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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 IfTll BMWfffflT ' 1 r MA i Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1757 8 IIS? rnllpse Library M ' ,,Hgan co°r;e Tennessee M illigan College CHRISTIAN EDUCATION V V ! v RECORDED in The 1950 published by the seniors fa , Six: . iv- ' i - " ' ■■--,. ' ■ " ;. •■. 1 V Milligan College Library MUligan College Tennessee Tennessee „.. k} ' 1k£ ttWtM i urv T TH CoWeqe has V sorT h nq to be ond onW ' 5en , or O a qan " aS ou r e - o e nq n oi express a» so , he ,k,t " » Ves „,„, y°« P ka , ,ke» in ever ncr ,;; « DEDICATION I O JAMES H. MESSIMER, whose memory lingers with us through his ever- ready smile, his love and consideration for his friends, his loyalty to his God, his Coun- try, and his Alma Mater, and who through word and deed showed us the abundant life The Seniors of Milligan College Inscribe This Volume of the Buffalo In Gratitude and Love JAMES H. MESSIMER Bluff City, Tennessee A Member of the Class of 1950 Deceased October 8, 1949 The Senior Class Officers: James Bentley, President; George Dugger, Vice-President; Ruth O ' Neill, Secretary- Treasurer; Earnest Ellenburg, Reporter, represent the Class of 1950 in dedicating this volume of the Buffalo to James H. Messimer. V PRESIDENT Dr. Dean Everist Walker being inaugurated as the new President of Milligan College. Mr. Frank Hannah, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, is pictured at the presentation. The Academic Procession to the Inauguration of President Walker. Leading the procession are: John Vaccaro, President of the Junior Class, and James Bentley, President of the Senior Class. Inauguration of Dr. Dean Everist Walker as the new President of Milligan College. ADMINISTRATION DONALD G. SAHLI Academic Dean of the Colleg MILDRED WELSHIMER Dean of Women HARLEY F. YORK Dean of Men FACULTY Milligan graduates will remember that the college campus is richly endowed by nature and universally admired. The groves of trees, the shrubbery, the winding creek with the oaks on the hillside, make it a scene of unusual beauty and a pleasant place to go to school. We shall not soon forget the several different appear- ances of Buffalo Mountain, four miles from the campus, rising to a height of four thousand feet. CHARLES AKARD Chemistry BERT E. ALWARD Business Administration MRS. ALMA BROWN English JAMES A. BURNS Religion WANDA LEE COIL English FRANCES CONOVER Home Economics ARTHUR B. EDWARDS Religion LOIS HALE Registrar H HI FACULTY Professors are human, we discovered, and we were glad of it, because the learning process at its best is an exchange between human personalities. Milligan has always been noted for the closs relationship between faculty and students which would be impossible in a larger college. And all our professors are interesting people, well worth getting acquainted with. These people are capable and well-trained educators that sacrifice a great amount of their lives so that we may leave these halls as wiser and more capable people than we were when we entered. In the course of time they have been understanding counsel- lors unto us so that we might take the proper path for us as individuals. Whether or not this will be a successful attempt will depend largely on that individual, but we do hope that no matter what does become of us, we will carry some little part of these lives with us to make us greater than we would ordinarily be. We wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank OUR FACULTY for services so nobly rendered. May your lives be endowed by greater blessings than ever before. SAM J. HYDER Mathematics IVOR JONES History . ELMER C. LEWIS Executive Vice-President MRS. SHIRLEY LONG Resident Nurse HODGE MATHES Romantic Languages ROBERT MILLHORN Bookkeeper THOMAS MILLIGAN Psychology CONSTANCE MYNATT Physical Education WHO LEAD AND Leading the faculty and students are three people who are very seldom given the credit they so honestly deserve. These people are Donald G. Sahli, Academic Dean of the College; Harley F. York, Dean of Men; and Mildred Wel- shimer, Dean of Women. Upon Dean Sahli lies the responsibility of academic matters as well as the welfare of all the students. For the first semester the Dean was acting in the capacity of president which alone was an enormous job within itself. He has very ably filled this task and all others that have been for the welfare of the school. Next on our list is Dean York who has been with us for the past two years. His job has been one that consisted of many diversified problems which arise in everyday school life. These he has taken in his calm stride and easy going manner which to any man is a great asset. Last but by no means least on our list is Miss Welshimer, the Dean of Milligan College women. She has, in her three years at Milligan, been a spiritual guide to the girls that have come and gone from the halls of Hardin. A leader in religious and social life on the campus, she has a winning personality that is hard to beat anywhere. Ray Stahl, Executive Secretary, confers with Mrs. Mina Ruth Ripley and Robert M i If horn about plans for a greater Milligan. GUY OAKES Education EDWIN OLDS Physical Education BETTY JANE OSTERLAND Music SERVE US The arrival of Doctor Dean Everest Walker as the President of Milligan College has been another milestone in the history of this school. The future now holds brighter prospects than ever before for this school to become one of the greatest in this section of the country. After the absence of a president for a year and a half, Dr. Walker was greeted with open hearts by every one on the campus. This was not due only to the fact that we were without a leader, but more so to the reputation that this man brought with him. He was known widely as an educator, civic leader, athletic enthusiast, and above all a Godly man. Before coming to Milligan, Dr. Walker was the head of the Department of Church History at Butler University at Indianapolis, Indiana. The presence of such an able, well- trained man cannot help but aid the progress of our col- lege. We count Dr. Walker ' s arrival as a great loss to Butler and outstanding asset to Milligan. ' m =,r J t. J± EUGENE PRICE Business Administration ROBERT RHEA Biology MRS. MINA RUTH RIPLEY Assistant Bookkeeper DONALD G. SAHLI Academic Dean LONE SISK Physics GRETCHEN SMITH Librarian MARIE SMITH Spanish FRANK SPRAKER Biology MRS. VIRGINIA SPRAKER Secretarial Sciences MRS. GEORGETTE WARNER Music GORDON WARNER History MILDRED WELSHIMER Dean of Women HARLEY F. YORK Dean of Men 13 The college encourages students to partici- pate in some activity outside of their regular classroom work. A broad range of activities are available to meet the religious, cultural, or physical interests of the students. To manage these activities, each class elects representatives to the Student Council. This organization is de- signed to give the students official representa- tion and to promote student welfare. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Joe Sutherland, Josephine Green, Shirley DeArmand, Marshall Leggett, Mary Perry, John Vaccaro, Kitty Irwin, Manley Miller. Standing: Mary Fran- ces Elliott, John Lyons, Fred Wallenfelsi, President, Janet Catlett. OF THE PEOPLE — FOR THE PEOPLE Fred Wallenfelsi, President Student Activity during week of State game. 14 t!rSr v •» ' 50 WE HAIL YOU The Class of 1950, largest in the long history of the school, finds that the happiest day of any life has something sad in it. Putting on our caps and gowns, we tried to think of Gradu- ation Day as triumph, victory, the reaching of a goal. But we couldn ' t help thinking of the four years just past— gone now forever. The days that are milestones in our lives, these very happiest days have something sad to say about the passage of Time. We find it best to talk about vacation plans, graduate work, the good jobs we might get. The future is bright. JUNIOR CLASS Mary Perry, John Vaccaro, President; Anna Dugger, Nelda Hyder SOPHOMORE CLASS Marie Smith, Sponsor; Louise Green, Bob Chase, Presi- dent; Charlotte Hobbs, Robert VanLew. FRESHMAN CLASS Joan Morgan, Dorothy Dixon, Ella Jean Ball. WE AND THOSE WHO FOLLOW ELDRIDGE DECADUR AKARD, Johnson City, Tennessee, Business Administration, Commerce Club, local radio announcing. OWEN ALLEY, Rogersville, Tennes- see, Business Administration. CHARLES GEORGE ANDERSON, Johnson City, Tennessee, Biology Pre-Med Club, Stampede Staff, Cheerleader, " M " Club. EDWARD GRANT BARNES, Mones- son, Pennsylvania, Religion, Chris- tian Endeavor, Christian Service Club, Ministerial Association, Choir,. Male Quartet. JEAN ETTA BARNES, Elizabethton. Tennessee, Business Administration, Commerce Club. Talent Night — Leroy Wright and Peggy Young. JAMES BENTLEY, Knoxville. Tennes- see, Physical Education, Physical Education Club, Football, Baseball, President of Senior Class, " M " Club. RICHARD BUCHER 1 Elizabethan. Tennessee, Chemist ry. ASA GRANT BUNTON, Elizabeth- ton, Tennessee, Mathematics. PATRICIA ANN BURDICK. Johnson City, Tennessee, Business Admin- istration, CLAUDE COOLIDGE CALLOWAY, JANET ISABEL CATLETT, Martins- Shulls Mills, North Carolina, Re- ligion, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Editor of Stampede, Ministerial Associa- tion. burg, West Virginia, Music, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Choir, Most Versatile Girl, Student Council. ROGER MYRON CLITES, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Business Administra- tion, Commerce Club, Buffalo Ramblers. Visiting Cheerleaders from State during that week. DOT ALLEN COLE, Bristol, Virginia, Business Administration, Com- merce Club, Christian Endeavor. RONDAL BROOKS COLE, Eliza- bethton, Tennessee, Business Ad- ministration. GEORGE FREDERICK DUGGER, Elizabeth ton, Tennessee, Business Administration, Commerce Club, Football Captain, Vice President Senior Class, " M " Club. CARL HENRY EDWARDS, Tom ' s Creek, Virginia, Biology. MRS. HUGH EDWARDS, Johnson HUGH EDWARDS, Johnson City, City, Tennessee, R eligion, Dra- Tennessee, Religion, Dramatic matic Club. Club. Ruth O ' Neill and John Ammerman en joy Halloween party. ERNEST ELLENBURG, Mosheim, Ten- nessee, Physical Education, Physi- cal Education Club, Annual Staff, Senior Class Officer, Baseball Team, " B " Basketball. MARY FRANCES ELLIOTT, Eliza- bethton, Tennessee, Business Ad- ministration, Cheerleader. WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Elizabethton, Tennessee, Business Administration. BERNY FERRILL, Salem. Virginia, Business Administration. CARL LEE GOUGE, Johnson City, Tennessee, Physical Education, Physical Education Club, Basket- ball Captain, Baseball, " M " Club, Best Looking Boy. NELSON GREY, Hansonville, Vir- ginia, Business Administration, An- nual Staff, Commerce Club. Jerry Jessee and Paula Johnson at ye olde editor ' s birthday party. MRS. PEGGY WELSH HAGY, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, Biology, Library Staff. THOMAS WINTON HAGY, Rich- lands, Virginia, Physical Education, Football, Track, " M " Club. DORIS ARANA HARMON, San Se- bastian, Puerto Rico, Biology, Spanish Club. JEAN HARRIS, Maylcing, Kentucky, Business Administration, Com- merce Club, Queen Candidate. FRANCES HENSON, Johnson City, Tennessee, Business Administration, Commerce Club. BILLY SEXTON HYDER, Elizabeth- ton, Tennessee, History. Kermit Hall, Thomasville, North Caro- lina, graduated at mid-term. JERRY ALLEN JESSEE, Lebanon, Vir- ginia, Business Administration, Commerce Club. WILBERT ORA JOHNSON, Bracken- ridge, Pennsylvania, Chemistry, Christian Service Club, Christian Endeavor. JOHN KEFFER, Johnson City, Ten- nessee, Business Administration, Commerce Club, Manager Basket- ball, " M " Club. MICHAEL KOSTKO, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Physical Education, Physical Education Club, Manager Football, " B " Basketball, Annual Staff, Stampede Staff. JOHN GLEN LYONS, Pulaski, Vir- ginia, Business Administration, Commerce Club, Most Studious, Straight " A " Student. FRED REGINALD MARSHALL, Nick- elsville, Virginia, Business Admin- istration. At a pep rally during State week. A trip to the Smokies. - Jr fHL P ROBERT DANIEL McGLOTHLIN, Rlchtands, Virginia, Business Ad- ministration. LLOYD KYLE MIDDLETON, Straw- berry Plains, Tennessee, Physical Education, Physical Education Club, Basketball, Football, Base- ball, Track, Most Athletic, " M " Club. HARRY DONALD MILLER, Johnson City, Tennessee, Physical Educa- tion, Physical Education Club, Baseball, " M " Club. GEORGE ALAN MILLER: Erwin, Tennessee, Business Administration. BEVERLY JEAN MOORE, Elizabeth- ton, Tennessee, English, Stampede Staff. FRANK HURST MOORE, Pulaski, Virginia, Business Administration, Commerce Club, Physical Educa- tion Club. King lives a dog ' s life. Dirty rescues bellclapper. JACK RITCHIE MUSICK, Elizabeth- ton, Tennessee, Business Adminis- tration. PAUL FRANCIS NOURSE, Erwin, Tennessee, Religion, Christian Serv- ice Club, Christian Endeavor. THELMA RUTH O ' NEILL, Norton, Virginia, Physical Education, Phys- ical Education Club, Cheerleader, Senior Class Officer, Stampede Staff, W.A.A., Most Athletic Girl. CLYDE ELWAYN PETERS, Elizabeth- ton, Tennessee, Business Adminis- tration. ORBAN W. PETERS, JR., Ft. Black- FRANCIS GARY POWERS, Pound, more, Virginia, Business Adminis- Virginia, Biology, Pre-Med Club, tration. Track, " M " Club. ' --. A typical mid-day scene. The M Club hits Joe Sutherland. s ■ " S, " ROWENA SUE PRICE, Milligan Col- lege, Tennessee, Home Economics. KYLE NEWTON RIPLEY, Baileyton, Tennessee, History, Business Man- ager of Annual, Manager Tennis Team, Choir. EMMA RUTH RIGGS, Elizabethan, Tennessee, English. CHARLES KENNON ROBERTSON, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Stu- dent Council. JAMES DAVID ROSE, Homestead, Pennsylvania, Religion, Ministerial Association, Christian Service, Christian Endeavor. MORRIS C. SHANKS, Mooresburg, Tennessee, Business Administration, Baseball, " M " Club. Nathan Hale in a hair raising situation Pat Burdiclc ready for a ride MARGARET LEE TILLOTSON, King, North Carolina, Standardization A.B. degree, Atlanta Christian College, 1949. FRED WOODWARD WALLENFELSZ, Roanoke, Virginia, Biology, Presi- dent of Student Council, Tennis, Pre-Med Club. HIRAM JACKSON WHITT, Sate City, Virginia, Biology. BILL COLEMAN WOODWARD, Lexington. Kentucky, Physical Edu- cation, Physical Education Club, Editor of Annual, " B " Basketball, Tennis, " M " Club, Stampede Staff. Cheerleader. HENRY EDSEL WRIGHT, Neon, Kentucky, Physical Education, Bas- ketball. JOSEPH LEROY WRIGHT, Bristol, Virginia, Religion, Ministerial As- sociation, Christian Endeavor, Christian Service Club, Football Track, " M " Club, Most Versatile. 26 1. We finally got State ' s goat. 2. Just an old cutie. 3. Dangerous Dan McGrew. 4. Faculty Halloween party. 5. Dead-eye Smith. 6. Who ' s Who. 7. Sally Rand in the making. 8. It doesn ' t pay to leave the room. 9. The long and the short of it. 27 CLASS OF 19S1 STANLEY BANNER Castlewood, Virginia PAUL RICHARD BAUER Buffalo, New York WILLIAM BEELER Knoxvilie, Tennessee ARLENE BENNETT Monessen, Pennsylvania JOHN BOWERS Fayette City, Pennsylvania JOE CESSNA Bedford, Pennsylvania JAMES COLLINS Clinchco, Virginia PAUL CONKIN Chuckey, Tennessee SHIRLEY DeARMAND Knoxvilie, Tennessee ROY DERTING, Hiltons, Virginia ANNA DUGGER Carderview, Tennessee J. FRANK EDENS Elizabethton, Tennessee JAMES EDENS Jonesville, Virginia JULIA EIELSON Springfield, Illinois MARIAN ELLIOTT Nickelsville, Virginia JEAN ESTEP Elizabethton, Tennessee BURL FOWLER Nathans Creek, North Carolina NELLE FRITTS , Carderview, Tennessee REX GOINS Gate City, Virginia THELMA GWIN Staunton, Virginia JAMES HARMON Shell Creek, Tennessee DOROTHY HENDERSHOT Canton, Ohio ELNORA HOLBROOK -, Coeburn, Virginia Some of the South American students of English at Milligan in the summer of 1949. 28 CLASS OF 19S1 ANNA MARGARET HOLZER Milligan College, Tennessee NELTA HYDER Milligan College, Tennessee JAMES JENKINS Johnson City, Tennessee PAULA JOHNSON Burlington, Indiana THOMAS JONES Radford, Virginia WILLIAM KINCHELOE Johnson City, Tennessee MARY EVELYN LARGE Rineyville, Kentucky DOROTHY LARSON Havana, Illinois WALTER MATHES Chuckey, Tennessee JAMES MOORE Radford Virginia GWENDOLYN MORELOCK Mosheim, Tennessee THEVENOW MUMPOWER Appalachia, Virginia BARBA RA OAKES Milligan College, Tennessee IRENE PARKER Lexington, Kentucky MARY PERRY Tupelo, Mississippi OSCAR PETERS Gate City, Virginia JOAQUIN SEGARRA San Sebastian, Puerto Rico CHARLES SHELL Shell Creek, Tennessee GEORGE STEWART Harman, Virginia WALTER SMITH McKeesport, Pennsylvania BUDDY LEE SMITH Elizabethton, Tennessee JOHN VACCARO Princeton, New Jersey PAUL WILLIAMS Osaka, Virginia BERT WILSON Lebanon, Virginia 29 TOP ROW: THOMAS ARCHIBALD, SALLY BELLAMY, DAVID BROOKS, RUTH BROWN, DELORES BURNETT, EDWARD BURNETTE, WANDA BUSBY. MIDDLE ROW: JOHN CALDWELL, BUFORD CALHOUN, GAIL CHARLES, ROBERT CHASE, RANDY COOPER, WILLIAM DIXON, WINIFRED FAIR. BOTTOM ROW: JOHN GLAZE, WILLIAM GOINS, JOAN GREEN, LOUISE GREENE, A. B. HARDIN, ANNA LEE HARRIS, JUDSON HARRIS. class or 1952 A Saturday night chow-down. Don ' t fall off of Buffalo Mountain, Bob. 30 Joe Sutherland looks around in the Library. Ck f o CLASS OF 1952 REBECCA HARRIS CHARLOTTE HOBBS AMON McSWORDS CAYITA PAGAN WILLIAM RODEFER . MARTHA ROWE BETTY SMITHSON VIRGINIA SNYDER CAROLYN STORY GARRETT STREET EUGENE STREET JOSEPH SUTHERLAND JOAN THOMPSON ANA TRAVERZO ROBERT VanLEW HERMAN WATTWOOD ROBERT WHITE BETTY WILLIS PEGGY YOUNG A Virginia, not an East Tennessee, moun- taineer. 31 CUSS 0F 1953 Betty Smithson, Homecoming Queen, re- ceives her crown. Male Quartette. Whoops — wrong goat! FIRST ROW: GEORGE AKARD, EDWARD ALLEN, LUCILLE ADAMS, EDNA BABB, EDITH BAKER. SECOND ROW: ELLA JEAN BALL, JOYCE BARNES, HARRY BIBB, ROBERT BROWN, HARRIET BULLOCK. THIRD ROW: BILL CHAMBERS, MAUDE CLICK, EUGENE CLICK, JACK DeARMOND, DOROTHY DIXON. FOURTH ROW: LEO ERNST, DON EVANS, DWIGHT FARMER, RAY FORBES, JEAN FRITTS. FIFTH ROW: CHARLOTTE GARSHAW, ROBERT HILLIER, JO ANN HOFFEE, LOIS ANN HOWARD, KITTY IRWIN. 32 V $ FIRST ROW: KARLYN KEYES, MESMORE KING, MELVIN KNAPP, GRANT LAYMEN, THOMAS LONG. SECOND ROW: CHARLES LUMSDEN, WILLIAM McKINNEY, BARBARA MANIER, DAN MELLINGER, MANLEY MILLER. THIRD ROW: RICHARD MOORE, WILLIAM MORELOCK, JOAN MORGAN, PEGGY JO POST, ANNA MAE PRICE. FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM RADSPINNER, JEAN TAYLOR, DANNY SCARINGI, ROSCO SHEPHERD, JERRY SMITH. FIFTH ROW: PAUL SNEPP, LOUISE SPURGEON, ELIZABETH STILL, GORDON WARNER, VERNON WELLS. SIXTH ROW: SARAH WHITE, JAMES WILLIAMS, PHYLLIS WILLIAMS, EDDIE WOOD, ALBERT ZIMMERMAN. illigan College Library illigan College, Tennessee «1I ' S i« JANET CATLETT CLAUDE CALLOWAY r 1LEROY WRIGHT wfflma H . Betty Smithson Bristol, Tennessee Homecoming Queen, 1949 One of the highlights of the year at Milli- gan is the excitement attendant upon the elec- tion and naming of the Homecoming Queen. Each club sponsors a candidate, thus providing a group of eligibles for the honor. Then, by secret ballot, the students cast their votes for their favorite. The winner — this year, Betty Smith — is crowned queen during the half-time ceremonies at the Homecoming football game, which this year was the game with Stetson Uni- versity that ended in a I 3 to 13 deadlock. QUEEN FOR A DAY Ruth O ' Neill Jean Harris Joan Thompson Coronation of the homecoming queen. Pictured from left to right are: Elizabeth Still, Betty Smithson, Queen; Fred Wallenfelsz, President of the student body; Sally Bellamy, Ruth O ' Neill, Joan Thompson. Not visible is Jean Harris. REIGN OF THE MAY UPPER CLASS MAY COURT: Seated: Mary Frances Elliott and Jean Harris. Standing: George Dugger and Kyle Middleton. UNDER CLASS MAY COURT: Seated from left to right they are: Jean Fritts, Sally Bellamy, Anna Dugger, and Thelma Gwin. Standing: Edward Allen, Randy Cooper, John Bowers, and Gene Sutherland. The King and Queen of the May are elected by secret ballot along with the Court including four Seniors. This is another highlight of the year at Milligan. There is usually a pag- eant theme, this being centered around Robin Hood this Spring. MAY KING AND OUEEN: This year ' s May Queen is Miss Ruth O ' Neill from Norton, Virginia. Miss O ' Neill ' s King is Mr. Leroy Wright from Bistol, Virginia. VALENTINE PARTY Each year one of the main events is the annual Valentine party held in Cheek gymnasium for the students of Milligan College. To high- light this event, there is the crowning of a Valentine king and queen. Skits from great his- torical love scenes are presented by the clubs on the campus in honor of this royal couple. After the entertainment is over the couple takes the head of the line that has formed for refresh- ments which are always a great treat. This year ' s party was a great success and we hope that those in the future will be even more so. This year ' s valentine party was brought to a climax by the crowning of Miss Betty Willis as the Queen of the party, and Mr. Bucky Harris as the King. Kyle Middleton as the star in " Pokey Huntus " and John Smith. This skit was quite a success with the crowd gathered for the party. Marshall Legett and Janet Catlett in a typical mountain love scene which was performed for the king and queen. TWIRP SEASON Here, Sallay Bellamy calls at the dorm tor Randy Cooper just before departing on their big date during TWIRP season. Have fun kids. Twirp Season hit Milligan with a bang this year. Here we have pictured, after a big meal, John Ammerman watching on as Ruth O ' Neill pays for the big time. Many other students participated in activities such as this. Typical of entertainment during the year was the visit of the Barter Players in one of the dressiest productions presented by the State Theatre of Virginia in many sea- sons — " Dangerous Corner " . ENTERTAINMENT All the clubs combined to give a Christmas Party in the gymnasium where there was plenty of food and fun over Santa opening Christmas presents. This is the first occasion of this kind, but will undoubtedly become an annual event. Randy Cooper, Art Editor of the Buffalo, Kem- toned Santa ' s face seen in the background above. I ■ s ■ Im il ■ 1 Here John Lyons and Elnora Holbroolt are busy sweeping the steps in the Administration Building while Jean Barnes and Joe Cessna put a high gloss on the woodwork. Two days before the Inauguration of our new president the student body was excused from their classes to give all the buildings a thorough cleaning. Different clubs on the cam- pus took the responsibility for certain jobs. CLEAN-UP DAY Here we have Professor Price and Jean Harris dumping a very full trash can. Arthur McCurry and Nelta Hyder give the halls a clean sweep on clean-up day. 41 Most Athletic Ruth O ' Neill Kyle Middleton Best Looking Sally Bellamy Carl Gouge Cutest Couple Elnora Holbrook John Vaccaro Most Versatile Janet Catlett Leroy Wright Best Personality Mary Perry Herman Wattwood Most Studious Louise Greene John Lyons CAMPUS PERSONALITIES WE IT DEFEAT AS WELL AS VICTORY The Buffalos opened fall practice in Sep- tember with Coach Eddie Olds as the new head coach. Eighteen lettermen were among the candidates that greeted their new coach, and all began the " 49 " season in earnest. The Buffs opened the season with a strong Woffard team that was composed of former high school and college stars. Outweighed and outclassed the Milligan eleven lost by the score of 41-0. On September 24th the Herd traveled to Bristol and met the Wasps of Emory and Henry. In this game the Buffs still felt the heavy defeat at the hands of the Woffard bunch, and lost to the Wasps 27-7. The Wasps scored in every quarter and fumbled occasionally to throw away other scoring opportunities. It was the first defeat a Milligan team had suffered in Bristol since 1939. The Buffs then left the state of Tennessee and found themselves in Florida to engage in a game with the University of Tampa. Here the Buffs registered their first win of the season, 20-19. Having tasted victory the Herd traveled again, this time to Tusculum where they tied the Pioneers 7-7. Neither team could advance the ball deep into enemy terri- tory after each had scored. With one win, one tie, and two losses the Herd finally appeared before the student body and the home folks in a homecoming game with Stetson University. The passing and receiving combination of Dick Kennedy and Kirby Laughlin featured the Milli- gan attack. This twin Ohio combination netted most of the yardage and the only two TD ' s that the Herd scored. The next game found the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee gaining the first victory from a Milligan eleven since 1946. It was too much Middle Tennessee, and the home folks had a dismal night as the locals threatened only once throughout the entire contest. Taking to the road again the Herd this time encount- ered the Carson Newman Eagles, and defeated them 6-0. Jones played outstanding defense for the Buffs, and Dugger with the Beeler boys, J. A. and Bill on the offensive. 1949 FOOTBALL SOUAD: First row: Gray, Laughlin, Thornburg, Bibb, Lyle, Scarengi, Smith, Kelly, Porter, Roberts. Second row: Hardin, Bible, Lambert, J. A. Beeler, Bernat, Dugger, Vacarro, Bill Beeler, Wright, Calhoun, Broome, Winters. Third row: Coach Olds, Am- merman, Manager; Hillier, Adlcins, Wilspn, Jones, Gustaf- son, ' Pridon, Middleton, Grindstaff, Glowoclti, Goff, Bowers, McSwords, Don Jones, Kostko, Manager; Coach Spraker. 75 ,13 M 38 33 J SS 61 0 nq pi 4r f ' p «76 r 70 52 ; A 84 1949 " BUFF " SCHEDULE Frank Spraker, Line Coach Eddie Olds, Head Coach ON THE GRIDIRON Milligan Milligan 7 Milligan 20 Milligan 7 Milligan 13 Milligan Milligan 6 Milligan 19 Milligan Milligan Wofford 41 Emory and Henry 27 Tampa U 19 Tusculum 7 Stetson U 13 Middle Tenn. St 19 Cars on-Newman Tenn. Wesleyan 6 Marshall 34 East Tenn. St 28 Coming back before the home folks the Herd found things to their liking and whipped the Tennessee Wesleyan eleven 19-7. It was the third win for the Herd and brought them above the 500 per cent line. Taking to the road again, the Buffs played the Marshall Green Wave, and found the Green Wave to strong for them. The final score was 34-0. For the first three periods the Buffs held the winners to a touchdown. In the last quarter the Wave turned on their big offensive power and soundly whipped the boys. In the final game of the year the Buffs and the local State Bucs tangled, and when the shouting was all over the Buccaneers had a victory, 28-0. It was a bitter defeat and the fans that wit- nessed the game felt that it was the best game that State had played all year. The entire 1949 season had its ups and downs. Graduation will take three lettermen, and they are Captain George Dugger, Kyle Middleton, and Leroy Wright. Co-Captains John Vaccaro and George Dugger. Michigan boys — Gustafson, Coach Olds, Hillier. Pennsylvania boys — Byers, Vacarro, Glowacki, Scarengi, Bernat. Johnson City boys — Bible, Thornburg, Kelly, Wilson, Winters. North Carolina boys — Roberts, Lyle. m. THE CAPTAINS Leading the " Buffs " in the past gridiron campaign were two of the team ' s most out- standing players, Captain George Dugger and Captain John Vaccaro. These two, with their fine cooperative spirit and their grim determi- nation, won the hearts of all of us. George came to Milligan in 1946 from nearby Elizabethton, Tenn., and this was his fourth year of service with the " Buffs " . He played a halfback position, and this past sea- son he was selected on the All Conference team of the Smoky Mountain Conference. Our other captaincy was ably filled by John Vaccaro, who hails from Princeton, N. J. " Vac " , as he is known around the Campus, came to Milligan in 1947 and is now a Junior. " Vac " played a guard position and was one of the " Buff ' s " most stalwart linemen. Through his team spirit, his will to win, and through his fine leadership, he commanded the respect of play- ers and fans alike. Thanks, boys, for a job well done! Donnie Lambert skirts left end for a nice gain in an early game. State scores a tough one against the Buffs. OUR FOOTBALL MANAGERS While most of the glory and well-wishing is handed out to the men who play football, there are men behind the scene, so to speak, that hardly get the attention that they deserve. This year we had two very fine managers in John Ammerman and Michael Kostko. Both boys hail from the Keystone State of Pennsylvania and are majoring in Physical Education. Mike is the senior member of the duet and has participated in some athletics at Milligan. He has played two years on the " B " team in basketball, besides being an aid to John in football. John is a sophomore and a member of the varsity basketball team. John gained valuable experience this year and should prove a valu- able asset in the future of Milligan athletics. To both boys who have worked so hard for the success of our team, we give our sincerest thanks. Managers — John Ammerman and Mike Kostko. Winters, center. Wright, guard. Bowers, tackle. Srindstaff, tackle. Slowocki, end. Bible, back. Jones, end. B. Beeler, back. J. Beeler, back. Lambert, back. ' Center, Cliff Winters scores by intercepting a pass on the ten and going all the way. The game was with Tampa. Bill Beeler picks up 25 yards on a punt return against Middle Tennessee State. Dick Kennedy and Jack Bible break up a Stetson pass which was intended for Jackson. This was a fourth down pass, and Milligan took over on their own 22 yard line. Boys put shoes on in street of Tampa, Florida, just before a pre-game work out. People assumed they were from Tennessee. Pictured are Amon McSword, Willis Sexton, Don Jones, Kirby Laughton. A first quarter score on a quarter-back sneak by Don Lambert from the one foot line against Tennessee Wesleyan. Football Stars Don Lambert, Dick Kennedy, George Dugger, Kyle Middleton, and Jack Bible eat supper at hotel after arriving in Tampa, Florida. CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS: Betts Still, Thelma Gwin, Sally Bellamy, Joaquin Segarra, Joan Thompson, Ruth O ' Neill, Mary Frances Elliott. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB: Bottom row, left to right: Ruth O ' Neill, President; Jean Ball, Sally Bellamy, Jo Ann Thompson, Peggy Joe Post, Carolyn Story, Annalee Harris, Becky Harris. Second row: J. Beeler, Everett Widner, James Edens, James Bentley, Bill Beeler, Buclcy Harris, Frank Moore, Miss Constance Minat, Faculty Adviser. Third row: Charles Shell, Ralph Porter, T. P. Jones, Manley Miller, Kyle Middleton, Oliver Jones, Walter Mathis, James Moore, Bill Woodward, Coach Olds, Faculty Adviser. MONOGRAM CLUB: Lett to right: J. Beeler, Bill Wood- ward, Robert VanLew, A. B. Hardin, Joe Sutherland, Kyle Middleton, Leroy Wright, Francis Powers, Kyle Ripley, Bill Beeler, James Bentley, John Keffer, Oliver Jones, Kenney Hyder, George Dugger, Buford Calhoun, John Vaccaro. 1949-1950 Basketball Schedule We Opp. 53 Berea, Ky 46 73 Union, Ky 62 58 Middle Tennessee State 73 57 Austin Peay 63 66 David Lipscomb 77 75 King College 53 63 Maryville College 47 74 David Lipscomb 69 64 Lincoln Memorial University 49 70 Emory and Henry 81 104 Austin Peay College 74 74 King College 52 83 Union, Ky 72 85 Carson-Newman 61 79 Emory and Henry 72 63 East Tennessee State 64 65 Lincoln Memorial University 77 70 Tusculum College 60 52 East Tennessee State 74 65 Maryville College 61 75 Carson-Newman 65 64 Tusculum 66 Volunteer State Athletic Conference Tournament 49 Austin Peay 82 73 Middle Tennessee State 75 Smoky Mountain Athletic Conference Tournament 60 Lincoln Memorial University 69 89 Tusculum College 62 56 Carson Newman 50 Kyle Middleton Captain Carl Gouge 50 , OUR METTERS Opening tip-off in the Austin Peay game that the Buffs won by the score of 104 to 70. Boy, were we hot that night against a good team! Sid Hathaway rarely misses this type of push shot. This one was against Emory and Henry. Ray Forbes takes the first shot in the Milligan and State game. Captain Carl Gouge making two points in the State-Milligan game. State won 74 to 52. THE 1949-50 MILLIGAN COLLEGE BUFFALOS: Bottom row, left to right, they are: Kirby Laughlin, Kenny Hyder, Captain Carl Gouge, Sid Hathaway, and John Ammer- man. Top row: Coach Eddie Olds, Ray Forbes, Don Roberts, Kyle Middleton, Sam Pridon, Henry Wright, and Manley Miller, John Keffer, Manager. HAD A GOOD Captain Carl Gouge caught In the act by the camera during a game with Tusculum; however, this didn ' t affect the final result seriously as the Buffs won. Ray Forbes shoots a foul against Tusculum. Coach Olds talks It over with the boys during a time out. Manager Keffer, Captain Carl Gouge look Over the scorebook after a game, while Kyle Middleton exchanges pleasantries with others in the locker room. Crowd gathered at the end of the first Stat ' Milligan game because of a dispute in the la seconds of the game. mm Basketball " B " squad which had a very impressive record. The members kneeling are, from left to right: Kirby Laughlin, Henry Bernaf, Mike Kostko, and Bucky Harris. Standing, from left to right: James Ratliff, Gene Suther- land, Kyman Grindstaff, Rich- ard McMullen, and T. P. Jones. Archery is an activity with a great amount of interest in the girls program. The young ladies pictured are, from left to right, Janet Catlett, Char- lot Hobbs, Betty Smithson, and Sally Bellamy. On the tennis courts we have some outstanding players in Sally Bellamy, Becky Harris, Janet Catlett, and Ruth O ' Neill. The main source of interest lies within the swimming pool where we find sitting on the pool, Carolyn Story, Instruc- tor, and Phyllis Williams. In the water making the splash is, from left to right, Ruth Brown, Dot Dixon, Sarah White, Louise Spurgon, and Joan Morgan. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' ' .JV A fl c T I V I T I E S THE BUFFALO STAFF Nelson Gray, Associate Editor The Staff: Kyle Ripley, Business Manager; Earnest Ellenburg, Reporter; Bill Woodward, Editor; Nelta Hyder, Junior As- sistant Editor; Mike Kostlco, Sports Editor; Nelson Gray, Associate Editor; Anna Dugger, Junior Assistant Business Manager. Bill Woodward, Editor Kyle Ripley, Business Manager First row, left to right: Mrs. Gordon Warner, pianist; Louise Spurgeon, Charlotte Hobbs, Lydia Cerak, Eddie Barnes, Mes- more King, Tom Archibald, Grant Laymen, Ralph Derting, Betty Jane Osterland, Dorothy Dixon, Mary Perry, E. Gordon Warner, director. Second row: Maude Click, Karlyn Keyes, Peggy Young, Annalee Harris, Gene Click, Robert VanLew, Gordon Warner, Bill Rodeter, Irene Parker, Char- lotte Garshaw, Wanda Busby. Third row: Kitty Irwin, Ruth Brown, Emma Ruth Riggs, Amon McSwords, Leo Ernst, Joe Sutherland, Robert White, Leroy Wright, Edith Baker, Dorothy Hendershot, Evelyn Large, Janet Catlett. THE CHOIR Mrs. Gordon Warner, Accom- panist MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION. This organization is open to ministerial students who meet certain standards of eligibility. Besides holding their own meetings these students contribute to the chapel services and in many ways add to the campus religious life. Members are, left to right, bottom row: Gene Click, Mesmore King, Richard Moore, Bill Rodefer, Marsha Leggett, David Brooks, Edward Barnes. Second row: Leroy Wright, William Kin- cheloe, Paul Bauer, Thomas Archibald, Melvin Knapp, Robert Chase, Joe Suther- land, Albert Zimmerman, Leo Ernst, Amon McSwords, Robert White, Robert VanLew. RELIGIOUS CLUBS THE CHRISTIAN SERVICE GROUP. This organization is com- posed of young people who are preparing for full-time Christian service. It meets Monday eve- nings throughout the school year. Inspirational devotion services and short business sessions keep these meetings well-attended. The offi- cers are: Marshall Leggett, Presi- dent; William Rodefer, Vice-Presi- dent; Shirley DeArmond, Secre- tary; Virginia Snyder, Treasurer; Miss Mildred Welshimer, Sponsor. SERVICE SEEKERS. Another group of students interested in Christian service, and who are majoring in Religion. Some are preparing for service in foreign mis- sions; others in home missions. Meetings are usually held once a month with spe- cial emphasis on discussions about oppor- tunities for women in Christian service. The officers are: Mary Perry, President; Charlotte Hobbs, Vice-President; Joanne Green, Secretary; Peggy Young, Reporter; Miss Mildred Welshimer, Sponsor. AND ORGANIZATIONS CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR SOCIETY. This group meets each Sunday evening in the Hopwood Memorial Church. A worship serv- ice with helpful discussion of re- ligious topics make the Endeavor a training school for Christian leadership. The officers are: Robert Chase, President; Amon McSwords, Vice-President; Joanne Greene, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Mildred Welshimer, Sponsor. One of the oldest organizations on the campus, the Pre-Med Club meets every two weeks and works continuously to promote inter- est in Pre-medical work. Guest speakers from among local doctors and dentists make the meetings interesting and profitable. The officers are: Joe Cessna, President; Louise Green, Vice- President; Nelta Hyder, Treasurer; Thelma Gwin, Secretary; Anna Dugger, Reporter; Mr. Sisk, Sponsor. Bony Belle is an Important personage in the Biology Department. She was donated to this De- partment by a friend of the school. PRE-MED CLUB Seated: Thelma Gwin, Louise Green, Joe Cessna. Standing: Professor Sisk, Gordon Warner, Edward Allen, Joaquin Segarra, Thomas Long, Anna Dugger, Bony Belle, Nelta Hyder, Fred Wallenfelsi. $ HOBBY CLUB. In the first year of its existence this group undertakes to accomplish skills that will improve the use of leisure time. These activities include fabric painting, photog- raphy, woodwork, basket weaving, rug weaving, and other similar hobbies. Seen in the group above are Janet Catlett, Secretary-Treasurer; Bill Woodward, President; Professor Sam Hyder, Sponsor; Annalee Harris, Shirley DeArmond, and Becky Harris. SPANISH CLUB. Obviously interested in things Spanish, this group meets regularly for discussions on the subject. Some of the mem- bers shown in the photograph are Joaquin Segarra, Vice-President; Ella Jean Ball, Dan Millenger with the guitar, Amon McSwords, Randy Cooper, President; Becky Harris, Evelyn Large, Betty Smithson, .Shirley DeArmond, Joann Green, Peggy Young, John Caldwell, Edna Babb, Marie Smith, Sponsor; Sally Bellamy. COMMERCE CLUB. This group is able to hear representative business men and discuss current business problems. Photograp hed above are: Roger Clites, George Dugger, Elnora Hol- brook, John Vocarro, Jean Harris, Jean Barnes, John Lyons, President, Marian Elliott, Dot Allen Cole, Frances Henson. Officers not pictured are Howard Elliott, Vice-President; James Collins, Secretary-Treasurer; Clyde Peters, Reporter, and Mr. Alward, Sponsor. LIBRARY STAFF. Operating and maintain- ing the library, this group contributes much to the academic life of the school. Left to right, Paula Johnson, Gretchen Smith, Librarian; Dorothy Larson, Charlotte Hobbs, and Harriet Bullock. 61 THE BUFFALO RAMBLERS. The out- doors is a laboratory for this group that strives to combine mutual interests and good fellowship with wholesome outdoor entertainment. Hikes, hay-rides, and other trips help to make life interesting. The officers are: Robert VanLew, President; Virginia Snyder, Vice-President; Louise Green, Secretary-Treasurer; Mary Perry, Reporter; Paul Bauer, Publicity Chairman; Miss Coil, Sponsor. THE STAMPEDE is the college news- paper produced by a student staff com- posed of: Claude Callaway, Editor; Mary Perry, News Editor; Delores Burnett, Club Editor; Ruth O ' Neill, John Surcey, Michael Kostko, Sports Editors; Anna Dugger, Peggy Young, Charlotte Hobbs, Report- ers; Charles Anderson, Off-campus Activ- ities; Bill Woodward, Photographers Randy Cooper, Joaquin Segarra, Art Editors; Virginia Snyder, Elnora Holbrook, Typists; Irene Parker, Gwendolyn More- lock, Proof Readers. THE DRAMATIC CLUB contributes to student assemblies and produces several plays each year. One of the best this sea- son was " Drums of Death " , starring Mary Perry, Hugh Edwards, and Jack Wilson. Occasionally performances are repeated in nearby communities. The officers are: Joanne Green, President; Paul Conkin, Vice-President; Peggy Young, Secretary- Treasurer; Miss Coil and Mr. Edwards, Sponsors. GomfUimetuU oj The Christian Missionary Fellowship 501 SHUKERT BUILDING, 1115 GRAND AVENUE Kansas City 6, Missouri WORLD EVANGELISM . . . CHRIST-CENTERED SERVICE A frutUlful atofX+HAjcUioH, apenuta new in cawufina out an old talk 63 tffusi Xpcwe j Milligan College Library Mllligan College, Tennessee ;-c- mk

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