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Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1932 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. Ill 188 ■mil ' .!.. EX-LIBRIS Ji-f management James A. Donoho Editor Charles W. Perkins Business Manager THE 1932 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY 6HHE9 EMIOR etAeAT of MIlLoMGrAN COILolLoEerl) MILLIGAN COLLEGE TENNESSEE PH. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRARY WLU6AN COLLEGE, TENN. 37682 BEDICATIOM To MRS. CALVIN PARDEE " Lover of Youth " , mother of four sons and five daughters, grandmother, and philanthropist, whose devotion to her home, to human welfare, to the highest principles of life and to her God has idealized womanhood; and whose opti- mism, cheer, enthusiasm, faith, and love have brought Heaven nearer, revealing Christ as dearer and sacrifice as sweeter, we, the Class of 1932, in grateful acknowledgment dedicate this volume. MRS. CALVIN PARDEE A " Lover of Youth; ' a benefactor of man- kind, and a believer that Christian Char- acter is man ' s great- est achievement. I " ■ ' NMfc •UK. " FOREWORD WHEN in years to come, you scan the pages of the 1932 Buffalo, your college days will become foremost in memory. If this recollection should afford a few moments of gladness in a world of care and thus lighten a bur- den that might have been heavier, should cause you to appreciate more deeply the opportunities and advantages that Milli- gan College has offered you, or should enable you to understand more clearly that " Christian Education is the Hope of the World, " then our fondest hopes will have been realized. CONTENT. BOOK I THE eoEEEeE BOOK II THE CEAS§E § BOOK III THE FEATURE! BOOK IV THEETICS BOOK V ORGANIZATIO ML THE BUFFALO The Staff of the 1932 Buffalo James A. Donoho Editor Charles W. Perkins Business Manager Joy Gillenwater Senior Editor Charles Starnes Athletic Editor William Johnston Assistant Athletic Editor Ella B. Payne Secretary to Editor 1932 iiiii IZZ3 BOOK I The College ADMINISTRATION BUILDING HT! HARDIN HALL JK CHEEK GYMNASIUM : !323 ' ' . - . : -- -- - " - «! v. ... THE FALLS ' ' ' ■■ - 8 IK O - ' , ■ 0 ' " " . ' ■ - , THE PRESIDENTIAL STEPS , : V " THE PRESIDENT ' S HOME BUFFALO CREEK THE BUFFALO 1932 Henry J. Derthick President Hiram College A.B., 1897; University of Michigan A.M., 1912; Graduate Work, Columbia University, 1918. Mrs. H. J. Derthick ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT Dean of Women a£L J fL TOP ROW Kathleen Adams Registrar; Instructor in Commercial Department Pcabody College, A.M., 1926 Charles E. Burns Dean of Men; Professor of Business Ac ministration University of Chicago, A.M., 1921 Hannah Graham Belcher English Peabody College, A.M., 1928 BOTTOM ROW Kathleen Brown Home Economics Pcabody College, A.M., 1928 J. Stanley Carpenter Biology University of Tennessee, M.S., 1931 Nancy Cantrell College Representative Milligan College , A.B., 1929 J. Walter Carpenter Dean of Bible Department Yale University, B.D., 1905 B THE BUFFALO 1932 FACULTY TOP ROW Asa Frazier Cochrane, Jr. Biology; Coach of Football University of Tennessee, A.M., 1926 Mrs. A. F. Cochrane Matron Pardee Hall Charles Crouch Business Administration Columbia University, M.S., 1928 Jess H. Edds Psychology George Peabody College, Ph.D., 1930 BOTTOM ROW Clement M. Eyler English; Physical Education for Men; Coach of Basketball Columbia University, Ph.D., 1931 Ada Bess Hart Coach of Basketball; Physical Director for Women Peabody College, A.M., 1928 Dimple Hart Instructor in Expression Cadek Conservatory, 1921; Peabody Summer Sessions Sam J. Hyder Mathematics University of Tennessee, A.M., 1929 THE BUFFALO FACULTY TOP ROW Edward G. Lodter French and Spanish Northwestern University, A.M., 1930 bottom row- Gertrude Lawrence History; Social Science Ohio State University, Ph.D., 1929 W. Morrison McCall Education; Philosophy University of Missouri, Ph.D., 1930 Hugh M. Thompson Chemistry; Physics North Carolina State College, Ph.D., 1928 Ji t Joseph Ogle Music Department Phillips University, B. Music, 1924 E. Payson Willard, Jr. Latin; German University of North Carolina, Ph.D., 1929 THE BUFFALO Assistants and Other Officers MRS. W. E. HYDER Secretary to President Derthick RUBY STONE IRENE SHIRLEY Study Hour Assistants PAUL MORLEY Assistant in Physical Education PAT LOVELESS Swimming Instructor EVA LEE BROWN RUTH KNOWLTON GRACE HILSENBECK Office Assistants HARLIS BOLLING Assistant in Chemistry MARCUS STEWART Assistant in Biology RANSOM ROBBINS Assistant Buyer WILLIAM WOODS RUBY STONE RUTH BOY EUGENIA ADAMSON Library Assistants ROBERT ELDER NEIL HALL Campus Assistants MANUAL SANDERS LILLIAN CRABTREE Dining Room Assistants .■oMfL MRS. W. A. WHITE College Store THE BUFFALO 1932 At Dawn Dr. W. A. Wright From what enchanted regions have I come? I rub my drowsy eyelids, and enquire, Where have I been? Where am I now? And which Is real, this or that? The journey vast O ' er which I ' ve traveled in the night would reach Around the world. Nay more! it seemed to me That gravity itself had lost its power, And time and space — the two infinities — Before me lay, to use at my behest. Did I not feel the thrill of youth again Within me gloiv! And oratory ' s fine And noble art which long I ' d craved, did I Not find at last as if a native gift! The " vanished hands " I seemed to clasp again, And I was satisfied. Thank God for sleep! June 13, 1929. Page 22 THE BUFFALO 1932 Seniors A Sen or Scott ft telling the world that He Has Graduated THE BUFFALO 1932 rP mfr, WILLIAM WOODS CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Basketball 1, 2, 3; " M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; American Literary Society 1, 2; Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Manager Football 4; President Junior Class 3; Forensic Council 2, 3, 4; Debat- ing Team 2; Football Cheer Leader 3. Bill, the " Yankee " , from Pennsylvania, during four years at Milligan has earned the name of being a good sport, a gentleman and a true friend. He is one of the most versatile members of his class, having been an actor, debater, basket- ball player, cheer leader, organizer of " Ping Pong " Club and President of the Christian Endeavor Society. Although Bill is in for his part of the fun, he is a hard, persistent worker, as shown bv his scholastic standing and conference record. MARIE WADE CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transferred from Florida State College for Women; Ossolian Literary Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Volunteer Band 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Home Eco- nomics Club 3 ; Life Saving Examiner 4. Marie came to us from Florida State College for Women and in the two years she has spent with us, we have learned to admire her and realize that Milligan has missed something the two years she was not here. Swimming is her hobby and she proudly wears a Red Cross Examiner ' s emblem. When you catch Marie off her Senior dignity she is a jolly, friendly, good sport. She possesses an attractive appearance, an independent spirit, and very high ambi- tions. Here ' s to you, Marie! THE BUFFALO 1932 RUBY STONE CANDIDATE FOB A.B. DEGREE Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Debating Team 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Masque 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Girls ' " M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President " M " Club 3,4; Ossolian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 3, Secretary- Treasurer 3; Music Club 3. In athletics, dramatics, debating, scholarship, and conference, Ruby has con- tributed much to Milligan College. The esteem in which she is held by her teachers and friends is evidenced in her everyday life. Frankness and earnest- ness characterize her relations with her fellow students. Ruby presents a neat, pleasing appearance, accompanied by a daintiness that charms. We shall have a long, arduous search before we can find a Stone so precious as Ruby. CHARLES STARNES CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Debating Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary of S. S. Class 4; President of Christian Endeavor 2; Football 1,2; Member of Student Council 3; Dramatic Club 4; President Senior Class 4; Honor Scholarship 1, 2, 3. " Smiling " Charlie has smiled himself right into the hearts of all his ac- quaintances and without him Milligan would have been sadly lacking during the last four years. Charlie has proved his worth in divers ways at Milligan and has even ventured to a neighboring college to demonstrate his perfected dive. Strong, sturdy, steady — that ' s Charlie, and with these sterling qualities he shall make his mark in whatever he does. Page 25 , , % h -£ L. JUL THE BUFFALO 1932 ELMER SOLOMON CANDIDATE FOR B.S. IN COMMERCE DEGREE Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; American Literary Society 1, 2; " M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Conference Football Center 3, 4. Here is another Greene Countian who came to Milligan and made good. Solomon has attained for himself a position in the football history of this region of which he might well be proud. The qualities of manliness and true sports- manship that he so admirably portrays have won him many friends among both faculty and students of Milligan. He will be missed in every phase of college life and he is to be congratulated upon his triumph over the obstacles that have beset his path. Solomon, we wish for you the best. MANUEL SANDERS CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Pre-Law Association 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 3; Dramatic Club 4; Boys ' Forensic Council 2, 3, 4; Debating Team 1, 2, 3; Head Waiter 2, 3, 4; Honor Scholarship 1, 2, 3. " Speedy " , as he is popularly called on the campus, is known far and wide for his hash-slinging adeptness. The wav he handles his waiters and the respect they have for him is marvelous. As a student, he is a scholar, and by that we mean he stands near the head of his class. " Speedy " shows up some of his talent in the power house now and then by rendering the boys a vocal number and sometimes a humorous story. THE BUFFALO ROY REYNOLDS CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Since Roy came to Milligan in 1929 he has been as busy as the proverbial bee. He is noted not only as a student but also as a preacher of the gospel. During the summers he has taken work at the State Teachers College, thus being able to graduate in three years instead of the usual four. Besides all this he has found time to woo and wed a beautiful young lady. ELLA B. PAYNE CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Ossolian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Honor Scholarship 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Volunteer Band 3, 4; Secretary to Editor of " Buffalo " 4. Seldom has Milligan found a student who so surely wins her way to the hearts of the students and faculty as Ella B. Through her untiring services to everyone of us, and especially her devotion to Mrs. Derthick, she has come to be called " Mrs. Derthick ' s right-hand man. " Because of her unusual qualities of kindness, sympathy, modesty, and willingness to serve, we predict for her a place of happiness in the future. Ella B., the world of today needs more like you. JL THE BUFFALO 1932 r i LORENE PARKER CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transferred from Hillman Hospital; Philomathean Literary Society 2, 3; Nurse 2, 3, 4. Lorene possesses a sterling character and a conscientious spirit which consti- tute two of the best assets one can have. As a student she is persistent; as a friend, faithful. She is one of those persons with a sense of humor and an optimism that serve to help the possessor over the sternest obstacles with the minimum of depression. We wish for her a future rich in accomplishment and happiness. rT m , PAUL MORLEY CANDIDATE FOR B.S. IN COMMERCE DEGREE Most Popular Freshman Boy 1; Football 2, 3, 4, Alternate Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; " M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Masque 3, 4, President 4; American Literary Society 1, 2; Assistant Physical Education 4. Paul has mastered that delicate technique of being friendly and yet reserved; a leader, yet without the offensive traits of one. He is equally at home in the classroom, on the triangle, and on the athletic field. We feel confident that he will go far in the field of youth leadership in the Y. M. C. A. Morley has ever been loyal to his coach, his teammates, and his Alma Mater. What more could be said of anyone? THE BUFFALO 1932 HAMILTON MANTOOTH CANDIDATE FOR B.S. IN COMMERCE DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Masque 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Secretary Sophomore Class 2; Male Quartet 3; President Boys ' S. S. Class 3. A man among men, a gentleman, a student, an actor, and a joker — these are the indelible impressions Mantooth has made upon the Milligan commonwealth. Truth, honor, integrity, and lofty ideals are qualities too rarely found in modern life, but they are his. He will certainly win his way to distinction in his chosen activity; and in him the world will feel the impress of a forceful personality. LORRAINE LYON CANDIDATE F OR A.B. DEGREE Transferred from Arizona State Teachers College 1931; Glee Club 4; Dramatic Club 4; Volunteer Band 4. Grace, personality, and charm are words coined especially to describe Lor- raine. Her contributions to Milligan life have been many and her days have undoubtedly been happy. It is truly hard to understand why fate did not bring her to us sooner; and yet we believe that we have shared in one of the happiest years of her life, when love was young and conference was in session. » JfRft h THE BUFFALO ALGER LOLLIS CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 2; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3, 4; Forensic Council 2, 3, 4; Debating Team 2; Man- ager Boys ' Basketball 4; " M " Club 4; Glee Club 4. Alger is a ministerial student with a somewhat rare combination of abilities. As manager of the basketball team, he proved a very efficient worker. No man in our class studies for knowledge more zealously than he. However, every fellow has his weakness, whether it be brown eyes or blue, and Alger has his. He is characterized by his friendly word for all, by his carefree disposition and sunny smile. His many admirable qualities assure us of his future success. ALBERT LOLLIS CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3; Football 3, 4; " M " Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Milligan has been fortunate in having Albert during the four years of his college career. He is an outstanding young minister, who is true to Christ and His teachings but is not the doleful, long-faced type of preacher who cannot enter into other activities. He proved his worth on the football team during the past two years; he has been quite successful each evening in the parlors of Hardin Hall; he is always the happy, jovial fellow with the ability to make close friends. We wish and predict for Albert a long and successful ministry. Page 30 THE BUFFALO 1932 TOM LEWIS CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Our hats are off to a man who has walked four miles to school every day for four years and who makes the gaining of an education the highest ambition of life. Quiet, industrious, fitly filling the maxim, " Diligence increases the fruit of labor, " Tom has made us realize that the true learner is he who seeks to understand everything for himself. Tom comes and goes unobtrusively but some of us know that he possesses a kindness and generosity of spirit that all might well admire. RASSIE HOWELL CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE At Tusculum College: Debating Team 1; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Foot- ball 2; Transferred to Milligan ' 29; American Literary Society 3. Rassie Howell has no sham, no deceit, no enemies, no A ' s, no F ' s, and no regrets. Education has not spoiled him, but has only strengthened his native talents. " Rass " is quiet, determined, and efficient. These desirable qualities of this " Tarheel " show up well when he is in the laboratory, for Biology is his great interest. Page 31 THE BUFFALO LAURA HITT CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Ossolian Literary Society 1, 3, 4, President 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Manager Girls ' Basketball Team 4; Girls ' " M " Club 4. West Tennessee sent Milligan another capable student when it sent Laura. She is a loyal supporter of Milligan ' s ideals and activities and a valuable mem- ber of the Class of ' 3 2. The Girls ' Basketball Team was managed very effi- ciently because Laura did the managing. Coming to us as a Sophomore, in her three years here she has made many friends who can testify that she will make her mark in the world. JOY GILLENWATER CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Ossolian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Life Saving Corps 2, Examiner 4; Girls ' Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Debating Team 1, 2, 3, 4; President Girls ' S. S. Class 3; Secretary Junior Class 3; " Miss Milligan " 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Volunteer Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Scholarship 1, 2, 3. From the top of her short blonde bob to the depths of her generous, open heart Joy reflects her name. She is in the midst of everything happening on the campus (usually behind it, if it ' s mischievous) — and in it enthusiastically and happily. Although basketball is the one activity in which she has not participated she has given the team strong personal support. Many have won- dered when she studies; but if a sprinkling of A ' s is any indication, she finds time for it, just as she does for every other worthy and pleasant task. Page 32 THE BUFFALO 1932 JOHN DILLON CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE American Literary Society 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Pre-Law Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Debating Team 1, 2, 3; Business Manager of " Stampede " 3; Honor Scholarship 1, 2, 3. Tall, dignified and possessing a magnetic personality, John is an inspiration to all who come in contact with him. Not only is he a brilliant student, but he enters into many other college activities. His analytical turn of mind and his ready flow of well-chosen words make him one of the best debaters that Milligan College has ever claimed. Although serious in his work, John is friendly and jovial on all occasions. Milligan College may justly be proud of this noble and outstanding man. Not soon will it see another like him. JAMES DONOHO CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE President Freshman Class 1; Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4; Athenian Literary Society 1, 3; Berea College, Summer 1931; Forensic Council 1, 3, 4, Secretary 4; De- bating Team 1, 3; Vice-President Christian Endeavor 3; Pre-Law 1, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Honor Scholarship 1, 3; Editor " The Buffalo " 4; Ideal Senior Boy 4. " Jimmy " , the quiet, modest, unassuming Editor-in-Chief, (and we would add " shy, " had he remained as he were prior to his Senior year) has asserted himself enough to become one of Milligan ' s best students. He has a technique of doing with ease and efficiency all tasks, intellectual and otherwise; and this ability together with his personality should place him among the intellectual leadership of his day. M . THE BUFFALO 1932 A , MABEL COYI.E CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council 3,4; Glee Club 4, President 4; Home Economics Club 3; Ossolian Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3, President 4; Volunteer Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3, President 4; President Girls ' S. S. Class 4. Whence did the gods assemble the ingredients to mold this lovely person- ality? Mabel is a dainty, lovable girl with a friendly smile and a gracious manner. From her administration of the responsible offices she has held while at Milligan, she has proven herself to be a capable person. To describe her fairly would sound almost insincere, but, for tactfulness, friendship, sincerity, and understanding, she is unsurpassed. MARJORIE COPELAND CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Volunteer Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 3, President 4; Secretary Girls ' S. S. Class 2; Music Club 2, 3, 4, President 2; Piano Recital 3; Dramatic Club 3; Masque 4; Glee Club 4; Pianist C. E. 2, 3, 4; Honor Scholarship 1, 2, 3; Ideal Senior Girl 4. " The Most Nearly Ideal Senior Girl " — that is the title conferred on Marjorie by the faculty of the college. If Milligan stands for ungrudging service, for diligent study, for loyal friendship, for sweet unspoiled womanhood, and for zealous Christianity, then the title can be appropriately borne by Marjorie. THE BUFFALO 1932 BESS CONNELL CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Dramatic Club 1; Masque 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Forensic Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Debating Team 2, 3, 4; Ossolian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Prettiest Junior Girl 3; Office Assistant 3; Expression Grad- uate 4. Blessed by the gods with a seemingly unlimited natural gift, Bess came to us four years ago. Milligan will not soon forget her dramatic talent, eloquent debating, her loyalty, and school spirit. And so, Bess, as we bid you god-speed, we wish and predict for you a most successful and happy career in whatever field you choose to cast your lot. FRANK BROWN CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Football 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; President of Boys ' S. S. Class 3; American Literary Society 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. " Little Jug " is one of the big shots at Milligan both on the football field and in social activities. If you should espy a group of fellows talking and laughing together or jostling one another about, you would probably find Frank in the midst of it. A smile is nearly always playing upon his face, which may mean that mischief is about or that something really good is about to be ac- complished. Frank has admirably well upheld the reputation made here, in former days, by his brother, " Chet. " fm ' h THE BUFFALO 1932 HARI.IS BOLLING CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Oratorical Contest 1, 2, 3, 4; Pre-Med. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Debating Team 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Masque 4. Boiling has come to be cherished by his classmates and honored by his in- structors. He has overcome all obstacles in a quiet, forceful manner. His hard and persistent work has made him not only an excellent student but a successful assistant in the Chemistry Department. With all his work having been done well he has found plenty of time for play. BUENOS BAKER CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE American Literary Society 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Masque 4; Football 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Boys ' S. S. Class 2; Vice-President S. S. Class 3 ; Vice-President Senior Class 4. Buenos is one of the most interesting fellows on the campus and has a sense of humor which can hardly be appreciated until you have known him very intimately. Buenos is a fireman de luxe and enjoys spending his spare time in the great out-of-doors. He is always willing to help a fellow out of a pro- verbial " rut, " and has a high sense of honor and reliability. Buenos ' favorite indoor sports are yodeling, and singing a high tenor. Pace 36 THE BUFFALO 1932 IRENE SHIRLEY CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transferred from Indiana Central College 1930; Dramatic Club 3; Masque 4; Home Economics Club 3, 4; Philomathean Literary Society 3, President 3; Volunteer Band 3; Ossolian Literary Society 4; Forensic Council 3, 4, Presi- dent 4; Debating Team 3, 4; Assistant in Home Economics Department 4. The North seems to have lent a ray of sunshine to the Sunn) ' South by having given us Irene Shirley. She came to us at the beginning of her Junior year, and lost no time in securing the friendship of all. She has taken part in practically every activity at Milligan and has shown exceptional talent and ability not only in academic work but also in extra-curricular activities. Irene has a charming personality, a sympathetic understanding, and a loyalty that cannot be surpassed. EUGENIA ADAMSON CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transferred from Athens College; Philomathean Literary Society 2, 3. The words, quiet, dignified, and industrious characterize " Gene " admirably well. She assumes that your business is no affair of hers until an opportunity presents itself for a favor to be done. Truly giving everyone her ear but few her voice, she speaks only when something is to be said. But through and behind all, there is an appreciative sense of humor that endears her to many intimate friends. iP MF ' h. THE BUFFALO 1932 MSB8B LEW TAYLOR CANDIDATE FOR B.S. IN COMMERCE DEGREE Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas ketball 1, 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Conference Fullback 2, 3, 4. Lew is an example of a local lad making good. He is one of the best athletes ever to appear on Milligan ' s campus. Reserved, yet friendly, he will leave behind a host of friends and admirers at Milligan. PAUL STRUNK CANDIDATE FOR B.S. IN COMMERCE DEGREE Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Debating Team 1, 2, 3; Song Leader Christian Endeavor 3, 4; Band 2, 3; Glee Club 4. Among the various collegiate activities in which Paul engages, his most successful ones are those which require his musical talent. Whether a vocal solo for a special occasion is needed or another instrument in the band to cheer the Buffaloes on to victory he is always equal to the task. At the present time his ambition seems to be closely connected with church work, perhaps as an evangelistic singer. Luck to you, Paul, in whatever field you may choose. We know your musical ability will fill the hearts of others with hope and cheer. Page 38 THE BUFFALO ::: mil j iiiii ii mil || mil n mil h nm n nm n nm n — 1932 II iiiii ii in - 1 -■ Whs r ::: W ) m Juniors ' r :,vM if] -■ i ::l = :::: = !=:g = ; = i«v -w = -4U-j :: = :-::::-:-!_:- ;;!; ; ;;;; ; 1 ; ;;;; ; ;;;; ; ;;;; ; ; 1 w -- -■ a£U JOL THE BUFFALO 1932 JUNIORS BOTTOM ROW RANSOM ROBBINS BYRDSTOWN, TENN. " A man of few %vords, but a heart of gold. " MARCUS STEWART WHITEVILLE, TENN. " His tvork is his own. " CHARLES PERKINS LAKEWOOD, OHIO " Come what may, I ' ll make the best of if. " LILY PACE LEAKSVILLE, N. C. " Not too serious, not too gay, but a rare, good sport. " BRUCE THOMPSON BURNSVILLE, N. C. " To be strong is to be happy. " BERNARD RANDOLPH GEORGETOWN, TENN. " Man was made after woman; why change the scheme of things? " ZADIE PEARSON SHELBYVILLE, TENN. " The reason for her many friends is that she herself is a friend. " PAUL MYSINGER GREENEVIIXE, TENN. " Nothing is impossible for patience and perseverance. " THE BUFFALO 1932 ;=;=; TOP ROW JUN IORS T BOTTOM ROW EARL MULLINS POUND, VA. " A man tvith an aim will sooner or later be a man with a name. " MARGARET LOVELESS K.NOXVILLE, TENN. " O Love, if Death be sweeter — let me die! " WILLIAM JOHNSTON WINTER PARK, FLA. " Love ' em and leave ' em. " DALE HONEYCUTT DUNGANNON, VA. ' A good student and a faithful friend. " HOBART MILLSAPS DAISY, TENN. " Loudly he plays while others work. " GLEN KILDAY AFTON, TENN. " If work interferes with my good time, I quit work. " EMORY JOHNSON LOUISVILLE, KY. " There may be better ones than I but I don ' t believe it. " MARY HITT SAVANNAH, TENN. " Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. ' P-ii- THE BUFFALO 1932 JUNIORS BOTTOM ROW- GRACE HILSENBECK JENKINS, KY. ' Isn ' t it nice to have the one you love in love with you? " ROBERT ELDER MANCHESTER, TENN. " Never idle a moment, but always thrifty. " KYLE CROSS PINEY FLATS, TENN. " He sticks through thick ami thin. " LILLIAN CRABTREE LIVINGSTON, TENN. " The light in her eyes has been a man ' s undoing. " NEIL HALL RURAL RETREAT, VA. " An excellent student is he, and a better friend. " MABEL DYER JONESBORO, TENN. " We love her for her smile; her looks, and way of speaking gentle. " MARTHA CROSS PINEY FLATS, TENN. " The soul of woman lives in love. " PEARL CODY NEWPORT, TENN. " A girl who says what she thinks, nothing more, nothing less. " Page 42 THE BUFFALO 1932 ORS BOTTOM ROW BEN CHAMBERS JOHNSON CITY, TENN. " One of the most noted band of ladies ' men. " GRACE CARPENTER NORTON, VA. " I think it well to be a little reserved. " HEBER CANNON AYDEN, N. C. " Unblemished let me live, or die un- knoivn. " RUTH BOY BLUFF CITY, TENN. s sweet disposition is the chief est of all possessions. " WILLIAM CARPENTER MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. " None but himself could be his parallel. ' ' ORIS CANTRELL WAYNESBORO, TENN. " Quietly she assumes the ditties of life. " EVA LEE BROWN ROCKWOOD, TENN. " Mischief lends enchantment. " EVELYN BOOTH CROCKETT MILLS, TENN. " She can talk, ye gods, how she can talk. " Q . THE BUFFALO 1932 Jft AN APPRECIATION OF MILLIGAN ' S FRIEND AND BENEFACTOR W. H. Hoover God ' s ambassador to the needy. A man of means, sacrificing every desire of luxury that he might assist all worthy causes. His business was his generator, creating energy to carry on his Master ' s work. Manufacturing was his life work, advancement of his Master ' s Kingdom his greatest desire, a world brotherhood his dream. He knew no creed but Christ, no gospel but " The Good News, " no task but the ad- vancement of his Master ' s Kingdom. He let his light shine in his home, in his community, and even to the uttermost parts of the world. A heart big enough to love every individual, a generosity broad enough to assist even those with whom he differed. The deepest expressions of gratitude from all hearts go out to the Heavenly Father for loaning us this great soul for the span of eighty-three years. THE BUFFALO 1932 Sophomores THE BUFFALO 1932 SOPHOMORES TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW OTTO WOODY BAKERSVILLE, N. C. MABEL WOLFE CORRYTON, TENN. SHELBURN WILSON MOUNTAIN CITY, TENN. EDWARD WILSON CADIZ, KY. HARRIETTE WELLS CLEVELAND, TENN. BEVERLY UTSMAN FORDTOWN, TENN. ESTHER TAYLOR ONEIDA, TENN. ORRIN WARD WINTER PARK, FLA. ELIZABETH TUBB SPARTA, TENN. GORDON SUMNER HERNDON, KY. THE BUFFALO SOPHOMORES TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW MAISIE STONE PINEVILLE, KY. MARY SMITH RHEA SPRINGS, TENN. PHILIP SHELLEY ETOWAH, TENN. CHARLOTTE POWELL OAKDALE, TENN. DAYTON PHILLIPS SHELL CREEK, TENN. JACQUELINE NICKELS NORTON, VA. ERNEST MARCHMAN BREMEN, GA. MARY EDYTHE KEYS JONESBORO, TENN. -WflT ESTHER KING ALAMO, TENN. LUCILLE KELLER DECHARD, TENN. THE BUFFALO SOPHOMORES TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW HENRY KEGLEY WYTHEVILLE, VA. JACK KEEFAUVER JONESBORO, TENN. LEONA INGLE SPRING CITY, TENN. BERNICE HODGES OCONEE, GA. LYNN HARDIN SEARLES, ALA. RUBY HAMPTON LINVILLE, N. C. rT m ,, RUTH PIPER COLL1ERVILLE, TENN. FORT FOWLER CHARLOTTE, TENN. riSEra NEIL HENDERSON ELIZABETHTON, TENN. THE BUFFALO 1932 SOPHOMORES TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW OSCAR FAIR MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. ROGER DERTHICK MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. RUBY CRAWFORD JEAROLDSTOWN, TENN. BLANCHE CRAWFORD JEAROLDSTOWN, TENN. FRANCES CARTRIGHT GREENEVILLE, TENN. WANDA BRYANT NEWBERN, TENN. PAUL CARPENTER MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TENN. MYRA SUE BRYANT NEWBERN, TENN. ifffm ' h VIRGIA COMPTON BIG STONE GAP, VIRGINIA THE BUFFALO 1932 IN MEMORIAM F. P. Hixon He was one of God ' s noblemen, a man of strong convictions, with high standards of life, a Christian statesman in business, who was always ready to share his talents and substance that others might have greater jov and comfort in living. He believed in Christian education as preparation for service and actively advocated civic righteousness. He faced life ' s hardships with courage and achieved success, then crowned his life ' s accomplishments with generous gifts to colleges, churches, and human welfare. He made his home a retreat of love, hospitality, and happiness. He believed in God and his fellow man and modestly sought to pattern every intent of the heart in harmony with the teachings of his Christ. " Sunset and evening star And one clear call for me, And may there be no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea. " THE BUFFALO 1932 Freshmen THE BUFFALO 1932 FRESHMEN Top Roiv Josephine Yeiser Georgia Ward Katie Spence Martha Sadler Pauline Quisenberry Third Roiv Oda Wilson Ruth Walker Hewitt Spaulding Rachel Roberts Walter Price Second Row Sexter Willis Yetiva Varner Dalton Smith Rena Fay Ricker Cassie Pickel Bottom Row Garnet Williams Helen Tranum Allen Slattery burnes rasar Margaret Perry Page 52 THE BUFFALO 1932 J ■ . 4 JL v FRESHMEN Top Row Eunice Perdue Cecil Mullins Mary Joy Lyon Cecil James Shirley Hambrick Third Row Ted Oakey Armetta Morley Wayne Lipford Ruby Holley Percy Grant Secoml Ron Dorothy Neiser Beunos McGuffin Thelma Leach James Heck Josephine Gold Bottom Row Amanda Nave Miriam McDaris Ruth Knowlton Mary Hartbarger Kathleene Goodin Page 53 ffln% e h •.vc THE BUFFALO 1032 (cJffifik c h FRESHMEN Top Row Mary A. Knowlton Eliza beth Franklin Ruth Dearstone Iri. Cole Jack Blackman Third Row Jaunita Gilbert Rita Edwards Kathryne Crow Julia Burrow Malcolm Beasley Second Row Esther Garrett Ella Dudney Iva Crabtree Virginia Burns Marjorie Badcett Bottom Row Lillian Fugate Lillian Dennis Nellie Cox Carlyle Burdette Mary Adamson . Page 54 m THE BUFFALO 1932 THE FEATURES The Staff of the 1932 Buffalo presents this feature section for your consideration, hoping that it meets with your heartiest approval. THOSE SELECTED BY THE STUDENT BODY MABEL DYER Most Popular Girl JEFF ROARK Most Popular Boy LEW TAYLOR Most Outstanding Athlete THOSE SELECTED BY THE FACULTY MARJORIE COPELAND Most Nearly Ideal Senior Girl JAMES DONOHO Most Nearly Ideal Senior Boy THOSE SELECTED BY FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL MEN MARGARET LOVELESS Honorary Sponsor of Football ELLA DUDNEY Honorary Sponsor of Basketball Mabel Dyer Jeff Roark Lew Taylor Marjorie Copeland James Donoho Margaret Loveless Ella Dudney " In the Land of Hearts ' Desire " THE BUFFALO 1932 ASA FRAZIER COCHRANE Coach At the beginning of the 1931 football season, " Prof. " Cochrane received the reins of the Buffaloes, and accomplished a feat that some men would have called impossible. He took a squad containing much new material, and produced a team which, while playing eight of the best college teams in this section ot the country, lost only two games. It is a fact that his Buffalo teams of the future will give the rest of the Smoky Mountain Conference something about which to worry. LEW TAYLOR Fullback and Captain Very few colleges can boast of an athlete equal to Lew. Although he is a star in all of the major sports, football claims his greatest achievement. After piaying one year at end, Lew was shifted to full- back where he landed an All-Conference berth for three consecutive years. He is one triple-threat man, who has excelled in each department. His keen precision and sense of fair play merited him the honor of Captain during his last year. Lew, we wish you as much success in the coaching world as you have enjoyed on the gridiron. CHARLES CROUCH Assistant Coach " Charley " Crouch, a Milligan football star of former years, showed great ability in assisting " Prof. " Cochrane produce a winning team of Buffaloes. Besides coaching the fundamentals of football, lie made it a point to see that no man became discouraged. He kept the " pep " of the whole squad at its highest possible peak during the entire season. It is hoped that Mr. Crouch will remain in this position for many future seasons. p Jfm h THE BUFFALO BUENOS BAKER Half Although Buenos was the smallest man on the team, he was the toughest and most consistent player. It seemed that he could find openings in the opposing line which were invisible to all other men. The season of 1931 saw Buencs end four years of brilliant performance with the Buffaloes. Great things are expected of him in the coaching world. FRANK BROWN Tackle On the football field, Frank ' s frown would paralyze a gorilla, and if an opponent wanted to face the most dangerous place in the Buffalo line, he always shifted to Frank ' s side. Brown has ended a football career at Milligan which shows very few gains over his position. The love of a fight put him in every play during his four years at football. We arc hoping that he succeeds in the fight of life. ALBERT LOLLIS Guard It takes a real man to be a good preacher and a good football player at the same time. Yet, that is the program carried out by our " Little Deacon. " What he lacked in weight, he accounted for in strength and aggressiveness. During his four years at Milligan, he recovered more fumbles of the opponents than any other man on his team. This goes to show that he could dissect the best of lines. " The Deacon " was a consistent player against the heaviest lines in the Smoky Mountain Conference. PAUL MORLEY End Besides being an outstanding basketball and tennis player, Paul must be recognized as a great football player. His speed and range made him one of the best pass receivers on the Buffalo squad. His fourth year at Milligan was his best, when he reached the peak of his career in the game against Maryville, where he knocked down, intercepted, and received passes from all angles. On the defense, he often tackled the punt receiver in his tracks. We are confident that Morley will make a winning coach. Page 66 THE BUFFALO 1932 ELMER SOLOMON Center " King Sol " has finished a football career at Milligan which rightly gave him the honor of being chosen All-Conference Center for his last two seasons. During the seasons of 1930-31, " Sol " never had a substitute; and in the meantime, opposing teams lost an average of three yards at attempted center plays. Besides being a very powerful man, Solomon is also a student of football fundamentals and technique. The oncoming Buffalo teams will find his position hard to fill. EDWIN TUNE Tackle This was the first year of service for Tune with the Orange and Black. It was not hard for him to find a position at tackle which he filled in a noble fashion. Another year of experience should see Edwin doing great things in the Milligan line. MILBERT BIBLE Tackle The 1931 season saw " Mike " end two years of f he stepped into the tackle position and filled it like tackle, he has the ability to handle big men with ease. His defensive work verges on the spectacular at times. His chances for continued success with the Buffaocs are bright indeed. tball at Milligan. At the beginning of the season, veteran. Although " Mike " is rather lanky for a FOSTER LANE End With two more years to go, " Moon-eye " should make the Milligan football fans sit up and take notice. The first part of the season saw him doing some great work, but an injury kept him out of most of the games during the latter part. It was against Lcnoir-Rhync that he intercepted a couple of passes and carried them over for touchdowns. Here is luck to you, " Fish-hook. " JUS. 1 k Ob- THE BUFFALO BERNARD RANDOLPH Tackle Bernard can always be depended on to handle either the guard or tackle position in a manly fashion. Besides being strong and aggressive, " Randy " is capable of out-witting most opponents. He has one more year with the Orange and Black; and we are looking for him to fill one of the berths which graduation has vacated. CREED GILLEY Guard Creed is the enly man on the squad who can laugh throughout a football game. But, after watching him play, you will understand that he is laughing up his sleeve. With all of his good humor, Gilley can be depended on to get his man out of the way. During his two years with the Buffaloes, Gilley is expected to play great football. GLESTER HARVEY Quarter " Less " comes to us from that famous Erwin. This was his first year, but his ability to punt, pass, run, and call signals made him a regular in the varsity backfield. His cool head and accurate judgment rank him among the best field generals in the Smoky Mountain Conference. We wish you much success in the future, Glester. CLYDE CAMPBELL Half " Country " is one of the greatest ground gainers on the Milligan squad. It is a very rare thing to see him receive the ball without passing the scrimmage line for a considerable gain. He played his best game this season against the Tusculum Pioneers. In that game he gained more ground on running plays than any other man on the field. " Country " will be hard to handle next season. Watch him! Page 68 THE BUFFALO 1932 MARCUS STEWART End It is characteristic of Marcus to keep his eyes open on all occasions. While he is on the football field every play finds him in the right place doing his duty. No one can see him play and doubt his ability at blocking and tackling. Marcus has another year with the Orange and Black, in which he will probably continue his brilliant performances. He should give opposing backs plenty of trouble next year. BOGGESS CULVAHOUSE Half " Covey " came to the Milligan herd with very little experience in football, but he found himself this year, and became one of the most important men in the backfield. Many long gains were attributed to him. " Covey ' s " playing will be a valuable asset to the Milligan team during the next two years. BRUCE THOMPSON Guard From a man who had no experience in football Bruce has developed into a great player. He is doubtless the strongest man on the squad, and is built like an anvil. During the past two seasons, Bruce has been a very active substitute. Next year should see him with a regular berth on the varsity eleven. BILL WOODS Manager " Bill " hails to us from New Castle, Pennsylvania. His cheerfulness and kind consideration have always kept the boys in the best of spirits. Besides spending much time in dressing wounds and relieving aches, he also knew how to pick assistants who would help him. The entire squad likes " Bill " and hates to see graduation take him away. u THE BUFFALO 1932 Review of Football Season Prof. Cochrane coached the first football team that represented Milligan back in the " good old days, " eleven years ago, to be exact. Last fall he was appointed head football coach and was ably assisted by Charlie Crouch. The Buffaloes showed surprising strength at the opening of the season. Doped as the underdogs in most of the gridiron skirmishes, they did more than hold their own. A final check-up of the season reveals that the " Thundering Herd " won two games, lost two, and tied four. Coach Cochrane had a job on his hands in developing the green untried material into a formidable team. He had a wealth of backfield material but the first line of defense had to be revamped. The bulwark of the line consisted of Brown, Solomon, Morley and Lane; the outstanding backfield threats were Capt. Taylor, Campbell and Harvey. Milligan opened the gridiron season by taking on Catawba College in the latter ' s backyard. The cockiness of the Catawba athletes inspired the Buffaloes to cover them- selves with glory. Milligan scored early in the game and threatened dangerously at two other times, but was repulsed by the strong Catawba defense. The Buffaloes again mounted the heights in the game against Carson-Newman. Once again as the underdog, the Buffs displayed real class by handcuffing the powerful Eagle eleven. A scoreless tie was the result after both teams had come within a hair ' s breadth of scoring. Solomon and Lane played most of the game in Carson-Newman ' s backfield. The " Thundering Herd " reached the peak of its career in the Maryville tussle. All the former games were merely stepping-stones for this encounter. " BEAT MARY- VILLE! " was the cry of the student body. Giving everything they had the Milligan boys opened up an offensive drive which carried them within a few yards of the goal. Not once did the Milligan line waver. Time after time they threw Calloway, Mary- ville ' s star broken field runner, for great losses. Brown and Taylor, playing for their last time against Milligan ' s arch-rivals, were continually breaking up Maryville ' s plays. Harvey was a veritable gyro in this battle, twisting and reversing his field for numerous gains. Capt. Taylor, Morley, Solomon, Brown, Lollis, and Baker were lost to the squad by graduation. This loss will be keenly felt and some new blood will have to be injected into the Buffalo eleven. Captain Taylor ably led the Buffaloes through the entire season. For captain a better man could not have been chosen either from the standpoint of gridiron experience or popularity with the squad. Tune, Thompson, Bible, Randolph and Culvahouse were the new lettermen Lew Taylor and " King Solomon " were named All-Conference fullback and center respectively. This is Taylor ' s third year to receive this honor and Solomon ' s second. rp msh. Catawba College - Tennessee Wesleyan - Carson-Newman Lenoir-Rhyne ----- Maryville ------ Emory and Henry - 7 7 Milligan Milligan Milligan Milligan Milligan 12 Milligan 6 Milligan Milligan 7 19 25 2 THE BUFFALO Top Row — Morley, Baker, Woods, G. Lollis, Brown, Solomon Bottom Row — A. Lollis, Randolph, Keefauver, Grant, Thompson Boys ' " M " Club The " M " Club, including all boys who have won the privilege of wearing the varsity " M " by virtue of athletic ability, stands for wholesome athletic principles and loyalty to the college. An organization of this kind, including boys of like ideals and prowess on the athletic field and in the gymnasium, does much to further the spirit of Milligan and to establish more friendly relations with rival institutions. This year the " M " Club upheld the policy of giving to the Senior members a gold " M " as a symbol of their appreciation for the achievements of the Seniors. Mr. Charles Crouch and Coach C. M. Eyler inaugurated a plan whereby the Seniors of the varsity basketball team are to receive gold basketballs as rewards for their work on the team. The " M " Club is very grateful to Mr. Crouch, Coach Eyler and " Prof. " Cochrane for their devoted leadership in carrying out a clean and successful athletic program at Milligan. THE BUFFALO CLEMENT M. EYLER This was Coach Eyler ' s sixth year at the helm of the Buffaloes. Out of one hundred fifty games played since his advent as coach the Buffaloes have emerged victorious one hundred thirty-seven times besides winning the championship of the Smoky Mountain Conference for the last four years. He has not only emphasized skill in basketball, but has led the men on the road to high character and moral training. May his success continue to enable Milligan to stay at the zenith of clean athletics. PAUL MORLEY Guard and Captain Paul has been varsity man ever since he entered Milligan, and once was placed on the All-Conference Team of the Smoky Mountain Conference. He never goes on the floor without giving his opponents his very best. Although his regular position is guard, it is not uncommon for him to leave a game a;- high point man. Paul ' s strategy and common-sense have made him a valuable Captain for the Buffaloes during his last year with the team. His place will not be filled easily. LEW TAYLOR Center Lew came to Milligan from Johnson City High School, and since that time he has proved to be one of the most outstanding athletes this institution has ever claimed. Four times during Lew ' s career at Milligan the Buffaloes have been basketball champions of the Smoky Mountain Conference. His accurate passing and shooting won him a position on the All-Conference team last season. Milligan will surely miss him after this year. BERNARD RANDOLPH Forward " Randy " is always in the right place at the right moment, and ready to do anything with the old pill except eat it. He gives any of the boys trouble who try to make more points than he does. " Randy " has one more year with the Buffaloes, and we know he will be a great aid to them all the way through. THE BUFFALO © ' ' | If " ' ! p r J L JEFF ROARK forward This is Jeff ' s second year with the Buffaloes, and he surely is proving his worth. At the end of his Freshman year, he was placed on the All-Conference team by an unanimous decision of the judges. This proves that Jeff is an outstanding performer. Accurate passes, sure shots, and quick breaking have put Jeff in a class all to himself. During the next two years, he will be sure to give the Smoky Mountain Conference contenders plenty of trouble. CLYDE CAMPBELL Guard " Country " puts up a hard fight in anything he undertakes. If the opponent takes the ball from him, he has to go through a hard scrap. It is characteristic of " Country " to stay with the ball. He is very fast, and it takes a good forward to make many goals when he is at the guard position. He has another year with the Buffaloes, and is sure to be one or the main cogs in that machine. ELMER SOLOMON Guard Although " King Sol " is handicapped somewhat in basketball performance, he ranks with the best of them. His enormous size gives him the advantage on defensive playing. Undoubtedly he is one of the best shot-blockers in the conference. When " Sol " waves those great arms above his head, it is useless for an opponent to release the ball in that direction. This is " Sol ' s " last season with the Orange and Black, and we will miss him. BOGGESS CULVAHOUSE Forivard " Covey " is small, but his speed and liking for a fight make him a valuable man to the squad. It is very hard for an opposing guard to keep him away from the basket. Above all, " Covey " keeps his eyes on the ball, and plays the game with every bit of his power. He has two more years, and during that time some thrilling performance is expected of him. THE BUFFALO HOWARD KEEFAUVER Guard " Jack " hails to us from Boone ' s Creek, the basketball kingdom. It is his duty to keep the reputation of that place in the headlines, and that he is doing in a noble fashion. It is Jack ' s policy to cover his man like a bucket of paint covers a house. He will be one of the most dependable men on the squad during his remaining years with the Buffaloes. PERCY GRANT Forward Percy comes to us from a family of basketball players. He is the brother of Jake and Archie, the combination who helped bring Milligan basketball to its place on the map. Percy is with the Buffaloes for the first season, and he has already found a place on that squad. Great things will be done by Percy in the future, we believe. ORRIN WARD Forward " Ward comes to us from Florida, where he attended Rollins College last year. Although this was his first season here his performance gives him a place on the first squad. His accurate passing and level head gives promi se of a dependable player in years to come. Ward will probably see plenty of service next season. ALGER LOLLIS Manager The 1932 basketball squad moved along nicely under the management of Alger. He outlined a very stiff schedule for the Buffaloes and that is what proved their power in the basketball world. He is kind- hearted and always ready to help anyone who calls on him. Alger, your ability to manage Buffaloes causes us to believe that you will be a success in life. f JRf£££si THE BUFFALO 1932 Summary of the Basketball Season The Milligan College Buffaloes have made an enviable record on the basketball floor this season. For the fourth consecutive year they have won the Smoky Mountain Con- ference Championship. The Buffs won nine conference tilts and lost only one. Their season record shows fifteen victories as against two defeats. That they possessed a powei- ful offense is revealed by the fact that they scored 773 points while limiting their op- ponents to 478 markers. The Buffalo five faced a stiff schedule this season, meeting among others the fast University of Tennessee, Maryville, Carson-Newman, and Emory and Henry quintets. Coach Eyler has built up a well balanced, fast aggregation, whose success was largely due to teamwork. Roark scintillated at forward and his deceptive and elusive style was continually a thorn in the side of Milligan opponents. Randolph developed into a deadly marksman under the bucket, making almost impossible shots at the crucial moment. Campbell and Captain Morley both turned in stellar performances at guard while Lew Taylor played the hot spot like the veteran he is. The " Thundering Herd " made a common practice of coming from behind to eke out a victory in the second half or showing a burst of speed that completely baffled their opponents. Their ability to stand the " gaff " was responsible for victories over Mary- ville, University of Tennessee, Carson-Newman, and Emory and Henry. In fact they faltered only twice. The loyal support of the entire student body enabled them to snatch victory out of the fire more than once. Captain Morley, Taylor, and Solomon have finished their fourth year as members ol the basketball squad. A drastic change in Milligan ' s style of play will be necessary next year because in the loss of these three men the Buffalo machine loses practically all its height. All these men are over six feet tall and their loss will be keenly felt unless a new plan of attack is worked out by Coach Eyler. Coach Eyler ' s concept of sportsmanship was made manifest by his men on the hardwood. He takes ' em just as they come, forgets past victories and defeats alike, and concentrates only on what is ahead. rcJ™ . University of Tennessee 26 L. M. U. - - - - - - 30 Emory and Henry - - - - 36 Maryville - - - - - - 30 L. M. U. - - - - - - 30 Tusculum ------ 29 Carson-Newman 20 Emory and Henry 43 King ------- 28 Carson-Newman - - - - 31 Tusculum ------ 27 King ------- 12 Maryville - - - - - - 41 383 Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli Milli gan - - - - - - 32 gan ------ J 5 gan ------ 40 gan ------ 25 gan - - - - - - 4 1 gan ------ 46 gan - - - - - - 37 gan ------ 35 gan ------ 56 gan ------ 33 gan ------ 43 gan - - - - - - 50 gan - - - - - - 43 w V 1 THE BUFFALO 1932 ADA BESS HART, Coach Although the won and lost column does not give Coach Hart a high percentage of games won, she has given the girls something probably more valuable than victories. Sportsmanship of the highest type is manifested by each member of the team, as she has attempted to give each girl more than the mere fundamentals of basketball. MABEL DYER, Forward and Captain Mabel was the mainstay of the Buffalettes ' offense last year and this one was no different. Her performance on the hardwood is graceful; and her eye for the goal, uncanny. Dyer can always be de- pended on to make eighty percent of her free throws. This was evidenced on more than one occasion, especially in the game against Boone Teachers when she sank twelve out of thirteen. As Captain she displayed rare judgment and was largely responsible for the successes of her team. RUTH WALKER, forward Walker came to us from Sulphur Springs High where she was an outstanding basketball player last year. This high school experience enabled her to win a regular berth on the Milligan six. She was one of the hardest workers on the team, fighting for the ball all the time. As Captain Dyer ' s running mate she was indirectly responsible for many baskets. LAURA HITT, Manager The manager ' s job is a tough assignment in any field but Laura has certainly made a " hit " with the Buffalettes as manager this year. She has proved very efficient in her business capacity and a real comrade to members of the squad. Laura has taken the team ' s losses with a smile and the victories with modesty. Page 78 THE BUFFALO 1932 n CLARA COSSABOOM, Center As a veteran of two seasons ' play " Cossy " returned to school late this year; however, she rounded into form in a surprising short time. Although her floor work was somewhat slow, Clara made up for it by sinking long shots from back of the foul line and getting the tip-off from opposing centers. ESTHER KING, Forward This diminutive forward broke into the line-up time and again this season and very seldom went out without having registered a few points. Esther could always inject spirit into the Buffalettes. Her clever footwork enabled her to elude more than one opponent. She has two more years with the Buffalettes and we are expecting some more good play from her. MARTHA CROSS, Guard You do not realize what a guard Martha is unless you have followed her closely or questioned one of her opponents. She is quiet and reserved and makes no grandstand plays, but she is generally there to check her opponent or intercept the ball. She will be a mainstay on the squad next year. IVA CRABTREE, Guard " Crab " , playing at Milligan for her first time, won her spurs early in the season. Tall and rangy, this guard covers her territory like " the dew covers Dixie. " Although it is hard to break into an old combination, this is exactly what Iva did. She played well throughout the season but her best performance was in the game against the Bristol Independents. , Jfm. ' v THE BUFFALO 1932 ranr i m m il iim b ■J H k RUBY HOLLEY, Oh ci- This is Ruby ' s first year at Milligan and incidently her first fling at the basketball game. Although lacking in experience she displayed a willingness to learn. The Buffalettes at the start of the season were woefully weak at center so Coach Hart at once turned Holley toward that position. Her height and physical make-up accounted for many tallies under the bucket. MARGARET LOVELESS, Guard After two year ' s seasoning on the second string " Pat " came into her own this year. Her playing was so efficient that many began to venture a query as to why she had not been playing regularly. Getting her first chance in the Bemberg game, she came through strong and played the rest of the season like a veteran. HELEN TRANUM, Center Thi s tall, stalwart center became a member of the Buffalette squad early in the year. Her ability to play the center position gave much strength to the squad and assured her of a regular place throughout the season. Next year she will probably be one of the most valuable of Milligan ' s players. EVELYN BOOTH, Guard This West Tennessee star has not displayed her usual skill this year because of sickness. Still, as a guard, she is usually just about as fast as her opponent. She can usually be depended upon to recover the ball from the backboard and pass it out of the danger zone. Playing hard at all times she has always been the pep and " ginger " of the Milligan defense. Pace 80 Following in her brother ' s footsteps Armeta bids fair to hold the name of Morley high in basketball circles. Although she had a tough time learning the technique of Coach Hart ' s system, once she got it, she put it into use very effectively. Armeta will doubtless become an important factor in future Buffalette victories. GARNET WILLIAMS, Guard Having had little experience in basketball and by reason of her small size, " Sunshine " made no outstanding showing with the Buffalettes this season; but her playing has been of the type that promises great development in the future. Her willingness to learn and her " sunny " disposition have made her a favorite of the squad. KATHLEEN GOODIN, Forward Plugging away all season, Kathleen, former Mosheim court artist, reached her peak in the last game of the year. In this contest Goodin could not have missed the mesh if she had been blindfolded. Consequently she accounted for eight points in less than six minutes. With a little more experience she should develop into a real player. MARGARET PERRY, Guard Coming to Milligan from the " Land of the Sky " , Perry made her presence felt on the basketball court. And how! When instructed to stick to her man she did that little thing in one way or another. She played so hard at times that the referee had to take a hand in the game. Perry relied chiefly on brute strength and darting footwork to keep her opponent from registering. ESTHER TAYLOR, Guard This is Esther ' s second year as a member of the squad. Although she did not break into many contests this season, she has gained experience which will stand her in good stead next year. She has contributed much to the spirit and morale of the Buffalettes and will get a better showing during the next two years. THE BUFFALO 1932 Review of the Basketball Season Responding nobly to the Hart system the Buff alettes closed the 1932 season with nine victories and three defeats. This is the best record turned in by any Milligan sextet in the history of this institution. Playing a schedule composed mostly of strong, inde- pendent outfits the Buffalettes tallied 347 points to their opponents 245. Under the leadership of Captain Dyer the Buffalettes fought hard and played fast, clean basketball. Their defeats they took with a grim smile, meaning that they would give a better account of themselves at the next engagement. True sportsmanship was evidenced in all the games played and this fact explains in part the worth of Coach Hart. The Buffalettes would have enjoyed a more successful season had the student body been as loyal to them as to the boys ' quintet. It was only in the game played against A. S. T. C. that the students cheered the Buffalettes as they should and what a game that was! The result was in doubt until the final whistle. First one team would forge ahead, only to be caught and passed bv the other. Walker and Dyer were clicking smoothly at forward, but in the last half Walker went out on fouls as did Booth, Milligan ' s stellar guard. Had those players not gone out there might have been a dif- ferent result. The final score was 3 3-31 with A. S. T. C. on top. The prospects for another banner season are bright indeed, for Coach Hart is not losing a single player by graduation. Those making their letter for the first time are Holley, Crabtree, Walker, Tranum, King and Loveless. Dungannon, Va. ----- 2 Boone ' s Creek - - - - - 17 Piney Flats - - - - - -30 Bemberg - - - - - -13 Bemberg - - - - - -24 Bristol Independents - - - - 28 A. S. T. C. - - - - - - 33 Bristol Independents - - - - 18 Bluff City Independents 14 A. S. T. C. - - - - - - 30 H. P. King Co. ----- 3 Bluff City ------ 245 Buffalettes - - - 3 2 Buffalettes ------ 29 Buffalettes - - - - - -15 Buffalettes ------ 20 Buffalettes - - - - - - 26 Buffalettes - - - - - - 39 Buffalettes - - - - - - 3 1 Buffalettes - - - - - - 28 Buffalettes - - - - - - 31 Buffalettes - - - - - - 23 Buffalettes - - - - - -32 Buffalettes - - - - - - 41 347 THE BUFFALO 1932 a u o c c u 5 1 g " 3 t o n ra O I ° J THE BUFFALO 1932 Top Row — Dyer, Hitt, Stone, Loveless, Cross, Booth Bottom Ron — Walker, Holley, Tranum, Crabtree, King Girls ' " M " Club The Girls ' " M " Club is the organization on the hill that represents all the girls ' athletics. Its membership includes all those who have represented Milligan on the varsity basketball team and those who have received six hundred fifty points in various athletic pursuits. The " M " is symbolic of those ideals which the club tries to foster, and it is cherished and proudly worn by all those who have won it. The " M " Club has done much to build up a splendid morale at Milligan. Its purpose is not alone to encourage interest in sports, but also to develop those qualities of mind and spirit on which true sports- manship rests. This it is that has made the " M " Club a vital organization. rgamzations J THE BUFFALO 1932 1 ■ " ' -- " v.; r i ysifcr p p. Standing — Cross, Perry, Williams, Fugate, Eyler, Bryant, Taylor, Tranum, Crow, Wade, Gillenwater, Loveless Sitting — Robbins, Johnston, Perkins, Shelley, Bolling, Hall, B. Thompson, Johnson, M. Thompson, Millsaps, Tranum, Price. American Red Gross Life Saving Corps Each year a Representative of the American Red Cross spends a week at the college giving swimming lessons and life saving tests. This year a number of students passed the Senior and Examiner ' s tests. Those having received an Examiner ' s emblem are qualified to administer Senior tests to other students. All those in this group are ably qualified to act as swimming instructors. This organization is surely one of the most valuable of all the organizations at Milligan. It teaches men and women to keep cool in an emergency and gives them training that may enable them to save not only their own lives but others as well, should the occasion arise. THE BUFFALO 1932 Standing — Earl Mullins, William Woods, Ransom Robbins, Walter Price, Neil Hall, William Johnston, Orrin Ward, James Donoho Sitting — John Dillon, Manual Sanders, Roger Derthick, Dayton Phillips, Paul Mysinger, Carlysle Burdette, Milbert Bible, Emory Johnson (absent) Pre-Law Association The Pre-Law Association of Milligan College is an organization composed of young men who are interested in some phase of the legal profession. Membership is strictly selective and dependent on two conditions; firstly, a genuine interest in some phase of law; secondly, a manifestation of ability and scholarship worthy of the dignity of such an organization. It is the purpose of the association to acquaint its membership with the nature and fundamental aspect of the legal profession by varied programs, consisting essentially of mock trials, political conventions, and inspiring addresses from members of the local bar. The quality of the membership and nature of the organization naturally result in dynamic and lively programs and affords an opportunity for face-to-face verbal clashes not elsewhere duplicated in a college career. Its meetings are conducted in a stern, legal atmosphere, according to the accepted parliamentary rules for delibera- tive assemblies in strict compliance with the stipulations of a carefully constructed constitution. The Pre-Law Association wishes to go on record as unalterably opposing any means or devices in the legal profession which willfully pervert the facts and obscure the unadulterated truth in its defense of human rights. Page 86 THE BUFFALO Left to Right — Cecil Mullins, Ben Chambers, Creed Gilley, Marcus Stewart, Dale Honeycutt, Harlis Bolling, Robert Elder, Kirk Lumsden The Pre-Med Club " It is better to die early in service, than to live forever in idleness. " The Milligan College Pre-Med Club had its inception as far back as 1921, but was not definitely organized until 1928. In the intervening time its inquiring spirit helped many men and women on to higher things. The club has the double purpose of helping students adjust themselves to their life ' s work and giving them a body of facts and information in this work. The thousands of people who are misfits in their professions present a situation that the Pre-Med Club is trying to meet. Tennyson has said that, " We are a part of all that we have met. " So- the scientific facts and ideas brought to light by the Pre-Med Club become a part of its members. The membership of the club has never been large. This year it has only eight members. But in the Medical world it is quality and not quantity that is desired. The Pre-Med Club is the nearest approach to a fraternity of any organization on the hill. It requires both high character and high scholarship to get into the club. It is neces- sarily veiled with secrecy. The club this year has enjoyed one of the most successful years in its history. Regular weekly meetings were held throughout the year and timely programs on various phases of medicine were given by each member. Often the club was fortunate in having as its guests, doctors from Johnson City, Elizabethton, and Erwin. Interesting dis- courses on medicine and dentistry — their studies, their practices and their rewards — were given to this group of embryonic medicos by these older, experienced ones. jlA THE BUFFALO 1932 The Glee Club r-T ffl , The Glee Club of Milligan College is a comparatively new organization, having its beginning during the early part of the school year. A number of students have at various times been interested in glee club work, but it was not until this year that their hopes were realized. With the procuring of Miss Elizabeth Wright ' s service in the Music Department came the first tangible evidences of a lively, enthusiastic Glee Club at Milligan. Under the able guidance of Miss Wright the club has made notable progress. On the whole the singers were inexperienced in music, thus rendering the task of directing doubly hard. However, in spite of such drawbacks, the results have been wholly pleasing, and Miss Wright is to be congratulated for the part she had in the capacity of director. In addition to providing a ready source of music at the church services the Glee Club has given two major performances before the public. A concert given before Christmas in the college auditorium was an indication of what might be expected later from the club. The climax of interest and much hard work came with the second production, a musical comedy in three acts. There is no reason why this organization should not become one of the outstanding clubs on the hill, and provide not only an attraction for students interested in music, but a source of musical talent, which will carry the name of Milligan to our friends far and near. . £- m THE BUFFALO 1932 000 7 _7 %7 Ossolian Literary Society Ella B. Payne, Josephine Gold, Armeta Morley, Kathryne Crow, Lillian Fugate, Ruth Knowlton, Ella Dudney Esther King, Pauline Quisenberry, Mabel Coyle, Lucille Keller Shirley Hambrick, Mary Ellen Hartbarger, Lilly Pace, Margaret Perry, Ruby Stone, Ruby Holley Thelma Leach, Margaret Loveless, Grace Carpenter, Eva Lee Brown, Mabel Dyer, Mary Adeline Hitt Mary Alice Knowlton, Irene Shirley, Bess Connell, Pearl Cody, Joy Gillenwater, Evelyn Booth THE BUFFALO 1932 0P0 Ossolian Literary Society Juanita Gilbert, Lillian Dennis, Bernice Hodges, Dorothy Neiser, Martha Sadler, Ruth Piper, Mary Edythe Keys Maisie Stone, Virginia Burns, Katie Spence Ruth Walker, Myra Sue Bryant, Ruby Crawford, Charlotte Powell, Marie Wade, Marjorie Badgett Harrlette Wells, Mary Smith, Frances Kegley, Nellie Cox, Wanda Bryant, Jacqueline Nickels Blanche Crawford, Esther Taylor, Virgia Compton, Garnet Williams, Eunice Perdue, Laura Hitt Page 91 THE BUFFALO 1932 The Ministerial Association and Volunteer Band The Ministerial Association of Milligan College is composed of those boys whosj aim and purpose is the spreading of Christian teachings throughout the world. Eacn of them is actively engaged in the capacity of minister of the Gospel in nearby churches. Not only are they leaders of their congregations on Sundays but they are also spiritual leaders of their fellow students in every walk of college life. This organization is closely connected with the Volunteer Barfd and joint meetings are held each week. Through the work of the Volunteer Band at home and the Ministerial Association at home and in surrounding communities the Christian life is manifested to many. The spiritual life of Milligan thrives within the walls of the Prayer Room as the Volunteer Band meets each Monday evening to discuss the more vital issues of life. As a young women ' s Christian organization it is making a very beneficial contribution to Milligan life. " Training for Christian Leadership " has become its watchword, while " Service to Man " has always been its motto. Top Row Harriette Wells Eunice Perdue Edward Wilson Yetiva Varner Leona Ingle Second Row Myra Sue Bryant Wanda Bryant Alger Lollis Ruth Knowlton Esther Taylor ROLL Third Roiv Shirley Hambrick. Ella B. Payne Albert Lollis Marjorie Copeland Mabel Coyle Fourth Row Dorothy Neiser Juanita Gilbert Roy Reynolds Joy Gillenwater Esther Garrett Fifth Row Mary Alice Knowlton Jacqueline Nickels Paul Carpenter Lorraine Lyon Mary E. Hartbarger Bottom Row Lillian Dennis Garnet Williams Heber Cannon Mary Joy Lyon Mary Edythe Keys THE BUFFALO Top Ron, ' — Copeland, Keys, Hilsenbeck, Lyon, Neiser Middle Row — Carpenter, R. Crawford, Walker, B. Crawford Bottom Row — Hodges, Johnson, Dudney, Holley, Wilson Opus Music Club rp m ,. The Opus Music Club, formerly the Milligan Piano Club, had its beginning in the fall of 1929. During 1931, through the addition of a Department of Vocal Music, the Club has grown considerably. There are several students taking their major work in music and the Music Department has increased its enrollment over previous years. Topics of current interest and educational value are discussed before the club. Under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Wright and Prof. Joseph Ogle, the club feels that it has reached a better understanding and greater appreciation of musical art. THE BUFFALO 1932 To[) Roil ' MORLEY, CONNELL, STONE, BAKER, CoPELAND Bottom Roic — Mysinger, King, Kilday, M. Cross, B. Thompson The Masque and Dramatic Club The Masque, the senior organization with the Dramatic Club as its workshop, has closed another successful year. To its credit are such productions as Sheridan ' s " The Rivals " , the major performance of the year. Among the worthwhile one-act plays produced were " The Valiant " , " The Doormat " , " Ashes of Roses " , and " Green Chart- reuse. " The two three-act comedies, " Mummy and the Mumps " , by Larry E. Johnson and " The Adventures of Grandpa " by Walter Ben Hare, won wide popularity at Milligan and in adjoining towns. The Dramatic Club is justly proud of the spirit of loyalty, earnest endeavor, and cooperative interest of its members, which truly reflect the never ending influence of its very competent director, Miss Dimple Hart. THE BUFFALO 1932 Roll of Dramatic Club Firs Row Joy Gillenwater Mabel Coyle Earnest Marchman Frances Cartright Mabel Dyer James Donoho Manuel Sanders Pearl Cody Second Roiv Ben Chambers Roger Derthick Elizabeth Tubb Charles Starnes Charles Perkins Lorraine Lyon Third Row Allen Slattery Maisie Stone Oris Cantrell Laura Hitt Mabel Wolfe Fourth Row Evelyn Booth Eva Lee Brown Margaret Loveless Ruth Boy Earl Mullins Ella B. Payne Fifth Row Myra Sue Bryant Zadie Pearson Mary Adeline Hitt Marie Wade Irene Shirley ' Sixth Row Harlis Bolling Lillian Crabtree Paul Strunk Seventh Row Wanda Bryant Frank Brown Margaret Perry Barnes Holmes Marcus Stewart Clyde Campbell Absent Romaine McFall William Woods Ruby Hampton Lynn Hardin Fletcher Coe Kenneth Rhea Jeff Roark Page 96 THE BUFFALO 1932 Page 97 THE BUFFALO THE BUFFALO 1932 THE COP SEES SYMPTOMS ALL ' S WELL THAT ENDS WELL THE BUFFALO 1932 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Page 100 THE BUFFALO 1932 Roll of Home Economics Club GlLLENWATER, PEARSON, RaSAR, BOY, CaNTRELL, CROSS Wade, Ward, Keys, Stone, Hilsenbeck, Hodges Crow, Shirley, Tubb, Sadler, Smith, Compton Badgett, Neiser, Parker, Cartright, Garrett, Nave Perdue, Dyer, Hampton, Roberts, Crawford, Crabtree Knowlton, Pace, Coyle, Hambrick Home Economics Department Kathleen Brown Instructor One of the most important phases of a young girl ' s life is the practical training she gets through her work. To this end the Home Economics Department plays an important part. Through the growth in the enrollment, we see that its importance is being realized by the future workers and home makers. The Home Economics cottage is used for a practice house and the girls plan means of making it more attractive. Thus through their own initiative the girls gain practical experience. Through the work of this department we are better trained in interior decorating, clothing, nutrition and are better able to make happier and more wholesome homes. P JffWh THE BUFFALO 1932 I Top Row — Bolling, Fowler, Phillips, Carpenter, Strunk Middle Row — Donoho, Starnes, Cannon, Mullins Bottom Row — Perkins, Lollis, Mysinger, Sanders, Woods Boys ' Forensic Council The Boys ' Forensic Council is composed of all those students who have represented Milligan College in one or more intercollegiate debates or intercollegiate oratorical con- tests. Its predominating purpose is the regaining for public speaking its place of importance at Milligan, after a period of subordination to other activities. Its mem- bers believe that the time is not yet past when it is a valuable asset to any man ' s life to be able to stand before an audience and express himself clearly and forcefully. To this end the council fosters one or more oratorical contests and numerous debates each year, with the aim in mind not only of giving valuable training to those taking part but also of acquainting its members and the general public with the major questions affect- ing national and international life today. THE BUFFALO 1932 Boys ' Debating Program FRESHMAN DEBATES TEAM I Affirmative Walter Price Tom Savage Negative Cecil James Starling Wood QUERY: Resolved, That all debts owed us by our associates in the World War contracted prior to the Armistice should be cancelled. Opponents: King College ------------ April 1 Lees-McRae College ---------- April 1 1 VARSITY DEBATES TEAM I Affirmative Paul Mysinger Earl Mullins Negative Dayton Phillips Charles Starnes QUERY: Resolved, That Congress should enact legislation providing for the centralized con- trol of industry, constitutionality waived. Opponents Mars Hill College ----------- March 11 Johnson Bible College ---------- April 9 TEAM II Affirmative Dayton Phillips Charles Perkins Negative Fort Fowler Byron Graybeal QUERY: Resolved, That the several states should enact legislation providing for compulsory insurance against unemployment. Opponents: King College ------------ March 17 Carson-Newman College - ------- April 7 , fflm THE BUFFALO 1932 Top Row — Stone, Coyle, Wells, Shirley, Key ' s Middle Roiv — " Walker, Hilsenbeck, Cox Bottom Row — Cartright, Connell, King, Gillenwater, Loveless Girls ' Forensic Council The Girls ' Forensic Council is the one organization among the girls at Milligan that has as its essential purpose the fostering and developing of public speaking talent. Under the direction of Miss Hannah Graham Belcher and by the efficient work of Miss Mary Edythe Keys as Secretary of the Council the girls have arranged a very difficult program and carried it out successfully, having, to this time, won all of their engage- ments. Each girl taking part in an intercollegiate debate becomes a member of the Council and is given an appropriate certificate by the college, entitling her to wear the Forensic " M. " Page 104 THE BUFFALO Girls ' Debating Program TEAM I Affirmative Negative Bess Connell Grace Hilsenbeck. Joy Gillenwater Irene Shirley QUERY: Resolved, That Congress should enact legislation providing for the centralized con- trol of industry, constitutionality waived. Opponents: Maryville College ----------- March 1 8 Virginia Intermont College --------- March 24 State Teachers College, Murfreesboro ------- April 2 TEAM II Affirmative Negative Mary Edythe Keys Nellie Cox Esther King Ruth Walker QUERY: Resolved, That the Federal government should enact legislation providing for com- pulsory unemployment insurance. Opponents: Tusculum College ----------- March 7 TEAM III Affirmative Negative Frances Cartright Harriette Wells Margaret Loveless Irene Shirley QUERY: Resolved, That all debts owed us by our associates in the World War contracted prior to the Armistice should be cancelled. Opponents: Lees-McRae College --- ....._.. April 8 Emory and Henry College - ------- April 15 Jim THE BUFFALO 1932 1 rT m c l, The Expression Department Graduate: Bess Connell Undergraduates: Zadie Pearson, Yetiva Varner, Margaret Loveless, Martha Cross, Evelyn Booth, Esther King Expression is the living utterance of a living man. It indicates the genuineness of realization and expresses real life. We feel that now more than at any time there is a valued place for a Department of Expression in college life. It is our purpose to produce worthwhile plays, not only making them entertaining but educational as well and developing within the individual the power of expression. Besides the plays the Department produces, we look forward to the Anna Lee Lucas Reading Contest for young ladies and the recitals of the graduates and enter- tainments at the civic clubs. This has been a busy year for this department and the students have rallied loyally to all demands. THE BUFFALO 1932 IN MEMORIAM Dr. W. A. Wright " Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on. " His words were clear ringing harmonies which found their way deep into the hearts of his friends and seemed to call forth all the shining, glorious possibilities of their beings. As surely as the enraptured birds flying overhead sing to us of the joys of living; as surely as the exultant flowers at our feet in their superlative silence speak to us of the continuity of life; so he, in his humble way, made us to know that deeply abiding faith, that ever abounding hope, and that perfect love — God. jl)i. k DtL. •Mi THE BUFFALO 1932 J E % k. « ra 1 1 W J ¥ ■■■ . 1 SNAPSHOTS PWifT THE BUFFALO 1932 MILLIGAN COLLEGE H. J, DERTHIGK PRESIDENT Milligan College, Tennessee C-f-9 Milligan College is An Institution With A rich Tradition; a unique history; ideal location; wholesome Christian atmos- phere; Standard courses in Science, Phi- losophy, Education, Religion. Courses in Business, Expression, Music, Home Eco- nomics; Adequate and efficient teaching staff, clean and vigorous athletics, inter- collegiate forensics. Opportunities for young ministers; aid for honor graduates of standard high schools; new buildings and equipment; delightful climate; select student body. c -s Fall Semester Opens September 13, 1932 Write for Literature emmsh THE BUFFALO THE BUFFALO 1932 PRIMUS DEES TIPTON HATCHER MAJESTIC BARBER SHOP Efficient, Sanitary Service JOE PRICE ROY H. JONES, Prop. SAFELY SMILINGLY FRESH AIR TAXI PHONE 999 Five and Seven Passenger Sedans ELLIS LACEY, Mgr. SPEEDILY 112 WINDSOR WAY DOSSER BROTHERS " THE WOMAN ' S STORE " Johnson City Tennessee Phone 97 HUMPHREYS EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Schools KELVINATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION Headquarters for D. M. Sporting Goods 113 E. Market St. Johnson City, Tenn. ' =- THE BUFFALO rf flffl, , 1932 ' JL9 - «»V»? Hid. • ;■ v I ■ « sFx M tec B5 HB , dfeii?f SNAPSHOTS THE BUFFALO 1932 Johnson City Steam Laundry Dry Gleaners and Dyers Phone 5188 Johnson City Tennessee E. T. W. N. G. Motor Transportation Company East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad Company L. F. MARTIN JOHN S. MARTIN SANITARY BARBER SHOP SHINE— BATH " It Pays to Look Well " 1 1 1 SPRING STREET FOUR CAN RIDE FOR PRICE OF ONE SCOUT CAB CO. Phone 5151 All passengers insured The 1932 Buffalo is bound in a Kingskraft Cover Designed and Produced by the KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. Kingsport Tennessee Caps, Gowns and Hoods For Sale or Rent Saw[ les ami Prices Furnished on Request Uniforms For College Bands and Orchestras Send for Our Free Catalog The C. E. Ward Go. NEW LONDON, OHIO Incorporated 1905 THE BUFFALO 1932 DAN B. WEXLER, President JOE B. JARED, Sec ' y-Trcas. FREE SERVICE TIRE GO. Goodvear Tires, Quaker State Oil, Texaco Gasoline Don ' t Cml— Call Us JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Phone 73 THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. Radios and Electrical Supplies We Boost Milligau College 117 Spring Street Johnson City - Tennessee PIERCE PIERCE SHOE REPAIRING SHOP 106 Buffalo St. Johnson City ■ Tennessee ■f ™ Su. D. W. LOWRY, President L. E. FAULK, Sec ' y-Treas. THE LOWRY FRUIT COMPANY INCORPORATED WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Fruits, Vegetables, Candies, Grocers ' Specialties Bananas, Oranges, Apples, Potatoes, Cabbage, Onions, Candies, Cigars, Cakes, Crackers, Cheese, Peanuts JOHNSON CITY - TENNESSEE Cash and Haul Wholesale Grocery Co., Inc. Johnson City, Tennessee THE BUFFALO 1932 This is Graduation Year For Hoover Too Three New Models Make Their Bow to the World YOU CAN TRY THESE HOOVERS— AND YOU SHOULD TRY THEM, NO MATTER WHAT CLEANER YOU ARE CONSIDERING, BEFORE YOU BUY. JUST TELEPHONE YOUR HOOVER DEALER FOR A HOME TRIAL THE HOOVER COMPANY WE CONGRATULATE THE FACULTY AND GRADUATING CLASS OF 1932 PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY Johnson City, Tennessee manufacturers of Pet Butter, Pet Ice Cream, Cottage Cheese and Pasteurized Milk PHONE 5153 ' Taste the Difference ' 02 £ THE BUFFALO Always Ask for . . . SOUTHERN MAID ICE CREAM G+S Manufactured by SOUTHERN ICE CREAM COMPANY PHONE 5109 LANE ' S GROCERY Fresh Meats and Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables PHONE 140 140 Tipton St. RELIABLE SAUSAGE CO. Manufacturers of Pure Pork Sausage — Noted for Its Extreme Purity Smoked Country Sausage Shipped Direct to Your Home — Order Now P. O. BOX 440 JOHNSON CITY, TENN. HALE BROTHERS Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables THE BUFFALO 1932 AMERICAN BEMBERG CORPORATION and AMERICAN GLANZSTOFF CORPORATION Manufacturers OF Rayon Fabrics THE BUFFALO T932 CHARLEY CARGILLE STUDIO Made All the Photographs for This Annual " What have you done " , St. Peter asked, " That I should admit you here? " " We ran an Annual " , the young men said, " Of our college for one long year. " St. Peter pitying bowed his head And gravely touched a bell; " Come in, poor fellows, and select your harps, You ' ve had your shares of . " H A N N A H ' S Kuppenheimer and Griffon Good Clothes A Hearty Welcome Awaits You Here WE OFFER COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES AND SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS ON OUR SERVICE THE UNAKA CITY NATIONAL BANK Johnson City - Tennessee LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY DESIGNERS » ■ PRINTERS OF FINE COLLEGE ANNUALS KNOXVILLE.TENN U.S.A. fersona co-opew fon u } fi ffie stiff in fne jjfann np a ? of aes yn M? of ff?e annua s a aef nife- - part of onr serv ce. - jlM iS THE BUFFALO ' o o cx O— oXoToToTo Q U INE Annuals are brought about by skillful and trained effort , only . Capper supremacy is {he result of many years of successful experience in Annual de- signing, and engraving,. Iriis experience, to- gether wi£h the South ' s best artists, designers and engravers, is a guarantee for £he finest Annuals. a - CAPPER - ENGRAVING - COMPANY. KN OXA ILLE, T °E N N E S SEE A ir srs - » desig s e: s - » F vGnAvms.

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