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 touchstone 1969 MILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE MILLERSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA May 19G9, Volume 70 Sally Wool, Co-Editor Linda Bedlyon, Co-Editor Carol Derstein, Associate Editor Donna Auchinbauch, Business Manager i Miss Beatrice Datesman DEDICATION Miss Beatrice Datesman is warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and greatly interested in student activities. She is often seen at Alpha Beta Alpha meetings and is an avid Marauder basketball and football fan. She is also an adviser to library education students. Before coming to Millersviilc in 1950, Miss Datesman was a librarian and teacher at Columbia Nigh School. She obtained her B.A. at Hood College and her masters in library science from Syracuse University. Miss Datesman began her career at MSC as a librarian and then became a full-time assistant professor. She is presently teaching reference and library administration. In addition to teaching, Miss Datesman is active in the Columbia branch of Business and Professional Women. She is also active in the Pennsylvania Library Association as well as the Lancaster County Library Association. At present she is serving on a book selection committee under the Department of Public Instruction. Miss Datesman is a member of Delta Kappa Camma. an international sorority for outstanding women teachers. Thus it is with great pleasure and pride that we. the editors and staff, dedicate the I960 Touchstone to a librarian, professor, adviser, and friend — Miss Beatrice Datesman. 2Helping advisees complete their schedules is an important aspect of Miss Datesman’s duties at MSC. 3FOREWORD Yot the time less in you is aware of life's timeless-ness, And knows that yesterday is but todays memory and tomorrow is today’s dream. .. . But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle all the other seasons, And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. Kaiii.ii. Gibhan, The Prophet The 1969 Touchstone staff decided that among the moods and feelings present on the Millersville State College campus, solitude has a great range of meaning to everyone. Solitude encompasses all those moments when you’re alone with your thoughts—the moment in the locker room before the game, a pause on the bridge, or those few seconds before the graduation procession begins. What arc those thoughts? Not one thought is quite the same because you are one of many individuals whose unique experiences and ideas make up Millersville State College. Through the 1969 Touchstone, we have tried to present a portrait of Millersville State College capturing the individuality which is always present. We hope that the memories and events which we have recorded will have a different and unique meaning to each of you and that today you can truly "embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing." MILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE Millersville.founded as a private academy in 1854.offers degrees in teacher education and the liberal arts. A State College since 1959. Millersville became the first State Normal School in 1859 and is the oldest teacher-training college in Pennsylvania. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Pace..................... Dedication ........................ Foreword........................... Campus Life........................ Faculty and Administration Activities..................... Sports......................... Underclassmen ..................... Seniors ........................... Ads................................campus life Carol Dkii-s u in, Editor Brenda Sciilkcel, Literary 0 A Portrait of . . . 7 8 J Ti rr- n We are Artists. . . As wo move through our time at Millersvillc State College, we add daily to the portrait of our college years, each painting our version of the school that we knew. Our portraits, each unique, will be colored with the bright flashes of memory, motions seen in Homecomings and George Street, montaged against our emotions and those with whom we shared. Each portrait will constantly change, yet endure the test of time, for our portraits of Millers ville will be hidden deep in the intimacy of hearts and minds'. MONTGOMERY HOUSE First, the Shells of Buildings . . . "Froshily" we begin, dabbling only a feeble attempt at a background for our masterpiece. What are we doing here? Where are we going? "Please tell me where to find my adviser? And where do I get another meal ticket? I finally figured out where the dining hall is but now they won't let me in. I want to do everything right and 1 want to fit in.” 10i :i?i 11 12"I remember Millersvillcl Old Main, once the center of activity, was nearly empty in preparation for demolition but still stately. The Old Library was so (piaint, a real tribute to the college. We ate at the House of Pizza and I stayed in Lyle Hall. 1 once visited there with a friend of mine." Through the Eyes of the Beholder . . . An ‘‘outsider’' sees a beautiful campus dotted with impressive and functional buildings centered around a lake with swans. Hut to those who have known her intimately, have touched her, and have seen her come alive, Millersvillc has become much more as we grow and come alive with her. 13More than a physical plant, to us Millersville is the effervescence of people constantly interacting. Roommates, friends, classmates, teachers, housemothers, administrators, security officers, dining hull staff, advisers, and coaches arc never mutually exclusive groups but over-lapping circles of involvement, each doing their own thing, each changing roles to meet the occasion. And as artists, we must capture this, changing the scheme of the design to modify the characters of The Life . . . our brush will capture. Thursday night, sitting before stacks of books, the students perform mysterious rituals of motion which provide the transportation to unexplored regions of creativity for the inspiration vital to the task of an education. Yet Saturday night finds the same students, along with faculty, administration, and staff, still in motion, straining voices, throwing arms to the sky, and jumping up in empathetic loyalty for the basketball team, winning or losing.f Eii.kkn Kuhns . . . Homecoming Queen Over three thousand faces, coming and going each year, animate our portrait of Millersville. To surround these visages, men don caps of long wavy hair often fastened to their heads by thick, long sideburns, and the women, a crown of long blonde hair. Each face begins to come forth to carry outstanding features and a message of the meaningful encounters in classes, dormitories, clubs, and social activities. So outstanding are some features as to represent, in their own time, the other beautiful people who make up the un-faceless community. Perhaps we see some part of the person we are. or aspire to 1k in the countenances of The Select Few. 16- BETTY O’BRIEN Acini ion Queen BETSY KURTZ Sweetheart Queen 17Primarily, a portrait of MillorsviUc must depict tin- day-to-day journey that each one of us takes. The center of our life lias become the common, the mundane. Then, too, these must l ecomc the center ol this, our [Mirtrait. Dining hall lines. l "rida night dances, intramurals, and dorm meetings have become the very essence of campus activity, along with card playing, stopping at the library, and packing for home. Never abhorable, we have taken them for granted. Essentially, it is The Routine That Has Jelled. 1920 • 5? • W me 21Tau Gamma Lambda ... Omega Theta Sigma ..Yet in the midst of tin work and routine, our portrait is dotted with the faces and events that came in swiftly and spectacularly, hut soon left, leaving only an indelible impression. These have been The Dates We Kept Our Calendar by ... Spring Fling, 1 Iomecoining, Winter Weekend are times we planned for, longed for, anticipated with excitement, and then, when they had passed, always the topic of our conversations and thoughts. And all were involved. We were planners, participants, or spectators, all of us. The Union Gap ..." dp n ce 'L Ifte F Loire 25 Delta Sigma Chi...' HiThe famous, the notable, and the talented appeared Inf ore us briefly to share their sentiments with ns. the beginners. Julian Bond. Bishop Pike. Senator Clark, and others will long be visible in our portrait of Millersville. nd the words exchanged have left their mark. 27 The Symlwls...Still our product of college remembrances is altered as we sense the noises of activity, the buzz of life, the commentary and the controversial. The Sounds of Our Time . . . The philosophical strains that echo through the Rafters coffeehouse contrast the lyrics and laughter that sound from the scene of a campus dinner dance. WMSR, the voice of the college, keeps us in tune with life by putting into words the happenings, both local and nationwide. The spirit of MSC patriotism resounds through the performances of the band, the cheerleaders, and choirs. And the verbalization of our personal thoughts and conversations reverberate against the walls of our minds. Ami the Beat Goes On . . . Citamard ... One More Thau Nine... 28The final touches, the last flourishes with the brush of our portrait are the most vivid and outstanding'—the decisions and accomplishments of the senior year. We color the portrait now with the experience of real challenges. of real life as we Serve as apprentices in the classroom. Mere we begin to change roles; from student to teacher, we emerge as chicks from the eggshell protection of college life. And the day of Commencement marks the event we have longed lor; Rccduimj A Clean Blank Canuas, we commence to reality in our own directions to paint tin- portrait of our careers. Then, we leave Millersville, and take the portrait of our days here and hang it gently along the hallowed halls of memory. 31arjmfofstRatfor? anD .paccilty 1.01'isk Dm .. Editor 32Quips alxuil historical figures, anti interesting sidelights enliven James A. Jolly's U, S. History course. A relief map enables Bernard Oostdam to check the terrain shown bu a contour map before his Earth Science class. The President To the Students ok Miu.krsvii.ij-: State Coijack: Although any issue of the Ton iisioni can only sample the exeiteinent. the satisfactions, and the frustrations which you have experienced as students at Millersville, that sample should serve over the years ahead to elicit memories of fellow students and faculty and of the activities in which you and they have shared. It is inv wish for each of you that those memories may be pleasant and that they may also In rewarding in the knowledge of a job well done. It is commonly recognized that the student should be a different and. hopefully, a better individual as the result of his college experiences. 1 wish also to suggest to you that Millersville State College—her faculty and her students, the Millersville of today and the Millersville of tomorrow—is and will be different Irccause of the contributions you have- made during your student years. The college has become part of you; you have become part of the college. Take pride in that relationship. Ik- loyal to both the tradition and the promise you have helped to mold. Personally, I cherish the memories of my associations with the students on this campus. I am convinced that you are responsible young adults with healthy inquiring minds and a sincerity of purpose and that you truly merit respect. As you leave the campus, bear in mind the words of James Hussell l.owell: “New occasions teach new duties; Time makes ancient good uncouth; They must upward still, and onward. Who would keep abreast of truth." My best wishes to each of you. Sincerely yours. WiLiJAM II. Duncan. PresidentThis year Millersville Stale College will inaugurate l)r. William II. Duncan as president. I)r. Duncan was the college’s Dean of Student Affairs, and the Director of Admissions, in recent years. He will succeed Dr. Hnlrert A. Christie, who resigned last Decemlrer after three years as the Millersville State College president. Dr. Duncans plans for the future include the implementation of two major items —the equal strengthening of both teacher education and the liberal arts program, and an increase in the number of Negro students on campus, plus the addition of Negro faculty memlkTS. and a Negro-oriented course, lie has also stated that no drastic changes or shakeup in the faculty are planned. Dr. Duncan hopes to "continue the policies founded in the past 10 or 15 years,” while in addition increasing the cooperation lx-tween the college and the area public schools. The new president sees no immediate need for the pursuance of Millersville's quest for university status. Dr. Duncan Ixdieves that Millersville should instead turn its attention to playing out its role in the master plan established by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Education. Dr. Duncan received his B.S. at Millersville State College, continuing his education at Pennsylvania State I’niversitv. receiving his master of education in 1017, and his doctorate in 1956. I HI-. Dt NCA FAMILY: SYnfiv . ||V Vicky nn Duncan Field, Mr.% William It. I hi man, and l.cni Marie Duncan Standing: William It.. Jr.. Richard E. Field, and l)r. William II. Duncan.Charles I. Kent Director of Guidance Services Administration Haymoxd E. Kuiil Director of i.dueation Services Harold H. i:irhu Acting Dean of Student Affairs 35Dii. Dai i E. Shuck Dean of Academic Affairs Du. Mu iiaki Kova h Assistant to the President Gi:n»: R. Wish Director of Financial Aid 30 |. I Il'.MlV Kknkacv Director of AdmissionsI )lt. I VM i;s I£. M AURKY Director of Planning 37 Mils. Dows K. Ilosuai asu Leo Siiki.i.i y Library Staff I tins Cosway Oran of II Omen Woodrow W. Frank Chief Security Officer Hkjiahd Hill Director of Data ProcessingI)r. I- Wendlo McLaughlin assumed duties as the- first full time physician of Millcrsvillt State (College on July 1. 1908. Staff Head Nurse, Mrs. Vminn Chilian gives one of the many treatments nvallnhlo t college students. Mrs. Lois V. Stoher, one of the many college secretaries, is busy at all hours of the work day. 39A secretarial get-together: Left to Right: Mrs. Patricia II. Vollrnth, Mrs. Shirley A Miller, and Mrs. Barbara McCarty. Always ready to help. Mrs. Kathleen S. Shimp and Mrs. Ilettv | Moseman. on duty at the switch-lxjard. Two of the maintenance men fight the yearly battle with the leaves.Faculty Department Heads Soiled: Dr. Donald E. Weimnii- -Chcnilstftj, Dr. Joseph Meier— Mathematics. Standing: l)r Alev Henderson—Biology. Seated: James E. Zwnlly—Music. Dr. Kichard Savin—Dean of Si truce, Dr. Earl M. Welx-r—Industrial Arts. Standing: Dr. William M. Jordan—Earth anil SjMCc Science. Di. Jnines I Implies—Sociology— Anthropology, Dr. James M. Cnrrell—Political Science. -11 I.eft to Right: l)r. Louis C. Jennings—English, l)r. Ronald E. Sykes—Ait. Dr. Theodore II. Rupp—Foreign Language . lA'ft to Right: Dr. Cleim V. Stephenson, Acting Chairman—Geography, Dr. M. K. I lamid—Economics. Seated: Mr. Joseph F, Blako—Library Education, Dr. Raymond IC. Kulil—Professional Education Services. Standing: Dr. Richard J. Hess—Educational Psychology, Dr. Caleb W. Bucher—Elementary Education. 42 I.‘ ft to Right. Dr. V. Richard Kettering—Sjfccial Education, Dr. C.irl O. Sehmidtke—Secondary Education, Dr. Raymond J. Rankle—Health and Physical Education. Dr. Richard C. Keller, Acting Chairman—History. Missing: Dr. O. II. Auranri—Acting Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. V. A. Champa—Director of Audio-Visual Sen lces Dr. Norman Charles—Dean of Humanities Charles K. Cumpston—Sjrcech—Drama Dr, Kurt R. l'iseher—Philosophy Dr. RoIktI . Korcl—Dean of Social Studies |o)m Maine—Library Director Dr. James E. Maurev—Dean of Education Dr John A. Van Horn—Physics 43Department Members I'arth anil Space Science—Maps from I he U. S. Weather Bureau, received mi an electronic mup printer, are used l»y Frank It. Bcllaire to predict the local weal Iter. Speech arid Drama—Thinking hack ovei the I test. ami the worst Speeches of the day, William Wright »' caught relaxing in Lancaster Mouse. Elementalj Education— |rv Jane M Bachman presents a teacher's view of teaching the young student. •ItMusic—Harold V. Shaar is happy to help the Students in finding an interest in music. •15Professional Educational Services—Audrey A Burie demonstrates the overhead projector. Hichard Molly is the Interested spectator. Political Science—Clarence Gotxlv explains tin importance of economics to the political climate of a country. Chemistry—Ceroid Weiss. An infrared spcctophufmmcter is useful in analysis of an unknown structural material, 16 lAbtunj Education—Alice Wagnet demonstrates the “dry-moUnt" machine used in library preparation of material'. S Hcinl Education—Kits! Raw: Arlene Bucher, Eugenie ISng. Second Koto: Frederick Davis, Robert Maier. Special Education—i'irtt Rote: Kriiialeen Ettei. Mane Kiser-Second Row: Richard Kettering, Ruyi...... Treon. •17Biology—What happens when you put two black snakes together? Ask l)r. James C. Parks, and Kenneth G. Miller. i'diKiilioiuil Psychology—Dr. Wirls has an example for every principle and theory taught in his General Psych classes. English—Shakespeare? Keats? Poe? Miller? The English Department members discuss them all during spare moments in Chester I louse. l. -ft to Right Charles P. Patton. Danny Kucher, and David B. Chamberlin. •ISSociology — AnlhrofHtlogy — Even professors have to "change classes.” Mis. Margaret Estes. rl—Have you 'eon the texture on this vase? Rnlwit II. Lowing, and Itolu rt A. Lyon, Ji Economies—Professor |. Robert Moore considers a tough economic problem rluring his spare moments botw....... classes.Foreign l tMguaee$—Mrs. Beatrice M. Killoogh monitors tire master tape, while Mr. Byron Dotwiler checks the circuits to the various Irooths of tlu language lab. Ileoll11 mu I’lnjiicol Education—Mr. Kane exhibits good form (luring a woman’s archery class. 51 Ccogrn r iy—Professor lislher SI. Killinffcr points out the area in Kenya whore she acquired the African statuettes during the siiimnci of 15)08. Philmofihij—Professor Knit Buchinger uses a I took for backing in a friendly philosophical delxitc with Professor John K. Winter. In Memoriam Clyde S. Stink Despite tlie valiant efforts of two Millersville State- College students to save his life. Dr. Clyde S. Stine, age- 58, Dean of Me-n at Millersville, died June 29. 1968, of heart failure. Before coining to Millersville. Dr. Stine, a native of ScliuvIkill County, taught in the public schools of that county, lie- also taught at Cornell. I lershe-y Junior College, and la-hanon Volle-y Colle-ge, he-forc accepting the |X sitioii of Dean of Men at Millersville. in 1916. In 1963, Dr. Stine- was e ne e»f four local men to Im- honored with an award citation by ’75" Club, an organization of educators. In addition, he- was a member of the Phi Delta Kappa, Pennsylvania State Society and was listed in "Who’s Who III the- Past of I960.” Mille rsville- State College will miss this energetic and dedicated educator. Charles I). Holtz Mr. Charh-s I). Holtz. Chief Security Officer at Millersville Stale- College, elie-el May 13. 1908, following a lie-art attack. Chief e f Police in Millersville feu twenty-seven years, Mr. Holtz be-came the- College's Chief Security Officer at his retire-ment from the Police Force, in 1901. On that occasion as a token e f their esteem, the student body of Millersville State College I .alxiratory School pre-sente-el him with a geilel watch and a scrap Ixnik. In addition. Mr. Holtz received the Millersville I.ion’s Clubs “Citizen e»f the Year" Award in 1955. and the- l.ancaste-r Automobile Club's "Coleleu Wheels" ward f«»r contributions to better anel safer driving. His friendline-ss and warm personality will be ele-eply missed bv those- who knew him. activities Darlene Warner, Editor 54-TCyvLsXonn FROM ° | ALPHA SIGMA CHI Student Senate S fated BivimI.i Sell lege I, president; Cetry Carroll, corresponding secretary. Standing: Barham Jo Apiichella, parllomentarlai»; Marry NVoIjhtI, recording secretary. Recording Secretary Harrv Wolpcrl (Mr I reads tin- Student Senate minutes at its weekly Thursday evening meeting. Women’s Day Student Association Commuting Men’s Association Settled l.iwlu Jones, president; Norma Martin, vice president; Susanin llam-liriglit, senior representative; Cheryl Brown, senior represent alive. Standing: IX'l)l )e Stauffer. sophomore representative; Shirley Crouse, pmior representative; Morr en Neuhauser, junior representative. Seated: Carl Kiink. jttcsidvnl; Mike Urban, vice president. I IWomen’s Community Association Seated: Debbie Forties, president; Susan I.or«l, vice president; Diane Alexander. secretary; Alana Forty, treasurer. Wing presidents from the men's dormitories convene in C.anser library. Resident Men’s Association Manx couples enjoyed lb.- formal dinnei dance "Sleigh Bells ami Holly" sponsored by the Women’s Community ssooiatmn and the Resident Men’s Association.Seated: I.inda Bed Ivon. Cp-editor; Sally Wool. co-editor; Carol Derstein, associate editor; Donna Anghinhaugh. business manager. Standing: Susie l.oid, underclassmen editor; Darlene Warner, activities editor; Jim Cognato, ju its editor; Donna Minnlch. senior editor. Touchstone Touchstone staffers add the finishing touches to I’i Delta Epsilon's prize-winning display during the Homecoming festivities. Seated Barbara Stemlcr. nenv editor; Jean Kneer. associate editor; Mr. Earle Mite, adviser; Marie Skvoretz. co-editor; Darlene Snyder. associate editor: Standing: Harold Sahm, sports editor; Dave Sehindler. eo-editor; Nancy Ra-danovic. feature editor.Black and Gold Seatal. Jean Devonshire, Kathy Fry. Carol Landcri', Staiu lng: Haiti Baird, Sue Jackson. Hodman. Each spring, those three members of the Mock and Cold stalf arc exceptionally busy with the annual production of Millers ville's student lumdlMHik. George Street Carnival Seated- Patti Baird, I him new manager; Nancy Foster, nit editor. Standing: Dean Isaacs, ;»hn ogru;» n editor; Juno Hol ingor, tut stuff; David Potkosh. fact n editor. (icorge Street Carnival enlivens it' Old Mam office with psychedelic music and painting.Seatnl: James Cngnato, president; (lull Barker, eke president; Marie Skvnn-t , secretary; Darlene Simlor. treasurer. Pi Delta Epsilon Mr. Earle Hite opens liis “sorprisc package" -»t tin- annual l i Della Epsilon Christmas party. Pennsylvania Student Education Association Seated: James Gognnto. president. Julii- I (offer, dee president; I’atli Bairrl, secretary; l ori Rapp, treasurer. Roster painting is nm- of RSE.W many activities. 59s i , IX rlonc Snvdcr. president; Nancy Singer, vice 'V sklent; Kay Kessler. recording secretary. Standing: Yinger, corresponding secretary, Karen Kimball. treasurer. Seated: landa Kresge, president; I’egg) Frank, cite president; Sue ll »tetter, recording secretary. Standing; Jane Maliauey. corresponding secretary; l.imla Meade, treasurer; Sandra I'asko, historian. Council for Exceptional Children Association for Childhood Education International CKI entertains tire lab school children with a Christmas party Manv children enjoyed this holhinv party held by CISC.Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Christian Science OrganizationMennonite Student Fellowship Scaled: John Hncher president; David Clyincr, vice president; Carolcne Brubaker, secretary. Several Mcnnonite students play cards in tin- Rafters after a "pruy-in." Methodist Student Movement Seated: |ay Join s president; Marilvnn ()! rholt er, via president; Cheryl Davis, secretary-treasurer. Methodist Students sing Christinas carols for recuperating Miss Verna Hill, htmxemolhcr. Orthodox Christian Fellowship Seated; Irene Kaeliiiinrskv. u'eretatu; Kalhv Moshos, Imtoriau. Stninltni : l)r. James KoKcmi. udrixer; Dr. Michael Kovach, adviser Croup discussion following a film proves interesting to those mcml ers o( the Orthodox (Christian Fellowship. United Campus Christian Fellowship Seated Kay Kessler, secretary; Call Parker, treasurer, Katherine Slutskis. jnihlicitj rlwinnan. Members of the UCCF enjoy $inj;ini the traditional Christ-mils carols at their Yuletiilc party.Lutheran Student Association Scat il: Mary Kllen Stuinpf, president; Sandy Gipc, i ice president; Sharon Christman, secretary; Hal Hopper, treasurer. Standing: Carol SlnHeinan, publicity chairman; Rcveri-itd J;un Syplc. campus pastor; Mr. Charlrs l.or l, adviser. Intercollegiate Conference on Government Cliairni.iii Brian I’nlly lends the nionllily int'cling of tin Intereolli-j'inte Confcn’iia' on (.ovi rnnu lit.William Hydnchak, president; David Carden. treasurer; Theodore Stauffer, secretary. Young Democrats Club Young Democrats discuss Hubert Humphrey’s role in party politics at their pre-election meeting. Young Republicans Club Seated: Joseph Apouik. president. Iris Sweet, vice president; Dettv Bartholomew. corresponding secretary. Standing: James Mndgey, treasurer; Cynthia I’agOtto, historian: Joy Davis; Mr. James Jolly, adviser.I.yle auditorium Is the scene of an East Africa travelogue sponsored by the Social Studies Club Bassler Geographic Society Jan Ikilinger, prctkli til; John Daulxrl. .wemtary; Woody Miller, tuumirrr.Seated: Albert Scliinfdt, president; Carroll Ehrhart, vice president. Undo Jacobs. secretary. Standing: Beverly Randall. treasurer; Ronald Punk. historian. Seated: Richard Woodward, president. Brigitte Kriog, secretary; l.inda Jacobs, treasurer. Staiuling: Carroll Ehr-liart. Albert Schmidt. Michael McClure. Roddy Scientific Society Entomology Club Several of the Entomology Club inemlKTN discuss plans for a future field trip.Mu Kappa Mu Ed Harris, jiraitlcnl; llanild Hover, r rv prvsitlcut; Carol Mailmans, Mercian ; Sally Wool, trauurcr Trimming tlic tree was our of tin lit lili lits of Mu Kappa Mil's Christmas party la id in the Rafters. Rod and Gun Club Ed Hich-skl, pre title nt; Harry Richardson, i'lev priwltlanl; David rndiruster, tremurer.Mi iiiIhts of tin' Hixl imd Inn Clnli construct a rifle range in the hnsernent of (Khnrn. Industrial Arts Society John Z-iur r, president; Larry Kling, i ice president; Kilward Hir lcski. ccretnnj. Larry Breon, treasurer. Industrial Arts Honor Society Kiihcrt lamg. president; Daryl Stratton. lin president; John Zancr. secret or tp treasurer. G'J Circle K Club treasurer Jim Cognotn .mil un assistant prepare Snup|M-rs fur off-campus (Ifliwiy, ail important service of (lit Circle K Cluh Sfilial: Theodore McDowell, pnwiilrnl, D.uwin, cIce prfsUltml SttiiuUng: Bruce Minitower, u’firftaiy; Charles Boclun. Project Guide Smtiil Paula Behrens, prcxhlrut; Cheryl fisher, i in prcviditul; Marilyn Priest, wcrfltiry. Slnmllng: I'm Matthew, coorilinator; Chink Wushu.nm, roordhuilor. Project Cuide memlx-rs entertain several Lancaster children with song ami guitar music.  'Hu Saturday ntiitnlm: i'ur n»lly, sponsored by the Student Organization lor Sufety, wax an eventful part ol I liMiicfiNiiiiiK Weekend. Hubert Young. iitr prexnlcnt; lllcliaril Sllnr. hhtorlnn. WMSR Radio Club Si iilnl Mr llli.mi Wright, oilcl.ur. Fred Ralston, ilallmi manager. )ane ZiNili, rrrrivfr till eel or, |im Krrwly, rieri unit x mrlx co-on lnotor; l)r • II I rani tv, w i lri'r. Slanding Olek Amlvrwn, sale manager; llnrliarn Jo Apiilii'll.i, huxltuw manager; Sitvirn Diinil. clilrf night Mipenlwr. Ilexi-rly Maguire, conlinnltt tmil traffic. Silvan Krat kr, pwgrum tllrc tor; Marilyn Unity, promotion owl puhllelli choir man; Juliti l'd);UMin, chic engineer. Adviser Wright | lnlx nut tin- equip, limit n( MSC'v rapidly expanding ruilio Matlon NS MSI; Student Organization for SafetyVenture Club Sandy Zerby. a featured singer of (be Kuftcrs coffee house, lias an Important role In many Venture activities, Aristocracy Club Patrick Steele, firesidcnt; lerly Kirchnff, weanling secretary. Madrigal Singers Madrigal singers rehearse one of their chamber songs entitled "All Creatures Now Are Merry Minded.English Club Harry Otto, president; Jeanne Brewer, i'fee president; Donna Sassamnn, director of tutoring. Pianist Jell Bates entertains Xcoophile memlters with several Christinas selections. Xenophile Lurry Corner, president; Delxirah Do-gancs, nee president; David IW-noll. corresponding secretary: Ililke Kriog, publicity chairman.International Folk Dancing Club Tom Sheckler, president; Ililkc t ier president; Carol Cook, treasurer, A regular part of the MSC activities i international folk dancing hold in the lah school gym every Monday evening.Seated: Terry Bechtold, president; Karen Pfeiffer, vice president; Patricia l.mieh, recording secretary. Standing: Patricia Morrissey, treasurer; Cmdi Keiin, corrcspotuling secretary Citamard K.) Citamard’' "Mi" |tdic was one of MSC» successful dramatic productions. Women’s Chorus Donna Aughinbtiu fi, president; Norma Martin, i ice president; Susan Hostetler, secretary-treasurer. Weekly practice sessions of the Women’s Chorus make their concerts very enjoyable. 75College Choir Seated: Harry K Herman, president; Roger Eberly, i ice president Standing: Dawn l-'uhrman. corrcs rondity• secretary, Bur-barn Walport, recording secretary. Tho College Choir pruclicn (or its annual Christmas concert, an important pre-holiday activity. Band Seated, jim Stamm, president; Sue Eckinger, lire president; Tina Johnason, secretary. Standing: Jim Bucher, freshman claw representative; Judy Keath, senior class representative; I.inda Holt, hand front represenlatit e; Joyce Eshleman, junior class representative. Providing half-time entertainment is MSC’s marching han l.Color Guard Jovvr Miir liall, Lori Si liociu r. I’i'uny Signore, Suo Shearer, Alien Signori'. Aniln Deibler. Linda Hull. Betty O’Brien, I .yurt Nielsen, Norma Martin, Arlene Sinkinson, Carol ltoggc, Donna Youso, sergeant-at-antts. An impressive band front leads the Homecoming parade. Majorettes Georgia Laflorty Carol Wiggins, Susan Sclnvar c. Miriam Kshleman, licnd majorette. Marian Berlx rian, Barbara liolrenwarter. Undo Cope.Varsity Cheerleaders Seated: Bunks' Hcnvciiut. Becky Atkins. Jane Keck. Standing: Jc Aim Cehnian, Brenda Buch, Joan Kling, Diane Hartman. Freshman Cheerleaders Seated: Fain Thompson, Cheryl Youtz, Sally Ann Fc-leis. Standing: Cheryl Davis. Cindy Curlier, Bonnie Witrner. Karen Gerhart, Fenny Ffcnnig. Freshman cheerleaders encourage the Marauders to Two members of the varsity squad cheer tin; Marauders on to victory, victory over Stephen’s Trade School.Women’s Varsity Club Kathy Will, president; Mane Skvoretz. Vice president; Sallvanii Peters, .secretary; Nancy Schimph. treasurer. Despite forecasts of rain, the spirit of the Women’s Varsity Club picnic was not dampened Men’s Varsity Club Seated: Jooh Penncpackor, president; Dave Koch, recording secretary; Newton Davis, sergeant-alarms. Standing: Dr. Ray Rankle, adciur; Rill Stabler. corre.sf onding secretary. Men's Varsity dill) pledge were Mild for high prices at an auetinn held in downstairs (iotdinier.Intramural Committee nrl S« il .. president; Debbie I'nrbcs. vice president; Ciirol I .ein-bach, corresponding secniartj; Cron Donahue, treasurer. Girls' volleyball loams fight for that all inVpnrtaut championship. Dolphin Club Seated Patricia Donnelly, president; Pamela Thompson, t'lce president; Sally Kelly, secretary. Standing: I.irala K reside, treasurer; Susan Evans, senior ad else t. Practicing in Brooks |mhiI Kan Important requirement for Dolphin Club membership. SOFraternities and Sororities Seated: Ijois Guise, president; Jonr Flickinger, sice president; Marijanc Sclmeoweis, corresponding secretary; Patricia Hammond. recording seen lory. Standing: Kiltiunn klingutn.m, treasurer; Cynthia Yocum, historian, Karen Stevens, rc rorter. Alpha Beta Alpha Phi Lambda Sigma Seated: Karen Goble, president; In- Sweet. i in president. Kathy Frey, recorder; Sally l-redy. treasurer. Standing: Linda Olejniczak. retooling secretary; Annainary Sikorsky. historian. Mcndxrrs of Pill l-amlal.i Sigma decorate for tin- holiday MMMIII. 81Induction ol pledges into tin- women’s honor sorority Delta I’iii lita featured a candlelight ceremony. 82 Molding a meeting in tlu lohhy of I.vie are the sisters of Gamma Sigma Alpha. Gamma Sigma Alpha Seated: Gail Cleveland, prethicnl; Nlnrion Krniisc, secretary; Shirley Kreider, treasurer. Delta Phi Eta Scaled: Sue Garrett, president; Susan Good. •'«' president: Dorothea Wallace, secretary. Standing: Sharon Slonaki r. treasurer. Int.i Ore, historian.Phi Sigma Pi Scaled: Hay Foy, president; Hon Dull, via: president; Dale: Fair, secretary: Kenneth Shirk, treasurer. Alpha Phi Omega Scaled: Duane Deancr. president; Thomas Mills, me president; Skip Hancock, rice president; James Richards, vice president. Standing: Michael Tomsk-. corresponding secretary; Arthur lamguchor. assistant carte-spending secretary; Honald Foy, recording secretary; David Reiioll, treasurer; Gregory Get tic, alumni secretary; Rodney Ixtose. historian.Social Fraternities and Sororities Seated: liuly Homing, president; Doug llrrr, vice president. Don't-u Dardis, recording secret nr ip Cheryl Brown, treasurer. Inter-Fraternity Council Delta Sigma Chi s .1 pari of thr Homecoming festivities Della Sigma ('In brothers parade down George Street Mu Alpha Kappa An important occasion to many Mu Alpha Kappa members was their olf-campos Homecoming putty. Omicron Gamma Omega Repairing their cannon after MSC’s lust football game was a difHcnlt job for the fmteniils brothers. Sigma Epsilon Beta The Circle M Hunch was the scene of one of the Sigma Kpsilon Beta parties.Tau Gamma Lambda Brothers of Tau Gamma Lambda intensely watch their favorite television program before their scheduled meeting.Sigma Phi Omega Sigma I'lii Omega holds induction dinner for its pledges at a neJirhy restaurant.J amiss Cognato, Editor 88-viFrosh Flounder FK ESI I MAN FOOTBALL KESl'LTS Millersville 20 Stevens Trade Millersv ille 7 West Chester Millersv ille 27 Shippensburg Millersville 12 Kutztown Millersville 13 Franklin and Marshall Starting their season off optimistically, the Marauder fledglings scored on their first play from scrimmage in their opener against Stevens Trade. The explosive offense of the Traders was too much, however, as Millersville suffered its first setback. The second encounter of the year also witnessed the Frosh going down to defeat, this time at the hands of perennial | ower West Chester. I'ndaunt-edly, the freshmen came back against Shippensburg to register their only win of the season by virtue of a 27-7 score. This game featured the timely passing of Carl Brown who combined u ith split end Doug Plotts for two I D s. the powerful running of Jack Cashman as well as .jo a consistent performance by the defensive unit. Next 20 opponent on the schedule, Kutztown. completely dominated the Marauders in amassing a total of -12 points while holding the Irosh to just 12 points. Closing the season against the Diplomats of Franklin and Marshall, 13 the frosh battled to an unimpressive 13-13 tie. flr»l Hou J«-H Shawvor, Anthony CtninOty, Tom Keller, Mitch Humbly. Norman I’fmioook. I .airy Kninlcr, Mike Oitinan, Dick I. ant . Jack Ctnhman Srcorul Rote: Frank Ih-rthbcrxer. Mikr Hughi-t. CforRf Caniiich.n l. Joe Malone. Martin Hono r, Turn KlIiiKctiMnith. Jack Trimble. Mike I’anarrlU, Ed Albrecht Third Rote: Mike Du nuclt, Dare McCrackm, Terry Horae. Nick C.hnnick. Mike McClure, l.arrv Haum. John Kenny, Jim Jrtrkim. Hu-hard llilnhiuan. militant coach. Fourth floic; Cary Calhnr, Scott Hemecky, Janet Kegner, Dave Hall, Carl Brown, Steve Cebnlka, Hill Mclntovh, Dave Hittcnhouu-. Jim Hatton. Jack Arbog tt. coach. 89FOOTBALL RESULTS T Millersville 15 Millcrsvillc 7 Millcrsvillc 7 Millers villc 7 Millersville 21 Millcrsvillc 21 Millcrsvillc 2 illc 6 Handolph-Macon •IS Kutztown 7 West Chester 63 Mansfield 19 Bloomsburg 13 Fast Stroudsburg 11 Cheyney 0 Shippensburg LI ( uurtcrb.ick Slow laimov passes ngaiiist Shfppcusbnrjj. with protection provides! by l.iliti'ki and Biiritiicano. The Agony of Defeat Knw: Dick Griffin. Hill Dmim, Bonn t liberty, l iik Glwdlb'r, Jack Doyle. Jan Bowman. I kk Cleary. Tom Penny-packer, Hay Horn. Ka Kaiper. Fred l.nlkiir. Second Hou Perry Love, ecuch; Dick mrluonw. )i Lilintki. Jack Dougherty, Miko Clement, Bay Willard. Tim Ingram, Jed Heath. Kd Pmhaltki, Kobe it Yoang. Thin I Hou: George Katchmcr. coach; Paul 11 ay want, Greg Hall. Jrfl Giano. Jury Alumpi. IVnnii Morn . Ken Sitirak, John Kioom-, Turn Krvhaw. Lain llawkey, Huger llaner, Fourth Rote. Jix Hrichrl, Sieve latinot. Daivln Stranli, Itichard Oiltorn, Uny Burkhart, Hill Patqninn. Hay Fondt. John Meehan, Dick Moyer. John DrKrank. Fifth Bow Frank Jury. Joliu Mroc ka, Craig Snell. Jim Kiur, Carl tlonl. Pal Fidier. |ohn Schlrger, New I Davit, Dave Ponte. Boh Young. Tom Khrighl. Sixth low; William I.auriv, nsic i; Carl Kane, couch; Bndney Bunwin, trainer; Fred Kalilon. iwmuger; Dave Koch. iWiil((M«; t.anv Kline, man-ogee; Terry Kline, fttnh-nl trainer.Co-captain. (•iii Bowman, demonstrates I ho stylo that made him I be most valuable player of the year. GAK discusses strategy with conch Carl Kano. On .September 21 the Marauders embarked on their second worst season under Coach George Kateliiner. They were to go until their fourth game when the)' won and turned in a 1-5-1 log for the season. Kandolph-Macon. a southern power from Ashland, handled the Marauders easily in an opening day defeat. In the following game, the Marauders looked iike they were on the road to victory, by scoring the first time they handled the ball, but Kutztown rallied to a 7-7 tie. Hay Horn made a brilliant 57-yard run that cut W est Chester’s lead to 11-7 at halftime, but errors ami poor play plagued the second half and West Chester won 63-7. The following weekend, the Marauders made a nice scenic trip to Mansfield and came home with a 19-7 defeat. The week of triumph finally arrived! The power running of Hav Horn, Torn Krshaw. Dick Griffin, and brilliant faking In1 John Kronsc produced Millersvillo’s lone victory—a 21-13 defeat of Bloomsbnrg. Hast Stroudsburg visited Millersville the following weekend, putting Millersville away easily in the second half for a 11-21 victory. The game with Chevnev was cancelled at Chevney’s request. Co-captains Jan Bowman and Dick Cleary led the Marauders on the field for their last time against Sltip-pensburg. but after a bitterly contested battle Shippens-inirg came out on top. 1-1-6. Ksplnsive senior back Dick Grillin on way In a touchdown. Consistent performer. Dick Barbacnne, turning end around Kutztown for valuable yardage.Booters Lack Kick Manoiili Edeugcre tarkk » with |im Waters pawv forward to awaiting lim-ntcii. vlgaah! fM Ilim'. Jim Willru. I Km llmhn-, l)rnnl» Dlflley, Dave GnM, Km Stapirtiin, Omtit Wailh kl, I’atil l'«irlUi. John Miinima, Richard Wiwlmiitn, Irainrr. Si-wml IU y Drnnii Mijilimt. (kill I'mV. Jim Mr)iliriw, Ihtlu Mum.UK , Ed llagm, (rfW](r Mayer. K nl Itynin, limn Winner, Kctlh IIukMIhII, IKiml MumIiIKk, M.iimmIi Kill in'! ir. JtH ViTmiilh, Allu it WnnUry, cotuh .Vlni'iil whi n plilHli1 «n» likni Ju V Beii««i lul Unci'll and opponent race to gain control. MillctSville’s 1968 vnrsitx soccer team left little t« cheer ahout with a final record of 5-6-1. Highlights of the season included a 1-2 win over Lincoln I'niversitv. a first in Millcrsville history. Also of interest was tin- "hard-splashed" victory at Glassbnro, where the I rooters won 3-1 in the "beautiful New Jersex weather." Although the loss of seniors Dave Grace. Kent Stapleton, and Kd Hagen will hurt, a fine returning nucleus from the frosh squad will better next season's record. SOCCKIt Ifr.SU.IS Millcrsville 1 Lincoln t nivcrsitv 2 Millersx die 1 East Stroudsburg 4 Millcrsville 2 Messiah 0 Millcrsville 2 Sluppensbiirg 2 Millcrsville 0 Frostburg •1 Millersx'ille 1 Philadelphia Textile o Millersv die 1 Morgan 3 Millcrsville -1 West Chester 3 Millcrsville 0 Lock Haven o Millcrsville 0 Towson 2 Millersville 0 Classhorn 2 02Mill note, fill ll.twk. Viinl Wijuiut, O'lliH'ii, Sin- SiiviIiKim llmmhill. Sm- SIlkr». Hilly K.niliiiiiii, Sh phaiili- Vollinif. Xetorul Ioil': Qlyu Hiiiiklr. .ml l-'Hli-r. muimi'i'f; Noel RunVIc. I.mi Culm. Nancy Sdilinjic. Kalhy Willi. IVnp l.yktm, Diam- IVimhacli. M-tio.i llo, IVvtto, Unity Alltiim. . I.yim KmiiUiiM. S.imtiu l’ltm, lauiA. Third Hun. llrs ll.utl.uili, H.tih.tni Smukri, CIvvi-u R.-.v. Sm Davit, l.lnilii Mraili-, f.ul Rthh -iiniii. l'i'HK Smith. Mmtlia Slu «lli r, miinarjirr. Coeds Break Even HOCKEY If ESI I.IS Millersville 1 Alhright 1 Millersville 3 l.ehanon Valley 4 Millersville 3 Messiah 0 Millersville 1 Dickinson 1 Millersville 0 Muhlenberg 8 Millersville 2 Gettysburg 1 Millersville 1 Shippensburg 4 Millersville 1 Elizabethtown 2 were reallv in store for the Womens Field 1 lockrv team this yixtr. Under the direction of coach Sandra Peters, the girls joined the Central Penn Field lloekev Association which consists of local clubs and college teams. Through this association, the girls compete in tournaments and may cam a place on the United States Field Hockey Team. This year, Linda Meade iptalificd for the Central Penn Team in the Mid-Eastern Tournament. Co-captains Kim Thornhill and Sue Snyder led the team to an improved 4-1-2 log. Peggy I ,vl ens led the scoring with seven of the 17 Millersville goals More action is due to follow as several promising frosh move up to the Varsity Sipiad IX U riiiimd iilleiisivi- liiu- moves downficld against Messiah.Tin lull Ix'furr llir storm ... '«• ”•» »». Kai iuk. SOl.r, kromc. Hill lull i. Dirk Sfciin, touch Shunting I’.tail Mmillrl, Davn Varsity Hopefuls Post Promise Dick Susin s l-'rcslmiau Croys Country loam « ml« l their season with a winning record of (i wins ami 3 losses. Go-captains Mark Maurer and Mike Bowers led the team throughout most of the season with the exception of two meets when both were out due to illnittN and injury. Having to run an average of 3-3'» miles per meet, the Ireslunan harriers realized that the daily sprints and trudges over Mt. Sinai were ipiite essential. And with an Impressive record as a start, the freshman harriers should indeed he an asset to next season's varsity team. Gem Wises freshman hooters looked impressive as they heat Lancaster School of the Bible 1-0. The roof fell in as Hast Stroudsburg, West Chester, Shippcnshurg, and Tow-son out-l»ootod our Marauders. But with the consistent scoring of Ted Goropnulos and Dave Soroka, combined with the defensive talents ol goalie Dave Adams, the frosh rallied to beat a returning lamcaster School of the Bible and l.ock Haven. As lime ran out on the clock, so elapsed the Marauders' season with a -I-I log. It's siH'k-tl-to-rm- lime for Khalil Hamid! An itllitu- Slrv. MiOotv.-ll, li.iii KMiih'i, kl.Uil Humid. lliutv S|Minn. I jii Ailiini, Cn CimIit, Slrv,' l.awly, Krllk Gingrich si... fi«u' W(ir. i,mill,- Tnl Cmii| ou- |ih, S|cv ‘ IXml, I, .n IlirntuUilri. I (oil llllMl •»•»'»: ll.WWIt , l.fnii NVIllllMI, Jim NIiMl . •‘.ml S«Imi|» Jnlm II.Ill), uifliMgt-rI I The Thrill of Victory linn. inn! Hult Brown .mil Dun lliiiiim ll.. iy;« i stride ahead in a decisive win over Towmiii. CROSS COUNTIO RFSl'I.TS Millersville 21 Lincoln 10 Millersville 15 Susquehanna IS Millersville 15 Mansfield IS Millersville 12 W est Chester If) M'llersville IS Rlooinslnirg 12 Millersville 15 Messiah 17 Millersv ille 15 I’liila. Collegr of the Bible 50 Millersville If) St. Francis II Millersville 2!) lank Haven 20 Millersville oo Towmiii 37 Millersville 22 Franklin and Marshall :V Millersville 15 King's Collegr 50 " rids was undoubtedly lli Inst crms country team ever assembled .il Millersvill ." IxmsIs Conch Art I lullin’, (a acli I Inline's harriers ended IIm regular season with a sh iluig 10-2 record ami a third place finish in the conference meet liehind West Chester ami lank Haven— the only two teams to defeat the Marauders this year. The harriers also ran in the Ml. Saint Mary's Invitational Meet and finished second heliind the host school, hut defeated such teams as the University of Richmond, Johns Hopkins I’niversitv and l.oyola. Mil. The addition of assistant coach Rich Frerichs added to the enthusiasm of the team, Coach Frerielis has said that there were no real standouts on the team. ‘They were an 'outstanding' team." he said. s lor next year. Coach I Inline is looking at the upcoming freshman and returning varsity runners to rrpinl, if not better this year's record. Kx.ffoic IIiimv I Ink. II..I. Himwii. Kill Ik»ir lliiimi llniK 'i. It«t» slinnk, l »i« Kivili'iMi. Ilia. fWrvIn. Hi W S a«i». «--i« •; t«i I.iimI.I .i» ' Ui.Ik.ii. I’l.a Skiigi'ii, Hill II..U.M, I',nil VmiRlin, J«y (mu . Hhlunl »'«irt«l»i. « •«•!.ml fiwik. U lliilmi', tiouh. S. iimr. Stabler and Alton Hying Iiigli for 2l HS1TY BASKETBALL HKSU.TS Millrrsvillc 89 l»ock llavrn 73 Millrrsvillc 60 Mansfield 94 Ylillersville 87 East Stroudsburg 81 Millrrsvillc 86 (ilicyncy 78 Millnsvillc 71 Southampton 87 Millnsvillc •13 Tusciilmn 69 Ylillersville 90 Blooinshurg 86 Milleisville 82 West Chestn 87 Millt-rsv i 11« 77 Sliippnishurg 53 Ylillersville 80 1 )rexcl 77 Ylillersville 101 Delaware Valiev 88 Millnsvillc 90 Southeastern .SO Ylillersville 113 Eli al ct blown 106 Millersvillr las Messiah 86 Millnsvillc 88 Kiit town 96 Millrrsvillc 95 Mansfield 91 Millnsvillc 93 East Siinudslmrg 82 Millrrsvillc 71 Chevnev 102 Ylillersville 82 CSl ( lit stci 89 M ll-rsvillr 110 Bloomsburg 118 Millnsvillc 85 Messiah 58 Millrrsvillc 95 Shippmsburg SI MillcrsN illc 00 Kut tow n 86 Millnsvillc 130 Elizabethtown- 112In lUglit: Jack coach; Jim Todd, Ernie I .owe. Joo ArmslroiiH. Bulcli Cleaver, Jack M.irsluill, manager; Jnlm Busier, l);nr K.ise, Kill Stabler, cafttain; Da « Smith. Hill Collins, Hill Clhsmi, manager; Mel Allen, Tom Putrick. Boll Cructf, Crtjj K ita, Hie hard IVIIart, coach. Rhythm § Blues The BHJS-HHW edition of tile Marauder basketball M|iiad, under the guidance of Dick DeHart, compiled a record considered more than respectable in anv league. However, the ctigers 15-9 over-all record was just shv of placing them in the IA District 19 playofls, thus eliminating the possibility of a fourth straight trip to Kansas (lily. High points of the season came with a one-point victory ovet Mansfield, a championship in the Central Bucks Tournament, and a close-out victory over Lancaster Count) rival Kli abetbtowii. This year’s squad was captained by senior guard Hill Stabler. Bills all-out hustle and team play proved a great asset to the Marauders as he led the eager in Imtli steals and assists. The onlv other senior starter this year was forward Mel Allen Mel s leaping ability made him a key defensive factor as well as a rebounder. Junior, transfer Jim Todd stepped into the line-up as a guard or a forward. Ilis jump shots from the comer accounted for many points m the Millersvillc scorclrook. Hounding out the starting five were sophomores Krnie I .owe and Wellington "Hutch Cleaver. The two sophs showed plenty of potential as they frequently led the Marauder scoring attack. Cleaver was the teams top re-Itoundcr as well as the leading scorer. The sivlh man, John Hosier, saw substantial action in his final season as a Marauder performer. Substitutes Kase. Patrick Smith. She Sriust...... Craclf. and Cor also gave the Marauder fans plenty to cheer about Despite th«- fact that Millersvillc failed to retain its District 19 title, this season will he remembered for its sheer excitement of typical fust-moving Marauder basketball. 07■ Kneeling: Strvi Powell. Ikvl» Fiittrrm.m, |m Killtsn, Harold Foul, Diivr I l.irt mini Standing. Jclf l 'lnlngor. manager; Jim Witcnsklc, Dave Adams, Mike Phillips. Joltn Oliuk. Cen.iio Klani, Ail Kiuiub, Jim Bomlx-rgcr, Jack Ariwgoil. coach. FHKSIIMAN BASKETBALL BKSILTS Millersville 86 Ocsteopathic Hospital 78 Millersville 65 Fast Stroudsburg 62 Millersville 51 Cheyney 68 Millersville 80 Bloomshurg 67 Millersville 71 West Chester 86 Millersville KM) Shipponsburg 89 Millersville 107 Stevvurtstown 77 Millersville 75 Elizabethtown 88 Millersville 112 Messiah 70 Millersville 77 Kut tovvn 59 Millersville 79 Stevens Trade 44 Millersville 80 East Stroudsburg 78 Millersville 55 Cheyney 102 Millersville 62 West Chester 55 Millersville 84 Bloomsburg 71 Millers ill 97 Messiah 62 Millersville 93 Shippcnsburg 87 Millersville 64 Kutztown m Millersville 93 FlizalHthtovvn 92 Tile 1968-1960 freshman eagers, under coach Jack Arbogast. gav e fair warning of coining seasons to the other league teams as the) posted an outstanding 14-5 record. This mark is the best freshman record in Millersville history. The team carried an 80.5 points per game average which was over six (joints higher than the average mimin'! of points scored by opposing teams. The scoring harden was erpiaUv shouldered as five meinlrers of the team averaged m double figures. Harold Ford led the frosh in scoring with an average of 11 - points per game. lthough the freshmen were outsized in numerous games, their speed and aggressiveness brought them their share of the relMHinds. This speed, together with accurate passing enabled the Millersville freshmen to develop one of the la st fast breaks in the frosh loop. Tin memlwrs of the ’68-’09 freshman team should do quite a jol in coming years to keep the Millersville basketball tradition in high gear. U8Carol Frilrr comes down for another ri-lmund! W( l r; ‘S BASKETBALL BKSILTS Millersville 58 Messiah 30 Millersville 73 Lebanon Valley 20 Millcrsvillc 43 Albright 22 Millersville 41 Susquehanna 31 Millersville 32 Shippcnsburg 40 Millersx ill. 50 Klixaltcthtown .30 Millersville 45 Messiah 29 Millersville 40 Penn State 45 Millersville 44 Lank Haven 46 Millersv ill - 3S Gettysburg 31 Millersville 64 Muhlenlrerg .38 Millersville 68 Dickinson .31 Courtly Coeds Dominate This year proved to hr another great season for the Millersville coeds under tin- coaching of Marjorie Trout. Tin- team, captained by Marie Skvoret . dis-played fine team play and sportsmanship in attaining their 9-3 record. Starting oil the season with four wins from Messiah. Lebanon Valley. Albright and Susquehanna, the coeds exemplified their skill In the next game at Shippcnsburg, the coeds met the first of three close losses. 10-32. However, in tin- following game, the women retaliated by trouncing rival Elizabethtown. 50-30. Playing Messiah once more, the coeds reinforced their win column. The next two games were taken .is hard fought defeats, losing 15-10 to Penn State and -16-4 I in a “nip and tuck" game against lank Haven. Rallying their efforts, the women finished their successful season with ease, winning their last three games. First Rote: Linda Meade. K irin Pctrc. Teri (hinder. Marie Skvoret . ai iiain; Carol Keller, Barbara Antrim. Linda Hiyrnovscr. SecotuI Ron: Noclle BnUcninycr, Norma Kettcrholf. Unda Holt, Susan Kyle. Kvie Bomber-Ker. Peggy Lvkem Third Rou I’.-ggy Smith. Sandy Courier. Pat Holmes. Barbara Woljurt. Marjorie Trout, orioc i.Co-captain JclF Conner doesn’t me with anyone as he drives his opponent through the mat. Raiders Come Close Coming off a 7-7 season coach John Halier dead-panned. " 'in? Yes, we’re going to win, it’s the only wa to go." This sounded quite optimistic with nine returning lettermen. headed by co-captains Jeff Conner and Charlie Peck, lint bolstering the matmen were transfers Wayne Milligan and Denny Coffinberger. who filled in some weak points. Starting oil with 36-3 and 24-11 wins over Lincoln and Howard, Tom Pomu packer’s tie brought home a 21-21 tie with Knt town. The tide changed, as during finals, the matmen dropped decisions to nationally ranked Uloomsbnrg, and Wilkes College. Last Stroudsburg, and Elizaliethtown. The team’s efforts produced a 7-6-1 record, the best for MSC since the 1958-59 season. Steve Scherfcl had the Outstanding individual record, with a 10-0-1 mark. Close behind was Denny Coffinberger with a 12-2 record. Co-captains Conner and Peck had identical 10-4 records with six and seven pins respectively. Scherfcl again gained a .silver medal as he finished second, giving Millersville fourteen points and ninth place in the State Championships at Clarion. vW ing: Wnvnc Milligan. Bruce Snyder, Boh Bnhlino, harry Mck.cnon, Percy Boll.min. J If Cornier, co-co taw. S and-nick Sasin. auhtmif coach; Dick, George St ewart. Stew Scltrrfel, Charles let . Dave Eplc-r. Demus Cof-nberger, John ltalicr, coach. 100Tom Penncpackcrs struggles result in a pin ami a 21-21 He withKulztown. VARSITY WRESTLING RESULTS Millersville 36 Lincoln 3 Millersville 21 kutztown 21 Millersville 40 Washington College (M l.) o Millersville 6 Blooms! urg 35 Millersville 9 Elizabethtown 22 Millersville 22 Glassboro 8 Millersville .38 Phila. College of the Bible 5 Millersville 8 East Stroudsburg 37 Millersville 21 Mansfield 22 Millersville 6 Wilkes 25 Millersville 43 Eastern Baptist 0 Millersville 11 Shippensburg Millersville 37 Frost burg State 0The 1968-1969 swim team completed the dual swim meet season with a record of seven wins and three losses. In the process even team record, with the exception of diving, was broken and six pool records were shattered. The team loses only three men through graduation and next year several strong freshmen move into the varsity ranks. In addition to team and |X ol records, each individual's times have greatly improved throughout the season. The men worked gradually into three practices a day and have completed a total practice mileage of over two hundred miles for the season. Tile team's efforts at tin State Championships should Ik exciting with a possibility of tin- team placing in the top three. Kevin Weir, one of Millersville s outstanding swimmers, has earned a total of one hundred thirty-five points and has also qualified for the College Division of the National Swimming Championships in four events with a fifth still pending. Thus, a wonderful season draws to a conclusion, with the prospect for next year even better. SW IMMING RESULTS Millersville 50 Elizabethtown 53 Millersville 72 Towson State 22 Millersville 63 Shepherd 32 Millersville 2d Bloomsburg SO Millersville »25i East Stroudsburg 61 % Millersville 82 Wilkes College 17 Millersville 76 I,ock Haven 28 Millersville 55 Lycoming 44 Millersville 55 Shepherd 39 Millersville 7d Bainbridge Prep 20 Millersville 67 Morgan State 28 Millersville 53 Elizabethtown 50 First Row: Carroll Klirhurl, manager; Paul Boideman, Have Strieker, l .ivr Bobbins, Jack Deal, co-caplahi; Leon C.ujeeki co-ea itain; Ken Kulokowsky, assistant coach Second Rou: Barry Kulokowsky, manager; RoU-rl Troxell. Bill Spencer, Kevin Weir. Bundy Carper, Dan Doremus, Richard Wright, John Apple, coach.196S LACROSSE RESULTS Millcrsville 5 Wilson IS Millcrsville 7 East Stroudsburg 27 Millcrsville 9 Coucher 7 Millcrsville 9 Beaver 9 Millcrsville 6 West Chester 21 Although plagued with its share of (rouncings. the Millers-ville Lacrosse team usually lx uneed back for that last ounce of defensive action — coming from behind to defeat Coucher 9-7. It's sad that their opponents' experience must bumper this new varsity team. But with a strong-willed co-captain like Linda Meade, the Lacrosse team should have more profitable seasons ahead. They’ue had their share . . . The Millcrsville golfers just seemed to putter along as they concluded their IMS season with a disappointing 2-6 record. The two wins consisted of a 12X-5K victory over Howard University, and a 11-7 win over the Mounties of East Stroudsburg. Let's hope that happier times come to pass as Henry Keneagy takes on the leadership of our linksmen. IMS GOLF ' RESULTS Millcrsville 4K Kutxtown Millcrsville 121 Howard University Millcrsville 73i Shippensburg Millcrsville 5Jj Kutztown Millcrsville 2 Rloomsburg Millcrsville IK East Stroudsburg Millcrsville 11 Mansfield Millcrsville « West ChesterTom Rolirer—Persistent. Simply Unbeatable . . . Jan Huruuias—READY. A faithful au«U«'nct is always First How: Mike Dries, Harold Salon, Bruce Muiwhovvcr. Second How: John Apple, owr i,' .Newt Kersh- on hand. tier. assistant coach; Jay Witmer, Art Lcngacbcr. Harold Rush. Third How: Marty Jaerdw. Tom Rohrer, Dan Roddick, Jan Hermans. 1041968 MK.VS TENNIS HESl’LTS Millersville 8 Kutztovvn 1 Millersville 8 Lincoln 1 Millersville 6 Shippensburg 3 Millersville 5 Tovvsoii 4 Millcrsv ille 9 Kutztovvn 0 Millersville 8 West Chester I Millersville 9 Bloomshurg 0 Millersville 9 Cheynev 0 Millersville 5 East Stroudsburg 4 Millcrsv ille 9 Mansfield 0 Millcrsv ille 5 Tovvsoii 4 Millersville 8 Susquehanna Lniversity 1 Millersville 9 Lock Haven 0 Coming oil ;t previous year s record of 9-1. it is hard to improve on such a fine record. But under the outstanding coaching of Mr. |olm pplc. the 1968 men’s tennis team completed a better season by finishing with a 11-0 record and top placing in the Pennsylvania State Conference net title. Backed by the line playing of seniors Newt Kersh-ner. jack Otstot. Bob Slump, junior Marty Jacobs, and sophomores Tom Bohrer, Jan Hermans and Dan Hod-dick. the team opened the season with three easy wins against Kut .town, Lincoln I Diversity and Shippens-burg. For the fourth match, the MSC nutters edged out a 5-1 win ov er Tow son. And after beating Kut .town and West Chester, they subsequently over powered Bloomshurg. and Lock Haven in 9-0 shutouts. The half-wav point was marked by a match with East Stroudsburg, the only team to beat tin- varsity netters the previous year. The match was tough, with the outcome hazy until the doubles match brought home a 5-1 vietorv. The following day . the Marauders easily overcame Mansfield: and on the rematch with Tow-son. they repeated their previous win of 5-1. Traveling to Elizabethtown, the Blue Jays were hand d another 9-0 shutout. I'pon returning home, the Marauders concluded the season by beating Chevney and Susquehanna 9-0 and 8-1 respective ly. The Millersville netters brought home additional honors as tliev traveled to East Stroudsburg for the State College Conference Tournament. Our participation resulted in I medals: Marty Jacobs contributing one gold for No. 4 .singles champion, a Kerslmer-Jacobs team tabbing two gold for No. I doubles, and Tom Bohrer receiving a silver medal for placing second in the No. 3 singles. Consequently, Millersville placed second in the overall team competition. Newt Kcrsluu-r—winded lint proud. 111l iIniit Jacobs congratulate Kerslmcr for a job well done. 105■ The tension may be nlf, hut definite concern prevails (Inline practice sessions. 1 «Coeds Hail Victorious Coached by Mrs. Kathryn Hill, the women's tennis team extended its winning streak to the third consecutive undefeated season. Captain Cail Cleveland continued her victorious college career in the number one position; Gail has yet to lose a collegiate match. Without much apprehension, the coeds stormed ahead to win their first two matches against Susquehanna, 5-2, and Elizabethtown, 5-2. The team's steady climb to continuous victories seemed headed for a fall as Dickinson appeared with stiff competition. But by routing their two doubles matches to overcome a 3-2 deficit, Millersville triumphed again with a score of 1-3. Their next three opponents seemed easy prey as Muhlenberg, Shippens-burg and Susquehanna fell 6-1, 4-3. 4-3 respectively. The crowning touch to the season was accomplished as the Marauders trounced Elizalrethtown 7-0. Each match played in competition was met with endless determination and enthusiasm. For even when the tenseness of a match became acute, the courtly coeds remained undaunted. Encouragement was the key that spurred the team on to each succeeding victory. Although only three varsity winners will be returning, the coeds expect another triumphant season. The depth of the new recruits should also prove rather promising. The women's tennis team and all its avid followers will la- sorry to see the end of an excellent college career as Gail Cleveland graduates. But a reassuring note to the success of future teams is the newly selected coach of our coeds, Mrs. Nancy Ilungerford. 1968 WOMENS TENNIS RESULTS Millersville 5 Susquehanna 2 Millersville 5 Elizabethtown 2 Millersville 4 Dickinson 3 Millersville 6 Muhlenberg 1 Millersville 4 Shippensburg 3 Millersville 4 Susquehanna 3 Millersville 7 Elizal othtown 0 107 Senior Gail Cleveland Ivads her racketeers for tin- last time.1968 TRACK HKSU.TS Millersville 66 Lock Haven 79 Millersville 113 Shippcnsburg 56 Millersville 113 Sheppard 9 Millersville 103 Bloomsburg •12 Millersville 103 Kut town 12 Millersville 98 Cheynev •17 Millersville lOS Susquehanna 37 Millersville 95 Mansfield 50 Millersville 84 East Stroudsburg 61 State College Championship: Fourth Place. Grog Shively clears the hnr us competition continues. Jay Jones and Nick Wadhski place in grueling -MO yd dash. Cliff Ellis and another record! 108 Kneeling: Bob Brown. Ji ll Vermuth. Chut Waslleski, Bill Worstin'. Jack Mover. Bob Davis, Tom Frederick, Dave Weigel, Scott Baldwin. Bob Shank. Standing: Art I Inline, coach; Jock Fennepacker, Mike Zuvich, Paul Vaughn, Alan I.vsinger. Bruce McKclvy, Joe Ceescy, Bob Cirvin, Cliff Ellis, Daw Iflmmclbcrger. Charles Sclcher, John Selchcr, John Zampier Legmen Go All Out Bill Bowers takes the lead-off leg of another record breaking -MO relay. I'nder head coach Art I Inline, the 196S track and field squad posted an impressive 8-1 recoid. suffering its only defeat during the first meet of the season. The majority of the points were scored in the running events, where the Marauders' strength lies. Along with many outstanding performances by captain Bill Bowers. Doug Hill. (Mill Ellis. Mike Zuvich. Ja Jones and the Seleher brothers. John and Charles, the team displayed a great deal of depth. This depth, shown by the consistent second and third places, gave the team its S-l record. With the majority of tin squad being underclassmen. the 1969 record could very possibly improve over the near perfect record of this team. Next year's team will also be joined bv the upcoming freshman team, whose 10-2 record is the best ever for any Millersville freshman team. Sophomore Bill Worstlor exhibits Into form as he heads far the tape. Distance legman Ken Bogle leads at the half way mark of the mile run.1968 BASEBALL RESULTS Millcrsvillc 0-4 Elizabethtown 6-11 Millersville 10-7 Frostburg Stale (Mcl.) 3-1 Millersville 4 East Stroudsburg 0 Millersville 6-8 Susquehanna Univ. 4-2 Millersville •1-2 Lock 1 laven 1-8 Millersville 7 Bloontsburg 2 Millersville 10-10 Mansfield 0-8 Millersville 0 Kutztown 2 Millersville 9 West Chester 3 Millersville 9 Maryland State (forfeit) 0 Millersville 2 Indiana U. of Pa. 1 Millersville 2 Glassboro State ( J.) 3 Big Year for Diamondmen Rudy Natalim displays fine form for MSC. 110 First Hon : Cone Wise, coach; Rob Newcomer, Mike McKonly, John Banks. Dick Cummings, Wayne WIT, Jim Todd. Jerry Confer, manager. Second Row: Frank Allia. Denny Rcdeay, Steve Lennox, John Sherry, Rick Poole, Dennv ('onion, John Schlcyer. Larry Wnrshawsky, assistant coach. Third Row: Jim Koglcr, Ron Brewer. Dave, Frank Cralmsky. Ron Courley, Rudy Natalini, Pete Rohall.Millersvillc State College diamondmen boasted quite an impressive 12-5 season under the fine management of coach Gene Wise. Knroute to copping a berth in the District 19 playoffs, the Wisemsn started of! their campaign by defeating Blnomsburg and capturing a twin bill from Mansfield. However, in their next two outings. MSC was denied vie ton at the hands of arch-rival Klizabrthtown. fter dropping the second game of a doubleheader with Iz ck Haven. the squad put together a four game win streak until they were blanked by Kut .town. The regular season ended on a happy note with a 9-3 verdict over West Chester. Having won the Kastern Division of the Pennsylvania State College Conference, the Marauders advanced to the District finals by virtue of a forfeit to Maryland State and a well-earned 2-1 decision over Indiana Cniversilv of Pennsylvania. In the final, the team lost a heartbreaking 3-2 encounter as Glassboro scored a run in the bottom of the ninth, thus depriving MSC of an invitation to the National Tournament. To be sure, the season featured some great individual performances such as the ace pitching of lludy X italini and the steady hitting of major league hopeful Glenn Stitzel. Yet the effort was a team effort—just ask the District 19 Coach of tin Year—Gene Wise. IllSuzie I jOUD, Editor 112a Underclassmen Return Freshmen stage protest against water fwllution. • • Sophomore class' top ten . . .?An Euentful Year. Magnificent Men at MSC.Juniors CLASS'OFFICERS: Dan Roddick, historian; Penns Pfennig, vice president; Jim Cognate, treasurer; Rat Morisscy, secretary; Roll Coyne, president. Juniors 'show oft" in Citamnrd top roles. juniors initiate record-breaking Frislice marathon. 115Cl.ASS OFFICERS: Seated; Ruth Ann Hminfield, historian; Karen Heilman, secretary. Statu!-ingi Dave Robhlns, treasurer; Jell Vermouth, vice president; Pete Rohall, president. Sophomores 116 Interested sophomores attend class meeting.  That long awaited letter. I leading to the dorm for a break. Typical gathering in Cordinier.Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS: Sealed: Nancy Seliloueli. secretary; Jim Murphy, presi-■hnl; Sin- Rmiicr, historian. Standing: |im Sii'Iiii. vice president. Absent: Mike Orlmaii, treasurer.Now dance w ith the voting lady on your left ... T. II. lil. winner! TH.E. XTif? YftRTVi %C$S120In Memoriam Michael Wavne Eisenherger passed away on October 10, 1968, after being fatally injured in an automobile accident near Harlevsville in Montgomery County. A secondary education student majoring in biology with a special interest in oceanography, Michael resided in Lancaster. Me was an active member of the tenor section. soloist, and vice president in 1967-1968 of the college choir. His leadership demonstrated his interest in the success of the choir and his ability to transform that interest into actions. Michael’s warm personality, friendliness. and musical ability will be remembered by all in the choir and on the Millersville campus.— SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Sailed—Susantu- Hanibright, secretary; Oregon Donahue, president. Standing—William Pma, t ice president; Dr. Paul Nichols, adviser; Kenneth Bogle, treasurer. Absent for picture—Dr. William Stauffer, adviser. COURTNEY PAGE ABBOTT Fredericksburg. Va. Liberal Art —May Mu Alpha Kappa. ict raiil-Jit-aiTiw; I nl ram urol Committee; Wrest ting. JANET LOUISE ADAMS Denver. Pn. Elrmcntanj—May; PSKA; ACKI. president; CEC; Who's Who. LEWIS B. ADAMS Glen Hock, P«. Secondary—May CEORCE II. ACNEW Millct.viUe. Pa. Indtutriel Art —May American Industrial Art. Association. BARBARA ANN ALBRIGHT Schwmksvillr. Pa. Elementary—January WCA. pnsiih nl; CEC, vice president; Student Senate; Cirls Vanity Basket hall, manager. SANDRA LEE ALEXANDER Milletsvitte. Pa. Elementary—January Field Hue key; Choir; Women’s Chnms; PSEA. 121JEAN ELIZABETH Al.LKN Moeitunr. Pi. t.ihrary Science—January Xtwiun Club; AHA. Intramural . Dunks Pa. JAMES VINCENT AMBKOE Secondary January DowiiinUtovvii, I’a. I.OU1SK AMES Library Science- May Urn a»lcr. Pa. DOWA M ANDERSON Sreiiniiary— May JEANNE I.Ol'ISE ANSAI.VISII Columbia. Pa. library Science—May BARBARA ELLYN ANTRIM CoalnvtUr. Pa. Secondary—May Band, vice purulent; Wnutra" Vanity Club. «ctt«-U . Women’ Badwlhall: Women’ luicrovve; Intramural Committee. JANET LEE A PC A It Murmi rlli', Pa. Snorulary—Janimn Nn.ip xr, new editor, co-editor. erninr comiillanl. Pi Della E|Mihm. prr-«ideiit. StRina I’hi Delta. Irrauitn. Nt.idrnt Senate. WCA. viec penidrnl; Colue Cuaid. Engloli ( |ub. Advivoey Hanoi to the Academic Stmlr-nt Guide. Tribunal. Who’ Who, BARBARA JO ANN AHCIIEI.I.A IV».thw u. Pa. Jnnniliiry—May Inti animal Committee. recording veerrtary; N'rwinan Club; Woeiien'i llai-kethall. imien' bom ; Knglnh Club; Student Senate, parliamentarian. Student Penonoel Service Council; Trrtmnal; WMSK H.ubo. bunion manager amt announce!. Intramural ; Wlui'i Wbo. JOSEPH MICHAEL APONIK Philadelphia. | a. _ • Secondary—May Intramural Committee-; Alpha llii Omega; Xeuuian Club; ICC; Track, Young K public an Club, ptc-tldml; Alpha Sicnu Chi, TRl-DY LEE ARNOLD York. Pa. Elementary May ToueJiifgnc, adnilnictratinii editor; Prohman llacketball. MARY LEE AITARIAN l)ir i 1 llill. Pa. Elementary—January Women' Churn ; PSKV, liitiumumlt; ACEI; Stiulrfil Guide. Enghih Club; Aviation Club; Xcnophde; I’nblii Relation DEANNE MARIE ACNCST I baium. Pa. Elementary—May 122 ROBERT WILLIAM AUWARTER 1‘tuladflpliia. Pa, Elementary—May HMA. ice prcinlrnt. Editor id Hfur nit Mni'i WuMetier JOLINDA AYERS Boothvv yn, Pa. Library Science—January AIIA, lecnrdlng vreretury. JANE ELLEN BABE Hnothwyn, Pa. Eft-men Cary—Jomtuty VBA; ACEI; WSO. Intramural ; Student Guide. LINDA LUTECIA BACHMAN lie Ihleheni, Pa. Svrniulaty ■ -January Xenoplide, ice president; Gemtati Club; PSEA; LSA, vice |irc ideiit; Choir. STANLEY PIERCE B AC KEN STOSS II LevMtown. I a. Seconi irri —Slay Buddy Scieiitille Society; HMA; I'r.ihmon Ban ball, Omrieon Camma Ontcfp BARBARA JEAN BAIRD I'liiladrlpbla, I'n. Elrmenlan —May ACEI; CKC. president; Phi Lambda Sigma, vice president; LSA.JOANS’ BALESTRINO rimi| li»i Ijkn, N. J. Ui ma nliiiy—May Student Guide, Intramural Committee. MAID SUSAN BALSBAUCII Pilintij, l‘a, I'.h mi rito y —May College Community Otchiilri, Band; Student Guide. RICHARD FRANK BARBACANE (Inin, I' . Elementary—Austin Pool ball; Wn-vllinR; CECi M™‘i Vanity Club CAROLENE K. BARCO llrnJiey, Pa. Elementary - May PSEA; ACE I TERRY LEE BARLEY Red Lion. Pa. Seroridary— aiiu rry Social Sludirt Hub. KAY BARROWS Ephrata. Pa. Elementary—.May JANE I.YNN BARTLESON Xnrmbmn, Pa. Mmuitlan —May PSEA: MSM. CAROL J. BARTONE Coutnvillr. Pa. Elementary—Mm PSEA, Intrauniralv. ROCER EUGENE BAUER Xnr Bcilinvlllr, Pa. Secondary—May Farllull. Men Vanity Club. Mount Joy. Pa. EMMA JANE BEACH Library Sri.nee— nnuary BRENDA BEAMAN Euitnn, Pa. Kfcmrufnry—Augiuf Dolphin Club: S'so. Tennis. CHARLOTTE L. BECKER Vlaiihrliii, Pa. Elementary—May PSE A; IVCK. CKC, Mennaattr Student Kellmvdiip, M. LINDA BEDI.YON M Bienville. Pa. Secondary—May Touchitwic. activities editor, co-editor. Pi Delta Epvtlon, Student Guide PAULA ELIZABETH BEHRENS Lancaster. I a. Liltctal Aria—May Project Guide, president. JAY KEEEER BELL II Palmyra, Pa. huluililal Art«—May Rod and Gun Club, vocirtary. LARRY DAVID BENNER Lancatter. Pa. Secondary —May Delta SlRnu Oit. PATRICIA A. BERGER la-hanon. Pa. K rmentary— anuary CEO.PSEA. KLAUS AV. RERCMANN YorV. I'a. Imturtrial Aria—Auguat 'In Kappa Mu, litdintnal Arte Society, Aviation Club, imiidrnt, Student Guide. Mninimitc Student Krllonthip. XenopJiilo. 123JUDY ANN BF.HCSTRASSER Dallai, Pa. Elementary—January IVCF, wnrUty; WSO; CKC; Intramural . Cilamaril. MICHAEL BERNOSKY. JR. Mayfirkl. Pa. Secondary—May Ko thail; Young Hr|whlkan Chib, ICC. Social Sliulie Qnb; Snapper. SHARON LOUISE HESIIORE York Haven. Pa. Secondary—-Augnrt Citamarrl. Intramural ; Trnntt. Mu Kupju Mu. LOIS MARY BEWLEY PoUtlown. Pa. Elementary—May AHA. ACEI. Women' Chorus. PAMELA LOUISE BIEIII. Hamburg. Pa. Elementary—May DENNIS R. BLAKE Millenvillr. Pa. Induttrial Arff—May HavkcOaall. MARJORIE CARR BLAKE Lanemton Pa. Liberal Art -May JERI ANN BLANCH Wert Kmrvirw. Pa- Saoumlary—January Xrnuphile. «qni M onain|! «'CK. JUDITH A BLANKENHORN Mahanoy City. Pa. Elementary—May PSEA; Women1 Choru . CAY LOUISE BLEVINS Lancaster, Pa. Art Education—Angurt AftiMocmcy. JANE LOUISE BLEVINS llamhuiK, Pa. Secondary—January Intramural ; Spanith Con citation; IVCP. Xrnophile NANCY LOUISE BLYLER Hriiini, Pa. Liberal Art —Aliguil lloddy Scientific Society, Color Coaid; Student Cuidf. JAMES D. BOBECK Lebanon, Pa. Lilreral Art —May KENNETH S. BOGLE Philadelphia. Pa. Secondary—May Cio» Country, tri-captain; Track; Soccer. Student Senate. Tan Cainin.i lambda, recording Mvretary. corrcipunding secretory. CHEBYLJANE BORTNER York, Pa. Elementary—May MARCIA ANN ROSE York, Pa. Library Selene '—May English Club; AHA. Snapper; Who Who JOHN J HOSLER Philailelphia. Pa. Industrial Art —May Hatkclb.ill. Men' Varuty Club, Who' Who. KAREN LOUISE ROSSARD Howmamtown, Pa. Ubrary Science—May PSKA; Xcnophilr; ABA. 121WILLIAM E. BOWERS SrcmJan — Way Lanoniter. Pa. Crow Country. Track; Mrn'l Vanity Club, (nuunt. ANN ELIZABETH BOWMAN Tunkhannock. Pa. Elmmtary—Way PSKA. Intramural . GEORGE S. BOWMAN Middletown. Pa. Literal Arti—Augmt JAN J. BOWMAN LahOMM, Pa. Literal Arts—January Knot hall. co-captain, Mu Alpha Kappa, recording tecrrtury, »rrgeanl-at-arm . l.amatter. Pa. RITA ANNE BOZZI Ulrmrnlary—Auguil JOANNE LOl'ISE BRANDT I ..meatier. Pa. Setotuiary—January Dolphin Club. Kngluh Club, WDSA; Sigma Phi Omega. BARBARA ANN BRENEISEN Manhrim, l’.i. Literal ArU— January Student Senate. Inlramuialt, WO A LARRY EUGENE BREON Willlaimport, Pa. Industrial Art•—May liuluttrial Ait» Society, treamrer. SUSAN MARIE BREWER Annvllle. Pa. Literal Art —Way DAVID W. BRILL Millenville. Pa. Induitnal Arts—May Swimming. JANICE ELAINE BRODY latmdalc. Pa. Elcmmtary May CKC. Newman Club. Women’t Chora ; PSKA. STEPHEN J. BRODY Lancarier. Pa. FJrmentary—Way CHERYL MARIE BROWN l.aiw-a trr. pa. Klemcn ary—Woy Sigma Phi Omega; ACKI; WDSA. IFC. JAMES P. BROWN Audubon. Pa. Momentary—May ACKI. Alpha Phi Omega; Social Stud let Club. Intramurab. JUDITH LYNN BROWN Millenville. Pa. Flrmmtary—January VVumrti'l Chora ; CEO; PSEA. KATHLEEN E. BROWN Springer kl. Pa. Secondary—Way LSA; PSKA; Knglith Club, director ol tutoring. Snapper; Delta Phi Eta. ELAINE LOUISE BRUAW York. Pa. F.trmmlary—Anguaf Women' Chora . DONALD EUGENE BRUBAKER 125 Mount Joy. Pa. Choir; |VCF. Secondary- MayFRANCES CAROL BRUDER Onvrgihurit. Pa. Library Setence—May ABA, c irrr«po«idiii){ secretary; Delta 1 1ii Klu; kappa IMIji i'lii, vicp prexi-diml, Women's Oianiii Color Guard; IVCK. Tribunal. PHYLLIS JEANNE BRYSON UiKWllT, Pi. Ulietal Atl»—Au;'«il Student Senate; Rodd ScicutiBu Society. DONNA JANE BUCHMYER York. Pa. E.Umentan —Mny Women' Chinns; ACEI; Dorm Delta I'lii Kin, Intraiminili; French Chib. SHARON LEE BUCKLEN t tiicHvtrr, I'a. Elementary—Mai Women' burin; WSO. ANTHONY ALBERT BUDY l-elvinuo. Pa. Secondary—Jammu Mu Alpha Kappa, treasurer, .Vewinnii Club. Football; HoHmII. SOS. JANET ADAMS BUELL Laiiwlonne, Pa. Elementan -Aunnst MSM. Intramural ; Choir. "Out 'loro Thun Nine". IUDITII ANN BUREAU Clan Ellyn, III. El menlan -'lanuri:tj ICC; Women" Chorus; Student Senate. LARRY I.EE BURKHART Terre llill, Pa Secondary—.Mur Social Studies Club, |»rtulinl; Upll.i Phi vks- president. Fnnrhall, Iritrnmiinib NANCY LYNNE BUTLER Altoona. Pa. Elementary—lamia it Women' Ctiorui; CKC. InlrmniiruU, ACEI, IVCF. MARY ANN BUTIARO Collem-vlllr, Pa. Elementaly—lanuaty Intramural ; Hockey; Tour iifrmi MARY V. CAI.AMIA ' vr blown. P». E.lemcntan —Innuati i'K('. Newman Club; ACEI. LINDA LOUISE CALLAHAN Fairies 1MU, l‘a. Liberal Arti—lanuaty Aviation Chili; Xermpliilr. JACK H. CAMPBELL. JR. Ilavertnwn, Pa. hulutlrial Aiti—May Intramural ; MSM. treasurer RANDALL SCOTT CARPER Manbeim. Pa. Secondary—May l| li.i Sigma Chi. hlvtorian; Swimming; Men Varsity Tuli; Social Studies Club. CERALDINF. E. CARROLL Reading. Pa. Elementary—January Newman Club; Senate, corresponding secretary. Women C.lmru . vice president. Sterna I’lii Delta, recording ueirtaiy; ACEI; PSKA. Who" Wlm. SANDRA ELIZABETH CARVER Yard ley. P«. Secondary—May Mn kappa Mu; MSM. Women’ Chum . ALBERTO II. CARZOLA Doylestown. I a. Secondary—Auguir Xennphile; PSEA. . ROBERT MICHAEL CELLA Bmomall, Pa. Secondary—May PSEA. president. Stull Pr id.nt; Stndent Guide, Student Senwi Board ot Director . KMA; Wlio'» Who. 126JOHN V CIIALIKIAN liuhntrial Arfr May Philadelphia. Pa. RMA, vice president, IX»m Pinidetit; Fmhmui Tennis, JUDITH ANN CHANTRY NiKinlimn, | a. KfiMSlny—May PSKA. ACE I. .'ISM; ABA. WILUAM CHRISTENSEN Philadelphia. Pa. Art Murat,on May URSULA HELENE CHRISTOPH Upper Darby. P . Secondary—January Cltamaid. Xmtiphih'. Brvltdir Winn; WCA. JOAN ELAINE CLARK Flmulawn, Pa. Elementary—Augurl Choir. RUTII ARLLNE CI.EMMER Cilberttville. Pa. Library Science—May Citamard, recording Mrrian. Al|dia P»l Omr a, lifMiirrr, Intramural Com-mltln. (•AIL DIANE CLEVELAND Coalnvillr, l‘a. Mrmcntury —Mai Women's Tennis, captain; Women's Vanity Club. pnUmli Delta I’hi Bln. president, vice president. JOHN ROHEHT CLOUSER Steeltnn. Pa. Ijbrtal Art —January Mini, nt Cinde. KMA Ness.letter Kdifur, Intramurab. ITil Sigma Pi. Old English Club, everi1 ponding mnun WILLIAM R. COBLE Klirabrthtirwn. Pa. Memeulary—May Qlamanl, vice pr.sidr nt. treasure ; lj a Pst Omega, tteamrrr. CARY BLAINE COLLINS Mtllrrsburg. Pa. Lthcral Arte-May Kuntball; Men’s Vanity (Hub. corresponding secretary; Mu Alpha Kappa, set grant-at-arms KAREN I COLLINS Delano. Pa. Klemcnlary-ilay Phi Lambda Sigma. Women's 3mt«». WILLIAM S COLLINS. JR. Williamsport. Pa- , drf.- r.ry Basketball. lUsebiill ROBERT FRANK COLTON N'aiwoetl, Pa. Secondary—May Kliltmu ilngs Club. CARROLL ANN CONDHACK Millers..lie, Pa. Library Science—May AHA. Camma Sigma Alpha. Young Repililieam Club, secretary; PSKA. ALAN THOMAS CONLEY Ctecco. Pa. liberal Art —May Hu Sigma Pi, treasure ; MSM. Choir. RMA; Alpha Hi! Omega, alumni tecrelary; Tribunal; Student CumIi-. Roddy ScirsiliBc Society; Xmophlle. CAROL A C K)K Willow Street. Pa. Uberal Arte—May Women's Chmus. Xeiioplilli. Fulkdancing Club, treasurer Venture. Millertvllle. P« CYNTHIA ANN COOK SeciituSary—Augu .t York. Pa. JOYCE R. COPELAND Ijhernl Art May 127Ilarmburg. Pa. ACEI; GEC. MARY SMITH COUSINS Elementary—May SARAH ANN COX Annville. Pa. Effmoiluiy —.May ACEI; CEC. CAROL ANN CRANDELL Kaitnn. Pa. KIrmrnlary—May I.SA: ACEI; Intramural . CARL V. CRISWELL York. Pa. Serondary—Augun WILLIAM RICHARD CUMMINGS h vitlimii, Pa. Secondary—Aug:uf Fi« Hull. Hauhall. Hatkelhall. manager, Frctkman Track. Mm's Vanity Club. GERALD WAYNE CUNFER Odum. Pa. Secondary—May Vlm’i Vanity Club; Uatehall. Hand; LSA. Mu kappa Mu; SOS. Intramural (aunmittrr. LancaMrr. Pa. RICHARD S. CUNNINGHAM Srr orulury—Engirth ANNEL1KSE EMMA CURIO Cheltenham. Pa. Elementary— May Strum Enwmble. PSEA, MSM. Orchestra, ACEI. DIANNE IVA DAMRMAN Leviltown, Pa. Elementary—May PSEA; ACEI. Women Chorm; Phi IJ mini a Sigma JACK ALAN DANNER N«w Cumber 1.1 ml. Pa. Secondary—May PSEA; IVCK; Hauler CtOgtaphk Society. Crow Country. JOY WENDY DAVIS Nrwtonvillr. Maw. Elementary-May ACEI; Choir; Phi Lambda Sigma; Chrivtlan Science Org.mi atiun. treasurer. LINK M. DAVIS Ore land. Pa. Secondary—U y Soccer. Vorrittown, Pa. ACEI. RUTH MARIAN DAVIS Elementary -May DENNY DANISH lat'lltonii. Pa. Secondary—May Tail Gamma Lambda, treaaiirer; Student Senate Committee ; liiti.imiir.ili; Sliidt-iit Guide. MARGARET ANN DAY l.yken . Pa. Elementary—May Citainard, hittorian, vice premdtnt. ttudrnt director, Women’ Chorut. Madrigal Singer . Snap u r. circulation manager, l'l Delta Eptilon; Alpha P J Omega. DUANE D. DEANER IV.ugUnville, Pa. Ulteral An a—Augmt ICG; Alpha I'll! Omega, puiklcnt. CYNTHIA ANN DEARDORFF Gettysburg, Pa. Elementary—May Women’. Chorui; ABA; ACEI; PSEA. ARTHUR LEON DEGROFT llanovei, Pa. Secondary—May PSEA. Hod and Gun Club; Sigma Eptilun Beta. Ireaturer. 128JOAN FRANCES DEHART Middletown. Pj. Sec.wiii.iry—May English Club; PSEA; IVCFj Venture. KATIII.EKN ANN DELBAUCII Liverpool, Pa. Library Science—May IVCF. ELAINE MARIE DELLINGER York. Pa. Elementary—Angu » MARYANN E. DEMICIIAEL Nomitcnm, Pa, Elementary—January PSEA. ACEI, corresponding wadniy; CEC, corresponding secretary. Phi Lambda Sigma. tr.-asiirrf; Women' Cmnn. JOHN C. DKNGI.ER Lmcnttr, Pa. Arl Edutnlion—May KATHLEEN ANN DENNIS Quakrftown. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI. Kappa I Vila Phi. Carol louse dkrstein l.-imdaU. Pa. Elementary—May Touchttcme, S|»ut« Editor. Auodtlr Editor. Social Council; Sigma Phi Drlta, Stml.Mii Guide. ACEI; Frcdunan Women' Hatki tball, CAROLYN ANN DICECCO Avondale. Pa. Secondary—January Xenophllr Society, PSEA; French Club. Aviation Club. Mcntaiy. JANET MARIE DIEM Lcola, Pa. Library Science—May ABA. Student Guide; PSEA. VIRGINIA ANNE DIFFENDERFFKR l.anc.i trr. Pa. Elementary--May Xetiophile Society. Women' Churns; String Ensemble. CATHERINE L. D1SSINGF.R Manhenn, Pa. Elementary—May WDSA; Sigma Phi Omega, historian. MARYALICE DITZLER Ephrata, Pa. Secondary—January Della Ptii Eta. BETH LORRAINE DOAN lanNiln. Pa. Secmulary—AugMt Cilamurd. HARRY DOAN Warminster, Pa. Secondary—May Soever; Tan Gamma Lamtida, president. BRIAN JAMES DOHERTY lauicaitcr. Pa. l.iheral AtU—Moy Footliall; Coll; AIDS A; Intmcmiral ; Delta Siginn Chi. LORRAINE S. DOMBACII Lancaster. Pa. Elementary -Augud l SEA. GREGORY THOMAS DONAHUE Coltingdale. Pa. Secondary—May Inlraimnal Commiltce, treasurer; Wicker , president, vice president, secretary. Newman Chib; Freshman Baseball. Sludrtit Guide. Social Studies Club; loin Fraternity Council; PSEA; Who’ Who, JOANN DONAHUE la-vittosm. Pa. Elementary—May Dolphin Club; Sigma Phi Delta; Intrammalt; Freshman Basketball 129MICHAEL DAVID DONNELLY Uiuiittn, Pi. Itulutlriixl Arte— Iniluililal Alt' Society. PATRICIA CAII. DONNELLY ll.iimlmig, Pa. Elementary—May IMplon Club. |wnMrnl; Kappa'Della I'lii. Iirawicr, CEO. DANIEL B. DOREMUS Kpluuta. Pa. Elementary—May Fmhmdii lUirliall. Vanity Baieball. Vanity Swimming. MARTHA J. DOREMUS Kpluau. Pa. Elemtultuy—May lutrarauiah; PSKA. Mil l-»mlid» Sigma RICHARD WILLIAM DOR Ml’Til Oirhind. Pa. SecnnrAtry—January Student Senate; H IA; Alpha Pht Omega; Prim IViriui Council, president MARILYN IRENE IX WNER l.nucailrt, Pa. Elementary—May WILLIAM J. DOWNS Timnnium. Md. Secondary—Augurt Vanity Club; Vanity Football. Prrchman Poothall; Firchtnan Burlulli Newman Club. JOHN CHARLES DOYLE lloothuy-ii, Pa. Secondary—May Ftnhnun Pootball; Vanit) Football; Vanity Club; Hauler Geographic Socie- ty, vice president. DONNA L. DUGAN llarmburg. Pa. Elementary—May LSA, pinidrol. Student Guide: PSKA; ACKI. Pi Delta Kpcilon; Tribunal; Ttmchtlone. PATRICIA ANN D UNI YORK Maohrim, Pa. Elementary—Atypnt DEBORAH JEANNE DUNN Downingluwn, Pa. Elementary—January Intiummal Committer, teerctary. WCA; Ijmne; Women' Chorm. BARBARA ANN DUSCIII Lanracter. Pa. Elementary—May BARBARA ANN EBERLY York, Pa. Library Seienee—Augucf ABA. PAMELA JEANNE EHY IjihwIit. Pa. Elementary—fanuaty Wtimrn' Tronic. Women’ Vanity Club. JAMES P. ECKMAN lanuitrr, Pa. Secondary—May Social Studie Club; Young Democrat t.'lub. MARY ANN EKEMANN Um-Aiter. Pa. Elementary —May EUGENE L. EIIRIIART, JR. tamcactrr. Pa, l.lheral Art —May SIDSA. tieacuier. Roddy Scientific Society, ROBERT OUINN EISEMANN Kphrau, Pa. Induttrial Art»—Augiut 130Hktlcy I’aik. Pa. IntraninraU. DOUGLAS C. ELLERS Srronttnn ■ May CYNTIIIA ANNE EXSMINCKtt Annvillr. Pa. Elementary -Augutt Choli, DAVID GEORGE EPLER l.ewulmrg. Pa. Industrial Art —Hupiil Vanity WmlUnii: Vanity Chili, vice iiimdriil, I.SA, Irraturer; Imluttnal Ami Society. BARBARA ANNE EBB Telford, Pa. Library Scienec » '«'» K.• ) ) .■ I rIt.« I'hl; lacinWi Intramural Soliliall; Student Guide. UNDA ANNE EITARO Beading. I’a. Library Seirner— unitary NVwman Club. Xemiphllr. Touehstmse. PAUL JOSEPH EVANKO 1-nncuvtrr, I'a. Seetmdary - May WrrvtUiifi; Intramuialt, Social Studio Cluh. LARRY A. EVANS Diltcbuig. I'a. Industrial Art —Augutt KM A. tieacurer. SUSAN LOUISE EVANS LaiKUlit, Pa. Liberal Artt—Xla IX I | ti ii Cluh, imiuin, Miiim udvicer, Kappa I Vita I’hi, corresponding KWrtaiy; WDSA. LARRY PAUL EVERHART Chevter, Pu Industrial Arfi—Augud IVCP; Choir. LINDA M I ADDIS Flmniitv lllr, Pa. Ehmiunify—January CEC, ACM; Student Guidr. Tribunal. LINDA I FAIR Wnhingtori lk»nii(h. I’a. Elementary—Mar ACM; SiuipjK f. IVCP. EDWARD DAVID FAKE Grantvtllr. Pa. Lilretal Arts—May ISA. JOHN CARTER FARMER Quentin, Pa, Serimdaiy- January Nruijyu t. photugrapiit i. Pi Delta Eptilon, Vanity Tennlv LINDA MARIE FEASTER Pmmlrl. Pa. Elementary -May Women’ Ohiiui; ADA; PSEA. Intramural Volleyball CAROL JEAN EE DEN Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary -May Women’ Chorut; Mu ka| p.i Mu. JOHN SLOANE FERGUSON Dalla . Pa. Industrial Arts—August Imluttnal Alt Society. Aviation Club, treamrrr. Rod ami Gun Club. VMSR, chief engineer. JOAN MARIE FERUCIO Palo Alto. Pa. Uhrary Seiner— August , ni |4uU . Budge Club. S|Mimh Hob. FELICI TY ANNE FETTERIIOFF Holx-unn.i. Pa. Elementary—lanuttrij Kreduuau llodwyt prechinan Basketball; Vanity Hockey; anity llacketball, Tribunal; Intramurab; ACE I. HSKA, 131CHARLOTTE ROSA FEUCHTER Klourtown, Pa. Seetmdary—May Ktigliili Club. ALBERT S. FILEMYR. JR. Cheltenham. Pa, hulutlrial Art —May Wmtling: WMSR; Art Society. CHERYL ELAI ME FISHER Lanrattcr, Pa. Elementary—January ICC; ACKI; PS BA: Women Tenni ; Project Cuiilc. vice president; Tribunal. GINGER CAIL FISHER Waltontown, Pa. Elementary—May PSKA; ACKI: Intramural . LINDA SUE FISSEI. Thomaivilie. Pa. Secomlary—January Xcnophllc; T out Intone. Women’ Cluwo . CHARLES W. FITZKEE. JR Uocailrr, Pa. Liberal Art —May JOYCE EILEEN FLINCHBAUGH York. Pa. Elementary—January College Community Ortheatra, vice pre idenl; String En emhle. pt.- i lmt; Student Cuidr, PSKA; ACKI, Trdxinal; I'hl Ijmlula Sterna. KRISTY ANN FOUST Tunkhannock. Pa. Elementary—January Venture, trenurcr. RAY W. FOY Parkceburg, Pa. Secondary—May Phi Sigma Pi. jMriMlent; Who Who. KATHLEEN R FRANTZ Levittown, P«. Secomlary—May Xeoojihile, Cermnn Club; PSKA. Junior 'broad, ANNE ELIZABETH FRITSCH I.aiu.iklef. Pa. Library Science—January Newman Club. GARY FIERCE FUNCK Kemholdt. I’a. Elementary—May MSNI. ANNA MAE FUNK Milh'MvlIlc. Po. Elementary—May ACKI; PSKA. CARL EDWARD FUNK. JR. lanmtrr, Pa. Sectrrulaty—May Stiidrnt Senate. MDSA, prn.ilrnl; Who" Who. PATRICIA A. FUNK Lancatlrr, Pa. Secondary—January Newman Club; Frecliman Women IUtk.ll.all, Sigma Pin Omega. FLORA JEANNE DEFURIA Itidley Park. Pa. Library Science—January Women' Chntin; ABA. Student Guide. MICHAEL RAYMOND FITTER New Holland. Pa. Elementary—Augutt Soccer: Intramural ; Student Guide; CKC. . LINDA LOUISE Fl .ER Mnhtitnu. Pa. Elementary—May CKC. Student Cuidr; Intramural ; ACKI. 132DAVID DEAN FYOCK Litit . P«. I nd urinal Am—May tiul'uiiijl Art Society, Indoitrial Art Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Chi, treasurer. pledgrtnailer. ANGELA El, AVI A CALAT! I'lM'Inillr, Pa. Elementary— Auguil f»min Club. THEODORE J. GALI.AOHER l..invdale, Pa. Secondary—May nm»n Club; Itodd Sdr-nliBc Socirty; PSKA. GAIL ELLIOTT GANCLOFF York, Pa. Secondary—Miry LSA. PSKA; Student Culdr; Bridge Club. JOAN II GARDNER Huntingdon Volley, Pa. Library Science—Augun ABA. ELAINE JEAN CARMAN King of Pru ia. Pa. Elementary— Way Delia Phi Eta; Project Guide; ACEI; CEC; Intramural . RONALD JAMES CARMAN Lrlunoo, Pa. Elementary—January Hand, student nmludur; Orche-stra. tludml conductor. librarian. Brat Gumtcl: Madrigal Smgrt . rtudrnl leader. MARY ANN GARRICK llanivtmrg. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI, Newman Club. MARCIA II STERN GEERS Lamiilrf, Pa- Elementary—May THERESA M. GENOVA Norristown. I’a. Elementary—May Newman Club; PSKA. Social Studtet Club JULIA MARIAN GERY Lancaster. Pa- Elementary—lanuary JEFFREY JOHN GIANO Murrisvitlc, Pa. Secondary—lanuary Vasvt Football, Intramural KATHLEEN LOUISE GIBSON Media, Pa. Elementary—May Mrthodiit Student Movement, CEC; ACEI. European Tour Group. GRANT STEPHEN GIFFORD Up| er Darby, Pa. Indurtnal Am—AuguU Vanity Club. Swimming. Freshman Football. R.MA, Ho rrtown. Pa. PSKA. CONSTANCE DIANE GILBERT Element a ry—Slay MARION J. GISII Kli abethtown. Pa. Elementary—May PSKA. Women' lutramurali. WILLIAM JOHN GLADSTONE Philadelphia. Pa. Si-eondary—May lotramuiat : Band. Bra Kn emhle. RICHARD JOHN CLOECKLER York, Pa. I .literal Am—January Fredrman Football; Vanity Football; Golf. Mu Alpha Kappa, president, pledge mart er; IFC; Snapper; Economics Club. co-chairman. 133( .i.uiyvillr. Pa. RICHARD I). COGHNAUKR Elenunlartt—May LAWRENCE PATRICK COI)l IjiHiitri. Pa. IJheral Art»—Muj Swimming; Alpha Sigma Chi. RMA. VIVIEN ROSEMARY GOLI.ATZ Lancaster, Pa. Ubrrttl Arti- am«w» Rudds Ss lentihc Society; Slmlriil Guide. l.cotu. I‘a. ETHEL FULMER GOOD EUmrntaty Jttnuanj RENA HELEN C H)D Wilmington. IVI. Elementary—January SiuipjM-r, ait editor. Pi IVll-i Kpiilou. vk-c president. ACKI; Student Guide. Marietta. Pa KATHLEEN II. COODALL Elementary—January LORRAINE IOOOWIN' Faille Hill . Pa. Elementary—May J. V. Chreflrading. ACM; P« IVII Kpnlon, Vanity Itocfcey, Intramural ; limt Intone. »«utial' nlilm. WILLIAM KEITH CORIX)N (.'h-aifuld. Pa. Libcial Art —May Freshman Basketball; "'ukm. historian FRANK BERNARD GRAUUSKN Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—May Han tiall. Knot ball. itasKeth.ill; SOS. It.isdci th-ogiupW Society; V i'W mail Chib. DAN ID E. CRACK Qmt«. Pa. Secondary— anuary Sr«et. captain. Tan Gamma Lamtxla. prisMlrnt. Ilmlii Geographic Society. Vaults Club. Yocfc. Pa. RICHARD JOSEPH CRAIIAM. JR Elementary—January MAID M CRECC York. Pa Uberal Alt anuary RICHARD LEE GRIFFIN Port Matilda, Pa. Iiuluttrial Artt—Aupul Freshman Football. Vanity Football; ImJustiial Ait Society. Varsity Club. BEVKRLN ANN CROUP High ly till-. Pa. Elementary—May PSEA, vice prrsidmt, liitniniural Ha kitliall and Volleyball; lirurfutonr. ACKI. Student Guide; lb mu Ceiunirlor, Big Sister. RACHELL LEVIN GROVES Upper Darby. Pa. Secondary—.May Women" .Smite Organization. Xmnpliile. Student Guide; Sigma Phi Delta, vice president, ROBERT DAVID GRUENEWAI.D llrthlrhrm. Pa. Irulurtrial Art —May Choir. Industrial Aits Society. FRANCES BARBARA GUINTER Mlllenvillr, Pa. Secorufary—May Dolphin Club, Xim |i)iile, secretory; Student Guide; PSKA. BEVERLY ANN HACKER Allentown. Pa. Elementary—May Omega tin la Sigma, president, tivasurer. Pi Delta Kpsitun, Alpha Psi Omega, lecectarv; Ctlainard, CKO. treasurer, Madrigal Singers; Women's Choeus, PSEA. ’ " 134EDWARD JOHN IIAOEN. |K. S)Mi ii£li«''lil. I’a, Elementary—lamatry $0CCI1. llaxkvtlNill; SOS, revtrtary-tie imrer LINDA LEE IIACN'ER Shrllmgtmi. Pa. Secondary—May Snn r irr. co-editor. nrwi editor. Ilntnrcouuiig Cotut. Cuktr, Pi Delta Epulmi. Dean' Academic AdvUory Board. Vho‘t Who. DARI.ENE MAE HAHN Mobnton, Pa. Elementary—May Choir. ACEI. ROLAND THOMAS IIAIIN II York. Pa, Secondary—May Studrnt Cuttle. Alpha Phi Omega. Entomology Qub. vice prexident; Horhlv Scitntific Society. Intranmrali. DAVID STUART HAINES New Cattle. Pa. Secondary—May Alpha Sigma Chi. pUdgrmartc-r. KATIIY LOUISE IIAINS Manhclm, Pa. Library Seixuc- -May Band, (.Hilary, Otoliextra, AStA, trraxurri, Women' Teton Trnai; Women' Vanity Club; Cultural Alfaut Committee. JANICE MARIE HAI.LAIIAN et«|udirmlng. Pa. I.ibmry Science—May Aviation Chili, AHA; Orthodox Chrixtian Fellow»hi|i. No l.omlrda Chi. A SUSANNE HAMBR1CHT I.aruarti r. Pa. Secondary—May WDSA. prexident; Student Senate. Sigma Phi Omega. |net!dent, plrdgr chaltman. Tribunal. t.SA. Social Council. IKC; Student .Service . Inc.. Board ■d Diicctun. x-ttHary: PSKA; Inter-Oiganiralkm Council; Aviation Qumh Cooit; Who’ Who. ALISON KAV HAMILTON Media, Pa. Sceondan — Atrgu Dolphin Club; S1SM Sp.nutli (Hull. Jt. year In $|uin Kappa Della Phi THOMAS PETER HANEY Yard ley. Pa Secondary-May Social Slo.liea Club, pirvidtnt. Veuinaii Student Aunciatinti, vice iwnhlcnt; RMS; Tribunal; Student Cur.le; I •SEA; Who Who, PATRICIA LOUISE HANTHORN Alexandria. Va. Library Srirner—May A3A. Pa PHILIP ROBERT HARKINS Secondary—Augurt PENNY LEE HARPSTER I.ewritown, Pa. Liberal Art —Augur I 1 SA; Ptoiect Crmle, o-uidmatoi. MARY SUSAN HAHSHMAX EaU Petertburji. Pa. Elementary—May PSKA. ABA. Project Guide. KATHY ANN HARTWIO Taorarpia, Pa. Elementary—lotmary ACEI; PSKA. Delta Phi Eta. Who' Who. KATHY J IIASHINCEH Millertville, Pa. Elementary—May JOAN ELLEN IIASSINCKR Nurrivtown. Pa. Liberal Art —May tntramulab; MNM. I .A VERNE S. IIAUCK, JR Rothvx ille. Pa. Indurtrial Artt—Augurt Imluitrul rl Society. I'SEA. 135Eartvillr. P . ACEI; rSEA. LSA. CAROL ANN HE ACOCK Elementary—January CORA SUE HEDGES Darby. Pa. Library Science—May AHA, Choir, piuniit; LSA. KAREN STAUFFER IIEINI York. P«. Elementary—May ACNES HELEN IIEISELMAN La neuter. IV Elementary—Augutl SARA LOUISE HENDERSON Tarmtnm. 1 4. Library Science—May JAY C. HENRY llarrUhor);, IV Secondary—Augutl Freshman Btwball and Football; Vanity Batrball; Vanity Club. LOUISE REBECCA HENZE York, Pa. Elementary—January ACEIi CEC. II DONALD IIERNEISEN Maithriiii, Pa. Elementary--May Snapper; Baud: Alpha Phi Omega; Intramural : PSEA. CECILIA A. HERR Lancatlrr. Pa. Art Education—May DORIS E. HERR Mllk-nvillr, Pa. I.ilrraty Science—Augutl AHA. L. DOUGLAS HERR l.uiM-avter. Pa. Liberal Aril—Mary Stmlent Santlr; Tail Gamma Lambda. IKC. Bwlit Geographic Society. Social Conned, chairman BRENDA WACNER HERRING Pen Aigyl. Pa. Secondary—January Xcnojihib'. German Club; Dormitory Vice Pmldcnl, Ci laniard, Worom't Chorui; IntramuraU. REBECCA L. HESTER York, Pa. Elementary—January BRENDA LEE HETRICK llarritbtirg, Pu. Liberal Art»—May TERRENCE MICHAEL IHEMENZ Lancatlrr, I’a. Secondary—May Newman Chib; MDSA, PHILLIP C. HILL Crttyilwirg, Pa. Induitrtal At It—Atiguil Art Society; IVCF. DAVID UEL HIMMELBERGER Mountville. Pa. Secondary—May Ctott Country. Track, Mil Kappa Mu. CHERYL KENDIG HINKLE 136 Lancatlrr, Pa. CEC; ACEI. Elementary—JanuaryNANCY ELAIXE IIOCII llrlhlrhcm, I'j. Elrmirnlary—May Womcn‘« (rhuir; PSEA. CEC. BARBARA JEAN HOH EX WARIER Ijmcaitc-r, Pa, Elementary—May Jla| nrllfi Siting Knu-mhle. Orchestra; CEC; PSKA. JACQUELYN' LOUISE HOKE Dallaitown. Pa. l.llteral Arl» --January PSKA. Xemiphile; Citamard. JOHN' RICHARD 1IOLLAXD. JR. Philadelphia, Pa, Secondary—lanuary Mu Kappa Mu. Alpha Sigma Chi. recording secretary, Senate. HAROLD S. IIOXIO Phocnixville, Pa. Secondary—May Mu Alpha Kappa, retirlaty. Social Council. DAVID M. HONTZ Waluinlmyti, Pa. I nil ml rial Art —Ai gmr HMA; Mu Alpha Kappa, vice president; Marauder. HAROLD E. HOPPER. JR. Hanucy. .V. J. Industrial Art —May Alpha Sigtna CM, vice president. fnnr. I.SA. treasurer; HMA; Imhnltial Art' Society; Imhnltial Ait Honor Society; Studml Guide, RAYMOND ANTHONY HORN. JR SchaHIrntowo. Pa. Secondary—May Halt-hall, Fuulhall; Haikrlball. LOUISE IRENE HORNER ilaveitown, Pa. Library Science—May Intramural ; ABA. Xruophlle. JUDITH ANN HORN 1X0 Heel l.knn. Pa. Elementary—May Women's Choral, president; Omega Thria Sigma, vice president; WCA; TIFC. Undent representative; IFC; ACF.I; PSEA; Intramural ; Who's Who. THOMAS LEROY HORST I.rhanon, Pn. Secondary—May Mu Alpha Kappa. Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer, Sergeant at arrm; LSA. JUDITH C. HOSSL.ER Elizabethtown. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI: WSO. Inlratmirali. JOHN HILLARD HOSTETTER. JR. Cap. Pa. Secondary—January Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer. president. VIRCIXIA RAE HOUSEAL Stcelton. Pa. Elementary—May ACEI. historian; 1-$A. secretary . PSKA; Dolphin Club. SUSAN LEADER IIOVIS Voile, Pa. WSO. ROBERTA FRANCES HOI Herrhry. Pa. String Ensemble. Xcuophilo PATRICIA JEAN HUCCIXS Neptune. X. J. Secondary—May WCA; English Club. Dormitory Treasurer, Wumcn'i Service Organization. Elementary- -May Liberal Art -.May LORRAINE MARIE HUMES Philadelphia. Pa. Secondary—May Women’ Service Organization; Intramural ; PSEA.CAROLE J HUNSBERCER Elementary—.Moy Heading. Pa. UCCF. delegate a large. ACKI. PSEA. CHARLES TOM I NCRAM Boothssyn. Pa. Elementary — Augutt FomImIL LINDA MARIE I WES Springfield. Pa. Elementary—May Intramural ; Vartlt) lUilrilull and Umnu', MSM. PSEA; ACKI; Women ChortWl Choir. NORMA Rl'TII IRION Philadelphia. Pa. Ehnunlan —May PSF.A. MARTIN THOMAS JACOBS York. P«. Secondary—-May Vanity Tennis; .Social Studies Club. JOHN WILLIAM JACKSON kuku'ood, Pa. I.literal Aft -—May Rami. STEPHEN L JENNINGS ■.ancustcr, Pn. Uheral Art —May Phi Sigma Pi. president; Alpha Sic» - Chi. ELIZABETH ANNE JOHNSON I'rotprct Park. Pa. Secondary—January llockry; Sruipj»-r; Intiamutal Softball, JOEL I). JOHNSON Reading. Pa. Elementary—Slaty CEC; PSKA. Intramural ; Tribunal. JOHN TIMOTHY JOHNSON SjhIiijj Miami. Pa. huluttrial Arc —May Football. Baseball; Wlcfcru, corresponding secretary, treasurer. LANA JOAN JOHNSON York. Pa. SnW ry-M K G. JAY JONES Willow Crave, Pa. SYeondory—Augurt Track, Crost Country; Varsity Club. MSM, president. LOIS WENGER JORDAN Millrrtvillr. Pa. Elementary—Stay JOSEPH FRANK KABRIIEI. Eidenhrtin. Pa. Iiuiuttiial Art - January l| ha Phi Omega; Industrial Art. Society. WILLIAM PHILLIP KACZMAKCZYK Montomsville. Pa. Art EUlutalinn—Auguit Sigma Kps don Ba-ta; (.Yofg. Street Carnital, photography Co-editor. Aviation Club. JOANNE MARIE KANE Tamuqua. Pa. Elementary—May PSEA. delegate at large. Knglnh Club. Newman Club. ACKI; WSO; SlMpfK r MARILYN ANN KANG AS Camp llill. Pn. Elementary—May Xrnupkile; PSK . I'bi 1..iiiiIk1.i Sigma; Intraniurab. Lacrosse. RAYMOND JOSEPH KASPER Ka.t Plymouth. Pa. Liberal Art —January Varsity Foot loll, Mu Alpha kappa, sice president and treaturer. 138DOXAI.I) ROBERT KAUFFMAN Harrisburg. Pa. Library Science—May Phi Sigma Pi; ABA. Young Republican Club BETSY J. KAUFMAN Strnsburg. Pa. Elementary—May Vanity Field Hockey; Women' VanMy Club. JANK LOUISE KAl FMANN Temple, Pu, Lllrrary Science—May VBA: Women’s Chorus; PSKA; Mu Kappa tu; I.SA. JUDITH A. KEATII Pa. Library Science—May PSKA. Hand. VBA. KARL MATTHEW KECK Havertown. Pa. Elcmentan - -January Basedull, Basketball. Soccer; Men' Varcds Club; Intramural Committee; Sports Program, editor MARYLOU KEECAN West Lawn. Pa. Si-torsdiiry—August Student Guide, Newman Club. MARYANN KKII.IIOI.TZ Columbia, Pa. Elementary—May VVDSA. Delta Pin F.ta; ACKI; I'SK A. Stodmt Guide MARTHA ELLEN KEIM York. Pa, Library Science—Miry College Cimunuiiity Orchestra; Hand. DEBORAH EILEEN KELLER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—May I EC. VVDSA. Sigma Phi Omega. M. KATHLEEN KELLEY Wallingford, l a. Secondary— May Stiulrnt Senate; Junior Class Treasurer. Citamanl; WCA; VVSO. Ilockcy. Ness man (.'bib. JOSEPH MICHAEL KELLY Camp llill. Pa. Elementary—January Scftliall, Student Guide. SALLY E. KELLY Springfield, Pa. Elementary—May Newman Chib. Dolphin Club, secirtaiy. Lactocve. Intramuials, Sigma Phi Delta, Junior Class Secretary. Student Guide; Tribunal; ACKI; PSKA. CUXITA KIAKA Norristown, Pa. Elementary—May CKC; PSKA; IntramuraLs. MARGARET LEE KINCH l.ritanon. Pa. Elementary—May Women's Cliniut; ACKI; CF.C. MARCIA FAYE KINTZER Bernvillc, Pa. Elementary-May CARL ANTHONY KIRCIINER Lantastrr. Pa. Secondary—January MERLY KA KIRCHOFF l.aocastcr, Pa. Art Education—May Wnmen'i Omms; Student Guide. Aristocrats. recording secretary; Newman Club. Concert ami I-e 1 ure Series; ACKI. 139 l.aucatlrr, Pa. JAMES A. KIRK. JR. Liberal Arf»—MoyCHERYL LOUISE KLE1NLE SriWiity— May ELAINE ADELE KOCII Springfield. Pj. Sccondary- Auguit Bam!. X'nophile. Women' C burnt. JOAN WAGNER KOCHEL Lanratter. Pa. Secondary—May Knglltb Club. SUSAN JEAN KOEHLER Warrington, Pa. Elcmcntary-May CEC. JACQUELINE BACHMAN KOHR Joncttuttn. Pa. Secondary—May GERALD DAVID KOLMAN l.u rine. Pa. Induttrial Art —May NANCY REBEKAII KOONS Uttlrttown, Pa. Elementary—May PSEA. Womni't Ckaiui. Eattcin, Pa. Mu Kappa Mu; I’SEA; LSA. TERRY L. KLINE Lebanon. Pa. Secondary—May Font hall; Football. H i.k. tl. ill -ami Bwbiill. trainer; Social Studiet Club; SOS. prnutlent; Circle X Club; Intramural Baikrtball. LARRY NIADER KLIN'C. lad llavm. Pa. Induttrial Artr May | M; Induttrial Art» Society, vice president; Fo.ll.all KARLENE MAE KNAPP Pine Grove. Pj. Elementary—May EUGENE E. KNAUB York. Pa. Induttrial Arr»—January DAVID RONALD KOCH Soudetton, Pa. Induttrial Art•—May Tmnit, Football, manager, WMSH Radio, ittitlanl engineer; Mrn't Vanity Club, reCrrtary. THOMAS D KOONS York. Pj. Liberal Art a—May Track. ANDREW JOSEPH PATRICK KOSIK Dupont. Pa. Iniluxtrial Artr—January Intramuralt; Induttrial Ait Society. AI.AN L. KOTH Lancjtter, Pa. Induttrial Arfa—January Trnmt. anittanl coach, Induttrial Vrt» Society. JUDY MARIE KOZI.OWSKI La ncaMrr, Pa. Elementary—May CHERYL KAY KRAFT Columbia. Pa. Elementary—May SUSAN KRAT7.KE Rnalyn, Pa. Secondary--May Newman Club Newspaper. circulation bead. WWFM Ratlin; W ISR Radio, program director. Who' Who. 110Linciitcr. Pa, A ANNE kREADY Elementary—January LINDA SUSAN KHIKHKL IDtBrkl. Pa Library Science—May Sigma Phi Delta, jm-iult n(. ICC; AIIA. GERALDINE KRIEBEL Scitwniktvillr. Pa. Secondary—January Gamma Sigma Alpha. Women’ Gborot. PSKA: Women Haikrtball, man agcr, Student Guide, UCCK. Women’ Vanity Club; Ubiaiy AnUtant. BRIGITTE KRIEG Alrvillr, Pa Libera! Art —May Women Chcmn, Xenophile, Noddy Scientific Society, tccreturv, Entomology Club, secretary; International FiillnUncing, ec»r«ary. Gmnan Club. DONALD LESTER kBEIDER l.anruitrr, Pa. Secondary—Auguif PSBA; Mf-nmmllc Student Pfllciw Jiip. SHIRLEY k. kREIDER Qourryvillr. I a. Liberal Art —Auglut CHC; Battler Geographic Society, wetetaiy; Delta Phi Eta, treasurer; PSEA. KATHLEEN RUTH KROUSE Boyrrtown, Pa. Element ary—May CEI; PSEA. Delta Phi Klo. historian; LSA. MARION LOUISE KROUSE Aldan, I'a. I.thr-al Art —May Mu Kd|i| .i Mu. pmldenl. Cantetbuiy Club, pirudrnt. Delta PM Eta, were tary. Choir; Hiulge Club. Studrnt Guide. PSKA. Who’s Who. NOAH E. kROUT Spring Grove, Pa. Elementary—January PSEA; CHC CAROL ANN kULP Soudrrton, Pa. Secondary -May Vanity Bulrilull, Intramural Committer: PSEA. LSA; Xrnophik; l orm Vice I’rnklrnl. JUDITH ANN kUTLER Grantville, Pa. Secondary—May Xenophile, vice president. CHRISTIE LEE I.ABELLE Wdllamtpotl. Pa. Secondary—May Hand; Mu Kappa Mu. Orchrtlra; PSEA. DARLA BAKER LAMOUREUX»ler. Pa. Secondary—May English Club. CARL D. LANDIS I-tiicailrr. Pa. Secondary—-May Choir, Kngliah Club; Snapper. C. PAUL LANDIS Kphrata. Pa. Ubcral Art —Aogurt ELIZABETH ANN LANDIS Elizabethtown, Pa. Elementary—May J. RICHARD LANDIS Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—May Mennonilr Studrnt Fellowship, president. ISABEL LOIS LANE Bnwmansvillr. Pa. Art Education—May Snapper; Aitutocracy, corresponding secretary. 141MAUREEN E. LAPP I I imkIiiiiu, IU. Elementary—January A('KI. XoiMijihili . X'cwmau Club. JAMES ALBERT LaSALLE Hid Icy I'ail. Pa. Secondary—May XmupKlIo. LARRY E. I.AUVER Mrtiblllosvn, |'n, I mint I mil Arlt— nnuciriy Industrial Arts Society, Alts Honor Society; Uni ami Cun Club. JAMES R. LEA MAX Columbia. Pa. Secondary—May Moinmilf .Stinb-nt F(lln«ihip. liir president. JOHN HAROLD I.EAMAN Lancaster. Pa. SVinmlary—May llutlr C.ri,grjphi - Society. Social Studun Club. ROLAND I! I.ECRONE Yuik. Pa. Elementary—May Alpha lln Omega; ACKI. MARGARET . LED I)} Columbia. Pa. Elemematy—May CKO; I). ',. Pin IK. WDSA KENNETH LLOYD LeFEY’ER Minim Joy, Pa. Secondary—May Mmhrnutlci llmims 1.1x1. PKCCY ANN LEID Slc-rni, Pa. Elementary—May I.SA; Wuirirtr's Hiiskrtlsjll; Intruimiriils; AHA, EDWARD II. LICIITMAN Lancaster, P». Secondary—May St intent Cuulr. Intramural Committee. LINDA LIGHT Lancaster. Pa Elementary—May ACKI. S.gtna I‘In Omega. THOMAS I LIGHT. JR. Lebanon. Pa. Liberal Art a—May IVCF. Social Studio Club, secretary. LSA. JEANNIE LORAINE LINTON UncMlrr. P.«. Elementary—May Stmlrnl Guide; Women Choim; Freiuh Club; Delta Plu Klu. BRADFORD Y LITTLE l a tun, Ohio Secondary—May Social Studies Club; PSKA, SOS. Junior Claw President; Who's Who. JUDITH ANN LOMBARDO I-Oleaster. Pa. Secondary Anguit Kilgliili Club, duel tor d tutoring. |U. snleirl. Social Crnineil, ROBERT MACBETH LONG Straihuig, Pa. Itulurlrial Artr—May l|iha Sigma Chi, president, vice preiidenl, friar; Imlustrial Aits Honor Society, Induitrial Alts Society, Trark and Field. SUSAN RAE L0REN7.0N Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; Tribunal; Pin I. mil t,i Sigma. recording secretary; Lucrosir; PSFA. 112 Chester Springs. Pa. CATHERINE A. LOSTEN Library Science—JanuaryBfiUul. Pa. ACEI. ROXANNE LOVETT Elementary—May Summit ShlKW. Pa. Football. FREDERICK G. I.UTKUS hulutlrud Arti Auguif FRANCES EILEEN LUTTMAN Lebanon. Pa. Elementary—.May WSOi Women' Cbocti ; PSE.I. KENNETH ALLAN MAC CORD llavettown. P«. Elementary—January ( hiM . Sludrnl Ciikl : PSKA. IIMA. Intiamural SHARON L. MAC INTYRE Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary— Augmf Orehc tra; USA. Walnut|MMt. Pa. BEVERLY ANN MACK Library Jciinff—Ariginf MAID E. MAC KINDER Yotk. Pa. Elementary—Augurt Newman Club, bill c»(un. Cltamafd. JAMES J. MADCEY Philadel|thia. Pa. Secondary Augu.f Voting lb public .in Club, treauirrf. Choir, PSKA. Newman Club. Mil k.t|»pa 'III. Madligal Singer. PATRICIA ELIZABETH MAIIANEY Ambler. Pa. Elementary—Miry Newman Club, tecrrlaty; PSKA. ACKI, Intramural ; Dram Vice Ptmident. LUCA CUYER MORATII New Cumbetlniul, Pa. Elementary—January Women' Field Hockey, manager. Women' Vanity Club. PSKA. CKC. preti-ilrnt. Intramural . JUDITH ANN MARCUT Ulunm, Pa. Elementary—Mat) PSKA; I.SA. ACKI. York. Pa. ELSIE I. MARSTELLAR Art Education Stay KATHY ELAINE MARSTON Mrvbamcibiiig, Pa. Secondary—January PSKA, Project Guide. Mu Kappa Mo. teerrtary. Fretbman Kaikrtball. Dl WE WOLE MARTIN Peach Hottom. Pa. I.lltrary Science—January I.OCIOMC Club, XHA; Women' Chum . DORIS MARIE MARTIN l cila, Pa. Secondary—May Mmiumite Student Frllmvdnp, uctrlary, Knglith (.'bib. Intramural ; Student Guide; Project Guide. WII.MER R MARTIN Terre llill. Pa. Liberal Am—May Choir. SUSAN S. MASENIIEIMER Cojiloy. Pa. Srcmuluiy - Airguif KATHI.ENE MATHERS Willow Gon e. Pa. Liberal Arfa— anwiry Checileadiuit, Tim Intone, «H lllor, Sigma I'll! Della. 143CAROLYN FRANCES MATHUR Unc»(rr. Pa. Liberal Ail —May Women’ CHorut; Rixldy Scientific Society. IrrMint. LINDA MAE MAUL Dnvrr. Pa. Elementary—May LCCK. THERESA ANN MAURER Columbia, Pa. Art Education—May V1 SA. vice prrvdent. Aitistocracy. JANE ALLISON McURlDF. Coronpolh. Pa. Secondary—May Chrittion Science Organi atiim. George Sired Venture: Project Guide. ELAINE C. McCANN Camp Hill. Pa. Secondary -May IVCF; PSEA. JOE LI. A ARLENE McC.'AWLEY AblmtUtown, Pa. Elementary—'May ACEI. PSEA. eric s. McClellan Lrwittown, Pa. Secondary—May Intramural ; Aljdia I'bi Omega, corrnpombng trerrtuty; I.SA; Cboir, p o'i-dmt; Entomology Cluli; Prr hmuii Treat HUT. ANNE-I-OUISE McCLOSKEY Korol Hill, Md. Library Science—Augur ABA. PATRICIA ANN McCBEERY Lancaster, Pit. l.iherul Artt—Mny Mil Kappa Mu. Xcnuphilc; Student Senate, W'DSA representative, Sigma I’bi Omega. social secretary, vice pretident. JAMES LESLIE MeDONEL Slew Cumberland. Pa. Secondary —January Hand; College Community Otcltcilra Ilr .vt Quintet. Entomology ;iub. KATHLEEN JUNK MeDONOlGII Reading. Pa. Elemental! —-.Mny Dolphin Club. Women Club. College Chntr; I’SKA. JUDITH ANN MeDOWELL SiMilham|itiitt, Pa. Arf I'.,location—January WSO; Artistocrocy. SHARON ELIZABETH McGIBBOX Cnatetvillr, Pa. Elementary—May WSO. PSEA. KEITH A. McKAIN Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—January Wit Orographic Society, treat urn. Hand; Ruddy ScientiBc Society. I .an cutter, Pa. W SO; CKC. MARGARET LANGFORD McKAIN Elementary -January CYNTHIA LYNNE Mt KEEN ER MorrisVille. Pa. Elementary—May Nettimin Club; PSEA; CKC; Intematmual Folk Dancing Club. JAMES GARY McKINNEV Willow Grove, Pa. Secondary—Mag Freshman Football. IntruinuraL. CHERYL JOANNE Mt LAIN L,mealier. Pa. Secondary—January Cheerleader. captain. Student Senate. Gamma Sigma Alpha; Student Guide, Wumen'i Var»it Club; W’DSA; Spanitb Club.ROBERT ALLEN McLANE. Ill W.lmtngton. Delaware Secondary—January Wrestling; Aviation Club. JOSEPH GERARD MvNAMARA Uraitchilulr, Pa. Secondary—May Newman Clubj Xcnopliilr. HELEN LOUISE McNEMAR Avondale, Pa. Elementary—May PS LA. Women’ Chorus. THOMAS C. MeNUTT. JR Millenvllle, Pa. Imhntrial Att»—May Ohonit; Wrestling; Cilamard. JANICE EILEEN MECKLEY Denver. Pa. Elementary—January Band, (.Tiolx, Student Guide; ACKI, WDSA. JOHN EDWARD MEEHAN Tom Ktver, N. J. Secondary—May Vanity and Frrihmun Football. Bridge Club, trratuicr; lta kilball and Football Program Kdltur, Men" Vanity Club. PEGGY ANN METZ Conestoga, Pa. P.SuV.—May t tlocracy. advertising chairman, WDSA. SUSAN NANCY MEYERS Pot tit Own, P«. Elementary—Augmt CAROL MARIE MICNONI Briatol. Pa. Elementary—May W-: . Newman Club. Wimirn’i Chorm. PSKA. CAROL LYNN MILLER Suilnian. Pa. Elementary—May Intramural Committee: CEC; PSKA; ACKI. DONALD WILLIAM MILLER llarritlmrg. Pa. Uheral Art —May JOHN PATRICK MILLER Anuville, Pa. Secondary—May Soccer. Baccball; Alpha Phi Omega, vice prrtidrnt ami recotelmg secretary; Var ity Club; PSKA; National Council ot Social Studie ; Intramural . JOY C. MILLER New Cumberland, I’a. Library Seim re—May ABA, pledge matter; Women’ Chom . MARJORIE ANN MILLER Boy el town. Pa. Arl Education—May Phi Lambda Sigma. Artntocracy. PAULA ANN MILLER L.’ttlcstown. Pa. Elementary- -January PSKA; ACKI, Snapper, nrw editor. BARBARA ELAINE MILLS Nottingham. Pa. Uhraty Science—January ABA; Xenophllc; PSKA; Student Cuidr. Krmeh Club. SYLVIA J. MIN’KA Chester, Pa. Elementary—May ICG; MSM; PSKA; CKC. JAMES LEE MITCHELL Liberal Arit January 145 York. Pa. Yuung Republican .JUDITH SHEPHERD MITCHELL (hlonl, Pa. Elfmrntonf— January IVCP, wlan ; CEC. vlw pmldml. JOHN JOHN MOLOTZAK CoikUlr. Pa. Secondary—Way Mil Kappa Mu; Coll Tram. BONXIE I.. MONTAG Rending, Pa. FJemenlary— May IMphm Club. LSA. Mu Kap]u Mn. Canlrtlmry Chib, tectrlary; Bridge Club. CHARLENE MARIE MORGAN WllkrvBiur, Pa. Kfemenfary—May Hand. Newman Club; Coinmittrr. AC El; CEC, Intramural Sport . LAWRENCE V MORRELL Wayne, Pa. Secondary -May Bridge Club. Intramural . Mu Kappa Mu. Young Republican . LYNN LOUISE MORRISON liiutMi. Pa. Secondary—May Mn Kappa Mu; Collr-gc Community Ori'he t»a; PSEA; LSA. MARTHA MOUNTZ Mnhntmi. Pa. F.lrmeniary—May Slmlrrir Guide; I’SKA. VERONICA ANNE Ml l.LEN Ardmore, Pa. Secondary—May I.iictour, Inlrnmiiralt; Bridge Club. Mount |ov. Pa. CAROLE A. MI NIMA Elementary—January MARCIA CWYNN MUMMER I Millmvillr. Pa. Liberal Am—January Xeiutjihilr, Hockey. ROBERT E. MURPHY I .a nutate. Pa. Liberal Art—January Kmhinuii Foot 1mII; Mu Alpha Kappa. Track. PAUL WILLIAM MURR LatWItr, Pa. Secondary—Angurt ciiipliile. Spanish Chili. Intramural . MARGIE ELLEN MYERS Boy rrtown, Pa. Secondary—May Hand, woodwind ejuinlrt; Orchctra; Pep Haiul, PSKA; Choir. RAYMOND R. MYSLINSKI Rai.lrt Geographic Sucirtl; Youog IX-mocratl; Intramural.. Seeaudaty May ARLENE ALICE NACE Camp Hill. 1 4. Liberal Aria—AngiiX Women Omni., MARY LOU NAPPI Scraiitoo. Pa. Fir meat ary—May Newman Stuilmt Actociatinn; CEC. RICHARD I). NAYLOR York. Pn. Secondary—May Omlcion Gamma Onmn, Ireainrrr. Fmhman vice pmfdent; HMA. BEVERLY ANN NECKER Willow Grove. Pa. ACE I. USA; Delta Phi Eta. f. ewentury- -.MayPntt t ivxn. Pa. Kathleen ruth nebr Elf mi iilu ri —-May MAID JANE NEENAN llaitithuig. Pa. Klrmcnloy—Slay I'SKA. Newman Student oeiation. WAYNE EUGENE NEFF Lanctatlrr. Pa. Industrial Arti-Uoy Bawball. CECI1.E MARIE XEIDKR1 Kemling. Pa. Elementary—May I'SKA. At Kl. Ni wninii Student A ociatmn. JOHN EDWIN NELSON Srllntgrove, Pa. Library S’rioKf—January liitr.iiiiuial . Venture Gluli; 1.SA. laARRY WAYNE NF.STLKRODE ( iilaiir , Pa. Industrial Am -May Rod ami Gun (Hull. iangr nHicvt, Alt Society. RUDOLF I . NEUSTADTEK Elizabethtown, Pj. Liberal Art —January greg newak Ma field. Pa. Industrial Art —January Imliiiltial Ait Socit-t . e u t.nv, Imluitiml Ait IfnoOT Society. CAROL LEE NEWSWANCER 0 1.11 1. Pa. Art Edutatlon■—August Rami: George Strrrf Camtral; i.n . SUZANNE MARTHA NICKLAUS l_im .i tri. Pa. Elementary— January JANE AII.EEN'E NIEMOND MiHlintmvo. Pa. Secondary—May Women Omiiu ; Xenophtlc. Delta PM Eta. DAVID E. NULL Humham, Pa. Industrial Art —May Method! ! Stmlml Movement. o ial chainnan; IIMA, vice preiidml Irian whig ami a i tant tirauiirl. Waihirigtim linen, I’a DONALD J. NYCE Industrial Arts Augurt ETIIEI M SON OBENZA Lntr, Philippine Elementary—August Intriiiational Stmlml I'nion, ELIZABETH O'BRIEN Philadelphia, Pa, Elementary—Auput Women' Vattilv Club; Coloeguafd Sipuil. Ilockcy Team; Locro»e Team. PSKA. Lrvittivwn. Pa. RICHARD MICHAEL O'CONNELL Secondary- May SUSAN ANN O'DONNELL Reading. Pa. Elementary—August PSKA. BEVERLY RAl OGDEN Smithampton, Pa. Secondary -May Social Sludie Club; CEC.Montra e, Pa. Choir; PSEA. JACQUELINE NANCY OLIN Elementary May JOELLEN ORTN'ER Reading. I'.-i. Elementary—January CKC; PSKA; ACKI; Student Council Safely Committer. JERE M. OSTERMAYER Mount Joy. Pa. Secondary—May PSEA; National Council Tracbeti of Mathematic . HARRY EMERSON OTTO Tower City. Pa. Liberal Art —January Hand, Spartith Club, pretident. Xrnophilr Society. English Club. ptetidentl Mlllonville Cnniiiuiiuty Ordinlm, piano. RICHARD JAMES PAPEZ Lancaster. Pa. Liberal Art —May Band; OichcMm JANICE PARISI Philadeljiliiii. Pa. Secondary—May Dolphin Club. MARJORIE ANN PARK HummeUtowii. Pa. Elementary—May ACKI. MADALENE C.AIL PARKER North Water. Pa. Liberal Art —May Women Churui. Snapper; L'(X)K, president; Pi l elta Eptilon. vice pioiilnil, PSEA. WILLIAM ANTHONY PASQUINO Warren. Pa. Secondary—May Football; Newman Club. ARTHUR LOUIS PAVLATOS Lancattrr. Pa. Secondary—May SO S. JANICE LOUISE PAYNE Ilarrithurg. Pa. Elementary —May ACEI. JANICE LOUISE PEARCE Briito), Pa. Library Science—May Choir; USA. MARTIN JOHN PEICKER Philadrlpbla, Pa. Secondary—January Xeivophile, Marbitrgcr WingoW; Young Conservative League; Young Brpulili cant. CHARLES S. PELLATIRO llolltopplo. Pa. Induurial Art —January ludiitlrial Art Society. TOM I.INWOOI) PEN NE PACK Eli Shlllingtnn, Pa. Induilrial Artt—January Imliivtual Art» Honor Society; Meti » Vanity Club, prrtidml; Football; Y ret t ling, Track, captain, JANE ELAINE PENNYBAKKR Scllmville. Pa. Secondary—January Snapper, imocintc editor; Cituinnrd; Alpha I’ti Omega. I'l Delta Epulon. KATHRYN LOUISE PETERS Uethlehrm, Pa. Elementary—May Mu Kappa Mu; ACEI. LINDA JOYCE PETERS KfSuterville. Pa. Elementary—May Women' Cliorut; Project Guide; Hig-Little Sitter Program; Gamma Sigma Alpha. 148SANDRA MARIK PETERSON Cttrtff-r, Pa. Art Education—Slay Snapper. :t editor. Sigma lid Della. recording trcretAry, Ailittocrucy, T inifliilowf DAVID CEOROE PETKOSM Sidman. Pa. Secondary—Slay George Street Canurat, poetry editor. Knglirh Club. NVIl.LIAM MICHAEL PEZZA Rrlttol. P . Secondary—Slay Mu Alpha Kappa, pretidetit. vice pumdent. Inlet Fraternity Council, preti-denl, Newman Club; lull jmurah DONALD RAY PIEEER bit Ptlmhuig. P . Secondary—Slay Student Guide, Young Democrat Club. FRED MICHAEL POLLOCK Carbundalc. Pa. Ulteral Art —Stay Newman Club. RMA: Social Studtei Club. Goll. Hauler Geographic Society, president. BRIAN KENDEL POLLY Lancnttctr, Pa. Llbcrul Am—Slay Alpha Phi Omega; ICC, pfmidcnt: Rateball; Young Republican Club. Student Senate. JEANETTE LOUISE RABER New Oxford, Pa. Elementary—January Intramural ; IKunntoiy Food am! Routing Hepietenlallve. ACK1, ireatuirr; Women' Chorut. CHARLES DONALD RABUCK, JR. York. Pa. Elementary—May Student Council; Men'» Vanity Club; Team. Student Cuidr. RMA, MARCIA LOUISE RAKFENSPERCER Elizabethtown, Pa. Library Science—January ABA; IKilphin Cluh; Sigma Phi Delta, vice pietidrnt FRANK J. RACAN, JR. Neivlown Square, Pa Secondary—May Student Manager cl Hat Race. CHARLES FREDERICK RALSTON Clearfield. Pa. Secondary—Auguif Alpha Phi Omega, Alumni tocretaty, lecoml vice pm Id out, prmident; NISM. pr indent. WMSR. .rtution manager, Football. Mi n’t Vanity Cluh; Snapper, ■ulveitiling manager. JUDITH ANN RANK CoatexviUe. Pa. Elementary—January PSEA. CEC; ACKL LARRY RICHARD POOLE MillertviUr. Pa. Secondary— Stay Race) tall. DONNA MARIE POPO Ogden. Pa. Secondary-May Student Senate Social Council; Studrnt Guide. VIRGINIA HOPE POWELL Pruttriville. Pa. Elementary—January Women' Chorut; Piojut Guide. PATRICIA LYX PRF.TZMAN Millrrtville. Pa. Seeondary—May VIRGINIA ALICE PRICE Hobcumia, Pa. Elementary—Slay ACEI, Women' Omni ; Student Guule. MARILYN PRIEST IXiwuingtown, Pa. Elementary—Auguir Project Guide, tecirtary. CEC; PSEA. 149MICHAEL LpROY RANK Secoeidaly—Augurl l.rlumn, I . Chrnr. Bridge Club, prctidrnt. GEORGE C. RANTZ. JR. Pnmtimii. Pi. Elementary—May Raw-ball, PSEA. NANCY FRANCIS RANT . Spring Cilv, Pi, Elementary — January PSEA; Gamma Sigma Alpha, wrtrtin . Intramural ; WCA. SUSAN (,). RAPP W«l Heading. Pu. Elementary—Way Touetulorw. CKO, PSEA; Student Guide; Sigma I'lii Lambda. THEODORE C. RASMUSSEN UiKiitrr. Pa. huluiltittl Art•—Augurt MICHELE C. RATH Somiti »n, Pa. Elementary—May NVhidui Club; IntrniiniruU; PSEA. ROBERT ROHRER RE I DEN BACH. JR. .... !■ Elementary latntary ACKI; Intramural JEAN ANN RE IFF Calumlrfa. Pa. Elementary- May A CEL SUSAN L. REINK.ER llrailing. Pa. Elementary-—fanuaty Dolphin Club. CKC. Kappa l Ita Pin. pir-odcnl, Vice prctidrnt JAMES IIUCII REISINCER. II l.anc-a trr, Pa. Snimilny—May Swimming. LYNNE BUTLER RENOLE loncailri. I’a. y.h mrnlaty— wnnn y CKC; ACEI. ERIC DEAN RESSLER Nrw Pa. Intluilrlal Art —Augurl Kami, librarian, drum ma|m, Prp Kami, dirrctor. Art Society. 150 SARAH MARGARET R1IEN Dauphin, Pa. Klrmmliiry—May PSEA; lanotw; Citainard; Intramural . HARRY IIIOMAS RICIIWINE, III Lrltamm. Pa. Elementary— January Inlranuiralt. Young lb publican . JAMES R. RINEER IV |U 'a, Pa. Etlreral Art —May Komumici Club, uw pirxidrnl. VINCENT CARL RINEER Columbia. Pa. Secondary—May Track. JANET l. RISSLER Km rn, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI, PSE . IV(.‘K; Miiiimiulr Sludiril FrlkMlMp. ANN LOUISE RISSMILLER Middblown, P.« Choi ; ACEI, LSA. Student Cu.dr; Inlramural . Elementary MayCYNTHIA LOUISE RITCHEY MillcrtviUe, Pa. Elementary—lanuary Nf nun Club. Tmnli Tram; ACEI. I.. BLAINE KITTEN HOUSE TrVotd. Pa. Secondary May JEAN MARIE ROBERTS llarmbtirR. Pa. Secondary May KiiRll.h Club, WSO; MSM CAROL S. ROBERTSON Woodlyir. Pa. Secondary-—May Snapper, associate editor; PI l rlta EptlUm, tlcusurrf; Cltam.nd. DONNA MARIE ROBINSON laiH'iiitrt. I' . Elcmentaty—May N'minan Club. PATRICIA ANNE ROBINSON New Oil or U, Pa. Elementary—May Newman Club; CEC. LAWRENCE L. ROECKER Willuw Slrrrt, Pa. Sceoiutury—Augurt Cbolr, Tan Giimmu l.amlKla. NANCY TERESA ROIIAN Buttnl, Pa. Elementary—Au{ml I’SEA, CEC; ACEI; SVwii Club. CHER I A. ROJAIIN York. I'a. I.'lrnonlaiji —May ACEI. Womwi'i Qwiui, lutramtirnh. n orm ALICE ROMA Cppcf Dalby. Pa. Secondary—lanuary Cilnmard, Kappa Delta Phi; Xrnojihllr, Spaniih Club; Wirmen'l Chum ; Tnluinal; Student Guide. WALTER JOSEPH KOMANSKI Columbia. Pa. Si limitary—May Mfiba Siriiij Chi. pmidmt, Wintlinj;; Pin Sigma Pi. MICHAEL JAMES RONAN Columbia, Pa. Secondary—May Baulrt Geographic Society. PATRICIA ADELINE RONCA Niiitiilowii. Pa. Elementary—May Newman Club, tframn r. LINDA LEE ROOT Halim, Pa. Elementary—May ACEI; CEC; Girl lUvkrlball, manage!. BONNIE LOU KOSENKKANS llimmirlitown. Pa. Elementary—May PSEA. ACEI. RONALD J. RASIIELLI Befwyn. Pa Induxtrial Art —■May Omlcroti Gamma Omega, Imlmtriul Art Society. PHILLIP R RUM BLEY lli.lm. , Pa. iJbcral Art —May wmsh. CAROL ANN RUSSO l.aiigluirtir, Pa. Elementary --lanuary I EC. corresponding u-ciit.iry. Omega Theta Sigma; V( A. I'SO. Intramural . Dorm, president, vice president. 151KENT B. RYNIER Liinuarr, Hi, Secondary—May M dent Senate; Sigma Kjnilon Beta. MCRttty Kmkman Baikethall; Batehall; Sotert. Intramural,, Who’ Who. HAROLD JAMBS SACIIWALO LiiioXer, Pa. Secondary—January Wicket . cotTtHjtowling Jecrrtary; Knglnh (.‘Inh. PSEA. JUDITH AW SAFFORD P.r ;x-ct Park, Pa. Elementary -May Method! ! Student Mnvimmt; ACKI, Project Guide. EZRA I. SCHKFFEL McVrylOWn, Pa. Induxtrial Arf»—May Haw-hall. Track; Alt Society. BRENDA LEE SCHLECEL Trllgnl, Pa. Secondary—Way Student Senate. prc-tidral. vice prmdent; Women' Vanity Club, tremufer; Sigma Ptn Delta, parliamentarian. trratoicr, Snapper; PSEA: Student Guide; Kngl, h Club; Wornm’ Hockey; Women’ lt.i-krth.dl Who’ Wlvo. FAYE ANN SCIILEGEL Bechtrhville. Pa. Llhetttl Att»—Auguit Intramural ; I-SA; l.actovir. manager, Tribunal. C AVNE I. KATHRYN SCHOELLHORN ITiilndelpbia, Pa. Elementary—Aiiguil Women’ Choiu ; PSEA; l.SA, Choir, IntramiiraU. DAWN A. SCIIOENBERGER Kli nliethtmvn, Pa. I.tlreral Art —Ariguif Citamard, BARBARA I.AMBRITE SCHREFFLKR Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—May ABA. Imtoriaii; Student Guide, LSA. BARBARA CAROL SCHRODER P»oli, Pu. Elementary—January IVCF, fecretaryj Della Phi Eta. CKC; PSEA. Citamard. VIRGINIA RUTH SCHULZ Sbd,a. Pa. Secondary—May Choir. KATIN VIRGINIA SCHWEBEL Gdbeit ville. Pa. Secondary—January Women' Bavlcctball; Women’s Vanity (’lob. ROBERT E. SCOTT Thoma die. Pa. Secondary—May Sophomore Cla «. pinldntl; Tau Camtna Candida. JOHN RUSSELL SCULLIN Morritvllle. Pa. IJhrary Science- -May Tmni»; Social Studir Club. DEBORAH HOPE SEAHOLM Franklin, Pa. Elementary—May WSO; IVCF. Citamard; PSEA. JOYCE ANN SEIP llamb hr. Pa. Elementary—May Young Republican Club; Mcthoditt Student Movement; WSO, Project Guide, CEC. CARLTON WILLIAM SEITZ, II Donvdlc. Pa. Secondary—May Mcthodivl Student Movement. Intramural . prr ldcnt; UCCF; Frrvhjnan Bat. katball. Student Senate. Social Council; PSBA JO ANN SEITZ Telford, Pa. Secondary—January PSEA; Student Guide.BRENDA ANN SEI.LECk Kmm-tt S |iutr, Pa. Elementary—May WCA. Student Senate. Choir, recording mT(twy. Intramural Cnmmittrc; Venture. Big-Sitter Program; CEC; SIikIviiI Guide. Sophomore Ctati.treaiorer; Who Who. LAURA B. SHAIDA UiKUtrr, Pa. Elementary—May KAY LOUISE SHANAMAN Ann ill -. Pa. Elementary—January I'SKA. Intramural ; A('.KI. ROBERT HYATT SHANK Lundiivdlr. Pa. Secondary—Slay Cum Country, tri-captain, Athletic Trnim-t; llodd Scientific Society; Sifiitu Kpuloo Beta. JANA SUSAN SHEAKFER l.ancatti r, Pu. Elementary—January SUSAN E. SHEARER York. Pa. Secondary—French Xenopliile, Crtclr Krancal , I’SKA; Color Guard. SHARON ROSE SHEEN Moatrotr, Pa. Elementary—Augent ACEI; Womra’t Chnruii Intramuralt; Student Cuhlr. CHERYL LOUISE SHELLEHAMER llarrithorg. Pa. I Ultra ty Science—January AHA. hntorian, Citamanl. Women Chorrn. KAREN NN Sll ELLEN HAMER Palmyra. Pa. Elementary—January Chou; ACKI. PAMELA RAE SHEPHERD New laxulim. Pa. Elementary—May Mu Kappa Mu; ACKI DIANE LYNN SHERMAN York, Pa. Library Science—May 1VOK. Willow Sturt, Pa. ANN LOUISE SIILITER Elementary—January KATHARINE B. SHIRK Nrw Holland. Pa. EJementary—January IVCK: I’SKA. NBA; Cilamaid. MARILYN KAY SHIRK llartkiliuiK. I’a. EJementary—May I’SKA. Women’ Chinot, ACKI. rccurdim: wcnl.m. Student Guide. CRECORY JOHN SHIVELY Uociuter. Pa. eral ArU- May Track; Vanity Club. LINDA JEAN SHORE llairuining. Pa. Liberal Art»—May Intramural . CHARLES RAYMOND SIDES Lancaatcr. Pa. Secondary—January Track. Knglidi Club; Kreahman Football. PHYLLIS M. SIDES Manbciiu. Pa. Secondary—MayALICE MARGARET SIGNORE North Waist, Pa. Elementary—May Colot Giiunl, Women Chorus; PSEA. PATRICIA ANN SIGNORE North Walrt. Pa. Elementary—May Orchestra; Cohw Gunrtl. LINDA J. SIRIANNI Columbia. Pa. Secondary— amiaty Tout Intone; Phi Lambda Sigma. treasurer, Mu Kappa Mu. JANICE DAWN SKII.ES Lancatlrr, Pa. I'.lrmcntan -M«y Dolphin Club. CKO SANDRA ANN SLAVINSKI York. Pa. Elementary—May NfWmao Club. PSEA; English Club. EILEEN KAY SMITH Palmy-ra, Pa. Srciwidnry—May Xenophile Society; I'SEA. Women Chorus. International Folk Dancing Club. JAMES II. SMITH llaiiithnig. P»- Secondary—May Hartal; Chotr; Tail Camnia Lambda. MARGARET ANN SMITH Newport, Pa. IJbcnit Arti—May Women Vanity Club; Manager A Women' Uatkithall. Hockey. I..tcrown, l‘(X‘F; Gamma Sigma Alpha, president; WCA; Project Guidr, Dunn Prrcidcnt. RICHARD CHARLES SMITH Harrisburg, Pa. Elementary—May PSEA, Intramural . SUSAN MAUREEN SMITH Iletthey. Pa. Elementary—May AOEI, vice pn-tidciil; CEC; PSEA. BARBARA KAY SMOKER lisdiantnwn Gap, Pa. Art Education—May Hue key; Snapper; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Plrl Delta, totfiuponding teerrtary, vice pn-tident; Artiitocracy. BRUCE T. SNYDER York. Pa. Sceimrlaty—May Wrestling, Vanity Club; KMA; Alpha Phi Omrga, vice president; Tribunal CHRISTINA MARIE SNYDER Tyrone, Pa. Elementary—May ACKI; CEC. Intramural . CYNTHIA ANN SNYDER Columbia, Pa. Library Science—May Otcbintra, teerrtary. Band, secretary; Woodwind Ememhle; ABA. DARREL EUGENE SNYDER York, Pa. Secondary—May Koddt Si nntllic Soeirty. preuilent, viee president; Entomology Club. International Folk Dancing Club; Millertville Chapter d the American Chemical Will), Frrtbmao Swim Team JEANNE CARSON SNYDER Mlllrnvllle, Pa. EJcmenlary--January Omega Theta Sigma, CEC; PSEA. Tribunal; Citamartl. MARCIA CAROL SNYDER Lanvuvter, Pa. Elementary— nnuariy Methodist Stml. nl Movement, f.'bnrr. ELLEN LOUISE SOHLBRECK Middlctuwn. Pa. Elementary—May LSA; ACEIi'Intramutal . 154JADELL SORENSEN SOUDERS Lfbjmm, Pa. Elementary—Afiry Dolphin Club; Inttiiuuiak; Dorm Pmildnil; Sigma I h» Delta; WCA, secretary, Aviation Queen; Junior Clam, vice pmM«al. DEBORAH AW SOUTHWICK Monitvillr, Pa. Elementary—May English Club; Newman Club; ACK1. I'SIvt. Student Guide; Freshman ami Sophomore CIiim, wvrrtar)'. SANDRA PAULINE SPANCAKK Elverton, Pa. Elementary- May PSEA; ACKl. MARGARET ANN SPANGLER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary May R. SCOTT SPANGLER Lancaster, Pa. Literal Art —May Aititlocracy. JOYCE LARRAIN STEELMAN Harrisburg. Pa. Library Science—January Topchttonc; Pi Della Epsilon, secretary; Intramural ; Tribunal. WILLIAM J. STAIIIJER Johnstown. Pn. Secondary—Nay Basketball; Mm’ Varsity Club, corresponding secretary; Intramural Club; PSBA; Now man Club; Who" NVlio. RICHARD T. STANDIS1I Neffsville. Pfl. Literal AtU—May Economic Club, pros blent. CHARLES KENT STAPLETON Media, Pa. Liberal Art —May Soccer, co-captain; Omicron Gamma Omega. Lancaster, Pa. ABA. GAIL PATRICIA STAPH Library Science—January THEODORE ROOSEVELT ST A LITER Licit . Pa. Secondary—January Marching ami Concert Hand; Voung Democratic Club, secretary. PATRICK H. STEELE Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—May Artlstocracy, prt-tidml; Delta Sigma Cbi. BETH STEICERWALT Palmnton. Pa. Elementary—May Batketball. tri-captain; Women" Varsity Club, vice president; ACKl; LSA. vice president; Xenophile Society. SUSAN ANNE STEICERWALT Easton. Pa. Elementary—Augurt PSEA; ACKl. CEC. Women's Chon. . York. Pa. PSEA LINDA S. STEIN Elementary—May BARBARA L. STEMLKR Bowman slow-i . Pa. Library Science—May VBA; PSEA. Snapper. News Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Delta Phi Eta. IVCF; lutramuials; Student Guide. LINDA REBECCA STERNER Camp llill. Pa. Elementary—May CEC. seerrtarv. ROSE LILLIAN STETLER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—JanuaryCATHERINE AWE STEUER Cogan Pa. Ubian Science— anMtry ABA; IVCFj I'SKA. CEORCE C. STEWART Indiana, Pa. I rut initial Art — May Mra’l Vanity Olnli. Wmtling, HMA, Induttrial Art Society. HOWARD EUGENE STILLMAN Cion IWk. N. J. Irutinlrial Art —Augutf Soccer; . I. A. Lah A i LOIS II.E.NE STOUFEER l.rtnitum. Pa, EJemenlary—May ICC, corresponding teerrtary. secretary; MSM. vice prendent; Project Guide. PSBA; Wnnicn'i Chunu; Student Guide. Citamard. RONALD L STOUFFKR Comp llill. Pa. Elementary—May Intramural . RAYMOND I . STOUCII. Jl York. P . Elementary—January ACEI; CBC; PSKAj Xrouplillc Society DARYL LAVERNE STRATTON Welhboro. Pa. Induttrial Aria— May Ait Society. SAI.LIE JEAN STREET Giro tide. Pa. Library Science—May Gamma Sigina Alpha, conetponding mntrry, ncording icctrtary; I .a outer, Women' Vanity Club. Student Guide. WILLIAM EL WOOD STRUBLE Prtkatlr, Pa. Ubetal Art —May MAXINE SUPKO North Charleroi, Pa. I.ibttinj Science—■Slay A latum Club, hhliirtati, coirnponiltng teerrtary, Xroophilr .Society. PONNT'SWAMY SWAMIDOSS Madia State. India Liberal Arl»—lanuury FREDERICK DEAN S V. RR Manheltn, Pa. Seeonrlary—Auglrrt ArtUtocracy. Kphrata, Pa, DENNIS JAMAR SWKICART Sc f mutiny—Augurt STANLEY JOHN SZALAK l.uncattrr, Pa. Liberal Art —May l li» Sigma l i. uccretary, Xrnopbilc Society, noddy Scienlific Club I’HYLLIS R. TERRY Krartrrvillc, Pa. Sceuiulary—May Hockey. Lacraur, Intramural . MARY JOSEPHINE IHIERJl NO (In land. Pa. Secondary— Slay ISA, PSBA; IXii.n Oilier. CLARA MARGARET THOMPSON Valley Porgr, Pa. Liberal Art —Augurt (.•uorryvillc. Pa. LINDA MAE TODD Secondary—MayRICHARD E. TOMKO Sami Clair. l‘a. Secondary—Auguil Social Stud in Club. I'SKA; Young Republican Club RICHARD ROBERT TOMSIK) 1 .mlli.mii. Pa. Liberal Artt—May lu Ylpfea Kappa. curt«- |«andlng .-crdan. Intramural ; Newman Club. KATHERINE AW TOTH Ilentnn. Pa. Library Science—la uunry ()mrta Tlicla Sigma. Drlta I’ll! Kla. A11A. pmiilml. national lioiwin; Kngli h (Hub. 1‘SKA. Wiinm’l Chorm. DAVID L. TRAUCER Pi|i«utllr, Pa. Elementary—May Intramural . RUTH ANN TRAVACI.IM Downlngtown. Pa. Library Science—May WSO. AHA. vice pmidrnt. ROBERT J. TROUT Lchaniwi, Pa. Secondary—May Intramural , IVCK. BARBARA LOUISE TROXELL Hanover, Pa. Library Srimer -May ABA. I.SA. MICHAEL J. URBAN Lancaitn. Pa. See.notary-May Soccer. Commuting Men1 A onatinn. vice pri-vnlcnt; Student Srnatr IX1ROTHA ANN VETOVICH l.amaitrr. Pa. Etenu-nlary—January CKC; 1VCF. Cynwyd. Pa, KARL JAMES VINUP Inrluilnal Arlt—May CAROL ANN VOCEI-SONC New Cmnbetfwd. Pa. EUmenlaty-May I.SA. PSKA, Women Choir, Intramural . STEVE c. VOGlirr Heading. Pa. Secondary--May Band; Cult Tc.imt Social Studio Cluli, vice pmidcflt. STEPHANIE VOLIAIER Camp llill. Pa. Secondary—May I'SKA. CKC; l.SA; Women Vanity ( tub; llocWev; Dolphin ; Baikcthall; Cilamard. JOHN CARL WALDRON Teadai. Pa. Elementary—May Wicker . HMA. CKC. LINDA MARIE WALTERS (IraniViUe, Pa. Secondary—May I'SKA. Knclidi Club, lA'CK; Intramural . LUKE L. WARBLE llummelvUmn. Pa. Secondary—May Intramural ; National Council «l the Social Simile . |KAN IIUOHES WARI-EI. Willow Street. Pa. Elementary—May CKC; I'SKA. Hul Linn, Pa. JUDY BETH WARNER PS.N.—JanuaryFREDERICK S. WEAVER WalwmloMD, l o. Aria—Iffy Indmtnal Art Society. MARY ELAINE WEAVER Ktton. I’o. Srfrnwlin —fonwiiy IVCK. PSKA; Knglid. Club. l ()NAl.1) MARTIN WEINBERGER Willow Cimr. Pa. Liberal itrfr—Mmy Citamard; WMSR FERN WEINER Phllulrlphu. Pa. Library Science—Auguif LINDA T. WEINMOLI) Mohnlon, Pa. Elementary—May AC El; Woman’ Okhui; Inliommolt. IRVIN S. WENGER Aknm, Pa. Liberal Art —January Mu Ko| ]ki Mu; Kivldy SfimliSc Society. IVCK. DAVID GARY WERNER Ifatlxm , Pa. Secondary- urinary Wrrslling; Track; MSM; Mu Alpha Kappa. MARGARET ELIZABETH WERZYN Mecfcanictburg. Pa. Elementary—May Knglidi Club; PSKA; ACEI; Student Cuule. Canterbury Club. FAITH ELEANOR WHITEHEAD Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary—May Hockey; Oichotra, public relation! chairman, band, vice president. prrodent, NVCA. trrauirrr; Ptrndrnt t l,jrlr llall. "'SO. MSM. program chairman; Intramural ; Cultural AHairt Committer; Von» -n‘» Chnru . Who- Who. CHARLES F. WIEDMANN Wurrlngtnn. Pa. Secondary—May Football. DAVID Nl. WIEST York, l H. Secondary—Augur! Intramural . CAROL ANN WIGGINS QuarryviNc. Pa. Uhraiy Science—May Kappa Delta l ld, hiitorian. Wimrn'l Cli.ilnl; Majoretli Sepiad Hotkey; Lacrotee, Womoi'f Vanity Club. ELAINE JUNE WIGGINS Ww Ptnvidrnvc. Pa. Elementary—January PSKA. VCKI, IVCK. Delta l hi Kta. String Kncrmldr. SUSANNE ELIZABETH WILE Id-tmuKi, Pa. EJemrnlary—Augurt JAMES OLIVER WILLIAMS Clenohlen, Pa. Liberal Artr—May IVCK. tic 1 prrtidrnt, preudent. Hand; Orckntli; Bran Quintet; Woodwind Quintet MIGIIAKI OWEN WILLIAMS Lanc-avler. Pa. Imluitrlal Arfr—May liulnttrial Art Society. LINDA KIRKLAND WILSON 1‘htladrlphia, Pa, Library Silence -May Kappa Delta I’lit, wrretaiy. Xrnophlle Society; WSO, JOSEPH BRADLEY WILT Yurk, Pa. Secondary—May OtnlcriMi Gamma Omega, prrtidrnt, Intrr-Kratrrnlty Cnonol Hrpirtmtatlve; SOS. ,M|dia Phi Omega.BARBARA ANN WIXEMAN Fort Loudon. Pa. l.lbianj Science—January Cham; Young Democrat Club. KEITH EARI. WINTERS llerthey. Pa. Secondary—May Hand, Dunn Mil(m, Banin Geographic Society; PSKA. DWIGHT RICHARD WINTRODE Spring Grove, Pa. Secondary—Augurt JOHN MORI-HEAD WITHERSPOON. JR. (.unentter, Pa. Liberal Art»—August PHILIP E. WITMAN Morgantown. Pa. Secondary—May Hoddy Scientific Society; Hand, Choir, Project Guido, Alpha Phi Omega, irerrtir;', second vice president. JOHN WITTMANN. JR. York. Pa. Secondary—May RICHARD EDWARD WOODWARD Cornwall Height . Pa. Secondary—May Marching Hand and Orchestra; Omicmu Caniina Omega, recording secretary; Entomology Club, treasurer. JOHN P. WOLF. JR. Sharon Hill, Pa. Secotulary—August OmKion Camilla Omega; Entomology Club. Knddv Srtrnlific Society. ROSE MARIE WOI.F Herns die. Pa. Secondary—May PSEA; Xcoophilc Society. Junior Year in Maibmg. Germany. BARBARA J. WOOD Norristown. Pa. Liberal Arti—May Student Guide. Public Relations. KATHLEEN JESSICA WEIGHT Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary—May CEO, Stung Ensemble; Orchestra. ROBERT R. WYBLE Sailings, Pn. Secondary—May Clmir. RENEE LYNN YACKEI. King of Prussia, Pa. Liberal Arts—.May l.acrmse; CEO; Kappa Della Phi. ptiulamentarian, pledge chairman. JOHN S. YEAGLEY Palmyra, Pa. Elementary -May Hi aids Scientific Society; ItMA; Football; Intramurals BRUCE ALBERT YELLOW Hamburg, Pa. Elementary-May Inliamurals; PSKA. WILLIAM E. YODER. JR. Lantdaie. Pa. Indurtrial Arti—August Football; Wrestling; Industrial Aits Society. Band, Council. r lee Young Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—May Arthou. president, Sigma Epsilon Beta. ROBERT OTTO YOUNG Havcttowu, Pa. Secondary—May OniJcvon Gamma Omega, sergeant-at-arms. Football; KM A; Hustler Geographic Society; Intramural . 159SANDRA KAY YOUNG Middletown, I’n. Library Scimer—January AHA; TouthllOttf; Phi Candida Sigma, ptr»idrnt JOHN ARTHUR ZANER WilUamtport. I’ . Indurtrial Art —Slay Aft St r(riy, |«rtiilml, Sludrtil Sinale; I’M Sigma Pi; Indinttial All 111 men SiKirly. CYNTHIA A. ZEPP York Spun . I . Library Sciente—Augnrt SANDRA I.. ZEEBY Mdlrnvillr. Pa. Setondaty—Slay IVlta llil Hi.I. Band; Choir; Orrbnlnii KnRlidi Club. Cilaiuanl; WCA, Plo i-ct Guide; Student Senate. Oonn IWpirM-OIMive; Venture, Wl Who. SUSAN M. ZF.TT York. Pa. FJrmrnlary—January Woon'i Chotm; Spanish Club. ACKI. Intramural . ALICE JEAN ZIMMERMAN New l ro idm e. Pa. Art lUhuatrnn—Sluy 'AilnlKToc . Yming Republican Club, utmjn ; I'CCK. pt. nt, vie - pri- i-drnl. Student Guide. JONATHAN CHARLES ZIMMERMAN Ea l Kail. Pa. I.ibrral Art —May Knglith (dub. firUMiict; IVCF. KATHLEEN EMILY ZOOK l-ancuitrr. Pa. Sffondary—Slay Wotiur. Dolphin ; Intramural LUCINDA ALLEN ZWART Oirland. Pa. Secondary— Slay UCCF; PSEA; Choir; Student Guide.Presenting: WHO’S WHO In order lo bestow honor upon those people who have been outstanding members of their college community. an organization known as Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges has been established. This is the first year that Millersville has been associated with this national organization, and we take this opportunity to congratulate the following seniors who have received this honor. Through their intellectual achievement, service to the college, constructive participation in activities, and contributions to student government, these people have been chosen In their faculty and fellow students to become members of this select society. We again congratulate them.JANET L- ADAMS JANET L. APGAIt BARBARA J. APICliELLACARL FUNK LINDA L. IIAGNER . SUSANNK HAMBHIGIITKENT B. RYNIER BRENDA !.. SCHI.ECKI. CARL W. SEITZ BRENDA SELLECK WILLIAM J. STAHLER FAITH E. WHITEHEAD SANDRA L. ZERBYFORRY and HACKER Printers of the “Snapper” Lancaster, Pa. 17602 Ph. 393 4452 248 E. Liberty St. OMEGA TIIETA SIGMA Congratulates The Graduating Class of I960 THE GERHART COFFEE CO. Distributors of Tine Coffee 544 546 N. Christian Street Lancaster, Pa. Congratulations to The Class of 1969 from PHI LAMBDA SIGMA Energetic coeds stick to the game. Conn.ratulat ions Sen iors From ALPHA BETA ALPHA Lab School children enjoy songfest. NEWMAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Congratulates The Class of 1969 165SERVOMATION VENDORS Inc. 24 HOl'K SERVICE 198001(1 Philadelphia Pike LANCASTER, PA. Complete Food and Vending Service ... Whatever You Seed LANCASTER 397-2831 Good Luck Seniors from PI DELTA EPSILON Congratulations to the ('lass of 1969 and the graduating Brothers of Sigma Epsilon Beta Fraternity: LEE YOUNG KENT RYNIER BOR SHANK ART I c CROFT GRANT GIFFORD BILL KACZMARCZYK from the Brothers of SIGMA EPSILON BETA Skating on a cold, wintry day. Congratulations and Best Wishes from DELTA PHI ETA SPORTING GOODS AND TOYS 30-32 West King St. Lancaster. Pa. Congratulations to the ('lass of 1969 From KAPPA DELTA PHI SORORITY This is Touch Fixithrdi? 166Photography PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE SCHOOLS • COMMERCIAL • WEDDINGS • SUPPLIES 19 EAST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE, PA. PHONE 872-6082DESIGN TYPOGRAPHY OFFSET LETTERPRESS ENGRAVING Grit offers a complete graphic-arts service to meet the requirements of educational, institutional and industrial printing clients. Kxperts with many years ol experience can help you plan, direct, design and produce publications of the finest quality. The achievement of your printing objectives is as important to us as it is to your our client. For further information write or call 717-326-1771 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and we will be happy to confer with you. Commercial Printing Division C.rit Publishing Company Offset and Letterpress Printing 1G8 l!OK WEST mini) STREET WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA 17701

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