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57 i A portion of the new campus, left below, with a corner of Myers Hall at the lower right corner. Byerly behind it. Witmer Infirmary, center foreground, and the roof of Stine to Witmer's left. To the left of Byerly is the stadium fronting on the football field, and the baseball diamond farther left. That is the view to the east as a balloon rises over Ganser Library, its rainbow colors washed by the early morning sun. This page, very modern Ganser is contrasted with the old bridge across The Lake. Students today don't know that the bridge once rose high enough to permit ice skaters to glide from one end of the Lake to the other. On the title page, the Civil War Monument looks blue in the shade of the old trees; the battles that took the lives of students, staff and alumni are still read: Chickamauga, Appamattox. Bull Run—they seem quite distant. Below, one of the two fountains here and operable for nearly a century. Opposite page, the old library, that architectural gem. is awarded the place of honor in this seventy-fifth anniversary of the yearbook.Seventy-five years ago the seniors of Millersville State Normal School published a yearbook, establishing a tradition honored for three quarters of a century. The book was dedicated to Mr. J. P. Wickersham, teacher at "the Normal," soldier, author, and was even named The Wickersham in his honor. "We have tried." the editors wrote, "to depict the character of the school by word and picture, to reflect credit upon our instructors who have guided us through our school days, and to present to the Alumni a souvenir by which they may be able to call to mind their many happy school days of yore." Not very different from the purpose of today's yearbooks. Those happy days were at a school founded in 1855. following a successful summer institute held the preceding year. The first and principal building, later to be called Old Main and since razed to make room for Ganser Library, contained dormitories (the sexes had wings at opposite ends of the building), a chapel, administrative offices, "recitation rooms." and a model school. Other buildings extant in 1899 were the gym, which later students named the Rat Race and which is now Dutcher Hall, the library, and the Science Hall, which was to become the Industrial Arts Building and then be demolished to make way for Dilworth. The Wickersham terms this campus "the most valuable Normal School property in the United States." It encompassed twenty acres, was beautifully planted as now with trees and flower beds, and boasted a lake "used by merry skaters in winter, and in summer by the ladies for boating." It also had two fountains, which still stand and still function. The athletic field to the west held a baseball diamond and a "football ground." Tennis courts lay to the northwest. Possibly the greatest difference between then and now. apart from size, lies in the calendar. The school calendar for the following year was published in The Wickersham in its entirety, possibly to attract new students. It starts with the remainder of the summer session: June 25—Sunday morning. Baccalaureate Sermon: June 27—Tuesday evening, Literary Exercises; June 28—Class Day Exercises and Alumni Meetings; June 29—Commencement Exercises. The winter session: August 28-Winter Session begins; December 22—Christmas Holidays begin; 1900, January 1—Christmas Holidays end (imagine returning to classes on New Year's Day!): January 26—Anniversary of the Normal Literary Society; March 15—Winter Session ends. Summer session: March 26—Sum- mer Session begins: May 25—Anniversary of Page Literary Society; June 24—Sunday morning. Baccalaurate Sermon; June 26—Tuesday evening. Oratorical Contests; June 27—Class Day Exercises and Alumni Meetings; June 28—Commencement Exercises. Total—a full ten months of classes. The senior curriculum for all consisted of History of Education. Solid Geometry, Teaching. Methods. Classics. Cicero, and Physics. The Wickersham staff advised the juniors: Immediately after classes. Cicero till 5:15; to library for book for Model School Lesson and book for debate; after supper copy Methods notes for the day and work on debate. Study period (evening) begin with History of Education—2Vi hours. Put two hours in in the evening, one-half hour before breakfast and again at 8 a.m. 9-9:45 (p.m.) study geometry—will have five theorems. Complete three, finish in the morning. Get up early, set clock for 3 to be at study by 3:15. Finish Geometry by 3:30. 3:30-4 write out lesson plan, neatly done in ink.9 Physics one hour. It is now 5 o’clock. Prepare the lesson for the eleventh grade Geography class. 6-6:15 read Classics and finish that after dinner (lunch). "This plan is warranted to work for any pupil of average ability." Classes were continuous from 7 a.m. to noon when lunch was served. After lunch in fine weather, a female teacher might take some female students on a nature walk down beautiful, tree-lined Shenk’s Lane. At 1 classes resumed. A letter from a homesick girl to her mother says classes were held from 7 to noon and 1 to 5. Classes were assembled by the ringing of a bell that hung in the tower of Old Main—and which awaits the building of a new tower to house it— a bell which also signaled when to wake up, go to meals and devotions, and for "eventide." It weighs 1,050 pounds. The faculty was headed by Elipha-let Oram Lyte. A. M.. Ph. D., principal, who taught Psychology, Logic, and Pedagogics. Other familiar names among the faculty of 1899 are Byerly. Hull, Roddy. Brooks and Harbold of the men, and Lyle, Gilbert, Landes and Myers of the women, all of whom have buildings named for them. The faculty totaled thirty-seven, less than one-tenth the number of full-time teachers here today. The Class of 1899 first met to organize September 16, 1898. At later meetings a constitution was written, a class emblem and a class flower— yellow and white roses—adopted, and a motto chosen: Studemus Excellere (We study to excel). The class colors were gold, white and black. A class yell was composed: E. O. L.! Walla. Walla, Will! Ninety-nine! Ninety-nine! Millersville! Boom!!! The entire history of the class from that first meeting is recorded in that first book. On October 20. 1898, for instance, the class went on an excursion to Washington, which is recounted at length. It planted a circle of poplar trees on the west campus November 22. While admitting that tree planting by a class was not new, "it has never been done here before on such an extensive scale." On December 17. the seniors entertained at a "sociable" for faculty and students. According to the photographs in the senior section. 115 graduated that year, a far cry from the 1,250 or so MSC now graduates. Today this ancient book is a delight to read. Yet it set a tone of self-conscious boasting of its accomplishments that numerous subsequent books tried to outdo. And it tells how close "the tide of war rolled" in the 1860's, when "the flames of the burning bridge at Columbia, which was destroyed to prevent the Confederate troops from crossing the Susquehanna. were plainly seen from the grounds. The school was closed at one period of the war on account of the proximity of the enemy." Those who died in that war are remembered on the monument that faces George Street. The 1899 book contains "humor." what today we would call inside jokes. For instance, since conversation be- tween the sexes was taboo, dates were made by snapping fingers, hence a phony book: "How to Exterminate Snappers" by Mae I. Horan —"This exhaustive treatise upon animals which thrive upon our campus ..." In the ad section: Ladies' shoes sold from $1.50 to $6. oxfords $1 to $4.50, men’s $1.50 to $7. Ads tried to entice graduates of MSC to enrol at Penn State or F M. both degreegranting institutions even then. That was the beginning. From THE WICKERSHAM the name was changed in 1901 to THE MILLERS-VILLIAN and not until 1909 was the name TOUCHSTONE adopted. But from the first the yearbook was intended to be a permanent record of a college year, a bit of history. It still purposes to be that. Therefore, in the spirit of that first book, we offer the Diamond Edition as a true and faithful record of the 1973-74 school year, to have, to enjoy, to treasure—for the next three quarters of a century. The EditorsFirst the gym. then the student union, today Dutcher Hall —it houses the counseling center on the ground floor and dramatics groups above. A lone fisherman whiles away a warm fall day as a curious swan approaches. It could have happened seventy-five years ago; in actuality it's a photo made last fall. Violets by the thousand and brilliant dandelions crowd the base of the Civil War monument. No yearbook at MSC is complete without our resident swans. In the spring the president's home has its Georgian beauty reflected in the still water of The Lake. Reflected too are the graceful willow and the pink and white dogwoods.  Cl.HOMECOMING ■ Homecoming Saturday dawned warm and sunny, ideal weather (or the parade and game. "The Fifties—Oldies But Goodies" was the theme, here exemplified by a saddle shoe float and. opposite page, a dorm display saluting Mickey Mouse.15 Among the beauties present were the Homecoming Queen. Marlene Frank, here with her escort. Bill Bell; Debbie Turnbach. a candidate for Queen, and. far right, Tina Thomas of Lancaster. Miss Pennsylvania who entertained at halftime.FACULTY The names of past faculty members live on in the names of the buildings on campus: Lyte, Byerly. Myers, and so on. Who knows which of the names listed in the pages following will be honored in the same way some day? It can happen: many of our faculty have national and even international reputations in their area of learning. Others, who may be unknown beyond the borders of MSC. are loved by their students both inside the classroom and out — their learning and teaching respected, their advice sought and followed, their approval solicited. It is they whose names will be preserved, in memory and in fact.ADMINISTRATION Dr. William H. Duncan President Mr. Melvin Allen Miss Ellen F. Barber Dr. Nicholas C. Brown Vice President Dr. Robert V. Brown Mr. Henry P. Bucher Mr. Gerald Burkhardt Dr. V. A. Champa Miss Helen V. Conway Mr. Marvin R. Donner Mr. Robert Elder Mr. John P. Farmer Mr. Woodrow W. Frank Mr. Richard L. Frerichs Miss Mary Anne Gibbons Mr. Robert Girvin Miss Dorothy Groff Dr. Daryll D. Hersemann Mr. Thomas J. Houser Mr. J. Nevin Huber Dr. Louis G. Jennings Dr. J. Henry Keneagy Mr. Charles I. Kent Dr. Michael G. Kovach Dr. Raymond E. Kuhl Dr. F. Perry Love Mr. Lewis F. Maraffie Dr. James E. Maurey Dr. F. W. McLaughlin. M D. Mr. Anthony Mordosky Dr. Daun Nesbit Dr. William Pearman Dr. Gary W. Reighard Vice President Dr. Richard Sasin Mr. Gray H. Sellers Mrs. Carole L. Slotter Mr. Donald A. Stollenvverk Dr. Edgar R. Thomas Mr. Blair Treasure Mr. Leon L. Winters Mr. Gene R. Wise Mr. Ralph L. Wright BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. John C. Pittenger Secretary of Education, ex officio Mr. William H. Bolger President Mr. Earl A. Brubaker Mr. Butler Buchanan Student Trustee Mr. Ronald E. Ford Mr. Charles W. Hash Mr. John B. Heroux Mrs. Clair R. McCollough Mrs. Margaret S. Moss Mr. Jay B. Niesley 21BASSLER HALL English Department: Mrs. Margaret N. Butler, Mr. David B. Chamberlin. Mr. Danny Ducker, Mrs. Leah G. Fudem. Mr. Sumner J. Germain (assistant chairman), Miss Phyllis Goodman, Mr. Frank R. Heavner. Dr. John A. Huzzard. Mrs. Hazel I. Jackson. Mr. Bruce D. Kellner. Dr. Debrah D. LeSage, Mr. John F. O'Donnell, Mr. Charles P. Patton, Dr. Joseph E. Rhen (chairman). Dr. Mary P.A. Sheatter. Mr. Gordon P. Symonds. Jr., Mr. Robert N. Taylor. Miss A. Grace Wenger, Mr. Jeffrey B. Willens. Mrs. Margaret Wood-bridge. Mr. Edwin J. Zarok. Dr. Joseph E. Rhen. head of the department until his retirement this summer. G Jennings, dean of hUf™ n-,e Dr. John Huzzard, bottom Mr. Danny Ducker. immediately above. Bassler Hall, home of tho English Department. toll abovo. Mr. Sumner Germain. assistant department chairman, dictates to Mrs. Ruth Rutter, secretary.BIEMESDERFER EXECUTIVE CENTER 23 Administration: Or. William H. Duncan (president). Dr. Nicholas C. Brown (vice president tor academic affairs). Dr. Gary W. Reighard (vice president for student affairs). Dr. Michael G. Kovach (assistant to the president). Public Relations Department: Mrs. Carole L. Slotter (director). Mr. Robert N. Luft. Jr. (assistant director). Mr. Donald R. Bird (sports information director). Printing and Duplicating Department: Mr. Edward Hall (director). The beautiful old library was given new life this year. The entrance, left, opens into a new foyor under the central stairway. Among the executives now based there are President William H. Duncan, tar loft; Ed Hall, college printer, dictating to Betty Grove during his morning coffee break; Don Bird, public relations department; the vice presidents of the college— Dr. Nicholas C. Brown, academic affairs. bottom lelt, and Dr. Gary Reighard. student affairs, bottom contor; Dr. Michael G. Kovach, assistant to the president. BREIDENSTINE HALL Newest classroom building, Brefdenstine Hall, on East Frederick Street, replaces Chester Houso. A carpeted exhibit room, right, and an entrance, center. Mr. Donald A. Davis, center right. Art Department: Dr. J. Kent Carson, Mr. Donald A. Davis. Dr. Dominick J. Fanani. Mr. John E. Ground, Mr. Robert G. Hus-tead. Dr. Stanley R. Jenkins, Mr. David C. Keller, Mr. Kenneth A. Kirsten, Dr. Harold A. Laynor, Mr. Robert H. lowing. Mr. Robert A. Lyon, Jr., Miss Jane L. Reinhard, Mr. Richard E. Salzman. Mrs. Sheba Sharrow, Mrs. Phyllis F. Silldorf. Dr. Ronald E. Sykes. Dr. R. Gordon Wise (chairman). BROOKS GYM Health and Physical Education Department: Mrs. Julia Bowers, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Dixon. Mrs. lone L. Dorwart, Mrs. Nancy Hungerlord. Miss Sandra L. Peters, Mrs. Marjorie Trout. Mrs. Nancy E. Hungerlord.BYERLY HALL 25 Psychology Department: Dr. Richard F. Bromor. Dr. Betty J. Finney. Dr. Richard Hess (chairman). D. Joseph J. Horvat. Dr. Patricia Kranz. Dr. John Lembo. Mrs. Marjorie A. Lockwood. Mrs. Jean I. Losh bough. Dr. Susan P. Luok-Keen. Mrs. James Maxey III, Dr. Richard E. Olds. Dr. James J. Sheridan. Mrs. Evelyn Stevens. Mr. Jacob C. Wine. Dr. Charles J. Wirls. Mr. Howard P. Kenig. Philosophy. DILWORTH HALL Mr Gene R. Wise, director of financial aid. center left. Dr. Edgar R. Thomas, dean of the graduate school, with Dr. James Koken. chemistry professor, bottom lett. Mr. Charles I. Kent, assistant to the vice president for academic affairs and director of academic advisement, with Dr. D. L. Biemsderfer, former president of MCS. lett.DUTCHER HALL Formerly the Rat Race and before that MSC's earliest gym, Dutcher Hall now houses the dramatics department on the top two floors and the counseling center on the first. Dr. Richard Slouch, third from right in photo top lelt. is associate dean for counseling services. Dr. Paul M. Talley, center. Miss Ellen Barber, assistant dean for residence life, and Miss Helen V. Conway. associate dean for educational development and off-campus life, at tho open house in Dutcher. Counselor Education Department: Dr. James C. Atty. Dr. H. Byron Showers (assistant chairman). Mrs. Joyce Smed-ley. Jackie Hostetter, counseling center secretary. bottom lelt, at the entrance that formerly gave access to the college store. Mrs. Dorothy Harris, counselor, in her office overlooking The Lake. Mr. Harold Harris, counselor, in his office. Outside walls were stripped to the bricks to add texture. Individual offices, though small, reflect the interests of their occupants.Mr. Robert G. Hostetter. director of audio-visual services, center left. Mr. Joseph F. Blake, educational media chairman. center. Mr. Keith E. Yoder ponders the problem of a student, senior Scott Nissley. center right. GANSER LIBRARY Mrs. Doris K. Hosier, head of the circulation department, top loft. Mr. Ray Hacker, reference librarian, top right. Mr. Donald A. Stollenwerk, director of campus development, bottom left. Mr. Robert E. Coley, archivist and rare books librarian, bottom center. Mr. William D. Leighty, assistant director of campus development. bottom right. 27 Educational Media Department: Mrs. Geraldine M. Benson. Mrs. Isabelle H. Binkley. Mr. Joseph Blake (chairman). Mrs. Jeanne A Feight. Miss Erma D. Keyes. Mrs. Mary E. Llewellyn. Mrs. Evelyn L. Lyons. Mr. Frank E. Rozman. Mrs. Minda M. Sanders. Miss Margaret R. Tassia, Dr. Kenneth I. Taylor. Miss Alice Wagner. Dr. Byron M. Wagner, Mr. Keith E. Yoder. Library Staff: Dr. Herbert B. Anstaett. Mr. Edward F. Bringhurst. Mrs. Dorothy Cavanaugh. Mr. Robert Coley. Mrs. Laura E. Doering. Mrs. Dorothy Duck. Mrs. Catherine Glass. Mr. Ray Hacker. Mrs. Doris K. Hosier. Mr. Robert G. Hostetter. Mrs. Barbara B. Hunsberger. Miss Irene Kravitz. Miss Sarojim D. Lotlikar. Mr. John Maine (director). Mr. Theodore Miller. Mr. Leo Shelley. Mr. Donald Tribit. Mrs. Nellie VonDorster.GERHART HALL A Special Education Department: Mrs. Arlene Bucher, Mr. Linus J. Czap, Mrs. Evelyn M. Duncan. Mrs. Ermaleen B. Etter, Dr. Reza H. Ghannad, Dr. W. Richard Kettering (chairman). Mrs. Marie Kiser. Dr. Barbara Kokenes. Mr. Douglas P. Lapierre, Miss Ruth R. Matz. Dr. Hassan H. Osman. Mr. Edward E. Ottinger. Mr. Winifred L. Tillery, Dr. Raymond S. Treon. Mr. Peter Wilhovsky.29 LYTE AUDITORIUM Mr. James Zwally, chairman of the music department, immediately below. J. Robert Welsh, clinician, conducting a music workshop, center left. Janine Frank-houser, music major, practicing. Dr. Richard C. Keller, chairman of the history department, addresses a faculty meeting. bottom left. Chamber group, bottom center. practices. Music Department: Dr. Glenn E. Barksdale. Mrs. Dorothy P. Beam. Mr. Walter W. Blackburn. Mr. John Colangelo, Dr. Paul G. Fisher. Mr. Luke K. Grubb. Mr. Ray W. Kauffman. Dr. Bertha N. Maraffie. Mr. Karl E. Moyer, Mr. Donald Reed. Mr. David F. Sears. Mrs. Evelyn S. Wild. Dr. Leona Frances Woskowiak. Mr. James E. Zwally (chairman). Mrs. Jean R. Zwally.McCOMSEY HALL Mr. Robert R Barnes, chairman of the economics department, top lolt. Mr. James A. Jolly of the history department. center right. Dr. Reynold S. Koppel. history department. bottom lolt. Mr. Samuel E. Casselberry. sociology-anthropology department. bottom center. Dr. Joseph E. Walker, history department, bottom right. Economics Department: Mr. Robert Barnes (chairman). Dr. Wmlhrop E. Everett. Dr. M. Khalil Hamid, Dr. Jong-Chol Hau (chairman). Dr. Secunderabad N. Leila, Dr. Ferdinand L. Molz. Mrs. Delois B. Nichols. Geography Department: Dr. Robert N. Ford (chairman). Dr. Joseph W. Glass. Dr. Gary R. Hovinen. Miss Esther M. Kilheffer. Mr. Arthur C. Lord. Dr. Glenn V. Stephenson. History Department: Mr. Ronald M. Benson. Dr. Linda L. Clark. Dr. Jack R. Fischel. Dr. Abram Foster. Mr. James A. Jolly. Dr. Richard C. Keller (chairman). Mr. William W. Kenawell, Dr. Reynold S. Koppel. Dr. Charles A Lord. Mr. G. Terry Madonna. Dr. John B. Osborne. Jr.. Mr. Thomas C. Tirado. Mr. Edward A. Tuleya. Dr. Joseph E. Walker. Mr. Lewis N. Walker. Jr.. Dr. George L. Young. Political Science Department: Dr. Ivan Brychta. Dr. James M. Garrett. Mr. Clarence E Goode. Dr. Manwoo Lee (chairman). Miss Marcia R. Scott. Mr. John E. Tannehill. Dr. Gerald L. Weinberger. Sociology Department: Dr. William R. Aho. Mr. William Boisko. Dr. Jerome R. Briggs. Dr. Samuel Casselberry. Dr. Charles A. Ekstrom. Dr. William Pearman (chairman). Mr. Robert A. Rotz. Dr. L. Arlene Sitter. Dr. George F. Stine. Dr. George J. Yelagotes.MIFFLIN HOUSE 31 Mr. Samuel Manson. left in top left photo, director of the program tor the Development of Academic Potential, and Mr. Ralph A. Gray, assistant director of financial aid. Mr. Gray supervises the v ork of Phyllis Bond, secretary, center left Mr. Alterman Jackson, assistant director of the DAP program, on the telephone, and Mr. Moses Jaia. assistant coordinator. center. Mifflin House (a new porch roof has been installed since the photo was made), on North Prince Street.MYERS HALL Formerly the lab school. Myers now houses the audio-visual department and closed circuit television on the top floor, and offices and classrooms on the first and basement floors. Dr. V. A. Champa, director of audio-visual services, top left. Dr. James White, secondary education department, center. Dr. Walter Kreider, secondary education department, center right. Dr. Kurt R. Fisher, chairman of the philosophy department, bottom left. Dr. Donald G. Gertenbach. secondary education department, bottom center. Mr. Raymond C. Mullin. director of safety education, secondary education department. bottom right. Secondary Education Department: Mr. Samuel Fonzi. Dr. Donald G. Gertenbach. Mr. Eugene G. Groff, Mr. James Hare. Mr. John L. Horst. Mrs. Fay E. Kramer. Dr. Walter Kreider. Jr., Mr. Raymond C. Mullin. Dr. Carl O. Schmidtke (chairman). Dr. Kenneth I. Taylor. Dr. James W. White. Mr. Richard S. Will. Philosophy Department: Dr. Kurt Rudolf Fischer (chairman). Mr. Howard P. Kenig. Mr. Leon Miller. Mrs. Mia Sarracino, Dr. John E. Winter. Speech-Drama Department: Mr. Warren E. Fairbanks. Mr. Robert H. Fogg. Mr. Scott Garman, Mr. Cameron Iseman (chairman), Mr. Charles Muench. Dr. Paul Talley. Mr. William Wright.33 Industrial Arts Department: Dr. Joseph J. Abromaitis, Mr. Robert H. Arntz. Mr. Richard Dieterle. Dr. George H. Ditlow (chairman), Mr. Curtis A. Donat. Dr. Richard F. Doutt. Mr. Hugo J. Fiora. Dr. Denis J. Foley. Jr.. Dr. George H. Francis. Mr. William H. Geiger. Jr.. Mr. George D. Hauber. Mr. Glenn Heckman. Mr. Ralph A. Hendershott. Mr. Gerald W. Herr. Mr. R. Dean Lemon. Mr. Ralph W. Miller. Mr. Austin G. Quick. Mr. Harold J. Royer. Mr. L. William Schotta. Mr. William H. Skelly. Mr. Dalton E. Smart. Jr.. Mr. J. Richard Steinmetz. Dr. Earl M. Weber, Dr. Philip D. Wynn. PUCILLO GYM Health and Physical Education Department: Mr. John F. Apple, Mr. Gerald M. Barger. Mr. J. Rodney Bimson, Dr. Gene Carpenter, Mr. Richard C. DeHart. Mr. Eugene Fritz. Mr. Arthur R. Hulme (chairman), Mr. William V. Kahler, Mr. Carl R. Kane. Mr. George Katchmer. Mr. William Lauris. Dr. Lawrence McDermott (director of athletics). Dr. Raymond J. Runkle, Mr. Jerry Swope. Mr. Lawrence Warshawsky. Mr. Albert J. Wooley.RODDY SCIENCE HALL Mr. Harold R. Weirich, biology department. right in photo below, with Dr. Reynold S. Koppel. history department. Dr. Joseph W. Grosh, Jr., physics department. right. Biology Department: Dr. Mahlon Z. Bierly, Dr. Antone K. Fontes (chairman), Mr. Samuel J. Ha. Dr. Alex Henderson. Dr. Albert C. Hoffman. Dr. Catherine Keever, Dr. Thomas R. Klei, Mr. Kenneth G. Miller. Dr. David S. Ostrovsky. Dr. James C. Parks. Dr. Sydney Radinovsky. Dr. Willis Ratzlaff. Mr. John L. Rorabaugh. Mrs. Cynthia A. Shelly. Mrs. Juliet Stephen, Dr. Guy L. Steucek, Mr. Harold R. Weirich. Dr. William Yurkiewicz. Chemistry Department: Dr. Donald R. Davis. Dr. James E. Koken. Dr. Shih-Fan Ting. Dr. Cecil Upton. Dr. Donald E. Wei-man (chairman), Dr. Gerald S. Weiss. Earth and Space Science Department: Mr. Frank R. Bellaire, Dr. Russell L. De-souza, Dr. William Jordan. Mr. Paul J. Mclnerney. Dr. Paul H. Nichols (chairman). Dr. B.L. Oostdam, Mr. Robert S. Ross. Dr. Charles K. Scharnberger. Physics Department: Mr. Daniel G. Engle. Dr. Joseph W. Grosh. Jr., Dr. C. Byron Kohr (chairman), Dr. Conrad Miziumski. Dr. Clifton W. Price. Dr. John A. VanHorn. STAYER RESEARCH AND LEARNING CENTER Elementary Education Department: Mrs. Jane Bachman. Dr. David G. Bird. Dr. Gerald Bosch (chairman). Mr. Michael Dianna. Dr. Thomas Farley. Mrs. Anna Kondor. Mr. Richard Meily. Mrs. Helen Metzler. Dr. William Mcllwaine. Mrs. Michaeline S. Nissley. Dr. Samuel Riegel. Mr Joseph Rousseau. Miss Beatrice Smith. Miss M. Joanne Snavely. Dr. Daisy Spangler. Mr. Joseph Torchia, Dr. J. Richard Zerby. STINE BUILDING 35 Stine houses Student Services. Inc., and the college credit union on the first floor, and the college store on the second. STUDENT MEMORIAL CENTER The student union's home, center left. Mrs. Ruth Watts and Mrs. Flossie Helt-sche of the dining room staff, take lunch in a quiet corner, center right. Miss Mary Anne Gibbons, director of the student union, bottom left. Mr Marvin R. Donner. assistant dean for student activities and director of orientation, bottom center. Mr. Robert Slabinski, building manager, bottom right.Wick, home of math and foreign languages. Dr. Theodore H. Rupp, chairman of the foreign language department, top lott. Dr. Lina A. Ruiz y Ruiz, center left. Dr. Fred E. Oppenheimor with Dr. Simone J. Vincens and student, center. Dr. Philip T. Heeson .assistant chairman. center right. Mr. Daniel Kogut, bottom left. Dr. Jaime Poroz-Upegui. bottom right. Mathematics Department: Mr. Marshall Anderson. Mr. Harry Canter. Dr. Charles Donlmger. Mr. Donald Eidam. Mr. Stephen R. France, Mr. Roy Garland. Dr. John F. Lavelle. Dr. Robert S. Matulis. Dr. Joseph A. Meier (chairman). Mr. Edmund Pribit-kin, Mr. Robert Shaak. Dr. James Stager. Mr. Clark E. Taylor, Mr. Charles L. Van-Gordon. Mr. Jay Weaver, Mr. Charles T. Wolf. Foreign Language Department: Dr Robert F. Ambacher, Mr. C. Richard Beam. Mr. Joseph E. DeCamp. Jr.. Mr Byron Dot-wiler, Dr. Philip T. Heesen. Dr. Olga Iglesias. Mrs. Beatrice M. Killough. Mr. Daniel E. Kogut. Mrs Jacqueline Long. Mr. Javier Marlinez-Palaci. Mr. R.C.L. Mitton. Dr. Fred E. Oppenheimor. Dr. Jaime Perez-Upegui. Dr. Lina Ruiz y Ruiz. Dr. Theodore H. Rupp (chairman). Dr. Irene P. Seadle. Dr. Hans G Skitter. Dr. Rodrigo Solera. Mr John Tully, Dr. Simone J. Vincens. Dr. Marian Walter. Mr. Philip Wooby.37 WITMER INFIRMARY Rooms on the second floor, apart from isolation rooms, contain two beds or four. Dr. F. Wendle McLaughlin, director of health services, center left. Nurses’ station on the second floor, bottom left. Secretary Pat Mumper in kitchen, bottom center.SfcNIORS The seniors of 1899 who published the first yearbook on this campus were unashamedly sentimental. Perhaps "openly sentimental" would be more exact, for although times change, people do not. Those early seniors admitted publicly. in permanent print, that friendships would end with graduation, that paths had only crossed, not converged, and so they voiced their regrets. Seniors seventy-five years later appear to be more sophisticated than that earlier generation, although at each of the three commencements that take place each year, there are always some few in a corner in Pucillo who weep at the realization of the finality of the moment.DIANE ABEL KAREN ACKERSON ROBERT A1 BIN CHRISTINE ALIEN NATHAN ALIEN JOY ALLISON SUSAN ANDERSEN GEORG MIA ANDERSON PAMELA ANDERSON ANISE ANDROKITES MARIA ANGELISANTI PAMELA ARNOID THOMAS ASPLIN CATHY AUDI TERRY BAKER ELOISE BA1IY DEBORAH AULI SUSAN BALOG PAUIA BACK SHARON BANKES GREGORY BACON JOSEPH BARBACANE LOUANN BAKER IAMES BARBERA41 RfBfCCA BARTON RICHARD BEERS RfBECCA BAUM MARGARET BEHRIE BARBARA BAVINGTON NANCY BEll MAN JOANNE 81 AR li ANN I NT BENOER PATRICIA BEARD Of BORAH BENIAMIN VICKI BEEGIE DEBRA BENNERLINDA BENNETT SALLY BENNETT 1ANII BfRGMANN ANIHONY 81 RICH BARBARA BERMEl LINDA BERRY IMOMAS BEST DIANE BOOTH TERESA BILLY GEORGE BORTREE CAROL BINKLEY All ETTA BOWERS JOANNE BIRKINSHAW LINDA BOWLING SALLY BISHOP RUTH BOYD RUTH BISSERT PAUL BOYER. SR43 JEFFRfY BRADLEY RAYMOND 8RADY REBECCA BREADEN JOYCE BRENDIE HENRY BRETHERJCK, JR CHARLES BREWER MICHAEL BRICKLEY DEBORAH 8RIGHTBIU BRUCE BRiniNGHAM JOYCE BROWN MARK BROWN NANCY BROWN DAVID BROWNELL REBECCA BRUCKART JOHN BRUCKHARI CHRISTINE BRUMBACH AGNESANN BUCHA EILEEN BUCHANANBEVERLY BURNS KEITH BUTLER FRANK BUTZER DENISE CAHILL ROSEANN CALDERON I PAUL CALLAN DAVID CALVERT LINDA CAMPBELL45 PAUL CAWLEY LINDA CENSI JOAN CLINTON KATHLEEN CLUCK NANCY COHN LEAH COLEMAN JANICE CONTRACT CATHY COOK FRANCES CORDONE SHARON CORTS JAMES COX MARSHA CRAIG JANIS CRONE RICHARD CROWLBARBARA CRUMLING AGNES CSISZAR VIRGINIA CUFF WILLIAM CURRAN SHIRLEY DANNER LOUISE CZERNIAK JAMES DARE CONSTANCE DANIEL JANICE DASCH GWEN DAVIS MIRIAM DECK DANIEL DECKARD RE8ECA DC HOFF THOMAS DICKERSHEID CAROL DEMMY THEODORE DICKERSON.JR DEBRA DENGLER ALAN DIEFFENBACH DENISE DCRKAC SHERRY DIENER ROBERT DEVLIN CHARLES DIAMANDARAS DANIEL DILORENZO MARTHA DILWORTH47 i SAMUEL DODSON. JR SHEILA DORFMAN DIANNE DOHERTY DIANE DOUGHERTY BETSY DOM8ACH JAMES DOUGHERTY JAMES DOMBACH RICHARD DREAD PATRICIA DONOHUE DONNA DRfNNEN WILLIAM DOPKO CAROL DRESCHERROBERT ORESCHER SUSAN DUOZINSKI PATRICIA DUFFY DEBORAH DUNCAN ELLEN DUNKLE DONA DWYER THOMAS ECKER ELIZABETH EDI EMAN ELIZABETH EHRHORN JEFFREY EMIG DENNIS ENGLE KATHLEEN EPLER SUSAN ERICKSON DIANE EVANS RICHARD FAHS II JOHN FARLEIGH JAMES FASCHING DFBORAH FEDELE49 KARYN FEENY VEY FEIMAN DENNY FIRESTONE DONNA FISHER JUDY FISHER PATRICIA FITZGERAl D I PAMELA FITZPATRICK PATRICIA FtURI RICHARD FLYNN SUSAN FORTE FRANCES FOSSEIMAN JOSEPH FOSTER ANNE FORD JUDITH FOSTER PHYLLIS FORD MARLYS FOSTER FREDERICK FORRV I AURA FRAZIERJESSICA GARDNFR KARFN GARMAN PATRICIA GLRBERICH CONNIE GESFORD ROBERT GI8B BEIHA GILBERT GLORIA GARNER MARY GARROTT DEBORAH GAUGLER MARY GEISE  51 CHERYl Git BERT HOLLIS Gill JANICE GIMBE RNAJ DEAN GINGRICH KATHY GINGRICH ROCHEllE GOLDSTEIN MARTHA GORMAN JOAN GRABER IINDAGRACE STEVEN GRAHEK ANN GREEN EllEN GREEN ANDREA GREENBERG ANNE GREENWALO tYNNGRETH ROONEY GRETH PATRICIA GRIFFITH MICHAEL GRIM SUSAN GRIMM PETER GROSS MARY GUIDOTTI NANCY GULDINJILL HAGADORN DEBORAH HAGEY STEVEN HAGEY DEBORAH HAHN DONNA HAMBURG JANE HAMILL JOAN HAMILL KAREN HARNER MARGARET HARPER KENNETH HARTMAN KATE HASSON CHERYL HASTINGS SUSAN HAWK MARJORIE HAYES GAIL HEILMAN SUZANNE HELLER TARYN HENCH PATRICIA HENKLE ROWENA HENNE KAREN HENRY ELAM HERR53 MARTHA HERSHEY LOIS HESS JOHN HEUSTON ROBERT HEVERUNG NANCY HILL JOAN HIMMELBERGER ELIZABETH HIRAK DEBRA HIRNEISEN LYNN HITZEL CATHY HIVNER MARILYN HODGE SUSAN HOELZLEDAVIO HOFFMAN RAY HOFFMAN. JR ROBERT HOFFMAN KATHLEEN HOHENAOEL ROBERT HOHL PATRICIA HOLLOWAY NANCY HOLMES SUSAN HOLTZMAN DONNA HOIZMAN MARJORIE HOOVER SANDRA HOPKINS CHRISTINE HORN KATHY HORNE RUTH HORSFIElD MONA HORST DEBORAH HOSTETTER GERALD HOTTINGER WENDY HOUSEL55 MARY HOWELL IAN ICE HOYER ARLA HUBER MARY HUBER MICHAEL HUDOCK ELIZABETH HUGHES JANET HUGHES OEBORAH HUMMEI SUSAN HURST JANET HUTTON DENISE IANNA CLAUDIA IRONS TERRY JARRETT JOHN JENSENIUS. JR DOUGLAS JOHNSON MARCIA HYATT SUSAN JOHNSTON RICHARD HUFF. JR.I GINGER JONES JAMES JONES LAWRENCE JONES ROBERT JONES ANNA JOVINELLY DIANE JULIANA JOSEPH JURETUS CYNTHIA KALER JILL KANORA ANSELMA KANUCHOK JUDITH KAUFFMAN REBECCA KELCHNER RICKY KELLER JAMES KELLY57 GUY KINGREE LINDA KIRKPATRICK SHARON KiriEt EDWIN KLIKUS PATRICIA KRALL JOHN KRAYNAK PATRICIA KNISPEl ELAINE KOCIBAN JUDY KOLB ELIZABETH KRAJCIK RONALD KREIDER CHRISTINE KYRMAS KRISTINE KREBS DOREnA KURTZ BETTY KREIDER ROBERT KURTZ. JR CAROL KRISCH KATHRYN LAKE CAROL KUEHNER MARILYN LAKE JEAN KUMMER BARBARA LAMBMICHELLE LANDIS PAMELA LANDIS ROBERTLANDOLFI DAVID LANGFORD JEFFREY IANTZY ROBERT LASKOWSKI JEAN LAUDEMAN JENNIFER IAUOERMIICH BARRY LEACH DAWN LEAKE RICHARD LECHNER MARY LEER DEBRA LEfEVER MICHAEL LEIBHART LORAINE LENKEVICH DONALD LENTZ CHERYL LESITSKY KATHLEEN LEWIS GEORGE LINGG LANA LIPPOlt PATRICIA LISI59 PAIRICIA LOWf DIANE LUBAS RICHARD LUCAS JOHN LUPP PHYLLIS IUSCH BARBARA LUTZOW JANET MACKAY RAYMONO MAGEE MICHAEL MAGIFRA ENNIS MANNS DE80RAH MARINELLO LARRY MARK JUDITH MARKS NANCY MARSHALL DELMAR MARTIN DOUGLAS MARTIN LYNNE MARTIN SARAH MARTIN VALERY MARTIN PAUL MARYCZ FRED MAST III NANCY MATZ DONAlO McANULTY SUSAN McAULEY michael McClure judymccorkle megan mccracken rita McDermott sheila McDowell madelyn mcgonigle61 I ROBERT MEANY VICKY MEARKLE DIANE MEDIO SCOTT MEllINGER MARY ANN MESSICS CAROLYN METZIER MICHELE MICHAEL ROSEMARIE MIGNONI JEAN MILLER JUDITH MILLER PAUl MILEY REGGIE MILLER ALICE MILLER RITA MILLER CRAIG MILLER DEBORAH MILLER SHAE MILLER SUSAN MILLERDONALD MILLS GEORGE MIMIDIS STEVEN MOBIEY ANTHONY MOODY OENISE MOORE JOSEPH MORELLO CHERYL MORMILE GARY MOSER VALE Rif MOWRER BARBARA MOYER LESLYE MOYER JOHN MULLEN. JR NANCY MULLIN DEBBY MUNYON JAM MURPHY JOYCE MURPHY PATRICIA MURRAY DAVID NELL63 I i I I DARYL ORR ROBE RIO ORTIZ Gl NORA ORR SUSAN PAGE DOROTHEA PARASINK GAYLE O'BRIEN EDWARD O'BYRNE BEVERLY OESCHGER MAUREEN O HARA WILLIAM NICKLES III VICTORIA NORTH DIANE OLSEN CHARIENE OPPENHElMER PATSY NELSON GEORGE OVERMEYER PAULA PARSONS MARILYN OWENS NANCY PAYTON IE ANNE OSBAUGH BERNAOETTE PARENTEPAUL PINTARCH DEBORAH PLACE KATHLEEN PlUT BONNIE PODSOBINSKI CYNTHIA POLIDOR SUZANNE POIITO ROBERT RAKOW EDWARD POTTS EDDIE POWELL DONALD PRICE. JR SUSAN PRIZER SUE RAPHUN GERARD RAUCH JOHN RAY KEN REED WURA REED SANDRA REED65 ■ i JACQUELINE REINHART HERBERT RICHTER SUSAN REPLOGIE JILL RIETMULDER ANN MARIE RESSLER LESLIE RESSLER JOAN RHINE SUSAN RICE COOLIDGE RINGER. JR. RICHARO RISKIE GEORGE RITTER VICKI RITTERIINDA ROSE LINDA ROSS KlIIH RUNION LINOA KUIHR CYNOI KOTHSIEIN ! MU MAS RUITER IMOMAS KOUIAND JOHN RUUICK IARRY RYAN ALLAN SABOI. DEBORAH RUDY DIANt SAMULLIAN67 IAURA SAMUCLIAN PATRICK SANKRS GLORIA SAN 01 r VON Nl SANG MY GINNY SA1IA AHN IVtlYN SAUDtR III INLY SAYLOR lOISSflFRILO AIVIN SCMNUPP DARLENE STKII LICK JANI SCHROCOCR THOMAS SELLINCER WIIIIAM SCMUI1 IANI I Sf I WITZ NATHAN SCHWAIM, IR CANDICE SC NCR MARSHA SCOTT MARY Iff SCNSfNIG iSUSAN SMAAK MARY SHAOLE NAN SHARP UNOA SHATZER OANIFl SHELUNGTON DIANE SHELLY TERRY SHENCK ANN SHERIDAN ClAUDIA SHINN LARRY SHIPPER PAUL SHREINER LINDA SHREVE PAMELA SHRIVER KENNETH SHUBICK 69 CATHY SlOf S BARBARA SIMMONS JOANN SIMMONS MELISSA SINGER MARTHA SI ATE R DfBBY SIONAKEH CARL SMARTSCHAN CHARLENE SMITH DONNA SMITH DOUGLAS SMITH JANET SMITH MARILYN SMITH DEBORAH SNYDER JANEY SNYDER MARY SMITH SUSAN SMITH RITA SNYDER Wll 11 AM SNYDER WINIFRED SMITH IILL SNOWDON NANCY SPAIHEU MAREfNASPAYODE8RA SPfASf RICHARO SPCER if AN SPIfSS CAROL SPINEUI JANE STANS8UFTY SUSAN STEfANOSKI SAMUEL STAUFFER SUSAN STEELE TIMOTHY STEELEY NANCY STAUFFER MARK STEBfR PAULETTE STEFFA NOREfN STEHMAN IOAN STEINHARDT TERRY STICKCl BARRY STOCK SUSAN STONE MARK STRIPf ROSE STROSSER KAIHRYN STROUD DEBORAH STUDfR MARI ROSE SULLIVAN SUSAN SUMMERS71 GORDON TAYLOR CHERIE THOMAS KAREN TERRY VICTORIA THOMAS DAVID TEXTER JOHN THOMPSON CATHY SWAN ■ YVONNE SWARTZ SHARON SWEGER SUSAN TISKA ROONEY UPSHER PAUL TITTER. JR LORRAINE TOLVAISA NANCY URBAN THOMAS VANKIRK BARBARA IRAUB MARY VANNESS PAMELA IRAUTMAN LEONA VANNOZZI BRENDA (ROUT GERALD VATHGEORGEANN VUCHINICH CRAIG WAGAMAN BRENDA WAGNER 8RENDA WALKER JILL WAGNER ALBERTA WALBURN SCOn WAGNER CAROL WALBERT DIANNE WALKER PATRICIA WEAVER KATHY WALLEISA CORALENE WE IDLE JOHN WALTERS NANCY WEIGEL MICHAEL WALTERS MICHAEL WEIK JUDY WAM BOLD GLENN WEILER DAVID WEAVER MARY WEISS 73 i BURT WEROT RICHARD WEST VICKI WESTAFER HARRIET WHITCOMB DAVID WHITE STEPHEN WIER GARY WILHELM BRIAN WILKES THOMAS WISNIESKI OENNIS WISNIEWSKI THOMAS WOLF DENNIS WOOD KATHERINE WOOL ELEANOR WOOLER MARTHA WRIGHT CARL WYTOVICH EILEEN YAKOWENKO PATRICIA YARNOT NANCY YEAGER GLENDA YINGLING WENOY YOHN SUSAN YOUNG BEVERLY ZBIEK LARRY ZEAMER CAROL ZELEM THEODORE ZELLERS MARILYN ZIEGLER NANCY ZIMMERMAN LARRY ZINN CHRISTINE ZINZEl▲75 CitbbKS Nothing so frivolous as fraternities and sororities existed at "the Normal. ' Today they form a vital part of a student's college life. Not only do they offer brotherhood and social activity, they also serve the college community and the broader community. Some offer tutoring services, others raise money for charities, others donate time, as students work in their area of concentration. Still, social activity too helps a student to grow, in a different but perhaps equally important way. For when a student graduates, he is expected to assume the position and responsibilities of a professional person in his community. Therefore. in "the whole person" concept. fraternities play an important role.ABA ALPHA BETA ALPHA Margaret Alessi, Lynn Archibald. Debbie Baas. Anita Bolton. Ray Brady. Bev Brown, Janet Colquhoun (pledgemaster), Annmarie Cowley. Cathy Davis. Laura Ducker (vice president), Beverly Evans. Sandy Feller. Beth Forsythe. Bette George, Marty Gorman (parliamentarian). Peggy Harper. Mona Horst. Deb Hostetter. Karen Hotchkiss (president). Linda Keyes. Linda Kline. Kathy Kotts. Anne Maull, Barb Miller. Carol Miller. Marcia Miller, Alice Noone. Carol Phillips. Jackie Rinehart. Carolyn Roberts. Keith Runton, Yvonne Schwartz. Mary Lee Sensenig. Ken Shubick. Rick Speer. Ruth Sprowls. Anne Timms (recording secretary). Janet Tischbein (corresponding secretary). Theresa Tuscano. Marilyn Ziegler. Mrs. Mary Llewellyn (adviser). Mrs. Minda Sanders (adviser). A (DO ALPHA PHI OMEGA Front Row: Len Anthony. Bill Jandrasitz. Tom Maurer. Back Row: Phill Matthews (treasurer). John Shober, Alan Livingston. Charles Stuart. Jim Fasching (pledge-master). Jack Rozanski. Dick Filer (president). Greg Bason (vice president). Jai R. McCoy, Kevin Krotulski. Dave Keeler. Larry Everett. Greg Frazier.79 oin PHI SIGMA PI Front Row: Bill Bortree, Larry Mark (president). Ken Stehman. John Jensenius (vice president). Rick Topper. Robert Barr. Len Allen (secretary). Back row: Mr. Joseph Torchia (adviser). Tony Dit-low. Steve Williams. Timothy Fichtner. Bruce Hoover. Robert Drescher (parliamentarian). Craig Jarrett, Andrew Loer-cher (historian). George Lingg (treasurer). Rick Flynn. Craig Thompson. Mrs. Leah G. Fudem (adviser). Vicky Mearkle (secretary). Larry Everett (president). Kathy Wool. Steve Berlin. Jane Huber, treasurer, absent. nAE PI DELTA EPSILON PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Front Row: Julie O’Dell. Linda Shatzer. Judy Stefl. Second Row: Pat Terry, Eileen Bandurski (recording secretary). Marlene Frank (vice president). Debbie Marinello (president). Denise Moore (treasurer), Sylvia Guerra Back Row: Debbie Sea-wright. Ellen Barber (adviser). Marge Hoover. Cathy Naugle. Nancy Spathelf. Florl Ceperich. Debby Laub. Pam Shuman. Nancy Mullin.81 ACDH DELTA PHI ETA Sharon Bankes. Nancy Bellman. Deb Bielek. Jan Clark. Susan Hawks. Mona Horst. Deb Hostetter. Joanne Jennings, (president). Doretta Kurtz. Lana Lippoli, Valery Martin. Meg McCracken, Dawn Neiswender. Diane Olsen. Dorothy Para-sink. Donna Pelosi. Barbara Ritzheimer. Barbara Rohrbach, Ginny Sattazahn. Janet Selwitz. Barbara Simmons (recording secretary). Monica Spadoni. Nancy Stauffer. Rose Strosser. Eileen Yako-wonko. Marilyn Ziegler. riA GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA Debby Deluca (president), Janet Hoffman. Wanda Dietz. Linda Radel (recording secretary). Gail O'Brien. Linda Fritz. Lois Torok (corresponding secretary), Gail Puza. Rose Furino (vice president and pledgemaster). Cindy Kern (treasurer), Barbie Lutzow. Barb Simmons. Missing: Phyllis Bennett, Carol Dieffenbach, Shelly Gordon (historian). Elaine Kociban, LuAnn Siogrist. Melinda Staub, Janice Zerby.KAT KAPPA ALPHA TAU Front Row: Lisa Bertey (historian). Eileen Bandurski (Pan Hellenic representative). Linda Koontz (chaplain). Second Row: Emily Groff. Patti Blue (treasurer), Nancy Jackie (pledge-master). Pat Donahue (president). Vickie Kent (vice president). Diane Query (corresponding secretary). Kathy Evans. Back Row: Sandy Chalfant. Suzanne Krokenberger, Jerry Heisel. Sandy Knorr. Cindy Haines (parliamentarian) Nancy Spathel (Pan Hellenic representative). Debbie Vordren. Carol Hawman, Suzy Paes. Gale Pierce.83 Front Row: Ginny Lambert (historian). Nancy Guldin. Helene Burkhard. Sue Forte. Nancy Matz. Denise Moore (Pan Hellenic representative), Mary Hopple. Cindy Johnson, Terry Shenk. Deb Rau-denbush. Second Row: Beth Showalter, Betty Hunsberger (recording secretary). Julie O'Dell (Pan Hellenic representative). Nancy Cipoletti. Mary Ellen Beidler, Linda Shollenberg. Debbie Hirneisen. Gerri Higgins (treasurer), Marianne D'lmperio. Gail Crissy (pledge-master). Third Row: Lana Lippoli. Lorraine Bratton (president). Pat Savage. Laurie Butts. Deb Rogowski (vice president). Sue Stone, Maureen O'Hara. Beth Ellen Faust. Kay Baxter (corresponding secretary). Jan Dasch. Harri Whitcomb. Sandy Marks. Back Row: Kathy Davison. Laura Gentilesco. Anne Visnefski. Kay Ann Rizzuto. Jill Hagadorn. Barb Crumbling. Nina Shugart. Anselma Kanuchok. KAO KAPPA DELTA PHI Pat Savage. Helene Ratner. Brent lies. top left: Mary Hopple. Terry Shenk. Beth Showalter. Shao Miller. Nina Shugart, below.KCDE KAPPA PHI EPSILON Front Row: Debbie Seawright, Sue Hickernell. Pa! Henkle. Kathy Cribari. Emilie Cope. Second Row: Linda Grace. Sue Hoetzle. Joyce Murphy. Jeanne Os-baugh. Pam Sees. Mary Weiss. Mary Joan luliano. Dot Lauer. Mindy Weaver. Becky Fall Pledges—Front Row: Sue Long, Kathy Corry. Cheryl Richards. Gail Bucher. Back Row: Bev Bessler. Terry Haupt. Jacque Schurr. Breaden. Back Row: Kathy Schlegel-milch. Sue Houpt. Sue Johnston. Brenda Sattazahn. Sheila McDowell. Joanne Matthias, Donna Watts. Nancy Oberholt-zer. Diane Medio. Cathy Naugle. d a US , Cheryl Richards. Cathy Cory, top right.85 OOI OMEGA THETA SIGMA eft EAtcep GOODIES OMfiaV THCT SI6 W C(W COOKES Debbie Fedele, Eileen Kilkenny and Pat Adams sell baked goods at Herr's Village Market. Front Row: Florrie Ceperich. Pat Adams. Rosie Kiehl. Mary Ann Messics. Brenda Wagner. Back Row: Lyn Katz. Eileen Kilkenny, Sally Bishop. Debbie Fedele, Jan Aschleman. Becky Bruehart. Fall Pledges—Cathy Coulson. Connie Daniel, Marie Balado. (DAI PHI LAMBDA SIGMA Becky Dehoff, Barb Lausch. Jane Schroeder. Judy McCorkle. Bev Oesch-ger, Top Right. Front Row: Becky Dehoff (Secreatry). Delores Powell (service chairman). Jane Schroeder (social chairman). Sue Jones (historian). Second Row: Linda Paist (president). Nancy Seitz (vice-president), below lett. Delores Powell. Nancy Herr. Kathy Harp, Mary Smiley, Angie Di'Ostilio. center right. Andrey Burie (adviser). Dorette Kurtz. Jane Schroeder, above. Front Row: Barb Balas. Bev Oeschger. Second Row: Eileen Buchanan. Sandy Gettle. Doretta Kurtz. Linda Paist, Beck DeHoff. Jane Schroeder. Pat Gerberich Back Row: Judy McCorkle. Nancy Seitz. Linda Shat-zer. Delores Powell, Sue Jones. Cheryl Gilbert, right.I 87 PACD RHO LAMBDA PHI Front Row: Rose Mary Rossi (corresponding secretary), Anne Marie Cowley. Second Row: Linda Shatzer (Pan Hellenic representative). Linda Mo-berg. Margaret Alessi. Carol Hart. Susan Sweigard (treasurer). Back Row: Anne Maull (recording secretary). Kate Hasson (vice president). Diane Lubas (president), Jan An-tonelli (pledgemaster). Beth Pyle. Judy Stefle (Pan Hellenic representative).r I (DA SIGMA PHI DELTA First Row: Denise Mockus (vice president). Vicki North (pledgemaster). Kathy Lewis (pledgemaster). Sue Ferguson (parliamentarian). Second Row: JoAnn Pryor (corresponding secretary). Claudia Shinn (president), Carol Binker (recording secretary), Melissa Secott (treasurer), Tanya Thomas (historian). Front Row: Ann Sheridan, Debbio Mari-nello. Linda Campbell. Marlys Foster. Marilyn Owens. Patti Burke. Melissa Wright. Second Row: Karen Sobola, Spring Pledges—Front Row: Barb Martin, Dana King. Robin Beideman, Kathie Gluckow. Back Row: Nancy Herr, Sharie Diane Ruth, Karen DiPrima, Nancy Mul-lin, Diane Abel. Vicki Ritter. Back Row: Marge Hoover. Joan Brcgman, Chris Allen. Sue Jennings. Williams. Debbie Lorson, Patti Bartholomew. Terry Bowers. Gretchon Keeney, Carole Posluszny. Sue Schaeffer. Fall Pledges—Front Row: Karen Rowe. Linnea Jacobson, Debbie Aichele, B.A. Tonelll. Back Row: Judy Brewer, Diana Ornik, Pat Young, Cindy Arasin. Judy Hofferth.89 I (DO SIGMA PHI OMEGA Top Row: Barb Mikloiche. Lorraine Son, Patti Poifter, Phyllis Lusch. Second Row: Leigh Arizlni. Deb Benner, Judy Foster. Micky Glick. Back Row: Vicki Wiggins. Joni Gregor. Mary Leer. Norma Handcock, Jill Benfer. Susie Pittengor, center lelt. Below—Front Row: Beth Hodder, Vicki Kaylor. Sue Hooper. Linda Fritz. Second Row: Janet Chamberlain. Diane Fields. Kathy Hogarth. Cathy Audi. Back Row: Peg Gunter, Sandy Greenacre. Linda Dillman. Marlene Frank. Bottom—Joni Gregor. Butch Godshall. Kathy Hogarth. Beth Hodder .Phyllis Lusch, Liz Hirak.A zr D ZETA GAMMA PHI Front Row: Glenda Yingling. Janie Smith (parliamentarian). Debby Laub. (Pan Hellenic representative). Mary Kay Steck (corresponding secretary), Kathy Watson (vice president). Back Row: Marty Gorman (treasurer). Kathy Hess. Pam Shuman (Pan Hellenic Representative). Linda Keech (historian). Debby Slonaker (president). Barbara Snyder. Lynn Greth. Linda Keyes (recording secretary). Diana Crawley. Cathy Eccles.91 Front Row: Clark Tomlinson (secretary). Lee Simmons (president). John Walters (vice president), Jim Donato (treasurer). Second Row: Jack Cary. Rich Lucas (pledgemaster). Third Row: Mike Steele. Butch Keiper, Brian Guthrie. Bob Caton, J. Dylan Lynn. Jack Gingrich. Back Row: Dennis Dougherty. Barry Stock. Dwight Rinehart. Fall Pledges—Front Row: Pete Wilson. Bob McGowen. Jesse Landes Back Row: Phil Charles. Mike Carbonelle. Gary Riecherdt. AIX ALPHA SIGMA CHI xn CHI GAMMA IOTAFront Row: Karl Sternberg. Dave Dorn (historian). Jim Miller. Jeff Bradley (president). Ken Purks. Burnie Nolt. Walt Haeberle (vice president). Back Row: Mike Fanus. Joe Devlin. Nick Patton. Del Hauck. Kevin Hughes. Cy Anderson. Gary Stockslager. Dan Paul. Bruce Britting-ham. rn GAMMA PI93 MAK MU ALPHA KAPPA Front Row: Rich Fidler, Chris Freese, Bob Landolfi (pledgemaster), Rob Walker. Tink Shuler. Dave Zimmerman. Rich Riskie (parliamentarian), John Hoffman. Back Row: Marty Barger. Jim Duffy, Rick McCann. Rick Spangenberg. Rick Fahs (president). Joe Foster (treasurer), Bob Rakow (vice president). Tom Wisnieski (secretary). Roger Sheaffer, John Peiffer. Fall Pledge—Scott Mackie. OMICRON GAMMA OMEGA Above—Carl Koppenhauer. John Lagola. Mark Herb. Jim Kelly. Tom Best. Jerry Strayer Lett—Mike Sauder. Bart Torre. John Lagola. Below—John Lagola. Ken Raspen. Carl Koppenhauer. Bill Johnson. Second Row: Richard Losiewicz. Glen Mensch. Bob Van Horn. Bob Gallo. Layne Drexel (president). Reggie Miller. Terry Werner. Paul Marycz (vice president). Back Row: Rick Fischer. Roddy Rodriquez. Rick Druckenmiller. Jerry Larish (pledgemaster). Vince Sakovich. Bill Stone (historian). Jim Kelly (treasurer). Mike Squires. Todd Harvey. Jim Rosetter. Mark Herb.95 Bob Barr (president). Bill Bell, (parliamentarian). Joe Carbine (treasurer). Bill Cu-nan. Allen Dieffenbach (corresponding secretary). Terry Gossner (social chairman). Terry Jarrett. Ray Kunkel (vice president). Jeff Lantzy, Fred Mast (re- cording secretary). Ernie Smartschan (sergeant at arms). Dave Snavely. Ed Stone (IFC representative). Larry Thompson. Mike Walters. Fall Pledge Class of Sigma Epsilon Beta. IEB SIGMA EPSILON BETA ITT SIGMA TAU GAMMA Above Front Row: Jay Miffoluf. Mike Sterner. Craig Althoiise. Tom Salinger. Dave Spayd. Marty Brandt. Doug Hanley. Paul Boyer. Dave Brownell. Mike Weik. Second Row: Bob Wunder. Paul Schleyer. Randy Miller. Bob Shue. Gary Bredben- ner. Back Row: Dale Shuey. Frank Mela. Greg Marsh. Brent lies. Charles Miller. Rick Nickels. Steve Miller. Dan Sidelnick. Jay Miffoluf. right. Below: Marty Brandt. Dave Spayd. Doug Hanley. Paul Schleyer.WICKERS Above—Bart Torro, Bob Bergner, Ken Raspen. Loft—Fall pledge—Bob Kauff-mon Below Front Row Bob Kurtz. Joe Warlow Second Row: Mike Fuller, Tom Ruffin, Jerry Achenbach, Rick Huston. Larry Soscia. Bob Kauffman. Third Row: Craig Landis (treasurer). John Walt. Jack Farleigh. Scott Tyler, Cliff Prescott (president). Eddie Shannon. Fourth Row: Rick Brace. Jamie Roak, Mike White (recording secretary). Mike Grimm. Back Row: Bill Schaefer (vico president). Craig Smith. Bob Redcay, Charles Humphreys.97CLIJ3S This is an area known to Millers-ville students from the beginning ol the college’s existence. Of course, today it has expanded to meet the needs and tastes of many more students. Seventy-five years ago there were musical groups, as there are now, and scientific and literary groups and sports groups. The pages that follow offer a sampling of those available today; special interest groups for the most part, they offer something for everyone. It is right to lead off the section with the Student Senate and then the media groups, for in a sense they represent the whole student body, reflecting the thinking of the college at large.STUDENT SENATE Richard Flynn (president), Denny Duncan (vice president), Terry Oakes (treasurer), Joyce Murphy, Pat Adams. Robert Arnett, Greg Bacon, Bill Bell. Butler Buchanan, Vanessa Byrd, Diane Dillon, Richard Dread, Robert Drescher. Sandra Ford. Peggi Griffith. Stephen Johnson. Terry Jones. Anna Jovinelly. Scott Mackie. Keith O’Malley. Ennis Manns, Suzy Paes. Bob Smith. Joe Smith. Paulette Steffa, Rodney Upsher. John Walters, Denise Williams. Roddy Rodriguez, Richard Dread. Deb Marinello. Laura Frazier. Roberto Ortiz. Judy McCorkle. Diane Evans. Bob Crutcher. Dave Hellegers. Mary Barger. Karen Beling, Denise Mokus. Sue Grimm, Rich Burke. Nancy Mullins. Joe Foster, Sue Ferguson. Mr. David Chamberlin. Rosemary McGinley. foreground top; Denise Montefusco. Deborah Russo. Denny Duncan. Cheryl Polczynski. Bruce Eshleman. Terry Oakes. 1974-75 Student Senate president, opposite page top left. COLLEGE UNION BOARD101SNAPPER Katie Lee. (op loft, on deadline day. Lato on a Monday night, lop cantor, editor-in-chief Beth Fullor completes her editorial whilo Dave Potry lays out a nows page Center right. Beth takes a call: Elsie Shenk. copyreader. covers her typewriter at the end of the day. Bottom loft. Beth talks to Tom Fitzpatrick (back to camera); between them Dave and. in the far background, sports editor Jim Donato. Both and Dave, news co-editor with Suo Kiley. bottom conter. Jane Huber, campus life editor, bottom right. DARK ROOM KEEP DOOR CLOSED! IF IT IS LEFT OPEN ALL THE DARK LEAKS OUT.Signs of the times line the Snapper office walls, top. Dave and Both discuss a news item, center lelt. Alexis Swyderski. copyreader, center right Beth at the end of a rough year, first woman in the chair in five years and the first woman at MSC to handle the big job alone, with no coeditor to share the responsibilities.TOUCHSTONE Co-Editors: Vicky Mearkle. Linda Paist. Business Manager: David Hogg. Activities: Radeen Mann, Joanne Smith, Sandra Stabinski, Kathy Wool. Campus Life: Laraine Bednar. Sarah Anne Gilbert. Sandy Hertz. Jennie Ruhl. Faculty: Debbie Bedell. Kathy Hoffman. Organizations: Donna Forsyth. Marina Fries. Terri Gola-zeski. Linda Jackson. Laura Lee Macht. Marleen Matraxia. Denise Mattern. Sports Rosemary McGinlev. Denise Montefrisco. Layout: Larry Shipper, Lars B. Staaby, Jr. Typing: Marina Fries. Julie O’Dell. Fay Stoner. Photography: William Bower. Bowers Studio. Dean D. Deaner Studio. Fred Henry. Robert Kopf. Merin Studios. Steve Nolle. Stephen Peltz. Fay Stoner. Pat Sweeney. Mark Usciak. Tom Usciak. Roger Weggel. Adviser: Mrs. Leah Fudem.105 Opposite page—Alexis Swyderski of the Snapper staff, top left photo, with Linda Paist in the Touchstone office. At the honors and awards banquet. Linda unwraps the silver bowl she received for her work on the Diamond Edition, top right. Vicky Mearkle studies a possible layout, center left. David Hogg attends a Student Senate meeting to appeal the allocation, right. Mrs. Leah Fudem, ad- viser. bottom left, checks a layout. This page—Steve Nolte, top left, is startled when the flash goes off in the darkroom. Tom Usciak. top right, adjusts the enlarger. Mark Usciak. left, removes a print from the dryer. Vicky and Linda have a serious discussion with John C. Ursprung. publisher of Touchstone, bottom. Behind them on the shelves are Touchstones dating to 1922.WMSR Bernard T. Williams and T. J. Fench, top. Jack Cary, center right. Charlie Ricci. Dave Wanner. Tim Steeley, Don Mur-taugh, Tina Koch. Bev Kline, center telt. Jerry Beck and Roberto Jenkins in the well-stocked record library. Tim Steeley. bottom right. Others on the statf are Jerry Beck. Dutch Eisenhart. Larry Everett. Rose Furino. Terry Kile. Suzanne Krokenberger. Bill Saunders. Marlene Stinson. Phil Ressler, station manager. This was an eventful year for the campus radio station. The new quarters in the SMC were finally ready, and the station moved in with little disruption of activity. Late in the year nearly $1,000 worth of equipment disappeared, to be returned almost immediately.ROD AND GUN CLUB 107 Front Row: John Thompson, Roger Weg-gel. Back Row: Dan Bowman (president), Jack Rudick. INDUSTRIAL ARTS SOCIETY Fred Forry (president), John Thompson (vice president). Terry Snyder (treasurer), John Helldorfee (secretary). One of the many programs sponsored by the Industrial Arts Society was Mr. Robert Bock from Tandy Leather Company, speaking on leather in the elementary, junior, and senior high schools.CAMPUS GOLD Front Row: Doe Law. Kim Dempsey. Joanne Harwood. Middle Row: Joan Herr. Chris Schwarzo. Miss Phyllis Goodman (adviser). Back Row Kathy Wool. WEIGHTLIFTERS109 COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN ' Front Row Ed Slcklos (program chairman). Lynette Sycher (vice president). Miss Ruth Matz (adviser). Dob Raudon-bush (PILS director). Debi Crawford (president). Back row: Dennis Trupe (treasurer). Andrea Kissh (recording secretary). Linda Kulp (publicity). Missing: Sue Jennings (publicity) and Melinda Staub (membership chairman).ENGLISH CLUB rmc r h omi Rabbi Samson A. Shain. spiritual leader of Temple Shaarai Shomayim. addresses the English Club on the Bible as literature in Ganser Auditorium. Looking on is Mr. Sumner Germain, assistant chairman of the English Department, who introduced the rabbi. At a subsequent meeting. Mrs. Margaret Woodbridge of the English faculty discussed the role of women in literature, and at another, two faculty poets. Mr. Samuel Manson and Mr. Robert Ambacher. read from their original works. Dr. Joseph E. Rhen. chairman of the English Department, offers a piece of cake to Mr. Danny Ducker at a party on Dr. Rhen's last day on the faculty. Others pictured, all of the department, are Miss Grace Wenger. Mrs. Margaret Butler, Mr. Germain and, extreme right. Kirby Mart-zall. graduate assistant. The party was held in Dr. Rhen’s office. . ‘ Ill I! SOCIOLOGY-SOCIAL WORK CLUB Dr. William Aho, Dr. Jerome Briggs and Shan West (president); Sue Daniels' head in foreground, top. Among members intent upon the speaker are Doretta Kurtz. Sue Daniels. Ann Green. Winifred Smith and Cassandra Graves, near top. Dr. Arlene Sitter, social work professor. Diane Moultrie at her left. Ron Timinski at extreme right, near bottom. Dr. Briggs and Shan, top right. Ron. Barbara Balthasar. Joanne Birkinshaw and Anne Greenwald. bottom lelt. Dr. George Yelagotes, left background; Dr. Charles Thrall, the speaker, and Dave Brant, bottom right.113 RODDY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY Front Row: Pete Miller. Nancy Jane Zimmerman. Mary Jane Coonley. John Dan-ovich and Dave Halcombe. Middle Row: Randy Herst. Beth Massimo, Barb Bier-lein. Sid Hostetter, Kathy Weakley. Back Row: Keith Jones. Andy Havens. Bob Gill. Barry Walton, Claire Craney. Bonnie Smith. Sue Drummond, Steve Shields, and Bart Torre.MUSIC GROUPS Music groups have always played a large part in the cultural life of MSC. Even in 1899 students took part in voice and instrumental groups, "according to the first yearbook published here. Today we have the college-community orchestra, a symphonic band, the jazz ensemble, fop right: string ensemble; the college choir; a women's choir; the Madrigal Singers, an a cappella group of about twenty mixed voices, all in addition to the marching band. The chamber ensemble rehearses regularly. Here, center left, are Debbie Duck. Heidi Hackman. Kathy Beck. Darla Bair. Melissa Secott. Christina Gemmel and Nancy Gross, the seven women who comprise the unit. The instruments are first and second violins, viola, cello and bass. Directly above, the Madrigal Singers in concert. The mixed chorus of approximately ninety voices presents concerts yearly just before Christmas vacation and late in the spring. It is conducted by Mr. Walter Blackburn. Of the other vocal groups. Mr. Luke Grubb conducts the Madrigal Singers, and Mr. David Sears the women's chorus. Dr. Paul Fisher conducts the symphonic band. Mr. Ray Kauffman the college-community orchestra. Mr. John Colangelo the jazz ensemble, and Mrs. Jean Zwally the string ensemble.115 The beautiful new uniforms of the Black and Gold Band are black and gold. Black trousers are topped with black coats trimmed in gold bands setting off the word Millersville at the wrist, the whole worn with a flashy gold top with gold epaulettes, top left. Or. Paul Fisher, top center, leads the band. His uniform matches the students' except for the visored cap. black with gold trim. Flag bearers step high in perfect formation. top right. Slide trombonists, center left, show the colorful hats that top the new uniforms. The drum major struts down George Street in the Homecoming parade, center right, followed by the full band, bottom right. That’s a see-through bass drum, bottom left.NEWMAN CLUB Front Roy Phil DeMara (vice president), Al Eilbacher (recorder-historian). Bob Rosendale (treasurer). Back Row: Angie DuOptilio. Terry Savastano (secretary). Mary Kozak (recorder-historian), Sue Davlin. Beth Hebda (president). Bob DuBois. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Janet Selwitz. Michael Ware, Joy Williamson. Martha Wright. NAVIGATORS Front Row: Joan Knauer. Lynette Sychor. Eleanor Wooler. Barb Milller. Karen Stiles. Back Row: Barbara Simmons. Franklin Groves, Vito DeMaio, Dave Gingrich. Bruce Myers. Jonas Rioter. Craig Seldle. Larry Fleming. Nancy Broughton. 117 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION REPRESENTATIVE Genora Orr. Under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, each of the fourteen state colleges set up an Affirmative Action Council. It includes one student and one faculty member (at MSC the faculty member is Dr. Edgar Thomas, dean of the graduate school). The Council is expected to combat discrimination in any form, racial, sexual, religious or other. Complaints are filed through the Council to tho PHRC. JEWISH STUDENT ASSOCIATION Pam Baer. Sue Rice. Beth Hebda. Sue Frank. Nina Seckel. Ed Gibbs. Ann Greenwald and Carol Gould dance the hora at the end of the Chanukah party in Landes Hall. The JSA sponsored a campus-wide latke supper in observance of the festival. The menu, prepared by members, included potato latkes. apple sauce, sour cream, salad, cake and punch. CULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Front Row: Craig Cleland. Barbara Virelll. Mr. David Chamberlin. Second Row: Felicia Burton. Bonnie Rankin. Jill Ben-fer, Beth Hebda. Peg Skelly. Karen Bonner. Back Row: Dr. Reynold Koppel. Mr. Marvin Donner (chairman). Robert Riehl. Dr. Paul Talley, Keith Nevel. Dr. Jack Fischel.ENTOMOLOGY CLUB TRACK CLUB Sandra Gettle. Dale Hess, Tom Wolf (vice president). Dr. Albert Hoffman (adviser). Keith Butler (president). Agnes Scanlin (secretary). Pat Holloway. Missing: John 8oland (historian). Tim DeRosa. Jeanne Reinert. Candie Sener (treasurer). Front Row: Joe Meier. Terry Leaness. John Lagola (parliamentarian). Mark Gallagher. Charlie Trayer. Brian Worrell. Back Row: Bill Strain. Ed Ricks. Frank Shorter. Scott Wagner. Tom Ecker (president). Cornelius Rushov, Jim Stone-back. Ken Mertz. Chuck Cook. Tom Ickes. Joe McCool.119 Front Row: Mr. John Tannehill (adviser). Bob Arnett (presdeint). Peggy Skelly (secretary). Second Row: John Bieber. Dutch Eisenhart. Linda Smith. John Mack. Judd Hall. Scott Bidding, Murray Kapin, Karen Bonner. Back Row: Jim Roach. Janet Sullivan. Front Row: Diane Dillon. Sheila Hogan (president). Nancy Fuller. Dean Ellen Barber (adviser). Jane Krais. Renee Ribecky. Back Row: Sallie Rihn. Cheryl Muller (treasurer). Joni Weiss (secretary). Terri Golazeski. Becky Schreiber, Mary Beth Bowers. Debbie Scott. Wanda Dietz, Pat Brogan. Genora Orr (vice president). POLITICAL SCIENCE ORGANIZATION ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTSI A AESCULAPIAN SOCIETY Front Row: Mark Boyer, Mary Shadle, Tim Rouland (president). "Terence Torso." Linda Steinmetz. Sue Tuomey (vice president). Barbara Long. Warren Ringlor. Second Row: Kathy Shilfer. Mary Steinbach. Kris Whitmore. Paula Alfano (librarian). "Homer Sapiens." Regina Papa. Pat Donohue (recording secretary). Third Row: Vito DeMaio. Dave Eckman. Carol WanderPoel (corresponding secretary). Joan Miller. Nancy Muench. Back Row: Alan Mannherz. "Ernie Gernett." "Molly Muskrat." Amy Becker. Fran Ofsharick. High point of the year was the second annual Health Careers Day. which is hold "to promote activities dealing with all aspects of the medical profession.” Aesculapian sponsored the pie throw at Spring Fling. Hurler at the right looks as though he was on the receiving end. I lie Acsciil. piAn Sx u h| jfj NTlIlcrsvillc v tAtv College presents rk ; HcaIHi C.mvcpcs l tl AIaivIi o0,h. I ’OlV to 5H.W' At Pucillo Gym Represented . r fair unll be Medicine. Physical tlterapu. Hursuy KUaiwILPU iVcuptfiotuI Therapy. U-fcrmary. Dietetic Tech. Med. Tech. Nuclear Med. Tech. Inhalation Therapy. Anesthesia. Dental Assistance X'Kau Tech. Med Records Health and fit. £d. PfuriuAceuticA and volunteer uvxk in allied medical fieldsTRAFFIC COURT 121 Students weigh testimony at a session of Traffic Court in a conference room in the SMC. top. Mr. Woodrow W. Frank, chief security officer, listens to a question, center left. Dr. Darryll Hersemann, dean for student life, top right. Miss Ellen Barber, assistant dean, also represents the administration on occasion. Officer Earl Miller, bottom right, hands out tickets as necessary, first a warning ticket, then one that draws a fine. Students may appeal their tickets at Traffic Court, which meets regularly during the fall and 'winter sessions.ACTIVITIbS When that earliest yearbook was produced, activities were few. The class trip to the nation’s capital v as a high point. There were debates, apparently required of all students, on Friday evenings, and musical entertainment by the campus groups, rarely a play. When "Macbeth" was advertised, under the cast names was this sentence: "Banquo will positively be killed on the stage." After May 1. canoeing was permitted on The Lake. The same setting served ice skaters in the winter. Today the activities calendar is crowded from first to last. Local talent is utilized, of course. But much is imported, professional, and frequently high priced as is illustrated in the next section. A grown-up Spanky McFarland presents Marv Donner, director of student activities. with a photo from the "Our Gang" comedies. Spanky appeared in Lyte Auditorium September 29 as one of the Parents' Day attractions. PARENTS’ DAY Lunch in Gordinier Dining Hall followed a morning meeting and a concert by the college choir. Then the parents, students and guests packed the stadium bleachers for a football game in which MSC swamped Kutztown State 48-6.127 BOND, CAMBRIDGE Julian Bond, (with Marv Donner) speaking in Lyte Auditorium October 9. called racism “still the number one problem in the U.S." His address was sprinkled with wit and irony, viz.: Nixon's policy toward blacks has been gradually changing from one of "benign neglect to malignant opposition." A week after that. Godfrey Cambridge lectured on his experiences as a black man and black artist in America. Both drew standing-room-only crowds. ROLLER DERBY eicome Posters hung on buildings, across streets, and (here) the stadium set the welcoming tone for Homecoming Weekend. October 18-21. One of the highlights was a "greaser" contest, which attracted some tough-looking leather-jacketed en- trants like those below. Jack Farleigh. center. was a candidate for the title of King Grease. Other candidates sported "tattoos" like that in the photo to the left. Then came the parade. 1 rfrT isde i '-factar llorcAto Cirevp - Cob Peck Hoot-BPAfi riafi coMlAy (ZondidoT J- ftorc iing Group - dactetf [Coop Home Co wry Qoc n CoAj d xU 2-Float- K E m Group -Loticai rtr fafttfrt lo eco Mj (otdtdete $ Hordi tq Group - BoyScoi t Trwpj ,?129 HOMECOMING Theme of the celebration was "The Fifties—Oldies But Goodies." One float. top left, memorialized the earliest predecessor of the Student Memorial Center. Another recalled a popular commercial of the 50's. The biggest star of the decade—Elvis—bottom left, was there too. and crazy fads like jampacking a telephone booth with as many bodies as possible. Some jean-clad spectators like Dennis Black, below right, failed to slick down their hair in the fashion of the 50's.Marlene Frank, shown here at right with Student Senator Bill Bell was elected Homecoming Queen, winning out over Selma Jay. right below. Elizabeth Hirak. Susan Hutchinson, and Deborah Turn-bach. Spectators lined curbs and sidewalks to watch the queen and her court, the bands, and floats. At the football game, the score was 41-7 by the end of the second quarter. It ended with the Marauders on top. 55-14.131 "Saturday nighl of Homecoming Weekend saw the transition of Pucillo Gymnasium from a sports arena to a rock palace." said the SNAPPER of the War concert, "its stands jammed with thousands of eager fans . . . in bright garb instead of sweatshirts" for the two-hour concert. The seven-member rock group "performed a highpowered set of their current hits."LANGUAGE CONFERENCE TH£ ElGffl ANNU4 IH-UN IO. CWfftiME on THE FEACHING OF FOtotCH UWGuAots 'foiythiiy Hot for failed to titv w About fofcic LANouooes Vvt...' on Workshop, JdiVrfii SAT. QSJ ■ 1? »« » « 30»m-XSO m. e»'t, Hecnm Bernadette Parente demonstrates the use of the equipment in the language lab. above, during the annual fall conference. Denny Firestone and Holly Stambaugh, right above, perform a dance. The same couple, right below. enjoy another part of the program, possibly a dance in costume, lelt below. Other features of the program were workshops on five languages, seminars, a sampling of Russian cuisine, all designed for the high school pupils, college students, and teachers from various areas of the state.133 1 BIEMESDERFER DEDICATION Mrs. Biemesderfer and Dr. D. L. Biemes-derfer. left, greet guests arriving for the dedication of the Old Library as the new Biemsderfer Executive Center on December 2. Dr. Biemesderfer is a former president of the college. The lobby, center left, shows the carved balcony railing intact and the new central stairway created from the old narrow stairs that formerly graced each side of the lobby. The recess above the main entrance is now a carpeted lounge. All of the hand-carved walnut trims were preserved, as shown in the detail by a doorway, left, and one in an archway. center, as well as the balusters that support the balcony railing. The dedication, sponsored by the Board of Trustees, also featured a performance of the Mass in C Major by Beethoven following the tea in the new Center. TAMBURITZANS The Tamburitzans from Duquesne University “dazzled a packed house” December 4 with "vibrant Slavic folk-dancing and singing." They gave a "skillful and vivacious performance of demanding Eastern European folkdances. songs, and orchestral pieces." said the SNAPPER. The dancing, the student paper said, was flawless. In each number costumes were those of the nationality being presented. MSC students climaxed the evening with a standing ovation. 135 VENTURE CRAFT SHOW At the annual fall craft show sponsored by the Venture Club. Jim Dietrich demonstrated the use of the potter’s wheel. left. The art of calligraphy also was shown, center left. Corn-husk braiding was illustrated, center right, by Miss Mabel Seitz of Mountville who made mats of what is usually considered waste material. A rarity today, the steam calliope. bottom, made an instant hit. Venture is a project of the College Union Board. HARRISBURG RALLY- PREPARATION Possibly the most important event of the fall—indeed of the whole year—was the rally held in Harrisburg by all fourteen state colleges in a successful effort to block an increase in tuition and a less successful one to increase the hourly pay to students to $2.20. During a full day of preparation on campus Lynn Hodge, chairman of the event, conferred with Dr. Paul Nichols of the faculty and Shan West, president of the Sociology Club, above. Many students made posters for the event. State Assemblyman Sherman Hill, center right, stated his views to an attentive audience, as did Student Senate president Rick Flynn. bottom lelt. Students were serious and attentive, bottom right.137 HARRISBURG RALLY Then came the rally, December 4. Dave Sinton and Sue Drummond listen intently to a speaker, fop left. Walter Petroski. fop right, standing high above the rest of the crowd, applauds a comment, perhaps a little less enthusiastically than Virginia Anonia, center left. Diane Dillon and Terry Jones reflect their opinion, center. Students from all over the state, oblivious of the classical architecture, stood on the capitol steps to hear legislators and Secretary of Education John Pittenger, bottom right.URI GELLER Uri Geller. young Israeli psychic, amazed and baffled his audience November 27. One of his feats was bending a key solely through concentration. The key was volunteered by a skeptical faculty member who defied Geller's powers to perform that act. Earlier in the day. Geller spoke informally with students in the SMC. Only twenty-six. he easily established rapport with them. His appearance at MSC was sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee.139 CHRISTMAS CONCERT AND BALLET For the annual Christmas Concert. December 9. 12. and 16. the college-community orchestra played, bottom. shown here practicing for the event. The woman’s choir, center left, and the mixed choir top left, sang both traditional and rare carols. New this year was a ballet performance. Here, center right, two ballerinas practice In the gym.RASPBERRY RAFTERS High spirits but low material, said the Snapper of the January show Marge Birch wrote four of the plays. ‘‘The Machine,” "The Christmas Dream.” "My Heart Belongs to the Dewey Decimal System,” and. best of all, "Mystic Dialogue." although the reviewer liked them all. Not so for the rest of the bill: "Name Dropping" by Harry Long. "Liking You" by Marti Hallman which was well performed. "Nicolai" by Jay Lilley. "Soul's Communion" by Barbara Rohrbaugh. "The City" by Amy Spies. "The Kiss” by David Adsitt. "It Won't Work" by Nick Monte-sano. "The Shower" by Paul DeSantis, who also wrote "Father Knows Best" and “Cup of Coffee.""The Hockey Game" by Donna Panick. "Remember When” by Diane Laws and Michael Yassick. and "Beat Your Friend" by Judy Churach. Regardless of the mixed views of the writing. MSC is fortunate to have so many students interested in writing for the stage and equally fortunate in having a place to stage their works. Not only are the works written by students, but they are also directed and performed by students. GERTUDE STEIN CENTENNIAL Probably one of the most outstanding cultural events was the centennial jubilee on the 100th anniversary of the Gertrude Stein’s birth. The art gallery in Ganser was devoted to her for two weeks, housing photographs of her family and her circle; three dozen portraits of her and her contemporaries by Carl Van Vechten; color slides of her art collection, and the private collection of Mr. Bruce Kellner. Mr. Kellner also wrote the stage presentation given by members of the faculty in the auditorium, which illustrated the style and breadth of Miss Stein's talent in her own words from her poetry, prose, and songs. GROUP MOTION Portraits of Gertrude Stein include the famous one by Picasso, extreme left. A perfect fusion of dance and music plus film and light characterized the electrifying appearance of Group Motion early in February. The curtain opened on a stage totally dark accompanied only by the sound of some rushing wind and eerie organ music. As one's eyes adjusted to the darkness, one could see four pulsing red bodies lying prone on the stage. That was the start of "Beyond Eastern Standard Time." Two more numbers followed. Mitot. which was inspired by Can-taneda. and finally Galaxies in Collision. Altogether, it was an outstanding event of the year.The masterpiece of Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration. The Mikado, presented March 5 by the Manhattan Savoyards, received a standing ovation. Nanki-Poo in disguise arrives at court, top left. The Lord High Executioner, top right, prepares a tittle list of people to be executed. Nanki-Poo tries to convince his hearers that he is a wandering minstrel not the crown prince. Naturally it all comes right in the end. after two full acts of sublime music wedded to wit and human understanding.m ONCE UPON A MATTRESS Tina Romanchik as Princess Winifred reveals her love for Prince Dauntless, top center. Michael Yassick as the wizard and Kathy Kelly as the Queen, top right. Members of the court turn their backs upon Prince Dauntless. Paul Nielson as Dauntless appeals to Fred, bottom left. Lords and ladies of the court join in the finale, bottom right. The all-campus musical provided "thoroughly entertaining fluff lour nights, March 14 through 17. Tina Romanchik in the part originated by Carol Burnett "infused the role with a sort of naive, air-headed amiability." Nancy Hazel gave one of the strongest performances as "forlorn, fragile, waif-like" Lady Larkin. As for the various numbers. "Spanish Panic” and "In Love with a Girl Named Fred" were knockouts "mainly because of the choreography and a well-synchronized team of dancer smgers."143 TARTUFFE After three hundred years. Moliere's Tartulte is an entertaining as when it was written. The National Players presented it here March 28 in a sumptuous setting and in brilliant and beautiful costumes. Tartuffe is recognized as a hypocrite, top left, by Orgon’s daughter. He is his oily best, top right, with the mistress of the house. Mme. Pernelle. Orgon's mother, chides the rest of the household for their suspicions, center left. Mariane defies her grandmother, center right, and her mother, bottom right. Only in the entrapment sceno is Orgon convinced of Tartuffe’s treachery.SOIREE FRANCAISE One of the most unusual evenings of the year was the French one. which featured French majors in a Moliere play. A Physician in Spite of Himself, and various other talents. The evening was dedicated to the memory of Mr. R. C. Laurie Mitton. language professor who died March 25. The program included refreshments, shown here being prepared. Charles Kunes as Geronte and Joan Keller as Lucas are amazed at the recovery of Lucinde. Geronte's daughter, fop right. A vocalist. Charles Kunes and Dotty Host in an entr'acte number, top left. Folk dances of various parts of France were performed, center left. When the program ended the party began, center right. Kathleen Kautz entertained with a ventriloquist act during the intermission. Another foreign language program is Pan American Day. celebrated this year for the seventh time. A surprise feature was the appearance of Mr. Vicente Ramos, a native of Honduras, who was teaching in New Holland. Wearing the costume of his country, he thanked the participants for dedicating the show to Honduras. Songs, poems and dances typical of Latin America were presented. Student-written dialogues also were given.More than one hundred students, staff, and others concerned with the student media attended the annual communications banquet April 24. The speaker was Nick Nagurny. associate sports editor of the Philadelphia Bulletin, center left. whose wit and entertaining reminiscences captivated his audience. The outstanding alumni award went to Larry Greybill, sports edtior for the Gannett Newspapers in Rochester. N.Y. The award, which is given to a former student of the late Earle M. Hite who is making an outstanding career in professional journalism, was won two years ago by Mr. Nagurny. 145 COMMUNICATIONS BANQUET At the speaker’s table were Larry Everett, president of Pi Delta Epsilon, who presided; Mrs. William H. Duncan. Mr. Nagurny; Cheryl Gilbert. Everett’s fiancee; Dr. Gary W. Reighard. vice president for student affairs; Mrs. Nagurny. Mrs. Reighard. and President Duncan. Shaw's St. Joan was presented by the National Shakespeare Company April 25 under the sponsorship of the Cultural Affairs Committee. The familiar, beloved story of the peasant Maid of Orleans somehow never loses its attraction. In this version. Shaw reveals the timeless- ness of the story of the simple, pious girl beset by political, military, and religious authorities who persecute her in the name of national expediency. The cast as always was excellent, the costumes apt. the settings merely suggestive. SAINT JOAN The sixteenth annual honors and awards banquet April 26 had as guests all those students who received special awards and all those named to the dean's list during the year. The only exceptions were those students in sports and communications whose awards were presented earlier at special banquets. Academic awards were presented by Dr. Nicholas C. Brown, vice president for academic affairs, and activities awards by Dr. Gary W. Reighard. vice president for student affairs.147 A. G. Breidcnstine Award: Elizabeth Hirak. The Class ol 1895 Award: Linda Campbell, The John K. Harley Award: Richard Flynn. Phi Sigma Pi Award: George Bortreo. Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Award: Linda Hershey. H J Rutherford Memorial Award: Pamela Brubaker. Charles D. Spotts Naturalist-Humanist Award: Keith Butler. American Association of University Professors Award: Angola Strausbaugh. Campus Club Award: Karen Hodges. Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Award: Madalyn Hollerth. The Wontzel-Wright Momorial Award Maryannc Lynskey. Janine Frankhouser. Irene Stockier. Edna Rochow Workman Momorial Award: Gilos Wagner. Millersvillo State College Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society Award: Judith Miller. Southeastern Pennsylvania Section of tho American Chemical Socioty Award: Steven Grahok. Earth Science Awards for Academic Excellence: John Jen-senlus, Jr.. Sidney Hostotter. Commonwealth National Bank Award: Craig Thompson. The Wall Street Student Achievement Award: Susan Pago. Alpha Beta Alpha Award: Yvonne Swartz. Beatrice U. Datesman Award: Ruth Sprowls. Claribel Walker Gerhart Memorial Award: Susan Prizor. Anne E. Beyer Certificates: Rebecca Bronnor, Eileen Buchanan. Deborah Gauglor. Botha Gilbert. Kathy Gingrich. Karon Campbell Henry. Diane Juliana. Edwin Klikus. Dobra Letever. Barbara Lutzow. Nancy Marshall. Constance Romer, Paul Shreimer, Randolph Wehry. Verda M. Fulmer Award: Barbara Simmons. Elsie Hostetter Award: Janice Clark. Helen Koontz Award: Gail Apple. Sally Garner. The Class of 1922 Esther E. Lenhardt Award: Linda Grace. Dil-worth-McCollough English Award: Patrick While. Maude Burkhart Huzzard Award: Pamela Arnold. The Class of 1910 Award: Christine Harvan. The Sanders P. McComsey Award: Jane Huber. The National Observer Student Achievement Award: Elsie Shonk. The Ralph J. Hyson Momorial Award: Jane Heesen. Susan Stone, Marirose Sullivan. Xenophile Society Award: Ricky Bupp. The Louis Kop-pel Memorial Awards in European History; Drue Egner. Barbara Ritzheimor. Burl N. Osburn Award: Louis Irion. III. Philadelphia Alumni Award: Frederick Forty. Class of 1866 Award: Diane Spoicher. Robert Klino. Isaac F. Seiver-ling Award (Class ol 1928): Thorosa Roller. William Woibly. Tho Cora Catharine Bitner Music Awards: Kalhy Beck. Gwen Davis. Douglas Holden. Robert Kern. Keith Nevel. Richard Swords. The James Hamilton and Lucretia Boyd Hartzell Piano Awards: Ann Kielceski. Monica Spadoni. Harold W. and Miriam W. Shaar String Award: Melissa Secott. Henry Franklin Bitner Science Prizes: Connie Roddig, Elizabeth Hirak. Vincent Sako-vich. Guy Kurtz Bard Award: Douglas Johnson. John Mentzer Award in Special Education: Edward Sickles. III. Mary K. Slokum Sproul Prizes: Craig Thompson. Mary Woodrull. Joanne Musser. Dramatics Service Award: Judith Churach. Tina Romanchik. Faculty-Student Athletic Committee Awards: Elizabeth Hirak. John Jensenius. Jr Forry and Hacker Award: David Retry The Earle M. Hite Award: Vicky Moarkle. Aurora Wickoy Pucillo Award: Janice Valentino. J. Hale Steinman Foundation Communications Award: Jane Huber. John F. Steinman Foundation Communication Award: Elizabeth Fuller. Richard C. Todd Scholarship: James Baker. John C. Ur-sprung Award: Linda Paist. Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Gregory Bacon. Jeffrey Bradley, Richard Burke. Richard Dread. Robert Dresher. Diane Evans. Richard Flynn, Joseph Foster. Laura Frazier. Steven Grahok. Kathleen Hess. Elizabeth Hirak. Marilyn Hodge, Linda Kreiser. Michelle Landis, David Langford. Georgo Lingg. Douglas Lyons. Ennis Manns. Deborah Marinollo. Rita Miller. Stovon Mobley. Joyce Murphy. Genora Orr. Ro-borto Ortiz. Paul Pintarch. Eddie Powell. Richard Riskie. Arthur Rodriquez. Patrick Sanders. Paulette Stella. Rodney Upsher. Craig Wagaman. Dennis Wood. Theodore Zellers. The Wickersham Momorial Scholarship: Nancy Bellman. The Class of 1898 Award: Diane Speichor. The Thomas R. Baker Memorial Scholarship: Nancy Staullor.SPRING FLING Uts (oufi -it ften h FK«N Spring Fling—that final weekend before final exams, the traditional time to have fun. This couple, top right, find their fun in watching others. Others, like the girl directly above, prefer to take part in the goings-on. A dart balloon game, center, offered glass beer mugs as prizes. The traditional carnival eats have to include cotton candy. A new prize game this year was the pie throw sponsored by the Aesculapian Society. No fair—the fellow at the left hole ducked. One of the musicians, bottom right, is oblivious of the camera's presence. Opposite page shows more shenanigans, including a delightful rat race, won by No. 4 with No. 1 a very poor second and three others failing even to start. A tradition at Spring Fling is tossing pretty girls like Cheryl Richards into The Lake. 149MORE SPRING FLING Yes, it's a real tepee, set up by a group of Mohawk Indians from New York during the Spring Fling weekend. They also had an indoor exhibit in the SMC. stocked with books, crafts, and artwork by Indians, some of which were for sale. Besides rapping informally with students, they addressed a number of classes, gaining sympathy for their aspirations and hopes. One of the most popular musicians that weekend was Michael Cooney. That's a "torture” chamber to the right. Busting up a car. as Joe Carbine is doing. opposite page, releases the tensions. So does the beer keg toss, as revealed by Glenn Mensch. The end of the traditional tug-of-war across The Lake, center left. Even a chariot race this year with the Alpha Sig brothers breaking the tape.151 A different kind of ladder climb, below. Fore and aft—no ducking possible with this game. Fun, games, food, games of skill, balloon ascensions, music, dancing, sports, and —this year, beautiful weather—that’s Spring Fling.BALLOON RALLY Aeronauts Larry Gcrlein and Tony Fairbanks ascend in the hot air balloon called "Tho Little Devil," lop center. "Sunburst" and "Ladybug" catch the early morning light during Spring Fling Weekend, lop right. Brian Boland burning to a 150-foot tether, lop loft. "The Little Devil" awaits passengers, bottom tett. "Ladybug." bottom right, takes up a pair of early risers at sunrise. .153 GANSER SCULPTURE Thanks to Stan Lipman. well-known Lancaster sculptor who is an alumnus of MSC, the concave facade of Ganser Library now boasts a largo sculpture. Entitled "Millstones,'’ it is. says Lipman, "symbolic of feeding in grain to be ground into flour. Just as ten different bakers will produce ten distinctly different loaves of bread, so each of the young people who enter college has individual characteristics which determine that each person will come out differently." Lipman found the millstones discarded by a local feed mill. Each weighs sixty pounds, and the entire work is estimated to weigh 325 pounds. It is permanently mounted by nickel bars cemented to the facade.The day. May 15. was bright and beautiful. Getting ready. Debbie Young adjusts the hood on Shelly Kegel, top right. A long line of grads forms outside Pucillo Gym for the processional, top left. Tired standing, garbed and ready. Doretta Kurtz chats with Jerry Grube. next lelt bolow, and two unidentified seniors relax in the locker room. Elementary grads— about 600 of them—more than filled the center section. Diplomas go to master's degree candidates and honors graduates. bottom right.155 Joan Grabor. B. S. in comprehonsivo social studies-history. top left. Helene Wolgemuth. secretary of public welfare lor Pennsylvania, was speaker, top contor. Dr. Raymond Kuhl. who retired this spring, is caught as he leaves the gym. top right. Following the ceremony, groups form to say good-byes, center. Tim Fichtner. Larry Smith, and Fred Harding appear happy the long grind is over. center right. Leo Weaver. Jr., poses flanked by his parents and his grandmother. Mrs. Francis Fischer, bottom left. Patrick Barnett. B. S. in industrial arts, right, near bottom. Glenda Jean Yingling, B. S. in elementary education, bottom right. Like activities in general, sports were around in 1899, and like the activities, limited. "Ladies basketball" was not to be introduced for another two years when two games were scheduled. When an MSNS team did play a rival, seats in the grandstand cost the students ten cents. Sports were more numerous for the "gentlemen." Even then football was a great favorite, even though it was spelled with a hyphen. Men also played baseball, tennis and basket ball, which was two separate words in those days. How the class yells must have been shouted out. Here's the juniors' yell, that of the class of 1900: "Hippety Hip! Ker Zip! Ker Zip! Hippety Hip! Ker Zip! Ker Zip! We Have Worked, We Have Fought, We Are the Class of Naughty-Naught!" Today we are spared the likes of that. FOOTBALL Top. Mike Burke (10) hands off to Steve Schaufert (44) during a game with Bloomsburg; other MSC players are Dennis Booker (33). Ralph Jordan (63) and Scott Madara (50). At the Harford game. Ron VonRembow (25) rushes in as John Yocklovich (21) runs with the ball. MSC RECORD Opp. 33 Norwich 7 14 Delaware State 7 48 Kutztown 6 3 West Chester 7 6 Mansfield 0 55 Bloomsburg 14 13 East Stroudsburg 18 21 Cheyney 18 56 Shippensburg 27 159 Top left. Mike Squires (22) runs the ball against Bloomsburg with assists by Mike Burke (10) and Bill Milligan (72). An official, top right, signals a touchdown for MSC at the Bloomsburg game. Tom Snare kicking and Charles Humphreys in the Harford game. Coach Larry Hawkey with Joe Miller (42) and Chuck Petrick (34); Coach Carpenter in the background, center right. Coach Kane diagrams a play on his slate, right, for Larry Pentz (60). Steve Cotton (67) and Steve Schaufert (44). Schaufert and Doug Lyons (41) discuss how well the Bloomsburg game is going, bottom left. Jim Toomey (82). bottom center; Humphreys in background. Dennis Booker looks exhausted at half-time in the game against West Chester. Front Row: Rick Riskio. Jim Toomey. Tom Coombs. Second Row: Doug Lyons. Joe Irwin. Jim Ketner. Steve Starr. Bill Her-schell. Ed Snyder. Ralph Jordan. Steve Cotton. Pat Barnett. Third Row: Coach Gene Carpenter. Larry Cassata. John Young. Mike Michaels. Rich Fidler. Scott Madara. Bob Rothfus. Greg Meyers, Rick McCann. Mike Burke Fourth Row: Coach Rodney Bimson. Steve Schautert. Joe Johnston. Dale Sizemore. Brad Gates. Joe Miller. Rick Comegy. Chuck Petrick. Rick Brace. Fifth Row: Coach Dick Barbacane. Lou DiFelice. Mark Rigby. Larry Bowe. Mike Squires. Bob Ulrich. Bill Milligan. Dean Jennings. Sixth Row: Coach John Guiltoyle. Dennis Booker. Eric Guyll, Charles Humphreys. Brian Gongloff. Bob Hill. Terry Wolfe. Tom Snare. John Yock-lovich. Seventh Row: Coach Ted King. Coach Dick Young. Mike Nuding. Doug Kaniuk, Bob Fofi, Frank Daly. Marc Castor. Joe Kalata. Tom Trout. Eighth Row: Coach Larry Hawkey. Coach Jerry Alampi. Dan Porter. Terry Brown. Marlin Zook. Palmer Hossler. Bob Delia. Joe Ginther, Rick Wetzel. Ninth Row: Coach Joe Naugle. Coach Carl Kane. Coach Bill Lauris, Larry Pentz. Jell Blowers. Back Row: Dennis Stott. John Peiffer. k A f Top left, Jeff Blowers (66) applauds a play, while Rick Wetzel. Emerson Haines (62). Frank Daly and Don Matter look on. Mike Burke, top right, is intent on the game. Center left, the cannon sounded many times last fall when MSC ran up its best season ever. OGO fires the cannon each time MSC makes a a touchdown. Center right, Tom Trout (2). jv center, prepares to pass the ball to quarterback John Yocklovich; Larry Pentz (61) extreme right. Joe Irwin, senior defensive tackle, was voted the most valuable player on the team and was so honored at the annual sports banquet. Other trophies went to Ralph Jordan, senior offensive guard, the most inspirational player: Bob Hill, sophomore tight end. the Philip J. Kaiser Memorial Award tor the best academic record (3.3): Tom Combs, offensive tackle, for best offensive grade average, and Bill Herschell, corner back, for best defensive grade average.161 Top left, Coach Larry Hawkey talks to Dan Porter (62). Jim Katner (partially obscured). Larry Bowe (71). Rick Comegy (26) and Ed Snyder (64). Top center. Chuck Petrick (34) zeroes in on the Harford Junior College tackle during a jv game. Top right. Coach Gene Carpenter strides onto the field. In a varsity game against Cheyney. center left, the CSC ball carrier is surrounded by Bob Rothfus (55). Bill Herschell (45). Greg Meyers (51), Jim Ketner (40). Rick Fidler (75). Joe Miller (42). Rick Riskie (43) and Larry Bowe (71). Center right. Dan Porter (62). Tom Trout (52) and John Yockeovich (21) rest during a varsity game. Near left, Tom Snare (85) kicks the ball as Frank Daly (40) watches the play during a game against Harford Junior College. Left below, Coach Ted King with Doug Kaniuk (63) at the Harford game.TRACK CINDERELLAS MSC RECORD Opp. 55 Trenton 90 119 Lock Haven 26 100% Kutztown 44% 80 East Stroudsburg 76 Shippensburg 14 Cheyney Third Place—Penn Relays 13 89 Towson 56 83 Frostburg 62 Tied for First Place—Ephrata Relays Fourth Place—States JjAMUffCg Front Row: Joel Hoffsmith. Al Midlick. Jack Kraynak (co-captain), David Langford. (co-captain); Jeff Bradley, (cocaptain); Mark Gallagher. Terry Leaness. Minor Redmond. Jr. Second Row: Jim Stoneback. John DeLeonardis. Richard Fidler. Jr.. John Emanuel. Charlie Trayer, David Hortman. Joe Pizzi. Jeff Griesemer. Front Row: Larry Warshawsky. Patti Blue, Bev Marshall. Sue Hostetter. Sue Bianco (vice president). Cathy Newman. Peggy Zinneman. Chris Gerencher, Bonnie Miller. Roseann Greco. Kathy Henry. Lydia Mordell. Back Row: Gail Buehrer. Debbie Weaver. Cheryl Richards, Kathy Corry. Donna Dwyer( treasurer). Sharon Wanner, Joann Matthias (secretary). Jeannie Laudeman (president). Carole Posluszny. Nan Oberhazer. Jan Cotman, Sandy Chal-fant. Missing: Cee Wilson. Lin Fritz. Mary Beth Smith. Robin Stryker. Julie Knouse. Barb Sturm. Emily Groff. Susie Moyer. Cindy Longenecker. Chris Hunsberger. Ann Stratton. Diane Gist. Coach Cy Fritz. Third Row: Lewis Meck-ley. John Young, Joe Kraynak. Marlin Zook. Bill Strain. Dave Lincoln. Tim Haz-zell. Coach Bill Bowers. Back Row: Craig Anderson. Tom Ecker (manager); Scott Wagner (manager). Brian Worrell (manager); Andy Taroski (manager): Coach Larry Warshawsky. Jeff Bradley, top right, for three years in a row MSC’s top runner. A senior, he won the alumni award as MVP. the NAIA District 19 championship three straight years, the state conference title, and All-American ranking three years. He finished third in the ICAA.163 MSC RECORD Opp. 19 Glassboro 44 15 York 50 19 Towson 44 26 East Stroudsburg 26 15 Shippensburg 15 22 Lehigh 15 West Chester 38 40 Lehigh 20 36 West Chester 22 83 Rutgers 36 Bucknell 45 23 Delaware State 52 Mansfield 64 44 Lockhaven 17 Second Place—States Seventh Place—NCAA Division 3 Front Row: Tom Ickes, Peggy Hoberg, Dave Long. Ken Mertz. Jett Bradley. Joel Hoffsmith. Al Ramer. Brian Worrell. Terry Leaness. Charlie Trayer. Back Row: Coach Larry Warshawsky. Tom Ecker, Dave Lincoln. Joe McCool. Ed Ricks. Chuck Hoops. Charles Merris, Kent Moyer. Mike Dore. Mark Gallagher. Bill Bull. Chuck Cook. Bob Moseley, Jim Henry. Joe Meirer (manager). Coach Cy Fritz. CROSS COUNTRYMEN’S VARSITY BASKETBALL MSC RECORD Opp. 91 York College 69 83 Bloomsburg 78 86 Shippensburg 85 89 Elizabethtown 75 95 East Stroudsburg 76 88 Kutztown 66 91 Southeastern 70 94 Indiana (Pa.) 82 80 Southampton 67 86 Franklin and Marshall 70 81 Elizabethtown 64 83 West Chester 77 104 Glassboro 88 65 Cheyney 77 78 Mansfield 72 58 Bloomsburg 99 91 Shippensburg 72 88 East Stroudsburg 75 83 Kutztown 69 64 Cheyney 74 85 West Chester 68 89 Mansfield 92 89 Lock Haven 56 105 Salisbury 77 84 Delaware State 78 95 Northwestern Louisiana 76 Front Row: Phil Walker, Steve Drummer. Mike Garman, Craig Wagaman, Bill Zimmerman. Bruce Metzger. Ray Davis. Back Row: Jeff Gamber (assistant coach). Jim Baker. Glenn Kamen, Dave Albright. Bill Benning, Frank Gantz. Dick DeHart (head coach). MEN’S JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Joe Kraynak. Stan Hoke. Mark Johnson. Mark Lauer, Tom Beichler. Lyn-dell Poindexter. Back Row: Coach Jeff Gamber. Steve Szedelmayer. Glen Parker. Bob Banks. Jerry Barlet, Terry Barlet.165 Front Row: Sue Dansbury (manager). Kathy Hogarth (co-captain). Linda Kreiser (co-captain). Sara Mummert (manager). Back Row: Mrs. Marjorie Trout (coach). Kathy Burke (statistician). Pat Henkle. Bev Jackson, Joni Markle. Pat Renninger. Terry Roller, Jan Valentine. Bonnie Schneck. Anne Billmeyer. Yvonda Johnson. Skip Guyer (trainer). WOMEN’S VARSITY BASKETBALL MSC RECORD Opp. 53 Franklin and Marshall 22 46 York 35 52 Catonsville 38 46 Shippensburg 36 56 Albright 29 38 Gettysburg 50 37 Western Maryland 35 59 Lebanon Valley 30 38 Penn State 45 48 Elizabethtown 55 89 Lock Haven 56 55 University of Delaware 74WRESTLING MSC RECORD Opp. 8 Cornell 27 39 Geneseo 6 35 Courtland 5 19 Rider 21 23 Elizabethtown 19 49 Mansfield 0 27 Pacific University 14 55 Glassboro 9 37 Morgan State 3 41 Howard University 9 22 Kutztown 13 22 West Chester 13 31 Towson 10 37 Shippensburg 9 18 Bloomsburg 24 22 East Stroudsburg 21 26 York College 8 Sixth Place in State Conference Meet. Eric Guyll. top, in a tense moment. Guyll again, center left, getting the better of his opponent this time. George Cooper. far right, scores a win. Rich Subrize. near right, gets help with a shoe lace. Bottom, Wayne Jockers. Joe Jacqueline. Jim Zoschg. Guyll. Mike Fenton. Dan Brown. Dan Zulli, Coach Jerry Swope. i 167 George Cooper pins his opponent, lop left. Dave Share, top right, sits one out. Guyll wins a close one. center. Curt Clark and his well-matched opponent, right. Front Row: Maryann Townsend. Jackie Rampulla, Debbie Otto. Janet Luigard. Dianne Metzger, Kathy Reitz. Dawn Tout-kaldjian, Barbara Martin. Vickie Thomas. Kathy Schlegelmilch. Linda Fedorak. Back Row: Sue Dekalb. Jennifer Johnson. Lori Miller. Sue Hamsher. Pat Beard. Kathy O’Rourke. Dianne Zinn, Maria Friedrichs. Debbie Vasile, Marie Ashe-man, Joyce Malinowski. Pat Shipley, Amy Cleveland. Sue Zoschg. Sherry Rubright.A Front Row: Mark Falgoust. Steve Peltz. Peg Bare. Steve Dickorman, Paul Glander. Second Row: Rick Weymer. Jack Coll, Vito Cicero. Jett Pontius. Jell McLaugh- lin. Allen Meadath. Back Row: Dan Bern-heims. Butch Godshell, Dave Zimmerman, Rick Adams. Steve Grahek, Tom Lints. Coach John Apple, Coach Ken Kulakowsky. Absent: John Murry. Dennis Duncan, Tom Carl. Bruce Nusbaum. Front Row: Coach John Apple (adviser), Eileen Kern (president). Cheryl Polczynski (vice president), Lois Latherow (recording secretary), Lynn Sinapi (treasurer). MERMETTES Second Row: Leslie Bugis. Linda Jack-son. Debbie Fulmer (corresponding secretary). Melinda Staub. Lois Hutchinson. Carol Kulakowsky. Back Row: Deb- bie Kessler. Ginny Faulkner. Linda Lesser (historian). Debbie Bedell. Marcia Borneman.169 SWIMMING MSC RECORD Opp. 40 Elizabethtown 62 47 Shippensburg 64 34 Towson 78 41 York 68 47 Glassboro 66 48 Kutztown 65 55 Bloomsburg 57 62 East Stroudsburg 51 48 West Chester 65 66 Shippensburg 81 Lock Haven 53 Tenth Place—StatesMSC RECORD Opp. 1 Glassboro 8 4 Elizabethtown 5 2 Shippensburg 7 7 Kutztown 2 9 Shepherd 0 2 Franklin and Marshall 7 0 Bloomsburg 9 9 Lincoln University 0 4 Plattsburgh State 5 1 East Stroudsburg 8 5 Lock Haven 4 4 Lycoming 5 2 Mansfield 7 0 West Chester 9 9 Lebanon Valley 0 1 Towson 8 WOMENS TENNIS MSC RECORD Opp. 6 Franklin and Marshall 3 6 Susquehanna 1 3 Elizabethtown 4 5 Shippensburg 2 6 Montgomery Community College 1 5 Gettysburg 2 4 Kutztown 1 Kathy Evans and Sue Lefkoe, top right. Nancy Nichelson, center left. Below— Front Row: Tom Gahres. Steve Pennington. Scott Leatherman. John Jensenius. Back Row: Dr. Ray Runkle. (coach), Bob Leedom. Terry Baker. Dan Bakken and Bob Lyon. TENNIS171 Sue Lefkoe is serving, top left. Kathy Evans anticipating her opponents move. top center. Kelly Barthold and Jo Pryor playing doubles, below. Joanne Barnhart in action, bottom left. Sue Lefkoe making a difficult shot, center. Kathy Evans, bottom right. Nancy Nichelson and Joanne Barnhart during practice, bottom center.LACROSSE MSC RECORD Opp. 16 Wilson 4 6 University of Maryland 11 9 Gettysburg 13 13 Catonsville 6 9 Montgomery Community College 9 4 Penn State 11 4 Lock Haven 8 Pat Henkle and Tina Pauley, top center. Mrs. Carole Slotter. public relations director. and Mrs. Marge Trout, coach, top right. Judy Miller. Tina Pauley and Jan Valentine, center. ) Jan and Tina, center left. Jan and Kordy sino in inter-squad practice, bottom right. Pehl (goalie), tett, near bottom. Beth Mas- Jan about to score, bottom left.173 Before the action, top. Pat Henkle. rear center, and Tina Pauley, second left. Tina sails the ball high over her opponent’s head, top right. Pat. with the ball, left near bottom, Judy Miller and Tina. Intersquad practice, right near bottom. Mrs. Trout tells how to win. bottom left. Jan Valentine, bottom right, misses one.BASEBALL MSC RECORD Opp. 20 Lebanon Valley 0 15 Wilmington 2 12 Wilmington 0 6 Bloomsburg 1 5 Bloomsburg 6 8 Mansfield 2 7 Mansfield 4 21 Kutztown 5 7 Kutztown 5 21 Lincoln 2 9 Lincoln 3 3 York 6 2 York 5 0 Elizabethtown 3 3 East Stroudsburg 2 6 East Stroudsburg 5 1 Shippensburg 0 8 Indiana (Pa.) 1 10 Indiana (Pa.) 4 Tim Lynch pitching, top center. Coach run. lelt center. Coach Gene Wise and Gene Wise, top right. Paul Pintarch strik- Philip Miller at third base, bottom left. ing out. center. Philip Miller scores a Catcher Mike Doerr anticipating the pitch.175 Tim Lynch pitching, top right. Philip Mil- Mike Brickley batting, bottom left. Bob ler batting at a home game, leit center. Viehdorfer and Bob Rossi, bottom right. Tim Lynch releasing a pitch, center right. Front Row: Karen Nonnemacher. Carol Feltman. Linda Kreiser (co-captain). Linda D'Amico. Deb Engle. Back Row: Al Guyer (trainer), Bev Jackson. Judy Miller. Jill Shupp. Liz Hirak. Tina Pauley. Kelly Barthold. Debbie Vorndran, July Kauffman, Joan Mellinger. Lois Seifried. Miss Sandra Peters. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY MSC RECORD Opp. 9 Wilkes 0 10 Albright 0 5 Lebanon Valley 1 2 University of Delaware 1 5 Messiah 2 3 Shippensburg 0 5 Gettysburg 1 5 Franklin and Marshall 1 3 Elizabethtown 2 1 Penn State 1 4 Dickenson 2 Front Row: Diane Barnhart. Sue Finney. Sue Fettes, Carol Houseal. Kathy Evans. Pat Shipley Back Row: Josie Sciarrabba. Cindy Martin. Joan Bennett. Mary Valentino. Jann Besecker. Amy Cleveland. Pat Gimble. Jo Pryor. Barbara Brown. JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY177 Front Row: Kathy Esterline, Sue Shaub. Julie Stoughton. Middle Row: Jocelyn Sours. Deb Turnbach. Back Row: Rhonda Moyer. Judy Giantomass. Debbie Lorson, Patti Peitfer. Debbie Criss. Judy Hofferth, Gail Heisey. VARSITY CHEERLEADERSDOLPHIN CLUB 1 Front Row: Gretchen Keeney, Kathy Weakley. Jennifer Branton, Jean Schaffer (treasurer), Sue Valentine (vice president). Diane Booth (president). Linda Campbell (adviser). Ginny McLaren (secretary). Marsha Scott. Bonnie Smith. Sharon Wanner. Second Row: Jodi Cochran. Sue Drummond. Sandy Knecht. Joanne Heil. Karen Boyd. Sue Knauff. Deborah Wert. Joann Dunn. Barbara Brewer. Back Row: Debra Benner. Jodie Demascola. Beth Massimo, Kathy O'Rourke. Beth Myers, Denise Mattern, Diane Olsen. Kris Whitmore. Caron Leath, Louise Leclair. 179 Front Row: G. Hottinger (manager). Jon Rankin. Jack DeMorra. Ken Franken-berger. Mike Doerr, Craig DeBernardo. Rob Pierce. Wayne McKinney. Toby Adams. Second Row: Bob Fink (assistant coach). Bob Charles (assistant coach). Jesse Landis. Reggie Miller. Atiba Nicol. Dennis Wood (co-captain), Steve Lawley (co-captain). Abdul Seiwoh. Keith O'Malley. Roger Coe. Lester Gockley. Bud Woolley (coach). Back Row: Bob Klenk. Chuck Yeager. Tom Kirk. Dave Kepchar. Todd Steele. Ken Orr. Brian Guthrie. Greg Gichan. Lee Kashishan. Jeff Spangler. Archie Tucker. Mike Gettle. Mike Sauder, Bill Nausedat (assistant coach). SOCCER MSC RECORD Opp. 6 Towson 2 0 Philadelphia Textile 3 15 Lebanon Valley 0 1 Lock Haven 2 2 Salisbury 2 3 Villanova 2 1 York 2 1 Paterson 1 0 Kutztown 2 0 Shippensburg 2 0 East Stroudsburg 5 1 Spring Garden 3 1 Glassboro 1 Wins. - «' » “ ,,„ ""t ° VIAranW N 1A • ■=!• :% s 1 » ? '“ •fV 'ers Wi -' rs ri«- ‘ ■ —" - fgSm r. .L - - KAnrQUci e eS "WS,x w - « « Mess a U -------------------------- fv Wresflin, r» It J'” „., ci’v VLICSV® •j.ft. "N V he HSC w T UsVviCcVVW - r cuXA itcd u» 'Vr 0 cot" v C BV at 1 Cim piu tttv U ’ ’ •«. ' if) 7 j Ifcr cA 4S-( • ) TO iiiv nulliiin 4 • 0j) le him. bled The 71-yar N Thjs ..r.vmbodv ii | 4,1 IftS Ott r« i fttth s'n„ u - State M totes sztsfet, M y' ■?. s S?5? • s%i« irsrsr- r?•M 0. t" 1 • ' •» nublicizc joubh • .4 Norwich, ariuiU'i tVf »r • I VeVt. IK M1 vWttWeW 'T »« £, o. iX « m '»vte ww vtu ac ifO t -JV » »rz. 'n K i 4 ,? ’ . W mi, v . me VvU a ueV Vk u »W« ®4 rt ?‘. ,5S»- - :r5’ •4 M wMarch 20, Wte Mar ” Css v ' sk % J »»' 4VI __________ 58S 5 0, sriw — _____ Baseball Team Wins At Mansfield for 7-1 R ¥l --------------—--------- .. . th first innin Soccer Team Rolls to 15-0 Via MSC ?rEAtoamS, (HJted AMb%aci? ™J G,chan- « o It was a Ion , har ! Haven flpM ' ’ SNAPPER page Six______________________________________ ’ Marauder Ice Hockey Outplc F M, 8-7, for Shot at Top Sf ...... — ability as spill hc d«tfer.« tv A Down Wednesday. March I MSC Is Distrj ’9 Chomp 1 - - - HLV ' “ ' fs I ks % l pencr. the ». J Joe Milter. - • Vet he V ceV ' ’ , «a» [, tyv. otft Vtvf atv • 'f « «® • Jt W»W y o v| vv.0 ., 1 N te v h| JJ ?. ct i«« «»“.£. sttor "' A " tye d ue. I roe w«... il'JUng.buv Vhe Iran ivej :nj» ate pro- Ot averages are nee£ • program. Y re stamen o’ mores are. pretend-1 • ,j «, . V the Week was Mike Squires. ( „.„ - Women s Hockey Keeps On Winning • ettR KICHLINE The defense also worked well -“i,v field Although not under much nres - •»»- eftfense ably backed ■“ — . -'low. f” ! -r __ .y wil Marauders End Regular Seat With 89-56 Win Over Lock Hn ! nu; Bi" z, wn' • u, t vmorto» « — ; battling against . kY. Waserv N omens Gains ,c rid°brott?r Bob T'h ’L .,.k gnu; i Maraurl- ettes Overcome m m w° P»RC fe£ Swsw Tes. ..... .., -key ’dryland, 37-35 . r r I ed four field goals to tie the I A I 1 CL I • scor 2S-29 with 4:17 left to Vy ■■ 1 - - 6l’« » _ SV1P. vVkVUANt V2% V LfrXy] ‘Wjcore 29.29 with 4:1 le.i |l-- Daseball ' Vor 7-1 Reco, a A lnn ieldgum185187189 FOR ENERGY CONSERVATION TURN OFF LIGHTS WHEN ROOM IS VACANT191 S6L197661.IN MEMORIAM DR. CHARLES D. SPOTTS Associate Professor of Philosophy 1899-1973 December 26. 1973 MRS. ELSIE H. HOSTETTER Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Her professional reputation was international. 1913-1974 January 23,1974 DR. CECIL UPTON Professor of Chemistry 1926-1974 May 22,1974 JOHN NEIDER Class of 1974 April 9. 1974 Active in Citamard and all campus musicals. Employed in Gan-ser Library. MR. R.C.L. MITTON Associate Professor of Foreign Languages 1930-1974 March 25. 1974203 ABBREVIATION INDEX A.C.E.I. P.S.E.A. Association of Childhood Education International Pennsylvania Student Education Association CE.C. S.O.S. Council for Exceptional Children Student Organization for Safety P.S.A.S.G. Pennsylvania State Association for Student Government SENIOR DIRECTORY Abel, Diane S.—Harrisburg. Pa.: Elementary Special Ed.; Majorette, String Ensemble. Sigma Phi Delta. Orchestra. Abraham, Samuel 2.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Ackerson, Karen J.—Elysburg, Pa.; Educational Media; Delta Phi Eta. Adelman, Richard D. Albin, Robert B.—Lancaster, Pa.; Art Education. Atessl, Margaret E.—Bala-Cynwyd. Pa.; Educational Media. Allen, Christine E.—Moscow. Pa.; Art Education; Art Club, Sigma Phi Delta. Majorette. Allen, Nathan—Philadelphia. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Allison, Joy E.—Manchester. Pa.; Educational Media; Intramurals. Alpha Beta Alpha. Amspacher, David K.—Stewartstown. Pa.; Elementary. Amspacher, Vicki J.—Stewartstown. Pa.; Elementary. Andersen, Susan J.—Cinnaminson, N.J.; Secondary; Cltamard, Spanish Club Class of 1974 (Historian). Anderson, Dana S.—Red Lion. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Anderson, Georg-Etta—Carlisle, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Anderson, Pamela J.—Chester, Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Pan Hellenic Council. Mermettes, Kappa Delta Phi, Pep Club. Newman Club. PSEA. CEC. Androkites, Anise M.—Norristown. Pa.; Liberal Arts; PSEA (corresponding secretary). Math Club. Women's Chorus (secretary, treasurer). United Campus Ministry, Newman Club. SNAPPER. Angelisanti, Marie—Reading, Pa.; Secondary: German Club. Choir. Delta Phi Alpha. Junior Year Abroad. Anonla, Patricia L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Anttonen, Judith S.—Millersvillo. Pa.; Elementary. Aplchella, Anthony L., Jr.—Boothwyn. Pa.; Educational Media. Arnold, Pamela J.—Hazleton. Pa.; Secondary; English Club (treasurer). George Street Carnival, Pi Delta Epsilon. Aschlnger, Jacqueline S.—Mechanicsburg. Pa.; Secondary. Ashton, Nancy L.—Trevose. Pa.; Elementary. Asplin, Thomas H.—Lancaster. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society. Athey, Jean M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Audi. Cathy A.—Scranton. Pa.; Elementary; Sigma Phi Omega. Intramural Committee. Ault, Deborah J.—Mountvllle. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; CEC. Back, Paula D.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Special Education. Bacon. Gregory L.—York. Pa.; Secondary; Studont Senate. Alpha Phi Omega (vice president), Executive Committee, Student Grievance Committee (chairman) Faculty-Judiciary Committee. Supreme Court Committee. Baker, Alan E.—Millersburg. Pa.; Elementary. Baker. Joffrey A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Baker, Louann E.—Liberty. N.Y.; Secondary; Lacrosse. Baker, Terry L—Denver. Pa.; Secondary; College Choir, Tennis. All-Campus Musical. Baley. Eloise C.—Columbia. N.J.; Art Education. Balog. Susan M.—Lebanon. Pa.; Secondary; PSEA. Bancala. Daria—Scranton. Pa.; Elementary. Bankes, Sharon J.—Reading. Pa.; Elementary; Delta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. PSEA. Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Barbacane, Joseph D.—Chester. Pa.; Liboral Arts; Relief Head Resident. Barbers. James B.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Intramurals. Barchet, Susan L.—Lowisburg. Pa.; Elementary; College Band. Lo Cercle Francals. Oriontation Committee. Studont Sonate. Zeta Gamma Phi. Bare, Susan K.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elomonlary Spocial Ed. Barger, Martin D.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; College Union Board. Mu Alpha Kappa. Wrestling. Barnett, Patrick T.—Willingboro. N.J.; Industrial Arts. Barr, Michael K.—Chester. Pa.; Elementary. Barton, Rebecca A.—Lancaster. Pa.: Elementary. Baum. Robccca A.—Elkins Park, Pa.; Educational Media; Archery Club. Bavlngton, Barbara M.—Harrisburg, Pa.: Elementary Special Ed.; CEC. Bear, Joanne L.—Carlisle. Pa.; Secondary; Social Studies Club. Beard. Patricia A.—Manheim. Pa.: Elomcntary; SNAPPER, Wrestling Belles. Bechtel, Charles M. Beck, Karen L.—York. Pa.; Secondary. Beegle, Vicki J.—Bodlord. Pa.: Educational Media. Beers, Richard A.—Holtwood. Pa.; Liboral Arts; Philosophy Club. Behrle, Margaret J.—Drcxol Hill. Pa.; Elemontary. Bell. Susan G.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elemontary Special Ed. Bellman, Nancy J.—Reading. Pa.; Elemontary; PSEA. Delta Phi Eta, Bender, Jeannine M.—Salunga. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Concert Band. Benjamin, Deborah K.—McAdoo. Pa.; Art Education; Dolphin Club. College Union Board. Sigma Phi Delta, Art Club, Delta Phi Eta. Benner, Debra A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Dolphin Club. Psychology Club. Sigma Phi Omega (recording secrotary). Gymnastics Club. 8ennett, Linda L.—Harrisburg, Pa.; Art Education: Concert Band. Bennett. Sally H.—Columbia. Pa.; Liboral Arts: Commuting Studonts' Association. Campus Peace Coalition. Berger, Brent S.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary. Berger. Kirk T.—Shillington, Pa.; Elementary Bergmann, Janet L.—Sparta. N.J.; Art Education; Art Club. ACEI. PSEA, Folk Dancing Club (secretary). Intramurals. Bergmann. Klaus W.—Lititz. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Berich, Anthony 0.—Yeagertown. Pa.; Elementary; Mu Alpha Kappa. Men's Intramurals. Football (student director). Berke, Rochelle S.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Bermel. Barbara E.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Commuting Students' Association (secretary-treasurer). Berry, Linda J.—Newtown, Pa.; Elementary; PSEA. Venture Club. Intramurals. Best. Thomas K.—Millersville, Pa.; Elementary; Omicron Gamma Omega. ACEI. Band. Swimming. Biagio, Christine M.—Washington Boro. Pa Art Education Biedrzycki, Henry F.—Lititz, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Billy, Teresa A.—Middletown. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; CEC. Binkley. Carol A.—Columbia. Pa.; Elementary; CEC. Birkinshaw, Joanne L.—North Hills. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Sociology Club. Bishop, Sally L.—Lansdale. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Omega Theta Sigma. Bissert, Ruth A.—Yardley, Pa.; Special Education; PSEA. CEC. Black, Alicia L.—Sinking Spring. Pa.; Dental Hygiene. Blandy, Glen K.—Millersville. Pa.; Art Education. Boianelli, Vincent L.. Jr.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Secondary. Boland, John C.—Jonestown. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Bolton, Mary W.—York. Pa.; Secondary. Bomberger. Audrey S. Booth, Diane A.—Aldan. Pa.; Elementary; Dolphin Club (president). Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Bortree, George W.—West Chester; Industrial Arts; Phi Sigma PI. Industrial Arts Honor Society, Industrial Arts Society. 8owers. Alletta M.—Middletown. Pa.; Educational Media Bowling, Linda S.—Waynesboro. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Boyce. Eugene E.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Boyd. Jo Anne—Millersville. Pa.; Art Education. Boyd, Ruth M.—Lansdowne. Pa.; Elomentary. Boyer, Cheryl L. Boyer, Geraldlno H. Boyer, Paul C., Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma Bradley. Jeffrey R.—East Potorsburg. Pa.; Secondary; Track. Cross-Country. Gamma Pi. "All-Amorican" Cross-Country. Brady, Raymond M.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Educational Media; Track. Cross-Country. Intramural Tennis. Student Guide.Brantley, Elspeth J.—Manheim, Pa.: Art Education. Bratton, Lorraine K.—McVeytown. Pa.; Secondary: Kappa Delta Phi (president). Braun. Sandra M. -Harrisburg, Pa.; Elementary. Breaden. Rebecca J.—Springfield. Pa.; Elementary; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Breen, Barbara M. Brendle, Joyce A.—Palmyra. Pa.; Elementary: PSEA Breneisen, Rebecca—Millersville, Pa.; Public School Nursing. Brenner, Debra J.—Conestoga, Pa.; Elementary Brenner, Rebecca M.—York. Pa.; Elementary. Bretherlck, Henry D.. Jr.—Hummelstown. Pa.; Secondary; Condenser Editor. American Chemical Society. Breuninger. William M., Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Brewer. Charles A.—Springfield. Pa.: Secondary: Wickers. Wrestling. Studont Senato, College Union Board. Brlcktey, Michael J.—Cleona, Pa.; Elementary; Baseball, Wing President. Intramurals. Briggs, David W.—Lancaster. Pa. Brlghlblll, Deborah A.-Harrisburg, Pa.; Elementary Special Ed. Brinkman, Paul E.—Rod Lion. Pa. Brlttingham, Bruce P.—Feastervllle. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Gamma Pi. Industrial Arts Society. Epsilon Pi Tau. Brown, George T.—Hummelstown. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Brown, Helen L. J.—Lancaster. Pa. Brown. Joyce T.—Nottingham, Pa.: Secondary. Brown. Kenneth R.—Stroudsburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Brown, Mark E.—Mill Creek, Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Society. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Brown. Nancy J.—Douglassville, Pa.; Secondary; Gorman Club. Outing Club. Junior Year Abroad. Brownell, David W.—Starrucca. Pa,; Industrial Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma. Bruckart, Rebecca N.—Columbia, Pa.: Elementary Special Ed.; Project Guide. Women's Chorus. Omega Theta Sigma (treasurer), CEC. Bruckhart, John M.—Palmyra, Pa.; Art Education; College Choir, Art Students Organization (president). Bucha. Agnesann M.—Whitehall. Pa.; Elementary: Intramurals. ACEI. Newman Club. 8uchanan, Eileen L.—Marietta. Pa.: Elementary; Cora Bitner Music Award, Collogo Choir. Phi Lambda Sigma (treasurer). ACEt, Women's Chorus. Colorguard. Bucher, Barry W.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liboral Arts. Bucher. Joan E.—Gettysburg, Pa.; Elomontary; Band. PSEA. Bucher, Ruth A.—Dover. Pa.: Secondary. Buck. Barry P.—Stevens, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Buckwaltor. Leon E.—Lancaster, Pa.: Industrial Arts. Bugden, Joseph E.—Shenandoah. Pa.; Secondary. Bupp, Ricky L.—York. Pa.; Liboral Arts; Delta Sigma Chi. Burdette. Paul T.—Conestoga. Pa.: Secondary. Burke. Patricia L.—Yeadon. Pa.; Elomontary: Sigma Phi Delta. Burke, Richard F.—Pottstown. Pa.; Elemontary Spoclal Ed.; Pep Club. Froshman Council, Gamma PI. Vonturo Club. College Union Board. CEC, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. Burket, Sandra L.—East Petersburg, Pa.; Elementary. Burkhardt. Charles O.—Hazleton, Pa.; Art Education. Burkhart, Lois S.—Ephrata. Pa.; Elemontary Educatlonal Media; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Burkholder, Deborah A.—Reading. Mass.; Elementary Special Ed. Bums, Beverly A.—Brookhaven. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Project Guide. Hotline. Student Representative to Faculty Committee of Sociology-Anthropology. Butler, B. Jeanne—Hershey. Pa.; Elementary. 8utler, Keith D.—Allentown. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Entomology Club. Priority, Gamma Pi. Phi Sigma Pi. Archery Club. Butzer, Frank L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Cahill, Denise—Hatboro. Pa.; Elementary. Cain. Dennis F.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Calderoni, RoseAnn—-Wallingford. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Intramurals. CEC. ACEI, Project Guido. Callan, Paul D.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Basketball. Project Guide. CEC. Psychology Club. Calvert, David S.—Station Hill, Pa.; Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society. Intramurals. Congratulations to 1974 Graduates Rhodes Pharmacy T TELE FLORA Millersville Center Phone 872-5448 Millersville’s Complete Drug Store Come in and browse The Village Flower Shop 555 Manor Avenue Millersville. Pa. 17551 872-8832 MANNY’S PIZZA 1lowers for every occasion “The Specials Place” HOSPITALS BIRTHDAYS 102 North George Street ANNIVERSARIES DANCES 872-4421 I 205 Campbell. Linda A.—Willow Grove. Pa.; Elcmonlary: Dolphin Club (treasurer, student adviser). Women's Chorus. Sigma Phi Dolta. Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Campbell. Mahlon C.—Lancaster, Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Honor Society. Campbell. Robert E.—Lancaster. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Society. Canter, Juno L.—Willow Street. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Carbine. Joseph K.—Wyncote. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society, Wrestling, Sigma Epsilon Beta (treasurer). Carey. Thomas F.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Carr. Jennlter S.—Phocnlxvlllo. Pa.; Elementary: Pop Club. Cinder ellas. Intramurals. All-Campus Musical. Carr. Linda A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary; Delta Phi Eta Spanish Club. Dean's List. Pan American Day, Language Lab Assistant. Carson. Thelma —Lancaster. Pa. Caskey. Thomas E.—Lititz. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Catania. Joseph A.. Jr.—Trooper. Pa ; Industrial Arts. Cauler, Gary L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Cawley. Paul F.—Pnrksidc. Pa.: Elomontary; Wickers, Baseball. Censl. Linda Ann—Philadelphia. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Ceperich, Florence M.—Stoelton. Pa.: Secondary; Dean's List. Omega Theta Sigma. Pan Hellenic Council, College Union Board. Spanish Club. Chamberlain, Victoria Chamberlin. Nancy G. Chambers. Eva F.—Lancaster. Pa Charles. Doris L.—Leola. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Charles. Jonathan E.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Mennonile Student Fellowship. Christensen. John R.—Philadelphia, Pa. Churach. Judith A.—Pottstown. Pa.; Art Education: Art Students Organization. Cltamard (secretary). Cicak, John P.—New Britain. Pa. Clark, Brenda S.—Lititz, Pa.; Secondary. Clark. Janice M.—Doylestown. Pa.; Elementary; Folk Dancing Club. Newman Club (recording secretary). Intramurals. ACEI, Project Guido. Dean's List. Dolta Phi Eta Cleaver, Susan—Reading. Pa.; Elementary. Clemens. Robert B.—Harloysvllto. Pa.; Elementary; ACEI. CEC. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Dean's List. Clevenger, Gwen A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Cllno, Linda R.—New Cumberland. Pa.; Educational Modia: Alpha Beta Alpha. Archery Club. Clinton, Joan L.—Chestnut Hill. Pa.; Elementary. Clouser. Jane E. G.—Highspire, Pa.; Elementary. Cluck. Kathleen J.—Lancaster. Pa.; Dean's List. Women's Chorus Cochran. Donavee J.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Cohn, Nancy W.--Havre De Grace. Md.; Elementary; Dean's List. Coleman. Leah A.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary Spocial Ed.: Kappa Dolta Phi. Project Guido, Mermettes. Confair, Richard J.—Swoyersvillo. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Conlln. Judith W.—Brunnorville. Pa.; Secondary. Contract, J. Elaine—Hummelstown, Pa.; Elemontary Special Ed.; CEC. Cook. Cathy L.—Maple Glen, Pa.; Elementary; Sigma Phi Delta. Doan's List. Coombs, Thomas R.—Woodlyn. Pa.; Elementary. Cooper. Ruth P.—Lancaster, Pa.; Art Education. Cordone. Frances C.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Rho Lambda Phi. Corts. Sharon J.—Trevose. Pa.; Secondary: Chorus. TOUCHSTONE. Intramurals. Mu Kappa Mu. PSEA. Cotton. Steven R.—East Brunswick. N.J.; Elementary. Cowan. James D.—Millersville, Pa,; Liberal Arts Cox. James M.—Lititz. Pa.; Elementary; CEC. Dean's List. Craig. Marsha J.—Horsham. Pa.; Secondary: Pan American Day. College Choir. Womon's Chorus. Dean's List. Cravins. Margaret Cripps. Christine A. West Chester. Pa.; Elementary. Crone. Janis L.—Shamokin. Pa.; Secondary; PSEA Women’s Chorus. Math Club. Math Chairman's List. Crowl. Richard L.—Now Park. Pa.; Secondary; College Choir, Rod and Gun Club. Intramurals. Crumllng. Barbara L.—York. Pa : Elementary; Mormottes. Wrestling Belles. Koppa Dolta Phi, Pop Club. PSEA. Csiszar. Agnes M.—Lansdowne. Pa.; Elemontary; Dean's List. Food and Housing Committee. ACEI. Resident AssistantCuff, Virginia M.—New Cumberland. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Dean’s List. French Club. Cummings. Peter—Lancaster. Pa,: Liberal Arts. Curran. William D.—Altoona. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Sigma Epsilon Bota. Czemiak, Louise C.—Newtown. Pa.: Secondary. Dalesandro. Doreen—Hazleton. Pa. Daniel, Constance M.—Pottstown, Pa. Secondary; Newman Club. French Club. Xenophile. PSEA, Resident Assistant, TOUCHSTONE. Danner, Shirley A.—Strasburg. Pa.; Elementary: Dean's List. Danovich, Teresa M.—Yeadon. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Dare, James E.—Chester. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Psychology Club. Tennis. Dean's List. Intramural Representative. Resident Men's Association. Sociology Club. Dasch. Janice J.—Monroeville. Pa.: Elementary: Kappa Delta Phi. Daughton, Pamela L.—Peach Bottom. Pa : Educational Media. Dautrich, Shirley A.—Reading. Pa.: Public School Nursing. Davis. Gwen E. Newtown Squaro. Pa.; Art Education; Orchestra. String Ensemble. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Davis. Harry S.—Frackville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Davis, Sally A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elomentary. Davison. Kathleen R.—Fairless Hills. Pa.; Art Education. Deck. Miriam J.—Milton. Pa.: Elementary: Doan's List. Deckard. Daniel N.—Newport. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Chi Gamma lota. Roddy Scientific Socioty, Balloon Ascension Club, Campus Crusade for Christ. Dehoff, Rebeca J. -Spring Grove. Pa.: Liboral Arts: Math Club, Phi Lambda Sigma. Demmy. Carol L. -Ephrata, Pa ; Elementary: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Dengler. Debra L.—Lebanon. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Derkac. Ocnise E.- -Easton. Pa Elementary; ACEI. Dean's List. Devlin, Robert F.—Philadelphia, Pa ; Liboral Arts: Intramurals. Doan's List. Psychology Club. Diamandaras, Charles -Lancaster. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Dlckerscheid, Thomas G.—Ephrata. Pa.; Elomentary. Dickorson. Theodore L.. Jr.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Liboral Arts; Black Students Association (treasurer), WMSR. Black Student Association Scholarship Award. Intramurals. Dieflenbach. Alan W.—Aldan. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Sigma Epsilon Beta. Diehl. Nancy L.—-Boiling Springs. Pa.: Educational Media. Diener. Sherry E.—Boyortown. Pa.: Medical Technology: Dean's List. Intramurals. Dilorenzo, Daniel A.—Bristol, Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Gamma Pi. Dilworth. Martha E.—Downingtown. Pa.: Special Education; Sigma Phi Omega. D'lmporio. Marianne B.—Philadelphia. Pa.: Secondary; Dolphin Club. Kappa Dolta Phi. Dingle. Donna V.—Ardmore. Pa. Dings. Joan M.—Lancaster, Pa.: Elementary. DiNicolanlonio. Joseph D.—Philadelphia. Pa.: Liberal Arts; Psychology Club. DiPrima. Karen S.—Lansdowne. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Color Guard. Wrestling Bellos, Sigma Phi Dolta. Dodson. Samuel R., Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary; Project Guide (vice president). Doherty, Dianne S.—Ephrata. Pa Liberal Arts: College Choir, Concert Band. Dolan. Mark H.—Mlllersville, Pa.; Elementary. Dombach. Betsy S.—Lancaster, Pa.; Secondary. Dombach, James S.—Leola, Pa.: Liberal Arts. Donohue. Patricia A.—Philadelphia. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Aesculapian Society. Newman Club. Kappa Alpha Tau. Dopko, William R.—Taylor. Pa.: Industrial Arts: SNAPPER (business manager), Industrial Arts Society. PSEA. Dorfman, Sheila E.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary; PSEA, ACEI. Project Guide, Jewish Student Association, Wrestling Belles. Freshman Guide. Dougherty, Dennis B. A.—Lincoln University. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Dougherty. Diane J. -Rye. N Y.; Elomontary Dougherty. James L. Norristown. Pa.: Secondary; German Club. Dougherty. James P.—Norristown. Pa.: Elementary. Dougherty. Mary C.—Camp Hill, Pa.; Elementary. Downes. Charles E.. Jr.—Folsom. Pa.. Elementary207 Orace. Marlene L.—Mount Joy. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Dracoules. Augustus L. Dread. Richard A.—Lancaster Pa.; Elementary: Student Senate. President's Advisory Council, Black Student Association, Off-Campus Housing, Boxing Club. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Drennen, Donna L.—Oxford. Pa.; Art Education. Drescher, Carol L.—Palmyra. Pa.; Elementary: Delta Phi Eta. Honor Student. Gamma Sigma Alpha Drescher, Robert E.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Economics Club (treasurer). Phi Sigma Pi. Student Senate. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Dean's List. Druckenmiller, Richard L.—Williamsport, Pa.; Secondary: Omicron Gamma Omega. Drummer, Diane E.—Dover. Pa.; Elementary. Duarte. Alan R.—Marietta. Pa.; Elementary. Dudzinski. Susan A.—Camp Hill. Pa.; Elementary: PSEA. Cheerleader (co-captain). Duffy, Patricia M.—Southampton. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Duncan. Deborah C.—Lansdowne. Pa.; Secondary. Dunfee, Wilma J.—New Holland. Pa.; Secondary. Dunkle, Ellen W.—Lititz. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Psychology Club Dwyer. Dona L.—Pennsville. N.J.; Industrial Arts; Field Hockey. Cin-derellas (treasurer). Industrial Arts Society. Eagle, James R.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Secondary Eberty, Scott W.—Ephrata. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Eccles, Catherine E.—Clifton Heights. Pa.; Elementary. Ecker, Thomas G.—Pottsville. Pa.; Secondary; Track. Cross Country. Track Club. Eckert, Evelyne I.—Horshcy, Pa.; Elementary. Eckert. Patrice M.—Mlllersvlllo. Pa ; Secondary Eddy, John A.—Lansdowno. Pa. Secondary. Edelman, Elizabeth A.—Royersford. Pa.; Educalional Media; Alpha Beta Alpha. Womon's Chorus. Symphonic Band, Coilcgo-Communily Orchestra. Association of Women Students (secretary). Dolla Phi Eta. Egee. Thomas B.—Coltingdale. Pa. Egner, Drue E.—Berwick, Pa ; Secondary. Ehrhorn, Elizaboth ML Gretna. Pa : Liberal Arts. Eldredge, Eunice V. M. -Lancaster, Pa.; Art Education. Ellis, Robort W.—Millersville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Ellis, William I.—Cornwolls Heights. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Emig. Jeffrey L.—York. Pa.; Secondary. Enck, Margaret—Mochanicsburg. Pa Engel. Herman J. Engle. Dennis D.—Ephrata. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Choir. Epler, Kathleen D.—Columbia. Pa.; Elcmcntary Educational Media; WMSR. Alpha Beta Alpha. Pep Club. Eppley, Frances M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Erickson, Susan A.—Huntingdon Valley. P3-; Secondary. Ernesto, D. Maxine Eshelman. Denise J.—Mount Joy. Pa.; Elementary. Evancoe, Paul R.—Akron. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Evans. Diane F.—Chester. Pa.; Secondary: Student Senate. Collego Union Board (secretary of Operations Committee, social chairman). BLACK AND GOLD. Student Services Inc. (board of directors). Political Science Organization. Evans. Joy A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Fahs, Richard W.. II—York. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Mu Alpha Kappa Farleigh, John W.—Lonsdale. Pa.. Secondary Farmer. Paul G.—Elizabelhtown. Pa. Farmer. Sandra L—Elizabethtown. Pa. Faschlng. James F.—North Catasauqua. Pa.: Liboral Arts Alpha Phi Omega (treasurer, pledgomaster). Wrestling. Resident Men's Association. SNAPPER. Intramurals. Fodole. Deborah A.—King of Prussia. Pa. Elomcntary Special Ed Nowman Club. Omega Theta Sigma (vico president). Feoncy. Karyn A.—Feasterville. Pa.; Elementary; Doan's List. Felman, Harvey L.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Liboral Arts; Jowish Student Association (treasurer). Chi Gamma lota. Fenstomaker. Neil J.—Lancaster. Pa.: Secondary See Us At Halftime Across From The Football Field THE SUGAR BOWL Subs. Hamburgers, Steaks Sandwiches. French Fries. Ice Cream Sundaes Floats Drinks of all Kinds 872-4822 10 Colonial Avenue Millersville, Pa. Charles Wienekc 717-872-5521Fetterolf, Therese R.—Harrisburg, Pa : Liberal Arts. Fichtner. Timothy P.—Willow Street. Pa.; Industrial Arts Fink. Robert J., Jr.—Southampton. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Firestone. Denny L.—York. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Tennis. Fisher. Donna M.—Ephrata. Pa.; Elementary; Venture Club. Coordinator tor Gym (or Exceptional Children. Intramurals. Fisher. Judy B.—Cochranville. Pa.; Elementary; Marching Band. Concert Band. Stage Band. Fisher. Patrick M.—Malvorn. Pa.; Secondary. Fitzgerald. Patricia J.—Reading. Pa.; Elementary; Women’s Chorus. CEC. Fitzpatrick. Pamela A.—Ambler. Pa.; Secondary; Math Club, All-Campus Musical. Mu Sigma Rho. WMSR. Dean’s List. Flurl, Patricia M.—Hazleton. Pa.: Elementary; Spanish Club. Flynn. Richard M.-—Gloucester City. N.J.; Liberal Arts; Student Senate (president). SNAPPER. Commonwealth Association of Studonts. Headliner Award. Phi Sigma Pi. Newman Club. Political Science Organi-zation, Dean’s List. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Focht, Beverly A.—West Point. Pa.; Art Education. Ford. Anne F.—Moylan. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Intramurals. Ford, Phyllis M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Art Education: Black Students Association, Student Intorest Organization. Forry. Frederick 0.—Myorstown. Pa.. Industrial Arts: College Choir. Industrial Arts Society (secretary, president). Pennsylvania College Student In Industrial Arts (president). Forsythe. Temple S.—Paoli. Pa.. Liboral Arts Forte, Susan G.—Dreshcr, Pa.; Liboral Arts; Kappa Delta Phi. Fosselman, Frances R.—Newport. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Foster. Joseph S.—Maple Glen. Pa.; Liboral Arts: Mu Alpha Kappa. Inter-Fraternity Council. College Union Board. College Choir. Foster. Judith A.—Millersville. Pa.; Elementary: Sigma Phi Omega. Foster, Marlys—West Collingswood, N. J.; Elemontary; ACEI. Sigma Phi Delta. Wrestling Belles. Student Guide. Foster, Thomas J.—Lebanon. Pa .; Educational Media. Francis, Ann R. Fratti, Susan M.—Hershey. Pa.; Elementary. Frazier, Laura G.—Neptune City. N. J.; Elomentary Education Media; Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Dormitory President. Association of Women Students (Central Council). Dean's List. Rod and Gun Club (vice president). Resident Assistant. Freer. Patricia E.—Drexel Hill, Pa.: Elomentary; Zeta Gamma Phi. ACEI. PSEA. Cindcrellas. Dean’s List. Intramurals. Freidly, Sandra K.—Lancaster. Pa : Secondary. Frey. Barry E.—Conestoga. Pa. Liboral Arts; George Street Carnival. Citamard. English Club. SNAPPER. Dean's List. Frey. Jacqueline—Langhorne. Pa.; Special Education; Choir, CEC. MENC. Frey. Norman A.. Jr.—Lehighton. Pa. Friedrichs. Maria E.—Folsom. Pa.. Elementary: Wrestling Belles (secretary). Pep Club. SNAPPER. Frymyer. John H.—Lampeter Pa : Liberal Arts. Fuller. Michael L.—Lancaster. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Fye. Carol A.—Chester. Pa.; Art Education Ganlz. Franklin.—Middletown Pa.; Elementary. Garber. Jay C.—Lancaster. Pa. Gardner. Jessica A.—Finksburg. Md : Liberal Arts: Dean's List. Foreign Language Floor. Gardner, Patricia Philadelphia. Pa : Elementary. Garganes, Raymond—Hershey. Pa.. Secondary. Garman. Karen E.—Lebanon Pa.; Liberal Arts; Entomology Club. Priority, Roddy Scientific Society. Garner. Elizabeth J.—Camp Hill. Pa : Liberal Arts Garner. Gloria M.—Lancaster. Pa : Secondary. Garrick. John R. Garrott. Mary F.—Hagerstown. Md ; Elementary Special Ed.; Intramurals. Gaugler. Deborah A.—Millersville. Pa.: Elementary; Dean’s List. PSEA. Gavin, Anne N.—Levittown. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Geise. Mary A.—Sunbury, Pa Secondary; Intramurals. Mcrmettes. Pep Club. Googhegen. Patricia—Philadelphia. Pa. George. Edna M.—Harrisburg. Pa George. Goorge W.—Lancaster. Pa. Gerberich. Patricia A.—Jonestown. Pa; Secondary; Phi Lambda Sigma. PSEA. Spanish Club. Gesford. Connie C.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Secondary; Dean’s List. English Club. PSEA. Gettle. Sandra M.—Lobanon. Pa.; Secondary; Priority. Entomology Club. Marching Band. Symphonic Band. Phi Lambda Sigma. Dean's List. Getty. Samuel F.—Millerstown. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Getz, Larry—Denver, Pa.; Elementary; International Folk Dancing Club( president). ACEI. Getz. Thomas W.—Elm. Pa.; Elementary. Glambatvo. JoAnn K.—York. Pa.; Secondary. Giampa. Francis W.—Lancaster. Pa. Giantomass. Carolo M.—Bristol, Pa,; Elementary; Kappa Alpha Tau. ACEI. PSEA. Glbason. Diane M.—Lititz. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Gibb. Robert J.—Red Lion. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Intramurals. Gilbert, Bethn 0.—Millersville. Pa.; Elemontary: Dean's List. PSEA. Gilbert. Cheryl A.—West Chester. Pa.; Secondary: Phi Lambda Sigma. WMSR. Gilbert, Robert W.—Hatboro. Pa.. Industrial Arts. Gill, Hollis A.—Coatesvlllo, Pa.; Elementary: Women's Chorus. Gilmore, Robert A.—Steelton. Pa.; Elementary. Gimbernat, Janice B.—Konnett Squaro, Pa.; Elemontary; Project Guide. ACEI. Gingrich. Dean A.—Lancaster, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Phi Sigma PI. Geology Club. Roddy Science Society. Nowman Club. Gingrich, Kathy A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary; Nowman Club. ACEI. Delta Phi Eta. Girvln, Shirley E. W.—Smoketown, Pa.; Elementary. Givler, George E.—Ephrata. Pa.; Elomentary. Goldstein, Rochelle S.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Art Education; Laboratory Assistant. Gordon. Edward A.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Elementary. Gordon, Larry K.—Brownstown, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Gorman, Martha A.—Bedford, Pa.; Educational Media Liberal Arts: Alpha Beta Alpha (corresponding secretary, parliamentarian). Zeta Gamma Phi (parliamentarian, treasurer). Women’s Chorus. Newman Club, Resident Assistant. Gotwald. Harold L.—Parkland. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Graber, Joan C.—Churchvilto. Pa.; Secondary. Grace, Linda L.—Pottstown. Pa.; Secondary; Kappa Phi Epsilon (corresponding secretary), SNAPPER. Doan’s List. Graeff, Chris—Greensburg. Pa.; Secondary. Graff. Holly H. Grahek. Steven P.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liboral Arts. Grant. A. James. III.—Media. Pa.; Elementary. Grant, Roderick C.—Columbia. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Graybill. Daniel B.. III.—East Petersburg. Pa.; Elomentary. Green, Ann M.—Jersoy Shore. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Sociology-Social Work Club. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Campus Crusade for Christ. Green. Ellen F.—Springfield. Pa.; Elementary. Green. Jonathan J. P.—Leola. Pa.; Elementary. Grecnborg. Andrea H.—Levittown. Pa.; Special Education Greonwald. Anne M.—Norristown. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sociology-Social Work Club. Jewish Student Association. Greth. Lynn M. A.—Springfield. Pa.; Art Education; Zeta Gamma Phi. Art Students Organization, Orientation Committee. Intramurals. Greth. Rodney R.—Laureldale Pa.; Secondary; Resident Men’s Association. Dean's List. Griffin. Sarah A.—New Oxford. Pa.; Elementary Griffith. Patricia C.—Broomall. Pa.; Elementary; Honor Roll. Intramurals. Griffith. William A.—York. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Sigma Chi Grim. Michael C.—Shillmgton. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Soccer. Resident Assistant. Wickers. Dean's List. Mathematics Honor Roll. Grimm. Susan A.—Willow Street. Pa.: Educational Media; Classics Club. Campus Gold (secretary, vice president, president). Commuting Students Association (vice president). Coliego Union Board. Gring. Edna M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Educational Media. Gross. Peter M.—York. Pa.; Liberal Arts; SNAPPER. TOUCHSTONE. Grube, Gerald L.—Lititz. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Gruber, Juliette W. Guerber. Jane L.—West Chester. Pa.; Art Education. Guidotti, Mary T,—Lovittown, Pa.: Art Education; Newman Club. Art Students Association (secretary). Guldin. Nancy F.—Shlllington. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Delta Phi (president). Pan Hollcnic Council. Dean's List. Gusler, Linda 8.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Art Education. Gust, Judith A.—Catasauqua. Pa.; Elementary; Dean's List. Guthrie. Brian F.—Media. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Soccer. Alpha Sigma Chi. Guzzo, Michael S.—Aston. Pa.; Elementary. Hafer. Thomas F.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts.209 Hagadorn. Jill E.—Newtown Square. Pa.; Elementary; Kappa Delta Phi (treasurer), Dolphins. String Ensemble, Wrestling Belles. Mer-mottes. Hockey (co-captain). Orchestra. Pep Club. Hager, Denise.—Doylestown. Pa.; Elementary. Hagey. Deborah A.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary; CEC. International Folk Dancing Club. College Choir. Dean's List. Hagey, Steven E.—Kinlorsvlllc. Pa.; Liberal Arts: International Folk Dancing Club. Dean's List. Resident Assistant. Hahn, Deborah C.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary; Dean's List. Mary Slokum Sproul Prize. SNAPPER. Haldeman, Stephen E.—Bird-in-Hand, Pa.; Secondary. Hall, David R. Hall, Ralph H., Jr.—Marysville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Hamburg. Donna L.—Droshe, Pa.; Secondary; Project Guide, PSEA, Math Club. Hamlll, Jane—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary; ACEI. Dean's List. Hamlll, Joan—Philadelphia. Pa.; Art Education; Art Students Organization. Harding, Frederick A.—Lancaster, Pa.; Industrial Arts. Harmon, Leta G.—Feasterville. Pa.; Elementary. Harner, Karen L.—Fairview Village. Pa.; Elementary Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (secretary). Harper, Margaret A.—Havertown. Pa.; Educational Media: Alpha Bota Alpha. Social Studies Club. Hartman, Kenneth I.—Reading. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Dolta Sigma Chi (vice president). Hartman. Michael J.—Lebanon. Pa.; Art Education Hartenstine. Phillip G.—East Petersburg. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Harvey. Todd D.—Laughintown, Pa.; Elcmontary; Omicron Gamma Omega. Hasson. Kate L.—Reading, Pa Elementary Special Ed.; CEC. Rho Lambda Phi (treasurer, vice president, historian), Doan's List. Hastings. Cheryl—Levittown. Pa.; Elementary; Citamard, Judicial Board. Haverly. Kathryn A.—Millersvillo, Pa.; Art Education. Hawk. Barbara A. F.—Enola. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Hawk. Susan A.—Lchighton. Pa.; Educational Modia; Alpha Beta Alpha (treasurer), Delta Phi Eta. Beatrice U Datosman Award, Dean's List. Haynes. Bruce I.—Penndel. Pa.; Elementary. Hayes, Marjorie S.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elomontary. Heborlein, Michael A.—Mlllersville. Pa.; Liboral Arts. Hoborling, Linda L.—Temple. Pa.: Liboral Arts. Heilman, Gail L.—Lebanon. Pa.: Elomontary. Heller, Suzanne M.—Reading. Pa.; Elomentary; Women’s Chorus. Delta Phi Eta, Intramurals. Helm. Joseph M.—Mount Joy. Pa.; Liboral Arts. Hench. Taryn P.—New Cumberland. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Hcnkle, Patricia J.—Aston. Pa Elementary; Basketball, Lacrosse. Kappa Phi Epsilon. Henne. Rowena F.—Bornvillo. Pa.: Elementary; NEA. Henry, Ann E. Henry, Jonathan L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary Henry, Karen C. -Shipponsburg. Pa.; Elementary; Cheorloading. Collego Choir. ACEI. 1972 Homecoming Queen. Herman, Joseph M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Herr. Elam M.—Manhoim. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Tralfic Court. Volleyball Club. Student Senate. Political Science Organization. Intramurals. Herr. Grace A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elemontary Special Ed.; Band. CEC. Herr, Thomas L.—Lancaster. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Herschell. William A.—Holmes. Pa.; Liboral Arts: Football. Hcrsh. Sharon J.--Easton Pa.; Elomontary; ACEI. Intramurals. Hershey. Dorothy A.—Manheim. Pa.; Elomontary. Horshey, Linda M. Hershey. Martha L.—Lancaster Pa.; Liberal Arts. Hess, Kathleen L.—Camp Hill, Pa.; Elementary. Hess. Lois A.—Lancaster Pa.; Dean's List, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Heuston, John A.—Roaring Spring. Pa : Liberal Arts: Golf Team. Intramurals. Dean's List. Hevorling, Robert J.—Lebanon. Pa.; Secondary; Judicial Board of Roviow. Dean's List. Pep Club Hlbbs. Ronald J.—Millersvillo, Pa.: Elomentary. Higdon. Cathy D.—Harrisburg, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Hill. Nancy—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Dean's List, Pop Club. Sophomoro Class Committee. Hill. Rebecca A.—Uniontown. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Himmelberger. Joan E.—Coopersburg. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed. We have ixvn thoroughly schooled in Mr Hu v Mode Consequently are masters of it. « .y d K hI nifiit nre exempli fit d in »ur 'inns. All • ( tli« ni tmilt tnoiir order, ami -J»vifw.iti"n- . nil--lviny all the latest improvement that lum ’ »» Fund j-i.nti aide. rcMiltitiK in idncinu licforv "iircu toiiii-r .1 fat «n| ti «t daw of footumr than tin-nv» ram-d« alt i oiler Indies’ and Gentlemen's Shoes and Oxford front 1 °° »«» Your imtronnKc kindlv solicited. Ten per cent. discount to Student M s "except on Men' liostonian at • t LYNU I SHEA, 12 North Queen St. «i-------- ADAM BOOK, UKAI.KK IN’ General MerdKindise, MIU.ERSVII.l.K. PA. Tailor-Mode Clothing A SPECIALTY. JOSEPH miss, PI lOTOGP APIll:P, Successor to KoTK. •r 0§ North Queen Street, l incaster, I n. PROMPT DELIVERY ANI FITS GUARANTEED. 5 per cent, discount to Students Wc make a Specialty of STl'DHNT WORK and guarantee satisfaction Hlrak. Elizabeth M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Llboral Arts; Dean’s List. Chairman’s List. Hockey. Lacrosse. Sigma Phi Omega. Band. Aosculapian Society. Hlrnelsen. Debra R.—Akron, Pa.; Secondary; PSEA. Mormettes. Kappa Dolta Phi (corresponding secretary), Mu Kappa Mu. Pi Delta Epsilon. Intramurals. Big-Little Sister Program. TOUCHSTONE. All-Campus Musical Hitzel. Lynn L.—Scotch Plains. N.J.. Elomentary Women's Chorus. Psychology Club. Hlvner. Cathy D.—Yoo, Pa.; Secondary Hodge. Marilyn D.—Ablngton. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; United Campus Ministry (secretary, presidonl), SNAPPER. Orientation Com-mittoo. Orientation Guide. Project Guide. CEC. Saturday Morning Recreation Program. Off-Campus Housing (chairman). Rosident Assistant. Forry and Hacker Award. Hoelzle, Susan M.—Lebanon. Pa.; Elementary; College Union Board. Kappa Phi Epsilon Hoffman. David H.—Blrdsboro. Pa.: Secondary; German Club. Classics Club. Band. Choir, All-Campus Musical. Dean's List. Hoffman, E. Ray. Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.: Educational Media. Hoffman. Robert J.—Akron. Pa.. Industrial Arts. Hohenadol. Kathleen L.—Columbia. Pa.; Secondary; College Choir. Commuting Student Association. Hoisington. Lewis D.—Colicgeville, Pa.: Industrial Arts. Hohl. Robert C.—Reading, Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Society. Intramurals. Hoke. Carol L. Holloway. Patricia S.—Sharon. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Entomology Club. Archery Club. Roddy Scientific Society. Holmes, Nancy G.—Easton. Pa.; Elemontary; Womon’s Chorus. Dolta Phi Eta. Intramurals. Ski Club. Doan's List. Holtzman, Susan J.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Elementary. Holzman, Donna M.—Mohnton, Pa.; Elementary: Kappa Delta Phi. Dean's List. Horn. Anna.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Hood, Kathleen C.—Elverson. Pa.; Elomentary. Hoover. Brenda F. Hoover, Marjorie J.—Wyomissing, Pa.; Elementary Pan Hellenic Council, Sigma Phi Delta. Hopkins. Sandra K.—Columbia, Pa.; Elementary. Hopkins. Mark D.—Williamsport. Pa.; Art Education. Hopper. Donald S.—Newark. Del.; Secondary. Horn. Christine M.—Columbia. Pa.; Liboral Arts; Sociology Club. Homo. Cindy J.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elemontary. Horne. Kathy L.—Willow Grove, P.v; Secondary: Resident Assistant. Choir, English Club. Horsfield. Ruth E.—Medford. N. J ; Elemontary. Horst. Mona L.—Enola. Pa : Educational Modia; Alpha 8eta Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Hostetter. Deborah L.—Mount Joy. Pa.; Educational Media; Alpha Bota Alpha. Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List. PSEA. Hottinger. Gerald W.—York. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Chi Gamma lota (recording secretary). Golf. Soccer. Intramurals. Housel. Wendy R.—Landisville. Pa.; Elementary; College Choir. Delta Phi Eta. Howard. Ronald E. Howell, Mary E.—Lititz. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Student Intern Program Hoyer, Janice L.—Wost Lawn. Pa : Elomentary; Women's Chorus. Delta Phi Eta Huber. Aria M.—Pequoa, Pa ; Secondary. Women’s Chorus. Huber. Mary K.—Pequca. Pa.; Elementary; Cheerleading. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Huber. Susan P.—Manchester. Pa.; Art Education. Hudock. Michael T.—Pottsville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Alpha Phi Omega Huff. Richard R., Jr.—Leesport. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Choir. Sociology Club. Hughes. Elizabeth A.—Lcvittown, Pa.; Educational Media Judicial Board. Association of Women Students (vice president). Dean's List. Hughes. Janet F.—Allentown. Pa.; Special Education; Sigma Phi Omega. Project Guide Hummel. Deborah L.—York. Pa.: Liberal Arts; Womon’s Chorus. SNAPPER. Resident Assistant. Hurst, Susan C.—Mount Joy. Pa.; Elementary; ACEI. Hutton, Janet L.—Medford. N.J.; Elementary; Sigma Phi Omega. Dean’s List. Hyatt. Marcia J.—Norristown. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Citamard. Project Guide (presidont). Psychology Club. Hot Line. All-Campus Musical. Sociology Club. lanna. Denise C.—Glonside. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Ingraham. Robert W.—Lancaster. Pa.; Llboral Arts. Irons, Claudia N.—Now Holland. Pa.. Liberal Arts: Art Students Organization. Isaac. John P.—Dallas. Pa.; Elemontary. Jackson, Theresa Jacobs. Stove G.—Lansford. Pa ; Elementary. Jacobs, Williams H.. Jr.—York. Pa.; Secondary. Janifer, Deniso R. Jarrett. Torry A.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Epsilon Bota. Traffic Court. Political Science Organization. Spanish Club Jennings, Joanne P.—Mlllersvlllo. Pa.; Elementary. Jensenius, John S., Jr.—York. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Phi Sigma PI (vice president), Tennis. Roddy Scientific Socioty. WMSR. Operations Board. Johnson. Douglas M.—Myerstown. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Phi Sigma Pi. Judicial Board of Review. Intramurals. Johnson, Helen G.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Johnson. John D.—East Petersburg, Pa.; Secondary. Johnson. William R.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Johnston. Scott D.—Enola. Pa.: Llboral Arts. Johnston. Susan J.—Ridley Park, Pa.: Elementary; Kappa Phi Epsilon, Pep Club, PSEA, Intramurals. Doan's List Jonos. Ginger L—Mlllorsville. Pa.; Elementary; ACEI. Intramurals. Jones. James R.—Harrisburg. Pa ; Elomentary; Gamma Pi, Baseball. Swimming, Dean's List. Jones. Lawrence G. -—Mlllorsville. Pa ; Liberal Arts: Resident Mon's Association (treasurer). Wrestling. Jones. Robert G.—Akron. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Student Senate. Col-lego Union Board (president), Rostdont Men’s Association. Jordan. Ralph A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary. Jovlnelly, Anna M. Broomall, Pa.; Elemontary Speclal Ed.; Dormitory President, Association of Women Students, Judicial Board. CEC. Student Senate, Faculty Sonato Representative. College Union Board. Rosident Assistant. Judge, Margaret A.—Mlllorsville. Pa.: Public School Nursing. Juliana. Diane M.—Now Cumberland. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Newman Club. Women’s Chorus. Juretus. Joseph K.—Whitehall. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Kaegel. Dianna L. Kaler. Cynthia A.—Williamsport. Pa.: Elemontary: Dean’s List. Kaminski, Donald. Levittown, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Kandra. Jill A.—Allentown, Pa.; Elomentary: ACEI. Summer Guide. Little Sister and Brother Program. Intramurals. Kantra, Dolores L. Kanuchok. Anselma M.—Shamokin, Pa ; Secondary; PSEA, Kappa Delta Phi. TOUCHSTONE, Mu Kappa Mu. Katosang. Salvadora T.—Godfrey. III.: Secondary. Katz. Joseph.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Kauffman, Geri D.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary. Kauffman. Judith A.—Mountville, Pa.: Elementary; Field Hockoy. Kaufmann, Linda C.—Lancaster. Pa.: Medical Technology; Kappa Delta Phi. Kegel. Shelly A.—Lititz. Pa.; Elementary. Kelchner, Rebecca L.—Elementary; Dean's List. Campus Gold. Women’s Chorus. ACEI. Keller, Ricky B.—York. Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Socioty. Kelley. Donna D. Kelly, Charlos P.—- West Chester. Pa.; Elomontary. Kelly. Jack A.—Norristown Pa.; Secondary. Kelly. James D.—Phoemxvlllo. Pa.; Secondary; Track. Cross Country. Track Club (president), Omicron Gamma Omega (treasurer), SNAPPER. Intramurals. Kennedy, James L. Kent, Victoria L. -Camp Hill. Pa.; Educational Media. Kessler. Patricia A. Kester. Kay L.—Slatington. Pa Medical Technology; Intramurals. Kestler, Thomas R.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Ketner. James R.—Schuylkill. Pa : Elementary Keyes, Linda M.—Ridley Park. Pa ; Educational Media; Zeta Gamma Phi (recording secretary). Alpha Beta Alpha (historian). Siring Ensemble. Womon's Chorus. Kiehl, Rosanne—Herndon. Pa.. Elementary Omega Theta Sigma (president). Intramurals. Kilhefner. Barbara A.—Ephrata, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Kingree, Guy V.—Lancaster, Pa.: Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society.211 Kirkpatrick. Linda L.—Springfield, Pa.: Secondary. Kittel. Sharon V.—Blue Ridgo Summit. Pa.; Art Education, Klcmick. Joll M.—Mcchonicsburg. Pn.: Secondary. Klikus, Edwin J.—Pockvillo. Pa.; Elementary: Dean's List. SMC Staft, Kllno. Robert M.—Lititz. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Klugh, Thomas L. -Stcolton. Pa.; Secondary. Knlspol. Patricia J.—Orient N.J.: Secondary; Archory Club (president). Classics Club (secretary). PSEA (president). Citamard. Association of Women Students. Dean's List. Best Comedy Award. All-Campus Musical. TOUCHSTONE. Knouso, Karl L.—Red Lion. Pa.; Secondary. Kociban. Elalno M.—Munhall. Pa.; Art Education. Art Students Organization (secretary). Gamma Sigma Alpha, PSEA, Food Representative. Art Purchasing Committee. Newman Club. Intramurals. Dean's List. Kolb. Judy A.—Lititz. Pa.; Elementary. Kondas. Eva M.—Berwyn, Pa ; Elementary. Koppenhaver. Craig E.—Millersburg Pa.; Secondary, Krajcik, Elizabeth A.—Mlllersville. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Tennis, Junior Year Abroad. Krall, Patricia A.—Lebanon. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; College Choir. CEC, Intramurals. Krape. John D.—York, Pa.; Industrial Arts. Kratz, Gary R. -Allentown. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Krause. Gwynno E.—Millersvitlo. Pa.; Secondary. Kraynak, John A.—Phoenixville, Pa.; Secondary; Track (co-captain), Cross Country, Track Club (vice president). Phi Sigma Pi. Krchnar. Michael W.—Coatesville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Krebs. Kristine—Lutherville. Md.; Liberal Arts; Collogo Union Board. Kreider. Betty J.—Lcola, Pa.; Elomontary; ACEI. Krelder, Ronald G. Akron, Pa ; Secondary; Football Kreiser. Linda L.—Hummelstown. Pa : Liberal Arts. Krlsch, Carol A.—Glenside. Pa.; Elomontary. PSEA Krout, Barbara L.—York. Pn.; Public School Nursing. Kudrikoff. Andrea.—Scranton. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Kuehner, Carol A. -Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary; Hockoy. Doan's List. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Kulman, Joanne C.—Marietta. Pa.; Educational Media Kummer, Jean S.—Doylestown. Pa.; Elementary; Women's Chorus (librarian, vice president). ACEI (treasurer), PSEA. Kurtz, Doretta A.—Roslyn. Pa : Liberal Arts; Sociology Club (secretary), Phi Lambda Sigma, Delta Phi Eta. Kurtz, John R.—Brownstown, Pa.; Secondary; Wickers. Kurtz. Robert D., Jr.—Sanatoga, Pa.; Industrial Arts Track, Wickers Intramurels. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Kurtzman. Sherryl D.—Conestoga. Pa Elomontary Kyrmas, Christine C.—Reading, Pa.; Medical Tochnology WMSR. Mu Sigma Rho (treasurer). Kuzio, Mary A.—Bethlehem, Pa ; Secondary LaCoe, Curtis C.—Summit. Pa.: Industrial Arts. Lako, Kathryn S. Columbia. Pa.; Elomontary; CEC. Lako, Marilyn J.—Norristown, Pa.; Elementary; Madrigal Singers. Womon's Chorus, Delta Phi Eta. Dormitory President. Association of Womon Studonts. Collogo Union Govorning Board. Lamb. Barbara J.—Oreland. Pa.: Elementary ACEI Lambert. Virginia L.—Lancaster, Pn ; Art Education. Art Students Organization. Kappa Dolta Phi. Landis. Gwendolyn W.—Downingtown. Pa.: Elementary. Landis, Joyce E.—Lititz. Pa.: Intorvarsity Christian Fellowship. Landis. Julie A.—Lancastor. Pa.; Elementary, Landis, Michelle L.—Lancaster. Pa. Elementary; Orientation Committee (chairman). Allocations Committee (secretary). Student Sen-ato, Kappa Delta Phi. Landis, Pamela Y.—Akron, Pa , Liberal Arts; American Chemical Society. Landolfi, Robert M.—Altoona. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Mu Alpha Kappa. Inter-Fraternity Council. Chorus. Langford. David A.—North Wales. Pa ; Secondary: Track, Resident Men's Association. Track Club. Lantz, Stanley E.—Fairtess Hills. Pa.; Elementary Lantzy, Jeffrey—Spangler. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.: Sigma Epsilon Beta. Lapp, Michael J.—East Petersburg. Pa ; Liberal Arts. Laskowski. Robert A. -Hazlet. N.J.; Liberal Arts: Mu Alpha Kappa. Laudeman. Jean A.—Shenandoah. Pa.; Elementary Educatlonal Media; All-Campus Musical. Majorette, Cinderellas (president). HOUSE OF PIZZA OPEN DAILY THE KING OF PIZZA IN MILLERSVILLE OPEN SUNDAY 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. 3 p.m. to 12 midnight 101 W. Frederick Si. Millersville, Pa. 17551 Phone 872-2131 Pizza—22 varieties Grinders—14 to choose from Sandwiches—12 to choose from Spaghetti—Hamburgers French FriesLaudermllch, Jonnlfor—Lancaster, Pa.; Elomontnry; Doan's List Lavlgno. Michael N.—Lancaster, Pa.; Llboral Arts Lynnm, Anno B. -Camp Hill. Pa.; Llboral Arts Leach, Barry R. Lonsdale. Pa.; Elomontary Spoclal Ed Loako. Dawn M. •Clifton, Pa.; Socondary: Wrostllng Bellos, Lechnor, Richard Palm, Pa. Art Education Loor. Mary N. Mlllorsburg. Pa.; Elomontary Spoclal Ed ; Sigma Phi Omoga. ACEI. PSEA. Lofcvor. Dobra J.—Strasburg, Pa.; ACEI, Doan's List Lofovor, John T. Mnnholm. Pa ; Liboral Arls. Loibhart. Michaol L.—York. Pa . Industrial Arts; Alpha Sigma Chi, Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Socloty, Lcibley, Harry J. -Lancaster. Pa.; Elomontnry. Lciby, Diane H.—Donegal Spring. Pa.; Elomontary. Lonkovlch, Loraine—Now Cumberland, Pa.; Elomontary; Color Guard Lent . Donald K.—Lancaster, Pa.; Art Education; Art Students Organization. Doan’s List, Studont Art Show Committee. Lepko. Joseph D.—Hatfield, Pa,: Secondary Lesclnskl. Mary T.—Simpson, Pa.. Art Education. Lesilsky, Cheryl L. Crumlynno. Pa ; Art Education: TOUCHSTONE. SNAPPER. Intramurals. Levongood. Sharon R. -Stowo. Pa.; Elomontary. Lewis, Kathleon A. - Norristown, Pa; Elementary; Studont Guide, Sigma Phi Dolla (vice prosidont), Intramurals. Llngg. Goorgc V.—Hanover, Pa ; Elementary; SNAPPER, Commonwealth Association of Studontn, Rosidont Men's Association (secretary). Dormitory President. Phi Sigma Pi, Pi Della Epsilon. Intramurals, Dean's List, Who's Who in Amorican Universities and Colleges. Linton. Bruce J.—Lancaster, Pa : Socondary Llppoll, Lana M.--Williamsport Pa ; Elemontary. Kappa Doltn Phi, Dolta Phi Eta. Lisl. Patricia J.—Cliffsido Park, N.J.; Elementary; ACEI. Lloyd. Ronald E.—Felton, Pa.; Socondary. Loercher. Androw T. Manhoim. Pa.; Art Education; Phi Sigma Pi (historian). All-Campus Musical. Colloge Choir, PSEA, Art Students Organization. TOUCHSTONE. Intramurals. Lohr, Linda Lombardo. Josoph L. Shlllington Pa . Socondary. Long. Thomas C.—Easton, Pn ; Liberal Arts Loomis. Dawn M. Jacobus, Pa.. Educational Media Doan's Lisl. Lorah, Daniel J.—Reading, Pn Loschor, Nancy M. Boiling Springs. Pn.; Library Education; Alphn Beta Alpha, Doltn Phi Eta. Lowe, Patricia R.- -York, Pa.: Elomontnry; CEC. Loy, Karen A.—Pottsvlllo. Pn ; Elomontnry. Lubas, Diane K. Reading, Pn.; Elomontary. Rho Lnrnbdn Phi (prosidont). PSEA. ACEI, Intramurals. Nowmon Club. Oonn's Lisl Lucas. Richard L. -Broomnll, Pa Industrial Arts. Alpha Sigma Chi, Industrial Arts Society, Citnmnrd. Lupp, John A.—Hanovor. Pn : Secondary; Band. Doan's List. Lusch, Phyllis A.—Zlonsvillo, Pn.; Elomontary; Sigma Phi Omoga. Phi Lambda Sigma. Lullck. Donald P.—Easton. Pn.; Secondary. Lutzow. Barbara A. -Elkins Park. Pa.; Elomonlnry Educntlonnl Me din; ACEI, Gamma Sigma Alphn Lyons. Douglas D.- North Plalnfiold. N.J., Liberal Arls; Football. Mnckay. Janet E.—Lemoyno Pn.; Liberal Arts: Psychology Club. Sociology Club Madonna. Andrea M.—Trovose, Pa.; Elemontary. Magco, Raymond J.—Summlt Hill, Pa Llboral Arts: Cora Bltnor Music Award. Isaac Slborllnq Math Award. Collogo-Community Orchoslra. Symphonic Band Magiora, Michael W. Wnrminstor. Pa : Secondary; College Choir. Madrigal Singers. Intorcolloginto Chorus, All-Campus Musical, Cultural Affairs Commlttoo, Doan's List. Cora Bitner Music Award. Collogo-Community Orchostrn Mallck, Kenneth C.—Strasburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts Mnnbcck. Gerald C.—Ringtown. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Manns. Ennis K.—Philadelphia, Pa ; Elomontnry; Studont Sonnto, Interfmtorntty Council (socrotory). Gamma Pi (secrotary). Black Stu-donts Association. Collogo Union Board, Pop Club. Swimming. Student Affairs Commlttoo. Class of 1974 (vice prosidont. troasuror) Mnrlnello, Deborah A.—Norristown, Pa.; Elomontary Speclnl Ed,; Dean's List. Sigma Phi Doltn (secretary). Pan Hollonlc Council (troasuror, president), Association of Womon Students. College Union Board (socrotory), Dolphin Club. ACEI. CEC.213 Mnrk, Lorry R.—Palmyra. Pa,: Secondary; Rosidont Assistant. Phi Sigma PI (prosldont), Commoncomont Commltloo. Prosldont ot Class oI 1974. Marks. Judith B.—Hershoy. Pa Marks. Sandra L.—Havortown. Pa.; Secondary; Kappa Dnlln Phi. Junior Yonr Abroad. Marshall. Nancy B.—Loncostor. Pa.; Elemnntary. Marlin, Clayton R., III.—Lancaster, Pa. Martin, Dolmar L.-—Grooncostlo, Pa.: Industrial Arts. Martin, Douglas R.—Lancaster, Pa.; At! Education; Art Students Organization. Marlin, Holon J. L.—Poach Bottom. Pa.; Educational Media Martin. Susan L.—Middletown, Pa.; Art Education; Madrigal Slngors (vice prosldont). Concert Choir, Marching Band. Vonturo Club. Martin, Sarah A.—Lancaster. Pa., Elemontary; Sigma Phi Omoga (prosldont). Student Senato. College Choir. Martin, Valory D.—Lancaster, Pn.; Elomontnry: Delta Phi Eta, PSEA, Intorvarsity Christian Fellowship. Mnrtznll, Kirby L. -Ephratn, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Mnrycz. Paul—Soudorton, Pn.; Llboral Arts; Omlcron Gamma (secretary, vIco prosldont), Intrnmurnls. Mast, Fred M.. III.—Shlromanstown, Pa ; Liberal Arts; Sigma Epsilon Bela, College Choir. Mntushoski, Stephen G. Now Cumberland. Pa.; Liberal Arln Mat , Nancy A. Sassamnnsvillo. Pa.; Elomontnry: Kappa Dolta Phi, SNAPPER (sports odltor). Association of Womon Studonls (vIco prosldont). McAnulty, Donald H. Fairloss Hills. Pn.; Socondnry. McAuloy, Susan L. Flourlown, Pa Special Education; Kappa Doltn Phi. CEC. McCarty, Richard R.. Jr. Columbia. Pa.; Socondnry. McCnusInnd. Susan. Modln, Pn.; Elomontnry. McClure, Michael F. Norristown, Pa.; Llboral Arts; Alpha Phi Omoga (troasuror), Social Studios Club (treasurer). Xonophllo Socioty, Roddy Scientific Socioty, Entymology Club. Basslor Goographfc Socioty. McCorklo, Judy M. -Lebanon. Pa.; Secondary; Phi Lambda Sigma, Collogo Union Board (troasuror). Mu Kappa Mu, Dolta Phi Eta. McCoy, Robort M. -Gap. Pn.; Socondnry. McCracken, Mognn L. Camp Hill, Pa.; Elomontnry Della Phi Eta, CEC (socrotnry), Hotllno, PSEA. Project Guide. McCullough. Dinno S. Wrlghtsvlllo Pa.; Secondary McDermott. Rlto C.—Lansdalo Pa Socondary; Basketball (manager), SNAPPER, Wrestling Belles. McDonald. Sharon L. -Mochnnicsburg, Pn : Liberal Arts. McDowell, Sheila E.—Springfield. Pa.. Socondary; Kappa Phi Epsilon (socrotnry. prosldont), Intrnmurals, Oriontntlon Committee. McFcolcy. Thomas J.—Philadelphia Pn : Art Education. McGonlglo, Madelyn A.—St. Clair, Pn ; Elomontory; CEC. Association of Womon Students. McGrath, Brian J. Meany, Robert J.—Wilmington, Del.. Elemontary; Doan's List Mearlg, Geraldine E.—Manhoim. Pa Public School Nursing. Mcarklc, Vicky S.—Evcrott, Pa.; Elemontary, Pop Club. ACEI. PSEA. TOUCHSTONE (co-editor), PI Dolta Epsilon (socrotary), Intrnmurals. Dean's List. Medio, Diane M.—Wostmont, N. J.; Socondnry; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Froshmon Council, Spanish Club, Intrnmurals, Doan's List. Cllnmard, WMSR. Mchney, Katherine J. Mellingor, Scott C.—Shlllington, Pa.; Socondary. Ment er. Anita S.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elomontnry Mcntzor, John P.—Mount Grotna. Pn.; Socondnry. Mcrtz, Konncth G.. II. Middlotown, Pa.; Llboral Arts Measles, Mary A. E.—Bothlohom, Pn ; Elementary; Omoga Thotn Sigma. Ski Club. Metzger, James D.--Columbia. Pn.; Liberal Arts. Metzlor, Carolyn E. -Lancaster, Pn.. Elomontnry; Women's Chorus Michael. Michole P.—Tatnmy, Pa.; Elomontnry; ACEI. Intrnmurals. Doan's List, Zoto Gamma Phi, Dolta Phi Eta. Miffoluf, Jay I.- Philadelphia. Pn ; Elomontnry; Cltamard. Mignoni, Rosemarie -Bristol. Pa. Elomontnry; Nowmnn Club. PSEA. Mlley, Paul E.—Ephratn, Pn.; Llboral Arts. Millor. Alice R.—Pino Grovo. Pa ; Libornl Arts. Miller, Craig A.—Mohrsvlllo. Pa.; Industrial Arts; Golf. Intrnmurnls Miller. Doborah J. -Mlllorsburg, Pa.; Llboral Arts. Millor. Diane L.—Easton. Pa .-Elomontary. Millor. Goorgo R.. Jr.—Lock Hnvon. Pa.; Elomontnry. Miller, Jean A.—Campbolltown, Pa.; Elomontnry; Project Guido. PSEA, Doan's List. Millor. Judith A.—Lntayotto Hill, Pn.; Libornl Arts: Field Hockoy. La-crosso. Amorlcan Chomlcal Society. Miller. Roggie Lock Haven, Pa.. Elomentary Spocial Ed ; Soccer. Wrostllng. Omlcron Gamma Omoga (social chnlrmon). Millor. Rita M..Philadelphia. Pn Socondary; Black Students Asso- ciation (chairman scholarship commlttoo), Cltamard, All-Campus Musical. Millor. Shoo A.—Williamsburg, Pa ; Art Education; Wrestling Bellos. Millor, Susan R.— York. Pa.. Libornl Aris: Rho Lambda Phi. Art Studonls Organization. Millor. Timothy S.—Mnnhelm. Pn.: Industrial Arts Miller. Vance C. —MillorsvIHo. Pa.; Elementary. Mills, Donald E. Holtwood. Pn Industrial Arts Mimldlt. Georgo T.— Moscow Pa : Liberal Arts Mobloy, Stevon B.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Elomontnry Speclnl Ed.; Who's Who In Amorlcan Universities and Collogor. Modesto, Claire Montoleonc, Gall D.—Mlllorsvlllo, Pn ; Elomontnry Moody. Anthony T.—Scranton, Pa ; Liberal Arts; Black Studonts Association, Moore, Donlse L.—Philadelphia. Pn.; Secondary: Intervnrslty Christian Fellowship, Kappa Ooltn Phi, Mormottos. Wrestling Bolloso. Pep Club, Pan Hollomc Council. String Ensemble, Orchestra, Women's Chorus. Food and Housing Committee. Moore. Loslio J.—Konnctt Square. Pn.; Elomentnry. Morelto, Joseph C.—Stowe. Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Socioty, Nowmnn Club, Industrial Arts Honor Society Mormllc, Cheryl A, Rockvlllo Centre. N Y.; Art Education; Doan's List. Mosor, Gary W.—Milton Pn.; Socondary: Outdoor Club. Archery Club. Dean's Lint. Mltro, Denise A.—Foastorvlllo. Pn Elomontnry Mowrer. Valerie L.—Royorsford. Pa ; Medical Technology Intrnmurals. Moyer, Barbara L.—Qunkortown Pa.; Liberal Arts; Delta Phi Eta. Dean's List, Psychology Club. Moyer. Lcslyc C.—Norrlstown. Pa Socondnry; Mormottes (president) Mull, Robort W., Jr.—Ephrala. Pn ; Libornl Arts. Mullen, John W.. Jr.—Holland. Pa.; Libornl Arts; Collego Union Board. Mullin, Nancy A.—Springfiold. Pa ; Elemontnry Spoclnl Ed.; BLACK and GOLD. Collogo Union Board. Pan Hellenic Council. Sigma Phi Delta. Munyon, Dcbby M.—Levittown. Pn.; Art Education; Dean's List Muro. Ann F.—Harrisburg. Pn.: Socondary. Murphy. Jane P.—Upper Darby, Pa Educational Media; Wrostllng Belles. Campus Gold (troasuror), Intrnmurals Murphy. Joyce E.—Philadelphia, Pa.. Elementary; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Who's Who In American Universities nnd Colleges, Association of Womon Studonts. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Student Senate. Dean's List. Intrnmurals. Murphy, Thomas P.—Cnrbondnle. Pn : Industrial Arts. Murray, Mary A. -Lancaster, Pn.; Llboral Arts. Murray, Patricia A.—Wycombo. Pn ; Secondary; Scuba Club, Hockoy (co-captain). Myers. Gary L. C. Myers. Russoll R.. Jr. Nannetti, Anthony J.—Philadelphia. Pa ; Secondary Neal, Clydo K.—Lancaster, Pa.; Industrial Arts. Nohr, Barbara J. Mlllorsvlllo. Pa.; Elomontary. Noll. David A. -Carlisle, Pa.; Llboral Arts; Psychology Club (treasurer). Projoct Guido. Hotllno, Collogo Union Board (social commlttoo). Nelson, Patsy A.- Milton. Pa.; Socondnry Novel, Koith R. Williamsport. Pn.: Educational Media; Collogo Choir, Alpha Botn Alpha. Doan's List. Nlckles, William D., Ill—Ocean City. N J.; Industrial Aria; Doan's List. Phi Epsilon Pi (historian). Goll. Noone. Jonnno C.—Lancaster, Pn . Llboral Arts. North, Victoria L. -Carlisle. Pn., Art Education; Art Studonts Organization. Projoct Guido, Sigma Phi Doltn Oakes, Jeanne K. -Noffsvlllo, Pa ; Elomentnry. O'Brion, Gayle L.—Darby, Pn.; Elomentnry; PSEA, ACEI. Alpha Bela Alpha. Gnmmn Slgmn Alpha, Lacrosse. Navigators, Intrnmurnls. Doan's List. O'Byrno, Edward C.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts: SNAPPER. Stu dont Guido. O'Connor. Kathy A. Noffsvlllo. Pa ; Elomentary.O'Donnell, Shirley S. Oeschger, Beverly A.—Haveratown, Pa.; Socondary; Choir, Math Club. Phi Lambda Sigma. O'Hara. Maureen J.—Carlisle. Pa.: Secondary; PSEA, Kappa Della Phi. Math Club. Olander, Mia-Lisa—Lancaster. Pa : Elementary. Olsen. Diane H.—Whitehall. Pa.; Elemontary: Dolphin Club. Project Guide (president). Outdoors Committee of College Union Board. Dolta Phi Eta. Olson, Louise M.—New Salem, Pa.; Secondary. O'Noill. Kathleen A.—Mechanicsburg. Pa.; Secondary. Oppenheimcr, Charlene—Falrless Hills. Pa.; Secondary. Orondo. Betty L.—Bethel. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Orr, Daryl K.—Coatcsvlllo. Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Socioty. Orr, Gcnora-York. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Women's Chorus. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Association ot Women Students (vice president), SNAPPER. Allirmative Action (business manager), Dolta Psi Phi (vice president). Black Students Association (secretary). Resident Assistant. Sociology Club. Delta Sigma Theta. Ortiz. Roberto—Philadelphia. Pa.; Secondary; Gamma Pi (vice president), College Union Board (chairman operations committee). Osbaugh. Jeanne D.—Greoncastlc. Pa.: Elementary: PSEA. ACEI. Kappa Phi Epsilon, Pan Hellenic Council, Intramurals, Dean's List. Overmeyer. George C.—Columbia, Pa.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Society. Owens, Marilyn A.—Ycadon. Pa : Secondary; Sigma Phi Delta. Owens. Russell K.—Plymouth. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Page, Susan M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Economics Club. Paist. Linda A.—Hatboro, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Resident Assistant. WMSR. Dean's List. Foreign Language Department List, Phi Lambda Sigma (president). Sigma Phi Omega. Pi Delta Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta. TOUCHSTONE (co-editor). Junior Year Abroad. Parasink, Dorothea M.—Folsom. Pa.; Elementary; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta. Parente, Bernadette J.—Stratford. N. J.; Secondary; Dean’s List Park. William J.—Hatboro, Pa.; Secondary. Parsons. Paula L.—Newtown. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Paules. Gertrude A.—Columbia. Pa.; Elementary. Payton, Nancy M.—Dunmore, Pa.; Special Education; Elections Committee. CEC. Pease, Patricia G.—Harrisburg, Pa.; Public School Nursing, Pecuick. Michele C. Media, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Peiffor, Harold R.—Jonestown. Pa.; Elementary; PSEA Pelosi, Donna M.—Scranton. Pa.; Elementary; Delta Phi Eta. Intramurals. Dean's List. Pennell, Melissa L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Pennington, Steven R.—Lilitz, Pa.; Industrial Arts; All-Campus Musical, Tennis (captain). Namitt Memorial Award. Porolla. Judith E.—Intercourse, Pa.; Elementary; Dean's List. Symphonic Band. Pcrilstein. Judith S.—Philadelphia. Pa.. Elementary. Peters, Brenda F.—Elizabethtown. Pa.; Public School Nursing Phillips, Eric R.—Ephrata. Pa.; Secondary. Piersol. Barry D—Lancaster. Pa: Industrial Arts. Pikes. Albert J.—Chester. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Karate Club (president). Pinchick, David M.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Pintarch. Paul D.—Hummelstown, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Wickers. Baseball, Resident Men's Association. Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Newman Club. Student Organization for Safety. Resident Assistant. Place, Deborah L.—Meshoppen. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sociology Club, Women's Chorus. Project Guide. Plotnick, Gail H.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed. Plut, Kathleen L.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Matr Club Podsobinski. Bonnie J.—Phoenixvllle. Pa. Secondary: All-Campus Musical. Omega Theta Sigma (historian, president). Polidor, Cynthia A. Waynesboro. Pa.; Secondary; Dean's List. Math Honors. Polish, Edward D.—Elkins Park. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Polito, Suzanne—Lancaster, Pa.; Liberal Arts; College Choir. Stage Band. Concert Band, Orchestra. Possumato. Stephanie B. Potts. Edward I.—Orwigsburg. Pa.; Secondary; WMSR. Citamard. Junior Yoar Abroad. German Club. Powoll, Eddio N.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary: Presidential Advisory Council. Chi Gamma lota. Predlgcr, Mlchaol J.—Lansdalo. Pa.; Elomontary. Presbuch, Ruth M.—Middletown. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Price. Donald G.. Jr.—LeoUi, Pa.; Liberal Arts; American Chemical Society. Price, Joanne E.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Prizer, Susan L.—Pottstown, Pa.; Educational Media; Dolphin Club. Dolta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha, Doan's List. Women's Chorus. Quinlivan, Daniel C.—York. Pa.; Llborat Arts. Quinn, Mark E.—Warminster. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Archery Club. Karate Club. George Street Carnival. Rakow. Robert A.—Lebanon. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Mu Alpha Kappa (vice president). Chorus. Raphun, Sue A.—Levittown, Pa.; Elementary. Rauch, Gerard J.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Secondary. Ray. John A.—Greenville. Pa.: Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society. Chi Gamma lota. Ray. Kenneth E.—Graterford. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Rebman, Linda L—Pequea, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Reddig. Connie J.—Ephrata. Pa. Secondary. Redmond, Dorothy Reed. Claudia A.—Palmyra, Pa.: Liberal Arts. Reed. Eric M.—Levittown. Pa.; Elementary. Reed. Ken—Hatboro. Pa ; Elementary. Reed. Laura L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary; Commuting Women’s Association (secretary, president). Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Orientation Committee. Freshman Guide. Reed. Sandra L.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Reeso, Sue E.—Coatesville. Pa.; Elementary. Roese, Thomas W.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Reovcs, Steven J.—Oxford. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society. Alpha Sigma Chi, Industrial Arts Honor Society. Rehmoyor, Jean M.—Stewartstown, Pa.; Class of 1974 (secretary). Roinort, Jeanne M.—Allentown. Pa.; Medical Technology; Entomology Club (secretary). Priority Club. Resident Assistant. Dean's List. Reinhart. Jacquoline H.—Plymouth Mooting. Pa.; Elementary: Alpha Beta Alpra, Jewish Student Association. Women’s Chorus. Reinhart. Michael P.—Columbia, Pa.; Secondary. Rcploglo. Susan J.—Upper Darby. Pa.: Elementary: Dean's List. Navigators. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Housing Representative. Intramurals. Rcsslcr. AnnMarie—Conestoga. Pa.; Elementary; WMSR. Rcsslor, Leslio A. Lancaster. Pa.: Secondary; German Club. Rhine, Joan M.—Palmyra. Pa.; Elementary; Doan's List. Dolta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. Rice, Susan G.—Lovittown. Pa.; Elementary: Project Guide. Women's Chorus. Jewish Studont Association (treasurer). Dean's List. Richards. Barbara A.—West Chester. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Richtor. Hcrbort M.—Hershey. Pa.; Liberal Arts; French Club. Entomology Club, Balloon Ascension Club. Rlctmuldcr, Jill Lewisberry, Pa.; Elemontary Special Ed. Colloge Choir. Wrestling Belles. Rineer. Thomas M.—Leola, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Ringer, Coolidge D., Jr.—Allentown. Pa.; Industrial Arts; Wrestling. Riskie, Richard J.—Woodbury. N. J.; Liberal Arts: Football (captain). Who's Who in America Universities and Colleges. Mu Alpha Kappa. Football Club. Allocations Committee. Risser, Donald N.—Snlunga. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Ritter, George L.—Hamburg. Pa.: Elementary: Cross Country. Track. Omicron Gamma Omega. Ritter. Vicki L.—Harrisburg, Pa.; Elementary Special Ed: Sigma Phi Delta, Long Range Planning Commission. Ritzheimer. Barbara M.—Boyerstown. Pa.; Secondary; Oelta Phi Eta. Women's Chorus. PSEA. Rodda. Bruce M.—Liverpool, N. Y.; Liberal Arts. Rodrigo, Delphine A.—New Cumberland. Pa.; Art Education: Baskot- ball. Roeding. Eileen C.—Broomall, Pa ; Elementary; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. ACEI (secretary, president). Intramurals. Women's Chorus. Dean's List. Rogevich. Justine G.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts, Rohrbaugh, Barbara K.—York. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Dean’s List. Delta Phi Eta. Citamard. Romanchlk, Tina—Bethlehom. Pa.; Secondary; Sociology-Anthropology Club. Citamard (president). All-Campus Musical. Romer, Constance R.—Malvern. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Dean's List. PSEA, CEC. Orientation Committee. Rose, Linda R.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Ross, Linda S.—Swarlhmore, Pa.; Elementary; Piano Award. Accompanist to Chorus.215 Roth, Richard M.—Lancaster, Pa.: Elementary. Rothstoin, Cyndi E.—Philadelphia. Pa.: Elementary; NEA Rouland, Thomas J.—Croydon. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Aosculapian Society. Newman Club, Intramurals. Rourke. Linda D. -York, Pa.: Elementary. Rudick, John H.—Douglossvlllc. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Rod and Gun Club (secretary). Rudy, Deborah J.—Dauphin, Pa.; Liberal Arts: English Club. SNAPPER. Runton, Koith L.—Levittown, Pa.: Educational Media: Balloon Ascension Club. Alpha Beta Alpha. Russ. Ann L. Ruth. Frederick C.—Lancaster. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Rutter, Linda R. -Latrobe. Pa.: Elementary. Rutter, Thomas E.—Norristown. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Gamma Pi (historian), Dean's List. Ryan, Larry M.—Montoursville. Pa.: Liberal Arts; Intramurals Committee (president). Rynearson. Nina D.—Glen Rock. Pa.; Art Education. Sabol, Allan—Clifton. N. J.; Liberal Arts; Student Representative to Geography Department. Sagan, Diane L. Sakovich, Vincent P. J.—Warminster. Pa.: Secondary: Omicron Gamma Omega. Sampell. Betty J. Samuelian. Diane B.—Wayno. Pa.: Educational Media: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Dolta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Samuelian, Laura J.- -Wayne. Pa.; Elementary; Dean’s List. PSEA. Sanders. Patrick F.—McSherrystown. Pa., Liberal Arts: Student Senate. Band. College Union 8oard (operations committee). Sandt, Gloria J.—Easton, Pa.; Elomentary; Choorleador (co-captain), Kappa Phi Epsilon (vice president). Intramurals. Sanford. Robert B. -Morrisvillo. Pa.; Liboral Arts. Sangrcy, Yvonne—Columbia. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Sattazahn, Ginny S.—Schaefferstown. Pa.; Educational Media; Women's Chorus (president). Alpha Beta Alpha, Delta Phi Eta, All-Campus Musical, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Sauder, Evelyn M.—Ephrata. Pa.; Elomentary: College Choir, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Dean's List. Saylor, Jeffrey C.—Lancaster. Pa.: Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Society. Schmus. Jeffrey A.—Willow Grove. Pa.: Elementary. Schnclli, Suzanne B. Schnupp, Alvin J.—Ephrata. Pa.: Liberal Arts; Cltamard. SNAPPER. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Schroeder, Jane E.—Barnesville. Pa.; Secondary; Association of Womon Students. Phi Lambda Sigma, Schultz. William H.—Collingdale, Pa.; Elementary; Resident Mon's Association (president), Student Organization for Safoty. Schwalm, Nathan D., Jr.—Herndon, Pa.: Secondary; Phi Sigma Pi, Delta Phi Alpha. Junior Year Abroad. Schwartz, John A.. Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary. Scott. Marsha A.—Kutztown. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Dolphin Club, CEC. Women's Chorus. Dean's List. Seese. Ronald L.—Turbotville. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Scifried, Lois H.—Manheim. Pa.; Secondary: Hockey. Basketball (manager). Delta Phi Eta. Sekellick, Darlene M.—Stowe. Pa.: Elementary Special Ed.; ACEI. CEC. Sellinger, Thomas J.—Paoll. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Young Democrats (president). Sigma Tau Gamma. Selwltz. Janet L—Phoenixvlllo. Pa.; Secondary; PSEA. Math Club. Christian Science Organization. Women's Chorus. Dean's List. Math Honors List. Math Chairman's List. Sencr, Candico L.—Mechanlcsburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Priority. Entomology Club. Sigma Phi Omega. Sensenig, Mary Lee—Reading. Pa.; Elementary Educallonal Media: String Ensemblo. ACEI. PSEA. Dean's List. Serensits. Jerome L.—Northampton. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Seymour. Mary S.—Leola Pa. Shaak, Susan L.—Emmaus. Pa.; Elementary; Delta Phi Eta. Shade. Michael L—Valley View. Pa.; Elementary. THE COLLEGE STORE Your one source for over 12.000 Books. Educational Supplies. Imprinted Clothing, College Jewelry and Novelty Gifts. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 Thank you. students, for your continued support.Shadle. Mary L.—Hogins. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Symphonic Band. Aescu-lapian Society (secretary). Shatter, Ruth A.—NeffSville. Pa.; Industrial Arts Sharp. Nan K.—Reading. Pa.: Elementary: Dolphin Club. Kappa Dolta Phi. Sharp, Robert V. -Millersville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Shatzer. Linda L.—Carlisle. Pa.: Elementary; Phi Lambda Sigma. Rho Lambda Phi. College Choir. Tratfic Court. Pan Hellenic Council. All-Campus Musical. Sheatfcr. Roger S.—Middletown. Pa : Liberal Arts. Sheehan, Thomas J.. Ill—Lititz. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Shellington. Daniel G.—Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Elementary; Dean’s List. Shelly. Diane L.—York. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Shonck. Terry L.—Harrisburg. Pa.: Elementary; Kappa Delta Phi. Wrestling Bellese. Powder Puff Football. Sheridan. Ann M.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elementary Speclal Ed.: CEC. Color Guard. Sigma Phi Delta. Pan Hellenic Council. Sherman. Betty M.—Hellam. Pa.: Public School Nursing. Shermcr, Susan D.—Now Cumberland. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Shertzcr, Winifred C. -Lancaster. Pa.: Public School Nursing. Shinn. Claudia G.—Adctphl. Md ; Liberal Arts: Sigma Phi Delta (president). Shipper. Larry—Philadelphia. Pa.: Secondary: Economics Club. Student Organization for Safety. Shirk. Margaret J.—New Holland. Pa.: Art Education. Shirk. Ronald L.- Lcwlstown. Pa.: Art Education. Shroiner, Paul C.—Denver. Pa.: Elementary: Doan's List. Rod and Gun Club. College Union Board. College Choir (president), All-Campus Musical. Shreve. Linda W.—Willow Grove. Pa.: Elcmentary Special Ed.; All-Campus Musical. CEC. Dean's LisL Shriver, Pamela G.—Lewisburg. Pa : Secondary: PSEA. Junior Year Abroad. Bach's Choir (Germany). Women's Chorus. German Club. Spanish Club. Shubick, Kenneth M.—Shenandoah. Pa.: Educational Media; Social Studies Club. Alpha Beta Alpha (vice president, pledgemastor). Shuey, Dale N.—Sinking Spring. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Baseball, Golf. Sigma Tau Gamma. Shughart, Nina E.—Carlisle. Pa.: Secondary: Choir. Kappa Dolta Phi. Bat Girl. Powderpuff Football. Wrestling Belles. Shuler, Clarence C.—Dallastown. Pa.; Secondary: Football, Baseball. Mu Alpha Kappa Shultz, Leslio K.—Leola, Pa.: Secondary; SNAPPER. Sichort, Thomas J.—Millersville, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Sides. Cathy L.—Mifllinville. Pa.: Art Education; Choerleador. Sigma Phi Omega (secretary). Siegrist, Brenda K.—-Columbia, Pa.. Elementary. Sillies. Cynthia A. K.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary Simmons. Barbara A.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Elemontary; Marching Band. Women's Chorus. Symphonic Band. SNAPPER. ACEI. Navigators. PSEA (treasurer). Delta Phi Eta (secretary), Gamma Sigma Alpha (vice president, president). Basketball, Intramurats. Simmons. JoAnn--Easton. Pa.; Elementary Project Guide (president, treasurer), ACEI. Women’s Chorus. Singer, Melissa B.—Manheim, Pa Educational Media; Alpha Beta Alpha. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Choir. Slater, Audrey S.—Lancaster. Pa.: Public School Nursing. Slater, Martha C—Lititz. Pa.. Secondary; Spanish Club. Delta Phi Eta. Slonaker. Debby L.—Temple, Pa.; Secondary: Secretary-Treasurer of Dormitory Association of Women Students (troasuror). All-Campus Christmas Formal Chairman. Zeta Gamma Phi. Smartschan, Carl E.—Emmaus. Pa.; Secondary; Basketball (captain), Sigma Epsilon Beta. Smeltz. Brian J.—Lewisburg. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Smith, Charlene K.—Camp Hill, Pa.: Special Education; Intramurals. PSEA, CEC. Smith, Donna M. Rising Sun, Md ; Liberal Arts; Women’s Chorus. Newman Club. Smith, Douglas R. -Hummelstown. Pa Liberal Arts: SNAPPER. Intramurals. Smith. Eileen D.—Hummelstown. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Smith, Elizabeth S.—Warminster, Pa ; Elementary. Smith. Frances M,—New Holland. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Smith, Janet L.—Hershey. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; CEC. Smith, Larry W.—Windsor. Pa ; Industrial Arts. Smith, Marilyn L.—Norristown. Pa.; Elementary; Dean's List. Smith, Mary J.—Roseville. Minn.; Secondary: Housing Representative. Zeta Gamma Phi (vice president). BLACK and GOLD. Smith, Philip A.—Fort Washington, Pa.; Industrial Arts. Smith. Robert E.—Lancaster. Pa.: Secondary. Smith, Susan D.—Delta, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Smith. Winifred A.—Lancaster. Pa. Snowdon. Jill A.—Glenslde. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha Tau, Gymnastics Club. Intramurals. Aesculapian Society. Snyder, Cherlanc M.—Mohnton, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Snyder. Deborah A.—Sinking Spring. Pa.: Elementary; PSEA. ACEI. United Campus Ministry. Women's Chorus. International Folk Dancing Club. Dean's List. Snyder, Edward H.—Bedford. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Snyder, Janey M.—Shady Grove. Pa.; Secondary; PSEA. Snyder, Rita M.—Camp Hill. Pa.: Elementary Special Ed.: Zeta Gamma Phi. Snyder. William F.—Levittown. Pa.: Elementary Special Ed. Soldner. Stephen E.—Lancaster. Pa : Industrial Arts. Soscla, Lawrence L.—Ashton. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Spangenberg. Mark E.—Camp Hill. Pa.; Secondary. Spangler. Edna R.—Hershey. Pa.: Public School Nursing. Spathelf. Nancy S.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Kappa Alpha Tau, Wrestling Belles (secretary). Spayd. Mareena L.—Lebanon. Pa. Secondary: SNAPPER. Citamard. Spease. Debra M.—Ouncannon Pa.; Elementary Educational Media: Dean's List. Pep Club. Speer. Richard A.—Millersville. Pa.: Educational Media; Alpha Beta Alpha. Speicher. Diane M.—Wernersville. Pa.: Secondary: Dean’s List. Class of 1866 Mathematics Award. Speraw. Charles S.—Middletown. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Spesak, Steven M.—Lancaster. Pa.: Industrial Arts. Spless. Jean R.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary Speclal Ed. Splnclli. Carol J.—Dover, Pa.: Elementary: Dean's List. Citamard. Sigma Phi Omega. Spirk. Judith A.—Lancaster. Pa.: Special Education. Springer, Glenn A.—Lancaster, Pa. Stambaugh. Hollis C.—Leola. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Stansbury. Jane M.—Now Cumberland: Elementary; Women's Chorus. United Campus Ministry. Citamard. ACEI. Intramurals. Starsinic, Stephen G.—Steelton. Pa.: Liberal Arts. Stauffor, Nancy A.—Phoenixville. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Economics Club (treasurer), TOUCHSTONE. Delta Phi Eta. Doan's List. Stauffer, Samuel M.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Stober. Mark A.—Lansford. Pa.: Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Society. Steckbeck. John M.—Lebanon. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Steele. Susan K.—Alden. Pa.: Secondary Pan American Club. Intor-varsity Christian Fellowship. Steeley. Timothy L.—Perkasio. Pa.: Secondary; WMSR (station manager), Mu Sigma Rho. All-Campus Musical, Resident Men's Association. Stcfanoski. Susan M.—Levittown. Pa,: Elementary Special Ed.: Dean's List. Stcffa. Paulette M.—Cheltenham. Pa.: Elementary; Delta Phi Eta, Doan's List. Studont Senato. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Studont Affairs Committee (secretary). CEC, Association of Womon Studonts. Orthodox Christian Fellowship (vice president), Orientation Guide. Gamma Sigma Alpha, PSEA. Intramural Committee. Steffy. David A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Stchman, Noreen L.—Manheim. Pa.; Elemontary; Symphonic Band Stchman. Ruth—Columbia. Pa.: Elementary. Stcinhardt. Joan E.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Sigma Phi Omega, Tennis (co-captain). Steinmelz. Dennis E. -Conestoga. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Stickel, Terry E.—Liberal Arts: Math Club. Stiely, John G.—Lancaster, Pa.: Liberal Arts. Stine. Frederick D.—Red Lion, Pa.: Liboral Arts. Stinson, Steven M.- New Freedom, Pa.; Secondary. Stock. Barry F.—St. Lawrenco. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Student Organization for Safety. Alpha Sigma Chi. Basketball. Stono. Susan M.-Elkins Park. Pa ; Liboral Arts; Kappa Dolta Phi (pledgemaster). Dean's List. Stone. William B.—Lancaster. Pa ; Liberal Arts Stoner. Jerry I.—Manheim, Pa.; Liboral Arts. Stoner. Timothy 0.—Manheim. Pa.: Secondary. Stripe. Mark J.—Schuylkill Haven. Pa : Educational Media: Cross Country, Track. Spanish Club. Strosser, Rose M. -Lancaster, Pa.: Liberal Arts: Women's Chorus. Women's Commuting Association, Math Club. Dolta Phi Eta. Dean's List. Math Honors. Stroud. Kathryn L.—Broomall. Pa.: Elementary; PSEA. ACEI. President's Advisory Council on Housing. Studor, Deborah J.—Lancaster. Pa Medical Technology; Doan's List. Studlick. Joseph R. J.—Frackville. Pa.: Secondary. Sullivan, Marirose—Camp Hill. Pa.; Secondary: Color Guard. All-Campus Musical, Dean's List, French Honor Roll. French Club.217 Summers, Susan G.—York. Pa.; Elementary: Women's Chorus, PSEA. Intramurals. Swan. Cathy S.—Easton. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Delta Phi Eta. French Club. Xenophilo. Russian Club. Women’s Chorus. Doan's List. Swartz, Yvonne M.—Williamsport. Pa.; Educational Media; Women's Chorus. Alpha Beta Alpha (corresponding secretary). United Campus Ministry (treasurer, president). Sweger, Sharon K.—Millerstown. Pa.: Liberal Arts: Wrestling Belles Sweigard. Eric J.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Taylor, Gordon R.—Fairfield. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Psychology Club. Alpha Phi Omoga. Hotline. Toats, William A.—Mount Joy. Pa : Secondary. Torry, Karon L.—East Petersburg, Pa.; Elcmentary Speclal Ed.; CEC. Saturday Morning Recreational Program. Toxtor. David P. -Reading, Pa.; Elomontary; Sigma Epsilon Beta. Ski Club. Thomas. Cherie S.—Annville, Pa.; Liberal Arts: PSEA, Math Club. Dean's List. Thomas. Veronica B.—Columbia, Pa.: Elementary Thomas. Victoria J.—Mlltersville. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Wrestling Belles. Psychology Club. Thompson. Craig V.—Lebanon. Pa.; Liberal. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Thompson. John A.—Newark. Del.; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Society (vice president). Industrial Arts Honor Society, Epsilon Pi Tau. Thompson. Larry S.—Bayport. N. Y.; Liberal Arts. Thompson. Paul L.—Newark. Del.; Industrial Arts. Tibbins, Perry M.—Conestoga. Pa.: Art Education. Timlin. James J.—Scranton. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Tiska. Susan C.—Philadelphia. Pa.; Elomcntary; Newman Club. Titter. Paul E.. Jr.—Media. Pa.; Elemontary Spccial Ed.: ACEI. CEC. Food Services Payroll Supervisor. Tolle. Richard S.—Warminster. Pa.; Liberal Arts Tolvaisa. Lorraine A.—Upper Darby. Pa.; Art Education; Art Students Organization. Project Guide. Toole. Terence V.—Lancaster, Pa.; Secondary. Toomoy. James P.—Pottsville. Pa.; Secondary. Toye. Peter J.—Philadelphia. Pa.: Elementary. Tramontina. Richard—Quarryvlllo. Pa.; Secondary. Traub, Barbara L—Beachwood. N J.; Secondary; Math Club. College Choir. Intramurals. Trautman, Pamela J.—Lebanon. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; CEC. Trout. Brenda D.—Quarryville, Pa.; Elementary; CEC. Troutman. Timothy N.—Lewisburg. Pa.; Liberal Arts Troxell, Richard E.—Clearfield. Pa.; Liberal Arts Turner, Cynthia R.—Marietta, Pa.; Elementary. Tweslen. Robert W. Ulmer. Joanne L.—Willow Stroot. Pa.: Elementary Upsher, Rodney—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Student Senato. Pros- idont of Class of 1974, Rosident Men's Association. Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges. Football. Track. Financial Aid Committeo. Black Students Association. Gamma Pi. Allocations Committee. Urban. Nancy J.—West Lawn. Pa.; Secondary: TOUCHSTONE. L© Cercle Francais. Urich, Marcia J.—Lancaster. Pa.. Dental Hygiene. Van Kirk, Thomas W.—Springfield. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.: Swimming. Omicron Gamma Omega. Dean's List. Vanned, Theodore M. Van Ness. Mary K.—Trumansburg. N. Y.; Medical Technology; Cheerleading. Resident Assistant. Aesculapian Society (secretary). Doan's List. Vannozzi. Leona—Levittown. Pa.; Elementary. Vath, Gerald G.—Shillington. Pa.; Art Education; All-Campus Musical. Art Students Organization. Dean's List. Arl Students' Exhibit (chairman). Vieth. Robert F.—Buckingham. Pa.; Industrial Arts Vilardo, Jean M. -Reading. Pa : Liberal Arts: Sociology Club. Ski Club. Zola Gamma Phi. Visnefski. Anne B.—Pottsville. Pa.; Secondary: Women's Chorus. TOUCHSTONE. FINE MEN’S CLOTHING McGregor Arrow Eagle Clothes Puritan Swank Farah Slacks Clubman Hammonton Park (Formal wear - Sales or Rentals) Park City Lancaster • Phone 299-5312 May lewder Watches. Keepsake Diamonds, Jewelry Expert Watch Repairs Millcrsville Center Millersville, Pa. 17551 Phone 872-8584 THE DOUBLE IMAGE We’ve taken the right direction in Men’s Fashion clothing PARK CITY CENTER Harrisburg East Mall Harrisburg Lancaster York Mall YorkA Von Nieda, Kristin—Ephrata, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Vuchinlch, Georgeann—Conestoga. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Ski Club. Spanish Club. Wagaman, Craig C.—Lltitz. Pa.; Elemontary; Basketball (co-captain). Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges. Wagner. Brenda A.—Bernville. Pa.; Elementary; WMSR, ACEl (secretary). Wagner, Jill 0.— Now Providence. N. J.; Special Education. Wagner. Scott C.—Palmyra. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Track (co-captaln). Wagner. Robert 0.—Hershey. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Walberi. Carol A.—Perkasle. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Delta Phi Eta. Marching Band. Symphonic Band. TOUCHSTONE (business manogor). Dean's List. Jazz Ensemble. Intramurals. Walburn, Alberta C.—Shamokfn Pa.; Secondary; PSEA, Resident Assistant, Intramurals. Walker, Brenda E.—Jacobus. Pa.; Elementary. Doan's List. Walker. Dianne L.—Quincy. Pa.; Etcmentary Educational Media: ACEl. PSEA. Women's Chorus. Delta Phi Eta. Walker. Nancy E. Walker, Robert G.—Clearfield. Pa.: Elementary. Walloisa. Kathy E.—Lansdale. Pa.; Elementary Speciat Ed.; Intramurals. Wrestling Belles, Pep Club. Mermettes. Walmer, Craig D.—Lebanon. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Walsh. Thomas F.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary. Walter. Richard C., Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary. Walters. John E.—Pequea. Pa.; Liboraf Arts; Alpha Sigma Chi. Aesculapian Society. Walters. Michael C.—Shiremanstown. Pa.; Secondary; Sigma Epsilon Beta. Walters, Skip J.—Lancaster. Pa.: Secondary. Wambold, Judy—Silverdale. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Math Club. Dean’s List. Intramurals. Ware, Michael L—Lancaster. Pa.; Art Education. Wartow, Joseph C.—Willlamstown. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Wickers. Warren, John A.—Elkins Park. Pa.; Industrial Arts. Weaver. Donna J.—Smokotown. Pa.; Elementary. Weaver. David E.—Richland. Pa.: Elemontary: Resident Assistant. Weaver, Leo J., Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elemontary. Weaver, Patricia A.—Akron. Pa.; Elementary; PSEA. CEC. Dean's List Webb. Michael H.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Wee, Dorothy A.—Mlllorsville. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Wohry, Randolph S.—Tremont. Pa.; Elemontary. Wo Idle. Coralene A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elemontary: Mark Stine Scholastic Achievement Award. Doan's List. Weigand. Laurie A.—Northumberland. Pa ; Secondary. Weigel, Nancy F.—Columbia. Pa.; Elementary; Wrestling Belles (president). Pep Club. Weik, Debby L.—Temple. Pa.; Secondary. Welk. Michael J.—Reading. Pa.; Secondary. Weller, Glenn A.—Shillington. Pa.; Secondary; All-Campus Musical. Dean's List. Weiss, Mary C.—Pottsvllle. Pa.; Elementary; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Werdt. Burl A.—Cressona. Pa.; Elemontary: Football. Intramurals. ACEl. Worley. Rebecca S.—Reading. Pa.; Elementary. Wertman, Mary M.—Columbia. Pa.; Efementary Special Ed. West. Richard S.—Mount Union. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Sociology-Social Work Club (president). Alpha Phi Omega. Homecoming Committee (co-chairman). State College Day (co-chairman). Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee. Operations Board. Psychology Club. Wes taler. Vicki J.- Mount Joy. Pa.; Secondary; PSEA. Whitcomb, Harriet G.—Lancaster. Pa.; Elementary: Kappa Delta Phi. White, David M.—Harrisburg, Pa.; Liberal Arts; Tennis, Dean's List. White. Jane M. Wier. Stephen D.—Lititz. Pa.; Secondary. Wike, Lynn D.—Brunnerville. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Wilcox. Leslie D.—Springfield. Pa.: Elementary.219 Wilhelm, Gary L.—8ernville, Pa.; Elementary; Intramurals. Wilkes. Brian E.—Levlttown. Pa.; Art Education. Williams, Shirley A. Y. Williamson, Donna F.—Lancaster. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Wisnieskl, Thomas J.—Millersville. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Mu Alpha Kappa. Chorus. Wisniewski, Dennis A.—Daubervllle. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Football. Wolf, Kristina L.—Lancaster, Pa.; Elementary. Wolf. Susan J.—Lancaster, Pa.; Elementary. Wolf. Thomas J.—Wyomissing. Pa.; Secondary; Dean's List. Entomology Club. Priority. Wood, Dennis R.—-Jonestown, Pa.; Elementary: Soccer, Resident Assistant. Woods. Betty Lou S.—Mount Wolf, Pa.; Public School Nursing. Woods, Kirk I.—Altoona. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Wool. Katherine E-—Lansdowne. Pa.; Secondary; Women's Chorus. United Campus Ministry. PSEA. Campus Gold (secretary). TOUCHSTONE. Pi Delta Epsilon (secretary, vice president). Wooler. Eleanor M.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Elementary: PSEA, Delta Phi Eta. Woolf. Shirley H.—Harrisburg. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Wright. Martha E.—Philadelphia. Pa.: Art Education. Wysong, Wanda E.—Drexel Hill. Pa. Wytovich. Carl D.—Lebanon. Pa.; Elementary; Alpha Phi Omega, ACEI. Yablku, Linda M. Yakowenko, Eileen—Harrisburg. Pa.; Secondary; Women's Chorus, PSEA, Math Club. Delta Phi Eta. Doan's List. Yancoskie. Richard A.—Millersvlllo. Pa.; Liboral Arts. Yarnot, Patricia A.—Pittsburgh. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Project Guide. Hotline. All-Campus Musical. Yeager. Nancy E. -Myerstown, Pa.; Elementary Spocial Ed.; PSEA. CEC, Choir. Band. SNAPPER. Dean's List, Project Guido. Ski Club. Delta Phi Eta. Pi Delta Epsilon. Yingling, Glenda J.—Altoona. Pa.; Elementary Educalional Media; Dean's List, Zeta Gamma Phi (secretary). Delta Phi Eta (pledge president), Intramurals. Yoh, Marcia A.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Yohn, Wendy—Pottstown, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Young. Deborah A.—Honesdale, Pa.; Liberal Arts. Young, Laura L.—Lancaster, Pa.; Secondary. Young, Linda S.—Lancaster. Pa.; Secondary. Young, Susan E.—Ouakertown, Pa.; Elomontary; ACEI. PSEA. Dean's List, Delta Phi Eta. Zbiek, Beverly A.—Pottsville. Pa.; Elementary; Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Band. Zeamer, Larry C.—Columbia, Pa.; Liberal Arts Football Zelem. Carol L.—Hatboro. Pa.; Elementary Special Ed.; Dean's List. Zellers. Theodore J.—Lancaster, Pa.; Industrial Arts; Football. Chi Gamma lota (treasurer). Industrial Arts Honor Society. Ice Hickey. Scuba Diving Club. Ziegler, Marilyn R.—Tamaqua. Pa.; Elementary Educational Media: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Women's Chorus. ACEI. Alpha Beta Alpha. PSEA. Delta Phi Eta. Ziegler. Robert J., Jr.—Lancaster. Pa.; Liberal Arts. Zielinski, Joan J.—York. Pa.; Public School Nursing. Zimmerman, Nancy J.—Conshohocken. Pa.; Liberal Arts: Hockey. Lacrosse. American Chemical Society. Roddy Scientific Society. Zinn, Larry J.—Dover. Pa.; Industrial Arts: Alpha Sigma Chi, Rod and Gun Club. Industrial Arts Society. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Zinzel, Christine M.—Wallingford. Pa . Elementary. Omega Theta Sigma (service chairman). Newman Club. Women's Chorus. Zoltowski, Alicia A.—King of Prussia. Pa.; Elementary. Zuccarello, Laura D.—Philadelphia, Pa.; Elementary. ©enft6tv£ M VK art- Socialists in Crown and Bridge Work. We extract teeth 1 081X1 VKi.Y without jxiin. We make our complete or ] artial sets of Teeth look like natural ones. All our work is guaranteed. Cprtceo (Dugflf to 3uttreai f£ou. Goi.t Caps..............$5.00 and $8.00 Skts of Tkkth................... . $5.oti Best Tkkth..........................$g oo Gold Killings..............Si.oo and up. Silver Fillings.................75 Cents. Painless Cents. ♦ ♦♦ QfcfBany ©enftefe, 6 B xet ©range criioNE. feancaofer. (pa.PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Albin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bissert Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Boland Mr. and Mrs. George R. Bortree Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bucha Mr. John F. Burke Mr. and Mrs. John P. Callan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DiNicolantonio Dr. and Mrs. L. N. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. William J. Farleigh Mr. and Mrs. George Foster Gamma Pi Fraternity Gamma Sigma Alpha Mr. William Gaugler, Jr. Miss Sarah Anne Gilbert Mrs. Janet S. Gill Mr. and Mrs. Rogers W. Gimbernat Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Grimm. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Gross Mr. Raymond W. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hirak Mrs. Carmen Hivner Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Juretus Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Krajeik Mr. and Mrs. Foster E. Kreiser Laskowski Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leach Rev. and Mrs. E. P. Leer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McAuley Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Miller Mr. and Mrs. T. Mimidis Bob and Isabel Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Podsobinski Mrs. Marian Replogle Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Runton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sabol Mr. and Mrs. John L. Schroeder Sigma Phi Delta Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Spayd. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Strosser Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Traub Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Visnefski Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Yarnot Mr. Glenn Yingling■a- 221 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to take this small space to thank some of the people without whose help this book could not have been published. Thank you to Merin Studios, who took the senior portraits and candids of many of our special events. We would like to express a special thanks to John Ursprung, Susan Verruni. Gloria Zoski. and everyone at Cooke Publishing. They were most helpful and never failed to lend a hand when problems arose. Without them behind us we could never have done it. When we were down they always seemed to create a spark of enthusiasm to get us on the road again. A very sincere and appreciative thank you goes to Leah Fudem who certainly did more than her share. There would be no 1974 TOUCHSTONE if she had not carried on when the rest of us had just about given up. A special thank you to President William Duncan and Doctor Gary Reighard who continued to encourage and help us all the way.INDEX Abbreviation Index ................. Acknowledgements ................... Administration ..................... Admissions House ................... Aesculapian Society................. Affirmative Action Representative .... Alpha Beta Alpha .................. Alpha Phi Omega .................... Alpha Sigma Chi ...... ............. Art Department ............... Association of Women Students Balloon Rally....................... Baseball ........................... Basketball (Men's Junior Varsity) . Basketball (Men’s Varsity) ......... Basketball (Women's Varsity) ........ Bassler Hall........................ Biemesderfer Dedication ............ Biemesderfer Executive Center....... Biology Department ................. Board of Trustees................... Bond. Julian........................ Breidenstine Hall .................. Brooks Gymnasium ................... Byerly Hall ........................ Cambridge. Godfrey.................. Campus Gold......................... Cheerleaders ...................... Chemistry Department................ Chi Gamma lota...................... Christian Science Organization...... Christmas Concert and Ballet ....... Cinderellas ..................... College Union Board................. Communications Banquet ............ Council for Exceptional Children Counselor Education Department ... Cross Country....................... Cultural Affairs Committee ......... Delta Phi Eta ...................... Delta Sigma Chi .................... Dilworth Hall ...................... Dolphin Club ....................... Dutcher Hall ....................... Earth and Space Science Department............... 34 Economics Department ... .................. 30 Educational Media Department .................... 27 English Club ................................... 110 English Department .............................. 22 Entomology Club ................................ 118 ET CETERA ...................................... 182 EVENTS ......................................... 122 Field Hockey (Junior Varsity)................... 176 Field Hockey (Varsity).......................... 176 Football ....................................... 158 Foreign Language Department ..................... 36 Gamma Pi ........................................ 92 Gamma Sigma Alpha ............................... 81 Ganser Library ................................. 27 Ganser Sculpture ............................... 153 Geller, Uri .................................... 138 Geography Department ....................... 30 Gerhart Hall .................................... 28 Gordinier Dining Hall ........................... 28 Graduation...................................... 154 Group Motion ................................... 140 Harrisburg Rally ............................... 136 Health and Physical Education Department (Men’s) ......... 33 Health and Physical Education Department (Women's) .............. 24 History Department .............................. 30 Homecoming ..................................... 128 Honors and Awards Banquet....................... 146 Ice Hockey Club ................................ 112 Index........................................... 222 Industrial Arts Department ...................... 33 Industrial Arts Society......................... 107 In Memoriam..................................... 202 Jewish Student Association ..................... 117 Kappa Alpha Tau.................................. 82 Kappa Delta Phi ................................. 83 Kappa Phi Epsilon ............................... 84 203 221 20 21 120 117 78 78 91 24 119 152 174 164 164 165 22 133 23 34 20 127 24 24 25 127 108 177 34 91 116 139 162 100 145 109 26 163 117 81 92 25 178 26INDEX 223 Lacrosse .................... Language Conference ........ Library Staff .............. Lyte Auditorium ............ Mathematics Department ..... McComsey Hall ............. Mermettes .................. Mifflin House .............. Mikado ..................... Mu Alpha Kappa............. Music Department ........... Music Groups .............. Myers Hall ................. Navigators ................. Newman Cub ................ Omega Theta Sigma........... Omicron Gamma Omega......... Once Upon A Mattress....... Osburn Hall ................ Pan Hellenic Council--- ... Parents' Day .............. Patrons..................... PEOPLE ..................... Phi Lambda Sigma ........... Philosophy Department ..... Phi Sigma Pi............... Physics Department ........ Pi Delta Epsilon .......... Political Science Department . Political Science Organization Preston, Billy............. Printing .................. Psychology'Department ...... Public Relations Department Pucillo Gymnasium .......... Raspberry Rafters.......... Rho Lambda Phi............. Rod and Gun Club........... Roddy Science Hall ........ 172 132 27 29 36 30 168 31 141 93 29 114 32 116 116 85 94 142 33 80 126 220 16 86 32 79 34 79 30 119 138 23 25 23 33 140 87 107 34 Roddy Scientific Society........... Roller Derby....................... Saint Joan ........................ Secondary Education Department .. Senior Directory................... Sigma Epsilon Beta ................ Sigma Phi Delta ................... Sigma Phi Omega ................... Sigma Tau Gamma.................... Snapper ........................... Soccer ............................ Sociology Department .............. Sociology - Social Work Club....... Soiree Francaise .................. Special Education Department ------ Specifications .................... Speech - Drama Department.......... Spring Fling....................... Stayer Research and Learning Center Stein. Gertrude - Centennial ...... Stine Building .................... Student Memorial Center .......... Student Senate.................... Swimming ......................... Tamburitzans . .................... Tartuffe .......................... Tennis ............................ Touchstone ....................... Track ............................ Track Club ....................... Traffic Court..................... Venture Craft Show ............... War .............................. Weightlifters..................... Wickers .......................... Wickersham Hall................... Witmer Infirmary ................. WMSR ............................. Wrestling ......................... Wrestling Belles ................. 113 127 145 32 203 95 88 89 95 102 179 30 111 144 28 224 32 148 34 140 35 35 100 168 134 143 170 104 162 118 121 135 131 108 96 36 37 106 166 167 Zeta Gamma Phi 90SPECIFICATIONS The 1974 TOUCHSTONE was prepared by the students of Millersville State College. Millersville, Pennsylvania, and printed by offset lithography by William T. Cooke Publishing. Incorporated. Devon. Pennsylvania. All 224 pages are printed on 80-pound Cooke Dullkote offset enamel stock. The endsheets are Eagle Autumn Gold cover stock. The casebound copies are manufactured in green linen with yellow and black applied colors by S. K. Smith Company. Chicago. Illinois. The softbound copies are covered with Hamilton Duo Jungle Green and White, with black applied. Body copy for the entire book is 10 point Helvetica. Cutlines and history of the TOUCHSTONE are in 9 point Helvetica. Senior listings are in 8 point News Gothic Condensed. Senior directory is in 8 point Helvetica. Headlines are in 20 point Helvetica. Decorative display type used on title page, table of contents, dividers and transitional pages is Baby Teeth. Three divisional pages feature black and white photographs printed in two colors plus black. Page 19 is a three color posterization using PMS 138. PMS 232. and Black. Page 123 is a three color vertical line screen using PMS 320. PMS 457 and Black. Page 183 is a three color posterization using PMS 471, PMS 178 and Black. The black and white photographs were taken on three 35mm cameras: a Canon F-1, a Canon Ft-b and a Minolta SRT 101. equipped with four lenses—Canon 28mm f3.5 and 50mm M.4. Minolta 50mm f 1.7 and Vivitar 85-205mm f3.8; Mamiya C220 with an 80mm f2.8 lens and a 4 x 5 Speed Graphic with a 135mm 4.7 lens. The film used was Tri-X Pan ASA 400. Color prints were made from Internegatives from 35mm Kodachrome and Ektachrome transparencies and from 2'U x 2% Ektacolor negatives. Senior portraits were photographed with a Beattie Portronic 907 camera using strobe lights, by Merin Studios. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Press run was 1.000 casebound copies and 2.400 soft-bound copies. Four color on pages 1-16 was printed on a 38 inch four color Miller Press. The remainder of the book was printed on a 38 inch Miller two color perfect press. As in 1973. the 1974 TOUCHSTONE is free and available to all students at Millersville State College as a result of the activity fee students pay each semester.

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