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1881 0011 0221 5 FOR REFERENCE Do not take from this room r.P- ?M. WElSHIIWfeK WifcWiUWAL mmti i Mltll©ANCOlllGi. 37682 ' TL 1940 MukUL Abe J. Gabriele Editor Clyde M. Cooper Business Mgr. - u(}lL6nec( Jsu Tne Sen lot (sloiii OTj AiLLLLaa.n 6!.oLL£ae MR. HAWKINS Professor of Mathematics Science Hill MR. TATE Milligan ' s Oldest Living Graduate As a token of the great regard in which he is held by the student body of Milligan College, we, the Class of ' 40, affectionately dedicate this volume of the BUFFALO to (jiodcn y — who, through his example of courage, service, and sportsman- ship, has made our school a better one; who through his perse- verance and ability has contributed greatly toward making the athletic program of Milligan College one of which we are justly proud. A tree, sprung from the greatness of God ' s hand, A symbol of His great, eternal goodness. A place where Knowl- edge holds a royal seat And rules the courses of our destiny. Page 6 Where court and courting speeds the timid swain And bids him make the most of all of his time. Page 7 ' The mirrored beauty of this quiet scene Lies on the tranquil sur- face of a pool. Page 8 Here play becomes center of our lives And sportsmanship a test which we must pass. The changeless heights of Buffalo has smiled Upon a spot, where life is at its best. Page 9 These friendly portals open to the west, A home for those of stern- er habits made. A home with Welcome al- ways on the door, Where dwell our true friends and our counselors. Page 10 Behind these walls lie all our dreams, Things beautiful and things hoped for. Page 11 Where warrior poplars fight the tyrant wind, Our heroes battle for the good of all. ADMINIS Henry J. Derthick A. B., A. M. President First RoTv: Oakie Angle, B. S., A. M.__ Associate Professor of Education R. J. Bennett, A. B., A. M., B. D._. Education and Pliilosopfiy Kathleen Adams Bowman, A. B., A, M Registrar Secretarial Science Kathleen Brown, B. S., A. M Home Economics Charles E. Burns, A. B., A. M Social Science Second Rov : Nancy Cantrell, A. B College Representative J. Walter Carpenter, A. B., A. M., B. D,__ Dean of Bible Department Floyd Childs Speech Asa Frazier Cochrane, Jr., B. S., A. M Biology Mrs. A. F. Cochrane.. Matron of Boys ' Dormitory Page 12 TRATION Mrs. H. J. Derthick Dean of Women Assistant to the President idcuLtu First Row: Elizabeth M. England, A, B., A. B. I Librarian Mary C. Eyler, B. S., A. M Health Education and Physical Education for Women A. W. Gray, A. B Printing Mrs. W. E. Hyder, A. B Secretary to President Sam J. Hyder, B. S., A. M Mathematics Clement M. Eyler B. S., A. M., Ph. D. Professor of English Dean of Men Coach of Basket-ball Second Row: Stephen Lacey, A. B Coach Edward G. Lodter, A. B., A. M French I. GoFF Long, A. B., A. M. .-Associate Professor of English David K. McCarroll, A. B., A. M., Ph. D History Political Science Harold G. McCurdy, A. B., A. M., Ph. D Psychology Page 13 7 Cl C U it y ' o the faculty members of Milligan College we wish to express our appreciation for their interest, their cooperation and their constant inspiration. We realize that we have not always been good students, nor have we arisen to the many challenges that they have presented us. Neverthe- less, we thank them for their patience and their will- ingness to bear with us. They have been wise counselors in time of need; sympathetic comrades in time of joy and always our friends. And so we would like to say: Milligan College faculty, we salute you. Helen Tranum Nave, A. B. Assistant to Mrs. Derthick Hugh M. Thompson, A. B., A. M., Ph. D. Chemistry and Physics E. Payson Willard, A. B., A. M., Ph. D. German, Latin, Ancient History Starling J. Wood, A. B. Assistant Coach Frances LeDoyt Yearley, B. M., M. M. Music Page 14 -fi l m d Mate, t In Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky. Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword. Conquer and prevail; Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan. all hail! Cherished by her sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng Round our hearts. O Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our watchword. Conquer and prevail. Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater! MiUigan, all hail! Page 15 Book I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS % Glen Williams President _ Carsie Hyder Vice-President Gertrude Garrison Secretary-Tre asurer THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 Minnie Pauline Burns, B. S. milligan college, tennessee » « Home Economics Club Glee Club Milligan College Players Buffalo Staff Who ' s Who in American Colleges " Stampede " Staff Arnold Campbell, A. B. KINGSTON, TENNESSEE Ministerial Association, President, ' 39 Frazier Cochrane, B. S. milligan college, tennessee I Glee Club M Club Buffalo Staff Clyde Murry Cooper, A. B. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE » « Buffalo Staff " Stampede " Staff M Club Boys ' Basket-ball, Captain, ' 40 Gordon Crabtree, B. S. livingston, tennessee Page 18 THE BUFFALO, 1940 A. B. CULBERTSON, B. S. WISE, VIRGINIA Robert E. Culvahouse, B. S. ten mile, tennessee » « Milligan College Players Lyle Britton DeWitt, B. S. greeneville, tennessee » « =:Milligan College Players M Club Robert Webb Dishman, B. S. erwin, tennessee » « Glee Club Pre-Med Club Camera Club, President, ' 38 German Club, President, ' 39 Thomas Alvin Fraser, B. S. maynard, massachusetts » « M Club Milligan College Players Glee Club Buffalo Staff Page 19 4 THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 Sybil Theresa Frye, A. B. TULLAHOMA, TENNESSEE » « Glee Club Milligan College Players Volunteer Band German Club Buffalo Staff " Stampede " Staff Abe Julian Gabriele, B. S. norton, virginia » « Pre-Med Club, President, ' 40 Forensic Council Camera Club Milligan College Players, President, ' 40 Alpha Psi Omega Buffalo Staff Sarah Gertrude Garrison, A. B. SHELL CREEK, TENNESSEE » « Girls ' M Club Milligan College Players Forensic Council German Club " Stampede " Staff Girls ' Basket-ball, Captain, ' 38 Camera Club John Chadwick Gillenwater, B. S. bland, virginia » « Milligan College Players Forensic Council Instructor in Life Saving Maralee Odessa Hartsell, B. S. telford, tennessee » « Home Economics Club Page 20 THE BUFFALO, 1940 Mary Katherine Hawkins, B. S. limestone, tennessee Home Economics Club Milliqan College Players JOHNCE HOWINGTON, A. B. JENKINS, KENTUCKY M Club German Club EsTEL Clyde Hurley, B. S. MOHAWK, TENNESSEE » « Volunteer Band Young Peoples ' Society, President, ' 40 Carsie Edna Hyder, B. S. milligan college, tennessee » « Forensic Council Milligan College Players Home Economics Club Volunteer Band, President, ' 39 Glee Club " Stampede " Staff Buffalo Staff . Who ' s Who in American Colleges Mary Louisa Johnston, B. S. winter park, florida » « Glee Club Milligan College Players Forensic Council Home Economics Club, President, ' 39 Page 21 THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 JuANiTA Mac Jones, A. B. PINEY FLATS, TENNESSEE » « Glee Club Milligan College Players German Club Eleanor Kathryn Long, A. B. ETOWAH, TENNESSEE » « Glee Club, President, ' 40 Gwendolyn Christine Mathes, B. S. greeneville, tennessee » « Home Economics Club Milligan College Players Alpha Psi Omega Camera Club Glee Club Mary Elizabeth McMillin, A. B. LIVINGSTON, TENNESSEE » « Glee Club Milligan College Players " Stampede " Staff Girls ' M Club Buffalo Staff Blanche Millsaps, B. S. daisy, tennessee » « Girls ' M Club, President, ' 39 Camera Club " Stampede " Staff Page 22 u THE BUFFALO, 1940 Pauline New, B. S. asheville, north carolina » « Volunteer Band Camera Club Home Economics Club Glee Club James Hardin Coram, A. B. ETOWAH, TENNESSEE » « M Club, President, ' 40 Milligan College Players German Club " Stampede " Staff, Business Manager William Alfred Pike, A. B. ELIZABETHTON,-,- TENNESSEE M Club German Club u Nancy Louise Pittman, A. B. MOBILE, ALABAMA » « Volunteer Band Glee Club Milligan College Players German Club i| ist 1 Page 23 Martin Luther Reed, A. B. MIDWAY, TENNESSEE » « M Club Volunteer Band Milligan College Players 0t -ff i THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 Lloyd George Roberts, B. S. soddy, tennessee » « M Club, President, ' 39 Pre-Med Club Glee Club James David Senter, B. S. morristown, tennessee » « Transferred from Duke University, ' 39 Julia Ann Slemp, A. B. DRYDEN, VIRGINIA Volunteer Band Laura Mary Smith, B. S. burkesville, kentucky » « Glee Club Milligan College Players Volunteer Band Virginia Roberta Smith, B. S. jasper, tennessee » « Volunteer Band Camera Club Glee Club " Stampede " Staff Page 24 THE BUFFALO. 1940 Edna Orlia Sutphin, A. B. UNICOI, TENNESSEE Home Economics Club Volunteer Band " Stampede " Staff ViNCE G. Tate, B. S. BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Pre-Med Club, President, ' 39 Glee Club Milligan College Players Alpha Psi Omega Elizabeth Erline Thomas, A. B. SHELL 6rEEK, TENNESSEE » « Volunteer Band X i Rose Ellen Tilford, A. B. MENGLEWOOD, TENNESSEE » « Forensic Council, President, ' 37- ' 38 Volunteer Band Milligan College Players " Stampede " Staff, Editor, ' 39- ' 40 Who ' s Who in American Colleges Lillian Grace Treadway, B. S. johnson city, tennessee Home Economics CI Glee Club Page 25 THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940 Hazel Byrd Waddle, B. S. bland, virginia Home Economics Club Volunteer Band Gene Eernice Webb, B. S. piney flats, tennessee M Club Glen Morgan Williams, A. B. JONESVILLE, VIRGINIA » « Forensic Council, President, ' 39 Glee Club, President, ' 39 Milligan College Players M Club German Club Alpha Psi Omega Volunteer Band " Stampede " Staff Camera Club Myrtle Dean Willis, B. S. erwin, tennessee » « Home Economics Club, President, ' 40 Volunteer Band Martha Rebecca Witcher, B. S. erwin, tennessee » « Home Economics Club Volunteer Band Camera Club Robert Burrow, A. B. ELIZABETHTON, TENNESSEE German Club Page 26 c . ss o ■5 f " „ .d- Se ' ct® : a e ' as JUNIOR CLASS First RoTw: Nell Blanche Banks , Elizabethton, Tennessee William Pershing Blackwell Tryon, North Carolina Virginia Jannette Breeding Artrip, Virginia Katherine Saunders Brown Bland, Virginia Ernest Howard Burleson Johnson City, Tennessee Second Row: Floyd Antham Childers . Jenkins, Kentucky Tevis Beatrice Cole Elizabethton, Tennessee Margaret Kathleen Edens Elizabethton, Tennessee Aileen Virginia Ellis Elizabethton, Tennessee Dorothy C. Fox Seymour, Indiana Page 28 THE BUFFALO, 1940 First Row: Edwin B. Fox Seymour, Indiana Reable Edna Griffith : Jenkins, Kentucky Edna Earle Heaton Heaton, North Carolina Oris Doyle Hyder Milligan College, Tennessee Sherman Harley Johnson Erwin, Tennessee Second Row: J. Henry Kegley Wytheville, Virginia Violet Hope May Watauga Valley, Tennessee Trent McNeely Tazewell, Tennessee Anna Lee Mills Charlotte, North Carolina Burl Peery Malland, Tennessee Page 29 JUNIOR CLASS First Row: LiLiA Perez , San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Donald Mayo Qualls Livingston, Tennessee Virginia Reneau Newport, Tennessee Robert Edward Rice Erwin, Tennessee Russell Lee Ross Pebworth, Kentucky Second Row: Ruby Lee Smith Elizabethton, Tennessee Thomas Bryan Stone Appalachia, Virginia Norva Reece Taylor Johnson City, Tennessee J. Norman Torbett ! Piney Flats, Tennessee Oscar Newton Wilson Elizabethton, Tennessee Page 30 o J i fj v ' vs S® ' tS " SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Charles Eugene Akabd Blountville, Tennessee Ted R. Alexander Lebanon, Virainia George Samuel Arnold Max Meadows, Virginia Paul Tollie Boggs Pound, Virginia LuRA Elizabeth Bowers Mosheim, Tenndgsee Cornell Breeding Artrip, Virginia Edith Andra Breeding Lebanon, Virginia Second Row: Paul A. Breeding Lebanon, Virginia Temus Richard Bright Dorchester, Virginia Sally Kate Buck Johnson City, Tennessee Lowell Enlow Cagle Cerro Gordo, Tennessee Marietta Bernice Cole Elizabethton, Tenriessee Mary Vernica Cooke Ehzabethton. Tennessee Myra Christine Cox 1 Dryden, Virginia Third Row: ' - Harold Duane Cross Piney Flats, Tennessee Raymond Hill Cure . Radford, Virginia Kathryn Louise Davis Tazewell, Tennessee Mike Houston Davis Townsend, Tennessee Stephen Wagner Edmonds Johnson City, Tennessee Irvin Charles Evans ; Hono-ker, Virginia Elizabeth Cordelia Franklin Elizabethton, Tennessee Page 32 THE BUFFALO, 1940 First Row: Dorothy Geissler Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Joe C. Gilbert Dryden, Virginia Lawrence Noah Gilliam Wise, Virginia Mary Elizabeth Gourley Johnson City, Tennessee Fred Thomas Greer Gate City, Virginia William Gordon Griffith Johnson City, Tennessee Julia Elna Harmon Midway, Tennessee Second Row: G. C. Hays, Jr Indian Springs, Tennessee Paul Phl ' egar Hodge 1 Elizabethton, Tennessee Lake Ella Johnson Cleveland, Virginia Mary Elizabeth Kerr Savannah, Tennessee Edgar Brown Landers Shelbyville, Tennessee Annie Martin Lauderdale Johnson City, Tennessee Lola Christine Little Elizabethton, Tennessee Third Row: Betsy Joanna Looper Jamestown, Tennessee June Mason ' - Greeneville, Tennessee Mary Nanette Mathes Greeneville, Tennessee William Thomas Mathes, Jr Greeneville, Tennessee Jean DeNise Mitchell Johnson City, Tennessee Richard Laken Mitchell : Livingston, Tennessee William Nicolson Norton. Savannah, Georgia Ruby Orr Pennington Gap, Virginia Page 33 SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Gladys Eloise Parker ; Elizabethton, Tennessee Sarah B. Pearson Shelbyville, Tennessee Florene Alice Pierce Elizabethtin, Tennessee June Eileen Purcell Cleveland, Virginia Anna Jean Ray Shelbyvilie, Tennessee Mary Ellen Reed Cambria, Virginia Mary Sue Ringstaff Pounding Mill, Virginia Second Row: Margaret Ellen Ross Henry, Tennessee Mary Katherine Sluder Alexander, North Carolina Julia Margaret Smythe Mountain City, Tennessee Harry Leon Stallard St. Paul, Virginia Harold Johnston Stone Marion, Virginia Kenneth Parson Stone Pineville, Kentucky AsTA Sunshine Teilmann Johnson City, Tennessee Third Row: Samuel Aaron Wade Decatur, Tennessee Mary Irene Walsh Mountain City, Tennessee JiMMiE Olive Whisner Elizabethton, Tennessee Margie Ada Whisner Elizabethton, Tennessee James Edwin Whitehead Cleveland, Tennessee Arvin S. Williams Osaka, Virginia Rosalee Wright Bruceton, Tennessee Clifton Fontaine Wyatt, Jr Wytheville, Virginia Page 34 »ss» ' - ' ' cv C.S c o S ' o-fi l- ,t;» SO ' iC ® »rt ■ e FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Mary Catherine Allen Ocean View, Delaware John Earl Ankeny Warren, Ohio EsTELLA Mae Bayless Milligan College, Tennessee Nannie Begley Buckhorn, Kentucky Gelda Wilson Bernie Wytheville, Virginia James Randsom Beverly Wise, Virginia Second Row: Margaret Frances Bird Cleveland, Tennessee Sally Mae Bledsoe Jonesville, Virginia Mary Lou Boles Boatland, Tennessee Edwin McNicker Bowman Elizabethton, Tennessee Jean Chambers Elizabethton, Tennessee Mabel Chandler - -Erwin, Tennessee Third Row: Eugene Boyce Cross Fordtown, Tennessee Robert Cross Lebanon, Virginia Evelyn Ellis Elizabethton, Tennessee Blanche Charlotte Fair Johnson City, Tennessee Betty June Farmer Rutledge, JenAessee i Hope Finney 1 Leband ' n, ,_ irginia Fourth Row: ' — ' Martha McMurry Franklin , Elizabethton, Tennessee Jean Frye TuUahoma, Tennessee Ann Gilbert Dryden, Virginia Lester Verlin Gilliam Wise, Virginia Walter Clifford Gilly ' _ Jonesville, Virginia Harry Wilson Givan Elizabethton, Tennessee Marjorie Fern Goode Elizabethton, Tennessee Page 36 THE BUFFALO, 1940 First Row: Edna Vandilla Graves Jamestown, Tennessee A. W. Gray Milligan College, Tennessee Ruth Helen Gray Milligan College, Tennessee Thomas Alexander Gray Milligan College, Tennessee Helen Emeline Graybeai Mountain City, Tennessee Lewis Edwin Griffith Ashland, Kentucky Second Row: John Hall Johnson City, Tennessee Margaret Frances Harris Miller Yard, Virginia Ida Marie Harte Watauga, Tennessee Virginia Shirley Hendrix Johnson City, Tennessee Wilma Elizabeth Hensley Daisy, Tennessee Lillian Elizabeth Holt TuUahoma, Tennessee Third Row: Willie Solomon Hutson Sneedville, Tennessee Aline Hyder Milligan College, Tennessee Helen Clare Irick Butler, Tennessee Thomas Ewing Jenkins Soddy, Tennessee Jane Christine Johnson Hurley, Virginia John Johnson Ewing, Virginia Fourth Row: Lucy Pauline Johnson -- Elizabethton, Tennessee Hazel Juanita Johnson Winter Park, Florida Florence Mae Julian Roan Mountain, Tennessee Kenneth Kennedy Wise, Virginia Charles Lewis Kerns Erwin, Tennessee Mary Elizabeth Kirklen Hixson, Tennessee Charles Mitchell Kyle Rural Retreat, Virginia Page 37 FRESHMAN CLASS First Row: Sarah Virginia Livingston Johnson City, Tennessee Harry Douglas Long Etowah, Tennessee Marcus Harding Long Radford, Virginia Eldena Martin Byrdstown, Tennessee Louise Marie Mauk Johnson City, Tennessee Paul Dennis Maxwell , Pound, Virginia Second Row: Mary Jean McNeil Kingsport, Tennessee Johnnie June Meredith Elizabethton, Tennessee Marjorie Eleanor Meredith Elizabethton, Tennessee Frank Merritt EUzabethton, Tennessee Arthur Hartsell Miller Johnson City, Tennessee Robert Hugh Miller Erwin, Tennessee Third Row: William Albert Monahan Warren, Ohio Ralph Roland Morrell Elizabethton, Tennessee William Ellsworth Mottern Elizabethton, Tennessee Richard Dale Myers : Radford, Virginia Edward Earl O ' Dell Bluff City, Tennessee Viola Parvin Church Hill, Tennessee Fourth Row: Frankie Lucille Payne - Milligan College, Tennessee WiLMA Ruth Pearson Butler, Tennessee Robert Bruce Pennington Nathan ' s Creek, North Carohna George Bascom Pierce Mosheim, Tennessee Lenore Gerlene Pierce Mountain City, Tennessee Lawrence Jennings Ramsey Watauga, Tennessee Olin Bryant Ripley Baileyton, Tennessee Page 38 THE BUFFALO, 1940 First Row: NoEMi Altagracia Rodriguez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico OuENTiN James Roop Jonesville, Virginia Elizabeth Amelia Searle Fountain City, Tennessee James George Shelburne Pennington Gap, Virginia EuLA Blanche Shepherd Milligan College, Tennessee Florence Price Shepherd Milligan College, Tennessee Second Row: Glenola Frances Shepherd Milligan College, Tennessee William Nathaniel Showalter Radford, Virginia Marie Slagle Elizabethton, Tennessee Eugene Cameron Slusher Radford, Virginia Nancy Elizabeth Smith Winter Park, Florida Elizabeth Maxine Snodgrass Jonesville, Virginia Third Row: Cleo Edith Stephens Hampton, Tennessee Sarah Bess Stone Pineville, Kentucky Mary Louise Sword Jonesville, Virginia Myra Estelle Tillman Newbern, Tennessee Joe Watson Trent Fort Blackmore, Virginia David Trotter Knoxville, Tennessee Robert Lawrence Wardrep Radford, Virginia Fourth Rovr: Phyllis Warner i Milligan College, Tennessee James Dwight Whitt Appalachia, Virginia Frank Levi Williams Rogersville, Tennessee Grayson Arlie Williams Townsend, Tennessee H. M. Williams, Jr Jonesville, Virginia James Chester Williams Erwin, Tennessee Ruby Young Dyersburg, Tennessee Page 39 Book II yN - ' w C 1 a a. n 1 7 at L o n 6 Abe Julian Gabriele Editor-in-Chief 1940 ta jfc Clyde Murky Cooper Business Manager 1 ' 1 o u Bill Monahan Assistant Sports Editor Minnie Burns Literary Editor Laura Mary Smith Typist Thomas Eraser Sports Editor Mary Elizabeth McMillin___ Advertising Mgr. Sybil Frye Literary Editor Marcus Long Art Editoi Carsie Hyder Advertising Mgr. Webb Dishman Feature Editor Frazier Cochrane Feature Editor Page 42 THE STAMPEDE Rose Tilford Editor-in-Chief Reable Griffith Junior Associate Editor Clyde Cooper, Russell Ross, Aubrey Painter Sports Editors Sybil Frye, Dorothy Geissler Columnists May Sue Ringstaff, Sunshine Teilman, Jack Ankeny, Webb Dishman, Tommy Eraser, Red Mason, Lawrence Gilliam, David Trotter, Gertrude Garrison, Bill Monahan, Norman Torbett Reporters Jim Peace Business and Circulation Manager Fred Dellinger Junior Assistant Blanche Millsaps, Mary Elizabeth McMillin Typists " The Stampede " , a semi-monthly publication edited and printed by the students of Milligan College, entered its fifth year with determination on the part of the staff to fulfill this ideal of publication: " . . . to foster the ideals for which the student body is ever striving; namely, higher scholarship, cleaner sportsmanship, and finer comradeship. " Through news, features, and editorials, " The Stampede " endeavors to rep- resent the school in all its aspects and to print in an accurate and engaging way everything of interest concerning it. The purpose of " The Stampede " is not only to interest its readers, but to give students practical training in both journalism and printing. Page 43 ALPHI PSI OMEGA Milligan ' s only national honorary fraternity was handicapped early in the year due to a deficiency in membership. However, after the production of " Mr. Pim Passes By " , under the direction of Miss Childs, the new faculty director, several valuable people were acquired. The new members were welcomed by a banquet which was enjoyed immensely. By graduation the fraternity loses three of its most valuable members, Abe Gabriele, Glen Williams, and Gwendolyn Mathes. The new members whose pictures do not appear are as follows: Walter Dorricott, Vince G. Tate, Ruth Clark, Jean Mitchell, Myra Cox, Floyd Childs, N. T. Williams, Donald Quails. The highlight of the cast ' s project for the year is the keeping of a " Green Book " which will contain clippings, programs, etc. The " Green Book " will be kept in the local " green room " as a permanent record of the club ' s activities. Page 44 THE MILLIGAN COLLEGE PLAYERS Abraham Gabriele President Bryan Stone Vice-President Rose Tilford Secretary Mary Louisa Johnston Treasurer Miss Floyd Childs Faculty Director " The Milligan College Players " — a new name for an old organization — be- gan the year 1939-1940 as " The Dramatic Club of Milligan College " , with forty members returning from last year. This number was increased by new mem- bers until the club, always one of the largest on the campus, had cflround seventy members at the close of the year. During the year the Milligan Players sponsored the production of two major plays, one near Christmas and the other at Commencement time. The Christmas play this year was A. A. Milne ' s comedy " Mr. Prim Passes By " . An outstanding accomplishment of the Dramatic Department this year was the new scene shop, in which the sets for plays are now made. Page 45 FORENSIC COUNCIL One important group in the Milligan College Campus organization is the Forensic Council. As the new age has been ushered in and we have come to different standards and ways of living public speaking has leaped into a foremost position. Our educational system has recognized this necessity and speech departments have been inserted in the college curriculum to meet the growing need. Out of this has emerged the extra-curricular speech club, call- ed at Milligan, the Forensic Council. The program before the Forensic Council for 1940 includes trips to Bristol, debates at home, trips to Carson-Newman, to the state meet, to Boone, North Carolina, and Rock Hill, South Carolina. This last is the grand excursion and tournament, the trip alone well worth working for. There is exceptional abil- ity among the Council and success is promised. Interest has been renewed and the Forensic Council is becomihg one of the most important and influen- tial groups on the Hill. Page 46 THE M CLUB Officers " Dud " Roberts Presiden t Jim Peace JoHNCE HowiNGTON Vice-President Bernie Webb " Red " Mason Secretary-Treasurer " Red " Mason Bob Rice Sergeant-at-Arms Sam Lawson The Boys ' M Club of Milligan College is composed of those young men of the College who, for athletic ability, have been awarded the coveted monogram of their Alma Mater in one or more sports. These letters are given to those who have participated in football, basket-ball, baseball, track or tennis. Letters are also awarded for the management of these sports and for cheer-leading. The ideals to which the club ascribes are: the continuance of Milligan tra- ditions of good sportsmanship both on the field of contest and in life; the pro- motion of individual friendships; the furtherance of the ideals for which the College and the club stand; and the whole-hearted support of any and all worthy causes which may come to the attention of its members. The club has as its crowning activity the annual spring banquet. This is one of the outstanding social events of the school calendar. Other activities in which the club engaged during the year were the sponsoring of the Bachelor of Ugliness election and in the promotion of interest in every form of campus activity. The club started the year as a relatively weak organization, but, through the determined efforts of the members and officers, a renaissance was effected and as the year passed the club grew rapidly stronger until it is now one of the most active organizations on the hill. But the end is not yet. The grad- uating few leave on the capable shoulders of the remaining many the respon- sibility and honor of continuing the work which the club has begun and of lifting it ever to new heights. Page 47 THE VOLUNTEER BAND The Volunteer Band is a permanent organization for those interested in Christian service. Each Monday night, those who care to, gather in the Prayer Room for a period of quiet devotion and Christian fellowship. The motto of the group is " Before one can do, one must be " , and so every program is planned to bring the members into a closer relationship with Christ and to give them a deeper urge to lead helpful Christian lives. Each meeting is closed with the friendship circle and a prayer chorus which probably best expresses the common thought of the students who attend these meetings: " Come into my heart. Come into my heart. Come into my heart. Lord Jesus; Come in today, Come in to stay. Come into my heart. Lord Jesus. " Shine out of my heart, Shine out of my heart, Shine out of my heart. Lord Jesus; Shine out today. Shine out alway. Shine out of my heart. Lord Jesus. " Page 48 i — i -l y p l PRE-MEDICAL CLUB First Semester ViNCE Tate President DuDD Roberts Vice-President Second Semester Abe Gabriele Webb Dishman Donald Qualls Secretary-Treasurer Fred Dellinger A. F. Cochrane and H. M. Thompson Sponsors During the school year of 1939-40, the Pre-Medical Club has endeavored to raise the scholastic and fraternal standards. Each member maintained and took an active part in the pre-medical work to achieve these standards. Fraternally, the Pre-Medical Club acts as a force in binding together simi- larly interested students in their search for truth. As seekers of the truths of science, the members of the club appreciate the ideals, the principles, and the mysteries associated with medicine, and are looking forward to the day when they can do their share in revealing other truths. Page 49 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Officers Myrtle Willis President Pauline New Vice-President Martha Witcher Secretary Mary Elizabeth Kerr Treasurer Mary Louisa Johnston Reporter Kathleen Brown Sponsor The Home Economics Club of Milligan College has a membership com- prised of girls enrolled in any of the home economics classes. Programs presented by this group are varied and in accordance with the ideals and principles of the club, stress is placed upon practical home eco- nomics in everyday life. Talks, demonstrations, special activities, and ad- dresses by outside speakers are presented at the meetings. The Home Economics Club affords students an opportunity to develop a spirit of service and cooperation, to gain a closer contact with the greater or- ganizations and activities of home economics in the state and nation, and to keep in touch with current discoveries in the field of homemaking. Page 50 , ' :.- . ' -- GLEE CLUB First Semester Glen Williams President Eleanor Long Vice-President [ean Ray Secretary Oris Hyder , Treasurer Frances Harris Librarians Sarah Bess Stone Bob Wardrup Second Semester Eleanor Long Webb Dishman . Joanna Looper Marcus Long . Minnie McClurd Betsy Searle Lillian Holt With a membership of about fifty young men and women, the Glee Club is one of the largest organizations on the campus. Anyone who is interested in music, likes to sing, and can do so reasonably well, is eligible to member- ship in the club. The activities of the group include participation in the general musical re- citals, the presentation of a spring concert, participation in the annual May Festival, acting in the capacity of the church choir, and giving occasional special numbers for the church services. This year for the first time, the Glee Club participated in Handel ' s oratorio, " Messiah " , presented by the Appalachian Choral Society. The annual Christ- mas program consisted of the more familiar arias and choruses of the " Mes- siah " . Also in the spring they gave a spring concert. Page 51 « V5.- ••mm r ' - , 1 .Au ife-: . A i 2. 1 _2jji m THE MILLIGAN COLLEGE PRES S W. Palmer of Kingsport and The Milligan College Press is a gift of Mr. E. is under the direction of Mr. Archie Grey. The purposes of the press are to do the college printing and book-binding and the other is to furnish students with valuable vocational training. The Press is a decided asset to the school and Milligan is justly proud of it and the work it does. Page 52 THE GERMAN CLUB Officers Webb Dishman President Dorothy Geissler . Vice-President Dorothy Fox Secretary-Treasurer Dr. E. Payton Willard Sponsor Although the German Club is probably the youngest organization on the Milligan College campus, it has made a definite impression. The purpose of the club is to make a more profound study of the German people, their language, habits, and customs. To be eligible for membership one must be enrolled in a German class or must have studied German at one time. Page 53 Book III -Q t k [ t L C i TO o t o a. L L Senter Coaches Lacey Head Coach Wood 1939 Football Squad Page 56 1939 BUFFALOES CHARGE TO VICTORY Coach Steve Lacey greeted fifty football hopefuls on Anglin Field Septem- ber 1 . This tentative squad was composed of fifteen lettermen and the remain- ing number were mostly freshmen and sophomores. The Buffaloes ' first opponent of the season was the powerful eleven from Hiwassee College, which they trounced 20-7. The excellent playing ability exhibited by Lacey ' s grid machine received much favorable comment. Many believed that it would be the best in the history of the school. The Buffs continued their march on to victory by winning from the Cumber- land University team 12-0. The cardinal point of the 1939 season was the victory over Maryville 7-2. The winning streak of the Buffaloes was increased to four straight when they defeated Bluefield 19-6. The Eagles of Carson-Newman were the first to place Milligan in the losing column when they checked the Buffalo stampede by the close score of 7-6. The Homecoming Game with Emory and Henry proved to be another defeat for the Buffaloes. The Emory eleven accounted for twenty-nine points, while the Buffs crossed the final stripe only once. Passing their way to victory, the Milligan eleven trounced the Tusculum Pioneers 19-0. The Tornadoes from King swept the Orange and Black off their feet by scoring in every period. Milligan ' s lone tally came in the last few minutes of the game. The final score was 34-6. What might be called a fitting climax to their current season was the Buffs ' victory over Teachers College, 14-0. It seems that the annual clash with Teach- ers determines whether the season has been good, mediocre or poor. This season it closed with this overwhelming defeat of Teachers, and Milligan was proud to claim this victory. It is difficult to name any outstanding player wearing the orange and black, for every man played fine ball. Rice and O ' Donnell exhibited exceptionally powerful line play, while at the same time Webb and Showalter accounted for many yards. The 1940 team will miss the efforts of Captain O ' Donnell, Captain Pike, Lawson, Howington, Peace, Roberts and Webb. Needless to say Coach Lacey will find it hard to replace these men even from a group of fine prospects. The Class of 1940 wish Coach Lacey all possible success in the future and wish to compliment him, as well as his assistants. Star Wood and Jim Senter, for their fine work this season. Page 57 ' tke 1939 O ' DONNELL Captain Page 58 MH oei Reed iii ' .l i - Managers wrii ' ' age 59 Pike Captain S iLet-£cLll s aii ' t . Coach C. M. Eyler INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Hayes 191 Cooper 116 Webb 101 Stallard 90 Howington 60 Blessing 52 Time-Keeper Professor C. E. Burns MUIl y an William Norton Manager INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Cure 33 Cross 17 Akard 14 Pierce 9 Torbett 1 Dellinger McNeeley Scorer William Norton VARSITY BASKET-BALL The Varsity Team HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SEASON Three members of last year ' s varsity, Clyde Cooper, Johnce Howington and Bernie Webb, returned to the Buffalo squad this year and were aided by such promising prospects as Harry Stallard, Hugh Blessing, " Jocko " Hayes, Norman Torbett, Boyce Cross, Raymond Cure and Charles Akard. The chances for Milligan to retain a high standing in the Smoky Mountain Conference were thought to be reasonably good at the beginning of the season. Preliminary games were played with the Norton Kiwanians, Tennessee Eastman and during the holidays a game with the University of Tennessee, in which Milligan lost by the score of 35-23. The Buffaloes ' first appearance against a conference foe was marked by a loss to L. M. U., 32-28. After this defeat the Buffs showed the earmarks of a win- ning team by trouncing Maryville 46-36, and later Tusculum, 39-31. But this winning streak was short-lived for they were defeated by L. M. U., 49-31; by King, 49-36 and 40-33. In their annual conflict with their traditional rivals. Teachers College, the Buffaloes seemed to take on new life. They disregarded the fact that they were considered the underdogs and came out victorious, 41-36. Page 62 FRESHMAN BASKET-BALL The Freshman Team Cot Pressnell, John Large, Fred Pressnell, Tom Jenkins, Dave Trotter, Ed Kilgore, G. B. Pierce, Johnny Johnson Probably the most unusual game here in many seasons was the game with the Mexico City Y. M. C. A. on February 20. Milligan considered itself quite fortunate in being the only Tennessee team scheduled to be played on the team ' s tour of the United States. The scheduling of this game was made possible by Coach C. M. Eyler during his tour of Mexico last summer. Although the Mexicans handed the boys from Eyler ' s camp a defeat, the fine exhibition of sportsmanship by both teams attracted much attention. The four remaining brought the Buffaloes three defeats and one victory. The three losses were to Tusculum, Teachers College and Maryville, and the victory was over Carson-Newman. Three of the team ' s most valuable men. Captain Clyde Cooper, Bernie Webb and Johnce Howington, are Seniors, and this loss will be felt next year. But even so, many prospects are being carefully developed by Coach Eyler. We wish the retiring members of the squad success in all they endeavor; to those returning we wish for them a victorious season, for they promise to provide plenty of trouble for their opponents during the coming season. Page 63 VARSITY BASEBALL The return of Captain Roberts and other veterans as Fraser, McNeeley, O ' Donnell, Webb, Brummitt and Alexander as a nucleus for this year ' s baseball squad and aided by many promising rookies, brings the hope that Milligan will have the strongest team in years. Exhibition and fine sportsmanship and teamwork has been evident at the beginning of the season, thus placing the squad high in the esteem of fans — win or lose. Games in this year ' s schedule included Teachers, University of Tennessee, Lincoln Memorial, Tusculum, Carson-Newman, and Maryville. Due to a conflict in schedules several members of the squad do not appear in the above group. Page 64 TENNIS TEAM With the return of only three lettermen, Oris Hyder, Frazier Cochrane, and Aubrey Painter, the prospects for a successful season are none too bright. Coach Hugh M. Thompson assures us though that there are a good number that have reported for practice and perhaps by hard work and the desire to win the team will be among the leaders. In the opinion of the editor this is very true and to show at least that they are very sincere the following matches have been scheduled: University of Tennessee, Appalachian State Teachers Col- lege, East Tennessee State Teachers College, Carson-Newman, Emory and Henry, Lincoln Memorial University, Tusculum, Maryville, Mars Hill, and Kings- port Country Club. The Buffalo Staff wishes to commend them for their efforts and success in the past and sincerely hope that we will be among the leaders. Page 65 LIFE SAVING GROUP n ' ¥ s - IJ x1 - . bo sx th " Page 66 GIRLS ' BASKET-BALL AND M CLUB A system of intra-murals that supplements and aids the Division of Physical Education in bringing about the aims of physical education is in use at Milligan College. The scope of activities is wide and a wide range of choice is allowed. It gives honors or points for the various types of competition and leadership. One of the important requisites taken into consideration when candidates for awards are chosen is that they shall ful- fill, besides proficiency in sports, full attendance at practices, required scholarship standard, and above all, SPORTSMAN- SHIP. Page 67 Book IV T e a. t u t a 6 TO MRS. CARL R. GRAY In recognition of a delightful visit of a woman who has given her life in most beautiful service to her Master and Lord as a wife, a mother, Bible teach- er, and a wonderful counselor in spiritual interpretation — " Mother Gray " ' — we, the Senior Class of Milligan College, dedicate this page of our annual. The faculty, entire student body, and friends around about shared with us the inspiration of her sweet and loving spirit, the enthusiasm of her unselfish, Christ-like life, and the greater insight into the deeper truths she brought to us out of her daily companionship with her God. In 1938, she was unanimously selected as the Golden Rule Mother of Amer- ica. In 1939, we crowned her Mother of Milligan. We will always be richer in faith, holier in life, more devoted in service, and more conscious of the Christ ' s presence through our comradeship with her as she revealed to us the heart and life of our Christ. We rejoice thai she now belongs to us and has forever become a part of us. Through her we have learned to know and love her husband who for over fifty years shared with her in fruitful service. She left with us a beautiful poem which came out of her own heart after many years of rich experience with life, which we are passing on to our read- ers as a part of this dedication. Page 70 " THE GARDEN OF LIFE " Do you know that each life is a garden, And we sow as the days go by Seeds, for a future harvest To be gathered with smiles, or a sigh? Then what of the soil of our garden, Is it fertile, or stoney and old? Will it bring forth the thorn and the thistle " Or the grain of a thousand fold " ? Have we planted the rose of " forgiveness " And the lily of purest white. That sends forth its sweetest fragrance Through the long-dark hours of the night? Is the pansy there with its pleasant thoughts And the violet, modest and true; And the sunflower bright, with its face toward God, A lesson for me, and you? Have we planted that rare little blossom That blooms when the days are hot; Ever echoing the voice of its master, " Dear friends, forget me not " ? Have we planted much in our garden From His wonderful book of Life? Have we sown the seeds of " obedience " . His assurance of help through the strife? Have we also sown the seeds of " truth " . Have we done the best that we can Toward sowing that marvelous seed of " love " — Love for both God and man? You know that in this world ' s sowing, ' Tis true, and will ever be, There will come into every garden Some grief — from Gethsemane. But after the grief in the garden, The harvest we ' d hoped to see Will blossom in all of its beauty. Through the glory of Calvary. Then know that your life is a garden. And you sow as the days go by Seeds — for future harvest. To be gathered with smiles, or a sigh. Page 71 SxycLcLL (JiciLenclcLl: SEPTEMBER Registration . . . Reception . . . Convocation Sunday . . . President Derthick entertains Senior boys. . . . OCTOBER Sophomore Class presents Betsy Ross bench to college . . . Mrs. Derthick entertains Senior girls by taking them to see " The Wizard of Oz " . . . President ' s birthday dinner at the Home Economics cottage. . . . NOVEMBER Mid-semester exams . . . Home-Coming . . . Boys entertain girls with Hall- owe ' en Party . . . Thanksgiving Holiday. . . . DECEMBER Mr. Torek of Elizabathton shows colored film of his flowers and of the ' World ' s Fair . . . " Mr. Prim Passes. By " . . . General music recital . . . Christmas Vacation . . . JANUARY Classes resume . . . Semester exams . . . Second semester begins. ... FEBRUARY Mother Gray spends a week on the campus . . . Glee Club has a theatre party . . . Alpha Psi Omega Banquet . . . Basket-ball game with Mexico City Y. M. C. A. . . . MARCH Girls entertain boys with Leap Year Party . . . Elizabethton High School gives band concert . . . Mid-semester exams . . . Mrs. Derthick holds open-house for students . . . Minnie Burns gives graduate recital in voice. . . . APRIL Junior Class presents motion picture, " Wells Fargo " . . . Annie Lee Lucas Kennedy Reading Contest . . . Music Festival at the Teachers ' College . . . Laura Mary Smith gives graduate recital in piano. . . . MAY May Festival . . . Eleanor Long gives graduate recital in piano . . . Sybil Frye gives voice recital . . . M-Club Banquet . . . Pre-Med Club Banquet . . . Junior-Senior Banquet . . . Fashion Show and Art Exhibit . . . Semester exams . . . Commencement Play . . . Baccalaureate . . General music recital . . Com- mencement Day. Page 72 Page 73 4 ' oyis --;: „;,j , ' DO , kh 4M MINNIE BURNS Mo6t l etidtiU CLYDE COOPER M(y6t { eticLtlU Page 76 REABLE GRIFFITH GLENN WILLIAMS A ' tLnce. oh - eZioncLLltu Page 77 [ye an d- u L e t MOST POPULAR PROFESSOR Page 78 M( 6t Outitdncllna Student •:4 Oris HvdeR RviN WtttoMs Katherine Davis THREE MOST PROMISING UNDERCLASSMEN Page 79 Ou t -fili - ettii eti Competitive business is holding the reins . . . there are those who pause . . . enjoy helping others . . these our ad- vertisers are such a people . . . our ad- vertising staff has made a thorough survey . . . business houses . . . individ- uals . . . manufacturing plants . . . the result is shown . . . we encourage you to patronize our advertisers . . . they have encouraged us . . . the ads . . . their part of a kind word ... an incen- tive to go ahead . . . we thank our ad- vertisers ... do your part . . . PATRONIZE THEM Page 80 Milligan College H. J. DERTHICK, President MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENNESSEE Milligan College is an institution with a rich tradi- tion; a unigue history; ideal location; wholesome Christian atmosphere; standard courses in science, philosophy, education, religion; courses in business, expression, music, home economics; adeguate and efficient teaching staff; clean and vigorous athletics; inter-collegiate forensics. Opportunities for young ministers; aid for honor graduates of standard high schools; new buildings and equipment; delightful climate; select student body. Fall Semester opens September, 1940. Write for Literature. Page 81 Compliments of Compliments of WOFFORD BROS.. Inc. JOHNSON CITY STEAM INSURANCE LAUNDRY Johnson City, Tennessee Phone 5106 Phone 5188 Johnson City, Tennessee ' Compliments of Compliments of THE TALK OF THt TOWN SAMS MONEYHUN WHOLESALE CO. SAMUEL E.MILLER HABERDASHERY 3)3 EAST MAIN ST. !■ r, M n rlTY TF.NN » « Wholesale Grocers » « 6«,, HA BERDASHE RY Formerly the Hole in the Wall Now Located Next to Montgomery Ward Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of COMPLIMENTS SUMMERS HARDWARE OF AND SUPPLY CO. » « Lane s Johnson City, Tennessee Grocery » « Retailers of Compliments of BUFFALO INN AH » « Staple " Milligan Students Welcome " Groceries » « Milligan College, Tennessee Johnson City, Tennessee Page 82 Compliments of MAJESTIC BARBER SHOP Next to Majestic Theatre " Keep Weil-Dressed with Our Haircut ' Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Compliments of HUMPHREYS EQUIPMENT CO. INCORPORATED Headquarters for Sporting Goods » « Phone 97 113 E. Market St. Johnson City, Tennessee HANNAH ' S KuppENHEiMER Good Clothes CuRLEE Clothes Griffon Clothes DoBBS Hats Arrow Shirts NuNN Bush Shoes Jarman Shoes Varsity Town College Clothes Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of CASH AND HAUL WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of THE SEVIER THEATRE " Johnson City ' s Only Home-Owned Theatre " Spring Street Johnson City, Tenn. THANKS TO THE STUDENTS OF MILLIGAN COLLEGE AND THEIR TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS FOR ALL THEIR PATRONAGE. IT ' S OUR HOPE THAT WE MAY CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR OFF-CAMPUS TRIPS AND THOSE OF NEXT YEAR ' S FRESHMEN PLEASANT EVENTS. » « The Dixie Barbecue Page 83 KING ' S where BUFFALOES WHO REALLY KNOW COME FOR THEIR SMARTEST CLOTHES » « Johnson City, Tennessee EAT . . . DELICIOUS Pat ICE CREAM ; " A HEALTH FOOD " Johnson City, Tennessee THOMAS ' Men ' s Wear » « Women ' s Wear From the Cheapest That ' s Good to the Best That ' s Made » « 218 Main Street Johnson City COMPLIMENTS « « OF » » Parks -Belk Company Johnson City COMPLIMENTS OF THE MAJESTIC THEATRE Page 84 ROXY BAR-B-Q ALL PHOTOGRAPHS Bar-B-Q Sandwiches IN THIS ANNUAL Fountain Service » « WERE MADE BY 423 E. Main St. Phone 928 The Charlie Cargille Studio L. G. BALFOUR CO. Attleboro, Massachusetts Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges » « Jeweler to the Senior Class of Milligan College JOHNSON CITY Representative TENNESSEE H. E. Tillman, Box 425, Greeneville, Tenn. CENTRAL COAL CO. Compliments Phone 166 of Johnson City, Tenn. » « THE JENNINGS CANDY CO. " We Set the Standard for Service " Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of BOLTON BROS. MECCA CAFE » « Fountain Square Plumbing and Heating " Dine at Low Cost " » « Phone 827 Johnson City, Tennessee 124 E. Market Johnson City, Tenn. Page 85 Modern Metal Kitchens Floor and Wall Tile Residential, Institutional AND Commercial Equipment THE LANCASTER CO. Johnson City Phone 5195 SANITARY BARBER SHOP " Quality Haircuts " Phone 598-W 111 Spring St. Johnson City, Tenn. MARTIN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Guarantees You a New Sachet 111 Spring St. Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of THE CHOCOLATE BAR Phone 99 Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of FREE SERVICE TIRE CO. Johnson City, Tennessee » « Goodyear Tires — Standard Oil Products » « Dan B. Wexler, Pres. Joe J. Jared, Sec.-Treas. Available in the Home and on the Athletic Field Compliments of BONNIE KATE THEATRE Elizabethton, Tenn. Compliments of THE DELUXE CAB CO. Phone 5272 Johnson City, Tennessee THE KING PRINTING CO.. BRISTOL. TENN. Page Compliments of CARTER COUNTY BANK Elizabethton, Tenn. " The Bank of Friendly Service " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of JOHNSON CITY AUTOMOTIVE TRADE ASSOCIATION ARNEY MOTOR COMPANY AUTO RENEWAL COMPANY AUTO SALES CORPORATION DEAKINS MOTOR COMPANY C. L T. CORPORATION GUMP INVESTMENT COMPANY HILL-SUMMERS CHEVROLET CO. RANGE MOTORS, Inc. TENNESSEE MOTOR COMPANY FREEMAN MOTOR COMPANY ELIZABETHTON HARDWARE COMPANY Good Hardware and Fine Furniture Elizabethton, Tenn. SOUTHERN WELDING CO. Heating Engineers and Contractors M. H. MUSE, Mgr. Johnson City 415 W. Market THRIFT CLEANERS Let Our Milligan Representative Solve Your Cleaning Problem ALL WORK GUARANTEED Bonnie Kate Bldg. Elizabethton Compliments of DOSSER BROS. Shopping Center for Young Ladies Johnson City, Tennessee Page 87 This Book Is Bound in A Kingscraft Cover Manufactured by THE KINGSPORT PRESS Producers of Fine Covers for All Purposes KiNGSPORT, TeNN. Compliments of PIERCE and PIERCE SHOE REBUILDERS Located on Market Square Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of GUNNAR TEILMANN AND SON " Flowers for All Occasions " Roan St. Johnson City LOGAN BEDS " BEST FOR REST " Compliments of LOWRY FRUIT CO. " WHOLESALE " Johnson City, Tenn. Compliments of JOHN SEVIER HOTEL Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of THE ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING CO. Johnson City, Tenn. " The True Fruit Drink " Compliments of Reynolds, Bone, Griesbeck Hinderer Certified Public Accountants Johnson City Memphis Tennessee Page 88 Compliments of COLLEGE STORE Books, Supplies, Candies Ice Cream and Sandwiches Greetings from PATY LUMBER COMPANY 5115 Phone 5115 Elizabethton, Tenn. " Everything to Build Anything " Compliments of STANDARD GROCERY CO. and CUMBERLAND CLUB COFFEE CO. Elizabethton, Tenn. SMYTHE ELECTRIC CO. Electric Wiring Appliances Everything Electrical Repaired 238 E. Main St. Phone 5198 Johnson City, Tenn. «» COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN MAID DAIRIES Phone 5109 Phone JOHNSON CITY, TENN. — «» — — «» — Compliments of THE QUEEN CITY COACH COMPANY Daily Transporters of Milligan College Students Phone 5164 for Rates and Schedules JOHNSON CITY, TENN. — «» — Page 89 ( Autographs Compliments of AMERICAN BEMBERG CORPORATION a nd NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORPORATION FOR REFERENCE Do not take from this room

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