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MILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE MILLERSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA MAY 1971, VOLUME 72 tForeword Growth and Change To sum up in a few words what the year just past held for students of Millersville seems an almost impossible assignment. Or It seems so until the student remembers the old buildings now gone and the new ones either already erected, dedicated and in use, or in the process of construction. Changes are taking place, some obvious like the buildings, others more subtle, less obvious, like greater student participation in college administrative affairs or an all-college vote on candidates for Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Paralleling the changes is a concomitant growth. By growth is meant not merely an increased enrollment, although this year more than 4,400 men and women have attended Millersville State College. No, growth means more than that. It means, of course, a broader choice in curricula. It means, of course, new courses added within the "old" curricula. But it means something more, something that can perhaps be called a reaching out. No longer is the Millersville student enveloped in a cocoon of college life; he has discovered there is a life beyond that, a life that until very recently ran alongside his college life. The two were on parallel tracks, unable to meet. Now, almost suddenly, the lives no longer arc destined to remain separate; they intersect, even crisscross. And so Millersville students help the poor in charitable wavs, seeing to it that families in the neighborhood have something to lx thankful for. tutoring youngsters who need a boost up to white, middle-class school level, and even dare to appear before the borough council with ideas and offers of cooperation and help. But is that growth? No? Is it. then, change? No? Is it possible the two cannot be separated— that growth contains change and change implies growth? The two, if two there are, form the theme of this book: Growth and Change. 2 FOREWORDMn. IIf.nry J. Kauffman Mr. Kauffman, leading graduation procession, carries mace lie designed and made. dedication Touchstone Staff Salutes Mr. Henry J. Kauffman — Educator, Author, Craftsman Tlu stafT of Touchstone 71 is privileged to dedicate this book to Mr. Ilenry J. Kauffman. In twenty-nine years on tlu- faculty of Millersville State College. every Industrial Arts major lias fell his greatness, has been inspired by it. but never in awe of it. for they have felt as well the humanity and humility that combine with scholarship to product a real teacher. Although it is impossible here to discuss in depth the accomplishments of Mr. Kauffman, some attempt must In- made to transmit to the reader tin- awesomeness of the extent of those accomplishments. As of this writing, lie has had published sixty-nine Ixioks and articles, two more have been accepted and are awaiting publication, and three more manuscripts are complete but have not yet been submitted for publication. His lx ok Pennsylvtmia-Dulch American Tolk Art appeared first in hard cover, then in paperback. Among the magazines to have printed his work are Parents Magazine and Woman's Day„ both with large circulation among general readers. Much appears in special magazines, such as Antiques, which in 1934 printer! the first of his many manuscripts to be published, in 19.SS he was invited to write "American Copper, Brass, and Tin" for the Concise Encyclopedia of Antiques and in 1963 to write "How a Gun Was Made" for the London-based International Encyclopedia of Arms. Most recently he was appointed Visiting Senior Investigator for the Smithsonian Institution with the responsibility for writing A I listory of American Technology. As a craftsman he is widely known. Three churches house creations of his: a silver christening bowl, a pewter chalice, and a candelabra. He studied at nine colleges, schools of art. and universities, ami holds degrees from Millersville (BS, 1932) and the University of Pennsylvania (MS. 1937). In metal work and design he took specialized training from Dr. B. N. Osburn of MSG. Mr. Douglas Gilchrist of the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, and Baron ICrik Fleming, court silversmith to the King of Sweden. His creations have been exhibited in Pennsylvania galleries and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. lit- is famous lor his collection of Pennsylvania-Dutch folk art. which includes textiles, xvoodenware, firearms, pewter, furniture, tools, and other primitive items. Somehow it seems fitting that the largest yearbook ever published by Millersville students for the largest numbers of students yet enrolled here should be dedicated to Mr. Henry J. Kauffman, Professor of Industrial Arts Education.CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFE CAMPUS LIFEFrom the hillside to the new and impressive stadium ... The same fans still turn out to cheer the Marauders to victory . . . alumni . . . freshmen . . . one generation following another . . . but now room for more to watch the Marauders win over many of the other state schools whose Hags fly at the top of the bleachers. CAMPUS LIFE | 5iThe old is constantly replaced by the new . . . The old lab school by Stayer, Brooks Gym by PucilloCenter of activity soon to move to new union The TUB . .. the new student center . .. places for students to relax, see friends, talk over old times and new, tests, happenings; places to play games and participate in the same activities that alumni enjoyed years ago. And when the time for fun is over, study in the library. Even the new students on campus feel the nostalgia of the old Library. Since it is now such an active place, it poses quite a contrast to the serenity of Causer Library. Quiet will return to the building in the fall when a new student center, now under construction, will be finished. 8 | CAMPUS LIFECard signing helps frosh meet upperclassmen. Frosh oblige upperclassmen with impromptu song. Fall brings new freshmen and Regs Eileen Yakowenko and Judy MeCorkle prepare for anything during freshman week. A pre-freshman is asked whether she plans some day to attend MSC. CAMPUS LIFE | 9 A quiet walk along tlu lake ... a football game with friends . . . Dinner on the lawn . . . activity returns to MSC with the beginning of fall semester. A profound |ucsliun is | osrd in chestnuts on a college walk. Fall semester social life is given a rousing start by the Brooklyn Bridge. Air-conditioning in the new College Store attracts summer Browsers. CAMPUS UFK | IISue Bruner, a member of the junior class, was voted Queen of the 1970 Homecoming activities. Sue, who resides in Springfield, Pennsylvania, is president of Sigma Phi Delta sorority, junior class historian, and secretary of the Student Union Board. One of the activities that Sue, as well as the rest of the campus, enjoyed was the Lettcrmen concert. Homecoming 1970 Takes the Theme MSC As You Would Like It to Be 12 | CAMPUS LIFETheme of Sigma Phi Delta sorority's float is "Ten guys to every girl." Kappa Phi Epsiton sorority won the display competition with the theme "If money only grew on trees." Sue Bruner, Homecoming Queen, sits by the lake with members of her court, Lynn Nielsen, Sue Blrsner, Kozy Widdcr. and Mary Alice Eaby. Sororities dominate the prizes —Best Float award is given to Zcta Camma Phi sorority for "MSC never forgotten." CAMPUS LIFE | 13Homecoming Day activities include a parade and a football game Dean of Men and Women Ellen Barhcr, Henry Bucher and Helen Conway interpret dorm life on the Kappa Alpha Tan lloat. Young man up a tree spies a parade unit. 14 | Wickers’ entry in the flout competition has a Southern flavor. Senior Carl Divans punts for the Marauders during the Cist Stroudsburg game. Cheerleaders set the tempo of the afternoon with a spirited yell. CAMPUS LIFE | 15W inter ... a new season An end and a beginning The first signs of the new season began with the Winter Weekend concert by Richie Havens. Havens and his controversial presentation were to provide material for discussion for weeks to come. Winter was a time also for Citamard to show the fruits of labor. After many months of practice and hard work, the players produced the Imaginary Invalid. Shown below at right are Bob Collins, David Aston-Reese, Ed Potts and Maureen O’Rourke. Near the end of the semester ... a new beginning . . . the familiar confusion of pre-registration.Crowning of a new Sweetheart Queen highlights February Sharon Simmons was voted Millersvillc's Sweetheart Queen for 1971 in an all-campus election held prior to the Sweetheart Dance in Gordinier Hall on Februan 13. 1971. Sharon, an elementary special education major irom Philadelphia, was sponsored In the black Students Association and won over a field of fourteen candidates representing other campus clubs, fraternities, and sororities. As queen. Sharon reigned over the annual Sweetheart Dance, which is a highlight of the winter social season. At right, students dance to the sounds of "Prang at the Sweetheart Dance, below. Sharon is crowned Sweetheart Queen by the 1970 Sweetheart Queen. Ellen Date. Members of Sharon's court are, belli W alters, sponsored l Phi Sigma Pi. Carol barney, sponsored by Sigma Tan Gamma, Jackie Audi, sponsored b Sigma Phi Omega, and Mary both Altendcrfer, sponsored b Sigma Phi Delta.Time spent on tin- phone keep .'Indents in touch with friends at other schools. Kathy Jarrett, Chris Bunco, Mary Belli Altenderfcr, and Shirlco Dealer enjoy a Sunday afternoon card game. IS | CAMPUS LIFE Dormitory life is an integral pari of tl»0 college experience. by making an empty room a home away from home, a student begins to be independent. Giving, taking, coping, sharing, and understanding are all parts of the learning experience which take place outside of tin- classroom. As the physical plan of the college changes so do regulations upon women students. The old regulations of restricted hours and closed dorms give wax to extended hours for most women and a policy of limited male and female visitation in rooms on weekends, because ol these extender! privileges for women the administration of the college has created a student securitx force which maintains a nightlx vigil on all women's residence halls. This security force replaces the system of kev privileges which had been granted only last year.Dormitory life has many faces |im Love and Linda licislcr say goodnight in the lobby of llnll Hull. Pete I'atZs, student security guard, lots Kathy C'.uss enter her residence hall. Pete is one member of a force of student security guards who keep watch on all women’s dormitories as a check upon the lihernli .ution of women’s regulations pertaining to hours.Hon Timinski am! Andy Taroski mix work and play in Burrowcx' recreation room. Burrowef recreation room serves as the center for many activities. 20 CAM PI'S MFEMike Phillips and Mike Komy discuss counselling problems in Hurrowes. Geoff Henry finds himself in a lather u few minutes before class. Chris Bunco und Jim Miller spend a weekend afternoon talking about an assignment during open dorms. CAMPUS LIFE | 21Students voice disagreement to policy makers Student interest and concern was aroused over a possible raise in tuition. Millersvillo students joined other state college students in a march on Harrisburg on a rainy day in the Fall of 1970. Speakers from various state colleges, and Pennsylvania legislators addressed the group and called upon the General Asscmbh to assess the critical situation of the state-owned colleges of the Commonwealth. Earlier in the- Spring of 1970, student concern motivated a girls" march to President Duncan's house to petition for campus housing for ninety junior girls. The students have shown that apath) is no longer a force on campus. Students leave after gaining the assurance of President Duncan.Spring A Ming ... A Favorite Season Students and faculty enjoy a baseball game on Saturday afternoon. ArThe brothers of Tan Cnuuiiu Lambda fraternity spinsorcd a walk to Lancaster for the In-noBt of the Retarded Children's Foundation. Local tncrehunls from both Millersville and Lancaster made pledges of money to the Foundation.Spring Fling also brought The Chambers Brothers 20 | CAMPUS LIFESometimes the heat is just too much to btur. Here, Wickers brothers cool it with an inner tulm In the lake. Students relax in the 'hade while witching the activity around the lake. The procession logins ... a college career ends a new career starts. Seniors line up to receive their diplomas from Dr. Duncan. As the college grows in numbers many of its traditions become impractical. The practice of conferring individual degrees upon seniors has been discontinued because of the large size of the graduating classes. A handshake from Dr. Duncan oilers congratulations and good luck for the future.Graduation brings a time of reflection Sitting and listening to the commencement speeches, it's easy for the mind to wander over the past four years and to critically analyze the changes which have taken place at Millersville. Politically, the college changed administrations as Dr. Duncan replaced Dr. Christie as president. Two vice presidents—one for student allairs and one for academic affairs—replaced the former offices of deans. Student Senate evolved from an ineffective group into a strong representative body whose power was felt in all aspects of college life. Student-faculty and student-administration committees worked together on such varied topics as discipline, academic affairs, student affairs, Homecoming recommendations, and student-faculty-staff traffic problems. The Student Senate also set up investigating committees which explored parts of college life such as infirmary procedures, athletic programs, freshman orientation and regulations, tcxtlrook prices, and evaluation of faculty members. Academically, the curriculum expanded to include more courses, new undergraduate majors, and graduate degrees in such areas as reading and guidance. To handle this increased load, the faculty had to be expanded from 227 in 1967 to 331 in 1971. Physically, the campus grew to immense proportions as compared with its former size in the Fall of 1967. Names such as Ganser. NVitmer, Stayer, Stine. Burrowes, VlcCompsev. Pucillo, University Apartments. Penn Dorms, and Penn Apartments became a natural part of everyday speech. Sociallv, fraternities and sororities, which were relatively unimportant, became the center of social life. The organization of the Inter-fraternity Council and the permanent recognition of fraternities and sororities by the college further established the importance of the organizations on campus. Another group which gave new life to campus social life was tin- creation of the Student Union Board. The Imard brought to campus such popular groups as The Magnificent Men, Chicago, Vogues, Classics IV, Dionne Warwick. The Brooklyn Bridge, The Chamlwrs Brothers, and Bichic Havens. The Cultural Affairs Committee provided the college with a different tvpc of entertainment as they sponsored such memorable and famous people as Bishop Pike. Julian Bond. Senator Joseph Clark. Bnlph Nader, and Bill Bussell. In the past four years Millersville has experienced a gradual, orderlv form of change. All segments of the college community, concerned students, faculty, and administration, working together for a better institution of higher learning, while at the same time, striving to avoid till chaos which affected Kent State and Columbia, have producer! a unique kind of change at Millersville. Our reflections of these past four years therefore, center upon a trend of growth and change; a peaceful growth and change.Catastrophe—It scorns as though the const met ion company slipped and knocked a gaping hole in Ganscr Library. Don’t worry, it's an optica! illusion, the result of a calculated camera angle chosen by photographer Harold Bowers as the last corner of Old Main bit the dust during the summer. So don't believe everything you think you see. Where were you when the lights went out? Three days of partial electricity and a complete blackout complicated the beginning of the fall semester. 30 | CAMPUS LIFEADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATIONI Dm. Wim.iam II. Duncan, President To the Students of Millersville State College: It is my hope that through the pages of the 1971 Touchstone yon will be able to call to mind many fond memories of your life on the Millersvillc campus and that you may receive deep satisfaction in the knowledge that you have taken full advantage of the opportunities found here for developing your potential for self realization and service to others. The history of this College is one in which faculty, students, and alumni may take pride. Throughout its development from a private academy to a multi-purpose State College, the College has been dedicated to high standards of scholarship and service, livery' possible effort has been made to provide an environment in which learning is not only encouraged but demanded, an environment in which the dignity and worth of every individual is respected, an environment which promotes the well-being of all members of the Community of scholars. This issue of the Touchstone portrays the contribution made by the student body of 1971 toward writing a new chapter in that history. You have indeed enjoyed a rich heritage from the past but you have also in a very real sense helped to build the Millersvillc of the future. In an era in which established institutions and ideas arc being questioned as they have never been questioned before in the history of our country, I trust that as students and graduates of Millersvillc State College yon will recognize the obligation of every educated man or woman to draw careful distinction between those ideas which must be readjusted and those which should be preserved. Your challenge is that of reconciling continuity with new applications and fresh expressions to our traditional values. I have been both highly gratified and deeply humbled by the opportunity to be associated with the members of the Millers villc student body and extend my best wishes to each of you as you continue your quest for learning. Sincerely yours, YVii.liam II. Duncan President of the College The Duncan Family—Seated: Ltmi Marie Duncan, Mrs. William II Duncan. Standing: William II. Dunum, Jr., Richard E. Field. Mrs. Vicky Ann Duncan Field, Dr William II. Duncan. ADMINISTRATION 31TIIK BOARD OF TRUSTEES—Scaled: Norman W« xl. vice president: Mrs. Velma McGillough. William II. Bolger, president; Mrs. Mary I.. McCrunn, ('(varies W. Hash, secretary. Standing: Paul II. Nichols, chairman of ihc Faculty Sciatic; Karl A. Brubaker, Esq., John B. Ileroux, John K. S. Bees. Wilson C. Callabcr. Peter |. M. Hohall, Student Senate President. Fbom hie Hoaki ok Trustees ok Millersville State Coij-ege TO THE Cl.ASS OK 1971: It is a distinct privilege to extend congratulations upon the occasion of your graduation. Il is our sincere hope that your experience on the Millersville campus has been such that you are wiser for it and adequately prepared to take your place in society, not merely as a producer of goods and services, but more importantly as a responsive citizen. Your Hoard of Trustees is aware of the history of this college. deeply involved in her present, and properly enthusiastic for her future. That this class, for the first time in history, has chosen to include a picture of the trustees in the Touchstone seems to me a realization on the part of the college scene. If this is true, the efforts of the Hoard have been rewarded. I know I speak for the Hoard when I say we are tremendously proud of Millersville State College, her administration, her faculty , and her student body. Realizing the contributions these groups have to make, we have made every effort to maintain desirable communication channels between the Hoard and each of these. The contributions of the faculty and student advisers to the Hoard have been most helpful. Who can toll what the future holds for the College? Certainly I cannot. However. I am certain that, as the Hoard of Trustees wrestles with the problems of the future, we can arrive at more viable solutions if each decision is tempered bv the input from the various interested segments of the college community With the sort of cooperation we have been privileged to enjov and which I have referred to above. I am certain we can look forward to a future for Millersville State College which can best be described as one of excellence. To this end I pledge the efforts of her Hoard of Trustees. Sincerely, William H. Hoix.kk President of the Hoard of Trustees Several iminl erx of the hoard relax following their December meet jig. 32 ADMINISTRATIONVICK PRESIDENT FOR S I I 'DENT AFFAIRS I)r. Can- W. Kcighanl DEAN OF MEN Mr. Heim I . Buelicr VICK PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. Nicholas C. Brown ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT Dr. Michael Kovach DEAN OF WOMEN Miss Helen V. ConwayREGISTRAR Mr. Gerald Bmkhardt SCHEDULING OFFICER Mr. Ralph I.. Wright 34 | ADMINISTRATION DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS Dr. George F. Stauffer DIRECTOR OF STUDEN T ACTIVITIES Mr. Marvin R. Donncr ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Dr. Robert V. Brown ASSISTANT TO THE VICE PRESIDEN T FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS AND DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT Mr. Charles I. KentDIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID Mr. One R. Wise ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF FOOD SERVICES Mr. Anthony Mordoskv MANAGER OF STUDENT SERVICES, INC. Mr. Clrtus Sweigart DIRECTOR OF SAFETY AND SECURITY Mr. Woodrow W. Frank M Ufi: FIELD SERVICES AND PLACEMENT OFFICE — Dr. Fmtuis |. Kafka, Dr. Daun NcsMt. Dr. Raymond E. Kuhl. At lUfihl: DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT — Mr. Donald A. Stollenwerk. ADMINISTRATION 35DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Dr. J. Henry Keneagy ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Dr. F. Perry I-Qve ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OK ADMISSIONS Mr. Blair K. Treasure SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE VICK PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS AND THE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Mr. Melvin R. Allen DIRECTOR OF DMI ISTRATIVK SERVICES Mr. Cray H. SellersDIRECTOR OF THE ELIZABETH JENKINS SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Mr. Joint K. I’Huiii ELIZABETH JENKINS SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN STAFF—Sealed: Mrs. Elsie II. HostRter, Miss Audry A. Btiric. Mrs. Ruth R. Mat . Standing: Mr. John E. Pfluin, director; Mrs. Anita Waterman. Mr. Michael Dianna, Mr. Edward Plank. Miss Yvonne Schnck. Mr. Keith Yoder, Miss Janet Gearhart. Deans of Men. Henry- Bucher anti John Farmer, and Dean of Women. Helen Conway give their interpretation of dorm life during the 1970 Homecoming parade. HELEN A. GANSEH LIBRARY STAFF—Kneeling: Mr. John Maine, director; Mr. Donald Tribit, Mr. Leo Shelley. Mr. Hcfltcrt Anstaett, Mr. Ray Hacker, Mr. Theodore Miller. Standing; Mrs. Laura Docring. Mrs Nellie Von Dorstvr, Mrs. Mary V. Shelley, Mrs. Dorothy Cuvanaugh, Mrs. Doris Hosier, Mrs. Ronnie Jolly, Mrs. Esther Whitcly, Mrs. Catherine Glass.C. HOWARD VV1TMER INFIRMARY STAFF—Scale I Mrs. Josephine N'amit, R N ; I r. F. NV. McLaughlin. Standing: Mrs. Fdnu Bradel. R.N.; Mrs. Joannu Railcs. R.N.; Mrs. Man I- Fonzi. R.N.: Mrs. Regina Hoke. R.N.; Mrs. Naoma Gillian, R.N. COLLEGE CHAPLAINS: Reverend James B. Sipple. Father Ronald Ingalls, and Reverend Hubert Flesher. POSTMASTER Mr. Lester Cox Helen Fshlenian ami Arlene Henry help students through the check out counters in the new school store located in the Clyde Stine Building as Mr. Gilbert Shoff, manager of the school Store, supervises.Dr. Jamc Maurey points to one of the many areas that cooperates in tin- Nlillersville student teaching; program KLKMKNTARM EDUf tTION DEPARTMENT— • »r»f Hon Mbt Beatrice Smith, Miss joannr Suavely. Mrs. Anna Komior. Mrs. Helen MetzJer. Second Row: Miss Yvonne Sehack. Mrs. Jane Bachman, Mrs. Anita Waterman. Third Row. Mr. Thomas Farley, Miss Audrey Burie, Miss Janet Gearhart. Fourth How: Mr. Joseph Torehia, Mrs Kdna Simon, Mr. Rielurd Meily. Fifth Row: Dr. Samuel Kiegel, Mrs. Daisy Spangler. Dr. Richard Zerhy. Sixth How: Mr. Mkhael Dianna, Mr. David Bird. Mo. Elsie Haste tier, Mr. Edward Plank. Sc tenth Row: Mr. Joseph Rousseau, Dr. Robert latbriolu, director of educational development center; Dr. Caleb Bucher, chairman; Mr. John Pflum, director of the child development renter The Division of Education accommodates the largest and oldest programs at Millersville. Departments in the Education Division are: Counselor Education, Educational Media, Elemental-) Education, Health and Physical Education, Professional Education Services, Psychology, Secondary Education, and Special Education. Students enrolled in the programs of the division, upon completion of all academic distribution requirements, major sequences and professional education requirements receive the degree of bachelor of Science in Education, together with provisional certification in their major field. The Department of Elementary Education is primar- ily concerned with the preparation of teachers for grades kindergarten through sixth. In addition to courses in education, the student is required to select an area of concentration from a wide variety of fields including the social and natural sciences, languages, mathematics, fine arts, and special education. The Department of Secondan Education requires its Students to complete courses in education along with the selection of a major field from the social and natural sciences, humanities, mathematics, and public school nursing. The Secondary Education major is required to complete twenty-four or more credits in his major field. SECONDARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT—Front Rou. Mr. Lewis F. Maraffie. Dr. Carl Sclunkltkc. chairman; Mrs. Fay F. Kn... Second Row. Mr. Samuel Fonzi, Mr. James M. Hare. Mr. John L. llorM. Third Rou Mr. Eugene C. Groff. Mr. Hk'luml Will. Mr. James W. While.EDUCATIONAL MEDIA DEPARTMENT — Sealed: Sirs. Muitla M. Sander . Mrs. Mary Llewellyn, Miss Beatrice Datcs-man. Miss Isalx-lln Huston. Second How: Mr. Keith Yrxler, Mr. I.e Roger . Mr . Kathleen Heckles, secretary; Mr. Joseph Blake, chairman; Mr. R Shields Metzler. The Dcpartnujnt of Educational Media incorporates the Library Education program and audiovisual instruction which all liducation majors are required to take. The purpose of the department is to train school library media specialists. Elementary Education majors may select Educational Media as an area of concentration. Educational Media majors receive the degree of bachelor of Science in Education. PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT—Seated: Dr. Clmrlcs With, Dr. Richard Hess. Mrs. Jean I. Loshbough. Mrs Evelyn Stevens, Dr. James J. Sheridan. Dr. Joseph J. Secant Hou: Dr. Paul Whitelv, Sir. Jacob Wine. Dr. Richard Olds. Dr Richard ilium It. Dr. Ricluird Bronier, Dr. Jtihn Lcnibo. The Department of Psychology presents to the student a program of studies beginning with an introduction to the scientific study of behavior, moving to a more advanced study dealing with Personality, Sensation, and Perception. Learning and Motivation, to studies dealing with Psychological Testing, Abnormal Psychology, and Directed Research in Psychology. This program leads to a bachelor of Arts degree. All Students are required to schedule four credits of physical education. Elementary Education majors may choose Health and Phy sical Education as an area of interest. Courses range from Kinesiology and Physical Education for the Mentally Hetardcd to Movement Education and Gymnastics for the Elementary School. The student majoring in Health and Physical Education receives the degree of bachelor of Science in Education. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT—Mr. Roliert Norris, member of the department, takes time out from a busy schedule to relax, Other members of the department are: Mr. Arthur Hulinr, chairman: Dr. Mary Dixon. Dr. Raymond Rnnkle, Mr. Cene Carpenter, Mr. Rk'tuird DeHart, Mr. George Katchmer, Dr. Lawrence McDermott, director of athletic ; Mr. Joseph Donolli, Mr. Eugene Fritz. Mr. Carl Kane, Mr. Jerry Swope. Mr. Larry Warshawsky, Mr. Albert Woolcy, Mrs. lone Dorxvart, Mrs. Nancy Hunger-ford. Mr. W'illiam Kahler, Mis Sandra Peters, Mrs. Marjorie Trout. 40 FACULTYDebbie Long, an Elementary Education major, instructs a student in reading at the Elizabeth Jenkins School for Children in the Stayer Research and Learning Center as a part of the Cadet teaching experience. The Department of Industrial Arts is open to Elementary and Secondary Education majors. The Industrial Arts major may select courses from a variety of industrial arts processes including Graphics. Woodworking, Metal Work. Electricity, Ceramics. Technical Sketching, Plastics, Leather, Textiles. Architectural Drafting, Photography, and Calligraphy. Basic course offerings are followed hv higher and more intensive level courses in the same areas. In keeping with the educational requirements of the department, courses in Industrial Arts for Elementary Education, Foundations of Industrial Arts Education, and Principles and Practices of Industrial Arts Education arc offered. Unit and independent studies may also be elected l the student. Each student is required to take courses in Graphics, Electricity. Metal, and Wood. He must then specialize in ail area of his choice. Upon graduation the Industrial Arts major receives the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. INDUSTRIAL RTS DEPART ML NT—Seated: Dr. George pillow, chairman; Dr. Philip Wynn, Mr. Glenn Heckman. Mr. George Haulier, l)r. George Francis. Standing: Dr. Denis Foley. Mr. Dalton Smart, Mr. Clilfoid Yard, Mi. Urban L. Monica). Mr. Ralph Miller, Mr. Paul Eshelman, Mr. Henry j. Kauffman. Rich Trzaska, an Industrial Arts Education major, works on one of many projects required as a pail of course work in Industrial Arts. FACULTY IIThe Department of Special education seeks to prepare teachers who will work with mentally retarded or sociall ami emotionally maladjusted children. Certification in mental retardation requires a student teaching experience with both retarded children and normal children. Certification in emotional and social maladjustment requires teaching experiences in public schools with disturbed children, at the Eastern State School and Hospital in Trcvose. Pennsylvania, and in a normal classroom. Usually, only Elementary Education majors choose this field, but it is open to Secondary Education majors who Want to stud beyond their academic major. Mis. Amy Hepburn, housemother for Hull Hull, takes time iMit from lier duties to relax with .«favorite pastime. SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT—Front now: Dr. W. Richard Kettering, chairman: Mbs Ruth Mats. Mrs. Marie Kiser. Mis. Arlene K. Bucher. Second How: l)r. Hawaii II. Osman, Dr. Raymond S. Trron, Mr. John A. Kiss. Mrs. Erimdccn B. litter, Mr. Douglass I-upicrre. Third Row: Mr, Linus J Crap. Dr. Sydney Kodinovsky. Professor of Biology. helps lo prepare dinner during a field trip lo the Florida Keys. The purpose of the trip, sponsored hy the Entomology ('lull, was to collect specimens for the Biology Department and to study a | ects of tropical marine biology. 12 FACULTYTlu Division of Humanities is composed of nine academic-disciplines. Majors selected from this division lead to either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, depending upon the degree requirements' fulfilled. Most majors arc carefully arranged to permit a wide range of choice in developing a specials within the discipline selected. Departments in the Division of Humanities are: Art, English. Foreign Languages, Music, Philosophy, and Speech-Drama. I)r. Louis C. Jennings serves as Vcting Dean of tin- Division of Humanities. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT—Front How: Dr. Joseph E. Rhen. Mi', la-ali Kndein. Mi . Margaret Wood bridge, Mis. Margaret Butler. Mr. Joint I’. O Donnell. Dr. John A. Iluzzard. Second How: Mr. Bnic-e I). Kellner, Mtvs Grace A. Wenger, Dr. Mary Sheaffer. Mr. Gluirlcs I . Patton, Mrs. Meredith C. Rousseau. Thin! How: Dr. Lotus G. Jennings, chairman; Mr. David B. Cluunberlin. Mr. Robert . Tiivlor, Mr. Danny Dueker, Mr. Sumner |. Cemiain. The Department ol Music offers both bcgiimiug and advanced courses to students enrolled in any curriculum. At the present time, only Elementary Education majors may select music or fine arts as an area of concentration. Courses available to the Elementary Music or Fine Arts major include Music and Culture, Fundamentals of Music. Harmony 1 and II Music History. Conducting, and Creative Activities in Music. The Elementary Music major is also required to participate in a college performing group. The student receives tin- Bachelor of Sei nee in Education degree at the completion of requirements. The Department of English offers courses which include Linguistics, Composition. American and British Literature. Novel, Poetry, Journalism, and seminars of major writers. In addition there arc-courses which deal with specific literary figures, times, and periods. I he English major may receive either the Bachelor ol rts degree or the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. MUSIC I)’ PA HTML NT—Seated: Mrs. Jean It. Zvvally, Min. Evelyn S. V hi Standing: Mr. Kail K. Moyer, Mr. Nevin V. Fisher. Dr. Kertlia V MuralOc, Mr John Col-angelo. Mr. K. Zvvally, chairman; Mrs. PhyII s Goodman, Mr. Il.irohl Shuar, Mr. Kay Kanlfman. V. AT MASTF.HS AN FINDFOREIGN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT—Fronl Row: Dr. Rtxlru o Solera, Dr. Lina A. Huiz y Ruiz. Mbs Marcia Elena Lacostc, Mrs. Jacqueline Long, Dr. Theodore II. Rupp, chairman; Mrs. Dolores B. Parsil. Second Row: Mr. R. C. L. Mil-Ion, Mr. C. Richard Bearn. Mr. Robert F. Amhacher, Mr. Philip F. Woolly, Mr. John Tully, Dr. Micliad Kovach. Third Row; Dr. Olya Iglesias, Dr. Philip T. Heevn, Mr. Daniel Kogut, Mr. Paul Kmmenacker, Dr. Irene P. Seadle. Mr. Byron R. Detweilcr, Mr. Joseph DeCamp. Tlic Department of Koreign Languages concentrates upon six languages: French, Gorman, Russian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. Five of the languages lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree: French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. Study of the same languages may afford the student a Bachelor of Science in Education degree together with provisional certification lor teaching. For the Foreign Language major, a junior year abroad program also is available. This program is designed for language majors who want to become totally immersed in the language studied. The student spends bis entire junior year of college in a country where the language is spoken as a native tongue. Mrs. Shcha Sharrow ami Mr. Stanley Jenkins, members of the Art Department, discuss one of the many exhibitions held In the cultural center of tire Helen A. Gamer Library. The Department of Art offers a choice of four programs of study, three of winch lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree: Art History, Painting, and Sculpture. The fourth program. Art Education. prepares students for provisional certification in teaching at all levels of public school art teaching and leads to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. Courses offered by the Department of Art may he selected from the areas of Art History and Criticism, Art Education, Drawing, Design. Painting, Printmaking and Photography, Applied Design. Sculpture, Enameling. Jewelry, and Weaving and Pottery. ART DEPARTMENT—Seated: Dr. Harold Lewis, Mrs. Shchu Sh»rro v, Mr. Rolx-rt Lyon, Miss June Romhard, Dr. Gordon Wise, chairman; Mr. Stanley Jenkins. Second Rote: Dr. S. Kent (airxon, Mr. Rolx-rt Lowing, Mr. Rolx-rt I lust cad. Dr. Ronald Sykes, Mr. John Ground.PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT—Dr. Ludwig Nagl, l)r. Kurt R. Fischer, chairman; Mr. Lean Miller. Dr. John E. Winter. Dr. Charles Spotts. The Department of Philosophy offers a varied range of courses beginning with an introduction to Philosophy and ending with independent study in some facet of the discipline. The Philosophy major may select courses in World Religions. Ancient and Medieval Philosophies. Modem Philosophies. Logic and Semantics. Analytical Philosophies, Metaphysics, Aesthetics, and others. The student majoring in Philosophy receives the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Mr. Byron Detwilcr uses the blackboard in teaching reflexive verbs during one of his French classes. At the present time a major in Speech-Drama is not available. Subjects offered by the department are included in the general categories of General Speech, Drama, Radio and Television, and Speech Pathology. Certain members of the department also serve as advisers and directors to the student dramatic group. SPEECH-DRAMA DEPARTS!ENT—Seated: Dr. Paul Talley, Mr. Charles E. Cuiiipston, chairman; Mr. Robert H. Fogg. Starullng: Mr. Michael Ackerman, Mr. Scott Carman, Mr. Charles Munich. Mr. William Wright.( ,1k- Ch«»»' Dr. Richard Sasin. a uieinl er ° (|l(. |)i i- istry Department, is the Dean ° sioti f Sciences. The Division of Sciences is organized to accommodate a wide variety of programs. Departments of th ■ Division are Biolog). Chemistry. Earth and Space Sciences. Physics, and Mathematics. Most major fields of stud) lead, wh n the appropriate degree requirements have been satisfied, either to the Bachelor of Arts degree or to the Bachelor of Scu nee in Education degree. Several of I he majors are designed either to supplement technical training that can lead to either a Bach -lor of Arts or Bachelor of Sen nee in Education degree or to provide a solid pre-professional grounding that can lead to a technical degree to be completed elsewhere. I lie Bachelor of Arts degree is granted in Biologv. Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences. Mathematics. Physics, and Medical Technology. The Bachelor of Science in Education degree is awarded in Biology. Chemistry, Dental Hygiene, Earth and Space Sciences. Mathematics. Pin sics. Physics-Mathematics, and Public School Nursing. CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT—Seated: Dr. Shih-Kan Ting, Dr. Ceraid S. Weiss. Dr Civil t'plon, Dr IN maid I ).ivis. Second Row: Dr. Richard Sasin. Dr. Donald Wciiwin. chairman The Department of Chemistry opens its course offerings with a general or introductory approach to the discipline. As tin- student moves through the Chemistry curriculum he comes into contact with specialized and in-depth courses dealing with Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry. Quantitative Analysis, and Physical Chemistry among others. A seminar and a problems course in Chemistry are both offered. The student majoring in Chemistry receives the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. The Department of Mathematics offers courses in tin-many realms of mathematical stud) ineltidiug Calculus, lgehra. Geometry, Number Theory, Probability, and Statistics. Courses arc also offered in Computer Programming and Teaching of Mathematics for various levels of education. Topics courses are also available for those students wishing to stud) a certain facet of mathematics in greater detail. The Mathematics major receives either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT—Front Ron: Mr. Charles Von Cordon. Mr. Clark E. Taylor, Mr. Roy Carland, Mr. Charles Wolf, Mr. Kolx-rt Rutliart. Dr. Joseph . Meier, chairman. Second Rote: Mrs. Shirley Miller, wtrctarii; Mr. John Lavclle. Mr. Donald Kidani, Mr. Ric-ltard France, Mr. Harry Canter, Mr. Edmund Pribilkiu. Third Rote: Mr. Robert Sbauk, Mr. Charles Denlinger. Mr. Marshall Anderson, Dr. James Stager.Tlie Physics Department offers four programs of study: Physics, Physics in Secondary Education, Physics-Mathematics in Secondary Education, and Physics-Cooperative Engineering. The course structure recommended l the department is essentially identical during the first two years for all programs. A student may tailor his program to prepare lor industrial employment, for graduate work in Physics and related fields, or teaching of Physics. The student receives either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. PHYSICS DEPARTMENT— Mr. Barry Os-terlitz. Dr. Byron Kohr. Dr. John Van Horn. chairman. Dr. Gerald Weiss, a innnher of the Chemistry Department, demonstrates tire use of a vacuum system to Frank Canlz. The student majoring in Earth and Space Sciences may select courses from Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography , Radiation and Environment. Problems in Earth and Space Sciences and seminars dealing with the above areas are a'so offered. All majors must pursue a particular field of Earth and Space Sciences which may he selected from Astronomy . Geology, Meteorology. or Oceanography . Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education degrees are awarded. EARTH AM) SPACE SCIENCES DEPARTMENT—Dr. William M. Jordan, chairman: Mr. Frank R. Bcllaire, Mr. Ben L. Oostdimi. Dr. Paul II. Nichols. Mr. Paul J. Mclnemey, Dr. George F Stauffer.The Division of Social Sciences is coni|)osed of the IX'partinents of Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology and Anthropology. Each department has programs which lea l to either th Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science in Education degrees. Of particular interest to many prospective teachers at the secondary level is the Social Studies major, which affords a balanced program of courses in the several social science fields and permits an emphasis in greater depth in one of the five academic areas of the division. From the courses available in the division, programs for regional or systematic specialties may he developed for immediate use in teaching or business, or form the basis of graduate work. The study of political parties, political thought, law, American national, state, and focal government, and the judicial process arc just a few of the topics incorporated into courses bv the Department of Political Science. In addition, independent study for department honors candidates and seminars are offered. Upon successful completion of requirements the Political Science major may receive either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with certification in Social Studies with an emphasis in Political Science. The Department of Biology encompasses five degree programs: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education. Bachelor of Arts (preparation for Medical Technology). Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, and Bachelor of Science in Public School Nursing. The three degree programs which deal with specialization—Medical Technology. Dental Hygiene, and Public School Nursing—all have special requirements which must be fulfilled in addition to regular course work before the appropriate degree is awarded. Courses in the Department of Biology range from the basic course of General Biology to Ichthyology, tin study of fishes. Seminars and research into specific problems of Biology are also offered. BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT-—I)r. Alex Henderson, chairman, conducts a lecture in Myers Hull. Other members of the department are: l)r. Catherine Koever, Dr. Sydney Radinovsky, Dr. William Yuikicsvicz, Dr. Anti gone Kontes. Mr. Kenneth Miller. Dr. James Parks. Mr. Willis Itat liilF. Mr. John Rorabaugh, Mr. Harold Weirfoh, Mr. Albert lloirman, Mrs. Virginia I-eet, Mr. Charles Price. Dr. Guy Steiicek, Mrs. Juliet Stephan. 1 Dr. Khalil M. Hamid, memlicr of tire Economics Department. serves a tlx- Dean of the Division of Social Sciences. POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT—Seated: Mr. Clar-once E. Goode. Standing: Dr. Nlanwoo I At-, Mr. Gerald L. 18 FACULTYThe Department of Geography offers students courses in three different classifications: introductory, specialized systematic, and specialized technique. The introductory courses provide the student with a general approach to the subject ol Geography. The specialized systematic courses cover such topics as Physical Geography; Regional Climatology; Cultural, Political, and Economic Geographies; Urban Geography, and geographies dealing with areas of the world. The specialized technique courses are devoted to Problems in Geography and independent study. The degrr-es awarded for successful completion of requirements in Geography are the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in (education, and Bachelor of Science in (education with certification in Social Studies xvith emphasis in Geograph)-. GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT—Seated. I)r. Rolwrt N. Ford, chairman; Mis Esther M. Kilhclfcr, Mr. Rolx-it Harden. Second Row. Mr. Joseph Glass. Mr. Arthur C. Lord, Dr Glenn V. Stephenson, Mr. John Schein. ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-—Seated: Mi'. Dcloix Nichols, Mis. Sandy Dalion , secretory; Dr. Sccxmdcralmd N. l.cclu. Mr. Robert Bunn . Second Row: Dr. Khalil M. Ilaniid, chairman; Mr, Ferdinand Mol , Dr. Jong-C'hol llau. The Department »f Economics encourages its majors to plan programs which will give them broad understanding of current American and European social and political institutions. Course offerings may be selected from Accounting. Money. Credit and Banking, Economic Analy sis. Economic Statistics. Government Hcgulation of Business, seminars, independent study, and others. The Economics major receives either the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education with certification in Social Studies xvith an emphasis in Economics, or the degree of Bachelor of rts. The Department of History presents to the student a varied range of historical studies. General surveys in World Civilizations and American History are treated as introductory courses. Specialized American History-courses include Colonial History. Diplomatic History. I.ate Nineteenth Century History, and Constitutional History of the United States. Courses in the histories of other continents, areas, and nations include France, England, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Bussia, Germany, Inter-American Hclations. and the Far East. Independent stud) max be pursued in topics not dealt xvith in a History majors receive one of three degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education xvith certification in Social Studies xvith an emphasis in History, Bachelor of Science in Education in History, and Bachelor of Arts in History. HISTORY I KPARTMENT — Front Row: Mr. James A. Jolly, Dr. Charles A. laird, Mr. William W. Kcnaxvell. Mr. Ronald M, Henson. Second Row: Mr. Thomas C. Tirado, Dr. Reynold S Kopoel, Dr. Linda I.o' , Dr. H elurd Ki ller, chairman Third Ron: Mr. John Osliome, Mr. Edward A. Tulrya. Dr. Joseph E. Walker. Dr. George I- Young.Mr. William kenawell, Mrv. Fran LrffVrr, trcrclan ; and Dr. Reynold kop|vl traces the Ixnmdaries of Poland during one of Mr. Ronald Benton discuss tlte scltedulc for (lie History his History of Germany classes. De|Wrt incut's final examinations. The Department l Sociology and Anthropology offers courses in Archeology, Cultural nthropologv, Social Stratification. Hacc and Ethnic llclations, Urban Society. Methods and Techniques of Social Research, and Deviant behavior. Additional course work may be taken in independent study and seminar. There arc also courses in social work in which the student docs field work in the surrounding community. Students majoring in Sociology and Anthropology receive either tin bachelor of Science in Education degree with certification in Social Studies with ail emphasis in Sociology and Anthropology, or the bachelor of Arts degree. SOCIOLOGY AND TIIROPOL(X:V DKPARTMKNT—Students meet with mcmlnn of tlw department. Seat !: Ccri Rtnde, laiiTalne Sheehan, Dr. James Hughes, cluiinnan; Dr. Charge Stine, Mrs. Ada Karher. Standing. Sally Shuman, Shan West. Mr. George Yelagoles. Miss Mary Glazier, Rill l.eino. Miss Holly Giles. uTictoiy.ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIESChange in leadership is accompanied by new ideas Student Senate nictnlrcrN enjoying the Informality of their new meeting place in the President's Board Room ate Chris Rnnoe, Keith Kdlcman, and Robin Koliall. Kx-president Pete Rohall addresses Senate shortly Irefore his January resignation. Student Senate gathet lor tender meeting... Committee cliuirmcn from bottom up arc: Ruth Ann Bromfield, Diane Alexander, Jay Niesley, Chris Buncf, Keith Edleiuail, Jan Kerhli. Jim Miller and Pete Rohall. Acmvn u;s 53 Acting president. Jay Niesley, assumes uexv post. Outgoing president. Pete Rohall. greets his successor.STl DENT UNION BOARD — Caro! Larzelcre, Cindy Silvus, Carol Attariau. ,Second Bote: Mary Alice Kal y, Sandy Kaplan, freosurer; Debbie l-ong, corresfronding secretary; Jim Miller, president; Sue Bniner, recording secretary: Hd Wagner, rice president. Third Bow: Mr. Marvin Dormer, adviser: Shelley Raul enhold, Nancy Me-COmsey. Sandy Souder, Karen Smith, Janet Scher cr, laiix I hosier. Jim Love, John Jenscninx, James Bi.xh. Ennis Manns. Fourth Bow: Tom Richards, Christine Bunco, Doug Hayward. Jim Murphy, Andy Greenawalt. i i1 Student Union Board arranges entertainment i 51 COMMUTING MEN S ASSOCIATION—First Bote: Ken lleisey. via president: Dan I’iclilner, president Second Bote: Ed Foehlingcr. secretary; Denny Urban, treasurer. Standing: Ralph Dower, historian. ACTIVITIES I t J I RMA and RWA unite residents RESIDENT MEN'S ASSOCIATION—Tom Caw, vice president; Rick Wolf, president; 1-irry Jones. treasurer. Standing: Phil Heilman, corresponding .secretary. i RESIDENT WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION — Jun Mindish. Debbie I.nu1 , Joyce Murphy, Aimarose DcGcorgio, lX-bhir Breiner. Chris GraeJf, Millie Martin, vice presi-•lent. Sheri Borlncr, Vickie Grimm, president; Wendy York. Cathy Ari-uno, Carol Ilertzog. Missing from the picture are Cindy Rudy, treasurer: Michele Polonitz. Cheryl Witmer. Carol tinman.PSEA sponsors High School Day at MSC PENNSYLVANIA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION—Tom Cuss, vice president; Dianne Niiitemnclicr, president; Lois 11ilcker, corresponding tccretary; Vickie Grimm, recording secretary; Ron Myers, treasurer.ACEI and CEC enlighten future teachers ASSOCIATION FOB CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL—Georgia Chisesi, historian; Pat Slack, dee president; Cheri Manger, president; Candy Kostival, treasurer. Standing: l-e-ann Wcikert. recording secretary; Susie Myers, correspondin'secretary. COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN— Pat Tluunma, vice president; Cindy Uhricli. president; Miss Ruth Mute, adviser. Standing: Judy 1 .elim.m, program chairman; Sandy Souder, recording secretary. Missing from the picture are Debbie I loon, corresponding secretary and Kitts Koeis, treasurer. ACTIVITIES 57Social Studies Club and Bassler Geographic Society stimulate interest in the social sciences BASSLKR GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY—Il r Rekis, president; Maureen Young. Standing. Urn Willard, secretaty-Ueaturer; Michael l)rim, vice president; Robert Tonkin. Dennis Brown. SOCIAL STl'DIKS CLl'B—Judy Angell. Joanne Bear, Darlene Zerbp, sccretanj. Joanne Dempsey, Mary lane Case, vice president; Linda I-n tz. representative-at-large. Standing: Richard Ilibohnian, Imuurer; Keith CndshaU, Bill Dugan .president; Riclurd Lustosky, representative-at-large; Bon Cordner, Ken Shubick.  i YOl NG DliMOGHATS— Jail Mindisli. treasurer; Dave Armillei, president; Paula Myers, secretary Julian Bond comes to MSC; guest of Young Democrats ECONOMICS (JIX'B—David Landis, treasurer; Susan Diffendal, secretary; John Fulmer, t ire president; Allun la-fewr, presidentBSA helps create a substantial and meaningful Black community on campus BLACK STL'DENT ASSOCIATION—Rodney I'psltcr, Donna Dingle. Sharon Simmons. Rose Stewart, Cynthia Sturgis. Robert Powell, Major Cooper. Second Row: William Way. minister of defense: Sharon Baptiste, recording secretary; I amis Walker, vice president; Phillip Stokes, president: Rita May Miller, corresponding secretary, chairman of scholarship committee; Karl Ridley, treasurer. Third How: Karen Posten, Richard Dread, Rick Duarte, Nathan Allen, Don Ward, Paul Dutton. Stephanie Prescott, R. A. Jones. (iO ACTIVITIES STUDENTS FOR PROGRESSIVE ACTION—David Graham. Leslie Moore, Roth IXxk. Mike Osborn. Second How: Jim Kurl , Unite Oslxirn, Jim Miller, Mike Dougherty. Aiding campus and community, students promote progress SOCIOLOGY CLUB-—Kathy Buffington. »ec-retary: Sally Shuman, Iwwmr; Sue Martin, program director. ACTIVITIES filLanguage clubs promote foreign and domestic interests XENOPIIILE SOCIETY—Jo Anne Mill, er, secrctnnj; Linda Pazics. president Miwirij arc J«lm Snyder, dec president. Linda Lefevor, weretunj; Ken Weaver, treasurer. ENGLISH ('Ll It—Denise Adams committee member. Irene Mattson, committee tm-mher; Barbara Taylor, clnilrludij vf Steering committee. Standing: Walter Led inski, committee member 62 ACTIVITIESBLACK AND COLD—Ann Iluusknccht, Sandy Roth. Ruth n» Brumfield. editor: Sue Towner. Mary Alice Kahy. Shintling: Susan I'rey, Amturosc DeGeorgio, Linda Pfau, Mar) IX-aver, Chcri Manger, Sheri Bortner. Journalism organizations keep campus informed PI DELTA EPSILON'—Dick Anderson, president, and Ruth Ann Bromfield, secretary, relax in the TLB. Mining are Mike Decker, vice president, and Dave Ilemcndez, treasurer ACTIVITIES ] 63 Snapper staff members Leslie Shultz. Barry Wagner. sporty editor; Chuck Lindvig, Genie iay and June Zsenyuch. notes editor; working late to meet the deadline.Snapper reports news of Millersville - i Xewt editor Juno Zsenyuch rcluxo after a hectic- afternoon at the printers. Co-editors Hick Stevens and Hutch Slanb arc l.usy at work. Torn I lasslcr, business manager, and Arlene Meyer, exchange manager, pack Snappers for student teachers and high schools and colleges throughout the United States'. ACTIVITIES 65Nlrmin-(» of llw- senior .section stall arc Mini. Kolilliaas, Chris Rarard and Co-editors Scott Myers and Sue Vrrmnf pause- on l.indu OtUnger. Standing Jnnene C.iomariso and But Smith, section editor. steps at Northumberland House.Touchstone 71 records campus growth and change Business stall lnemhcts include Pat Biughum at the typewriter; Barb Hake, Lmincw editor, Sue Radennachcr and Pat Green. Faculty stall meml.ers Kathy Grim and Pat Glass discuss last year's lunik. Campus Life stall includes Vicki Beegle, Judy Miller, Sandy Roth. Campus I.ifr editor: Jell Sellouts-, Joan Filer, and May llolliuj'er. Activities stall inemliers include: Vicky Mearkle and Shirley Mcishon, activ.itit's co-editor. On stairs are inemhers Judy Walter. Donna McCain' and Denise Miltm.m, activities co-editor. Missing from the picture were Linda Shat er and Ruth Bucher. ACTIVITIKS 67PRIORITY—Barbara Lathrop, recording secretary; Kathy Brill. Standing: Jeff llauenstcin, John Eplcr, Dick Evans. Missing from llir picture are Mike hinnncelli, ro-i liainnan. Daniel Bitmrjderfcr. co-eluiinnan; Paula lleiscy, corresponding secretary: Brian Harris, treasurer; Dr. Syd Radinovsky, adviser. ItODDY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY—Jankc Front .. Bob Hill, president; Janice Palcites. secretary-treasurer, Dave Yarnot. Standing: George Strudtinnn, vice president; John Christensen. Steve Shield. Mu luel Rcrvy, Ml KAPPA MU—Gail Evcheluiun. president and Linda Plan, treasurer. Missing are Michele Polinit , secretary ami Rod Kilhefner, tke president. ENTOMOLOGY—Lynn Wijct Dick Esans, president; Barbara lathrop, secretary; Cliarlcs Schmidt. Standing: |ohn Patrick Brown, Betsy Rock. John Boland. Keith Butler, Bob Hill. Jan Front .. Linda Deal. Missing is Bill Vogel 08 | ACTIVITIES Science and math organizations seek solutions to today’s problems VMKRICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY— lamic Oinlor. xfictflanj-tretmtrer; 1'amclu Yuuncnuui, vice preddent. Standing: HkIunI Henry, publicity director. John Stung, president. I hum-coming contribution of ACS emphasises discover) . ACTIVITIES ( 9 Industrial Arts organizations foster skills INDUSTRIAL ARTS HONOR SOCIETY—la-e K. Newcomer, treasurer; Dave Oise, i ice president; Barry McFarland, pmhlcnt; Paul Vaughn, secretary. Standing: George I). llaubcr. ro-advtu-r; George Dilloxv. co-adviser. INDUSTRIAL AIM'S SOCIETY—Richard Myers, vice president; Joseph Thornton, president: Skip Best, secretary; Gary Hague, treasurer. 70 ACTIVITIESFolk dance and modern dance interest many students INTI: It NATION A I. FOLK DANCING—Andrew Miller, president; IIlike Krieg. vice president-Irrasurcr. Missing is Eleanor Hadesky, secretary. MODERN DANCE—Lynne IJik z, Martha Wright. Second How: Linda Williams, Linda Russel, Barbara llerhst, rice president. Brenda Ilerbst, president; Barbara Pdieger. Sue Shonnot Third How: Nancy Foster. Cindy Boker, Rik Boyd. Cheryl Plate. Pat Schofield. Sue Davis.Venture Club and VVMSH bring entertainment and music to MSC WMSIt s outside broadcast highlights Spring Fling.weekend. 72 | ACTIVITIES WMSR—Ed Laugirtiger, notes and sports coordinator; Cheryl Fischel, '•tution manager; Don Judaic. chief engineer Standing: Alan Sarbin, business manager. Marshall Anderson, adviser; Craig Cope, program director.“The Bald Soprano” and “The Lesson” are among this year's Citamard performances Diane Hastian and Al Brown at work in " The Bald Soprano.'' CITAMARD—Doug Fry, vice president; Albert Brown, president; Scott Myers, treasurer. Donna Mathis. Helen Toth, and Joe Chvoka practice for Cf laniard's performance of “The Lesson." ACTIVITIES | 73Unified involvement integrates music dcpaitment CHOIR—Dawn Neiswendor. Jill Rietinuldcr, Linda Barber, Mary Dickson, Terry Ilogcntogler Judv Kr Cioinariso IX-hbie Arnrlk Cathy Krebs Peg®- Morrison. Cindy McKonly Mindy McKonly, J.Wn Kline. Janis Bush. Linda Manley. Sheri Bortner, Diane Svnscntg. Second Rote: Sumc Confer, Sue Sensenig. Jeff Hackenl eriier Steve f,..,.. v.f' ........... niter. Crctehcn Rumind, Junenc . , ... Janis Bush. Linda Manley, Sheri cenlrerger, Stew Grove, Fred Forry. Nathan Schwalm, El- Nevel, Barb Traub, Diane Bastian. Susan Gossi Unified efforts produced this exhibit for Homecoming 1970.CIIOIR OKFICi RS Mike Magicru. president; Sandra Messer-Miiilli. frarUamerttarinn; Brian Garrett. rlcr presUient; Juan Kling. retarding secretary: Jancnc Ckmuiffi, corresponding secretary. WOMEN'S CHORES OFFICERS — Sue Harris. rice president; Evelyn Eppley, president; Mary Alice Eaby, secretary-treasurer. MADRIGAL SINGERS—Janice Docrrman, Joanne Sommer. Evelyn Epplcy. Marsha Webster. Carmen Tnoiney. Louise Franz, Mary Ellen Hoar, Mil i Samples. Standing: Bob Murray. Ken Et linger. Buleh Stanb. Bob Jones. Mr. Harold Shaar. Brian Garrett, Mike Mugiera, Dan Graybill. ACTIVITIES | 75Band, majorettes and color guard combine spirit and talent MAJORETTES—Michele Wil-helm, Debbie Smith, Linda Cone, Marcia Wenger, Kathy Williams. Standing: Sue Young, Diane Harding, Kirn Steele. COLOR GUARD—Ceil Hanrnliau, Cathy Farrell, Joyce Marshall, Lynn MaeFnrlaiuj, Color Guard cajitaln, Linda Holt, enjoys Sue Cull, Cathy Hogontogler. Standing: Karen Deprimu, Loniinc la-ukevieh, Marilyn her last year at MSG. Deloplalne, Judio Walter, Sue VauRenslcr, Marirose Sullivan.Members of the 1970-1971 hand, eblm guard, and majorettes proudly jhjkc on the new bleachers at Blcmesderfcr Held, after u thrilling 1S-1 I victory over Shippenshurg. Halftime viewers at the kntztown game witnessed the combined efforts of tin- hand, majorettes and color guard for a grand performance. ACTIVITIES | 77 Stan Tucker, the majestic drum major of the Marauder band, leads the band on the field for the halftime show.Religious organizations prove that people arc bigger than institutions INTKHVAHSITY CIIKISTIAN I l l.l.OW Sill!' (;u,„l Mycr, n-cording M-rretaty: l eh llinimiaii. r.wrcv wnW ng etrtitirp. Staililin : Kathy licit. ; r itlvtil. Duvc Muitin, Ircaiuiet. Sheri M. Portlier, cit e prt'jUletil■ MKNNONITK STlDliNT I-KI.I.OW.SIIIP—Mar) Ami I.undiv Miriam llcidu-y, Klim r l.irnhs. WiImhi llershev. Staiut- ii '. Duane Zink, Ihilh Bucher, laii Aim ' (ink, Marian Yoder. Dcnlingcr D ire. Charles. Joyce l.niuhs. Dwight Herr. 78 ACT1V1TIKSThe Newman Student Association and tin- Uniti'd Campus Ministry take part in llie Homecoming ft-stivitU - with Unit Kob-mvm and Kitty Koei.v on tlw float. NEWMAN Ml HIM ssot I TION -Kill) K acit, hit-loiiiin, Mnrijaue .Sclmeeweis, itroriHng »rtycf«r» ; Cynthia fagotto. ivrrf pviuUiii' secrcttinj. Staiullng: Steve laid er. vne piaidrnl; James W. Ickt-s, pnwiilrut. Missing iruin tin pit line is Sheila (aircy, traourcr. ACTIVITIES | 70Service organizations benefit campus and community STUDENT ORGANIZATION FOR SAFETY -William Weigel. Martha Henry. Jack Messick. hhto-tlan; Steve Lennox, president; Linda Leister, secretary; Bob Laskowski. Hark Haw: Robert Meelum, athletic director; Dan Wiley. Dean Moyer, assistant safely director: Carl Swinn, street safety supervisor; Steve Newman. PROJECT GUIDE—JoAnn Simmons, secretary; Diane Gibason, treasurer; Misha Hyatt, president. Missing is George Brmvn. vice president. SO | ACTIVITIES ALPHA Pill OMEGA—Lyman Brenner, corresponding secretary; Jay Brencinan, president; Dennis Ilonibcrger, first vice president; Larry I‘oily, sergeant-at-onus. Hack rote: Bill Weigel, recording secretary: Bruce Simons, historian; I im Domnn. second vice president, St - v Griffith, chaplain, 1 lc rl» Senfl. alumni secretary; Hicky Schm-ck, second vice president. Missing is Hick Wise, treasurer. CHICLE K CLUB—Greg Crider, record-in" secretary; Mike I.ut , Mike I.atschar. Standing: Tom Sk-hort. Trim Paul, president; Tom Hassler, treasurer. ACTIVITIES | SIDolphins take a look at history Dolphins i,s a synchronized swimming club with twenty seven swimming members and one girl in charge of music. The theme of this sear's show was history. The program began with a creation number and followed through to present da and tin- United Nations. Different mini-Ircrs used different pieces of music from countries that were in tin- limelight at a given century. This year they have a new adviser. Mrs. Julia Bowers. Members are chosen at trvouts in October and plans lor the show to In-gin in early Novcinlrer. liach girl puts in alxwt 1(H) swimming hours, plus extra time, in choreography, natographv. script writing, and costume designing. l’raeticing are Kathy Miller, Kllen Donnelly Utwl Sylvia Sliellenlierger. Fir t Hon; lane Grovt, Karen Hill. Hohhie Brubaker. Scanttl Hon : Sharon Kdvvards. Diane Booth. Jill llagatlom. Third How: Marianne D'lmjX'rio. Dehhie Noll.Senior memliers Dolphins include Sylvia Shcllenherger, Mary Klim Kellchcr, Ingrid Benjamin, Shirley Thompson, Peggy Frank. Julia Zettlcr. Jeanne lloifninn and Nancy Cervino. Practicing lor spring Dolphin show are men I hers Jane Cross and Karen Hill in the Tirst How, Shaion Edwards, Diane B noth and Jill llagadoni in the Second Hon, ami Marianne D'hiijierio and Dchhic Noll in the Third Officers of tin- cluh are Denice Mitmun. treasurer; Joann Shipkowski. secretary and Jeanne llolimnu, senior adviser. In the Second How are Shirley Thompson, vice president; Nancy Cervino, president and Julie Zettler, senior adviser ACTIVITIES S3INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE: Cindy Bull, Bub Dunne. Shcrilyn Dillor, Barbara Waltman. Second Row: Toin Mack, Jay Nieslcy. Missing an Doug Hayward and latrry McKenna. iiiuamur WOMEN'S VARSITY CLUB: Susan Kile, Foggy Lykons, Carol Feilcr. Second Row: Shcrilyn Diller. vice preyldent; Judy ' a ntit, secretary; Carol Reese, president. Third How: Linda Meade, Ann Woinnu r, Call Wilson. 84 | ACTIVITIESKOI) AN1) Cl Cl.t’B—Dave Disc, vice president; Richard Myers, president. Second How: Bnice Williams, range officer; Ted Moyer, treasurer. Missing Ls Bruce Woodring, secretary. and Hod and Gun Club promote athletic competition The Intramural Committee is responsible for the intramural programs that are open to members of the college. The programs are designed to provide an opportunity lor even student or faculty member at Millersville State- College to actively participate in sports as regularly as Ins or her interest, ability and time will permit. Women's Intramural activities include basketball, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, and volleyball while men’s intramural activities include baske tball, cross-country, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, (lag football, track, and volleyball. There are- alse co-ed intramural volleyball te ams formed each fall. Compe-titiem is organized on a team and individual basis. Ability is relative-K unimportant: the basic re-ejuisite- is a sincere elesire to participate. Encouraging service, fellowship, scholarship, and sportsmanlike athletic compe tition are- the- purposes of the- Woman’s Varsity Club. Annual money raising proje-cts include a mum sale- on Pare nts’ Day and a hoilgie sale. This year at the South Central Conference- hockey tournament held here at Millcrsvillc the club had a stand. Varsite le-tte-r winners are- invite-el by the club ter Ix-COme- me-m-bers. The-v must go thremgh pledging and initiation. The- members are- involved in hockey, basketball, lacrosse, te nnis, and che-e-rle-ading. The Rod and Cun Club is a National Rifleman's Association affiliate-el college club that e»ffe-rs its members an outlet ferr the ir inte-re-sts in hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. 'I he- club has built and maintains an indoor small la re- rifle range on campus and is consiele-ring the- establishment of an intercollegiate rifle- team to compete against the mans othe-r college-s in the- state- that have such teams. The- club is ope-n ter am member of MSC interested in belonging. ACTIVITIES 1 85Wrestling Belles and Pep Club create school spirit PEI'GIAHl Officers—Toni Bnrhella, president; Sue Johnston, vice president. Kathy Zwjilly, secretary; Hon Tiininski. treasurer Second llou: Jn l Miller, sign committer chairman; Hicluird Long. organization committer chairman; Andy Tuujgki, chant committer chairman; Vickie liccglc, puhllcit( committee chairman. The IVp Club was organized this year to promote school .spirit at athletic events. They work with the cheerleaders and coaches. Mr. Norris, the swimming team coach is the adviser. The club is most known for tin- trip it sponsored to American t'niversit) to siip| ort our basketball team. On this trip thev got lost for nine hours in Washington with two guides that give tours on weekends. liven though they never got there till after the game, we won anyway. Besides sponsoring buses to games they sell basketball programs in conjunction with the Varsity Club. The club has the larg -st membership on campus and is open to anyone who has school spirit and would like to express it. The Wrestling Belles are a great asset to the wrestling program at MSC. The purpose ol the Belles is to promote student interest and participation in the wrestling and athletic programs at MSC. The girls, numbering ulmut eighty five-, assist in publicity. ticket sales, scoring, timing, tutoring, guiding tours, greeting visiting teams, luud raising and program publication. The mem-b Tship. which operates under the guidance of the varsity wrestling coach and the elected Ixiard of officers, is open to any coed who is interested in creating a positive atmosphere of school spirit and participation in the college’s extracurricular program. I’KI CIA B—Tom Harl.ellu, Sue Johnston. Vickie Ikiele, Jody Miller, I’alti Kemp Sccoml lime: Andy Tarovki. Kathy ’ .wall)', Hon TiininsM, Kiekiul Lung.WRESTLING BELLES—Mary Ann Diacont, Nancy Cordon, Patti Bingham. Shirlec Deglcr. Sandy Herr. lath Mossier, Pat Akers, Nancy Boring. Second Ron. Sue Stondt, Helen Mans, Joanne Kaufinunn, Joanne lane. Cindy Bull, Decretory,-Kathy Jo Cramer, prcddcnl; Dchhie Noll. trrn Hirer; Lynn Liggett. tire preddenl; Donna Johnston, third Rote; Jennifer Carr. Linda Keyes, Meg launadc. Pam Billings, Ginger Coleman, Ellen llea| s. Annatow DcCeorglo. Joan Atkinson, Pat Miknla. Fourth Rom: Joyce Murnliy, Maria Friedrichs, Marylin Osvens. Ileeky Rieaden. Rose Ann Calderoni. I.nnla Dcihtn, Sandy Kline, Jessi Gardner. Fifth Rotc: Coach William Kahh-r, Sandy Roth. Sully Bishop, Ann Spisvrak. Nancy S|tatlM lf, Kathy Walleisa, Denise Moore, Coach |erry Swope. PKP (-LI B—Jenny Carr, Joyce Morphy, Sally Bishop. Kathy Wulleisu. Denise Moore. Geri Higgins, Dehhie laiuh. Second Rote: Linda Key 9, Diane Gihason, Martha Gorman, Connie Itomer, Nancy Hill. Sheila McDowell. Third Rote; Jim Jones. I Annntu, Keith Butler, Barh Crumlfng, Jim Kelly. John, Harriet Gary, Pam Anderson, Jill Ilagadoni, Chris Wiggins. activities | 87Sororities encourage sisterhood . . As a social sorority. Kappa Delta Phi strives to provide services to the campus of MSC and the community, to further the spirit of friendship, and to provide the sister with many advantages of sisterhood. The sisters have done volunteer work for the Heart Association and have an annual Christmas parts for the men's faculty. Inter-Creek social activities provide the sisters with a variety of social experiences on campus. Omega Theta Sigma's fundamental goals are to encourage individuality, promote friendship and loyalty, serve the college community, and foster better campus-comnumit relationships. The sorority is composed of thirty-six sisters. During the year thev have had parties, including a Halloween parts and a Christmas party. A havriclc, movies, candy, stationers and UNICEF drives also filled the OTS calendar. The rush teas and ribboning ceremons started off the pledging activities, which reached a highpoint at the sisterization banquet. Sigma Phi Delta was founded on October 5, 1966. by eight undergraduates of MSC. The girls’ purpose was to found an organization that would strengthen their friendships in college and would continue after graduation. They also wanted something to return to for their reunions, something other than buildings, a friendship that had grown over the years. Some of the preparations lor membership include scholastic excellence, social awareness. leadership development, and financial responsibility. The sisters of Sigma Phi Delta plan two major events each year—a Parents Day dinner and entertainment for friends and family, and in the spring a formal dinner dance for the sisters and their dates. This vear Sigma Phi Delta entered a float in the Homecoming parade which won third prize. Service projects are also part of tlu- sororit) s activities. The sisters served as hostesses at all the home football games this year and the) also gave a Christmas party at the Cripple Children's Home The sisters feel that by joining Sigma Phi Delta, they are taking their first step toward a life-long membership in a sisterhood where happiness and purpose are found therein. KAPPA DELTA PHI—Carol Sclialfer. ll-'C representative; N.rncy Walton, recording secretary; Becky Atkins, president, Gloria Ceilit .ski. treasurer; Suzy ta-edum, pledge chairman; Linda Mason. Second Ron . Ann White, historian; Rose Skojec, Debbie Stauffer, Mrs. Daisy Spangler. adviser, Barbara Miller, vice president; Leslie Llewellyn, Marjorie Nlaurey, Karen Gerlitzski. Omega Theta Sigma sisters Debbie Furl •», Debbie Powell and Holly Giles on their Homecoming float. OMEGA THETA SIGMA—Ruthie McCar-raher. Busty Althousr, Cathy Williams, Julie Zettler. Joy Martin, Sandra McElroy. Michele Polonit . Second Row: Linda Fislier, Tee Rosenfeld, Holly Giles. Joauie Millot, Debbie Powell. Sue Knousc. Third Row: Nancy Schlouch, Sara Jane Calalian, Betsy Hock, Belli Blackburn, Karen Toinpos, Carol Sid-ncr, Lynn Nitlfru, Bonnie Gingrich, Mary Alice Eaby. 88 ACTIVITIESwhile the Interfraternity Council unites fraternities and sororities The IntcrfruU rnity Council is made up of one representative from each sorority and fraternity on campus. Th • Interfraternity Council evaluates fraternity's and sorority’s constitutions and pledging proe dun s along with sponsoring an IFC weekeml each spring. Also, the Interfraternity Council is responsible to the college to make sure that all college requirements arc being satisfied by tin sororities and Iraternitic s. INTERFRATFRNITY COUNCIL—Bonnie Gingrich, treasurer.; Vince (hitler, i-.ire president; Jeff llarpster, corresponding secretary; Stacey Fink, president; Be lli Walters, recording secretary. SIGMA Pill DELTA—lade Bentz. Joan Kling, Bcl'y Kurtz. Joanne Stniunel, Ellen Dete, Diane Alexander, Beth Wallers. Second Ron Dori Rapp. Kathy lar-rett. treasurer; Barb Law-son, recording secretary; Terre llcincclinan. first vice president; Sue- Bruner, president; Ingrid Benjamin, second rice president; Jeanne I loll man. Carol Larzelcrc. Third Row; l.ois Mossier, Donna Mossier, Carol Rees, Joanne Tagg. Susie Marlin. Kikl Kuzo-vich, Cheryl Davis. Elaine Dovico, IFC representative; Barl Felly, Marcindie R thinson. Betty Daller. Fourth Rou: Mr. Donald Davis, adviser; Karen Smith, Sandy llerr, Janet Scherzer. Mr. tarry Waisluwsky, adviser; Shelley Rauhen-liold. Sharon Xardelli. historian; Bev Gross. On Sigma Phi Deltas Homecoming float are Joan Kling. Terra Heincclinan. Barb Felly. Second Row: Janet Scherzer. Betsy Kurt . Shelley Raubenhold, tais Mossier. Thud Row—Barb son. Sharon Nar-delli. Kathy Jam-tt. ACTIVITIES | S‘ KAPPA ALPHA T U—Debbie UlcMold, I ri Snyder, Ih'C representative; Marilyn Fegcr, chaplain; Tin Pino, president; Kathy Nace. recording secretary; Pam I . • (! , vice president Second H tu: Mrs. Margaret NVoodhridge, adviser; Barb Rleaclier. Sandy Souder, historian; Janice H el wig. Lathy llogen togler, Peggy Stephenson, Lhcrly Witmcr, corresponding secretary; Miss Mimi IVtia, adviser. KAT Homecoming float represents MSC a they would like it t« be. Deans Fanner. Conway, Burlier and Burlier give tlieir imprcssinii of dnmi living. KAPPA Pill EPSIIX)X—KiiNtina Johnson, Suzan llile, Debbie Collins. treasurer; Lathy Ann Zwally, Sue Jackson, Betsy Dusak. Dolores Rhmdrs, rorrri xmrfing secretary; Sandra Roth. Second Hon Leil llanrahan, IFC rcprcsentallte; Nora Funk, vice president; Pam Palmer, Kileen Brovsman, Gwen Kumess, Vicki Grimm, Ruth Kooiu, recording secretary; Polly Pearce. Third Row: Dianne Hartman, Cathv Albright, Flaiue Tremblay, president; Barb lieeiUUi, Ruth Ann Brumfield, Joanne Bne(ly. KIIO LAMBDA Pill—Rosemary Fran-zosa. Georgia Chisesi, Doreen Dalesan-dro, Dehlnc Ding. Second HoU): Betsy Lii|Ha, Susan McCcttigan, pailianicntari-nn; Mary Ann llomlioy, treasurer; Carol Swingle, corresponding secretary; Lucy llerr. president; Sharon Slouaker, historian. Linda Spillcr. Third How: Mm, Darts Hosier, adviser; Ann Powers, Kalin leen Sherman. Leanne Weikert, Janice Vary, Donna Stingier, (anil Feldmann, Marilyn Bcrnhcisel, Mrs. D. L. Cavanaugh. adviser. ZLI A (;. MMA PHI—Becky Linda Slider. Kallty Figurelle, Jan Kehrli. Second Hou Judy lletinlgar, historian; Flo Heller, lairraine Mochan, Millie Martin. Sally Shuman. Third How: kayle Fcmtennacher, Beth Cramer, president. Fourth How: Janice Orlando, recording secretory; Diane Sando, IFC represent a-tite; Terry Cicdgowd. Fifth How: Joyce Farley. Karen Humphries, treasurer; Doris Larp. Dianna Dick. Nancy Homing, cotrcsfnmding secretary. Sixth How: Patricia llaar, Donna Kothcrmcl. lamia Hull, i ice president; Jeanne Nalm ny, Rhonda Rupp. SIGMA PHI OMEGA—Call Wilson. Sheila Corey. Jack! tidi. Sue Davis. Second Hou |unc Chauil erlain. trea surer; Janie l.ingg. vice president; Priscilla Snyder, president; Delihie Bessemer, corresponding secretary; Sue Lefever. Third How: Sue Schallvr, Diane Even, Dianne Hunter, Wendy NIcGlade, Alice Martinez, Donna Watson. Donna McNaughton. Betty Mohn. Kathy Grim. Nancy Foster Missing are Jane O'Prcska, Eileen Kelly, Carol Bernhard, Brenda Buell, Bonnie Whiner, Shirley Lettch, Marian Shirk. Marijanc Schnecwei .DELTA PHI ETA—Charlene Koscr, treasurer; Linda Pfau, corresponding secretary; Inin On-, vice president; Jeanette Foose, president; Jean Pickell, recording secretory; Lynn Kiscnhart, historian. ALPHA BETA ALPHA — Leona Hanley. recording secretory: Rich Kern, president; IX'bbie Bremer, vice president. Mary Alice Kuby, treasurer. Second dote: Joyce Smelt . corresponding secretory; Grace Voder, re-porter; Karen Taylor, historian. 92 ACTIVITIESI’lll LAMBDA SIGMA—Killy Kocte. Brenda Balthascr, Lynn Dully, vice president; Rosemary Stephenson, treasurer; Kar-rn Jenschkc, social chairman; Gail Lingenfcller. Second How: Susan Grimes, Kathy Lew. treasurer; Judy lx.-hmun, corresponding secretary; Barlxiru Ballhascr. service chairman; Susan Verruni. president; Joanne Graham, historian; Bonnie Rhoads, recording secretary; Susan IVictor, Margery Wide. Third How: Linda Rebuck. Carol Mcrslum. Bat Stack, Kaylo Fenstor-nuicher. Cindy I’hrieh, Virginia Sandy Brighthill. Sharon Burns. Shi-rilyn Diller, Barbara Hake. Leona Hanley, Charlotte llurlmld. Fourth How: Lois Hilckei. Mary Aim Borota, Mary Lippineott, Kathy Zerfass. Sandra Jacolw. Fifth How: Barbara LoRusso, Ginny Fulmer, Fat Ilciser, Lois Brerlhenner. Terry Giedgowd, Tina Facciolli, Sandra Gaenzlc. GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA—Linda Herder, president: Kathy Jameretz, recording secretary; Sue Radennacker, historian. Second How: Joan Filer, parlianuntarian; Vicki Cramer, treasurer; Susie Myers, vice president; Sheri Landis, corresponding secretary. ACTIVITILS 93 ALPHA SIGMA CHI—Don Thun. treasurer; Bill Harding, president, Charles Tucker, vice president; Mike Gabarick, parliamentarian. Second How: John Hill, Ton) Hos-si. Darrell Denlinger. Kd Warner, John Zuntpiet. K V. Hair, Greg Crider. Alpha Sigma Chi is a social fraternity with twenty-eight active brothers. The brothers feel that their varied interests and backgrounds are a unique feature of their fraternity. Their purpose is to unite congenially in fellowship and friendship, and to provide special services to the campus. Mu Alpha Kappa is a social fraternity comprised o! thirty-eight active brothers. The fraternity's pur poses are twofold: to promote the social lift of the brothers and to help promote school spirit. The brothers strive for oneness, an achievement they feel they have reached, and take pride in their intramural sports program. Ml ALPHA KAPPA — Bruce McKelvy, treasurer. Pete Ho-hall, fHirliamcntaruin; Steve Lennox, president; Carl Burst. vice president: John Sulick. Second Row: Stacey Kink. Bob Latlwwski, Bob Baldino, Dean Moyer, Jim NVitcoskic, Curl Swinn, Dan Wiley,SIGMA EPSILON BETA—Dal Bachert. Rick Baylor. Wes DcLong. Kin Stem. Jack Williams, treasurer. Howard Snowdon. Fred Stine. Denny Lowe. Second How: Larry Kumler. Ken Johnson, Phil Det writer, Marty Warner, Mark Hoover, Greg Ludwig. Joe Allis, Dean Kruger. Frank IIcrshlxTger. Third How: l)r. Perry Love, adviser: Tom Keller. Dennis Sti lly, recording secretary, Tom Ebright, Tom Bcrkey, Erik Dumm, Jell Henry, president. Steve Cebulka. Vinci- Cotter, IFC representative; Dennis Boyd, corresponding secretary; Stan Lavender, Boh Sill.n%, vice president; Rick Rciscl, Mr. Carl Kane, adviser. The brothers of Sigma Epsilon Beta work toward three goals: to promote spiritual and educational advancement of the brothers, to provide service to the college and community, and to support the functions of the college. Through social and service projects, the fraternity stresses the spiritual and social development of each individual member. Although SEB was chartered ns a legal fraternity at Millersville in 1909, it did not receive permanent status until February 4. 1971. ACTIVITIES 95OCO brothers talk over fraternity affairs with their adviser, Mr. Joseph Di-Camp. Tin brothers of Omicron Gamma Omega work together to uphold the ideals of their brotherhood. MSG is tin- home of the Gamma Chapter of the fraternity, chartered in 1966. OCO sponsors various social and service projects, but is best known on campus for the fraternity cannon, which is fired at all home football games. OMICRON GAMMA OMEGA—Hill Shnvcr, Hob Boyce, Jack Law, corrcsfronding sccrctarp; Gary Fink, Ferry Anilof, Glenn Pappas, Rob Shull, treasurer. Second Row: Jim Cress man. Jack Siblweh, Dan Fichter. Jack Welsh, tier president: Tom Richards, Dave WollFc. Third Rote: Mike Dries, Kent Rcigner, Dan Grfm, Louis Hutchinson, recording secretary; Rub Keck, Paul I.ynahan, president. 96 | ACTIVITIESThis year Tau Cainnm Lamlxla became tlii1 first campus fraternity to become national!) affiliated and, as a result, it has almost tripled its membership since last year. As a branch of Sigma Tau Gamma it will continue to strive for brotherhood, prestige, and the upholding of its reputation as a good, hardworking fraternity. The brothers of TCI, take pride in their service projects and social activities. TAU GAMMA LAMBDA—John Bricker. Bruce Marino, recording secretary; John Klinger, tire president; Kent Weiss, president. Second Row; Ted Bowanko, Gregg Ovcrmeycr, Tim McNamara, Dale Swislicr, Nell Fenvtemaker, JoImi Moore, James Witters. Third Row; Dennis .ajae, Andy Grccnwalt, George Hop-sletter. Lynn Codsludl. Fourth Row: Boh Hurst. Art Guyton. Boh I'ink, Jell lluq ster, Doug Stoner. Wayne Kasselnthm. Wickers fraternity joins Sigma I’lii Delta sorority for a children's Christmas party. Wickers fraternity, this past year, has continued to grow in enrollment and in the number of campus activities it has sponsored. Some of the more memorable events of this year were the second place Homecoming float award and the Christmas party for the crippled children of Lancaster Count) . Wickers was served by two presidents this year, |im Ristinc (fall semester) and Norm Plan cook (spring semester). W ICKHHS—Sonny Klim . Barry Kulo-kowvky, Jim Ristinc, Don Kbright, Jim Love, Lynn Wujcik. Second Ron Erik B.ikow, Bah Troxell. Kevin Weir, Jim Miller. Glnick Brewer. Larry Soscia. Ed Mine. Dave Petcrkm, |im koogler, Gary Shelly.GAMMA PI—Andy Tan ki, John Cicak, Gordon Chandler, parliamentarian; Jack Kraynak, Galen Dhr, Michael Wallis, president; Denny Firestone, Honald Timinski, Thomas Barhella, treasurer; Frun Annina, secretary. Standing: Glenn Papa .ian. Jell Stump. Gnniina Pi's objectives are to serve the campus and community, to attain a better knowledge of the brothers, and to pursue brotherhood, not only in the fraternity, but with all mankind. Tin-brothers have taken on several service projects, which include cleaning the lake, sponsoring a needy family, tutoring I’enn Manor students, and working lor Big Brothers of America. DELTA SIGMA CHI—Allen Miller. Jon Bard. Nick lorio, Don Ccmuglc. Secimd Row: Dave Fryer, Don EicLnu, ad-ciu r; Don Hire. Wayne Cell , Scott Frawis. Boh Cutler. Missing is Bill Bales, Tlu- brothers ol Delta Sigma Chi are proud ol the laet that this year they received permanent status, making them the ninth officially recognized campus fraternity. This years activities include movies, parties, the formation of “Happy Dicks' Marching Band and a promised controversial Spring Fling booth. Phi Sigma Pi is a national honor fraternity for men of high academic and leadership qualities. The fraternity is founded u yon the basis of high scholarship with tin- avowed purpose ol advancing educational ideals. It is social only inasmuch as it esists to meet the needs of close friendship and social interaction among men of like interests in advancing education. Pill SIGMA PI—John Diehl. Scolt Myers Mike Caivell, Dcmii kresge, Larry McKenna. Standing on stairs. |ack kraynak, Gary Hague. Jim Daman. Cory Funk. J - Ccddes. secretary, Keitli Biighthill. Allot ta--fever. Joseph Torthia. adnser; Lars Slaahy. treasurer. James Tlmmas. Marlin IVitcr, B l Fox. Dave lawless, dee president; Dan Dantonio. president. Harriers are champs again OPPONENTS Lincoln University Class boro Bioomsburg Shippensburg West Chester Philadelphia College of Textiles Kutztown York Messiah East Stroudsburg NAIA Lock Haven Towson State College Meet Elizabeth Mount St. Marv Invitational Stevens Trade Berks Kneeling: Dave Lanfort, Mark Stri| c. Tom Maynes, Boh Brown, co-cojrtain; Mark Mauer. co-captain; Joe Catania, Bill Ellis. Rich Burke. Standing: Cy Frit' , coach, Dave Seiler, manager: Jolm Brown. Dave Long, Bill Bob Girvin. Ken Mertz, George Hitler, Perry I lolierg, Jell Bradley, Richard Sasin, coach. The Cross Country team completed another winning season with a record of eleven wins and one loss. The team’s only loss was to West Chester State. Hopes are high for successful squads in the future, as many will be returning to the team. Although outclassed at the NCAA Capital Division championships at Wheaton. Illinois, the Marauders made a respectable showing with Jeff Bradley placing 81st out of the 337 runners. SPORTS 99Varsity hockey makes its mark m Linda KrctHT drives for a goal. OPPONENTS Albright Elizabethtown Shippenshurg Lebanon Valley Dickinson Muhlenberg Gettysburg York Messiah Central Penn Tournament The vursitv Inxkex s(|uud completed a rough .seheclule of competition with a 3-2-3 record. Four girls received special honors when they were selected for the Mideast Tournament at Rochester. Linda K reiser. Brenda Clark, and Ian's Blaser were chosen to represent (Central Penn 1 and Debbie Raney was selected to represent Central Penn II. The coaching staff is looking forward to a competitive season next year because many of the girls will he returning. Kneeling: Dehhie Raney. Gail Alexander. Brenda Clark, co-CMfitaln; Nancy lloffcith. Linda Mead -, axafrtuln; Carol Miller, Peggy I.y-kenv Standing: Cindy Bull, manager; Loix Blaw-r, Stephanie Prescott. Nancy Zimmerman, Donna MeNaughton, Linda Kreiscr. IX-hhic Brandt. Slrerilyn Diller. manager.Junior varsity hockey team posts a winning season The junior varsity hockey team ended a second winning season with a 6-0-1 record. The girls defeated Albright, Elizabethtown. Shippensburg. Lebanon Valley, Muhlenberg and Lancaster School of the Bible. The only blemish on their record was a 1-1 tie with Gettysburg who scored the tying goal with thirty seconds left in the game. The team was well balanced with the offense and the defense complementing each other. OPPONENTS Albright Elizabethtown Shippensburg Lebanon Valley Dickinson Muhlenberg Gettysburg York Lancaster School of the Bible Messiah Central Penn Tournament Kneeling: Patty Murray, Lynn Eiscuhurt. Peggy Mess, Kathy Mess. Nancy Karufel, Sandy Kline. Standing: Kathy llarlnsnn, manager; Martha Colley, Gail Wjlsm, Gwen Ray, Becky Brown. Judy Miller. Liz Hirsuk. Pat Naso. Sandy Mack.First How: Hieluird Gluss. |im Stender, Jim I'orr, Greg Hall, Slew Kotch, l-ariy Hawkey. Karl Bivanx, Carl Bmst, Hay Gargano, John Schleyer, Bob Young, Jon Rcdnak, Bob Gracff, Stove Lennox. Second How: Gene Carpenter, coach; Bill Way, Jim llouon, Joe Malone, Mike Ortman, Carl Brown, Mike Pauarella, llarry Bu.skfrk, Bill Davis, Terry Borek, Bill McIntosh, Ralph Batty, Hieliard Osborne, Charles Williams, Carl Kane, coach. Third How: Jerry Alampi. coach; Dan Posaaunato, John Ricketts, Boh Smith, Jerry Murphy. Howard Gteenbore, Jim Dougherty, Mike Evans. Pete Toys, Tom Arena, Tom Howe, Dave Ratkovan, Bill Castor, Richard I luck. Bill King. Doug Hayward, manager; Larry Warshawsky, coach. Fourth How: Joseph Donolli. coach; Mark Hite. Tony Garc .ynski. Ralph Nelson, George Trapp, Chris Erase, Gerry au, Steve Starr, Jim Toomey Joseph Irwin, Steve Hedrick. Jelf Johnston, John Grab, Boh Del ias on, manager; William Yroman, coach. Fifth note; Bill Lauris, coach; Richard Young, coach; Dick Miller, Doug Lyons, Jim- LoBoi, Sam Weaver. Steve Cotton. Steve Carr. Brad Trostle. Jim- Jacrpielin, Mike Krchnar. Scott Lcfko, Mike Reed, Rick Dread, Hill Kahlcr, coach. Griddcrs take on a new look OPPONENTS Kandolph-Macon Kutztown West Chester Mansfield Bloomsbiirg East Stroudsburg Delaware State Shij)| cnsl)urg Cheyncy The coaches who worked with the team are William Vroman, William Kahlcr, and Hieluird Young. Standing are Bill Lauris, Larry Warshawsky, Gene Carpenter, Jerry Alampi and Carl Kane 102 SPORTSOn September 19, 1970 the Marauders began their first season under new head coach Gene A. Carpenter. This was a season for building and gaining experience under the watchful eye ol the coaching stall. Although registering four wins and five losses, the fans were given thrilling views of the new defense. Losing the first game to a strong Randolph-Macon team, the Marauders snapped back to win its second game against Kutztown by an exciting 14-13 score. West Chester traveled to Millersville and handed the Marauders their second defeat of the season with a score of 0-39. Again the team overcame the defeat and smashed Mansfield 21-6 to bring the season record to 2-2. Disaster then struck the- team as thrv lost the next three games. The team traveled to Bloomsburg and returned with a 17-23 defeat. Homecoming dav saw the Marauders lose an exciting game to East Stroudsburg with a score of 3-14. Traveling to Delaware State, the team lost bv a score of 10-44. However, all was not lost and the team won its final two games. The Marauders beat Shippcnsburg on the home field l a score of 18-4. Traveling to Chevney for the last game of the season, the team returned with an imposing win of 25-0. With the experience gained from this year's games and the excellent coaching provided by the new coach and his .stall, the Marauders should have a winning season next year. Rav Garganes was in the spotlight when he was the seventeenth round draft choice ol the Chicago Bears. This year he was the defensive lender for the team, and also lead the team on the tackle charts. Ra)' Garganest, number 82 and Ralph Batty, number 72 tiring down a member ol the opposing team while Fete Toy comes in to help. I-urn Ilawkcy lights for yardage SPORTS 103( uailcrlMik Slew Lennox scrambles for yardage. I-irr Hawkey looks for some running room against Millersville s New Look in action Carl Borst is tackled after making a gain for Millersville. Steve Lennox, quarterback, bunds oil to Mike Oilman. Bay Cargancs und friends meet the »p-| ouent head-on. Millersville ups the score with a hard-fought touchdown. S "! ?nJ . Vy,,Uil}SOnu ,,,,,,, ST"- S:,lUr" ShuU: B" 1 Tmslle. Chrfc ftne. Ji«. Too...... . IW Corry .IU. Joe Invin. SN’v.- li.tlfH h. Sc iti l ..Ik... ic..i|»i, «Uoi., Stov Colton. Sect ind Aou Will faun Kohler, coachf Joe Narkiewfcz, Ride Rbkie, Bill Hcnchdl B»l. Cowherd. Jon Henry. Tom obh,.Sieve Starr Sam Weaver. Joe Siangan. Bill Perkins, Reed. Joe Johnson, lav Morgan. ronMn, reach. I l,,o ow. Je,ry Alan.pi, CMrfi; Joe Marlow. George Trapp. Mike Krehnar. Ton. KluRh. Bert Wrrdt. IX nnv Wisniewski, I°ny IWrrich, Ralph Jordan. Sieve Carr. Ed Snyder. Tyrone Robinson. Dour Lvnm. Dick- Barlucanc carli Frosh finish an undefeated season This year the freshman team compiled a perfect 6-0 record. The coaching staff, headed by coach Kahler, and great team effort on the part of the entire team combined for the perfect season. The frosh Marauders lx gan the season h crushing Towson by 28-6. The other victories that followed were: Stevens Trade, 7-6; West Chester, 24-21; Shippensburg, 28-13: Kut town. 28-12; and in the final game of the season against Franklin and Marshall. 48-15. Quarterback Cerrv Nan. who directed the team to 23 touchdowns and 161 points, was onl one of the mam members of the team who blended into an efficient and powerful unit. Other outstanding memlrers of the team were Ralph Nelson, fullback; Doug Lyons, wingback; Tom Klugh and Steve Carr, guards; and defensive men Dave Caecamo, Joe Narkiewicz, Steve lledrich. and bill Merschell. This year’s team was the result of the recruiting drive put on by the athletic department. With this fine team returning next year, the outlook for the 1972 football season looks bright. OPPONENTS Towson Stevens Trade West Chester Shippensburg Kut town Franklin and Marshall Ralph Nelson is tackled after mu Marauders as Ralph Jordon tries t Fr -shii»un Rriddcrs are tough! Ralph Nelson is finally stopped by two op| osing tackles.Kneeling: John Arnold. Mike Harr, Tony Papadimitriou, Larry McKenna. Cone SleiTy, Drake Maneuso, co-captain; Keith Brighthill. to-ai Hain; Bmce Marino, jnn Witters, Scott Lcathorinaii, Cary Stone. Teel Goropoulm. S aiuling: Wayne KassclMihm. manager; Hola-rt Charles, axmtant coach; Dave Adams. Phil Young, Paul Thomas Mike Mumper, Craig llorowit , Dave Soroka, ('arson Frost, Pete Hamho, Andy Crcenuwalt, Boh Hurst, Albert Woolley, coach. Bootcrs better last year’s record Under couch Albert Woolley this years soccer team posted its best season in recent years, Behind the scoring of Keith Brightbill, the Iwoters overcame a mid-season lull and went on to compete in the finals of the State College Championship. Millersville beat Sbippensbtng on corner kicks after battling to a 0-0 tie. Millersville then had to settle for second place after losing to Lock Haven 1-0. The team ended the season with a 7-7-2 record. With the nucleus of the team returning, next year’s team should be better than ever. Tony Papadimitriou practices hall control in a game against Salisbury. Drake Maneuso, Mike Muiii|mt, and Tony Papadimitriou battle the alumni in the opening game of tin season. Drake Mancuso uses a defensive play against Villanovn. joir Arnold stems an attack toward the Marauder goal. Tony l'apadimitrioi! executes u pass during the Alumni-Varsity game. OPPONENTS Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science Lincoln University Villanova Shippenshtirg Frosthnrg Salisbury Paterson York Messiah I.oek Haven Towson East Stroudsburg Glassboro Tony Papadimitrioti makes another attempt to take the hall away from his opponent.FiM How: Run Trcxlcr, John Kuntz, Bill Weigel, Dan Venn. Vunce Miller. Dave Davis. Second How: Barry Adams. Paul Clark. Dave Martin, Mick Horner, Daw McCracken, Mike Panarella, Hick Vivaldi, Chuck Brewer. Third How: William Kahler, coach; Andy Prinierano, Curt llemoiseu. Jim Fusehing. Denny Coffinberger, Joe Jactjuin, Roger Shaeffcr, Marty Barger. Eric Sweigart. Mike Fedelc. Jim Zoschg, Larry Jones. Jerry Swope, coach. Grapplers compile winning season This year a young Millersvillc wrestling squad posted a winning season of 11-10-1. Under new head coach Jerry Swope, the team learned new moves and tactics to he used in future matches. This was a season of building to get the team acquainted with coach Swope- and his ideas on wrestling. During the year the team was paced by three outstanding wrestlers. These men were Mike Panarella. Dave Martin, and Dave McCracken. They had outstanding records and their experience will be a valuable asset to the team next year. Playing a season almost twice the length of last year's schedule, the team had to face new, strong, and exciting teams. Traveling to Illinois the team was matched against Notre Dame. Drake, and Cincinnati. Winning the first match against Notre Dame, they lost to the other two teams. With the entire squad returning for the next season. Millersvillc should compile one of the greatest seasons in the history of the school. Mick Homer takes control of In's opponent. I Barney McCracken works for the pin. OPPONENTS Kutztown Bloomsburg Slippery Hock Notre Dame Grove City Cincinnati Bainbridge Stevens Trade Howard University Shippcnsburg Elizabethtown Messiah Mansfield Glouchester Glnssboro Towson Trenton State York West C Chester Morgan East Stroudsburg  •'» » How: D.«v«- Smith, aut U.nt coach-. Sunny Eline, manager; Ruluml l)cllart. coach; John Martin, manager; J.-fF Gain-her, coach Second How: Dick McKim, Mike Phillips, John Shinkus, Mike Kamen, Ernie L-ivvo. Butch Cleaver. Joe Armstrong. Don Long, Andre Lewis, Steve Powell, Larry Jones. Hay Janifer. Cagers post a winning season This vear Ilu Millersville basketball team finished the season with a 7-7 conference record and a 11-9 overall record. Although this season’s record did not meet the expectations of the fans, the Marauders had to face the toughest teams in tli state conference. Teams representing Mansfield, East Stroudsburg, and Cheyney had their best teams in recent years. butch Cleaver, Ernie Lowe, and Joe Ann-stioug ended their college careers this season. These three men have prov ided Miliersville with its scoring punch and strength under the basket, butch Cleaver placed second in the conference scoring race. s the season came to a close, so did the long career of Brooks Hall. The Marauders gave brooks a thrilling closing as they defeated West Chester in overt me 100-93 in the last home game of the season. Next year the team will have a new court to play on and. with the majority of the cagers returning, an exciting season is in store lor everyone.Butch Cleaver leaps to block an opponent's shot. OPPONENTS Mansfield American University Shippensburg Kntztown Elizabethtown Messiah Bloomshurg Southampton Wilmington West Chester Towson Southeastern East Stroudsburg Glasshoro Cheyney Rider Lycoming Boh Graeff assists with a reI ound. Steve Powell scores a dr layup against Kutztown. Ernie I-owe shoots (or two points against Hi ler College during the first Earle M. Hite. |r. Memorial Baskctlrall Tournament in Brooks Hall. Butch Cleaver drives lor a Bucket against Rider Colle"e in tile finals of the Earle Hite Tournament.Kneeling: T«n IInsvryluk, manager; Hick Fischer, Dick Troxcjl. John Kurtz. Hoi Moriow, Todd Harvey, Ed Ihddeiium. Doug Callao, Tom Foster, mmnager. Standing. Dave Smith. «.wistant coach; Vie Webb, Km Bnwu Boh Kurtz, Barry Stock John Crcco, Bruce Ludwig, Caul Smartch.m, Jeff Camber, coach. Freshmen finish an impressive season OPPONENTS Mansfield Shippensburg Kiilztown Elizabethtown Messiah Bloomsburg (Solely Bcacom Stevens Trade West Chester Towson East Stroudsburg Brandywine Junior College Clieynev Many times the freshmen are the unsung heroes of the basketball court. However, it should be noted that the freshmen in the spotlight will someday fill tile vacancies on the varsity squad. Ball control and skill wore given attention this year to help the team gain tin skills needed to play varsity basketball. Next year wr hope to be seeing some members of this year's Iresliman squad on the varsits squad. Dir k Trowll score', two points over tin outstretched bauds of his opponent li up the Ikthy Marauder tally. 112 SHORTSI'rout Unii Cindy Hull. Terry Cumin, Carol 1-Vilor, Linda Moudr, Hut Hinkle. Srionel How: Donna Johnson. Teresa Watts, .Sm- Van Rcmler, Barb Waltman, Linda Krciser. Third How: Marjorie Trout, coach; Kathy Green, Janice Kdens, Marilyn Owns, Sue Kile. Linda Meade attempts a shot as Linda Krciser moves to position herself for a possible rebound. Female cagers continue winning ways OPPONENTS Delaware Susquehanna Shippcnsburg Albright Penn State Elizabethtown Messiah Muhlenberg West Chester Gettysburg I ,ehanon Valley Middle Atlantic DOWS Regional Women’s Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament Ending the season with a record of nine wins and three losses, the women s basketball team completed another winning season. The season was characterized by hard work, skill, and determination, in recognition of tin- teams fine efforts the girls were invited to participate in the Middle Atlantic DGWS Women's Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament which was held at the University of Delaware. The team placed fifth out of sixteen teams losing only to West Chester. SPORTS 113■ Kneeling: Frank Jablonski, Da sc bobbins. Paul Ik-idcnuui, Mike Girvcll. Srrom Rote: Jim bouzer, Jim Lose, Gary Shelly. Dan Wilkins, Dan Graybltl, Larry McKenna, bolx'rt Norris, coach. Third Row: Jim Jones, Dennis Gassert, Tom Best, Chris Heine, Jim Ellis, manager; Darryl Rock, diving coach. Mermen complete rebuilding season The past swimming season, although not the most impressive, did produce some fine swimmers that will be beneficial to future teams. This year seems to have been a rebuilding year for the team under new head coach Robert Norris. At the state college meet tire mermen placed seventh out of nine teams. Individual members of the team placed higher in their respective events. Placing high for Millersville at the state meet were Jim Love, sixth place in two events; Dan Wilkins, a fourth and fifth place; Dan Wilkins, Frank jablonski, Mike Carvel!, and Paul Rcidcmun. placed filth in the 400 mcdlev relay. 114 SPORTSFrank Jahlonski and Gary Sltclly stand ready for the gun. Individuals place at state meet OPPONENTS Elizabethtown Towson Bloomsburg West (.'Hester East Stroudsburg Clarion Kut town Lock Haven California State College Championships Chris Heine takes off from the block as he begins his leg of the 410 yard medley relay.Front Hon: Gene Wiw, coach; Stacey Fink. Sieve Lennox, Pete Rohall. Dennis Rcdcay, Dave Kasc, Mike NIcKonly, Jnlm Schleyvr, Harry Stigclman. coach. Second Rote; Ed Shannon. Eugene Stelly, Kirk Berger, John Kurtz, Paul Pintarch. Bill Castor. Larry Jones, Bill Shuver, Ed Ludwig. Third Row: Joe Lombardi. John Som-fclt, Bill Rolhweiler. Ru hard Benkovic, Joe Jcrrctus, Mike Thompson, Paul Cawley, Lee Morgan. Randy Wehrey. Fourth Row: Gerry Foltz, Barry Wisniewski, Tom Arena. Boh Miller, George Carmichael, Scott Mcgargie, Jack Krosug. Scott Lefko. Clarence Shuler. Diamondmcn look for successful season Coach Wise is very optimistic about the baseball season this year. He hopes to improve the 7-6 record of last season. Hopes of a more successful season hinge on the ability and determination of the new team memlx-rs. How well these men can work together will determine the outcome of the season. The strength of this year’s team will rely on the pitching staff. Many of the pitchers are returning letter-men and their experience should win games along with the fielding and hitting ability of the other team members. The action is at home plate as Mansfield trio to get a man on haw. 116 | SPORTSJoint Sherry attempts to prevent a hit. OPPONENTS Shenandoah Lincoln East Stroudsburg Messiah Bloomsburg Shippensburg Mansfield Kut .town York Elizabethtown Lock Haven A Millersville fir .t baseman attempts to prevent any mnners on base.First Row: Bob Kurtz, Dean Cinrich, Ed Kills, loc Catania, Bob Girvin, Bob Brown, Karl Bivans, Marty Bums. Ed Korcakcr, Bob Mull. Sccotul ftou l-irry Warsliawsky, coach. Joseph Donolli. coach; John Miller. Jeff Bradley, George Riller, Mark Slrijre, John Green. T«mi Maynes, Jell Vermuth. Wayne Gellz. Third Row: Bichard French . coach. Eugene Erilz, coach; Jolui Walt, Jim Kelley. Jack Kravnak. Rob Kitk, Scott Wagner, Vince Sakovich. Dominick Fagniello. Ernie Sivak. Fourth How: Bill Smith. Rick Sjx-cr, Craig Thompson, Tom Eekcr. Dennis Hollingsworth. Dave I-augford. Mike Skidmore, Ed Keener, Bob Heist. Bill Crillitli. Cindermen strive for third straight state championship This year the cindermen will be out to win their third consecutive state championship. With a good core of veterans returning and an excellent group of first year men on the team, the 1971 track team should be a strong challenger. The tri-captains, Bob Girvin. Bob Brown, and Karl Bivans will lead the team through this year’s season. Karl Bivans will participate in the field events while Boh Brown and Boh Girvin will participate in the running events ineluding the two mile run and the half mile events. With the start of the season on April 1, the Marauders will have a rough season ahead of them. The experience of the veterans and the potential of new team members will determine the fate of this year's team. Ray Janifcr attempts to clear tlic bar in (be high jump comjH-tition against Mansfield. John Miller adds jxiints to tlic Millcrwillc score as lie jwrtKij'atcs in tho running broad jump.Cliff El I in hand tl c baton to Marty Hums in tlu: last leg of the ISO relay. John Miller seems to be falling Iwtekwards as he completes his turn during the running broad jump competition. Trackmen face stiff competition OPPONENTS Bloomsbtirg Lincoln Lock I laven Shippensburg Kutztown Trenton Penn Helays Mansfield East Stroudsburg Cedar Cliff Helays Towson Pennsylvania State (College Championships Cliff Ellis leads all COmjxtitors during the high hurdles event.■ Kneeling: Jim Ilarhison, Tony Uuzxn, Steve Pemiiiittloo, Boll Sham, Boh Slnihlo. Slainlln : Juy Wltnief, axiisiani nnuli. Denny Fin-stone, (!f«J Crider, Stew- Shields, Humid Kush, Flunk Scnvvnit , Srotl l.cuthermun. Jim Cuivm. Hurry QiiliHp , Don Sachs. l)»vr Kolduns. Terry Bilker, l)r. Kuymnml Runkle, coach. Underclassmen to determine netters' success kiil .town Classbnro Lincoln Towmiii liloomsburg Lock Haven OPPONENTS Last Stroudsburg Mansfield Slii|i| c‘iisl urg Montgomery Community t '.ollcgc Elizabethtown West (Chester Tom K 'Inei completes u IwuLhuml lelmn ihiimi his mulch. Jus Witmer returns u seise front his opponent. This year's tennis team sees much work ahead of itself. Having lost four of six starting players from the 1970 squad, the Marauders will base a lough time equalling the record of previous teams. If the underclassmen develop quickly, the 1971 squad could haven very interesting season.Female nctters work for winning season lllioUgh the tram will be living l overcome tin hot so impressive seasons ol the past lew years, the coaches are optimistic that this will ! «• the year to produce an impressive record. Hard work l both individuals and the team can only change a had record. With the c | ericncc ol the returning lettcimen and new underclassmen the co-eds should lace an interesting season. I'nml linn: Sharon Mllhi, Caiml Keller. C’ehliie Humdl. |udv Zondt. Second Hate: Joan StHuluinll, Hounli- lliimia, Shan l.mulK. |i'uiiiu- PrlMMili. OPPONENTS Eli ahetlitown Dickinson Muhlenberg I .ock I laveu Lock Haven Susquehanna Shippcnsburg Sue Blrsnrr moves to return a vivo from hei opponent.Many veterans return to the lacrosse team One of the most well rounded sports : t Millersvill • this year was the lacrosse team. Many girls returned from last year’s squad, and with the addition ol several new members, the team was extremely well balanced. The girls had both a good scoring ability and a sound defense, which led them to a successful season. OPPONENTS Wilson University of Delaware Goucher Senior Linda Me dc. number 13. Montgomery County springs for tin- ball. Community College Center Carol Reese attempts to keep the ball in play. I' Row: Sherilyn Diller. Susan Kile, Linda Meade, Peggy Lykens. Second How: L y n n Miller. Sue VniiRensler, Rachel Wywadis, Sandy Klawans, Marjorie Trout, coach.Front Roh.- Craig Miller, Pcnry Aniloff, Dennis Brown, J o h n Coulson, John Hell, Tom Rcrmiug-cr. Second Row: Dalton Smart. conch; Bill Xicklcs, Jeff Johnston, George Wini-land, Dave Brown, Jerry llnttmger, Brooke Shoffer. Third Hou John Hevston, Mike Grim, Bruce Eckert, Tirn Miller. Tom Slierk. George Tatar. Linksnicn look for winning season There seems to be something different about the 1971 golf team. Possibly it could be that a new coach. Mr. Dalton Smart, is in charge this year. Probably a better answer is that there are more men participating in the sport this year. With a new coach, more players, and an increasing interest in the sport it is hoped that the team will be able to improve upon last year’s record of five wins and eight losses. James Bogan lines ti| a putt. OPPONENTS Shippensbnrg Kutztown Wilkes Glassboro Lock Haven Bloomsburg East Stroudsburg Mansfield Elizabethtown State College ChampionshipsVARSITY CHEERLEADERS—Diane Hartman. Cheryl Davis, Bonnie Witmer. Samly Itolzinger, Jane Keck, co-captain; Brenda Buch, co-captain; Beth Wallers. Barb lleenan, Kozy VVidder, Kiki Kuzovich. Spirited cheerleaders support Marauder athletics During » loot!).ill game, a wrestling match, or a basketball game, these high spirited girls can Ik heard over the roar of the crowd. The cheerleaders work just as hard as any athletic team in order to coordinate their actions in their cheers. During the f K thal! and basketball season, the girls practice almost every night, continuoush trying to improve the squad. Their cheers impart enthusiasm in the fans and. even more important, to the team members themselves. Even though the girls had to provide their own trnnsjx rtation to the away games, they attended ever)' game to encourage the teams. The girls' desire to involve more of the student body Ims most certainly contributed to making the past seasons more exciting. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS—Mary llnlter, Sue Dtul inski. Karen Vanncxv Donna Dingle, Karen Cainpltell. Second Row: Gloria Saundt. co-ca Main; Kathy Sides, Darlene Camber, Donna Mayer, co-captain. 121 SW HTSUnderclassmen • • l-ois Mossier, |im Love, Lurry Sostia, line Bakow, Cliff Prescott, Sue Bruner and Santa make Christmas conic to life for all at the Crippled Children's Home. Freshman Barb Gallagher, Barbie Lutzovs and Paulette Stella curtsy to upperclassmen Dave llartman and Ted Buwanko. Shirley Squibb finds that looking in tire bathroom mirror early in the morning can bring a few surprises. We find, outside of Causer Library, that the elevation of Mil-lerville is 333 feet above sea level.Sopliomore class officers are, from lop to Irottom. Burry Wisniewski. treasurer; Colleen Pauley, vice president: Mike Wallace. president: Sue Cleaver, secretary: and Tom Barhclla, historian. Cheryl Wurisclie licats a friend by several tricycle lengths in a race at the Spring Fling Carnival. Jim Ellis and Kathy riano cast tli -ir votes for sophomore class officers while fellow classmates wail in line. Unify And . . . Students sit in Gordiuicr lobby listening to " Persuasion." sponsored by the sophomore class.Sunbathing on the hill Itchind Gilbert is a favorite way to spend « sunny afternoon. Roberta Raymond searches for some friends at the Homecoming Day football game. ■rat June Ciutmlmrlain studies in Ganser Library.Grow Freshmen look over their Regs kits after them in the Tl'B. Making a steady base for the Freshman Class are Ennis Manns, vice president; Holly St.unhaugh, secretary, and Larry Mark, president. On top are Linda Kreiser. treasurer. and Sue Anderson, historian. Missing is Karen l)i Priina. corresponding secretary. The first snowfall was sinull. hut Mike Osborne, Don Conker, and Sue I’ressler inanaged to scape up enough to make a snowman.Lynn Frank .spends un afternoon making sketches of the campus landscape for an art class. Frank Jahlonski. Paul Bcideman, Cary Shelley, Have Bobbins mul Dan Wilkins jog around Brooks Field before swim team practice.Together . . . Kris Krebs hesitates .it the water fountain in Hull Hall dimin' the water contamination scare. ALL WflltK is CQNrr tntNfllfci? Hisis ffflJSM11 Even though it's winter, the Junior class officers think spring. Shown above are. foreground: Jim Miller, treasurer; Diane Hartman, vice president and background: Sue Bruner, historian: Nancy Schlouch. secretary; Jim Siglin, president. Judy Zendt helps students fill out their forms to obtain a gift | ac. '•WAs One . . . Chuck Ludvig and Ceorgene May lake full advantage of the mistletoe in Landes lobby. Kuthv Holden, Brendoc Prowell anil Marilyn Suriani discuss campus politic-son the way to class.EMIGRE SENIORSSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Li ft tr right: Ruth Ann Brumfield, president; Peter Roliull, vice president; Karen Tompos, secretary; Edward Colka, treasurer; Murcia Rex Weiss, historian; Mr. Albert J. Wooley. adviser. RONNIE LEE ACKER York, Pa. Elementary—May Intrnjuural . CYNTRA BERDEI.l. ADAMS I-ilitz, I'a. Elementary—Stay ACES. htrtoriiin; IVCF; PSRAj Women' Chonu. DIANE RAM ALEXANDER Carlisle, Pa, Elementary—Stay Delta Phi E|l| Sigma Phi Delta, parliamentarian; Student Senate. iccrrtory; Women' Community AtttciatiOn, secretary. ROBIN LYNN ALEXANDER Kirkwood, Pa. Elementary—Stay Canmia Sigma Al|dia; hitrainuial Committee; Student Guide. RUTH ANNETTE ALTIIOUSE Mohiiton, Pa. Secondary—Stay Englhh Club; Intramural Committee; IVCF; Omega Theta Sigma, vice president; Snapper; Pidd Hockey; Tennis; ltaikethall; WMSH lludio Club, cainpu new director; Women’ Vanity Club. CYNTHIA LOUISE AMES Paradise. Pa. Elementary—Stay ACPI; Gamma Sigma Alpha; PSEA; Women' Chorus COLETTE P, ANDERSON Khetitlmrg. Pa. Art—Stay KATHLEEN MAE ANDERSON Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—Stay College Community Orchestra: String Ensemble. RICHARD WILLIAM ANDERSON. JR. Hiiltimore. Md. Iniluitrial Arts—Stay IA Society; Pi Delta Epiilon. president; WMSH Radio Club, new director, business manager, sales director. CAROLYN JANE ANDES Harrisburg, Pa, Elementary—May Band; CKC. Glen rronek Andrews ilradiug. Pa. Elementary—May D. JACQUELYNE ANSPACH |Miit, Pa. P. S. .Y,—Augurt SENIORS | 133JOSEPH KENNEDY ARMSTRONG liarritburg. Pa. Secondary—Slay Intramural ; Student OiftniMlini for Sairly. KATHY J. ASIIBY Eancaitrr. Pa. Elementary—Slay Folk Dancing Club. PSEA; Snapper. Social Strnher Club; Student Cuidr; Young Republican Club. SHIRLEY MAY ATKNIESE I_»tw j»lri. I'a. Elementary—May RALPH II. AUMENT. JR. Millrtavillr. Pa. Indurtrtal Artr—May DKI.MAR W. BACIIERT Drlano, Pa. Sceotulary—May Hniilinl Men' AMOclalion, Sigma Eptibm Beta, Ski Club Spring Grove. Pa. C. ELIZABETH BAIR Secondary—January FRANK ANGELO BAKER Aitch. Pa. ELtnrnlary—May Wrcttllng. Tan Giuuma Candida, ROBERT BENNETT BALDINO N'otwonl, Pa. Liberal Art —January Intramural CoinmUtrr, vice president; Mu Alpha Kappa. president, vice |irnl-dent. Vanity Wrestling; Student Orgnm .atlon lor Safety. NANCY SADLER BALDWIN C.irlitlr, Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha; PSEA. JERRY L. BALMER Akron, Pa. Induitruil Art —May IA Society. MARY CATHERINE BALMER Elirabrthtmvn, Pa. Library Science —May Alpha Beta Alpha; Delta Phi Eta BRENDA KAY BALTHASKR Shocmakenville. Pa. Secondary—May Intramural Committer; I til Candida Sigma, Student ' Sociology Organ! xation. iccretary. 134 SENIORS JOHN MORRIS BANKS lluninK-btotin. Pa, Secondary—May Sport CYNTHIA RUTH BARD lamcader. Pa. Secondary--May PSEA; Sp.ini b Club. Xrnophilc Society. UncMtrr, Pa. ANNA MARIE BARE Secondary—Slay M A RYAN N E BA RIIIOLOM AY Ccvittown, Pa. Elementary—May CEC. Orientatiiin Committee, uerctary, Student Guide. CARINA CATHERINE BARTOLl Call ole. Pa. Art—Augur t MIKE BARTON Lrvittown, Pa. Secondary—Slay Intramural .DONNA LOUISE BATES Clcmhlo. Pa. Art—Augurl Alpha P i Omtga. trr.uurrr; Collar Choir. Camput Mutual; One Mon Than Nine. JEFFREY DELL BATES Upper Darby, Pa. Secondary—May Social Stuilu - Club, Irr.uurcr. Spamih Club; Xenophile Society, prrfhlrnt. MARY CATHERINE BAT Krbanon, P«. Elementary—May Gamma Sigma Alpha, vice pmidrot. Newman Club. PSEA. LOUISE A. BAUER Beehtrltvillr. Pa. Delta Phi Kia. PSEA. ANNE BECK Mycrutown. Pa. Delta llii Eta; Priority. E. RANDAL BECK Loganvillc, Pa. Llcmentany—Miry Secondary -May Liberal Art —May JEANETTE A. BECK Rmrmont, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; Student Hrlationt Board, secretary. Wtotliog Belle . II. SUZANNE BEECROFT Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—Align ACKI. PAUL STEWART BEIDEMAN West Cherter. Pa. Secondary—Moy Baxter Geographic Club. Omkron Gamma Omega, hiitorian; Swimming; Student Union Board. KIMBERLY ANN BEITZEL Lancattrr, Pa. Art—Auguil CitAmard Club; I’SKA. Student Guide. JAMES C. BELSEH Lancattrr, Pa. Induxtrial Arti—January IA Honor Society. CYNTIIIA J. BENEDICT Lancattcr, Pa. Elementary—Align it CEC. RUSSELL ALBERT BENFER Wattontuwn, Pa. Induttrud Art —May Alpha Phi Omega. Neuman Club, treasurer. INGRID CAROL BENJAMIN McAduu, Pa. Secondary—May Dolphin ('bib. Sigma Phi Delta, Student Guide; Student Senate. Touch tone, atuitiint (acult) editor; Women' Conimunity Attoc tattoo; Xenopliile Society. JOHN NOLT BENNER Lititr. Pa. Liberal Art —January HENRY MICHAEL BKRABDI. JH. Caafrtvtllr, P». Secondary—May Sp.mith Club; Xenophile Society. DONNA MARIE BERDINER Columbia, Pa. Secondary— nonary PSEA. SHELDON J. BERGMAN Denver, Pa. Liberal Arte—May Hrttdrat Men' Auocialian; Krrthman Bate ball; Varaity Golf. SENIORS 135JAMES B. BERCMANN Tullytuwn, Pa. Secondary—Afiry Intramural . ELLEN KAY BKKK Klmlii iton. Pa. Elementary—May ACRI. trriMurrr; Phi Lambda Sigma. WILLIAM W. BERK Orwtgitsurg, Pa. Induttrial Am—May IA Society. CAROL S. BERNHARD Hciymtinvn, Pa. See mdary—May EnglUh Club; PSEA; Sicilia llii Omtgii. LINDA D. BERNHARD Pottituwii, Pa. Elementary—May ACRI; PI Delta Eptilon, treanirer; PSEA; Snapper, feature editor; Student Guide. LARRY CORDON BERNHARDT Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—May Bridge Gluts; IVCK; Roddy Scientific Society RUTH LOUISE BERTOLET Wycombe, Pa. Elementary-—May ACRI; CKC. ANNE M. BEST York, Pa. Ulwral Att»—May in'I'liiN Society. IIAHBY MANCIL BEST West Oiestrr. Pa. ladutltfal Arts—May IA Society, secretary. RICHARD LEO BITZER l uscasltr. Pa. Liberal Arts — August « Glub; Phi Sigma Pi; HcimIciiI Men' A coses atom; WMSR KihIms Club. BARBARA JEAN BLEACHER LancaMer. Pa. Elementary—May Kappa Alisha Tan: Women" Community Aceoeiatiiui. SUSAN KAY BLOSSER llairiduirg. Pa. Secondary—May Delta Phi Eta. PSEA. Women' Chorut; Xeoojsliile Society. SUSAN RENIAI.Y BOLLINCER Miller ille, Pa. Elrmrntary—.Way Academic Committer; Delta Phi Eta. Student Guide. EVELYN JANE BOMBERCER Palmyra. Pa. Elementary—May Intramural Gommittcc, Lutheran Student Amnciatkm; I’hs l.amlul.i Sigma, recorder. PSEA; Basketball, Student Guide, WMSK Kadio Cluh. JOLANE BOOMIIOWER filter Park. N. Y. II, mentary—May PSEA. JUNE ANN BORDEN Ridley Park. Pa. Elementary—May Kappa Phi Epsilon; I "SEA. Women’ Chora . CONNIE L. BORTZKIELD LanCMter. Pa. Elementary—May Delta Phi Eta; PSEA; Student Guide; Women' Chum . Women' Day Stu-ileist AttocUtiun. ROBERT I). BORZ.OK Trenton. .V. J. industrial Art —May IA Society. Rod ami Gun Cluh. 136 SENIORSLancaster, Pa. CECj PSEA. MICNON F.. BOWMAN Elrmcntory—May JAMES PATRICK BOYLE Pittsburgh. Pa. Secondary-May Alpha Phi Onw( ; N'rnman (Hull. PSEA, Hrtidrat Mtn’i Association; SlM-drnl Guide; Xenophile Society, Vice president; Classics Club, president. CAROL K. BRKDTHAUER Lititx. Pa. Elementary— anunry College Choir. College Community Orchestra; Zeta Gamma Ptii. historian. M I A I N WAYNE BRKFFITT VrW Britain, Pa. Elementary—May Band; Cadlegc Community Otchrstra. One More Tlian Nine; Ssrimining. JOANNE MAE I)REINEll Giro Mill . Pa. I.ilmry Science—May IVCF, ucnitiy, JAY CHARLES BRENKMAN Conestoga. Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Phi Omega, president; 1960 Homecoming Committee, chairman. LYMAN RICHARD BRENNER Wilmington. Delaware Ulrrral Arft—May Alpha Phi Omega, vice president, corm|ximlmg secretary; Band; Campus MuilML WILLIAM STEPHEN RRESALIER Wantagh, N. Y. Iniiwiliiiil A tit—May JEANNE RENATA BREWER Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Art —August English Chili. Vice premlenl, Young Rrpolilkati Chib, vice pteildmi. LINDA CHERYL BREWER Utitr. Pa. Liberal Art.—Slav LINDA JOANNE BHKWTON Lanulownc. Pa. Liberal Aril—Moy Chriiltan Science Oigaul alion. pretidenl, ucretory-treasurer, English Chib; Venture Club; Women's Community Association; Xenophile Society. JOHN HENRY BRICKER III WomtnviUe, Pa. Secondary—May Baml; Omni vice president; Intramural Committee. Soccer; Baieball, manager. H.nki tball. manager; Tau Cainma Lambda, alumni aecrrtary. NANCY LEE BRICKER l mciutrr. Pa. Secondary—May Delia Phi Eta. Women Day Student Anociatuai MICHAEL KENNETH BRICKNER York. Pa. Elementary—May Alpha Phi Omega, corresponding secretary, vice president; ACKI; Baml; Student Guide. KEITH ALAN BRIGHTBILL Mmmt Joy. Pj. Elrmcntory—Moy Mrn'l Varsity Club; Phi Sigma Pi. Soccer, css-captain; Track. Studrut Guide. THOMAS C. BRINKMAN Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May Scranton, Pa. PSEA. THOMAS HENRY BROGAN SrconJan —May RUTH ANN BROMFIELD Lewlthurg, Pn. Elementary—May Clais hiitoriani Class pirsklenl. Dorm president, Ka| pa Ptii E|nihm; Meth-ndist Student Mtivement; PI Delta Epsilon, tccretary. Student Senate; Worn-m’s Chorust Women Community Association, pnsidrnt; Block and Gold, editor. SENIORS | 137EILEEN A BROSSMAN Kplirat.i. I . Liberal Art —January Kappa Phi Kptilon, l(Mliim; Women’ Cbonn. DENNIS 8. BROWN Coudenpoit, Pa. Liberal Art —May Battler Geological Club; Veteran Club. ROBERT THOMAS BROWN. JR. Millrrivillc, Pa. Secondary—May Men' Vanity Club; PSEA; Snapper; Track; Croc Country, co-captain. SHELLEY ELIZABETH BROWN IfiiUlplburg. S'. J, Elementary—May AGEI; Mclhaditl Stmlrnt Movement. W.MSH Radio Club. CAROI.ENE BRUBAKER l.niiiaiter. Pa. Elementary—January ACKI; CKC. IVCF; Menm.rute Stmlrnt KelluttMtip; PSEA; Student Guide. LYNNE ELAINE BRUBAKER Coatctville, Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha. BARBARA ANN BUEIILER Broomall, Pa. Secondary—Jantmry Project Gable. KATHLEEN LOUISE BUEEINCTON Dauphin. Pn. Liberal Art —May Delta I'hi Eta. Cullurat Affair Committer; Project Guide; Stmlrnt Guide. Student ’ Sociology Organization, secretary; Student AdvUory Committee MARJORIE AURICK BURGER Rohmtown, Pa. Elrmenlan —May RALMA CHRISTINE BURKHART Ship| eTi l«irg, Pa. Secondary—Miry Americnu Climilc.d Society, tecrrtaiy, vice pirtident. Delta Pbi Eta. Intramural ; Sigma Pld Omega, vice prrtidrnt. SHARON L. BURNS Richbnro, Pa. Efemcnfary—May ACKI. Pill laimMa Sigma; PSEA. Dalla tov n. Pa, BARBARA ANN CALLAHAN Secondary—Augrnf RONALD JAMES CALLEN Paiktide, Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Chib. LYNN CASSELBERRY Ambition, Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha; Xenophtlr Society. NANCY JANE CERVINO Willow Grove. Pa, Secondary—May Dolphin Club, trranurr, president; Kappa Pld KjKilno. pmident; Newman Club; Student Guide. THOMAS RAY CLAUSEN Litit . I'a. Elementary—May Community Men' A ocfatirm; Economic Clob; International Folk Dancing Club, PSEA. Frechman Raskrthall; Student Guide. WELLINGTON II. CLEAVER. JR. l mcatter. Pa. Elementary—May Batkcthull, captain. HARRY KEITH CLEMENS 138 | SENIORS liaileytville. Pa Mu Alpha Kappa. Elementary—MayMICHAEL SCOTT CLEMENS Manchester, Pa. Elementary—May Freshman Gutf; Intramural . J. GREGORY COI.AHAN l-uisdnsvne, I'a. Liberal Art —May Alpha Sigma Oil; IFC; Mu Knppa Mu; PfMhnun Basketball; Student Guide, WMSK Uadi.. Chib. SUSAN LYNN COLLINS Kpfcrata. Pa. Secondary—January Circle K Club; English Club; S.tapper. DENNY CON LON Roaring Spring. Pa. Library Science'—May Snapper; Football; Ban-hall; Track. DEBORAH MARIE COOPER Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Arte—May Black Students Association. secretary; Project Guide, vice president. ROCCO ANTHONY COSTABILE Harrisburg, Pa. Lilreral ArU—May I’rychology Club; Wtrslling. ELISABETH RUTH CRAMER T'-m. Bivrr, N. J. Art—May ll-'C; Intramural ; Student Guide; ’ .eta Gamma Pld. president. KATHY JO CRAMER Lewhtnwu. l»a. Elementary—May Wrestling Ilelles. president. MARIE LOUISE CRESSMAN Allentown. Pa. Elementary—.May ACKI, Lntberau Student Association. I’hi Lamlnla Sigma; PSK.V. Xenophilo Society. SUZANNE C. CULL LrvittOWli. Pa. Elementary—January ACKI. ELLEN BARBARA CUMMINGS Scranton. Pa. Setandary—Augurt Intramural ; Newman Club; PSKA. SUSANNE BAIN CURTIS llonliain, Pa. Secondary—May Dolphin Club; kappa Della Pld; PSKA; Student Guide; Women's Chorus; Social Studies Club. KEITH STERLING DALIOUS Calawirta. Pa. Library Science—May Band; Student OrgJini .dlon for Safety. BETTY LOU DALLER Goat«vllle, Pa. Library Science—May Sigma I’hi Delta; Student Union Board. ALEX JOHN DANKANICH Allentown. Pa. Industrial Art —May Hud and Guo Club; Football. VICTOR J. DASCENZO Philadelphia, Pa. Liberal Arts—May Ncwmtui Club. CHERYL ANN DAVIS Croydon, Pn. Elementary—May Dorm Secretary .treasurer; Dorm president; Methodist Student Movement, vice president; PSKA; Sigma Plti Delta; Cherrle.uling, captain; Student Guide; Women's Chorus; Women’s Community Association, Womm'l Vanity Club; Pep Club. GLENN PAUL DAVIS Wilkei-Barre, Pa. Elementary—May Chess Club; Ncsvman Club; Rod and Gun Club. SENIORS | 139ROBERT DAVIS, JR. 1.1 he ml Aril —May UnMUff, Pa. Economics Club: Track. SCOTT W. DAVIS Pumiown. Pa. t rut in trial Artt—Au(iul Bam). Collrgc-Oiminm.ity Orchestra. Stagr Hand; Campus Musical. SUSAN ANN DAVIT Bryn Masvr. Pa. Elementary—May Lutheran Student Association; Phi Lambda Sigma; PSEA; Hockey and Basketball; Student Guide. WMSK Hadio Cluh. LINDA JACOBS DEAL Mllleriville. Pa. Liberal Arts- -.Mary itss-slc Club. Knluniulogy Club, treasurer, secretary; Methodist Student Movement; Phi l.iimlMla Sigina; Buddy Science Socirty, secretary, president. NANCY L. DEAN llarmbtirg. Pa. Secondary—May Band. Della Phi Kta. MiUersville Omimumty Orchestra. ANITA MARIE DEIBI.ER Millershurg. Pa. Elementary—January Band; Color guard, PSEA; S napps'r. ELAINE MARIK DFIBLER Kli alxthvdlr. Pa. Secondary—May M«. Kappa Mu. PSEA. MARLIN 0. DKITER Lykens, Pa. Liberal Artr—May I'hi Sigma Pi; Xrnophile Socutv. Kussiau Club. WILLIAM RAUL DEL COLLO King rf Prussia, Pa. Secondary—May PENELOPE SUE DELLINGER York. Pa. Secondary—May MARY ANN DIACONT Easton, Pa. Elementary—May PSEA; Wrestling Belles. DIANA MARIE DICK Delta. Pa. Elementary—May CARY REX DIF.FFENBACU Onshore. Pa. Secondary—May JOHN LEE DIEHL Fnutrnillr, Pa. Secondary—May I'hi Sigma Pi; Ski Club; Intramurals. ROBERT BRUCE DIETERLE Broomall. Pa. Secondary—May Wickets, sergrinl-at-arms. RUTH ANN DIETRICH Pen Aigyl. Pa. Elementary—May PSEA; Women's Chotur. DEBRA ANN DIETZ York. Pa. Library Science—January Sigma Phi Delta. Intramurals. Touchstone. activities editor. Black and Cold. DONALD JOSEPH DICIACINTO Quarryvllle. Pa. Secondary—May 140 I SENIORSLrviltiMn. I a. ALBERT JOSEPH 1)1 GIOVANNI Secondary—May DANIEL. J. 1)1 NAPOLI Philadelphia, fa. Elementary—May 5.1.1 Club; W.MSR Radio Club. DAVID DUANE DISK Prrkattr. fa. Indmtrial Art —May IA Honor Sockty, vice poddral; IA Socirty; 1VCF, treacnrer; Rod and Cum Club. IrMMuri. MARY EILEEN DOBKRSTKIN Yardlry. Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha. Newman Club. flu l-uoMa Sigma JANICE MARIE DOERRMAN Doylnlomi. fa. hdementary—May ACE I; Collage Choir, Madrigal Singm. DIANE L. DOM BACH Willow Street, fa. Liberal Art —Way llwlry. Women’ Day Sludrnl Auociation. Women’ Vanity Club; P»y-iIkiI«B' Club, tecrtrtary-Urauirer. RUTH R. DOMMEL Laucatlcr. fa. Literal Art —May Student Guide, Student ’ Sociology Organization. ANN CECILIA DONN Kingdom Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha, Women’ Community Attocialion. ELAINE RUTH DOVICO Wafiumttrr. fa. library Science—May Sigma Phi Delta, llixin, Women’ Vanity Club: II''C, lecrctaiy. MICHAEL E. DRIES Reading. fa. Seiondary —Miry Ba lrr Geology Club, Cla » vile prmident; Cannmitlee; Onlcriai Comma Omega, I EC Repretwnlatlve. Prop-ct Guide; Tenni . Stndrnt Guide, Student Senate. Student Union Board, IFC, vice prmidrnl, acting prevalent MICHAEL E. DRIVER Muncy, Pa. Secondary—May Harder Crolog Club, vice precident. ANNE DRUCKENMILLER Willlaimpuit, Pa, Libetal Art —Ian nary College Chmr Newman Club. BETSY ANN DUSAK Kuliev Park, fa. Liberal Art —May Women’ Cbmti . C. RANDALL EASTEP Shippcntburg, fa. Secondary—May Intramural , Eretbman Swimming Team. CEORCE ROBERT EBERLY Ephrata, fa. Secondary—May DONALD NATHAN EBRICHT l-emoyne, I’a. Liberal Art —May Wicker . AUDREY JUNE KCKMAN Lititr. Pa. Elementary—May Women’ Gammutuly Axiociation; Women’ Day Student A ociatton. KEITH A. EDLEMAN Kwrnioul. fa. Secondary—May Ftexhmau Football, Student Senate; PSASG executive durctoe. SENIORS | MlMARJORIE ANN!• K1KK Lcvlttown. IV Elementary—May Citamard Chib; Delta l')u Kla; Student Climb-. Women' Chann; KpUcopal Stmh-iit )lg.lm ,ltion. LYNNE ELLEN EISENIIART Yurdley, Pa. Elementary—May CKC; Delta Phi Kla. IVCK; Hockey. DAVID ALAN BI.1X N Doyleatuwn, Pa. Secondary—May CAROL ANN ELKO Litit . Pu. Elementary—May CKC,'. Newman Club; PSBA; Student Guide. M RCA RET SUSAN ELLIOTT PhoeiiixvUle, Pa. Elementary—May K»| |m Phi Kptiltm, IK rrpre enluli PSKA, Women’ Chortit; Pep Club; I PC. STEPHEN PAUL EMBER York, Pa. Liberal Artt—May Newman Club, vice prrridcnt; Student Guide. Student ’ Sociology Otgiuilxn-lion; Prlonty: Tribunal. RONALD ARTHUR EMERICK Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Phi Omega, 2nd vice president and hltlnrian. ROBERT E’XAMA Lum-attcr, Pa. Secondary—May ROY ALAN ERDMAN Ka t Peterihurg. Pa. Liberal Artt—May Commuting Men’ Auodnlina; International Folk Dancing Club. Student Guide. ROGER C. ERNEY Coopersbiug. Pa. Indurtrial Artt—January IA Society; Hod and Cun Club. LINDA LEE ESBENSIIADE Uncntn. Pa. Uberal Artt—May Band; Women’s Day Student Anociatum. GAIL ASEKATH ESHELMAN Broiling, Pa. LiberaI Artt—.Uay Delta Pin Kt«; Mu Kappa Mu, secretary anil president. Phi Lambda Sigma JOYCE ANN ESHLEMAN Peach Bottom. Pa. Elementary—January PSKA; Women’ Choni . SUSAN LOUISE ESHLEMAN Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—Auguit DOROTHY CHRISTINE EVANS Philadelphia, Pa. Secondary—May Citnmard Club; Communlcaticm Committee. Delta Phi Eta; English Club; KapjM Alpha Tau. recording secretary. Snapper; Student Guide. Student Senate, cm responding tecretary; Venture Club. Women’ Community A ociation; Academic Committee. National Student Hegitlry. LUCINDA ANN EVANS NeHivlIlr, Pa. Seronrfary—May SUSAN KAY EVANS New Cum I Ireland, Pa. Elementary—Library Science—May ACKI. IVCK; I’hi lambda Sigma. PSKA. LINDA G. FAKE Lebanon, Pa. Elementary—May 142 | SENIORSJAXKT RUTH FA I. VO ll.tinibuig. I‘i. CEC, Women’ CKonii. JOYCE ELAINE FARLEY Boothwyn. P . Elementary—May I’SKA; Zeto Comma 11.1. DIANE PATRICIA FARRELL Yoik, I’o. Elementary—Stay ACKI. CAROL ANN FEILER I loll wood. I’o. Elementary—Slay PSKA; Sigma Wu Omega, Imtorion, Women’ Vanity C.'luti, piciiilrnt; Boi-k tlioll. Tennii; Hoolu-y. CAROL ANN FELDMAN Levittown, I’o. Elementary—Stay ACKI. PSKA. eutreepooding lociiluy; Rbo Candida Phi. recording wot clary, WMSH Radio Club. IFC. CARL R. FETTERMAN. JR. Catowitu, Pa. Air -Align ir Artidocracy Club, PSKA. NORMA J. FETTEROLF Shomokin, Pa. Secondary—January Baslrikall. REBECCA JEAN FICURELLI Uncvnlrr, Po. Elementary—Stay ACKI. CEC, Newman Club; PSKA; Student Guide, 'heto Comma Pin. CHERYL LOUISE FISIIEL York llaven, Pa. Secondary—May American Chemical Society. Pi Delta Kptihm. I'SEA; WMSR Radio Club. Irm anil liuiinni manager. Women Chorui; Camjru, LESLIE LEE FISH EL UnCtltrr, Po. Liberal Art,—Slay Kappa Alpha Tan. »ecretary. JOHN CLENN FLAMISCH Wnccnville. Pa. Liberal Art,—Slay Newman Club; Xenophilc Society. LAWRENCE MATTHEW FOLLY Iain curler, Po. Secondary—Stay Alpha Phi Omega, irrgcant-at-ormi; American Chcmicul Society. Roddy Science Society; Ski Club. JEANETTE ANN FOOSE Loncuitrr. Po. Elementary -Slay Della Phi Eta. president; IVCF; Student Guide; Women' Day Student Auodation. RICHARD J. FORD Wilkra.Rarre. Pa. Secondary—Augutt EDWARD ROBERT FOREAKER Clenolden. Pa. Secondary—May PS BA; Track. JUDITH D. FORNEY Bait Pelervlmrg. Pa. Elementary—January ACKI. CEC; Women' Chorui, Regulation! Committee. DARRYL DEAN FORSYTHE Lancattrr. Po. Elementary—Stay Rand, llbroiion, College Choir. NANCY JO FOSTER MllknviUr. Pa. Art—May Aitiitocracv Chili. George St. Cnrrinol, «o-«rt editn ; National Art Education Allocution; Sigma phi Omega; Free University Committee. SENIORS M3RONALD JAMES FOY Elementary— urinary West Grove. Pa. Alpha Phi Omega, recording secretary; Student Guide. MICHAEL C. FllALICH Willmv Street, Pa. Secondary—May Commuting Men' Association, PSKA. PECCY LEE FRANK Lelnimm, S', J. Elementary—May ACER Dolphin dull, I’hI l..iml da Sigma, Women's Chorus. MARY ANN FREY Wysmiiuing. Pa. P. S. .V.—.May Women's Chorus. MARY JANE FREY Millt-tsviUe, Pa. Art—May Aristocracy Club; National Art education Auodalimi PSKA: Student Guide. NANCY E. FREY Lancaster, Po. Elementary—May CATHERINE DUFFY FRIES Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May Spanish Cluli. MARY D. FRIES Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May Sigma Phi Omega. DIANE LYNNE FRIT . Glen Mills. Pa. Elementary—May ACER LEG; International Polk Dancing Club; Venture Club, KATHLEEN MARIE FUIIRMAN York. Pa. Elementary—January Phi Lamhda Sigma; PSKA. Wilmington. Del. VELMA W. FULLER l.ihrary Science—May LESTER B. FULS Carlisle. Pa. Secondary—May Dorm Officer, Intramural Committee; IntromurnU; Student Organization (or Safety. RONALD L. FUNK Conestoga, I'a. Secondary—May American Chemical Society; Koslsly Science Society, vice president and historian. GWEN ALYCE FURNESS Pottsville, I'a. Elementary—May Kappa Hii Epsilon, corresponding secretary; Women's Chorus. SUSEN EVELYN CAFFEY Birchruns-ilic. Pa. Secondary—May English Club; Pi Delta Kpsilmi; PSEA; Snapper, associate editor; Studmt Guide. East Petersburg. Pa. CHARLES R. CAMBER IMieral Aril —January CYNTHIA ANN GARBER Akron, Pa. Secondary—January Kappa Alpha Tan. vice president, corresponding secretary. Varsity Cheerleader; Student Guide, Student Senate, junior class representative; Women's Community Association, vice president; Women's Varsity Club, secretary. CAROLYN ANN GARNER Ml SENIORS Red Lion. Pa. Secondary—MayUncatln, Pa. SHARON LEE GARNER Elementary—May MARIK ELISA .GARRETT Lunriitcr. Pa. Library Science—Slay Campus SUSAN ELAINE CEISELMAN York. Pa. Elementary—Slay ANTHONY LEO GEORGE Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Library Science—Slay Newman Club; Rod and Gun Club; Intramural ; Young Republican Club. GLORIA JEAN CERLITZKI Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—Stay Kappa Della Phi. treasurer. Women’s Day Student Association; Tribunal. Crrnsan Club; Intramural . SUZANNE GERNET Holland. Pa. Elementary—farmary College Choir; CEC; IK.Iphin Chib. SIIERRAN MARIE GERZ Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—.May Newman Club; I In Lambda Sigma. Student Guide; W.MSH Radio Club. CAR PIN SUE GEUSS Morrisville. I'a. Elementary—Stay DEBORAH LYNN GILBERT York. Pa. Secondary—Slay 'lu Kuppa Mu; PSEA; Women’ Chorut. HOLLY LYN GILES Heading, Pa. Elementary—May Omega Theta Sigma, recording secretary. PSEA; Student Guide. EDWARD MICHAEL GILLETTE Catasumpia, Pa. Economic Club; Football; Newman Club. Liberal Art —Slay DAVID L. CINDER MUIrrtvflle. I'a. Element a ry—August SANDRA JEAN GIPE Harrisburg, Pa. Lutheran Student Association; Mu Kappa Mu, Secondary—May JANET L. GIRVIN Lancaster, I'a. Elementary—August ROBERT H GIRVIN I.ancast r. I'a. T rock. In luttrial Art?—Slay York, Pa. MARGARETS I.EMKE GLADDING Liberal Arfi—January THOMAS ANDREW CLATFELTER Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—January Newman Club. PSEA; Students' Sociology Organization. treasurer. BONNIE LOU GLESSNER Chambcrsbnrg, Pa. Elementary—August ACEI; Delta Phi Eta. Inteinatuitial Folk Dancing Club; PSKA. SENIORS | 145CHARLES L. GEARHART I'lrtttvillr, Pa. Induitrial AtU—May IA Society. Lolbeian Student A ociatian; Knidmt Mrn't Awociation; Hod and Gun (lull. JO ANN CEHMAN Milroy. Pa. Industrial Art.—May IA Society; Freshman Choct trading. I.,mi-liter. Pa JOHN CARY COCI IN'AUER Liberal Art.—May EDWARD JOSEPH GOLKA Middletown. Pa. Secondary—May Men . Vanity Club; Newman Club; Omlcron Gamma Omega, tnaiartf) Phi Sigma Pi. Tovchtlonc, Student Union Hoard, parliamentarian; Student Senate; Athletic Committee. Claw trraturer. HOSKI.I.A R. GONZALES MerhantolHirg, Pa. Art—Aoguif GLORIA L. GOOD Mount Joy. Pa. Elementary—May iVCf. ircretary. vice pmidml; Women" Chorus. SUSAN ELIZABETH GOOD Berwyn. Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha; Band; Diem Food and Homing Rrpeorntatlve, Gamma Sigma Alpha, vie - penident. iccretary; Women" Choru . ESTHER MAE GOROPOULOS Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—Augur! PSEA. TliEOLOCUS K. GOROPOULOS l-tnoulrf. Pa. Secondary—Augurf Soccer. ROBERT P. GOSLING Ballwin, Mo. • Secondary—May Pi Delta Epsilon; WMSB Radio Club, DJ. ROBERT J. CRAKFF Reading, Pa. Secondary—May Football, Raikethall BETIILYXNE GRAHAM Upper Darby. Pa. Secondary—May MG | SENIORS DAVID EUGENE GRAHAM Lanca lrr. Pa. Elementary—May RALPH ALLEN GRAY Rowmont. Pa. Secondary—Slay Black Student ' Awociation. vice president. secretary. Hr ideiit Men’ Ano-ciation. Track. Student Guide. Student for Progressive Action; Human Relation Committee, Intramural . SHIRLEY R. GREINER Manhrim. Pa. Elementary—May DAVID LYNN CRESS Kant Petersburg, P . Art—May Citamard Club; College Choir, Community Men' Awoerattoo; Newman Club; National Art Education Association; Student Guide, Cani|ms SJmical, director. LUCRETA ROSE 1.1.A GRIM Red I.ion, Pa. Secondary—May RITA I_ GRIMM Pottdawn, P«. Elementary—May ACKI; Newman Club; PSEA{ Women's Choru .NANCY STERRETT GROFF Elementary- May Kll abethtimn. Pa. STEVEN CARL CROVE film Rock. Pa. Elementary—May Colli'go Choir. TERESA MARIK ('.UNDER LanuUtr. I’ . Elementary—May PSKA. Basketball; Women’ Community Aiiodatioo; Wouca'i Day Student Anociatkm. Women' Vanity Club, vice pieddrut. REBECCA HAGANS Stratburg, Pa. Art—January ARTHUR LEE HAGY DcnVcr. Pa. Elementary—May Ki-ddent Men' Auociation. BONNIE JEAN HAINES Silver Run. Md. Library Science—lanuary Alpha Bet.i Alpha, I‘hi Lambda Sigma; WNISR Radio Club, port cuoidi-aator. program dllectur. .uni Imilncx in.ui.tRer. CECILIA II. HARRY Dewart. Pu. Secondary—Augutt Xeimphllr Society. JAY WII.MER HARTLEY Hurlcytvlllc, Pa. Secondary—May College Choir. Singm. Xcnophiti Society; One Mure Than Nine. KENNETH E. HARTLEY Lcwmown. Pa. Secondary—Auguil Student Organtratum lor Safety. Intramural . DONNA LYNN HARTMAN Lancotter, Pa. Art—Augutf PSBA. KAREN LEE IIARTRANET Bcllcfonte, Pa. Library Scirnrr—Auguii Neuman f.’luli: Wunirn't Community Acuxiation. FRED JOHNSTON HARVEY Stratburg, Pa. Art—Augoif Band. ELLEN LOUISE HALBERT I rcxrl Itill. Pa. Elementary—May Women' ( immunity Anocuium. THOMAS GREGORY HALL Quakcrtmen. Pa. Secondary—May Entomology Club. Men Vanity Club. Mu Alpha Kappa, pled Remailer; Football. KHALIL A. HAMID Tulkarm. Jordan Liberal Art —May International Student Union. Iirattuer; Soccer. PHILIP KENT HAMM Martintburg. Pa. Secondary—May Dorm Officer; Intramural Committee; Freihman Ikukrthall. Student Or-R.iui atuin lor Solely. WAYNE AUGUSTUS IIAPNER Lancavter. Pa. Liberal Art —Augul Lutheran Stude nt Association; Sociology Club. BEVERLY SUZANNE HARRY Collide. Pa. P- S. N.—Aagurt Student Culde. SENIORS 147SANDRA LOUISE HEFFNER I .a neuter, P«, Uhctal Art —May IVII.i I-hi KU. Kni(lt h Club. WILLIAM RUDOLPH IIEFFNER Lanrattt-r. Pa. Liberal Art —May American Chemical Society. vice N'rwmui Club, KATHLEEN ANN IIEIL RuImi, Pa. Ubtaty Stiaue—Augnif Alpha IVrU Alpha; College Ch.iit. Dolphin Club, Dorm vlw precidrtlt. l’i"K«i Guide. I’SKA. Intramural . ELEANOR COUPON HELLER Yotk, Pa. Elementary—January KENN El'll DAVID 11 KM BERGER Springfield. Pa. Induxtrial .iff —May I.A Mono Soclrl , IA SacMy. CATIIY ANN HENRY York, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI, Modem Dame (heater; Snapper; Sliulnil Guide. THOMAS R. HASSLKR llarrithurg. Pa Liberal Art —Angwrt Alpha Phi Omega; K Club, tiraturrr, Snapper, I.,,.„ . »« manatfrr. ALAN LINDSEY HATHAWAY Paiilrtt llilU, Pa. Serondary-AugMf Rod and Cun Club. Social Stuilrut Club, Trnuii, Inlrumuialt. CANDACE LEE HAWK Allrotown. Pa. Elementary—May IVCKj Intramural . LAWRENCE WILLIAM HAWKEY Collingdalr, Pa. Secondary—Slay Delta Sigma Chi; Football. JOYCE CAROL HEAPS Royrofiad. Pa. Elementary—May Intramural . Student Cubic. JANET PAULINE HE ATI (COTE Freedom. Pa. Elementary—May CISC. Iv.rm Vice p evident. president] Comma Sigma Alpha. PSKA; Student Guide; V. alien' Community Auoctatkni, lUatS a ml Grid. MARIE ASENATII HERB Pitman. Pa. Ubrtal Art —Auguit Delta I’ll Kla; I'li l.anilxl Sigma. Intinmmali. Student Guide. BRENDA JANE HERRS I Lancn«trr. Pa. Art—Augurt Modem Dann Thoate . ptrvidrnt, Imtructar DAVID HERNANDEZ l.aiicatlef, Pa. Liberal Art, -Avgttif Circle K Club. IVunrd ri Inultn, t’a Delta Kpulun. tfeuiurer; Snapper, «pott» editor LUCILLE M. HERR la-banim, Pa. Elementary—May I hum ..votary, PSKA; Kho lambda l hl. president. Student Cuidr ROBIN DELL HERR Bad Petervhuig, Pa. Liberal Aru—Augun JOHN LEWIS 1IERSII Cothaui. Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; PSKA. Yount Democtallc Club. 148 | SENIORS- Two security guards hold buck traffic at the busiest intersection in Millersville, where l•'r • lt•rick Street crosses George, so tli.U students inay proceerl safely to classes in buildings on the northern part of the campus. Tire situation elicited requests from students for a traffic light at the corner. All-round football star Karl Bivnns tensely awaits a call to action as guard, place kicker, punter, or defensive tackle, wherever one of his skills is required, Helmut the senior is part of the crowd drawn to the MSC-Wcst Chester game early last fall.Student Teacher Dave llobbiHo impresses .1 group of intermediate students at Jenkins School with the inijrortaiice of learning fractions. A typical scene in the snack section of the Temporary Student Union Budding (TUB), This mom, on the main lloor of the old library, once housed reference hooks. The large parking lot hack of the Itoddy Science Building just off Frederick Street was the starting print for the Homecoming l).rv rally last October 21. In tin- rear left background may Ik- seen the new gym building which is scheduled for completion by this June. 150 SKNIORSSHARON K. HERSHEY SIDNI ANNE HILL Royrrtford, Pi. Elrmmliiry- AttpiM Mrtbialiil Student Movement. EISA ANN HILLER Klt ahrthtinvn, I'a. Snoniary—if ay Intermitmmil Folk I mumu Club. MrlhulM Slmlnil Movement, PSKA; Xi iop)iili' Society. ALBERT EDWARD MINK III S|MinKflrl l, Pa. Induitnal Art —if ay IA I Ionov SorMyi IA M»irl). Wickrrt, vlcr pu-tidmt. recording intrUiy, hlilmUn. LINDA JEAN HINKLE Huyrttfanl, Pa. Ijbcral Art —May Kngllth Club; PI IJ.Ha KpUlon, Snapper; V ISM Radio Club. Zeta Gamma Hu. ARLENE C.AIL IIITCIIMAN Palmyra. Pa. Menu-nO. ry-May ACPI; fadlrsr IJrlla Ilii Eta. JEANNE ADELE HOFFMAN Philadelphia. Pa. EJemenlary—May Dolphin Club. |M«-»nlrnl. minor adtiirt; Sigma I’hl Delta. .uite-ipoodmg irc-rrl.iiy, IlianeCOOiing tjueen lOflD. Hanover, Pa. Art—May Snapper. art editor, National Art (education Avvociallim. CAROL ANN HESS Reading, Pa. Elementary—January ACP.I; Intramural Committee. WINONA KAY HESS l.llllnlimn. Pa. Library Science—May Band. FLO EMMA HIBBS Hlchfteld. Pa, Elementary—Moy Propel Cuidr. ERIC EITHER HICKS l.rbanon. Pa. Liberal Art —May tTCM. MARY ALICE IIIC.II ParadUe, Pa. Elementary—May WALTER ALLEN HOFFMAN II WaOungtonvdlr. Pa Secondary—May Harder CNKrtpble Club. Ftnliiuan H i.rb.ill, F. JOLKNE HOII ENA DEL Columbia, Pa. Seeondary— armory College Choir: PSKA; Student Guide. PAUL R IIOIIENWARTER Lamartrr. Pa. Ubetal Art Miry Koglith Club. Nmnuii Club; XriMiphilr Society, I.I.AW CATHERINE HOLLERAN ISltilni. Pa. Elementary—Augurt CKC. Vrwman Club. PSKA. Womrtr’ Choniv LINDA CAROL HOLT Philadelphia. Pa, Elementary—May Kami Cuuncil. lUiketball, lotithrtonr, «U Gamma Phi. iorrr.po idinj{ uc-I. (.us, molding tmrtaiy, vloo pmidriil; Colorguard. rapt am. KATIIYE M. HOLTON Lairt-atler, Pa. Liberal Art —May SENIORS | 151CHARLES KEITH HOLTZAPPLK Dallastinvn, Pa. Setondan —Augurt JUNK I. HOLZIXCER Lancaster, Pa. Art—May Aristocracy Club. George St. Comical, aft editor; Modem Dance Theater; National Art Education Association; Project Guide; College Community Ofcbettrn. FREDERICK CLETUS HORN New Freedom, Pa Secondary—May Newman Club. DIANA KAY HORNING Royrrsford, Pa. Elementary—May ACBI; Band; Newman Club. PSEA. Studnit Guide; WMSR Radio Club; Women' Cbom»j Young Republican Club. RONALD II. HOSKIN LlMMtff, I’a. .literal A rtf—May English Club; Sftapfier; Student Guidr; Xenojihile Society. CONNIE RUTH HOUSE Rockbdl, Pa. Elementary—May SHARON A. HOUSEKNKCIIT Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—May PSEA: Student Or£.1111 ration for Safety. RICHARD E. HOI 17. Pa. Mu Kappa Mu. Sr condo fry—May ANN DICKINSON HOME Leold, Pa. Secondary—January Delta Phi Eta; Economic Club. STEVEN E. HOY Millersburg, Pa. ACBI; PSBA. Elementary—May PAUL KENNETH HUBER. JR. Kterlerick. Nld. Induitrial Art —Miry IA Honor Society. 1A Society; PSKA; Cainpu Musical. MARY ANN HUDICK Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May Hand, secretary; CKC. Newman Club; PSEA; Student Senate; Tribunal. PATRICIA ANN IIUFMAN Juhnttown, Pa. Elementary—Augurt ACEI; CEC; PSEA. MARTHA LOUISE HUCHES Clark Creen, Pa. I.ihtary Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha. KAREN ANN HUMPHRIES Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; Intrainural ; Tottchiione; Women' Chorus; Zola Gamma Phi. treasurer. LINDA KAYE HURLEY New Providence, Pa. Secondary—January LOUIS B. HUTCHINSON, JR. Sharon liill. Pa. Secondary—May Omicron Gamma Omega, recording secretary. ANITA I INN ERST York. Pa. PSEA. Elementary May 152 | SENIORS 4.ROBERT LEONARD ISAACS Wilke -Barrr, Pa, Secondary—May Intramural ; Social Studie Club. SUSAN JACKSON Danville. Pa. Elementary—May ACBI; CKC; Kappa Phi Bptilon; IFC rcjirencntativc; PSKA. I PC. corrcipond-inn »cvr tmy. black and Or ld. CEORCE W. JAMES Scranton, p«. Elementary—May Young Democratic Club. WILLIAM I’AL'L JENKINS Luncatter. Pa. Liberal Artt—May 1'iinfity Cluh. KRISTINA MARIE JOHNSON Ardmore, Pa. Elementary—May Band, secretary; CKC; Kappa Phi KptiltMi, president; PSKA; Womrn' Cluirti ; Mack anil Oold; Frrtlunnn Regulation Committee MARILYN RUTH JOHNSON Paradin', Pa. Elementary—.logon ACEI. IVCF: PSKA. Women' Chon. , ROBERT LARRY JONES Oxford, Pa. Secondary—Imuran IVCF. SHIRLEY M. JONES l.ancoxtcr, Pa, Library Science—Way Black Student ' Atvocintion. JEANNE WHITE KEEI.Y Bird-in-IIaml, Pa. F.lrmrntary—January BRENDA EILEEN KECERREIS Palmyra, Pa. Elementary—May CKC; PSKA; Wiuniii' Community Association. JAN R. KEIIRLI Tunkhannock. Pa. Educational Media—Augutr PSKA. Student Guide, Student Senate, tre.isiiiri, WMSB Ba lii Club, trea-•urri; 'Ala Caiimia Phi; Intramutab. SALLY ANN KEIM York, Pa. Library Science—May Delta Phi Eta. MARY ELLEN KELLEflER Heading, Pa. Elementary—May CKI. Dnl|ihin Club; Newman Club; PSKA. WMSB Itadio Club. EILEEN MARIE KELLY KaMaii, Pa. Elementary—May Sicilia Phi Omega, historian. ERNEST L. KELLY Faitle t IlilU. Pa. Liberal Arh—•May American Chemical Society. JEFFREY B. KENT l.itit . Pa. Elementary—Augutl Band. SUSAN CATHERINE KILE Cochraiivillr. Pa. Elementary—May International Folk Dancing Cluh; PSKA; Basketball; Ijiemwi Hotkey; Women’ Vanity Club. RODNEY R. KILIIEFNF.R Kphrula, Pa. Secondary—May Mu Kappa Mu, vice president. SENIORS | 153CHERRYL LYNN KILLIAN ll.iiinlnir'. Pa. Elementary—May ( iimihi Sigma Alpha; I’SKA. DEBORAH L. KINC Springfield, Pa. Secondary— May Della Phi Kla; Mrthodut Student Movement; Mu Kappa Mu; PSEA; WwMtl'i Chorus. NANCY LOUISE KINC Dallattmvn, Pa. Elementary—May ACEIl Delia Phi Kla. PSEA. EDWARD D. KLAHR. JR. Hamburg, Pa. Arf—May (Wlrcr Chmi. Dorm vice pfetidenl, National Alt Education Association; I’SKA. CRECORY Nl. KLINE Red l.inii. Pa. Secondary—May JOHN CHARLES KLINOER. JR. Ilalifai. Pa. Secondary—May Aviation Club. Ilndge Club; Tan Gamma Candida. treasurer. vice president. Conestoga. Pa. Orman Club. DENNIS N. KNEISI.EY Liberal Artt—May York, Pa. PATRICIA ANNE KOCIIIK Elementary—January Manheim. Pa. JANIS ELAINE KOEI.BL Elementary—January Lancarter. Pa. KATHRYN JOY KOKEN Art—Augutl louicactrr, Pa. JAMES M. KOOCLER Secondary— May llai hall. Intramural ; Widen. RUTH MARIE KOONS Lilllnlimn. Pa. Elementary—May Kappa Phi Eptilou, recording secretary. Women’ Choiu . CHARLENE MARIE KOSER Manhrini, Pa. Setontlary—May Della phi Kla. tirumnr. Kuglidr Club, xnuliuil trodaiy; PSEA; UCM. STEPHEN O’MALLEY KOTCH Reading. Pa. Liberal Artt—May Vanity Football JOHN LARRY KRANT . I.ancurter. Pa. Secondary—May PSEAt Soccer. freshman Track. KENT WILLIAM KREAMER Aiuiville, Pa. Secondary—Augur Ski Club; WMSIl Radio Club, umlinl Italian manager. ANN LOUISE KREBS Mount Wolf. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; PSEA. SUE ELLEN KREIDER OianyviUe. Pa. Elementary—May Band. PSEA. 15-1 | SENIORSJIM C. KRESSLY Ea ton. Pa. Secondary—May entire,- St. Carnltal, butinrn riuiiiun, Hexideut Mrn'i Anociatn.n. treauinr. Snapper; Stmlnil Guklc. Student Senate: WNfSIl Radio Club. nrwi director, program director. HILKE KR1KCJ Ainille, Pa. Secondary—May Che Clult, pmidrnl; Inter national Folk Dancmi; Club, vice pmident. ec-rrtury, trrauirer. Women' Chonai; Xrnnphlle Society. BARRY LKE Kl'LAKOWSKY Cilln-iltviUe. Pa. Elementary—May CE('. len’» Var«.t Club, vice |»oKl.nt, I'ln Sigma I’i. PSKA; Swim ami Track Team, mauagri; Student Guide; Wicker , Cultural AHair. Committee. ANNA MARY Kl PCHUNAS Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary—Auguit ACEI; Neuman dab; PSEA. CKCKI.IA ANNK KUZOVICH WiooivMu, Pa. Elementary—May Commiin.cation Committee, CEC; IXirm ncr pmidrnl. PSEA: Sigma l"hi Delta, recording teerrtniy; Snopper. Student lor Progrrxuve Vclion, Vanity and Frc hmnn Cheerleader; Tribunal. DAVID A. LAFFERTY FnUIrrviUe, Pa. Secondary—May Intramural Committee. EDITH LAIVA Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Art —May International Folk Dancing Club; Xranphile Society, Sparmh Club. IX)REEN TRUDY LAKATOSH la-luuinii. Pa. I.llretol Art —May Delta I'lii Eta: Priority Club. DAVID LEE I.AMOTIK D.illaitown, Pa. Secondary --May American Chmvlcnl Society. PSKA; Fretbman Regulation Committee; Intramural . GERALD I- LANDIS l aneoMer. Pa. Liberal Art —May Commuting Men' AMociatfon; Economic Club, JAMES LESLIE LANDIS Laitcavtrr, Pa. liberal Art —.May Commuting Men' Auoctatfun; Kconotni Club. MARY ANN LANDIS Joricatown, Pn. Elementary—May Alpha Hit. Alpha. Mennonlte Student Fclluwihip. Women’ Chnni . MARJORIE ANNE LANG, Pu. Secondary —Januanj Gamma S.gma Alpha. Intramural t anmittvc, PSEA. Snapper, l.arrouc. manager; Women’ Vanity Club. JOSEPH HARRY LANCTON Ninth Hill . Pa. Indutltial Arti—May IA Honor Society. IA Society; Wickcm, tn .wirer; Scuba Club. BETSY EILEEN LAPE UVimebdori. Pa. Elementary—May Col lege Choir; PSKA. Hhn I. am lulu Phi, One More Than Nine. CAROL JOYCE LAHZELERK SptrngfieUI. Pa. Secondary—May Kngl-th Club; Sigma Phi Delta. Student Union Hoard. M-eretary, blink aitd Gold. LORN A MAE LUCKS Windtor. P«. Elementary—January Delta Phi Kt«. GLEN ALLEN LAUDENSLAGER Halifax, Pa. Secondary—January WMSH Radio Club. SENIORS | 155KIM REAR DEN LAUER ShlUingtnn, Pa. Elementary—fanuurty Alpha Brin Alpha. historian; PSEA; Women's Ouimu. STANLEY C. LAVENDER, JR. Mnlli. Pa. Secondary—May Sigma Epsilon llftt. vice pmidiol; Ski Club; Student Olgamzatlon fur Safely: IKC. FRANK PHILLIP l.AWLEY III MIlIrnlHiiii. Pa. I.the nil Arts—Way BARBARA ANN LAWSON llavrrtoWT). Pa. FJementary-May PSEA; Sigma Hu Delia, recording lecretaiv. SHIRLEY JEAN LEACH loimlllr, Pa. Elementary—Way PSEA; Sigma I In Omega. corresponding secretary. LYNN HELEN I.EAYMAN Lititz. Pa. Secondary—May Snapper. l.etunon, Pa. ANNETTE DENISE LEBO Elr me nt ary—May ALLON II. LEFEVER Lancailrr, Pa. eral Arti —Way Commuting Men's Awcution; Economics Club, president, vice president; IVCK; Phi Sigma Pi; PSEA; Student Guide. FRANCES HELENE SCHULER LEFEVER Uncutrr. Pa. Elementary—January JANET M. LEINBACII PuttsUiwo. Pa. Elementary—Way ACBI; Pi Della Kpulon; PSEA. treasurer; Snapper, feature editor; Student Guide. JEFFREY NOAH LEININCER IVnl Heading. Pa. luhetal Arti—May Resident Mm'» Association; Sigma Epsilon Beta, aectrlary; Slmlcnl Guide. LINDA JANE LEISTER Hanover, Pa. EJementary—May ACKI. IVCK. Lutheran Student Association. Mu Kappa Mu. PSEA; Student Guide; Student Organization for Safety, secretary, Women’ Chorus; Women' Community Association. STEVEN RUSSELL LENNOX Collingdale. Pa. Secondary—Way Hastier Geographic Club; Class President; Men’s Varsity Club; Mu Alpha Kappa, president; Vanity Football, Varsity Baseball. Student Organization for Safety, trrasuirr. president. JAMES M. LEONARD West Chester, Pa. fnduitrial Art —May IA Honor Society; 1A Socirtv. PHYLLIS ROSE LESSER Upprr Dai bv. Pa. Secondary—May Dorm treasurer; Mu Kappa Mu. PSEA. Student Guide. SHELLEY BETH LEVY Abingtun, Pa. Elementary—August I till I Assocsation, secretaiy. president, PSEA; Stmlents for Progiessivr Aetiuo; Millctsville Syni| hoiiy Orchestra. STEPHEN ROBERT LEWIS Danville, Pa. Art—August Commuting Men Association. ERIC CEORCE LIDDELL Ephrata. Pa. Uhetal Arte—May Budge Chib; Krsnlent Men’s Association; Roddy Scientific Society; Student Guide. 156 I SENIORSMARY C. LUCIA York. I'd. Elementary—himy Oorin vie pmidcnt; N'nmun Club; Project CuUlr. PSKA; Women’ Com-iminity AwcUlum; Xeixiphilc Society, Spaubh Club. JANET LOl ISE l.UCKENBILL I'lnr Grove, Pd. Flnmoi uftf— urinary Project Guide; PSKA. Sludotl Culde; Women' Chorm; Intramural . MARGARET ANN LYKENS Shillingtnii, I'd. Elementary—Slot Delta Phi Bid, hlitiwiatt; PSKA; Vanity Hockey, captain, Batkrtboll, inun-uneii V«r»Hy Uoww; Women' Vanity Club. JAMES I . LYNAIIAN Wayne. Pa. Liberal Arti—May Omkcoai Gamma Omega, corre»|«iiidins: wcrrtury, imident; Vanity Track. Winter Track Club. I.INDA SUSANN LYTER Mifflin, Pa. Secondary—May Kogbdi Club; PSKA. DALE TERRY MACE l.lnglotown, Pa. Secondary—Stay IVCF, Xcnopltile Society; S|uni li Club. CAROL ANN MACKNAIH McClure, Pa. Library Science—May Alpha IU11 Alpha. tc|K rtcr; Cunmii Sigma Alpha, IVCF; Lutheran Student Aivki.Uuui, PSKA. Women' Chimn. DEBORAH L. MACLEARY LaUgMfte. Pa. Elementary—Slay CKC; PS ISA; Who Lambda Phi; Student Guide. JANE FRANCES DE Cl I ANTAL MAIIANEY Ambler, Pu. Art—May ACKI, c»itre ;MHidit g ecretary, vice- pre idrnt. Dorm vice pro blent; Dunn prrtidcnli Kappa Alpha Tau, recording iecretaty. pri-ridcnt. Phi Lamlxlu Sigma; Studnit Guide, Women' Chont . Women' Community A ociation, CHERYL DORRIS MEITLAND Aldan. Pd. Secondary—.May Delta Pin Kta, Sigma lira Omega, Xeiujphilr Society, treauucr, I'rrucb Circle. DRAKE LEE MANCUSO WrigUUtmvo, Pa. Secondary—May Vditily Soccer, captain; I'rerlmian Itateball; Tau Gamma l.iunlxla. ROME A. MANLEY WrlRhtiville, Pa. Library Sci.-ncc—.May LYNN LOUISE LIGGETT Dauphin. Pa. Elementary -Slay l orii vice president; PSKA; WreMlitiR Bell - , vice prmdent. NATALIE MARIE LOBACII York. Pa. Elementary—May DEBORAH ANNE LONG Columbia. Pa. Elementary—AuRurt International Student Union, contrpomliuR •ecictniy. PSKA. Student Guide; Women’ Qiontr; Freihman Regulation Committee, co-chairman. VIRGINIA HALE LONG Camp Hill. Pa. Elementary—May Student Guide; Variety (.lub. ERNEST C. LOWE Pbila«lel|ibla, Pa. Secondary—May Black Student ' A» OC ution. pretident; Vanity Baikethall; Student Guide. ROBERT DENNIS LUCEY KjMix). Pa. Elementary—Slay SENIORS | 157AW MICHELE MARCHESINI 'Vnl Wyoming, Pa, Elementary—May ACKI. ROBERT DALE MARGUT Ulunun, Pa, Secondary—May American Chemical Society; Rrwlenl Men' AttoeilUon; Intramural . LINDA MARGARET MARRONE Philadelphia,' Pa. Liberal Arta—January LOIS JEAN MARTIN Manhrim. Pa. Elementary—January Mrrmonite Student Fellowship; PS BA. SUSAN ALICE MARTIN Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—May I Vita Plil Kta. Dolphin Chib. Sigma Phi Delta; Student Sociology Organization. ALICE CAROLYN MARTINEZ Lancaster. Pa. Liberal Arts—May Hand; IFC; Mrmionltr Student Fellowship; Sigma Phi Omega. Student Guide; Student Senate. Wimi.u's Day Students Association; Xenophilc Society. LINDA LEE MASON Upper Darby. Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; Dolphin Club; Kappa Delta Phi; Project CuUle; PSKA; Xcuopliile Society. MICHAEL R. MASTROS l.ancaiter. Pa. Liberal Artt—May LINDA LOU MAUREY Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI. PSKA; Roddy Scientific Society. sandra Mcarthur Oaks, Pa. Elementary—January Phi Lambda Sigma, president; Pi Della Epsilon; PSKA; Student Guide, MICHAEL JOHN McCARTHY llannvrr. Pa. Lllreral Artt—May Economic Club. MARILYN ANN McCLURE llnverford. Pa. Elementary—Stay CKC; Kappa IVIta Phi, cuncspimding secretary; PSKA. MARILYN MAE McCUEN Conihnhockm, Pa. Liberal Arts—May Communications Committee; Sigma Phi Della; Snapper; Students’ Sociology Organization; Touchstone JANET CYNTHIA McDERMOTT Philadelphia, Pa. Secontlafy—Moy Communications Committee; English Club; Kappa Alpha Tan, president; Snapper; Student Guide; Student Senate, recording secretary, vice president; Venture Club; Co -ch airman Orientation Committee; Student Representative to Family Senate. Student Personnel Services Council; lews Range Advisory Planning Committee; National Student Registry. THEODORE E. McDOWELL Kmporium, Pa. Iruluttrial Art —January Alpha Sigma Chi; Circle K Club, president. PSKA. Freshman Raw-ball; Student Guide. W.MSU Radio Club. m. lynne mcfarland Lunsdalc, I’a. Elementary—August ACKI; Color Guard. JAMES TERRENCE MeCEE Phillipsburg, J. Liberal Arts—May College Choir, president. LARRY EDWARD McKEEMAN l.iiiiMlalc, Pa. Secondary—January Mn Alpha Kappa, treasurer; IFC, president; Varsity Wrestling. 15S SENIORSBRUCE EARL McKELVY Valencia. Pa. Secondary—May Entomology Men's Vanity Club; Mu Alpha Kappa, Iccksnrrt; Vanity Track. Sc«iba Club. DEBORAH JEAN MtKISSIC Spring City. Pa. F.lcmevtoty—.May Alpha Beta Alpha; ACKI; Dorm iccrelarV'tleaturer; Kappa Al| ha Tan. recording KCirtaiy; PSEA; Student Guide. Women' Community Association. 1FC. MICHAEL JAMES McKONLY Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—August Freshman Bairballi Vanity Baseball KATHLEEN GRIFFITH McLAIN l.jiK.ntcr. Pa. Secondary—Miry MARI .IKS MUSEL McNAMARA N'arthnrld. .V. J. Art—January KENNETH C. McNEIL Kane, Pa. Induitrial Artr—January IA Society. Men's Vanity Club; Varsity Ban-ball; Freshman Baikrth.ill. LINDA B. MEADE Lansdownc. Pa. Elcmrntaiy—May ACKI, Mtrrtnry. Bridge Cluh; lln Lamlida Sigma, PSEA. Vanity Hockey, captain; Vanity Basketball. Vanity I-actosse. captain; Women' Vanity Club, »ecretary. PAUL ARTHUR MKCK Mrchanlesbuig. Pa. Elementary—May Hand. Resident Men's Association; Freshman Football; Vanity Football. RICHARD NATHAN ME LOOP'S KY Plilladrlphla. Pa. Liberal Art —May DOUGLAS WAINWRICHT MESHAW Clarkton, N. C. Ubtnd Art —May Economic Club, secretary. LINDA SUE MKSSICK Bait Petersburg. Pa. Secondary—AuugMit MARY LOUISE MKSZAROS Marietta. Pa. Elementary—May Newman Club; PSEA; Student Senate; Women' Day Student Anociatiem. JANE MARIE MICIIAL York, Pa. Secondary—May MADKLYNN JEAN MI LEY Lrwistown, Pa. Elemeiuary—Augurt Kappa Alpha Tan. IFC. ROBERT F. MI LEY Wormioaler, Pa. Secondary—May Intramural . BARBARA ANN MILLER My mi town. Pa. Elementary—May ACKI. Kappa Delta Phi, vice president; PSEA; Student Guide. JEFFREY IL MILLER I,anca«trr, Pa. Ubrtal Art —Augurt SUSAN ANNE MILLER WcmenviUe, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; Newman Club; PSEA. SENIORS I 159WILLA M. MILLER JANE DEV ITT MOORE UIa)tllr lllll, I' . Sritmlaty—1lay Cnlktt Chou. Della I'hi Kin, Gamma Sigma Aljihn. Wornrii" Clmnu. MARCARET MAE MORRIS Shamnkin. I n. Secondary —lanuary College Choli, Dflu Chi Eln. liMiinn; Method! ! Slmlrnt Movement; I’hi Lambda Sigma, KRA( Women' Chnmt; jnipm Muticul KATI IV MOSIIOS Lancaster, Rk Elementary—May Citumard Club, Dorm Food and limning Keprt-tentative; Modem Dance Theater, Orthodox College Fellow-drip; PSEA; Wnnim'i Community AuocU Him. Mlllritvillr Community Orclu-rtiu. Slung Emctnblr. BERYL MOUNT Lnucartn. 1 4. filfwnMiy—May CYNTHIA LOUSE MOYER MitUnvillr, Pn. ArI—May JOHN ARTHUR MOYER llalfirld. Pi. Secondary—May Inlinmurnl Committee. Mu Al| h4 kappa; Vanity Track. 160 SENIORS KATHLEEN ANN MOYER Piprnvitlc, Pa. Secondary—May Hu Candida Sigma. Inrtorian: Roddy Scientific Society, weretary. RICHARD R. MOYER Bethlehem, Pa. Frediman Football; Vanity Football, Liberal AM —May CHARLENE M. MULLEN Stowe, Pa. Secondary—May Newman Club, cnmxpiHldilig MCtrUiy; I’hi l.ambdn Sigma, corrrtpoodlng imrliry. Pi Della Kpnlrm; Snapper, new editor; Young Republican Club. BETTY REBECCA MULLER Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—January Cuminunicntiom Committee, Ilillel Attocialiun, PSKA. XcnophUe Society. MAROARET ANN MULLIN’ Abingtou. Pa. Elementary—Augutt ACP.I. Xenojihile Society. ADIN DAVID MI NIMA Mount Joy. Pa. Liberal Artt—May Lawn. Pa. Secondary—May International Folk Dancing Club. Orthodox ChritHan Fellowship; XroophiU-Society. JOAN MICHELE NIILLOT LriMnon, Pa. Elementary—January Ono'ga Theta Sigma; IFC. tecretary. PAMELA MILLHOUSE Lam artel. P . Elementary—Aug“ Women’ Day Student Aiuxulnm. NORMA JEAN NIITTON Willow Street. Pa. Secondary—January Della I'hi Kta. Mi-nnunite Student Pellowthlp. Xroophile Socrety. DOROTHY E. MONTCONIERY Columbia, Pa. Elementary—May LINDA ALICE MOON Taney tow n, Md. CEC. Canirna Sigma Alpha, Elementary—MayJEFFREY' WILLIAM MUNDORFF Ramhndgc. I’j. Secondary—May College Choir. JAMES RICHARD MURPHY Malvern. Pa. Liberal Arti—May IFC; Student Senate, Wicknv DENNIS LEE MUSCHI.1TZ Hdlotown, Pa. Secondary—May Rwdrnt Mm‘» Accociatiun; Prethman Sonet. MIRIAM C MUSSER Bloomtburg. Pa. Library Science—lanuary Alpha Beta Alpha, Gamma Sigma Alpha; Method! ! Student Movement; PSEA. DWIGHT FRANKLIN MYERS Brail hock , Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Phi Omega, trea Ulcr; Real aiv l Gun Club. JUDY CERALDINE MYERS WrUtvIlle, Pa. Elementary—May PSEA. KAREN ILENK MYERS New Blooin6rl l, Pa. Secondary—lanuary Phi 1-ambda Sigma. Pi Delta Epolnti; Snapper, uvtodate editor, UCW. RICHARD DENNIS MYERS Forty Furl. Pa, Induatrtal Arti—May IA Society, vice president; ltorl and Gun Chib, vice prrtidral, president LINDA ANN MYLIX Conestoga. Pa. Art—May Alpha P | Omega; Cilamard Club; Modem Dance Theater; National Art Education Actociation; Student Senate. clatt reprtentative; Womrn'i Day Student Actocialion, clan representative; Cani|m% Mutu al. KATHLEEN KAY NACE l-uneaitcr. Pa. Elementary—Avgust kappa Al| ha Tau, recording tecretart. PSEA. BARBARA JEAN NAFZ1GER CbchraniviUe, Pa. Elementary—August MeimonMc Student Fellowship. TERESA DRU NAUMAN Motiheim. Pa. Elementary—May JANICE ARLEENE NAY Levittowti. Pa. Secondary—.May PSEA, Social Student Cluh; Studrnl Cuidr; Women's Chorut. SANDRA LEE NEFF MillrtivUIr, Pa. Elementary—May Citamard Cluh; Student Cuidr. I.EON JOSEPH NEMAN. JR. Temple. Pa. Secondary—Augutf PSBA; Ffnknun Soccer; Freshman Bateball. LINDA JEAN NELSON Lautdale, Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alplia; Delta III! Kta; Wotnm'l Chonit. LINDA SUSAN NELSON Lantdale. Pa. Secondary—May Knglith Cluh. Omega Theta Sigma; Project Guide. LEE EWART NEWCOMER Lancatter, Pa. Induitrial Arft—lanuary IA Honor Society. SENIORS 161LOIS KAY NEWSWANCER Oxford, Pa. Secondary—Slay Band. FUN MARIANA NO Now Territories, Hong Kong Library Science—January Alpha Beta Alpha. International Student Union, warluyi Snapper. Xmophile Society. R!STEA B. NICKOLAOU Athens, Greece Liberal Arts—January Kncliih Club; Orthodox Christian Fellowship; Venture Club. CHARI.KS MICHAEL NOBLE II Hanover. Pa. Elementary—August CEC. JUDITH ANN FEENEY NOVINOER WVinertvlIle, Pit. Elementary —January Cb« Club; Dorm secret ary -treasurer; Intramural Committee; Women’ Chorus; Women' Coniiniinity Association KAREN TERESA OBRIEN Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Artt—May LINDA ANN O’BYRNE Sliimuamtown. Pa. Elementary—January IMta 11.1 Eta; PSKA. Sigma Phi Delia, recording secretary, viee president, pmromli Snapper; Intnunurah EDWARD L. OLINCER lliimmelstnwii. I’a. Freshman Basketball. Secondary—May JANE L. ONC York. Pa. Della Phi Eta; Student Orgaiii atlun (or Safety. Liberal Art —August INTA ORE Allrntnwii, Pa. Secondary—Slay Delta Phi Eta. vies prisichnl. Gamma Sigma Alpha, historian, president; Ski Club; WMSK Radio Club, SUSAN JANE OR WIG York. Pa. ACKI; IVCF. Elementary—Slay LINDA SHIRK OWEN Leuta. Pa. IVCF. PSEA. Xenophite Society; Spanish Club. Elementary—Slay JOHN DAVID OWENS West Pittstim, Pa. Elementary- -Augutl CEC. Xeurn.ui Chib. PSKA. Young Republican Club. MARILYN JANE PALISCA Havertown, Pa. Elementary—August CEC; PSEA; Toucbrtime; College-Community Orchestra. PAMELA JANE PALMER Media. Pa. E emrnfory—.Wiry CEC; Kappa Phi Epsilon, secretary; PSEA; Women' (.'horns. JOHN P. PAPROTA Wilkes-Barre, P«. Secondary—May Economics Club; Intnunurals. CYNTHIA A. PARASINK hoUnni, Pa. Liberal Art —Slay Kappu Plil Epsilon, recording secretary. Women’s Chorus. WILLIAM L. PARKS ConenuMrgh, Pa. Secondary—January 162 | SENIORSJOAN LOUISE PAHRKTT Elr alu-thtown. Pa. Secondary—May I Vila I’hi Eta. IVCK. Social Studies Club. PAUL RAYMOND PARRISH Pnmo». Pa. Indudhat Art —May Alpha Sigma Chi. president; College Chou. Soccer. STAVROULA PASTRAS Lancaster. Pa. Ubetal Art —May International Student Union, Orthodox Christian Fellowship; Women' l)a ‘ Student Asmciution. HENRY SMITH PAUL Easton. Pa Secondary—May Dolphin Club. Hod and Gnn Club. Sigma Epsilon Bela, president. vie - president: Ski Club. Swimming. NANCY ANNE PAUL Media. Pa. Elementary—May Bridge Club. CEC. Kappa IT»i Epsilon, vice president, Neuman Club; PSKA; Women' Club. Iiitraimirali. PATRICIA A. PAVELIC Harrisburg. Pa. Seeortdary— anuary Kappa Alpha Tau, plcdgcinatler. I EC repirsentative. Pi Delta E|ndon. Snapper; Studrnt Guide. WMSB Hadio Club. Young II. publican Club; Stsi-dent Union Board. GLORIA IRENE PEIFER Pitman, Pa. Secondary—May Della Phi Eta. I.utbcnm Student Aisocialnm. vice pri-udcnt, Mu Kapjrr Mu; l SEA; Student Guide. MARJORIE ANN PE I PEER to'bamni. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; College Choir; Delta Phi Ela. Madrigal Singer MARY ENRICA PERRY Pcckv.'Hr. Pa. fcfcmonfu y— antr jry Delta Phi Kta. Mu Kappa Mu. Newman Club, recording xccietaiy, Sigma Phi Onega, president, retooling ccr clary: Student Guide. SUSAN LEE PERRY Chappatpia, N. Y. E cwimfary—August I’SE A. Women's Community Association, DONALD R. PETTY Msslla, Pa. Iiuhnldal Art —May Alpha Sigma Chi, secretary. LINDA SUZANNE PKAU Sinking Spring. ?». Llltml Arts— May Della Phi Kta. corresponding secretary. Mil Kappa Mu. nature . Women's Coinnuinily Association; Wn I irul (Udd KENNETH LYNN PICK l.aurelton. Pa. Industrial Art —May Alpha Sigma Chi. wee president, secretary; IA Society; Hod and Gun Club. JEAN ANN PICKELI. l.ampeter. Pa. E ewirntary—May Delia I'bi Pita, recording secretary; PSKA; Women’ Day Student Association. LUDMILA PREDNEWA Philadelphia. Pa. Secondary—Augull Oithudox Christian Kollowship; Snapper; nophile Society. Russian Club. BARBARA MARIE PROTASIEWICZ Lancaster. Po. Elementary—May ACEI; Nowman Club, Women’s Day Student Association. THOMAS PSOMAS. JR. Beachwood, N. J. Liberal Art —May Student Guide. Xennphlle Society; D Ccrcte P'tancao. ROGER JOHN PUM Bethlelieiii. Pa. Industrial Arts—.May Baud. SENIORS | 163■ DOUGLAS WAYNE PVRSELL Milford, N. J. Induitrial Arfi—Stay Alpha Sigma Chi; Intramurals. CARY ROBERT QUINN Columbia. Pn. Sccoruiary—Stay Battler Geographic Club; Soccer; Intramurals. JO H. RACINE Boolhwyn, Pa. Elementary—Slay AC8I; Aviation Club: Intramural Committee; Women's Chorus; Young Democratic Club ELEANOR LAURA ANNE HADESKY Strathurg, Pa. Elementary—January International Polk Dancing Chib, secretary; PSEA. CANDACE ANN RAFFENSBERGER York. Pa. Secondary—Augmf EDWARD HARRIS RAND Philadelphia. Pa. Secondary—January PSEA; Swimming; Student Guide, Intramurals; Math Club. BEVERLY JEAN RANDALL Lancaster, Pa. I.ilrcral Arts—August llixhlv Scientific Society. Union, r. Committee; Spanish Club. DOR I M. RAPP Collegevillr, Pa. Klemmlerji—Stay PSEA. treasurer, president; Sigma llu Delta, corresponding secretary, second vice president; Hockey. ANN LOUISE RAU Red Lion, Pa. Elementary—January Delta Phi Eta. SHELLEY JO RAUBENIIOLD Hamburg. Pa. Elcmcntary- Stny Communications Committee; Sigma Phi Delta, treasurer; Touchstone, sindej- classmen editor; Studrsit Union Board; Mack itiirf Co Id; lntraniiuals. GWENDOLYN ADEI.E HAY Gratriford, Pa. l.iJrtary Science—Stay Alpha Beta Alpha. Cltamaid Club, Delta Phi Eta, IVCP. Modem Danes-Tlieater; Snapper; Wennrn's Chorus; Hockey; Basketball. Campus Musical. JOAN A. UEBER Mt. Penn. Pn. Elementary—Stay Phi l.aml da Sigma. DENNIS GRALIN REDCAY Mohnlint. Pn. Secondary—Slay Dorm president; Intramural Committee, president, vice president; Resident Men’s Association; Baseball DEBORAH SUSAN REED Millrrshutg. Pa. Elementary—January CKC. LINDA ANN REED Willosv Street, Pa. Elementary—Stay SUSAN LOUISE HEED Pottstiksvn. Pa, ; rni nfary—Stay Hand; wim’d'i Chrmrs. CAROL LOUISE REED l.anca ter, Pa. Elementary—January Dnlplnu Club; I'SEA, Sigma Pin Della, vice president. Basketball. Homecoming Queen'll Court I‘ 09. JANICE LYNN REG A NATO Springfield. Pa. Elementary—Stay ACKI; Phi l.jiuhdii Sigma; PSEA, Women's Oiorns. 164 | SENIORSBurly Bob Young, defensive middle guard, enjoys a moment of the MSC-West Clu ster game as his colleagues do the work. The senior holds his helmet read) for a recall to action. Jolane Boonhauer, senior, chats with Shirley Yelito, junior, outside the college store. They are seated ltetwccn the colorful book-shelves in the second floor lobby of the Clyde Stine Building. Varsity cheerleaders in action on Bionicsderfer Field during a football game. Visible are Sandy Holslngcr. Brenda Buch, Jane Keck. Cindy Carber. Beth Walter, Barbara lleenan an«l Kiki Kuzovlch, sole senior in the group. Partially hidden by Jane’s outstretched arms is Ron Tuninski of tin- Pep Club. SENIORS , 105Hep. Marvin K. Miller, one of four state assemblymen visiting M$G last December, raps with Colleen Pauley. Pete Roh.ilI and Jim Miller of the student delegation. Hohall, u senior, was at the time president of the Student Senate. Kntn la-fever, student teaching in the Jenkins School for Children, tries to convince a pair of youngsters in her charge that arithmetic can be fun. 166 SENIORS Bob Sluhiuski, senior, college ticket manager, sells a ducat to a campus concert to sophomore Buss Pitman in the ground II r ticket office of the Clyde Stine Student Services building. Butch Cleaver receives the game hall from Coach Dick DeHart lor reaching 1,000 points during his four years at MSC. He attained the coveted goal during the game against Lycoming hist December.Helleitown. P . Football. JOSEPH LEONARD REICHL Literal Art —May MARSHA MARIE REI DEN BACH t.unca trr. Pa. Elementary Secondary—May Knglith ( lull; Sm!))jn7. Wamm'i Day Student A OciJtion, teerrtary RUTH ANN REIN HOLD Elizabethtown. Pa. K eniciilnry—January Women' CbMUI. DACE REKIS l.unca tcr, Pa. Ekmcntanj—May Sigma Pin Omega, recotdlng ecrHar . GERALDINE PATRICIA RI.NDE Dalla . Pu. Liberal Arir—May Newman Club; Sociology Chib; Intramural . PAUL DOUGLAS RENN Sunlm.y. Pa. Elementary—Slay Tan Gamma Lamlxlu. corresponding accretary- RUTH REENNA RENN Harriihutg. Pa. Art —Angurf TOM SPARROW RENMNOER Qoakertown. Pu. Literal Arif-Man Golf. DIANE LOU RICE Mount Joy. Pa. Elementary—May Student Guide. Womrn't Day Student Ailociatlun, JAMES ARTHUR RICHARDS Lancutn. Pa. Elementary—May Alpha Phi Omega. vice president. alumni secretary; ACER Hod ami Gun Club; Student Guide. THOMAS WALTER RICHARDS. JR. Lonsdale, Pn. Secondary—May Oralcron Gamma Omega, Gull; Soccer; Student Guide. KAREN ANN RIDER York. Pa. Secondary—May Delta Phi Eta. DIANE B. RIEGEL StrauMtmvn. Pa. Elementary—May PS HA. ROBERT I.IN RICHTER ChaKnnt, Pa. Secondary—May Intramural Committee; PSBA; Social Student Club, Haiciiall. CRAIG STEWART RILEY Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; Citamard Club; International Folk Dancing Club; KKA; Chi Gamma Iota; Campuc Musical. MARIE ANNE RINALDI Scranton. Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; Women' Qiorm. I ..UK Alter, Pa. SHIRLEY LEE RINEER Elementary—May JAMES D. RISTINE Upper Darby. Pa. Secondary--Jaiiuany Entomology Club, treaiurrr. I’SKA. Hodily Scientific Society. Student Guide; Student Senate; Wicker , alumni werrtary. corn- ponding secretary, preudmt; Student Union Board; Intramural ; Frr lun in Hi-gulatlon Committee. SENIORS | 167JUDITH AW RITTENHOUSE l.uncaster, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI. DAVID H. ROBBINS Downlngtown, Pa. Elementary—May Newman Club; Oiiiicion C mmu Onuy; Swimming. Student Guide. Student Union Board. CUw Ireaturer. NIARCINDIE ANN ROBINSON Brogue, Pi. Elementary—January PSKA; Sigma Phi Delta, historian. |Hitilii'itv chairman; Student Guide; Women'v ctu»u . ROBERT CRAIG ROBINSON Bethel, Conn. Secondary—May Aviulion Qub, vice pinidnit; UCCF; United Curapu Mintvtry. BETSY JANE ROCK Pittiburgh. Pa. Secondary—Airglrtf Entomology Club. Omega Theta Sigma, coiretpondlng vice president; Project Guide; Ski Club, MARGARET ANN ROCK Wilmington, Del. Elementary—May ACKI; Bund; College Choir, corn spending iccrrtary; ICVF, recording secretary; Basketball. EVELYN ELIZABETH KUNE RODKEY ColumbU, Pa. Elemcntary- Augutt ACKI; Delta Phi Kta. LINDA ELAINE ROELKE Welhvillr. Pa. Secondary—May Delta llil Eta. Pi Delta Kpolon. vne president; Project Cutdr. cri-ordinntnr; PSKA; Snapper, ci • editor, nem editor, tmiix contoltunl JAYNE ROBIN ROH ALL Warinincter, Pa. Elementary— Dorm vice preddrnl; Student Srnatr; Young Democratic Club. Secretary. PETER JOHN MICHAEL ROIIALL Warminster. Pa. Liberal Artr—May Mu Alpha Kappa, corresponding trnduy, parliainentanan. Resident Men' AuacUtxn; Snapper; BnHull; Student Senate, precident; Young Democratic Club. Board af Tnutm; Faculty Senate; Claw president; Dorm precident. CONNIE LEE ROLAND ludn, P». Elementary—August ACKI. PSEA. BEVERLY JOY ROSENBERG Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI. Hillel Association; PSKA. ANTHONY JOHN ROSSI Eagleville. Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Sigma Oil. tier precident. trc.iturm. BERNARD LEON ROTH Pottrlown. Pa. Secondary—May Band; Busier Geographic Club. SHERRY ANN ROTHERMEL Millemillc. Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha; Baud; PSKA. JOAN MARIE RUDY Bethel, Pa. Elementary—Augiuf Delta Pin Eta. IVCF. CRETCHEN ELAINE RUMNIEL Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; College Choir, Snapper, art editor; Student Guide. HAROLD OWEN RUSH Sondrrton. Pa. Retident Men’ Awocialion; Tennis; Intramural . 16S SENIORS Secorulary MayYork. Pa. RUTH J. SABEY Library Sdmca—May Lebanon. Pa. PATRICIA CAIL SACER Seearulaiy August Columbia, Pa. JOAN C. SARBAUCH F.lemrntary—May Mars, Pa. ROBERT JOHN SAUERS, JR. Liberal Artr—May Kphrata. Pa. PSEA. SALLY SUE SAYLOR Secondary May Malvern, P». PATSY ANNE SCHAEFER Elementary—January ACE I; CKC. Womrii't Chorus; Fmhmui Regulation Cammitliv: Intramural . SUSANNE MAH IK SCIILEICHTKR Philadelphia, Pa. Uherat Am—May JOII CM AR1.KS SCHLEYKR Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary—May (.'EC; Intramural Committee. Men' Vanity ( lull. sergeant-at-arms; PSKA; Football; Haseludl. Student Organization for Safety. RICKY I.A SCIINKCK Rramont, Pa. Elementary—May Alpha Plu Omega. second vite president. ACEI. MAHIjANK SCIINEEWEIS Canton. Mtn. Library Sctenre—May Alpha lb ta Alpha, president. cort.spooding secretary. Mu Kappa Mu; Newman Club, recording secretary, Sigma Phi Omega, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, Student Guide; Women" Oanmunitv Association; Subcommittee lor Curriculum Revision. P. DIANE SCHOLL Lancaster, l a. Elementary—May Hand, secretary, |unlr t representative; Orchestra. VICKY LYNN SCIIREIBER Ursc Mrr, P«. Secondary—January IJelta Mil Kta, IVCF, president, vice president; Snapper. HELEN ANN SCHREINER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; CKC. SHARON ELAINE SCHWARTZ I’me Grove. Pa. E emenlary—May CHARLES RICHARD SCI!WENK NeflsviUc. Pa. Elementary—January Rand. JOHN ORVIS SCUDDER Lancaster. Pa. Imfrutrial ArU—May CARL ROBERT SEA VERS Mrrshry. Pa. Liberal Arts—May Wrestling. LINDA LEE SECNER Shilling!on. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI. Phi Lambda Sigma. SENIORS | 169JAMES . SEIFERT Telford. Pa. Secondary—, fay Bridge Club, vice president. Mu Kappa Mu. SAMUEL EDWARD SEl.CHER Middletown. Pa. Secorulaty —Augi.if Track. Student Senate. BARBARA LYNN SEEDIN' Putnam Valley, N. V. Art—May llilld Auooaliun. M ARIAN E. SENSES'Id Ephrata. Pa. liberal Art —May Delta Phi Eta. SUSAN MARIE SENSKMC Kphratii. Pa. EUtnmury—May BARBARA ANNE SHAFFER New Freedom. Pa. Klcmentan —May PSKA. Young Democratic Club. KATHY JO SIIAFFER Palmyra. Pa. Elementary—May ACE I: PSEAi Women'. Chora . NANCY MARIE SHANK Carlidr, Pa. Elementary—January College Choir. IVCF, wretary, Sliidrnt Guide: Women' Ohoru . aceom paniit. BEVERLY DIANE SHANNON LatlMttcr, Pa. Elementary—May Women" Day Student Association. MARTHA B. SIIEAFFEK Hu-ssnstimn, Po. Uhrary Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha; Band, president; PSKA; Hockey, manager, Pmnvylvania Inter collegiate Baud. National lutefcollrgiatr Band, BLAINE ARTHUR SIIEFFER V...I, l a Art-May Citamard t lub; Newman Club. Venture Club; Young Democratic Club; Variety Club, vice president, SYLVIA SHKLLENBERC.ER Columbia, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI: CEO; Delta Phi; Dolphin Club. Project Guide. LINDA JEAN SHEPHERD Springfield, Pu. Buddy Scientific Society. FRED C. SHIPMAN Thornton. Pa. Drlia Sigma Chi. Mm's Vanity Club; Ski Club; Diving. JOHN PAUL SHERRY Timblin, Pa. Induitrlal Art.—Auguaf IA SocietV. Bavrball; Football. BROOKE WILLIAM SHOFFNER York, Pa. Elementary—May CP.C; PSKA. SANDRA SUE SHUMAN l.andivvllle. Pa. Elementary—January ACEI. Uln ral Art.—May Secondary- May SARAH J. SHUMAN McEwrtMVflle, Pa. Liberal Artt—May College Choir; Student ' Sociology Organization, treasurer; Women' Chonu; la Gamma I'hl. 170 j SENIORSKATIIR1.NE ELIZABETH SHURSHIS Coopersbuig, Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Brt» Alpha, vice president, pledge chairman; Newman Cluh. UCCV; SMdflil Guide. DWIGHT A. SIERER Tower City. Pa. Ubcral Art --.Way Alpha I’hl Omega. pi evident, Intramural . FREDERIC MARC SINGER Unentn, Pa. Liberal Art —May llrllrl Association. trraiuirr. ROSE MARIE SKOJEC UnMitrr, Pa. Kappa IVIta Phi. SUSAN S. SLICK Phrlailrlphia. Pa. PSE , Student’ Stsrnt.hc Organization, vice president LINDA LOUISE SLIDES West Cheater. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; Zeta Gamma Phi. Elementary—May Secondary—May GLADYS MARY HANDAI.I. SI.OAT Uncailn, Pa. Library Science—May College Oioir. SHARON LEE SLONAKER Allentown, Pa. Secondary --May Delta Phi Eta; Gamma Sigma Alpha, treasucst. Mu Kappa Mu; Him I-jmbda Phi. hlitwliin, Basketball, Women's Chum JEAN MARIE SLOVER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—January ACEI. Wonim’iChorus. CAROLYN ELIZABETH SMITH Mlllertvllle, Pa. Library Science—May GREGORY LEE SMITH York. Pa. Lllrcral Art —May Aviation Cluli. PAULA LEE SMITH Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Art —May ROSEMARY SMITH Carlisle, l a. Elementary— May Ness man Club. historian. PSKA. Sigma Phi Omega, treasurer. Student Guide. RUTH ELLEN SNADKR Washington Boro. Pa. Art—Augutl Alt Education Association JOYCE ELIZABETH SNYDER Scranton. Pa. Library Science—August Alpha Beta Alpha, Student Guide, OrlrntatiiMi Committee; Campus Musical. LORRAINE CAROL SNYDER Beading. Pa. Secondary—May Color Guard; Della I'hi Kta. Engl sh Cltih; Kappa Alpha Tan. tieassiirr, IFC repiesentative; Snapper; St mien t Guide; WM.SH Radio Cluh. Young Hepuh liran Cluh. Elizabethtown, Pa. M RY JEANMNE SNYDER Secondary —January SUZANNE LOUISE SNYDER Nazareth. Pa. Secondary—May College Choir. English Club, Sigma Phi Omega. SENIORS | 171LINDA SUZANNE SPITLER Lebanon, Pa, Elementary—Slay Di'iin president; PSBA; Rho Lambda Phi. president; Student Guide. Student Sctutr. corresponding secretary; Womens Community Association, LYN SPRACUE denude. Pa, Elementary—May Citumard Club: PSBA; Student Guide. SHARON SUE SPRENKLE York. P». Elementary—January PSKA; Women Chorus; lntr.tumi.ili, JANE LOUISE SPHIOLE York, Ha. Elementary—May Della Phi Eta; PSEA. WILLIAM T. STAMAN Columbia, Pa. Secondary—May Student Orgaiiixation for Safety. ANDREA LEE STASSI Ration, Pii. Secondary—May English Club; Field Hockey; PSBA. DEBORAH JO STAUFFER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—May Kappa Delta Phi; Women’ Day Student Association. SUSAN ANN STAUFFER Mount Joy, Pa. Elementary—January CEO. SANDRA LEE STEHMAX Lancaster. Pa. Art—May Aristocracy Club; Entomology Club. GREGORY MARK STELLMACH Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—May Newman Club; PSEA. Resident Men' Association; Student' Scientific Orgiiniulion. JAMES PAUL STENDER Kiii "f Prussia, Pa. .Secondary—Auguit Men' Varsity Club. Freshman Football. Varsity Football; Stmlent Organisation for Safety. MARGARET AWE STEPHENSON Glen Milll, Pa, Secondary—May Kappa Alpha Tan. president, vice president, parliamentarian: Newman Club; Snapper; Social Studies Club; Voting Republican Club. JOANNE GAYLE STIMMEI. MleltviOr. Pa, Elementary—January Delta Phi Eta; Intramural ; Sigma Phi Della, treasurer. M. JOY STINCLE Lfli «lrtwno, Pa. Sceontlaty—May Intramural ; PSKA; Women’ Chorus; Xenophile Society. DAVID LORIN STITES Neninamtnivn, Pa. Secondary-May Alpha Phi Omega; American Chemical Society. SHIRLEY MARIE ST1T1.EY York, l‘a. Elementary—.May ACKI; Gamma Sigma Alpha; PSEA. VIKI DIANE STOKES Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—May CONSTANCE JOAN STOI.LTE Philadelphia, Pa Elementary—May ACKI; IVCF; Phi Lambda Sigma, treasurer; PSEA; Student Guide. Touch-ttone. 172 | SENIORSELIZABETH C. STOI.TZFUS Straibuig, Pa. Elrmentary May MIRIAM C:. STOLTZFUS Strutburg. I’a. Elmnentanj—Stay DOUGLAS KICMARD STONER Mlllcrcvlllc. I'u. hiJiuirial Art —May Phi Sigma Pi; Tun CaniiM Lambda. JOHN DARRAH STONC Springfield. I’.i, Litoral Arlt—May American Society. president; Roddy Scientific Society. FRANCES R. STOUCH York. I'u. Elementary—May ACK1; Delta l'hi Eta; Lutheran Student Accociation, PSEA; Student Guide BRUCE DOUGLAS STOVER luiitMlalo, Pa. Inrluilriat Art —May IA Honor Society; IA Society, IVCF; PSEA; Student Guide. DEBORAH KAY STOVER Lane-utter, Pa. Elementary—May CSC. DARVIN LEE STRAUB Northumberland, Pa. Industrial Art — armory Football; Student Organ hwtimi for Safety, hlitorian, vice pmulent. Lititz. I'u. RONALD ABRAM STRICKLKR Secondary—May SUZAN KAY STRIEBIC York. I’u. Lilrtaty Science—January BARBARA A. V. STUMP Lltitz, Pa. Elementary—Airguif KAY LOUISE STURGIS Sinking Spring. Pu. Elementary—May English (.lull; Venture Club; Xenophile Society, jocrctary DONALD JAMES SUMMAR Lancaster. Pu. Library Science—.'fay Alpha Beta Alpha; Student Guide. ELIZABETH RUTH SUTTIE Philadelphia. Pu. Elementary—May Mack ami Cold; Modem Dunce Theater Student for ProgtCitlw Action, secretary; Student Senate. RUSSELL MERLE SWENSON II Apollo. Pa, Secondary-May Golf. CHERYL SWKRLICK lluvcitown. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; Communication Committee, chairman; Ilitlrl Association. recording secretary; PSEA. DIANE A. SWINE HART Kirkwood, Pa. Elementary—May Band; PSEA. CAROL ANN SWINGLE Harrisburg. Pa. Elementary—Auguit Dorm Food and Homing Representative; Project Guide. PSEA. Rbo I.amlida Phi. parliamentarian, eonreiponding secretary; Student Guide; Student Senate; Women’ Chorus; Women's Community Association. SENIORS | 173linnulrr, I’d. Band, Soecrr. PAUL F. SWOPE III Liberal Art,— May VINCENT S. TAI.KRICO l.evitfimn, I’d. Uheral ArU—May Piychologv Club. I.. SUSAN TATAR l.clutMMi. I’d. Art—May Doll.I I'lki Ell-, Slmt. nl (lllhlo. MICHAEL GREGORY TAVEI.LA M.inlu.m. | d. Libe-at Arti—May lln led (diu|ut Minntty; Venture Cluli. LOIS ANN TIIKOPIIEL New Puk, Ha. Elementary—May Band; Delta Phi Kid. STEP 11 NY LYNN TIIIEME York, H». LUn-ral Artt—May lnli-r(t llc|(idtr Cmdrretice Government; S'ludml Guide, Young Democratic Cluli, vico pretident. JAMES HESS THOMAS Millemillc. Pd. Secondary—January Commuting Mrn’i A»ioclatl m. Mennnnite Stmlml Kellmvdiip; Phi Sigma l’i; Sliidml Ailviuiry Committee. Student ' Sociology Oigam ulimi. SHIRLEY ANN THOMSON Media. Pit. Elementary—May CKC; Dolphin Cluli. vice | to«ulonl. Kappd Phi Kpillon, vice ptrtidrnt; PSKA. JOSEPH JAMES THORNTON Simpton, Pa. Irubntriol Arlt—May IA Society, preudrnt; Hod and Cun Cluh. president. DONALD RAYMOND Til REN llilinliurg, Pa. Elementary—Mill; Alpha Sigma Chi. Irr.ioiioi. fleiidmt Mcn‘» Anuctillni PATRICIA ANN I'll I’M l A Millmville. Pa. ElcmenUsty—Muy CKC, vl« president; Sigma I’hi Delta. Student Guide. KAREN SUE HEILMAN TOMPOS Millmville. Pa. Elementary May Clow trcietary. Onu-ga Theta Sigma, trraiurrf. MICHAEL I.. TOMSIC Yoik, I’d. Liberal Art —Auguif l| ha Pill Omega, tr avufi i. Dorm president. Knidnit Men A«ociali n, pn-»idrnt. Sturh-nt Guide; WMSR Radio Chili, new director. Xniophllr Society. HILDA L. TREASURE Millmville. Pd. Elrmentary—May PETER LOUIS TRKMAIN Wyncute. Pd. Liberal Art —May ELAINE JANET TREMBLAY Mrhlvlllc. Mo. Elementary—May Kappa lilt Kpl-uui, pn-ddrtit; Student Guide; Wnmrn' Chonni. RONALD WILLIAM TREXLER Allentown. Pa. Induitrial Arti — May IA Society; Mu Alpha Kappa; Wrestling. LOUISE ANN TROUTMAN Lebanon, Pa. Elementary—Augmt ACKI. IVCK; PSKA. Xenophile SovSrty. 17-1 SENIORSDAVID A UNGER l.lcmrutury- ,U«v Hanover. I . Intramural Commuter; Minimi Cuklr, MELANIE KAYE UNGER llanovrr. Ha. F.trmcntary—Way PAUL HENRY VAUGHN, JK. LancaUrr, I'a. rvWrinl Art —Way |A Honor Sndtlyi Ciim Omniry Track; TuudutoM JEFF VERMUTH CollcfteWIU-. Pa. £l«m n a«y—Way Clurr Mir preiidcnt, prnidetil; Dorm pmtdeut, M n'« Vanity (.lull, record ing uiitUiv, Newman Club, p.irirli council; Omicnm Cimina Omega. p1rdgrnu»trr, IFC i. prerent .dive. Hmjett Guide; lUiidcnt Mm" ... renalor; Soccer. Track, Student Senate. MICHAEL C.EORCK WADDELL New CuinWrlaiMl, Pa. Secondary—Way Dorm vice wiiidriil; IFC. vice pmldent. Intramural ; Coll. Tan Gamma l.amlxla. IFC rejurreritative, recording ■rcft’tary. trearurer, DOROTHEA MAH1I WALLACE Manchester, Ha. Klrmrnlartf—Way ACKI, Gamma Sigma Alpha. •rctetary, HSKA; W'.MSR Radio Club; Women’ Chorur, tccfetary-lrcatiirrr. BRENDA LEE WALLICK Oumbrnburf. Ha. Ubniry Science—Way Alpha Hrta Alpha. ACRI. Rand, HSKA; Student Organisation lor Safety. KATHY LOUISE WANNER Honey Biunk, Ha. F.lrmrnlan — anuary Baud. rcpir-rrntntire; Della I'tii Kta. RODNEY EUGENE WARFIELD lli'llam. Ho. F rmenfary— anuary (.'ampin BARBARA MARY WARCO I..unlonl. Ha. Kfrntrulary—May JERI LYNNE JARRELL WATSON Kotin. Ha. K rmenfory—May IVCF. Women' Uunn, accmnpauitt. DENNIS P. WATTO Tamarpia, Ha. SeciMidary—May Harrier Geographic Club; Commuting Men’ Arroriation. Intercollegiate Conference Corernmrnt. HSKA; Cm Country and Indoor Track. NANCY LEE WATTON, Ha. Secondary—May Kappa Delta 111 I, pledge pi.-ndent. recording KCtrtary; Women’ Cfcorut JOHN ROBERT WAYBRICIIT Crttyrhurg. Pa. ElemnUry—May HSKA. HAZEL ROOT WE1CARD LamMer. Pa. KImwiWary - anoary CKC. Delta Pin Kta. KAREN WEINHOl.D Denver. Pa. EUmcnlsry—May HSKA; Snapper. RONNIE LEE WEISER Camp Mill. Ha. K rnwuMry—May ACKI. KENT K. WEISS Elixabrthtown. Pa. Elementary—May Student Union Hoard. president; Student Cuidr. Tau Gamma Lambda, pmtdcat. SENIORS [ 175MARCIA REX WEISS Erdmheim. Pa. Elementary—May Cl.iv historian; CEO. PSEA. Sinm.» Phi Della, president. vice pmidnri; Frcthman Hockey; Student Guide. DENNIS JOSEPH WKIST Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—May CEC; Dorm vice president; Men's Varsity Club, corresponding secretary; Varsity Football. SUSAN LYSBETH WENTINK Wyoootwing, Pa. Elementary—January CEC; PSEA; Student Guide; Women" Choru . MARLEEN D. WERLEY Reading. Pa. Elrmrntnry—May ACEI; PSEA. WILLIAM ALAN WERSTLER Potlstown, Pa. Art—May Men’s Varsity Club; Football; Track, captain. JANE ELIZABETH WERT Nellsvtllr. Pa. Elementary—Mrry Women's Day Student Association. ROBERTA ANN WIECAND Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May Wosnm's |)av Student Association, president. NORINE JOYCE WIGGINS New Providence, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; Delta Pin Eta; 1VCF. PSEA. NANCY EILEEN WIKER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—May Hand; College Oku I; One More Than .Vine. PSEA. Saxophone Ensemble, Stage Hand. Student Guide. WMSft Had to Club. KATHLEEN RENE WILES New Cumberland, Pa. Elementary—January ACEI. recording secretary; Delta Phi Eta. Student Guide, Women's Choru . PAMELA JEAN WILKINS Fort L« . N. J. Secondary—May Dolphin Club, script girl; Freshman Cheerleader; PSEA; Xenophik Society. CATHY LOUISE WILLIAMS Pen AlgyL Pa. Elementary—May PSEA. KATHY MAREA WILLIAMS Waynesboro. Pa. Elementary—May PSEA. WANDA ELAINE WILT Carlisle, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; College Choir; IVCF. recording secretory; PSEA; Women's Chorus. DEBORAH DIANE WISE Edgesvood. Md. Library SdOtM—May Alpha Beta Alpha; Della Phi Eta; Intramural ; Women's Community Association. BONNIE CAROL WITMER Newtown. Pa. Secondary—May English Club; Freshman Cheerleader; 1FC, treasurer. Homecoming Court. Newman Club; Pep Club; PSEA. Sigma Phi Omega; IFC representative. Student Guide. Tribunal; Varsity Cheerleader. CO-eap a!n; Women's Varsity Club; Young Hepublican Club. JAY W. WITMER Millersvillc, Pa. Secondary—May (aHtmiuling Men's Association; Intramural Committee, JAMES M. WITTERS. JR. Mycntowii. Pa. Elementary—May Commuting Men's Association, Lutheran Student Association; PSEA, Resident Men's Association; Freshman ami Varsity Soccer. Tail Gamma Lambda, sergeiuit-at-arms. 176 | SENIORSLaiicaiter. Pa, DONALD HENRY WOLF, JH. Industrial Aril—May SUSAN BETl! WOLF Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—January Band. irpomUllM, Council; One Move Than Nine; Student Guide. D1ANI ZIMMERMAN WOLFGANG Pine Giove, Pa. Elementary—January PSKA. Yovk. Pa. NANCY IIKRSHEY WOI.GAMl TH Library Science—January ANN I.OCISE WOMMER Mdlenbntg, Pa. Art—May Intramural . Lwone, managrt; National Alt Education AnociaUun; PSKA; Women' (.'hoiu . Women' Vanity (.Tub. JUDITH KAREN WOOD Moniiville. Pa, Elementary—May PSKA; Ffenhman Gheefleadev; Student Guide; Women' Omni . BRUCE B. WOODRING Eatton, Pa. Secondary—May Ko«l ami Gun Club. LINN T. W(K)TEN Knolu, Pa. l.llxml Art —May ELIZABETH CANDANCE WORKMAN Pulldown. Pa. Elementary—May ACRI; Lactone; Phi I..uhImI.i Sigma. GAIL WREN Sptlngfield. Pa. Secondary—January Mark aiul Cub ,- PSKA, Sigma llii I Vila, Spannh Club; Xenophite So -iety. RICHARD MORRIS WRIGHT. JR PotltKmii. Pa. Induitrnil AtIt—May Hr-iident Men' AtMioaliufl; Swimming. WANDA ELAINE WRIGHT Juhtutuwn. Pa. Elementary—January Blac-lc Student ' Anociation; CKC: Sigma Phi Omega. NAOMI N. WYBLE Loncattcr. Pa. Secondary—January Della Phi Eta. J. DOUGLAS YEAGER Morrttviiie, Pa. Secondary—May Men' Vanity Club. Vanity Goll. CYNTHIA DOREEN YOCUM Bluunuboig. Pa. Library Science—May Alpha Beta Alpha. hi tuiun. letutding »eOetaty; Delta Plii Eta; IVCK; PSKA. JAMES MICHAEL YODER Pa. Ubetal Artt—January Hand, leprraenlativr. Wie lllng. JEAN LOUISE MADIGAN YOUNG MillmvflV. Pa. Elementary—Augutt PSEA; Student GiihIi'. ROBERT I’AI.MER YOUNG Biyn Mawr. Pa. Secondary—Aug,urt Vanity Football; Student Organisation lot Safety. SENIORS 177SUSAN MARIE YOU. ( Wrightsvillc, Pa. Secondary—Aujuil Della Phi Eta. Mu kappa Mu. LanCiutri, l’a. WILLIAM L. ZAHM Secondary—January JOHN EDWARD ZAMPIER Lantdalr, Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Sigma Chi; Men's Vanity Club; Football; Track. ELSABETH ANN ZAUN Lt-batiou. Pa. Elementary—Slay CKC, treasurer; Intramural ; PSKA. Women’s Clioru . MARILYN KEENER ZKACER Annvlllr, P . Elementary—May ACE I; IVCF. Menuanite Student Fellowship, secretary-treasurer; Student Cuidr. I.ebunon. Pa. LINDA MAE ZELLERS Klrmr-ttrary—August KATHRYN Y. ZERFASS Allentown, Pa. Elementary—May Phi Lambda Sigma. PSKA. Z. I. JULIE ZETTLER Easton, Pa. Elementary—May Di 1|iliin Club, 'ice president, senior adviser; Omega Theta Sigma, historian; PSKA. Kplirnta, Pa. LINDA JEAN ZIMMERMAN Elementary—May SARA J. ZINN Logans illr, Pa. Secondary—January Band; Mu Ka| | a Mu, treasurer; PSKA; Ski Club. Women' Community Association. CATHY ANN WALLY Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—Slay Delta Phi Kta. Cultural Afluin Committee; Kappa Phi Epsilon, corresponding secretary; Orchestra. Pep Club, secretary; String Ensemble; Women’s Chorus. Connie L. Koluiul. 21, died December 7, 1970, after an illness of six months. A senior, Connie was majoring in elementary education. She would have been graduated iu August. While at Millersville State College, she was active in the Association for Children Education International and Pennsylvania State Education Association. The staff l Touchstone and the (’lass of 1971 mourn her untimely death.Seventeen To Who’s Outstanding Seniors Named Who in American Colleges To honor those seniors who have been outstanding members of their college community, there exists an organization known as Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Election into Who's Who is one of the highest honors a senior can attain. This year Millersville is proud to recognize seventeen seniors who have l een accepted into this organization. Their names wen- first introduced last spring when each club and activity on campus was asked to nominate two juniors as candidates. Each nominee was required to Ik- a respectable scholar as well as to exemplify as nearly as possible the ideal member of his organization, one who willingly gives of himself, his time, his efforts, his enthusiasm, and one who preferably serves in a position of leadership. The seventeen pictured here were chosen in the fall by a vote of the faculty and, for the first time, through a campus-wide ballot cast 1 their fellow students on the basis of intellectual achievement, service, constructive participation in activities, and contributions to student government and college life. The Touchstone staff congratulates these students on their achievement. Mu Alpha Kapjtu was honored to have three of its brothers elected to who’s Who. Carl Burst, president of MAK and captain of the football team; Pete Rohall, president of the Student Senate, and lairry McKeeman. president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, enjoy a rare few minutes of leisure at the Temporary Student Union Building.Captain of the cheerleaders Cheryl Davis held a domi office for two years. Cyndy McDermott, Student Senate vice president, and Intn Ore, historian and vice president of Gamma Sigma Alpha sorority, combine their talents in a game of ping-pong. Allun LcFcvcr, president d the Economics club, gives Gwen Ray. u manlier of Alpha Beta Alpha, a lesson in elu-ss at the TUB.Linda Holt, captain of the color guard and officer of Zeta Gamma I’fii sorority, and Marlin Deiter, a brother of Phi Sigma Pi honor fraternity, decide which game they would like to play in the Tl'U. Vicky Schrcilrcr. former president of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, helps decorate the Christmas tree in Lyle Hall lohhv. Discussing Women's Resident Association problems are secretary Diane Alexander and president Ruth Ann Bromfleld. Diane serves as recording secretary' of the Student Senate, and Ruth Ann is president of the senior class.Student Senate representatives Carol Swingle and Mike Dries enj one of the mam activities available in the TUB. Carol was socretar and parliamentarian of Rho Lambda Phi sorority, and Mike was vice president of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Below arc Keith Brightbill, co-captain of the soccer team and student senator, and Kathy Zwally. secretary of tin- Pep Club and secretan of Kappa Phi Fpsilon sorority. 182 WHO'S WHODOLPHIN CLUB Congratulations and Best of Luck to Our Seniors INCRID BENJAMIN CATHY FIKE NANCY CKRYINO SUSIE MARTIN SUE CURTIS LINDA MASON PEGGY FRANK SYLVIA SI I ELLEN BERGER KATHLEEN HEIL SHIRLEY THOMPSON JEANNE HOFFMAN JULIE ZETTLER MARY ELLEN KELLEHER Pill LAMBDA SIGMA Extends the Best of Luck to the Class of 71 MANOR PLAZA RESTAURANT "W here students can afford to eat and are always welcome!" 1232 Millersville Pike Weekdays 7 A. M. — 9 P. 1. Sundays -S A. M. — 8 P. M. Phone 392-8152The after dinner game of the year is Buck-Buck. Every night in Cordinicr lobby the men competed in teams, trying to see which team could maneuver itself on tin hacks of the other team without falling. BOWERS PIIOTOGRAPIIIC SERVICE 19 East Frederick St. Millersville, Pa. Telephone 872-8082 • SCHOOLS • WEDDINGS • COMMERCIAL • PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES TIIE GERHART COFFEE CO. Distributors of Fine Coffee 544-546 N. Christum Street Lancaster, Pa. RODDY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 Congratulations to our Seniors from the Sisters of KAPPA ALPHA TAU First runner-up Joan Kling; Miss Millersville State College. Lois I Kicker; and second runner-up and Miss Congeniality, Priscilla Snyder. pose after the pageant. Also competing in the pageant were Sue Fitterling. Rose Homeser. and Brenda llerbst. FORRY and IIACKER Highlighting Homecoming festivities were the Lettennen, in concert at Penn Manor. An impromptu songfest started when the group entered the niidfehce anil tire students liimcd into performers. Printers of the “Snapper” Lancaster, Pa. 17602 248 E. Liberty St. Ph. 393-4452 PROVIDENT BOOKSTORE LANCASTER PARK CITY EPHRATA - NEW HOLLAND Best of Luck to the Class of 1971 from SIGMA PHI OMEGA • The Sisters of KAPPA DELTA PHI Congratulate the (Graduating Seniors Fumed composer and folk singer Theodore Bike! rounded out tin- Homecoming weekend activities in a Sunday afternoon concert at Penn Manor.T Congratulations to the Class of 1971 from the INDUSTRIAL ARTS SOCIETY Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 from ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Best Wishes to the Senior Class from DELTA Pill ETATin- Brooklyn Bridge ham it up before their concert in September. The Brooklyn Bridge, Natalie Ilinderas and Ralph Nader entertain students at MSC Natalie 11 indents, classical pianist, jw-rfonro during a concert with the College Community Orchestra. Sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Committee, Ralph Nader lectures on the “Contamination of our Environ meritgreets Abbie Hoffman The appearance of Abbie Hoffman (opposite page. top left), Coraid Lefcourt (opposite page, top right), and Leonard Weinglass (below right) stirred up much controversy Iretwecn the campus and the community, Pub-licit)- in the Lancaster newspapers prompted a hysterical community reaction. Under the able leadership of J. Earle Pfoutz. the community members asked the state attorney general to issue an injunction to bar Hoffman from campus. The injunction was denied and Hoffman and company came. Publicity succeeded in bringing enough pressure on campus that added police protection was needed. By filling the auditorium with student guards and surrounding the building with policemen, no real problem arose. The extent of damage included one shattered glass door and a few broken eggs. The topic of discussion was "Limits of Dissent,” which Hoffman quite successfully neglected to speak about He Ix-gan by slamming the discussion topic, then turned to the Viet Nam War and violence. His lecture was. at most, incoherent. Lefcourt s contributions were also quite scanty and not really on the topic. Weinglass was the impressive speaker of the three men. He spoke on the special power of the executive branch of the government. To the students, he proved to be the most convincing of the three by giving specific examples to illustrate his points. The question and answer period that followed was directed primarily to Hoffman who managed to avoid giving any direct answers. The audience found it difficult to separate the facts from the propaganda especially since Hoffman is a better comedian than a legitimate speaker. The three, Hoffman, I.efcourt and Weinglass, accomplished their purpose: they aroused controversy from the townspeople and students. 188INDEX — a - r w Academic Advisement, Director of 34 Academic Affairs, Assistant t« the Vice President for 34 Academic Affairs, Vice President for 33 Administrative Services, Director of 36 Admissions. Assistant Director of 36 Admissions. Director of 36 Alpha Beta Alpha 92 Alpha Phi Omega SI Alpha Sigma Chi 9-1 Alumni Affairs, Director of 34 American Chemical Society 69 Art Department 44 Association for Childhood Education International 57 — B — Band 77 Baseball 116 Basketball. Freshman 112 Basketball, Men’s 110 Basketball, Women's 113 Bassler Geographic Society 58 Biologs- Department 48 Black and Gold 63 Black Student Association 60 Board of Trustees 32 raze English Department . 43 Entomology Club 6S — I — Financial Aid. Director of 35 Food Services. Assistant to the Director of 35 Football, Freshman 105 Football, v.usitv l( 2 Foreign Language Department 44 Foreword 2 Freshman Class Officers 128 — G — Gamma Pi 98 Gamma Sigma Alpha 93 Causer Library, Staff 37 Geography I department 49 Golf 123 — II — History Department 49 Hockey. Junior Varsity 101 Hockey, Varsity 1(H) Homecoming 12 43 Humanities Division, Dean of — C — Chaplains 38 Cheerleaders. Freshman 124 Cheerleaders, Varsity 124 Chemistry Department 46 Choir 74 Circle K Club 81 Citamard 73 Color Cuard 76 Commuting Men's Association 54 Council for Exceptional Children 57 Cross Country 99 — D — Dedication 4 Delta Phi Eta 92 Delta Sigma Chi 9S Dolphin Club 82 Earth and Space Science Department 47 Economics Club 59 Economics Department 49 Educational Media Department 40 Education Division. Dean of 39 Elementary Education Department 39 Elizabeth Jenkins School for Children. Director i 37 Elizabeth Jenkins School for Children, Stall 37 English Club 62 190 INDEX Industrial Arts Department 41 Industrial Arts Honor Society 70 Industrial Arts Society 70 International Folk Dancing Club 71 Interfraternitv Council S9 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 78 Intramural Committee 84 -1- Junior Class Officers 130 — K — kappa Alpha Tan 90 Kappa Delta Phi 8S Kappa Phi Epsilon 9) — L — I .acrossc 122 — M — Madrigal Singers 75 Majorettes 76 Mathematics Department 46 Men. Dean of 33 Mcnnonitc Student Fellowship 78 Modern Dance Club 71 Mu Alpha Kappa 94 Mu Kappa Mu 68 Music Department 43— N — Newman Student Fellowship Pogf 79 — O — Omega Theta Sigma Omicron Gamma Omega 88 96 — P — Pennsylvania State Education Association 56 Pep Club 86 Phi I imlKla Sigma 93 Philosophy Department 45 Phi Sigma Pi 98 Physical Education Department 40 Physics Department 47 Pi Delta Epsilon 63 Political Science Department 48 Postmaster 38 President 31 President, Assistant to 33 Priority 68 Project Guide 80 Psychology Department 40 — K — Registrar 34 Resident Men's Association 55 Resident Women’s Association 55 Rho Lambda Phi 91 Rod and Gun Club 85 Roddy Scientific Society 68 — S — Safety and Security, Director of 35 Scheduling Officer 34 Science Division. Dean of 46 Secondary Education Department 39 Senior Class Officers 133 Sigma Epsilon Beta 95 Sigma Phi Delta 89 Sigma Phi Omega 91 Sigma Tau Gamma (T. G. L.) 97 Snapper 64 Soccer 106 Social Sciences. Dean of 48 Social Studies Club 58 Sociology and Anthropology Department 50 Sophomore Class Officers 126 Special Education Department 42 Speech and Drama Department 45 Spring Fling 26 Student Activities. Director of 34 Student Affairs. Special Assistant to the Vice President for 36 Student Affairs. Vice President for 35 Strident Organization for Safety 80 Page Student Senate 52 Students for Progressive Action 61 Student’s Sociolog)’ Organization 61 Student Teaching and Placement Office 35 Student Union Board 54 Sweetheart Queen 17 Swimming 114 — T — Table of Contents 3 Tau Gamma lambda 97 Tennis. Men s 120 Tennis. Women’s 121 Touchstone 66 Track 118 — V — Venture 72 — W — Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges 179 Wickers 97 Witmer Infirmary, Staff 38 WMSR Radio Club 72 Women. Dean of 33 Women's Chorus 75 Women's Varsity Club 84 Wrestling 108 Wrestling Belles 87 — X — Xenophilc Society 62 — Y — Young Democrats Club 59 Zeta Gamma Phi 91 PATRON INDEX Alumni Association 86 Bowers Photographic Service 18 1 Delta Phi Eta 186 Dolphin Club 183 Forrv and (lacker 185 Gerhart Coffee 184 Industrial Arts Society , 186 Kappa Alpha Tau 18 4 Kappa Delta Phi 185 Manor Plaza Restaurant 183 Phi lambda Sigma 183 Provident Book Store 185 Roddy Scientific Society 18 1 INDEX | 191Epilogue Growth and Change become evident in all ph ases of student life The 1971 Touchstone has attempted to show the Growth and Change that has taken place on campus this year. Some of the Growth and Change is obvious. Old Main has been eliminated and Stine, Burrowes, Pucillo and a new Union have been added. Ground is to be broken soon for a new high-rise girls' dormitory. In the planning stages are a new humanities building and hope for five more instructional facilities including art, music, science, foreign language buildings and a computer center in the near future. The curricula seem to In- expanding more rapidly than the buildings are appearing. Along with a growing number of courses to choose from arc a growing number of major and minor fields of specialization. The Cultural Affairs Committee and The Student Union Board have tremendously influenced the students bv supplving a great variety of speakers and performers. Theodore Bikel. The Tamburitzans. Ralph Nader. Jose Greco. Peter Segal. Bill Bussell. The Brooklyn Bridge, The Lcttermen, and Richie Havens have given the students hours of entertainment. Out of this group of attractions stemmed the most enlightening experience about the students themselves. Abbie Hoffman's visit showed the administration, faculty, community and most of all parents that the students were no longer children, but responsible adults that could decide for themselves what they wanted to believe. This was also the year for students to show their talents. Citamard staged four magnificent performances while the combined effort of all the campus put on the extreme!) successful “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." Actors, choreographers, artists and musicians combined their talents to make the production one of the college's greatest achievements. Greater student participation in the administrative affairs of the college grew immensely in the past year. Students and administrators worked together effective! to settle all problems and disagreements without am need for the measures that mam college students seem to use. The Millersville student has grown and changed to become a mature and responsible individual, able to combine adult life with college life. The 1971 Touchstone is proud of the students it represents and urges them to continue to Grow and Change.

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Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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