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h ' ' S: TTTf AM rOTTFr: i uita Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1927 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 1695 A - iyL L ' ' V j: - ' - G. L. Blissett Margaret Crouch Editors BUFFALO 1927 THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION MILLIGAN COLLEGE PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ' ■ . T- l T : v T i T, il-T i i lA k ' kA ' ; MlLUGANC0iLEG£,TENN.. o.2 91900 „ . ™. W »N»« ? ' - i r ' ' ■■■ — " " ■ ■ ' " ■-■ -; 7r pBfc , — , ■• anwa •K .«t«a-a ■•:• ■.uiiiittlllMlHIuunminiiiiiiinitiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiii , H. J. DERTHICK President MRS. H. J. DERTHICK AssT. TO President Dean of Women Page Seventeen Crt. ' Czi-9 Professor of Philosof ' hv and Ps TK CLEMENT M. EYLER .M " Professor of English ASA F. COCHRANE A ' AA, ' Professor of Clicinistry and Biology WILLIAM A. WRIGHT Professor of Latin and Greek -KAR-fer-S , M E ANS — Professor of Physics and Chemistry A-B- A FRAN ' CKS ME.LT -H4n ' " Pliysieal Director for IVonicn Librarian To be Jt f h d ' " 1- Jf3 . Page Eighteen Professor of Education W KNRY (t RAD- Y J OOtC Professor of Eiii lish C£.£ifrj g. AM- I-?AR f)LD r i. ES W- U fE Professor of Business Administration KATHLEEN ADAMS ' ' ' ps-n ' .fi-i ttrvdi ' l ' ' ' :B ' fifhs ERNESTINE RICHARDSON Iiislniclor in Home Economics MARGARET HAYNES WRIGHT Director of Orchestra SAM J. HYDER A- Profcssor of Mathenmtics T-aV " i fc , S ncnttu Ni 6 e e. Page Nineteen m _c •»»» ' ■ ' . Bania- ' i ' ' mM! um:K " nmx»M » iniHiiiiiiiHUninnuiiiniHniiitiiiiliiiiiniHiiiiiiHii ii ?i 3 3 1 71? 6e ofPli d ffi.p c Athletic Director for Men cdi io. K-fe - EDWj R £ S- Profcssor of Modern Languages MRS. A. F. COCHRANE Matron of Boys ' Home MA J-RJ CE D. - IW Ofc E Professor of Bible ¥tffefeiAM -Q.-LAPf H-I Professor of History and Economics SARAH HUGHES WHITE Director of Music DIMPLE HART Instructor in Expression J. WALTER CARPENTER d-b. - Dean of Bible Department Page Twenty MILDRED LEE McDONALD, A.B. Spring City, Tenn. Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 : Foreign Language Club 4 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Chorus Class 4. Miss Mildred McDonald came to us four years ago just out of High School. Soon she will return to her native city, an alumna of Milligan. With her charm- ing personality she has endeared herself to us all, but another act in life ' s drama, calls for a change, and the stage setting may be according to her present plans, in a remote part of the earth. WALTER ALTON LOVELESS, A.B. Knoxville, Tenn. Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres, 3 ; Latin Club 3 ; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Chorus Class 4. A living proof that Burke was wrong when he lamented that the Age of Chiv- alry was gone. Though blest with temper which leaps over cold decrees, the un- clouded rays of his good nature make the morrow cheerful as today. Walter has a determined mind and is energetic and aggressive — qualities greatly to be de- sired. HORACE PETERS, A.B. Clarkeange. Tenn. American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Council 2, 3 ; Student Assistant in Science 2, 3, 4, Quiet, determined, aggressive, efificient and painstaking is " Pete. " No matter what the activity or where the place, we find him there doing his best. With such a reputation we hope that he will succeed in life as he has in college. Our best wishes follow him. PAULINE HAZEL LIPFORD, A.B. Butler, Tenn. Ossolia n Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3 ; Secretary Senior Class 4 ; Voice Graduate 4. Miss Pauline Lipford exemplifies in her character a happy blending of those qualities which answer the age-long de- scription of true womanhood. She has been a painstaking student during her college career. In addition to her literary attainments, she has a cultivated voice. Her future is radiant with promise of a life of usefulness. 4. fe,T - LAWRENCE DERTHICK, A.B. MiLLiGAN College, Tenn. Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres 1 ; Student Rep. College 2, 3 ; Stam- pede Staff 3 : Latin Club 2, 3 ; Dramatic Club 3 ; Business Mgr. Buffalo 4. The subject of this sketch is versatile beyond measure. He can qualify as a " booster " , an " optimist " , and an " diplo- mat. " He is an ex pert in salesmanship, friendship, statesmanship, and courtship. No more promising youth has trod the hill than Lawrence. The siren voice of more than one vocation is tempting the talents of this young scion. Here ' s to the acme of success for you, and here ' s to the things we know you ' ll do. G. L. BLISSETT, A.B. Adrian, Ga. Buffalo Staff 4 : American Literary Society 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 2, 3, 4 ; Foot- ball 2, 3, 4; Alternate Capt. Football 4; Dramatic Club 2. " Pop " Blissett has no " sham " , no " de- ceit " , no " enemies " , no " A ' s " and no " re- grets. " He is an unsophisticated col- legian in heart and in appearance. He abounds with loyalty to a friend, de- votion to a cause, and fidelity to his " colors. " Here is one whose acquaint- ances number his friends. LOUIS RALPH SCHUBERT, A.B. Wartburg, Tenn. Athenian Literary Society 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 ; Stampede Staff 3 ; Dramatic Club 2, 3 ; Asst. Business Mgr. Buffalo 4 ; Mgr. Varsity Baseball 4 ; Latin Club 2, 3. There hailed one day from the " Me- tropolis " of Wartburg, a handsome young swain endowed with Sophomore procli- vites. This was none other than our own " Schubert. " He is keen, clever, versatile, and " unlucky. " He has a bright mind, a bright future and a bright spot in John- son City. He possesses a depth of heart and a power of head, that future years will reveal. Somewhere Louis will do a real piece of work in the world ' s pro- gram. MARGARET CROUCH, A.B. Johnson City, Tenn. Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 ; Stampede Staff 3 ; Intercol- legiate Debate 3 ; Orchestra 2, 3 : Editor Buffalo 4 : Dramatic Club 2, 3 ; Latin Club 2, 3. From whence did the gods assemble the ingredients for this unique person- ality? Keenest intellectual acumen, and marvelous philosophical insight character- ize the subject of this sketch. Margaret is talented, versatile, clever, and indepen- dent. She is very punctilious regarding study hours, and is extremely patient with the faculty. A closer look discloses a warm heart and a sympathetic soul- qualities that really count in the world. LESLIE E. PAYNE, A.B. Webster Groves., Mo. Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4; Glee Club 2; Dramatic Club 2. 3: " M " Club 1, 2. 3, 4 : Latin Club 2. 3. Here is the embodiment of the true sportsman-like spirit. Captain Payne loves a scrap, and with the form of a cavalier, he winds in and out while the score rings up " two. " Less is modest, polite, and gracious. Before any one ex- pects he will discover a proud niche in the business world and fill it to over- flowing. Here ' s to the " big game of life " for our subject and may the spirit of the old Buffaloes prevail in every contest. DAISY ROBERTA BUTCHER, A.B. Knoxville, Tenn. Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Volunteer Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Temiessee Student Volunteer Union 3, 4. A bold adventuress in the conquest of truth, a clear-cut thinker with a heroism that speaks straight from the shoulder, a liberty-loving spirit, as gentle as the snow-flake, and as dynamic as the thun- der bolt. Daisy is not given to joke or jest, but she " Kids " very " Well. " She is a princess in the royal family of noble purposes, and whether at work or play, her prayer is " Let me live in a house by the side of the road, and be a friend to man. " J. DAVID WHEELER, B.S. PiKEVILLE, TeNN. American Literary Society 1, 2, ' 3, 4; " M " Club 4: Latin Club 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. " Little David " , is the proud wearer of a permanent tooth-brush. He has to wear it as constant brush-work defense against the girls since his naturally at- tractive qualities are coupled with a manly modesty, the dears have to take the offensive. Serioush ' , though, Dave will make his mark and our sincerest good wishes and interest go with him. KENNETH HALL A ' IcCORKLE, A.B. Newbern Tenn. Athenian Literary Society 2, 3, 4 ; Ministerial Association ; Forensic Coun- cil. Our hats are off to a man who stays — and to a man who wins his degree while supporting a family, the highest credit of all. But to the man who in addition to all, that achieves such a record for true scholarship and Christian manhood as has Kenneth McCorkle, words are a poor tribute. Farewell, and Godspeed. BRODIE H. THOMPSON, B.S. Memphis, Tenn. President Senior Class : American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 ; " M " Club 3, 4 ; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 ; Manager Football 3 ; Milligan Reserve Coach 4 ; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Scarcely, if ever, has so much genu- ine manhood been compassed in so short a stature. In manner and bearing, he is a Chesterfield, in matters of authority he is finality. For quickness and keen in- sight, he is a walking text book on ap- plied psychology. No task is too heavy for Brodie if it is for the college he serves or the friend he loves. The board- ing department will miss his services and his counsel, but the world will welcome his enthusiasm and his advice. JULIA ERIN SHELTON, A.B. Ramer, Tenn. Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Pres. Literary Society 4. Erin has ever exemplified the true spirit and ideals of Milligan. Very rare and precious elements were compounded in the forming of her character. We find her always genuine, never careless or idle, ever true, sweet, and efficient. She set for herself high standards in every phase of college life, and she now goes forth to her life ' s career with our tenderest benediction. CARLOS SPRINGFIELD SODDY, TeNN. American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; " M " Club 1, 2, 3, 4. After having been with us three and a half years, Carlos left Milligan College and entered Georgia Tech. We were very sorry to lose him and in whatever he undertakes we wish him the best of luck. MABEL ANDERSON, A.B. Milligan College, Tenn. Philomathean Literary Societ ' 1, 2. 3, 4 ; Latin Club 2, 3 ; Tennis Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 2, 3. Miss Mabel Anderson from heredity and environment has much for which to be thankful. In the shadow of these mountains she has spent her girlhood. Beautiful in features and still more beau- tiful in character, she comes to her graduation. Milligan, you are now honor- ing one who will in turn honor you. JOSEPHINE C. CARPENTER, A.B. Johnson City. Tenn. Entered from Bethany College ' 26 ; Student Volunteer Band 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4 : Ossolian Literary Society 3, 4 ; Latin Club 3 . Josephine came to us from Bethany College, and in the two years she has spent with us, we have learned to love her, and to realize the many talents that are hers. A talented musician, a good student, active in religious work, and a pleasing personality — these are the char- acteristics of Jo. We predict for her a very successful career, and we know that she will reach the top in whatever line of work she enters. ARCHIE WILLIAM GRAY, A.B. Rodney, Ont. rio, Canada Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3. 4; For- ensic Council 2, 3. Quiet, industrious, fitly filling " the maxim of Hesiod, " Diligence increases the fruit of labor " ; having come to the place where he has learned that the most perfect man is he who shall have sought to understand everything for himself, and devise what may be best afterward and to the end. % HELEN MARY DRUDGE, A.B. Clarence, N. Y. Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 0, 4 ; Foreign Language Club 4 ; Girls ' Circle 1, 2, 3, 4. Helen is a dainty, lovable girl with a sunny smile and a friendly way. She wears her Senior ' s dignity lightly, but none the less really. To describe her fairly would sound almost insincere, but for thoughtfulness, sincerity, friendship and understanding, she is unsurpassed. " A perfect woman, nobly planned, to warn, to comfort and command. " R. BERNAL LAPPIN, B.S. Johnson City, Tenn. Varsity Football 3, 4 ; Varsity Basket- ball 4 : ' M " Club 4 ; Male Quartette 4 : Orchestra 3, 4; Life Saving Corps 4. Bernal Lappin is serious, sensible and sane — is mysterious, yet openly frank. He is reticent, yet positive. On the grid- iron, in the classroom and on " the tri- angle " Bernal excels, and thougli he does not openly advertise we know from experience that he has plenty of goods to deliver. zss pi i£ l WELDON W. McCOLLUM, A.B. JONESBORO, TeNN. American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 : Baseball Squad 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Basket- ball 4; " M " Club. Athlete, diplomat, student, philosopher, and joker — these are the dominant char- acteristics of Weldon. We have enjoyed him, and he has enjoyed his college car- eer though it has been full of narrow escapes. Many times has Weldon barely escaped the fatal darts of Dan Cupid himself, but we feel sure that he will suc- cumb eventually. We will miss Mac and think of him pleasantly. SHIRL E MILLER B.S. Johnson City, Tenn. American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant in Science ; Life Sav- ing Corps. Shirl Everett Miller came to us as a graduate of the Johnson City High School. For four years he has acted as student assistant in science, and has been very successful in this work. Shirl is dignified, quiet and unassuming, even though he " Crowes " every night. r i MABEL FLORENCE LACY, A.B. FORDTOWN, TeNN. Ossolian Literary Society I, 2, 3. 4, Pres. 3 ; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 ; Latin Club 3 : Music Department. Mabel Lacy is a student and a scholar. Her literary work at Milligan has been of a very high type, and in addition she has done excellent work in her music. She is a leader, a good sport, and a won- derful pal. Mabel impresses us with her sincerity, and we are never in doubt as to her ability, and her willingness to serve. LESTER C. REYNOLDS, A.B. Elizabethton, Tenn. Entered from Lynchburg College ' 25 ; Athenian Literary Society 3, 4 ; Forensic Council 4: life Saving Corps 4; Male Quartette 4. " Les " should have been named Moore, then our job would have been so very poetic. As it is, we shall have to con- fine ourselves to mere truth and as record- ing angel write upon the scroll of time — Lester Reynolds, Student, Athlete, Musi- cian, Friend — A Real Man. P- H. WELSHIMER MEMORIAL ims Ry fyllLLlGAN COLLEGE. TENN. 375ga y,.t ' , ' ' ' ■ ' v!- ' -Vi ' --- . iiS 5cfea())3Kaieaii:i)Jti JAMES FLORINE CANTRELL, A.B. Fulton, Ky. Philomathean Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Volunteer Band 1, 2, 3, 4. The Florence Nightengale of the col- lege takes her leave in ' 27. " We shall truly miss the water when the well is dry. " A smile, a readiness to serve, a sympa- thetic mind, an unobtrusive soul, a world vision, an utter abandonment for others : this is our Florine. " Though the cables of devotion be stretched to span the ocean wide, they will be as unbreakable, as will be our memory of her gentle deeds be indestructible. " ALBERT L. PRICE, A.B. Erwin, Tenn. American Literary Society , 2, 3, 4 ; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres 4; Buffalo Staff 4; Orchestra , 2, 3, 4. Albert possesses a versatility and a genial nature which places him by popular choice in the front ranks of all college activities. He is a real hero : a born actor ; he possesses a keen insight, and a friendly smile ; these constitute some of the elements which combine to form a guaranty for a worthwhile place for " Ab " out in the big world. STL. 1 ' -T?- W. G. SMALLWOOD KiNGSPORT, TeNN. Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 ; American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres 4 : " M " Club 3, 4 ; Stampede Staff 3 ; Latin Club 2, 3: Forensic Council 1, 2, 3, 4. For four years Stoney has been a student at Milligan, and during this time he has taken an active part in every phase of college life. Whatever he does in the future and wherever he may drift, we shall remember him and rejoice in his successes. WILLIAM M. FERGUSON, A.B. Elizabethton, Tenn. American Literary Society 1. 2, 3, 4 : Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; " M " Club 3, 4 ; Latin Club 3. William Ferguson is a young man that everybody loves. We call him " Bill. " It is easy and safe to prophesy for him a useful career. Education has not " spoil- ed " him. It has only quickened and strengthened those native talents which form the basis of all great men ' s great- ness. Bill, we are with you. :-flYTirs»Er»«r?rnr:3W: riY»5r RONDAH HYDER, A.B. Johnson City. Tenn. American Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Forensic Council 3, 4; Stampede Staff 3; Varsity Basketball 4 : " M " Club 4 ; Foot- ball Squad 2, 3: Baseball Squad 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2. Rondah Hyder is one of Milligan ' s most promising young men. Truth, honor, integrity and lofty ideals : these are quali- ties too rarely found in modern life, but they are his. He will certainly win his way to distinctio n in his chosen activity; and in him the world will feel the im- press of a forceful personality. THOMAS JEFFERSON BOND, B.S. SoDDY, Tenn. American Literary Society 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Football 3, 4; " M " Club 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 2, 3 ; Forensic Council 3 ; Pres. Senior Council 4. Having learned everything available in Soddy, Tennessee, Tom entered Mil- ligan College as a Sophomore, and is now completing his Senior year. As a student he has made a reputation for thorough work ; as a debater, he has made for him- self an enviable record : and as an athlete, he has been successful. In whatever profession Tom chooses, we prophesy for him a career of efficient service and fidel- ity to the highest ideals. BERTHA EVELYN WILSON, A.B. MiLLicAN College, Tenn. Ossolian Literary Society I, 2, 3, 4; Stampede Staff 3 ; Art Editor Buffalo 4 ; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Latin Club 3, 4. Bertha entered Milligan four years ago as a Freshman, and we are loth to bid her farewell as she finishes her col- lege career. However, from all indica- tions we will hear from her again. She is a very talented young lady and the world will welcome her as a short-story writer, or as a great reader. Our best wishes go with you " Flower-of-the- North " , and we are counting on your success. BESSIE MARIETTA WILSON, A.B. Milligan College, Tenn. Ossolian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4 ; Latin Club 3, 4. Bessie comes to us from Michigan, and we are truly grateful to the North for such an honor. She has been with us during the entire four years of her college course, and we find in her a worthy and a congenial friend. She is modest, quiet, clever and ambitious. Wherever Bessie decides to cast her lot, our thoughts and our best wishes are with her. i JOHN O. BROADWAY, B.S. Paris, Tenn. ' Athenian Literary Society 1, 2, 3, 4 : Forensic Council 2 ; Life Saving Corps. John Broadway can successfully qualify as a walking encyclopedia, an ex- pert swimmer, a Jtrue friend, an an effi- cient courter. Scarcely can a more versa- tile and talented person be found than John. We wish success for him. LONNIE CLIFTON ELMORE, B.S. Snowville, Va. Athenian Literary Society I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2; Pre-Med Club 3; Latin Club 2, 3. Lonnie Elmore is one of the most popular boys at Milligan College, not only with the students, but with the fac- ulty as well. He is a gentleman in the true sense of the word, and we appreciate him as such. Friendh " , witty, handsome, and smart is Lonnie. We like you, Lon- nie, and we know that yours will be a successful career, be it spent in Etowah or in some other country. Grady Adkisson t. j. boswell Top Row Maltier Chauncey Rhea Crumley Juniors Roy Drudge Hazel Hale Bottom Rozv Lois Hale Ed Hudgens Page Foi-ty Ray Hawk Kermit Jones Top Rozv DiCIE KiLDAY Ernest Kegley Juniors Tom Lacy Ora Light Bottom Rozv WiLMA Moore Dale Mysinger Page Forty-one %ffp Top Rozv Dewey Orr Sue Pitman Geraldine Parker Anderson Payne Juniors Bottom Rozt Roy Pearson LuciLE Raum Esther Sutherland Henry Sentelle Page Forty-tn ' o Top Row Margaret Smith Clarence Thomas Woody W ' erking ' . P. Walker Juniors Page Forty-three Alma Mater In Tenncsses ' s fair eastern iiwniifains, Reared against the sky. Proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by. Forzvard ever be our icatelnvord, Conquer and prevail. Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! Cherished by our sons and daughters, Memories szvcet shall throng, Round our hearts, Alma Mater, As zve sing this song. Forzvard ever be our zvatchzvord, Conquer and prevail. Hail to thee! Our Alma Mater, Milligan, all hail! Page Forty-four vV - ' ■ ' -.■X " ' ' ' - ' 5 ' i.. Sophomores Clifford Albert Victor Allen Pauline Barnes Top Rozv Robert Bowman Thelma Bell Harvey Bullington Anne Coope Billy Joe Crouch Elizabeth Crow Bottom Rozv Basil Casey Vena Bearing Vera Bearing Page Forty-six f Sophomores WiLLARD DORSEY Wade Dennis Grace Dean Top Ro-tv Georgia Fields Nelle Gray Clark Grant Bottom Rozv Isabelle Green Lena Sue Hartman Oscar Huggins Pauline Hawkins Grace Johnston Mary Sue Jaynes Page Forty-seven Sophomores Top Rozv David Kidwell Ef fie Kirbo Leslie Lumsden Lucille Lumsden Claude Love Esther Large Bottom Ro " Li. Ann Little Ellen Montgomery Glen Orcutt Carrie Peters Alton Robertson Glen Rankin Page Forty-eight Sophomores Top Rom Frank Rustemeyer Virginia Reynolds Ruth Reynolds Bess Strickland Katherine Spivey Arthur Sammons Bottom Row Margaret Shelley Herschel Springfield Buck Travis Nan Frances Warren Ewell Williams Mrs. J. G. Wilson Page Forty-nine TO OUR DONORS AND FRIENDS In appreciation of the loyalty and support given Milligan College by her donors and friends, we, the Senior Class of igiy dedicate this page; we trust it may serve in a small measure to convey our gratitude to those ' who have so generous- ly contributed to our oAlma iMater Page Fifty Freshmen Thelma Brasfield George Barron Arnetta Beck George Byrd Top Row Maude Burgh field Joe Broadway Raymond Barry Lola Barry Bottom Rozi ' Cecil Barron Leo Brown Stanley Carpenter RuBYE Cochran- Ray Crittendon Grace Cantrell Walter Carpenter James Christo Page Fifty-two " ft. A ' S- Freshmen Blanche Dickson Caldwell Daniel Dan East James Fagan Top Roz Warren Faire Lawrence Fleenor Lucille Harmon Elsie Gay Hussey Bottom Ro " cV Mack Hyder Paul Howle Eugenia Harris Robert Hughes Turner Holt Eugene Jones Lucile Jordan John Jones Page Fifty-three Above — Top Ro2V Fred Kegley Herbert Livesay Hazel Lusk Ira Montgomery Mary Lipford Janie Leake Ardis Milianes Walter Mee Belozv — Top Roiv Wm McCawley Gertrude Pace Martin Pierce Lee Ritchie F. D. OwiNGS Grace Phelps Alma Price Harry Riggs Freshmen Above — Bottom Rozv Nan Ramsey Betty Stone Albert Stanley Ethel Smith Cecil Smith Archie Grant Lanta Strunk Ellis Veatch Belozv — Bottom Rozv D. Von Cannon Pauline Williams Evelyn Wallace William Wright Gerald Werking William White Louise Watkins Bert Waddell Page Fifty-four ifpartm tttB H.r ,t«: A. b ilej ' k f. ■ " fT s « ' T l t , . 1. ' J ' . . ( lub Top Rozv Pauline Lipford William Wright Lester Reynolds Caldwell Daniel Bernal Lappin Walter Loveless Ernest Kegley Ray Hawk Roy Drudge Center Margaret Shelley Miss White, director Mildred McDonald Bottom Rozv Virginia Reynolds Josephine Carpenter Flute Mary Lipford Grace Johnston Ruth Reynolds Lanta Strunk Nan Ramsey Ellen Montgomery Violin QUARTET William Wright First Tenor Caldwell Daniel Second Tenor Lester Reynolds First Bass Bernal Lappin Second Bass Page Fifty-six Page Fifty-seven i :: :X :.i,-S.L I Pfl(7(? Fifty-eight i«?ar S U r r i-l L The Ernestine Cottage DOMESTIC ART Grace Dean Erin Shelton Nelle Gray Effie Kate Kirbo Thelma Bell lucile lumsden Mrs. Kenneth McCorkle Mrs. Turner Holt Elsie Gay Hussey Louise Watkins Pauline Hawkins Pauline Williams EwELL Williams Mrs. C. M. Beavers DOMESTIC SCIENCE Erin Shelton Elsie Gay Hussey Pauline Hawkins Mrs. C. M. Beavers Mrs. Turner Holt Nelle Gray Grace Dean LuciLE Raum Graduates Mrs. C. M. Beavers Pauline Hawkins Margaret Smith Page Fifty-nine ression Walter Carpenter Ellis Veatch Hazel Lusk Ann Little Top Rozv Ellen Montgomery Josephine Carpenter Herbert Livesay Clarence Thomas Center Nan Frances Warren Maltier Chauncey Bottom Ro2v Rhea Crumley Mabel Lacy Grace Phelps Mrs. W. p. Walker Ora Light DiciE Jane Kilday Bertha Wilson Bessie Wilson Page Si.rty - ' ' ffiT t sa: ? v.jT -■! " «►. -r j » ' Miss Habt, Director jfiLftEET rcicp. Page Sixty-one iramatit Page Sixty-tzvo Dramatic Club Plays Albert Price Kermit Jones Claude Love " THE POT BOILER " Characters: Grace Phelps Lucile Raum Caldwell Daniel ' THE HOUR GLASS " Characters: Wade Dennis Grady Adkisson Mrs. K. McCorkle Mrs. W. p. Walker Alma Price Hazel Lusk Ora Light Mary Sue Jaynes Ann Little Lawrence Fleenor Ray Hawk Oscar Huggins " FIGUREHEADS " Characters: Nan Frances Warren WiLLARD DoRSEY Ellen Montgomery Martin Pierce ■WHOM JESUS LOVED " Characters: Daisy Butcher Esther Large David Kidwell Florine Cantrell Albert Stanley Paul Howell " THE ARRIVAL OF KITTY " Characters: Albert Price Nan Frances Warren Claude Love t. j. boswell Margaret Crouch Alto n Janey Brodie Thompson Anne Coope " SUPPRESSED DESIRES " Characters: Margaret Crouch Imogene Crimm Albert Price Pape Sixtx-three COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Top Ro ' cV Bottom Roiv Bernal Lappin Frank Rustemeyer Cecil Barron Harsy Riggs William White Carlos Springfield Ray Crittendon George Barron Leo Brown Nan Ramsey Vena Bearing Vera Bearing Thelma Bell William Wright Page Sixty-four GIELS OGATOCICAL CONTESTANTS Junior Music and EypRESsioN Pupils TeNNiS COUP TS From f T PftRuoa HftspiN Hall Haif ' 0(-Ex- o«enNOR, A.A TayCoh, at Milugan Coll6g V Jif ' f«( fOOTBALL Scenes 4ir ■s T f j y " " ?? " Sxxvtnsic Forensic Council John Broadway Archie Gray Dale Mysinger Stoney Smallwood Horace Peters Lester Reynolds Tom Bond Woody Werking Alton Robertson Roy Pearson Herman Forbes Ernest Kegley Page Seventy-three jVlhrniaj Page Seventy-four LO Athenian Literary Society LoNNiE Elmore Albert Staley Ray Hawk Dan East Leslie Payne Bernol Lappin Lewis Schubert Ray Crittendon Leslie Lumsden Lawrence Derthick Lester Reynolds Wjllard Dorsey Alton Robertson Raymond Barry , Paul Howle Stanley Carpenter David Kidwell Lawrence Fleenor Roy Pearson K. H. McCORKLE John Broadway Walter Mee Tom Lacy Walter Loveless Woody Werking Oscar Huggins Glen Rankin Turner Holt Frank Rustemeyer Douglas Von Cannon Kermit Jones Ira Montgomery Robert Bowman Joe Broadway F. D. Owings Glen Orcutt Roy Drudge Victor Allen Walter Carpenter Gerald Werking William White Grady Adkisson Dewey Orr Herbert Livesay Page Seventy-five Page Scvcnty-six Ossolian Literary Society Carrie Peters Lola Barry Rhea Crumley Mrs. a. W. Gray Nanxie Ramsey EwELL Williams Gertrude Pace Thelma Brassfield Grace Dean Grace Johnston Mrs. W. p. Walker Eugenia Harris Bess Strickland Bettie Stone Maltier Chauncey Josephine Carpenter jMrs. J. G. Wilson Mabel Lacy Bessie Wilson Wilma Moore Esther Sutherland Pauline Hawkins Pauline Lipford Ethel Smith Pauline Williams Katherine Spivey Arnetta Beck Ora Light Ruth Reynolds Rose Dickson Lucile Raum Mary Lipford Hazel Lusk Lanta Strunk Bertha Wilson Page Seventy-seven t;-!;3 ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' -.■ ' i . ' ' ' ' --!?. ill : |4 sa. BUFFALO i llltllIllllllllllf ' l! " " lMll |ll l»lll l IIIIi iii literarft Sttirttt ' ' i V a ANtlM V A - WMMOftM Pa£r Seventy-eight rmrrTffi iTTTffmj JTTrhniifnni-itI M .■f ' :0 ' t. ' i " . il " nTiiT:i ' MUtsswmi i American Literary Society Weldon McCollum George Barron G. L. Blissett t. j. boswell Tom Bond Leo Brown Wade Dennis C. C. Albert Billy Joe Crouch Scot Daniels Carlos Springfield James Fagan A rchie Grant James Christo Basil Casey Fred Kegley Claude Love Bill McCaulay Dale Mysinger Edward Hudgens Ernest Kegley Brodie Thompson Thelma Travis David Wheeler William Wright Horace Peters Albert Price Anderson Payne Henry ' Sentelle Bert Waddell Herschel Springfield Arthur Sammons Cecil Smith I ' age Seventy-nine " littmrn I " ] Page Eighty «T f " " Philomathean Literary Society Erin Shelton Geraldine Parker Sue Pittman Daisy Butcher Helen Drudge Evelyn Wallace Effie Kate Kireo Mildred McDonald Vena Dearing Vera Dearing Isabelle Green Ix)is Hale Hazel Hale Lena Sue Hartman Eugenia Harris Esther Large LuciLE Jordan Margaret Smith Mabel Anderson Louise Watkins Grace Cantrell Florine Cantrell LuciLE Harmon Mary Sue Jaynes Nan Frances Warren Ellen Montgomery Georgia Fields Elsie Gay Hussey RuBYE Cochrane Alma Price Elizabeth Crow Pauline Barnes Margaret Crouch Margaret Shelley DiciE Jane Kilday Janie Leake Grace Phelps Lucile Lumsden Ann Little Anne Coope Page Eighty-one £,g BUFF Page Eighty-two Ministerial Association and Volunteer Band Archie Gray Pauline Williams Frank Rustemeyer EwELL Williams Thelma Bell Mildred McDonald Clarence Thomas Grady Adkisson Dan East Turner Holt Mrs. W. p. Walker Stanley Carpenter Scott Daniels Nan Frances Warren Glen Rankin Kenneth McCorkle Glen Orcutt LuciLE Lumsden Walter Carpenter Lester Reynolds Roy Drudge WiLLARD DoRSEY ' Ellis Veatch Effie Kate Kirbo W. P. Walker Daisy Butcher Mabel Lacy David Kidwell Florine Cantrell Sue Pittman Paul Howle Herbert Livesay Nan Ramsey Helen Drudge Walter Loveless Esther Sutherland Oscar Huggins Lanta Strunk Page Eighty-three " ' i k - W i y -3 ' 10 fii [mm V, L y ' i| f (■ a y V ' l 1 % k Kfflr v " A-y Page Eighty-four Foreign Language Club The students of French, German and Spanish, attending Dr. F. C. Edward ' s classes held an enthusiastic meeting on November the seventh of last year and founded the above named club, which is made up of at least one-half of the student body. The club has no social features, but aims at an extension of class room work, enabling these students to acquire a greater fluency in the use of modern foreign languages through the presentation of easy plays, speech making and recitating. The club is composed of the following members. Grady Adkisson Margaret Shelley Lena Sue Hartman Alma Price Elsie Gay Hussey Mildred McDonald Elizabeth Crow RuBYE Cochrane Dan East LuciLE Jordan Bill McCawley Nan Frances A ' arren Katherine Spivey Bess Strickland Arnetta Beck Grace Johnston Claude Love Pauline Barnes James Fagan Ellen Montgomery Mary Lipford Sue Pitman Ruth Reynolds ■ Harry Riggs Robert Bowman Lucile Lumsden Wilma Moore Gerald Werking George Byrd Ann Little Ray Hawk W. P. Walker Vena Dearing Grace Dean Raymond Barry Lee Ritchie Mary Sue Javnes Louise Watkins C. C. Albert Maltier Chauncey Esther Sutherland Victor Allen Hazel Lusk Dicie Jane Kilday Geraldine Parker Florine Cantrell Virginia Reynolds Oscar Hltggins William Wright Dewey ' Orr Lanta Strunk Helen Drudge Esther Large Ray Crittendon Mabel Lacy _David Kidwell f. d. owings Ethel Smith Gertrude Pace Lola Barry ' Frank Rustemeyer Carrie Peters Nelle Gray Dr. F. C. Edwards Maude Birchfield Pauline Williams Woody Werking Page Eighty-five f B iu-i.ui!Ji ' iLiimuij (lirl M tuh Girls ' " M " Club Thelma Bell Louise Watkins WiLMA Moore Ann Little Oea Light Virginia Reynolds Katherine Spivey Pauline Hawkins Ellen Montgomery ' M Page Eighty-six Boys ' " M " Club The purpose of the " M " Cluh of MilHgan College is to foster better and cleaner athletics. Only men who have ]3layed footliall, Ijaseliall or basketball an allotted time, are entitled to membership. Under the leadership of Mr. Stoney Smallwood, the club is very active, and at present is composed of twenty-four men. At the beginning of the school year the following men composed this group : t. j. boswell Thelma Travis Tom Bond Bert Waddell Carlos Springfield William Ferguson Basil Casey Clark Grant Leo Brown Warren Faire Bernol Lappin Harvey Bullington Grady Adkisson G. L. Blissett Brodie Thompson Leslie Payne Henry Sentelle Wade Dennis Cecil Barron Page Eighty-seven Orchestra Miss Margaret Haynes Wright director Alma Price Ellen Montgomery RuBYE Cochrane Nelle Gray DiciE Jane Kilday Anne Coope Kathleen Adams Bernol Lappin William Wright Josephine Carpenter Walter Carpenter John Jones Herbert Livesay James T. Edwards Kathleen Van Winkle Albert Price Page Eighty-eight Review of Football Season There is a time in the athletic life of every school, when the prospects are good, but the season is poor ; and such was the case of Milligan in 1927. Tobe Edwards had worked wonders with new material in the two years previous and with a large number of the letter men reutrning, it looked as if Milligan would have a banner year on the gridiron. However, bad luck, together with a hard schedule, worked together to make it one of the worst. Tusculum won the opening game of the season by a lone field goal, and Lappin, crack halfback received a broken arm, while other men received injuries which hindered throughout the season. Waddell, Faire and Blissitt were out during most of the games, while Barron was also injured. With ill luck as a companion, the boys seemed to lose all pep and did not play their usual high type games. In the King College game, however, the Buffaloes came into their own. They swept down the field on the Torandoes and knocked at the marking door throughout the game, but a penalty for off sides cost one touchdown, and a fumble cost another. It seemed as if Dame Fortune passed Milligan by during this game just as she had done in all the others. Blissitt, Lappin and Bond will be lost by graduation, and it will be a difficult task to find men who can take their places. However, the outlook for a winning team next year is promising. Page Eighty-nine J. TOBE EDWARDS Coach Three 3 ' ears ago this serious minded young man came to Milligan from Georgia Tech and proceeded to place the old school on the map in the world of athletics. His fine sports- manship, and clean tactics made him one of the most popular coaches in this section. During the past season when everything went wrong, Edwards was still the cool, smiling young Georgian with the same fine sportsmanship. A fine coach, a good fellow, and above all a gentleman and promoter of clean athletics. CAPT. BERT WADDELL Guard Captain Waddell started the season in fine style, and it seemed as though is would be the greatest of his career, but injuries in the I enoir-Rhyne game handicapped him for the remainder of the year. This also hurt the team, for Waddell was not only a great player, but was a capable leader, as well. ERNEST KEGLEY Manager " Keg " was always on the job and handled the business end of the team in grand style. He was never missing when an thing was needed, but kept everything in shape, and was Coach Edwards ' right hand man. A better manager could not have been found than Ernest. Page Ninety WADE DENNIS Fullback Wade is a good line plunger and a passer of ability. He gained consistently through the line, and his ability and popularity won for him the right to be captain of next year ' s team. Dennis is a good clean football player. STONEY SMALLWOOD CV)i(rr 1 Stoney came to us from the Kings- port High School where he was an out- standing star. He has played with us for four years, and has proven himself to be a football player worthy of considera- tion. Smallwood is one of Milligan ' s most valued men. DENNIS FULL ALLIE WILDER End When you speak about scrapping foot- ball players, put Wilder ' s name first. He was a fighter every minute, and one of the surest receivers of a pass to grace the Grid at Milligan. ilder was small in stature, but not in grit, and this one thing carried him to the top. GEORGE BYRD Center George Byrd. playing his first year of college football, stepped into the line-up when Smallwood was hurt and handled the pivot position in excellent style. He possessed a good pass, was good on de- fense, but lacked experience. With a season behind him, he is sure to be one of Milligan ' s best. BVeO Page Ninety-one EDWARD HARRY Guard From the sunny land of Florida came " Cadillac " Harry, carrying two hundred and {ort ' pounds of bulk. This giant was destined to become one of the cogs in Milligan ' s machine, and he filled the shoes of Captain Waddell ably. " Cad- illac " was a good guard and his steady play made him one of Milligan ' s most reliable men. ARDIS MILLIANS Tackle This sturdy youth from the plains of Georgia possessed the_ ideal build for a tackle, since he was six feet, two inches tall, and weighed two hundred pounds. ' ' ith a little more experience his name should rank with Milligan ' s greatest linesmen. HARVEY BULLINGTON Quarterback " Little Napoleon " earned his name by steady play and keen generalship. He is a triple-threat man, and though slow in getting started, played excellent foot- ball after he did get under way. Harvey has one more year left under the Orange and Black Standard. GRADY ADKISSON Halfback Time after time the stands were forc- ed to cheer this cotton-topped meteor as he sped down the grid for long gains. Grady was one of Milligan ' s most able ball carriers, and was o ne of the best backs on the team. Page Ninety-two EDWARD HUDGENS Trainer " Doc " looked after the boys, and his untiring efforts with the injured were of great assistance to Coach Edwards. He never missed a practice and was always on hand when needed, rendering services that cannot be repaid in mere words. DAVID WHEELER End " Little Dave " scrubbed four years and took the knocks of the Varsity play- ers. He only weighed one hundred thirty-five pounds but he hit them all alike. For his true sportsmanship and faithful service he was awarded the Var- sity " M. " A man of his worth will al- ways honor the letter he wears. BERNOL LAPPIN Halfback A broken arm in the first game of the season caused Lappin to be out until the closing games. He was a great inter- ferer and one of the best defensive men on the team. It would be difficult to find a better player than Lappin. HENRY SENTELLE Tackle Henry played the same consistent game that has characterized his work during the past two seasons. He was always ready to fill the shoes of either tackle, and to fill them capably. Henry still has one more year, and it should be his best. mcKif- Page Ninety-three •iiiU ' iiiniii:r .rmTn- WARREN FAIRE Tackle Fair proved to be Milligan ' s most reliable tackle. He was good on defense, and time after time, he spilled the op- position ' s interference and dropped the runner for a loss. He played consistent football in every game, and was one of Milligan ' s most valued men. CECIL BARRON Halfback A man with more natural ability than Barron never graced the gridiron of Milligan. He possessed all the natural qualities of a great back. He could carry the ball through the line or around the end, and could pass with the best of them. T. J. BOSWELL Quarterback A veteran of many campaigns, but still a youngster when on the field. A steady, heady quarter, and one of the deadliest tackles that ever put on a uni- form. Boswell showed what a man small in stature, but big in spirit can do. T. J. BOND End Tom Bond wrote his name in football history at Milligan along side that of other great ends. When the opponents tried to circle his end they found Tom waiting. A great athlete, and one of the finest men to ever make Milligan ' s team. Page Ninety-four • ' mB.w,ffigag HERSCHEL SPRINGFIELD End A product of the scrubs, but an able end. He snagged a pass in the Carson- Newman game that netted forty ) ' ards and a touchdown for Milligan. Spring- field needs experience, and he should have little trouble next year in being one of Milligan ' s best players. LEE RITCHIE Halfback Although this was his first year in college, Ritchie had played at Monroe A. M. under the famous Red Barron. He did most of the punting " , and was also a good man to carry the ball. Never brilliant, but always a steady player. G. L. BLISSETT Alt. Captain Guard " Pop " Blissett, for three seasons, the pride of Milligan ' s line, was not the Blissett of old. this season, but due to numerous injuries did not play up to his usual standard. However, when June rolls around, Milligan will lose one of the greatest guards yet to play for the Orange and Black. ARTHUR SAMMONS Tackle Sam came up from the scrubs, and by hard work and able play, he justly earn- ed a place on the Varsity. He possessed the necessary qualities for a tackle, being big, racy and fast for his size. During his next two years of college football he should make his mark. BilS ' -rT i Al ITf ' H ' TL -APT Page Ninety-five ' ■ " " " " " " " ■ " " ■ " " " ey m Scrub Football Team The Milligan Junior ' ' arsity had a good season despite the fact that they played the best teams in this section. Onl} ' two games were lost, one to Kingsport High, the other to Bristol, Va. High. Under the careful guidance of Coach Brodie Thompson the team developed, and some of its members were raised to the Varsity before the season ended, and several more of them will earn a place on the team before their college careers end. Van Winkle and Kennedy were the outstanding players, Kennedy showing- promise of developing into a great halfback. Page Ninety-six illlimillHIIlltl n ■ ■ irr Boys ' Basketball Team Coach Clement Eyler ' s Hardwood Artists galloped on the lighted square with a success that was pleasing to all Buffalo followers, and when ' the smoke of the season ' s battle had cleared away, jMilligan had twelve victories. The local hoopers conquered the Crimson Tide of Lenoir twice, a feat never before accomplished by a Buffalo team. The great Charlotte " Y " and Canton " Y " of North Carolina fell before the magnificent work of the locals. Tusculum Col- lege fell twice, and Concord ' s Mountain I ions also tasted the bitter cup of defeat at the hands of Captain Payne and his crew. Several other teams of less note fell beneath the onslaught of Milligan. The team was one of the best that ever represented the local school. Coach Eyler worked wonders with his material, and to his should go a large share of the credit for the great team. Captain Payne is the only regular to be lost by graduation. He played a remarkable game and his shoes will be hard to fill. Page Ninety-seven HARVEY BULLINGTON Guard Little Harvey, again came through on the court and filled the shoes of Spring- field in great style. He is a dead shot at the basket, and hooped many buckets from mid-court. Harvey seems to be well on his way to three letters again this year. HERSCHEL SPRINGFIELD Guard The old basket tossing ability seems to be born in the Soddy lads, for " Springy " is the third from this camp to earn the basket ball letter. Herschel should be one of the five to represent Milligan next year. CLEMENT EYLER Coach Coach Eyler developed one of Milli- gan ' s best teams. He plugged the gaps and built a foundation for a really great team in spite of many handicapps. Coach Eyler is a product of the University of Georgia and Columbia University. JAMES CHRISTO Forit ' ard Maury High School of Norfolk, Vir- ginia, is the proud owner of this fleet little forward. He was in the thick of the battle at all times. A good dribbler, a fine passer and a fair shot, Christo stepped into a regular berth his first year at College. RONDAH HYDER Forzi ' ard Rondah scrubbed for two years, but he never gave up hope, and when his chance came this year, he made the best of it. He was always a good shot, and under Coach Eyler, he hit his stride and proved to be a deadly basketman. Page Ninety-eight BERNAL LAPPIN Center Lappin came strong at the close of the season. He started slow, but gained momentum as time went by, and when the season ended he was at his best. Bernal is just coming into his own as an athlete, but he graduates in June, and thus his career will close. WELDON McCOLLUM Center After two unsuccessful years on the hardwood. Old Mac came back and made the grade. He was a good man to rely on and was one of Coach Eyler ' s most able substitutes. LESLIE PAYNE Captain Forzvard Payne ' s accurate eye accounted for many of Milligan ' s points, while his leadership carried the team on to victory more than one game. Without a doubt, Payne is one of the best shots ever seen at Milligan. He graduates in June, and thus passes one of our best athletes. CLARK GRANT Guard More than once this sturdy guard has covered two of the opposition as they swept down the floor. When the ball hit the backboard Grant shook it off and passed it out to his forwards. " Jake " is to captain the 1928 team. ARCHIE GRANT Forivard Archie hails from Soddy and is the brother to the famous " Jake. " A great floor worker, and an accurate passer, he became one of the main cogs in the Mil- ligan machine. He has all the qualities of a great athlete. a GEANT Page Ninety-nine SCO E WlEUTi7N FRANCES MELTON Coach Miss Melton developed a team from absolutely raw material. The Goddess o{ Fortune was absent in all the games, and this fact alone accounted for more than half of the defeats. Miss Melton accepted defeat in her usual way, and was commended for her sportsmanship. A good coach and a fine leader are the characteristics of Miss Melton. ANN LITTLE Captain Forward Captain Ann Little showed marked ability as a leader, and as a player she ranked among the best. A good sport, a nice floor worker, and a passer of ability, Little proved herself one of Milligan ' s best. CAPT. LlT-TLt CrwTBU KATHERINE SPIVEY Forward Spivey is fast, aggressive, and a pos- sessor of nautral ability. In every game she played good basketball, and was Milligan ' s most outstanding player. With two more years ahead of her, she should become one of Milligan ' s greatest girl athletes. VIRGINIA REYNOLDS Forzi ' ard Virginia was a good passer, a fine floor worker, and a shooter of more th an average ability. She was one of the leading scorers of the team, and in every game, was noted for her passing. Page One Hundred LOUISE WATKINS Guard " Jim " was a player who lacked the temperament but possessed the ability. She could pivot, pass and guard, and had many years of successful experience to her credit. THELMA BELL Guard Thelma is the old " War Horse " type ; steady, dependable, but not brilliant. She played more actual time than any other Milligan guard, and was especially good in the game with Concord College. WILMA MOORE Center Wilma possessed rare ability and was one of the best goal tossers on the floor. She could be depended upon to play a steady, clean game, and w;th more e.x- perience should make a valuable player. ORA LIGHT Guard Ora was fast, and she was a fine passer. She covered the floor in brilliant style and was one of the main cogs in the guarding. Ora worked well with Watkins and Bell. Page One Hundred One Girls ' Basketball Team Milligan played a good brand of basketball during the entire season, and on several occasions it looked as if the jinx of ill luck had been broken, Init each time the visitors would break through and toss a field basket shattering the hopes of a victory for Milligan. The local lassies displayed unusual sportsmanship and team work. They were commended on all sides for their steady playing and their spirit. Miss Melton worked wonders with her team, and, with such a foundation laid, a great team should develop next year. Page One Hundred Two Life Saving Corps Milligan has added to her athletics a Life Saving Corps. This corps is made up of those who have satisfactorily passed the requirements of the National Red Cross Life Saving Corps. The College itself has become an affiliated member of the National Red Cross Life Saving Corps, having accepted the Water- Safety program of the Red Cross. The members of the Milligan Corps are certified Examiners, qualified to give instruction in swimming and life-saving. They are also qualified to give tests and to pass candidates in life- saving work. This corps is doing much to promote life-saving and swim- ming at Milligan College and we expect it to grow from year to year. Page One Hundred Three JTOBE EDWACOS ' f . 1%s- :f - ' ,-. :: . n B.TH0MP50N CAPfiMHCF. J. TOBE EDWARDS Coach Tobe can take prospect and make real baseball players out of them. His material was about average, but he tutored and developed it into one of the greatest teams that ever graced the Buffalo diamond. He is without a doubt, the best baseball coach in college circles todav. BRODIE THOMPSON Captain R.F. Captain Thompson was a fly hawk of rare ability, and he snagged many hard hit balls in the right sec- tion. Brodie proved himself a capable leader and his hitting was well over the three hundred mark. Baseball Season Review Not a team in Tennessee was able to stem the tide of base hits and runs that flowed from the BufTalo bats, and for the second time in two years Milligan Col- lege won the State Championship. Tennessee and Carson-Newman fell like chaiT before the wind, in face of the local club, while the Milligan pitchers held the opposition to a normal amount of runs. Milligan piled up an average of thirteen wins, and Lenoir-Rhyne, from North Carolina was the only team to score more runs than Milligan. The University of Tennessee, Carson-Newman, Lincoln Memorial Univer- sity, and Cumberland University were among Milligan ' s most formidable foes, but they could do nothing against the mighty Orange and Black. Captain Thompson led his team with undue skill and played a great game himself. The outstanding players were S. Thompson, Springfield, Ferguson and Boswell. Page One Hundred Four CLARK GRANT C. F. This Soddy 3 ' outh was a dependable hitter and a brilliant fielder. Grant is a natural ball player and was indispensable in the Milligan line-up. He should be a great star ere he completes his college course. CARLOS SPRINGFIELD Catcher Carlos was a great receiver, a good judge of hitters, a great thrower, and one of the best hitters on the squad. His work led Milligan on to the champion- ship. He caught every game and worked his pitcher with uncanny ability. JACK THOMASON Second Base This sterling athlete added the third letter to his string by earning a regular berth on the baseball team. He was fast and was a good fielder. He led the team in hitting on the road trips and proved to be a consistent player throughout the entire season. T. J. BOSWELL Capt.-Elect Third Base " Tete " seldom made an error, and in every game of the season his fielding was one of the bright spots of the game. He could hit and he could think. In fact " Tete " could do most everything neces- sary in a ball game. His popularity won for him the captaincy for 1927. BOSViELl Page One Hundred Five ' JtitLMUL - W. THOMPSON Pitcher " Shine " was a valuable asset to the team. He could play outfield, he could pitch, and he could hit. Thompson held U. T. in the palm of his mit at Knox- ville, and the Buffaloes romped on with the victory. A dependable and brilliant player. STONEY SMALLWOOD Manager Stoney proved himself to be one of the greatest baseball managers of Milli- gan College. Always on the job at the right time, with the right thing — these facts made Stoney an ideal manager. 1 «: s i f« f j f ' ' f S " " " -- ' . 1? k } i nwi r THELMA TRAVIS Pitcher " Firecracker " had his best year and one that any pitcher should be proud of. His hurling was far above the aver- age all during the season, and he was one of Edward ' s most reliable pitchers. ; 5 i ou r SPENCER STOUT Picthcr Spencer Stout possessed ability, but lacked experience. After a few years of playing he should develop into a first class college pitcher. Page One Hundred Six Tennis Team For the first time, Alilligan is playing regular intercollegiate tennis. Coach Eyler has taken the squad into hand and many have reported for action. Plenty of good material is in evidence and any one making the squad will have plenty of competition. Manager Reynolds has worked out a good schedule for the Buffalo Net Men, and this first year should be a good one for Milli- gan on the court. Page One Hundred Seven THE END ADAM B. CROUCH JOE P. McCORMICK President Gen. Mgr. JOHNSON CITY STEAM I i i I i I 1 LAUNDRY, INC. | Johnson City, Tennessee | [ I " Thirty-five Years of i Satisfactory Service " j I LAUNDERERS DRY GLEANERS ! 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A few find positions at an ordinary wage with little future and remain at the same level until they are in a rut and fear to leave hecause they are not fitted to take advancement. The Business College specializes in its training. It takes a short time, compared with the four-year college course. It gives these high school graduates a fundamental knowledge of business that makes it possible for them to earn a good salary in a desirable position. The aspirant to higher education can well afford to take the Business College course before entering college. There is satisfaction in knowing that one is capable of " stepping out " any time and supporting himself if necessary. Young people always need spending money and are often obliged to earn the money for college expenses. Business College graduates are capable of doing this. NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE ■ Roanoke, Va. JIM PREAS, Mgr. PHONE 772 THE PREAS COMPANY Oil-O-Matic Heating Plumbing and Heating Contractors Preas Building Johnson City - Tennessee SMITH HIGGINS COMPANY incorporated Wholesale Dealers in Drugs and Laboratory Supplies Johnson City - Tennessee STEINWAY PIANOS orthophonic victrolas and records sheet music musical merchandise Clark-Jones-Sheeley Company Bristol, Virginia BRADING-RHEA LUMBER GO. Lumber and Building Material EAST MAIN AND DIVISION STREETS Johnson City, Tennessee JAMES M. GAUNT SPECIAL AGENT ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY TELEPHONE 5100 Miller Brothers Gompany, Inc. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS — MANUFACTURERS OF HARDWOOD FLOORING Johnson City Tennessiie PHONE 5108 PHONE 5108 Watkins French Dry Gleaning Gompany LEADING CLEANERS MEN ' S SUITS FRENCH DRY CLEANED AND PRESSED $1.00 74 N. Broad St. Atlanta J. E. GROUGH BOOK STORE Books and Stationery School Supplies Waterman ' s Ideal Fountain Pens 217 main street Johnson City, Tennessee UF RENT-A-FORD COMPANY " Drive-It- Yourself and Save the Difference " ALL SnappySemce day and NEW rA ?=====: NIGHT CARS C " !a iL. xFrrqLeJb = — SERVICE DODGES 7 T!( i3aJ B STORAGE chevrolets | °|- ' m gas and fords a {a k kbr and oil 403 South Roan Street Phone 513 Johnson City - Tennessee ALWAYS ASK FOR— fClCB MANUFACTURED BY SOUTHERN ICE CREAM COMPANY PHONE No. 5109 REACH RAWLINGS BARTON HARDWARE CO. INCORPORATED WHOLESALE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT For Every Athletic Activity SPALDING D. M. SKELTON ' S BAKERY For Your Picnic Outings Use Skelton ' s Pullman Loaf for Sandwiches The Home of BILLY BOY BREAD 121 W. Market Street PHONE 528 Johnson City - Tennessee CLOTHES Ready-Made and Gut to Order Nothing more appropriate for College men has ever been executed, either in England or in the United States SUITS AND OVERCOATS $40 $45 $50 BROYLES-WORLEY CO. " Mens Wear That Men Wear " Johnson City - Tennessee Let Us Equip You for Your Camping Trip Army Supply Store Johnson City, Tennessee WRECKED AUTO REBUILDERS " Where Service is a Pleasure " Auto Renewal Go. 520-522 W. MARKET ST. PHONE 1037 Johnson City, Tennessee The New Corona $60.00 Office Supply Co. 123-125 W. MARKET ST. .JOHNSON CITY - TENNESSEE Snyder Bros. Poris MUSICAL SPORT SHOP 204 Main St. - Johnson City., Tenn. The Home of Baldwin Pianos. Columbia and Sonora Phonographs, and a complete line of music and musical instruments specially l)riced to our Milligan students. Wc ' Lint VLfK to lu ' lf us iU ' vclop an c.vclnsn ' c For Clothing for both Ladies ' and Gents, and the celebrated Star Brand Shoes for the En- tire Family, go to Faw DeVault Go. Everything Guaranteed Satisfactory Johnson City, Tennessee PIERGE PIERGE SHOE REPAIR SHOP 106 Buffalo St. Johnson City, Tennessee MASENGILL ' S Correct Apparel for Women and Misses PHONE 153 main and roan sts. Johnson City, Tennessee SANITARY BARBER SHOP We Live Up to Our Motto SERVICE— SANITATION— SATISFACTION Give Us a Trial IW i Spring Street Johnson City - Tennessee TENNESSEE EASTERN ELECTRIC CO. LIGHT— HE A T—PO WER Electricity is a willing servant and costs in terms of man-power less than eight cents per day. What other power is so economical? Service Counts E. C. ALEXANDER, Pi-es. E. H. HOLLY, Vice-Pres. G. J. HOLLY, Cashier THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Elizabethton, Tennessee INVITES I YOUR ACCOUNT j . i : : We Solicit, Appreciate and Protect Your Business : : Not One Year Nor Two Years — but many years are required in the making of character. Forty years | of dependable service in Johnson City have attached to the name of BECK- i NER ' S a high degree of confidence and regard. Graduation gifts now on [ display combine beautiful designs with long enduring quality. I I. N. BEGKNER ' S SONS j Watchmakers, Jewelers and Engravers [ " WE KNOW HOW " I { i Wear Kinney Shoes Once and the Habit is Formed Nothing Over $4.98 | G. R. KINNEY GO., ING. I 104 W. Market St. Johnson City - Tennessee j 1 THE FASHION SHOP, ING. Johnson City ' s popular priced store — Specializing all sizes in Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear and Millinery PEDIGO GOMPANY The Daylight Store I The place to buy Kirschbaum Clothing, Trimble and Berg Hats, Oxfords, Sweaters, Ties, Shirts and Underwear All the New Things for Young Men at Popular Prices 214 MAIN street JOHNSON CITY, TENN. f " Cleanliness Next to Godliness " An old adage that rings true both in our school life and in our home life. The Greater Hoover Plays a most important part in keeping thoroughly clean the rugs and carpetings in your home — really where cleanliness counts most this is made possible through the new cleaning principle of " Positive Agitation " If you have not already learned how this method makes the Hoover different from the ordinary vacuum cleaner, and why you should have a Hoover in your home, phone or write the nearest Hoover dealer or THE HOOVER COMPANY North Canton, O. Ask about the New Popular Low-Priced Hoover i Compliments of ' MAJESTIC : CRITERION CAPITOL I Johnson City ' s " Publix Theatres " Best in Entertainment Best in Service Your Patronage Solicited and Appreciated HEAR THE BEAUTIFUL $20,000 WURLITZER ORGAN AT THE MAJESTIC THEATRE THE F. M. GROCERY COMPANY, INC. STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Fresh and Cured Meats Fruits and Vegetables THE BEST FOR LESS TWO BIG STORES West Market McClure Buffalo Tipton Streets Streets Phone 1400 Phone 9 EAST TENNESSEE WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD COMPANY Provides Improved facilities for handling excursions, picnics and other parties seeking outings at points of scenic beauty along these lines. Special Picnic Grounds and Pavilion at Cranberry, N.G. Excursion Rates on Application For Information Call on or Address GENERAL PASSENGER DEPARTMENT EAST TENN. AND WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA R. R. CO. Johnson City Tennessee THE CHARLEY CARGILLE STUDIO Made All the Photographs for This Annual FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Sick Friends, Mother, Sweetheart, Parties, Funerals COMMENCEMENT Be Sure They Come From Gunnar Teilmann and Son " Johnson City ' s Leading Florists " STORE: 303 ROAN ST. PHONE 511 FLOWERS BY WIRE APPALACHIAN PUBLISHERS INCORPORATED JOHNSON CITY CHRONICLE (Morning) JOHNSON CITY STAFF-NEWS (Evening) JOHNSON CITY CHRONICLE Combined With JOHNSON CITY STAFF-NEWS (Sunday) CONGRESS BARBER SHOP High Class Work LADIES ' AND GENTLEMEN Up-to-Date Bobs a Specialty 249 East Main Street Johnson City - Tennessee D. W. LOWRY, Pres. CARL E. FEATHERS, Vice-Pres. L. E. FAULK, Sec ' y-Treas. THE LOWRY FRUIT CO., INC. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Fruits, Vegetables, Candies, Grocers ' Specialties bananas, oranges, apples, potatoes, cabbage, onions, cakes, crackers, cheese, peanuts Phone 365 Johnson City - Tennessee :3SJ)_ A Complete Banking Service SAFETY COURTESY UNAKA AND CITY NATIONAL BANK Johnson City Tennessee EMPIRE CHAIR COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF CHAIRS AND FURNITURE Johnson City Tennessee Phone 46 CITY SHOE STORE, INC. " WE FIT THE FEET " 210 Main Street Johnson City - Tennessee Phone 73 THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO. MOTOR REPAIRS Contracting, Radios and Supplies 109 Spring Street Johnson City ■ Tennessee TENNESSEE BRIDGE STEEL CO. Structural and Ornamental Iron Work steel Stairs, Fire Escapes, Area Gratings, Jail Work, Steel Gates, Bridges, Grills, Riveted and Welded Pipe, Tanks, Smoke Stacks, Breech- ings. Penstocks, Steel Plate Work. cor. walnut and tennessee sts. telephone .5133 Johnson C ity - Tennessee The Most Brilliant Mind Cannot Function in an Unsound Body Do not neglect your studies — Do not neglect your morals Do not neglect your health Chronic Constipation Your Greatest Enemy — USE VEGO — Tonic, ■ Laxative Diuretic — Purely Vegetable. SMITH CHEMICAL CORPORATION Johnson City - Tennessee . I SELL BROS. FRESH AND CURED MEATS POULTRY V J Y ■ • 1 Phone 432 113 Buffalo Street Johnson City - Tennessee The Harr Furniture Co. QUALITY LINES OF FURNITURE Bed Room Suites Living Room Suites Dining Room Suites Odd Pieces Sellers Kitchen Cabinets — Rockwood Ranges Victor Phonographs Columbia Phonographs Low Prices on Quality Furniture and Terms to Suit THE HARR FURNITURE CO. Main Street Johnson City - Tennessee Compliments of- ARMOUR COMPANY Largest Drug Store in Johnson City KODAKS AND SUPPLIES BLOCK ' S AND HOLLINGSWORTH ' S CANDIES JONES-VANCE DRUG CO. " KOURTESY KORNER " 5126 Two Phones 5126 We Develop and Print Kodak Pictures in Eight Hours SAVOY DRUG CO. INC. Everything in DRUGS and SUNDRIES Kodaks and Supplies Leave Your Films to Be Developed Prescriptions a Specialty WE KNOW YOU ARE IN A HURRY ERWIN EUECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY Erwin, Tennessee ■ A. J. SHELDON GO. GARAGE One Block Up Market Street from Hotel John Sevier THE GARAGE YOU CAN DRIVE THROUGH FROM EAST MAIN TO EAST MARKET Established 1886 GEO. T. WOPFORD H. M. BURLESON H. L. WOFFORD H. M. HARRIS, Office Mgr. WOFFORD BROTHERS Real Estate — Loans Insurance Johnson City - Tennessee WHITEHOUSE DRUG GOMPANY " A Good Drug Store " Prompt and Courteous Service Your Patronage is Appreciated Phone 183 Johnson Gity Tennessee III For Good Service Patronize ET WNG MOTOR TRANSPORTATION GO. iQrCl uleaionsa " order- ■ ' o Gr Of course she loves flowers — She ' s enthusiastic when they come from THE FLORAL SHOPPE HOTEL JOHN SEVIER JOHNSON CITY - TENNESSEE We Grow Our Own and Deliver Them Daily PHONE 63 DOSSER ' S " The Woman ' s Store " Built upon public confidence and presenting the best values possible. Dosser ' s issue this announcement as their personal invitation to you to come and see the smart garments and accessories they are showing. We v ant you to make our store your headquarters when shopping. Get your checks cashed, leave your bundles, etc. In other words, Our Store is Your Store. DOSSER ' S Johnson City Tennessee ■V- AMERICAN BEMBERG CORPORATION Pioneer American Plant for Manufacturing Imitation Silk Located in the garden spot of America, in Eastern Tennessee, within five miles of MilHgan College. We give employment to hundreds upon hundreds of sturdy American boys and girls of this section of the country. We extend the hand of friendship to all who wish to make the American homes nearby more happy and more prosperous. [ ! SAFE SOUND FRANKLIN GUARANTY BANK Johnson City, Tennessee officers JAMES A POUDER Chairman of Board FITZHUGH LEE WALLACE President GEO. W. KEYS Vice-President R. V. WILLS Asst. Cashier Commercial and Savings Deposits Trust Business — Safe Deposit Boxes PROGRESSIVE ACCOMMODATING School Catalogs and Illustrations Leather Dance Favors and Covers Dance Programs and Invitations Fraternity and Class Stationery THE GHAS. E. ELLIOTT GO. The Largest College Engraving House in tlie World Commencement Invitations, Class Day Programs Class Pins and Rings Seventeenth Street and Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia Fraternity and Class Inserts for Annuals Wedding Invitations Calling Cards, Menus ' )J E. G. LOCKETT E. N. LoCKETT 1 President Sec ' y-Treas. LOCKETT BROS. COMPANY INCORPORATED Wholesale Grocers Johnson City ' • Tennessee DRINK JOHNSON CITY OIL CO. ( 1 INC. 1 Bottled in Johnson City WHOLESALE also DISTRIBUTORS TRU ■••••• FRUIT SODAS Gasoline — Kerosene Lubricants j j I i BETTER CLOTHES— LESS MONEY I Shoes, Millinery, and Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear I LEVISON ' S Johnson City - Tennessee INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS A. E. McCORKLE Mgr. 114 JoBE Street Johnson City - Tennessee A Modern Bank Alert — Progressive — Accommodating We Invite Your Accounts, With the Assurance of Cordial, Attentive Service AMERICAN BANK TRUST CO. 121 Fountain Square Education, Like Better Built Homes, Maintains Its Permanency STRENGTH AND DURABILITY i PLUS PERMANENCY — EQUALS ECONOMY BRICK VENEER DWELLINGS OUR SPECIALTY f MARABLE Real Estate : Home Builders : Insurance TELEPHONE No. 1319 No. 9 ARCADE BLDG. ' ' " " " " ir " ' ' i!i ' ! ' " ' !i!r ' ' ' ' !ir ' ' ' ' i:r ' ' T[ii n !! " " " (!!! l!lf " " !rTllT ' lF " T iiiiiiiiHiiiysp ,:J KNQXVILLE III LITHOGRAPHING lllli OOMBVNY III DESIGNERS ° PRINTERS llllfll OF |iR|ri=i FINE COLLEGE ANNUALS ||i|| KNOXVILLE, TENN. uttm U.S.A. iiiiiw; fhrsonal cooperaiion mik ike siaff in ike planning and designing of ike annual is a definiie pari of our service. MILLIGAN COLLEGE H. J. Derthick PRESIDENT MiLLiGAN College, Tennessee MILLIGAN COLLEGE IS AN INSTITUTION WITH A rich Tradition; a unique history; ideal location; wholesome Christian atmosphere; standard courses in Science, Philosophy, Education, Religion. Courses in Business, Expression, Music, Home Economics; ade- quate and efficient teaching staff, clean and vigorous athletics, inter-collegiate forensics. Opportunities for young ministers; aid for honor graduates of standard high schools; new buildings and equipment; delightful climate; select student body. FALL SEMESTER OPENS SEPTEMBER 13, 1927 Write for Literature Standard Grocery Co. INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERS WHITE RIBBON COFFEE ELIZABETHTON -:-:- TENNESSEE We Help a Young Man Put His Best Foot Forward The successful man looks successful. So does the man who hasn ' t " arrived " but is on his way. This point is that the appearance of success is invaluable to the forward going man — and it ' s often merely a matter of clothes. The man who looks well to his mirror, his friends and his associates is in an easy frame of mind. He steps out with his best foot forward and an air of suc- cess in his stride. The Moral Is: ' Dress Well and Succeed " HANNAH ' S Inc. Tennessee National Bank Johnson City Tennessee y SIX YEARS 01 ,0. RESOURCES TWO and THREE QUARTER MILLIONS We Want Your Business

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