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 %( dfowmcU Sfc ooi , Q n if itamaooks, furniture, the family Bible, mores, ethics, attitudes—these are some of the treasures which are passed down through a family. These heirlooms are a link between our ancestors and our generation. They are also a link2 between us and the future. As we preserve what we receive, we add something of ourselves and our times before we pass the heirloom on. Although an heirloom may be something tangible, such as an antique, it may be an intangible concept as well. The freedom to question and try something different is an example; another is a memory of an event which proves a turning point in one's life.Institutions as well as families have their heirlooms. Here at Millersville State College we are heirs to the desire of our forebears for quality higher education for everyone who wants it. We are invoking our right to learn. We are learning how to intelligently question what happens around us and how to go about changing what happens if change is necessary. And this year, possibly more than ever before, we have been shown just how much a partNILLCRSMILLC 4 of the “real world” we are and how we must exercise our world. The tragic accident on September 12 that took the lives of Linda Adam and Mary Thomas painfully shook us into awareness of our belonging to the rest of the world 1975-76 was a year when events that "can't happen here" happened again and again Retrenchment, at first a vague threat, had snowballed into the year’s mosf salient issue5 by mid-November, when over 1,200 students, teachers, and local residents addressed a petition to Governor Milton J. Shapp urging him to effect a change in Secretary of Education John C. Pittenger's program which would have resulted in the firing of more than forty MSC staff members. By mid-December, retrenchment had become the Three-Year Action Plan. Christmas6 greetings from the State came in the form of a special, one-page issue of "The Snapper" on December 17, describing the latest government proposal on budgeting education. The plan, to be enacted over a three-year period, called for stabilizing enrollment and denying admission to qualified applicants. It also signaled the demise of entire departments on the campuses of the 13 state colleges and Indiana University.Repeal of the retrenchment plan was announced in mid-March. Students and staff were congratulating one another on the success of their solidarity, but one hard fact remained: the American notion of the indispensable value of education was, for many, no longer unquestionable. The dwindling of funds was one of many factors that changed the tone of college lifeTOUCHSTOMC 8 over the first half of the new decade. By 1975, political turbulence had become a thing of the past. Only three years after the voting age was lowered, participation by MSC students in the democratic process had so ebbed that a Coalition for the Student Vote was formed by concerned students. And although voter registration on the MSC campus set a record high for an outside reg 1976 ACTIVITIES 17 STUDENT LIFE -IS ACADEMICS 65 SPORTS 229 CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 269 VOLUME LXXVII 9 istration site in Lancaster County, the candidates nearly out-numbered the audience at a political forum held here in the spring; lack of questions from the floor resulted in early dismissal of the group. Less than a fourth of the student body participated in Student Senate elections. Other facts emerged in sharp opposition to the college of the sixties: increasing interest10 in the ROTC program; a government plan to phase-out veterans' benefits under the Gl Bill and, perhaps most telling of all, Student Senate opposition to the Board of Trustees’ decision to waive tuition for Vietnamese refugees. Despite such factors as retrenchment and student apathy, 1975-76 saw tremendous academic growth at MSC. Student enrollment was at an all-time high, with the largest freshman11 class ever arriving in the fall; part-time enrollment was up sixty-two percent over the preceding five-year period. Economic woes did, however, effect a change in academic behavior: due primarily to the unavailability of teaching positions, more students than ever before changed their curriculum from education to liberal arts.And academic growth in some instances proved painful: since its initiation in 1969, the Psychology Department had seen a steady increase in student enrollment accompanied by a decrease of one in its staff. Again, in the development of new programs, it was largely the economy that dictated the directions of growth; intellectual interests took a back seat to career considerations.The Cooperative Education Program enabled students to receive on-the-job training with pay while still attending college. Other, more practical majors, such as computer science and social welfare, were either offered or proposed. Still other departments offered broader fields of study to attract more students: the Psy-chology and Philosophy Departments proposed a combined major, while the English Department approved the selection of minor fields in hopes of expanding its students’ options for employment. Enlightenment was also available outside the classroom in such programs as the Central Pennsylvania Philosophical Association meeting, the Human Sexuality Workshops, and theReligion and Life Week. With the new ADEPT (Alcohol Drug Education Prevention and Treatment) program, the college added counseling services on a peer-level for problems on drugs and alcohol to those earlier established on pregnancy, abortion, and VD. Academic excellence was recognized in several areas. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education-an outside reviewing board-compiled a positive report on Mil-lersville's growing Graduate School program. Distinguished Faculty Awards were received by Dr. Bernard Oostdam (Earth Science), Dr. Richard Keller (History), Clarence Randolph (Political Science), and George Hauber (Industrial Arts). And while grade-inflation was a national phenomenon, investigation revealed no significant changes in Millersville's grading system from 1970 to 1975.1. Each Student is recommended to provide himself with slippers, that in passing up and down the stair-ways or through the halls, he can walk quietly. No one must indulge in loud talking, whistling, or other unnecessary noise in the buildings. 2. The use of tobacco, in any form, is strictly prohibited in the buildings or about the grounds. 3. The Students shall repair to their rooms at the ringing of the bell for evening study and not leave them, without the permission of the teacher in charge; and, in twenty minutes from the ringing of the retiring bell, all lights must be extinguished, and all noise cease. 4. Every Student will be expected to be present at the daily opening and closing exercises of the school, and at all general exercises in the Lecture Hall, unless excused; and permission to be absent from recitations should always be obtained, from the teacher in charge of the class, before the absence occur. 5. Students are allowed to walk for exercise in the vicinity of the school, but no one, otherwise, will absent himself, without permission from the Principal. 6. Eiich Student will be held accountable for damage done to his room or its furniture, or, to any of the property of the Institution. 7. No nails shall be driven into the walls or ceilings, or alterations be made in the windows, doors, or any appendage of the rooms, without the permission of the Steward. The Steward will visit each room, at least once a week, and, if damaged, it may be repaired, or if unnecessarily dirty, it may be cleansed, at the expense of the occupant. 8. No water, dirt, or other material must be thrown from the porticos or windows. 9. Students are not allowed to visit one another's rooms during the regular hours of study; and, no change of rooms must take place without permission from the Principal.■ Alice Smith Baker, violin teacher, in her photograph for the yearbook of 1 02. The MSNS Band in 18 9. Uniform;, show strong military influence. ILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE WAS BORN IN 1855. May Day 1926. The Queen and her court were rowed around The Lake by gondoliers as spectators rimmed the banks. 12. It is expected that the ladies and gentlemen of the Institution will treat one another with politeness, but no cotiversation between the sexes must take place in the Lecture Room, in the Recitation Rooms, or in the Halls. At the close of evening lectures or society meetings, all will repair immediately to their respective rooms. Neither sex will be expected to trespass upon that portion of the building assigned to the other. 13. No lady or gentleman, attending this Institution, will walk or ride with persons of the opposite sex, except in cases of necessity; and, then, only with the permission of the Principal. No permission will be given for parties or excursions composed of the two sexes. 14. Brothers, sisters and relatives, members of the school, can meet in the parlor, upon permission being given by a teacher; and the Principal will extend the same privilege to friends and acquaintances of the two sexes, when, in his judgment, the circumstances justify it. A late spring snowstorm makes a Japanese painting of The Lake in this photograph from 1940. The raised bridge is silhouetted at center right. The cast of the junior play of the Class of 1927 assembled on the stage of the chapel in Old Main for its photo. Beadwork, lace and embroidery are visible in the dress of Liz Washburn, Class of 1882. Adelaide Clements, of the same class, exposes her arms nearly to the elbow. Dresses were long enough to sweep the floors. Debbie Baas, Class of 1976, models the valedictory dress of the Class of 1884 in the archives section of Ganser Library, which is now its permanent home. The dress is heavily—and beautifully-hand-embroi-dered. It is fully lined, and the lining and dress have separate closings of hooks and eyes from neckline to hips.TABLE OF CONTENTS % Russel Kohr and G. Bcckmyers in 1913 posed in a peony patch. DAVID FROST IS NEVIN FISHER 18 DON CIOVANNI HOMECOMING 21 JESSE COLIN YOUNG 25 JERRY CORBETTA 25 SMC BIRTHDAY PARTY 26 HALLOWEEN DANCE 27 STUDENT RALLY 28 GIL EAGLES, PSYCHIC 29 COFFEEHOUSES 30 TOM CHAPIN 31 LEONARD NIMOY 32 STUDENT RECITAL 32 VINCENT BUGUOSI 32 BICENTENNIAL BALL 33 MISTEROCERS 34 ROBERT VAUGHN 34 LOVE SONG 35 GINGERBREAD LADY 36 TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA 38 DANCE FEATURING MOURNING SON 40 SPRING FORMAL 41 SPRING FLING 42 VOTER REGISTRATION 44 CANDIDATES' NIGHT 44 ORGAN DEDICATION 45 CHARLES BERLITZ 45 ALL-CAMPUS PICNIC 45 LOUIS VYNER AND LANCASTER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 46 CODSPELL 46 LUV 47 BICENTENNIAL NIGHT 4717NEVIN FISHER Oct. 7 DAVID FROST Sept. 30 18 GOLDOVSKY GRAND OPERA THEATER PRESENTS 19n 2022Top right photo. Michelle Spade J, Charity Queen. 23co si rrn Jioniec mcruj' 24THE MANY MOODS OF WALT STRAITON JERRY CORBETTA 2526HALLOWEEN DANCE 27 28GIL EAGLES, PSYCHIC Feb. 9 31LEONARD NIMOY Dec. 8 STUDENT RECITAL DEBRA E. TICE Feb. 4 VINCENT BUGLIOSI, AUTHOR OF HELTER SKELTER Feb. 12 32BICENTENNIAL BALL March 27 33■■ ROBERT VAUGHN MISTEROGERS April 5 April 6 Above: Mr. Marvin Donner introducing Robert Vaughn ■ LOVE SONG CONCERT March 18 35THE GINGERBREAD LADY Nov. 20-23 36Bt 3738394041SPRING FLING— a time for fun, dancing, dunking, loving. LPjALTfNDt OgllC AND PftlWU ?24 A D9698 Wash in 42 looking, cele- brating the bicen 43VOTER REGISTRATION SETS RECORD March 23 CANDIDATES' NIGHT March 25ORGAN DEDICATION Oct. 5 CHARLES BERLITZ April 9 Top left photo: David Craighead, a nationally known organist. performs at the dedication of the Hook and Hastings organ. Top right photo: Charles Berlitz, author of The Bermuda Triangle. Lower photos: Many people came to the all-campus picnic to enjoy food, music, games, and the sun. 45 ALL-CAMPUS PICNIC May 9LOUIS VYNER AND LANCASTER SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA April 25 GODSPELL Feb. 2 4647 LUV Oct. 23-25 BICENTENNIAL NIGHTSTUDENT LIFE4950515253 I545557 58596061626364"During the summer of 1854, a number of the citizens of Millersville and its vicinity, desiring a more liberal education for their children than that furnished by the Common Schools of the neighborhood, erected a building for the purpose of establishing a school, which they proposed to denominate the Millersville Academy." The first catalogue, issued for the 1856-57 academic year, called the institution the Lancaster County Normal School. As a school for the training of teachers it preceded by two years the passage of the law that established state normal schools. In 1859 when it received state certification, it became the first Pennsylvania State Normal School. "Candidates for entering the junior Class must possess a thorough knowledge of the branches embraced in the common school course, viz.: Orthography, Reading, Writing, Geography, Grammar, Mental Arithmetic, and Written Arithmetic, together with a History of the United States, the elements of Algebra, Natural Philosophy, and Physiology. In two years after Having entered the Junior Class a student may graduate." JUNIOR YEAR Geometry (five books) Higher Algebra Rhetoric Physiology or Botany Geometry (completed) T rigonometry and Surveying History Natural Philosophy SENIOR YEAR Conic Sections Analytical Geometry The Philosophy of the Human Mind Chemistry Calculus Mathematical Astronomy Geology Classes were held from 7 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m.The Page Normal inter-socicty debating team moved outdoors in good weather during the 1890's. The Civil War monument is behind the speaker, fountains arc to the left. Thomas Henry Burrowes, one of the earliest teachers at Millersville. The summer of 1884 these students congregated at the foot of the Civil War monument that memorializes Millersville's contributions to various historic battles of that war. Two courses were offered at first, one for common schools (elementary grades) and an advanced course "embracing the higher mathematics, general literature, and several of the natural sciences" Ancient and modern languages were optional, as were vocal and instrumental music, painting and drawing. The academic year stretched over two sessions. The first session opened the first Monday of April and the other the second Monday in October. Each lasted twenty-two weeks. There were two vacations, one in spring of three weeks and one of five weeks in the fall. The total charge for tuition, board, washing, light and fuel was $70 for a full session, payable half in advance and half upon entrance. For parents who wanted to know precisely where their money was going, the catalogue contained a breakdown of costs. Figures are for a quarter of eleven weeks and must be doubled for the cost for a session. Tuition.....................................$7.50 Languages extra, each....................... 2.50 Oil Painting................................ 6.00 Drawing and"Ornamental Penmanship, each .... 3.00 Music (full lessons on piano extra)......... 8.00 Use of Instrument........................... 1.00 Vocal Music................................. 2.00 Board, by the week.......................... 2.00 Light and Washing, each, by the week.............25The new Science Hall as it looked upon completion in 1897. In 1962 it was torn down and Diiworth erected on the site. The Class of 1937 in the junior year photo on the steps of the Science Building. THESIS MUST BE WRITTEN ON SOME EDUCATIONAL SUBJECT.TABLE OF CONTENTS ACADEMICS 65 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 66 SENIORS 92 GRADUATION 120 HONORS BANQUET 122 HONORS GRADUATES 124 WHO'S WHO 128 The Class of 1898 reveals the tremendous growth of the college during its first half-century. 65ADMINISTRATION ACADEMIC AFFAIRS OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dr. William H. Duncan President Dr. Michael C. Kovach Assistant to the President Mr. Henry I’ Bucher Director of Alumni Affairs Dr. Nicholas C Brown Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Robert V. Brown Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Summer Sessions Mr. Charles I. Kent Assistant to the Vice President tor Academic Affairs and Director ot Academic Advisement Dr. F. Perry Love Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Continuing Education Dr. F.dgar R. Thomas Dean, Graduate School Dr. James L. Maurey. Jr Dean, Division of Education and Certification Officer Dr. Louis G. Jennings Dean, Division of Humanities 66STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Cary VV. Kcighard Vice President tor Student Affairs Dr. Daryll D. Hersemann Dean for Student Life and Advisor to International Students Mr Richard L. Frerichs Associate Dean for Residence Life Miss Ellen P. Barber Assistant Dean for Residence Life Mr. John P. Farmer Assistant Dean for Residence Life Miss Helen V. Conway Associate Dean for Off-Campus Life and Veterans' Affairs Dr. Richard G. Blouch Director of Counseling Services Mrs. Dorothy ). Harris Counselor Mr. Harold J. Harris Counselor Mr. Marvin R. Dormer Director of Student Activities and Orientation Miss Mary Anne Gibbons Director of Student Union Dr. Lawrence A. McDermott Director of Athletics Mr. Gene R Wise Director of Financial Aid Miss Darlene M. Ayers Assistant Director of Financial Aid I Wendle McLaughlin. M.D Director of Health Services Mr. V'. Scott Carman Director of Speech Clinic Mr Peter Wilhovskv Director of Reading Clinic Mrs. Leah C. Fudem Advisor to Student Publication Mi Woodrow W Frank Director of Safety and Security Mr I David Smith Chief of Security Mr. Clctus Sweigart Manager. Student Services, Inc Mr. Gilbert Shoff Manager of College Store Mr Robert Slabinski Manager of Student Center Food Services COMPUTER SERVICES Mr Thomas I. Houser Director ot Computer Services DEVELOPMENT Mr. Donald A Stollemveik Director of Development Mr W. D. leighty Assistant Director ot Development Dr. William A. Pearman Dean, Division of Social Sciences Dr. Richard Sasin Dean, Division of Sciences and Mathematics Dr. R. Gordon Wise Director of Art Education Dr. Gerald Bosch Director of Elementary Education Dr. George H. Ditlow Director of Industrial Arts Education Mr Raymond C. Mullin Director of Safety Education Dr. Carl O. Schmidtke Director of Secondary Education Dr. W. Richard Kettering Director of Special Education Mr. James E. Zwally Director of Music Education Dr Robert J. l.abriola Director of Educational Development Center Dr John E. Pflum Director of Elizabeth lenkins Elementary School Dr J. Henry Keneagy Director of Admissions Mr Eugene D. Lyda Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Blair E. Treasure Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Gerald W. Burkhardt Registrar Mr. Ralph L. Wright Scheduling Officer Dr Daun W N’esbit Director of Student Teaching Mr Steven R Kravinsky Director of Liberal Art Placement and Cooperative Lduca tion Mr Philip R. Bishop Director of Teacher Education Placement Mr. John S. Maine Director of Library Dr V. A. Champa Director of Audiovisual Services Dr. Juanita High Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program Capt Alan R. Cocks Assistant Professor of Military Science Capt. Roland A. Culver Assistant Professor ot Military Science Lt. Col. Richard F. Keidy, Jr Professor of Military Science PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COLLEGE PUBLICATIONS Mrs. Carole L. Slotter Director of Public Relations and College Publications Mr Robert N. Luft. Jr Assistant Director of Public Relations and College Publications Mr. Donald R. Bird Sports Information Director 67FACULTY ART CHEMISTRY Or. S. Kent Carson Mr. Donald A. Davis Dr. Dominick I. Fanani Mr. John E. Ground Mr. Robert G. Hustead Mr. Isaac K. Hay Mr. Kenneth A. Kirsten Dr. Harold A. laynor Mr. Robert H. Lowing Mr. Robert A. Lyon. Jr Miss Jane L Reinhard Mrs. Sheba Sharrow Dr. Ronald E, Sykes Dr R Gordon Wise Chairperson Dr Donald R. Davis Dr. James E. Koken Dr, Richard Sasin Dr. Jan M. Shepherd Dr. Shih-Fan Ting Dr. Donald E. Weiman Dr. Gerald S. Weiss Chairperson Dr. Sandra A. Yeager BIOLOGY Dr. Larry M. Lewis Mr. Kenneth G. Miller Mrs. Lois F. Nute Dr. David S. Ostrovsky Dr. James C, Parks Dr Mahlon 2. Bierly Dr. Sydney Radinovskv Dr. Eugene S Chapman Dr. William Rat laff Dr. Antone K. Fontes Mr. John L. Rorabaugh Chairperson Mrs. Juliet Stephan Dr. Samuel 1. Ha Dr. Guy L. Steucck Dr Alex Henderson Mr Harold R. Weirich Dr Albert C. Hoffman Dr. William Yurkiewic COUNSELOR EDUCATION Dr. lames C Atty Dr. H. Byron Showers Chairperson Mrs. Joyce Smedley EDUCATIONAL MEDIA Mrs. Isabelle H. Binkley Mr loseph Blake Mrs. Mary E. Llewellyn Mrs Minda M. Sanders Chairperson Miss Margaret R. Fassia Mrs. Alice Hostetler Dr Byron M. Wagner Mr. Keith E. YoderEARTH SCIENCES GEOGRAPHY Dr. Russell I. DeSou a Dr. Robert N. Ford Dr. William Jordan Chairperson Mr. Paul J. Mclnerney Dr Joseph W. Glass Dr. Paul H. Nichols Dr. Mario Hiraoka Chairperson Dr. Gary R. Hovinen Dr B. 1.. Oostdam Mr. Arthur C. Lord Mr. Robert S. Ross Dr. Charles K. Scharnbcrger Dr. Glenn V. Stephenson ENGLISH Dr. Robert P. Hastings Mr. Frank R. Hcavner Dr. John A. Huzzard Dr. John F. O'Donnell Chairperson Mr. Charles P. Patton Mrs. Margaret N. Butler Mrs. Hazel 1. Jackson Dr. Gordon D. Reynold' Mr. David B. Chamberlin Dr. Louis G. Jennings Dr. Mary P A„Shcatfer Dr. Danny Duckcr Mr. Bruce D. Kellner Mr. Gordon P. Symonds, Jr Mrs. Leah G. Fudem Dr Debrah D. LeSage Miss A. Grace Wenger Mr. Sumner J. Germain Dr. Marcia K. Miller Mr . Margaret Woodbridge Miss Phyllis Goodman Dr. Kathryn L. Moran Mr. Edwin J. Zarek ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Mrs. Jane M. Bachman Dr David C. Bird Dr Gerald Bosch Chairperson Mr. Michael Dianna Mrs. Anna Z. Kondor Dr. Robert Matulis Dr. William P. Mcllwaine Mr. Richard Meily Mrs. Helen R. Melzler Mrs. Michaclinc Nissley Dr. Samuel Riegel Mr . Gwendolyn Robinson Mr. Joseph L. Rousseau Miss Beatrice Smith Miss M. Joanne Snavcly Dr. Daisy D. Spangler Dr. J. Richard Zerbv EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS Mr. Samuel Fonzi Dr. Donald G. C.ertenbach Mr. Eugene G. Groff Dr. James Hare Mr John Horst Mr . Fay E. Kramer Dr. Walter Kreider. |r. Mr. Lewis F. Maraffie Mr Raymond C. Mullin Dr. Carl O. Schmidtke Chairperson Dr. James W. White Mr. Richard S. Will 69FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr Robert F. Ambachcr Mr. C. Richard Beam Dr. Ladislaus J. Bolcha .y Mr. Joseph E. DeCamp. Jr VIr Byron Detwiler Mrs. Therann G. Ferrier Dr. Philip T. Heesen Dr. Olga Iglesias Mrs. Beatrice M. Killough Mr. Daniel E Kogut Mrs, Jacqueline Long Dr. Fred E Oppenheimer Dr. Lina A. Ruiz y Rui Dr. Theodore H Rupp Chairperson Dr Irene P Seadle Dr. Hans G. Skitter Dr. Rodrigo Solera Mr. John Tully Dr. Simone I. Vincens Dr. Marian Walter Mr. Philip Wooby PHILOSOPHY Dr. Kurt K. Fischer Chairperson Mr Howard P. Kemg Mr Leon Miller Dr Mia Sarracino Dr. lohn F. Winter HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. John F. Apple Mr. J. Rodney Bimson Mrs. Julia Bowers Dr Gene A. Carpenter Mr. Richard DeHart Dr Mary E. Dixon Assistant Chairperson Mrs lone L. Dorwart Mr. Eugene Fritz INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDUCATION Dr. Joseph L. Abromaitis Dr. George H. Ditlow Chairperson Dr. Richard F. Doutt Mr. Hugo J. Fiora Dr. Denis J. Foley, Jr. Dr. George H Francis Mr. William H. Geiger, Jr. Mr. George D. Hauber Mr. Glenn Heckman Dr. Francis J. Katka VIr. Ralph W Miller Dr Austin G. Quick Mr. I William Schotta Mr. William H. Skelly Mr. Dalton E. Smart, Jr. Mr. I. Richard Stcinmetz Dr. Earl M. Weber Dr Philip D Wynn HISTORY Dr. Richard C. Keller Chairperson Mr. William W Kenawell Dr. Reynold S. Koppel Dr. Charles A. Lord Dr. G. Terry Madonna Dr. Ronald M. Benson Dr. lohn B Osborne, Jr. Dr. Linda L. Clark Mr Thomas G. Tirado Dr. Jack R. Fischel Dr. Edward A. Tuleva Dr. Abram Foster Dr. Joseph E. Walker Mr. James A. lolly Dr. George L. YoungMr. John W. Henry Mr. Arthur R. Hulmc Chairperson Mrs. Nancy Hungerford Mr William V Kahlcr Mr. Carl R Kane Mr. George Katchmer Or. Lawrence A. McDermott Miss Sandra L. Peters Or. Raymond J. Runkle Mr. Jerry Swope Mrs. Marjorie Trout Mr. Lawrence W'arshawsky Mr Albert Wooley MATHEMATICS Dr. John F. Lavcllc Dr. Robert S. Matulis Dr. Joseph A. Meier Mr. Robert K. Morse Mr. Marshall Anderson Mr. Edmund Pribitkin Mr. Harry Canter Mr. Robert Shaak Mr Ronald L. Davis Chairperson Dr. Charles Denlinger Dr, James Stager Mr. Donald Eidam Mr. Clark E. Taylor Miss Mary Fulginiti Mr. Charles VanGorden Mr. Stephen R France Mr. Jay Weaver Mr. Roy Garland Mr. Charles T. Wolf ECONOMICS Mr. David Lawrence Mr. Robert Barnes Dr. Secunderabad N. Lcela Chairperson Dr. Ferdinand t.. Mol Dr. M Khalil Hamid Mrs. Delois B. Nichols Dr. long-Chol Hau Mr. Harry F. Sieber, Ir. POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Man woo Lee Dr. Ivan Brychta Mr. Clarence J. Randolph Mr. H. Joseph Flynn Dr. D. Grier Stephenson. Jr. Dr. James M. Garrett Mr. John E. Tannehill Chairperson Dr Gerald L. Weinberger MUSIC Mr. Mark H. Goldstein Mr. Luke K. Grubb Mr. Ray W. Kauffman Dr. Bertha N Maraffie Mr. Karl E. Moyer Mrs. Carol J. Myers Mrs. Dorothy P. Beam Mr. David F. Sear Mr. Walter W. Blackburn Dr. LeonaFrances Woskowiak Mr. John Colangelo Mr. James E, Zwally Dr. Paul G. Fisher Chairperson Mr. Randy L. Gehret Mrs. Jean R. Zwally PHYSICS Dr. John W. Dooley Dr. Joseph W. Grosh, |r, Dr. C. Byron Kohr Chairperson Dr Conrad Miziumskt Dr. Clifton W. Price. Jr Dr John A. Van Horn 71SPECIAL EDUCATION Mr . Arlene Bucher Mr . Ruth M. Cox Mr. Unit I. C ap Or. Ermalcen B. Eller Dr. VV Richard Kettering Chairperson Mr . Marie Kiser Dr. Barbara Kokene Mr Douglas P. Lapierrc Dr. Elassan H. Osman Mr Edward D. Ottinger Dr Raymond S. Treon Mr. Peter Wllhovsky Mr . Miriam E. William PSYCHOLOGY Dr, Richard F. Bromer Dr. Albert J. Duchnowski Dr, Betty J. Finney Dr. Richard | Hess Dr. Joseph J. Elorvat Dr. Patricia Kran .-Englert Dr |ohn Lem bo Dr. Susan P luck-Kcen Dr Richard E. Olds Chairperson Dr lames J Sheridan Mrs. l.velvn Steven Dr. Walter vom Saal Mr Jacob C Wine Dr. Charles J. Wirls STAYER RESEARCH AND LEARNING CENTER Dr. Ralph Anttonen Director of Research Mrs. Lucy Alicia Miss Jean Disabatinn Dr. Robert J. Labriola Director Mr. Ira Eight Mr. Michael Reed Mi Maria Sanchez Mr . Paula Stoup Ml Maria Velatjue SOCIOLOGY- ANTHROPOLOGY Mr William Boisko Dr. Jerome R. Brigg Dr. Samuel Casselberry Dr. Charles A Ekstrom Dr. Marion C. Foster Dr. William A Pear man Chairperson Mr. Robert A. Rotz Mr. Gary I. Shuey Dr. George F. Stine Dr. George | Yelagotes SPEECH-DRAMA - Mr. V. Scott Carman Mr. Cameron Iseman Mr Warren E. Fairbanks Mr. Charles Mucnch Mr Robert H. Fogg Dr. Paul Talley Chairperson Mr. William Wright 72 Top left photo. Dr William H Duncan, President. Top middle photo: Dr. Nicholas C Brown. Vice President for Academic Affairs. Top right photo Dr. Gary W Keighard. Vice President for Student Affairs. Middle left photo. Mr Thomas 1 Houser. Director of Computer Services Middle tight photo Dr. ). Henry Keneagy, Director of Admissions. Lower left photo: Dr. Daryll D. Hcrsemann, Dean for Student Life. Lower right photo Dr Richard G Blouch, Director of Counseling Services. J 73Top left photo Miss Ellen Barber, Assistant Dean for Residence Life. Top center photo: Mr. John P. Farmer, Assistant Dean for Residence Life. Top right photo: Mr. Richard L. Frerichs, Associate Dean for Residence Life. Middle left photo: Dr. Edgar Thomas, Dean of Graduate School. Middle right photo: Mr. Gerald Burkhardt, Registrar. Lower left photo: Dr. Juanita High, Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program. Lower right photo: Mr Ralph L. Wright, Scheduling Officer. 74k-., . ' "S'" f"ioto: i Jr Kent Carscm. Middle left phot Mr Rober| G. Hustcad .VffA ,yht ph,0 0: Dr. Ronald E. Svk, Lowe, left photo: Mr k»hn C round. Lower ri ht photo: V R Cordon Wise, chairman 7576jjes ££$ COUNSELOR EDUCATION r Top left photo: Dr. H. Byron Showers, chairman of the counselor education department. Middle left photo: Dr Richard Sasin, Dean of the division of sciences and professor of chemistry. Middle right photo: Dr. Gerald S. Weiss, chairman of the chemistry department. Loioer left photo: Dr. Shih-Fan Ting. Lower right photo: Dr. Ian M. Shepherd. 77EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS Top left photo Mr. Robert S. Ross, professor of earth science. Top center photo: Dr. Paul H. Nichols, chairman of the earth science department. Top right photo: Dr. Russell L DeSouza. Middle left photo: Mr. lohn Horst, professor of educational foundations. Middle right photo Mrs. Anna Z Kondor Lower left photo: Dr. Ferdinand L Molz, professor of economics. Lower right photo: Dr. Jong-CHol Hau. ECONOMICS 78ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Top left photo: Mrs. Minda M. Sanders, chairman of the educational media department Top center photo: Mrs. Alice Hostetler. Top right photo: Dr. Byron M. Wagner. Middle left photo. Dr. Gerald Bosch, chairman of the elementary education department. Middle right photo. Mrs, Jane M Bachman. Lower photo Mr. Richard Meily. 79Top left photo. Dr. John F. O'Donnell, chairman of the English department. Top right photo. Miss Phyllis Goodman. Middle left photo: Mr Sumner Germain. Middle fight photo: Mrs Hazel I. Jackson and Dr. Mary P. A. Shcaffcr. Lower left photo. Mr Bruce D. Kellner. Lower right photo: Dr Robert P. Hastings. 80Top left photo: Mrs. Beatrice M. Killough Top tight photo: Dr. Philip T. Heesen. Middle left photo: Dr. Simone J. Vincens. Middle right photo: Mr . Therann G. Fer-rier. Lower photo: Dr. Irene P. Seadle. 81HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Top left photo: Mr Arthur C. Lord, professor of geography Top center photo: Dr. Glenn V. Stephenson. Top right photo: Dr Gary R. Hovincn. Middle left photo: Mr. Arthur R. Htilme, chairman of the health and physical education department. Center photo: Mr. J. Rodney Bimson Middle right photo: Mrs. Julia Bowers. Lower left photo. Dr Mary E. Dixon, assistant chairman Lower right photo: Dr. Raymond J. Runklc. 82MATHEMATICS Top left photo: Mr. Charles T Wolf. Top right photo: Mr. Robert Shaak, chairman. Middle left photo. Dr. Joseph A. Meier. Center photo: Mr. Roy Garland. Middle right photo: Mr Marshall Anderson. Lower photo: Miss Mary Fulginiti. 84Top left photo: Mr. L. William Schotta. Top right photo: Dr. George H. Ditlow, chairman. Middle left photo: Mr. George D. Hauber. Center photo: Mr. Ralph VV. Miller. Middle right photo: Mr. William H. Geiger, Jr. Bottom photo: Mr. Glenn E. Heckman with student Steve Steinke. 85MUSIC Top left photo: Mr. David F. Sears, professor of music. Top right photo: Mr. James E. Zwally, chairman of the music department. Middle left photo: Dr. Bertha N. Maraffie. Middle right photo: Dr. Paul C. Fisher. Bottom photo. Mr. Howard P. Kenig, professor of philosophy. PHILOSOPHY 86Top left photo: Dr. Joseph W. Grosh, professor of physics. Top right photo: Dr. Clifton VV. Price, Jr. Center photo: Dr. C. Byron Kohr, chairman of the physics department. Bottom photo: Dr. VV. Richard Kettering, chairman of the special education department. PHYSICS SPECIAL EDUCATION 87SPEECH-DRAMA POLITICAL SCIENCE Top left photo: Mr. Jacob C. Wine, professor of psychology. Top right photo: Mrs. Evelyn Stevens. Middle left photo: Mr. Cameron Iseman. professor of speech and drama. Middle right photo: Mr. William J. Wright Bottom photo: Dr. Ivan Brychta, professor of political science. 88SOCIOLOGY-ANTHROPOLOGY Top left photo: Mr. William Boisko. Top right photo: Dr. William A. Pearman, Dean of the division of social sciences and chairman of the sociology-anthropology department. Middle left photo: Dr. George 1 Yelagotes. Center photo: Mr. Robert A. Rotz. .Middle right photo: Di George F. Stine. Lower left photo. Dr. Jerome R. Briggs. Lower right photo: Dr. Samuel Casselberry. 89STAFF Top left photo: Mr. Lector G. Cox, postmaster. Top right photo: Mrs. Gladys Reese, Food Services. Middle left photo: Mrs. Teresa Dorsey, Food Services. Center photo: Mrs. Alma Schmalhofer, custodian. Middle right photo: Miss Carol Brenner, receptionist. Lower left photo: Miss Jacquelyn Hostetter. secretary. Lower right photo: Mrs. Irene E. Heisey, nurse. 90Top left photo: Mrs. Norm, Gunzenhauser. cook. Top center photo: Mr. Ira Light, coordinator of the Educational Development Center. Top right photo: Mrs. Ruth K. Royer, secretary. Center photo: Mrs. Lynda Wilson and Miss Darlene Shade, secretaries. Bottom left photo: Mrs. Dorothy C Graves, secretary. Bottom center photo: Mrs. Jeanette Hashinger, Food Services. Bottom right photo: Miss Phyllis D. Powl, secretary. 91SENIORS Janice Aeschleman David Albright Paula Altano Charles Allen David Allwine Craig Althouse Patricia Amberg Susan Angstadt Virginia Anonia Cindy Arasin Michael Arduini Stephen Arnawoodian John Auerbach Dorothy Baas lames Baglin Richard Balmer lams Banks Judith Banks Donna Barbano Diane BarnhartGwynncth Bartow Deborah Baum Cynthia Baxter Lisa Beachel Kathy Beck Amelia Becker Anne Becker Dorothy Bedics Beverly Beecher Jill Benfer Phyllis Bennett Roxanne Bennett 93 Patricia Binftham Walter Bisbec Cindy HorvathPamela Bishop Cynthia Bitzer William Blair John Boback Debra Bocian Mark Boeshore Anita Bolton Karen Bonner Charles Book Muriel Booz Linda Borsoi Joan Botto Lawrence Bowe Daniel Bowman Thomas Boyd Mark Boyer Pamella Boyer Carol Brackbill Denise Boyer Kathie Boyer Patricia Brady Kathy Branigan Karl Brendle Jan Bressler Judith Brewer Diane Brossman Stephen Brunner Gertrude Brunot Janet Bryant Barbara Buchakjian Butler Buchanan Richard Buchanan Ben Bucks Christine Bundschuh Kathleen Burke Helainr Burkhard Janet Burkhardt Thomas Cahill Wendy Campbell Ltsa Cannon Judith Capwell Michael Carbonell Ruth Carpenter Caro! CarrollVincent Charles Virginia Christman Joanne Christopher Vito Cicero Nancy Cipoletti Fay Claud Diane Clauser Michael Clave Marie Comeaux lean Conroy Carol Cooper loan Cooper Michael Cornwell Kathleen Corry Jeffrey Cleary Dolores Clemens Deborah Cole John Coll Janet Collins Janet Colquhoun 96Joyce Count Robert Cowherd Mary Coyle Claire Craney Robert Creveling Jan Cotmon Gail Crissey Benjaman Crone Jerrick Crouton Karen Crowley Robert Cummings Daniel Cutshall Christina Dal Mjso Jody Danner John Danovich Beverly Daugherty Catharine Davis Joann Davis Barbara Denlinger Margaret Dennehy Diane DeHaven Dean Deibler Andrea Deligar Lisa Derfler Janet Descender Joseph Devlin Carol Dieffenbach Gretchen Dieterlc John Diet 97loan DiMaria Dominick DiNunzio Arlhur Dion Frank DiPrima Kathleen DiSanto Claude Doerr Susan Doyle Daniel Driscoll Cary Driscoll David Drum Genelte Duea Linda Dunlap Gail Dunn Bettijo Dunning Debra Ebersole David Eckman David Edwards (ill EdwardsPatricia Evans Beth Faust Dawn Faust Don Berman Sheryl Faust Linda Fcderici Nancy Fegley Robin Fell Debra Fenstermachei Michael Fenton Debra Ferri Susan Fettes Clifford Fiedler Robert Field David Fife Deborah Finley Raymond Fischer Kenneth Fleming Lawrence Fleming Ann Flynn Gloria Folker J. Scott Foresta 99Dawn Forrest Roseannc Foil Brenda Fowler James Frederick 1.1l.i Freeman Margaret Freeman David Frchafer Marina Fries Doran Frock Michael Frock Morgan Frost Roger Fry Elizabeth Fuller Nancy Fuller Deborah Fulmer Ella Gainer Maryto Gallagher Josephine Gallello Patty Camber Susan Ganser Thomas Gehman Laura Gentilesco Bette George 100 Judith Giantomass Stephen Gilman Priscilla GinoIFt Katherine GluckowDonna Cod shall Debra Cohn Theresa Gola eskt Kimberley Golden Greta Good Janice Goodall Joyce Grubb Nancy Guarino Patricia Gulscwhitc Ernest Guyll Gregory Haase Jeffrey Hackenberger Agnes Hacker Cheri Hackman Mane Haldcman 101 Donna Hall Thomas Hansen Sarah HarmonPaulette Hamly Kathleen Harp Susan Harper Phyllis Harrell Holly Harrington Margaret Harshaw Carol Hart Connie Hartranft Cheryl Harvey Delbert Hauck Andrew Havens Robert Hawck Carl Hawthorne Elaine Hazel Kenae Hedrick Cordell Heffelfinger Kim Heimer Cail Heisey David Hellegers Nancy Herge Robert Herman 102 I Ty French Patricia Hernley Joan Herr Nancy HerrDaphne Hitchlns Jacqueline Hoderman Judy Hofferth Jeffrey Hoffman John Hoffman Joel Hoffsmilh Sheila Hogan Joseph Hojnacki David Holcombe Joan Holton Carol Hookway Bruce Hoover Debra Hopkins David Hortman Stephen Hovis Susan Howard Randall Huber Dianne HugChristine Hunsberger Janice Hunsicker William Hunt Donna Huppman Sonia Hurley Leann Hursh Kenneth Husler Jill Hyman Drent lies Carlrtta Johnson Janice Johnson Jo Ann Johnson Preston Jones Lynda Jordan 104Diane Elizabeth Kapp lack Keene Cynthia Kefauver Kathy Kelchncr Michael Keller Paul Kelly Michael Kendig Cynthia Kern Eileen Kern Joseph Kern Janet Kerne Dorothy Keyes Sue Kichlinc Glenn Kienzle Diane Kietel Terry Kile Barbara King Sandra King Charles Kirchner Sally Kirk Andrea Kis»h Daniel Klcmentovich Robert Klenk Dennis Klugh Sandra Knecht William Knight Sandra Knorr Julie Knouse |udy Kochon 105Bruce Koedding Thomas Kerman John Korneis Jane Krais Charles Kramer Deborah Kramer Nancy Kramer Lynn Kreider David KreniUky Karen Kroh Charles Kron Linda Krug Charles Kunes Sharon Kunstek Barbara Kurlz Stephen Landis Lois Lathcrow Arthur Laughton David Lausch Robert Lausch Robert Leaman Terry Leaness Robert Leedom Sara Leese 106 Kathleen Leister Linda Lesser Brian Lichtenstein Martha Lichtman Walter LilleyPatricia Lindsay Andrea Linn Patricia Lipsett Judith Upson Guy Lombardo Barbara Long Karen Long Deborah t.orson Robin Lowe Judy Herr Deborah Lykens J. Dylan Lynn David McAfee Nancy McAuley Susan McCauley Rosemary McGlnlcy Robert McGowan Beth McCuigan James McKernan Wayne McKinney Virginia McLaren John McMillian 107Laura Macht Ronald Macrina Lisa Madfmpidwr Ralph Mancuso Susan Mann Leslie Marenchin Robert Marks Deborah Marquette Gregory Marsh Craig Marshall Keith Martin Rodney Martin Susan Martin Marilyn Matalavy Phillip Matthews Paul Mazmanian Allen Mcadath Lewis Meckley Debra Mekenney Frank Mela M. Viola Mellinger Mary Mellinger Rochelle Mengel Barbara Merkel Dianne Mel ger Dennis Meyer Carol Miller Joan Miller John Miller Linda Miller 108Linda Miller Marcia Miller Michael Miller 1‘hilip Miller Philip Miller Sally Miller Steven Mimm Terri Minnick LaCinda Minnier Debra Mock Robyn Mockrik Donna Molcski land Barnett Denise Montetusco Nicholas Montcsano Albert Moore Gary Moore Scott Morgan Claude MorrU Virginia Moshos Lavlnia Moultrie Frances Moyer 109James Royer Susan Moyer F.dward Mreese Nancy Muench Cheryl Muller Rosemarie Murray Yvonne Murray IwcphMuzic Dousl«Myo,s ,„c Mym l.ffrcy N. te Barnard Ncidcrt Paulette Nichols Craig Olewiler Debra Olexy Kathryn Oliver Kaoru Arihara Robert OrndorH Diana Ornik 110Jay Owen Robin Oylcr Suzettc Paes l.uann Palko Regina Papa Kale Parker Jay Parrish Colberl Partridge Joan Pavenski Mary Pease Dianna Pecko Barry Peffiey 111 Cheryl Polczynski Theresa Porreca Carol Posluwny Ulrich PopkoDaniel Pott Lconamac Powell Scott Powell John Prcstwood George Purvis Diane Querry Louise Quint Linda Radel Dorothea Radice Jon Rankin Debra Rath Debra Raudenbush I I Robert Rcdcay Donna Reed Beth Reese Beth Reinhart Marlene Rcnninger Patrick Reppert 112Emily Robin Deborah Rogowski Paul Roland Regina Rooney Debbie Rothermei Daniel Rounds Karen Rowe Stanley Roxanski Cathy Rubenstcin Mitchell Rubin Deborah Russo Diane Ruth I I I Carol Ryan Benedict Sahd Carol Samara John Savini Dorothy Schlater Kathryn Schlegelmilch Catherine Schlernit auer Paul Schleyer Craig Schneck Rebecca Schreiber Elizabeth Schmalhofer Joseph Schmidt 113Beverly Schwartz Scot! Schwenk Jay Sensenig Suzann Sexton Mary Lu Shaffer W. Mark Sharwarko Maryann Shelly Beverly Shenberg Kathleen Shenk Kathleen Shifter David Showers Debra Shrom Robert Shue St. Clair Simmons Lynn Sinapi David Sinton Dale Sizemore Carol Sliker Barbara Smedley Mary Smiley Jean Smith Sheryl Snelbakcr Karen Sobala Russell Sowers 114Kenneth Stehman Steven Steinke Kathy SlcinmeU Linda Steininetx Linda Sterner Michael Sterner Gary Stockslager Jane Stoner Lori Stout Anna Stratton Robin Stryker Eileen Sublel Patricia Sullivan Karen Swarts Lorraine Sweeney Alexis Swyderski Michele S ollose Daniel Taylor 115 Kosalyn Taylor Janet Terranova Janis Thoma Allan Thompson lulia Thompson Dana Thomson Janet Tischbein Nancy Tomasky Elizabeth Tomlinson Elizabeth Tonellt Lois Torok Barbara Trapuzzano Charles Trayer Tina Troutman James Troy Alexsandra Tsourous H. Suzanne Tuomey Theresa Tuscano Sandra Upxhcr Susan Valenti Janice Valentine 116 Sr Aurelia Lopata Mary Valentino Marvin VanCott Carol VanderpoelKathryn Vandivorl Beverly Vcihl Susan Verna Debra Vorndran Kobert Wagner Thomas Wagner Susan Walburn Janice Waldman Kraig Walker Sharon Wanner John Ward Mary Warner Karen Watkins Beverly Watson Lawrence Watson Kathy Weakley Deborah Weaver Mary Weaver Diane Weber Joni Weiss Richard Wellman Connie Wells lay Wenger Susan West John Williams Sally Whitesel Michael Wight Cleon Williams Diane Williams 117Joy Williamson Joseph Williard Cynthia Will Karen Winsko Carol Wise Chuck Cook Susan Wise Deborah Wilmcr Karen Wilmer Diane Wolski lane Wonik Hubert Wood 118 Miss Margaret R. Tassia and Chuck DuckcrRobert Woodbridge Bruin Worrell Richard Wrigley Robert Wundcr Karen Wypysnnski Charles Yeager Thomas Yenlsch Douglas Yingling Deborah Young Debra Young Lugcne Young Lisa Young Patricia Young Robert Zaborowski Raymond Zale Michael Zavisiak William Zell 119 Dean Dcibler Patricia Zunino Margaret ZygmontGRADUATION Miliersville Slate College’s one hundred nineteenth annual commencement address was presented by lames D. Glasse, president of the Lancaster Theological Seminary. Grand marshal, presiding over these December 20 ceremonies, was Dr. lames Koken. I l 120Top left photo: Dr. Theodore H. Rupp. Chairman of the foreign languages department; Dr. Louis C. Jennings, Dean of Humanities; Dr. William A Pearman, Dean of Social Sciences. Top right photo: Shan West, M.Ed. in counselor education. Middle left photo: Claudia Hackney, alumna; Terry Roberts, B. A. in psychology. Middle tight photo Mary Ann Shelly, B. S. in Ed.; Sherry Faust, B.S. in Ed.; Linda Fedorici, B.S. in medical technology. Lower left photo: Anne Becker, B.A. in psychology, and husband Edward Becker. B.A in art, both graduating cum laude. 12118th ANNUAL HONORS AND AWARDS BANQUET The Class of 1895 Award: Kathleen M. DiSanto. The John K. Harley Award: Robert B. Woodbridge. Phi Sigma Pi Award: Bruce A. Hoover. Henry . Rutherford Memorial Award: Jeffrey S. Pontius. Charles D. Spotts Naturalist-Humanist Award: David L. Holcombe. Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Awards: Barbara Bimson and Phyllis Anne Hay. American Association of University Professors Award: Susan Jean Steinmetz. Campus Club Award: Le-land C. Pedrick. The Wenlzel-Wright Memorial Award: Scott E Hessen and Susan Jean Steinmetz. Cecil M. Upton Organic Chemistry Award: Margaret M. Schulz. The John Ross Weaver Memorial Award: Deborah Anne Rogowski. Edna Rochow Workman Memorial Award: Kenneth E. Procter. Chemical Rubber Company Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Todd A. Guion. Millersville State College Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society Award: Roxanne I.. Bennett. Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of the American Chemical Society Award: Richard H. Buchanan. Earth Science Awards for Academic Excellence: Kathy Ann Weakley. Commonwealth National Bank Award: Richard J. Stone. The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award: Joseph R. Williard. Alpha Beta Alpha Award: Janet E, Tischbein. Beatrice U Dalesman Award. Lynne B. Archibald and Geraldine F. Scott. Claribel Walker Gerhart Memorial Award: Deborah Jean Lykens. Anne E. Beyer Cer tificates: I ill Ann Benfer. Kathleen V. Burke, C. Joy Cooper, Michael F. Fenton, Bruce A. Hoover, Judy Margaret Kochon, Rochelle P. Mengel, Beverly S. Platt, Debra Raudenbush, Debra Ann Royer. Carol Samara, Jeffrey Spangler, Joy P Williamson, Dennis Wimer, Lisa Young. Vcrda M. Fulmer Award: Debra Ann Royer. Elsie Hostetler Award: Joy P. Williamson. Helen Koontz Award: Virginia A. Faulkner and Marcia Shellonbergor, The Class of l°22 Esther E. Lenhardt Award: Michael Del Giffin. Dilworth-McCollough English Award: Elizabeth Ann Fuller. Maude Burkhart Huzzard Award: Jane Elizabeth Stoner. The Class of 1 10 Award: Judith A. Hal-den. The Sanders P. McComsey Award: Cathy Lee Dunn. The National Observer Student Achievement Award: Nancy Jean Plank. German Book Prize: Kathleen M. DiSanto and Jan Marie Brcssler. German Top photo. Dr Nicholas Brown and 5an dra Knorr. Middle left photo: Deb Lykens. Middle right photo: Walt Straiton. Lower left photo: Karen Bonner Lower right photo. Ron Hitchman. 122 Section Award: Luann Hager. The Ralph I Hyson Memorial Award: Mary Kathleen Flannery, Joan Louise Keller, Dorothea H. Radicc. Steven A Walker Memorial Award Michael S. Dock and Elda V. Garcia. Xeno-phile Society Award: Jill Diane Edwards. The Louis Koppel Memorial Awards in European History: Anna G. Stephan and John F. Ward, |r. Burl N. Osburn Award: James Robert Erb and Gregory Scott Hafer. Philadelphia Alumni Award: David W. Moyer. Class of 1886 Award: John Cadman Prestwood, Jr.. Susan E. Fetles, Sandra Lou Knorr. Isaac F. Seiverling Award (Class of 1928): Ronald G. Hitchman. The Leo As-chcr Music Award: Walter J. Straiton, III. The Cora Catharine Bitner Music Awards: Jeffrey K. Coulson, Margaret E. Freeman, Richard H. Huss. Mildred E. Ruben, David L Williams, Ginger S Wright. Michael W £isenberger Choir Award: Patricia Joan Hernley. The lames Hamilton and Lucretia Boyd Hartzcll Piano Aioards: Carol A. Huber and Pamela J. Wilt. Music Faculty Atoard: Patricia Joan Hernley. Harold W and Miriam W. Sltaar String Award: Donna L. Miller. Reserve Officer Association Award: Cadet Major Joseph H. Weidler. Henry Franklin Bitner Science Prizes: Kathy A. Steinmet ., Roxanne I.. Bennett, Class of 1°11 Atoard: Kathryn M. Oliver. Daniel G Engle Scholarship: Thomas C. Nesbitt. Guy Kurtz Bard Award: Karen P. Bonner. John Mentzer Award in Special Education: Mary Lou Allegrezza. Mary R. Slokum Sprout Prizes Steven G. Zorbaugh. Mary Ellen Woodruff, Rochelle A. Stackhouse. Dramatics Sendee Award: Nicholas J. Monte ••ano. Faculty-Student Athletic Committee hoards: Janice L. Valentine and John Paul Young. Forry and Hacker Award: Virginia E. Carroll. The Earle M. Hite Award: Susan C. Moser. The John David Neider Memorial Scholarship: Patricia D. Rainey. Aurora Wickey Pucillo Award Barbara C. Falkin-burg. Hale Steinrnan Foundation Communications Award: William B. Saunders. John F. Steinrnan Foundation Communications Award: Michele D. Wcnrich Richard C. Todd Scholarship: David E. Lloyd. John C. Ursprung Award: Dorothy E. Bass. tA'MSR Sendee Award: Terry C. Kile. A. G-Breidenstine Award: Linn Eugene Bell. The Wickersham Memorial Scholarship: John C. Prestwood. The Class of 1808 Award: Bette L. George. The Thomas R Baker Memorial Scholarship: Dorothea H. Radice. Top photo. Dr. Gary Reighard and Bill Saunders. Middle left photo Carol Huber. Middle right photo: Richard Buchanan, Lower left photo: Nick Montesano. Lower right photo: Jill Edwards 123HONOR GRADUATES... SUMMA CUM LAUDE Roxanne Bennett Kathleen DiSanto |ohn Prestwood MAGNA CUM LAUDE Dorothy Baa III! Benfer Beverly Bessler Pamela Bishop Karen Bonner Denise Boyer Kathie Boyer Jan Bressler Linda Brown Richard Buchanan Jill Edward Leslie Engle James Erb Sheryl Faust Susan Fettes Lawrence Fleming Roseanne FotiElizabeth Fuller Patty Camber Bette George Bruce Hoover Debra Hopkins Diane Juvenal Elizabeth Kapp Sue Kichline Sandra Knecht Mary Pease Barry Peffley Diane Querry Dorothea Radice Kay RichardsMAGNA CUM LAUDE CONTINUED lonas Rider Warren Ringler Regina Rooney Dorothy Schlater Rebecca Schreiber Jay Sensenig Maryann Shelly Barbara Smedley Sheryl Snelbaker Melinda Staub Kathy Steinmetr Patricia Sullivan Janice Valentine Kathryn VanDivort John Ward Kathy Weakley lov Williamson Diane Wolski I 111 a n Bradley I inda Brose Audrey Colangelo Joanne Christopher Mary Flannery Donna Codshall Teresa Herr Sue Johnson Robert Lewis Susan Martin Phillip Miller David Moyer K Cheryl Muller Susan Parks Helen Patounas Beverly Platt Kenneth Procter Debra Royer Letitia VanArtsdalen Janet Warshawsky Ray Weaver Joseph Weidler Barbara Weidinger 126CUM LAUDE GRADUATES Janice A. Aeschleman L. Mark Ernest Nancy J. Kramer Phyllis 1. Robinson Patricia A Amberg Kathleen M Evans Lynn B. Kreider Benedict R. Sahd Judith A. Banks Linda A. Federici Karen E. Kroh Debra K. Shrom Donna M. Barbano Robin L. Fell Charles E. Kron Robert A. Shue Diane A Barnhart Debra I Fenstermacher Robert C. Lausch Barbara K. Slmo Kathy S. Beck Debra A. Ferri Linda L Lesser Carol F- Sliker Anne D. Becker Elizabeth A. Fink Deborah A. Lorson Mary K. Smiley Edward R. Becker Kenneth D. Fleming John G. Loucks Cynthia |. Stabnau Beverly Beecher Gloria J. Folker Susan M. Mann Kenneth K. Stehman Barbara 1. A. Bierlem Dawn M. Forrest Susan M. Martin Anna G. Stephan Suzettc L. Bierman Brenda K. Fowler Marilyn T. Matalavy Richard J. Stone lean Carol Billman Nancy R. Fuller David I McAfee lane E. Stoner loan M. Botto Deborah M. Fulmer Nancy L. McAuley Anna E. Stratton Sandra L. Brown Laura M. Gentilesco Marietta A. Meek Robin L. Stryker Stephen Brunner ludith L. Giantomass Linda L Meckley loseph G. Sukle, Jr. Butler Buchanan Priscilla G. Ginolfi Debra L. Mekenncy Cynthia Swan Lewi T. Bucher Diane L Gist Barbara M. Merkel Karen G Swarts Hefaine E. Burkhard Gregory H. Haase Patricia A. Mickiewicz Alexis A. Swyderski Wendy S. Campbell Nancy J. Merge Debra L. Miller Ann M. Taylor Lisa B. Cannon Sandra M. Hess Rene M. Miller lanet E- Tischbcin Michael Carbonell lohn T. Hoch Sally J. Miller Hedwig G. Tweardy Sandra I.. Chaliant Linda C. Hoffman Denise M. Montelusco Susan L. Valenti Virginia A. Christman lohn E. Hollopetcr Virginia Moshos Marvin B. Van Coll Nancy C. Cipoletti Carol A. Hookway Susan G. Moyer Kraig A. Walker land L. Colquhoun lanice M. Hunsicker Rosemarie A. Murray Sharon L. Wanner Carol J. Cooper Sonia L. Hurley Mary M Neary Richard A. Wellman Ruth E. Cottingham (ill J. Hyman lanet S. Oberholt er Donna L. Wenthng Mary N. Coyle Francis A Interrantr Janice J. Olds lames M. Wert Beverly A. Daugherty Linnea C. Jacobson Suzelte B Pars David A. Wilkinson Barbara A. Denlinger Eileen 1 Kern Robert B. Parker loseph R. Williard Lisa A. Derfler Joseph E. Kern lay B. Parrish Carol A. Wise Steven L. T. DiPaula Melissa J. Kilp Dawn C. Pierce Doris M VVitmer Sandra L. Douglas Alice M. Kirchner Anne M. Pinkerton William D. Witmer Cynthia I. Drager Andrea C. Kissh loseph E. Pizzi, Jr. Carl A Witzel, Jr. Linda A. Dunlap ludy M. Kochon Theresa C Porreca William F. Wolfer Bettijo Dunning Jane A Krais Raymond E. Reitz Robert B. Woodbridge David D. Eckman Deborah A Kramer Kay A. Rlzzuto Lisa B. Young 127 James Brown, John Danovtch and Kraig Walker, first graduates in Computer Science.WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Karen Bonner Butler Buch.1n.1n Ian Cotmon Kathleen DiSanto Kathleen Evans Judith Giantom.iss Judy Hofferth Bruce Hoover Dean Jennings Bruce Koedding Robert Lecdom Robin Lowe Joseph Muzic Suzettc Pacs Kate Parker George Purvis, III Dwight Rinehart Kay Rizzuto Karen Rowe Deborah Russo Paul Schleyer Jerry Beck William Bell, Ji Felicia Burton Diane Meily Glenn Paige Barry Peffley Mary Lu Schaffer Jeff Toaltoan Robert Ulrich James Watson, Jr 128 lane Stoner John Williams Deborah YoungSports were around from the earliest days of The Normal. When an MSNS team played a rival, seats in the grandstand cost students ten cents. Sports for men included foot-hall, base-ball, tennis and basket ball. "Ladies basket-ball" was added in 1901 when two games were scheduled. All classes organized in mid-September. Class members wrote a constitution and adopted a class emblem, a class flower, a class motto, class colors, and even a class yell. The Class of 1899 yell was: E. O. L. Walla, Walla, Will! Ninety-nine! Ninety-nine! Millerswillei! Boom!!! The E. O. L. was in tribute to Eliphalet Oram Lyte, then Principal. The 1 00 Wickersham includes the yell of that class: Hippety Hip! Ker Zip! Ker Zip! Hippety Hip! Ker Zip! Ker Zip! We have worked, we have fought. We are the Class of Naughty-Naught!Baseball in 1949 was played as it is today on the athletic field between Brooks and Canser. The building that fills the background is Old Main. The brick building at left still stands and is still sturdy. Dutchcr Hall was the new gymnasium building in 1890. After Brooks was built, this building housed the book store on the ground floor and the Rat Race—a combination restaurant and student union—on the second. The upper floor was used as a theater-in-thc-round. The Civil War cut into enrollment, as other wars have done since. But that one created other problems as well. A special notice inserted into the catalogue for 1662-63 read: The term which would have ended September 4 "was suddenly interrupted by the rebel invasion of the State; and after the approach of the enemy to the Susquehanna, and the burning of the Columbia Bridge, The MSNS baseball team of 1899-1 00 posed on the steps of the gym building, now Dutchor Hall, home of the counseling center jnd the Rafters. Famed Columbia University coach Lou Little was present in 1951 when football coach Bernard Santiello awarded “Cake" Alexander the MVP trophy. At right is John Pucillo, then athletic director at Millersville State Teachers College. it was found impossible to keep the School together, and the" students scattered, "some to seek the security of home, and others to aid in driving back the ruthless invader of our soil." The Principal raised a regiment which included two professors and a large number of students, who were mustered out August 13. The football team of 1907 might have been stronger on playing than on lettering. Millersville students and faculty members served in every war. These are members of the Student Army Training Corps from 1918 to 1920. Between sessions the intersection of George and Frederick was deserted. The large building at left was first a residence, then the House of Pizza, which moved west to Prince Street when the college acquired the land. The double house to the right, which bordered Shcnk's Lane, was recently demolished. The low building in the left foreground is where the SMC now stands. AR CUT INTO ENROLLMENT, AS OTHER WARS HAVE DONE SINCE.TABLE OF CONTENTS The MSNS Varsity Basketball Team in 1911. CROSS COUNTRY 130 FIELD HOCKEY 132 SOCCER 134 FOOTBALL 136 J. V. FOOTBALL 138 BASKETBALL 140 . V. BASKETBALL 142 INOMEN'S BASKETBALL 144 WRESTLING 146 TRACK 148 MEN'S SWIMMING 151 WOMEN'S SWIMMING 152 GOLF 153 BASEBALL 156 LACROSSE 158 MEN'S TENNIS loO WOMEN'S TENNIS 162 ARCHERY 162 INTRAMURAL AND OTHER SPORTS ATHLETIC AWARDS 164 SPORTS SCORES 166 DONKEY BASKETBALL 166 163 r' ■ JOi v- 129Front row: Ed Ricks, Joe Kern, Charles Trayer, Joe McCool, Dave Hummel, Jim Henry, Brian Worrell, Joel Hoff-smith. Back row: Lawrence Warshaw-sky, coach; Bob Rhinier, Sam Kincaid, Dove Hix, John Clark, Norm Dethloff. Jerry Marcucci, Mark Johnson, Bill Strain, Keith White, Mark Gallagher, Ed Heston, Keith Davis, Carl Wolf, Jim Shorkcy, Pedro Mena, Eugene Fritar, coach. 130131Seated: Tina Pauley, co-captain; Jill Shupp, co-captain. Second rou : Deb Snavcly, Pat Shipley, Betsy Singer, Annette Shuman, Sue Finney, Dotty Nase, Sandy Boyland. Third row: Miss 5andra Peters, coach; Barb Falkinburg, manager; Judy Alvvine, Deb Vorndran, Linda D'Amico, Claudia Fillippo, l.ynn Sillaman. Kelly Barthold, Mary Horst, Josie Sciarrabba, manager; Frances Kay, manager. 132 Front row: Dotty Nase, Kate Sprock, Cindy Martin, Carmen Beckett, Maria Bono, Sandy Boyland, Cindi Keeler, Dawn Tout-kaldjian. Second row: Debbie Ceno, Sherry Anderson, Annette Shuman, Beth Lebo, Vicky Eckert, Beth Taylor, Linda Artymo- vicz, Karen A rent. Third row: Nancy Hungerford. coach; Cheryl Homshcr, Cindy Ralston. JoAnne McVeigh. Beth Harron, Karen Shaffer. Reggie Quartuccio, Maryalice Kaprielyan, losie Sciar-rabba. manager. Missing. Heidi Denlinger. J.V. FIELD HOCKEYKneeling: Russ Kenyon, Steve Leinbach, David Melchior, Leon Kashishian, tri-captain; Craig DeBernardo, tri-captain; Jesse Landis, tri-captain; Bill Kline, Daniel Delp, Thomas Tomasky. Second row: Dwight McCarty, Bob Klenk, Carl Stabler, Mike Sauder, John Kaiser, Bruce Love, Andy Bippus. Third row: Richard Charles, assistant coach; George Burford, Craig Sedler, Gregg Bollinger, Raymond Dyer. Bob Hendrickson. Jack Russ, Gunther Nugent, James White, manager; Albert Woolley, coach. 134135VARSITY FOOTBALL f ront row: Greg Myers, tri-captain; Bob Ulrich, tri-captain; Mike Squires, tri-captain. Second row: Torn Jordan, Mark Rigby, Harold Getz, Mike Yuhas, Bob Groveling, Larry Bowe, Ron Von Rembow, Rill Milligan. Third row: Steve l.ebo, Tom Leddy, Frank Daly, Bob Borden, Dave Rieck, Bill Salter. Glenn Courtney, Palmer Hossler, Mike Darcy, Robert Hill. Fourth row; Carmen Lex. Bernie Pytko, Gary Johnson. Gary Fuhrman, Robert Horning, Terry Brown, Adolph Wright, Barry Brunner, Mike Gosik, Tom Wilson, Bill Daniels. Fifth row: Gordon Spcicher, Joe Kuhns, Bob Parr, Philip Conte, John Toomey, Gerald Hoff. Arthur Fitzpatrick, James McCarthy, Keith McHugh, leff Rine-himer. Sixth row. Nathan Neff, Jeff W'ood, Mike Golembiewski, Dennis Black, Daryl Shappel, Bob Fincher, Steve Shaffer, lames Kegerise, Jeff May. Seventh row: lohn Guilfoyie, coach; Richard Barbacane, coach; John Henry, coach; Gene Carpenter, coach; Rod Bimson, trainer; John Ricketts, coach; William Ljuris, coach; Richard Young, coach. 136137138Front row: Pelt Mielnik, Dave Malloy, Frank Schiavo. Second row: Rick Lutz, Harvey Murphy, Harry Leslie, Al Spivey. Mike Wasilko, Dave Hoffman, Mike Golem-biewski, Dave Schappci, Jim Hansclman, Tom Halloran. Third row. David Willis, Martin McDonnell. Dade Royer, Joe Jackiewicz, Bob Buesing, Blair Moyer, Dave Schaefer, Joe McDowell, Bob Clark, fourth row: Bob Mallon, Gregg Trone, Andy Musselman, Lawrence Huber, John Palczuk, Dave Bruder, Aaron Carpenter. Bruce Bclsky, Curtis Pettaway. Fifth rote. Sal Scmola, Rocco Rossi. Stephen Shaffer. Bill Mills, Dennis Seiler. Walter Samselski Dave Moerder, Matt Wzorek, Richard Fry, Eric Johnson. Sixth row: Mark Huxta, Blake Morton. Darrell Markley, Jeff May, Michael Barbrush. Keith Greer, Mark Loomer, Robb Mamill, leff Shutter, Carl Kogense. Seventh row Ed Groome, Scott Goodman, |oc Johnson, Joe Irwin, coach; Bill Kahler, coach. Rick Com egy, coach; Carl Baer. J.V. FOOTBALL 139VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: Phil Walker. David Dubbs, Charles Sanders, Lowranzel Hill, David Albright, Henry Hansard. Second row: Jeff Camber, assistant coach; Walter Straus-baugh. James McClure, Pat Mowrey, Mike Carman, lames Robinson. James Cassell. David Lloyd. Dick DeHart, coach. 140J.V BASKETBALL Kneeling; Kevin Love, Tom Donnes, Mark Derricotte, James Snyder, John Cubit, James Regensburg, Richard Hoover. Second row: Tim Wissler, coach; Richard Vunginger, Doug Noble, Dean May. Tim Bates, Bill Southward, Matt Yates, William Daley, Ron Wilson, Glen Kamen, assistant coach. 142143WOMEN'S VARSITY BASKETBALL From row. Pat laremko. Angie Stik-laitis, Deb Hudson, Cindy Martin, Carla Atkins, Clara Dixon, Olga Lopez, manager; Barb Falkinburg, manager. Bock row. Sue Fcttes, Jan Valentine. co-captain; Mary Horst, Beth Harron, Lisa Adkins, Judy Looker, Helen Balasavage, co-captain; Sara Haldeman, Claudia Fillippo, statistician; Mrs. Marjorie Trout, coach. 144WOMEN'S J.V. BASKETBALL Front row: Colleen Brady, Heidi Denlinger, Kathy Grove, Dotty Nase, Dianne Costello, co-captain: Vicky Eckert, Andrea Schaeffer, Sondra Gardner. Back row Connie Diaczum, manager; Jo- anne Belke, manager; Mary Kay Conahan, Joanne McVeigh, cocaptain; Kathy Kennedy, Sheila Mickle, Wendy Brehm, Sylvia Hess, Kathy McGovern, Miss Sandra Peters, coach. ■ ■» WRESTLING Top photo—Front row Mike Morin, John Felix, Duane Landis, Ken Kirchner, George Cooper, Joe Volponc. Dan Ireland, Dave Pflumm, Gerald Johnson, Earl Ward, Jim Seedor, Duane Drapf. Second row: Tom Henry, Jay DeWalt. Jim Bartholomew. Roger Prevost, Dennis Fenton, Eric Guyll, |ohn Allegar, Marty Hozella. Third row: Bill Kahler. assistant coach; Greg Hess, Dave Stoltzfus, Randy I.oht, Greg Weldon. Cliff Sheely, C harley White, Karl Frederick, Bill Geiger, Charles "Abe" Harper. Larry Huber, Dan Brown, ferry Swope, head coach. Missing; Curt Clark, Andy Zook, Don Acker, Doug [ones, Mark Iordan. Mike Kendig, Bob Benner. Jeff Smith 146 147TRACK Tor photo—Front row Ed Ricks Joe Kern, Terry Leaness, John Young, co-captain; Joel Hoff smith, co-captain; Charlie Trayer, Brian Worrell. Second row: Mark John son. Dave Hummel, Charley Morris, Minor Redmond, Mark Gallagher, Keith Holland. Carl Wolf. Bill Strain. Third row Jim Shor-key, Tim Hassell. Duane Sedlock, Barry Brunner, Tim Haas. Bob Pctcrshom, Joe Kuhns, Roly Shover. Fourth row David Ress-ler, Sam Kincaid, George Wolpert. Paul Erpel, Keith Davis, Dennis Pollard. Steven Guion. John Prescott, Harry Snyder. Fifth row Steven Bogar, James Hanselman, Tim Kelly, Ed Heston. Jim Fazio, Keith White, James Hershberger, Scott Goodman, Cynthia Hedes, manager. Sixth row: George Bur-ford, Jeffrey May, Dean May, Gerald Marcucci, Scott Fitzgerald, John DeLaurentis, Joe Dellinger, Malvin Holmes, Patricia Pope, manager. Seyenf i row: Larry War-shavvsky. coach; David Langford, coach; Tom Ecker, coach; Cy Fritz, coach; Bob Hulme, coach. 148OS I-MEN'S SWIMMING Top photo—Front row: George Fishel, Gary Duell, Kick Cahill, Lyle Benner, Mike Hinkle, Tom 1 anros. Second row: Dave Myers, Jamie Kegerisc, Ken Vierra, Paul Glander, Mark Daum. Don Peoples, Vito Cicero. Third row: Mark Shultz, Dave Zimmerman. Jack Coll, Brooke Herr, Ken Kulakowsky, coach: Carl Kane, coach; John Apple, coach. 151WOMEN'S SWIMMING Front row: Martha Sanders, Valerie Romanelli, Judy Bucrkert, Sharon Bastion, Mrs. Pat Cummings, coach. Second row: Nancy Orth, Debbie Geno, Joli Williams, Lisa Sauter. Missing: Patty Sanders. 152GOLF Front row: Mike Squires, Steve Leinbach, Rick Cox. Second row: Albert Woolley, coach; Scott Stoner, Bill Glass, Gary Weyhausen. 153154 155 Middle photo—Front row Harold Kennel, Phil Rossi, James A Rozetar, C. Michael Doerr, Philip C. Miller, Bob Rossi, Mike Lallv. Second row; Gene Wise, coach; Bob Francis, Doup, Noble, Palmer Mossier, Dan Heichel, H. Crist Myers, Curt Stelfy. Third row: Harvey C Murphy. Jay Johnson. Drew Mac-Keverican, Bob Parr. John H. Weaver. Harry Stigelman, assistant coach. Fourth row: Kenny Stewart, Gary Pruph, Boyd Orr, Clayt Wynn. 156LACROSSE Top photo—Trout row: Lori Evans, Dottie Nase, Cindy Keeler, Pat Shipley, Karen Labella, Frances Ray Second row: Tina Pauley, tri-captain; jill Shupp, Kim Dempsey, Kay Pastelak, Tracy V 'hitman. Amy Cleveland, tri-captain; Jan Valentine, tricaptain; Deb Geno, Sue Rawlings, Sue Shcrcrtz. Third row: Diane Welsh, Helen Balasavage, Ann Rothberg, Christine Shauf-fert, Sandy Boyiand, Sondra Gardner, Mrs. Marjorie Trout, coach. Sue Crothamel, l.eslie N'ardo, Ann Jackson, Barb Falkin-burg. manager; Cindy Ralston, Claudia Fillippo, Andrea Shaeffer. 158691.160Bottom photo—Front row: Dawn Ellis, Cliff Wolfe, Bob Leedom. Eric Moscbach, Jim Wcrtner. Second row: Dr Raymond Run-kle, coach; Kevin Wagman, Jim Schlouch, Bart Torre, Scott Leathcrman, Mike Miller, Ferd Fowler, Nick Nalywayko.WOMEN'S TENNIS Front row: Linda Ahumada, Jeanne Holt, Linda Dunlap, co-captain, Barbara Quinter, Linda Hawthorn, Lee Uliasz, Barbara Lubas, Brenda Bechtel. Second row: Karen Trubela, Linda Ciese, Judy Barnhurst, Vee Mellingcr, Karen Adair, Kelly Barthold, Jan Quickcl, Dawn Toutkaldjian, co-captasn; Mrs. Nancy Hungerford, coach. ARCHERY Front row: Janet Kerns, Debra Metzger. Second row: Duane Krapf, Henry Letler, John Manton, Mrs. Julia Bowers, coach.163ATHLETIC AWARDS This page: Eric Guyll. Opposite page—Top left photo: Jan Valentine, Mr. Harold Harris. Top right photo: Eric Mosebach. Bob Lecdom, and Dr. Raymond Runklc. Middle left photo: Mrs. Marjorie Trout, Jan Valentine, and Deb Hudson. Middle right photo- Mr. Larry Warshawsky, Minor Redmond. Aurora Wickey Pucillo Award Barb Falkinburg. Elwood J. Finley Award; Eric Guyll, Jan Valentine. Faculty-Student Athletic Committee Award: Jan Valentine. John Young. BASEBALL: Second successive, state conference crown (1975) Marauders in Division Ill's national top ten, being sixth in batting and seventh in pitching. Jay Johnson—All-Conference (1976). Bob Rossi— All-Conference (1976); ranked 15 nationally in Division III for .455 season average (1975). MEN'S BASKETBALL: Dave Lloyd-Pa. Conference East honorable mention. Phil Walker—Frank Ainsworth Award; first team ECAC Division III; NAIA All-American team honorable mention; first team Pa. Conference East; Olympic nomination. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL: Pat Jaremko-Alumni Award. Jan Valentine—"Most Outstanding" Women's Basketball Award. CROSS COUNTRY: Third place at Albany-Invitational. Second at Pa. State Conference Cross Country championships. First at Lafayette Carnival. District 19 champions for sixth consecutive year. Charles Trayer —Alumni Award. FOOTBALL. Larry Bowe—Senior Special Award. Robert Creveling—Senior Special Award Frank Daly-District receiving champion. Harold "Bud" Cetz—All-Conference, Associated Press Little All-America team honorable mention; Senior Special Award; best defensive player. Robert Hill —Philip ). Kaiser Academic Award; Senior Special Award. Tom Jordan-Senior Special Award. Stephen Lebo-Scnior Special Award Carmen Lex—Shenk Award; won Division passing (1488 yards) and total offense (204.4 yards game) title. Don Matter-Senior Special Award. Greg Mycrs-All-Conference: Senior Special Award. Bill Milligan—Senior Special Award. Bob Parr— All-Conference. Mark Rigby- All-Conference; Senior Special Award. Bill Salter—All-Conference. Mike Squires-Senior Special Award Bob Ulrich—Triple Effort Award; All-Conference; Associated Press Little All-America team honorable mention; Se-noir Special Award. Ron Von Rembow-Senior Special Award. Mike Yuhas—Senior Special Award. SWIMMING Lyle Benner—Menger Award. MEN'S Memorial Trc Namit ; Bob Leedom—1974 Namit )v. Eric Mofebach— I 75 IT rophy. WOMEN'S TENNIS Vec Mell.nger-ir semifinals of Middle States Collegiate Tennis Tournaments; singles champion of first Millctsville Invitational Women's Tennis Tournament. ' TRACK AND FIELD: Second place in Penn Relays Marathon. Tom Ecker—All-American (mile relay team). Joel HofGmith-Joe Wilt Award; All-American (mile relay team). Terry Leaness—All-American (mile relay team). Minor Redmond-Joc Wilt Award. Harry Snyder—All-American (mile relay team). WEIGHTLIFTING: Sam Bigler-Open Weightlifting Championships, first place in 198 lb. class. Best Lifter Award; AAU "Elite" Weightlifting Award, 198 lb. class; AAU Middle Atlantic Champion. Dave Brown—All-American, lim Gallagher—fifth place in National Collegiate Powerlift Championships. Bob Kennedy-sixth place in National Collegiate Powerlift Championships. WRESTLING: Denni-. renton-QPA Award. Eric Guyll-Thcodorc H. Rupp Award: NCAA Division II! national 100 lb. class champion; All-American; second place in state championships. Andy Zook—third place in 126 lb. class nationally of NCAA Division III: All-American; state champion in 126 lb. class. 164« Archery, co-ed: Robert Belzer, Henry B. Lefler, Barry E. Hein, Donna Reed, Debra Metzger, Janet Kerns, Joan Keller, Dave Albright, Duane Krapf, Nancy McCullough. Baseball: Mike Doerr, Bob Francis, Jay Johnson, Mike Lally, Drew MacKcvcrican, Philip Miller, Crist Myers. Ed Nicholson. Doug Noble, Boyd Orr. Bob Parr, Bob Rossi, Philip Rossi, Jim Rozctar, Curt Stcffv. John Weaver, Clayton Wynn. Basketball, men's: David Albright, David Dubbs. Henry Hansard, Lawronzcl Hill. Dave Lloyd, Jim McClure, Cordell Morgan (Mgr.), |im Robinson. Walt Strasbaugh, Phil Walker. Dick Yunginger. Basketball, women's: Lisa Adkins, Carla Atkins. Helen Balasavage. Clara Dixon. Sara Haldeman. Beth Harron, Mary Horst, Debbie Hudson, Pat laremko, Judy Looker. Cindy Martin, Angie Stiklaitis, Jan Valentine, Barb Falkinburg (Mgr.), Sue Fettes (Mgr.), Claudia Fillippo (Mgr.I. Caroline Fox (Mgr.), Olga Lopez (Mgr.). Cross country: Jim Henry, Joel Hoffsmith, Dave Hummel, Joseph Kern, Terry Leaness (Mgr), Jerry Marcucci. Joseph McCool, Edward Ricks. William Strain, Charles Trayer, Brian Worrell. Field hockey: Judy Alwinc. Kelly Barthold, Sandy Boyland. Linda D’Amico, Claudia Fillippo, Sue Finney, Mary Horst. Dotty Nase, Tina Pauley. Pat Shipley. Annette Shuman, Jill Shupp, Lynn Sillaman, Betsy Singer, Deb Snavely, Deb Vorndran, Barbara Falkinburg (Mgr.), Frances Ray (Mgr.). Josie Sciarrabba (Mgr.). Football: Dennis Black, Robert Borden, Lawrence Bowe, Barry Brunner, Glenn Courtney, Robert Creveling, Frank Daly, Mike Darcy, Robert Fincher, Harold Getz, Robert Hill. Gerald Hoff, Palmer Hossler. Thomas Jordan, Stephen Lebo, Carmen Lex, Don Matter, Jeff May, Greg Meyers, Pete Mielnik, Bill Milligan. Robert Parr, David Rieck. Mark Rigby, Jeff Rinehimer. Bill Salter. Gordon Speicher, Michael Squires, John Toomey, Robert Ulrich. Ron Von Rembow, Thomas Wilson, Rick Wetzel, Adolph Wright, Mike Yuhas. Golf: Richard Cox, William Glass, David Hahn, Steven Leinbach, Scott Stoner, Michael Squires, Gary Weyhausen. Lacrosse: Amy Cleveland, Sue Rawlings, Frances Ray, Tina Pauley, Diane Welsh. Kim Dempsey, Pat Shipley, Claudia Fillippo, Jan Valentine, Karen Labclla, Dottic Nase, Jill Shupp, Tracy Whitman, Cindi Keeler, Kay Pastelak, Barb Falkinburg (Mgr.). Soccer: Craig DeBernardo, Daniel Delp. Bruce Drozd, Ray Dyer, Bob Hendrickson. Leon Kashishian, Robert Klenk, John Kline, W'illiam Kline, Jesse Landis, Steve Leinbach, Jon Rankin, Carl Stabler, Tom Tomasky. John Weaver. Swimming, men's: Dave Anderson, Lyle Benner, Rich Cahill, Vito Cicero, Jack Coll. Mark Daum, Paul Glander, Jamie Kcgense. Charles Mulvany, David Ressler. Ken Vierra, David Myers (Mgr.). Swimming, women's: Sharon Bastian, Judy Buerkert, Debbie Geno, Nancy Orth, Valerie Romanelli. Martha Sanders, Patty Sanders, Lisa Sauter, Joli Williams Tennis, men's: Bob Eckenroth. Robert Lce-dom. Bob Maza, Mike Miller, Eric Mose- bach, Jim Schlouch, Bart Torre. Jim W'ertner, Cliff Wolfe. Tennis, women's: Vee Mellinger. Kelly Barthold, Brenda Bechtel, Jeanne Holt, Dawn Toutkaldjian. Judy Barnhurst, Barb Quinter, Linda Dunlap, Linda Ahumada Track Field Team: Steve Bogar, Barry Brunner, George Burford, Aaron Carpenter, John Chilcote, Keith Davis, John Delau-rentis, Joseph Dellinger, Dan Driscoll. Paul Erpel, James Fazio, Scott Fitzpatrick, Mark Gallagher, Steve Guion, Tim Haas, Jim Hanselman, Tim Hassell, Jim Hershberger. Ed Heston, Joel Hoffsmith. Keith Holland. Malvin Holmes, Dave Hummel. Mark |ohn-son. Tim Kelly, Joseph Kern, Sam Kincaid. Joe Kuhns, Terry- Leaness, Kim Leitzel, Jerry Marcucci, Dean May. Jeff May, Pedro Mena, Charles Merris. Jr., Bob Montague, Jon Robert Pctersheim. Dennis Pollard, John W. Prescott, Minor Redmond, Dave Ressler. F.dward Ricks, Duane Sedlock. lames Shorkey, Roly Shover, Harold Snyder. Bruce Speck. William Strain Charles Traver, Keith White, Carl Wolf. George Wolpert, Brian Worrell. Richard Yeager. John Young. Patty Pope (Mgr.). Cindv Hedes (Mgr.). Wrestling: Curt Clark, George Cooper. Dennis Fenton. Karl Frederick. Eric Guyll. Martin Hozella, Dan Ireland. Michael Kendig, Duane Landis, |im Seedor, Earl Ward. Andy Zook. Cheerleading: Wendy Campbell. Kathy Evans. Chris Ferguson. Debi Fisher. Karen Francis, Pat Jandrositz, Donna Panick. lackie Pigford. Donna Schreder. Pam Shank. Sandi Sowers. Gwen StewartSCORES FIELD HOCKEY SWIMMING MSC Opp. 2 Kutztown 2 0 Lock Haven Alumni 3 3 Albright 0 0 University of Delaware 2 2 Lebanon Valley 3 6 York t 2 Gettysburg I 4 Shippensburg 1 1 Lock Haven 3 0 Penn State 3 3 Bloomsburg 0 0 Elizabethtown 1 SOCCER MSC 1 Towson Opp. 7 2 Philadelphia Textiles 7 1 Bloomsburg 3 I Lock Haven 12 2 Salisbury 2 0 Villanova 1 1 York 2 1 Paterson 5 1 Kutztown 5 0 East Stroudsburg 3 1 Glassboro 5 TENNIS MSC Opp. 8 Lincoln 1 3 Glassboro 6 5 Kut town 4 0 Franklin and Marshall 0 8 Shippensburg 1 0 Bloomsburg 9 1 Towson 8 0 West Chester 9 0 East Stroudsburg 9 4 Mansfield 5 0 Lock Haven 9 1 Elizabethtown 8 MSC Opp 49 York 64 45 Shippensburg 67 49 Towson 69 36 Glassboro 78 42 Kutztown 68 31 East Stroudsburg 70 43 West Chester 59 67 Lock Haven with 43 Shippensburg 76 34 Madison 72 Indiana St.»te -10th place WRESTLING MSC 19 , Rider Opp 18 32 Elizabethtown 6 30 Mansfield 7 28 University of Cincinnati 15 20 East Stroudsburg 24 23 Duke University 8 13 North Carolina University 22 22 West Chester 10 43 Kutztown 4 41 Towson 6 30 Shippensburg 13 8 Bloomsburg 30 32 York 13 21 University of Pittsburgh 14 Bucknell Invitationals—2nd place Bloomsburg States—6th place NCAA Division III—5th place VARSITY FOOTBALL MSC 18 Lehigh Opp. 27 21 California 6 12 Kut town 17 17 We»t Chester 12 42 Mansfield 13 55 Bloomsburg 0 24 East Stroudsburg 28 24 Cheyncy 6 28 Shippensburg 14LACROSSE MSC Opp o University of Maryland 3 Catonsville Jo Community College 4 15 Kutztown 2 13 Gettysburg 5 15 Lebanon Valiev 0 2 Lock Haven 7 1 Penn State $ 13 Montgomery County 4 J.V. MSC BASKETBALL Opp. 71 Elizabethtown 47 82 East Stroudsburg 80 00 Kut town 74 73 Cheynev 71 78 West Chester 81 82 Mansfield 81 85 Bloomsburg 10O 80 Shippensburg 74 02 East Stroudsburg 08 57 Kutztown 63 81 Mansfield 68 82 Bloomsburg 83 o2 Shippensburg 81 58 Glassboro 78 82 Messiah 70 82 Williamson 71 BASEBALL MSC Opp. 6 Dickinson D. H 1 10 0 1 Elizabethtown D. H. 5 0 3 3 East Stroudsburg D. H 2 2 7 14 Mansfield D. H. 4 3 8 7 Franklin and Marshall 6 9 Bloomsburg D. H. 5 5 1 3 Delaware D. H. 1 8 4 25 Williamsport 5 Kut town D. H. 4 5 4 4 Shippensburg D. H 1 4 4 CROSS COUNTRY MSC Opp 21 Glassboro 37 15 Towson 50 15 Kut town 4« 45 Shippensburg 15 26 East Stroudsburg 31 32 Lehigh 25 27 West Chester 30 17 Bloomsburg 4o 10 N. ALA. 57 Lafayette Carnival—1st place East Stroudsburg States—2nd NCAA Division III—7th place place J.V. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL MSC Opp 48 Lock Haven 100 60 Kutztown 47 36 Penn State 78 44 Gettysburg 34 52 Bloomsburg 72 50 West Chester 44 48 Elizabethtown 47 52 Shippensburg 68 J.V. FOOTBALL MSC Opp 14 Stevens Trade 0 15 West Chester 8 33 Kutztown 6 0 Bloomsburg 6 0 Shippensburg 13 0 Harford Junior College 13 0 Princeton 23 VARSITY BASKETBALL MSC Opp 86 Southeastern 81 83 Elizabethtown 89 oo East Stroudsburg 73 60 Kutztown 64 54 Chevney 87 76 Coburg Club Team 85 88 Slippery Rock 84 96 West Chester 79 07 York 87 67 Franklin and Marshall 88 07 Lebanon Valley- 68 58 West Chester 74 50 Mansfield 66 57 Bloomsburg 91 76 Shippensburg 87 78 East Stroudsburg 68 67 Kutztown 65 71 Cheyncy 95 52 York of N Y.t 61 57 Mansfield 71 68 Bloomsburg 79 60 Shippensburg 75 63 Glassboro 98 93 Messiah 86 VARSITY WOMEN'S BASKETBALL MSC Opp 73 Albright 52 62 Montgomery Community 55 47 Lock Haven 06 69 Kut town 55 48 Penn State 03 62 Gettysburg 50 53 Bloomsburg 86 76 West Chester 57 49 Lebanon Valley 43 51 Elizabethtown 45 40 Shippensburg 48 51 University of Delaware 88 167168"The Male and Female departments are entirely separate, and will be judiciously controlled. Both sexes, however, meet at lectures and in recitations; and we think the presence of each has a beneficial effect upon the other." All of the departments •were housed in a single building, roughly U-shaped. The base of the U fronted on George Street. That section contained the chapel, classrooms and other common rooms. The left leg of the U ran along Frederick Street; it contained the gentlemen's rooms. Its counterpart, on the campus side of the building, was for women only. It wasn't long before the young people found a way to circumvent the strict segregation of the sexes. Even at social gatherings a young man couldn't speak to a young woman unless a third person was present. Something had to be done. And it was. Some unnamed, uncelebrated genius devised the system of snapping the fingers to set up a date. For instance, a young man is in the library studying when a young woman he finds attractive enters, seeking a book. The young man casually passes by her, snapping his fingers as he does so. She gets the message. If she fancies him also, she snaps her fingers, thus signalling that she will meet him at whatever trysting place was popular that year. That might have been Shenk's Lane, which then was tree-lined and secluded. Or The Bush, down at the end of Creek Drive, a place all the Botany students knew from their classes. Sundays everyone was required to attend church services, either at a church selected by the student's parents or, if they failed to choose one, by the student. The borough ivas probably not greatly different from the way it is now. According to an early catalogue, and repeated fora decade or more, "Millersville is a pleasant, rural village, situated three miles from Lancaster City."Graduation day, 1942-graduates met their parents and other relatives in the large lobby of Old Main following the commencement exercises. Broad-brimmed hats shielded fair complexions from the sun. Dinks were required wear of all freshmen until very recently. Here a group of freshmen of the Class of 1968 doff their dinks to an upperclassman, a required gesture. IGHLIGHT OF CLASS ACTIVITIES A CENTURY AGO WAS THE TRIP TO WASHINGTON. Debbie Baas, Class of 1976, models the embroidered freshman dink of 1905 that is a permanent acquisition of the college archives. Dr. D. L. Biemesderfer, president of the college from 1943 to 1965, with Mrs. Biemesderfer and Henry Steele Commager, the noted historian, who visited the campus in 1953. An aerial view of 1945 shows a bit of the roof of Old Main, left foreground; the upper part of Biemesderfer Executive Center, right foreground; the Science Building in full view. The view looks north.  I I The early yearbooks are intensely personal. Each staff, composed only of members of the graduating class, appears to try to outdo its predecessors. The 1 10 Touchstone contains such Localisms as: Bluff—to know a little something which yon try to express in the most voluptuous, ambiguous and audacious manner possible. The greatest stage of bluffing usually appears during the middle year, when psychology and zoology give the best chance for its cultivation. Cousin—This word applies to anyone who happens to be visiting you, for whom you have a particular attraction. It explains your intimacy, your feeling, and your sentiments. It also gives you the great privilege of using the sofa in the reception room; In 1875 the college had its own bake shop. Dessert was home-made ptes, not Mrs. Smith's. an extended walk around the tennis courts; The Color Guard in 1963. The board of editors of the 1908 yearbook holds a meeting. an occasional deep, thoughtful glance at her eyes. All this comes of having a cousin. Better find one The class size was small enough to permit something to be said about each member. Under Sentiment Roll from the yearbook is this gem: Maud Hess—She was not inclined to labor For herself or for her neighbor. In a speech class of 1938-39, a student speaks into a microphone. Saddle shoes and anklet-length socks were apparently de rigeur.The prettiest girls competed for the title of May Queen. This one is Naomi Hess who reigned in 1935. Her float is a swan, of course. TABLE OF CONTENTS STUDENT SENATE 16 SNAPPER 170 WMSR 171 TOUCHSTONE 172 INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 173 UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY 173 CHAVERIM 174 PSEA 175 ALPHA BETA ALPHA 175 ENGLISH CLUB 176 POLITICAL SCIENCE ORGANIZATION 176 AESCULAPIAN SOCIETY 177 OUTING CLUB 177 COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN 17$ GEORGE STREET CARNIVAL 180 GERMAN CLUB 180 IN MOTION 181 SPANISH CLUB 181 DOLPHINS 182 CINDERELLAS 183 WRESTLING BELLES 183 CHEERLEADERS 184 MARTIAL ARTS CLUB 185 INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS CLUB 185 SOCIOLOGY CLUB 186 CLASSICS CLUB 186 COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB 187 CHAMBER ENSEMBLE 188 WOMEN'S CHORUS 188 COLOR GUARD 189 BLACK AND GOLD MARCHING BAND 190 CHOIR 192 FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES 194STUDENT SENATE Front row. Judy Hofferth, recording secretary; Dave Hildebrand, president; Suzy Paes, vice-president. Second row: Judy Giantomass, corresponding secretary; Debbie Russo, treasurer; Barry Peffley. Front row: Leslie Wolman, Dyan Bryson, Michelle Meckins, Robin Lowe, Dave Kalman, Karen Bonner, Janet McCall. Donna Mcmmi. Second row: Frankie Hughes, Bob Rosendale, Bob Leedom, Frank McCormack, Jeff Butch, Keith Holland, Tim Martin. 169170WMSR To;) photo: "Truckin'' Chuck Allen. Second photo from top: Terry C. Kile, station manager; Zoa Bashline, acting program director; Steve Cobaugh, business director; Bill Saunders, news director Third photo from top—Front row: "Fuzzy" Gallagher, Becky Foreman, Barb Trompetcr, John Ward. Snake Renninger, Karen Mosteller. Second row: Bob "Godfather" Walsh, Aaron "Love" Carpenter, Terry C. Kile, Zoa Bashline, Steve Cobaugh, Bill Saunders, Debbie Andrews. Standing: Steve Charles, Bob Ziegler, Joe Wilson, Kevin Dixon, Scott Fitzpatrick, Jeff "The Kid" Ricks. Jim Dougherty. Adrienne Zedacker, Rich Franks, Dave Williams, Mark Montgomery, Claude Anderson, Dennis Lee, Dave Frageorgia, Ron Zook, Connie Sierzcga.rop left photo: Laura Clark, Ron Hitchman, Val Cassell, Becky Foreman, Ellen Fogg. Top right photo: Sue Moser, editor; Cary Bonner. Lower left photo: Bcrnie O'Donnell. Middle right photo: Gary Palmer. Lower right photo: Ron Hitchman. 172 INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP j Top photo—Front row: Jolcne Stoltzfus, Roscne Hernley, Sharon Weaver, Deb Broadbeck, Melanie Seibert, Lynn Archibald, Jane Hess, Julie Prcparato. Second roiu; Donna Trostle. Rose Huber. Mrs. Isabelle Binkley, Lonnie Spotts, Janet Acker, Shirley Weaver. Beth Seely. Edie Meilingcr, Bob Kauffman. Third row: Mr. Keith Yoder, Dave Eckman, Ron Zook, Dave Rohrer, Melvin Landis, Millie Ruben, Dick Yunginger. Second photo front lop-front row. Ray Porter, Alan Wray, Luann Hager. Second row: Beth Erlsten, Mary Smiley, Bette George. Third row Mike Frock. Diane McGee, Rev Jim Sipple. UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY 173CHAVERIM: THE JEWISH STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ✓ 174PSEA ABA Top photo: Scott Powell, treasurer, Cathy Davis, president; Anita Bolton, Cris Karvelas, Shirley Keith, Lisa Bergey. Second photo from top—Front row: Renac Hedrick, Lynn Archibald, vice-president; loan Medio, Evelyn Platt, Lorraine Manwiller, Nancy Cutter, Crystal Strauser, Elaine Skiles, Anita Bolton, Carolyn Roberts. Deb Baas. Second row: Mrs. M. E Llewellyn, Jean Harnly, Lonnie Spoils. Alexis Swyderski. Sue Grier, Chris Schwarze. Janet Tischbein, Judy Skorup, Cathy Davis, Kay Johnson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Mmda Sanders. Third row: Karen Stiles, president; Cindy Hedes, Carol Phillips, Annamae Kanu chok, Kim Uhler, Mary Minder, Julie Knapp, Beth Erlsten, recording secretary; Donna God-shall, Eileen Kern, Deb Lykens, Carol Miller, Marcia Miller, Bev Bessler. Joan Herr, Janet Dessendcr. Becky Miller, Linda Snyder, Gail Umstead. 175ENGLISH CLUB POLITICAL SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Top photo: Sue Kiley, Jay Lilley, Beth Fuller, Jane Stoner. Second photo front top—Seated: Karen Draw-baugh, Karen Faduska, Karen Bonner, president; Rita Crieco, secretary; Jim Schlouch, vice-president; Bert Olson. Second row. John Biebcr, Steve Wursta, Steve Brunner, Kathy Sweeney. Third row: Jim Wert, Rich Young, Kim Plouffe. George Wolpert. Michael Rice, Bill Uouder, David Hampson, Mr. lohn Tannehill, advisor.AESCULAPIAN SOCIETY Top photo—From row: Elaine Kozik, librarian; Kim Mitchell, treasurer; Jeff Schuchart, recording secretary; Catherine Sheaffer, Karen Shaffer, Susan Insetta, Rich DeLao, Lon Kissinger. Second row: David Eckman, president; Patti Jan-drositz, Elyse Kinkle, Linda Steinmctz, Joe Meier. Kay Pastelak. Second photo from toft—Front row: Mike Butler, John Kaiser, Michele Baum, Marilyn Minnich, Paul Nielsen, Karen Hanson, James Ha, Rich HollingwOrth. Second row: Linda Fcgley, Joe Turnowchyk. Carol Brackbill, Cinny Anonia, Evelyn Platt, Deb Downs, Robyn Reinecker, Lori Marks, Sharon Stober, Kathy Cross, Kathy Weakley, Mai Kaprielyan Third row: David Dubs, Peter Jarrett. Karen Ferrara, Mary Segravc-Daly, Steve Brandt. Seah McCurley. Jan Dukovic, Marge Carr, Vicky Kalbach, Annamac Kanu-chok, Chris Hess, Sue Williams, Renee Haardc. Fourth row: Dan Bowman, Lindy Lanver, Jere Myers, Paul Clander, Rob Erdman. Peter Hagel, Bill Peightel, Cathy Guzenski. OUTING CLUB 177178 179GEORGE STREET CARNIVAL GERMAN CLUB Top photo: Tom Korman, Peter Gill, Christian Kcndig, C.inny Carroll, Tom Lee, Bruce Gilbert. Second photo front top—Front roio: Margo Haring, vice-president; Susan Mazzur, Susan Angstadt, secretary Second rout: Gary Benner, president; Karen Eckman, Luann Hager. Susan Hall, Peter Hagel, Debby Chappell, Betsy Salevsky, Bette George, Craig Benner, treasurer.IN MOTION SPANISH CLUB Top photo—Front row. Becky Bair, Kim Thomas, Lori Walls, secretary; Kathy Sweeney, vice-president. Second roto. Ruth Feinsilvcr. Terri Sikct, president; Jonneke von Olden, Bette George. Third row: Sandy Howry, instructor. Second photo from top—Front row: Neil Schrocder, Wendy Valenteen, Roy Keeler, Pat Bauman. Mary Anne Bailey, Lynn Elchook, Sally Schlenker, treasurer; Mike Dock, president; Elda Garcia, vice-president; Bruce Miller Second row: Mr. Joseph DcCamp, advisor; lane Algard. Adelc Lear, Vicki Simpson, Lynn Yoder, Judy Skorup. Mary Frances Stringer, Nancy Hutter. lanice Miller. 181Second photo from top. Sandy Knecht, treasurer; Caron Leath, student advisor; Beth Myers, president; Kathy O'Rourke, vice-president; Joanne Dunn, secretary. Third photo front lop—Trout tow. Margaret Giordano, Cheryl Blazejevvski, Joanne Dunn, Caron Leath, Beth Myers, Kathy O'Rourke, Sandy Knecht. Gina Elsen. Katie Con-nolley. Second row: Heidi Shaffer, Kim Mitchell. Karen Datko, Sharon Wanner, Mary Beth Rader, Nicki Mc-Cort. Jan Williamson. Lynne Stetson, Cindy Buckner, Lois Reese. Third row. Jean Briggs, Debbie Amend, Lynn 1’rciss, Mary Beth Dugan, Cindy Randle, Jody Cochran, Sue Crothamel, Sherry F.icholbcrgcr, Bev Veihl. Missing: Denise Alwine, Cindy Chunko, Leslie Evans, Grelchen Keeney. Donna Memmi. Wendy Gleesan Owens, Kathy Pittenger, Marianne Talbot. Jill Tracy. DOLPHIN CLUB 182CINDERELLAS Top photo—Front row: Sharon Dalrymple, Lynn Wilkinson. Anno Travitz, secretary; Corinne Kep-ich, president; Pam Abraham, vice-president; Lorraine Manwiller, treasurer; Debbie Mock, loan Medio. Second row: Cindy Hedcs, Felice Kulla, Linda Lewars, Sherry Powell, Carol Scidenbcrgcr, Mary Pecuch, Sherry Davis. Miffing: Shelly Marts. Patty Pope, Mary Beth Rader. Robin Stryker. Bottom photo—Front row: Ruth Konnth, Leslie Ridyard, Diane Kicsel, Janet Luigard, Pat Shipley, Cathy Reitz, historian; Kathy O'Rourke, secretary; Josic Sciarrabba. treasurer; Jackie Singer, president; Sue Devlin, vice-president. Second row: Regina Sagycse. Theresa Boone, Margo Salash, Kathy Selentelli. Denise Nonnemacher, Lori Miller. Sherry Rubright, Lisa Bupp. Kathy Pittcngcr, Anna LaRocca. Janice Amer, Paula Diosegy. Mary Sue Ricker, Joanne Wilson, Peggy Robinson, Carol Duryca. Vicki Simpson. WRESTLING BELLES- VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front row: Donna Pa nick. Donna Shrcder, Dobi Fisher. Second tow: Chris Ferguson. Wendy Campbell. Karen Francis, Pam Shank. Kathy Evans, Jackie Pigford, Sandi Sower, Pat (andrositz. Gwen Stuart. 184 J.V. CHEERLEADERSMARTIAL ARTS CLUB Second photo from top—Front row: Beth Taylor, Barb Falkinburg, Cindy Martin, Sue Fettcs, Debbie Hudson. Olga Lopez, Beth Lebo. Second row: Linda Artvmovicz, Amy Cleveland. Kathy McGovern, Claudia Fillippo, Frances Ray. Deb Geno, Linda Dunlap, Sandy Boyland. Third row: Jo Anne McVeigh, Anne Jackson, Deb Snavely, Beth Harron, Lynn Sillaman, Annette Shuman, Pat Shipley, Clara Dixon, Pat Varemko. Fourth row: Sondra Gardner, Heidi Denlinger, Vicky Echcrt. Jan Valentine, Sheila Mickle, Wendy Brehm, Sara Haldeman, Helen Balasavage, ludy Looker. INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS CLUB 185SOCIOLOGY CLUB Top photo—Front roto: Cindy Buckner, Cheryl Kradzinski, Lavinia Diane Moultrie, Sue Cope Second row: Karen Mosteller. Colbert Partridge, Cathy Chaffee. CLASSICS CLUB 186Top photo—Seated: lohn Danpvich, president Stnntiing: Mike Wcagley, lim Brown, vice-president; Bruce Miller, Janice Miller, secretary-treasurer; Mr. Ron Davis, advisor. Second photo from top-front row: Deb Baas, Karen Trubella, Denise Raughley, Sue Moser. Second row: Mike Nuding. Linda Lesser, Kraig Walker, Jim Roach, Mike Caldwell. Ron Burian, Ron Hitchman. COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB 187- CHAMBER ENSEMBLE rop photo: Mrs. Joan Zwally, Anne I rav-itz, Regina Gorniak, Bette George, Sharon Stobor. lane Alexis, Rebecca Kanfmann. WOMEN'S CHORUS 188COLOR GUARD Top photo—front roio. Shelly Pu-dash, Lori Marks, Donna Reed. Second row. Donna Grazi, Donna Mernmt, co-captain; Deb Fading. Third row: Terri Dozier, Kathy Henry. Anne Jackson, Donna Hall, Annie Robinson. Missing: Patty Camber, co-captain; Marie Brown, Pam Derkac. Harriet Emmanuel. Sally Schlenker. Elaine Schultz, Linda Schrocder. Lower left photo Donna Reed. 189BLACK AND GOLD MARCHING BAND191CHOIR 192Opposite page, top photo—Front row: Karen Stiles. Lone Oilier. Barb Dcnlinger, Christina Gemmel, Sally Rath, Cindy Kiel, Diana Eisenhower. Second row: Dawn Wilson, lane L Zerbe, Mary Smiley, Marcy Shcllenberger, Debbie Roseman. Third row: Jan Crist, Kathy Kraybill, Mildred Ruben, Pam Wilt, Terry Bovvers, Doreen Axsmith. Fourth row: Tom Richards. Peter Hagel, Cary Benner, Cary Duell. Jon Terry. Stephen S ibler, Jay I’arrish Fifth row: Craig Heere. Dave Brant, Walt Straiton. Brian Enzman. Dan Potts. Stu Feeser. Jeff Hackenbcrgcr, Cary Smith. Second photo from fo r-Front row: Brenda Moose. Joyce Burkholder, Linda Miller, Senecca Butcher, Betsy K. Zerbe, Margaret Freeman. Diane Mcily. Second row: Barbara Miller, Chs Horn, Beth Ellen Faust, Denise Wilson. Third row: Jodi Manning, Dot Mins- chall. Sherry Lecdom, Maria Mullahy, Lisa Frock. Fourth row ]. Mark Montgomery, George Reineberg, Karl Dietz, Galen Guengerich, Ron Zook. Fifth row: Michael Hirsh, Pete Johnson. Bill Sidlaw, Gary Bovvers. William Kinkaid. Alan Heller. This page—Front row: Pat Hcrnley, Carol Huber. Judy Bell, Kris Schvvenzer, Janice Bcrberich, Kathy Moyer, Beth Erlsten. Second row: Jane Delp, Harriet Emmanuel, Lynne Archibald, Sue Schooler, Judy Crouthamcl. Third row: Janeile Williams, Kathy Klapp. Donna Miller, Nancy Fuller, Sally Miller. Fourth row. Mike Jacobs, I’atti Shellehamer, Tom Kirk, John Everhart, Doug Kern. Phil Smith. Fifth row: Danny O'Brien. Ben Crone, Mark Williams. Bob Mummer, Stephen Smith, Dwight Rinehart. 193TABLE OF CONTENTS INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 195 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL 195 ALPHA SIGMA CHI 196 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 197 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 1 7 KAPPA ALPHA TAU 198 DELTA SIGMA CHI 199 WICKERS 199 OMEGA THETA SIGMA 200 KAPPA PHI EPSILON 201 KAPPA DELTA PHI 202 SIGMA PHI OMEGA 203 DELTA PHI ETA 204 PHI LAMBDA SIGMA 205 GAMMA PI 200 SIGMA PHI DELTA 207 MU ALPHA KAPPA 20S GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA 209 SIGMA TAU GAMMA 209 RHO LAMBDA PHI 210 CHI GAMMA IOTA 211 DELTA SIGMA THETA 212 ZETA GAMMA PHI 212 OMICRON GAMMA OMEGA 213 PHI SIGMA PI 214 SIGMA EPSILON BETA 215 MISCELLANEOUS 216 194INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Top photo—Front row: Mike Steele. Jerry O'Neill, Robert Hawtk. Second row: Rob McOwen, Greg Schneider, Roche Fitzgerald. Norm Quynn. Third row: Jim Schlouch, Bob Lecdom, Bob Rosendale, Mike Chura. Second photo from top—Front row: Donna Stillwell, Linda Radcl, Nancy Taylor, secretary; Kathy Sleekier, Margie Hinchey, treasurer. Second row: Dianne Metzger, Kathy Schlegclmilch, president; Sue Hamsher, Ruth Carpenter, Pamela Thomas, Melanie Bartow. Third row: Radecn Mann, Pat Brady, Denise Montcfusco. vice-president; Cindy Bare, Pam Albert, Patricia lenkins. 195 PAN HELLENIC COUNCILTop left photo. Spring pledge class. Front row Kevin Reilly, Bill IVin-dover, Bruce Drozd. Second row: Karl Frederick, Jon Bitier, Russ Kenyon. Lower right photo—Front row Dwight Rinehart, Mike Leaman, Mike Steele, Tony Mastrobatistn, Philip Charles, Fred Smith, Jesse Landis, Rob McOwen. Second row. Barry Phillips, Jerry Caputo, Cliff Beatty. Jim Kraky, Al Eilbachcr, Dylan Lynn, Lee Kashishian, Ed Sweeney. Missing: Jeff Novak, Steve Kozcniewski. Chris Czerniakowski, Bob Methvin, Bill Class, Gene Drozd, Craig DeBcrnardo, Harris Malkin. Don Frank, Dave Maudes, Ion McDonald, Roger Prevost, Rich Karkoska. 196A® A AKA Top photo: Lee Hollis. Jeff, Greg Wellons, Bernard Daniels, Aaron Scales, Stanley Jones, Joe Kinsey, Stephen Johnson, Carl Hawthorne. Second photo front top—Front row. Debbie lenkins. hostess; Karen Scott, corresponding secretary; Robbi Durham, vice-president; Selma Jay, president; Janice Quarles, Brenda Dukes. Second row: Dawn Tyn-dale, Felicia Burton, Regina DeShields. Karla Greene Linda Young, Desiree Miller, reporter. Missing; Cheryl Durham, treasurer; lanice Goodall, recording secretary. 197Top photo. Fall pledge class. Front row. Jean Bolton. Kris Breighner. Susie Stambaugh. Joanne Barba ran. Missing: Jaymcc Mehrmann. Second photo from top—Front row: Cheryl Polczynski, Debbie Russo, l.ynn Moore, Jackie Mock, Valerie Matecki, Brenda Moose, Cheryl SharfF. Carol Marchei. Second row: Gale Pierce, Lisa Derfler, Lisa Bcrgey, Carol VandcrPoel, Sheila Mickle, Sandy Knorr, Mary Valentino, Dianne Querry, Susan Mazzur, Lisa Beachel. Third row: Leslie Bugis, Debbie Kessler, Denise Montefusco, Sue Lewis. Nancy Orth, Pat Brady, Robin Oyler. Suzy Paes, Laraine Bednar, Barb Houpt, Debbie Hulmc, Luann Ross. 198AX X Top photo—Front rou : )im Baglin, secretary: Chuck Sivick, Clift Fiedler, Gregg Schneider, vice-president; Emerson Haines, treasurer; George Cooper. left Wood. Second row: Jeff Cleary, Chris Hoffman, Dave Steele, Guy Lombardo, Marv Lant , Jeff Forty, Phil Miller, Rick Wetzel, Rob Erdman, Butch Tonkin. Second photo from top—Front row: Mike Stone, Ernie Lesher, Mike Ariano, Bruce Andrews. Deven Feldman, Joe Mickle. Second row: Keith Yorks, Dave Baker, Phil Miller Third row: Jamie Roak, Bill Pershouse, Lee Frantz. Greg Phenicie, Sonny Eline, Tom Ruffing, Larry French, Scott Kaufmann. Fourth row: Bob Redcay, Joe Rennick, Bob Bergner, Bob Rosendalc, Ron Macrina, Gary Prugh. Missing: Mike Volkert, Craig Smith, Mike Viglianti, Glenn Weaver, Jim McClure. WICKERS 199Top photo—Front row Janet Oberholtzer, Sandy Forte, Darlene Rumford, Joan Cooper, Kathy Kautz. Second row. Diane Olson, Margie Hinchey, Cindy Artz, Cindy Bare, Linda Borsoi, Cindy Smith. Second photo from top, Fall pledge class. Front row. Denise VVeitzel, Joann Osiadacz, Marcia Moran, Second row: Sandy Ziemer, Lana MacDougall, Nancy Morgan. Third photo from top. Spring pledge class. Frtmt row: Peggy Robinson. Rosemarie Cir-villi, Robyn Sweezey. Second row: Arlene Hatton. Lynn Kelly, Mary Beth Scheck, Kathy Kennedy. 200KOE Second photo from top—Front row: Pam Albert, Dot Lauer. Second row: Janet Colquhoun, Sharon Szabo, Jody Cochran, Rachel Miller, Deb Mackey, Debbie Hcrrold, Dianne Metzger. Third row: Lou Marks, Bev Bessler, Carolyn Wood, Kathy Corry, Susie Moyer, Susie Harper, Chris Hunsbcrger, Carol Carroll, Nancy l.efcvcr. Missing: Chris Dal Maso, Ian Cotmon, Dcbi Klus. 201Top photo. Spring pledge class, front row: Liz Bleistein, Laurie Krum, Bonnie Miller. Second row: Joanne Tagir. Janet Ekerman, Mary Hanlon. Second photo from top-front row: Ro Hager, Alice Kirchner, Sue Hamsher, Kay Ann Rizzuto, Rag, Gail Grissey, Shelly Halbig, Annamao Kanuchok, Kathy Garrison, Deb Spcsak. Second row. Sandy Stabinski, Sharon Poland, Beth Ellen Faust, Cindy Bitzer, Deb Raudcnbush, Mona Udowenko, Cathy Reitz, Cathy Timmins, Betty Ann Gucewicz, Joianne Galliano, Patti Lord, Mary Anne Cassidy. Fran Paydock, Barb Sturm, Cinny Moshos. Karen Francis. Third row: Nancy Green, Nancy Cipoletti. Sue Barton, Sue Hendrickson, Lee Ann Friedman, Deb Rogowski. Meg Car-rigan, Jill Hyman, Betsy Singer. Mary Ann Sallack, Emily George. 202ECDQ Top photo—Front row: Diane Pemberton, advisor; Rosie McGinley, Kathy Henry, Ian Roberts. Patty Camber, Shelly Dudash, Pat Shipley, Radeon Mann, Dottie Loller, Kelly Barthold Second row Julie Knouse, Beth Myers, Donna Reed, Marie Balado, Denise Alivine. Shari Williams. Elise Kendig, Judy Barnhurst, Leslie Evans, Donna Ostermcier, Marie O'Byrne. Deb Larish. Third row: Chris Schwarze, Peg Guinter, Annie Robinson, Jenny Leber, Donna Panik, Donna Mcmmi. Ginnv Spongcl, Pam Ocschger, Lois Hutchison. Lynn Sillaman, Judy Frantz. Second photo from top. Spring pledge class: Roslyn Remeckcr. Donna Orazi, Shelby Starry. Linda Reichart, Beth Harron. Charlotte Torongo, Margie Merwin, Karen Taglang. Missing: Lynn Meehl. Third photo from top. Fall pledge class. Sue Davis. Valeric Cassell, I ill Shupp, Pat Jandrositz, Annette Shuman, Lea Anderson. Laura Clark, Pam Clements. 203204 rop photo: One of the main events of the year for Delta Phi Eta was the dance marathon that the sisters ran for the benefit of the American Heart Association.Top photo—Front row: Sarah Harmon, Sue Devlin, Denise Nonnemacher, Amy Cleveland, Debbie Moch, Kathy Harp. Second row: Mary Smiley, Sophie Hicks, Kathy Johnson, Mary Kozak. Lori Miller, Sue Kent. Missing: Terry Savastano. Second photo from top, Fall pledge class Nadine Yanchev, Donna Young, Sandi Sowers. Deb Stuner. 205rn Top photo, Fall pledge class. Front row: Bruce Bread, Joe Di Scuillo. Second row: Bob Lugg, Eric Young. Mark Falk Second photo from top—Front row: Doug Myers, treasurer; Jim Schlouch. president; Dei Hauck. vice-president; Scott Powell, secretary. Second row: Gary Stockslagcr, Bob Gill. Charlie Kirchner, Howard Donahue, Mark Gallagher. Michael Yassick. Third row: Cy Anderson. Craig Jones, Dan Bowman. Kevin Hughes, 206Top left photo. Fall pledge class. Front roto: Jackie Huggler, Sue Daniels, Gloria Wysocki, Eileen Kilpatrick. Second row: Mary Ann Sheridan, Kim Kohler, I’atty Yarasavage, Lynn Fichter. Right photo, Spring pledge class. Front row. Patty Laundas, JoAnn Radakovich, Jena DeGroot. Second row: Mary Kay Conahan, Lorie Dittenhafer, Kathy French, Lynda Craig. Middle left photo—Front row: Barb Martin, president; Diane Ruth, historian; Dana King, corresponding secretary; Carla Kessler, recording secretary. Second row: Patti Bartholomew. treasurer; Robin Beideman, first vice-president; Judy Brewer, second vice-president; Debbie Y'asile, parliamentarian. lower right photo—Front row: Joyce Finley, Susan FilanO, Lori Kraut, Kathy Klouser, Pam Rhodes. Second row: Vira Donato, Eileen Helm, Linnea Jacobson. Bette Ann Tonolli, Dena Denmoyer, Nancy Taylor, Pat Young, Janet Burkhart, Carol Posluszny. Third row: Judy Hofferth, Debbie Aichele, Diana Ornik, Gretchen Keeney, Robin Grieco, Lamaryce Woods, Debbie Fortim, Lydia Abel, Kathy Gluckow, Karen Sobala, Gina Grow. Bev Viehi. 207MAK lop photo, Spring pledge class.: Dade Royer. Blair Moyer, Bob Buesing, Rocco Pilicro, Steve Lcbo. Missing: Bob Parr. Second photo from top. Fall pledge class: Joe Reichard, Lou Gal-zerano, Tony Casella, Greg Goldberg. Chuck Blankenbiller Third photo from top—Front row: Steve Lebo, Gene Melody, Rick Meehl, vice-president; Charles Blankenbiller. Second row: Gary Evans, Joe Reichard, Blair Moyer, Danny Doria, Greg Goldberg. David Burkhardt, president. Third row: Michael Tracy, Joe Ginther, parliamentarian; Mike Chura, treasurer; Robert Fofi, Lou Galzerano, Roy King, Tony Casella, secretary. Fourth row: Dade Royer, Bob Buesing, Lou Minni, pledgemaster; Scott Mackie, Rocco Piliero, Pat Dougherty. 208rx a ztt Top photo—Front row: Sue Dansbury, recording secretary; Sue Sexton, vice-president; Shelly Gordon, president; Darcy Schaffer, treasurer; Chris Walker, corresponding secretary; Sue Reed, historian; Mrs. Helen Metzler, advisor. Second tow: Barb Quinter, Melinda Staub, Janice Zerby, Phyllis Bennett, Sue West. Third row: Margaret Freedman. Lynn Bacchi, Linda Radel, LuAnn Pacchaili. Julie Martin, Jane Tuberty. Second photo from top—Front row: Bob Delia, Mike Sterner, Brent lies, Fran Interrante. Second row: Bob Tietjen, Dave Lincoln, Roche Fitzgerald, Frank Sweitzer, Bob Wunder, Doug Knerr, Frank Mela, Jim Tcrranova, Chip Mulvancy, Paul Schleyer. Third row: Craig Althouse, Dave Anderson, Frank Wagner. Ben Sahd, Dan McLaughlin. Fourth row: Pete Tiburzio, Bob Dougherty, Ed Mavridcs, Rick Nickel, Larry Sweeney. Bob Shrie. Fifth row: Norm Quynn, Greg Marsh, Jere Knisley, Bob Cummings, Andy Spinclli. Alex Guidotti. 209PACD 210  xn Top photo: Dave Hildebrand Second photo from top—Seated: Guy Wickcnheiser. Jeff Butch, Greg Propst, Jack Brainc, Wayne Rohrer, Carol Scannella. Standing: Jim Stante, Greg Kirschman. Jim Palm, Jay Reed. Tim Martin, Pablo Ortiz, Bob Hawck, Jeff Ludwick, Frank McCormick, Dave Kalman, Dave Saylor, Keith Holland. Dave Hildebrand, George Fishel, Bob Scott. Bruce Eshleman. 211AE© Top photo—Front row: Carmen Beckett, Jean Smith, Garvia Hill, Andrea Deligar, Debbie Young, Jams Thomas. Second row: Cindy Jones, Doreen Bonner, Diane Lewis, Mary Johnson, Rosalie Melvin, Gwen Stewart. Third roxo: Karen Spurgeon, Frankie Hughes, April Munroe, Livia Hall, Alisa Loper, Theresa Dozier, Sheree Johnson. Missing: Patricia Jenkins, Pamela Cotton, Roslyn Barefield. Jayne Johnson, Debbie Stewart. Second photo from top—Front row: Jackie Moyer, Margo Salash. Second row. Dottic Keyes, Deb Farling, Nancy Sundcrman, Cindy Strauss, Karen Faduska. Third row: Lu Ann Antrim. Patty Flynn, Robin Lowe, Sue Bib-ler. Mel Barto, Mary Stokes. Missing: Kolctte Diehl.oro To;i left photo: John Gallo. Mike Squires, Bill Nelson. Mike McBride. Top right photo, Spring pledge class: Kevin Kennedy, Dave Moerder, John Clark. Miffing: Jim Durrne, Jack Lance. Second photo from top—Front row: Bari Torre, Terry Spisak. John Eggcr, Mike McBride, John Gallo. Second row: Bill Reynolds. Danny Black, Stephen Peltz, Mike Olock, Steve Lindblom, Jerry Larish. Craig Emery. Third row: Bob Murphy, Tim landenberger, Rex Wright. Bob Leedom, Jeffrey Rinchimer, Bill Nelson. Steve Rusinak, Jack Williams. Bill Jones. 213oxn Top photo, Fall pledge class: Frank Cover, Tom Evitts. Don Stack. Second photo from top—Front row. Bruce Koedding, secretary; John, vice-president; Bruce Hoover, president; Joe Pizzi, historian. Second row: Bill Wolle, Ken Procter, Terry Anderson, Chuck Yeager, treasurer; Gary Benner, Mark Sharwarko, Mr. Richard Meily, Rod Martin. Joe Froelich, Ken Stehman, Jonas Rioter, Greg Hess, Terry Leonard, Mr. Gerald Burkhardt Third photo from top. Spring pledge class. Front row: Rick DcLao, Greg Stewart, Bill Ryan, John Graham. Vince Vuono, Gary Duell, Steve Landis. Second row: Randy l.oht, John Kaiser, Lon Kissinger, Dan O'Brien, Kenneth Burkey, Dave Stong, Craig Benner, David Albright. Missing,- Gregg Bollingger, Vic Calderon, Rick Cox. Larry Fischer, Scott Hessen, Dave Roth, Phil Snyder. 214EEB Top photo. Spring pledge class, Front row. Chris Ebcrsole, Walt Samselski, Cary Case. Second photo from top—Front row: Dave Drum. Second row: Stanley Hoke, Al Moore, Wayne Goldey, Lenny Pursell, Brad Marrig. Third row. lack Paulus, Anies Haddad, Rick Martinac, Rob Pierce, Kevin Orulcs, Sam Kcckler, Shawn McCummings, Gerry O'Neill. 215216IN MEMORIAM Dr. Thomas W. Farley Associate Professor of Education 1937-1975 October 15, 1975 Linda Ann Adam Class of 1977 September 12,1975 Member of Kappa Delta Phi Sorority 2 2 ----------------------------- Mary Yvonne Thomas Class of 1977 September 12, 1075 Member of Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Philip C. Williamson Class of 1980 April 1, 1076 217PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Beachel Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bohr Mr. and Mrs. L. Benjamin Bucks Arnetia M. Burton Diane Clauser Chester Cornwell Dean T. Deibler Dr. and Mrs. Dominick DiNunzio Mr. Roy B. Erb Bruce Erdman Dr. George H. Ditlow Dr. James M. Garrett Prof. Sumner Germain Dr. Joseph W. Glass Prof. Eugene G. Groff Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frock Mark H. Gongloff Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Hansen Janice M. Hunsicker Mildred R. Jenkins Albert and Catherine Jordan John M. Keene, Jr. Charles and Jean Kienzle Mr. and Mrs. W. Clarence Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kissh FACULTY PATRONS Dr. John A. Huzzard Dr. J. Henry Keneagy Prof. Charles P. Patton Prof. Minda M. Sanders Dr. Jan M. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kreider Mr. and Mrs. Manuel J. Lewis Mrs. Mary Meckley Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Moleski Mr. Theodore J. Novak Dr. and Mrs. Louis Pease Leigh E. Steele Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Taylor Paul E. Wise Dr. H. Byron Showers Mrs. Gilbert Slotter Dr. George F. Stauffer Dr. J. Richard Zerby 218SENIOR DIRECTORY ACf.I—Association for Childhood Education International ACMO—All-Campus Musical Organization AVVS—Association for Women Students Bio—Biology CEC—Council for Exceptional Children Chem— Chemistry Com—Communications CS—Computer Science CUB—College Union Board DAP— Development of Academic Potential EChd—Early Childhood Econ—Economics Elem—Elementary Education Eng—English ES—Earth Science F B—Film and Broadcasting Ceog—Geography IA—Industrial Arts IFC—Interfraternily Council Inter—Interdisciplinary Studies IVCF—Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Lib—Library Math—Mathematics MENC—Music Educators National Conference MT—Medical Technology Mus—Music, NCTE—National Council of Teachers of English NEA—National Education Association ☆ Aeschleman, Janice A.—Wilmington, Del.; Elem Rdg; Omega Theta Sigma (recording secretary, vice-president, pledgemaster. Pan Hellenic representative), Soc-Hers, SNAPPER. Aichele, Deborah A.—Lancaster; Elem French. Albright, David C— Roaring Spring; Elem-PE; Basketball. Albright, James IV.—Lebanon; Sec Math. Alfano. Paula A.—York; NucMT; Aesculapian Society (president). Intramurals. WMSR. Allen, Charles J.-Philadelphia; Art Ed; SNAPPER. WMSR (disc jockey, sports director). Art Students Organization, College Union Board (art chairman), Citamard. Intramurals, Iota Beta Sigma. Allison, Lynn G.—Lancaster; PSN. Allwine. David M.—Utitz; Math. Althouse, Craig R — Mohnton; Political Science; Sigma Tau Gamma Amberg, Patricia A.—Philadelphia; Elem MR. Anderson. Cy O.—Greencastle; IA Angstadt, Susan J.—Emmaus; German; German Club (secretary), language floor president. Anonia, Virginia M.—'Trevorton; Elementary EChd; Outing Club (secretary). CUB (Operations Committee). Arasin, Cindy L.—Sadsburyville; Elem-SMED; Sigma Phi Delta. Arduini. Michael S.—Jersey Shore; I A; Baseball. Industrial Arts Society. Amawoodian, Stephen G.—Havertown; Geography. Auerbach, John S.—Doylestown; ES; Scuba Club (treasurer). Aumnf, Donald C.—Rohrerstown; PS. ☆ Baas, Dorothy E—Croydon; Lib; TOUCHSTONE (co-editor). Women's Chorus. Alpha Beta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Folk Dancing, PSEA, Dean’s List, Cora Catherine Bitner Music Award. John C. Ursprung Award. Intramurals, SNAPPER. Computer Club, Government Documents. Baglin, James W.—Ashland; Art F.d; Delta Sigma Chi. Baley, Eloise C.—Lancaster; Art Ed. Babner, Richard H.—Manheim; Bio Prc-Veterinary; Softball. Basketball. Banks, lanis L.—Hummelstown; NucMT; Rho Lambda Phi. Banks, Judith A—Hummelstown; Psyc; E)elta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus, Psychology Club. Barbano, Donna M—Horsham; Sec French; French Club. Intramurals Dean's List. Barnhart. Diane A.—F.nola; Elem PE; Hockey. Basketball. Barrett, Philip W.—Millersville; IA. Bartow, Gwynneth D.—Northport, N.Y.; Art. Baum. Deborah L.—Muncy; Bio; Outing Club. Ski Club. Folk Dancing NucMT—Nuclear Medical Technology PAVE—Program for the Advancement of Veterans' Education PE—Physical Education Phil—Philosophy Phy— Physics PILS—Packet of Independent Learning in Special Education PMEA—Pennsylvania Music Educators Association PS—Political Science PSEA—Pennsylvania State Education Association PSN—Public School Nursing Psyc—Psychology Rdg—Reading Rep—Representative RMA—Resident Men’s Association RSA—Resident Students' Association Sci—Science SMED-SPED—Socially Maladiusted and Emotionally Disturbed Soc—Sociology Soc-Anthro—Sociology-Anthropology SS—Social Studies SS Ec—Social Studics-Economics SS Ge—Social Studies-Geography SS Hi—Social Studics-History SS PS—Social Studies-Political Science SS So—Social Studies-Sociology SW—Social Work Thtr—Theatre UCM—United Campus Ministry Baumgardner, Roberta 7 —Leola; Com-Thtr. Baxter, Cynthia A—North Wales; Sec Bio; Citamard. Soc-Hers (treasurer). Wrestling Belles. Bicentennial Chairman of CUB. Dorm Council. Beachel. Lisa A.—Milton; German-Spanish; Kappa Alpha Tau (secretary). German Club, Dean's List. Beck, Jerry G. Jr—West Chester; Sec German; WMSR (station man-ager). Beck, Kathy 5.—Lancaster; Elem Mus; Orchestra. Chamber Ensemble Delta Phi Eta. Becker, Amelia L — New London; Bio; Aesculapian Society (vice-president). Kappa Phi Epsilon. Intramurals. Women's Chorus. Becker. Anne D— Manheim; Psyc; Dean's List. Becker, Edward R.—Manheim; Art. Bedics. Dorothy £.—Bethlehem; Bio; Newman Club Beecher, Bei'erly A.—New Britain. Sec Math; Delta Phi Eta. Intramurals, Dean's List. Beiler, Miriam A —Lancaster. Psyc. Beliveau, Michel I.—Rockaway, N.J.; Elem-F.Chd Bell, William E. Jr.—Lititz; Elem Psyc; Student Senate. Benfer, Jill A.—Marysville, Elem Rdg; Sigma Phi Omega. Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Bennett. Phyllis .—Yardley; Elem-EChd; Gamma Sigma Alpha. ACEI, PSEA, Intramurals. Bennett. Roxanne L —Hyde Park; Chem; Dean's List Benson. Jay R— Ephrata; I A. Berg, Ronald M. Jr.—Etters; Art. Sergey, Lisa A.—West Chester; Elem-SMED. Bcrgner, Robert E. .—Lancaster; Sec Bio. Berta, Cynthia L— Allentown; Bio. Bcrtoager, Lynne—Jacobus; Elem-MR; Wrestling Belles. Besecker. Janice R— Analomink; Sec German; Field Hockey. Rho Lambda Phi (corresponding secretary). Pan Hellenic Council, Intramurals, German Club, Junior Year Abroad (Germany). B ssler, Beverly L— Philadelphia; Lib; ABA, UCM. PSEA. Kappa Phi Epsilon, Delta Phi Eta. Orchestra. Jazz Band, Women's Chorus. Bickel, Gary H.—Tyrone; IA; Delta Sigma Chi. Wrestling. Bickel, Penny K.—Millersville; Elem-SMED. Bierlein, Barbara I.-Chadds Ford; Elem-SMED; CEC, PSF.A. ACEI. Dean's List. Bierman, Suzette L.—Williamsport; Eng; English Club, Dean's List. Biggs, Robert E—Lancaster; Econ; CUB (public relations chairman). Billman. Jean C.—Cheltenham; Elem-SMED; IVCF. Delta Phi Eta Bingham, Patricia A — Drexel Hill; Eng; Dean's List. Bisbee, Walter L. Jr.—Myerstown; German; German Club. ACMO-Bishop, Pamela E.—Souderton; Elem-MR; Dean's List. Bitzer, Cynthia L.—Lancaster; Elem Rdg; Kappa Delta Phi. PSEA, ACEI, Dean's List.Blair, William O.—Elizabethtown; ES. Boback, lohn W.-Philadelphia; Elem Rdg; Phi Sigma Pi, PSEA. Bocian, Debra A.—Hershey; Mus Ed; Marching Band, Concert Band. Orchestra, Choir, Wind Ensemble Boeshore, Mark A.—Jonestown; Bio; Dean’s List. Bogush, David W.—St. Clair; Bio. Bohr, Jeff rev L.—Tower City; History. Bolton, Anita S.-Holtwood; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. TOUCHSTONE, Folk Dancing. Bond, William H.—Whitehall; IA. Bonner, Karen P.—Lcvittown: PS-Econ; Dean's List, Student Senate, Political Science Organization (president), Economics Club, Cultural Affairs Committee. Book, Charle W. Jr.—Lancaster; Art; SNAPPER. Boo:, Muriel A.-Ambler; Elcm-SMED; CEC Borsoi. Linda C.—Bethlehem; Elem MR-Psyc; Omega Theta Sigma (president, secretary). Intramurals. Bottaro, Lawrence .—Harrisburg; Art. Botto, Joan M.—Norristown; SS Hi; Basketball, Judiciary Board. Bowe, Lawrence .—Conshohocken; SS Ec; Football, Intramurals, Student Security, 2nd team All-Conference Football, 1st team District 19 All-Star, Century Club Award. Bowman, Daniel IV.—Carlisle; Bio; Gamma Pi. Outing Club. Boyd, Karen—Lancaster; Sec Bio. Boyd, Sallie A.—York; Elem-MR. Boyd, Thomas E.—Lancaster; Psyc; Delta Sigma Chi, Psychology Club. Boyer, Denise £.—Womelsdorf; EIcm Mus; Women's Chorus. ACEI, Delta Phi Eta Boyer. Kathie L—Wernersville; Llb-Sec Eng; Women’s Chorus, Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Boyer, Louise M.—East Berlin; PSN. Boyer, Mark C.—Hanover; Elem Sci; RSA, Aesculapian Society, IVCF, ACEI, Intramurals. Boyer, Pamella K.—Carlisle; Mus Ed; Marching Band. Concert Band. Wind Ensemble. Choir. Boyle. Timothy .—Springfield; Elem-SMED. Brackbill, Carol M -Lancaster: Bio; Outing Club Bradley, Jillian A.—Lititz; F.lem Rdg. Bradley, Timothy A.—East Petersburg; Bio. Brady, Patricia M.— St. Clair; Elem-EChd; Kappa Alpha Tan (recording secretary). Newman Club, ACEI, PSEA. Intramurals. Branigan, Kathy D — Harrisburg; Psyc; CUB (chairman). Brendle. Karl D—Palmyra; Geog; Citamard (vice-president), ACMO (executive committee). Bressi, Annamae—Shamokin; Psyc Bressler. Jan M.—Hegins; Sec German; Delta Phi Eta, Intramurals, German Honor Fraternity. Brewer, Judith A.—Springfield; Elem-SMED; Sigma Phi Delta, Dorm Council. CEC. Brose, Linda .—Glen Rock; Elem-Lib Brosey, Sharon F.—Lancaster; Elem P yc. Pressman, Diane ..—Rehrersburg; Art Ed, Broughton, Nancy .—Harleysville; Sec French; Navigators, Cercle Franca is. Brown. David A.-Drexel Hill; Chem IVCT. SNAPPER. Weightlifting Club (president). Co-op Program 5th place National Collegiate Weight-lifting Championships. Brown. David C.—Lancaster; Sec ES. Brown. David L.—Ashland; Elem Math; Delta Sigma Chi. Wrestling Intramurals. Brown, James P.—Lancaster; CS; Computer Science Club (vice-president). Brown, Linda F.—Harrisburg; Elcm Art. Brown. Linda M.—Coatcsville; MT-Bio: SNAPPER. Aesculapian Society, Dean’s List. Women's Chorus. Brown, Michael .—Lancaster; Psyc. Brown, Sandra ..—Hanover; Elem Math Brubaker, Pamela .—Lancaster; Bio. Brubaker, Roberta .—Millersville; Mus Ed. Brubaker, Susanne M.—Conestoga; Elem-EChd. Bruckart, Alan A.—Leo! ; Elem-MR; CEC, Saturday Morning Recreation Program. Brunner, Stephen—Shircmanslown; PS; CHOICE Committee. Political Science Organization. Brunot, Gertrude L—Grcensburg; Spanish-French, Omega Theta Sigma, Cercle Francais, Soc-Hers, Wrestling Belles, Intramurals. Bryant. Janet L.—Trevose; Art Ed; Phi Theta Kappa, Student Information Service, PSEA, Citamard. Art Students Organization Buchakjian, Barbara—Havcrtown; Elcm; Dean's List. Buchanan, Butler—Norristown; PS; Student Senate, Board ol Trustees, Intramurals. Buchanan, Richard H.—Marietta; Chem; Tennis, American Chemical Society, Dean's List. Bucher, Lewis T.— Steelton; Elem-MR.Buckley, Jacqueline A — Mohnton; Sec Eng Bucks, Ben A.—Leesport; IA; Industrial Arts Society, Epsilon Pi Tan (secretary). Bundschuh, Christine .—Philadelphia; Sec German; Orchestra, UCM (executive board). Burke, Kathy V.—Swarthmore; Elem-MR; Intramurals Coordinator. Basketball Statistician, Intramurals. Burke, Michael P.—Lancaster; Sec Phy-Math Burkhard, Helaine E.—Ambler; Elem MR; CEC, SESIN Rep, Soc-Hcrs. Burkhardt, Janet G.—Horsham; Elem SPED; Sigma Phi Delta. CEC. Burkhart. Sandra S.—Laureldale; PSN. Burton, Felicia D.—Sharon Hill; Elem SMED; Student Senate (Long-Range Planning, Affirmative Action, Human Relations. DAP Advisory, Student Services Committees), Alpha Kappa Alpha ☆ Cahill. Thomas E.-Philadelphia; Elem SMED. Callahan, J. Thomas III—Millersville; IA. Campbell, IVendy S.—Millersville; Elem-MR, Cheerleader. Cannon, Lisa B.—Harrisburg; SS Hi; Citamard Capwcll, Judith A.—Scranton; Elem SMED; Women's Chorus, Navigators. Carbonell, Michael— Philadelphia. SS Hi; Alpha Sigma Chi, Karate Club, Bird Watchers Club, Salty Dog Crewmember. Carpenter. Ruth A.—Cornwall; Elem SPED; Kappa Delta Phi, CEC. Carroll, Carol A.—Oxford; SS Hi; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Citamard. TOUCHSTONE. Carson, James M.—Leola; SS Hi. Carfy, Deborah A.—Easton; Elem Rdg; PSF.A, Intramural Committee. Intramurals. Caswell, Kathleen M.—Manchester; Elem History. Chalfant, Sandra L.—New Holland: Art Ed; Kappa Alpha Tau, Delta Phi Eta. Art Student Organization, Dean’s List, Intramurals. Charles. Philip D.-Sharon Hill; PS. Charles, Vincent D.—Sharon Hill; Sec History; Intramural Director-Coordinator. Christman, Virginia A—West Chester; Elem-MR; CEC, PILS (chairman), Elections Committee, Delta Phi Eta, Soc-Hcrs (vice-president). Student Faculty Advisory Council for Special Education. Christopher, Joanne L.— Springfield; Elem SMED; CEC, Women's Chorus, Delta Phi Eta. Churchman, Gloria 7.—Chester; Art Ed. Cicero, Vito T.—Easton; Psyc; Swimming (co-captain), records in 500, 100 Freestyle. Cipoletti, Nancy C.—Lancaster; Elcm Lib; Kappa Della Phi. Circe. Ellen F.—Lancaster; Econ. Citerone, Albert R.—Morton; Psyc. Claud, Fay P— Philadelphia, Elem Rdg; Black Odyssey, ACEI. Clauser, Diane— Levittown; Elem Rdg Clave, Michael— Middletown; Frcnch-Spanish: Dean's List. Cleary, Jeffrey G.—Bally; Elem PE; Delta Sigma Chi, Basketball. Dean's List. Clemens, Dolores M —Philadelphia; Eng; Black Students Association Colangelo, Audrey L — Millersville; Elem-EChd Cole. Deborah A.—Norristown; Elem Psyc. Coll, John I. '•—Haver town; Econ; Swimming Collins, Janet B.-Philadelphia: Elem MR. Colquhoun, Janet L.—Middletown; Psvc; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Delta Phi Eta, Alpha Beta Alpha, UCM. Comeaux, Mane C.—Ardsley; French. Conroy, J. Christine— Drexel Hill; Elem SMED; Intramurals. Cooper, Carol I.—Fl.ilboro; Elem-SMED; IVCF, Phi Lambda Sigma. Cooper, Joan L.—Norristown; Art Ed; Venture. Omega Theta Sigma, Citamard. Cornwell, Michael D.—Fairfield; Scc Math. Omicron Gamma Omega. Corry, Kathleen C.—Bridgeville; Sec Bio; Cinderelias, Ski Club, Kappa Phi Epsilon. Cotmon, Jan D.—North Hills; PS; Intramurals. Women's Chorus, Student Judiciary Board, Administrative Hearing Board. Cinderelias, ACMO. Counts. Joyce A.—Quarryvillc; Sec Eng. Cowherd, Robert K — North Laurel, Md.. ES; Football Coyle, Mary N.—Fort Washington; Sec Math; Dean's List, Mathematics Chairman's Honors List. Tutor. Orientation Guide. Intra-murals Referee, PSEA. Craney. Claire E.—Oreland; Elem Math Creveling. Robert H.—Easton; Elem History; Football, Coif, Sigma Tau Gamma. Crissev, Gail L -Woodlyn; Elem PE; Kappa Delta Phi, Pan Hellenic Council, WMSRCrone, Beniamin A.—Dover; Elem; Chamber Choir, Concert Choir Madrigal Singer; . AC MO. Croston, Jerrick D.—Philadelphia; IA Crowley, Karen L.—Sharon Hill; Elcm Math; Women's Chorus, Dorm Council. Cummings, Robert F.—Lancaster; PS. Intramurals. Volleyball Club, Dean's List. Cutshall, Daniel T.—York; Math ☆ Dal Maso. Christina A.—Allentown, Sec Bio; Kappa Phi Epsilon (president, sergeant-at-arms, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, chaplain). PSEA, Aescutapian Society, Orientation Guide. Intramurals. Danner, Jody .—Bethlehem; Elem Kdg; SNAPPER. Tutor Danovieh, John .—Yeadon; CS; Intramurals. Roddy Science Society, Outing Club, Computer Science Club (president). Daugherty, Beverly A.—York; Elem Math. Davis, Catharine £.—Reading; Elem-Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha, ACEI, PSEA (president), TOUCHSTONE, Folk Dancing. Davis, Joann—Chester; Elem-SMED. Dechert. Kristie L.—Lebanon; Bio; Dean's List. DeHaven, Diane L—East Stroudsburg; Bio; Acscuiapian Society, Intramurals, VVMSR, CUB. Deibler, Dean T.—Lancaster; Phy. Deligar, Andrea L—Chester; Elem-EChd. Delta Sigma Theta. Black Students Association, Intramurals, Resident Assistant. Denhnger, Barbara A.—Paradise; Elem-EChd; College Choir. Chamber Choir, Madrigal Singers. ACEI, PSEA, Concert Band Dennehy. Margaret .—Harrisburg; Psyc, Psychology Club. Derfler, Lisa A.—Norristown; History; Kappa Alpha Tau, Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus, Intramurals, Dean's List. Dessender, Janet L.—Aldan; Lib; Cultural Affairs Committee. Alpha Beta Alpha, UCM. Devlin, Joseph V.—Philadelphia; Elem-SMED; Gamma Pi, intramurals. Space Club. Dieffenbach, Carol .—Womelsdorf; Sec Math; Gamma Sigma Alpha, IVCF. Dietetic, Crcichen £.—Mlllersvillc; Eng; Kappa Delta Phi Dietz, John S.—York; SS Hi So; Mcnnonite Christian Fellowship. DiMaria, loan E — Southampton; Scc Math. DiMeglio, Dianne R.—Folsom; Art Ed, DiNunzio, Dominick—Levittown; Sec Bio. Dion, Arthur R,—Lock Haven; IA. DiPaula, Steven L. T.—Baltimore; 1A; Epsilon Pi Tau, TOUCHSTONE. DiPrima, Frank .—Lansdownc; Psyc; Ice Hockey Club, Psychology Club, Gymnastics, Scuba Diving, Peer Counseling. DiSanto, Kathleen M.—Lancaster; German; Citamard (president). Dean's List, German Honor Fraternity. Docbler, David M.—Norristown; IA. Doerr, C. Michael— Lancaster; Math. Soccer. Baseball, Scholar Athlete. Donahue, Howard W.—Upper Darby; Sec ES Doolittle, Laurie A— Shippensburg; Math. Douglas, Sandra L.—Hershcy; Elem-Lib. Doyle, Susan L.—Midland; Psyc; Dean's List. Dragcr, Cynthia .—Columbia; Elem-MR. Driscoll, Daniel Pittsburgh; I A; Track, MSC record in indoor pole vault. Driscoll, Cary R.—Doylcstown; Scc Math. Drum, David T.—Lebanon; Psyc; Sigma Epsilon Beta, Football. Drummer, Stephen I.—Dover; Elcm PE. Duck, Debra L—Lancaster; Mus Ed. Duea, Genetic—Thornton; Lib; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Duke, Cynthia D.—Thornton; Psyc. Dunlap, Karen M.—Chester; Elcm Rdg; Delta Sigma Theta (vice-president), Marching Band, Black Students Association, Resident Assistant, Affirmative Action Committee Dunlap, Linda A,—Ivyland; Art Ed; SNAPPER, Art Students Organization, Intramurals, Dorm Council, Women's Tennis, Penny Art Award, Delta Phi Eta, Dunn, Cail— Philadelphia; Elem SMED. Dunning, Bettijo— Newtown Square; Soc 5W, Delta Phi Eta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Club (historian). ☆ Ebersole, Debra L — Lancaster; Psyc. Eckman, David D.—Prquea; Bio; Acscuiapian Society, Entomology Club. Edmond, Clifford Jr.—Columbia; Soc SW. Edwards, David C.—Wyomissing Hills; I A. Edwards. Jill D.—Palmyra; French; Cercle Francais (vice-president, president). Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Egan, Joann M—Yeadon; Elem-SMED; Basketball. Dean's List. Eggleston. Richard P — Havcrtown; Phil. Eicher, Linda .— Dover; Psyc Eleazar, Lula M.—Philadelphia; Psyc Elnor, Jacquelyn A.—Lancaster; Eng. Embessi, Janice A.—Croydon; Sec Spanish; Spanish Club. PSEA Engle, Debra L—Newmanstown; Mus Ed; Concert Band. College Choir, Women's Chorus. ACMO (vice-president), MENC (recording secretary). Field Hockey. Engle. Leslie D.—Mount Joy; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau English, Sharon L.—Hershey; Elem Lib. Erb. Jame9 R.—Lancaster; IA; Millersville Christian Fellowship. Industrial Arts Society, Epsilon Pi Tau. Erdman. Robert B— Finleyvillc; Bio; Delta Sigma Chi. IFC, Outing Club (vice-president, president), CUB (Outdoor Committee). Ernest, I Mark—Lancaster; IA Esbenshade, James M.—Paradise; Psyc. Eshelman, John D.—Manheim; Math Eshleman, Bruce D.—Lancaster; Elem-SMED; Chi Gamma lota. Eshlcman, Bryan D.—Millersville; Math Evans, David C.—Factoryville; Elem Sci Evans, Kathleen M.—Lancaster; Psyc; CUB. Cheerleader, Delta Phi Eta Evans, Patricia D— Bryn Mawr; Elem-SMED. CEC. Dolphin Club. Intramurals, ☆ Falcone, Ronald C —West Chester; Bio Faust. Beth E.—Pottsville; Mus Ed. Faust. Dawn C.—Douglassville; Sec Math, ‘Hosanna Singing Group IVCF. Faust. Sheryl A —Orwigsburg; Elem-MR. Delta Phi Eta, Intramurals. Feden, Carol .—Southampton; Elem SS. Federici. Linda A.—Broomall; MT; Intramural . Aesculapian Society. SNAPPER. Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Fegley. Nancy .-Hellertown. MT; Dean's List. Della Phi Eta. Outing Club, Aesculapian Society, Intramurals. Fell, Robin L.—Skippack; Elem-MR; CEC. Fensterrnacher. Debra .—Reading; Elem-EChd; ACEI, Intramurals, Delta Phi Eta. Fenton. Michael F.—Millersville; Elem PE. Ferri. Debra A —Easton; Psyc. Fettes, Susan E.-Feasterville, Math; J V. Hockey, . V. Lacrosse. Intramural , Math Honors List. Chairman s List. Dean's List. Fiedler, Clifford F.—Darby; SS Ge; Varsity Athletic Trainer. Delta Sigma Chi. Field, Robert IV.—Lancaster; Bio; CUB Speaker Committee (chairman), President's Advisory Council, Dean's List, Intramural . Priority, Chi Gamma Iota, Sexuality Workshop Board Fife, David L.—Dallastown; Soc Soc-Anthro; Sociology Club. Chi Gamma Iota. Fink, Elizabeth A.—Lancaster; Elem-MR. Finley, Deborah .—Pottsville; Elem-EChd Fischer, Raymond A.—Philadelphia; Elem Psyc; Basketball. Intramurals, Dorm Council, Elementary Education Club. Flannery, Mary K.—Wyomissing; French. Fleming. Kenneth D.—Plymouth Meeting; Bio. Fleming, Lawrence IV.—Plymouth Meeting; German Flynn, Ann M.—Southampton; Elem. Folker, Gloria .—Strasburg; Elem-SMED; Mary Slokum Sproul Speech Award. Foresta, J Scott—Phoenixville; I A; Sigma Epsilon Beta; Industrial Arts Society. Forrest. Dawn M.—Lansdale; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta. Foti, Roseanne .—Media; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta, Psychology Club, Outdoor Club, CUB Fouraker, Charles L—Aston; IA Fowler, Brenda K.—Hanover; Sec Eng; Delta Phi Eta, Gamma Sigma Alpha (secretary). Concert Band, Marching Band (Band Council), Student Guide. Fox, Janetta £.—Harrisburg; Eng. Frankfort, Sheila A.—Enola; Elem Lib Frantz, Lee B.—Ivyland; Phy-Math Frantz. Michael A.—Lancaster; Psyc. Frederick, James II. Ill—Columbia; Bio; Dean’s List. Freeman, Lila T.—Philadelphia; Soc: Delta Sigma Theta. Freeman. Margaret E.—New Holland; Elem-Ccrman; Choir, German Club, Gamma Sigma Alpha Frehafer, David K.—Palmyra; Bio; SNAPPER. Alpha Phi Omega. Fries, Marina M.—Manchester; Elem-Lib; Women's Chorus, Intramurals, Folk Dancing, International Students Union (treasurer). Alpha Beta Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon, TOUCHSTONE (editor-in-chief), PSEA. John C. Ursprung Award. Adviser's Right Hand Award, Adviser's Choice Award. Frock, Doran C—Hanover, Sec Malh; Phi Sigma Pi (treasurer). Intramural .Frock, Michael A—Ardsley; Psyc; Intramural . Frotl, Morgan £.—Covington; Elem-MR: IVCF. Wicker . CEC Fry. Roger M.—Utltz; Soc; Baseball. Fuller, Elizabeth A.—Churchville; Eng; PI Delta Epsilon (president), SNAPPER (editor-in-chief), Lnglish Club (president), John F. Stein-man Communications Award, Class of 1010 Award. Fuller, Nancy R.—Tenafly, N.J.j Elem Mus; College Choir, Chamber Choir, Concert Band, Dean's List. Fulmer, Deborah M—Brookhaven; Elem Rdg; Dean's List. ☆ Gamer. Ella .—Mount Joy; Elem. PSEA Gallagher. Maryjo .—Huntingdon Valley; Elem-MR Housing Rep. RWA. Intramurals. Gallello. Josephine— Lancaster; Sec Spanish. Rho Lambda Phi. Galyean. William .—Milmount Park; Phy. Camber. Patty A.—Duncannon; Elem-MR; Color Guard (co-captain). Sigma Phi Omega (president). Delta Phi Eta, Resident Assistant. Gamer, Susan A.—VVyomissing; Elem-MR; CEC, Dean's List. Garand, Elaine D.—Pipersville; Elem EChd; Intramurals, ACEI. Garner. Gloria M.—Lancaster; Eng Geesey, Ray £.—York; SS Hi. Gehman, Thomas .—Mount Joy; Art Ed; Art Students Organization. Cemmel, Christina .—Allentown; Mus Ed. Gentlletco, Laura M.—West Hazelton; Sec German; Kappa Delta Phi. Dean's List. George, Bette L.—Indiana, Lib; UCM (secretary, vice-president). Alpha Beta Alpha (corresponding secretary). Delta Phi Eta, Readers' Theater. In Motion (treasurer). Dean's List, College-Community Orchestra. Gestner. Terry L.—Lewisburg; Elem PE. Ciantomass. Judith L.—West Bristol; Elem PE; Student Senate (corresponding secretary), Cheerleader, Dean's List. Delta Phi Eta, Resident Assistant, Who's Who Giffin, Michael D—Darby; Eng; first Essay of the Semester Award. TOUCHSTONE. Gilbert, Andrea P.—Gap; Elem Art GUI. Peter .—Drexel Hill; Art Gilligan, James .—Philadelphia; Scc Eng Gilman. Stephen L — Southampton; SS E ; CEC. Ginolfi, Priscilla G.—Millcrsville; PSN; Dean's List Gist. Diane L.—Pottstown; Elem Sci. Gluckow, Katherine A.—Ocean Grove. N’. .; Lib; Pan Hellenic Rep. Sigma Phi Delta Godshall, Donna L—Shermans Dale; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Dean's List. Cohn, Debra .—Red Lion; Art Ed: Dean's List. Golazeski. Theresa M.—Harrisburg; Bio-NucMT; Alpha Beta Alpha. Dorm President, TOUCHSTONE - Golden. Kimberley A.—Harrisburg; Mus Ed; Band, Choir, Chamber Choir, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Jazz Band, MENC, ACMO. Good, David F.—Conestoga; PS. Good. Greta L— Leola; PS. Goodall, Janice A.—Scranton; Elem Spanish; Wannabees (secretary). Dean's List. Gould, Carol M.—Millcrsville; Elem-SMED. Graboves, Fredric 5.—Philadelphia; Psyc; Folk Dancing, Psychology Club. Graham, William B — Millcrsville; Psyc. Grassi, Christina A.—Wildwood, N.J.; Elem-EChd; Soc-Hers. CUB, Wrestling Belles. Graves, Cassandra D — Philadelphia; Soc SW; Sociology-Social Work Club. Citamard. Gospel Choir, Black Odyssey, CEC, Hot Line Staff. Gray bill, Susan M.—Lancaster; PSN. Greer. Alan S,—York; Elem PE. Grieco, Rita A — Morrisville; PS; Democratic Organization, Political Science Organization (secretary, treasurer). Groff. Barbara L —Wilmington. Del.; Elem-EChd Grothr, Carlene R.—Wrightsvillc; Mus Ed; Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, Choir. Grubb, Joyce £.—Quarryville; Elem-EChd; Marching Band. ACEI. Guarino, Nancy L.—Fairless Hills; Elem. Guenst, Cheryl S.—Lansdale; Elcm Psyc Guinter, Margaret L — Jonestown; 1A, TOUCHSTONL. Guisewhite, Patricia A— Lancaster; Bio; Cheerleader, Sigma Phi Omega. Gutshall, Connie .—York; PSN. Gutshall, Linda £.—Lancaster; Elcm Eng GuyII. Eric—Nottingham; Math. ☆ Haase, Gregory H —York; Elem Psyc; Phi Sigma Pi. Marching Band, Concert Band. MlUfWmUl STiTf COUKt CHAKIiS RfRWZ n V— ( IrJU Pnvdcm Dumn waft. « • ?•!»«Haekenberger, Jeffrey K — Lancaster; Mu Ed; College Choir (vice president), MENC, Madrigal Singers, Band, College-Community Orchestra, ACMO. Hacker. Agnes R.—East I'etcrsburg; Elein-SMED; Dean '. List Hackman. Chen L — Stevens; Psyc. Hafer. Gregory S.—Clen Rock; IA. Hagey. Slevcrt £.—Manheim; Sec Bio. Haldeman, Mane K.—Paoli; Soc; Alpha Kappa Delta Hall. Donna ..—Chester; Sec Eng; Color Guard. Women's Chorus. Hamid, Khawla A.-R.—Jordan; Lib. Hansen. Thomas K — Drrwood. Md . Sec-'ES; Judiciary Board. Gaige Hall (vice-president), RSA Harclerode. Robert A.—IA Harmon. Sarah E—Chester; Elem-EChd. Phi Lambda Sigma. Harnly. Paulette H.—Lancaster; Elem Spanish; Rho Lambda Phi Harp. Kathleen M.—Pottstown; Elem-EChd; ACEI. Phi Lambda Sigma. CEC, Women's Chorus, PSEA. Harper, Susan L—Reading; Elem-MR; Kappa Phi Epsilon Harrell, Phyllis A.—York; Elcm lnter. Harrington. Holly A.—Lancaster; Elem-SMED. Harshaw. Margaret Lansdowne; Elem Art; Intramural . Dorm Council, Phi Lambda Sigma, ACEI, Tutor. Hart, Carol A.—Avalon, N.J.. Elem-SMED; Rho Lambda Phi (president. pledgemasler), CEC. ACMO. Sot-Hers. l ean‘ List. Hartranft, Connie S.—Ephrata; Sec German; German Club. PSEA. Dean's List. Intramurals. Harvey, Cheryl L.—Philadelphia; Elem SPED Hauck, Delbert V.—Hegins, Elem Math; Gamma Pi (vice-president) IFC (secretary). Intramurals, PSEA Hang, lere D.—Manheim; PS. Haupt, Roy T.—Millersville; Phil Havens. Andrew B —Carlisle; IA Hawck. Robert . —York. Elem; Chi Gamma lota. Hawthorne, Carl Jr.—Philadelphia; Sec History; Alpha Phi Alpha Black Odyssey, Citamard. Social Committee. Operations Committee Hazel, Elaine C.—Hummelstown; Bio; Intramural . Heathcote. Ray M.—New Freedom; IA; SNAPPER (chiet photographer), Pi Delta Epsilon. Hedrick. Renae F.—Lancaster; Elcm Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Heffelfinger, Cordell H —Lebanon; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau (vice-president). Heffner, Susan £.—York. Elem-MR. Heidig, Lynne A.—Lancaster; Elem-SMED. Heimer, Kim £.—Pottstown; Elem-SMED; CEC Heitey, Cail Y.—Lancaster; Psyc; Cheerleader (co-captain) Student Senate Elections Committee, Orientation Committee. WMSR Hellegers, David—Totowa, N.j.; Spanish; Sigma Tau Camma. CUB Concert Committee (co-chairman). Henry, lames P.— Morrisvllle; Elem History; Cross Country, Varsity Letter. Herge, Nancy .—Audubon; Elem-EChd. Herman, Robert A.—Coatesville; Elem History. Hemley, Patricia .—Elizabethtown; Mu Ed; Marching Band, Concert Band, Choir, Chamber Choir, Madrigal Singers, Wind Ensemble Woodwind Quintet, Clarinet Quartet, Intercollegiate Band. Intercollegiate Choir. Herr, loan L.—Pequea; Elem-Lib; Campus Gold. Phi Lambda Sigma. Alpha Beta Alpha. Herr, Nancy S.—Mcchanicsburg; Elem-EChd Herr, Teresa ..—Lancaster; Eng llerrold, Deborah A.—Lancaster; Elcm Rdg; Kappa Phi Epsilon Hershey, Henry .—Lancaster; 8io. erf hey. lohn IV.—Leola; Mus Ed. Hess. Melissa Y.—Manheim; Elem-SMED Hess. Sandra L — Lancaster; PSN. Hibbt, Roger D.—Bristol; SS Hi; Intramurals. Hill, Douglas G.—Collingdale; Art. Hill, Robert—Philadelphia; Elem Math; Varsity Football. Kaiser Memorial Award, Dean's List. Hill, Terry G.—Sunbury; IA. Hinchey, Margie IV.—Philadelphia. Elem LChd; Omega Theta Sigma (corresponding secretary), Pan Hellenic Council (treasurer). Hitchins, Daphne S.—Philadelphia; PSN. Hffch, lohn T.—Reading; IA. Hoderman, lacijneline D.—Catasauqua; Elem-MR; PSEA. Hodges, Karen—Philadelphia; Elem-MR. Hofferth, Indy A.—Litit .; Elem Mus; Cheerleader (co-captain), CUB, Orchestra, Student Senate (recording secretary). Who's Who, Sigma Phi Delta. Hofferth, Madalyn H.—Lancaster; History. Hoffman, Jeffrey A.—Halifax; Art Ed. Hoffman. John M.—Lansdale; Elem Psyc; Mu Alpha Kappa. Hoffman. Linda C.—Newtown Square; Bio. Hoffncr, Stephen C.—Millersville; IA. Hoffsmith, loel £.—Annville; IA; Cross Country, Track. Hogan, Sharon R.—Lancaster; Elem-SMED.Hogan, Sheila B.—Easton; Art Ed. AVVS (president). KSA (president), CHOICE Committee, Dorm Council (secretary, treasurer). Art Student Organization. Hojnacki, Joseph A.—Bridgeport; Scc ES; CUB, KSA Hoke, Deborah L — West Falrvicw; PSN. Hoke, Robert K —VVe»t Fair view;. Elem-SMED. Holcombe, David L—Levlttown; Bio; Folk Dancing. Priority. Hollis, ire S. ]r —West Chester; SS FI). Hollopvter, lohn £.—Salunga: History. Holton, loan S’ — Kennctt Square, Elem-EChd; Marching Band. Concert Band, Women's Chorus. PSEA, ACEI. Intramural , Ho ok way. Carol A- Camp Hill; Elcm Psyc; PSEA, ACEI. IVCF, Dean's List. Hoopes, Karen A. -Gladwyne; Art Id Hoover. Bruce A —Harrisburg, Elem SS-IA; Navigators, Student Senate (parliamentarian). College Choir. Chamber Choir. Bicentennial Committee, Phi Sigma Pi (president, historian, alumni chairman). Hoover, Rhoda C — Millcrsvllle; Psyc Hopkins. Debra A — Natvon; Elem Rdg; Della Phi Ela. Dean's List. Hopkins, Kenneth £.—Courtdale; IA Horst. David K.—Akron; IA. Hortinan, David .—Clinton, Md . 1A. Track and Field Hovis. Stephen £.—Millcrsvllle; Econ; Wrestling Economics Club (vice-president). Dorm Judicial Council. Howard. Susan L.—Hummelstown; Art Ed. Huber, Randall B.—Hershey; Art; Intramural . Hug, Dianne £.—South Farmingdalc. N'.Y.; Soc-History Hughes, Kevin ..—Derry; IA. Humbeit, Wesley R — Lancaster; SS Ge Hummel, Trudell A.—Ephrata; Math. Huntberger. Christine M.—Boyertown; Art Ed. Kappa Phi Epsilon. Art History Department secretary. Hunticker, Janice M—Royersford; Elem Math: Delta Phi Eta. ACEI, Women' Chorus. Hunt, William A.—Nazareth. IA; Alpha Phi Omega. Intramurals Hunter, Richard S—Norristown; Elem-SMED. Huppman, Donna M.—Essington; Elem SMED; CFC Hurley. Sonia L —Carlisle; Art Ed; Lenhardt Dorm (treasurer). Hursh. Leann R -Johnstown; Elem-SMED. Hurst. Karen .—Ephrata; Psyc. Huslrr Kenneth M.—'West Fairview; Mus Ed; Concert Band. Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble. MENC (president). Huston, Richard— Boothwyn; IA. Hyman, Iill .—Lancaster; Psyc; Kappa Delta Phi, CUB Recreation Committee (chairman). ☆ lies, Brent FV.—Lancaster; Scc Math; Sigma Tau Gamma. Golf. Innerst. Heidi A.—York; History. hit errant e, Francis A.—Norristown; Econ. Sigma Tau Gamma (treasurer), Intramurals, Golf. ☆ Jacobs, Susan D. Mechanicsburg, Mu Ed. Jacobson, Linnea C—Ocean Grove, N.J.; Elem Spanish; Sigma Phi Delta. Delta Phi Eta. larrelt, Peter .— Quakertown, Sec Bio; Outing Club (president). Gamma Pi, Orientation Guide, Judiciary Board. Jenkins, Patricia A— Philadelphia. Elem Mus; Delta Sigma Fheta Johnson, Carletta J — Philadelphia, Elem-MR; CF.C. lohnson, Janice F.—Lancaster; Elem Math. Johnson. Jerri A.—Lancaster; Etem Spanish. lohnson. Jo A.—Hanover; Scc Math; Resident Assistant, Orientation Guide. Rho Lambda Phi. PSEA, Intramurals, Human Relation Committee. Johnson, Linda FV.—Mountvillc; PSN Johnson, Stephen L.—Philadelphia, SS I’S Johnson. Sue F..—l.ewistown; Elcm MR. lories. Preston C — I’hiladelphia; Soc SW'. Intramurals. Iordan, Lynda A —Philadelphia; Elem Rdg Juvenal, Diane M.—Warminster; Psyc; Psychology Club. CF.C ☆ Kapp. Elizabeth A—Lebanon; F.lem-Lib.; Delta Phi Ela. Dean's List Hartman-Keen, Mary M —Columbia; Soc SW. Keene, Jack M.—Paradise; SS Hi. Keeney, Cretchen A.—York; Scc Gcrman Kefauver, Cynthia A.—York; Soc SW.Kelchner. Kathy A.—Easton, MT, Dean's Li t, Aevculapian Society Trampoline Club Keller, Michael W.—Lancaster; Bio; Track. Soccer. Aesculapian So ciety Kelly, Paul .—Glcnside; PS; Resident Assistant. Dishroom Supervisor. Political Science Organization. Archery Club, Intramurals. Dean's List. Kendig, Michael D.—Lancaster; Elem PE; Wrestling Keough, Anne M.—Philadelphia; Elem-SMED. Kent, Cynthia M.—Lebanon. Llem Math; Gamma Sigma Alpha, Dean' List. Kern, Eileen F.—Allentown; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha. Me r me ties. Swimming (manager). Kern, Joseph E.—Warminster, Psyc; Cross Country, Track. Kents, Janet E. Norristown; Eng; WMSR. Archery Club, TOUCHSTONE. Dolphin Club (photographer). Keyes, Dorothy L.— Ridley Park; Elem-EChd; eta Gamma Phi. PSEA Kichllne, Sue A —Easton; Spanish; Dean's List, SNAPPER, Junior Year Abroad. Delta Phi Eta. Kienzle, Glenn £.—Lancaster; ES. Kiesel. Diane .—Churchvillc; Psyc. Psychology Club. Wrestling Belles 100-Mile Club, Delta Phi Eta Kile, Terry C.—Lancaster; Com K-B; Pi Delta Epsilon (vice-president). WMSR (station manager). Kilp, Melissa .—Lancaster; Elem-SMED. King, Barbara Mohnton; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha, PSEA, Psychology Club. King, Samira L— Hanover. Llem Math; Delta Phi Eta, Women's Chorus, Intramural . Kirchner, Alice M — Lancaster; Elem-EChd. Kirchner, Charles K.—Hatboro; IA. CUB Social Committee (chairman), Citamard, ACMO, Industrial Arts Society. Gamma Pi Kirchoff, Vicky I. —Lancaster; Elem SMED Kirk, Sally A.—Elkton, Md.; Lib; Citamard, UCM, Millersville Christian Fellowship, Alpha Beta Alpha. Kiffh, Andrea C.—Downington; Elem-SMED; SNAPPER, CEC (recording secretary), ACE I. Kleinentovich, Daniel .—Millersville; Psyc; LTean's List, WMSR Klenk, Robert W. r -Harford; Soc Math; Soccer Klugh, Dennis A.—Stcclton; Soc; Intramurals. Knecht, Sandra .—Nazareth; Llem Math; Dolphin Club, Delta Phi Eta. PSEA, ACEI. Intramurals. Knight, l 'illiam . Jr.—Street, Md.; IA Knorr, Sandra L— Klingerstown; Math; Kappa Alpha Tau. Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Mathematic Honors List, Chairman’s List Knouse, Julie A.—Carlisle; Elem-EChd; Sigma Phi Omega Kochon, Judy M.—Scranton; Elem-SMED; ACEI (historian). PSEA, CEC, Dean's List, PILS Program, Intramurals, Delta Phi Eta Koedding, Bruce .—Media; IA; Resident Student Judicial Board. RMA (president). CHOICE Committee, Phi Sigma Pi. ROTC, Dean's List. Student Senate Advisory Cabinet (president). Intramural (men's coordinator). Koldras. Ronald H.—Lancaster; Eng Konnan, Thomas F.—Glenside, Eng; George Street Carnival, Intramurals. Korneis, John P.—Phoenixville; Bio; CUB Speaker Committee. Koval. John D.—Mt. Wolf; Sec Bio. Krais, Jane A.—Abington; ES; Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. AWS. Kramer, Charles P.—Hatboro; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. Kramer, Deborah A.—Northumberland; History. Sunburst Balloon Club, Dean's List Kramer, Nancy .—Mahanoy City; Elem-MR. Delta Phi Eta, CEC. Kreider, Lynn B.—Palmyra; Sec Eng. Kreitlrr, Jeffrey W.-Bernville; SS So. Kroh, Karen £.—Glen Rock; Psyc-Phtl; Volleyball Club. Dean's List. Pa. Dept, of Education Internship. Kron, Charles £.—Wyndmoor; Sec Phy. Krug, Linda .—York; Bio. Kubiak, Deborah F-Levittown; Elem-MR. Kunes, Charles S. Jr.—Selinsgrove. French. Cercle Francais. Kunstck, Sharon M.—Laureldale; Elem-MR; Dean's List. KUrtz. Barbara A.—Gap; Elem-Lib. ☆ Landis, Stephen L.-Quarryville; Psyc; Dean's List LaSala. Michael .—Rochester, N.Y.; Art Ed. Latherow, Lois V'.—Beaver Falls; Sec French; Delta Phi Eta. Cercle Trancais. Laughton, Arthur A —Lancaster; SS So; Who's Who. Liner, Dorothy .—Philadelphia. SS Hi. Lausch, David L— Ephrata; I A. Lausch, Robert C.—Ephrata; Sec Phy; Dean's List■ Leach, Lynne E.—Glen Mills: PSN. Lcaman, Robert M.—Mount Joy; Eton; Alpha Sigma Chi. Archery Leaness, Terry—Ro lyn; PS; Cross Country, Track and Field. l.ce, Denis A.—Sharon Hill; Soc. Lcedom, Robert C —Lansdowne; History; Tennis (captain), 2nd Place Tennis States, IFC (vice-president), Ormcron Gamma Omega (pledge-master. IFC rep). Student Senate (Athletic, Executive Committees, Faculty Senate rep, Calendar Committee), Who's Who. Leese, Sara A.—Lititz; Elem-EChd; ACE1 (social chairman). Volleyball (manager). LeUter, Kathleen P.—Perkasie; Art Ed. Art Students Organization Intramurals. Orientation Guide and Chairman. Lether, Delores C.—Mycrslbwn; PSN’. Lcshner, Sharon A.—Allentown; PSN’. Lesser, Linda L—Upper Darby; Math; Dean's List, Mcrmettes. Advisory Housing Committee, Intramurals. Lewis, Robert P. Secanc; Sec Eng. Lichtenstein, Brian—Huntingdon Valley; Elem MR; CEC. PILS Program, Voluntary Class Aide Lichtman, Martha— Philadelphia; EIcm Rdg. Lilley, IV. Jay—Lancaster; Sec Eng; English Club, Tutor Lindsay, Patricia L — Philadelphia; Elem SMED. Linn, Andrea R.—York; Elem-SMED; Tutor. Dean's last Lipsett, Patricia A. M.—Harrisburg; Bio; Archery, Outing Club. Lipson, Judith A.—Haver town; EIcm Rdg; Dean's Intramurals. Student Senate Elections Committee. PSF.A. Lockey, Sandra F.—Lancaster; Econ. Lombardo, Guy M.—Shillington; Econ; Delta Sigma Chi. Long, Barbara A.—Philadelphia; Elem Bio; Aesculapian Society, WMSR (record librarian). Intramurals. Long, Karen S —Warminster; MT; Dean's List. Lorson, Deborah A.—Williamsport; Scc French; Cheerleader (captain), Sigma Phi Delta. Loucks, John G.- York; IA Lowe, Robin G.—Bethlehem; Elem Psyc; Who's Who. Student Senate, Intramurals, CUB (Concert, Cultural Affairs, Student Affair-; Committees), SMC (manager). Faculty Senate. Ludlatn, Catherine A.—Audubon; NucMT. Lykenf, Deborah .—Shillington; Elcm-Ub; Alpha Beta Alpha (president), Women's Chorus, Intramurals, PSF.A, Dean's List, Delta Phi Eta. Lynn, J. Dylan—1Cornwells Heights; 1A; Alpha Sigma Chi. ☆ Macey, Stella L—Honcsdale; Etcm IA. Macht, Laura L— Langhorne; Sec Math; Gymnastics Club, Orientation Guide. Macrina, Ronald .—Conshohocken; Psyc: Wickers. Madcnspacher, Lisa .—Columbia; Art. Mancuso, Ralph A. Jr — Dunmore; !A; Industrial Arts Society. Mann, Susan M.—Lebanon; Elem Eng; W'omen's Chorus, Delta Phi Eta, PSEA. Marenchin, Leslie M.—Sharon; P5. Markcy, Joann .—Red Lion; SS So. Marks, Robert £.—Philadelphia; Phy; College Choir Marquette, Deborah A —Quakcrtown; Psyc; Psychology Club, 100- Mile Club, Delta Phi Eta, Archery. Marsh, Gregory B.—Hanover; Bio; Sigma Tail Gamma. Marshall, Craig ,—Lancaster; IA. Martin, Keith R.—Ephrata; Elcm Psyc; College Choir, Phi Sigma Pi. Martin, Rodney J.—York; Scc Chem; Phi Sigma Pi, Student Senate (Allocations Committee), President's Advisory Council, American Chemical Society. Martin, Susan 1. —Mechanicsburg; Scc French; Ccrcle Francaiv Martin, Susan M.—Lancaster; Lib. Marzolf, Herbert E. —Wrightsvillo; Art. Masey, Donald P. Jr.—Lancaster; Psyc. Mataluvy, Marilyn T.—Tunkhannock; Elem-SMED; CEC, ACEI, Dean's List, Intramurals. Malraxia, Marleen G.—Easton; Elem-SMED Matroni, Susan M - Lancaster; Mus Ed. Matter, Donald .—Willlamstown; Elem Pl. Matthews, Phillip D.—Ephrata; Psyc; WMSR (business manager). Mattern, Denise M.—Hcrshey; Elem-MR Mazmanian, Paul A.—Havcrtown; Scc Bio; WMSR. McAfee, David L.—Pottsvillc; Sec Econ; SNAPPER, Pi Delta Epsilon (president), lntramurals, Dean's List. Forry Hacker Award. McAn ey, Nancy L.—Norrisville; Psyc. McCartney, Thomas .-Altoona; Eng. McCauley, Susan Eileen— Lancaster; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha McCloskey, Jamie R.—Philadelphia; Psyc McCoof, Joseph .—Shillington; Soc. McCracken. Joanne K —Camp Hill; PSN. McGinley, Rosemary—Easton; Elem Math; Dean's List, Sigma Phi Omega (Pan Hellenic rep, treasurer), TOUCHSTONL, Pi Delta Epsilon, PSEA, Wrestling Belles, Elections Committee.McGotoott, Robert .—Norwood; ES; Alpha Sigma Chi. McGuigan, Beth A.—Pomeroy; Art Ed; PSEA, Resident Assistant, Clay Co-operative, Venture Club, Dean's List. Mclnerney, Michael K. Millersville; ES. McKenzie, Tina M.—Holland; Econ McKcrnan, James P.—Norristown; Psye; CUB, Intramurals, Psychology Club. McKinney, IVayne R —Milkrsville; PS; Soccer. McLaren, Virginia £.—VVillingboro, N.J.. MT; Dolphin Club. McLaughlin Patricia -Temple; Math MrMa rou, Janice P.—Lancaster; Spanish-French. McMillian, Johnnie I -Philadelphia; Sec Bio. Citamard, Black Students Association. Meaiiath, Allen M.—Enola; Sec Spanish; Swimming Team Meek, Marietta A.—Bechtclsvillc; Bio. Meckley, Lewis— Ephrata; Psyc; Football, Track, SMC Galley Assistant Night Manager. Meckley, Linda L.—Denver; Elcm-MR. Mckenney, Debra Boothwyn; F.lcm-EChd; 1VCF Saturday Recreation Program. Mela, Frank J —Millersville; Elem PF.; Sigma Fan Gamma. Matcher, Steven A.—New Cumberland; Sec Bio. Mellinger, M. Viola—Lancaster; Sec,'Russian; Tennis. Mellingcr, Mary C.—Camp Hill; Art Ed, Art Students Organization. Citamard. Mcneeley, Robert M.—York, PSN. Mcngel. Rochelle P. Orwigsburg; Elem-EChd; Della Phi Eta. Dean's List, Resident Assistant. Merkel, Barbara M.—Downington; Leon; Economics Club. Metzger, Eileen.D.—Columbia. Lib; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Pan Hellenic Council, Wrestling (manager). Track (manager). Wrestling Belles. Meyer, Dennis P.—Allentown; Art. Meyers, Gregory M.— Shillington; Elem PE Mickiewicz, Patricia A.—Roycrsford; German; Citamard, Junior Year Abroad, German Club. Milam, Linda M — Lancaster; Bio. Miller, Becky M—Lancaster; Lib. Miller, Carol S.—Lafayette Hill; Lib-English; Majorettes, Alpha Beta Alpha, Women’s Chorus, English Club, Delta Phi Eta, PSEA, Junior Year Abroad, Mary Slokum Sproul Speech Contest (third place). Miller, Debra L—Conestoga; Psyc Miller, Joan M.—Landisville. NucMT; Aosculapian Society. Intra-murals, Recreation Committee Miller, John E,— Chambersburg; Art Ed; Dean's List. Miller, Linda Jane— Lafayette Hill; Soc; IVCF, Sociology Club Miller, Linda Joan— Bethlehem. MT; Trampoline Club. Deans List, Acsculapian Society. Miller, Marcia G.—l.ebjnon; Lib; Alpha Beta Alpha Women's Chorus. Miller, Michael M.—Airvllle; Soc; College Choir. Miller, Philifi C.—Oakmont; Sec Math; Baseball. Miller. Philip R.—Manheim; Math; Tennis, Intramurals. Wickers, Dean's List. Miller, Rene M.—Lancaster; Psyc Miller, Sally .—Friedens; Elcm Mus; College Choir. Lyle Hall (treasurer), Intramurals, ACEI. Mills, Margaret E.—Narberth; Elcm-SMED. Minim, Steven £.—Lancaster; Sec Bio. Minnick, Terri ,4.—Easton; Elcm-SMED. Minnicr, LaCinda £.—Harrisburg; Elcm-MR; ACEI. Mobley, Kip S.—Leola; IA. Mock, Debra Levittown; Elcm Rdg; ACEI, Cindcrellas, Phi lambda Sigma. Mockrik, Robyn L.—Philadelphia; Psyc; Psychology Club, Gymnastics Club, Dean's List. Moleski, Donna L— Eagle ville; Sec French; Ccrclc Erancais. Moll, Maribellt—Shillington; Art Montefusco, Denise M.—Bryn Mawr; Elcm-MR; Kappa Alpha Tau (Pan Hellenic rep). Pan Hellenic Council (vice-president), CF.C, PSEA, TOUCHSTONE, Allocations Committee, Elections Committee, Pi Delta Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta, Dean’s List Montesano, Nicholas .—Palmyra; Art Ed; Citamard (president, business manager). Cultural Affairs Committee. ACMO (vice-president). Moore, Albert IV.—Blackwood, N.J.; ES; Sigma Epsilon Beta. Moore, Gary B.—Lancaster; Art Ed; Intramurals Moore, Thomas L—Lancaster; Soc. Morgan, Scott C.—Pen Argyl; 1A. Morris, Claude F. Jr.—Willow Street. I A; Archery Moshos, Virginia—Lancaster; Elem Rdg; Kappa Delta Phi (treasurer). Dean's List. Moultrie, Lamina D.—Philadelphia; Soc; Sociology Club (vice-president), Sociology Department Advisory Committee. Moyer, David IV.—Millersville; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. Moyer, Frances M.—Philadelphia; Sec English; Phi lambda Sigma. Resident Assistant, NCTE. Moyer, Susan G.—New Bcrlinvillc; Elcm Art; Kappa Phi Epsilon MoyJun, Steven R.—Lancaster; Bio. Mrecse, Edward R. Jr.—Churchvilic; PS; Resident Assistant, Gaigc Hall (secretary, food rep), Intramurals rep. VMuench, Nancy M.—LnndUvillc; MT; Acsculapian Society (treasurer). Miillcr, Cher,yl L—Philadelphia; Bio; Women’s Chorus, Mermettes, AVVS, KSA, Delta Phi Eta, Outing Club, Aesculapian Society, Dean's List, Intramurals. M undid, Margaret B.—York; PSN. Murr, Barbara A.—Lancaster; Math. Murray, Rosemarie A.—Philadelphia; Elem-EChd. Spanish C lub, Pan-American Night, Delta Phi Eta. Murray, Yvonne .Vf.—Reading; Elem SMED. Muzik, Joseph G. Jr.—Bressler; PS; CUB (chairman). Student Senate. Human Relations Subcommittee on C ampus Life. Myers, Douglas F..—Boiling Springs; 1A; Gamma Pi, Dorm Council. Myers, Jere ..—Lancaster; Chem; Chi Gamma lota, American Chemical Society (vice-president, president). Outing Club, Commuting Students Association, Dean's List Myers. Kirn M.—Ephrata; Bio. ☆ Nagle, lelfrey A.—Hughesvillc; Sec F.S. Nangle, Marie I. T.—Holmes; Psyc. Nrary, Mary M—Millcrsville; Scc Spanish. Needham, Donald £.—Lancaster; Eton. Neiderl, Bernard .— Reading; Bio; Intramurals. Dorm Council. Ncidig, Elaine M. B.—Elizabethtown; Elem PE. Nichols, Paulette M.—Philadelphia; Elem; Black Students Association Nicholson, Heidi .—Millcrsville; Mtis Ed. Nickel, Richard— Kulpsville; 1A, Boxing Club, SNAPPER, Sigma Tau Gamma. Nielsen, Paul Langhorne; Soc-SW. ACMO (president). Outing Club, Intramurals. Nissley, Diane L—Manheim; Elem 5S. Noll, Bruce P.—Bethlehem; 1A. Norley. Susan .—Drexcl Hill; Llem EChd. Intramuials, I'SI: A. Novak, Jeffrey M.—Phoenixvillc; Eton Novinger, James M.—Ml. Joy; F.S. Noioicki, Cheryl A.—Millcrsville; Lib. Nugent, Gunther IV. Jr.—I.mmaus: Econ. ☆ Oberholtzer, Janet S.—Hatboro; Elem-EChd; Omega Theta Sigma, Delta Phi Eta. Cinderella . ACMO. Olds. Janice .—I.ockport, N.Y.; Arl Ed. Olrwiler, Craig A.—Red Lion; Bio. Olcxy, Debra I..—Levittown; Sec Cerman; German Club. Bicentennial Committee. Oliver. Kathryn M.—Harrisburg; Sec Bio; Resident Assistant, Floor rep. Housing rep. Orihara, Kaont—Japan; PS. Orndorff, Robert C. Jr.— Kennelt Square; Psyc. Ornik, Diana Z.-rWarminster; Sec Gcrman; Dean •. List, German Club, CUB (Speakers Committee), Sigma Phi Delia (parliamentarian). Oitcrrnrier, Donna M.—Lancaster; Elem Math Overly, Ann .,—Gordonville; Elem-Lib. Owen, Jay H -Wcllsboro; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. Football. Outer, Robin D.—West Fairvicw; Psyc; Kappa Alpha Tau, Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Psychology Club, CEC, Intramurals. ☆ Paes, Suzetle B.—Refton; Art Ed. Kappa Alpha Tau (president). Student Senate (vice-president. Student Affairs Committee. Long Range Planning), Dean's List, Delta Phi Eta. Who's Who. Paige, Glenn—Philadelphia; Elcm Soc. Pakkila, John A. Jr.—Levittown; SS Hi. Palko, Luimn—Turtle Creek; Eng Com-Thtr; Dean's List. Citamard. Cheerleader, CUB. Papa, Regina M.—York. Psyc. Resident Assistant. CUB, Psychology Club. Women's Chorus. Parker. Kate Y.—Philadelphia; PS; Political Science Club, Student Senate, (Advisory Council for DAP, Student Affairs Committee), Black Students Association. Resident Assistant Parker. Robert B.—Lancaster; Psyc Parks, Susan G — Lancaster; Soc SW Parrish, Jay B.—Phoenixvillt; ES; Choir, Chamber Choir. I VC I (treasurer). Partridge, Colbert V. Jr— Philadelphia; Soc SW; Sociology Club Patounas, Hden—Lancaster; Sec Math. Pavenski, Joan M — Mycrstown; Sot, Pease, Mary E.—Harrisburg; Elem-EChd; Dean's List. Pecko, Dianna M.—West Chester; Elem SMED: CF.C. Peffley, Barry J.—Lancaster; SS PS; Student Senate, Chi Gamma lota. Intramurals.☆ Penley, Cynthia M.—Glen Rock. Soc. Pent:. Donald H.-Lcola; SS Hi. Petery. Alice E.—Lancaster; Psyc. Petrick, Charles M. Richboro, IA. Petron, Wary E.—York; Spanish; Intramural . Spanish Conversation. Petroski, Walter L. Reading; Mus Ed. Petty. David .—Hanover; Math; SNAPPER, Forry Hacker Award, CUB (concert committee). Phillips, Linda M.—Harrisburg; Art. Phillips, Michele A.—Middletown; Scc Eng. Pierce, D. Gale— Media; Lib; Kappa Alpha Tau, Delta Phi Eta. 100 Mile Club. Pinkerton, Anne M.—East Petersburg; Elem-SMED Piizi, Joseph E. Jr.—Carlisle; SS Hi; Phi Sigma Pi. Platt, Beverly S.—Quarryville; Elem MR. Polczynski, Cheryl R.—New Kensington. Blo-NucMT; Kappa Alpha Tau, Memiettes Elections Committee. Aesculapian Society, Allocations Committee. TOUCHSTONE. Porreca. Theresa C.—Southampton; Elem Rdg; Phi Theta Kappa. PSEA. Poslufzny, Carol A.—Old Forge; Elem-MR; Women's Chorus, Cin-derellas, CF.C, Sigma Phi Delta, Intramurals. Potts, Daniel R.—Lancaster; Mus Ed; Choir. Band, Jazz Band, Madrigal Singers, Chamber Choir, Citamard. Powell, Leonamae F — Lancaster; PSN. Powell. Scott D.—Nazareth; Elem-SMED; Gamma Pi (recording secretary), PSEA (treasurer), CEC, ACEI. Prestwood, John C.-Ridley Park; Math; IVCF (vice-president), WMSR. Big Brother, Isaac F. Seiverling Award. Procter, Kenneth .—New Holland; Art Ed Pinks, Kenneth G. Levittown; Sec Bio. Purvis, George IV. —Graterford; Art; CUB (concert chairman). Who's Who, Summer Orientation Slideshow. ☆ Querry, Diane P--Martinsburg; Elem-MR; Kappa Alpha Tau. Intramurals, Delta Phi Eta, CEC, Dean's List. Quint. Louise A -York; Elem SMED; CEC, ACEI, PSEA. Radel, Linda .—Pottstown; Elem Rdg; PSEA. Gamma Sigma Alpha. Radice, Dorothea H.—Millersville; Sec French; Cercle Francais (president, treasurer). Delta Phi Eta Rankin. Jon C.—Waynesboro; SS Ge; Soccer, Geography Departmental Board (student representative). Outstanding Young Men ot America. Ranlet. Sue K.—Philadelphia; Sec ES. Rath. Dehra K.—Pottstown; Elem SMED; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Raiidenbush, Dcbm L—Harleysville; Elem MR; CEC, Kappa Delta Phi, Orientation Guide, Outing Clul . John Ment er Award. Ream, Rebecca S.—Lancaster; Elem-MR. Redcay, Robert L.—Lancaster; Econ; Track, Track Club, Martial Arts Club, Wickers (treasurer). Volleyball Club, Economics Club Reed, Donna A—Kaska; Sec Bio; Sigma Phi Omega, Color Guard. Reed. Paul L.—Lancaster; Psyc. Reeder, Ann R.—Conestoga; Elem History. Reese, Beth A.-Millersville; Lib. Reinhart, Beth A.—Lancaster. Art Ed; Dean's List. Reitz. Raymond E-—Ronks; Sec Bio. Renner, Gary L.—Lancaster; PS. Renninger, Marlene—Old Zionsville; Sec Math; Dean's List. Reppert, Patrick A.—Douglassville; Phy. Ressel, Stephen .—Lancaster; Sec Bio; Dean’s List Reuther, Bruce P.—Scranton; 1A. Richards. Kay L—Dillsburg; Elem-SMED; Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Dean s List. Richardson, Winnick K. Columbia; E5. Ridgway, Elaine D.—Shlckshinny; Elem EChd. Rieter, Jonas .—Royersford; Math-Econ; Dean's List. Chairman’s List, Math Honor Roll, Phi Sigma Pi, Intramural rep. Ririerr, George H.—Lancaster; Psyc. Rineer, LuAnn—Gordonvillc; SS; PSEA. Rinehart. Dwight L.—Glenville; Elem Mu»; Alpha Sigma Chi (chaplain, vice-president, secretary). Student Senate (President's Advisory Council, Board of Directors of Student Services, Student Affairs Committee. Traffic Court. Distinguished Faculty Awards Committee). Marching Band, Concert Band. College Choir, Resident Assistant, PSEA. ACEI. Ringlet, Warren E. Ill—Camp Hill; Bio; Aesculapian Society, Scuba Club, Intramurals. Risser, Erica L.— Millersville; Sec Eng.Rizzo, Brenda 7 — Easton; Eng; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Rizzulo, KayAnn M.—Schuylkill Haven; Psyc: Psychology Club (vice-president), Kappa Delta Phi (president). Roak, James 8.—Aldan; SS; Basketball, Dean's List. Wickers. Roberts. Terry A —Trevose; Psyc Psychology Club. 100 Mile Club Computer Science Club. Robins. Emily J. C.—New Providence; Lib; Kappa Alpha Tau. Robinson, Phyllis I.—Lancaster. Art. Robles. Maria M.—Lancaster; Soc. Roda, Lawrence A.—Lancaster; Sec English Rodger, Karen I.—Willow Street; Sec English. Rogowski, Deborah A.—Pottsville; Elem Math; Kappa Delta Phi (president, vice-president). Traffic Court. Roland, Paul H. Jr.—West Reading; IA; Chi Gamma lota. Rooney, Regina C —York; French; Citamard. Dean's List, Delta Phi Eta. Rolhermel, Debbie .—Womelsdorf: Elem MR; CEC, Women's Chorus, Dean's List. Rounds, Daniel C.—Philadelphia; Elem MR; CEC. Rowe. Karen L — Southampton; Elem EChd; Dolphin Club, W'MSR, Sigma Phi Delta. P5EA, Orientation Committee. President's Advisory Council, Resident Assistant. Royer, Debra A — Lititz; Elem-EChd. Rozanski, Stanley . r —Reading; Sec Bio; Alpha Phi Omega. Rubenstem, Cathy L.—Newtown; Elem SMED; Citamard, CEC. Rubin, Mitchell S.—Fords, N.J.; Psyc; Psychology Club, Wrestling. Dean's List, Intramural rep. CUB (Outdoors Committee), Judiciary Committee. Rumford, Darlene I. —Chester; Elem Math Russo, Deborah M.—Philadelphia; SS Hi; Kappa Alpha Tau (Pan Hellenic rep. Parliamentarian), Pan Hellenic Council (vice-president), PSF.A. Student Senate (treasurer. Elections, Public Relations, Bicentennial, Allocations Committees), CUB (Bicentennial Committee). Ruth, Diane E — Lansdale; Psyc; Sigma Phi Delta (recording secretary, historian). Psychology Club. Rutolo, Debra A.—Hyde Villa; Elem Math. , Ryan, Carole S.—Phoenixville; PSN. ☆ Sahd, Benedict R.—Columbia; Sec Math; IntramuraU, Chairman's List, Dean's List, Sigma Tau Gamma (secretary, publicity chairman). Samara, Carol H.—Akron; Elem-EChd; Mark Stine Award. Santoro. Kenneth R.—Allentown; I A. Sassaman, Diane .—Temple; PSN. Sauder, Christine— Lcola; Elem-SMED. Savini, lohn .—Havertown; Econ. Scales. Aaron R —Pittsburgh; SS Hi. Schalles, Keith M-—Mechanicsburg; IA. Schell, Martha D.—Lancaster; Elcm Psyc. Schlater, Dorothy H.—Morton; Elem-French; ACEI. PSF.A, Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List, Resident Assistant, Intramurals, Women's Chorus Schtegelmilch, Kathryn L.—Lancaster; Sec Eng-Lib; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Pan Hellenic Council (president), Wrestling Belles. Wrestling Team (manager). Schlemitzaucr. Catherine— Philadelphia; Elem SMED. Schleyer, Paul T.—Philadelphia; Elem-MR; Sigma Tau Gamma (vice-president. secretary). Student Senate (Student Affairs. Traffic Court), Choir. ACEI, CEC, Resident Assistant. RSA, IFC. Young Republicans. Orientation Guide. IntramuraU. Schloder, Earl IV. II— Fairless Hills; IA Schmalhofer, Elizabeth L — Lancaster; Sec German Schmidt, j. Bernard Jr.—New Holland; History; Football. Schneck. Bonnie L — Lancaster; Bio Schneck, Craig R.—Hummelstown; Elem Math; Basketball Schneider, Joanne B F.—Mt. loy; Elem-SMED. Schoon. Timothy C.—Poltstown; ES. Schreiber, Rebecca K.—Lititz. Elem EChd; Concert Band. Woodwind Ensemble, PSEA. ACEI. Delta Phi Eta (treasurer). Marching Band, President's Advisory Council, Dorm Council (treasurer), RSA-AWS Central Council. Schulz. Robert K.—Lancaster; PS. Schwalb, Laurie—Lancaster; Psyc. Schwartz. Beverly A —Glcnoldcn; Elem Art. Resident Assistant. Intramurals. Sehwenk. Scott D—West Lawn; IA. Epsilon Pi Tau. IntramuraU. Metal Shop (lab assistant). Sensenig, Jay C.—Ephrata; Math; Dean's List. AAUP Award. Sexton, Suzann M — Lancaster; Art, Gamma Sigma Alpha. Millers-ville Christian Fellowship. Shaffer, Leslie E — Akron; Sec Phy Shaffer. Mary L —Tunkhannock, Psyc. Sharwarko. W, Murk—Philadelphia. Art; Phi Sigma Pi. IVCF, ACMO. Shellenberger, Henrietta S.—Millcrsville; Elem EChd. Shellhamer. Patricia G.—Tamaqua; Lib.Shelly. Mary A. R.-Lilitz; Elem-MR; CEC. Shenberg, Beverly .—Cheltenham: Elcm EChd; PSEA. ACE1, Resident Life Staff. Shenk. Kathleen M.—Lancaster; Sec Eng; Women's Chorus. English Club, George St. Carnival. TOUCHSTONE Sherman, Andrea L.—Pottstown; Elem-MR. Shiffer, Kathleen A.—Reading; Bio; Acsculapian Society, Intramurals. CUB. Showers. David S.—Lancaster; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Society. Shrom. Debra K.—Brownstown; Elem Math. Shire, Robert A.—Hanover; SS PS; Sigma Tau Gamma. Shuster, Donald E — Monroeville; I A. Simmons, St. Clair Sr —Millcrsville; Psyc; Psychology Club (vice-president). Simo. Barbara K — Lancaster; Econ. Sinapi, Lynn C—Coatesville; Sec Spanish; Spanish Club Singer, Dale E — Lancaster; Scc Math Singer, Mary E.—Lancaster; Elem MR Sin ton, David E.—York; I A. Sizemore, Dale Gibbstovvn. N.J.; IA; Football. Wrestling, Track, Delta Sigma Chi. Intramurals. Skaggs, lay D.—Lancaster; I A. Sliker, Carol F—Carlisle; Elcm EChd; ACEI (historian). Smedlev, Barbara A.—West Chester; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta. Psychology Club. Smiley. Mary K. -Chester Springs; Elem-EChd; ACEI (co-president). Phi Lambda Sigma. Concert Choir. PSEA. UCM, Dean's List. Helen Koont Award. Smith, Alan F.—Lancaster; Bio Smith. Cheryl L —New Holland; Mus Ld Smith, Craig A —Lancaster; Psyc. Smith. Jean A.—Philadelphia; Soc SW. Sociology Club. Black Students Association. RSA Smith. Rebecca L.—Quarryville; Elem-SMED. Snelbaker, Sheryl L.—Camp Hill; EJcm Mus; Band. Wind Ensemble. PSEA. Delta Phi Eta. Dorm Council. Sobala, Kare'n K.-Moscow; Art Ed; Sigma Phi Delta (president), CUB (Speakers Committee). Sonefelt, John £.—Lancaster; Psyc. Sowers, Russell .—Williamstown; Elem Soc; IVCF. Spangler, Jeffrey S.—Cornwall; Elcm PE. Spangler, Lynne B.—York; Elem-SMED; ACEI. CEC. Spayd, Michael S — Kobesonia; Scc Math. Speclor, Michelle R.—Levittown; Llcm SMED. Staats, Robert D.—Conestoga; Phil. Stabley, Deborah A.—York; Elem-EChd; ACEI (publicity). Stabnau, Cynthia .—Wilmington. Del.; Elem MR; CEC. Delta Phi Eta. Staub, Melinda .—Dover; Elem MR; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Delta Phi Eta, CEC. Stauffer, Judy A—Lancaster; Psyc; Dean's List, Women's Chorus, IVCF, Campus Crusade, 100 Mile Club. Sleekier, Kathryn -A.—Lancaster; Econ; Rho Lambda Phi, Pan Hellenic Council, Intramurals. Steele. Leigh E.—Allentown; IA. Steele, Michael L—Hopewell; Elcm SMED; ACEI, Alpha Sigma Chi, IFC, CEC. Steffy, Cynthia .—Ephrata; MT. Step. Judith L.—Reading; Elcm EChd; Rho Lambda Phi, Pan Hellenic Council. Stehnmn, Kenneth K.—Lancaster; IA; Phi Sigma Pi, Epsilon Pi Tau. Steinbach, Mary f—Joppa, Md.; Sec Bio. Sleinke, Steven £.—Feasterville; IA; Intramurals. ACMO. Steinmetz, Kathy A—Millcrsville; Bio; Dean's List, Delta Phi Eta. Lab Assistant. Steinmetz. Linda M.—Millcrsville; Bio; Sea Rats Scuba Diving Club, Acsculapian Society, West End Ambulance Crew Chief. Stephan, Anna G.—Lancaster; History; Dean's List. Sterner. Linda I.—Seven Valleys; Elem-Lib; Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. Sterner, Michael D.—Laureldale; Scc Math; Wrestling. Stockslager, Gary L.—Grcencastle; IA; Gamma Pi, Intramurals. Stokes, Mary A.—Willow Grove; Elcm Rdg. Slone. Richard .—Drexel Hill; Math. Stoneback. James A.—Quakcrtown; SS Hi Stoner, Jane E.—Manhcim; Sec Eng; English Club (president), SNAPPER, Delta Phi Eta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Women's Chorus, Dean's List. Orientation Guide, Printer's Devil Award, Sanders P. McComsey Award, Cultural Affairs Committee (secretary). Elections Committee. Stoner, June T — Lancaster; PSN. Stoughton, Julie— Hughcsvillc; Elem Math. Stout, Lori A.—West Lawn; Elem German; ACEI. PSEA. Intramurals. Stratton, Anna E.—Kutztown; French; Orchestra. Cercle Francais, IVCF, Soc-Hcrs, Cindcrcllas, RSA. Symphonic Band. Stryker, Rohm L.—Phoenixville; Elem French; Cinderellas, ACEI, Women' Track. Subiel. Eileen C.—Philadelphia; Elem. Sukle, Joseph G. Jr.—Steclton; Bio. Sullivan. Patricia A.—Camp Hill; Elem Art; Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Swan, Cynthia—Millcrsville; Soc SW. Swarts, Karen G.—Gouldsboro; Elem Psyc; Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. PSEA, Women's Chorus, Intramurals. Sweeney. Lorraine M.—Old Forge; Econ; Women's Chorus, Economics Club. Sweeney, Patricia A.—Lcwisburg; Elem-SMED. Swyderski, Alexis A — Parkesburg; Lib; SNAPPER. Printer’s Devil Award, Headliner Award, Dean's List, Alpha Beta Alpha. Soc-Hers. Pi Delta Epsilon. Szollose. Michele M.—Manheim; Elem-MR; CEC ☆ Taylor. Ann M.—Harrisburg; Art Ed Taylor, Daniel C.—York; Bio; Intramurals. Taylor. Rosalyn A.—Norristown; Soc SW; Dean's List. Terranova, Janet M.—Fallsington; Bio; Dean's List Thomas, Janis L.—Lin wood; Lib. Thompson, Allan B.—Kennctt Square; IA. Archery, Honorary Dolphin, Intramurals. Thompson, Julia A.—Manheim; Sec Gcrman-Spanish; Pan American Night, German Club, Rho Lambda Phi. Thomson, Dana S.—York; Bio; Delta Sigma Chi. Thum, Yvonne E.—Lancaster; Elem-MR. Tice, Debra E — Newmanstown; Mus Ed Tinkler, Ronald H.—Ambler; Bio. Tischbein. Janet E.—Quakerlown; Lib; Folk Dancing. Alpha Beta Alpha, Delta Phi Eta. Toaltoan, Jeffrey S.—Parkesburg; Sec Eng; Alpha Phi Alpha. English Club, SNAPPER (editor). Dean's List. Tomasky, Nancy K.—Ephrata; Elem SMED; Gymnastics. Tomlinson, Elizabeth A.—Lancaster; Elem-MR; Lacrosse. Dolphin Club, Roddy Scientific Society, CEC. Tonelli. Elizabeth A.—Wallingford; Elem Psyc; Sigma Phi Delta. Torok. Lois M.—Morrisville; Elcm PE; Gamma Sigma Alpha, Resident Assistant, President’ Advisory Council on Housing, Intramurals, Dean's List, ACEI, PSEA, Soc-Hers. Trapuzzano. Barbara A.—Ridley Park; History; Rho Lambda Phi (vice-president, recording secretary). Pan Hellenic Council (secretary), Intramurals. Trayer, Charles A.—Hershcy; IA; Cross Country (co-captain). Track. Troutman, Tina A.—Pillow; Elem Math; Dean's List. Troy, James .—Schuylkill H?ven; Math; Mathematics Honors List. Tsourous, Alexsandra—Huntingdon Valley; Elem-MR; CEC. Tuomey, II. Suzanne— Rohrerstown; MT; Acsculapian Society (president). Turner, rhomas R.—Media; ES. Tuscano, Theresa M.—Pottstown; Lib, Alpha Beta Alpha. PSEA, Dean's List, Intramurals. Twcardy, Hedwig G.—Abbottstown; Sec German. ☆ Ulrich, Robert P.—Denver; Math. llngcrman, Elizabeth R.—Hatboro; Chcm. Upsher, Sandra—Lancaster; Elem SMED; Delta Sigma Theta, Pan Hellenic Council, Student Senate. ☆ Valenti, Susan L—Harrisburg; Psyc; Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List, Psychology Club. Valentine, Janice L.—Maple Glen; Math; Basketball, Lacrosse, Aurora Wickey Pucillo Award, Delta Phi Eta. Valentino, Mary A.—Malvern; Soc Math; Hockey, Intramurals, Kappa Alpha Tau, Judiciary Board. VanArtsdalen, Letitia .—Jacobus; Elem MR. Van Colt, Marvin B.—Millcrsville; IA; Epsilon Pi Tau. VanderPoel, Carol L.—Severna Park, Md.; MT; Women' Chorus, Aesculapian Society, Intramurals, Kappa Alpha Tau. VanDivort, Kathryn .—Churchville; Elem Sci; ACEI, Women's Chorus, Dean's List. Vasalinda, James P.—Williamsport; Elem PE. Veihl, Beverly A—Horsham; Elem MR; Sigma Phi Delta. E)olphin Club. CEC. Verna. Susan M.—Easton; Bio-MT; Dolphin Club Von Rernbow, Ronald P.—Exton,; Art Ed Vorndrart, Debra D.—Warminster; German; Kappa Alpha Tau, Student Senate, Var ity Hockey Team, Bicentennial Committee.☆ Wagner, Cites R.—Lancaster; Art; Workman Award, Dean's List. Wagner, Thomas R.— Sclinsgrove; I A; Citamard. Gamma Pi. Walburn, Susan K.—Shamokin; Scc German, German Club, Cin-derellas, Soc-Her . Waldman, Janice L—Fcastervillc; Elem-SMED. Walker, Kraig A.—Lancaster; CS. Walsh. Michael L— Morrisvillc; Psyc. Wit niter, Sharon _—Shoemakersvillc, Elem-Lib; Dolphin Club (president). Delta Phi Eta (president, vice-president), Cinderella . PSLA, Dean’s List. Ward, John F. r.—Audubon; History; Concert Band, Marching Band, Affirmative Action Council. Warner, Mary £.—Red Lion; SS So; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Sociology Club, Women's Chorus. Warner, Mary E. B.—York; PSN. Warshawsky, Janet B.—Lancaster; Russian. Wasmer, Barry A—Easton; IA; Martial Arts Club. Watkins, Karen S.—Robertsdale; Bio-MT. Delta Phi Eta, Dean’s List. Watson, Beverly A.—Telford; Elem MR; Elections Committee. Watson. Lawrence £.—Lancaster; Bio. Weakley, Kathy A.—Windsor; F.S; Dolphin Club. Outing Club. Roddy Scientific Society, Dean's List. IVeat’er, Deborah M.—Mansfield; Scc Spanish; Spanish Club, College Choir. Weaver, Glenn W.—New Holland; Math Weaver, John H.—New Holland; I A. Weaver, Mary .—Columbia; Psyc; Rho Lambda Phi (vice-president, pledgemaster). Intramurals. Weat'cr, Ray £.—Lancaster; Sec Eng. Weber. Diane P.—Hazlet, N.J.; Psyc. Psychology Club Intramural CUB (outdoor recreation). Dorm Committees. Weber. Ralph M —Mohnton; IA. Weidinger, Barbara A.—Lancaster; Psyc. Wtidier, Joseph .—Rothsville; Latm-Greek. Weidman, Cynthia A.—Lancaster; PSN. Weidner, Lee A. M.—Wyomissing; Eng. Weik, Michael .—Reading; S«c ES. Weiss, Joni A.—Conshohocken; Math. Dorm Council (vice-president), AWS (secretary), RSA (secretary). Women's Chorus. Weitt, Ute— Williamsport, Eng; Citamard. Wellman, Richard A — Aldan; Sec History; Intramurals, Choir. Dorm Council, IVCF, Dean's List. Wrlls, Connie—Lewisburg; Art Ed. Wenger, Jay L.—Manheim; Sec Math, Wentling, Donna L.—Lebanon; Art Ed. Wert. James M.—Lancaster; PS. West, Susan M.-Wayne; Phil-Psyc. Wetter, Susan E.—Robesonia; Mu Ed. Weymer, Richard A.—Meadville; IA Whitesel, Sally S — Mount Joy; PSN. Wight, Michael G.—New Hope; IA. Industrial Art Society Wilkinson, David A.—Wcrnersville; Sec Math Williams, Barbara I.—Lancaster; Math. Williams, Cleon O. h — Philadelphia, Psyc; Psychology Club. Computer Science Club. Williams, Denise E.—Philadelphia; SS So. Williams. Diane Y.—Lancaster; Elem SMLD; Rho Lambda Phi. Pan Hellenic Council. Williams, John E. Jr.—Harrisburg; SS So; Track, Financial Aid Committee, Faculty-Student Judiciary Board. Black Odyssey. Black Students Association, ROTC, Supreme Court, Resident Assistant. Williams, Mary L — Millersville; Psyc. Williamson, Joy P.—Reading; Elem EChd; Delta Phi Eta. Christian Science Organization. Williard, Joseph R.—Lancaster; Econ; Baseball, Alpha Sigma Chi. Economics Club, Golf. Witt, Cynthia L — Ligonier; Elem. Spanish. Wittier, Dennis B.—Leola; Elcm Latin. Winsko, Karen D.-Lcvittown Elem-SMED; CEC. PSLA Wise. Carol A.-Rcading; Elem EChd; ACEI. CUB Wise. Susan £.—Lebanon; Elcm Psyc. Wisner, Charles L. III—Norristown; IA Witmer, Deborah A— Ephrata; Elem-MR; CEC. Witmer. Dons M.—Lancaster; PSN. Witmer, Karen D.—Lilitz; Elem Psyc; Citamard; Dean's List. Witmer, William D.—Lancaster; Psyc. Witzel, Carl A. Jr.—Linfield; Art Ed. Wolfe. Michael W.—Red Lion; Bio. Wolfer, William F— Lancaster; Art l.d Wolski. Diane M.—Brook haven; Elem-SMED; CEC. intramural . Delta Phi Eta, Dean's List. Wonik, lane A.—Red Lion; Elem Art. Wood, Hubert R.—Prospect Park; Psyc.Woodbridge, Robert B.—Millcrsville; Mu Ed; MI.NC ivtcc-prcsidcnt), Band (president). Dean' List, Music Department Honor Roll, Intercollegiate Band, ACMO, College Choir, la Ensemble. Worrell, Brian E.—Norwood; Elem Art; Cross Country, Indoor Track, Spring Track. SNAPPER. Dean's List Wrigley, Richard C—Philadelphia; Elcm-MR, Orientation Guide. Coffeehouse Performer Wander, Robert W.—Hatboro; Bio; Sigma Fau Gamma Wypyszintki, Karen T.—Philadelphia: Sec Spanish; Mermettes. Cil-amard, Spanish Club. ☆ Yeager, Charles S. IV— F.phrala; Chem; Phi Sigma Pi, Soccer. Volleyball Club, Resident Assistant, American Chemical Society. Yentsch, Thomas C.—Philadelphia; Eng. Yingling, Douglas A.—Westminster; P yc; Intramural , Dean's List. Yocorn, Nancy R —Washington Boro; Soc SW. Young, Deborah A.—Chester; Elem Lib; RSA. Young, Debra A.—Honesdalc. Art; Art Students Organization. Young, John P.—Lancaster; IA. Young, Lisa B.—Wrightsville; Elem Mus. Young, Patricia L—York; Lib; Sigma Phi Delta ☆ Zaborowski. Robert S.—Cornwells Heights. Elem-SMED; WMSR (sport director). Intramurals, Golf. Zale, Raymond F -Shenandoah; Elem Zavislak, Michael I. -Wilkes-Barre; IA. Zell, William H—Litltz; Art Ed. Zellers, lames N.—Lancaster; Elem SS; ACEI, PSEA, Folk Dancing (president). Alpha Phi Omega. Pi Delta Epsilon, TOUCHSTONL (faculty editor), CUB (Public Relations Committee), Student Senate (Elections Committee). Zercher, Laura J.—New Providence; Lib. Zilintki, John .—Lykens; Eng. Zimmerman, David F..—Andalusia; Psyc; Swimming, Mu Alpha Kappa Zimmerman, Joan M.—Bausman; Sec Spanish. , Zinck, Richard A —Morton; SS PS. Zumbrum, Wayne L.—Hanover; Math; Dean's List, la . . Ensemble, Marching Band, 1VCF. Zunino. Patricia M — Avondale; Elem-EChd; ACEI, Intramurals Zygmont, Margaret A.—Hatboro; Elem MR. CEC, P1LS (chairman, corresponding secretary), ACEI (vice-president). Young Adult Program, Dean's List. Bailey. Donna .—Lancaster; PSN. Bishop. Suzanne .—Paoll; Elcm EChd. Book. Manan I B —Thompsontown: PSN. Bridge, Margaret A.—Reading; PSN. Coale. Cynthia £.—Telford; Elem MR Crnkovich, Stephen G — Leola; I A. Denhnger, Bette L.—Ronks; PSN. Donahue. Katherine A —West Reading; PSN. Duman, Dorothy A —Oxford; PSN. Farrior, Barbara L — Boyertown, Art. Gilbert, Bruce P.—York; Eng GonglofJ, Bnan L —Orwin; Soc. Good. Daniel—Bird-in-Hand. PS. Grim, Deborah .—York; Elem Eng. Horn, Philip F.—Wrightsville; IA. Hughes. Michael £.—Altoona; Sec Bio. lay, Selma .—Morton; Elem Math. Keffer, Kathleen .VI.—Hanover; PSN. King, Patricia A —Lemoyne; PSN. Krenitsky. David T.—Peckville. Art Ed Lemma. Anthony T Jr — Feasterville; IA. Lilley, Robert L —York; PS. I.ohr. Jeffry D.—Lancaster; IA MacFerran. Linda P. Lititz; PSN. Martello. Kathleen F.—Chambersburg, Art Ed. Mcllhenny, Albert T.—Ephrata; IA. Minder, Miiry D.—Lancaster; Lib. Mowrey, Melissa L.—Denver. Art Ed Musser, Mary S — Manheim; Psyc. Per hunt ter, Carol A—Reading. PSN. Petery, Manbeth A.—Denver; Elem SMED Reed, lay A.—Millcrsville; IA. Rexroth, Helen M —Biglcrvillc. PSN. Ries, Frederick A.—Sunbury; I A. Rincer, Ronald L.—Lancaster. Art. Rounay, Eleanor H.—Lansdale; Elem Math. Schaeffer, Gene C.—Boyertown; Bio. Scott. Ethel P.—Norristown; Elem SMED Shober, John T.—Millcrsville; Psyc Smith, David .—Pottsville. I S. Snyder. Jane L.—Birdsboro; PSN. Stokes, Jacqueline E—Lancaster; Psyc. Thompson, Perry D— New Park. IA Tielien. Robert C.—Lafayette Hill. IA. Valuch. Jan .—Lancaster; Art. Watson, James D. Jr.—Millcrsville; PS. Wilt. Joanne £.-York; PSN. Winter, Linda M.—Spring Grove; Art Ed. Wise. Cheryl B.S.—Millcrsville; Art Ed.INDEX Abbreviations Index ............................. 219 Academic Affairs, Office of ....................... 66 ACADEMICS.......................................... 65 Acknowledgement . ................................ 240 ACTIVITIES ........................................ 17 ADMINISTRATION ................................. 66,73 Administrative Services ........................... 66 Aesculapian Society............................... 177 All-Campus Picnic.................................. 45 Alpha Beta Alpha ................................. 175 Alpha Kappa Alpha . . . .......................... 197 Alpha Phi Alpha .................................. 197 Alpha Sigma Chi .................................. 196 Archery .......................................... 162 Art Department ................................ 68,75 Awards, Athletic.................................. 164 Baseball ......................................... 156 Basketball, Donkey ............................... 168 Basketball, Junior Varsity........................ 142 Basketball, “Varsity.............................. 140 Basketball, Women's Junior Varsity ............... 145 Basketball, Women's Varsity ...................... 144 Berlitz, Charles................................... 45 Bicentennial Homecoming........................... 20 Biology Department...............................68,76 Black and Gold Marching Band..................... 190 Board of Trustees ................................. oo Bugliosi, Vincent ............................... 32 Chamber Ensemble ................................. 188 Chapin, Tom ....................................... 31 Chaverim ......................................... 174 Cheerleaders, Junior Varsity ..................... 184 Cheerleaders, Varsity ........................... 184 Chemistry Department ........................... 68,77 Chi Gamma Iota.................................... 211 Choir ............................................ 192 Cindcrellas ...................................... 183 Classics Club .................................... 186 CLOSING .......................................... 241 CLUBS—ORGANIZATIONS .............................. 169 Coffeehouses ...................................... 30 Color Guard .................................... 189 Computer Science Club ............................ 187 Computer Services .................................. 67 Corbetta, Jerry .................................... 25 Council for Exceptional Children................... 178 Counselor Education Department .................. 68,77 Cross Country . ................................... 130 Development, Office of.............................. 67 Delta Phi Eta...................................... 204 Delta Sigma Chi ................................... 199 Delta Sigma Theta ................................. 212 Dolphins .......................................... 182 Don Giovanni ....................................... 19 Eagles, Gil ........................................ 29 Earth Science Department ... 69,78 Economics Department ............................ 71,78 Educational Foundations Department ...............69,78 Educational Media Department .....................68,79 Elementary Education Department...................o9,79 English Club....................................... 176 English Department............................... 6°,80 FACULTY ............................................ 68 Field Hockey, Junior Varsity....................... 132 Field Hockey, Varsity ............................. 131 Fisher. Nevin ...................................... 18 Football, Junior Varsity .......................... 13° Football, Varsity ................................. 13o Foreign Languages Department......................70,81 Fraternities ...................................... 194 Frost, David ....................................... 18 Gamma Pi .......................................... 20o Gamma Sigma Alpha ................................. 209 Geography Department ............................ 69,82 George Street Carnival ........................... 180 German Club ...................................... 180 Gingerbread Lady ................................... 36 Golf .............................................. 153 Graduation ........................................ 120 Halloween Dance ................................... 27 Health and Physical Education Department ........ 70.82 History Department ...............................70,83 Homecoming '75 ..................................... 24 Honors Banquet ... ................................ 122 Honors Graduates .................................. 124 238In Memoriam ... ............................ . 217 In Motion ......................................... 121 INDEX ............................................. 238 Industrial Arts Education Department .............70,85 Intercollegiate Sports Club........................ 185 Interfraternity Council ........................... 195 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.................. 173 Intramural and other sports....................... 163 Kappa Alpha Tau ................................... 198 Kappa Delta Phi ................................ 202 Kappa Phi Epsilon................................ 201 Lacrosse .......................................... 158 Love Song Concert .................................. 35 Martial Arts Club ................................. 185 Math Department ..................................71,84 Misterogers ........................................ 34 Mourning Son, dance featuring....................... 40 Mu Alpha Kappa .................................... 208 Music Department .................................71,8© Nimoy, Leonard ..................................... 32 Omega Theta Sigma......... ........................ 200 Omicron Gamma Omega ............................... 213 Organ Dedication ................................... 45 Outing Club........................................ 177 Pan Hellenic Council............................... 195 Patrons ........................................... 218 Pennsylvania State Education Association .......... 175 Phi Lambda Sigma .................................. 205 Phi Sigma Pi....................................... 214 Philosophy Department.............................70,86 Physics Department ...............................71,87 Political Science Department .....................71,88 Political Science Organization .................... 176 President, Office of the............................ 66 Psychology Department ............................72,88 Public Relations and College Publications........... 67 Rho Lambda Phi .................................... 210 SENIOR DIRECTORY .................................. 219 SENIORS ............................................ 02 Sigma Epsilon Beta ................................ 215 Sigma Phi Delta.................................... 207 Sigma Phi Omega .............................. - 203 Sigma Tau Gamma ................................. 209 SMC Birthday Party . ........................... 26 SNAPPER ......................................... 170 Soccer .......................................... 134 Sociology Club................................... 186 Sociology-Anthropology Department ..............72,89 Sororities ...................................... 194 Spanish Club .................................... 121 Specifications .................................. 240 Special Education Department ...................72,87 Speech-Drama Department ...................... 72,88 SPORTS .......................................... 129 Sports scores ................................. loo Spring Fling ..................................... 42 Spring Formal .................................... 41 Staff ............................................ 90 Stayer Research and Learning Center............... 72 Straiton, Walt ................................... 24 Student Affairs, Office of........................ 67 Student Life ..................................... 48 Student Rally .................................... 28 Student Recital .................................. 32 Student Senate................................ - 16° Swimming, Men’s ................................ 151 Swimming. Women's................................ 152 Table of Content , ................................ 2 Tennis, Men’s ................................... 160 Tennis, Women's.................................. 162 TOUCHSTONE ...................................... 172 Track .......................................... 148 Two Gentlemen of Verona........................... 38 United Campus Ministry .......................... 173 Vaughn, Robert ................................... 34 Who's Who ....................................... 128 Wickers .................................... .. 199 WMSR 171 Women's Chorus................................... 188 Wrestling ....................................... 146 Wrestling Belles.............................. 183 Young, Jessie Colin .............................. 24 Zeta Gamma Phi .................................. 212 239SPECIFICATIONS The 1976 TOUCHSTONE is published by the students of Millersville State College, Millersviile, Pennsylvania. TOUCHSTONE is printed by William T. Cooke Publishing, Incorporated, Devon, Pennsylvania. The 248 text pages are printed by offset lithography on 80 Patina Coated Matte offset stock. The four dividers are printed on Brown Hopper Skytone. The endsheets are Eagle India cover stock. The covers use Burnt Orange Lexotone with gold mylar applied to backbone. The college seal in gold metallay uses an orange overtone to match the base color. The captions and identifications are ° point Palatino. Senior names directory, administration, faculty and staff listings, and sports scores are in 8 point Palatino. Headlines are 18, 24, and 72 point Palatino. The review of the year is in 14 point News Gothic italic. The four divisional inserts are printed in PMS 173 and PMS 462. Special display letters are Busorama and Sinaloa. The final section of the book uses PMS 151 on both sides. Special effect screens used are coarse horizontal line, fine mezzotint, fine horizontal line and etchtone. The four color process in the opening section is produced from 35 mm slides using individual separations. The endsheet is a halftone reproduction of the early campus printed in PMS 462. The black and white photographs were taken on three 35mm cameras: a Canon F-l, a Canon Ft-b and a Minolta SRT 101, equipped with four lenses- Canon 28mm f3.5 and 50mm fl.4, Minolta 50mm fl.7 and Vivitar 85-205mm f3.8; Mamiya C220 with an 80mm f2.8 lens and a 4x5 Speed Graphic with a 135mm 4.7 lens. The film used was Tri-X Pan ASA 400. Senior portraits and candids are by Merin Studios, Philadelphia. Senior portraits are photographed with a Beattie Portronic 907 camera, using strobe lights. Candid photographs are taken by Nikkormat, Nikon and Minolta 35mm cameras, and Mamiya, Kowa, Hasselblad, and Koni-Omega 2 4x214 cameras. The films used are Tri-X and Plus-X. Press run was 2,200 copies, printed by a 38 inch Miller two-color perfect press. The 1976 TOUCHSTONE is partially subsidized through the student activity fee as allocated by Student Senate. All graduates of December, May and August of the 1975-76 academic year receive the book without charge, undergraduates pay $2.00. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The creation of an heirloom is not an easy task and rarely accomplished through the efforts of any single individual. Touchstone '76 is a joining of efforts, a melting pot of ideas from countless sources, and talents from almost as many. To everyone who took part in the creation of the 1976 Touchstone, our sincere thanks. To those without whom this book could not be presented, our special thanks: Mrs. Leah Fudem, for her help and encouragement—for being there when things were especially rough. Mr. John Ursprung, Mrs. Susan Heidt, and everyone at Cooke Publishing, for their guidance and above all their patience. Mark and Tom Usciak and Steve Nolte for deadline shots and last-minute schedulings, Merin Studios for excellent coverage of special events, and Mike Giffin for his review of the year. Mr. Robert E. Coley, college archivist, for his enthusiasm and cooperation. Dr. Reighard for the benefit of his wisdom and support. Student Senate, for underwriting the total cost of the book for seniors. And to our staff, for their devotion, dedication, and perseverance, a very warm and sincere thanks—well deserved. Thus we present to you a verbal and pictorial heirloom of our own. Thanks to all of the people involved, our heirloom can now be yours. Sue Moser Deb Baas Co-editors ☆ ☆ STAFF Cheryl Barnes, Craig Benner, Anita Bolton, Gary Bonner, Dolores Brimo, Valerie Cassell, Donna Cellucci, Laura Clark, Linda Coady, Catherine Davis, Lorie Dittenhafer, Karen Drawbaugh, Rebecca Foreman, Kathy French, Michael Giffin, Lois Glasstetter, Eileen Helm, Ronald Hitchman, Judi jablonski, Kim Keller, Gary Lcvkoff (Business Manager), Katie McHugh, Nancy Merckle, Denise Montefusco, Gary Moyer, Bernie O'Donnell, Gary Palmer, Kathy Shenk, Meg Slaybaugh, Alexis Swyderski, Barb Trompeter. PHOTOGRAPHERS Craig Benner, Gary Bonner, Harold Bowers, George Burford. William Flamer, Andrew Martin, Gary Moyer, Nancy Merckle, Steve Nolte, Gary Palmer, Tom Reimer, Andi Schreib-man, Howard Stewart, Merin Studios, Mark Usciak, Tom Usciak. 240241 Drama, concerts, films, lectures, and special programs, sponsored by the College Union Board, the Cultural Affairs Committee, the Multi-Cultural Programming Committee, Cita-mard, and the All-Campus Musical Organization, all helped contribute to MSC’s reputation as a cultural Mecca in Lancaster County. America's Bicentennial celebration brought special recognition to Millersville’s unique his- tory in education; the college was invited to participate in a special exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The 1975-76 academic year also saw several outstanding athletic performances. A number of Marauders attained All-American status. Graduate student Sam Bigler qualified to compete in the Olympic Trials by winning the Best Lifter Award at the Bowie Open Weight-243 lifting Championship; Sam also won his second AAU Elite Award in 1976. Junior basketball star Phil Walker became the first player in MSC history to be selected for Olympic consideration. And in March, Eric Guyll became the first NCAA National Wrestling Champ in MSC history. MSC, the oldest state college in Pennsylvania, celebrated its 120th anniversary this year.Birthday gifts included an electron microscope, the “Right-to-Know” law, foods of the world, unicycles, apartment complex complexities, a plane in Osburn Hall, the fight for FM, the fight over TM, the Gregorian Choir, “Mim + Dave,” moon rocks, and the Linda Lovelace Look-alike Contest. Not bad for an old-timer—and it's still kicking. This year, 1976, is the bicentennial anniversary of our nation. The principles upon which245 our country was founded and the documents in which these principles are set forth are our national heirlooms. In the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other constitutional amendments, our forefathers' desire for a new type of nation is set forth. "We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are 246 endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and247 establish this CONSTITUTION for the United States of America Both of these statements speak of an ideal society in which the people have equal rights and an opportunity to live as they please while allowing others to do the same. And, although set forth as an ideal, such a society was thought to be attainable. In many instances we have fallen short of the ideals expressed in these and other similar statements, but we have madeprogress—and hopefully we will continue to do so. These documents and ideas are part of our heritage. As heirlooms which we will preserve for our descendants, these ideas will be augmented by what we add to them of ourselves and our times. What we learn here at Millersville and wherever we may go are the experiences from which we will draw as we refine and increase our heirlooms and pass them on. e  fohoo 

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