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air ■ -iij - ■■■•■■ ' .■ . . ' ; :i ' :%0 ' ' .;... M,t: 5(1!-!? ' ■■%. M.lligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1937 c,2 m m, College Buffalo 1881 0001 1702 p H WaSHlMEK MEMURIAL UBKAKI MILLIGAN COLLEGE MILLIGAN COLLEGE. TENN. 37682 EX L I B R I S The Senior Class of ' 37 extends its gratitude to the faculty and the student body for the valuable and willing aid which has made The ' 37 Buffalo possible. We claim no credit; the book is yours. We trust that our arrangement of the material given us will meet the approval of all to whom this volume may become a cherished possession. - BUFFALO P37 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MILLIGAN COLLEGE MiLLiGAN College, Tennessee % WILLIAM HUGHES, B. S. — student, friend and comrade for four years of college life; valedic- torian of his high school; graduate of the Class of 1936 with " Magna Cum Laude " honors; inspiring leader in various college activities, radiating the spirit of his Christ; steadfast in faith; zealous for truth; loyal to his convictions; true in friendship; pure in character; strong in scholarship; fine in spirit; cordial, cheerful, and helpful on the cam- pus; uplifting in influence; beloved of all — in holiest remembrance and with faith in Christ ' s promise of meeting again, we, the Class of 1937, dedicate this our college annual. D EDI CAT ON " It matters not at what hour of the day The righteous fall asleep; death can not come To him untimely who is fit to die; The less of this cold world, the more of heaven — The briefer life, the earlier immortality. " " That golden key that opes the palace of eternity. " — Milton. JAMES WILLIAM HUGHES N MEMORIAM Nov. 30, 1914 Nov. 26, 1936 FOREWORD Presented that the memory of happy years of work, play, and lasting friendships at Milligan may make reminiscence ever a joy in years to come. CONTENTS ; ' ■ lisj ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS ALMA MATER MILLIGAN COLLEGE In Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail, Hail to thee ! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! Cherished by her sons and daughters Memories sweet shall throng. Round our hearts, O Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail, Hail to thee ! Our Alma Mater ! Milligan, all hail! A D M N S T R A T O N BOOK ONE PRES. H. J. DERTHICK A true friend and counselor to all his students, he holds close to his heart the interests of his college and is loved and respected by each of the many who know him for his sincerity, loyalty, and devout faith. THE BUFFALO Page 11 ADMINISTRATION Mrs. H. J. Derthick Dean of Wornen Assistant to President Sam J. Hyder Professor of Mathematics Bursar Mrs. a. F. Cochrane Matron of Pardee Hall Dr. George C. Seeck Professor of Psychology Dimple Hart Instructor m Expression Dr. R. J. Bennett Professor of Education and Philosophy Dr. Clement M. Eyler Professor of English Dean of Men Kathleen Adams Bowman Instructor in Secretarial Science Registrar Asa Frazier Cochrane, Jr. Professor of Biology Mrs. George C. Seeck Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Herbert H. Todd Professor of History Kathleen Brown Professor of Home Economics Page 12 THE BUFFALO ADMINISTRATION Stephen Lacey Coach Mrs. C. M. Eyler Instructor in Health Education and Physical Education for Women Talitha Smith Edward G. Lodter Librarian Professor of FrerKh Dr. E. Payson WlLLARD, Jr. Hannah Graham Belcher Professor of Latin and Assistant Professor of German English MA„, „ r,r T - Hugh M. Thompson arjorie C Johnson r r r -Ki Professor of Chemistry Professor of Music ' ' - ' and Physics Charles E. Burns Professor of Social Science LisTA C. Hyder Secretary to President Dr. J. Walter Carpenter Dean of Bible Department and Professor of Bible MiM THE BUFFALO Page 13 BUFFALO ANNUAL STAFF Page 14 THE BUFFALO ' c L A S S E S BOOK TWO SENIOR CLASS Arnold D. Albright President Mary Frances Jenkins Secretary and Treasurer Clifford Purcell Vice-President THE BUFFALO Page 17 SENIOR CLASS Lois Janette Neiser A. B. Erwin, Tennessee Dramatic Club, " 34- " 37; Vol- unteer Band, ' 34-37; Vice-Pres- ident, Volunteer Band, ' 36, " 37. Sam Cecil B. S. Oneida, Tennessee Editor of Buffalo, " 37; Pre Med Club, " 34- " 37; Secretary. Treasurer Pre-Med Club, " 35 Vice-President, " 36; President, " 37; Dramatic Club, " 34- " 37 Vice-President, " 37; Masque, " 35- ' 37; Stage Manager, ' 34- " 37. Juliette Helene Lodter A. B. Newport, Rhode Island Glee Club, " 34, " 35; Dramatic Club, " 34- ' 37; Masque, ' 35- " 37; President Masque, " 36, " 37; Cheer Leader, " 36, ' 37; " M " Club, ' 36, " 37. Robert Hilsenbeck B. S, Jenkins, Kentucky Masque, " 34- " 37; Assistant Editor Stamfiede, " 35, " 36; Pre- Med Club, " 36, ' 37; Secretary- Treasurer Pre-Med Club, " 36; Vice-President, " 37; Advertising Manager Buffalo, " 37. Robert E. Akers, Jr. A. B. Erwin, Tennessee " M " " Club, " 35- " 37; Manager of Football, " 35, " 36; Manager of Basket-ball, ' 36; Basket-ball, " 37; Tennis, " 34- " 37; Captain Tennis, " 37; Business Manager Buffalo, ' 37; Vice-President " M " Club, " 37. Mary Frances Jenkins A. B. Norton, Virginia Assistant Editor Buffalo, " 37; Dramatic Club, " 34- " 37; Secre- tary Junior Class, " 36; Secretary Senior Class, " 37- James William Johnson B. S. Alamo, Tennessee Baseball, " 36, ' 37; Cheer Leader, ' 35- " 37; " M " " Club, ' 36, " 37; Dramatic Club, " 34- " 37. Virginia Read A. B. RuTLEDGE, Tennessee Dramatic Club, " 36, " 37. Page 18 THE BUFFALO SENIOR CLASS Elaine A. Turner. A. B. Paris, Tennessee Glee Club, ■34- ' J7; Dramatic Club, ' J4- ' 37; Volunteer Band, " J4- " 37; Cheer Leader, ' 34; Band, ' 37; Masque, ' 36, ' 37. John William Barnard B. S. Salem, Virginia Dramatic Club, ' 35- ' 37; Masque, ' 36- ' 37; Debate, ' 35, ' 37; Forensic Council, ' 36, ' 37; President Forensic Council, ' 37- Ida Anne Kressin A. B. Johnson City, Tennessee Transfer from East Tennessee Teachers College, ' 36. Clifford Purcell A. B. Cleveland, Virginia Baseball, ' 36, ' 37; Captain Baseball, ' 36; Dramatic Club, ■34- ' 37; Masque, ' 35- ' 37; " M " Club, ' 37; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 36; Vice-President Senior Class, ' 37. George Mosse Norton A. B. Savannah, Georgia Glee Club, ' 34- ' 37; Dramatic Club, ' 34- ' 37; Masque, ' 35- ' 37; Tennis, " 36, ' 37; Volunteer Band, ' 34- ' 37; Vice-President, ' 35; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 36; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 37. Rebecca McElrov A. B. Dover, Tennessee Dramatic Club, ' 34- ' 37. James Barnette Sanders A. B. Blount ' ille, Tennessee Football, ' 34- ' 37; Dramatic Club, ■34- ' 37; " M " Club, ' 34- ' 37; Secretary-Treasurer " M " Club, ' 36, ' 37. Beatrice Katheryne Rice A. B. Erwin, Tennessee Basket-ball, Club, ' 34- ' 37; Club, ' 36, ' 37; ' 37; Dramatic Band, ' 37. ' 34- ' 37; " M " President " M " Glee Club, ' 34- Club, ' 34- ' 37; THE BUFFALO Page 19 SENIOR CLASS POLLYANNA LiNKOUS A. B. Flovilla, Georgia Glee Club, ' 34- " 37; Dramatic Club. ' 34- " 37; Masque, " 36, " 37; Volunteer Band, ' 34, ' 35. J. Dudley Culvahouse B. S. EucHEE, Tennessee Dramatic Club, " 34- ' 37; Pre- Med Club, ' 34- ' 37; Vice-Presi- dent Pre-Med Club, " 34; Presi- dent, ' 35, ' 36. Bessie Nipper A. B. SoDDY, Tennessee Glee Club, ' 34, ' 35; Dramatic Club, ' 36, ' 37. John Fred Holly A. B. Elizabethton, Tennessee Track, ' 34; Baseball, ' 36, ' 37. Elmer K. Baker A. B. Etowah, Tennessee Football, ' 34- ' 37; Co-Captain, ' 36; " M " Club, ' 34- ' 37; Secre- tary " M " Club, ' 36; President, ' 37. Sarah Ruth Qualls B. S. Pound, Virginia Basket-ball, ' 34- " 37; Captain Basket-ball, ' 37; " M " Club, ' 34- ' 37; Secretary-Treasurer " M " Club, ' 36. . James Howard Hale B. S. Johnson City, Tennessee Football, ' 34- ' 37; Track, ' 34 ' 37; " M " Club, ' 34- ' 37. Helen Reece Sudderth A. B. Montezuma, North Carolina Volunteer Band, ' 34- ' 37. Page 20 THE BUFFALO SENIOR CLASS Lois Margaret Boyce A. B. Buchanan, Michigan Volunteer Band, ' 36, President Volunteer Band, ■37; ' 37. Frank F. Jones A. B. Louisville, Kentucky Ministerial Association, ' 34- ' 37; President Ministerial Asso- ciation, ' 35- ' 37; Masque, ' 35- ' 37; Electrician, ' 35- ' 37; Glee Club. ' 34- ' 37. Erby Messimer A. B. Bluff City, Tennessee Transfer from Manhattan Bible College, ' 36; Volunteer Band, ' 37. Arnold D. Albright A. B. WoLCOTTVILLE, INDIANA Transfer rom Depauw Univer- sity, ' 34; Basket-ball, ' 33- " 37; Captain Basket-ball, ' 37; De- bate, ' 35; " M " Club, ' 35- ' 37; President " M " Club. ' 37; Pres- ident Junior Class, ' 36; Pres- ident Senior Class, ' 37. Juanita Barbara Shoun A. B. Johnson City, Tennessee Transfer from East Tennessee Teachers College, ' 35. Elijah E. Hampton B. S. Roan Mountain, Tennessee Foreman Campus Crew, ' 34, ' 35. Howard Wilbur Williams A. B. Elizabethton, Tennessee Pre-Law Club, ' 34; Band, ' 37. Pictures Not in Annual Raymond Edward Anderson, Wytheville, Va. Clarence G. Irwin, Wytheville, Va. THE BUFFALO Page 21 JUNIOR CLASS Jack Willis Lillie Grace Carroll James Cecil Lowe Morristown, Tenn. Etowah, Tenn. Soddy, Tenn. Frances Elizabeth James Oscar Hale UKK Erwin, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Marion Potter Hennessee Knoxville, Tenn. Burl Franklin Poe Tullahoma, Tenn. Mary Hei n Bj nner Jonesville, Va. Harry Wilson Easterly Lebanon, Va. Mary Katherine Crittendon Johnson City, Tenn. Dana Howard June Martin Cox Elizabethton, Tenn. Dryden, Va. John Robert Woods Nancy Hallums Alamo, Tenn. Franklin Elizabethton, Tenn. Bill Davis Norton, Va. Pauline Orr Dryden, Va. W. W. Peery Walland, Tenn. Rush Roy Taylor James Earl EUzabethton, Tenn. McEnti-re Whitwell, Tenn. Norma Wallace Derthick Milligan College, Tenn. Page 22 THE BUFFALO W ' ' JUNIOR CLASS Albert Bergeron Bluefield, Va. Virginia Anderson Bowman MilUgan College, Tenn. Robert Lee Blevins Bakersville, N. C. Geraldine Bryant Hixon, Tenn. Neil L. Colmery Wilkinsburg, Pa. Dorothy Madge Cross Piney Flats, Tenn. Marvin William Gilliam Wise, Va. R. J. Allen Elizabethton, Tenn. Blaine Sturgill Flat Gap, Va. Edith G. Clemens Fireco, W. Va. James Edwin Edens Elizabethton, Tenn Frank Andrew TAixoR, Jr. Elizabethton, Tenn. Roxie P.arker Erwin, Tenn. Robert Craig Morton Johnson City, Tenn. Jacob Carmack Range Johnson City, Tenn. Martha Sue Crittendon Johnson City, Tenn Jesse Boatman Algood, Tenn. Stephen Blake Barnes, Jr. Blountville, Tenn. Ira McKim Morley Erwin, Tenn. James Musick Cleveland, Va. PICTURES NOT IN ANNUAL Edward M. Vogel, Erwin Tenn. John Paul York, Elizabethton, Tenn. THE BUFFALO Page 23 SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: Edward Agee Owens, Dunbar, Va.; John N. George, Wilkinsburg, Pa.; Elizabeth Wright, Bruceton, Tenn.: Lanora Geissleb, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Myra Lee Oliver, Piney Flats, Tenn.; Stephanie Nave, Mountain City, Tenn. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Stallard, St. Paul, Va.; Mildred Shoun, Johnson City, Tenn.; Corliss Wooldridge, Salem, Va.; Kenneth Noel, Greeneville, Tenn.; William A. White, Jr., Milligan College, Tenn.; Russell Jordan, Maynard, Mass. THIRD ROW; Ruby Clark, Gunter, Tenn.; Florence Caroline Burns, Milligan College, Tenn.; Olivia Fulghum, New- bern, Tenn.; Velda Cox, Johnson City, Tenn.; Pauline Alda Crowe, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Richard Archer, Maynard, Mass. FOURTH ROW: Louise McClellan, Fordtown, Tenn.; Pauline Turner, Pennington Gap, Va.; Marguerite Steele, Richlands, Va.; Newland Wilds, Del Rio, Tenn.; John E. Wilson, Jr., Bruceton, Tenn.; D. A. Mullins, Jenkins, Ky. FIFTH ROW: Howard Hamlin, Oneida, Tenn.; Sibyl Anderson, Clyde, N. C; William Cunningham, Oconee, Ga.; Frances Louise Gray, Wise, Va.; Frederick Davison, Erwin, Tenn.; Estelle Crockett, Imboden, Va. SIXTH ROW: Francis Nelle Hendbix, Martinsville, Va.; Ralph Culvahouse, Ten Mile, Tenn.; James Chasteen, Jeffer- sonville, Ind.; Frederick Sage, Johnson City, Tenn.; Oscar PaulOrr, Pennington Gap, Va.; Howard Johnson, Corinth, Miss. Page 24 THE BUFFALO " ■sSEsa jafc. SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: Harley Stallard, Esserville, Va.; Estelle Elliott, Dungannon, Va.; Joseph Swanay, Elizabethton, Tenn.; LoRBNE O ' Roark, Mountain City, Tenn.; Thomas Edwin Wagoner, Roan Mountain, Tenn.; John Fugate, Tazewell, Tenn. SECOND ROW: Charlsie Smalling, Piney Flats, Tenn.; David Park Mason, Greeneville, Tenn.; Mildred Ellis, Spruce Pine, N. C; Walter Ward, Winter Park, Fla.; Edgar Ralph Turner, Pennington Gap, Va.; Dorothy Anderson, South Pittsburg, Tenn. THIRD ROW: Walter Whitt, Appalachia, Va.; Clarence Fair, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Will A. Fugate, Tazewell, Tenn.; Eva Lee Deaton, Erwin, Tenn.; Earl Ritchie, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Rudolph Dralle, Maurer, N. J. FOURTH ROW: Ben Whinery, Fall Branch, Tenn.; Florence Hood Potter, New Albany, Miss.; Lee Varnell, Adams- ville. Tenn.; George Swanay, Elizabethton, Tenn.; James Trevor McLean, Alamo, Tenn.; Nelson St. John, Appa- lachia, Va. FIFTH ROW: James Woody Belcher, Williamson, W. Va. ; Ellis Cox, Johnson City, Tenn.; Jack Alderson, Norton, Va.; Edward O ' Donnell, Maynard, Mass.; Edd Hurt, Halls, Tenn.; Robert Culvahouse, Euchee, Tenn. SIXTH ROW: James N. Whitney, Johnson City, Tenn.; Eleanor Vogel, Erwin, Tenn.; Johnce H owington, Jenkins, Ky.; Olive Hinderbr, Johnson City, Tenn.; Raymond F. Perkins, Johnson City, Tenn. PICTURES NOT IN ANNUAL Charles Frederick Duggins, Greeneville, Tenn. Mary Ruth Old, Waynesboro, Tenn. Joseph Stutzman Fair, Milligan College, Tenn. Ed Snodgrass, Johnson City. Tenn. James R. Laws, Elizabethton, Tenn. William Harold Sturgill, Inman, Va. Arvil Lawson, Imboden, Va. Kelver Willis, Johnson City, Tenn. Ed Mottern, Elizabethton, Tenn. THE BUFFALO Page 25 i!fl f . r O liiiiiiii I ' s. " ' " " f |t " - J .- - FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Hardin James Peace, Anne Louise Witt, Dorys Lambert, Jessee Musick, Jr., Carsie Edna Hydbr. Gwen- dolyn Mathes, Joe Cullen Brown, Mary Christine Williams, Virginia Anne Musick, William Pike. SECOND ROW: John Lane Kelly, Eleanor Jane Akers, Ralph Stewart, Louise Pittman, Mary Louisa Johnston, Edna Orlia Sutphin, Burgess Cantrell, Ernest Harold Burleson, Sybil Theresa Frye, Edna Clarkston. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Keith Bowers, Rhea Thomas Orr, Glen Morgan Williams, Fred Davis, Edgar Monroe Craw- ford, Lyle Britton DeWitt, Sarah Anne Barnard, Clyde Murray Cooper, Gertrude Garrison, Simon Meade. FOURTH ROW: Byron Perry Lambert, Bill Doris Dougherty, Ammon Sears, Evelyn Ratcliffe, Roland Dillard Graham. Thomas Alvin Fraser, Billy N. Denton, Frank Marshall Scott, Ralph Parker, Mary Dorothy Wood. FIFTH ROW: Mary Ruth Reed, Myrtle Dean Willis, John B. Bradley, Katherine Louise Rose, Bernice Alene Turner, Martin Luther Reed, Minnie Pauline Burns, James Travis Ahswell, Martha Witcher, John Aston Gregory. Page 26 THE BUFFALO II FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Margaret Lentz, Ruby Keith Jones, Estel Clyde Hurley, V. Velma Smith, Howard Edwin Bolling, Ruth Pressnell, Olga Clarkston, John Chadwick Gillenwater, Winona Byrd Kelley, Minnis C. Butler. SECOND ROW: Arla Vadeu Cooper, Rosalba Hawkins, Abraham Gabriele, Marlyn Adeline King, Bernice Webb, Martha Louise Shull, Bernice Ritchey, Virginia Kiser, Mildred Bernice Hurley, Ruby Abigail Reece. THIRD ROW: Laura Mary Smith, Robert Webb Dishman, Harry Rowan, Pauline Amanda New, Mary Katherinb Hawkins, Sidney Albert Varner. Margret Smith, Julia Ann Slemp, Claude Arthur White. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd George Roberts, Lillard E. Clayton, William Kennedy, Russell Lee Ross, Maralee Odessa Hartsell, Elizabeth Thomas, Margaret Helen Roberts, Mary Elizabeth McMillin, Eleanor Long, Alma Glugk Pettit. FIFTH ROW: Blanche Millsaps, Robert LaRue Tedder, Mildred DeWald, Florence L. Jones, Rose Ellen Tilford, JUANiTA Mae Jones, Claudell Yates, Jean Trent, Ruth Evelyn Crabtreb, Sarah Elizabeth Kelley. Floyd Howard Bowers Jack Brown Robert Burrow Helen Louise Cooper Cline Harles Holtsclaw Joseph Taylor Hughes Harry Samuel Ledford Robert B. Moreland PICTURES NOT IN ANNUAL John James O ' Donnell Everett Cecil Palmer Gordon Hudson Pbery Anita Persingbr Elbert Clayton Ritchie Lucy Virginia Robinson Veldon Scott Rodney Maurice Skipworth THE BUFFALO Page 27 CAMPUS SNAPSHOTS A C T V T E S ' % - i ■-. L.- _ I -.■ V .-if. BOOK THREE sSeffiMfci s;ia i2!5a32£s:. BOYS ' " M " CLUB OFFICERS Arnold Albright President Robert Akers Vice-President James Sanders Secretary-Treasurer Membership in the Boys ' " M " Club is extended to those young men of athletic ability who have worthily participated in at least one of the sports sponsored by Milligan College. These sports are football, basket ' ball, baseball, track, and tennis. Through this club a voice is given to young men in athletics to express their interests, plans and thoughts as a unified group. The purpose and objective is to build a mutual feeling of co-operation with all organi- zations of the college; to further the true spirit and essence of sportsmanship in all athletic contests; to foster fellowship and close association among all students, both at home and with other colleges; to cherish and covet the " M " and to abide by and uphold the interests and aspirations of the institution which the letter symbolizes. THE BUFFALO Page 31 GIRLS ' " M " CLUB OFFICERS Beatrice Rice President Pauline Orr Vice-President June Cox Secretary and Treasurer When the Girls ' " M " Club was organized in 1927 the only way a girl could gain entrance was by playing basket-ball. She not only had to make the varsity squad but also play in a majority of the games for one season. She was then given a letter and became a member of the " M " Club providing she lived up to certain standards or ideals. Several years ago the point system was devised whereby a girl may become a member without playing basket ' ball. She can win points by participating in various other activi ' ties on the campus both athletic and literary. When she earns a total of 650 points she is entitled to a letter and membership in the Club. This organization in all of its undertakings strives to uphold the high ideals of Milligan College. Page 32 THE BUFFALO THE GLEE CLUB Howard Johnson President Polly Linkous Vice-President Minnie Burns Secretary Jack Willis Treasurer Laura Mary Smith Accompanist Mrs. C. L. Johnson Director The Glee Club completed the current year with four major performances to its credit. On December 18, the organization presented a Christmas cantata. The Lost Carol, with book and lyrics by Frances Simpson and music by Ruth Dale. The Club appeared on the All-College program in the Annual Music Festival at East Tennessee Teachers College and in the spring concert of the Music Department of our own college. It merged its efforts with those of other organizations of the school in presenting the May Festival. This year for the first time the club undertook a capella singing with which it has accomplished a great deal. Our program at Teachers College included two a capella numbers. The Glee Club has also aided in the church services with special selections. THE BUFFALO P. H. WtLSHlMEK MtMUKIAL UBRAIfr MILLIGAN COLLEGE WILLIGAN COLLEGF t ' ' • 76R? Page 33 THE DRAMATIC CLUB and MASQUE Juliette Lodter President Sam Cecil Vice-President Jack Willis Secretary John Barnard Treasurer The Dramatic Club aspires to make itself a dramatic workshop in which setting, make ' up, and coaching may be studied. The club accepts its members only after they have been coached and have appeared in a tryout play before the club. This club has a senior organi2;ation known as " The Masque " , made up of students who have earned their way to this coveted organisation by playing a leading role or three minor roles in a major play. The Dramatic Club produces numerous one-act plays during the year and entertains for different clubs and organisations in the adjoining towns. The club feels that peculiar benefit can come from an exchange of dramatic performances between schools. So we continued the precedent established last year and exchanged plays with Carson ' Newman and Lincoln Memorial University. Milligan presented " A Doll ' s House " by Henrik Ibsen; Carson ' Newman, " Icebound " by Davies; and the Lincoln Players, " Stephen Foster " written by their own dramatic director, Mr. Earl Hobson Smith. These exchanges proved very enjoyable. The Commencement play was " She Stoops to Conquer " by Oliver Goldsmith. The club is proud of the work that has been done by its members and it is extremely sorry to lose this year through graduation some of its most valued and capable members. Page 34 THE BUFFALO THE DRAMATIC CLUB AND MASQUE A DOLL ' S HOUSE THE BUFFALO Page 35 THE MILLIGAN PRE-MED CLUB OFFICERS Sam Cecil President Bob Hilsenbeck Vice-President J. R. Woods Secretary-Treasurer It should be the aim of every pre-med student to gain a general knowledge of and acquaintanceship with the fundamentals of the medical profession and to be constantly aware of contemporary events, discoveries, and inventions in the medical world. For this purpose the Milligan Pre-Med Club was organized and to this end its activities are directed. Ten years have seen this club progress from a mere idea to a recognized and respected position among the student organizations of the College. Its weekly meetings, its numerous guest lecturers wisely chosen from the medical staffs of nearby cities, its occasional visits to hospitals and operating rooms, and its Annual Banquet make the club both enjoyable and instructive to those who constitute its membership. Page 36 THE BUFFALO HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Elizabeth Wright President Eva Lee Deaton Vice-President Francis Hendrix SecretaryTreasurer Any girl enrolled in the home economics classes of Milligan College is eligible for active membership in the Home Economics Club. The club has as its objectives to develop a professional spirit and co-operation among its members; to bring the students into closer contact with the greater home economics organizations and activities in the state and nation ; and to keep in touch with the current topics in the home economics world and its general scientific trend. Its desire is to establish a closer relationship between the home economics department and the other departments of the college. THE BUFFALO Page 37 STUDENT VOLUNTEER BAND and MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Officers of VOLUNTEER BAND Lois Neiser, President Lois Boyce, Vice-President EsTELLE Elliot, Sec. Treas. Officers of MimSTERlAL ASSN. Frank Jones, President John Kelly, Vice-President James Chasteen, Sec. Treas. The Student Volunteer Band and Ministerial Association constitutes a fellowship of students who are actively interested in Christian service. It is an interdenominational organisation which seeks to carry out the mission of the church. It attempts to develop and deepen the spiritual life of all those with whom it comes in contact, as well as to streng- then the spiritual life of its own members. It is the custom of the group to give religious programs, not only on the campus but also in various churches not too distant from the school. It attempts to promote mission- ary interest in those hitherto uninterested, crystallizes an informed interest into an active purpose, which finds expression in service abroad, world-minded service at home, financial support, advocacy, and prayer. It attempts to serve by carrying out the relation of the Christian faith to the issues — economic, racial, political — that affect the world ' s life. Page 38 THE BUFFALO FORENSIC COUNCIL OFFICERS John Barnard President Nelson St. John Vice-President Mary Louisa Johnston Secretary ' Treasurer Abe J. Gabriele Manager During the year 1936-37 the Forensic Council sponsored a boys ' and a girls ' debate program. Although the schedule was not so full as in former years, the work done affords an excellent foundation for future expansion of the forensic program at MiUigan. There was a departure from the usual decision type debate in the introduction of a number of noH ' decision debates. The girls ' debate program was climaxed by a very successful trip to the Grand Eastern Tournament held at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina. Here our teams re- ceived honorable mention for their debate participation. As a result of this trip the girls are anticipating a fuller forensic schedule for the coming year, one which will include not only the usual debates but also other forms of public speaking. THE BUFFALO Page 39 CONFERENCE SH ' Sfl A T L E T C S BOOK FOUR • " v ' . " : :.,i 1936 FOOTBALL SQUAD Steve Lacey Coach FOOTBALL Ralph Culvahouse Manager THE BUFFALO Page 43 FOOTBALL. 1936 September first saw another husky bunch of Buffaloes assemble on Anglin Field for the first practice of the year, in preparation for pigskin wars with other members of the Smoky Mountain Conference. There were only a very few experienced men in the squad of thirty-five, but a more determined, better spirited, more ambitious group never wore the orange and black. In the first game, with Mars Hill, the Buffalo offense was checked for no points during the first half, but the second half saw more finesse and determina ' tion, giving Milligan a 20 ' 0 victory. The opposition in the next few games was strong and touchdowns for the Buffs were pretty scarce but the boys soon awoke to their possibilities and carried the last four games. Throughout the season the Milligan offense was as good as any in the Con- ference, but the defense was somewhat ragged and inconsistent. The final game with East Tennessee Teachers College, however, saw the Buffs display as fine a defense as the Conference has ever developed, attaining a victory of 7 ' 6. This " ' Turkey Day Classic " , the climax of the season, is always hard ' fought and well-played by both teams. There have been in years past greater Milligan elevens from the standpoint of natural ability and power, but the ' 36 edition of the ' ' Stampeding Buffaloes " displayed a fighting spirit as great as any ever seen on a gridiron. Page 44 THEBUFFALO Co-Captain Elmer Baker_. ..Halfback Walter Whitt End William Kennedy End Richard Archer Tackle Co-Captain Frank Taylor — Quarterback William Pike Halfback JOHNCE HowiNGTON ..Fullback Bill Sturgill Halfback Bernice Webb Halfback PLAYERS AND POSITIONS (Reading from left to right) Edward Vogel. Halfback Fred Sage End James Sanders Guard Charles Duggins Guard Earl Ritchie End Edward O ' Donnell Center David Mason Guard PLAYERS NOT IN ANNUAL Howard Hale End Cline Holtsclaw Guard James Peace End Jack Alderson End Ira Morley -.. End Arvil Lawson Fullback Burl Poe Tackle Jesse Boatman. Guard Thomas Eraser.... Halfback John Kelly Tackle John Fugate Tackle James Laws Center Sidney Varner. Guard Ed Snodgrass Tackle THE BUFFALO Page 45 BOYS ' BASKET-BALL SQUAD Dr. C. M. Eyler Coach D. A. MULLINS Manager Reading, Right to Left MuLLiNS, Manager; Captain Al- Bright, Guard; Hamlin, Forward; Hughes, Center; Akers, Forward; Perkins, Center; Varnell, For- ward; McLean, Guard; Swanay, Forward; Howington, Guard. Dr. Eyler, Coach. Page 46 THE BUFFALO BOYS ' BASKET-BALL At the start of the 1937 basket- ball season Milligan ' s chances for a high standing in the Conference were thought by many to be very dim. This was due to the loss of such able men as Captain Ayers, Gilley, Shelley, Boiling, Fair, Nave and Labowicz from the 1936 squad. But with the appearance of such capable players as Swanay, Webb, Akers, Howington, Cooper and Hughes, accompanied by a fine spirit of cO ' operation and determina ' tion to win, our chances grew brighter. At the end of the season our record showed that we had won seven games and had lost nine in the Conference with three losses marked up against us in games out- side the Conference. But in this season many notable accomplish- ments stand out. For the first time since Milligan and East Ten- nessee Teachers College have re- newed athletic relationships, a Milli- gan team defeated its arch rival twice in the same year, the scores were 28-27 and 33-25; three of our losses were by only one point, name- ly, Cullowhee Teachers, Maryville, and Hiwassee; the fine leadership Capt. Arnold Albright Howard Hamlin Trevor McLean Capt. ' Elect Robert Akers THE BUFFALO Page 47 BOYS ' BASKET-BALL and playing of our Captain, Arnold Albright, and the fine fighting spirit of the third string material com- posed of Alderson, G. Swanay, Wagner, Roberts, Wooldridge, Ber- geron. Peace, and Hale, who by their stiff opposition in the practice scrimmages with the varsity, did much in making our season as successful as it was. Our lettermen were Captain Albright, Varnell, Perkins, Hamlin, Howington, J. Swanay, McLean, Cooper, and Akers. Of this num- ber only two, Albright and Akers, are lost by graduation. With such a large number returning next year, we look forward to a very success- ful season. Clyde Cooper JoHNCE Howington Joe Hughes Lee Varnell Raymond Perkins Joe Swanay Page 48 THE BUFFALO PI K-€- ■ • • DISTRICT eoLDcn Gi.ov€S CHflmp D-AVtDSOn GIRLS ' Those making letters: Captain R. Qualls B. Rice P. Orr J. Cox F. Burns Kelley Garrison McClellan McMlLLIN R. Jones Manager G. Carroll Steve Lacey Coach Ruth Qualls Captain Grace Carroll Manager Page 50 THE BUFFALO GIRLS ' BASKET-BALL Beatrice Rice Guard Pauline Orr Center June Cox Forward Florence Burns Forward Louise McClellan Guard Winona Kelley Forward Minnie Burns Forward Gertrude Garrison Guard Mary E. McMillin Guard Sarah Barnard Guard Louise Pittman Guard Ruby Jones Guard THE BUFFALO Page 51 GIRLS ' BASKET-BALL On the opening day of practice last fall Coach Lacey found only five letter men and a great deal of new material. Knowing that he had quite a task before him to develop a team he set out with determination to make the best season on record. The team developed rapidly under the expert coaching of Mr. Lacey, sweeping everything before it. However, near the end of the season the undefeated team of Appalachian Teachers College added two more victories to their record when the BufFalettes fell before their blow. The season ended with only two defeats, one tie, and eight victories. Among the games won were two from the strong L. M. U. team. This year the team loses only two players. Captain Ruth Quails and Beatrice Rice who have played for four years. The outlook for the team next year is very bright considering the abilities displayed by Kelley, Jones, Garrison, and McMillin and the proved talents of Orr, Cox and Burns. Page 52 THE BUFFALO %• -■ ' M ; ' i-S r : -a F E A T U R E S ' c ' r ' : BOOK FIVE Slizciheth bright Most Popular Girl T». oA. oMullins Most Popular Boy Juliette tLodter Most Versatile Girl cArnold c lbright Most Versatile Boy N T tth Quails Most Athletic Girl Johnce owington Most Athletic Boy Beatrice T ce May Queen bert c kers May King Pat ronize A Our DV€RTIS€RS Milligan College H. J. Derthick, President MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. Milligan College is an institution with a rich tradition; a unique history; ideal location; wholesome Christian atmosphere; standard courses in science, philosophy, educa ' tion, religion; courses in business, expression, music, home economics; adequate and efficient teaching staff; clean and vigorous athletics; intercollegiate forensics. Opportunities for young ministers; aid for honor graduates of standard high schools; new buildings and equipment; delightful climate; select student body. Fall Semester Opens September 7, 1937 Write for Literature Page 64 COMPLIMEWS OF American Bemberg Corporation AKD North American Rayon Corporation COKGRArULATIOKS! To You, Students of MI LLIGAN COLLEGE . . . Upon the completion of another successful school year. May each recurring year in your search find you rich in health and happiness. It IS our hope that we may have had a part in making the idle moments ' of your school life more pleasant. It is our wish that we may have afforded many happy hours with school pals, and are hopeful that, in the future we may continue to afford happiness, as well as to revive golden school memories! Our sincere well wishes go with you. MAJESTIC with the Tennessee, Liberty ' State Theatres COMPLIMEWS OF Quick Service Tire Co. ATLAS TIRES STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Free Road Service Phone 2 Johnson City, Tenn. Cor. of W. Market and Watauga Cecil Hart, Steve Lacey Proprietors Page 65 KING ' S WHERE BUFFALOES WHO REALLY KJiOW COME FOR THEIR SMARTEST CLOTHES Johnson City, Tennessee . COMPLIMEKTS OF East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Company AKD E. T. W. N. C. Motor Transportation Company Johnson City, Tennessee HANNAH ' S ' ' Kuppenheimer Good Clothes ' ' Curlee Clothes — Grijfon Clothes Chatham Homespun — Under Grad College Clothes Dohhs Hats — Arrow Shirts ?iunn ' Bush Shoes — Firendly Five Shoes Johnson City, Tennessee ALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL Were Made b)i The Charley Cargille Studio Johnson City, Tennessee Page 66 EAT . . . DELICIOUS PET ICE CREAM " A HEALTH FOOD ' ' Johnson City, Tennessee FOR ECOHOMT USE ELECTRICITY FOR COOKIKG REFRIGERATION WATER HEATIHG Tennsssee Eastern Electric Co. Johnson City, Tennessee Central Coal Co. Phone 166 Johnson City, Tennessee " We Set the Standard for Service ' ' COMPLIMEKTS OF Red Band Company, Incorporated Millers RED BAND FLOUR WE WISH TO THANK the Teachers and Students, and to express our Appreciation to the Parents for the patronage given us. We hope for the Seniors a most successful future, and that we shall have the pleasure of meeting more students yext year. The Dixie Barbecue FRATERHITT COLLEGE, and CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Invitations, Diplomas Jeweler to the Senior Class of Milligan College L. G. Balfour Co. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Attleboro, Massachusetts Page 67 LONDON ' S SPORT SHOP We Outfit the Buffaloes Everything in Sport Equipment Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHrs OF Johnson City Steam Laundry Johnson City, Tennessee Phone 5188 TWO GREAT IHSTITUTIOHS Milligan Colle ge and Southern Maid Ice Cream Johnson City, Tennessee Smythe Electric Company Electric Wiring and Appliances EVERTTHIKG ELECTRIC REPAIRED 238 East Main St. Phone 5198 Johnson City, Tennessee Drink Pure As Sunlight BOTTLED IN JOHNSON CITY UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOKS MAGAZINES GREETING CARDS Office Supply Co. 215 Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee Brading-Rhea Lumber Company Lumber and Building Material Corner East Main and Division Streets Johnson City, Tennessee Millwor a Specialty COMPLIMEHTS OF The Orange Crush Bottling Co. 256 West Main Street Phone 43 Johnson City, Tennessee ' ' The True Fruit Drin}( ' Page 68 COMPLIMENTS OF Checker Cab Co. Phone 800 Open Day and Night 134 W. Main Street Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHTS OF D. F. Clark Meat Market " A ! Kinds of Meats " — and Lane ' s Groceries Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables 104 Tipton Street Phone 140 Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Majestic Barber Shop Next to Majestic Theatre " Keep Well Dressed with Our Haircut ' Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF John Sevier Hotel Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEKTS OF Mecca Cafe Fountain Square " DIHE AT LOW COST " Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHTS OF Buflfalo Inn " Milligan Students Always Welcome " MiLLiGAN College, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF SAM ' S HABERDASHERY JOHNSON CITY Formerly The Hole in the Wall Now Located Next to Montgomery Ward COMPLIMEHTS OF Low ry Fruit Company " WHOLESALE " Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Lay Packing Company " Wholesale and Retail Meats " Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHTS OF Shepherd ' s Store Milligan College, Tennessee Page 69 COMPLIMEHTS OF Congress Barber Shop 108 Main Street, East Johnson City, Tennessee ' " Once a Customer Always a Customer " COMPLIMEHTS OF Charles Stores Co. " " Johnson Citys Friendly Store " 308-310 Main Street, East Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Cash and Haul Wholesale Grocery Co. Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHTS OF Yellow Cab Co. Johnson City, Tennessee Phone 5252 " The Thin ing Fellow Rides a Yellow " COMPLIMENTS OF Humphreys Equipment Co., INCORPORATED " Headquarters for Sporting Goods " Phone 97 113 Market Street, East Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHTS OF Universal Motor Corporation DODGE— PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Corner King ' Boone Phone 5205 Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Parks-Belk Co. Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMEHTS OF Woflford Bros., Inc. Johnson City, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF Free Service Tire Co. Johnson City, Tennessee GOODYEAR TIRES STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Dan B. Wexler, Pres.-JoE B. Jared, SecTreas. COMPLIMENTS OF Moneyhun-Cox Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS Johnson City, Tennessee Page 70 COMPLIMEWS OF Quality Dry Cleaners Phone 104 Elizabethton, Tennessee COMPLIMEWS OF Crouch Dry Cleaners Phone 88 Elizabethton, Tennessee COMPLIMEWS OF DOSSERS Johnson City, Tennessee The Covers for This Boo}{ Were Furnished by The Kingsport Press Kingsport, Tennessee PATRO?iIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 77333 Page 71 ANNUAL CRAFTSMEN GJ C HE BUILDING OF A SUPERIOR YEAR BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOSEST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE EN- GRAVER AND THE PRINTER. OUR CON- NECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTANDING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE MAILL MINIMIZE MANY OF YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. . . THE KING PRINTING COMPANY Printers » Engravers » Bookbinders BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Page 72 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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