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tote college- —loucfi tone a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak, those lines, spoken three thousand years ago, sum the year at msc. there were weeping and mourning at the deaths of three faculty members and a senior student, all early in the year; there were laughing and dancing during light-hearted moments and campus activities; there were new students, as always, and new courses, and there was the loss engendered by the brookwood fire, which led to perhaps the noblest moments of the year; there was a time to keep silence, when few students showed up at a rally protesting an increase in tuition, and there was a time to speak, when many students, aflame with indignation at the thought of tripling up in dorms next year, burst into eloquence at an impromptu rally, that was the year that was: 1976-77456content activities ■ 18 academics 62 sports 130 greeks ■ 168 clubs and organizations ■ 19081012dedication 17 To Laura Buller Doering this book is respectfully dedicated. Mrs. Doering retired this year after serving for twenty-four years as a librarian. When she came to MSC in 1953, Mrs. Doring was a cataloguer; when she left she was head of cataloguing and technical processing. On two occasions she was acting director of the library. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education at MSC and a Master of Arts degree at Duke University. She maintained a lively interest in professional organizations. She was secretary, vice president and president of the Lancaster County Library Association. She was president of the Lancaster Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, National Honorary Society for Women Teachers. On campus she was elected vice president and secretary of the MSC Faculty Association, and she was a member of the Faculty Senate and of the Academic Curriculum Committee. After her many years of dedication to the students of Millersville State College, it seemed fitting that the staff of the yearbook, speaking for the thousands of students who valued her services, should give public recognition of their appreciation in the dedication of the 1977 Touchstone. [T DATELINE: activities—plays of every sort amateur and professional groups, citamard such diverse fare as “she stoops to conquer,” children’s hour,” “the me nobody knows” and winter. the performing arts workshop brought “the alchemfst J and the national Shakespeare company performed “twelfth night.” from massachusetts came the Cambridge ensemble in “gulliver’s travels,’’.and the campus classics club staged terence’s comedy “the eunuch.”! the all-campus musical organization presented “ muscial version of “some like it hot.” the 1976 homecoming theme was “two hundred years of american music.” the parade was a college-community salute to the bicentennial, cub’s successful homecoming concert featured johnny’s dance band and the Charlie daniels band. a cub concert in february featuring al Stewart was a sellout; the spring fling concert starred renaissance. Watergate reporter bob woodward filled lyte auditorium, and conspirator howard hunt gave his first lecture here after his release from prison.20 homecoming parade oct. 2321Charlie daniels band johnny’s dance band and Scorpio oct. 23bingo at smc bicentennial band concert and pumpkin carving contest oct. 24  282930 “she stoops to conquer” nov. 4-6 11-13 “the children’s hour” dec. 8 31Christmas concert dec. 17 faculty recital feb. 2 children’s concert feb. 8 33 35 indian jewelry sale feb. 7 dan engle memorial presentation feb. 936 37 al stewart and wendy waldman feb. 1238 hartford ballet feb. 14 bob woodward feb. 2839 gulliver’s travels mar. 9greek council pledge skits mar. 16 4041 42 43 “a lion in winter” april 1-3 15-17■u -U 03 "O (Q I =3 f 3 ZJ CD49505253555658 bonus house 2 PIZZA COLO beverage yre HBf HOME bonusOl o60 p---------------- NO ALCOHOLIC bIverages OR DOG PERMITTED AT ANY TIME61Be Original- academic DATELINE: academics—dr. paul nichols, chairman of the earth science department, was one of nine state college faculty members to recieve the distinguished teaching chair award. He used the $3,500 he recieved to establish an earth sciences scholarship fund award, presented this year to wendy s. brehm. the late daniel g. engle, professor of physics, was memorialized by the board of trustees who designated that roddy 32 be known at the daniel g. engle lecture hall, the college mourned the loss of dr. james c. atty, professor of counselor education; dr. harold r. weirich, professor of biology, and edmund j. jeddic, assistant professor of safety education. the industrial arts department declared a moratorium on admissions to the department due to overcrowded conditions, and classes in the art department were described as terribly overcrowded, ninety-nine students received awards at the nineteenth annual honors and awards banquet. ® after much debate, personalized commencement becarru a reality as all seniors’ names were read at may graduation.646566 — academic affairs office of the president Dr. William H. Duncan President Dr. Michael G. Kovach Assistant to the President Mr. Henry P. Bucher Director of Alumni Affairs Dr. Nicholas C. Brown Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Robert V. Brown Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Summer Sessions Mr. Ralph L. Wright Director of Academic Information Dr. F. Perry Love Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Continuing Education Dr. Edgar R. Thomas Dean. Graduate School Dr. James E Maurey. Jr. Dean. Division of Education Certification Officer Dr. Louis G. Jennings Dean, Division of Humanities Dr. William A. Pearman Dean, Division of Social Sciences Dr. Richard Sasin Dean. Division of Sciences and Mathematics Dr. R Gordon Wise Oirector of Art Education computer services Mr. Thomas J. Houser Director of Computer Services development Mr. Donald A. Stollenwerk Oirector of Development Mr. W. D. Leighty Assistant Director of Development public relations administrative services Mr. Gray H. Sellers Director of Administrative Services Mr. J. Nevin Huber Assistant Business Manager Mr. Robert Elder Director of Purchasing Mr. David Vitale Director of Personnel Mr. Anthony Mordosky Director of Food Servicos Mr. Charles Kochor Director of Buildings and Grounds Mr. Charles Robie Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Carole L.SIotter Director of Public Relations and College Publications Mr. Robert N.Luft. Jr. Assistant Director of Public Relations and College Publications Mr. Donald R. Bird Sports Information Director67 Dr. Gerald Bosch Director of Elementary Education Dr. Earl M. Weber Director of Industrial Arts Education Mr. Raymond C. Mullin Director of Safety Education Dr. Carl O. Schmidtke Director of Secondary Education Dr. W. Richard Kettering Director of Special Education Dr. Karl E. Moyer Director of Music Education Dr. Robert J. Labriola Director of Educational Development Center Dr. JohnE.Pflum Director of Elizabeth Jenkins School Dr. J. Henry Keneagy Director of Admissions Mr. Eugene D. Lyda Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Blair E. Treasure Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Gerald W. Burkhardt Registrar and Director of Institutional Research 4-r ---------------------- Dr. Daun W. Nesbit Director of Student Teaching Mr. Steven R Kravinsky Director of Liberal Arts Placement and Cooperative Education Mr. Philip R. Bishop Director of Teacher Education Placement Mr. John S. Maine Oirector of Library Dr. V.A. Champa Director of Audiovisual Services Mr. Melvin R. Allen (Acting) Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program Dr. Juanita High (Acting) Director of Affirmative Action Maj. Alan R. Cocks Assistant Professor of Military Science Capt. Roland A. Culver Assistant Professor of Military Science SGM Leonard P. Czarneckl Instructor of Military Science board of trustees Mr. Robert N. Hendershot Secretary of Education, ex officio (acting Sec. of Ed. until March) Mr. William H. Bolger President Mr. Douglas D. Davis Student Trustee Mr. Ronald E. Ford Mr. Charles W. Hash Mrs. Clair R. McCollough Mrs. Margaret S. Moss Mrs. Ray G. Moyer Mr. Robert L. Pfannebecker Mr. Harry F. Stacks student affairs Dr. Gary W. Reighard Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Edward A. Thomson Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Mr. Richard L. Frerichs Associate Dean for Residence Life Miss Ellen P. Barber Assistant Dean for Residence Life Mr. John P. Farmer Assistant Dean for Residence Life Miss Helen V. Conway Associate Dean for Off-Campus Life and Veterans Affairs Dr. Richard G. Blouch Counseling Psychologist - - Mrs. Dorothy B. Harris Counseling Psychologist Mr. Harold J. Harris. Jr. Director of Counseling Human Development Mr. Marvin R. Donner Director of Student Activities Orientation Miss Mary Anne Gibbons Director of Student Union Dr. Lawrence A McDermott Director of Athletics Mr. Gene R. Wise Director of Financial Aid Mrs. Margaret O. Honry Assistant Director of Financial Aid Dr. F. Wendle McLaughlin Director of Health Services Mr. V. Scott Garman Director of Speech Clinic Mr. Edward Plank Director of Reading Clinic Mrs. LeahG. Fudem Advisor to Student Publications Mr. Woodrow W. Frank Director of Safety and Security Mr. J. David Smith Chief of Security Mr. Cletus Sweigart Manager. Student Services. Inc. Mr. Gilbert Shod Manager of College Store Mr. Robert Slablnski Manager of Student Center Food Servicesart Dr. S. Kent Carson Mr. Donald A. Davis Dr. Dominick J. Fananl Mr. John E. Ground Mr. Isaac K. Hay Mr. Robert G. Hustead Mr. Kenneth A. Kirsten Dr. Harold A. Laynor Mr. Robert H. Lowing Mr. Robert A. Lyon, Jr. Miss Jano L. Relnhard Mrs. Marglt Schmidtke Mrs. Sheba G. Sharrow Dr. Ronald E. Sykes Dr. R. Gordon Wise Chairperson counselor education Dr. John Bontleld Dr. David Karl Dr. Kenneth Samara Dr. H. Byron Showers Chairperson Mrs. Joyces. Smodley chemistry Dr. Thomas G. Greco Dr. Richard Sasln Dr. Jan M. Shepherd Dr. Shlh-FanTIng Dr. Donald E. Weiman Dr. Gerald S. Weiss Chalrporson Dr. Robort K. Wismer Dr. Sandra A. Yeager educational media Mrs. Isabelle H. Binkley Mr. Joseph F. Blake Mrs. Lauron D. Buchmann Or. V. Anthony Champa Mrs. Allco W. Hostetter Mrs. Mary E. Llewellyn Mrs. Mlnda M. Sandors Chairperson Miss Margaret R. Tassla Dr. Byron M. Wagnor Mr. Keith E. Yoder — english Mr. Henry P. Bucher Mrs. Margaret N. Butler Mr. David B. Chamberlin Dr. Danny Duckor Mrs. Loah Fudem Mr, Sumner J. Germain Assistant Chsirporson Miss Phyllis M. Goodman Dr. Robert P. Hastings Mr. Frank R. Hoavnor Dr. John A. Huzzard Mrs. Hazel I. Jackson Dr. Louis G. Jennings Mr. Bruce D. Kellner Dr. Debrah D. LoSago Dr. Kathryn L. Moran Dr. John F. O'Donnell Chalrporson Mr. Charles P. Patton Dr. Mary P. A. Shealter Mr. Gordon P. Symonds, Jr. Mr. Robert N. Taylor Miss A. Grace Wenger Mrs. Margaret C. Woodbrldge Mr. Edwin J.Zarek 69 earth sciences economics Dr. Russoll L. DeSouza Dr. William M. Jordan Mr. Paul J. Mclnerney Dr. Paul H. Nichols Chairperson Mr. Roberts.Ross Dr. Charles K. Scharnberoer Mr. Robert R. Barnes Chairperson Dr. M. Khalil Hamid Dr. JongChol Hau Mr. David Lawrence Dr. Secunderabad N. Leeia Dr. Ferdinand L. Molz Mr. Harry Sieber elizabeth jenkins school Miss Audrey A. Buno Mr. Ray S. Hollinger Mrs. Margaret L. McKain Mrs. Anita H. Ptlum Dr. John E. Ptlum Director Mrs. Gwendolyn W. Robinson Mrs. Mary Jane Smart Mr. Rodney E. Warlield biology Dr. MahlonZ. Biorly Dr. Eugono S. Chapman Dr. Antone K. Fontes Chairperson Dr. Samuel J. Ha Dr. Alex Henderson Dr. Albert C. Hoffman Dr. Larry M Lewis Mr. KonnethG. Miller Mrs. Lois F. Nute Or. David S. Ostrovsky Dr. James C. Parks Dr. Sydnoy Radlnovsky Dr. William Ratzlaff Mr. John L. Rorabaugh Mrs. Juliet Stephan Or. Guy LSteucok Dr. William Yurkicwlcz educational foundations elementary education Mr. Samuel Fonzi Dr Donald G.Gertenbach Dr. Richard B. Glasser Mr. Eugene G. Groff Mr. John L. Horst Dr. Barbara M Kokenes Mrs. Fay F. Kramer Dr. Walter Kreider. Jr. Mr. Lewis F. Marafflo Dr. James E. Maurey, Jr Dr. Raymond C. Mullin Or. Carlo. Schmldtko Chairperson Dr. James W. White Mr. RlchardS. Will Mrs. Jano M. Bachman Dr. David G. Bird Dr. Gerald Bosch Chairperson Mr. Michael A. Dianna Mrs. Anna Z. Kondor Dr. Roberts. Matulis Dr William B Mcllwaine Mr Richard H Meily Mrs. Helen R. Metzler Mrs. MlchaeilneS. Nissley Dr. Samuol A. Riogol Mr. Joseph L. Roussoau Miss Boatrico M. Smith Miss M. Joanne Snavely Dr. Daisy K. Spangler Dr. J. Richard Zorby foreign languages Dr. Robert F. Ambachor Mr. C. Richard Boam Mr. Joseph E. DeCamp, Jr. Mr Byron R. Detwiler Mrs. Therann G. Ferrier Dr. Philip T. Heesen Assistant Chairperson Dr.OlgaG.lglosias Mrs. Beatrice M. Killough Mr. Daniol E. Kogut Mrs. Jacquollno Long Dr Fred E. Oppenheimer Dr. Lina A. Ruiz y Ruiz Dr. Theodore H. Rupp Chairperson Dr. Ireno P. Seadle Or. Hans G. Skitter Dr. Rodrigo Solera Mr. JohnA.Tully Dr. Simone J. Vincens Dr. Marian M. Waltor Mr. Philip F. Wooby70 history Dr. Ronald M. Benson Dr. Linda L. Clark Dr. Jack R Fischel Dr. Abram J. Foster Mr. James A. Jolly Dr. Richard C. Keller Chairperson Mr. William W Kenawell Dr Reynold S. Koppel Dr. G. Terry Madonna Dr. John B. Osborne. Jr. Mr. Thomas C. Tirado Dr. Edward A. Tuleya Dr. George L. Young geography Dr. Robert N. Ford Chairperson Dr. Joseph W. Glass Dr. Mario Hiraoka Dr. Gary R. Hovlnen Mr. Arthur C. Lord Dr. Glenn V. Stephenson health and physical education Mr. John F. Apple Mr. J. Rodney Bimson Mrs. Julia A. Bowers Dr. Gene A. Carpenter Mr. Richard C. DeHart Dr. Mary E. Dixon Assistant Chairperson Mrs. lone L. Dorwart sociology- anthropology Mr. John L. Biesecker Mr. William S. Boisko Dr. Jerome R Briggs Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry Chairperson Dr. Charles A. Ekstrom Dr. Marion G. Foster Dr. William A. Pearman Mr. Robort A. Rotz Dr. George F. Stine Dr. George J. Yelagotes special education Mrs. Arlene K. Bucher Mrs. Ruth M. Cox Mr. Linus J. Czap Dr. Ermalee B. Etter Dr. W. Richard Kettering Chairperson Mrs. Marie V.J. Kiser Mr. Douglas P. LaPierre Dr. Hassan H. Osman Mr. Edwa'd D. Ottlnger. Jr. 1 philosophy Dr. Kurt R. Fischer Chairperson Dr. Mark P. Hartman Mr. Ernest M Mavndes Mr. Leon R. Miller Dr. Mia K. Sarracino Dr. Colleen A. M. Stameshkin Dr. John E. Winter stayer research and learning center Miss Jean B. DiSabatlno Mr. Kenneth J. Cressman Miss Nydia E. Flores Mrs. Sarah A. Hubert Dr. Robert J. Labriola Miss Erma D. Keyes Director Director Mr. Manuel A. Redo Mr. David E. Landis Mr. Michael C. Reed Dr. Frank E. Rozman Mrs. Paula M. Stoup Mrs. Evelyn Werner Mrs Miriam E. Williams Dr. Ralph G.Anttonen Director of Research music Mrs. Dorothy P Boam Mr. James E. Betts Mr. Waltor W. Blackburn Dr. Seymour Brandon Mr. John W. Colangelo Dr. PaulG. Fisher Mr. Randy L. Gehret Mr. Mark H. Goldstein Mr. Luke K. Grubb Mr. Ray W. Kauftman Dr. Bertha N. Maraftie Dr. Karl E. Moyer Chairperson Mrs. Carol J. Myers Miss Jean M. Romig Mr. David F. Sears Dr. LeonaFrances Woskowlak71 physics Mr. Eugene E. Fritz Dr. Lawrence A. McDermott Dr. John W. Dooley Mr. John W Henry Miss Sandra L. Peters Dr. Joseph W. Grosh. Jr. Mr. Arthur R. Hulmo Dr. Raymond J. Runkle Dr.C. Byron Kohr Chairperson Mr. Jerry J. Swope Chairperson Mrs. Nancy E. Hungerford Mrs. Marjorie Trout Dr. Conrad R. Miziumski Or. William V. Kahler Mr. Lawrence Warshawsky Dr.C. William Price Mr. Carl R. Kane Mr. Albert J. Woolley Dr. Charles K. Scharnbcrgor Miss Adeie S. Marion Dr. John A. Van Horn political science Dr. Ivan Brychta Mrs. Elaine A. Friedrich Dr. James M. Garrett Chairperson Dr. ShirleyS. Garrett Dr. Manwoo Lee Mr. Clarence J. Randolph Mr. John E. Tannehlll Dr. Gerald L. Weinbergor industrial arts Dr. Joseph J. Abromaitis Dr. George H. Ditlow Dr. Richard F. Doutt Mr. Hugo J. Flora Dr. Denis J. Foley. Jr. Dr. George H. Francis Mr. William H. Geiger, Jr. Mr. George D. Hauber Mr. Glenn E. Heckman Mr. Ralph W. Miller Dr. Austin G. Quick Mr. L. William Schotta Mr. William H.Skelly Dr. Dalton E. Smart. Jr. Mr. J. Richard Steinmetz Dr. Earl M Weber Chairperson Mr. Paul M. Wighaman Dr. Philip D. Wynn mathematics and computer science Mr. Marshall D. Anderson Mr. Harry E. Canter Mr. Ronald L. Davis Dr. Charles G. Denlinger Mr. Donald A. Eidam Mr. Stephen R. France Mr. Roy E. Garland Dr. John F. lavelle Dr. Roberts. Matulis psychology Dr. Richard F. Bromer Dr. Albert J. Duchnowski Dr. Betty J. Finney Dr. Richard J. Hess Dr. Joseph J. Horvat Dr. Patricia L. Kranz Dr. John M. Lembo Dr. Susan P. Luek-Keen Mrs. Susan Mason Dr. Richard E. Olds Chairperson speech-drama Mr. Robert H. Fogg Chairperson Mr. V. Scott Garman Mr. James S. Henke Mr. Cameron D. Iseman Mr. Charles E. Muench Dr. Paul M Talley Mr. William J. Wright Dr. Joseph A. Meier Mr. Edmund Pribitkin Mr. Robert S. Shaak Chairperson Dr. James A. Stager Mr. Clark E. Taylor Mr. Charles L. Van Gordon Mr. Jay D. Weaver Mr. Charles T. Wolf Mr. Donald H. Olsen Mr. Thomas Rosenberg Dr. JamosJ. Sheridan Mrs. Evelyn S. Stevens Mrs. Susan V. Van Hemei Dr. Walter vom Saal Mr. Jacob C. Wine Dr. Charles J. Wlrls72 Top left: Dr. William H. Duncan, President. Top middle: Dr. Gary W. Reighard. Vice President for Student Affairs. Top right: Dr. Nicholas C. Brown. Vice President for Academic Affairs. Middle left: Mr. Thomas J. Houser, Director of Computer Services. Middle right; Mr. J. Nevin Huber. Assistant Business Manager. Lower left: Dr. Richard G. Blouch. Director of Counseling Services. Lower right: Mrs. Mary Fisher. Student Payroll Clerk.73 Top left: Mr. Steven R. Kravinsky, Director of Liberal Arts Placement. Top middle: Dr. Edward A. Thomson, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. Top right: Mr. Eugene D. Lyda, Assistant Director of Admissions. Middle left: Miss Ellen F. Barber, Assistant Dean for Residence Life. Middle right: Mr. John P. Farmer. Assistant Dean for Residence Life. Lower left: Dr. F. Perry Love, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Lower right: Mr. Blair E. Treasure. Assistant Director of Admissions.7475counselor education T 76 Top left: Mrs. Joyce S. Smedley.Top right: Dr. H. Byron Showers, chairperson of the counselor education department. Lower left: Dr. Shlh-Fan Ting. Middle right: Dr. Richard Sasin. Lower right: Dr. Gerald S. Weiss, chairperson of the chemistry department.77 ■ X earth sciences economics Top left: Dr. William M. Jordan. Top middle: Dr. Paul H. Nichols, chairperson of the earth sciences department. Top right: Mr. Robert S. Ross. Middle left: Mr. Robert R. Barnes, chairperson of the economics department. Middle right: Dr. Ferdinand L. Molz. Lower left: Dr. Richard B. Glasser. Lower right: Dr. Donald G. Gertenbach. educational foundations■ elementary education Top left: Mrs. Minda M. Sanders, chairperson of the educational media department. Top middle Mrs. Isabelle H. Binkley. Top right: Mrs. Alice W. Hostetter. Middle left: Miss Yvonne R. Schack. Middle right: Dr. Robert S. Matulls. Lower left: Mr. Michael A. Dianna. Lower right: Mr. Richard H. Meily.79 english Top left: Dr. Louis G. Jennings, dean, division of humanities. Top middle: Dr. John F. O’Donnell, chairperson of the English department. Top right: Mr. Charles P. Patton. Middle left: Dr. John A. Huzzard. Center: Mrs. Hazel I. Jackson. Middle right: Dr. Mary P. A. Sheaffer. Lower left: Mrs. Meredith C. Rousseau. Lower right: Miss Phyllis M. Goodman.80 foreign languages Top left: Dr. Robert F. Ambacher. Top right: Mrs. Beatrice M. Killough. Middle right: Dr. Rodrigo Solera. Lower left: Mrs. Therann G. Ferrier. Lower right: Mr. Daniel E. Kogut.geography 81 Top left: Dr. Robert N. Ford, chairperson of the geography department. Middle right: Mr. James A. Jolly. Lower left: Dr. Richard C. Keller, chairperson of the history department. Lower right: Dr. Jack R. Fischel. history82 health and physical education Top left: Mrs. Marjorie Trout with student Rick O'Don-nel. Top right: Mr. Arthur R. Hulme. chairperson of the health and physical education department. Lower left: Miss Adele S. Marion. Middle right: Miss Sandra L. Peters. Lower right: Dr. Gene A. Carpenter.83 Top left: Mr. Paul M. Wighaman. Top middle: Dr. George H. Ditlow. Top right: Dr. Earl M. Weber, chairperson of the industrial arts department. Lower left: Mr. William H. Skelly with student Ray Ingaglio. Middle right: Dr. Richard F. Doutt. industrial arts84 Top left: Mr. Robert S. Shaak, chairperson of the department of mathematics and computer science. Top right: Mr. Marshall 0. Anderson. Middle left: Mr. Charles L. Van Gordon. Middle right: Dr. James A. Stager. Lower left: Mr. Harry E. Canter. Lower right: Dr. Charles G. Denlinger.85 music Top lett: Or. Mark P. Hartman. Top middle: Dr. John E. Winter. Top right: Mr. Leon R. Miller. Middle left: Mr. John W. Colangelo. Center: Mr. Walter W. Blackburn. Middle right: Miss Jean M. Romig. Lower left: Mr. Karl E. Moyer, chairperson of the music department. Lower right: Mr. Luke K. Grubb.Top left: Mr. Clarence J. Randolph. Top middle: Dr. James M. Garrett, chairperson of the political science department. Top right: Dr. Manwoo Lee. Middle left: Dr. Conrad R. Miziumski. Middle right: Dr. John A. Van Horn. Lower left: Dr. C. Byron Kohr, chairperson of the physics department. Lower right: Dr. C. William Price. I I87 : I sociology-anthropology psychology Top left: Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry, chairperson of the sociology-anthropology department. Top middle: Dr. George F. Stine. Top right: Dr. William A. Pearman, dean, division of social science. Middle left: Dr. Walter vom Saal. Middle right: Dr. Susan P. Leuk-Koen. Lower left: Dr. Richard J. Hess. Lower right: Dr. Richard E. Olds, chairperson of the psychology department.88 speech- drama special education Top left: Mr. Cameron D. Iseman. Top right: Mr. V. Scott Garman. Middle left: Mr. Linus J. Czap. Middle right: Dr. Hassan H. Osman. Lower right: Dr. W. Richard Kettering, chairperson of the special education department.Top le t: Mrs. Doris K. Hosier, circulation librarian.Top right: Mr. John S. Maine, director. Lower left: Stanley Morrison. Lower right: Mrs. Laura E. Doering, director of cataloguing.Top left: Mrs. Mary L. Laudenberger, housekeeper. Top middle: Mr. Lester G. Cox, postmaster. Top right: Miss Carol Brenner, secretary. Middle left: Mr. John M. Roscoe. assistant director of food services. Middle right: Mrs. Edna E. Bradel, nurse, with John Kaiser, student. Lower left: Mr. Rodger E. Laudenberger, duplicating machine operator. Lower right: Mrs. Evelyn Zeising, secretary. 91 Top left: Mrs. Thelma "Sunny" Hess, food services. Top right: Mrs. Kathleen Wike (left) and Mrs. Phyllis Zuber (right), food services. Middle left: Mrs. Francis Miller, secretary. Center: Mr. John R. Breneman. supply and receiving clerk. Middle right: Mrs. Dorothy C. Graves, secretary. Lower left: Mr. Harry Eshbach, Jr., electrical technician. Lower right: Mrs. Cathy Fornwalt, secretary. enior Karen Abbott Lydia Abel Janel Acker John Adileno, Jr Potty ABes Pamela Albert Deborah AkJmjer Mary Loo Aiiegrezza Lynn Allen Demse Aiwme Judith Aiwme Debra Anderson Marie Andrzeiewski Jeanne Appleton Lynne Archibald Rona Arena Cynthia Artz Terry Bowers and Mike Jacobs Frank Ashton Joanne BabaianJanet Barnett Judith Barnnurst Kelly Barthold Patnca Bartholomew Louis Bateman Catherine Baxter Kimberly Beach Brenda Bechtel Ann Marie Becker Carmen Beckett Scon Bidding JohnBieber Elizabeth Biechter Oartene 8ivans Jacques Blackman jetlrey Blanchard94 Elizabeth Bleiitein William Bfickle Kendra EPumner Justin Kirsten and Kim Beach Wendy Boettger Linda 8ond Robert Borden Marcia Borneman Terry 8owers Cynthia Brandt Debra 8ranot Steven Brandt David 8rant Harold Breitenstein, Jr. Debra Brinkworth OirkfeBron IngrtdaBross JudyBrossman -Barbara Brown Elizabeth 8ryson Lesfce Bugis Usa Bupp Robert Butz Joanne Caitahan Catherine Capp Gerald Caputo Thomas Carl Marguerite Carngan jooneesChoi Angela Ciccanti Linda Clark Amy Cleveland Carol Cloud Stephen Cooaugh Jody Cochran Linda Coleman Esther Costantm Jettrey Couison Oanny Cox Richard Cox Cathy Cratey S! LyndaCrews AnnMarie Cnteth Patricia Crowley Basil Cugton Irwin Curry III Robert Dambman Linda D'Amico Bernard Oanieis Oexter Davis Joann Daws William Day III James OeBemardo Kim OeKay D p 96 Dianne Costello Claudia Demmy Jack DeMorra II Regina Oe Shields I Glenn Deiwuer Gerard deUriarte Oiane Devlin Susan Devlin Keith Diehl Kart Dietz I | i Debra DiKenbaugh Angela DiOstilto Michael Dock Adrienne Doney Elizabeth DonneMy , Marian Donovan Raul Doofcng Michael Dore Robert Dougherty Judith Douglass David Downs Theresa Dozier97 Thomas Eshelman Leslie Evans John Everhart Thomas Evitts Oe oran Farting Virginia Faulkner98 Stanley Fisher Roche Fitzgerald Kenneth Forster Mary Forster SandraForte Ferdinand Fowler. Jr. Judilh Frantz Linda Frey Carol Fritz Joseph Froeltch Wendy Frost JoFrybarger Joann Gaiiano Belh Gallagher Mark Gallagher Josie Gatieito Linda Gaiiuppi Elda Garcia Rita Garrett Rtchard Gaus. Jr. Susan George Rosemarie Gessitz Linda Gessner . MaryGildea Rotten Gin Diane Godwin Michele Gordon Valerie Gravuer Regina Graw99 Charles Manns III Terri Gross Karla Greene Paula Guogas Roseann Greco Ric hard Green Linda Gregg Rodin Grieco Kim Grofl Kathleen Gross Susan Gurkas Cathy Guzenski Renee Haarde Melinda Habecker Luann Hager Rosemary Hager David Hahn Judith Halden Llvia Hall Suzanne Hamsher Carol Hardy Oavid Harman100 Donna Harp Lois Harris Phyllis Hay Nancy Hazel Stephen Hebrock. Jr Elizabeth Hetm Kimberly Heltnck Thomas Hemma Frederick Henry Kathryn Henry Margaret Kensel Christine Hess Dale Hess Gregory Hess . Sharon Hess Lyn Heverllng Sophie Hicks 03vip HikJebrand Garvia Hill D3v.d Mine101 Ronald Hitchman Caroline Holler Chris Hodman Ronald Hohenwaner Cheryl Hohn Deborah Hotmes Ann Hoover Dale Hornberger David Horne Janet Horst Cynthia Horvath Lauren Hosteller Mike O'Boyle102 Ron Burian Barbara Houpt Carol Huber William Huber Frank«e Hughes Debra Hulme Cheryl Huss Richard Huss Lots Hutchison Jill Hyman Daniel Ireland Joanlseman Creta Jacobs Patricia Jaremko Qonstance Johnson Oebra Johnson Mary Beth Johnson Mary Johnson Sherec Johnson JoanKacenat Vicky Kaibach103 AnnamaeKanuchok Elaine Karl Leon Kasmshtan Annette Kaster Kathleen Kautz Regina Keck Joan Keller Ehse Kendig Sharon Kcnna Suzanne Kent Joyce Kercher Patrick Kercher Cyndy Morgan Judith Kester Craig Kettering Susan Kiley Carolyn King Dana King William King104 i Jeffrey Kiot Kathleen Kiouser Deborah Klus Susan Knaulf Douglas Knerr Connie Knight Deborah Kotschnett George Kovalich . Mary Kozak Robert Krantz Patricia Krauss Joseph Kraynak Nancy Kteioet Susan Krexter Thomas Kroeck105 i I Vtvam Kugle Janet Kuhn Joseph Kuhns Carol Kulakowsky I Elizabeth langdon Richard Lantz Oeborah Larash Stephen Lebo Kathy Letsennng Phylis Lengle Brad lauderman Robin Lande Tung Le Jesse Landis Caron Leath Sue Ughtner Patrica Long Susan Long106 Patricia Loro Susan MacAtarney Carol Marcher Robyn Lowe Judith Mackms Eileen Marcheni Janet Luigard Ronald Macrina Deborah Markey Mane Lupt Maureen Malloy Lori Marks Stephen Lupoii Daniel Ma'.pezzi Barbara Martin Nancy Longhurst Olga Lopez Deborah Lutz . RadeenMann Cynthia Martin107 Douglas Martin Richard Martin Timothy Martin Diane Massart Victor Matron) Edward Mavnoes Rooert Mara Janet McCall Carol McGowan Gary McKitriCk Katherine McLaughlin Richard Meehl 9 SWINMINB WEST CHESTER CULTY RECITAL B»m( ERS 8-BALL ALBRIGHT 7 'TUH6 B100MS8URC ••• -HM PLAYTIME 8 10mu u. L AIFS CASABLANCA 7» PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 9- I 1 TR,P j 8 BAU CETT TS6UIC LlRT AL STEWART 8-h M0»,cs CASABLANCA 7-PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 9- Joseph Meier. Jr Linda Mefedy John Melhorn Rhoda Meiunger Kathy Klouserand Lauren Parmelee Oonna Memmi Nancy Merckie108 Susan Moser Nancy Mott Kalhryn Moyer Jacquelyn Muetileisen Sally Mullenhour Jane Myer Cynthia Myers Harvey Myers Margie O'BrienEdie Lyons Jeffrey Novak Curtis Oder Mane O'Byrne Mary Jo Napotitano Thomas Nestxtt Sharon Newcomer William Nooile Sharon Noch Denise Nonnemacher Michael O'Day Bernard O'Oonnell. Jr. Carroll Olson, Jr. Diane Olson Kathleen O’Rourke William Overly Lora Owens Pamela Palmer Joyce Pancio Donna Panick Larry Parson Dane Pasternak110 Brenda Simmons Christine Pauley Jack Pauius Leiand Pedrick Evelyn Pheasant Margaret Phillips Jacqueline Pigford Anita Pish Nancy Plank Evetyn Piatt Sharon Poland Thomas Poynton Roger Prevost Rickey Price Lisa Prohonic Richard Raber Richard Raouck Patricia Rainey Minor Redmond. Jr. Linda Reed Susanne Reed Jean RegensburgIll Cathy Reitz Teryi Renumber Charles Ressier Pame'a Rhodes iiJ Edward Ricks James Roak Carotyn Roberts Janet Roberts Ruth Robinson Bette Roden Renee Ribecky Sanora Richardson 0av|0 Roth Rebecca Rumberger112 Patrice Ruoss William Ryan William Salter Kevin Santry Richard Sargmger Michel Sauder Michael SauerwaW wniiam Saunders Theresa Savastano Carol Scanneiia Andrea Scnaetter Oiane Schaeffer Sherry Schrft Sally Schlenker Bonnie Schiossman James Schiooch Stephen Schmitz Howard Schnee. Jr.113 Donna Schreder Christine Schwarze Josephine Scarrabba Karen Scon Robert Scon Susan Schooler L Mary Segrave-Daly Anne Seely Meianle Seibert Diane Seipie James Selcher Kinzer Shearer Pairica Sheiihamer Patricia Shipley Patti Sheiiehamer Marcia Sheiienberger Victoria Sherr James Sheppard Kendra Shoop Donald Showalter Jill Shupp114 Paula Silber Tracy Slmklns Brenda Simmons Bernadette Simpson Jacklyn Singer Carol Sinner Charles Smalls Cynthia Smith Douglas Smith Gail Smith Janice Smith Joanno Smith Scott Hessen Virginia Speogel Debra Spesak Amy Spies115 Lonnie Spoils Katherine Sp ocK Karen Spurgeon Fareia Stallings Barbara Stank Susan Stanton Karen Staruenbach Patrick Sterner Wendy Sterner Phil Weiner Dianna Stetier Evelyn Stetson Heather Stewart Howard Stewart Karen Stiles Donna Stillwell Bonnie Sune Colleen Stitely Sharon Stover Wllbam Stober Joiene Stoltrfus Michael Stone116 William Strain, Jr Waltor Straiton III Cynllua Slrauss SlevonStuarl Barbara Sturm Kovin Sullivan Nancy Sunderman Sharon S abo Joanne T;iqIo Frank Taylor Barbara Iedrow lent ) Teels GaiiTogoty David Thomas Michael Thomas Karen Thompson Dana Thomson Yvonne Thum117 Susan Tlnney Donna Iischhausor Mary Kay Tomoc Dawn 1)un Dobra Troutman Carol Troxoii Oobra Troyor Karon Irutwla Jane luborly Noll ) tucker Trudy lylor Gail umsload Anthony Ward Janol Warrick Barry W,nmor Luann Casey118 Michael Weagley Deborah Weaver Shirley Weaver Patti Weisel Debra Wells James Wertner Christina White Debra Why Deboranwne Kathleen Witiard David Witnams JanelJe Williams Lamaryce Woods Pamela Workinger119 Janice Zetby Peggy Zinneman Daniel Zulh120 President William A. Duncan, above, is about to present a diploma to a waiting student as Dr Edgar Thomas, dean of the graduate school, watches. On foot and by car parents, relatives and graduating students converge on Pucillo Gym for graduation exercises. Here, above right, they file by the Roddy greenhouse. Rich Lucas and Pat Rainey, right, are sworn into the U. S. Army as second lieutenants, the culmination of their years in the ROTC.graduation 121 Pat Rainey, above left, arrives at Pucillo to be both graduated and commissioned. Dr. Duncan, above, greets a student with both diploma and handshake. Jack Tongue and Mark Falgoust arrive with Capt. Gerard P. Kelly who swore them into the U. S. Marine Corps following their graduation.122 Top, a graduate's view of the speaker's platform and the crowded bleachers above It. Jim Schlouch receives his B. A. diploma, as a young woman student leaves the stage. Opposite page—Dr. Duncan welcomes the graduates and guests, top lo t. Graduates line up at the steps, waiting for their name to be announced, top r ghf.The view from the platform shows most of the 600-plus black-robed students who received degrees in May. 123Top, Matthew Abisdun of Nigeria, who received an M. Ed degree, shows his friend Dare Olfe. also of Nigeria, a graduate student in English, how to operate a camera. Above left, parents and guests are unaware of the photographer as they concentrate on the proceedings on stage. Right, Theresa Dozier arrives for her B. A. in psychology. 125 Sheree Johnson, above left, robe in hand, who received a B. A. in art, is Miss Lancaster County. Those already robed are Sharon Rohrer. B. A. in psychology; Elizabeth Bryson, 8. A. in history, and Judy Barnhurst, B. S. Ed. Hon. Ralph W. Hess, state senator who is an alumnus of MSC. gave the commencement address in May.126 Patrick Hallock, right, B. S. Ed., makes short work of the luncheon in Gordinier. Elizabeth J. Bleistein, B. S., sits beside her father, Charles Bleistein. Opposite page. Patricia Shipley. B. S. Ed., juggles diploma and lunch as she seeks a table with a vacancy. Guests found choices difficult among all the goodies artistically arranged. Alimamy Taylor-Kamara, B. A., had as a guest Mabel Hamilton. Both are from Sierra Leone.127honor graduates Ronald G. Hitchman, one of two summa cum laude graduates this year, was an early arrival at Pucillo Gym. He received a B. S. In Computer Science. Ron served as business manager for this year's Touchstone and as treasurer for the honorary journalism fraternity, the Society for Collegiate Journalists, and found time for other organizations as well. summa cum laude Timothy D. Dellinger Ronald G. Hitchman magna cum laude Karen E. Abbott David W. Adams Judith A. Alwine Debra L. Armpriester Brenda J. Bechtel Darlene M. Blvans Ingrida M. Bross Charlene M. Bryson Joanne M. Callahan Angela M. Ciccanti Linda S. Clark R. Michael Clave Jeffrey K. Coulson Irwin K. Curry, III Claudia L. Demmy Debra A. Diffenbaugh Dena M. Donmoyer Linda D. Drager Mary B. Dugan P. Faith Dummeldinger Thomas A. Evltts Deborah A. Farling Virginia A. Faulkner Gail A. Fegely Susan M. Finney K. Eugene Forrey Rita F. Garrett Richard C. Gaus, Jr. Roseann Greco Michelle A. Halbig Judith A. Halden Nancy L. Hazel Jane L. Hess Linda B. Hickok Lauren R. Hostetler Linda A. Hough Carol A. Huber Constance J. Johnson Charyl L. Kerns Diane J. Kiesel Elaine M. Klase Pamela J. Kline Joan F. Kocevar Janet A. Kunkel Brad L. Lauderman Linda L. Lempert Phyllis A. Lengle Maureen A. Malloy Robert A. Maza Donna M. Memmi Karen L. Miller Susan C. Moser Kathryn A. Moyer JaneL. Myer Cynthia L. Myers Mary Jo L. Napolitano Curtis L. Ober Michael P. O’Day Joyce M. Pancio Jean M. Parker Nancy J. Plank Cathy J. Reitz Carolyn W. Roberts David E. Roth Rebecca J. Rumberger Sherry B. Schiff Sally S. Schlenker James F. Schlouch Karen J. Sensenig Lisa L. Shadel Marcia L. Shellenberger Kendra J. Shoop Brenda L. Simmons Janice L. Smith Bridget G.Soliday Barbara A. Speicher Beverly A. Speicher Lonnie J.Spotts Diana R. Stetler Karen A. Stiles Ernest R.Stoudt William F. Strain, Jr. Donna M. Tischhauser Debra L. Troutman Debra L. Troyer Susan D. Wagner Barry A. Walton Carolyn L. Wood GingerS. Wright cum laude JanetJ. Acker Deborah J. Aldinger Debra J. Anderson Lynne B. Archibald Elizabeth A. Baker Nancy J. Bargo Bethany L. Barlow Janet V. Barnett Elaine A. Becker Laraine A. Bednar Diana E. E. Bert Gary M. Bert Marcia I. Bessick Thomas W. Biechler Barbara W. Blmson Elizabeth J. Bleistein Wendy D. Boettger Christine L. Charles Susan L. Cope Esther Costantini Danny L. Cox Richard L. Cox Patricia L. Crowley Karen A. M. Davis William M. Day. Ill Kathleen E. Deckard Kim A. DeKay Glenn M. Detwiler Angela J. DiOstilio Adrienne J. Doney Elizabeth A. Donnelly Michele Dudash Beth A. Erlsten William A. Etsweiler Margery J. Faust Mary E. H. Forster Carol A. Fritz Joseph B. Froelich EldaV. Garcia Rosemarie Gessitz Susan E. George Mary F. Glldea Ruth A. Gochnauer Catherine M. Golden Joan E. Gordon Kathleen M. Gross Susan M. Gurkas Renee E. Haarde Barbara J. Hanssens Carol J. Hardy Phyllis A. Hay Cordell H. Heffelfinger Kimberly A. Helfrick Christine L. Hess Lynne L. Heverling David C. Hine Ann L. Hoover Barbara L. Houpt Debra L. Hulme Cheryl A. Huss Vicky L. Kalbach Sharon H. Kenna Carla E. Kessler Judith A. Kester Craig C. Kettering Margaret M. Koch Mary E. Kozak Thomas A. Kroeck Vivian M. S. Kugle William C. Latta Karen E. Lawton Diane M. Lehr Kathy A. Leisenring William L. Libhart David Lincoln Janet L. Luigard Maria M. Magnelli Barbara E. Maloney Daniel J. Malpezzi Eileen M. Marchetti Deborah A. Marquette Michele M. S. Martin Edward P. Mavrides Carol A. McGowan Diane E. Meily Barbara J. Miller Lori Miller Becky L. Myers Jere L. Myers Sharon B. Newcomer Diane L. Pasternak Gregory A. Petrick Evelyn R. Platt Kim R. Plouffe Judy J. Price Diane R. Quinn Patricia D. Rainey Janet L. Roberts Diane L. Rodenbough Sharon L. Rohrer Donna L. Ross Lu Ann Ross Kevin Bryan Santry Andrea E. Schaeffer Diane L. Schaeffer Janis L. Z. Schmuck Carol J. Schollenberger Christine G. Schwarze Anne E. Seely Mary E. Segrave Daly Jon J. Segro Diane L. Seiple Susan E. S. Shenk Patricia L. Shipley Patricia L. Simmons Bernadette M. Simpson Kathleens. E.Stahley Susan A. Stanton Gertraud M. Steidle Sharon L. Stober Judith D. Stoudt David W. Thomas JohnJ.Tongue Gail M. Umstead Bonnie L. Varney Cynthia B. Volk DanielS. Wander Shirley A. Weaver Patti A. Weisel Beth A. Weymer David L. Williams Joseph A. Woodill Timothy A. Wooley Pamela R. Workinger Stephen Wursta, Jr. Beth E. Zerbe129 honors and awards The Class of 1895 Award Donna M.Memmi The John K. Harley Award David M. Rohrer Phi Sigma Pi Award Joseph B. Froelich Henry J. Rutherford Memorial Award Becky L. Myers, J. Scott Weaver Charles D. Spotts Naturalist-Humanist Award John K. Me Geehan Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Awards Nancy Jean Plank. Phyllis A. Hummel American Association of University Professors Award Kim Kelly Davis Mary Linda Medellin Deborah S. Chappell Todd A. Guion Gwendolyn Stewart Luis Flores. Jr. Jere Lester Myers Chemistry Achieve- David John Smith Millersvllle State College Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society Award Barry Allen Walton Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of the American Chemical Society Award Jere Lester Myers Communications Committee Certificate of Achievement Carolyn J. Kroehler Earth Science Awards for Academic Excellence Timothy D. Dellinger, Barry Allen Walton Earth Sciences (Nichols) Scholarship Fund Award Wendy S. Brehm Commonwealth National Bank Award Regina Ann Keck Campus Club Award The Wentzel-Wright Memorial Award Carolyn J. Kroehler, Cecil M. Upton Organic Chemistry Award The John Ross Weaver Memorial Award Edna Rochow Workman Memorial Award American Institute of Chemists Award Chemical Rubber Company Freshman ment Award THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Student Achievement Award Barry E. Miller Alpha Beta Alpha Award Karen A. Stiles Beatrice U. Datesman Award Barbara C. Falklnburg, Julie A. Knapp Claribel Walker Gerhart Memorial Award Karen A. Stiles Anne E. Beyer Certificates Cynthia Artz Louis S. Bateman Darlene M. Bivans Elizabeth A. Burrus Mary Anne Cassidy Jeffrey K. Coulson Susan E. Dansbury Carol A. Fritz Roseann Greco Kathleen M. Gross Mary E. Kozak Janet A. Kunkel Maureen A. Malloy Kathryn A. Moyer Jane L. Myer Susan B. Schooler Marcia Shellenberger Gall E. Smith Bridget G.Sollday Verda M. Fulmer Award Elsie Hostetter Award Helen Koontz Award Jane L. Myer Marcia Shellenberger Karen E. Illingworth J. Irene Mylin The Class of 1922 Esther E. Lenhardt Award Dilworth-Mc Collough English Award Maude Burkhart Huzzard Award The Class of 1910 Award The Sanders P. Me Comsey Award Nancy J. Plank David E. Roth Brenda J. Bechtel Evelyn M. Flynn Ruth E. Amidon THE NATIONAL OBSERVER Student Achievement Award Lorraine D. Maxwell Foreign Language Prize (Xenophile Society Award) David M. Roher French Prize (The Ralph J. Hyson Memorial Award) Joanne M. Callahan, William M. Nobile German Book Prize Rita L. Garrett Mary Ann Shelly German Section Award Stephen J. Hannahs Spanish Prize (Steven A. Walker Memorial Award) Sally S.Schlenker The Louis Koppel Memorial Awards in European History William C. Blickle, William M. Day Burl N. Osburn Award Thomas L. Fulmer Philadelphia Alumni Award Cordell H. Heffelfinger Philip C. Williamson Memorial Prizes Kenneth F. Barber Jeffrey Boerner David W. Brander Ernest R. Stoudt Class of 1866 Award Ronald G. Hitchman P. Faith Dummeldinger Isaac F. Seiverling Award (Class of 1928) Margaret Mary O'Brien The Leo Ascher Music Award Carol A. Huber The Cora Catharine Bitner Music Awards Deborah A. Roseman Mildred E. Ruben Anne E.Travitz Sally A. Roth Judith A. Crouthamel John M. Everhart Doris M. Gochnauer Lori J. Litchert Michael W. Eisenberger Choir Award The James Hamilton and Lucretia Boyd Hartzell Piano Award Carol A. Huber Music Faculty Award Walter J. Straiton, III Harold W. and Miriam W. Shaar String Award Martin P. Gutekunst Psychology Club Award Diana R. Stetler Reserve Officer Association Award Cadet Major James E. Coxey Henry Franklin Bitner Science Prizes Ronald E. Lutz Barry Allen Walton Class of 1911 Award Lester R. Zimmerman. Jr. Daniel G. Engle Scholarship Scott E. Hessen Guy Kurtz Bard Award Rebecca J. Rumberger John Mentzer Award in Special Education Joan E. Caggiano Judith A. Looker Dramatics Service Award Patricia D. Rainey Vincent C. Schweitzer Faculty-Student Athletic Committee Awards William F. Strain, Jr. Susan M. Finney Forry and Hacker Award Steven M. Wilson The Earle M. Hite Award Valerie J. Cassell The John David Neider Memorial Scholarship Peter B. Johnston Aurora Wickey Pucillo Award Claudia A. Fillippo J. Hale Steinman Foundation Communications Award Carolyn J. Kroehler John F. Steinman Foundation Communications Award Sheila Carol Schmidtke John C. Ursprung Award Ronald G. Hitchman Susan C. Moser Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Mary L. Allegrazza Lynne B. Archibald Judith A. Barnhurst Wendy D. Boettger Jeffrey K. Coulson Cathy E.Craley Susan E. Devlin Michele R. Dudash Mary B. Dugan Deborah A. Farling Mary Frances Gildea Michele R. Gordon David W. Hildebrand WMSR Service Award Sheree E. Johnson Janet C. Me Call Donna M. Memml Debra L. Metzger Kathryn A. Moyer Thomas C. Nesbitt Deborah Anne Rogowskl David M. Rohrer James F. Schlouch Mary E. Segrave-Daly Cynthia L. Smith Barbara Ann Sturm Mary E. Woodruff Steven M. Cobaugh William B. Saunders The Thomas R. Baker Memorial Scholarship Timothy D. Dellinger A.G. Breidenstine Award Joanne Callahan The Class of 1898 Award Sally S. Schlenker The Margie L. Ranck Award David M. Rohrer P. Faith Dummeldinger The Wickersham Memorial Scholarship Ronald G. Hitchman 4 % por T.J m ;v f n gvKr-a . DATELINE: sports—the marauders’ football record was 6-3, and ten players were named to all-conference teams, frank daly, bob farr, dave reick and john toomey made the first team. the men’s basketball team had a 16-9 season, phil walker set an all-time record of more than 2,000 points and received the frank ainsworth award for his efforts, he later was drafted by the Washington bullets, the first guard chosen, coach dick dehart saw his three-hundredth coaching win. wrestlers andy zook and fran presley were crowned national champions at the ncaa division III tournament in binghamton, n. y ■ the track team had an 8-2 season, members Steve bogar (discus) and bill strain (six-mile run) took first place honors at the state championship meet at shippensburg. strain and jim shorkey achieved all-american status, marking the first time msc has had two all-americans in cross-country in one year. lacrosse, soccer and women’s basketball teams also had winning seasons. the rossi twins were split when phil only was drafted, by the Chicago cubs, and bob was passed over. Mr Front row: Chuck Cook, Tom Barron. Carl Wolf, Dave Dickenson. Second row: Al Treffinger, Jim Shorkey, Bill Strain, Dave Hummel, Glenn Stephens. Back row: John Brommer, Ed Runkle, Ed Heston, Keith White, Cy Fritz, coach; Al Eschbach, Mark Johnson, Keith Davis.134 varsity field hockey Front row: Judy Alwlne. Linda D’Amico, Sue Finney, Tina Pauley, Jill Shupp, co captain; Pat Shipley, co-captain; Kelly Barthold. Socond Row: Betsy Singer, Lynn Slllaman, Vicki Eckert, Dottle Nase. Dlano Nase, Karen Labella, Both Taylor. Back row: Miss Sandra Peters, coach; Frances Ray. Deb Snavely, Claudia Fllllppo, Beth Harron, JoAnn McVeigh, Julie Rolling, Barb Falklnburg, Elaine Barboros, Sara Halderman.Front row: Both Lebo, Louise Batoman, Heidi Denlinger, captain; Judy Byrne, Joyce Herr. Connie Dombach. Back row: Mrs. Dianne Smith, coach; Ann Nowswangor, Sue Steere, Diane Young, Edy Lyons. Dobble Gono, co-captaln; Lynn Byrom, Robin Rhoades.137 Front row: R. Kenyon, J. Landis, tri-captain; T. Tomasky, M. Sauder, J. White, tri-captain; S. leinbach. Second row: G. Zalalas, D. Walck, J. Weaver, B. Herr, K. Denlinger, A. Walsh, R. Dickens. D. Melchior, B. Drozd. Back row: B. Woolley, coach; B. Martin, J. Kaiser. G. Bollinger, J. Koehler. R. Dyer, D. Engel, J. Russ, B. Hagan, B. Kline, manager.139 Front row: Bill Salter. Frank Daly. Dave Rieck. tri-captains. Second row: Terry Jones. Mike Darcy. Terry Brown, Gary Fuhrman. Bob Borden. Palmer Hossler, Jett Reinheimer, Glenn Courtney. Third row: Carmen Lex. Dennis Black. John Toomey, Adolph Wright, Bob Parr. Gerry Hoff, Rick Wetzel. Dave Pack. Fourth row: Steve Shaffer. Mike Kopenhaver, Gordy Speicher, Bernie Pytko, Joe McDowell. Marc Loomer, Bob Buesing. Barry Brunner. Keith McHugh. Don Humphrey, Aaron Wyley. Fifth row: Jim Hanselman, Rick Lutz. Larry Huber, Andy Musselman, Dave Hoffman, Jeff May. Scott Goodman, Tom Halfacre, Mike Marcks. Steve Shaffer. Sixth row: Dave Malloy. Bob Fincher. Jim Olivere, George Savitsky. Back row: Dr. W. H. Duncan, college president; Dr. Gene Carpenter, head coach; John Henry, coach; Bill Lauris. coach; Rod Bimson, trainer; Ivan Sload, coach; John Ricketts, coach; Richard Barbacane, coach; Dr. F. W. McLaughlin, team physician.140Front Row: Harold Getz, coach; Joe Irwin, coach; Tony Delviscio. Vaughn Courtney, Chuck Bachert, Richard Griffe, Rick Comegy, coach; William Kahler, coach; Mike Squires, coach. Second row: Tom Mandarino. Brad Myers, Pete Werner, Harry Martin. Gary Nunyanas, Dave Feller, Jeff Biel. Carlos Nuno, Sonny Arnold. Mike Lutseo. Randy Hart. Third row: Joe Duffy, Dave Zinn, Mark Truax, Larry Murray, Scott Lehr, Bob Flagg, Jim Warner, Calvin Johnson. Ken lannone. Dan Baranek, Dave Franklin, Hans Deatrick, Scott Trump. Back row: Dave Miller, Mike DiPalo, Dave Yaros, Steve Brown, Bill Woerner, Jim Howard, Bob Myers. Sam Wilson, Eric Jones. Cliff Meier, Tim Dragani, Bill Geiger, Kevin Lupton.142 varsity basketball Front row: Walt Strausbaugh, Jim McEvoy. Dick Yunginger. David Dubbs. Second row: Charles Sanders, Henry Hansard, Phil Walker, Jim Regensburg, Ron Wilson. Third row: Richard DeHart, coach; Glenn Kamen, assistant coach; Jim Cassel, David Lloyd, Bill Southward. Back row: Jeff Gamber, assistant coach; Pat McCrossen.143144 Front row: Alfred Sloan, Fred ZaworsKi, Edward Sampiero, Danny Walck, Greg Gerace, Ron Butzer, Chuck Snyder, Mike Stanley. Back row: Glenn Kamen, assistant coach; Randy Boyle, Bryant Fuller, Ron Chelli, Brian Colburn, Bill Flanagan, Tom Kohan, Scott Lobach, Robert Hivner, Jeff Gamber, coach.  145 j.v. basketball146 women’s varsity and j.v. basketballFront row: Deb Hudson, Bridge! Hippier, Beth Harron, Carla Atkins. Second row Angie Stlklaitis. Edy Lyon , Brenda Jackson, Clara Dixon, co-captain; Helen Balasavage. co-captain. Back row: Barb Falkinburg. manage , Joanne Belke. manager; Gale Bentz, Sara Haldeman. Lisa Adkins. Miss Adele Marion, coach. 147 Front row: Sylvia Hess. Dottie Nase. Diane Costello, co- captain; Vickie Eckert, co-captain; Sharon Baker. Elaine Chrissos. Back row: Miss Sandra Peters, coach; Lynn Byrem, Kathy McGovern, Rose Kasun, JoAnne McVeigh, Annette Kaster, Mary Kay Conahan. Sandra Gardner. Elaine Barberes. Heidi Denlinger.149151 Front row: John Baker, Don Simpson, Rob Warner, Rick Frey, John Marchione. Dan Ireland, Dan Warner. Dean Seibert. Devin Yohn, John Little. Second row: Steve Short, Chuck Can-field, Duane Landis, Mike Morin, Greg Hess. Mark Jordan, Ken Kirchner, Doug Jones. Dave Long, Earl Ward. Third row: George Cooper. Duane Krapf, John Allegor. Rodney George Mohr, Steve Cornman, Rocky Hodson, Marty Hozella, Fran Presley. Back row: Jerry Swope, coach; Greg Weldon, Curt Clark, Bill Geiger, Tim Howell. Dennis Fenton, Charley White. Dennis Seiler, Karl Frederick. Andy Zook, William V. Kahler, assistant coach.153 Front row: John Harwick. Patty Pope. Minor Redmond. Charles Merris. Bill Strain, Barry Brunner, Keith Holland. Cindy Hedes, Keith Davis. Harry Martin. Second row: Jim Hershberger, Rick Cahill. John Brommer, Ken D'Amico. Steve Guion, Wayne Waldron, Norm Dethloff, Ed Runkle, Mark Byrnes. Ed Heston. Al Trettinger. Third row: Glenn Stephens. Jon Petershelm, Jim Fazio. Aaron Carpenter. Pedro Mena, Jim Shorkey, Bruce Speck, Jeff May, Terry Jones. Duane Sedlack. Fourth row: Steve Brown, Dean May, Jim Kelly, Mike Stiefel, Rick Beatty, John Prescott, Tim Haas. Will Lewis, Harold Snyder, Jim Honselman, Carl Frederick. Back row: Tom Ecker, coach; Keith White, Gary Comfort. Dave Garrett. Brian Rohr. Joe Wilson, Bruce Van Allen. Darrell Markley. Cy Fritz, coach; Larry Warshawsky, coach.Front row: Keith Oatko. Darryl Metz, Mike Maxson, Gary Oberly. Second row: Jamie Kegerise. Gary Klein. Kevin Fulton. Kevin Callahan. Jeff Schiller. Doug Macinnes. Sean Gallagher. Chris Cook, manager. Back row: Mark Daum, Ken Vierra, Dave Anderson, Chip Mulvany, Lyle Benner, Paul Glander, Carl Kane, assistant coach; John Apple, coach.156 women’s swimming, archery, golf Front row: Julie Rohlfing, Ginny Taddei, Cindy Graham, Padge Kistler, Monica Tedori, Mrs. Pat Cummings, coach. Second row: Debbie Fox. co-captain; Lisa Sauter, Melissa Shorkey, Donna Kay. Back row: Brenda Bechtel, captain; Deborah Moreland. Debi Allwein, Amy Grace.157 Left to right: Gerald Cox. Joyce Addie, Doriel Christensen, Joe Jackiewicz. Mrs. Julia Bowers, coach; Adrienne Doney. Sally Mullenhour, Barry Hein. Front: Debra Metzger. Front Row: Rick Cox, Paul Reichwein, Will Benner, Rob Redcay. Back row: Alfred Woolley, coach; Art Fitzpatrick, Scott Stoner. Bill Glass.Front row Bob Parr, Phil Rossi, Jay Johnson, Bob Ross, assistant coach. Back row: Jeff Cardinal, Sonny Arnold, Doug Palmer Hossler, Glenn Courtney. Chris Kroszner. Second row: Noble. Dan Baranek, Harold Kennel, Dave Franklin, Phil Gene Wise, coach; Gary Prugh, Bob Francis, John Butensky, Houseal, Bill Daque, Curt Steffy. Tim Bianchi, Mickey Hess. Don Greenfield, Harry Stigelman,160 Front row: Dotty Nase, Frances Ray, Karen Labella, Pat Shipley, co-captain; Edy Lyons. Back row: Diane Welsh, Jill Shupp, Kim Dempsey, Tracy Whitman, Tina Pauley, Mrs. Marjorie Trout, coach; Millie Ruben, Amy Cleveland, co-captain; Sue Crothamel. Sue Steere, Claudia Fillippo.Front row: Gallia Kelley, Nancy Dull, Joyce Herr. Andrea Schaeffer, Deb Geno, captain. Back row: Diane Welsh, Ellen Reilly, Beth Howatchyn, Becky Davis, Mrs. Marjorie Trout, coach; Nadine Yancheff, Barb Bowditch. Anne O'Neil, Nancy Barbera, Claudia Fillippo.- 162163 i i Front row: Steve Rusinak, Mike Miller, Clift Wolfe, Andy Walsh. Back row: Jeff Rothenberger, Randy Chapman, Jeff Shutter. Jim Wertner. Nick Nalywayko, R. J. Runkle, coach. men’s tennis Jean Helm. Robin Hanson. Connie Sierzega, Tracy Dewees, Vicky Eckert. Kelly Barthold. Lyda Baker. Back row: Peggy Elliot, Barb Quinter, co-captain; Judy Hawthorn, Lynn Cuthbert, Jean Holt, Karen Trubela. Linda Ahumada, co-captain; Lee Uliasz. Mrs. Nancy Hungerford. coach.166 field hockey swimming MSC FIELD HOCKEY OPP MSC SWIMMING OPP 2 Kutztown 3 57 Elizabethtown 29 6 Lock Haven Alumni 0 58 York 55 0 Penn State 2 42 Towson 71 5 Lebanon Vollay 1 43 Glassboro 66 0 Lehigh 0 45 Kutztown 63 0 Gettysburg 0 33 Madison 79 2 Shippensburg 2 29 East Stroudsburg 81 4 Lock Haven 0 53 Westchester 60 2 Bloomsburg 3 50 Shippensburg 61 2 Elizabethtown 1 68 Shepherd 45 soccer women’s swimming MSC SOCCER OPP MSC WOMEN'S SWIMMING OPP 2 Towson 3 41 Indiana 71 2 Phila. Textile 7 16 Gettysburg 104 1 Spring Garden 6 33 Shippensburg 69 4 Bloomsburg 3 62 Elizabethtown 61 3 Salisbury 0 2 York 0 3 Paterson 0 2 Kutztown 3 0 1 Shippensburg Messiah 3 0 wrestling 1 East Stroudsburg 6 2 Glassboro 1 MSC WRESTLING OPP 7 Villanova 1 34 Elizabethtown 6 45 Mansfield 0 22 Lock Haven 21 32 East Stroudsburg 11 tennis 28 28 Rider California State 6 11 33 JV Hartford Community 6 MSC TENNIS OPP 22 University of Pittsburgh 20 8 Lincoln 1 19 West Chester 18 0 Elizabethtown 9 40 Kutztown 3 3 Glassboro 6 41 Towson 6 0 Bloomsburg 9 21 Shippensburg 18 0 Shippensburg 9 19 Bloomsburg 22 0 Towson 9 32 York 6 0 Shepherd 9 States 0 West Chester 9 4 th Place 1 East Stroudsburg 8 Bucknell Invltationals 1 Lock Haven 8 2nd Place 2 Mansfield 7 7 Cheyney 3 0 Kutztown 9 0 Franklin and Marshall 9 varsity football FOOTBALL MSC VARSITY OPP 17 Slippery Rock 28 35 Kutztown 27 14 Westchester 43 32 Mansfield . 0 20 Bloomsburg" 14 13 East Stroudsburg 20 10 Cheyney 6 34 Washingtons Lee 12 29 Brockport 20 j.v. football JUNIOR VARSITY 16 Harford 14 13 Princeton 7 32 Stevens Trade 0 10 West Chester 0 0 Kutztown 20 42 Bloomsburg 0167 MSC 15 15 22 20 35 21 20 59 40 cross country CROSSCOUNTRY Kutztown York Giassboro Shippensburg Lehigh West Chester East Stroudsburg 8loomsburg Bucknell Albany 3rd Place IC4A 11th Place Lafayette 1st Place States 5th Place outdoor track MSC OUTOOOR TRACK 108 Trenton and Lincoln 129 Mansfield and Baptist 78 Bloomsburg 80 Shippensburg and Kutztown 55 Cheyney and East Stroudsburg 64 Lock Haven. Women 86 Men Penn Relays 2nd Place in the 440 3rd Place In the discus Championships at Shippensburg 7th Place Steve Bogar, Discus 1st Place Bill Strain, six-mile 1st Place NCAA Nationals Bill Strain. 10.000 meter 2nd Place golf MSC GOLF 418 Kutztown and Bloomsburg 420 Lock Haven and Mansfield 401 Kutztown and Shippensburg 413 York OPP 48 48 36 41 22 34 37 68 27 OPP 11 61 50 9 66 87 12% 12 113 57 54 OPP 386 421 408 406 435 402 428 lacrosse varsity basketball MSC LACROSSE OPP MSC BASKETBALL OPP 10 Catonsville 0 86 Elizabethtown 83 21 Penn State 0 110 South Eastern 101 7 Kutztown 4 59 Kutztown 54 8 Gettysburg 7 82 Kutztown 62 13 Shippensburg 1 78 Cheyney 85 18 Lebanon Valley 2 57 Cheyney 66 1 Lock Haven 11 71 West Chester 85 9 Montco 8 61 West Chester 64 8 Bloomsburg 3 84 East Stroudsburg 67 1 U.Md 14 116 East Stroudsburg 89 83 Valdista 91 86 Ga. Southwestern 78 79 York 86 baseball 66 89 York Franklin Marshall 55 93 94 Lebanon Valley 82 MSC BASEBALL OPP 81 Mansfield 78 8 Franklin and Marshall 6 94 Mansfield 76 100 Bloomsburg 85 3 Mansfield 5 71 Bloomsburg 93 8 Mansfield 3 71 Shippensburg 65 68 Shippensburg 64 9 Elizabethtown 8 99 Messiah 69 71 Giassboro 70 5 Bloomsburg 1 67 Spring Grove 70 5 Bloomsburg 0 3 Dickinson 2 10 Dickinson 5 j.v. basketball 13 Messiah 5 MSC JUNIOR VARSITY OPP 13 Franklin and Marshall 6 95 Stevens Trade 49 64 Kutztown 62 15 Kutztown 5 84 Cheyney 91 8 Kutztown 7 75 East Stroudsburg 78 90 Mansfield 73 3 U. Md., Baltimore County 7 100 Bloomsburg 85 5 U. Md.. Baltimore County 6 89 Shippensburg 72 83 Stevens Trade 72 6 Shippensburg 4 79 Montgomery County Comm. College 67 2 Shippensburg 11 71 Kutztown 52 61 Cheyney 88 6 East Stroudsburg 4 85 Williamson Trade 61 2 East Stroudsburg 0 68 Mansfield 66 83 Bloomsburg 82 5 Shippensburg 8 59 Shippensburg 70 62 E. Stroudsburg 76 78 Messiah 64 68 Giassboro 71 varsity women’s basketball j.v. women’s MSC 79 WOMEN S BASKETBALL Lebanon Valley OPP 49 basketball 57 Indiana University 66 62 Montco 48 MSC JUNIOR VARSITY OPP 62 Lock Haven 66 74 York College 31 58 Kutztown 61 50 Wost Chester 61 61 Albright 45 (4th Team) 79 Gettysburg 63 27 Lock Haven 94 59 Bloomsburg 92 51 Kutztown 42 25 Penn State 91 41 Albright 19 54 Elizabethtown 40 31 Gettysburg 26 56 Shippensburg 60 50 Bloomsburg 55 31 Penn State 77 48 Shippensburg 63  DATELINE: fraternities and sororities—alpha sigma tau fraternity went national, and pi delta epsilon, the honorary journalism fraternity, became the society for cojleqiate journalists. delta phi eta’s dance mgfrathon raisedifio’re than $3,000 for the heart fund witnreighji couplesi dancing the entire sixteen hours of the event for the third consecutive year, wickers, aided by kappa delta phi, took first place in the hdnecoming parade float competition, the theme of the winner was “country bear jamboree." M ■ kappa alpha tau sorority joined with chi gamma iota fraternity in sponsoring projects for the linda adams and mary thomas memorial fui radeen mann of sigma phi omega and larry sweeney of sigma tau gamma were the greek charity queen and king at homecoming, the $174 proceeds from the contest were donated to the student memorial fund, the alpha beta alpha library fraternity award went to karen stiles, an educational me the fraternity. gre170 greek council Front row: Mark Falk, Bill Pershouse. Val Cassell, JoAnn Osiadacz, JoAnn Radakovlch, Lynn Moore. Wanda Kline. Susan Ross. Michelle Meekins, Chuck Blankenbil. Emerson Haines. Second Row: Greg Schneider. John Clark. Kathy Kennedy, Barbara Sturm. Donna Clark, Julie Martin, Dianne Metzger. Annie Robinson, Jay Relnhard. Back Row: Gina Saggese, Shaun McCummings. Bob Rosendale, Jim Schlouch, Dr. Edward Thomson, advisor; Pam Albert. Lynda Crews, Joanne Babaian. Larry Sweeney.171 alpha kappa alpha Front Row: Karon Leak, Patricia Rainey, Cheryl Jackson. Back Row: Andrea Blandtord, Carolyn King, Darlene Hines. Phylliss Reynolds. Front Row: Janet Warrick, Michelle Meekins, Farela Stallings, Dyan Bryson. Back Row: Desiree Miller, Regina DeShields, Tracey Jenkins, Linda Coles. Debbie Johnson, Brenda Dukes.Spring Pledge Class. Vickie Wilson, Laurie Mann, Lisa Adkins. Margie Fulmer. alpha sigma tau Front row: Lynn Moore, Brenda Moose, Leslie Bugis, Laraine Bednar, Val Malecki, Cheryl Sharff. Back row: Bonnie Navesdat, advisor; Jackie Mock, Joanne Babaian, Nancy Orth Carol Kulakowsky. Barb Katola. advisor. Not pictured: Sheila Mickle.173 s, gamma sigma alpha Front row: Donna Capozzl, Sue Reed, Lu Ann Pacchioli, Lynn Bacchi. Mrs. June Blouch, Sharon Piatt, Darcy Shaffer. Second row: Julie Martin, Sue Schannauer, Judy Shank, Cheryl Horvath. Barb Pheabus, Barb Quinter, Chris Walker, Shelly Gordon, Sue Dansbury. Back row: Cindy Boyer. Deb Snavely, Judi Jablonski, Gina Saggese, Phyllis Bennett. Sue West, Theresa Boone, Sandi Miller, Deb Beckenstein, Doris Pettit, Jane Tuberty. I Spring Pledge Class. Front row: Bev Dager, Kathy Kirkham, Shirley Houser. Back row: Nadene Haus-mann, Mary Carroll, Nancy McKeever.174 gamma pi Front row: Ernie Wakely, Carl Wolf, Bob Deutsch, Lee McKecknie. Back row: Bruce Beard, Jon Knight, Mark Falk. Bernie Strozeski, Jim Schlouch. Not pictured: Bob Lugg. Fred Brown, Lee Pedrick, Joe Disciullo, Eric Young. Pledges. Front row: Dave Somebo, Mike Killian, JoeCorniccione.175 ■ delta sigma theta Front row: Mary Johnson, Alisa Loper, Janis Thomas. Back row: Deb Stuart, Livia Hall, Debbie Johnson.176 Front row: Butch Tonkin. Jeff Cleary. Emerson Haines. Second row: Merv Lantz, Chaz Sivick, Chris Hoffman, Greg Schneider, Jeff Felty, Tom Boyd. Back row: Nick Derosa, George Cooper, Guy Lombardo, Tom Hirak. delta sigma chi Fall Pledge Class. Seated: Flick MacPherson. Standing: Sonny Michallszym, Jeff Hull. Tim Kelly. Spring Pledge Class. Front Row: Kevin Higgins, Al Kratzer, Ken Balough. Back row: Kelly Stone, Gary Nuyannes, Ardy Von Hager, Dave Bruder.177 delta phi eta178 kappa delta phi Spring Pledge Class. Front row: Linda Tozer. Bonnie Shields. Marianne Rogowski. Back row: Pam Johnson. Sue Troxell, Cheryl Fall Pledge Class. Debbie Walker. Carole Mattern. Jane Mum Barnes mert, Nancy Conrad. Front row: Bonnie Miller. Cathy Reitz. Deb Walker. Laurie Krum, Mary Hanlan. Liz Bleistein, Shelley Halbig. Second row: Betsy Singer. Nancy Green, Becky Myers. Sharon Poland. Debbie Rogowski, Chris Ferguson. Annamae Kanuchok, Janet Eckerman. Third row: Patti Lord. Cathy Timmons. Lee Ann Friedman. Sue Hendrickson. Gayle Adams, Joanne Tagle, Barb Sturm. Carol MaHern. Back row: Cindi Keeler. Maryanne Cassidy, Betty Anne Gusciewicz, Pam Shenk, Brenda Wolfinger. Kathy Garrison, Jane Mummert, Ro Hager, Nancy Conrad. Deb Spisak.179 Front row: Mary Segrave-Daly. Renee Brien, Susie Frantz. Second row: Rachel Miller, Lori Marks. Donna Clark. Nicki McCort, Janice Smith, Leslie Davis, Denise Banach, Dianne Metzger. Debbie Rath. Karen Reich, Margie Zaborowski. Sandy Fowble, Karlene Ellff, Mrs. Betty DeGodt, advisor. Back row: Sue McNamara. Deb Molette. Barb Chilcoat, Pam Derkac, Deb Markey, Lisa Henry, Debbie 8erger, Nancy Jo Barr, Pam Albert, Mary Ann Kohut. Shelly Vilardo, Brenda Stoudt, Carolyn Wood. Not pictured: Mary Andrzjewski, Anne Carmitchell, JoAnn Colquhoun, Jody Cochran, Kathy Guise. Donna Schreder. Sharon Szabo, Mary Loui Winkler. Lee Ann Stewart, Sally Shreiner. Margo Haring, Karen Ennis. Wendy Valenteen, Kathy Young. Laurie Masters, Sue DePalma. Bea Kovscek. Peggy Kltch, Mr. Scott Garman, advisor. kappa phi epsilonrho lambda phi Front row: Cindy Breen, Josie Gallello, Jane Weaver, Wanda Kline, Wendy Sterner. Back row: Maria Hazangeles, Tina Murphy. Sue Ross, Julie Thompson. Not pictured, Joan Cammauf.Front row: Sam Keckler, Bruce Belsky, Shawn McCummings, Walt Samselski, Ben Law. Back row: Blake Morton, Jon Miller. Gary Case, Ed Stone, John Chedrlck, Chris Coleman. sigma piFront row: Rocco Rossi, Joe Kuhns. Frank Wagner, Louie Notaro, Jim Terranova. Chip Mulvaney. Second row: Jere Knisely, Tom Henry, Todd Prestia, Norm Quynn, Greg Yeakel, Doug Knerr, Jay Reinhard, Tom Nesbit. Third row: Craig I Sedlar. Pete Tiburzio, Dave Anderson, Paul Shultz, Dan McLaughlin. Gary Scofield, Bob Delia. Mike Sterner, Richie I Ahrendt, Fred Cochran. Kevin Wagman, Larry Sweeney, Pete Cammarano. Back row: Jack Russ. Bob Francis, Bruce Ebersole, Tom Pointon, Frank Sweitzer. Spring Pledge Class. Front row: Mitch Edmunds, Scott Lincoln, Pat Rowles. Second row: Pedro Mena. Mike Hinkle, Mike Noon, Ron Aquilina. sigma tau Fall Pledge Class. Front row: Jere Knisely, pledgemaster. Second row: Jeff Okeson, Joe Coyle. Alan Androkites. Dean Shearer, Joe Kelly. gammaSpring Pledge Class. Front row: Susan Glackin, Laura Wlldemann. Back row: Kathy McGovern, Elaine Talley, Vicki Sheetz, Val Fernandez. 183 sigma phi delta Front row: Carla Kessler, Mary Ann Sheridan. Pam Rhodes, Susan Filano, Barb Martin, JoAnn Radakovich, Karen Faust. Second row: Nancy Taylor. Sue Schaeffer, Deb Vasile, Dana King, Joyce Finley, Sue Daniels, Patty Yarasavage, Carol Duryea. Jackie Huggler, Glenda Yoder. Third row: Lydia Abel, Lynn Fichter, Eileen Kilpatrick, Patty Loundas, Eileen Helm, Gina Grow. Back row: Mary Charles, Patti Wall, Lorie Dittenhafer, Kathy French. Patty Bartholmew, Mrs. Donna Norris, advisor; Lamaryce Woods, Lynda Craig. Mary Kay Con-ahan.Spring Pledge Class. Front row: Jody Dunham, Kim McCartney, Debbie Licata, Valerie Leber. Back row Brenda Ryman, Kathy Pierson, Mary Seligman, Bridget Hippier, Angela Riccio. Fall Pledge Class. Front row: Carol Ridgway, Rorinne Kepich, Louise Fischer, Cathy Unrue. Back row: Debbie Cook, Sue Williams, Michele Baum, Felice Kulla, Jackie Kemmerer, Donna Schulz. sigma phi omega Front row: Denise Alwine, Beth Myers, Margie Merwin, Pat Shipley. Kelly Barthold. Kathy Henry. Second row: Shelby Starry, Lynn Meehl, Charlotte Torongo, Radeen Mann, Debbie Larash, Roslyn Reinecker, Jenny Leber. Back row: Les Evans. Beth Harron, Elise Kendig, Donna Panick. Laura Clark, Donna Orazi, Karen Taglang, Sue Davis, Lynn Slllaman, Donna Memmi, Linda Reichart. Officers: Lois Hutchison, Anita Pish, Chris Schwarze, Valerie Cassell, Judy Barnhurst. Ginny Spengel. Annette Shuman, Patti Jandrositz. Marie O’Byrne. Not pictured: Annie Robinson.185 tau kappa epsilon Front row: Bill Reynolds. Steve Lindblom, Kevin Kennedy. Mike Tracey. Mike McBride. Jimmy Doran. Second row: Doc Moerder, John Gallo. Terry Spisak, Steve Peltz, John Egger, John Clark. Mike Squires. Back row: Jack Williams. Bill Nelson, Steve Rusinak. Tim Landenberger. Barry Brosch. Craig Emery, Paul Dooling.186 phi lambda sigma Fall Pledges. Carole Evans. Karen Walck. Jane Mateer, Helen Balasavage. Debra Ann Fox, Elizabeth Bryson. Spring Pledges. Front row: Pat Johnson, Mary Kay Plush, Judy Tereniak. Back row: Freda Beaver, Mary Ann Civatte, Barb Yocum, Sara Haldeman, JoAnne McVeigh, Donna Treida. Front row: Joan Medio, Angie DiOstilio, Mary Kozak. Second row: Sharon Rohrer, Carol Fox, Liz MacPherson. Nadine Yancheff. Lori Miller, Sandi Sowers, Sue Devlin, Barbara Lubas. Back row: Deb Sterner, Sue Kent, Denise Nonnemacher, Amy Cleveland, Lori Jo Litchert, Joyce Pancio, Laurel Logan, Terry Savastano, Kathy Johnson, Amy Werkneiser, Linda Lewars, Donna Young.Spring Pledges. Front row: Jeff Lillis, vice-president; Mike Fox, president; Gerald Ballough. Back row: Jetf Barthlow. Scott Ruby, Pete Geoghan. Joe Jackiewicz. 187 Front row: Steve Landis. Terry Leonard, Dave Roth, Vince Vuono. Gary Duell, Greg Stewart. Rich Meily. Second row: Neil Schroeder, Greg Hess. Tom Evitts, Joe Froelich, William Day, Rick Delao. Back row: Bill Ryan, Larry Fischer, Dan O'Brien, Rich Cox, Randy Loht, David Albright, Gene Allport, Scott Hessen. John Graham, Gregg Bollinger. Dave Stong. Lon Kissinger, Kenneth Burkey. John Kaiser. phi sigma piSpring Pledges. Pat Andres. Sue Jackie. Tracy Schmeck. Marianne Martin. Terry Shaner. Not pictured: Sue Cooper. 188 omega theta sigma Front row: Sandy Forte. JoAnn Osiadacz. Rosie Cirulli, Robyn Sweezey, Peggy Robinson. Back row: Arlene Hatton, Sandi Ziemer, Kathy Kennedy, Cindy Bare, Denise Weitzel, Cindy Smith. Not Pictured: Nancy Morgan. Mary Beth Scheck, Marcia Moran.189 Front row: Dave Saylor, Greg Kirschman, Howard Wolf. Guy Wickenheiser, Carol Lee Scannella. Back row: Jeff Kock, Gary Warlow, Tom Berra. Dave Hildebrand. Frank McCormick. Jim Palm. Tim Martin, Barry Hein. Bob Scott. Not pictured: Steve Ostroff. Gary Mac Afass, Ben Thompson. Wayne Rohner, Dan Brown, Dennis Mac Adams. Gary Moxley. chi gamma iota wickers Front row: Mike Ariano, Deven Feldman. Jamie Roak, Mike Viglianti, Bruce Andrews. Back row: Dave Baker, Sonny Eline, Bob Rosendale, Joe Mickle, Gary Prugh. Not pictured: Joe Rennick. Mike Volkert, Ernie Lesher. Ron Macrina. Bob Bergner, Tom Ruffing. Glen Weaver, Jim McClure. Keith Yorks. Mike Stone. Scotty Kauffman, Jimmy Miller. Craig Smith. Kevin Weir. Phil Miller, Lee Frantz, Greg Phenacie. Bill Persehouse, Larry French. Steve Barbato, Bob Snavely.—student senate m and students’ irsonalized commencement, the victims of the brookwood fire and $1,000 to set up a planned parenthood clinic in witmer infirmary, wmsr received an fm license from the fee which will enable the station to increase its broadcasting coverage to much of lancaster county by means of a non-directional radio tower installed atop ganser library, now known as wixq-fm, the station will commence broadcasting at 91.7 in September, in the change the old—and apt—call letters were lost, the computer science club became Pennsylvania's only student chapter of the data processing management association, a move which will allow members to meet prospective employers. vjjfl . P chaverim, the jewish students’ association, joined forces with franklin and marshall’s hillel house to become an ■ official hillel chapter under the auspices of b’nai b’rith 5 evalu.192194 student senate Front row: Sherry Davis, recording secretary; Donna Memmi, president; James Sheppard, vice-president. Back row: Dan Malpezzi, parliamentarian; Mr. John Tannehill, advisor; Sue Kiley, treasurer. Front row: Michelle Meekins, Diane Devlin. Jeff Ludwick, Ro Dalesandro. Back row: Gary Duell. Annette Shuman. Bob Rosen-dale . Doug Davis. Emerson Haines. —195 Front row: Dyan Bryson, Sherry Schiff, Kathy Sweeney, Leslie Davis. Back row: Tim Martin. Skip Waters. Chip Mulvaney, Warren Enoch. Not pictured: Cathy Babrick, Judy Brossman. Bill Beezer.961-wixq ■ ■ Will fATE COLLEGE COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA199 Sitting: Curtis Jones, Zoa Bashline, Debbie Andrews, Jeffery Cinckney. Standing: Barb Trompeter, Becky Forman, Dave Williams, Nancy Merckle. Connie Sierzega, Joan Medio, Steve Cobaugh, Bill Saunders, Kevin Dixon.200 black and gold marching band 201202 varsity cheerleaders Front row: Jackie Pigtord, Donna Panick. Middle row: Sharon Carr. Pam Shank, Sandi Sowers, Patti Jandrositz. Back row: Patti Spirk, Cheryl Loomer. Kathy Lucas. Gwen Stewart.203 freshmen Top row Laura Wildemann, Mary Ann Sloan, Josie Seitz. Bottom row: Vicki Sheetz, Karen Taylor, Pam Red-dig. Suzanne Rose, Barb Bertenbach.color guard Back row: Donna Memml, captain; Jenny Leber, Sharon Ochs. Dawn Baumgard, Pam Derkac, Deb Sterner, Kathy Thompson, Anne Jackson, Deb O'Donnell, Kathy Henry, cocaptain; Kneeling: Deb Farling, Shelly Dudash, Lori Marks, Kerry Strohmaier. Not pictured: Donna Butts, Carol Mattern, Lois Hutchison.205 aesculapian society Susan Insetta, Laura Fric-chione, Karen Shaeffer, Elaine Kozik. Janice Miller, president; Sue Moser, secretary-treasurer; Mike Nuding, vice- president. computer science club206 council for exceptional children2078eth Myers, president: Caron Leath, natography coordinator; Marianne Talbot, vice-president; Kathy O'Rourke, treasurer, Jody Cochran, recording secretary; Leslie Evans, corresponding secretary. dolphins209 Front row: Leslie Evans, corresponding secretary; Kathy O'Rourke, treasurer; Caron Leath, natography coordinator; Beth Myers, president; Marianne Talbot, vice-president; Jody Cochran, recording secretary. Second row: Julie Evans. Lorie Steele, Nlcki McCort, Sue Schlott. Barb McCann, Mary Beth Rader. Mary Seligman, Patti Sunday. Back row: Beth Hunter. Sue Crothamel, Lynn Preiss, Cindy Randle, Lois Reese, Dutch McNichol, Renee Brien, Jean Briggs. Not pictured Mary Beth Dugan. 210 in-motion modern dance club Front row: Mary Ellen Stiles. Mary Jane Lewis. Ted Hershey, Sherri Oliver, Kathy Sweeney. Sandy McCann instructor. Back row: Arlene Powell, Patti Clauss. secretary; Jon-neke Van Olden, president; Tonita Burrell, treasurer; Donna Butts, Anne Carmitchell. Not pictured: Kathy Bianco, vice-president.211 college republican club Nancy Merckle. Stephen Cobaugh, Joan Medio. outing club M. Front row Linda Fegley. Sue Getchell. Cheri Vanzant. Barb Riley. Second row. Deb D°wns. che le Baum Sue Williams°Louise Fischer. Donna Shultz. Back row Karen Ferrara. Jan Dukov.c. Dr. Samuel Ha Gary Urie, Steve Brandt. Gary Bonner. Paul Glander. Jim Ha.judo section Front row: Deborah Bar-cynski, Rodney Charles-worth, Sue Quinley, Mary Charles. Back row: Rich Beatty. Mike Stone, instructor; Larry Sweeney, Steve Keener, Mike Yuhas, Craig Wlldermuth. 213sociology- anthropology club political science club wrestling belles Front row: Ruth Hoepler, Georgann Mortimer. Marcia Hallacher, Lori Miller, Amy Bawmberger, Patty Lourdas. Ann LaRoc-ca. Back row: Kim McCartney, Sue Devlin, Kathy Pittenger, Kathy Hair. Terry Savastano, Kathy Cox, Jackie Singer, Donna Showalter, Cathy Reitz. Officers: Josie Sciarrabba, president; Donna Treida. historian; Denise Nonnemacher, vice-president; Kathy O'Rourke, secretary; Leslie Ridyard, treasurer.215 industrial arts society Ken Barber, vice-president: Ken Frankenberger, president; Robert Fuller, secretary-treasurer. economics club Spanish club Front row: Yvonne Tucker, Eileen Marchetti. Wendy Valenteen, Gail Ludwig, Martha Pamagua, Sally Schlenker. treasurer. Back row: Neil Schroeder, Sharon Wendel, Amy Koppenhaver, Nancy Hutter. secretary; Judy Skorup, Debby Reilley. Tracy Zelinskie, Michael Dock, president. Not pictured: Elda Garcia, vice-president.216 united campus ministry United Campus Ministry. Front row: Crystal Strauser, Reverend James Sipple. Chris Evans. Susan Jackie. acei Front row: Linda Lewars. Dr. Ermalee Et-ter, Barbara Lubas. Back row: Tina Huber, Carol Jones, Marcy Shellenberger, Bernadette Simpson. american chemical society Front row: Rich Delaney, Joe Smith. Joe Klein. Dr. Robert Wismer, adviser; Bruce Beard, Dave Dubs. Back row: Pam Johnson. Nancy Green, Margie Wise, Nadene Hausmann, Lauri Dougherty.217 in memoriam Dr. Harold R. Weirich Professor of Biology 1924-1976 Dr. James Atty Professor of Counselor Education 1914-1976 Edmund J. Jeddic Assistant Professor of Safety Education 1933-1976 Cheryl C. Zimmerman Student 1952-1976218 patrons Mr. Jay C. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirk Brennan Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Bucher and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cobaugh Mr. and Mrs. M. Francis Coulson Mr. Irwin K. Curry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Czerniakowski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Daly, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Daniels Donald and Jeanette Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. DiPhillipo Mr. Stanford E. Dock Eleanor’s Shoppe Col. J. Barry Falgoust Mr. K. I. Fenstermacher Rose Budd Fenstermacher Mr. P. J. Fichter Mr. Lewis Garrison Rosemarie Gessitz Mr. and Mrs. George R. Good Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Halsey Mr. and Mrs. John Hassell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hebrock Mr. and Mrs. George H. Heverling, Jr. Paul Hohenwarter Spray Painting Mr. D.W. Hostetler Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Hulme, Jr. Mr. A. Taylor Kamara Vivian and Leo Karl Mr. Donald S. Kercher Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Kerns, Jr. Mr. Russell L. Kettering Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Knerr Walter and Wilma Knight Mr. Willis R. Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. George A. Lebo Stephanie A. Lebo Elizabeth Lindblom Mr. and Mrs. Anton Litzenburger Mr. and Mrs. M. Martinac Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Matroni Mr. and Mrs. Claude Merckle Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller Miller-Bixler Auto Parts Betty Myers Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Myers Mr. Richard G. Overly Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pheasant, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Pickel Mr. Chester A. Pish Mr. and Mrs. J. Prohonic Ada Richardson and Family Alfred and Ruth Rinehimer Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Rohrer Mr. and Mrs. David Ross Mr. Donald E. Showalter Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Sorg Spurgeon’s Auto Body, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ned B. Squires Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stetler Ms. Marilyn Stoner Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Stoudt William F. Strain Family Mrs. Arlene C. Straiton Tamea’s Colonial Custom Furniture Harold J. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Varney Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ward Mrs. Charles P. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Wood Ms. Charlotte Wright Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Young faculty and staff patrons Dr. Jerome R. Briggs Dr. James M. Garrett Prof. Sumner Germain Prof. Eugene G. Groff Dr. John A. Huzzard Dr. J. Henry Keneagy Dr. Harold A. Laynor Dr. Susan Luek-Keen Prof. Adele S. Marion Mrs. Irene Mavrides Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Nichols Prof. Charles P. Patton Dean William A. Pearman Atty. Wayne M. Richardson Prof. Minda M. Sanders Dr. H. Byron Showers Dr. George F. Stauffer219 emor directory ABBREVIATIONS TO INDEX ABA—Alpha 8eta Alpha ACEI—Association for Childhood Education international ACMO—All-Campus Musical Organization ADEPT—Alcohol and Drug Education. Prevention and Treatment Program Anthro—Anthropology Art Ed—Art Education Bio—Biology BSA—Black Students Association CAC—Cultural Affairs Committee CAS—Commonwealth Association of Students CEC—Council for Exceptional Children Chem—Chemistry Com—Communications CS—Computer Science CUB—College Union Board Den Hy—Dental Hygiene EChd-Early Childhood Ec—Economics Elem—Elementary Education Eng—English Env—Environmental Science ES—Earth Science Geog—Geography Ger—German HI—History IA—Industrial Arts IVCF—Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Lib—Library Science A Abbott. Karen £.—York; Elem MR; Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Rules and Regulations Committee tor the Dance Marathon(chairman), tutor. Abel. Lydia M.—Harrisburg; Elem MR; Sigma Phi Delta. RSA. Intramurals. Acker. Janet J.—Coopersburg; Elem Rdg; Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Dorm Council. Millersville Christian Fellowship, PSEA, ACEI. Adams. David W.—Harrisburg; Art Ed. Adams, Gayle. L — Schuylkill Haven; Elem SpEd. Adiletto. John J . Jr.;— Norristown; Sec Geog; Intramurals. Goography representative. Ailes. Polly M —Red Lion; Psyc; Dorm Council. Psychology Club. Intramural Voiloybail. Albert. Pamela L.—Wayne; Geography; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Grook Council (president), Intramurals. Student Momorial Fund Committee. Aldinger. Deborah. J.—Hummelstown; Elem Ub; Delta Phi Eta. Intramurals. Allegrezza. Mary L — Ambler, Elem SpEd-MR; CEC (president, treasurer). Who’s Who. John Metzner Special Ed Award. Resident Assistant. Alleman, Lee A.—Shlppensburg; IA. Allen. Lynn D.—Cornwall; Psyc; Studont Sonate (corresponding secretary), Studont Affairs Committee. CAC. Alwine. Denise K.—Richboro; Psyc; Sigma Phi Omega. Dolphin Club. Alwine. Judith A.—Hanover; Elem Rdg; RSA. Dorm Council. PSEA. Delta Phi Eta. Hockey. Anderson. Debra J.—Greencastle; Art Ed; Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Anonia. Virginia M.—Trevorton; Elem EChd. Appleton. Jeanne— Levlttown; French; Dean's List. French Club. Archibald. Lynne 8.—Clarks Summit; Lib; Concert Choir (corresponding secretary). Alpha Beta Alpha (vice-president, treasurer). Beatrice Datesman Award, Intramurals. Arena. Rona I.—King of Prussia; Elem SMED; CEC. Armpnester. Debra L.—West Lawn; Elem MR. Artz. Cynthia L.—Lafayette Hill; Elem SpEd-MR; Omega Theta Sigma. PSEA. CEC. Ashton. Frank S.—Philadelphia; IA; Dorm Council (president). College Choir. Varsity Tennis. Hockey. Outdoor Club. MCF—Millersville Christian Fellowship MENC—Music Educators National Conference MR—Education for the Montally Retarded Mus—Music MSA—Minority Students Association MT—Medical Technology NCTE—National Council of Teachers of English NucMT—Nuclear Medical Technology PE—Physical Education Phil—Philosophy Phy—Physics PS—Political Science PSEA—Pennsylvania State Education Association PSN—Public School Nursing Psyc—Psychology Rdg—Reading ROTC—Reserve Officers Training Corps RSA—Residont Students Association Sci—Science Sec—Secondary Education SMC—Student Momorial Center SMED—Socially Maladjusted and Emotionally Disturbed Soc—Sociology Span—Spanish S pc h—Speech SpEd—Special Education SS—Social Studies SW—Social Work UCM—United Campus Ministry WMSR—Campus Radio Station B Babaian. Joanne—Philadelphia; Psyc; Dean's List. Alpha Sigma Tau, ADEPT. Psychology Club. Bacchl, Lynn M. Fairless Hills; Elem Ht; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Bachinger, Jean M.—Bloomsburg; Art. Baglm, James W.—Ashland; Art. Baker. Elizabeth A.—York; Sec French; Omega Theta Sigma. Doan's List. Delta Phi Eta. French Club. PSEA. Balado. Marie E.—Allentown; Bio. Banach. Denise M.—Parkesburg; Elom EChd; Kappa Phi Epsilon. PSEA. Women s Chorus. Bard. Jon M — Lltitz; Sec English. Bargo. Nancy J.—Lancaster; PSN. Barlieb. Sue A —Lancaster; Eiem-Mus. Barlow. Bethany L.—Middletown. R.I.; Elem SpEd. Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Dean's List. Barnett. Janet V.—Warminster; Elem SpEd-SMED: Dean's List Barnhurst. Judith A —Ambler; Elem Math; Sigma Phi Omega. Resident Assistant. Tennis Team. Barrick. Lon L — Millersville; SS HI. Barthold. Kelly S.—Manheim; Elem Rdg; Sigma Phi Omega. Snapper. Hockey. Tennis. Bartholomew. Patricia A —Coatesville; Sec SS Hi. Sigma Phi Delta (treasurer). Society for Collegiate Journalists. Dean's List. Intramurals. Bateman, Louis S.—Aldan; Elem-Sci. Baxter. Catherine L — Blue Ball; SW Bayley. Mary K.—Camp Hill; PSN. Beach. Kimberly J.— Mt. Joy; Elem SpEd. Bechtel. Brenda J.—Lancaster; Sec Eng; Delta Phi Eta. Tennis Team. Swimming Team.Bockor. Ann M.—Pottsvllle; Elem Math; ACEl. PSEA. Becker. Elaine A — Laureldale; Elem EChd. Beckett, Carmen L.—West Chester; SW; Delta Sigma Theta. BSA. Sociology Club. Barnes Hall Volunteer. Planned Parenthood. Conestoga Cottage. Bednar, Larame A —Bethlehem; Elem SMED; Alpha Sigma Tau. Dean s List. ACEl. CEC. Beideman. Robin L — Royorstord; History; Sigma Phi Delta (first vice-president), Berkey. Thomas Lancaster; SS Hi. Berman. Donald M .— Levittown; Psyc. Bert. Diana £ —Lancaster; English; Cum Laude Graduate. Snapper. Women's Chorus. Bert. Gary M.—Lancaster; English; Black and Gold (editor). Berzins. Alda S — Lancaster; Spanish Bessick. Marcia I.—Columbia; Elem SpEd. Bibler. Susan J —York; Elem SpEd-MR; Citamard. Zela Gamma Phi. Bidding. Scott A — Landisvtlle; PS; Political Science Organization. Bieber. John R —Reading; PS; Political Science Organization (vice-president), US Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class. Biechler, Elizabeth A —Lancaster; Art Ed; Dean's List. Intramural Volleyball. Biechler. Thomas W —Lancaster; Math. Bimson, Barbara W —Millersville; Elem Echd. Bivans, Darlene M — Wyomissing; Elem SpEd-MR; RSA (president). Delta Phi Eta. CEC. PSEA. Wright Memorial Award. Blackburn. W William. Jr — Manheim; IA Blackman, Jacques L.—Philade;phta; Sec SS Hi; Human Relations Committee. Football. Blanchard. Jeffrey E.—Ocean Grove. N.J.; SS Hi; Alpha Sigma Chi. Dean's List. Water Polo Team. Blankenstem. Edward T„ .—York; SS Econ. Bleisiem. Elizabeth J.—Lebanon; Math; Kappa Delta Phi. Blickle. William C.—Philade;phia; History; Intramurals, tutor. Blumner. Kendra L —Lancaster; Bio-NucMT Boerner. Jeffrey A.—Quakertown; IA. Boettger. Wendy D — Spring City; Elem SpEd-MR; Delta Phi Eta (corresponding secretary). Resident Assistant. Bond. Linda C-—Phillipsburg, N.J.. Elem SpEd-MR Borden. Robert F — Crum Lynne; Sec Eng; Snapper. Football. Borneman, Marcia E .— Pottstown; Bio; Dorm Council. Dean's List, 100-Mile Club. Mermettes. Intramurals. Bowers. James £ —Lancaster; Econ. Bowers. Terry L — Royersford. Mus Ed; MENC. ACMO. Madrigal Singers. College Choir. String Ensemble. Tutor. Brandt. Cynthia A —Millersville; Social Work; Dean's List. Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology-Anthropology Club. Outing Club. Brandt. Debra M — York; Elem EChd; PSEA. Brandt. Steven C —Camp Hill; Psyc; Dean's List. Outing Club. Brant. David W —Pottstown; Psyc. Dean's List. President's Advisory Council. College Choir (president). CAS Representative, Intramurals. Breitegan. Zoe A —Lancaster; English. Breitenstem. Harold R.. Jr — Douglassvilie; Sec Eng; Dean's List. College Choir. Bnnkworth, Debra A —Media; Elem SpEd; CEC. Baseball Scorekeeper. Bromer. Nicholas S — Marietta; Math Brommer. Saliie L — Pine Grove; Lib. Broome. Ann F —Marietta; Elem-French. Bross. Ingnda M— Aldan; Elem SpEd-SMED; Delta Phi Eta. Dorm Council. PSEA, Intramural Volleyball. Tutor. Brossman. Judy A.—Denver; PS; Student Senate. Kappa Phi Epsilon. Brown. Barbara A —Nazareth; SS Hi; Dorm Council. Field Hockey. Brown, David A —Drexel Hill; Chom. Bryson. Charlene M — Lancaster. Psyc Bryson. M Elizabeth—Paradise. History; Phi Lambda Sigma. Venture Club. Band Buchak ian. Barbara—Havertown; Elem Rdg. Buchanan. Cheryl E.—Shilllngton. Bio. Buchmoyer. Kelly Y — Lancaster; Psyc. Bugis. Leslie A. —Philadelphia; Elem EChd; Alpha Sigma Tau. Mermettes. Intramurals. Bupp. Lisa C — Jacobus; Sec Eng. Delta Phi Eta. NCTE, PSEA. Wrestling Belies. Burkhardt. Barbara J.—Lancaster; PSN. Burress. Elizabeth A.—Lancaster; Elem EChd. Butz. Robert W.—Millersville; Psyc; Dean's List. C Calderon. Victor— Bressior, Math. Calahan. Joanne M.—Devon; French; Delta Phi Eta. Modern Dance Club (secretary-treasuror), French Club. CAC. Resident Assistant. Magna Cum Laude Graduato. Canamucio. Francis M — Darby; History. Capp. Catherine M.—Lancaster; PS. Caputo. Gerald D— North Huntingdon; Elem SpEd-MR; Alpha Sigma Chi. CEC. PSEA. Carl. Thomas G.—Harrisburg; Math; Swimming. Diving. Carr. Bruce R.—Lancaster; Econ. Carngan. Marguerite R — Litltz; Psyc; Kappa Delta Phi. Cassidy. Mary A —Lancaster; Elem EChd. Chaffee. Catherine A.—Mechanicsvllle; Soc Anthro; Sociology Club (treasurer), Student Representative. Intramurals. Chant, Steven J.—Lancaster; IA; Charles. Christine L.—Lancaster; Elem MR. Charles. David L — Lancaster; I A. Charles. Vincent D — Sharon Hill; SS Hi. Choi. Joonees K.—Millersville; Math-Phy. Chronister. BettieJ.—York; Bio. Ciccanti. Angela M.—Norristown; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Intramural Volleyball. Clark. Linda S — Muncy; Elem Rdg; Delta Phi Eta. Dean’s List. Open Education Program. Clauss. Debra J.—Hanover; Elem MR. Clave. R Michael— Middletown; French Spanish. Cleary. Jeffrey G. — Bally; Elem PE. Cless. Cynthia A.—Bethlehem; Psyc. Cleveland. Amy D. Pottstown; Math; Phi Lambda Sigma (president), Lacrosse (captain). Intercollegiate Sports Club. Wrestling Belles Coale. Cynthia L —Telford; Elem MR. Cobaugh. Stephen M —Elizabethtown; Art; WMSR (general manager), lota Beta Sigma (president). Society for Collegiate Journalists (vice-president), College Republican Club (president). Snapper, Person Contributing Most to WMSR Award. Cochran. Jody A —West Chester; Elem EChd; Dolphin Club (recording secretary). Kappa Phi Epsilon. Coder. Theresa A.—Lancaster; Elem SMED. Cohen. Shelly J.—Millersville; Art Coleman. Linda M.—Amblor; Elem Rdg. Comegy. Ricardo C.—Lancaster; Soc; Varsity Sports. Cooper. Joan L.—Norristown; Art. Cope. Susan L.—Mohnton; Psyc Soc-SW. Costantini. Esther—Wayne; Elom SMED; Dean's List, CEC. Costanzo. David S.G.—Carbondale; IA. Coulson. Jeffrey K — Biglorvillo; Elom Psyc; President's Advisory Council, Band. CUB. RSA, Cora Catherine Bitner Music Award, Upgrading Urban Education Program. Courtney. Glenn A —Lancaster; Econ. Cox. Danny L.—Lancaster; Psyc; Dean's List. Cox. Richard L.—Mechanicsburg; SocSSEc. Dean's List. Phi Sigma Pi, Economics Club. Golf Team. Freshman Football. Craley, Cathy E.—Shillington; Elem SpEd-MR; Delta Phi Eta. Allocations Committee, Intramural Volloyball. Crews. Lynda A. — Philadelphia; Elem SpEd; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Greek Council Representative. Cntelli. Ann M — Millersville; Dental Hygiene; Doan's List, Delta Phi Eta. Crowley. Patricia L — Philadelphia; Elem Math; Zota Gamma Phi, Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Cugliari. Basil G. — Raritan, N.J.; Sec Math; Intramurals. Cummings. Michael D.—Lancaster; Elem SMED. Curry. Irwin K.. ill—Hershey; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. Cutshall, Daniel T.—Millersville; Math.221 D Dambman. Robert J.—Philadelphia; IA; IVCF, Classics Club. In-tramurais. D'Amcio. Linda L.—Honoy Brook; Elem PE; Field Hockey. Intramurals Daniels. Bernard A.—Philadelphia; English; Alpha Phi Alpha. Citamard. Snapper (circulation manager). MSA. Black Odyssey Drama Group. Daniels. William Jr.—Lincoln University; Elem PE. Dansbury. Susan £.—Yardley; Elem PE. Davis. Dexter L.—Chester; Elem Soc; Omega Psl Phi. Greek Council. BSA. HEOP Advisory Board. Davis. Joann—Chester; Elem SpEd-SMEO. Davis. Karen A.—Lancaster; English. Day. William. R. —Warminster; Sec SSHi; Phi Sigma PI (secretary), Resident Assistant. DeBernardo. James C.—Levlttown; IA; Dean's List, Alpha Sigma Chi. Epsilon Pi Tau. Soccer. Deckard. Kathleen £.— Damdon Wyoming. Del.; Art Ed. DeKay. Kim A.—Hallstoad; Elom SpEd; Dean's List. CEC. DoLaurentls, Rudy J.—Lancaster; Art; Dean's List, Student Art Show. Delia. Robert F.—Bristol; Elem; Sigma Tau Gamma (president). Dellinger. Timothy D.—York; ES; Doan's List. Earth Science Club. Thomas R. Bakor Memorial Scholarship. DelloBuono. Violet—Holmos; Elom EChd; Lacrosso. Demmy. Claudia L.—Lancaster; Psychology Club. DoMorra. Jack W.. —Lancaster; ES-Geology; Commuting Studonts Association. Geology Club. Varsity Soccer. Intramurals. DeShiolds. Regina M.—Philadelphia; Elem SMED; Snapper (Circulation). Detweiler. Glenn M.—Lancaster; Psyc; Cum Laude Graduate. DeUrlarte. Gerard V.—Springfield; Elem Psyc; Student Sonato. Doan's List, Citamard. Intramurals. Devlin, Diane L.—Warminster; Psyc; Student Senate (executive cabinet. Judicial board). SMC (manager). Devlin. Susan £.—Philadelphia; Elem Spanish; Phi Lambda Sigma (officer). Wrestling Belles (officer). Dorm Judicial Board, Lacrosse. Intramurals. Dielenderler, Stephen W.—Coatesville; Geography. Dieffenbach. Carolyn J.—Womelsdorf; Math. Diehl. Keith D.—Emmaus; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Society, Industrial Arts Association of Pennsylvania. Dietz. Karl £.—Mechanlcsburg; CS; Economics Club. College Choir. Classics Club. IVCF. Dlffenbaugh. Debra A — Lltltz; Elem Rdg; Delta Phi Eta. Upgrading Urban Education Program. DiOstillo. Angela J.—Folsom; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. Phi Lambda Sigma, Upgrading Urban Education Program, Newman Club. PSEA. DiPhillipo. Mark A.—Lansdowne; Psyc. Dock. Michael S.—Sunbury; Sec Spanish; Spanish Club. Pan American Program, Steven S. Walker Award. Doney. Adrienne J.—Pen Argyl; Math. Donmoyer, Dena M — Harrisburg; Elem EChd. Donnelly. Elizabeth A —Philadelphia; Sec Eng; Dean's List. Donovan. Marian £.—Broomall; Math Phy; Dean's List. Modern Dance. Delta Phi Eta. Dooling. PaulJ.—Holland; Econ; Omicron Gamma Omega. Dote. Michael J.—Butler. N.J.; ES; ACMO; IVCF. Track. Cross Country. Dougherty. Robert A.—Chambersburg; Econ; Sigma Tau Gamma. Douglass. Judith A.—Sayre; Lib; Intramural Volleyball. Downs. David A.—Marlow Heights. Md.; Psyc. Dozier. Theresa A.—Philadelphia; Psyc; Delta Sigma Theta. Psychology Club, Citamard. In-Motion Dance Group. Drager. Linda D.—Columbia; Elem Mus. Droms. Paul A.—Lancaster; Math. Drozd. Gene—Philadelphia; IA; Alpha Sigma Chi. Dean's List, Epsilon Pi Tau. Soccer. Dudash. Michele R.—Lovittown; Bio: Sigma Phi Omega. Color Guard. Who's Who. Wrestling Bellos. Duea. Genette—Thornton; Lib. Dugan. Mary B — Allentown; Elem SpEd; Delta Phi Eta. CEC (treasurer). PSEA. Who's Who. Dolphin Club. Dukes. Brenda L.—Chester; Elem SpEd; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Dummeldinger. P. Faith— Hatboro; Math; Delta Phi Eta. Dorm Council (secretary). SOS Club (secretary). Margie Ranck Award Dunn. Gail— Philadelphia; Psyc. Dunn. Joanne M.—Philadelphia; Sec Math; Dolphin Club (secretary). In- Motion Dance Club. Intramural Volloyball. Durham. Helen S.—Willow Grove; Elem Rdg. Dusman. SueA —York; Elem MR E Eby. Cynthia D.—New Providence; Elem SMEO. Edmiston. S. Dixon—Washington Boro; English. Edwards, Cynthia J.—West Chester; Art. Eichelberger. Sherry L — New Cumberland; Bio; Dolphin Club. Modern Dance Club. Eldon. Catherine A — Drexel Hill; Elem Rdg: RSA. Dorm Council (president). SOS Club. Ellne. Bernard W.—Hanover; PS; Wickers (president, vice-president, secretary, historian, pledgemaster), WMSR. RSA. Basketball. Intramurals. Emery. Craig P.—Phoenlxvllle; Econ PS. Erlsten. Beth A.—New Cumberland; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Doan's List, Mixed Choir. New Folk. Esheiman. Thomas H — Lancaster; Sec SS Hi. Etsweiier. William A.—New Cumberland; IA Evans. Leslie C. — Manheim; Bio; Sigma Phi Omega (treasurer). Dolphin Club (corresponding secretary). Dean’s List. Intramurals. Everhart. John M.—Millersville; Art Ed; College Choir. Chambor Choir. Pennsylvania State Collegiate Choir. WCF. Evltts. Thomas A — Mlllersburg; Math; Dean's List; Phi Sigma Pi (president), College Choir. F Falgoust. Mark T.—Ponbrook; Math. Farting. Deborah A —Harrisburg; Elem Spch; Delta Phi Eta. Zota Gamma Phi. PSEA. Cinderellas. Student Judicial Board. Color Guard. Faulkner. Virginia A. —Middletown, Del.; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. ACEI, Upgrading Urban Education Program. RSA. Dorm Council (president). Mermettes. Intramurals. Faust. Margery J.—Northampton: Elem Llb: PSEA. Fegely. Gail A.—Mertztown; Elem SMED; Intramurals. Felly. Jellrey £.—Hershey; IA. Fenton. Dennis J.—Washington Boro: SS Hi; Wrestling. Fetch. George E.—Shickshinny; IA. Fichter. Lynn M — Wallingford; Elem SpEd-MR; Sigma Phi Delta. CEC. Women's Chorus. Campus Gold. Fickel. Sharon R — Lancaster; Lib. Field. Robert W.—Lancaster; Bio. Finney. Susan M.—Newtown; Elem SMED; Field Hockey. Fischer. Larry A.—Laverock; Math. Fishel. George R.—Mechanlcsburg; IA. Fisher. Deborah L.—Millersville; Spanish. Fisher. Jay £.—Lancaster; Bio. Fisher. Stanley (..—Lincoln University; Lib; Citamard. MSA. FitzGerald. Roche—Lancaster. Art; Sigma Tau Gamma. Flores. Luis, Jr.—Leola; Art. Flynn. Ann M.—Lancaster; Elem Soc. Foltz. Cynthia Z.—Mountville; Elem MR-EChd.222 Forties, Michael A.—Millersvllle; Soc Anlhro. Forrey. K. Eugene—Mountvllle; Psyc. Forster, Kenneth j.—Lancaster; IS; Delta Sigma Chi. PSEA. Co-Ed Volleyball. Intramurals. Forster. Mary H.—Lancaster; Sec Eng; Dean's List. PSEA, English Club. Co-Ed Volleyball. Forte. Sandra L — Dreshor; Elom Span; Omega Theta Sigma (recording secretary). Dean's List. Intramurals. Fowler. Ferdinand S.. Jr.—Mountalntop; PS; Political Science Organization. Tennis. Intramurals. Francis. Karen (..—Aston; Math. Frantz. Judith A.—Pine Grove; Psyc; Sigma Phi Omega. CUB. Allocations Committee. Twirlers. Frey. Linda J — New Holland; Elem EChd. Fritz. Carol A.—Norristown; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. ACEI, PSEA. Frowlick. Joseph B — Mountvllle; Math; Phi Sigma Pi. Frost. Wendy M — Maple Glen; Greek; Doan's List. IVCF. Classics Club (president). Black and Gold. Women's Chorus. Intramurals. Frybarger, Jo A —Christiana; Elem Eng. Fuhrman. Carry W.—Manheim; Elom MR. Fuller. Priscilla A.—York; Elem MR. G Galiano. Joiann—Millersvllle; Soc; Kappa Delta Phi. Gallagher. Beth A.—Mr. Joy; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC. Gallagher. James S — Collingdale; Elom SpEd. Gallagher, Mark H — Millersvllle. Sec Hl; Gamma Pi (historian), Track Club. Sociology Club. WMSR. Track. Cross Country. Gallello.Josie—Lancaster; Spanish; Rho Lambda Phi, Spanish Club. Intramural Volleyball. Galluppi, Linda M.—Lansdale; Elem EChd; PSEA Gaizerano. Louis A., Ill—Bristol. Econ. Garcia. Elda V —Perrypoint. Md.; Spanish; Spanish Club (president). Latin Choir. Steven Walker Award, Intramurals. Garrett. Rita L — Millersvllle; Gorman. Garrison. Lewis C.—Prospect Park; IA Garver. Richard (..—Cochranviiie; IA Gaus, Richard C.. Jr.—Columbia; Phy; Dean's List. Physics Lab Assistant, Tutor in Physics and Calculus. George. Susan E.—Harrisburg; Art Ed; Delta Phi Eta. Art Student Organization. Exhibitor Summer Art Shows. Gessitz. Rosemarie— Newton. NJ; Elem Math. Gessner. Linda K — Philadelphia; Elem SpEd-SMED; PSEA, College-Community Orchestra Gilbert. Michael R.—Lancaster; Elem SMED. Gildea. Mary F —Millersvllle; English; Snapper (editor). President's Advisory Council. Human Relations Commission. English Club. Who's Who. Gill. Robert C — Shippensburg; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. Gladick. Ellen £.— Ambler; Art. Gochnauer. Ruth A.—Baltimore. MD; Elem Spamsh. Godwin, Diane C.—Newark. Del.; Elem SpEd-SMED; Dean's List. Golden. Catherine M — Downmgtown; Art. Goldey, Wayne A — Millersvllle; ES. Gordon. Joan £.—Springfield; Elem MR Gordon. Michele R— Philadelphia; Soc SW; Dean's List, Gamma Sigma Alpha. Jewish Student Association, Central Pennsylvania Jewish Union of Students, Sociology Social Work Organization. Snapper. Graelf. Jellrey S.—Reading; Math. Graham, John J.—King of Prussia; PS; Phi Sigma Pi. College Judicial Board. Gravuer. Valene M — Philadelphia; Elem SpEd-MR. Greco. Roseann—Norristown; Elem EChd. Dean's List. Delta Phi Eta. Green. Richard £.—Allentown; IA. Greene. Karla $ — New Kensington; Eng Phil; Snapper (circulation). Gregg. Linda C.—Millersvllle; Elem SMED. Grieco. Robin J.—Media; Elem SpEd. Groll. Kim £ —Lancaster; Econ; Economics Club. Gross. Kathleen M — Felton; Elem Rdg; Delta Phi Eta, ACEI, PSEa. Womon's Chorus. Outing Club. Gross. Torri S.—Roslyn; Art Ed; Dean's List. Groves, Franklin J.—Swarthmore; Bio. Grow, Regina A—Coatosville; Elem Rdg; Sigma Phi Dolta. Delta Phi Eta. Doan's List. Intramurals. Guogas. Paula A —Levittown; Elem SpEd-SMED: CEC, Dean's List. Project Togetherness. Intramurals. Gurkos. Susan M — Kearny. NJ; Elem Rdg; Dorm Council (secretary), PSEA. ACEI. Dean's List, Millersville Christian Fellowship. Reading tutor. Guzenski. Cathy L.—Whitehall; Elem SMED. H Haarde, Renee £. — Broomall; Elem Psyc-Rdg; Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. ACEI, Psychology Club. Outing Club. Intramural Softball. Habecker, Molinda A.—Lancaster; History; George Stroot Carnival. Snapper. International Folk Dancing Club. Hager. Luann— Penn Hills; German Spanish; German Club (president). UCM (president), Orchestra. Hager. Rosemary A.—Jim Thorpe; Bio; Kappa Dolta Phi. Hahn. David. C — Lancaster; Psyc; Dean's List. Golf Toam. Haines. Emerson G.—West Chester; Econ. Hakun. Thomas £.—Pottstown; Econ. Halbig. Michelle A.—Northport. NY; Elom MR Halden. Judith A.—Millersville; English; Citamard. Class of 1910 Award. Magna Cum Laude Graduate. Hall, Livia M — Chester; Elem Math; Delta Sigma Theta. Women's Choir. Hall. Wendy L—Emmaus; Elem EChd. Hallock. Patrick W.—Millersville; English. Hamsher. Suzanne M — Reading; Elem EChd; Kappa Delta Phi, Greek Council. Wrestling Belles. Election Committee. Hannahs. Stephen J.—Kennett Square; German. Hanssens. Barbara J.—Philadelphia; Elem SpEd. Hardy. Carol J.—Ambler, Sec French; Delta Phi Eta. French Club. Co-Ed Volleyball. Harman. David M. — Bird-In-Hand; SS HI. Harp. Donna L.—Philadelphia; MT; Swim Team. Harris. Lois A.—Lancaster; Elem Eng; Dean's List. Hassell. Timothy N.—Ephrata. Psyc. Hawthorne. Carl. Jr.—Philadelphia; SS Hi. Hay. Phyllis A.—Lancaster; Soc SW; Alpha Kappa Delta. Sociology Club. Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Award. Hazel. Nancy L.—Hummelstown; Elem Rdg; Delta Phi Eta. ACMO. Intramurals. Hebrock. Stephen. Jr.—Coplay; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. Dean's List. Heltelhnger. Cordell H.—Lebanon; IA Heim. Elizabeth C—Millersville; Bio. Heisey. Pamela A.—Lancaster; Span Ger. Heishman. Frances (..—Shiremanstown; PSN. Heltnck, Kimberly A —Waynesboro; Math; Delta Phi Eta. Hemma. Thomas H.—Pittsburgh; Econ. .Henry, Frederick £.—Hershey; Psyc; Psychology Club. Snapper (photographer). Henry. Kathryn A —Warminster; Econ; Sigma Phi Omega. Color Guard. Henry. Stephen F.—Lancaster; Art. Hensel. MargaretMillersville; Phy; ACMO. Sigma Phi Omega. Society ol Physics Students. Hernandez. Aida .—Lancaster; Soc. Hess. Christine L — New Oxford; Elom EChd; ACEI. PSEA. Outing Club. Hess. Dale £.—Millersville; Bio; Entomology Club. Hess. Gregory G — Chambersburg; Sec Chem; Phi Sigma Pi. Wrestling. Hess. Jane L.—Marietta; Elem SMED. Hess. Mary A. —Mr. Joy. Art. Hess. Sharon K.—Pottstown. Bio. Hess. Sylvia M.—Washington Boro; Elem PE.223 Hoverllng, Lynn L.—Lebanon; Elem EChd: PSEA Hickok. Linda B — Endicott. NY: Sec Math. Delta Phi Eta. Oean's List. Dolphin Club. Hicks. Sophie M.—Morrisville; Soc SW; IVCF. CUB (speaker's committee). Senior Year Internship at Millersville Youth Village. Intramural Volloyball. Hilderbrand. David W.—Pottstown; Psyc: Student Sonato (president). Chi Gamma lota (president, vice-president). Psychology Club. Bi-Partisan Political Committee. Allocations Committee. Hill. Garvia M. —Philadelphia; History; BSA. Delta Sigma Theta. Hine, David C.—Springfield; Sec Math; WMSR, Dorm Council, Weightlifting Club. Hitchman. Ronald G.—Palmyra; CS; Touchstone (business manager). Society lor Collegiate Journalists (treasurer), Band. Computer Science Club, Isaac F. Seiverling Award. John C. Ursprung Award. Wickersham Memorial Scholarship. Summa Cum Laude Graduate. Dean's List. Holler. Carolyn M.—Lancaster; Psyc. Hollman, Chris A.—Gettysburg; IA; Delta Sigma Chi (president, pledge-master). All American Weightlifting Hollman, Jeffrey A.—Halifax; Art. Hohenwarter. Ronald P — Lancaster; IA Hohn, Cheryl L.—Lancaster; Elem EChd; Dean's List. Hoke. Stanley H.—Lebanon; Elem PE. Hollmger. Dennis P.—Bethlehem; History. Holmes. Deborah L.—New Hope; Elem EChd. Hoover. Ann L.—York; Sec French; Delta Phi Eta. Womon's Chorus. French Club, IVCF. Spanish Christmas Program. Hornberger. Dale (..—Willow Streot; Psyc: Psychology Club. Doan s List. Horne. David W — Prospect Park; ES Meteorology; Earth Science Club. Horning. Robert Emporium; IA. Horst. Janet E.—Horsham; Elem SpEd. Horvath. Cynthia J.—Middletown; Math; Dean's List, Mathematics Honors List. Mathematics Chairman List. Hostetler. Lauren ?.—Bel Air. Md,; Elem Psyc; Dean's List, Psychology Club. ACEI. PSEA. Hostler, Linda R — Lansdowno; Spanish; Doan's List. Spanish Club Houck. Eileen P.—Columbia; Bio NucMT; Citamard. Outing Club. Houdor. William S.—Gap; PS. Hough. Linda A.—Lancaster; Lib. Houpt. Barbara L.—Chamborsburg; Art Ed; Dolta Phi Eta. Oean's List, Kappa Alpha Tau. House. Donna M.—Montrose; Elom SMED. Houseal. Sharon A.—Harrisburg; Art. Howell. Sandra A.—Lancaster; Psyc. Huber. Carol A.—Lancaster; Music Ed; Colloge Choir. Chambor Choir, College-Community Orchestra. MENC. Music Advisory Council. Snapper, Leo Ascher Music Award. Huber. William White Hall; IA; Dean's List. Epsilon Pi Tau. Hudelson, Bradley A.—Mountville; IA. Hughes, Frankie A —Millersville; PS; BSA. Black Odyssey. Citamard, Student Senate, Intramurals. Hughes. Michael £.—Altoona; Bio. Hulme. Debra L —Wilmington, Del.; Art Ed; Dean's List, Kappa Alpha Tau (vice-president)' Dolta Phi Eta. Hunchberger. Robert A.—Lancaster; Bio. Huss. Cheryl A —Lancaster; Elem EChd: PSEA. Upgrading Urban Education Program. Huss. Richard H — Lancaster; Elem Sci; PSEA. Concert Band. Marching Band. Hutchison. Lois A.—Queen Anne. Md.; Bio; Sigma Phi Omega, (vice-president. pledgemaster), Color Guard, CUB. Mermettes. I Ireland. Daniel J. — Mill Hall; Bio; Dean's List. Wrestling. Intramurals. Iseman. Joan L.—Millersville; German; German Club. ROTC. J Jacobs. Creta M.—Arendtsville; PSN. Jaremko. Patricia J.—Lancaster; Elem PE; Women's Alumni Award. Intercollegiate Sports Club. Basketball. Lacrosso. Intramurals.—I Jay, Selma .—Morton; Elem Math. Jenkins, Tracy 8.—Lancaster; Psyc. Johnson, Constance J.— Strasburg; Sec Math. Delta Phi Eta. Math Honors List. Math Chairman's List. ACMO. Johnson, Debra—Philadelphia; Elem EChd. Alpha Kappa Alpha (treasurer). Dean's List, Upgrading Urban Education Program. Johnson. Kathryn M.—Spring Mount; Soc SW: Phi Lambda Sigma (service chairman). Doan's List. Senior Internship at Lancaster Guidance Clinic. Johnson. Laura £.—Hatboro; Art. Johnson. Mary B —Norristown; Elem Psyc; ACEI, PSEA. Intramurals Johnson. Mary M — Philadelphia; Elem EChd; Delta Sigma Theta (financial secretary.treasurer), MSA. Citamard Johnson. Sheree £.—Downlngtown; Art Ed; Delta Sigma Theta. Dean's List. BSA. ACMO. Jollille. Kathryn—Camp Hill; Elem SMED. Jordan, Thomas £.—Lebanon; Elem SMED. K Kachmar, Cart £.—Kingston; IA. Kalbach. Vicky (.'—Sinking Spring; Elem Spamsh; Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. ACEI. PSEA. Outing Club. Kanuchok. Annamae L — Shamokin; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Kappa Delta Phi (historian, pledgemaster), Dean's List. Karl, Elaine M.—Harrisburg; Elem SpEd-MR. CEC. Kashishian. Leon J.—Lansdale; IA; Alpha Sigma Chi. Dean's List. Soccer (co-captain), Intraumurals. Kaster. Annette £.—Williamstown; Elem EChd; Basketball. In-tramurals Kaulmann, Scott R.—Temple; Math. Kautz. Kathleen A.—Gilbertsville: Elem French; Omega Theta Sigma. French Club, ACMO. Keck. Regina A—Landisville; Econ; Economics Club Keeler, David A —Reading; IA. Kellon, Alanna J.—Lancaster; Math Kelly. Tara F —Millersville; Psyc. Kendig. Ehse A.—Reading; Elem Math; Sigma Phi Omega (treasurer). ACEI. Marching Band. Concert Band. College-Community Orchestra. Intramurals. Dean's List. Kenna. Sharon H —Pottsville; German; Doan's List. German Club. Von-ture Club. Certificate of Fluency In German. Kent. Suzanne—Carlisle; Bio; Phi Lambda Sigma (service Chairman, vice-president) Kepchar, David A.—Lancaster. Econ. Kercher. Joyce H —York; Elem Art. Kercher, Patrick (..— York; Elem Sci; Doan's List. Kerns. Chary! L.—Newtown; Elom SpEd-SMED; Dolta Phi Eta Kerns. Janet E. Norristown; English Kerper. Holly A — Reading; Elom EChd: PSEA. ACEI. Doan's List Kessler. Carla £.—York; Psyc. Kesslor. Debra R —Havortown; Elem Math; Kappa Alpha Tau. Mormot-tes, Intramurals. Kester, Judith A.—Wost Chester; Elem SMED. Oelta Phi Eta. CEC. Clnderollas. Kettering. Craig C.—Cleona; Math; Dean's List. Intramurals. Kiesel. Diane J'— Churchville: Psyc. Kiley. Susan £.—Millersville; English; Snapper (editor). Student Senate (treasurer), Society for Collegiate Journalists. English Club. WMSR. Headliner Award. Distinguished Faculty Award. Student Services Board (vice-president) King. Barbara L.—Millersville; Lib.224 King, Dana £.— Broomall; Math; Sigma Phi Delta. King. John C.—Mohnton; Lib. Kirk, Donna A — Warminster; Elem SpEd. Klase. Elaine M.—Utltz; Psyc. Kline. John W—Schnecksvllle; I A. Kline. Marie £.— Shipponsburg; PSN. Kline. Pamela J.—Chambersburg; Elom EChd; Dolta Phi Eta. ACEI, PSEA. Kline. Wanda R — Levittown; German Russian; Rho Lambda Phi (corresponding secretary, vice-president), German Club. Russian Club. Intramurals. Kloldt, William H.. Jr.—Columbia; Econ. Klopp. Daniel J.—King of Prussia; Phy. Kiopp. Thomas A .Jr.—Fleetwood; Bio. Klotz, Jeffrey D.—Allentown; ES Meteorology; Earth Sciences Club. Gaigo and Lenhardt Halls Dedication Committee. Golf Team. Klouser, Kathleen T.—Philadelphia; Elem SpEd-SMED; Sigma Phi Oelta. WMSR. Dolphin Club. Klus. Deborah—King of Prussia; Econ; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Economics Club. Knautf. Susan C.—Wayne; Elem EChd; ACEI, Color Guard.Dolphin Club. Resident Assistant. Knerr, Douglas R.—Quakertown; Econ; Sigma Tau Gamma (vice- president). Baseball. Knight. Connie M.—Palmyra; Elem Eng; Alpha Phi Omega (secretary), ACEI, CEC. Women’s Chorus. Citamard. Kocevar. Joan B.—East Petersburg; Elem SpEd SMED; Delta Phi Eta. Koch. Margaret M — Shamokln Dam; Elem SMED. Koppenhaver, Jean—Mechanicsburg; PSN. Kornejs. John P — Phoenixvllle; Bio Env. Kotschneff. Deborah A.—Cornwells Heights; Elem SpEd-SMED; CEC. Kovalich, George J.,Jr — Glen Lyon; I A; IA Society. Kozak. Mary E.—Philadelphia; Elem French; Delta Phi Eta. Phi Lambda Sigma. In-Motion Modorn Dance Club. Co-Ed Volleyball, Intramurals. Krantz. Robert L.—Mlllersville; IA. Krauss. Patricia R.—New Hope; Elem SpEd; Dean’s List. Kraynak. Joseph G. — Phoenixvllle; Elem HI; Track Club. Track. Basketball. Kreider, Nancy L—Bausman; Psyc. Kreider. Susan M.—Lancaster; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha; Science Fiction Club. Kroeck, Thomas A.—Lltitz; Math. Krout. Lon A —York; Lib. Kugle. Vivian M —York; Lib. Kuhn. Janet A.—Milford; German; German Club. Junior Year Abroad. Kuhns. Joseph C.—Lancaster; Elem IA; Sigma Tau Gamma. Football. Track. Cross Country. Kulakowsky. Carol L — Gllbertsvllle; Elem Psyc; Alpha Sigma Tau. Mermettes. Intramurals. Kunkel. Janet A — Lancaster; Elom Rdg. Kutz. Cheryl A.—Spring Grove; PSN. L Lallo Charles P — Havertown; SS Soc. Lande. Robin S.—Philadelphia; Elem SMED; Resident Assistant. Landis. Jesse A — Mt. Joy; Econ; Alpha Sigma Chi, Soccer.—I Landis. Steven H.—Smokotown; Art. Langdon. Elizabeth S.—West Lawn; Psyc. Lantz. Marvin S..Jr.—Fairless Hills; IA Lantz. Richard M.—Lebanon; Elem Rdg; Football. Wrestling, Track. Lapp. Margaret A.—Lancaster; PSN. Larash. Deborah M.—Allentown; History; Sigma Phi Omega. Latta. William C.—Hatboro;Soc. Lauderman. Brad L.—New Holland; CS; Computor Science Club. Magna Cum Laude Graduate. Lausch. David L.—Ephrata; IA. Lawton. Karen E.—Wrightsville; Psyc. Le. Tung M — Quakertown; Psyc; CUB Concert Committee. Leaman. Robert M.—Mt. Joy; Econ. Leath. Caron S.—Lancaster; Elem PE; Dolphin Club (officer), Eastern Intercollegiate Synchronized Swimming Champion. Lebo. Stephen G.—Steelton; IA; MU Alpha Kappa. Football. Leodom. RobertC— Lansdowne;His. Lehr. Diane M.—Horsham; Psyc. Leisenring. Kathy A.—Shamokin; Math. Lempert, Linda L—Elizabethtown; Elem Psyc. Lengle. Phyllis A.—Pine Grove; PS Econ; Delta Phi Eta. Women’s Chorus. Leonard. Terry L.—Mountvillo; Bio; Phi Sigma PI. Entomology Club. Lesher, Ernest G.—Virginvllle; IA; Wickers. Less. James P — West Chester; IA. Leventry. Ellen W.—Conestoga; Psyc. Lewis. Dianne— Media; Psyc. Libhart. William L.—Mt. Joy; Bio. Lincoln. David B.—Landisvillo: English. Llndblom, Stephen W.—Lansdale; Psyc. Lombardo, Guy M.—Shillington; Econ. Long. Patricia A.—Phoenixvllle; German. Long. Susan E.—Atglen; Elem SpEd; CEC. PSEA. Longhurst. Nancy A.—Doylestown; Elem EChd; Dorm Council (secretary). PSEA. ACEI, Intramural Volleyball. Lopez. Olga .—Philadelphia; Art. Lord. Patricia A.—Pottsville; Elm EChd. Lowe. Robyn M —Springfield; Elem SpEd; Zeta Gamma Phi, CEC, Citamard. Lulgard. Janet L — Reading; Psyc; Dean's List, MaJorette.Wrestllng Belles. Lupoil, Stephen E.—Glen Mills; Elem Spanish; Intramurals. Lutz. Deborah A.—Morgantown; French; French Club. Dolphin Club. Junior Year Abroad. Lynn. J. Dylan—Cornwells Heights; IA M MacAlamey. Susan D.—Mlllersville; Bio; Dean's List. Mackie. John $.— Lancaster; Econ. MacDonald. Marilyn M.—Harrisburg; Art. Macrina. Ronald J.—Conshohocken; Psyc; CUB. Wickers. Magnelli. Maria M.—Lancaster; Bio. Mahal. Kathleen M.—Elkins Park; English. Malloy. Maureen A.—Lancaster; Elem Math; Delta Phi Eta. Upgrading Urban Education Program. Intramurals. Maloney. Barbara E.—York; Elem Psyc. Malpezzi, Daniel J.—Carlisle; PS; Student Senato (parliamentarian), CAS. Allocations Committee, Intramural Football. Manley, Kathy B.—Marietta; Elem EChd. Mann, Radeen C.—Hershey; Lib; Delta Phi Eta, Sigma Phi Omega (pledgemaster). Alpha Beta Alpha. Greek Council. President’s Advisory Council. Marasco. Wayne A.— Warminster; Bio. Marchei, Carol L — Philadelphia; Bio; Dean’s List. Aesculapian Society, International Folk Dancing Club, Outing Club. Marchetti, Eileen M — New Philadelphia; Spanish. Marchlik, Dianne £.—Aston; Elem SMED. Markey. Deborah L.—York; SS HI; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Marks, Lori A —Lititz, Elem Lib; Kappa Phi Epsilon, PSEA. ACEI. Outing Club, Color Guard, Intramural Volleyball. Marquette. Deborah A.—Quakertown; Psyc. Martin. Barbara A— Wagontown; Elem EChd; Sigma Phi Delta. Martin. Cynthia J.—Cornwells Hoights; Math. Martin, Dennis V.—Lancaster; Math. Martin. DouglasS— Pequea;Math. Martin. Jacquelyn—Lancaster, English. Martin. Michele M.—Lebanon; Elem MR. Martin. Richard L.—Klnzers; Soc Anthro; Dean's List. Martin, Robin D.—New Holland; Math. Martin. Sally A.—M. Joy; Com Speech. Martin. Timothy A.—Lebanon; Psyc Phll; Student Senate, CAS (coordinator), Citamard. Philosophy Club.225 Massari. Kiane L.—Lansdowne; Bio; Dean's List. Who's Who. Mermot-tes. Matroni. Victor J.—Lancaster; Art. Mattern, Loretta M. Harrisburg; Art. Mavndes. Edward P.—Lancaster; Math Phy; Sigma Tau Gamma. Varsity Tennis. Maze, Robert A. —Souderton; Elem Math; Dean's List. Open Education Program, Varsity Tennis, 100-Mile Club. Intramurals. Mazmanian. Paul A — Havertown; 8io. McCall. Janet C.—Philadelphia; Elem SpEd; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Student Senate. Attirmativo Action Committee. Human Relations Committee. McClure. James H.. Jr.—Aliquippa; Bio. McCullough. Nancy J.—Lancaster; Soc. McDowell. Barbara A.—Lancaster; MT. McDowell. James H.—Lebanon; Bio. McGowan, Carol A.—Birdsboro; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC. Saturday Recreation Program (director). Women's Chorus. McKitrick. Gary £.—Harrisburg; Art. McLaughlin. Katherine C.— Havertown; Psyc. Meehl. Richard W —Hatboro; Econ; Mu Alpha Kappa (vice-president). Meier. Joseph H.. Jr.—Hellertown; MT; Dean's List. Aosculapian Society (president). Track. Cross Country. Meily, Diane E.—Pequea; Elem Anthro. Moledy. Linda £.—King of Prussia; Elem SpEd; Delta Phi Eta, CEC. Dean's List. IVCF. Melhorn, John F.—York; SS. PS. Mellinger. Rhode J.—Refton; Elem Rdg. Memmi, Donna M.—Hershey; PS; Student Senate (president), CAS, Sigma Phi Omega. Dolphin Club. Color Guard (captain). Who's Who. Merckle. Nancy L.—Hagerstown.Md.; ES Meteorology; CUB. WMSR, Touchstone. College Republican Club. Merritietd, Jack T.—York; Math. Metzger. Debra L.—East Petersburg; Bio MT; Dean's List. Entomology Club. Aesculapian Society. Archory Team (1976 Eastern Regional Champion, 1976 Nationals.) Metzger. Edward F.—Conestoga; SS PS. Miller, Barbara J.—Lyndell; Elem Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Navigators. College Choir. Miller Barry £.—Lancaster; Econ; CUB (chairman). Economics Club (president). Miller. Bonnie S.—Hanover; ElerrVFrench; Kappa Delta Phi. ACEI. PSEA. Outing Club. Miller. Desiree L.—Chester; Elem SpEd-SMED; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Resident Assistant. Miller. Donna L .— Coopersburg, Music Ed; Chamber Ensemble. Band. College-Community Orchestra. Wind Ensemble. Harold W. and Miriam R. Shaar Award. Music Education Honors. Miller. Janice C.—Fallsington; CS; Computer Science Club. French Club. Spanish Club. Data Processing Management Association. UCM. Miller. John W —Lancaster; Psyc. Miller. Karen L.—Denver; Elem Math. Miller. Lori A.—Sinking Spring; Math; Phi Lambda Sigma. Dean's List. Wrestling Belles. Intramurals. Miller. Mary R.—York; History; Kappa Phi Epsilon (corresponding secretary, president). Band. Miller. Nancy C.—Norristown; Elem; Kappa Delta Phi. Miller. William F —York; Art; Dean's List. Sunburst Balloon Club. Track Club. Track. Intramurals. Millham. William £.—Lancaster; Bio. Millegan. Ronald— Norristown; PS. Mills. Teresa M.—Hershey; Bio. Mimm, Steven E — Lancaster; Bio. Mitchell. Nancy J.—Lancaster; Elem Scl. Monteverde. Robert J.—Hershey, Bio. Moran. Teresa A.—Broomall; Bio; CUB. Moser. Susan C.—Bernville; CS; Touchstone (editor). Delta Phi Eta. Computer Science Club (secretary-treasurer). Data Processing Management Association (secretary-treasurer). Society for Collegiate Journalists. Earle M. Hite Award. John C. Ursprung Award. Mott. Nancy £.—Secane; Elem SpEd SMED; CEC. PSEA. Mourar, Debra £.—Rosemont; Elem SMED. Mowbray. Carol A.—Springfield; Art. Moyer, Kathryn A.—Allentown; Elem French. Student Senate (corresponding secretary). Delta Phi Eta. College Choir. Class of 1977 Alumni Representative. Dean's Educational Council. Moyer. Rhonda G.—Reading; Bio. Muehleisen. Jacquelyn A.—Lancaster; Elem. Mull. MichaelS.—Ephrata; Elem Hi. Mullenhour. Sally A —Middletown; Art Ed Mummert. Robert G.—York; Music Ed. Murianka. Larisa—Philadelphia. SS Soc. Murray. John R.—Millersville; SS Hi Myer. Jane L.—Lancaster; Eiem EChd; Doan's List. Delta Phi Eta. Hockey. Myers. Becky L —North Wales; Bio; Kappa Delta Phi. Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus, International Folk Dancing Club. Priority Club. Myers. Beth A—Hughesville; Bio; Sigma Phi Omega (officer), Dolphin Club (president), Eastern Intercollegiate Synchronized Swimming Honors. Myers. Cynthia L.—Mt. Joy; Elem SpEd; Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Doan's List. Marching Band. Concert Band. Myers. Harvey C.—Muncy; IA; IA Society. Baseball. Myers. Jere L.—Lancaster; Chem. N Napolitano. MaryJo—Neptune. N.J.; Elem SpEd-SMED; CEC. ACMO. Citamard. Dean's List. Nett. Brian L — Ephrata; Bio. Nesbitt. Thomas C.—Catawissa; Sec Phy Math; Sigma Tau Gamma. WMSR, PSEA. RSA. Who's Who. Daniel Engle Science Scholarship. Newcomer. Sharon B —Newfoundland; Elem Math; Dean's List. Newmoyer. Michael J.—Lancaster; Psyc. Nobile. William M — Latrobe; French; French Club. Spanish Club. Russian Club. IVCF. Noll, William C.—Dallastown; English. Nonnemacher. Denise K.—Sinking Spring; Elem Math. Phi Lambda Sigma (officer). Upgrading Urban Education Program. Wrestling Belles (officer). Intramurals. Noone. AliceM— Scranton;Lib. Nork, William J..Jr.—Harrisburg; English. Nowicki. Cheryl A.—Millersville; Lib. Nuding, Michael £.—Temple; CS. Nuss. Charlotte M.—Litltz; Art. O Ober. Curtis L.—Litltz; CS. O'Byrne. Marie A —Philadelphia; Sec Fronch; Sigma Phi Omega. Intramurals. O'Day. Michael P.—Lancaster; PS; Dean’s List, Intramurals. O'Doherty. Christine M—Drexel Hill; Elem SMED. O'Donnell. Bernard J., Jr—Bethlehem; History; Touchstone. Society for Collegiate Journalists. O'Handly. Michael £.—Conestoga; IA. Okurowski, Debra A.—Morrisville; Elem SMED. Olock. Michael D.—P ottstown; I A. Olson, Carroll A.. Jr.—Lancaster. PS; Political Science Organization Olson. Diane H.—Newtown; Elem SpEd-MR; Omega Theta Sigma. CEC. PSEA. O'Rourke. Kathleen M — West Lawn; Math; Dolphin Club (vice- president, treasurer). Wrestling Belles (secretary). Intramurals. Overly. Thomas A — Blue Ball;IA.226 Overly. William R — Lancaster; English; Snapper (summer editor) Owens. Lora D.—Philadelphia; Elem Rdg. P Palko. Luann—Turtlo Crook; Com Thoatre. Palm. James C.. Jr.—Wyomisslng; ES. Palmer. Garry L—Hanovor; PsyC. Palmer. Pamela A—Levittown; Art. Pancio. Joyce M —Norristown; Math; Dean’s List, Phi Lambda Sigma. Citamard. Panick, Donna A.—Heilertown; Elem Rdg; Sigma Phi Omega. Varsity Cheerleading (co-captain), Class Attendance Policy Committee, Dean’s List. Parker. Jean M.—Lancaster; Psyc. Parson. Larry £.—Harrisburg; ES; Sigma Pi. Pasternak. Diane L.—Heilertown; Elem SpEd-MR; Delta Phi Eta. IVCF. CEC. Project Togetherness. Dean's List, Judicial Board. Pauley, Christine M.—Phoenixvllle; Soc SW; Dean’s List. Intercollegiate Sports Club (vice-president, treasurer). Field Hockey (captain), Lacrosse (captain). Paulus. Jack £.—Millersvllle; Elem Rdg. Paydock, Frances E.—Columbia; Elem EChd. Pedrlck, Leland G.—Swarthmore; Elem Rdg; Gamml Pi (parliamentarian. treasurer). College Choir, Resident Assistant. Hotline. Campus Club Award. Intramurals. Peters. David M.—Lebanon; Bio. Patrick. Gregory A — Richboro; IA. Pheasant, Evelyn K.—Mechanicsburg; Elom SMED; CEC, Talking Typewriter, Intramurals. Phillips. Carol A — Oalmatla; Lib. Phillips. Margaret B.—Phoenixville; Elem EChd. Piler, Kenneth D.—Royersford; Soc SW. Piglord. Jacquelyn C.—Lancaster; 8io; Aesculapian Society. Cheorloader (co-captain). Who's Who. Pisano. Samuel F.. Jr.—Lancaster; Psyc. Pish. Anita A.— Pottstown; Spanish; Sigma Phi Omega, Spanish Club, Cheerleader. Plank. Nancy J.—Lancaster; English; National Observer Award, Esther E. Lenhardt Award. Touchstone. Platt, Evelyn R.—Hatboro; Lib; Delta Phi Eta (corresponding secretary). Alpha Beta Alpha (pledgemastor), ACEI, Outing Club. Marching Band, Concert Band, Dean’s List, Intramural Softball, Dorm Council (wing representative). Ploufte, Kim R.—Albertis; PS. Plymyer. Kay E.—West Lawn; Bio. Poindexter. Andrew L.—Jenkintown; Psyc. Poland. Sharon A.—Gettysburg; Math; Kappa Dolta Phi. Pontius. Jeltrey S.—Harrisburg; Bio Env. Poynton, Thomas J.—East Lansdowne; Soc; Sigma Tau Gamma. WMSR, Resident Assistant. Provost, Roger L — Millersvllle; IA; Alpha Sigma Chi, Wrestling. Price. Judy J.—Equinunk; English. Price. Rickey L.—Balnbrldge; Psyc; President’s Advisory Council, Intramurals. Prohonlc. Lisa M — Chambersburg; English. Proud. Ralph £., Ill—Christiana; IA. Q Quinn, Diane R.—Lancaster; PS. R Raber. Richard W.—West Lawn; Elem SpEd-MR; Dean’s List. Rabuck, Richard D.—York; Elem Math. Rainey. Patricia D.—Philadelphia; Elem Spooch; BSA. Citamard. Resident Assistant. ROTC. Rath. Debra K.—Pottstown; Elom SMED. Reagan. William B.. Jr.—Oxford; IA. Redding, Sharon L.—Lancaster; Psyc. Redmond. Minor W., Jr.—Mt. Holly Springs; SS Soc; Human Relations Committee. Resident Assistant. Track Club. Track. Athletic Honors. Reed. Jay A.—Lancaster; IA. Reed. Judith D.—Lancaster; PSN. Reed. Linda S.—Llttlestown; Elem Psyc. Reed, Susanna J.—Hanover; Lib; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Alpha Beta Alpha. Women's Chorus. Regensburg. Jean M.—Collingdale; Elem Art. Reitz. Cathy J —Sinking Spring; Math; Kappa Delta Phi, Wrestling Belles. Dean's List. Renninger, Teryl R.—Quakertown; Psyc; WMSR. Dean's List. Golf Team. Ressler. Charles F.—Lancaster; IA; Dean's List. Reynolds. Margaret M.—Gettysburg; Elem MR. Rhodes. Pamela J.—Horshey; Elem EChd; Sigma Phi Delta. Ribecky. Renee K.—Allontown; Bio; RSA, Dorm Council (secrotary). Richardson, Sandra M.—Chester; Elem Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. BSA. Dorm Council. Ricks. Edward H.—Glenoldon; History; Winter TrackClub. Cross Country. Track and Field. Rieck, David C.—Dover, Del.; SS Hi. Rinehimer. Jetlrey P.—Edison. N.J.; Psyc. Roak, James B.—Aldan; SS Hi; Wickers (president), Dean's List, Basketball. Robb. Doris M — Lancaster; Elem Psyc. Roberts. Carolyn W.—Springfield; Lib, Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta, Citamard. Science Fiction and Fantasy Club. Roberts. Janet L.—Huntingdon Valley; Elem Echd; Delta Phi Eta. Sigma Phi Omega. ACEI. PSEA. Dean's List. Robinson, Joann G.—Kreamer; SW. Robinson, Ruth L.—Clarks Summit; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC (treasurer), Saturday Recreation Program. IVCF. Dean's List. Roden, Bette J.—Lancaster; Soc Psyc. Rodenbough, Diane L.—Easton; Math; Marching Band. Concert Band. Rodgers, Eric W.—Lancaster; PS; Political Science Organization. Rogowski, Deborah A.—Pottsville; Elem Math; Kappa Delta Phi (president), Traffic Court. Student Memorial Fund Committee. John Ross Weaver Memorial Award, Who's Who. Rohll, Michael G. — Lancaster; Art; Art Student Organization. Dolphin Club. Resident Assistant. Rohrer. David M — Ronks; Sec German; Delta Phi Alpha. College Choir. 100-Mile Club. Millorsville Christian Fellowship, German Club, Who's Who. Dean's List, Margie L Ranck Award, Departmental Honors. Language Lab Assistant. Tutor In German. Rohrer, Sharon ..—Lebanon; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta, Phi Lambda Sigma. Women's Chorus. IVCF. Dean's List. Roland, PaulH., Jr — West Reading; I A. Roller. Robert H — New Cumberland; History. Rosendale, Robert J.—Klnnelon. N.J.; Soc; Wickers, Greek Council (president), Sociology Club (president), Newman Club (treasurer), Student Senate. Volleyball Club. George Street Carnival. Ross. Donna L.—Millersvllle; Psyc. Ross. LuAnn—Downingtown; Art; Kappa Alpha Tau. Dean's List. Roth. David £.—Lancaster; English; Phi Sigma PI. Roth, Sally A — Easton; Music. Rowe. Carol A — Mlllerstown; Elem MR. Rozetar, James A.—Morrisvllle; Psyc. Rumberger. Rebecca J.—Mlllerstown; SS HI; Dolta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Women's Chorus. Ruoss, Patrice S.—Lititz; Elom Eng; Upgrading Urban Education Program. Ryan, William K.—Lancaster; SS PS; Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Theta Kappa. S Saiadino. Robert J.—Upper Darby; I A. Salter. William P.—Aston; Sec HI; Football (All-Conforenco captain, 1976-1977).227 Sentry. Kevin B.—Philadelphia; Elem SpEd-MR; Phi Sigma PI. CEC (president-elect). Dean’s List. International Folk Dancing Club. Sarginger, Richard M.—Coudersport; IA; Rosldent Assistant Sauder, Michel A.—Broomall; IA; Omlcron Gamma Omega. Soccer, Ice Hockey. Gymnastics. Tennis. Sauerwald. Michael W.—Malvern; IA; Omlcron Gamma Omega. Sauerwine. Susan A.—Duncannon; SS Soc. Saunders. William B — Drexel Hill; Econ; WMSR (news director, program director). Society for Collegiate Journalists (president), J. Halo Stelnman Award. Dean's List, WIXQ-FM Advisory Board. Savastano. Theresa M — Folsom; Sec Eng; Phi Lambda Sigma. ACMO, Wrestling Belles. Newman Club. Intramural Volleyball. Saylor. David F.—Mlllersvllle; IA. Scannella. Carol L.—Millersville; Bio; Chi Gamma lota. Schaeffer, Andrea E.—Hershey; Spanish French; Spanish Club. Basketball, Lacrosse. Tennis. Intramurals. Schaeffer. Diane L — Wernersville; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC. Navigators. Doan’s List. Schaelfer, Susan J.—Reading; Elem Rdg; Sigma Phi Delta Schafer. Virginia A.—Ridloy Park; Elom SpEd-MR; Saturday Recreation Program, Intramural Basketball. Schlff, Sherry B — Philadelphia; Psyc; Oelta Phi Eta. Student Senate. ACMO. Psychology Club, Citamard. Allocations Committee. Schlenker, Sally S — Kutztown; Spanish; Spanish Club (treasurer). Delta Phi Eta. Color Guard. Class of 1898 Award. Schlossman. Bonnie L.—Columbia; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC. PSEA. Dean's List. Schloltere. Karen (..—Havertown; Elem EChd. Schlouch, James F.—Reading; PS; Gammi Pi (president), Greek Council (president). Political Science Organization (president). Dean's List. Varsity Tennis. Schmitz. Stephen P.—Norristown; English; Snapper. Edwin and Amelia Heal Award. Schmuck, Janice (..—Felton; PSN. Schnee. Howard W., Jr.—Lancaster; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. IA Society. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Schollenberger. Carol J.—State College. German. Schooler. Susan 8 — West Chester; Elem Art; College Choir. Dean's List. Schrader, Donne M.—Lancaster; Bio NucMT; Cheerleading. Schwartz. Jeffrey W —Levlttown; Psyc. Schwarze. Christine G.—Media; Lib; Sigma Phi Omega (alumni secretary), Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Majorettes. Campus Gold (president). Schweitzer. Vincent C.—West Mifflin; IA. Sclarrabba. Josephine G.—Dover; Sec French; Doan's List. Fiold Hockey (manager). Wrestling Belles (treasurer, president). Scott, Geraldine F.—York; Lib. Scott, Karen A.—Philadelphia; Elem Rdg; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Dean's List. Scoff. Perry B.. Jr.—Lancaster; Econ. Scoff. Robert J.—Melbourne. Fla.; IA; Chi Gamma lota. IA Society, WMSR, Doan's List. Scott. Wayne K.—Moscow; Elem HI. Seeberger, Kenneth J.—Lancaster; Psyc. Seely. Anne E.— New Cumberland; Elem SpEd-MR; Women's Chorus. IVCF, Project Togetherness. SegraveDaly. Mary £.—Shavertown; Econ; Kappa Phi Epsilon (treasurer), Outing Club (vice-president). Economics Club. Della Phi Eta. Dean's List. Who's Who. Segro. Jon J.—Lancaster; Psyc. Seibert, Melanie S.—Hanover; Elem Art; Orientation Guide. Dean's List. Seiple, Diane L.—Lancaster; Elem SpEd; CEC. Dean's List. Selcher, James M — Middletown; Bio; Navigators. Track. Intramurals. Sensenig, Karen J.—State College; Elem Rdg. Shadel. Lisa L.—Laureldale; Elem EChd. Shaffer, Charles R — St. Clair; Psyc. Sharpe. Jessie (..—Harrisburg; PSN. Sheaffer. William A.—Hershey; Bio. Shearer. Kinzer M.—Duncannon; Econ; Intramurals. Shollenberger. Marcia L.—Somorset; Elem EChd; Della Phi Eta (historian), ACEl (recording secretary), PSEA, College Choir, Helen Koontz Award. Shellhamer. Patricia G.—Tamaqua; Lib; Student Senate Shenk, Susan E.—Seaford Del; Elem MR. Sheppard. James (..—Lancaster; PS; WMSR. Student Senate (vice-president), Resident Assistant. Sherr. Victoria A.—Litltz; French; French Club. Spanish Club. Shipley. Patricia L.—Aldan; Elem PE; Sigma Phi Omega, Mermettos. Wrestling Bellos, Hockey, Lacrosse. Shoop. Kendra J.—Halifax; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. ACEl. Dean's List. Showalter, Donald J.—Lancaster; History. Shupp. Jill (..—Mt. Joy; Psyc; Sigma Phi Omoga (corresponding secretary), Field Hockey (captain). Lacrosse. Cheerleader. Sicuranza, Richard W.—Williamsport; PS. Stlber, Paula S.—Lancaster; SW; Alpha Kappa Delta. Simkms. Tracy J.—Indianapolis, Ind.; Elem Rdg. Simmons. Brenda L.—Harrisburg; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta, Intramurals. Simmons, Patricia L.—Lancaster. Psyc. Simpson, Bernadette M.—Phoenixvllle; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. ACEl. PSEA. Dorm Council. Outing Club. Intramurals. Singer, Jacktyn—Laceyville; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC. PSEA. ACMO. Wrestling Belles. Sinner. Carol S.—Elizabethtown; Lib Soc; Citamard. WMSR, Resident Assistant. Sload. Michael E — Lancaster; Econ. Smalls. Charles £.—Philadelphia; PS. Smith. Cynthia (..—Roading: Elem German. Smith, Douglas C.—Wayne; IA. Smith. Frederick R.—Downlngtown, IA. Smith. GailE.—White Hall. Md.; Elom EChd; ACEl. Smith. Janice L.—Benton; Lib; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. Smith. Joanne (..—Denton. Md.; Art. Smith. Patti L — Camp Hill; Art; IVCF, Collego Choir. Women s Chorus. Smythe. Barbara L —Huntingdon Valley; Psyc. Snover. Glenn A.—Palmyra; IA; IA Society. Dorm Council. Snapper Doan's List. Intramurals. Snyder, Linda (..—Catawissa; Lib; Alpha Bela Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Snyder. Marc S.—Lovittown; Elem Mr. Snyder. Sue A.—Lancaster; Psyc. Sofranko, Albert D.—Wilkes-8arre; IA. Soliday, Bridget G.—Jonestown; Elem Rdg; PSEA, Delta Phi Eta. Upgrading Urban Education Program, Dorm Council (secrotary). Dean's List. Sonnen. Deborah L.—New Holland; Spanish; Spanish Club Sorg, ThaddeusJ.—S . Marys; Bio; Intramurals Southwood, Margery L — Lancaster; Psyc. Spain. Valerio M.—Philadelphia; English. Speicher, Barbara A.—Reading. Math. Speicher, Beverly A — Reading; Math. Spengel. Virginia M.— Lansdale; IA; Sigma Phi Omega. Epsilon Pi Tau. Dean's List. Spesak, Debra—Lebanon; Elem EChd; Kappa Delta Phi. PSEA. Women's Chorus. Spies. Amy M.—Reading; German; Citamard. Color Guard. Spoils. Lonnie J.—Mlllersvllle; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Mlllersvllle Christian Fellowship. Dean's List. Sprock. Katherine— Manhelm; English; Field Hockey Spurgeon. Karen D.—Philadelphia; SS Hi; Dells Sigma Theta. (treasurer). CUB. Squires. Michael K.—Allentown; SS HI. Stahley. Kathleen S.—Manheim; Psyc. Stallings. Farela W.—Mlllersville; SS; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Women's Choir. BSA. Stank, Barbara J.—Millersville; English; PSEA. NCTE. Allocations Committee. Dean's List. Stanton, Susan A.—Mountalntop; Chem; Delta Phi Eta. Aesculapian Society. American Chemical Society. Dean's List ■228 Startzenbach, Karen A — Hershey; Elem Sci; CUB. Outing Club. Slathas, Edward E — Camp Hill; IA. Steidle. Gertraud M —Reading; PSN. Sterner. Patrick M.— Allentown; Econ; Phi Sigma PI. Sterner. Wendy M — Spring Grove; German; Rho Lambda Phi (treasurer, president), German Club, Intramurals. Stetier, Dianna R —York; Psyc SW; Psychology Club (president). Oelta Phi Eta. Stetson. Evelyn A.—West Chostor. Elem Rdg; Kappa Delta Phi. Stover. Marcia A —Lowistown; Elem SMED. Stewart. Heather M —Harleysville; Elem EChd PSEA. ACEI. Dorm Council (treasurer). Intramural Volleyball. Stewart. Howard P — Lancaster; History; Snapper. Stiles. Karen A —York; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. College Choir. Stillwell. Donna J — Woodbury. N. J.; Art Ed; Dean's List. Student Art Exhibitor. Stine, Bonnie J—Mohnton; Art; Intramural Volleyball. Stitely, Colleen M —York; Elem Art. Stover. Sharon L — York; Soc SW; Student Sociology Organization (president). College-Community Orchostra. Chambor Ensomble. Outing Club. Dean's List. Stober, William S. — Denver; Psyc. Stoltzlus. Joiene F — Elem SpEd; IVCF; Millersville Christian Fellowship. Dean's List. Stone. Michael L.—Mt. Gretna; IA; Wickers (president). Judo Club. Wrestling. Football. Stoner. Fay £.—Lancaster; Psyc; Touchstone (photographer). Stoudt. Ernest R.—Emmaus; IA Stoudt. Judith D — Laureidale; Elem SpEd; CEC. Young Adult Program (coordinator). Stoutzonborger. James G—Columbia; Sec Math; CUB. Strain, William F Jr.—Norwood; Math; Track Club (president). Outing Club. Dean's List, Math Chairman's List, Math Honors List. Cross Country (captain, All-American), Track and Field (captain), intramural Volleyball. Straiton. Walter J.. —Harrisburg; Music Ed; Band (drum major). Jazz Ensemble. College Choir. MENC (president). College-Community Orchestra. Percussion Ensemble. Pa Intercollegiate Band. Shaar String Award. Strozeski. Bernard 8 —Tamaqua; Phy. Stuart, Steven. A — Nowtown; Elem Sci. Sturm. Barbara A. —Plymouth Meeting; SS Hi; Kappa Delta Phi. Greek Council (socrotary). Student Senate. Dorm Council (vice-president), Touchslono. Women's Chorus, Dean's List. Who's Who. Library and Goography Department Assistant. Cinderellas. Subiel, Eileen C.— Philadelphia; Elem German. Sullivan, Kevin G.—Willow Grove; SS PS; Political Science Organization. Intramurals. Sunderman, Nancy E —Reading; Sec Eng; Zeta Gamma Phi (president), Intramurals. Szabo, Sharon K—Harrisburg; Elem Psyc. T Tagle. Joanne—Honesdale; Soc SW; Kappa Delta Phi. RSA. TaylorKamara. Alimamy L — Lancaster; PS. Taylor. Frank A.—Hatboro; SS Hi; Intramurals. Tedrow. Barbara L.—Forty-Fort; Psyc. Teets. Leslie D.—Berwyn; Art Ed. Terry. Debra A — Ephrata; Art. Tesnar. Barbara A.—Lancaster; Elem PE. Texter. Mark S.—Reading; English. Texter. Ruth G—Sharpesvllle; Den Hy. Thelen. Gwen L.—Mt. Gretna; Elem MR. Thomas. David W.—Forest Hill, Md.; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau, (treasurer). Industrial Arts Society. Industrial Arts Association of Pennsylvania Thomas. Jams L.—Lynwood; Lib. Thomas. Michael D.—Lancaster; Econ. Thomson. Dana S —York; Math. Tischhauser. Donna M.— East Brunswick, N.J.; Elem SpEd-MR; Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Resident Assistant. Newman Club. Saturday Recreation Program. Dean's List. Tomec. Mary K.—Harrisburg; Elem SpEd-MR. Tongue. John J.—Greensburg; English. Torre. Bartolo. J.—Philadelphia; Bio. Toutkaldiian, Dawn E.—Media; Psyc. Tretter. Terry A.—Lancaster; Elem MR. Troutman, Debra £..—Dornsife; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta. Psychology Club. Troxell. Carol L — Lancaster; Sec Bio; Priority Club, Entomology Club. Troyer, Debra L — Hershey; Art; Art Student Organization, Citamard. Trubela. Karen A.—Wilkes-Barre; CS. Computer Science Club. Chairman's List, Varsity Tennis. Tuberty, Jane C.—Easton; Psyc; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Tucker. Nellie Y.—Camp Hill; Spanish; Spanish Club, Intramural Volleyball. Tyler. Trudy— Norristown; Bio; Women’s Chorus. Black and Gold. Dean's List. U Udowenko. Nona—Millersville; Russian. UmlaulMacknis. Judith—Lancaster. Com-F B; George Street Carnival. Umstead. Gall M.—Fountamville; Elem Ltb; Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha (vice-president). ACEI. V Varney. Bonnie L.—Bethlehem; Elem SpEd; CEC. Dorm Council. Women's Chorus. IVCF. Dean's List. Vasile, Deborah A —Lancaster; Elem Rdg: Sigma Phi Delta (parliamentarian), Wrestling Belles. Dean's List. Volk. Cynthia B .— Tarrytown. N.Y.; Psyc; Dean's List. Vona. Linda C.—Drexei Hill; Sec Bio; CUB Concert Committee. W Wagner. Susan D.—Now Cumberland; Elem Sci; Women's Choir. PSEA. Walker. Phillip—Millersville; Psyc. Walls. Karen A.—Reading; Art; Phi Lambda Sigma. Rifle Squad (captain). Dining Hall Supervisor. Intramurals. Walsh, Gerard £.—Lancaster; Psyc. Walsh, Michael A.—Morrisville; ES. Walsh, Robert J.—Scranton; Art; WMSR. Walton. Barry A.—Washington Boro; Chem ES; Geology Club. Roddy Scientific Society. American Chemical Society. American Chemical Society Annual Award, Earth Science Department Acadomic Award. Magna Cum Laude Graduate. Wander. Daniel S.—Peltord; English. Ward. Anthony M.—Elkins Park; Art Ed; International Meditation Society (president), Snapper (photographer). Warrick. Janet L —Morton; Elem SpEd-SMED; Women's Chorus. CUB, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Washington. Shawm F.—Malvern; Lib. Wasmer. Barry A. — Easton; I A; Judo Club. Weagley. Michael P — Lancaster; CS; Computer Science Club. Weaver, Deborah P.—Harrisburg; Elem SpEd-MR; CEC. PSEA. Weaver. Shirley A.—Lltltz; Elom Rdg; Delta Phi Eta. Millersville Christian Fellowship. Dean's List. Weggel. Roger F. — Lancaster; IA.229 Weiner, PhillipS —York; English;Snapper. Welsel. Patti A.—Stocker town; Elem Art; Della Phi Eta. ACEI. PSEA. Oullng Club. Intramurals. Wells, Connie—Lowisburg; Elom Art. Wells. Debra L.— Montrose; Elem EChd; PSEA. Dean’s List. Wentzel, J. Richard— Leola; Geography. Wentzel. Thomas L.—Millersville; Elem SMED. Wertner, James R —Greencastle; Art Ed; Tennis. Dean’s List. Wetzel, Mariann K.—Elizabethtown; Elem MR. Weymer, Beth A.—Millersville; Elem Eng. White, Christina M —York; Elem Mus; Marching Band. Concert 8and. Women's Chorus. Why, Debra S — Mlllorsvlllo; Lib; Alpha Bota Alpha. Delta Pht Eta. Wile, Deborah A —Lebanon; Elem SpEd-MR;CEC. Wilke. Barbara A.—York; Art. Willard. Kathleen A —Philadelphia; Elem Rdg; PSEA. Williams, David L — Norristown; Lib; WMSR. Marching Band. Concert Band, Jazz Band. Williams. Janelle R — Bloomsburg; Georgraphy; Marching Band. Concert Band, Orchestra. Choir. Wind Ensemble, Percussion En-sombio. Intercollegiate Band. MENC (secretary). ACMO. Wilson, Denise S.—Millorsville; Music Ed; College Choir, String Ensemble. Marching Band. MENC (troasuror). Music Advisory Council. Wilson, Steven M — Lancaster; History; Snapper (chief photographer). Forry and Hacker Award. Wilt, Joanne £ —York; PSN. Wilt, Pamela J.—Cleona; Music; Chamber Choir. College Choir, Marching Band. MENC, Student-Faculty Advisory Council. Wimer. David W. — Lancaster; Psyc. Wmkeler, Mary L —Colllngdale; Sec Eng; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Touchstono. Majorette. Wise, John R. —Lebanon; Bio. Wisniewski. Mark S.—Dauborville; IA. Withers. Joan .—Dallastown; Eng. Wolle, William F.—Allentown; IA; Phi Sigma Pi. Dolphin Club. Wood, Carolyn L — Norristown; Psyc; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Delta Phi Eta. Psychology Club. Wood' Wendy J.—Millersville; Psyc. Woodcock, Robert w — Lancaster; Psyc. Woodlll, Joseph A.—Washington Boro; Phil. Woodrulf. Mary E — Seaford. Del.; Sec SS-Geog; Resident Assistant. Dean's List. Mary Slokum Sproul Speech Award. Intramurals. Woods. Lamaryce A — Reading. Elem SpEd. Wooley, Timothy A — Millersville; IA. Workinger, Pamela R — York; Lib: Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. Dean’s List. Intramurals. Wright. Ginger S — Camp Hill; Sec Math; Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus, Orchestra. Chamber Ensemble. Doan's List. IVCF Wright, Robert W.—Philadelphia. Psyc; Allocations Committee. President’s Advisory Council. Wursta, Stephen. Jr—Allentown; PS. Y Yeager. Stephen P.—Sinking Spring; I A. Yingling, Sandra F.—Dallastown; PSN. Yocklovich, John F— Mt. Gretna; Elem SpEd. Yost, Joanne M — Lancaster; Soc SW. Young. Barbara A —Philadelphia; Soc: Sociology Club (vice-president). Young, Cynthia J.—Easton; PSN. Young, Deborah A.—Chester, Elem LIb; Delta Sigma Theta. BSA. RSA. Who’s Who. Young, E Richard. Jr.—Ephrata; SS Hi. Young. Linda M.—Philadelphia; Elem EChd. Z Zahnow. Judy A.—Wilmington, Del.; PSN. Zahorsky, Coleen R.—South River. N. J.; Elem; Dean's List, Outing Club. Zerbe. Beth £.—Richland; Elem SpEd-MR; Oelta Phi Eta. CEC. PSEA. Women’s Chorus. Dean’s List. Zerby. Janice A — Millersville; Elem EChd; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Ziegler, Louis—Millersville; Psyc. Zimmerman. Lester R.'Jr.—Manheim; Bio. Zimmerman. Pamela A.—York; Elem Rdg. Zlmnoch. Joyce A —Lebanon; Elem SMED. Zinneman. Peggy L — Hanover; Com Wntmg. Ziogar, Susan J.—Mechanicsburg; French. Zulll, Daniel A.—Bethlohem; Bio; Dean's List. Intramurals.230 index Academics 62 ACEI 216 Acknowledgments 232 Activities 18 ACS 216 Administration 62 Aesculapian Society 205 Alpha Kappa Alpha 171 Alpha SigmaTau 172 Al Stewart 36 Archery 157 Athletics 130 Baseball 158 Basketball, Men’s 142 Basketball, Women’s 146 Black and Gold Marching Band 200 Bob Woodward 38 Cheerleaders 202 Chi Gamma lota 189 "The Children’s Hour" 30 Clubs and Organizations 190 College Concerts 32 College Republican Club 211 Colorguard 204 Computer Science Club 205 Council for Exceptional Children 206 Cross Country 132 CUB Coffeehouse 34 Daniel Engle Memorial 35 Dedication 17 Delta Phi Eta 177 Delta Sigma Chi 176 Delta Sigma Theta 175 Dolphin Club 208 Economics Club 215 Faculty 62 Field Hockey 134 Football 138 Fraternities and Sororities 168 Gamma Pi 174 Gamma Sigma Alpha 173 Golf 157 Graduation 120 Greek Council 170 Greek Council Pledge Skits 40 "Gulliver's Travels” 39 Halloween 28 Hartford Ballet Company 38 Homecoming 20 Honors 128 Indian Jewelry Sale 34 Industrial Arts Society 215231 In Memoriam 217 Sigma Phi Omega 184 In-Motion Modern Dance Club 210 Sigma Pi 181 Introduction 1 Sigma Tau Gamma 182 Snapper 196 Jaz2 Ensemble 43 Soccer 136 Sociology Anthropology Club 214 Kappa Delta Phi 178 Spanish Club 215 Kappa Phi Epsilon 179 Specifications Sports 130 Lacrosse 160 Spring Fling 44 "A Lion in Winter" 42 Student Life 50 Student Senate 194 Martial Arts Club 212 Swimming, Men’s 154 Swimming, Women's 156 Omega Theta Sigma 188 Outing Club 211 Tau Kappa Epsilon 185 Tennis, Men’s 163 Patrons 218 Tennis, Women's 164 Phi Lambda Sigma 186 Touchstone 197 Phi Sigma Pi 187 Track 152 Political Science Organization 211 "Twelfth Night" 31 Rho Lambda Phi 180 United Campus Ministry 216 Scores 166 Wendy Waldman 36 Senior Directory 219 Wickers 189 Seniors 92 WIXQ 198 "She Stoops to Conquer" 30 Wrestling 148 Sigma Phi Delta 183 Wrestling Belles 214acknowledgment ™ specifications Tho 1977 TOUCHSTONE is published by the students of Miliersville State College. Millersville, Pennsylvania. TOUCHSTONE is printed by William T. Cooke Publishing. Incorporated. Devon. Pennsylvania The 248 text pages are printed by offset lithography on Warren's 80 Patina Coated Matte offset stock. The endsheets are Eagle Midnight Black 65 cover stock. The cover uses Holliston Roxite C 57563 linen finish cloth with black silk screened on embossed front cover and backbone. Decorative art type used for covor and backbone is BUPPO by Chartpak. The college seal is blind embossed on back cover. The senior names, senior directory, administration faculty and staff listings, sports scores and specifications aro set in 8 point heivetica. The captions, identifications and honors are set In 9 point heivetica. The acknowledgments and index are set in 10 point heivetica. The dedication to Mrs. Doering, in memoriam. and patrons aro set In 12 point heivetica. Tho Introduction and review of the year are set In 14 point heivetica. Decorative art type used throughout the book Is Bllppo by Chartpak. Tho four-color Introduction and finis are produced from 35 mm slides using individual separations. Five divisional spreads feature black and white photographs and line copy printing in one color plus black. Background ol each spread is a photograph printing in 100% value PMS color. Left pages utilize fine mezzotint two-color spocial effects. Right pages have section commentary overprinting the photo. Activities divider pages use PMS 138. Academics divider pages use PMS 158. Sports divider pages use PMS 150. Greeks divider pages use PMS 471. Clubs and organizations divider pages use PMS 485 The black and white photographs were taken on three 35mm cameras: a Canon F-1. a Canon Ft-b and a Minolta SRT 101. equipped with four lenses—Canon 28mm f3.5 and 50mm fl.4. Minolta 50mm f 1.7 and Vivitar 85-205 mm f3.8; Mamiya C220 with an 80mm 12.8 lens and a 4x5 Speed Graphic with a 135mm 4.7 lens The film used was Tri-X Pan ASA 400. Senior portraits and candids are by Merln Studios. Philadelphia. Senior portraits are photographed with a Beattie Portronic 907 camera, using strobe lights. Candid photographs are taken by Nlkkormat. Nikon and Minolta 35mm camoras. and Mamiya, Kowa, Hasselblad. and Koni-Omega 2'A x 2% cameras. Tho films used are Tri-X and Plus-X. Pross run was 1,800 copies, printed by a 38-Inch Miller two-color perfect press. The edition is Smythe-sewn, rounded and backed with hoad and foot bands for added durability. The 1977 TOUCHSTONE is partially subsidized through tho studont activity foe as allocated by Studont Senate. All graduates of December. May and August of the 1976-77 academic year receive the book without charge; undergraduates pay $2.00. Yearbooks are sometimes thought to be a salute to the graduating seniors—your life was here these last four years, hard to adjust to at first, now hard to forget as you leave it behind. In all that is before you, we wish you all the good fortune. The TOUCHSTONE has captured your campus in pictures, you lived it, loved it, we’ll help you remember it. Thanks to all on the staff and the photographers, our advisor Leah Fudem, Cooke Publishing, and especially Karen Dusman and Val Gerard who gave their all to this book. Valerie Cassell Editor 1977 STAFF: Dolores Brimo. Mary Cowperthwait, Karen Dusman, Valerie Gerard, Ron Hitchman, Sheila Mickle. Sue Moser, Nancy Plank, Mary Kay Plush, Barb Sturm. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Fred Hammond, Steve Nolte, Tom Reimer, Mark Usciak, Tom Usciak. Steve Wilson, and Merin Studios.234  the activism of the 60’s, much maligned, waned in the 70’s, then slid into cynicism in the Watergate years, both nationally and locally, the only spark that could be seen without magnification was the one struck last year by the bicentennial, but it was only a spark, so it died quickly, leaving nothing but apathy, the past year at msc reflected the national picture, by the last academic year, the one that started in September 1976, students were once again being chided for their apathy, “snapper” editorials begged for student interest and participation in college affairs and elections, out of a student population of more than 5,000, only 980 cast votes in the student senate election, and a well-publicized rally against a tuition increase drew only 100 participants, yet students proved they could respond to issues and events that were important to them, when twenty students lost their homes and possessions in a fire at the brookwood court apartments, the response was almost overwhelming, huge quantities of donated towels, pillows, blankets and toiletries inundated the smc. 238 m239240 s241when Watergate conspirator e. howard hunt made msc his first stop on a nationwide lecture tour, students were disturbed to learn that $2,000 was being paid to a man they considered a criminal, a restless audience was appalled at hunt’s arrogance and self-pity as he addressed a crowded lyte auditorium, students showed their indignation by flocking to an unscheduled rally after receiving notices that they must either triple up in dorm rooms or move off campus next September, although the administration tried to explain that the college was unprepared for the unusual number of juniors and seniors who expressed a desire to live in dorms, the crowd was vocal in its protestations.243 244246 ,----- 247 the present faculty evaluations were ridiculed, students demanded a different format and the right to see the results of each faculty member’s rating by other students, many courses were overcrowded as students, to strengthen their job prospects, tried to gain expertise in broad areas, as the academic year neared its end, the desire to find a suitable job or gain entrance to graduate school dominated the thoughts of seniors. spring graduation, in response to student demand, became personalized, and the name of each graduate was read to the assembled crowd, for those brief seconds while a student’s name filled pucillo, he or she was recognized as an individual who had attained a worthwhile goal. With the uncertainty of the future, this individual recognition at graduation assumed importance in each senior’s mind, for some, it may have been the last public recognition they would ever know, but for others it may be only the beginning, published reports say job prospects have improved, many students signed contracts even before graduation, some outstanding athletes have been drafted into professional teams, and one may graduate now holds the title of miss lancaster county. 

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