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 TOUCHSTONE 1970 MILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE MILLERSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA May 1970, Volume 71 Darlene Warner, Co-Editor Sally Wool, Co-Editor Suzi Lord, Associate Editor Donna Aughinbauch, Business ManagerMb. Earle M. Hite, Jr. IN MEMORIAM . . . And a youth said. Speak to us of Friendship. And he answered, saying: Your friend is your needs answered. tie is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your hoard and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace. When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the "nay’’ in your own mind, nor do you withhold the “ay. ' And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart; For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are horn and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed. When you part from your friend, you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may he clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. 2 And let there he no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit. For love that seeks aught hut the disclosure of its own mystery is not love hut a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught. And let your best he for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live. For it is his to fill your need, hut not your emptiness. And in the sweetness of friendship let there he laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. — Kmii.ii. Gibran, The Prophet mk J Pi Delta Epsilon, the honorary journalism fraternity, presented Mr. Hite with the 1969 Snapper Service Award at its annual publications banquet. A Journalist . . . A Sports Enthusiast . . . A Friend. Mr. Hite worked several years as sports editor for various newspapers, and was a former Millers ville baseball coach. Mr. Hite, as publications adviser, transmitted "the finest ideals and skills to his staff and brought numerous national awards and honors to the college.” |Mr. Daniel G. Engle DEDICATION Mr. Daniel Engle is enthusiastic and a good friend of the students. He is most often seen in the Physics department of Mil-lersville State College, although he also gives his energies to campus and community affairs. Before coming to Millersville. Mr. Engle taught at several high schools. Among them were Strasburg, East Lampeter and Penn Manor. He earned his master’s degree in Physics from Franklin and Marshall in 1957. He is presently teaching beginning and advanced physics courses. Next year. Mr. Engle is going to Rhodesia while on sabbatical leave. He is going to a village called Mtshabezi. His job there will Ik to help train native teachers. In addition to teaching, Mr. Engle is active in Faculty Senate. He holds the office of President Pro Tern in addition to serving on various committees. Outside of the college, Mr. Engle is active in church work. He has served on the Millersville Boro Planning Committee and is a past president of the I.ions Club. Thus it is with great pleasure and pride that we, the editors and staff, dedicate the 1970 Touchstone to a physicist, professor, adviser, and friend—Mr. Daniel C. Engle. 4( FOREWORD That grent mystery of Time, were there no other; the illimitable, silent, never-resting thing colled Time, rolling. rushing on, swift, silent, like on all-embracing ocean tide, on which we and all the I 'niverse swim like exhalations, like apparitions which are, and then arc not: this is forever very literally a miracle; a thing to strike us dumb, — for we have no word to speak about it. Carlyle — Heroes and Hero Worship. Lecture I The 1070 Touchstone has recorded a very small part of "that great mystery of Time"—a part that has touched us “like an all-embracing ocean tide.' Even though this past year represents just a fraction of “the illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called Time," it nevertheless holds many memories for all of us. Laughter. learning, love—these are but a few of the things we have enjoyed on Millersvilles campus. Football games, final exams, friends — these are but a few of the things we have shared. As Time keeps “rolling, rushing on. swift, silent." those memories might well Ik erased; they might disappear "like exhalations, like apparitions which are, and then are not." We. the 1970 Touchstone staff, hope we have captured these memories, have captured a part of this miracle calk'd Time, though "we have no word to speak about it.” TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Pace 1 lx Memoriam 2-3 Dedication 4 Foreword 5 Campus Life 6 Faculty and Administration 32 Activities 54 Spoim 90 Underclassmen 118 Seniors 128 Ads 174CAMPUS LIFE Susan Lord, EditorAutumn brings color and activity . . . Smokey Robinson and the Miracles bring the Motown sound to MSC A day for Parents to visit our Campus.T.t .B., BAT, Library . . . Familiar places filled with renewed activity A time for quiet contemplation. 10“A thing of beauty is a joy forever —Keats 12Homecoming . . . that special time of year. The G-Clefs entertain M. S. C. students at a Dance Concert. Zeta Gamma Phi Sorority Cheerleaders pause participates in the Homecoming Parade. at half time.Former Queen Eileen Kuhns crowns Jeanne Hoffman, Homecoming Queen.-Winter Weekend Is Here!MSC Offers Each Student A Home Away From Home Life in a girls' dorm is never dull! Most seniors find themselves living in off-campus apartments. Penn Dorms provide on-campus living for many male students.University Apartments, lx ys‘ dorms, and the Alumni House furnish many students with places to relax and live on the Mil-lersville Campus. 19 The 1970 Sweetheart Queen, Ellen Dele of Sigma Phi Delta sorority, is crowned by last year’s queen, Betsy Kurtz. The Queen and her Court.Students emerge from Winter hiding places . . . Spring Omicron Gamma Omega fraternity holds its annual Spring Fling Barbecue. Sam and Dave entertain during Spring Fling. 22Alpha Phi Omegas contribution to the Spring Fling Fair. Pat Fisher and friends cool off in the lake. Dancing the day away!Free food and dancing by the lake! Spring Brings Activity to the Millersville Campus Millcrsville baseball fans are glad spring has finally arrived."The- Bush Poor Cheryl! Looks like the lake has claimed another victim!The College Has Grown and Is Growing- The Stayer Research and Learning Center was dedicated in the fall.Senior Dick Shultz, student teaching at Penn Manor High School. The clay we have spent four years working towards is finally here. The Senior Prom ... A climax to a busy year.The final walk across this bridge, as seniors, .symbolizes the successful completion of four years at Millerscille State College. We will long remember the friends, professors, classes. buildings, and experiences. We now go our separate ways, but we will often stop and recall our days spent at Millerscille. 31ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY MAlMi.YN Oui.iiKOi.i' Kii, EditorCount Reginald de Warren presented Dr. Theodore Rupp of the foreign language department with a medal from the French Government. Dr. Kent Carson gives an art student some tips on improving his drawing. THE PRESIDENT l)n. Wit.ijam II. Duncan, President To mi. Siudi is or Mu i i:iisvu.leStatkCou.eok: The page’s of this or any issue of the Touchstone are intended to preserve memories of college days—memories of fellow students and faculty members, memories of college scenes and college happenings, memories of successes and failures, memories of joys and sorrows—all parts of life on the Millersville campus. To the extent that we, students and faculty, have achieved the purposes for which this College exists, those memories will justifv pride in a job well-done and confidence in your ability to meet the challenges of the future. T he College can lay no claim to having "iven an education to anyone, liather, its role has been that of providing opportunities within a community of scholars for individuals to become educated. Learning has been, of necessity, a distinctly personal task for each of you. It is my hope that, as memlrers of a college generation characterized bv confrontation and by demands for immediate solutions to the ills of society, von have honestly taken advantage of the varied opportunities available to you on this campus for developing your potential for self realization as well as vour potential for sendee to others. I have found my associations with yon to ! c both challenging and rewarding and trust that you will maintain an active and loyal interest in the welfare of your Alma Mater. My best wishes to each of you as you continue your learning for living. Sincerely yours, Wu.i.iam II. Duncan. President Till- Duncan Family—Seiital: Lent Malic Daman, Mrs. William It. Duncan. Mrs. Nicky Ann Duncan Field. Sli iuting: William II Duncan. Jr., Di. William II Duncan, Richard E-Field. 33ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Vice President for Student Affairs l)n. Gary V. It high All!) i Vice President for Academic Affairs D«. Nicholas C. Brown Assistant to the President l)n. Mk ham. Kova ii Dean of Men Mr. Henry P. Bimikk Director of Alumni Affairs On. George F. Stauffer Dean of Women Miss Helen V. ConwayAss{slant to the Dean for Academic Affairs Mr. Jack R. Fiscjiel Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs' Dr. Robert V. Ri«ow Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of Admissions Mr. Melvin Allen Director of Student Activities Mr. Marvin R. Conner Registrar Mr. Gerald Bcrkiiarrtg r Assistant Registrar Mr. Rai.imi I.. WrightDirector of financial Aid Mr. Gene R. Wise Director of Academic Advisement Mr. Charles I. Kent I Assistant Director of i'ood Services Mr. Anthony Mohdosky Director of Safety ami Security Mu. Woodrow V. Frank Director of Development Mu. Donald . Stou.i wvkukSTUDENT TEACHINC AND PLACEMENT OFFICE—Dr. Daun NYshit, Dr. Raymond E. Kuhl ami Dr. Francis J. Kafka. ADMISSIONS OFFICE—Seated: Mr. J. Henry Keneagy, director. Standing: Mr. Blair Treasure ami Mr. F. Perry Love, auittants. LIBRARY STAFF—Front Row: Mr. John Maine, Mrs. Laura Doering, Mr . I). L. Cavanaugh, Mr Herbert B. Anstaett. Mrs. Esther Whitely. Second Row: Mrs. Bonnie Jolly. Miss -M. V. We.itherlow. Mrs, Catherine Class, Mr . Nellie Von Dorster, Mrs. Doris Hosier. Bock Bow: Mr Theodore Miller, Mr Hnv Hacker, Mr. I.vo Shelley, Mr. Harold S. Cassidy, Mr. Donald Trihit, l)r. Guy R. Saylor.DIRECTOR OF THE RESEARCH AM) I.EARNTNC CENTER-Mr. John E. Pfluin. DIRECTOR OE ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES—Mr. Cray II. Sellers. RESEARCH AND LEARNING CENTER STAFF—Seated: Miss Audrv A. Rurio. Mrs. Ruth R. Matz, Miss Yvonne R. Schaek, Miss Janet Gcarfimt St mull n : Mr. Edward Flank, Mis. Elite H. Hostetler, Miss Elizabeth M. Jenkins, Mr. Keith E. Ysxlcr. POST OFFICE—Mr. I . su-i C. Cox. CHAPLAINS—Rev. Janus B. Sipple, Father Ronald Ingalls, Ilcv. IImImtI Floshoi. INFIRMARY—Front How: Mrs. Catherine Kindbon, Mrs. Edna E. Btariol, Mrs. Josephine Namll. Hack Row: Mrs. Joanna B. Bailcs, Mrs Rcgcna Iloke. Mrs. Naorna Cnlian, head nurse; Mr. F. Wendle Mel.aiigl.lin. M.D. 39PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT—Front Row: Mis, Joan I l-osliltough, Dr. Betty |. Finney. Mrs. Evelyn Stevens. Second Row: Mr. Richard G. Blouch, Dr. Charity J. Wirls, l)r. James J. Shciiden, Dr. II. Byron Showers. Mr. Incob C. Wine. Back Ron.. Dr. Joseph J lloivat. Dr. John la-mho, Dr. Paul Whilely, Dr. Bicltaril Hess, chairman; Dr. James C. Ally. DIVISION OF EDUCATION ELEMENTARY EDUCATION—Seated: Mrs. Elsie II. Hostetler. Mrs. Daisv D. Spangler. Mrs. Jane M. Bachman. Mrs. Helen R. Mclzler Standing: Mr. Joseph L. Rousseau. Dr. Caleb Bucher. chairman; Dr. J. Richard Zerby. 40HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT—Front How: Mr . I............. L. Dnrwart. Mi« Sandra L. Peters. Nlr. Lawrence Warshawky. Mr- Eugene Fritz. Mr. Arthur R. Holme. Second Rou Dr. Mary E. Dixon, Mr. Allx-rt J. Woolley, Mr. Carl It. Kane. Mr. J. Rodney Brinson, Dr. Lawrence McDermott, chairman; Mrs ' Marjorie Trout. Rack How: Mr. John F. Apple. Mr. John Ruber, Mr William V. Kuhlcr, Mrs. Nancy Iltingcrford, Dr. Raymond J. Rookie, Mr. dcxirge K.itcnmer. Mr. Richard C. DeHart. DIVISIONAL DEAN OF EDUCATION— Dr. James E. M.mrey. KDUCAIIQNAL MEDIA DEPARTMENT—Front Ron : Miss Alice Wagner, Miss Beatrice V. Dalesman. Mrs. Mary E. Llewellyn, Mrs. Miiwla M. Sanders. Rack Rou Mr. Leo Rogers. Mr. Jitseph ftlakc, chairman; Mr. Rolrcrt C. Hostetler, Mr. It Shields Mcl ler, Mr. Keith E. Yoder.INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT—Front Bow: Mr. Ralph V. Miller. Dr. Richard F. Duult. Mr. Clem K. Heckman, Dr. George II, Ditlow, chairman; Dr. George II Francos. Mr. Phillip VN’ynn. Mr. Clifford L. Yard. Mr. lingo Fionr. Back Bow: Mr. George D. Ilaober, Mr. Henry |. Kauffman, Mr. Paul V. Eshehnan, Mr. |. Richard Strinmet , Mr. Dolton IS, Smart. Mr. Urban I. Monical. Mr Joseph |. Ahrom.iilis. Mr. Hugo Flora instructs a student in design. Mr. James White discusses teacher contracts with his secondary odircation .students. 12 SECONDARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT—Seated: Dr. Curl O. Schmidlkc. chairman; Mr. Samuel Fonzi. Standing: Mr. Janus Hare. Mr. Jnines V. While, Mr. John L. Horst. Mr. Richard S. Will, Mr. A. L. Brackhill. Jr.. Mr. Eugene G. Groff, Mr. Lewis F. Maraffic.SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT—Scaled: Mrs. Marie Kiser. Mrs. Ituth . Mrs Erni.iloen R. Etter. Standing: Dr. V. Richard Kettering, chairman; Dr. Raymond S. Troon. •13 Dr. Betty Finney listens in on u class discussion on discipline prulilcms Mrs. Minda Sanders reviews a Wwltcry Mill a I winner.ENGLISH DEPARTMENT—Front Row: Mr . Margaret Woodbridge, l)r. I brah D. LeSngc, Nils Grace Wenger, Mrs. Margaret Butler. Second Row: Dr. Joseph E. Rhen, Mr. Holx-rt . Taylor, Mr. John E. O’Donnell, Mr. Bruce D. Kellner, Mr. Sumner J. Gennain, Bock How: Dr. Lu uis G. Jennings, chairman; Mr. William !•'. Oilier, Mr Frank H. Ileavner, Mr. Camion 1 . Svtnonds, Jr.. Mr. Charles I’. Patton. Mr. David B. Chamberlin. Mr. Dannv Ducker. DIVISION OF HUMANITIES Mr. Harold Shuar leads the Women’s Chorus. ART DEPARTMENT—Sailed Dr. Harold A. I.iynor, Dr. Harold S. Lewis. Miss Jane I.. Rcinhard, Mrs. Sheba Sharrow, Mr. Stanley B. Jenkins, Dr. Ronald E. Sykes, chairman. Standing. Mr. Donald A. Davis. Mr. Robert G. HuMead, Dr. Dominick J. Fauani, Mr John E. Grouml, Mr. Gordon R. Wise. Mr. Roljert II. Lowing, Mr. Robert A. Lvon. Dr. S. Kent Carson.FOREIGN I-AXCAUCF. DEPARTMENT—Front Row: Mr. John Tolly. Dr. Philip T. Hccsen, Dr. Haas C. Skitter, Dr. Theodore II. Rupp. chairman; Dr. Una Ruiz y Ruiz. Second Row: Mr. Robert I'. Ambacher, Mrs. Beatrice M. Killough, Mrs. Dolores It. Parsil, Mr. R. I.. Mitten, Dr. Olga Iglesins. Rack Row: Mr. Joseph E. DcCanip, Mr. Daniel E. Kogut. Mr. Byron Dctwiler, Dr. Irene P. Stand Ic, Mr. Paul Krumenauker. Mrs. Jacqueline Long. Ml'SJC DEPARTMENT—Fnmt Row: Mr Harold V. Shanr, Dr Bertha N M.uallie. Miss Jean M. Roinig, Mrs, Evelyn S. Wild. Mr. Nevitr W. Fisher, Mr. Ray W K iullinan. Rack Ron. Mr. James E. Zwally, chairman; Mr. John Cnlangclo, Mr. Karl E. Moyer, Dr. Paul ('.. Fisher. PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT—Mi. U«on Mil! r. I)r. Michael BeiJedlkt. Dr. Kurt H. Fischer. chairman; Dr. John E. Winter, Dr. Charles D. Spoils 1r. (.'.micron Im iiiuii times a final speech. SPEECH-DRAMA DEPARTMENT—Seated: Mr. Charles E. Cnmpstnn, chairman- Standing: Mr. William Wriglit, Mr, Scott Carman, Mr. Robert II. Fogj , Mr. Charles Mnench. Mr. Cameron Iscmati.T MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT—Front How: Mr. Clark E. Taylor. Mr. Joseph I- Rousseau, Dr. Joseph A. Meier. chairman; Mr. Jay Weaver. Second Row: Mr. Charter I.. Van Cordon. I)r. Janies Stager, Mr. Donald Eidain, Mr. Marshall Anderson, Mr. Roy Garland. Hack How: Mr. Charles T. Wolf, Mr. John F. luvello, Mrs. Shirley Miller, secretary; Mr. Edmund Prihiikin, Mr. Harry Canter, Mr. Stephen France. DIVISION OF SCIENCE CHEMISTRY DEPAR TMENT—From Hon Dr. Gerald S. Weiss. Dr. Shih-Fan Ting, DIVISIONAL DEAN OF SCIENCES— Dr. Cecil Upton. Back How. Dr. Richard Sasin. Dr. Donald E. Weitunn, chairman, Dr. Richard Sasin. Dr. James E. Koken.BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT—Front Hon:: lr%. Virginia R. Lcct, Dr. Alex Henderson, chairman; Dr. Guy L. Steucck. Dr. J.lines C. Parks. Dr. William Yurkii wic-z. Second How: Dr. J. Michael McCormick. Mr. John 1. Hnrahangh, Dr. Catherine Kcovcr, Dr. Sydney Kadiuovskv. Back Row: Mr. Ciiarlns E. Price, Mr. Kenneth G. Miller, Mr. Willis Hat laff, Mr. Hamid IL Weiricli. PHYSICS DKPAR1 .MENT—Mr. Daniel -. Engle, Dr. C. livrou Kohr, Dr. John A. Van Horn, chairman; Dr. Alexander Holmc-Dr. Joseph W. Grosh. Jr.Mr. Donald Eidam helps his students with a difficult problem. u n Bella!rr, I . William Jordan, chairman;DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ACTIXi: DIVISIONAL DEAN OK SO-CIAL SCIENCES—Dr. Khalil M. Hamid. Mr. juM'pli Class leads a class discussion on resources. POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT—Scatttl: Mr K. Ooodc. Staiulina; Dr. Mnuwon lar, Mr Gerald L. Weinberger. 50 I I I GEOGRAPHY DEPARTSIEXT—Front Row: Dr. Rolx-rt X. Ford, chairman; Dr. Arthur C. Lord. Rack Row; Dr. Cletm V. Stephenson, Mr. Robert R.iuli’ii, Mis Esther M. KillicfFer, Mr. Joseph Gl»5i. Mr. James Jolly reviews the causes of the Civil War. HISTORY DEPARTMENT—From Raw; Dr. Valborg Hetty, Dr. Virginia Beck. Mrs. France G. Ix’fever, secretary; Mr. Ronald M Benson, Mr William W k'enawell, Dr. George I.. Yoong, chairman. Second Row: Dr. Joseph E. Walker, Mr. Thomas C. Tirado, Mr. G. Terry Mudonna, Mr. James A. Jolly. Mr. Jack R Fischd. Dr. Charles A. Lord. Back Row; Dr. Reynold S. Koppol, Dr. Foster, Mr. Edward A. Tulcya, Mr. Frauds J. Bassett. 51  SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT—Seated: Dr. George F. Mine. Mr. George J. Yclagotcs, Mr. KeStas K. Silunas, two indents'. Staiuling: Mrs. Margaret Estes, Dr. James V. Hughes, chairman. Mr. George Yelagotes discusses tire principle of social stratification. ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT—Stated: Mrs. Violet Shoemaker, Mcntnrj; Dr. Khulil M. Hamid, chairman; Dr. Secunderabad N. Locla. Standing: Dr. Joug-Chal Han, Mr. Ilnlxit Barnes. 52Mr. JdIiii Liivclle explains a proof. Mr. Walter Krefdcr de.scrilres llu- educational system of Greece. Mr. Hubert Hosteller prepares u visual In tlie Audio-Visual Laboratory. 53ACTIVITIES Dkbha Dict . EditorISTUDENT SENATE Seated: Jan I Imnanns, provident; Linda Spitlcr, corresponding xccrctary. Standing; Bill Vogel, treasurers Hamid Salon, vice president. STUDENT UNION BOARD Seated: Cary Hiidi, vice president; Sandy Kaplan, treasurer.COMMUTING MEN’S ASSOCIATION Sealed: Daniel Eichlncr. president; Dennis Urlun, . ecretanj-treasurer. 5 i WOMEN’S COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Seated: Cindy C.arlier, vice president; Ruth Aim Bromfu-ld, president. Standing: Vicki Grimm, treasurer; Dinar Alexander, secretary. Women's Comirmnity Association displays it opinion on dating in its Homecoming project PENNSYLVANIA STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Seated: June! Lcinhach, treasurer; Dori Rapp, president; Vicki Grimm, recording .secretary; Carol Fcldmaun. corresponding secretary. 5758Mr. Hilo, adviser, nlfor lii; valuable uigge.stions. Sealed: I.iiula Bombard. feature editor; Undo Roolbc . co-editor; Janet laHubacb, feature editor. Gottini in under the deadline. 59TOUCHSTONE I still think it will Ik- censored. Co-editors Darlene Warner and Sally Wool ascend to the Touchstone office. Behind every successful staff there is ail excellent photographer. Who ever told us there was a party here tonight? 00To Ik- perfectly liom-st, Sally, a slide rule is just too far alxive my IumiI.BLACK AND GOLD Sailed: Uwla Rot-Ike, rice president; Linda Bernhard, treasurer. Standing: Larry Comer, president; Darlene Warner, secretary. DELTA PHI ETA Seated: Kathv Glenn, secretary; Roberta Shearer, tieasurer. Standing. Jean Kneer, president. Darlene Warner, vice president. 024 COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN The Council for Exceptional Children joined in Hotnccoming weekend with ihelr display. SetiUvl: Barium Stroldc, recording, secretary; Nntu Singer, pnsi-(lent. Nancy Barto, cnna Hintling secretary. Standing: Elsalnlli Zaun, trriMirrr. Kelx-cvn Figurollc. t irr president ASSOCIATION EOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Seated: Peggy Frank, president; Jane Muhaney, rice president; K.ithv Wile , recording sen, tun . Standing: Sherilyn Dillor. Corresponding went art ; Ellen Berk, t ream tar; Cyntra Adams, historian. 03YOUNG DEMOCRATS YOUNG REPUBLICANS Scuta!: Cynthia Hull, treasurer: Holly Harrington, secretary. Stamling: Boh Baldinn, vice president; Dennis Red cay, president; Doug Hayward, coordinator. Seated: Rohin Itoh,ill, secretary; Dave Armillii. vice president. Standing: Dan Murray, treasurer; Larry Wunningham. president Seated: Cynthia Pagotto, secretary; Bi tty Bartholomew. treasurer. Standing: Mike Rodda, president; Iris Sweet, vice president. INTRAMURAL COMMITTEERODDY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY Itixldy Scientific displays tin advancements of modern science • luring Homecoming weekend. CIRCLE K Srated: Ronald Myers, secretary, di strict secretary of Pennsylvania; Darwin Eslileman, president. Staiuling: Tom Ilassler, treasurer; Thomas Raul, vice president. Seated: Dave Yaniot, president. Ron Funk, vice president Slnnil-ing: Kathy Mayer, secretary; Alvin Homer, historian; Beverly Randall, treasurer.INDUSTRIAL ARTS SOCIETY VENTURE Sealcil: Carol Adams, president; Wendy York, director of Coffee lloutc; Jo Anno DiPasqua. treasurer. Standing: Barry Roth, director of entertainment. Seatfil: Ream, i.lev president: Edward Biclcski, president Standing: Don Beidhr, secretary; Cary Hague. treasurer. INDUSTRIAL ARTS HONOR SOCIETY Seated: Don Hi idler, l ice president; l-awn nco Barm, secretary - treasurer. Standing: Richard Crouse, president. (MiSTUDENT ORGANIZATION FOR SAFETY Seated: Dennis St.nhon. president: Mr. Raymond Mnllin. adviser. Stand in”: Dar-vin Slr.mli. historian; Ron Grconavvult, vice president; Steve Lennox, treasurer. Seated: Bonnie I {nines', business manager; Mike Decker, station manager; Bob Collins, i ivies and % ports coordinator. Standing: Dave Hartman, program director; Lee Schick, chic engineer.- Mr. Wright, adviser.XENOPIIILE Sailed: Kay Sturgis, correspoiuling secretary; Jim Boyle, vice president; Linda Paries, secretary. Standing; Jell Bates, president; Lurry Conver, senior adviser. 0$SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB Seated: Patricia McCurdy, president; Jeff Bales, treasurer. Standing: Allx-rt Schmidt, vice president. NEWMAN CLUB Seated: Mary Perry, recording secretary; Charlene Mullen, eorresjtonding secretary; Boscmary Smith. historian. Standing: Bussell Benfer. treasurer; Steve N'erz, president; Daniel Dantom'o, er'tv president. f 9 Newman Clul s entry in the Homecoming parade.ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Seated: Irene Kuelnnarsky, xccrctary-trcmurer; Drhliic Do ani-v Standing: Valentina Belichenko, Alexis Franco'. MENNONITE STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Sailed: MuryAnu Landis, Mnrylyn Keener Staiuling: Keith Yoder. adviser. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE 70 Sealed: Scott Myers, co-chairman; Sue I lostcttcr, co-chairman; Richard Roller, guide. Standing: Joyce Snyder. Linda I’.izb, ll e Kckls. a tertiary.Scenes from Cit.muni's presentation of ’"Hu- Cave-Dwellers.” Seated: Susan Taylor, secretary; Al Brown, rice president. Standing: Scott Myers, treaturer; David Sloan, president. CITAMARD "Tin- Cave-Dwellers." Another successful performance for Citamard. 71MU KAPPA MU ALPHA Pill OMEGA Sealed: Torn Savior, ecoud vice president; Mfchacl Tootsie, treasurer; Ronald Ena-rich, recanting secretary. Standing: I.yuan Brenner, first i iec president. Mike Brickncr. corrcspoiuling secretary; Dwigltt Sicror, president; Donald R. Carl. Jr., chaplain. Seated: Gail Eshelnn-n, secretary; Sara Zinn, treasurer. Standing: Rod Killu fiver, vice president; Carol Maugans. president. GAMMA SIGMA ALPHA Sealed: Mar)1 Bat , vice president. Susan Good, secretary; Dottic Walkce, historian. Standing: Sue Garrett, senior adviser; Sharon Slonaker. treasurer; Into Ore, president. 72ALPHA BETA ALPHA SealkI: Jane O'Preska, corresponding secretary; Mary Alice Eaby. treasurer; Carol Macknair, reporter. Standing: Kathrinc Shursfcis, i ice president; Kim Laura1, historian; M an jane SchneoWcis. president; Cindy Yocunl, recording secretary. Alpha Brtu Alpha emphasizes the modernization of libraries in its Homecoming display. PHI LAMBDA SIGMA Seated: Charlene Mullen, cor res {to ruling secretary; Susan Vemini, dee president. Samlir McArthur, president Staruling: Kathy Moyer, historian; Evelyn Bombcrget. recorder; Connie Stollte, treasurer. 73Scaled: Jack Benson, vice president; Richard Bnrbaainc. sergeant at arms. Standing: Dr. McDermott, adviser: Newt Davis, president; Joe Ceescy, recording secretary; J« lm Krouse, treasurer. WOMEN’S VARSITY CLUB Seated: Terry Gundeir, vice president; Carol I'Vilcr. president. Standing: Linda Meade, treasurer; Cindy Caiher, secretary. MEN’S VARSITY CLUBTlie orchestra offers Its support to the college choir.BAND Through the streets of Milters villc they came. 76 Ik l.yman Brenner, Thomas Wolf, Undo Anderson, Thomas Bradbury, and Stanley Tucker, lrum major. Millersvillc State College marching bund. Seali’d: Martini Shealler, president; Beth Wolf, junior class W mwitnWa'. Standing; Darrvl Forsythe. librarian; Robert I lay wood, sophomore class representative. Millmville's iiujoreltcs heudcd by Lioda Cope. Scrgwiiit'Ut-armx Donna Youst and Iter color guard. Kiuvlhig: Arlene SinkiiiMHi. Sue Cull. IJihIii Holt, Ceil ll.iiir.iliun, Lori Scliocnor .Standing: Ddiiiiii Vouse, Joyce Marshall, Cathy Farrell, Lynn Nielsen, Lauren McClain. Carol Rogge. 79Dei list' Mitmnn, !rs. Dorsvart. Kathy Hilo, Jeanie Hodman. DOLPHINS Seated: Susie KH li-nl acl . M inor mlviscr; Jc.Hiir Hodman, president; Julie Zetler, vice president. Standing: Linda KreSge, sccn'tarj; Nancy Cvrvino, tremitter. Feet first! 80 Kathy Miller. Julio Zeller, .mil Denise Mituum. fsllon Donnelly. Kathy Miller. Karen Hill. Karen Appleby, ami I) ■! !ifc Null. I .inda Kresge, Carol Rath, ami Susie Reklonbach. Elaine, music .vercrVe, Sharon Eduards. Sylvia ShelleiilHTi’er, Kathy Fike. Bobbie C’rcssman. and Sandy Holt inger. 81WMSR celebrates it firs successful vear. Mr. Hite chats with yearbook stall members at the annual High School Press Day. Two of the many booths at the Spring Fliiu carnival. $2Inter-Fraternity Council.KAPPA PHI EPSILON KAPPA DELTA Pill KAPPA ALPHA TAU 81voawo ina vwois VIM3IS V13HJL VfXIIVO vnaa ii id VIVOISWelcome signs from various organizations ZETA GAMMA PHI ALPHA SIGMA CHISIGMA EPSILON BETA WICKERS TAU GAMMA LAMBDA 88SPORTS Scott Myers Richard Jay. EditorsExcitement . . . ability . . . hard luck “Excitement" is perhaps the keynote word that describes this year's basketball season. Although the record is not as rewarding as the team and spectators had hoped, there can Ik no doubt that those persons who attended the games were tremendously entertained. It seemed as if the hall handlers were having some difficulty as far as “getting the breaks." and many games hung in the balance with a successful first half and a more difficult second half. One of the highlights of the season came when Wellington "Butch" Cleaver gained a berth on the Eastern College Athletic Conference’s All-East basketball team. The honor came to Butch four times during the season, and he was chosen on the final Division 111 team for his season’s performance, including a career varsity total of S97 points. Cleaver also made Honorable Mention on the Associated Press All State College basketball team. BASKETBALL RESULTS MllleravUle Opponent 111 Wilmington 62 •S9 Shippcnsburg 79 77 West Chester SS 115 Southeastern 70 99 Elizabethtown SS 73 Bloomsburg S3 91 Cheynev 101 62 East Stroudsburg 68 119 Lock Haven 102 9S Towson 114 86 Southampton 96 88 Kutztown 101 65 East Stroudsburg 74 96 Mansfield 93 71 Kutztown 71 KM) Shippcnsburg 102 73 West Chester 94 61 Messiah 46 115 Cheynev 123 89 Eli al ethto vn 78 S3 Mansfield 99 90 Lycoming 81 89 Delaware alley SO 93 Bloomsburg 89 Kneeling: Mitch Kumhh-y, David Smith. Michael Phillips, Steven Powell It.mild Ford. Raymond Janilcr. Edward Lmginagcr. Second Haw: Edward IJchtman, Hutch Cleaver, Joseph Armstrong, Michael Tendlcr, Holn-rt Cractf. Thomas Patrick. Ernest Lowe. Cvnaro Elam, Edward Sheckard, coach Jeff Cumlx-r, coach Richard DeHart. 01Kneeling: lolui M.tttin, manager; Sonny Flow. manager; Burry Wisniewski, Liny Joms, l)i«k McKiiii, l)iii T resell Secoinl How: coach |«-H C.iiiiIht, Kiel Duarte, Sam Horning, Don Long, Jolm Sliinkus. Dave Young. Vernon Fisher, Frank Cant . FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RESULTS Miller. t tile Opponent 120 Williamson Trade II 76 Shippensburg 66 84 West Chester 95 09 Shenandoah Jr. College 85 103 Elizabethtown 86 67 Blmnnsburg 82 82 Chcyney 68 93 East Stroudsburg ■S3 101 Stevens Trade 74 85 Tow-son 90 65 Southampton 59 85 Kutztown 82 100 Stevens Trade 72 77 East Stroudsburg 72 80 Mansfield 82 87 Kutztown 80 87 Shippeiishurg 78 83 West Chester 79 93 Messiah 36 l(X Bloomsburg 82 99 Chcyney 76 110 Elizaliethtowu 77 71 Mansfield 86 Frosh Basket ba 11 best ever Bob McCowiu tries a reverse lay-up for two points. . 92 Tltc 1969-70 Marauder freshman basketball team was impressive, to say the least. Under the able coaching of Jeff Camber, a former MSC I rack court ace. the freshmen ended the season with an 18-5 record overall and a 10-4 conference log. The compiled record was the best ever for a freshman team! Led by team captain Don lumg, the Irtish jx sted many exciting victories and topped the century mark six times. Long let! the squad in scoring with 401 {mints at a 17.6 points-per-game clip. I le also was the team's top relmunder and led in assists. Dick McKiin proved to he deadly accurate from the door ami flu free throw strijH . Dick also led the team in assists, l-arrv Jones astounded fans with his smooth drives for the bucket and was aggressive on defense, forcing opponents into many costly mistakes. John Shinkus, number two rebmmdcr, Sam Horning, and Vcrn Fisher kept the opposition down by aiding lamg in controlling tin boards and scoring at opportune times. I 'rank Cunt came oil the Iwnch to keep tin ollcusc moving when McKiin or Jones got in foul trouble. Hick Duarte. Dave Young, and Harry Wisniewski played fine basketball all season and deserve a' lot of credit for their actions in tough spots. Tin freshman team could relied future varsity teams successes. They outscored the opposition at an 89.3-to-75.3 clip. t-untz mi defense.Two for Feller. Front Rou : I.iimI.i Bnmwwr, tri-captain; Dc-dr DeZercio. Trrry Guilder, tri-captain; Linda Meade. Sue Kile. Second Rate: Cindy Bull. Judy Zeudt. J.iix I kl.i|)|M rt. Carol Feder, rfain. Nancy Itorger, Theresa Watts, Sherilyn Diller. Third Rett: Pat Sterner, manager; Carol Kitten, manager; lurjoii. Trout, coach; Itutli Althonse, manager; Sharron Crflbhs, manager. This is liow we spell success Tin 1970 Women's Basketball season was a most exciting year. Tri-captained by Linda Brymesser. Carol Feiler and Terry Guilder, our feminine cagers decimated their opponents as the team compiler! an impressive 12 wins ami 1 loss record, and scoring a walloping season's total of 711 points. This year, for the first time in the United States, women’s basketball was played very similarly to men's basketball. As most fans will probably agree, the new rules helped to liven the pace of the game and also make it more interesting. Proof is the rather large attendance at this year's games. The big factor that determined the success this year was the co-operation and team play demonstrated bv the players. Of the starting five, four players will be returning next year, in addition to an experienced french. Prospects for another successful season are bright. Millers 11lie GIRLS' BASKETBALL RESULTS OftfMmenl 59 Lebanon alley 10 1 Siisrpiehanna 27 •18 Shippensburg 36 IS Penn State 40 47 Elizabethtown 27 81 West Chester 52 68 ('heyney 8 58 Messiah 22 76 Cettysbiirg 62 56 lbrigbt 37 35 1 .nek 1 laven 42 54 Mtihlenlrcrg 36 5-1 Universitv of Delaware 43 Kneeling: Bctsv Kurt . Donna Johnston, Sue VaiiRensler. Gloria J.iremko, Kuehuel Wvwadis. Standing: Chris Craclf. Kvie Bomlieigrr, (Jail Wdninann. Barbara Waltinaii. Pal Mobiles. Sandra Peters, roach. , Time for strategy.I,?ft Hear: Jane Keck, Cindy Garber. Penny Pfennig, Winner. Chery l Davis Kiki Kuzovidi. Cln ryl Wcisef, Brenda Bucli. Coeds do their thing Football, basketball, and wrestling provide the setting for one of Millersville’s most enthusiastic ami spirited groups—the cheerleaders. As sponsors of pep rallies, they can be seen accompanying the band in a snake dance around the campus in an effort to draw out the crowds to attend the rally. Before the football and basketball games they form a spirit line and occasionally include some of the spectators. This year saw a change in the cheers and motions used on the field and courts. Newer ideas and the desire to inspire more response from the student body have most certainly contributed to making the past season one of excitement and fun, 04Karen Gerhart and Penny Pfennig. Happiness is ... a touchdown I'ront Hon: Beth Walters, Cory Widder. Second How: Cinny Wolpert, Shelby N'cfF, Barb Hennan. Third How: Joanne Sommers. Joanne Connelly, Marybeth Jones, Brenda Rossvy.First Him- Barry Adams, Boh Sp »»g. Slu-aller. J«-H Conner, Bon I'rcxler. John Moon . Bill Wcigk. Dan Venn, Dave McCracken, Mike P.m.irelln, K« n Hartman Second How: Joe Heller, Bill Ely. Martin IlnriM-r. Thompson. Boh Gioczko, Charles BrcWcr. Dennis Steffy, Wuyne Milligan. Mark Spangenljcrg. Dale hiiiklxnic. I hint Row: john Bnbci, couch: Rocco Costahik. « il Konstemaker, Prank Baker, clonn Papa ian, Carl Senvers. Jim Daggett, Steve l.ind, Percy Bellman. Stove Daniels. William Kaliler. assistant coach. Fourth ton: Paul Clark. Eric Swoigart, Bill Bates. Bay Willard. Dave Martin. Iae Jennings. Richard Kern, Arthur Slmpi. Best season in over a decade The powerful Millersville State wrestling team, sporting ten varsity wrestlers, all with winning records, and a coach who has established a superb record, moved to an outstanding 12-1-1 season. the liest in over a decade. The grapplers. led by two seniors, 150 lb. Jell Conner (10-1), 177 lb. Dennis Collinberger (10-2), and eight underclassmen gave jam-packed Brooks Mall fans a great season to remember and a winning future to look forward to. The underclassmen with junior 158 lb. Ron Trexler (7-5). sophomores 190 lb. Mike Panarella (12-3-1) and unlimited David McCracken (9-6) along with freshmen I IS lb. John Moore (10-5), 126 lb. Dan Venn (7-3). 134 lb. Dan Sheaffer (10-1). 112 lb. Bob Spong (6-1) and 167 lb. David Martin (11-3) gave notice that-under second-year coach John K. Haber, who has established a 75-24-6 record and three undefeated seasons in nine years of coaching—Millersville wrestling was not only on its way back, but here, now and great. WRESTLING RESULTS Millcrsr.illc Oppomnt 41 Lincoln University 3 26 Kutztown 6 9 Slippery Rock 23 30 Grove C'itv 8 30 Howard University 8 18 Elizabethtown 18 25 (dassboro 13 29 Trenton 3 45 Philadelphia Bible 3 8 East Stroudsburg 26 22 Mansfield 14 Chevney 35 Morgan 3 5 Bloomsburg 30 27 Shippensburg 13 44 Frost burg 0 43 York 3 Win by forfeit. 9fi Coach linker and Bon Trexler talk over strategy.  U il Spuig pinning 1-irry Palmer ot Morgan. Jell Conner control Lurry McCoy on Ins wuy to victor)- David McCracken takes Ken Eaton to tin- mat. Hon Troxlor j»oo for tin- pin on Dennis James.Seated: John Apple, coach; Mike Carvell, Pete Vandeplanck, Jim law, Frank Jal -loihky, Cary Shelly, Don Wilkins. Second Four: Barry Knlakowsky, manager; Mike lannieelli. Mike Culnivan. Boh Trovell, Dave Bobbins. Dave Strieker. Third How. Wayne Kassebolini. manager; Paul Beideman, Jim H on ref, George Hopstetter. Bob Hunt, Kevin Weir. Mermen mark milestones Although lIk final record isn’t very impressive with 3 wins and 5 losses, the Marauder Mermen fielded one of their strongest teams in years its evidenced by the smashing of six team records. New records were set by Kevin Weir in the 1000 meter freestyle, 200 meter individual medley, and the 500 meter freestyle. Kevin along with Don Wilkins. Mike Carvell, and Paul Beideman set a new record in the 100 meter medley relay. Records were also set bv Mike Carvell in the 200 meter butterfly and Paul Beideman in the 100 meter freestyle. Junior Kevin Weir captured three first places at the Pennsylvania State College Championships, and a fourth place along with “All America’ honors at the NCAA College Division National Swimming Championships. Captain Dave Strieker will be the only team member not returning next year. Thus, next year’s team, with its new freshmen, should also Ire a strong srpiad. These factors, in addition to a new coach and possibly a new pool, brighten the future for competitive swimming at Millers ville. SWIMMING RESULTS ' enrciWc Opfunwnt 43 Elizalrethtown 61 45 Clarion 59 83 Towson 21 49 Bloomsburg 59 55 East Stroudsburg 49 44 Clarion 60 as Lock Haven 35 44 California 33 Freshman l-arry McKenna executes a l'i somersault in pike position. Mike Carvell splashes his way to a team record in the 200 meter butterfly.Kevin Weir displays fine form for the Marauders. Lurry McKenna demons!rates a lull twisting front dive. Millersville’s medley relay team which set a team neon! this season: Kevin Weir (in tin-water). Standing: Paul Boideman, Dan Yilkens. Mike Carvcll. Dave Strieker and Mike Carvcll take the starting position In the -100 meter-free-stvle relay. The word is "Co!” for Paul Beidcmiin and Bob Hurst in the 200 meter free-stylc.Marauders post 13-6 seasonBASEBALL RESULTS M Marseille OpiHnurnt 5 Lock Haven 1 3 Lock Haven 0 12 Philadelphia Textile 6 4 East Stroudsburg 5 1 East Stroudsburg 2 •1 Bloom slut rg 2 2 Shippensburg 4 4 Shippcnsburg 1 7 Mansfield 3 12 Kutztown 1 6 Messiah 3 13 Messiah 3 2 Kutztown 1 4 Elizabethtown 1 4 West Chester 6 4 Maryland State 2 13 Salisbury State 0 3 Glassijoro 7 18 California 10 2 New Haven 4 Last year's Marauder baseball team compiled a fine record of thirteen wins and six defeats and participated in the XAIA District playoffs. Jim Todd led the team in both hitting and pitching, lie Lit a .113 average and chalked up a 5-2 record on the mound. Other leading hitters for the Marauders were Frank Alba, .359; Frank Cuuluskv, .338; and Dave Kase with a .338 batting average. ltudy Natalini did a fine job pitching for the team, lie managed a 3-3 record and a 1.98 earned-run average. Front Rote: Cone Wise, voacli; John Dorxheimer, Steve l.ennox, I Vie Hnlnill. Stacey Kink. Itmlv Vitalini. Dennis Hrtlniy, John Hunks. John Schleyer. Mike Zell, student manager. Second Rote: Harry Wisniewski. Steve Moore (Jury Hittle, Engene Stellv. John Sherry, Ted Buwnnko. Boh Newcomer, Mike Mi Konly. Frank Alha. assistant coach. Third Row Kenneth McNeil, Erl l.mlvvig, Jim Kooi'ler, Franklin Cunt . Dan Milev. Mark l-lite. Dave Kavo. Mike Kamen, Hill Sh iver 101Hoti : Mike Bowers, Huh |)avi . Joe Clresey, Hill Wcrstler, Karl Hivaus. Jolm Zumpiei. J.itk Moyer. Second Hon Kui'cnr Frit . Km. Bilker. Mark Maurer, Daw Schindler. Boh Keck, Bob Cirviu. Paul Jell Vermuth, Boh Shank, Harold Harris awhftint couch. Third How: Jay Joncx. tudcnt touch: Joe Catania. Cfcg Yicng't. Kich.nd Baylor, John S'ulick, Holk-rl Diiiiiic, Carv Cchinan. Cerald Keener. Bob Kulp, manager. Fourth How Keith Brlj htbill. Allen Lyxinger, Bod Shenk, Jack Kravnack, Marty Burns, Boh Heist. Dan Fichtner, Nick Wariletld. TRACK RESULTS Cindermen are State Champs The 1969 varsity track team was tin- most outstanding track team in the history of the sport at Millersville State College. The Marauders went undefeated in their dual meet season, winning nine meets. In every victory the team scored over 1 (HI points Out of a possible 115. The cindermen went into the state conference meet as the favorites and lived up to their true championship form bv winning their first Pennsylvania State College Championship Meet. This feat was accomplished without one of the stars of the team. Cliff Kllis, who pulled a muscle in the trials and was unable to compete in the finals. Other outstanding competitors on the 1969 team were Ja Jones, a member of the State College Championship I K) yard relav team and an excellent (juartcr miler; Nick Wasileski, a very strong runner in the 220 and 140 yard dash; John and Charles Selcher, both outstanding in the javelin; Mob Shank, excellent in the distance runs, who never tasted any type of varsity competition until his junior year in college; and Karl Bivuns and Joe Ceoscv in the weights, the former placing in the shot, discus, and javelin in the state championships, and the latter being an excellent performer with the discus. 102 Millcr.wlllc Opponent 101 Lock Haven II 113 Shippcnshiirg 32 114 Mloomsburg 31 109 Kut town 36 123 Cheynev 21 117 Mansfield 28 112 East Stroudsburg 32 101 Towsoil 41 Hub Biown .i11 1 H41I1 Shank out in front in tin- two mile nm.- Coach Fritz observes NVayne Celtz in the shot put. Girvin and Shank finish one, two in the half mile. Karl places in javelin competition. It’s a "hop. skip, and a jump" for Ed Forcakrr in the triple jump.MSC sports . . .in action  Kneeling: Tom Rt'iiningcr, Hu s Swenson, Dave Hrown, Jell droves. Standing: Mr. Ik-nry Koneagy, couch; Aliui Scorer, Mike Wullacc. Gordon Chandler. Linksmen Rebuild GOLF HISSl'LTS The season was rather dismal as Millersville's 1969 golf team posted a 0-6-2 record. This past year was seen as a rebuilding period, and hopes are high for a winning 1970 season. Of the first six men. only one was lost through graduation. The composition of this year's starters will probably feature mainly juniors and sophomores. With luck and much hard practice, the golf team could be in contention for the state title. Millers,illc -JH Kutztown Opponent m 9 Kutztown 9 9 Shippensbnrg 9 3 Hloomsburg 15 •l!i Fast Stroudsburg m 5K Mansfield 12a 1 W esl (ihoster 17 8 FI i .abet blown . I» Tom Itomiinger displays putting form.LACROSSE RESULTS I Mar.milrfctUfs mi us linda Meade control of the li.ill lillcrwillc ft I Wilson (ipjHMU'nt 8 Goucher 6 East Stroudsburg 11 Lock Haven 12 West Chester 15 Cradlers try harder The 1.969 Women's Lacrosse team record of I win and 1 losses may indicate an unimpressive season. However, this is not a fair assessment of the team. Although participating in Millersville's newest varsity sport, the girls played with all the vigor and determination of a well-established team. Linda Meade, a junior and captain of the team, was high scorer for the season. Another outstanding player was Susan Kile, who played remarkably well as a freshman. With continued hard practice, the lacrosse team should have more profitable seasons ahead. Kneeling: Sandy Klawans, Carol 1 Linda Meade, Candy Workman, Barb Felly. Second How: Bacharl Wywadis, Sin.- VaulU-nsjcr, Nancy Borger. Sm Kilo. Third How: Linda Marronc. Karen Pollock, Hctsy Kurt , Fourth How. Linda Myers. Pat Linda Brackhill, Cnmth.iiiH-l. Katin Jamlmt . Fifth Horn Marjorie Trout, coach. Cindy Bull, Anne Cral). Peggy Klliotl Art Lvngnchcr drives for another NISC victory. Another impressive year After hist years 14-0 record, the men’s tennis team certainly had a hard act to follow. I Imvever, they were able to post a very commendable S-2 record under the coaching of Mr. John Apple and assistant coach ewt Kershner. a member of the 1968 tennis team at MSC. After winning their first six games, which included two 9-0 victories against Kutztown and Lock Haven, their consecutive win streak was broken by powerful East Stroudsburg. The Marauders rebounded from the loss and scored two more victories in their meetings with Mansfield and Elizabethtown. In the last game of the season, Tow-son handed the netters a 3-6 defeat. At the Pennsylvania Conference Championships, held in Shippensburg, MSC finished second to the impressive East Stroudsburg team. Walking oil with every individual title. East Stroudsburg amassed [mints compared to tin- Marauders' 19. Only Millersville co-captain Marty Jacobs at number 2. and Harold Hush at number 3, reached the finals, where they earned their silver medals. In doubles matches Tom Rohrer and Dan Roddick took silver medals as did the doubles team of Jacobs-Rush. 1969 MENS TENNIS RESULTS Miltcrsniltr Opponent 5 Towson 1 9 Kutztown 0 9 l-ock 1 laven () 9 Kutztown () 8 Bloomsbufg 1 9 Chevney 0 0 East Stroudsburg 9 6 Mansfield 3 7 Elizabethtown 2 3 Towson 6 Bob Jones, Art 1 .oiigachcr. Jim Rod key. Tom Rnhrcr, Jay Winner. Harold Rush. Dr. Raymond Rtinklc, citach.I Kneeling: Sandy Mack. Sue l.ef « r. Cail Alexander. Start l.andcs, Carol Brackhill. Standing: C.loria J.uvmko, Sue Birsuer, Judy Zcndt, Carol Fve, Mrs. Nancy HungcHofd, coach. 1969 WOMENS TENNIS RESULTS Millerstille Opponent 1 Muhlenberg 1 1 Elizabethtown 3 3 Dickinson 1 3 Izx-k Haven •1 5 Susquehanna 2 3 Shippensburg 4 5 Klizaliethtnwn 2 Mtlmugh unable to claim a fourtb consecutive undefeated season, the women's tennis team was able to post another winning record. Coached by Mrs. Nancy llungerford, the team ended with four wins and three losses—a rather deceptive account, however, for each defeat was a matter of a single point. After taking both Muhlenberg and Klizal othtown. the team's undefeated string was broken at eighteen straight as Dickinson provided competition which proved a little too stiff. More bad times followed as Gail Cleveland suffered her first defeat in high school or college tennis, bringing her four-year MSG record to 20-1. player as Gail will certainly be missed, but with many ol tin- other players returning, another good year should follow. Coeds come close 109 Kiu-eting: Jeffrey AnnoUl, Donald Horshey, Michael Ban. Sti'vwi McDowell, I).»! • Swisher, Bruce Marino Junto Stephens, Jack Henson, (a-orge Mayer, Paul Parrish. Juutc Witters. Kit-hard Martin, Steven l-iwlcy. Dennis Deish-v. Standing: Dennis Stephen. trainer; Kcnurtli Miller, malinger: Roln-rt Fink, Andrew Creeuawalt, Drake NlancuMi, Davul Adams. Paul Swope. Cn»ig Horowitz, K. itli Brightbill, Carson KniM. Jelliev Vermuth, ttnliert Hurst, Hill Cnllidgc, Daniel Fkhtnei, Albert Wuoley, coach. Rooters post fair season Vlillersvilles soccer squad | osted a fair season litis year with an overall record of 5 6-1. II they could have played consistent hall there would have been a few more notches in the win column. Co-captains for this ear were Jack Benson and Jim Stephens. Dennis Dcislex was leading scorer for the Ixtotcrs with a total of 9 goals. Goalie Hobby Fink also pul on a fine show this year. There are I I letter-men on the team, only 6 of those will he lost to graduation. If the team can develop mental discipline and put forth consistent effort next vear should prove to he an even better season. Fight to the finish! Ou ionent 0 2 I I I 7 1 6 2 2 2 3 Millenville SOCCICR RESl 1 IS 1 Lincoln University 0 Last Stroudsburg (1 Morgan State 3 Shippensburg 2 Frost Ini rg 2 I’hiladelphia Textile 3 Messiah 1 Kli .ahethtown 3 1 . K k Haven 1 Towson 3 Glassl om 3 York College Horshey works for ball against (opponent. 110Senior Jack BcnSon displays sniiu’ fancy footwork. Af SC’s hooters in action I'lir n.mic of tin- gnmc .. . skill. Look! Turn Around! Behind You! 1.2. 3. Kick!“I am a man of few words. They art a hunch of good nuincrs and I am well pleased with them. We will |vt our actions speak for us." This was the comment made by Coach Eugene Kritz. as the cross country season opened. As November drew to a close, the harriers were able to post a highly commendable 9-2 record, a mark which spoke well of their efforts. As was the case last year. larck Haven and West Chester handed the Marauders Imth of their defeats. Other than the regularly scheduled meets, the harriers also took part in the State College Championships in which they placed sixth and the District 19 AIA meet in which they took first place. In keeping with the winning spirit of this season, pros-|x cts for next year also look good as the harriers will lose only one senior. Hob Shank, bv graduation. Harriers continue winning ways C' ciiMa. (,i!P Joe Catania. Bob Heist. Mike Bowers. Bob Brown. Itifti i'kI ' r',"k N,,ky. Thomas Mhvik . Standing: Eugene Fritz, coach; Boh ( . c -och; Mark Maurer. John Miller. Greg Yiengst. Bill Krause, , • bR'k Kr.niuk. AikIv Taroski. Itolxrt Shank, m-cafitain. David MUIrrmUIr 15 (;KOSS COtvm KESULTS 21 Lincoln 10 Hloomsburg IS West Chester 15 Shippcnsburg 16 Chcyncy 15 kutztoxvn 17 Hhiladelphia Textile 32 Messiah 20 1 .ock 1 laven 15 Towson Elizabethtown ( f If Will-lit 19 31 19 45 49 •17 IS •16 23 43 45 112HOCKEY RESULTS Holton, Him': Margaret Lyk us. IJimI.i l. .«!«•. Second H»tc: C.ul Wilson, Donna son. Bn-nd.1 M, Kathy 'Vill. Judith Kolp, Kim Tliornhill. ancy Svliimpf. IX-d«- DcZercic. Millersvillc 2 Albright Opponent 2 5 Dickinson 1 () Shippcnsburg 2 2 Lebanon 0 5 Messiah 3 1 Muhlenberg 1 0 Gettysburg 1 6 York 3 0 Elizabethtown 3 (malic Judy Kolp stand . wailing to stop attempted goals. Holton, Hon . Kalhv Grim. Gail Alexander. So. Slikcr, Ruth Althouxc. Patricia Hawk. Samira Klim . Barbara Jolirison, Vines Karafrl. Second Row: Samira Kl.iwaas. I.xunc Kisenli.irt. Sue la l. v. r. Hetty Gardner. lamia I ..-fever. Gwen Ray, Cyntliia Bull. Samira Muhlrr. Nam v Schlouch, Patricia Nasc, Robyn Brenner, Carol llccsr. Coeds have winning season Tlk- 1‘JfiW season prosed to In- a good one for the varsity and junior varsity women’s field hockey teams. Intth having winning seasons. The varsity had a season record of 4-3-2. w liile tl le J. V. srpiad had an undefeated season with the final count being 5-0-1. The varsity faced defeat from Shippcnshnrg and Gettysburg and tied against Xlhrigbt and Mulilenlterg. The junior varsity had their only tie with Klizabcthtowu Col-lege. Senior Nancy Schimpf led the varsity srpiad in scoring with a total of sis goals. Her reeotd was followed by junior Peggy Lykcns, who tallied four goals, leading the J. V. players in scoring was freshman Sue 1.clever who totaled an outstanding thirteen goals. Linda Meade and Brenda Rossi, mcinl ers of the varsity srpiad. were selected to play in the Mid-East Hockey Tournament. 113Marauders had belter team than record shows Front Rim: George Katchmer, coach; John Schleyer, John Krouse, Larry Collins. Steven Kotch. James Hasson, Joseph Ricci wl. William Davis. Jack Dougherty, Kenneth Takric. Thomas Ershaw, Steven Lennox, Lawrence Hawkey. Call Kane, coach. Second Row: Joseph Lelin-ski. John Moro ka. James Korr. James SteiKler, Paul Mock, Carl Horst. Patrick Fisher. lellYcy Heath. Michael Ortinan. Michael Ku inak. Thomas Ingram. Terry Dactyle. Paul Trimhle. Mike Panarella. Brent Hawkins. Greg Hull. Perry Low, coach. Third Row: Davit! Hall. Roliert Young, Raymond Garanger, Harold Huskirk, John Hitliuk, Scott Bernccky, Darsin St nib, . -wton Davis. Itichard Harbicane. Thomas Khright, Steven Cebulka. Raymond Willard, Joseph Malone, Willia n Macintosh. Davit! Poore. Douglas PloUs, Richard Moyer. Carl Brown. Ralph Batty, Raymond Fosset, William l-mris, coach. 114'I'Ihj extra point. Ershaw on the sweep. Milh-r.wiUc FOOTBALL RESULTS Opponent 27 Handolph-Macon 28 18 Knt' town 21 12 West Chester 49 16 Mansfield 17 7 Bloomsburg 14 14 East Stroudsburg 42 14 Grove City 41 10 Shippenslmrg 8 44 Cheyney 13 "Although tin'1 record was 2-7. this season the Marauders had one of t!ie best teams in personnel. that has ever suited up in a Millersville fcK t-ball uniform." (.'oaeh Katehmer’s comment reflects the thoughts of many of the followers of this year’s team. The Marauders had twelve men who made honorable mention for single games in the Eastern Coast Athletic Conference and two players, co-captain ewt Davis and sophomore Ralph Batty made the actual first team. With the playing of the last game, George Katelnner finished his career as coach of the Millersville football sou ad. It was bis thirtieth vear of coaching with fifteen years at Millersville. The team and school will long remember this season, not only for Coach Katehmer, but also for the thrills which the team gave the student body. 115Front How: Gerald Al.impi, coach. Hoi) l.iskowski, Crix- Kelly. I).m Wiley, Mick Horner, Denny Vittnnc, Mark Hoover, John RickcUs. Dean Moyer. Howard Greenlx-rg. Rick Hoik. Dave Rackov.m. John Bates. Second How: Hich.ird Hil»hni.m, coach; Eric Bcrtpiist, Malt Mundorff, Patrick Marion, Cary Knnklc, Hill Ca»t« r, Fred Buchner, Joe Pete Toyv, Mick Evans, Denny Hair, Gerald Keener. Chock 1'eiscr. Third Row: Hit hard Via me, coach; Ken Johnson, Hill Smith, John Smith. Dan PoxMiinato. Tlrn Tlppcry. Carl Swinn, Torn Rowe, Floyd Cro", Harry Auaro , Buddy King, Hohert Becker, Sam Bren-ncman, Thomas Eger. Hack How: William Warshawsky, coach, Bruce Eckert. Tom Arena, Dean Kruger, Bill Klv, Gary Englrhait. Bill Way, Gene l.yda. Phil Stokes, Hill Golu.i, Russ Pitman, Garth Thompson. Muting: Roy Lyons. Jim Bossersos. Frosh break even The Freshman Marauders opened the 1969 Football season with it 29 to 8 victory against 'I’owson. Nigh hopes were lowered after a defeat to Stevens Trade by a 15 to 8 score and a defeat to West Chester by a 36 to 0 score. However, the Junior Marauders bounced hack to defeat Shippcnshurg 31 to 0. and Kutztowo 12 to 0. Unfortunately, the team closed the season with a 19 to 13 lass to Franklin and Marshall. The team ended the season with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses. Coach Warshawsky thought that the team did a great job and felt that there was a lot of potential from the freshman team which will be an asset to the varsitv team. FRESHMAN FOOTRAU. RESULTS A Micro ilh Opponent 29 Towson 8 8 Stevens Trade 15 () West Chester 31 Shippcnsburg 0 12 Kutztown 0 13 Franklin and Marshall 19 116 Upon Ids resignation, cttach (iMrgr A. Katehmoi received a gold watch from the football Irani. Willi him arc co-aiptnint Newt Davis and Hick Commenting on Ins coaching, Kalchmcr said, "I've dedicated thirty years of service In the youth I was associated with, having no selfish motives or thought ol reward involved. If I've helped resolve the future of any of the athletes that have come under my coaching. I'm satisfied " Katchmer-16 t cars of service The Chcyncy Stale ball game, dedicated l George Katchmer. brought to an end mant things for the school. To the seniors it was the end of their college football careers. To Coach Katchmer it was the end of sixteen years of service to Mill-ersvilles athletics and its athletes. Since the record ol this year's team was not impressive, it does not show how Coach Katchmer had welded the group of players into a team that has never hern known to ipiil. Desire has laten the word that best describes this year's Marauders. Vchieving this desire, Coach Katchmer has earned the respect of all of the players lK th past and present. Coach Katchmer has felt that football lias always lnten a thrill to him. Through football Mr. Katchmer has had a useful association with the young people with whom he has dealt. Coaching has always l ccn considered a service which Mr. Katchmer has hoped would bridge the generation gap. • who have been coached by him have been proud of this association. The team hopes that the respect that we have for Coach Katchmer will Ik felt by all those who arc associated with Millcrsvillc State College, at this, the end of an era. Till Mil I HISVII LK SlATK Coi.LKOK FoO'lHAM. TkaMSiiki.i.kv Hauhkmioi.o, Editor 118Everything but the kitchen sink! Back Again to Study. A co-ed’s world of hairdryers and books. Looking for an isolated study spot? HIDid you see my roommate?JUNIORS CLASS OI'l'ICI-’HS—Scaled: Marcia Ibw. Historian; Jell iiini(liv president; Karen Toni|x s. secretary. Standing; Mike Dries, vice yn'sUlent; Dave Robbins, treasurer. A rough day in the Rat Race. 120Tile party's on lor tonight! Will I ever get used to walking in this thing? Ooops! 0(1 the table again!SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS — Sealed: N.mty Schlouch, secretary; Diane Hartman, vice president; Sue Rnmer, historian. Stamlino; Dan Murray, treasurer. Jim Slglin, president.Bui this is only our 24th date! Sophomores swing in the TUB.FRESHMEN Cl .ASS OFFICERS—Seated: Joanne Sommer, secretary; Stanley Tucker, president; Karen k'reidcr, historian. Standing: Dave Martin, vice president; Jim il.irl)isnn, treasurer. MSC s answer to the Rockettes! Three down, six to go. A warm welcome to Frosh.I escaped from my guide! I detest Fords! I can't find a night crawler now!! Love at first sight at the dinner-dance. We love the upperclassmen!?Frosh enjoy their class's ear Smash. The: last pre-registration held in Old Main. 126 Another great weekend dance at Mdlersville. Bard boys clean lake. Ditch those cigarettes! 127SENIORS Maiulyk RonniAUFr, Editor1970 CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS: Seated: Miss Jean Romig, adviser; Dclxtrah Forbes, secretary; Linda Alexander. historian; Mr. Walter Kreider, adviser. Standing: James Cognato, treasurer; Robert Coyne, president; Robert Stevens. vice president. CAROL RUTH ADAMS Secondary—Stay Philadelphia, Pa. College Choir. Cttiunnrd; Venture Club, president; IntramuraU; English Club. FRANK R. ALBA Sceondanj—Stay Philadelphia, Pa. IntramuraU; RMA. Baseball. Mu Kappa Mu. pledgemaster. CHERYL ALBRIGHT Elementary—Januitn Pottstosvn, Pa. CEC. PEGGY ANNE ALBRIGHT Elementary—August Duncannou. Pa. CEC; Women's Chorus. LINDA KATHLEEN ALEXANDER Secondary—Stay Parkesburg, Pa. PSEA; Snapper, Senior Class, historian; Who’s Who. JOHN RICHARD ALEXO Secondary—Stay Morton. Pa. Soccer. EDGAR O'NEIL ALTHOUSE Elementary—May Denver, Pa. PSEA; Band; Choir; Madrigal Singers. ELAINE M. ALTSCHULER Elementary—Stay Langhome, Pa. Basketball; Intramurals. Xenophile; ACEI; French Circle; Women’s Chorus; Hillet Society, vice president. MARGARET ROSE ANDERSON Elementary—August York. Pa.■ JOHN' FREDERICK ANTHONY Secondary—January York, I' . Freshman Reg Committor: Intramural , JERE CHARLES ANTONETTI Secondary—Slay Bulger. P . Football; Sigma Hptilon Beta ANALEE LINDA ARNOLD Secondary—Slay lUtlrlon, Pa. Kappa Dolt Phi; Xennphile. CHARLES ARNOLD Secondary—Slay Ilavcriown. Pa. JANICE MARIE AUER Secondary—Slay Columbia, Pa. Enjliih Club. DONNA LEE AUCHINBAUGII Elementary—Slay llarridiurg. Pa. Touchstone, luninr manager; Pi Drill Epritun. ACEI; Women" Chorus, president; PSEA. DONNA ELAINE AUMENT Secondary—Slay Columbia, Pa. CARYL LAYNE AURICK Elementary—January Columbia. Pa. ArtiMocraey. CAROL SCHLESINC AVERY IJbrartj Science—-January llrllara, Pa. CONNIE ANNE AVERY Elementary—Slay Dus bore. Pa. Wnmrn'i CHoru . ACEI; Snopper; Hutu an Club CYNTHIA R BADOLATO Elementary—Slay l. vittown. Pa. Kappa Delta Plii, historian; CEC; PSEA. Intramural . Youngs Democrat Club. National Education Grant lor Special Education LINDA SUE BAIR Elementary—Slay l.andl vllle. Pa. Choir; One More Than Nine; eta Gamma Phi. PATRICIA L. BAIRD Elementary—Slay Mar . Pa. PSEA. wentary; Pin Ijinlxln Sigma; ACEI; black and Cold: George St Curnltvif; Neuman Club; Student Guide. MARILYN LEE BAKER Elementary—January Marietta. Pa. ROBERT BENNETT BALDINO Liberal Art —May Norwood. Pa. Varsity Wrestling; Mu Algiba Kupjta, vie prefUent; Intramural ; Intramural Cutnmilh-e, vice pre idrtlt. LAWRENCE JOHN BARAN I ruin i trial Arfi—May Ambler, Pa. Industrial Art Society; Industrial Art Honor Society, ecreUi '-t»o«Miter; Student Guidi SUSAN ELEANOR BARR Elementary—Slay Havertown, Pa, WSO; IFC, corresponding xcretary; Women' Choru . B ler Geographic Society, trea urrr. Kappa Delta Phi. BETTY" MAE BARTHOLOMEW liberal Art —Slay Prnnthurc. Pa. Young Republican Club, corresponding secretary, treaiurer, Snoppcf. 129Secondary M ay RICHARD BRIAN BASHORE Wrrncnvillc. fa. ROYCE ALAN BEAVERSON Secondary—Inntmry York, Pa. Hauler Geographic Society; ; HMA; PSEA. TERRY BRIAN BECIITOLD Liberal Arts—May president; Alpha l 5i Omeja; Snapper. JEFFREY CLARK BECKER Art—May THOMAS K. BEECROrr Secondary—January York, I' . Student Sociology Org-lui atioo, president; Student Advisory to Sociology Department. Lebanon, I’j. Hanover, Pa. DONALD M. BEIDI.ER I ml it t rial Arti—May Telford, Pit. Industrial Art Society. Imlmtrinl Art Honor Society; Hod and Cun Club, secretary; I’lii Sigma Pi, VIRGINIA E. BENDELL Elementary—Juuuary la-vittown, Pa. IVC11"; CKG; ACER Student Guide. ANN ELIZABETH BENEDICK Elementary—August Lancaster, Pa. JOHN GRAHAM BENSON Secondary—August Phil.ulelplil.i. l’a. Men’ Vnrrity Club, vice president; Tau Gamma L.tiiilida. vice president; S'occif, co-captain. MARIAN LOUISE BERBERIAN Elementary—Airguil Lancaster. Pa. Majorettes; WMSK; CEC. JEANNETTE BIAN'CIII Secondary—May Harrisburg. Pa. Omega Tbota Sigma, treasurer, pieudrtit; Spanish Chib) Xetiupldle; PSEA. JEFFREY CARL SNYDER BIEI1L Elementary—May Millertvillr, Pa, EDWARD JOHN B1ELESKI liuhntrial Aril—May Poll«tinvn, Pa. Rod and Gun Club, president; lndmtrtal Art. Society, secret ary; Wrestling; PSEA. JEANI.NE KAY BILLETT Elementary—Janttary Mount Joy, Pa. Women’s Chorus; Tovchitonc; .eta Gamma Phi, LINDA LOUISE B1LYEU Elementary—May I lavertown, pa. Intruinurnls; PSEA. LOIS ELIZABETH BLACKBURN Library Science—May North East. Md. Basketball; Intramural . JUDITH ANN NACE BLEACHER Elementary—May Milterwillr. Pa. PSEA; ACEIi liitramurj|». ROBERT DAVID BOWEN Liberal Am—Miry Lancaster, Pa. Student Union Board; Wickers, president, vice president, plrdgcmaster, alumni secretary; Intramurals. 130CAHOI. ANN ROWKER Elementary—August Mcdunbliurg, Pa, Newman Chib; PS BA; Project Guide, trejturer. GEOROENE LOUISE BOWMAN Secondary—May Ephntla, Pa. JILL E. BOYER Elementary—May CnrUBe. Pa. PSEA; CEO; Clitorge St. Carnival. MARY FRANCES BRANDENBERCEH Etnnentarrj—Augutr llathoni. Pa. CAROL ANN BRACKBFLL Elementary- -May Souilrithmg, Pa. IVCF. librarian; Delta Phi Eta; Panel: PSEA; Mu Kappa Mu. Ba.ckrth.ill, manager; Vanity Club; Intramuralc LINDA JEAN BRACK BILL Elementary- -May Loganvillo. Pa. -Snapper,- ACKI; Tmirhitonr; Young Republican Club. JOHN SLAYMAKBR BRADLEY III Secondary May l_incaMer, Pa. ROBERT ERIC BRAITHWAITE l.ilrrary Science—May Hnnham. Pa, Wicker . Elcmeutan May BARBARA S. BRAY JTork. Pa JANICE MARIK BRENEMAN Elementary—May Lltil , Pa. Choir, KAY L. BREV1K Elementary—May Camp llill. Pa. PSEA; ACKI. IVCF. BARBARA ANN BRICKER Secotufary—January Ambler, Pa. IVCF; Cftanurd; Alpha Pci Omega, cccTrtary-tre.vaurrr. ANNE LOUISE BK1NSER Liberal Art —-Auguif LunoMter, Pa. XenOfihile Society; Spaiiith Club. Italian Club. CAROLYN ELISABETH BROOKS Secondary—May King of Prmm. Pa. JOHN ROBERT BROWN Indtutrial All —January Marietta. Pa. InduMiial Ail» Society. Aiti Honor Society; PSEA; Alpha Phi Omega, recording HvrelMy. GLORIA JEAN BRUBAKER l.lberat Aril—Aupnl Litita, Pa. .eta Gamma Phi, LINDA ANN BRUBAKER Secondary—May laantiuter, I'a. Basketball; WD$A; Tribunal. Battler Geographic Society LINDA LEE BRYMESSER Elementary—May Ml. Holly Spring!. Pa. Women' Chonu; Backcthall. lotraiuiirab; Sigma Phi Omega, social »ccrctary. Wee president. Vanity Club.NOHMANJACKSON BUCHER Ubnnl At! —JOuuary I.aneaitrr, Pa, NOELLE ELIZABETH BUFEENMYEB Elcmrntury—la unary N'rwpotl. Pa. Delta I'hl KUi Wnim'n"» Chunit. Bucket boll, maiiujjer. RONALD CARY BURGER Scftmilary—May I..iih.iHii. Pa. Sjkiuiih Club; Gniilr; lUtrlull. PAS(,)I ALINA CAMPOPIANO 'rmnr itrt —May Xorriclown, Pa. Student (■null', Xrnoplillr. Spi.i.nti Clnli DAVID MERLE CARDEN Sacondaty—lanwuy Scranton, Pa. I’SKA, Voimj; Dtntocratc Club, Inwiurr, Inlr.inniruli. IWII.A JEAN CHARLES t.Hrrral Art —January l.anraiti-r, Pa, SIIARON LEECH 11.1.AS f. i'Mirnlici —May Ijnnuter, l’i«. PSEA; ACS I; LSA. EILEEN MARIE CHNUPA Sercndary--January UncuH Pa. (lliili; N'rimun Clubi Hamnnlio Club. vice prrcidimt. SHARON ANN CHRISTMAN HIrmriUary—January Lchfghtoa. Pa. PSEA. AHA. USA. cccirtaiy; Delta till Kt«i ACKI. ROBERT D. CHRISTOPHER luclmtiial Ail —May S'rw l'lovldnicr, Pa. Am Society. Ail Club. ANTONIA MARIA CICONE Uberat Aili—Jonuaiy Phocnuvdle, Pa. JOSEPH JOHN CIRILLO I iulml riot A tit -May Comp llill. Pa. I'.ni Cainiiiii 1-imliiln, WMSR; Imbutrial Am Hi.iicir Society! Slnilinl Guido. ALMA L. CLARK SYconrfn y—May t.imcaitcr, Pa, Sociology (Hub J. PETER CLARK Simnilary - ■ May York. Pa. JOHN ROBERT CLEGHORN Srroiitltiry—May Philadelphia, Pa. Newman Club. tl..ill, Slndrnl Union lliurd; SOS, Coll. SIIARYN GENE CLOUSE l.llH'tal Atlt—laixuaty Newport, Pa. Sociology Chib DAVID II. CI.YMER Secondary—May lamcaMrr, I'a. Mrnndiiilr Student I'VIlowtlnp, vice president. t.lhrial Ait May HUGH M. COFFMAN' lloltwood. Pa.JAMES JOHN COCNATO f.frm. iK.jry Afiry NOfftown, P«, Frechmon Clan, lipuumi Junior Claw, Imuinti Senior Claw. trraaurrr, Pinhmiui llrRi Committee. chairman, Circle K Club. iccretniv-tn .min i. Touihiltme, rportr rdlltr, PSFA, cfcaptrr pnviderit, atiite hUtorian, etate vice pr evident, PI Delta Kptllon, |nnlil ill; Newman Club. Tribunal. Who' Who. JOHN II. O. COLES Secondary -January I.ykrei . Pa. Vanity Club. Football. SON. WILLIAM J COLLETT Sororidrtry--Afay WllkevBarrr, Pa, Alpha Phi Omega. tint vice prmidmt. pinldrnt. JEFFREY IL CONNER Inrlutlrial Art — LcwIMown, Pa. Wr ntUni: co-captain. Truck. Intramural LOUISE ANN CONNOR Secondary- -Anglic Aldan, Pa. TintihtUmn Sigma IIii Delta, hlttorian. LAWRENCE L. CONVER. JR Secewdary- -May l.nntdalr, Pa. Phi Sigma Pi; Pi Della K|nilnn. pnirdcnt. Xenophile, |irr»ldent. venlor adviver. Snapper. Spanish Club, prr-tidenl; Who' M|o CHRISTINE E. COOK l.'lritirnfary—.Intuit CLYDE I). COOPER, JR l.llHtal Aria tfu' Itavtb i CniJtiaphlc Society. JEAN I) CORCORAN Sccondary-Afay Hnpeland. Pa. I’SKA; Knglivh Club; Pni|rrt CiimIo, lutramiirali. Morrivville. Pu. I’.i INEZ CAE COX K rmrnlary—A Jay Timm piotilnc o. Pa. Omega Theta Sigma. parliamentarian; Women' Chorus; PNKA Madrigal Singer . Tribunal. Iiitrnniurab. ROBERT PATRICK COYNE Smmdory—May l uil Cap. Pa Senior Clow, just silent; Student Senate, Mu Alpha K.i| |r . Social Stuillr, Club; liitiainurab; Young Demucratr Club; Newman Club. J CARL CRAMER Irultulrial Art --Afay Conertoga, Pa. Hand; Indiutilal Art Society. JOHN JOSEPH CRAWFORD Secondary—Alny Clenoldrn. Pa. Ib«l and Cun Club; Intramural ; Soc ial Stuilirc Club. STEWARD WILLIAM GRIM Sreandary—Afay Lancuilrr, Pa. JILL TAMARA CROSBY Hlcmentan - May Lehmoa, Pa, Wumru't Chorus; Mu Kappa Mu. RICKARD CORDON CROUSE Iruluilnnl Art —JaniMiiy Baltimore'. Mil. Industrial Art llnnur Stlcsrty. pn-vidrnt; Imbotnal Ait» Society; RMA. SHIRLEY M. CROUSE y.lrmenlan —Muy l.aneavter. Pa. Woim-n' Cborin; WDSA. junior representative. LANCE S. GROWL Kfcmenlary—Afoy York, Pa. Student Senate, junior elan repre vent alive; Student Srrvieev, Ine., previdrnt lb •aid erf Dirrcton, 133JOHN DAVID CULLEN Hnuig Sun, Mil. iMfiiilriVi Art»—May Tau (.'aminii lnnlxl.i KATHLEEN MARIE CURHAN Liberal Aril—January Philadelphia, Pa. Xmophllc; WMSH. MILFORD BAKER CUSHMAN ImUnttwl Artt — May Mailitoo, X. J. Cttamiuil; IVCK. DOREEN ANN DARDIS ElvminUity-May Blur Bril. Pa, Student Senate, It nits Council, recording Sigma lln l rlln, recording tnulin', ptrtklml; IKC representative; Cultural Alfuirs. Iritra-munili: Xcwinnri Club; 7'oui'fctfiMir; Tribunal. JOHN EDWARD DAURERT Secondary—-May la-baiMm, fa. PSKA; Wickrt . Battler Geographic Society, uvrrluir, CYNTHIA TRAGO DAVIS Klraiimlflrjf—l.anuitu, Pi, Project Gultlr. JOANNE M DAVIS Elcmnttary—Sanitary HrlUin, I’a. I.SA; I'SKA; ACKI; String £nwntbl« MARIE CHRISTINE DAVIS Elrnunlary—May llatbnro, l’«. WCA, CKC, N'ettnun Club; Stuilrnt Senate. JACK M. DEAL. JR. Secondary—May York, Pa. Swimming Tram, co-e-aptnm; Vanity Club; Xvnophilr Society; Spanlth Club. SUSAN CORNELIA DEAVERS K etm-rifary- Slay York. l a. BARRY LEE DECKER F.lemrntary—Mrry I.minuter, Pa. BETTE JANE DEEM IMnttty Science—Augtrif Mahaiuiy City, Pa. I'SKA, IIENR HAROLD DEEMER Sctombtit —May llatridmrg, Pa. Itaml. JOHN S. DEI-RANK l.ilwial Arli--May Jnlimlowti, Pa. Mu Alpha Kappa, plrdgctnattrt; Football. IRENE E. DECLER Hlfineninn —May Cbrttre, Pa. ACKI; PSKA. SAMUEL MICHAEL DEI.EO l.ibrral Arlt—Augutl l.ehanoii. Pa. Intramural ; Soccer, Young Krpohlitun Club, Glee Club. DEBORAH ROSE DEI'IE I ROI’AOLO KlemrriMry—January Spring City, Pa, PSKA; ACKI. JACQUELINE ANN DETRICK Eltliu’nlury- May Muncy, Pa.THOMAS LEONARD DEVILBISS Seconder ry—May Kawn Ctovc, Pa. PSKA; Student Semite, parliamentarian; Social St.i.lie Club; Methotlitl Stiulent Movnnrol. JEAN L. DEVONSHIRE Elementary—May Martin Ilook, Pa. phi Ijmbiln Sigma; Ht ir)I and (Mil; Pi Della KjMilnn, Women' Clxuut; MSM. I’SKA, representatlve-at-largc; Student Guide CHERYL DIEHL HUmentary—January Hall . Pa. PSKA. LOUISE A. DIET . Library Seif nee—May Reading, Pa. ABA; Delta Phi Kta; 7'ouehifcniO. lulminUtrntion eilitoii Aviation Club. tunUiy. JOANNE A DII’ASOUA Kfemenrory—May Wayne, Pn. Venture Club, treMiUn. RICHARD ALAN DODDS fiiifuitnul Arte—May ClemhnW, l a. Wfeitliug Tniini PSKA, Imluitrial Ait Society, Intramural . DEBORAH EILEEN DOCANES Elementary - May Mildred, Pa. nn | liile, lie,inner, wee preiideni. Women’ Oioiut. I'i Delta KpiU.m; Snapper,- Ituiiian Club. MARCIE LYNN DORSOGNA Secmulaty—Augurf Drrcrl lllll, Pa. JOHN JOSEPH IK)UCHERTY Secondary—May Nurriitown, Pa. Knithiill; Wrestling; Wiikfn, Vanity Club. JOHN M DOUGLAS Sexeintlary—Augutt Ijmcaiter, I'a. SHIRLEY MAE DRUCK Sreomtary -January KHrahrtlilnwf!. Pa. Club. BARBARA ANN DUKERT Elementary—May Broad Ace. Pa. Newman Club; PSKA; . RONALD EUGENE DULL Elementary—May Cone toga. Pa. Chou; pin Sigma I’i, vice pmklent. EDWARD HENRY DURNA Iruluitrial Aft —May llaukelHtown, S, J. KM A; W.MSK: Indu.trlal Art Society. CAROLE ELIZABETH DUSMAN Secondary—Miry Lincailrt, Pa, PATRICIA A. DUSMAN Elementary-—Auguit York. Pa. JOHN WILLIAM EARNEST Liberal A til—May Kliralietblown. Pa Sociology Club. |»re ident. Student Semite. Intramurala; Project Guide. ROGER L. EBERLY Elementary—January Kphrata. I’a. HMA; liitia.nuialt; Choir, vice president. 135PAULETTE MIGNON ECK Mnhnnw City, Pa. Elementary—Aug urt ' .eta Gamma i’hi; Project Guide. SUZANNE ECKINCEK .Secondary—May Elizabethtown, Pa. Hand: Vl« | rc idcnt| College Community Orchwlru: Women'! Cltoru ; Plil l_iml.da Sigma; WCA. Sigma Phi Omega; liitr.nnur.ili MANOA1I MISAKI KDENGEKE I a Juki rial Art«—.'fury Kenya. Knit Africa Snccer. CARROLL W. EI1RHART liberal Art»—May Red Lion. Pa. Roddy Scientific Society. vic«' president; Kntminlugy Club; Swimming Team, manager. JUDY ANN El.LINGER Elementary—January Palmyra. Pa, PSKA. CLIFFORD ELLIS Liberal Am Stay I.ancu trr, Pa Student Senate, treaiurer; Track. Intramural : Student Guide; Sociology Club; Tan Gamma lambda, treauirei; Winter Track Club; Student Service . Inc.. Hoard •■( Director . HARVEY S. ERDMAX Stcamlary—Vny York. Pa. DOROTHY MARIE ERNST Elementary—May Philadelphia, Pa. PSK'. Women' Choru : Kappa Delta I'll!, recording Secretary. SANDRA KAY ERNST Elementary—May A per . Pa. Phi Lambda Sigma. THOMAS JOHN I5RSHAW huluuriat Art —May Collingdale. Pa. Football. DARWIN W. ESHLEMAN Liberal Art —May Lancnrter, Pa. German Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Circle K Club, president; WMSR. E. JOYCE ESHLEMAN Kbmietilary—.'fay Lancaiter. Pa, Band. MIRIAM LINDA ESHLEMAN Elementary—January Mtllmvillr. Pa. Hca l Majorette; Band; Delta Phi Eta. WHITNEY I. EVANS Elcmcnlary—AugtMf Audubon. Pa. Intramural ; IlMA. KAREN S. EVERETT Library Science—Auguil Kaiton. Pa. Women' Churn ; Young Kepuhlicun Club. GLENN EDWIN EYER InJuitrial Arlt—May Heading. Pa. Intramural . Dale g. fair Elementary—May York. Pa. Phi Sigma Pi. c irie |xmdliig tccrctarv; Student Union Board, da icpn-trti-tative; PSKA; ACKI; Social Simile Club. Who' Who. NONA SHIRLEY FARMER Liberal Arlt—May New Freedom, Pa. Project Guide. rcretary; . French Circle. 136Secondary '(«y JOHN H. FAUSNAGHT. JR. Kh .il.ctht.nvn, l‘a. FRANCIS GEORGE FA WUN DU I.tin-rut Aril—May Sierra Leone, W. Africa International Sludcnl’i Union, prnulml; KoiOoniic Cluh, aulsUnt tecrrtary Elementary—Abgmr CKC. NANCY J. FEGAN New Cumberland, Pa. TERRY M. FERRENCE lrulu trial Arti—Airguit Summit Station, Pa. Alt» Society. DAVID KENT FERRIS Indurtrlal Artt—Mat Doytntmvn, Pa. Aril Society. SUSAN JOYCE FICHTNER Elementary—-May lamctuter. Pn. Wooioi’t Clnm«; CKC; PSKA. Project Guide. ROBERT JAMES FINK IMrcral Arti—May Soiitliamptun. Pn. Soccer; ItMA, ((dietary; Tan Gamma I-imlxla. vice prcvidml. MARTIN ALLAN FINKEL Secondary—Au“i«f I..1 nc,(iter. Pn, CuttMinl A IT.ui(; llilld Society, provident. LEE FLORENCE FISHER Elementary—Auguaf lliiladclpllln, Pa. Student Guide. Bridge Cluh; IntrainuriiU. JAMES M. FITCH Iruluilritit ArU—January Tuiiklwumock, P . Hint iind Gun Club, president. LINDA LEE FLECK Elcmcntanf -Mtiij New Park, Pa. PSKA; Intramural ; Women' Clioruv BRUCE LEE FLICK Induilnal Art —May Naxareth, Pa. Track; Grow Country. JANE ELIZABETH FLICKINCER l.ihrary Science—.Uny Woitmimtrr, Md. ABA. vice' prevideut; Young Republican Chili, UfXT", Singer ; STEPHEN ERNEST FOCHT Secondary—May DilUlmrg, Pa. Bund; Student Seriate; Phi Sigma Pi. liilraiiiurnU. Intercollegiate Band; American Chemical Society. DEBORAH JANE FORBES l.ihrary Science—May llatboro. Pa. WCA, preiidcnt; Intramural Commit lee. vice president. Omega Theta Sigma, hittarian. St.uteul Senate; Tribunal. central council; Ktcihnian Regs Committee; Sbphnmure Clad Executive Council; PSKA; Student Guide; Seninr Clad Secretory; liilrnmurali; Student (or Progressive Action; Wh ’s Whir. AI.ANA Z. FORRY Seeondan —May Windtor, Pa. WCA. treauirer; Omega Theta Sigma; Xcnopliile; Pi Delta Epviiun; Siiujyicr, French Circle. HARRY ALVIN FOX III Uheral Artr—May Palmyra. Pa, American Chemical Society. GWENDOLYN I.OU FRAILLY Ijineuiter, Pn. Liberal Art Afrir Citimiard. 137138 LINDA LOUISE FRAZER Ehmentary—•May Uioornall, Pa. THOMAS C. FREDERICK Snnmfory— May Intramural.; Cron Country; Track. Condwihiwkrn, Pa. KATHLEEN G. FREY Secondary—May Maiihrirn, Pj. Student Guide; I'SKA; MSM; Women". Cliorm. Xcmiphilc. Phi Lambda Sigimi, recording .cental) j Mark anti CM. SUSAN ELIZABETH FREY L’femi ntany—January Conestoga. Pa. CAROL LEE FRIANT Secondary—A ngirrt WDSA.; Snapper; Intramural.; I-acroiw. Luoulvr, Pa, DIANE MARIE FULLER Elcmrnlary—May ACKI; .Vewinnn Club; Women’. Cboru.; Intramural.- Thonulale, Pa. DAWN IRENE FUHRMAN Ehmcntanj—January, cotroponding lary; PSKA. Codonn. Pn. LAWRENCE II. FULLERTON Secondary- May Semite; ICC; I'SKA. Intramural.. Philadelphia, Pa. DALE CLARK FUQUA Liberal A tit—May Xemrphilr. Citamanl; I'tuidi Circle. Tohyhanna, I’a, KAREN SUE CABLE Elementary—May llurriibiiig, Pa. ACKI. I’SKA, Student Crude; WCA; Phi l.ottibda Sigma, treretary, pt.ildetil; Neuman Clith. LEON JOSEPH CAJECKI, JR. Irulnitriul Artt—May Swimming Team, captain. l.coln, Pa. LOUISE NATALIE CALFAND Library Science--January Cidlrgr Conunurrity Orchc.trn; String Kn.nnblr, WMSH; Society, president, vice preudrut, .ccrctnry. Cynwyd. Pa. Intramural.; Ililtrl LINDA ANN GALLAGHER Elementary—January Hand; I’SKA. Knola, I’a. THOMAS M. GARDNER SVrornhjry .Wiry York, Pa. LAWRENCE E. GARLAND Liberal Am—May York. Pa. CONSTANCE ELLEN GARRETT Elementary—Jannary York. Pa, Dolphin Club; Hi I Lambda Sigma; PSKAi Student Guide; Intramural . SUE ELLEN GARRETT Elementary-May Atgico, Pa. Gamma Sigma Alpha,, Project Guido; ACKI; CBC; WCA; Student Guide. Secondary -January LOIS CRACK C ASCII O Lancaster, Pa.I.ihrral Art May DONA 1.1) K. CATES York. Pa, IIARHY H. CAUL. )K. Secondary—May Laiu-.t.lrt, I‘a. Wfckrti, recording iccrrtnry; Student Senate. JONEI.LE MAR YE C.AUS Elementary—May Columbia. Pa, PSEA. VI)SA. Kappa Delta I'll.. JOSEPH CHARLES GEESEA Semrulury—May Columbia. Pn. Track; Vanity Club. tecrrlary; Sigma Epulun Bela, l.iitoriau. GAYLON E. GEIMAN Elementary—May Spring Gnn’r, Pa, DAVE GKISLEH IwImliMl Art. —Augtuf Willim, Cmn. HMA; liulit.tnal Atli Society. VEE J. CEKAS Elementary—.Uily llarrithtirg. Pa. RICHARD A. CENSLER Irutuilrial Art —Initially DilMmrg. Pa. IVCK, I r rainier, PATRA C. CEORCALLE Elementary—May LanCMtrr, Pa. I'l.iim, KAREN JANE GERHART Elementary—May Reading. Pn. Cheerleader; Kappa Delta PM; PSEA; Inlramuruli. RICHARD JOHN CKHZ Secondary--May Unntlrt, Pa. Havketball. GREGORY ROY CETTLE Secondary—May Ixbannn. Pa, Cnn. Country; Al|diu Phi Onirgu, tecoml vice pio.idcnt, n-crrtaiy; Intrn-mural.. MICHELE LINDA CIANO Liberal Art»—Augu.r New Otfiatl. Pa. 'umct " Cttdnu- MARJORIE ELAINE CLAHN Elementary—January Wyoming, Pa. CKC; Women Chorut. KATHY JEAN GLENN Elementany—May Mohnton, Pa, Delta Pht Eta. lecrctarv; College Community Orchntra; WtmMu' Chrmn; ACE I; PSEA. Intramural Committer. St.ulnit Cuide. liHramurnlt; Hatkethall. manager; On.rga Theta Sigma. JEAN LOUISE COGKI.EY Liberal Art,—May K|4.ratn, Pa Mu Kappa Mu, JVCF, librarian KAY MARIE GRAHAM Secondary—Muy Wrlgl.livlllr, Pa. Phi lambda Sigma; PSEA. PATRICIA ANN GREEN Art -May Aiti.UK-racy Club. National Ait Education Allocution. ll.mUtnirg. Pn.RONALD RICHARD GREENWALT Secondary—May Uu c.» ln, Pa. SOS. GAYLE LYNN GREENFIELD Secondary—May Coatesvillc, Pa. Ncnophllc. Spanish (.'lnl ; Phi Delhi Eta. DEBORAH ANNE CREISS Elementary—AJuiy Philadelphia. Pa. ROBERT ALAN GREYBILL Industrial Art»—May Lancaster, Pa. NORMAN PARKES CR1NAGER Liberal Artt—lanuary Lancaster. Pa. EARL DOUGLAS GROFF Elementary—May Kjihrata. Pa. GOLDIE B. GROFF Elementary—May Snliinga, Pa. CATIIY ANN GRONINGER Elementary—May Lemoyne, Pa. K»|»] a Delta Phi. Stsulrat Ciiklc; PSEA. BARBARA N. GROSS Elementary—August Manchester, Pa. Dolphin Club; PSEA; Kappa Delta Phi; LuCTOMC. NANCY ANN GROSS Elementary—May Reading. Pa. PSKA; XriHiphilr. SUSAN BARRY GROSS Elementary—May York Haven. Pa. Ilockey; lacmsc. MARJORIE LEE GROVE Lifrcral Arts—Auginr l.ititr. Pa. ROSE ELAINE GROVE PSN—May Mount Joy. Pa. ROBERT ZINN GRUVER Secondary—May York, Pa. Alpha Pill Omega, Churm, LOIS JEANNE GUISE Library Science—May Southampton. Pa. PSKA; Hockey. ABA. president. GRETCHEN RHEA HAAG Elementary—January Lebanon. Pa. Kappa Delta Phi; CKC. JAMES DAVID HAIG Secondary—May Plymouth Meeting. Pa. IntrainuruU. HARRY JOSEPH HAINES Secondary—May .Norristown. Pa. Knltiiial Affairs Committee, Freshman Hep Committee, chairman; Bridge Clsih, president, s'ice president; Roddy Scientific Society: Newman (,'lsib; 'Iranis-. Student Guide; Snapper and Touchstone, photographer.EILEEN MARIE HALDEMAX Elementary—May Lanwiitcr. Pa. Band. MICHAEL Cl. HALL Elementary—.May Lancaster, Pa. Choir. JANET IIAMAKER Elementary—May Colombia, Pa. J. PATRICK HAMMETT Liberal Art —Moy Johmtown. Pa. Mu Alpha Kappa: Intramural . PATRICIA JEAN HAMMOND Ubraty Science—May Kairlrc Mill . Pa. ABA. recording wcrrtnry; Pi Della K|«lln i, Snajtprr MICHAEL L. HAMPTON Secondary—May Hanover. Pa. . Roddy Scientific Society; Circle K Club: Rod ami Cun Club. DOROTHY I. IIANKEY Elementary—January Hanover. Pa. NBA; ACEI. PSEA; LSA. MARGARET ANN HAPPEL Secondary—Miry Kavton. Pa. EILEEN MARIE HARNISH Liberal Art —May Lancaster, Pa. Kappa llrlta I'hi; NVDSA, vice president. EDWARD ALLEN HARRIS Elementan --May Reading. Pa. Mu Kappa Mu. preitdent. Choir, parliamentarian WILLIAM EUGENE HARRIS liiduilrial Art —January Bloomtburg, Pa. JAY HOWARD HARRY. JR. Secondary—January Columbia. Pa. Intramural ; Hauler Geographic Society; PSKA. JEFFREY LYNN HART Secondary—May Hanover. Pa. Ha kethall; Intramural ; Mu Alpha Kappa,, president. IKC. corresponding teortuy. JOANN RUTTER HARTMAN Elementan —May York. Pa. JEANNETTE E-HATTON Library Science—Augnir Lancaster. Pa. ABA EDWARD L. IIAUCK Library Science—May llcgini. Pa. Fonthall. manager, tutt tk-iaii; Track, manager. Vanity Club. PATRICIA LEE HAWK Elementary—May Prospect Park. Pa. Newman Chib; Hockey; Kappa Della Phi Spaniel Club; PSKA. SUSAN ELAINE HEINER Elementary—May York, Pa. PSEA; CEC; Student GuideCAROLYN R. HELT l.ihfial Art —Augi »l Manhcim, Pa. Baud. Sociology Club. ELIZABETH JANE IIELWIC l.tbrary Sru-tuc- May ABA; PSKA. JEANNE ANN C. HENDRIK Ni (•miUtty— miliary SWOP; Kjppa Mb Phi; PSKA. Intramural). RICHARD HARRIS HENDRIK fru urlrinJ Art -fanuanj Clauboro, N. J. Induitrial Art Society. EARL E. HENION Soimtlaiy May N’omttown, Pa. Sigma Kptihm Bela. tir.inner, Newman Club; llatkethall. manager. Catawitta. Pa. Sharon lllll. Pa. MARILYN M. HENRY Hementary—Auguir Philadelphia, Pa. WMSK: PSKA. ACEI. NANCY LEE HERMAN S'nWauy—May Huntingdon Valley, Pa. PSEA. RONALD EDWARD'HERMANN I tutu it rial Arlt—May Millcitville. Pa. HMS; Wicker , pmtdrnl, vice pretident. lecretarv. JAN ALEXANDER HERMANNS .Srtowfiiry—May llaiMivrr, Pa. Stnilrnt Senate, pretident; Tcnnit. KVIS; Snapper; Hattler Geographic Society, vice pretident. Who’ Who ALVIN J. HERNER See«irw «rr —May llegint, Pa. IVCP. Chr» Glut ; Roddy Scientific Society. hittneian. ROBERT WILLIAM HERR Secnru nry - -January Slrathntg, Pa. GMA; IntraninraU. MICHAEL ALDUS HERSHEY hulurtrial Arlt—May Millrttvillr, Pa. Wicker , lecrrtary, hiitmun; Art Society, MARIANNE LOUISE HERZOG Ctenentary- May CAROL ANN HESS Kttmvnlary—May DANIEL S. HESS l.l n-ral Art —May Choir; Mennanite Student Movement, president. EILEEN KAY HESS Hlrmralary— May PSKA; Women' Chornt; Kappa Phi; WSO, I.tin-rat Art —May GLORIA J. HESS MERVIN W. HESS l.iln-ral Art» .'(ay American Chemical Society. I.ancatter, Pa Denver, Pa. I.ancatter, Pa Palmyra, I'a l.aiicatlrr, I’a. Omettirga. Pa 142KATHLEEN ANN 1IEYER Elementary- May Holland, Pd. kappa Della Phi; Newman Glob CIIAHLES SAMUEL llll.l. Industrial Arts—May la-highimi. Pa. M. DIANE HINKLE Klcmmliiiy—May Millrmvilk-, Pn. JULIE ANN HOFKEK Klenientary- - May I ahanmi, Pm. PSKA. tecretaiy, vlct pn-aident. LSA. ACEI. Mary Spurn) Speech Conte !. 3rd pi Mr. DWIGHT EUGENE HOFFMAN Secondary—.May llilllit. Pa. Intramural . SOS. JULIE INDRA HOFFMAN Elementary—May launttef, Pa. Intramural ; CKC, Wimrn‘ (luitui; PSKA. SUSAN LYNN HOFFMAN Elementary -May Holland, Pa, CAROL LYNN HOKE Liberal Art I—May la-ha dmi. Pa. Cilaniard; Canterbury Club. FRANK I IIOLLENBACH Elementary- May llarmburg. Pa, PSKA. Student Guide, Tan Gamma Lambda, recording »ecrrtary. PATRICIA ANN HOLMES Elementary—May Doyertnwn. Pa. Ilaikcthall. Intramural ; Sigma Pin Omrgo, FAITH MARIE HOLZMAN Elementary -May Wonn lvlmf, Pa. Phi (.ainhda Sigma. SUSAN MARIE HORN Elementary—May York, Pa. Choir; ACKI. PATRICIA BOGGS HORNATIUS Art—May Kli al ctli|nw.ii. Pa. Delia llii Kin. AriiMocrocy Clnb. KAREN EILEEN HOSTEITER Elementary—January Mllli'fiville, Pa. PSKA. SUSAN ANN HOSTEITER Elementary—May Mount Joy, Pa. Omega Thru Sigma, ticanirei. Women'« Ghoru . »ccrr1aiv. Iir.nm. i. ACKI. recording recretary, Madrigal Singer ; Delta Plii Kta; 1VCK. Student Senate. Sophomore Cl»«, hUtorian; Who' Who. DENNIS CRAIG IIULTON Industrial Art —January Berwyn, Pa. Induttrial Art Society. SARAH ANN Hl'MITON Secondary—May l.aticader, Pa. Sigma Phi Delta. Student Guide. Orientation Committee. THOMAS EDWARD IIYDEN Elementary—May Phoeuivville, P«u Cltamard, intraimirah. M3WILLIAM JOHN HYDUCHAK Snon lary May Taylor. Pa. Ywiiijj Democrat , pn-Mihnt. PSKA, Student fur Proginilvr Action. CHARLES TOM INGRAM Elementary—,Uoy Roothwyn. Pa. l-7 i4l nll Vanity Chill; Sigma Alpha llela. LAWRENCE LEWIS JAFFE library Scimcr—.Way llarrichuig, Pa GAR I W. JAGNOW. JR. Elementary- Infinity L’liuni'n, Pa. J()II VINCENT JOHNSON Sei-onr ciry—Afny Della. Pa. KENNETH WILLIAM JONES Secondary—January Uncwfn, Pa. Student Small-. Harder (.'ru(i«|llilc Society, Sigma K|«ilmi lb-la. president, vice pn- idtnt; Soccer, LINDA LOUISE JONES Elementary May WDSA, pre tdent. ROSEMARY ANN JULIAN Loncwtttr, Pa. Elementary- - May Shelton, Pn. PSKA; CKC. IRENE KAGHMARSKY Set titulary May larjica, P«. Xcnophile. Orthodox ClmvtUn KclhrwtMp, iiwluyi PI Delhi Kpcilonj llm-liui l.'iidi-. Snapper; Women’ Chotnv KAREN LEE KAMROWI'I? f7.-m. - Aim la-witMng. Pa. Women' OiDlut; Phi I.hiiiImIu Sigma; Intramural JUDITH ANN KOCIIER Secondary — May Dollar. Pa. NANCY ILEEN K EE TORTS Elementary .Way Ural Linn, Pa. Wiinn-li'i Climm. Della I'M Kin. ACKI; Intinmniolr CYNTHIA L. KE1M Elementary—Align Pnikihing. I'a. l !il.mi ml. cnrrr»|xindin)t tccrrtary. BRENDA ELLEN KELLER EJemenlary—January Rending, Po. Student War on Poverty; CKO; Women' Chnrui ROSALIE R KELLER Srroiutanj—May Lebanon, Pa. CKO, HARRY C. KELI.KRMAN Secondary—May Cornwell Height . Pa. thu More 'Diiiii Min-. Choir, pn Mill-til. BMA, In..Min i. Alpha Phi Omega, 2nd vice pn-ddcnt; IXirmitiuy Council, |in.ntriil, n-creliiry. PSKA. Knglnh t'lnh. Siml. nl Ciiuln, Tribunal. LORRAINE UNRATH KELLY f lb-ms Mary- - January Camp Mill, Pa. Xenophilr, Women' Chmm JANE ELLEN KEND1C Elementary—limitary Willow Street. Pa. PSKA. Intramural . ACKI; I’M l..nnl«l • Sigma. 144 .iTirruf Art - Vfiuy Kcotiomlcx Cluh. STEPHISN KEPCIIAR, JR. l.nncuitcr. I'.i. JOHN THOMAS KERR Secondary—Au uif ChamhetMmrg, P . Circle K Cl til); Sociology Cluh. KATHRYN A. KESSLER Uiwnfiiiy—lanuanj l ol . I'». CK '. recording xecrcUry; Hnnd; UCCF. wcr prrndrol. »niri.u . Women' Churn : IjSA; Student Cnklci I'SKA, Orientation Committee, ACKI. DAWN S. KETTERINC i'lcnu-tilnty— amuiriy I-ancmlct, Pa, CKC KAREN LESLIE KIM HALL Elcmvmary— ,Uay Mnntourcvllk , I'm. Kiinil. ACKI; CKC. Ireaatirer; Signu I'hi Omega, Irrauini, Cuntoilmry Cluh. Drlln I'hi K(u. TIMOTHY E. KINO IJberaI Art —January Willow Struct, Pa, Kconomin Cluh. JANET MARIE KLAPPERT Mfjiu-iiJnry—.Winy Soudrrlon. I'.i. H,1.1. IK.ill. Vanity Cluh, Women' Cliornv KITH ANN KI.INOAMAN l.lhiary Stlcnce— V«» Heading, P«. WMSH. tuliliuil il.iluiu muuuger. tremnreri Student Guide; AHA, Irenxnrer, Women" Qwnu. JEAN MARGARET KNEER Secondary—A oy IlixAlulci', Pa, I'SKA Mu Kii) |i i Mu, Srulpjte-f, uwucuitc editor; Delhi Phi Kl . prrddrnt; Pi Detti Kpxilon; Who'. Who. RICHARD LEROY KOHLER Art—Afay MlHefxville. I'a, I'SKA, vuv pieiulrnt. Vruliin Cluh; George V (.'iiminil, Cihouird: Itilta-imii.lh. Artiitoeracy Cluh. MARY LOUISE KOLI.ER l.llrcml Are —Innimrt l.uncuiter. I'a, PATRICIA ANN KOPP Mi Jiwii iiri —May l.aneailer, I' , • Gamma Phi. THOMAS ROBERT KRAUSE t.lvHiriitaiy—blau Ulumm, IV HmkctbuH; RMA; lolrumoratv IRENE E. KRAVITZ l.ihnni Science—-May hijie , Pa, Delhi Phi Eta; AHA. I'SKA. ELIZABETH ELLEN KRAYBll.L HrinfiiMfj)—Afuy Newickley. P«. Citiimurd; CKC; I'SKA. Camilla Sigma Alpha M. LESLIE KREIDEH Sccoudory—Al«y 1-iucAih't ■ Pa. NANCY ANN KREII7. f.' rmrrifnry—.Way WyoaniMing, Pi . CKC. Student Union Hoard. MARJORIE ANN KREPPS Secondary—May New Oxford, Pa. c«man -luli. I’teihiniin Meg Committer; LOUISE KRESC.E Elementary' ■ May Quakrrtown, Pa. ACKI. president. Dolphin Club. tre.uurer, (ccntuyi UCCFi Phi l.amhda Sigma. Della Phi Kta; Tribunal; Women's Chorus. DIANE LI’REE KRIEG Secourlanj—.May Project Guide. Dallastosvii. Pa. JOHN CLEMENT KROUSE Sccorala ry—January Football. Vanity Club, treasurer. lohtobnvo, Pa DAVID A. KRUM A rt—January Football; IntramuniU. Hatfield. Pa. MARY BETH KRUM l.ilu ral Art - uriMitry bitraimir.iK: Soeinlogy Club, historian. Miltersvlllr. Pa. MARYANN KRUSIS Hlcmi'nltmj May Newman Club. Hell Bank. N. J. EILEEN MARIE KUIINS K rwiriiliiry — May Project Guide: Newman Club; PSKA; Homecoming Lhirvti; vice president. IKC. repicveutative, social chairman. Coliimhlu, Pa. Kappa Delta Phi. JUDITH ki.(x:k kulakowsky Elrmrntary— rrmiury Sigma Pin Della. Mllhrsvlllc. l’a, LOUIS EDWARD KULP huhntnn! Ait 'fay Industrial Art Honor Society. ferkasie, Pa. BRENDA LOUISE KUTZ Elementary—May Carlisle. Pa. Student Senate. WCA; Mack am Cob ; Cheerleader; Otnegn Theta Sigma, corresponding secretary; Ffrs liman Regs Committee; Intramural ; Who’s Who. GEORGIA M. LAFFERTV f.lnmn iiry—May College Community Orchestra. Ma|mette; PSKA. Women’s Heisliey. Pa. Chorus. JOHN P. LAMPO l.llretal Art —May Lancaster, Pa. ROGER KEITH LANDIS I.tbetnl Art —May American Chemical Society. Vmk. Pa. J. MARVIN LANIT . Mi.iiu-nlnry -August Lancu-stei. Pa ELMA ANN LAPP Elementary May IVCK; Meummite Student Fellowship; Women’ Chorus. Kinder . Pa, EUGENIA M. LARKIN Art—May Holland, Pa. Artistocracy Club; Caulrthury Chili, Intruimirah; Sigma Phi Delta. BARBARA FR1EDERIKF. LATHROP l.ibrutl Am—May Harrisburg. Pu. Hoddy Scientific Society. FRANK A. I.ATKO IJbent Aib—Auxin! Lwitwltr, Pa. Vljiha 1 111 Omega; Canterbury Club; RMA; Venture Club, executive board; Voting Republicans Club, president; Academic Allaire Advisory Committee.Secondary- Atrguif Social Sturlioi Club. DUDLEY L. LAUCKS Felton, t'a. ROBERT A. LEASE, JR. Secondary— minory York. Pa. Kounnmict Chib; Social Sludm -lub; SOS V. RAY LEATHERMAN Kfemeiifary—Slay Hatfield, Pa. Studrnt Soulr. PECCY LEE Miiaralaiy—May Springfield, Va. ACE I , Newman Club; Project ('.mile, coordinator. NANCY KAY LEE!) I.ihrary Science—Auguif l.ililc, Pa. SALLY ANNETTE LEEDY Secondary - May llarrnhurg, Pa. Mu Kappa Mil; Phi l.amhda Sigma, treasurer; PSBA; Studrnt Guide WCA. KATHLEEN M. LECENSTEIN Klrmmlaty—Slay Laiicuitrr, Pa, Kappa Delta Phi. PSKA; WDSA. B. ALEXANDER I.EINBACH liuluilrial Arfa— amrary Mnlluigton, Pa, Citamanl: Industrial Art Honor Society; ludmtrial Art Socirty. Studrnt Guide. CAROL ANN I.EINBACH Mraimldry—Slay Heading. Pa. Vanity Glob, Trntil ; WMSR. LORETTA JANE LEITH Kinwrnfrtry— Slay Bethlehem. Pa. It.uni; Mu Kap|k» Mu; Pin I.oiuIhI.i Sigma; PSKA. ACKI, Student Guide. JOSEPH LEO LELINSKI Secondary—May Briitnl, Pa. Mu Alpha Kappa, treasurer, Mrgnint-at-amit; Football; SOS; Who’ Who. ARTHUR I.ENCACHER, JR. I.ihrral Ana—Slay Kliiwn, Pa. Alpha Phi Omega, alumni lectelarv; Intramufuli; Ten nil. ELIZABETH ANNE LENTZ Secondary—lanuaiy Uncailcr, Pa. SAMUEL ANGELO I EOS Induilrial Arfa—Slay Waynethoro, Pa. Induilrial Arfa—May CRAIG A. LESHER Katlrm. Pa. Secondary —Slay THOMAS E. LESLIE Allentuwn, Pa. CHERYL ANN LEVY Elementary—Auguaf CwpolblOg, Pa. Intramural). LARRY RUDOLF LICIITBLAU I.ihrral Aril— oniony York, Pa. 147Library Science—May JEAN M. EIGHTY Paruditr. Pa. DIANE LOU LIGHTNEK Elementary—May Dauphin, Pu. ACEI; PSEA; Intramural . LARKY D. LINDEMAN Mbcntl Artr—May Norrittown. Pa. Cnn Country. JUDY LYNN I.IFPY Si'nrarfary—Slay Manchntci, Pa. Stnili nl Guide; Student Senate. JAMES on LITTLE Elementary—lanuaty Hanover. Pa. JAMES JOSEPH LOMBARDO Liberal Arlt—lanuaty l.uncutter. P.x. Intrroolli'giute CaalutAM on Government, BRIAN LONG Liberal Attr—Auguif F.a t Earl. Pa. MARY CATHERINE LONG Library Science—May Camp Hill, Pa. AHA; Intramural ; Omega Theta Sigma, Communication rreirtury. PSEA; Tribunal; Young Club, vice president; AV.MSR. Elementary—May PATRICIA ANN LONG llmky, Pn. RODNEY S. LOOSE Secondary—May West l.uwn, I’a. Alpha Phi Omega, v-.-e proiidcnt. hiitorian: Student Union Board; Social Studio Club. Sociology Club; CEC. MARLENE K. LORAH Ktcincnlarjf—Mny Denver, Pa. I.SA. UCCK. PSEA; ACKI; Intramural ; Woniin' Chum . Omega Theta Sigma. SUSAN LYNN LORD Elementary—May Aldan. Pa. Hockey; Cheerleader, frethitiun captain; Sigma Phi Della, parliamentarian Tiniclutnne, iindricla uurti editor, auocfalc rtlitur; WCA. vice ptoident Tribunal; Student Union Board, retro ponding ettrtaty; Student Senate McNtuy. KATHLEEN MARGARET LOSCHER Elementary—Slay ACKI. MARYLOU LOUCKS I.auraiter, Pa. Elementary—May PSEA; Intramural . PATRICIA ANN LUCICH Middletown, Pu. Elnnenlnn —May Ka tou, Pa. Citamard. recording wnta y. Newman Club. WMSH. PSEA; ACEI; Delta Phi KU; Alpha P i Omega GLENN HAROLD LUCKENBILL Secondary—May CresMtM. Pa. Phi Sigma Pi; Hoddv Scientific Society. LUANA JOY LULL Secondary—May Manlieini, Pa. Women' Churn ; Delta Phi Eta. DELBERT B. LUMBER! , JR. hulti fruit Arlt—Miry 1-18 Sea ford. X. Y.Secondary -Aiiguit HERBERT C. Mac DONALD Coalitvillr, Pa. BETTY ANNE MicELREVEY Elementary—Stay Havertown, l'i. PSEA; Wnmoi’t Chrmi . LINDA ANNE MacKENZIE Smmrfan —May IIiinlinKtlon Valley. Pa. Studrnt Guide: PSEA; Newman Club; Uatkrthall; Sigma Pbi Della, Student Senile; Hockey; Intramural ; Orientation Clommillee, LINDA SUSAN MacMULLEN Lihrtal Aft —May Wert Cheater. Pa. PSEA. ACKI. Mu Kappa Mu. DEBORAH ROSE MACARO Sccoiulan —January Unrarter, P». NINA MARIE MALLON Secondary—January Media. Pa. JOSEPH R. MANDUCHI l.ibrral Art —May Ijmemlrf. Pa. KAY ANN MARKEL Elementary—May Hed Eton. Pa. PSEA; ACKI; Simula Pin Ihnrsa, JANELLE MARIE MAHKEY Elementary—May l)alla towri. Pa. I‘hl Lambda Sigma, ACKI; TouchafoiiC. Tnbiuial. Intramural . Rl’TH ELEANOR MARKHOFE Secondary—January Huntingdon Valley, Pa. RONALD O. MARKS .Secondary—January Sinking Spring. Pa. Mu Kuppa Mu. Iirwirei. CHESTER FLOYD MARSHALL HI Secondary—May Cornwell Height . Pa. Sluileril Sefiale. BMA. vice pietylml; Student Guide. Football. Intramural , refrrrc; Alpha Phi Omega. Wicker . IteMiniT; CfOtt Country. Track; IFC; Who' Who, Academic Allan Adviiory Committee; Student Pcrwmnl Service Council, JACK MARSHALL Elementary—January Philadelphia. Pa. Uaikethall, manager; llfllcl Soorty. Intrumuralt; BMA. Faculty-Student Athletic Council. NORMA EILEEN MARTIN Elementary—May Mtrr. Pa. WOSA. v cc prc Mrnt; Women’ Choru . aevumpaimt, vice pn-udrnt. Color Guard; PSEA; IVCK. ToucJnfonr. NANCY JEAN MARVII.I Elementary—January Philadelphia, Pa. PSEA. Intramural . LINDA LEE MASON Elementary—May Ephrata, Pa. PSEA; CEG. CARY R. MATHERS huluitrial Art —May Tnickiville. Pa. Omictun Gamma Omega, Imiuitrlal Art Society; liiti.imurah. Wrestling. JOHN ROBERT MA1TERN Secondary—May Ea«t Petenburg. Pa. 149I'VE WITA MATTHEW York, P... Mhrtnl Ath— umMiry Proptl Guide. coordinator; Sociology dull. MONTK A. MAYES Si t miilim —lantmttj lied Uon, l a. HELEN MKLUINA McCARDKLL Sfttmdan —Mat liberty Crovr, Mil. kerri i.ywi: McCarthy llltnuiil tn Mity I limit hut);. IV Project Guide. Student Guide, KARRA DANIELLE McCARTNKY Sitetodaty—Muy Ghrsln Spun :.. I’u. ; B.okctliall; llnckcy, Women Omim. Xcnnphilr SI 'SAN IRENE McCORMICk Klciiu ninni Matt UimMn, Pa. GKC I'SKA; SlKinii Mil Omi'j-.i IVDSA. irurtai). MALCOLM O. Sttuwlnttj Mutj 1 .ancotter, I'a. si asm: marie McCumsey Sifiuif nry—Mm Columbia. Pa. Kttjslitlt Club, PATRICIA YVONNE McCURDY Secondary—Aujpttl dumlanburii, I'a Social Situlirt Chili, iccrrtaiy; Wlio'i Who. Patricia joan McDonnell Hh mciititn May Lcvlttown, I'a Dolphin dull. BARBARA ANN McCII.I. I.iIh iuI Ail•—Januaiy Philadelphia, I'a. German du| ; WMSH: Xrnoplillc. WILLIAM I.. MiCIM, httlutiihtl Aitt —Slay Lock llaven, I’j. Iiidnitnnl , rl» Society; I'hl Sigma l t, JOYCE ELIZABETH McNAUOHTON Elrmrutiiiy—May Klifidwthtown, Pa. At'KI. Iliiml. 1‘iiijctt Guide. MARIE LOUISE McNAUOHTON Scroridnry Slai Kli ahrthtnnii. |‘a, Prup-rt Giiulr. P$KA. RETII SUSAN MECKLEY tUcnwaiary— Mttij Hunovcr, Pa, VGKI; GKC, Delta I'hl. vice ptetidenl; ll-’C; PSKA. VICKI E. MEI.HORN Ait—.May York. Pa, LINDA SUE MERCIIAM Mrmcntutj—May LtImumm, Pa. CKC; t it,miaul; I’lnject Guide, WMSH. 150 AM—AnguM DEAN M. MESSERI.Y York. Pa.MIRIAM JOAN MKTZLKR M.inhrim. Pa, Klrmrntaty AM(ni( A DELE MICHENKR h.n.r.ftiry—if.ay Solrhuiy, l'«., Student Guide. 1KANNE LOUISE MILLAR Wrmrnf.iry—if ay Yank. Pa. ACKI; liUramumU; Student Guide; Tidutnal BARBARA MILLER f.if.rury Science Iluvrrtown, IV ABA; Collage ........ily OrcluMrj; IMla I'hi Kin; MSNI; I'hi UniUa Sigma; l SKA; Student Cnldr DKRBAII JEAN Mil.I.KB Elementary — if ty Cimlitvilk, IV GEORGIA CAROI. MILLER Elementary—Augutf l.anciittet. I'n. Inli.imiii.ilt. USA. I’SKi JACK KENNETH MILLER. JR. Elementary - May Springfield, I‘.». Alpha I'M Omega; Hegt Commit!.'. JAMES BAY MILLER l.iltetal MO—May Omevtoga, IV Knt.nm.logy -lull. Noddy Scientific Society. JK BOM I II MILLER Elementary Angluf l.rl.ti.mi, I'.t JOAN K. Mll.LEB Secondary—May Knnla, IV l'r..|rtt Guide, cimnlliiJitiit; Sltlilrnl Sociology Cluti. »kr preiident. InttUllO LEROY M. MILLER Secondary—May Mohnton, |’a. Iiitr.iiiiiirnit; l SK .; SmuI Studio Chili; Student Guide; Student Senate. NORWOOD I MILLER. JB. Sa-corufury—May York. I'a. Inii.iiiitir.ilt, Haitkt Geographic Society, tmmuirr. Project Guide; Tonc nfone. Wicfcert, Irraturn. PAMELA CRACK MILLER Kfemenfairy —May Copluy, JV USA; I'hi Lamlnlii Signi.t BEGAN EVELYN MILLER Scorn, tarry— May Gnakiiki'. I'a. Mu K.ipp.i Mu; Xeuophlle. SIIARON ANN MILLER Sco.rufary—May Ynrk, I’a. Stud ii| Guide. LUCINDA B, MII.I.IIOUSE Klrairnlanf -Auguil Uuicutlrr. I’a. WAYNE A MILLIGAN hlilnUrinl Arf —ifay Mjidirim, Pa. Mu Al|i)iu K.ipp.i. Wrcillirig, THOMAS II. MILLS hulurttial Arlt—-ifay I.imcutter, I’a. Alpha I’hi Omega, vice prrtidmt. CMrrtpotiding tecretiuv. Vrtt Society. 151DONNA A MINMCH Elementary—May York, Pa. 1‘hl Lambda Sigma; |‘i Delta Kpiilon; Project Guide; PSKA; TouWiitOne, ceuioi editor;, LINDA KAY MOELLER Library Science—Mai PATRICIA ANNE MOCCIO Eleramtary—January J. HAROLD MOIILER l.llwrai Ant —May Independent Biolog)' Heicufeb Honor v Harrisburg. Pa. Millers vtlle. Pa. Lancaster, Pu JAY H. MOORE Iruhitlrial Artt—May Thorndale. Pa. Ait« Society. IVun.i Arl» A»ociatlon. ELAINE RUTH MORRAL Srcrnulaty—Mity Snuderton. Pa, I »ilplu■■ Club. LSA; Mu Kappa Mui PSKA; PATRICIA ELISA MORRISSEY Elementary—May Woodlyn. Pa. Kiethmun Clan, secretary; Sophomoir Cla«, secretary; Junior Clan, Alidia Pli Ofivega; Citamard. Irwuirr, director; Orientation Committee; Freshman Kep Committee; N'rtvmnn Club; Whu’r Who. WILLIAM CHARLES MOWERY, JR. .Secondary -Aiiguif lamoiitrr. l’a. KATHLEEN AMES MOYER Elementary—January CKC. Downingtown. Pa. JOHN JOSEPH MROCZKA Liberal Art!—Augu it Mahnnoy, Pa. Football. dclrnte captain; Ban ball. Mu A!| ha Kappa. CER.YLD1NE B. MULLIN Elementary—May Eagleville. Pa. ACKI: CKC N'rwmuii Club; Pin Lambda Sigma. Slml. nl Guide; WC.V. JOHN LLOYD MUMNIA Secondary—May Writ ('better. Pa. Mu Alpha Kappa. Soever MICHAEL FRANCIS MUNDY Scctmrlnry—May Caaiesville. Pn. Intramural . BRUCE A. MUNSHOWER Secondary—May PhocnlavUle. Pa. Circle K Club. secretary; Uatketb.ilI; Omicrou Gamma Omega, president, Tennis, BARBARA LOUISE MUSSER Secondary—August Quarryville, Pa. Dolphin Club; Knglith Club; Kappil Della Phi. cormpending secretary; Snapper. JEAN LOUISE MUSSER Elementary—May Mount Joy. Pa. Inlrainuful Committee; PSKA; Woinrn'i Chorus; Snapper. RICHARD WAYNE MUSSER Secondary—Angurt La nc.utcr. Pa. PSKA; Young Democrat! Club. FRED EARL MYERS Secondary—May Akron. Pa. Battler Geographic Society. 152RUDY PHILLIP NATALIM. JR. Secondary—Stay N'orrlrioWn. Pa. Mu Alpha Kappa. cone ponding xcorctary; Baieball; Buikcllull. MARY ANN NKIDKRMYER Elementary—May Util .. Pa. Knglith Club, treamrer; ZeU Gamma Phi K. SUE NELSON Secondary—May llefthey, Pa. French Circle; Xnmphilr; Project Cubic, MARK WILLIAM NESS Secondary—May York. Pa. DOREEN S. NEUIIAUSER UlM-tal Art —May Lanouter, Pa. Women’ Churn . WIISA, |iinlor rcpnutitalivr; Sodologs Club. Kappa I Vila Phi, MARILYN JEAN NEWCOMER Secondary—May York. Pa. SliKlrnl Cubic. ROBERT PHILIP NEWCOMER Ubmil Art —May Lanc.uicr, Pa. Oau-balt. BRENDA L. NICKI.ES Secondary—May UnCMkr, Pa. BARBARA JANE NOBLE Elementary—January Slew Holland. Pa. Choir ANNE 0. NORTH Elementary—May Mormvlllc, Pa. LOIS E. NUTE l.lberaI Artt—May Momitvillc. Pa. MARII.YNN OBERHOI.TZER Secondary—May NnrrlMOwn, Pa. I’SKA, Student Guide. IIii Lambda Sicilia, I'mjclntonr: Xenopliile: Pi Della Kpulmi; MSM, werrtary. vice pmiilriil. LINDA ANN OLEJNICZAK Elementary- May New- Cumberland. Pa, ACEI; PSKA; rouehttone, ImiiIiuii manager; Pi Della Kpiilon; VVSO; Women' Chnru ; Newman Club; Student Cuule. Phi Lanital. Sigma. wcrctory. MARGARET ADEI.E OLSEN Elementary—May Philadelphia, Pa. PSEA, WMSU. Mvrelaiy; Women Chorut.; ACEI; .Student Guide. Intramural . MARILYN MAE OWENS Art—May York. Pa. NAKA. WILLIAM L. PARKS Secondary—August Couomaugh. Pa. THOMAS MICHAEL PATRICK .Secondary—Airguit Kail Pctmburg, I’a. Baikrlhnll; Bateliall; Vanity Club. Snapper. Student Guide. RARRY J. PARTI I REE l.tberal Art —May York. Pa. Chhi Country; Intramural . 153SANDRA PASKA EJcmrrtfory—May Heading, Pa, I'SKA; ACKI, Student Guide; Wmm-u'i Ohnnii; Young Democrat Project Guide; NYivmnn Club; Omega Theta Sigma, ecrctary, TERESA JAM PEACHEY y.lemvnlanj—.Ifrry Ul((7, Pa. ACKI. PATRICIA JANE PKCHACKK EUmnttnry—May Cbopcidnii, I'a. Project Guide. SUSAN K. PEEFLEY l.ibrrat Art —Way llrnhey. Pa. Sociology Club; Project Guide. LOLA ANN PENNY ElimeMary—January MilRintmvn. Pa. PSEA; WMSK; Delta Phi Eta. SALLYANN PETERS Elementary—lanuary Lebanon. Pa. CKC; PSEA; Vainly Club. ifcnUiy; Cheerleader. captain, MARSHALL JAMES PETERSON S.wif.ibj y—Airguri Kail Orange, V. J. IU.11I1 Student Amicialioii. trcaiurrr, vice proiidml; W.MSH; I'oolliall. KAREN I.. PETRE Elementary—.Wiry Springfield. Pu. ACEI; PSEA; Batkelhjll, Vanity Club; Siirrppcr. KAREN ANN PFEIFFER Secondary—May Ka ton. Pa. Cilum.iiil. vice pr evident; Alpha I'll Omega. PENNY PFENNIG Elementary—January Luirrlillfc, Pa. SiglHB Phi Delta; Vanity Cheerleader; Who' Who. JEAN ELIZABETH PIIIEI. .Secondary—May ColmnUla, Pa. Kiighth Ctuli, Jcoclary. l.YN MICHELE PIERSON l.ihranj Science—May Knots, Pa, Women’ Chum ; WMSK; Intramural . MARIA PIKES Elementary—May CbeHet, Pa. Wsvmnri Chili. PSEA. Inl .nnur. l . JOHN MICHAEL PIOSA Sceondnry—AugfjM Summit Hill, Pa. Student Senate, rcpri- cnlatlvf-at-lurgc; Bowler Geographic Society, Young Democrat Club; Stuilrot foi P»ogre ive Action. DEBORAH ANN POIST EJrmentnry— login I Hanover. Pa, KELLEY GENE POSEY SiTowduiy—Stay Lebanon, Pa. PSEA. Stuilent Service . Inc., •tuilent nianagn, EUGENE C. POTIEN IniUitlrial Art —January Cape Kli aheth, Maine JEANNE RUTH POTTIECER Elementary—January Clcnmoorc, I'a. Chnir. COm'tJMXuling tecretary, Madrigal Singer ; I ntrt-Collegiate Chorn Ki-it,v.,I. ACEI.JO ANN LOUISE PRAI.I. Elementary—Stay Xrw l'ir xl m . I'm. GEORGE !.. W. PRICE liulmltial Am—January Annum),ib. Pa, Ait iioaor Society. SUSAN JEANNE PRICE K rnu'iiMry—January Philadelphia, Pi, I’SKA; CKC. Onw-cii Tlietu Slginn. DONALD ALAN QUAY Indurthal Aili—Mai IliornWIlf, Pa. W e tlln£. JEAN MESSER QUINN Elerncntan —-Stay Columbia, I'm. Citomard; WSO: I’SKA. ACKI; Student Guide; Majorette; luti.i- iinifitlt. NANCY MARIE RAIMNOVIC l.lheral Ait —May BrcNtWf. Pu. Sunpper, Ir.Uutr edlltii, SV«mw Cluli: Women' Churn : French Circle. CAROL J. RAGALYI Si'i iMiiIufy—May Pottttmvn, I'a. Sii-ma I'li Delta. Hauler Geographic Socirtv. LINDA KAY RAMSDEN Secondary—May Rodiiilrr, Pi, Kuclith Club; PSEA; Intramural . CHRISTINE ANN RANK Elemmtaiy—May NVmimvillr. Pa. I'SEA; Wntian'i Churn , CAROL LOUISE RATH Secondary—Mary Kii tun, Pa. Smififtfr, liotlnec manager, I’i Delia Kptilun; Dolphin Club. Mu Kappa Mu. LARRY NEVIN REAM Irulmtrtal Arh —Mary Levittmvn, Pa. ImliulrUI Ait Honor Society; liuluitnul Aft Sucirty, vice pretulenl. ROBERT M. REBER Elementary—May K|tluat.i. Pa. BARBARA DEI WILER REDMAN Arf—January WrlghlivlIJr. Pa, I’SKA. PfoRct Outilr; AilMlotmcy Club. N'AEA. DONALD WILLIAM RI'.EI) Iruluttnal Am—Stay Alrvllle, 1'n. Imlutlrial Aft Society. PATSY LEE REEM Elementary—May Elizabeth, I’m. Vewinun Club; Women’ Chiiiut, I'SKA. Madrigal Slngci . LYNDA JANE REES Secondary— May Newtown. Pa. CYNTHIA BABCOCK KEEVER Elementary—May Lanotter, Pa. 155 Swomfary- Afuy RICHARD El'CENE REEVER l.anca ler, Pa.SUSAN EILEEN REIDENBACH Elementary—Slay Lancaster, Pa. Dolphin Club, tniiur advher; Hand; Sigma Pill Delta, vice ptrtidetit. MARIANNE R. REIFSNYDKR Khrtiirnlnrif—Jiimmn Reading. I'o. Xmnuii Club; PSEA. ACfil; Women's Chorut. BARBARA LOUISE REINER Elementary—May Reinerton, Pa. THOMAS FRANKLIN RE1NERIED Secondary—Afety Willow trrct. Pa. SOS. Mu Alpha Kappa. recording tcctrtary. SCOTT THOMAS REINHART InduUtM Art —August Rothtvillr, Pa. Imlittlrinl Alt Society. DAVID A. RFISCIIF.R Mmfrial Art —Atigurt Hiilfedgc. Pa. Ail Society. GAIL EILEEN REM LEY Elrmrnlartf—May Cap, Pa. WSO; PSEA; ACBI. DAVID HOWARD RF.NOI.I. -Secondary—Slay Seven Valley . Pa. German Club. Xniophilo, ci rre |Kmding veretary; Alpha Phi Omega. treasurer. B. JOYCE RENTSCIILEK Elementary—Way Rothwillc. Pa. THOMAS EDWARD RILEY IrtlmlrMl Art•—.May Tern- Hill, Pa. Rod and Cun Club, xccretary. BARRY I.. RICHARDSON Itulutlrlal Art —May laixario. Pa. Imlmlnal Ait Society; Hod ami Cun Club, vice prmdmt. LINDA MARIE RIDDELL Elementary—A lay l-Y l om. Pa. PSEA; ('hit'tleader; Intramural : Kappa Delta Phi. LINDA S. RINEER Elementary—May Willow Street. Pa. DONALD MSSl.EY RISSER I.literal Art —Aagurt Saliing.i. Pa. Alpha Sigma Chi. irndaiy, president: Economic Club, acentnry. prmidciit. BONNIE KAY RITCHEY Elementary—January Cojlecvillo. Pa, ACKI; Wiitiim'i Cham ; Intramural KARON S. RITCHEY Secondary—.May Everett. Pa. PSEA; LSA; Women' Choru ; Project Guide. CHERYL ANN RTITENHOUSE IMieral Art —Augurt Uimtlrt, Pa, Intramural . FRANCES L. ROBERTS Secondary—May Writ Clietler, I’a. New man Club; Artlitoeravy Club; Project Guide, ACKI; N'AEA.SHIGEKO NOCAM I ROBINSON Library) Science—May SV York. S. Y. AHA. CAROLYN JANE IIOEHM Liberal Arti—May Iaiiidmillf, Pa. CAROLYN SUE ROCCE Secondary—May Mllinvn, Pa. Color Gunn!; S'l'wnun Club, THOMAS S. ROHR HR l.ilx ral Arti—May l-anca tcr. Pa. Phi Sigma PI. vice |ire ldent; Tcnni . CO-captain. LINDA SUE ROSE LU mrnlary—.Ifmy Bmcrtown, Pa. Women' Giono; IFC, ri'inrifnliiliir. , .« Gamin;■ Phi, hMwiui, COfCr- |ionding wfdmy. PENNY ANN ROSENKRANS Secondary—January) lluimnrlitown. Pa. PSKA. BRADLEY ANTHONY ROSS Liberal Artt—May Ytwk. Pm. Citainard; Student Guide. Swimming Team; Vjuily Club; Alpha Phi Omega, chaplain, corrctponding Merttuy, LARRY W. ROSS Induytriol An —May Mlllnn. Pa. Band. ALICE L. ROST Secondary—January DallaUown, Pa. PSKA; Knglidl Clnh; Project Guide, Kappa Delta Phi; Studrnt Guide. RICHARD STEPHEN RUBEN Industrial Arlt—Afar Commodore. Pa. Imliutnal Art Society, lodtutrial Ait Honor Society, Tan Gamma laiinhda. president. NOEL K. RUNKLE Secondary—Jantrary MillenvtUe. Pa. RITA JANE RUPERT Library Science—January Bradford. Pa. PSKA; AHA. BARBARA ANN RUSSELL Elementary—January Uvillown, l a. Newman Giuh JOSEPH CHARLES RUTCHAUSKAS I rid Hit riat A tin—May Wllkrt-Bane. Pa. BARBARA ANN RUTH Elementary—January PSEA. WytnninlnE Hill . Pa. BRADLEY WILLIAM RUTH Liberal Arti—May York. Pa. Alpha Sigma Chi. liMimri, ecretary. lln Sigma Pi, Student Senate, commuter rrprwentative. invettigating chairman. LINDA DIANE RUTH Elementary—January W«l l.awn. Pa. Madrigal ; Women' Chomi; I VO'; Delta Phi Kta; ACKI JOSEPH RONALD SADOWSKI Secondary—May Scranton. Pa. Sociology Club; Intramural . Frmhman Reg Committee. 157j. HAROLD SAtIM. JR. Secondary—May Manhofan, Pa. Wmtltng, Vat'll) Tennis, IntrarauraU. Vanity Cluu; Snapper, eparte editor; Pi IM|« Kpcitou; Student Senate, ir| mniUlivr-iil.|li|;r, vice president, director nl rlrctiom, Duncan’t Inauguration, president, ttudrnt director; ICG. I rjiiiin. urgeant-ut-armc; KMA. cenatur, Social Studio Club; PSKA; IKC; Student Cniilr. Who’ Who. CAROL ANN SAILKR l.’hror'f Surntr—Mai Shoemnkorrvillc. Pa. A9A. DONNA JANE SASSANIAN SiTiiwfaiji—May l.uureldalc. Pa. Kngtith Club, ditnlar "I lotnring, precidml; Citamard, PSKA; Women's Cluini ; ToMchutimt. Della Phi Kla; Alpha Pti MICHAEL JOSEPH SAVUKAS .VreoMdury—May PotlaKc, Pa. Kunlball. maiMjirt. Track. manager; SOS; Newman Cltib. DAVID SCHALL. JR ScronJan — oniony Xorrittown, Pa. NANCY LINDA SCHIMPK Elementary—May Clemide, Pa. Hockey, Vanity Club, I ream nr. DAVID MATHEW SCHINDLER Secondary Airgutt ilartithurg, Pa. Hod and Gun Club; llndds Sclent Kc Society. Track. Snapper, editor. ALBERT PAUL SCHMIDT l.llrrtnl Art May Huntingdon Valley, Pa. It'itd) Scientific Society, cccirtaiv. president. Hand, Xrnophile; International Folk Dancing; Social Studies Club, vice president. Kntumology Club. INGRID ANNE SCHMOLK Secondary —May I’nkaile, Pa. BARBARA ANN SCHOLWIN Srimulniy—May Heading. Pa. PSf£ , Women' Cliotnc. Intramural ; Xrnophllr; Claim Club, vice pretiilrnt. RICHARD L. SCIIRACK Secondary—May Retirertburg, pa. Mu Kappa Mu. ERNEST SCIIREIBER l.ihrmt Arti Mai lancntrr, Pa, St ident Senate, vice president; Vrnture Club. preitfdetil; George Sf. Carnival. editor; Mail and Gold, editor. Orientation Committee, eltairman; Student Services, Inc.. hoard of directors; I’M Sigma Pi; Academic Committee of Kac-lllty Senate; Vho'» Who. NANNETTE ADELKSCHROPP Elemriiltiiy—May Orwigdnifg. Pa. Women' Chonn. Xenophile; Huiviaii Circle. ACKI. Intramural . JANET R. SCIIUKLKH Elementary-—Afiry Seafnrd. Delaware WILLIAM HENRY SCHL'LEH l.iln nil Ails May Huntingdon Valley; Pa. Mu Alpha Kappa; Hatki lball; American Chemical Society. SUSAN CHRISTINE SCIIWARZE Elementary—May Media. I'a. PSKA. Majorette. RONALD C. SCHWEITZER I.Hurtirl Ail —Aiipnt Luncwcter. Pa. Batcboll. CHERYL A SCHWENK Elementary May Vork. Pa. liu l.ambda Sigma, PSKA; Women' Chonn. ACKI, CKC . Student Guide. 158JOSEPH FRANK SCIOKTINO Secondary—Miry LwicaMcr. Pa. Delta Sigma Chi. GARY W. SEAGRAVES Irulmtriat A fit—May I’ermivillr, N. J. Wicker . LEROY C. SKCER Secondary—.May Rhi'ral . Pa. Economic (Unit, CHARLES PHILIP SKLCIIKR. JR. Secondary—May SIIddlrlwn, Pa. Track; Vanity Club. Snapper. JOHN WILLIAM SKLCIIKR Uhcrnt Art —Muy MkldMOWtl, Pa. Track; RMA, Who' Who. HARRY ROBERT SEN FT Secondary—lanuarg Sprinj; Grove. Pa. BARBARA ANN SI IAN I! R f'.lemrntary May Muncy. P». CKC . PS BA; Worm o’ Cho«n , J. STEPHEN SIIARTLK KlmraUry—May IlsrrtUmrj;. Pa. Intramural , Hodd Scientific Society; Student Guide. Social Simile Club. ROBERTA LOUISE SHEARER Klrmrnlnrtf-May Hll alMlIilown. I'a. IVCK; AGBIj I’SKA, Della Phi Eta. treauirrr; German Club. |tr«idcnt. . IKI| lliU'. CAROL JEANNE SIIELI.EM N t'.lrmeulary May Grttytburjt, Pa. I'SKA, ACKI. Choir, LSA. TERRY E. SIIENRERCER Imhnltinl Art .May Red Lino. Pa. Induitriat Ail Society; Alpha ltd Omega. M ALIN DA M. SHERBARD IMirury Science—January Warrington, Pa. Xrmiphilc SUSAN JO ANN SHIPPER Secondary—May MlllerivtUe, Pa. KENNETH NORMAN SHIRK Srtondary—May Jooratown. I’a. Band; Aviation Club. Phi Sterna Pi, trc.»urer, LINDA J. SI I IVES .llnral ArU—AugUil Kail I’lmpcd. Pa. Roddy Scientific1 Society, hbtorun; Kutomotogy Club, prrvtilent. Wmnm'i Chottli; Choir. Nl.ulrig.ll SlngfR. PATRICIA ANN SHOVLIN Elementary—.May Mtmhrim, Pa. Newman Club; PSBA. rcpn-centaHW-at.lafj-e; Omrp Theta Sigma. RICHARD THOMAS SIIULT Secondary— unitary llatrlditiiR. Pa. pitot ball. JOSEPH II. SICKLKR Iruimtnul Artt—Jannary Wr t Cheiter. Pa. Iniliutrial Art Society; Rod ami Cun Club, vine (neiident. 159ANNANIARY SIKORSKY Library Science—May Diinirln'illc, Pa, ABA; Phi Lambda Sigma, historian: Newman Cl«b. RICHARD NEWTON SILAR Secondary—Stay York. 1’ . Bueluill; lutramunils; SOS. historian; Mu Alpha Kappa, historian. ROBERT EDWARD SINCER Secondary—Mery Dalton, Pa. IntramuraU. JOAN MARIE SIMTSKY Secondary—-May Orwiphuig, Pa. ABA, PSKA. lieaMircr, representative. New man Club; Student Guide. Intra-murals. R1.ENE JEAN SINKINSON Serenutary—January Sptiiigheld, Pa. Omega Theta Sigma; IntramuraU; Color Guard. co-captain, KENNETH A. SITAR1K Secondary—May Findemc. Pa. Kontball; Baseball. FREDERICK EDWARD SKACEN. JR. Liberal Art —Alay Bethlehem, Pa. Tan Gamma I.ambda; Crow Country; Tennis. BARRY LEE SLAUCHENHAUPT Secondary—January York. Pa, Omitmii Gamma Omega; Alpha Phi Omega: Student Guiih'; RMA. representative. BAI L EDW ARD SI.IKE. JR. hVniienfa y—Stay Jonestown. Pa. Band; PSEA; ACKI; Tribunal. SUSAN E. SI.IKER Elementary—May Keastrrvllle. Pa. Hockey; Tennis. Varsity Cllih; l SEA. Women's Cliotmi, BARBARA SMITH t.iberat Arti—May Sew Holland, Pa. Aviation t.'lnh; Rod and Con Clllb; Itoddy Scientific Society; Citariurd, Tnudntimr, JEAN R. SMITH Elementary—August York, Pa. JUDITH A. SMITH Uberal Arts—May Marysville. Pn. Project Guide. ROCHELLE M. SMITH Secondary—Stay Lebanon. Pa. Mil Kap)kt Mu. PSEA. Women’s Honor Society. SANDRA SI SMITH Elementary—August York. Pa. SALLY ANN SMITH Elementary—Stay Lebanon, Pa. Choir, recording secretary, Junior class representative, accompanist. One Mure Tlian Nino, accompanist; PSEA. Elementary—August TERRE El AINE SMITH York. Pa. Elementary—August JUDY ANN SNAVELY Manheim. Pa.DARLENE ELAINE SNYOKK Elemental! —January Gettysburg. l‘j . CK(', prnidmt; IN Utlln lipiilon, Imnurvt; PSKA. Sruijqwr, associate cditiw, new editor; Student Guide; WCA. LINDA MJ30RE SNYDER Elementait —January ' ’ Helium. Pa. SUSAN TAYLOR SNYDER Elementary—January Aldan. Pa. Lavrimr; Sigma Phi Omega. vice president. Vanity Club; Hockey, exi-captain ALICE LOUISE SPANGLER Secondary—Slay WaynrslKiru, Ta. Classics Club. secretary; Intramural ; PSEA; Xenoplulr. MICHAKL NELSON SPANGLER hiehi it rial Art —May Meehan Icsburg, Pa. Industrial Art Honor Society. Industrial Art Society; I'hi SigmA IN. PRISCILLA LANE SPANGLER Elementary—January Lititz, Pa. Delta Phi Eta; Project Guide. PSKA. DIANA ELIZABETH SPECHT Library Science—May Moiijcu, Pa. ABA; Basketball; Hockey; PSEA; WNISIt. CINDY ANNE SPINDLER Secondary—Slay Newtown Square, Pa. Nrwiiiau Club; CitnmarcL TWIEA SUE SPRAKER Secondary—January Cliiitn, Pa. Mu Kappa Mu; PSEA; Student Guide. JAMES HOWARD STAMM Elementary—.May Heading, Pa. Alpha Phi Omega, secretary; Alpha Sigma Chi; allege Community Otchretro. Band, president; Student Guide. CONSTANCE MARIE STASSI Elementary—.May Easton. Pa. IntrainutuK; PSKA. LYNDA RUTH STEIN METZ Secondary—Slay Lancaster. Pa. Spanish Club; Venturi' Club; IVCK; Kaikrtball. DENNIS JOHN STEPHEN Secondary—Slay Kinmuiit. Pa. Sin Kappa Mu. Newman Club; PSKA; SOS, treamrer; Baseball; Soccer; Wrestling, PATRICIA ANN STERNER Sceandary—May Camp Hill. Pa. Oelta l’hi Eta. Iiivtorian; Baikethall. manager; WMSIt, head secretary. KAREN LOUISE STEVENS Elementary—Slay Lancaster. Pa. ABA, rcpoitrr; PSEA; Women’ Chorus. MARILYN JEANNE STEVENS Elementary—.May Havertown, Pa. ACEI; Newman Club; Project Guide, PSKA. ROBERT GARTH STEVENS l.ibran Science—Slay Media, Pa. Intramural ; Senior Clan, vice prendent. Young Democrat Club. Secondary May Mu Kappa Mu RICHARD CLAUDE STICK, SR. Antivillr, Pa 161I .al.t'a.ll f, l' JAMES WALT HR STITLEY. JR l.ilh-int Art. Augurt mrin .m Clirniical Society. PATRICIA BROWN STOUDT Momentary—lunwify ry, Pa. MARILYN RUTH STREHLE Klcmenlaiy—May Pbilath Iphiu. Pa. ACKIi PSBA. WMSW: Stuilrnt Senate; V(.'A. Wmiuii'i Chum. DAVID I KK STRICKKH KtrmriUary May lUrtnvIllr, IV Minimi Senate, Vanity Club, Swimming. Wicki-n, cwrr. pointing .ccteUry. vii - | in«li ill RANDALL WALKKR STUMP Srtontlaty— May Sinking Spring. Pa, MARY ELLEN STVMPF KJrmmbiry—lanuary UnOMHr, pa. ACKIi Choir; LISA, piriidnit, BKRNADKNE SUKI.E Library Manet—May Slwllon, Pa, Tnbnmil. Wnnm'i Chum., Young Hrpiibbi.m Club. «ccr tnry. NAOMI ELIZABETH SI PIKNKO SfCMutafy—Atigu I hi Holt. | a. SlHih-ul Cubic. CHARLENE EVKLYNK SUSCAVACK Secondary—May Mahamiy City, Pa. IVll.i Phi Kla; Knglnb Club, Inii.iniorab, Spuin.h Club. Xi'imphllt'. IRIS DIANNE SWEET Mi mi litary -Augutf Bedford. Pa. CK I'hi I.,uiiIkI. Sigma, vice pmitlrnl; PSKA; Young llcnuhlicnn Club. VHr |lll- ilh'llt. DONNA SUE TKRNEY Si I'om ory—AiigMrt llrd LklO, P«. Itmlily Siirnlille Society. ALFRED KARL TIIOMAE l.lhrtnl Art..- lam,ary Philadelphia, Pa. « h in, Intraimirah. Moilrigul Singaw DAI K BURTON THOMAS Elewimtanj—May MtirrkvIlUs Pa. Kiediman Claw. liv |m .iitent, Inlraiiiin.ili. PSKA LARRY ABRAM THOMAS Uht nd Am—Mntinty Uikv»»Ict. Pa. KIM EI.IZABE I II THORNHILL P.lem,-alary—May lUvntiiwn. Pa. Ilinlgi- Club; Intramural., Vanity Club. Ilocki-v, r»- 'aptain TIMOTHY JOSEPH TIIUM huliittnal Art.—May taut coaler, Pa. Baer ball: GtOI ROSEMARY H. I I TUS I, —May Columbia, Pa. ACKI, h. |i| .i I Mia I'hi. VI)SA. Sl'SAN KII.BURN TOI I.INCKR IJemenlaty May VI)SA. I.unc.nter. Pa.KLS1K CI.YDE TOMLINSON Secondary Somlrrtmi. I’d. Hockey; Intramural ; WGA. HII.KEN CHRISTENE TOOMKY Srri ir nry—January Schuylkill llavni, | ,i, (atamanl. KuRlidi (.'lull; llilrnniurnlt; Sna ificr KKNA MARIK TOS Secondary—May l.ecittmvo. Pa. HELEN IRMA TOTII Mi'mrntary—Mnt Ka lun. I’d. ('.il.ini.iiil; Gamma Sipmi AI| Im. Imtoriau; I'SKA. XVMSH V. RAY TRITCII Ultvntl Art May Middletown, P Nruijiper, ipnlt editor; Wlcketi, CARMEN ANTHONY TROIL Smimhiy-- May l-iuvlule, |'n. Madrigal Sillger ; Clmlr, llrulgf (.'lull. SIIARYN EILEEN TIM.US l.ilntol Art —.Wury Roymfau), Pa. CltuiiiAnl; Student Guide. CRETIIKL JEAN VAN DEVENOER Sn'twirfiuy• May Shiuimklu, Pa. Kn||lltli (Huh; German Glul.; XriuipMlei Junior Year Ahciuirl Program. KATHY DIANE VASKI.LAS Kit nimfory—Airgntt llfil Uon. I’d. MARIE E. VI.NCR M.o.r if.liy—January Mlllerwllle, | «. 1 1 I). Ita Kjytll.Hi, •cvretiuy. Mu Mu; Newman Club. Snapper. CO-ed I - t u; Varntv (.'lull, vice prrvldrtil. It nketball. captain; Zi ta Gamma I'hi, 1«II -liuy; WIi.iS Wlm. CARY LAWRENCE VISCO Jru oitrnd Art»—May l’1ulaili.|| lila, I’a. Wri'itlmn. JEAN ACNE-S VOGT Efiwraliiry—M«y Philadelphia, Pa. Hand. I'SKA; Tvu(h law; V(.'A, .eta Gamma Itii, pmul.nt. WILLIAM RICHARD VOLI Iniluilnal Art —Stay I'hll.ulrlptua, Pa. CHARLES RAYMOND WAGNER Srr.ifii ary May Potlwilli', Pa. Intramural , SAMUEL R WALKER liulutlital Attt Angiitt Oak . I'a. Vurrltv (.lull; Truck. TIMOTHY LEON WALKER liuluHrial Aria—May Window, Pa. Iml.ntrid Art Society, Track KATHY WALLS IKntat J ygrenr—May I lettllf-y, Ph. Haml, College Community Olchetlta, DARLENE LOUISE W ARNER Secondary- -May Seven Vallry . I'n, Delta I'll! Kill. vto- prerident. pirtidml; Kngltdi Glut ; Intramural ; I’l Della, tccrctuiy, roirchifonc, uctiMlln editor, co-cditm; Trilninal. Young Democrat Club.RICHARD JOSEPH WATSON Secondary—May Glendora. N. J. Newman Club, Young Republican Club. DONALD RALPH WATTERSON SrcirHtJan —January Apollo. P«. Kittlrt CNpupbic Society. Intramural Committee; RMA; SOS; Football; Track. CAROL ANN WATTON Seeondary—January Doylcstown. Fa. English Club; Intramural ; Kappa Delta Phi, president, corresponding secretary; Snapper. KATHERINE FARVKR W LA BLR Elementary—January Palmyra, Pa. CEC; Women Chorus. JAMES LaVLRN WEAVER Elementary—May Akron. Pa. JAN INK EDITH WEAVER Elementary—August Millers ville, Pa. Rand: College Community Orchestra. WARREN J. WEAVER Liberal Art —May Lancaster, Pa. American Chemical Society, president; Mu Alpha Kappa. BARBARA ANN WECLARZ Elementary—May Lancaster, Pa. String Ensemble. DAVID JAMES WEIGEL Secondary—May Columbia, Fa. Intramural ; Track. CHERYL JOAN WEISER Secondary—May ShilUngtan. Pa. Cheerleader. Kappa Della Phi; Vanity Club. CHARLES RUPERT WELCH Secondary—August Philadelphia. Pa. THERESA MARIE WENTZEL Elementary—May Mohnton. Pa. CEC; Project Cuidc; PSEA. ANNE SCOTT WETHER HOLD Elementary—January North East, Md. Cheerleader. Omega Theta Sigma, vice president, corresponding secretary. Student Guide. Student Senate LINDA LEE WEYANT Elementary—May Windber, Pa. CEC; PSEA; Women's Chorus. MARK DOUGLAS WICKSTROM Secondary—May Sinking Spring. Pa. Alpha Phi Omega; IVCF, president; Phi Sigma Pi; SOS; Social Studies Club. BLAIR WIE1.KOPOLSKI Elementary—May Reading. Pa. Intramural ; Newman (Tub; Young Republicans Club. KLINE MARY WILE Secondary—May Mountvillr. Pa. Delta Phi Et.s. Phi Lambda Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, Snapper. JAMES ALBERT WILE. JR. Secondary—Augtrrf Letianon. Pa. English Club; Intramurals; Newman Club. 164CYNTHIA ANN WILHELM Library Science—May Robes otiia, Pa. Student Senate; Choir. KATHLEEN JOANNE WILL Elementary—May I.itic . Pa. Vanity Club, president; Hockey; Trnnii; Zeta Gumnu lid, vie president. KAY LENOYNE WILLARD Liberal Art —May West Fairvicsv, Pa. Football; Wrestling. BETTY’ LOU WILLIAMS Elementary—May I «la, Pa. PATRICIA ANNE WILLIAMS Elementary—May East Petersburg, Pa. RUTH ANNE WILLIAMSON Secondary—May Broomall. Pa. Intramuialt; Student Guide. WCA; Xmophile GREGORY SCOTT WILLMAN Industrial Arit—May Center Valley, Pa. Intramural . JULIA ANN WILSON Library Science—May Helium. Pa. AHA; PSKA. BRUCE EDWARD WITMER Liberal Artt—May Eatt Petersburg, Pa. Soccer. KATHLEEN HOWELL WITMER Library Science—May lladdonfiekl, N. J. ABA. Spanish Club. Student Guide; Orientation Committee. DIANA KATIIARYN WITTENBREDER Elementary—January Dover. N. ). BARBARA ELAINE WOLPERT Elementary—May Newport, Pa. Choir, recording secretary; Gamma Sigma Alpha, treasurer; One More Than Nine; PSKA; Basketball. manager. Vanity Club. HARRY LEROY WOLPERT Secondary—January Lancaster, Pa. Hauler Geographical SoCletv. SOS; Student Senate, recording secretary; Tau Gamma l.nmlKla, corresponding secretary; Track. EI.OISE KEEFER WOOD Elementary—Augui Millenvillo, Pa. SARAH JANE WOOL Secondary—May lauudowtic. Pa. Mu Kappa Mu. treassirei; Pi Delta Kptilon; PSKA; Touchtlone, co-editor, underclassmen editor. WANDA ELAINE WRIGHT Elementary—Augur Johnstown, Pa. ACKI; Black Student Annotation; CEC; Sigma I’hi Omega. GALE ANDREW YEAGER Elementary—May Philadelphia. Pa. ACKI; CKC. corresponding secretary; Intramiinils; Student Guide. CYNTHIA REBECCA YEICH Secondary—Augur Reading, Pa. English Club; PSEA. Women's Chorus. 165EUGENE OLIVER VENSER Secoiutonf—Mat Ml. Aetna, Pa. Mu Ka| |M Mu; PSEA. LOUISE ANN YODER Secondary—May ADratvillt, Pa. ('ttammli Inlramurnlt. PSEA. LINDA LEE YOIIN t'.Umt ntuny miunri PSEA (.'oliimlitH. I'.i JOSEPH JOHN YOXSON. JR. Secondary—M«ry Willow Grov e. Pa Inti.irmu.iK. |l.iu-h.ill. LINDA LOUISE ZERl’HEY Elementary—Mary Mount Joy. Pa. PSEA; Student Guide, WDSA. JANE SUSAN ZOOK l.ill tuny Srtrntf—Nty Chriuiana, Pa. VBA. Intramural ; Student Guide; WMSR. Winmn'i ( liorut JANET KAY KENNEDY Satellite Beach, Kla. Hrmrnfrjry—May 166WHO'S WHO The honor of being accepted into tiie Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, the highest award given to a senior, has been ! cstowed upon twenty Millersville seniors this year. The members. through their intellectual achievement, service, constructive participation in activities, contributions to student government and college life, have been chosen by their faculty and fellow students to become members of this select society. We give them our congratulations and express our thanks for their contributions to Millersville State College.JAMES COG NATO organizes the funds for the senior prom. I (W1 I I • I I » DALE FAIR searches for another lost dormitory key in the Lost and Found Office. Senior class secretary DEBORAH FORBES checks over her minutes from the December meeting. SUSAN HOSTETTER outlines the orientation program for the incoming freshmen. JAN HERMANN'S, Student Senate president, presides over one of the many meetings. 169An active participant in all phases of the Snapper is the associate editor, JEAN KNEER. Student Senate representative, BRENDA KI T , adds her constructive comments at a meeting. PATRICIA McCUHDY opens the November Social Studies Club meeting. JOSEPH EELINSKI completed an outstanding record with the varsity football team. 170 PATRICIA MORRISSEY finds working with children a very rewarding experience by student teaching. PENNY PFENNIG pauses between cheers to watch the Marauder action on the 50-yard line. JOII SEI .Cl IER makes track headlines in his performance with the javelin. CHESTER MARSHALLStudent Senate vice-president, HAROLD SAHM, reviews the list of nominees for campus elections. ERNEST SCHREIBER MARIE VINl’P Exhibiting fine form. DANIEL RODDICK is a prominent member of the tennis team.FORRY and IIACKER Printers of the “Snapper" Lancaster, Pa. 17602 Ph. 393-4452 248 E. Liberty St. THE GERHART COFFEE CO. Distributors of Fine Coffee 544-546 N. Christian Street Lancaster, Pa. The American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Congratulates the Graduating Seniors Best Wishes Graduates from ALPHA BETA ALPHA. Congratulations and Best Wishes to I he Class of 1970 from TIIE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 1 1 DELTA EPSILON (■ungrat elates the ('lass of 1070 Best i lies to the ('hissof 0)70 from the NEWMAN STUDENT ASSOCIATIONBOWERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 19 EAST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONE 872-8082 BOWERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 19 EAg WERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 19 EAST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONE 872-8082 SCHOOLS COMMERCIAL WEDDINGS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES BOWERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 19 EAST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONE 872-8082 BOWERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 19 EAST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONE 872-8082 BOWERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 19 EAa complete graphic art service meet, , eneed of ucationa institutiona industria printing experts, with many years of experience, can plan, and produce publications of the finest quality COMMERCIAL PRINTING DIVISION GRIT PUBLISHING CO. Williamsport, Pennsylvania 326 1771I |i 'O' 'Fj;; i!B?y Ei £ ■ —• • 'ad

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