet Bullock Bristol, Virginia A. B. Religion Gene Judson Click Moore Haven, Florida A. B. Religion " N ' :! 1 SENIORS Barbara Lou Gulp Montezuma, Indiana A. B. Religion Mary Frances Denune Columbus, Ohio A. B. Religion Dorotha DrxoN Carlisle, Kentucky A. B. Social Science Jean Elizabeth Fritts Mountain City, Tennessee A. B. English -17— SENIORS Ralph Eugene Goff Grundy, Virginia A. B. Physical Education Garnet Hall Radford, Virginia A. B. Physical Education Frank Devault Hannah Johnson City, Tennessee A, B. Chemistry Thomas Eugene Hawks Lambsburg, Virginia A. B. Physical Education !§»■ — 18— SENIORS Gerald Holmquist Bristol, Virginia A. B. Religion • V Kitty Rae Irvin Avis. Pennsylvania A. B. Religion Wallace Johnson Neenah, Wisconsin A. B. Business Administration Charlotte Garshaw Kelly Huntington, West Virginia A. B. English B- — X9— SENIORS Mesmore Lewis King Somerset, Pennsylvania A. B. Religion Melvin Paul Knapp Elizabethton, Tennessee A. B. Religion Alvin Randolph Lyons Lambsburg, Virginia A. B. Physical Education Amon G. McSwords Bridgeport, Ohio A. B. Religion SENIORS Karlyn Keyes Marshall Johnson City, Tennessee A. B. Music Kenneth L. Mathis Council Bluffs, Iowa A. B. Religion Dan B. Mayer Etna, Ohio A. B. Chemistry William Morelock Mosheim, Tennessee A. B. Business Administration - - — 21— SENIORS Anna Mae Price Milligan College, Tennessee A. B. Science William F. Radspinner New York, New York A. B. History Virginia Ann Snyder Albuquerque, New Mexico A. B. Religion Louise Ann Spurgin Chicago, Illinois A. B. English — 22— ■j lri ' SENIORS Elizabeth Ann Still Norton, Virginia A. B. Business Administration Robert T. Whitt Radford, Virginia A. B. Business Administration Luther demons Elizabethton Tennessee A. B. Religion Thomas Long Wellsville, Ohio A. B. Chemistry Velma Martin Johnson City Tennessee B. S. Home Economics JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Phil Roush Sam Greer Esther Ruark Leonard Gallimore JUNIOR CLASS The junior class has majors representative of every field that Milli- gan offers. The students come from ten different states. The presi- dent and vice-president are also co-captains of the basketball team. Esther Ruark Grenoble, our secretary, left at the end of the semester to assume the duties of a housewife. Archer, Gertrude Bonner, Sally Brown. Donald —24— Cable, Gereel Cagle, Ruth First row: Collins, Frank; Cooper, Jay; Crandall, Dave; Dougherty, Bob; Dorton, Vonda. Secoyid row: Elliott, Nova; Greer, Sam; Hawes, Tom; Kinch- eloe, Mary Jane; Layman, Grant. Third roio: Morehead, Douglas; Neff, Thomas; Roush, Phillip; Ruark, Esther; Seal, Arlene. JUNIORS First row: Shepherd, James; Snodgrass, Betty Jeanne: Spang- ler. Norma; Stephens, Oscar; Sutherland, Eileen. Second row: Thomas, William; Ward, Patricia; Williams, Robert. JUNIORS ' ' y ' Prasxdent _ Don Taylor Vice-President Bill Dever Secretary Susan Dorton Treasurer Alice MacDonald Sponsor Miss Marie Smith SOFHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First row: Barton, Richard; Bishop, Patricia; Blevins, Albert; Brady, David; Buckles, Jimmie; Byrd. Johnny. Second row: Carpenter, Richard; Casteel, William; Dale, Jean; Davis, Harold; Davis, Bill: DeArmond, David. —27— ■ , r ' hM k A First row. Devei-. William; Dougherty, Shirley; Dorton, Su- san; Elam, Sam; Eunson, Elizabeth; Fletcher, James. Second row: Fox, James; French, Peggy; Gourley, Lois; Hand. John; Harrison, Jackie L.; Harrison, Max. Third roio: Hawes, James; Henry, Allegra; Hicks, Thomas; Jackson, Sue; Kepler, Lawrence; Kisner, Raymond. Fourth row: Koerber, Richard; Lindell, Gerald; Litton, Eva; Lundy, Jo Ann; MacDonald, Alice; Mahan, Bill. SOPHOMORES First roio: Masters. Betty Jean; Mise, Betty Jo; Nagle, Ro- land; Osborne, Jo Marie; Owens, Ruth; Porter, Eugene. Second row. Potter, Bob; Rowe, Suzanne; Smithson, Mar- garet Jane; Smythers, Charles; Sproles, Billy; Taylor, Donald. Third row. Taylor, Peggj ' ; Vonier, Katherine; Wickes, Carol; Wilson, Patricia. SOPHOMORE CLASS The sophomore class is composed of 58 members and has as its spon- sor Miss Marie Smith. The class is recognized for its leadership in cam- pus entertainment. We have sponsored personalities such as Johnny " Pat " Ray. In the past we have given beach parties, George Washing- ton, and gym parties. Our president is Don Taylor, to whom we give a lot of credit for his help in making a successful class. — 29— President Glen Barton Vice-President Leann Inskeep Secretary Grace Lambert Treasurer Max Smith Sponsor •.. Miss Ruth White FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First row. Barton, Glen; Beasley. Thomas; Botkin. Merrill; Brown. Jeanette; Burchett, Marilyn; Burgett, James: Colbert, Katherine. Second row: Crowder, Gorda Mae; Cunningham, Glenn; Davis, George; De- vault, Harold; Dick, Roberta; Dickey, Joseph; Dixon, Jack. First row: Franklin, Doris; Gaslin, Kennetii: Gillen, Herbert; Grenoble, Har- ris; Hamilton, Vera; Hamlin, Omer; Hayes, Marlene. Second row: Hawks, Frank: Held, Norman: Hughes, Jerald; Hyer, Janice; Inskeep, Leann; Irvin, Hope; Jamison, George. Third row: Jaynes, June; Jewell, Randell; Johnson, Billy Jo; Johnson, Max; Lambe, Clarence; Lambert, Grace: Lane. Nancy. Fourth row: Lewis, Bill; Lewis, Helen; Love, Joanne; Lumsden, Denis; Mac- Donald, Anne; Marsh, David; Meade, Joe. Fifth row: Miller, Grace; Miller, Roy; Miller, Walter; Nigg, Barbara; Oakes, Rodney; Osborne, Randolph: Patrick, Christine. FBE8HMEN —31— First row. Pearson, Betty Ann; Randolph, Ruby; Reitzel, Pat; Rowe, Dorothy; Rowe, Grace; Samford, Donald; Sample, Ellen. Second row: Smith, Maxie; Snyde r, Bob; Speer, Mary; Stallard, Lois; Stall- ard, Tommy; Tippin, Jeanette; Vance, Gail. Third row: Wagner, Jerry; Walker, Jan; Walther, Bob; Warnick, Elizabeth; White, Clarabell; Williams, Don; Williams, Marcella. Fourth row: Willoughby, Gail; Winters, Christine; Wood, Ed; Worrell, John; Zacharias, Sara: Zimmerinan, Roberta. FRESHMAN CLASS The freshman class enrollment this year is the largest for several years. There are ninety-seven students coming from eleven different states. The class has served actively throughout the year in all the various organizations, activities, and productions on the campus. We look forward with eagerness to further years of improvement and service at Milligan. —32— X HAPPY TIME f:n mmiki mKm ' mimm college, rmn. 37682 BUFFALO STAFF Karlyn Keyes Marshall, Editor Bill Morelock, Business Manager The Buffalo takes a bit of Milligan all over the United States and into some foreign countries each year. It attempts to record typical events and every day activities for the students to keep to remind them of their days here. Left to Right: Tom Hawks, Prof. Marie Smith, Bill Casteel, Margaret Smith- son, Jean Ball, Shirley Daugherty, Karlyn Marshall, Bob Williams, Betts Still, Norma Spangler, Leonard Gallimore, Alice MacDonald. and Libby Ann Warnick. THE STAMPEDE The Stampede, the college newspaper, is one of the two publications of the student body. It had Ed Wood as its editor-in-chief this year. Gert Archer is his assistant. The sports ' column was written under the leadership of Leonard Gallimore with Bill Casteel as his right-hand man. Libby Warnick and Pat Ward kept their typewriters busy for this project. Jim Hawes, Gene Click, Alice MacDonald. and Pat Hand were contributors for each issue. COMMERCE CLUB Organized to promote interest in and understanding of business, the Com- merce Club is a vital part of the life of those studying business administration. President, Bill Morelock; Vice-President, Jo Marie Osborne; Secretary and Treasurer, Betty Jo Mise: Sponsor, Mr. Price. CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB This organization, meeting every Monday night, seeks to serve the cause of Christ at Milligan and elsewhere. It has become the spiritual powerhouse on the campus, from which sixteen gospel teams have been organized this year. President. Bill Thomas; Vice-President, David Brady; Secretary and Treasur- er, Kitty Rae Irvin: Sponsor, Miss Welshimer. YOUTH ORGANIZATION Christian Endeavor meets every Sunday evening and serves as a contribu- tion to the spiritual life of students on campus. The theme, " A Closer Walk With Jesus, " has been chosen by the group for this year. President, Dick Barton; Vice-President, Pat Bishop; Secretary and Treasurer, Kathy Vonier; Spo7isor, Miss Welshimer. SERVICE SEEKERS The Service Seekers are girls who are majoring in religion or who plan to go into some field of specialized Christian Service as their life ' s work. Their aim is to serve Christ by helping others. President, Alice MacDonald; Vice-President. Arlene Seal; Secretary and Treas- urer, Sue Dorton; Sponsor. Miss Welshimer. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION This group is composed of men preparing for the Christian ministry or other specific fields of Christian service. Its aim is to provide opportunities for fel- lowship and to help accomplish the ideal of the college. President, Gene Click; Vice-President, Bill Dever; Secretary and Treasurer, Dave Brady; Sponsor, Mr. Edwards. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Josephus Hopwood Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was organized to incorporate classroom scholarship with the everyday problems of students vitally interested in their future profession. President, Sally Bonner; Vice-President, Jean Fritts; Secretary, Virginia Tay- lor; Treasurer, Ruth Owens; Sponsor, Mr. Oakes. HOBBY CLUB The Hobby Club is for those who like to work with their hands. It is especially useful to those who are planning to be elementary school teachers or to work with youth groups. President, Arlene Seal; Vice-President, Jim Buckles: Sponsor, Mr. Hyder. DEBATE CLUB The purpose of the Debate Club is to develop, through organized debating, the abilities of logical thinking, clear expression, and above all, careful selec- tion of truth from varying ideas. President, Everett Smock; Vice-President, John Byrd; Sponsor, Dean Sahli. DRAMATIC CLUB An organization designed to give interested students the opportunity to de- velop their own abilities and an abiding appreciation of the best in acting and stage production. President, Patricia Wilson; Vice-President, Pat Hand; Secretary -Treasurer, Allegra Henry; Publicity Director, Max Harrison; Sponsor, Miss Price. MILLIGAN COLLEGE CONCERT CHOIR An organization which has as its ideal the attain- ment of higher character for its individual members and Christian service for all through the medium of good music. The choir, be- sides training its members musically and socially, acts as an agent of good-will in public and church relations for the Christian institu- tion it represents. In.m I ' .-il III IWIII RiJillt .faiic ( ;jikii Sfl led ' Kiill W hiif Sextette roji; (• to r eA . ' N„i- 1 ,,n lui SpunsikT I Will.iushln ici.i Hishup SL- Spiiriiiii scaled ' 111 ,l.ilh Slill fH t l,Kl)..naU Ho on 1 t«|y yiiar el U ' l HI ,■ » r i; f ' 1 .L 1- Id Lnldcli w II :,M, iKver u d IKArili, [,d The male quartet, known as the Gospelaires. is composed of ministerial stu- dents. They have given freely of both their time and talent. Although some of their activities have been in this area, they have given many programs in the Northern States. The Milliganettes, or girls ' sextette, have made a name for themselves in the local area this year. They have performed for various schools, civic organi- zations, and churches. Their program at the Rotary Club State Convention vi as the highlight of their work. Those vi ho have guided our musical thoughts and programs this year have worked diligently, and inspired us to greater heights in this field. Gratitude for these three people is in the hearts of all Milligan students. 41 — PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB This group meets socially and professionally for the development of char- acter, sportsmanship, and leadership. It is made up of those majoring or minor- ing in physical education. President, Leonard Gallimore; Vice-President. Bob Williams; Secretary-Treas- urer, Anna Mae Price; Sponsor, Coach Walker. PHI ETA TAU This club is open to all girls who are majoring or minoring in physical edu- cation. Honorary membership may be bestowed on those showing a vital in- terest. Its pux-pose is to promote the athletic program for Milligan girls. President, Jean Ball; Vice-President, Betty Jo Mise; Secretary, Patrigia Wil- son; Treasurer, Ruth McVey; Reporter, Sue Jackson. — 42 — A T ' ' M " CLUB Membership in the " M " Club is limited to those who have lettered in at least one varsity sport. President, Bob Williams; Vice-President, Leonard Gallimore; Secretary, Phil Roush; Treasurer. Sam Greer. BUFFALO RAMBLERS The Buffalo Ramblers is a unique organization in that it exists solely as a recreational group for the purpose of becoming better acquainted, through hiking, with God ' s handiwork in beautiful East Tennessee. President, Dick Carpenter; Sponsor, Mr. Fairbanks. YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB The purposes of the club are to study problems of government and the poli- tical issues of the day so that the members might be better prepared to vote and act intelligently on national, state, and local matters. President, Frank Hannah; Vice-President, Wally Johnson; Secretary. Jim Havifes; Treasurer, Esther Grenoble. CLUB PANAMERIGANO This group has as its objectives to learn Spanish and to have a good time. It is composed of students who have had or are taking Spanish. President, Jean Ball; Vice-President, James Patton; Secretary, Gertrude Archer; Treasurer, Harriet Bullock; Sponsor, Miss Smith. THE STUDENT COUNCIL President — Tom Hawks Representatives — Senior, Kitty Rae Irvin, Jean Ball, Gene Click, Randolph Lyons. Junior, Gertrude Archer, Sally Bonner, Bill Thomas, Tom Hawes. Sopho- more, Margaret Jane Smithson. Bill Mahan. Freshman, Katie Colbert, Jerry Wag- ner. THE DORMITORY COUNCILS It is the aim of the councils to coordinate student-administrative af- fairs and to represent faithfully the class which has elected them in a united effort toward a greater Milligan. PRE- MED CLUB The Pre-Med Club is in existence for the purjjose of bringing together stu- dents of like interest, that through discussion and activity they may gain some knowledge of what lies before them in their chosen careers. President. Maribel Bare; Vice-President, Richaid Barton; Secretary, Patricia Ward; Treasurer, Gracie Lambert; Svov.snr. Mr. Sisk. V k DAY STUDENTS The day students of the college are one of its most interesting and interested groups. Their participation in all its activities helps to make them successful and, because of its day students, Milligan is able to become increasingly useful to the surrounding communities. FRESHMAN (MT) WEEK GieiS LAST CHANCE J ; I 1 4 UPPER CLANSMEN WIN AGAIN THE WOMAN 1$ ReQUESTEDTO PAY f ' -f vm E i ! , UK! t K MAY DAY of ' 53 Always a festive and colorful occasion on Milligan ' s campus, the May Day, centered around a chosen theme, honors the King and Queen of May. This year ' s celeb- rities, chosen by the student body from the senior class, are Elizabeth (Betts) Still from Virginia, and Wallace (Wally) Johnson from Wisconsin. The court, com- posed of representatives chosen by each class, is; Gracie Lambert and John Worrell (freshmen); Betty Jo Mise and Al Blevins (sophmores); Betty Snodgrass, Gertrude Archer, Tom Hawes, and Tom Neff (juniors); and Lucille Adams, Jean Fritts, Dix Archer, and Harry Bibb (seniors). r Kitty Rae Irvln Avis, Pa, BettsSti! Norton, Va» Jean Ball HighPoTnrt N.C. WHO ' S WHO Seven members of the Senior Class have been chosen to represent Milligan in the 1952-53 edition of " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " This honor is based on scholarship, leadership, citizen- ship, and service to the school. Congratulations to you Kitty, Betts, Jean, Karlyn, Maribel, Frank and Tom. We know that you will always uphold the name and standards of Milhgan and will be successful in your chosen fields of service. Karlyn Ijlarshall Johnson City Ten n. I ■ii- ii Tom Hawks Lambsburg, a. |l|pBP:W ): W Wt :W!WS Frank Hannah John5onCity,Tain. IViaribef Bare Youn stow n, Ohio FOUNDER ' S DAY One day that is outstanding in the memory of a Milligan student is the celebrated occasion known as Founder ' s Day. Each year for this celebration, alumni return to Milligan to share a day of festivity with old friends and current students. The highlight of the day ' s busy activities is a banquet held in Cheek gymnasium to pay respect to all who have shared in making Milligan College the great institution it is. Special recognition is given to Josephus Hop- wood, the founder of Milligan College. With the selection of Founder ' s Day Daughter, the day ' s activities come to a close. From among eight lovely candidates. Miss Ahce MacDonald from Johnson City, Tennessee, sponsored by the Phi Eta Tau and Physical Education Clubs, won the coveted honor. Again, we the great family of Milhgan College have been proud to share in this memorable occasion — Founder ' s Day. Founders Pa. Paughtsr- Alice klicDonMd MHi ' -s ' ' n , i , n .m H I L.:U - ' J — ' — — »— nf4. ••: ' t • ' iL _i Founder ' s Day C ndidstes and their escorts .i- " Everyone joms In the celebration Mr. Steve Lacey- Mastcr op Ceremonies CAMPUS BEST LOOKING LEONARD GALllMORE SUE JACKSON BEST SENIOR B FRANK HANN JOHN wS g ' .f S WITS " ' ' " - - K ' E HARRISON iSTSENIORGlRL TTY RAE IRVIN MOST INTELLECTUAL RAYMOND KI NER MARIBEL BARE BILL C STEEL —54— ME OUT! ' There ' s no game so desperate. " BASKETBALL WITH THE BUFFALOES Phil and Sam, co-captains of the ' 52- ' 53 Buffs, are two outstanding men in the game of basketball. Both fellows lettered in their freshman year at Milligan, a feat worthy of mentioning in itself, and since that time they have been steadily im- proving from year to year. Sam, from Mountain City, Ten- nessee, is a business administration major and was captain of the ' 51- ' 52 Buffaloes. Phil, from Hillsboro, Ohio, is a psychology major and was voted the best athlete by the student body. Both are members of the junior class. Sam Greer Junior Joe Dickey Freshman Hardest Part of the Game They Carried the Attack Phil RoLish Junior Glen Barton Freshman Bud Gaslin Freshman Jim Burgett Freshman — 57— Date: December 3 December 5 December 6 December 9 January 6 January 10 January 14 January 16 January 17 January 23 January 24 January 26 January 27 January 29 January 31 February 3 February 7 February 10 February 12 SCHEDULE Place: Paty Lumber Company Home Concord (.West Va.) Home King Away Tusculum Home East Tennessee State Away Austin Peay State Home Carson-Newman Home Lincoln Memorial University Home Tuscukim Away Da id Lipscomb Home Emory Henry Home Lincoln Memorial University Away Berea (Kentucky) Away Maryville Home East Tennessee State Home Marwille ' Away Emory Henry Away King Home Carson-Nev man Away RESULTS 1 Milligan: Opponent: 83 85 76 61 73 75 73 59 67 81 69 64 92 96 55 71 71 72 85 57 84 96 66 106 79 72 80 76 60 68 52 70 86 74 59 88 78 74 Milligan College is indeed fortunate to have as its coach Duard Walker. His character and personality are such as to influence boys to become not only better men on the courts, but also better men in the art of living. Our basketball team gave us many minutes of fast and exciting play during the past season. Some of the fellows are shown here in action during games with State, Tusculum, and Austin Peay Left to ri:jht: Tom Hawes, Betty Jean Masters, Betty Jeane Snodgrass, Jan Walker, and Jean Ball. Go get ' em boys Manager Bob Williams and Forward Jim Burgett Stampede ' em, -61- BASEBALL Baseball is one of the vai ' sity sports actively participated in by Milligan College from year to year. Although last year ' s team had a poor record from the won and lest standpoint of view, much interest was created by the undying ccurage exhibited by mem- bers of the team as they fought dov n to the last out against overwhelming cdds. Pitching, as in years past seems to be the chief weakness in this year ' s aggregation; but, with the return of outstanding lettermen and the lar ge crop of freshman candidates cut for the team, this cculd be a good year for the Buffs. RETURNING LETTERMEN Row 1 — Leonard Gallimore, Tom Hawks, Randolph " Red " Lions. Row 2 — Don Taylor, Fred Whitaker, James " Ears " Fox. --4.. P a ' jgfl This yeai ' ' s team will be composed of three returning lettermen several newcomers. If the lack of experience doesn ' t prevail, the t should have a successful season. RETURNING LETTERMEN Grant Layman — Phil Roush — Doug Morehead — es— o-f !n American Bemberg: and North American Rayon Corporation Elizabethton, Tennessee -67— LOOKING AHEAD IN TEXTILES The world ' s oldest manufacturing industry — textiles — is today one of the most exciting and challenging industries, producing revolutionary textile products with qualities which men have sought for centuries. Man-made fibers, new prod- ucts of the chemist ' s test-tube, have been a major contributor to this textile prog- ress. A small textile producer in 1923, Burlington Mills has become a leader in the development and production of beautiful, durable and high-quality filament, spun and knit synthetic fabrics. From one plant with approximately 200 em- ployees, our Company has grown to include 7.5 inanufacturing plants in 46 com- munities of eight states and four foreign countries. It is a recognized leader in the designing, development, research, merchandising and fashion fields as well as manufacturing. If you are a young man or woman looking for a place in in- dustry, we think you should consider textile — and Burlington. It can hold a bright future for the person with the willingness to learn, ability to work, and the natural interest in this fascinating and competitive field. JOHNSON CITY PLANT a unit of Biirlinoton Mills " Jrove i tntoKjj t ic life of America ' Executive Offices: Greensboro, N. C. MAKER OF WOMEN ' S OUTERWEAR AND UNDERWEAR FABRICS • MEN ' S WEAR FABRIC DECORATIVE FABRICS • HOSIERY FOR MEN AND WOMEN • COTTON PIECE GOODS AND YARNS • RIBBON • INDUSTRIAL AND TRANSPORTATION FABRIC Pictures In This Annual By ED TAYLOR STUDIO Photographs of Quality Compliments CLINCHFIELD YMCA ' Where Erwin ' s Activities Are Centered " ERWIN, TENNESSEE FREE SERVICE TIRE COMPANY Stores All Over East Tennessee The S. E. Massengill Company Pharmaceutical Manufacturers BRISTOL, TENNESSEE New York San Francisco Kansas City ELECTRICITY IS YOUR BEST BARGAIN Your ELIZABETHTON EL ECTRIC SYSTEM — 69 — Erwiii National Bank A Safe Place for Your Savings Mr. Price Miss Hale Mr. Webb ]J¥ ln insurance Agency Boosting Milligan Leonard Gallimore and Tom Hawks 1 For Fast Service ' S, Inc. Your Quality Clothing Store Since 1912 —70— KING ' S, Inc. Johnson City ' s Great 5 Floor Department Store Enjoy Fine Food At Roan Restaurant Charter Bus Service For Group Travel Here ' s the perfect transportation for schools, fraternal organizations, civic clubs, and others planning group trips. Besides the economy, it ' s lots of fun when you go by QUEEN CITY TRAIL- WAYS CHARTER BUS. The whole gang stays together. You can sing songs, discuss plans or just sit back and relax. It ' s your private bus for the en- tire trip. Go when you want to . . . stop when and where you please. For the finest charter bus service at the best bargain prices . . . GO QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS Johnson City, Tenn. Phone 1464 ' QUALITY FIRST " Pasteurized Homogenized Milk Ice Cream SOUTHERN MAID. Inc. Phone 2109 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE — 71- C otnpliments of The Peoples Bank JOHNSON CITY Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations Buffalo Class of ' 53 ixie Drive In Keslaurant " The Pride of East Tennessee " Famous For Good Food Students Welcome EAST MAIN STREET JOHNSON CITY Party Refreshment COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS sTf? ; " " ' UNAKA STORES, Inc. " The Shopping Center of Erwin " —72- COMPLIMENTS BECKNERS ' Anderson Drug Store Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry " On the Minute Service " Jeweler for 66 Years Phone 1094 JOHNSON CITY JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE 232 Main Street BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF Home of DuPont Paints CAGLE ' S COTTAGES ' ' There Is a Material Difference " Madisonville, Tennessee Dial 2-1711 ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE U. S. Highway 411 COMPLIMENTS OF CHAMBERS-WILLIAMS CARL ' S SHOE SALON Professio-nal Pharmacists Free Delivery in 200 W. Market St. Phone 3177 NETTIE LEE SHOPS JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE For Clothes that are smart BEST WISHES That will give the boy ' s heart a start TO THE CLASS OF ' 53 NETTIE LEE SHOPS The New and Greater 204 East Main Street DOSSER ' S JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT STORE Davis-Mottern Jewelers Dixie Maid Drive In " EUzabethton ' s Blue-White Diamond Dealers " Milk Shakes, Sundaes, Short Orders 405 Elk Avenue ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE Elizabethton Tennessee Dial 7931 ELIZABETHTON Ed ens Grocery and Goal STAR Gompany " Grocery, Meats, Gas and Oil, Daily and Sunday Highest Grade Coal " PHONE 2-1501 Glandstoff Highway Phone 2-6111 Evans Motor Company COMPLIMENTS DeSoto Plymouth of Case Farm Machinery 340 E. ELK AVE. 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Main Johnson City COMPLIMENTS OF THE SUPPLY STORE Churcii, School, and Office Supplies THE MUSIC MART Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF THE RECORD SHOP Emma Ruth Riggs and Martha Laws WATSON ' S Elizabethton, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Western Auto Associate Store Elizabethton, Tennessee SOUTHERN SHOE STORE Watauga Esso Servicenter Phone 2119 — Open 24 Hours Operated By: J. F. Ram Collins Frank and " Jimbo " We Appreciate Your B-usiness C ongratulations. Seniors BIRCHFIEL-BROOKS " The Gateway To A Man ' s World " Botany " 500 " Suits McGregor Sportswear Jarman Shoes Arrow Shirts Complete Line of Men ' s Sportswear 431 ELK AVENUE The Annual Staff sin- cerely hopes that you have enjoyed this edition of The Buffalo. In the years to come may you enjoy it even more. STAFF, ' 53 —78— Designers and engravers of the South ' s finest school publications ROANOKE, VIRGINIA —79— designers and publishers of yearboolis Year in, year out . . . through close coopera- tion with the staff and faculty ... we furn- ish attractive yearbooks that you can be proud of. The most for your money is a proven fact with us . . . distinctive yet economical! Let us discuss vour next vearbook with vou. COMMERCIAL • BOOK AND ADVERTISING PRINTERS Milligan College Library I 3 1881 0001 1714 9

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