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 - Class of 1973

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• i'-i --. - - r iii»fr ir- Trrri1What fortitude the soul contains That it can so endure The accent of a coming foot The opening of a door. 1373 TOUCHSTONE Millersville State College ■ Millensville, Pennsylvania Volume LXXIVFaculty 20 Campus Life 36 Seniors 58 Greeks 88 Clubs and Organizations 122 Sports • 156 Activities • 186 If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. BlakeAnd in the manner that thoughts are prismed in the mind He saw all colors of humans streaming through door wags. Distributing in great amphitheaters. 567He reads, hears and sees earthquakes natural and political: catastrophes large and public or small and private. 910Here at Millersville we now have the vote. But few of us voted. We have representation on faculty and administrative committees, but some of us have get to sit in on the meetings. 11i 1314This near at least we are aware of what we have done and have not done and what we might have done or maijbe even will do. 1516 1 Our theme. Doors Of Perception, is particularly fitting for such a year as this has been. For doors provide access to the going in and to the coming out. One way and another, it is the duality in this year and in our college lives this year that we have tried to illustrate. 17 18In doorwaqs he felt an unsettling urge To pass through, look around, and resolve. Indoors, outdoors, glassdoors, French doors Doors through which to perceive the World’s, Weeks, month, and moments a sand passes through an hourglass. 19FACULTY The classroom door stands; the professor approaches seeing part, then all of the class; the class erect at the entering; the door is shut to settle; as qet it quivers and distracts.TRUSTEES Mr. John C Pittengor. Secretary of Education. Ex-Officio Mr. William H. Bolger, President Mr. Earl A. Brubaker Mr Ronald Ford Mr Wilson G. Gallagher Mr Charles W Hash Mr. John B. Heroux Mrs. Clair R. McCollough Mr. Jay B. Niesley Mr. John F S. Rees Mr. Norman Wood 22ADMINISTRATION A Dr William H. Duncan President Mr. Melvin Allen Miss Ellen F Barber Dr Nicholas C Brown Vice-President Dr Robert V. Brown Mr Henry P Bucher Mr Gerald Burkhardt Dr V A. Champa Miss Helen V. Conway Mr Marvin R Donner Mr. Robert Elder Mr John P. Farmer Mr. Woodrow W Frank Mr Richard L Frerichs Mr Robert Girvin Miss Dorothy Groff Dr M Khalil Hamid Dr Daryll D. Hersemann Mr. Thomas J Houser Mr. J Nevin Huber Dr Louis G Jennings Dr J Henry Keneagy Mr. Charles I Kent Dr Michael G. Kovach Mr. Samuel M Manson Mr Lewis F Maraffie Dr James E. Maurey Dr William B. Mcllwame Dr. F W McLaughlin MD Mr Anthony Mordosky Mr Ronald Musser Dr. Daun Nesbit Mr Robert B. Norris Dr Gary W. Reighard Vice-President Dr. Richard Sasin Mr. Gray H Sellers Mrs Carole L Slotter Mr. Donald A. Stollenwerk Dr. Edqar R. Thomas Mr Blair Treasure Mr Leon L Winters Mr Gene R Wise Mr Ralph L Wright Dr. Brown Mr FrankHISTORY Mr. Francis J Basselt Mr Ronald M. 8enson Dr. Linda L Clark Mr Jack R. Fischel Dr Abram Foster Mr. James A. Jolly Dr Richard C. Keller Chairman Mr William W Kenawell Dr Reynold S. Koppel Dr Charles A. Lord Mr. G Terry Madonna Dr. John B Osborne. Jr Mr. Thomas C. Tirado Mr Edward A. Tuleya Dr Joseph E Walker Mr Lewis N. Walker. Jr Dr George L Young Mr. Benson 24SOCIOLOGY Dr William R Aho Mr William Boisko Dr Jerome R Briggs Dr Samuel E. Casselberry Dr William Pearman Chairman Mr Robert A Rotz Dr L Arlene Sitler Dr George F Stine Mr George J Yelaaotes Dr SitlerLIBRARY Mr Herbert B Anstaett Mr Edward F. Bringhurst Mrs. D L Cavanaugh Mr. Robert Coley Mrs Laura E. Doering Mrs. Dorothy Duck Mrs Catherine Glass Mr Ray Hacker Mrs Doris K. Hosier Mr Robert G Hostetter Mrs. Bonnie M Jolly Mr John Maine Mr Theodore Miller Miss Sarojini D. Lotlikar Mr. Leo Shelley Mrs MaryV Shelley Mr Donald Tribit Mrs Nellie VonDorster ENGLISH Mrs. Margaret N. Butler Mr David B Chamberlin Mr Danny Ducker Mrs. Leah G Fudem Mr Sumner J Germain Miss Phyllis Goodman Mr. Frank R Heavner Dr John A. Huzzard Mrs. Hazel I Jackson Mr Bruce D Kellner Dr. Debrah D. LeSage Dr. Marcia K Miller Mr. John F O’Donnell Mr. Charles P. Patton Dr. Joseph E. Rhen Chairman Dr Mary P A. Sheaffer Mr. Gordon P. Symonds. Jr Mr Robert N Taylor Miss A Grace Wenger Mrs. Margaret Woodbndge Mr Edwin J. Zarek Mr Hostetter 26CHEMISTRY Dr. Donald R. Davis Dr. James E. Koken Dr Michael J. Koskoskt Dr. Shih-Fan Ting Dr. Cecil Upton Dr Donald E Weiman Chairman Dr. Gerald S Weiss Mrs. ShellySECONDARY EDUCATION FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mr Samuel Fonzi Dr. Donald G. Gertenbach Mr Eugene G Groff Mr. James Hare Mr John A Hicks Mr. John L, Horst Mrs. Fay E Kramer Dr Walter Kreider. Jr Mr Raymond C. Mullin Dr Carl O. Schrmdtke Chairman Mr James W White Mr Richard S. Will Dr Robert F Ambacher Mr C. Richard Beam Mr Joseph E. DeCamp, Jr Mr Bryon Detwiler Dr H Robert Hedrick Dr. Philip T. Heesen Dr. Olga iglesias Mrs. Beatrice M Killough Mr Daniel E. Kogut Mrs. Jacqueline Long Mr. R. C. L. Mitton Dr. Fred E Oppenheimer Dr Lina Ruiz V Ruiz Dr. Theodore H Rupp Chairman Dr. Irene P. Seadie Dr Hans G Skitter Dr. Rodrigo Solera Mr. John Tully Or Simone J Vmcens Dr Marian Walter Mr Philip WoobyPHILOSOPHY Dr. Kurt Rudoll Fischer Chairman Mr Howard P Kemg Mr. Leon Miller Mrs. Mia Sarracmo Dr. John E Winter EDUCATIONAL MEDIA Mrs. Geraldine M. Benson Mrs. Isabelle H. Binkley Mr. Joseph Blake Chairman Mrs. Jeanne A Feight Mr Robert Greybill Miss Erma D Keyes Dr. Robin Kranz Mrs. Mary E. Llewellyn Mr R. Shields Metzler Mrs. Minda M. Sanders Miss Margaret R. Tassia Mr. Kenneth I. Taylor Miss Alice Wagner Dr Byron M. Wagner Mr Keith E Yoder SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs Arlene Bucher Mr. Linus J. Czap Mrs. Evelyn M. Duncan Mrs. Ermaleen B Etter Or. Reza H. Ghannad Dr W Richard Kettering Chairman Mrs. Marie Kiser Mrs. Barbara M. Kokenes Mr. John Kriebei Mr. Douglas P. Lapierre Miss Ruth R. Matz Dr Hassan H Osman Mr Edward E. Oltinger Dr. Raymond S. Treon Mr Peter Wilhovsky Mrs. Binkley 29 Mr. Lyon ART Dr S. Kent Carson Mr Donald A Davis Dr Dominick J. Fanam Mr. John E Ground Mr Robert G Huslead Dr. Slanley R Jenkins Mr Kenneth A Kirsten Dr. Harold A. Laynor Mr Robert H. Lowing Mr Robert A. Lyon. Jr. Miss Jane L. Reinhard Mr Richard E. Salzman Mrs Sheba Sharrow Dr Charles S Steele Dr. Ronald E. Sykes Dr R Gordon Wise Chairman Tl Dr. Antone K. Fontes Chairman Mr. Samuel J. Ha Dr Alex Henderson Dr. Albert C. Hoflman Dr Catherine Keever Mr Kenneth G Miller Dr. James C Parks Mr Charles E. Price Dr. Sydney Radinovsky Dr Willis Ratzlalf Mr John L. Rorabaugh Mrs. Cynthia A Shelly Mrs. Juliet Stephan Dr Guy L. Steucek Mr Harold R Weirich Dr. William Yurkiewicz HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr John F Apple Mr J Rodney Bimson Mrs. Julia Bowers Dr Gene A Carpenter Mr. Richard C. DeHart Dr Mary Elizabeth Dixon Mrs. lone L. Dorwart Mr. Eugene Fritz Mr. Arthur R Hulme Chairman Mrs. Nancy Hungerford Mr William V. Kahler Mr Carl R Kane Mr. George Katchmer Dr. Lawrence McDermott Director of Athletics Miss Sandra L. Peters Dr Raymond J. Runkle Mr Jerry Swope Mrs. Marjorie Trout Mr Lawrence Warshawsky Mr. Albert J. Woolley INDUSTRIAL ARTS Dr Joseph J. Abromams Dr George H Ditlow Chairman Mr Curtis A. Donat Dr. Richard F. Doutt Mr. Hugo J Fiora Dr Denis J Foley. Jr Dr. George H Francis Mr William H Geiger. Jr Mr. George D. Hauber Mr Glenn Heckman Mr Ralph A. Hendershott Mr Henry J Kaullman Mr Ralph W Miller Mr. Urban L Monical Mr Austin G. Quick Mr. Harold J Royer Mr. Dalton E. Smart. Jr. Mr. J Richard Steinmetz Dr Earl M Weber Or Philip D Wynn 30ELEMENTARY EDUCATION !| Mrs. Jane M Bachman Dr. David G. Bird Dr Gerald Bosch Chairman Miss Audrey A. Burie Mr Michael Dianna Mr. Dale Fair Mr. Thomas Farley Mrs. Mary Ann Heltshe Mr. Raymond S Hollinger Mrs. Elsie H. Hostetler Mr W. D Leighty Mr Ira Light Dr Perry Love Mr Richard Meily Mrs Helen Metzler Mrs. Michaeiine Nissley Mr. John E. Pllum Mr Edward Plank Dr Samuel Riegel Mrs. Gwendolyn Robinson Mr John M. Roth Mr Joseph L. Rousseau Miss Yvonne R Schack Miss Beatrice Smith Mr Richard A Smith Miss M Joanne Snavely Mrs Daisy D Spangler Mr Joseph Torchia Mrs. Anita H Waterman Dr. J. Richard Zerby Children are the world's most valuable resource and ifs best hope for the future- Mr Kauffman 31T EARTH and SPACE SCIENCE Dr. Price Mr Frank R. Bellaire Dr William Jordan Mr Paul J. Mclnerney Dr. Paul H Nichols Chairman Dr B. L Oosidam Mr Robert S Ross GEOGRAPHY Mr Robert Barden Dr. Robert N Ford Chairman Dr. Joseph W. Glass Mr. Harold E. Jackson Miss Esther M Kilheffer Mr. Arthur C Lord Mr. John Schein. Jr Dr. Glenn V Stephenson PSYCHOLOGY Dr Richard F. Bromer Dr. Betty J. Finney Dr. Richard Hess Chairman Dr. Joseph J Horvat Mrs. Susan L. Keen Dr. Patricia Kranz Dr John Lembo Mrs. Jean I. Loshbough Mr. James Maxey III Dr. Richard E. Olds Dr. James J. Sheridan Mrs. Evelyn Stevens Mr Jacob C. Wine Dr Charles J. Wirls Dr. HersemannCOUNSELOR EDUCATION SPEECH-DRAMA POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr James C. Ally Mr. Robert Bowman Mrs. Dorothy B. Hams Mr Harold J. Harris. Jr Mrs. Susan Holtzapple Mr John E. Slimmer. Jr Dr. H. Byron Showers Acting Chairman Mr Michael F Ackerman Mr. Robert H. Fogg Mr Scott Garman Mr. Cameron Iseman Chairman Mr Charles Muench Dr Paul Talley Mr. William Wright Dr Ivan Brychta Dr James M Garrett Mr. Clarence E Goode Dr Manwoo Lee Chairman Mr Grover C Starling Mr John E Tannehill Dr Gerald L. Weinberger 33PHYSICS Dr. Rotow Mr. Darnel G. Engle Dr Joseph W Grosh. Jr Dr C Byron Kohr Chairman Dr Clifton W Price Dr Alexander A Rotow Dr John A VanHorn MATHEMATICS Mr Marshall Anderson Mr Harry Canter Dr Charles Denlinger Mr. Donald Eidam Mr Stephen R France Mr Roy Garland Dr John F Lavelle Dr Robert S Matulis Dr Joseph A Meier Chairman Mr Edmund Pribilkin Mr Robert Shaak Dr James Stager Mr Clark E Taylor Mr Charles L VanGorden Mr Jay Weaver Mr Charles T Wolf MUSIC Mr Glenn E Barksdale Mrs. Dorothy P. Beam Mr Walter W Blackburn Mr. John Colangelo Dr Paul G. Fisher Mr. Luke K Grubb Mr Ray W. Kauffman Dr Bertha N Maraflie Mr. Karl E Moyer Mr. David S. Nagle Mrs. Evelyn S. Wild Mr James E Zwally Chairman Mrs. Jean R Zwally 34ECONOMICS Mr Robert Barnes Chairman Dr Wmthrop E Everett Dr Jong-Chol Hau Chairman Dr Thomas Lee Dr Secunderabad N Leela Dr Ferdinand L Molz Mrs. Delois B. Nichols Dr Norman Taylor Mr Wolt 35CAMPUS LIFE All qou need know about campus life is to see the college constituents indoors or outdoors. •I 3841ap 444546474850'll54Ol Ul574 | j citsmLe SJA TE COLLEGE rrt'ryzjfl EXP,RES tllil "its SENIC A great ivorq door stands at the end of the graduation platform. The joke is: no one knows if the graduate is leaving or entering.LINDA ANDERSON MICHAEL ANGELO PERRY ANILOFF CRAIG ANSELL BOB APICHELL NANCY APPEL ROSE ARCHAMBEAULT THOMAS ARENA MARLENE ARTYMOVICZ JACKLYN AUDI 60 CYNTHIA BAKER PRISCILLA BAKER LINDA BALTRUS PAULA BANACHNANCY BENSON KIRK BERGER MARILYN BERNERO ERIC BERQUIST JAN BEYERLE CHRISTINE BIAGIO MV SAM BIGLER KAREN BILL CAROL BINGEMAN 61SUSAN BORDER NANCY BORGER NANCY BORING MARY BOROTA LORRAINE BOWER PATRICIA BOWMAN 62LINOA BRACKBILL THOMAS BRADBURY JOANNE BRADY STEPHEN BRANCA ELSPETH BRANTLEY 8ARBARA BRAY LOIS BREDBENNER DEBORAH BREINER GARY BRIOI TIMOTHY BROOKS CHARLES BROWN. JR DENNIS BROWN NANCI BROWN BARBARA BUCHY HERBERT BURKET CHARLES BURKHARDT MARTIN BURNS JOAN BUTASH BARBARA BUTLER BAR8ARA BUTT AUDREY CALDWELL SARA CALLAHAN MICHAEL CARVE 11 MARY CASE ANITA CASMAY SHARON CASSEl GORDON CHANDLER GEORGIA CHISESI 63T ESTELLE CONTOS THOMAS COPE LOUIS COSTANZO IEANETTE COTNFR DEBORA COULSON JOHN COUISON JUDENE CRAMER BRUCE CRANSTON DEBORAH CRISMAN PATRICIA CROCKETT BARBARA CROUSE LOIS CROUTHAMEL BAR8ARA CROWN CARL CUMMINGS BARRY CUNNINGHAM MAVIS CUNNINGHAM PAMELA DAHIGREN VIRGINIA OAPPEN DONNA DAVID MARY DEAVER VIRGINIA DEEMER ANNAROSE DeGEORGIO LINDA DEIHM KATHLEEN DeLAY 64MARILYN DELOPLAINE JOANNE DEMPSEY GALEN DISC ERNEST OOERSCHUK. Ill JOAN DETZ ABRAM DIEFENBACH DANIEL DILLARD. JR. 65PETER DOERSCHUK SALLY DOHONEY LINDA DONMOYFR ELLEN DONNELLY ROBERT DONNELLY LORIE DOSCH RACHAEL DREAD KATHLEEN DUDLEY LYNN DUFFY ERIC DUMM ROBERT DUNNE RICHARD OUSAK 66 PAUL DUSSINGER CYNTHIA EAGER JAMES E8Y MARLIN EBY BARBARA ECKENRODE BRUCE ECKERT LINDA EDKIN STEVEN EHRHART ELIZABETH ELMER JANET ERNST MICHAEL ESBENSHADE NANCY ETTARO KENNETH ETTINGER 8 REN DA EVANS JULIE EVERTS DIANE FARGO NANCY FATZINGER BEVERLY FAUNCE MARILYN FEGER JOAN FERDO CONNIE FERREE ROSEMARY FERRY CHRISTOPHER FIEDLER JOAN FIFER KATHY FIGUREllE KATHLEEN FILLMORE GARY FINK MARCIA FISHEL 67SYLVIA FISHER SUSAN FITTERIING DEBRA FlINCHBAUGH RHONDA FLINN NICHOLAS FLOURAS MARY FOLLY LINDA FOREMAN RONNIE FOREMAN HENRY FOSTER KAREN FOX SCOn FRANCIS CHRISTINE FREDERICK 68KENNETH FRY CONSTANCE GALLAGHER LYNN GALLAGHER ELIZABETH GARDNER JANET GARRETSON JEANNE GAYDOS JOSEPH GEDDES, II JOAN GEIGER CYNTHIA GEIST RONALD GEORGE CHARLES GERLACH KATHLEEN GIBASONTHOMAS GOSS SII ANNE GOTWAIO ELIZABETH GRAI KATHERINE GREEN ANDREW GREEN AWAIT PATRICIA GREER WIII IAM GREnON. Ill PEGGY GRIFFITH STEPHEN GRIFFITH KATHY GRIM 70KONA HANKY DAVID MANN CHAMOTTE MARBOID EHOMAS HARDEMAN JAMES HARNI ANITA HARNI R IAMES HART JOY HARIMAN JOHN HARVEY. II PAUL HAUCK ANN HAUSKNECHT JUDY HFCKER GEOFFREY HENRY JOAN HENRY ANGELINE HE IVY PHILIP HEMPFING MARIIYN HEMSTREEl 72 LOIS HIICKER ROBERT Hill DEBORAH HINAMANJUDY HOFFMAN MARIANNf HOI TON CAROL HOMAN HOWARD HORNFR STEPHEN HORST LOIS HOSSIER DANIELLE HOUSER BONNIE HUBBFRT DAVID HUBER NANCY HUBER DON HIIDAK MARTY HURST DONNA IANNA GRACE IMHOF 73BARBARA INNERST RICHARD IRWIN FRANK IABLONSKI KATHY JAMBRETZ GLORIA JAREMKO DANIEL JENNINGS LEE JENNINGS KENNETH JOHNSON DONNA JOHNSTON RIC JOLINE 74ROBERT JONES SUSAN JONES THOMAS JONES MARGARET JOSS 0E80RAH KAMMERER PATRICIA KANE ANGELIKI KARAGIANNIS MARK KAROOS ELAINE KAREL REBECCA KASUN LINOA KAUFFMAN JOANNE KAUFMANN AIFREO KEEBAUGH. JR THOMAS KELLER EUGENE KELLY CHERYL KENT DONNA KEPERLING BRUCE Kl RR PEGGY KESSLER CHARLES KILLIAN MARYJANE KLECKNER ELIZABETH KIEINMANN SANDRA KUNE ROBERT KLUXEN DONNA KOPITSKY 75 BARBARA KNAUER SUSAN KNOUSE PATRICIA KOLLER AUDREY KOLODSKI KATHLEEN KOONSDIANNE KOSER DIANNA KOVACH ROBERTA KRAMER VICKI KRAMER JAMES KRAUSE THERESA KRAUSE 76 CAROL LAMEY ELMER LANDIS GARY LANOIS GEORGE LANDIS. Ill SHERI LANDIS MARK IARE JOHN IASKOWSKI DEBORAH LATCHFORD WENDY LATSHAW THOMAS LAWLER. Ill GEORGE LECKNER CATHY LEFEVER DONNA LEFEVER MAI IA LEHMIER ROSEMARY LEITSCH KATHLEEN LENEIS FRANCES LESSER MELISSA LONG TERRY LONG MARSHA LONGNAKER IAMES LOVE DENNIS L0WE RITA LUCIA 77PHYLLIS IUFT JANE LUITWEILER DIANE LUTES ROY LYONS IAN ICE MANIKAS MARILYN MARKART iOAN MARQUART BETH MARTIN JOHN MARTIN LINDA MASSAR KATHLEEN MATTERN RUTH MAURER DONNA MAYER MICHAEL McCARTER PATRICIA MCCARTHY STEPHEN McCARTNEY LINDA McCAULEY EDWARD McDfRMIT SANDRA McELROY THOMAS McGEEHIN LAURENCE McKENNA REGINA McKEON CYNTHIA McKONLY MARYBETH MelAVERTY RAYMOND McNAMARA DONNA McNAUGHTON JOAN MECK SHIRLEY MERSHON 78CHERYL MICHEAU JAY MIFFOIUF MICHAEL MIHAIKO ANN MIKUTA BRENDA MILLER PENNY MEYER CHARLES MILLER. II JOHN MILLER. JR JOSEPH MILLER KATHY MILLER NINA MILLER ROBERT B MILLER 79ROBERT C MILLER STEVEN MILLS DENISE MITRO GLEN MOYER LELA MOYER THEODORE MOYER ERIC MUIR JOHN MULLER PATRICIA MURPHY WILLIAM MURPHY JAN MUSSELMAN BARBARA MUSSERLINDA MYERS PAULA MYERS JEANNE NA80ZNY JOSEPH NARKIEWICZ rAI nlUIA NASc jnmiti ntnwMCK THOMAS NEWCOMER RUTH NICHOLS IAN IS NICODEM ROBERT NIEO JAY NIESLEY GWEN NISSLEY 81JAMES PATTON JAMES PAUl DEBORAH PAULE COLLEEN PAULEY SUSAN PEALE PAMELA PENNER KATHERINE PETERKIN THOMAS PETERS MICHAEL PETERSON JANET PETERSON DEBORAH PHELAN ELIZABETH PITMAN VIRGINIA PLEISS ALBERT POPE. JR MICHAEL POWELL ANN POWERS ERE DERICK PRAYER. JR 82STEPHANIE PRESCOTT LINDA PRESHIOCK LINOA PRESTO JACQUELYN PRICE SUSAN PROCTOR MARION PUGHMELANIE REINOEHL 84 NANCY R08ERTS JOAN ROBERTSON DEBORAH ROLLER PATRICIA ROMBERGER VICKI RORAR LORRAINE ROSENQUIST KENNETH ROSS. JR NANCY ROTE J KAREN ROTH SANDRA ROTH DONNA ROTHERMEL WILLIAM ROTHWEILER PATRICIA ROUSAK THOMAS ROWE. JR DEBORAH ROYER JEAN ROYER SANDRA RUDY CAROL RUPP LINDA RUSSELL ANTHONY RUTCHAUSKAS EMILY RUYAK DONALD SACHS EDWARD SAFFORD. JR BARBARA SANFORD JOSEPH SCANLIN LEE SCHICK DEBORAH SCHLEIG GREGORY SCHNECK JANET SCHOCK JANET SCHULZE STEPHEN SCOTTOIINE DONALD SEAMAN 85 DONNA SEAMON JOHN SEEIEY BARBARA SHAFFER JUDITH SHAFFER BRENDA SHARP NANCY SHARPIESS JOAN SHAUB DANIEL SHEAFFER GARY SHELLY LUCINDA SHENBERGER KAREN SHERAKAS ARTHUR SHERMAN JEFFREY SHROYER BETTE SHUE GAIL SHUEY THOMAS SICHORT DONALD SIEGFRIED 8REN0A SIEGRIST SHARON SIMMONS JANIS SINCLAIR MICHAEL SlAGlE BONNIE SMELTZER DENISE SMITH GERALD SMITH DEAN SNYDER LINDA SLONAKER ANN SMALL JOHN SNVDER JOANNE SOMMER JOHN SOOY KAREN SOUDER 87 DONALO SNYDER PATRICIA SOTIROKOSSANDRA SOUDER WENDY SOUDER GLORIA SPANNUTH KATHLEEN SPEICHER CHARLES SPERAW IARS STAABY. JR IANET STAHLER CAROL STARK DOYLE STARNER MICHAEL STAS LEONARD STEIGERWALT KENNETH STEIN DAYNA STEPHENS RICHARD STEVENS. JR STEPHEN STIDINGER PAMELA STINSON WILLIAM STOKES JANET STOUGHTON JOY STOUT GEORGE STRADTMAN. JR TERRY STRINGFELLOW LINDA STROBEl ROBERT STRUBLE DIANE STURM MARILYN SURIANI RICHARD SUTTON GARY SVETZ DAVIDA SWERLICK CARL SWINN OALE SWISHER 88I HAROLD TAITZ CAROL TAFEL MARGARET TATE ANDREW TAROSKI. JR KAREN TAYLOR RICHARD TAYLOR 89THOMAS TEMPLETON III EILEEN THAYER FREDERICK THEOBALD. JR PAUL THOMAS MICHAEL THOMPSON ROBERT THOMPSON. JR RONALD TIMINSKI SHIRLEY TRIT7 SUSAN TRUPE KATHRYN TULEYA 90PAULA TURNER ROSEMARIE TUSCANO TODD UMBENHAUER SUSAN VAIL KAREN VANDERSCHAAF SUSAN VANRENSLER JANICE VARY CHRISTINE VASELIAS NANCY VOLP MARILYN WAGAR BARRY WAGNER OENNIS WAGNER EDWIN WAGNER. JR MARC WALL MICHAEL WALLIS MARGIE WALT JUDITH WALTER BARBARA WALT MAN BARRY WALTON KAREN WALTON LINDA WATSON PIXIE WATTS KENNETH WEAVER EUNICE WEBB MARSHA WEBSTER NANCY WEIBLEY ALLEN WEIGAND LEANNE WEIKERT GAIL WEINMANN EOllH WEISS 91KAREN WHISLER RICHEILE WHITMAN KOZEnE WIDDFR DANIEL WILEY MICHELE WILHELM DANIEL WILKINS JOHN WINDISH III RICHARD WISE MICHAEL WITMER ERIC WOLF THOMAS WOLF DAVID WOLFF DARLENE WOODY LAURA WRIGHT SUSAN WYERMAN CINDY YANOLKO LINDA YEONOCK GARY YOCUM 92k GRACE YODER MARIAN YOOER DENNIS ZAJAC OEBORAH ZEIDERS MICHAEL ZELL KATHY ZERBY I I I IOANN ZIMA JOYCE ZIMMERMAN THELMA ZIMMERMAN DUANE ZOOK JUNE ZSENYUCH CAROL ZUNSKI 93WHO’S WHO - 1373 Notice more than mere carvings sit at a doortvaq. Notice lions. Notice gargoyles. GORDON CHANDLER BERNARD CITERONEHI JAY NIESLEYMARCIA WENGER Not pictured: RICHARD BITZER LINNEA FRERICHS EUGENE LYDA LARRY SOSCIA PHILLIP STOKES ALVIN TERRELL KEVIN WEIR o- ROBERT WILLIAMS Some people have been seen to knock twice at a doorwaq before walking awaij.Alive and well and living at M5C Pan Hellenic Council a Interfraternity Council Alpha: Debbie Mnrinollo (president J, Ann Sheridan. Nancy Mullln, Denise Moore. Eileen Bondurskl, Rite Snyder (vice-president). Jan Antonelll. Janice Vary. Pat Adams (treasurer). Dean Ellen Barber (adviser). Rosie Kiehl. Sylvia Guerra. Joanne Osbaugh. Pam Shuman. Marlene Frank. Jan Mussolmnn. Sandra Ford. Joanne Sommer (secretory). Omega: Jim Guthrio, Nick DeRosa. Clark Tomlinson. Jorry Larish. Joe Foster. Dean Richard Frorichs (advisor). Lee Hollis. Roberto Jenkins. Bill Bell. Dave Spayd. Missing: Ennis Manns. 101ABA Linda Keyes (historian). Keith Runton (president). Yvonne Swartz (recording secretary). Judy Nice (reporter). Sue Hawk (treasurer). Mona Horst (vice-presidont). Martha Gorman (corresponding secretary and parliamentarian). Front row: Janis Nicodem (fall president). Elaine Karol. Second row: Larry Everett (spring president). Kathy Wool (secretary). Mrs. Fudem (adviser). Paula Banach (treasurer). Joe Wells (vice president). Bock row: Vicky Mearkle. Debbie Hlrneisen. Steve Berlin. Rick Flynn. Pamela Arnold. 103Front rorw: Tom Sichort (vice president). John Walters (friar). Dan Jennings (president). Steve Williamson (treasurer). Lee Simmons (secretary). Second row: R. J. Confair. Rich Lucas. Jack Gingrich. Jim Krause. Ed Wagner. Brian Guthrie. Larry Zinn. Stevo Reeves. Dennis Dougherty. Bock row: Michael L. Liebhart. Bill Griffith. Jim Donato. Barry Stock Missing: Bill Jacoby. Kerry Blue Ycrg. John Henssler. Byron Gibson. Clark Tomlinson. 104Front row: Margie Walt (pledgemastcr). Mary Pat Fritz. Bonnie Ammon. Second row: Jill Snowden (vice president). Pat Donahue (treasurer). Ann Mikuta (president). Eileen Bandurski (Pan Hellenic representative). Joanne Sommer (Pan Hellenic representative). Third row: Marsha Webster (alumni chairman). Nancy Jackie Fourth row: Suzanne Kroken-berger. Cindy Honncs. Patti Blue. Back row: Barb Crown. Audette Stoudt. Linda Koontz. Nancy Spatholf. Missing. Vicki Kent. KAT 105 Front row- Kathy Evans. Mary Valentino Back row Jerri Helsel Dianne Ouerry. Sandy Knorr. Sandy Chalfant. Lisa Bergey. Missing: Debby Vorndran. Emily Grofl. Pat BradyLeft side: Mike Sterner, Craig Althouse. Lorry Watson, Corky Irvin, Bob Wonder. Bob Shoe, Gary Bredbenner. Right side: Nick Montesano. Brent lies. Rick Nickels. Bob Showman, Randy Miller. Charlie Kron. Missing: Paul Schleyer. Greg Marsh. Front rov : Tom Salinger, Charlio Grcenawalt. Jay Miffoluf. Mike Hand. Dave Spayd. Frank Mela. Dave Brownell. Back row: Denny 8rown. Steve Miller. Greg Schneck. Dale Shuey. Paul Boyer ITT Bob Dunne. Mike Weik. Doug Hanley. Charlie Miller, Marty Brandt. Don Sachs. 106Front row: Sue Hooper. Linda Fritz. Patti Peiffor. Jill Benfcr. Peg Guinter Second row: Vicki Wiggins. Judy Foster. Cathy Audi (vice president). Cathy Sides (corresponding secretary), Beth Hodder (historian). Linda Dillman. Candy Scnncr (treasurer) Third row: Miss Yvonne Schack (adviser), Jane Brown, Janet Chamberlain. Jonl Steinhardt. Martie Dllworth. Mary Leer, Jan Hughes. Phyllis Lusch (recording secretary). Marlene Frank (Pan Hellenic representative). Fourth row: Robbio Kramer. Barb Mik-loicho, Joan Kalloz. Rae Oeschger. Janet Hutton. Sylvia Guerra (Pan Hellenic representative). Leigh Arizinl. Liz Hirak, Lorainc Son (alumni secretary). Sandy Greonacre. Vicki Kaylor. Bock row: Carol Spinelll. Michele Arcieri. Mickey Glick. Kathy Hogarth. Diane Fields, Jonl Gregor I (DO 107Front row: Carol Hart, Franny Cordone. Rose Mary Rossi. Georgia Chiscsi. Margaret Alessi. Estelle Contos. Lcanne Wei-kert. Janice Vary (Pan Hellenic representative), Linda Shatzer. Bev laskowski (pledgemaster) Back row Diane Lubas (presi- dent). Annemarie Cowley. Kate Hasson (treasurer). Jan An-tonelli (Pan Hellenic representative), Karen Whisler. Ann Powers. Karol D'Amico (corresponding secretary), Susan Sweigard (historian). Linda Mobcrg. Judy Stefl 108Front row Ray Kunkle (grievance committee chairman). Fred Mast (recording secretary). Jeff Lnntzy (president). Al Dieffenbach. Terry Gessner. Ed Stone. Second row Jim Vasalinda. Eric Dumm. Bill Bell. Rick Baylor. Ed Zupanic. Back row: Dave Texter. Carl Smartschan. Bill Curren. Rick Vivaldi (vice president). Joe Carbine. Bob Barr. Mick McCarthy (treasurer). Front row: John Johnson. Nolan Floyd (social chairman). Bob Vieth. Gerald Hottlngor. Carl Barnhart. Butch Godshall. Second row: Mike McCoy. Tom Gahrcs. Joe Macey. Arnle Ostroff. Tom HI-rak, Don Hines. Dan Dcckard. Chuck Bechtel (president). Third row: Austin Kreager (sergoant of arms). Ken Blevins. Lester Gockloy (secrotary). Dennis Guisewhite. Harvey Felman. Fred Ruth. Keith O'Mally. Back row: Ed Foster. Robert Field. Joe McDonald. Jeff 8utch (vice-prosi-dent). Mike Frantz. Scott Bartal Missing: Denny Duncan. xn Ted Zellers (treasurer). IEB Front flow. Mary Clopper. Lois Hossler (second vice-president). Second Row: Vicki North. Penny Mycr. Shirlee Degler. Beth Watson. Melissa Wright. Cathy Cook (recording secretary). Third Row: Becky Sollarii, Tanya Thomas. Chris Allen. Kathy Lewis (first vice-president), Jeanne Crane. Vicki Ritter. Marilyn Owens (treasurer). Claudia Shinn (parliamentarian) Back Row Carol Binker, Jan Manikaw. Kathy Pettcrkin, Patte Burke. Linda Campbell. Marlys Foster. Linda Hoisler. Dcbbio Benjamin (president). Judi Christine. Dcbbio Mari-nello (corresponding secretary). Connie DeMario. Missy Sccott. Diane Abel. Nancy Mullin (historian). Joanne Pryor. Denise Mockus. Marge Hoover Missing: Mr Donald Davis (adviser). Mr. Lawrence Worshowaky (adviser). Joan Brcgman. Sue Gorman, Sandy Herr. Nancy Hoffcrth. Joanne Kauffman. Ann Sheridan, Sue Ferguson.Front row Cliff Prescott. Tom Ruffing. Second row: tarry Soscia, Frank Jablonski, Mike Fuller. Mike Grim, John Kurtz. Bob Bergner, Eric Bakow. John Seeley. John Landis. Buck row Paul Plntarch. Ed Shannon. John Laskowski. Joe Warlow. Rick Wolf. Bob Kurtz. Chuck Brewer. John Walt. Craig Landis. Craig Smith. Jerry Achenbach. Glen Weaver. Bill Sheaffer. IllKAO Front row: Lana Llppolt, Sue McAuley (recording secretary). Denise Moore (Pan Hellenic representative). Gall Crissey. Anno Vlsnefski. Second row: Debbie Rogowskl. Mary Ellen Boidler. Barb Crumling (historian). Donny Adams (vice president). Harriet Geary. Pam Anderson. Back row Connie Gallagher. Gerl Higgins (ptedgemaster), Nancy Matz. Kay Brlckman, Margie Joss. Joan Meek, Jill Hogudorn. (treasurer) Missing: Patti Bingham. Ginger Coloman. Jan Dasch. Kathy Davison, Nancy Guldin. Donna Holzman. Linda Kauffman (Pan Hellenic representative). Kathy Moran. Maureen O’Hara. Melissa Pennell. Mrs. Elsie Hostctter (advisor). Mrs Daisy Spangler (adviser). Front row: Beth Showaltcr. Linda Schollenbcrg. Kay Ann Ruz-zuto. Debbie Raudenbush. Nancy Cipolitti. Karen Hurst, Pat Savage. Second row Anselma Kanuchok. Debbie Hirneisen (corresponding secretary). Marianne D’lmperio. Michelle Landis. Nina Shugart. Torry Shenck. Julie O’Dell. Cindy Johnson. Back row: Lorraine Bratton (president). Ginny Lambert. Beth Ellen Faust, Laurie Buttes. Laura Gentilosco. Betty Hunsberger. Mary Hopple. Nan Sharp. Maureen McLornon. Helene Burkhard. 112Front row. John Boland. Bill Cleary. Buddy Brubaker (vice president). Jack Kelly. Second row; Chuck Felser, Don Yabiku. Tom Hirak (sergeant of arms). Bob Cutler (adviser). Mark Lare (Bear). Larry Kehres. Bock row: Rick Bupp (treasurer). Ken Hartman (secretary), Nick DeRosa (pledgornastcr), Scott Nimrod Francis (president). Missing Dave Fryer. Tom Partridge. Al Miller, Mike Thompson. Tom Funk. Jon Bard. Don Eidman (adviser). Wayne Geltz. Nick lorio. Front row: Dale Snyder (secretary). Jerry Beck (historian). Jim Albright (vice president). Chris Hoffman. Jeff Cleary. Phil Ball Back row: Cliff Fiedler (president). Dave Brown. Phil Miller, Dale Sizemore. Gary Bickel. Rob Erdman. AIX 113KOE Front row: Debbie Seawright. Susan Houpt. Pam Sees. Eager Beaver. Mary Joan luliano. Diane Medio. Second row: Debbie Scheig (alumni secretary). Kathy Cribari. Emilie Cope. Julie Moyer. Kathy Schlcgel-mllch. Back row: Jeanne Osbaugh (Pan Hellenic representative). Linda Freidel (treasurer). Pat Henkle. Sue Johnston. Undo Bean. Sue Hoelzle, Karen Bill. Front row: Linda Grace (corresponding secretary). Eager Beaver. Gloria Sandt (vice president). Gall Welnmann (sergeant of arms). Dorothea Parasink. Mindy Weaver (recording secretary). Chris Dal Maso, Jan Mussclman (Pan Hellenic representative). Sally Dohoney. Second row: Sheila McDowell. Brenda Sattazahn. Joanne Matthias. Dot Lauror, Nancy Oberholtzcr. Karen Cromwell, Sue Hickernell. Foxy Calderoni. Becky Braeden. Donna Watts. Back row: Vicki Ober. Joyce Murphy (president). 114QOI Front row: Janice Aeschleman. Darlene Rumford. Brenda Warner. Back row: Lyn Katz. Gina Christmon. Trudy Brunot. Mary Ann Messics. Front row: Nancy Krauss. Nanci Brown. Bonnie Podsobinski (president) Second row: Rosie Klehl (Pan Hellenic representative). Cathy Williams. Linda Stiles (recording secretary). Pat Adams (Pan Hellenic representative). Eileen Kilkenny. Janet Schulze (corresponding secretary). Becky Bruckart (treasurer). Debbie Fedele (vice president). Back row: Christine Zinzel, Judie Walter. Kathy Mattern, Dr. Robert Ambacher (adviser). 115116A (DO Front rov,v: Jack Rozanski, David Keeler. Kay McCoy. Phil Matthews. Kevin Kowalski. Back row: Dick Filer. Greg Bacon. Craig Frazier. Jim Faschlng. Bill Bull. Larry Everett. George Landis. Alan Livingston. Front torn: Susan Prlzer. Betsy Edelman. Sharon Levengood. Cathy Swan. Janet Selwitz. Nancy Stauller. Donna Pelosl (secretary). Second row: Debbie Hostotter. Sue Shaak (treasurer). Kris Wolf. Marcia Wenger (vice president). Nancy Holmes. Carol riA Front row: Barbara Simmons (president). Debby DeLuca (vice president). Gail Puza (recording secretary). Rose Furino. Wanda Dietz (corresponding secretory). Trish McCarthy. Danielle Houser. Elaine Kociban. Cindy Kern. Back row: Mrs. Helen Metzler (adviser), Pat Greer. Kathy Zerby. Janet Garretson. Barbara Lutzow. Karin Hcrczcg. Gayo O'Brien. Susan Ra-dermacher. Lois Torok, Linda Radel. Joan Fcrdo. Vicki Kramor. Sheri Landis. ACDH Walbcrt. Sharon Bankes. Bock row: Barb Rltzheimer, Dianne Walker. Marilyn Ziegler. Ann Small, Marilyn Deloplaine (corresponding secretary). Karen Bill (president). Debbie Benjamin. Ann Long. Janet Schock. Eileen Yakowenko. DAI Front row: Doretta Kurtz. Sue Proctor. Bev Oeschger (treasurer). De-lores Powell, Sandy Gettle (secretary). Second row: Cheryl Gilbert. Sue Jones. Nancy Seitz. Pat Gerber-ich. Judy McCorkle. Becky DeHoff. Linda Preslock. Back row: Vicki Bolognese. Barb Balas. Linda Shatzer. Paul Myers (historian). Charlie Har-bold (vice president), Jane Schroe-der (president). Phyllis Lusch. AUJCD Front row: Sandra Ford (treasurer), Sharon Kimble (sergeant at arms). Patricia Jenkins (dean of pledges), Sharon Braxton. Jeanette Draughn. Karen Hodges. Genora Orr (business manager). Back tow: 8ernadette Hite (parliamentarian). Pat Terry (assistant business manager). Stephanie I. Prescott (vice president). Vanessa Gayle Byrd (recording secretary). Missing: Pat Gardener (president). Lula Eleager (corresponding secretary). Katherine Jones. zro Front row 8ecky Kasun (treasurer). Peggy Hess. Marty Gorman (parliamentarian), 8arb Snyder. Fred Fritz, Janie Smith (vice-president). Lynn Andrusko (president). Second row Sue Barchet. Cindi Theiss. Kathy Watson. Kathy Hess (historian). Diane Crowley. Linda Reed. Debby Sionaker. Kathy Figurello. Linda Don- moyer. Back row Patricia Kelley, Donna Rothermel. Karen Fox. Michele Michael. Linda Keyes (recording secretary), Rita Snyder (Pan Hellenic representative), Pam Shuman (Pan Hellenic representative). Monica Spadoni. Mary Kay Steck. Linda Keich, Debby Laub.Front row: Karl Sternberg. Dan Paul, Gary Stochslager. Cy Anderson. Back row: Del Hauch, Joe Devlin, Kevin Hughes. Mike Fanus. Missing: Bernie Molt, Ken Purks. Front row: Avon Spriggs. Rich Burke. Bruce Brittingham. Tom Rutter. Glenn Papazlan, Tom Borbella. Barry Leach. Doyle Starner. John Savinl. Back row: Dave Dorn. Howie Donahue. Walt Haeberle. Jim Miller. Ron Timinski. Nick Patton, Dan Dilorenzo. Jeff Bradley. Paul Dutton, Bill 8ein. Front row: Linda Stiles. Bonnie Ammon. Janls Nloodem. Paula Banach, Elaine Karol. Wendy Souder. Back row Larry Everett. Steve Berlin. Bob Miller. Marshall Anderson (adviser)CLUBS and ORGANIZATIONS Elevated to co-curricular status— to put it into educational jargon; this is where it’s at—to put it another wag.STUDENT SENATE Front row Jim Guthrie, (vice president). Joe Scanlin (president). Back row: Rick Bitzor (treasurer). Colette Palmer (secretary). Susan Barchet (corresponding secretary) Seated Joe Scanlin Standing: 8ob Thompson. Rick Bitzcr. Diane Evans. Greg Bacon. Colette Pal-mori, George Soukas, Jim Guthrie. Susan Barchet. Seated: Joe Scanlin. Standing: Bob Thompson. Rick Bitzor. Diane Evans. Greg Bacon. Colette Palmer!, George Soukas. Jim Guthrie. Susan Barchet. 124Association of Women Students Front row: Margo Hoover. Debbio Marinello, Debbie Grant. Mag McGonigle. Second row: Wanda Dietz. Margie Hill. Debbie Scott. Joyce Murphy (president). Back row: Marilyn Lake. Susan Hooper. Deborah Korpics. Patricia Brogan. Dean Ellen Barber (adviser). Sheila Hogan. Betsy Edleman (secretary). Betsy Hughes (vice-president). Sue Barbour. Wayne Gockely. Craig Cleland. Pat Adams. Nina Brown. Richard Dread. Eddio Powell. President’s Advisory Council 126PSEA Anise Androkltes (corresponding secretary). Shirley Rozykow-ski (vice-president). May Lee Scnsenig (recording secretary). Cherie Thomas (president). Missing: Barbara Simmons (treasurer). ACEI 127 Joan Kurnmor (treasurer). Eileen Rooding (recording secretary). Nancy Seitz (president). Brenda Wagner (corresponding secretary). Dawn Arndt (historian), Mrs. Helen Metzler (adviser).1 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Sharon Keller (secretary). Carl Peter-shelm (president). Karen Harnor (treasurer), Molissa Singer (vice-president). United Campus Ministry Jane Huber. Janet Colquhoun. Tom Wagner. Barbara Williams. Lynn Hodge (president). Rev. James B. Sipplo (college chaplain). Yvonno Swart (treasurer). Alice Zimmerman. Pam Dahlgren. Peggy Wetzel (executive member). Lors B. Staaby. Jr.. Pat Mortimer (secretary).Student Organization for Safety From row: Carl Swlnn (president). Marleno Stinson (secretary). Robert Kluxen (first vice-president). Back row: Larry Shipper (third vice-president). Mr. RC. Mullln (adviser). T utorial Services Chip Jackson (assistant director of Development of Academic Potential Program). Carol Warren (graduate assistant). Sam Manson (adviser). Betty Degler (head of tutorial services). Ernie Lowe (graduate assistant). Black Student Association From row: Douglas Watson. Jerome Davis. Warren Jones. Back row Butler Buchannan. Gary Thomas (president). Sam Manson. Terry Jones.Front row: Barb Qulnby. Second row: Joanne Birkinshaw and Alcxa. Dolores Powell. Doretta Kurtz (secretary). Nancy Guldin (vice-president), Linda Reed. Margaret Tate. Jane Villardo. Back row Shan West (president). Richard Huff. Vicky Wiggins. Joni Gregor, Don Hines. John Harvey. Missing: Diane Moultrie (treasurer). Dr. George Stine (adviser). Mr. George Yelagotcs (adviser). 130International Student Union Front rov : Salvadora Katosang. Kaoru Orihara. Tirapan Tirasri, Deborah Chen. Back rov : Peter Maina, Dan Hess. Lily Chen. Barbara Taylor. Fried-Helm Koop-mann. Math Club Front row; Judy Wambold. Debbie Hirnoison. 8ob Kline (presi- Rose Strosser. Barb Traub. Janet Selwitz. Judy McCorkle, Eileen dont). Linda Kadlngo. Debbie Grant. Back row: Terry Stiekel. Yokowenko. Bev Oeschger. Cherie Thomas. JoAnn Giambalvo. Janis Crone. Reid Laudermann. 131132►.fc-n 133CHOIR SOPRANOS ALTOS Oebbio Amrik Ellen Heaps Susan Arnold Kathy Horne Christine Armstrong Janet Jancovlc Deborah Bielek Wendy Housel Darla Bair Joan Keller Debbie Bocian Carol Johnston Recording Secretary Ann Kielceski Bobbl Brubaker Darlene Kinsey Linda Barber Sherryl Kurtzman Eileen Buchanan Patricia Krall Roberta Baumgardner Linda Leibhart Karen Campbell Sally Miller Susan Confer Librarian Diane Clepper Tamara Rachko Deborah Dilks Mary Nell Nagle Marilyn Deloplainc Sandra Rager Beth Ellen Faust Parliamentarian Malia Dillard Kathy Watson Margaret Freeman Dawn Neiswendcr Nancy Fuller Deborah Weaver Christina Gemmel Corresponding Secretary Ktm Golden Susan Wetter Janene Glomariso Evelyn Sauder Kathleen Hohenade! Jeannette Wintrodc Carla Gray Linda Shatzer Sandra Greenacre Melissa Singer Carol Hawman Marsha Webster 134MADRIGALS Front row: Roger Coe. Darla Bair. Dawn Neis-wender. Debby Bielek. Sue Martin. Mike Kut-ner. Back row: Dan Potts. Marsha Webster. Michael Magiora. Mary Noll Nagle. Marlin Kerchner. Jeanette Wlntrode. John Hershey. Executives of Women's Chorus: Anise Andro-kites (secretary-treasurer). Lynn Hitzel (librarian). Ginny Sattazahn (president). Jean Kummer (vice president). Louise Olson (librarian). WOMEN’S CHORUS Front row. Sue Hooper. Debbie Engel. Eileen Yakowenko. Rose Strosser. Sue Summers. Second row: Debbie Rothermel. Joan Rhine. Sylvia Guerra. Ann Eckenroth, Louise Olson. Barbara Shaffer. Third row: Jean Athey. Kathie Boyer. Denise Boyer. Diane Fields. Mary Ellen Beidler, Lynn Hitzel. Debbie Seawright. Debbie Grant. Fourth row: Diane Yuchnievicz. Holly Gill. Patty Fitzgerald. Carol Linton. Sandy Knccht. Mary Flannery, Donna Auten, Kathy Shepler. Fifth row: Lorraine Sweeney. Lynette Sycher. Janice Hoyer. Suzanne Heller. Marietta Meek. Carol Vandcrpoel. Dianne Beatrice. Linda Heisler. Alexis Swyderski. Back rov : Mary Smiley. Jams Crone. Linda Buck. Genora Orr. Jackie Reinhart. TENORS David Caccamo John Mannella BASSES David Ballard Jay Hostetter Gary Peyre-Ferry Timothy Mateer John Bruckhart Michael Kutncr Gene Frey Michael Miller Roger Coe Andrew Loercher Charles Gingerich John Neider Dan Dillard Carl Petersheim Dan Graybill Keith Nevel Tony Ditlow Dan Potts Stephen Henry Paul Schlcycr Leo Frantz Dan Rounds Douglas Holden Curt Shreiner James Goudie Dennis Wagner Bruce Hoover President Vice-President Michael White Marlin Kerchner Monica Spadonl John Hershey Edward Woytowicz Charles Kirchncr Thomas Thieme Lloyd Hoffman Duane Zook Michael Magiera Vicki Uber 135136ENTOMOLOGY CLUB John Boland Treasurer Keith Butler Vice-President Daniel Cluck Richard Evans Sandy Gettle Janene Giomariso James Gochnauer Bob Hill President Patricia Halloway Historian Dale Long Al Ramer Jeanne Reinert Secretary Michael Reinhart Candie Sener Al Smith Bill Vogel Tom WolfARCHERY CLUB Pat Knispel (president). Ann Horn (secretary), Steve Dellinger, Becky Baum (vice president). Eloino Hazel. Mike Leomon. Pat Holloway. John Harvey. Missing: John Jcronis (troasuror). Linda Cline. Jerry Vath. lisa Boachel, Pat Brady. Mrs. Julia Bowers (coach). ROD GUN CLUB Bob Nied. Jack Budick (secretary). Dun Bcauman. John Thompson, Laura Frazier. Rick Carmack (treasurer), Bruce Williams (president). Ted Moyer (vice president) 138Front row: Mlko Soudor. Frank DiPrlma. Marty Holeczy. John Murray. Laura Leo Macht. Walt Ha-borlo. Bock row: Diana Fields. Bill Bowden. Joan Zimmerman. GYMNASTICS CLUB 139SCUBA CLUB 140141 DOLPHIN CLUBOcbbio Benjamin Deb Benner Karen Bill Diane Booth Bobbie Brubaker Lorna Bushnell Linda Campbell Treasurer Diane Crossan Ellen Donnelly President Diane Fields Marlene Frank Janie Gross Secretary Jill Hagadorn Sandy Herr Senior adviser Judy Huber Linda Hunsicker Nancy Jackie Gretchen Keeney Sandy Knecht Diane Laws Debbie Marmello Donna Mayer Glnny McLaren Kathy Miller Debbie Noll Vice-president Kathy O'Doherty Diane Olsen Beth Phippen Sue Prizcr Karen Rowe Jean Schaffer Marsha Scott Nan Sharp Bonnie Smith Pam Stinson Nancy Swanger Lois Talley Sue Valentino Sharon Wanner Kathy Weakley Carol Wise 143SOC-HERS Front row: Barb Groff. Second row: Linda Kitncr. Judy Stcfe. Chris Grasst. Third ro.v Lois Torok. Claudia Hackney. Debbie Bertzfield, Alexis Swydorski. Fourth row: Carol Hart. Sue Walburn. Jan Aeschleman. Cindy Baxter Bach rovv. Kathy Mahler. Gini Christman IMA MsT Ik.'HAMPS Front row: Tom Sichort. Mary Shadlc (corresponding secretary). John Walters (president). Jeff Schoen (vice-president). Linda Steinmctz Second row Joann Mattcrn. Karen VanNess (recording secretary). Mike Carvell. Nancy Muench (treasurer). Elaine Hazel. Linda Federici. Back row Linda Taylor. Alan Mannherz. Duane Zook. Pat Donahue. Tim Rouland. Sue Toomcy. AESCULAPIAN SOCIETY F 'yAescvilapuiii bc suetv u SP presents Health Careers Day April I hh, 9 CX)a.m.io3:00p.m. at Roddy Science Center Represented at the fair will be: Medicine. Physical Therapy. Nursing. Occupational Therapy, Veterinary, Med Tech. Dental Tech. Pharmaceutics. Anesthesia, Inhalation Therapy. Dental Hygienist. Dental Assitant, and volunteer work In allted medical fields. 144 _________jsyfCINDERELLAS Front row: Jcannie Laudeman, treasurer; Cheryl Richards, president Back row Sue Bianco, vice president; Pattie 8lue. publicity chairman. Cee Wilson, social chairman; Li; Donncly, fund-raising chairman; Joanne Matthias, secretary; Sue Hostet-ter. historian Front row: Jeannie Laudeman. Patti Blue. Joanne Matthias. Cheryl Richards. Sue Bianco. Sue Hostetler. Emily Groff. Second row Carole Posluszny. Cathy Newman. Bev Marshall. Nan Oberholzer. Julie Knouse. Barb Sturm. Back row: Gail Buchrcr. Robin Stryker. Jcannie Rogers. Sharon Wanner. Dona Dwyer. Sandy Chalfont.WMSR Front row Elnlno Kurd (business manager), Tina Lobo (nows and sports coordinator). Don Wurtnugb (chiOf ongl-noor). Bov Kllmj (music director) Back row Bernard Wll limns (promotions and publicity director). Bob Miller (sports director). Woody Soudor (continuity director). Don Hudnk (station manager). Su nnno Krokonhorgor (trnlflc manager) Mlsslny. Tim Stcoloy (chief announcer), Larry Evorott (news director). Phil Rosser (program director). Rose Furimo (secretary), Mr. Marshall Andorson (advisor). 146 Front row. Elalno Korol. Tina Lobo. Buck row Don Hudnk, Don Murtough Misslny Phil Rosser.1 Roddy Scientific Society At Seneca Rocks. West Virginia—Standing: Barry Walton. Davo Steffy. Mary Jano Coonloy. Joy Stevenson, Nancy Zimmerman. Mnshie Mihalko. Climbing the fissure: Sid Hostetler. Nancy Boring John Christenson President Mlml Comeaux Mary Jane Coonloy Clairo Craney Terry Danovich Daniel Dockard Steve Ehrhart Corresponding Secretary Mary Everett Ron Foreman Jake Frimenko Doan Gingrich Elaine Hazel Sid Hostetter Sherry Light Rosie Ludwig Joann Mattern Mashie Mihalko Recording Secretary Steve Shields Vice-president Bonnie Smith Dave Steffy Joy Stevenson Ouartermaster Kathy Stevenson Bill Stone Linda Taylor Tom Turner Barry Walton Treasurer Nancy Zimmerman At Franklin. West Virginia Bill Stono. Barry Walton. Mary Jane Coonley. Ron Foreman. Nancy Zimmerman. Davo Steffy. Sid Hostetter. Joy Stevenson.Geology Club Front row. Ken Blevins. Sid Hostetler, Earl B. Frederick. Hack row Kon Mnlick. Dave Stoffy, Tom Turnor. Rosie Ludwig. Front row Ken Blevins. Tom Turner Second row: Bill Finch-am (treasurer), Steven Berlin (president of executive council). Edward Stone. Dean Gingrich, Sid Hostetler (president), Donald Sachs, Joanne Price. Bob Wagner, Back row: Earl Frederick, William Stone (vice-president). David Stoffy (secretary). Ken Malick. Jim Gamber. 149150Industrial Arts Society Felix L. Barndt Bill Bortrcc Robert Boyer Bruce Brittlngham Mark Brown Leon Buchwalter David S. Calvert Dennis Chronister Donna Dwyer Paul Evancoe Tim Fllchncr Frederick Forry President Ronald George Glenn Heckman Adviser John Hensslcr Robert Hohl William Hunt John B. Huntington Craig Jarret Rick Keller Henry King John Krape David Kuhn Dennis Kunkle Michael Leibhart Richard Lucas Delmar Martin Joseph McDonald Craig Miller Joseph Miller Steven Mills Joseph Morello Glen Moyer Secretary Robert Nied Vice-president John Oatman Walter Orlowski Daryl Orr George Overmeyer Carl Petershcim John Ray Steven Reeves Kenneth Ross H.W.Schnec Scott Schwenk John Seeley Nancy Sharpless Daniel Shoalfer Jeffrey Shroyer Donald Shustor Lee Simmons Brian Smeltz Philip Smith Terence Snyder Michael Stanford Mark Stebcr John Thompson Mike Wallis Treasurer Dave Wolff Larry Zinn» THE-SNIPER ACP All-American CSPA Medalist 1959-70 (21 Semesters) 6 times (1959-70) NNS .4+. 6 times (1962-70) Richord Flynn EDITORS IN CHIEF ASSOCIATE EDITORS lynn Hodge ond Jen Huber NEWS Tom lllipoMdi. Editor Nino Brown fay P. Cloud Svo Fr y Karoo Hodaee Deboroh Hummel Andreo Kluh Comoro Orr loule Oltoo Morion Oiimlno Suiollo foot Rod Rleo Koy Ann Runvto Doug Smith lorboro Snyder Jon Slonor Chorlet Stuart Nancy Yeager PHOTOGRAPHY loony Morgnane.l Editor Don Johnton BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Dopk FEATURES Undo Grace, Edllor Janie Aotchlemon Sutan Barbar lyle Bowen Glni Chri.tmon Jaeolyn Hcrwkln. Deb Hockter Dion I owe Thonnoi l e Sandy Uel Tim McNomaro frlco Rlccor Dole roc Wonglon ART Chuck Book, Editor Undo Dunlop Mllre Hortmon Cheryl Polcrymki I orr Sfooby Jr Korol O'Amieo Brion Wllkot Oovo Simon IOITORI At Beth Fuller, Editor Rick ConJoir Sh r n Houle Brion McGrorh Bob Thompion George llngg COPY EDITOR Alexli Swyder.ll SPORTS Jim Donolo, Editor Bill Se g r, Editor Pot Beord Jim Fetching Dorr frehofet Bill Heckmon lorry McKerwto Barb Simmon. OFFICE Bill Jocoby, Monoglng Editor Gmny Anon la Pot Ovffy Sandy Merti Sue Kirchline Noncy Kromer Mourron Mclarnon Oov Pelry Vickie Ryder Jonel Tltchbeln June Zienyuch CAMPUS LIFE Ed O'Bym . Editor Dion Grboion Marl Killion ADVISER—Mr». Ieoh G. Fudem The opinion. pr it d In thll paper or not nec t.orily thoi 01 the editorial booed. 152Anne Visnefski. Anne Haitsknecht Fay Stoner, photographer. Vicky Mearkle. Kathy Grim, co-editors. Kathy Wool. Anne Visnefski. Jennie Ruhl. 154Carol Walbcrt. Jennie Ruhl. Linda Reed. Anno Vtsnefski, Marsha Webster TOUCHSTONE Kathy Grim ............................. Co-editor Vicky Mcarkle ...........................Co-editor EDITORS Ann Hausknecht Senior Section Jennie Ruhl Faculty and Campus Lite Section Linda Reed Clubs and Organizations Section Debbie Hirneisen Fraternities and Sororities Section Anne Visnefski Sports Section Kathy Wool .... Activities Section Jim Cudworth Literary Jackie Buckley................................... Theme Carol Walbert ............. .. Manager Bill Sheaffer Advertising Manager Marsha Webster . ......... Art and Layout Lars Staaby ................ Art and Layout Staff members: Marietta Meek. Connie Dyer. Nancy Stauffer. Linda Kulp. Anselma Kanuchok. PHOTOGRAPHERS Glen Blandy Harold Bowers Don Johnson Merin Studios Steve Nolte Adviser: Mrs. Leah Fudem Fay Stoner Peg Guinter Mark Usciak Tom Usciak Bill Sheaffer Mrs. Fudem. Carol Walbert. business manager Vicky Mcarkle. co-editor; Mrs. Laeh G Fudem. adviser 155SPORTS The turnstiles, more than anything else, seem to be gateways through which all people can pass, and rallq, together.FOOTBALL MSC RECORD Opp 0 Shlppcnsburg 0 21 Delaware State 28 7 Kutztown 13 7 West Chestor 52 19 Mansfield 6 16 B'oomsburg 15 21 East Stroudsburg 0 32 Cheyney 20 56 Towson 7 Front row Howie Greenberg. John Ricketts (co-captalns). Second row: Coach Gene Carpentor. Dan Wiley, Dave Rackovan. Pete Toye. Bill Smith. Carl Brown. Gene Lyda. Mike Krchnar. Paul Burdette. Doug Plotts. Bill Herscholl. Al Baker. Norm Froy Third row: Coach Carl Kano. Gerry Nau, Doug Lyons. Joe Irwin. Ralph Jordan. Steve Starr. Chris Frese. Steve Cotton, Tom Klugh. Pat Barnett. Rich Rlskie. Clarence Schuler. Fourth row: Coach Dick Young. Tom Coombs. Jim Toomey. Jim Ketner. Rod Upsher. Scott Madara. Bob Rothfus. Ed Snyder. Larry Zeamer. Ted Zellers. Fifth row Coach Bill Kahler. Coach Bill Lauds. Steve Schaufert. Joe Miller. Rick Comcgy. Omar Orec. Rick McCann, Miko Mi- chaels. Jim Henneman. Mike Burke Sixth row Coach Bill Vro man. Coach Dick Barbacane. Bill Lane. Jeff Butch. George Wagon-seller. Mike Vanaman. Jim Roberts. LeRoy 8aker. Bill Milligan, Steve Hedrick. Seventh row: Coach Jerry Alampi. Coach Larry Hawkey. Mark Rigby. Miko Squiros. Lew Meckley. Mike Stone. Eric Guyll. Mike Wolfgang. Charles Podrick. Rick Fldler Eighth row: Coach Rodney Bimson. Joe Mazzuca. Bill Frey. Bob Ulrich, Charles Humphries. John Dougherty. Larry Bowe Ninth row Bob Crevehng. Bob Hill. Ed Zupancic. John Peiffer. Gary Moore. Rick Krzemien 161 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL MSC RECORD Opp. 11 Bainbridge 17 27 West Chestor 42 0 Stevens Trade 19 25 Kutztown 14 Front row Co-captains John Dougherty and Mike Stone. Second row: Chet Marucci. Mike Squires. Leroy Baker. Dave Williams. Mark Rigby. Doug Watson. Mitch Francis. Third row Chris Hoffman. Brent lies. Bob Kauffman. Rick Kreiser. Rick Brace. Dominic Diminic. Billy Milligan. Dennis Martin. Fourth row Dennis Klugh, Bob Shue. Bill Shank. Ron Von Reinbow. Clayton Wynn. Phillip Ball. Charles Humphries. Filth row: Coach Ralph Batty. John Emanuel. Dave Stough. Bob Creveling. Bob Hill. Rick Ketner. Brian Gongloff. Eric Guyll. Coach Carl Borst Sixth row: Coach Jerry Alampi. Al Greer (manager). Dennis Cunningham. Dave Drum. Lew Meckley. Justin Scbeuchenzuber. Robert Lettich (tariner). Coach Larry Hawkey. Seventh row: Lou DiFelice. Coach John Guilfoyle.Varsity Cheerleaders Gall Heisey. Jocelyn Sours. Karen Campbell. Gloria Sandt. Sue Dudzin-skl. Debbie Turnbach. Cathy Sides. Missing Donna Mayer. Mary Huber. Donna Dingle. Sue Shaub. Carla Kurtz. 164165Freshman Cheerleaders Front row: Patty Pelffer. Julie Stoughton. Debbie Criss. Judy Hofferth Back row: Debra lorson. Rhonda Moyer. Luane Palko. 166167Junior Varsity Hockey Front row: Jill Hagadorn. Pat Murry (co-captains). Second row- Diane 8arnhart, Mary Valentino. Debbie Vorndran. JoAnn Pryor. Carol Houseal. Third row: Beth Phlppcn. Karen Nonncma-cher. Susie Fettes. Coach Nancy Hungerford. Missing. Diane Speicher. Joanne Bennett. Debbie Engle. Jan Besechcr. Barb Hersch. Front row Brenda Clark. Linda Kreiser (co-captains). Second row: Joan Mellinger. Bev Jackson. Cindy Brandt. Nancy Hoffcrth. Kathy Evans. Third row: Coach Sandra Peters. Judy Kauffman. Donna McNaughton. Liz Hirack. Judy Miller. Debbie Brandt. Lois Seifried. Varsity Hockey 168MSC RECORD Opp. 1 Lock Haven Alumni 3 8 Albright 1 2 Lebanon Valley 2 1 University of Delaware 0 6 Alumni 1 1 Shlppensburg 0 5 Messiah 0 2 Gettysburg 1 4 Penn State 3 8 Wilkes t 2 Elizabethtown 2 7 York 0 4 Dickinson 1 169SOCCER Knoollng, loft to right: J. Landis. L. McKenna. D. Swlshor. J Mullor. Co-Captains A. Grocnnwnlt and M. Barr. D. Wood. A. Bornabel. S. Lnwloy. J. Rankin. Manager G. Hottlnger. Standing: Coach A. J. Woolloy. J DoMorrn. R Bogg. R. Mlllor. R. Gaboll. C. Yoagcr, G Clchan. G. Miller. B. Guthrie. R. Mull. R. Wolf. W. McKinney. G. Weaver. Assistant Conch D Adnms. D. Bickslor. M. Grimm. Assistant Coach M. Jala. G. Mohrlng. R. Barr. Assistant Coach R. H. Charles MSC RECORD Opp 0 Philadelphia Textiles 2 1 Shippensburg 0 3 Salisbury 1 1 Elizabethtown (JV) 2 6 Villanovn 4 3 York t 3 West Chester (8 Team) 1 1 Kutztown 0 3 Lock Hnvon 3 1 Towson 1 1 East Stroudsburg 3 4 Lebanon Valley t 6 Messiah 1 1 Alliance College 0 0 Davis and Elkins 2 171■ Cross Country Front row: David Hortman, Brian Worrell. Terry Lcancss. Tom lekes. Charles Trayer. Gary Baynon, Al Ra-mer, Mark Stripe. Second row Tom Ecker. Perry Hoberg. Greg Yiengst. Mark Herb. Marty Brandt. Coach Cy Fritz. Ken Mertz. Jelf 8radley, Dan Furlow. Dave Long. Joel Hoffsmlth. 172MSC RECORD Opp 17 Glassboro 46 15 Towson 49 21 York 40 15 Shippensburg 50 19 East Stroudsburg 42 33 West Chester 22 36 Lehigh 22 41 Buckncll 42 17 Bloomsburg 17 First Place MAI A § MSC 21 Lock Haven (fT- Penn State 38 Third Place States @ Edlnboro 173WRESTLING MSC RECORD Opp. 25 University of Baltimore 8 33 Bainbridge (JV) 15 35 Elizabethtown 5 28 ‘Mansfield 21 24 ‘East Stroudsburg 20 38 Glassboro 5 20 Waynesburg 20 20 University of Baltimore 14 36 Howard 5 39 ‘Kutztown 5 15 ‘West Chester 18 42 Messiah (JV) 6 36 Towson 6 27 ‘Shippensburg 9 18 Preliminary-Stevens Trade 21 20 ‘Bloomsburg 23 18 Athletes in Action 23 22 York 20 Third Place States at Bloomsburg ‘Conference Meets Front row: Vance Miller. Tim DeRosa. Stan Smith. Curtis Hernel-sen. Dan Gable. Dave Whare. Lon Barrlck. Smokey Ringer. Craig Jarrctt. Mark Ernost. Stan Dziedzic. Second row: Jeff Nagle. Vito V. DeMaio. Ken Santoro. Jim Peterson. Tom Gribbin. Rick Zlnck. Miko Kendig. Bill Powell. Tom Oilier. Dan Sidelnick. Third row: Coach Jerry Swope. Jim Zoschg. Gary Kirchncr. Don Donley. Mike Stone. Gary Bickel.Dalo Sizemore. Rich Houser, Dave Brown. Joe Jacquelln. Mike Fenton. Charlie Whitehead. Erik Guyll. Coach Mike Panarclla. Pete Kaprielyan (manager). Ken Ray (manager). un suit MtSTUHi suit 1 . • . Ml v- i sun | ' tsum5 ! X tXL-tsn? mtt sun Ur 174175Junior Varsity Basketball Front row: Joan Mollinger, Barbara Simmons. Nancy Borgor. Jonl Markle. Donna Kopitsky. Back row Miss Sandra Peters (coach). JoAnn Egan. Kordula Pehl. Jackie Wright. Diane Barnhart. Sandy Braun. Varsity Basketball Kneeling: Bev Jackson, Kathy Green (manager). Mrs. Marjorie Trout (coach). Dolly Rodrigo (manager). Pat Henkle. Standing: Paula Katchmer. Gloria Jaremko. Kathy Hogarth. Linda Kreiser, Barb Waltman, Pat Renninger. Sue VanRensler. Terry Roller. JoAnn Pryor. 176MSC RECORD Opp. 44 York 24 57 Messiah 23 42 Catonsville 38 39 Shipponsburg 32 54 Albright 21 58 Gettysburg 48 49 Lebanon Valley 22 38 Penn State 51 50 Elizabethtown 41 39 Lock Haven 74 30 University of Delaware 30 32 West Chester 81 39 Morgan State 41 177BASKETBALL MSC RECORD Opp. 63 Wheeling 71 81 'Mansfield 75 86 'East Stroudsburg 64 72 'Cheyney OT 77 87 Elizabethtown 84 66 'Bloomsburg 73 61 'West Chester 63 89 Wilmington 69 66 FSM 67 91 Elizabethtown 70 90 'Kutztown 63 112 Southeastern 81 77 Glassboro 59 62 'Kutztown 59 96 York College 82 95 'Shippensburg 79 61 Madison 64 73 "Mansfield 65 75 'East Stroudsburg 92 67 'Cheyney 88 65 'Bloomsburg 92 94 'West Chester 74 78 Madison 65 96 'Shippensburg 'Conference Game 70 Coach Richard DeHart. Coach Jeff Gamber Glenn Kamcn. Dick McKIm, Bruce Metzger. Ray Davis. Bill Zimmerman. Mike Fry. Craig Wagaman. Steve Drummer. Alan Duarte. Frank Gontz. Jim Baker. Darryl Samuels (manager).179Junior Varsity Basketball First row: James Roak. Gary Stock-slager, Terry Corrigan. Jeff Spangler. Craig Schncck. Jomes Rozetar. Second row: Jeff Cleary. Glen Mensch. Sander Ferenczy. Ray Fischer. Art Botjor. Brad Booth, Dove Albright. Bruce Metzger. Coach Jeff Camber 180181SWIMMING First Row. left to right: Mike Dupre. Stove Jacoby. Allan Mcadath. Gary Shelly. Dan Wilkins, Jack Coll. Second Row: Denny Duncan. Jeff Pontius. Tom Carl. Tom Lints. Allan Thompson. Vito Cicero. Ken Stchman. Third row: Coach Rouzer. Coach Kulakowsky. Jeff McLaughlin. Scott Tolle. Scott Johnson. Steve Grahek. Mike Carvell. Head Coach Apple. i 182MSC 42 58 63 42 31 66 47 51 24 44 53 42 76 76 RECORD Elizabethtown Bainbridge (JV) Shlppensburg Towson Clarion York Glassboro Kutztown Bloomsburg East Stroudsburg California West Chester Lock Haven Shippensburg Opp 62 46 50 71 75 47 66 62 89 69 59 70 48 76 183First row: Gayle O'Brien. Joan Mollinger. Marty Holeczy. Nancy Zimmerman, Sue VonRensler. Susan Fettes. Barb Waltman. Louise Bucciarelll. Second row: Mrs. Marjorie Trout (coach). Linda Kreiser. Ruth Kulp, LuAnn Baker. Emilio Cope. Karen Nonnemacher. Mary Ellen Beldler. Pat Henklo. Beth Massimo. Diane Ewert, Cynthia Edwards. Third row: Linda Kulp, Terry Roller. Robin Fell, Kathy Ferguson. Donna Kopitsky. Kordy Pehl, Jan Valentine. Vickie Ryder. Nancy Borger. Gloria Jarcmko. LACROSSE • 184MSC RECORD Opp. 15 Wilson 4 10 University of Maryland 7 11 Cotonsvllle 2 16 Gettysburg 8 4 Montgomery Community 8 10 Gettysburg 3 15 Penn State 9 4 Lock Haven 8 185rust row Al Midlick. Brian Worrell. John Mann. Dennis Reever Scott Wagner. Jack Kraynak. John Williams. Charlie Trayor' George Christensen Terry leaness Second row Scott Stoner' Craig Anderson. Bill laudermllch. John Deleonardis Rick F«d-dlcr. Gary Baynon. Dan Taylor. John Lagola. Dave Hortman Jeff Bradloy. Al Ramcr. Perry Hobcrg Third row: John Miller Dave Langford. Jool Hoffsmith. John Emanuel. Torn Lints. Bill Griffith. Dave Overly. Bob Redcay. Fourth row: Larry Warshawaky (coach). Tom Green. Jeff Nagle. Scott Kaufman. Bob Kurtz. Richard Brace. John Walt. Tom Ecker. Bernic Partridge. Jim Stoncback. Nate Ryan. Eric Guyll. Lester Musselman. Lewis Meckloy. Bernell Nolt. Cy Fritz, (coach). 186____t___I 187TENNIS Front row Cheryl Swartley. Dobble Oloxy. Helgn Wlndlsch. Chorl Hackman, Barbara Strum. Linda Dunlap Back row: Jonl Stoinhnrdt (cocaptnin). Sharon Llod. Joanne Barnhnrt. Nancy Nicholson. JoAnno Pryor. Susan Lofkoo (co-captain). Mrs Nancy Mungorlord (coach). Kneeling Steve Pennington. Don Sachs. Bob Lyons. Dan Bakkcn. John Jcnsonius, Bob Leedom. Bob Struble. Russ Elchcngrcen Stainling: Raymond Runklo (coach). John Carlin. Eric Woll. Steve Shields. Tom Gahres. Tim Londenberqer. John Isaacs. Ed Kozak. Jay Witmer (assistant coach)MSC RECORD Opp A Glassboro 5 G Shlpponsburg 2 2 Towson 5 1 Choyney 1 8 Kutztown 1 G Shepherd 3 5 Capitol Campus 3 2 Bloomsbury 7 0 Franklin and Marshall 9 6 Lock Haven 3 5 Copltol Campus 3 0 Monsflold 5 1 Mansfield S 4 Elizabethtown 5 1 West Chostor 8 Stales at Bloomsbury 8th plnco MSC RECORD Opp 8 Franklin « Marshall 1 4 Dickinson 1 3 Ellzabothtown A 7 Susquehanna 0 G Shlpponsburg 1 5 Gettysburg 2 4 Kutztown 1 189190MSC 6 18 4 5 l2Vi 12’, ? Wh 8’ RECORD Shepherd Cheyney Glassboro Kutztown Towson Bloomsburg Elizabethtown Lock Haven Opp. 12 0 14 13 S» 2 5V2 3' 2 9V2Mike Brenner Mike Brickley Roy Davis Mike Qoerr Frank Gantz Jim Hennaman Larry Jones John Kurtz Jim Lynch Phil Miller Mike Powell Bill Rothweiler Mike Thompson Randy Wehry Bill Werbley Clayton Wynn Gene Wise Coach 192BASEBALL RECORD Lebanon Valley Wilmington Wilmington Lincoln Lincoln Lock Haven Lock Haven East Stroudsburg East Stroudsburg Kutztown Opp. 1 2 0 t 0 1 6 1 8 2 MSC 2 18 15 5 5 6 6 5 1 8 193DOC SEVERINSON 199 IlfHOMECOMING 1072202205206208 NEW YORK ROCK ENSEMBLE209CITAMARD TAKE ONE Death And The Devil Waiting For The Bus I'm Really Here TAMING OF THE SHREW RASPBERRY RAFTERS 73 A Visitation Late In December Naked Dream This End Up Sans End Impressions Of A Wedding 210211DARK OF THE MOON 215216JAIME BROCKETT219 220 m CAST (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Nicely-Nicely Johnson........................Curt Schreiner Benny Southstreet .. ...........Steve Pennington Harry The Horse................... Larry McKenna Sarah Brown ... Dawn Neiswender Arvide Abernathy................... Ed Woytowicz General Cartwright................Mary Nell Nagle Mission Band............ .... Bobbie Baumgardner Carol Hart Robin Santilli Jane Wetzel Lt. Brannigan....................... Tim Steeley Nathan Detroit...................... Doug Holden Angie The Ox.................................Bill Adams Miss Adelaide...................Marirose Sullivan Sky Masterson.................................Lee Jennings Joey Biltmore (Voice) ................Tony Ditlow Mini!............................. Diane Crosson Big Jule..............................Terry Baker Waiter............................Andrew Loercher Hot Box Announcer ....................Mike Kutner Director STAFF CREW ..... Michael J. Yasslck Consultant to Director Musical Director .... Production Coordinator Conccrlmostcr Choreographers Stage Manager Ass't Stage Manager House Manager Set Design ....... . Set Construction Marcia Kreiser Michael Maglora Ginny Sott8zahn Jean R. Zwally . .Rltomay Miller John Noider Diane Crosson Tina Romanchlk Doug Fry Ginny Saltazahn ..... Lee Frantz Michael Yasslck ... Lee Frantz Jim Roach Marietta Meek Carla Gray Publicity Lighting Design Llgthlng Crew ... Barbara Bains Kathy Schlcgelmilch Tina Romanchlk Paul De Santis Sandy List Bob Collins Ken Ray Diane Lows Nick Monesnno Al Smith Dobbie Bielek Tina Romanchlk Sandy List Maria Martinez Poster 6 Program Design Bill Adams Costume Chairman Claudia Hackney Faculty Coordinator James E Zwally Make-up■ 224225F. BUCKMINSTER FULLERHOWARD NEMEROV 227SPRING FLING Sl GREEK WEEKEND 232233A.G. Breidenstine Award............Audrey Caldwell Laurence McKenna The Class of 1895 Award........Laurence McKenna The John K. Harley Award............. Dwight Herr Phi Sigma Pi Award........................Theodore Moyer Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Award...................Margaret Tate Campus Club Award................Timothy Troutman Mark Stine Scholastic Attainment Award................Coralene Weidle The Wentze!-Wright Memorial Award................... Jeffrey Bradley Elizabeth Hirak American Association of University Professors........................Mary Ann Levan Edna Rochow Workman Award ... Michael Mohler American Chemical Society Award Sylvia Beimfohr Steven Branca Commonwealth National Bank Award Galen Dise Wall Street Journal Award Abram Diffenbach Alpha Beta Alpha Award Beatrice Datesman Award Claribel Walker Gerhart Award Anne E. Beyer Certificates------- Verda M. Fulmer Award Helen Koontz Award . .. Deborah Breiner .........Susan Hawk Shirley Rezykowski . ....Jacklyn Audi Mary Jane Case Ellen Donnelly Lois Hilcker Kathy Kauffman Mary Jane Kleckner Timothy Mateer Donna Rothermel Deborah Royer Barbara Shaffer Todd Ur'nbenhauer Michele Wilhelm Deborah Zeiders Kathy Zerby .....Colleen Pauley ____Eleanor Wooler Alicia Zoltowski HONORS AWARDS 234 Esther E. Lenhardt Award...............Ann Small Dilworth-McCollough English Award......Joan Detz Linda Slonaker Maude Burkhart Huzzard Award Audrey Caldwell Class of 1910 Award .............Dolores Dudchenko Sanders P McComsey Award ... Susan Erikson National Observer Award Laurence McKenna Ralph J. Hyson Memorial Award .... Elizabeth Elmer Xenophile Award .................Kenneth Weaver Burl N. Osburn Award.................Brian Smeltz Philadelphia Alumni Award ... Nancy Sharpless Class of 1866 Award ................. Rachel Frey Lloyd Eby Isaac F. Seiverling Award........Raymond Magee Cora C Bitner Music Awards Eileen Buchanan Karen Campbell Daniel Graybill Raymond Magee James 8 Lucretia Boyd Hartzell Avjard Linda Ross Harold $ Miriam Sliaar Award ... Darla Bair Henry Franklin Bitner Award Janet Luitweiler Sylvia Beimfohr Dwight Herr Class ol 1911 Award ... ... Ernest Doerschuk Guy Kurtz Bard Award...............Keith Godshall John Mentzer Award Deborah Amrick Mary Slokum Sprout Prizes .........Deborah Hahn Joseph Pizzi Carol Miller Aurora Wickey Pucillo Award . . Judith Miller Dramatics Service Award .. Robert Collins Douglas Fry Forry Hecker Award..................Marilyn Hodge Earle M Hite Award . Kathy Grim Richard Todd Scholarship James Baker WMSR Service Award .. Donald Hudak Wlckersham Memorial Scholarship Sylvia Beimfohr Karen Taylor Class of 1898 Award Patricia Romberger Thomas Baker Memorial Scholarship Dwight Herr 235SENIOR DIRECTORY Abraham. Samuel Z.—Elementary; Lcvittown. Pa.: Citamard. Acker. Stephanie L. Elementary; Mlllersvllle. Pa Acker. Glenn A. Adams. Denise S. -Secondary; Mechanicsburg. Pa.; Kappa Delta Phi. English Club. Intamural Sports. Akers. Patricia G. Albright. Paula L. Alfano. Paula E.—Secondary. Abington. Pa Altenderfer. Marybcth. Anderson. Kathryn L. Anderson. Linda K. Secondary; Williamsport. Pa.; Band. PSEA. Student Guide Andrews. Stephen M. Angelo. Michael D. -Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa . Chi Gamma lota. Commutlnq Men's Association. Economics Club. Aniloff. Perry Elementary: Philadelphia. Pa.; Omicron Gamma Omega. Football. Golf. ACEI. PSEA. SNAPPER. Anonia. Francis J. Ansell. Craig S. -Library Science: Allentown. Pa,; Alpha Beta Alpha. Student Guide. Geology Club Apichcll. Robert J. Industrial Arts; Kulpmont. Pa.; Gamma PI. Industrial Arts Society. Pep Club. Student Guide. Appel. Nancy E. -Secondary; Philadelphia. Pa.; CEC. Archambeault. Rose C. Secondary; Lancaster. Pa. Arena. Thomas A. Industrial Arts; Strafford. Pa : Mu Alpha Kappa. Football. Industrial Arts Society. Newman Student Association. Resident Assistant Armillei. Diane L. Arty movie . Marlene J. -Secondary; Prospect Park. Pa ; Pep Club. PSEA. Student Guide. Wrestling Bollos Arvio. JoEllen. Atkins. David B. Audi. Jacklyn A.- Elomentary; Scranton Pa; Sigma Phi Omega, Pan Hellenic Council (vice president) Baker. Cynthia M. -Secondary: Felton. Pa.; College Choir Baker. Patricia A. Baker. Priscilla A. Elementary; Hnnovor. Pa.; PSEA. TOUCHSTONE. Resident Assistant. Baltrus. Linda A.—Elementary; Norristown Pa : PSEA Banach. Paula A. Elementary; Pnrkesburq. Pa .; Mu Sigma Rho. Newman Student Association. PSEA. Resident Women's Association. WMSR Radio Club (promotion and publicity) Wrestling Belles Barbella. Thomas Secondary Yeadon Pa : Gamma PI (president. treasurer, interfraternity representative). Class Officer (historian). Inter-Fratornity Council (president and vice presi-'dont). Pep Club (president) Barnhart. Carl G. Bartow. Patricia A. Public School Nursing; Conestoga Pa Batutis. Patrick J. Baxter. Rosemary E.—Liberal Arts: Wallingford. Pa.: Students' Sociology Organization Baylor, Richard A Secondary; Lancaster. Pa.; Sigma Epsilon Beta (president). Track Bean. Linda L. Secondary; Fairview Village. Pa ; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Pep Club. PSEA. WMSR Radio Club Beats. Linda S. Liberal Arts: Mlllersvllle. Pa 8ccker. Neal R. Becker. John J. Liberal Arts; Collegeville. Pa.: Project Guide Beecher. Janice L Elementary Carlisle. Pa ; CEC Beimfohr. Sylvia L. Liberal Arts Morrisvllle. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. Tennis. American Chemical Society. Bender. Jean H. Bender. Linda J. Benkovic. Richard L. Benson. Nancy F. Elementary; Lancaster. Pa ; ACEI. CEC. PSEA. College-Community Orchestra. Berger. Kirk T.—Elementary; Shilllngton Pa Bernardino. Gail M. Bcmcro. Marilyn M. -Elementary: Upland. Pa : Kappa Alpha Tau. Pep Club. Association of Women Students. CEC. Mermettes. PSEA. Resident Women’s Association. Bcrguist. Eric R. Secondary; Cecil. Pa. Beyerle. Jan E.—Elementary; Willow Grove. Pa.; Pep Club. Wrestling Belles. Biagio. Christine M.—Art: Washington Boro. Pa. Bigler, Samuel L.—Elementary: Lancaster. Pa: All-American Weight Lifter. National Champion Weight Lifter Bill. Karen S.—Elementary; Wayne. Pa.; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Dolphin Club fteasurer). Pep Club. Bingcman. Carol A. Elementary: Lititz. Pa. Bingham. Patricia L —Secondary: Norristown, Pa ; Kappa Dolta Phi (plodgemaster). Resident Women's Association. Student Guido. TOUCHSTONE. Wrestling Belles. Bishop. Philip R. Bitzer. Richard E. Black. Annabcllc J. Blackburn. Elizabeth M.—Liberal Arts. Mt Gretna. Pa.; WMSR Radio Club. Bloom. David A.—Liberal Arts: Hatboro. Pa ; Sigma Epsilon Beta (secretary, president). Student Guide. Students’ Sociology Organization. Boas. Johanne W.—Elementary: Lcola. Pa : ACEI Boltz. Jane L.—Elementary: Lebanon. Pa Bomboy, Mary A. Bomgardner. Carol A. -Secondary; Elizabethtown. Pa ; Kappa Phi Epsilon. Xenophile Society Border. Susan V. -Elementary; Everett. Pa : PSEA Borger. Nancy L. Elementary; Bethlehem. Pa.; Basketball. Lacrosse. Project Guide. Resident Women's Association. Student Guide. TOUCHSTONE Intramural Sports. Women's Varsity Club (secretary) Boring. Nancy J. Elementary; Belleville. Pa.; ACEI. Wrestling Belles. Borota. Mary Ann—Elementary; Easton. Pa.; Association of Women Students. Newman Student Association. Phi Lambda Sigma. PSEA. Bower. Lorraine T.—Secondary; Philadelphia. Pa.; Newman Student Association. Phi Lambda Sigma. Resident Women's Association. Student Guide Bowman. Patricia A. -Elementary: Langhorne. Pa. Boyer. Robert P. Brackbill. Linda C. Secondary; Shilllngton. Pa.; Gamma Sigma Alpha. Xenophile Socioty (secretary, treasurer) Bradbury. Thomas R.—Secondary: Norristown. Pa.; Band; Newman Student Association. United Campus Ministry. Brady. Joanne E.—Liberal Arts; Havertown. Pa.; Newman Student Association. SNAPPER. Political Science Organization. Branca. Stephen—Liberal Arts; Philadelphia. Pa: American Chemical Society (treasurer). Brantley. Elspeth J.—Art; Manhcim. Pa ; Art Students Organization. Bray. Barbara A.—Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa Brcarlcy. Susan M. Brcdbenncr. Lois M.—Liberal Arts; Mohnton, Pa.; Band. Phi Lambda Sigma. Young Democratic Club. Psychology Club (treasurer). Breiner. Deborah K.—Library Science; Allen. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha (president, vice president). Association of Women Students (president). TOUCHSTONE. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (vice president) Breneman. Roseanne S. Bridi. Gary J.—Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa : Omicron Gamma Omega. College Union Board (vice president). Commuting Men’s Association. Student Guide. Student Senate. Brooks. Timothy R. -Secondary: Mlllersvllle. Pa . Chi Gamma lota. Brown. Carl J. Brown. Charles H.. Jr.—Elementary: Strausstown. Pa Brown. Dennis J. -Secondary; Hummclstown. Pa.; Sigma Tau Gamma. Ice Hockey Club Brown. Nanci C. Liberal Arts; Phoenixville. Pa ; Omega Theta Sigma. Entomology Club. Priority. Sea Lords 236Buch. Irmqard J. Buchy. Barbara A.—Elementary: Springfield. Pa.: Omega Theta Sigma (treasurer). CEC. Wrestling Belles. Buckbco. Candace. Buckman. Barbara. Buckwalter. Allen. Burkct, Herbert E. -Secondary: Lancaster. Pa.; PSEA. Burkhardt. Charles O. Art; Hazleton. Pa Burns. Francis P.. Jr. Burns. Martin J.- Elementary: Philadelphia, Pa.: Track. Winter Track Club. WMSR Radio Club. Newman Student Association. Burychka. William A. Butash. Joan B.—Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa . Phi Lambda Sigma. ACEI. CEC. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Butler, Barbara A.—Elementary: Hanover. Pa ; ACEI, Association of Women Students. TOUCHSTONE. Resident Assistant. Butt. Barbara A.—Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.; Priority. Cablcr. Patti. Caldwell. Audrey 0.—Secondary: Lltltz. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. English Club. Callahan. Matthew P. Callahan. Sara J. Liberal Arts; Pottsville. P3 : Omega Theta Sigma. Class Officer (vice president). Newman Student Association. Students' Sociology Organization Caltagirone. Barbara W. Carvell. Michael C. -Liberal Arts; Lititz. Pa ; Swimming. Phi Sigma Pi. Aesculapian Society (president). Case. Mary J. Elementary. Carlisle. Pa Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. Newman Student Association. PSEA, Social Studios Club (vice president, president). Young Democratic Club, Freshman Senate. Casmay, Anita R. Elomentary; Phoenixvllle Pa.; Sigma Phi Omega. Resident Women's Association Cassel. Sharon R.—Elementary. Souderton. Pa Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. ACEI. PSEA Chandler, Gordon J. Liberal Arts; Linwood. Pa.: Gamma Pi. Golf. SNAPPER. Student Guide. Student Senate. WMSR Radio Club. Chiscsl. Georgia P. -Elementary: Easton. Pa.: Rho Lambda Phi. ACEI (vice president). CEC. Newman Student Association. Pan Hellenic Council. PSEA Christensen. John R.—Liberal Arts; Philadelphia. Pa.; Entomology Club. Roddy Scientific Society (vice president, president). Venture. Ski Club. Chronister. Marilyn W. Citcrone. Bernard P. Llboral Arts: Morton. Pa.. Phi Sigma Pi (secretary). English Club. Residence Hall Counselor Clark. John B. Clepper, Mary E.—Secondary; Carlisle. Pa . Sigma Phi Delta (corresponding secretary). Wrestling Belles. Coble. Thomas F. Art. Middletown. Pa . Mu Alpha Kappa Colley. Martha E. -Library Science-Elementary: Downingtown. Pa.: Lacrosse. Gamma Sigma Alpha Collins. Robert T. J. Confer. Susan J. -Secondary; Burnham. Pa : College Choir (recording secretary). Resident Women's Association SNAPPER. Xenophile Society. Contos. Estelle M. Elomentary. Easton, Pa.: Rho Lambda. ACEI Cooper. John R. Cope. Thomas R.—Secondary; Danville. Pa : Phi Sigma Pi. Cordaro. Richard B. Costanzo. Louis A. -Liberal Arts: Huntingdon Valloy, Pa Phi Sigma Pi. Resident Mon's Association, Political Science Organization. Cotner, Jeanette L Secondary. Montoursville. Pa.; Women's Chorus Coulson. Debora L.—Elementary; Dillsburg. Pa . ACEI. Color Guard. Women's Chorus Coulson. John G. -Secondary; Hanover. Pa : Sigma Tau Gamma. Golf. Cramer. Judene M. Liberal Arts: East Berlin. Pa.; Omega Theta Sigma. Majorettes. Student Guide. Students' Sociology Organization. Cranston. Bruce H. Liberal Arts: Johnstown. Pa Track Crisman. Deborah H.—Elementary; Lancaster. Pa CEC. Crockett. Patricia K.—Elementary: Lansdale. Pa.: Alpha Psi Omega (secretary-treasurer). Citamard. Gamma Sigma Alpha (recording secretary). Newman Student Association. PSEA. Pep Club. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Young Democratic Club. Crouse. E. Barbara Elementary. Williamsport Pa . Rho Lambda Phi. Citamard. PSEA 237Crouthamel. Lois L.—Elementary. Doylestov n. Pa.; Lacrosse. Gamma Sigma Alpha. Women s Chorus. Wrestling Belles. Crown. Barbara A.—Elementary; Media. Pa.; Kappa Alpha Tau, CEC. Mormettes. PSEA. Student Senate. Student Union Board. Cummings. Carl R. Liberal Arts; Scranton, Pa ; Alpha Phi Omega. Entomology Club. Pep Club. Roddy Scientific Society. Student Guide. Cunningham. Barry K. -Liberal Arts; Bausman. Pa Cunningham. Mavis C. -Elementary: Millcrsvillo. Pa. Dahlgrcn. Pamela K.—Elemontary; Bethlehem. Pa.; SNAPPER. Student Guide. Intramurals. Dappen. Virginia L, Library Science; Broomall. Pa.; Association of Women Students. Resident Women's Association. Student Guide. TOUCHSTONE (business manager). Dorm Officer (vice president). David. Donna M.—Elementary; Wallingford. Pa.; CEC. Gamma Sigma Alpha. PSEA. Dcaver. Mary L.—Liberal Arts; Trainer. Pa.; Association of Women Students. BLACK AND GOLD. Citamard. Commuting Women's Association. Newman Student Association. Project Guide. Resident Women’s Association. Students' Sociology Organization (historian). Venture. beemer, Virginia A.—Elementary; Phllllpsburg. NJ.; Rho Lambda Phi. Degler. Shirley L. DcGcorgio. Annarosc T. Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa.; Omega Theta Sigma. BLACK AND GOLD. Resident Women's Association. TOUCHSTONE. Wrestling Belles. Scuba Club. Dcihm. Linda A.—Secondary; Lancaster. Pa.: PSEA. Wrestling Belles. Delay. Kathleen L.—Liberal Arts: Havertown. Pa.; Newman Student Association. Student Guide. Students' Sociology Organization. Dellinger. Richard S. Delopiaine. Marilyn J.—Elementary; Norristown. Pa.; College Choir. Color Guard. Wrostling Bellos DeMatteo. Frank. Dempsey. Joanne P.—Elemontary; Huntingdon Valley. Pa.; Rho Lambda Phi. Newman Student Association. Pep Club. PSEA. Social Studies Club. Student Guide. Young Democratic Club. Intramural Sports. Dc Santis. Paul F.—Liberal Arts; Philadelphia. Pa.; Citamard. Student Guide. Jewish Students Association (president), Campus Musicals. Dctz. Joan M.—Liberal Arts. Mlllersville. Pa.; English Club (vice president). Delta Phi Eta. International Folk Dancing Club. Dcufel. David C. Diem. Jcffroy R. Dietrich. Brenda L. Diffenbach. Abram W.—Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa.; Economics Club. Dilliard. B. Daniel. Jr.—Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa.; Circle K Club. College Choir. Commuting Men's Association. Dillard. Malia T. Dillman. James C.—Liberal Arts; Lewistown. Pa.; CEC. Psychology Club Diodato. Kathryn M.—Elementary; Harrisburg. Pa.. CEC. PSEA. Delta Phi Eta. Dise, Galen M. -Liberal Arts; Nottingham, Pa.; Gamma Pi. Economics Club. Residont Men's Association Dixon. James M. Doerschuk, Ernest E.. Ill Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa.; American Chemical Society. Doerschuk. Peter M.—Liberal Arts; Mlllersville, Pa. Dohoney. Sally J.—Library Science: Binghamton. N.Y.; Kappa Phi Epsilon (vice president). Basketball. Donmoyer. Linda L.—Secondary; Lebanon. Pa.; Zeta Gamma Phi. Phi Lambda Sigma (treasurer). Student Guido. Mu Kappa Mu. Donnolly, Ellen M.—Elementary; Harrisburg. Pa ; Hockey. Dolphin Club (secretary, president) Donnelly. Robert C. Elementary; Lancaster. Pa : CEC. Dosch, Lorie E.—Elementary; East Prospect. Pa.; ACEI. Band. PSEA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 73 Thank you, students, for your continued support. 238 THE COLLEGE STORE Your one source for over 12,000 Books, Educational Supplies. Imprinted Clothing, College Jewelry and Novelty Gifts.Dread, Rachael D.—Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa.; Basketball. Lacrosse. Political Science Organization. Drupp. Robert C. Dubbs, Elaine B. Dudley. Kathleen N.—Elementary: Lancaster. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. English Club. Pep Club. PSEA. Social Science Club. Xenophile Society. German Club. Dufly, Lynn R.—Liberal Arts; Harrisbug. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. Phi Lambda Sigma (president, vice president). Dumm. Eric C.—Secondary; Milflintown. Pa.; Sigma Epsilon 8ota (vice president). Inter-Fraternity Council. Dunne. Robert J.—Elementary. Lancaster. Pa.: Sigma Tau Gamma. Dusak. Richard A.—Liberal Arts; Ridley Park. Pa Dussingcr, Nancy H. Dussinger. Paul D.—Secondary; Lancaster. Pa. Eager. Cynthia A.-Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.: ACEl (historian). Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Eby. James R. -Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa ; Geology Club. Eby. Lloyd M.—Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa.: Commuting Men's Association. Mennonite Student Fellowship. Eckcnrode. Barbara A.—Library Science: New Cumberland. Pa.: Alpha Beta Alpha. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Eckert. Bruce A.—Elementary: East Petersburg. Pa Ecklcy. Diane L. Edkin. Linda M.— Elementary; Lebanon. Pa.: ACEl. Project Guide. SOS. Ehrhart, Lionel K. Ehrhart. Steven M.—Secondary: Red Lion, Pa Elam. Genaro T. Elmer. Elizabeth A.—Secondary; Harrisburg. Pa : Zeta Gamma Phi (president, vice president). French Club. Erisman. Frederick C. Ernst. Janet E.—Elementary: Mineola. N Y Intramurals. Erwin. Michael G. Esbonshado. Michaol D. Secondary; Strasburg. Pa.: Commuting Men's Association. Social Studies Club. Ettaro, Nancy G.—Elementary: Reading. Pa.; Kappa Delta Phi (recording secretary). ACEl. CEC. Newman Student Association. PSEA. Student Guide. Ettingcr. Kenneth D.—Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa.: College Choir. Madrigal Singers. Evans. Brenda J.—Elementary; Tower City. Pa : ACEl. Band, CEC. PSEA Evans. Michael M. Evans. Richard E. Evans. Robert A.. Jr. Everts. Julio M.—Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa Fagans. James R. Faley, James P. Falk. Susan Fargo. Diane R.—Art: Norristown. Pa.; Phi Lambda Sigma (historian). ACEl Fatzinger. Nancy K.—Liberal Arts: Bethlehem, Pa ; Psychology Club. Xenophile Society Faunce. Beverly A.—Elementary; Warminster, Pa ; CEC, PSEA Fcgcr, Marilyn B. Elementary; School Haven. Pa.; Kappa Alpha Tau (chaplain, vice president, president), ACEl, PSEA Ferdo. Joan I.—Liberal Arts; Wilkes-Barre. Pa.: Gamma Sigma Alpha, Resident Assistant. Forre. Connio M.—Liberal Arts; Dallastown. Pa ; Project Guide. Students' Sociology Organization. Ferry. Rosemary R. Elementary; Warrington. Pa. Omega Theta Sigma (vice president). ACEl. Resident Women’s Association. Student Senate. Flckes. James A. Fiedler. Christopher J.—Liberal Arts; Darby. Pa.; Sigma Tau Gamma. Basketball. Resident Men's Association. WMSR Radio Club. Athletic Trainer. Geology Club. Filer. Joan E.—Secondary; Pittsburgh. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. Gamma Sigma Alpha. PSEA. TOUCHSTONE, Women's Chorus, Resident Assistant. See Us At Halftime Across From The Football Field THE SUGAR BOWL Subs, Hamburgers, Steaks Sandwiches, French Fries, Ice Cream Sundaes Floats Drinks of all Kinds 872-4822 BLOOD, PLASMA AND COMPONENTS 136 College Ave. Lancaster, Pa. 17603 717-394-0553 Plasma is vitally needed in health care institutions throughout the country. Now you can help fulfill this need while providing for some special needs of your own. 239Figurclle. Kathy A.—Art; Altoona. Pa.: Zeta Gamma Phi (corresponding secretary, vice president). Newman Student Association. PSEA. Art Students Organization Fillmore. Kathleen M. Elementary; Springfield. Pa.. ACEI. Fincham. William J. Fink, Gary R.—Liberal Arts: Bethlehem. Pa ; Omicron Gamma Omega. Finnignn. Scott J. Fischer. Henry W.. III. Fishel, Marcia L.—Liberal Arts; York Havon. Pa.; Psychology Club (secretary) Fisher. Sylvia E. Art; Harrisburg. Pa.; Art Students Organization. Fitterling. Susan B. -Elementary; Reading. Pa.; College Choir. PSEA. SOS. Flinchbaugh, Debra E. Library Scienco: Rod Lion, Pa.; Alpha Beta Alpha. PSEA, Resident Assistant Flinn. Rhonda L. -Elementary: King of Prussia. Pa ; Kappa Phi Epsilon (historian, treasurer). ACEI. Pan Hellenic Council. TOUCHSTONE. Women's Chorus. Flouras. Nicholas C.—Secondary: Lancaster. Pa. Folly. Mary S. Art. Lancaster. Pa.; Art Association Foreman. Linda M.—Elementary; Sharon Hill. Pa. Foreman, Ronnie C. Secondary; Hershey. Pa Foster. Henry M.. Ill -Liberal Arts; Tobyhanna, Pa Fox, Karen M.—Elementary: Leesport. Pa.: ACEI. College Choir. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Francis Scott T.- Liberal Arts: Camp Hill. Pa.: Delta Sigma Chi (vice president, treasurer, plcdgeniaster. social chairman). Inter-Fraternity Council. Gymnastic Club. Psychology Club. Intramurals. Frank. Wanda J. Franzosa. Rosemary G. Frederick. Christine A. Liberal Arts. Freidel. Linda M. Elementary; Folcroft. Pa,; Kappa Phi Epsilon. CEC. Frerichs. Linnea P. Frey, Jacob E. Frey. Rachel H.—Secondary. Manheim. Pa.. Mennonite Student Fellowship Frey. Rebecca A. -Elementary; Harrisburg, Pa ; CEC Fritz. Dorothy E. Fritz. Mary P. Elementary; .Conshohocken. Pa ; Kappa Alpha Tau (pledgemaster). College Union Board. Pan Hellenic Council. Pep Club. PSEA. SOS. Student Guide. Fritz. Polly C.—Library Science: Benton. Pa.; Alpha Beta Alpha. PSEA. Wrestling Belles. Fry. Brenda L.—Elementary; Lewistown, Pa.; CEC. Gamma Sigma Alpha. Fry. Douglas L. Fry, Kenneth M.—Secondary: Akron. Pa.; Basketball. Fryer. Both A. Fuller. William J.. Jr. Funk. David A. Futterman. Robert Gallagher. Constance A. -Elementary. Lancaster. Pa.; Kappa Delta Phi (historian). Commuting Women's Association. Gallaghor, Lynn M.—Secondary; York. Pa ; Zetn Gamma Phi. College Union Board. Speaker Committee (chairman). Elections Committee. Intramurals. Gamber. James H. Gardner. Elizabeth Ann -Elementary; Norristown. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. PSEA. Wrestling Belles Garrctson. Janet E.- Secondary; Lcmoyne. Pa.: Gamma Sigma Alpha. SNAPPER. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Pi Delta Epsilon. Garson. Catherine A. Gaydos, Jeanne M.—Secondary; Levittown. Pa.; English Club. PSEA Gcddcs. Joseph B.. II.—Secondary; Morrlsvillo. Pa ; Phi Sigma Pi. Resident Hall Counselor Gohr, Lova L. Geib. Jeanne M. Goigor, Joan L.—Public School Nursing; Reading. Pa. Geist. Cynthia R. -Library Science: Bellwood. Pa. Gcllcr. Ronald M. George. Ronald P.—Industrial Arts: Conestoga. Pa.; Industrial Arts Society Gcrlach. Charles D. Gerlach. Charles R.—Industrial Arts: Hatboro. Pa Industrial Arts Society Gerlitzki, Karen A. Gianopoulos. Dean N. MAY JEWELER Watches, Keepsake Diamonds. Jewelry Expert Watch Repairs Millersville Center Millersville, Pa. 17551 Phone 872-8384 KUNZLER COMPANY, INC. 640-662 Manor Street Lancaster, Pa. 17604 240Gibason. Kathleen E.—Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.; Student Guide. Gingerich. Charles R.—Secondary; Highspirc. Pa.: American Chemical Society. Collogc Choir. Giomariso, Janonc. Godshall. Keith H.—Secondary; Porkasie, Pa.; Social Studies Club. Studont Guide. Student Senate (parliamentarian). Good. Donna M. -Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.; Karate Club. Gordon. Edward A.—Elementary; Harrisburg. Pa.; Alpha Phi Omega. PSEA. Resident Men's Association. Gordon. Nancy P.—Elementary; Springfield. Pa.: Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Wrestling 8elles. Gorman. Susan E.—Elementary; Forty Fort. Pa.. Sigma Phi Delta. Mormcttes. Goss. Thomas H.—Industrial Arts; Greenville. Pa.; Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Society. PSEA (president of local chapter, president of southern region). Resident Men’s Association (vice president). Gotwald. Suzanne- Elementary; Carlisle. Pa.; Phi Lambda Sigma (president). Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Student Guide. Resident Assistant. Orientation Committee. Graf. Elizabeth E.—Elementary: Southampton. Pa.. ACEI. Pep Club. PSEA. Grcchi. Lorctto. L. Green, Katherine A.—Library Science: Springvlllc. Pa.; Alpha Beta Alpha. Newman Student Association. Women's Varsity Club. Basketball (manager). Lacrosse (manager) Greonawalt. Andrew A. -Secondary: Lancaster. Pa.; Student Union Board. Soccer. Greer. Patricia A. -Elementary; Newtown Square. Pa.: Association of Women Students (treasurer). Gamma Sigma Alpha (historian). PSEA (recording secretary). Student Guide. TOUCHSTONE. Intervarsity. Resident Assistant Gretton. Joan F. . Gretton. William R., Ill—Elementary: Morrlsville. Pa: Alpha Sigma Chi. Griffith. Peggy A.—Elementary; Lititz. Pa Griffith. Stephen B. -Elementary: Lancaster. Pa.: Alpha Phi Omega. Resident Men's Association. Students' Sociology Organization. Grim. Kathy E.—Elementary; East Berlin. Pa ; ACEI. PSEA. TOUCHSTONE (co-editor). Women's Chorus. Delta Phi Eta (recording secretary) Grimes. Susan E. Elomentary; Reading. Pa ; Association of Women Students (dormitory president). Phi Lambda Sigma (social chairman). Women's Chorus (secretary) Wrestling Belles. Resident Assistant Groff. James W. Grosh. David K. -Secondary; Elizabethtown. Pa ; Sigma Epsilon Beta. Commuting Men's Association Grosh. Linda D. Gross. Anne E.—Liberal Arts: Perkasie Pa Guss. Kathleen L. Elomentary; Harrisburg, Pa ; ACEI Guthrie. James H.—Liberal Arts; Springfield. Pa . Sigma Tau Gamma. Studont Senate (vice president) Student Union Board Guyton. Arthur D. Gyle. Melvin J. Haar. Patricia J.—Elementary: New Oxford Pa.; Zeta Gamma Phi. ACEI. CEC Hagan. Ruth C.—Secondary: Kingston. Pa . English Club Hains. Jonathan P. Halbleib. James C. Hall. Virginia W. Haller. Richard L. Halloran. Daniel R.—Liberal Arts: Clarks Summit. Pa. Hamclers. Joseph M. -Liberal Arts Fairless Hills Pa.; Chi Gamma lota. Psychology Club Hamilton. Edwin H. Hamme. Charles E.. Ill -Elementary: Lancaster. Pa . CEC. PSEA. Resident Men's Association. Student Senate Hampton. Linda M.—Liberal Arts. Campbelltown Pa ; Project Guide. Psychology Club. Hand. Henry M. -Secondary; Harrisburg. Pa ; Sigma Tau Gamma, WMSR Radio Club. Young Democratic Club. Hanley. Leona M. Library Science: Jarrottsvillo Md : Alpha Beta Alpha (secretory). Phi Lambda Sigma (secretary). Women's Chorus. Campus Musical Hann. David L. -Secondary; Warfordsburg. Pa Mu Alpha Kappa Harbold, Charlotte H. -Liberal Arts: York Springs Pa ; Phi Lambda Sigma (service chairman). Students' Sociology Organization 241Hardeman. Thomas G.—Elementary; Lancaster. Pa; Cultural Affairs Committee Hargadon. William J.. Jr. Harnc. James D. -Library Scionco. Mlllersvillo. Pa Harnor. Anita M.- Elementary Pottstown. Pa Omogn Theta Sigma (corresponding secretay). CEC. Harshman. Janet E. Hart. James B. Liberal Arts; Mlllersvillo. Pa. Hartland, Janet L. Hartman. Ann L. Hartman. Joy L— Library Science; Lebanon Pa: Alpha Beta Alpha. Band. Womon's Chorus CollogoCommunIty Orchestra Harvoy. John H„ II Liberal Arts; Lebanon. Pa . Students' Sociology Organization. Archery Club. Sociology Department Student Advisory Committee Hauck. Paul F. Liberal Arts. Lancaster Pa ; Economics Club Hausknecht. Ann E. Elementary: Hatboro, Pa . BLACK AND GOLD. Gamma Sigma Alpha. PSEA. TOUCHSTONE (section editor). Womon's Chorus Hayes. Stophen L.—Educational Media Lcwistown. Pa; SNAPPER Heckcr, Judy Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa Omega Theta Sigma (vice president). Junior Class officer. Newman Student Association. PSEA. United Campus Ministry. Ski Club (socrotary) Heckman. Dorothy E. - Elementary; Upper Darby. Pa Hccnan, Barbara I.—Secondary; Droxol Hill. Pa : Kappa Phi Epsi Ion. Cheerleaders (captain). Student Guido. Heffner. Janice N. Elementary I ibrary Science: Ephraln Pa ; Heffner. Scott J. Heilman. Philip P. Heiscr. Patricia. J. -Elementary; Hamburg. Pa.; Zola Gumma Phi. Newman Student Association, Phi Lambda Sigma. Student Guido Hcisoy, Pauline L. Heisey. Theodore W. Heislcr. Linda E. -Elemontnry; Wyomlsslng. Pa.; Sigma Phi Delta. College Union Board. CFG. Gamma Sigma Alpha. Mur-mottos, PSEA. Student Guide. Student Union Board. Women's Chorus. Heist. Robert M Elementary, Shlllington. Pa . Sports Heller. Gary R. Heller. Joseph L. -Secondary; Lancaster. Pa . Sports. Helvy. Angcline Special Education; Lancaster. Pa. Hompfing. Philip L. -Elemonlary; Hanover. Pa. Hcmstrect. Marilyn C. -Elementary, Reading, Pa ; ACEI. CEC. PSEA Henry. Geoffroy L. Liberal Arts: Johnstown. Pa Resident Men's Association. Resident Assistant. Mu Alpha Kappa Honry. Joan E. Elomentnry; Boyortown. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta Henry. Martha M. Liberal Arts Warminster. Pa ; Art Studonts' Organization Henry. Roger L. Herbst. Barbara A, Horncisen. Curtis L. -Elementary; Manheim, Pa.: Omicron Gamma Omega. PSEA. Wrestling Hcrnoisey. Bradley. Horner. Marie A.- Elementary; Millorsville Pa.: Kappa Delta Phi Herr. Dwight A Liberal Arts; Lititz. Pa ; College Choir. Student Guido. Mennonito Student Fellowship Herr. Sandra L. Elementary; Lancaster Pn.. Sigma Phi Delta (president). ACEI. BLACK AND GOLD (co-odltor). College Union Board (secretary). Dolphin Club. Student Union Board Herre. Kathryn D. -Elementary; Harrisburg. Pa Hcrsch. Barbara A. Horshcy, Clair H. Hess Catherine E. Elemontary; Lcoln. Pn. Hess. Margaret A. Elementary; Lancaster Pa ; Zeta Gamma Phi. ACEI. Band, Student Guide. Field Hockoy Hetrick. Alice M. Hibshman. Richard I. -Secondary; Myerstown. Pn : Young Republican Club. Social Studies Club Hilborn. Margaret A. Hilcker. Lois M. Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. Phi Lambda Sigma. PSEA. WMSR Radio Club. Xenophilo Society. Delta Phi Alpha. German Club (president). Miss Mlllersvillo State College. Hill. Robert J.--Secondary; Harrisburg. Pa.; Entomology Club (vIco president). Newman Student Association. Roddy Scientific Society (president) M.S.C. TO HERR’s Going to stock up on snacks, sweets and goodies. Village Market 10 Manor Ave. Millersville, Pa. SERVING QUALITY FOODS FOR 54 YEARS. 242Hinnman. Deborah L. Secondary: Bloomsburg, Pa.; Student Guide. Womon’s Chorus. Intorvarslty Chrfstinn Fellowship (secretary) . Hlnkcl, Mark D. Liberal Arts: Ashland, Pa.: Band, Roddy Scientific Socloty. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Jarir Ensomblo (president). Soccer Hoar. Mary E. Hooschclo. Joan A. -Elomentary; Norristown. Pa.; CEC. PSEA Hoff, Debbie E.- Elomnntary; Spring Grove. Pa ; ACEI, Women’s Chorus. Hofforth. Nancy J.—Secondary: Litltz. Pa.; Mermottos (troas-uror). Pan Hellenic Council. Pop Club. Field Hockey Hoffman. Judy C.—Elomontary: Bryn Mnwr. Pa : Black Studont Association. Holton. Marianne E.— Liberal Arts: Parkesburg. Pa Homan. Carol R. Elomontary; Montoursvllle. Pa Alpha Beta Alpha. ACEI. Association of Women Students. Womon's Chorus. Landos Hall sccrctory-treasuror Hopkins. Mark S. Hopkins. Robort T. Horner. Howard G. -Elementary; Burnham, Pa.; Mu Alpha Kappa. SOS. Wrostling. Horst. Stephen H, Liberal Arts; Myorstown, Pa.; Students’ Sociology Organization. Soccor Hosslor, Lois F. Flementary-Llbrary Science: Elizabethtown. Pa.: Sigma Phi Delta (treasurer). Collogo Union Board (chairman of Rocreatlon Committee of Program Board). PSEA, Womon's Chorus. Wrostling Belles. BLACK AND GOLD. Hough, William I.. II. Houser. Danielle M.—Elementary: Lobnnon, Pa . Band, CEC. Gamma Sigma Alpha (vice president). Newman Student Association. Projoct Guido. PSEA. Studont Guide. Howor. James. « Hubbcrt. Bonnie I. -Elomontary: Carlisle, Pa Omogo Theta Sigma (recording secretary). CEC. Pan Hellonlc Council. Wrestling Belles. Huber. David H. -Elomontary: Reading. Pa.; Football. Track Hubor. Nancy C. Elomontary Morrisville. Pa ; Delta Phi Eta Huck. Richard W. Hudak, Don T. Industrial Arts; Forty Fort Pa.; Mu Sigma Rho, Pi Dolto Epsilon, Industrial Arts Socloty. Newman Studont Association. SOS. Student Guide. WHSR Radio Club. AV Services. WMSR Sorvico Award. Hughs. Gertrude L. Hultman. Elizabeth A. R. Hurst. Marty L. Elomontary: Lancaster. Pa; Commuting Women’s Association. Intorvarsity Christian Fellowship Hutchison. Donna L. lanna. Donna M.—Elementary; Glonslde. Pa Imhof. Grace K.—Liberal Arts; Mlllcrsvllle. Pa Innerst. Barbara I.—Secondary. York. Pa ; Project Guide. Students’ Sociology Organization. Irwin. Richard H.—Secondary; Norristown. Pa. Ives. William B. Jablonski. Frank J. -Industrial Arts: Rlrdsboro. Pa: Wickers (historian). Newman Student Association. Swimming. Jambrctz. Kathy L. -Elementary; Aston. Pa ; Band. CEC. Gamma Sigma Alpha (recording secretary). WMSR Radio Club. Jaremko. Gloria A. -Elementary; Lancaster. Pa ; ACEI Womon's Varsity Club. Fiold Hockey. Basketball. Tennis. Lacrosso. Jennings. Cathy. Jennings. Daniel E.—Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa ; Economics Club, Newman Student Association. Intramurals. Jennings. Lee E. Industrial Arts; Mt Holly. N J.; Citamard. Honorary Dramatics Fratornlty. Jeronis. John J. Johnson. Kenneth D. Secondary. Winfiold. Pa Sigma Epsilon Beta. Football. Johnston. Donna L.—Elementary: Paoll. Pa.: Basketball Joline. Ric—Secondary; East Petersburg. Pa. Jones. Lawrence J. Jones. Robert P. Elementary: Akron. Pa; Alpha Phi Omega. College Choir. Madrigal Singors. Student Guido. Orchestra Jones. Susan E.—Elementary: Lancaster. Pa ACEI. German Club Jonos, Thomas E. Industrial Arts. Athens. Pa. Joss. Margaret R. -Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa.; Kappa Delta Phi Kachol, Kenneth R. Kaolin. Barbara A. Knllnoski. Elaine D. Knmmoror, Deborah J. -Elomontary; Littlestown. Pa , Commuting Women’s Association, PSEA Kano. Francis P. Kano. Patricia M. -Secondary Nosquohoning, Pa Delta Phi Alpha, Gorman Club Knraglnnnis, Angeliki Flomentary, Harrisburg. Pa.: CEC. PSEA Kardos, Mark S.—Secondary; Lnvittown. Pa ; Student Union 8oard. Political Science Club, SNAPPER Karol. Elaine A. Library Science: Bethlehem. Pa . Pi Dolto Epsilon (treasurer). Mu Sigma Rho. Alpha Beta Alpha, PSEA. Student Guide, WMSR Radio Club (business manager). Ortho dox College Fellowship. Kasc, David L. Kasun. Robecca A. Liberal Arts; Bollwood. P« ; Zola Gamma Phi, SNAPPER (nows editor feature editor). Student Guide. Mermottos Kauffman. Linda C. Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa . Kappa Dolto Phi (president). American Chemical Society (secretary). Studont Guide, Orientation Committee Knufmann. Joanne B. Elementary; Tomplo. Pa . Sigma Phi Delta ACEI. BLACK AND GOLD. CEC. Women’s Chorus. Wrestling Bollos. Koebaugh. Alfred C.. Jr. Secondary; McConnollsburg. Pa So cial Studies Club. Keller. Thomas G. -Secondary; Cloona. Pa.; Sigma Epsilon Bota Kelley. Patricia J. Kelly. Eugene T. - Secondary; Philadelphia. Po.; College Union Board. Student Union Board. Freshman Football. Kent. Cheryl P. Elementary; Springfield Pa ; Pop Club, Project Guide. PSEA Kcporling, Donna L. -Socondilry; Lancaster. Pa ; Commuting Women’s Association; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Kern, D. Suzanne. Kerr. Bruce E. -Secondary; Hntboro. Pa ; Pi Delta Epsilon. Student Guido. WMSR Radio Club (program director). Kessler. Peggy D.—Elomontary: Spring Grove Pa , ACEI Asso ciation of Women Students. Committing Women’s Association. PSEA. Intramurals. Ketusky. Edward H. Killian. Charles R. —Secondary; Harrisburg. Pa Circle K Club Citamard. PSEA. Roddy Scientific Socloty. United Campus Min istry. Young Democratic Club. Geology Club Killian. Marie. Kinsingor. Sara J. B. Klcckncr. Maryjane Elementary, Lancaster. Pa . PSEA Kleen. Linda M. Klcinmann. Elizabeth L. Elementary. Lovlttown. Pa.; CEC (treasurer), Pep Club. Student Guide. Women’s Chorus. Wrestling Belles. Hull’s Angels. Jewish Studont Association. Intro-murals. Kline. Sandra L.--Elementary: Willow Street. Pa; ACEI. PSEA Women's Chorus. Wrestling Bnllcs. Sports Klinger. 8rcnda K. Kluxen. Robert E.--Secondary; Ft Washington. Pa Mu Alpha Kappa, Resident Men’s Association, SOS Knaucr. Barbara—Elementary; Mendenhall. Pa : Kappa Alpha Tnu. Association of Women Students. PSEA Knorr. Frederic E. Knorr. Theodore P. Knou e. Susan M. - Elementary; Carlisle Pa ; Omega Theta Sigma (treasurer, president). CEC Koenig. Deborah S. Kolb. James H. Kollcr. Patricia E. Elementary. Lancaster. Pa Kolodski. Audrey J. Elementary; Parkesburg. Pa Pi Delta Epsilon. PSEA. Student Guido. WMSR Radio Club (head secre tary). Wrestling Belles Koons. Kathleen J.- Elementary. Lebanon. Po Kopitsky. Donna M. Elomontary; Rnnshaw Po . CEC. PSEA Campus Gold (president). Basketball, lacrosse Koser. Dianne Secondary Gordonvllle. Pa Kovach. Dianna M. -Secondary: Emmaus Pa Band, College Community Orchestra 243Kozak. Edward J. Kramer. Roberta L.—Elementary: Havcrtown. Pa.: Sigma Phi Omega. Collage Choir. CEC. PSEA Kramer. Vicki K. Secondary: Lancaster. Pa.: Gamma Sigma Alpha (treasurer). PSEA Krause. James M. -Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa.; Alpha Sigma Chi. Entomology Club. Newman Student Association. Roddy Scientific Society. Krause. Theresanne M. -Secondary: Philadelphia. Pa Kraybill. Susan V. Kraynak. John A. -Secondary; Phoonlxville. Pa.; Gamma Pi. Phi Sigma Pi. Sports Krebs. J. Catherine—Elementary. Lancaster. Pa . College Choir. Women's Chorus. Kreider. Doris A.—Art Education; Leola. Pa Krueger. Joseph R. Kuhlen. Linda J. Kukuchka. Karen K. Kyle. Diane M.—Elementary; York. Pa.; Rho Lambda Phi (parliamentarian). Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. ACEI. Association of Women Students. BLACK AND GOLD. Newman Student Association. PSEA. Resident Women's Association. Women's Chorus. Resident Assistant. Ski Club Lacoc. Curtis C. -Industrial Arts; Clarks Summit. Pa Mu Alpha Kappa. Boxing Club. Sports. Lambert. Lois D.—Library Science: Newtown. Pa.: Pi Delta Epsilon. Alpha Beta Alpha. Citamard. Newman Student Association. Project Guide. Student Guide. WMSR Radio Club (head secretary), lota Beta Sigma. Big-Little Sister Program. Lamey. Carol J.—Secondary: Williamsport. Pa.: Kappa Phi Epsilon. Student Guido. Junior Year Abroad (France). Landis. Elmer G.—Secondary: Lancaster. Pa.: College Choir (librarian). Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (president). Landis. Gary R. Industrial Arts: Manhcim. Pa.; Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Socioty Landis. George E. Liboral Arts: York. Pa : Alpha Phi Omega Landis. Sheri L. Liberal Arts: Mount Joy. Pa.; Gamma Sigma Alpha (corresponding secretary), PSEA. SNAPPER. Intramurals. Tennis Lare. Mark S Elementary; Norristown. Pa,: Delta Sigma Chi. Circle K Club. PSEA. Sports. Laskowski, John D.—Secondary; Halifax. Pa ; Wickers (vice president. historian). Entomology Club. Resident Men's Association. Roddy Scientific Society. Sports. Latchford. Deborah L.—Secondary: Lancaster. Pa : Kappa Alpha Tau. English Club. Inter-Fraternity Council. PSEA. Resident Women's Association. Student Guide. Latshaw. Wendy S.—Library Science: Herndon. Pa.; PSEA. Law. John R. Lawler. Thomas J.. Ill—Secondary. Baltimore. Md.; Newman Student Association. Student Guide. Leadbetter. Joyce A. Leckner. George R.—Liberal Arts: Cornwells Heights. Pa.: College Choir. Lefcvcr. Cathy A—.Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa Lefever. Donna L.—Elementary: Manheim. Pa Lehmier. Malia T.—Liberal Arts; Littiz. Pa,: College Choir. English Club. Lehr. Beverlee B. Leitsch. Rosemary E.—Elementary; Secane. Pa.: CEC Leneis. Kathleen G. -Elementary: Narberth. Pa.: Kappa Alpha Tau. Pep Club. PSEA. College-Community Orchestra Lesser. Frances J.—Liberal Arts; Upper Darby. Pa. Levin. Jay. Levengood. Sharon R.—Elementary; Stowe. Pa.: ACEI. CEC. PSEA. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Lingenfelter. Gail A.—Secondary: Broomall. Pa.: Zeta Gamma Phi. Newman Student Association. Pan Hellenic Council. Phi Lambda Sigma. PSEA. Rosident Women's Association. Student Guide. Lingo. Robert C. Linton. Bruce J. Secondary: Lancaster. Pa Llewellyn. Leslcc M.—Elementary-Educational Media: Pine Grove. Pa : Kappa Delta Phi. Long. Ann M. -Elementary: Geigertown. Pa.; PSEA Long. Diane K.—Elementary; Liverpool. Pa : ACEI. CEC. Phi Lambda Sigma. Long. Melissa R. —Library Science; Carlisle. Pa.; Zeta Gamma Phi. Alpha 8cta Alpha. BLACK AND GOLD. Student Guide. 244Long. Terry L.—Secondary: Lancaster. Pa.: Commuting Men's Association. Xenophile Society. Longenecker. Linda L. Longnaker, Marsha E.—Elementary: Harrisburg. Pa.: ACEI. PSEA. LoRusso. Barbara A. Love. James A.—Elementary; Upper Darby. Pa.: Wickors. College Union Board (program chairman). Newman Student Association. Swimming (captain). Lowe. R. Dennis—Liberal Arts: Easton. Pa.: Sigma Epsilon Beta (treasurer). Inter-Fraternity Council. Student Guide. Students' Sociology Organization Lucey, Lorraine S. Lucia. Rita A.—Elementary: York. Pa.; Newman Student Association. PSEA. Resident Women's Association. Luft. Phyllis G.—Secondary. Wernersvllle. Pa.; PSEA. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Luitweiler. Jane T.—Liberal Arts: Doylcstown. Pa.: Priority. Intramurals. Lutes. Diane E.—Elementary: York. Pa.: Alpha Beta Alpha. ACEI. Women's Chorus. Luttcr. Timothy A. Lynam. Eleanor M. Lyons. Roy L.—Elementary: Levittown. Pa.; Citamard. Dolphin Club. Football. Manikas, Janice A.—Secondary; Gilberton. Pa.; Sigma Phi Delta. Band. Newman Studont Association. Resident Women’s Association. Student Guide. Markart. Marilyn E.—Library Science: King of Prussia. Pa.; Social Studies Club Marouchoc. Helen J. Marquart. Joan T. Library Science; Hnvertown. Pa : Alpha Beta Alpha (recording secretary) PSEA. Student Guide. Marquis. Douglas. Martin. Beth A.—Elementary: Lancaster. Pa : CEC. Student Guide Martin. David E. Martin. John C.—Liberal Arts: Dallastown. Pa Phi Sigma PI. Basketball. Martin. Margaret K. Massar. Linda C.—Art: Lebanon. Pa.: Women's Chorus Mattem. Kathleen D.—Secondary; Hershey. Pa.; Omega Theta Sigma. PSEA Maurer. Ruth E.—Elementary: Glenolden. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. Phi Lambda Sigma. Student Guide. Xenophile Society Mayer. Donna M.—Elementary: Millersville. Pa.: Cheerleaders. Dolphin Club. Sigma Phi Omega. McCarter. Michael Secondary: Millersville. Pa : Sigma Epsilon Beta. Bassler Geographic Society McCarthy Patricia A. -Elementary: Bethlehem. Pa.: Gamma Sigma Alpha. Newman Student Association. Resident Women's Association. Student Guide. Wrestling Belles. Intramurals McCartney. Stephen P. Secondary: Altoona. Pa. McCauley. Linda S.—Liberal Arts: Ephrata. Pa. McDermit. Edward J.—Secondary: Langhorne. Pa.: Citamard. College Choir. Resident Men's Association. McDowell. Thomas E. McElroy. Sandra L. -Secondary: Pottstown. Pa.: Omega Theta Sigma. Class Officer McGeehin. Thomas F.—Secondary; Allentown. Pa : Tau Gamma Lambda. Circle K Club. Economics. McKenna. Laurence M.—Secondary: Springfield. Pa.: Phi Sigma Pi (president). Soccer. Swimming. Track. CEC. Project Guide. SNAPPER. Student Guide. Studont Union Board. Intramural Representative. Intramural Committee (president). Campus Musical McKeon. Regina D.—Elemcntary; King of Prussia, Pa.: Rho Lambda Phi. CEC. PSEA McKonly, Cynthia S.—Liberal Arts: College Choir McLaverty. Marybeth A.—Elementary: Philadelphia. Pa.: Zeta Gamma Phi, Newman Student Association. Resident Women's Association. McNamara. Raymond T.—Liberal Arts: Camp Hill. Pa.; Tau Gamma Lambda. Nowman Student Association, SNAPPER, Student Guide. Student Union Board McNaughton. Donna F.—Elementary; Marietta. Pa.: Sigma Phi Omega (historian, vice president). Hockey. ACEI. Project Guido. PSEA. Resident Women's Association (dorm vice president). Intervarsity. Varsity Club. Intramural Committee Meek. Joan M.—Elementary; Bechtelsvlllc. Pa : Kappa Delta Phi. (vice president). ACEI. Nowman Studont Association. PSEA. Student Guide. Intramurals Mellinger. Brenda M. 245Mcrshon. Shirley A.—Elementary: Ynrdley. Pa : PI Delta Epsilon. CEC. Project Guide. TOUCHSTONE (co-editor). Wrestling Bellos Meyer. Penny J. Elementary: Huntingdon Valley. Pa.; Sigma Phi Delta. College Union Board. CEC. Pan Hollcnlc Council. Pep Club. PSEA. Student Guide. Michalko. Michael J. Secondary: St Clair. Pa.: Chi Gamma lotn. PSEA Roddy Scientific Socloty Michcau. Cheryl I. Secondary; Kane. Pa.; Delta Phi Alpha, Project Guido. Student Guide. United Campus Ministry. German Club. Michler. Sandra L. Miffoluf. Jay I. -Liberal Arts: Philadelphia. Pa.; Sigma Tau Gamma (vice president). Citamard. SNAPPER Mikutn. Ann M. -Liberal Arts: Drexel Hill. Pa.: Kappa Alpha Tau. Miller. Brenda K. -Elementary; Annville. Pa.: Omega Theta Sigma. PSEA. Xenophlle Society. Miller. Charles W.. Jr. -Elementary: lobanon. Pa. Miller. Eileen A. Millor. James D. Miller. John A.. Jr. -Elementary; Mlllcrsvillo. Pa ; Omicron Gamma Omega, Dolphin Club. Inter-Fraternity Council. Residont Men’s Association. Student Guido. Student Union Board. WMSR Radio Club, Cross Country. Track Millor. Joseph I. Industrial Arts: Pottstown. Pa Miller. Kathy J. Elementary; Harrisburg. Pa : Dolphin Club fvico president) Millor. Nino S. Library Science: Lancaster, Pa ; Alpha Beta Alpha. Community Orchestra. String Ensemble. Miller. Randall C. Millor. Robert B -Secondary: Gap. Pa Millor. Robert C. Liberal Arts; Lancaster. Pa . WMSR Radio Chib (sports director) Millor. Robert D. Mills. Steven M. Industrial Arts: Abingdon. Md : Industrial Arts Society. Mitro. Denise A Elomentary. Feastervdlo, Pa ; PSEA. Mochan. Lorraine M. Secondary; Reading, Pa.: Zcta Gamma Phi (treasurer). Inlor-Fratornlty Council. Mormoties. Student Guide Modolo. Kathy S.—Elomontary: Pen Argyl. Pa.; Phi Lambda Sigma. PSEA Mohlcr. Michael R. Moore. John T.—Secondary: Milton. Pa Morgnanesi. Lanny M.-Liberal Arts. Warminster. Pa.; Cltamad. SNAPPER. Morrison. Sandra L. Secondary; Mcchnnlcsburg. Pa.; Gamma Sigma Alpha- (treasurer). PSEA Morton. Rosalind E. Moyor. Dean B. Secondary; Springfield. Pa.; Mu Alpha Kappa. Resident Men’s Association. SOS. Intramurals. Football Moyer. Glen E.—Industrial Arts; Fredericksburg. Pa.; Phi Sigma Pi. Industrial Arts Honor Socioty. Industrial Arts Society Moyer. Kathy J. Moyer. Lela J. - Elementary. Akron. Pa ; Kappa Phi Epsilon. PSEA Moyer. Theodore R. -Secondary; Bethlehem, Pa.; Phi Sigma Pi. Rod and Gun Club (treasurer, vice president). Intramurals. Muir. Eric E.—Liberal Arts; Irwin. Pa.; Phi Sigma Pi (historian), Orchestra. Tennis. Muller. John R. Secondary; Lovittown. Pa.; Soccer. Mummcrt, Janet E. Murphy. Patricia J.—Secondary; Frackvillo. Pa.; Majorettes. Women’s Chorus. Murphy. William J. -Secondary; Levittown. Pa . College Union Board (chairman of operations board, member of governing board). Newman Student Association. Resident Men's Associa tion. Social Studies Club. SOS. Studont Guido. Young Republican Club. Weekend Manngor of SMC. Mussolman. Jan L.—Socondary: Souderton. Pa ; PSEA. Wrestling Belles. Kappa Phi Epsilon. Musser. Barbara J.—Elementary; Mount Joy. Pa. Myor, Carol L. Myers. Linda J.—Elemontary; Dublin. Pa.; ACEI. Gamma Sigma Alpha. Pep Club. PSEA. Lacrosse. Intramurals. Myers. Paula J.—Elemontary; Sidman. Pa.; ACEI. Pep Club. Phi Lambda Sigma. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Young Democratic Club Nabozny. Joanne M.—Elementory; Reading, Pa.; Zeta Gamma OPEN DAILY 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. HOUSE OF PIZZA OPEN SUNDAY 3 p m. to 12 midnight 101 W. Frederick SI. Millersville. Pa. 17551 Phone 872-2131 Pizza—22 varieties Grinders—14 to choose from Sandwiches—12 to choose from Spaghetti—Hamburgers French Fries 246Phi. Newman Student Association. PSEA, Resident Women's Association. Student Guide Narkicwicz. Joseph L. 'Elementary; Pottsvlllo. Pa.; Sports. Nasc. Patricia A. Elementary; Sellorsville. Pa.; ACEI. Gamma Sigma- Alpha. Pep Club, PSEA, Field Hockey. Lacrosse. Intramurals. Noubauor. Nancy E. Newcomer. Shirley A. Elementary; Media, Pa Gamma Sigma Alpha, Project Guido. PSEA. WMSR Radio Club. Nowcomer. Thomas J.—Secondary: York. Pa ; PSEA. Student Guide. Students' Sociology Organization Nichols. Ruth M.—Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.: Band Nicodcm. Janis—Secondary; Moscow. Pa.: Mu Sigma Rho (char-ter secretary, president I. Pi Delta Epsilon (secretary, president!. Citnmard. Student Guide. WMSR Radio Club (traffic managor). Archery Club (charter president). Freshman Regs Committee. Intramurals. Nied. Robert C.—Industrial Arts; Tafton. Pa . Industrial Arts Society. Niosley, Jay B. Elementary; Mcchanicsburg. Pa . CEC. SNAPPER. Student Senato (president). Nissley. Gwen L.—Elementary: Columbia. Pa. Njoroge. Leonard M. -Liberal Arts; Lower Kaboto. Kenya. Nolan. Michael D. Secondary; Langhorno. Pa.; Newman Student Association. WMSR Radio Club. Noll. Deborah L.—Elemontary: Londlsvllle. Pa ; ACEI, Dolphin Club. Wrestling Bolles. Nolt. Philip E.—Liborat Arts; Now Holland. Pa . Phi Sigma PI. Gorman Honorary Fraternity. Commuting Men's Association. Mennonltc Student Fellowship. German Club Novak. Marie D. Oatman. Jon P. Industrial Arts: Litit . Pa Industrial Arts Society. Industrial Arts Honor Society Obor, Vickie L. -Elementary; Lititz, Pa., Kappa Phi Epsilon. Delta Phi Eta. Pep Club. Project Guido. Student Guido. Wrestling Bolles. O'Connor. Kathleen K. Ochmo. Richard L. Oles, Valorie S. -Elementary; Lovlttown. Pa ; CEC Olcwllcr. Andrea L.—Secondary; York. Pa.: Association of Women Students O'Link. John P. Onorato. Ronlta E. Orcndo. Botty L.—Public School Nursing; Bethel, Pa Orlowski. Walter M.. Jr. O'Rourke. Maureen E. Ostroff. Arren L.—Liberal Arts: Loncastor. Pa,; Resident Men's Association. Rod and Gun Club. Sea Rats Scuba Diving Club. Ottinger, Linda M.—Elementary; Doylestown Pa; Pi Delta Ep sllon. ACEI. Student Guide. TOUCHSTONE (section editor) Overmeyer. Francis G.—Secondary; Columbia. Pa ; Sigma Tail Gamma (parliamentarian, historian, alumni secretary). Commuting Men's Association. Entomology Club. Newman Student Association Palmcrl. Colette M. -Elementary; Martins Creek, Pa Kappa Phi Epsilon. Newman Student Association. Student Guide. Student Senate (corresponding secretary). Women's Chorus Papazinn. Glonn E. Liberal Arts; Springfield Pa ; Gamma Pi Wrostllng. Park. William J. Secondary; Hatboro. Pa.; Roddy Scientific So ciety. Geology Club. Cross Country. Track. Partridgo, Thomas R. Patches. Janice E. Secondary; Lebanon, Pa ; American Chemical Society. Roddy Scientific Society (secretary-treasurer). Student Guide Patterson. Carol A. Liberal Arts. Lancaster. Pa. Patton, James R. -Secondary; Lancaster, Pa.; Social Studies Club THE VILLAGE FLOWER SHOP 355 Manor Avenue Millersville, Pa. 17551 872-8832 Flowers for every occasion HOSPITALS BIRTHDAYS ANNIVERSARIES DANCES FINE MEN'S CLOTHING McGregor Arrow Eagle Clothes Puritan Swank Farah Slacks Clubman Hammonton Park (Formal wear-Sales or Rentals) Park City Lancaster Phone 299-5312 247Paul. James W. Paule. Deborah A.—Elementary; Elizabethtown. Pa.; Association of Women Students. Band. CEC. College-Community Orchestra, Campus Musical Pauley. Colleen A.—Elementary; Phoenixvllle. Pa.; Zeta Gamma Phi. Association of Women Students. Class Officer. Newman Student Association. Student Guide. Student Senate. Women's Varsity Club. Sports. Pcale. Susan—Secondary; Ft Washington. Pa.: SNAPPER. Penner. Pamela K.—Elementary; Hagerstown. Md.; Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. ACEI. PSEA Perlowski. Russell A. Perry. Robert S. Perry. Sarah E. B. Peterkin. Katherine A.-Elementary-Library Science; Havertown. Pa ; Sigma Phi Delta. Resident Women's Association. Association of Women Students' Judicial Board (secretary). Dorm President. Peters. Thomas S. -Industrial Arts: 8eech Creek. Pa.. Circle K Club. Industrial Arts Society. PSEA. Rod and Gun Club Peterson. E. Michael—Liberal Arts; Choster. Pa.; WMSR Radio Club. Spanish Club. Political Science Club (acting president). Peterson. Janet E.—Elementary; Green Lane. Pa.: College Choir. PSEA. Students' Sociology Organization. Women's Chorus. Delta Phi Eta. Petery. Martha J. Petrovich. Elaine. Petryszak. Daniel J. Phelan. Deborah A.—Secondary: Lancaster. Pa Pitman. Elizabeth A. - Elementary; Brookhaven. Pa.; CEC. Pleiss. Virginia M. Elementary: Easton. Pa : ACEI. PSEA, Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Plotts. Douglas. Pope. Albert F., Jr. -Secondary; Lancaster. Pa Chi Gamma lota, PSEA Powell. Michael P.—Secondary; Havertown. Pa . Omicron Gamma Omega, Baseball Powers. Ann L. -Secondary: West Chester. Pa.: Rho Lambda Phi (vice president plcdgcmaster). Student Guide Xonophlle Society Prayer. Frederick C. Secondary. Lancaster. Pa.; PSEA, Social Studios Club. Intramurals. Prescott. Stephanie T. Liberal Arts Rosemont Pa.: Black Student Association. Field Hockey. Prcshlock. Linda M Liberal Arts; Shnmokin Pa.: Phi Lambda Sigma (treasurer) Presto. Linda J. Elementary: Easton Pa : Omega Theta Sigma. Commuting Women's Association. CEC. Newman Student Association Faculty Senate Price. Jacquelyn K. Library Science: Robesonia. Pa . PSEA. Social Studies Club. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. President Assistant Proctor. Susan J. -Secondary. Philadelphia. Pa Phi Lambda Sigma. Priority. Women's Chorus Pugh. Marion R. Library Science: Willow Grove. Pa ; Delta Phi Eta Alpha Beta Alpha (parliamentarian). Association of Women Students. Gamma Sigma Alpha (parliamentarian). PSEA. Sisterhood for Action (treasurer), Resident Assistant Pullen. Connio M. Otiinter. Dawn C. - l ibrary Science: Reading Pa Alpha Beta Alpha. Xcnophilc Society Rackovan. David A Secondary Spangler Pa ; Mu Alpha Kappa. Football Rndcrmachcr. Susan G. Liberal Arts. Pittsburgh. Pa . Gamma Sigma Alpha (historian, president), Student Guide. TOUCHSTONE. WMSR Radio Club. Class Officer. Resident Assistant. Ranck. Patricia A. Rattigan. Robert F. Rawdon. Robin O. Ream. Christa L. -Elementary; Pleasant Gap. Pa Reavcy. Michael M. Redcay, John S. Secondary. Lancaster. Pa ; Phi Sigma Pi Clta-mard. English Club. Young Democratic Club Reed. Linda J.—Elementary; Atrville, Pa . Zeta Gamma Phi. ACEI (president). Women's Chorus Reed. Linda 8.—Liberal Arts: Reading. Pa Project Guide. Students' Sociology Organization. Intramurals. Reiner, Henry W. Reinoehl. Melanie L.—Elementary; Williamstown. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. Phi Lambda Sigma. Student Guide. Xenophile Society. Rozykowski. Shirley M. Library Science: Tunkhannock. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. PSEA. Student Senate. Athletic Committee. Rhen. Irene T. G. Ribsam. Diane M. Richard. Susan J. C. Richards. Susan E. Richwine. Gail F. -Secondary; Lebanon, Pa.; English Club. Student Guide. Rineer. Deborah A.—Elementary; Lancaster, Pa. Ritter. Evelyn R.—Liberal Arts; Scranton. Pa. Rizzo. Carolyn -Liberal Arts; Chambersburg. Pa.; Zeta Gamma Phi (historian) Roberts, Jerry R.—Industrial Arts: Red Lion. Pa. Roberts. Nancy R.—Elementary: Warminster. Pa.; CEC. Robertson. Joan E.—Elementary. Woodlyn. Pa.; CEC. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Wrestling Belles. Rollor. Deborah A.—Elementary: Springfield. Pa. Romberger. Patricia A. -Elementary. Pottsville. Pa ; ACEI. Band. PSEA Rorar. Vicki R. -Elementary; Mlllersvillc. Pa. Roscnquist. Lorraine A. Library Science: Lititz. Pa Ross. Kenneth N.. Jr.—Industrial Arts: New Cumberland. Pa.. College Choir. Industrial Arts Society. WMSR Radio Club, Industrial Arts Honor Society. Campus Musical Roto. Nancy L.—Elementary: Columbia. Pa.; ACEI. Commuting Women's Association. CEC Roth. Karen A.—Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa.. CEC. PSEA Roth. Sandra M.—Elementary; Allentown Pa.; Kappa Phi Epsilon (IFC Representative). BLACK AND GOLD. Inter-Fraternity Council (treasurer). Pan Hellenic Council (president). Student Guilde. Student Union Board. TOUCHSTONE (section editor). Wrestling Belles. Rothenberger. Rosemary. Rothermel. Donna J.—Elementary; Womelsdorf. Pa.; Zeta Gamma Phi. PSEA. Student Guide. Women's Chorus. Rothweiler. William D. Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa.; Commuting Men's Association. Resident Men's Association, Student Guide, Sports. Rottcher. Margaret K. Rousak. Patricia A, -Elementary; Woodlyn. Pa ; Ski Club. ACEI. Rowe. Thomas A.. Jr. Industrial Arts; Johnstown. Pa : Mu Alpha Kappa. Industrial Arts Society. Intramural Council. Football. Track Royer. Deborah L. Elementary; Lancaster Pa ; Delta Phi Eta (historian). ACEI. CEC. PSEA Royer. Jean E. -Elementary; Whitehall Pa . CEC Rudy. Jon K. Rudy. Sandra J.—Elementary: Bethel. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta Rueter, Joanne M. Rupp. Carol E. -Elementary; Columbia. Pa Rupp. Colleen E. Russell, Linda J.—Elementary; Lansdownc, Pa.. PSEA, Women's Chorus. Intramurals Rutchauskas. Anthony J. Industrial Arts; Wilkes-Barre. Pa Ruyak. Emily F. Elementary; Lancaster. Pa.. Mermcttcs. SNAPPER. Homecoming Court Rutland. Ronald W. Ruyak. Emily F. Sachs. Donald R. Liberal Arts; Lancaster Pa ; Commuting Men's Association. Geology Club, Sports. Safford. Edward R. Liberal Arts; Prospect Park, Pa: Social Studies Club. Student Guido. Traffic Court. Track Salerno. Joanne L. Samples. Mitzi. Sanford. Barbara A. Liberal Arts; Mechanicsburg, Pa Scanlin. Joseph T. Liberal Arts; Lebanon. Pa.; Sigma Epsilon Beta. College Union Board Resident Men's Association. Student Senate (vice president, president). Traffic Court (chairman). Student Alfalrs Committee. Schick. Lee W. Liberal Arts; Millersville. Pa.; WMSR Radio Club. Schlcig. Deborah L. Elementary; Shamokln, Pa Kappa Phi Epsilon. PSEA. Women's Chorus. Schncck. Gregory F. -Secondary; Harrisburg. Pa : Sigma Tau Gamma (treasurer). Band. Golf 248Schnelll. David W. Schock, Janet L.—Elementary; Reading. Pa.: PSEA Schock. Marcia E. Schoenbcrger. Judy J. Schreiber. Elizabeth R. Schulze. Janet L.—Elementary. Hntboro. Pa.. Omega Theta Sigma. Color Guard. ACEI Schwalm. Richard M. Schwalm. Sharon A. Scottolino. Stephen D. Secondary; Lancaster. Pa. Seaman. Donald R.—Liberal Arts: Hummelstown, Pa. Seamon. Donna L.—Art Catonsvillo. Md : Priority. Band Seeley. John F. Industrial Arts; Troy. Pa.: Wickers. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Society. Shaeffer, Lois D. Shaffer. Barbara A. Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa.. Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha. ACEI. Association of Women Students. PSEA. Resident Women's Association Women's Chorus. Resident Assistant Shaffer. Judith F.—Liberal Arts: Portage. Pa.; German Club. National Federation of Students of German, Junior Year Abroad Shannon,Jane L. Shappel. Patricia L. Sharp. Brenda M. Elementary: York. Pa ; ACEI. Rho Lambda Phi. Sharplcss. Nancy L. Industrial Arts: Newtown, Pa.: Campus Gold. Delta Phi Eta. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Society. Folk Dance Club. Shaub. Carole E. Shaub, Joan G.—Elomentary: Quarryville Pa ; ACEI. Student Guide Sheaffcr. Daniel M. Industrial Arts; Conestoga. Pa. Wrestling, Track. Shelly. Gary L. Secondary; Lititz, Pa.; Wickers. Phi Sigma Pi. Sports. Shenberger. Lucinda M.--Elemontary: Red Lion. Pa : PSEA Shenberger. Susan K. Shenberger. Terry E. Shenck. Rodney S. Shenk. Sharon L. Shcrakas. Karen M. -Secondary: Shenandoah Heights. Pa.; Phi Lambda. Sigma Sherman. Arthur D. Industrial Arts: Philadelphia. Pa.: Industrial Arts Society. Baseball. Sherman, Susan L.—Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa ; ACEI. CEC. PSEA. Psychology Club. Shimsky. Joseph J. Shoemaker. Kurtis 0.—Secondary: Phoenixville. Pa : Student Guide. Showaltcr. Thomas A. Shroycr. Carol A.—Elementary; Werncrsville. Pa : CEC (presid-dent), PSEA. Women’s Chorus Shroyer. Jeffrey P.- Industrial Arts; Palmyra, Pa.: Alpha Sigma Chi. Industrial Arts Society. Rod and Gun Club. Industrial Arts Honor Society Shue. Bette C. Secondary: Willow Grove. Pa.; Rod and Gun Club. Social Studies Club Shuey. Gail P. -Elementary: Harrisburg. Pa.; CEC. PSEA. Sibbach. John W. Sichort. Thomas J. Liberal Arts: Runnemedc. N J . Alpha Sigma Chi. Circle K Club. WMSR Radio Club. Siegfried. Donald E. -Secondary; Leola. Pa : Social Studies Club. Simmons. Sharon P. -Elementary; Philadelphia. Pa ; Black Student Association, Citamard. CEC. PSEA Sinclair. Janis L. Elementary: Springfield. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Wrestling Belles Skidmore. David M. Slagle. E. Michael—Secondary: York. Pa.: Resident Men's Association. Young Republican Club. Political Science Organization. Slonaker. Linda J. -Secondary. Lancaster. Pa ; SNAPPER Small. Ann L. Secondary: Phoenixville. Pa Delta Phi Eta. English Club (secretary, president) Smeltzer. Bonnie J.—Secondary; Leechburg, Pa : English Club, SNAPPER. Xenophilc Society Smith. Deborah A. Smith. Denise L. Liberal Arts; Rohrerstown. Pa Smith. Gerald L. Secondary: Lancaster Pa.: Resident Men's Counselor Smith. Gregory L. Smith. Robert J. Smith. Teresa E. R. Smith. William H. Sneeringer. Mary A. 249Snyder. Carol A. Snyder. Dean E.—Liberal Arts. Halifax. Pa Snyder. Dennis J. Snyder. Donald J. Industrial Arts: Mount Joy. Pa.: Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Society. Snyder. John R. Secondary: Lewistown. Pa ; International Folk Dancing Club. Newman Student Association. Student Guide. Xenophile Society. Russian Club. German Club. Student Senate Communications Committee (chairman). Junior Year Abroad. Solomon. Gerald R. Sommer. Joanne D. -Secondary. Newtown Square. Pa.: Kappa Alpha Tau. Cheerleaders. Class Officer. Madrigal Singers. Pan Hellenic Council. Student Guido. Xenophile Society. Sooy. John R.—Elementary. Philadelphia. Pa . CEC. Sotirokos. Patricia A. Elementary: Bedford, Pa : PSEA, Women's Chorus. MENC. Souder. Karen A. -Elementary; Derault. Pa . Newman Student Association. PSEA, Wrestling Bollcs. Souder. Sandra L.—Elementary. Harleysville Pa Kappa Alpha Tau. CEC. Student Union Board. Women's Chorus. Souder. Wendy S. -Secondary: Telford. Pa . lota Beta Sigma. Pi Delta Epsilon, Pep Club. Student Guide. WMSR Radio Club (department head). Women's Chorus. German Club. Sourbeer. Arashay H. Spannuth. Gloria A. Elementary; Lebanon. Pa.: ACEI Spcichcr. Kathleen M. -Elementary; Lancaster. Pa. Spcraw. Charles S. -Liberal Arts: Middletown, Pa. Spong. Robert J. Staaby. Lars B.. Jr.—Elementary, Womelsdorl. Pa.; Phi Sigma Pi (secretary). College Choir. Newman Student Association. Student Guide. United Campus Ministry. SNAPPER, TOUCHSTONE Staddcn. Karon M. Stahlcr. Janet A.—Secondary; Warminster. Pa.; PSEA. Mu Kappa Mu. Math Club. Stark. Carol P.—Elementary; Dalton, Pa.; PSEA, Women's Chorus. MENC. Starner. Doyle L. Art. Gettysburg. Pa.; Gamma Pi. Art Students Organization. NAEA Stas. Michael J. Liberal Arts; Mlllcrsvlllo. Pa Steigerwalt. Leonard W.—Industrial Arts: Lehighton, Pa.. Alpha Phi Omega. Industrial Arts Society Stein. Kenneth W. -Industrial Arts. Oreland. Pa.; Sigma Epsilon Beta. Stephens. Dayna -Liberal Arts: Wrightsville. Pa. Sterner. Robert L.. Jr. Stevens. Richard I.. Jr.—Liberal Arts; Lititz. Pa.; SNAPPER (co-editor). Stidinger. Stephen H. -Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa.; Social Studies Club. Stinson. Pamela J. Elementary; York. Pa.; Dolphin Club. Women's Chorus Stokes. Phillip L. Stokos. William T.—Liberal Arts: Huntingdon Valley. Pa Stoltzfus. Donna M. Stoudt. Audette R. Stoughton. Janet A.—Elementary. Churchville. Pa . CEC. Stormfeltz. Charles T. Stout. Joy M.—Elementary; Souderton. Pa ; Kappa Alpha Tau. Pep Club. PSEA Stradtman. George G,. Jr.—Secondary; Bloomsburq. Pa ; BLACK AND GOLD. Circle K Club (corresponding secretary. Pennsylvania District secretary, president). PSEA. Resident Men's Association. Roddy Scientific Society (historian, vice president). SNAPPER. Student Guide. WMSR Radio Club. Young Democratic Club. Straley. Theodore G. Stringfollow. Terry W. -Secondary; Lancaster Pa Strobel. Linda M.—Elementary: Allentown. Pa ; CEC. PSEA Struble. Anne H. Strublc. Robert E. -Liberal Arts Porkasic. Pa . Phi Sigma Pi. College Choir. Sports. Stump. Jeffrey E. Sturm. Diane D. Elcmontary; Frackville. Pa; ACEI. PSEA. Women's Chorus. Suriani, Marilyn L. liberal Arts. Wallingford. Pa.; Students' Sociology Organization (secretary). Sutton. Richard J. Industrial Arts; Muncy. Pa Svctz. Gary E. Industrial Arts; Haven Beach. W Va ; Phi Sigma Pi. Industrial Arts Socioty. Laboratory Assistant Swcrlick. Davida M.- Elementary. Lancaster. Pa ; Delta Phi Eta. CEC. PSEA. Resident Women's Association Swinn. Carl T.—Secondary; Fnyottville. Pa ; Mu Alpha Kappa. SOS 250Swisher, Dale L.—Secondary; Lancaster. Pa.:Sigma Tau Gamma. Commuting Men's Association Inter-Fraternity Council. Social Studies Club. Student Senate. Soccer. Szczcpnnck. Cheryl L. Szokeres. Carol A.—Elementary: Stcelton. Pa.: Sigma Phi Omega. PSEA Szysh. John A.—Liberal Arts: Carlisle. Pa. Tafcl, Carol A.—Elementary: Churchvllle. Pa.: Campus Gold. Folk Dancing Club Taitz. Harold I. Elementary: Philadelphia. Pa Taroski. Andrew J.. Jr. Secondary; Phoenixville. Pa.: Gamma Pi. Pep Club. Student Guido. Sports. Tate. Margaret M.—Liberal Arts: Columbia. Pa.; Students' Sociology Organization. Taylor. Barbara M.—Liberal Arts: Elizabethtown. Pa.: English Club (president). Project Guide. Xenophile Club. German Club, Junior Year Abroad. Taylor. Herbert H.—Industrial Arts: Brookhavcn. Pa.; Young Republican Club. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Taylor. Karen E — Elementary: Doylcstown. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. Alpha Beta Alpha (historian). ACEI. Student Guido. Women's Chorus. Taylor. Richard D.—Industial Arts; Huntingdon Valley. Pa.: Industrial Arts Society. Student Services Board. Templeton. Thomas F„ III—Secondary. King of Prussia. Pa.: Rod and Gun Club. Students' Sociology Organization. Psychology Club. Terrell. Alvin. H.—Liberal Arts: Philadelphia. Pa.: Black Student Association (president). Citamard. Class President. Student Senate. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges. Thayer. Eileen F.—Elementary; Ouakertown. Pa.: Band. CEC. Theobald. Frederick T.. Jr.—Liberal Arts; Millersville. Pa ; Computer Center User Services Manager. Thomas. Paul T. E. Liberal Arts. Drexel Hill. Pa : Tau Gamma Lambda. Resident Men’s Association. Student Union Board. Soccer. Thome. Jean L. Thompson. Michael W. Elementary; Winchester. Va.: Dolta Sigma Chi. Inter-Fraternity Council. Resident Assistant. Sports. Thompson. Robert H.. Jr.—Liberal Arts: Lancaster Pa.: BLACK AND GOLO. Commuting Men's Association. Student Guido. Student Senate. Political Science Organization (president) Thorpe. James D. Timinski. Ronald S.—Secondary; Chester. Pa Gamma Pi. Citamard. Newman Student Association. Pep Club (treasurer). Social Studies Club. Student Guide. Students' Sociology Organization. Xenophile Society. Toland. Judy C. Toomey. John R. Tritt. Shirley M.—Art: Carlisle. Pa Trupc. Susan A. -Elementary, Sinking Spring. Pa . PSEA. Women's Chorus. Tucker. Ada N. Tulcya. Kathryn L. -Elementary; York. Pa . ACEI. CEC. Women's Chorus. Turner. Paula J.—Elementary; Pottstown. Pa ; Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. CEC.PSEA Turzi. Robert J. Tuscano. Rosemarie D.—Library Science: Pottstown. Pa.; Alpha Beta Alpha. Intramurals Umbenhaucr. Todd H.—Elementary; Lansdalc. Pa ; ACEI. Resident Men's Association. Intramurals. Vail. Susan V.—Elementary: Haddonfield. NJ. Valudcs. Terry E. Vandament, Estil L. VanderSchaaf. Karen E.- Elementary: Mount Joy. Pa. VanDuzer. Dianna B. VanPelt. Marilyn. E. VanRensler. Susan L.—Elementary. Lansdowne. Pa.. ACEI. Association of Women Students. Color Guard. Resident Women's Association. SNAPPER. Wrestling Belles. Women's Varsity Club (president), Intramural Official. Basketball. Lacrosse. Volleyball (captain) Vary. Janice L—Elementary: Harrisburg. Pa.: Rho Lambda Phi. Delta Phi Eta. ACEI. Pan Hellenic Council. PSEA. Rosidont Women's Association. Student Representative on Elementary Education Faculty Board Vasellas. Christine M.—Secondary: Windsor. Pa Vogel. Judiannc C. Volp. Nancy J.—Elementary: Philadelphia. Pa Wagar. Marilyn H.—Elementary: Lancaster. Pa Wagner. Barry R. Liberal Arts: Lancaster. Pa : Pi Delta Epsilon SNAPPER (associate editor, sports editor, editor-in-chief) Wagner. Dennis L.—Library Science: Palmyra. Pa . Alpha Beta Alpha. College Choir. Resident Men's Association Wagner. Edwin B., Jr.—Liboral Arts. Hershcy. Pa ; Alpha Sigma Chi (social chairman, vice president). Phi Sigma Phi. College Union Board (chairman of governing board). Student Guide. Student Union Board (president). WMSR Radio Club Wall. Marc D. -Liberal Arts: Kimberton. Pa.: College Union Board (program vice chairman, concert chairman, program chairman, member of governing board). Student Senate (representative to PSASG). Student Union Board. Psychology Club. Homecoming Committee. Wallis. Michael J. -Secondary; Doylestown. Pa : Gamma Pi. Phi Sigma Pi. Class President. Industrial Arts Society. Pop Club, Resident Men's Association. Industrial Arts Honor Socloty, Soccer. Golf Walt. Margie A. -Elementary. Souderton. Pa.: Kappa Alpha Tau. CEC. Pan Hellenic Council. Women's Chorus Walter. Judith P.—Liberal Arts: Hatboro. Pa : Omega Theta Sigma. Bassler Geographic Society. BLACK AND GOLD. College Union Board, Color Guard (captain). Pan Hellenic Council. Student Guide. TOUCHSTONE. Wrestling Belles Waltman Barbara J.—Elementary. Fnirview Village. Pa Intra mural Committee (secretary). Basketball. Lacrosse Walton. Barry R. Industrial Arts: Lancaster Pa ; Phi Sigma Pi. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Commuting Men's Association. Industrial Arts Society Walton. Karen L.—Secondary: Lancaster. Pa: Association of Women Students. Commuting Women's Association. English Club. Resident Women's Association. Watson. Linda M. Elementary: Pcnndel. Pa ; ACEI. PSEA. Ski Club. Communication Committee Watts. Pixie M. Elementary. Enola. Pa ; ACEI. Newman Student Association. Wrestling Belles. Waugh. Ronald K. Weaver, Deborah J. Weaver. Gail S. Weaver. Kenneth N. Secondary; Ephrata. Pa : Delta Phi Alpha, PSEA. Student Guide. Xenophile Society (treasurer). German Club. Junior Year Abroad Webb. Eunice P. -Elementary: Stewartstown. Pa.; Rho Lambda Phi. Webster. Marsha A.—Art. Lancaster. Pa Kappa Alpha Tau (historian). Citamard. College Choir (corresponding secretary), Madrigal Singers. PSEA. Resident Women's Association. TOUCHSTONE (art-iayout editor). NAEA, Campus Musical, Resident Assistant. Weiblcy. Nancy A. Elementary; Newport Pa ; Resident Women's Association. Women's Chorus (vice president). Dorm Secretary Wcigand. Allen D.—Elementary: East Berlin. Pa : College Choir. PSEA Weigel. William M. Wcikcrt. Lcanne F. Elementary: Harrisburg. Pa ; Rho Lambda Phi (treasurer). Dolta Phi Eta. ACEI (recording secretary, corresponding secretary). PSEA. Resident Women's Association. Student Representative on Elementary Education Faculty Board Weinman. Gail C. Elementary; Hatboro. Pa.: Kappa Phi Epsilon. CEC. Basketball Weiss. Edith G. Liberal Arts; Williamsport. Pa.; Citamard Wells. Joseph F.. Jr. Elementary: Rosiyn. Pa : Chi Gamma lota. Phi Sigma Pi. Pi Delta Epsilon. Resident Men's Association. Student Guide. WMSR Radio Club (news director, station manager). Campus Musical Wenger. M. Kemeth -Secondary: Manheim. Pa ; Commuting Men's Association, Mennonite Student Fellowship Wenger. Marcia A.—Elementary; Ephrata. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. Majorettes. PSEA (treasurer). Student Guide. Werner. Evelyn C. West. Lawrence E. 251Westhafer. Rickey L -Secondary. Mechanicsburg. Pa.; PSEA Wetter. Steven F. Elementary: Annville. Pa; ACEI. College Choir. Resident Men's Association (vice president, president). Wetzel. Peggy J.—Liberal Arts; York. Pa.: United Campus Ministry. Whisler. Karen S. — Liberal Arts; Harrisburg. Pa.; Rho Lambda Phi. Spanish Club Whiteman. Susan I. Whitman. Richelle J.—Secondary; Lebanon. Pa.; PSEA. Resident Women's Association Studonts' Sociology Organization. Widdcr. Kozette L. Elementary; Akron. Pa ; Cheerleaders. Pep Club. SOS. Wrestling Belles. Wiley. Daniel M. Liberal Arts. Altoona. Pa.; Mu Alpha Kappa. Inter-Fraternity Council. SOS. Resident Assistant. Football. Wilhelm. Michele A.—Elementary; Shrewsbury. Pa ; ACEI. Majorettes. Project Guido. PSEA. Women's Chorus. Intromurols. Wilkins. Daniel T. Liberal Arts. East Stroudsburg. Pa Williams. Betsy 8. Secondary; Sinking Spring. Pa.; Delta Phi Eta. SNAPPER. Student Guido. Xenophilo Society (secretary). Intramurals. Spanish Club Williams. Cathy L. Secondary; Pon Argyl. Pa . Omega Theta Sigma. Delta Phi Eta Delta Phi Alpha. Class Officer. Majorottes. Pan Hellenic Council. WMSR Radio Club. Xenophilo Society. Ski Club. Williams. Kathleen L.—Secondary; Lomoyne. Pa ; Association of Women Students. Band. Gamma Sigma Alpha, College-Community Orchestra Williams. Robert B.—Liberal Arts: Southampton. Pa,: Phi Sigma Pi. American Chemical Society. Rod and Gun Club (president). Williamson. Stephen H. -Secondary; 8roomall, Pa ; Alpha Sigma Chi. Resident Men's Association Williard. Larry R.—Elementary; Hershey. Pa.; Bossier Geographic Society (secretary, treasurer) Wilson. Daniel P. Windish. John J.. Ill -Liberal Arts. Harrisburg. Pa.; Chi Gamma lota. Wincland. Donald C. Wise. Richard E.—Elementary; Annville. Pa.; Alpha Phi Omega. College Choir. CEC Resident Men's Association. Student Guide Wisniewski. Barry. Witmer. Michael D. Secondary. Ronks. Pa Wolf. Eric L.—Secondary; Broomall. Pa ; Wickers (vice president). Resident Men's Association (president). Student Senate (legal affairs committee chairman, executive committee). Students' Sociology Organization. Soccer. Swimming. Tennis. Wolf. Jesse B. Wolf. Thomas E. Secondary; Bryn Mawr. Pa.. Band Wolff. David M.—Industrial Arts; Baltimore. Md.; Omicron Gamma Omega. Industrial Arts Honor Society. Industrial Arts Society. Woody. Darlene F.—Liberal Arts; Bornville. Pa : Social Studies Club (secretary). Young Democratic Club (vice president). Political Science Organization Woolf. Mel A. Worrall. Kathryn A. Wright. Laura E.—Elementary; Hatboro. Pa.: CEC. PSEA Wujcik. Leonard F. Wyerman. Susan K.—Library Science: Coatesvillo. Pa Yanak. Elizabeth. Yanolko, Cindy L.—Art; Allentown. Pa. Yeager. Donna M. Ycdnock. Linda A.—Elementary: Harrisburg. Pa ; Rho Lambda Phi. Newman Studont Association. Pop Club. Student Guide. Women's Chorus Yergor. John M. Yocum. Gary W.—Secondary; Lewistown. Pa.; Alpha Phi Omega. English Club. Student Guide Yodor, Grace E.—Library Science: Lansdale. Pa : Alpha Beta Alpha (reporter). Newman Student Association. Yoder. Marian R.—Elementary; Millersvlllo. Pa.; College Choir. Women's Chorus. Millcrsville Christian Fellowship Young. Alfred G. Young. Kenneth R. Yungingcr. Norman G. Yuninger. Esta M. Zajac. Dennis J.—Liberal Arts; Conshohocken Pa.: Sigma Tau Gamma. Psychology Club Zarfoss. Shirley A. H. Zcdlar. Jan M. Zciders. Deborah J.—Elementary; Camp Hill. Pa.; ACEI. PSEA Zell. Michael L. Elementary: Ephrata. Pa ; Baseball. Zcrby. Kathy M. -Elementary: Millcrsville. Pa.; ACEI. Gamma Sigma Alpha. PSEA, Venture. Zlma, Jo Ann B. -Elementary: Lancaster. Pa ; ACEI. Students’ Sociology Organization. United Campus Ministry. Zimmerman, Joyce E.—Elementary; Pine Grove. Pa.: Delta Phi Eta. CEC. Zimmerman. Thelma M. -Elementary: Fredericksburg. Pa ; Delta Phi Eta (historian). CEC. Resident Women's Association. Student Guide. United Campus Ministry. Women's Chorus. Judo Club Zook. Duane E. -Liberal Arts: Strasburg. Pa . American Chemical Society. College Choir. Zsenyuch, Juno A.—Secondary; Norristown. Pa ; Phi Lambda Sigma. SNAPPER (news editor, associate editor). Student Guide Zunski. Carol A.—Elementary; Royersford. Pa.; CEC Zupancic. Edward A. 252 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS It takes many people to put a yearbook together and there are many people whose help we could not have done without. A special thanks to Mrs. Fudem who was always there to help, advise, and encourage us especially when things were going wrong. Thank you to Merin Studios Inc. in helping us out greatly with photography. A very sincere and appreciative thank you goes to everyone at Cooke Publishing. Inc., especially to Mr. John Ursprung. Sue Verruni and Gloria Zoski. No matter what happened or how discouraged we were, they never failed to lend a helping hand to “open the door." We did more than just put together a yearbook. we gained many new experiences and friends for which we remain extremely grateful. We opened a few doors ourselves and had some people help us open doors. We've come through smiling and our lives are fuller because we took the step over the threshold. The Editors • The 1973 Touchstone was published by William T. Cooke. Incorporated. Devon. Pennsylvania. • Type faces are Eurostile and Studio for display and Permanent for text. • Text paper stock is Warren's Triple-Coated Yearbook Saxony. 80 lb basis. • Design and format were supervised by Gloria Zoski, Art Director for Cooke Publishing. • Covers made by S. K. Smith. Company. Chicago. Illinois. INDEX ACEI .........................................127 Activities Section ...........................196 Aesculapian Society ....................... 144 Alpha Beta Alpha..............................102 Alpha Phi Omega...............................117 Art Club......................................150 Alpha Sigma Chi...............................104 Archery Club .................................138 Art Club......................................150 Association Of Women Students.................126 Band .........................................132 Baseball .....................................192 Basketball (Junior Varsity) ..................180 Basketball (Varsity) .........................178 Black Student Association ....................129 Black Weekend.................................220 Oscar Brand ..................................216 Jamie Brocket.................................217 Buckminster Fuller ...........................226 Buffalo Bob ..................................231 Campus Life Section........................... 36 George Carlin............................... 213 Cheerleaders (Freshman) ......................166 Cheerleaders (Varsity) .......................164 Chi Gamma lota............................... 109 Choir 134 Christmas Concert.............................209 Cinderellas ..................................145 Clubs and Organizations Section...............122 Cross Country ................................172 Dark Of The Moon .............................214 Death The Devil..... .......................211 Delta Phi Eta.................................117 Delta Sigma Chi.............................. 113 Delta Psi Phi 118 Dolphin Club ................................ 142 Entomology Club ..............................137 Epilogue .....................................256 Faculty Section............................... 20 Flash Cadillac ............................ 213 Football .....................................158 Freshman Football ............................163 Buckminster Fuller ...........................226 Gamma Pi .....................................119 Gamma Sigma Alpha........................... 117 Geology Club .................................149 Golf..........................................190 Graduation....................................232 Greek Section .................................98 Greek Weekend ................................228 Guys Dolls................................. 222 Gymnastics Club.............................. 139 Eric Hawkins Dance Company....................218 Hockey........................................168 Homecoming ...................................200 Honors Banquet.............................. -234 Industrial Arts Society ......................151 Inter-Fraternity Council......................101 International Student Union.................. 131 Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship ...........128 Kappa Alpha Tau ..............................105 Kappa Delta Phi ..............................112 254Kappi Phi Epsilon .. .:...................... 114 King Lear.....................................198 Lacrosse .....................................184 Madrigals ................................ 135 Majorettes ...................................132 Marching Band ................................132 Math Club ....................................131 Memorandum ...................................219 Mu Sigma Rho .................................119 Naked Dream ................................ 210 Howard Nemerov............................. 227 New York Rock Ensemble .......................208 Omega Theta Sigma ............................115 Pan-Hellenic Association .....................101 Phi Lambda Sigma..............................118 Phi Sigma Pi ................................ 116 Pi Delta Epsilon........................... 103 President's Advisory Council ............... .126 PSEA .........................................127 Raspberry Rafters ..........................210 Rho Lambda Phi ...............................108 Rigoletto ....................................206 Rod Gun Club ...............................138 Roddy Scientific Society .....................148 Scuba Club ................................. 140 Senior Index ................. ... 236 Senior Section ............................... 58 Doc Severinson ...............................199 Sigma Epsilon Beta............................109 Sigma Phi Delta . ............................110 Sigma Phi Omega ........... ... 107 Sigma Tau Gamma...............................106 Snapper .................................... 152 Soccer .......................................170 Soc-Hers .....................................144 Sports Section . ............................ 156 Spring Fling..................................228 Student Organization for Safety ..............129 Student Senate .......................... .124 Sociology-Anthropology Clubs .................130 Swimming ................................... 182 Tennis .......................................188 Topeng Dance Theater .........................224 Touchstone ................................. .154 Track.........................................186 Tzigane Dance Theater ........................207 Tutorial Services ............................129 United Campus Ministry.................... .128 West Chester Dance Ensemble 212 Who's Who..................................... 94 Wickers ......................................Ill WMSR 146 Women's Basketball ...........................176 Women's Chorus ...............................135 Wrestling................................... 174 Yes ..........................................205 Zeta Gamma Phi . 118 255Epilogue For the departing seniors,'"' the doors of perception that opened upon their coming now open wide for their leaving. Theg have seen, theg have experienced! theg hav e perceived. And what theg have garnered is now part of their lives. ' gll Such doors never close. Theg remain ajar alwags for those with eges to see and hearts to feel. Like pendulums, theg mag swing to and fro, allowing sometimes a glimpse, sometimes a broad view. j WM T COOKE PUBLISHING INC DEVON. PA

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