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XCf iCuu . J £ 4w — J, QjU-iAju - - J Us + 2 0L. J e u -.- ' j ?L J s JOHN E. ANKENY, Editor OLIN RIPLEY, Jr., Business Mgr. ye Old Watel Wlieel or ninet Aim a Ma te i I N Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword, Conguer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater Milligan, all hail! . Cherished by her sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng Round our hearts, O Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our watchword, Conguer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater Milligan, all hail! Zed i c a 1 1 a n I O those men in the enlisted reserve corps of the United States, who by seriously pursuing their chosen courses of study, are preparing themselves to defend their country ' when called. ARMY W. Arnett, V. Carrier, J. Combs, G. Cox, C Dick- son, H. Elliott, W. Heaton, W. Lance, D. Lyle, T. Miller, J. Osborn, C. Pierce, W. Robinson, K. Tipton, C. Bays, W. Carico, F. Cooley, A. Domke, B. Hurt, C. Motherly, J. Moore, H. Pettit, E. Thomas, V. Thomas, F. Williams, J. Starnes, R. Addenbrook, S. Bowen, H. Breeding, J. Dance, J. Harmon, H. Pardue, H. Lane, J. Blackburn, D. Cross, G. Musick, O. Ripley, D. Trotter. NAVY J. Ankeny, M. Daniels, V. Gilliam, G. Pierce, E. Gravely, M. Johnson, W. Maupin, E. Peters, E. Peterson, R. Bowers, J. Brooks, W. Gilley, R. Jessee, R. Hurt, K. Fraley, D. Houk, W. Lilly, T. Milam, J. Neece, D. Walker. MARINES D. Elkins, W. Buckley, C. Turner, R. Williams, A. Montgomery. The ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENT C. E. BURNS I M e L L a f e rf. n, a m 7 U e Pn.e6.ide.nt My message to those who are to possess t his annual is, first of all, a word of commendation for the students of Milligan College, who are showing great courage and self-control in the face of an uncertain future. Moreover, in this disturbed and rapidly changing world my prayer for faculty and students alike is that we may all become more conscious of the eternal foundations of life and there- on may build with confidence. STEVE LACY, A. B Dean of Men KATHLEEN A. BOWMAN, A. B., M. A., Dean of Women, Registrar S. J. HYDER, B. S., A. M.1 Bursar, Mathematics The FACULTY J. W. CARPENTER. A. B., A. M., B. D. Religion E. G. LODTER. A. B., A. M. French, Spanish, German A. F. COCHRANE, Jr., B. S., A. M. Biology KATHLEEN BROWN, B. S., A. M. Home Economics, Dietician FLOYD CHILDS, A. B., A. M. Speech, Dramatics J. F. HOLLY. A. B., A. M. Business Administration, Social Science J. G. LONG. A. B.. M. A. Education DAVID K. McCARRELL. A. B.. Ph.D. History and Political Science OAKIE ANGLE, B. S., A. M. Ass ' t. Professor of Education, Art FRANCES LeDOYT YEARLY, B. M., M. M. Music The FACULTY IVOR JONES, A. B., A. M. English HELEN TRANUM NAVE, A. B. Secretarial Science EUGENIA ADAMSON, A. B., B. S. Library Science MRS. E. G. LODTER, B. S. Girls ' Physical Education Secretary to the Presi4ent NELL SLAY; A. B e I T T- MRS. A. F. COCHRANE, Jr., A. B. Matron of Boys ' Dormitory C. E. BURNS yer for Dining Hall FLOYD C. MARSH, A. B., A. M., B. D. Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology Classes ADMINISTRATION BUILDING " i i« ; CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-THREE DAVID R. TROTTER President OLIN RIPLEY, Jr. Vice-President VIRGINIA BURKETT Secretary and Treasurer Th CATHERINE ALLEN A. B. English Ocean View, Deleware Class secretary, ' 41. Most athletic girl, ' 41 Vice-President Christian Endeavor, ' 41, ' 43 Cheerleader, ' 42, ' 43; Pres. of Student Council Intramural Executive Committee, ' 41, ' 43 Treasure of Girl ' s " M " Club, ' 42; Vice-Pres. of Girl ' s " M " Club, ' 43; Who ' s Who, ' 42; Glee Club, ' 43; Feature Editor of the Stampede, ' 42- ' 43; Chairman of May Festival; Assistant to Phys. Ed. instructor. JOHN E. ANKENY, Jr. B. S. Biology Warren, Ohio " M " Club, Editor of the Buffalo, ' 43; Sports editor of the Stampede, ' 42, ' 43; Track — Vice-Pres. Pre- Medical Club, Most Versatile Boy, 43. Biology instructor, ' 43; May Attendant, ' 40; German Club — Cheerleader, 39, ' 43; Dramatic Club. ESTELLA MAE BAYLESS B. S. Home Economics Johnson City, Tenn. Home Ec Club; Day Student. Treasurer of Student Council; m® GELDA WILSON BERNIE A. B. English Wytheville, Va. Editor of the Stampede, ' 43; Christian Endeavor; Volunteer Band Executive Committee; Vice-Pres. of Student Council; Pres. of Girl ' s Sunday School Class; Intramurals; German Club; Who ' s Who, ' 42; Milligan College Players, Treas. " A —J Th ENIOK VIRGINIA LOUISE BURKETT A. B. English Gulfport, Miss. Home Ec Club, Treas., ' 41, ' 42; International Relations Club, Vice-Pres., ' 42, ' 43; Secretary of Senior Class; Stampede staff, ' 41, ' 43. fi MORRIS DANIELS B. S. Biology Horsepen, Va. " M " Club; Track and Football, ' 40, ' 42; Treas. of Junior class; Commandoes, ' 42, ' 43; Play Directing, ' 41, ' 42. STEVE EDMONDS A. B. History Johnson City, Tenn. Day Student. • • -. VERLIN L. GILLIAM B. S. Biology Wise, Va. " M " Club; Secretary and Treasurer, ' 42; Foot- ball and Baseball Mgr.; Commandoes, ' 42, ' 43. EDNA V. GRAVES B. S. Home Economics Jamestown, Tenn. A Home Ec Club; Volunteer Band, ' 43; Christian Endeavor; Forum Club, ' 40, ' 41; International Relations Club, ' 42, ' 43; Assistant Secretary of Alumni Association, ' 42, ' 43; Assistant editor of Buffalo Range, ' 42, ' 43; Sec. of Dean of Men, ' 43; Student Council, ' 43. RUTH GRAY A. B. English Milligan, Tenn. Day Student. THOMAS A. GRAY A. B. Bible Rodney, Ontario, Canada Volunteer Band; Vice-Pres. of Sophomore class ' 41; Who ' s Who, ' 42, ' 43; Ministerial Associa tion; Most likely to succeed, ' 43. HELEN E. GRAYBEAL A. B. English Mountain City, Tenn. International Relations Club, Sec. ' 42; Volunteer Band, Sec. ' 42; Girls " M " Club, Sec. ' 42, ' 43; Costume Chairman for May Festival; Christian Endeavor; Stampede staff, ' 43; Assistant in Phys. Ed. ' 42, ' 43; Girls ' Tennis Team. of A ' ■ fr TJie a W f - ' J J JULIA ELNA HARMON A. B. • English Midway, Tenn. Glee Club, ' 39. ALINE HYDER B. S. Chemistry and Mathematics Milligan, Tenn. Glee Club, Pres. ' 42, ' 43; Intramurals Mgr., ' 41, ' 43; Girl ' s " M " Club Vice-Pres., ' 41, ' 42, Pres., ' 42, ' 43; Who ' s Who, ' 43; Most Versatile Girl, ' 42, ' 43; Stampede Staff, ' 42, ' 43; Chemistry Lab. Instructor, ' 42, ' 43; Buffalo Feature Editor, ' 42, ' 43. HAZEL JUANITA JOHNSTON B. S. Home Economics Winter Park, Florida Sec. Junior class; Home Ec Club, ' 39, ' 43; Glee Club, ' 39; Intramurals; Captain of Girl ' s Tennis Team, ' 41, ' 42; Girl ' s " M " Club, ' 42, ' 43; May Attendant, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43; Princess of Personality, ' 42, ' 43. Xo Qu I ju kaX JLjc -!U_ LILLIAN HOLT FAUST A. B. English Tullahoma, Tenn. Glee Club Sec, ' 42, ' 43; Christian Endeavor Song Leader; Sec. of Sunday School Class; In- ternational Relations Club; Student Council, ' 42, ' 43. EULAH B. SHEPHERD MOTTERN A.B. English Milligan, Tenn. Day Student. FRED GRAY MUSICK A. B. English Johnson City, Tenn. Volunteer Band; Day Student. G. B. PIERCE A. B. History Mosheim, Tenn. Basketball, ' 39, ' 43, Captain, ' 42, ' 43; Baseball- Tennis; Vice-President. Junior class; " M " Club Sec, ' 42, ' 43; May Festival Attendant, ' 41, ' 43; International Relations Club. LENORE GERLENE PIERCE A. B. English Mountain City, Tenn. Stampede Staff; Christian Endeavor; Volunteer Band; Glee Club; Sec. to the Registrar; Inter- national Relations Club; Sec. to Buffalo Editor, ' 42, ' 43; Forum Club; Student Council. of Th — ENIOR OLIN BRYANT RIPLEY, JR. B. S. Mathematics and Chemistry Baileyton, Tenn. Milligan College Players, Treas., ' 41, ' 42; Inter- national Relations Club, Pres., ' 42, ' 43; Business Manager of Buffalo, ' 42, ' 43; Who ' s Who, ' 42, ' 43; Chemistry Lab. Instructor. FLORENCE PRICE SHEPHERD A. B. English Milligan, Tenn. Day Student. GLENOLA FRANCES SHEPHERD A. B. English Milligan, Tenn. Day Student. BURCHELL STALLARD B. S. Biology Wise, Va. Football, Co-captain, Pres., ' 42. ' 42; Track; " M " Club, DAVID RUSSELL TROTTER A. B. Social Science Knoxville, Tenn. Pres. Senior Class, ' 43; Pres. of " M " Club, ' 43; May King, ' 43; Alpha Psi Omega; Cheerleader, ' 39, ' 43; Feature Editor of the Stampede; Biology Lab. Instructor; Vice-Pres. Freshman class; Pies. of Soph, class; Pres. of Junior class; Pres. Dramatic Club; Track. o » ■ of n a ff t i 1 2 - Am 4 V I I CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR WALTER FAUST President WILLIAM CARICO Vice-President CHARLOTTE GOSS Secretary and Treasurer Th UINIIOR Joseph Robert Addenbrook Virginia Beach, Va. Mary Louise Birchiield Elizabethton, Tenn. Mary Maxine Blair jy Max Meadows, Va. Steven Hansford Bowen Whitesburg, Kentucky William Alexander Carico Qf J William Samuel Chapman Church Hill, Tenn. John Curry Dance Elizabethton, Tenn. Walter John Faust Canfield, Ohio Ethel Charlotte Goss Elizabethton, Tenn. Hillmond Eudell Gravely Etowah, Tenn. Anna Margaret Guinn Midway, Tenn. John Martin Johnson, Jr. Appalachia, Va. ■ V V ' o nv The JUNIOR. Millicent Eicklighter Glensville, Ga. Richard James Lawson • .kron, Ohio cfeL June Beatrice Leonard Johnson City, Tenn. . Ursula Lopez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Walter Kenneth Maupin Elizabethton, Tenn. Harry R. Purdue Coeburn, Va. Don Crittendon Pearce Norton, Va. Earl Raymond Peters Ft. Blackmore, Va. Joseph Blackburn Johnson City, Tenn. Blanca Vargus San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Archie Gray, Jr. Milligan, Tenn. G a n d i d S It a t I (3 k ' % oill Kj H CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE JOE STARNES President JANE BUTLER Vice-President MALOAH WILLIAMS Secretary BURKIE HURT, JR. Treasurer ' j j T c Jr. The SO 7 ' Thelma Agnes Amis Surgionsville, Tenn. Ruth Thelma Barton Cleveland, Va. Ralph Emerson Bowers Elizabethton, Tenn. James A. Brooks, Jr. Gate City, Va. Margaret Jane Butler Hampton, Tenn. William C. Combs Jonesville, Va. John Brown Combs Jonesville, Va. Franklin Ellis Cooley Hillsville, Va. Marjorie K. Cross Piney Flats, Tenn. Ross Hindley Dampier Johnson City, Tenn. Arthur Domke Hillsville, Va. Milagrosa Echeandia San Sebastian, P. Rico Dwight Franklin Elkins Jonesville, Va. Edwin Wayne Gilly Gate City, Va. Pual Sevier Gilmer Lebanon, Va. Dorothy Kathleen Goss Elizabethton, Tenn. Lilian Lorine Humphreys Greeneville, Tenn. Alfred Burke Hurt, Jr. Lebanon, Va. Robert Cox Hurt Nathan ' s Creek, N. C Mary Lee Ingle Shelbyville, Tenn. Robert William Jessie Cleveland, Va. Martha Louisi Lecka Johnson City, Tenn. Carl Shelton Motherly Butler, Tenn. Louise Mathes Greeneville, Tenn. James L. Q. Moore, Jr. Gate City, Va. Vesta Alleyn Noblitt Tullahoma, Tenn. Laura Perez Mendez Puerto Rico Mildred Lucile Reel Pembroke, Va. Ruth Rich Faix, Tenn. Joe Daniel Starnes Fort Blackmore, Va. Patricia Anne Taylor Elizabethton, Tenn. Edward Thomas Midway, Tenn. Vernon Thomas Midway, Tenn. Kermit Tipton Johnson City, Tenn. Doris Mae Tweed Gieeneville, Tenn. Tina Marie Tyler McRoberts, Kentucky Duard Walker Piney Flats, Tenn. Maloah Berniece Williams Elizabethton, Tenn. Fred Williams Derby, Va. Emerson Brokaw Tampa, Florida K CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-SIX STRALE TATE President MARIE McKENZIE Vice-President EDWARD KICKLIGHTER Secretary and Treasurer " Willie Paul Arnett Cedar Hill, Tenn. St. Paul, Va. Elizabethton, Tenn. S FRESHMEN ; .Margcrie4 T nne Adams - 0 Mary Fayne Anderson " Virginia Lenore Beavers Coeburn, Va. Betty Jean Blair Max Meadows, Va. Wanda Lee Blake Jenkins, Ky. ' " ips, £ f Remces Blevins Norton, Va. fi L p Everette Coolidge Bowers Austinville, Va. _ ' Heloen Hope Bowers Elizabethton, Tenn. Margaret Ruth Bowman Elizabethton, Tenn. Stella Mozelle Breeding Artrip, Va. William Stuart Buckley Rural Retreat, Va. . J V -Teste tef Belle Cole _ Piney Flc Vivian Kate Cole Johnson City, Tenn. Mary luford Croley . - Johnson City, Tenn. r- T ,_, Cone F. TCckson 7.Kb u " Johnson City, Tenn. -Martheda Mae • Easte ' rnng Glennville, Gcc . ♦_» Noft Ellis ' Z. ' Andover, Va. •P Kenneth J. Fraley Fordtown, Tenn. ' Robert Edward Gibbons Ft. Gaines, Ga. C. Gilbert Dryden, Va. M ' Liu 0 r y K i ' Sarah Juanita Gish Seco, Ky. Julia Mae Good Johnson City, Tenn. Mary Lodemia Gourley Cedar Hill, Tenn. 1 v The FRESHN ■ ' • ■ Rodney Smith Gray Milligan, Tenn. Evelyn Juanita Graveley Etowah, Tenn. Violet Louise Green Etowah, Tenn. s 1 i Thomas Witten Hagy Richkmds, Va. L Van Stowe Hartsook Lenoir City, Tenn. Dean Clifton Hauk Watauga, Tenn. Ruth Hayes Elizabethton, Tenn Warren Heaton Roan Mountain, Tenn Clara Sue Hendrix Piney Flats, Tenn ■jf Zffc iU iLY 3 -dtxiqeJ - f etntoT m. . laoemton, lenn. ' I Ella Kate Johnson Anna Loyce Kelly Edward Kicklighter Alice Marie Kigore Katherine Kirklen Joe LaPorte, Jr. Coeburn, Va. Hixson, Tenn. Elizabethton, Tenn. Ermund Arras Laws Emily Jean Laws William Harold Lilly Elizabethton, Tenn, Johnson City, Tenn. Gate City, Va Don Dee Lyle Hilda Lorraine Madron Millie Lee Madron Ruby McAllister Bradford, Va. Merle McCracken Johnson City, Tenn. Marie Frances McKenzie Decatur, Tenn. Galax, Va Pound, Va Glenn ville Cleveland, Va. fyyUhAi-t Johnson City, Tenn. = - fn,! Trade, Tenn. The FUESHMEN Thomas Riley Milam Kingsport, Tenn. Andrew Carrol Montgomery Lenoir city, Tenn. Elizabethton, Tenn. Castlewood, Va. Cleveland, Tenn. Shell Creek, Tenn. Shouns, Tenn. Johnson City, Tenn. Whitesburg, Ky. Rose Hill, Va. Wise, Va. Sturgills, N. C. Evelyn Rowe Johnson City, Tenn. Carl Newton Shepherd, Jr. Milligan, Tenn. Malinda Showalter Radford, Va. Radford, Va. Norton, Va. Coeburn, Va. thryn Mable Webb Elizabethton, Tenn. Raymond H. Williams Hampton, Tenn. uth Williams Elizabethton, Tenn. Hampton, Tenn. tr jf y ) r 7 . HARDIN HALL 1 4- a M PJI Si - JE- r ., -T . ■. .. »: ,.,-. ■ M i I I i f an C a I I e j e P I a if, e. n. 4. O ttteltiatio-tial (lelatiani. q l e e C I u L valu iteeb Band ■+■ £cana n,icd. J I p. U a P d. i 4ft e. a a Bay ' " M 6 I u L - Med. Club Stampee-d £ t a BUFFALO STAFF JOHN ANKENY Editor in Chief OLIN RIPLEY. JR. Business Manager DAVID TROTTER Sports Editor ALINE HYDER Feature Editor LENORE PIERCE Stenographer MARTIN JOHNSON Photographer WALTER FAUST Junior Editor Robert ADDENBROOK Junior Business Managei RICHARD LAWSON Accountant Athletics CHEER LEADERS STEVE LACEY Q a a c U an B. STALLARD Q a i% t a i t% BUFFALO FOOTBALL This year the Milligan " Buffaloes " due to the illness of Steve Lacey were coached by Bernie Webb. Bernie was called to serve as athletic director in the Navy before his picture could be taken with the team. Under his watchful eyes the " BUFFS " won five games and tied one game to wind up one of the most successful football seasons at Milligan College. To Bernie Webb, the students of Milligan College want to say, " Good Luck, Coach Webb we all miss ex - i . JCuJr AjJ M a « a a e n. 6. C SU GILLIAM CARICO PARDUE HARTSOOK E. THOMAS HARMON Schedule DANIELS Milligan ..... 6 ..... 6 ..... 6 .....19 ..... 7 .....19 Emory Henry 6 Highpoint Roanoke Maryville Centre 6 Emory Henry 13 STARNES TIPTON LAWS WALKER CARRIER WILLIAMS TURNER HOUK V. THOMAS £ e a I a a Jt iahlialtti. The " Buffs " started off the season with a slow pick up but after their first game with Emory and Henry they tightened their belts and held Highpoint, Roanoke and Maiyville Colleges to score- less games. The climax of our season took place at Centre College in Kentucky when the Buffaloes who were the under-dogs defeated the Colonels 07 to 06. Milligan displayed a fine line at this stage of the season with an equally fine backfield. No man can be singled out for outstanding playing as the Buffaloes worked as smooth as a clock to stampede their op- ponents. The season was ended by a second game with Emory and Henry College with Milligan on the winning end of a 19 to 13 score. LYLE tf-aatuall P I a if, e 1 1 in £ e 1 v. i c e The members of the 1942 football squad who have been called into the armed forces of our country before the school year was over are: Herman Lane, guard; Jack Osborne, back; Tommy Miller, end; " Jeep " Quellen, back; Jim Harmon, tackle; Harry Pardue, back; Edmond Laws, back; Gayle Cox, end; and Cone Dixon, end. To these boys who have left us to fight on a different gridiron the best of luck and God ' s speed is sent to every last one of them. _ «■»— . - , BASKETBALL SEASON The opening of the 1942-43 basketball season found Dean Eyler a member of the Armed Forces and Steve Lacey was called upon to fill his shoes. With such veterans as Pierce, Matherly and Miller as a nucleus Coach Lacey built his squad. It was an inexperienced group of basketball players that first stampeded on the hardwood floor. But as the season progressed these boys developed into a smooth working machine. Such players as Wil- liams, Walker, Lilly, Peters, Shepherd and Ed. Thomas all first year men " busted " into the regular ranks. y . J) LILLY-G MILLER-F ARNETT-C SHEPERD-G NEECE-F l t It A CAW- he highlights 01 the The highlights orfhe season were the defeat of Tusculum, 33-32, and L.M.U., 34-32. Both ' Jgames were tied up in the final minutes of playing when the " Buffs " opened with an offen- sive drive to score victorious over their opponents. Out of 19 games played Milligan won 12 an d lost 7, w Aiding up a successful season. M its 4 VILLIAMS-F HARTSOOK-C WALKER-G PETERS-C MATHERLY-G HEATON-G COMMANDOS The commandos are a group of Milligan men organized to build up the bodies of its members so they will be physically ready when they are called to serve their country. Boxing, parrallel bars and indoor calisthenics entertain them during cold weather. Outdoor exercise is furnished by a rigid course in commando tactics. SWIMMING TRACK a on 0-U lCl it GIRLS ' INTRAMURALS Aline Hyder_ Manager -A Kitty Allen Assistant Manager Georgia Hilt Secretary Sara Stere— . ._» Publicity Manager U-c SWIMMING - ry r -% 3? u aX A Ur£ ColJL t » «.. fe Q 1 f rrA. VARSITY TENNll The 1943 Tennis team under the watchful eyes of Coach Thompson and Cap- tain Earl Peterson started their practice with such hopefuls as Strale Tate, G. B. Pierce, Bobby Hurt, Robert Showalter, Earl Peters and Duard Walker. This year trie squad is made up of all first year men with Captain Peterson the only letterman of last year ' s team. Tusculum and Emory and Henry Colleges are the only scheduled matches, while Maryville, Carson-Newman and Mars Hill are prospective engagements. -K in 1 Features FLIRTATION WALK ■ .• KING OF THE MAY 3 uud n. IioUm QUEEN OF THE MAY j£ag GatUesUne AUest CAMPUS PERSONALITIES Most Versatile Boy V John Ankeny Au t - ' ' m " t Most Versatile Girl J " " ' Aline Hyder fl Best Boy Athlete Tommy Miller Best Girl Athlete Helen Graybeal ' •S£ K f Prince of Personality Olin Ripley, Jr. a - Miss Victory Charlotte Goss Princess of Personality Juanita Johnston Most Likely to Succeed Tomas Gray SNAPSHOT CONTEST WINNERS L : . . 4? i o. 4, t P n. i g, e " BIG CHEF MAC " Bill Carico £ e c a t d P n. i $, e " CAUGHT IN THE ACT ' Steve Bowen 7 It i 1 d P t i g, e " BEAUTY " Martin Johnson A dvertisers PARDEE HALL -| i jfM ' atliiTr a ISu+ ' h sJJ. «J a L J) . +?f rr i C a- - ' i? ♦ f uSILu . °S ' J, ju a jL t Ju a t » Kt tJL , I I Milligan College C. E. BURNS, President Milligan College, Tennessee X »at e y»o • • • • ? t » 7 1 " » -r» »i w w I i I Milligan College is a liberal arts college with a rich tradi- tion and history; ideal qs to climate and communication; modern buildings and equipment; beautiful campus; non- sectarian Christian atmosphere; thorough courses in science, philosophy, education, business, speech, music, home economics, languages, religion; adequate and effi- cient faculty; wholesome athletics and physical education; inter-collegiate forensics. Opportunities for self-help in- clude scholarship grants to honor graduates of standard high schools, and to ministerial students. First Semester Opens September 1, 1943 Write For Literature t-eUjL S p -MSi ' r ' (JC fcC-c Compliments of FREE SERVICE TIRE CO. Goodyear Tires — Standard Oil Products Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Spot Steak House Good Food — Fountain Service 423 E. Main St. Phone 640 Johnson City Tennessee " Your Cue Awaits You " Top Hat Recreation Parlor Sandwiches — Drinks — Magazines Johnson City Tennessee Elizabethton Hardware Co. Good Hardware and Fine Furniture STOP— LOOK— BUY Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of Rice Bottling Co. Distributors of GRAPETTE Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of stZshjLsu n . The Charlie Cargille STUDIO Johnson City Tennessee Greetings from Paty Lumber Co. Elizabethton, Tenn. Phone 5115 Johnson City, Tenn. Phone 5119 Compliments of Johnson City Steam Laundry Phone 5188 Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Majestic Barber Shop Compliments of Next to Majestic Theater " Keep well-dressed with our Law son Milk Co. Haircut Johnson City Tennessee Our complete line of Dairy Products and Baked Goods are the Best Compliments of " WE TRY TO PLEASE " AKRON, OHIO Pierce and Pierce Shoe Shop Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of MECCA CAFE We never close Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of BECKNER ' S Home Federal Savings DIAMONDS WATCHES and Loan Association JEWELRY Expert Repairing 331 E. Main St. Johnson City Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of HANNAH ' S Kuppenheimer Good Clothes John Sevier Hotel Curlee Clothes — Griffin Clothes Dobbs Hats — Arrow Shirts Nunn Bush Shoes — Jarman Shoes Johnson City Tennessee Variety Town College Clothes Johnson City Tennessee ENJOY DELICIOUS . . . Compliments of P€T The Dixie Barbecue ICE CREAfll " A HEALTH FOOD " We serve the best food in town Make us prove it Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of GOOD LUCK BUFFALOES Johnson City Tennessee F. K. MORRIS Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Wolford Bros., Inc. INSURANCE (m$e% Phone 5106 TIAOE.MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF, Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Coca Cola Bottling Works Sell Meat Market 113 Buffalo Street Phone 5216 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL of Compliments of The Majestic Theatre Johnson City Tennessee Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of ■ 1 Central Coal Co. COLLEGE STORE PHONE 166 Books, Supplies, Candies, Johnson City Tennessee Ice Cream and Sandwiches " We Set the Standard for Service " FOR FINE ENTERTAINMENT Come to the Compliments of Sevier Theatre Johnson City Tennessee " We are your friends " DOSSER BROS. SHOPPING CENTER FOR YOUNG LADIES Compliments of BOOZE BROS. Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Compliments of SAM S. FAIN THE Staple and Fancy Groceries Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of PEOPLES Congress Barber Shop Stop in and See Us BANK HENRY C. BLACK President and Chairman of Board Corner of Roan and Main Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Humphreys Equipment Co. Incorporated Headquarters for Sporting Goods Johnson City Tennessee Phone 97 1 1 3 E. Market St. Johnson City Tennessee Where BUFFALOES WHO REALLY KNOW COME FOR THEIR SMARTEST CLOTHES Corner of Roan Main Johnson City- Tennessee Compliments of London Hardware Complete Line of Hardware and Sporting Goods Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of The Orange Crush Bottling Company " THE TRUE FRUIT DRINK " Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Sears, Roebuck and Co. Compliments of Compliments of ANDERSON DRUG Fountain Service — Pharmacies Johnson City Tennessee Montgomery Ward and Company If you don ' t have it we do Johnson City Tennessee Compliments of Gunner Teilmann Son " FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS " 318 E. Main St. Phone 511 Johnson City Tennessee Smart Men Shop at . . . Sam ' s Haberdashery Johnson City Tennessee Greetings from SILER and COMPANY Johnson City Tennessee BOWLING PALACE Mfffl " Where the Family Meets " %ffl rw 84-86 Wilson Avenue Phone 2441 Johnson City, Tenn. Southern Maid Inc. Dairy Products Ice Cream Compliments of Snyder Jones Drug Co. " WELCOME " Johnson City Tennessee " We have the Best " Thomas Men Shop Compliments of FRED MOORE ' S CLOTHING SHOP Elizabethton Tennessee BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Builders Supply Co. Johnson City Tennessee YOUR FRIEND R. L. Shepherd POSTMASTER Compliments of C. E. Baker • . ' IhlS ) " ' ; 4 •Ay qA J ' " 1 CAPPER ENGRAVING CO. i t - 3 £c -Au a 7 . JUa c, I UAJQ AA k DESIGNERS V PHOTO RETOUCHERS ILLUSTRATORS COLOR PROCESS ENGRAVER " ENGRAVEttS OF THIS ANNUAL " t -ZP l gut. uuuL. ZhaJT , Aajtyi Kco j Broadway at Jackson Ave. Knoxville. Tenn. ' Cc L - _ ■ %, ; " .J p ' ' 1 x- • v p Creators TT T-y Distinctive t jpt yjafi C °- zs y , " of Annuals s. ARCHER SMITH PRINTING COMPANY 1033 N. Broadway Knoxville, Tennessee ApUtHyuuphl (J$ !A£lTr sUajl. AutoKfAAflUi l -«- - - J fry - =- 4L £Z g e cx y £« y 2 a £SZZ - «»- «_-t-«-) « - " ww £ -o ' « »»»»--». St t V -— — — X T ZuTl Zl+tZL. J S -;. ; -rff- rvuj, S - W J iA V «? j U . «-- n, Zr- - — J - . 2 32-C - tf- CS; -t L c _ ZU£--£-e3 ??- ' C r, .tJsJjti CtrtU y rnZ =¥ KINGTONE

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Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Milligan College - Buffalo Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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