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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1948 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1709 9 EX LIBltlS --r I fH. 1 rwf .j K " ■W ,. MlLMG iX COLLEGE, TENN. 3768 PUBLISHED ABTNTALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF MILLIGAIV COLLEGE ALMA M A T £ K In Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky- Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail; Hail, to thee our Alma Mater Milligan, all hail! Cherished by our sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng Round our hearts, Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our v atchword, Conquer and prevail; Hail, to thee our Alma Mater Milligan, all hail! FOREWORD This book is an honest attempt to portray Milligan College as it is today . . . it is an earnest effort to record, frankly, in word and in picture, the students, the life and the activities of this institution in the year 1947-48 . . . faithfully, without pretense or ostentation; accurately, without loss of perspective; inform- ally, because that is the order of the day, we, the seniors of Milligan College, present this book to you. It is v ith deepest sincerity and appreciation that we, the seniors of Milligan College, dedicate this volume of " The Buffalo " to our honored war dead . . . to those w ho worked, fought and died for those principals of democracy and freedom that make possible Christian Education in America. True to them, Milligan strives to inculate the virtures of a Christian Character in all who come to her by demonstrating and practicing the principals and ideals for which the College was established. S - O CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY FEATURES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS CLASSES .««-■-..-.. ' ; ' . .■.. ' •«.- CAMPUS yt:!?;.,;,- ■ ' ,J.- ,Xf-Jv- jiL .» ,...,- ■.ijjUBMiWJigKg ' aflsaafc Administration Building Front View End View THIS CAMPUS OF OURS Setting against a natural background of rolling hills, our campus is a thing of beauty throughout the year. In Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter there is inspiration to be found in the scenes offered by a stroll along the Buffalo, or among the groves of trees, or just in looking at our stately buildings as they rise against the sky. The Lower Campus The Old Water Wheel PARDEE HALL Home of Milligan Men ' ■■ ' f i.- HARDIN HALL Home of Miiligan Women Hopwood Memorial Church Interior of Hopwood Memorial Church . CHURCH ITS INFLUENCE Our motto here at Milligan is " Christian Education, The Hope ol the World " , for it is our belief that by the daily living of a Christ- ian life we can all become better men and women, and thereby better citizens of our nation and of the world. Prof. Edward G. Lodter at the console of the Keys Memorial Organ " Sweet Hour of Prayer " POST OFFICE The connecting link between home and Milligan, the Post Office is undoubtedly the most popular spot on our campus. It means m_any things to many people, to some it is the hustle of a distant city, to some it is life on a peaceful farm, and to others it means dreams of the future. And of course, it has a special place in the hearts of the GIs. .«MS« ' THE CAMPUS STORE Famous for its " Spamburgers " the store rates tops as the social center of campus Ufe. Whether it is breakfast for a late riser k or a quiet " Coke " for two, a p package of notebook paper, or a bar of soap you should have gotten a week ago when you started using your roommate ' s, you can be sure that this is the place to obtain it. Cheek Activity Building The President ' s Home ADMINIS TR ATION PRESIDENT AND MRS. VIRGIl I. EllIOTT The Elliotts came to our campus in 1 944 and have brought us safe- ly through the years of reconversion from, a Navy VI 2 Unit to a peacetime liberal arts college. The love they have for Milligan is reflected in their message on the f ollowing page. OPCCE ' ' " ' " " ES.OE " • ' i. I9h8 " ' ■ ' a their f-ni ° unitv + t3 C0J1 ° the Djf ° «e you ,f " erested ° ns is our rt . PP°int ' ne„ts T =tori , al ' ' O. MV - gfc -p- - s VICE-PRESIDENT STEPHEN B. lACEY A graduate of Milligan, Mr. Lacy joined our staff in 1932 and has since that time worked faithfully for the improvement of our school. He is at present, and to our deep regret, on leave of absense due to ill health. . ACADEMIC DEAN ASA F. COCKRANE Dean Cockrane, better known on the campus as " Prof " , has been fathering students through Milligan since 1920. Professor of Bi- ology these many years, he took over his present job this past fall. DEAN OF WOMEN MILDRED WELSHIMER New to Milligan this year, Miss Welshimer has already won our hearts with her pleasant smile and kind understanding. It is our hope that she, too, will become a permanent mem- ber of the " Milligan family. " BUSINESS MANAGER AND TREASURER J. GOFF LONG Mr. Long arrived at our Alma Mater in 1937, and as " holder of the purse strings " he is one of the first acquaintances we make on enter- ing Milligan. REGISTRAR EDWARD G. LODTER While not busy keeping our academic records you will find Mr. Lodter teaching Modern Language, the job that brought him to Mil- ligan in 1931. FACULTY STAFF FACULTY B. E. ALWARD 1947 Business Administration MRS. B. E. ALWARD 1947 English CHARLES E, AKARD 1946 Chemistry A, T. BOYADJIS 1946 Greek, French and Social Science EULA LEE BOYADJIS 1946 Social Science and Fine Art JAMES A. BURNS 1946 Religion LOUISE CARICO 1946 Secretary to Dean FRANCES E. CONOVER 1945 Dietician and Home Economics AXD STAFF JOSEPH K. DAMPIER 1945 Religion LOIS HALE 1947 English PENELOPE HILL 1946 Assistant Bookkeeper SAM I. HYDER 1916 Mathematics IVOR JONES 1942 History RUBY K. JORDAN 1946 Bookkeeper ELMER C. LEWIS 1946 Religion and Director of Printing and Publicity JENNIE LORENZ 1945 Speech and English FACULTY FLOYD G. MARSH 1942 Psychology JOSEPHINE MEECHAM 1947 House Mother Hardin Hall SARA JOHNSON MOORE 1947 Business Administraticn CONSTANCE MYNATT 1945 Health and Physical Education HELEN TRANUM NAVE 1940 Secretarial Science GUY OAKES 1943 Education SIDNEY RICE 194S Physical Education and Track Coach GRETCHEN B. SMITH 1946 Librarian AND STAFF FRANK SPEAKER 1947 Assistant Coach HUGH M. THOMPSON 1928 Chemistry and Physics E. GORDON WARNER 1946 History and Music GEORGETTE F. WARNER 1946 Music W. HUGO YANCEY 1947 Heaa Coach, Football ana Basketball FACULTY RECEPTION LINE FORMS TO THE RIGHT AND STILL THEY COME CORLEW MEETS PAPPY AND CURLEY-TOP TALKING IT OVER " HOWDY " BACK AGAIN, JOE? MRS. NAVE SERVES WE HAD MUSIC TOO SENIORS You can always tell a SENIOR by his diginity !§;enior €lasi§; OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary William Carico Carl Motherly Duard Walker Wilma Chappell WILLIAM EDWARD ALLEN " Bill " Elizabethton, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education BLAKE ATWOOD " Blake " Mountain City, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education WALTER BAILEY ■Wah " Toecane, North Carolina Bachelor of Arts English ALLENE BRANHAM " Allene " Clintwood, Virginia Bachelor of Arts Business Administration WILLIAM ALEXANDER CARICO " Bill " Coeburn, Virginia Bachelor of Arts English WILMA GORRINA CHAPPELL " Wilma " Johnson City, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts History WILLIAM CEPHAS COMBS " Hoss ' Jonesville, Virginia Bachelor of Arts Business Administration GLENN FRANCIS CORLEW " Glenn " Tollhouse, Califorinia Bachelor of Arts Business Administration PAUL SEVIER GILMER " Paul " Lebanon, Virginia Bachelor of Arts Business Administration JOSEPH LOUIS HAGAN " Joe " Owensboro, Kentucky Bachelor of Arts Business Administration JAMES NATHAN HARMON, " Jim " Blackwood, Virginia Bachelor of Science in Physical Education JR. FRANK KEESLER HARRILL " Frank " Elizabethton, Tennessee Bachelor of Science Biology JOHN PHILBRIC HASTY " John " Toledo, Ohio Bachelor of Science Chemistry MAXIE LYLE HODGE " Lyle " Elizabethton, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts English DEAN CLIFTON HOUK " Dean " Watauga, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts Religion JOHN HARRISON LAWS " John " Elizabethton, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts Business Administration CARL SHELTON MATHERLY " Carl " Butler. Tennessee Bachelor of Science Commerce MARY ISABEL MATHERLY " Isabel " Rogersville, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts English MARGARET REBECCA McCRACKEN " Becky " Elizabethton, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts English RALPH DONALD McLEAN " Ralph " Akron, Ohio Bachelor of Arts Religion JOHN CLINTON MILLER " Rip " Maryville, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education ANDREW CARROLL MONTGOMERY, JR. " Andy " Lenoir City, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts Business Administration JAMES LOFTON QUILLON MOORE, JR. HORACE ARTHUR PETTIT " J L " " Pettit " Gate City, Virginia Chehalis, Washington Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Business Administration History and English HARVEY GARLAND POWELL " Harvey " Louisa, Virginia Bachelor of Arts Religion COT R. PRESNELL " Cot " Elizabethton, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education WILLIAM CASWELL PRICE " Buddy " Johnson City, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts Business Administration ROBERT PERRY RHEA " Bob " Arkon, Ohio Bachelor of Science Biology WILLIAM NATHANIEL SHOWALTER " Bill ' Radford, Virginia Bachelor of Science in Physical Education WILLIAM ROBERT SMALL " Bill " Piilsburgh, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts Religion PATRICK HENRY STARNES, " Pat " Fort Blackmore, Virginia Bachelor of Science Chemistry JR. VERNON THOMAS " Vernon " Midway, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education KERMIT TIPTON ■Tip " Johnson City, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education CLIFFORD MACK TURNER " Jake " Coeburn, Virginia Bachelor of Arts Business Administration BONNIE JANE VON CANNON " Bonnie " Butler, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts Business Administration CAROLYN ROBERTS WALKER " Blondie " Newport, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education DUARD BELMONT WALKER " Duard " Piney Flats, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Bachelor of Science Biology HUGH MAY WILLIAMS " Doodle Bug " Jonesville, Virginia Bachelor of Arts Business Administration RAYMOND HENRY WILLIAMS " Dude " Hampton, Tennessee Bachelor of Science in Physical Education JUNIORS You can always tell aJUNIOR by his pride JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Reporter . Carl Shepherd William Stanfield James Rose Betty Lou Stratton Lois Pettit ■. Top Row: ALLEN STEPHENS ALFORD, Erwin, Tennessee: EMMA MAE ALLEN, Erwin, Tennessee; CLARA ELLEN AUSTIN, Bluefield, West Virginia; NYDIA BALLESTER, San Sebastin, Puerto Rico; DAVID L. BECK, Erwin, Tennessee. Second Row: WILLIAM STANLEY BIRCHFIELD, •Elizabethton, Tennessee; MILDRED PEARL ROLLING, Norton, Virginia; RUDOLPH BRINKLEY, Johnson City, Tennessee; DILLA MOZELLA BUCK, Shell Creek, Tennessee MARTHA BELLE BUNTON; Elizabethton, Tennessee Third Row: WILLIAM JACKSON CALDWELL, Pulaski, Virginia; WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Erwin, Ten- nessee; PAUL D. CARICO, Coeburn, Virginia; JOSEPH ROBERT CHAIN, Erwin, Tennessee; JANIE ANN CROSS, Fordtown, Tennessee Bottom Row: ROBERT MARSHALL ELLIOTT, Albion, Illinois; HARRY OWEN FINE, Lenior City, Tennessee; CHARLES HENRY FITZSIMMONS, Elizabethton, Tennessee; FRED CALVIN FOX, Elizabethton, Tennessee; HARRY KEENER FRY, Pennington Gap, Virginia. Top Row: JOYCE BETTY GARDNER, North Middletown, Kentucky; WILLIAM EARL GREENE, Johnson City, " Pennessee; ROBERT PALMER GRIFFIN. Gulfport, Mississippi; PAUL GRIZ, Elk Horn, West Virginia, ROY EUGENE HAMPTON, Elizabethton, Tennessee. Se.-ond Row: LETCHER A. HILL, Big Stone Gap, Virginia; VERNE EUGENE JORtlAN, Harrison, Arkansas; LOIS LORAIN KEYES, Elizabethton, Tennessee; RUBY ELLEN KEYS, Elizabethton, Ten- nessee; ALBERT MILLARD MANIS, Kingsport, Tennessee. Third Row: JOYCE HELEN MARSH, Cincinnati, Chio; LEAH RUTH MARSH, Milligan College, Ten- nessee; JAMES THELBERT MARSHALL, Pratts, Virginia; GEORGE FRED McCLAIN, Johnson City, Te.nnessee; WILLIAM HARLEN MORTON, Whitesburg, Kentucky. Bottom Row: LOIS FRALEY NEELEY, Norton, Virginia; MARY CLAY NELMS, Johnson City, Ten- nessee; DAVll) BYRON NICKELS, Norton, Virginia; MARTHA REBECCA NOBLITT, TuUahoma Tennessee; EVA ALLEN NOURSE, Erwin, Tennessee. Top Row: HOWARD MARVIN PATTON, Johnson City, Tennessee; JUDY SKEEN PEARCE, Wise, Virginia; LAURA LOIS PETTIT, Chehalis, V ashington; JU ' NE FRANCES PORT ' £R, St. Paul, Virginia; HUBERT ROLAND POWELL, Louisa, Virginia. Second Row: LLOYD BILLIE PRUITT, Norton, Virginia, HOWARD WILLIAM REECE, EliEobelhton, Tennessee; HELEN SUE ROBERSON, Elizabethton, Tennessee; WILLIAM LEWIS ROBINSON, Eliza- bethton, Tennessee; JAMES MARTIN ROSE, Gate City, Virginia. Third Row: CARL SHEPHERD, JR., lylilligan College, Tennessee; PAUL LESLIE SHURGOTT, Mon- ongahela, Pennsylvania; BILL LEE SMITH, Fayette City, Pennsylvania; OHALEAH ALBERT SMITH, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania; WILLIAM JOHNSON STANFIELD, Monterey, Tennessee. Bottom Row: BETTY LOU ' STRATTON, Clifton Forge, Virginia; HOLMAN ROBERT TANNER, Wart- burg, Tennessee; GWENDOLYN GREEN THOMAS, Johnson City, Tennessee; FRANCES UMBERGER, Wytheville, Virginia; ANNA MAE VON CANON, Butler, Tennessee. JOHN WALLACE WALKER, Piney Flats, Tennessee; BEN HOWARD WILLIAMS. Elizabethton, Tennessee; BETTY RUTH WILLIAMS, Johnson City, Tennessee; WOODROW LEON YOW, Elizabeihton, Tennessee. Any Afternoon in the Library j,r- ' ' :ui p ««fW«-N.f fir ' « " Vs XJ I mmmmmmami mm Bsm 8SE«ffi«S SSK?K5 SOPHOMORES You can always tell a SOPHOMORE by his frivolity . . W CSHIMFR MEMORIAL LIBRAW MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. Z7 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasijrer Reporter Leroy Wright Rod Pope Hoyt Dees Clifford Wells Edward Bailey Top Row: lames Richard Allen, Owen Klepper Alley, Charles George Anderson, Doris Emerita Arana, Alene Aleathy Bailey, Edward Calvin Bailey, Edward Grant Barnes. Second Row: Jean Etta Barnes, James Edward Bentley, Emma Jean Bingham, Bill Hugh Brady, Dewey l)avid Buc- hanan, Jr., Asa Grant Buntin, Patricia Ann Burdick Third Row: Claude Coolidge Calloway, Jane Isabel Catlett, Grena Mae Christian, Roger Myron Clites, Dot Allen Cole, Harry A. Cole, Douglas Brooks Crocket. Fourth Row: Charles Elwood Daniel, Hoyt Colloins Dees, Ralph Monroe Derting, Carl Henry Edwards, Leonard Pierce Edwards, Jr., Patrick Hoggins Edwards, Edward Ellsworth Elswick. Bottom Row: Romel Toney Emiren, Henry Clay Evans, Jr. Joseph Mitchell Farry, Mary Douglas Fine, Arville Douglas Garland, Jean Goodson; Carl Lee Gouge. Top Row: Nelson Gray, Norma Jean Gray, Betty Jo Grubbs, Glen Homer Hagy, Thomas Witten Hagy, Kermit Brown Hall, John Edward Harris. Second Row: Charlotte Nilene Hart, Frances Gertrude Henson, James Herman Jenkins, Lawrence Carroll lessee, Ora Wilbert Johnson, Jr., Raymond Lav rence Jones, Robert Lowell Jordan. Third Row: John Bernard Keffer, Arthur Melvin Kelsey, Mattie Nell Kincheloe, Forest Eldon King, Katie Lee King, Grace Lillian Lang, James Edward Lewis. Fourth Row; Delbert Wesley Louderm ' llc, Jr., Ernestine Goodwin Lowe, John Marshall Lukehart, Roland DeWitt Mc- Curry, James Edgar McDonald, Jr., Robert Daniel McGlothlin, Peggy Jaunita Medsker. Bottom Row: Joseph Addison Meredith, Lloyd Kyle Middle Spn, Charles Estel Miller, George Alan Mil!er, Harry Do! - ald Miller, Frank Hurst Moore, Frank Wallace Motley. Top Row: Jack Ritchie Musick, Charlotte Ella Newton, Clifton M. Newton, Jr., Paul Francis Nourse, Ernest Young Oaks, Thelma Ruth O ' Neill, Gene Allen Ottenqer. Second Row: Robert Bates Pauley, Don Lester Peoples, Carolyn Mae Perkins, Orban W. Peters, Jr. Jack K. Pierce. Richard Eugene Poe, Harold Pope. Third Row: Roy Willis Pope, Francis Gary Powers, Rowena Sue Price, George Henry Reynolds, Marceline Mozella Riddle, Emma Ruth Riggs, Kyle Newton Ripley. Fourth Row: Mary Lou Ritz, Charles Kennon Robertson. Dorothy Lucille Rose, James David Rose. Charles Morris Shanks, Harry Estle Shatley, Gladys Ann Shaw. Bottom Row: Billy S. Shelburne, Billy Jack Shoun, Sylvia Jacqueline Shull, Clarence Ray Shultz, Henry M. Sim- ons, Bennie Curtis Smith. Cecil B. Sparkmon. ■. - ■ ' Top Row: Emine Shaw Suttle. Jr., Jay Tipton, Nannette Thomas Tipton, Richard Fred Tucker, Margaret Hedy Wae- chter, James Schuyler Walker, Fred Woodward Wallenfelsz. Bottom Row: Alice Walters, Clifford Eugene Wells, Peggy Ruth Welsh, Jackson Runyan Whisnant, Billy Coleman Woodward, Clara-Ward Wray, Joseph Leroy Wright. FRESHMEN But you can ' t tell a FRESHMAN anything! ! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Phil Hutchinson Joe Fizer Nan Gilbert Hen:Y Wright K. C. Akers R. L. Albertsen E. H. Archer W. W. Arington W. J. August D. E. Balser W. B. Barton, Jr. A. Bennett A. M. Eerry F. R. Blake D. V. Eledsoe G. S. Boatright M. E. Boiling J. W. Bowers, Jr. E. W. Brown, Jr. J. L. Buchaman J. A. Buck M. A. Burton C. Cagle A. J. Campbell E. D. Campbell R. M. Campbell H. Garden J. F. Carr E. A. Childress C. A. Clark I. W. Coales, Jr. P. K. Conkin D. M. Cooke E. R. Cross W. A. Cross R. E. Cummins A. R. Curtis, Jr. E. J. Cutlipp P. A. Dampier R. M. Davenport R. C. Derting A. E. Dugger I. F. Edens, Jr. I. K. Edens T. R. Edens D. E. Elder E. E. Ellenburg V. M. Elliott W. H. Elliott W. I. Estep H. W. Evans L. G. Fair M. C. Fair J. E. Fiser G. D. Fisher M. R. Fletcher T. B. Fowler V. N. Fritts N. E. Gilbert J. Gillentine N. M. Godsey R. H. Goins D. E. Grilfith E. L. Griffith E. A. Chrissan R. E. Gutschalk T. F. Gwin • r. H. Haltom M. J. Hampton r. M. Honkla ]. A. Harmon N. O. Hawks D. F. Hendershot R. E. Holbrook A. M. Holzer R. T. Hutcheson N. Hyder I. N. Jenks P. B. Jenks I. A. lessee W. A. Keith W. M, Kincheloe W. A. Kinsey D. D. Lambert M. E. Large M. L. Livesey M. R. Love A. M. Lundy A. R. Lyons J. G. Lyons D. R. Mclone F. R. Marshall W. T. Mathes J. McCoy G. D. Miller G. M. Moreloek I. G. Morrison A. M. Moser H. R. Moss W. C. MulUns B. R. Oakes F. E. Pardue I. E. Parker E. H. Payne G. J. Pearson J, P. Pearson C. E. Peters O. F. Peters H. C. Puckett M. A. Puckett C. P. Quillen, II F. E. Rains H. L. Richardson R. J. Roberts M. B. Robinetle M. B. Schwartz P. F. Semmler T. L. Shanks C. M. Shatley C. D. Shell I. B. Shelton D. O. ShuU B. J, Simmons N. Slagle B. L. Smith J. B. Smith S. B. Smith W. T. Smith H. R. Snell F. M. Snyder L. D. Spellman P. T. Stewart P. W. Stock 1. 1. Sublett R. R. Tester R. W. Thomas R. T. Thorpe I. Vaccaro W. W. Vaughn E. J. Vest W. V. Wallace S. L. Whitehead E. V. Widener, Jr. B. F. WiUiams H. F. Williams M. L. Williams K. W. Willis B. T. Wilson d . J.. L. F. Wiseman H. E. Wright M. J. Zinsmeister Students who have entered Milligan since the pictures were taken and who therefore are not in the groups Luther Reed Arnold Charles W. Beck Betty Lou Beeler James A, Beeler Daniel A. Bowers David Harrison Brannum Kara Wayne Bright Richard Bucher John B. Caldwell Judson Lee Carson Norman Spamer Craven Rice Hicks Cross. Jr. William Clifford Daniels William Vance Davidson Shirley Coleman DeArmond Julius C. Dease Beverly Franklin Dolan Robert Janes Doughtery Viola Jean Harris Clark Ainslie Hodges, Jr. Elsmer Glenn Isaacs Glenn Martin Johanson Frank Hobson Kelley Robert Alexander Lacy James Louis Lecka Robert William Lerapp Paul E. Lenor Curvis Looney Eleanor Carolyn Lundy Nita Bellamy Matson Charles McGhee, Jr. Pauline MuUins Thevenow Alexander Mumpower Earl Peterson Coy Argil Phipps Joseph W. Popp David G. Porter Gerald Kay Ratliff Dorothy Anne Riddle Bill Edward Rock David James Slagle Donald James Smith Eugene Street Garrett Hazen Street, Jr. Robert E. Tevis John Lawrence Treadv ay Charles William West Paul R. Williams Freshman Freshman Special Freshman Senior Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Junior Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Junior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Special Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Senior Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Special Freshman Freshman i-jT-rv Uip FEATURES m u f. WFiWIi ' - WILLIAM A. CARICO. Senior ROBERT P. RHEA, Senior JOSEPH L. HAGAN, Senior WILLIAM N. SHO WALTER, Senior Every year on the campuses throughout America there are chosen certain students -whose College carreers have been outstanding. Their names, with a short biography, appear in an annual publication known as " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN DUARD B. WALKER, Senior MARTHA R. NOBLITTJunior. HARRY O. FINE, Junior BETTY LOU STRATTON, Junior The eight students shown on these pages were chosen to represent Milligan College for the school year 1947-48. We are justly proud of Ihem, and offer our congratulations for their out- standing accomplishments. COLLEGES AND LNI VEMSITIE IS MOST POPULAR COUPLE Harry and Mary Fine MOST ATHLETIC Ruth O ' Niell Duard Walker BEST PERSONALITY Betty Ruth Williams Leroy Wright BEST LOOKING Lois Neeley Jim Rose MOST VERSATILE John Harris Nanneite Tipton MOST POPULAR Robert Elliot! Betty Lou Siratton MOST STUDIOUS Henry Evans Martha Moblitl DUARD BELMONT WALKER CAROLYN ROBERTS WALKER I I G AND JEEN OF T AY GRACE LANG ANN VON CANON JANIE CROSS CAROLYN WALKER Homecoming Queen NAOMI GODSEY Carnival Queen CAMPrS BEATTIES SNOOPING AROUND THE CAMPUS THE RED HEART CAFE ' February 11, 1948 SIVAP SHOT CONTEST SECOND PRIZE ' Thinking it Over " John Harris FIRST PRIZE " A Pretty Girl " Charles Daniels THIRD PRIZE " Cooling Them Off " Doris Arana 1 t s ■ 1 .. ' ' " X ACTIVITIES msss mmmsm aj ' v-, -.. . the Buffalo Staff JOSEPH L. HAGAN— " Editor " CLIFFORD M. TURNER— " Business Manager " GLENN F. CORLEW— " Feature Editor " DUARD B. WALKER— " Sports Editor " ISABEL MATHERLY— " Secretary " ANDREW MONTGOMERY— " Photo- grapher " HARRY FINE— " Junior Assistant to Editor " BETTY LOU STRATTON— " Junior Assist- ant to Feature Editor PAUL GRIZ — " Junior Assistant to Sports Editor STAMPEDE STAFF Published every two weeks by the Students of Milligan College Editor-in-chief News Editor — •_ Sports Editor Feature Writers Billie Pruitt, .. Robert Rhea ... . Bob Griffin Ed McDonald Grace Lang, Betty Lou Stratton, John Harris, Clayton Mullins Reporters _ — Joe Hagan, Ralph McLean, Glen Corlew Photographer •— Ed Childress Copy Editor -- Fred Blake Advisors Professor Guy Oaks, Chaplain Elmer Lewis MUSIC AT MIllIGAN E. Gordon Warner Director Mrs. E. Gordon Warner Accompanist Janet Callelt Piano Soloist Grace Lang Outstanding Member 1946-47 THE " M " € L L Harry Fine, President THE POWER HOUIS An institution dedicated to Freshmen beys BAND John Harris, President PRE MED Henry Evans, President DRAMATIC Joseph L. Hagan, President ALPHA PSI OMEGA Paul Griz, Presidaht DEBATIJVG Christian EndeaTor Eldon King, President BIBLE CLUB Ralph M ' cL ' ean, President CHBISTIAN SEBVICE Robert Rhea, President PHYS ED CLUB William Showalter, President GIRL ' S COUI CIL BOY ' S COUI CIL HOME EC CLUB Carolyn Perkins, President C @ . I M E R i: E € L I ' Andrew Montgomery, President LIBRARIAN AND STAFF REGISTRAR AND STAFF DIETICIAN AND STAFF ' : 2;:l , CHEERLEADERS Ruth O ' Niell Mary Frances Elliott John " Frizzby " Harris Ellen Jane Vest Charles " Red " Anderson Joe Hagan ' --% S S5S» f!JlSf !5a((» jig ATHLETICS MILLIGAI FOOTBALL Coach Yancey, former a.hlete a. lacksonviUe, Alaba- S T hers ™ Is in his first season at Milligan, having coached ' P - ° ,™ J°b4ketball records, he has fight through an even tougher season m 1948. TH. rSrr-?;rt " :: " a:- ::;; ' Wima s. Ca. .,. ho.... Loone. r .T C : ' : - " - - Kennea. Ca,.e. Sa.e.s, I. Bowe.s, Pre-.nel, Kinsey, Birley, Middleton, Hagy Coach Yancey . Goddard, Back Hagy, Tacikle Bible, Back Tucker, Back Kinsey, End b ' Agata, End H. Bowers, Back Ossman, Back Manning, Back Hale, Back Captain Bill Allen Co-Captains Duard Walker Harry Fine Games In Revie v In the season ' s opening game the Thund- ering Herd came face to face with its 1946 Burley Bowl opponent, the highly rated roar- ing Lions of Southeastern Louisiana College from Hammond, La. and fought them in a drizzling rain to a 6-6 deadlock. The Buf- raloes won a moral victory by redeeming the 1843 Burley Bowl 21-13 defeat and end- ing the untied and undefeated record of the S;utheastern team. Lynn Goddard kept the Lions on their haunches with his long distance punts in the second half and the Buff linemen dug in to ke=p the goal line protected. The Herd came back the following week with a hard-gought victory over the Wasps of Emory (5t Henry. The stinger was removed cautiously, the Buffs coming out with a 19-7 victory. Traveling to High Point, N. C. the Buffa- loes were furiously attacked by the local Panthers and came scampering home with a 14-6 defect. Sonny Hale returned a punt 65 yards to score the Herd ' s lone touchdown. Playing host in Kingsport to the Blue Raid- ers of Middle Tennessee Teachers, the pound- i.-ig herd was slowed to a walk and found itself on the short end of a 7-0 struggle. The heavier Radiers displayed a powerful team with superior speed and deception. St;il Burning from the branding by the Blu3 Raiders, the Buffaloes stampeded the Tusculum College Pioneers 40-0 in the Pio- neers ' own front yard. Displaying for the first time a brilliant offensive attack, the Herd led all the way in all statistical divi- sions. THIS PAGE Carr, Back Caldwell, Center Friser, Guard Farry, Guard Coach " Red " Yancey Joe Haltom, Manager OPPOSITE PAGE PrRsnell, Guard Hutchinson, Tackle Love, End Holsclaw, Back Grain, Tackle Miller, Back Garland, Guard Bentley, Back p- ' " I. Wright, Guard Vacarro, Guard . ■s..(,«,- - . m n 1 i m 4. W M K B A- v § ' ' -■■wt ,Jl| -i " ■aUt ' ? ' ' ,T-v- v i .- . The next " dope-bucket " which overturned came when the Catamounts of Western Carolina Teachers attack- ed the Buffaloes at Elizabethton on October 18... After being held scoreless for the first half, the Buffs came thundering back to win 19-0.. Lynn Goddard ' s magnificient punting kept the " Cats " deep in their own territory.-. Claude Hosclaw paced the scoring attack, heaving two touchdown passes and also scoring from the one yard line for the other touchdown. On October 25 the Buffs came face to face with the S tetson University Hatters at Deland Florida. Before a large crowd of surprised spectators they pounded the heavy Hatters and within the last 5 minutes of play, came from behind a 13-7 score to tie at 13-13 and went on to victory 2 0-13. Again it was Goddard who surprised the opponent ' s safety men with his long kicks... Hosclaw threw touchdown passes to " Lefty " Bowers and Bill Kinsey for the first two touchdowns and John Manning climaxed the scoring with a last minute pass interception in midfield and behind well timed blockig, and in front of desparate Stetson University tacklers dashed 50 yards down the sideline to score the winning touchdown. On November 1 the Buffs tangled with the high-flying Carson-Newman Eagles in Jefferson City. From the statis- tical standpoint the Herd won another victory, gaining 27 2 yards to t he Eagles ' 85; and 17 first dawns to 5 for C-N. Milligan fumbled the opening kick-off and the Eagles recovered on the Buff 2 yard line and scored the following play. From midfield on the first play of the second half the Eagles passed for their final touchdown. Trailing 12 to late in the third quarter the Buffs recovered a fumble on the Eagle 15. After advancing the ball to the 10 the Buffs scored on a pass from Holsclaw to Dugger in the e nd zone. The Herd ' s line played superb ball, Co-Captain Fine, Harmon and Caldwell doing great defensive work. Before a homecoming crowd at Johnson City on November 8 the Buffs turned back a fighting Tennessee Wesleyan eleven 13-6. Midway in the first quarter the Buffs scored alter Ha ' rkleroad blocked a kick on the Bulldog 44. In the fourth quarter following a Bulldog TD from a blocked pu nt the Herd came back and scored 5 plays later. Manning, Dugger, and Hale alternating the ball carrying behind the Buff line. In the final tilt of the regular season the Buffs were d ealt a stinging 27-0 setback by the mighty Applachian Mountaineers who were bent on revenge for a 6-0 beating at the hands of Milligan last season. In a sea of mud the heavier Mountaineers with their fleet-footed backs drove to 4 touchdowns while the Buff passing attack was almost at a standstill. BASEBALL Front row: Benlley. Carico, Manis, Tipton, Thomas, Wilson, Holsclaw, Walker Second row: Frye, Pansocit, Goddard, Bowers, Shelbome, Manning, Taylor, Showalter, Shepherd, Suttle, Atwood Under the leadership of Charlie " Bud-Bud " Akard the 1946-47 baseball team made a record to be proud of. The pitching staff which included Lynn Goddard, Claude Holsclaw, and Carl Gouge did a fine job of sv rishing opposing bat- ters, winning nine a nd losing three. Milligan 5 Ohio Wesleyan 4 Milligan 4 Applachian State 2 Milligan 4 Appalachian State 3 Milligan 8 Mars Hill 4 Milligan 7 Tusculum 5 Milligan 2 Emory Henry 12 Milligan 5 Mars Hill 1 1 Milligan 7 L.M.U. 8 Milligan 17 L.M.U. 1 Milligan 4 Tusculum 5 Milligan 12 L.M.U. 2 Milligan 10 Emory Henry 9 Coach Charlie " Bud-Bud " Akard BASKETBALL First Row: Williams. Hyder, Griz, Hathaway. Frye Second Row: Gouge, Wajker. Elliott. Motherly, McCurry Third Row: Shepherd. Harlkeroad. Middleton. Taylor, Caldwell SCHEDULE 1947-1948 Milligan 55 Lees-McRae 38 Milligan 71 Smallings Ind. 48 Milligan 36 ' Tennessee 76 Milligan 50 Appalachian 60 Milligan 36 Tennessee 52 Milligan 65 Tenn. Wesleyan 49 Milligan 41 Jacksonville (Ala) 51 Milligan 51 Florence (Ala) 50 Milligan 75 Florence 60 Milligan 57 Peerless Mills 49 Milligan 48 Old Dominion 55 Milligan 69 Old Dominion 68 Milligan 57 Berea 61 Milligan 61 Pikeville (Ky) 57 Milligan 70 Union (Ky) 60 Milligan 85 Lincoln (111.) 43 Milligan 51 Appalachian 65 Coil Shepherd Coach W. H. " Red " Yancey Paul Grir Captain Co-Captain Milligon 68 King 57 Milligan 55 Leon Ferenbach 51 Milligan 66 L.M.U. 54 Milligan 69 Emory Henry 58 Milligan 94 Quality Esso 35 Milligan 73 Tusculum 52 Milligan 66 Union 60 Milligan 59 State 40 Milligan 76 King 57 Milligan 80 Cincinnati 30 Milligan 90 Tusculum 57 Milligan 66 Bristol YMCA 46 Milligan 61 Carson-Newman 40 Milligan 64 L.M.U. 66 Milligan 106 Emory Henry 60 Milligan 68 State 55 Milligan 113 Pikeville 67 Milligan 63 Carson-Newman 49 THE RECORD A quick glance at the scores of this 36 game season makes it seem unnecessary to com- m.ent further on such a performance as this. Much of the praise must go to Coach Yancey for his continually pressing and urging the team on to greater heights. In a team made up of several highscoring men there was constantly shown a high degree of teamwork and is illustrated by the season ' s total points, 2,302, which does not include tourn- ament scores. Leading this scoring spree was Kenny Hyder, 469 points; Sid Hathaway, 343; Kyle Middleton, 340; Paul Griz, 324; Carl Gouge, 279; Carl Shepherd, 208. In the following three years of basketball, Milligan fans should see an equally superb team from such standouts as Hyder, Hathaway, and Middleton. There should still be a lot of good basketball ability displayed in the work of captains Shepherd and Griz and also of Gouge and Elliot. Motherly and Walker were the only seniors on the squad. With the work of this season ' s standouts and the competition of Coach Spraker ' s " B " squad keeping the spirit high, the immediate future of basketball at Milligan really looks bright. Kenny Hyder, forward Bob Elliott, forward Ralph Harklerood, center Kyle Middleton, Center John KeHer, Manager Sid Hathaway, forward Carl Gouge, forward Carl Matheely, forward TRACK First Row: Coach Rice, Artrip, I. Pope, Snell, Horris, Richardson, Johnson Caldwell, Powers, R. Pope, Wells Second Row: Balser, Cross, Mullins, Wright, Semmler, Suttle, Elliott, D ' Agata, Walker, Boatwright, Swortz, Griz. Stanfield. Largely, through the untiring efforts of Coach S. W. Rice, track is again becoming a major sport at Milligan. With possible entries in relays in Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania and the Annual Milligan Relays track supporters should be optimistic. With the records of the 1947 track team already on the books the 1948 squad is busying itself with the task of developing a greater track team than ever before. The major contribution of Milligan ' s 1947 track team was to start this sport on a larger scale and develop a keen interest among future track candidates. The first Annual Milligan Relays were held last Spring and won by Milligan. This an- nual event is open to all colleges in East Tennessee, Southv est Virginia, and Western Car- olina, and to all high schools in this area. , :■-. : 1947 Schedule April 19 April 26 May 9 May 20 May 24 Milligan 91 Penn Relays at Milligan 82 Milligan 851 2 Milligan Relays - Mars Hill 40 Philadelphia — Mile Relay Mars Hill 49 Tusculum 39 V2 — Won by Milligan Other entries in the Relays: Milligan State Tusculum Emory Henry Mars Hill Pikeville, (Ky.) 40 27 23 12 10 4 1 3 1 3 TENNIS Ripley, Mgr., McCuiry, Stanlield, Robinette. Archer, Walker, Reynolds, Mgr. Led by captain Francis Brumit the tennis team made a perfect " love " season out of the 1947 schedule. In winning thirteen games and tying one they became the first tennis team in Milligan history to go through a full season undefeated. Under the watchful eyes of Dr. Thompson, the following men made possible this outstanding record: Francis Brumit, Bob Showalter, Bob Rice, Roland McCurry, Johnny Walker, Edwin Archer, Joe Hagan, and Man- ager George Reynolds. Returning for the 1948 season are Roland MCurry, Johnny Walker, and Edwin Archer around which another strong squad should be built with the help of newcomers on the cam- pus. The scores for last season were as follows: Milligcm 7 Mars Hill Milligan 6 Carson-Newman 1 Milligan 7 Tenn.-Wesleyan Milligan 5 Mars Hill 2 Milligan 4 T.P.I. 3 Milligan 7 Emory-Henry Milligan 3 Carson-Newman 3 Milligan 5 L. M. U. 2 Milligan 6 Tusculum 1 Milligan 6 Cumberland U, 1 Milligan 7 Tenn.-Wesleyan Milligan 5 Tusculum 1 Milligan 6 L. M. U ' . 1 Milligan 7 Emory-Henry INTRAMURAL Men ' s Intramural Council Women ' s Athletic Association Life Saving Women ' s Tennis Volleyball Bowling Ping-Pong Women ' s Basketball Softball Archsry Men ' s Volleyball f:B Cl© Men ' s Tennis Tumbling Ping-Pong Boxing and Wrestling IN APPRECIATION SKEET TALLENT STUDIO, Photography ARCHER SMITH, Printing CAPPER, Engraving LEE B. ANDREWS, Drawings JOHNSON CITY PRESS CHRONICLE, for their hearty cooperation with the BUFFALO staff ' ■?-- ' ' :s ' ' - ' ? t ' ft w. v ' ™, r ' : 1 ! ' d. ' .J , i i ' ' ' • . ' I. ' t ' -l 1 1 " a ' i " ' " i ' ' ' . ' i-i " I ' . I V ' i ' ' iLi .1, , II ' ,i " jf t .1 J I. ii i» i ' V .iH t.

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