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 L THE 1968 TOUCHSTONE MILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE MILLERS VILLE, PENNSYLVANIA May 1968, Volume 69 Co-editors Katiilkne Mathers Cheryl Naus Associa i e E dito rs Lorraine Goodwin Sara J ane Lessig Business Manager Donna Auohinbait.i iMrs. Kathryn Hill Dedication Enthusiastic, cooperative, friendly—you can say that again, and again, about Mrs. Kathryn Hill. And you'll hear a chorus of agreement down the years from anyone fortunate enough to have sat in her classes, played on the teams she coached or poured the troubles of an advisee into her ear. Mrs. Mill has been many things to many students since she arrived at MSC in 1952. She was dean of women from 1953 to 1956 and is now adviser to Women’s Varsity Club. Intramural Club and the senior class. She also coaches the women's tennis team in addition to teaching classes. Last year, along with her many other activities, she became co-owner of the “Clothes Tree." This gives her a business stake in the community which already knows her so well through tier many public appearances. She has given demonstrations and lectures on elementary physical education to parent-teacher organizations and school groups throughout the Lancaster area. She has also worked with the Bovs Club of Lancaster. For her community service she has received much recognition, including the Lions Club Award, “Citizen of the Year," for oustanding achievement and meritorious service to the community of Millersville, ami also the Boys Clubs of America “Bronze Key" award for long and meritorious service to the boys of Lancaster. “Harmony through Cooperation” is the theme of the Touchstone this year, and no one better symbolizes this theme than Mrs. Kathryn Hill. 2In addition to her many campus duties, Mrs. Hill is also part owner of a small dress shop, 'The Clothes Tree.” Mrs. Hill, her husband and her son Doug.Foreword During the 1967-1968 academic year a quality important to any college was jeopardized at Millersville—its harmony. But the close feeling of cooperation, already woven deeply into campus life at Millersville. was too strong to l e broken. The evidences of harmony far outweigh any of discord. The ratification of a new constitution for the Student Senate, intensification of a drive for a student Bill of Bights, the establishment of previously unrecognized fraternities and sororities and the choice of Millersville as Secretariat of the Pennsylvania State Colleges all serve as examples of the student faith in Millersville. as well as a testimony of faith from all other thirteen sisters state colleges. Each yearbook must necessarily reflect the personality of that particular year. Thus as a record of this year's joys and frustrations, expectations and attainments, the staff of the 1968 Touchstone presents to you—the harmony of Millersville State College. The 1968 Touchstone presents . . . MILLERSVILLE IN HARMONY TABLE OF Introduction Campus Life Seniors Underclassmen Administration Activities Sports Advertisements CONTENTS 1 5 25 83 . 100 117 . 145 . 165 4From the ground up in Causer Library.A view of the upper campus from Causer Library. Buildings do not make a college. At the opposite end of the campus is Gordinier Dining Hall. 5Modern sculpture stands sentry to a wintry campus. Millersville has many faces. Marauders watch from the bench during the Homecoming game with Cheyncy. 6Cheerleaders gather boosters from the dorms. The varying moods of the students. The 1967 homecoming court.Students bring the classroom into the Rat. Pre-game parade to Bieinesderfer field. Standing room only.Who's winning? Upperclassmen readjust. To study in Canser is the thing to do.“The Hajjpenings” perform at Spring Fling weekend. The students ore not always studying. 12Dancing in Brooks Hall. 13The Dolphins rehearse a pattern number for the annual water show entitled Target 30. Clubs—part of its personality. Milford Cushman, Donna Mathis and Pat Weaver portray a scene from Citamard’s production of "Noah." 14Joe Schneider makes a fast getaway against Mansfield. Sports, too. Who has the ball?The academic side of MSC.Special education students give a party for a class of exceptional children.' LYNNE BIGGERSTAFF Homecoming {hicen TERRY MsicDONALD Sweetheart Queen MSC has . . . ISpretty faces. JADEM. SOKKXSKN A riot it in Queen DWW MI SSICLMW Spring Fling Beauty 19Fraternities and Sororities . . .new to MSC. B Sigma Phi Omega captures first prize with their homecoming display. 21Harmony and Cooperation . . . Steve Focht, John Zaner, Carl Seitz. Uremia Selleck and Brenda Sclilegel attend a Student Senate meeting.are reflected at MSC.The seniors enter Lvte Auditorium to receive tlieir diplomas. Then we leave it all behind. The final inarch. 24Dawn and Hap were named “Beauty and the Beast" at the Spring Fling festivities. Millersville's three senior stars. Frank Antes and parents ufter the game.RALPH V INCH NT HYSON In Memoriam Ralph Vincent Hyson passed away on pril 6. 1967, after becoming ill with spinal meningitis. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lancaster on April 5. where he lapsed into a coma. A graduate of Eastern High School. Ralph lived with his parents in Hellam. Pa. He was a Secondary Education French major at Millersville, and was ver active in foreign language affairs on campus. He also enjoyed dancing, tennis, and singing with the Madrigal singers. Even during his illness. Ralph never complained, and he will always lie remembered as a willing worker who took everything in his stride.SKNIOH OF I-'ICE HS AND ADVISERS: Seated—Barbara McAdams, secretary; Mr Arthur lluline. advi-wr; Mrs. Kathryn Hill, adviwr; and Susan McLaughlin, treasurer. Staiuling—Lloyd Annan, vice president; and Torn Stitchlierry, president. ESTIIE It A K A Bit AII AMS Doylestown, Pa. Secondary — August Jewish Student Association, president. NANCY L. ACKERSON Lebanon, Pa. Elementary — January Citcunard Club; Dolphin Club; Student P. S. E. A.; Intr.minr.ds. BARBARA JANE ADAMS York. Pa. I.ihrary Science — January Alpha Beta Alpha, parliamentarian; Womens Service Organization; I V C. F. VENESSA A LYSE ADAMS Akron, Pa. Secondary — May Xenopbile Society; Intramurals; Basketball. JEFFREY KING ALEXANDER Lancaster, Pa. Secondary — May PAUL TIIOMAS ALEXANDER West Homestead, Pa. Elementary — May Newman Student Association. Track. 26DIANE LEE ALLEN Springfield, Pa. Elementary — May Cheerleading; Sna pcr, business manager; Dolphin Club, sccrctan-; Newman Student Association; Hockey; Stmlent Guide; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Phi Delta, vite president. BRUCE IRVIN ALTHOUSE Lebanon, Pa. Secondary — May I. V. C. I'".; Mu Kappa Mu; Aviation Club. SYLVIA SUE ALTHOUSE Akron, Pa. Secondary — January Hockey; English Club; Womens Varsity Club, secretary. NAZERANO ALBERT AMATl CCI Reading, Pa. Ldtcral Arts — May Student Council; Junior Class, secretary; Newman Stmlent Association; Wickers, recording secretary, vice president, president; Freshman Basketball: Intramural Sports; emcee. Student Council Talent Show; Who's Who. RICHARD C. AMBROSIUS Brodlxrcks, Pa. Elementary — May LEONA M. ANDERSON York. Pa. Elementary — January BETTY JANE ANDREWS Lancaster, Pa, Public School Nursing — August DONALD SCOTT ANKRUM Quarryvillc. Pa. Industrial Arts—May Industrial Arts Society; Technical Arts Club, treasurer; Intrarnurals. LLOYD EDWIN ANNAN Southampton, Pa. Secondary — May Men’s Varsity Club; Resident Men's Association, president; Soccer, captain. FRANK P. ANTES Coalesville. Pa. hulustrial Arts — August Men's Varsity Club; Football: Track; Industrial Arts Society. JANET CAROL ARTYMOYTCZ Prospect Park, Pa. Elementary — January CHARLYNE LOU ATI Y Lancaster, Pa. Secondary — May Orthodox Christian Fellowship, secretary. 27CHARI.A KR1EBEL AYRES Conshnhockcn, Pa. Library Science — May L. S. A.; Women's Service Organization; Venture; Alpha Beta Alpha; Women’s Chorus; Student Guide. RUSSEL E. BACHERT. JR. Delano, I’a. Elementary — May I. V. C. F.. Alpha Beta Alpha; Aviation Club; A. C. E. I.; Student Guide. SHARON LEE BACHMAN Bethlehem. Pa, Secondary — May English Club; I. V. C. F. CHARLES HENRY BACKKNSTOSE West Chester, Pa. Industrial Art —May Arts Society; Photography Club. DORIS JEAN BAKER Ahlxrttstovvn, Pa. Public School Nursing — January RICHARD CHARLES BAKER Clenside, Pa. Secondary — May Freshman Soccer: ‘arsity Soccer; Freshman Baseball; English Club; Wickers, vice president; Phi Sigma Pi; Student Council, president; Pennsylvania State Association of Student Governments, vice president; Who’s Who ROBERT ALAN BANNAN Harrisburg, Pa. Secondary — May Xenophile Society; Student P. S. E A. JAN LEROY BARNHART Red Lion. Pa. Secondary — May Choir. MARGOT I. BARTON Camp Hill. Pa. Elementary — May BARBARA ALICE BARTRAM Media, Pa. Elementary — May Hockey; Lacrosse; A. C. E. I.; C. E. C., president. BARBARA RITA BASS Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary — January Women’s Chorus; Dorm Counselor. DEAN LEROY BAUBLITZ Rothsvillc. Pa. Secondary — January Phi Sigma Pi; Student Council.DOROTHY BEACH Wynnewood, Pa. Elementary— May A. C. E. !.; Slurl. nl P. S. E. A. NANCY ANN BEARD Palmyra, Pa. Elementary — May Choir, Alpha Beta Alpha, reporter. LINDA MARIE BEEKI.EY Pottstowii, Pa, Elementary — January . C. E. I.; P. S. E. A.; Student Cnide; Intr.i mural Sports. MICHAEL | BELT Millers ville, Pa. Liberal Arts — January Men's Varsity Club; Swimming, co-captain; Intercollegiate Conference on Government. KKRESHTEH BENHAIM Philadelphia, Pa. Secondary — May KATHRYN JANE BERGER Bethlehem, Pa. Elementary — May Trilmnal, Intruniural.s; Choir; Young Republican Club; P. S. E. A.; English Club. PAUL EDWARD BIEX Uwchland, Pa. Elementary — August A. C. E. I. LYNNE BICCERSTAIT Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Elementary — May Hockey; Women's Varsity Club; Women’s Community Association; Dormitory President; Who’s Who. LARRY DUANE BIGHAM Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — August LINDA ELIZABETH BISHOP Columbia, Pa. Library Stieiue — August Alpha Beta Alpha. DAVID ROBERT BLACK York, Pa. Secondary — May THOMAS ELLIOT BLANCH Highspirc. Pa. Secondary — May 29JACK SERE!.I. BLOSSEK Mechiinicsburg, Fa. Secondary — May Mu Kappa Mu. president; Intramural Spoils Committee, president: Student Guide;; Resident Men’s Association Newsletter, ixlitor; Intramurals; I’. S. E. A.; Sports Director, Radio St.itiou WMSR. FRISCH.LA MARLENE BODNAR East Lansdowne, Fa. Liberal Arts — January Roddy Scientific Society; Aviation Clid ; Inter-collegiate Confer -nce on Government. 1.. S. A. KATHRYN MARY BOHR Tower City. Pa, Elementary — May C. E. C.; Intramurals; Women's Chorus. DONALD LEE BOLLINGER Manheim, Fa. Secondary — May Mu Kappa Mu. president; I, S. A., treasurer; Choir. DONNA SUE BOLTZ la‘l anon. Fa. Library Science — May Tennis; Women's Chorus, secretary; Madrigal Singers; Student F. S. E. A.: Omega Theta Sigma, historian. MARGARET ANN BONE Springfield. Fa. Elementary — May F. S. E. A.; C. E. C.; Choir; Tribunal. QUINTON LEON BOROI Erie, Pa. Secondary — August Football; Newman Student .Association, vice president, president; Resident Men’s Association; Aviation Club; Bassler Geographic Society, treasurer. ANDREW WALTER BOROWSKJ Sellersville. Fa. Secondary — May Mn Kappa Mu; Flu Sigma Fi; Freshman Football. JUDITH ANN BOSSERT Nazareth, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.: Intramurals, I.. S. A.; Women's Service Organization; Student F. S. E. A. SUE EI.I.F.N BOWER SOX York. Fa. Elementary — May C. F.. C. SHARON ERVIN BOWMAN Lancaster, Fa. Secondary — May Touchstone: English Club; Methodist Student Association; Intramur.ds; Student Cuide. BARBARA ANN BOXLEITNER Lancaster, Fa. Secondary — May Touchstone, senior editor; Fi Delta Epsilon; Women's Day Student Association, Secretary, senior representative; English Club; Sigma I’fd Omega, secretary; F. S. E. A. 30HELEN ARLENE BOYER Halifax, Pa. Liberal Art — May Intramural ; I. V. C. I'.; Reddy Scientific Society: Student Guide; U. C, C. F.; Xenophile Society: Freshman Basketball DANIELLE HALE BRADY Norristown, Pa Secondary — May Student Guide; Intercollegiate Conference on Government, parliamentarian; Touchstone; Newman Student Association; Social Studios Club. GRACE ROMAINE BRECHBIEI. Shippenshurg, Pa. Secondary — May Snapper, co-editor, senior consultant: English Club; Pi Delta Epsilon, vice president. Delta Phi Eta, treasurer; Columbia Scholastic Press Association, president: Dean's Academic Advisory Committee; Who’s Who. DIANNE LYNN BRICKER Rolsesonia. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Alpha Beta Alpha, vice president. Delta Phi Eta. GREGORY F. BRITCUER York, Pa. Secondary — May BRENDA JOYCE BROMMER Columbia, Pa. Elementary — August DONALD LEE BROSIUS l-omovnc, Pa. Library Science — May Intramurals. JAMES FREDERICK BROWN Lancaster, Pa. I.iberiil Arts — May Young Republican Club; Band; 1. V. C. F. MARGARET CAROLINE BROWN Skippuck. Pa. Library Selena? — May Alpha Beta Alpha; llockey; Basketball; Tennis; Women’s Varsity Club; Intrainiiral Sports Committee. Sue Prendergast helps elu-er the Marauders on to victory!WILMA A. BRUBAKER Millerwillc, Pn. Library Science — August Camilla Sigma Alpha, vice president; Alpha Beta lpha; Lacrosse Club; Touchstone. LINDA K. BUCK Manheim. Pa. Elementary — August MARSHA II. CAMPBELL Litit . I'. Elementary — A lay ROBERT CUSHMAN CAPEX Mlllersville, Pa. Secondary — January Ba.vsln Geographic Society. JAYNE K. CARUANA Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May LINDA LEE CATIIERS Merion Station, Pa. Secondary — May Tennis: Women's Varsity dub; P. S. E. A. EMMY LOU CHALLENGER Red Lion, Pa. Elementary — May SANDRA JEAN CHARLES Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — January Womens Day Student Association; Women's Chorus: Kappa Delta Phi. BARBARA JANE CHINE BY Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary — May Student Guide; A. C. E. L; L. S. A.; S. W. O. P. CAROL ANN CLACETT Pittsburgh. Pa. Elementary — May Spruill Speaking Contest, emcee and participant. ROGER B. CLARK Churchville, Pa. Secondary — August I. V. C. F.; Track; Student P. S. E. A. RICHARD LAWRENCE CLEARY Sharon Mill, Pa. Secondary — January Emit ball.JUDY ANN COBLE York. Pa. Elementary — May Women's Service Organization: Women's Chorus; A. C. E. I.: P. S. E. A. SIIIIU.EY ANN COBLE Dover, Pa. Elementary— May A. C. E. I,. Women's Service Organization; Trilmnal: InlramuraU; P. S. E. A. PRANK LEWIS COLEMAN III Conestoga, Pa. I.iheral .Arts — January DAMELE ANTOINETTE COLONNA New CmnlHTlaiul, Pa. Secondary — May Women's Chorus; Xcnopliile Society; Commission on Student Life. CLYDE C. COLWELL Montrose, Pa. Secondary — May English Cliih; I1. S. E. A. CARY I. CONRAD Boyertown, Pa. I.iheral Arts — August Loot ball; Men's Varsity Club. TERRENCE JOHN CONROY Ambler, Pa. I.iheral Arts — August RICHARD W. CONSYI.MAN Millersville. Pa. Liberal Arts — January LAW RENCE ANTHONY CON TE Marcus Hook. Pa. Elementary — May Basketball; Baseball; Newman Student Association; Student Guide. CAROL ANN COOPER Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary — May L. S. A. CYNTHIA EILEEN COPE Palmyra. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; P. S. E. A.; Gamma Sigma Alpha; I. V. C. P. JANET JOANNE GORSNITZ York. Pa. Elementary — August 33FRANCIS C. COSSICK Coalport, Fa. Liberal Arts — August M CAROLYN COTTRELL West Chester, Fa. Liberal Arts — August Cheerleading; Sigma I'lii Delta; Roddy Scien-tifk Society; Women's Varsity Club. MARGARET LESLIE COWAN Faoli, Fa. Elementary— May P. S. E. A.; Student Guide; (I. E. C.; Womens Chorus. Newman Student Association. MARGARET K. COX Prospect Park. Fa. Elementary — August Dolphin Club; Women's Service Organization; C. E. C.; Homecoming Queen 1966. RICHARD ALLEN COX Philadelphia. Pa. Secondary — August Wrestling. VICKI DAE COX Mlllerstown, Pa. Elementary — May Intraimiruls; A. C. E. L, treasurer. SUSAN ELAINE CRAMER Carlisle, Fa, Elementary — May Women’s Chorus. EMILY ELIZABETH CRANFORD Columbia. Fa. Library Science — May Alpha Bela Alpha, reporter, president; Dolphin Club. JOHN B. CRAYOSKT Cata«uii|iin. Pa. Indtistrial Arts — January Basketball. LYNN ROY CRONE R rd Lion, Pa. Liberal Arts — May Mu Kappa Mu. TARA LEE CRUMI.INC East Prospect. Pa. Secondary — May English Club, treasurer; Student P. S. E. A.; Delta Phi Eta; Concert and Lecture Series. SHERRILL MARIE CYPHERS Milford, New Jersey Secondary — May Women's Varsity Chib; Delta Phi Eta; Hockey.JANICE KAY DANIELS Newport, Rhode Island Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Student Guido; Intramural . PATRICIA EILEEN DARYMAN York. Pa. Secondary — August Dolphin Clul . KAREN L. DAVIS Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — January PATRICIA CAROL DAVIS Croydon, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.; Tribunal; Student Guide; Women's Service Organization. CONSTANCE FRANCES DEAN Ardmore, Pa. Secondary — May 1 .acrossc. RALPH R. DECKARD Ephratn. Pa, Secondary — January Alpha Phi Omega; Band; Student Guide; Choir, State Choir; Bassler Geographic Society. BETTY JEAN DECLER Munheim, Pa. Secondary — May RODNEY RUPERT DellAAS Blanchard. Pa. Library Science — May EILEEN A. DELBAUCH Liverpool, Pa. Elementary — May P. S. K. A.. 1. V. C. F.i A. C. E. I., recording secretary. KAREN LOUISE DEL PRIORE Drexel Hill. Pa. Library Science — January Spanish Club; Alpha Beta Alpha; Intramural . LOIS DIANNE DEM MY York, Pa. Sccniulan — May Citumurd; Delta Phi Eta; Student Guide; P. S. E. A., secretary; Roddy Scientific Society SHARON ANN DERR Lancaster. Pa. Liberal Art — August String Ensemble; Orchestra; W. C. A.; Stall Collegiate Orchestra; Xcnopliile Society, president. recording secretary; Dorm president. 35FRED C. DEUSSING Philadelphia, Pa. Secondary — January Phi Sigma Pi; Roddv Scientific Society; I. C. V. F. JAMES D1CICCO Gloucester, N'. J. Secoiulary — August Varsity Club; Social Studies Club; Newman Student Association; Track; Football, captain. CORDON NEAL DIEM Gap. Pa. Liberal Artv — May Young Republican Club; Student Council; Entomology Club; Intercollegiate Conference on Government; Who's Who. DAVID C. DIERWECHTER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — May I . S. E. A.; Social Studies Club. NANCY LOUISE DIETRICH Hamburg. Pa. Elementary — May Xenophile; Women's Chorus. LOIS ANN DIVINE West Chester. Pa. Elementary — January I' S E. A.; Xenophile; French Club; Intra-murals. PATRICIA LOIS DODD Oxford, Pa. Library Science — May Delta Phi Eta. secretary. ROBERT JOSEPH DOI.ECIIEK Fnctoryville. Pa. Imln trial Arts —August Industrial Arts Society; P. I. A. A.; A I. A. A. JANE DARLENE DOMBACH Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — Januanj C. E. C.; P. S. E. A.; A. C. E. I. KATHERINE V DOMBACH Lancaster. Pa. Secondary — May Basketball; Women's Service Organization, treasurer. JOSEPH EUGENE DOSTER l.ititz. Pa. Iiulustrial Arts— August Industrial Arts Society. KATHLEEN MARY DOUGHERTY Lancaster. Pa. Liberal Arts — August Newman Club; String Ensemble; Project Guide, coordinator. 36EDWARD THOMAS DOYLE Lcmnync, P». Secondary — August BARBARA JAYNE DRAPER Millcrsvlltr, Pa. Elementary — Aunmt Alpha BiU Alpha. DONNA LEE DUFFY Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Artv — January W. D. S. A., president, council representative; Mn Kappa Mu; Sigma Phi Omega; Student Guide; Student Council; Who’s Who. GREGORY DUMMELDINOER Fort Washington, Pa. Secondary — May Pootlnill. TERESA ANN DUNN Wcllslioro. Pa. Elementary — May P. S. E. A.; Newman Clul ; Sigma I’hi Delta, treasurer; Dolphin Club, treasurer, vice presi-dont. DIANE JAYNE DI RBOROW Harrisburg. Pa. Secondary — January P. S. E. A.; Omega Theta Sigma, president: W. C. A.; Donn treasurer; English (dub. OR LA MAE EASTON Lititx, Pa. Mlwrid Arts — May C. E. C.; Social Studies Club. PATRICIA ANN ECKAIU) York. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.. Newman Club; Intramurals HEIDI ANN RICHER Manchester, Pa. Elementary — January Citainard; Newman Club; Women’s (‘horns; Intramural Committee, recording secretary: A. C. E. I.; Project Guide. DEANNA E EICHEI.BERGER Mechunieshurg. Pit. Secondary — May Mn Kappa Mu; Citainard; P. S. E. A., president, vice president. JoANN A. ELLIS Philadelphia, Pa. Secondary — January L. S. A.; English Club. DONNA LEE EMERICK Harrisburg, I’a. Secondary — May Orchestra. Choir. String Ensemble. 37PAMELA RUTH EMS Southampton, Pa. Elementary — May I. S. A.: A. G. E. I . Women's Service Organization. JUDY C. EPPLEY York. Pa. Library Science — August Citamurd; History C'lnl . JULIANS’ MARGARET ESHEI.MAN Terre Hill, Pa. Elementary — May Women's Chorus; I V. C. K.. A. C. E. I. LARRY JAMES ESHENOUR Harrisburg. Pa. Elementary — Aug uat Young Repuhlican Club; Men’s Commuter Association. LINDA LEE EVANS Philadelphia. Pa. Ubrary Science — May Alpha Beta Alpha; Cilamard. FAY ANN FAKE Hcllam, Pa. Secondary — May L. S. A.; Student Guide; Social Studies Club. PIIYLLIS MARY FALCIANI Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary — May Newman Club; C. E. C.; A. G. E. I.; Women's Service Organization. IDEA STELLA KARAN DA Lancaster, Pu. Secowlary — January MARK JAMES FARRELLY Laurel. Delaware I wiust rial Arts — May Industrial Arts Society. Mary Ann Wood Investigates one of the ImmiiIis at the Spring Fling Carnival. (It rained).DOROTHY BINDER FIN'TAK York. I’u. Elementary — January FREDERICK WILLIAM FISHER Lancaster. Pa. Secondary — May Alpha Sigma Clti; Varsity Club; Football. Wrestling. RUTH ANN FISHER Cordonvillc, Pa. Secondary — May English Club; Della Phi Eta. ANNA It, FITZKEE Mount Joy, Pa. Elementary — May CEORCIA KAY KLICKINCER Hershey. Pa. Elementary — May String Ensemble; Orchestra. Canterbury Club. Intmmurals; I. V. C. F.; A. C. E. I.. P. S. E. A.: Camma Sigma Alpha JOSEPH ItONAI.D FODERARO Jcrmyn, Pa. Industrial Arts — May EILEEN FRANCES FOLSE Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — .August Mack and (add stall. P. S, E. A.; Methodist Student Association. EILEEN KAY FOSTER Mlllersville. Pa. Elementary — May Citamard; Alpha Beta Alpha; Touchstone; Intramural Committee, corresponding Secretary. SALLY ANN FOULTZ Camp Hill, Pa. Library Science — August Women’s Chorus; Alpha Beta Alpha; Student Culde. PATRICIA ANN FRAIN CillH-rtsvillc, Pa. Elementary — May Kappa Delta Phi, treasurer; Women's Chorus; W. C. A.; Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Dorm president. JANET LOUISE FRAXKHOUSER Denver, Pa. Elementary — May A. C E. I.: liitramnruLs. MARCERY HUSTON FREAS York. Pa. Library Science — January .19 SUSAN FREDERICK Lansdnle, Pii. Elementary — May IntrarmiraU; Xenopliile Society. DAVID L. FREED Souderton, Pa. Secondary — Mat DWIGHT KENNETH FRENCH Manlieim, Pa. Liberal Art-i — May I.. S. A.; U. C. C. F., president. WILLIAM CUV FREUNDEL Enola. Pa. Liberal Arts— August Newman Club; Ruddy Scientific Society. LINDA HELEN FREY Iteinholds, Pa. Elementary — January Women's Chorus; Intrainnrals; A. C. E. I., president; Alpha Beta Alpha, recording secretary; Women’s Sen-ice Organization. JOAN L. FRICK York, Pa, Elementary — May Women’s Chorus; Women's Service Organization, vice president SUSAN ANN FREY Hanover, Pa. Secondary — May English Club, secretary; Venture Club. KENNETH 11 FRY Ephrutu, Pa. Elementary — January Madrigal Singers; Choir. NORMA LEA GALLAGHER Upper Darby, Pa. Elementary — May Women’s Chorus; A, C. E. I.; Student Guide; I V. C. !• .; Delta Phi Eta, historian; Intra-murals. JEFFREY L. CAMBER Shillington, Pa. Secondary — August Golf, basketball. Baseball; Men's Vanity Club. LYNNE SUSANNE GAMBLE Clenside. Pa. Elementary — May Hockey; Women's Varsity Club; A. C. E. I.; Venture; Women’s Service Organization, recorder. JOSEPH MICHAEL GANG I.OFF York, Pa. Secondary — May Football; Cross Country; Wrestling; Golf; Track; Choir. Men's Varsity Club, president •10SHIRLEY HARNISH CAN’SE Lancaster, Pa. IJbvral Arts — A fay Freshman Class, secretary; Student Council, vice president, recording secretary; Methodist Student Association; Student Personnel Services Council, social chairman. WILLIAM ORIXGTON GARRETT Hanover, Pa. Secomlary — January KAY DEE CAHRITY Lititz, Pa. Elementary — August ALEXIS IIEI.YNNE GASOWSKI West Pittston, Pa. Secondary — May Tennis; Newman Student Association; Junior Year Abroad Program. France. ANN LOUISE CAST Lancaster, Pa, Elementary — May Band; Orchestra; Women’s Chorus; U. C. C. F„ secretary, president; Student Guide; Project Guide. THOMAS H. CAUL Lancaster, Pa. Secondary— May Wickers, president, vice president, alumni secretary; C. E. C., Venture THOMAS H. CEHR Millersville. Pa. Elementary — May Band; I. V. C. F.; Brass Instrumental Quintet. KATHLEEN D. GELLEH Havertown. Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.. Canterbury Club; P. S. E. A.; Intra-murals. ELDON ROBERT CEMMII.I Airville. Pa. Liberal Arts — January PERRY RICHARD GEM MILL Airville, Pa. Industrial Arts—May Alpha Phi Omega, historian; Industrial Arts Honor Society, president; Industrial Arts Society, president; Technical Arts Club, vice president; Student Guide. EDITH ARLENE GERARD Akron. Pa. Elementary — January BETTIJANE UTILE CIAMPA Hatfield. Pa. Secondary — May English Club.SUSAN' HUTU GIFFORD Lancaster. Pa, Secondary — May Snapper; Pi Delta Epsilon. RONALD W. CIGL I aureus ter, Pa. Industrial Arts — August GERALDINE MARIE GIOVINAZZO Cornwells Heights. Pa. Elementary — May .Newman Student Association: Color Guard, captain: Intramurals: C. E. C.; Block and Cold; Trihtmal. JUDITH A. COLON!R Allentown, Pa Secondary — May (dee Club; Xenoplule Society. JOANNE ELIZABETH GOOD Leoln, Pa. Elementary — August Citamard Club; Student Guido; Black and Cold. FRANK G. GOODHART Lancaster. Pa. Secondary — May Newman Student Association: Rod and Cun Club. BARBARA E. CORDON Media. Pa. Liberal Arts — May Aviation Club; Venture, president; Sophomore Class, treasurer. DAVID E. GOSHEN Lancaster, Pa. Industrial Arts — August Industrial Arts Society. STEPHEN RONALD GO .ORA Morgan. New Jersey Secondary— May Young Republicans Club. LINDA LEE GRAEBNER Oakford, Pa. Elementary — January C. E. C.; Student Guide; Intramurals. BARBARA CLEMENS GRAHAM Rover-ford. Pa. Elementary — May PATRICIA ANN GRAHAM Manheim, Pa. S ecomlary — May Nlu Kappa Mu; V. D, S. A., treasurer; P. S. E. A.; Sigma Phi Omega, president. •12KAREN I.YNNE CHAM IIAM Sprinijftfltl. Pa. Secondary — January Hockey; Basketball; Lacrosse, co-captain; Lacrosse Club, president; Women's Varsity Club; Xenopliile Sociotv: Tribunal; Kappa Delta Phi. LINDA MARIE CRECIII Allentown, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.; Dolphin Club; Newman Student Association; Student Guide; Intramural . JUDITH ELAINE GREEN Lansdownc. Pa. Secondary — May W. C. A.. Mu Kappa Mu. secretary; Citauiard Club; P. S. E. A. LINDA EILEEN GREEN Secane. Pa. Elementary — May Lacrosse Club, vice president; C. E. C.; Mu Kappa Mu; Methodist Student Association, president. State vice president; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Student Guide; P. S. E. A.: "Club 15." CINDA JEAN GROFF Quarryville. Pa. Secondary— May English Club. SANDRA ANN GROVE Bed Lion, Pa. Elementary — January Intramurals; I. V. C. F.; Women's Chorus; Delta Phi Eta; A. C. E. I. MICHAEL ALLAN GROVES Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — January Wrestling. ELAINE CINETTE GRYGA West Consbnbocken, Pa. Secondary — May Tennis; Women's Varsity Club; Women's Service Organ! ration. AUDREY S. GUILES Hershey, Pa. Library Science — May JANE ELIZABETH Gl'NDKI. Columbia, Pa. Library Science —August SHELBY DAWN IIAAR New Oxford. Pa. Elementary — May L. S. A.; A. C. E. I. CHRISTINE MARIE HACKMAN Lebanon. Pa. Liberal Artx—August Snapper; Choir; Citauiard Club, secretary, president; Alpha Psi Omega; Intramurals. -13LILLIAN ANN HADFIELD Eddington, Pa. Secondary — May Methodist Student Association, [Miblicitv cliair-111:111: Lacrosse (dub. secretary. M. DIANNE HALBEKSTADT Nazareth, Pa. Liberal Arts — May Tennis; S. VV. O. I .; Young Republicans Club: Christian Science Student Organization. KATHLEEN MARY HAMILTON Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Arts—May Hockey; Xcnophile Society: English Club; Women's Varsity Club. NANCY KATHRYN HANNA Coatesville, Pa. Elementary — May lutrainurals; A. C. E. I. ROBERT R. MARKER Spring City. Pa. Secondary — May Football; Baseball; Athletic Trainer. Men's Varsity Club. DONNA LEE HARN'ISH Willow Street. Pa. Elementary — May JAMES HARRISON HARNISH lamia, Pa. Liberal Arts — August Tennis: Choir. RONALD LAWRENCE HARRIS Lititz. Pa. Elementary — August C. E. C.; P. S. E. A. VIRGINIA II. HART Mountville. Pa. Secondary — May CAROL F. HAWK Allentown, Pa. Liberal Arts — May Dolphin Club, secretary, senior adviser. ANNE AMES HAYES Camp Hill. Pa. Elementary — May Women's Chorus: Intr.unurals; A. C. E. 1.; P. S. E. A. ELAINE HELEN HEI'FEM REYER Conshohockcn. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Women's Chorus. 44RUTH ETTA HKINAMAN Columbia, Pa. Elementary — May Alpha Beta Alpha. MARCARET JANE HKLLYKR Upper Darby, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Women’s Chorus; Choir; Citamard Club; Alpha Psi Omega. JAMES F. HELTSHE lauicaster. Pa. I.iberal Arts— January Basketball; Men’s Varsity Club, vice president. EARL J. IIENDERSIIOT Warfordsburg, Pa. Imlustrial Arts — Augur BARBARA MART HENDERSON Media, Pa. Elementary — May Madrigals; Women’s Chorus; I-icrosse; Women’s Service Organization; Kappa Delta Phi. FRANCES BROOKS I1ERSHEY Cordon ville, Pa. Library Science — May Alpha Beta Alpha; Delta Phi Eta. ELEANOR E. HESPELL lainghome. Pa. Elementary — May Newman Student Association; A. C. E. I SHARON W. HESS York. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Intramurals; Touchstone, associate editor. Student Guide. FRED HIBBS Trevose, Pa. S ecoiulury — May Baseball: Men’s Varsity Club, sergeant-at- arms. The coveted title of Homecoming Queen is passed on from Peggy Cox (rtg il) to Lynne BiggcrstalT.MICHAEL HICKEY York. Pa. Secondary — May Baseball; Newman Club, treasurer; Wickers, treasurer; Intramurals: Orientation Committee. J. DOUGLAS HILL Millersville. Pa. Liberal Arts — August Basketball; Track; Intramural Committee. CAROL ANNE HIRCHERT Lcoln. Pn. Elementary — May C. E. C.; Choir, Junior representative; Women’s Service Organization, vice president. EILEEN ROMAINE HOAG Springfield, Pa. Elementary — August Hockey: Lacrosse; P. S. E. A.; Newman Student Association. LARRY RICHARD HOERNER New Cumberland, Pa. Elementary — May WILLIAM J. HOFF. JR. Altoona, Pa. Elementary — January Football; Student Guide; C. K, Intramurals: Tribunal; Citamard Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Newman Student Association; Four O'CIock Theater. SARA L. HOHLFELD Norristown, Pa. Secondary — May Young Democrats Club, secretary: Social Studies Club, secretary; W. C. A.; Dnrm, president; Student Council, Junior Class representative; Tennis. ELAINE N. HOI,LINGER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — January ALLEN W. HOPKINS Forest Grove, Pa. Secondary — May Alpha Sigma Chi. RICHARD DALE HOOVER Harrisburg, Pa. Secondary — May Student Guide; Alpha Sigma Chi, secretary, president. TONI EILEEN HORN Lancaster, Pa. Seeoiulary — January Student Council representative: W. D. S. A., vice president. CLAIR LEROY HOSTETTER Smoketown. Pa. Industrial Arts — May Industrial Arts Honor Society. I V. C. F. ■UfSARAH LOUISE HOUSEAL Marietta, Pa. Elementary — January JUDITH M. HUBER Allentown, Pa. Library Science — May Alpha Beta Alpha; Women’s Chorus. LEVINA J HUBER Bird-lii-Hand, Pa. Elementary — August NOAH THOMAS HUBER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — May P. S. E. A. KATHLEEN L. IIUCK Rota-sonia. Pa, Secondary — January Xenophile Society: Student Council. MICHAEL ANDREW III DICK Lancaster, Pa. Secondary — May English Club. DALE K. HULL Harrisburg, Pa. Secondary — January PATRICIA SUE HULSHART York. Pa. Elementary — May DONALD ROSS HUNTSINCER Lanvdownc, Pa. Secondary — May Baseball; Intrumur.ils; Oinicron Cainina Omega; Basslcr Ceographic Society. LINDA RAE HUSTON Middletown. Pa Library Science — May CAROL ANNE JENKINS Media, Pa. Library Science — May Basketball; Women’s Service Organization; Methodist Student Association; Social Studies Club; Venture. PAULA J. JENSEN I US ' .ion View. Pa. Elementary — January -17JOHN A JOHNS L.ititz. Pa. Elementary — May Student Guide; Orientation Committee. IRENE I.. JONES Norristown, Pa. Elementary — May A C. E. I.; Womens Service Organization, Women's Chorus. MARGARET E. K AM MERER Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — May I.. S. A.; ln Kappa Mu; Women's Day Room Council; Citamard Club; A. C. E. I.; Choir. SUSAN HI.EVINS KAUEEMAN Peai’h Bottom, Pa. Secondary — Junuanj P S. E. A.; Delta Phi Eta; English Cltih. TERRY AI.I.EN KAUEEMAN Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — January MARIANNE LEE KAYI.OR Palmyra, Pa. Library Science — May Citamard Clul); Technical Arts Club. ELIZABETH ANNE KELLER York. Pa. Elementary — January SHARON MARIE KENDIG Millersvllle, Pa. Elementary — Angus Dolphin Club; Alpha Beta Alpha. CHARLES JAMES KENYON Philadelphia. Pa, Secondary — May English C'luh, vice president; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Cukle. CAROLYN RAYE KEENER Springfield. Pa. Elementary — August llnckt-v; Women's Chorus; A ('. E. I.; P. S. E. A.; Lutheran Student Association. HOLLY LARAINE KERN Harrisburg, Pa. Elcnwntary — Januury Ercsluuan Glass treasurer; Student Council; Sna ya-r, feature editor and associate editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Basketball; Tennis; Kappa Delta Phi; Citamard Club. P. S. E. .; Sweetheart Court |!)(i! ; Intramurals; Student Cnide; Student Advisory Council to the Academic Dean; Who's Who. NEWTON HURST KERSIINER, JR. Baltimore, Maryland Secondary — January Tennis. 18 BAH BARA MARIAN KESSLER York. Pu. Secondary — August Woman’s Chorus; Kappa IX-lta Phi. JOHN WII.I.IAM KETCHUP Dalton, Pm. Industrial Arts — August Iiidiislriul Arts Society, vice president; Industrial Arts Honor Society. KAREN JOY K11.BANE Springfield, Pa. Elementary — January Women's Service Organization; Women's Cho-rns; P, S. E. A.; C. E. C.; Homecoming Queen 1965. BETTIE I KILE Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May LINDA CATHARINE KIME Yoc, Pa. Elementary — May College Choir, corresponding secretary; A C. E. I.; Pennsylvania State Collegiate Choral Festival. BEVERLY N KINDERMAN Phil.ah'lphia. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.. Women’s Choms. NEIL ROBERT KINSEY Sondert...Pa. Secondary — January Wickers; IntranmraLs; Trilmnal. CHERYL I.ARAINE KIRBY Manchester, Pa. Library Science — January Alpha Beta Alpha; Choir; P. S. E, A. SUSANNE LOUISE KITTINCER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. treasurer; Dolphin Club, vice president, president; Kappa Delta Phi. SALLY JO KI.EINCINNA Levi (town, Pa. Secondary — August Mil Kappa Mu; P. S. E. A. DEANNA ELAINE KLINE Felton, Pa. Elementary — May Intr.mmrals; I. V. C. F.; Citamard Club; Women’s Chorus, secretary, treasurer, president; Women’s Community Assireiation, president; Sophomore Class secretary; Student Council. Junior Class representative; Kappa Delta Phi; I O’clock Theater; Who’s Who SANDRA JEAN KLINEFELTER Manchester, Pa Elementary — Airgiu C. E. C.; P. S. E. A. •19 JUDITH ANN KNIKS Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary — May C. E. Newman Club. DAVID J. KOGAN Sharpsville, Pa. Elementary — May Varsity Football. C. F. C. BONNIE I.EE KOCIIKNOUH York, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; I. C. K.; I O'clock Theater BENJAMIN I. KOCIIEB Ulysses, Pa. Industrial Arts — January NADIA KOCHERCIN la-bamm. Pa. Secondary — May Xenophile, treasurer. Orthodox Club, secretary. DENNIS E. KOHLER Bed Lion, Pa. Secondary — August Choir. JOHN MOORE KOOOLER. |R. Lancaster, Pii. I.literal Arts—May Entomology Club: Roddy Scientific Society. SANDRA JEANNE KRAMER Narherth, Pa. Secondary — May Lacrosse Club, treasurer: Hockey; Mu Kappa Mu. BONITA JEAN KROET Ml. Wolf, Pa. Elementary — August C. E. C.: liilramuriils; NVuhuii Club; A, C. E. I.; Women's Chorus. JUDITH C. KROW Millersville. Pa. Secondary — January Aviation Club, secretary; I O’clock Theater. CAROL ANN KRUPER Union town, Pa. Liberal Arts — January Alpha Beta Mpha. Newman Club; Lacrosse Club; Intramurals. NANCY LEE KRUTZKE Clenslde. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; P. S. E. A.; Canterbury Club; Madrigal Singers; Women's Chorus. •10KENNETH BY HON KUI.AKOWSKY Gillwitsvillf. Pa. Industrial Art — May Industrial Arts Honor Society, president; Knot hall; Swimming; Track: Wickers: Phi Sigma Pi; Student Connell. MAHY PATRICIA KUL7.ER Bethel Park. Pa. Secondary — May Women's Service Organization, treasurer. Newman Cloh; Student Cllirie. HAYMOND JOHN KL'NKLE Lancaster, Pa. Ulreral Arts — August AI -ETA AN N KUNTZ Dallnstown, Pa. Elementary — January College Band; Women’s Chums; A C, E. I.; Trilnnuil; lutramurals. EDWARD THOMAS KUKEK Middletown, Pa. Secondary — May Newman Club; Roddy Scientific Society; Alpha Sigma Chi; Snap rcr; Student Ctiidc. KAHI.A FAY KURTZ Kplirata, Pa. Secondary — January English Clnh; Menoonite Student Fellowship. JOSEPH S. KVERACAS Moscow, Pa. Industrial Arts — January Industrial Arts Society; lutramurals. OEORCE C. LAKE Tyrone, Pa. Industrial Arts — August Varsity Club; Wrestling; Rod and Gun Club. JAMES BENJAMIN LANTXiREBE Upper Darby, Pa. Industrial Artis— May Wickers. CHARLES I). LANDIS Kplirata, Pa. I.iln-ral Arts — May Mu Kappa Mo: Roddy Scientific Society. MILDRED NISSLKY LANDIS Manlieini, Pa. I'uhlic School Nursing — May RICHARD A. LANDIS l.infield, Pa. Industrial Arts — May KooIIkiII. 51KAREN I.ORENA LANE Bowinaiisville, Pit. Secondary — May Siui tprr, co-editor; I’ S. E. A.; Choir; I V. C. E. IIAIUtV E. LANCKORD. JR. Lancaster, I’a. Industrial Art — January Track; Industrial Arts Society; Tun Cuimna LuimImIii. WILLIAM JOSEPH LAI SANSKY Cutasauejuu, hi, Secondary — August Eoothall; Truck; Basketball; Mu Alpha Kappa; Mini's Varsity dull. CARSON EUO.ENE LARKIN Red Lion, Pa. I inlu si rial Arts — May SOLOMON I. A USC11 New I lull,uni. Pa. Secondary — May Men’s Commuting Student Association, treasurer. vice president. Social Studies Club; Intramural ; P. S. E. A. MARK JEROME LAYNOR Millersville, Pa. Elementary — May Venture, vice president. DIANE LOUISE LEA MON Easton. Pa. Elementary — May Citaniaid Club; P. S. E. A.; A. C. E I . In-Irannirals. JEAN DICELY LEAR Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — August JAY M. LEARY New Holland. Pa. Secondary— May Sna i rer, advertising manager, business manager; Social Studies Club; Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer, Phi Sigma IS; Pi Delta Epsilon; In-tranmruls; Alpha Sigma Chi. historian, treasurer. vice president. African speaker, Vinie Burrows, is greeted by Linda Erey.DANA SHARON I.KHER Red I.Ion, l ;«. Elementary — August SUSAN FLORA LEHMAN l’l»iLi l«'l| 1iia. I’a. Elementary — May IInckey. Baskrtlwll; Women's Varsity Clnl , vice president; L. S. A. KAREN VIRGINIA I.ESSEIC Orcland, I'a. Elementary — May 1u Kappa Mn. Kappa Delta Phi. I’ S. E A . A. C. E. I. SARA JAM. LESS ID I'ottstown, Pa. Elf me maty — May Women's Community Association; A. C. E I.; Newman Cluli; Dolphin Cluli; Touelntone, associate editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Phi Delta, vice president. Student Guide EILEEN FAYE LEVY (Jrtopersbnrg, Pa. Liberal Arts — May MARILYN MACNAUGHTON LEWIS llathorn. Pa. S ecotulaty — January Spanish Cluli; English Club; Choir. ALVIN R. LIGHT Lebanon, Pa, Secondary — May Mu Kappa Mn. I . S. E. A. JAMES EDWARD I.INDERMAN Shainoldn. Pa. Secondary — May English ('Inli; P S E A. DANIEL THOMAS UNCLE Gettysburg, Pa. Elementary — May P. S. E. A.; Choir, vice president, president; 1.. S. A., president; Madrigal Singers; Alpha Phi Omega, alumni secretary; Student Guide; College Hand; U. C. C. F.; I V. C. F.; Mu Kappa Mu. SANDRA MARLENE LOCKARD Conestoga, Pa. I.iheral Arts — January Xenophile; Mil Kapp,i Mil. Women’s Day Sin rlent Association; I Vila Phi Eta SUSAN MARSHALL LONG Lancaster. Pa. Elementary — May A G. E. I.; College Rand REBECCA LONCF.NECKER Elizabethtown, I’a. I'ultllt- School X'nrxing — January 53CAROL ELIZABETH LOWE York, I’a. Ulrrary Science — May TKHKY CI.ENN LUCKENBILI. Schuylkill Haven, I’a. Industrial At lit — May liltrumurals; Industrial Arts Society. EVKI.YM RUTH Mat-Bit IDE llathnro, Pa. Secondary — May Women's Chorus; Xcnnphile; I. V. C. K.; (aim iiiii Sigma Alpha. TERESA LYNN MACDONALD Carlisle, I'a. Secondary — August i-nophlh-; I S. E. A.; Sigma I'hl Delta. THOMAS JOSEI'll MAKALUSKY (Mark’s Summit, I’a. Industrial Arts August l-'uiithall; IIikI ami Cun Cluli; Newman Stmlent Association; ImluMrial Arts Society; Cross Country; R. M. A. BARBARA CRACK Mi ADAMS I'hilatlelpliia. I'a. Secondary — May Women’s Service Organization, president and Senior adviser. Venture, treasurer; Hockey; Se nior Class, vice piesident. CAROL ANN McCARRAIIER Spring City, I'a. Secondary — August I V C. K.; I'. S. E. A.; English Chili. JANET MUNDIS VL-CARTIIY York, I’a. r.lcnicntary — August cary Paul McCartney Altoona, I'a. Secondary — May Wrestling. ROBERT M. MeCONACin i'hncnixvillc, Pa. Elementary — May I'ootludl; Wickers. treasurer; C. K, C.; Intru-murals. SARAH ANNE M,CONNELL Roslyn, I’a. Elementaly — May Color Cuurd; Newman Chili; ( I-., C., Xeno- pliile; Women’s Service Oigant ation. JANICE MARIE M.DOWELL Newtown Square, I'a Secondary — May Newman Cluli; English (.lull. It BARRY McELW'AIN Alexandria, Pii Elementary — May CHKRYI JEAN McGI.ADF. Wayne, Pit. Secondary — May Roddy Seicntifu Society; Methodist Student Movement; I . S. K, A.; Tennis; Inli.iinnnds. STEPHEN II. McKAlN Philadelphia, Pn. Industrial Arts — May Industrial Aits Society; P. S. E. A ; Rod and Cun Club; Intrainurals. iiiomas ultra-: McKKKMan lainsdalc, Pa. Sccuiulanj — May Men's Varsity Club; Wrestling, captain; Mu Alpha Kappa, president, JUDY KAY McKINNKY Lebanon, Pa. Secomlary — human Snajyu-r, P| Delta Kpsilnu. JERKY ALLEN McKONI.Y laincaster. Pa. I'.Uiacntary — May Student Cillde; Choir; Commuting Men's As-soeiation. susan a. McLaughlin llaverford, Pa, Elttmenlary — May Women’s Servin' Organi ation, president ami Senior adviser; Women's Community Association. sei relarv; V. C. K. I ; Venture: Who's WIio. JAMES S. MADAItA I .minister, Pa. Secondary — August E CHRISTINE MADDEN Pnttstnwn, Pa. i'.lfini'titunj — August A. C. E. I.; Social Studies Club. Women’s Chorus; Intiamurals. HELEN ELEANOR M MALE Norristown, Pa. Elementary — Mia Sigma Pin Delta. A. C. E. I.. Newman Club; L.inossc Club; Women's Service Organization ROBERT W. MAIEIt Hatlxuo, Pa. Industrial Arts— May Loot ball. Swimming. WILLIAM EDWARD MAMAV Ambridi’e, Pa, Secoiulaty — May Orthodox College Christian Fellowship. MJUDITH ZIMMERMAN MANN York, Pa. Elementary — January DENNIS EIA'IN MARK ladranou, Pa. Secondary — January I’lii Sigma Pi. JANET ELAINE MARTIN Blue Ball. Pa. Elementary — August JOHN R. MASON l cbunon. Pa, Secondary — May Newman Club. NIARCARET P. MASON Glen Moore, Pa. Elementary — Alpha beta Alpha; Dolphin Club. SUE ELLEN MATSON York, Pa. Library Science — January Alpha Beta Alpha. EILEEN LOUISE IAUS Shillingtoi), Pa. Library Science — May Band; P. S. E. A.; Student Guide. GORDON EARLY MAYFIELD Ephrata, Pa. Secondary — May Resident Men’s Senate, secretary; Choir; Methodist Student Movement; Track-. ROBERT AI.I.EN MKCKKS Bowmanstown, Pa. Secondary — May Newman Club; Tan Gamma lamilxla. treasurer. W. BARRY MKNO Pcrkiomenville, Pa. Secondary — January Football; Baseball; Men's Varsity Club. MARIE ELAINE MENGEL. Schuylkill Haven. Pa. Elementary — May English Club; I. V. C. K.: Venture; Women's Chorus; Delta Phi Eta. BRENDA L. MKNTZER New Holland. Pa. Secondary — January Choir; Intercollegiate Conference on Government. 5flCHARLOTTE LIDA MESSICK Chester. Pa. Elementary — May C. K. C.; A. C. E. I.: Venture: Women's Coin-munity Association; Student Guide. HOWARD RICHARD MESSICK Grantville. Pa. Industrial Arts — January Industrial Arts Society; Industrial Arts Honor Society. JOAN ELAINE MESSENGER Drcxel Hill. Pa. Elementary — January Alpha Beta Alpha; I . S. E. A.; A. C. E. I.. I. V. C. F. ANN II. METZ Belleville, Pa. Library Science — May Alpha Beta Alpha; Lutheran Student Assoda-lion. DIANA MARIE MIONOGNA Warrington, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Xenophile; Newman Cluh. WILLIAM JEFFREY MILES Coates vide, Pa. Intlusirial Arts — January Baseball; Industrial Arts Society: Hod and Gun Club. BONITA L. MILLER Dallastown, Pa. Elementary — May BRIAN W. MILLER Orwigshurg, Pa. Secondary — May Football; Bassler Geographic Society; Men's Varsity Club. JoANN MILLER Neffs villc. Pa. Elementary — January JUDY DARLENE MILLER Muncy. Pa. Elementary — May I. V. C. F.: A. G. E. I., secretary. Intramurals. KENNETH J. MILLER Darby, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Football. LINDA LEE MILLER Gap. Pa. Elementary — May Band; C. E. C. 57MARILYN KAYE MII.I.ER Paradise. Pa. Elementary— May A C. E L. vice president; Band; Touchstone. MATTA M. MILLER Harrisburg, Pa. Elementary — Mm I. V. C. F. PATRICIA ANNE MII.I.S Nottingham, Pa. Secondary — January Yin Kappa Mu; P. S. E. A., treasurer. RALPH S. MILLS. JR. I .a m aster, Pa. Elementary — August MICHAEL J. Ml SODA Nesipiehnning, Pa. Elementary — August DANIEL R. MITCHELL Springville, Pa. Industrial Arts — August I. V 0. I . president, treasurer; Arts Society. CRACK ELLEN MITCHELL Springfield, Pa. Elementary — May Women’s Service Organization, vice president; ( . E. C.; Dolplun (Hull; A. C. E. I. ROBERT ANDREW MOI.IN Ridley Park. Pa. Secondary — May Rassler Orographic Society, vice president; Freshman Baseball; Mu Alpha Kappa, vice president BRUCE MON I’ELEONE Millelsville, Pa, Industrial Arts — August Industrial Arts Society, Rod and Gun Club. MARTIN M. MOORE Phoenixville, Pa. Secondary — May Football; Men’s Varsity Club; Men’s Community Vssociatibn. PATRICIA A. MOORE Millersville, Pa. Elementary — May Methodist Student Movement, secretary; Women’s Chums. DIANE STOWE MOORMAN Southampton, Pa. Secondary — May Newman Clul ; Xconphilc. 58MARGARET THERESA MORONEY Avondale, Pa. I.ihriinj Sell'nee — Mill Alpha Hit.i Alpha. MARCARE1 IRENE MORRIN York. Pa. Elementary — Stay Women's Chorus; C. E. C,; Womens Service Organization. SANDRA L. MOSES Potts town. Pa. Elementary — May Sbap HT, associate editor ami Senior consultant; Pi Delta Epsilon; Baskethall; Tennis: Women's Chorus; C. K. C.; Who's Who. ALICE ll.ENE MOWRY Harrisburg, Pa. Secondary— Stay Citnmard, historian; Aloha Psi Omega; Student Council; treasurer and parliaiuentarian; Women's Varsity Chib; English Chib; Kappa D |. ta Phi. president. Hockey; Basketball; Who’s Who. EDWARD L. MOYER York. Pa. Srtcoiulary— Stay KENNETH L. MOYER Doylcstown, Pa. Iiuluslrial Art — Stay Basehall; Soever; Men's Varsity Club; Intra-murals; Alpha Phi Omega. Industrial Arts Society. GARY LEE MUMMERT Spring Grove. Pa. Industrial Arts — Stay I. V. C. E.; Industrial Arts Society Wickers, secretary. CAROI ANN MURPHY Springfield, Pa. Secondary — May Citaniard Club; Bnvder Geographic Society; Student Guide. FRANCINE RENEE MURPHY York. Pa. Library Science — August Newman Club. A happy ending to a memorable year—the Senior hall.DAWN LOUISE MUSSELMAN Epluatu, Pa, Elementary — May Hockey, co-captain; Womens Varsity Club; Freshman Basketball: A. C. E. I. LINDA JEAN MUSSER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May Women’s Day Student Association, treasurer; 1 V. C. Simula Pill Omen.i. SANDRA LOUISE MYERS East Petersburg, Pa. Elementary — January Women's Service Organization; C. E. C. JAMES !.. NATALE Sharon Hill. Pa. Secondary — August Junior Class, vice president. Student Council; Resident Men’s Senate; Wickers; Basketball; Track: Newman Student Association; Intra-murals. CHERYL ANN NAUS Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Elementary — May Student Guide; Tribunal; A. C. E. L; Touchstone. co-editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Phi Delta, president; Women’s Chonis; Intr.nnurals. Who’s Who. BARBARA E. NELSON Langhorne, Pa. Elementary — May P. S. E. A. FREDERIC NEUCERAUER Ridgewood, . Industrial Arts — August Industrial Arts Society; Canterbury Club. BARBARA ANN NEWI.IN Collingdale. Pa. Elementary—May Citamard Club; Women’s Service Organization; Student Cnide; Intramurals; Tennis; Basket ball. CONSTANCE LOUISE NEWMAN Trevorton, Pa. Library Education — January I. V. C. F.; Intramurals. JANET ANN NICE Keller’s Church. Pa. Elementary — May Lutheran Student Association. DONALD LOUIS NICHOLS Leola, Pa. Secondary — May English Club. LEONARD O. NICKOL. JB. Helium, Pa. Liberal Arts — May Thii Camma Lambda, vice president and secretary; Choir. Student Cuidc, 60JAYXB EUNICE NISKKt Ridley Park. Pa. Elementary — May Student Council, Senior representative: Choir: Women's Chorus; A. C. E. I.; Intetcollcgialt Chorus I'ostiv.'il; Christian Science Organization; Canterbury Club; Xenophile; Intramnr.iN; Sigma Phi Delta. DANIEL EDWARD NOLI. York, Pa. Liberal Arts— January Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club; Intrnmurub; Intercollegiate Conference on Covernment. MARYANN IIIRNEISEN NOLL Klcinfcltersville. Pa. Elementary — May Intramurals; I. V. C. I-'.; Women’s Chorus; A. C. E. I. PHYLLIS J. NOLL LuucaSter, Pa, Secondary — August JAMES L. NOLT Reinhohls. Pa. Elementary — August Choir, student director. CLAIRE ANN NQVEI.LO Springfield, Pa. Elementary — May Newman Club; C. E. C. |A E ANN NUSBA Ml. Wolf. Pa. Elementary — May Women's Chorus; C. K. I Student P S. E. A.; Intrnnmrals. NOVELLA FIZ7.ANO N'YCE Ridley Park. Pa. Elementary — January Women's Chorus; W. C. A. GAYLE ELIZABETH OIIERIIOLSER Coale-sville, Pa. Elementary — May I . S. E. A. M. SUZANNE ORE 17. Mauheim. Pa. Elementary — January C. E. C. ELIZABETH SHERIDAN O'BRIEN Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May LINDA BURHANS ORI ANOS King of Prussia, Pa. Elementary — May Women's Chorus; Commission on Student Life; String Ensemble, accompanist. 61MAM ELIZABETH OKMANOSKI York, Pa. Liberal Arts — May JACK KEITH OTSTGT Harrisburg, Pa. Industrial Arts — August Mm's Varsity Club; Tennis; Industrial Arts Society. AM) HE A H. PADGETT Philadelphia, Pa. Secondary — May English Gluli; Intrainurals; Women's Service Organization. DONALD ANDREW PALM UIST Lancaster, I’m. Liberal Arts — August Swiiinning; Intercollegiate Conference on Government; Christian Science Organization, president. LORRAINE PALSI Easton, Pa. Elementary — May Newman Club; Student Guide; Women's Student Association. SUSAN EMILY PATTERSON Aldan. Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.; P. S. E. A.; A C. E. I.; Canterbury Club. SUZANNE JANE PAUL Pottsville, Pa. Elementary — August C E. I ; P. S. E. A.; Lutheran Student Association; Student Guide; Tribunal; Gamma Sigma Alpha. CHARLES GORDON PECK Souderton, Pa. Industrial Arts — January 1'iKitb.ill; Wrestling; Men's Varsity Club. II. R. PKNNYPACKF.H Richland, Pa. Secondary — May Alpha Pin Omega, .secretary and vice president. Rod and Gun Club, vice president, JOHN IIAWMAN PEREI.LA Intercourse. Pa. Elementary — May Rand, president; Orchestra: Alpha Sigma Chi. president. PEGGIE JUNE PETERS Wyoniissing, Pa. Elementary — May Madrigal Singers; Alpha Reta Alpha, secretary: Omega Theta Sigma. Secretary; P. S. E. A.; A. C. E. I.; Student Guide. DENNIS WILLIAM PIERCE Harrishnrg. Pa. Secondary — Janaary Mu Alpha Kappa, treasurer; Roddy Scientific Society. 52SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS RECEIVE GRANTS First li»u — Barbara Bnrtram. Sue Kittlnger. Sandra Mn$c . Lynn Sniilh. Barbara Straub, and Dr. Annette Rich. Second Ruu —Dr. W. Richard Kettering, Mrs. Marlon B. Long, Barry Nowill, Robert Maicr, laonard Honk, ami Robert McConaghy. GREGORY ALAN PLANK Paxlang, Pa. Elementary — May Tribunal; Resilient Men’s Association; C. E. C. ELAINE A. POTTER York. Pa. Secondary — May Intrauiurals; P. S. E. A. TAMARA PREDTECIIENSKIS labanon, Pa. Elementary — May I. V. C. F., treasurer; Xonophile; M. S. M ; I . S. E. A.; Intrauiurals. SUSAN PRENDERGAST Prospec t Park. Pa. Elementary — May Student Council, corresponding secretary; Snapper.- Cheerleader; Women’s Varsity Club: Pi Delta Epsilon; Student Services Inc., hoard of directors, secretary; Student Guide; Sweetheart Queen 1967; Homecoming Queen Candidate 1966; Who’s Who. EDWARD J. PUCHALSKI Dunmoro. Pa. Secondary — January Men’s arsity Club; Mu Alpha Kappa; Foot -ball; Track. ELIZABETH ELEANOR PI RNEI.I Swarthrnorc. Pa. Elementary — May Women’s Chorus; P. S, E. A.; A. C. E. I.. Intramural Committee, vice president; Lacrosse; Intramurals. 63DAVID M. I'USEY Avondale, Pa. Industrial Arty— August IikIiisIriul Ails Society; I - S. E. A.; Hod and Con Club. DIANE MAKIE PYZOWSKI Krnckville, I’a. Elementary — January C. E. I.; Dcltu Phi Eta; Xcitupilile; Women's (thorns; Women's Service Organization; Color Guard. Cl.OHIA JEANNE HA BOHN Hellam. Pa. Secondary — May BYRON R RACE Wilkes-Baire, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Industrial Arts Society: Industrial Arts Honor Society, vice president; Lutheran Student Association; P. S. E. A. PATRICIA ELIZABETH RAUCII Cleotia, Pa. Elementary — August C. E. C... A. C. E. I.; P. S. E. A. CHARLES DAVID REED York. Pa. Secondary — May Resident Men's Association. PALMA S. REED lameaster. Pa. Elementary — May Student Council; Women's Chorus. Women's Service Organization, secretary; G. E, C.; Stu-ilent Guide. COLLEEN KAY REESE Hanover, Pa. Elementary — May Newman Club; lutramnrals; Dorm counsellor. CHARLES FRANKLIN REINHART. JR. I .ancaster, Pa. Secondary — May Roddy Scientific Society; Entomology Club. MARA REKIS lameaster. Pa. Secondary — May Xenophile; p. S. E. A. RONALD RAYMOND RENSHAW Downinglown. Pa. Industrial Arts — August Omicrim Gamma Omega; Industrial Arts Society; Intramurats. LEON H. RHOADS Manatawny, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Soccer; Industrial Arts SiH'lelv, treasurer; Industrial Arts Honor Society. 01PAUL WII.I.IAM RHOADS, JR. Norristown, Pa. Library Science— May I V. C. I ; Alpha Beta Alpha; Cross Country; Track; Wlm's Who. CYNTHIA I.. RINGER Pcqneu, Pa. Elementary — May I V ('. I .; Black and Cohl Band. DANIEL EDWARD RINEY Prosjxct Park. Pa. Liberal Arts — May Hcsidcnt Men's Senate; Nowumii Club; Intra murals. WALTER I. ROBINSON Lancaster, Pa. I.iberal Arts — May LINDA ANN ROCHE York. Pa. Elementary — May I . S. E. A.; Women's Service Orgnnifentioii. KENNETH ALLEN ROCK Huston, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Black and Cold Bund; Phi Sigma Pi. vice president; Aviation Club, vice president; Industrial Arts Honor Society. ELIZABETH LOUISE HOLERS New Holland, Pa. Elementary — January LINDA LOUISE ROHN Norristown, Pa. Elementary — May Methodist Student Association. ANNE LOUISE ROMICII West Lawn. Pa. Secondary — May Xrnophile; Women's Churns; Omega Theta Sigma. LEONARD L. HONK MeVeytown, Pa. Elementary — May C. E C.; Methodist Student Association. ELIZABETH ORACH ROPER (aiatesville. Pa. Elementary — May Intramural ; A. C. E. L; P. S. E. A; I. V. C. I'.. Women's Churns JOHN CUSTAVE ROTH. |R. Lanoaster. Pa. Secondary — May Intercollegiate Conference on Government; Clioir. 05ROBERT B. RUDER Scranton, Pa. Elementary — August Venture Club; Jewish Student Association, chaplain. KATE A. RUHL York, Pa. Library Science — August L. S. A. ANNA MAE RUTT Millcrsville. Pa. Elementary — May LOIS RUTTKAY Lancaster. Pa. Liberal Arts— August VIVIAN A DELL SACHS Harrisburg, Pa. Library Science — May Citamard Club. SHIRLEY JEAN SANDO Lebanon. Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Aviation Club; Women's Service Organization; Intramurab. CAROL ANN SARABUN King of Prussia, Pa. Elementary — May Alpha Beta Alpha, treasurer; Delta Phi Eta. vice president, president; P. S. E. A.; Omega Theta Sigma; Intramurals. CYNTHIA LEE SARIX) Lancaster, Pa. Library Science — May Newman Student Association. JUDITH ANN SASSAMAN Reading. Pa. Liberal Arts — May Venture, secretary; Intramuruls; Xonophile Society. 1)1 ROCHE! LE SAT! ZAHN Schaeffcrstown, Pa. Elementary — January Methodist Student Association; A C. K. I.; Alpha Beta Alpha; Women's Chorus; Student Guide; Tribunal. ANNA M. (CESSNA) SAYLOR Lancaster, Pa. Elementary— May SUSAN ANN SCAI.IA Bristol, Pa. Elementary — May Newman Student Association; lutrarnurals; Wo. men's Service Organization. MYRNA LEA SCHASZBERC.ER York, Pa. Secondary — May MARY BRIDGET SCHELL Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May P. S. E. A., delegate-at-large; A. C. E. I.; Newman Student Association. MARIANNE SCHMID Allison Park, Pa. Secondary — May Methodist Student Association. KATHLEEN L. SCHNELL Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May Tennis: Women's Day Student Association, secretary; Sigma Phi Omega. E. JOSEPH SCHNEIDER III Annvillc, Pa. Elementary — May Basketball Baseball: Varsity Club. recording secretary; Newman Student Association; Intramurals; AN bo’s Who. DANIEL KEN I SCHREFFLEH Harrisburg, Pa. ScCandonj — August Band: P. S. E. A. MARY JANE SCHULER Earlington, Pa. Elementary — May Varsity Cheerleader, co captain; Delta Pin Eta, president; Women’s Varsity Club; Sigma Phi Delta, historian: Who's Who. JOHN THOMAS SCHWEITZER l.eola, Pa. Liberal Arts — May English Club. Phi Sigma Pi. GLORIA ANN SELIGA Warminster, Pa. Elementary— May P. S. E. A.. C. E. C.; Women's Varsity- Club, treasurer: Student Council. IN rin representative; Varsity Cheerleader; Newman Student Association; Women's Community Association; Student Guide; Tribunal. 67JOANNE S. SENSEMC Lancaster, Fa. PS.V — May 1 RUTH VIRGINIA SHAFFER York. Pa. Secondary — January JO ANN SIIAFFNER Hershey, Fa. Elementary — Anoint F. S. E. A.; A. C. E. I. MARY E. SHAHHK’ITS Harrisburg, Fa. Elementary — May I. V. C. F. JOHN D. SHEAFFER New Providence, Pa. Secondary — January Football; Track; Men's Varsity Club. I.INDA MARIE SHELLEY York, Fa. Library Science — August Alpha Bela Alpha; U. C. C. treasurer. MARY ANN SHELLY Vernficld, Fa. Elementary — May Bund; Women’s Service Organization; A. C. E. I.; F. S. E. A.; Alpha Beta Alpha. MARGIE ANNE SHEPLEH Harrisburg, Fa. Secondary — May Dolphin Club; Venture; L. S. A. WILFRED C. SHERK. JR. Lebanon, Fa. Secondary — May Golf, captain; Tau Gamma l.umlxla, president; Commission on Student Life. JEAN MARIE SHINE Spring Grove, Fa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I. ROBERT REESE SHOCK Pauli, Fa. Elementary — May Choir. A. C. E. L; P. S. E. A.; Phi Sigma Fi; Alpha Sigma Chi. LEE W. SHOEMAKER Northampton, Fa. Industrial Arts — August Industrial Arts Society; Mu Alpha Kappa. OS SANDRA I.YNN SHOJLLENBERGER Ambler. Pa. Elementary — August A. C. E. I.; I. V. C. F. RI.BNE F. SI (OVER East PeterslMirg, Pa. Elementary — August BARBARA ANN SHUTT Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May Women’s Day Student Association. KAREN SCHMITT SIHBAK Lancaster. Pa. Elementary— May Women’s Day Student Association. Senior representative; Sigma Phi Omega, historian. SUZANNE A DELE SIMMONS York. Pa. I.ibcral Arts — May Newman Student Association; English Club. BONNIE LOU SINCI.EY Bemlersville. Pa. Elementary — May Sna yier; A. C. E. I.; Mack ami Gold Stall WOODROW HENRY SITES. JR. Manhcim, Pa. Elementary — January EI.I.EN MARGARET SLAGLE Pbiladelpbia, Pa. Elementary — May Band; I. V. C. F. PAULINE MAE SMELT . Oral ., Pa. Elementary — May L S. A.; A. C. E. I.; Alpha Beta Alpha; P. S. E. A.; Student Guide. CARL EUGENE SMITH Bafnhridgc. Pa. Secondary — May Intramurals; I. V. C. F. CAROL LOUISE SMITH Columbia. Pa. Elementary — January Alpha Beta Alpha. CHERYL JEAN SMITH York. Pa. Secondary — January English Club; Alpha Beta Alpha. 69ELIZABETH ANN SMITH Windsor. Pa. Elementary — January C. E. I . Women’s Chorus; Camilla Sigma Vlpha; Tribunal; Basketball; Student Guide. GAIL MAY SMITH Philadelpliia, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.; P. S. E. A. JOHN FRANKLIN SMITH Enola, Pa. Secondary — Augutt Track; Resident Men's Association. LINDA SUE SMITH Ephratn, Pa. Elementary — May Women’s Chorus; P. S. E. A.: English Chib. LYNN BETH SMITH Philadelpliia, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.. secretary; A. G. E. I.; Womens Chorus; Special Education Federal Fellowship. HOSEANNE M. SMITH York. Pa. Elementary — January A. C. E. I.; L. S. A.; P. S. E. A.; Student Guide. PATH ELAINE SNODGRASS York, Pa. Elementary — May Majorette. Student Council, Dorm representative; Kappa Delta Phi; A O. E. I.; Student Guide. BONNIE HOSE SNYDER New Oxford, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I., historian; C. E. C. LARRY ALAN SNYDER Red Lion, Pa. Secondary — August Choir; Men’s Varsity Club; Track: Tau Gamma I aimbdu. parliamentarian. MARJORIE HARRIET SNYDER Easton, Pa. Elementary — May Snapper, photographs editor; J. S. A., secretary; Dorm secretary: Venture; Pi Delta Epsilon. RICHARD LEE SNYDER Red Lion. Pa. Elementary — August Alpha Sigma Chi, vice president; Intramural Committee, treasurer; Class Officer, treasurer; Bossier Gwgr.iphic Society; Student Guide. DOTTI’E JEAN SOLTIS Harrisburg, Pa. Secondary — May Women’s Service Organization; Xenophile; Venture; Dolphin Club; Intramnrals I 70THOMAS G. SPALTER San Francisco. Calif. Secondary — May Xenophilc. president; Dorm counselor; Sigma Epsilon Beta. NANCY LOU SPEARING Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.; Women’s Day Student Association, Junior representative. GAYLE ANNE SPOHN Elverson, Pa. Elementary — May C. E. C.; S. W. O. P. JOHN PENNINGTON SPRENKI.E. Jit. Red Lion. Pa. Secondary — May English Clnh; Intramural Committee. NANCY ANN SPROUT Lititz, Pa. Elementary — May Women's Chums; Basslcr Geographic Sodety; P. S. E. A.; A. C. E. I.; Folk Dancing Clnh; Women's Day Student Association. MIDCE F SPINDLE It Chcswick, Pa. Secondary — August KAY F STAGGERS Perkiomcnville. Pa. Secondary — May Women’s Chorus; English Clnh; Kappa Delta Phi, vice president. ALBERT MARTIN STARR. JR. Willow Street. Pa. Hirer a! Arts — May GEORGE B. STAUFFER Lancaster, Pa. Secondary — May Student Manager of "Rat Race." CAROL ANN STEEFY Adamstown, Pa. Elementary — May Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Snapper; Women’s Community Association. LINDA MARIE STEIGER Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary — May Women's Chorus; Dorm secretary. SUE FRANCES STEPHENS Brogueville, Pa. Elementary — January 71BEVERLY AW STER1.EY Shiliingtou, Pa. Secondary — May Choir: Intranmrnls. Women’s Service Organization; English Club; Newman Student Assncia-tion. DENNIS W. STERNER East Prospect, Pa. Secondary — May Roddy Scientific Society; Intramural . RICHARD PAUL STILES Bangor, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Tan Cainiim Laminin, property secretary; Industrial Arts Society. THOMAS LAWRENCE STITCH BERRY UpjHT Darby. Pa. Secondary— May Glass Officer, vice president, president; Soccer, captain; Wickers CLEW N. STITZEL Bijycrtown, Pa. Elementary — May Basketball; Base-ball; Mens Varsity Club; Wickers'. HENRY ALBERT STONER Wrightsvillc. Pa. Secondary — May Baseball; Intraniurnls. GERALD PAUL STOUDT Souderton. Pa. I.iheral Arts — May CHERYL RAE STOUCH Lcvittown. Pa. Elementary — May L. S. A.; A. C. E I . Alpha Beta Alpha; Intra-murals. BARBARA E. STRAUB lainsdale. Pa. Elementary — May Color Guard: C. E. C.; A. C. E. I. JUDITH ANN STRIVE York. f A. Elementary — August KENNETH L. S I BINE Lancaster, Pa. Secondary — May CHARLES E. STROHECKER Lancaster, Pa. Liberal Arts — August PHYLLIS A. STUMP Dallastown, Pa. Elementary— May Choir; A. C. E. I.; Snapper. MARILYN SWANK I'rnckville, Pa. Elementary — May Basketball; Tennis; Intramurals; Newman Stu-(lent Association; A C E. I ; Student (Guide: P. S. E. A. BOWIE JUNE SZYMANSKI Lancaster, Pa. Secondary — August ROBERT DAVID TATE Blglorvllle, Pa. Secondary — August Cilamard Clul); Alpha Psi Omega: Mn Kappa Mn, trousurer. EVELYN TUCKER TAYLOR Media, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.; Women's Service Organization; Venture; Intranmrab. HARRIET ELAINE THATCHER York. Pa. Secondary — May Xeiiopliile, Kappa Delta Phi, parliamentarian; P. S. E. A. PAMELA JEANNE THOMAS York, Pa. Liberal Arts— May Citumard Club, vice president; Alpha Psi Omega. president, Social Studies Club, treusorer; Snapper; Pi Delta Epsilon; Intercollegiate Conference on Government: Tribunal. DONNA IRENE THOMASCO Lebanon, Pa. Secondary — May Citamard Club; Mu Kappa Mu; Touchstone, literary xlitor; Pi Delta Epsilon; P. S. E. A.; Student Guide. LAURA D. THOMPSON Norristown, Pa. Elementary — January Women's Service Organization; C. E. C.; I.. S. A.; Intramurals. WILLIAM RONALD THOMPSON Middletown. Pa. Industrial Arts — January Newman Student Organization; Intr.umirals; Swimming; Industrial Arts Society; Student (Slide. DONALD CHARLES THOMSON Highspiro, Pa. Secondary— May Social Studies Club; L. S. A.; Intercollegiate Conference on (Government. RONALD ANDREW TIRPAK Pot blown. Pa. Secomlary — May Football; Soccer: Wrestling; Wickers. 73MARGARET MARY TOOMEY Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Secondary — January Colurguard; Black and Cold, editor; Lacrosse; Inti.muiralv Pi Della Epsilon, treasurer; Student Guide. HOWENA HELEN TOWNSEND Lansdownc, Pa. Elementary — May P. S. K. A . Newman Student Association; Intra-murals; Student aiide; Black anil Cold. SAYRE GAIL TURNEY Ml. Wolf. Pa. Llltrary Science — May Alpha Beta Alpha. BERNADETTE MARIE TUSCANO Poltstown. Pa. Secondary — May Newman Student Association; Intramurals; Black anil Cold LINDA JANE UFFEI.MAN East Prospect. Pa. Elementary — May L S. A.; A. C. E. I. CAROLYN CLAIRE URSPRUNC Ephrata. Pa. Elementary — January C. E C., vice pr ideut: l orm counselor. PETER CHARLES VALTOS Dickson City, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Industrial Arts Society; Industrial Arts Honor Society; P. S E. A. WILLIAM C. VAN SCYOC Shippcnsburg. Pa. Industrial Arts — August Industrial Arts Society. WILLIAM GEORGE VOGEL Wynncwood. Pa. Liberal Arts — January I'onthall; Wrestling: Men’s Varsity Club; Intro-murals; Mu Alpha Kappa. SANDRA ELIZABETH VOLT Media. Pa. Elementary — May Methodist Student Association, vice president, secretary; Mu Kappa Mu: Alpha Beta Alpha; Tennis; A. C. E. I. KATHLEEN VUCIN Morrisville. Pa. Elementary — May touchstone: Student Council; P. S. E. V; A. C. E. I. LINDA JANE WALLACE New Bloomfield, Pa. Library Science — May Band; Women’s Chorus; Alpha Beta Alpha; Intr.unurals; Student Guide; W C. A.; Dorm, secretary-treasurer; P. S. E. A. 71Carla joann York. Pa. Library Selene? — May Womens Service Organization; Women's Cho-rus; Alpha Beta Alpha; P. S. E. A. CAROLE LOUISE WALKER Hellurtown, Pa. Elementary — May P. S. E A.; English Club; Intramural ; Tribunal. JANET V. WALTER Christiana, Pa. Elementary — May Tennis; Women's Chorus; A. C. E I.; Technical Arts Club: Women’s Varsity Club. BARRY LEE WALTERS Lancaster, Pa. Scctnulary — Angus Football; Track. MARIAN E. WALTERS Lancaster, Pa, Secondary — August Xenophilc Society; Citamard Club. DAVID WAYNE WAMSLEY Media. Pa. Industrial Arts — May Football: Track; Intramural ; Wickers, sergennt-at-arms; Baseball: Men’s Varsity Club. MICHAEL E. WARNER llellam. Pa. Liberal Arts — May DOLORES ANN WEAVER Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — August A. C. E. L; C. E. C. SUSAN JEAN WEDD II avert own. Pa. Elementary— May A. O. E. I. Citamard Club; Methodist Student .Association: Women's Chorus: Tribunal; S. W. O. P. JAY RUSSELL WEIDNIAN Manheim, Pa. Secondanj — May C. M. A., president; P. S. E. A.; Student Guide. MATTHEW WEIR Hershey, Pa. Industrial Arts — August Swimming Team: Men’s Varsity Club; Industrial Arts Society. Newman Student Association. Young Republicans Club. MARY IREDA WERNER Newtown Square, Pa. Liberal Arts — January Freshman Orientation; Citamard Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Student Guide; Who's Who. 75DKBORAH MARIE WEST Norristown, Pa. Elementary — May Women's Service Organization; C. E. C. ANONA MAE W1ERMAN Rctl Lion. Pa. Elementary — August A. C. E. I.; I. V. C. F. ROBIN I.EE WIGGING Lancaster. P » Elementary — May Women’s Cliorns; P. S. E. A.; A. C. E. I. THOMAS CHARLES WILLIAMS Sinking Springs. Pa. Liberal Arts — May Student Guide; Alpha Sigma Chi. friar, pledge-master. STEPHEN T. WILLIAMS Pen Argyl, Pa. Industrial Arts — May Industrial Arts Society. Industrial Arts Honor Society, secretary-treasurer. TAMARA JOANNE WILT Palmyra, Pa. Elementary — January RUTH ANN WINTERHALTER Birdsboro, Pa. Elementary — May A. C. E. I.: P. S. E. A.; Women's Chorus; Women's Service Organization. GLENN R WITMER Millersville, Pa. Secondary — May C. M. A.. Senior representative; Intramurals. KAY LYNN WITMER York. Pa. Elementary — May Alpha Psi Omega, treasurer; Citainard Club; Women's Service Organization; S. V. O. P, MERLE YVONNE WITMER Harrisburg. Pa. Elementary — May Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader, co-captain; Xonopliilo Society; A. C. E. I. SUSAN JOY WITMOYER Shillingtpn, Pa Elementary — May llockcv; Women's Service Organization, secretary; G. E. G. NINA LEVY WITTI.E Mt. Joy, Pa. Library Sclenct - May 70KATHLEEN AXNE WOLFE Ahington, Pa. Elementary — May Gil.unard Club; Sihi i ht; I . S. E. A.; Intra-inunils. JAMES WILLIAM WOLFORD Lancaster, Pa. Lilmral .Arts — August HIRAM MESSER WOI.GEMUTH, JIL Lancaster, Pa. Library Science — May Alpha Beta Alpha. MARY ANN WOOD Norristown, Pa. Secondary— May Hockey; Women's Chorus; Women's Service Organization: English Club; Delta Phi Eta; Sigma Phi Delta, coircspooiling secretary. GAIL REGINA WOODS l.cwislmrg, Pa. Elementary — May Choir. A. C. E. I.; P S. E. A.; Inlr.mmrals; Women’s Service Organization. BARBARA ANN YEAGER Springfielil, Pa. Secondary — January Delta Phi Eta; Dolphin Club. VICKI EILEEN YOUNG Red Lion, Pa. Elementary — August Women's Chorus. GEORGE JOSEPH VTTIAS New Cumberland, Pa. Secondary — May LUTHER A. ZARFOSS, II York. Pa. Secondary — May Rod anil Gun Club. ANTHONY FRANCIS 7.AYA. JR. Levittown. Pa. Industrial Arts — January Industrial Arts Society, treasurer; Resident Men’s Association. JAMES MELVIN ZERBE Selmylkill Haven, Pa. Uhrary Science — May Basketball; Baseball: Dorm, president; Resident Men’s Association. BONNA R. ZUCH lajwlsburg. Pa. Secondary — May L. S. A., vice president; Women's Chorus, vice president; Student Guide: Sigma Phi Delta; Junior Year Abroad in France. 11LINDA MARIA ZWALLY Lancaster, Pa. Elementary — August Newman Student Association. MYRON J. ZWIZAXSKI Norwood, Pa. Industrial Artv— January Men's Varsity Olid); Swimming; Industrial Arts Society: Venture; Newman Student Association; Intramural . DKEN'A ZYDANOWICZ Wilmington. Del. Elementary — August Lacrosse; Newman Student Association. The end is only the beginning . . . 78NAZERANO AMATl'COI reviews student evaluations from llu‘ I'rcshmun Orientation Program. l.YNNE BICCERSTAFK reigns as 1987 Homecoming Queen. CKACE ROMAINK BRECHBIKL writes an editorial for Siuippcr RICHARD BAKER introduces Cannonball Addcrly at Winter Weekend. WHO’S WHO at MSC CORI 0 DIEM eomlnets tin regular meeting of a Student Semite committee.DONNA Dl’FT'EY teaches a ninth class. WHO’S W HO continued HICIIAIM) JIWKNI.VI7 utilize facilities ,.t tin new library. IIOI.I.Y KEHN roinciiilKTN last years Student Semite activities. DEAW KI.INT. helps out .it a Student Senate election. M SAN Mel.AUOIII.IN corrects papers from student teaching. 80PAl-TI.. RHODES pits .in early 'tart on his library career. SUSAN I’RKXDERGAST slum's real school spirit M. S. c SANDRA MOSES catches upon the latest at MSC. ALICE MOWRY recalls tin week's sports activities. CHERYL NAUS checks the Ti)Uch 1oiu- layout for perfe-etion.MARY WERNER attends to her duties in the Guidance Office. WHO’S WIIO continued THOMAS STITCHBERRY serves in many capacities at MSG. JOSEPH SCHNEIDER makes points with the haskethall team. MARY JANE SHt'I.ER cheers the team on to victory. 82The Green Weenie leads a pep rally. Does K come before or after J? Think shell win a prize?Juniors CLASS OFFICERS: Sally Kelly, secretary; Jadell Sorensen, vice president; Brad Lillie, president ami Katliv Kelley, treasurer. "They just told me it was illegal to fish in the lake. I hope it's not true.” Brenda Schlegcl makes final arrangements with Martha and the Vnndcllas just before their eoneert. i'nml How: Penny Balestrino, Carol CrandiU, Margie Park, Marion Kronse, Bonnie Montag nnd Lucy Coyer. Second How: Sandy Peterson, Faith Whitehead. Joyce Flinchbaugh. Sm l-Orcnzon. Marilyn Knngas and Viti Chandler. Back Hon ■ Bill Yoder. Michael Murphy. Joseph Mc Namara. Barbara Smoker and Mary June Neenan. I'rout Hon Marjorie Miller, Stephanie Yolhner, Carole Hunshergcr. Linda Bachman. Jane Xiemond, Janice llallahan and Judith Morning. Second How: Mnrgo Green. Phyllis Terry, Betsy Ailing, Debbie Sonthwick. Sue Nicklans, Elaine Carman and Susan Moviv Back How. Keith Winters, Bill Stnible and Frank Reynolds. 84Front Row: Janice Parisi, Barbara Albright, Judy Salford, Judy Chantry, Alice Shirk and Nancy Francis. Second {mi. Jeanette Halier. Susan Zelt. Bev Hacker. Cynthia Deardorlf. Carol Keden and Connie Krb. thick Row: Marc Uiickius. George Hunt . Jock Pennepai her. Hon StouHer, Haul Evanko and Tim Kline. Front Row: Debbie DcPietropaolo, Merly Kirchoil, Canny 1 louseal. Janice Payne, Joanne Kane and Brenda Wagner. Second How: Cerry Carroll, Sally Kelly, Carolyn Kcpner, Carol Husso, Peggy Langford, Cracc Hanna and Linda Weenhold. Bnek Ron : Christie LaBello, John Zaner, Dave Hoot .. Dave Fyock. Dave Epler. Hal Hopper and Cheryl Kleinle. 85Front How: Sandy Young, Linda Siriiinni, l.imln Feaster and Judy Kc-ath. Sccoiul Hou-: Janet Buell, Cheryl Keiulig, Sandra .sj an(ake, J"dv Margut anti Ellen Sohlbrvck. Back How: John Daulrcrt, Martin Jacobs. James LaSalle and John Molot ah. runt Row: I.nul l Fair, Mary Caluiuia, Cunita Kiuka, Kay Shnn.iman. fanny Price, Nancy Koons and Sandra Carver Second How: Patty Rnnca. Carol Migmmi, Suv.iniu- llainhright. Marilyn Shirk, Margaret Kinch, Kate Cibson ami Brad Little, liiuk How: Linda Sherranl. Beverly Mack. Mary Ann Buttam. Beth Johnson. Joyce Roidenlwh, Brenda Sehlegcl, Fred Ralston and Jay Jones. 80Front Ron: Barbara Schroder, Joyce Sdp, Cindy Snyder, Mary Aim Ferrara, Marilyn Ringley, Kalhy Delbaugh ami Debbie Scalmhn. Second Ron : Fran Binder. Phillip Hill. Margaret Smith, Kathleen Zook. Anno VVetherhold, Carotene Bargo, Bill Jackson and Bena Good. Hack Hou : John Farmer. Fred Pollock, Patrick Steele, Donald Kanll ■nan and Donald Bmhakcr. Front Hou Ingrid ScluiMilk. bole S ton Her, Paddy Donnelly, lamia Wilvm, lienee Y.ukcl, Barbara Wineinan, Patricia Mahunoy, Donna Dugan, M.irgv Vakinioll, Diane Sherman and Samira Zt-rhy. Second Him: Micluh Kramer, Beth Stcigerwalt. Joyce Sperlnian, Snvm Boinigor, Kathy Kronse, Elaine Wiggim, Ann HivMinller. Chcri Bo|ahn. Janet Riv'lcr, lamia Wallers ami Joan Dell.nt. Back Him: Muryaliee Dit .lor, Judy Bank. BaHura Jo Apiehella, Tom llancy, Sharon McCihlion. Marti Dorermis, Carol Bartone, John Miller, Edward Fakr and Kathv Farvrr. 87Sophomores CLASS OFFICERS: Seated: Christine I’fomiing, i ir - president; Hovli x-u, president; Patricia Morrissey, secretary. Standing: Robert Covin-, treasurer and Sin- Hostetler. historian. l-'ront RoW; Sue Ellen Cam-11. Kathy Wuldron, Joani Sinitsky, Patricia Shovlin, Jean Devonshire, Kathleen Frey ami Niiiio Koons. Second Ron. Dali- l air, James Ristine. Craig l.vsher. Bradley Ross. Harold Salmi. David Koitoll and Brad Until. Buck Row: Ijmcc Growl, Ed Huuck. Dale Thomas. Bill Collett, lairrv Lindcman ami Ronald Foy 88Front How: Donna Minnlch, Linda Hock, Kami Pfeiffer, Carol Hath. Barbara Ann DiikiTt, Barbara Miller and Barbara Kcdman. Sedan! Row: Julie Holler, Susan Kit Inner. Joyce Eshleman, Linda Sliivrt, Jean Km •or, Irene Degler anil Sally Wool Hack Hme Arlliur Len gather, Myrle Beringer, Ben Fornwalt, Mike Hampton. Jay Itufus. Jim Stamm anti Allrert Schmidt, Front Hou : Steve Koclit, Karen Kantrowitz. Sallyann Peters, Linda Hose, Barbara Wolpert, Annamnry Sikorsky, Kate ami Kenneth Shiik St rom Hitu. Barry Kerstettcr, Judy Klm-k. Linda BiymesSer, Sue Keidcnluch, Debbie Knrlrcs, Marilyn Strehle, Sue Kronko, Donna Aughinbaugh ami lamia Alexander. Hurl Hon:. Cary Soagraves, Martin Kink-el. Jell Hart, Tom Patrick, Tom Heinfried, David Strieker, Ed Duma ami John Cullen. Front H«u: Patricia Hawk, Christina Snyder. Mitt Signore, Bonnie Voder. Carol Elko, Carol Shelleman, Patsy Hcem ami l.imla Hiddell Srrotui Hon: Kathy Howell. Jam Kliekmger, Betts Bartholomew. Janet Klappcrt. Dot tie Ernst, Eileen Krehns ami Paul Slike. Hack Hon : Kerry Kn nler, Thomas Mills, Barry Ituliardson. Mark Wickstrom, JWires Weaver ami Susan Wentink.Front Row: Teresa Eahv. l-cith. Sally Lcedy. Karen Cable, Jill MacKenzie. Jean Own'll- , b»da Bn,l..iker ami Liixia Krcsge. Second Row: Donna Sassaman, Cynthia Trago, Gale Yeager, Jane Zook, Nonna Martin, S -roust. Kathy Legenstcin. Diana Spo ilt .m l Karra McCartney. Rack Rou William Heinrich, James Mudgey, Jo in (• g n rn am Rodney Loom-. Fwnt Rote: Fae Matthew. Kathy Glenn. Judy Korher, Sus.ui Melhv. Nancy Warren. Laima l-miiap:. laris Ouiw and Sharon Christman. Second Rou: Woody Miller, Jim Cognato, Ccrri Mtillin, Louise Yoder. Jam- Kendig ami Bcth-Ann Watson. Back Rou: Jan Bohnger. Allicrt Schmidt. Carroll Khrhart. Michael McClure, Larry Comer, Deal and Jeffrey Biehl. Front Row: Sharon Beshore. Jeanne Millar. Irene Kachmassky. Janet Kennedy. Elsie Tomlinson, Georgette Bowman. Leslie Edmistou, Nancy Kane, l.imla Kauseh and Bonnie Ritchey. Second Row: Jam-lie Markov. Carol W’iggins. IVbbie DePic-tropaolo. Janet Schiiclcr. Jackie Detrick, Jean Fcnigio, Linda Romsden. Barbara Scliolwiii. Diane Fuller and Kathy Yawl-las. Back Row: Phillip Rumbles. Darlene Warner. Judy Lippy. Glenn Ever, Jim Stokes, Jean Fallow, Elaine Altschuler. Nannettc Schropp, Jcnelle llershoek ami Connie Avery.Front Rou: Karen Gerhart, Jean Vogt, Joanne Davis, Lyn Pierson. Twila Sprnkcr, 1 .ee Fisher, Bemic Snkle, K a illy Hover ami Diane Lightnor. Sccoiul Row: Karen Noch. Call Hcmley. Carol Brackbill, Umta Olcjniczak, Charlotte Abel. Linda Mac.Mullcn, Sally Ann Smith, Joani Sinitsky and Linda Beyer. Back Ron: Julie Hodman, Eugene Venser, Alvin Horner, Laurence Carland, Don Gates, Barry Parthrce and Adcle Michcner. Front Kmc: Mario SkvOTetz, Sally l-eody. Karen Cable, Ruth Williamson, Veronica Forth Kathleen Hess and Karen Kimball. Second Knit: Gregory Cottle, Cuynel Schoellhorn. A Ulna Forty. Sue Slikcr, Ed Althouse ami Tom Haliday. Rack Kmc: Charles Brown, Bill Walter, Donald Hrrshey, Bay Lcathermnn, DonaUI Rivser and Jack Milter. Front Row: Jan Brcneman. Dottle Ernst. Marlom’ Lorah, Pamela Miller, Irene Kravitz, Patricia Stonier. Marilynn OIht-holtzrr, Patricia Long and Maria Pikes Second Row. Steve Sbartle, Chet Marshall, John Benson, Henry Doomor. David Binklov, Kamn lUtchev, Kay Kessler, Linda Olcjniec nk, Sandra Pasko and Dave Strieker. Back Ron: Charles Alex, John l.nnniitti. Torn Rolirer, Bradley Ross. Terry Bcchtold. Claudia Stoshak, Sue Haas, Dorothy Hankoy ami Jim Wile.Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS: Front How: Ruth Ann Hromiield. historian; Jon Hcdnak. tier president; Sieve Lennox, president and Cindy Heath, secretary. Slaiuling: Mr. Joel Kluxer and Mix-. N.imx Capo zoln. advisers. ' The pause that refreshes" . , . . . . during the freshman Ixxik walk. 02 Front Rou Carol Mailmans. Sara .inn, Arlrm Hitchman, Evelyn Bomlierger. Sa-an Miller, Sandra Steliman, Audrey Eck-man, Catherine Canon. Joyce Helsel and Carole no Brubaker. Sccoiul Row: David Lnllertv, la-ster Fills, Dave Bobbins. Eric Hamilton. Art Guyton, Tom Brogan, Raymond Pawulidi, Keith Brightbill. William Brenner and Dean Isaacs. Back Rolf: Mike Dries. Paul Reidcmau, Kenny Cmthcfs, Gregory Stellmaeli. Terry Barries, Dave Str.diler, Rudolph Boyance, Edward Klahr, James McGee and Donald l.inton Front Rou: lair mine la-Gates, Nancy I Van. Betty Duller, Charlene Mullen. Louise Connor. Shelley Raubenhold. Ellen llnlliert. Kathleen licit, Mary Mesraros and Margie Anrick. Second Row: Ralph Aliment. Jell Leininger. Glenn Valcnte, Ed Powell. Ken Pick. Charles Gearhart. Richard Jay. Tony Rossi and John Patton. Hark Rou: Robert Cirvin. Raymond licit . Michael Baird, Patrick Gohririger. Jell Vermuth, Richard Scott Mullen, Dennis Wl.ite. Ken Mar inko, Fred Miller and Paul Vaughn. _ . Front Row: Sarah Smith. Nancy Massinger. Jean Ranch, Flo llibhs. Gail Wren, Carol l.arzolere, Diane Alexander. Susan Remaly, Diane and Sue Krcidrr Sccoiul Row: Richard Workman. Sherwood Matter. Michael Smith. Robert l ipka. Jolm Mover. Tom Richards. Paul Meek. Sheldon Berg Jim Leonard ami Paul Kilgore. Back Row Busty Swenson, Bob Borzok, Joseph Thornton. Harry Badle. John Klinger, Mike Buckner. Rick Ortwrin, Tom Paul and Michael (minivan. Ft out How: Carol Mess, Brenda Kegerrris, Phyllis llous Nancy Richwinr, Pat DeWitt, Mary Ann lludick, Kathv Moshos, Culhv Ann Zwally and Belli Wolf. Second Row: Sman Davit. I.inda Scans. Sandra Boughter. IVnnv Hileriuin, Iris Swerl, Sliamn Slonaker. lX'lxnali Kin . Deltorah Gilbert and Margaret l.ykens. Hark How Tom Mimnall, Kent llamm, Keith Dalions. Gar)' Logeman, David Disc, Dave Smith, Edward Olfngcr. Craig Robinson, Albert Brown, Rick Taylor and Ricky Schneck. I'rant How: Shcr latckard. Connie Bowers. Elizabeth Workman. Kathy Ashby, Kathy Anderson, Christine Minim, Diane Scholl and Connie Roland. Second How: Elaine Dciblcr, Brenda lleih't, I.iimI.i Fake, Linda Shirk. Jcri Lynne Jarrell, Sharon Houseknochl, I’ain Wilkins, lanrame Robinson, Sandy Gipe and Phyllis l.cvscr. Rock How: James Manning, Jeffrey Annold, William Harris, Edward Bieleski. James Yoder, Mike I.iim'ii, Carl Fcttcmian. Dennis Mnschlitz and Joe Burke. Front How: Lynne Eisenh.irt. Florence Heller. Janet larnbach, Cvntra Adams. Frances Slough. Linda Bernhard, Cynthia Vines, land.I llurlrx. Tins Cauthornc and l.nid.i eL.m. S ■■■0,1 H,.o koube . kle . Panada Ine. Rita t.inmil. Beth-lynne Graham. Katiilreii Siller. Janet lleathcote, Linda M niii. tl. Zaun, Mars Bat and Shirley I-each. Hark How: Janet F.lliott. N’enie Parsons, Karla Mordan. St. phany Thieme, Susan Young. Franci-s llolienadel. l-inda Slider and Wanda Wilt.Front Row: Brby Dusak. June Borden. Ingrid Benjamin. Jcanninc Snyder, Lynda O'Byrne. Kathy Wanner. Murcrina Dry-lak. Jill Winterhalter, Betsy Lape ami Junior IXsorrman. Second Row: I-ois Ann Tlieopltel, Faye Cook. Diane Eaton. Margaret Morris. Marjorie Kike. Samira Mi Arthur, Deborah McKisslc, Nancy GrnlF, Mardndle Robinson ami Fram-ine Saylor. Back Rnu: Doris Rapp. Kathrinc Shurskls, Karen Heilman, Patricia Nans. Cynthia Paras!nk, Mary Nlakowskyj, C’.svcn Fur-ih-ss. Cymly MclXrmott. Cindy Smith and Jane Moore. Front Row: Nancy Foster. June Holzingor, Linda Mylin, Unda Mason, Miriam Mutter, Beth Jane Jenkins. Mari jane Schnoeweis, Janice Popolow, Ludmila Predncwa and Carrie Wickel. Second Rou Annette la-bo. Paulette Lck. Carol Macknair, Ronnie Haines, Betsy Mallalieu. Susan Stropyru. Kim lamer, Cynthia Yitcutn. Jane llrlwig ami Joyce Barclay. Back Ron Harold Roller, Jim Richards, loin Schwarz, l iek Mover, Rill Rill Madden. Steve Rrelfitt. Randy Eastep and David Unger. Front Row: Dehhie Dn tz. Sue Harry. Judi Forney, Robin Alexander, Dottle Brown. Bev Hartlauh. Judy Myers, Linda Si gner and Ellen Berk. Second Row: Sally Saylor. Pat Lconiak, Jam- Schultz Lynne Brubaker, Lynn Roper, Diana Horning. Anita Dcihler, Slu rry Rothermel. Barlsaru I iwvm and Ann Wnmmer. Ruck Row: Terry Toole, Michael urat, Michael Kirkpatrick. Gary Olierholt er, (den I am dens lager. Ram Botctlro, Jay Hartley, Rick Hunt ami Rod Kilhefner.Ffont How: Dchhi Scheih, Cheryl Kilgore, Judy Wood, Dorothea Wallace, Andrea Stassi, Cheryl Rvlid, Kathy Moyer, Joyce Farley, Kim Beitzcl and Paula Selnuiin. Second Row: Carol Bredthauer, Nancy l-ccd. Cherryl Killian. Sue Curtis, Janice Nay. Carol Keldiiiann, Mary Kllen Kelleher, Brenda Wallick an l Sin- Jackson. Hack lion : Gloria Cood, t.yn Sprague, Margaret Wale link, Juan Slover, Karen Myers, Sliaron Sprenkle and Joy Stinglc. Front Him : l'ilcen Wcnt el, N'ancv Paid. Holly Giles. Marcia Rex. Pain Palmer. Cheryl Muilland. Jean Honey, Ann Druckenmiller, Limlu Jacobs and Shirley Stitlcy. Second Hon: Tirui Johnson. Shirley Thompson. I.vnne Svenson, Barb Diehl. Blasscr, Karen Humphries. Limlu Holt, Diana Dick, Dehhie Maclean.' ami Cheryl Davis. Hark How: Vince Talerico, Donahl Sunimar, Jim Seifort, Tom Weikcl, Brace McKcluy. Gregory Sinitli, Kolrert Larry Jones. Malcolm Leslie, Robert Sauers and Thomas Psomas. Front Hou: Diane Domhach, Jacalvn Dootson. Joanne Stimmcl. Carol Bernhard, Lmiise Bauer, Marilyn Henry. Gloria Gcrlit ki, Cynthia Gather, laui Schooner. Patti Pavelic and Carol Paul. Second How: Dennis Bard, Ken Martin, Steve Kelsall. Kent Weiss. Larry Martin. Boh Brown, Alex Dankanicll, Jack Marshall. Stephen Ward and William Hurting. Hack How: John Bricker, Ralph Wanlrop, Brace Simons, James Boyle, James Filizzi, Jav Brenernan, Dave Mailer, John i'lamitich, Dennis Hornlrergcr and Steve Nerz.Front Row: Linda Meade, June Mnhancy. Barbara Miller, Peggy Krank. Sharon Hcrshey, Undo Ix-irter, Margot Woglom. Beth Cramer, Delrorah Cooper and Stuvmulu Pastras. Second Rou Until Koons, Palsy Schaefer, Elaine rreniblay. Diana Miller, Cinnv Schoenliergor, Shirley Ateniesc, Marian 1 Cingrich. Jane Ong, Cloria Peifcr ami M.irii ll« rl . Hack Ron : Drake Mancuso, Tod Bowanko. Dave Eldon, Lurry Folly, Rick Myers, Scott Davis. John Banks. Paul Lynahan. Lyman Brenner and Michael Tavcllu. Front Row: ('indv Heath, Lynn Cassvllierry. Linda Wcisback, Eileen Brovsman, Shirley Murkhnll. Dorothy Wallace. Susie Tatar. Lois Peifcr, Kivu Zimmerman and Winnie llew. Second Rou: Hon Emerieh. Lynn duties. Dwight Sierer, Dwight Nlycrs, Tom Huvsler, John Dopp. Eugene Krayhill, Clenford Kauffman, Mike Hodrla und Fred Harvey. Rack Row: William Crubb, Bussell Benfer, Bmce Stover. Jerry Landis. Ernie Steele, Jim Landis, Jell Bates. Boh Miller, Boh Davis ami Cary Ditlow. Fronl Row: Kuthyc Holton, Carol Feiler. Elaine Dovico, Balma Burkhart, laaiise Vallier. Peggy Elliott, Susan Slick, Lucille Herr. Lvnda Austin ami Nancy Cetvino. Second Ron: Larry McKceman, Pete Hohall, Kevin Weir, Mike Clemens, Steve Ernlrer, Jim Witters. Crcg Colahin. Mike Keller and Marlin Kohler. Hack Ron : Mike Driver. Patrick Sheehv. Wesley ('.win, Michael McCarthy, David I-a Mot to. Robert Margut, Kenneth Dinger. Dan Boyer. Paul Swope ami Art HandI'rout How: Peter T remain. Darlene Zimuienniiu, Sully Shuman, Luis Alwiue, l.imlu Hinkle, Vicki Reddlg. R»th Althuusc, Oncol Sailer, Ronnie Wilnict, Marilyn Keener uimI Steve Knorr. Second How: Mike Waddell, Linda Brewton. Steven drove. Don Diehl, Jed Mundorli, Boh Troxell, Jim Welsh, Karon llartrnnft, Cathy Hife and (.inda M« nilkin. Hock Row: Kenneth Haithv. James Bogan, Thomas Strati.shangh, Jolm Horsh, Prod Si tipi 11. m. Arnold Kulil. Erie Liddell, David Nelir and Banl Benn. Front Itow: Ted Bowanko, Connie Stine. Miriam Metzlcr, Lois |ean Martin, Lois Reitz. Susan Good, Iota Ore, Gwen Hay and Handy Longaerc. Second Row: l onn Gclunan, Patricia McCurdy, Donna Bates, Joan Parrott, Susan Evans. Kathleen Wiles, Linda Jean Nelson. Kathy Guglielnio and Michael I'ntlich. Back Row: Dennis Kneisley. Mike Tornsic, Earl Kauffman, Ronald Funk. Robert Martin. Arthur llagy, Barry Kulakowsky, Judd Hull, Drake Mariciiso ami Paul Parrish, Front Row: William Vogel. Mary Goluzeski, Eileen Kelly, Margie Lang. Margie Klein and Dennis Heslcay. Back Row. Percy Dale Bolhnim, Bntcc Fry, Clieri Rossawski, Dermis Sn k. Peg Mnllin and Huy Krdmnn.The President Serving as president ol Millersville State College during the past three years has provided me with a number of satisfactions—the greatest of which has Iwren mv association with you—the students. Regardless of the context of the association— socializing in my home or in the dining hall, discussing serious matters in my office, or cheering together in the grandstand—I have found Millersville students always well-mannered, bright, and enthusiastic, with an appreciation of the opportunity to acquire a college education. I've been proud of you and I've grown fond of you. I'll miss you. To those of you staying at Millersville. I hope you will continue to nurture the fine new spirit which has been developing at Millersville. to regard the college and its fine community ol students, faculty and administrators with pride, and to insist on the best that each can produce. For those of you graduating, I congratulate you and urge you to retain your loyally and concern for Millersville. to visit the campus often, to cherish the good times here. For myself. I know I will always feel nostalgia for Millersville State College and. in the years ahead, mv most gratifying memories of these days will be of those experiences shared with students. Da. Roman A Chius in: The Christie family. Dr. and Mrs. Robert Christie and the children, Filin and Tommy. 99Administration This year the Board of Trustees of Millcrs- file State College approved the plans for reorganization of the administrative structure of the school, Among the changes was the creation of five divisions, each headed by a dean, encompassing the various departments of the school. The divisions are: Humanities. Social Sciences, Sciences. Education, and Graduate Studies. Each division has a council which replaces the old Academic Council and assumes its duties. The councils are responsible for the policy of their division. To head each division, a dean is selected by the President of the College. Among his duties are the encouragement of new programs in his division, the coordination of activities with other divisions, and the coordination and planning oi certain departmental activities. Two new councils were formed: the Deans’ Council, composed of divisional deans and headed by the Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Liberal Arts Council. Dean of Academic Affairs awl Assistants Dk. Dalk Shuck (seated), Dn. Robert V. Hbown. Mii. Ja k H. Fisc iiki. Secretary of the College Mb. Rk iiako S. S iinudkk Director of Admissions Mb. J. I Ii-.nhy KkxkagyAssistant to tin- President On. Michael Kovaui Student Demis lts 11i t.KN Con w.w. Mn. Hkniiy Bcc iikii, Oh. Clyde Sum Director of Placement atul Certification Officer and Director of Education Services On, Oau Nusmit Oh. Raymond E. Kohl Director of Guidance Sen ices Mn. Kent Militant to the President for Planning and Research Mil Cum is O. Baked Director of financial Aid Mu. Gene R. Wise Divisional Deans—lh Homan Ford. Mu. Wiu.iam B. M Ii.waink. Dm. Dai.k D. Stmkk, Dm. Nomman Ciiaiu.ks. Dm. Jamks E. Malmkv. Director of Administrative Services Im. Chav II. S».i i.i hs Director of Security Mm Ei cbni t • .uoi i LIHHAHIANS—First How: Esther Wliitrly, Eli :ihelh Boweanan, K.itheriiie Trihit, Kathryn Class, Dorothy Caviuuu);li, hmr.i Doering, Isabelle Huston Second Hnu. Bav I lacier, John Maine, Dorothy Nystrrnn, Mary V. Weatherlow, Don Trihlt, Bonnie McCracken, William Dorf, l.eo Shelley.ART—First How: Donald I). Dorris. S. K nt Carson, Robert II. Lowing, Jane I. Rcinliard, Ronald 12, Sykes, Dmniniek J. r.inani. Robert A. I,yon. MerscHcl C, Fried, Stanley R. Jenkins, Robert G. Mnstead.ROMANCE LANGUAGES—First Row: Mrs. Jacqueline Long, Beatrice Killough, Marian Waller, Lina Rni y Hill- ., Olga Iglesins. St'coiul Row: Rene Meritor, Cm Saylor, Donahl Jeannet, Theodore Hupp. Philip lleesen, Ihiherl Milton. Joseph DeCamp, Byron Detxviler. Dr. Irene Seodlc prepares a tape in German for the language lab. GERMANIC-RUSSIAN LANGUAGES — First Row: R. C. L. Milton, Irene 1). Scarile, Evelyn Neufcld. Second How: Michael Kovach. Arthur A. Wachsler, John Tullv.ENGLISH—First Him.- Janet CulMiinbis. Phyllis M. Goodman. Mury Brighthill, Mary 1’. A. ShealFcr, A. Grace Wenger, Norali Alstcrhmd. Second Hon: John . Hozzard, Cordon Symonds, Louis G. Jennings. Joseph K. Rhen. J S. Cook. Third How: William Oilier. Frank It. Ih'iivncr. Allwrt L. Leet, Norman Charles.Social Sciences Mr. Ronald Henson discusses tin- day’s lecture with one of liis students. HISTORY—First Row: James K. Hartnett, Frances G. I.efever. Vallion' Fletty, Virginia Heck. George I. Young. Second How: Richard C. Keller, William W. Ken.iwcll. Charles A. Lord. Abram Foster. Third Row: Joseph E. Walker, James A. Jolly. Honutd M Bettson. Jack R. Eischel. William li. Bliss. 106Iiut ihMUMH I ECONOMICS—William BiUos. Robert Barms. POLITICAL .SCIENCE—Scahvt: Janus M. Garrett Standing: Ronald C. Clrccn, Clarence K. Goode. Mr. William Butos distributes papers in his economies class. 107 OKOCNAPMY—to Right: Clcnn V. Steplienson, Onrv I.. M.itt.i, ICsthn M. Killieflcr. Jovph W. Class. SOGIOLOCY—I.‘-ft to Right: William Boisko, Oenrge l Stine, James W Hughes, Holxrt A. Hot I OS Or. CIciiii Stephenson discusses Hussin in his World Ocography class.MATHEMATICS—First tow: James Stager. Rolxrt Knlhurt, Donald Kidatn. Robert Shaak. Joseph A. Meier. Second How: George Anderwm. Nancy Capozzolo, Hay Carl and. Shirley A. Miller. Thin How: Charles T. Wolf, Harry Canter. Jay U. Weaver. Kanum Stcinon, Marshall Anderson. Dr. George Anderson uses the overhetul projector to explain complicated math problems to his students in Wickersham. Science Jay Weaver shows how the IBM Computer works. 10?)BIOLOGY—First How: Alexander Henderson, Catherine Kccvrr, Virginia Barrett, Harold R. W'eirieh, Victor Wcerarutne. Second Ron Willis Bat laff, William Ymhiewic . Kevin A Muencli, John I.. Rorahaiigh, Satisli Bhalla, Kenneth C. Miller. « Dr. James Koken explains the spectrophotometer to his students. CHEMISTRY—Left to Right: James E. Koken, Cecil Upton, Donahl E. Wei man, Cerald S. Weiss. Shill-Fan Ting.EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCES—Ijcft to Might: John Roth, Bernard L. Oostdam, Paid H. Nichols. William Jordan. Paul J. Melnerne, George Stauffer, Frank R. Bcllairc. Mr. Bernard Oostdam and Mr. Kevin Miiench prepare the college'-, oceanographic research vessel for an outing while Don Wiggins prepares the secchy disk used to determine visibility through the water. PHYSICS- Kohr. -Ia'ft to Might: Daniel (!. Engle. J. A. Van Horn. C. Byron A Science student runs a series of tests with the oscil-Ioscojh- under the direction of Professor Daniel Engle.Education ELEMENTARY EDUCATION—First Row: Beatrice Smith, Edna Simon. Mildred Donnon, Joseph Torchin. Seennil Ron,: Richard Mi ilv. Caleb BucInr. Joint I’llnin. IX I .m1 Rice. Dnriii| her free tintr Professor Jean Multitier reads tin- current information on the field of educational psychology. EDUCATIONAL l SYCHOI.OCY—Hrxt Ron : Richard Mew. Jean Y. Mutchler. Cary NY Atty. Second Ron: Paid Z. Riinunet, Charles ). W’irls. II. Byron Showers. Jacob C. Wine. Reinhard, Juntos C.Before slii begins her day’s work. Dr. Annette Rich hangs her coni up in the special education building. Sl'KClAI. EDUCATION—b'mt Row: Eugenia M. Richard Kellering, Marion B. lamg. Scroud Ron : Czap. Annette L. Rich, Cheatham E. (lodges. Eng. V. [.inns J. SECONDARY EDUCATION—Left to Right; Perry I.ovr, Raymond C. Mullin. James While. Carl Sclunidlkr. Samui l I.. Eunzi, Raymond Kohl (.sealed).INDUSTRIAL MU'S EDUCATION—First Rote. Richard Doutt, George II. Ditlow, George Francis. Second Row: Rolrcrt Anderson, Clifford Yard, lingo J. Flora. Third Row: Ralph Miller, Urban, Henry Kaufltnan, Paul Eshelman. Richard Stein me! . Fourth Row: Roliert Hostetler, PhilUp Wynn. Admiring the fine work of one of his Industrial Arts students is the l cst part of Professor Pawl Kshclnuin's joh. LIBRARY EDUCATION—First Rou : Coral Nielson, Beatrice Dalesman, Alice I. Wagner. Second Rou; Dorothy R. Shaulis. Louise II Savles. PHYSICAL EDUCATION'—First Hon:: Marjorie Trout. Samira Peters. Second How. Mary Elizabeth Dixon. Kathryn Hill, lone Donvart. PHYSICAL EDUCATION—Settled: Jack II. Arbogast. Eugene1 Fritz, John E. Haber. George A. Katehmer. Standing: Raymond J. Runkle. Gone H. Wise, John F. Apple, Arthur It Hulmc, All ert |. Woolley, Curl H. Kane, f Rodney Riinson. PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERMCES—First Hoi,. R. Shields Metzler. Raymond E Kohl, Mabel L. Molx rg. Svcoiul Hate: V. A Cb.nnpa. Walter Kreider, Jr. IIIn Memoriam Mr. Gordon I). Taylor, 34, associate professor of the Industrial Arts I)cpartmcnt. died May 14, 1907, of acute leukemia. Before coming to Millersvillr in 1964, lie taught at Stroud Union Nigh School, Strouds burg. Pa. At Millcrsville, he taught electricity, drawing, and electronics. Mr. Taylor received his B.S. and M.Ed. from Millcrsville Stale College and at the time of his death was doing graduate work at the University of Maryland. Although at Millcrsville for only a short time, lie was very active in the Industrial Arts Department. In addition, he was a member of the American Industrial Arts Association. incricau Council of Industrial Arts Teachers Vssociation, Industrial Arts Association of Pennsylvania. American Association of University Professors, Phi Delta Kappa, and lota launhda Sigma. The Industrial Arts Department and campus will miss this young and energetic professor. GOltDOX I). Tay i.oh Having been hospitalized for some time. Dr. Ilerschcl C. Fried, 33, an award-winning Baltimore artist and associate professor of art at Millcrsville State College since September 1, 1966, died of a brain tumor. A Lancaster resident, Dr. Fried began his career at the age of nineteen when he entered classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Fin’d received his doctorate in 1965 from Illinois State University to become the first candidate to obtain a degree of doctor of education in fine arts. He had also studied at the Maryland Institute and at Johns Hopkins University. I)r. Fried had previously taught at Illinois State University, Western Illinois University, Maryland Institute, and several Baltimore County schools. His paintings have won many awards across the nation, and his ability as an artist and professor has caused many to mourn his absence. 110 Hkksciikl C. FriedSeated: Susan Prendergast, Brenda Schlegel. Kiel; Baker, Shirley Cause, Susan Deppen. First Hon. Brenda Sellrck, Vicki Keddig, l.inda Mackenzie, Jayne' Niskey, Kathy Kelley, Sanely Zeihy, Debbie Forbes, Stisanne llambright. Cerry Carroll. Deanna Kline, Dr. William Duncan, adviser. Michael Urban, John Zuner. Second Him:: Kieharel Donnutli, Holly Kern, Stephen Kocht, Carl Se'itz, Cordon Diem. Student Senate Student Council started olF the year with Martha and the Vanclellas. They also sponsored Winter Weekend. Sweetheart Dance and Spring Fling. In September, the Student Coiineil sponsored a blanket conceit by line of the great Motown Sounds—Martha and the Yandellas. OIT'ICKIIS—Seated: Shirley Cause, recording secretary; Kick Baker, president Shunting: Sue Dcppcn, treasurer: Brenda Schlegel, t ire president; Sue t’rendergast. corresponding secretary. One of tin- large crowds waiting at a Student Council sponsored concert.Delta Phi Eta I Vita Phi Eta is the women's honorary sorority on campus. During the past year it has sup ported a foster child in Hong Kong. Seatetl: Tar.i Crumbling. Carol Snrahun, vice presitlent; Romuiiu- Breelibiel, I returner; Mary Jam- Schuh-r. president; l)r Annette Rich, adviser Standing: Tamara Wilt, Dianne Brickcr, Su aniK Simmons. Pauline Smelt . Ruth Ann Fisher, Barbara Straub, Marir Mongol, Maryann W x: l. OFFICERS OF Pill SIGMA 1 I— Seated: Stanley J. S aluk, xccrttarij; Stephen Jennings, president; A. Thomas Conley, treasurer; Kenneth A Rink, rite president. Standing: Mr. Joseph Torchia, adviser; Dr. Abram Foster, adviser. Seated. Rolu it Dennis Miller. Bratllv W Ruth, Dale (i Fair. Ray W. Foy. Ernest Sihreiber, Dan Roddick. Stending: John Cltmser. John Zauer, John I Schweitzer, William I. McCill, J.i la-ary. Kenneth Kulakowsky, Charles Alev. Phi Sigma Pi Sigma chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. a national honorary fraternity, was organized at Mil-lersville on May 1-1. 1931. Students are admitted by invitation only, with the criteria based upon scholarship and fellowship. Activities for the past year included the national convention, Founders Day Banquet, spring picnic, seminars and lectures, a Christmas party at the Children's Home and initiation of new members. Tlw annual publications banquet highlights the journalism year. Seated: Cheryl Nans. Hena Good. Joyce Sperlman, Janet Apgar, Carol ItolK-rtson, Sara Jane Lessig, Barbara Boxleitncr. Sfnw iii". Marjorie Snyder. Snvm BreiMlergast, lauraine Goodwin, Bornaine Brechbiel. Jay Leary, Sandy Moses. Bam Thomas, Marge Tnomey, Karen Lime Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is the honorary collegiate journalism fraternity on campus. They sponsor a Homecoming Tea for ex-editors, a Homecoming - . display, and the annual high school journalism day. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic fraternity, sells refreshments at play productions and sells mums at Homecoming each year. Sailed: Both Clemmer. Chris H.iekmun, Linda Wiry, Bum Thomas, irnri ciit; Carol Ilugeiituglcr. vice president; Peggy Dav. Strmdin": Bodnoy Beeor, Joseph Cltvqk. Bill Hoff, Bill Cobh . Tern Chapman. 119Seated: Flora Jeanne do Furia. reporter; Fran Bmder, correspotuling secretary; Katherine Tolli. president; Until Travoglini. vice president; Jolinda Ayers, recording secretary; Kathy I .noise Haines. treasurer. Standing: Kathy Howell. Anne Me-Clmkey. Jane Flickinger. Cynthia 1 ardorlf, Peggie Peters. Patricia Hammond, Pauline Smelt . Carol Sarabnn, Cheryl Shellehamer. historian. Alpha Beta Alpha The Kappa Chapter of Alpha Beta Alpha, national undergraduate fraternity for library science students, was organi .ed at Millersville on May 12. 195-1. The purposes of the organization are to further professional knowledge, promote fellowship, provide recreation ami entertainment, serve as a recruiting agency for lihrarianship, and to assist in projects of the Library Science Department. Students interested in math meet and learn with others having the same interest al Mu Kappa Mu meetings. They attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics convention in Philadelphia. The inemlrers help at tin- Math Conference which is held at MSC. Mathematics is luippincss to Mu K.ipp.i Mu members during homecoming. Seated: Marion Knmsc, president; llonald Marks, treasurer; Kathy Marion, .secretary. Mu Kappa Mil 120Ill ■ m Tlie Wicker'’ ship Came in wiih fir-t prize in the Homecoming float contest. An Al’O member Ihrcs up the participants to Iregin the Homecoming car rally. Wickers The Wickers sponsor films, dunces. Faculty - Wickers basketball games and Information Booths for High School Day and Parents’ Day. Seated: William Cordon, Neil Kinsey, Robert Heisennan, president; John Johnson, cor-rar ronding secretary; Robert McCnnnghy. treasurer; Hichanl Baker. Standing: David Wninsley, Gregory Donahue, cite president: Ronald Tirpak. Mr. Thomas Tirado, adviser; Kenneth Kulakovv'ky. James laindgrclre, Ronald Herman. Michael Hickey. James Natalc, Glenn Stitzcl. Alpha Phi Omega Millcrsville’s chapter of APO, national service fraternity, has many beneficial projects throughout the year. Their projects for the past year included being the student coordinators for Homecoming, sponsoring Coins for Care, the Ugly Man Contest. and having an Faster party for the children at the Millersville Men-nunite Home. Scatal: Bniee Snyder, second rice president; Michael McClure, treasurer. Philip Witmon, recording secretary; James Stamm, corresponding secretary; Skip Hancock, first t ire presi-dent; John Hostetler, president. Standing: Bill Collett, Perry Genunill, 1-arrv Burkhart, sec ond vice president; Jay Lears. Fred Halston, president-elect; Dunne Den»rr. Iiorneetniiing chairman; Rodney Loose, historian. Barry Slnughenhnupt. wtend chairman; Thomas Mills. Dr. Francis Kalka, adviser.Seated: Jttdcll Sorensen, secretary; Barbara Albright, president; Jane Apgnr. tier president; Faith Whitehead, treasurer. Standing: Judy Horning, Brenda Schlcgcl. Bn rxlu Selleck, Barbara Jo Apichellu. Kathleen Kelley. Sandra Zerby. Vomen’s Community Association The Women’s Community Association represents all resident women students on campus. They sponsor a dinner dance, a moving-up dinner, and a big-little sister picnic. Through this organization many dormitory regulations are established for all resident women. This is the academic side of dorm life. These are just a few of the many sisters in the Women's Community Association. Seated: Dave Hunt . Richard Dnnnnth, Nlyrlt Bcringcr, president; Larry Evans, treasurer; Peter Rohall, Rick W'right. Standing; iXlnmr Rachert, Stan Backcnstoss. Kerry Kreider, Walter flulfman, l.ynn Crone. Bob Young, Karl Bivnns, Dennis Redcay, Jan Hermanns. Fred Pollock, Ronald Hermann. Richard Crouse, John Wolf, Jr.. Crcg Plank. Resident Men’s Senate Tlu? resident men are represented in the Resident Men's Senate by elected dormitory wing presidents and Penn Dorm presidents elected from each of the ten units. The association's principal activities included: a homecoming service project and display, a formal dinner dance, and occasional dances for the resident men and their dates. Many "town meetings" were also held for the resident men, with guest speakers and refreshments.Commuting Men’s Association The Commuting Men’s Association resides in Cuml»crland House. Throughout tin year they sponsor semi-formal dances, a car rally and luncheons for the commuting men. Si‘lit at: Kathy Schnelli. secretary; Susanin- ll.imhright, president; Linda Ntnsser, treasurer, Cathy Dissingor, junior representative. Standing: Donna Duffy, senior representative; Nonna Martin, sophomore representative; Cln-ryl Brown, freshman representative, Patricia Graham, senior representative; Barham Boxlcitm-r, senior representative; Karen Sirhak. senior representative. Seated: Thomas I h-ivv, junior representative; Carl Funk, chairman of Ionise committee: Michael Urban, student council representative; Kngcne Khrhnrt, treasurer; Jay Wddman. president. Women’s Dav Student - Association Tlie association for commuting women annually sponsors a Thanksgiving Food Drive, Big-Little Sister Project and Picnic, a Christmas Party for the Aged, Valentine Tea, and dances and picnics with CM A. Tin- Women's Dav Hoorn ntvlvrs tin-Christmas touch. Commuting men relax and study in Cumberland House. 123Musical Organizations Various groups arc included under musical organizations. The Millersville Stale College Symphonic Band, under the direction of Mr. Paul Fisher, presented three concerts this year, including a | ops concert. The marching hand with the majorettes and color guard performed at halftime during football games and was one of the highlights of the homecoming parade. The string ensemble directed by Miss Homig performed for various social functions throughout the year. Kneeling: Patti Pavolic, Miriam Kslilc-mun, Barbara Molienwartcr, lama (anil-v»n. Shunting: Georgia I-alfcrty, Sue Schwarz. Patti Snodgrass. Marion Bcr-Ix n.m. Carol Wiggins. Arlene Sinkinson, Fran Brndcr, Alice Signor, l.inda Holt. Donna Yousc, Janet Apgar, Nancy Blyler, Betty O'Brien. Pen ny Signor. I, ft Sitle; bint Rnw: Kristina Johnson, Miriam Eshleman, Hum’ Otto, .iimI Ceorgia Lafferty. Snoiul Rou: Janine Weaver, Ann Bil er, Martha Slieufler, Carolyn 1 Icll. Theodore Stonffer, John Brkker, Donald llemcisen. Kay Kessler, and Cindy Snyder. Thin! Row: Sue Eck-inger, Belli Wolf, Margare t Bock. Carolyn Amies, Karen Kimhall, and Joyce- F.shleman. Fourth Row; Nancy Dean, Samira Boughtcr, Sara .inn. Ann Cast. Mnrv Ann Iludic k. Daniel I .ingle. Henry Deeiny, and Cynthia Bard, iig if Sfr e: First Rou: Margie Mever.s, Sandy Zerliv, Eileen llaldeman. Secant! Rote: Harvey Halting. Susan Reidenlxtck. Allice Martinez. Kathv Wanner. Jean Vogt, Diane Swim-hart, and Kathy Ilulns. Third Rote: Susan lamg, Michael Brickner, anev Frey. Lyman Brenner, and Mary Ann Shelly. Fourth Ron : Francino Saylor, Brenda Wallick, Barbara Antrim, Janies Smith, and Stephen Focht. Rack; First Ron; Erie Kessler, Ians Ann Thonphel, Linda Karstetter. Winnie Hess, Dadd l.iulwig, Paul Meek, Ed Althouse, |uines Williams, Sue Kreidcr, Susan Cood. and Martha Keiiu. Setotui Rou: Faith Whitehead, Bill Yoder, Boh Martin, Dick Pa|H ., Jerry Shindle, Bill Jackson, Bill Clndstonc, Tom Crlir, Konuld Cannon, Kenneth Bock. Fred Haney, Jimmy Yotlcr. and Jimmy McDonald. Sltmtlirifi: Judith Keuth, John Perellu, Jim Stamm, Diane Scholl, Paul Slikc, Jr.. Mr. Fisher, director; Donald Weimaii, Boy Fulmer, and Jell Thomas.First How: Nancy Heard, Carol Shelleman, Putricia Weaver. nn Druckenmiller. Alfred Thomae, Iairry Snyder. Donald Bruhakcr, lionald Doll, Lucinda wart. Sandy Zerby, Darlene Hahn, and Carol Adams. Second Hou . Dawn Kiihnuan, Linda Kime, Darleen Zimmerman, Cavncl Scliocllhom, linger F.berly, Jerry McKonly, Jim Mad gey, Joxt |»!» Chvok, Cora Sue Hedges, Karen Shellenhamer, Sall Ann Smith, and Cynthia Kmmingcr. Third How, Donna Hale . Cind Wilhelm. Jaetjueline Olin, Kd Althonse, Kric McClellan, Philip NVItman, 1-edie HolTinan, l.iniH'l Elirhurt, Karen Kraft, Marion, Phyllis Stump, l.mda Bachman, Janet Adams, and Marjorie Peilfcr. Fourth Hont: Joy Davit, Barbara Wolpert. Jeanne Pottioger, Linda Shives, Michael Kiseuberger, Kerry Krekler, Daniel Iangle, David Binkley. John Furry, Donald Bollinger. John Both, Ann Rissiniller, Arlene llitclunan, Barbara Tidwell, and Jayne Niskcy. Shown here at one of their afternoon practices is til' women’s chorus under the direction of Mr. Harold Shuar. Choir Choir members making last minute preparations before the Christmas conceit. One of the highlights of the year was the college choir's annual Christmas concert. The choir also sponsored a homecoming lloat and two other concerts during the year. OFFICERS: Mike Kisenhergcr. t ier resident; Eric S. McClellan, president; Solly Ann Smith, recording secretory; Jeanne Pottiegcr. corrcsftonding secretary. .Black and Gold Black and Cold is published annually as a guide for new students. However, it is useful throughout the year to everyone on campus for everything from phone numbers to athletic schedules. The stall worked very hard on this years Black and Cold and deserves a big thanks from all of us. Lift to Right: Eileen Folse, Marge Tourney, alitor, Mr. Hollin Stcinmetz, adviwr; Bernadette Tnseano, Bonnie Singluy. Members ol the Black Hint Cold staff pause for a moment from their work to have a picture snapped. One of the first I woks every MSC student n'ccivcd this fall — the 1967-1968 Black and Cold. 127Touchstone The Toucmstonk stuff under the leadership of co-editors Cheryl Nans and Kathy Mathers has worked throughout the year to present the 1968 Touchstonk. Through pictures the stalf has attempted to capture memorable moments from this past year at Millersville State College. Mr. Rollin Suiinnetas, acting adviser, gives some helpful hints to u stalf member. EDITORS. Scaled: Lirtila Redlyon. activities editor; Lorraine Goodwin, associate editor; Kathy Mathers, coeditor; Cheryl Nutts, co-editor; Sara Jane Lessig, associate editor; Carol IX'tstcin. sports editor. Standing: Donna Aughinhangli, business manager; Donna Dugan, senior section editor; Mr Rollin C. Steinmetz, adviser; Trudy Arnold, administration editor; Sally Wool, underclass editor. , co-editor, ched» Kathv Matlwes w|,|, Woody cropping iostnictum STAKE. Seated: Jo Ann Donahue, Mary Ann Bnttam, Lonise IXitz, Barbara Boxleltner. Doreen Dardis. Eileen Foster. Standing: James Cognato, Billie Brubaker. Donna Minnieh, Lvnne Herman, Joyce Speelman and Darlene Warner.Seated: Jam- Pennyhaker, Homainc Brcehbiel, senior consultant; Linda llagner. co-editor, Janet Apgar. co-editor; Karen Lain-, senior consultant; Carol Hobcrt.xon. Standing: Hc;na Good, Darlene Snyder, Carol Stephenson, Jay la-ary, Sandy Moses, Bonnie Singlcy, Susan Prendergast, Peggy Day. Two Stall momljers check a write-up la-fore submitting it to the editors, Brenda ami Karen hard at work on next week's Snapper. Snapper This year even more college community members than before are catching up on campus news by reading the Snapper. With Mr. Earle Hite on sabbatical leave for the first semester, the Snapper xvas temporarily under the able advisership of Mr. Roilin Stein-met and later Dr. Norman Charles and Mrs. Carole Slot ter. The Snapper has tried throughout the year to present to the student body as accurate a report ol campus news as possible. Uncensored, the award-winning paper has attempted to provide every possible chance for a well-informed campus community, and for more efficient campus communications. Co-editors. Juliet Apgar and Linda Hagncr. arc busy with last minute changes on a forthcoming issue.Citamard "Noah" was the fall production of Citamard. the campus dramatic organization. This year, under the direction of Dr. Paul Talley, Citamard also presented "Christina's World" by Ken McGuire, Tennessee Williams' "The Class Menagerie," and "The I.ittle lauly of Friday Night” in the Kafters. Seated: Peggy vice president; Chris Hackman, president: Bill Coble, treasurer; Ruth Clemmcr. recordin',’ secretary; Carol Hugciitugh'r. historian; Jane Pennybakor, correspond-me secretary. Stnndine: Caro! Adams. Bev Hacker, Terry Chapman, joM‘ph Chvok, Bill I loll. Rodney ltecor, I.inda Nary. Pam Thomas. rice president Noah's gang doing their elephant walk! And it's going to rain for forty days and forty nights. Noah and his family are ready to embark. A few Dolphins pause between practice sessions. DOLPHIN CLUB OFFICERS: Carol Hawk, tniar odriur; Sue Kittinger, president: 'I’erry Dunn, cortc ) on(Hng secretary: Diane Alien, rcomlitig secretory. Dolphin Chib The Dolphin Club is a group ol girls who constantly practice tlu-ir synchronized swimming all year for their show which is presented in the spring. The theme for this year's Dolphin show was "Target .30" which centered around a magazine with each section depicted bv a number performed bv the girls. Seated: Susan Reinigor, Sherri Kondig, Sara Jane Lessig. Ellen Mitchell, Dottie Soltis, Carol Hawk. Sue Kittinger, Terry Dunn. Sue Evans. I'at D.irym.m. Margi Mason, Peggy Cox. St roml Hon . Kathy McDonough, Kathy Zonk. Sally Kelly, Kathy lleil. Cinny Houxeal, Paddy Donnelly, Susan Keidenhach, Mary Ellen Kelleher. Connie Car-rett. Janice Parisi, Carol Bath, Joanne Brandt. Third Hon , Linda Krcsge, Brenda Beaman, Linda Crechf, Jadcll Sorenson, Jo Ann Donahue, Jeanne Hoffman, Bonnie Mootag, Erannie Culnter.Varsity J Cheerleaders The sound of “Go. go-go. go you hig Marauders, go, go-go” rings out as the cheerleaders boost our teams on to many victories. Kneeling: Voimic Winner, Boh Molin, Man Jane Schuler. Standing: Sallvaim Peters, Sue Prcndergast, Cheryl Weiscr, Diane Allen, Carol Cottrell, (Gloria Selina, Cheryl McLain, Kathy Mathers Pam Thompson. Well, that's one way to catch a pass. Marauders on the warpath . . . Front: Sn .ie I-ord. captain. Standing: Chervl Davis. Cindy Gnrher, Pam Wilkins, Brenda Kut . Judy Wood. Vonnie Witmer. Kiki Kuzmich, Donna Roberts. Freshman Cheerleaders Adding support to their teams, the freshman cheerleaders lead the crowds in cheering. This year they initiated the practice of cheering with the varsity squad at football games.Men’s Varsity Club Membership in tin Men’s Varsity Club is open to campus men who have won varsity sports letters. Throughout the year they usher at sports events and sell basketball and football programs. The Varsity Drag at homecoming is annually sponsored by the Men's Varsity Club. Scaled: Dave Epler, Tom McKeentim, Burry Meng, Glenn Stitzel, Joe Gungloff. I"‘‘ N • Annon. Second How: Dr. Raymond Rnnklo, Brutr Snyder. Jerrv Confer. Gh.irlov ■ • iVnuejMiker, Bill Bowers, Kenneth Kulakowvky, Brian Miller, Dave Meavhey I l',‘ Handy Carper, John Meehan. Mike Belt . George Stewart. Matt Weir, Roger Baner. Jo m Grant Gifford. Seated: Margaret Brown, Beth Steigerwalt, r ice president: Gail Cleveland, preddent; Barbara Antrim, ecreiary; Brenda Sehlegel, treasurer; Kathy Schwobel. Standing: Judy O’Flynn, Mrv Kathryn Hill, adviser; Linda Cathers. Sue Lehman. I .ynne Gamble, Susan Prendergast, Dawn Mnvxdmaii, Lynne BiggerstafT. Cheryl McLain, Mary Jane Schuler, Lucy Coyer. Margaret Smith. Kathleen Hamilton. Women’s Varsity Club The membership of the W omen’s Varsitv Club consists of those women who have won sports letters. Throughout the year the chib sold "mums" on Parents Day, sponsored community projects, sponsored a dance, and supported campus activities. Varsity club mcinlwrs veil programs and usher at basketball games.First Hint; Kami Collins, Susan M l_iughlin. senior ailt i» -r, H.nlur.i Baird, t ice president; Sandy Voting, president; Kart'ii Cable, corresponding secretary; Sue Lorenzon, recording secretary; Mary Ann Dt-Micharl, treasurer; Sue Kapp. Second How: Audrey Bnri«-. adviser; Dianne Dampman, Shirley Coble, Judy Bossert. Cluirln Ayres. Pamela Ems, Killy Domb.u h, Barbara MeAdams. l.ynnt Gamble, Marilyn Kangas, Joyce Flineblwtigh, Ellen Mitehell. Linda Olejniczak. Women’s Service Organization Among Ihe many projects of WSO art those of ushering for the annual Dolphin Show and performing tutoring services for school children in Lancaster. WSO gives a helping hand of encouragement to our football learn at homecoming. First How: Margaret Brown. Jnek Blosser. president; Barbara Jo Apichella. recording secretary; Belli Purnell, vice president; Hu haul Snyder, treasurer; I'orlvs. Second How: Penny Balestrino. Eileen Foster, corres mnding secretary; l)r. Bnnkle, Barbara Antrim, Barry Mann, Toby Walton, Doug Hill, Carol Lcinl aeh. Beverly Group, Mrs. Catherine Hill. Brenda Selleefc. Intramural Committee Co-ed nights thronghnnt the year where students can participate in basketball, volleyball, and swimming ended with a record hop provide week-end entertainment on campus. Other activities sponsored by the Intramural Committee are intramural sports.r Seated: Klaus W. Borgmann. president; Maxine Supkn. com-v w-in mg secretary; Ck-orge Conran. treasurer; Carolyn DiCrx-co, recording secretory; Kenneth A. Rock. rice president. Standing: Lou i ce Dot . Donald Ferguson, Linda Callahan. Kenneth . Shirk. J.miee llallahan. First Row: Erl Billeski, David Arnibruster, treasurer; J.inn’s Fiteh, president; Joseph Sickler, vice president; Barry Richardson. Second Rote: Philip I). Wynn, adviser; Arthur L. DcGroft, Larry N'cstlcrode, Toni Mak.iliiskv. Jay Bell Rod and Gun Club Students interested in wildlife are given an opportunity to participate in outdoor activities bv joining the Hod and Cun Club. Throughout the year the club sponsors films, hunting and fishing trips, and other activities associated with the out-of-doors. Aviation Club Aviation week, dances, films, annual picnic and demonstration flights are some of the activities that the Aviation Club sponsors. The Aviation Club Homecoming float in line for the parade.Industrial Arts Society The IA Society is very active throughout the year with their monthly meetings, programs, and field trips. They also sponsored state and national convention displays, campus displays, films, speakers in the industrial arts field, and an annual open house. Scaled: Byron Race, Leon Rhoads, treasurer; Ken Moyer, John Ketchur, i Icc president; Pern' Gcmmill. president; Kenneth Krdakowsky. Standing; Creg Nwak, secretary; R. C. Hostetler, adviser; Stephen McKain, Earl llcndershot, Stephen Williams. Pete Valtos, David Posey. Kenneth Rock, Matt Weir, l iukl Ankmm. RoUrt DoLchek. Industrial Arts Honor Society The IA Honor Society is affiliated with the IA Society and therefore participates in the same activities. Sealed: Byron Race, vice president; Kenneth Kulakowsky. president; Stephen Williams, secretary. Standing: John Ketehur. Leon Rhoads. Kenneth Rock, Pete Valtos. Perry Clennnill. Industrial Arts projects reveal talent and hard work. Intercollegiate Conference on Government This year's activities included a model nominating convention in Harrisburg and Regional Convention held in Kli .ubcth-town. ICG also sponsored two movies on campus. Seated: tails Stoulh-r. secretary; Judith Bureau. • ice chairman; Brian Polly, p result at; Harold Salim, treasurer Standing: Danielle Brady, irarlimentarian; Donald Kaufluian. Joseph Aponilc. Frank l.atko. Camion Diem. Mike Bell , Phyllis Haas. Young Republicans Club Speakers, party functions, and dances highlighted the year for the Young Republicans Club. They also plan to attend the Republican National Convention this summer. Seated: Belly Bartholomew, historian; Cordon Diem, vice fireside at; Frank l.atko, president; James Mudgev, treasurer; Bernie Sukle. secretary. Standing: Brian Pollv. Dong Hill, Aliev Zimmerman. Judith Bureau, Donald Kauffman. Joseph Aponik. Seated. Steve ogiiit. nee president; Tom Haney, president. Michael McClure, treasurer. Standing: Mr. James A. Jolly, adviser; Sally llohlfdd. Pam Thomas. Danielle Brady, Dr. George Young, adviser. Social Studies Club Trips to historical sites such as Winterthur. Delaware, combined with movies and speakers made up this year's agenda for the Social Studies Club.Kneeling: Palma Uoed, Ellen Mitchell, Dcbby West, Carol Hirehert, Peggy Cox, Charlotte Me sick Settled: Sandy Klinefeltei. Sue Bowersox. Bev llaeker, treasurer; Carol, carres toiuling secretary; Barbara Albright, vice president; Barbara Baird, president; Umla Steiner, recording secretary; Karen Kilbane. Standing: Bonita Kroft, Bob, it McConaghv. Mrs Marion Iamg, adviser; Sand) Mom-s, Siis-anne Kittinger, Call May Smith, Lynn Beth Smith, Barbara Straub, Claire Novello, Mary SharroK Phyllis I'alciani, Malta Miller. Barbara Baitrain. Leonard Bonk, l)r. Annette Bicli, adviser. Council for Exceptional Children As Ihf special education organization on campus, CMC sponsored a party for special education students and took trips to special schools in the area. They also sponsored a dance and a movie during the year. Conventions in New York and Pittsburgh, and a two clay symposium high-lighted the year’s activities. Association for Childhood Education International The Association for Childhood Kchication International plans its activities around children and the elementary school program. This year’s programs included the showing of a demonstration tape of a foreign language lesson in the third grade, a Christmas party for the children at the Lulx ratory School, a discussion by student teachers of their experiences, and a talk by Miss Homig of the Music Department. Seated: Jeanette B.iher, treasurer; Susan Smith, vice president; Janet Adams, president; Marilyn Shirk, recording secretary; Virginia Hon seal, historian. Standing: Bonita Kroft. Cynthia Cope. Georgia I’lickinger, Miss Audrey Burie, adviser; Judy Miller, Mary Ann Shelly, Pauline Smelt , Dr. J- Richard Zerby. adviser. seated: A..lie Curry, nu mhcr.atdargc: Joani Sinitsky treasurer; Julie Hotter, secretary; Bcverlv Croup, rice pies,dent; Bobert Celia, president; Jean Hevnmlnre nund Standing: Mary Ann Shelly. Jim Cognate. Woody Miller. Grog Donahue. Ihomas Horst. Carl Seitz, Mary Sbarretts. Malta Miller. 1 Pennsylvania Student Education Association This year Millersville State College was the host to the Kail Southern Region Student PSEA Convention, which was attended by delegates from the ten southern region colleges. The members also took various FTA groups on campus tours during the year.k.uliv Brown, director of tutoring; Judy Stuthopulos, president; Judy Stoner, vice president. English Club This year the English Club sponsored a karate demonstration and such speakers as Dr. Keith Spalding. Mr. Al Ix et. Mr. William Kenawell and Dr. Norman Charles. The club also attended a Green Room play. Xenophile Society Various activities made up this year's agenda for Xenophile Society. The list includes: language fests. sponsoring guest speakers, foreign films, a cultural trip to New York, an annual picnic and Christmas party. Seated: Ann Homicti, Linda Bachman, vice president; Jcri Ann Lowe, corresponding secretary; Slianui Derr, president. Carolyn DiCecco. recording secretary; Dehorah Doga in-'. Standing: Maxine Supko, l.indu Callahan, Irene Kaehmnrsky. Thomas Sheckle. Rodney Becor, Jay Hartley. Tile Xenophile homecoming float depicts our heritage 139Sealed: Don Wattcrson. treasurer; Jack Doyle, dec president; Fred Pollock, preti-dent; Shirley Kreidcr, secretary. Basslcr Geographic Society Named in honor of Harry M. Bailer for his serv ice to geography, this organization is composed of students majoring and ininoring in geography and earth science? with the purpose of supplementing their knowledge and developing their appreciation. This year, the Bassler Geographic Society has presented its second film series showing some of "Man's Ways.” Also, a picnic is held at the close of each spring semester. Seated; Albert Schmidt, secretary; Maryann Mulhall. historian; Darrell K. Snyder. president. Carolyn Ricker, treasurer; Carroll Khrhart. tire president Standing l.inda Jacobs. Larry Riegcl, Brigitte Krieg, Irene Efthymiodou. Roddy Scientific Society I lie purpose of the Roddy Scientific Society is to give each student an opportunity to express his interest in all areas ol science. Among their activities this year were the "Science and Man" series in which films, lectures and demonstrations were presented; a spelunking field trip; a second prize homecoming display; tin- eleventh annual high school science night; and Roddy Science Day. This interesting display, made by Roddy Scientific Society, won second prize in die homecoming display contest. 140Newman Club The Newman Club furnishes l oth a spiritual and social atmosphere for Catholic students. In addition to such social activities as their Christinas party, spring picnic, and awards banquet. they also sponsored a panel discussion on the Morality of Killing. A dance and tin film “War Games" were also sponsored l v the club during the year. Sailed: Itev. Ilonuld I’. Ingalls. rhajdaln; Marilyn eorri’sjxtndlng secretary; Oumton Boroi, president; Toni Manly. vice president Standing; Linda MncKrnzio, Sara I.mi I.ossig, Mary Garrick. Matt Weir. Mr . Josephine N'amit. adviser. Orthodox Christian Fellowship Under the spiritual guidance of Father Alexander Veronis. the Orthodox Christian Fellowship meets throughout tin-year in the homes of several professors. This year the group took a trip to Johnstown to visit various Orthodox Churches. Seated. Irene Kfllivmi.uliai. Charlyne Ally. treasurer; Pete Dumczyk. vice president; N'ailla Kochorgin, secretory; Alexis Francos. Standing: Dr. Michael G. Kovach, othiscr; Ireix- K.uli-marsky, Janice llnllnh.m, Dr. James E. Koki n. adviser. Seated: Linda Shelley, treasurer; Dwight French, president; Alice Zimmerman, vice president Sturuling: Geraldine Kriclk‘1, ofliccr-ot-large; Linda Maul. Daniel I .ingle, chaplain: Kav Kessler, officer-at-large. UCCF United Campus Christian Fellowship s|x nsorcd movies. a car wash, and a trip to Expo during tin year. In addition to these activities their list of speakers included: |)r. Robert Christie:, a speaker on Planned Parenthood and Dr. Paul Davidson, a leading Lancaster surgeon. MlIntervarsity Christian Fellowship IVCF. a non-denominational organization, sponsors Bible studies in dorms, retreats, daily prayer meetings, and socials. At their weekly meetings, which include speakers, films, and discussions, they encourage people to come to personal knowledge with Christ. St ated: Hit-hard Gender, treasurer; Grace Hanna, mission secretary; Judy Berg.stras-v-r, secretary; Barbara Schroder, secretary; Judith Shepherd, i ice president; James Williams, president. Standing: Marie Mcngel, Tamara Prcdtechenskis, Judy Miller, Malta Miller, Mary Shanrctts. Lutheran Student Association Composed of students who are members of. or interested in, the Lutheran Church. LSA sponsors movies, a club trip to the Poconos and they attend the regional and area conventions. Seated: Shelby llaar, Daw Kplcr, treasurer: Donna Dugan president; Linda Bachman, vice president; Virginia Houseal, secretary; Karon Hitchev, publicity chairman. Standing: hay hake, Daniel Linglc, Gettysburg area president; l)r. Charles l.ord. adviser; Mrs. Mildred Donnon, adviser; Barbara Tresell, Pauline Suu ltz. Sfated: Jack Camplx-ll, treasurer; lx iv Sturdier, vice president; Fred Kalston, president; Marilynn Oberholtzcr. secretary; Faith Whitehead, program chairman; Jay Jones, publicity chairman. Standing: Annclicsc Curry. Jane Lynn Bartleson, Judy Chantry, Judy Salford, Jean Devonshire, Barbara Miller. Methodist Student Movement i MSM sponsors programs at their bimonthly meetings with such controversial subjects as Black Power, Christianity and the Five Arts, and the Protestant-Catholic Encounter. The annual Christmas carolling for the campus is held under their sponsorship.The sisters of Sigma Phi Delta invited everyone to make a wish at homecoming. Kappa Delta Pin gets ready for the homecoming parade. Mn Alpha Kappa stimulated MSC spirit by sponsoring pep rallies and their "Crcen Weenie." Fraternities and Sororities This year social fraternities and sororities are in the process of having their Constitutions approved for official college recognition. Although a first at MSC. the new social fraternities and sororities have been very active on campus this year as shown in these pictures. The brothers of Omicron C-amnin Omega kept the happiness theme for their homecoming float.Soccer intermission. Hockey team huddles at half time. Bench tells story—MSC is trailing. Marauder Dave Hart . Hon: Frank (a.ibuskv. John Pieen. Edward INichalski, David Wamslcv, Martin .Moore. James DiCiceo, Richard I.andn, RoIhvI MeConaghy, Kenneth Miller, Quinton Boroi, Frank Antes. Roger Bauer. Gary Collins. Second Row: Dennis Moroz, Frederick l.utkus, Rob-ert Young, Richard Gloeckler. Jeffrey Ciano, Patrick Fisher, John Sheaffcr, Barry Meng, John Cnilfoyle, Edward Gillette, Joseph Mroe ka, David Kiiierich. Ilitr I Hoa: Brian Miller, Charles Ingram. Richard Barhaene, Richard Griffin, Raymond Horn, Thomas Pennepaeker, Gerald Aknnpi. John Johnson, Newton Davis. Richard Cummings. John Krouse, John Mrocvka. Fourth How: Larry Burkhart. Robert Bauer. Anthony Body, William Downs, Jan Bowman, Raymond Kasper, Kenneth Sitarik. Joseph Kolinski, Jay Doherty. Richard Cleary. John Dougherty, Thomas Frshaw, John Doyle. MSC Loses, But Sets Marks When one first glances at'a three win. six loss foot-Jrall record he feeds that the team suffered a long and unrewarding season. But to the true Millersville grid follower, the 1967 Marauders will he remembered as a team that never gave up and a team that set two team records and two additional individual records. The Marauders showed signs of power in several of their outings, including the Clarion game at the beginning of the season which the Marauders dropped 30-25. losing in the last 29 seconds of the game. The defensive unit headed by juniors Dick Cleary and Jan Bowman and senior captain Jim DiCicco held the western Pennsylvania power to just 12 yards rushing, while Millersville almost upended the highly rated Golden Eagles. The team then bounced back from a loss to tough Randolph-Macon to garner its first win at Kutztown by a 26-7 score. In the middle of the season, lack of depth became a problem to Coach Katcluner as injuries to key players such as Rick Gloecklcr, Frank Crahusky and Frank Antes affected the team. Following a disappointing loss to mighty West Chester, the Marauders went on to lose their next three games in succession to Mansfield. Blooinsburg and East Stroudsburg. However, the team bounced back on Homecoming to whip Cheyney handily. 38-14. The season ended with a tremendous victory over Curry State. 53-6, in which four Marauder records fell. The team finished with a total of 201 |M ints scored to break the previous team scoring record of 189 points. The defensive secondary intercepted 20 passes to set a new mark, breaking the record set in 1961 of 19 interceptions. In the Curry game, senior Billy Ray Kasper intercepted a pass and returned it 102 yards to set a school record for a return of an intercepted pass. The final record set was one that was held In ex-Millersville star Dick Walters for total yardage accumulated during the season on pass receptions. Halfback Jan Bowman and end Frank Crahusky both broke the individual record with Crahusky now holding tin record ahead of Bowman. A factor that helped these two men break the record was flu consistent performance of senior quarterback Gary Col- Collins breaks a tackle for extra yardage.litis, who did a fine job throughout the year directing the Marauders' attack. At the end of the season additional honors were bestowed on juniors, Dick Cleary and Jan Bowman, as both were named to the All-Conference 1st team defensive unit. The team records set and the honors received 1 individual players helped to take some of the sting out of those six defeats. VARSITY FOOTBALL RESULTS Millersville 25 Clarion 30 Millers ville 13 Randolph-Macon 31 Millers ville 26 Kutztown 7 Millersville 6 West Chester 50 Millers ville 13 Mansfield 25 Millersville 19 Blooinsburg 28 Millersville 8 East Stroudsburg 40 Millersville 38 Cheyney 14 Millersville 53 Curry 6 Gridders in Action . . . Rav Kasper makes another pass reception. Fin Row. Carl Borst. William Werstlcr. Jolm Rcdnak. Terry Kciscr, Douglas Emorc. Drums Conkm. Vincent Coklcn. R' IhtI Hibbs. Roger Pislo. Scconil Row: Jolm Slu rry. Jolm Zampirr, Mark Cusparovich. Charles Wiedmann, Bradley Hennisey. David Kern. David Aston-Reese. Gregory Hall. Thin! Row: George Illig. William Ronyack. Craig Fila. Alc.x Dankanick. Mark Stauffer, Keith Edleman. Richard Moyer, Curtis' Upsher. Fourth Row: Richanl Hibshm.m. OStiUant coach; jolm Arbogast. aaiitant coach. Paul Meek. Basil Weaber. Larry Bisitop. Alan Blouse. James Slender. I-irry Collins. Fifth Row: John Raber, coach; John Schleycr, Joseph Reichl. Steven Iannox. Thomas Khright. William M;ul«len, Paul llavward. Frustrated Frosh . . . Costly injuries coupled w itl» an inconsistent offense were the ingredients that produced frosh coach John Habers first losing 1 season. The Freshmen began competition with a victory in a controlled scrimmage against Shippensburg, but went on to compile a regular season record of 1-6. including heartbreaking defeats at the hands of West Chester and Shippensburg. The Marauder defense appeared to l e the strong point for the team throughout the season. Joe Reichl, safety; Chuck Wiedmann, fullback; Steve Lennox, (piarterback; ami ends Carl Horst and Denny Weist were frequently singled out by Coach Raber for their outstanding play. At the post season banquet Wiedmann and Horst were presented with the outstanding back and lineman awards, respee-I tively. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RESULTS Millers ville 0 Montgomery 49 Millers villc 12 Bullis Prep 20 Millersville 12 K ut town .50 Millersville 0 Shippensburg 6 Millersville IS Franklin and Marshall 6 Millersville 22 West Chester 27 Millersville 14 Stevens Trade 26 Chuck Wiedmann hits the dirt for five yards. Barefooted quarterback Steve Lennox Imes shoe as he rolls mil for a paw.Kneeling; Glenn Cniifmnn, John Hciscnnan. Peter Diimczyk, Hurry Doan, l.loyd nnnn, Thomas Stilclilicrry, Dan-irl Sli« ll« nl»erj . John ik'iivm, Kent Staph ton, George Mayor, Konnotli Moyer. David Graee. Stuiiiling: Kent ltvnier. Chester W.isilosky. I.eon Rhoads, Carroll Shearer, John Miller. Moses Jaia. John Stotidt, Donald Ih-rshey, Rolx-rl Kink, James Stephens, Kdward llngon, Dennis Stephens, Bmce Wltmer. Alla-it Woolley, coach. Harry Doan looks for a spot to Ixxit. Possession alxmt to he decided . . . 4 Booters Best Ever This year's soccer team, guided l y coach AI Woolley. posted the best seasonal record since the sport’s origin at Millersville six years ago. Opening their season victoriously by defeating the alumni, the squad lost its second game to Lincoln University. Perhaps the biggest win of the season came next with a 3-0 upset over East Stroudsburg. After dropping the next two games to Elizabethtown and Shippensbnrg. the team fought hard for another victory by defeating Morgan State, 1-0. Eor the first time the Marauders met Susquehanna, and despite a 10 minute, sudden-death over-time pe-rind, the final tally read 0-0. Following were two come-froin-hehind victories over Messiah and Philadelphia Textile and the 1-0 defeat ol Lock Haven, which clinched a winning season for the booters. The last game was lost to a surprisingly strong team from Howard University bringing the final record to a highly respectable six wins, four losses and one tie. Although coach Woolley attributed the successful season to improvement by all the players, lie will still have a hard time finding someone to replace senior co-captain lorn Stitchberrv. Spearheading the Marauder drives. Stitchberrv scored Id ol the team's IS goals. SOCCER RESULTS Millersville () Lincoln 5 Millersville 3 East Stroudsburg 0 Millersville 0 EIi .al ethtow»i 6 Millersville 0 Shippensbnrg 1 Millersville I Morgan State « Millersville 0 Susquehanna 0 Millersville 3 Messiah 1 Millersville 5 Philadelphia Textile •1 Millersville 4 Lock Haven 0 Millersville 1 1 Inward 3First Hotr: William Bowers. Liwrcnco Limit-man, Jay Jones and Kiudcrick Skagcn. Second How. Paul Hhoad.s, Kenneth Bogle, Arthur Holme, coach; Elam Luntz. 11 (time's Harriers Improve Coach Art lliilmc's cross country team initiated its campaign on a winning note hv out-distancing Chcyney. 22-37. In the following meet. Lincoln University upset MSC, 25-31. At the expense of Philadelphia College of the Bible the cross country team garnered its second victory, 16-45, with their most balanced attack of the year. The harriers' margin of victory was insured with a sweep of the top four positions. Against West Chester, a first place by Paul Hhoads and a fourth by Ken Bogle, kept the meet from being a complete rout, but the Marauders were swamped. Millersvillc rebounded with a stunning win over Bloomsburg, 25-30. In their next five outings, the Marauders were dealt successive defeats by Towson, 18-42, Ia ck Haven, 22-34, Susquehanna, 18-41, Howard. 20-41 and Elizabethtown. 18-37. CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Millersville 22 Chcyney 37 Millersvillc 31 Lincoln 25 Millersville 16 Phila. College of the Bible 45 Millersvillc 38 West Chester 23 Millersville 25 Bloomsburg 30 Millersville 12 Towson IS Millersville 34 Lock Haven 22 Millersville 41 Susquehanna IS Millersvillc 41 1 loward 20 Millersville 37 Llizal»ethtown IS Captain Paul Hhoads overtakes his opponent on the inside. woKathy Hamilton gets oil a good drive to teammates down field. MSCs Driving Coeds HOCKEY RESULTS Millers villc 2 Lebanon Valley ... 0 Millersville 2 Dickinson 3 Millers villc 0 Gettysburg 3 Millersville 2 Shippensburg 2 Millersville 0 Muhlenberg 3 Millersville 0 Elizabethtown 0 Millersville 3 Albright 0 Millersville 2 Messiah 1 Victories over Lebanon Valley. Albright, and Messiah gave the Maraudcrottes a 3-4-1 record for the season this year. Co-captains Lynne Biggcrstalf and Dawn Mussel-man led the team to establish the l est Marauderette record in four years. High scorer for the season was Nancy Schimpf with five goals. Sue Lehman and Carol Wiggins each scored two goals, and Betsy Kaufman and Betty O'Brien made one each. Coached by Mrs. lone Dorwart, the women played eight games this year, one more than had ever lreen played in a season by the Maraudorettes. Another game, scheduled with Lancaster School of the Bible, was rained out. l-'ir ( hut Lynne Lambic, Savin Sliker. Susan Barr, Faith Whitehead. Patricia Hawk, Susan Snyder, Dawn Mussclman, Lynne Bigger't.df, Cured Wiggins, Fli alxth O'Brien. Kathleen Wdl. Stephanie V’ollmcr, Susan Lehman, Lucy Layer. Second Roti; lone Dorwart, roach; Donna Hoover. Kathleen Curran, Elsie Tomlinson, Barbara Smoker, Nancy Schimpf, Mary Ann Buttaro, Brenda Schlegel, Elizabeth Johnson, Marcia Mummert, lu»is Guise, Kathleen Hamilton, Janet Bohr-bach, Joyce Hetdenhach. lairr.iine Goodwin, Noel Hankie, Kim Thornhill, Phyllis Terry, Betsy Kaufman. Margaret Brown.First How: Kent Hamm, Thomas Clausen, David Gibson, Eric Hamilton. Thomas Krans and Mvrle Boringer. manager. Second How: David, David Sinilh, Wellington Cleaver. Thomas Wrikcl, Warren Potash .iimI John II. Hricker, manager. Third Rou Rudy Xatalini, Edward Eoreakcr, Daniel Xovey, Gregory Colahan and Jack ArhogJUt, coach. Tiers finish high . . . Freshmen tangle with Eli alH-tlitown under tin- boards. This year's freshman basketball squad completed a successful season with a record of 12-8. Their success was the result of a strong team effort, in addition to using a fast moving offense and a determined defense which is a heartening characteristic of basketball at Millersville. Sincere guidance was offered by Coach Jack Arbo-gast. who is in his first year at MSC. If this season’s record is any indication of his coaching ability. MSC basketball fans can look forward to many more successful seasons with these varsity prospects. David Kase from Reading led the team with 272 points, while David Smith was close Iwhind with 260 markers. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RESULTS Millersville 67 Millersville 144 Millersville 74 Millersville 51 Millersville 77 Millersville 78 Millersville 79 Millersville 94 Millersville 79 Millersville 99 Millersville 76 Millersville 88 Millersville 65 Millersville 73 Millersville 87 Millersville 89 Kutztown 80 East Stroudsburg 111 Bloomsburg 103 Chevney 111 Elizabethtown 76 Shippensburg 75 Stevens Trade 51 West Chester 109 Kutztown 72 East Stroudsburg 75 Bloomsburg 90 Stevens Trade 80 Cheyney 84 Shippensburg 71 Elizalx thtown 83 West Chester 118 151HlantUng: Joseph Sclmekler, Jeff Giimlx . William Stabler, William Collins, William Schuler, Dennis Blake, Mel Allen, C-reg Berta. Thomas Patrick, julm Busier, Richard Ccrz, jnlrn Sehreilmis and Cleim Stitzel. Kneeling: Karl Menion, William Gibson, manager ; Riehanl 0. DeHart, coach; Jack Marshall and William Bcppler, managers. Cagers Do It Again . . . Schneider vs. Clieyucy's Kenuard. The Marauder basketball stjuud, coached by Dick DeHart, completed a tremendous season with a record »f 1S-8. Finishing in a tie for second place with Mansfield in the Eastern Division of the State College Conference behind Cheyney and winning the N'AIA District 19 title by defeating Lincoln University and Mansfield, they earned the trip to the Kansas City Championships. Our bid proved unsuccessful as the Marauders were defeated 8S-77 by St. Cloud of Minnesota. Tin's years success was rather surprising considering that four starters from last year's team graduated, and that the starting team had onlv one member who stood over six foot. However, through hustle, determination, and teamwork, the team rose to the occasion. Highlights of tht season can be exemplified bv the first game of the season against Kutztown with the last second, come-from behind victory; the team's top point output of 130 registered against Southeastern and again against Kutztown; the 78-7-1 win over Mansfield—Millersville’s first on Mansfield’s floor. Highlighting could not be complete without noting the brilliant play of Glenn Stitzel. Stitzel. a newcomer as a starter, thrilled MSC fans with his acrobatics. Averaging over 31 points a game this season (a school record), which placed him in the top 10 in the nation in scoring. Glenn broke Roger Raspen's one game scoring record by registering 58 points and reaching the 1 .(KM) point career total in a game against Shippcnsburg. Stitzel was one of three senior starters. Also playing their last season were Captain Joe Schneider and Jeff Camber.VARSITY BASKETBALL RESILTS Millersville 84 Kutztown 83 Millersville 120 East Stroudsburg 93 Millersville 79 Mansfield 92 Millersville 111 Blooinsburg 92 Millersville 9S Bridgewater KM) Millersville 102 Stony Brook 77 Millersville 103 Lock Haven 67 Millersville 65 Cheyncv 75 Millersville 109 Lycoming 123 Millersville 90 Elizabethtown 89 Millersville 78 Shippensburg 74 Millersville 1.30 Southeastern 102 Millersville 95 West Chester 88 Millersville 130 Kutztown 95 Millersville 62 East Stroudsburg 80 Millersville 78 Mansfield 74 Millersville 78 Blooinsburg 88 Millersville 109 Messiah 102 Millersville 72 Cheyncv 106 Millersville 123 Shippensburg 113 Millersville 90 Elizabethtown 83 Millersville 120 West Chester 108 Millersville 106 Lincoln 94 Millersville 84 Mansfield 70 Millersville 11 St. Cloud 88 Schneider. {ho only returning starter from last year's squad, along with Stitzcl. gave Millersville the lx st 1 2 punch in the league. Joe averaged close to 21 points a game to help lead the scoring, not to mention his defensive ability. He could always lx-counted on to get the ball whether through a steal or his suqrris-ing rebounding ability And as he scored his 1,000th point this season. Schneider finished as the fourth leading scorer in the school's history. Camber, also a new starter this season, was the team’s "quarterback." although defense was Jeff’s specialty, lie usually drew the opponents' top player as his defensive assignment and held him l elow his average. Jeff's harassment of the opposition definitely played an important role in the team’s success. Juniors Mel Allen and Bill Stabler rounded out the starting five. While Mel could be counted on to sweep the lioards and get the fast break going. Bill came on strong as a major component for the Marauders’ defense of their District 19 title. Both will be back to do their part next year. Additional hustle and determination will surely arise from this season's reserves consisting ol Dennis Blake. John Busier, Bill Collins, Bill Schuler, and Dick Gera. Although the 1967 team was not one of the best to represent tin- college as far as ability, their personal pride, desire, and whatever else you want to call it. proved that they could lx winners. Yes, there still is a place for the little man in basketball. Loyal fans pack "Pandemonium Palace"—prerequisite to another victory.First Him: Margaret Smith, manager; Barbara Antrim. Kathy Schwchol. Beth Steigerwalt and Barbara Albright, manager. Second Him Felicity Fettorholi, Sally Sihwalm, Janet Klappcrt, I’atricia Holme- . Linda Bmnesser. Suzanne Froitko anti Marie Skvnretz. Third How: Barbara Wolpert, manager; Gail Cramer. Karen Petre. Carol Brackbill, Ann Bitzcr, Linda IrmcS and Geraldine Kriehel. manager. Best Record Ever . . . This year was a great season for Coach Marjorie Trout’s eagers. The team, tri-captnined by Kathy Schweb-el. Beth Steigerwalt. and Barh Antrim, romped over Lebanon Valley 66-12 in the season’s opening game, fought oil a first half deficit to prevail over Messiah •19-41, before losing to Shippensburg and Elizabethtown. Three impressive, hard-fought victories over Susquehanna, Messiah and Albright were recorded before the Marauders Succumbed to lank Haven and rival Elizabethtown. The women came back more determined than ever, defeated their last four opponents, and closed the season with the best record ever recorded in women's basketball at Millersville. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL RESULTS Millersville 66 Lebanon Valley 12 Millersville 49 Messiah 41 Millersville 29 Shippensburg 43 Millersville 28 Elizabethtown 34 Millersville 52 Susquehanna 35 Millersville 50 Messiah 40 Millersville II Albright 29 Millersville 32 lx)ck Haven 45 Millersville 48 Elizabethtown 62 Millersville 42 Gettysburg 34 Millersville 57 Susquehanna 35 Millersville 62 Cheyney 43 Millersville 43 Muhlenberg 26 154 Marie Skvurclz goes up for the jump. Plagued w-itli a lack of depth and experience, the Millersville swimming team ended the season with a disappointing record of two wins and eight losses. The Marauder mermen were not able to get on the winning note until the last half of the season, when they copped successive meet victories with Bainbridge Prep and lank Haven State. New team records were set bv Jack Deal, who swam the 2(H) and 500-yarcl freestyle events in 2:04.6 and 6:09.4, respectively, and by the 400-yard freestyle relay team, comprised of Deal. Rob Kelly, Leon Gajecki. and Dan Doremns. who swam the event in 3:52.7 Encouraged by a large returning group of underclassmen, plus the progress of three excellent frosh swimmers. Kevin Weir. Mike lannicelli, and Mike Guini-van, Coach John Apple has high hopes for next year's team. Mermen Dunked . . . SWIMMING RESULTS Millersville 37 I loward 67 Millersville 33 Elizabethtown 62 Millersville 29 St. Joseph’s 75 Millersville 27 Bloomshurg 76 Millersville 51 East Stroudsburg 53 Millersville 30 Lycoming 65 Millersville 46 Wilkes 49 Millersville 52 Bainbridge Prep 43 Millersville 57 Lock Haven 36 Millersville 39 Morgan 64 Millersville 41 Shepherd 52 Kneeling. David Strieker, la-on Gajcdri, Bandy Carper, Jack Deal. Tim Kissling and William Spencer. Stated: Daniel Dnrcmus, Thomas Kenneth Kulakowsky, Kevin Weir, Michael l.umicclli, Michael (minivan and Steve Hn-lfitt. Slniuliitfi: Carmll Ehrhart. Barry Kulakowsky. Michael Belt , Matthew Weir. Bradley Bms. Myron Zwizamki, Gerald Geliman, awttant coach; and John Apple, coach.t'rnnt Him: Holxit Baldlno. Ccorgc Stewart, Harold Salmi, Honald Tirpak. Thomas McKicmnn, Charles Peek. David Epler and Richard BarhacaiM . Hack Row: Jolm Rnlx-r, attfstan coach; Bruce Snyder, Dennis Stephen, John Dougherty, Thomas IVnnepacker, Jeffrey Conner, Donald Quay. Albert Filemyr ami Rodney Himsou. coach Jeff Conner keeps liis foe from standing up. Conner continues to ride his Classlxiro opponent. Grapplers All Even . . . “We arc definitely anticipating a winning season." was the brave talk of wrestling coat It Hod Bimson at the beginning of the year. The season Irefore, the team had finished at 3-11. Coach Bimson had pointed out that he hud a lot of experience in the middlcweights and besides he had a good group of sophomores and the returning Icttcrmcn were definitely improved. The Marauders started fast with a win over Howard University, 32-5, but because of the schedule, tough teams every other meet, the matmeu never received much publicity for any winning streak. The records are in and the Marauders finished at 7-7, which just as easily could have been 10—1. Against three colleges—Kut .town. Mansfield, and Shippensburg—one match proved the difference and twice the loss was by riding time. The high point of the season was the perfect match against Eastern Baptist. The only difference in the matches was the time, as every Marauder scored a pin. The six matmen that wrestled in the middlcweights compiled a 47-16 record. To further accentuate their ability two of the middlcweights. junior Steve Scherfel and senior Hon Tirpak both finished second in the State Championships at East Stroudsburg. The team total of 23 points was the highest obtained by a Marauder team since 1962 when they last had a winning season. The only seniors on the team were state runner-up Hon Tirpak and team captain Tom McKeeman. 136 Captain McKooinun almost tween tes a full nelson. KSITY WHKSTUMG KESl'I.TS Millersville 32 1 lowarcl U. 5 Millersville 28 Lincoln I'. 11 Millersville 18 Kutztown 21 Millersville 29 Pliila. C.'ollege of Bible 8 Millersville 7 l''lizal othto vn 27 Millersville 6 Bloomsburg 33 Millersville 43 Cheynev 5 Millersville () Last Stroudsburg 47 Millersville 24 Gliissboro 13 Millersville 3 Wilkes 28 Millersville 19 Mansfield 24 Millersville 45 Eastern Baptist 0 Millersville 18 Sliippensburg 25 Millersville 22 Frostburg 11 Davo Werner gets in position for the pin. Jock Pennopaekor works on a clouhle-lcg takedown. 157 Good form lend , to another first for Millersville. Stretching it out... Cindermen Finish • ■ • Millcrsvillcs 1967 track team surprised everyone by proving to be one of the powers in tlu- league, compiling a 7-3-1 record overall, and a 6-1 record in tlu league. Outstanding individual performances highlighted the season as school records were broken by I)an Schindler in the javelin. Bill Bowers in the MO yard dash, Cliff Ellis in the 120 yard high hurdles, and Paul Rhodes in the two-mile run. Millcrsville’s mile relay team of Bob Murphy, Ellis, Jay Jones, and Bowers set a school record while competing in tin- Penn Relays. Their third place finish was good enough to bring home the first medal Millersville ever earned in the Penn Relays. The State College Championships climaxed the season for the cindermen. Millersville finished fifth in the meet with 52 points, 50 more than they scored in the 1966 championships, lire Marauders were quite pleased with their showing, especially since Millersvilles track teams had been lightly regarded in the past. With many lettermen returning, Coach Art I Inline has a good nucleus to work with this year. The record of the 1967 team can serve as a goal for the 1968 team, as the Marauders look forward to another fine season. Take it juid run! fritting with determination Tim Walker pulls up to the line. With Winning Slate 1967 TRACK RESULTS Millcrsvillc 97 Kut .town -IS Millcrsvillc 89 Sluppensburg 56 Millcrsvillc 69 Lincoln 76 Ylillersville 51 I Inward 94 Millcrsvillc 98 Rloomshnrg 17 Millcrsvillc 515 Lock Haven 935 Millcrsvillc 82 Kut .tow ii 62 Millcrsvillc 72 Mansfield 72 Millcrsvillc 91 East Stroudsburg 53 Millcrsvillc 805 Susquehanna 17 (Triangular Meet) Mansfield 535 Penn Relays — Third Place. Cedar Cliff Relays — First Place. Hr. t inti, baa SchefTcl, Paul Khoa k, Douglas Hill, William I apsantfky, Kenneth Kulakowsky, John Suiith, Bnrrv Walter., William Bowers, Bruce Flick and Nick Wasileski. Second Row: Kugone l-'ritz. coach: 'llionifts Peimcpuckcr, Robert Shank, Gregory Shively. Jay Jones, Kail Bivuns, Sam Walker, Joseph Cecscy, ('lift Kllis, W illiam Zi iIkt. Mike Xuvieli, John Seleher, Charles Soldier. David llimmellx rger and Arthur Hiiliue, couch.Tint flint. J« iry Gunter. manager; Wayne NelF, Kenneth Moyer, Daniel Dorcinu . R« l ert Marker, Kenneth, I rank AIIni ami Glenn Stitzel. Second Rim ; Com- Wise, coach; Joseph Schneider. Jell Camhi r. Richard Poole. Fred Hihlw, Rodney Massinger, Thomas Patrick. Riuly Nntalini, Ronald Gourley and Carl Keck. Third How; William Collins. Kent Rynicr. Richard I ionsacker. Richard Newcomer, Frank Cralmsky, John Nirne kn, Ronald Burger, Richard Cummings and Joseph Youson. Strong Nucleus Returns . . . The 1967 baseball campaign got off to a blistering pace as Coach Gene Wise’s diumomhnen copped five successive victories in five outings. This string of wins saw Millersville defeat Howard 12 8, Hawthorne 8-1. Lincoln I'Diversity 9 0. Elizabethtown 5-2, and East Stroudsburg 5-1. The Marauders' skein was snapped however, as East Stroudsburg won the second game of a doubleheader 8-3. A late inning rally by West Chester caused the Marauders to bow once again 3 2. The next contest was a heartbreaking ten inning defeat bv Kut town 5-4. Again the Marauders were defeated by one run as they dropped a decision to Shippensburg, 2-1. Millersville split a twin bill with Mansfield, winning the first game 7-1 while dropping the second game 5-4. The Marauders also downed Philadelphia Textile by a 9-8 margin with an impressive come-from-lx'hind victory. In the final game of the season. West Chester downed Millersville, 11-6.' Strong pitching and timely hitting were featured throughout the season. Millersville’s record could have shown a few more victories had the club not dropped five one-run decisions'. 1967 BASEBALL RESULTS Millersville 12 Howard University 8 Millersville 8 Hawthorne 0 Millersville 8 Lincoln University 3 Millersville 5 Elizabethtown 2 Millersville 5 East Stroudsburg 4 Millersville 3 East Stroudsburg 8 Millersville 2 West Chester 3 Millersville 4 Kutztown 5 Millersville 1 Shippensburg 2 Millersville 4 Shippensburg 2 Millersville 7 Mansfield 1 Millersville 4 Mansfield 5 Millersville 9 Philadelphia Textile 8 Millersville 6 West Chester 11 Batter up.Lacrosse team gets pre-gaine briefing from Coach Marjorie Trout. Off to a Slow Start . . . The 1967 season proved disappointing for both the golf and lacrosse teams. While the golf team, under the direction of Coach Hay Mullin and captain Fred Sherk, ended the season with an overall record of 2-6. the lac rosse team met with bad hick, being rained out of two of their three games and losing their one and only game- to West Chester 16-6. Tint {on Thomas Richards, Russell Swenson and Michael Clemens. Second How: Michael Waddell. James Bogan, John Mololzak, l-'rcd Shirk, Steve V’ognit, Gary Ditlow and Steve Knorr. Third How: Kenneth Jones. Robert Tumhaugh. John Klinger. Terr)- l.uckcnhill, William Shaw ami Raymond Mullin, coach. First Row: Linda Wallace, Brenda Beaman, Carol Ixinbaclt. Gail Cleveland and Susan Sliker. Second Row: Sharon Beshore, Helen Toth, Elaine Cryga, Linda Gathers, Pam Eby, Kathy Will. Carol Braekhill, Kathy Haines and Kathryn Hill, coach. Co-Eds Win All. . . Call Cleveland in her lead as captain Junior Captain Cail Cleveland led the womens tennis team to its second straight undefeated season. The Dickinson match was rained out. so the coeds opened the season by trimming Shippenshurg, 5-2. Next to fall were Elizalrothtown, 6-1 and Muhlenberg, VfrVt. Over the nets of Shippenshurg came a 2!j-2.'i tie and the campaign closed with another 6-1 victory over Elizabethtown. Having lost no varsity players, the women look forward to another successful season under the guidance of Mrs. Kathryn Hill who will be coaching the women for the last time. 1967 WOMEN'S TENNIS RESULTS Millersville 5 Shippenshurg o Millersville 6 Elizabethtown 1 Millersville 48 Muhlenberg Shippenshurg Elizabethtown 8 Millersville 28 28 Millersville 6 ... 1Another Big Year . . . Overwhelming is a word to describe the victories accumulated by Coach ’John Apple and his netmen. The 1967 season was progressing fine with seven consecutive victories for the Marauders, when the winning streak was shattered by a 9 0 shutout handed out by East Strouds-burg. Undaunted, the MSC netters, led by Jim 1 tarnish. Jack Otstot and Newton Kcrsher, continued to give the Marauder spirit to annex three more wins, finishing the season with an overall 10 wins and one loss. 1967 MEN S TENNIS RESULTS Millers ville 7 West Chester 2 Millersville 9 Lincoln U. 0 Millersvilie 8 Bloomsburg 1 Millersville 6 Susquehanna 3 Millersville 5 Towson 1 Millersville 5 Bloomsburg 4 Millersville 7 Lock Haven 2 Millersville 0 East Stroudsburg 9 Millersville 7 Towson 2 Millersville 9 Mansfield 0 First Row: Jav Winner. Davr Koch and Jan Hermans. Second Row: Harold Rush. Art Lcngacher, Newton Kcr-hner. Jack Otstot. Boh Schimp and Alan Koth. Third Row: John Apple, coach: Phillip Dunn, manager; John Fanner, Daniel Roddick. Martin Jacobs and Thomas Rohner. Varsity form is a must for Jack Otstot and Boh Schimp. Congratulations for another Marauder win.Mel Allen for a rebound to oust I .incoln. On to KC . . . Not given u chance to win even one game in the District 19 playoffs, Millersville's hasketh.ill team won two and captured their third straight title and another trip to Kansas City. The title win was achieved by romping over Lincoln U. 108-91. and Mansfield. 81-70. It’s the third %tr.iit ht!FORRY and IIACKER Printers of the "Snapper" Lancaster, Pa. 17602 Ph. 393-4452 248 E. Liberty St. ALPHA SIGMA CIII Congratulates Its Graduating Brothers Congratulations Seniors From DEMUTH TOBACCO SHOP ALPHA BETA ALPHA Established 1770 114 E. King Street Lancaster, Pa. Congratulations ami Best Wishes To the ('lass of I Witt From the WOMEN’S VARSITY CLUB Sculpture in front of Causer Library. HENRY E. HUBER Jeweler School Rings.Trophies, Plaques. Medals, Jewelry, Caffs 46 V. Cottage Ave. Millcrsvillc, Pa. 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