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During the month of April. Millersville Stote College celebrated its 125th birthdoy. The compus sprowls over 225 ocres of well-tended grounds ond includes some dromotic new buildings os well os severol 19th century structures. One of the most beoutiful is the elegont Old Libroiy. now known os the Biemesderfer Executive Center The oppeoronce ond poce of today" s compus is bosed on 125 yeors of od-justing to societal needs. The college got its start because public schools of the 1850's were very poor ond the teochers were poorly prepared. A Lancaster County man. Jomes P Wicker-sham. wos dedicated to public education ond convinced of the importance of trained teachers On April 17. 1655. he opened the Lancaster County Teochers Institute with 147 teochers in the little Borough of Millers-ville He used a building which hod just been constructed by local citizens os a pnvote ocademy for their children. The building wos to hove been "loaned" to Wickershom for his three-month workshop for teochers. but within weeks ofter the beginning of the institute, he gained widespread support for the idea of o permanent normal school for the ‘ preparation of teochers The ocademy trustees willingly gave up their building for this important couse In November 1855. the first normol school in Pennsylvania opened ot Mil-lersville under the nome of Lancaster County Normol School. In 1859 it become officially recognized by the stote ond the nome changed to The First Pennsylvania Stote Normal School. | Gradually it become known os Millersville Stote Normol School, its official nome until 1927 when it wos elevoted to college status ond authorized to gront bachelor degrees. Then it become Millersville Stote Teachers College As public higher education become available to more ond more young people following World War II. soaetol needs changed ogom. In response so did Millersville. In 1959. it wos authorized to offer Bachelor ond Master degrees in fields outside of teacher education. Its nome wos changed to Millersville Stote College. In the 20 yeors since then, the college hos continued to odjust to o chongmg world, adding new programs in business, in allied health fields, m technological fields, os well os m the traditional arts ond sciences Its reputation hos been one of high quoliry among stote colleges, especially in its vorious science programs Eoch year dozens of groduates win competitive fellowships for groduote study in science ot major Amencon universities Mony groduoies go on to medical schools low schools ond other professional institutions. Others join the professional stoffs of area businesses, industries government agencies ond schools. Millersville is currently planning for long-range curriculum changes so that it con continue to odjust to the needs of the public it serves Happy 125th onmversory Millersville Stote College. 125th Anniversary Bulletin 81 Yeors Celebration of Publication but only 70 for the Touchstone!! Eighty-one yeors ogo. Millersville published ns first yearbook, ond did you know thot the Touchstone was not the official first title, but the third? In 1899 the Wickershom wos published. named after one of Millersville s first principals, Jomes Wickershom In 1901, the name changed to the Miller-svillion considered o more popular title by the staff This title remained until 1910. The yeorbook then published few photographs, mony Itterory works (poems stories, lost will ond testaments). and other tnvio-type articles Then in 1910. another change come oboui. one thot held until todoy: The Touchstone wos given birth thus carrying on for 70 yeors. Todoys Touchstone Is very different than the post yeorbook The yeorbook consists of mony phoiogrophs of foculty seniors, compus life, happenings, dubs, orgonizotions. sports, fraternities, sororities olong with some body editorials and stories Color pictures ore also o small spectacular of the 264 poge volume one of the biggest ever!' Trying to copture the campus of 1899 wos not difficult with on enrollment of a hundred or so but 81 years later ond five thousand more students the compus is ever growing Some may ask. whot is the Touchstone or whot is the Touchstone s meonmg? A Touchstone can be o type of stone thot helps in the determination of whot is gold or silver but more importantly is its second meaning Thot being o standard o criterion that is bemg upheld year ofter year. This year s staff is still upholding the standard of Millersville s Touchstone HAPPY 70th TOUCHSTONE BIRTHDAY" Touchstone Editors Editor-in-Chief Steven A DiGuiseppe Co-Editors. DonnoM Bulmo Keith R Ebner Adviser: Dr Ronold E Sykes Secretory: Mrs. MaryLou Kouffmon Sections Excitement: Lorraine E Wherley Enrichment: Robin M Shadle Enthusiasm Jodie L Carpenter Friendship: Richard A Yednock Transitions: Down C Boumgardphotos by Chnstopher F Wroteophosos (obove on J txr’-ow) by Menn SukJjos. Inc photo by Suion 0 Jochle Sounds of. . . EXCITEMENT . 4 ENRICHMENT. . . . 40 ENTHUSIASM . . . . 76 TRANSITIONS. . . . 120 FRIENDSHIP . 214 ITS MISSION THOU little book sholl ever be. Filled with fondest memory UT of your poges in yeors to come, I sholl be lifted from thoughts so glum. Under the dorkest clouds thot rise. • You con bring o glod surprise CoULD we olwoys be like thee Full of mirth ond jollity H OW the sorrows then would fly As o lark soars to the sky SoNGS of cheer ond words of jest. These we find ore thy behest THEN moy we not o lesson take And be jolly for thy soke N our woy through life we need. Fruit, which grows from out thy seed KJ ■ 10V we trust thy mission's filled For dork brooding thou host killed E VEN now in sleep I find Better rest ond peoce of mind Benjamin H Heller 1910 TOUCHSTONESounds of excitement ore usuolly heard oil over Millers-ville's campus. There always seems to be something happening. be it weekdoy or weekend. Homecoming ond Spring Fling ore the two most exciting weekends during the year. On these weekends students forget about their books ond devote themselves to having o good time! Homecoming centers around the big football gome while Spring Fling centers around the mini-carnival. There is usually a big concert on each weekend which packs Pucillo Gymnasium. The campus comes to life on these weekends ond students release a lot of pressure they’ve built up during the semester. There are also some other academic and cultural happenings on campus throughout the semester. Special speakers come in to speak on practically every curriculum the college offers. Citamard ond other theater groups provide dramatic entertainment. Musical groups ond choirs give concerts for the community's benefit. Other sounds of excitement come from just normal campus life. Students always find a way to liven up a dull day. MSC students even react to national and international events by staging rallies. There never seems to be a dull moment! Lorraine Wherley— HOMECOMING EXCITEMENT 1979 Locol Penn Mono High School powopotes in Mrileisville Homecoming Gommo Sigmo Alpho supports (he Mo ogden Pofode Children of the Elizobeth Jenkins Doy School enjoy in the festivities of the po»ode Army ROIC paving the woy (betow) 0 ownies toke on onothei odventute (oil cok photo by Menn Studios, Inc ) ----™ 70MSC vtudenti frolic about Students owon for the cnnuol Homecoming Porode 'O Y N-A Mi r-£ JimmieWoihe eniercoimo pocked lyte Auditorium MSC bond on the run MSC Joz. Bend ployi loudly Homecoming 79 7Homecoming weekend activities began on Thursday with o coffeehouse performance by folk artist Kirk Edwards. On Friday, the onnuol Alumni Invitational Art Exhibition opened in the Ganser Gollery All types of medio were represented, and most of the pieces were modernistic. Much of the work was water color ond modern sculpture Highlighting the shows were pottery decorated with o fish motif by Wilhom Rowe ond silver ond bronze jewelry mode by Ooniel Fry The most interesting of the art was two poper-moche hots decorated with city mops, built by Stephen Henry Comedion Jimmy Walker. from the television show "Good Times.” appeared in Lyte Auditorium on Friday night Although he refused to do any interviews he entertained questions from the audience, following his comedy routine The Jozz Ensemble presented its first public performance on Friday. Their leading number. Dynomite wos very appropriate os they took the stage right after Jimmy Wolker ended his show. The ensemble, o brass outfit complemented with two sets of percussion, piono. ond two electric guitars ployed Chuck Mangione's Feels So Good.” with solo work on the trumpet ond electric guitor. Two big-bond numbers, o Henry Mon-cini piece, ond "Corazon ” o penetrating piece bocked up with some interesting piono ond guitor ports ond featuring a tenor sox solo, were next The closing number wos Everyume which included another solo on the tenor saxophone ond o short bit with muted trumpets. ‘Everytime started out slowly but built o fost powerful ending with heavy guitors. Although the performance wos not os good os ones done in the post, the Jozz Ensemble got very good response fr m the oudience Their intonation needs work. but. assures one member. There will be o noticeable improvement in the overall sound of the ensemble by the time their major concert comes around on December 5." This year's Homecoming theme wos Lancaster 1729-1979 ond with Saturdays parade it wos surely pronounced. The porode included the United States Army Bond, the Millersville College Morchmg Band, the Penn Manor High School Bond Reynolds ond Wheatland Junior High Bands three community Hoots, four college floats, and severol other units were featured The porode route wos chonged Millersville welcomes). J Wolker (photo by Ron Weils) Jimm.e Walker sets o yve rhythm for the ood ence (photo by Ron Wells) Oe:ow—Students oroused by the Dm Bond, (photo by Ron Wells) 8 Homecoming 7b Gypsy Blue gets mto the music (photo by (Von Wells) Demse Germont ond Mihe mellow out the oudience (photo by (Von Wells) Below—MSC s College Choir entices the oudience (photo by V.c forte) slightly this year Marchers met at the Penn Manor lot at 9:30 ond left ot 10. traveling north on Herr Avenue west on Chorlotte Street, south on George Street, east on Jomes Street ond disbonding m the Creek Drive parking lot on campus. The winners of the college float competition were Phi Sigmo Pi. first place Wickers, second ploce Gommo Sigmo Alpho ond Sigmo Tou Gommo third ploce Phi Sigmo Pi hos won first ploce for the lost three yeots. meonmg ihot the ' Best Float Trophy" is theirs to keep. Phi Sigmo Pi competed in the King Frost Porode of Loncoster with their horse ond buggy entry in November A win by the football team over Bloomsburg highlighted Saturdays festivities The score wos 27-7 A well-received concert by The Dirt Bond concluded the events on Sotur-doy. On Sunday Homecoming activities included bmgo ond the showing of the Monty Python movie. "Jobberwocky With thoi the weekend octivmes were ot on end Homecoming 1979 . certainly o time to remember for oil. Gypsy Otue s gu«tonst expresses her style or music (photo by (Von Wells) Homecom ng 79 9DIRT BAND IN CONCERT Dwi Bond outohorput strumming (photo by Venn Studios Inc ) Ihey mode foot stomp»ngmus c (photo by Morin Studios. Inc ) SRO crowd welcomes the Nitty Gntty Dm Bond (photo by Me«n Studios Inc.) loodgwom, Jell Hanna 0oo e ,h N,qh. Sotinovol »«.«o.O,OT ,eve o. - oKchowoll. 0ho.obe««nSu«to .Inc.) Awoy ' (photo by Monn Studios Inc )MARAUDERS CRUSH HUSKIES George Rule punt owoy (photo by Merin Studios. Inc ) Marauder gom control (photo by Menn'StudiOi Inc ) MSC gooi loi it (photo by Mean Studios. Inc.) John W Pocilfo guest ot honor ot Homecoming Gome 1979 (photo by I got it. I got t (photo by Meun Studio . Inc ) Mean Studios. Inc ) Homecoming 79 11(R'9ht) Dirt Bonds Jim Fod-dens ond Ai Gorm deirght the crowd (photo by Corolle Boiloy) (Below) An overwhelming feeling capture;, members of the Dirt Bond (photo by Corolle Bailey) (Below) A tnjeond loyo friend (photo by Mena Studios Inc ) (Below) Ont Band T-shirts orrrve poor to concert (photo by Menn Studios Inc.)SB. Holt $o»s express their p oye o tomorrow s downy (photo by Menn Stuccos inc DORM LIFE Enjoying o beautiful foil doy res-dont students rohe odvontoge of the field ki« ° 3edby Hofl Qh 3 longer Halls (photo by Christopher F Wroten) (Oetow) a Gotge Resident onswers her con (photo by Menn Studios foe.) Kothy He.m pretends to be itody. oi of her friends We Love Yo Kothy AOS (pho.oby Menn Studios Inc ) ic jri9 cPho.ogfophp ocK is not n F«on HofnotKiew f s schedule (photo by Menn Studios Inc )MARAUDERS FALL SHORT IN DIVISION III PLAYOFFS In o gome ployed ot Diemsderfer stodium on November 17. the Millers-ville Morouder footboll squad fell one yard short in their bid for notional supremocy os they lost o 21-14 heort-breoker to the top-ronked Wittenberg Tigers. The Marauders foiled to perpetrate o mojor upset os their final drive stalled just one yard from poydirt. Down by o touchdown, the Marauders started O drive on their own 48 yard line with o little more than two minutes remoining Two posses from quorterbock Jamie Szc-zecinski to Aoron Wyley moved the boll down to the Tiger's 20 yord line. A poss to Rob Riddick mode it first ond gool ot the four Szczecinski lost o yord on first Hony Leslie signois inches to go (or o first down (photo by Mean Studios Inc ) 14 NCAA down, but Riddick gained four on second down to put the Marauders within one yard of their biggest victory ever After the Morouders spent their lost timeout, Szczecinskis third down poss to Dove Havriliak misfired. Riddick, who wound up with 148 yards on 19 corries wos stopped on fourth down ond the dreams for o notional title vanished This gome marked the first time ever thot o Morouder footboll team qualified for the notional ployoffs. Despite the loss their fine showing ogoinst the number one ranked team is o credit to both Cooch Gene Carpenter ond his players. Anl Sm«th rocfcies o mean defensive lineman (photo by Merin Studios Inc ) Jomie SzccecmsKi colls on audible on the line (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) (Below) The MSC Bond shows exube»once os the Moioudeis scoie (photo by Menn Studios Inc )Mortt Zeswiiz holds the footboil in position for George fluie (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) Cooch Joels pions defensive secondo-y strotegy os w.n Lewis looks on (photo by Menn Stucfcos. Inc ) (Oelow) Cheerleoders boost the overflowing stod-unv (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) Rob ftidd h contempiotes os Wittenberg scores (photo by Menn Stud-os Inc.) Cooch Ourfse discusses poss routes with Aoion Wyiey (photo by Menn Studios Inc )CRISIS MSC STUDENTS REACT TO IRAN CRISIS In o recent strow poll conducted by the SNAPPER, students were osked to respond to the question of whether or not they favored military oction in Iron if the hostages were either harmed or put on triol Of the 215 students surveyed, an overwhelming majority responded favorably to the idea of taking military oction. The results of the poll were os follows: For military action.......75.3% Agomst military action. . 21.4% No opinion.. 3.3% Many of those in fovor of oction expressed the opinion that the US should hove done something long ago ond that if action were not token, the U S. would be intimidated ond mode to look weak internationally Some students felt that the lock of oction might encourage the Soviets to moke additional military advances Those responding negotively to the question of military action gave reosons for their onswers by soying that it would couse World Wor III. ond that there wos really no reoson for wor. Mony of those opposed stoted their generol disbelief in wor for ony reoson. while others would not rotionolize wor over whot they felt wos o less important issue than the problem of Soviet intervention in Afghanistan The opinion wos also stoted that the Ironions do hove reoson to be hostile toward the American government becouse of the abuses suffered by the Ironion people ot the honds of American interests in Iron. Some felt thot oction should be token only if the hostages were harmed Jim Melhorn Joe Stolvey Students showing concern for fellow Americohs (photo by Koren Taylor) Hull Ha.'l provokes thought (photo by Ron Wells) Dorp Holt’s soiut-on to the situation (photo by Ron Wells) 16 50 HostogesMSC LOSES KEALY'S TALENTS Fi Hubert Keoly contemplates mon s continuous life ond its humon values (photo by IVon Wells; Fother Keoly served the MSC ond F6M communities for six yeors culmmoting April 24. 1980 On thot dote Fother Keoly begon his new oppoiniment os postor of Our Lody Of The Blessed Socroment in Horrisburg ond os the com-pus minister to the Horrisburg Areo Community College. Fother Keoly will be missed by oil who knew him. He brought o sense of wormih ond coring wherever he went. All of the people thot I tolked to soid thot even though they moy not hove known him very well, he mode on impression on them ond their beliefs. Moss become on enjoyable time —something thot wos looked forword to. The Saturdoy evening mosses were olwoys jammed full with students These students come to moss becouse they wonted to ond not becouse their parents dragged them there Moss wos olwoys soid for the students. Whot Fother Keoly hod to soy wos reloted to the students ond where they were in harmony with their physical ond mentol locotion. Relating to students seemed to come noturolly to Fother Keoly; he wos interested in the students. He never come down on anyone Fother Keoly is pro-life; by this. I meon he did not yell ot students for being bod or not following the rules'; he picked up on the good ospects of students lives ond activities He also osked the students to deal with the good of life not the bod thus creotmg on atmosphere of respect for o mon who shored his beliefs with the students. Fother Keoly hos been described os o friend who wos olwoys there to talk to. As o very contemporary priest, Fother Keoly did not tell you how to feel or whot to believe He put things, no mot-ter how bod they moy hove seemed in o better perspective Enjoying life is more importont than just living A sense of humor, coring, being sensitive, ond going out of his woy to know students ore oil ospects of whot Fother Keoly wos to many students on compus ot MSC! Geraldine (Deonne) Ryon Ft Hubert Keoly 17 Fi Huben J Keoly cothoiic compus minister, leoves behind his speool impression on the m$C compus (photo by (Von Wells)MSC CELEBRATES ITS 125th ANNIVERSARY "We celebrote onniversanes not to commemorote oge but becouse we need reossuronce of good institutions soid New York Times Foundation President Fred M Hechmger, the guest speaker ot the convocation commemorating the 125th anniversary of the founding of MSC ot Lyte Auditorium on May 3 A musical introduction to the program began ot obout 9 40 a.m os the MSC wind ensemble conducted by Dr Paul G. Fisher presented four orrongements os an audience of approximately 350 people filed into Lyte Auditorium The oudience consisted of current and retired faculty staff administration students, alumni and friends of the college A processionol of faculty and Board of Trustees members, dressed in block caps ond gowns with various color soshes was led by Dr. Mary Elizabeth Dixon faculty morshol os the wind ensemble accompanied the march Following the playing of the Notional Anthem the Rev. Edword A. Blackwell began his invocation with a quote from G. K Chesterton The most important giving we can give is thanks giving He then closed the prayer ond Dr Williom Duncan president of MSC introduced the next three speokers. William H Bolger. chairman of the Board of Trustees: Thomos L. Showers president of student senate ond Dr Marion L Oliver provost and vice president for ocodemic affairs. Bolger os an olumnus. remorked on the preporotion MSC s foculty hos given him. ond Showers expressed appreciation from the student population for the preparation current students ore receiving from oil aspects of the college Introduced by Oliver os on author, a scholor a journalist, o histonon ond on educator Hechmger begon his address by saying ihot MSC s 125th anniversary represents 125 years of quality in teochmg ond quality In oil areas of life Hechmger held the crowd when he said "It's time to toke o stop It's time to get our beonngs on a world that is changing and mokes demands on us and our institutions Hechinger soid In order to moke less become better there must be a return to quohty o common core of shored experiences thot people con rely on when making decisions, a need to regom respect for our languages on extension of this respect of language to respect ond acquire knowledge of other people's ways and words the building of bridges between school ond society, and between education ond the community. and trommg to seriously view education os Horace Mann colled it. "the bolonce wheel of our society A musicol interlude took place before the introduction of audience ond plot-form guests by Duncan. The platform guests included Oliver. Showers Bolger President Emeritus D L Biemesderfer. Dixon. Hechinger Frances Keller, co-chairperson of 125th onniversory committee. Dr. Gory Reighord vice president of student affairs, ond Duncon. Keller presented presidential scholarships nomed in honor of Dr and Mrs William Duncan and Dr ond Mrs D L. Biemesderfer os on anniversary gift to the college Biemesderfer expressed his deep appreciation ond Duncon gave thanks ond also took honor in the surprise gift of the scholarships The singing of the Alma Moter ended the convocation ond the recessionol took pioce os the wind ensemble accompanied The convocation wos port of the weekend celebration thot ended o month-long celebration of the 125th anniversary of MSC We cetebrote anniversaries not to commemorate oge but because we need reossutonce ot good institutions said New York Times Foundotion President Fred M Hechmger speoke ot the convocation (photo by Ron Weils) Retired foculty. staff administration students, ond olumm of MSC stond ond sing the Alma Motet (photo by Ron Wells) 18 AnniversaryThe bond s ptoyen reverberote mony sounds ot the bo1! he'd in Goidmier m commemo'OiKxi o' MSC % 125th Anniversary (photo by Denny Dubbs) Distinguished guests W.Hiom H Oolger ond Dr D L Oremsderfer otong with Thomos Showers ond D Mon on L Oliver review the program of the morning s festivities (photo by (Von Wells) • M's Ronald E Syhes donee the r . .voy onmversory bon (photo by Oerny Dr ond Mrs Wii rom H Duncon ond Dt ond Ms D L Oiemsderfer join together (photo by Denny Dobbs) Dr MoryElizob» -on focolty Morsholi lead the p c faculty ond Ooc ustoe members (photo by fton'i. n of Aruiiv .19LESLIE NIELSEN Dove Mo son ho mom mg to his lotest number (photo by Coroll Ooiley) Leslie NiHsen In one of his fine moments (photo by Jim Meibom) An ogmg mon with tousled white hair slowly walked onto the Stoge limping slightly. His oppeoronce wos rumpled os nothing he wore seemed to be in place the grey sun's pocket lopels were tucked inside the pockets, the skinny block tie wos flung down his chest directed by the wrinkles of his white shirt, ond the brown shoes were reminiscent of yesterday’s clothes The mon—Leslie Nielsen in Clarence Dorrow. o one-man ploy performed April 17. 1960. in Lyte Auditorium Dorrow wos o famous American lawyer He is best remembered for the Scopes tnol in which he defended the right to teoch evolution in Tennessee schools Dorrow. os portroyed by Nielsen, wos o mon concerned with the welfare of the laborer ond the poor The courtroom scenes were filled with passion, while the scenes of Dorrow" s private life were of o more nostolgic air This, along with his rumpled oppeoronce. hinted thot Dorrow wos disinterested in himself ond devoted his energy to those whom he defended. Out Dorrow wos not olwoys o serious mon He often interrupted o serious moment with humor For instance, when defending on alleged robber who sotd thot he'd get the money to poy Dorrow in o few doys. Dorrow soid. Better find yourself another lawyer. I don't wont to occept money which hos been stolen—so recently." "It wasn’t like wotchmg Leslie Nielsen, it wos like seeing Clarence Dorrow soid Maryonne Ormsby. on MSC student John Appleby of Downmgtown soid. I think it wos very well done The mon. the time ond the issues ore very appropriate for America ot this time ." 20 £r ierro ne iSPRING FUNG: NEW FACE, NEW PLACE Fltng 60 picmc ptovoi o timo 01 vomo mellowing out (photo t'yMerin StocJ»ov) Cotch o Riling Sick uwi ho«) to tnteuom MSO (photo by Menn) Spnng Fling 60 21M$C coed m disbelief thot she s doing this for S g loo1 (photo by Mono Studios. Inc.) Whot o way to live1' (photo by Mono Studios. Inc ) Just look how we stand out in the crowd' (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) (Oelow) Up we go' (photo by Mono Studios Inc ) (Oolow) PA Stole Police scoping the campus (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) 22 Spnng FlingGive n to me or I'll r (photo by Menn Studios. Inc.) Plooso don't moKe mo lond oi MSC s Fling MAK brothers to the occovon (photo by (photo by Morin Studios Inc Menn Studios. Inc ) Jodi Leshnor in shock oltor o suipnso ot tho COmlvol (photo Donno does her culinary shore ot the ftOcorn.vol, (photo by Mono Siud os Inc ) by Menn Stud os Inc ) Spring Fling 23MSC MELLOWS OUT WITH NASH Grohom Nosh maintained his concentration enough to provide on acoustic evening of music, in spite of the mony distroctions from the Spring Fling oudience oi Pucillo Gymnosium Nosh with William Smith on synthesizer ond keyboards ond Joel Bernstein on acoustic guitor put forth o professional sound with o minimum of equipment. In o generous but unexpected gesture Nosh requested thot the borners be removed so people could be closer to him ond hear the quiet, calming sound of his guitor ond piano Leoh Kunkel. the opening oct. wos also predominately ocousucs-onented She commented thot with this type of music "You'll find something for everyone Kunkel who hos released one solo album, hos sung on various albums os o bockup soloist but os everyone realized she is fontostic by herself Ploying only the piano, ond loter occomponied by William Smith Kunkel belted out thought-provoking lyrics with steady melodies. A blues-gospel song written by Smith "I've Been Saved, showed the excellence ond range of Kunkel s voice Nosh come strolling out on stage ot 9 30 looking very comfortable in o glowing oronge ond purple Howoiion shirt ond khoki pants He stood there ond grinned, ond finally asked how everyone wos doing. The oudience responded emphatically to his opening number Military Modness Following with Southbound Train Nosh Bernstein ond Smith provided an opportunity for o close intimate give ond take between the oudience ond them selves The crowd wos up for o loud evening ond they were surprised ot the sereness when Nosh ployed Just o Song Before I Go with the synthesizers flowing like violions. It wos definitely o sitdown concert almost dossicol in o sense Nosh did two songs from his latest album Sky Child ond Out on the Island.” both very soft accenting his light, dear voice Nosh who hos always been very oudience oriented, wos upset thot the very people he ollowed to get close to Gtohom Nojh mellows out (photo by Mena Studios ln (Oeiow) Leoh Kunkel ond Gtohom Nosh emenom the pocked Puollo Gymnosium (photo by Chnstophe Wroten) him were standing up ond blocking the view for mony others. At one point during the concert he sotd firmly Sit down, ond I don't wont you to stond up ogom. The people sot down but were bock up ogom os Nosh ond Bernstein went from Winchester Cothedrol to Chicogo The former wos done beautifully, the synthesizers resounding like violins, just enough to moke the live version os powerful os the recorded one For on encore Nosh did "Teach Your Children' (with Kunkel joining in). By this time he could hordly hear himself ond wos gritting his teeth ond spitting out the words to the ironically appropriate song. Throughout the evening he tried to give the oudience something different He broke down the homers so they wouldn't feel so for away, he even let them sing with him He reolly tried to get close to the oudience Corolle Boiley Noth soothes into onoihet endless (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) (DcHowJ Nosh ond Kunkel team up to mellow out MSC tphoto by Vicky McMoooglei J Students goihcr ro wotch the Amoung Fnsbee Contest (photo by Melonie V.scordi) One locoi student reieoses onother wild « ng on Soturdoy April 19 (photo by Merm Studios Inc) Girls gother to pitch (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) Anywhere in Otemsderfer Stodium Spring Fling guests mohe themselves comfortable (photo by Melonie ViicordO (Oetow) An ovkJ itudent relaxes under the wn rays ot Spring Fling (photo by Menn Stud os Inc )AimyftOTC guided to tood opens Soturdoyi mom of Spring Fling (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) Q106 and friends participate m the Muscular Dystrophy Morothon (photo by MennStudios, Inc.) Students pitch coins to win those extra beveroge glosses (photo by Menn Studios Inc Silvio Mikelsons ond Don Wise of the International Folk Dancing Club perform on Isroeli donee (photo by Menn Studos Inc.) Testing! 2 0 (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) 6ozmg. one of the highlights of Spring Fling (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) 2b Spnng FlingEntertomed by numerous musicol numbers, students affix themselves on Oiemsderfer s fine Ieoh Kunkel reoches deep within herself foi her performance green corpe; (photo by Menn Studios. Inc (photo by Merin Studios Inc.) Give o hoot! (photo by Merin Studios. Inc ) Grohom Nosh, smging Out on the Islond (photo by Menn Studios Inc Spnng Fling 27PIPPIN Spurgeon Welsh. Pippin, looks for his Cornel of ihe Sky (photo by Susan Jockle) All Hail King Pippin (photo by Kate Horon) Lorry Wossermon ond Peter Geoghon (Ployers) attribute homoge to thot special Kind ot Woman (Cothy J Heiman) (photo by Sue Jockle) Emmett C McCodden leoding Ployer sets the mood for some Mogic to Do (photo by Sue Jackie) Finale Ihe Players, Pippm Ihe fine end to a highly acdoimed performance (photo by Sue Jackie) 26 PippmPLAY IT AGAIN, SAM Undo Christie (M«iom Turney) receives o buthdoy present o ( ny p osnc Skunk, from Allen Felix (photo by Richord A Yednock) Allen Felix (Christopher lohr) ond Oick Chnstie (Oob Grobowski) discuss Alien divoice (photo by CoroHe Ooiley) Allen trys to impress Shoron lake with a word of widsom I love rom It washes memories off the vdewolh of Mo (photo by R chord A Yednock ) In one of Allen s fontosy scenes Ock Christie leaves o forwarding In onother one of Alien s fontosy scenes bndo becomes overly omou-ous My do mg telephone number I II be at Frozen Tundro 7-6969 (photo by I need to possess you bod ond soui" (photo by Richo d A Yednock) Richord A Yednock) Citamord 29Wendy Smith studies her Eorty Childhood in longer lobby (photo by Kothy Her-shey) A long hord doy spent ot Oretdenstem {photo by Kothy Hershey) Tom Burns. Vince Ruminski Kevin Croun leove Gonser with mixed feelings, {photo by Kothy Hershey) Rick Kostner cotches sight ol Robin Shodle (photo by Kothy Hershey) 30 Generol CompusINSIGHT Beth Weldon Oeth Buhl Tern Weover. and Oorb Mettz tohe time out to be cheesecake (photo by Steven Oh this long treoche ous wolk bock to the dorm A DiGulseppe) can't wait to munch out.' (photo by Kothy Her- shey) Irene Novok surprised by the photogropher in Gordmier line (photo by Steven A DiGuneppe) General Compus OiDANCE FEVER On Morch 7 ond 8. 1980, Delia Phi Eto Honor Sorority sponsored its annual dance morothon All of the proceeds from the marathon ore donoted to the American Heart Association This year only three couples participated in the entire 28-hour morothon. which began at 8 p m on Friday and ended at midnight on Saturday All of the participating couples were Millersvllle students, and they donced with great enthusiosm. Alex Lemishko and Beverly Dolton finished in first ploce by roismg the highest amount of money Dennis Foley ond Phyllis Most ond Bruce McLaren ond Koren Flaherty were the other couples who porticipoted in this event A total of S670 wos roised to benefit the Heort Fund. Thanks to the voluntary contributions of time by the sorority sisters and donations from local businesses, students ond foculty. the morothon was o success. Many areo musicians donoted their time to help provide a varied selection of music for the doncers. Koren Mast ond Koren Gorlaski. co-choirpersons of the dance marathon committee, put forth o tremendous effort in organizing and coordinating this activity, by Koren Fairchild Sisters of Deito Phi Eto ond volunteer judges chee on contestants o: the Americon Heort Assooot'on Donee Marathon. (photo by Ron Wells) Dennis Foley ond Phyllis Most move their feet to the disco beot (photo by Ron Wells) Deveriy Dolton ond Aiex lemishko owo.t the on-nouncement of their placement (photo by Ron Wells) Koren Flohe'ty ond tkuce Mclaven pouse m the middle of their two-step (photo by Ron Wells) 32 Donce MorothonPush entertains ot the well ottended pony (photo by Kate Moron) Oob Sfotxn jki smiles hopp-fy from the other wde o» the counter (photo by Christopher F Wroten) (tkSow) Students enjoy SMC party (photo by Kote Moron) A BIRTHDAY On Thursday, October 25 1979, the Millersville State College Union Doord presented the eighth onnual birthday party for the Student Memoriol Center. It wos held m the SMC golley from 9 00 p.m. to 1:00 o m. Free tocos, grinders, chips, pretzels, ond sodos were served to oil who ottended. Live music wos ployed by Push The porty wos o great success ond the golley wos pocked by 10:00 p m. Students enjoyed dancing ond eating up to the lost possible minute As shown by the pictures many groups of friends ottended ond just sot watching the more active porty ot-tenders. It wos on evening to relox ond enjoy thot didn't cost o penny, which mode it rare' Students ore looking forward to next yeor’s party already Lorraine Wherley Happy Birthday1 (photo by Kotc Moron) SmC D.fthOoy 33Merrie Olde Englond come to life December, in Kline Dining Holl with the celebrotion of the Olde Modrigol Christ-mos Feoste. Conceived ond monaged by Mr Luke Grubb of the Music Department, the event wos for the benefit of the music scholarship fund. With the sound of each fonfore, guests discovered Christmas os celebrated m the troditions of Renoissonce Englond. Costumes were lovish. entertainment appropriate ond food plentiful Gray Sellers director of Administrative Services and gourmet cook wos steward of the castle. Anthony Mor-dosky. director of Food Services, was chef de cuisine of the eight-course feost. Guests consumed such delicacies os ox-toil soup, sea trout baked in parchment, roost chicken with oyster stuffing, filet of beef ond floming mince pie A variety of entertoiners were featured recalling the Yuletide celebronons of medieval Englond Included in the festivities were the college's own Madrigal Singers, professional magician Lovell Duchanon juggler Robert Pleis. the Kingsford Consort. os well as professional bagpipers Donald Crawford ond Robert Dovidson Cafeteria workers, clod in burlap, served os the waitress wenches Pam Kline the K«og ond Queen reign over the Modngol Feost (photo by Koie Horon) MADRIGAL FEA5TE (Oe ow) A moskedminstrel provides lively entertomment (photo by Kote Moron) Od Modngol FeosteHONORS AND AWARDS Proudest Wiiiiom H Duncon presents Ronold K Wells the Ieoh Students align themselves to receive the recognition to Who v Who Among Students Fudem Photographic Serv.ce Awoid for outstanding to the to Ameocon Universities ond Colleges (photo by Menn Studios ln ) TOUCHSTONE (photobyMer.n Studios Inc.) Dr VHkam Duncan presents Dowd I Shenk the John F Stemmon Kaen Fo.rch.ld receives the Helen R Mother Undergraduate Reading Aword from Foundation Corrimunicotons Award for work m college President Duncon (photo by Monn Studos Inc ) communications namely THE SNAPPER (photo by Menn Studios Inc) President Duncon presents Debro A ZonW wuh the Daughters of the Ame«con Revolution Aword ond the Deportment of the Army Superior Cadet Award (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) President Duncon presents Timothy J Moore the John K Hortey Aword for the mole who hos the fughest stondmg m s ho Oish p ond deportment ond u of exemplory hobits (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) Honors ond Awo»ds 3iMSC MOURNS LOSS OF ETHEL Swon song, n.: o song of greot sweetness soid to be sung by o dying swon. On or obout Jonuory 6. during term break, one of the two hibernoiing swons must hove sung one but nobody wos oround to hear it Charles Kocher, MSCs superintendent of buildings ond grounds, who olso supervises the swons ond discovered the body, announced the deoth of one of the swons in the Lancaster New Eros Scribbler column eorlier this yeor The only trouble was. Kocher wosn't sure whether it was Fred or Ethel that hod died, ond thus was unable to tell which sex to order for mating purposes. Dr Wilson Miller the Rohrerstown veterinonon to whom the swon wos sent for autopsy, hos now stoted that it was the female. Ethel who died although Miller a specialist in birds ond poultry wos unable to specify the exoct couse of Ethels deoth. On autopsy. Ethel proved to hove a number of lesions, he soid. os well as some hemorrhaging In o "gelatinous exudote under the skin near the left breast, ond considerable domage to the liver. Fred who hos been hibernoting by himself in the born since Ethel presumably song her swan song, may hove to won o while for a new mote According to Kocher it is not very easy to locote new femoles. but he is trying hord He hopes to get a femole swan now in Monheim that was "rescued by M5C students in 1971. If not he moy hove to look os for away os California. The swans spent their first winter in hibernation lost year later moted and produced three cygnets in the spring These were later sold portly becouse of the limited size of the pond—10 acres of water per pair is recommended—ond portly blouse mole swans moy ottock their offspring. Fred is now living indoors, safe from dogs ond children, until warmer weather comes. While Fred owaiis the arrival of the new female, students con be thinking obout her name. Will she be Ethel II? Is Fred maybe ready for o more exotic Farroh? Will they live hoppily? Stoy tuned Mildred Henderson (Photos by Christopher F Wroten) 36 EtholThe sun uses over this now ocJdUion to our monumeniol family (photo by Kevin Coun and Tom CK rns) As midofternoon lode owoy ood doys cor y on the Alumni Dell Court becomes o »eolny (photo by Chnstophet Wroten) DELL TOLLS FOR ALUMNI COURT After 16 years of planning, the Alumni Association has completed construction on the Alumni Dell Court locoted at the corner of West Frederick ond South George Streets. The project Is completely funded by the Alumni Association ond upon completion will be presented as o gift to the college. A highlight of the project is o thirty-foot bell tower housed in o sunken brick patio ond courtyord This tower houses the Old Mom bell which is 105 years old ond hos been In storage for 16 years It is equipped with on electronic chimmg device that will ollow the bell to be rung at special occasions ond sporting event victories The project comes on $67,000 price tog. of which $20,000 hos been allocated. The remainder of the funds ore currently being raised The bell tower accounts for the $16,000 of this total The rest of the sum is being used to pay for lond-scopmg excavation ond vonous construction ond momtenonce costs The Alumni Association pointed out that the money for the bell tower hos already been roised ond that this project will not deter from the funding that they currently participate in. Joe Stalvey Jim Melhorn Alumm Oell 3735 Closstc Shot IN MEMORlAM Susan Joan Mandell Susan Joan Mondell o Millersville Stote College student who was o senior died unexpectedly in December 1979 She was o Uberol Arts Economics mojor. Suson wos o resident of Levittown. Pennsylvania Miss Mandell will not be forgotten by her friends ot Millersville Stote College Her friendly personality ond cheery smile will olwoys remain in the heorts of those who knew her ' Suson replenished our souls with hope ond desire for the future, she loved the gome of life Carol Ann Warren Oorn April 25. 1947 Died February 5. 1980 The Desideroto Go placidly omid the noise ond hoste ond remember whot peoce moy be in silence As for os possible without surrender be on good terms with oil persons Speak your truth quietly ond clearly, ond listen to others even the dull ond ignorant—they too hove their story Avoid loud ond aggressive persons, they ore vexations to the spirit If you compare yourself with others, you moy become voin ond bitter, for olwoys there will be greater ond lesser persons thon yourself. Enjoy your achievements os well os your plans Keep interested in your own career, however humble. It's o reol possession in the chonging fortunes of time Exercise caution in your business offoirs—for the world is full of trickery But let this not blind you to the virtue there is: many persons strive for high ideals, ond everywhere life is full of heroism Be yourself Expeciolly. do not feign affection. Neither be cymcol oboui love, for in the foce of oil oridity ond disenchantment it is perennial os the gross Take kindly the coun- sel of the yeors grocefully surrendering up the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune But do not distress yourself with imoginings Many feors ore born of fotigue ond loneliness Beyond o wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself You ore o child of the universe, no less thon the trees ond the stars You hove o right to be here And whether or not it is dear to you. no doubt the universe is unfolding os it should. Therefore be ot peoce with God. whotever you conceive Him to be; ond whatever your lobors ond aspirations, m the noisy confusion of life keep peoce with your soul. With oil its shorn drudgery ond broken dreams, it is o beautiful world Be coreful. Strive to be happy Mox Ehrmonn The above piece of prose wos o fovohte of Carol's. She will live in the memories of friends students ond colleogues ot Millersville. Trocy Mel lor Diane Shaffer lr»Memooom 3 ?Teachers, from our earliest years of schooling, hove enriched our lives with knowledge and self-fulfillment. Each, in his or her own way, has cultured, improved upon, ond promoted our lives so that we moy better function in today’s working world. Each of the professors, whose dosses we hove token ot Millersville State College, has also aided in this ongoing process of molding our lives. For some of us, it is the lost step before entering our chosen careers; while others of us will pursue o master’s degree upon graduation from Millersville. In the years thot one spends ot Millersville, there will be those teachers whom you will remember ond love os well os those whom you downright hote. There will be the dosses thot you love os well os those you hote. But, no matter how good or bod the dosses ore. each of the professors, without our realizing it, will leave their mark on us, ond in doing so, will hove enriched our lives. Laurel BruceSteven DiGw.seppe p'CVOnnng ,he 79 TOUCHSTONE to PtevxJent Duncon (photo by Oouer) Oliver's Twist Millersville Stote College hos ocquired o much welcomed addition to its administrative staff Dr Morion Oliver become the new Vice President of Acodemic Affairs ond Provost in August 1979 As Provost of the college Dr. Oliver will od-vise President Duncon on certain matters ond will view the college os o whole ond propose ony changes thoi he feels would be beneficial. Dr Oliver feels thoi his is o very necessary position because it provides the college with o person who is second in outhonty to President Duncon As Vice President, he is responsible for the quality of academics for students, which includes support services foculty ond course choices. Dr. Oliver leorned about MSC os o visiting scholor in 1977 ond he sow the com-pus ond reoily liked it. He decided to stoy here becouse he sees MSC os being o major force m educotion in the next decode ond he also realized the impact that he could hove due to the level of responsibility of the job Dr Oliver hos many plons for Millersville ond he hopes that the college con somedoy be like Berkeley Dr. Oliver wos quoted os saying thot Millersville must show its excellence to the world m order to be looked ot os o quolity' institution Dr Oliver hos many ideas of woys to improve the college. He sees the most immediote issue is one of academic quality He sees MSC os having three different populations of students—the well below overoge. the averoge. ond the well above overoge Dr. Oliver feels thot we do very little for the bright ond weok students and the college is geared more towords the overoge people He is trying to plon a program thot will effectively deal with oil three populations. In the plon to revive acodemic excellence in foculty ond students. Dr Oliver would like to review the present standards for dismissal, emphosize the quality of work being given, improve the resident life program, ond most of oil to remind the students of why they ore here Dr Oliver also plons to improve ocodemic standards in many other woys In the oreo of new programs he is preparing for o 0 A in music o B.S. in moihemotics with options in economics ond science on orientol studies program, and o religious studies progrom This plon involves generating new progroms thot will drow on the existing foculty Dr Oliver would olso like to improve foculty student relations through recommendations of greater involvement m the roles of teoching advising, ond socializing He is very much in fovor of strong, mterpersonol relationships between students and foculty MSC seems to hove obtained o greot intellectual osset in us administrative deportment Dr Oliver is not only o student of economics but he is also interested in o vonety of hobbies such os tennis, jogging billiards, ond table tennis A man of such intelligence variability, ond determination will most ossuredly be of volue to the college. Jo Flonogon . j' o'd welcoming porenti on Po ?nti Day . v • f yte) f • IX ■'coo delivenng o ipeech to the MSC I ;. . • imo by (ton We l ) 12 Admmutrotion0«emsderfei Executive Center, (photo by Kevin Croun) Dr Gory W Reighord ieoding ove on important document (photo by Ron Welti) Dr Monon Oliver collecting hii thoughts befoie onnouncmg them (photo by Menn Studios Inc Administration 43Covering such diverse oreos os dorm life, commuting, othletics. finonoot oid ond culturol events, the staff of Student Affoirs handles all life on campus other than the ocodemic Meeting regularly the staff members report on their area of responsibility Morwin Donnei totting o brook for o picture. (photo by Menn Studos Inc ) M. Edword Thomsoncought by surprise1 (photo byMeon Studios Inc.) Mi ftolpn Wnght poo ng dunng rus busy doy (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) Ml Gerald Ourhhoidi gtoncmg over o student s tronsenpt (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) 44 AdnvmstrotionAnother ospect of the Student ond Acodemic Affoirs stoffs is to keep the line of communicotion open between students, foculty. ond odmimstronon. Mony individuols ore involved in this process, they must be sympothetic to oil groups—we hove to do it with os much understanding ond wisdom os possible think the stoff here ot MSC Robin M Shodle Mr John Former deeding whether o student should be wcxh- Mi Groy Sellers directing his administrative dunes (photo by Menn Studos Inc.) study (photo by Menn Stud os Inc.) Admmistrotion 45ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. Cloir R. McCollough. Trustee Emerito Mr. Williom H. Bolger President Mr. Ronald E. Ford, Vice Chairperson Mr. Charles V Hosh Mrs. Helen M. Moyer Mr. Robert L. Pfannebecker Mr. Horry F. Stocks Mr. Benjomin F. Weover Mr. Horry F Muscarelli OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT President.........................William H. Duncon Assistant to the President for Affirmative Action and Related Activities.................Juonito High Director of Alumni Affairs... Gordon Neol Diem ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Marion L. Oliver Assistant Provost and Dean of Continuing Educotion 6 Summer Sessions .........F. Periy Love Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael G. Kovach Dean. Division of Education G Certification Officer James E. Mourey, Jr. Dean, Division of Humanities........Louis G. Jennings Dean. Division of Social Sciences Williom A. Peorman Dean, Division of Science and Mathematics Richord Sasln Dean, Graduate School................Edgar R. Thomas Assistant to the Dean of Graduate School Rachael D Dread Director of Library.................. JohnS. Maine Director of Academic Information....Ralph L. Wright Director of Admissions. ... Blair E. Treasure Assistant Director of Admissions .... Merris W Harvey Assistant Director of Admissions ...Eugene D. Lydo Assistant Director of Admissions....Susan J. Schimpf Registrar G Director of Institutional Reseorch Gerald W. Burkhordt Assistant Registrar...................Beryl S. Queen Director of Center for Academic Development Melvin R. Allen 46 A Jmtni$«oiion lutingAssistant Director of Center for Academic Development . . A. Rose Drown Coordinator of Support Services DaunW Nesbit Director of Educational Development Center Robert J. Lobriolo Director of Safety Education.........Raymond C. Mullin Director of Career Planning. Placement ond Cooperative Education.............Philip R. Dishop Assistant Director of Career Plonning. Placement, ond Cooperative Educotion ..........Corl J. Milton. Jr ROTC LTC Robert D. Karsieter Professor of Military Science MAJ Eugene F. Heymon. Jr.. Assistant Professor of Military Science MAJ Archie Gallowoy Assistant Professor of Military Science STUDENT AFFAIRS Vice President for Student Affairs . Gory W. Reighard Assistant Vice President for Student Affoirs EdwordA. Thomson Deon for Residence Life............. Richord L. Frerichs Assistant Deon for Residence Life . . . Ellen P. Darber Deon for Off-Compus Life.....Helen V. Conway Riso Director of Counseling ond Human Development Harold J. Harris. Jr. Counseling Psychologist. . . . Richord G Dlouch Counseling Psychologist .............Dorothy D Horris Director of Reading Clinic . Edward D. Plonk Director of Speech Clinic...........V Scott Gormon Director of Student Activities ond Orientation Morvin R. Donner Director of Athletics... . Lawrence A. McDermott Associote Director of Athletics........Marjorie Trout Director of Financial Aid . ...............Gene R. Wise Financial Aid Counselor...............John P Former Director of Health Services F. Wendle McLaughlin. M.D Director of Sofety and Security.........J Dovid Smith Adviser to SNAPPER............. . Paul Delgrode Adviser to TOUCHSTONE........ Ronald E. Sykes Choirmon. Cultural Affoirs...........Morvin R DonnerBrooks Gymnosiuirt (phoio by Kevin Goon G Tom Dorns) Wickershom Moll Ipho'.o by Kevin Goon G Tom Dorns) 48 Acodemic BuildingsM JohnE ro nehill Dr. Chortoj Ehitrom Foculty 49D- Morion 6. Foster Dr Pool G fisher Or Harold J Hauls. Jr Miss Lois . Fai lio Dr W fWhord Kettering Mi KcthE Yoder Dr Richard C Keller Dr II Oyron Showers Dr AntoneK Fontes SO FacultyMSC And Computer Science Dr Carol O Schrrudlhe While some other deportments ore experiencing enrollment decreases ond the possibility of retrenchment the Computer Science section of the Math Computer Science deportment hos hod o more thon 450% increose In enrollment since 1975 From the inception of the computer science mojor in 1975 when 15 freshmen enrolled the progrom hos exponded so much thot the foil of 79 sow more than 65 freshmen enroll Not only hos freshmen enrollment been Increasing. but transfers into the program hove also increased with more thon 15 this post Foil This accelerating growth hos coused the deportment to begin the search for another CS teacher to relieve the crowded doss conditions In some CS courses presently. Although he could not put his finger directly on the reoson for the program's growth. Mr Robert Shook deportment chairman, speculated thot positive feedback from employers about MSC s CS graduates hos given the program o good reputation Another reoson might be os computers become ever more pervosive in society, more people are desiring to know how these machines work ond how to moke them help us with our work. And because more people will be needmg o CS educotion the deportment is considering implementing o two-year associate degree in CS which, if oppraved. could be first offered in o few yeors. Along with the CS mojor. the computer itself hos experienced o huge increase in use The new Unrvac 90 70 computer, housed in the Boyer Computer Center installed in November ond December of 1976 hod olmost 460 jobs to do per doy m 1979 a 64% increose over 1976 and o 229% jump since 1974 Most of the jobs it hos to do ore assignments of students who work with the computer in-ter-octively With o growing number of CS students ond other students whose majors require them to take o CS course the interactive use of the computer increased over 90% during 1979 from 1976 ond 040% since 1974 These increases ore mandating o greoter ovoilobility of the computer to the students which will consist of approximately 20 more termmols ond more core memory occording to Mr, Charles Franz director of the computer center. He hopes to hove the terminals ond memory mstolled by the Foil of 80 to ease the pressure of terminal ovoilobility With college wide decreasing enrollment due to o college-age student population decrease, will the CS deportment be stuck with empty clossraoms unused teachers ond dust gathering equipment in the next decode or so? Mr Shook thought not because of the gaining popularity of home computers ond microcomputers os well os the ever increasing use of computers in industry business, ond government This will necessitate the proper training ond educotion of people who con moke these electronic morvels continue to do the routine, repmtious ond boring ports of our lives in a much more efficient ond accurate fashion thon we could ever possibly do Christopher F Wroten Df Jon f Shepherd O Williom 0 Mcliwomo D Jerome Qnggv Focuky 51(Ootow)Di ftichortJF Oronuv Elizabeth M PlMlip Onhop (Oefow) Mii Arvic Kochpl 52 foculty Jenkins Early Childhood Center The foculty of the Elizabeth Jenkins Early Childhood Center is located on West Cottage Avenue. It wos formerly the Elizabeth Jenkins Elementary School According to one of the coordinators of the project, aiding college students in their study of children is one of the primory purposes for the center's existence Out ot the same time, the staff members and college students are also serving the community in providing four different early childhood progrorm. Nursery school for three year olds, four year old pre-Kindergarten. five yeor old Kmdergoaen and o Day Care Center ore the programs currently being offered. Social emotional, physicol. ond cognitive leoming skills are the four main areas emphosized in each of these programs Mrs. Meckley feels that they (E.J E.C.C.) are more practically oriented than other nursery schools ond Kindergartens in the area Recently the Migrant Education Progam of Pennsylvania selected the school for o bilingual day care pilot progrom Twelve Sponish speaking children from Lancaster participated Signs and lessons are presented In both English and Sponish In the hope that while the Sponish speokers leorn English the reverse will occur with those who speak English only Kothy Raymond focuity 53M John Mo-n«." Oi David JV Dobtimv O Sydney ftodir ov ky D DomimckJ Fononi ► Mr J Dougloi FrOfpf Di ChoteiJ WmU 34 facultyCollege Rewords Convention M ftchCKd C OcHort Its ironic in mony o woy thot college rewords convention, The Scholostic Aptitude test, more commonly known os the SAT. the most importont foctor In college od-missions is the very symbol of convention This stondord test is the forewomlng of things to come, ond mostery of this test guorontees success for one s four yeors of college The student who does well in nine out of every ten coses, is one who hos mostered the obility to recoil, memorize ond test well The system of educotion rewords this ond reinforces its troming. From grommor school through college ond groduote school, the individuol is lost in o seo of competition with others: often he is known os o social security number Don’t you print your sociol security number on olmost every tronsoction with MSC? The current system of higher educotion does not allow much for the obility to interpret or analyze Education s job ond the tosk of students is to opprooch each course os o discovery of the truth contained within it. The true meosure of success in o given course should not be meosured on the scole of the shorp-ness of one's colculotive obility to retell facts with precision; it should, instead, be based on the meditouve ability to understand those focts ond ploce them in reflective arrangement with experience One should learn not merely to do olgebro but to feel it History, finance English or any subject hos no meaning without the ability to meditotively feel It. College educotion continues, day after doy. number by number. reports grodes. monies ond more numbers Students ore different at M$C. they ore not only numbers, but people too! Being o sophomore here at MSC. I speak from experience Some faculty ore actuolly human.'1 I heard one day as I possed by The talk ot MSC varies Are the teochers and or the students out for a course thot’s o breeze (meaning nothing to it!) With the announcement in December of 79 concerning the adjusted poss foil system to go into effect the summer of 80. no 100 level courses con be token on o poss foil bosis for all students This adjustment permits students to chollenge their elective courses to either pass or fail. The option of course, is up to the individual student. Year after year. Millersville is growing Growing In more ocademic programs ond student enrollment. Did you know that the college grade point overage is obout 2.75? Is thot good or bod? Who is to soy. but the student themselves' They moke Millersville whot it is! Millers-ville hod been struck mony a time with mony a hardship, but it hos not forced the college to decline or close its doors. In fact. Millersville is still adding more courses every semester Some day MSC will become Millersville State University (M5U i A new decode hos arrived for one ond all ond Millersville is very much tokmg a part in its new life of the eighties Steven A DiGuiseppe Di Potnoo Kiqo Or Dooold G G ter boch focvlty WDi Groy R Hovinon Mo»»ho Pineno demomtrotlng her skill in weaving Dr PoulV Ross Dr ftamesnC Dhoiia r Mr Hugo J F ora • Dr Samuel Cosselbeny S6 FocultyM’ George 0 Mouber Mu Noncy Hungerford Millersville s education majors, interested In working with culturally-disadvantaged young people, hove o special program colled Upgrading Urbon Education (U.U.E.). Following intensified on-campus closses, this unique progrom places the selected freshman cadets in either on inner-city Loncoster elementary or junior high school for two days a week. For these students the opportunity to leorn by doing becomes a realistic happening. Supplemental dosses, held m the city school plus on-going supervision by both the college and the public school teacher are port of the U.U.E. format Depending upon the student's major, the U U.E. cadet experiences in this program vary from two to four semesters. Millersville is among the few colleges preporing undergraduates for the challenge-and rewards-to be encountered when working with disadvantaged students Mrs Fay Kramer. U U.E Director feels it is on exciting program whose graduates hove gone into voned kinds of teaching situations From the U.U.E involvement, all cadets learn that teaching is more than just academics, it is sharing and caring Donna Black Msi Mmom Falk Upgrading Urban Education Mr DonoW Eidom Nopolcon Hops for His dally vim Faculty 57Dr WilUom YurkiewiCJ Tim (koAchiond Mr George D Hoube New Degree In Nursing Beginning this post September o nursing progrom wos offered ot Millersville Stole College to registered nurses who wonted to further their education ond receive o Bachelor of Science degree CBSN) Mony of the students involved in the progrom this post year were port time students who hod received their registered nurse degree from o community college or from a hospitol school of nursing progrom Students receiving their BSN degree hove mcreosed chonces of job promotion ond potential, particularly in the community health progroms Entering groduote school is another option open to the student who hos completed the Bachelor of Science program Ms Lois Foirlie chairperson of the Deportment of Nursing, ond Ms. Joon Godfrey ore the only two foculiy members involved in the progrom ot the present. The addition of more staff members in the future is expected Kothy Raymond Phuc Nguyen ond M» Laveme $ Houck Mn JuliO Go wot 58 focultyMo Evelyn I l.yo«v ond nudont Education is a unique experience! A metamorphosis that remolds one from childhood to adulthood. And no two transitions ore the some. —Robin Marie Shadle— D Walter VomSaal Faculty 59Grant For Special Project Millersville Store College's involvement in meteorology has token on o global em phosis this yeor The Eorth Science Deportment is included in o very interesting special project in which both students ond faculty ore participating The purpose of this project is to determine how weather systems ongmoie ond whot offecis them Students ond scientists from 150 notions ore working with this project os port of the Globol Atmospheric Research program Millersville s Eorth Science Deportment is involved with just one portion of this grant program ond wos chosen to porticipote in the proposol because of its meteorological curriculum, its foculty expertise ond its small student-teacher ratio The students in the Millersville project ore studying the Influence of particles from the Sahara Desert on weather patterns oil over the world Their mom orea of study is the low latitudes immediately west of the west coast of Africa The students will attempt to analyze doto from aircraft, ships, ond satellites from oil over the world in order to form scientific hypotheses Anolyzotions of this sort involve o great deal of computer work ond o vast amount of numerical models. The senior scientist for this program is Dr Robert Ross ond he is the person who prepared the grant proposol Approximately one to two students will work on the project eoch semester This progrom wos initiated on June 1 1979 ond will continue until June 1 1961 The Millersville State College Eorth Science Deportment seems to be ploying a major role in world wide otmosphenc studies Jo Flonogon Educotion is not o gift; it is on achievement. —Donno Black— D Jamoi Stoge M v Mogooe t oor mi Charfeit Voir Or JomeiC PoiHi Mu Florence McGeehon 60 FacultyI Oi forty L Holier Dr f or o!dE iywoj D MotyroseC Comet Sieve Orown and Dr AuiimG Quick Focu(ty 61Mr Sumner J Germain Dr George F Stme Dr WiltiamW Moyer Ml Robert Domes Mr IVjiphW Miller Dr Theodore H Rupp Mr EdwordD OtHnger 62 Foculry'.Vs Deduce M Killowgh J Oi RtChordF 0OUU Wus Evelyn Stevens Foculty 6364 facultyDr RicbordG tMoixh Dr Comtomine Cotfcmzis Mu Avenll ChrttUnon M Horry Comet Dr John£ Winter Mr Albert J Wooley Or Reynolds Koppel Foculty 65Mr LrnuiJ Czop Dr Robert f AmPocher Dr Edwor J Tuleyo Di Hoison Osman D George J Yelagotes Dr Joseph A Meier All education today is therapy. —Herbert Marcuse— 66 Foculcyooo Dr. Joseph J Abromoms ................ . Industriol Arts Dr Robert F. Ambocher.............Foreign Longuoges Mr. Morsholl Anderson . Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. Ralph G. Anttonen Professionol Educotion CChoirman) Mr. John F Apple .. Health Physical Educotion bbb Mrs. Jone Bochmon..............Elementary Educotion Mr. Robert Barnes .. Economics Business Administration Mr C. Richard Beom . . Foreign Longuoges Mrs. Dorothy P, Beom....................... Music Mr Paul S. Belgrade........................ English Mrs. GeroldineM. Benson...................Librorian Dr RonoldM. Benson......................... History Mrs. Jeon Brodel Berlin .................. . Music Dr RomeshC. Bhotio Economics Business Administration Dr. Mohlon 2 Bierly, M D........................ Biology Mr. J. Rodney Bimson........Health Physicol Education Dr. David G. Bird................Elementary Educotion Mr. WolterW. Blackburn.............................Music Mr Murray Bloom ....................... Industrial Arts Dr Richard G. Blouch......................... Counselor Mr Williom Boisko.......................... Sociology Dr Gerold Bosch .................Elemeniory Educotion Mrs. Julio Bowers . Health Physicol Educotion Mrs. Anito R. Brandon..............................Music Dr Seymour Brandon .............................. Music Dr. Francis J. Bremer............................History Dr. Robert J. Bresler .............. Political Science Dr. Jerome R Briggs..... ......... . ... ... Sociology Dr. Richard F. Bromer ........................Psychology Dr. Ivon Brychta.. ..................Politico! Science Mr. Peter J Byre............ ............... .. Music Dr Arlene Bucher .................. Speciol Educotion Mrs Margaret N Butler.......................... English ccc Dr Constantine Coffentzis. . Philosophy Mr Horry Canter .. Mathematics Computer Science Dr Gene A Carpenter .. Heolth Physicol Education Dr Somuel Cosselberry.................... Sociology Dr W Jock Cassidy ............ Elementary Education Mr. Dovid B. Chamberlin.......................English Dr. V, A Chompo ........................... Educotion Dr Undo L Clork........................... . History Dr MoryroseC Coiner....... .Psychology Mr. John Colongelo .......................... Music Mr Robert Coley.............................Librorian Mrs. Ruth M. Cox..................Special Education Mr. Linus J. Czop ............... Special Education ddd Mr. Donald A. Dovis.......................... Art Mr Ronald L Davis Mothemotics Computer Science Mr Joseph E DeComp. Jr.. ... Foreign Languages Mr RichordC DeHart.......Heolth Physicol Education Dr. Chorles Denlinger . Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. Russell L. DeSouzo.............Earth Sciences Mr Byron Detwiler.... ... Foreign Longuoges Dr. Michael Dianna .....................Elementary Education Dr. CynthioC Dilgord..................... English Miss Jean Disobotino Dr Mory Elizabeth Dixon . Dr David R Dobbins Dr John W Dooley Mrs. lone L. Dorwort Dr Richard F. Doutt Dr Danny Ducker......... .................Educotion Heolth Physical Educotion .................. Biology ...................Physics Health Physical Educotion ...........Industriol Arts ...................English eee Mr Donald Eidam Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. Chorles A. Ekstrom.................Sociology Dr Ermoleen B. Etter...........Special Education fff Miss Lois J Foirlie.. ...................... Biology Dr Dominick J. Fonom............................ Art Mrs. Jeanne A Feight . . Education Dr Betty J Finney.................... ... Psychology Mr HugoJ.Fioro .................... . Industrial Arts Dr. Jock R Fischel........................ History Dr Kurt Rudolf Fischer................ . Philosophy Dr Paul G. Fisher.... ............. Music (Chairman) Mr. Robert H Fogg. Speech Dr Denis J. Foley. Jr................. Industrial Arts Dr AntoneK. Fontes ... Biology(Choirmon) Mr Somuel Fonzi Educational Foundations Dr Robert N. Ford .................. .... Geogrophy Mr. Stuart Foreman...........................English Dr Manon G Foster ..................... SoaolWork Mr Stephan R Fronce Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. George H Froncis .................Industrial Arts Mr. J. Douglas Frazer Economics Business Administration Mr Eugene Fritz.......................Heolth Physicol Educotion 999 Mr. Roy Garland Mothemotics Computer Science Mr. Scott Garmon............................ Speech Dr James M. Garrett. Political Science (Choirmon) Mrs. Sherrye D. Gorrett . ... Counselor Mr DonaldW Gountlett ... .. Chemistry Mr William H Geiger, Jr . .. Industriol Arts Mr Sumner J . Germain.......................English Dr Donald G. Gertenboch Mrs. Catherine Gloss. Dr. Joseph W Gloss . Mrs. Dorothy J Godfrey Miss Phyllis Goodmon Educational Foundations ............. Librarian .... Geogrophy ................Biology ..............English Dr. Thomas G. Greco ......... .. .........Chemistry Ms. Kothryn A. Gregoire Mr. Eugene G. Groff Dr. Joseph W Grosh. Jr. . Mr. John E Ground Mr. Luke K Grubb Mr John T Guilfoyle Soaol Work Educotionol Foundations ................. Physics Art ................... Music Heolth Physicol Education hhh Dr. Somuel J. Ho . ... Biology Mr RoyHocker..............................Ubrorion Mr. Norman J Haldemon Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. M, Khalil Hamid Economics Business Administration Mrs. Dorothy B Harris.... Counselor Dr. Horold J. Horris. Jr................ Counselor Foculiy 67 FACULTYDr. Jong-Chol Hou . Economics Business Administration Mr. George D Houber.................. Industrial Arts Mr. Loverne 5. Houck. Jr.......... .... Industriol Arts Mr. IsoocK. Hoy ...................................Art Mr. Frank R. Heovner English Mr. Richard J. Heckeri Economics Business Administration Mr Glenn Heckman ... ............ Industrial Arts Dr Philip T Heesen ............. . Foreign Longuoges Miss Carol A Heintzelmon................Social Work Dr TerryL Helser...............................Biology Dr Alex Henderson............................. Biology Mr. Jomes S. Henke . . ...................... Speech Dr Morio Hirooko.............................Geography Dr. Albert C. Hoffman........................ Biology Dr Leroy T Hopkins. Jr. . . . Foreign Longuoges Mr. John L. Horst............. Educational Foundations Dr Joseph J, Horvot........................ Psychology Mrs. Dons K. Hosier.................. . . Librorion Mrs. Alice W Hostetter Educononol Media (Chairperson) Mr Robert G. Hostetter ... . Librarian Dr Gory R. Hovmen ...........................Geography Mr Arthur R. Hulme.........Heolth Physical Educotion Mrs Lynda D. Humphreville Heolth Physicol Education Mrs. Noncy Hungerford Health Physical Educotion Mrs. Borboro B. Hunsberger . ... Libronon Dr Robert M. Hurst..........................Psychology Mr Robert G. Husiead....................... . Art Dr. John A Huzzord ............................English lii Dr Olga Del C Iglesios......Foreign Longuoges Mr Comeron D. Isemon ................ Speech jjj Mrs. Hozel I. Jackson........................... English Ms. Noella M Johnson ............................ Speech Mrs. Bonnie Jolly................................History Mr Jomes A. Jolly................................History Dr William Jordon.........................Eorth Sciences kkk Mr StonelyJ. Kobocmski Dr William V Kohler . . . Miss Vera E Kaminski. Mr Carl R Kane Mr RoyW Kouffmon. Health Physicol Education Health Physicol Education Art Health Physical Education ....................Music Dr Richard C Keller ...........................History Mr Bruce D Kellner . ....................... English Mr WilliomW Kenowell ................. ... History Dr W Richard Kettering Special Educotion Miss Erma D Keyes........................... Education Mrs. Beotnce M Killough ...........Foreign Longuoges Mrs. Audrey Kirchner ........................Educotion Mrs. Marie Kiser ..................Special Education Mr. Daniel E Kogut . Foreign Longuoges Dr. C Byron Kohr ..............................Physics Dr Borboro Kokenes.......... Educottonol Foundations Mrs. Anno Z Kondor ............Educational Foundations Dr. Reynolds S. Koppel........................ History Mrs. Foy E. Kromer ............Educational Foundations Mr. Donold F. Kronk . Economics Business Administration Dr Poiricio Kronz.......................... Psychology Dr. Walter Kreider. Jr Educottonol Foundations Od Foculty III Dr. Robert J. Lobnolo Research Learning Center (Director) Mr. Douglos P Lapierre .............Special Educotion Mr. Keith A. Louderboch... ...... .... Industrial Arts Mr. William Louris .. Heolth Physicol Educotion Dr. John F. Lovelle ... Mathematics Computer Science Mr. Dovid C. Lowrence Economics Business Administration Dr Harold A. Laynor............................... Art Dr. Monwoo Lee.......................Political Science Dr. Secunderabad N Leela Economics Business Administration Dr. John Lembo .......................... Psychology Dr. Lorry M Lewis................... . . .. Biology Mrs. Mary E. Llewellyn..............Educational Medio Mrs. Jacqueline Long . . .. ......Foreign Languages Mr. Arthur C. Lord...........................Geography MissSorojini D. Lotllkor . ... Librarian Mr Robert H. Lowing............................. Art Dr Suson P. Luek-Keen.. Psychology Mr Robert A. Lyon. Jr. ..... ..................... Art Mrs. Evelyn L. Lyons..........................Libronon mmm Dr. G. Terry Madonna..................... ...History Miss Anne L Mollery............Developmental Studies Dr Bertha N. Moroffie ...................... Music Miss AdeleS Marion. .. Health Physicol Education Miss Marjorie A Morkoff . Librorion Dr. Robert S. Motulis Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. Dennis W McCrocken ......................Biology Dr Lowrence McDermott . Health Physicol Educotion Mr. David J. McElhenny Mathemotics Computer Science Dr William B Mcllwoine Elementary Educotion (Chairman) Mr. Colin McLeod............................Counselor Dr. Joseph A Meier Mathematics Computer Science Mr. RichordMeify.................Elementary Educotion Mr Stanley J. Micholok. Jr Polmcol Science Mr Kenneth G. Miller .................... . Biology Mr. Leon Miller ...........................Philosophy Mr. Ralph W Miller....................Industrial Arts Mr. Theodore Miller........................ Librorion Dr. Conrad Miziumski....................... Physics Dr. Ferdinand L. Molz Economics Business Administration Dr. Kathryn L. Moron...................... English Mr Karl E. Moyer..............................Music Dr. William W. Moyer.................... Psychology Mr Chorles Muench............................Speech Dr. Raymond C. Mullm................... Educotion Mrs. Corol J. Myers........................ Music Dr. William A. Myers................... Psychology nnn Dr. Robert A Nelson Dr. Doun Nesbu...... Dr. Poul H. Nichols Mrs. Michoelme Nissley .................Art ............Educotion .......Eorth Sciences Elementary Educotion ooo Dr. John O'Donnell EnglishDr. Richord E. Olds . . Dr Bernard L Oostdom. Dr. Fred E. Oppenheimer Dr. John 0. Osborne. Jr. . Dr. Hossan Osman.... Dr. Dovid S. Ostrovsky .. Mr Edward D. Ottinger ... Psychology ... Earth Sciences . Foreign Languages ............History . . Speciol Education ... . Biology . Speciol Education PPP Dr. James C. Porks............................Biology Mr Charles P. Potton ..................... English Mrs. Elaine K. Pease ...................... Librarian Miss Sondro L. Peters Heolth Physicol Education Mrs. Anita Pflum .........Research Leoming Center Dr. John E. Pflum.........Research Leorning Center Mr. Edword Plonk............................Counselor Mr. Edmund Pnbitkin . Mathemotics Computer Science Dr. Clifton W. Price. Jr.......................Physics qqq Dr. Austin G. Quick Industrial Arts rrr Dr Sydney Rod movsky.........................Biology Dr. FrancesM Rafferty.. . ................ .. History Mr Clarence J . Randolph...................Political Science Mr Willis M Ropp...............................Music Dr Willis Ratzlaff.......................... Biology Miss Jane L Reinhord.............................Art Mrs. Irene K. Risser ......................Librarian Ms. Jean Mane Romig ...........................Music Dr Paul W Ross ... Mathemotics Computer Science Dr Robert S. Ross....................Earth Sciences Mr Robert A. Rotz..........................Sociology Mr Joseph L. Rousseau...........Elementary Education Dr Frank E. Rozman.........Reseorch Learning Center Dr. Lino Ruiz Y. Ruiz..............Foreign Languages Dr Roymond J. Runkle.......Heolth Physicol Education Dr Theodore H. Rupp............... Foreign Languages sss Dr. Mia Sorracmo..........................Philosophy Miss Yvonne R. Schack...........Elementary Education Dr. Chorles K. Scharnberger........... Earth Sciences Dr Corl O. Schmidtke Educational Foundations (Chairman) Mr L William Schotto..................Industrial Arts Mr Robert Shook______ Mathemotics Computer Science Mrs ShebO Shorrow................................Art Dr Mory P. A. Sheoffer.......................English Mr Leo Shelley.............................Librarian Dr. JonM Shepherd......................... Biology Dr Jomes J Sheridon., ... Psychology (Choirmon) Dr. H Byron Showers Counselor Education (Choirmon) Mr, Williom H Skelly....... .. Industrial Arts Dr HonsG. Skitter..................Foreign Languages Mr. Ivon K. Slood..........Heolth Physicol Education Dr. Dolton E. Smort. Jr...............Industrial Art Mrs. Joyce Smedley............. Counselor Education Miss Beatrice Smith.......................Elementory Education Miss M. Joonne Snovely...... .. Elementory Education Dr Rodrigo Solero .. ..............Foreign Languages Dr. Yin S. Soong......................Earth Sciences Mr David S. Stafford...........................Music Dr. James Stager .. Mathemotics Computer Science Dr Colleen Stomeshkm. Mr. Richard Steinmetz. Dr Glenn V Stephenson Dr. Guy L. Steucek Mrs. Evelyn Stevens Dr George F Stine Mrs. Paulo M Stoup Mr Walter A. Strousbaugh Mrs. Mory Ann Surls... . Mr. Jerry Swope....... Dr Ronald E. Sykes Mr. Gordon P, Symonds. Jr. Dr. Paul Tolley Mr. John E. Tonnehill Miss Margaret R Tossio AAt Cork E Taylor. Mr Robert N . Toylor Dr Shm-Fon Ting Dr Thomas C. Tirodo Mr Donald Trlbit . Mrs Marjorie Trout Dr Edword Tuleyo Mr. John Tolly Mr Chorles VonGorden Dr. John A Van Horn . . Dr Simone J. Vmcens.. Dr Walter VomSoal .. Philosophy industrial Art Geography Biology Psychology Sociology Research Leorning Center Heolth Physicol Education .............Social Work Heolth Physicol Education ..................... Art ...... ... .......English at ............ Speech Drama .......... . . Political Science ..........Educational Media Mathemotics Computer Science ... English Chemistry .. History . Librarian Heolth Physicol Education .................... History ...........Foreign Languages VW Mothematics Computer Science .................... Physics ..........Foreign Longuoges ................. Psychology WWW Dr. Byron M Wagner..... Librarian Miss Barbora J. Woltmon Health Physical Education Mr. Lawrence Warshawsky Health Physicol Education Mr Joy Weover Mothemotics Computer Science Dr. Donald E Weimon.......... ... Chemistry Dr. Gerold L Weinberger . . Political Science Dr. Gerold S. Weiss...................... Chemistry Dr. James W. White. ...... ........Industrial Arts Mr PaulM Wighamon.....................Industrial Arts Mr Richard S Will............Educational Foundations Mr HoroldG Winter II Mothemoncs Computer Science Dr. John E. Winter........................Philosophy Dr. Charles J. Wirls......................Psychology Dr . R. Gordon Wise..............................Art Dr. Robert K Wismer........................Chemistry Mr. Chorles T Wolf .... Mathemotics Computer Science Mr Phillip Wooby.................Foreign Languages Mrs. Margorei Woodbndge.. English Mr Albert J. Woolley .. Heolth Physical Education Dr. Leonofronces Woskowiak . . Music Mr. Williom Wright........................... Speech Dr. Philip D. Wynn....................Industrial Arts yyy Dr. Sondro Yeager ......... Dr. George J. Yelogoies Mr. Keith E. Yoder......... Dr. William Yurkiewicz..... zzz Dr. David A. Zegers .... Dr. J. RichordZerby........ ......Chemistry .......Sociology Educational Medio ..........Biology ...............Biology Elementory Education Focuicy 60Dr HorokJ J lari s. Jr Mis Robeu Slobinski Wo. Helen Y Oingomon Mr Gdben Shoff Dr F W V-CLoughlm M D Miss BerylS Queen and Mo Phyllis Koenig 70 StollMi Henry W Siegler Si Mn Jeon JocKubowsto All stoff photographs by Merin Studios. Inc. Ms Dorothy 0 Moms MSC's Most Overlooked Asset No school runs itself, including Millers-ville Stote College Where would we. the students of MSC be without the mony people who moke up our personnel stoff? Probobly none of us hove ever thought of thot. How mony times hove you overheord onoiher student soying. "I could do thot job there's nothing to it I know I soid similor comments since I hove been here ot MSC. Without our competent ond unselfish stoff we would be In the middle of o seo of turmoil. My opprecionon goes out to the stoff for the jobs they perform oil year just so our lives ot MSC con be eosier ond enjoyable. I wont to take this time to thonk the secretaries cooks, doctors nurses custodians ond everyone else who contributed o service to MSC All of you ore on overlooked asset by the students but in the future moybe we will recognize you os you deserve to be Robin Mane Shodle Mu Soio Miterer Mi CorlJ Milton Jr M- Dennu Karli Mr Rich Konnei Stott 71STAFF OOQ Mrs Fronces Achotz Custodion Mr Fronk Adorns Food Services Mrs LucyAliceo Teocher Aide Mr Ronold Allies Electronic Techmcion Mrs RhodoV Anderson Fiscol Assistont Mrs Potnoo I Angelo Food Services Mrs Dorothy Arment Custodion Mr Leonard IV Aurond Custodion bbb Mr EorIF Oochmon Custddion Mr Earl James Oochmon Custodion Mrs Joonno 0 Ooiles Nurse Mr Clinton Ooiley Locksmith Mrs Dolores Doir Custodian Mrs Arlene M Ooker Clerk Typist Mr Frank M. Dorley Equipment Operator Mr Harold E Oarley Clerk Mrs Corol S. Dornmger Clerk Typist Mrs Shirley M Oeor Fiscol Assistont Mr Corl A. Derme) Police Officer Mrs Potnoo 0 Oleocher Duplicating Machine Operator Mrs. Foy E Bledsoe Clerk Stenographer Mrs Elmiro J. Dloom Food Services Miss Joan L Oomberger Library Assistant Mr. Joseph P Donnain Equipment Operator Mrs. M Kathryn Dorelli Clerk Stenographer Mr. Lester Bortzfield Pointer Mrs Marian Bortzfield Custodion Mrs. Mortho Dowers Clerk Stenographer Miss Anno Btockbill Food Services Mr PoulH Dreneman Custodion Mrs Anna Qrenner Custodion Mrs Mildred Orenner Custodion Mrs Gwen Brooks Cook Mrs AndreoOroome Custodion Mrs AnnoM Brown Clerk Stenographer Mr Bruce W Brown Food Services Mr Chories Brown Security Officer Mr Richard C Brown Laborer Mrs Patricia L Browning Dieiition Mrs Janet H Bucher Clerk Stenographer Mr Keith C Buxton Head Resident ccc Miss Monlyn Conoles Clerk Stenographer Mr Lawrence M Corey Custodion Mr Etvm Coruthers Groundskeeper Mrs Mary Ann Coruthers Laundry Worker Mrs Connie L. Chories Food Services Mr Phillip J Chories Food Services Mr Richord F. Chories Stock Clerk Mrs. Avenll Christmon Library Assistont Mrs. Lee M. Consylman Switchboard Operotor Miss ElizobethJ. Counts Clerk Stenographer Mr Lester G Cox Postmoster Mr Robert J. Crosby Custodian Mrs Karen L Crouse Clerk Stenographer Mrs Solly S. Cume Clerk ddd M»s Naomi I. Domels Food Services Mrs Vmetto Daniels Custodion Mr DeonD Deoner Custodion Mrs Kathy Debono Food Services Mrs Betty Degodt Heod Resident Mrs Arlene M Deitnch Custodion Mr Kendrg Deitnch Custodian Mrs Monlyn J Denlinger Clerk Typist Mr John H Detz Water Systems Operotor Mrs DionnoL Diem Clerk Stenographer Mr Marshall O Donley Custodion Mrs Hildo Donnelly Food Services Mrs Tereso Dorsey Food Services Mrs Lillion A Doutnch Food Services Mrs Dorothy Duck Librory Assistont eee Mrs JoonM Eby Clerk Typist Mrs Elio Eckenrod Custodion Mr Foster R Eckenrod Lobor Foremon Mr Richard D. Eckenrod Groundskeeper Mrs. Deborah A Ehrgood Clerk Typist Mr George F Erb. Sr Custodion Mr Horry Eshbach Jr Electronics Technician Mr. Lewis H Eshbach Equipment Operotor Mr. Charles J. Evans Refrigerator Mechanic Mrs. Groce W Evans Clerk Stenographer fff Mr Frank M Foir Refngerotor Mechonic Mr Donold W. Folck Electnoon Mr JohnC. Folck. Jr Electrician Mrs. Miriom N Folk Clerk Stenographer Mrs Veronica M. Fech ter Clerk Sienogropher Mrs Helen Firestone Food Services Mrs Jennifer M Fisher Clerk Sienogropher Mrs Mory Fisher Clerk Mr. Neoiw Fisher Laborer Mrs NoncyS. Flick Clerk Stenographer Mrs. Shirley A Flinchbough Clerk Stenographer Mr Kenneth R. Flosser Plumber 72 StotrMrs. MoryL. Fonzi Nurse Mr Williom H. Ford Security Officer Mrs. Ooris Frey FoodServrces Mrs Helen V Frey Custodion Mrs Lillie Moy Frey Custodion Mrs CorolA Fridinger Clerk Stenogropher Mr. Richord Fritz Computer Operator Mr DonieU. Frye Custodion Mrs Danuta Fulmer Food Services Mrs. Irene 0. Funk Custodion Mr Kevin Funk Laborer Mrs. Minom R Funk Clerk Stenogropher Mrs TheresoM Futty Clerk Typist 999 Mrs. Dons C Goenzle Clerk Typist Mrs Eileen E. Goenzle Clerk Typist Mrs. Mone Gontz Custodion Mrs. OettyG. Gormon Computer Typist Mr J Iro George Police Officer Mr. Kenneth E George Custodion Mrs RuthGlick Tobuloting Machine Operator Mrs Anno Gomez Food Services Mrs. Donnie G. Goshen Nurse Mrs Dorothy Grodwell Food Services Mrs. Dorothy C Groves Clerk Stenographer Mrs. Deth H Greenough Clerk Supervisor Mr Amos H. Groff Custodian Mrs. Anno H. Groff Food Services Miss Oeverty J Grofl Food Services Mr Leverne E Groff Custodion Mrs Normo Gunzenhouser Cook hhh Mr Chorles Hobecker Pointer Mrs. EleonorV Holemon Custodion Mr Poul E Holemon Custodion Mr Chorles R Honk Plosterer Mr Horry R Honno Library Mrs. Winifred Horns Food Services Mr RonoldC Horter Computer Programmer Mrs. Doris Hoshmger Switchboard Operotor Mrs. Jeonette Hoshmger Food Services Mrs. Madeline D Heberiem Clerk Stenogropher Mr Woyne Heitond Security Officer Mrs. Anno Jone Heisey Clerk Typist Mrs. Irene E Heisey Nurse Mf Joke Heifer Jr Momtenonce Repairman Miss Dorbora Henry Clerk Typist Mr. D Lemar Henry Momtenonce Repoirmon Miss Jeon Herr Food Services Mr Lloyd H Herr Custodion Mrs Mildred Herr Food Services Mrs. Noncy A Herr Clerk Typist Mrs Louise Hershey Clerk Typist Mr Joy C Hess Custodian Mr Kenneth Hess Plumber Mr Kenneth P Hess Laborer Mr. Richard R Hess Custodion Miss Judy A Hoffer Doto Machine Operotor Mr Horry S Hoffmon Utility Plant Operator Mrs Irene Hogentogler Food Services Mrs Regino Hoke Heod Nurse Mrs. Dorbora Holbrook Custodion Mrs Carol J Hollensteiner Clerk Typist Mr DonielS Hosteiter Custodion Mrs. Kothy L Huber Clerk Typist iU Mrs. DemodetteJ. Jacobs Clerk Typist Mrs Irene Jorvis Custodion Mrs. Cynthio A Jeffries Cook Mr James R Jeffries Custodion Miss Edno M Judith Custodion kkk Mrs. Anne Kochei Administrative Assisiont Mr Dennis Kadi Heod Resident Mrs. Lynn M Kouffmon Clerk Stenogropher Mrs. Noncy L Kouffmon Custodion Mrs. Betty M Keogy Custodion Mr Horold Keogy Carpenter Mr Chester H Keeport Custodion Mr. John Keller Electricion Mr. John Kemp Upholsterer Mr Amer Kendig. Jr. Pointer Miss Anno Mae Kendig Clerk Typist Mrs. Geraldine G Kendig Custodion Mr Richord D. Kendig Momtenonce Repoirmon Mr Richord E Kendig Electrician Mrs Sonjo F. Kinney Police Officer Mr Chorles E Kipphom Computer Programmer Mr RonoldW Kline Custodion Mrs Morgoret Klos Food Services Mrs Joyce M Klugh Custodion Mr Francis C Koczur Electronic Techmcion Mr John L. Koenig Custodion Mr Scott E Knner Photographic Specialist Mrs. Use F Kruger Custodion Mrs Arlene Kuhns Food Services Mr George R Kuhns Laborer Staff 73Ill Mrs. Dorboro Lombert Custodion Mrs. Betty Ann Lomponer Clerk Miss Doris Londis Clerk Stenogropher Mrs. Moryl Loudenberger Custodion Mr Rodger E Loudenberger Dupltcoiing Mochme Operotor Miss AdeieM. Leor Clerk Typist Mrs Betty M Leopmon Clerk Stenogropher Mrs Morgorei D. Leed Clerk Stenogropher Mrs FroncesG Lefever Clerk Stenogropher Mr Milton H. Lehmon Custodion Mr W-0 Leighty Drof tsmon Designer Miss Borboro m Uoyd Clerk Typist Mrs Judith M Loeb Clerk Typist Mrs. Helene M Loechner Custodion Mrs Anno K. Long Clerk Typist Mrs. Erma L Long Clerk Stenogropher Dr Robert H Longwell. M D Physicion Mrs. Helen R. Luttermoser Clerk Stenogropher mmm Mrs. Helgo Modenford Custodion Mrs. Anito M Modonno Food Services Mr. Jomes Motthews Tradesman Mrs. Irene Movndes Clerk Stenogropher Ms Somo Moysonet Teocher Aide Miss Darlene M McCloin Clerk Typist Mrs. Llk) McDowell Custodion Mrs. Florence m McGeehon Clerk Stenogropher Mr Edmond C McKenzie Electncol Technician F W McLoughlin, M D Physician Mr. John McLoughlin Groundskeeper Mr. Kenneth H McLoughlin Laborer Mr. Gerold W Meoley Food Services Mr Robert B Meehon Computer Operotor Miss Trocy E Mellor Custodion Mr. Normon B. Menger Police Officer Mr Peter C Messimer Head Resident Mrs. Betty N Meyers Clerk Stenogropher Mrs. Catherine M Miller Custodion Mr E. Richard Miller Custodion Mrs Fronces Miller Clerk Stenographer Mr. Horold Miller Groundskeeper Mr. W Lewis Miller Utilities Plont Operator Mrs Pearl I Miller Clerk Stenogropher MISS Phyllis J. Miller Clerk Stenogropher Mr Richord Miller Groundskeeper Miss Rito Miller Housemother Mr William J. Montani Heod Resident Mrs Arocelis Montez Teocher Aide Mr. Wtlliom R Moore Computer Programmer Mr. L Stonley Morrison Library Helper Mrs. BettyJ. Mosemon Switchboard Operotor Mr, Charles W Musselmon Loborer Mrs. JuneE Myers Custodion nnn Mr RolphNoce Loborer Mrs Morgoret H Neol Clerk Stenogropher Mrs. Catherine Neff Custodion Mrs. Mary A Nehr Clerk Typist Mr Wiliiom J Nonn Custodion ooo Mr. Kenneth B. Ott Custodion Mr. Terence Ott Food Services Mrs Bonnie Ottey Custodion Mrs. Dorothy K Owen Food Services PPP Mr DovidG Porker Custodian Mrs Betty Pormer Clerk Typist Miss Donno M Povlick Clerk Typist Mrs Morgoret D Picciono Clerk Typist Mr. Ernest F Plostino Custodion Ms Elizabeth M Pioxo Food Services Mr Robert R Pletcher Police Officer Miss Phyllis D Powl Clerk Stenographer Mr Jock S Roley Custodion Mr. Luis Romirez Custodion Mr Michael P Rebmon Cook Mr JockL Reed Food Services Supervisor Miss Down E Reese Clerk Typist Mrs. Gladys Reese Food Services Mr Anthony G Reimel Food Services Mrs Arlo Ressler Food Services Mrs EvefyoM Rettew Cook Miss Son to I. Rios Teocher Aide Mrs Cormen Rivero Teocher Aide Mrs Mone Roork Clerk Typist Mrs. Helena R Roberts Clerk Typist Mr Jomes Robertson. Jr Custodion MISS Sue L. Rohrer Library Assistant Mrs Morio V Roman Teocher Aide Mrs. Beryl A Rose Clerk Typist Mrs. Ruth Royer Clerk Stenographer Mrs. Myrno E Ruffner Nurse Mrs. Ruth D Rutter Clerk Stenogropher Miss Borboro A Rylee Clerk Stenographer Mrs Mildred M Souder Custodion Mrs RoseM Souder Custodion 74 StoKMrs SusonM. Souder Custodion Mrs. lorrome 0 Sounders Custodion Mr. Robert R Sounders Computer Programmer Ms. Nodine Sowyer Clerk Typist Mrs. Phyllis Scheuchenzuber Cook Mrs. Almo Schmolhofer Custodion Mr ChorlesF. Schmid Auto Mechanic Mrs. Agnes L. Schober Clerk Typist Mrs Flora K. Schoelkopf Food Services Miss Corol Lynn Sears Clerk Stenographer Mrs Normo H Sedo Teacher Aide Mr Matthew P. Sellers Food Services Mrs Dione P. Shaffer Head Resident Mrs. Alice Marie Shook Custodion Mr Robert £ Shonk Stock Clerk Mrs. Detty Tone Shorpe Food Services Mrs. Brendo L. Sheoffer Custodion Mrs. Clora C Sheoffer Head Resident Mrs. Jonet Sheoffer Clerk Stenographer Mrs. UndoM. 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Wike Custodion Ms Sheila Wilt Clerk Typist Mrs. Lyndo Wilson Clerk Stenogropher Mr. Leon L Winters Assistant Director of Purchosmg Mr. George Wise Laborer Mr Nelson G Wnmer Corpenter Mr William K Witwer Utilities Plont Operator Mrs. Catherine Wolf Food Services Mr. Charles B Wright. Sr. Custodion YYY Mrs Potricio Younger Clerk Typist Mr Joseph G Yourg Food Services Supervisor Mr. Dorwin P Yunginger Food Services zzz Mrs Evelyn Zeising Clerk Stenographer Miss Vicki A Zipperlem Clerk Typist Mr. Victor Zwolly Custodion Stott 75"M-l-L-L-E-R-S-V-l-L-L-E, HEY!!!" These words ore just o few thot portroy the sounds of en-thusiosm of MSC. Sports during the 1979-1980 seoson proved to be one of the most outstanding in Millersville's history of sporting events. Some of the notable accomplishments ore: reestablishment of the Ice Hockey Team ond the Water Polo Team who placed third in the Mid-Atlontic Conference: the Pennsylvania Conference Eastern Division Championship in Foot-boll over Cheyney 36-6: the Women s Varsity Field Hockey team was selected to participate in the PSAC Tournament; ond the Cross Country's first year os o championship team: just to name o few. Whether sitting in the stands ot Brooks Field, the bleachers in Pucillo Gymnasium, or Biem-sderfer Stadium, one con feel the emotional elation of enthusiasm thot is emonoted by the mosses of spectators. Foil ond Spring Sports complement on aspect of the student's education. Going to o Saturday afternoon football gome, or o Tuesday night bosketboll gome, or catching o gruelling women's tennis match con be a real experience! The sounds of enthusiasm reverberate on . . . "Stond up. sit down. FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT, this year Marauders DID IT RIGHT!!!" Steven A. DiGuiseppeFOOTBALL We VARSITY FOOTOALL They 48 Fordhom 7 17 Edmboro 6 28 Kutztown 24 28 West Chester 3 17 MonstiekJ 0 27 Oloomsburg 7 7 Eost Stroudsburg 12 36 Cheyney 6 63 Salisbury 10 36 Stotes Eost (Cheyney) 6 14 NCAA Division III (Wutenburg University) 21 Morouderv breok mio onother gome with excitement (photo by Ron Well ) Front Row M Match M Leslie. W lewis (In Captains) Second Row I See zecmski I Jones C M»if' A Wyley 0 Humphrey S DtOwn C Folsom R Gnffe C Dochert P Ross R Riddick. D Gotten (Manoger) Thttd Row a Smith S Trump I Sheerer. R Gorget S Boet K Griffiths G Rule D Hovniiok M Udovtch. V Coates M Holey C Crotto Fourth Row I leh mon C Johnvon T Dougher. M Zeswit T Gtoody J Oo'ley A' Rom pulla P Higgins 0 J Moses F Pmi T Cochran Fifth Row D Monglo W Toylor R Reid R Either. C Guensch T Anton D Horton 0 Keorse Fidnch Sixth Row 0 Nou J Howkins 0 Normon 0 Speck T Goldboch M Gross' S D'lget. I Poppos 0 Jeffries Seventh Row M Scomull J Knuv J Baudot J Adorns S Good. G. Kk»bet ) Keegon C Wennch (Assistant Monoget), R Horkms(Assistont Monoger) Dock Row 0 Kohler. M Burk . S Kobocmski J Guilfoyle R tkmson G Corpenter D louos J Ketner F Her shey £ Oarry(Cooches). 78 Footboil36-24-36 HIKE' NOSrOP 'Were tsshe (photo by OluOtudeko) Eastern Division Champions The highlight of the Millersville State College footboll season wos the heartbreaking 21-14 loss suffered agomsi Wutenburg University in the opening round of the NCAA Division III ployoffs The Marauders foiled to penetrate the Tiger s defensive line on the lost ploy of the gome and fell one yard short of overtime This gome marked the first time that o Millersville footboll team qualified for the notional championship The Morouders combined tough defense with on explosive offense to capture the Pennsylvania Conference Eostern Division crown with o convincing 06-6 victory over o previously undefeated Cheyney Character poise and luck helped Millersville pull off a 1.19 mirode at Diemesderfer Stadium os the Marauders come from behind ond coptured a division opening win. stunning the Kutztown Dears 26-24 Heod cooch Gene Corpenter s play selection was o key foe-tor in the gome A three touchdown effort in the comeback win over Kutztown gove Aaron Fly Wyley the player of the week award in the Pennsylvonio Conference Millersville s most impressive win this year wos a record breaking performance against the Salisbury "Gulls The Morouders found paydirt ten times and tallied up a 63-10 win The game wos climaxed when defensive end Cliff Meier intercepted a poss ond ran it In for a score! Several Millersville offensive records were established agomst Salisbury Highest percentage of completions m a gome As Millersville's IX Griff e recedes the boll the defensive linemen opprooch for ihen tockie (photo by Nino Bouer) Fall Short In Division III Playoffs (65%) highest percentage of completions in a seoson (60.4%), most possmg yardage in a gome (337), most touchdowns possmg (6). most points scored by Millersville in recent history (63). and most receptions in o seoson (Don Humphrey with 35) Senior running back Terry Jones hod the longest run this seoson a 77 yard burst off tackle which put the gome out of reach for the West Chester Dams The Morouders number one offense and defense in the conference supports a season record of 6-1 along with a ranking of 6th in Division III During the regular season Millersville overoged 30 points per gome while giving up 6 points to the opponents Tri-captains for the 1979 teom were Mike Marcks. Will Lewis, ond Harvey Leslie. The 79 offensive line was anchored by offensive guard Steve Drown and offensive tockie Leslie. The Morouders ployed 6 ployers on the first teom Pennsylvonio Conference All Stor squad ond grabbed 4 spots on the second team Nose guard Marcks moke his third oppeoronce on the squad Other first teom members were Mork Zeswitz-kicker. Lewis-corner bock. Chuck Dachert-lme-backer, and Aaron Wyley-split end The second team ployers were Jamie Szczeonski-quarterbock, Humphrey-flanker Meier-defensive end Fobio Pirn-corner back ond Dove Hovrillok Anthony L Robinson (Below) fX fXiddick doshes for another MSC goin (photo by Ntno Bouer) (Below) C folsom block} on attempted pass’ (photo by Nmo Bauer) (Betow) G fXule punts under pressure (photo by Steven Steffre) footboll 7$Another t"i: down lot MSC .s presented by I Jones ' photo by Oouef iho Hushes behind. R Riddick attorns m xo yo ds (photo by Nino Oouef) AlteMcteiving the boll W Lewis outwits the oncoming defensive line (photo by Nino Oauer) loom ond c owd wotch on os M Zeswit puts onothet one tfvough the upnohts Oooer) lPh°io t y Nino 60 footbollIX Riddick (40) owoitsopitchout from qooaerbockj Szczeonski (photo by Oouer) 0. Nou HI) comes the boll os " Doei (65) blocks (photo by Nino Booer) Defense gets their moo, (photo by Steve SteHie) 0 Hoverlok loops mto the oir for o sconng cotch (photo by Nino Oouer) Footboil 81(X- jnffe conies foi o first down, (photo by Nina Oouer) OneofA Smith s d v ng tocklos ends an exciting gome (photo by Ron Wells) M5C ecstatic after onother worouder victory (photo by Ron Wells) Moneovenng his woy down the held is R Riddick touching Moments (photo by Ron Wells) (photo by Nino Bauer) 82 FootbollThough the entire Millersville Stote College teom wos outstonding in the 1979 seoson two Morouder stondouts should receive speciol occlotm Mike Morcks (right) ond Will Lewis (left) were nomed to the Division III All-American football teom This teom is picked by o panel of sports information directors. Marcks and Lewis, both seniors, were nomed first teom defensive unit. During the 79 seoson Marcks played middle guard and Lewis wos a right cornerback ond was o fixture on the MSC kickoff ond punt return teams. Congratulations ore extended to both Jodie Carpenter Brooking throuqh the defensive line ij 0 Jeffrey (photo by Victor Tone) JV FOOTBALL Lining up to oid in the defensive line is D Bemnski (photo by Victor forte) The young Morouders completed another successful seoson this year. Coach Corpenter feels. The freshmen JV footboll program is on integral port of the total football program at MSC Many outstonding players hove come through the program ond continued the fine winning tradition of the Millersville Morouders Dr Williom Kohler is the coordinator of the JV football progrom He is assisted by Adolf Wright ond Dove Pock both former Morouder stars; also Ed Barry, o part-time coach Many of the JV players will go on to form the nucleus for the upcoming varsity team Some outstanding freshmen performers, to name a few ore: J. Keegan. M Grossi, D Jeffreys T. Doughr. J. Kmer. J. Adorns. G. Kloiber. J. Stoudt all of the offensive line, and F. Dukes. S. Dillger. S. Sudok. D. Bernetsky ond W Toyler of the defensive line There ore also others thot the coaching staff is hoping will develop os candidates. We JV FOOTBALL They 2b Stevens Trode 21 7 KuUlOwn 0 14 University of Pennsylvania 6 Morouder defeme mokes onother outstonding toekte (photo by M choel Osoreneko) Punting to the University of Pennsytvonio is T Trocy (photo by Victor Forte) Jodie Corpenter Footbo'i 83Everybody i reody fo iho iio»t GO1 (photo by Ron Wells) front Row C Holden M No e (Coptom) A Ricco (Coptom) R Rode Second Row j Aker L Eby J Hen I VonNote thud Row A Tho»moye (Monogei) H McG oety m Oimsby t Geno K Whiile' Dock Row 0 Myers (Tromcf). D CVen dlmget D Frednck K Smith K Stephen S Petcri (HeodCooch) (photo by Oowco) lime fo o lefieshe (photo by Ron Wefli) Teom congiegote lex dtJCviswon ot the holt (photo by Ron Weds) VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY The women stoned the seoson by coming bock 10 campus one week early for practice comp. This wos o first for on MSC hockey squod ond it turned out to be very beneficiol since the team wos in the process of rebuilding This year's schedule wos longer than lost year's. This rough schedule, olong with other problems the team hod, wos evident in their record os the women could only monoge to dribble dodge, ond drive their woy to o 5-3-5 seoson The highlight of the year come when the squod wos chosen to be one of four store college teoms selected to ottend the P5AC Tournament held ot Kutztown State College Only two vorsity players Joyce Herr ond Mini Nose, will be groduoung so with o yeor of experience behind them the teom will be looking forword to o better seoson next yeor ond o chance ot o PSAC championship Mini Nose We WOMEN S JV FIELD HOCKEY they 2 Indiana Urwvenstyot PA i 1 Penn State 11 1 lebonon Volley 1 1 Kutztown 1 1 Sbippensboig 1 0 Woomsbuig 2 6 Getty vbuig 1 0 Univ of Oeiawoie 2 2 Eu obethtown 0 1 Mesiioh College 1 Hockey 65SOCCER We SOCCER they 0 Glossboro 3 3 Cheyney 2 0 Oloomsburg 5 10 Loncoster Oible 0 1 Townson 2 2 Soksbuiy 1 1 Spring Gordon 2 1 Kuutown 4 2 Shippensbuvg 5 1 Mess-oh 0 0 Host Stroudsburg 2 3 York 1 I Frey reverberotes the boll (photo by Nmo Oouer) John Oird rebounds the'boll from his hood (photo h Oj» gams possession of the boll (photo by Nmo Oouer) by Nino Oouer) K louery loop! m the o ’ to get the bo'i (photo by M Wofch boots the boll os J Oird looks on (photo by Nino Oouer) Nmo Oouer) 66 Soccer fim Frey works the ball down the sidelines, (photo by Oouer) K looery ond H 0 in hot pursuit of the boll (photo by Nmo Bauer) front fVow: J. Hoffpour, 0 Neef J Volopo. T Frey IX Botto (Captain). M Coach 0 Hunt 0 Pom I Gunderson C Martinez 0 Folotko S Sharp 0 Wolsh P IXiov A IXodnguez 0 Hogan Second IXow 0 Brenner K lovery McCrosson D Pozdo E Stoltzful D Butler M Goudrno. Cooch A. J J Sheo. J Tshudy. H 0;i J Bird. T 6reer C Yetter J. Koehler Bock (low Woolley (photo by Bowers) Soccer 67 iCE HOCKEY The reestablishment of the Millersville State College Ice Hockey Club begon with a meeting held in the ground floor lobby of Landis Hall late in September of ’78 At this meeting 20 potential hockey ployers, 10 of which were freshmen. attended to get the new club off the ground. Also at this meeting four officers were elected to run the club on campus The positions filled were President Greg Moran. Vice President Rick Deaty. Secretary Phil McDevit. and alternate Jeff Durke The Club was soon supported by Dr McDermoi who acted os Faculty Adviser As a result of his help in lote Jonuory of 79. the Student Senate approved support of the newly reformed Hockey Club. The next job for the 4 officers wos to find o coach The officers found o cooch in Dill Shoals, owner of Horst % Lichty Ltd sporting goods store In Lancaster and an authority on ice hockey Cooch Shoals decided to put the Club into o vorsiry collegiate hockey league for the 1979-80 seoson In lote March, the Delaware Valley College Hockey Conference occepted Millersville State into the League for the upcoming seoson. Some of the teoms thoi the "Ville will skote ogomst will be Drexel University. Temple University. St. Joseph University and Lafayette College. Soon ofter the acceptance into the League. Dr. Tom Grecco of the Chemistry Deportment took over os the Faculty Adviser ond Assistant Cooch In the meantime, informal practices were being conducted by Cooch Shoals for upcoming seoson. In eorly September of 79 the Club contracted ice time for ten home gomes on Sundoy nights at the Hershey Pork Arena At the some time the Team selected three skating Captains. Tab Kurtz as Captain of the Team with alternates. Paul Jones and Rick Deary. The Club is striving for o 700 mark second half of the season to make it to the Playoffs. Gregory Moran Front Row J Front M Oeve orii M Soto G Moron G Mono C Guoy ) Ooatty Aivotam Copto n). J Ourke M Demdrnov ft Werner G Fnher Not Seotch P McOevitt Bock Row Cooch 0 i Shool I Wogner (Tromer) R Pictured A t Cooch Or tom G'eco FocuTty A hme Kevm Thompton Monsenv S Mescanti P tone (A»i«oni Copto n) I Kurt (Copto»n). R (photo by Greg Moron) WATER POLO SPLASH Woter Polo Club experienced o terrific seoson this yeor when they sploshed their woy into third ploce in the Mid-Atlantic Conference They completed the foil seoson with on overoll record of 15 wins ond 7 losses. Though lock of financiol support did not permit their participation, the 1979-80 Voter Polo teom wos invited to take port in the Eostern NCAA Division II Voter Polo Chompionship The officers of the teom ore President Mark Carroll. Vice President Mike Hinkle Secretory Kothy Costello, ond Treasurer Dob Dodgers. They ore advised by Coach Apple, but players themselves handled the job of coaching. The two players who assumed coaching responsibilities were Mark Carroll ond Darryl Metz Jodie Carpenter Front Row D Bollough 0 Henderson 0 Stem Second Row 0 Rodgers I Wert Dock Row S Pngo M Corroi V Veisbergs D Collms 0 Met 0 Morx. R Mowley (photo by Mena Studios) m Hinkle outswims Mercersbvrg defender (photo by Joonn Mmersvilie ond Mercersburg tight for possession (photo by Joann Yondle) Yondie) D Met mokes the moves (photo by Joonn Yond»e) teom converges on the bon (photo by Joonn Yondie) Water Polo d ?CROSS COUNTRY We CROSSCOUNTRY 16 Kutztown 16 York 25 Shippensburg 24 West Chester 18 Eost Stroudsburg 15 Oloomsburg lebonon VoHey lnvitotK nols Lofoyette Invitononob Peon Stote !C4A NCAA Regionoi Meet NCAA Chompionships They 47 46 31 34 38 46 3rd of 13 1st of 8 5th of 27 4th of 19 2nd of 20 7th Front Row G Stephens. 0 Von Aden. T Donor. A linger. E RunWe. G H c, 0 '' '■ second Row D Watson D Drondon S H.rsh T Groff S Drodshow D VWkfM Row CoochFntz 0 Rohrbough R Milieu. J Ryon P Deveton. i Kiser E Steodol (photo by Do t . MSC movin on down during the stote chomptonship (photo by O)o OtudeXo) gr.rn determine cion the Morouderj ore o, ,he hoo0 of lhe poch (photo by Christopher Wroten) 90 Cross CountryTim Groff and Ai Treffinger standouts ot stores (photo by Olu OtudeKo) Although floaKed on oil sides oor ione Morouder serges on1 (photo by Olu OtudeKo} T Groff ond AI Treffinger 0 n honds on their way to victory (photo by Olu OtudeKo) Tim Groff tuns on oir to cto m All American title (photo by Olu OtudeKo) Led by cooch Fritz, the Cross Country hod their best yeor ever' This year wos their first yeor os o state championship team. Two outstanding runners were Timothy Groff ond AI Treffinger. Both darted their way into All-East titles. Timothy Groff even cloimed an All American title Jodie Carpenter Goss Country 9lWOMEN'S TENNIS WOMENS TENNIS We They 5 Cheyney 4 4 Sworthmore 3 4 MCCC 3 'h Oloomsburg 6 'h 2 Gloiboro 7 4 Kutttown 2 2 Lock Hoven 7 0 U of Delaware 7 1 West Chester 6 0 Eost Stroudsburg S Tournoment 2 Solisbury 7 K Costello returns he opponent s volley (photo by Mork Dobropu) Ffoni Row G CertbeU. K Costello G Mort sek J Motet- n Willct S Dwnlohr Dock fVow m French (Cooch) m V.scordi J Helm 0 v0n Gtnhoveo S Hrghbe.ger C Fousnocht S. Gottlieb N Hungerford (Cooch) (photo by Ooweu Ptvotog-'ophy) C Fousnochts awaits servo (photo by Mark Oob(Oiki) (Ddow) Keeping her eye on the boll J Matce' vendv one (photo by Mork Dobrosk.) Ready to ottempt o win S Gottlieb positions herself (photo by Moik Dobroski) 92 Women s TennisC Foomocht leaves on oce (photo by Motk Dobroski) S Gottlieb return the bon (photo by Mo:k DobtOJki J Motoei to$ses the bo:i tot o winning seive (photo by SeMngtheboll is J. Moteer (photo by Mark Dotoroiki) Motk Dobroski) Women s Tenms 93CHEERLEADERS I Veispdllo and 0 Suass do pushups oftei o iV Cheerleaders Front Row K Price. 5 Carpenter K, SudocK Dock Row 0 Francis. I Merited J Adorno Motoudei touchdown (photo by Ron Wells) K Smith J. Loylon (photo by Dowers Photogrophy) Vorsuy Cheerleaders I Vetspnlio V Nozoy, M. Flick, M Koren V Smith (Coptoln) L Sctmgeour C Dotterer J. Stohlmon. I Wildemonn (Coptam; D Rohm L Sctwsgoour. S DcF'g, 0 Sooss (photo by Dowers Pnorogrophy) 9 j Cheer1eode»sCheerfeodm ceiobrote ooother touchdown (photo by Ron Weils) Cheerleaders supporuheteom with ochom'Pictured ote A McDermott C Ootterer L Wildemoon V Smith orvdT Versprttla (photo by ftoo Wells) Cheerleodeu 95Mike Conners aggressively puts the move on opponent (photo by Jim Chorowiky) Motry Hozeilo clenches onto Yoik i opponent to gam odvontoge (photo by Jim Chorowiky) Don Wogner wrestling m the heovyweight closs thii seoson (photo by Jim Chorowiky'. Kevin Shenk hos the upper position ogoinjt h s op- .Going (or the pm is Fran Presley (photo by Jim Chorowiky) ponem (rom York (photo by Jim Chorowiky) 96 WrestlmgWRESTLING A Miliersville wrestler sets while the York opponent owoits (photo by Jim Chorowiky) Front Row H Collie K Short! T Frey K Shenk S Longenboch 0 Schivone Second Row S Dont D Atkins S Stough M Hozeiio T Irelond R Oomck m Conner S Sudok Dock Row Cooch Swope C White J Rohrbough I McGwire. D Wogner R Morch F PresJey Cooch Peters (photo by Dowers Phoiogrophy) (Below) Moneuvenng out of the pm is o reol coordmoted experience (photo by Ron Wells) We WRESTLING They 40 York 6 0 CUoomsburg 36 31 Eost Stroudsburg 9 26 Southern Connecticut 9 35 Rider 9 33 Messioh 9 34 West Chester 9 36 Kutztown 5 11 Soksbury 24 12 Trenton 22 39 Detowore Volley 6 25 Pitt 12 36 Edmboro 6 26 Shippensburg 3 39 Monsketd 6 29 Ekzobethtown 15 (Oetow) Tim Frey g osps onto the opponent (photo by Ron We«s) Fron Presley moves m for the pm ogonst the York opponent (photo by J«m Chorowsky) Wrestling 97VARSITY BASKETBALL We OASKETBAll They 60 Elizabethtown 51 00 York 55 64 Monsfieid 70 72 Shippensborg 66 66 Yoik College of New York 66 66 Kutztown 74 55 Cheyney 72 61 MonsfiekJ 53 62 Bloom sburg 75 45 Shippensborg 57 70 Kotztown 76 Front Bow A Swift P McOosson (Copious) A Randall Second Row T Richo«J p Fossnocht 0 Brewer A H Madyon OocK Row Cooch DeHort K Per Kins. R Kurczeski J Wowrzgnek I Oollmon (Monoger) Cooch Strousboogh (photo by Oowers Photographic Service) K PerWm loy up 0 lhP'fo' ,w° Photo by Joonn Yond'e) Shooting from the outside P Fossnocht (photo by Kote Horon) A leaping toss to o teommote by K Perkins (photo by M hooi ChoroneKo) 06 Men s Vo viy BosKetbo"S Co»reil Qifm ond shoots for the bosket (photo by Michael P Fossnocht goes up lot o long shot (photo by M»choel Cho oneko) Choroneko) r Front Row 0 Wolker N Eliff T Wright 0 Codvon J Phelon ! ond Row Couthward 0. Wilson M Howo'd T Rooten J Stoub Cooch Strousbough J 0oyo». D Kuhn. 5 Dimon, J Sokol. J Suvoy. 0 Landis Dock Row Cooch (photo by Bowers F hotogroph c Men's GosketboH WVARSITY BASKETBALL WOMEN S VARSTIY BASKET BALL They Lebonon Volley 17 Gettysburg Indiono 57 Widener Toumoment Widener 64 Glossboio 43 Shippensborg Toumoment Lehigh 4© Loyoto 65 Widener 62 Eiizobeihiown 51 Eost Stroudsburg Soltsbury 62 MesMoh 65 Lock Woven 50 Kutztown 40 Bloom sbcwg 56 Lincoln Urwetvty 50 Lehtgh 72 Army 77 I Jacobi tne»o (oul shot (photo byCo oBe Boiley) 0 Newmon toys up o ihot for two (photo by Corolle Ooiley) Womens Votsity Boshetboil Ftont Bow L locobs D Eihiemon 0 Newmon S Ortlip C Wright Bock Row Cooch L MumphreviHe J Poroikevov 0 Ootjcy K Smith I Cosey V Keodiq Asvstont Cooch Beoiley Not Photographed L Stromck (photo by Bowen PhotogrophK Sendee) T 00 Women i OosketboilWOMEN'S JV basketball We They 50 Gettysburg 58 72 Indiana 62 4b Elizabethtown 40 41 Eost Stroudsburg 76 74 Salisbury 52 57 Lc h Hoven 60 50 Kutztown 54 54 Oloomsburg 66 56 Lincoln University 01 Women s JV Oosketboll front Row A Nespoli E, Sotterfield E Chrtssos. I Holdy W Rupley Ooch Row s Ortlip wotches shot mode by 0 Nowmon R McCluiken A Bochko A Etsenhouei. r Qedekov.c. S Kelley. I McClennon C Zink. Coach Boiba.o (photo by Carolle Dailey) Woltman (photo by Oowers Photograph-c Service) L Jacobs goes up for the boll (photo by Corolle Ooiley) D Newmon ond 0 Evhlemon both looking fo chance to hoop that bon (photo by Co oUe Ooiley) JV DASKETDALL Women s OosketbaU 1 OiMEN'S SWIMMING We They 56 York 56 46 Bidet 60 50 Towion 63 53 Swofthmoie 33 61 El'zobethtown 38 45 Glossboro 57 43 Shepherd 70 24 Kutttown 60 30 Modi von 60 56 Eovc Stroudsburg 44 46 West Chester 61 51 Lycoming Stotes 35 MEN'S SWIMMING Front Bow CoochJ Apple. L Gutsholl M Atcuo . J Smith Cooch Co4 Kone Oberley J Impmk M Wive (photo by Bowers Photographic Service) Bock Bow D Moclnnev M Corroll B Howiey 0 McNomora J Schiller G 102 Men 4 SwimmingFront Row S Gottleib (Co coptom), W Hoppes (Cocoptom) Second Row Row A Monon(Cooch) 0 Rice S Osieck C Yokscoe L Stenn L Soute- i Won A Groce N Hook I Skoto S Dutts. C Shepherd S. Meiimqer (Jock K Wright J Dowers (Owing Cooch) (photo by Oowe-s Photographic Sendee) C Yokscoe shows high diving form (photo by Jim Chotowsky) A Groce strokes her woy to nononols (photo by Jim ChO'Owsky) WOMEN'S SWIMMING WOMEN $ SWIMMING We (hey 41 Univeiwty of Detowore 69 64 Lehigh 75 46 Irxkono 92 61 Gettysburg 76 55 ShippemtHirg 61 66 Lock Hoven 135 64 Salisbury 54 44 QloomiPurg 95 Another nononoi s delegote freshmon W Hop pcs (photo by Jim Chorowsky) Women s Swimming 103DOLPHINb Febroory 23 Stotes ot Villonovo Feb 27—Motch 1 Swimming Show Moich 15 Regtonols—Vermont Mocch 27 30 Nooonols ot University o Michigan Mis Dowers gets move reody lex o hord P'OCtKo (photo by R Wells) Front Row L Lompe S. Cocootore K Deo» 0 Ab omson M Sehgmon S Wonder C McDoogoll Second Dow J Mongen S Sessefs L Homiiton i Stooffer A R c o M Nogent C W.nword C Roberts Doth Row I Roiston D DieMenboch S Angstodt t Rill 0 Oolloogh D Sondoy S Fnt S Moys t Field (photo by R We«s) 104 Dolphins PlfOciice tokos ploce outside the wato» as well os mild© (photo by Ron Wells) THE DOLPHIN CLUB M fehgmon J OalstonaodK Oe y What a mo (phot by (Von Wells) The Dolphins ore the synchronized swimming club ot M5C In 1979. it olso become o varsity sport which enabled the Dolphins to compete in stote ond regional competition The Dolphins performed their onnuol show titled Splosh Dock' which commemorated their thirtieth onniversory The theme was bosed on o review of post shows using music ond costumes from previous shows. The Dolphins competed in stote competition ot Villonovo ond ploced first in three routines ond second in two. The routines thot ploced first were the senior solo routine performed by Carol Wmword. the junior solo routine performed by Stacie Wunder. ond the novice team of Cothie Me-Dougoll. Tnsh Field. Stocy Fritz ond Tern Dill The routines thot ploced second were the Ole duet of Corol Wmword ond JoAnne Hongen ond the higly skilled sofon routine The Dolphins competed in the 1960 AIAW notionol synchronized swimming championship which wos held ot the University of Michigan The Dolphins ploced seventh out of fifteen schools and competed against universities such os Ohio Stote ond Anzono which tied for first ond the University of Michigan, Penn Stote. ond others The Dolphins' team routine and the duet ploced tenth, while the trio ploced ninth Corol Wmword. on experienced freshmon. mode it to the finals m which her solo routine ploced seventh This is the first time the Dolphins competed in notional competition in which they were up ogomst the best swimmers in the notion In each category the teams may have more thon one routine entered, therefore each solo duet ond trio con be competing ogomst more thon fifteen other routines. KothyMcNamoro P'OCfce i» so tiring. J Hoogen p ctu ed tphoto by Ron Wells) Dolphins 105Ah! (photo by Ron Wells) Oh my whot style' (photo by Ron Wells) bpectocular (photo by Roo Wells) 106 DoiphinsARCHERY We ARCHERY They 1865 Glossboro 1828 1978 Drexei 1979 2665 Trenton 1867 2665 Brooklyn 2345 2603 Cumbeiiond County 2027 2603 Atlantic County 2719 2603 Stevens Inst 1201 2859 East Stroudsburg 3013 From Row: I Anderson. C DeJoseph 5econd Row H. Snyder A. Thollmoyet. K lost C Oondo D Enders. K O’Neill. A Richords Oack Row G Schmidt. J. Cumrrvns, J Shiers. I Domes. M lozor 0 Wmeko M Cocherhon 0. Stokes Mrs J. Dowers (Cooch). (photo by Dowers Photogrcphy) C Deioseph M Cockethom shoot ogomst Drexel (photo by M D Mossier) (Below) C DeJoseph shooting ogomt Glascow (photo by M. 0 Mossier) G 5 hm.dt m Loyer M Cocfccrhom prepore to shoot (photo by M B Mossier) Ready—A.m—fi e'(photo by M D Mossier) Archery 107MEN'S TRACK We MENS TRACK they 61 vs Shippensburg 69V, 61 VS Kutztown 53 61 VS Alfred 12 1 16 Detowo'e Vo iey 26 110-5 6 Dloomsburg 40-1 6 64 East Stroudsburg 66 64 Cheyney 20 79 Lock Hoven 74 104 Trenton 33 Determined d.stonce runner (photo by VtcKy Mc Monogie) Just deor«d thot hurdle (photo by Monogle) On your mork get set go (photo by Vicky Me I don t believe I mode it over ' (photo by V ky McMonogfce) Monogie) Strive to the finish line (photo by Vicky Me Monogie Front Row J Donovon. $ Orown A T'eWmger C Frederick K Dondo 2nd Row W Toylor S Homm«r m Arcun j Hewlett H Mortm G Dotterer C Tnssoi R Riddick 3rd Row C Dreidger. D Gocknouer T Robmson £ Adams, A Rodrigue . T McCorthy 0 'Viliams D Mills D Jewries 4th Row S Orodshow E Steudel R M.iiett M Diet 0 WoSe R Soper I McElhenny 0 Orown Dock Row J Egon G Coulier T GroW Cooch Worshowsky (photo by Oowers Photography) 100 Men s IrockWOMEN'S TRACK Front Row C Qelloire J Poroskevos, 0 Gethotd J Ooir 0 Oigler 0 Fcwse A. Lee S Hunt Second Row Mrs Humphreville (cooch). S Mellmger W Sdcox 0 Jones S Hostings S Kelley M Hooper K Smith, J Geiger D Richords Dock Row A Witght (cooch), J Mitchell E Chnssos. S Allen Absent S Sims V Hopkins, A Groce T Ecker (Assutont Cooch) (photo by Oowers ftsotogrophy) MSC Women s Trock Teom sto»ts off onothei meet (photo by Corolle Ooiiey) We 2nd 2nd 2nd is: 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 2nd Old 3rd WOMEN S TRACK Oloomsburg Shippensboig Kotztown Gtossboro Fronklin G Morsholl University of Detowore Messiah Invitononol Lock Hoven Eost Stroudsburg Trenton PSAC Retoys Slippery Rock Eost Stroudsburg they 1st 3rd 4th 2nd 1st 3rd 2nd 1st 3rd 1st 2nd The expression of determination (photo by Corolle Ooiiey) Pone posture ond strength moke o good shot Coming m for o londing (photo by Corolle Do iey) (photo by Corolle Oo ley) Jenny Do r ending m the 400-meter relay (photo by Corolle Do.iey) Women s Trock 109BASEBALL We 7 1 0 16 5 3 12 6 1 3 2 6 11 4 2 2 13 5 5 BASEBALL They Ph.iodelphio College of Phormocy 4 Oioomsburg 3 Otoomsburg 2 Spring Gorden 4 Kutztown 2 Kutztown 1 Ellzobethtown 10 ' Shippensbu g 0 Shipper jburg 8 Solisbuty 4 Solijbuiy 6 York 5 York 0 Eon Stroudsburg 3 Eon Stroudsburg Monsfield 3 Monsfield 0 Wilm-.ogton 3 Florido Tour 2 And the pitch is5 (photo by M Choroneko) zj r ▼ « p if "V" • Front Bow 0 Fronkltn, D. Sheo. 0 Oogue J Butensky C Steffy (Cocoptcn). 0. Greenfield (Co-coptom) M Hess. i. Cordino!, C Kroszner Second Bow B Corns M Smolon. M, Cole G Own J Keegan A Bobmson G. Snyder H Sfgelmon (Assistont Cooch), Dock Bow N Nelson E Pickell 0 Hortmon P Fossnocht J Abromoitts Cooch). (photo by Dowers Photogrophy) 1 lO OoseboliMarauders on the move Whot o pitch' (photo by M Choroneko) Whot o hit! (photo by M ChotoneUo) Ooseboli 111SOFTBALL SOFTBALL We They 4 Salisbury 2 2 Salisbury 9 4 Indiana 5 4 lnd ono 3 0 Shippeosborg 2 3 Shippensburg 1 3 Bloomsburg b 10 Bloomsburg 3 0 Townson 5 9 Townson 3 3 Kutztown 2 6 Kutztown 2 7 CoWornio 6 3 Lock Woven 4 0 Lock Hoven 6 L VcoNote swings ot the boh P iO(ObyC Mortinez) Front Row H McGroerty G Motsh. V Herzog (Cocoptcm). M Nose (Co-coptatn). L VanNote. 0 Eshieman Second Row N Kschmko M Diogonene J Moy S. Bokec M Koczur Bock Row A Morion Heod Cooch) L Tjhudy A Rrco J Gensemer S Ortlip K Kiernon 0 Kautz (Manager). 0 Carter (Assistom Cooch) (photo by Bowers Photography). 1 1 2 Women s Softball GOLF MSCvs Spring Gordon (photo by Stove Stotfie; We GOLF they 424 Wen Chester 413 424 Kutztown 426 422 York 442 40b Spnng Gorden 466 430 Lock Hoven 407 415 Shippensburg 410 415 Kyutown 440 GoK 113 Moking on occorote pott (photo by Steve Stefhe) TENNIS We they 5 Washington 6 Lee 3% 0 Vtrgmio Militory Institute S 3 Lynchburg College 6 6 Newport News College 1 5 Virginia Commonwealth University 1 2 Mt St Mary s 7 8 Sh.ppensburg 1 1 Franklin Marshall 8 9 York 0 4 Glassboro 5 9 Shepherd 0 4 East Stroudsburg 2 8 MansfiekJ 1 2 Lock Haven 7 9 Cheyney 0 7 Elmobethtown 2 Front Row £ Woolford D. Grethenck. J Oeekler S Witkowski Dock Row M Foltz. C Motchett L Miller. D Do Leone (photo by Oowe s Pfvotogtaphy) led Frederick reaches out to slaughter the boll (photo by Michoe) Choreneko) Amoteur tennis? (photo by Sue Jockte) L 114 Men's Tennis From Row: J. Moteer K Dor . N Wilier L Jocobs C. Bergcy. 0 Frederick Dock Row m French (AsjiMom Cooch). K Costello. G Ceoboli' S H qh berge C Fousnocht N. Hunge ford (Cooch) (photoby Bowers Photography) Men 5 Tenms 115 WOMEN S LACROSSE We They 10 lebonon Volley 3 9 Kutztown 6 7 Western Maryland 4 9 Bloomsburg 5 12 Solnburg 5 2 Lock Haven 6 i Shippeniburg 6 1 PSAC Tournament 9 0 13 9 , Montco 9 2 Gettysburg 10 Front How K Hoibert I Sterner. C Drehm, J Nichols Second Row C O'Connell S Gory D Rondoli B Cooke. S Postvo L Schul Bock Row 5 Anderson D Anion. K Socco 0 Newmon S GroJesi. L MocLcnnon. N . Heory B Myers, (photo by Bowers Photogrophy) (Below) Jontce Nichols moves the bon pan two of Lebanon Volley ployers (photo by Kate Hoton) (Below) Reaching out (photo by Corlos Mar rinez) 110 Womens LacrosseFront Row E Reilly S Steere (Co coptams). Second Row 0 Holy I Goionte L James. I Knickerbocker M Fo de T Geno Dock Row M»ssWoltmon G Davis. J Aker. C VosoV D Muhlenberg C lonrvg A Taylor C Monuel (photo by Gowers Photography) Tommy Knickerbocker obtoms the boll while Jonice Nichols opprooches to help (photo by Koto Horon) Ellen Rerlley noncholontly moneuvers the boll mio the goo' (photo by Corlos Momnez) Women slocrosse 11 7Miiiefsvilte opptooches cs 900I wWe Stroudsburg goal ? ottentrvely owo ts the shot (photo by Kote Horon) 1 iS MPrnloctoiseItotmn tocrosie teommote pun one ove MSC'j (22) lom Truscott (photo by Chnstophot Wtoten) Geotge Schmidt being opptooched by Stockton ihoots lot the gool (photo by Stove Stetfie) Men$Loc osse 1 lb■ - • T•«: 3.. •I MAVt Mf%{ ' ' iPtNDUO A,’ 6 urx.LAre-c T‘»ec ' c t s: ycnui There they ore, the thousonds of foces we poss by every doy. In those thousond foces we see maybe o hundred acquaintances, ten real friends. Those ore the foces that stand out; mine, yours, ond everyone we know. The mosses melt down to individuals os the barriers break down ond single entities emerge. Still we tend to classify people by their groups, be they theater people, fraternity guys, jocks, crazies, or student governors. But I om not my group. I om still me. As they ore themselves. Look around: look ot the foces. They ore oil different, in shape ond color, with the thoughts and emotions that register on them. There we ore, oil of us, the individuals that moke up MSC. As individuals we continually collide with others. These meetings ore often only fleeting moments—o wild porty, o shored class, o waiting line complaint. With some we form more permanent bonds. We seek out other people who shore our lifestyles ond values. And when we leave MSC it is o different person than when we entered. Our encounters with individuals ond groups hove caused changes within ourselves. unnoticed until the four-year journey begins to be muted by distance. And with our degree, we will go out into o world of individuals colled society and encounter the some fight-to mointoin ourselves. Steven A. DiGuiseppeSENIOR DIRECTORY INDEX TO ABBREVIATIONS ACEI—Assooonon foi Childhood Educotion In temooonol ACmO—Ail-Compos Musicol Orgoruzonon ACS—Amerrcon Chemistry Sooety Anthro—Anthropology A SO—Aft Students Orgomzotion Bio—Dtotogy DusAdm—Business Admimstrot»on CEC—Counol fo Exceptionoi Chrfdren Chem—Chemistry Com-CommunKOtions CS—Compute' Science CSA—Commuting Students Associotton CUB—Co«ege l nton Ooord E —Economics ECEA—Eotly Childhood Education Association EChd—Eorty Childhood Educotron Ed—Educotion ElEd—Elementory Educotion Eng—English Env—Environmental Science ES—Eotth Science Ften—french Geo—Geology Geog—Geography Get—Getmon HEOP—Higher Educotion Opportunity Prog'Om Hi—History IA— Industrial Aits IAAP—Industrial Aits Assooonon of Pennsylvonio IAS—Industrial Arts Society IVCF—Intervorsity Chnstion Fellowship Lot—Lotm Lib— Litxory Science Educononoi Mcd o Moth—Mothemotics ME NC—Musk Educators Nononol Conference aaI —Educotion for the Mentally Retarded MSA—Minority Students Association Ml—Medicoi Technology Mu—Musk NucmT—Nucteor Medico! Technology Nurs—Nuismg O—Oceonogrophy Ph—PhySKOl Phil—Philosophy Phy—Physics PS—PolitKQi Soence PSEA— Pennsylvania Stote Educotion Assoootion PSN—Public School Nursing PSO—PoIukoI Science Organization Psyc—Psychology RA—Resident Assistant Rdg—Reodmg ROIC—Reserve Officers Tro ning Corps R$A—Resident Students Assooonon So—Science SO—Society of Collegiate Journobsu Sec—Secondary Education SmC—Student AAemonol Activities Center SMED—Educonon for the Sooolly A otodjusted and Emotionally Disturbed Soc—Sociology Span—Sponish SpEd—Speooi Educotion SS—Soool Studies SW-SoOOl Work UCM—United Compus Ministry UUE—Upgrodmg Uibon Educotion Progrom Who’s Who—Who s Who in American Universities ond Colleges WIXQ—Compus Rodio Staton ooo Abromvon. Barry D.. Ptv odeIph . ES CXPh). Achuff Kothicen A. Royersford EiEd Spon Dean’s List Marching Bond. Concert Swing Choir Adorns. Joan R..Wilmington DE. PSN Adkins Liso C.. Dresher. SpEd Alpha Sigmo Tou CEC. Bosketboll Ahrendt. Richard J.. loncoste 5ec SS Ahrensfield. Robin L.. Auburn Bo Bosketbcti Softball Club Intromurols Aescutopon Society Dorm Council Akers. Jeffrey A.. Comp H.ll Ec Student Senate intromurols Sound Systems Operotor Wickers {officer) Alesiano. Stephen D,. West Chester Eng WIXQ, SNAPPER Dorm Housing Committee Concert Committee Allomon. Kim, D.. Hummebtown Fren Spon French Club (sec pres). lood role In Los Unos vs Los Oiros role m Le Molode Imogmoire Intromurols AUshouse. Vicki L. Lancaster ElEd Rdg Altieri. Robert w.. Colwyn Ec Management In tromurais Mu Alpha Koppc (pres) Alutius Deo A . Pottstown ElEd Rgd Koppo Phi Epsilon ACMO Swing Choir Amsden. Mork R.. Hoinsburg MuEd Symphococ Bond MotcNng Bond Jozz Bond Concert Choir Wmd Ensemble Saxophone Quartet ACMO MENC (VP) Anderson Claude E.. Homsburg PS Alpho Phi Alpho MSA PSO CEC Allocottons Committee President s Advisory Board Anderson. LowrenceJ.. Springfield B«o Env Anderson Lee A.. Kmgof Prussio 'A Anderson. Lori J.. Homsburg Bio. Archery Club (pres ) Archery Team OutmgClub Andres Potrlc»o L.. Bethlehem ElEd EChd CUB Student Senote MSA Presidents Advisory Committee SMC Student Night Monoger Anewolt. Dee J., Leighton Ec Intromurols Ec C»ub Aquiimo Ronold A.. Commock NY SpEd S gmo TouGommo LooosseClub Arbuckle. Donno I.. Huntingdon Volley ElEd SpEd Swing Chou Womens Chorus CEC UUE Del to Eto Atdrey. Cothleen M.. Exton MuEd Modugai Smgers Concert Chow MENC Concert Band Morchmg Bond Chamber Cho Areno. Shoron. Norristown Art Armstrong. Dovid J.. New Columbia IA IA Sooery Artzeroumon. Donno R.. Broomoll ES Geo Aubitz. Lindsey A.. York ArtEd SpEd Deons bst Dorm CouncH (sec). CUD Art Club PSEA Student Art Show Asbury. Dontel W.. Loncoster Ec Ault. Scott R.. M ersville B-o Aust. Koryn J.. Huntingdon VoJiey ElEd SpEd Deons List mSC Summer Ortentauon Guide UUE CEC DeltoPhiEto Auve. JoonneC.. Loncoster A t bbb Oochen. Chorles J.. it.. Allentown Ec Boer. Glono K.. DoUostown SpEd Doiley. Jodi L.. Loncoster SpEd Boiocchi. Jeffrey R.. Hershey Art ASO (pres). Dorm Council (pres ), SNAPPER Intromurols Doir. Suson R.. Lutlestown. Hi Aesculop«on Society (pres ). Dolphin Synchronized Sw m Teom Dolphm Club, Hundred Mile Club Modern Donee Club Pnomy Boko. Johonno A.. Loncoster PSN Dolch. Beverly A, Millersville Psyc Intromuro' Council DokJwm. Catherine L.. Delta bb Ger. Intromurols Alpho Deto Alpho Compus Crusode for Christ Chonteurs Doidwin. Deboroh E.. Loncoster ElEd SpEd Women s Chorus. Swing Choir Dalmer. Dorboro A.. Loncoster PSN; Nurse Super vuor ot Elizabethtown Hospitol fot Children ond Youth Bolmer. Richotd Horoid. LMitz. NDeg Oologh. Kenneth C.. Femdole IA Delto Srgmo Chi (VP pres ), Interfrotermty Don Leogue Doney Shwtene G.. Loncoster Bio MT Outing Club. Women's Chorus. Cum Loude Doronek. Daniel MKhoel. Allentown Ec Ec Club Doseboii Oorber, Jeffrey R Yordley SpEd Oorbero. Noncy H.. Huntingdon Volley ElEd EChd Dolphin Club Lacrosse Womens Choir Outing Club. Dorm Council ECEA Dorkdoll. Kimberly S.. Chombe sburg French Ooriow. Edword. Mornsville Dro NucMT Domes. Douglos R.. Leolo CS: Compus Crusode for Christ Choirmon s bst (Moth CS Deon s List. Dorr. KorenA.. Ambler Moth Dorron. Thomos A.. Peoch Bottom Bk Dorth. Richotd Jr.. Philodeiphio Soc Bortolem. Liso A.. Ebensbwg SW Botemon. Bruce E.. Broomoll. IA Intromurols Botley. Deboroh A.. Westtown ElEd Eng Delto Phi Eto. CUD Ooumgord. Down C.. Royersford SS Hi History Club (sec) Dorm Counoi TOUCHSTONE (Senior Editor) Matching Bond (Flog Corps) Koppo Phi Epsrfon (pledge pres) UUE Boumgordner. John L.. Dtexel Hill Ec Intiomurols Doxter. Joon L.. Bowmonsville ElEd Mus IVCF College Choir. Chomber Chew Beam. Michoei. Loncoster IA Ra Chi Gommo loto Boomer Elizobeth A.. Millersville Art Deotty. Richord E.Jr. King of Prussia IA Beaumont. John R,. Jr.. Medo ElEd SpEd UUE RA Beck. Jocqueiine m . Lancaster ArtEd Decker. Richord A.. Millersville Sec Moth Oeckner. Terri A„ Reodmg. Sec Com WIXQ WMSR Intromurols Hundred Mile Club Citomord (Publicity). Outing Club. SO Behm. Gordon R.. Red Hi- ES: College Bond Sym-phooK Bond College Chex Citomord (v pres. pres.). WIXQ ESOub Intromurols Oeiler. Kenneth A.. Loncoster Bio MT Oeimfohr. Sonders R.. Mornsville Ec Moth Student Senote (pres.) Student Senator Constitution Committee (chowmon) Acodemic Affairs Selection Committee (VP). Intromurols Who's Who Denzel. Mindy S.. Mochorwcsburg Sec Mu College Community Orchestro College ChOk ACmO (occompomst) Modngols College Bond Wmd Ensemble Percussion Ensemble Jomes HomJton ond Lucreno Boyd Hortzell Piano Aword Dolskoy. Oruce. Johnstown SpEd Morouder Foot-boll Sigmo ft (pledgemoster sec pres). WIXQ Greek Council Intromurols Bender. Kathleen E.. Sh ington SW SWClub DenedKk. Timothy w.. Blue Boll CS Benekom. Cloudio A.. Chnstiono EJEd EChd Denfer. Richord. Millersville BosAdm Oenjomm, Ooyd J.. Downmgtown Bio Intromurols Benner. Mork D.. Ph,:odelphio Art Benner. Willard J.. Pottstown Sec Com Bennett. Ellen J.. ftne Grove ElEd SMED. Citomord. ACMO College Choir. Coflego Community Cho« Chomber Chou Women s Chorus. Swmg Chow Koppo Phi Epsilon Benoff. Mindy A.. Philadelphia EiEd Rdg Deon s List Intromurols Berg. Kenneth. Kutztown Ec Accoummg Deon s bst EcOub. Venture OutmgClub 122 Senior Directoryg I g 2 _ 5 U : 6 ; - 2 O 4. s 2 ? • 9 ■.% iiiiili! o o o o o o o «- O U KJ SJW Z f Jiff lit "a 9 c Sc S S2 X-5 i -3 o o _i u -lui® -| tlS? S -s o t.f « I £§3|i 1 Hi! i o o o KJ O UU 2 5 alls i.i “ (A 2 if s| 4 l!p! I? nil e - 6 e e e e e e e o o o u u u 295f9 J °S tfiaaH® ?o_ £ : - -» 11K I lufSsf4 r$m ihn°,% sol S.soS 5:| 5 !I|J jC . . sc “f«S 6 4 4 i (M7ICO ill Softiot Dueciory 123Dendler. Julie A.. West Lown, Eng SNAPPER GEORGE STREET CARNIVAL (senior editor). RSA SO DeonsList DePoul. Stephome. ShiUington ElEd Rdg Ph Lombdo Sigma Delto Phi Eto ECEA In . tromurois Deputy. Dorothy F.. Wilmington D£ PSN Derenzi, Donno M.. Eaton ElEd Spoo Outdoo Educotion Progrom UUE Intromurols Derrick Nancy I.. Trevcxton Ub Rdg Alpho Bcto Alpho DeStefono. Rosemone. Norristown IA lASfp-es ) Penmytvonia Council of College Students in Industrial Arts (pres. Inuomurols Dewolt. Joy A., loureioale IA DiPietro. JocqueUne. York. Psyc Dicely. Potncio A.. Lancaster Psyc Dickens. Ronold C.. Loncoste Ec Dickinson. Dovid R.. West Reoding CS Dietnch. John J.. Columbia Bio Dietrich. Moriies I.. Poimyro EiEd Sp€d Diilenbeck. Shoronl.. Eiizobethtown B o Docktor. Dione M Meshoppen Bio MT Aescu-kspion Society Doll. Sue E.. Woodbine MD Moth CS Phi Lomb-doSigmo Symphonic Oond Domboch. John F. loncoste Ec Donodee. Delons A., Mechonicsburg Soc Phil Delta Phi Eto Donley. Undo M.. Hershey ElEd Rdg Koppa Phi Epsilon Delto Phi Eto. Women s Chorus Doron, JomesF.fJr.. PortCorbon IA Dorfmon Cheryl. Worminster Psyc Intromurols DeonsList Dotterer. Cynthio L.. Collegeville bb Hi Dougherty. Poul 0.. LuitZ Geog Doughty. Jomes J. . DiOxei Hill SW Dowling. Potrick E.. Port Corbon SW Droper CorrineA.. ColumbKJ ElEd SMED Diaper. Denise, Oxford Psyc Delto Srgmo Theto iptes) CUO Block History Month Activity Coordinator. Peer Counselor RA Greek Council Dorm Council Drescher. Robert E.. Columbio Ec Drost Morione M.. Forty Fort ElEd Psyc Koppo Ph-Epsilon Droz. Rebecco H.. Loncoster An Drudi. Oeth L. SeflersviHe ElEd Rdg Student Senote Track Delta Phi Eto Dubs. Oovid A M,ountomtop Chem ACS. CUB National Speleological Society Hundred Mile Club Outing Club (VP sec ). Dorm Council. In-tromurols Dueil, Gory R.. Bethlehem BusAdm Phi Sigmo Pi (VP) ACMO Student Senote Dorm Council (pres ). Tennis Teom Cnomord Campus Crusade for Christ Duerr. Elenoro. Jacobus PSN Duffy. Orion P.. Leolo Soc Duffy Jeanne Mane. Hershey £l£d £Chd Koppo Ph-Epyton(rec sec ) ECEA PSEA DeonsList Duong Phi Mil letsvtlle CS Vietnamese Student Association (pres) DeonsList Durff Melodee L . Loncoster SW Duus. Dorboro F Loncoster ElEd So Dyer Alison A.. Lebanon PSN eee Eberly. Jonet £.. Stevens Ger Eberiy. Toreso R.. Grontviiie Psyc College Community Orchestra College Choir. Psychology Club Chamber Ensemble. Concert Oond Ebert. Sutton L.. Elizabethtown PS Eby. Henry E.. Mi ersvnie ES Ecenbarger. Helen E . Comp Hill PSN Edel. Jone M . Lancostei Hi Edmunds. Mnchel L.. Pottstown SpEd Sigmo Tou Gamma Edsoil. TeresoM.. M iietsviile ArtEd Egon John W . Yordley Bio Eisenberger. Oeth A.. Loncoster MuEd. Concert Choir Chamber Choir Modngol Singers Concert Bond Morchmg Bond mENC Intercol legiote Chou Elios. Normon L.. Willow Street. CS Intromurols Ellerbrake. Suson. Brookhoven ElEd EChd Com pus Crusode for Christ Elliot Morgoret A.. Columbro EIEd PE Elliott. Pomelo J.. Greencostie ArtEd Phi Lombdo Srgmo (rec hist). Delto Ph. Eto Womens Chorus CEC Young Adults. Dorm Council, CUB Art Club Elsen. Gino L.. East Petersburg, Psyc Em g. Condoce L.. York. ElEd MR CEC Morchmg Bond ACMO UUE Eng Merryf S.. York SpEd CEC Engle. Jennifer K., Strosburg Sec Fren TOUCHSTONE. SNAPPER (summer editor) BLACK 0 GOLD (Editor). French Club SO John F Stemmon Award Deon s List Who s Who. Ennis Koren L.. Reading ElEd EChd Koppo Phi Epsilon ECEA Enoch, Wonen A. Loncoster PS Presidents Student Advisory Committee Omego Psi Phi Culturoi Affairs Committee mSa Concert Stoge Crew Epp. Reinhord W.. Loncoster Bk Erb. Judy E.. Manhem ElEd EChd Erb. Stephen E.. Chnstiono IA Epsilon Pi Tou Erdmon. Potricio L.. Lebanon Art Ertel. Dov»d I.. Homsburg Bio Eshboch. John R.. Jr.. Loncoster Chem Essinger Andrew J.. Monohowkm nj. ia Delto Srgmo Chi (VP) Industrial Aits Society industnoi Arts Assoootion of Pennsylvonio Intromurols Evers. Dorboio E.. Allentown ElEd EChd ECEA Eyer. Pomelo G.. Loncoster Chem W Fobnziom. Susette L.. West Reoding ElEd EChd Fahnestock. Jone H., Lititz Eng Fairchild. Koren A., f silodeiphio. EiEd Rdg Rho Lombdo Phi (pres treos ). Greeh Council Dorm Council PSEA Delta Phi Eto (rec sec ). TOUCHSTONE CUB Falcone. Cothy M.. Peoch Bottom PSN Folk. Jeffrey w. Soudersburg Moth Forfey. Virgmio L.. Gettysburg PSS' Fosnocht. Jeffrey W Loncoster Sec Eng Commuting Students Assoootion CEC Fouth. Mortm L.. Biuebe Spon Fren Spanish Club French Club Feeser. Russell H . Homsburg IA Feeser. Terry L.. Loncoster BusAdm, Accountmg Feller. Dovid S.. Dresher BusAdm Accounting Economics Business Club Football Intro mutols. Deon s List Femondez Volerte T.. Bethlehem SW Ferry. Cynthio J.. Middletown EiEd Moth Span Koppo Delto Phi (pres) Fick Monrco E.. Lebonon. Sec Bio Rho Lombdo Ph. (pledgemoster. corr sec ) PSEA Fmk, Douglos E.. York Sec Moth Fink. Jock R. Jr.. Aston. SpEd IVCf UUE Youth Chou WIXO CEC JudiooryBoord CUB Deans List Fischer, Donno M.. Millersville ElEd Eng Fisher. Undo A.. Easton SpEd CEC Intromurols Fnzgerold. MoryoHen. Loncoster ElEd SPEd Trock CEC Fitzgerald. Michoel S.. Eogieville IA Fitzpothck. Scott R Middletown Eng Flaherty. Koren J. Ph lodelphio SpEd CEC In tromurols IVCF Fleck. Deboroh Lynne. West Willow ArtEd Flinchbough Myro G . Loncoster Art Flores. Gervooo m Stote College ES Geo Flores. Romon. Loncoster CS Florindi. Koren. Bongor ElEd Moth. PSEA Fluck. James A,, Coopersburg. IA Ford. Rhondo R.. Loncoster. BusAdm Formon, Bruce R.. Erdenheim IA Forrey. Mary Suson, Comp Hill. SpEd PIL$ CEC Tennis Teom Newmon Club Association Mil-lersv.ile Youth Viiioge Program. Deon s List Forte. Victor J.. Blackwood NJ Bio Fox Thomos P.. Jr.. Phiiodeiphio ES Intromurols Hundred Mile Club Fox. Andrew J. Ardmore SpEd Froley Richord E . Jr.. Homsburg Bio Phy W-ckets Greek Council Physics Cub Frome. CindyS.. Millersville Art Fronk. NoncyA.. Leolo PSN Fronkhouser. Joonne L.. West Lown Bio Delto Ph. Eto Intromurols Hundred Mile Club HEOP DeonsList Fronklm. Dovid K., Corlisle Moth Freshmen Foot bou. Vorsny Ooseboii Frederick, Corl J.. Loncoster SW Trock (co coptom), Freezmon. Lorn E.. Loncoste' SpEd Student Senotedreos ). Hillel HEOP Frey. Ruth P.. York. PSN Frey. Wesley £.. Woshington Boro OusAdm Frutchey, Scott A.. Willow Street MuEd Fry. Edword W.. Willow Street ES Fuller. Bryant. Phiiodeiphio Soc 999 GoUogher Carol K.. Loncoster Eng GoUogher. RoryL.. Mount Joy IA GoUogher Rosalie M.. Jenkmtown SpEd Newmon Assoootion Assistant Teocher ot Jenkins EChd Center Delto Phi Eto CEC GoUogher. Seon Q.. Richboro Sec ES Swim Teom Water Polo RA Dolphin Club Gambler. Mork L.. Columbio Sec Bio Garber. Robin L.. Lebonon SpEd Gordo. James. Bethlehem Psyc Intromurols Gordner. Mortho P.. Wi'.mmgton D£ SpEd IVCF (VP) Who s Who Gordoski. Ron D.. Kingsley ElEd Art Gonett. DovtdM.. Liutz BusAdm FootbolMmgr ) Trock Intromurols. Student Senote Gorthwoite. Lowrence R.. Flounown IA 6otch. Jomes B.. Oxford IA Gotchell. Somuel H.. Loncoster IA Goudlno. Michoel J.. Folsom Psyc Geeza Jeremy. Edwordsv iie IA Geib. Jefrey R.. Monhem Phil Geoghon. Peter F., York Sec Moth Phi Sigmo Pi Co-'iege Chcxr Cnomord ACMO Newmon Students Association Dorm Council. RSA Moth Club Georges. Elizabeth A.. Loncoster. Bio Geroce. Gregory M.. Hozelton ElEd PE Gerhard. Donno L.. Plymouth Meeting. SpEd Gesford. Connie C.. Homsburg Eng Gessitz. Corol Ann. Newton NJ ES Gettes. OethS.. MiUenviMe. ElEd SMED Giocomucei. Thomos. Jr.. GlenoJden Sec PS In tromurols. PSO looosse Club Giannottosks. Edword R.. loncoster. ArtEd Gibson Nancy I., Norberth Moth CS Computei Soence Club. Dorm Council Gilbert. Luther C.. Jr.. Columbia CS Gilbert WondoS.. Willow Street ElEd EChd Gildor. Michoel S., Lebonon ElEd Moth Dorm Council Outmg Club. VoKeytsou Giordano. Roborto L.. ShoemokersviHe Lib Mus IVCF College Choir. Alpho Beta Alpho Gitt. Wendy A.. Euzobethtown An, Koppo Ph £p silon. Delto Phi Eto Giicmgs. Todd R.. Lykens IA Gfoh. Undo S.. Loncoster ElEd EChd Glosgow. Joyne E.. Aldon Eng Phi Lombdo Sigmo Godbolt. Jacquelyn D.. Phiiodeiphio ElEd An. MSA Girl Scout (Compos Gotd) Godfrey. Jomes P.. Loncoster IA Good. Joyce £.. Reoding ElEd EChd. IVCF Goodling. Suson l„ York Span Gorloski, Koren M,, Lancaster ElEd SMED. Phi Lombdo S«gmo Delto Phi Eto Grobowski, Judy A.. Moplewood NJ SpEd Delto PhiEto Groce. Amy E.. Pdkside ElEd SMED. Swim Teom Sigmo Phi Omego, CEC Gtodl. Morionne. Phiiodeiphio. SpEd Groff. Jomes G.. Loncoster. Sec Com Mu Alpho Koppo WIXQ Intromurols. Grohom Janet. Norristown Psyc. Psychology Club Intromurols Dorm Council Grohom. Michoel. Liutz Psyc WIXO RA Dorm Council. Inuomurols Grohom Sheree I.. Homsburg MuEd Marching Oond Concert Bond Symphonic Bond. College Community Ochestro. College Choir. Flute Ensemble ACMO Groncy. Regina A.. Wilmington. DE PSN Grovell. Dovid T.. West Putston. IA Groy, Donno P., Philadelphia Psyc Groybill. Jon I.. Nowmonstown, BusAdm Hun died Mile Club Economics Business Club. Deon s List Green. Deloris A.. York SpEd Greenfield. Donold. Jr.. Duisburg Scc Phy Moth IVCF. Vorvty BosebCl Greenly. Gory L.. Loncoster Oo 124 Senior DirectoryGreenly. RondollJ.. Oloomsburg IA Gregg. Jeffrey A.. lond'iburg IA Industnol Arts Society Dorm Council Greiner. Co thy A.. Monheim SW SWO In-tromurols Gnest. Potricio. Miiiersviiie IA Grtffe. Richord H.. ElEd SS Griffiths. Koren D.. Loncoster Art Grumbling. Orion S.. Lmtz Hi Gumther. Shooron. Reading PSN Gundermon, RickiA.. Elizobethville SpEd hhh Ho. JomesC.. Loncoster Dio Hooke. Michoel A.. Elizabethtown AitEd Hoos, Mork D.. Phiiodeiphio OusAdm Alpho S gmo Chi Hoos. Mory Ellen. Scronton Dio Hockett. Jonl M.. York ElEd SMED CEC Youth Viltoge Progrom, Intromorols Hodley. Melisso C.. Monococy Oio Ml Hogen. Bradford. K., Porkesburg IA Hogenkotter. Mory S.. Lonsdowne SpEd Holt. Kothy L.. Enolo ElEd EChd ECEA Women s Chorus Hokolo. Kothenne J.. Loncoster Moth Hoke. Diono L.. Monchestei. SpEd Deons List CEC Intromurois Holes Goil Koiser. Miiiersviiie SpEd iVCF Holfocre. ThomosC.. Allentown IA Footboii Holl. Christine L.. Lrtitz Art ASO Holloron. Thomos D.. CMton Heights Ec Mu Alpho Koppo RA FootboH Do'm Council (pres ) Horn ill. Robb S.. Turtle Creek PS Footboi Intromurois Homilton. Dony L.. Loncoster IA Hamilton, Mabel L. O.. Loncoster lib Geog ADA InternotionolStudenisClub IVCF Hompton. Corlos. Harrisburg Psyc ROTC In-tromurals Hompton. Undo L.. Washington Ooro. PSN Honn. Louren J.. Utitz SpEd Intromurois Cum Loude Honthorn. Drendo L.. York ElEd EChd Phi Lomb da Sigmo ECEA PSEA Womens Chorus. Deon s List Horlow. Romono S.. Wilmington DE PSN Hormon. ThomosM.. Loncoster IA Homish. Stephen S.. Loncoster Art Horper. Jennifer M.. Reodmg. ElEd EChd ECEA DeltoPhiEto intromurois Cum Loude Horreil. DorboroL.. Phiiodeiphio Psyc Horrell. Clyde£.. Mount Joy Psyc Horris. Loroso Ann. Phiiodeiphio Psyc Psychology Club Homs. Moijorte A.. Pequeo ElEd Mus Hon. Rondoll A . Po'odise SpEd Honloub Scott D.. Lykens ElEd PE Student PSEA NEA Honmon. Down I.. levittown ElEd Spon UUE Compus Cnjsode for Christ Deon s List Hotton. Arlene K.. Medio Eng Hougon. Ingeborg U.. Loncoster Ge Howke. Donno m.. Loncoster Do Priority HEOP Intromurois, Deons List. Mogno Cum Loude Hozel. Debro A. Hummelstown SW Modngol Singers (pres) College Choir Chamber Chou Womens Chorus SWO Hozley. Nancy P.. Downmgtown ElEd Art Hedmon Deborah K.. Mohrem SW IVCF Heffner. RobenJ.. Loncoster Chem HeiHg. Joke £.. Homsburg SpEd CEC JV Teams WIXO. Delto Phi Eto Youth Viiloge Progrom Cum Loude Hein. Dony E.. Monheim OusAdm Heiney. Poul L.. Wh-te Holl Phy Chi Gommo loto ROIC Physics Club Intromurois Heller. Pomelo J.. Quokenown Sec Com Citomo'd. CUD Helm. Jeon A.. Willow Street ElEd PE Teams Intercollegiate Sports Club Helm. Robert A.. Loncoster Sec SS Phi Srgmo Pi Student Seoote History Club Distinguished Foculty Awords Committee Henderson Kim A,. Mofvem ElEd EChd Koppo Alpha Psi Henderson. Mildred K.. Loncoster Eng SNAPPER Hengst. LynnL.. Hershev Psyc Henkel. AnitoM.. Loncoster F S Henry. Christine L.. Wormmster SpEd Delto Phi Eto Henry. Terry L. Loncoster Ec Henry. Thomos R.. MJiersvJle Sec Moth Hensel. Morgoret A.. Loncoster NDeg Henzel. Stephonie L.. King of Piussio PS Hermonn. Gorold F.. Hershey lA Koppo Sigmo IAS Herr. Orion D., Loncoster Moth Bond Tubo Ensemble Herr. Joyce E.. Pequeo Get Phi Lombdo Sigmo, Field Hockey Locrosse. Intromurois In-tercollegiote Sports Club Junior yaor in Mor-burg Herr. Sollie. J.. Drumore Sec Ger Delto Phi Alpho Outing Club Herring. Steven. Phiiodeiphio SpEd Hersh. Edword. G.. Jocobus Ger Hershberger. JomesM.. Miiiersviiie Soc Hertzog. Rory M.. Nozoreth Soc Herweh. Jennifer P , Loncoster Moth HEOP Isooc F Seiverlmg Award Wentzel Wnght Memonol Award Thomos R Doker Memonol Scholarship Herzog. Veronica J.. Upper Darby SpEd Delto Phi Eto Varsity Softboll Intromurois Intromurol Holl Drector Judicioi Doord CEC 100 Mile Club Hess. Dovid W,. Wormmster Psyc Psychology Club RSA RA IVCF Hess. Lowrence M.. Willow Street Sec ES Heston. Edword R.. Pittston. Psyc Varsity Cross Country Irockond Field Track Club Hewlett. JomesS.. Miiiersviiie ES Hildebrand. John W.. New Holland Sec SS Student Senote History Club Hildebrond. Shepord S. Coming NY IA IAS. Citomo'd RSA Dorm Council PSEA Hllemon. Jomes N.. Drogue Art Hill, Kevin Barry. Zionsviile IA Swim Teom In-tromurols Hlllerud. Dennis M., PottsviUe Ge Germon Club Foreign Languages Club. Junior yeoi m Germany Hines. Dortene. Phiiodeiphio. EiEd MR Hinkle. Michoel K . Loncoster ES Hirok. MoryJ.. Loncoster Psyc Phi Lombdo Srgmo aCmO Psychology Club Eonh Science Club Hirsh. Michoel L.. Loncoster MuEd Concert Oond Concert Cho r Morching Oond Chomber Cho« Jozz Dond Modngol Singers Percussion Ensemble Intercollegiote Chou ACMO (pres ) Hlvner. Robert M,, Hummelstown Sec Phy. Vor-sity Oosketboii (mgr -stot . IVCF (pres ) Society of Phys cs Students Hoehne. Joyce Lynn. Yo'dley ElEd SMED Hoff. Andrew K.. Royeisford OusAdm Hoffmon. Terri Jeon, W Honford CT SpEd CEC Outmg Club. 100 Mile Club Women s Cross Country Cub SPED Student Advisory Doord Hohenworter. Jere L.. Miiiersviiie IA Hoke. Tomro J.. Loncoste MuEd Hoimowsky, MonKo M . Loncoster Sec Ger Germon Club (pres.) Foreign Languages Club Women s Chorus. HoKond. Eugene G.. Molvem Psyc HoNmger. Diane C.. Elizobethtown SW Hodinger. Thereso S.. Utnz ElEd SS Holllngworth. Richord D.. Jr.. Greensburg Sec Ger Germon Club Foreign longuoges Club Outmg Club intemotionol Relations Club Hoimberg. Robert C.. Tomoquo ElEd PE Foot-boll 100 Mile Club. Intromurois Holzmon. Bonnie S.. Myerstown SW Deon s List DeltoPhiEto SWO Mo'gieL RonckAword Honodel. Susan M.. Waynesbcvo ElEd SMED CEC PYEA Project Togetherness Concert Oond Swing Choir Womens Chorus Intromurois Hood. Carol J.. Aldan. ElEd EChd Phi Lombdo Sigmo (pres) RA. UUE ECEA Circle K Hook. Jennrfer. I.. Mounw He. ElEd EChd Hoover. ElisobethS.. Willow Street Sec Gei Hoover. Joon. Womeisdorf PSN Hoover. WiiiiomG.. Loncoste' Bo NucMT Horn. Doris M.. Cdumb o Ub Alpho Deto Alpho (piedgemoster) Dorm Council PHEAA Grant Advisory Boo'd AOWA Scholotship Aword Intromurois Horne. EvoM.. Loncoster Eng Hornick. Joon (SR). Columbio ElEd EChd Homock. Penelope P.. Windsor ArtEd Horst. Kelley C. Loncoster Psyc Houdeshel. Betty G... Stewortstown Ub Mos IVCF. Alho Deto Alpho College Choir College Community Orchestro Houdeshel. Steven J.. Downmgtown ElEd Mus Chomber Chon. Concert Cho» Concert Oond Morchmg Unu WIXQ Hougendobler. Donald E.. Center Volley ElEd Moth Hough. Stewart E.. Loncoste' Phy Houghton. Dione E.. Miiiersviiie ElEd Psyc Houk. Jeffrey S. Loncoster Ec Houser. Shirley M. Woodlyn ElEd Rdg Gommo Srgmo Alpho PSEA Houser. Steven E.. Lebanon EiEd FSyc Dorm Council Intromurois. Weightlifting Club Houtz. Cothy L.. Mu ElEd EChd ECEA Delta Ph. Eto Howell. Dione M.. Gettysburg PSN Howell. Timothy R.. Monetto IA Wrestling HozeBo, Mortin R . Pottsville IA Huck. Susan £.. M.llersvile Hi History Club (pres Who s Who Hudson. Undo S.. Berwyn ElEd MR Phi lombdo Srgmo. Delto Phi Eto (sec ) CEC Intromurois 100 Mile Club Hughes. GoryD.. Wormmster OusAdm Hugo. Debro 6.. Dowers SpEd CEC Hugus. NoncyJ.. Loncoster Sec Ge; Humphrey. Donold J.. M-Hersv.ile OusAdm Humphreys. Debro K.. Mechon sburg Sec Com Hunt. Suson J.. Hovertown ElEd MR CEC Delto Phi Eto PSEA Trock Hurst. Irene M.. Kinze Fren Hi Inmon, Carol L.. Willow Street ElEd EChd Integlio. Dione M,. Phiiodeiphio SpEd CEC 11) Jockle. Suson G.. Che«y Hill NJ ElEd EChd UCM RSA Jocobs. Lori S.. New Oxford ElEd MR CEC PSEA Deon s Ust Inten oisity Sports Club In tromurols Jocobs Peter E . Miiiersviiie Eng Joniszewski. Kim A.. Reodmg Psyc Gommo Srgmo Alpho RA Cum Loude Jorrett. Ion C.. West Chesiet SpEd Jimenez. Adolbeno. Loncoste' Spon Jocher. Joon. N Deoch Hoven Nj Oco, Ml Johnson Devonne H.. Philadelphia ElEd Johnson. JomesC.. Phiiodeiphio Art Johnson. Jone M W.ilow Street ElEd MR Johnson. Morgte Edith. Monheim ElEd EChd Johnson, Shown Phiiodeiphio Psyc Psychology Club Intromurois MSC Weother Stouon Johnston William E Southampton OusAdm In tromurols Jonos. Richord R.. G'enude IA Wrestling In tromurols Jones. Eric K Phiiodeiphio IA Freshmon footbo Greek Council (VP) tAS MSA Jones. Kothleen M.. Mount Joy Art Jones. Louro Ann. F iilodelphio Lb Spon Alpho Deto Alpho Jones. Steven G.. Loncoster OusAdm Jones Terry A Quokertown Moth Varsity Foot boll Trock Joppy. Rochelle R.. Homsburg SpEd Judioot Boo'd Dorm Council Jordon. MorceiioL.. loncoste- Sec Com kkk Koithem, George H.. Loncoster UibSt Kolleks. Koren A. . Whitfield Art Kopp. Holly A.. Steeiton Oto Delto Wti Eto Priority Intromurois Korper. Jone I.. Corlisle Art ASO(sec ECEA Kospriskie. Deborohl.. W lOsDorre Sec Com Kouffmon. Robert G.. lewisburg IA Keech. Jonet M . Wallingford MuEd Keene. Richord M.. Loncoster Dio Keener Stephen T.. Amniie 'A Eps on P Tou Signno Tou Gommo (treos ) Greek Council Judo Teom Intromurois IAS Kelley. John P . Loncoster Phy Physics Oub (pres treos ). 100 M.le Club Weightlifting Club Daniel G Engles Aword Deon s Ust Whos Who Senior Directory 125Kelley. Poul E.. Jr.. Greensburg. ia Mu Alpho Kop po Kelly, Borboro M.. Boothwyn SpEd Dean's List Kelly. Timothy M.. Pnoeruxviiie. IA Delta S gma Chi (pres vp se trees ) Troth Teom Troth Club. Intromurols Kondig. Christlon K.. Millersville Sec Eng Kent. Michoel A.. King of Prussia Phy College Chou Jozz Bond Newmon Student Assn Physics Club Intromurots Deonsbst Kerthne . Korl H.. Ephroto IA Kem. Deborah L.. Mohnton BiO mT Kerschner. Donno J.. Auburn SpEd Concert Bond Marching Bond College Choir Dorm Council (pres). IVCF ( Hosonno ). Kiblet. Kim R.. Mount Wolf Ec Kiehner. LourlteM York bb Ger Kilhon. Kothorine M.. Drexei Htii ElEd SMED RA Intromurols Deon's List Kiilion. Michoel A. Loncoster Hi Koppo Sigmo Outing Club History Club Kinter. KothtynR Milletsvi le. SW Ktrchner Christine A..Loncoster. Ec Ktrchner. Michelle M . Lancaster SW K»rh. Lowtence P.. Ardmore Ec Football TouKop pa Epsilon Intromurols Krser. Donno L. Loncoster PSN Kistler Helene P. Exton ElEd MR Women's Chorus RA. UUEP CEC Klodhy. Edwotd D.. Conestogo Ec Kleckner Debro L„ Glodwyne Phil Knecht. Brod K.«Nozo'eth Sec Q«o Knoll. RondollE.. Pine Grove IA IAS intromurols Kobmonn. FroncesM . Reodmg ArtEd Koehler. Joseph F.. Huntingdon Vo::ey IA Varsity Soccer Tou Koppo Deto VP) Kopf. Robert C.. Loncostei CS Kornefs. JohnP.. Millersville Bio NucMT Kovolsky. Sondy J.. Lond-sviiie Psyc Psychology Club Kroky. Jomes A . Olyphont SpEd Krolllnger. DloneJ.. Plymouth Meeting ElEd Rdg IVCF Kropf. Duone R.. West Lawn Bro Kroner. Alon A Millersville a Delta S-gmo CH IAS Intromurols Kreider. Kimberly S.. Polmyro SW SWO (pres sec. treos). Outing Club 100 Mile Club Dorm Council HEOP Womens Chorus Intromurols DeonsLisi WhosWho Kreider. Steve M.. Akron Art JV Boseboli In tromurols Krick. Elizabeth M . Lebonon SW CUB (VP Kroehler. Corolyn J.. LoncoSter Sec Com Krosnor Ronold G.. Steelton ElEd STtyEd Student Athlete Trainer Kroszner. Christen J.. Furlong Phy Vonsty Boseboli Kuneck Doreen M.. Dowmngtown ElEd SMED CEC. DeonsList. Cum Loude Kupsky. George J.. Berwyn Psyc Kurtz. DorleneM. Morqontown ElEd Psyc Kurtz. ThomosJ.. Loncoster SW III Lobrosco. Cory. Lancaster Ph■ Locour. Joon E.. Homsburg PSN Lodson. Chhstino L.. Loncoster ElEd SMED Loise. Dovid R.. Jr.. Stroudsburg IA Lo ko. Annette J.. Bethlehem ia Outing Club RA Deonsbst Lonco. Shoron J.. EttC'S SpEd Londis. Michoel H.. Corlisle lA Lotch. Joon M.. Medo Psyc Lovin. Moureen A.. Feostcrvillc El£d £Chd. ECE Intromurols Low. Denjomin M., Mechonicsburg IA. Srgmo Pi WIXQ Lowson, Michoel M.. Columbio. Psyc Loose. Timothy J.. Loncoster Psyc Leber. Voiene H.. Millersville ArtEd Sigmo Phi Omego Boshetboll Bond Lee. AnneM,. Philadelphia SpEd Letever. HoroldM.. Jr.. Loncoster IA lntromuro . Lefever. Lester C.. New Providence Ec Lefevre. Jeffrey L.. Ephroto CS Lefier, Henry 0.. Pequeo Bio Lehigh. Lois S.. Honover. ElEd EChd Chonteurs IVCF Lehman. Timothy J.. blitz. An Lemishko. Alexander. Philadelphia, Sec ES Lenohon. MorlonnF.. Philodelphio Soc. Lenko. Philip M.. Millersville Bio Priority Club Archery Club Outing Club HEOP Leslie. Hony C.. New Florence Ec Footboli (Tn copt). Mu Alpho Koppo LevondoskiUndoJ.. Ephroto, Bto MT Levy. SheNy 0.. Loncoster Psyc Phil HtMei. GEORGE STREET CARNIVAL (co-editor) Lewis. Mory Jone. Norristown ElEd SMED CEC Phi Lombdo Sigmo. High'.ghts HEOP In Motion. Newmon Club PSEA Lewis. Will»e L.. Jr.. SW Vo'sity Football Trock Licoto. Debro A.. Norristown Psyc Lkhty. LortJ.. MiHeaviUe Art Light. Beth Horod. Hershey SpEd Limbert. Morcio L.. Leolo CS Lincoln, John V.. Jr.. Quorryville Psyc Lincoln. Robert J.. Millersville. BusAdm Lister. Ronold. Woshmgton Crossing, IA. Litz. Borboro. Millersville ElEd SMED Lobb. Michoel E.. Loncoster Geog CUB Locher. Undo J.. Loncoster Phil Lockey. Sondro F.. Loncoster Ec Lockhart. John W.. Glen Hills IA Loercher. LindoA,. Mountviile Lib Art Loew. Kent D.. Loncostei BusAdm Eorth Science Club Lofink. Roymond M.. Lebonon CS Loftus. Mory Ellen. Wilkes Bone ElEd EChd ECEA Dorm Council Logue. Peter J.. EostLonsdowne BusAdm Long. Corol J.. Pme Grove ElEd MR Womens Chorus (sec ) DeonsList Longenecker. Gwen E., Dollostown. ElEd UrbSt Loomer MorcS.. Soyie BusAdm Loop. Cynthlo K.. Monheim Chem lotz. Judith A.. Loncoster Lib. Eng Louie, Elizabeth Heim. W now Street B o Low. Jocob E.. Jr.. Loncoste Sec SS Hi Dorm Council Judical Board HistoryOubCtreov). Lowing. CynthioJ.. Pequeo. Lib Art Luckenbough. Ted A.. Codoiu MuEd Lucks. Joseph C. Loncoster IA IAS. Ludwick, Jeffrey. Loncoster BusAdm CUB Student Senote WIXQ SNAPPER Vorsity Golf ROTC Luigord Borboro J.. Reodmg ElEd EChd In tromurols Lukehort. Terry L.. Loncoster Psyc Lundregon. Corol. Middletown MD SpEd Lusk. Debro S.. Mechonicsburg Psyc lutz. MonlynLee. Ooks ElEd Psyc Luz. And»eo L.. Lev.ttown SpEd CEC. Defto Phi Eto Womens Chorus Swing Cho« Wicker-shom Memonol Scholarship Deon's bst Who's Who Lyons. John 0.. Jr.. King of Prussia Psyc MacAdom DennisP.. Loncoste' Chem Mocolomey. John 0. II. Loncoster Psyc MocGrody. Richord T.. Philodelphio SpEd: Tou Koppo Epsilon Moclnnes. Douglos. Woffington CS; Swim Team Mockenzie. Joy L.. Shippensburg SpEd. PSEA CEC Delto Phi Eto Sigmo Phi Omego Intromurols Deon's List Mogo. GoryM.. EostEo-t Psyc Sigmo P Molomut, Deborah N.. Ptvodeiphio. ElEd SMED Citomord (treos) Hiiiei. RSA. Judiooi Boord DormCounol CECA PSEA. UUE Molono. Moureen T.. Gettysburg. SW SWO Anti-Nuke Allionce Momos. Gus S-. Loncoster PS Mondier. Jeffrey M.. Millersville Bio Outing Club Intromurols Mongle. Eliso A.. Mechonicsburg. Chem Mooning. Thomos J.. Loncoster BusAdm Bosket-boll Monwilier. Dovid A., Stouchsburg ElEd MR CEC College Chou Chamber Choir. Intercollegioie Choir locrosseClub March. DorryL.. Loncoster. Psyc Morchlone. John R., Manchester CS W.-ckers (pres sec ). Morcks Michoel W., Allentown A Morion, PotrtckJ.. Loncoster BusAdm Economics Cub Freshmon Footboli Intromurols Moriskovic. Koren I.. Mechonicsburg French Morkley. Joyce L.. Yeogertown Eng. SNAPPER (ossoc editor). SO Morsholek. John G.. MontOursville IA Martin. Andrew P.. Loncoster Moth SNAPPER Mortln. Antoinette T.. Bristol SpEd Newmon s Student Assn Mortln. Dovid G.. Mount Joy. Ec Mortin. Horry G.. Lonsdole ElEd PE Mortln, Michoel M.. Cornwells Heights. CS. Mortln. Shirley J.. Cholfont Spon; Foreign Longuoges Club (pres ). Spanish Club (pres.) Morouder Morching Unit (Rifle Line). RSA (sec ). Intromurols PSEA Mortin. Woyne L.. Ronks Ec BusAdm. Economics Club Martlnsek. Greto A.. Gibbsboro. ElEd EChd ECEA (treos ). Vorsity Tennis Teom Wrestling Belles Most. Koren J.. Loncoster CS Most. Phyllis L.. Loncoster Bio Res. Mosters. Louren A.. Wind Gap bb Spon Koppo Phi Epsilon Alpho Beta Alpho. Mostroionnl, Joseph G., Lockowonno CS Wickers (treos porifomentonon) Intromurols Moteer. Jone B., Londisville Chem Phi Lombdo Sigmo Judicrol Boord Tennis Teom ACS Motter. Stephanie Joy. Miilersburg SpEd IVCF CEC Movrides. Despino I.. Loncoster 5ec Com Trock Club. Softball Oub WIXQ 100 Mile Club Moxson. Michoel Loncoster ES Bio(0) Swim Team McCohoa. Joon M.. Bolo Cynwyd Psyc: Koppo DeitoPhi Psychology Club McCombridge. Aliso M.. Loncostei BusAdm Com muting Students Assn (VP) Economics Oub. Intromurols SNAPPER (Ous Mgr.). TOUCHSTONE (treos ). McCorthy. Borboro L., York, ElEd Rdg McCortney. Kimberly A.. Gettysburg ElEd SMED Phi Sigmo Tou TOUCHSTONE CEC McCorty. Geoffrey R.. Loncoster Art McCleof. ElolneS.. McShenystown SW SooolWork Club Dorm Council (treos ), Intromurols McCotkel. Beth I.. Leolo Sec Eng English Club Ctossics Club. Deon s List McCreight. Brion R.. Woshmgton Boro Sec Oio McCrosson. Potnck J.. Milmont Pork B«5 McCrosson. WiUiom I.. M.imont Pork. ElEd Rdg McDoniels. Lloyd E.. Annvstle B»o ROTC DMS Aword McDermott. Michoel E.. Foirfess Hi s Eng McDonald. Heather. York lib H McDonnell. Mortin H.. Loncoster Sec SS Hi Fresh man Footboli VoUeyboii Club. History Club McDowell. Joseph J.. Foirless Hills. Se Com Vor sity Footboli Intromurols Dromoncs McEvoy. Stephen J.. Hovertown BusAdm Tau Koppo Epsdon Intromurols McFolls. Marianne E.. Loncoster Sec Ger. Delto Phi Alpho Delto Phi Eto McGee, liso E.. Penllyn Sec Oio. PSEA (VP) McGee. Mory Lucy. Homsburg. SW Dorm Council Judicrol Boord SWO McGeehon. Mory I.. West Chester ElEd SMED Dorm Council (VP) CEC. Intromurols. Deon's List McGrath. Kothleen J.. Cornwells Heights ElEd EChd Alpho Sigmo Too (custodian) ECEA RA Outing Club Intromurols. IVCF ( Most Helpful Assistont Aword) McGutgon. Wiliiom F.. Loncoster ArtEd McLaren. Elizabeth £.. Homsburg Se Freo McLaughlin. George E.. Brownstone IA McLoughlln. Liso A.. Comp Hi ElEd MR Delto Phi Eto RA CEC Intromurols McLaughlin. Potrida A.. ChoddsFord ElEd EChd McNulty. Thereso. Millersville SW Meier. Clifford J.. Pottstown. IA Meinhold. John R.. 5t Oolr, Bio Meley. Shirley A.. Columbio ElEd Psyc Melso, Donno M.. Oroomoll OusAdm, Meltsner. Lori A.. Doylestown ElEd EChd ECEA PSEA Women s Chorus Memmo. Michoel F.. Upper Doiby IA Venture Club. ACUI. PSEA. IAS (treos.). IA Lob Assistont, 100 Mile Club. SMC Sound Director WIXO Meneeley. Mary E.. Red Lion, PSN Mengel. Stephonie A.. Berwick Bio Mengcs. Pomelo A . Soudersburg ElEd EChd Mentzer. Martho Ann. btuz ElEd Rdg Koppo Phi 120 Senior DirectoryEpsilon, Cheerleodmg PSEA Mercer. Richord. LoncOStC' Art Meredith, Suson R.. loncoster Ec Merkel. Shoron K.. Fleetwood Spon Foreign longuoges Club. HEOP Junior yeor in Oor-celono Spo-n MesisCO. Koren R.. flooding CVo MT Metz. DorryfC.. Mohnton Moth Meugor. Gory P.. MediO IA Intromurois Mlchoiiizyn. AlexJr.. tkookhoven OusAdm Miller. Oeth A.. York ElEd EChd Delta Ph Eto ECEA PSEA C.tomord Miller. Corolyn A.. Porodrse Lib fldg Aipho Sigmo Pi (treos) ' Miller. Gory I., loncoster DiO Miller. Gordon R.. Oxford Se SS Intromurois Concert Committee Miller. Joseph 0.. MOuntvtlle. Chem ACS (treos ) Miller. Koren $., Quorryvillc OusAdm Economics Club Doonilut Miller. Kenneth K.. Philodelphio ElEd PE Intromurois Miller. Lee A.. Monhelm IA Miller. Michoel C.. loncoste' Sec Eng. Vorsity Ten ms Sweet Chonty" (Lighting Crew) Deon s List Miller. Rlchord F.. Center VoUey. An M.ller, Sondro L.. Oronchv.:ie NJ Sec G«- Deho Phi Eto Dolphin Synchronized Swim Club Gor-mon Club (VP) Germon Cho«t Director Junior yeo in Germony Miller. Suson A.. Schuylkill Hoven SW Mitlhouse. Jeffrey N., Leolo IA M ilv Stewart Phiiode'-ptno IA Oosvcs Club Water Polo Minick. George M.. Moohoim Psyc Mmuto. Michelle I.. Choifont Fron One semester in France Mitchell. Judith A.. levntown EiEd PE Trock Team, Field Hockey intromurois Mitten. Nool Patrick. loncoste CS Computer Science Club Moerder. Dovid C.. Pottsviiie ia Moessner. Manho I.. Wormmster ElEd EChd Mohet. AnnG.. Wayne Psyc. Volieytoou Mohr. Rodney G.. Mille sv:lle IA Monohon, Mork A,. A'lentown A Presidents Ad vssory Committee. Health Service Committee Student Senate (Supreme Court Justice) PSEA Intromurois Deon s List Epsiksn Pi Tou Moody. Kenneth. Miners ville Sec SS , PS Moore. Suson J.. Warminster ElEd Mfl Delta Ph' Eto CEC ACEl PSEA Mordosky. Anthony J.. Loncoster CS Morgon. Connie S.. Loncoster. Sec Ge' Morgon. Cordell Lee. M ersv e H: Morgon. DonnoM.. Mitlersviile AnEd Commuting Students (VP) Ceromic An Club (sec ) CUD (Art Chmn.), ASO Morgon. John J.. Loncoster Phy Morris. Eugene C.. Jr.. Phi'-odeiphio CS Ice Hockey Club Momson. Elizabeth A.. Lancaster An Monimer. Geoigonn K.. Comp Hi I. ElEd Rdg Kcppo Delta Phi (corr sec VP). Wrestling Oeiies Student Services Women s Chorus Moshos. Gregory A., Loncoste ES MosteHer. Koren E.. floyersfoid. Sec Com Moxley. Cheryl J.. Littiostow.-. CS Moyer. Oruce John. Reading AnEd Moyer. Mory A . floyersford L b SS Muellen. Shirley A.. Leoio. PSN MuelleHeile. Ann K.. Woshington Goto. Art Muench. lourie 0.. landisvil'.e Psyc Mulcohy. Oorboro. Loocosier SW Soooi Work Club DeltoPhiEto Murphy. ColeenM.. PerkosiO. Sec Moth Womens Chorus. Citmo'd Ployers Ceiebiote Life Murphy. Maik K.. Philodelphio. OusAdm: Locrosse Economics Club Murphy. Suzonne. loncoster Eng Com Murr. Ruth L.. Loncoster Eng Musser. Charles E.. Loncoster Ec nnn Nochesty. Mary Ann. Northampton. CS Delta Phi Eta Computer Science Club (treos.). 100 M.le Club, Outing Club. Dorm Council Intromurois Notziger, John D.. CochronviHe Sec Phy. Cum Loude. Nogie. Jone L. Delto Soc Nopper. Deborah, lomott OusAdm Economics Club. MSA Nose Dlono L.. Perkove CS Phi Lomtxlo Sigmo Field Hockey (copt ). Softboil. Intercollegiate Spons Club Intromurois Nougle. Joonne M.. Shillmgton. ElEd EChd Symphonic Bond. Outing Club Neoi. JonoL.. Nomstown E'.Ed EChd Intromurois Neef. Williom H.. Aldan IA Vorvty So ce Votsuy Tennis Nelson. Ooyord D.. Loncoster Psyc Newcomer. Rondo L.. Chombersburg Eng Delto Phi Eto Marching Oond Trock Club. Student Senote(sec Newmon. Oeotnce L.. Reod'ng PSN Noy. Roy S.. Jr.. Steeiton 0n Nhom. Quong T.. Loncostei Phy Physics Club Nham. Thuot Thi Huong. Loncoster Moth Noble. Douglas A., Hanover EiEd P£ OoseboH Intromurois Noiiego. Steven R.. Middletown OusAdm Oose bon Novotto. Robert J.. Cronford NJ ElEd So ety Phsi Sigmo Pi Nungesser. Elizabeth A. Aldon Fren frenchClub Nunn. Robert J.. Kennett Square IA ooo Ober. Michoel R.. Loncoste IA Epsilon Pi Tou (VP) IAS (treos ). Jazz Ensemble Symphonic Oond Wmd Ensemble Musical Sugor Deon s List Ober. Steven M.. Akron OusAdm Oborly. Gory L.. Ephroto. Sec SS PS Sigmo Tou Gommo (p es.). Sw.m Teom (co-copt ) RA In-tedrotemity Council (pres.). Intromuroi Committee (pres . O'Orion Jonet M.. Doylestown. 0«o NocMT Aesculopion Sooety (pres.). Dorm Council (sec ). O'Connell. Cynthto L.. Sei'ersviUe Moth Phi Lamb do Sigmo (trees.). Delto Phi Eto Field Hockey UV co-capt ) Locrosse Intromurois. Deon slut Moth Honors and Chairmen s Lists Who s Who Okeson. Jeffery F.. Chester Sec Eng Sofoty Sigmo Tou Gommo SNAPPER Onentotion Intromurois O Neol Terevo A Hershoy OusAdm Koppo Phi Epsilon O'Neal. AnncM.. Hotboro SpEd Phi Delto Koppo Locrosse. Intromurois. ONeai. Kothieen J.. Clifton Heights Sec Eng. Sigmo Tou Gommo (ptedgomosior). Soc-Meis Club (pres ). Dorm Council. Archery Teom Intromurois Deonsbst Ostermoyer. Rebecco L.. Philodelpho Psyc Outing Club Trock Club. Psychology Club. Women s Chorus Intromurois Overmen. Dovid J.. fleoding IA lAAP In tromurolS Overton. Elvo 0.. Philodelphio ElEd Psyc Aipho Koppo Aipho (corr sec ). mSa President s Advisory Committee PPP Pockord. Pomelo G.. Monheim Psyc Psychology Club DeltoPhiEto Ponnebecker. Joyce E.. Denver PSN Popontonioo. Koioiino. Loncoste' Go MT Poquin. Michelle A.. Loncoster Qio Intromurois Pondo. Poul D.. btnz Sec Porise. Molmdo A.. HorfiSburg SpEd Porker. Michoel).. Homsburg Sec Spon Potterson. Down M.. Loncoster OusAdm Ac counting: Intromurois Potterson. ManlynV.. Philodelphio ElEd EChd Poyne. Kimber L.. Comp Hill ElEd EChd Pearson. Annette R.. Hershey AnEd. Pedrlck. Lorroine G.. Swo thmore AnEd: A50 Pedrow. Drendo M.. loncoster Hi Hillel (VP) History Club. Peuce. Keith A,. New Cumberland Art Deans Ust. Peno Moiio T.. PotisviHe ElEd EChd ACEl EC£A (con sec ). Dorm Council (sec ). Delto Phi Eto Intromurois Penodes. ElsoY.. Loncoste- PSN Pennington. Goll L., Prospect Po«k Fcen Spon FrenchClub. Intromurois Junto. year in Fronce Pennypocker. Keith R.. East Petersburg Oio Perry. Allen J., Eost Lonsdowne OusAdm Pessdono Goy L.. Oceon City NJ EiEd Mfl Peiko. Marilyn H.. Coliegeviife ES(Geo) Pezzello. Michele A.. Foils SpEd Phan. Khoi. Anh, Monhe n Phy Physics Club Society of Physics Students Deon List Phillips. Ronold R.. Mople Gten. OusAdm, Ac coutirvg. Economics Club intromurois Pickle. Corolyn)., Loncoste; Math HEOP Pierson. Kothy S.. Oxford ArtEd Sigmo Phi Omego(pres . Pme. judith K. Mi'iersviiie SpEd Pizznusso. Lynnore K.. Springfield CS Delto Phi Eto Dorm Council Computer Soence Club Intromurois Plunkett. Celeste 0.. Philodelphio SpEd Intromurois. Plush. MoryKoy G.. Conshohocken Geog Phi Lombdo Sigmo. CircJe K. Intromurois Polinko. G. Michoel, Dowmngton Eng Porter. Dovid M.. MUersvi e SpEd Potts. Dione E.. Loncoster 0 o Pozdo. Domd. Loncoster A Prott. Uso A . Wi'.low Grove SpEd Alpha Srgmo Tou. Women s Chorus. Presley. Froncis C.. Shorpsv'ile IA Preston, Donno L.. Monhe-m ElEd Mfl PLS (chmn CEC DUE Swing Choir Women s Choir. Prevozmk, Stephen, Jr.. Drexel Hili ElEd SMED Wickers. CEC (progrom dir ). RA Deon s List Intromurois Price. Deverly )., A lentown SpEd. Delto Phi Eto Price. Lono M Kingsley ElEd EChd ECEA In tromurols Price. Trino I.. Avondole I SpEd CEC Pritchard. OorryL.. Totomy IA Pry. Pendleton).. Jim Ihorpe Lib Mus. Alpha Oeto Aipho Phi Lambdo Sigmo. Women s Chorus Mcxching Oond (twnler) WIXO Pryor. RosotynM. Philodelphio. Oio Puhr. Suson G.. Clearwoter FL, Oio Pursell. Dorboro A.. Jomison Oio NucMT Puitie. ShoiboJ.. Homsburg PSN Pyzdrowski. Poulo L.. Loncoster Ec Management dbd Queenon. Thereso V.. Ph.iiodeipho Psyc Delto Sigmo Theto (VP) Qumtey. Suson L-. Nomstown Moth CS Computer Soence Club. Women s Chorus Judo Club Intromurois Quinn. Dione L.. Drexel Hi1 ElEd SMED Women s Chorus (VP CEC Oeonsbst «r Roe. George R . Miiie»sville Oio Romsey. Debro L.. loncoster Art Ronkin, Janice L.. Loncoster ElEd EChd Phi Lombdo Sigmo Rouffonbort. Christine. Mcxxestown NJ ArtEd Dorm Council ASO. RA. Student Security Guord Campus Tour Guide Raymond Moryl.. Conshohocken PS Reosor. Cindy L.. Stroudsbuig. ElEa EChcj ECEA Reddy Alfred S.. Levntown. ArtEd Rood. April E.. Loncoster Psyc Reedy. Dione H.. Loncoster AnEd Regensburg. James P.. Co' ngdole A JV Ooskot-boli. Varsity Basketball Reichwem, Poul C.. Loncoster OusAdm Accounting. Deon s List Goff Teom Reilly. EUen K.. Schwenksvti:e. SW Social Work Club. Locrosse Team Reuiy. Kevin J.. Loncoste Psyc Relnhord. Joy A.. Allentown IA Segma Tou Gom mo Intromurois Reist. Alfred G Loncoster. IA Rolst. Arthur E.. Loncoste.-. IA Roitnouor. Todd D.. Temple IA Reitz. Kimberly A.. Conynghom Geog CUO Intromurois. Reynolds. Gory A.. Loncoster. OusAdm Reynolds. Phyllis O.. Ph-iodelphio ElEd MR Aipho Koppo Alphc (pres ) Student Senote AHocotrons Committee President s Advisory Doord Judicial Ooord Do m Council CEC CUO. MSA Rhodes Robin R. lewisiown An Sigmo Phi Omego Hockey. Matching Oond (Flogs), Senior —' n mRkcto. Angelo M., Comp Hill Psyc Sigmo Phi Onego (okimm sec treos pres ) Delta Phi Eto Dolphin Synchronized Swim Club Richords. Co« V.. Philodelphio DusAdm Richordson. Thomos C.. levittown IA RA Dorm Council Intromurols Richie Wiliiom E.. Shoemokersviiie IA Sigmo low Gommo EpsdonPiTou IAS Rickabough. Donnie A . West Grove 0k Ridyord. Leslie A.. Woyne MusEd JV Cheeileodmg Conceit Dond CoRege Chou Wrestling Belles Intromurols Doom tut Riley Torrence I.. Gordners SpEd Rmeer. Gory L.. Loncoster PS Rivero Jose. Philodelphio Chem Hisponic Students Ogonnonon (pres). Roberts. WiHiom 0.. Mount Joy Mr Robertson. JennrierC.. Defvidere NJ SpEd Robinson. Alvin 0.. Philodelphio OusAdm Accounting MSA. Business ond Economics Club Dorm Council , Doseboil Footboll Robinson. Arlene D.. Lonsdowne Geog Out mg Club Intromurols Deon s list Robinson. Cloretho. loncoster ElEd MR Robinson Shoron C.. Philodelphio. SpEd CEC CUO Rocchi Morgoret M.. Drexel Hill SpEd CEC Delto Phi Eto PllS DeonsLrst RocKey. Philip L.. West Chester IA IAAP IAS ia Lob Assrstont Epsilon Pi Tou (pres ) In tromurols Rodgers. Donno K.. Abdottstown. ElEd Mus College Cho« Chomber Chou. Modngol Smgers. Concert Dond ACmO Intercollegiote Chorus Intromurols John Dovid Neiderer Memond Scholarship Rodgers. Robert D. Ambler Moth Tou Koppo Beta (pres) Water Polo Club (treos ). Soccer Doseboil Rodgers. Wiliiom R , Drownstone. Chem Rodriguez. Nildo M., Bethlehem Psyc Psychology Club Intromurols Roels. Patrick A., Allentown IA Sigmo Tou Gommo Rogers. Clorkl.. Athens IA IAS. Intromurols Rohrboch. Kolth K.. Fleetwood Psyc Roland. Douglas A., loncoster Psyc Rose. Patricio, Ebeosburg PS Intromurols Rose. Suzonne E.. Huntingdon Volley ElEd EChd ECEA (corr sec pres ). Student Senate CUB PSEA Cheerieodmg Intromurols Rosenberger. Christine. Ambndge ElEd EChd ECEA Concert Club Venture Club SNAPPER Rothenberger. Potty M., Fleetwood ElEd Moth DeonsUst. Intromurols Roush Victorio A lebonon Eng 5 gmo Tou Gommo WiXQ Dorm Council (sec ) Wrestling Belles Rovner. PotricioL.. Eost Petersburg Ub Soc Ruby. Jomes A.. Montoursviiie IA Ruccl Undo. York ElEd MR CEC. PSEA. Dorm Council Intromurols Rudd. Tonya R., Northwoles SpEd Rudy. Kenneth C.. Ephroto IA Ruegg. Thomos J.. Huntingdon ES Geo Rumlnski. MardO M.. New CumbOrtond Dro NucMT Aesculopron Society Rumlnski. Vincent K.. New Cumberland. IA £p silonPiTou IAS Intromurols Runkle. Edward R.. Hummelstown PS: Polrticol Science Club Track Club (pres ). Cross Country Trock ond Field President s Advisory Com mntee Rusch Pomelo L.. Westfield NJ CS Alpha Sigmo Tou. Greek Council Outing Club Intromurols, Moth Honors List Who s Who Rutter. Koronl.. Mechonicsburg DusAdm Rutter. Wiliiom R.. Jr.. Loncoster ElEd Eng Rychleskl, Raymond J.. Old Forge. Sec SS Hi Var srty Doseboil Dorm Council (VP) Intromurols Deons List Rymon. Drendo L.. Berwick Sec ES Sigmo Phi Omego Guts Trock Club Intromurols sss Sobello. David A.. Loncoster ArtEd Sable. Christine T.. Conestogo Art Sollode, ThomosD.. StoteCollege IA Sottozohn. Pomelo A., Grontville Eng Sounders. Fredo 0.. Chombersburg. MusEd Phi lombdo Sigmo Marching Bond Symphonic Dond College Cho« MENC Souter. UsoJ.. Willow Grove Art Sovtno. Michelle. Gi'bertsv e Soc Field Hockey Dosketbon locrosse Schodel. CorolL.. Gettysburg Hi History Club Ploy Sweet Chorny Schoefer. Dovid M.. Loncoster Sec 0o Footboll Schoefer. Morionne. NorthWoles SW Scheid. Vicky L.. 0k Delto Phi Eto (piedgemosiei treos ). Phi Lombdo Sigmo Morouder Morchmg Unit Srik Line (copt) Dorm Council Winter Guord Intromurols Schenke. JohnM.. Millersvilie Soc Anthro Schiller. Jeffrey. Lonsdowne CS Swim Teom Computer Science Club Intromurols Schlickermon Amy L.. Somerset Psyc Delto Phi Eto Wrestling Defies Dorm Council Intromurols Adopt o Foster Grandparent Program Schlittc Corol Red Uon An ASO Womens Chorus Intromurols Schlott. Suson J.. Sinking Spring ElEd EChd ECEA Do)phmClub Dorm Council Deon sUst Schmeck. Tracy I.. Millersvilie Psyc Psychology Club CUD Cuomord Intromurols Schmidt. Karen £.. Strofford SW Schmidt. Robert E Maple Glen DusAdm Intromurols Schmidtke. Sherio C.. M nersv :ie Eng Scholz. Mory Sue. New Cumberland ElEd EChd ECEA. Outdoors Club. Intromurols Schreiber. Ann P.. Lebanon Eng SO SNAPPER Vorstty Tenms. Cuomord Deon s List Schulz. Donno I.. Abmgion ElEd Rdg Sigmo Phi Omego Outmg Club Vo«sity Locrosse. Intromurols. Dorm Council Greek Council TOUCHSTONE Schulz. Mono. Loncoster Art Schworu. Penelope S.. Pme Grove Ub Eng Delto Phi Eto Alpho Beta Alpho PSEA Deon s List Scott. Devcriy F.. Wyncote ElEd EChd ECEA ACMO Scott. Monlynl.. Lancaster ElEd EChd Seiler. Dennis S.. Middleburg IA Sellgmon. Mory D.. Loncoster Psyc Sigmo Ptu Omego Greek Council (olumm sec pledgemoster). Dolphin Synchronized Swim Teom Semder. Jeon, Volleystreom. NY ArtEd Shoffer. Stephen J.. Altoono. ES Geol Shoub. Jere Deon. Woshmgton Boro Psyc Sheo. David W.. Newtown Squore IA Doseboil Intromurols Sheo PoulS.. Newtown Square IA Sheoffer. Corole N.. Loncoster. DusAdm Sheaffer. Catherine A.. Loncoster Do Sheoffer. Mark P.. Loncoster Hi History Club Sheosley. Chories R.. Millersvilie Phy Shelley. Rose M.. Loncoster ElEd SpEd Shelly. Kathleen J.. Polm CS. Sigmo Tou Gommo. Lutheran Student Movement Shopley, Kothryn A.. Sinking Spring DusAdm Economics Club Dorm Council, Int omurols Sherman. Morgoret F.. Loncoster Art Shields. Oonnle K.. Mechonicsburg SpEd Psyc Koppo Delto Phi Delto Phi Eto. Deon s List. Shtvok. Rosemory A.. Phoenixville ElEd SMED, SO TOUCHSTONE (co editor) Intromurols Shoff. Edward C.. Ronks. CS Shoff. Kermlt levere. Wnghtsville. Sec SS Hi Shoff. TlmothyJ.. Willow Street ElEd Rdg Shorkey. Mellsso A.. Irwin ElEd MR CEC (Executive Ooord rec sec ). Swim Teom (copt ). Women s Chorus ICS Intromurols Deon s List Short. Stephen I.. Pottstown Soc Wrestling In tromurols Shretner. Solly A.. Chombersburg Ec Koppo F u Epsilon (pledgemoster VP) Shutter. Jeffrey A.. Myerstown. Sec Com Shwe. Hon. Millersvilie ES Sigglns. Honey L.. Reodmg SW SWO Slglln. TrocyJ.. Loncoster Dio. HEOP Sigouin. Mork J.. Comp Hill ES Geol. Eorth Science Club SMC Sound Crew Srisdoif. Juko A.. Loncoster. PSN Simmons. DorboroP.. Hers hey ElEd EChd Singe;. Drodloy R.. Loncoster. Psyc Psychology Club 100 Mile Club. Cross Country Siomko. 0. Elome. Monheim Dio mT Slouch. Robert w.. Oxford IA Intromurols Sloon. Moryonn Huntingdon Volley Sec Eng CUD Trock (mgr). Cheerleodrng. Outing Club English Club Delto Phi Eto Sonders P Me Comsey Award Smith. Dona R.. Pottsvilie SpEd Koppo Delta Ph. CEC Smith. Down R.. Long home ElEd Smed CEC CAS Smith. Dean H.. Philodelphio OusAdm MSA (treos ). Intromurols Smith. Florence M.. Rodnor Psyc Smith. Joan S.. Levittown ElEd SMED CEC Deon s List Smith. Lowrence R.. Mt Penn IA Smith. Nino I.. Loncoster CS Chormons List Deon s Ust Outstanding CS Achievement Honors Smith. Shoron E.. Loncoster Sec Eng Smith. Wendy I.. Churchville ElEd EChd Soool Work Club Cude K Cuomord Womens Chorus RA Snyder. ChoriesT.. Jr.. Loncoster Do Snyder. HorokJ L.. Jr.. Thomosvilie ia Snyder, Sondro L.. Reodmg MusEd Snyder. YoJondo K.. Ellzobethtown. Eng Clossics Club HEOP Somsinsupkul. Veerowot. Arlington VA Ec DusAdm Intemouonol Relations Club (VP) Southward. Wiliiom W„ Natrona Heights ElEd EChd Sowers. M Jeffrey. Loncostei IA MSC Audio Monoger Speltel. LynnL.. Loncoster An Sptsok. Terrence M.. Loncoster IA Tou Koppo Epsilon SMC Night Monoger CUD Men's Locrosse Club (pres) Wrestling Stobile. DouglosE.. Homsburg Oio NucMT Stobley. Dovid A.. West Willow An Stohl. JuUonne R.. Phifodetphio. ElEd SMED CEC PSEA Swing Choir. RA. Dorm Council In tromurols Stondish. Scott W.. Loncoster Geog Stortzel. Dovid G.. Fleetwood ElEd PE Dorm Council Vooity Soccer. Vorsny Doseboil Stouffer. Anito J.. New Hollond SpEd Delto Phi Eto IVCF CEC. PSEA Women s Chorus Stauffer Dovid W . Fleetwood lA Stouffer. MyroJ.. Loncoste PSN Stoymon, Ruth A.. York PSN Steele. Lori 0. Donv r Psyc Dolphin Club Women s Diving Swm Teom Dorm Council Intromurols Staero. Suson J.. Hotboro SpEd CEC Hockey Locrosse Steffy. Curt R.. Auburn Oio Env Doseboil Steffy. John Joel. Pitmon NJ IA Tou Koppo Ep silon Steigerwolt. Kerry L.. Lehighton Geog Sigmo Tou Gommo. Student Senote Locrosse Teom Judo Teom Stein. MonlynG.. Shoron Springs NY SW SWO SteBoto. Robert. Westbury NY ia Stephens. Jonet F.. Norbenh Spon Locrosse Junior year in Oorcelono, Spom Sterner Mlchoel P.. Allentown Moth Moth Choir-mon's List Moth Honors List Physics Honors List ClossicsOub DeonsUst MognoCumLoude Stevens. Jocquetyn. Philodelphio. Psyc Delto S«gmo Theto. Greek Council Stevens. Jonothon I.. Monheim ArtEd Stevens. Richord A.. South Woverly IA Steward. Lorry S.. Totomy 0to(Res). Stewort. Coyette F.. Philodelphio, Psyc Kappo Alpho Psi Psychology Club Cuomord Greek Council Student Senote WlXO WMSR Deon s List, Stiber. AnnM.. Reodmg Do Aesculopron Society Outing Club Stieber. Ruth 0.. Newtown. SpEd Stone. Luonne M.. Mt Gretno. Ger Gormon Club ClossKsClub Intromurols Stone. Thomos R.. York Psyc Stoner. Debro I.. Monheim Sec Ger Stoner. Steven A.. Luriz DusAdm Stough. Oeth Ann. York. SpEd Stout. Terry L.. Eoston ElEd SpEd Wrestling Oelles 120 Senior DirectoryIntromurols. Stover. Shirfey A.. Orownstown Geog (E) In tromurols Strauss. Lynn M.. Newark OE ElEd MR Delto Phi Eco CEC ECEA Swohmonv Poirtcio A . Rung Son MO SpEd Stomp. Koren S.. Schaeffeotown ElEd Psyc Com loode Stutzmon, Oorboro S.. Lemoyna ElEd Psyc AV lob Assistant Intromurols Sucss. MoryJ.. loncoster. CS Sullivon. Jere J.. Ji.. loncoster Soc Sociology Club Solllvon, Virginia A.. Doylostown SpEd Supp. John W.. Jr.. Southompton. Phy Sutton. John T.. Cooporsburg IA Swoyne. Vittorio L.. '.Vonh m PSN Sweeney. MkhoelG.. Monetto EtEd Sci Sweigort. Jeffrey G.. lititz ElEd SMED Swope. Rondyl.. Rexmont, Psyc Szedlmoyer. Michoel J.. Prospect Pork Chem Szollosy. Dovid P.. Enhout Steeltoo SpEd CEC Swing Chow Newmon Club Cothokc Compos Orgontzouon PtlS ttt Tolley. Elolno M . Pottstown E'Ed EChd SigmoPhi Delto. ECEA Deito Phi Eto Toylor. Koren M.. Oloomsburg An Choerleodmg Dolphin Club Gtomord ASO TOUCHSTONE Intromurob. Tereniok. Judith A.. Morton, ElEd So. Phi Lambda 5igmo Wrestling Oclles Terry. Cynthio L.. Oenvei ElEd Spch Terry. Jonathon J.. Oethiehem Sec ES Thiel. John R.. Lirtlx OusAdm Thomos. Louren J.. Wyomissirsg Sec Spon Foreign Longuoges Club (sec ). PSEA Spontjh Oub Thomos. Williom J.. Jr.. Loncoster, Ec Thompson. Rondoll 0.. Monheim IA Thompson. W. Keith. Kennoit Square IA Epsilon Pi Too. Economics Club Lob Assistant IAS Thom. Cheryl M.. Loncoste Nurs Todd. Koren M,. M.iiersv. ie Ei£d EChd Tokonltz. Deborah A., Ephrato ElEd EChd Delto Phi Eto Tomosl. George Reading OusAdm Intromurols Toner. Liso A . Loncoster Soc Tozer. Undo Ann. South Seoville NJ EiEd CVdg Koppo Oeito Phi CUO Tron Oou N.. Millersville CS. Tron. Hoong Huy. Loncoster CS Tronter. Mory C.. York PSN Treasure. Jomes E.. Loncoster OusAdm Treffmger. Ak n F.. Pennsburg IA Epvksn Pi Tou Cross Country Winter Trock. Spnng Trock Trock Club. Treier. James A.. Loncoster MusEd College Oond College-Community Orchestra College Choir MENC Trtnkle. MoryonnM Allentown SpF.d CEC Trompeter. Oorboro A . Lebanon ElEd Moth Srgmo Phi Delto CUD TOUCHSTONE Troutmon. Horry D.. Collegeviile CS Troxell. Suson l„ Eoston ElEd EChd Koppo Delto Phi Dorm Council Judicial Ooord Intromurols Truchon. LindoM.. Coploy Spon SponishCkib Trump. Scott M.. Honover IA Tucker. Archie J.. Loncoster Psyc Soccer Tucker. Suson D.. Vmelond NJ Lib Lot Delto Phi Eto Ciosstcs Club Concert Committee In-tromurols Tyson. Robin L.. Donboro SpEd Dorm Council CEC Outing Club 100 Mile Club Intromurols uuu Uloky. Robert E.. Look). PS Umbonhouor Oorboro S., Millersville Eng Delto PhiEto wv VanAllen. Orion S.. Loporte Ec VanABon. OruceJ.. Loporte IA VanOrmon. Philip C.. Harrisburg. OusAdm Vondeplonck. Peter C.. Lititz OusAdm Swim Teom Vonnormon. Donna L.. Eoston. ElEd EChd ECEA Vonsont Kothy Lee Hopewell NJ ElEd EChd ECEA RA IVCF( Hosonno Group) PSEA Delto Phi Eto Helen Koontz A word Verono. Jone A.. Shomokin MusEd Morchmg Dond. Conceit Oond. Percussion Ensemble Flute Ensemble College Cho« ACMO Viscordi, Meksnie S.. Pottstown ElEd SMED In tercoliegrote Sports Club (hist . CEC. Women s Vorsny Tennis Women's Vorsity Softboii Vondron. Steven J.. York Gd f oreign Languages Club Germon Club (treos.J lVCF ACMO WWW Wogner. Dov»d L.. Jr.. Mifflmburg IA Wogner. Koren L. levmown D o MT Delto Phi Eto, Wogner Mory Lynn. Wilmington DE ElEd MR CEC Intromurols Wogner. Noncy E Phriodoiphxj SpEd Dorm Council RA Student Senote Women s Chorus Intromurols Wohl. JoniceM.. Wilkes-Oone. CS Wolck, Donny E.. Greencostle OusAdm Economics Club Soccer Wokk. Koren E.. Highspire MusEd Symphonic Oond Morchmg Oond Wmd Ensemble Flute Ensemble Coliege Community Orchestro College Cho r Phi Lombdo 5«gmo mENC Deons L st Woldron. EydieL.. Delto Soc Eng Wolloce. Debro A , Crum Lynne SpEd. CEC Newmon Chib library Assistont PSEA IVCF Dorm Council Intromurols Wo»s. Potricio A.. Aston SpEd CEC Walsh. Andrew G.. Oxford IA Woltor, ErlcS.. Conshohocken 0 o Intromuro's Worfow. GorryJ.. Ptvlodelphio IA Warner. Jomes D.. Lebanon. Sec SS Freshman Footboll Intromurols. Wortenburg. EHenbeth. Phoenixvilie Art CUD Intromurols Worwood. SusonMone. Loncoster Sec Spon Washington. Dotty Y., Loncoster SW Free Lonce Donee Orgomzotion Wossermon. lowrence S.. North PtoinfickJ. NJ IA Epsdon Pi Tou ACMO Weover. Koren Somerset Psyc Delto Phi Eto Dorm Council Adopt o Foster G-ondporem Program Intromurols Weaver. Michoel S.. Loncoster Oio Weaver. Noncy J. Loncoste ElEd Ait Delto Ph Eto Women i Chorus Wood. Peggy D.. Gi o d Sec Spon Weibloy.Leslie W . MilidStown DiO Nu Ml Weidlor. Julio E.. luitz ElEd Ger Delto Phi Eto Germon Club Compus Cruvode for Chnst Welrich. Mononne. lebonon PSN Weisensote. Joy A.. Eost Petersburg IA Woitzel. Christine A.. Loncoste 0 o Nu MT WeUs. Jodi Lu. Orownstown SpEd CEC RA IVCF Women's Chou Welsh. Mory A„ York ElEd EChd ECEA PSEA In tromufoh Wenner. Thomos L.. Loncoster OusAdm Wostenhoeffer. LorrolneM.. Cofumbio Art Westerhoff. Kristin C.. loncoiMv Psyc Weston. Corot E.. Abmgtor Art Woyrick. Dovid P.. Loncoste An CUD ASO. Intromurols, White. Charles F.. Momsdole Sec SS Hi Newmon Club Wcestlmg Outstanding Wrestler Outstanding Senior Athlete White. Cynthio M.. Loncoste' Sec Moth White. Evelyn M.. Kmzers Art Do»m Council Lob Assistont ASO IVCF White. Joequehno K.. York SpEd White. Keith Dovid. ElEd Eng Trock Teom Cross Country Teom Joe Wilt Aword Whlteheod. Roberto V.. Ph-lodelphio. ElEd Eng Whitehurst. J.. Potrlck. Del Air Sec SS Hi Phi Sigmo Pi (poriiomentonon) Dolphin Show Teom Crew. History Oub Dorm Council Juckciol Ooord NEA PSEA (sec) Whitman. Anne P.. loncoste' OusAdm Deito Phi Eto CEC Economics Club Vorsny Cheerleod-ng Dean s List Wildemonn louro E.. King of Prussia Ec Sigmo Phi Delto Cheerleodmg Economics Club Willioms. JoniceC.. Loncoster Psyc Willioms. John H.. Eost Petersburg Oio Williams Koren Denise. Loncoster Psyc Willioms. Lovenus. Philodelphio ArtEd MSA (treos ). Alpho Koppo Alpha Willioms. Mory E.. Loncoster PS Willioms. Peter D.. Eost Petersburg Soc Willioms Shoron Lynn blue 0o« Ec Economics Club Frea Lonce Donee Club Dorm Counci' Willis. Suson P.. West Chester Fren French Club Junior yeor A brood Wilson. Amy R.. Volley Forge bo Eng Wilson. Mork R Extor. Chem IVCF Circle K ACS WHson. Ronotd A.. Dubois Sec SS Ec Economics Club Varsity Oosketboll Intromurols MVP Oosketboll Team Aword Wilson. Vkkl Lynn. Montou»svilie ElEd EChd ECEA Alpho Sgmo Tou (pres Intromurols Wilt, Moryevelyn K.. York PSN Wise. Michoel R.. Wyomisvng. IA Wise Thomos W.. Orelond IA Witmer. Dovid M.. Monhetm Psyc IVCF Wnmer. Donnis E . Pequeo Phy Witmer. Herbert N., Loncoster PS Eng Wnmer. Michoel D.. loncoste Sec SS Hi. History Club Footboll Deons List Who s Who Cum Lauda Witmof. Vicki I., Lititz Psyc Wokk. Eileen A.. Loncoster Dro Delto Phi Eto Intromurols. Deons L«st Wolf. Kitty J., Palmyra ElEd Rdg WoM. M Suson. Loncoster Art Student AM Show Deon s list Intromurols WoHe. Clifford D.. Monheim. Psyc Wolgemuth. Sytvio M. Newmonstown Oo NucMT Woloszyn. GaryM . Scronton IA IAS. Intiomurots Wood. W.illom R.. Jr Lancaster Soc Ros»-t oli Woodmon. Poul V., Norristown, IA IAS Aiche-y Teom Woodword OeverfyJ.. Comp H.ii SW Soc.oi Work Club Delto Phi Eto Workman GoII S.. Pottsviila Lib Eng Alpho Data Alpho IVCF Wright. Gregory E.. New Hollond EKd Moth Wnght. Joseph W.. Loncoster F hy Wnght. Mory F. Loncoster ElEd Lib Wroten. Christopher F.. Tow ton MD CS SNAPPER (photog editor) WulleH. Morie A.. Hortsville WormmstO ElEd Rdg Newmon Club Womens Chorus Swing Cho» 100 Mile Club RSA (treos pres) Dorm Council (pros Intromurols Delto Phi Eto Who s Who Wyley. Aoron. Pmsbu.-gh Eng Koppo Alpha Pv Footboll Oosketboll Wynn. Tomi Phiiodelph o Psyc Alpho Koppo Alpho Gospel Choir Dorm Council W orek. Matthew J., Jr Moos Soc Sooo'ogy Club Intromurols yyy YonchKk. JoonnM . Swoyersv.ile ElEd MR CEC Yontz Sherlene I.. Wotsontown MusEd Yooger. Eileen Koy. Dre.n.gsvi:ie SW SWO In tromurols Ycokel. Gregorys.. Coopersbu.q ia Yeokol. Suson J.. Coopersburg OusAdm SNAPPER (osst editor) Yocum. Oorboro Jone. Ooks ElEd EChd Phi Lorn bdo S»gmo Deito Phi Eto ECEA PSEA Circle K Intromurols Yoder. Liso Lynn. Elizabethtown SpEd Young. Andrew W.. Loncoste- Sec SS Young. Doriene L.. Loncoster ElEd MR Young Drone I Hollond SpEd field Hockey Young. Michelle H. Philodelphio SW Soooi Work Club MSA Intromurols zzz Zongori. Sylvio A., l.oncoste- ElEd, PE Zonkl. Debro A.. Loncoster Psyc ROTC Zoremskl, Lee E.. Amble- SpEd Delto Phi Eto IVCF Womens Chorus Swing Chou Deons List Zendt. Oorboro L.. Souderton Ec IVC1 Ziegenfuss Michoel C.. Eost Petersburg Oio Ziegler. Patricio K.. Gettysburg SpEd Ziolmski. Mory J.. Phoemxville Qto MT Aescu lopton Society Intromurols Deons List Zlmmermon, Dionne £.. Lititz SpEd Zmn. Dovid I.. Hanover AnEd iA Phi S gmo Pi ACMO ASO Swing Chou CUO Archery Teom JV Footboll Newmon Club, Gtomord In tromurols Zoilman. Cynthio G.. Loncoster SW Delta Ph. Eta SWO (VP). Intromurols Zug. Stephen 0 . Horrisbu-g SW SenKxy Directory 1Kothleen A. Achuff LisoC. Adkins Jeffrey A Akers Dee A Alutius ftobm L Ahrensfield ftobertW Altieri Stephen D. Alesioni KimD Allomon LowrenceJ. Anderson Lee A Anderson Cloude E. Anderson Mark ft Amsden LoriJ. Anderson Potricio L. Andres Tonyo G. Andrews Yvonne M. Andrews 130 SenionIt's History The overoge day of a sociol studies major consists of going to McComsey Hall locoted on East Frederick Street, sitting behind a desk and listening to o lecture on the Civil Wor. the Puritons. or the politico! ospect of the 30 Years War in England As o sociol studies mojor you hove on emphasis on one of the sociol sciences. During my four-yeor study ot Millersville State College I hod to take 27 credits in history, plus 6 credits in each of the other sociol science oreos—economics geography, political science ond sooology onthropology As on education major. I need 120 credits for graduation. I also hod to take the overoge educotionol courses A-V. foundations psychological foundations, problems of secondory education ond teaching of social studies Finally, in your senior year, you student teach You might soy to yourself Whoi o relief—no more work but octuolly I feel I hod to work harder for my student teaching than when I just took dosses on campus For student teaching you always hove to be prepored for your dosses, ond for campus dosses, you con slide o little Now ihot it's oil over. I'm relieved of oil pressure Since my emphosis is history. I will explain o little obout the history deportment The history deportment is mode up of 13 professors: Drs. Denson, Dremer. Cork, Fischel Keller, Koppel. Modonno. Osborne Tirodo. Tuleyo, Mr. Jolly. Mr Kenowell: ond o new addition to the M$C history staff is Dr Rofferty Our history deportment this post year wos under examination to see whot the history program consisted of compared with other schools. Our deportment odded o new concentration program for the history liberal arts major They also need 120 credits for graduation This concentration program requires the student to take on 18-hour concentration of courses in addition to the 33 other required credits in history. The concentotions ore divided into two groups: those with o specific business or professional orientation designed to help the student get o job ond the world in preparation for o history-related profession The professional concentration consists of low ond government work, business, urbon studies, computer science the history-related concentrations ore American studies. Latin American studies. European studies ond language-culture Down Daumgord Down Ooumgord glonces over her notes before tokrng her test (photo by Denny Dubbs) Kothy O Neill pokes her heod out the OOO' vpnoto by Oenny Dubbs Seniors 131Dovid J. Armstrong Donno fV Artzerounion Lindsey A Aubitz KorynJ Aust Jodi L. Boiley DeverlyA Dolch Cotherine L. Boldwin Glono K. Doer ShirleneG. Doney Kenneth C. Dologh DomelM. Doronek Deboroh E. Doldwin 132 Senior Go y Duell porks it m the right spot (photo by Kate Horen) Seniors 100Noncy H. Dorbero Douglos R. Domes Liso A. Bortoletti Bruce E. Botemon Deboroh A Dottey John L. Boumgordner DownC Dourngord Joon L. Boxcer Terri A Beckner Gordon IV Dehm Sonders R. Beimfohr John IV Beoumont. Jr. Mindy S. Qeitzel Druce A. Belskey Kothleen E Dender DoydJ Oenjomin 134 Sg' Elementary Education Among professionals in the field of educotion, Millersville is well-known os o college that turns out mony qualified teachers. After four years here in the elementary educotion progrom It is easy to understand why. From freshman year on, you ore given o wide variety of experiences in preparation for o future career in teaching The professors in the elemen-tory educotion deportment not only provide you with the troining necessory to be on effective teacher but also get to know you os people and ore concerned with your future growth. Sure often it is eosy to complom about the pressures ond to feel that you're living in o world of fontosy However, once you are given on opportunity to apply your training in a classroom with o group of children who respect you and look up to you. there is a sense of satisfaction ond fulfillment beyond belief I was fortunate to be involved in two exciting dual assignment teaching experiences. First, os o junior when I hod the opportunity to work with children of all ages, and then as a student teacher Completion of my progrom here has been the fulfillment of o dreom Now I om prepored to go out into the "real world in a clossroom of my own where I can be responsible for the growth of others and continue to grow myself Karen Foirchild Seniors 105Ellen J. Dennett Mindy A Benoff Kenneth D. Derg Suson A. Demecker Peter J Dertolon KothleenA, Dionco Robert F. Block Mitchell G Boettcher AnnM Boldin CtoudioA. Blockburn WllliomW Dleil Vicki M Bollinger Joseph F Bonfonti DownC Boots GoryE Dork ' 0C SenKXiDouglosM. Dosler MadeleneG. Drodigon ftichord H. Grouse. Jr. Susan L. Drobst GoryG. Drown Liso L. Drown MoureenA Drown Cynthio A. Drown Wke Oeiier coutpn t live without hu soop ope«oi. (photo by Kote Hcxon) Senio ! 137Gretchen Bruder Lee fX. Bohrmon DonnoL Butts Lynn A Byrem Steven IX Brown Judy A Byrne Heother IX Burdick IXobert A Coccomo Kevin T Collohon Michoel E Collohon Kevin A Corey Koren E Corlson Borboro L Corns Henry IX Collie Poul D Comoco WoyneA Compbell l3d 5entonPsychology Lococed between the footboll field Osburn Holl ond the Infirmory is Dyerfy Holl—the home of liberol ores psychology ot Millersville Stote College The wolls if they could speok would tell the stories of Povlov. Freud Skinner Watson. Thorndike Wolpe Tolmon behaviorism clossicol conditioning psychoonolysis instrumental conditioning cognitive psychology ond the disciplines they represent The staff of Byerly Holl consists of Sheridon leuk Keen. Kronz. Moyer Vom Soal Stevens Finney Wirls Comer Lembo. and others—strong capable dedicated professors who tronsfer the knowledge uncover the secrets, ond dispel the myths of psychology As o psychology mojor learning the subject motter is less than holf of one's educotion You leorn about yourself the world oround you how you became the person you ore how you con change to the person you wont to be You leorn how to see to hear, to think ond to grow You leorn how to accept those who ore different from you ond to appreciate those with similar views. A common misconception about psychology mojors is ihoi during o conversation with o person who is not mojoring m psychology it is believed the psych mojor is analyzing the other person In some coses this may be true but mostly the psych mojor doesn't core if o mistake Is o Freudian slip or if the person is neurotic, psychotic or if his environment is o direct couse of the person s maladaptive behovior or whether his fomily dynamics ore the couse of the person s transient situotionol disorder The psychology major is merely shoring ideos learning of ones experience, talking with the person in on attempt to grow S Johnson It's Not Easy It's more than o four-yeor vocotion from the job market ond the reol world It's more than going to pomes oil the time It's not the real world, yet it prepares us to foce just such o beost So whot is it then? A college o place to live to study to grow Think bock to when you first entered How hove your values changed from thot day when you first drove down the highway nervous, scored ond full of wonder about how the next four yeors will be Now think bock to o more recent time The time when you rode on extremely fomilior concrete rood ond thought to yourself, It's over When you finish evoluonng these two time periods in your life the changes thot hove occurred in your knowledge your attitudes ond way of life then you hove discovered oil thot Millersville Stote has meont to you and how well oil the tuition money hos been spent Personal growth is what it is all about. Broadening your mind to oil facets of life os they ore represented in the college community And teaming more obout people as groups and individuals better thon onywhere or anyplace else in your life Thai s what college ond Millersville Stote ore. if you gave it a chonce while you were here 0.11 Johnston only hos 24 more references to 90 (photo by Koto Moron) Seniors 139Sharon L. Carr Mary A Carroll Cynthia A. Cosh Sharon A Celusniok Undo L Chavez Thomas J. Circle Cindy S. Clarke Liso S. Christiansen Alfred D. Clouser Jomes R. Cleory Deborah K. Click Barbora A. Covanough ThomosC. Clarke Glenda J. Cllppinger 1 .0 Sc nionSort or$ 141Mory E. Close Tommy M Cluck Monlyn S. Coblentz Kimberly W Collins Moureen A. Collins Roger P. Collins Thereso A. Connor Christine E. Cook Sheryl C. Cooper Bony G. Coulton Sondy L. Coombs Elizobeth A. Comgoll Vaughn A Courtney Joseph A Cornocchione II Kothleen A Cox V Keren A. Copenhover 142 SemonThat's Business It was less ihon two yeors ago when Millersville mitioted a Business progrom Since thot time, it has become the fastest growing mojor on compus. The progrom is designed to moke its students awore of how businesses operate in oreas such os accounting, management, finance, marketing, and other oreos of economics The bosis for the progrom is five courses consisting of Economic Principles. Basic Accounting. Management and Statistics. After experiencing these courses, you hove some idea of the area of business in which you wont to direct your efforts. I directed my effort in the oreo of accounting. heading for the life of a C P A To be eligible for the C.PA exam. I hod to toke o minimum of 24 credit hours In the oreo of accounting In my opinion. the accounting progrom and the business progrom in general, ore on the upswing More courses ore being added every semester to meet the wide influx of students ond their vorious needs The main problem with the business program is the understaffed department. I feel thot in o few years the business progrom could be one of the best programs the college hos to offer. Accounting was not on easy hill to climb. It took a lot of hord work and tedious computations to fomilionze myself with the accounting methods. There is a lot there to understand ond criteria for accounting purposes are chongmg every year Some of the test questions ore taken straight off past C.P. A. exams so you have to know the motenol ond know it well Most people ore not very fond of the accounting ospect of business since it entails a lot of mothemotics. However, the staff that the economics deportment hos is oble to do on odmiroble job ot making it eosier to understand Accounting is relatively new to me I've only been ossocioted with the department for two yeors. not becoming on accounting mojor until my junior year. Even though I've overoged four business courses o semester in order to groduote. I've found my experiences with the deportment to be pleasant The only gnpe thot I hove is that there wasn't a Business program when I started here at Millersville State College Gory fV Duell Pvt it on my tob $oyv Wendy Gitt (photo by Kate Horon) Aaron Wytey owan j hi j con (photo by Chnitopher F Wroten) Sen.otj 143JomesM. Crone. Ill Kevin E. Croun Debro A. Cristoforo Undo K. Crouch MorkM. Curtis OeverlyA Doger Williom S. Doley LowrenceC Doniel Dennis M Doub JomesS Dovis Rebecco L. Dovis LouneJ Doy LynnS DeCoursey Undo K Deibert Hons Deotnck 144 SeAlor»6ene Morns takes time to fix his co behind Oorrowes (photo by Chmtopher F V roten Christine M. DeLeo Corrine L. DeLone Julie A Dendler Stephanie DePaul DonnoM. Deftenzi Nancy L. Derrick Rosemarie H. DeStefono Patricio A. Dicely Ser»oi4 ld5Diane M. Docktor Sue E. Doll Delons A. Donodee A JohnJ. Dietrich LmdoM Donley Jomes F Doron, Jr Cheryl Dorfmon Jomes J. Doughty ConnneA Draper Denise L Draper Marianne M Drost Beth I. Drudi David A. Dubs Gary R. Duell Phi Duong JeanneM Duffy 146 Senior Department of Music The Music Deportment ot Millersville Stote College is locoted ot Northumberland House The dosses ore held m Lyte Auditorium The Music Deport ment is mode up of these professors: Oeom Blockburn Brondon Colongelo Fisher. Grubb. Kauffman, Maroffie Moyer. Myers, ftomig. Wheeler ond Woskorviok. The mom objective of the Music Deportment is to prepare competent professional music educators. Each music mojors semester is pre-planned for them They hove to take certoin music courses in on ossigned semester; they don’t hove too much choice with the exception of their electives. A music major must oudmon before the music staff before entrance into MSC Each student shall engage in continuous participation in the major organization related to his major performance area Instrumental mojors must participate in bond ond or or-chestro eoch semester. In addition, two semesters of chorol organization experience ore required Vocol majors must participate in choir eoch semester In addition two semesters of instrumental organizational experience are required Keyboard majors must porticipote In ot least one major organization each semester Two semesters must include participation in both the vocol ond instrumental oreos Within the student's major performance oreo participation in small ensembles requires participation in the reloted large organization of madrigals or chamber choir, college choir, chamber ensemble orchestra, jazz ensemble. or band Music education majors are obligated to ottend all reheorsols and performances of any musicol organization of which they ore o member because this is a port of their requirement This responsibility must take priority over all other commitments A music mojor also has o program colled "codet-field experience which consists of practical in-school activities of music education students prior to their student teaching Cadet experiences include orientation observation ond oc-live participation The music mojors must do then student teochmg in the fall semester of their senior year Recitals ore done by the music mojors also, to demonstrate capability in their mojor performance area ot least once per year A senior may hove o solo recnol upon recommendation of his performance teacher For every reatol by a student, a recommendation must be written by the performance teacher involved Down Boumgord Senorj 147 FronGoMnojKj Which one i the lug wiench (photo by toeim Stud Oi Inc)Tereso R. Eberly NormonL Elios Henry E. Eby Suson K Ellerbroke Condoce L. Emig Mitchel L. Edmonds Pomelo J. Elliot Merryl S. Eng Jennifer K. Engle Koren L. Ennis Reinhord W. Epp Stephen E. Erb Andrew J. Essinger l4Q SenicK ? AWARDS, PRIZES AND HONORS $j£ The Goss of 1695 Aword LynnoreK Pizzurusso PoulW EsheTmon Memoriol Schotorship Micnoel A Ooyoyon The John K Horley Aword Timothy J Moore ftonokJM Trznodel Phi Srgmo Pi Aword Robert A Helm Industrial Arts Teaching Aword (Stemmetz) DorryL Homilton Henry J Rutherford Memonol Aword Koren ft Mesisco Burl N Osburn Aword DovidL Wagner Jr Chorfes D Spotts Naturalist-Humonist Aword Scott A Dietnch Philadelphia Alumni Aword Michoel ft Ober Corolyn J KroehTer Louro 0 Doenng Librory Service Award Tereso Eberly Amencon Association of University Professors Award KothleenP Wetzler Shelly 0 Levy The Thomos ft Doker Memonol Scholarship Jennifer P Herweh LeeE ond Louro H Ooyer Aword Cynthio O'Connell Campus Club Aword DebtO ft Miller LynnoreK P.zz«usso The Closs of 1896 Awoid Lynnore K Pizzurusso Closs of 1600 Aword Jomes Cieory TheMorgieL ftonck Aword Donnie S Hoizmon Jenifer Herweh Chories C Oerger. Jr Computer Science Aword Dougios Domes The WentzeT Wnght Memonol Aword Wolter Kreider III Joseph Mostroronm Annette M ftogowski Isooc F Seiverlmg Aword (Closs of 1928) Kathleen Kone The Wickershom Memonol Scholarship AndreoL Luz The Leo Ascher Music Aword JuhoL. Eisenhower The John Ross Weovet Memonol Aword Kothy D Clippinger The Coro Cothonne Ditner Music Awords Edno Rochow Workmon Memonol Aword Ricky A HoJtry Kothleen CosteUo Mortho Pineno Amencon Chemical Society Undergroduote Aword m Debro Hozei Wendy Schwenk Anolyncol Chemistry Joseph D Miller Dovid Moriweder Dovid Stouffer Amencon Institute of Chemist Award JoneO Moteer Timothy Moore Chemical Rubber Company Freshmon Chem.stry Michod W Eisenberger Chon Aword Kothleen Ardrey Achievement Aword Koren A Hortranft The Jomes Homilton and Lucreno Doyd Hortzen Ptono Awords Miilersville Stote College Student AKiltoie of the Mmdy Denzel Amencon Chemicoi Society Aword Wiinomft ftodgers Pomelo Royer Southeastern Pennsylvonio Section of the American Chemico! Musk Foculty Aword Ted A Luckenbough Society Aword Wiiiiomft ftodgers Ceoi m Upton Orgonic Chemistry Awo'd Carolyn J Kroehler EdwordJ Loucks Memonol Sertomo Aword Debro K Humphreys Cooperotive Educotion Progrom Cemficote of Achievement WilUom ft ftodgers Eorth Science Aword for Acodemic Excellence IhomosP Fox Jr Eorth Sciences (Nichols) Scholarship Fund A ward JomesA Dan-.eJi Commonweolth Nouonol Book Aword Edword D. Klodky Pennsylvonio Institute of Certified Public Accoontonts Aword Jeffrey S Hook The Woli Street Journol Student Achievement Aword Alpho Deto Alpho Awo-d OeotnceU Ootesmon Awo-d Arthur ond Oonbel Wolker Gerhort Memonol Aword AnneE Oeyer CemfKOtes Deboroh Ann Botley Judy A byren Christine E Cook Stephonie DePoul OonnoM Fischer Kothonne M KHlion VerdoM Fulmer Awoid Etset Hostetter Aword Helen Koontz Aword Loncoster-Lebonon fteodmg Assooouon Aword Helen ft Metzler Groduote fteodmg Aword Helen ft Metzler Undergroduote fteodmg Aword DoisyK Spongier Aword Gertrude Oettle Stoll Memonol Aword The Closs of 1922 Esther E lenhordt Aword Dilworth-McCollough English Aword The Goss of 1910 Aword Lynwood S Imgenfelter English Aword The Sooders P McComsey Aword Alice ft Fox Memonol Aword Foreign Longuoge Pnze (Xenophiie Society Aword) French Prize (The ftolph J Hyson Memonol Aword) Irene Seodie Germon Section Aword Spomsh Prize (Steven A Wolker Memonol Aword) The Louis Koppel Memonol Aword m Europecn History Michoel D Witmer Down M Patterson Penny Pry LyndoL Knox JoneG Miller Mary A Moyer Dons M Horn Pomelo A Menges LynnM Strouss Deboroh C Tokonitz JuksE Weidier V kiL Wilson Kitty J Wo» Pomelo A Menges MonoT Peno Lon J Messner Judith L Guion Doth L Drudi NoncyS GodshoM Eileen Zoldoms Koren Fairchild Yvonne fteedy Donno Oroy Jeffrey Fosnocht Dovxd Shenk Morlo Oocy Kothonne Moyer Joyce DunWeberger Mildred Henderson Petty Weed Monlyn Coblentz Jennifer Engle El-zobeth McLaren Sondro Miller Shoron Merkel Psychology Club Aword Psychology Foculty Awords Claudio A. Dlockburn MoryA Corroll Undo K, Crouch fteserve Officer Assoootion Aword Deportment of the Army Superior Codet Aword Daughters of the Amencon Revolution Aword Henry Fronklm Ditner Science Prizes Closs of i9i i Aword DonielG Engle Scholarship Guy Kurtz Oord Award John Award m Special Education Moryft Slokum 5proul Prize Dromotics Service Aword Focuity-Student Athletic Committee Awords Forty ond Hocker Aword The Leoh Fudem Photogrophic Service Aword MOTKOM Curtrn Debro S Lusk Pomelo G Packord Amyl Schl.chermon UoydE McDaniels Debro A Zookl Debro A Zonkl Donno M Howke John Patrick Kelley Donoid Greenfield J John W Supp J Scott W Doyd Trocy MO'sden Thomos L Lowe's Allen J Peny Cynth.o O Connell Steve Orown Oorboio Howord Ronald K Wells ChnstopherF Wroten Robin M Shod'e Timothy Moore Dione Frederick TheEoifeM Hue Aword The John Dov.d Ne der Memonol Scholarship Auroro Wsckey PuC Ho Aword J. Hole Stemmon Foundation Communications Awo-d Steven A DiGuiseppe OnonJ Kocv John F Stemmon Foundation Communicct ons Awo'd DovidL Shenk Vol Ellsworth Winter ftichord C Todd Scholarship Stephen Cottrell John C Ursprung Aword Steven DiGuneppe Who's Who Among Students in Amencon Unwervues ond Colleges Jeffrey A Akers JohnP Kelly Sondersft Deimfohr Donno Louise Butts PotnCiO Johnson Chnstoforetti Connne Lee DeLone DethL Drudi Jennifer K Engle Karen Fairchild MorthoP Gordnei Betty G Houdeshei Suson Elizobeth Huck WIXQ Service Award Kimberly S Kreider AndreoL Luz Cynthio Lee O Connell LynnoreK Pizzirusso Vicki Lynn Sche.d ThomosL Showers Glenn Stephens AlonF Treffmger MoneA Wutlen Shoron E Holl Awords Prizes ond Honors 1 49Jeffrey W. Folk Jeffrey W Fosnacht Martin L. Fauth Karen A Fairchild Cynthia J. Ferry Monica E. Pick Terry L Feeser Dovid S. Feller Linda A Fisher Moryellen Fitzgerald Jeffrey W Flok Jack R. Fink. Jr. Koren J. Flaherty Karen F Flonndl Linda L. Fortner Thomas P. Fox. Jr. 150 SeniorsIndustrial Arts There ore approximately 1100 students enrolled in the industrial Arts Division ot Millersville State College All mdustriol orts mojors must go into on educotion program You will find these students busy printing, sowing, welding and soldering projects to fill requirements for their courses ot Osburn Holl. located on Eost Frederick Street The industrial orts faculty consists of Professors Abromoitis. Doutt. Fioro. Foley Francis Geiger Houber. Houck, Heckman. Schotter. Skelly. Wighomon and Wynn. Each mdustirol orts major must toke the basic courses, consisting of wood graphic orts. drafting electronics hot metols. cold metals, energy power and tronsportotion The mdustriol arts mojor will be oble to pick o specific oreo of interest ond is obligated to toke o required number of industrial arts courses in that oreo. During one's sophomore year, the industrial arts mojor hos his her professional educotion block. This block consists of three courses—foundations of mdustriol arts, curriculum onalysis. ond development ond principles 6 practices of industrial orts educotion The Industrial orts major will go out to the schools Some observation ond units on lob planning techniques ore done ot this time As on mdustriol orts mojor. one con teoch from kindergarten through twelfth grades m ony school. As o senior, the industrial orts major will do his her student teaching. Every Fndoy they must be on the campus of Millersville Stote College from nine o'clock to 12 o'clock for o seminar course. All industrial orts mojors ore eligible to be members of the Industrial Arts Society this society is open only to industrial orts mojors. The Industrial Arts Society presents seminars once o month on interesting ond unusual ospects of the mdustriol arts: for exomple, carving in stone ond metol. ond working with metols. Membership for the Industrial Arts Society costs one dollor per yeor ond their meetings ore held in Osburn Holl. Denny Dubbs Tonyo Andrew! greet! the crowd with o big heUo (photo by Koie Moron) Al Trettmger rum for vKtoty (photo by Chmtopher Wroten) Seniors 151Richord E. Froley. Jf Cindy S. Frame Joanne L. Fronkhouser Dovid K. Franklin Carl S. Frederick Lorri E. Freezmon SeanQ Gallagher Mark L. Gambler James Garcia Martha P Gardner Wesley E. Frey RosolieM Gallagher Sandro J Gentzler Peter F Geoghon CorolA Gessitz Dovid M Gorett 152 SeniooThomosJ Giocomucci Nancy L. Gibson Wonda 5. Gilbert Michael S. Gildor Sen»Ofj 153 Orothers Aft We Pot Whltehiwst and Poi Witmer (photo by Kote Moron)Joyce E Good Judy A. Grobowski Amy E Groce Koren M Gorloski X k JomesG. Groff Janet Grohom Michoel D. Grohom Dovid T Grovel I Donno P Groy Jon L Groyblll Delons A Green Sheree L. Grohom Jeffrey A. Gregg Cothy A Greiner GoryL Greenly Donold R. Greenfield. Sr iS4 ScmoaExcursion To Germany Every German major's dream is to go and study in Marburg. West Germany for his junior year Millersville is one of 3 colleges to go to Morburg eoch yeor Its repuiotion is the best To belong to the Millersville program in Morburg is said to be very prestigious Millersville students ore said to hove o good language ond culture background even before they begin their stoy in Morburg whereos other programs hove students thot go just for the trip ond ore not reolly interested m leornmg the language Morburg is on experience thot should not be missed by ony German major1 It is on expenence thot will never be forgotten1 Getting to know how another culture lives works, ond ploys is foscinoting The German people ore very friendly ond ore willing to help moke your stoy o pleosont one if they know you ore making on attempt ot leornmg the language The Germon university system is quite different from thot of the Americon In o woy it is every college students' dreom—there ore no tests until the end of your studies Out wotch out for this test covers oil 4 years of courses ond you only get one chance—you either pass or you don't! The best port of the yeor wos the 2 months off from school between Februory 15 ond April 15 Most students get whot is colled o Eurroil Poss. which allows them to travel In Europe on the trains for two months for only S260. In these two months one con get aiosteof other European cultures, such os France. Spain Swuzerlond. Austno Italy, ond Greece When the yeor ts over it is o very sod time for everyone hos lived in the culture for such o long time thot it hos become port of them The yeor ends o chopter m the life of on individual who. through his experience hos chonged to be o better person' So. learn another longuoge—live another life Kevin A Corey Dcbo»oh Molomui tolhs on phone (photo by Kate Hofon) Moiy Kote Nugent vtopi to contemplate on the eiecuomagnetic comtoncy (photo by Menn Stud-oi) Senoo 155Ricki A. Gundermon MichoelA. Hooke Mork D Hoos JomesC Ho JoniM Hockett Kothy L. Hoir Diono I Hoke ThomosC. Alfocre Christine I Holl ftobbS Homill Mobel O. Homilton ThomosD Holloron Corlos Hompton LourenJ. Honn Brendo L Howthorn Jennifer M. Horper Steve Alesiom poses for picture (photo by Christopher Wroten) Sectors 157DownL. Hoftmoo LoRosoA Horns Scott D Hortloub Debro A. Hozel Noncy P. Hozley Pomelo J. Heller Lynn L. Hengst JoheE Heillg Robert A. Helm Shirley M. Houser DeborohK Hedmon Christine L. Henry i58 Ser iO!jComputer Science Deportment The Computer Science Deportment is port of the Moth Deportment Dr. Shook is the choirmon of both deportments ond mony of the professors teach both moth ond computer science courses The Computer Science Deportment is foirty new and the curriculum wos updated m the Foil of 1976 It is rapidly becoming the most important deportment of Millersville. The reoson for this is because everything in the world today is becoming computerized It is o requirement for most majors to hove ot leost three semester hours of o C.S course. The C.S. program allows o person to go into o voriety of fields when they graduate A C.S mojor must hove 120 s.h. to groduote 21 s.h of required courses ot leost 9 s h of selected C.S courses. 9 s.h of moth. 3 s.h of Technical Writing ond the remaining s.h ore left to the person's choosing. The courses thot ore required ore those that teoch the student bosic programming longuoges their structure ond applications. These courses olso teoch the students the history of computers, their impact on society, ond fundomentol concepts of how the hardware works The elected courses elaborate on previous courses ond ollow o person to choose whether or not he wonts to study business applications or scientific opplicotions of computers. The professors in the C.S. Deportment ore constantly reading ond researching the newest changes in the oreo of computers so thot they can keep the courses updoted A C.S professor must chonge and update his lectures from semester to semester ond yeor to year They are very personable people, are glad to help you with solving problems in programming ond giving you information where to find the solutions. An overage day of a C.S mojor moy consist of going to 3 or 4 hours of doss then spending 3 or 4 more hours ot Qoyer Computer Center A student con spend anywhere from o few hours to 20 hours doing a program and months working on a project There ore no for-mol lobs for o C.S. major, oil programs ore done on their own time. The computer is a UNIVAC Senes 90 70 ond it is about 2 years old. There ore 15 termmols in the Boyer Computer Center 6 in the Wickersham User Room, ond many others scattered throughout the compus The Libroiy will house the terminal room os of the Foil of 1960 Each year more termmols ore added because there ore more students entering the C.S. curriculum When a person groduoies from Millersville with a B.S. in Computer Science, he is olmost guaranteed o job The job market is wide open and businesses are expanding their Computer Deportments ot on unbelievable rate Also, the Placement Center is helpful in finding students jobs ond they hove on compus interviews ond other information about job openings. Some of the areos o person with o C.S. degree con go into include programming system design system analyst, or ony combination of these areos. Jeff Schiller Mori Dobroski o ds o fellow student (photo by Kote Moron) Seniors 1 $9Veronica J. Herzog Dovid W. Hess MoryJ Hivok Michael L. Hirsh Robert M Hivner Dennis M Hillerud 160 ServooChock Moyer ond Steve Taylor stare into the comedo {photo by Menn Studios Inc ) Joyce L. Hoehne Andrew K Hoff Terri J. Hoffman Monica M HolmowsUy Richord D. Hollingsworth. Jr. Robert C Holmberg Donnie S. Holzmon Susan M Honodel 1 Seniors 161Communications At MSC Formed in the early seventies the Communications Deportment ot Millers-ville hos been attempting to get o Liberal Arts curricula passed by Homsburg As of this writing, they hove not yet succeeded Therefore, the deportment is still administered jointly by the English. Speech Dromo Art ond Secondary Educouon Deportments. As of now. it is not possible for on MSC student to major in communications To be o communications student ot MSC you must mojor in secondary education or English (liberal oris) ond select o minor field from those administered by the Communications Deportment Among these areos of interest ore Speech ond Broadcosting Writing, ond Theatre The Communications Deportment offers a number of laboratory courses for interested students. Among these are Radio and Television Production, Jour- nalism. Cinematography, Broadcast Announcing. ond Theatre Tech. According to vorious sources inside the departments that odmmster the program, a liberal orts degree for Communications ot Millersville will soon materialize, but it will be too lote for those groduoting in the spring of i960 to take odvonioge of the progrom. Opportunities for women in Communications have mcreosed radically in the post several yeors. ond the program ot MSC reflects thot trend os o lorge number of women are enrolled m the progrom. An undergroduote degree in your field is important, but os many employers m the Communications field con tell you. practical experience is volued more than iheoreticol knowledge. Recognizing this. Millersville hos a good and ropidly improving medio organization right here on campus featuring a radio station WIXQ AM FM. that is plonmng to go to 100 wotts of power in the foil thereby covering oil of Lancaster ond some of neighboring Chester County; The Snapper the ropidly improving student newspaper for which three credits con be obtomed The George Street Carnival the colleges literory magazine o good outlet for on ospiring writer to get published; and the college yearbook. The Touchstone which con be used to learn all the grophic skills necessary to make it in the publishing field As the eighties begin, the communications explosion of the post ten yeors will continue to boom, ond Millers-ville Stores Communications Deportment will continue to rise From here the only place left is up Petros Gustovnik Rood my mind «jy Koien Povchild. (phoro by Mean Studio . Inc ) 162 Sen-orsCorol J. Hood Dons M. Horn Qetty G Houdeshel Steven J. Houdeshel Dione E. Houghton Steven E. Houser CothyL. Houtz Timothy R. Howell Suson E. Huck Undo S. Hudson Debro G. Hugo Suson J Hunt Dione M. Integlio Suson G. Jockle Lori S. Jocobs Peter E. Jocobs Senior 160Cubby Scdlotk oozes the boll off bis head (photo by Kote Horon) i6d $enso sWilliam E. Johnston Kim A. Joniszewski Jone M. Johnson Shown Johnson Richard R. Jonos Enk K. Jones Lauro A. Jones Steven G Jones Rochelle R. Joppy Goil A Koiser Koren A. Kollelis Holly A. Knopp Jone L. Korper Stephen T. Keener beruofs 165(photo by Christopher F Wroten) Looking Around (photo by Merits Stud os Inc.) Semesters begin with the excitement of making new friends and getting to know each other As for the girls meeting girls ond guys meeting guys, dorm life pretty well took care of that After all. it doesn't take long living with o person whether it s your roommate or people on the hall, before you get to know those around you. The interesting ospect of meeting people came when you observed the many techniques of girls and guys meeting. The first few doys were spent looking around to see who was on campus thot year There were several very innovative ploys used for chonce meetings. For those who were brove. there was the technique of walking up and introducing oneself This was really eosy if you just happen to hove a doss with the person, or if you just hoppen to slip into the neorest dining hall For some, the indirect meeting of thot one ond-only person worked the best If you were reolly lucky, your best friend knew the person ond could put in o kind word obout you Then ogoin. just o hint of o much-wonted date sparked up o new relationship Whether it wos the first week of school or the middle of the semester there olwoys seemed to be o new face or one thot didn't strike you before, thot suddenly became very appealing Whotever the technique meeting people was o pastime thot never grew old The friendships mode in college will be cherished throughout your lifetime Here at Millersville whether it wos your roommote your dote, or o dossmoie. friendships were a port of the love ond warmth shored by oil the students. The first days, like those of the lost few ore spent looking around, wondering why am I here and where is college going to take me Steven A DiGuiseppe (photo by Merits Studios Itsc ) (photo by Christopher F Motets) 166 Seruon (photo by Menn Studios Irvc Graduation Ceremony In Perspective By graduations we come to oc-cumulote the knowlege (hot mokes up the purpose to which we profess. Bits of knowledge occumulote in the brain until we come to know o prescribed omount of things thot enable us to groduote from college But to soy we ore to groduote is o perversion of the sense of the word Graduation in this sense connotes o greot leap forward By ony stondord the doy spent in graduation solemnity ond gaiety is lost We groduote get plastered ond spend several doys in recovery. In the majority of coses, not one ioto of time is spent in study Should we profess thot study ends ot Groduotion? There is some solvogeoble worth in these obvious exaggerations. Graduation is no step bockword in the learning process. Leorning constantly must be put into some perspective os in relation to its end. Surely we con assess our progresses on our own. So why do we need the ceremony of Groduotion? Ceremony Practiced by the ancients ond the moderns alike, we learn o greot deal from it We os people ore brought together. All face the some predicament In on endless string of terminating experiences ond forced new beginnings we gother to relate the post ond predict the future. In Groduotion we resolve to acquire perspective toword present accomplishments in order thot tomorrow we moy continue The essence of the core of Groduotion is thot oil people proctice it in one form or the other. We ore oil ploced in sometimes o pretty domnoble predicament If by tronscendmg the feors we oil foce ot Groduotion we come to see whot bothers the fellow across the ocean, we hove learned something The greot thinkers of oil times hove echoed these sentiments If the beauty of the pnmol oworeness thot we ore oil brothers is lost in the cliches pronounced ot Groduotion we hove something yet to remember There is o tomorrow with which one con continue to discover the other person's viewpoint We con create our cosmology until our death If ond when one of you is colled upon to speok ot some future groduotion. observe this the looks upon the faces of those who ore in your former predicament If ot oil you con pair your platitudes to some moving meonmg to give something to those who ore going out on their own. you hove indeed graduated many times And you hove mode o greot leop forword Seruofj 167John P. Kelley OorbofoM. Kelly Timothy M. Kelly Paul E. Kelley, Jr. DonnoJ. Kerschner launteM Kiehner Katherine M. Killian Michael A. Kent Gory Obeily shows no fovorties between K Ennis and I Donley (photo by Steven A DiGuueppe) 166 SeniotlMichael A. Killian Kathryn IX. Kmter Lowrence P Kirk Helen P Kistler IXandoll E. Knoll Frances T Kobmonn Debra L. Kleckner DioneJ. Kralllnger Alan A. Krotzer Kimberly S. Kreider SondyJ. Kovalsky Steve M. Kreider ElizobethM Krick IXonoldG. Krosnar Christen J. Kroszner Sor»ofi i69Foreign Language The Foreign Language Deportment offers courses in French German. Greek, Lotm. Russian ond Spanish Elementary and Intermediate dosses focus on grommor vocabulary, and pronunciation There ore composition and oral expression courses which develop the students' oral facility ond orol comprehension while introducing him to short literary pieces. Self-expression in written form is also stressed Upper level courses include literoture. prose dromo. poetry civilization ond linguistics For those mojors interested in studying abroad there are various programs which enoble them to spend their junior yeor at o foreign university. Millersvilie administers a progrom in Marburg. Germany for each ocodemic yeor. French mojors hove gone to Montpellier. Tours and Strasbourg France, while the Spanish majors hove gone to Madrid. Barcelona. Seville, ond Vollodolid. Spam. All students who study o foreign longuoge ore given the opportunity to use the longuoge laboratory located in Wickershom Holl The lab is equipped with cassettes, records, filmstrips. books, and many other oudio-visuol aids which complement dossroom instruction Foreign language majors con become involved in many extro-Curnculor activities such os Conversation Hour which enables them to speok freely about current events A professor of the por-ticulor longuoge leads the group acting only os o guide to keep the conversation flowing. The Foreign Language Club, os well os Individual language clubs provides cultural experiences for the students Museum trips, guest speakers and film presentations ore only a few of the activities Summer Graduate courses ore offered in German. French. Spanish ond Latin, and are taught by notive professors Qualified undergraduates can attend the summer school with o recommendation from the deportment chairman All longuoge mojors must successfully complete Modern Longuoge Proficiency Tests prior to graduation. Paul Comoco Sharon Merkel JOfv y Robertson and None Wogner toke o bieok from studying (photo by Mono Studios Inc ) Must l eot ih.s food ogom (photo by St even D 6uiseppe) 170 Son otj' George J Kupsky ThomosJ Kurtz Cory S. LoBrosco Doreen M Kuneck Annette J. Lolko ShoronJ Lonce JoonM. lotch Moureen A. Lovln Lois S. Lehigh BenjominM, Low Volene H. Leber John S. Lefevre HorryC. Leslie Shelly B. Levy Mononn F. Lenohon Philip M. Lenko Senio s l 71Ed RunWe follows behind toe ftyon (photo by Roo Wellv; 172 SehiOfiWill L. Lewis. Jr Moiyellen E. Loftus Corol J. Long BeihH. Light Michael E Lobb Mory J Lewis Kent D Loew Llndo A Loercher Joseph C. Lucks Jeffrey E. Ludwick More 5 Loomer Jacob E. Low. Jr Andrea L Luz Marilyn L Lutz OorboraJ Luigord Debro S. Lusk Senior 1 73Mathematics Mathematics defined by Webster's Dictionary is "a group of sciences (including orithemotics geometry, olgebro calculus etc.) dealing with quantities, magnitudes and form and their relationships attributes, etc by the use of numbers and symbols Mothemotics is the symbolizations the calculations to everyday problems and hard dedications you put into life to achieve your goals ond purposes Thai s what I believe Let's start digging into the hord core of whot moth is really about There are four (4) required courses thot every math major must take to fulfill only one section of the math curriculum and there ore also related courses thot you moy wish to select to help you decide in what direction or field you moy want to use your moth degree The four required courses are Calculus I. II. and III ond Uneor Algebro. Some of the required courses are only offered either in the fall or spring of the ocodemic yeor Please moke sure you take that course in the semester in which it is being offered Below the required courses are the numerous related moth courses that every math mojor hos on option of selecting to their liking or to their oreo of interest Before we discuss how the related courses ore set up. every moth mojor should, ond this is only if you desire, hove an oreo of interest This helps you narrow down whot courses would best benefit you in the career you ore pursuing. Also, the degree in mothemoncs whether liberal arts or science, will help you decide whot you would like to pursue. This is onother oreo you should take into consideration Moth mojors ore required to take o minimum of 120 S H. for this curriculum Therore42 S H m the required courses. The reloted courses ore placed into Sections A or B where eoch section has three different ports. In Section A each of the three parts hos a requirement of 9 S.H Section B also hos three pons —foreign longuoge (one year is required), computer science (to be token during your freshmon year), ond sciences (6-8 S H ). The life of o math major is very hord with o lot of dedication behind it. Work very hard, ond even if you foil a course in your mojor. please don't be discouroged and give up If you really wont it badly enough, you will put forth the effort to go ofter it. ond that goes for onythmg in life From one moth major to onother good luck m the years ahead ond see you in Wickershom in Room. . . Bye. 40 P y « photographer (photoby Steven A DiGuneppe) Tom fret: s caught m the occ (photo by Steven DiGuiseppe) 174 SeniorsKimberly A McCartney JohnD Lyons Joan M. McCohon Alisa McCambndge Geoffrey IX. McCarty Elome S. McCleaf BethL. McCcrkel Lloyd E. McDaniels Heather McDonald Martin H. McDonnell Joseph J. McDowell Stephen J. McDowell Marianne E. McFolls Lisa E. McGee Mary L. McGee Mory L. McGeehon Seniors 175I need something owo h6o diniei stood down ov v ftuminski osK CrounondC Hompton look on (photo by Steven A DtGuisoppe) Rick T. MocGrody Kothleen J. McGroth LisoA McLoughlln John 0. MocAlorney II Joy L. MocKenzie GoryM Mogo Deborah N Malomut 176 SeniorsMoureen T. Molone Jeffrey M Mondler Thomos J. Monning Dovid A. Mon wilier Potrlck J. Morion John (V Morchione Barry L. Morch Joyce L Morkley JohnG. Morsholek Andrew P. Martin Antoinette T. Martin Shirley J Martin Wayne L. Martin Greta A. Mortmsek Lauren A Mosters Joseph G. Mostroianm Seniors 177Getting Acquainted "The social work program aims to prepore the student for beginning practice os o generalist social worker in a brood spectrum of social welfore ogen-cies and other settings where social workers ore employed." The social work major spends o considerable amount of time in preparing himself herself for the professional world Social work students spend on overage of 15 semester hours m class o week: plus o variety of the courses In their mojor require volunteer work which involves 15-25 hours per course "The program combines o liberal arts background with'o framework of courses that integrate the study of mon and his environment, social problem areas, vulnerable populations ond the principles ond methods of the professional practice of social work " Courses within the mojor area include dosses m social welfore institutions human development social welfare and the low ond social welfare practice Related courses ore required in oreos of sociology, psychology, biology, economics ond politico! science A student entering the social work mojor course of study must be able to express his her views ond opinions verbally m closs discussions ond should be proficient in written expression for the term papers required for most courses ‘ The student applies theory to practice during placements in agency settings during the senior year." The $W student s senior year is spent between field placement through vonous social welfore agencies in or oround Loncoster ond twelve semester hours both semesters. Field plocement involves the oreo of SW the student will eventually go into after graduation. These oreos include working with the elderly, the cnminol justice system (probouon ond porole). juveniles, drug ond other substance obuse rehabilitation. Field placements requires 250 hours of work per semester for 2 semesters. Most students spend 8-hour doys. 2 days o week m their field work This experience enhances the skills ond abilities of students ihot will be needed when they enter the field of social work ofter groduotion. The social work progrom is not yet accredited os o professional degree in social work by the Council on Sociol Work Educonon. but it is engaged in the opplicotion process for accreditation.” Students receive o D A degree in social work ot the present: ofter accreditation students will receive o bachelor of social work degree The sociol work deportment is continually growing; each yeor freshmon enrollment increases. The deportment is heoded by Dr. Morion Fostor. who come to M$C m 1974 to establish the sociol work mojor Many of the professors hove their doctorote degree or ore working toward it. The sociol work organization on campus is involved in vonous service projects ond is responsible for the many speakers who come ond speok obout sociol problems ond social work os o profession. 'Marauder Pnde (photo by kon Wefli) Dee Algtiuj o frightened by the photographer (photo by Kote Horon) 176 SemoaStephanie J. Motier Michael Moxson Despino I. Mavrides Jane D. Moteer Donna M. Melso Lon A. Meltsner Michael R. Memmo Martha A. Mentzer Shoron K. Merkel Gory P Meizgar Beth A. Miller Carolyn A. Miller Karen S. Miller Kenneth K. Miller Gordon ft. Miller Seniors 1 79Sue Doll right ot home (photo by Denny Dubbs) I80 Seno;j Stewart Mills III Judith A. Mitchell Neal P Mitten Martha I Moessner AnnG. Moffet Mark A. Monahan Susan J. Moore Donno M. Morgan Eugene C. Morris. Jr. Georgonn K. Mortimer Koren E. Mosteller Dorboro J. Mulcohy Seo.ors 181Getting The Word The program for o liberol arts english mojor is centered around literature courses more than writing courses. Students involved in the program find themselves unoble to get o job deoling with their educotionol background, therefore many go on to graduate school to study another oreo that will further their job opportunities For this reason there ore few students in the liberal arts progrom. English majors -must choose o minor by the end of their sophomore year Minors ore chosen from the following areos ort. economics foreign languages. history moth ond computer science music, philosophy, physics, political science psychology speech broodcosting ond theatre Art courses include on ort history course ond o studio course in drawing design pointing, grophics or spoce orts. The music minor must choose between o theoretical emphosis ond o historical or philosophicol emphosis Fifteen study hours ore required in the minor progrom for whichever minor is chosen. These minors combined with the English mojor con prepare students for jobs in journalism, public relotions, advertising or o job related to their minor field The professors in the English Deportment ore very competent ond interesting individuals. A few professors hove degrees from Horvord Yole Notre Dame and other fine schools. The English program ond professors ore very demanding of the students in the English major course. Moybe our stoy here at Millersville may be best summed up by William Shokespeore "O this learning, whot o thing it is. 162 SeniorJohn D. Nofziger Deboroh Nopper Diono L. Nose Joonne M. Nougle Jone L. Neol WilhomH Neef Rondo L. Newcomer Elizabeth A. Nungesser Douglos A. Noble Steve R. Noriego Robert R. Novello Sentoo 1 ©3Michcel (X. Ober Steven M. Ober Gory L. Oberly JonetM O'Dnen Cynthia L. O'Connell Jeffery F. Okeson Sherry Oliver Tereso A. O'Neal Shan Smith d'eoms of m- Right tphotobyM Choronekoj An,to Stouffet and Joon Ooxte? smuggle aftei o hectic doy ot Mailman i (photo by Ron Wells)Rebecca I Ostermayer Michelle A Paqum Elvo D. Overton Kathleen J. O'Neill Pomelo G. Packard David J. Overmon DownM Patterson AnneM. O'Neill Lorraine G. Pednck BrendoM. Pedrow Keith A Peirce Monlyn H Petko Mono T Pena KhoiA Phan Gail L. Pennington Goye L. Pessolano SeniOfi 165Donoo Cockle fee no woy through the lesion photo by ftonWefis) Ellen Oenneti hold! the woll with oil he strength (photo by Oenny Dobbs) It's A Business World McComsey Holl is visited by oil students of Millersville Stote College ot one time or onother in their college career but to economics students, it's their home owoy from the dorm' The economics program includes courses that give students o brood understanding of current American ond European sociol ond political Institutions including their geogrophicol ond historical perspectives. The Economics faculty includes professors Domes. Homid Hou. leela. ond Molz. who is the deportment choir-mon Majors m economics con select three areos of course concentration; economics, management, or accounting The program is flexible enough to ollow students to concentrate in two academic oreos or choose courses from oil three The program is designed to prepare students for business careers or for advanced graduate degrees such os the Masters of Business Administration Students choices of related courses in their undergroduote years would be strongly influenced by their anticipated groduote work. Prospective groduote students should strongly consider tokmg courses in statistics, mathemotics ond computer science Students thinking of low school might wish to toke additional work in speech ond politico! science Economics majors should toke their required courses os soon os possible in order to ovoid scheduling problems loter: but incoming freshmen moy hove trouble in scheduling, because these courses ore very popular with the campus os o whole. An economics major must obtain 120 credits for groduotion An economics mojor con also major in o secondary education progrom if they wish to pursue on interest in teaching Actually they will be o social studies major with on emphosis in economics. The teochmg staff in the economics deportment is smoll. but competent Students moy be required to work o lot in the courses, but in the end isn't it worth it; to understood our governments economy ond other notion's too1 1978 60 MSC Catalog l86 Seo o«ftonold R Phillips Carolyn J. Pickle Kathy 5. Pierson Lynnore K. Pizzlrusso Lisa A Pratt Donna L. Preston Celeste D. Plunkett Mary K. Plush Stephen J. Prevoznik. Jr Beverly J. Price Lana M. Price TnnoL. Price Sen.CKS 167 Pendleton J Pry Poulo L. Pyzdrowski TheresoV Queenon Susan L Qumley168 SeniorsDione L. Quinn Jonice L. Rankin Christine Rouffenbort Cindy L Reoser Alfred S. Reddy April E. Reed Dione H Reedy James P Regensburg Ellen K. Reilly Joy A Remhord Kimberly A. Reitz Gary A. Reynolds Phyllis O Reynolds Robin R Rhodes Angelo M Riccio Ken Betge soys Bottoms Up (photo by Steven A OGuiseppe) Sue Jockle wonts to know who the cute guy is »n the pictu e (photo by (Ion Wetts) A day ot the office, (photo by Mono Studios Inc 1 X) Sen.o sGory L. Rineer Lee W Ritter Corl V. Richards. Jr. Leslie A Ridyord Terrence L Riley Thomas C. Richordson Williom E Richie Donnie A. Rickobough Jose L. Rivero Arlene D. Robinson Sharon C Robinson Alvin D Robinson orgoretM. Rocchi Philip L. Rockey Donno K Rodgers RnKorr A flnHruarc 5ervK« 19lCo'Ol Oesiui ponbe's over book. Cphoio by (Jenny Oubbs) Nildo M. Rodriguez Patrick A Roels Cork L. Rogers SuzonneE. Rose k. Christine Rosenberger Patricio Rose Potty M. Rothenberger 192 SeniorsVictorioA. Roush Linda Rucci Thomas J. Ruegg MorcioM. Ruminski Pomelo L. Rusch RoymondJ. Rychleski Vincent K. Ruminski Edword R. Runkle SoniOfi 193JohnM. Schenke Jeffrey Schiller Amy L. Schhckermon CorolJ. Schlitte Suson J. Schlott TrocyL Schmeck Koren E. Schmidt Robert E. Schmidt Morio Schulz Penelope S. Schwortz Mory Sue Scholz Stephen J. Shoffer Dovid W. Sheo MoryD Seligmon Deverly F. Scott t04 Sco.ofjIt's Scientific Roddy Holl is the home of oil our Science mojors ot Millersville Store College. Our Science curriculum consists of Biology. Chemistry, Eorth Science ond Physics. Our BIOLOGY Deportment offers six progroms leoding to the Boccoloureote degree The curriculo in the llberol orts program offers the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science Degree. The course structure recommended by the deportment for both degrees is essentially identical during the first two years. The progrom leoding to the Bochelor of Arts degree is brood, embrocing interdisciplinary studies in cell biology, plont ond animal science; morine oquotic ond terrestrial field sciences. The progrom con be toilored to prepare the student for immediate employment or for graduate study in o variety of subdisciplines of biology or in the medical or allied health professions. Medicol Technology ond Nuclear Medicine Technology are specialized progroms leading to the Bochelor of Science degree Students combine three years of undergraduate study ot Millersville with one year of clinical loborotory study at on occredued teochmg hospital. After the degree is conferred, students must take the appropriate Notionol Boord of Registry exominotion The progroms in the education curnculum lead to the Bochelor of Science in Education degree with secondary education certification in biology. School Nurse ond Dental Hygiene certification. Our CHEMISTRY deportment is accredited by the Ameircon Chemical Society ond offers three degree progroms. The liberal orts degree is the most versatile progrom ond combines o solid foundation in chemistry with on ample opportunity for breadth of study Some Interdisciplinary studies ore environmental science, geochemistry, chemical physics ond biochemistry. EARTH SCIENCE is divided into four divisions; Geology. Meteorology, Oceonogrophy ond Environmental Studies. And our lost science progrom is PHYSICS. The physics deportment offers five programs. The liberal arts degree invites interdisciplinary studies in areas such os biophysics, geophysics, physicol oceonogrophy chemicol physics, mathematical physics, or astronomy The Bochelor of Science degree involves o depth in physics and moth. The physics—3 2 Cooperative Engineering Progrom requires 3 years of study ot MSC plus two yeors in residence in the engineering progrom ot one of the cooperating institutions; Lafoyette College. Penn Stote Univ. or Umv. of Penno. After 5 yeors the student receives two degrees; o B A in physics from MSC and a B.S. from the engineering school The Physics—4 1 Cooperative Engineering Progrom. offered with the Univ. of PA the student will hove 4 years ot MSC ond one yeor with the Univ. of PA. The Cooperative Education Program in physics is an optional orrongement whereby students combine procncol on-the-job experience with classroom instruction. After the freshmon yeor. the "co-op students spends oltemote semesters in college ond in employment in on industrial or government facility 1978 60 MSC Catalog Terri Connor points her bird (photo by Denny Dobbs) Oretchen Druder finolly gets her first break of the doy. (photo by Denny Dubbs) Seniors 195Mark P. Sheoffer Kothleen J. Shelly Kothryn A. Shepley Rosemary A Shivok Edward C Shoff Timothy J. Shoff Melisso A Shofkey Stephen L Short NoncyL Siggms Robert V Slouch TrocyJ Siglin Moryonn Sloon Solly A Shrelner tkodley IV Singer Mark J. Sigouln Mini Nose Keeps he eye oo che boll pho«o by Ron Wells) Semoo 197Dona R. Smith Down R. Smith Deon H Smith Joan S. Smith Wendy L. Smith Sandro L. Snyder Yolondo K Snyder Nino L Smith Veerowot Somsinsupkul WilhomW Soothword Michael J. Sowers Lynn 1. Speitel Julioonnee R. Stohl Dovid W. Stauffer i Amto J. Stouffer Dovid G Stortzel 108 Sento !Steve Prevozmk unowoie of future ottock (photo by Moris Oobroskj) Tom Oorts races down the field (photo by Mork Dobroski) Seniors How would you (ike to go out Soturdoy mte? (photo by Menn Studios. Inc )Myro J. Stouffer Lon 0. Steele Suson J. Steere Curt R. Steffy Robert Stellato John J. Steffy Kerry L. Steigerwolt MorilynG. Stein Jonet F Stephens Michoel P. Sterner Jacquelyn Stevens AnnM Stiber tevenA Stoner Beth A. Stough Terry L Stout LuAnneM. Stone 200 S nio j Shirley A. Stover Lynn M. Strauss Borboro S. Stutzmon Jere J. Sullivan. Jr. Michael G. Sweeney Dovid P. Szollosy KorenM Taylor Elaine M Talley Cindy O'Connell stores into outer space, (photo by Oonay £Xibbs) Sen.O!i 20lJudith A Tereniok Thuot Thi Huong Nhom LourenJ. Thomos George Tomosi Jomes A Treier. Jr. Moryonn M. Trinkle Archie J. Tucker Alon F Treffinger Williom J. Thomos Oorboro A. Trompeter Suson 0. Tucker 202 S«n« nHouber advises student to use mote elbow greose (photo by Me«tn Studios. Inc.) Scott fiuche wonders if he is on the light poge. (photo by Ron Weils) Vtcki Rousch shows excitement ofter her phone coll (photo by Oenny Dubbs) Seniors 203Robin L. Tyson Borboro S Umbenhouer Peter C Vondeplonck Oonno L. VonNormon Kothly L Vonsont Jone A. Verono Melanie S. Viscardi Steven J. Vondron Karen L Wagner MoryL. Wagner Nancy E Wagner Danny E. Wolck Koren E. Wolck DebroA Wolloce Potriao A Walls Eric S Walter _________________;_________________________________________Seniors 205Ellen 0. Wortenburg Betty Y Woshmgton Lawrence S. Wossermon ■1 James D. Warner Julio E. Weidler Mary A. Welsh Karen S. Weover Nancy J. Weaver Lorraine M Westenhoefer David P. Weynck Chorles F. White Evelyn M. White Keith D. White J. Patrick Whitehurst Anne P Whumon Laura E. Wildemonn 70b SeniorsThen (j Now The seniors of 1699 who published ihe first yearbook on this campus were unoshomedly sentimental. Perhaps "openly sentimental" would be more exact, for although time changes, people do not. Those early seniors admitted publicly, in permanent print, that friendships would end with graduation, thot paths hod only crossed, not converged. and so they voiced their regrets. Seniors eighty-one years later oppeor to be more sophisticated thon thot eorlier generation, olthough at each of the three commencements thot toke place each yeor. there ore always some few in a corner in Pucillo who weep at the realization of the finality of the moment. Steven A DiGuiseppe tom Showers studies o new orgonism (photo by Ron 'Wells) Coss McGroth congratulates the losers (photo by Steven A DiGurseppe) Seniois 207JoniceC. Williams LaVenus Williams Susan P. Willis Sharon L. Williams Ronald A. Wilson Mork fV Wilson Vicki L. Wilson David M. Winner William R. Wood. Jr. GaryM. Woloszyn Gail S. Workmon 206 SeniorsChristopher F Wroten Marie A. Wullert Aoron Wyley Tomi Wynn SusonJ Yeokel Motthew J. Wzorek Joonn M. Yonchick Kathy Achuff tokes ume to look into the camera (photo by Oonny Dubbi) Sen.orj 209Qorbor J. Yocum Michelle H Young 1 Oofbora L Zendt Cynthia G. Zollmon Liso L. Yoder Dorlene L. Young Sylvia A Zongon Debra A. Zonkl Mory J. Zielinski Patricia K. Ziegler Stephen J. McEvoy All senior portraits token by Merin Studios, Inc. 210 SeniorsSensoo 211 4+GRADUATION (photo by Public Rotations) follow clossmotes Porents. ond Foculry (photo by Public Rotations) Voices from obove (photo by Public Rotations) 212 3»oduauonIs this ceiemony ALMOST ove (photo by Public Relotions) Con you believe tt. I (inollly mode it1 (photo by Public Relotions) (photo by Public Aetauonj) MWersvHle WE S»ng To Thee (photo by Public flotations) Did you heo the johe obout ? (photo by Public Relations) Groduotton 210Get Involved. You heard about it in high school ond you hear about it in college, but where does it get you ond whot does it meon? Here ot Millersville, getting involved means expressing yourself through publications, learning new ond exciting things in clubs, ond working on service ond social activities in sororities ond froternities. But most of oil. getting involved means making friends. When joining a fraternity or sorority, working on the newspaper, or planning club activities much work is involved. Time thot could be spent ot potties or goofing off is spent in on office or at SMC reserving rooms for meetings. When sitting bock ond thinking about oil the work involved, the question, ’’But whot do I get out of it" moy come to mind. On campus there is no salary involved in ony of the organizations, so why join on activity? You moy join on activity to increase your learning, to odd o list to your nome in the yeorbook. or to juice up your resume, but ot Millersville, activities ore o great way to meet people ond to moke new friends. MSC is o big college with mony students, affording on excellent way to meet people, especially those shoring on interest with you. Richard A. Yednock IIAESCULAPIAN SOCIETY The Aesculopion Society ocquoints students with opportunities in ond preporotions required for med-tech ond ollied heolth fields They go on voried tours of hospitols to,observe the lobs or whotever is of interest to onyone in the club ond host guest speokers who tolls on different ospects of medicine. The Aesculopion Society olso sponsors film programs that moy enhonce the knowledge of club members. Along with participating in Homecoming and Spring Fling, the Aesculopion Society sponsored o CPR course in which fifteen students received their CPR certification. Richard A. Yednock Front Row. K Ournett m Schou. C Rehm C Reddy Dock Row J. Cooper. 0 A K Fontes. L Fortner. M Smith (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) GOSPEL CHOIR In the summer of 1978. iheMillersville State College Gospel Choir wos formed by a few students who were interested in praising the name of Jesus Christ through gospel singing. Under the direction of Keith Buxton, the Gospel Choir hod their first concert in the fall of 1978 After this debut the choir grew lorger with members ond another director Woyne Stanley. Through the spring of 1979 the choir hod mony engagements at local churches in the Millersville ond Lancaster oreas. After the spring of 1979. Keith Buxton graduated, leaving the choir under the direction of Woyne Stonley ond Chuckie in the fall of 1979 During the foil of 1979. the Gospel Choir became on organization with Mrs. Hozel Jockson os the odvisor. The Gospel Choir of Millersville Stote can truly soy "We've come o long way. Morion LaVerne Williams Front Row K Lomock E Rivero D Hoyles. K Jockson. I Wynn Second Jeter (Vice President). W Stonley (Director). D Murray J Johnson Dock Row S Jones I Jones R Stonewall, D Butts (Treosurer). M Alston (V.ce Row R Nugor ll. G Howie. M Norris. D Crobb. R Hoggord E Lettsome President) P Smith (Corresponding Secretory). L W.llsoms (President). G 0 Moyo V Hopkins. C McCoy (photo by Menn Studios Inc.)COLLEGE UNION BOARD From Row K Stewort ) Stevens S. Swovely E K ick, t Andrews Dock Row H Sierro P Reynolds D Morgon M Werdinger K Ro«tz (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) The College Union Boord (CUB) provides most of the co-curriculor. sociol. ond recreotionol octivities on compus. The CUB consists of 10 stonding committees. the CUB officers, ond five voting members, oil of which develop vorious ospects of the CUB progrom. CUB sponsored mony films such os Boys from Brazil" ond "Alice in Wonderlond " ond olso sponsored the Nitty Gritty Dirt Bond ond the Dove Moson concerts. This yeor marked SMC s 6th birthday ond CUB held a party with free food ond a live bond. The party proved to be a big success os mony of CUB sponsored activities seem to be CUB olso publishes a monthly calendar which is put together by the Public Relations Committee of the College Union ond is available to all students free of charge. The calendor lists all culturol and sociol events as well os important academic reminders such os the end of the drop-add periods, dotes for withdrawing from a course ond vorioos vacation dates. Richord A Yednock. II MINORITY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION From Row D Crobb. I Cobb N PoivshJr (V e President). R Wolker (President). D Smith (Treasurer). P Evans (Secretory) GockRow D Dorsey (photo by Menn Studios Irvc)EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Eorly Childhood Education Association (ECEA) is o pre-professional organization for eorly childhood majors and other interested students. Their purpose is to promote the welfare of young children and enhance the image of the MSC student by providing volunteer services and workshops for interested members ond agencies of the community Activities of the group include sponsoring resource speakers ond workshops on topics of current interest in the field organizing service projects for hospitols, day core centers, sociol agencies.- participating in public oworeness progroms such os the Week of the Young Child and legislative lobbying; publishing o monthly newsletter for oil members ond alumnae, maintaining a babysitting directory for use by the community; and sponsoring the onnuol oword to the outstanding senior in Eorly Childhood Educonon. ECEA s mom interest is CHILDREN, who are most definitely their FUTURE Mono Pena Front Row S Rose (President). K iminger M Peno (Corresponding Secretory) 0 Fry V ce President). D Sims (Recording Secretory) L Mossnet L Landis. Dock Row E loiley G MorwtteK(Tr owrer) $ Poller. K Sonford 0 Qroy S Reeser (photo by Menn Studios. Inc Even children from the yjrroundmg 0100 enjoy compus life (photo by Oove Drown) Front Row 0 tVoy (Vice Pres dent . I Messner Second Row S Fo ier (Tteoswer), S Reeser J Hotper (President) t Moyer OocH Row C Wright C Demy on (Corresponding Secretory). K Nelson L Londis (Recording Secretory) (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) 216 ECEFront Row 0 Light K Sudock S Cosse!. D Ooumgord (Secretory) D Pinkerton C Peters S Ocksre'der Oock Row D Slusser J lou Jr (Treosurer) R Heim S Huck (President). L Wegner ) Whitehurst D Slusser (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) The History Club is o new orgonizonon on compus thot wos recognized by the Student Council in the foil of 1979 It meets obout five times o semester ond is open to ony person ottendmg Millers-ville State College ond is interested in history. During the foil semester of 1979 the club held several fund-raising activities including selling ice creom in the dormitory lobbies, ond selling condy ot Christmas time. They also sponsored o trip to Rockford Plantation thot wos followed by a picnic. A very populor event sponsored by the History Club was a speech by Mr George Meyers on the Neuremberg Triols And completing the semester's events wos o softball gome between the History Club ond the history faculty. The odvisers to the History Club ore Dr Ronold Oenson. Dr Francis Bremer, ond Mr Jomes Jolly, oil staff members of the History Deportment here ot Millersville Student officers for 1979 President Suson Huck. Vice President Jane Edel. Secretary Down Boumgord. Treosurer Jake Low Junior Historian Susan Cossel. and Student Senote Representative Lorry Wagner. DownC Boumgord HISTORY CLUB History Club members discuss important topic concerning curtent issues (photo by Suson Huck) History Gub 2l ?COLLEGE CHOIR The College Choir consists of approximately eighty singers from various curnculums Each member is selected through audition by the director. The group performs several concerts throughout the yeor beginning with the musical portion of the Parent's Doy program The Christmas concert this yeor was o performance of the Christmas portion of Handel s “Messiah" The spring semester wos highlighted by the Spring Concert The xhoir. which rehearses twice o week allows those who ore so gifted to enrich ond enjoy their musicol talent The College Cho communicates the feelings through song (photo by lion Weils) A member of the College Choir joyfully sings out Mok ng sure everyone is m umson is the conductor (photo by Ron Wells) (photo by Aon Weds) To the human eye it's just o bunch of chicken scrotch but to the College Choir its purely mus«c (photo by Ron Wells) The eye of the comero takes on overoil view of the College Choir (photo by Ron Wells) 220 College ChouT»w»r. Front ( ow J Ge ii M AAoore . T Althouse. K Stnwoa W Compbell C Do-ley T DeGroncM G Kurrvnerer OockKow S Aiiwem S F'Shet M Doue- M Grobom F Zontontoi J. Orndorff N Oonon D. Klein J Stoivey (photo by Mono Studios Inc ) The post year for WIXQ hos been quite productive, os hove the years before Despite the recent shokeup in monogement. WIXQ hos been able to continue the wide diversity of music that it is famous for. Our programming is highlighted by our "specialty shows Some of those include the music of Doc Roc and his "Oldies but Goodies" show, featuring the sounds of the '50 s ond eorly '60 s. The Christian Album Countdown with hosts Korl Armstrong ond Gene Kummerer begins the broodcosting week This inspirotionol ond entertaining show is followed by Rop on Religion o tolk show feotunng Fother John Keoly dealing with current issues that concern the public Along with these "speciolty shows WIXQ features educational programming several times each week during the afternoon hours. Musically WIXQ offers the public o wide choice of listening Everything from dossidol music to new wove rock ond roll, disco soul to contemporary bluegross. os well os country rock ond top forty, con be heard on WIXQ AM ond FM between the hours of one in the ofternoon to one in the morning. seven days a week. In the neor future WIXQ will be increasing the power of the station by going from o ien-wott station to o 100-wott stouon. This will be o great step forward for the station Michoel D. Graham WIXQ With enthusosns Koit Armstrong txoodcovti ( x WIXQ (photo by Chris Wioteo) WlXQ 221STUDENT PSEA 'Student PSEA Is on undergraduate organization offilioted with the Notional Education Association and the Pennsylvania Stote Education Association Open to oil education majors, the goals of the orgonizotion include promoting opportunities for personal growth in the field of education ond stimulating the highest ideols of professional ethics, standards, ond attitudes. This year Student PSEA found itself in o period of rebuilding ond reorganizing Since membership from the previous year consisted moinly of seniors, much work hod to be done in order to fomilionze this year s members with the many ractivities ond opportunities ovoiloble for the orgorrtzotion Student PSEA is now pleased to boost o membership of nearly 100 future educators. It is hoped thot the organization will continue to provide these members with worthwhile, beneficial programs ond activities thot will oid them in both personol ond professional growth These activities include guest speokers. ideo exchange sessions, mixers, ond workshops on such topics os Behovior Monagement and dossroom discipline This yeor's officers ore President Penny Schwartz. Vice President Lisa McGee Secretory Pot Whitehurst, ond Treasurer Steve DiGuiseppe Penny Schwartz Front flow S DiGuiseppe (TceosureO. P Whitehurst (Secretory), L McGee (Vice President) P Schwonz (President). P Bishop (Advisor) Dock flow L Mostcrs D. Oulmo m McDonnell N Dcok (photo by Menn Studios) Penny Schwouc President—PSEA (photo by Tim Witter) INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS CLUB Front flow v Herzog M Viscordi Second flow K Stephen J Poroskevos A llico. D Nose C O Connell Oockflow £ Chnssos. C Fousnocht I Moctennon. D Frederick S Ortlip i Herr (photo by Menn Studios Inc) Presently open to oil women who hove participated in o varsity sport for ot leost one semester, the Intercollegiate Sports Club supports both women s ond men s sport ot Millersville It s members ore presently working on raising money for scholarship funds for women who excel in ony sport offered ot M.S.C. In doing this, the ICSC hopes to raise the enthusiasm in womens sports ond to finonciolly help out women who participate in sports. In the Spring of i960, the sports club sponsored the AETAW Division II basketball tournoment for women, which was held ot Millersville In the neor future the Intercollegiate Sports Club plons to be open to ony women who participate In o sport whether it be varsity or Junior vorsity. Officers for 1979-80: President P. Elliot. Vice President E Borberes. Secretory S Fosnocht. Treosurer C. O'Connell. Historians M Viscordi, M Nose ond J Achers Richard A. Yednock 222 PSEA—ICSCFrom Row l Mononi P Potterson (Vice President). C Frederick (Secretoiy) R Bootty (President). M Wullert (Treosorer) I Moyer K Sonford Dock Row l Oouser L Sporkenbough F Melon w Momoni (Advisor) S Scotton C lehrs 0 Hondley (photo by Menn Studios Inc ). Students come together lor winter closeness (photo by Christopher Wroten) RESIDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Resident Students' Association is composed of all resident students This organization provides services, coordinates activities and ossisis in governing resident students Students who reside in the dorms ore eligible to be part of the Activities Committee in the dorm RSA sponsors severol events each yeor including winter and spring semi-formals. o spring trip to the New Jersey shore (Wildwood), dorm design and sole of T-shirts, all-campus food soles coffee houses, and various holidoy parties and dances They olso provide recreational equipment to residence halls and ony other dorm needs os requested by dorm councils. Officers of the Resident Students Association President Rick Deotty Vice President Penne Patterson. Secretory Cathy Frederick and Treasurer Mane Wullert. President a ix) Mrs Du neon sit down for o relaxing dinner or the Winter Formol (photo by Christopher Wroten) Enjoying eoch other's compony I Ooettger ond R R»de» set o lightheoned mood (photo by Christopher Wroten) RSA 223COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB From Row M Kenvtn E Short Second Row 0 Trootmon. M Mermelstem M Nochejty (Secretory) T Coowoy (Vtce Preiidoot) R Yontz (Preudent). T Pugiiote C Moin Dock Row U Frost Jr J Heimon K Kone P Howe (photo by Merln Studios Inc.) The Computer Science Club invites interesting speakers to talk about current ond career interests.- tours various computer installations: ond shows current ond mformotrve films about every ospect of computers Some of the Computer Science Club s current projects include recycling used computer poper ond punched cords: DPMA membership: and the selling of T-shirts, flowchortmg templates, ond coding forms. They olso participate in annual Computer Science Deportment s Computer Science Day for area high school students, ond sponsors socials In order for Computer Science majors to fraternize with one onother. The officers for the 1979-80 ocodemic yeor ore President Robert O. Yontz. Vice President Thomos F. Conway. Jr. and Secretory-Treasurer Mory Ann Nochesty. Computer Science Newsletter Ed Short perform o tope mount with the oisistonce of tom Conwoy (photo Mory Nacheity engoges m o dotiy rubber bond fight in the compute room by Robert O Yontz) (photo by Robert O Yontz)EARTH SCIENCE CLUB The Earth Science Club is on organization for those people who ore interested in geology, oceanography meteorology, astronomy ond related areas. Their goal is to further advance learning experiences in the Earth Sciences. ond to provide social reloted activities for those involved. During the foil semester, the Eorth Science dub sponsored trips to Franklin and Morsholl College to attend seminars. They also met with the geology club from FGM in hopes of having some joint activities in the spring The club went to Grundy Observatory ot FGM ond the trip turned out to be very successful As in the foil, the Earth Science club sponsored trips held seminars, and went to FGM in the spring. Field trips were held, os wos a trip to Jim Thorpe to white water raft. On the weekend of March 10, the Eorth Science Club went to Philadelphia for the Geologicol Society of America convention, where exhibits were displayed, seminors held, and movies shown for those who had on interest in Geology The big event of the yeor thot all Eorth Science students look forword to is the Annual Eorth Science Club Picnic. At the end of the semester, the picnic is held at o nearby pork in Lancaster Here the members come together to talk. eot. ploy softball, ond just ploin hove a good time The officers are Casey Smith. President; Shelly Geiselmon. Vice President; Secretary. Brenda Miller: Treasurer. Jim Daniels. Shelly Geiselmon Gene Creegon ond Tom Fox exommeo geology specimen on Rodcty Field (photo by M 0 Mossier) (Oe'ow) Gorb Kistier grinds down o rock specimen on the loprdory wheel (photo by M 0 Mossier) Front Row 0 Mrller M Sette. 0 Kistlei Second Row J Domeis S Geiselmon I Sporkenbough Bock Row G Creegon C Smith T Fox (photo by M D Mossier) Checking out todoy s weother ore Dairy Wolton. Jim Domeis ond Monsso Sette. (photo by M D Mossier) Forth Science 22bBAND The foil seoson of 1979 proved very successful for the Morouder Morchmg Unit Not only did they give strong support to the football teom, and provide exciting half-time splendor but they also experienced their largest membership ever In its third year under the direction of Willis Rapp the Unit grew to 150 members. The officers oppointed for this yeor s Unit ore President ond Drum Mojor Dennis Cope Vice President. Tim Moore, Secretory Robin Hoch Majorette Coptom Borb Hor-tronft Silk Coptom Borb Swon; ond Rifles Captains Chris Burkholder ond Borb Zimmerman On September 30. 1979. the Marching Bond hosted tftfee other units in whot is to become on annual event—o Marching Bond Showcose Although the seoson consisted of mony long practices. the members enjoyed themselves ot various social events. They put on o party for Kutztown Stote Colleges visiting bond ond concluded the yeor with o formal bonquet. At the banquet, the members indulged in good food entertomment ond reflections of the seoson—which wos on accomplished one. JeonM Witt Wh.le marching upheld the Morouder Morching Unit forms their next position (photo by Steve AlesiQo.) tWn major Dennis Cope leods the pornopoting The front elements donee the con-con to the fight song (photo by Ron Wells) bonds onto the field fo the showcase (photo by Ron Wells) 226 OondThe m$C bond performs in the first onnuoi showcose in Biemsderfer Stodium m October of 1970 (photo by Nmo Dower) In o cloud of smoke the bond begins its holftimc performonce (photo by Steve ATesionO Stood-ng ot ottention Tommy Corte- con-temptotes her next move (photo by Don Welts) The percussjonists keep o steody rhythm (photo by Don Wells) omotrcoity lungmg toword the stonds the bond reoches the climox of their piece Wnot nd o ool nn l (photo by Don Wells) Dond 227GREEK COUNCIL Greek Council, under the direction of Dr. Thomson, is ossocioted with the well-being of the school Two members from eoch sorority and fraternity comprise the members of the weekly meeting The ideas for service projects gathered from Greek Council ore brought bock to eoch individual sorority ond froternity. Frequently, there ore guest speokers present ot the meetings to gom the aid ond support of the Greek Council. Their mojor fund-raising project this yeor hos been gathering contributions toword o scholarship fund Officers include: Dill Lovelle ond Deb LoCotto. presidents Scott Louro, vice president: Cindy Nopier, recording secretory. Karen Wright, treosurer; ond Dob Shortes. parliamentarian Pom Rusch Council member P kusch ond 0 Shortes listen intently os the« president speoKs (photo by Troy Witter) Dr Thompson Advisoi (photo by Troy Witter) Co-Presidents D McCardle ond 0 Lovelle ok ng with vKe president £ Jowes. discuss important cnteno concerning Greek Council (photo by Troy Witter) Front Aow m Ziegentuss C Nopier S Keener (Treosurer) D McCordle (Co Prevdent). D Lover.e (Co-President), E Jowes (Vice President) S Pngo M Tyler Second Row 0 Shortes C Trego A Morns J Wolter 0 licoto P fLusch s Loroh C koss J Stevens. Dock kow Dr Thompson (Advisor) (photo by Troy Witter) 226 Greek CouncilMr Poul Cowley AiMioni Pnnopol of Geoige Wojhmgton Elementofy School welcomes the UUE codets (photo by Ron Wells) UUE Night finds many interested freshmon cadet possibilities (photo by Ron Wells) Front Row L Wome J Ccypenter M Leon o E Miller 0 Rohm. S Smith R Wogner C Alboogh Dock Row M Horpe 0 Pinkerton S Ockveider. C Peters (photo by Menn Stwd»os Inc.) Not Pictored S DiGoiseppe D Anson M Conner, i Rytee 0 Kunkle S Fonzi. F K omer The Upgrading Urban Education progrom. more commonly known os UUE. is on educotionol progrom where freshmen get o toste of teaching. The progrom begins In the freshmon year ond continues for one semester per ocodemic year Thusly. the student becomes better ocquointed with the feel of teaching. The first three to four weeks of eoch semester ore spent on campus in intensive three-hour dosses The UUE codet then spends the remaining twenty-two Tuesdays ond Thursdoys working in the loncosier inner-city school system with culturally disodvontoged youngsters. A major emphasis thot is ingromed in the codets is on whoi is colled DICE. This stands for Dependability. Involvement. Core-Concern, ond En-thusiosm. The program's coordinator Mrs. Foy Kromer of the Educotionol Foundations Deportment, hos been the director of the progrom for the lost few years. One of the mottos of the progrom is "Kids ore people, too! The progrom also involves field trips, speakers, slide programs, fleo markets ond social parties Steven DiGuiseppe UUE 229SNAPPER Unity is important for any organization os is the cose with the SNAPPER Together the staff works os o teom in determining oil newspaper policies. Leading the group is Editor-in-Chief Peggy Colson Colson is responsible for the direction of the entire publication Joyce Morkley serves os the Associate Editor Her duties include helping to organize the entire poper Joe Stolvey is the News Editor His primory job is supervising the front poge of the SNAPPER He directs the chief commodity of news of interest ond concern to the MSC community Assisting Stolvey with the New deportment is Suson Yeokel. Vol Ellsworth Winter is the Commentary Editor. It is his duty to see that editorials ore printed in response to current issues in or affecting MSC Dove Shenk serves os the ossistont Commentary Editor To supplement the news, to entertain. to inform and to bring forth the humorous side of the MSC community is the job of Feoiure Editor Tern Morton. Assisting with the Feature deportment is Suson Miller ond Patti Kline The coverage of Morouder othletic events ond presentation of one of the most popular pages of the paper is the job of Sports Editor Joe Orndorff Serving Snoppr ed'tof-io-chief Peggy Colson contemplates on on imp xtont question (photo by Christopher Wroten) Snapper ond touchstone secretory M07 Lou KouM-mon ot worts (photo by Christopher Wroten) lim Kuti Dove Shenk Voi Winter ond Sue Yeokel discuss the loyout tor the next issue (photo by Christopher Wroten) The 1979 news editor (Jim Melhorno) ond i960 new editor (Joe Stolvey) work on then section (photo by Chnstoperh Wroten) os ossistont Sports Editors ore Jim Kutz ond Mike McDermott The Photogrophy Editor is Christopher Wroten Wroten Is responsible for oil photographs oppeoring in the poper Lisa Robinson serves os the Copy Editor Her job involves correcting oil gram-moticol ond spelling errors in ortides received by editors. The Advertising Manager is Barb Howord Howard is responsible for all advertisements thot appear in the poper Alisa McCombndge is the Business Manager. McCombndge is in charge of finonces money transactions, ond the budget of the SNAPPER The Circulation Manager, who is responsible for the distribution of the poper on doys of publication, is Frederick Solomon The advisor of the SNAPPER is Paul Belgrade This is Belgrade's first yeor with the poper. ond his job on the SNAPPER is to help students in technical matters. lend advice ond give moral support At MSC. he teaches both English Composition ond Journalism Terri Morton _________________________________________________________________• ■The Soopper stott discusses the chonge in (cxmot put rt effect in tKo i960 spring semester Clockwise P Colson J Morkley J Melhome ) Stolvey V Wmtei S Yeokel T Mon on ond S Miller (photo by Christopher Wroten) Commentory editor Vol E Winter od leotures editors Sue Yeokel Tern Morten ond Sue Miner won for the Editor P Colson conducts o meeting with o chit, popercmlqulng session tobogin (photo by Chnstopher Wroten) spoon (photo by Christopher Wroten Sue Yeokel cought by surprise by photogropher Chns Wroten (photo by Chnstopher Wroten) Front Row P Colson M; P Gelgrode ) Morkley Second Row 0 Mowoid A McCompodge S Yeokel I Robinson. J Kutz F Solomon T Morton, V Winter Dock Row P Kline J Stolvey J Omdorfl M Me Dermott C Wroten 0 Shenk (photo by Chnstopher Wroten) SNAPPER 231ARMY CORPS OF CADETS The Corps of Codets porticipotes in o wide voriety of activities, including trips to Fort Indiontown Gop. While visiting the Gop. the Corps engage in many activities which provide on opportunity to develop the characteristics of o good leader, for o possible coreer in the United States Army. These activities range from helicopter rides to rappelling from o fifty-foot tower This year the Codets hove established ties with the Notional Guard which enables the Codets to train with them The Codets olso enjoy other outdoor activities. They hove held o conoe trip in the oreo ond hove been backpacking in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Corps of Codets ore olso very active on compus. Each year the Corps sponsors o number of events ot Spring Fling, most notobly the parachutes, thot hove become port of the Spring Fling trodmon. Another tradition of Spring Fling is the Rope Bridges over the pond This enables the Corps to become involved with the entire Mlllersville compus (with o little ' wet'' entertainment). The Codets olso enjoy sponsoring o booth ot Spring Fling each year The Corps of Codets ot Mlllersville is open to oil students on compus. The majority of Codets ore involved in the ROTC program ot MSC The Codets enjoy participation in many challenging activities both physically ond mentolly. As o result of their participation In ROTC and the challenges they engage in. the Codets. IF they choose, may enter into the Officer Corps of the United Stotes Army They would then resume o challenge, thot being assuming the responsibility and leadership necessary to leod our nation into possibly the most dynamic decode in history, the challenging 60 s!! The present officers of the Block ond Gold Corps of Codets are: Debbie Zonkl. president: Carlos Hampton, vice president; Curt Richards and Kit Patterson. treasurers; Lloyd McDaniels and Mike Bennei. secretaries, ond Jeff Lud-wick. controller. The ROTC Color Guard, which is port of the Corps, has been recognized for their participation in the 1979 Jack Frost' parade held in loncoster this past year Debbie Zonkl Coders leom scoimg techniques ot Fort indion Town Gop. (photo by Mojor Gene Heymon) Conoemg proves to be one of the more enjoyable experiences for A Rosas ond V Peterson (photo by Mojor Gene Heymon) Codets stand stroight ond toll for inspection (photo by Major Gene Heymon) 232 ROTC Front now C Richords. C Hompton . I McDoniels D Zonkl, J Dennett A Polen. M Mongiluu OockRow M Costo. C Elder. V Jocobs W. Mullen. 5. Miller. E Heymon C Kendig. C Patterson A Rosos (photo by Menn Studios. Inc.) M5C Army Corps of Codets Color Guord T Thomos. A Rosos V Willioms 0 Zonkl. ond K Patterson display their technique during the Homecoming Porade (photo by Mojor 6cne Meymon) I Fronk O Doy and OKI Mullen procttce on the Leadership Reocuon course ot Fort Indion Town Gop (photo by Mojor Gene Heymon) (Detow) Codets K Patterson I Thomos and C (Below) Sea rationing boxes ore mouth watering temptotions lor F O Ooy 0 Grube. ond T Thomos Richords build up heorty appetites after a hard (photo by Mojor 6ene Heymon) work-out (photo by Mojor Gene Heymon) WICKERS Front Row 0 Shones D. Henderson. C J Giutii 0 Trout G Yetter Dock Row J Marks I Norns. a Pemculus M Volkert R Froley J Akers A Dench O Turner ) Mostro onrv Not Pictured J MorChone S Ptevoznik. M Anono. K Shorts (photobyMerm Studio . Inc.) Wickers is o social fraternity that strives to promote brotherhood, o more vibrant social atmosphere, ond on increased awareness of ond participation in cultural activities During the 1979-1980 school yeor the fraternity sponsored activities such os a softball morothon for the United Woy. Thanksgiving fruit boskets to shut-ins. a watermelon stand ot Spring Fling, ond o Dowl-o-Thon for the Greek Scholarship Wickers also took second ploce in the floot contest during Homecoming The officers of Wickers Fraternity President John Morchione. Vice President Dan Turner. Treosurer Joe Mostroiani. pledgemosters Don Trout ond Don Turner Hisionon Rick Fraley. Corresponding Secretory Jeff Akers. Recording Secretory Tony Morris, and Porliomentonon C. J. Gulli. Lon Jo Pfeiffer 234 '0 .Cker OMEGA THETA SIGMA Omego Theta Sigma is o social service sorority commonly Unown os OTS We Strive for individuality therefore I don't believe we hove o stereotype, but o rather tight-knit group of unique individuals. I believe it is this characteristic that mokes us strong We do our shore of service projects ond fund roisers. but a lot of our efforts ore in having o good time To many, this may be termed rowdy and irresponsible. but to the sisters it is o woy of letting off steom and not buckling under the pressures of college life Many times the sisters con be found singing ond dancing for no particular reason other than enjoying each others compony and hoving fun. Fraternity mixers, scavenger ond keg hunts. Homecoming. Spring Fling ond our formols highlight our year. P. Andres From Row s Detterfine. I Shorter Second Row A Stinson 0 Rogers 0 Mo'okovus K Penrose F Moioih M Kinmcr Oock Row K Deschomps R Rhodes S Cooper S Friu C White C Plomchok (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) Gommo S»gmo Aipho ond S«gmo Too performs then trophy winning skit which wos put on ot Greek Skit Night (photo by Kate Moron) (Oelow) K Gottuso ond C Smith display then talents in front of soronty members (photo by Ron Wells) That s Entertommem (photo by Kote Horon) O 01 235PHI LAMBDA SIGMA Front Row C O'Connell 0 Frederick 0 Douben A Rico J Poroskevos P Pry K Whisler S Young Second Row L Chichester D K Clippinger M Curtm K Stephen D Oowders W Chester T Cor- tei P Elliott L Skolo Third Row S Mikelsons. 0 Moronko. C Kontor. S Doll V Scheid S DePoul 0 Corns S Leclerc P Cotognus J. Ronkm K Gorloski Dock Row j Herr P Love D Gilchrist L Yotemon C Hood D Holy C Drennon J Teremok M Lewis K MosteHer D Nose M Hirok (photo by Menn Studios. Inc.) Originated in 1965 Phi Lombdo Stgmo is o locol service sorority serving the surrounding oreo ond college community Recognizoble by their moroon ond white jockets ond red rose, the sorority hos grown quite lorge in the lost few yeors. On compus. Phi Lombdo Sigmo joined Phi Sigmo Pi in building the first-ploce homecoming float ond in supporting the Marauder footboll team ot home gomes. Involved in many service projects, the Christmas Adoption Progrom for underprivileged children in Loncoster highlighted the foil agenda The sisters work oil year through with charities ond organizations by providing funds ond willing honds. An onnuol spring project is the pmg-pong toss booth ot Spring Fling Other onnuol functions for the sorority include o semi-formol in both the foil ond the spring for the sisters os well os joining fraternities ond sororities on compus for social off airs Stephanie DePoul the first pkxc floot Morse ond Doggy constructed by Phi lombdo Sgr-na ond Phi Sigmo P. (photo Courtesy of Public Retonons) 236 DAIPHI SIGMA PI P Geoghoo ond P Wnmer (photo by Meon Front Row R Hetov J Poiembo. Sitting D Zmn, J Whitehurst J Peightol. S (Sinter 0 Krothp J Dothlow Studios Inc.) Dock Row S O Gu seppe J Levon R Trinodel R Noveilo G Duel' Missing 0 Allen D Young I Rom py M Do'der (photo by MtrinStudios. Inc.) Phi Sigmo Pi. Notional Honor Fraternity. Sigmo Chopter. is the oldest fraternity on campus Founded in 1934 it is geored toword scholarship, leadership ond fellowship. Through this tripod, the Sigmo Chopter is known to get oraund on ond off campus The present officers of the 1979-1980 school yeor ore: Potrick Witmer. President: Gory Duell, Vice-President Robert Helm Secretory John Porembo. Treasurer; Steven DiGuiseppe ond Dovid Zinn. Historians: ond J Potrick Whitehurst Parliamentarian. How does Phi Sigmo Pi function ond get oraund? The answer to the question lies in the fraternity's activities. Working with the Council of Exceptional Children plus having Halloween ond Christmas Parties ond o Spring picnic ore some of the fraternity s mony functions. Working with others builds fellowship ond friendship in mony ways During the years. Phi Sigmo Pi participates in mony school functions At graduation, the brothers usher along with the sisters of Kappo Phi Epsilon. Ushering ot "Pippin' the school musical ond the Dolphin show plus serving os the technicol crew, highlighted the school yeor. Phi Sigmo Pi olso constructed the Annual Floot for the homecoming parade This year's entry. Horse ond Buggy built with Phi Lombdo Sigmo won first ploce. Since this is their third consecutive yeor for winning first ploce, they ore now allowed to keep the trophy. Also awarded to the Sigmo Chapter, was the Joseph Torchio Award which is presented annually to three outstanding chopters for their service ond dedication to the college ond community. This yeor morks the eighth consecutive yeor ttyDt the Sigmo Chopter eorned this award. Some other fraternity functions include on Alumni picnic held onnuolly. social parties, mixers with sororities, calendars. grondporent odopnon. working with minority students, ond hot dog soles, to name o few ‘ Bound by their ties of friendship , the brothers hove o semester pledge program. Pledges wear purple and gold ormbonds with the three Greek letters of the fraternity (pin During pledge time exchanges, pledge activities. ond brotherhood help ore emphasized Sigma s chapter odvisers ore Mr Gerald Burkhordt. Registrar: ond Dr Richord Meily of the Elementary Educotion Deportment. Steven DiGuiseppe ® i n 237ALPHA SIGMA TAU SIGMA The Beto loto chopter of the Alpho Sigmo Tou sorority hos been recognized on the compus of Millersville Stote College os o port of o notionol sorority since Moy 1 1976 Prior to thot time it wos o locol sorority known os Koppo Alpho Tou. At present. Beto loto hos 26 collegiate members The purpose of the sorority is to promote the ethical, cultural, ond social development of us members. This is achieved within the sorority by moking it necessary for members to leorn to work closely ond cooperote with other members who moy hove different backgrounds ond interests All members ore encouraged to remom'individuols while learning to become responsible members of o notionolly recognized organization The motto of AST is to be Active, Self-relioni. Trustworthy ' Some of the activities in which the chapter participates each semester include a sorority growth and development project, to enhance the cultural development of each member: participation in a local service project to roise funds for local non-profit organizations, enhancing college life through participation in compus activities such os the Homecoming porode Spring Fling festivities ond intramural sports OackRow J C Slump G Heyrv T Weave I Prott T F.sher Second Row G Crude V Wrfjon T Connor K McGroth. C K.rk S Pihoker Front Row P Rusch. C Shorter Not Pictured L Monn M Verspnlle C Greenfield. C Moxley (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) AST is also o member of the Notional Ponhellenic Conference which is designed to foster introfroternity relationships and to cooperote with colleges and universities in maintaining the highest scholastic ond soool stondords As o member of the NPC the sorority porticipotes in notional philanthropic projects, one of which is assisting in programs to benefit emotionally disturbed children. Alpho Sigmo Tou hos also hod a long history of support for the Pine Moumoin Settlement School for Exceptional Children in Bledsrow. Kentucky. The donations from collegiate ond alumni chopters ore used for the Ecology Library ond oudio visuol material The first four years of Beto loto hove given fulfillment and satisfaction to mony women It is the hope of the members thot the future will hold mony rewording moments of coring and sharing for every person thot will come in contact with AST. MoiyT Versprille Front K Deo G V es Second Row A Rtcao C McOure A Groce. J Mom. I Doghitxii J MocKenzre. E Sundermon M Sermon Dock Row K Person. A Ckxk ) Corpeate 0 McCordie. C McDoogoil D Ucoto J Rignom K McCartney Not Pictured V Leber P McGee D Rymon (photo by Menn Studios. Inc.) OMEGA Founded in 1967. Sigmo Phi Omega is o social service soronty. and women who hove completed at least 12 credits ond hove QPA of ot least 2.0 ore eligible to pledge The soronty supports college academics, athletics, ond social functions ond strives to promote good compus ond community relations. Their motto is Service to ond Faith in Others'. which exemplifies their concern for ond respect of all mankind The symbol of their soronty stonds os o safeguard against apathy and intolerance The sorority colors ore silver ond blue, silver for learning ond living ond blue for loyolty. Their flower is the long stemed white rose chosen for its beouty ond purity Sigmo Phi Omego’s most recent projects hove been collecting for UNICEF ot the homecoming game ond working with the elderly Gmny Sines 206 AlT-IdiOWRESTLING BELLES Front Row M Cullmon K M Kenvtn, L Volloce L Yotemon Dock Row Lond.s 0 Rhodes A Schkkermon C Smith 0 Cnstofono L Lebrun K Miller 0 Rondoli I Rudegeo- Not Pictured R Rose (photo by Scott) Exoctly who ore those girls behind the Millersville Stote College wrestling teom? The Wrestling Belles support the wrestling teom and help them out in mony ways They help Keep statistics, public relations, scorekeeping ond do general secretory work for the coaches In addition, the Belles sponsor the annual Belles Tournament. The girls con be found on the tobies keeping time Most of the scholarship money comes from Belle sponsored events. The Belles officers for the 1979-1980 year ore: President Lisa Rudegeoir; Vice President. Meg Cullmon Secretary. Lisa LeBrun Treosurer Lon Wallace. Historian, Kothy Wise These girls deserve o round of op-plouse for aiding the wrestling teom in every which woy. except for wrestling themselves Marjone Kenvin The Society of Physics Students is composed of students interested in increasing their knowledge of physics. The Physics Club arranges trips and tours to places that would enhance a physics student's understanding of his physics studies. During October the Society of Physics students sponsored a trip to Washington. D C., where they went to the Smithsonian Institute, spending all doy observing the exhibits. In November the club went to Penn State to the Applied Science ond Research Center where they were able to observe the ocousticol research physics lob. The topic of the day was Super Conductivity ond Fifth Sound with Liquid Helium " Later on in the month, the Physics Club took o trip to the Armstrong Reseorch ond Development Center. Here they were exposed to different types of reseorch. The Society of Physics Students olso orranges for guest speakers to come on campus to lecture on their oreo of interest. One of the speakers was the Dean of Engineering ot Drexel University who spoke on the careers available in the field of engineering In the spring. Dr Steve Stonic of Penn Stote presented on interesting lecture on "Schleonng." The club olso conducts o tutoring program for people toking 100 ond 200 level physics courses Officers ore: John ‘Pot'' Kelly, president: Jock Supp. vice president. Mike Kent, secretory: and Joonne Gun-solles. treasurer Showing her enthuMOSm o wrestling belle turns her bock on the comero (photo by Robm Rose) PHYSICS CLUB Front Row J Supp M Kent ) Peightel J Ke»iy Dock Row K Phon Q Nhom G Schm.dt (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) Robin Rose ond Kothy Wise discuss the previous n.ghts wrestling motch (photo by Oorry Wotton) Fran Harnotkiewicz Belles- Physics 209ART STUDENTS ORGANIZATION The Art Students Orgonizotion is comprised of students who ore interested in continuing their knowledge in the area of commerciol ort. During the foil semester, they took field trips to New York City. Philadelphia, ond Washington. D C. Not only do they visit famed galleries of ort. but some of their ort work hos been on exhibit from time to time at vorious galleries throughout the oreo Published monthly is their newspoper. Focal Point This paper is for ASO members exclusively ond contains mony oreos of interest for the group Focol Point includes activities, techniques, ond upcoming speakers. Activities of the club include: o job file for oustide critiques on given ort assignments ond two mon shows by ASO members in Swift Gallery in Breidenstine deoling with the fine arts, commerciol arts ond photography. Viewed are techniques used in the different art oreos olso. Speokers Include commercial ortisis who ore financially secure and stoff from private ort institutions. The officers for this year ore: Jeff Boioc-chi. Fall President: Lori Roberts. Spring President and Vice President: Jane Kor-per. Secretory; Liso Nickerson. Treosurer. From Row: I Pednclv L Nickerson (Treosurer), E Rivero. I J Roberts (President) Dock Row D Zion. ) Doiocchi (President), J Korper (Secretory). A Krall. R Hommer (Photo by Menn Stucfcos. Inc.) HILLEL Hillel is the on-compus Jewish students' orgonizotion which unites those interested in learning obout their culture. This year, the Hillels sponsored o lecture by C Brook Peters, ond a very successful Honukkoh Dinner ot the J.C.C. They attended dinners given by the Newman House and the United Campus Ministry MSCs Hillel group olso attended o sob-both sukkot dinner ot Franklin and Marshall College in Loncosier as well os numerous kiddushes A hoyride wos held in November ond the rest of the yeor included guest lectures, trips, dinners. ond holiday services. In November of 1979. Hillel learned of a new advancement. The Hillels found out that they would be sharing the United Campus Ministry house. Moving in the UCM house holds mony o new opportunity and o path to move on to more octivities. The officers of the yeor were. Co-Presidents. Steve Shermon ond Suzanne Johnson; Vice President. Pomelo Boog; Treosurer. Jodi Leshner Steven A. DiGuiseppe From Row S Shermon. S Levy Second Row: P Borg. S Johnson. T Gotfryd H Podolm. Dock Row Dr J Fischel. B Kissler. D McGroin. M Lozorus. J Leshner (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) 240 ASO-Hillei Front Row I Smith. C Ege $ levit K Corey Second Row I Cromer K Gobhort. R White. L Oreminger S Mortm L Thomos (Secretory). S Miller (President), J Outler (Treosurer) E Doohon S Neimon L Oplmger Bock Row A ZeUnski. A Hoppel. K. Perogo S Smeltzer. L Schuemer K Robinson J Guess K. Siddoll. C Holl (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB FRENCH CIRCLE Le Cerde Froncois promotes interest in the French longuoge ond enlorges its member s understonding of the culture of the French speaking peoples. The French Club holds such activities os on onnuol soiree, o French dinner the observance of French holidays, ond o junior yeor abroad presentation. The French Circle also put on the ploy The Imaginory Involid by Charles Durond. The play was very successful and paved the way for future productions by the French Circle. Front Row. L Pennington I Long. S Willis, C VoSOli Bock Row J Choi G McGoughey. K. Clippmger H Phon. L Cromer L Vonotto (photo by Menn Studios, Inc.) the French Club performs the ploy the Imogmory Involid by Chorles Durond (photo by Jeonne Roy)STUDENT GOVERNMENT Front Row R Holm. P Reynolds I Long, J Momhold Second Row A Morris. T Andrews. S Swovely M Kendnck. N Oswell (Recording Secretory), 3 Drudi M Moyer Third Row 0 Alien (Treosurer). S Hock, V Jockson P Shutt T Showers. Dock Row N Pornsh G Jeter J Akers, G Stephens (President). 0. Leminger (Corresponding Secretory). W Kre der (photobyMenn Stud«os. Inc.) The Student Senote opproves the constitution of every compus orgonization, delegotes responsibility to its constituent groups, ond distributes octivity fee funds ond. when necessory. emergency ollocotions to recognized college clubs ond orgomzations. These decisions ore subject to approval by the College president. As the governmental body of the students, the Senate's role, os on integral component in the administration of the College, is working in conjunction with the faculty ond odministrotion on oil policies of the College Student representatives sit on oil mojor committees with full voting privileges. Consultation with the students is on inherent step prior to ony mojor decisions. The Student Senote provides participation for its members in sound governmental procedures Students ore consequently given avenues for the development of innovative ond creotive programs for the College. Such involvement fosters on open ot-mosphere of communication within the College community. Block ond Gold PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Front Row; P Anostosto P Pockord. K Collins. C Dkxkbum Second Row M Curon (President) 0 Hess. L Houseknecht (Secretory) 0 Story W Homsher (Treosurer). Dr S Luek-Keeo (Foculty Advisor) Oock Row L Roser N Adorns. A Gobei T Eberly S Derg, T Oums. S. Morker L Hessefbocher C Rex (photo by Merrn Stu J os Inc The Psychology Club of Millersville Stote College provides vonous opportunities for MSC students to experience odditional information about psychology outside their regulor ocodemic activities. Activities include bimonthly movies, speakers field trips, ond psychology socials. The club also promotes o close ocodemic relationship with psychology faculty ond personnel. Although they receive no awards or honors, the Psychology Club does give on oword onnuolly for the student who hos performed on outstanding job both ocodemicolly ond in his her job in the Psychology Club The officers for 1979-80 ore President Monico Curtin. Vice President Shown Johnson. Secretory Lynn Houseknocht. Treosurer Woyne Homsher. ond Steering Committee members Dove Hess. Leslie Roser. Becky Ostermoyer. ond Brendo Story. Lori Jo Pfeiffer 242 Student Government-Psych CkibFront Row 0 Slower Second Row m Moyer (Prevdent) J Rhodes Oock Row L Jones. L Krehner P Pr . G Reede. I. On ce P Schwortz T (Treosurer) C Drown (Vice President) M Kendrick 0 Rohrobough R-li D Sundoy m Homriton (photo by Mer.n Studios Inc ) (Corresponding Secretory). L Mosters 0 Horn. A Rogowski 0 Slusser ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpho Beto Alpho is the compus froternity consisting of educotionol medio mojors ond minors. Its purpose is to further professionol knowledge in the educotionol medio ond promote fellowship omong libronons. The colors representing this speoolized froternity ore deep purple ond white, ond o pledge period of twelve weeks is required before induction into the froternity tokes ploce Pledging consists of weonng o purple bodge contoming in white the letters ABA for one week, ond serving the froternity through fund-roisers ond octivities until induction ot the end of the semester At the induction ceremony the pledges themselves provide the entertomment Fund-roisers for this yeor included the supervision of concession stonds ot Morouder footboll gomes ond the selling ond distribution of Hershey Kisses on Volentine's Doy. The froternity olso held o get-together picnic, o trip to the Loncoster Public Librory ond they hosted o guest speaker Eliot Wiggm-ton. author of Foxfire The academic yeor will be wrapped up with o banquet inMoy. Officers for the froternity ore President Mary Moyer. Vice President Cindy Brown. Recording Secretory Lori Mest. Corresponding Secretory Beth Rohrobough. Treosurer Jenny Rhodes. Pledgemosters Doris Horn ond Vicki Bollinger Historian Kim Lewis, ond Fund-roiser Bob Klersy. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA From Row P Reynolds (President) 0 Hines Dock Row L Willioms (Recording Secretory) T Wynn (Vice President) E Overton (Corresponding Secretory) (photo by Menn Studios Inc.) ADA AKA 243DELTA PHI ETA Sisters Unlike the other sororities ot Millers-ville, Delto Phi Eto is designed to recognize the academic excellence of the female students on compus. In addition to the honorary aspects of this organization, members ore also given the opportunity to participate in service activities thot benefit both the community ond enrich the lives of those who willingly donote themselves ond their time. Throughout the yeor the members take port in o wide variety of projects. For organizations such os the March of Dimes, Concer Society. Cerebral Polsy. Multiple Sclerosis Association for the Blind, Cystic Fibrosis Volunteer Branch of Lancaster Lung Association, ond the Amencon Heart Association, the sisters devote time doing office work, telephoning distributing literature, ond providing help with carnivals ond Pledges morothons. At Chrisimostime they go caroling for the senior citizens ond help wrap pockages for the Easier Seal Society However, the mom project thot the sisters ore involved with is the organization ond running of the annual donee morothon. All of the proceeds from this event ore donoted to the Americon Heart Association. The morothon is iroditionolly held in the spring, ond the long hours spent in preparation ore well worth the final product. All in oil becoming o port of Delto Phi Eto is both o reword for outstanding achievement ond o rewording experience through helping others Koren Fairchild front Row $. Gentzler. S. Hunt K Nelson, 0. Miller. I Koppenhouer 0 Mulcohy. P Anostosio P Elliott Second Row E Geohon. E. Tolley, 0 Fry. A Hoppel M Nochesty J Frcnkhouser, M McFalls 0. Kisilcr Dock Row C McDougall. G Dowen L Mcloughlin S Miller M Rocchi. A McGonn (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) Front Row P Schwartz. K Weaver A Schlickermon L Pizzuusso Second Row M Pena R Newcomer K Foirdvid (Recording Secretory) A Whitmon (Vice President), S Coombs. 0 Outts (President). L Hudson (Corresponding Secretory) Dock Row A luz D ArbucWe P Pockord D Humphreys L Crouch K Most M Wullert J Dyme J Weidler (photobyMertnStudios Inc) (Delow) Front Row G Orody J StouWer Dock Row C Patterson (Treosurcr). m Weidinger (Secretory). J Fosnocht (President), (photo by Menn Studios, Inc ) A service froternity. Chi Gommo loto aids ex-servicemen ond women who desire to further their eduonon. The froternity sponsors social ocvitmes ond service projects Both veterans ond non-veterons ore eligible to join The froternity hos no pledge program however, new members ore voted on by the froternity ond admitted upon obtaining o mojonty vote Officers for 1979-80 ore President J. Fosnoct Treasurer C. Patterson. Secretory M Weidinger Block ond Gold CHI GAMMA IOTAGAMMA SIGMA ALPHA Front Row S Dolig. V Smith. S Moth M Corroll S House' Second Row J Blouch K Joniszewski. l Phillips l Oohrmon H Sheeky Oock Row A Offner J Depfer m Young i WoUer 0 Oowen R Olouch (photo by Menn Studios. Inc ) Front Row T DJohnson (President). J Zidzik (Secretory) 0 Miller (Vice President). J Comocchione (Treosurer). T Sopkon h Second Row 0 Hicks. G Dotes Oock Row P McGorry R Wilson J Ooli M Choroneko R Stobley m Killion (photo by Menn Studios Inc ) Gommo Sigmo Alpho is o service ond socioi sorority founded in 1966 ot MSC The sorority’s colors ore green ond gold ond their moscot is o turtle. The sisters ore involved in socioi octivities os well os seivice projects for the benefit of the college ond community. Their socioi octivities include o Sping formol. mixers with other froternities ond sororities, o booth ot spring Fling ond pledging. Service octivities include Christmas corolling ot the Longs Home for the Elderly collecting money ond clothing for Goodwill. working ot the Americon Cancer Society’s carnival ond wropping Christ-mos packages at Pork City for the benefit of Cystic Fibrosis. The officers for Spring 1980 ore President Dev Dager. Vice President Dorb Bowen Treosurer Mory Young. Recording Secretory Helen Sheeky. Corresponding Secretory Sondy Spreeman, Senior Adviser Shirley House Pon-Hel-Representotive Becky Porsons. ond Historion Cindy Myers. Lou Ann Phillips GAMMA PI A local service fraternity. Gommo Pi centers its goals around the promotion of friendship, loyolty ond brotherhood In recent yeors. the froterniiy hos been involved in several mojor service projects. including the Gommo Pi annual fruit bosket sole. The fraternity also participates In intramural competition. Homecoming. Spring Fling ond Greek Weekend activities. The officers for the Spring of i960 ore Gory Botes—President. John Zidzik—Vice President. John Doll—Treosurer. Block ond Gold ALPHA PHI ALPHA (Below) Front Row A Lone (Secretory) C Perez (V.ce President) A Moms (President). H Condie Oock Row C Anderson (Treosurer) W Richordsoo (photo by Menn Studios Inc)DELTA SIGMA THETA Dock Row R 0o«d A Kelsey J Young Front Row R Doirfield D Proper. 5 Oirve (photo by Kevin Dixon) Delto Sigmo Theto Sorority is o Notional Public Service Greek letter organization. Its membership is comprised predominately of Block women and deols with such issues as: the future of Block women, youth; reclamation of inactive sorority members, community involvement ond notional affairs. Delto is o prestigious Block organization thot. since 1913. hos been serving the community, os well os the notion at large Her membership includes over 95.000 women stretching from West Germany to Dominican Republic to every state in the United Stotes. Here oi Millersville Delto women also emphasize the importance of service. Throughout the post few years Delto Sigmo Theto hos been involved in numerous activities from conned good drives ot Thonksgivmg. to the Toys for Tots program in Lancaster. Delto is on organization founded on love ond moral principles emphosizmg sisterhood, love ond community service de-emphosizmg the sociol side of sorority life Denise Draper KAPPA DELTA PHI M McKcown T DoCxandis. and M Foucher disploy their pledging costume (photo by Richord Yednock) Front Row S Stotner A Rogowski, D Smith Second Row S McCohon K Moyer K Wnght K lowler S Troxeli C Cossidy M Milles Dock Row S Howe!' L Toze C Trego L Stotz. C Ferry Pledges Standing M McKeown L Affeldt Sitting M Foucher T Deg'ondis. (photo by Menn Studios Inc) Kappo Delto Phi was chartered os o social sorority on December 14 1967 Among its social activities ore exchanges ond mixers with the vonous fraternities on compos The sorority constructs on onnuol Homecoming fioot. ond hos o booth each year ot Spring Fling Koppo Delto Phi also hos onnuol Christmos ond Spring Formols Koppo Delto Phi provides many services to MSC ond the Millersville community Each year the sorority prepores holidoy food boskets for the needy This post year the sisters volunteered their time to work ot the Ghost Monor Haunted House for Multiple Sclerosis. The sorority moscot is the Roggedy Ann. 246 4 I e -K6®Front Row G Obe ly (Tteosurer) I Truscott P Monnino. Second Row J Horst. Dock Row 0. Richie D. loStovsc S Keener. I Lengel, C Gorscn. S Hewlett R Adorns. P Roeis. R Feeser (President). D Morx, C Rossi M Loroh V Veisbergs. 0 Richie. W McGrorty (photo by Menn Studios Inc) SIGMA TAU GAMMA Sigmo Tou Gommo was the first notional social fraternity ot MSC. It promotes brotherhood among men along with soaol and acodemic success. The first fraternity was founded in 1920 ot Central Missouri State and seventy other chapters hove developed across the notion since then Sig Tou visits with other chapters of their fraternity, ond hold o White Rose formol in the spring. Sig Tou consists of men who hove completed ot leost one semester and hold a 2.0 QPA or higher Some of it's officers ore President R. Feeser and Treasurer G. Oberly. Block ond Gold (Oelow) From Row S. Cottrell. E. Jones. J Johnson Oock Row J Poige. K Stewart M. Denico K Dorgon A Wytey (photo by Menn Studios, Inc ) KAPPA ALPHA PSI nr - kauj 247SIGMA PI S Pngo D Shilone C Richords. Jr M Homer (photo by Mertn Studios Inc ) MU ALPHA KAPPA A sociol fraternity. Mu Alpha Koppo (MAK) promotes brotherhood among its members MAK s social activities include weekly open parties, os well os mixers with several sororities. Involvement m the intramural progrom here at Millersville is an important ospect of MAK's social activities As o service to the community MAK members are involved in the Dig Drother orgonizotion of Lancaster They enjoy working with the young boys ond consider it an exciting experience. Student officers for 1979 ore President Fred Front Row 0 Archibald K Lovery (Secretory). T Holloron D Oachmon (Treasurer) ft F.scher (Vice President) Dock Row 0 Sommons H Lesi-e R Allied (President), D Smith 0 Geter (photo by Mertn Studios Inc.) (Qotow i MAK ond friends show oft their toients to the comera (photo by Mertn Studios Inc.) Dombach. Vice President Norm Elios. Secretory Kevin Louey Treasurer Dove Dochmon. and Pledge Master Paul Kelly. Diehard A. YednockSIGMA PHI DELTA Sigmo Phi Delto is o social ond service sorority of Millersville Stote College The sisters of Sigmo Phi Delto ore interested in strengthening their college friendships ond exponding their college experiences. Through voried activities, the sisters become more owore of themselves os humons ond team to work with ond for others. In addition to social activities we participate in intramural sports ond sponsor service projects benefiting both the college ond the community Sigmo Phi Delto was founded in 1966 by eight undergraduate women Through pledging every semester our sorority hos been going strong ever since it wos founded. Like many other sororities on campus we also hove o moscot. This moscot is our blue ond white elephant, which con be seen on our fliers ond posters advertising our teos during pledging. We ore involved in vorious service projects throughout the school year. At the beginning of the semester we hostess ot the home football gomes The sisters also moke o floot for the homecoming gome which is displayed m the parade before the game Apple Tag Day during November wos another project the sorority participated in and Front Row H McGroerty (Correspond-ng Secretory) 0 DoOinder C McGough (Recording Secretory) Second Row C Nop ei (Treosu«e . S Geubtner (President). C Ciitso Dock Row M Koren W Giodoiter F. LeFevert Advisor) V Fernondez C Terry (Vice President). E Oimitl 0 Trompeter M McNomora (photo by Merm Studios Inc ) which wos a great success. During the Chnstmos seoson, we wrap gifts ot Pork City for Cerebral Palsy ond sing carols ot the homes for the aged. The weekend we all look forward to is Spring Fling where you will see the sisters of Sigmo Phi Delta We hava o booth, where for the post few years we hove sold ham- burgers. Being a member of o sorority is an experience for any women on compus to take advantage of. When you see girls wearing jockets with the symbols of I D A they ore sisters of the proud sorority of Sigmo Phi Delto. Sharon Geubther Delta Sigmo Chi is o locol fraternity dedicated to the art of having o good time During the foil semester our good times peak with our Rocktoberfest ond Dort Tourney The Rocktoberfest. conceived from the German festival, is a rousing, outdoor. all day affair featuring the best locol bond talent and a festival at mosphere The Dort Tourney must hove descended from the finest English pub Anyone con enjoy the competition that is feotured where winning snores a trophy, ond anything less is just os fun When spring rolls around the following semester, the fever catches everyone Our Spring Fling picnic celebrates the seoson with all the exuberance the fever demands. Bonds, food, ond contests highlight the all day offoir. Other octivites include our Conestogo Regotto. semi-onnuol formals. ond Hoppy Dick s Marching Kozoo Band at Homecoming. Richard Morris DELTA SIGMA CHI Front Row G Weidner. D WoiKer (Treasurer). T Dog A Esunger (Vico President). G Nunyo (President) Dock Row E Wodd. D Griffin (Vice President). S Miller K Kumo. A Krotzer. (photo by Mena Studios. In ) I X A - A Z X 24dGERMAN CLUB The German Club promotes interest in the culture and longuage of German speaking nations ond provides unity for the German section of the foreign languoge deportment. The club is recognized as on affiliate member of the Notional Federation of Students of German. During the year, the German Club sponsors a series of German longuage movies, o foshing party guest speakers, a Germon dinner, and o booth at Spring Ring, The club is primarily composed of MSC Students ond German speaking people Block ond Gold Front ftow $ Miller. L Schuemer L Oteininger. S Kline S Vondran. Dock Row ft While A. Ctossen S Miller (Vice President) C Hall M Holinowsky(Pres'dent), K Corey (photo by Menn Studios. Inc .) INDUSTRIAL ARTS SOCIETY The Industrial Arts Club is on organization which is open to all Industrial Arts majors Through the use of lectures, displays, ond field trips, the IA Society promotes professionalism Once a month, they hove a seminar which enhonces the members' overoll view of Industrial Arts. At these seminars they hove speakers who tell obout such things os molding metol, blowing gloss, ond even carving tombstones. The members find these talks very stimulating as they do the disploys ond field trips Peggy Neben Hinson front flow A ftoist C Plomdrok (Secretory) m Wise (President). L Smith (Vece President). M Memmo (Treosvre.) Dock (low Mr v Houck (Co ). ft Trznode) Mr G Heckmon (Co Advisor), (photo by Merm Studros Inc OUTING CLUB The MSC Outing Club provides on opportunity for every student or foculty member ot Millersville Stote College to octively porticipote in outdoor octivities. Its purpose is to provide activities for oil levels of achievement, planning ond organizing trips—both local, distant, ond long range, to develop skills through octivities, ond to improve physicol ond mental well-being The Outing Club provides the student who is interested in the outdoors ond outdoor sports activities on opportunity to leorn through speakers, films, ond excursions. This yeor s octivities hove included comping, coving, ropellmg. white water rafting, soaring, doy hikes, ond bock-pocking; olso long-distance trips to Shonendoah. VA. Florida (Spring Break), ond on end of semester West Trip. The Outing Club is o great woy to experience the Great Outdoors ond hove fun ot the some time' Officers include: President, Beth Ann Miller: Secretory. Tom Ho; Treasurers. Donno Chilson ond Karen Rondby: Publicity. Jennifer Smith. Undo Schuemer. ond Koren Rondby: ond Foculty Adviser Dr. Ho (Biology Deportment). Beth Miller WINTER GUARD MSC i Winter Guard puts on o dozzlmg show ot then debut (photo courtesy ot THE SNAPPER) Front Row L Schuemer K Rondby D. Dues (Secretory) Second Row R Newmon (President). T Oeckner R Tyson L Lompe D Miller Dock Row F Hornotkiewicz N Heovey A Oosse? A Dion T Smith (photo by Merin Studios. Inc.) In perfect union the Winter Guard mvodes the bosketboil court ot holt time (photo Courtesy SNAPPER) The MSC Winter Guord is o new ond growing organization developed in the foil of 1979. It is on extension of the Marauder Marching Unit thot brings bondfroni indoors to the basketball court. This year s foculty adviser is Mr. Willis Ropp. the student directors ore Margoret Luck. Kelly Forner. ond Debro Sims, assisted by Jim Kyle With the combined efforts of these four people ond the squad coptoms. Barb Swann silks. ond Chris Burkholder ond Barb Zimmerman rifles. they hove created a show with unique drill design ond equipment work The unit performed ot home varsity bosketboil gomes ond. in exhibition, ot oreo high school competition circuits They hope the organization will continue to prosper ond gain support from the students, foculty and administration of MSC. Koihy O'Rourke Outing Club-Winter Guorp 251A TRIBUTE TO Dr. William H. Duncan PiewJent Duncon and Eva Mono. 3 his gronddougbtei (photo by Public Rotations) February 6. i960 wos o dote in Mil-lersville history which will not be forgotten President Duncon suprisingly announced his retirement which will be effective in January 1961 Many people were shocked by this announcement, students, foculty. administration, ond community people who ore familiar with the role President Duncon hos ployed in the progress of MSC ore both sod ond grateful to this man. We hote to see the retirement of o person who gave os much to Millersville os he did. but ot the some time we ore honored to soy that we hod the opportunity to know ond to be ossocioied with him President Duncon hos held various roles ot Millersville. His service to our institution spans over 04 years. His roles include the following: teacher in education, supervising teacher, od-missions director for four years, on acting deon of MSC for o year the registrar, ond then President of Millersville State College. Also, o role many people moy not know is thot he is o groduote of MSC. Some of President Duncon s thoughts over his different roles ore thot he wished he hod more of o chonce to work one-on-one with student ond foculty members thon he hod the chonce to do His job os the deon of students allowed him to work with students outside of class ocuvities. ond to him this provided greot satisfaction while his role os president gove him the biggest challenge As the admissions director, he counseled students ond parents on if ond where they should go to college: In this cose, he wos able to feel the situation most students ore in when mokmg this career choice But oil of his roles were of enjoyment ond satisfaction to him. "Recently o friend remarked to me thot I hove given much of my life to the college but. I feel thot over the years of my life I hove received more thon I hove given to MSC'. is o typicol quote from o person who hos done on unimaginable amount of quality service. When osked who wos a greot influence on his life. President Duncon immediately noted how important his wife wos in oil ospects of his coreer "Mrs. Duncon is o highly successful woman. She hos olwoys been supportive ond hos olso token on active port in affoirs ot MSC She olso comments on how she hos enjoyed the opportunity to be o pan of Millersville State College " I guess this proves the old statement thot behind every successful mon there is o womon; in this cose. Mrs. Duncon excels. Also, o port of Pres. Duncon's life ot MSC wos spent with his family. He hos two daughters Vicky Ann Dippold ond Lem Marie Kerekgyrto. ond o son. William H Duncon Jr. All of his children ore college groduotes: the daughters ore ort teachers ond his son o mechanical engineer for the government. They hove made their parents very proud. But ot the current moment, the pride ond joy of Pres. Duncon's heort is his gronddoughter. Evo Mone His family is o very importont port of his life. Not only hos President Duncon served MSC, but he hos served his community os well. In the post, he hos held such positions os scout mosier: civil defense director, school director member of the planning commission: borough council member; member of the boord of directors for United Compus Ministry. Lone. Co. Family Services SICO; Lone. Co Crime Commission: Boy Scouts: President of Lone. Co. United Woy. 1979. United States Army. At the present time he is involved with the following organizations Vice President of SICO: Urbon League of Lancaster; Choirperson of Young Women's Christion Association; Lone. Co. United Woy Boord of Directors President of Lone Co Heolth ond Welfare Foundotion: ond Chairperson of Boord of Trustees for the YWCA. His service is outstanding ond deserves to be recognized ond commended President Duncon. you hove given so much to MSC thot we. the 1980 TOUCHSTONE, dedicate this edition to you. Robin M. Shodle 252 DedicationThe Duneon Fomily. Seated Lent Marie Dune on M j Williom H Duneon Standing William President Wilhom H Duncan m his groduotion gown (photo by H Duneon. Jr.. Richord E Field Mrs. VtcW Ann Duneon Field Dr. Wiiliom H Duneon (photo Public Rotations) by Public Relations) President ond Mrs Williom H Duneon conversing with the lote Arthur Fiedler at o cultural event ot MSC (photo by Public Rotations) President Duneon 253Donna Oulino Co Eduo . reviews contoct of photogophs for the Activities section (photo by Tim Witter) Ed.tcxs odviser ond Suson Heidt of the Cooke Pubhsh.nq Compony oppcove the first deadline of the 60 book (photo by fk n Weils) lorrome Wherley Generol Editor requesting information for the Dirt Bond Concert (photo by Tim Witter) ftob.n Shodle. Faculty Editor, and Steven DiGui! (photobyMertnStudios Inc) Editor-in-Chief reinforce their mony joyful plights 254 TouchstoneFoculty Staff Sooted Kothy Raymond Robn Shodle. Editor Stondmg Donno Ofo h Laurel Oruce Jodi Flonogon (photo by Ron Wells) Rrchord YednocK. Activities Editor ponders on the omoont of compus activities to be covered this year (photo by Tim Witter) Senior Stoff Seated Korea foirchtld Dawn Doomgord EditO' Stonding Oenny Dubbs Drendo Griffin (photo by Ron Wells) Jean Wnt typist ond Lon J Pfeiffer, proofreader (photo by Steven DiGuiseppe) TOUCHSTONE '80 Touchstone 255TOUCHSTONE REVAMPS In September of 1979 the TOUCHSTONE staff organized the many events which the MSC population will wont to remember long ofter they occur New editors, staff. ond photographers gathered to discuss the upcoming year ond the eighty-first volume of the Touchstone Many of us were new to the college yearbook scene ond hod many things to leorn Under the leadership of Steven DiGuiseppe ond Dr Ronald Sykes we joined forces to chonge the appearance of the Touchstone The mojor goals we hod were to odd copy ond t6 develop more imaginative layouts in order to put the book into competition The first real test we faced os section editors wos to organize and decide whot wos going to go into our individual sections Mony weekly meetings ond picture doys with a staff photographer, our professional from Menn Studios. Inc. ond our Representative Suson Heidi from Cooke Publishing Company, were involved before we would moke our finol plans as to whot went where Also trying to get cooperation from our staffs the foculiy, ond the student body wos a problem which every one of us ran into Finding the time to designate between yearbook ond studying wos o problem not only for the editors, but also for the staff members. None of us truly realized the omount of time ond work thot wos going to be involved with the production of o book thot wos undergoing such extensive change But after mony days of living in the yeorbook office just to meet o deadline, we must also admit it was worth it Although we changed the format of the book with the oddition of body copy ond more pictures than the previous volumes used, we came through with flying colors. Mony people were taught the fine crt of doing layouts ond of composing body copy of quality. After doing the initial work, most of us found on area of speciality which we preferred be it typing, layouts, or writing, we oil pulled together ond formed a final product we were proud to soy that we helped to produce From being a member of the 60 TOUCHSTONE stoff we hove learned of many friendships we would never hove known otherwise Sooted Gust 0 Griffin J Mormon K FoitcMd Stonding S JocWe. J Flonogon L Oruce D Block. D Dut bs. M J Kerw.n K Raymond (photo by Ron Wells) CONTRIBUTORS TO THE 1980 TOUCHSTONE Steven A. DiGuiseppe, Editor-in-Chief DonnoM Bulmo. Co-Editor Keith R Ebner, Co-Editor Lorraine E Wherley. General Editor Robin M. Shadle. Faculty Editor Jodie L. Carpenter, Sports Editor DownC. Boumgord. Senior Editor Richord A. Yednock. Activities Editor STAFF: Karen A Fairchild Brenda E. Griffin Morissa A. Sette Kim L Buch Donna M Biock Judy A. Hermon Marjorie J. Kenvin MaryK Nugent Timothy T Witter Ronald K Wells Corole A Brown Nmo S. Bauer Anito R Thollmoyer Aliso McCambridge Cynthio A Yokscoe Betty J. Owens Kote B Horan Christopher F. Wroten Anthony L Robinson Suson I. Cossle TobyM. Gotfryd JoonnM Gust Frances Hornatkiewicz Susan K. Miller Shon L. Murrow Jode E. Flonagon Kothy L. Raymond Laurel A Bruce Benny M Dubbs JeonM Witt Lori J Pfeiffer Terri L Morton Miriam E. Turney Suson G. Jackie KorenM. Taylor Kimberly J Hickman Mory Lou Kauffman ENVELOPE STUFFERS: Albert Newlin Deb Enders Sheryl Cooper Mary Koy Geffert John Cosenzo Andreo Clork Mooonne Moyer Borb Nolan Lisa Slenn Darlene Goodyear Shen Sletner Doug Marple Tab Kurtz Beth Bagnall 256 Iouchstorso Robin M Shodle Richord A YednockSPECIFICATIONS The 1960 TOUCHSTONE is published by the students of Millersville Stote College. Millersville. Pennsylvania. TOUCHSTONE is printed by Williom T. Cooke Publishing. Incorporoted. Devon. Pennsylvonio. The 264 text poges ore printed by offset lithogrophy on 80 Old Forge Enomel offset stock. The endsheets ore blind embossed with the college seol on Novojo Fieldstone Butternut. The dividers use fine mezzotint montoges printed in pms 199. 354. 116. 164 ond 299. The cover uses block lexotone flat stomped in gold mylor. The text of the book is set in Serif Gothic, using 7.8,9. 10. 11. 12. ond 14 point sizes. Headlines ore Serif Gothic Bold in 30 point. All text, headlines ond Greek letters were set by the Compugraphic Unified Composing System with mognetic disc storage. Dividers use Michele decorative art type by Letroset. The four-color poges ore produced from 35mm slides ond prints using individual separations. TOUCHSTONE was printed by o 38 inch Miller two-color perfector press. The edition is smythe-sewn. rounded ond backed. crash endlined with heodbonds ond foot-bonds. The 1980 TOUCHSTONE is partially subsidized through the student activity fee os allocated by Student Senate All graduates of December. Moy ond August of the 1979-1980 academic year receive the book without charge; undergraduates poy $7.00. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Yearbooks ore held onto by many for mony-o-yeor Gloncing through the poges from cover to cover one con relive that particular yeor The 1980 Touchstone edition is presented to you os o meons of reliving the 1979-1980 year With us mony occurrences, we. the stoff. hope we hove captured os much of the yeor os possible that you will enjoy Hours upon hours, much time ond effort hove been dedicated to this eighty-first edition. When I begin to reflect upon the mony people that hove contributed in some way to the publication of the Touchstone, one con surely see thoi the list would be o few poges long. The stoff is the leoding contributor, along with the adviser Dr konold E. Sykes, the secretory. Mrs. Morylou Kouffmon. Menn Studios Inc., the student senate Suson Heidt. our yearbook representative ond friend from Cooke Publishing, ond lost but not least the student ond faculty body of Millers-ville Stote College We hope this edition of the Touchstone is pleasing to you— Thonk you oil. Steven A. DiGuiseppe Eduor-in-Chief 80 TOUCHSTONE specificooom and Acknowledgement 2S7COMMUNICATIONS BANQUET Sho»On Holt stouon monoget Of WIXQ presents Kevin Dixon with (he Most Professionol Show A word (photo by Ron Weils) Luo Robinson president of the Society for Collegiate Journohsts (SO) presents Annie P Sch eiber secretory-treasurer (he SCJ President s Awo'd for Special Contribution to the Sooety (photo by Ron We«s) Peggy Colson editor of THE SNAPPER present! M' Pout Oelgrode adviser to THE SNAPPER with o speool oward os Liso Robinson looHs on (photo by Ron Wells) M Chorfes Potton odviser to the GEORGE STREET CARNIVAL presents Julie Dendier editor with o gift for outstanding service to the GEORGE STREET CARNIVAL (photo by Ron We«s) Richard Seneco onchormon for WHTm oddresses the Society for Coiiegiote Journolists ot the onnuol Communications Bonquet on Communications of the 60 s (photo by Ron Weas) Steven DiGuneppc editor-in-chief of the TOUCHSTONE ond member of the SO presents Mrs Susan Hetdt Wiibom Cooke Publishing Inc representative the Distinguished Graduate Journalism Award of i960 (photo by Ron Wells) 2 $8 Communications Banquet1 X KJ 2 r r nonftf'nnnnnnnArirtftrirw ri(inf nrinnnr)nnnftrtnoooofiooOAriof'rinrisSSsS O' 0 »o _ k mhmi s iocH§5tS:»; v c 9 “■ zfliliHiinhhih rl ry o ■• n »■ lifi|!?l!!lli! illl!ll r iJllIIllIllIIIIllIIIlliilfliili slltllsl! iisP-Pi Him ■ s? 1 liny 11! 11 _ oooooco " nn n v j. t-_«S rtv C o srsfigEiil flfiso? !s8 ?. i4Si!s o2 ° ■" Sllllff!51 i ttt -? 85Ss!-8 8 - 3Eili!!i11!! 13 21 _____ zzzzrzxzzzz 262 lndoxr . 22 lO«(N c -3 £, O - -10? Ici!c rli ?ilil!l-!| •Iflfff!|f II S||6 III!; 3:a ft«5 ! {. o illll SSr. s - § o © ss •S « Of-o ' „ _ V O f- T © n n T, 1? :. x - ° 2 c r» il||i !s»si iiSl f : ilillii____ - ! Sst!SS MM8a II! ifilPff : i oooooooooo c.cooo 55 1 __ liljli JiiJlililillill £|§2!5§ -S: ttifSi jj!s||||I 6 If £a s 3 ifillliiii S, c c 5 8Se8| $ c ”1 2 j ® c o 1 ® r- % ? 8| g 2cS«||i L 5 !8ilsl'§"tlf?£l5o 58 I Is 111 Si If e | ? j I j 111 j 111|!| |i I . «n yi i? «7 v' I illllllllii iilillliiii 8- a 8 f- ® ?5,s8 c ® !ss «f$8$s3$ .. g %% fgSsf, 3 s:?;S S"s5 Sg« „gSjs ! If s slsiili! ii?iiif I !?-«■ «ll till ifltfM ® » 0v Q ■ o 2 o - JfF sitePHOTO CREDITS Alesioni, Steven 226 227 Boiley. Corolle 12 20. 29 109 115 Bouer. Nino 42 79 80. 81 82 84. 86 87.227 Dowers Photogrophy 78. 84 85. 87. 88. 90. 92. 94 97. 107 109 110. 112. 115. 116. 117 Brown, Dove 218 Charowsky, Jim 96. 97 Choreneko. Michoel 20. 83. 110. 111. 114, 184 Croun Kevin 37. 48. 129 (cover photo) DiGuiseppe Steven A 31. 168. 170, 174 176 182 190 207 Dixon. Kevin 246 Dobrowski Mork92. 93 199 Dobbs. Denny 18. 19 131 180. 186 192 195 201 203 205 209 211 Forte Victor 9 42 63 Hossler Mory 21 107 219.225.226 Hershey. Kathy 30. 31 Heymon Gene Major 232 233 Horon Kote 28. 33. 34 116 117. 133. 135. 137 139. 143. 151. 153. 155. 159. 164 178 234. 235 Huck, Suson 141.219 Jockle Suson G 3 28 114 Mortmez, Corlos 112 116 117 McMonogle, Vicky 108 Melhorn. Jim 20. 115 Merin Studios. Inc. 3. 6. 7. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14, 15. 21 22. 23. 24, 25. 26. 27 43. 44 49 50. 51 52 53. 54 55. 56 57. 58. 59 60. 61 62. 63 64. 65, 66 70. 71. 89. 130. 131. 132. 134. 136, 137 138. 140. 142 144. 145 146 147. 148. 150. 152. 153. 154 155. 156. 158. 160. 161. 162. 163. 165. 168 169. 170. 171 173. 175. 176. 177 179. 181. 183 184. 185. 187. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 196 198 199 200. 201 202. 203. 204 206 208. 210. 216. 217 218 223. 223, 241 242. 243. 244. 245. 246 247. 248. 249 250. 251.219.221 222 229 233. 234 235. 236. 237. 238. 239 240 254 247. 259 Otudeko. Olu 79. 90. 91 Public Relouons 212. 236. 252. 253 Rompy. Tim 237 Pose. Robin 239 Roy. Jeonne 241 Scott 239 Smith. Lorry 250 Snopper 118. 251 Steffie. Steven 79. 81.113. 118. 119 Toylor. Koren 16 Voughn. Connie 224 Wolton. Dory 239 Wells, Don 8. 9 16. 17. 18 19. 32 37. 42. 43. 45. 78 82. 84. 85. 94. 95. 97. 104, 105. 106. 172. 178. 184. 186 188. 190 197. 203. 207. 220. 226. 227. 229 235 254 255. 256. 258. 264 Witter. Tim 222. 228. 254 255 Wroten, Christopher 2. 13. 33, 37. 90. 118. 119. 143. 145 149, 151. 157. 182. 221,223, 230 231 Yondel. Joonn 89 Yontz Robert O. 224 Yednock. Richard A. II 29 246 Seoted Robin Shodle Foculty Donno Dutrno. CoEd tO' Down DoonKjoKJ Seaio'V lo rome Vhe 1ey Genial Stondmg D» Ronald E Syfce Adv»e» Steven DiGoiveppe Editor-In-Chief Jodie Corpenter Sportv ond Richord Yednock. Activwe NoiPKtuied Keith Ebne Co-Editor, (photo by Ron Weill) 264 Credits- TOUCHSTONE 

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