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" 5 _ ' - M :: ; -;. ■4. Vv -.. ' w ' m ■ -■ . -- ' % ■4m 2£ s PRESENTS LIFE ON THE CAMPUS OF MILLIGAN . PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF MILLIGAN COLLEGE, MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. . 1 f - L (ArafisJHLH $$ m: ■ mm ■H? mm ANNUAL STAFF HENRY KEGLEY— Business Manager BRYAN STONE— Editor ike. 2[ L51 oh 41... sincerely hopes that you may enjoy many happy hours with your Buffalo. We have endeavored to present a publication which reflects the ideals and aspirations of Milligan, and those who make it possible. The surging waters splashing over the dam, give a tranquil melody to countless couples who find a haven in this natural retreat. Pardee Hall, where ambition, hope, and faith in the future, reside in the hearts of youthful manhood. The Administration Building, where learning is held in esteem, and new concepts of life are in- culcated into the mind and heart. Hardin Hall, where echoes the blissful chant of girlish glee, and where youthful swains daily tread at 6:45 these sequestered halls. ALMA MATER In Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword, Conguer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! Cherished by her sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng Round our hearts, O Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our watchword, Conguer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! DEDICATION As a token of highest esteem, we, the Class of ' 41 affection- ately dedicate this volume of the BUFFALO to WILLIAM FRANKLIN WAGNER — who through his courage, determination, and high standards of manhood has given much to Milligan College. Page 15 INFORMAL MOMENTS Page 16 AT MILLIGAN Page 17 MR. and MRS. HENRY J. DERTHICK President Emeritis and Mrs. H. J. Derthick, for whom the Milligan family holds the highest esteem. The qualities which they have instilled within us will be perpetuated throughout the generation. Page 18 CHARLES E. BURNS Acting President A. B., A. M. Milligan College counts herself extremely fortunate in securing Charles E. Burns as president. For several years Mr. Burns has served Milligan College in the capacity of teacher and pastor. In addition to his experience at Milligan, Mr. Burns served on the staff of Bob Jones College. He is a man of stern Christian character, unswerving loyalty to any cause which he sincerely believes to be in accord with Christian principles. He is a man of courage, vision, and his contribution to the education and religious fields are positive proof of his leadership, executive and administrative ability. Mr. Burns received his A. B. degree from Hiram College, and M. A. from University of Chicago. This year has been one of unparalleled success for Milligan College, and both administration and student body are confident of greater achievement under this new leader, Mr. Charles E. Burns, whose very life embodies the principles upon which Milligan College is founded. Page 19 The Faculty Oakie Angle, B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education Kathleen Adams Bowman, A. B., A. M Registrar, Dean of Women R. J. Bennett, A. B., A. M., B. D., Ph.D Education and Philosophy Kathleen Brown, B. S., A. M Home Economics Nancy Cantrell, A. B. College Representative J. Walter Carpenter, A. B., A. M., B. D. Professor of Religious Education Floyds Childs, A. B., A. M. Speech Mrs. A. F. Cochrane Matron of Boys Dormitory A. F. Cochrane, Jr., B. S., A. M. Biology Elizabeth M. England, A. B., A. B. L. Librarian Mary C. Eyler, B. S., A. M. Health Education and Physical Education for Women C. M. Eyler, A. B., A. M. . Dean of Men and Professor of English A. W. Gray, A. B. Printing Sam J. Hyder, B. S., A. M. 1 College Treasurer and Mathematics Stephen Lacy, A. B. Director of Athletics and General Mediator Edward G. Lodter, A. B., A. M French J. Goff Long, A. B„ A. M. Associate Professor of English David K. McCarroll, A. B., A. M., Ph.D. History and Political Science Harold G. McCurdy, A. B„ A. M., Ph.D. Psychology Helen Tranum Nave, A. B. Secretarial Science Hugh M. Thompson, A. B., A. M., Ph.D. Chemistry and Physics E. Payson Willard, A. B., A. M., Ph.D. German, Latin, Ancient History Frances LeDoyt Yearley, B. M., M. M. Music PICTURES OF THE FOLLOWING DO NOT APPEAR: J. Fred Holly, A. B., A. M. Social Science Wilma Dickenson, B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education Mrs. C. E. Burns Dietician James Senter Assistant Coach and Supervisor of Science Scholarships Page 20 Angle Bowman Bennett Brown Cantrell ' arpenter Childs Cochrane Cochrane England Eyler Eyler Gray Hyder Lacy LODTER Long McCarroll McCurdy Nave Thompson WlLLARD Yearley Page 21 asses Donald Qualls, President Robert Rice, Vice-President Reable Griffith, Secretary-Treasurer Page 25 Robert Edward Banks A. B. Elizabethton, Tenn. Margaret Barlowe A. B. Johnson City, Tenn. William Pershing Blackwell A. B. Tyron, N. C. Floyd Howard Bowers B. S. Elizabethton, Tenn. Page 26 Katherine Saunders Brown A. B. Bland, Virginia Virginia Janette Breeding A. B. Artrip, Virginia Ernest Harold Burleson A. B. Johnson City, Tenn. Hope Ray Burton A. B. Johnson City, Tenn. Page 27 Floyd Anthem Childers B. S. Jenkins, Ky. Tevis (Cole) Cochrane B. S. Milligan College, Tenn. Wayne Cundiff B. S. Johnson City, Tenn. Margaret Kathleen Edens A. B. Elizabethton, Tenn. Page 28 Aileen Virginia Ellis A. B. ELIZABETHTON, TENN. DOHOTHY C. FOX A. B. Seymour, Ind. Edwin B. Fox A. B. Seymour, Ind. Reable Edna Griffith B. S. Jenkins, Ky. Page 29 Edna Earle Heaton Oris Doyle Hyder A. B. B. S. Heaton, N. C. Milligan College, Tenn uth Erni Knowlton Trent McNeeley A. B. B. S. Memphis, Tenn. Tazewell, Tenn. Page 30 Violet Hope May B. S. Elizabethton, Tenn. Jessee Musick, Jr. A. B. Elizabethton, Tenn. Donald Mayo Qualls B. S. Livingston, Tenn. James Henry Kegley A. B. Wytheville, Va. Page 31 Virginia R. Reneau A. B. Newport, Tenn. Robert Edward Rice B. S. Erwtn, Tenn. Thomas Bryan Stone A. B. Appalachia, Va. J. Norman Torbett B. S. Piney Flats, Tenn. Page 32 Vince Gilmer Tate B. S. Bristol, Va. Ruby L. Smith A. B. Elizabethton, Tenn. Lilly Smith Louisville, Ky. James Riggs B. S. Norton, Virginia Page 33 Harold Stone, President Joe Gilbert, Vice-President Elizabeth Franklin, Secretary W. T. Mathes, Treasurer Page 35 Charles Eugene Akard Blountville, Tenn. Ted R. Alexander Lebanon, Va. Richard Darnell Cantrell Pound, Va. Lowell Enlow Cagle Cerro Gordo, Tenn. Mary Vernica Cooke Elizabethton, Tenn. Harold Duane Cross Piney Flats, Tenn. Raymond Cure Radford, Va. Kathryn Louise Davis Tazewell, Tenn. Mike Houston Davis Townsend, Tenn. Stephen Wagner Edmonds Johnson City, Tenn. Irwin Charles Evans Honaker, Va. Elizabeth Cordellia Franklin Elizabethton, Tenn. J-m® Page 36 Joe Gilbert Dryden, Va. Lawrence Noah Gilliam Wise, Va. Emma Elizabeth Good Johnson City, Tenn. Mary Elizabeth Gourley Johnson City, Tenn. Fred Thomas Greer Gate City, Tenn. Julia Elna Harmon Midway, Tenn. G. C. Hays, Jr. Indian Springs, Tenn. Paul Hodge Elizabethton, Tenn. Lake Johnson Cleveland, Va. Errock Davis Jordan Louisville, Tenn. Edgar Brown Landers Shelbyville, Tenn. Minnie Eldona McClurd Roan Mountain, Tenn. Page 37 Neil McDowell Madisonville, Tenn. Kathleen McKensie Decatur, Tenn. Mary Kathryn McQueen Elizabethton, Tenn. Mary Nanette Mathes Greeneville, Tenn. William Thomas Mathes, Jr. Greeneville, Tenn. Jean De Nise Mitchell Johnson City, Tenn. Robert Burel Mottern Elizabethton, Tenn. William Nicolson Norton Savannah, Ga. Gladys Eloise Parker Elizabethton, Tenn. Edna Francisca Perez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Florence Alice Pierce Elizabethton, Tenn. June Eileen Purcell Cleveland, Va. Page 38 Mahy Sue Ringstaff Pounding Mill, Va. Nell Inez Slay Newland, N. C. Mary Kathryn Sluder Alexandria, N. C. Harold Johnston Stone Marion, Va. Asta Sunshine Teilmann Johnson City, Tenn. S. Aaron Wade Decatur, Tenn. Jimmie Olivia Whisner Elizabethton, Tenn. Margie Ada Whisner Elizabethton, Tenn. Arvin S. Williams Osaka, Va. Page 39 David Trotter, President Tom Gray, Vice-President Kitty Allen, Secretary-Treasurer Page 41 SOPHOMORES Mary Catherine Allen Ocean View, Del. Gelda Wilson Bernie Wytheville, Va. Margaret Frances Bird Cleveland, Tenn. Sally Mae Bledsoe JONESVILLE, Va. Edwin McNider Bowman Elizabethton, Tenn. Martha Franklin Franklin Elizabethton, Tenn. Eugene Boyce Cross Fordtown, Tenn. Jean Arella Frye Tullahoma, Tenn. Evelyn Elizabeth Ellis Elizabethton, Tenn. Ann Sue Gilbert Dryden, Va. Betty June Farmer Rutledge, Tenn. Verlin Gilliam Wise, Va. Page 42 Marjorie Fern Good Elizabethton, Tenn. Edna Vandilla Graves Jamestown, Tenn. Archie William Gray Milligan College, Tenn. Phyllis (Warner) Gray Milligan College, Tenn. Thomas Alexander Gray Milligan College, Tenn. Helen Emeline Graybeal Mountain City, Tenn. John Hall Johnson City, Tenn. Ida Marie Harte Watauga, Tenn. Margaret Frances Harris Miller Yard, Va. Virginia Shirley Hendrix Johnson City, Tenn. John Earl Ankeny Warren, O. Lillian Elizabeth Holt tullahoma, tenn. Aline Hyder Milligan College, Tenn. Jane Christine Johnson Hurley, Va. John Johnson Ewing, Va. Juanita Hazel Johnston Winter Park, Fla. Florence Mae Julian Roan Mountain, Tenn. Eldena Martin Byrdstown, Tenn. Page 43 SOPHOMORES Paul Dennis Maxwell Pound, Va. Johnnie June Meredith Elizabethton, Tenn. Frank Merritt Elizabethton, Tenn. Arthur Hartsell Miller Johnson City, Tenn. William Albert Monahan Warren, O. Mary Elizabeth Kirklen Hixson, Tenn. Ralph Baland Morrell Elizabethton, Tenn. Sara Virginia Livingston Johnson City, Tenn. Fred Gray Musick Elizabethton, Tenn. Edward Earl O ' Dell Bluff City, Tenn. Louis Charles Kerns Erwin, Tenn. Viola Elizabeth Parvin Church Hill, Tenn. Page 44 Frankie Lucille Payne Elizabethton, Tenn. Wilma Ruth Pearson Butler, Tenn. Robert Breece Pennington Nathan ' s Creek, N. C. Lenore Gerlene Pierce Mountain City, Tenn. Joe Preston Price Johnson City, Tenn. Olin Bryant Ripley, Jr. Baileyton, Tenn. Eula Blanche Shepherd Milligan College, Tenn. Florence Price Shepherd Milligan College, Tenn. Glenola Frances Shepherd Milligan College, Tenn. Burton S. Shook Elizabethton, Tenn. Marie Cindia Slagle Elizabethton, Tenn. Nancy Elizabeth Smith Winter Park, Fla. Maxine Snodgrass JONESVILLE, Va. Cleo Edith Stevens Hampton, Tenn. Joe Watson Trent Fort Blackmore, Va. David Russell Trotter Knoxville, Tenn. James Dwight Whitt Appalachia, Va. H. M. Williams, Jr. JONESVILLE, Va. Page 45 Warren Gilbert, President Walter Faust, Vice-President Elizabeth Givens, Secretary-Treasurer Page 47 FRESHMEN JOSEPH ROBERT ADDENBROOK Virginia Beach, Va. MARY MAXINE BLAIR Max Meadows; Va. EDWIN HOWARD COLEMAN Hiwassee Dam, N. C. RUBY JEFFERIES COOPER St. Paul, Va. LEON A. COX Johnson City, Tenn. EDITH FERN FIELDS Grundy, Va. IMOGENE FULLER Grundy, Va. Second Row STEVE BOWEN Whitesburg, Ky. ANITA BOWMAN Elk Park, N. C. CAROLYN FULLER Grundy, Va. WARREN REECE GILBERT Shelbyville, Tenn. SARAH JUANITA GISH Soco, Ky. WILLARD PIERCE GRANT Sody, Tenn. HILLMOND EUDELL GRAVELY Etowah, Tenn. Third Row CLARENCE HERBERT BREEDING Lebanon, Va. MARY LOUISE BIRCHFIELD Elizabethton, Tenn. ANNA MARGARET GUINN Midway, Tenn. FLORENCE HALE " Whitesburg, Ky. IRENE HALE Whitesburg, Ky. CHARLOTTE SUE HAMPTON Elizabethton, Tenn. MARY EVELYN HOLLIDAY Williamston, N. C. Fourth Row MORRIS DANIELS Horsepen, Va. EVELYN WILLENS CANSLER Villa Rica, Ga. SARAH GRIFFIN HOLLIDAY Williamston, N. C. JOHN MARTIN JOHNSON, JR. Appalachia, Va. ESTALENE JONES Groseclose, Va. JOYCE KENNEDY Wise, Va. DOUGLAS RICHARD KING Crockett, Va. Fifth Row WILLIAM SAMUEL CHAPMAN Church Hill, Tenn. MARTIN PIERCE CHRISTIAN Pounding Mill, Va. ELISABETH HANNAH KONOLD Warren, O. JUNE BEATRICE LEONARD Johnson City, Tenn. EMERITA LOPEZ San Sebastian, Puerto Rico URSULA LOPEZ San Sebastian, Puerto Rico GENE McNEELEY Tazewell, Tenn. fimm Page 48 Page 49 FRESHMEN DARRIEL RUTH MERRITT Elizabethton, Tenn. FANNIE MARGARET MORRIS Exeter, Va. ELIZABETH ANNE RED ACRE Erwin, Tenn. PAUL DOUGLAS RIDDLE Elizabethton, Tenn. NORMA JEAN RIDDLE Elizabethton, Tenn. JAMES HENRY ROBB McRoberts, Ky. Second Row ALYCE EVELYNN MUSICK Cleveland, Va. VELMA IMOGENE ODOM Bean Station, Tenn. JOSEPHINE ROBB McRoberts, Ky. SARAH ARLIS ROBERSON ._. Etowah, Tenn. LUCILE SHAW Shelbyville, Tenn. WANDA MARIE SHOUN _. __Johnson City, Tenn. Third Row MAE BEATRICE ODOM Bean Station, Tenn. RUTH MYRTLE OSBORNE _ .__Dungannon, Va. NAN SHULL Elizabethton, Tenn. DAVID JAMES SLAGLE ..Elizabethton, Tenn. MARIA ANTONIA SEPULVEDA __San Bebastian, Puerto Rico VIRGINIA LILLIAN SWORD _ Derby, Va. Fourth Row HAZEL PATE Elizabethton, Tenn. EARL RAYMOND PETERS .__Ft. Blackmore, Va. ELIZABETH THURMAN ___ Surgoinsville, Tenn. FRANK McMURRAY TOMPKINS Duffield, Va. NORMAN FREELYN WALKER __Piney Flats, Tenn. REBA WATSON Jonesville, Va. Fifth Row EARL PETERSON Erwin, Tenn. DON PIERCE Norton, Va. GLADYS MARIE WATSON .Jonesville, Va. NORMA LOVE WHITEHEAD _. Roan Mountain, Tenn. CHESTER J. WILLIAMS ___ Elizabethton, Tenn. MARY RACHEL WOLFENBARGER __Clinchport, Va. Page 50 Page 51 uookZ TqanijaT ons THE STAMPEDE " The Stampede " , a semi-monthly publication, edited and ' printed by the students of Milligan College, entered its sixth year under the capable leadership of Miss Reable Griffith, whose hard work and ability has given Milligan its best publication in its history. " The Stampede " attempts at all times to foster the aims and ideals of Milligan and the student body, and to present the activities of the college as well as furnish much entertainment through the column entitled " Buffalo He(a)rd, " in which all the " scandal " is aired. We are proud of the work that has been done this ye ar and predict even greater activity by Milligan " journalists " in the future. Editor Reable Griffith Junior Associate Editor Charles Akard Feature Editors David Trotter, Shelby Jett, Ruby Young Sports Editors Aubrey Painter, Bill Monahan Girls Sports Editor Jeanette Breeding Reporters Sunshine Teilman, Mary Sue Ringstaff, Tevis Cochrane, Jean Mitchell, Lawrence Gilliam, Kathryn Davis, Edna Earle Heaton, Richard Cantrell, Walter Dorricott. Contributor Prof. J. F. Holly Business and Circulation Manager Fred Dellinger Assistants G. C. Hayes, James Henry Robb Typists Gene McNeely, Violet May, Eileen Ellis, Evelyn Ellis. Page 54 THE MILLIGAN COLLEGE PRESS The Milligctn College Press was made possible through the generosity of Mr. E. W. Palmer of Kingsport, and is under the direction of Mr. Archie Grey. In addition to serving the college in printing and book-binding, it affords the students an opportunity for valuable vocational training. The college is justly proud of the Press and the splendid work which it is doing. Page 55 ALPHI PSI OMEGA This organization, Milligan ' s only national honorary fraternity, has grown from a very small beginning to it ' s present dynamic and ever increasing state. Under the direction of Miss Childs, faculty director, much work has been done. The members are obtaining valuable training in play directing and costume designing. In addition several major productions have been staged. For this group, we predict even greater achievement in the future. OFFICERS Jean Mitchell President Vince Tate Vice-President Walter Dorricott Secretary-Treasurer THE MILLIGAN COLLEGE PLAYERS The Milligan College players is an organization whose aim is to create interest in dramatics. This organization serves as the training corps for those who later will star in the productions of the Alpha Psi Omega. Here those who aspire to become accomplished actors on the campus are given every en- couragement, and when sufficient progress has been made the student is given membership in the national fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. The Milligan College Players is an important organization on the campus, and much credit should go to Miss Floyd Childs, faculty adviser, who has worked diligently to bring this group to its present state. OFFICERS David Trotter President Walter Dorricott Vice-President Violet May Secretary Emma Good Treasurer Page 56 Page 57 THE M CLUB The boys ' M Club of Milligan College is composed of young men who have won the Milligan monogram for athletic ability in one or more sports. These letters are given to those participating in football, basket-ball, baseball, track or tennis. The cheer leaders and team managers are also given letters. The primary purpose of this organization is to perpetuate the ideals upon which all Milligan athletics are based, namely, good sportsmanship, both on the field of activity and upon the battle field of life; the promotion of individual friendships, and the the whole-hearted support of all worthy causes that may come to the attention of the members. An outstanding event on the Milligan social calendar is the annual Spring banquet sponsored by the M Club. This outstanding organization is one that all Milligan is justly proud of, and the progressive attitude shown by all members is a manifestation of its worth to Milligan College. First Semester Robert Rice President Berntce Webb Vice-President Fred Dellinger .Secretary-Treasurer Second Semester Fred Dellinger President James Riggs Vice-President Floyd Childers -Secretary-Treasurer Page 58 FORUM CLUB The Forum Club is an organization entirely new to Milligan, and was brought into being through the efforts of one of our new faculty members, Professor J. Fred Holly, who is one of our own, having graduated from Milligan in the class of ' 37. This discussion group was organized for those who are interested in any phase of Social Science, and for those who desire some medium of expression on current events and economic trends. At each meeting an attempt is made to furnish something of special interest to the group. One meeting each month is given to student discussion, the other, an outstanding professional man discusses problems related to his particular field. The work done by this dynamic organization this year deserves much credit, and to Professor Holly, the student body and administration are very grateful for his splendid work and cooperation which have made this work a success. We believe with one year of valuable experience, the club will achieve greater accomplishment next year. Henry Kegley President William Norton Vice-President Lilly Smith Secretary-Treasurer Page 59 ■ as. -i ' iBBSBwSS 1 • _$■§. THE VOLUNTEER BAND The Volunteer Band is composed of students who are interested in Christian service. Each Monday evening a meeting is held in the Prayer Room, which furnishes opportunity for a quiet devotion. The purpose of the Volunteer Band is to raise the spiritual outlook of the stu- dents and to give a deeper fellowship in Christ. Probably the idea is best ex- pressed in the prayer which is sung at the end of each meeting. " Come into my heart, Come into my heart, Come into my heart, Lord Jesus; Come in today, come In to stay, Come into my heart Lord Jesus " . " Shine out of my heart, Shine out of my heart, Shine out of my heart, Lord Jesus. Shine out today, shine Out always, Shine out of my heart, Lord Jesus " . First Semester David Trotter President Kay Sluder Vice-President Kitty Allen Secretary-Treasurer Second Semester Edna Earle Heaton President Sally Mae Bledsoe _ -Vice-President Anna Margaret Guinn Secretary- Treasurer Page 60 PRE-MEDICAL CLUB The Pre-Medical Club is composed of students who plan to study medi- cine in the future, or who have an in- terest in the field of medicine. Many outstanding men give in- spirational lectures to the young men and lead group discussions on mat- ters related to medicine. Fraternally, the Pre-Medical Club acts as a force which binds those of similar interest in their search for truth, enabling them to keep in sight that coveted gleam that leads them on. Each Spring this club has as its major social feature a banquet, at which the future " Medicoes " ex- change their professional air of seri- ousness to one of frivolity. OFFICERS First Semester Vince Tate President Fred Dellinger Vice-President John Hall Secretary Second Semester Donald Qualls President Fred Dellinger Vice-President W. T. Mathes Secretary Page 61 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club of Milligan College is comprised of girls enrolled in any of the home economics classes. This group gives various programs which are in accordance with the ideals and principles of the club. Practical home economics in every day life is the primary aim of the group. Talks, demonstrations, special activities, and ad- dresses by outstanding speakers are presented at the meetings. The Home Economics Club affords students an opportunity to develop a spirit of service and cooperation, to gain a closer contact with the greater or- ganizations and activities of home economics in the state and nation and to keep in closer touch with current discoveries in the field of homemaking. Anna Lee Mills President Violet May Vice-President Nancey Smith Secretary Mary Nanette Mathes Treasurer GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is one of the largest organizations on the campus having a membership of about fifty boys and girls. Membership is open to all those who like to sing, who can do so reasonably well, and to those who have an interest in music. The activities of this group are varied, in addition to acting as the church choir, they render special numbers for the church services, participate in the annual May festival, present a Spring concert, and give general recitals. Perhaps their m ost outstanding performance of the year was the annual Christmas program, which consisted of the more familiar arias and choruses of the " Messiah " . OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Henry Kegley President Dorothy Fox _ --President Dorothy Fox Vice-President W. T. Mathes Vice-President Kathleen Edens Secretary Gene McNeeley Secretary Ralph Morrell Treasurer Ralph Morrell Treasurer Page 62 [■■j0Z%W; IVLWferHIl ! I •■•laR WM I Page 63 ems in t N . ( mmm ' .mrMimjmi pwswffaisiSSSli f mi»M« .« a « l .« i»MMti«a«««iMM«Hf m«» ' FOOTBALL SEASON CO-CAPTAIN EASTERLING COACH LACY CO-CAPTAIN RIGGS Austin Peay Cumberland University Teachers College Maryville 6 Carson-Newman Emory and Henry Tusculum King College 6 Bluefield College 21 1940 BUFFALOES WIN SMOKY MOUNTAIN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP Coach Steve Lacy began by un- derestimating the strength of his men this fall. He said, " The team will not be as strong as it was last year, but it will give a good account of it- self in every game. " Was Lacy just being modest or fearful? Well, at any rate, we be- lieve him to be a man of action rath- er than words because he finished with the Smoky Mountain Champion- ship and an unbeaten and untied team. The Buffaloes began this most suc- cessful season by swamping the powerful Austin Peay eleven 12-0. The first Smoky Mountain game was tucked away at the expense of Cumberland University, who fell un- der the stampeding march of the Buffaloes 13-0. Milligan 12 Milligan 13 Milligan 6 Milligan 20 Milligan 19 Milligan 34 Milligan 20 Milligan 13 Milligan 42 Page 66 The most exciting game of the season came when Milligan de- feated Teachers College on their own field 6-0. Milligan was enabled to win by taking advantage of the only break of the game, a fumble which Blessing recovered. " SCOOP " MONAHAN Publicity Manager With three games in the win column, Milligan met and defeated the Maryville " Scotties " 20-6, at Roosevelt Stadium. This was also the " Home Coming " game. Next the victory mad Buffaloes roared to a 19-0 victory over the Carson-Newman Eagles, which gave them the undisputed Smoky crown. In a non-Conference game the Milligan warriors extracted the stinger from the Emory and Henry Wasps to the tune of 34-0. This game was in honor of the Milligan " Dads " , who proudly, watched their sons march to victory. Half swimming and half running, the Buffaloes overcame the stubborn Tusculum " Pion- eers " 20-0 in a sea of mud. The last home game of the season was with King on whom heavy odds were laid, how- ever, the Buffaloes emerged the victors in true champion style 13-6. The crowning year in Milligan football annals was completed with a spectacular win over Bluefield 42-21. Four Milligan men made the all-confer- ence team, Dagata, Spraker, Riggs, and Sho- walter. The latter two also made the " Little All-American. " COACH WEBB COACH SENTER Page 67 THE BUFFALOES " Pie " Garnor, Center " Shorty " Williams, Back Shelby Jett, Tackle " Jo Jo " Dellinger, Guard Ed. Birley, End " Blondy " Stone, Center Mug Birley, End Herman Lane, Guard " Sugar " Cure, Center Kenneth Kennedy, Back Hope Burton, Back " Big " Bill Showalter, Back " Spike " Webb, Back " Shag " Rice, Tackle " Fatty " Riggs, Guard Mike Davis, End " Flash " Brummitt, Back " Pretty Boy " Blackwell, Back F. Garland Caffee, Back " Mr " Penny, Back Norman Walker, End " Bud Bud " Akard, Guard " Tater " Fox, Guard " Baldy " Bradshaw, Tackle " Big " Frank Spraker, Tackle MH iiftit x r ■ BASKET-BALL Coach Eyler began the season with a limit- ed number of experienced men, but " Doc " served quick notice on the basket-ball world that the " Buffaloes " would be in the thick of the skirmish for top honors in the Smoky loop. Perhaps it was a belief in himself and the boys that prompted such predictions. In true fashion the Eylermen ended the season in number two spot, however, it is a characteristic of Milligan teams to be in the top position in basket-ball. Coach Eyler built his team around two veterans, " Bud Bud " Akard and " Jock " Hays, co- captains, whose example of sportsmanship, and fighting heart kept the team working as a unit, striving for one thing, to win ball games. No team in Milligan history has shown a greater will to win, or a greater spirit of co-operation. With the promotion of Pierce from the freshman squad to the varsity gave Milligan a man who did much to keep Milligan in the top ranks. We predict that Pierce will make Milligan an outstanding man in the future. The above, supported by McDowell and Cross enabled the Buffaloes to end what seemed in the beginning to be a hopeless season, into one of victory. Much credit for the success of the Buffaloes should go to Coach Eyler, who ranks among the nations number one coaches and basket-ball authorities, serving at the present time as president of the National Rules Committee. Page 70 " Spike " Webb G. B. Pierce " Red " McNeely " Bud Bud " Akard Co-Captain Garland Caffee " Jock " Hays, Co-Captain " Up and Atum " McDowell " Sugar " Cure Herman Lane Norman Walker Boyce Cross Page 71 VARSITY BASKET-BALL Coach Eyler began the season with what seemed to be the weakest team in years, but in true Eyler fashion " Doc " served notice on the sports world that the " Buffaloes " would be in the thick of the fight for the Smoky crown. Building his team around that versatile " Jock " Hays and " Bud Bud " Akard the boys gave a good account of themselves and when the smoke of battle had cleared away the Buffaloes held number two spot. First Row G. B. Pierce Jocko Hays Raymond Cure Ben Webb Charles Akard Second Row Duane Cross, Manager Boyce Cross Neil McDowell Norman Walker Garland Caffee Herman Lane Trent McNeely Coach Eyler Page 72 FRESHMAN BASKET-BALL Green they come, full of hope, eager to crash that hurdle into the varsity lineup, but few they be who enter that narrow gate during the freshman year. This year Milligan inherited from some of the best High Schools in the South an outstanding freshman squad, who showed to the basket-ball world they will be heard from later. David Trotter " Flash " Riddle James Robb Harry Pardue Linwood Overby Willard Grant Page 73 First Row Steve Bowen, Oris Hyder, CoA ch Thompson, Don Qualls. Second Row W. T. Mathes, Jack Britton, Aubrey Painter, Fred Greer. TENNIS Tennis, under the leadership of " Doc " Thompson has come to be a major sport at Milligan College. The team this year was built around cap- tain Hyder number one man on the squad and ably supported by the return of Mathes Painter, Qualls, and Greer. As usual " Doc ' s " boys gave a good account of themselves, winning by far the larger ma- jority of their games, and showing other op- ponents that Milligan has a truly great team. Page 74 GIRLS ' INTRAMURAL GROUP The Girls ' Intramural Group of Milligan College is sponsored for those girls who have an interest in athletics, and at the same time ful- fills the requirements for physical ed- ucation. " M " CLUB Due to the spirit in which the girls enter these activities, a spirit of wholesome competition is developed which takes the place of inter-collegi- ate competition. Any girl who wins a certain number of points during one season is awarded the M, which corresponds to the letter awarded the boys for participation in major sports. itt Page 75 aSSfflfflggtBSS .a £ o LIFE SAVING Life Saving at Milligan College is a feature that we are all proud of, be- cause Milligan is one of the few small schools to have each year an instructor from National Red Cross conduct a course. It is chiefly through the efforts of Dr. Eyler that we are able to maintain this annual instruction and all are grateful for his interest, and especially those who find summer employment as a result of Red Cross instruction. William Norton Floyd Childers Archie Gray Harold Stone Donald Qualls Elizabeth Franklin Helen Graybeal Earl Peterson Lowell Cagle Arvin Williams Robert Addenbrook Olin Riply Ben Franklin Howard Coleman Page 76 eatures Annual Girls ' Party Hardin Hall Page 79 CJtl H ii let — King of May Festival Page ' l c I c t yi L a u — Queen of May Festival Page 81 yl LilLiaan U et ciiauti cc ena Lilies Most Versatile Boy W. T. Mathes Most Versatile Girl Elizabeth Franklin Most Popular Boy Arvin Williams Most Consistent Couple Lake Johnson and Robert Rice Page 82 MLt C ■iilMtiiiiiina tinlefifj Most Popular Girl Reable Griffith Campus Wits Henry Kegley Kathleen Edens Outstanding Athletes Kitty Allen Charlie Dagata Milligan College C. E. BURNS, Acting President Milligan College, Tennessee Milligan College is a liberal arts college with a rich tradition and history; ideal location as to climate and communication; modern buildings and equip- ment; beautiful campus; non-sectarian Christian at- mosphere; thorough courses in science, philosophy, education, business, speech, music, home econom- ics, languages, religion; adequate and efficient fac- ulty; wholesome athletics and physical education; inter-collegiate forensics. Opportunities for self-help include scholarship grants to honor graduates of standard high schools and to ministerial students. First Semester Opens September 2. 1941 WRITE FOR LITERATURE Page 84 KING X S EAT... Where DELICIOUS BUFFALOES WHO Pet REALLY ICE CREAM KNOW «) COME FOR THEIR ? SMARTEST CLOTHES " A HEALTH FOOD " » « Johnson City, Tennessee Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of SUMMERS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. COMPLIMENTS » « « « O r » » Johnson City, Tennessee Parks-Belk Company Compliments of BUFFALO INN » « " Milligan Students Welcome " » « Milligan College, Tennessee Johnson City Page 85 Compliments of CARTER COUNTY BANK Compliments of Elizabethton, Tenn. JOHN SEVIER HOTEL $JTd Johnson City, Tennessee " The Bank of Friendly Service " Compliments of Reynolds, Bone. Griesbeck e rs Hinderer Member Federal Certified Public Accountants Deposit Insurance Johnson City Memphis Corporation Tennessee ELIZABETHTON HARDWARE SOUTHERN WELDING CO. COMPANY Heating Engineers i Good Hardware and and Contractors 1 Fine Furniture M. H. MUSE, Mgr. Elizabethton, Tenn. Johnson City 415 W. Market Compliments of Compliments of THE ORANGE CRUSH DOSSER BROS. BOTTLING CO. Shopping Center for Johnson City, Tennessee Young Ladies " The True Fruit Drink " Johnson City, Tennessee Page Compliments of WOFFORD BROS., Inc. INSURANCE Johnson City, Tennessee PHONE 5106 SANITARY BARBER SHOP " Quality Haircuts " PHONE 598-W 111 Spring St. Johnson City, Tenn. MARTIN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Guarantees You a New Sachet 111 Spring St. Johnson City, Tenn. CENTRAL COAL CO. Phone 166 Johnson City, Tennessee ' We Set the Standard for Service " Compliments of FREE SERVICE TIRE CO. Johnson City, Tennessee » « Goodyear Tires — Standard Oil Products » « Dan B. Wexler, Pres. Joe J. Jared, Sec.-Treas. Available in the Home and on the Athletic Field DRINK Thirst knows no season Compliments of JOHNSON CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 5188 Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of THE DELUXE CAB CO. Phone 5272 Johnson City, Tennessee Page 87 Compliments of MAJESTIC BARBER SHOP Next to Majestic Theatre " Keep Well-Dressed with Our Haircut " » « Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of GUNNAR TEILMANN AND SON " Flowers for All Occasions " Roan Street Johnson City » « COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. » « SMYTHE ELECTRIC CO. Electric Wiring Appliances Everything Electrical Repaired 238 E. Main St. Phone 5198 Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of HUMPHREYS EQUIPMENT CO. INCORPORATED Headquarters for Sporting Goods i » « i Phone 97 113 E. Market St. Johnson City, Tennessee THANKS TO THE STUDENTS OF MILLIGAN COLLEGE AND THEIR TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS, FOR ALL THEIR PATRONAGE. IT ' S OUR HOPE THAT WE MAY CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR OFF-CAMPUS TRIPS AND THOSE OF NEXT YEAR ' S FRESHMEN ! PLEASANT EVENTS. » « The Dixie Barbecue HANNAH ' S kuppenheimer good clothes Cuhlee Clothes Griffon Clothes Dobbs Hats Arrow Shirts Nunn Bush Shoes Jarman Shoes Varsity Town College Clothes Johnson City, Tennessee Page TYPEWRITERS Underwood Office and Portable Typewriters Sold, Rented, Repaired OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 215 Main St. Phone 1122 Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of MORRELL MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKERS Lynn and Broad Sts. Phone 54 Elizabethton, Tenn. Compliments of KISER FUNERAL HOME PHONE 5200 406-408 N. Roan Street Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of UNAKA STORES, INC. Quality Merchandise COURTEOUS SERVICE Erwin, Tenn. Compliments of A ■ai Reading Credit Jewelers Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of FOUR WAY SERVICE STATION Unexcelled MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL Cor. Elk Ave., Roan and Broad Phone 5504 Elizabethton, Tenn. Compliments of DOUBLE-COLA BOTTLING CO. A GREAT DRINK . . . ... A MIGHTY FLAVOR USE JAY-CEE COKE For a CLEANER CITY Page 89 REMEMBER . . . QUICK SERVICE STATION — For — Esso Products and Atlas Tires Corner West Market and U. S. 11 Phone 12 Johnson City, Tenn. Greetings From PATY LUMBER COMPANY » « Elizabethton, Tenn Phone 5115 Johnson City, Tenn. Phone 5119 Compliments of POWER CITY MILLING COMPANY, Inc. YOUR LOCAL MILLER Elizabethton, Tenn. ROXY BAR-B-Q Bar-B-Q, Sandwiches Fountain Service » « 423 E. Main St. Phone 928 Compliments of HOLSTON OIL COMPANY MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of F. K. MORRIS » « Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. EVERYTHING in Building Material Elizabethton, Tenn. THOMAS ' Men ' s Wear — Women ' s Wear From the Cheapest That ' s Good to the Best That ' s Made 218 Main Street JOHNSON CITY TENN. Page 90 Compliments of The Charlie Cargille Studio JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Compliments of THE BURR HARRISON STUDIO JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Compliments of THE GOVERNOR TAYLOR HOTEL Elizabethton, Tenn. Compliments of LONDON HARDWARE CO. Complete Line of Hardware and Sporting Goods Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of RICE BOTTLING COMPANY Distributors of GRAPETTE Johnson City, Tenn. DINTY MOORE ' S CAFE P. R. MOORE, Prop. j H. R. MOORE, Asst. Mgr. ' WE SPECIALIZE IN HOME-COOKED FOODS " No Better Than The Best, But Better Than The Rest " Phone 451 237 Main Street Johnson City, Tenn. Page 91 Compliments of Compliments of JOHNSON CITY AUTOMOTIVE GOSS BROTHERS FU RNITURE COMPANY TRADE ASSOCIATION Furniture, Stoves, Auto Renewal Company Refrigerators Auto Sales Corporation Phone 225-1 Deakins-Moore Motor Company 515 Elk Ave. Elizabethton, Tenn. C. I. T. Corporation Gump Investment Company Hill-Summers Chevrolet Company L. G. BALFOUR CO. Range Motors, Inc. Attleboro, Massachusetts Tennessee Motor Company Freeman Motor Company H. and H. Auto Company Grissom-Galaspie Motor Co. Johnson City Track Imp. Co. Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges Jeweler to the Senior Class of Milligan College Representative H. E. Tillman, Box 425, Greeneville, Tenn. Compliments of American Bemberg AND North American Rayon Corporation Page 92 This Book Is Bound in A Kingskraft Cover Manufactured by THE KINGSPORT PRESS Producers of Fine Covers for All Purposes Kingsport, Tenn. Compliments of WATAUGA CHEVROLET SALES Compliments of FRED MOORE Compliments of R. L. SHEPHERD Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Elizabethton, Tenn. Compliments of CHARLES STORES, Inc. " Make Charles Store Your Store " Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of MECCA RESTAURANT Fountain Square " DINE AT LOW COST " Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of HOTEL ERWIN Erwin, Tennessee Compliments of MILLIGAN COLLEGE SERVICE STATION W. L. FORBES, Prop. ESSO PRODUCTS Phone 1699-J Milligan College, Tenn. Compliments of SAM S. FAIN STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS CHOICE MEATS JOHNSON CITY, TENN. THE KING PRINTING CO., BRISTOL, TENN. Page 93 Compliments of » « COLLEGE STORE Compliments of Books, Supplies, Candies THE Ice Cream and ! Sandwiches QUEEN CITY COACH COMPANY Daily Transporters of Milligan Compliments of College Students STANDARD GROCERY CO. Phone 5164 for and Rates and Schedules CUMBERLAND CLUB COFFEE CO Johnson City, Tenn. Elizabethton, Tenn. » « Compliments of Compliments of DIAMOND CAB CO. LIBERTY LUMBER CO. PHONE 5206 Erwin, Tenn. Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of REMEMBER CLINCHFIELD DRUG CO. KINKAID FLORISTS Erwin, Tennessee FOR " Flowers For All Occasions " Compliments of CARR BROTHERS CO. PHONE 191 Lumber Johnson City, Tenn. Johnson City, Tenn. Page 94 OFFICE REF LD3311.A47 M5627 Milligan College Buffalo Milligan College. v» ■ ■ ' . • ' ■■£ £ WiM htS:: m m ■ I ' mm d ■ { . - a I V ■ IK ►if - ' ,.-r -- 3 !•; m l XS j ji-.-V: 1 . r 3 1881 0010 6654 3 : , Vv - - r [. %m • t QSk ' . ov, ' ■,.

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