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WUlMJLL JtAt, Milligan College Library 3 1881 0006 4083 5 I rLLn ZaarL -tofztM. - ±mlo- P. H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLIGAN COLLEGE. TENN. , JLawxcncc Al. CflUlam, EDITOR S. U hvh 1 ' Vulc, BUSINESS MANAGER rLvrLeZe n, £ofcti - tuLO- V Y3 Mim L o e a k e t i lcw I L t a v e i ' i 110597 ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Classes meet within these hallowed halls HARDIN HALL Home of the Milligan Girls nr us? m IK: ill •A " 3i- ' ■ " ' • ' ■ ■ 4.-- ' «•- ' ras A " . ■t 1 S , v • • ■ ■ ■ W?:? ' .; ■; : " % ' m. •■ i IS 8 ' ■:. •..:,..■■■■■■■■ ' ■ PARDEE HALL Home of the Milligan Men THE FISH POOL " A thing of beauty is a joy forever " -» :n ' i » ' u mi mm m ' — t!k ' ' ' £? 3Re_ ' ■ ' " is ifpES ' " iya y- ' i . . HOPWOOD MEMORIAL CHURCH In worship here, relief from care is found THE OLD WATER WHEEL Tired students come for relaxation to this quiet spot J-t wta t diet In Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail ! Cherished by her sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng Round our hearts, O Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail; Hail to thee ! Our Alma Mater Milligan, all hail! a t c at l an To all those Milligan men m the armed service of the United States, in defense of liberty and justice, in the belief that freedom shall be for all men and " that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth, " this volume of the Buffalo is respectfully dedicated. e aa e, taivi aitt H-St CA-lJL en t In a world at war a Christian college faces not only the immediate responsibilities that confront every institution and every citizen, but such a college faces also peculiar responsibilities in preparing trained leadership for the time of reconstruction. Christian education is still the hope of the world and character build- ing must ever be the first concern of Milligan College. To our peculiar task we re-dedicate our entire educational program. njy J-vlc s acvilt t Clement M. Eyler, B. S., M. A. Dean of Men Professor of English Kathleen Adams Bowman, A. B., M. A. Dean of Women Registrar Sam J. Hyder, B. S., A. M. College Treasurer Mathematics Edward G. Lodter, A. B., A. M. Organist French and Spanish J. Goff Long, A. B., M. A. Professor of Education R. J. Bennett, A. B., M. A., B. D., Ph. D. Psychology and Philosophy Frances LeDoyt Yearley, B. M., M. M. Music J. Fred Holly, A. B., A. M. Economics and Social Science Wilma Dickenson Holly B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education and Art David K. McCarrell, A. B., Ph. D. History and Political Science Mary C. Eyler, B. S., A. M. Health Education for Women E. Payson Willard, A. B., A. M, Ph. D. German, Latin, Ancient History Oakie Angle, B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education Professor of Art Kathleen Brown, B. S., A. M Home Economics J. Walter Carpenter, A. B., A. M., B. D. Religious Education Elizabeth M. England A. B., A. B. L. Librarian Violet Hope May, A. B. Secretary to the President Hugh M. Thompson A. B., M. S., Ph. D. Chemistry and Physics Star Woods, A. B., A. M. Associate Professor of English Helen Tranum Nave, A. B. Secretarial Science A. F. Cochrane, Jr., B. S., A. M. Mrs. A. F. Cochrane, Jr., A. B. Biology Matron of Boys ' Dormitory Steve Lacy, A. B. Football and Baseball Bernie Webb Nancy Cantrell, A. B. Asst. Football Coach College Representative Mrs C. E. Burns Dietician Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Derthick In the heart oi every student of Milligan College there is enshrined some memory of the faith and spirit of President Emeritus and Mrs. H. J. Derthick. For upon that faith and that spirit Milligan College was founded, exemplifying the highest ideals and aspirations of Christian education. As long as there is a living stu- dent of Milligan College, there will always remain in his heart a love for these two really great people whose influence may be seen in places where men are living, achieving and finding happiness in a true Christian way. J-kc sacitltii v ecewiL u oj; z$ titdetit. Remember The Line ? Remember The Punch Bowl 1 A ?Y m 7 ' e n i o t a W. T. Mathes President Charlie Akard Vice-President Mary Sue Ringstaff Secretary Fred Greer- Treasurer s, eni t£ Charles Eugene Akard Blountville, Tennessee B. S. Chemistry and Biology Stampede, Editor-In Chief, ' 42; Baseball, 41- ' 42; M Club; Basketball, ' 39- ' 42, Alt. Captain, ' 41, Captain, ' 42; Who ' s Who; Volunteer Band; Most Versatile Bov, ' 42. Ted Alexander Lebanon, Virginia A. B. History Football; Baseball, ' 3 ' J- ' 42; M Club; Inter- national Relations Club; Christian Endeavor. Paul Tollie Boggs Pound, Virginia A. B. Social Science International Relations Club; Forum Club; Asst. to Professor Wood, ' 42. Paul A. Breeding Lebanon, Virginia A. B. History International Relations Club; German Club; Volunteer Band. s, e n t a t J- Alfonzo Lenoir Brummett Erwin, Tennessee A.B. History Football, ' 38- ' 41, Co-Captain, ' 42; Baseball, ' 39 ' 42; International Relations Club. Mary Vernica Cooke Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. Biology Volunteer Band; Christian Endeavor; Day- Student, ' 38 ' ' 41; Intramural Tennis and Swimming. Harold Duane Cross Piney Flats, Tenn. B. S. Biology M Club; Glee Club; Milligan College Players; Basketball Manager, ' 40; Football Maiv ager, ' 40. Wayne Cundiff Johnson City, Tenn. B. S. Biology Day Student; Track. s, en L t£ Raymond Hill Cure Radford, Va. B. S. Biology Football, ' 40 ' 41; Basketball, ' 40 ' 42, Alt. Captain, ' 42; Tennis; Track; M Club, Sec. and Treas., ' 41, Pres., ' 42. P Velma Lynn Darbo Jeffersontown, Ky. A. B. English Transferred from Nazareth College; Volun- teer Band; Christian Endeavor. Kathryn Louise Davis Tazewell, Tenn. A. B. English and Music International Relations Club; Glee Club; Pres., ' 42; Vice-Pres. Freshman Class; Who ' s Who, ' 42; Christian Endeavor; Stampede Staff. Mike Houston Davis Townsend, Tenn. B. S. Biology Football, ' 39- ' 42; M Club, Pres., ' 41; Labor- atory Instructor in Biology, ' 42; Sec. and Treas. of Boys ' Sunday School Class; May King, ' 42. s en L t£ Elizabeth Cordelia Franklin Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. Chemistry Tennis; Swimming Instructor, ' 41- ' 42; Most Versatile Girl, ' 41; Most Athletic Girl, ' 42; Basketball; Girls ' M Club, Sec, ' 41, Pres., ' 42; Stampede Staff; Sec. of Junior Class; Intramural Council, Sec, ' 42. ■r-.r. ■% W x Joseph C. Gilbert Dryden, Va. A. B. History German Club; Vice-Pres. of Junior Class; Chairman of Senior Executive Committee. Lawrence Noah Gilliam Wise, Virginia B. S. Chemistry and Biology Milligan College Players; Forum Group; Pre- Med Club, Pres., ' 42; Glee Club; Stampede, Outstanding Reporter, ' 41; Editor of Buffalo, ' 42; Volunteer Band; Pres. of Boys ' Sunday School Class; Laboratory Instructor in Chemis- try, ' 4142. Emma Elizabeth Good Johnson City, Tenn. A. B. English Director of May Festival, ' 42; Alpha Psi Omega; Milligan College Players; Day Student- s, ettLCt Fred Thomas Greer Gate City, Va. B. S. Biology Tennis, Captain, ' 42; Basketball Manager, ' 42; Senior Class Treasurer; M Club, Vice- Pres., ' 42; International Relations Club. G. C. Hays, Jr. Indian Springs, Tenn. A. B. History M Club; Basketball, Captain, ' 41 ; Stampede; Circulation Manager. Paul Hodge Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. Economics Day Student; International Relations Club Lake Johnson Cleveland, Va. A. B. English and Social Science Home Economics Club; German Club; Inter- national Relations Club, Sec, ' 42; Stampede Staff; May Queen, ' 42. f ; m S, e iiot Errock Davis Jordan Louisville, Tenn. A. B. Bible Christian Endeavor; Volunteer Band; Minis- terial Student. Edgar Brown Landers, Jr. Gadsden, Alabama B. S. Mathematics Milligan College Players; Alpha Psi Omega; Pres., ' 41- ' 42; Christian Endeavor. Neil McDowell Madisonville, Tenn. A. B. History Forum Group; Football; Basketball; Basebal! Christian Endeavor; M Club. Kathleen McKenzie Decatur, Tenn. A. B. English Transferred from Tennessee Wesleyan Col- lege; Milligan College Players; Volunteer Band; Christian Endeavor; International Relations Club. s, etuat Mary Kathryn McQueen Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. J [ew Testament German Club; Dav Student. Mary Nanette Mathes Greeneville, Tenn. B. S. Home Economics Home Economics Club, Pres., ' 41- ' 42; Glee Club; Christian Endeavor; Most Domestic Girl, ' 42. William Thomas Mathes, Jr. Greeneville, Tenn. B. S. Biology and Chemistry President of Senior Class; Christian Endeav- or, Pres., ' 41, Sec, ' 42; Glee Club, Vice Pres., ' 40- ' 42; Alpha Psi Omega; Most Versatile Boy, ' 41; Pre-Med Club, Pres., ' 41, Vice-Pres., ' 42; Tennis; M Club; Milligan College Players; Who ' s Who; Laboratory Instructor in Biology, ' 42. Jean De Nise Mitchell Johnson City, Tenn. A. B. English Alpha Psi Omega, Pres., ' 40- ' 41; Stampede Staff; Milligan College Players, Vice-Pres., ' 42; Script Chairman of May Festival, ' 41- ' 42. £ en L t£ Gladys Eloise Parker Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. Music Glee Club; Christian Endeavor; tional Relations Club; Day Student. Interna- Edna Francisca Perez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico B. S. Biology Glee Club; Basketball; Milligan College Players; Volunteer Band; Swimming; Interna- tional Relations Club. Florene Alice Pierce Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. English Home Economics Club; Day Student. Mary Sue Ringstaff Pounding Mill, Va. B. S. Mathematics Christian Endeavor; Secretary Senior Class; Stampede Staff; International Relations Club. s, e n i o t i Nell Inez Slay Newland, N. C. A. B. English and History Milligan College Players; Volunteer Band, Vice-Pres., ' 32; Forensic Council; Ossolian Sc ciety; Christian Endeavor, Pres., ' 42; President Girls ' Sunday School Class, ' 42; Feature Editor Stampede, ' 42. Mary Kathryn Sluder Brevard, N. C. A. B. English Volunteer Band, Pres., ' 40- " 42; Christian Eiv deavor; Milligan College Players, Pres., " 41- ' 42; Home Economics Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Winner Annie Lucas Kennedy Contest, ' 41. David Russel Trotter Knoxville, Tenn. A. B. Economics Cheer Leader, ' 39- ' 42; Dramatic Club, Pres., ' 41; Alpha Psi Omega; M Club; Track; Head Waiter, ' 41- ' 42; Volunteer Band, Pres., ' 41; Vice-Pres., Freshman Class; Pres. Sophomore Class; Pres. Junior Class; Stampede, Associate Editor, ' 41; Attendant to May King, ' 41- ' 42. S. Aaron Wade Decatur, Tenn. A. B. Econojnics International Relations Club; Forum Group; Business Manager of Buffalo, ' 42; Volunteer Band. % 4iW s, etuat Margie Ada Whisner Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. Chemistry and Biology Glee Club; Milligan College Players; Tennis; Swimming; Laboratory Instructor in Chemistry, ' 42; Day Student. Jimmie Whisner Elizabethton, Tenn. B. S. Home Economics Home Economics Club; Milligan College Players; Glee Club; Day Student. Arvin S. Williams Osaka, Va. B. S. Chemistry and Biology Football, Captain, ' 41; M Club, Vice-Pres., 41, Sec, ' 42; Freshman Class, Pres.; Sophomore Class, Pres.; Most Promising Student, ' 40; Most Popular Boy, ' 41 ' ' 42. Nathaniel Taylor Williams Elizabethton, Tenn. A. B. History Milligan College Players; Alpha Psi Omega; Freshman Class Treasurer; Day Student. o wt e U i i ke luuict la John Hall President G. B. Pierce Vice-President Juanita Johnston Secretary Morris Daniels Treasurer ituiot Mary Catherine Allen. . . .Ocean View, Del. John Earl Ankeny Warren, Ohio Nannie Begley Erwin, Term. Gelda Wilson Bernie Wytheville, Va. Edwin McNider Bowman Elizabethton, Term. Virginia Louise Burkett Gulfport, Miss. Eugene Boyce Cross Fordtown, Term. Morris Lowell Daniel Horsepen, Va. Stephen Wagner Edmonds Johnson City, Term. Blanche Charlotte Fair Johnson City, Term. Betty June Farmer Rutledge, Term. Martha McMurry Franklin Elisabethton, Tenn. UMlCt Verlin L. Gilliam Wise, Va. Edna Vandilla Graves. . . .Jamestown, Tenn. Phyllis Warner Gray Milligan College, Tenn. Ruth Helen Gray. . . .Milligan College, Tenn. Thomas Alexander Gray Johnson City, Tenn. Helen Emeline Graybeal Mountain City, Tenn. John Hall Johnson City, Tenn. Lillian Elizabeth Holt Tullahoma, Tenn. Aline Hyder Milligan College, Tenn. Frank Wendall Johnson Elizabethton, Tenn. Juanita Hazel Johnston. . . .Winter Park, Fla. Frank Merritt Elizabethton, Tenn. ia n L t£ Ralph Raland Morrell Elisabethton, Term. Eulah Blanche Mottern Miiligan College, Tenn. Fred Gray Musick. ..... .Elizabethton, Tenn. George Bascom Pierce Mosheim, Tenn. Lenore Gerlene Pierce Mountain City, Tenn. Olin Bryant Ripley, Jr Baileyton, Tenn. Florence Price Shepherd Miiligan College, Tenn. Glenola Frances Shepherd Miiligan College, Tenn. Burton S. Shook Elizabeth ton, Tenn. Cleo Edith Stevens Hampton, Tenn. Joe Watson Trent Ft. Blackmore, Va. H. M. Williams, Jr Jonesville, Va. lie cpli e mete ii Walter Maupin President James Harmon Vice-President Maxine Blair Secretary and Treasury cz cp It emote £ Joseph Robert Addenbrook. . .Virginia Beach, Va. Mary Louise Birchfield Elizabethton, Tenn. Mary Maxine Blair Max Meadows, Va. Steve Bowen Whitesburg, Ky. Anita Bowman Elk Park, N. C. Clarence Herbert Breeding Lebanon, Va. Garland Monroe Caffee Virginia Beach, Va. Evelyn Willene Cansler Villa Rica, Ga. Gracie Arbutus Cantrell Pound, Va. Mabel Chandler Erwin, Tenn. William Samuel Chapman Church Hill, Tenn. Martin Pierce Christian Pounding Mill, Va. Edwin Howard Coleman. . . . Hiwassee Dam, N. C. Leon A. Cox Johnson City, Tenn. Walter John Faust Canfield, Ohio Warren Reece Gilbert Shelbyville, Tenn. Hillmond Eudell Gravley Etowah, Tenn. « ». m HnK «, . -. ► : , Anna Margaret Guinn Midway, Tenn. Florence Irene Hale Whitesburg, Ky. Robert Niles Hamilton Johnson City, Tenn. Charlotte Sue Hampton Elizabethton, Tenn. John Martin Johnson, Jr Appalachia, Va. Edward Tilson Jordon, Jr Elizabethton, Tenn. June Beatrice Leonard Johnson City, Tenn. Emerita Lopez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Ursula Lopez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Gene McNeeley Tazewell, Tenn. Darriel Ruth Merritt Elizabethton, Tenn. Fannie Margaret Morris Exeter, Va. Mae Beatrice Odom Bean Station, Tenn. Velma Imogene Odom Bean Station, Tenn. Ruth Myrtle Osborne Dungannon, Va. Don Crittendon Pearce Norton, Va. Earl Raymond Peters Ft. Blackmore, Va. ' K f?k_- cz QY It o mote 6- Earl Peterson Erwin, Term. Hattie Jeanette Pierce Elizabeth ton, Tenn. Paul Douglas Riddle Elizabethton, Tenn. Douglas Richard King Crockett, Virginia Lucile Shaw Shelby ville, Tenn. Wanda Marie Shoun Johnson City, Tenn. Nan Shull Elizabethton, Tenn. Lila Estelle Skeen Pound, Va. David James Slagle Elizabethton, Tenn. Virginia Lillian Sword Derby, Va. Elizabeth Thurman Surgoinsville, Tenn. Frank McMurray Tompkins Duffield, Va. Blanca Estrella Vargas Lares, Puerto Rico Gladys Marie Watson Jonesville, Va. Reba Watson Jonesville, Va. Norma Love Whitehead.. . .Roan Mountain, Tenn. Mary Rachel Wolfenba rger Clinchport, Va. -rfi It e z=- te£lt te ltwi a u a a Bobby Jesse President Wayne Gilley Vice-President Sam Stallard Treasurer Peggy Gray Secretary i t e i k wi e it Jeanne Eleanor Allen Richlands, Va. Thelma Agnes Amis Surgionsville, Tenn. Crofton McVeigh Bays Hubbard Springs, Va. Guy Williard Blackwell Johnson City, Tenn. Margaret Jane Butler Hampton, Tenn. James Arthur Brooks Gate City, Va. Victor St. Martin Cleek Gate City, Va. John Brown Combs Jonesville, Va. William Cephas Combs Jonesville, Va. Ellis Franklin Cooley Hillsville, Va. Evelynne Marguerite Cox Etowah, Tenn. Marjorie Kathleen Cross Piney Flats, Tenn. Ross Hindley Dampier Johnson City, Tenn. John Preston Davis Tazewell, Tenn. Dorothy Alma Depew Elizabethton, Tenn. Arthur Domke Hillsville, Va. Milagros de la Fe Echeandia . .San Sebastian, P.R. Dwight Franklin Elkins Jonesville, Va. Harry William Fine Martel, Tenn. Edwin Wayne Gilley Gate City, Va. Paul Sevier Gilmer Lebanon, Va. Peggy Virginia Gray Lebanon, Va. Walter White Hannah Johnson City, Tenn. Mary Jane Hawkins St. Paul, Va. Alfred Burke Hurt, Jr Lebanon, Va. Robert Cox Hurt Nathan ' s Creek, N. C. Mary Lee Ingle Shelbyville, Tenn. Robert William Jesse Cleveland, Va. Carl Estes Kitzmiller Jonesboro, Tenn. Martha Louis Lecka Johnson City, Tenn. rihferil fill Ak.kk, L te n nten Marion Cleveland Lee ; Langdale, Ala. Margie Ann Lilly Johnson City, Tenn. James Carrol McConnell. . . . Big Stone Gap, Va. James Loften Quillen Moore, Jr. . Gate City, Va. Sidney Elmo Mullins East Stone Gap, Va. Vesta Alleyn Noblitt Tullahoma, Tenn. Georgia Ruth Orr Jonesville, Va. Laura Mercedes Perez San Sebastian, P.R. Horace Arthur Pettit Grundy, Va. Mildred Lucille Reel Pembroke, Va. Edna Louise Rhoton Dungannon, Va. Ruth Rich Faix, Tenn. Ruth Barron Rosenbaum Jonesville, Va. Yvonne Eloise Sharrett Johnson City, Tenn. Jack Shlosar Six, W. Va. Darsie Lee Sproles Blountville, Tenn. Patsy Louise Stallard St. Paul, Va. Sam Kane Stallard Gate City, Va. Joe Daniel Starnes Ft. Blackmore, Va. Sara Louise Stere Altoona, Penn. Patricia Anne Taylor Elizabethton, Tenn. Vernon Thomas Midway, Tenn. Betty Sue Thompson Pennington Gap, Va. Elnora Marguerite Troutman Unicoi, Tenn. Harold Truelove Jonesboro, Tenn. Doris Mae Tweed Greeneville, Tenn. Tina Marie Tyler McRoberts, Ky. Fred Williams Derby, Va. Maloah Beatrice Williams. . . Elizabethton, Tenn. Mary Ruth Williams Jonesville, Va. l m t • . " V. a J K ctivttte We bet you ' ll trea- sure the memories of scenes like these and re- peat them often to your grandchildren. This is Milligan life. THEY PREPARE IT THEY SERVE IT WE EAT IT VOLUNTEER BAND Gives spiritual in- spiration and fosters Christian growth. CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR Furthers the religious training of Milligan men and women GLEE CLUB Allows opportunity for development of ap ' preciation of good music. The Eta Lambda Cast of ALPHA PSI OMEGA A national honorary dramatic fraternity. MILLIGAN COLLEGE PLAYERS For the furtherance of dramatic appreciation among the students. International RELATIONS CLUB Studies the underly- ing principles of interna- tional conduct for a peaceful civilization. ■:. . - ' THE STAMPEDE STAFF Publishes bi-monthly the happenings on the Milligan Campus. THE PRINTING PRESS Used for printing ma- terial for the college and for training printers. THE DEBATE CLUB For the development of expressions of ideas. THE PRE-MED CLUB THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB BOYS ' M CLUB Brawny aspirants for membership in the Boys 1 M Club. GIRLS ' M CLUB I II J R Kf ff,- t tctotu I Steve Lacy Head Coach Bernie Webb Star Woods Assistant Coaches Floyd Childers ATHLETICS AT MILLIGAN CAPTAINS MANAGERS Bo Brummett mm Shorty Williams P-Nut Gilmer T-Model Ford Tubby Gilliam THE FOOTBALL SEASON September 20 Bluefield Milligan 21 September 27 Teachers Milligan 26 October 4 Georgetown 7 Milligan 6 October 18 CarsoivNewman 6 Milligan 15 October 25 Tennessee Wesleyan Milligan 19 November 1 Tusculum Milligan 33 November 8 King 19 Milligan November 15 Concord 7 Milligan 53 As the 1941 season began, Coach Steve Lacy fell violently ill so Assistant Coach Bernie Webb was called in to fill his shoes. Our hats are off to Bernie who, with the able assistance of Star Woods and Floyd Childers, led the Buffaloes through an excellent season, although they suffered their first defeat since 1939, breaking a winning streak of twelve games. THE TEAM W. Abbot Bobby Addenbrook Ted Alexander Hugh Blessing Bac Tackle End End Garland Caffee Sugar ' Cure Morris Daniel Mike Davis Back Center Beck End FOOTBALL That happy smile sported by Coach Lacy on seeing the first football game after his illness means that the Buffaloes stampeded Tennessee State to the tune of 26-0. Harry Fine Pie Garner Center David Hall Jim Harmon FOOTBALL Bill Showalter shifts the ball in his hands and drives right through the Teachers Buccaneers to make the score 26-0 in favor of Milligan. Ed Kilgore Herman Lane Walter Maupin Tommy Miller Back Guard End End Jack Osborne Harry Pardue J. E. Penny Jack Shlosar Guard FOOTBALL Bill Showalter takes the ball on a reverse that netted the Buffaloes a good first down on their march toward the Concord goal. Bill Showalter Frank Spraker BURCHELL STALLARD Joe Starnes Guard FOOTBALL The Buffaloes plough through the Concord forward wall to throw the Lions for a terrific loss. A neat place kick by Captain Shorty Williams floats across the bar between the Concord goal posts to ring up another point for Milligan. Vernon Thomas Kermit Tipton Harold Truelove Guard Bac Guard «SL ' ' JO i l V-V The 1941 Buffaloes We Wanta Touchdown ' : ACTION By sports authorities this has been called a coach ' s dream and Captain Brummett trips merrily over the Tennessee Wesleyan goal line for another Milligan touchdown. Bo Brummett is tackled hard by a Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldog after making a nice gain. Captain Shorty Williams breaks loose on a reverse around left end after receiving the ball from blocking back Harry Pardue and steps off about twenty-five yards to again put Milligan in scoring position. J. E. Penny here does the impossible in out ' stepping five Concord giants ahead of him to bring in another six points for Milligan. THE BASKETBALL SEASON Opponent Opp. M.C Mead Corporation 24 81 H. P. King Co. 31 40 Union College 47 49 House of David 41 35 Lincoln Memorial University 41 47 Cincinnati Bible Seminary 34 62 Tusculum College 48 46 Lincoln Memorial University 48 42 Tennessee State College 39 55 King College 57 33 Carson-Newman College 44 26 Union College 41 48 Emory and Henry College 54 58 King College 54 38 Emory and Henry College 38 46 Tennessee State College 40 56 CarsoivNewman College 50 48 Tusculum College 52 42 Mexico City Y.M.C.A. 48 50 Cure, Alt. Captain Akard, Captain C. M. Eyler, Coach Pierce THE TEAM Matherly McConnell Garner Hayes Forward Guard Center Guard Forward THE TEAM Cl Miller Lane Stallard Akard Center Forward Guard Center Guard -■%». FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Captain, Alabama Lee Manager, Fred Greer 941 BASEBALL TEAM VARSITY TENNIS Hugh M. Thompson, Coach Fred Greer, Captain . ■ ■ NTRAMURAL ATHLETICS The Tumbling Class . J, ' «f ?U fS ' . . ' ' ' : ™ » : ' n m The Boxing Team GIRLS ' ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Aline Hyder, Manager Elizabeth Franklin, Secretary Kitty Allen, Assistant Manager Anna Margaret Guinn, Publicity Mgr. S» v. 3 « s, Basketball SWIMMING ,. in 597 Elizabeth Franklin, Instructor Helen Graybeal, Captain TENNIS Juanita Johnston, Captain Betsy Franklin, Tournament Champion ' 41 VARSITY TEAM NTRAMURAL GIRLS N ACTION Softball Archery Ping Pong Badminton pjggg L anJLiJL K -amcca cz kat i j. y 1 till i a an J-.ij-t KING OF THE MAY Mil, a vis QUEEN OF THE MAY ; 1 L U4 4 1 y Best Boy Athlete BILL SHOW ALTER Best Girl Athlete ELIZABETH FRANKLIN Most Versatile Girl ALINE HYDER Prince of Personality ARVIN WILLIAMS Princess of Personality FLORENCE HALE Most Versatile Boy CHARLES AKARD Most Li ely to Succeed W. T. MATHES Best Domestic Possibility MARY NANETTE MATHES Who doesn t Remember CONFERENCE SNAPSHOT CONTEST WINNERS WINNER OF A COPY OF THE ]942 BUFFALO " Last Call for Brea fast " by Joe Trent Honorable Mention " Tvfetti ' e " by W. T. Mathes, Jr. by Frank Thompons Milligan College C. E. BURNS. President Milligan College, Tennessee Milligan College is a liberal arts college with a rich tradition and history; ideal location as to cli- mate and communication; modern buildings and equipment; beautiful campus; non-sectarian Chris- tian atmosphere; thorough courses in science, phil- osophy, education, business, speech, music, home economics, languages, religion; adequate and ef- ficient faculty; wholesome athletics and physical education; inter-collegiate forensics. Opportunities for self-help include scholarship grants to honor graduates of standard high schools, and to minis- terial students. First Semester Opens September 1, 1942. WRITE FOR LITERATURE « Page 78 Compliments of BOWLING PALACE JjSjS " Where the Family Meets " Ms Sl . 84 " 86 Wilson Ave. Phone 2441 X Johnson City Compliments of FREE SERVICE TIRE CO. Johnson City, Tennessee Goodyear Tires — Standard Oil Products » « Dan B. Wexler, Pres. Joe J. Jared, Sec.-Treas. This Book Is Bound in A KINGSKRAFT COVER Manufactured by THE KINGSPORT PRESS Producers of Fine Covers for All Purposes Kingsport, Tennessee Compliments of THE CHARLIE CARGILLE STUDIO » « Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of THE JEWEL BOX, Inc. Leading Credit Jewelers Johnson City, Tennessee For Fine Entertainment Come to the SEVIER THEATRE Johnson City, Tennessee " WE ARE YOUR FRIEND " Page 79 » Compliments of Compliments of HUMPHREYS EQUIPMENT CO. Incorporated Headquarters for Sporting Goods MAJESTIC BARBER SHOP Next to Majestic Theatre Phone 97 113 E. Market St. " Keep Weil-Dressed With Our Haircut " Johnson City, Tennessee Johnson City, Tennessee » « Compliments of Compliments of GUNNAR TEILMANN AND SON " Flowers for All Occasions " SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 318 E. Main St. Phone 511 » « Johnson City, Tennessee » « Compliments of SOUTHERN MAID, Inc. THE ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING COMPANY MILK - - ICE CREAM Johnson City, Tennessee » « " THE TRUE FRUIT DRINK " SMYTHE ELECTRIC CO. HANNAH ' S Kuppenheimer Good Clothes Electric Wiring and Appliances Curlee Clothes - Griffon Clothes Dobbs Hats - Arrow Shirts Everything Electrical Repaired Nunn Bush Shces - Jarman Shoes 238 E. Main St. Phone 5198 Varsity Town College Clothes Johnson City, Tennessee Page 80 » « Compliments of ELIZABETHTON HARDWARE CO. FOUR- WAY SERVICE STATION Good Hardware and Unexcelled Fine Furniture MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL » « Corner Elk Ave., Roan and Broad Phone 5504 Elizabethton, Tennessee Elizabethton, Tennessee Compliments of BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. EVERYTHING in Building Material POWER CITY MILLING CO.. Inc. YOUR LOCAL MILLER Elizabethton, Tennessee DUKE BARRON MUSIC SHOP » « Records and Sheet Music Elizabethton, Tennessee Elizabethton, Tennessee Greetings From Compliments of PATY LUMBER COMPANY GOSS BROTHERS FURNITURE » « COMPANY Elizabethton, Tenn. Phone 5115 Furniture, Stoves, Refrigerators » « Phone 225-J Johnson City, Tenn. Phone 5119 516 Elk Ave., Elizabethton Compliments of » c FRED MOORE YOUR FRIEND R. L. SHEPHERD Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE POSTMASTER STORE » « Elizabethton, Tennessee Page 81 » Compliments of WOFFORD BROS., Inc. INSURANCE » « Johnson City, Tennessee phone 5106 EAT DELICIOUS PET ICE CREAM " A HEALTH FOOD " » « Johnson City, Tennessee SANITARY BARBER SHOP " Quality Haircuts " Phone 598-W 1 1 1 Spring St. Johnson City, Tennessee MARTIN ' S ACADEMY OF HAIR j AND BEAUTY CULTURE IIIV2 Spring St. Johnson City, Tennessee CENTRAL COAL COMPANY Phone 166 Johnson City, Tennessee » « " WE SET THE STANDARD FOR SERVICE " Compliments of JOHNSON CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 5188 » « Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of SUMMERS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. » « Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of DOSSER BROS. SHOPPING CENTER FOR YOUNG LADIES » « Johnson City, Tennessee « Page 82 THANKS TO THE STUDENTS OF MILLIGAN COLLEGE AND THEIR TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS, FOR THEIR PATRONAGE. » « GOOD LUCK, BUFFALOES » « THE DIXIE BARBECUE Compliments of BUFFALO INN " Milligan Students Welcome " » « Milligan College, Tennessee Compliments of LONG ' S CAFE Elizabethton, Tennessee REMEMBER KINKAID FLORISTS Phone 191 Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of LONDON HARDWARE CO. Complete Line of Hardware and Sporting Goods Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of COLLEGE STORE » « Books, Supplies, Candies, Ice Cream and Sandwiches » « ROXY BAR-B-Q Bar-B-Q Sandwiches Fountain Service 423 E. Main St. Phone 928 Compliments of SAM S. FAIN Staple and Fancy Groceries Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of PIERCE AND PIERCE SHOE SHOP Johnson City, Tennessee Page 83 » .„ COMPLIMENTS OF American Bemberg and North American Rayon Corporation Compliments of BECKNERS ' UNAKA STORES, Inc. Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry- Quality Merchandise Expert Repairing COURTEOUS SERVICE » « Erwin, Tennessee Opposite Majestic Theatre FRANK L. ROUSER CO. Compliments of 317 W. Church Ave. Knoxville, Tennessee » « STEVE LACY— KEGLY OIL CO. Your PURE OIL Distributors Photographic Supplies » « Audio-Visual Aids Johnson City, Tennessee « Page 84 Compliments of HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS ' N " East Tennessee ' s Largest " 17 Years of 4% 331 E. Main St. Johnson City Compliments of RICE BOTTLING COMPANY Distributors of GRAPETTE Johnson City, Tennessee » « Compliments of JOHN SEVIER HOTEL Johnson City, Tennessee » « » « Compliments of F. K. MORRIS Johnson City, Tennessee » « SELL MEAT MARKET » « 113 Buffalo Street Phone 5216 » « WHOLESALE and RETAIL SOUTHERN WELDING CO. Heating Engineers and Contractors H. M. MUSE, Mgr. Johnson City, Tennessee JFG SPECIAL COFFEE " The Best Part of the Meal " JFG COFFEE CO. Knoxville, Tennessee " Mac " , " Mike " , and " Ferdinand " IN APPRECIATION OF HARDIN HALL Page 85 » Compliments of THE QUEEN CITY COACH CO. Daily Transporters of Milligan College Students Phone 5164 for Rates and Schedules Johnson City, Tennessee TRADE-MARK Johnson City KING ' S Where BUFFALOES WHO REALLY KNOW COME FOR THEIR SMARTEST CLOTHES Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of MORTON BROS. MEAT CO. Johnson City, Tenn. Page Compliments of THE PEOPLES BANK HENRY C. BLACK President and Chairman of Board Corner Roan and Main Johnson City, Tennessee " Your Cue Awaits You " TOP HAT RECREATION HALL Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of THE MAJESTIC THEATRE Johnson City, Tennessee BUY WAR BONDS THE BUFFALO STAFF WISHES TO EXPRESS ITS APPRECIATION TO THE FIRMS AND FRIENDS THAT HAVE SO GRACIOUSLY HELPED US IN PUTTING OUT THIS PUBLICATION. Page 87 » i it it a eat — v a k ie BUILDING OF A SUPERI- OR YEAR-BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOS- EST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE ENGRAVER AND THE PRINTER. OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND- ING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE WILL MINIM IZE MANY OF YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. THE KING PRINTING CO. AJtintet • Cnattiveti • pjecklJmJLet BRISTOL, TENNESSEE RESERVE LD 3311 . A47 M5627 Milligan College Milligan College Buffalo 1942 r n 11059 DATE DUE a .; n r r ) i ■ , RESERVE LD 3311 . A47 M5627 Milligan College Milligan College Buffalo 1942 p. H. WELSHIWER MEMORIAL LIBRARY MILLiGAN COLLEGE, TENN. 37682

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