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1965 TOUCHSTONE FOREWORD 1965 As society progresses, it is only natural that many of its ideals will begin to assume new forms of expression. Even os we walk across campus or sit in our classes, we can observe the metamorphosis through which Millersville has evolved in the post century. We look at the library with its Victorion embellishments and at Roddy Hall with its sharp, smooth features and its abstract mosaic, and we can see how architecture has changed in the past few generations. We sit in literature class and read Wordsworth in all his descriptive glory and T. S. Eliot in all his obscurity, and we con see how poetry has risen from a self-explanatory love of nature to a contemplative expression of distrust in our chaotic universe. But more than this, as Millersville grows with us, we learn to adjust to the changes of our society and to find ways of using these changes in order to make our generation one of the most influential in history. We record Millersville's achievements of this goal in the 1965 TOUCHSTONE. 2TOUCHSTONE MILLERSVILLE STATE COLLEGE MILLERSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA MAY, 1965, VOLUME 66 Co-editors: VICKI COCKLIN GAIL GERHARD Associate Editor: PAULA HUGGINS Business Manager: SHARON BENSINGER 3DEDICATION DEFINITION OF ART: Art is first and last, communication. Whether one believes it to be the language of emotions or a pure representation of the absolute. Art embodies the intuitive expression of the creator to creation. As a function of an artist's sensitivity, will and emotion, Art represents the reflexive and contemporary outlook of a man, synthesizing, abridging and reproducing what he perceives as on aesthetic response to life. A year ago we were introduced to the creative talents of a man who has been influenced by the same factors inherent in our generation that hove affected the obvious change at Millersville. We looked at the pointings in the lobby of Lyte Auditorium and observed that they were representative of the confusion that reigns in our fast-moving, power-oriented world. We admired this art for its artist's creative use of color, space and form, but few of us realized that the man who is responsible for these pointings represents the new society which our generation has produced. We sat in his classes and saw the art of our time emerge os a sequel to all that has come before it and as an introduction to all that is to follow, but few of us appreciated this teacher's endeavors to introduce to us a magnanimous portion of our cultural heritage and expression. Therefore, in order to honor him for his admiroble expression of the world which surrounds us, in order to thank him for giving us the opportunity to share his talents, and in order to recognize him as the embodiment of Millersville's Modernity, we, the staff, dedicate the 1965 Touchstone to Mr. Robert A. Lyon, 4 Mr Lyon's indoor repatriation of a coolly barren, natural wasteland implies the immutable end of progress. Anxiety and loneliness permeote the sensual, self-assured countenance of this ultramarine ultramodern woman 5In Memoriam j IVe honor him for honoring us by sharing with us his world, the world of music. We thank him for introducing to us the tonal beauty which enriched his life and which is his legacy to us. He provided us with inspiration through sound, and for this we are grateful. Melzer R. Porter, 66, the oldest faculty member in point of service ot Millersville, was stricken suddenly at his home and died unexpectedly at 6:30 p. m. Jon. 24 in St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. Porter, an assistant professor of music and head of the music deportment, began teaching at Millersville State College in 1929, the same year he established residence at 129 Kready Ave., Millersville. He was born in Fostoria, Ohio, and was a son of the late Henry L. and Jennet Thomas Porter. MPUS LIFERUIS The foundation is started for o symbol of modernity. 8 r B. A. The essential pipes are laid. B. No chore is left unfinished C. Even the workmen are enthused D The caissons keep rolling along. E. The foundation is completed. D. E. Architecture is symbolic of the goals of the generation which inspires its creation. Ours is a society with an emphasis on change through intellectuality and technology. Therefore, the architecture of our communities is characterized by a lack of emotionalism, a sense of precision. Because it is designed for the purpose of training the leaders of our generation to utilize their knowledge and to make ours a world of scholarly achievement, a college must be one place in which the architectural manifestations of our credo are distinct. For this reason 1965 become a year in which Millersville gradually began to display a new appearance. » 9I c. A A building begins to toke form. B. The way of the future will be well-lighted. C. One structure appeals to the imagination As the mass of metal which was to become indicative of our identity assumed shape, the campus began to breathe again with the arrival of an enthusiastic freshman class. Within a few days the freshmen showed those around them that they were prepared to accept the responsibilities of college life. They eagerly participated in activities which were designed to orient them with their new environment. Their zeal eventually infected the remainder of the student body with the spirit to make this year one not easily forgotten. 10A. t A Freshmen become accustomed to their "reg kits ' B. One freshman seems disenchanted after a dip in the lake. C Freshman enthusiasm is seen during election week. C12 »I i i t A. Sure they love the upperclassmen! B They don't seem too upset. Activities familiar to the campus reminded us that we had returned to the atmosphere which develops our generation into one capable of governing a changing world. The situations were those which we had experienced before, but the contagious absence of apathy shown chiefly by the freshmen in the execution of their "regs" was demonstrative of the fervor which is representative of our modern civilization. Gradually, Millersville was becoming a community typical of our changing world.A There really is something in there. B Apparently, this subject is interesting. B. Even as the rigorous chore of obtaining on education became the primary objective of freshmen and upperclassmen alike, the enthusiasm was not abated. Our desire to learn what constitutes the nature of our universe was the incentive which captured our energetic pursuits. The first few weeks with all its fun and folly had passed and the classroom became increasingly familiar to us. As we again concentrated on the information provided us by our texts and professors, the necessity of knowledge for a profitable future became more apparent to us. 14c.A. Returning alumni receive an appropriate greeting. B. Family reunions are pleasingly inevitable. C. Sally Homsher reigns over Homecoming.A Leisure time can be well-spent. B At least spirits aren't dampened. C Some claim that the view is good. With the chonge of seasons come a new phase of college life. The realization that a decline in temperature would come shortly found many of us enjoying our last month of comfortable weather The traditional homecoming celebration, which is as common to Autumn as falling leaves, showed the results of our quickening imaginations in the vivid displays arranged by campus organizations. The alumni who returned commented about these colorful scenes and the appropriateness of our choices for the reception of awards, but the majority of discussion concerned the obvious change at Millersville. Those recent graduates who returned were especially surprised to see the sudden shift from apathy to enthusiasm within the student body. Every endeavor in which we participated was characterized by a distinct desire to excel, to prove ourselves capable of high achievement. This striving which is inherent in the modern world, was making itself known at Millersville.A. A The governor gets o well-guided tour of our campus. B. The governor delivers his dedication speech C President Biemesderfer introduces our distinguished guest. D. Governor Scranton visits a room in Landes. C. 18 A. Dr. Henderson describes o clossroom to Governor Scranton. B. Roddy Science Hall is at last officially dedicated Millersville's new identity brought the Governor to our campus late in the first semester. Landes Hall, a new women's dormitory, and the Roddy Science Center were completed and prepared for dedication. Governor Scranton graciously came to aid in the ceremonies. Accompanied by President Biemesderfer and Dr. Alex Henderson, the governor was introduced to the new Millersville and as could be expected, was pleasantly impressed. He willingly accepted the fact that our institution was growing with its student body, and that through accelerated efforts it was becoming a necessary complement to the modern age. A. One building which especially symbolized the increasing modernization of Millersville was Dilworth Hall. With the coming of second semester, our previously awkward system of registration took on a new look. Our recently installed IBM computers were used to a greater efficiency as students were promised the elimination of the inconveniences of registration day. Not everyone was satisfied, but the number of those people who were was far above the statistics of previous years. In keeping with the general trend of the college community, the administration had acknowledged the change which could be seen throughout the campus. A Students fit needed classes into their schedules. B. IBM gets a little help from human hands. 20A. There are always a few problems to be solved B But, everyone eventually gets things stroightened out. C. Would you please spell that again?8. A. Students ond faculty find eat ing room scorce in the Student Center. B. The installation of a record department invariably draws crowds. C. Log-rolling on Homecoming Day The administration's anticipation of the coming of our generation was apparent wherever students congregated. The population explosion of post years was affecting the Millersville campus. There were more students and fewer places to put them, but the foresight of our administrators was obvious. New men's dormi- tories, a new library, and a new cofeteria were under construction. Plans for the demolition of the building which had been the beginning of Millersville were being made, ond a new women's dormitory and a classroom building were already occupied. 2223A. Everyone looks in need of nourishment. B. The food will be here any minute. C. A nice atmosphere is always suggestive of good eating. Ill i As the year progressed the dreams of visible signs of modernization gradually became realizations of the future. The need for a new dining hall was obvious, and a competent architect had offered us a plan which was not only of use but also in keeping with the manifestations of modern thinking. The architect's drawing of the structure shows a building which promises to inspire the student to achieve higher goals through an understanding of the complexities of his newly discovered universe. The building's lines seem to be inviting the student into the exciting realm of the future. 25MILLERSVILLE But the future holds more for the students of Millersville thon the Dining Hall, the foundations of which have already been laid. This year saw the new men's dormitories come close to completion. It saw the creation of plans for a new library to be erected on the site of the old Millersville Academy. It saw Landes Hall, Dil-worth Hall, and Roddy Science Center used for the purposes for which they were intended. It saw the tone of the age captured in all these structures which were anticipated as early as the erection of Osburn Hall. A. The Dilworth Building stands at the center of our modernity. B An emphasis on intellectualism is realized in Roddy Science Hall. 2728Mi Our world has changed rapidly in the past few years. These changes hove resulted in the buildings we see all around us. These chonges hove affected the aims and beliefs of the people who make up our campus community. Our society has been created by our generation for our use. As college students, we must accept our destiny of being the elite of this society. We must have as our major goal the creation of o civilization of the future which will encompass our needs and the needs of those who will follow us. The Millersville of today and the plans for the Millersville of tomorrow have been conceived by our generation but should not be assumed to be the limits of our capabilities. We now possess a glimpse of the future, a symbolic representation of our desires to surpass all that we have previously achieved. This is the significance of Millersville's modernity. A The future men's dormitories stand near completion. B Osburn Hall signifies the initiation of the modern trend. 29B I ii ‘ . j 4 5 30 A And the students work B. And they ossemble.JANET ANKKUM JOAN coceo JEANNE KEN DIG CAKOL KERSHNER PATRICIA KING 32WHO'S WHO In order lo limior those people wlm have been outstanding memheis of the collide rommiinity (luring their career at Millersv ille, ail institution known as Who's Who has heeil established. The people pictured oil these pages have been given the highest honor a senior can receive in being chosen by their faculty and fellow students as members of this select society. s is shown by llieii excellence in scholarship, they have fulfilled the major purpose for seeking a higher education. Ihil their triumph lies not only in llieii intellectual achievement, but also in their contribution to college life. They have served their fellow collegians in service to the college. constructive participation in activities, and coniiihulion to student government. We lake thi-oppoitnnitv to congratulate them on the honor they have received as an acknowledgment of their superiority.SENIORS 7 Claude Lean Arm m. Jr. Charles Robert Amantk Landry Kyper Appi.kiiy Diane Jakovic Akbocast William Werner i st Carolyn C. xokhson Carolyn Elizabeth A halt Janet Louse A.nkuum Roberta Jane Arbour Ki.izabeth M. Augustine 34John J. Barilla Janet Arlene Beaverson Suzanne M vtiiias Bair Barbara I.YN'NF. Baklett Donald Eucene Be kek Beverly Joyce Bailey ■— Casi’EK K. Bai mkacii. Jk. Hazel Ann Bai.mer Frances Elizaiietii Bmi.ey Piiylus Ann Balaian Pai l . Barnett Joyce Elaine Becker 35Joskni Oswaij) Hum III Richard Hiddlf. Eli arkth B. Bolknhjs Annarose Maria Hertz G. Tom Bennett. Jr. . a Catherine Bust M ary Joan Bodnar Jean Black Marianne Hi.omquist Patricia Banks Botki.iio David Eric Bokbe Ii.a Jkan Bowers 36Sll MtO.N J»: BRANDT Barr.aka A. BROOKS Beknda Carol Broomk Si sanni: Casski. Brkneisjex Nancy Carolyn Bui rakkk 37Mich %ki. A. Dkfiijpi’o Ji nrm A n Dkmsiiock Kiioi I)ktwii.bii SlSAN J. I KICIt Hl« II MID S. Dicki.a Jean Ki.izaiietii I iKiitic11 Wll.I.IAM . Dinces, Jl«. 40 k v Fiun i-:s Dissinckk Linda K. Karhakt I I ARHIKT . I l KSOX I-’rkda Lm isk Ei'.nkk M rcarkt Aw Eaci.kson M AllCARKT ELIZABETH EBY Donald C. Kckkiit, Jii. Judith Elaine Kiirmann I’M I. . Khriiaiit l KK ku;i Ec KKRT 41KlI.KKN JOYCE KlSK.NSTf.IN Loretta Helen Dorothy Marie Fabry Dorothy K. Erickson Marlene Joyce Fair 42MARIAN I). FlNLBY Patsy . Flaiiarty J H I K AREN FlM.EA Julia Theresa Fibster i.lem Fisciikr Baku aiia Jo Fisher Patrk i a M mue Fleming K iTiiiiYN Euw Feeser M ary Anne Fklckr KlavoodC. Finley III Barbara nn Fisiier Holland E. Koor, Jr. 43IV.wn I mni: Stkimikn John Foiitk M KCAKKT W FiiK.TZ .Si san M im: Gkai k E. Gai.i.agiikr Jane ff» Gaiss Caroi.v Manning Gau.o Cakoi.e Ann Grant ItouEirr F. Gau.o Grrari V. Gkiiman 44 K. J K Gimikrt I'athic.ia VwGii.hert 1. Dale Goon Wilson Brooks Grab M. IllKNE Gizinski Lonna J. Goshkrt 45Ann Gross Lee Grss 46 John L). Hain Virginia Anne Hai.l Wii.i.iam Itc v Haney Ckorce Lewis Harman, Jr. Jeanette G. Harkins Dorothy Elaine Hass leg George G. IIm rer Kenneth John Hartm n Wii.i.iam H. Hazi.ktt l A11. J. II vshacen Linda Maria Heck George Theodore Heioig 47I’m lbtta Aw Helfricii A 'Dm OV KaF. Hll.ltKBItA.VD 48 Betty n Henmnckr Geraldine Heni.y 1 ary Jo Herman Kay K. Hkrr Diane Lee Herr Hf.i.kne Pearl Heuer Carol Loi j$e Hoffman Pail K. Himelavkicht Doris K. Hohknw rteh 'PERKY Dl NK HOLSOPPLE David Howard Hoiibnsiiilt DeWayne Howard Howell Patricia Joanne Hoi.linger Bruce Nicholas Hoy Alice Hi i.i. David M. Humma 49Beatrice L. K ablin Carol Fay K»:»tsn ».»t Jeanne II. Kenok; Barbara Wcrker Kkoavn Loi ise Ann KeysBr J. Thomas Kim;oke M ARY C. K AM MERER Barbara nn Kkiistirmt Donna Lee Kii.iieknkr 50Harriet nn Kii.iiefner D f £ . RobertTildkn King Pamela a. Kune Kiciiakd Kucene Kinaro Caroi.yn Sue King Patricia 1.. King Judith Ann Kinckinkr A Lynn Kirk John Henry Kirby III Ki th Nora Klinedinst A Susan Elizabeth Koch Norm in L. Knaijb 51Susan Ann Kraft Jane Annette Lampakter Linda A. Laucks Mary Joyce Kuhns Allan L. Laskowski Ch arles Edward Leddy 52Kathleen E. Lehman Phyllis Ann Lewis William A. Long Donald C. Lewis, Jr. Phyllis II. Long A Jean Ann McCarthy Roberta Kith Lentz Kathleen Louse Lirricz Cheryl Susan Levin Annf. Louise McCann Nancy M. Loncenec ker Glenn I). Livei-sbehcer 53James Arthur McCormick Robert Mark Terry R. McDonald Roberta M. Marshall Sue Ann Mellingek Dale M. McPherson Helen M. Maurer Rebecca A. Meyers Geraldine L Mblato Iris M. Martin Charlotte K. Metzger Rose Marie Man mi an 5455 Rosa Yookk Moshier Rosean Murphy GkoRcr Kobkkt Ai.i.kx vi: JOANNE My Kits l.orisK IIr.icrc i noi.s Ceija M hik O'Riiik.v Makcahkt J. Newcomer W VNIM OCDKN Denton I . Ohtm n Ekm Mosseh Ki.i.knjo Noonan Gaky K. Newkirk Diank l UtIK Nai'oi.i W ii.mkr C. Noi.r 56 Sylvia Ward Ovkrley Brenda Joyce Owen Anthony YOn vri Don ai.i» S. OvERI.KY Norm Jean Peaimt Janet C. Pater Ronald Charts Pawling Howard I.. Pfoitz Sandra L. Oxenford Linda ntta Pellegrino Isa Jamieson Pearce A vonnt | AuiE Pact 57Donna Jean Phillips Jank Ellen Phillips John II. Pi ch Jovck Mum; Platterspiel Bariiaka Imiiorkn Rank Gerald (,)i inn Jean Coi.ler Prescott Sandra Kihtii R m ThomasS hi pi Reese Francis I.kstkr Rapp S8 Joyce Claire ReeseAnne Mamie Reiley Immocene Riiinehart Jere Ronald Rentzel Vl'ii iu ii l-EF liimnrx Mary Elizabeth Riddioucii Annamae K. Rieser Donald Allen Rinber Georgia Rinegr Kileen Marie Ritter Patricia Elaine Ripley 59 Frank A. Rizzuro Joan E. Clark Rose Gary Lee Rowe W. Thomas Roorback, Jr. Patricia Alice Ross Eileen M. Royer Harold Ward Rose Gerard L. Rotii well Patricia Ann Ruiia 60  CHARLES BaHHY SaUOER Eric Henry Sandblade Daniel A. Kerr Harold W. Saner Stephen M. Scholl R. Kenneth Shearer 61James FredShimer Wanda Kay Showers Beverly Marcia Silverman Barbara Ann Simpson Virginia Lee Shoff Judith Ann Shi tt Thomas J. Slogan Susan Bowers Shoff Barbara Shreiner Rebecca Lynn Slider Bruce Frank Shore Doris A. Sides 62Piiillip P. Stauffer Sara Steiner Steelman 63 Barry J. Steikray m.d Judy Elaine Stoi t Joan Kuaink Stu vrt Joseph E. Stkaushaugh Ei.eanor Ruth Stikclkr Donald M. Stkikiw: Ronai.d A. Ronald VIarkby Strikric John Timiikki.l Swanson 64Kim hi» M vhtin S s kitzkii K.w XwT.wwii Fiunk Thom s Thorp Ji nk K. Textkr Joan Caroi.Thuss Jkan VIaiui I ui ntixo J NKTTK DoltKKN ThKAL I .ynN Jkan Tkainor Royal ('. Travitz CeKAI.D Rh MARI) SVVni'K Jkan CarolTaylor Clifford C. Tiiom is 65Joan l mue Trees Frederick II. Turner. Jr. Loi is Scott Vim no Joyce E. Thump Carole Ann I snkr CllARLES I.. W r.NRR, Jr. 66WlI.MER R. W AI.LACK, JK. Linda M. Wai.i.h k Donna Mae m.meu Robert Francis Wai,i.s Joan F.ii.ken Warner Patricia Wardi.ova Jean Flunk Warner Marilyn Frances WatkinsLi i a Lii.ekn Wither Harry . Width Krank I). Wokrnee. Jn. John Ru harm Wentzei. JOSEPH K. VVll.T Jim. Loraine Wikk Thomas IL Winters. Jr. Dorn a Mathee Wildasin Nkvi.n Leroy Wintiiode Sarah J ane Winter I) n S. With NStkixa Barbara Wojton II itou Kim aim) YVoi.k Ron ai.d Lkk Woi.ani» (‘aim. II. ORKINCKR Gk.orci: II. Zook K vriii.Ki N I.. Xkidkiis Lkkoa . ki.i.i:h Lko a K. Zimi.iki l aa Z AI.I.V 69Ami continue with (acuity l»y llw lake . . . Anil mil here in l.yle Auditorium END OF THE LINE The line lx-gin» on the (font canipu . . .President I). L. Hikmksdkrfek ll has been said dial a college is its students. hut as students we realize that it is. in fact, much more. To Ineffective, the (‘ducation offered at a college must he systematized and organized in a manner which will create au atmosphere conducive to the attainment of knowledge. It is the administration and faculty which takes this tedious task into its capable hands and. with the aid of modern innovations, performs its duties with the utmost in efficiency. President and !i . Bieoicsderfcr 72 V DlJ. A. G. HRKWKNSTINF. An administration is those people who offer supervision I»K NS OR STI DKNT KRURS .»• Night: Mi » llrlt'ii A. Guiw.iv, Mr. ('linrlo» I Kent. I)r. |{hIh:iI V. Brown. III. II. Duni'.iii, Dr. Rlyrlr S Slim% Dr. it.iynionil J. Htmkla- nrnl Mr. Hniry I . BikImt. 73 hl l (.A NON-PSA (.I1OI.0GA DEI’ K'I MEN I hr. t How: Mr. Joseph Fori-hia, l)r. Paul Z. Hummel. Mr . E thcr S. I.imrv ami 'lr«. Edith K. Booher. Second How: Mi Beatrice Smith. Mr . El«ie II. Ill••tell■■r, Mi Kli .ilwth M. Jenkins Mi Ytonne K. S h.ick and Mr . Edna R. Simon. Third How: Mr . Mildred S. Donnon, Mi Mattel I. Mobrrjr. Mr. James E. M.nirey and Dr. Wilmer (.. Berg. Fourth How: Dr. (). II. Aurnnd. Dr. Caleb W. Buelier. Dr. Burl I. Dunmirc and Dr. Richard J. He . Standing: Dr. . A. I .Ii.iiii|»j, Mr. H. Shield Mei Jrr, Mr W alter Kreider and Dr. Euucne h. Kidd , chairman. Mr. K. Shield Afelder explain the working "f a projector t» student . To tunny of us our primary interest is in tliul field which we someday hope to leach. We concentrate specifically on those subjects which are eoneerncrl with the discipline with which we are most interested. However, we fail to realize that we could become experts in our field hut never be abb to communicate our knowledge to those whose education will some day In- in mir hands. We will hr; teachers, hut if we do not learn how to teach properly we could he a weak link in the chain of experiences which will develop our students into well-adjusted members of society. We must rely on the Education and Psychology Department to guide u toward our students’ educational progress and toward their development of constructive understanding. “If (the teacher) is indeed wise he does not hid you enter the house of his wisdom. hut rather leads you to the threshold of your mind. Kaiilil Gibran. Dr. Paul Z. Rurninel schedule a student conference. 7ASCIENCE DEPARTMENT First Row: Dr. Coilicrinr Kecvrr, Dr. Janie- E. K»ken. Dr. Daniel Knislr. Dr. .Sydney l(adiin»v«ky. Mr Willi' il.ii lall, I»r. Donald E. Wrinian and Mi. William K Brnt.yn. Second Row: Mr. William 15 Mclln iinr. Mr John I Rorulraujtli. Mi. John M. Koili, Mr. Paul J. M. In. rnry, Dr. Crvrp- E. Slaulfcr. Mr. C. Byron K»ln and Dr. Vlox II. nd. iv»n. xhutmun. Mr. Harold B. and Dr. Cecil M. Cptuti on. ah.nil wln-n llw picluir «a» taken. those people who provide professional stimulation and the key to scientific insightCKOi.K M’IIY DKI'AK'I IENT ,o Hi ': Mr. M...................... C .....«• "j K„h,r M Kill,HI,,. |)r. R..| J Y Ford, chairman. D,. Gin. V. -d Mr. K.chard L N h„nd„. Brforc we can show others the physical features of the world and tl„ ir relationship. to ils inhabitants. we must first •»«'« knowledge of mi, It facts ourselves. We are fortunate in having among our faculty a group ,»f |i€oplc who not only are wrll-edu-ealed in the held of geography. Iml also are capable of passing their knowledge on •’ ns. The (Geography Department is a significant and essential part of the Millcrsvill ’ eominunity. Throughout history, mnthcinalies lias Iteen proven to Ik a neoessnn factor in " development of an educated individual. In our fast-moving, modern world it is basis of our scientific inquiry. Kvcn those of us who have chosen a field of study ‘ ul' side the realm of mathematics should realize that .1 basic knowledge of that subject indispensable to an educated prnon. For ||,is knowledge we are indebted to ",,r Mathematics I lepartmeiit. MM.I DEPARTMENT -WrfMr. Kobe,. It. Ruihjrt, Mr. Robe, S. shjA. Mr. lur,(. j. Mr. „jrr R. O ,,r' J.|,h A Mr,rr and Mt- ‘ lu,lr’ T W"lf SionJir,K: Dr. K. Vn.lcrsoo, chairman. liter S()(J. I, STl DIES FirM Row: Dr. C. Maxwell Myer .chairman; l)i. Charlr I). S|x U». Dr. Yallxir;: Flcltj. Dr. Virginia Beck. Mr. Kol)i r1 II. It.irnr- and Dr. (Imrgc I.. VoiinK, Second Row: Dr. K. Walker. Dr. Ccorfa D. Harmon. I r Richard Keller. Dr. Abram J. Fotlcr and l)r. ciiarlr A. l-ord. Third Row: Mr. Clarence K. Coodc, Mr. John E. Winter. Mr. Robert A. Rot and Mr. William S. Boisko. Mi Kolw-rl K. It.irne find that even dog are ronerrned with economic tin year. One of I lie most important goals of any college is to provide students with an understanding of today's world, an understanding that can only he achieved hy a thorough comprehension of the events leading up to the present. If the students can be brought to realize that the troubles plaguing the world arc not new hut only extensions of the tribulations that hove existed since the lime man left his barbaric state and organized himself into distinct cultural groups, ...... our major educational goals will Ik accom- plished. The Social Studies Department, under the leadership of Dr. Maxwell Myers, acquaints students with the social, economic, governmental, philosophical, and historical factors of life which together capitalize the more important aspects of man's relationship to man. Mi John K. Winter make u-c of library lacililU- mumm Two .m student try ihcir hand at sculpturing. Senior co-ed admire- ail work done l ) fellow MudenI . those people who inspire us to seek beauty through sight . . . There nrc certain concejrts inlicrent in creating a work of ait with which the student must be familiar if he is to appreciate and evaluate art in it true sense. The Art Department under the able direction of Dr. Ronald Sykes attempts not only to instill within the students a desire to acquaint them--elves with historically famous artistic masterpieces, hut also to express their own feelings and ideas through such a versatile medium. B establishing a dose relationship between student and professor in various craft classes the professor i- able to guide bis disciples toward the highly elevated goals of perfection and self-satisfaction. KT DEPARTMENT l r. Dominick J. Kun-ini. Mi. Ro1h-m C. Huilnil, Miss Jane I.. Kcinh.ird, Di. Ronald K. Sykes chairman; and Mr. Rolierl A. Lynn. 78 Mi— Marie K. -a»l instructs a iludcal in her pianu lemon. Mr. Harold Wild con dot I hi band member during an afternoon practice. Fundamental to MSC‘ liberal educational program is tin- Music Department, that division of the required curriculum which endeavors to instill, propagate and maintain in its students an appreciation of the arts. Whether one listens taplly to a Brahms' concerto, plinks hesitatingly on the piano-forte under the sanguine countenance of Mis Marie (Iasi, contributes liell-sliaped tones n cap ntlla, marches windblown and a caprieeio across a football held in time with "FI Capitan." or applauds the beguiling performance ren-dered by the Department in assembly programs, one must needs realize the important function which music grants to the well-rounded professional intellect. and inspiration through sound Ml SIC DEPARTMENT Wed. Mrs. E .l n S. Wild and M,- Made R. Cast. Standing: Mr. Mclzrr R. Porter, chairman: Mr. Harold Wild. Mr. Karl E. Moyer and Mr. Harold W. Shuar. 79FOKhlll.N I NGI GES DEPARTMENT Standing: Dr. Mieh.irl G. Kovach. acting chairman. First Ron ; Mr . Madeleine A. S« rpent. Mr. Jean D. Serpent. Mr-. Beatrice M. Killonsli and Dr. Guy K. Saylor. Second Row: Dr K Thnrnn D')uxla«i, Mr Richard Brum, Dr. Johanna K. BehrcmJt and 'lr. Daniel K. Kogut. Absent when fricture uas taken: Dr. Theodore II. Ku| | . chairman (on leave) and Dr. Guenther Bicknc c and those people who show us how we and our predecessors communicate all of this to our world. Mr. ( '. Kit li.ird Dr. Theodore II. Kii|i| .in t In-eking the facilities ol lire language lalionitory. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT First Row: Mr. J Stanley Cook. Mr Henry M. I.ihh.irt. Me. pure I ( Woodltridpc, Dr. Mary A. Bright lull. Mr. Gordon P. Syntund and Mr. Jo »-|tli K. M'''| Second Ron Mr. William S. Trout. Dr. Lynwood S. Liugerifelter, chairman. Mr. lurh Muench. Mr. Doruld I . Burkh«»lder and Mr. Louis C. JenningsPHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Fint Row: Dr. Raymond J. Runkle. chairman; Mr-. Kathryn B. Hill. I r. Mary Kli nli 'tli Dixon. Mr-, loin L. Dorwurt. Mr-. Marjorie Trout, Mr. J. Rodney KiniHon und Mi. Eugene C. (itull. Second Row: Mr. Arthur R. Hulun. Mr. Raymond C. Mull in. Mr. George V. Katohnier anil Mr. Kii'liard ( DeHart. The men are preparing their projects lor the State Gmvention held ut Hcrshcy. INDl STRIA I. ARTS DEPARTMENT First Row Mr. Hugo J. Fiora, Mr. Henry J. Kaufl man and Dr. Earl M. Wrhrr, chairman. Second Ron Mr. Franci J. K.ilka, Mr. Gordon D. Taylor. Mr. Robert G. Hostetler and Mr. Philip I). Wynn. Third Row; Mr. I I.. Monica). Mr. George II. Franci -. Mr. Clifford L. Yurd, Mr. Richard I Steinmei . and Mr. Paul V. K-heJman. 81LIBRARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Seated: Mi- Mi,. I. Wanner. Standing: Mi-Beatrice U. Dutchman and Mi» Coral E. Melson, chairman. NURSES Mr . Joanna Rail? , Mr . Josephine K. Nainit and Mr-. Naomj Gillian. SECRETARIES Seated Mr . Ilnlda Stine. Mr . Mary Louise Miiictninn. Mr . IVail Miller, Mr-. Nancy O’Slicll. Mr . Sally and Mr . Belly Meyer . Standing: Mr . Velina Warner, Mi— Mildred Yoder, Mr . Carol Main, Mi . Lynda Wilson, Mr . Grace Emails, .Mr . Vrlenr Raker and Mi Ruth 1 lei- -y.HI SI NESS OFFICE Sealed: Mr'. Hingjman Standing: Mr . Vicdei Mninnu, Mr . .Mary Murphy, MU» nna Mar Krndij. Mr . Both Crccnnujih. Mi Diane DeLomui). Mr. Robert Elder. Mr. Ermoit Postlc . business manager and Mr. Clctu Swrigart.I.lltltAHIANS Scaled: Mr . Ijiim K. It. Dorrins, Mi Ma K. Clark. Mr . Dorothy avanuii|!h. Mr . !{••• I). Itinklo. Mi-. K'llicr T liu«ly ami Mi . Marian Kirflrr. Standing: Mi John S. Minin'. Mr . I'.Mln r II. W liit« l . Mi tuKdlf! H Hii'toii, Mr. IKiiialil K. Tribit, Mi l.yrnln Wilnon anil Mr. Sian-Icy Mnrii« ni. i ami Mr . IIi-I.-IM- hrry. SrmnJ Ron- Dmiiilil M. Minnis Manager of tindrnl sen ices. ini., Mr . Arhm Marlin ami I In iMlnrr M, Wurmr. MAINTKNAN K -SViri'ng: iaKiii . I laud.. iiprrinlrndcnl of building and piounds; (llayliin Thi.iii.i-, Harry llori lhlil, Jnlin Zianirr, John Ki i' .uni Sanmi'l Kill. Standing: Hi. lomno II Dillovv. nssitUini .» the president; ll.iny llcrr, IJoyil ltall nlilrr ami Mlllanl Foul . " I I.UIOHATOKY St;||0()l. Mi- Kli a hclh M, Jrukin . M, Ihaliirrt Smith. Mr Kl ii- II. Hii trtt(-r, Mi sonm-l • h.n h. Mi-- Ii,- I.. Wapin'i. Mi mlio . Itnrie, Ml- Mi.lii.linr A. Sauljiin-llo, M, J .m-|,|i J. IVlhn i ami Hr. J. Itirlianl Zi-rhy. principal. Hr t Row: Brenda Klinger. Crare Callaghcr. KU«n Maurer. Mary Fidlcy, Jean McCarthy. Cathy Kamincrcr. Barbara Kiglumirr. I’i.l Kramuirr. Second Row: U»niia Barb. Eileen Buyer. Margaret Fret , Cail Cerliard. Pat Fleming, Pat II.-Hiimii, Marlene Fair, Campbell, l imla Vnuiig, Kllen hry. Janet Anitrum, Kanry llum . IMturali Mirkley, Patti King, Mary Bi-hli-uigh DELTA PHI ETA When we achieve, we are rewarded. PHI SIGMA PI First Ron: Jim l.m«. Ed Clic k-1. Jerry Quinn. Clau.le Ahlum. Second Rou-: Dr. F—ter. Wavne Brunt. John Wliillon. Hill Ding.--. Kd Sweil er, Carl CrolT. Anthony Malula. Third Ron George Von Nieda. J«k- Hartley, Huu Singer, John Shealfer. William Hamhriek. Hi- liar.I Weaver. 85STUDENT COUNCIL SrainJ; Jo.m (.Vn-«n, Hot. St.mII«t. Stuntlin t: I'uulcltii II. Ilri. lt, 1‘ulli Kiln;- Ron Srlw..I. I.iml.i Viiuiir, Jolm Willnliii. First Hun: Da mi Van Horn. Kli jUrjh Kagn, KjiIiv Kniiili»k i. Jnun (annlni . lover Campbell, l.oima I II..I Kef-Jllier, I’.iillrll. II.-I-fiioli, Margaret Kli . Second How: Roll Si.iulln. i Ilium Kiefer, I..I111 Willi.'lm. I.unlit Yount;, J..I111 Munnnert, Haiti King. Sue Harm’ll, Dr. Duncan, John •r.ih, Waller Waelw’ii, Willi.iin Mrl.cnni.n, Ron Si-lwooil, Joan (a.ccn, Kenneth Decker.Firtt Rou: Diant Spangler. Karen Sliugat . Barbara Humine. Donna William , Gail Walker, Carolyn ironing. Bobbi Simon. Molly Ludwig. Srtond Row: Alan Feltr. Virginia Wood. Dorothy Getnmel, l.indu Millrr, Belly ugii tiiie. .irolyn Clay. Donna Kilhrfner, Kllrn Sauller, Dbmr GeHtacli. Carolyn Mr Moratl. CEC When we are inspired . . . STUDENT PSEA Firyt Ron : Bd» Bolenius Eilren Moyer. Loi- llr.imnwr. Bet y Fnga, Paula Huggiu . Wall Engle, Mary Kiddinugh, Connie Sirirkler Second Row: Charles Cheek. Phyllis Balinan, Sharon Brandt. IMtorah Mieklcy. Carol Ker»hner. Kathy Kondi k». Carolyn Clay. Kl annr Sliegler Joan Taylor. Sharon lamrk . Nancy Hawes. Jr re llentzel, Steve .Shull, l.onn.i Co h rt. Harry Ro«e. 88 . , Kou and Shower . anry Morkley. Sharon Brandi. Joan Core. Kathy HI me,.. W.nif.rd Tretsl. Linda I tuck.. Jean inter, Caro Iwt M« Moran. Second . Harl.ara Shull. Janet Willinisniyrr. Gail Sahm. Joanne Molloy. Thorn,.-on. Dwane lit , liar Kara Harr. Vi« k Cocklin. Mary True . Joanne Sahm.. Third Ram: Joan Taylor. ( am-.- Fr.eman. Elaine Thomas Carol k. r»hner. Diane I’otiriger. latnna Co.hert, I'alriria Short. Anne Brinton. Ruth Rrit , Suunne FcKjn. Bonnie Sipc. Ruth noe Shirk. Stella Wojton. Eluin. Bmdt. Delmrah Miekley, I’hylli. lo-wi-. Linda Llewellyn, Ann Wig. nnamae RirM-r. Fourth Ron Dan Unman. Wall Engle. ACEI ACF.r. Iloat capture lira prire in Homecoming parade. 89- WC A First Hon: Maryann KiUoit. I’alti King. Oori Shadel, Sue Bunrll. Kalliy K»n-di ko. Nowlin Fi zano. S•frond How; I’jiii Srlbrrl, Joan Wearner, Carol kcrelmi'f. Carol Koddu, Judy Green, Hazel Orr, Pally Snodgrut. , Jaiir-i lleili ••riiiglon, Su«un M -I.;iiinhlin. Sara Jane I Kmli Anne Shirk. When we are in need of organization . . . 90 MCA First Hoic: Marly Mr.Ceheun. David Smith, Sieve l.lovd, Ihllrli Sil|i|der. Srrornl How: I arl Croll, Claude Mdiini. iljiaiii Ihiliihrii k. Ilradlev Slell, Itirli-ard Itehrenn. WDS A First Htut: Su«i Young, Jmn Smith, ISrltv Dingo, Iminln ll.ulmv. Strom Hon Elaim Foulm-y. Kuitcm Knvlv. . . . we turn to the powers of democratic government. MDS A First Kott: Anglin An lrr m, I lurry Wirtli. 1' . I'. KiHil . Srronil Hott: Tr.ivil . Mi. Unity Bui'lii-r. V I’liillip Ki.nii.Hin, 91jr»i note: (.rorpia Mantcil, Norman Ciniili. Janice Finley, Paul Swancn-•urn. W Kahtey. Second How: -hjrh-. ('.Iieek. Brian l'olly, Bon Supple '. Anthony Furolc. Jim Fiimrmrytr. YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB First Row: Barbara Goukcr. I'cjmy brcachcr, Georgia Mantrll, Martha O-troll. Second Row: Sieve Scholl. Konulti Tetry Holland. When we are curious about our world, . . . YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB First Row: Lmi .Shull, Sliaum Shewed Snond Row: Rulpli Scholl, Martin IVickcr. Harr? R »»c, 92ALPHA PHI OMEGA I First Row: Kenneth Peck. Harry Joil. Richard Frye. Frank Pennington, Bill Einsig. Wilson Crab, Cary Rowe. Dick Monk. Second Row: Alan Fclir. David Hilhrrt l.arr) Marshall. Scott Trefny, Tom Naylor, Joe Piirdin, Billiard HIoiim1, John Trcndler. Kenneth Aimk-i. Barry MeNew. Harry Rose. SOCIAL STUDIES First Row: Anita Lehman. Ann Brin-ton. Eleanor Stieglcr. Judy (’.anipbcli. Michael Winey, Barbara Righlmire, Pal Rudy. I.oi- Woodward. .Second Ron: Mildred Engel, Palmer Poll. Ronald Coyle, Dwayne Howell. Tom Naylor. Dick Kinard. Woody Finley. Terry Holland. Philip Gerber. Phil Brown, (.arid llollm.m. Lee Wright. . . . we learn through activity. BASSLER GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY First Row: Mr-. Bonnie Di-ichert, Re lu-cca Spargo. Second Row: William Rohrer. Mr. Joseph Glass. George Zook. 93ALPHA BETA ALPHA tirxt Hou KIIi-ii Maurer, Inula I.lew i-llyn. Vim Summerill. 11.ii i Sr,.I,, nun, Carol Kly, Flori'iire llnnlncle, linn ll.iilini, I,iiiii-i- Key.,, Second Hon K.iilli Kialer, Cary (inlirr, Pal IViffi'r. I’.iiiI.i For MiMik, Mary Ann Slmwer . in' Derr, Cathy K.llimii'rrr, J.mri Vnkruiii. Cliri Prylik, I’ani Marklmll. Sylvia Ki'i| iT. Ki iih Yinlcr. Jam Inline. ENGLISH CLUB How: Sharon llri u . Ro-i-iiiaiv riiiim|i nn. Rclsy Soyili r. Cathy Kain-nierei, Sin. K.iiilTiiiiin, Sin Derr, Km lln-sji. Mary r ttarian. Second llow: Mary Ann Sniilli, Vicki Cox, Tara Crumling, .Mary Ann Showers Sieve Yoho, Mm Perry, Jo-Anil Elli . Sln iiy I li-r-licy, Jam llciiiv. Pam Seibert. When we realize our interests, we specialize in them. XENOPHILE f ir. t Hou: Mary Sprout, Sarnly Rich-aul, Joe Hartley, Mike llnnn-her. Sharon I-om k , Second Hou: Thoma» Sheekjer, Juan Ohio, l.iinla l)'l |». it.i, Carol Ker.liner, Dan Witman, Kllen Noonan, Joanne Warto. Kail Smith. Ko'luk. 94INDUSTRIAL ARTS First Roto: Krnizcl. Cli.ith Check, Robert (• I .ivill llilhi-rt, Kmi.ilil Snuvrly. Second lime: Hairy MeNew, Di-nniv Hilton, CHIT Hunk, Paul Itaek-i‘ii in i’, John llm krlinunn. Ilujth .i»-line. Knril Neujsehauer, Dan Mitchell, DnnaliJ Kennedy, Huh Christopher. MU KAPPA MU First Row: Kiuin - Thomii-, Mi. Holicrt Rulhart. Dun Rinerr, I'.ml IliinclKriglit, Dinnr Krnunrrir. Carol Vument, l.ui Woodward. Second Row: Caro! Sw.iii-Xcr. Shirley Wolf. Turn Carretl, Tom Naylor, Huy la-wi . Hu-hard Jupprnlatr. (ii-urfu Miller, llohmdiill. Nancy Hawes. RODDY SCIENCE SOCIETY First Row: IIjiry Huihwi-ll. Klim lira-in, Cinny Httdi-ill. la-»; Neal. Second Ron: lade Deinmy, Paul Funk. Cltcryl McGladi- 95irtf Row: Mary Klaue, Dtlom Hou-mI, Dan Mitchell, Judy Grim. Barham )avie», Keith Yoder, Phylli Batman, vnren S h u k a r », Second Row: Torn horb, Diana Douglas lira Karlin, Clods laihosky, Carolyn Clay, Mary Lou Weaver, Glenn Heinrichs F. lea nor Stiejs-h r, Donald Colomlio, ltonnic Pod, Judy Brunt, Marlene Fair. F.un Ja Kin. Rev-erly Hens MS M First Row: Bill Wood, Nancy Summer-ill. Hu hard Blmur, Dale Coclirtin, Mar-lette Munte. Harry Ludwig. Second Ron : Ku'm-II Bachert, Sandy Volt , Linda Green. Harry Rothwcll, Betty Au-gu«tine. Carl Holland. I’atlv Moore, Leonard Honk, Gorrlon Mayfield, Nancy Hawc . Barry McClay. When we are NTER-V ARSITY thankful, . . . LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Fini Rote: Anita Lehman. Elaine Thomas Barbara Rovrnoll, Elaine Proitacr. John Thompkins Ann Euler, Sharon IWaitdl. Second Row: Nick Lorry. Maryann Shower , Ann lllig, (lluirle Kopp, Sam Koons Margaret Kammerer. (lathy Kammercr, Dave Gerhart.CANTERBURY CLUB First How: Jayne Niskey. Judy Knott. Bclhunm- Grace, David Laughcry, Sue Karr, Bobbi Simon. Second How: Bel»y Faga, Joan Taylor, Walt Engle. Fred Nctigchauer, Bo|i Wright, l.arry Marshall. Karen Clark. Cathi Paul. Barbara Class. NEWMAN CLUB First How: Mary Ella Zweier. Pat Com Icy, Pat Budy, Mike Lcno, Ellen Noo nan. Sue Batchelor. Joanne Kaplan, Su son Hurley. Second Hon: Mr. Henry Bucher, Marcia liainmel, Michael Nic olella. Marty MeCchean, Barbara Bui lock. Tom Guppies. . . . we worship as we choose. UCCF First How: Janet Ankriim, Amy Taylor, Bonnie Sipes, Carol Aiinn-nt. I.onna Goshcri. Second How: Diane Ktihar, l.rel l nvton. Elaine Cugcrly, nnnmne Bieser, Carol Stvungcr. Bulb Ann Shirk.WOMEN'S VARSITY CLUB First How: IjnHo Hekcstnn, Brenda ItiiHiniL'. Mareie Kenlry. Dori Sliadrl, Joycr Hall. Barbara Chestnut. IMmiIIj Laing. Belly Kline- Second Itow: Wilma Black. Mary Uu Peek, Jeanette Harkins ll.i el lialmer. Carolyn Me-Moran, Mr . Kathryn Hill. Peggy Ea-lilMon. Joyce Camphell, Linda Young, Nancy Brubaker, Sue Dudley, Regina Haag. When we are gifted with strong bodies . . . Varsity Club initiates clean up. An MVC pledge -ulb-rs the liaxing. MEN'S VARSITY CLUB First How: Tom ll.iin. Bill Sarmi. I)enn .m Tassel, Howie Street I, Bill u-i. Second How: Mike l.alloda. Dick Wjl in-. Tom Ue.--c, Lliarlii Wagner. John Swanson. Harry Ringden, ILury Slunk. Third How: Ted Fitzgerald, Jim- Wilt. John Condrack. Dick Kinard, George llaincr. Rick Turner. Woody Finley, Jack Bailey, Wall Kngle. Jerry Crlinuin, John Sink. Ron Frieker. Dr. Raymond Riinkli , S-olt Yining.ROD GUN Fir ft Row: Konalrl Haiti, I’liil Crflwr, Have I'm ln |i|i, li.irl' » iuunti', Dave I'mrlrr. Snoiul Row: Richard Weaver, Man Ft-lir, 4,’riiip lick ', Jerry lleMrr, Norman M.iitiu-i it. Cliarle- Try. Sir (dim MrKuiri. INTRAMURALS First Row (Jail Rum . Samis K«|i| rii-liasi-r, Frank Itydlon, Mary ixiu Peek-. I.imla Helve-Ion. I„irry EIn-M. Carol He.iclirr. Carol Hawk. Sororul liou: Mr . Kulltryn Hill. Ktlren Moyer. I »• • V rialil. Jerry He«rer, Hank Sc hour. sviiK. Dan Wiiman. Hetty Morrow. Wilma Muck. I)r. Raymond Kuiiklc. . . . we do not let our strength deteriorate. Mill -r. sill - men pound liiiultlcr in intramiiriil looiliall.THK BAND BAND fa When we are endowed with the gift of music, . . . Mil. Iluuu.u Wiiii, Hand Director STRING ENSEMBLE 100 S»i .iii Sroirr, Barbara Saylor. I’alricia Shroff.■ Mr, Kami. Mohr, choir director The choir lake 4 wrll-dcMnnl break (rum practice. . . . we give our community a multitude of sounds. CHOIR Soprano Joan ngstad(, Nancy Braid, Sh.irnn Bcn«ingcr, Jo nn llic ard, Brenda Broome, Joyce Campbell, Donna Kmrrick, Kvihatim Crave, Marcia llomnicl, Betty He .. Carol Hircbert, Sally lloimhcr. Maty Jane llrod, Linda Kimr. I’jidpLi Kline. Kathy Lilith , Candace Nitraurr, Sjndra Oxenford. F.laine Pn»«.r, Carol Rodda, Cretcheii Kuniincl, Beverly Stcrley, Sue Swartly. Linda Walliek. Ik mna Wcblier, Jill Wike, Linda Young. Alto Brenda tkins Kathy Berger, Wilma Black. Sandra Bonec, Carla Cotter, Cclmar Eaton, Janice Hnder». O'Kean Firdlrr, Nancy F» chcr, Jeanette llarkin., Nancy Hawn, Janet iletherington, k.ithv Hoi-ington. Nancy llo.tettler, (jthy Kammerer, Nancy Kap|i, Sylvia Ket|ier. Mary Jane Kreiilcr, Jean Landis Karen lane. Clurthelrd.i Myers Annamae Hn«r. Elaine Rinehart. Karen Shcllcnhatncr, Bonnie Sip.-, nnc Sunday, Amelia Taylor, Mary True . Mary Ion Weaver. Tenor Donald Bollinger, Daniel Currcll, Gary Gerber, 1-irl Holland, Harry Ludwig, Barry M New. Michael Kodiak. Scott Trelny, Nicholas N.ilude . Jo eph Weidcl, John Wilhelm. Haw Steve Brewer. Janie (lark. Kalph Ih-ekard, Jo.eph GangbdT. Jo-.pli Hartley, Charb • l-nit . David Laughcry. Kalph la-wis Steve l.indcnbcrg. Daniel l.iuglc, laiin Lu I , Janie McCormick. Jam.-- Mu -»er. Michael Nirolrlla. Thomav Peter , Joseph Pur-din, David Sander, Gunter Stein, Jainc Sw.irr, Donald W itter. 10!MAJORETTES Firu How: Jjnr llcr»hry. IVggy Eby, Janri Kirluid. et Hou : Hunky Hauler. |.m- Brimmer, Joanne PrieMrr, J.inr Sheet . Sue Bali'brlor, Joan ri»i. Penny llarbaujch, Janice Finley.Millrrsvillr i-onlriliutr. thcr thri'pian to ihr National Drunutir Fraternity First Row: Hu .cl Orr. Francis Rapp, lover I’lallrr-piel. Second Row: !am| Dillwrl. I al Firming. Patti King. Citamard produce another prire-winning float. Thr tinul touche arr made lirlorr curtain linn . CITAMARD When we can project into other lives, we offer our fellows new experiences. First Non: Judy (.urn, Kllrn Sautlrr, Itol.lii Simon. I arol (iilli'M, I’al Firming. Ila rl Dir. Joe Purdin. Nancy Matklc). Second Non: Harry Maine. Judy Djvi., l.inda llollniaii. Kdir Mandm, l)a id Hohcnvhill, Phil Muth. Lni (inndwiii, I Han Spanitlrr, Wilmrt Boyd. Patti King. 103.. — How: Sue H.irni’ii. Andy HoIiimiii, Jeanne Kenditi. Ann Itusliry, Sally llnm-licr, Sally Myer», .SVr.wirf How: Diana Denen-Im'il1. Itubhi Sinn n, Sin Dudley. Jnnjlieline I.«i;;in-. Ilnnnie Smyllie. Thirrl How: K.tliiryn G lclli . |{ niiaiue Itreehhiel. (!.md I’nvicn. Jean Smith. Fourth How: Karen Ijih', Kllen Fry, Judy Sirnnionw, Judy Kicker Fifth How Mike Hite. Judy Davi . Mr. Earle Hue. Ken liui ar, Mike Lynch. SNAPPER Mi Mile, leanne Kuudiy, mid Andrea KoImmiii di»eU‘‘ a weekly issue. B«ck in tin- day when ji Snapper was a eomradc who. by a flick produeed with ihc first and third dibits, warned students of a ferreting campus "cop." no one suspected even rcuiotely that there would he a medalist-winning newspaper In the same name. Today, the young lovelies and young men pictured here contribute lheii daylight hours to producing a newspa| cr whose plaudits are well-deserved. s a campus publication, we are justifiably proud of it and of those to whom its merits are due. 1C4BLACK AND GOLD The freshman's first and most intimate friend is his Itlack and Gold, tin- student handbook which has come to he an indisjMmsable calendar, reference, telephone directory and general compendium. The handbook is a monument to those dedicated compilers who see to it that we are kept iu-the-know. When we are in need of information, we find a means of providing it. The 'tiilT work dilixcntly on tin- handbook. Editor I’jiii Green and Mr. Mile inspect llie final product. 105-Stall member check the master (lummy The Toi: :HStt NF. 'lull lake a break. Throughout I ho college year, we at Millersville encounter many eX|H‘ric»ces wliich leave indelible imprints on our memories. While most of us are regretting our inability to create some concrete reminder of these experiences, a group of jteople are diligently working to produce one. They take photographs of the activities in which we participate, the faculty from whom we learn, and the campus mi which we live. They continent on all the factors which are a part of our primary interests during the four years in which we prepare to heroine well-informed mrinhers of society. This year they have composed a record of Mil-lersville's Modernity as it has developed and can he seen everywhere mi mil expanding campus. They are the stuff who have provided all this in a portfolio of reminiscences, the Touciistonk. 1965. 106Sealed: Jam- Henry, -cnior editor; Paula lluniiir. . a«nwiate editor; Jud) llcit-'wangcr, uudcrcla-Mnen ami faculty editor; •-» ! Smith, art editor. Standing: Holt l.unger. photography editor; llarhara Gouker. uclivilie editor; Judy Thomas literary editor; Dori« Shade!, »|N rl» editor. I £ I I ♦ A I'lulilrm with one rrtion of the yearbook i wived, even vyith an editor' head •‘turned." First Rou: Nancy .Markley. Paula Hucitin . Filern Ijiiir. Jane llenry, Sharon lhn»in)icr. Second Rou: Juanne Kellrnlurjter, Gail Smith, Anne Sunday. Joyre Hodman. Third Ran Judy Bei »wan-cer. Vicky Cocklin, Itjrlura Couker, France Knjtel. Fourth Row: ludy Drotna . Huiiiij Goble. Fifth Raw: l.inda Hodman. Ilori Shade!. Gail Gerhard. Sixth Row: Bull I.unci. Jo.- Jeekel, Man Fehr. 107DOLPHINS First Rou: Betty Kling. Penny Mar-haugb, Suzi Young. Peggy Foote, Joyce Mull, Gail Smith, Sue Ann Mrllinger, Bohbj Mar-hull. Diane Ktihur. Lora Lee Foley, Marcia Raflcn-pcrger, Sally My-cr . l.irwia Brown. .$econtl Row: Joan Taylor. Donna Schectz, Nancy Zemanik. Diane Allen, Janet Richard, Joanne Sulim , (Jaml Hawk. Barbara Yeager, Terry Dunn, Diane Dit lrr, Mary Kill-iliough. Jayne Morovich. Third Row: Limla Kinaii, Man Jo Evtcriinc, Pat Sniilh. HollU Mullihen, Ann lllig. Put Cotnley. Sue Fi-dicr. Emily Cranford. Sue Kittingcr, Sharon Kendig, Linda Crtvlii, Kohin Pettygrove. TECHNICAL ARTS First Row: Boh Lunger. Ken I'homa . Robert Gilliland. Harold Strainer. See-ond Row: Cliarle Cheek. Barry Me-New, Alvin StruuMicr, Sharon Loucks Bill Wunder. Robert Chri-topher. John Bratton, Steve Rulicki. WICKERS First Row: Bob Mei etinan. Norman Knuub, Ron Supplee, Scott Trcfny. Rou Frrence. Allan Care. Second Row: Nick Valirde , David Elite. Denny Rendey. Walt Engle, Joe Jeekel. Jere lloin, Paul Swanenhurg, John WilheJin.SlUOdShint Hm«■: I..-raid llardinu. Scoll Vining, r »m Irwin, Tmn K.»| ltiii'ki. Frank Nowakow»ki, Joint It.iillir, Cliarlo llrtiuaii, Torn W«rk. I jrTOrii l |M»»i|o, Jim |{i 1 • r. Srrond Hi w: Ted Kolrrwa". Kn Sliillerl, Oroi ;r H.iuImt, Pelr Kayr, Tom ||.iin. Sieve Man'in, Kon Porter, l)rnni» Ketnley, ll.irry Shafer, Glmn l.ivclslterger. Third How: Kugrno GrofT, coach; Mike llrniiik, William I iImii, IVii Con|»er. (till Vogel, Brian Miller, J »lm Rylkr, (inry Conrad. I-a try Si over. Kirk Kiddle. Niek Corlio. Foutlh Row: George Kalrlnncr, courh; llemir O'llrrn, Gary Fabruio, Kichanl llil liman. Joe Snnelierko, John SlialTer, George llaritnin. Dirk O'Diinntaii, Kick Waller , J, Rodney Itimson, tinnier. FOOTBALL Co-captain Tom Irwin and Scoll Vining. FOOTBALL I IKS I I.T Millersville _ 21 Delaware Valley 7 Millersville 0 Kul .low II 8 Millersville (• W e l Oldster 33 Millersv ille II Munslield 0 Millersville 6 Bloomshurg 20 Millersv ille 12 Fast Sliomlsiiiirg 25! Millersville 26 Clieyne) 26 Millersv ille 12 Mam|Hlen-Sy lney 1 Tin l'M»l football M'aixin opened mi u rainy Sat 11 r-dav afternoon as llte Marauders hosted a unit It improved Delaware Valley srpiad on Birmcsderfei Field lllit ii"li down by seven (mints ;il halftime, Millers-ville eamc bark lo win llte contest 21-7 ami thus began wlml a|i|H-.iie«l In lie (lie start "( a very bright gridiron season. The weal he 1 im|irove«l the following Saturday lull, unfortunately, the Marauders didn't as they dro|i| ed their first conference game R-0 to kul .lnwii. In the tla s whieh followed this loss the team's thoughts roll hi only he fuciwd on the ti| eoming Wc-t Chester game, a team vvhieli had }u ( lost it first two games. 110 In identified Marauder raring (or end one, liui where are die goal post ? In spile of I hr hi I llinl llii' loam played its third homo ”111110. I In- West Chestei Hams proved lo hr loo much for the Marauders. The luilflimc score was 33-6 and man) of the fans had alread) begun lo leave, hut. the) missed an exciting second half, one which saw an aroused Millrrsvillr sipind oui|ihi the fine West Chester leant. I nfortunalrly though, lire Marauders lost I heir second conference game and Parents' l)a ended on a sad note. 33 12. I lir following Salurdav found the Black and Cold journeying to Mansfield. Despite the hitter cold and snow. Millrrsvillr came out on lop in a hard fought game. I 1-0. Thev stt) that ever) team will have its had days, sooner or later, and so it went al Bloomsburg the following week. I p to this point the Huskies hadn't won a game, hut when the afternoon was over the scoreboard read 20-0 in their favor. long touchdown catch l Dirk Walters failed to offset the main cosily mistake which the team committed that afternoon. llomcroming brought out a tremendous crowd as Millers-villc hosted the Warriors of Hast Stroudsburg. The alumni watched Hut Oilman return a punt 65 yards for a touchdown and Hoii Porter rntrli a Hare pass for a score. Iml in spite of a line learn elfoit the Marauders lost 25M2. (llieyiiev. aroused l the 3H-0 lashing which it look last year, verv ncat'l) upset Milleisville the following Saturday. Down at halftime the Marauder' had to score three touch-downs in the second half to lie the game at 26-26. Porter, Chief Kolerwas. Carmen K-posito, and Wallers each Con trihuted a touchdown in the contest against the Wolves. In the filial game of the season the Milleisville sipiad played Ilampden-Svdnev. leaders of the Mason Dixon Conference. Truly a fine effort wa pul forth on the part of the team a it went on to win. 12-7. Oilman's interceptions paved (lie way for the climax us the Marauders closed their season with a victory. i liiof k'-tcrw.i- 221 and Nick (VuIk 70 cut down tin- opposition again ! Kiit town. 11m Marauder are on defense. ;i« .i pa- iMltein unfold liefme I heir eyes in West (3ie»ier inline. Who lui the luilIV (in die bottom an MSC pl.ivn jii i recovered a National Aggie finnlilc.Millersvillc linemen move in to slop an opposing National Aggie ball carrier.£r!jr? ha B —• ®- r »« »« k»™. ,.« ». t.„ 11,11 ,)ukc’ Jw; Can« « b H«kcr, Mike McHugh, Manny CuftUaa . Second flow: Ed Joe Kasper. David Wamdry. Mik, rimma ., I'rck. Hill Lapansky, Kenny Miller, Jim Umlis. William McCrhean, Guy Fiwwno, Glenn Dumiiicldingcr, Jay Doherty. Harry Mcng. Third Row: Rampulla. roach: Jim Pierce. Marly Moore. Ron Tirpak, Drew Borowski. Lynn Hoffman. Gan Collin . Jim DiGcco. Roger Hauer. Dick Cleary, Denny Place. Fred O'Farrell. Hull McConnidiy. Fourth Row: Charles Huelunio, IUh Maicr. Ray Richard . Gary M. Neil. Frank Ante . •Jiiint Roroi, Edward Ghrcklci, John Mcediam, Barry Walters, (Winter. Richard Denfcld, Art Itulinc. coach. Not shown. Ed Singer. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL FKKSHM AN FOOTBALL Millersville Millersville 0 Montgomery Junior Col. 26 13 Kut .town 6 Millersville 6 Millersville 12 Millersville 18 Millersville 13 Millersville 18 Bull is Prep 19 Stevens Trade 7 Sl« i P| •ensburg 0 Bainhridgr Naval Acad. 6 West Chester 13 This year, for the first time. Milletsville freshmen played together as a team due to the new NCA rule restricting their participation from varsity sports. The 5-2 0 season which the leant boasted was evidence « f the fact that more team spirit could be generated by keeping all the freshmen together as a single unit. The combination of Cary Collins' fine throwing arm and Tom Downs' sure hands accounted f«»r many scores in w hat turned out to be a fine reason, climaxed by the hard fought victory over West Chester in the final game. The young Marauders work out in pre-reason drills. 113h l Rom Judy Mien, Janr Reeder. Diana Denenlw-rg. Jeanette Harkins l.ynn kirk. Dixie Darker. Eileen Moyer. Sreond Row: Belly Kling, M.iry lam Peek. Sandy Koppenhaver, Mary Jo Eoterlinc, Gail Smith, Joyce llall. Barbara Blodgett. Peggy Halbocb. Peggy Eaglenon. Third Row: alhie Hill, Su aune began, Hard Balmer. Linda Young. Barbara Chctinui. Dolly Manger, Vickie llcitcy. Field Hockey Team Records Even Season 2-2-2 WOMEN'S FIELD HOCKEY A quick defensive maneuver l»y Millersville player top» ihrir m-hing opponent . Two wins, two ties, anil two I owes gave the wo-men' field hockey team an even .500 season in 1961. The Maraudercttrs started the season with a hang l defeating U'banon Valley. 6 2. They then came hark and tied ihe next two games with Klizahcthtown and Dickinson. They recorded a sparkling; victory over Shippcnshiirg. 1-2. W ith the season record at two wins and two lies they tried to win their last two games. However, their opponents hail other ideas and losses to Gettysburg and Muhlenberg brought about the .500 log. WOMEN’S HOCKEY Millcrsvillc (» Millersville 1 Millersville 2 Millersville 1 Millersville 2 Millersville 1 Lebanon Valley 2 Eliza bet blown 1 Dickinson 2 Shippcnsburg 2 Gettysburg — 6 Muhlenberg 2 Co-captain Jeanette llarkin and Lynn Kirk difccufc pre-game strategy with goalie Eileen Moyer, erntcr.hirst How: Marty Conley, Carroll Shearer, W Wilt. Jerry Quinn. Denni- N an Tassel. Jim Light. Bill Aust. Second Row: Ron Ferrrnce, Don Kineer. Donald Wonnie. Jim Uwrencr. Joe Jrckrl. | ;,„| Hilliard, Coach Cene Wi-e. Third Row: Hi. k Turner. Ron Suppler. Denny Ortnun, Frank Geisl, Paul Swanenburg. K« »:er Ka'pen, Boh llew-rman. Booters Suffer Losing Season SOCCER Under new Coach Gene ise, the soccer learn ended the season with a record of three wins and five losse-. Considering the fact that this was the first year for Coach Wise ami also the first year for Roger Kaspcn as goalie, tin- record was impressive. With a few breaks in the games with Lock Haven and Lincoln the Marauders could have ended with a .500 season. Most hall clubs would have taken a defeatist attitude after losing high scoring games to the opposition, but the hooters roared back. After losing the first three thev won three successive games against Susquehanna, Philadelphia Textile, and Shippenshurg. Unfortunate-Iv they lost a close game to la ck Haven and finally to Howard to close with a losing season. The objective of the “hunt" appears to be to find the misMtig soccer ball. SOCCER RESULTS Millersville 1 Lincoln 4 Millersville 1 Hast Stroudsburg 5 Millersville 1 Elizabethtown 6 Millersville 1 Susquehanna 1 Millersville 1 Pltiln. Textile 0 Millersville 5 Shippenshurg __ 1 Millersville 0 II C1 Lock Hnven 1 Millersville 1 Howard — 5 Co-captains Jerry Quinn and Joe NN ill huddle in a pre-game talk.From How: John Morgan, l l.uskowitki, Marty McGeluun, Vndy Solari, Phil Muili. Uaik How: Murry Gottldni, manager; Howie Strcetl, Jerry K»nt«-I, Puul Itliodt , Terry Slurp, Sloe Frey, (loach Dick Dollar!. Cuptuin Al Ijokow-ki cnxro the finish line with a sparkling firnt for hi- team. CROSS COUNTRY With most of the loam returning from last year, with tin: exception of the Dreseher twins, the cross country team compiled an Jt-3 record under Coach Dick DeHart. In the o| cnin" meet of the season Millcrsville defeated Lincoln with l Laskowski finishing first and Marly McCehoan third. Throughout the remaining meets, it was McCehetln and Lnskowski who either finished first or second. In the next two meets Millcrsville was handed two of the three losses at West Chester and Itainhridgc. The only other loss was at Towsnn. In the annnul State College meet at Chevney. Mil-lersville placed third behind the winners. West Chester and Bloomsburg. Ltiskowski placed third with Mr-Cchcnn in sixth place. Next season the Harriers will only lose Laskowski and Kent el. The 1965 season may well prove to he another winning year. CROSS cot Yl in RESI LTS Millcrsville 17 Lincoln is Millcrsville :m West Chester 22 Millcrsville 32 Rainhridge 27 Millcrsville 23 Rloomsbnrg 32 Millcrsville 17 I’hila. t extile 15 Millcrsville 23 Susquehanna 32 Millem ill - 26 Kli altethlown 29 Millcrsville 20 Cheynev -12 MillersriUe 38 Totvson 21 Millcrsville 23 Bajnbridge if-» Millcrsville 27 Howard 29 116first How: Judy Gudatnonr, Loi Slu-ar, Prgft) Delaney, Stuannr K|[an, Ellen llraxrr, Karra Clark, Otily Capriotll, Bonnie Keller. Su .mnr Itjehrlor. Dori Studel, captain. Second How: Mr . Marjorie Trout. couch; Helen Bower . Judy Campbell, Mary |»u Peek. Barbara Blodgett, Booth, 11y Mordock. Kathy Paul. Judy Simmon , manager lac V njehi. Marrie Knilry. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL The return of four varsity starters Captain Doris Shadel. Mar) l.ou Peek. Helen Bowers. and Judy ('amphrll, phi. a returning undefeated freshman team, .cemed to hold a lot of promise for llie women's .ir-sity ki-kctliull tram this « ;ir undei the direction of new head coach. Mrs. Marjorie Trout. However, the women ran into lust quarlcr-iti and drop|M-d eight strnight games Irefore winning the season's finale against l.ehunon Valley. Next year, the squad will include mam of tlii-year’s team, as it is composed mainly of sophomores and juniors, With this experience hacking them, the coed eagera may well oc a winning season. V jumper look muni in u practice session in Brook I fall. Apprehensive coed keep ihejr rye. on dir hall a il near it way n the lu.kcl. BASK Kill A 1.1. RESl IIS Millcmillc as Millers villc 23 Miller vllle 22 N|iller«vlllr 30 Miller illr 2S Millersville 39 MiUersvillr 35 Millersville 11 MiUersvillr g Elixahrthtown 5? I.rli.mon Valley 2K Sliippcnsburg 3fi Elizabethtown Ml Glwyney 39 Gettysburg 49 Muhlenlw-rK 36 Cheyney ........ . 50 la-lumui Valley 32 !.iplain Dori Slutdrl and opponent ‘lari liie lull at center a» the re t o( die team stands ready ( r action.W illi arm ©ui»tri tcbc l and feet nil the floor, l ih train rrarli (nr I Ik- hall in lioinr pamr with Mounlit . Another urrut stretch. and an unidentified Maraud) r RCt! two hand on the lull. BASKETBALL Ilish (coring Roger Ra |K-n shoot for a ba»kt‘! a other land ready fur the rehmind. Cagers' Log 8-14 W illi six letlermen returning to tin- men’s varsity basketball leant, tin" prospects looked good for the Marauders' 1961-65 season. Co-captains Jim I’hillip and Rurr Rhodes were the only seniors on the team of eight sophomores and two juniors. Although next year’s team will lose both of these fine senior players. the return of sophomores and juniors should In-a good omen for tin- new season. High-scoring sophomores Roger Raspcn anti Frank Oslislo showed a great deal of skill ami ability fot the Marauders. Averaging over 21 and 16 points respectively. their fine performances were significant in all the games played. Not to he discounted are the other members of the team, including lettermen Rill Wood. Rudd Heim. Rill Sanni. and John Condrack, and Craig Williamson, Rolrert Cordon. Frank Geist and Jim Heltschc. I ruler the direction of Coach Dirk DeHart, who completed his ninth season as arsit basket hall coach this year, the Millersvillc cagers were successful in defeating Howard. California. Bowie. Stroudsburg, and Rloornsburg twice. Many of the other games were er dose contests that resulted in eml-of-thc-garne disappointments. The final record was 8-1-1. t the close of the '65 season Millersvillc was invited to the IA playoffs. However, the cagers lost out in a close contest to Kutztown, 78-71. Unfortunately, thi ended the season for tin- Marauders. 118First Hour: Coach Dick DeHart. Hill Sanni. Frank GeiU, Co-captainx Burr Ktv»l and Jit" Phillip-, Gtaig wiiiiam-on. a••• .. .....— Ro : Manager El wood Finley and Bob Mono. Jin. Ildtarbr. Roger Ra-prn. BUI Wood, Frank (Mi.lo. Badd lid . Bob Cordon. lonager John Grub. Frexhman Coach Kavniond Mullin. BASKETBALL RESULTS ill 91 Mansfield 107 Millersvillc 70 Howard U. 64 V • 1 |( t ilia ( t riii'N iB' 99 .»l lilt-1 IIM M ill.-rsville UU al»«- » | (Ml Bloomsbury 8(» Millersvillc 58 Elizubetblow n 82 Millersvillc 93 California 90 Millersvillc In', Indiana 95 Millers) ilk 89 West Chester 94 Millersvillc 80 Bowie 83 Millersvillc 71 Kutztown 109 Millersvillc 91 Shippcnaburp BN) Millersvillc 85 Mansfield 95 Millersvillc 105 East Stroudsburg 98 Millersville 52 Cheyney 77 Millersvillc 86 Bloomsbury 70 Millersvillc 72 West Chester 79 Millersvillc Of , kutztown 70 Millersvillc 72 Elizabethtown 75 Millersvillc 98 Shippensburg 85 Millersvillc 77 Lock Haven 89 Varsity center Bill Wood (left) gets acquainted with funner Norristown graduate . Johnny Parker, highest scorer in M.iramler basketball history. Sylvester Williams, and Bill) Wrrkfrcr were present for the MSG-Alumni game. 119Willi .ill inownicnt Mopped liv ilu- camera. il look a ihoiiitli a lirw ilaiiriT i» in tin making. Ml ryr« urr on the lull a a ■'lion mount war lh banket. Tlio Millcr»villi- Marauder wrar ImkiI in pr.utio' In anl n peril in gjnn--. Mansfield men u«r dcfen»ive Strategy a Hurr Klmdc attempt a luinkcl. Huger Ha |n n and Frank »»•••! kit|i pare with an Mumni member a- In- uppr» a ln-» the banket. (ai-cjptuin linn Hhoili •park cnthunianin vs il li a uw«(ul lay-up hi tin game with |tli nm biir|LHint Hoic: Mark (Klinger, Glen College, Kill Mcl-rnnan, John Sink. Rob Kov Jaini.nn. Ted Nichols (Jmy Gehinan. Second NouWall Knjile. in an tiger; Kjehl Chri.ien.en, John Swanson, ••nfiiiiio: Rob Piilcltcr. Sieve Scholl, manager, un l Coach Rod lliniwtn. SWIMMING Mermen Sport 10-2 Record Conch luul Itimson and his charge; Tor I he ’( l-'( 5 swimming season made it the winningest season ever f«.i a Millersville swimming team. Record-breaking performances were almost commonplace. The team won 10 straight before dropping its last two meets. Standout performances this year have been contributed by senior captain John Swanson, junior Boh Ihileher. and sophomores Ted I'it gerald and Mark Ollinger. An immeasurable portion of the team’s success goo to the reserve swimmers who work hard for seeond and third place finishes necessary for a success-fill team. Among these arc Bill Mel.ennan. Glen College. John Sink. (Jerry Cchman, Ter I Nichols and kjeld Christensen. Fn-.hinnn Mike Kelly. gel- oil in a good start in a (irslimnn mrci against Hast Slrombburg. SWIMMING RESULTS Mlllemillc 56 Howard 39 Milbr»vilb- 76 Cheyncy 16 Mill, r.-villr 61 St. J.IM 31 Miller-will.- 57 Shepherd tft Miller»ville 70 Morgan Stale 25 Mill, rsvlllc 7K IViiH Military t.ollrge IT Mill,.,.sill. 56 Hlooiiisluirg :w Millcrwylllc 57 K.i-i Stroud.lung :w Millcr.ville 71 Philadelphia Textile 20 Miller.villo Willie 29 Milb'r-sill.' 57 l.ork Haven 57 Millersv ille 27 Lycoming 68 |I«I "iho Hear I’ulellcr works his way to rnullirr butterfly victory.First Hoic: Coach Junto Muurry, Drnni Fisher, Djivc K «iu. Chirlrt Leddy, Co-captain I ere kcndrrdinc and Charles Wanner, Hat?) Shrnk, Jim I jiwrcncc, Oar June-. Second l(otc: l»at l-oyt, Frank Vumiui'J. Jim lljriu', Joe (•antcl'dl, Holt Ramlio, Hon l iipak. Norman Hell. Holt Mcl-unc. Hill Vogrl, Joe Kramer, I'hil Ninth. Hob Swill. Nltin Strau nrr. Bill Selieirer. WRESTLING Grapplers Pinned For the 1961-65 wrestling season, it seemed as though the returning six lellcrmen would he carrying most of the burden in an attempt to halt a siring of four successive losing wrestling seasons. However, it wasn’t to he. After three wins, the learn lost nine straight matches. WRESTLING RES! LI’S Millcrsville 21 Howard 9 M illcrsv illc IH Lineoln 11 Millcrsville J. V. 23 Kutztown 16 Millersv ille 21 Phila. College of Bible 15 l ill« rsvillf 3 Rloornshurg 30 •III lx 1 III Millcmillc 1 1 Mansfield 18 M illrrsvlllr 16 West Chester 19 • I lilt 1 III 3 Wavnesbiirg 29 1 III 1 “ » IIM- ft llrr v illi 11 East Stroudsburg 21 •1lilt IM lilt. 2 Lycoming t 34 iVI lilt IM III! Willorui'ilU 6 Wilkes 26 ,»i iih r me f i!L Pw« ;l Li 0 Lock Haven 41 Mmcr illc Millcrsville 3 Shippensburg 28 Co-captains Jere Kenderdine ami Charlie Wagner, with a great ileal of good wrestling experience and records behind them, led their team through 12 exciting meets. Predominantly underclassmen, the wrestling team included four seniors. Returning lettermen Dave Ks- ig. Hal Shenk. Joe Kramer, and Charles l.edd offered promise to the team. Although unsuccessful in attaining a winning season, the Millcrsville grapplers performed well against their opponents. Mr. James Maurey, head wrestling coach, this year completed his seventh and last season with MSC wrestlers. Prior to his coaching experience at Millers-ville, he had coached wrestling for two years at State College High School anil six years at Stevens Trade. 122123First Row: Tom Itullcr, manager; Dirk O'Donovan, Fran M.i yj, Tom Maiiim, ca rtuin; Hill Unwell, Mike|o«lii, Dick Behrens, Dave Alt-hmi ', I!..I. PfjciHtk, manager. Sevoad Ron: Craig Lewis, Harry Dudcclc, Dick Stoll. Don Forliia, Roger M'dir, Tnm Winter , Jim I’lullip , (ilciin l.ivelsborgcr, Ron Ftirkor, Kv Hertzlor, llrn iwipcr. Red Stover, Wullrr Rn-idcr, i uirh. Two of MHIrMvllli ’« men enjoying pre-season lulling, practice. (ilrnn l.ivrlsbcrger wait (or the hall (or pul-nit ,ii (ir t. Marauder engage in fielding practice. MEN'S BASEBALL Baseball "9" Has Losing Season llie I H I baseball season was ii disappointing one. disappointing because of tin potential tile team displayed in il- outings ii gainst such tough competition a- Kli .abethtowii, West Chester, Last Strouds-burg and Slieplicrd. Undoubtedly, with a sturdier mound staff, tlx- win-loss column would have been inin li different id-B). This year, however, the prospects look considerably brighter. Coach Walter bidder has every letlerinau returning, plus the addition • if three new hurlers to holster his pitching corps. IVrhups this season the Marauders, with team captain Tom Marino, will find themselves contenders for the Stale College League crown. I«»(,| It Sl lt l I. ItKSl ITS Millcrsvilli 7 Millcrsvilli •1 Millri»villi 2 Millcrsvilli' 0 Millcrsvilli 3 Millcrsvilli 0 Millcrsvilli 2 Millcrsvilli 7 Millcrsvilli 6 Mlllcmllli 3 Millcmillr 10 Mtitnln 1 KUraibetlitown 5 Kliuibrtlilown 1 Mansfield 3 Monslicld 13 F-oi SimadsbuiK 7 Ku«l Striuublmry 3 Slirpllcld 10 Slii'plicnl 3 Kulxlovrn 8 West Chester 11 T A Fiant Non: Denny Plan . Jim l.axvieme. Paul Rlmijr., IU.Ii Kortini, Al Li»k»w«ki. Mi(»eliean, Dale MePli'r.on, Jim Ditar«, J.,v Doherty, Jim Mtlrpliy. Turn Ifnifi, Felix, Tom Komi- Snorut Hon Frank («i i. I«nt Downs Iwiy hrits N,'l,- ,n Wttltoti, |,„ loll. Larry Row '. Il.irry Met lay. K«-n Kulaknxvnki, Dmiji Grave., (ilrn ullejrc, Mike Savukii . S||.-n(l«-r. third tinm nmrh Ray Mullin llairy Linsford, Jolm Sullivan. Doug Hill, Dmiultl Davy, Paul Hei cy, Paul Alexander, George lil.o klmin. Sieve ft). Dave Roger.., tanth Arl Hulmr, TRACK Trackmen Have Winning Season Led h Muildolil Jim Will. Ihlle Mel'hunton. l l,n koxv.«ki. co.enptain.H Gar} Ballo .ei anil la-tox lloff-moil. I In Marauders j Misted a very creditnlde record of five wins and Iwu losses. Tin two loss-, runic al lIn- hand of Rlootnslnirg who finished third in tin Slnlr mwl and Slipjiery Rock who finished second. Millersville finished very close to Rlnonishurg for (mirth plan- honor . The Marauders also placed fourth in tin- mill- relax al the IVnn Relax . Another ......I veai i expected in l'J6S. hut laek of depth eoiild he a dtaxxhaek. I hi year the tcom i led hx senior co-captains Will and Mel'herSon. I'X.I TR ACK RKSI I.IS Miller.ville 77 1 2 Hum.oil 67 1 2 Millersvillr 97 Delaware Valley 3« Miller.ville 55 2 5 Slippery Rock 89 3 5 Millersville % Kiil lown 41 Millcr.ville Ml 1 2 llliMimolniig 76 12 Millcnvillr 99 1 2 Ka«t Slrimil.liurg 45 1 2 MlllrpiVlIlr HR .Sliippeiinliiirg . 52 Miller.v ille lilt Penn Relay Miller.villi- 4th Slate Championship '•SC. relay I,■am eompOTed of l l.a, Run ScIhiwmI, Al Itutt. and Dale MePIn I'on di cti» •Iralt-gy. Dale Me| |ier«m, 'laity McGehrun. ami l l a.kowski lake up miming m -lay In Mill pc.First How: Sharon Shrewd. Joanne Wargo, I mi Shull, Janr Reeder, (.ithi Paul, Joanna Sehlirf, Sue Dudley, Gloria Moyer, Regina Haag. Second Row: manaster Ida Booth, Janet Waller, Flame Gryga. Jud Buchanan, Kindu Beclcley. Kathy Schnclli, Barb Karp. Diane llalbcnlad, Marilyn Swank, Nancy Good, Alexia Ga »w»ki, Sue Fi«her, Janice Firth, Donna Swan, coach Mn . Kathryn Hill, Judy F.liemonn. Joanna Sehliel and Regina Haag cet me pre-reawn practice. Ow-w-w-w, lliOftc brand new tenuis sneaker . CO-ED TENNIS Co-ed Netters Record 2-3 Season Despite u loiij; rainx season, tin? Millcrsville wo men’s tennis team just missed a .. 00 record. Many rainy days forced them to camel their practices ami matches. This year, weather permitting, may he different. The coed netters have four of llu ir five returning varsity players. 1901 womias hams hksi I .IS Millrrsvillr % Muhlcnbrrg 6 4 Millcrsville S Elizabethtown 2 Millersvillr 1 Sliippcnnhurg 3 Millcrtvlllr Dickinson 5« Millmvilh- 2fj Sliip|x,n»burg I'.- 126Hill l-oorclwr i« iln.vsn practicing liis forehand. TENNIS 'I’lu- 1961 tennis team was one of tin finest athletic squads mi campus. Compilin'; an 11-3 overall record the team finished third in league competition. Kxcellcnt playing was displayed hv Bill Lirrclier, Dave Smith. Jim Clark and llerh Karlip as the team developed il liahit of winning early in the season. With l.nercher and Smith returning for the coming season, along with Dan Witman and Clill Thomas, the team ho| ca to topple Hast Stroudsburg, defending league champions, and climb to the number one position. Dun Wilman and truimnjtc Craig llukc join together In double . Netters Turn in Fine Season Millersvillr 1961 TENNIS RESULTS , H 1 1 Millrnvilk ( tyY»l C'lir%lrr 3 Millersville • Kul tovin 3 Millcr-villi 5 Delaware Valley __ 0 Milt.rsvillr 8 ltl Mim»l)iirg 1 Miller.villr 7 Bainhriiigc 2 Millersvilli 0 Tow-on 0 lil|e.-vlll - . Su«|uehanna __ 1 lillfi»villr K ItliMiuoliurg _ I Millersvilli 0 Shipp'-n l»irg 3 Millenwille 1 Ka»i .StMuddiuri! 5 Millersvilli ft Kiil lonn 3 Millroville 2 To m»ii — 7 Millersville — 7 Bainhridgc 2 front R„w; (jut Th-inu . Craig Hoke, Dave Smith. Can Gerber, Amtv Gardner. Second Rote: K..bert Deling. Harold Stover. Hill l orelur. Dan Witman. Sieve Marvel. Joseph llolxbaurr.SPORTS TOUCHES A. A. Roger Rospen (30) and Bill Wood 122) leap high for rebound. B. Large Marauder sign echoes student support. C. Sidewalk surfing has become the newest campus sport. C. 128underclassmIWvrrr tilt j ■1 i e 7; tfi = A = I s 5 '■ e -- a c £ 1 " I I 2First Him: Barium Blodgett, Jinn Blair, Sin- IVrk. Bar Welles Pal Hmly. Second Hou: Pal Conily, iamirc Freeman. Judy litcuil. l)nri« Sliadcl, (Jail K. .Smith Third How; Dtloiw Ailam.', Joyce Hall, John Wilhelm, Bill Sanni, Gerald Harding. First Hon Janet WiUinginyre. K.iiliy K« »-di'ko. R.wkir.i Har . Suzanne Fegan. Betsy Fugs. Second Rote: Judy Strange, Nanny Slowr, Muryannr l.angenbncher, Quintclle Pclliferde. Third How: Dick Monk, Man Fehr, Ralph Singer. George Glatfeller.. First Hou : Georgia Mantell. Pal Iturlilialt-nr. Elaine Pn»wr. Anne Malian. Dolour Kellerholf. Second How: Pri-cilla l.aing, Judy llei-swungcr. Fran Engle. I.eNora Wriglil, Ellen Fry. Third How: David Burns Ann Hrinlon, Marilyn Selwr. First Hou: l.rol l.awton. Su-an Wagner. Bonnie i|u aney Himtctler, Ann Roll-meyrer. Second How: Rick John-on, Carol Vmneni, Carl ('.roll. Andrea Knld-on. Third How: Howard Strom. J. Boland Thomas Thotna Hartnun, Jewe Saylor, Saiiiurl Koons, Jr.Junior Steven Mandr . Donni McDonald, and (‘mil Kerper serenade thrir follow -tu-dent . Our religious organization join together for homecoming. First How: Marty l.ippy, Sue Myers, and Patricia Any. .Second Hour: Barbara Shull, Dean Brcdhcnnrr, Richard Conrad, and Betty lies . The Junior Class float lake us all h the World' Pair.INFORMAL MOMENTS A. Students assist alumni on Homecoming Day. B. Men's Varsity Club pledges go through initiation ceremonies. C. Autumn tug-of-war always ends in the lake. A.SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Joseph Hartley, prat dent; Constance McKinney, treasurer; Barbara l.ewi , secretary; David E »ig, tier-president. First Rote: Joanne ke||eiil crgrr, Judy At-I irk, Ilona Drew . Frames Fi»her. Nancy (’mig. Second Row: ( and Marehall, Ellen Sautter, Marilyn Ma ey, Ellen Heaver, Di-urn- Knnmercr. Third Rou: David Liugh-•try. Joe Hartley, Daniel I.inch . Sydney Sliienk. Phillip Brown. First Row: Donna Swan, Janet Kirltard, Su».in Prrt mun, ('.ail Sal..... Dnii» Grubb. Second Row: Joatim V urgn, K r rmary l)iwiii|trr, Sharon Sheared, loini Shull, Pat Hire. Third Rou Dennis Fi»lirr, Stanton Teiiiplin, Rodney (’non. Dan Mitolirll, Donald ColomlMi. First Row: Susan Fisher. Muryjim Ril«on, June Sheet , ( and Power . Ini Doyle. Second Row: Georgette Soltis. Marty Clepper. Mary Ann Shower , Margaret S|Hnrrr. Dorothy Grinmrl, Pamela Mark Iwll. Third Row: Lorry Itailels, Riek Frye, Mark At-linger. Harry’ Railets Adam Hozcmpa.r;i 111111 I:!;1 mm • • |l| I’lM1 dinmiiijiii S! i i! i i i i i i ifirst Row: Barbara Iby. Diana Dcnon Iwtk. Kathy Ifoirington, Maty Jane Hood. Second Row: Buhhi Simon. Ltd Goodwill, Julio Frry, Lit |{ M»tli. Third Row: Martha Famalette, Marian Frick, Barbara Lewis (Jail Smith. First Row: Dale MueCrritor, Kli aheth Will, Faith Kratcr. Second Row: Judy Cardarnonc. Judy Johnson, Kill Howell, Maryonne Swart .. Third Row: Miducl Hite. Frank ()«li»lu. Joe Jrckel, Marty Groff. First Row: Mel Bauer, Judy Allen, Lorna Heller. Lauretta Walboni. Second Row: Mit i Nixon, Linda Nelson, Margie Good, Donna Poor man. Third Row: Stuan Kraut, Linda Miller, Doris Zerri. Pal Pciffcr, liar-Kara Shirk. First Row: Anne Sunday. Su anne Sluek-r v, Sharon Konringer. Second Row; Judy Simmon . Dianna Mullen, Molly Ludwig-Third Row: Rohert Lunger, Diane Spang-hr. Ro » Kell. a j Is § = ® _ 5 .S ■7 — = » - -s ; j c I _• £ = group n( Miphnmvrc join in a lioiin “bull" sewion.FRESHMEN I Kf SIIMAN « I SS OFFK I RS Settled ll»lly Kent, remitter: Shirley llami.h. secretory-Standing: William kieln. iretidmt; W ally Wacljm, rice-president. Fitst Row: Sliirlry ll.iim-li. I Kiri- T-liudy, Katlltrell ll Suun I'ultriwin, Sll-.ill W’raver, Lyn Second Row: Mun- cy Toth, Houma Timnwnil, Mary Lit At. larian, Jml Sav-anun, Marcia Halim— | erjcer, Sin- llun-icker. Thud Ron: Diane W'nlf. I’jt Milli-r, Madeline Ij|iImiii, Nan cy ll.iniu. Sac Mal-uu, Lr Ol-on. First Rim Trrr-.i Dunn, Sara Jane l.c—lg, Joanne I ii11If, Manlyn Swank, Sliirlry Samlu, Vinr « ki i--.ii. Second Ron III ■•nr Slowr, Rmentury ('.odd. Jinvlunre D. in, J.i Jake, Janri Nice. Carol Strlly, Third Row: Marianne S Imml. Joan Krii'k, Dauirllc llrady, Hernadrltc Tii.rano, l.mi. i- - W'lll.i Iollcrn l{iT«r. First Rou: Dianne llm krr, Kay W inner. ( liri- Crc ler, Su-jii Cramer, Itonnic Sny. «|rt, l.imla Munri Second Row: Cimly R nicer, Crorgell lltiikry, Kiln-n Del-li.uiyrii. l.imla Frey, Sandy Volt . (Jail Wood . K.illl) Wolfe. Third Row: Ed Kur rk, l.ulliri Zarluw, l.lrnrllyn llollnian, Shrrry Krndijt. Sim- Marvel, John Li -kovmki. John M««m. I First Row: Kmilv Granford. Joyce Caskey. Kilo'll Fo-ler. Fay Ki'onli.ioer, Hita Sullivan. Second Row: Linda Wary. Framinr Murphy, l.inia Griffin, Donna TIioiiiumo, Marilyn Mrllride, Fruity Ann l. -id Third How: l.aiu't’ Woodward, ll.iv l.«'wi«, Kd llaU 'n, Have Haims. Itii'liard Stilr- Firsl Now: Diane Goodhue, Rulli Kllcn Kaihl, Kalhlren Dougherty, Wilma Urn linker, I’alrieia Weaver, Sui .iiine Sii...n . Second Now: Sal lie Isiae-on. Sandy Myers Sandy Kreider, Sue Kiiiinuei. Ierdey Kl-liter. Peggy Bodnar. Third Now: Dale Gum harh. Jay Winner, Norm Tunginger, Bren-nrr Jamli, Jon Myer. Keith MeKaiu, Jim Wilton. First Non Nadia Koelieruin, I hylli - Gal-la. Small Sea re r, Nancy Fi»hrr, Norma Gonlora. Marumei Brown. Second Now: Pat Berger, ludv McKinney. Harhara (demon .. Kaien Leitoig, I’ally SiiimIuij”. Heidi Kii her. Third Now: l.inda Banks Diane Allen, Klaine I’ailer. Pamela Kim. l.inda Svveil er, Garni Hawk First Row: Ann Shiner, Mary Wervcr, Doi oiliy Hooker, Madge, Marley. Marvanm Nidi, mi Ka»l. Second Row: Deena Hal ker, Marilyn Sputmler. Biirhaia Krnil. Mai uy K.iinnierer. JoAnn Ihd-inxer. Clrni Slil el. Third Now: Hon Stork, John Perry John Perella, Boh Shock. Bill (Jarrell Bii hard Kilim, Bil liard Snyder.First How: Janet Any movie :, Clnria Sr Him. Patti Davis Merle Winner. Maiy Rodriek. Srrond Hon Jack Schnuder, Jim Ki hnp, Ed Ginlrr. Jerry Warren, Sul l.ou ch, Thoina Spearing. Thini Hou : Harry Adam . Jay Wridman, Myron Z.vii- aniki, Craig Saul, Tom Gaul. Hill Thoinp ton. First How; Urania Rebuck, Kathy Diahlu. Deanna Kichclliergcr, (jirol Cooper, Belay Craig, Eileen Duiikel. Srrond How: Marilyn Miller, Judith Green. GhrUty Madden, IVggy M.irrin, Garni Hardeity. Garni New-•wangor, Margie Snyder, Third How: John Miller, Ed Key . Bob Ma ey, Ken Knla-kow ky, Steve MeKain, Barry Frey, Fred Koek. First How: Tony Lombardo, Ro»eniary Biddle, Sharon I .re Haehnun. Jo Inn Klli». Kalin Berger, Robert Peacock. Srrond How: Rodney Recur, Thomas Stilrhlierry, Harry IVnnypaeker, John Krant , Joseph Mandu ki. Harry Riehwin. Third How Doug Hdl, Judv Knie , John l.ain|M , John Kouglcr, Dan Kincy. Paul . Hfit Hon ivian Rei»», llnrilt Kepley, loirraine Hume , Kileen Levy, Marian Sin tier, Diana Mignogaa. Srrond Kott1: Diane Pvmwnki. Margaret Cox, l»rrain« I’alti, Pauline Smeliz. PhyllU Slump, Karen Shellenlnuner. Third How: Lewi Gay, Mike Motoda. Barbara Gliek. Cheryl Slough. Mary nn Shelly, Harry Haines Frank Pgtwhke. I f, First How: Kulh Dollar, Linda Kvan . Karen Dell’riore, Kilccn Mail -. Madura Chinery, Sandra Shollenhergcr. Second How: William T. Castaway. Marbara Sit.mli. Itox'.mnr Stnilli, Su«an Witninyer, Anna llnird. Huh ItanilKi, Frank Grahusky. Third How: Clyde Colwell, Jim Glutcunoycf. Linda Olein, JoAnne Heswin, Jml (iohle, lt»b-rrl Tate. Joe Amlrrton. First Him: Gail Hum . I'amela Johnson, Sue Sealiu, Kli .ibeth nti Stnilli, I’at Mon kuiti", F.laine HeiTrntreycr, Dorutliy llearli. Second How: Chuck Hill, I .eon CchtniiM, John Roth. John John . Hoh I-arkin. Third How: John O'ifuru, Cliurle Kt-inlurt. J m-Schneider. George latfever, Richard Hon- aker. Jack Young. First How: Tri-li Ihiller. Inula Miller, Irene Jone . Linda Holm, Linda Roche. Ho.,die Kreider. Second How Claiir No. vello. Lynne Gainhlc, I'amara I'redlcohen -ki . I'hylli Falciani. Alexis Ga«ow ki. Helen Mninlc, Mary I’alrici.i Kul cr Third How: Dave Grace, Madura Nowlin, Kathy I luck. Evelyn Mucllridc. Fli jlreth Ho per, .1 ••IT Camper, Alvin Light. First How: Linda Ncy, Nancy Heard, Hat Daryruan, Marge Mason. Su an Lehman. Ronnie Koclienour, Second How: Denu Gi.u n,i i. liar ha ra Wood. It nth Ann Win-lerhnlter, Sandy Grove. Lynn Smith, Gail M. Smith. Third Hon • Harry Wawrzynxki, Jim L.imlgrchc. Joe Malic. Kathy Geller. Sue Wcdd. Janet Row, Dawn Muwelinan.First How: Diana S. ttu alin. Belli Purnell, Su an Frederick. lin n I ju», Deanna Kline. Su an Prenderga t, Lynne llarllc. Second How: James Slunk. Jr.. Jim Hu-land. Carol Sarabun, Peggie Peters Sue Hupp, lurry Godin. David Rodger . Third How: Paul Di»ey, Tom Gan e, Robert Rei-denhack, John irorge, Ell-ovnrth Fulliman. Gregory Smith. First How: Janice Dodies, Barbara llilino. Gwen Mom. , Donna Webber. Delia K - . ler. Elaine Grvga. Second How: Martin IVicker, Sara Hohlfeld. Brenda Selmint. Ibdly Kern, Patricia Mill . Karen l.ane, Galen Zook. Third How: Rielurd Ehrlich, Jim Z.erbe. I.ennard Rnnk. Jack BIc« mt. Donald Bollinger, Jim Hollingcr. Donni Mark. Boh Barno. First How: Kay Stagger . Carol Murphy. Mary Ann Wood, Lois Deniniy. Linda Steiger. Palma Seibert. Second Hole: Barbara Yeager. Ruth Foyle, Dcbhy V’e i. Roberta Auder-on, Judith Shoemaker, Andrea Padgett. Third How: Pat Kuhur. Jean Shive, Cheryl McGlade, Barbara Ke . ler, Rita Ba yi. Julie E helman. Kathy Lynch. First How Margaret MoWnry, Eileen Buck. Garla Waelde. Charla yre-. Barbara Adam. . Ann Met .. Second How: Pat Lolit. A lyre- Tillman, Elko Schulz- Su i Pemgo. Betsy Zug, Ered Dibit . Third How: Murray Africa. Lloyd Atman, ( Juries Ciomwell. Jerry MrKonly, Don llackinan. Dcmii Sterner. Tom McKeeniun. I t(oic: Barbara Erb, Jayne Caryuna, Juily Epplcy, Linda Cm here. Samira t Juries, Pat Neuroh. Second How: Joanne Schellenbcrg, Barbara II r r in a n, Donna Tome , Su anne Gemmill, Samira Ia»ekard. Vicki Young. Sharon Hinnplirrvillc. Third How: la-Hoy Reynolds. (Juries Binkley. Karen Grantham. Carolyn Curlew. Donna Ihiffuy, Sabalinr, Norman Moiskry, Richard L.indi Fini How: Carol Ann Clageit. nneltr L. Rimer. I.ynn Zw alley, Su»an Gifford, Toni Peter . Tom Dawn . Second How: Greg Dummeldingcr. Cary Collins, Rub Darker, Rub Murphy. Mike McDonald. Juc Gang-luff, Barry Waller . Third How: Dick (deary. Garv McNeil. Roger Bauer. Ray Richard. Jan Ruwinan, Manny (a'gliano, Guy Fizranu, John Meehan. First How: Jayne Niskev, Anne Hayes, Juan Me singer. Jowlyn Miller. Sarah Me Connell. Mary Rose. Second How: Linda Green. Laura Thompson, Carla Washing-Ion, Chri Wood. Marilyn Lewis. Reverlv Slerley. Marie Mengel, Carol Jenkins. Third How: Dan Schellenbcrg, Rill Brcundel. Steve Frey, , A. Ainniucei, Sieve Seville, John Miner, Lvnn Crone. Robert Cooper, First Ron: Karen Selimill, Lynn Del.odl. Toni Dawson, R.nhar.i Boxleilner, Marcia Rickersiafl, Lillian lladfield. Relly Rigler. Second Row: Janice BeU. Ejrla Kuriy. Cynthia Sardo, Peggy Funk. Linda God •lull, Sluron Ervin. Cheryl Rubin-on. Third Hon: Mike illiain . Mike b Mullen, Howard Oaiinan, Janet Marlin, Elaine Viable, I’hatr- Wilson. Rielurd Rleacber. Charles Fry.First Row: Donna Harni h. Nancy Runnel , (land llirclirrt. Ignore bfnrr. Ruth n.niijii. Patty Moore. Second Rote. Kill U|um»ky, Ed I’ucludski. Fred O'Farrcll, Sarah H.r-lirv, Kdilli Gerard, Drew Bnrow •ki. Third Row: K.irry Menu. Charles Peek. Charle Buchunio, Dave Koern, Boh l.u-ciotti. Kon lirp.ik. Ed Singer. First Row: Jim ink. Darrell Engle, Kathy Kl« . Charlotte Mr iek, Jonathan Zimmer -nian. Fred Sherk. Second Row Drew Dono van. Gregg Duhb . Don l,.ilmi|iti -i. Rich Collier. J. Richard Frey. Third Row: Rick Harnett, Mike Roth. Kick Gloecklcr, Torn William . First Row: Shirley Tricky, Janie. Mull. Susan la.up. Dana Miller. Silly Mnridy. Brrnnu Robinson. Second Ron Davi W.unslcy, Jayne Morovich, Kay Miller. Margie Simpler. Barbara McAdams, Dali Hartley. Third Row: Michael lltidirk. Lynn l! fTiuait, Don Nichols Dale Shauh, Rob Maier. First Row: William McHugh, Janet Walter. Judy llubcr, Linda Llffchnan. Tracy Bar katt«ka . Evelyn Taylor. Second Row: Mi char) Koi.ll.ik. Richard Hoover. I.eonjrd Nickel. Thomas Sheckler. Robert Hannan, Eric Resfder. Third Row: Leon Rhoads, Dave I'nsey. Byron Race. Hoc Weidtmann. Ron Renshjw, Oilf Rank. David Procter. First How: Sherrill Cyphers Virki Ct»x, Karen Miller. Janet Fircstine, Beverly Kin-dermati. Second How: Kenneth Napier. Ki » Wanriingltam. Dennis Fulmer. Tom Cirvin, Jerr Mitchell. Third How: Carl Smith. Mike Snyder. Jim Natale. John Schwcigrrt. First How: Robin Wiggins Aleta Kuntz. Anne Levine. Kathy Kultl. Diane Lcamon. Dick Eggleston. Second How: Tom Koon-. Allen Hopkins Daniel SchreJHcr. David Dierweehtcr, Richard Raker. Jumex Brim mer. Third How: Jan Seitz, Fred Richards Thoitu- Bloom, Tom Alexander. John Mrrdingcr, Lon Flurcr, John Frendler. First How: Barharu Shirk. Nina l cvy, Patricia Funk. Patricia Graham. Shirley Vd.ims Donna Navaglione. Second How: Janie- ILirhold. Frank COMick. Katherine Dotnbach. Bob McConaghy. Denny Place. Third How: t.tuinton Boroi. Kay Raster, Walk Waetjen. John Pieea. Marty Moore. First How: Steven Brewer, Janet Frank-liouscr, Linda llii-ton, Orla Easton, Jerry Cunfcr, George Jones. Second How: Thom-ax Broxx. Gary M ( aittiey. Charles Ren-yon. Neil Kinsey, Charles Reed, Donald H(infringer. Third How: John Sprmkle. Tom Scekist, Gordon Mayfield. Gary Manner!. To»y Frit . Michael Hickey.First How:«l i Smith, Judy Miller. Pamela Thomas Gail Forties Diane Uur-Imrrow. Second How: Joanne Dolli-h, Mary Max wii, Carole Walker. Sylvia Mlhousc. Norma Gallagher. Pat Train, third lion Mary Bridget Schell, Mice Mowry, l.ynne BiggerMufT, Helen Pearce, Tara Crumling. First How: N'.miv Dietrich, Vcne-«.t d-anw. Juilv Golomh, Sally Klcinginna, Don. na Kmc rick. Second How: Marian Satlnnr--ki. Pal Kckund. Judy Bo «ert. Jean Dick. in on. Patricia Dodd, Shirley Cable. Third How: Mhert Marlin Siarr. Jr.. Michael Smith. Mark Sperry. Karl Smith, John Wolf. First How. Janice Daniel-. Barbara Bart-rain, (.'indy (.o|h-, Pcggi Bone. Second How: Deena Zydanowicx, Ian- Divine, ilren Fisher, Jean Carson. Linda Berkley. Third How: Boh Minim, Tom IVrella, Tom Min nidi, Terry Patterson. John Maltern. First How: Su-an Blevins. Jani- Firth, Sandra Mo c . Buth Light. Romaine Brech hiel. Second How: Jane Nu-baum. Su-an McLaughlin. Betti jane Little. Iri» Hauiil-ton. Linda Kime, Tony Allien. Third How: Charles B.ieken-to-e. Donald Davey. Den-ni- 11 till n. Birhard Chintala. Donald Kenneth. David Dreisbaclt.  Fir t Row: Ellon .Mitchell, Mar) Jane Schuler. Sarah Hou-eal, Su‘an Frey, I lullin' Kinecr. Second Rou : Robert Rudepe-air, Barbara Shull. Linda Greelii. Dili ..rail Mugaro, Kathleen Sehnclli, James Lindrrnuin. Third Ron: Uirr Conte. Karl Keck. Hud Vi aid, Fred Webster, I’cler Mika. First Row: Diana llctrick, Ilarbara Gor-don. Anne Komick, Second Row: Mary Jane Smith. Ilarbara Draper, Karen Kil bane. Ronna Zuch. Diane Dilzler. Third Row: Hurriei Watcher, Margaret Hellycr, Saudi Farver, JoAun Bie. .nd. Dot tie Soltis. First Row: Jim Barnett. Cheryl Doll. Jere Lung. Second Row: Turn Gehr, Curl Cta-tiler. Hiram Wolgcmuth. Tom McKimie. Ernie Doerschuk. Buttons Frotdi! This i- the old familiar campus scene during freshman orientation.Touchstone '65 is the result of long hours of work done not only by the staff but also In mam others associated with it. We would like to express our thanks for the fine work done by Bob Lunger, the staff photographer; In Boners Studios, the photographer in charge of special pictures; In the S. K. Smith Company, the creators of our cover; and In the Grit Publishing Company, tin printers and engravers. To our adviser. Mr. Earle M. Hite, goes our sincere appreciation for his ad ice, aid, and encouragement. THE STAFF OF TOl CHSTONE ’65 Vick Coc.klin, Gail Gerhard, Co-EditorsFORRY and HACKER Printers of the “Snapper ’ 248 E. Liberty Street Ph. 393-4452 LANCASTER, PA. DEMUTII TOBACCO SHOP “PIPES, SNUFF AND CIGARS'’ Establish,1770 114 E. Kin" Sired LANCASTER. PA. MANOR VIEW DAIRY and LUNCH BAR MII.LERSYILI.E, PA. THE GERHART COFFEE CO. Distributors of Fine Coffee 54-1-546 N. Cliri»lian Sired LANCASTER. PA. RHODES PHARMACY Millersville Shopping Center Drill's. Cosmetics. College Supplies Open 9 a. m. In 9:30 p. m. daily SHENK BROS. Sporting Goods and Toys 30-32 Wr»l king Si. iam:asi ek. pa. SX U’PEA1 ho»i» High School Joum.ili.i' 150MILLER BROS. Vendors, Inc. 24 HOUR SERVICE 1980 Old Philadelphia Pike LANCASTER. PA. Complete Automatic Coin-4 Operated Final Service . . . Whatever You Vceil IIKRSIIEY Call Collect LANCASTER or 533-9141 238-2842 397-2831 I ( E. King St. Best Wishes to the 1965 Graduating Class WOMEN S VARSITY CLUB Best Wishes to the Class of 1965 From the MEN'S VARSITY CLUB “The learned man always has riche? in himself.” Bhaedrus DELTA PHI ETA WOMEN’S HONOR SORORITY Congratulations to the Seniors and to TOUCHSTONE Eroin Local Farms In PENN DAIRYLAND SNAPPER MILLERSVILLE’S cPensu(mm£ AWARD-WINNING WEEKLY 1S1Photography PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE SCHOOLS • COMMERCIAL • WEDDINGS • SUPPLIES 19 EAST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE, PA. PHONE 872-8082INDEX Association for Childhood education International ------------------ Maud ________________________________ Clmii Dedication Junior Cla» Page 71 94 93 78 Mathematics Department Men’s Community Association Page . 76 _ 90 _ 91 Men’s Varsity Cluh . 98 Methodist Student Movement _ 96 89 . 95 100 79 124 Natural Science Department _ 75 118 Newman Cluli . 97 93 Phi Sigma Pi _ 86 105 Mod and Gun Cluh _ 9 . 97 Muddy Scientific Society _ 95 102 . 34 . 101 Senior Directory _ 154 103 . 104 102 Soccer . 115 . 88 Social Studies Cluh _ 93 . 116 Social Studio Department _ 77 4 _ 134 . 86 . 1(H) . 108 _ 87 . 74 Student Pennsylvania State Education 80 88 . 94 .. 121 . 80 108 . 110 127 . 80 .. 106 . 138 125 . 76 Wickers Cluh .. 108 . 81 Wl.n’tt Who - -- 32 . 114 Women’s Basketball 117 . 81 Women’s Community Association 90 . 95 . 91 _ 99 Women’s Day Student Association _ 92 .. 126 _ 96 Women’s Varsity Cluh .. 98 .. 122 .. 94 _ 96 Young Democratic Club 92 _ 102 Young Republican Cluh 153SENIOR DIRECTORY A CAROLYN ELIZABETH Ml ALT Hanover. Penna.; Secondary Edu cation. May. 1965. Lutheran Student Association, Secretary and President; Pennsylvania Stair Education Association: English Club. CLAUDE LEON AHUM. JR. Hatbom, Penna.; Secondary Kdu-ration, Augu «, 1965. Intramural : Phi Sigma Pi. Secretary-Trrasurrr; Mu Kappa Mu; Wrestling; Student Guide. CHARLES ROBERT AMANTE West Babylon. New York; Industrial Arts. August. I%S. Rod and Gun (dub. Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega. Historian and Sergeant at Arms; Industrial Arts Society; Newman Club. CAROLYN CAMPBELL ANDERSON East„n. Penna.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. J. JOAN ANGSTADT Wolgcwood Heights. Penna.: Secondary Education. January. 1965. Choir, Accompanist and Junior Class Representative; Inter-Varsity (dub; Mu Kappa Mu; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. JANET I.Ol'ISE ANKRI NI Peach Bottom, Penna.; Library Science. May 1965. Snapper, Sport Editor; Delta Phi Eta; Alpha Beta Alpha, Corresponding Secretary and President; United Campu Christian Fellowship, Treasurer; Student Guide; Hockey; Social Studies (dub. LANDRY KYPER APPLEBY Huntingdon, Penna.; Secondary Education. August. 1965. Bassler Geographic Society; Social Studies (Tub; Football. DIANE JAKOVIC R BOCA.ST Millersville. Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Newman (dub; Randfmnt. Hoad Flag Twirler. ROBERTA JANE ARBOl R Ivy land. Penna.; Elementary Educa-lion. May, 1965. Newman Club; Intramural ; latcrome Club. RONALD DEAN ARNOLD Red Lion. Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 196S. Mu Kappa Mu; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President and President; Intramurals; Bard Men's Community Association, President. ELIZABETH M. AUGUSTINE Lanphurnr, Penna.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. Mrtliodisi Student Movement, Treasurer and Vice- President; Council lor Exceptional Children. Secretary and Vice-President; Student Guirle; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association; Intramural . WILLIAM WERNER Al ST Warminster, Penna.; Secondary Edu-cation. May, 1965. Soccer; Xettophile Society, President; Men’s Varsity Club; Student Guide; Junior Year in Germany. B BEVERLY JOYCE BAILEY Glen Rock, Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Women’s Basketball; Association (or Childhood Education. FRANCES ELIZABETH BAILEY Ilellani, Penna.; Library Science. January, 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Alpha Bela Alpha; Delta Phi Etu. SUZANNE MATHIAS BAIR Hanover, Penna.; Secondary Education. August. 1965. English Cluh; Pennsylvania State Education Association; Alpha Beta Alpha. PIIY 1.1 IS ANN BAI.MAN SehacflerMown. Penna.; Elementary Edu ration. May. 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Association for (.hildhood Education: Pennsylvania State Education Association; In-trariiurals; Snapper. HAZEL ANN BALMER Lititr. Penna.; Elementary Education. Aug u»t. I9(»5. Association for Childhood Education. Corresponding Secretary ; Hockey; Women's Varsity Club; Pennsylvania State Education Association: Lutheran Student Association. JOHN J. BARII.LV Lancaster. Penna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. BARBARA LYNNE BARLETT Tyrone. Penna.; Elementary Education, January. 1965. Association (or Childhood Education; Council for Exceptional Children: Intramural ; Student Guide. PAUL N. BARNETT lamcaster. IVnna.; Industrial Art . May. 1965. CASPER KENNETH BAl MBACH.JK. Lampeter, Penna.; Elementary Education. May 1965. Pennsylvania Stale Education Association: Council for Exceptional Children. JANET ARI ENE HEAVERSON York. Penna.: Elementary Education. May, 1965. Lutheran Student Association: Pennsylvania State Education Association; Cilamard (dub, Corresponding Secretary; Nenophile Society. IM)NAI I) EUGENE BECKER Spring Grove. Penna.; Elementary Edueation. August, 1965. Association for Childhood Education; Coun-cil for Exceptional Children. JOYCE ELAINE IIECKEK Mount Wolf, IVnna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Dolphin Cluh; Intramural ; Methodist Student Mov emenl. JOSEPH OSWALD BEI L. Ill New (j tle, Delaware; Industrial Arl», August, 1965. Soccer. Manager; Industrial Arts Society; Technical Art« Cluh. G. TOM BENNETT, JR. Harrisburg, IVnna.; Industrial Arts. January. 1965. Industrial Arts Society; Industrial Vrt- Association. NNAKOSE MARIA HERTZ 1-ancuster, IVnna.; Secondary Educ.i lion, May, 1965. Newman (.Tub; Cheerleading (dub: English Club. N V.NCY CATHERINE REST Ru-dilaud. Penna.; Elementary Educa-lion. August. 1965. Mu Kap| a Mu; Xenopltile Saiety; lta kelball. RICHARD RIDDLE Abington, Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Fnotluill; Mu Ka|ipa Mu. WILMA JEAN III V(.K Millcrsiown. Penna.; Elementary Educa-lion. May. 1965. Basketball; Intramural Committee; Choir, Secretary; Women' Community Association, Class Representative; Women’s»itv Club; Student Council; Student Guide; Touchstone. MARIANNE BLOMQITST lainra»ter, IVnna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Canterbury Club, Vice-President; larrnwc (dub. MARY JOANN IIODNAR Clairton. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Newman Club. ELIZABETH B. ItoI.ENH S Willow (.rove. Penna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Xenophilc Society; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association; Intramural . DAVID ERIC IIOBBE Palmerton. IVnna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. Foot Isa 11; Rod and Gun Club; Intramural . PATRICIA BANKS BOTEI.IIO Bonks, IVnna.; Elementary Edu.a-lion, August. 1965. Delta Phi Eta. II V JEAN ROWERS Gettysburg, IVnna.; Elementary Edueation, May, 1965. Xcnophile S»cicty, Secretary; Women Basketball; Women’s Community Association Dormitory Council; Roddy Scientific Society; Intramural . Joll.N (;RAY ROWERS Lancaster, IVnna.; Secondary Education, August. 1965. 154CAROL CRETEK BOWMAN Lancaster, Penna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. Young Drinnrnilir Club; Inter-Varsity Chri»tian Fellowship. CAROLYN K. ROYER York. Henna.; Secondary Education, January, 1965. LOIS MARTHA BRAM.MER York. Henna.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. Mnjorcllr: IntrainuraU; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. SHARON JEW BRANDT Jonestown, Henna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Pennsylvania State Education Association; Avocia-lion for Childhood Education: Lutheran Student Association. SHARON I.EE HRANNINC Radnor, Henna.; Elementary Education. May. Lrruoe Club. Hre ident; Newman Club; Hockey; Special Education Club. Sl'SANNE t ASSEI. BRENEISEN Manheim, Henna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Rand; Edglish Club. MARGARET ELLEN BRILL Mount Joy. Henna.; Elementary Edu-cation, May. I%5. Association for Childliood Education. BARBARA BROOKS Ahinglnn, Henna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Association for Childhood Education; Pennsylvania Stair Education Association; Newman Club. RRENDA CARttl. BROOME lanratter, Henna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. Choir; Women’ Varsity Club; Mack anil Cold: Basketball. LYNDA KAY BROWN Levitiown, Henna.; Secondary Education. August, IWbS. English Club; Pennsylvania State Education Associa lion: Dolphin Club: Intramural . NANCY CAROLYN Bid BAKER Palmyra. Henna.; Elementary Education. May, lib! . Cheerleading Club; Intramural ; Basketball: Women’s Varsity Club. PHYLLIS JEAN BRI R KEK I .ini.oirr, Penna.; Elementary Edu ration. August, 196$. Jl l ANN BRI NT ljn dalc. Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Association for Childhood Education; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. W AYNE I.F.F BRUNT l-ansdalc, Penna.; Secondary Education. Augu l, Wo, Intercollegiate tionlerence on (Government; Wrestling. DOROTHY BI BB York. IVntu. CYNTHIA SUZANNE BUCHWALTER Leola. Penna.; Elementary Education. August. 1965. Delta Phi Eta. HERBERT STEW ARI BUCHMAN. JK. Columbia. Penna.; Elementary Education. January , 1965. Southern Pennsylvania Council lor Social Studies. MARJORIE JEAN Bl NDENS Gordonvillr, Penna.; Elementary Ed Uralinn. January. 1965. SALLY NN BUSS Morri»ville, Henna.; Library Science, May. I96S. Canterbury Club. Sceretary; Alpha Beta Alpha; English Club; Cilamard (.lub. c WINIE’RED JONES ( A.MMA1 F Ephrata. Henna.; Elementary Education, January. 1965. Association lor Childhood Education; Council lor Exceptional Children. THOMAS N. CAMPBELL Narberth, Penna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. (.'lass President; Mack and Cold; Track; Intercollegiate Conference on Government; Social Studies Club: Sludrnl Guide. II. EDW RD CARR Lancaster, Henna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. 'In Kappa Mu. Treasurer; Intramural ; Roddy Scientific Society; Student Council. SANDRA ANN CIIERNOFF Ijncaster, Penna.; Elementary Edaca lion. May, 1965. Band. CAROLYN MARIK CLAY Harrisburg, Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Council for Exceptional Children, Corresponding Secretary; Inter-Vanity Christian Fellowship; Intramural ; Girls’ Glee Club. DONALD ANDREW CLOUD North Wales, Henna.; Secondary Edu cation. ugu t, 1965. Alpha Phi Omega; Xenophile Society; Junior Y'ejr in E’rancc. JOAN ANN COCCO Upper Darby. Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Newman Club; Snapper; Council for Exceptional Children. Vice-President; Xenophile Society, President; Student Council. Recording Secretary; Student (Guide. (GLEN EDW ARD COLLEGE Her»hry. Penna.; Secondary Educa lion, May. 1965. Swimming; Track. MARGUERITE MARIK CONLEY I ine Lexington. Henna.; Secondary Education, Delta Phi Elta; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. ItARBARA R. CONRAD Y'ork. Penna.: Elementary Education, January. 1965. Tennis; Sludrnl Guide; Intramural ; Xenophile Society; Newman Club. JAN Ell LEE CONWAY' Greenca»tle, Penna.: EGlcincntar Education. May. 1965. Edglish Club; Council for Exceptional Children; Cilamard Club. BARBARA OLSESKI COX Downingtown, Henna.; Elementary Edu-iation. May. 1965. Newman Club; Student Council: Cilamard Club. Y'IRGINI A MARY CUFF Middletown, Henna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. Cilamard Club, (Corresponding Secretary; Cheer-leading Club; Newman Club; Xenophile Society; Student (Guide. D LILY JANE! DAVIS Middletown. Penna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Association for Childhood Education. MICHAEL EUGENE DKAKDORFF York. IVnna.; Secondary Edu-cation. May, 1965. KENNETH l_ DECKER. JR. Mount Wolf. Henna.: Secondary Edu-• ation. May. 1965. Mu Kap|»a Atu; Intramurals; Touchstone: Student Giuncil; Student (Guide. MICIIAEI ANTHONY DEETI.IPPo Steelton. IVnna.; Secondary Edu ation. August. 1965. Newman Club; Intercollegiate ( inference on (Government; Economic Club; Social Studies Club. BONNIE LORRAINE DEICIIERT (Gordonvillr. IVnna.: Liberal Arts, August, 1965. Ifjsslrr (Geographic Society; Delta Phi E'.ta. FRANCIS JAY'WOOD DEll.ANE'.Y lainsdale. Penna.; Secondary Education, August, 1965. Newman Club; Tennis; Touchstone. RoRLKI W'EGSI.EGY l)ELX)NG Denver. Penna.; Secondary Education. May , 1965. Choir. Jl III I'll ANN DEAISIKM K Alahanoy City. IVnna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. Newman ( lub; Association for (Ghildliood Education; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. SUSAN J. DERR Ncflsville. Henna.; Library Science. August, 1965. English Club, Secretary and President; Alpha Beta Alpha. 155TED R. DKKR Reading. Penn .: Elementary Education. Augu-t. 1965. Swimmitiu. KTIODA DKTAA 11 ER llarleysvillc, Pmna.: Elementary Education, May, l%5. IHoir; lacrow Club. I«I• II HI• S. DICKI.A I .iin .i ( r. IVnna.: Secondary Education, May, liasrluill, M.itmuor ami Statistician. JEAN ELIZABETH DIETKH II Columbia. IVnna.: Elementary Education. May. 1965. Della Phi Ela, S-cirtai). ANNEI.IE I Allentown. IVnna.: Secondary Education. January, 1965. X. nophilr ; M.|h »li t Student Movement. W11.II AM MIION'l DINr.ES.JK. Millcr villc. IVnna.: Second-ary Education. May, 1965, liilramuiaD: Phi Sigma Pi: Newman Club; Soria I Studies Club. K AA FRANCES DISSINGER Sheridan. IVnna.: Elnmnlory Educu-Iion. January, 1965. Gmneil (nr Exceptional Children, Scrrrlory. BARBARA N DK At II I lullonl, IVnna,; Elnnenlury Education, May. I 65. Methodi ! Student Movement: Pennsylvania Slate Edue.i linn Association; Association fm li i Id I I Education; lentil . HARRIET N. 1)1 IISON Lin downe, IVnna.; Elementury Education. May, 1965. IVnni : Social Studies Club; Cilaniard Club. E M AIM. ARE I ANN EACI.ESON Philadelphia. IVnna.: Liberal Art.. May. 1965. Hockey: Women’ A'arsity Club; Club; Backet-ball. I.I.NDA R. FARM ART Ulilr. IVnna.; ............... Education, May. 1965. ' »«« ijlnoi l«r Childhood Education. I ARHA ROC.EK EBERT llcgtn . IVnna,: Secondary Edticaiion, May, PI65. Mu Kappa Mu, Vice.President: . Vice Prr.i-deni. FREDA I.Ol ISE ERNER Ea-ton, Pmna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Pennsylvania State Eduration A»v» i.iti« n: Association (or Childhood Education; Methodi ! Student Movement. Secretary and President. MARGARET EI.I REIII ERA ljn«a ler. IVnna.: Elementary Education, May, 196$. Studrnl Council Representative for Women’ Day Rim.iii; Head Majorrlle. DON A I T) CHARLES ECKERT. JR. Strasburg. IVnna.; Secondary Education. May. I96S. Soccer; Social Studies lub; Men’ A’a rally Club. Al ARK Kl RT . F. KERT Gettysburg. IVnna,; Industrial Art . Alav. 1965. Ail S« icty ; Basketball. Jl DITII ELAINE EIIEAIANN I am a-trr. Penna.; Elrmmlary Edu cation. May. 1965. AAomen’ Tennis Captain; Women’ A’jr»ity Club, President; Dolphin Club: Rand; .Student Guide. PA I I. A. KHKHART AliUcr» ille. Penna.; Secondary Education. Alay. 1965. Band. Ell.KEN JOYCE EISENSTEIN lly jii ill . Alary land; Elementary Edmalion. Aljy. 196S. A »ociation (or Cliildlio i | Education; Xeoo phile Society; ToueJtttone J ANICE KAYE ENDERS Alounlville. IVnna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. Choir. AA Al.TEK ENCI.E Andalu ia, Penna.; Klmimtary Education. Alay, 1965. Cla « Vice-President; AlenV Varsity Cluh; Canterbury Club; Yount: Republican Club; Social Srudie Club; Swimming; Touch-Hone; Studrnl Ciiidr. EDWIN BERNARD EPPI.KY. JR. Red Lion. Penna.; Elementary Eduration, August, 1965. Choir; (Council (or Exceptional Chililrrn. Trca«urer. LORETTA IIKl KN EPPI.EY l-muMer. IVnna.; Elementary Education. Alay. 1965. Delta Phi Eta; Chrerlradiug Club. PAMEI A ANN EI’PI.F.Y York, IVnna,; Secondary Education, May. 1965. DOROTHY E. ERICKSON' Dui|ur ne, IVnmi.; Secondary Education, Alay, 1965, Pennsylvania State Education Association: Knuli li Club. PAM A Al. EVERT York, Penna.; Elementary Education, Auitu t, 1965. Intramural ; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Student Guide. F DOROTHY M ARIF. T ARRY Fairies Hill . Penna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Pennsylvania Stale Edmalion Association; Xenophile Society; l.iillieran Student A ocialion; Association lor Chihli....I Education. N A A I- AIIKINi.ER Philadelphia. Penna.; Eleinentaiy Edmi-lion. January. 1965. Pennsylvania State Education Association. Vice-President; Student Cllide; Inliaiiiuial : Xenophile Society. MARLENE JOYCES FAIR York, IVnna.: Elrmenlary Kilucalion, August, l()65. A -u eialion for .bildliood Education; Inlrr-Varsity I hri tian Fellowship. ANTHONY DONA TO F’.AKOI E Nc-.pi.lmmng. IVnna.;» An . August, 1965. Inleieullrgiale Conference on Government; A nun Dentoeralk Club; Ba«rhall; Economic Club; Newman Club; Xeno-phile Society. KATHRYN EDNA FEESFIR, IVnna.; Si-.nnil.iry Education, Alay, 1965. Student Cliri tian Association; WomenV Athletic A»»ocia lion. Al A It A ANNE Liliu, Peniut.; Elrmenlarv Edueation, Aug-ml. 1965. Jl 1.1 A THERESA KIE5TEII I .inra»ter, Penna.; Secondary Education, Alay, 1965. EI.WOOI) C. TIMKA. Ill Philadelphia. IVnna.; Secondary Education. Alay, 1965. TiH.ib.dl; Track; Al. n’ Varsity (Tub; Sw-ial Studies ( lub; Eeoiiomie Club. Secretary; Choir, JANICE KAREN FINLEA IVnna.; Lilo-ral Ail . Augu l. 1965. Flag Twirler; Women’ Ra ketlKill; Intereollrgiate Conlerence on Government, Secretary; Student Guide; Delta Phi Ela. MARIAN D. FINLEA Philadelphia, IVnna.; Elementary Eduration, May. 1965. I niled Campu Christian Fellow-hip, Chairman; Delta Phi Eta. President. NANCA AM FINE FISCHER Spring lidd. Penna.; Elementary Education. Alay. 1965. Student Council. Cla— Representative; ( Imir, Cor responding Secretary; Intramural ; Snoppcr. BARBARA ANN EISIIER New IVnna.; Elementary Edu cation, 'lay, 1965. I ait lie ran Student Association: A —i.iimn (or Childhood Education; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. R ARRAR A J() FISHER la-vittown. IVnna.; Elementary Education, January. I9(i5. Pennsylvania Stale Education Association; l.iillieran Siudent Association; Xenophile Society; Association (or Childhood Eri ucation. P AT'SA A. FI.AH AR I A Airville, Penna.; l ibrary Science. January, 1965. Alpha Beta Alpha, Historian; Pennsylvania Stale Education AxarialiWi. PA I RH I A MARIE FT.EMINC Broomall, Penna.; l ibrary Science, January. 1965. Alpha ltd Alplu; Alpha P i Omega; Delta Phi Eta; Cilamard Club. Secretary; Newman Chili. 156HOLLAND E. FOOR, JR. Ephrata, Penna.; Elementary Education, August, IW». PEGGY ANNE FOOTE Willow Street. Penna.; Elementary Educa-• ion. August, 1965. Frcshmun Hockey: Dolphin Club, Historian; Women Dn Simli ni Association. Treasurer; Varsity Chctileadcr, Co-Captain. STEPHEN JOHN FORTE Luncastrr, Penn a.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Newman Club; English Qub. CAROLE JACQUELINE FREED York. IViuul; Elementary Educa lion. Ma . 1965. Freshman Basketball; Intramural : Xcnophilc Society: Dormitory Council; Lacrosse Club; Sweetheart Queen, 1961. AIABGARET ANN FRIT Boycrtown. Pcnna.; Elnncntary Educa-lion. August, 1965 ; Snapper; Women' Clioru ; Dormitory Council; Delta Phi Eta. SUSAN MARIK FRK1 NDEI. Enola, Pennn.;»erul Art . August, 1965. Newman Club. SHARON ANN FKYLING Doyleslown, Pcnna.; Elementary Edur.i lion. May, 1965. Xcnophilc Society; Do||dnu Club. G JANE N. t.AlSS l.cvittown, Pcnna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965, Newman Club; Association lor Childhood Education; Council ho Exceptional Children; Color Guard. CRA E ELIZABETH G M l GIIEK Cam;. Hill. Pennn.: Secondary Education, May, 1965. eno| liib' Society; Social Studio Club; Newman Club; Delta Pin Elu. CAROLYN MANNING GALLO Havcrlown, Pcnna.; Secondary Education, January, 1965. Pennsylvania Stale Education A« oeiaiion; Engli !) Club; Swial Studies Club; Newman Club; Intramural . RoUK.RT F. CAI.I.O Erdcnheim, Pcnna.; Secondary Education, January. 1965. B.i h i (Geographic Society; Snapper, Young Republican Club; ; Newman Club. CAROLE ANN CANT I-mcaslcr. Pcnna.; Secondary Education, January, 1965. English Club, Vice-President; Student Guide; Cila-nurd (dub; Xcnophilc Society. GERARD W. (GEHMAN !amc.i ier. Pcnna.; Secondary Education, August, 1965. Men' Varsity Club; Committee; English Cluh; Swimming; Student Guide. FRANCIS HESS GEIGER, JR. Lancaster, Pcnna.; Secondary Education, January, 1965. Ka kcth.ill; Raschall; Council; Men' Day Student Association. Representative-al-lairgr. DI ANE M VRIE GELBACH Chulfout, Pcnna.; Elementary Educa-lion. August, 1965. Newman Cluh; Council lor Exceptional Children; Basketball; Intramural . JOAN BI'BNLEY GIBSON Alcdiu, Pcnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Band; Association (or Childhood Education; Methodist Student Movement. Treasurer: Intramural . i ARtH. JEANNE GILBERT hurchvillr, IVnna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. English Club; Social Studies Club; Snapper; Touchstone, Faculty Editor; Cilamard Club, President; Alpha P i Omega, President E. JANE GILBERT York. Penna.; Elementary Education. Al.iy, 1965. Council (or Exceptional Children; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. LORR AINE MARY GILBERT Maytown, Penna.; l ibrary Science, May, 1965. Alpha Beta Alplm. PATRICIA ANN (ill.HER I York, Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965, Cilamard Club; Xcnophilc Society; National Education Association; Roddy S-ientifie Swirly. JAMES A. GISH Mount Joy, Pcnna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Clour; Mu Kappa Alu. Al. IRENE GI INSKI Philadelphia, Penna.; Library Science. May. 1965. Choir; Young Republican Cluh. Secretary; Freshman Hockey; Engli h Club; Student Guide; Alpha Beta Alpha. |. DALE GOOD Gordonvillr, Pcnna.: Liberal Art . May. 1965. Xcnophilc Society; Citaniard Club, President and Trca urer; Choir: Alpha P»i Omega. I.ONNA J. GOSI1ERT Quentin, Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Student Guide; I nited Campus Clirittian Fellow-hip; Intramural ; Student Council. WILSON BROOKS GRAB Coalesville, IVnna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. Alpha Phi Omega. A'ice-Presiderit, Historian, and Trra urrr; Intramural ; Mu Kappa Alu; Koddy Scientific Society. WILLIAM CHARLES GRANT, JR. Havrrtown. Penna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. Choir; Bassler (Geographic Society; Social Studies Club; Alpha Phi Omega. Recording Secretary ; Student Guide. EDW ARD SI PPI.EE (.KEEN Edgcmont. Penna.; Industrial Art . May, 1965. Industrial Art Society: Rod and Gun Qub; Technical Art Club. BETTY K. GRIFFITH Quarryvillr, Pcnna.; Elementary Education, Augii !, 1965. ROBERT NORMAN GRIM York. Pcnna.; Industrial Art . January. 1965. Indu lrial Art Society. Secretary; Rand; Intcr-A'ar-ity Christian Fellowship, Vice-President and President; Swimming, Captain. ANN THERESE GROSS York. Pcnna.; Elementary Education, Aug-ii l, 1965. Newman Club; Intramurals. HAROLD (1 GDI.DEN Pennsburg. Pcnna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Intramural ; Cro»»-Counlry, Manager; Ba kelball, Manager; National Education Association. CHARLES LEE CUSS Mifflintown. Pcnna.; Industrial Art . May, 1965. Indu-trial Arts Society; Pennsylvania State Education A - «-ij lion; National Education Association. H AMOS L. IIAHN Lancaster, Pcnna.: Elementary Education, January, 1965. JOHN D. HAIN Eli alx'thvHie, Penna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. Engli h Club, Treasurer and Vice-President; Social Studies (Tub; lntrr-Var»ily Christian Fellow liip; Roddy Sclentihc Society, Historian RICHARD J AMES HALL, III Springfield, Penna.: Elementary Education. August, 1965. Wrestling; Newman (Tub; A.irsity (.Tub; Rod and Gun Cluh. VIRGINIA ANNE II ALL Morrisvillr, IVnna.; Elementary Educa-lion, January, 1965. Snapper; Dolphin (Tub; Choir; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. HERY IT. BROWN HALLGKEN Millereville. IVnna.; Secondary Eilucation. May, 1965. Xcnophilc Society; Student (Guide. WILLIAM IRA H ANEY Milllinburg. IVnna.; Industrial Art . May. 1965. Inlraiimral : Industrial Arts Society. JE ANETTE CERT RI DE H ARKINS Warminster. IVnna.: Secondary Education. May, 1965. Hockey; Choir; Women Varsity Cluh: Eugli h (Tub; Intramural . GEORGE LEWIS HARMAN, JR. Lykens IVnna.; Secondary Education. January. 19M . Football; Men's Varsity Qub; Intramural ; Social Studies (Tub. 1S7KENNETH JOHN HARTMAN Columbia. Penna.; Elementary Edu-calion. January. 1965. Council lor Exceptional Children. DOROTHY ELAINE IIASSI.ER Mrchanirshurg. Penna.; Elemen-lary Education, January. 1965. Intr.iiiiuraU; J'ouchitone, Associate Editor; Xenophile Siririy, Treasurer; Delta I’lii Eta; Student Guide. GEORGE I). HAUBER Philadelphia, Penna.: Industrial Art . May. 1965. Industrial Art Society; Industrial Arts Honor Society; Foot-lull; Intrainurals. WILLIAM II II A .I.ETT Lit it A penna.; Secondary Education, January. 1965. GWEN KATHLEEN HEALEY Lancaster. Penna.: Secondary Education. May, 1965. English Club; Snapper, Co-New Editor. LINDA MARIE HE K York. Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. English Club; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. RONALD LEE HEFFNER Denver. IVnna.; Secondary Edu ation. August, 1965. Junior Varsity Rasketliall. GEORGE THEODORE IIEIDIG Lanrarter. Penna.; Industrial Arts. August. 1965. PAHLETTA ANN IIEI.FKICH Dallastown. Penna.; Elementary Ed ucation. May. 1965. Newman Club. Recording Secretary: Student Council. Corres|«.udmg Secretary; Student Guide; Class Secretary. (GERALDINE HEM A Steven . Penna.: Elementary Education, January. 1965. Association (or Childhood Education; Pennsylvania State Education Association. HETTY ANN HENN'INCER Barnr«villc. IVnna.; Secondary Educa-lion. 'lay. 1965. Snapper, Associate Editor; Mu Kappa Mu: Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. M AI!' JO HERMAN I uni-aster. Penna,; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Association lor Childhood Ediiralion. DIANE LEE IIERR Oxford. Penna.; Elementary Education. January. 1965. ANNA MAE HERR Lancaster. Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. RAA E. HERR Alanheim. IVnna.; Elrmenlarv Education, May, 1965. HELENE PEARL IIEI’ER RicgcUvillr. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May, 196$. Lutheran Student Association, Secretary; Rand: Pennsylvania State Education Association; Association (or Childhood Education. TKUDA RAE III! DERRAND A’ork. IVnna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. Alpha lleta Alpha: lacrosse (Hub; Association lor Chihlhood Education: Student Guide. PAUL EI.I.W MOD HI AIEI.AA RICH I l-anra.trr, Penna.; Secondary Education. Alay. 1965. Mu Kappa Alu, President. DARRELL II. HIVNER York, Penna.; Industrial Art . May, 1965. Technical Art Club; Industrial Art Society. CARol IOl ISE HOFFMAN Middletown. Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. English Club; Pennsylvania Slute Education Association; Social Studies Club. DAVID EDWARD HOHENSHII.T Millrrrtown. IVnna.; Industrial Arts, May, 1965. Rod and C,un Club; Industrial Arts Society; Gila-inard Club; Technical Art Club, A’ice-President. DORIS R HolIKNW AIMER Lancaster, Penna.; Liberal Art.. May. 1965. Newman Club; English Club; Xenophlle Society. • PATRICIA JOANNE IIOLLINCER Raiuhridge. Penna.; Elementary Education. January. 1965. Majorette; Snapper, Advertising Manager and llusinr-s Manager; Methodist Student Movement. TERRA’ DUANE IIOLSOPPI.E Abbottstown, Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Mu Kappa Mu. DeWAYNE EDW ARD HOWELL ('lark’s Summit, Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. BRUCE NICHOLAS IIOY Philadelphia, Penna.: Secondary Education. January. 1965. Alpha Phi Omega. Treasurer. Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary; Intrainurals. COKAI.IE ALICE HULL luiDcatler, Penna.; Elementary Education. 1965. Association (or Childhood Education; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. DAVID M. IIL’MMA Reading. Penna.; Elementary Education. Mav, 1965. Aoung Democratic Club. President and Vice-President; Technical Art (Hub. Treasurer; Rod and Gun Club; Social Studies Club; Newman Club. KAREN LOUISE HAKES A’ork. Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. J J. DONAl.l) JACKSON Hanover. Penna.; Secondary Education. Alay. 1965. Golf (Hub; Economic (Hub; .Social Studies Club; Aoung Democratic Club. KATHERINE JOANN.A JODON State College. IVnna.: Elementary Education. May. 1965. Xcnophilc Society; Pennsylvania State Education Association; Association for Childhood Education: Band. JUDI TH MARIE JONES Freeljml. IVnna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Choir; Lutheran Student Association; Association (or Childhood Education. H ARRY E. V. JOST Shillington, Penna.; Industrial .An . May. 1965. Industrial Arts Society; Alpha Phi Omega. Historian; Social Studies Club; Lutheran Student Association; Band. K BEATRICE l_ KAEI.LN Drexel Hill. Penna.: Secondary Education, January. 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Treasurer; Social Studies (Huh. WILLIAM J. KAIII.KA York. IVnna.; Secondary Education, Alay. 1965. Social Studio- Club; Touchtfont; Intramural ; Intercollegiate Conference on Government, President. MARA CATHERINE K AM MERER Lancaster. Penna.; Library So. cnee, August, 1965. Alpha Beta Alpha, Historian; English (Huh; Della Phi Eta; Choir; Student (iuide. JEANNE B. KENDIG Lnra tcr, Penna.; Secondary Education, August, 1965. Student Guide; Snapper. New Editor. lio-Editor: Junior A ear in Marburg: Xcnophilc Society; English (Huh. BARBAH A WEBBER KEOAAN (.onsboliocken, IVnna.; Secondary Education, January, 1965. Hockey: Intramural ; Women’ Vanity Club; Mu Kappa Mu. CAROL FAYE KERSHNKK Sinking Spring. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Xcnophilc Society: Student (iuide; Wontm's Coiuiiiiiiiity Association; Student Council; Rj-ketball; Tenni ; Junior and -Senior Cln » Secretary. BARBARA ANN KERSTETTER llarri.hurg. Penna.; Liberal Arts, January. 1965. I utlieran Student Association; English Club; Xeno-phile Society. I.OUISF. ANN KEA’SER Philadelphia. IVnna.; Library Science, May, 1965, Cilamard ( lub; Tourh. ipne, Underclass Editor; Alpha lleta Alpha, Treasurer. I StEDWIN I.WKKN KIEHI Ephrou, Prnna.: Secondary Education. May. 1 65. Hand; Mu Kappa Mu; Btulrr ( niKnplii Society. J. THOMAS KILGORE Sira burg. Prnna.; Att«, May. ]%5. Snapper Aft Society. DONNA LEE KILHEENEK Epliiitj. Penno.; Elrnicntory Educa-lion. May. 1965. Council for Exceptional Children. Treasurer; Student Guide. HARRIET VNN K11.HEFNER E|duata. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May, 1%5. RICHARD EUGENE KINARI) Slewurtstnwn, Penn .; Secondary Education, May, 1 65. Track; Social Studies Club; Varsity Club; Intramural . CAROLYN SUE KINO New Holland. Henna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Pennsylvania State Education Association; National Education Association; Association for Childhood Education; Band; Girls' Cl writs. PATRICIA I. KING Avondale, IVnna.; Elementary Education, May, l%5. Student Council, (iorrojionding Secretary and Treasurer: Women's Community Association, Treasurer; Citamard Club: Methodist Student Movement; Della Phi Eta: Alpha Psi Omeita. ROBERT III.DEN KING Roslyn, IVnna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. Social Studies ( lub, Represcntativc-at-largc; Bossier Geo-Kraphic Society; Alpha Phi Omega. JUDITH ANN KINGKINEIt Norristown, IVnna.: Elementary Kdu-• at ion, January. 1965. Association for Childhood Education. JOHN HENRY KIRBY, III Spring City. IVnna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Citamard (‘lub; Council (or Exceptional Children, Historian; Band; Lutheran Student As ocialion; Alpha Psi Omega. LYNN KIRK I ancasler. Pcnnu.; Secondary Education. May. 1%5. Dolphin Club; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Women's Day Student Association Council; Student Guide: English (.lub; Cheerleading Club, Vice-President; lacrosse Club, Treasurer; Women's Varsity Club. PAMELA A. Kl.I.NE Temple. IVnna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Rand; Choir, Recording Secretary; Lutheran Student Association. Ill III NORA KIJNEDINST York. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May, 196.5. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Rand; Association for Childhood Education: Intramurals. NORMAN I KYAUB York. Prnna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Intercollegiate Conference on Government, Treasurer; Student Council; Citamard Club; Economics Club. SUSAN ELIZABETH KOCH Philadelphia. Prnna.: Secondary Education, August, 1965. Lutheran Student Association; Citamard Club, Historian; Social Studies Club; Cheerleader. CHARLES S. KOl’P Lilitat, IVnna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Basketball. SUSAN ANN KRAFT I.incastor. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. String Ensemble; Basketball; Women's Day Student Association, Mrailicr-at-Large and Senior Representative; Student Council. MARY JANE KREIDER Manlteim, IVnna.: Elementary Education. August. 1965. Choir; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. MARY' JOYCE KUHNS Fayette City, IVnna.; Library Science, , 1965. Alpha Beta Alpha. Vice-President; Dolphin Club; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association; Methodist Student Movement. L DAWN RENATA LACY Marietta, IVnna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. JANE ANNETTE I AMPARTER Dover. IVnna.; Library Science. January, 1965. Alpha Betj Alpha, Treasurer. ROBERT LANDIS. JR. lamcaster, IVnna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Men's Day Student Association, Hepre -nlalive.ut l Jfgr. Secretary and Member o( Executive Board. ALLAN LAWRENCE LASKOWSKI, JH. Halifax. IVnna.: Secondary Education, May, 1965. Football; Track; Cross-Country; Social Studies Club; Economic Club; Men’s Varsity Club. LILLIAN N LaSORDA Norristown, IVnna.; Elementary Educa lion, May, 1965. Association lor Childhood Education; Pennsylvania State Education Association: Women's Chorus; Intramural , LINDA . I.AUCKS Windsor, Pinna.; Elcmenlary Education, May. 1965. Association for Childhood Education; Women' ( (torus; Inlra in it nils. SANDRA MAY LEADER Red Lion. IVnna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. Della Phi Eta; Mu Kappa Mu; English Club; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association; Lutheran Student Association. CM YRLES EDW RD I EDDY Columbia, Prnna.'; Secondary Education, ngu-l, 1965. Football; Wrestling; Men's Day Student Association, Vice-President. KATHLEEN E. LEHMAN Palmyra. IVnna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Mu Kappa Mu, Secretary; Lutheran Student Association; Roddy Scientific Society. ROBERTA Rl I'll LENTZ Allentown. IVnna.: Elementary Educa lion. January, 1965. Association for Childhood Education. President; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association; Touchitonr; Snapper; Lutheran Student Association. CHERYL SUSAN LEY IN' Reading. Prnna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Lutheran Student Association: Pennsylvania Stale Education Association; Association lor Childhood Education: Xcno-philr Society; Intramurals; Slavic Club; Touch tone. Typing Editor; Student Christian Association. DONALD G. LEWIS, JR. Hatboro, IVnna.; Liberal Art . May, 1965. PHYLLIS ANN LEWIS Norlh Wale-. IVnna.: Elementary Education. May, 1965. Association for t hildhood Education. Secretary: Pennsylvania Slate Education Association: Methodist Student Move-mrnt; Xenophilc Socictv; Student Guide; Mack and (-old, Secretary of Lyle Hall. KATHLEEN LOUISE I.IBRICZ Relhlehem, IVnna.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. Choir; Snapper; Association (or Childhood Education; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association; Student Guide; Newman Club. (.LENA D. I l ElARERt.ER M Mierrystown, Pennu.: Industrial Art . May, 1965. Football; Baseball; Men's Y'arsily Club, Secretary and Vice-President; Newman Club; Industrial - rt« Society. PHY LI.IS II. LONG Henhey. Penn a.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. WILLIAM A. LONG York, IVnna.; Indusiiial Art . August, 1965. NANCY M I.ONGENECKER Manlteim. Penna.; Secondary Ed lien tmn. January. 1965. Choir: Pennsylvania State Education Association; Social Studio Club: English Club; Junior Y'ear in Denmark Scandinavian Seminar. 159M ANNE LOUISE! Mr.CANN Lancaster, Penna.; Secondary Educu lion. August, 1965. JEAN ANN McCAKTIlY’ Mohanoy Plano, Penna.: Elementary Edu-ration. May. 1965. Newman Club; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association; Delta Phi Eta. Treasurer. JAMES ARTHUR McCORMICK UncaMcr, Penna.: Secondary Ed lira t ion. May, 1965. DeMiday; Choir; Social Studio Club; Young Democratic Club, Treasurer; Ba ler Geographic Society; Alpha Phi Omega. TERRY K. McDonald York, Penna.; Secondary Education, January'. 1965. Social Studies Club; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association; National Education Association. DAI E M. McPHERSON New Park. Penna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. Track, Captain; Snial Studies Club, President; Roddy Men’s Community Association. Vice-President; Cross-Country; Intra-murals; MciiV Varsity Club; Xcnophilr Society. ROSE MARIK AIA YAH AN Hanover, Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; E!ugli li Club; Intramural ; Student Guide. ROBERT M VRK Lancaster, Penna.: Elementary Education. Augii !. 1965. Citamard Club; I . S. Naval Reserves. ROBERTA MII DRKI) MARSHALL Lancaster. Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Dolphin Club, President; Touchstone; Slu dent (duncll. Representative; Women's Day Student Association, Vice-President; Hockey; Roddy Scientific Societv IRIS M. M RTIN lamcastrr, Penna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Intramural ; Inter-Varsity Chri tian E'ellow-hip; Council for Exceptional Children. ELLEN M. MAI HER Hrgin . Penna.; Library Science. May. 1965. Alpha Bela Alpha; Delta Phi Ella. CERALDINE I.. MELATO York, Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Sl’E N.N ME!I.LINGER Ijnca ter, IVnna.: Elementary’ Educa-tion. May. 1965. Dolphin Club. Historian. Secretary, President; Snapper. Co-New Editor, Co-A «octatc Editor. Co-Editor; Student Council; Student Guide. CHARLOTTE! E!IAI.NE! METZGER Lancaster, Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Women’s Day Student Association; Christian Endeavor. KEBECt V. MEYERS New Freedom, Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. DEBORAH LOUISE MIEKLEY Philadelphia, Penna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Delta Phi Eta; Social Studies Club; Intramural . DAVID EUGENE MILLER York, Penna.; Secondary Education. Jjnuary, 1965. Intrr-Vai ity Christian Fellowship; Mu Kappa Mu, President. DAVID JEFFRY MILLER Red Lion. Penna.; Secondary Edura-lion, August, 1965. Bassler Geographic Society. GEORGE HAMER MILLER. JR. Altoona. Penna.; Secondary Edu-cation, May. 1965. Mu Kappa Mu; Intramural ; Student Guide. MEiRRII.I. NEAL MILLER Einmaus, Penna.; Industrial Art . August. 1965. Industrial Aits Society. 160 RICHARD E. MILI.E1R. JR. Lancaster, Penna.; liberal Arts, August, 1965. RICHARD KDW RD MADER Diiiicannon, IVnna.: Secondary Ed-illation, January, 1965. Social Studies Club; Football; Intramural . JUDY LARAINE! MOORE! Columbia. Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Inter-Varsity Chri»tian Fellowship, LEO E!. MOORE. JR. Mount Joy, IVnna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. Bader Geographic Society; Roddy Scientific Society; Rod and Gun Club. ROSA Y’ODE!K MOSHIKK I-ancaslcr, IVnna.; Liberal An . January, 1965. EILEE!N FARRELL MOYE!R Downingtown. Penna.; Library Science. May. 1965. Hockey; Ha kctball; Intramural ; Pennsylvania State Education Association. ROSEANN ANTOINETTE MURPHY York, Penna.; Library Sci-erne. May. 1965. Alpha Beta Alpha. Senior Representative; Newman Club, Treasurer and (!»nr poiiding Secretary; Girl Glee Club. ERMA MUSSER Lancaster. Penna.: Secondary Education. January. 1965. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship: Girls’ Chorus. JOANNE! MY'EHS Brodbeck . Penna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Lutheran Student A ociation; Pennsylvania Slate Edu-cation Association. N DIANE M HIE N APOI.I Palisade, New Jersey; Elementary Education. January. 1965. Newman Club; Association for Childhood Education. MARGARET JOANNE NEWCOMER Mount Joy. IVnna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Delta Phi Eta, Historian; Association for Childhood Education. GARY E. NEWKIRK l-mca»tcr, IVnna.: Indu trial Art . May, 1965. Rod and (inn Club; Industrial Arts Society; Phi Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega. LOUISE! HE!I K NICIIOI-S Leola. Penna.; Elementary Education, January'. 1965. WII.MER G. NOLT Ephratj, IVnna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. ELLEXJO NOONAN Frackvillc, IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Xenophilc Society; Newman Club; Association for Childhood Education. GEORGE ROBERT ALLEN NY'E llershey, Penna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. o CELIA MARIE! O'BRIEN Palmyra. IVnna,; E!lrmcniary Education, May. 1965. A YNDA MILDRED OGDEN Y'ork, Penna.; E!lemcntary Education. May, 1965. DENTON P. OK I'M AN Washington Boro, Penna.; Industrial Ait . August. 1965. Industrial Art Society; Spring Play 1961; Soccer; Citamaid Club. ANTHONY’ N OTTATI Schenectady, New Y’ork; Industrial Art . May, 1965.DON A 1.0 S. OVER LEY Millersville, Penn .; Indu-triul Art-, May. 1965. Industrial rt- Society. SYLVIA WARD OVER LEY Millcrsvillr. IVnna.; Hr.ncnl.ry Edu-ration. Augu-t. 1965. Council for Exceptional Children: Intramural-: Student C.hri-tian A—ociation. RRENDA JOYCE OWEN Mechunic-hurg. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. Intramural-; Pennsylvania Stair Education Association; A—oriation for Childhood Education. SANDRA L. OXEN FOR I) Nr CuinlM-rland. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Choir, Executive Committee: All-State Chorus: Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. P YVONNE M WOE PAGE York. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Cltrrrlcading Club; A-social ion for Childhood Education; Student Guide. JANET C. PATER Sharon Hill. IVnna.: Secondary Education. May. 1965. Hockey; Women's Varsity Club, Treasurer; Intramural-; Mu Kap| a Mu. RON LI Cll RI.ES PAW LING Ephrala. IVnna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. ISA JAMIESON PEARCE Columbia, IVnna.: Secondary Education. May, 1965. Engli-h Club; Women’s Day Student Association. NORMA JEAN PEARCE New Bloomfield, IVnna.; Secondary Education. January, 1965. Women's Frc-hman l(u-krlball. LINDA ANITA PELLEGRINO Coalr-ville. IVnna.; Secondary Education, January, 1965. Cilamard Club; Xenophile Society; Newman Club. EDWARD I I’FOl IV. Manheim. IVnna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Men’s Day Student Association, Vice-President. DONNA JEW PHILLIPS Mlllcrsville, IVnna.: Elementary Education. May. 1965. Choir; Association for Childliood Education: Xenopliile .Society. JANE ELLEN PHILLIPS Chalfont. IVnna.: l.ilK-ral Ait . May. 1965. (Canterbury Club, Prr-idenl; English Club; Student Guide; Xenopliile Society; Intramural-. JOYCE MARIE PLATTERSPIEL 1-ocust. Ne Jersey: Library Science, M.i . 1965. C.itainard Club, Secretary and Second Vice-President: Alpha Beta Alpha; Alpha P-i Omega, Vice-President. DIANE KATHLEEN POTTED.EH ShiUington. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. A—octalion for Childhood Education. Re-cording Secretary; Xenophile Society; United Catnpu- Christian Fellowship JEAN COI.I.EK PRESCOTT Bainbridge, IVnna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. JOHN II PI Oil Norristown, IVnna.; Indu-lrial Art-. Alay, 1965. Industrial Art- Society; Technical Art- Club. Q GERALD FRANKLIN QUINN Ea-t Petersburg. IVnna.; Secot. •lory Education, May. 1965. Men's Day Student Association. Treasurer; Phi Sigma Pi, Secretary -Treasurer; Men's Varsity Club; Soccer, Co-Cupt.iiii. R BARBARA IMBODEN RANK Lebanon, IVnna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. Mu Kap|u Alu. FRANCIS LESTER R API' Poll-town. IVnna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Band: Choir; Citamard Club. Vice-President; Alpha Psi Omega. President; Council lor Exceptional Children; Lutheran Student A—ociation. SANDRA EDITH RAU Philadelphia, IVnna.: Elementary Education. Januarv, 1965. Inter-Var-ily Christian Fellowship; Alu Kappa Mu. JOYCE CLAIRE REESE Ordand. IVnna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. Lutheran Student Association; Penn-ylvania State Education A—oriation: A—ociation for Childhood Education; Citamard Club; Intramural-. THOM AS SC.IIUPP REESE Palmerton. Penna.; Indu-trial Art-. May, 1965. Track: Men - Var-ity Club. Treasurer; Indu-trial Art-Society; Junior Var-ity Basketball; Intramural Committee; Intramurals. ANNE MARIE REILEA' York. Penna.; Elementary Education, August. 1965. JERE RONALD RENTZEL Manchester. Penna.; Industrial An-. Alay. 1965. Track: Cro—Country; Men’s Varsity Club; Industrial Art- Society; Pennsylvania Stale Education A—ociation. IMMOGENE RHINEIIART Mohnton. Penna.: Elementary Edu-cation. May. 1965. A»-ociation (or Childhood Education; Prnnsyl- ania State Education A-social ion; Snapper; Lutheran Student As--oriation; Xenophile Society; Girls’ Chorus. W'H.ltl R LEE RHODES Roaring Spring. IVnna.; Secondary Education. Alay. 1965. Ba-kethall; Rand. President; Roddy Men's Community As-ocialion, Secretary and President; Intramural-; Men’s Varsity Club, MARA ELIZABETH RIDDIOUGH Philadelphia. IVnna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Dolphin Club; Della Phi Eta; Women's Choru-; Xenophile Society; A—ociation for Childhood Education: Pennsylvania State Education Awmeiation. ANN AMAE K. RIESKH Ixeaport. Penna.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. Student Christian Association: Pennsylvania State Education A—ociation; Association lor CliildlMiod Education; Choir. IIWtKA GORDON RINDGEN Lovitiovin. Penna.; Imlu-tiial Arts, A|. y, 1965. Football; Baseball; Bard Men’ Community Association, Trcoaurer; Men' A'ar-ity Club, Sergeant at Arms. DONALD AI.I.EN BINEEH laiiicastrr, IVnna.; Secondary Kdurn-lion. May. 1965. Men’s Varsity Club; Sorer: Alu Kappa Alu. G0KG1A LEE BIXEEK Conestoga, Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. PATRICIA ELAINE KIPI.EA l-ama-lcr, Penna.; Elrmentary Education, May, 1965. Snapper; Council for Exceptional Children. Jl DITII A. RISMILI.ER Malmno City. IVnna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965, Snapper, Feature Editor; A—ociation lor Childhood Education. KII.EEN MARIE RITTER llavrrlown, IVnna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. FRANK A. KIZZLTO Aork, IVnna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Social Studies Club; Newman-Club, DANIEL G. ROHRER Ronks. IVnna.; Indu-trial Art-. Augu-t. 1965. Indu-trial Arts Society. HAROLD AA'ARD ROSE Scranton, Penna.; Secondary Education, August, 1965. Pennsylvania State Education Association, Treasurer; Tennis; Aoung Republican Club, Treasurer; Social Studies Club. 161JOAN K Cl ARK ROSE Morton, Penna.: Elementary Edo- ation. January, 1965. Hockey; CIa»» Secretary and Vice-Prr»ident: Women’ (Community Association. Representative, Nice-President and President; Student Guide: Intramural ; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. PATRICIA MJCE ROSS Christiana. Penna.; Nursing. January. 1965. JEAN NN ROTIIENBERGER Oley. Penna.; Elementary Education. January. 1965. Rand; Pennsylvania State Education Association; Social Studies Club; Xrnophilc Society. GERARD LAWRENCE ROTHNEI.I. Lancaster. Penna.; Elementary' Education, January. 1965. Newman Club. GARY LEE ROW E York. Penna.; Secondary Education. 1965. Rand; Citamard Club; Alpha Phi Omega. Vice-President; Mu Kappa Mu; Intramurals. EILEEN M ROYER Lelunon. Penna.; Elementary Education, Au-Bust. 1965. Association (or Childhood Education; Dolphin Club; Delta Phi Eta; Women's Glee Club; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. PAUL ROBERT RI EGER Uncaster. Penna.; Industrial Art . Au Bust. 1965. Industrial Art Society. President. PATRICIA ANN R( HA Everett, Penna.; Liberal Arts. August, 1965. Class Parliamentarian: Xenophile .Society; Lutheran Student Av-ociation; Student Guide. DANIEL A. Rl'Tl Uncaster, Penna.; Secondary Education. August, 1965. Social Studio Club; Phi Sigma Pi. s ERIC HENRY SANDHI. DE Warren. Penna.; Industrial Art . August, 1965. Rand; Phi Sigma Pi; Industrial Arts Society; Economies Club; Student Guide. HAROLD W. SANER Thompeontown, Penna.; Industrial Arts. May. 1965. industrial Art Society: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. CHARLES BARRY SAUDER Kennett Square, Penna.; Secondary Eduration. August, 1965. Football; Basketball; Men’ Varsity Club. C. WILLIAM SHAFFER Bedford. Penna.; Industrial Art . August, 1965. Industrial Art Society. DAVID PAUL SHARPLESS l.itlle-lown. Penna.; Secondary Education. January. 1965. Intercollegiate Conlerence on Government, Treasurer; Men' Varsity Club; Intramural . HETTY ANN SCHAFFROTH Philadelphia. Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Pennsylvania Slate Education A ociatlon; Association (or Childhood Education. CAROL JEANNE SCIIIEFELE Philadelphia. Penna.; Elementary Education. January. 1965. Citamard Club; Delta Phi Eta; Ba» ler Geographic Society. STEPHEN M SCIIOII Glenside, Penna.; Industrial Art . August. IWiS. Freshman Cla— Vice-President; Student Council Representative; Secretary ol Roddy Hall; Swimming. Manager; lla kclball, Manjger; Industrial Ails Society. JEANNE ELIZABETH SIIF.AFFER Woolrirh. Penna.; Nursing. May. 1965. R. KENNETH SHEARER Mount Joy. Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Mu Kappa Mu. PA I I. r SH ELLEN BERGER Dalla«town. Penna.; Secondary Education, August, 1965. JAMES FRED SlIIMER Lev it town. Penna.; Secondary Education. May, 196S. Social Studio Club; Lutheran Student Association; Intramural ; Baseball. SUSAN BOWERS SHOFF lama-ter, Penna.; Secomlary Eduea lion. May. 1965. Hockey. VIRGINIA LEE SHOFF Columbia, Penna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. BRI E FRANK SHOPF Lancaster, Penna.; Industrial Art , May, 1965. Industrial Art Society; Intramural . WANDA K Y SHOW HRS Port Royal. Penna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Band. Secretary; Lutheran Student Association, Treasurer: Association (or Childhood Education. DORIS A. SIDES Manheitn, Penna.; Nursing Education, January, 1965. HARBAR SHREINEK Fplirata. Penna.; Secondary Education. January. 1965. Band: Snapper: English Club; Delta Phi Eta. JUDITH ANN Slim Pottatown. Penna.: Elementary Eduration. May. I96S. Council for Exceptional Children. BEVERLY MARCIA Sll VERM AN Elkin- Park. Penna.; Elementary- Education, May. 1965. Snapper, Exchange Staff; Association (or Childhood Education: Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. BARBARA ANN SIMPSON Philadelphia, Penna.; Secondary Education. January. 1965. Touchstone, Literary Editor; English Club; Alctbodisj Student Movement. Vice-President. REBECCA LYNN SLIDER Coale»ville. Penna.; Library Science, May. 1965. Alplu Beta Alpha, Cone ponding Secretary; English Club, Secretary, THOMAS J. SLOGAN Pittsburgh. Penna.; Elementary Education. August. 1965. Football; Intramural . CHARLES OLIVER SLIGO. Ilorslum. Penna.; Elementary Edu ration. May. 1965. Choir. ROBERT CARR SMII.ES W’r-t Pitt-ion. Penna.: Secondary Edu cation, January. 1965. Tennis; Intramural ; English Club; Newman Club. Vice-President; Student Guide: Snapper, Spon Editor and G -Editor. JULIA WIKLAND SMITH Ea t Petersburg, Penna.; Elementary Education. May, 1965. AIu Kappa Mu; Touchstone, Business Manager. PAUL MICHAEL SMITH (ala aui|ua, Penna.; Secondary Education. August, 1965. intramural ; R ddy Soienlilic Society. FAITH ANN SNYDER Harrisburg. Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Lutheran Student Association; Association for Childhood Education; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. REBECCA ANN SPARGO Hopewell. Penna.; Library Science. May. 1965. Methodist Student Movement; Ra--lcr Geographic Society, A'icc-Presidenl ami Secretary; Alpha Ib-ta Alpha. VERAI.Y’NNF M. SI’OH.N Palmyra, Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Pennsylvania Slate Education Association. LINDA DIANNE SPONSELLER Hanover, Penna.; Secondary' Education. May, 1965. Lutheran Student Association; English Club; Social Studies Club. PEGGY A. STABK Lit it ., Penna.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Snapper. PHILLIP P. STAUFFER llaveitown, Penna.; Industrial Arts, May, 1965. Industrial Art Society. ROBERT JAY STAUFFER Ea.t Greenville. Penna.; Secondary Ed-uealion. May. 1965. Student Council; Reprc-cnlative-atljirgr and President. 162SARA STEINER STEELMAN Lititr. Prana.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. A« wiation for Childhood Education. BARRY JOHN STEIERWALD Lancaster, Prana.; Industrial An . January, 1965. Phi Sigma Pi; Industrial Art Honor Society. BRADLEY' STELI. Red Lion, Prana.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Intramural : Social Studies Club; Clmir. ELEANOR RI'TII STIECLER Perka ic. Penn.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Association (or Childhood Education; Social Studie Club, Secretary: Methodist Student Movement. CARY' ALTON STIFFI.ER Meehanicsburg, Prana.; Industriul Art . May. 1965. Track; Intramural ; Industrial Art Society; Roddy Men" Community Association, Treasurer. JI'DY ELAINE STOUT I-anca ier, Penna.: Secondary Education, January, 1965. Touchstone: Dolphin Club: Xenophile Society. JOSEPH EDWARD STRAUSBAUCH York. Penna.; Industrial Art . May, 1965. Industrial Arts Association of Pennsylvania: American Industrial Art Association. DONALD M. STRIEBIG Dallastown. Penna.; Industrial Art . August. 1965. RONALD MARKET MKIEBIG Dallastown. Penna.: Elementary Education. May. 1965. JOAN ELAINE STUART laincaster. Penna.; Elementary Education. Mayr, 1965. Women" Day Student Association, Representative; Inter-Vanity Christian Fellowship; Intramural ; Council for Exceptional Children. JEAN EELS STYLES Lancaster, Penna.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. RONALD A. SUPPI.EE Intercourse, Penna.; Secondary EMucation, May, 1965. Soccer; Men’s Vanity Club; Social Studie Club: Intercollegiate Conference on Government; Intramural . JOHN TIMRRKI.L SWANSON Neshanic. New Jersey; Industrial Art . May. 1965. Swimming; Men' ar-ity (Huh. Secretory; Alpha Phi Ornega, Secretary: Indu-trial Art Society : Rod and (inn Club; Intramural . EDW ARD MARTIN SWF.ITZER Palmyra, Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Citarnard Club; Phi Sigma Pi; K«ddv Scientifu-Sooicly. GEH AI D RH HARD SWOPE Blooming Glen. Penna.; Secondary Education, January- 1965. Mu Kappa Mu. Treasurer; Lutheran Student Association, Treasurer. T JE AN MABIE TARANTINO Gettysburg. Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 19T»5. Basketball; Newman Glub; Association for Child-hood EMucation; Citarnard Club. JOAN CAROL TAYLOR Philadelphia. Prana.; Elementary Education, August, 1965. Dolphin Club; Canterbury Club; Women’ Chorus; Dormitory Council. KAY' ANN TAYLOR Red Lion, Prana.; Elementary Education, May, 1965. Women’s Chorus; Snapper. Jl'NE E!. TENTER Millemville. Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. JANETTE! DOREEN TIIE1AE Harrisburg, Penna.; Elementary Education. January. 1965. Association for Childhood Education; Rand. CLIE’E'ORD C. THOMAS Cata 4u |ua, Penna.; Industrial Art . May, 1965. Industrial Art Society; Tennis; Intramurals. FRANK THOMAS THORP Columbia Cross Road , Penna.; Industrial Art , August, 1965. Football. JOAN CAROL Till SS Holland. Penna.: Elementary Education, May, 1965. Methodist Student Movement; Association for Childhood EMucation; Tennis; Intramural . LYNN JEAN TRAINOR Lancaster, Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Student Guide; Touchstone, Co-E'.ditor: Xenophile So-cieiy; Student Council; Day Room Council. ROYAL C. TRAVITZ Manbeim, Penna.; Elementary Education. May. 1965. Baseball. Co-Captain; Men’s Varsity Club; Basketball. JOAN M ARIE! TREES Lancaster. Penna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. Newman Club. MARY ELIZABETH TKHEX Narl»erth. Penna.; Elementary Education, May. 1965. Association for Childhood EMucation; Choir; Cila-marrl Club. JOYCE! AA. TRUMP Delta, Penna.; Elementary Education, August. 196S. Council for Exceptional Children; Delta Phi Eta PHILIP ELLIOTT IRIMP Sheridan, Penna.; Secondary Education. January. 1965. FREDERICK IIODSON TURNER, JR. Philadelphia. Prana.; Secondary EMucation. January, 1965. E!ngli h Club; Social Studies Club; Citarnard Club; Choir; Alpha Phi Omega. Vice-President and President ; Soccer: Men’ Varsity Club. u JOHN C. LETTS Ardmore, Penna.; Industrial Arts. May. 1965. Technical Art Club; Rod anil thin Club: Citarnard Club; Industrial Art Society. CAROLE! ANN IJSNE!R E!phrata, Penna.; Secondary EMucation. January. 1965. Social Studies Club; A|u Kappa Mu. V DANA LESLIE VANHORN West Bristol. Penna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Student Guide; Student Council, Class Representative; Golorguard; Women’s Dormitory Council. I.OI IS SCOTT VINING Royerslord. Penna.; Industrial Arts. Au fu t. 1965. Men’ Varsity (!lub; Football, Co-Captain; Intramural ; ndustrial Ait Society; Student Guide. JOHN HAROLD VOGEI.SANC Doyleatown. Penna.; Industrial Arts, May. 1965. Industrial Art Society; Intramural ; Junior Varsity Basketball; Tennis. w CHARLES I.I.OYD W AGNER. JR. Mechaniotburg. Prana.; Indu trial Art . May. 1965. E'ooiboll; Wrestling. Co-Captain; Men’ Varsity Club, President. IRENE ELIZABETH WALL ACE Woodlyn. Penna.; Elementary Ed ucalion. May, 1965. Canterbury Club; Citarnard Club: Intramural ; Association for Cliidlhood EMucation. WH.MER R. WALLACE, JR. York. Prana.; Secondary Education. August, 1965. Phi Sigma Pi LINDA M. WAI.I.ICK Miller ill , Penna.; Elementary EMucation. May. 1965. Choir; Rand. A’ice-Pre»idenl; Student Guide. 163ROBERT FRANCIS WALLS Media. Penna.; Elementary Edu.a lion. Augu l, 1965. F'oolluill; Track. HARRY . WIRTH Lmra ter. Penna.; Secondary Educalion. Au-gu t, 1965. Ba-cball. Co-Captain; Men's Day Room A Miciation, Treasurer: Men's A'ar ity Club; Intercollegiate Conference on Government. DONNA MAE WALMER Ili|th pirr. I’tniu.;» - Science, January. 1965. Cilamard Club; Alpha Pm Omega; Alpha Beta Alpha: Xenophile Society. y DAN S. WITMAN Wro-t Liwn, Penna.; Indu trial Art . May, 1965. Class Treasurer; Choir; Tennis. PATRICIA WARDLOW Philadelphia. Prnna.; Elementary Edu-cation. May. 1965. Council for FGxceptional Children; Canterbury Club; Association for Childhood Educalion; Pennsylvania Stale Education Association. LINDA EII.F’.EN WITMER Ephrata, Penna.; Elementary Flduca-lion. 'lav. 1965. Snapper; Pennsylvania Slate Education Association; Association for Childliood Education. JEAN ELAINE WARNER A e. Penna.; Elementary Education. August. 1965. Association for Childhood Education; Women’s Chorus; Intramurals. FR NK D. W'OFGKNFGK, JR. Holt wood. Penna.: Secondary F'ducation. May. 1965. Roddy Scientific Society; Mu Kappa Mu. JOAN ELAINE WARNER Y x Penna.; Elementary Education. August, 1965. Association for Childhood Education; Intramural . STELLA BARBARA WOJTON Warrington. Penna.: Elementary F.ducation. May, 1965. A «orialion for Childhood F'ducalion, Treasurer; Newman Club. Corresponding Secretary; Touchstone, Activities Editor; l!a ketl jll: Xenophile Society. MARILYN FRANCES WATKINS Uvittown. Penna.; Public ScIhs.I Nursing. May. 1965. RON ALD LEE WOLAND Halifax, Penna.; Secondary F'ducation. Alay, 1965. Class Treasurer; Soccer. Alanager; Baud; Social Studio Club; Roddy Scientific Society; Young Democratic Club, KENNETH ERISMAN W ATTS Millersville, Penna.; Secondary Education, May, 1965. Social Studio Club; Slavic Club; United Cam-pus Christian Fellowship; Young Republican Club. HAROLD FGDW ARD WOLF' New Oxford, Penna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. Band; Basil er (Geographic Society. RICHARD EDWIN WEAVER. JR. Richland. Penna.; Secondary Education. May. 1965. Roddy Scientific Society; Rod and Cun Club: Young Democratic Club. C AR!. H. WORKINC.ER York, Penna.; Secondary Education. August, 1965. WILLIAM RHOADS WEAVER, JR. Middletown. Penna.; Secondary Education, May. 1965. Roddy Scientific Society. President; Mu Kappa Mu: Band; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow-hip. NANCY I.KFI Wl I.F' Chalfont. Penna.: I.ilieral Art . Alay, 1965. Flnglish Club; Dormitory Council; Canterbury Club; Student Guide. JO ANN WF. NT LING Lebanon, Penna.: Secondary F.ducation. May. 1965. Mu Kappa Mu, Secretary; Intramural . Y JOHN RICHARD WENTZEI. Ea t Earl, Prnna.; Elementary Education. May. 196S. Lutheran Student Association; Mu Kappa Mu; Intramurals. RICHARD ERVIN YIN'GER York. Penna.; Secondary Education. May, 1965. Intercollegiate Conference on Government. Parlianirntari. an. BERNARD JOSEPH WICkENIIF'ISF!R Columbia. Penna.; FGIrmcn-lury F'ducation, January, 1965. Newman Club; Men's Day Room Association. LINDA KATHLEEN Y'Ol Nt; Lanca-ter, Prnna.: Secondary Edu-cation. May. 1965. Hockey: Band; Choir; Delia Phi Eta: English Club; Social Studio- Club; Student Council, Class Representative and Representative at-Lirge. JILL I.AR AINE V IKK Coatesville. Penna.; Elementary F2duca-lion. May. 1965. Choir; Association for Childhood FMucation; Pennsylvania State Education Association; Alpha Beta Alpha. z DORN A MATREE WILDASIN Brodlreeka, Penna.; Secondary Education. January, 1965. Mu Kappa Mu; Social Studies Club. KATHLEEN L ZEIDERS York. Penna.: Elementary Education. May, 1965. (Girl ' Chorus; Pennsylvania State Education Association. JOSEPH K. WILT Dover, Penna.; Industrial Vrt . May. 1965. Soccer, Co-Captain; Track. Co-Captain; Men’s Varsity Club: Industrial Arts Society; Intrjinurjl . LEROY W. ZELLERS Y'ork, Penna.; Elementary Education. January, 1965. Band. SARAH JANE WINTER Lancaster, Penna.; Elementary Education, January, 1965. Cheerleader; Dolphin Club; Touchstone. Associate Editor; Mark and Cold. Editor; Women's Day Student Association. President; Women’s Varsity Club. I.EON.A FG. ZIMI.IKI Harrisburg. Penna.; Elementary Educalion. January, 1965. Newman Club; Delia Phi Eta; Intramural : Women' Choir. THOMAS R. W1NTFGRS. JR Kinzer . Penna.; Industrial Arts, August. 1965. Baseball: Industrial Arts Society; Technical Art Club. GEORGE II ZOOK Chri»lianu, Penna.; Secondary Educalion. Alay. 1965. Band; Social Studies Club; Bossier Geographic Society. Treasurer. N’EVIN LEROY WINTRODE Hanover. Penna.; Industrial Arts. August. 1965. Industrial Art Society. RIIELDA MAY ZW'ALLY Akron, Penna.; Elementary Education. August. 1965. Women' Chorus. 164  i  

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