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a s Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1951 C.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1712 3 ' ■ ■ ' v " » " i? r- ' MP vj ' flH - FOREWORD The Class of 1951 sincerely hopes that you will enjoy many happy hours with your Buf- falo. We have endeavored to present a publi- cation which reflects the ideals and aspirations of Milligan, and those who make it possible. When those who own this annual are reviving forgotten memories by each turn of the page, we hope you will remember that its theme is campus life and aciivities. ■ ' ■ ' i. i ■■;■ ' PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS ' Vt .fe i m I Ml : ? ' , f ' ' I ■ if The Waterfall, Milligan College, Tennessee mtwtyut COLLEGE Center of athletic encounter OUR CAMPUS The College Campus is richly endowed by nature and universally admired. The groves of trees., the shrubbery, the wind- ing creek with the oaks on the hillside, make it a scene of uncomparable beauty. Snow scene. V .1 In a winter wonderland. A restful moment around the iishpond. S iff ill -sis ' W HIM Btt ■■• ■mm. m i I i! Jm. PL-P T-rrnji v Si. ' ! " ' " " ' !! ! " B " " " H tfi v - llf ■It tmm 4 " Danger — explosives — men at work! THE LIFE WE LIVE Cramming for exams Sing real purty, fellows The Christmas Pageant. » RT ; iHK- % " f gance-— Beautiful dreamer- Pajama party — Hotcha! Them beans good? Annual reception ACTIVITIES AT MILLIGAiX A celebrity visits Girls ' sextet Boys ' quartet Between classes After choir- State week All piled up The great heights DEDICATION To one who diligently served his students during his four years at Milligan; who guided them with wisdom and understanding; who faithfully promoted the ideals of Milligan College; we, the Senior Class of 1951 dedi- cate this annual. Dr. James A. Bums 10 w OUR PRESIDENT Milligan College has gained in Dr. Walker a capable and excellent leader. He has guided us successfully through another memorable year. His sound judgment and ability have won the admiration and respect of both students and faculty He has been with us as well as for us during the year. Pictured with him here in their home is his charming wife, Florence Walker. 12 Lois Hale Registrar English Ray E. Stahl Executive Secretary THE FACULTY WHO GUIDE ITS Charles Akard Chemistry Mrs. Alma Brown English Janet Catlett Music Frances Conover Home Economics Arthur B. Edwards Religion Sam J. Hyder Mathematics Ivor Jones History Elmer C. Lewis College Chaplain C. Hodge Mathes Romantic Languages Robert Milhorn Bookkeeper Thomas Milligan Psychology Constance Mynatt Physical Education Guy Oakes Education Edwin Olds Physical Education Mrs. Gretchen Olds Librarian Eugene Price Business Administration Robert Rhea Biology Lone Sisk Chemistry Marie Smith Spanish Frank Spraker Biology Hazel Turbeville Secretarial Sciences Henry Webb Greek Ruth E. White Music Harley F. York Religion I N M i: M O II I A M " We are the richer for having known him. We are the poorer in his passing. ' " Professor C. Hodge Mathes had taught at Milligan College for only a short time but in that brief interval he had come lo be loved and admired by all those who knew him. Milligan College pays tribute to one who brought enriched understanding, kindliness, and brotherhood to the life of the campus without minimizing high standards of scholarship, and created at the same time a love for learn- ing which is the supreme achievement of the teachei. 15 THE STUDENT COUNCIL President Paul Bauer Secretary .. Evelyn Large Sponsors ..... Dean Sahli and Miss Welshimer The purpose of the Student Council is to realize and enact more fully the potentialities, the rights, and the privileges, as well as the responsibilities of the Milligan students. The council works for a closer relationship between students and administration in order to develop a campus community spirit. The organization is composed of representatives elected from each class. 16 rt - SEXIOR CLASS OFFICERS Charles Pardue President Eugene Sutherland Vice-President Elnora Holbrook Secretory Marian Elliott .. - Treasurer Nelta Hyder Reporter Ivor Jones - — Sponsor 18 CLASS OF ¥ IFTY-ONE DAVID AHWESH Canonsburg, Pa. A. B. — Religion Ministerial Association; Christian Service Club; Christian Endeavor. PAU1 R. BAUER Buffalo. New York A. B. — Chemistry Pre-Med Club; Ministerial Asso- ciation; Young Republican Club, President; Christian Service Club; Power House; Student Council, President; Most Outstanding Boy; Who ' s Who In American Univer- sities and Colleges. BILL BEELER Knoxville, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Educaticn " M " Club, Vice-President; Physi- cal Education Club, Vice-Presi- dent; Football. J. A. BEELER Knoxville, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Education " M " Club; Physical Education Club; Football. ARLENE BENNETT Monessen, Pa. A. B. — Religion Choir; Christian Service Club; Christian Endeavor. ARCHIE B. BOADWINE, JR. Pulaski, Virginia A. B. — Business Administration Business Club; Young Republican Club; Stampede Staff; Baseball; Basketball " B " CLASS O F FIFTY -ONE GLENN STUART BOATRIGHT. JR. Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. — Science Stampede Staff; Football; Basket- ball; Track. JOHN BOWERS Belle Vernon, Pa. A. B. — Biology Milligan College ball. Players; Foot- SARA ANTJREWS BROOKS Fairfax, Alabama A. B. — Religion Christian Service Club; Christian Endeavor; Service Seekers; Gos- pel Team. JAMES A. COLLINS Clinchco, Virginia A. B. — Business Administration Young Republican Club; Business Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Power House, Judge; Football. LOSSIE R. COLLINS. JR. Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S — Physical Education PAUL CONKIN Chuckey, Tenn. A. B. — History Buffalo Ramblers, President; Spanish Club; Milligan College Players; Christian Service Club; Young Republican Club; Most Versatile Boy; Debate Club, Pre- sident; Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges. CLASS OF FIFTY-© IN K SHIRLEY DeARMOND Knoxville, Tenn. A. B. — Religion Christian Service Club, Secretary- Treasurer, ' 49, Secretary, ' 50; Spanish Club, Secretary; Buffalo Ramblers; Student Council; Choir; Service Seekers, Presi- dent; Hobby Club; Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges. RALPH M. DERTING Hiltons, Virginia A. B. — Music Choir; Christian Service Club; Buffalo Ramblers. ROY C. DERTING Hiltons, Virginia A. B. — History Young Republican Club; Spanish Club; Buffalo Ramblers, Vice- President. ANNA DUGGER Carderview, Tenn. A. B. — Biology Pre-Med Club; Student Council- Buffalo Staff, Business Manager. FRANK DU ' MISINECZ Wheeling, W. Va. B. S. — Physical Education Most Athletic Boy; Football; Bas- ketball; Transferred from Bethany and Shepherd. I. FRANK EDENS. JR. Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Education Buffalo Staff. CLASS OF FIFTY -ONE JAMES K. EDENS Jonesville, Virginia B. S. — Physical Education Physical Education Club; Young Republican Club; Power House, Jury; Baseball; Tennis. JUDY EIELSON Springfield, Illinois A. B. — Psychology Cheerleader; Girl ' s Council. MARIAN ELLIOTT Nickelsville, Virginia A. B. — Business Administration Business Club, Secretary, Young Republican Club; Buffalo Ram- blers; Christian Service Club. WANDA JEAN ESTEP Elizabethion, Tenn. A. B. — Business Administration Business Club; Spanish Club; Service Seekers THOMAS BURL FOWLER Nathans Creek, North Carolina A. B. — Science VIRGINIA NELL FRITTS Carderview, Tenn. A. B. — Business Administration Business Club; Spanish Club. t L ASS OF FIFTY -ONE REX H. GOINS Gale City, Virginia A. B. — Chemistry WILLIAM E. GREEN Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. — Business Administration Business Club. SIDNEY BORING HATHAWAY Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S — Physical Education " M " Club; Basketball; Baseball ELNORA HOLBROOK Coeburn, Virginia A. B. — Business Administration Business Club; Buffalo Ramblers Chrislian Service Club ANNA MARGARET HOLZER Milligan College, Tenn. A. B. — Home Economics Home Economics Club; Freshman Student Council. KENNY HYDER Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Edu. Health " M " Club; Basketball; Baseball. CLASS OF FIFTY-© IV K «•»•» NELTA HYDER Milligan College, Tenn. B. S. — Chemistry Pre-Med Club, President , Treasur- er, ' 49, ' 50; Buffalo Staff, Editor; Choir; Most Outstanding Girl; Who ' s Who In American Univer- sities and Colleges. JAMES H. JENKINS Johnson City, Tenn. B. S. — Biology PAULA JOHNSON Burlington, Indiana A. B. — History Milligan College Players; Library Stalf; Transferred from University of Tampa T. P. JONES Radford, Virginia A B — Physical Education Physical Education Club Presi dent Ediloi of Physical Educa lien Talk Spanish Club Men ' s Council of Pardee, Basketball " B " , Intramural Council. MARION KINCHELOE Johnson City, Tenn A. B. — Religion- Christian Service Club: Minister- ial Association DON LAMBERT Richlands, Virginia B. S. — Physical Education " M " Club, Physical Education Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Power House; Football CLASS OF FIFTY-ONE MARY EVELYN LARGE Pineyville, Kentucky A. B — Religion Spanish Club, Secretary ' 50, Vice- President ' 51; Service Seekers, President; Christian Service Club, Secretary, Buffalo Ramblers; Stu- dent Council, Secretary, Choir; Buffalo Staff, Feature Editor; Who ' s Who In American Univer- sities and Colleges. DOROTHY J. LARSON Havana, Illinois A. B. — Religion Christian Service Club; Buffalo Ramblers; Who ' s Who In Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. MARSHALL LEGGETT Washington, N C. A B. — Religion Christian Service Club, President, Ministerial Association, President; Milligan College Players; Men ' s Chorus; Tennis; Student Council; Best Personality, Men ' s Council; Who ' s Who In American Univer- sities and Colleges. WALTER THOMAS MATHES Chuckey, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Education Physical Education Club; " M " Club. GWENDOLYN MARGARET MORELOCK Mosheim, Tenn. A. B. — Mathematics Christian Service Club; Christian Endeavor; Stampede Staff; Buffa- lo Ramblers. BARBARA RAE OAKES Milligan College, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Education Home Economics ' Club; Physical Education Club. CLASS OF FIFTY -ONE CHARLES PARDUE Coeburn, Virginia B. S — Biology Young Republican Club; Power House, President Senior Class IRENE ELIZABETH PARKER Lexington, Kentucky A. B — Religion Chris tian Service Club- Christian Endeavor; Service Seekers; Choir; Stampede Staff; Buffalo Ramblers, Milligan College Play- ers OSCAR F. PETERS Gate City, Virginia A B — Science MARY PERRY Tupelo, Miss. A. B. — Religion Christian Service Club, Service Seekers, Milligan College Play- ers; Choir; Hobby Club, Presi- dent; Christian Endeavor; Stu- dent Council, Junior Representa live; Buffalo Ramblers; Buffalo Slaff; Stampede Staff; Gospel Team JACK K. PIERCE Fall Branch, Tenn. A. B. ■ — Religion SAM PRIDON Salem, Ohio A. B. — Physical Education Physical Education Club; Foot- ball; Basketball; Baseball. I LASS OF FIFTY- ONE HURSEL C. RIFFE Grundy, Virginia E. S. — Physical Education Baseball. JAMES ROSE Gate City, Virginia B. S. — Physical Education Physical Education Club; Junior Class Treasurer; Football; Track. JOAQUIN M. SEGARRA San Sebcstian, Puerto Rico A B — Biolcgy Pre-Med Club; Spanish Club. Cheerleader LYDIA SERAK Indianapolis, Indiana A. B. — Religion Christian Service Club, Service Seekers; Christian Endeavor- Gospel Team. Captain, Choir: Transferred frcm Lincoln Bible Institute. JAMES LEWIS SHANKS Rogersville, Tenn. A. B. — Business Administration CHARLES D. SHELL Shell Creek, Tennessee B. S. — Physical Education Physical Education Club. CLASS OF FIFTY -ON i: BUDDY LEE SMITH Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. — English Physical Education Club; Power House JACKIE B. SMITH Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Education Physical Education Club; Power House; Football. GRAYSON EUGENE SUTHER- LAND Grundy, Virginia A. B. — Business Administration Business Club; Vice-President of Senior Class. WILLIAM N. TAYLOR Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. — Physical Education Student Council; " M " Club; Base- ball; Basketball. JOHN WALTON Marquette, Michigan A. B. — History 3SB J I rial JAMES E. WEBB Pulaski, Virginia A. B. — Business Administration Young Republican Club; Busi- ness Club. CLASS OF 1 IFTY-.O X E PAUL R. WILLIAMS Osaka, Virginia B. S. — Chemistry Buffalo Staff. Spoils Editor; " W Club; Tennis. VIRGINIA B. WILLIAMS Osaka, Virginia A. B. — English JACK R. WILSON Johnson City, Tenn. A. B. — Psychology and Business Administration " M " Club, President; Business Club, President; Milligan College Players; Football. ROBERT O. WILSON Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. — Religion Spanish Club. 29 CLASS OF FIFTY-TWO George Akard Brislol, Tenn. John Ammerman Greensburg, Pa. Thomas Archibald Pittsburgh, Pa. Henry J. Bernat Phoenixville, Pa. Kara Bright Rayland, Ohio M. Ruth Brown Piney Flats, Tenn. Buford Calhoun Royal City, Va. R. Gale Charles Stacey, Va. Winifred Fair Elizabethton, Tenn. R. Eugene Goff Grundy, Va. William Goins Gale City, Va. Kyman Grindstail Mountain City, Tenn. Nathan Hale Fleming, Ky. A. B. Hardin Elizabethton, Tenn. D. Rebecca Harris College Park, Ga. Charlotte Hobbs Swarthmore, Pa. Gerald Holmquist Bristol, Tenn. Don Jones Mingo Junction, Ohio CLASS OF FIFTY -TWO Frank Kelly Johnson City, Tenn. Jack McAmis Erwin, Tenn-. Arthur McCurry Erwin, Tenn. Maria L. Mayol San Sebastian, P. R. Richard Moore Canton, Ohio Cayita Pagan San Sebastian, P. R. William Rodeier Waynesburg, Pa. Randall Smith Altoona, Pa. Carolyn Story Lake Wales, Fla. Joseph Sutherland Greer.eville, Tenn. Joan Thompson Gate City, Va. Ana Traverzo San Sebastian, P. R. Edgar Ralph Turner Woodway, Va. Robert VanLew Canton, Ohio Robert White Greeneville, Tenn. Betty Willis High Point, N. C. Cliiford Winters Johnson City, Tenn. Peggy Young Bristol, Tenn. — tre - ? f CLASS OF FIFTY-THKEE Lucille Adams Kermit Curlis Adkins Ella Eugenia Ball Edith Baker Maribel Bare Joyce Helen Barnes Harry Edward Bibb David Brooks Harriet Bullock Gene Click Dorotha Reed Dixon Leo Ernst Albert Donald Evans Jean Elizabeth Fritts Charlotte Garshaw Sherwood Gouge Frank Hannah Judson Burton Harris Thomas E. Hawks Kitty Rae Irwin Karlyn Keyes Mesmore King CLASS OF B I 1 T Y - ! II IK i: i: Melvin Knapp Grant Layman Thomas Paisley Long Alvin R. Lyons Amon McSwords Dan Mellinger Barbara Menear Edgar Keith Meredith Peggy Jo Post Anna Mae Price William Radspinner Daniel Scaringi Virginia Snyder Louise Spurgin Elizabeth Ann Still Gareth C. Weaver Sarah White Joan Williams V. Anleah Willis Delaney Young Albert Zimmerman CLASS O F ¥ I ¥ TY-FOI It Bettie Anne Akard Belly Carolyn Adams Gertrude Mae Archer Patricia Louise Bishop Sally Ann Bonner Donald Brown Jack Brummett Thelma Ruth Cagle Cecil Eugene Ccllins David Crandall Patrick Ellis Bill Moody Fair Mildred Fritts Leonard Gallimore Arville Goif Marilyn Hope Gould Sam Grant Greer Harry W. Harris Thomas R. Hawes Cyril Houston Connie Hutchinson Mary Jane Kincheloe Florence K. King William P. King Doris Mae Klusmeyer Evelyn Lilly Henry H. Martin Arnold Ray Moore 34 CLASS OF FIFTY-FOUR Jimmy T. Moore James Carl Nash Bob Nowery Mary Louise Oakley Paul Odom James Patton Betty J. Pennington Fred Radspinner Christine Reach Phillip Roush Esther Ruark Dorothy Ryburn Daniel Scott Arlene Seal Rebecca Shortridge Joy Simpson Muriel Dee Sims Everett Smock Norma Spangler Edward Spraker Eileen Sutherland Betty Joan Tunnell Elizabeth Ann Turman Maynard Wall Flossie Wess Boyd Frank Williams Ruth Williams James David Wise 35 1 KOMI OFFICERS Jimmy T. Mooie President Tom Hawes Vice-President Sally Bonner Secretary Phil Roush Treasurer Frank Spraker Sponsor ? NJ i»««M ( " f K ...,-V J J .. $? ■ yU ' . ' ♦MPC 3fer T I,. •- THE 1 9 5 I IFFALO STAFF Edilor Business Manager unior Editor Junior Business Manager Lilerary Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Stenographer 3if ' - iim I 1 ■ I 11 11 1 i 1 n i ±.1L:. T II i: CHOI It The Milligan College Choir is in its fifth year of activity. At present, the choir is under the direction of Miss Ruth White, with Miss Janet Catlett as accompanist. During the first semes- ter, two major programs were presented in the college auditor- ium. On the lighter side, the choir enjoyed giving a college minstrel. And in contrast, the ever-beloved Christmas story was given in pageant and song. The second semester the choir toured through the Northeastern states. Other concert programs were given by the choir during the year. MISIC AT MILLIGA I T M I ' % C 11 O II 1 S A new organization to the college this year — still in its embryonic stages —is the Men ' s Chorus. This group also par- ticipated in the minstrel. Christmas Pageant, and several chapel programs during the year. We have high hopes for the growth of this fine organization. 39 KFLIGIOX IS A WAY OF LIFE Christian Education is the hope of the world — the motto of Milligan College The religious life of our school is centered around this motto. We seek to pro- vide a Christian atmosphere for students taking every field of work Milligan offers. This Christian liberal arts ' college seeks to have the principles of Christ- ian living permeate the lives of every student — doctor, minister, secretary, teacher. All of the religious activities on the campus are for the purpose of bringing each student closer to God and the realization that only through God can one find true peace and happiness with his neighbors and himself. We fully realize the importance of education in the lives of young people today, but we feel that education in itself is not enough. It is Christian Education that is the hope of the world Convocation at Milligan was held on September 17, 1950. This calling together of the students after the summer vacation took the form of a very impressive service. The service took place at the Hopwood Memorial Church at 11:00 A.M. Members of the faculty were in academic robes and formed a processional with the members of the senior class. Special music was given by Miss Ruth White with Dr. Walker, president of the college, delivering the message of the morning. CHRISTIAN SERVICE One of the largest clubs at Milligan, the Christian Service Club is the spiritual powerhouse on the campus. It seeks to promote Christian activit- ies on the campus. Bill Rodefer President David Brooks Vice-President Dick Moore Sec.-Treas. Miss Welshimer Sponsor MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association seeks to provide an organization through which the ministerial students of Milligan College can find fellowship and be mutually helpful to one another in matters concerning their life and work in the church and col- lege. Marshall Leggett President Bob VanLew Vice-President Dick Moore Sec.-Treas. Mr. Edwards Sponsor SERVICE SEEKERS A club composed of girls who are preparing for full-time Christian Ser- vice. The purpose is to discuss fields of service open to girls and the method of preparing themselves for this service. Shirley DeArmond Kitty Rae Irwin Virginia Snyder Miss Welshimer President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Sponsor CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR A group which meets for the pur- pose of discussing problems of Chris- tian living that are of interest to col- lege students. P r in v h Bob White President Kitty Rae Irwin Vice-President Harriet Bullock Sec.-Treas. Mr. Edwards Sponsor 41 M ' CLUB The " M " Club is composed of Ihose young men of the college, who, for athleiic ability, have been awarded the coveted monogram of their Alma Mater in one or more sports. The ideal to -which the club ascribes is the continuance of Milligan tradi- tions for good sportsmanship both on the field of contest and in life. Jack Wilson Bill Beeler Joe Sutherland Cliff Winters Mr. Spraker President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Sgt.-at-Arms Sponsor IMIYS E» i LIB The purpose of the Physical Edu- cation Club is tc give physical edu- cation majors and minors a meeting socially and professionally. T. P. Jones President John ' Ammerman Vice-President Sally Bellamy Sec.-Treas. Mr. Olds Miss Mynatl Sponsors BLFFALO RAMBLERS The Buffalo Ramblers seek to de- velop companionship, to escape from the binding duties of the classroom, and to benefit from wholesome phy- sical exercise, while enjoying the beauty and grandeur of God ' s great out-of-doors. Paul Conkin Roy Derting Harriet Bullock Bob Rhea President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Sponsor 42 PICK-MI It CLUB The Pie-Medical Club acts as a fo r ce in binding together similarly interested sludenls and crysiallizing any mcvement for the good of Ihe pre-medical student in his search for truth. As seekers of the truth cf science, members of the club ap- preciate the ideals, the principles, and the mysteries associated with medical science, and are looking for- ward to Ihe day when they can do their share in revealing o ther truths of life. Nella Hyder President Frank Hannah Vice-President Maribel Bare Secretary Tom Long Treasurer Mr. Sisk Sponsor DRAMATIC riJ ' ll An organization designed to qive interested students the opportunity to develop their own abilities and an abiding appreciation of the best in acting and stage productions. Barbara Menear President Jean Fritts Vice-President Ruth Brown Secretary Jean Ball Treasurer Mr. Edwards Sponsor III SIMSS (II It The Business Club is sponsored by the Department of Business Adminis- tration. Here the group is able to hear representative business men and discuss . current business prob- lems which do not come in the routine class studies. Jack Wilson President Jimmy Webb Vice-President Marian Elliott Secretary Elnora Holbrook Treasurer Nell Fritts Reporter Mr. Price Sponsor 43 SPANISH CLUB " Aprender espanol y diverlise " or, " To learn Spanish and have a good lime " are the objectives of Club Panamericano. The gay senores y senoritas enjoy fiestas and sere- nades and also help to develop among the students more interest in the Spanish language, and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. Peggy Young President Evelyn Large Vice-President Shirley DeArmcnd Secretary Becky Harris Treasurer Marie Smith Sponsor BOBBY CLUB The purpose of the Hobby Club is to promote friendship, a satisfactory use of leisure lime, an appreciation of the. arts and crafts, and the joy of a project completed. Mary Perry Shirley DeArmond Prof. Hvder President Vice-President Sponsor YOUNG m i»i m H CLUB The purposes of the club are to study problems of government and the political issues of the day so that the members might be better prepared to vote and acl intelligent- ly on national, state, and local mat- ters. Paul Bauer President Roy Derting Vice-President Charlotte Hobbs Secretary Frank Hannah Treasurer Mr. Sisk Sponsor IH Ft A TIM. CLUB The purpose of the Debating Club is to develop, through organized de- bating, the abilities of logical think- ing, clear expression, and above all, careful selection of truth from vary- ing ideas. Under the leadership of Dean Sahli, the group participates in intercollegiate debates and tour- naments. Paul Conkin President Bill Radspinner Vice-President Everett Smock Secretary Dean Sahli Sponsor THE M I L L I f ; A U F F A L O E S Eddie Olds, Head Coach and Athlelic Direclor, Graduate of Northern Michigan College and University of Michi- gan. This is his second year at Milligan. Frank Spraker, Assistant Coach and in charge of the line — a Milligan graduate in his fourth year of coach- ing at his Alma Mater MILLIGAN SCHEDULE We Opponent They Emory Henry 41 6 Middle Tenn. State 48 20 Tusculum .0 Stetson University 41 7 Austin Peay State 6 7 Carson-Newman 7 Newberry College 6 26 Concord College 6 East Tennessee State 6 Presentation of the State-Milligan " keg. ' 46 THE CAPTAIN The Buffs chose an excellent leader in Cliff Winters. A senior from Johnson City, Cliff had three yeors of varsity football under his belt ■when he took over as captain in early Sep- tember. Cliff possesses fine cooperative spirit and " was respected by teammates and oppo- nents alike. He was placed on the V. S. A. C. All Star team as defensive center. A great team man, an able leader and fine fellow all added up to a job well done. Thanks, Cliff. « » : J ohtt Mo or t mmerman Am, iirft 9 ' V ,fM Jfci--- J . CWZ ' Lffei ' -lfe MILLIGAN BUFFALOES Thirty-four Buffaloes, including nineteen lettermen, greeted coaches Eddie Olds and Frank Spraker for the opening session of the ' 50 edition of the Thunder- ing Herd. The initial tilt with bowl-bound Emory Henry was a classic example of the many against the few. The Buffs were trailing by only 6 points at the half, but faded after the intermission before superior num- bers, as Emory rolled to a 41-0 victory. The following week the Buffs travelled to Middle Tennessee State and lost to the Raiders by a score of 47-6. Again the Buffs trailed by only 6 points at half-time, but could not keep pace after the rest period. On October 7th the Herd appeared before homefolks and rewarded them with a 20-0 victory over Tusculum. It was a hard-fought ball game and a deserving victory for the Buffaloes. Stetson University furnished the op- position the following week and conquered the Buffs 41-0. It was a 14-0 ball game at the half with the whole Milligan line playing good football. Stetson cap italized on intercepted passes and converted them into touchdowns to nail down the Buffs ' third loss. Calhoun, Winters and Jones were outstanding for the Buffs. The hepped-up Buffaloes climaxed Homecoming activities with a well-earned 7-6 victory over Austin Peay State. This was the Buffs ' finest game to date, and they deserved to win. The Orange and Black really showed their colors in a 7-7 tie with the highly favored Carson- Newman Eagles. It was at least a moral victory for the Buffs in a bitterly fought contest that featuied vicious line play, terrific blocking and a thrilling finish. The following week the Buffs dropped a close one to the Newberry Indians by a score of 6-0. The Buffs were just naturally " down " after two successive top-notch games. They got back into the win column the following week by trouncing Concord College 26-0. Haines, Adkins, and Scaringi were the defen- sive standouts while Lambert, Hillier, Spraker and B. Beeler furnished most of the offensive punch. The favored Buccaneers of E. T. S. C. were highly " buf- faloed " by an outmanned but fighting Milligan eleven the following week. The 6-6 stalemete climax- ed the season for the Buffs. The game was as even as the score indicated. Both teams had one touch- down called back. Milligan ' s line play was excellent with Ace Adkins, Dumisinecz and Don Jones as the mainsprings. Hillier, B. Beeler and Bernat were the standouts on the offense. Frank Williams ' punting and Dumisinecz ' ball handling were added assets to the Buffs throughout the season and they deserve much credit. Lambert, Jones and Grindstaff gained berths on the All V. S. A. C. offensive eleven, and Winters and Hillier were named to the defensive team. Lambert, Jones and Grindstaff were also named to the All S. M. A. C. eleven. The boys were often outmanned and often beat- en, but they were never without fighting spirit and we ' re proud of them! SENIOR PLAYERS Bill Beeler John Bowers Don Lambert lack Wilson J. A. Beeler Gene Goff Sam Pridon Cliff Winters Tossup at the Homecoming game Action in the State game. TOUCHDOWN Bernat, Pridon. Ammerman. Hathaway (Captain), Dumisinecz. Grindstafi. Coach Olds. Manis. Boat- right, Roush, Greer, Wolfe, Harris, King (Mgr.), Gallimore, I. T. Moore, Meno, A. R. Moore. Morehead. THE BUFFALOES PLAY BASKETBALL Despite a mediocre record, the Milligan College Buffaloes turned in another season of thrilling play, which was not without its brighter moments. The Buffs suffered from ineligibility, mid-term graduation, and losses to the service throughout the year. The Herd was paced by its brilliant cap- tain, Sid Hathaway, who maintained a phe- nomenal point average per game, besides leading the team with his aggressive, inspir- ational play. Sid. who is 5 ' 10 " , showed that there is room for the small man in fast com- petition, for he ranked among the highest scorers in the nation. The offensive threats for Milligan were Sid Hathaway, Frank Dumisinecz, and Sam Pri- don, while these, along with Kyman Grind- staff and John Ammerman, an alert ball- hawk, presented a stiff defense. Mack Wolfe, Phil Roush, Glen Boatwright, and Sam Greer turned in valuable efforts as subs. Coach Eddie Olds was hampered by ihe world crisis, which kept the varsity in a state of flux. SCHEDULE . " « ( L WE OPPONENT 1 67 Berea (Ken lucky) w 64 Appalachian Slate W + 55 King College 1 fe 80 Union (Kenlucky) College ■ : , mik. 42 53 David Lipscomb (Nashville) tMm Cumberland University ■3 . f 60 Austin Peay State 76 Emory Henry p • - 90 Lincoln Memorial Univ 1 :. ■ ' i£? 66 77 Austin Peay State wsk ' JM Cumbeiland University jkl Coach e ' °_ ,., 63 72 90 70 55 79 50 57 93 78 51 85 42 63 Union (Kentucky) College Tusculum Maryville East Tennessee State Carson-Newman Tusculum Lincoln Memorial Univ Carson-Newman Middle Tennessee State David Lipscomb (Nashville) Emory 6. Henry King College East Tennessee State Maryville THEY 101 79 57 78 79 64 58 68 93 (Overtime) 70 66 76 54 61 79 60 74 73 51 106 105 66 84 81 75 We won — we tied — we lost! Sid gets ready Keep it up, gang! Warrain ' up. i IIIIHI I AIM its To " Quin " and the girls, congratulat ions and thanks for a job well done! You deserve much praise for your spirit, your lead- ership and your loyalty. School and team spirit rested largely on your ef forts and we are proud o your accomplishments and the rewards of these. Homecoming Parade Rah! Rah! Buffaloes! A little enthusiasm! The Squad TEXiMS Prospects are good for a winning tennis team this spring. The team will be built around returning lettermen Paul Wil- liams, Walter Mathes. Marshall Leggett, and Bucky Harris. Miss Mynatt will coach. What a catch! INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Director - T. P. lones Men ' s Director John Ammerman Women ' s Director .. Sally Bellamy Milligan ' s Intramural Council has been one of the most active organizations on the campus this year. The council was organized by the physical education majors lor the purpose of providing the students of Milligan with a well-rounded program of intramural activities throughout the entire year. Both men and women ' s programs were in opera- tion and included the four major sports for men: football, volleyball, basketball, and softball. The women ' s program included badminton, basketball, volleyball, and soft- ball. During the month of March the intra- mural program was dominated by special events which catered to the desires of the students. Through the medium of these activities, the intramural council attempted to convey to the student body the physical, leisure, and social aspects of an intramural program. The members of the council were physical education majors and they were assigned individual sports to direct and organize. In this way the majors received invaluable ex- perience and Milligan was afforded with a well-rounded intramural program that reach- ed the majority of the students, both men and women. jp On the campus BUI and iydia Tcm and Shirley r The Buffalo Elnora and John A happy threesome ■ ; •} «... r m jK ' ?. ;- , • . WHO ' S WHO L AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES A COLLEGES Dorothy Larson Pa ui Conki II o m i: C O M I ■ Honoring alumni and friends of the col- lege, the week of October 16th to 21st was observed as Homecoming Week at Milli- gan. An alumni tea was held in Hardin Hall on Saturday afternoon. Different activities under the direction of the stu- dent council, included a parade through Johnson City before the Homecoming Game, coronation of the Homecoming Queen at the half, and a party in Cheek Gym, following the game. Climaxing the events of the week was the football game on Saturday night between the Buffaloes and Austin Peay. CANDIDATES SALLY BELLAMY (Queen) Physical Education Club RUTH BROWN Buffalo Ramblers JEAN FRITTS Christian Service Club MARY LOU OAKLEY " M " Club BETTS STILL Young Republican Club PEGGY YOUNG Club Panamericano C AMPCS P E II S O X A LITIES Princess of Personality Peggy Young j m - f Most Outstanding Girl Nelta Hyder Prince of Personality Marshall Leggett Best Looking Girl Sally Bellamy Best Looking Boy John Ammerman 60 AT MILLIGAX COLLEGE Most Versatile Girl Charlotte Hobbs -■ Most Outstanding Boy Paul Bauer Best Boy Athlete Frank Dumisinecz Best Girl Athlete Rebecca Harris 61 M A Y Q U E E i The banner event of the second semester was the annual May Day Festivity held on the lawn in front of Hardin Hall on May 12. Coronation of the May King and Queen preceded the command perfor- mance, a colorful pageant, an arrangement of " Tenn- essee. " Miss Constance Mynatt was director of the entire program, with Miss White and Miss Catlett assisting with the music. Student directors were Charlotte Hobbs and Sally Bellamy. Queen King Mary Perry Jim Rose Attendants: Paul Williams, Vir- ginia Williams, Jimbo Collins, Elnora Holbrook, Charlotte Hobbs, Bill Rodefer, Joan Thompson, Dick Moore, Harriet Bullock, Frank Hannah (not pictured), Mary Lou Oakley, Phil Roush. sf ' JK, " N? - ' w» ; r M r " A- 3 — j , ■ American Bemberg Division of Beaunit Mills, Inc. NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORPORATION 64 UNAKA STORES, INC. The Shopping Center of Erwin The Official Buffalo Photographer For All Commercial Photographs KIM1I PHOTO SERVICE For Pleasing Portrait VAX DYKE STUDIO Phone 71 Johnson City, Tennessee " Compliments of " JOHNSON CITY AUTOMOTIVE TRADES ASSOCIATION Arney Motor Co. Johnson City Motor Co. Auto Sales, Inc. Leach Motor Co. Brannon-Graham Truck Co., Inc. Nance, Inc. Courtesy Motor Co. Range Motors, Inc. 1 Deakins Motor Co. Tennessee Motor Co. Equipment Sales Co. Auto Renewal Co. Freeman Motor Co. Gump Investment Co. Hill-Summers Chevrolet Co. Manufacturers Acceptance Corp. Universal C. 1. T. Congratulations j Buffalo Class of ' 51 DIXIE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT " The Pride of East Tennessee " Famous For Good Food Students Welcome East Main St. Johnson City Compliments of HANNAH BROTHERS Dry Goods And Notions Exclusively Wholesale Compliments : of THE MAJESTIC THEATER Congratulations, Seniors Compliments of BIRCHFIELD - BROOKS COOKE ' S CLEANERS DYERS " The Gateway To A Man ' s World " Have You Tried Botany " 500 " Suits McGregor Sportswear Sonny ' s Sudden Service 1 HOUR SERVICE Jarman Shoes Complete Line of Men ' s Sportswear AT NO EXTRA COST 431 Elk Avenue Elizabethton Minor Alterations Free FURRIERS Arrow Shirts McGregor Sportswear HANNAH ' S Inc. Your Tri-City Your Quality Clothing Store Since 1912 Varsity-Town Clothes Nunn-Bush Shoes Fashion Specialist Compliments of For All Occasions FLOWERS JOHNSON CITY SPRING AND From BEDDING CO. GUNNAR TEILMANN Phone 2143 Manufacturers of High Grade Bedding " Johnson City ' s Leading Florist " (Invest in Rest) 318 E. Main St. Phone 511 " Remember, one-third of life is Flowers By Wire spent in bed. " Compliments CARTER COUNTY BANK Eliza bethton Tennessee ' Compliments " TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION CO. Eliza bethton Tennessee ELIZABETHTON STAR Daily And Sunday Your Local Newspaper Compliments PATY LUMBER COMPANY Eliza bethton Johnson City Bristol BECKNERS ' DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Jewelers For 64 Years Opposite Majestic Theater Johnson City, Tennessee L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY " Known Wherever There Are Schools Colleges " CLASS RINGS and PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS— DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA — MEDALS and TROPHIES Represented by: John and Albert Bealle P. 0. Box 97 Johnson City, Tennessee " Compliments of " Welcome THE PEOPLES BANK Students and Visitors Johnson City Resources 9 Million ROAN RESTAURANT Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " Compliments of " McCLAIN JENKINS MARKET HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK Never Closed or Johnson City Knowingly Undersold Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Stores in Johnson City and Elizabethton, Tenn. COOPER OFFICE EQUIPMENT Bel Howell Cameras and Projectors Guaranteed For Life " Complete Office Outfitters " Eastman and Ansco Cameras Photo Finishing 403 South Roan St. Phone 1935 " Everything Photographic " CALFEE AND SWANN, Inc. Johnson City, Tennessee 102 E. Main St. P. 0. Box 126 Johnson City, Tenn. The S. E. Massengill Company Bristol, Tennessee Quality Pharmaceuticals Since 1897 New York City Kansas City San Francisco You Are Always Welcome At JACK TRAYER ' S Bristol, Virginia EVANS MOTOR COMPANY DeSoto 340 E. Elk Ave. Plymouth Dial 7111 Elizabethton, Tennessee STERCHI BROS. STORES, Inc. FURNITURE Corner Sycamore E Streets Elizabethton, Tennessee Phone 2-3911 Compliments of Barnes And Boring Hardware Elizabethton Tennessee For Extra Energy Eat Plenty Of HECHTS ' Sunbeam Bread DAVIS-MOTTERN JEWELERS " Elizabethton ' s Blue-White Diamond Dealers " 405 Elk Avenue Elizabethton Tennessee Dial 7931 THE MUSIC MART JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE ELIZABETHTON STEAM LAUNDRY, Inc. ' Odorless Dry Cleaning " Compliments of AUTO SERVICE COMPANY SALES and SERVICE 2-741 1 Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of B I L L ' S SHOP ' Betsy Town ' Compliments of CITIZENS BANK Elizabethton, Tenn. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY I ncorporated " There is a Material Difference " Dial 2-1711 Elizabethton, Tennessee COLONIAL MOTORS, Inc. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Dial 345 Elk Avenue 7611 Elizabethton, Tennessee " Sales — Service " WATAUGA CHEVROLET CO. Cadillac — Chevrolet SALES and SERVICE 2-1741 Elizabethton, Tennessee TERR Y ' S Incorporated Compliments of MAJESTIC BARBER SHOP Next to Majestic Theater " Keep Well Dressed With Our Haircut " Johnson City, Tennessee T)esigners and Producers " f " Distinctive Annuals Archer Smith PRINTING COMPANY 941 Broadway, N. E. Knoxville — Tennessee Compliments of JOHNSON CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 3688 CENTRAL COAL COMPANY Phone 166 Johnson City, Tennessee ' We Set The Standard For Service ' Compliments of STEVE LACEY

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