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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1936 c.2 Milligan College Buffalo. 3 1881 0001 1701 6 The BUFFALO 1936 Published by the Senior Class of MILLIGAN COLLEGE MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. iT? Management HELEN TRANUM, Eilitor DELMA HUDDLESTON, TOM KENT SAVAGE, Associule Editors LESLIE WOOD, Business Manager CCNT m 97737 4mjiiii ijLS BB Friends of the years; ambassadors of cheer, hope, and goodwill; builders of the kijjgdom of heaven in the lives and hearts of students; expoiients of the truest and best in friendship, in loyalty, in citizenship, in business, in honor, and in integrity; defenders of the highest ideals and traditions of American life; col- lege trustees whose counsel, wisdom, and comradeship have enriched campus life and whose gifts and sacri- fice in partnership with others have opened the doors of opportunity for all of us; we, the Class of 1936, in gratitude and appreciation, dedicate this our college annual. Mr. and Mrs. H. C Price EJ im S2?i5ras IN MEAi€l2l % i PROFESSOR CLARENCE H. POAGE GOD ' S FOOTSTEPS The purple haze on Buffalo, The vapor floating high, The pictures in the vale below. Their image in the sky. All these combine to please and bless And fill my soul with thankfulness. If with His brush and colors rare The artist paints this view, |iS a And puts such pictures in the air With tints that are so true. Shall I deny His deity And say that chance paints what I see? The subtle spell of such a scroll Can fill me all ivith awe. And call from out my inmost soul Respect for love and law; The hand that spreads those colors there Inspires my soul to breathe a prayer. Vi % ff On Buffalo and up above I Lie mist and purple haze; I ' m sure that One whom I could love Ij Has traced, in all these ways, I His footsteps, which are those of One i Who made the earth and stars and sun. No artist puny e ' er could trace One-halj the colors rare That He has lavished on this place And mingled with this air; So God is here, right ivell I know His footsteps are on Buffalo. About 1920, while teaching at Milligan College, Professor Poage was inspired to write this poem on the grandeur and subdued beauty of Buffalo Valley and Buffalo Mountain. ' ■■;;v.;. ' l • , ' i ' , ' - tesv.oiM aft»i( K j«iift si H5 -« 0, II, i.vxJiA ' %mf ' Xfi IP I % J l A THE BUFFALO ( ' 0 rM ' Henry J. Derthick Mrs. H. J. Derthick siihnt - Dean of Womcu; Assistant to President 04jAe U.J. C. M. Eyler Dean of Men; Professor of English FACULTY Sam J. Hyder, Professor of Mathematics, Bursar; Asa Frazier Cochrane, Jr., Professor of Biology; Mrs. A. F. Cochrane, Jr., Matron of Boys ' Dormitory; Kathleen Adams Bowman, Registrar, Instructor in Secretarial Science; Dimple Hart, Instructor in Expression; J. Walter Carpenter, Dean of Bible Department; Charles E. Burns, Professor of Social Science; Hugh M. Thompson, Professor of Chemistry and Physics; Hannah Graham Belcher, Assistant Pro- fessor of English; Kathleen Brown, Professor of Home Economics; Talitha Smith, Librarian George C. Seeck, Professor of Psychology; Gladys R. Seeck, Assistant Professor of Education E. Payson Willard, Jr., Professor of Latin and German; Edward G. Lodter, Professor of French Herbert H. Todd, Professor of History; R. J. Bennett, Professor of Education and Philosophy Margarctta Wright, Professor of Music; Mary C. Eyler, Instructor in Health Education and Physical Education for Women; Stephen I.acey, Coach and College Representative; Lista C. Hyder, Secretary to President; Garnet Williams, Assistant to Mrs. Derthick. Page Fifteen THE BUFFALO Page Sixteen Vacuity THE BUFFAL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS James William Hughes, President CoUicrville, Tenn. Vice-President Junior Class B.S. Helen Clark Tranum, A.B. Vice-President Johnson City, Tenn. ' 35. Senior Lifesaving Corps. ' 32- ' 36; Captain Black Team, ' 34; Basketball, ' 32; Girls ' " M " Club. ' 32. " 33. ' 35. ' 36; Editor of BufFalo, ' 36; Assistant In- structor in Physical Education, ■35, ' 36; May Queen. ' 36. Elsie Le Price, Secretary Erwin, Tenn. A.B. Glee Club ■35, ' ■ ' 35; " 56. Club. ' 33. ' 34; Dramatic , ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Masque, 36 ; Secretary Junior Class. Secretary Dramatic Club, 3- - y rJ. James S. Bryan, A.B. T reaiurer CoUierville, Tenn. Most Popular Boy, ' 34, ' 36 ; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 35 ; Business Manager of Stampede, ' 35, ' 36; Manager Baseball, ' 36. RuBYE Louise Nipper, A.B. Class Typist Soddy, Tenn. Glee Club. 34 ; Captain Black Team, ' 35 ; Secretary Stampede, ' 35. ' 36. Elinor Nelson St. John, A.B. Class Typist Appalachia, Va. Virginia Club, ' 33 ; Volunteer Band, ' 33- ' 36 ; Christian En- deavor, ' 33- ' 36; Glee Club. ' 34- ' 36 ; Secretary Stampede, ' 36. Page Seventeen Lor A Delma Huddles- ton, B.S. Byrdstown, Tenn. Basketball. ' 33- ' 36 ; Cap- tain Basketball, ' 36; Cap- tain Orange Team, ' 35 ; Cheer Leader, ' 35 ; Life- saving Corps, ' 35 ; Swim- ming Instructor. ' 36; Pres- ident Sunday School Class, ' 36 ; Home Economics Club, ' 36; Athletic Rep- resentative, ' 33 ; Dramatic Club, ■33- ' 36; Glee Club, ' 35- ' 36; ■ " M " Club, ' 34- ' 36; Stampede. Reporter. ' 36; Assistant Editor Buf- falo, ' 36 ; Christian En- deavor, ' 36; Most Ath- letic Girl, ' 36. Lois Ophelia Hoppers, B.S. Decatur, Ala. Volunteer Band. ' 33- ' 34; Home Economics Club, ' 36; Captain Orange Ten- nis Team, ' 35 ; Glee Club. ' 33- " 34; Christian Culture Degree, 36. Edward Leslie Wood, A.B. Bridgeport, Conn. Glee Club, ' 34- ' 36 ; Pres- ident Glee Club, ' 35, ' 36; The Masque, ' 34- ' 36 ; Treasurer Dramatic Club, ' 35, ' 36 ; Ministerial As- sociation, ' 53- ' 36; Vice- President, ' 34 : Christian Endeavor Song Leader, ' 35, ' 36 ; Christian Endeavor, ■34- ' 36; President Chris- tian Endeavor. ' 35 ; Stam- pede Staff. ' 35, " 36; Busi- ness Manager Buffalo, " 36; Prince of Personality, " 36. William Carpenter, B.S. Johnson City, Tenn. Red Cross Examiner, ' 33 ; Ministerial Association, ' 31, ' 32, ' 36. Clarence Edward Witt, A.B. Erwin, Tenn. President Freshman Class. " 33 ; President Sophomore Class, ' 34 ; Basketball. ' 33 ; Band, ' 33, ' 34; Foot- ball, ■32- ' 35 ; " M " Club, 33- ' 36; Vice - President " M " Club, " 36; Dramatic Club, ■33- 36; Masque, ■33- " 36; Pre-Medical Club, ' 33- ' 36; Vice - President Pre-Medical Club. ' 34; GleeCIub. ■33- " 36 ; Tennis, ' 35, ' 36 ; Stampede Re- porter, " 36. Nellie Fay Jones, B.S! Whaley, N. C. Glee Club, ' 36; Home Economics Club, ' 36 : Volunteer Band, ' 33- ' 36 ; Secretary Girls ' Sunday School Class, ' 36; Secre- tary Christian Endeavor. ■34. Clarence G. Irvin, B.S. Wytheville, Va. Football, ' 32- ' 35 ; Captain Football, ' 35 ; " M " Club. ' 32- ' 35; President " M " Club, ' 35 ; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 33. Page Eighteen THE BUFFALO SENIOR CLASS Newton Summers Jones, B.S. Piney Flats, Tenn. Dramatic Club. ' 33- ' 36 The Masque, ' 34- ' 36 ; Pre Medical Club. ' 33- " 36 Football, ' 32, ' 33. Bernice Carmacr, B.S. John Thomas Smedley. Ripley, Tenn. Captain Orange Team, ' 33 ; Vice-Presiaent Girls ' Sunday School Class, ' 33 ; Dramatic Club, ' 3-4 ; Fea- ture Editor Stampede, ' 36 ; Girls ' " M " Club, ' 36; Home Economics Club, ' 36. - XX! ■John B. Hall, A.B. Hampton, Tenn. Ministerial Association. ' 33- " 36 ; President Ministerial Association. ' 34 ; Secre- tary-Treasurer Ministerial Association, ' 36. George Edward Lacy, B.S. Elizabcthton, Tenn. Pre-Medical Club, ' 33- ' 36 ; President Pre-Medical Club, ' 35 ; Secretary - Treasurer Pre-Medical Club, ' 34. Sarah Shirley Scott, B.S. Jonesboro, Tenn. Basketball. ' 33- ' 36; " M " Club, ' 36 ; Home Econom- ics Club, ' 36. Garcia Kermit Can- Fon trell, B.S. Pound. Va. ic Council 33, " 54. Vage Nineteen BUFFALO P SENIOR CLASS Jamie Tell Taylor, A.B. Trenton, Tenn. Sports Editor Stampede. ' 34; Editor Stampede, ' 56; Pre-Law, ' 53- ' 35 ; Forensic Council, ' 35. Ruby Zelle West, A.B. Oneida, Tenn. Girls ' " M " Club: Senior Life Guard ; Secretary Stampede, ' 35. Lillian Russell fugate, a.b. Mayking, Ky. Associate Editor Stam- pede, ' 36 : Christian En- deavor. ' 33- ' 36 ; Assistant Instructor in Swimming, ■36. Tom Kent Savage, A.B. Linden, Tenn. Forensic Council, ' 32. " 33. ' 35 ; Associate Editor Stampede, ' 35 ; President Junior Class. ' 35 ; Asso- ciate Editor Buffalo, ' 36. Luster Gilley, B.S. Manchester, Tenn. Basketball. ' 34- ' 36: Pur- chasing Agent, ' 34 ; Head Waiter. ' 35, ' 36; Boost- ers ' Club, ' 36. Dick Ayers, B.S. Linden, Tenn. Basketball, ' 33- ' 36 ; Alter- nate Captain Basketball, ' 36; Baseball, ' 36; Cheer Leader, ' 35 ; Boys ' " M " Club, ' 33- ' 36 ; President " M " Club, " 36; Dra- matic Club. ' 34- ' 36 ; Class Photographer, ' 36. Hazel Josephine Hart, B.S. Elizabethton. Tenn. Wilkes Buchanan, A.B. Union City, Tenn. A rJU Page Twenty i%jr m Senior Flashes . C " - - ' THE BUFFALO JUNIOR CLASS Arnold D. Albright, President . Wolcottville, Ind. Clifford Purcell, Vice-Vresident .Cleveland, Va. Mary Frances Jenkins, Sec.-Treas Norton, Va. Robert E. Akers Erwin, Tenn. Beatrice Katheryne Rice .Erwin, Tenn. George M. Norton Savannah, pGn. C - ff " rS iJ Elaine Turner Paris, Tenn. , Fred Conley Alamo, Tenn. Vvc v oljfch ' ' Virginia Read Rutledge, Tenn. John Robert Hilsenbeck Jenkins, Ky. Juliette H. Lodter Newport, R. I. Dudley Culvahous? . Euchee, Tenn. ti c Duxf CJU. Rebecca McElroy Dover, Tenn. James Howard Hale Johnson City, Tenn. Dorothy McKenzie Pinehurst, N. C. James William Johnson . . . , ' Alamo, Tenn. nita B. Shoun Johnson City, Tenn. Juniors whose pictures do not appear in annual — Elmer B.iker. Etowah. Tenn.: P.iul Brown. Chilhowie, Tenn.; Mrs. Frances Burk Burnette, Chattanooga. Tenn. ; Ancil Campbell, Johnson City, Tenn. ; Glester Harvey, Erwin, Tenn.; Fred J. Hollev. Elizabethton, Tenn.; James B. Sanders. Blountville, Tenn. ; Delihla Looney, Grundy, Va. ; Bill Sturgill, Inman, Va. ; Margaret Pickering, Erwin, Tenn. ; Richard D. Nave, Mountain City, Tenn. y .p Page Twenty-Tuo 7V.z J V THE BUFFALO ... i i;::; " ;:; JUNIOR CLASS Sam Cecil Oneida, Tenn. » v - i-. Helen Reese Sudderth Montezuma, N. C. — Ralph Rhoton Shelley Morristown, Tenn. _ — „, Maryanna Linkous Flovilla, Ga. • • Howard Williams Elizabethton, Tenn. ' -. 7 " y Lois J. Neiser Erwin, Tenn. Frank Freeman Jones . . Chattanooga, Tenn. y LoRAYNE Schreckengost Butlcf, Pa John Barnard Salem, Va. Sara Ruth Qualls Pound, Va. Gordon Bailey Milligan College, Tenn Mildred Claire Odle Camden, Va William Kern Kiser Wise, Va. W Cora R. Lewis Pennington Gap, Va. -4i i I f Robert Craig Morton Johnson City, Tenn. " ' fr Bessie Winifred Nipper ., , Soddy, Tenn -4. 4 » P Page Twenty-Three r T : mm imj::: r . ' . ' t2 THE BUFFALs -vmr r l SOPHOMORE CLASS ' V ' " w Frank A. Taylor, Jr., Presjileiif . . Elizabcthton, Tenn. ' „ J- William L. McElroy, Vicc-Vrcsideut , . Dover, Tenn. — M " Myrtle Burns, Sec.-Trem Milligan College, Tenn. Preston Adams Norton, Va. y . SSF ' ' " ' 1 Ruth Clark Boatland, Tenn. ... Jack Willis Morristown, Tenn. Sjk Grace Carroll Etowah, Tenn. -n J 1 • I pr Ira Morley Erwin, Tenn. i ' i-- i " ' J A ' - ' - ' ' °vi " - , i Grundy, Va. llirfl il W Ai i W - ' . « C - --« -e ' tfc- i -jUl i A. -uce -AXx;f ]i £- :zt. j e. - ' i c- It f J Tft ( Jamie V. Boi C G. .. ! . r . r ' T " ' ' ' .t rT o " ■ " " Marion Potter Hennessee- ... ' .. .Knoxville, Tenn. A ■ " iflfeAt " " Fred Eugene Thornburgh Newbern, Tenn. " » y % f « I ! June Martin Cox Dryden, Va. d, M ' • »« V- .» ' ■ ' K F, « ' l , „ p ■ T- .A _. 1 A i ' ' - .1(1 tE - r James Hale Erwm, Tenn. J -yy • ' " , " " . »j) Mary Katherine Crittendon Hale, Tenn. y }r t. TftrV ' i-fl.-T 3r e ' l Im I . r B Haskell Daijja Howard Elizabethton, Tenn. y Ir sC-V wA " ' Jj- yy ' ' ■ J-! i " P ■» ■ ' ' " » Martha Sue Crittendon New Orleans, La ' uy J ♦ - " ' " 1 ' - . ' ' W J[M M. Suttee Jonesville, Va. je Sjir ' J L ' ( •{ I f B iBo a» • Virginia Doyle Maugans Elizabethton, Tenn. ' lyi y I] " 72E ' ' ' ' ' TS J.. tR 91 " « James Cecil Lowe Soddy, Ten.i. ' -» ' Ay f C ' ' if , ■ I HL " " B - " ' ■ " Torrey Copenhaver Johnson City, Tenn. " ' jh C i m f " " k James Edwin Edens Elizabethton, Tenn. ;(i .- ,iZ t " ' " •» f P ' - - Pauline Orr Dryden, Va. 5 « -yr : if I ' 1 -!. " ! William Samuel Davis Norton, Va. j ' iy l ' " ' ' - Sophomores whose pictures do not appear in annual — William Samuel Bates. Etowah, Tenn. ; Ted Fuller, " " ' -VV " iy - ' 4- Honaker, Va. ; Nell Harrell, Johnson City, Tenn. ; Elmer Harvey, Erwin, Tenn. ; Mrs. Anita Hicks Herndon, n. ' Bruceton, Tenn.; George Llnebaugh, Elizabethton, Tenn.; J. C. Range, Johnson City, Tenn.; Mrs. Celeste " . j tA Nave Sheriff, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Rob Strickland, Clifton. Tenn. Vage Iwenty-VouY THE BUFFALO Ci SOPHOMORE CLASS Harry Easterly Lebanon, Va. Edith Imogene Crockett .Imboden, Va. James Kenneth Musick Cleveland, Va. jf.riA. (4 ■ r ' - Nj ncy H. Franklin Elizabethton, Tenn. ' «M - 4-t ' RovERT Lee Blevins Bakersville, N. C. _ »Mary Helen Banner Jonesville, Vj. John R. Woods Alamo, Tcnn. Virginia A. Bowman Milligan College, Tenn. Rush Roy Taylor .Elizabethton, Tenn. • ' ' ly Thora Maurine DildO Lewcing, Tenn. ' I ' w. t Z Amerine B. Culbertson wise, Va. rii " h ' " v, - -.— - Ruby Clark Gunter, Tenn. ,aJM li y Ij " ! •f ' ' J. ' ' yU ;f Marvin William Gilliam Wise, Va. O( fl Dorothy M. Cross Piney Flats, Tenn. Tn K.-M r-i ' Blaine Sturgill Flat Gap, Va. Jack Crumley Elizabethton, Tcnn. Wyoming Blevins Norton, V;i. Jesse P. Boatman Algood, Tenn. Ruby Juanita Redmon Wartburg, Tenn. R. J. Allen Elizabethton, Tcnn. W. W. Peery WalUnd, Tcnn. Opal Dean Parris Byrdstown, Tenn. Neil Lou Colmery Wilkinsburg, Pa. Velda Deloise Cox Johnson City, Tenn. John Paul York Elizabethton, Tcnn. SN. A Page Twenty-Five FRESHMAN GIRLS Op rou ' — Lorene O ' Roark, Mountain City, Tenn.; Florence Burns, Milligan College, Tenn.; Victoria Christensen, Newport, R. I.; Elizabeth Wright, Bruceton, Tenn.; Dorothy Anderson, South Pittsburg, Tenn.; Stephanie Nave, Mountain City, Tenn.; Eleanor Vogel, Erwin, Tenn.; Frances Hendrix, Martinsville, Va.; Eva Deaton, Erwin, Tenn. Rou ' 2 — Imogene Odom, Paris, Tenn,; Hazel Redmon, Alamo, Tenn.; Frances Gray, Wise, Va.; Edith Case, Jamestown, Tenn.; Lenora Geissler, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Estelle Crockett, Imboden, Va.; Ardene Keisling, Monroe, Tenn.; Clarice Quails, Livingston, Tenn.; Elizabeth Ottinger, Parrottsville, Tenn.; Marilyn Stallard, St. Paul, Va.; Roxie Parker, Erwin, Tenn. Row 3 — Olivia Fulghum, Newbern, Tenn.; Jane Culvahouse, Euchee, Tenn.; Charlsie Smalling, Piney Flats, Tenn.; Olive Hinderer, Memphis, Tenn.; Myra Lee Oliver, Piney Flats, Tenn.; Dorothy Starr, John- son City, Tenn.; Louise McClellan, Fordtown, Tenn.; Mary Ruth Old, Waynesboro, Tenn.; Mary Jane McDermott, Cleveland, Ohio; Marie Bible, Moshelm, Tenn. Row 4 — Negatha Gourley, Tarpon, Va.; Pauline Turner, Pennington Gap, Va.; Virginia Smith, Jasper, Tenn.; Florence Potter, New Albany, Miss.; Estelle Elliot, Dungannoh, Va.; Mary Palmer, Speers Ferry, Va.; Sibyl Anderson, Clyde, N. C; Helen Christo, Norfolk, Va.; Marguerite Steele, Richlands, Va.; Maxie Williams, Jonesville, Va.; Nell Huckleberry, Paris, Tenn.; Mildred Shoun, Johnson City, Tenn. Freshman girls whose pictures do not appear in annual — Viola Mae Dotson, Grundy, Va.; Virginia Haga, Montezuma, N. C; Mary Katherine McQueen, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Lee Ola Whitehouse, Hartford, Ky.; Marjorie Nelle Zimmerman, Johnson City, Tenn. Page Twenty-Six yi - y THE B»¥FF. iH FRESHMAN BOYS Russell Jordan, Maynard, Mass.; Edward O ' Donnell, Maynard, Mass.; Richard Archer, Maynard, Mass.; Vincent Labowicz, Maynard, Mass.; John George, Wilinsbure, Pa.; Lee Varnell, Adamsville, Tenn.; Clarence Fair, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Trevor McLean, Alamo, Tenn.; Oscar Paul Orr, Pennington Gap, Va.; W. A. White, Jr., Milligan College, Tenn .; Wm. Nelson St. John, Appalachia, Va.; Will Fugate, Taze- well, Tenn.; Ralph Turner, Pennington Gap, Va.; Vester Sturgill, Flat Gap, Va.; John E. Wilson, Bruce- ton, Tenn.; William Cunningham, Oconee, Ga.; Robert Culvahouse, Euchee, Tenn.; Frederick Davison, Erwin, Tenn.; Howard Hamlin, Oneida, Tenn.; Edward Hurt, Halls, Tenn.; Woody Belcher, William- son, West Va.; Frazier Cochrane, Jr., Milligan College, Tenn.; R. W. McGarry, Maynard, Mass.; J. D. Crosswhite, Kingsport, Tenn.; Mercer Lowery, Cleveland, Tenn.; Howard C. Johnson, Humboldt, Tenn.; Sidney Davis, Tazewell, Tenn.; Randel Smith, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Raymond Perkins, Johnson City, Tenn. ; James N. Whitney, Greensboro, N. C. ; W. D. Smith, Jonesboro, Tenn. ; George Swaney, Eliza- bethton, Tenn.; Jack Alderson, Norton, Va.; James Chasteen, Burnville, Tenn.; Charles F. Duggins, Greene ville, Tenn.; Joe Swaney, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Stanley Moon, Jonesboro, Tenn.; Eugene Sutphin, Unicoi, Tenn.; John W. Whitt, Appalachia, Va.; Ed Mottern, Elizabethton, Tenn.; J. Edmund Snodgrass, Johnson City, Tenn.; Earl Ritchie, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Edward Owens, Dunbar, Va.; Harry Hoyle, Newport, R. L; Fred Peckham, Newport, R. L; Ellis Cox, Johnson City, Tenn, Freshman boys whose pictures do not appear in annual — Norman Bain, Smithvllle, Tenn.; John Boring, Jonesboro, Tenn.; Kenneth Bowden, Little Crab, Tenn.; Wilfred Carroll, Michie, Tenn.; Gordon Crab- tree, Livingston, Tenn.; Ralph Culvahouse, Euchee, Tenn.; Walter A. Divers, Rocky Mount, Va.; Rudolph Dralle, Sewaren, N. J.; Joseph Fair, Milligan College, Tenn.; Philip Fletcher, Appalachia, Va.; Bill Fugate, Tazewell, Tenn.; John David Gfellers, Johnson City, Tenn.; James Laws, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Arvil Lawson, Imboden, Va.; David P. Mason, Greeneville, Tenn.; D. A. Mullins, Jenkins, Ky.; John Hal Nave, Mountain City, Tenn.; Sheldon D. Nave, Mountain City, Tenn.; Albert. B. Range, Elizabethton, Tenn.; Leo Frederick Sage, Johnson City, Tenn.; Carl James Stallard, Elizabethton, Tenn.; John Calvin Wells, Jacksonville, Fla.; Benjamin F. Whinrey, Fall Branch, Tenn.; Kelver Willis, Johnson Page Twenty-Seven ,-, r " i y College Caricatures tti i MifcM;.i as ! asii 11 m m mi ■ I ' " % ' V " - ' - THE BUFFALO Above — Girls ' " M " Club u o I Below— Boys ' " M " Club Cy tJUY ' ' w 2-t. _ , :7. I d ' y , A ii y ' i . y n Page Twenty-Nine A i ' . -Hume Econom ' us Club Below— 1-1 Page Thirty Ministerial Association ndA olunteer Bajid Jk THE BUFFALO Above — Glee Cluh Below — Pre-Med Club Page Thirty-One THE BUFFALO DRAMATIC CLUB The Di ' amatic Club aspires to make itself a dramatic workshop in which setting, make- up and coaching may be studied. The club accepts its members only after they have been coached and have appeared in a tryout play before the club. This club has a senior organization known as " The Masque, " made up of students who have earned their way to this coveted organization by playing a leading role in a major play or three minor roles. The Dramatic Club produces many one-act plays during the year and entertains in the adjoining towns for different clubs and organizations. The club feels that a peculiar benefit can come from an interchange of dramatic per- formances. So this year it made an innovation in its program which it hopes will prove a precedent for many years. Much pleasure and benefit were received by an exchange of plays with Carson-Newman College and Lincoln Memorial University, Milligan presenting the " Importance of Being Earnest, " by Oscar Wilde; Carson-New- man, " Smiling Through " ; and L. M. U., " Tennessee Valley. " By these exchanges the cordial relationships of the three colleges were greatly enhanced, each college being gracious hosts to the various groups of players. The " Importance of Being Earnest " has been presented on seven different occasions and was sponsored by numerous organizations. The commencement play was the " Barber of Seville, " by Beaumarchais. The club is proud of the work of many of its present as well as former members. This year it regrets to lose through graduation some of its most valuable members. The club bids Godspeed to Elsie Price, Delma Huddleston, Summers Jones, and Leslie Wood. Dimple Hart, Instnictor. Elaine Turner, Assistant. Page Thirty-Two THE BUFFALO Above — Dramatic Club Belotv — " Importance of Being Earnest " Page Thirty-Three 7767 The Buffalo Staff UJ fjZ mmm mmmm mmmMMmmmmmmMimmmmmmmmi. - m •I!. ' -. , , .l- 0f- ■ ' V : i I aid, ill ' if: i i fe«iia»nffl it..,.,..., fm ■mil M m m m M M ' - ' " i ' i, J h a THE BUFFALO FOOTBALL On September 1, about thirty men gathered on Anglin Field to learn the art of the " pigskin game. " More than half of this group of men were new and inexperienced, but were eager and wiUing to demonstrate their football abilities. The first game with Lees-McRae College of North Carolina netted the Buffs their first victory. The Buffaloes hit their stride against King College and throttled the Tornado to the tune of 28-14. The Herd drove hard against their traditional rivals, the Johnson City Teachers College, but the Buccaneers eked out- a hard-fought 9-6 victory. Thus ended a com- paratively favorable season, the team finishing with about a .500 average in the conference. Several men starred at different times during the season. The outstanding players were G. Harvey and E. Harvey, full and halfback; Sturgill, halfback; Baker, halfback; Taylor, quarterback; Hale and Labowicz, ends; Kiser and Snodgrass, tackles; and Sanders and Boatman, guards. C Irvin, end, and G. Harvey co-captained the team this year. Next year Taylor and Baker, both backfield men, have been chosen to lead the team. Even though Witt, Irvin, G. Harvey, E. Harvey, Kiser, Range, and Anderson will not play with the Buffaloes next year, right now it appears that the team will be an extremely dangerous foe, and prospects for a highly successful season are bright. Look out for the Buffs — they ' re stampeding! Steve Lacey, Coach. Mac Thompson, Assistant. Page Thirty-Six Aff iff i ? ?y HOV ARO Varsity Football jC ' Im THE BUFFALO BOU f G Varsity Basketball M ' =- LEAN Page Thirty-Nine THE BUFFALO BASKETBALL when the coach called the roll at the first practice in November, only five veterans of former Buffalo battles answered that they were ready to try to regain the supremacy lost in the previous campaign. But there was a bevy of youngsters from the freshman class, the finest Milligan has had in many years, who said that they were aspirants for some of the places made vacant by the Buffaloes who had not returned. After looking over the material, the coach was heard to say that the Buffaloes might suffer some reverses in January, but that February would find the going tough for the opposition. And such was the case! Drills soon disclosed that some of the veterans would have a hard time holding their regular positions. Substitutions for the old warriors became more frequent, and the old men battled harder to nuaintain their places. It was a glorious practice session! Most of us know what happened. The Buffaloes engaged in sixteen conference con- tests, won ten, and lost six for a two-game better average than the season of 1934-3 5. But this team accomplished something that the one before it had left undone: it defeated the Emory and Henry squad for the first time in three years, and it defeated the con- ference champions in a satisfactory manner. The letter men. Captain Ayers, Captain-elect Albright, Boiling, Shelley, Perkins, Gilley, Nave, Varnell, Fair, McLean, Labowicz, and Hamlin, were pushed to their utmost by such fine third-string material as George Swaney, Joe Swaney, Alderson, John George, and others. These men made practices very interesting by their driving tactics during the entire season, and the whole campus will miss its guess if some of these men are absent from the varsity roster next year. Farewells by graduation to Captain Ayers and his able substitute, Gilley. These two men have done a great deal for basketball at Milligan. May they do as much in the futui-e for themselves and for the line of work which they choose to follow is the wish of The Buffalo staff. C. E. Eyler, Coach. Pitge Forty THE BUFFALO Piige Forty-One THE BUFFALf THE BUFFALETTES Coach Lacey again brings the Buffalettes through a very successful season. Cooperating with him were Captain Delma Huddleston, Manager Bernlce Carmack, and the team Itself which emerged victorious from five out of six Intercollegiate games, gaining for themselves the right to contend for the East Tennessee championship. The Buffalettes lose through graduation Shirley Scott, a small but efficient forward, and Captain Delma Huddleston whose performance as forward has been exhilarating to the fans and an inspiration to the team. Who can forget the times when in just the last minute to play that one point made by Huddleston in a foul shot meant a victory for the Buffalettes? And speaking of individual skill — that one-handed " sllng- at-the-goal " habit of Pauhne Orr ' s has brought the team through many a tough place. Neither can we fall to mention the stalwart Bet Redmon, who is a difficult opponent for any guard. We also have hopes for Flossie — the Blonde Blizzard, also a freshman. The low scores of the opponents speak well for the work done by the star guards, Rice, Quails, and the newly-found sophomore, Parris. The freshman material has been far from discouraging, and Coach Lacey has made the most of it. The outlook for the team of ' 37 is certainly bright and exciting considering the abihties displayed by Burns, Redmon, Keishng, and Culvahouse and the proved talents of Rice, Quails, Orr, and Cox. Page Forty-Two THE BUFFALO fCe SLING- M. BURNS CULVAMOUSE Varsity Basketball Page Forly-Thrce S NSeOALL TEAM RED CROSS LlFE--iAV NO CORPS PUR CELL Baseball Teayyi OJRLS ' TENNIS TEAM JU WOOD Captain of Ttack Team BOVS- TEMN(S TEAM OYS ' TKACK TGAM AliscellaiieDiis Sports -a.1. ,-0 _a4 ,t_a.w»-w. :0Jier ' 4.f, Campus Scenes i sports Shots Mm S? ' ! ' -. " ' ?? Mr iim % ' (! i mi % ml M0i " hv) .X. :i o Q 5 ft- 3 .Ji s SO II c 3 .V K i 4 Ai 9 i p4 -jrv feTwY ' Hodgepodge ' o-jco mm Campiii Scene!, (((fflSWSBfSWS ■smmmmm % -jris " ' ' « v it 11 Ilm li iii fit: it .ill ,■ f jiM A .w rWvvxJ%. X.« ULUa.xw Q._ . SJU » _ a J. Vv C . t4. . ., ' ,4. J , ' ■:- -.■r . ' l- ' .f J y j C -t- it ' iiLxv v .-wrr 1 oi • ' 9 1 ) MILLIGAX COLLEGE H. J. DERTHICK President MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. Milligan College is an institution with a rich tradition; a unique history; ideal location; wholesome Christian atmosphere; standard courses in science, philosophy, education, religion; courses in business expression, music, home economics; adequate and efficient teaching staff; clean and vigorous athletics; intercollegiate foren- sics. Opportunities for young ministers; aid for honor graduates of standard high schools; new buildings and equipment; delightful climate; select student body. FALL SEMESTER OPENS SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 Write for Literature fj ( omplimenis of YELLOW CAB CO. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Phone 5252 " The Thinking Fellow Rides a Yellow " Photography in the " Bujfalo " by BURR HARRISON 2O8I 2 East Main Street JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Remember — One-Third of Life Is Spent in Bed! JOHNSON CITY SPRING AND BEDDING CO. Phone 1205 JOHNSON CITY, TENN. FOR ECONOMY USE ELECTRICITY FOR COOKING REFRIGERATION WATER HEATING TENN. EASTERN ELECTRIC CO. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. CENTRAL COAL COMPANY, Inc. Phone 166 JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Service and Highest Quality ARNEY MOTOR CO. " Your Oldsmobile Dealer " J. Norton Arney, Pres. Gen. Mgr, JOHNSON CITY, TENN. LONDON HARDWARE CO. mmmm JOHNSON CITY, TENN. jTtn I C s s QUALITY MADE US FAMOUS MARSHALL BROS. LUMBER CO. SERVICE MADE US GROW 312-316 East Main Street JOHNSON CITY TENN. Eat Delicious PET ICE CREAM " A Health Food " Compliments of FREE SERVICE TIRE CO. JOHNSON CITY. TENNESSEE GOODYEAR TIRES— STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS DAN B. WEXLER, PraidcHl JOE B. JARED, Secretary-Treasure Compliments of CASH AND HAUL WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Compliments of THE JOHNSON CITY STEAM LAUNDRY JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Phone 5188 s THE JONES- VANCE DRUG CO., Inc. Corner Main and Spring Streets JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Phone 5126 We Give Service Visit Our Fountain and Luncheonette Department " Only the Best " Clothes of Character FOR WELL DRESSED COLLEGE MEN! Kuppenheimer, Griffon, Curlee and Varsity-Town College Clothes Arrotv Shirts — Friendly Shoes H A I X A H ' S SMYTHE ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Wiring and Appliances EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL REPAIRED 238 East Main Street Phone 5198 JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Compliments of HUMPHREYS EQUIPMENT CO., Inc. Headquarters for SPORTING GOODS Phone 97 113 East Market Street JOHNSON CITY, TENN. S Compliments of EAST TENNESSEE and WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD CO. and ET WNC MOTOR TRANSPORTATION COMPANY JOHNSON CITY, TENN. BRADING-RHEA LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building, Material Corner East Main and Division Streets JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Millwork a Specialty c SPECIALTY PRINTING CO. 107 Boone Street — Phone 34 JOHNSON CITY, TENN. PRINTING RULING BINDING KING ' S WHERE BUFFALOES WHO REALLY KNOW COME FOR THEIR SMARTEST CLOTHES THE LOWRY FRUIT COMPANY INrORPORATED Wholesale Dealers in FRUITS, VEGETABLES CANDIES GROCERS ' SPECIALTIES Phone 5105 JOHNSON CITY, TENN. The Talk of the Town SA M ' SAMUEL E. MILLER k JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Quality Plus Style HATS— SHIRTS— TIES— HOSE UNDERWEAR— PAJAMAS, ETC. Underwood Typetvriters School Supplies Books Magazines Greeting Cards OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 215 Main Street JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Conjpliments of MONEYHUN-COX COMPANY Wholesale Grocers JOHNSON CITY, TENN. FRATERNITY, COLLEGE, and CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS, DIPLOMAS Jeweler to the Senior Class of Milligan College L. G. BALFOUR CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS s ? Compliments of CHARLES STORES CO. Compliments of " Johnson City ' s Friendly Store " WOFEORD BROS., Inc. 308-310 East Main Street JOHNSON CITY, TENN. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. TENNESSEE MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of THE ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING CO. " Your Ford Dealer " 256 West Main Street — Phone 43 JOHNSON CITY, TENN. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. " The True Fruit Drink " Compliments of SUMMERS PARKS-BELK CO. HARDWARE CO. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Wholesale Hardware PLUMBING, HEATING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Compliments of BUILDING MATERIALS SPORTING GOODS THE SMOKE SHOP AGRICULTURAL JOHNSON CITY, TENN. IMPLEMENTS Compliments of Drink . . . RED BAND „. ry9 KITCHEN-TESTED C (nGm FLOUR mX % %44 The Best Thafs Made Pure as Sunlight ) I I This Book Is Bound iu a Two Great Institutions KINGSKRAFT COVER MILLIGAN COLLEGE Manufactured by THE KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. Kingsport, Tennessee and SOUTHERN MAID ICE CREAM! s In Appreciation The members of the Annual Staff wish to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to the busi- nessmen of Johnson City and environs for their in- valuable aid. Without their splendid cooperation the publication of this annual could not have been realized. • ) Students — Patronize These Enterprising Merchants! ■; 1 s Milligan College Alma Mater 1)1 Tennessee ' s fair eastern mountains, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by. Forward ever he our watchword, C Conquer and prevail. Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! Cherished by her sons and daughters. Memories stveet shall throng, Round our hearts, O Alma Mater, As we sing this song. Forward ever be our watchword, Conquer and prevail. Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! «.•, I -4 ,j,yXJ 9- v pv - U HiiviL. VJ ibXC -5 -V 5XX c- 3u- Y — ' Y — !

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