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Millersville State College Millersville. Pennsylvania 17551 Volume LXXIXInters action 305 ispira on 38 Involve ment 178 Incon elusion 230introduction 8uctionintroduction 21 introduction 22 HOUSE ' PI2ZA SUGAR S } introduction 23 VILLAGE INN FOOD DRINKintroduction 29orientation The new student’s first experience with Dr. Reihard, vice-president for student affairs. Incoming freshmen at orientation. Are they really listening???33 ‘I don’t know where my group got to!" What I want to know is. who is that hunk?” Gordinier refreshmentssmc A cashier in the gameroom at SMC. 8-ball! Connie Sierzega of WIXQ hard at work! Round and round she spins, where she who wins! stops, that's 35 ’inball Wizard! The money flows freely at SMC on Monte Carlo day.pucillo The athletic group that frequents Pucillo Gym at work and play.brooksganser The many faces of Ganser Library; categorizing, studying, staring, investigating and sleeping!39 40 exhibit Leonardo DaVinci and his models live on at Ganser Library.award Three of Millersville’s faculty members were chosen for Distinguished Faculty Awards this year. Miss Grace Wenger and Dr. William Yurkiewicz received Distinguished Teaching Chairs, while Dr. William Mcllwaine received an award for distinguished service. rrrrr rrrrrrf j rrrr r J U' ' rrr-rr rl K r'rrrrr fM K»Xr,rrri r , Vrr rr rr r it A WSr!irrrr r frrl S rVr rr-jfri t ', '- 'rr r rirr ■LVrrr. rrl,f» r r dedication ceremony 43 Cherry trees were donated to the campus in memory of Joseph M. Sheaffer by his daughter. Dr. Mary Sheaffer. and the government of Japan.guests . . . Highlighting the fall attractions sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee was the appearance of film and television star Cicely Tyson. The former model strutted on stage to a standing ovation. Although prior film commitments caused several schedule changes. Miss Tyson s November performance of selected readings captivated a capacity crowd. “I don’t give up my fantasies ... I just keep working with them." stated author |oyce Carol Oates. MSC's April artist in-residence. The 1970 National Book Award winner for ‘'them” discussed her 45 writing theories and practices in addition to reading several selections from her other works. Dr. Caryl Kline, secretary of education for Pennsylvania, visited MSC.46 The Pham Duy family entertains Millers-ville students with Vietnamese culture. Olympic running star Wilma Rudolph's lecture highlighted the activities during Black Awareness Week in February. Displaying her undefeatable character, the authour and career woman shared advice and Olympic stories with an intrigued audience.Gubernatorial candidates Arlen Specter. 47 Ernest Kline. Robert Butera. Henry Hager. and Pete Flaherty participated in the forum sponsored by CAS. The candidates presented their platforms and responded to audience questions.culture . . . Heralding the spring, actress Valerie Harper as Stella Campbell and actor Anthony Zerbe as George Bernard Shaw caprivated a packed Lyte Auditorium with their delightful performance of "Dear Liar." Although feeling the effects of a cold. Miss Harper participated in a drama workshop the following day. offering candid remarks and advice on acting.• T 49ballet Even though plagued by illness and injuries, prima ballerina Suzanne Farrell and the New York City Bailer Company gave an outstanding performance. Including classical and modern dance numbers in their repertoire. the company displayed grace and skill despite an unusually hard stage surface.allocations The allocations committee consists of They're probably recalling the old adage, concerned students who wish to par- "You can please all of the people some of ticipate in the distribution of funds. the time ... "jenkins Book browsing and typing are just two typical scenes one might encounter dur-Watch your fingers! ing a day at Jenkins.cec. . . The Council for Exceptional Children voluntarily meets on Saturday mornings to provide entertainment and companionship for retarded children. These ex- 53 periences also provide valuable work experience for council members. Santa and his elves greeted the children at a Christmas party, a delightful time for all involved.The children and students on a Saturday morning at the Council for Exceptional Children . . .communicating! 5455 citamard . . . Providing quality theatre for the college and community. Citamard is comprised of MSC students who are interested in any or all facets of theatre. This year the group presented "Scapino." "The Rimers of Eldritch." "King of the Castle.” "Hello out There." and "Red Ryder." Expression, comradeship, art ... the essence of Citamard dramatics.57Several 'stars’ involved in Citamard appear herein their roles, displaying the talent and hard work necessary for their many fine performances. 58 59“promises, promises . . . ” ACMO. the All-Campus Musical Organization, turned out another quality musical this season. "Promises. Promises.” The play's cast, headed by Chris Carroll and Fatima Miller, overwhelmed the audiences with its performances. We think they have found the key to success! Chris! We noticed you! The crew and stage hands who made "Promises. Promises" come together. -61 Drat! Now what was my line? Four amusing executives sing. “Where Mr. Sheldrake, the musical’s villain, can you take a girl!” wants too many things.62 The bill is how much?!? "Upstairs, two flights up!" "Me. me. let it be me!" "Hic-cup!"63 "What do you get when you fall in love?" A concerned doctor at work. An angry brother wreaks havoc. Open mouth, insert foot! homecoming66 spring fling . . . The many money-making schemes that decorated the lawn at Spring Fling. ■Jr68 "What do you mean you don’t want to buy a daisy?" Hangin' loose with ROTC at Spring Fling. Who was that Masked Marauder? ’69 Pitchin'for a prize! "And that’s for my chemistry professor. that's for my I.A. professor. . . !" That daisy isn't wilted, it's just resting!70 The camera catches all phases of the annual Spring Fling dunking.7172 The Delta Sig picnic added to the festivities at Spring Fling. l73 The wet T-shirt contest participants had to be bribed a bit more this year due to the chilly rote Renewed interest in Millersville's Army ROTC program brought honors to many of the participating students. The group’s contribution to the Spring Fling enjoyment was widely recognized also.75favorite photos . . . The Priority Club does its bit for our ecology: Do all yearbook staff members develop such odd-shaped bodies? ? ? ? Citamard during one of rheir more serious rehearsals. 7778 Tau Kappa Epsilon pledges piled up! BOTTOM: Larry Kirk. Keith Crawford. Brian Feelex: Partick Henry. Steven McElvoy: Rick McGrady. Phi Sigma Pi pledges. FRONT: |ohn Poremba. Ron Trznadel. BACK: Dean Gardner. Alex DiGuisseppe. Pat Witmer.79 A brother, deep in thought . . . What should the pledges do next? Sigma Phi Omega pledges looking up: |oy Phi Sigma Pi pledges: Dan Allen. Mackenzie. Jenny Muir. Dana Austin. Amy Terry Reish. Bob Helm. Bob Young. Grace. Desiree McCardle.80 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nichols, advisers to Rho Lambda Phi, are ready for their formal. Phi Sigma Pi poses in front of their winning Alpha Sigma Pi members hard at Homecoming float. work . . . and play?!?81 The library received a donation from the Gamma Pi brothers. An Alpha Sigma Pi sister drinks up! The Kappa Phi Epsilon sisters show that football and fun can mix.dolphins The Dolphin Club has become more popular at Millersville in recent years. Below, the 'coach' smiles for the camera as she paddles a canoe. The trio is composed of jean Briggs. Beth Hunter, and Mary Beth Radar; the duet. Mary Seligman and Nicki McCort. f8384 WRESTLING The '78 wrestling season will remain in Coach Jerry Swope’s memory for a long time to come. Henry Callie and Fran Presley both captured first place titles at the NCAA division III Wrestling Championships. Charlie White and Andy Zook took thirds in their weight classes. A well deserved Coach of the Year title was bestowed upon Swope by the NCAA Division III.WOMEN S BASKETBALL Sophomore Edy Lyons and freshman Nicki Kendig were the statistical leaders of the '78 women's basketball season. Lyons averaged 14 points a game. Kendig pulled down an average of 9 re- 85 bounds a game. The team ended their season 6-7. In the final game of the season, senior Helen Balasavage scored 15. rebounded 8 and was named "player of the week."86 MEN’S BASKETBALL Seniors Walt Strausbaugh and Jim McEvoy saw their last season this year as the cagers ended their season 5-20. The final loss was by a mere two points. Phil Fassnacht was high scorer with 405 points. McEvoy had the highest foul percentage, 78. Ron Wilson was tops in rebounding with 7.3 per game.87 WOMEN’S TENNIS Coach Nancy Hungerford guided the women’s tennis team through their '77 season. The highlight of the season was the first State College Conference Tournament for the women, hosted by MSC. FOOTBALL To some the 'll season was quickly forgotten, to others history was made. To those the 'll gridiron season will highlight post graduate reflections.88 Bruner. Griffe, Hoff. Lex. Riddick. Speicher and Wyley were in the foreground, taking the team near to grasping a bid to the NAIA “Apple Bowl." However, the MSC 1977 Eastern Division Champions were nipped of their chance by the Clarion Eagles. By one notch on the board in the 25-24 Black Saturday game the gridders were stopped by a 3 point kick, the result of a still questionedcall. The team opened the season raising doubt in MSC fans when a loss against Warminster deflated the Marauder mach ego. The hand of Coach Dr. Gene Car- 89 penter roused enough determination to bring in eight straight wins, to break standing MSC records in rushing and receiving and to make senior quaterback Carmen Lex a ’ville legend.HOCKEY The women dribbled, dodged and drove their way through a 5-3-5 season, bowing to the third ranked national team Lockhaven, the Nittany Lions and Lehigh. Senior fullback Deb Snavely proved to be a stronghold in the backfield as was senior goalie Claudia Fillippee. In the forward line. Betsy Singer proved to be a vital factor during her final season. Nine Marauder women also qualified for the PA Mid East Tournament at Bucknell.CROSS COUNTRY 91 The Cross Country team had a profitable season, registering I 0 wins and one loss, placing fifth in the Albany State Invitational and third out of thirteen teams in the State Conference Cross Country Championship at Mansfield. The Harriers also placed first in the Lafayette Carnival as well as the District 19 Nationals.92 SOCCER Coach Wooley’s kickers came off the field with a season record of 4-6-2. Season play was dominated by an overtime game against Shippensburg that proved to be in vain for MSC. Putting a commendable number of goals into the eager. Henry Oje made his mark on the 'll soccer season. 93 94scores varsity field hockey We They I Norlanco 0 0 Penn State 4 1 Lock Haven Alumni 6 3 Lebanon Valley 3 I Kutztown 0 0 Lock Haven 0 1 Gettysburg 0 0 Lehigh 0 4 MSC Alumni 0 1 Shlppensburg I 5 Bloomsburg 4 0 University of Delaware 4 1 Elizabethtown I junior varsity football We They 13 - Stevens Trade 9 10 WestChester 6 23 Kutztown 13 0 Delaware 13 21 Princeton 22 We 420 golf WestChester They 386 420 St |oseph 412 361 Shlppensburg 36S 361 Kutztown 381 421 East Stroudsburg 393 women's fall tennis We They 6 Montco I 6 Swarthmore I 2 Bloomsburg 7 0 Glassboro 7 1 WestChester 6 women's swimming We They 39 Indiana University 87 44 Gettysburg 79 79 Mansfield 72 women's spring tennis We They 3 Gettysburg 4 S Kutztown 2 0 Lehigh 7 3 Elizabethtown 4 1 Shlppensburg 6 We 13 lacrosse Catonsvllle They 1 11 Bloomsburg 6 6 Kutztown 7 3 Penn State 30 6 Gettysburg 3 4 Shlppensburg 11 1 1 Lebanon Valley 1 IS Montgomery Community 3 4 Lock Haven 12 women's track We They 66 V Bloomsburg 37V 75 Towson 57 55 East Stroudsburg 59 78 Messiah 19 65 Trenton State 59 soccer We They 3 Towson 5 1 Philadelphia Textile 5 4 Spring Garden 4 1 Bloomsburg 3 4 St. Mary's 3 3 Salisbury 2 0 Kutztown 4 2 Shlppensburg 4 1 East Stroudsburg 3 3 Glassboro 3 2 York 0 3 Vlllanova 2 cross country We Cross Country Carnival 1st place They 15 Kutztown 45 22 Glassboro 36 15 St. Mary's 50 22 Shlppensburg 39 30 Lehigh 25 24 West Chester 35 17 East Stroudsburg 44 19 Rider College 44 20 Bloomsburg 43 15 Stockton 48 15 York Albany Invitational 5th place States 3rd place NCAA 16th place IC4A 5th place 50 men's swimming We They 64 Elizabethtown 36 56 York 57 21 Towson 72 47 Glassboro 66 33 Shepherd College 75 35 Kutztown 64 40 Madison College 73 43 Shlppensburg • 65 We varsity football They 7 Westminister 78 35 Slippery Rock 0 34 Kutztown 32 28 WestChester 7 35 Mansfield 6 28 Bloomsburg 21 34 East Stroudsburg 8 48 Cheyney 0 24 Edinboro 12 24 State Game Clarion 2597 women's varsity basketball We They S8 Lebanon Valley 48 81 Swarthmorc 40 78 Indiana 71 57 Delaware Stale 58 65 Kutztown 56 65 Montco 63 48 Lock Haven 92 55 Gettysburg 58 50 Bloomsburg 57 55 Albright 52 46 Shlppensburg 81 66 Army All-Stars 76 men's varsity basketball We They 69 York 70 69 Elizabethtown 84 73 Elizabethtown 79 75 Glassboro 94 83 Chcyncy 102 90 Chcyncy I 10 80 WestChcstcr 89 75 Westchester 78 70 Mansfield 61 56 Mansfield 73 63 East Stroudsburg 47 76 East Stroudsburg 71 84 Southeastern 61 lake Shore Classic 74 Xavier 81 62 Lawrence University 74 71 Elmhurst 60 63 Spring Garden 68 49 Lebanon Valley 59 60 Bloomsburg 74 69 Bloomsburg 72 72 Shippcnsburg 77 86 Shippcnsburg 90 85 Montco 82 78 Kutztown 93 68 Kutztown 91 74 George Mason 76 men's junior varsity basketball We They 95 York 93 80 Glassboro 75 81 Chcyncy 00 84 WestChester 75 80 Mansfield 89 NO Stevens Trade 69 60 Bloomsburg 74 64 Shippcnsburg Si 81 Kutztown 70 89 PcnnState-York 91 54 East Stroudsburg 7S varsity wrestling We They 26 Mansfield | | 27 York 11 Lock Haven Invitational 7th place 12 East Stroudsburg 30 20 Rider College 15 12 Lock Haven 21 28 West Chester 9 8 University of Pittsburgh 30 28 California State 14 28 Shlppensburg 12 States 6th place 28 Elizabethtown 12 6 Bloomsburg 36 NCAA Division 3 Nationals 2nd place men's tennis We They 9 Lincoln 0 Vi Shlppensburg 8V6 0 Glassboro 9 0 Towson 9 0 Shepherd 9 0 West Chester 9 0 East Stroudsburg 9 1 Elizabethtown 8 0 Lock Haven 6 6 Mansfield 0 1 Kutztown 8 archery We They 948F Glassboro 1 101F 1 1 2 1M Glassboro 1 I65M I399F East Stroudsburg I896F I780M East Stroudsburg 22IOM 1846 Drexel 1877 1923 Trenton State 1758 junior varsity wrestling We They 31 York 3 12 East Stroudsburg 20 10 Rider College 10 12 Lock Haven 33 27 West Chester 12 men's track We They 102 Rutgers 3 102 Lincoln 62 5716 Bloomsburg 87 V6 83 Cheyney 71 112 Lock Haven 40 baseball We They 5 Edlnboro 3 4 Mansfield 2 5 Mansfield 3 1 Bloomsburg 4 0 Bloomsburg 3 4 Penn State Capitol Campus 3 4 Franklin 8. Marshall 1 7 Kutztown 6 3 Kutztown 4 2 University of Maryland 0 3 Shlppensburg 9 5 Shippensburg 6 6 Salisbury 7 7 Salisbury 9 2 York 6 3 York 2 5 East Stroudsburg 0 3 East Stroudsburg 2 14 Elizabethtown 13 0 Towson 6awards banquet. . . 99 honors and awards summa cum laude Holly E. Danforth Denise A Dwight KimK Davis Carolyn S. Madeira magna cum laude |ill M Alderson Cheiyl R Bearden Craig A Benner Kay E Berner Wendy S Brehm Barbara t Chilcoat Patti | Clauss Pat B Collins Cheryl I Davis Leslie C Davis Ann M DiOttaviO Laurel A Dougherty Lee B Drendall RoseM Fagan Deborah A Frantz Kathy | Geiger Lindell S. Gladfelter Lois | Glasstetter Eugene C Allport Barbara Y. Alwine Gabnel E M Amersbach Cathy A Ftanzosa | Marc Liber tore Pamela S. Shank Paul | Baggaley Lisa K. Frock Mary |. Light Elizabeth M. Sheik Mary A Bailey Susan M Getchell Charlene R. Liskey Vicki L Simpson KennethF Barber Donald L Givler Lori |. Litchert Deborah S. Snavely DonnaM Beneck |ane E Gollatz ludlthA Looker Leigh A Soper GaryB Benner Regina E. Gornlak Barbara L. Lubas Sandra K Sowers Carlenel Blanck Stephen W Guion Dianne V. Magee Katherine E Stark Gary S. Blosser MarieO Hammond Lorraine L Manwiller |ellrcy E Stauffer Buy Borghl Eileen R Helm Patricia L. Martin |udy L. StCinke Celeste F Brooks |udy A. Herr |oel K Mattern Phillip K Stephens Lovell L Buchanan Sheila N. Herr SuzanneM McCool Mary P. Swan loan E Caggiano Christine A Hershcy Susan E McNamara Kathleen A Sweeney Kathy A Carey Guy A Hcrshey Nancy |. Morgan Gretchen Uler Thomas A Ceresmi Patricia A Hershey Ralph S. Moyer loyce E Van Gordon Carol L Christman Cynthia H Hirneiscn Margaret H Neal Joyce E Villlorth Donna L Clark |ohn D. Hoholick Antoinette M Nicholas Lisa 1 Von Hagen Donna M Cole Catherine L. Horn Barbara E. Pheabus frank W Wagner |oAnn Colquhoun Chris L. Horn Staci L. Pontz Chris-EHen Walker James E Coxey Christine A Huber Susan B Przywitowski Douglas L Webb Crystal D Crissman Philip L Huber Susan C. Quaintance Tracy L Whitman Judith A Crouthamcl Karen E |acobs CarlE Raber Carolyn R Whitt Anne E Davis Barbara | [ones Susan D Rcider |oanM Williams Kim Dempsey David |. Kalman Debra | Rellley Jennifer | Wilson Elvira M Donato Elaine M Kapochus Elizabeth A Reitz Susan L Wisniewski |ill A Dunning Donna |. Keeney Shelley L Rhoads Shirley | Wissler Elaine C Dussinger Jamie S. Kegerise Betty | Roden Richard N Yeager Sans W. Emmert Corinne A. Kepich Dane H Runkles Lynn A Yoder Sharon L Eshleman lanice Y. Knopp Carol S. Sagun Donna D. Young Laverta A Fake Robin S Knox David C. Scheetz Susan M. Zell BarbaraC. Falkmburg Julie A Kramer Susan M. Schlener SuzanneM Zipperlem Hope R Farber Katherine L. Kraybill Lisa Schlosscr Ronald E Zook Stuart R Feeser. Ill Gregory L. Kreider Carlene T Ham | Irene Mylin Philip A Smith lean M. Harnly Margaret M A O'Brien Vicki L. Smith Scott E. Hessen lanice R Quickel Cathy L Snyder Richard M Hill Littie E, Ran Debra S. Sterner AnneC. lackson Diane Real Annlc-Claire Stoltzlus CythiaK Keeler Michelle G Reid Walter A Strausbaugh Samuel | Kincaid Kenneth G Reidonbach. II Denise E Stutzman |osephC Klein Bonita M Reitz Marianne F. Talbot Julie A Knapp lay Rietmulder Nancy L Taylor Deborah L Kramer Gail H Schrocder Jill D Tracy Debra A Krebs Linda M Scott PatriclaM Tweed leffreyS Landis Diane | Seabrease Patricia M. Vico KimE Leitzel Mary A Shelly Kenneth C Vierra Ronald E Lutz Joan L Shertz Michele D Vilardo Ava M. Mark ley Annette L Shuman Susan K. Vogel Evelyn M Martin Theresa A. Siket Davis A Welsh Lorraine D Maxwell Julie M Silverthorn Valerie J Zearfoss Tina Mondschem Judith A Skorup cum laude Caroline E Fox Sheryl N. Leedom Diane L. Scott Donald T Frank Karen 1 Leonarct Darcy R ShafferAWARDS. PRIZES AND HONORS The Class of 1805 Award Kathleen A. Sweeney The |ohn K. Harley Award Todd A Guion Scott E. Hessen Phi Sigma Pi Award Neil A Schroeder Henry | Rutherford Memorial Award Robert N. Crouse Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Awards Evelyn M Flynn Cathy E Fornwalt lean E Ware American Association of University Professors Award Kathleen S. Meier Campus Club Award Antoinette R. Stroman Steven G. Zorbaugh The Wcntzel-Wright Memorial Award Martin P Gutekunst Hoa Ngoc Nguyen Cecil M Upton Organic Chemistry Award Hoa Ngoc Nguyen The |ohn Ross Weaver Memorial Award Kathryn Dodd American Watercolor Society National Award Ellen T Scapcllati Edna Rochow Workman Memorial Award |ohn P Markowitz American Institute of Chemists Award losephC Klein Chemical Rubber Company Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award Carolyn Lloyd Millersville State College Affiliate ol the American Chemical Society Award Todd A. Guion Scott E Hessen Samuel | Kincaid Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of the American Chemical Society Award Samuel |, Kincaid Communications Committee Certificate of Achievement Leslie C Davis Earth Science Awards for Academic Excellence Ralph S Moyer Kenneth C Vterra Hope A Bentz Earth Sciences (Nichols) Scholarship Fund Award Dorthea G. Nase Commonwealth National Bank Award Sally C Dantinne loseph G Haldeman The Wall Street |ournal Student Achievement Award Nancy L Taylor Alpha Beta Alpha Award ludith A. Skorup Beatrice U. Datesman Award Linda M Davis Nancy| Mecaughy Claribel Walker Gerhart Memorial Award fulie A Knapp AnneE Beyer Certificates Kathy A. Carey Susan C. Quaintance Loretta F. Clark Michelle G. Reid Sharon L. Eshleman Pamela S. Shank DonsM. Gochnauer ElizabethM. Sherk Elaine M. Kapochus Sandra K. Sowers Karen B. Kneislcy Rudolph B. Vereen Carolyn S. Madeira Michele D. Vilardo Ava M Markley Valerie | Zearfoss Antoinette M Nicholas VerdaM. Fulmer Award Gretchen Ufer Elsie Hostetter Award Karen Illingworth Leonard Helen Koontz Award Debra L. Berger Diane M Messerschmidt Lancaster Lebanon Reading Association Award Clifford L Harnly. Carol A. Seidenberger. Debra S. Sterner The Class ofl 022 Esther E. Lenhardt Award Evelyn M Flynn Dilworth-McCollough English Award Carol L. Christman The Class of IQ 10 Award Walter G. Goshert The Sanders P. McComsey Award Rochelle A Stackhouse English Composition Commendation Award Ronald C Bachman Foreign Language Prize (Xenophile Society Award) Craig A Benner Gary B Benner french Prize (The Ralph |. Hyson Memorial Award) Lindell S. Gladfeltcr. |anice R. Quickel German Book Prize Debra A Krebs Kathleen A Sweeney German Section Award Craig A. Benner Gary B Benner Spanish Prize (Steven A Walker Memorial Award) Debra | Reilley The Louis Koppel Memorial Award in European History Kenneth G. Reidenbach Paul W. Eshelman Memorial Scholarship Dale L Hertzog Burl N Osburn Award Kenneth F Barber Philadelphia Alumni Award Guy Borghi Laura B Doermg Library Service Award |ane Slattery Francis X Crum Class of 186( Award David S Noble Ann M DiOttavio Computer Science Award |oan I Shertz Isaac F Setverlmg Award (Class of 1028) Kathleens Meier York Lancaster Chapter Data Processing Management Association Outstanding Student Member Award Ronald V Bunan The Leo Ascher Music Award Lois | Newswanger Honorable Mention Roscnc K Hernley The Cora Catharine Bitner Music Awards Cheryl M Homsher Elizabeth A Reitz Kristen A. Kauffman AnneE Travitz lohnC.Manton loycc E Van Gorden Michael W. Eisenberger Choir Award Diana I Eisenhower The fames Hamilton and Lucreila Boyd Harrzoll Piano Awards Lyn R Holtman Music Faculty Award Mark I Williams Harold W and Miriam VV Shaar String Award Rebecca L Kauffman Psychology Club Award |anice L |ames Psychology Faculty Awards Thomas A. Ceresinl Patricia L Martin Holly E. Danforth Carolyn R Whitt Denise A Dwight Reserve Officer Association Award Michael E Fox Henry Franklin Bitner Science Prizes Scott E Hessen Todd A Guion Class of IQ I I Award Laurel A Dougherty Daniel G Engle Scholarship Hoa Ngoc Nguyen Guy Kurtz Bard Award Deborah A Frantz |ohn Mentzer Award tn Special Education Nancy D Brown Laurel | Logan Mary R. Slokum Sprout Prize George H Romeril Dramatics Service Award Carol L Yurejefcic Faculty-Student Athletic Committee Awards Walter A Strausbaugh Cynthia K Keeler Forry and Hacker Award Mariann F. Lenahan The Earle M Hue Award Rosemary A Shivak The John David Neider Memorial Scholarship George H Romenl Aurora Wickey Pucillo Award Dorothea G Nase | Hale Stemman Foundation Communications Award Ann P Schreiber |ohn F. Steinman Foundation Communications Award Deborah S. LaBonty |ohnC. Ursprung Award Karen K Dusman Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Col leges Paula |. Baggaley Samuel loseph Kincaid Kenneth F Barber Lori |o Litchert Bruce C Beard Lorraine Lynne Manwiller Cheryl R Bearden Donna Marie Milligan Donna L. Clark Kim | Mitchell Cheryl L Davis Susan B Przywitowski Leslie C Davis Sheila C. Schmidtke Deborah A. Frantz Annette L Shuman Todd A. Guion Debra S. Sterner Michael A. Hart Kathleen A, Sweeney Scott E. Hessen Nancy L Taylor Anne C. Jackson Sherri L. Woodard David |. Kalman Ronald E Zook WIXQ Service Award Connie A Sierzega The Thomas R Baker Memorial Scholarship Cheryl A Kemerly The Class of 1808 Award Todd A Guion The Margie L. Ranck Award Kim McLean The Wickersham Memorial Scholarship Carolyn | Ktochlergraduation . . . Graduation exercises . . . the speeches, diplomas and congratulations all signify the end of yet another stage of our lives. 103an end . . .. . . a beginning£ Tuiti°n exceeds ovemberbandfest Spring Flint- es MOM S PIZZA I ur . ’ n be performed Friday la Scheme to be p Tuition rise U fP- Jazz 's on air Rock stor rj rehearses? aWeS V P' ■ %o c® 9 Blizzard 9've: r' - —-ri -r-1 Vrookwood fire injures o £ 0" 0 damage tofals $65,ODD 6 Blo°dmobile drive mGtiCQn '9ht haini !r as MSC f, done in ectuiprry nx wi tar Wars « -nf HOUSE OF F ifor Trek' tH£ kiNG OF PIZZA I j . oaOce ' s . , , Johnov 5 ,Fe v«' KAarathon this weekend 0,etta'° Dance American Heart Fund to benefit Ante library Mysteryf‘V Pr0m'8es777ouchofprofeSS,lons|_ S ,°W COUSe H O M E C 0 M 1 ®ld Sat ( t on School ryson f fun pond s pain tUcfy r Dr. Nichoiab actin- • 'aJ?dida£?nK acti nn 0 ( bern f carir .-i ’ ’ ’,u,dI ----- os e fUr,ng CAS f°s tor%Un9 as pres,dent jto expand program 'nVenti 3 The Geils Band' shines 0(jj Celebration M Y in dazzling rock concert 5 , ;jand fro,'c for MSC°°£% £ Student group opposes Z, A college tuition increase id", ,,, (RoJbsud'A gj-g drafted Pucillo '-’Qo. C vr., V% -'o. £• ° O . vT . • °v t V i ■ » o 9tth, Jt- o. v A e 7 P r°' -V0 '% „ x 4 VJUUUbU IX professional teams ifit an for advertisements ot . ' s S h ferm papers sought here PIZZA o e, z II MILLERSVILLE ®s G,ee i f Se Oj, MSC conserves engery° °'os,J ") £ soo" %S ci-.iaK tonigW °Ter' afion Me ,our . u! paging Ej"niusic tund 'ne 6(:.rc awakens females t° bene ' Brookwoodresidents gather order to form tenant’s action group re9ueSfer Coundl orders installation Op 0 sixty smoke detectors Broo oodadministration, faculty and staff board of administrative trustees office of the president services Mi William H Bolger Dr. William H Duncan Mr Gray H Sellers President President Director of Administrative Services Mr Charles W Hash Dr Michael G Kovach Mr Robert Elder Mrs Clan R McCollough Assistant to the President Director of Purchasing Mr Ronald E ford Mr Henry Bucher (retired 2 78) Mr Robert Girvin Vice President Dr Gordon N Diem Budget Director Mrs Margaret S Moss Director of Alumni Affairs Mr Edward C Hall. |r Mr Harry f Stacks Dr Juanita High Director of Printing and Duplicating Secretary Director of Affirmative Action Mr | Nevin Huber Mrs Helen M Moyer Mr Donald A Stollenwerk Director of Student Accounts Mr Robert t Plannebecker Director of Campus Development Mr Charles Kocher Douglas D Davis Mr William D. Lcighty Director of Building and Grounds Student Trustee Assistant Director of Campus Development Mrs Erma long Director of Stenographic Services Mr Anthony Mordoskv Director of food Service Assistant Director of food Service computer services public relations Mr Charles Robie Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds Mr John Roscoc Assistant Director of food Service Mr Thomas | Houser Mr David M Vitale Director of Computer Services Director ol Personnel Mr Charles frant Mrs Carole L SlOtter Mr Leon Winters Assistant Director for Administrative Applications Director of Public Relations Assistant Director of Purchasing Mr Robert R Sauders Mr Robert N Luft |r Mis Elaine Mullineaux Systems Administrator Assistant Director ol Public Relations Assistant Director of food Service Mr Wilbur I Ware Mr Donald R Bird Mr David I Myer Operations Supervisor Spot IS Information Director Assistant Director ol Personnel academic affairs Dr Nicholas C Brown Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr Robert V Brown Assistant Vice-President lor Academic Affairs Dr f Perry Love Dean of Continuing education and Summer Sessions , Dr Ralph I Wright Director of Academic Information Dr Louis G Jennings Dean of Humanities Dr James L Maurey. |r Dean of education Dr William A Peatman Dean of Social Sciences Dr Richard Sasin Dean of Science and Mathematics Dr edgar R Thomas Dean of Graduate Studies Mrs. Rachael Dread Assistant to Dean of Graduate Studies Dr | HenryKcneagy Mr Blair e. Treasure Director of Admissions Mr eugene D Lyda Assistant Director of Admissions Mr Gerald W Burkhardt Registrar Miss Beryl S Queen Assistant Registrar Dr V Anthony Champa Director of Audio-Visual Services Mr Melvin R. Allen Director of Higher Lducation Opportunity Program Ms Darlene Ayers Academic Skills Specialist HEOP Program Mi Philip R 8ishop Director of Teacher Education Placement Mr Steven R Kravinsky Director of Liberal Arts Placement and Cooperative Education Mr Carl | Milton Coordinator of Cooperative Education Mr Michael Reed Coordinator. Migrant Student Record System Mrs Patricia Rankin Liaison Representative Indo-Chinese Project Mrs. Betty | Beck Program Coordinator Community Vocational Skills Program Dr |ose Chao Program Research Specialist Community Vocational Skills Program Mrs. Sarah A Hubert Adult Education Dissemination Coordinator Project Advance Ms Linda Monaco Coordinator Indo-Chinese Project Mr Manual Recio Puerto Rico Liaison Officer Migrant Education Program—r student affairs Df GaryW Reighard Vice President for Student Affair Dr Edward A Thomson Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Mr Richard L French Dean lor Resident Life Miss Ulcn Barber Assistant Dean for Resident Life Mr |ohn P Farmer Assistant Dean for Resident Life Mrs Helen Conway Riso Dean for Off Campus Life and Veterans Affairs Mi Harold | Hams Director. Counseling and Human Development Dr Richard G Blouch Counseling Psychologist Mrs Dorothy B Harris Counseling Psychologist Mr V. Scott Garman Director of Speech Clinic Mr Edward D Plank Director of Reading and Study Skills Clime Mr Marvin R Donner Director of Student Activities and Orientation Mr |ohn P farmer Director of Student Union Mrs Leah G Fudem Adviser to Student Publications Mr Gene R Wise Director of Financial Aid Mrs Margaret O Henry Assistant Director of financial Aid Dr F Wendle McLaughlin Director of Hewlth Services Mr Woodrow W Frank Director of Safctyand Security Mr | David Smith Chief of Security Dr Lawrence McDermott Director of Athletics Mrs Mariorie Trout Associate Director of Athletics Mr CletusK Swcigarr Manager of Student Services Inc Mr Gilbert Shoft Manager oi College Store Mr Robert Slabmski Manager of food Services Student Cenrei Mr Paul laMantia Assistant Director of Student Center Di Robert H Longwell Physician college library Mr |ohnS. Maine Library Director Mr Ray K Hacker Chairman and Senator Mrs Geraldine M Benson Mr. Robert t Coley Mrs. Catherine c Glass Mrs Dons K Hosier Mr Robert G Hostetter Mrs Barbara B. Hunsberge Miss Sarojlnl D LotHkar Mrs. Evelyn I Lyons Mr Theodore Miller Mrs. Elaine D Pease Mrs Irene K Risser Mr LeoE Shelly r Miss MaryS Townsend Mr Donald Tribit Mrs. Nellie S. Von Dorster elementary education Dr William Mcllwaine Chairman Mrs. lane Bachman Dr David G Bird Dr Gerald Bosch Mr Michael A Dianna Mrs Anna Kondor Mr Richard Meily Mrs Michaeline Nissley Senator Dt Samuel Reigcl Mr |oscph Rousseau Miss Yvonne Schack Miss Bctrlcc Smith Miss M |oanne Snavely Dr Daisy K. Spanglcr-Kline Dr | Richard Zetby counselor education Dr H Bv'On Showers Dr |ohn Bonhcld Chairman Dr David Karl Mrs Joyce Smedley Dr Kenneth Samara Senator educational media Mis Alice W Hostetter Mrs MaryE Llewellyn Chairman Mrs Minda S Sanders Mrs Isabelle H Binkley Miss Margaret R lassia Senator Dr Byron M Wagner Mr |oseph f Blake Dr V A Champa Mr Keith E Yoder Dr CarolO Schmidtke Dr Barbara Kokencs Chairman Mrs fay I Kramer Mr Samuel fonn Dr Walter Kreidci Senator Mr Lewis f Marafhc Dr Donald G Gertenbach Dr Raymond C Mullin Mr Eugene G. Groff Dr |ames W White Mr John I Horst Mr RichardS Will educational foundationselizabeth jenkins school Di |ohnt Pllum ChAiffflAn Mi Ray HoHIngct Mis Audrey Kirchncr Senator Mis Anna Pllum Mis Gwendolyn Robinson Mis Mary |ane Sm.«i special education Di W Richard Kettering Mis AilcneK Buchet Mis Rulh M Cox Mi Linus | Czap Di EtmaleenB Enci Mis Mane Kiser Mi Douglas PLaPicrre Di MassanOsman Senatoi Mi tdwaidD Ottlngcr Di Ralph Anttoncn Chairman. Teacher Education Sctvicc Di Roben Labnola Director Educational Development Centei Di Daun W Nesbu Coordinator of Support Services Miss Lima D Keyes Director. Vocational Education Information Di Frank E Rozman VEIN dutcher hall CENTER FOR COUNSELING HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND READING STUDY SKILLS Network health and physical education art Di R Cordon Wise Chairman Mi S Kent Carson Mi Donald A Davis Di Dominick | Fanam Mi |ohn£ Ground Mi Isaac K May Mi RobcitG Hustead Mi Kenneth A Kirsten Or Hatold A laynot Mi Robert A Lyon. |r Miss |ane L- Reinltaid Mrs Matgiit Schmidtke Mrs Sheba G Shallow Di Ronald f. Sykes industrial arts Di EailM Weber Chairman Dr |oseph Abromaitis Senator Dr Richard F Doutt Mi Hugo) Fiora Dr Denis | Foley, |r Di George Francis Mi William H Geiger. 11 Mi George D Hauber Mr Glenn I Heckman Mr Ralph W Miller Di Austin G Quick Mi William L Scholia Mi William H Skelly Di Dalton E Smatt. |r Mr | Richard Steinmetz Mi PaulM Wighaman Di Philip D. Wynn Mrs Paula M Stoup EDC Miss lean B diSabanno Pennsylvania Migrant Education Piogtam english Mr. Frank R Heavner Dt |ohn A Huzzaid Mrs Hazel I lackson Mt Arthur Hulme Charman Mr. |ohn F. Apple Mi | Rodney Bimson Mrs |ulia Bowers Dr Gene A Carpenter Mr Richard C DeHart Dr Mary E Dixon Assistant Chair man Mrs lone L Dorwart Mr F.ugene A Fritz Mr-. NancyE Hungerford Dr William V Kahlct Senator Mr Carl ft Kane Mr Thomas Jackson Miss Adele S Marion Dr lawrenceA McDermott Miss Sandra L. Peters Dr Raymond | Runkle Mr |eiry| Swope Mrs Marjorie A Trout Mr Lawrence Warshawsky Mr Albert Woolley. |r Dr |ohn F O Donnell Chairman Mrs Margaret N Butler Mr David B Chamberlin Dr Danny DuCker Mrs LeahG Fudcm Mr Sumner | Germain Assistant Chairman Miss Phyllis M Goodman speech-drama Mr Robert H Fogg Chairman Mt V Scott Garman Mt lames S Henke Mt Cameron D Keman Mt Charles Muench Dr PaulM Talley Mi William | Wtight Mr. Bruce D Kcllnef Dr Debrah D LeSagc Dr Kathryn L Moran Mt Charles P Patton Dr Mary P A Sheaffer Mr Gordon P Symonds. |r Mr Robert N Taylot Senator Miss A Grace Wenger Mis MargatetC Woodbndge economics Dr Ferdinand L Molz Chairman Mt Robert R Bames Dr M Khalil Hamid Dr |ong-Chol Hau Dr Secunderabad N. Lecla Senator psychology Dr Richard Olds Chairman Dr Richard F Bromer Dr Albert | Duchnowski Dt Betty | Finney Dr. Richard | Hess Di |o eph| Hot vat Dr Patricia Kranz-Englert Di John Lcmbo Di Susan Luek-Keen Mrs. Susan M Mason Dt William W Moyer Dr fames | Sheridan Mrs Evelyn Stevens Di Walter vomSaal Mr |, cobC Wine Dt. Charles |. Willsforeign languages Dr Theodore H Rupp Chairman Or Robert f Ambacher Mr C Richard Beam Mr. |oseph E DcCamp. |r Mr Bryon R. Detwiler Mrs. TherannG Fernet Or Philip T Hecsen Assistant Chairman Dr OlgaG Iglcsias Mrs Beatrice M Killough Mr Daniel £ Kogut Mrs (acqueline Long Or fred E Oppenheimer Marburg Director Or Una Ruiz y Ruiz Or Irene PSeadle Or Hans G Skitter Dr Rodrigo Solera Senator Mr |ohnA Tally Dr Simone | Vcncens Or Marian M Walter Mr Philip Wooby music earth sciences physics Mr Karl E Moyer Chairman Mrs Dorothy P Beam Mr Walter W Blackburn Mr |ohnW Colangelo Or Paul G Fisher Mr Luke K Grubb Mr Ray W Kaullman Senator Dr Bertha N Maralfie Mrs. Carol | Myers Mr Willis M Rapp Miss lean M Romig Miss Margaret | Wheeler Dr Lconafranees Woskowiak Dr Paul H Nichols Chairman Dr Russell I DeSou a Dr William M |ordan Mr Paul | Mdnerney Dr Bernard!. Oostdam Dr Roberts. Ross Dr. Charles K Scharnbcrger Senator Dr YmS Soong history Dr C Byron Kohr Chairman Dr |ohnW Dooley Dr loscphW Grosh |r Dr Conrad R Mi iumski Dr Chiton W..Price Dr |ohnA Van Horn Senator biology Dr Antonc K Tomes Chairman Dr. David R Dobbins Dr RichardC Keller Chairman Dr Ronald M Benson Dr Francis | Bremer Dr. Linda L Clark Dr |ackR Fischel Dr Abram | Foster Mr lames A lolly Mr William W Kenawell Dr Reynolds Koppel Dr G Terry Madonna Senator Dr |ohn B Osborne. |r Dr Thomas C Tirado Dr Edward A Tuleya Dr George L Young Dr Mahlon I Bierly Dr Samuel | Ha Dr TerryL Helser Dr. Alex Henderson Senator Dr Albert C Holfman Dr Larry M lewis Mr Kenneth G. Miller Mrs. Loisf Nute Dr David S. Ostrovsky Dr |ames C Parks Dr. Sydney Radmovsky Dr Willis Rat lad Dr Guy L Steucek Dr William | Yurkiewicr Dr David A Zegers geography political science philosophy chemistry Dr Robert N. Ford Chairman Dr |oseph w Glass Dr MarioHiraoka Dr. Gary R Hovinen Senator Mr Arthur C. Lord Dr Glenn V. Stephenson Dr |ames M Garrett Chairman Dr Ivan Brychta Dr Man woo Lee Mr Clarence | Randolph Mr |ohn E Tannehtll Senator Dr Gerald L Weinberger Dr Kurt R Fischer Chairman Mr Mark P Hartman Mr Leon R Miller Dr Mia K Sarracino Dr Colleen A M Stameshkln Dr |ohn E Winter Dr Gerald S Weiss Chairman Dr Thomas G Greco Dr |an M Shepherd Dr Shih-FanTing Dr. Donald E Weiman Dr Robert K Wismer Dr. Sandra A Yeager Senator mathematics and computer science Mr Roberts Shaak Chairman Mr Marshall D Anderson Mr Harry E Canter Mr Ronald L Davis Dr Charles G Denlinger Mr Donald A Eidam Mr. S. Richard France Mr RoyE Garland Dr |ohn F Lavelle Dr Robert S Matulis Dr |oseph A Meier Mr Edmund Pribitkm Dr lames A Stager Senator Mr . Clark E Taylor Mr. Charles L Van Gorden Mr |ay D Weaver Mr Charles T Woll sociology-anthropology- -social work Dr Samuel E. Casselberry Chairman Mr |ohnL Bicsecker Mr William S Boisko Dr leromcR Briggs Dr Charles A. Ekstrom Dr Marion G. Foster Mr Robert A Rotz Dr. George F Stine Dr George |. Yelagotes Senatoradministration Dr. William H. Duncan President Dr. Nicholas C. Brown Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael G. Kovach Assistant to the President Dr. Robert V. Brown Assistant Vice President for Academic Af fairsI 15 Dr. Gary W. Reighard Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Reighard. with Dr. Edward A. Thomson Assistant Vice President for Student Affairsfaculty and staff Dr. Richard G. Blouch Counseling Psychologist Mrs. Hazel I. Jackson Dr. Louis G. Jennings English Dean of HumanitiesDr. Theodore H. Rupp Foreign Languages Dr. George H. Francis Industrial Arts 1 17 Dr. LeonaFrances Woskowiak Mrs. Jane Thumma Music Administrative Services SecretaryI 18 Dr. Gerald S. Weiss Chemistry Mr. S. Kent Carson Dr. James E. Maurey. Jr. Art Dean of EducationMr. Seymour Brandon Music, with student Michael Geesey Mr. Glenn E. Heckman Dr. Carl O. Schmidtke Industrial Arts Educational Foundations .120 Mr. Harry E. Canter Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. David A. Zegers Biology Dr. Antone K. Fontes Biology Charles G. Denlinger Mathematics and Computer Science121 Dr. Richard Sasin Dean of Science and Mathematics Mr. john L. Biesecker Dr. G. Terry Madonna Sociology-Anthropology-Social Work History122 Dr. David S. Ostrovsky Biology Dr. John B. Osborne Dr. Larry Lewis History Biology - Dr. Mary P. A. Sheaffer English Mr. jay D. Weaver Mathematics and Computer Sciences 123 Mr. Walter Blackburn Music Dr. |ohn F. Lavelle Mathematics and Computer Sciences 124 Mrs. Anna Kondor Elementary Education Mrs. Margaret C.Woodbridge Mr. Richard L. Frerichs English, with student Susanne Buchholz Dean for Residence LifeDr. John Lembo Psychology Dr. Robert K. Wismer Chemistry r----------------------- 125 Mr. Robert G. Hostetter Librarian Mr. Luke Grubb Music126 Mrs. Helen Riso Dean for Off-Campus Life and Veterans Affairs Miss jean Romig Music Mr. John S. Maine Library Director —Miss A. Grace Wenger English Miss Fay Bledsoe Psychology Secretary 127 Dr. Guy L. Steucek Biology 128 Dr. Sydney Radinovsky Biology Mr. James A. jolly History Mr. Donald Tribit LibrarianDr. Robert F. Ambacher Foreign Languages 129 Dr. James W. White Mrs. Minda M. Sanders Educational Foundations Educational Media130 Miss Sandra L. Peters Health and Physical Education Mr. Richard C. DeHart Health and Physical Education Mr. David M. Vitale Director of Personnel Mr. ). Nevin Huber Director of Student Accounts —131 Dr. Walter vom Saal Psychology Mr. Eugene D. Lyda Mrs. Marjorie A. Trout Assistant Director of Admissions Associate Director of Athletics 132 Mr. Daniel Kogut Foreign Languages Mr. Kenneth Miller Biology Dr. Dalton E. Smart. )r. Industrial Arts 133 Miss Phyllis Goodman English Dr. Richard Olds Psychology-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 134 Mr. Robert G. Hustead Art Dr. William A. Pearman Dr. Earl M. Weber Dean of Social Sciences Industrial Arts Dr. George j. Yelagoces Sociology-Anthropology-Social Work Dr. Robert Labriola EDC Director. Teacher Education Service 135 Dr. Patricia Krantz Psychology Mrs. Doris K. Hosier Librarian136 Mr. Willis M. Rapp Music Dr. James A. Stager Miss Ellen Barber Mathematics and Computer Science Assistant Dean for Resident Life137 Dr. Shih-Fan Ting Chemistry Dr. Sandra A. Yeager Dr. Reynold S. Koppel Chemistry, with student Sally E. Heicher History138 |ill Alderson |ane Algard Eugene Allport Barbara Alwlne Gabriele Amersbach139 David Anderson Lea Anderson Lucille Antrim Karen Arentz Doreen Axsmith Paula Baggaley MaryAnne Bailey Helen Balasavage Cynthia Bakh Cynthia Bare Eleanor Barnhart Patricia Bauman Bruce Beard Sue Beard Cheryl BeardenRoland Beasley Judith Bell James Bender Linda Bender Donna Beneck Craig Benner Gary Benner Richard Bennethum Hope Bentz |anice Berger Lynn Bergvall Kay Berner Linda Biel Cheryl Bla ejewskl Susan BoettgerGuy Borghi Toni Boyd David Brander Robert Bray man Wendy Brehm Kris Breighner Harry Breneman Diane Brennan lames Bressi Dolores Brlmo Daniel Brown Dyan BrysonValerie Cassell BarbaraChilcoat Carol Christman Elizabeth Christopher Donna Clark143 Laura Clark Patti Clauss Pamela Clements Donna Cole Linda Coles Cynthia Collins Frank Crawford |r. Crystal Crissman |udlth Crouthamel144 Diane Crumbling Susan Currier Rosemary Dalesandro Sharon Dalrympk Sarah Daly Anne Davis Cheryl Davis Douglas Davis Kim Davis Leslie Davis Susan Davis Blake Deibler Benjamin DelTito. |r. Kim Dempsey Pamela DerkacSusan Dougherty Deborah Downs Diana Duckworth Jan Dukovic Jill Dunning Carol Duryea Elaine Dussinger Denise Dwight Kathleen DwyerBruce Ebersole Candra Edwards Maralyn Effross Debra Elch Albert Eilbacher Lynn Elchook Karlene Eliff Harriet Emmanuel Sharon Eshleman |ulie Evans147 Stuart Fecser. Ill Drew Fenstcrmacher |ohn Ferenz Karen Ferrara Jeanne Festa Eileen Fetch Evelyn Flynn Patricia Flynn Ellen Fogg148 Rebecca Foreman Sandra Fowble Caroline Fox Debra Fox David Frable Cathy Franzosa Laura Frlcchlone Lee Friedman Alyce Garabcdian Sondra Gardner149 Roy Garland. II Margaret Garr Mary Garrick Frances Gilmore Llndell Gladfelter Lois Glasstetter Anita Gober Doris Gochnaucr Jane Gollatz Mary Goreckl Regina Gornlak Nancy GreenCall Grissinger Pamela Guiffre Stephen Culon ToddGuion Kathy Guise Marie Hammond Margo Haring lean Harnly Patricia Hartzell Nadenc Hausmann151 Judith Hawthorn Lynne Hayden Lorraine Hayunga Clifford Hayward Maria Hazangeles Cynthia Hedes Daniel Heichel Eileen Helm Nancy Hendricks Sue Hendrickson Paul Helper David Herbert Judy Herr Sheila Herr Guy Hershey152 Thicn Hoang Gerald Hoff Lucinda Holbein Keith Holland Mark Holzman Melinda Horn Palmer Hosslcr Christine Huber Philip Huber Richard Huberlacquelyn Huggler Glenn Hughes Nancy Hutter |oyce Imwold Anne |ackson Cheryl jackson Janice lames Patricia Jandrositz |ayne |ohnson Kay Johnson Barbara |ones Douglas |ones Sharon |osefowskl Juliana Kanin Elaine KapochusChristine Karvelas Cynthia Keeler |amle Kegerisc Corinne Kepich Donna Kern Elyse Kinkle |ohn Kistler. |r. Margaret Kltch LouAnn Kite loseph KleinRobin Knox Beatrice Kovscek Elaine Kozlk Cindy Kramer Deborah Kramer |ulle Kramer Thomas Krape Katherine Krayblll Debra Krebs156 loan Kreider Llndell Laird Donald Lancaster Timothy Landenberger Duane Landis Barbara Leighton Kim Leitzel Nicole Lemay Karen Leonard Lynne Lepore157 Linda Lewars Charlene Liskey Lorilitchert Mary Livingston Elizabeth Look |udlth Looker Carolyn Madeira Dianne Magee Valerie Malecki158 KathieMaley Barbara Maloney Lorraine Manwlller Evelyn Martin Karen Martin Patricia Martin Lorraine Maxwell Dean May Susan Mazzur Jonathan McDonald Melinda McGcary Catherine McHugh Susan McNamara Joan Medio laymee Mehrmann159 Cynthia Meinccke Betsy Mellors Charles Merris. |r. Mary Migllozzl Keith Miles Andrew Miller Lynn Miller Michael Miller Donna MilliganJudith Mills Dorothy Minshall Susan Miszkiel Kim Mitchell Keith Mills Tina Mondschetn Harry Morgan Linda Morgan Lynn Moore Brenda Moose Nancy Morgan Ioanna Moyar Deborah Moyer lacqueline Moyer Thomas Moyer161 Susan Murphy MarcieMusscr Kenneth Myers Mary Neeld Nathan Neff Michele Nelson Ky Nguyen Antoinette Nicholas Burnell Nolt. )r. Todd Nonnenmocher Louis Notaro. |r. Lisa Nurmi 162 Barry Phillips Sharon Platt Richard Picket Boris PikhtovnikoffStacl Pontz Patricia Pope Cheryl Powell Sherry Powell 163 Frances Ray Diane Reaf PaulReber164 Kren Reich Michelle Reid Kenneth Reidenbach. II Susan Rcidcr Debra Rellley Shelly Rhoads William Ricker lack Robinson Paul Rorer Rocco Rossi. IllPhyllis Rowan Robert Rudolph DaneRunkles Margo Salash Martha Sanders Karen Schaffer David Scheetz Drew Scheffey Barbara Schindler |ohn Schlager Susan Schlener Lisa Schlosser Tobias Schoenwandt Gary Schofield Bruce Schrelter166 Michael Shaw Dean Shearer Mary Sheridan Elizabeth Sherk Elizabeth Sherman167 Victoria Sherr Paula Shockey Marta Shuey Mark Shultz Annette Shuman Theresa Slket LynnSillaman Vicki Simpson Elaine Skiles juciith Skorup |ane Slattery Blanche Smith Philip Smith Vicky Smith Deborah Snavely168 Cathy Snyder Terry Snyder Leigh Soper Lucia Sorrentino Sandra Sowers loan Starcheskl Katherine Stark Michaele Spadea Sally Speitel Susan Stambaugh |anis Starner |udy Steinke Phillip Stephens Anne Sterner Debra Sterner169 Robin Sterner Gregory Stewart Annie Stoltzfus Virginia Taddei Marianne Talbot Anne Taylor Beth Taylor Nancy Taylor lames TerranovaWendy Valenteen Maria Valldes Joyce Van Gorden Cheryl VanZant Patricia VicoChris Walker Lori Walls Margaret Walsh Kathleen Ward Danny Warner David Warner Rick Weaver Sharon Weaver Denise Weitzel172 Tracy Whitman Carolyn Whitt Linda Wieder Katherine Wilder Peggy Will Shirley Wissler Carl Wolf Catherine Wolfe Brenda Wolfinger Sherri Woodard173 Nadine Yancheff Patricia Yarasavage Lynn Yoder Donna Young Valerie Zearfoss Theresa Zelinskie Adolph Wright Pamela Wright Robert Wunsch Susan Zell Suzanne Zipperlein Ronald ZookI 74 175in memoriam Dr. J. Henry Keneagy Director of Admissions October 22. 1977 m 3 ;.m - Professor Joseph Blake Chairman. Educatio October 25, 1 Eunice VanWyck Class of 1981 March 1, 1978 Mrs. Beatrice Murr Food Service March 8. 19781 180 8-2 football FRONT ROW. Carmen Lex. Bob Pari. Gordie Spcicher SECOND ROW Andy Mussulman Mike Kopenhavet. Dennis Black, John Toomey, |im Olivere, David Pack. Adolph Wright. Barry Brunner. Don Humphrey Keith McHugh. Gerald Holt. Beinie Pytko THIRD ROW David Garret (manager). Terry |ones. Harry Leslie. Bruce Belsky Aaron Wyley. Scott Trump. Chuck Bacherr. Michael Marcks. Clift Meier Bill Geiger Larry Huber |oe McDowell |im Doran. |im Hansclman FOURTH ROW Randy Strickland. Brian Feeley Rob Hamill. Mark Knoll. George Rule. |ohn Bartholomai. Paul Stokley. Terry Lehman. Mark Haley. Vaughn Courtney. Steve Brown. Rick Briffe. Tony Delviscio. Randy Hart FIFTH ROW Alvin Robinson. Norm McDowell. Mike Johnson. Kerry |udge. Mark Udovich. Mike Bushong. Kevin Harris Mark Weaver. Scotr Enscoe. Aril Smith Phil Edwards. Bill Giordano. Rick Garget. Pete Hileman. Steve Sielert SIXTH ROW Jack Bailey Ronnie Register. John Hawkins. Fabio Pint. Pat Ross Dan Smith. Chris Clatto. Brian Speck. Marshal Leonard. Tom Dijohnson. |ohn Kane. |lm Barrel BACK ROW William Kahler (coach). Jack Naugle (coach). Sandy Guilloyle (coach). Bill Lauris (coach), Thomas Jackson (coach). Dr Gene Carpenter (bead coach) Rob Binv son (trainer).Rick Comegy (coach), lack Sioad (coach). Jim Ketner (coach). Bill Salter (coach). FRONT ROW' A Umble. D Emmerich. A Walsh. D Walck.’R Dyer (co-captain). | Weaver (co-captain) B Neel.J Frey. S Lembach. R Kenyon SECOND ROW B Martin. G Muellen D Beck. R Kepchar. D. Slant-tel.C Steiner. D. Zalalas. H Oji. B Broeskamp. A Kusuplus. | Tshudy BACK ROW B Kline. E Hoscr. D Bosler. G Une. G Bollinger. | White. D Pozda. | Koehler. B Coulton. M Stiefel B McCrossan. R Rodgers. D Mechior. Albert | Woolley (coach)181 IRONT ROW Deb Snavely. Claud la fillippo (CO . pMln5i|. SECOND ROW Bob Kennedy (trainer). Vicky Eckert. Betsy Singer Dottie Nase H,»b Rikcr Karen labella Diane Nase BACK ROW Miss Sandra Peters (coach). Lynn Byrcm. Deb Gcno Diane Brendlinger. |oAnnc McVeigh. Beth Hnrron. Diane Rice. Edy Lyons. Heidi Denlinget. Elena Barberes 5-3-5 varsity field hockey fRONT ROW |Oy e Herr, |udy Byrne SECOND ROW Tammy Knickerbocker Karen MacDonald Bridget Hippier. |ane Sterner. Debb.e Haly BACK ROW Mis D.anne Smith (ctMch). |udy Mitchell. Sue Steere Diane Frederick. Annette Rico. Cindy Kulp junior varsity field hockey182 8-1 cross country FRONT ROW Sieve Deuel. Tom Batrpn. Cary Comfort. |im Shorkey (captain). Dave Hummel (captain) Carl Wolf. Keith Davis. Al Eshbach. BACK ROW |ack Kraynak (assistant cwch). Ed Heston, Al Tredmger. Eel Runkle. Sieve Zug. Mike May. Eugene Fritz (coach) wrestling 7-4 FRONT ROW. Henry Callie. Chuck Clark. John MarchiOne. )ohn Lillie. Tim Frey SECOND ROW |im Scedor. |ohn Schnalzer. Andy Zook. Mike Conner. Bill Kahler (coach) BACK ROW |crry Swope (coach). Greg Weldon. Wayne Winner. Charlie White. Tim Howell Fran Presleyvarsity cheerleaders 183 KNEELING Pam Retiding. Marty Menuci Loomei. Laura Wlldemann. Ann Whitman. SECOND ROW Pat Andros. Tina Williams. |Osle Seitz. Cheryl BACK ROW Cindy Dotterer. Sharon Carr. Vicki Sheet! FRONT ROW Melissa N'oncga (captain). SECOND ROW Alison Happe! Maryann : Koren Lynn |ousky Mary Louise Chehuv Vicki Smith (captain). Wendy Giatcnfcllei junior varsity cheerleaders184 5-20 men’s varsity basketball FRONT ROW Greg Sarabok MIKc Hooven. Tom Manning Keirh Phillips. |eff Wasson SECOND ROW Dar roll |ones David Kendig, Mall Zanowiak. Vein Moore. Bryan I Fuller BACK ROW' lack Plizenmayer (coach). Tom Kotun. Houston Chastecn. Aaron Bing. Brian Brewer. Mike Ttond Mark Silcox. Dave Dubbs (coach) men’s junior varsity basketball FIRST ROW Jack Phl enmayer (assistant coach) Andre Randall Tom Manning. |im Mctvoy, Walt Strausbaugh. Dick DeHart (coach). Bob Htvner (manager). BACK ROW Mark Silcox. Pat Ross. Pat Me Crossan. Phil Fassnacht. Brian Brewer. Ron Wilson. Rick Kurczeski185 I 0 ' I™ Jgg? D' °" Hrten Ba.asavage (co,,pWn). [ b Hudson (cocapta.n,. Vicki d e Ju ! r ? loanne Belke (nv, ,, Peg t„to«. Gale Ben,« V ki Ken d Sondr« Of (lip. Mary Kay Corwin. Idy Lyons. Sara Maldeman. Adeie Mar.on (coach) 6-8 women’s varsity basketball FRONT ROW Elaine Chrissos. loanne McVeigh. Sondra Gardner. Dot Nase. Lori |acobs SECOND ROW Barb McGroarty. Colleen Wright. Deb Dehart. Amy Buchko. Deb Miller. BACK ROW Elaine Barbercs (manager). Kathy McGovern. Val Leber. Cheryl Moxley. Robin Ahrensficld. Angie Smith. |enny Leber. Miss Barbara Waltman (coach), women’s junior varsity basketball186 1-7 men’s swimming FRONT ROW Gary Oberly. Barry Abramson. Bilan Marx Mark Carroll. |ohn Schlager SLCOND ROW Sieve Benner. Peer Placke. Tom Robertson. |ohn Dubois, trie Dohncr THIRD ROW Carl Kane (coach). Pete Hileman Sue Ma ur (student secretary). |ohn Apple (coach). FOURTH ROW Chip Mulvany. Sean Gallagher. Charles Canfield. Doug Maclnners. David Cramer. Jeff Schiller BACK ROW Mike Hinkle. Darryl Mete. Keith Datko (manager). MlkcMaxson. Mark Daum. Kevin Callahan. Lyle Benner (captain) FRONT ROW Amy Grace. Sallic Thompson, Melissa Shorkey (captain). Sue Gottlieb (captain). Deb Geno Mrs Pat Cummings (coach) BACK ROW Kathy Nelson. Ncysa fratomom. Dianne Rice. Ln tllis women’s swimming 1-4FRONT ROW Dotty Nase. tllen Reilly Claudia Fillippo. Frances Ray. Cmdy Keeler. Deb Ceno. Karen Labels BACK ROW Becky Davis. Sue Crothamel. Tracy Whitman. Mrs. Marjorie Trout (coach). Sue Steere. Diane Welsch. Edy Lyons. Barbfalkmburg varsity lacrosse FRONT ROW Deb Haly. Tammy Knickerbocket. Kathy Murphy. |oyce Herr. |oan Culin. Lisa lames. Cyndy O'Connell SECOND ROW Nancy Barbera. Nadine YancheFI. |anet Stephens Donna Schulr Sue Houck. Cheryl Saybolt. Annette Rico BACK ROW Miss Barbara Waltman (coach). Dianne Rice, Anne O Neill junior varsity lacrosse188 2-1 men’s tennis FRONT ROW Steve Wltkowskl. Lee Miller Andy Walsh BACK ROW Dave Emerlck. Bill Neel |ell Shutter Dr R | Runkle (coach). archery 1-3 FRONT ROW Tim Frey, Jonathan Crothers SECOND ROW Lori Anderson Susanne Buchhol . Debra Krebs. |oyce Addic Kathleen O'Neill. Sally Winter BACK ROW Joseph |ackiewicz. Bruce Miller Matthew Yates Gerald Cox. Mrs Julia Bowers (coach)FRONT ROW |udy Hawthorn lyda Baket Sue Forrey Sue Schannauet. Linda Giese BACK ROW |e.mne Holt. Beth McDaniel, jean Helm. Gheiyl Fausnacht. Sue Gottlieb. Peg Elliot Mts Nancy Mungorfotd (coach), 2-3 women’s fall tennis 189 FRONT ROW Shaton Hill, Linda Gicsc. Gfeta Martinsek Vicky Eckert |canne Holt BACK ROW Pattice Moccio, Peg Elliot lean Helm, Sue Gottlieb. Cheryl Fausnacht. Mrs Nancy Mungetfoird (coach) women’s spring tennis 1-4190 10-9 baseball FRONT ROW Harry Stigelman (coach), R | Rychleski. Phil Harold I Kennel. Bob Francis. Dan Heichel (assistant coach) SECOND ROW David Starucl. Alvin Robinson. D.m Baranek. Ken Earle. Mickey Hess. Gary Prugh. Curt Stelfy. Dave Franklin THIRD ROW Ed Nicholson. Dave Shea Tom Berry Don Gteenlield. Greg Wright. Mark Cole. Scott Lorah. Steve Tilley BACK ROW Bill Daguc. lohn Butensky. |cll Cardinal. Phil Fassnacht. Chris Krosner. Doug Noble. Fred Buonanno. men’s track 9-1 FRONT ROW Norm Dethloff. Kim Liet el. Mark Byrnes. |im Shorkey (co-captain). Barry Brunner (co- captain). |elf May (co-captam). Dave Hummel. Steve Guion. Dean May. |im Fa io SECOND ROW |im Hershberger. Glenn Stephens. |ohn Egan, Harry Martin. Carl Frederick. Alan Eshbach. Ed Runklc. Terry (ones. Art Simpson THIRD ROW Cindy Hedes (manager). Bob Riddick. Bruce Van Allen. Ed Heston. Darrell Markley. Wayne Wumcr. Dave Dickinson. Duane Sedlock. Patty Poke (manager). FOURTH ROW |oe Dellinger, Tom Barron. Don Williams. Tom Lcngcl. Mike Worthington. Barry Hamilton. John Tshudy. Don Brown. Mark Musselman. Willie Lewis. FIFTH ROW Keith White Dave Rohrbaugh. Tim Kelly Bnnton Myers, Paul Wade. Bill Wolfe. Steve Brown. Al Trellmger. |efl Pettis. Tom Althous. |oe McDowell BACK ROW Larry W?Srshawsky (coach). Tom Ecker (assistant coach) Ftcel Torry (assistant coach). Cy Frit (associate coach)FRONT ROW Albeit Woolley (coach), leffrey Ludwick. Paul Relchwem. Daniel Rhoades BACK ROW P Ed wards. Bruce Hocfcl. Scott Stoner. RobRcdcay FRONT ROW Anne Dwyer. Laurie Brant. Judy Byrne. Pam Abraham (co-captain). Dorma Gerhard (co- captain). Mary Landis. Beth Drudi BACK ROW Miss Sandra Peters (coach). |oAnne McVeigh. Pam Smith Roxanne Stonewall. Eileen Pasch. Laurie Kessler. |enny Bair. |udy Mitchell. Diane Brendlingcr. Carolyn R Whitt. Clara Dixon. Lynda Wheeler (coach) women's track 4-1FRONT ROW Ancly Kusuplos. Curtiss Sterner. Dave Pozdn. |ohn Carney SECOND ROW Robbie Weidner, Bill Windover. Bruce Drozd (pledgemaster). Rob McOwen. Mark Haas BACK ROW Barry Phillips (friar). |im Kraky (president). |on Biller (vice-president). Bill Class (secretary) Russ Kenyon (treasurer) delta A sigma E chi X FRONT ROW Greg Schneider, Emerson Haines. Steve Miller. Bob Tausnaught Chaz Sivick. Ardy Von Hager. Tim Marsh. BACK ROW Ron Shickora. Kelly Stone. Bill Walker. Ken Balough. Butch Normol Dick Grilfln|OSeph Boyd. Erie Jones. Kevin Lupton. Koy Stewart Calvin |ohnson 193 K kappa A alpha psi FRONT ROW. Tom Johnson, Mark Willard. John Lidzik, Duane Lindermuth. BobStabley SECOND ROW |oe Cornaccionc. Mike Killian. Bob Dcutsch BACK ROW Ernie Wakely. |ohn Frimenko. Bruce Beard. Sam Miller. Roger Both. Eric Young. |on Knight K kappa £ sigmaFRONT ROW |cff Fasnacht. Sieve Osttoll Gory | Warlow Pool Hclney. Kcljh Holland BACK ROW K.cK Reese Kevin Waters. Kit Patterson, Guy Wickenheiscr |ohn Stauffer. Mike Boyajian FRONT ROW Paul |ones. Rich Faochcr. Russ Feeser Terry Lehman. David LaSlavic. Fran Presley SECOND ROW |im Terranova. Rich Ahrendt. |ay Relnhard (president). |cff Okeson. Kevin Wagman. |eff Stoulfer THIRD ROW Gre« Moshos. Rocco Rossi Mike Noon. Bill Richie. Scott Lincoln. Pedro Mena. Gaty Schofield. Pat Rowlcs BACK ROW Al Androknes. Paul Schultz. |ere Knisely. Bruce Lbersole. Dean Shearer sigma E tau T gamma T195 FRONT ROW Steve Rusmak SECOND ROW Michael McBride Tim Landenberger. Bill Martin. Bernie Pytko. Bill Reynolds THIRD ROW Larry Garthwaite. Paul CrOthamel. Tom Wise. |ohn Egger. Chris Bolt . Terry Spisak. Davel.voy John Stcffy. lack Williams FOURTH ROW’ Dave Crothamel. Barry Coulton BACK ROW' Larry Steward. Carl Knescl. Dave Lichtenwalncr. Barry Pritchard, lack Lance T tau K kappa E epsilon FRONT ROW Ronald Tr nadel. Robert Helm. Terry Relsch. Gary R Duell. |elf Lillis. Dan Allen SECOND ROW Dave Stong Gary Benner. Scott Hessen Neil Schrocder Mike Fredlund. Vince Vuono. Ctaig Benner THIRD ROW Rick DeLao. |ohn Coiemba. Pete Geoghan. Harry Breneman. Michael fox. Dan O'Brien Dean Gardner. Bob Young BACK ROW: |oe (ackiewicz. Alex DiGuiseppe. Pat W'itmer. Gregg Rice Bollinger $ phi E sigma n piTRONI ROW Warren A £noch (keeper of records and seal). Hastings W Coach (baslleus). leffery A Pin-Chney (vicc-basileus). Curtis A Petcaway (keeper of finance) BACK ROW Michael | Parker. Vern the Moore. Alfred D. Sloan Robert V Chandler, Leonatd A Crosson alpha A sigma E pi n FRONT ROW Bob Vincent (president), |im Valentine. Mark Vogel. BACK ROW Carolyn Miller. Sally Breen. Cindy Breen (vice-president). Maria HaxangelesFRONT ROW Carolyn King. Cheryl |ackson. Cyan Bryson, Darlene Hines (president) BACK ROW Karen Leak. Phyllis Reynolds HOLDING SIGN Leslie Mugar. Sharon Coleman A alpha K kappa A alpha 197 FRONT ROW' |udy Smith. Cindy Stump SECOND ROW Cathy Ann Shaffer. Lois Fleck. Suzanne Pihokcr. |ane Washburn. Lisa Pratt. Cynthia Peldey. Ann Martin THIRD ROW Terri Connor. Grctchcn Bruder, Brenda Moose. Cheryl Sharff. Lynn Moore BACK ROW Cathy Greenfield. Val Matccki. Nancy Orth. Lisa Adkins. Sheila Mickle. Vicki Wilson198 gamma F sigma E alpha A KNELLING. Pat Bleacher (adviser) FRONT ROW Mary Carroll. Sue Schannauer Kathy Kirkham Donna Capo .' BACK ROW Darcy Shatter (president). Sandy Miller Shirley Houser (vice-president). Bev Dagcr. Chris Walker delta A sigma E theta 0 FRONT ROW Cynthia Sessoms. Antoinette Sttoman. Frances Ray. Genora Orr (graduate adviser). Rosalyn Pryor. Toni Boyd. Dona Nichols BACK ROW: Theresa Queenan, Denise Draper199 fRONT ROW Darlene Schollenbcrger. Susan Vitale MAry.Aubley |udy Skorup. Wendy Brehm. Kay Berner. |oyce Gordon (president) SECOND ROW Barb Alwine. Sue Murphy. Dorty Nase, Karen Wrigley Lorraine Manwiller. Sharon Ochs. Cathy Eckman THIRD ROW Martha MacAdam. Sue Rcldei, Sheri laucr Barbara Lubas. Cindy Humphrey. jane Zerbe Lynn Yoder Debby Koons Chris Walker FOURTH ROW |,mr Schuler. Kathy french. Michele Kercsmar Linda Davis. Ann LaRocca Diane Messerschmidt. Ruth Hoepfer. Sue Schannauei Mary Kay Conahan BACK ROW Carol fox. Kris Kaufl-man. laurel Logan, Dons Reeder Tina Huber Pam Johnson. Sheryl Leedom. Lori Walls. Sherry Davis. Josie Sell . Marian Conrad A delta P phi H eta FRONT ROW loan McCahon. Bonnie Sanford. Emily George (president) SECOND ROW Beityann Gurewicz, Sue Howell THIRD ROW Laurie Krum. Linda To er Georgann Mortimer. Sue Troxell. Dana Smith. NancyConrad. Cheryl Barnes. Robin Baur BACK ROW Marianne Rogowski Annette Rogowsk. K kappa A delta P phi200 kappa K phi $ epsilon E FRONT ROW Sherry Diak. Susan DcPalma. Peggy Kneh. Leslie Davis. Susie Franu. Bea Kovs ck. Laurie Masters StCOND ROW Sally Shrelncr Kathy Young. Margie iaborowski Katlene Clill. LeeAnne Stewart. Karen Ennis. Michele Vllardo. Ellen Fcnstermachcr Patti Sunday BACK ROW Pamela Derkac. Lisa Henry Marty Menuer. Diane McLaughlin. Brenda Stoudt Debbie Berger, Susan Casscl, Susan Kropioski rho P lambda A phi $ FRONT ROW. Andrrana Hazangcles. Laurie Pitettr. Eydic Waldrois. BACK ROW: Cindy Breen. Karen Fair child. Paula Clerlco. Monica Tick. Mary Shaub (vice-president), Laurie Richardson (president). Maria Hazangelcs201 FRONT ROW Marianne Koren. (ill Wagner. Elame Dimltt. Carol Duryea. Suun Henley. Debbie DiBmder. Barb Trompeter SECOND ROW Susan filano. Mary Kay Conahan (president) Kathy McGovern. Mary Charles. Gloria WysocKi. Pam Wall. Lynda Craig. Kathy french (vice-president). Laura Wildeman BACK ROW: |oAnn RadaRovich. Elaine Talley, Karen Faust |oyce Finley. Mary Ann Sheridan Nancy Taylor. Lorie DHtenhalei. Patty Yarasavage. Mis. Frances Lefevcr (adviser). Vicki Sheet £ sigma f phi A delta FRONT ROW Donna Schuli. Shelby Starry Debbie Cook. Charlotte Torongo. Cathy Unruh. Linda Reichart. Icnny Leber SECOND ROW Val Cassell. Corinne, Debbie Licata Kim McCartney Beth Harron Karen Taglang. Carol Ridgway. Angela Ricclo. Pam Clements BACK ROW Brenda Ryman. Kathy P.erson Lynn Meehl. Bridget Hipler. Annette Shuman. Sue Williams. Mary Sel.gman, Laura Clark. Felice Kulla Don na Ora i. Val Leber202 phi $ lambda A sigma E FRONT ROW |an Mateet Barb Lubas Fled Beaver Carol Fox Helen Balasavage SECOND ROW Susan Doll. Deb Click. Linda Lewars. Barb Cams. Deb Sterner. Karen Mostellei Irene Novak THIRD ROW' |oyce Herr. Mini Nase. Donna Trelda. Laurel Logan. |udy Teremak Karen Walck. Mary Kay Hush Beth Timmons. Stephanie DePaul FOURTH ROW |oAnne McVeigh Amy Werkheiser Brenda Buckingham Carole I vans. Barb Yocum. Nadine Yanchelf. Linda Hudson, Donna Young. Cindy O Connell Kim Stephen BACK ROW MananneCivatte. Tamsen Holbert. Linda Roberts. Lori |olltchert omega A theta 9 sigma E FRONT ROW |oAnn Osiadacx. Pat Andres SECOND ROW Peggy Robinson. Robyn Swee ey. Rosemarie Clrulll. Carla Plomchok. Karen Rutter BACK ROW Sandi Ziemei Terry Shaner. Cynthia Bare. Kathy Kennedy. Suxanne Cooj er. Marianne MartinFRONT ROW Kathy Sweeney, Leslie D.ivis (vice-president), Sherry Davis (president). Bruce Speck. Marty Gutekunst BACK ROW Jerry Marcucci Don Acker. Cindy Cash. Sonders Beimfohr. Donna Hamel. Guy Wickenhelser student senate 203 FRONT ROW Valerie Gerard. Pamela Heller Steve Werner. Nancy Taylor BACK ROW' Mr |ohn Farmer Lisa Ortmann. Ken Korndcld. tllcn Fogy.. Paul laMonda. Kevin Massa college union boardwixq fm 92 FRONT ROW Tern Carroll. Glenda Clippinger. Connie Sierzega (program director). Cindy Williams loan Medio. Zw Bashline (Station manager). BACK ROW Aaron Carpenter. Brian Koesi. Marry Klinger Bill Machia. Wayne Campbell. Steven Houdeshel FRONT ROW loan Medio. Kns KaufFman. Nancy McCaughe . |oAnn Belke. Sue Grier. Kathy Howley Dean Slusser SECOND ROW Kim McCartney. Teresa Wilt. Sue Bortree. Barb Falkinburg. Lorraine Manwiller lane English Dale Slusser. Laura |ones. Robin Scott THRID ROW Linda Davis, lean Harnly. Bert Giordano, lull Knapp Margaret Rooney. Cindy Brown. Cathy Baldwin. Mary Moyer. Penny Schwartz. [ eb Snyder BACK ROW |udi lablonski. Judy Skorup. Penny Pry. Betty Houdeshel. Lori Mest. Kim Lewis Shlrlcv LeClerlc.205 minority students association Aaron Carpenter (vice-president). Sherri Woodard (president). Gerald Cox (treasurer). FRONT ROW Diane Heveran, Crystal Tibeno. Susannc Buchholz. Shirley Marlin (president). Sue Madara. |amcc Bottcrbusch BACK ROW Debra Franko. Amy Canouse. Linda Chavez (vice-president). Debra Krebs. Fran Gilmore-Figenshi. Donna Hamel foreign language club206 Spanish club FRONT ROW |i»c1y Skorup Debbie Rellley (president). BACK ROW. lisa Frock. Sue Vogel. Patti Sunday french club FRONT ROW Clare Murphy (president). Donna Hamel. Crystal Crissman. |anice Quickel BACK ROW Fran Gilmore. Pam Abraham, Sue Madara, Marilyn Coblent . Ellen Sandfortcomputer science club 207 FRONT ROW Cindy Humphrey Denise Raughlcy. Nancy Gibson BACK ROW Tom Conway. Ron Burtan. Robert Yantz FRONT ROW. Patty LoundaS. Donna Trelcla (president). Lisa Rudegeair. |udy Teremak. Amy Bomberger BACK ROW Amy Schllckcrman, Greta Martlnsek. Denicc Wert. Terry Stout. Marclc Yarmush wrestling bellesaesculapian society Pai lohnson. Robin Ahrenslield. Suwn Insetta. Becky Ban 208 economics club T.immy Sterner (vice-president). Justin Scheuchenzuber. Nancy Taylor (president). Joseph Haldeman. Sally Dantinnc.209 FRONT ROW Margie Wise. Pam lohnson. Nadcnc Hausmann BACK ROW Joe Klein, Samuel Kincaid, Bruce Bcaid. Hoa Ngoc Nguyen. american chemical society FRONT ROW ClMilOi Barker. Laurie Krum. Stephen Goodalc (vice-president). Pat O'Neill BACK ROW Linda Brubaker. Susan Mazzur. Gary Bonner (president). Sue McClain. Dave |ordahl outing clubclassics club Susan Vitale. |ulie Kramer (president), David Coleman 210 lorn Dudash. Hollis Carter Carol Morgan. Pete Geoghan. Fatima Miller Stephen Shade. Pamela Heller. Terry Rcish. Carollynn Yureietcic. Will Reese. Ger.tld Cox Margerite Sheridan, Brian Enzman. Rick McCorngon. Daniel Shock. Richard Dunham. Ron Stmner, Liz Fortney Alyce Garabedian. George Romeril. Karen Grimm Deborah Malamut. Shirley Harris, lack Tongue. Audrey Wargo. Deb Troyer, Chris Walker |elf Shutter Deb farling. Crystal Burell. Lynn Allen. Ted Bartholomee. Amos Hess. Donna Gaughan, Rhoda Gorden, |eanne Glah |o-Ann Ovatl.icz. Sue Vitale. Tracey Schmeck. Judy Co-nant. Marion Daniels. Martha Hallman. Luann Cogey Laurie Piletti, Eileen Bennett. Martha Kew, Fran Balia. Elvira Donato. Don McComas. Louise Higgins. Gary Duell. Sand' Miller. Gordon Behm Robbie Weidner. |ohn Sutton. Tom Reimer. Rick Dunham. Robert Young, |oe Cornacchlone. Bill Plightrl. |an Berger Beth Dickerr, Rozan Turner, Oenny Seiler Debbie Cotterell. Leslie Rrdyard. Katherine Sprock, |udy Halden, Marie Hammond. Vickie Wilson. Dave Thomas. Colleen Murphy. Liz Krick, Nancy Muller. Sheryl Buckwalter. Frankie Hughes. George |oseph. Nancy Hendricks. Marie Koontz. |ohn Montgomery. Sue Williams. Valerie Williams. Sandra Kneedler. lean Miller. Jenny Leber. James Wertner. |ame% Olivere Donna Ross. Donna Cole. Rose Kasun. |oe McDowell. MaryAnn Markowitz. Lisa Bartoletn, Ron Toner. Ron Bachman, Ric McCorrlson citamardTRON! ROW Debra Franko. Ion Wallace. BACK ROW1 Barbara Hauranh. Deb Click Gwen Glesaman. Penny Pry. twirlers Kathy Drury. Kerry Sirohmaicr Maryann McGee Donna Butt . Pant Derkac. Anne lackson Dawn Baumgard. Debbie Cnstolaro. Silvia Mikelsons. Shirley Martin silks and riflesmusic . . . Several choirs and choruses provide vocal entertainment while numerous bands and the orchestra offer a variety of instrumental listening.213215music organization rosters SYMPHONIC HAND MARCHING UNIT FLUTES Roscne Hetnley. Lois Ncwswanget Vicki lefcvcr. K.ncn Wakk Shetcc Graham. Clntly Burger. loyci- VanGordcn. Kristen Kauffman. Bcv Dagct Freda Bcavct. Jane Vetano Lynda Knox. Kathy Achuff. Caroline fox. Nancy Ntwm, n. |oannc Naugle M.vy Sue Ricker OBOES Diane Skoiup. Jamie Brought Maltha Plneno, Carolyn Emcrick CLARINETS Kathy Krayblll. Tamra Hoke. Lo'ri |o Utchcrt Robin Hoch. Sherlene Yantx. Mark Amsden. (til Houser Allyson Winer Lynn Bankcnsteln. Sue Doll. Cathy Ardrcy. Kathy Costello. DcbOt’AbMcCaskey. Sue Carpenter. |oycc Thoman. Barb Bowen. Sharon Detterline |ul«a tisenhower. Crystal Strauscr Paul Troyano ALTO CLARINETS), Caroie Ivans Donna Kirschnei Beth Eiscnberget BASS CLARINETS: Ka".'n Ki d-i Debra fryer CONTRA BASS CLARINLT Pam Royer. SAXOPHOMs |,-tr r.nkdstcln. ' Gary Bowers. Phil Smith. DptisGochnauer’BASSOONS |im Trortrr. Brian' Klinger TRUMPf TS CORNETS: Pete |ohnston. Doug Albeit Bill Constable. Sandra Snyder Mindy Beitxel Bob Hold worth HORNS Carolyn Peters Cheryl Homsher |udy Bell. Tim Moore Dot M all. Philip Krula. Bill S ydlo TROMBONES Mike OJhm Gerald Hciln.-r Dave Stauf let. Don Taylor Bryan Thomas. Ken Kcmmctet BAR TONES Ted luckenbaugh Brian Herr. Wayne Homsher TUBAS: Martin i, itekuhst, Mike Geescy. Dennis Cope Tony Shadier. Steven Hoildrshc PI RCUS 1 SJON Ralph Batten |oe Nebistmsky. Lyn Hoffman Carolyn go -m„s Lynn Eisenhower. Mark Curtis WIND ENSEMBII FLUTES Rovene Hetnley.Lois Ncwswanget. Vick I efever 080ES Diane Skorup. Martha Pmeno ENGLISH HORN jjtmn- Brought BASSOONS lames Trefer. Brian Klingcf .SOPRANO CtARiNf. IN Katherine Krayblll Tamra Hoke. Lori LUchert. Robin Hoch Siieriene Yartu. Mark Amsden Kathy Costello. Sumo Carpenter |!li r Deborah McCaskey ALTO CLARINETS Carole Evans. Donna Kirschnei Beth Eiscnberget BASS CIARINETS Karen Klaht Dcbta ftycr CON IRA BASS CLARINET Pam Royer SAXOPHONES |eff fmkelstcln. Gary Bowcts. Phil Smith. Doris Gochna.ier CORNETS Pete Johnston. Bill Constabel Sandra Snyder TRUMPETS Doug Albert Mindy Beitrcl HORNS Carolyn Pete'-- Cheryl Homsher, |udy Bell, Dot Mmshall TROMBONES MtCh.’iel Obct Gerald Heilner, Ken Kemmerer BARITONE Ted Luckcnbaugh TUBAS. Martin Gutekunst (string bass). Dennis Cope PERCUSSION Ralph Barrett Joseph Nebistmsky. Carolyn Ronomus. Lynn Hoffman Mark Curtis l.ynn Eisenhower HARP Rebecca Kauffman PICCOLO and TLUTL Kathy AchuM frecta Beaver Cindy Burger Beverly Dager. Joyce VanGorden, Rosene Hernley. Kristen Kauffman lynda Knox. Vicki Lefevcr. Nancy Newman Lois News anger |ane Vctano. Karen Watck. Shctee Graham TRUMPETS: Doug i ert BUI Constabel. Karen Dusman. |cff fmkelstcln. Sally Helchcr Bob Holdsworth Tom Knotts Sandra Snyder lames Treier. Shetleru • i .■ ti. BARI TON! David Stauffer Wayne Kelton. Karyl Smith. Tam-in Hoke. Btlon Herr Sll KS-Yvonne Andrews. D.Ywn Baumgard Donna Butts. Debbie Cnstolaro. Rosemarie Curley. Pam Derkac. Kathy Drury Anne§Jackson. Jennifer Leber. Maryann McGee. Silvia M.kelsons Sharon Ochs Vicky Scheid. Annette Shuman. Deb Sterner Kerry Ntrohmaier. Kathy Thompson. ■ CLARINETS Cassic Audrey Wendy Brehm. Jamie Be ought. Sue Carpenter. Kathy Costello. Sharon Detterlme Carole Evans. Rohm Hoch |lll Houser. Donna Kerschnn Karen Klahr. Lori Jo Litchert. ' Deborah McCaskey. Cindy Myers Sue Renter Robert C. Stabley Ctystal Strauscr. Allysoo Wme TRENCH HORN TRUMPETS. Philip Krula. Timothy Moore Carolyn Peters TUBA. Dennis Cope Michael Geesey. :j Martin Gutekunst. Steven Houdeshrl. Elwood Landis. Tony Shacficr TENOR SAX Mark Amsden. Brian Klinger. TROMBONE Kenneth Kern meter Donald Taylor) Bryan Thomas. Richard Tomer. PERCUSSION; Ralph Barrett Mark Curtis. Beth Eiscnberget Lynn Eiscnberget. Michael Hush lyn Hoffman Kathleen Kane. Joe Nebistmsky. SkipReddfg Carla Reddy Laura Richardson, Carolyn Ronemus Maida Smlth TWIRL ERS Dcbta ftanko Ocb GlicH. Gwen Grcsaman Terry Haliersttoh. Barbara Hartranit. Kelly Hcarter. Penny Pry. Lon Wallace HONOR GUARD Leslie Martin Deb O'Donnell RifLES Kris B'eighncr. Caroline Cmcrick. Lie Mar Pilerson. Shirley Martt H CHAMBER ENSEMBLE VJOLINS |udlth Beck. |ul.a Eisenhower Regina Gormak Nancy Plunkc r Stitannc p.boker fluabeth Reltx Anne Travit; Miss Jean M Romig VIOLAS lane Aiccxih Terr. Et erly Rebecca Kauffman flOl.iNCELLO Kathleen Meier Mildred I Ruben. STRING 8ASS Martin Gutekunst COLLEGE-COMMUNITY ORCHl STRA VIOLINS Miss lean Romig. Anne Trivia. |uiia Eisenhower. Susan Pihoker Mindy Bet el VIOLAS Di Bertha Marathc fcm tberly CELLOS Kathy M.-icr. Mr Robert Hostetler 0 Wary ScheaMer. Robm Hokr Mildred Reuben STRING BASS Marlin c.utekunst FLUTES Vicki lelevci Shrrr Graham. lots Ncwswanger Karon Walek OBOES Martha Pmeno |,innr Brought. BASSONS: James Treicr. CLARINETS Tamra Hoke. Mark Amsclcn, Sherlenc Yana Kathy Kraybill HORNS |udy Bell. Dorothy Minshall Cheryl Homsher Carolyi' Petet . TRUMPETS William Constabrl Sandra Snyder. Douglas Albert Peter Johnston TROM BONES: Ted LucKenbaugh. Gerald Hellner Kenneth Kcmmerer Mr Sy Brandon TUBA Michael Geescy PERCUSSION Mark G'ammano. Mr WillisRapp MART Rebecca Kauffman IAZZBAND SAXOPHONES. JeP PTirtkClStcT Amsden. Brian Klitjgcr. ETOME by Costello. |oe Comae chtonr Mark NES Michael Ober Kenneth Kem ■merer MattFn w Amonkclli. Dave iAufler TRUMPETS Drug Albert Bill Constabel. lom Knotts. Kris Martini Sandra Snydei Ir HoldswotrFi NtHYTHM Mike Kent Chris Moyer Mar fin Gutckunstk Pulpit Barren BUI WOMEN S CHORUS i Donna Afbuc kle. Kim After. Debbie Baldwin, Shirlenr Baney ..-. 3, Bcaltan. ■ Mary M Bcahan, |ean Butler. Debbie Clistofaro Debbie Gllchnst Rose Goldey Anty Gross isecifttary treasurer). Monica Hollnowsky Sown Honodel. Patricia iohnson Donna Kay |ody Kulanko. Lisa Landis. Carol Long. Andrea lur Sandro Manuel. Karen Miller Lisa Ann Miller Sandy Norman. Diane Quinn. Nancy Rcmaty Donna Rohibaugh. Sharon Scatton. Lynn Schanciy. Sustn Seldm |udy Smith. Deb Snyder (president). Ruth Slider (vice-president) Michelle Surktn. Barbara Swan Beth Weldon Monica Zanettc. Lee Zarcmsk. Lori Zecby. COLLEGE CHOIR CM AMBER CHOIR SOPRANO I |Oan Baxter, freda Beaver. 'Ellen Bennett Senccca Butcher 'Rose Hemley. |jjl House 'Cynthia Kiehl. Martha Pineno, 'Brenda Story. 'Betsy Kay Zerbe SOPRANO II CathJee” A r drey. Doreen Axsmlth. Cindy Burger Tern Eberly. Beth EUcnberger Diana Eisenhowct. Catol Hedges Caro: Opllngcr. jane Vera no ALTO I Beverly Dager. Karen Dusman LU tckies Shcree Graham Vicki Lefevor, Nancy Plunke. Leslie Ridyatd. 'Donna Rodgers Pam ROyer Karen Schwenk. Sherleno Yana. 'Jane Zerbe ALTO ILLynn Bankcnstcm Mindy Beiuel 'Julia Eisenhower 'Roberta Giordano. Mary Hcaly Betty Houdeshel. 'Susan Johnson. 'Rebecca Kaulfman. 'Kathy Klopp Sandra Snydei Karen Wakk. TENOR I Susan Carpenter. Dennis Cope. Ruth Hocpfet 'Lyn Hoffman.'Mark Wniiams TLNOR II William Constabel. |t 'Scott Ftutchey. Douglas Kem Ted Luckmbaugh '|ohr Manton. 'Timothy Moore. 'Joseph Nebistmsky Jr . David Rohter 'Phil Smith. Icffrcy Thomas BASS I Mark R Amsden. 'David Hadley 'Michael Hitsh. Michael Kent. Skip Rcddig. 'Donald Taylor. Jon Tetry. Stephen Sriblcr BASS II Gotdon Behm. 'Martin Gutekunst. Gerald Hellner II. 'Steven Houdeshel. Ken Kemmercr. 'David Manwillrr, fames Trrier. |r , 'Carry of the Chamber Chou I . MADRIGALS a JOPRANOS Diana Eisenhower. Rosene Hctnlcy. Cynthia Kiehl. Deborah K eman Kathleen Ardrey ALTOS: |ulla Eisenhowet. Kathleen Klopp. Dotma Rodgers ’TENORS Scott fruichey. Philip Smith. Matk Williams Timothy Lehman BASSES- Ralph Barrett Michael Hlrscb, David Hadley Kenneth Kemm.-r -r ' '' s’ 4 senior directory ABBRl VIATIONS TO INDEX ACEI —Association for Childhood Education International AC MO — All-Campus Musical Organization ADEPT - Alchohol and Drug Education. Prevention and Treatment Pro-gram Anthro- Anthropology BIO- Biology BSA Black Students Association CEC - Council for Exceptional Children Chem - Chemistry Com —Communications CS Computer Science CSA Commuting Students Association CUB - College Union Board Den Dental Hygiene DPMA Data Processing Management Association Ec - Economics EChd - Early Childhood Ed - Education ElEd - Elementary Education Elem - Elementary Education Eng - English Env - Environmental Science ES Earth Science Ceog - Geography Ger —German HI - History IA- Industrial Arts iver Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Lib Library Science Math- Mathematics MCf Millersville Christian Fellowship MENC Music Educators National Conference MR Education fot the Mentally Retarded MSA Minority Students Association MT Medical Technology MuS- Music NucMT - Nuclear Medical Technology PE - Physical Education Phil - Philosophy Phy-Physics PILS - Packet of Independent Learning in Special Education PS Political Science PSEA Pennsylvania State Education Association PSN - Public School Nursing Psyc - Psychology RA Resident Assistant Rdg-Reading ROTC - Reserve Officers TralningCorps RSA- Resident Students Association Russ —Russian So - Science Sec Secondary Education SMED - Socially Malad|usted and Emotionally Disturbed Soc - Soc tology Span —Spanish Spld Special Education SS- Social Studies SW- Social Work UCM United Campus Ministry UUEP - Upgrading Urban Education Program WC - World Cultures WIXQ. WMSR —Campus Radio Station A Abiodun. Matthew A. — Margongo. Kwara. Nigeria; Elem Ackleson. StevenG -Prospect Park; ES Oceanography: RA, Scuba Club (president). Dolphin Club. Track and Field. Adams. Ruth-Levlttown; ElEd SpEd MR: Intramurals. Security Guard Ahumada. Linda—Warminster; MT; Tennis. Albright. David M -Ephrata: Art; Phi Sigma PI. CUB. Albright. |aniceC.-Mechanlcsburg; Art. Alderson. Jill M. — Bethel Park; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. Navigators. IVCF Algard. |ane A. -Coatcsvllle; Sec Span Allport. Eugene C.-Nottingham; Ec; Phi Sigma PI. Alwlne. Barbara Y. —Hanover. Elem Rdg; Delta Phi Eta. UUEP. Ambrose. William E. — Lancaster; Psyc. Amersbach. Gabriele E. M — Mt |oy: Eng: English Club. Classics Club. Cltamard. Intramurals. Dean'sLlst. Anderson. David O.-Doylestown. IA: Sigma Tau Gamma. Phi Sigma Pi. Swimming (captain). Water Polo. RA Anderson. Lea E. — Morrlsville. Elem Art: Sigma Phi Omega. Intramurals. Andrzejewskl. Maria H. S. — York; Chem. Antrim. Lucille A. —Clifton Park. N Y.: Bio Arentz. Karen). —Shlllington; Elem EChd Auman. Karen |. — Ardmore; Psyc. Axsmlth. Doreen K. —Stowe; Mus Ed: College Choir. Symphonic Band. MENC B Bach. Richard H.—Levittown: Art. Bafjgalcy. Paula |. — Havertown; Art Ed; Delta Phi Eta. CUB. Women's Chorus. Venture. Bailey. Mary A —Phoenixvllle; Psyc; Spanish Club. Psychology Club. Intramurals. Baker. David B — Landisvllle; Psyc. Balasavage. Helen A -Lancaster; Elem SpEd Balch. Cynthia A.-West Chester; Elem SpEd: IVCF. Hosanna. Dean's List. Barber. Kenneth F. —Lewlstown; IA, Barcynskl-Allweln. D.K. —Lebanon: £Jcm MR Bare. Cynthia A. —Reading; Elem Eng; Omega Theta Sigma (president, vice-president). Greek Council. Intramurals Barker. Ruth M. —Kirkwood: Lib. Barnhart. Eleanor R.- Lancaster: Elem LIb: CSA (president). Bartholomee. Theodore M. - Lancaster; Com. Bauman. Patricia L.-Scranton; Sec SS HI: Spanish Club. Intramurals. Baur. Eileen S. —Philadelphia; Art Beard. Bruce C. - Red Hill: Chem. Beard. Sue A.— Harrisburg; NucMT. Bearden. Cheryl R —Marysville. Ohio: Math. Delta Phi Eta Beasley. Roland E -Philadelphia: PS: Political Science Organization. Spanish Club. Bell. |udlth M —Downingtown; Mus: Marching Band. Symphonic Band. Intercollegiate Orchestra. College-Community Orchestra. Wind Ensemble. Horn Quartet. Brass Quintet. Choir. MENC (treasurer). WIXQ. PSEA. Intramurals. Bender, James E.-York; IA. Bender. Linda L. -Columbia: Elem SpEd SMED Beneck. Donna M. - Harrisburg: Elem EChd. Benner. Craig A.-Ephrata: Ger; Junior Year Abroad. Phi. Sigma Pi. Touchstone Benner. Gary B.- Ephrata: Get: Phi Sigma PI. Foreign Language Club. German Club. ACMO. Delta Phi Epsilon. Junior Year Abroad. Bcnethum, Richard A. —Parkesburg; Phy; Aesculapian Society. Catholic Campus Ministry. Dorm Council. Bentz. Hope A —Huntingdon Valley; Sec ES: Venture Club. Intramurals. Berger. |anlce L.-Reading; Sec Eng, Berger. Joel D.-Shlllington; IA Bergvall. Lynn-Huntingdon Valley; Art Ed. Berner. Kay E. —Ashland: Bio; Delta Phi Eta (treasurer). Concert Band. Intramurals. Berzins. Alda S.-Lancaster: Span. Biel. Linda |. —Levittown; French; French Club. In-Motion Modern Dance Club. Junior Year Abroad Blntllff. Cathy S. - Philadelphia: Art. Black. Dennis P.-York Springs: Psyc. Blanck. Carlene |.—Lltltz: Elem SMED Blazejewskl. Cheryl A -Newtown Square: Elem Rdg: Dolphin Club. RA. Intramurals. Blosser. Gary S.-Morwood: IA.219 Bocttger. Susan B. -Pottstown; Elem Math. Phi Delta Sigma. Bollinger. Richard D. —Lancaster: Ec Bolton. |ean M —Mt. Penn; Bio. Bonner. Doreen A — Philadelphia: PS: Delta Sigma Theta. Political Science Organization. Snapper. Multi-Cultural Committee Boose. Ruth A. —Lancaster: PSN Boots. Margie A —Lancaster; Elem SMED Borghi. Guy-Warminster. IA. Boyd. Toni G-West Chester: Psyc: Delta Sigma Theta. RA Bralne. |ack K. —Narvon: IA Brander. David W. — New Ringgold; IA. Brayman. Robert R.-Mt |oy: Elcm Psyc Brehm. Wendy S -Carlisle ES Meteorology; Delta Phi Eta. Marching Band. Concert Band. Chamber Ensemble. Basketball. 8rcighner. Kris T.-York Springs: Elem EChd. Brelo. Samuel L -Osceola Mills; Phy Math. Breneman. Harry W. —Lancaster: IA: Phi Sigma Pi. Epsilon PI Tau. Dolphin Club (technical crew). CSA (secretary-treasurer). 8rcnnan. Diane C -Wallingford; Art Ed. Intramurals. Brennan. F. Stephanie-Thomasvllle: Elem EChd. Brcssl. lames F. — Hatboro; Elem Sp£d. Brimo. Dolores H.—Churchvllle: Elem SpEd: Touchstone. Brommcr. John P.. |r—Middletown: SS HI. Brooks. Celeste F.-Mlllersvllle: Psyc. Brosch. Barry S. — Lansdowne: Psyc. Brown. Daniel D.-Millersville: Elem PE: Chi Gamma lota. Football Brown. Terrence D.-Altoona; IA. Bryson. Dyan C. - Philadelphia: Art; Alpha Kappa Alpha (vice- president). CUB (voting member). Student Senate. Art Student Association (executive board). AKA North Atlantic Regional Conference (co- chairman). Buchanan. Lovell L. —Lancaster; IA. Bucher. Susan L. — Bloomsburg: Lib Buchle. Barbara A.— Elizabethtown; Elem SpEd Bull. Mary A. —Yoe; PSN. Bupp. LuannF -Lancaster: Psyc. Burlan. Ronald V -Bethlehem; CS. Butler. R Michael-Woodbury. N.|.; ES Geology. Weightlifting Club (president). Outing Club. Wrestling. Byles. Kathleen A.-Bristol; Elem SpEd: CEC. IVCF. Women's Chorus. Hosanna. Byrnes. Mark R. —Line Lexington: ES Occanography. Earth Science Club. Track Club. Track and Field. c Caggiano. |oan E -Drexel Hill: Elem MR. Cain. Melode K. —Lancaster; Elem EChd Callum. Debra A -Warminster; PS: Snapper. Society for Collegiate |our-nalists. Political Science Organization. Intramurals Canfield. Charles S. —Emmaus: Bio: Outdoor Club. Judo Club. Swimming, Wrestling Canias. Constantine |. — Lancaster: Soc Carey. Kathy A, — Manhelm; Elem Carson. Barbara A - Wilmington. Del.. Elem SpEd. Cassell. Valerie |. —New Cumberland. Elem SpEd; Sigma Phi Omega. Greek Council (president). Touchstone (editor). UUEP. Cereslnl. Thomas A.-Lebanon. Psyc. Chllcoat. Barbara E.-Towson. Md.; Elem SMED; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta. Dorm Council (vice-president). CEC. (udicial Board. Men's Volleyball. Intramurals Chlllas. Kurt W, — Lancaster: ES. Christman. Carol L.- Wyomisslng; Eng; Delta Phi Eta. Society for Collegiate journalists. Cltamard. George Street Carnival. English Club. English Department Committee. 100-Mile Club. Christopher. Elizabeth C. -Philadelphia; Psyc. Clark. Donna L -Lancaster. Elem Rdg Psyc: Kappa Phi Epsilon (treasurer). Delta Phi Eta. Greek Council. PSEA. ACEI. Who's Who. Dean's List. Intramurals. Clark. Gall;.- Philadelphia: Elem EChd Clark. Laura B -New Cumberland: Elem EChd; Sigma Phi Omega. Greek Council. Dorm Council. Touchstone. Clnderellas Clauss. Patti | -Philadelphia: Elem EChd. Dorm Council. CUB. PSEA. In-Motlon Modern Dance Club. Clements. Pamela | - Norristown; Elem Math; Sigma Phi Omega Cole. Donna M.-Levlttown; Eng. Coles. Linda B. - Philadelphia-. Elem EChd. Alpha Kappa Alpha (president). Alpha Phi Alpha. BSA Coleman. Christopher R.-Mt. joy.- Psyc. Collins. Cynthia). — Lancaster: Elem SpEd MR. Collins. Patricia B - West Lawn: PSN Colquhoun. |oAnn-Middletown: Psyc Cook, jeffrey W.-Hershey: IA. Copeland. Donna M - Millersville; Elem EChd. Cornette. Susan R — Leola: Elem EChd. Costello. Dianne L -Broomall: Art Ed: Women's Varisty Club. Basketball. Costello. Kerrle A.-Lancaster: Bio Cox. Cheryl A -Mt |oy; Elem SpEd Coxey. lames E. —Lancaster: ROTC. Life Experience Internship Program Craig. Lynda-Southampton: Bio: Sigma Phi Delta. Intramurals. Crawford. Frank C.. |r. — Hershey; Elem Llb Crlssman. Crystal D. —Lower Burrell; French Crouthamel. |ud!th A -Perkasie: Elem Art; Delta Phi Eta. UUEP. ACMO. College Choir, judicial Board. Dorm Council. Orientation Program Crumbling, Diane M — York; Sec SS HI; Black and Gold Handbook (editor). Snapper. Dorm Council. CEC. Intramurals. Currier. Susan L -Hatboro: Elem EChd Czernlakowskl. Christopher M — Doylestown; IA D Daggett. Barbara L. -Coatesville: Com Dalesandro. Rosemary C -Hazelton PS: Student Senate. Outing Club. Intramurals. Dalrymple. Sharon L -Randolph. N.|.; Elem SpEd SMED: CEC. PSEA. IVCF. Campus Crusade. Clnderellas. Daly. Sarah P -Somerville. N.|.. Bio Danforth. Holly E. -Strasburg: Psyc Dantlnne. Sally-Lancaster: Ec Davis. Anne E. - Hatboro. Elem SpEd: CEC. Davis. Cheryl L -Reading; PS: Student Senate (president, recording secretary). Dorm Council (president, treasurer). State College and University Planning Commission. Long Range Planning Commission. Student Services. Political Science Organization, Human Relations Committee. Who's Who. Delta Phi Eta. Intramurals Davis. Cynthia A.-Paradise: Elem EChd Davis. Douglas D.-Lancaster: Sec Com-. Snapper, Board of Trustees Davis. Kim K —Splngfield: Sec Math; IVCF. Dorm Council (secretary). Davis. Leslie C.-Lancaster; Sec Com; Kappa Phi Epsilon (president, vice-president, pledgemaster). Delta Phi Eta. Snapper. Student Senate (vice-president). Who's Who Davis. Susan L. Millersville; Bio: Sigma Phi Omega (pledgemaster). CUB (Venture committee). Day. Beth A. - Millersville: Art. Defibaugh. Linda L.-Toms River. N.|.: Elem MR Deibler. R Blake —Quarryvllle.- Elem Delp. Daniel A.-Oley:ES. Delp. jane A. — Idaville Mus Ed. Del Tito. Ben|amln | . jr.-Upper Darby. Bio Env Dempsey. Kim-Upper Darby: Sec Latln Eng Derkac. Pamela j.-Easton; Elem EChd; Kappa Phi Epsilon. ACEI. Dorm Council. Dean's List. Color Guard (co-captain). Digney. Sara |. -Holland; Elem SpEd Diller. Thomas | Lancaster: ES. Dinger. Steven M - Miffllnburg: Psyc. DiOttavlO. Ann M. — Downlngtown: Math. Dixon. Clara M.-Coatesville: Sec Span: Spanish Club. Hockey. Basketball. Dluzeski. Elolse - Shlckshinny; Art. Dombach. Barbara |.W. -Holtwood: Soc. Donato. Elvira M —WestChester,- Sec French. Dona. Daniel C. - West Hazleton; Art Ed. Dougherty. Laurel A -Manhelm. Sec Chem. Dougherty. Susan L -Norristown: Eng.Dowd. Ovela—Philadelphia; Elem SpEd. Downs. Deborah I.-Malvern: Bio: IVCf. Hosanna. Outing Club (secretary). Priority. Citamard Drendall. Lee B.-Easton; IA; WIXQ. Druce. |cffrey L-Lancaster; Psyc. Duckworth. Diana H -Pottstown; Elem SpEd Dukovic. |an C -Kimberton; Elem Sptd. Dunning. |lll A. - Newtown Square: Elem Art. Durham. Roslyn R — Willow Grove; Elem EChd. Duryea. Carol A.-Wallingford; Elem Psyc Sigma Phi Delta. Dorm Council. Wrestling Belles. Clndcrellas. Dussinger. ElaineC. - Leola; Elem Math. Dwight. Denise A -Annville: Psyc. Psychology Intern. Dwyer. Kathleen M - Emmaus: Elem SpEd MR E Eberly. Charles. |r. - Conestoga-. Soc El erly. fred R;- Ephrata; IA Ebcrsole. Bruce L -Ephrata; HI; Sigma Tau Gamma (president) Eckman. Ruth A. — Lancaster; PSN Edwards. Candra ). —Philadelphia: lib Ed Psyc: Minority Students Association. Multicultural Affairs Committee Effross. Maralyn L -Stroudsburg; SW: Sociology Club. Social Work Organization. Hlllel. Elch. Debra H -Reading; Elem EChd; Dean's List. SICO Foundation Scholarship. Ellbacher. Albert G -Norristown: IA: Alpha Sigma Chi. IA Society. CUB. Greek Council. Elchook. Lynn L -Whitehall: Span Eliff. Karlene S.-Graterford: Elem EChd: Kappa Phi Epsilon (alumni secretary, sergeant-at-arms). Elwood. Paul D. — Rising Sun. Md.; IA Emmanuel. Harriet I - Sharon Hill: Mus Ed; College Choir. Women s Chorus. In-Motion Modern Dance Club. MENC. Band. Color Gaurd. Citamard. Emmert. Sans W - Willow Street: Phy. Eshclman. Craig C. - Pequea: Phy. Eshclman. Sharon L. -Lancaster; Elem Psyc: Dean's List Evans. |ulle A -Lancaster; Soc. Delta Phi Eta. Dolphin Club (vice- president). Ewing. Betsy | - Willow Grove: Elem EChd F Faduska. Karen-Harrlsburg: PS Ec. Fagan. Rose M. —Lebanon. Elem SMED. Fake. Laverta A -Ephrata: Psyc. Falkinburg. Barbara C.-Pcnnsauken. N.J.; Lib: Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. Intercollegiate Sports Club. Field Hockey. Basketball. Lacrosse Farber. Hope R — Pinevlllc: Elem SMED: Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. Dorm Council. RSA (officer). Dean's List. Faust. Karen |. -Ambler; Elem Psyc. Feeser. Stuart R.. Ill —Harrisburg. IA Fenstermacher. Drew S. —Mlllersvllle: Elem SMED: IVCF. Marching Band. Ice Hockey Club. Dean's List Ferenz. |ohn T -East Petersburg; Elem Art. Ferrara. Karen I.-Devon; Bio: ACMO (president). Outing Club (treasurer). Citamard (secretary). Intramurals Festa. |eanne L. —Lansdowne: Hb PS: Alpha Beta Alpha. Dorm Council. RSA. Choir. ACMO (alumni secretary). Intramurals. Fetch. Eileen R. — Shlckshlnny; Lib HI. Flas. Peter I. - Reading. CS. Fllano. Susan M.-West Chester; Elem Rdg: Sigma Phi Delta. Intramurals. Fllllppo. Claudia A.-Berwyn. Geog: Varsity Hockey (captain). Varsity Lacrosse. Basketball (manager). Touchstone. Intercollegiate Sports Club (vice-president, treasurer, president). Finley. |oyce A. —Doylestown; Psyc: Sigma Phi Delta. Psychology Club. Intramurals. First. William E.. |r — Harrisburg: Psyc. Fischer. Kurt B.-Mlllersvllle; Phy. FltzPatrlck. Arthur D.-Philadelphia; Psyc; Mu Alpha Kappa (vice-president). Dorm Council. Football. Golf. Fltzroy. Beth A, - Wallingford: Elem EChd. Flynn. Evelyn M G.-Mlllersvllle: Eng: English Club. German Club. CUB Operations Committee (assistant chairman). Class of 1910 Award. Flynn. Patricia A.-Drexel Hill: Elem SpEd; Zeta Gamma Phi. CEC. Student Senate. Intramurals. Fofl. Robert L.-Reckvllle. Psyc. Fogg. £'1 ° R - Malvern: PS Foreman. Rebecca A.-llttlestown: Sec Eng; RA. Touchstone (sports editor). WMSR (business manager). Fowble. Sandra L -Collcgevllle: Elem EChd: Kappa Phi Epsiloq. Fox. Caroline E -Lebanon. Elem SpEd MR: Delta Phi Eta. Phi Lambda Sigma. CEC. PSEA. Marching Band. Symphonic Band. Women's Basketball (manager). Fox. Debra A.-Dover, N.|.; Elem MR; Phi Lambda Sigma. Intercollegiate Sports Club. Swim Team (co-captain). Intramurals. Frable. David C. - Bangor. IA Frageorgia. David P. -Ronks: Sec ES. Frank. Donald T. — Hershey; Ec: Alpha Sigma Chi Frank. Kristina L.-Conestoga: Elem PE Frank-Kilby. |oyce E —Lancaster: Elem MR Frantz. Deborah A. — Shippensburg: PS: CUB (operations committee). Outing Club. Citamard. Intramurals. Frantz. Susan).-Reading; Elem EChd. Kappa Phi Epsilon. Franzosa. Cathy A.-Hazleton: Elem EChd Frlcchlone. laura-Harrlsburg: NucMT Friedman. Lee A. —East Berlin: Elem Rdg Frye. Daniel). —Harrisburg: Art Ed. Frock. Lisa K. —Norristown: Span Fuller. Robert B. - Mlllersvllle: IA. G Gabriel. |oseph |.—Hazleton; lA SpEd. Gallo. John R. — Sharon Hill: Elem Math. Garabedian. AlyceM. —Philadelphia: Art Ed. Gardner. Sondra L. —York Springs: Scc Math: Intercollegiate Sports Club. Softball Club. Basketball. Lacrosse. Garland. Roy. Il-lancaster: Sec Eng; Outing Club. Intramurals. Garman. Gregory C. — Lltitz: Bio. Garr, Margaret M.-Erle: Get. Garrick. Mary B. -Camp Hill; Lib. Garrison. Kathy ).— Levlttown; Psyc: Kappa Delta Phi (vice president), corresponding secretary) Gatto. Frank).. |r. — Levlttown: SS HI. Geiger. Kathy |.-Elverson; Elem MR: Intramurals. George. Emily A. - Waynesboro: Eng. Getchell. Susan M. —Chester: Elem Scl. Gettle, Michael |. - Balboa. Canal Zone; Chem. Getz, Harold G.. |r. — Lebanon; Elem PE. Gilmore. Frances M. — Ardmore: French. Gtvler. Donald L. —Lltltz: Psyc. Gladfelter. Llndell S. -Red Lion: French; French Club. Intramurals. Glander. Paul A. — Reading: Bio. Glasstetter. Lois).—North Hills: Elem Rdg. Gober. Anita M -Northampton: NucMT: Aesculaplan Society. Gochnauer. Doris M, —Lancaster; Elem Psyc. Goldfarb. Gwen—Lancaster; Psyc. Goltatz. Jane E — Conestoga. Elem EChd; PSEA. Dorm Council. Good. Dennis E. - Manheim: SS HI. Gorecki. Mary E. —Lancaster: Soc Anthro Gornlak. Regina E.-Huntingdon Valley: Elem SMED: Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Chamber Ensemble. Grant. Angela C. — lanham. Md.: Elem SMED. Green. Nancy A. - East Berlin; Chem. Grcenawalt. |lll A -Lancaster; Elem MR Grim. Karen |. —Sinking Spring: Art. Grlsslnger. Gall E.-Mt. |oy: SW; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Social Work Club. Swimming Gross. Terri S. —Roslyn; Art Ed. Gulffre. Pamela B. - York; Bio. Guion. Stephen W—Lltltz: Soc.221 Gulon. Todd A. — Liticz: Chcm; Navigators (president). Gum. Glynis G.-Lancaster: Att: CUB (public relations committee), intramural . Guyil. Ernest E -Nottingham: SS HI: Snapper. Wrestling. (Theodore H. Rupp Award). NCAA Division III National 190-lb. Class Champion. Second Place in State Championships. All-American. Guzewicz. Elizabeth A —Gwynedd Valley: Psyc. H Haas. Timothy M.-Maxatawny; Scc Eng: English Club (president). Haddad. AnicsT.. Ill Lancaster; Bio. Hain, CarlcneT.—Lancaster; PS. Hall. David B -Ephratd; Psyc. Hallett. Charlotte | - Lancaster: Elem. Halsey. Anne M —Cheltenham; Sec SS; Dorm Council (vice-president). Intramurals. Ham. Gary L.-Oxford. IA Hammond. Marie O. - Ephrata: Com; WMSR. Cum Laude. Haring, Margo K —Mohnton; Ger; Kappa Phi Epsilon Harnlsh. David E — Lancaster; Bio. Harnly, lean M. — Jonestown: Lib Ed; Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. MCr. Hartzell. Patricia A. - Bethlehem; Elem EChd Hausmann, Nadcan K. —East Bangor: Chcm: Gamma Sigma Alpha. American Chemical Society. Women's Chorus. Hawthorn. |udith A. —Downingtown; IA. Hayden. Lynne —Fairless Hills; Art. Hayward. Clifford F. —Huntingdon Valley: IA Hazangclcs. Marla-Lancaster: Art Ed; Rho Lambda Phi (president, treasurer, pledgemaster. recording secretary. Greek Council representative). Alpha Sigma Pi (pledgemaster. service chairman). Art Students Organization. Intramurals. Hcdes. Cynthia A.-Coaldalc. Lib: Alpha Beta Alpha. Track (manager). Cinderella . Helchcl. Daniel L.-Frcnchvillc; Elcm 'Math: Varsity Baseball. Intramurals Heidig. Cheryl A —Lancaster; Elem MR Heiscy. Gail Y. - Lancaster-. Psyc. Helm. Eileen R. -Coatcsvllle: Elem Rdg: Touchstone Hendricks. Nancy L.-Huntingdon Valley: IA. Hcndrlkson. Sue A. - Reading. Elem PE: Kappa Delta Phi. Intramurals. Hepler. Paul C - Harrisburg; IA; Sigma Tau Gamma. Intramurals. Herbert. David W -Hatboro; Bio: Weightlifting Club (treasurer). Power Lifting. Hermlda. Mary V - Mlllersvlllc; Soc Herr. |udy A.-Avondale: Elem SMED: Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Womens Chorus. Dean's List. Herr. Sheila N. — Manheim: Elcm Math. Hershey. Christine A.-Willow Street. Elem EChd. Hcrshey. Guy A. - Lancaster; Gcog Env; Cum Laude Hershey. Patricia A. - Lancaster; Elem Rdg: PSEA, UUEP Hess. Amos C.. II —Ardmore; IA Hessen. Scott £ - Lancaster; Bto Chem; Phi Sigma PI. Computer Center Consultant. Dolphin Club. National Association of Medical Explorers. Hill. Richard M. -Clarion: Latin Hlrak. Michelle B - Lancaster: Bio Hlrnclsen. Cynthia H - Reading. Elem SpEd Hoang. ThtenK Mlllersvllle: PS French Hoff. Gerald J.. |r. Royersford. Geog. Hohollck. |ohn D - Forest City: ES. Holbein. Lucinda K.- Lancaster: Scc Com-Speech Holland. Keith —Chester; IA. Hollcran. Cynthia M -Columbia: Span Holzman, Mark A -Scranton: Soc: Sociology Club Hooven. Richard N.. Jr.-Ridley Park: Ec. Horn. Catherine L - Lancaster; Lib Horn. CrlsL -Harrisburg. Elem SpEd. Horn. Melinda A —Columbia; Elem PE. 100-Mlle Club. Intramurals Hosslcr, Palmer H. — Maytown; Elem PE: Varsity Football. All- Conference Linebacker. Varsity Baseball. Huber. Christine A.-Reading; Elem EChd Rdg: Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Huber. Philip L.-Manheim: CS. Huber. Richard J. —Marysville. IA Huggler. Jacquelyn A. — Tunkhannock. Psyc. Sigma Phi Delta. Intramurals. Hughes. Glenn S.-Orcland. IA Hummel. Phyllis A.-Lancaster; Elem EChd Huttcr. Nancy |.-Sayre: Span I Ibaugh. Lewis B.. Jr. -Columbia; SSHi lekes. Thomas L —Allentown: Phy. Imwold. Joyce M - Lancaster; Elem MR: CEC. RA. Dean's List Irwin. Mark S.—Lancaster: Bio. I lackson. Anne C. Berwyn; Span; Delta Phi Eta. Spanish Club. Marching Band. Color Guard (captain). Touchstone. Who's Who. Track Club Intercollegiate Sports Club. Lacrosse. Intramurals Jackson. Cheryl D —Lancaster; Psyc; Alpha Kappa Alpha Jacobs. Karen E - York: Art lames. Janice L.-Lancaster; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta. Psychology Club landrositz. Patricia—Nazareth. NucMT lenklns. Dennis P - Pcrkiomcn Valley. IA Johnson. Debra K -Philadelphia: Elem EChd Johnson, |ay D -Bethlehem Ec lohnson. Jayne T.-Philadelphia.- Sec SS: Delta Sigma Theta. Pan Hellenic Council. Dorm Council. UUEP Johnson. Kay L.-Syria. Va.: Lib lohnson. Mark W. -Camp Hill; PS joncs. Barbara J. — Philadelphia Elem SpEd; Delta Phi Eta. Intramurals Jones. Cynthia A. —Philadelphia Elem EChd joncs. DanitaC - Red Lion; Span jones. Douglas W - Wynnewood Soc |ones. William M - Mechanicsburg. SS Hi losefowski. Sharon V S.-Lancaster Soc K Kalman. David |. - Bethlehem: Ec. Kanin. Juliana M. -Cheltenham. Elem EChd: Dorm Council. Intramurals Kapochus. Elaine M. -Brookhaven; Elem EChd: Delta Phi Eta. Karkoska. Richard J.-Phoenlxvlllc: IA Karvelas. Christine E -Philadelphia Elem SpEd PSEA (vice-president, president). Kashishian. Leon |, — Lansdale. IA Kathukyah. Pius K—Millersville: Math Kauffman. J. Robert-Denver. Math; Snapper Keeler. Cynthia K. —Pottstown SW PsyC: Kappa Delta Phi, Delta Phi Eta. Social Work Organization. Intercollegiate Hockey. Intercollegiate Lacrosse. Keeney. Donna |.-Conestoga; Soc Keens. J. Edwin —Lltitz: Span. Kegerlse. |amie S. - Reading SS So. Keith. Shirley | -Camp Hill; Elem SpEd Kell. Wayne M Palmyra: Bio Kepich. Corinne A — Fallsington. Psyc: Delta Phi Eta. Sigma Phi Omega. RA, Dean's List. Cinderella . Intramurals. Psychology Club Kern. Donna A - Lebanon; Elem SpEd Kern. Douglas C. — Mohnton, Elem WC Rdg Kerr. Renee B. —Fairless Hills: Elem SMED Khoshnevissan. Faramarz Leola: Math Khoshenvissan. Farhad-Leola; PS. Kilby. Donald R -Lancaster, Lib. Kincaid. Samuel |. - Annvllle; Chem King. Carolyn V.-Coatesvllle: Elem Art; Alpha Kappa Alpha (treasurer). CUB. RA, MSA. Cltamard. King. Thomas M. — Lancaster: Ec. Klnkle. Elyse E - Wilmington. Del.: MT. Kinsey. Joseph F —Philadelphia: Ec Klrschman. Greg A. - Reading; IA(Ostler. John D..Jr -Exton; Sec Math Kitch. Margaret L —Harrisburg. Psyc; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Donkey Basketball. Intramurals. Kite. LouAnn-Levittown; Elem SpEd MR: CEC. Intramurals Klein. Joseph C.-Lancaster. Chem. Kline. Audrey L.-Bechtelsville; Art: Art Student Organization. CUB (Concert Committee). Kllpa. Nadine —Steelton; Elem Russ. Klopp. Kathleen —Fleetwood: Mus Ed: Choir. College-Community Orchestra. Madrigal Singers. Chamber Choir. Music Honor Roll Knapp. Julie A. —Fredericksburg: Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Softball Club. Intramurals. Kneisley. Karen B -Conestoga; Elem EChd; PSEA Knight. Jonathan A C.—Highspire; IA Knisely. |ere A — Carlisle: IA Knopp. Janice Y. —Pottstown; Elem MR. Knox. Robin S. —Suffern. N Y.; Lib: Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. ROTC Koser. PaulS -Marietta; ES Kovacs. Cynthia | - Wallingford. Conn.; Elem MR Kovscek. Beatrice H.-Philadelphia; Sec Cer Kramer. Cindy L —Lebanon; Elem Rdg; Dean's List Kramer. Deborah L -Douglassvllle. Elem Math; Delta Phi Eta. Intramurals Kramer. |ulie A —Northumberland. Eng; English Club. Classics Club (secretary-treasurer). Dorm Council (secretary). Dean's List. Sports Krape. Thomas M. — York: IA Krauss. Patricia R. - New Hope; Elem MR Kraybill. Katherine L -Lltltz: Mus Ed; Marching Band. Symphonic Band. Wind Ensemble, College-Community Orchestra. Choir. Chamber Choir. AC MO. Woodwind Quintet. Clarinet Choir. WIXQ. MENC (vice- president. president), Recital Soloist and Accompanist. Intramurals Krebs. Debra A. — Codorus: Gcr. Kreider. Gregory L. - Leola: SSHl Kreidcr. |ames R -Stevens: IA Kreider. Joan M -Leola; Lib Eng Krepps. Gall M.-Shlrleysburg. Lib Kullk. Stanley J . Jr -Leola: Psyc. L LaMelza. Joseph V - Ambler; Elem SMED Lancaster. Donald R.-Wind Gap. Art Ed. Lande. Robin S. - Philadelphia. Elem SMED: Snapper. CEC Landenbcrger. Timothy H. —Philadelphia: Sec BiO; Tau Kappa Epsilon. Omlcron Gamma Omega. Chi Gamma lota. Tennis. Landis. David E.—Conestoga; Psyc. Landis. Duane A. —Paradise: sec ES Landis. |effrey S.-Leola. Math. Landis. Patricia A -Hcrshey: Elem SMED. Landry. Penelope D — Philadelphia; Elem Eng. Laubach. Bradley |.-Bel Air. Md.; ES. Laws. Andrea N. —Willow Grove: SW; Sociology Club. Social Work Club. Psychology Club Lazar. Stephen M. - Hazleton: IA. Intramurals Leber, Jennifer B - Elizabethtown; Art Ed: Sigma Phi Omega. Citamard. Band Front. Basketball. Leddy. Thomas A. —Columbia: PS. Leedom. Sheryl N. - Warminster; Sec Math. Leighton. Barbara J. —Harrisburg; Elem MR Leister. Joyce S.B. - West Newton; Lib. Leltzel. Kim E. —Harrisburg; 810; Track Lemay. Nicole-Harrisburg; French. Leonard. Karen I.-Shade Gap: Elem EChd. Lepore. Lynne A —Hanover; Sec Eng, Lewars. LindaM -Reading: Elem Psyc Rdg Lewis. Michael E. — Mlffllntown; Elem PE. Lex. Carmen M. — Aston; Math; Varsity Football. Llbertore. J Marc—Chester: IA Llddlck. Clyde A.. III. —Duncannon: Bio. Light. Mary (. — Lancaster: Elem SMED. Llskey. Charlene R. — Newtown Square: Elem SMED: CEC (executive board). PSEA. Special Education Advisory Board. Litchert. Lon J.-Royersford. Elem Mus. Phi Lambda Sigma. Delta Phi Eta. UUEP. RA. Marching Band. Concert Band. Wind Ensemble. Dorm Council (vice-president, presidnet. |udiciary Board). Who's Who. Livingston. Mary K. — Springfield: Elem EChd. Logan. Lonnie L -Lancaster; IA Long. Thomas R. —Center Valley.- IA Longenecker. FrcdrlkM —Manheim: Elem PE. Look. Elizabeth B. —Philadelphia: Blo MT Looker. |udith A —Harrisburg; Elem MR; Basketball. Intercollegiate Sports Club. Loomer. Cheryl L.-Sayre: Elem EChd. Loose, lames E. — Lancaster: Eng Loper. Alisa L -West Chester; Elem SMED: Delta Sigma Theta. MSA (treasurer). CUB Lopez. Olga I. —Philadelphia; Art Love. Kevin S.-Norristown: IA: IA Society. Sigma PI (secretary). Basketball. Lubas. Barbara L.-Reading: Elem Rdg: Phi Lambda Sigma. Delta Phi Eta. UUEP. ACEI.PSEA Luecke. Theresa A.-Lansdale; Psyc: CUB. Intramurals. Lugg. Robert W -Penargyl: Art Ed. Lutz. Ronald E. — Mt. |oy; Bio. Lyle. BretC —Pittsburgh: SS HI M Macklcy. Dale C. — Manheim: Geog Madeira. Carolyn S.- Lancaster; Elem EChd Madonna. Michele D. - Lancaster: Com: Snapper Magee. Dianne V -Millersville; Frcnch Span Maley. Kathie J.-Roslyn. Elem MR. CEC (president). PSEA. Special Education Advisory Board Malles. Janet S.—Lancaster; Elem EChd Mangano. Ann L. — Belle Mead. N.J.. Art Ed. Manton. |ohn C.-Philadelphia: Lib. Manwiller. Lorraine L. — Stouchsburg: Lib Elem; Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. Symphonic Band. Marching 8and. Cindcrellas. UCM. PSEA. Who's Who Markley. Ava M -Lancaster: Elem SMED Markowitz. |ohn P - Woodlyn; Art Martin. Evelyn M. - Bethlehem: Elem SMED: Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Dorm Council. Young Adults. Intramurals. Martin. Karen E -Cincinnati. Ohio: Elem SpEd Martin. Patricia L. —Wrightsvllle. Psyc: Delta Phi Eta. CSA (secretary-treasurer). Psychology Club. Mason. Paul E.— Millersville; Psyc. Mattcrn. |oel K.-Annvlllc; ES Mauk. Betty |. — Gettysburg: PSN. Maxwell. Lorraine D.-Lancaster; Eng; National Observer Award May. Dean C.-Palmyra; Elem PE. Mazzur. Susan N -Millersville: Ger; Kappa Alpha Tau. German Club. Newman Club. Outing Club. Swim Team (secretary). McCartney. Timothy (. — Lancaster; Psyc. McCool. Suzanne M. — Shllllngton: Art. McCummings. Shawn M.-Oxford; Soc McDonald. Christopher J. - Millersville. Elem PE McDonald. Jonathan A.-Millersville: Span McGeary, Melinda D.-Camp Hill: Elem lntermedtates. McGeehan. |ohn K.—Lancaster; Bio. McHugh. Catherine M —Gwynedd Valley: Elem MR; Touchstone McKnight. Michael E.-Philadelphia. Elem SMED. McLaughlin. Robert D. —Waynesboro: IA McMillan. David C -Landenbefg: IA. McNamara. Susan E -Mechanlcsburg. Elem MR: Kappa Phi Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta. Greek Council. PSEA. CEC. Dean's List. Intramurals. Medio, loan-Westmont. N.J.: Lib Elem: WIXQ. Alpha Beta Alpha (president). Phi Lambda Sigma. Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. College Republican Club. Cinderellas. Meehan. Robert B . |r. —Centre Square: SS PS. Mehrmann. |aymee L.-Hershey; Ger. Melnecke. Cynthia M. -Lutherville. Md.: Elem SPED: PILS. Mellors. Betsy A. -Youngwood; Soc: Soc: Alpha Kappa Delta (vice-president). Delta Phi Eta.223 Mcrris. Charles S.. Jr. — Manheim: Bio Meyer. Elaine M. - Birdsboro: Lib Hi; Alpha Beta Alpha. Intramurals Michaels. Alan C. — Pottstown: Bio. Mickle. Sheila ).-Point Pleasant Beach. N.|.; Art Ed: Alpha Sigma Tau. Touchstone. Marching Band. Intercollegiate Sports Club. Intramurals. Migdon. Shirley E. - Lancaster; Eng. Migliozzi. Mary).A. —Westfield. N.|.; Psyc. Miles. Keith |. — Mlllersvllle: Russ: Political Science Organization. Intramurals. Miller. Andrew K. —Mlllersville: Soc Anthro. Miller. Barbara |. — Hatboro: Elem SpEd: CEC (executive board). Miller. Bruce H — Warminster; CS: Computer Science Club, (vice- president). OPMA (vice-president). Archery. Miller. |eflrey |—Lltltz: Sec Math: Basketball (statistician). Miller. Lynn M — Fallslngton: Sec SS Hi; UUEP. Computer Science Club. Archery Miller. Michael M — Alrvlllc: SW; Social Work Organization. Venture Club. Choir. Milligan. Donna-Philadelphia: Elem SpEd Mills. |udith-Lancaster: Elem SpEd SMED Mills. Keith S- — Ardmore; Elcm SMED. Minshall. Dorothy |. —Avondale: Mus Ed: Concert Band. Marching Band. Choir. College-Community Orchestra. Horn Quartet. MENC. ACMO. Wind Ensemble. Miszkiel. Susan M —Scranton: Elem SMED Mitchell. Kim J. — Athens: Bio MT: Aesculaplan Society (treasurer). Dolphin Club. Dean's List. Intramurals. Molettc. Deborah |. - Brookhaven; Elcm SMED Mondschcln. Tina-Whitehall: HI: Delta Phi Eta. Black and Cold. Dean's List. Moore. Lynn A.—Hatboro: Psyc: Alpha Sigma Tau. Creek Council (secretary) Moose. Brenda F — Littlestown: Elcm EChd. Morgan. Harry C -Springlleld; Ceog. Morgan. Linda A.-Springlleld: Ec: Economics Club (secretary). Intramurals. Morgan. Nancy |.-Newtown; Elcm SMED: Omega Theta Sigma. IVCF. CEC. Saturday Recreation Program. Swimming Moyar. |oanna T.-Grecnsburg: Art: Student Art Show. Dean's List. Mcrmcttcs. Intramurals. Moyer. Deborah L - Levittown-. Elcm SMED. Moyer. Jacqueline M. — Shamokin. Math; Intramurals Moyer. Ralph S.- Willow Street: ES. Moyer. Thomas C. - East Greenville: ES. Mullahy. Maria C.- Ambler; Psyc. Choir. CUB Bicentennial Committee Muller. Nancy T. — Wyomissing: Psyc. Mulvany. Charles R.. Ill —Ft. Washington; IA; Sigma Tau Gamma. Delta Sigma Chi. Student Senate. Murphy. Clare C. —Philadelphia: French. Murphy. Robert D. —Minersvlllc; IA. Murphy. Susan M. —Westfield. N.|.: Elem EChd: Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Priority Club. Musser. Jay R.-Mt. |oy: Psyc Musscr. Marcle A. — Lancaster: SW Myers. Anne M. — Elizabethtown: PSN. Myers. Kenneth I.— York; IA; Epsilon PI Tau Myers. Richard E — Hummelstown: IA. Mylln. |. Irene —Willow Street; Elem SMED N Neal. Margaret H.-Mlllersvllle: Elem Rdg. Neeld. Mary A. —Yardley: Elem Echd. Neff. NathanC.-Windsor; Phil: ROTC. Football. Nelson. Michele A.-Morrlsvllle. Psyc: Psychology Club. Dean's List. Nelson. William G.. |r —Bethlehem; Math. Neuhard. Celeste A. —Levittown; Den Nguyen. Ky-Ephrata; PS French. Nichol. Michael B. - Lancaster: Psyc Nicholas. Antoinette M —Hazleton: Elem EChd. Noble. David S - Media; Math. Nolan. Gregory M —Meadowbrook: HI. Nolt. Burnell S.. |r.-East Petersburg; IA Nonnenmocher. Todd K.-Lancaster: IA Notaro. Louis |..|r -Hazleton: IA. Nurmi. Lisa A. —Langhorne: Bio. o Oblender. Michael R.-Lancaster: Geog. O'Brien. Margaret M A. - Philadelphia: Math. O'Connor. Anne L.-Lancaster; Chem. Ollvere. James J.. Ill-Wilmington. Del.: Ec. Onopa. Jeffrey j. — Reading. IA: Epsilon Pi Tau. IA Society. Intramurals Orth. Nancy-Coatesville: Elem EChd Osiadacz. |o-Ann-Scranton; Russ Ott. Deborah J.—Columbia; Art. Otto. Howard 8. - Red Lion: IA Overly. William R.; Lancaster: Eng; Snapper. Owles. Kevin |.-Levittown; Ger: Sigma PI (sergeant-at-arms). German Club. Dean's List. ROTC P Paniagua. Martha —Mlllersvllle: Sec Span; Spanish Club (vice-president). International Relations Club. Honor Roll. Dean's List Parker. Glenn E —Prospect Park: Eng. Parmclee. Lauren B. — Riverside. Conn .; Art Ed Paulus. Jack E — Phillipsburg. N.J . Elem. Rdg Petersheim. |on R. —East Earl: Bio; Track Club (vice-president). Intramurals. Pettaway. Curtis A. —Philadelphia: Bio: CUB. Aesculapian Society Pettis. |effrey B. - Camp Hill: IA Pettit. Doris L.-Pottstown: Sec BiO: Gamma Sigma Alpha. Campus Crusade. IVCF. Women's Choir. Entomology Club. Pheabus. Barbara E - Hanover. Elem EChd: Gamma Sigma Alpha (corresponding secretary, president). Delta Phi Eta Phillips. Barry K. - Media; IA Phillips. Steven |. — LltlCZ: Ec. Piatt. Sharon M. -Easton: Sec Math; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Rifle Squad Picket. Richard S. - Gap: Sec Math Pierce. Dina R.-Philadelphia: Elem SpEd. RA. CUB (chairman opera-tlonscommlttee. president). Orientation Guide. ADEPT (board). Pikhtovnikoff. Boris—Reading: IA Plourde. Helen A.-Lancaster; PSN. Pontz. Stacl L.-Lltltz. Soc. Alpha Kappa Delta (treasurer). Delta Phi Eta Pope. Patricia A. -Lancaster: Psyc: Clnderellas. Men's Track (manager). Powell. Cheryl A — Steelton BiO: CUB. Cltamard. MSA. Intramurals. Powell. Raymond D. — Twin Oaks: Hi. Powell. Sherry T. — Penn Wynne; Elem EChd. Prestla. Theodore D —Norristown: Elem Psyc: Sigma Tau Gamma Przywitowski. Susan B. —Llnwood: SS HI. Purcell. |ohn F.. Jr -Pottsvllle: SS HI. Pyle. Barbara E —Lancaster; Elem MR. Pytko. Bernard |. — Pottsvllle: SW. Q Qualntance. Susan C. — Phoenlxville: Elem Rdg Quarles. Janice B. —Willow Grove: Psyc: Alpha Kappa Alpha. Psychology Club. BSA. Qulckel. |anlce R. —York: French Ger. R Rabenold. Jane L.-Fogelsvllle: Elem Lib: Alpha Beta Alpha. Raber. Carl E — Whitehall: IA Radakovich. JoAnn-Norristown; PS Ec: Sigma Phi Delta. Greek Council. Intramurals. Ralston. Cindy A.—Berwyn; Sec Math. Field Hockey. Lacrosse. Ramos. Vicente-New Holland; IA. Rau. Little E. - Mlllersvllle: Elem lnter. Ray. Frances A —West Chester; Soc: Delta Sigma Theta. Sociology Club. Greek Council. Lacrosse.224 Real. Diane —Colwyn. Elem MR. Delta Phi Eta. CEC. IVCF. PSEA. Women's Chorus. Dorm Council. Dance Marathon Co-Chairman. Reber. Paul D - West Lawn; Psyc Phll. Redline. David E. — Altoona; IA Reich. Karen A -Stroudsburg; Elem Math; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Orientation Guide. Reid. Michelle G. —Newville: Elem MR-. Dean's List. MR Young Adult Program. Rcidenbach. Kenneth G.. Il-Lancastcr; Hi. Rcidcr. Susan D.-Middletown: Sec Eng; Marching Band. CUB. Snapper. Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. Rellley. Debra ).-Ycadon; Sec Span: Delta Phi Eta. Spanish Club (vice-president. president). Women's Chorus (treasurer, president). Reimer. Thomas P.— Carlisle: IA: Touchstone Reincberg. George H.. II —York: Elem Mus. Reitz. Bonita M - East Petersburg: Psyc. Reitz. Cathy |. — Grantvllle: Elem SMED: Dean's List. PILS. RA. CEC. Student Advisory Board. Intramurals. Reitz. Elizabeth A — Smoketown: SW Reynolds. Avis C. - Parkcsburg: Elem SpEd: PSEA. CEC. Dean's List Rhine, lay K. -Harrisburg. Bio NucMT Rhoads. Shelley L.-Reading: Bio: Delta Phi Eta. IVCF (treasurer). Concert Band. Riblctt. Elizabeth F.-Wilmington. Del.; PSN Rice. Michael D. -Mt. |oy; PS Ricker. William G —Feastervillc. Phy. Rietmulder. Jay-Lewlsberry; Psyc. Rizzo. Brenda |. - Easton; Eng. Roberts. Timothy C —Schuylkill Haven: Lib. Robinson. |ack S.-Bird-ln-Hand, Bio. Aesculapian Society. Dean's List. Intramurals. Roden. Bette | — Lancaster. Soc Rodgers. Paul E . |r -Lancaster: Ec Rorer. Paul |. —Fairless Hills; IA. Rossi. Robert |.-Mlllersvllle; Elem PE Rossi. Rocco T.. Ill —King o( Prussia: Ec Rowan. Phyllis M -Hersey: Span, Spanish Conversation Club. Dean's List. Spanish Honor Roll. Ruddy. Paula |.-York; Lib. Rudolph. Robert N. - Wyomlssing Hills. IA Runkles. Dane H.-Mt Airy; French Russ: Soiree Francaise. Student ludlclal Board. Rutter. Connie L. —Lancaster: Art Ed s Sagun. Carol S. — Landisvllle-. Art. Salash. Margo H—Allentown: Bio. Wrestling Belles. Intramurals. Sanders. Martha J. — Mlllcrsville: Ec; Swim Team. Sayles. Jeffrey C.-Lancaster; ES. Scannella. Carol L—Montoursvllle; Bio. Schaefer. Kathleen P. - Norwood; Elem Rdg Schaffer. Karen I.—Coopersburg. Sec Eng: Women's Chorus. Dorm Council. Public Relations. Intramurals. Scheetz. David C.-Harrisburg: Elem Rdg; Intramurals Scheffcy. Drew R. — Lancaster: Elem EChd. Schindler. Barbara M. - Philadelphia; Sec Gcr; German Club Schlager. John J.-Lancaster: Chem; American Chemical Society. Swimming Schlener. Susan M, —Allentown; Span; Foreign Language Club (secretary). Dorm Council. Schlosser. Lisa B. — North Wales: Eng. Schmidtke. Sheila C. — Lancaster: Eng: Snapper (editor). Stelnman Communications Award. Who's Who Schneider. Gregory |. - Middletown; HI. Schoenwandt. Tobias B. — Swarthmore: Ger. Schofield. Gary A. — Mlllersvtlle: Psyc; Sigma Tau Gamma (vice-president). Schrelter. Bruce E. — Allentown; IA Schrey. Carol |.—Columbia: Elem Psyc. Schroeder. Gall H. —Holtwood; Ger Schroeder. Nell A. —Philadelphia: Span; Phi Sigma PI (historian, president). ACMO (executive committee), Choir. Spanish Club. Spanish Conversation Hour. Foreign Language Club. Language Lab Assistant. Schuchart. |effrey S.-West Reading; Art: Aesculapian Society. Dean's List. Schultz. Susan B. - Philadelphia: Llb Elem Schweitzer. Frank A.. II—Chadds Ford: 8iO: Sigma Tau Gamma Scott. Diane E. - Fawn Grove: Elem So : Delta Phi Eta. Scott. Eileen —Philadelphia: Elem MR Scott. Linda M -Lancaster: Elem Rdg. Seabrease. Diane |.—Lancaster: Elem MR: CEC. Pro|eci Togetherness. Saturday Morning Recreation Program. Intramurals. Sears. Cindy L- Lancaster; Chem. Segro. Anthony P. —Columbia: Math. Service. Stephen | —Norwood; Psyc. Shade. Stephen G.-Lancaster: Eng Com. Shaffer. Darcy R —Carlisle: Art Ed: Gamma Sigma Alpha. Shank. Pamela S. —Allentown: Elem Eng: Kappa Delta Phi. Delta Phi Eta. Dorm Council. PSEA. ACEI. UUEP. Intramurals. Sharff. Cheryl A. —Hatboro: Elem EChd Sharp. Terence P. - York. CS. Shaw. Michael F. —Millersvllle: Phy. Shearer. Dean M.-Hanover; Psyc. Sheetz. Sandra L.-Lancaster Soc Shelly. Mary A. — Lltltz: Ger. Sheridan. Mary A.---Philadelphia: Elem Lib: Sigma Phi Delta Sherk. Elizabeth M. — Lebanon: Elem Rdg: Delta Phi Eta Sherman. Elizabeth A — Northfleld. N.|.; PSN: Intramurals. Sherr. Victoria A. —Lltitz; Eng French: Choir. French Club. Spanish Club. Shertz. )oan L.-Mlllcrsville; CS. Shetromph. Muriel L. —Millersvllle: PSN. Shockey. Paula |. — Waynesboro: Art Ed. Shuey. Maria L. —Harrisburg; Elem Mus: Women's Chorus. Classics Club (secretary-treasurer). Self-Defense. )udo Shultz. Mark D. —Reading. IA RA. Swimming. Water Polo. Shuman. Annette L. — Lancaster: SW: Sigma Phi Omega. Delta Phi Eta. Student Senate. Social Work Organization. Faculty Evaluation Committee. Student Services Committee. Color Guard. Hockey Shuman. |ohn R. —Holtwood: Bio. Slket. Theresa A —Camp Hill: Elem Math: Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. In-Motion Modern Dance Club. Student Senate. Dean's List Sillaman. Lynn E —East Petersburg; NucMT Stlverthorn. |ul!e M, - Lancaster: Psyc. Simpson. Vicki L.-Northumberland: Span: Delta Phi Eta. Spanish Club. RA. Symphonic Band. Wrestling Belles. Singer. Betsy A. - Waynesboro: Elem MR. Sivlck. Chuck-Conshohocken; IA. Sklles. Elaine M. -Paradise: Lib: Alpha Beta Alpha. Symphonic Band. Skorup. |udith A.-Norristown: Llb Span: Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Spanish Club. Women's Chorus. Slattery. |ane-Lansdowne: Psyc; Psychology Club Sloden. Anne E. —Willow Street: Ec Smith. Ann £. —Philadelphia; Psyc. Smith. BlancheC. —Philadelphia: Psyc. Smith. Bradford B. — Hummelstown: SW. Smith. |oseph H. —Philadelphia: IA. Smith. Philip A. —Hanover. Mus Ed: Concert Band. Marching Band. |azz Ensemble. Wind Ensemble. Choir. Chamber Choir. Madrigal Singers. Music Advisory Council. ACMO. Music Honor Roll. Smith. Richard H.. |r. —Philadelphia. Chem Smith. Vicki L. - Harrisburg; Psyc. Smith. Vicky L. — Millersvllle. Elem PE: Dean's List. Track Club. Snavely. Deborah S. — Lltltz: Elem MR. Gamma Sigma Alpha. Field Hockey (co-captain). Intercollegiate Sports Club. Snyder. Cathy L--Bethlehem; Psyc. Snyder. Terry L. - Lancaster: Elem MR: CEC. Soper. Leigh A. —Selinsgrove: Elem SMED. Sowers. Sandra K -Dallastown; Elem Math; Phi Lambda Sigma. ACEI. Dean's List. Cheerleading. Intramurals. Spadea. Michele—Wallingford: Art Ed: Dorm Council. Intramurals Spelcher. Gordon K. —Robesonla: Ec. Spcltel. Sally A.-Lancaster; Elem MR; CEC. Saturday Morning Recreation Program. Young Adults. Outing Club. Stack. Donald A.—Drexel Hill; Chem. Stambaugh, Susan K.-Hanover; Elem Math. Starcheskl. loan—Coatesvllle; Art. Stark. Katherine E.—Lancaster; Elem SMED.225 Sterner. |anis R.—Nazareth: Elem EChd. Stauffer. |effrey E. - New Holland: PS. Stegncr. Mary S. —Lcvlctown. Elem MR Stelnke. |udy L. - York: Elem Rdg; Delia Phi Eia. Dean's List. Stemmcr. Carol A. —East Petersburg: Scc Eng. Stephens. Phillip K.-Whitehall: IA: Industrial Arts Society. RA. Intramurals. Sterner. Anne T. - Kennett Square; Ec Sterner. Debra S.-Hanover: Elem Rdg. Phi Lambda Sigma. Delta Phi Eta. UUEP. College-Community Orchestra. Chamber Ensemble. ACEI. Women s Chorus. Band Front. In-Motion Modern Dance Club. Sterner. Michael D. — Laureldale: Sec Math Sterner. Robin L. — Laureldale: Elem EChd Stewart. Gregory A —Hummelstown: Psyc: Phi Sigma PI. Dorm Council. Intramurals. Stolcr. Samuel L —Lancaster; Elem Rdg. Stoltzfus. Annle-Claire-Lancaster.- French: Dean's List Stoneback, |anet L.-Trevosc: Psyc. Stoudt. Brenda L. —Laureldale. Bio. Kappa Phi Epsilon (corresponding secretary). Intramurals Strausbaugh. Walter A —Hanover: Sec Math: Basketball Team (co- captain). Magna Cum Laude. Stutzman. Denise E, -Mlllersvllle: Sec Math Subrtxe. Richard-- Mlllersvllle. IA. Swan. Mary P.-Lltitz: PSN. Sweeney. Edwin |.. |r -Lansdalc; IA. Sweeney. Kathleen A -Springfield; Elem Ger. Delta Phi Alpha. Student Senate. Newman Club. Who's Who. Sweeney. Lawrence | Old Forge; IA. Szedlmaycr. Stephen T.-Prospect Park, Bio Szydlo. William | - Lancaster; Mus Ed: College-Community Orechestra. Symphonic Band. Wind Ensemble. |azz Ensemble. Brass Quintet. Choir. Horn Ensemble. Trumpet Ensemble. T Taddel. Virginia A -Glcnside. Elem SpEd SMED. Talbot. Marianne F -Wallingford. Elem MR: Alpha Phi Epsilon. CEC. Dolphin Club (vice-president, corresponding secretary) Taylor. Anne L — Penndel: Elem EChd; Sigma Phi Delta. RSA. Intramurals. Taylor. Beth A —Elizabethtown: Elem EChd Taylor. Nancy L. — North Wales: Ec. Economics Club (president). CUB (treasurer). Dorm Council (treasurer). Dean's List. Intramurals Terranova. lames | -Fallsington. Bio. Terry. Carol A. - West Lawn; Elem SpEd CEC. Saturday Morning Recreation Program. Dorm Council (secretary). Intramurals. Teier. |oseph P - Hummelstown. Phy; Society of Physics Students (vice-president). Thomas. Kim £ - Willow Grove: Psyc. Thomson. Dana S. - York; Math; Delta Sigma Chi. Tiburzlo. Peter A.. |r. - Willow Grove. IA Tict|en. Bonnie M — Lafayette Hill: Elem SMED Timmins. Catherine E — Drcxel Hill. Elem SMED: Kappa Delta Phi. CEC. Intramurals Titterton. |udlth L -Lltltz. IA. Toomey. |ohn W -Pottsvllle: Elem SMED Tracy. |ill D—York; Elem SMEO; Delta Phi Eta. CEC. DolphinClub Travitz. Anne E -Gettysburg; Psyc: College-Community Orchestra. Chamber Ensemble. Cindcrcllas. Cora Catherine Bitner Award. Tweed. Patricia M — Philadelphia. Elem SMED. u Ufer. Grctchcn —Isllp. N Y —Elcm Psyc. Uhlcr. Kim M. —Lebanon; Lib. Uhlig. Charity E. -Elizabethtown. Eng Ulrich. Amanda E. - Lancaster: SW V Valenteen. Wendy S — Mechanlcsburg; Sec Span; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Spanish Club. Dorm Council. |unior Year Abroad. Spanish Tutor. Valldes. Marla A. —Lancaster: Elcm Span Van Gorden. |oyce E.-Lancaster Elem Rdg. VanZant. Cheryl A.-Akron: Bio. Outing Club. Vereen. Rudolph V.-Philadelphia: Elem SMED Vico. Patricia M.-Georgetown: Elem EChd WMSR, IVCF. Campus Crusade Vicrra. Kenneth C.— Montoursville, ES. Vilardo. Michele D.-Reading; Elem EChd. Kappa Phi Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta. Vlllforth. |oyce E. - Reading: Elem EChd Vogel. Susan K.-Mohnton.- Span: Delta Phi Eta. Spanish Club. Foreign Language Club. Spanish Conversation Club. |unior Year Abroad Volponc. |oscph|.—Mlllersvllle; IA Von Hagen. Lisa I — Avon. Conn . Elem- SpEd Vranlch. Michael L.-Johnstown. IA w Wagner. Frank W.-Allentown Sec Math Sigma Tau Gamma. Cross Country. Walker. Chris E. -Camp Hill; Art Ed Walls. Lori C -Reading. Elem EChd. Delta Phi Eta. In-Motion Modern Dance Club. Long Range Planning Commission. Marching Band. UUEP Walsh. Margaret —Glen Mills. Elem EChd: International Folk Dancing Club. Ward. Kathleen L -York; Elem SMED Warner. Danny W -Yeagcrrown Elem Math 100-Mile Club. Wrestling. Tennis. Intramurals Warner. David H - Nazareth; Bio. Watson, fames D.. |r. —Norristown. PS Weaver. Deborah P —Harrisburg. Elem MR Weaver. John H. — Palmyra. Math Weaver. Rick L - Lancaster. Elem- PE Weaver. Sharon L. — Lancaster. Elem SMED: MCF Weaver. Thomas L -Lancaster; SSPS Webb. Douglas L -Lancaster: SS Hi Weitzel. Denise M Reinholds: SW. Wellons. Gregory L. —Philadelphia. Psyc Welsh. David A. - Lancaster: Art. Wentzcl. William W -Mlllersvllle: IA Werner. Steven M - West Chester: IA West. Linda | —Cressona: PSN West. Susan L — Roslyn; CS: Gamma Sigma Alpha. IVCF. CEC. Classics Club. Wetzel. Susan D Lcola: Elem ■ EChd White, lames R. - Lcvittown: PS Whitman. Tracy L —Morton. Art; Intercollegiate Sports Club. Lacrosse. Dean's List. Intramurals. Whitt. Carolyn R - Rosemont; Psyc Wieder. Linda A — Hatboro. Elem EChd Wilder. Catherine E. —Lewisburg Hi; IVCF Wiley. Terry N -Lancaster; Psyc Will. Peggy N -EphratA; Elem Mus Willard. Roger | -Lancaster. PS Williams. |oan M-Lancaster. SSHi Williams. Mark L —Columbia: Mus Ed Williams. VcnesiaD -Norristown. Psyc Willis. Michael L —Elizabethtown; IA Wilson. |cnnifer | -Leola: Psyc. Wilson. Steven M. - Lancaster: HI; Snapper (chief photographer). Wisniewski. Susan L. — Leesport: Elem EChd Wissler. Shirley. |. — Lititz. Psyc: Delta Phi Eta. Psyc Club. 100-Mlle Club. Intramurals. Wolf. Carl D - Elizabethtown: Art: Gamma Pi. Cross Country. Track. Wolfe. Catherine I -Parkton. Md.. Art Ed. Wolfe. Clifford D.-Manheim; Psyc. Wolfe. Terrence A — Womelsdorf. SS Hi Wolflnger. Brenda L -Raubsville. Elem P£. Delta Phi Eta. Kappa Delta Phi. Greek Council. Dorm Council. UUEP. PSEA. Touchstone. Rifle Squad. Basketball. Intramurals Wolle. Sharon B. — Souderton: Elem Rdg Wood. C. Evans- Montrose: IA Woodard. Sherri L. — Philadelphia. MSA (president).226 Wright. Adolph R O - Wilkes-Barre: SS Hi Football. Wright. Pamela-Phtladelphia: Sec SS. Wunsch. Robert H.-Hatboro. CS Math; Computer Science Club. Computer Science Consultant. Ice Hockey. Intramurals Y Yale. Robert B -Perkasie: CS. Yancheff. Nadine-Hummelstown: Elem.’Math Phi Delta Sigma. Women s Choir. Lacrosse. Intramurals Yarasavage. Patricia | - Tunkhannock. SW Yeager. Richard N — Mohrsvllle: tS. Yeager. Stephen P -Sinking Spring IA Yoder. Lynn A -West Lawn: Span Delta Phi Eta. Spanish Club. Concert Band. IVCr Young. Donna D — Glen Mills. Elem EChd; Phi Lambda Sigma. Women s Chorus. UUEP.IVCF. ACEI. Young. Eric L -Quakertown: SS Hi Young. Linda D O. —Lancaster: Elem Ger. Yuhas. Michael |.. |r.Minersville: IA Yurasek. Barbara A.-CampHill: Psyc. Yure|efclc. Carollynn-Millersvllle: Com z Zahorsky. Colleen R -South River. N.|.; Elem Art. Zcarfoss. Valerie |. — York; Elem Art. Delta Phi Eta. Art Student Association. ACEI Zelinskie. Theresa — Lansdale; Elem Span Zell. Susan M. - Elizabethtown; NucMT Zima. Douglas H —Goodville; IA Zlpperlein. Suzanne M -Lancaster: Elem Hi; ACEI. Cum Laude Zook. Ronald E. -Strasburg; Phy Zubko. William V.-Millersvllle: IA.faculty patrons Catholic Campus Ministry Dr. lames M Garrett Mr. EugeneG. Groff Dr. |ohn A Huzzard Rev Hubert | Kealy Dr. Susan P Luek-Keen Dr. Paul H Nichols Mrs. Barbara M Nichols Mr Charles P Patton Dr. H Byron Showers Mr Richard S. Will patrons Mr and Mrs Roy S. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Benner Mr. and Mrs. |ames Berger Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Black Mr. and Mrs. Dale C Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Donald R Brehm Harry and Anna Brennan Mr. and Mrs. |. Lewis Brown Mr. and Mrs. John E. Brunner Mr. Richard Callum Henry C. and Esther E. Eshleman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Falkinburg Stuart R Feeser. |r |ohn and Loria Festa |oseph Gabriel David H. Ham Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hirak Mr August Holzman Elam B. Huber Mr and Mrs. William E. Irwin Ann and George Kepich and Family Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Laws Stephen Lazar Charles and lean Leddy Mr Mark Leitzel Dan Lex F. |ames Loose Mr. and Mrs. Luther S. Madeira Mrs. |ames | Marion Mr. and Mrs. Craig Mehrmann Mr. and Mrs lames D. Miller. Sr Mr. and Mrs. | R. Minshall Raymond |. Mondschein Morris Bake Shop Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Moyer Wilmer Neff Mr and Mrs. David E Nonnenmocher Mr and Mrs lames | Olivere. |r Emuel and |essic Powell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pytko. Sr Mr and Mrs Samuel Quickel K G Reidenbach Co. Mr and Mrs. Robert |. Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Harry Saiash Mr. and Mrs Carl W. Scheetz Tobias Schoenwandt Mr. and Mrs. C Richard Shade Mr. and Mrs. Clair A. Skiles Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Smith Donald Speicher Mrs. Jean Strausbaugh loseph and Claire Taddei Mr. and Mrs. loseph Toomey Mr and Mrs. Thomas Transeau Mr and Mrs. L. E Travitz Mrs. Lois |. Ufer Mr. and Mrs. William Vogel. |r Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker Mr. and Mrs. Edward D Wilson Neil and Marion Yeager Adrienne R. Young Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Young Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Yurasek Mr. and Mrs. Charles ZipperleinAcademics. . .............. Acknowledgements.............. acs.............................. Administration ............... . . Aesculapian Society .............. All-Campus Musical Organization Allocations Committee............ Alpha Beta Alpha ................. Alpha Kappa Alpha ................ Alpha Sigma Chi.................. Alpha Sigma Pi.................... Alpha Sigma Tau................... Archery ................. ArmyROTC Ballet ................... ...... Baseball.......................... Basketball. Men's (Varsity). Basketball. Men's (Junior Varsity) . Basketball. Women's (Varsity).... Basketball. Women's (|unior Varsity) Brooks .......................... Butera. Robert.................... Cheerleaders (Varsity)........... Cheerleaders (Junior Varsity)....... Chi Gamma lota.................... Citamard......................... Classics Club ............... Clubs and Organizations College Union Board............... Computer Science Club............. Council for Exceptional Children . Crosscountry..................... Da Vinci Exhibit ............ Dedication Ceremony ........... Delta Phi Eta..... .......... Delta Sigma Chi................... Delta Sigma Theta................ Distinguished Faculty Awards .... Dolphin Club..................... Duy. Pham............. ......... Economics Club................ Elizabeth |enklns School... . . . Faculty . ........... ......... Field Hockey (Varsity)....... Field Hockey (Junior Varsity) .. Football (Varsity)............... Foreign Language Club Fraternities...................... French Club....................... Gamma Sigma Alpha Ganser................... ....... Golf....................... Graduation................... Hager. Henry .................... Harper. Valerie..... ............ Homecoming.............. ........ Honors............. ............. index ____I 10 229 ... 209 ____114 208 ____ 60 .....51 ____204 ____197 ____192 ____196 ____197 ... 188 .....74 ... 50 . . .. 190 ____184 ____184 ____185 185 ... .37 _____47 ____183 183 . 194 56.210 ____210 203 ....203 .... 207 .....53 ____182 .....40 43 ____199 ____192 198 _____42 ____ 82 ... 46 ____208 .....52 ...116 181 . ... 181 ____180 205 ... 192 ____206 198 .... 38 ____191 .... 102 _____47 .. 48 .....64 _____98 Inconclusion................. Index...... ............. In Memoriam.................. Inspiration, ..... Interaction ................. Introduction................ Involvement. . ...... .. Kappa Alpha Psi.............. Kappa Delta Phi....... Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa Sigma ................. Kline. Caryl........ ........ Kline. Ernest ......... Lacrosse (Varsity)........... Lacrosse (|unlor Varsity) Minority Students Association Music ....... Oates. Joyce Carol . Omega Psi Phi............... Omega Theta Sigma Orientation ................. OutingClub ... Patrons...................... Phi Lambda Sigma. . ...... Phi Sigma Pi ................ Pucillo..................... Rho Lambda Phi.'............. Rudolph. Wilma......... Scores...................... Senior Directory ........ Seniors...................... Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Omega Sigma Tau Gamma Silks........................ Soccer............ .......... Sororities............ ... Spanish Club................. Specifications . . . Specter. Arlen Sports....................... Spring Fling . Student Memorial Center Student Senate.............. Swimming. Men's Swimming. Women's Tau Kappa Epsilon........... Tennis. Men's ....... Tennis. Women's (Fall) • Tennis. Women's (Spring) . Track. Men's Twirlcrs ............ ....... Tyson. Cicely............. WIXQ....................... Wrestling. ...... ......... Wrestling Belles .... Zerbe. Anthony . . 230 228 176 108 30 6 178 193 199 200 193 45 47 187 187 205 212 . 45 196 202 32 209 227 202 195 36 200 46 96 218 138 201 201 I 94 21 I 180 197 206 229 47 180 30 34 203 186 186 195 188 189 189 190 211 44 204 182 207 48229 acknowledgments specifications People and events that are a part of our lives will always remain in our memories. The 1978 Touchstone will hopefully be a valuable aid to those memories for many years to come. We hope you enjoy the yearbook as much as we enjoyed working with it. We extend our sincerest apologies to the few groups whose picture was taken but did not appear in the Touchstone. Our mistake was discovered too late to be corrected, and we are deeply sorry. There are always several individuals who rise above the setbacks: to the following people we owe a special thank you. ... to Dr. Gary W. Reighard for his encouragement and support: ... to Mrs. Leah Fudem for her patience and advice: ... to Etsuko Makino for her tirelessness in typing and filing our endless lists: ... to Theodore A. Heicher. Sally Heicher. Tom Usciak, Fred Hammond. Gary Bonner and Merin Studios for their photography; ... to |enny Engle and Sally Heicher for their literary contributions: ... to Karyl Smith for her help in all the fine details-. . . . and to Oscar Torrijos for keeping our financial records in proper order. Our final thank you is extended to Susan Heidt. a fine company representative, without whom the yearbook would never have been possible. Her efforts will always be remembered by the '78 Touchstone staff. Thank you. Karen Dusman. editor-in-chief Rosemary Shivak. assistant editor The 1978 TOUCHSTONE is published by the students of Millersville State College. Mlllersville. Pennsylvania. TOUCHSTONE Is printed by William T. Cooke Publishing. Incorporated. Devon. Pennsylvania. The 240 text pages are printed offset lithography on 80 Productolith Gloss offset stock. The endsheets are Navajo Blue White 65 cover stock. The cover uses Pajco Cordoba Blue 282M with silver mylar top stamped on embossed front cover and backbone. Decorative art type is Peignot Bold by Chartpak. The college seal is blind embossed on back cover. The text of the book is set in Fritz Quadrata. using 8. 9. 10 and 14 point. Headlines are 36 point Friz Quadrata. Dividers are Peignot Bold in various sizes. Throughout the book ' « and wide Chartpak rules are used. The four color endsheet. introduction, dividers and finis are produced from 35mm slides using individual separations. The black and white photographs were taken on three 35mm cameras: a Canon F-1. a Canon Ft-b and a Minolta SRT 101, equipped with four lenses—Canon 28mm f3.5 and 50mm fl.4. Minolta 50mm f1.7 and Vivitar 85-205mm f3.8: Mamiya c220 with an 80mm f2.8 lens and a 4x5 speed Graphic with a I 35mm 4.7 lens. The film used was Tri-X Pan ASA 400. Senior portraits and candids are by Merin Studios. Philadelphia. Senior portraits are photographed with a Beattie Portronic 907 camera, using strobe lights. Candid photographs are taken by Nikkor-mat. Nikon and Minolta 35mm cameras, and Mamiya. Kowa. Hasselblad. and Koni-Omega 27« x 27. cameras. The films used are Tri-X and Plus-X. Press run was 1.500 copies, printed by a 38 inch Miller two-color perfect press. The edition is smythe-sewn. rounded and backed, crash endlined with headbands and footbands. The 1978 TOUCHSTONE is partially subsidized through the student activity fee as allocated by Student Senate. All graduates of December. May and August of the 1977-1978 academic year receive the book without charge: undergraduates pay $3.00inconclusion 233 inconclusion 234inconclusion 236inconclusion . 239inconclusion 240

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