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4Touchstone OUCHSrONE State I eachEfts College MlLI.ERSVII I I . PeNNSYI VANIA May, 1959 Volume 60The College Campus . FOREWORD This vear the 1959 Touchstone is celebrating its 50th year of publication; however, this is the 60th yearbook edited by a Millersville staff. The 1909 staff should be credited with the naming of the Touchstone which had previously been called the Wickersfiant and the MillersviUiait. Throughout the book, we have tried to compare the campus life of 1909 with that of the present by means of contrasting the formality of 1909 with the informality of 1959. 1 his contrast takes form in the use of art work and touches of color throughout the l ook. As you look through this golden anniversary edition of Touchstone, you may think that some of the 1909 pictorial records arc amusing; but just stop to think what the centennial Touchstone will look like in the year 2009. 2Tells a Story . . TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Administration ....... 8 Seniors..............................20 Underclassmen . . . . . . . 54 Organizations ....... 72 Sports ......... 96 Campus Life . . . . . . . . 118 Advertisers..........................138 3Of Lofty Aims James t. DEDICATION Dedication of the 1959 Touchstone is a humble means of appreciation to a faculty member who produces quality work a bow normal capacities. s a teacher and college professor his means of presenting subject matter and his fairness to students should he a bright illustration for future teachers. The noticeable improvement of the college band, the choir's expanding tour program, and his undenying talents as co-director of our school's past musical productions since his arrival on campus are among his contributions to MSTC. Recently, his efforts in aiding the organization of school spirit exemplifies his ability of co-operating with others for a common cause. We. at Millcrsville. arc indeed privileged to have a sincere friend, scholastic instructor, and com potent leader like Jim Zwally. Mr. and Mrs. Zwally with daughters; Jamie, Nancy, and Cathy. As band and choir director. Zwally reviews music scores with seniors Phil Bombcrger, Larry Findlay, and Margie Scott. 1 listorical marker depict the beginnings of higher education ut Millcrsville. From Long Ago . . . The Qasjei 5To Current lads . . . Two senior from the Industrial Arts derailment display a project. 6Gridiron aspirants gather around for advice from line coach Gene Groff. Of Campus Life . . . Examining a specimen never fails to express the wonders of nature. College supplements academic experiences with recreation. 7 $ 09-I9 q ADMINISTRATIONPRESIDENT OF TIIE COLLEGE I President I). Luke Riemesderfer and Mrs. Bicracsdcrfci l x k through last year’s Touchstone, (right). In the center, the President is receiving a plague honoring the dedication of I), l.uke Riemesderfer Field last October from George S. Mann. To Those Who Graduate in the 1959 Ci.ass You have completed your studies at Millersville preparatory to entering the teaching profession and in doing so you merit the congratulations and good wishes of your many friends. Teaching is not an undertaking to lx- entered upon lightly. It is a serious business but one which, at the same time, supplies a full measure of deep satisfaction. I hose whom you teach will he depending on you not only to open for them the door to knowl edge of facts and ideas but also for the counsel and guidance which is best given through the exam pie of a good life. This is the reason that teaching is a most significant profession. We know vou and we believe that you jxrssess both the intellectual competence and the per sonal commitment which arc indispensable elements in the make-up ol the truly able teacher. It is our hope that you may find teaching the avenue to professional success and personal happiness. Very sincerely yours. 10COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION DR. A. G. BUEIDENSTINI Dean of Instruction MR. CHARLES I. KENT Director of Student Personnel and Guidance DR. Wil l IAM H. DUNCAN Director of Admissions DR. JAMES W. BECKER Director of Elementary Education DR. EUGENE K. ROBB Director of Student TeachingDEPARTMENTS I ART Mr. Ronald E. Sykes, chairman; Miss Jane L. Reinhard, Mr. Richard B. Law. EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY From How: Mr. James Mao rev. Dr. VVilmer ('. Berg, Dr. Raymond Kohl, Mr. Joseph Torchia, Dr. Adeline Krein-heder, Miss M.d cl Moberg, M rs. Esther S. Barlow, Miss Edit!) R. Rapp. Second Row: Dr. Eugene K. Robb, chairman; Mr. Harold R. Weirich, Dr. Daun W. Nesbit. Dr. Anthony V. Champa, Mr. Charles I. Kent, Dr. Paul Z. Rummcl, Dr. James W. Becker. 121 ENGLISH Front Row: Dr. Mary A. Brightbill, Mr. Joseph E. Rhen, Mrs. Margaret Wood bridge. Dr. Lynwood S. I ingenfcl-tcr, chairman. Middle Row: Air. R. Shields Mctzlcr. Mr. William P. Diller, Mr. William 'Iroot, Mr. Charles E. Cumpston. Top Row: Mr. Louis G. Jennings. Absent: Mr. Earle M. Hite. s FOREIGN LANGUAGE GEOGRAPHY Dr. Theodore 11. Rupp, chairman; Mr. Joseph E. Rhen, Dr. Guv R. Savior. Miss Esther M. Kilhcffer, Mrs. Mae G. Breneman. Dr. Robert N. Ford, chairman. 13HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Front Hon-: Mr. Richard C. DeHart, Dr. Raymond J. Runkle, chairman; Dr. Man' E. Dixon. Second How: Mr.. Kathryn 15. Hill. Mr. George A. Katchmcr. Mr. Arthur Holme. Absent: Mr. Eugene Groff. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Front Hou-: Dr. Burl N. Osborn, chairman; Mr. l ingo J. Flora, Mr. Clifford L. Yard, Dr. George A. Ditlow. Second How: Mr. Urban L. Monical, Mr. Paul W. Eshclman, Mr. Henry J. Kauffman. 14LIBRARY EDUCATION Mr. James K. Zwally, Miss Dorothy T. I (ughes, Miss Marie A. Cast, Mr. Mdzer H. Porter, chairman. MATHEMATICS MUSIC is Dr. George H. Anderson, acting chairman; Mr. Samuel P. Wallace. Mr. Freat Downing.NATURAL SCIENCE Front How: Mr. Richard DeHart. Dr. C atherine Keevcr, Mr. Daniel G. Engle. Second How: Dr. Alex Henderson, Jr., chairman; Mr. William W. McIUvainc, Mr. William II. Caultvcll, Mr. John M. Roth. Absent; Dr. James Kokcn. SOCIAL STUDIES Front How: Dr. Valborg Fletty, Dr. George Young, Dr. Virginia Beck. Dr. C. Maxwell Myers, chairman. Second How: Mr. David Q. Voigt. Dr. Abram J. Foster, Mr. Charles A. Lord, Mr Richard C. Keller, Mr. Joseph E. Walker. 16ELEMENTARY EDUCATION From How: Miss Man' Jane Mam, Miss Betty Ruth Jennings, Miss Elizabeth M. Jenkins, Miss Charlotte M. Cloud. Second Row: Miss Beatrice M. Smith, Mrs. J. Marguerite Wallace. Miss Doris Creswell, Miss Dora Rhoads. Miss Anna E. Beyer, Miss Marian V. Isenberg. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Mrs. Lillian W. Broome. Mrs. Martha W. Kent. Mrs. Mary Hunnicut. 17Miss Esther E Lenhardt, Alumni secretary. Donald M. Minnis. director of Student Services, Ermon M. Pasties business manager. ADMINISTRATIVE M. C. Lehr (seated), food manager; Mrs. Virginia Heiden-reich. dining hall supervisor; Mrs. Fannie Click, dietician. 18 Business staff: Mrs. Mary Ellen I.eaman, Miss Anna Mac Kendig, Mrs. Helen Bingarnan (standing), Mr. C'lctus K. Sweigart, Miss Kathryn Esbenshade (seated).Head Residents: Mrs. Violet Beamuiofer, Miss Dorothy Hess, Mrs. C'l.ira Strausbcrger. and Miss Verna Hill with Dean Valborg Hetty. Miss Elizabeth Jenkins is absent from the picture. 1-cstcr Cox, Post Master. Mrs. Ruth Brehin. switchboard operator. Seated: Mrs. Hulda Stine, Mrs. Francis Miller, Miss Nancy Brenner. Miss Jean Thomas. Standing: Mrs. Anne Greidcr, Mrs. Catharine Kendig. Mrs. Grace Evans, Mi vs Geraldine Funk. C alvin Hauck, superintendent of buildings and grounds; Millard Fautz, repairman; Mrs. Ella G. Pfaut , secretary. 19DR. CATHERINE KEEVER WII.LIAM F. DILLER SENIORS Comparing the C lass of I909's motto. "Climb though the rocks Ik- rugged ’ and the |XK-m at the end of the senior pictures, typified a spirit prevalent among most graduating classes. What made this year's senior class different? It was the manner in which they handled certain matters, such as the monthly class meetings m the evening for the accommodation of student teachers, the five f x i cake illustrating aspects of a four year stay at MSTC, for I lomecoming. the final semester of classes and the experience of student teaching, plans for Senior Week and the Senior Ball off campus, and finally the class gift to the school. Presenter! at gradu ation, the Class of 1959 had an oil portrait of President I). Luke Biemesdcrfer painted by the Art IX-partment Chairman Ronald I Svkes. Class advisers are Dr. Catherine Kcevcr and Mr. William Diller. Jeanne Swam, secretary; Stan Decn. president; Betty J. Thompson, historian; Ed Gallagher, vice president; Karl Get tic, student council representative; Janie Cairns, student council representative; John I forst, treasurer.Left Panel SHIRLEY ANN AC1IENBACH . . . Lebanon, Pa. Hie me n I ary—Kin tlergarlen ■ Pri ntary May Avtocntion fut Childhood Education International; Lutheran Student Awocintion. LORETTA C. ADAMS...............................................Palmyra, Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten Primary January Student Chmtion Aeociation. BETTY BRADLEY AIKEN .... Lampeter, Pa. Secondary-Biological Science, English May Student Chriuian Association; Roddy Scientific Society; Hockey; Opui; Snapper. Bight Panel GEORGE L. ALTHOUSE .... Mohnton. Pa. Industrial Arts May Alpha Tin Omega Treaiurcr; Industrial Art Society; Head Equipment Manager nf Athletic . ROBERT R. ALTLAND...........................................York, Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May MERLE JAY ANDERSON..........................................York, Pa. Secondary—General Science, Science May Buddy Scientific Society. l eft Panel CARL ARENA Industrial ArlS-Wood Upper Darby, Pa. August loot hull: Novnun Club; Industrial Att Society. GERALD D. ATTIC Elementary IXillastown, Pa. May WILLIAM F. BAILES .... Millcmillc, Pa. Secondary-Social Studies. Geography May football: Men’ Vanity 'lul» Bight Panel PAUL A. BAKER ..... Stcystown, Pa. Industrial Arts August football; Winding; Track; Industrial Art Society; Neuman Club, Vanity Club, ROBERT G. BAKER .... Milkrsvillc, Pa. Industrial Arts May Iruluurial Att Society. PATRICIA J. BALDWIN .... I-ancastcr, Pa. Elcmen tary— I n ter mediate May Student Christian Association; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Women’ I av Student Auociaiiua Representative. 23Left Panel WILLIAM PHILIP BANKER! Industrial Am—Metal, Dntmng Industrial Art Society; Wrestling: IntramuraU. I lanovcr. Pa. May DOROTHY JEAN BANKS Secondary-Social Studies, English Newtown, Pa. May Collcgiirn: Student I .lu.itmn Association of Pcnnaylvanla; Snapprr Co Art Editor; English Club: Social Studies Club. LORRAINE BARTH .... Silver Spring, Md. Idem entary— Kindergarten ■ Pri in ary May Citamord Secretary: Choir: Snapper', Association tot Childhood ErliKiilai International; Flnian't Ririnbint'; flriicaJooit; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. Hifilit Panel NANCY GAIL BARTHOLD ... Olyphant. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary January Association for Childhood Education International; Cltamardi Student Christian Au» nation: l.utheran Student's Association: Student Fducatton Association of Pennsylvania. SHIRLEY JEAN BATH .... Spring City. Pa. Elementary May Association for ( hildhuod Education Intcrnanonal: Student Education Wwiciaiion of Pennsylvania; Student Christian Association: Women's Community Association. EUGENE H. BEAN.................................................York. Pa. Secondary-Biological Science, Social Studies May Roddy Scientific Society: Social Studies Club. Left Panel JOYCE MARLEEN BECK Elementary--Kindergarten-Primary, German Ephrata. Pa Mav Association for Childhood Educatioii International: Xenophile Society. WILLIAM R. BECKER..................................................Red Linn. Pa. Industrial Arts January Industrial Atts Society. Men's Community Asv. utinn: Track. Iota l.ambda Sigma, CARL H. BENKE. JR..............................................Philadelphia, P«. Industrial Arts—Metal May Industrial Aits Society; Scumming Team; Veteran's Club. Right Panel CLAYTON S. BIXLER .... Millenvillc. Pa. Secondary-Geography. Biological Science May Swimming learn Vtc -I,re »lenl; Itisslei Society President: Track Team JAMES BOLDEN , . . Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May Racket lull. PHIL BOMBERGER..................................................Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—English, Social Studies May Intramural Football; Rand President; Student Guide; Choir; IVMolay. 24Left Panel ROBERT A. BREN HOLTZ, JR. . . Coatewille. Pa. Industrial Arts— Woodworking August l,-ulu»m.l Am Society. J. RONALD BRENNEMAN .... Millcrwillc. Pa. Secondary-Biological Science, Geography May Alpha Phi Omtgi; Roddy Scu-ntihe Society; Rasslrr Geographic Society. BURTON W. BRENNER. JR. . Lancaster. Pa. Industrial Arte May Induct!ul Am Society. Bight Panel STANLEY G. BROSSMAN .... Lincoln. Pa. Secondary-Mathematics, Physical Science August AUDREY ANN BURIE .... Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Women' l av Student Representative to Studc-ni Council; Newman Club: Student I dui.ituin Association of Pennsylvania: Women's Day Student Council; Women's Day Student Association; Association fof Childhood International; Student Guide. DONAI I) LEE BURKUOIIM R Secondary—English, Social Studies Ephrata, Pa. May Left Panel 1-cROY BURROWS. JR................................................Allentown. Pa. Industrial Arts—Graphic Arts, Drawing May Intiamuial ItasVrtlaill; Intramural Softball. WALTER A. BUSBY .... Maucna. N. Y. Industrial Arts August l hou; Student Christian Association; Inlet-Vanity Christian Association; Methodist Student Movement President; Intramural Softball. Student Guide; Brigudnow; |jdi Windermere i fan; Industrial Arts Society; Student education Assentation of Pennsylvania. CHARLES BUSTARD. JR. ... Cheltenham. Pa. Industrial Arts—lS'ootl, Mechanical Drawing May Inirr-Vanity Christian Fellowship Vice-President. President; Rod and Gun Club Vice-President; Industrial Arts Society. Methodist Student Movement. R gJif Panel JANE LOUISE CAIRNS .... Sadsburyvillc. Pa Elementary-Kindergarten-Primary May Class Representative to Student Council. Student Guide. I ditar of fUni and Gold. Women’ Community Asvjoatnm ftrasurer, Presadent; Association foe Child hr »xl I ducal ion International; l.uiheun Studeni Association; Choir. Stepper. PATRICIA M. CARR . Motion Station. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Ravkethall. Newman Club Secretary; Student Iducatiun Asuxiation of Pennsylvania: Association fut Childhood Falucatiun Internationa]; Women's Community Asvocsatkm; Intramural Spoets. DANIEL CASO......................................................Ha Jcton. Pa. Srcondary-Biological Science, Guidance January Student Council; Veteran's Club. Srudral education Association uf Pennsylvania; Newman Club; Roddy Scientific Club; Safety Committee. 25I.efl Panel CYNTHIA GAIL CLAYTON .... Narberth. Pa. Library Science—Library Science, History May Alpha Beta Alpha: Student Kdoratiun Association of Pennsylvania. Hockey Manager; Women' Vanity Club; Ratkctlull; Women' Community Anoduianj Intramural Softball. DARRELL EDWARD CLEPPER . . . Carlisle, Pa. Secondary--Mathematics, Lnglish May Phi Sigma Pi. Stuilent I ducatwm wciallon of Pennsylvania; Mu Kappa Mu; Chow. TECKLA MARIE COLLIER .... Columbia. Pa. Library Science—Library Science, Social Studies May Alpha Ilet« Alpha Vice-President; Women' l)ai Student Auicuilan Vice President, Newman Club: Student 1 duration Awciitun of Penntylvania Right Panel CHARLES W. CONYERS. JR. . . . Wyndmoor.Pa. Industrial Arts—Metal August Industrial Aft Society; Alpha Phi Omega Secretaiv. Theatre Am Club Ticatuirr. Men' Varsity Club. Track Team; Cro » Country Irani; Orientation Committee. JANET C. COOPER .... Shanm Hill. Pa. I ibrary Science—Library Science, Social Studies May Alpha Reta Alpha llutueian. National nr|ire entative. Dolphin; Student I duration VssorUtinn of Pennsylvania; Social Stuilie Cluh. CREEDEN W. COULSON .... I.ancj%ier. Pa. Industrial Arls—Wootlworking. Drawing August Industrial Att Society. I heater Art Club: Track Team. Left Panel C AROLYN RUTH CRAMER .... Rkrhboro.Pa. Secondary—Lnglish, I'rench May (hint; Student Education Association ol I’rnntyliania; English Club Secretary; Student Chrictian Association Ttraiurcr. Secretary, Senin President; Xenophile Society Presidenti Smippei Delta Phi T.ta Secretary. NANCY G. CUNNINGHAM . . Silwr Spring. Md. Library Science—I ibrary Science, Social Studies May Stuilenr I duration Association of Prnntyhaofa; Student Chnuian Association; Alph. Iteta Alpha President; Social Studies Club Iliitorian; Ikelta Phi lita Historian. A. HENRY DAECHER .... I-ancastcr, Pa. Secomlary-Social Studies, English May Alpha Phi Omcy;i; Basketball; Stuilent I duration csociation nf Pennsylvania Right Panel VIC I)ALLIN. JR....................................................Yeadon.Pa. Secondary —Mathematics, English May Rasketball; Intramural Bawlull; Intramural Basketball; Senior Prom Committee Chairman. Men's Community Association; Student Cuidr; Mu Kappa Mu. SARAH A. DARLINGTON .... Hcrshcy. Pa. I ibrary Science—Library Science, Social Studies January Alpha Reta Alpha. MARION FASSHAUER DAVIS Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary January BrigaJiMin. S jdiomore Clan Historian; Association for Chddliood education International; Delta Phi Eta. 26I-eft Panel STANLEY D. DEEN .... Millmvillc. Fa. Secondary-Social Studies, English May Alpha Phi Obicm Wt President. President; Phi Si cm Pi; Social Studies ‘lub; Ci« mard; Smipref; Young Republican Club Vue President. Junior Class Pres id rot: Senior Class President; IntetVratcmity Council Ptcsidcnt, hnun'i lUinhim-, Picnic; foming of rhe Shrew; Choir; Student Guide; Drib,lay, Men's Community VvuKlalion; Mm'i Day Student Association. JOSEPH P. DeERANCO .... Bristol. Pa. I ndustrial Arts January Wrestling. Newman Club Regional Director; Indu.lnal Ait Society. L JOHN DeLAURENTlS . . . Willow Grove. Pa. Industrial Arts January Football; Track Team; Men' Vainly Club; Newman Club Right Panel BARBARA J. DcTURCK .... Reading. Pa. Elementary August String Ensemble; Choir; Stiulent Education Awniitmn id Pennsylvania: Intramural Snorts; Summer School Fntcttainment Committee; Student Christian Association; Methodist Student Movement: Association fof Childhood Education International; IVIla Phi Eta RONALD L. DiANCELO York. Pa. Industrial Arts-Metal, Dron ing August Industrial Arts Society. Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. RICHARD GLEN DIEHL . Columbia. Pa. Industrial Arts January Industrial Art Society. l eft Panel DONALD G. DIETZ Industrial Arts—Metal. Drawing An Society. DALE T. DISSINGER .... Quarryvllle. Pa. Secondary—Gcogmyhy, Social Studies May IntcrCollcgiatr Conference of Government; Battler Geographic Society; Student Educa turn vuxtalion of Pcnntylvirnia; Track Team; Kami. Student Oitittian tsociation; Rod ami Gun Club; Social Studiec Club. Danville. Pa. January RONALD S. D1TT Secondary—Geography, Social Studies Ciumard: Theater tts Club; Kami. Lebanon, Pa. August Right Panel PHYLLIS ANNE DOLDE . Lansdmvnc, Pa Elemcn tary -Kind ergarten •Prl maty May Lutheran Student Association Treasurer; Religion In l ife Week Committee, Student Education Association id Pennsylvania Vice-President; Association for (Tnldhooil Edu cation International; Soflbill; Xenophile S.»iety; Student Chttstian Society NORMAN L. DOMINICK .... Dallas. Pa. Elementary-Intermediate May Choir; Band; Citamanl Presirlrnt. RUTH VIRGINIA DOUTRICK . . Columbia. Pa- Library Science-Library Science, Social Studies May Alpha Bela Alpha, Women's Day Student Association: Student Education swxiarirm of Pennsyliania. 27Left Panel RUSSELL DOWNS. JR......................................Salem, New Jersey Secondary—Social Studies, Guidance May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Student Guide. JUDITH A. DR1ESEN .... Belie Vernon. Pa. Library Science—Library Science, English May Student Christian Association; Alpha Beta Alpha; l olphiti Club. MARIE EDITH duHADWAY Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary Yeadon, Pa. January flight Panel JAMES L. EPLER ..... Columbia, Pa. Secondary—Science, Mathematics May Mu Kappa Mu; Buddy Scientific Society; Men' Day Student Association Kxecutivc Council Treasurer. JOANN STUMP EPLER...............................................York. Pa. Secondary-Biology, Mathematics May Choir; Mu Kappa Mu; Roddy Scientific Society; String Ensemble. BARBARA ANN ERWIN .... Hcrshcy. P Elementary May Nesvman Club; Citamard. l eft Pavel NANCY L. ESHELM AN . . . Safe Harbor Village. Pa. Library Science—Library Science, Social Studies May Student Education Assoc latson of Pennsylvania: Alpha Beta Alpha; Social Studies Club; Touchstone Activities Editor, Big I.ittle Slater Picnic Co-Chairman; Young Republican Club. JOHN C EVANS...................................................Quorryville. Po. Elementary—Intermediate May DARYL R. FAIR..................................................Glen Rock. Pa. Secondary —Social Studies, German, English May Intercollegiate Conference on Government Vice Chairman; Phi Sigma Pi Seetetary, President; Student Council Treasurer. President; Inter-Fraternity Council Secretary, I rcasurer; Lutheran Student Association. Right Panel ESTA ANNE FASNACHT .... Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—Ki miergotten ■ Prj mary M ay Women’s Day Student Council; Women's Day Student Association. II. BRUCE FASNACHT .... E. Petersburg. Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Guidance May Men’s Community Association. Men's Day Student Association. JUSTINE OLGA FATULA .... Emmaus,Pa. Library Science—Library Science, Social Studies May Alpha Beta Alpha; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. 28 Left Panel WILLIAM G. FELGER .... Lancaster. Pa. Secondary-General Science, Guidance January Veteran’ Club; Intramural Spoilt. LARRY L. FINDLAY...................................................Lancaster. Pj. Indiiftrial Arts—Wood January Choir; Band Vicc-Pce»ident; Lutheran Student Aviociation; Union’« Rainbow; Induttrial Art Society. ADAM W. FISHER ..... Richboro, Pa. Industrial Aris-Drix'er Education January In ter-Vanity Christian Fellovrihtp Trea urcr, Prevalent: In luurial Art Society. Hi (’ll I Panel JOSEPHINE G. F1TZGIBBONS . . . Lebanon. Pa. Elementary May Dolphin CluV. Newman Chib. CAROL LEE FLEMING . Lafayette Hill. Pa. El cm cn tary—Ki ndergarten ■ Pri maty M ay Cheerleader Captain; Women’ Vanity Club; Newman Club; Avtociation for Childhood Education International; Student Education Awociation of Penmvlv.ini.i; Citamord; I ajy H'lwlfmr'r'i Fan; Intramural Sport . JACK E. FIJCK...............................................La neat ter, Pa. SrcomWy—Social Studies, Guidance May Veteran’ Oulu Intramural Ila«ketlull; Bavtlrr Geographic Society; Social Studic Club Vke-Prctident, Prc»idrni; .Men’ Day Student Avuxiatton Executive Council: Intramural Pool ball. Left Panel FRANCIS E. FOLK. JR. . Industrial Arts Track Team: Men’ Vanity Club. Malvern. Pa. May CONSTANCE COOMES FOLKENROTH Elementary—1 ntennediate Glen Rock, Pa. May Student Education Association of I’ennvylvania; Student Christian Awonatioei; Association to Childhood Education International. FRED L. FOLLER..............................................York. Pa. Secondary—General Science, Geography May Wrestling Captain; Men’ Vanity Club Treasurer: Bossier Geographic Society. Right Panel NEVIN R. FRANTZ. JR...............................................Arendtsville. Pa. Industrial Arts—Metal May Induttria! Am Society Vice-President, President; rheatet Am Club Pre idcnt: Alpha Phi Omega; lota l ambda Sigma Ircasurer; Student Council Treasurer; Student Cuide HENRY L. FUJITA .... Northampton. Pa. Industrial Arts—Woos! January Industrial Ait Society: Men’ Community Auociation: Hod and Gun Club. EDWARD J. GALLAGHER. JR. . . . Lebanon. Pa. Secondary-History, Social Studies May Student Christian Usociation; Alpha Phi Omega Recording Secretary; Citanurd; Inter collegiate Conference on Crfivcrnment; Social Studle Club Treasurer; Student Education Auociation of Pennsylvania. Delegate at Large to Southern Conventions Student Guide, Junior CIass Vice-President; Senior (law Vice-President. 291 eft Panel HAROLD B. GARLAND .... Bethlehem. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics. Physical Science May Mu K ppa Mui President of Intramurali. ROBERT L. GARRETT .... Uncaytcr, Pa. Secontlary-General Science. Science . !av Rodds Scientific Society; Intramural Raskethdl. RUTH KAUFFMAN GARRETT .... York. Pa. Elementary January Wusciatlon for hildhixd Education International. Right Panel SHIRLEY ANN GARTNER . . . Wyomissing. Pa. Elementary May Racket lull; Inti annual Volley lull, GLENN E. GEHMAN............................................Litm. Pa. Secondary—English. Social Studies May Student Education svxiutnm of Pennsylvania; English Club. KARL E. GETTLE...................................................Lebanon. Pa. Industrial Arts—Mathematics May Imluittinl Att Society Treoiurci; EAangeJh-al United Rtethten Club President: Student Council Class Representative: Mu Kap|va Mu: Theater Art Club Secretary; Men's Community Acvxi.itkm President: Student Guide Left Panel JANE BAHNER GEYER .... Palmyra. P.». Elementary—I niermediate August Inter-Varsity Climtijii Ecllosvthip; Rand; Student Education AsvxSation of Pennsylvania Secretary; Smifprr; Student Christian Association; Delta Phi Eta. ELIZABETH ANN GILBERT . . Rkhboro. Pa. Elemvntary- Kindergarten Pri mary May l boii; Association lor Childhood Education International; Student Chriitinn Association; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. RONALD K. GOOD............................................Glen Rock. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Social Studies May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania President; Phi Sterna I’i; .Men’s Community Association Secretary; Mu Kappa Mu; Intramural basketball; Evangelical United Rtethten Club Vice-President. Right Panel THERESA GORZKOWSKI .... Avoca. Pa. I ihrary Science—Library Science. English August Alpha Reta Alpha Recording Secretary: Women’s Day Student Association: Student Education Association oE Pennsylvania: English Club. BARBARA ANN GOTT .... Drcxcl HUI. Pa. Elementary May Student Education Association o4 Pennsylvania: Tennis Team: Association bx Childhood Education International; Choir. FREDERICK E. GOULD .... Columbia, Pa. Industrial Arts-Metal, Drawing May Ereshnian Class President; Snapper; Industrial Ails Society. 30Left Panel ROBERT C. GRAEFF..............................................Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Geography May Men's Day Student Association; Mu Kappa Mu. DOROTHY E. GRATER .... Norristown. Pa. tile men tary—ln termediate May Student Chnvtion Association; Student Education Association ot Pennsylvania; Association for Childhood Education International: Xenophile; Women’s Basketball. RONALD GRAYB1LI...................................................Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Geography May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Alpha Phi Omega Sergeant “« Arms; Social Studirs Club; flassler Geographic Socirtv. Might Panel JANET LUCILLE GREIDER .... EmJa. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten ■ Pri mary J ;i miary Student Christian Association: Women's Varsity Club; Basketball; Hockey. Association for Childhood Education International. NEDRA ANN GRIM.................................................Red Lion. Pa. Secondary—English, Social Studies May English Club Secretary; Evangelical United Brethren Club; Choir; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. DORIS JEAN GROFF...............................................Marietta. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Women’s Day Student Associotion; Homecoming; Student Christian U,relation, Association for Childhood Education International; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. Left Panel LESTER E. GROSS. JR................................................York. Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Geography May Men’s Day Student Association; Student Christian Association; Bod and Gun Club Treasurer. II. RONALD GROVE.....................................................York. Pa. Secoitr ury—Grogrriji iy. Social Studies May liaeder Geographic Society; Intramural Basketball; Intramuiul Softtsall; Junior Pnnn Committee: Turning of the Shrew; Football. JAMES IIAAS ...... Lancaster, Pa. Industrial Arts August American Induclriil Alts Assocuticuu Industrial Arts Society. Rig tr Panel WILLIAM HACKUUCH Secondary—General Science. Biology Traci Tram Co-Captain; Ctoss t ounlry. Lancaster. Pa. May NATHANIEL D. HARMON . . Wrightwillc. Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Biology May Basslcr Geographic Socirtv; Basletlull. GAIL HARTLEY..........................................................Mcrion.Pa. Eleme n tary -K i ndergarten- Pri mary May Vssociation for Childhood Education International; Intramural Sport . 31left Panel RICHARD A. HARTMAN .... Lebanon. Pa. Industrial Arts August GAIL SHULTZ IIARTSOUGH .... York. Pa. Elementary May Band; Ataocbtiun tor Childhood I duration International. RICHARD H. HARVEY .... Tunklwnnock. Pa. Industrial Arts-Wood, Drawing May Induttiiul Am Society. Track Team; Men' Vanity Club; Intramural Spurt . Right Panel LOUIS L. HAUSER. JR. . . . Willow Crow. Pa. Secondary-History, Social Studies Mav loothall. Men' Community Uveiation Secretary; Men' Vanity Club President; Newman Club. NANCY HAYCOCK......................................................Bcllcfontr. Pa. I ibrary Science Alpha Beta Alpha; Newman Club. WADE N. HEATH . . . Sunbury. Pa. Industrial Arts May Wieulinj;; Men' Vanity Club. Indutliial Art Society: Theater Art Club; Intramural Softball. Left Panel JOAN ELLEN HEBERLEIN . . Bryn Maw, Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary January' Stuilrnt Chrittian Auodatkn; Cilaniard. R. RICHARD HEDRICK .... Uncastcr, Pa. Elementary May Vctrian't Club, Intramural Spurt ; Student Council; Swimming I cam; Student Guide. LINDA HELLERMAN.........................................Hatboro, Pa. Elementary January Student Education Accooation of l enn»yItania; Vicocialton lia hildhood education International; Women' Vanity Club; CheerIcadri. Snapper. Right Panel ANNE E. HENKEL................................................Lancaster. Pa. Secondary-Mathematics, Biology May Neuman Club; Mu Kappa Mu Secretary; Women' Day Student Council. DONNA KAY HENIUE . . . Danville. Pa. Elementary May cv. latum tor t hildho ■! F-ducalmn International Sr.rrtary; l.utheran Student ccocia lion Secretary, Student Council: Welfare Council; ouchHone; llanrfhocA; Delta Phi I la President; Student Guide. NANCY J. HENRY Wyumiwng, Pa. l ibrary Science—Library Science. English May Dolphin Club; Alpha Beta Alpha; Chott; Lutheran Student Association! Brijjadoou; ( Hainan). Sophomotr t la I re a ultrr; Intercollegiate C'onferenee on Ck rctnment. 32I eft Panel EARLE J. HERSHEY, JR...........................................Landmillc. Pa. Secondary-Mathematics. Physical Science May National Education Association; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. WAYNE BARRY HERSHEY .... Columbia. Pa. Secondary—Biology, Geography May Roddv Scientific Society Trcmulct. Ilcsslcr Geographic Society; Intramural Basketball; Intramutal Football. KATHERINE I1AUG HETRICH . . . Manhdm.Pa. Elementary May Student Christian ssuciationi Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Women’s l».is Student Association Representative, President. Bight Panel LEWIS H. HILLARD....................................................Barcvillc.Pa. I ml in trial Art May Industrial Arts Society. EDWARD HIRATA .... Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—Intermediate, S recial Education May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. DORIS I. HITZELBERGER . . . Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Geography May ( itamardl Mu Kappa Mu Secretaiy; I utheran Student A«auti «; Evangelical United Brethren Club; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Fin Ian's Rainbow; It ikaImm; loll H inJffinrrf'i Fan. Hauler Geographic Society. Left Panel CARLTON D. HOPPER .... Hununcktown. Pa. Elementary-Intermediate May Claim; Lutheran Student Assn, tation; Asaocintion for Childhood Education Intrtnational; Student Education Association Pennsylvania; Pin Sigma Pi. MARY V. HOIN...................................................Lancaiier, Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten Primary August Women's l av Student Association; Student Education Association id Pennsvlvanla; Xsuiciation It Childhood Education International; Student Guide; Intiamural Sj .tts. ALAN E. HOLDEN.....................................................Ycadon.Pa. Secondary—English, Social Studies August Basket lull. Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. Intramural Spoils: Student Christian ssocialion; English Club. Bight Panel ROBERT S. IIOLZII AUER . Mflknville. Pa. Industrial Arts January Industrial Arts Society. ROWLAND PI. HOOT .... Lanxlownc. Pa. Industrial Arts January Iota I am fill a Sigma; Citamard HARVEY F. HOOVER, JR...............................................Ncwville.Pa. Industrial Arts—Metal May Theater Aria Club; Industrial Alts Society. 33Left Panel W. JOHN HORST. JR....................................................Ephrata. Pa. Secondary-Social Studies, German May I.utlteran Student A v ; iatiim Vice Pievident. Student F.ducatiim Auodatirm uI Penn ylvania; C holt; Senior Clnt Trra urn, Mrn'i Community Avociation; Student Council lleprctentatitc; Social Studio. Club; Xcnnphilr Society; (''oiltgwn. WILLIAM H. HORST.........................................Holt wood, Pa. Secondary-Gettercd Science, Social Studies May Band. LIDA JEAN HOUCK..........................................Lancaster, Pa. Elementary January I Clan lliiturtan; Women' D v Student Atvmaikin. Eight Panel PATRICIA LEE HUGHES .... Columbia, Pn. Elementary January Women’ Day Student A.toriatiim Tiraturet, President; Hockey. FREI) LEE 1NDICTOR .... Philadelphia. Pa. Secondary - Soci il Studies, Guidance May ll.xl and Gun Club; Intrtcolleyiate Council on Government Trcaiuter. Men' Community Awociation Treatutet; Track Team; Intramural Sport ; Social Sludic Club; Student Guide. T. J. JOCH1MOWICZ .... Edwardtville, Pa. Secondary-General Science, Physical Science January Scientific Society. Men' Community Ataociation. l eft Panel KENNETH I EE JOHNSON Secondary Social Studies, French Lancaster. Pa. May I . unit; Social Studio. C lub; Xmm.ui C lub; Intumuial Spurt YVONNE R. JOHNSON .... Oxford. Pa. Elementary January Oioir; Student C'hmfian A.vaciatioo; Student Idiuatlun Uvociatiun ,4 Penntylvania ELIZABETH CHRISTINE JONES . . . Frackvillc. Pa. Elementary - Kindergarten Pri mary May Student I duration Atwxiatron of Prnnttlt'ama; Student Chtiuian AMociatkm; Avwijtiuii fur Childhood 1 due a lion International. Eight Panel MADELYN WILLIS JONES . . Philadelphia. Pa, Secondary-Social Studies, English May Xrnophile; Inter-Vanity Chriuian Fellntt thip. SUSAN L. JONES..................................................York, Pa. Elementary-1 ntermediate May Netvman Club; Student {duration Awortatlon 4 Penntylvania; Xeruiphile, Awociation of Childhood fd ocaturn International. WALTER ROBERT KAPLAN Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Elementary-1 ntermediate January Track Team; IVMolat Vire-Prevalent; Inttamural Sport ; Men- Vanity Club; Student Guide. Rod and Gun Club. 34Left Panel BETTY G. KAUFFMAN . . . Penh Amboy, Nov Jersey Secondary—Social Studies, English May Intercollegiate Council on Government; Tennis Tcun; English Club. FRANCES I. KEEFER.....................................Red Lion. Pa. Elementary May Student Christian Association Program liairman; Student lulucoitoO Association of Pennsylvania! Inttamural Softhall. PATRICK KELLY...........................................CanoUtown. Pa. Secondary—Geography Social Studies May Football; Track; Newman Club; Men' Varsity Club; Basslet Geographic Society. Bight Panel M. KATHLEEN KENDIG .... Lancaster. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Brigwloon; Finfiiu’s Koiirbusc; String I nscmhlc; Student Clinician; Women's Day Student Association Vice-President. EARL W. KENEPP ..... McVcytown. Pa. Secondary—Biological Science, Guidance May Bod anil Gun C lub; Choirs Assembly Committee; Roddy Scientific Society Treasurer. Vice-President. GEORGE K. KIBLER Industrial Am—Metal Industrial Arts Society. Litir . Pa. May Left Panel KENNETH E. KIEFFER .... My erst own. Pa. Industrial Arts January Rod and Gun C lub licasuren Industrial Art Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramural Spoili EVELYN G. KUCK.................................................Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Biological Science May l.utheran Student Association Treasurer, President; Student Education Atacinioa of Pennsylvania; Social Studies Club Secretary; Delta Phi Eta; Uassler Geographic Society; Roddy Scientific Society. FAYE ELIZABETH KUNE . York Haven, Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Physical Science May Srudrnt Education Association or Pennsylvania Representative at Large; Ruddy Scientific Society Treasurer; Mu Kappa Mu. Bight Panel HELEN J. KLING..................................................Hmhey.Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May Student Christian Association; Student Education Association A Pennsylvania: Association for Childhood Education International. DONNA MARTHA KLINGER .... Aldan, Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Association fur Childhood Education International; Tennis. NORMAN KLIN1KOWSKI .... Reading, Pa. Secondary 35left Panel DONNA MAE KNISEI.Y .... Red Lion. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Student Christian AMOClaliun: Student Education Avv.iarion c Pennsylvania. KENNETH C. KOCHEY .... Cheltenham. Pa. Secondary—Mathematic , Physical Science May Industrial Am Society; Mu K »ppa Mu Ireaiurer. Roddy Scientific Society; Phi Sigma Pi llittiitiins Rial and Cun Club; Intramural Committee. SHARON ANN KOLDITZ Elementary Basketball; Inttamuial Spott . Wyomissing. Pa. May Right Panel DON J. KONSCHNIK..........................................Wewon.Pa. Industrial Arts-Metal January Industrial Alt Society; Theater Arts lutr. Phi Sigmi Pi; lofa Lambda Sigma; Mu Kappa Mu; Newman Club; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. JOHN LEE KOPACK..........................................................Bristol. Pa. Industrial Arts—li'ood January tVinlliog; Men' Vanity Club; Intramural Sport . Men' Community Association; Industrial Art Society. WILLIAM H. KRALOWETZ. JR. ... York. Pa. Secondary —Social Studies, Geography January Intercollegiate Conference on Government; Student Christian Association; Ra ler Gn graphic Society; Social Studie. Club Treasurer; Phi Sigma Pi. Men' Community W elation President; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Student Council Vice President; Student Guide. I eft Panel BERTRAM L. KREIDER. JR. . . . Conestoga. Pa. Industrial Arts—Wood August Rand; Industrial Art Society. WILLIAM L. KREIDER .... Conestoga. Pa. Industrial Arts—Wood August Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Industrial Am Society; Baseball. Band. DONALD O. LACEY .... Carrolltown. Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May Newman Club; Men's Vanity Club; Football Captain; Baseball; t li airman of Winter Sport Committee. Right Panel JOSEPH C. LALLI...................................................Yeadon.Pa. Industrial Arts—Wooil, Social Studies August Industrial Arts Society; Rod and Gun t lub. Newman t lub; Theater Aits Club. Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Hauler Geographic Society; American Industrial Aits Association; Intiamutal Sport . TAYLOR LAMBORN.....................................................Iloltwood. Pa. Secondary—Physical Science, Mathematics August Roddy Scientific Society; Mu Kappa Mu; Student Christian ssoctatton; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. JAMES TODD LAM ME Y .... New Holland. Pa. Industrial Arts August 36 Veteran's Club.LefiI Panel JOHN LASZEK...............................................................Chester. P«. Industrial Art ‘May Men’ Varsity Club; Basketball Captain: Industrial Aft Sodrty. JUDITH A. LAU .... Seven Valleys, P«. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary August ftudml education Association of Pennsylvania; I titlietan Club Sectrtarys Association for Childhood Education International LEO LAWRENCE LAWLER. JR. . . Pomimvn, Pa. Industrial Arts—Metal, Drawing May Football; Traci; Newman Club; Industrial Art Society; Rod and Cun Club; Thrata Ait Club. Right Panel CHARLES E. LEBO Campbclltown, Pa. Secondary—Alathiinatics, Physical Science May JANETTA LEE . . Berwyn. Pa. Elementary-Kindergarten Primary January Association tor Childhood I duration International. PATRICIA A. LEE .... Upper Darby. Pa. Elementary- K i ndergarten ■ Primary January Newman Club; Women’ Community Association; Student education Association of Pennsylvania. Left Panel JEANNE LOUISE LEPEVER . . . Suasburg. Pa. Secondary-Mathematics, Physical Science May Mu Kappa Mu. R«ddv Scientific Society: Student Christian Association. GALEN R. LESHER .... Elizabethtown. Pn. Industrial Arts—Wood May Industrial Arts Society; Band; Red and Cun Club: Men's Community Association; Stuileot Christian Association. MILES W. LIGHT ..... Lebanon. Pa. Secondary—General Science, Biology January Right Panel BEVERLY TREMBATH L1SELLA . . . Bethlehem. Pa. Elementary—KindergartenPniyary January Op Hi. Stu.Jent education Ataoclation of Pennsylvania. Vssociation for Childhood Education International. Student lutctian Association. JOHN C. LONG ..... Lancaster. Pa. Industrial Arts—Wood May Industrial Arts Society; lota lambda Sigma. MARILYN LOSS ..... Lancaster. Pa. Elen: en tary—Ki ndergarten-Primary May Women's Day Student Association. Intramural Basketball: Student Education Association f Pennsylvania; Aliba Club. 37Left Panel BEATRICE BOYD LOUX . . . Millmville, Pa. Elementary January Stuilrut Christian Association treasurer; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; swKiatinn fix Childhood Education International; Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship. J. ROBERT LUTZ ..... Denver. Pu. Secondary—.Mathematics, Physical Science May Future TckIico of America: Citamard: Band; ( him President; Phi Sigm., Pi Pre«ldcnt. CHARLES T. LYNCH .... Collingdalc. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Social Studies May Mn Kappa Mu, Sr , ial Studies Cluh: Student Educotxin Asv iution of Pennsylvania. Might Panel CAROL LYNES.................................................Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—English English Club; Dolphin Cluh Vice-President. MILDRED PLOWMAN MacCLUSKlE . . Helium, Pa. Secondary—General Science. Mathematics May String Ensemble: Choii; Mu Kappa Mu; Student Christian Wsociation: Student Education Asvxlation of Pennsylvania; Roildy Scientific Society. FRANKUN K. MANLEY .... Columbia. Pa. Secondary—General Science, Math May Itodds Scientific Society; Mu Kappa Mu; rnothall; Intramurals; Student Council: Track. Left Panel CHARLES WILLIAM MARTIN .... York. Pa. Elementary May Euolbatl; Wrestling: Bavchall Manager; Choir; Iliad and Cun Cluh; Vanity Club: Krigadoon; Intramural Committee Chairman; Swimming; Intramural Sofrh.ill; Intramural Bat Lethal). DARRYL F. MARTIN...............................................Lancaster. Pa. Elementary Citamard Cluh; Student Education Association of Pcnntylvania. DAVID VV. MARTIN...............................................Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Biological Science May Band. Student Education Attociation of Pennsylvania: DeMoUy Secretatv; Rod and Cun Club. Roddy Scientific Society; Social Studies Club. Bight Panel JEAN H. MAXWELL................................................Lancaster, Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary January PATRICIA KAY McCOY .... Bclhvood, Pa. Elementary-Intermediate ■ August Hockey: Snapper, Touchstone; Student Education Attociation of Pennsylvania; Association for Childhood Education International: Delta Phi Eta. IRENE ISABEL McCULLOCH . . . Philadelphia. Pa. Elementary—Ki ndergartc n-Pri mury 1 ay Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Association foe Childhood Education International; Student Christian Association. 381 Left Panel RICHARD MdNTYRE .... l-ansford. Pa. S ttdary—Mathematics, Physical Science August fl ikrth ll; Intramural basketball; Intramural Softball; Ni-svman Club. ELIZABETH ANNE McKEOWN . . . Bcnvyn, Pa. Elementary May Women' Community Association; New man Club; Association for Childhood Education International. JOANNE PATRICIA McLERNON . . . Bethlehem. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Newman Club; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Association foe Cbildltood Education International. Right Panel ROBERT R. MEDLEY .... Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—Physical Science, Mathematics May LEONARD M. MELLEY .... Coaldale. Pa. Secondary—General Science, Science January Roddy Scientific Society: Newman Club; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Intramural Sports. STEPHEN JOHN MICIO . . . Northampton, Pa. Secondary—Biological Science. Geography May Wrestling; Rod and Gun Club; Men' Vanity Club. Left Panel RONALD CLARK MILLARD .... York. Pa. Industrial Arts—Wood January football; Track; IndusUial Art Society; Student Christian Association; Men's Community Association. DAVID H. MILLER..................................................Kut unvn. Pa. Industrial Arts—Woodworking January Industrial Art Society. KENNETH C. MILLER .... Millcrsvillc. Pa. Secondary—Biological Science. Physical Science May Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship; Roddy Scientific Society President. Bight Panel CAROL MOORE ..... Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—Biological Science, English August Newman Club: Women' Day Student Association Vice-President. Scctetuty; Roddy Scientific Society Secretary; llrigaddon. SARAH JANE MORAN .... North Hill . Pa. Elementary—I ntermediate January Women’ Community Association; Utociatiun fur Childhood Education International Chairman. Publications, President: Stuilcnt Education Asvxjatkm of Pennsylvania. RICHARD H. MORROW .... Reading. Pa. Secondary-Mathematics, Biology January Football; Football Manager; Wrestling; Newman Club; Varsity Club Secretary. 39left Panel DWIGHT E. MOSTOLLER. JR. . . Davidwillc. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Geography May Mu Kappa Mu; Lutheran Student Atuxintiun; Student Education »vocii«lmi ol Pennsylvania; RmI« Geographic Sodciv. KENNETH C. MOYER .... I ncaster. Pa. Industrial Arif-Wood Drawing May Indnmial Am Society. MARGARET ANNE MUND1S . Stewartstown. Pa Elementary—Kindergarten - Prlmary May Lutheran Student Allocution; Student Education Atiociutioo uf Pcnntylvunia Ticoimcr. Right Panel DAVID P. MYERS Secondary—Social Studies, English Bund; Intercollegiate Conference m (aartmtinii. I auditor. Pa. May JANE I.OUISE MYERS .... DllUburg, Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, English May Student Education AiVKiailon ot Penmylvanu: Welfare Council; Choir Secretary-. Social Studici Club. M. JANE MYERS.................................................York. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Student Education Aivaciatlon of Pennsylvania. Left Panel IRVING CHARLES NATH ANSON . . Philadelphia, Pa Industrial Arts—Graphic Arts, Drawing May Arte Society; liasehall Tram: Intro muni) Softball: 'llteatcr Art Clubt Band. ROBERT L NOLI....................................................York. Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May W rolling: Woman Club Regitmal ItcnrcMrntaiivr; Intinniur.d Softball; Intt.niuuol IL iV tloll; Actocintion for Chtldhuud Education International; Student Education Avcociatiim ol Penncvlvanla; Rod and Gun Club. V. SUSANNE NUSS..................................................Lancaster. Pa. Elementary May Women'. I)ji Student Anociatfon. Right Panel FAY OBER............................................................Lititz. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May wH.ialn.n for Childhood Education International; Lutheran Student Aiux'ialton: Citunitrdi lady Windermere' Fans Intramural Softball. NICHOLAS G. OPALENICK . . . St. Clair. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Social Studies January Men Vanity Club] Vanity B»cb»ll Captain: Newman lull. JOHN R. ORRIS. JR...................................New Cumberland. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics. Physical Science May Mu Kappa Mu 40Left Panel STERLING ORT...................................................Ewer . Pa. Industrial Arts—Wood, Drawing January riicatct Am; Iota Lambda Sigma; Indutfria) rlt Society; Intramural Softball. NANCY JANE OSBORNE .... Wyndmoor. Pa. Elementary—Ki ndergarten ■ Pti mary May Association lor CIiIIUImmkI I lucution lntcrn»li mol| Lutheran Student Axauclatiun; Hockey; Tcnriik Captain; Vnung Republican Club Secretary! Claw Publicity: touchstone SMKiatr lili(Or, Co-Cditor in C bief. IX NN W. PARKER .... Philadelphia. Pa. Industrial Artf-Wood August Alpha I’hi Omega; Theater Art . Right Panel SUZANNE PARRY..................................................Biglerville. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May llockoy; Maikcthudl Manager: Atvxiation lot ( hildhootl Education lntvinutiimal. Future Tcarhvr ol America: Student ('human Atuxiaritm; atiit Club. JERRY W. PASTERNAK .... Chester. Pa. Secondary—History, Social Science May Intercollegiate (inference «n (Inventment. LYNN E. PAUL.........................................................Lykens Pa. Industrial Arts—Wood May Industrial Am Society; Intramural Softball: Intramural llntkcthall; Intramural Volleyball. Left Panel CHARLENE R. PETERS .... DalUstown. Pa. Elementary— Kindergarten-Primary May Student Christian Association; Avtociaiion for lulilhood Education International, Student Education Association at Pennsylvania. IIETI'IE PETERS..................................................Msnhdm. Pa. Momentary—Kindergarten-Primary May Cbuir Executive Committee; Student Chritlian As«ociat «n: Inter-Vanity ChrhtUn Fellowship; All-State Chorus. NINA A. PETTICOJPFER .... Ephraut, Pa. Elementary-Kindergarten-Primary May Future Teacher of America: Ciiauunl Historian, ftruum; Hrigudoon Executive Committee ami Ticket CoChamnan; I arfr ICindrmrre'a Firn House Manager; Picnic House Manager. Right Panel JARRE IT G. PFLAUM........................................York. Pa. Secondary— English. Biological Science May English Club; Veteran' Club. CHARLES E. PIKE. JR.......................................York. Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Physical Science May MARION C;. POWERS.........................................York. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primaty May String Ensemble; Fiiii.rn' ftainfuiu' Orchestra; fl fg-udoON Orchestra: Dolphin. 41I.efi Panel R. ANNETTE PR1ZER .... Pottstown. Pa. Elementary May Aaociatkm f » Childhood Education International! Student Education Aeeocution of Pennsylvania] Wnmrit't Community Aev i.rt!on: Student Chrierian AiHxiulon. JOAN SVHA PAES PROBST .... Stracburg. Pa. Elementary May Citamurd Secretary; Chuit; Intercollegiate t onlrtence on Gorctnmnit llictoeian. ADRIENNE MARIE QUINN . . . VilUnova, Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May I mute Traihrn i4 America Secretary. Neuman Club Secretary] Aceociatkm for I hililhintl Education International; Welfare Council. Right Panel P. CAROLYN QUINN .... Minersvillc. Pa. lUcmcntary May Newman Club; Student Iduotiim Avcocialion of PenuryIc anU; Nenophile; ccnciation for Childhood Education International. DIANA RAMPULI.A .... Lancaster. Pa. Secondary—Biological Science, English May Itieldy Scientific Society Seerclaty; Neevman Club; Social Sind ire Club.'» Racket ball; Women'» l ay Si mien t Council Representative; Intramural Committer Secretary; So upper. DAVID H. REEL)..............................................Nov Freedom. Pa. Elementary Augrnt FMrn'i Rainbow’] Rrigodoow; Choir; Wrcytling. l eft Panel STEPHANY BETTERMANN REIUART . . . York. Pa Secondary -Geography. Social Si udiet January - Racdet Cieographk Society Sectelary; Snapper Newc I dine. Junioe Claee Trraiutn. JAMES W. RENNIX .... Bala Cynwyd, Pa. Secondary-English, German May Baiul; Englleh Club Ptccident; FinUn'% Ruinbou-; RngAfrum; Ditectot of Spring I ling Talent Show. CHARLES R. RICHTER .... I larricburg. Pa. Secondary—English, Social Studio January Velecan'r dub] Englich Club. Right Panel LcROY ROBINSON, JR.....................................Sicelton. Pa. Secondary-Geograyhy, Social Sritdie May- Men' Vattitv Club; Bawlet Gcugiaphic Society Treasurer: Alpha Phi Onvrga; Track; Men' Community Acaociatum: Batkrtball Manager. EDWARD J. RODONIS . Millcrwillc, Pa. Secondary— English, Guidancc May 1 nglnh Club; Nrccinun C lub. PHYLLIS ELEANOR ROIIRER . . Springfield. Del. Co.. Pa. Elementary May Sludenl Chrirtian Auociation I reavurer; Araocialion for Childhood Education Internal tonal; Stuilrnt Education Auociation of Penney Ivania; Tout li clone. 42I eft Panel RONALD ROWE.................................................York. Pa. Secondary-General Science. Science May football Manager; BncKiIl Manager. Phi Sigma Pi. RONALD A. ROYER..........................................Ixbanun, Pa. I ml u it rial Arts—Mathematics May Industrial Am Society Secretary; Phi Sigma Pi Vice President: Iota I imWi Sigma Vice President; Mu Kappa Mu; Theater Art Club; Hand, Student Education Association • 4 Penmylvanij. Intramural srilull. LORNE D. RUBY....................................................York, Pa. Secondary—Biology, French January Student Education Association of Pennuliania; Phi Sigma Pi; R«Mv Scientific Society President; Xenophde Society. Bight Panel CAROLYN JOYCE RUDISIL1..........................................Hanover, Pa. Elementary August Choir; Snapper. JERE E. RUTHERFORD .... Elizabethtown. Pa. Induitrial Arts May Football; Induitrial Art Society; Veteran' Club. MICHAELINE A. SANTANlELLO . . . LancaMer. Pa. Elementary—I ntermediate January Student Council Representative at large. Newman Club Irearurer; Collegian. Snapper tuiciutr Editor, Co Editor; Future Teacher of America; Women' Community A tocia Hon. Student Education A ociattan id P«nn ylvania. Left Panel JOSEPH CHARLES SAVAGI Morrm illc. Pa Induitrial Arts—Metal, Drawing August Newman Club; Vanity Club; Industrial Am Society; Football; Track C aptain; no. Country: Theater tt Club. ALLEN R. SCHANTZ .... Millcmillc. Pa. Secondary-Mathcmatici. Geography January Mu Kappa Mu. Tennis; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; llacdrr Geographic Society; Industrial Art Society. MARILYN V. SCHILLING .... Lancaster. Pa. Elementary-Kindergarten Primary, Special Education May Newman Club; Association foe Childhix ] Education International; Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. Bight Panel RONALD SCHLAYBACH . . . Sinking Springs. Pa. Industrial Arts—Ceramic May Student l.dutation Association of Pennsvlvama; l.ulheian Student Association; Men’s V arsity Club; industtial Att Society; Iota I .nnliila Sigma, lennis. EDWARD J. SCHMALHOFEK . . . Lancaster. Pa. Secondary-General Science, Biological Science January Footled); Track; Men' Vanity Club Vice-President I Men's I av Student Association Tte» utcr. LYNDA M. SCHMUTZLER . . Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Association for Childhood Education International; Snapper; Intramural Sport ; J. V. Basketball. 43Left Panel MERLE THOMAS SCHNEE . . . Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—Biological Science, Physical Science January Rndilv Scientific Society; Vtiulent Education Anoculioii of Pennsylvania; Lafauratnry Attbtant in the Biology Department) Min' Day SluJrnt Association. HERBERT J. SCHOENLY. JR. . . East Greenville, Fa. Industrial Am-Wood May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Iota I unbda Sigma Pre identi Phi Sigma Pi; Aft Society; Lutheran Student A »tatinn. ANNE LOUISE SCHWARTZ . . . Columbia, Pa. Secondary-Biology, Geography May Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. Roddy Scientific Society Secretary; Baviler Geographic Society Secretary. Bight Panel LUKE SC1PIONI.....................................................Lebanon, Pa. Secondary—Biological Science, Social Studies May Buddy Scientific Society; Student Education Association of Pcnnaylvjiila; Alpha Phi Omega Cortes pntsdmg Secretary, Presidents Intramural Committee; Student Guide. MARJORIE HOPE SCOT!' .... Coawsvillc. Pa. Elementary-Kindergarten-Primary May Band Secretary; Choir; Anocutiun tut Childhood Education International Secretary. EDNA M SHADER Elementary Bausman, Pa. January Left Panel WILLIAM SHIRK................................................Lancaster. Pa. Secondary-Geography, Biology May Glee Cluh; Bowler Geographic Society; Men’s Day Student Association; Track. BETTY J. SHOOK.........................................................York, Pa. Elementary-Intermediate August Association for Ghihlhood Education International. JOY RODGERS SHUPP .... Lancaster. Pa. EJem cm far)1 - Ki ndergarten Pri ntary May AmociaiM.n for Childhood Education Intcinational; Women’ Day Student Association Vice President: Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. Bight Panel KATHRYN ANN SINKOVICH . . . Middletown, Pa. Secondary—English, Latin May Student I .location Association of Pennsylvania; Newman Cluh; English Club Treasurer. Xenophile Society Secretary; Delta Phi Eta Treasurer; Snapper. BETTY JANE S1PE .... Landhville. Pa. Elementary August Band; Association In Childhood Education International; Snapper; Intramural Sports LORETTA LIBRICZ SKEAN . . . Bethlehem. Pa. Elementary—I ntermediate January Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Association for Childhood Education International; Newman Cluh. NVirmnnite Nines Editor: Collegian; Snapper Co-Editor. 44left PantI JAY SM1NK.............................................................Lykcns. Pa. Industrial Arts January Indiictnal Am Society: Theater it» luh. Intramural Basketball; Intramural Softball. CHARLES W. SMITH .... Lancaster. Pa. Secondary-Social Studies. Biological Science May Bond. Oiolt: Chamard: I unite Teacher of America: Aiwmbly Committee. HAROLD M. SMITH .... Secondary - English. Spanish Suffer; I nglt.h Club; Xcnophilr. I ebanon, Pa. January Right Panel RALPH E. SMITH .... Schacffentown. Pa. Elementary-Intermediate May Lutheran Student A elocutions Association fix Childhood Education International Vice-President: Student Education Association of Pcnntyls ania. RAYMOND L. SMITH .... Lcwistown. Pa. Elementary -Intermediate August Citamard: Picnic: Student Education Association of Pennsylvania; Bod and (iun Club Secretary: M ns Community Asux tation; Ra»lrr (ic graphic Society; Wrcitling: Student Chriclian Association. Lutheran Student Awciatwo; Alpha Phi Omega. SHIRLEY ANNE SMITH Hemctl i ary—K i ndergar ten-Primary Lancaster. Pa. May Left Panel SHIRLEY H. SMITH .... Lancaster. Pa. Id emeu Utry—Kindergarten Pri mary M ay C. GORDON SNEATH .... Millcrsvillc. Pa. Secondary Physical Science. Biological Science August B Scientific Society Vice-President. RAYMOND SOMERFIELD .... Lancaster, Pa. Secondary-Science May Right Panel PAULINE ELIZABETH SPANGLER . . . York. Pa. Elementary—Intermediate May Student l.dxu tion Association of Pennsylvania; Citamaid. JANET H. STA I LER .... Chambcrsburg. Pa. Library Science. History January Alpha Bela Alpha; Social Studies Club. JOHN E. STAUFFER .... Havertown. Pa. Industrial Arts May Imlucttul Am Society; Stuilent t hrntian Asu-elation; Student Lc ucntiun Association of Pennsylvania; Snapper; Truck; Intramural Ba’kethall; Public Speaking Cootect; Dehate Society. 45Left Panel JAY l STEIN METZ Industrial Arts-Graphic Arts, Drafting Induttrial Aii» Society. Lancaster. Pa. May DONALD B. STE'ITER .... Lancaster. Pa. Industrial Arts August J, V. linker ball; Induttrial Ait Sudetvc Student (hmttan Ataociation; Student Education Attoriatiun id Penntyl ania: Nmrruan Induttrial Ait Atsociatkm. JUDITH ANN STOTT .... Clcnoklcn. Pa. Elementary Mav Choii. Marching Band; riaiM i ; Bri loon; Secretary id Junior Claw. IXelta Phi Eta Vice Pictideni. Student Education Avwiatlom id Penntylvania. Eight Panel JEAN ARLENE STRADTMAN . . . Bloormburg. Pa Library Science, Social Studies May Alpha Beta Alpha Corretponding Secret.ii ; IMphin IliMoiian; Student Chriltian Vctocintion. Student Iduiatmn Attorialiun of Penn Ivama; Social Stuilie Club. JEANNE YVONNE SWAR l Z . . . Shippcmburg. Pa. Secondary-Social Studies, Geography May Ba u-| Ceogiaphic Society; Social Studie Club Secretary! Women’ Community Abo datum Secretary! Welfare; Senior Cln Secretary. Rcpretcniarive at I uge to Student Council; Student Education Auociation of Penntylvania. Aucmblv Committee. JAMES E. SWEENEY .... Johnstown. Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Physical Science Auguvt Neuman Club Vice Pietident, Provident; I iwtball; Vanity Club; Intiamiual Batictball. Left Panel JOHN R. TALBOTT .... Unsdownc, I . Secondary—Geography, Social Studies Mav Wreitling; Battler Geographic Society Itcaturer; Neuman Club. JOSEPH H. IAIE . . . . Upper Darby, Pa Secondary-Social Studies, Geography Mav Football CoCaptain. HALLE JANE THOMAS .... Berwyn, Pa. Elementary January Eight Panel BETTY JOAN THOMPSON . . . Kirkwood. Pa. Secondary—Social Sfudies. English May Social Stmlie (tub; Student Chmtian Ataociation; Welfaie Council; Student Education Attestation of Penntylvania! Senior E lat llittnrian. ELIZABETH R. THOMPSON . . . Wyhdmoor, Pa. Secotulary-English, Social Studies January Snapper Co Newt Editoei Student Coum il Secictaty; Knglith Club Sectctaty, Vice Pietident; Women’ Vanity Club Secretary; Clat Secteuty. Welfare Council! Women' Vanity Tennitl Sueetheuit Queen; I loniecuinmg Queen' Coutt. ROBERT A. TODD.................................................Lancaitcr. Pa. Secondary Mathematics, Social Studies May Mu Kappa Mu; Wrettling; N attily Club. 46Left Panel ANN LOUISE TOMS................................................York. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary January future Teacher of America; Xeoonlulc Society, Intramural Volleyball: AcwcialKm fur Childhood Education Inirmatlonal. ARTHUR R. UMSTEAD . . . Royersford, Pa. Industrial Arts—Metal May Imftiitnal Art Society; Hand. MARY ELIZABETH VANOVER . . . Glen Rock, Pa. Secondary—Spanish. Social Studies May Opus; Inttamural Bowling: Intramural Volley hall; Xenophtle Vicc-Preyidcnt; Co-Chairman of Big l ittle Siitcr Committee; Manager of Girl ' Tennii Team; Social Club: 7Whiloitr Right Panel BEVERLY DIANE VanZANDT . . . Poitttown.Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary May Snapper Circulation Manager. Awociation for Childhood Education International; Student Education Aiaociatioa of Pennsylvania; Student Chrntian Awociatimi; Women' (Community ,V ociatkm. JOANNE M. WAGNER........................................................Lititz.Pa. Elementary ...... January Women' Day Student Auociation. DONALD L. WALLICK .... Hanover. Pa. Elementary May Intramural Softball; Intramural Backrtfull; Stamticlan If unity I out hall. Baykelball, and Have ball; Vattily Club; .Men' Community Aatociation. l eft Panel JAMES WALLIS Chester. Pa. Secondary—Social Science, History May Football; X'ondtv Club; Newman Club: Intramural Baikcthall. BOYCE E. WALTERS York. Pa. Secondary- Social Studies, Inglish May Snapper, Citamard President; Phi Sigma Pi Secretary; Intercollegiate Conference ..ii Government llbtorian, Secreiaiy; Student Education Avuiciytkm of Penncylvanta; Lutheran Student Acumatlon; Young Club; Pin mu' {uim l ou: Hng.ufo.ur f.ufv itulerniere't Fan: faming of I tie Shrew I I Council Secretary-Tteaturer. F. NEIL WALZL....................................................Lancaster, Pa. Secondary—Mathematics, Physical Science May Mu Kappa Mu; Young IU publican Club I'te.mircr. Right Panel WEPTANOMAII BERMUDA WASHINGTON Philadelphia, Pa. Elementary May Intramural Softball; I enni . Student C hrntian A wm: ration; Attoclatlun for Childhood Education International; Chairman Decorating Committee for Old Main: Future Tcachen Of America. PHYLLIS L. WEBER .... New Holland. Pa. Elementary -Kindergarten-Primary Hockey; Avviciation for Childhood Education International; Dolphin Club; Inttamural Spent JAMES S. WEEKS.............................................Bryn Mawr. Pa. Elementary—I ntermediate May uvi.ition for Childhood Education International l ie »urcr; Student ( hrlttiaii Auociatiun; Mcthoditl Student Mmrmcrt; E. U. B. Club Tteautrer; Choir. 47Left Panel NANCY LEE WEIHERER .... Reading. Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten Primary January A oci llon (or hiltlhood Education IntcrnaiHinul; Student Education Asso:iatkm of i’cnnwlvjiiu; Toui'kii(m«j Coilr ian. BARRY KERN WE1NHOLD .... Ephraw.Pa. Secondary-Social Studies. Guidance, Safely Education IVMolay Club Chairman ol Organization, President. Scvrcuiv, Treasurer: Lutheran Student Awviatloo; ru.niwg of llie Shrew; Intramural SoftMl; Student Guide; Student Education Association of Pcnmvlvanin. JOHN H. WENTZE1............................................................Lancaster. Pa. Industrial Arts August American Imlutirial Arts Association; industrial Arts Society; Men' Day Room Officer: V«t«ao‘» Club. Right Panel MARIE CEC1LE WETZEL..........................................Omanna. Pa. Library Science. History May Alpha Hera Alpha; Student Christian Association; Sludeni Education Association • rf Pennsylvania: Social Studio Club; I . II. II. Club CLYDE R. WILLIAMS, JR.............................................Lancaster. Pa. Industrial Arts August Industrial Arts Society; American Industrial Arts Association. GRACE L. KUSHMORE WILLIAMS Lancaster. Pa. Library Science, Sociul Studies Mav Alpha Beta Alpha; Futute Tcochns of America. Left Panel LESTER F.. VVITMER..............................................Lancaster. Pa. Secondary -General Science, Science January H. THOMAS WOLFENDEN . . . Glenolden. Pa. Industrial Arts—Graphic Arts. Driver Education May Football] Ami Society: Inter -A'ursitv Christian Felloivshlii; Rod and Cun (Hub President; Men's Com inunits Association; Student Council; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Softball; Safety Committee. PAUL S. WOLFGANG...............................................York. Pa. Secondary—Social Studies, Geography May (’■laniard: Intercollegiate Conference on Government Chairman; Veteran's Club; llavvler Geographic Society; Student Guide. Right Panel ARTHUR WOOD. JR...................................................New Holland. Pa. Industrial Arts August Alpha Phi Omega; Industrial Arts Society; Track; Cross-Country. MARILYN JOANNE WRIGHT . . . Camptown. Pa. Library Science, Social Studies January Alpha Beta Alpha; Student Christian Association; Choir; Citam.irrl; Social Studies Club: Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. MARY E. YARN ALL .... West Chester, Pa. Secondary—English, Spanish May English Club; Xcttophtlc Ptetulenl; Choir. Student Education Association id Pennsylvania. 48Left Panel SALLY ANN YOUNG......................................................York, Pa. Elementary May Avwicuiiiai fix CtuUihoxI E luc, tion PAUL VV. ZE1GER . . . Campbclhown, Pa. Elementary January Intruxillr Ktr Conference i«n Cotrmmcnti Neman' Club. RUTH HELEN ZEICLER .... Dover,Pa. Elementary—Kindergarten-Primary January lulmr Teacher at America; Student Christian Awxijlloc; Auocijtion for Childhood Education International. Eight Panel KENNETH G. ZIMMERMAN . Pine Grove. Pa. Secondary—General Science, Sciem e May Rod and Cun Club; Rntldv Scientific Snarly; Student Ltlucati-m Awjcijtion of Pcnntylyania; Intramural llatlcthall: Intramural Softball. MARGARET ANN ZOOK .... Barevilk. Pa. Lihran Science, English May Alpha Beta Alpha 11 ictorian; EngliOi Club; Itmckumr; Student Oimtian AwAiatioo: Student lalmation AHOciatinn of PrnniyKania; Delta I’ht Eta; Mrthodnt Church Choir. Intramural Softball. In Memoriam Gardner Meisenhelder (1929-1958) Gardner was .1 man of parts. Him was noth ing about him that hinted of the mediocre or run-of-the-mill. II he represented MS IV .11 all, it was In his being the exception. I le radiated a charm and an affabilitN that was almost completely disarming. I lis talents were considerable, and he was continuously involved in the creation of something new and different. At the time of his death, some of his most recent literary works were being readied for publication. As a student he had no peers; sound scholarship and mastery of the tools of learning were hall marks of his intellectual brilliance. Absolutely sincere and honest, he stood up For what he believed. An individual, he fought to retain his identity when some few would have had him conform to their pitifully mean, irrational, and provincial concepts. In the worlds of art. music, literature, and all other things cultural, his tastes were catholic, and he was exceedingly well-informed in each department. This was no ordinary creature. We loved him and miss him terribly. 43SENIORS NOT PICTURED Apsche, William H. Lilley, Charles W. Itaiocchi, Gene E. Loump, Ada Mae Bucher, Helen L. Manley, John C. Damato, Peter P. March, Anthony P. DeVerter, Marry G. Mostromattco, Elia Fox. Peter T. Meisenhelder. Mrs. Doris Gould, Fred E. Milan. Sanford E. Greenaw.dt, Charles E. Moul, Nancy I. Gruber, Robert G. Ovack, David E. Hahn. Phyllis Mary Resell, Robert C. Houston. Willis L. Slovinac, John J. Jackson. S. Robert Smyscr, Gerald E. Kane. Mrs. Jean E. Stricklcr, William Kennedy, Donald W. White, John R. Kozcl, John J. Willis, Edna L. Krail, Rodger D. Wilvcrt, William J. I.ccch, Ronald E Zook, Samuel R. I.ewandowsk. Michael Even athletes like Jim Bolden find it necessary to study once in awhile! 50 Jane B. Geyer, Barbara De l ink, anti Carolyn Rudidill entertain WCA.Touchstone - 1909 Style 1 he musing Senior lingers late tonight. Along the campus walks he strolls alone. While twilight drops its sable mantle light. In yonder pine an owl from its dark height I loots in mclanchoh tone. I lis head is bowed. I lis thoughts are not of love. Of Ixxiks, of coming thesis, or of ancient lore. I lis heart tonight is strangely sad. From above Clay student voices floating down will not remove The weight, but even add the more. A Himxl of memories crowd through his mind. I he happy incidents of three long years. Those care free, happy days when Fate was kind. I he classic halls, the paths that wind About the lake, tonight are doubly dear. Tomorrow holds for him the parchment roll. In fancy clear he sees his parents' smile When he receives the well deserved scroll. I hat of his early struggles marked the goal. I houghts like these crowd his mind the while. Twilight is lost in dark, yet still he stands. Then turning to the stars he breathes a silent prayer, "(.od of our Destiny. Thy will commands. Guide I hou, Ftcrnal One. my striv ing hand. The great world secret learned lie there. ' Tis hard to leave, to part with friends for aye, l is hard to say with the Raven “Nevermore." May love for Alma Mater never die. The Senior speaks his last “Good-bvc." I lis school-bov days are done for ever. 51WHO’S WHO Scholarship, service, constructive participation in activities and contributions to student government on campus prov ided the criteria by which Who's Who. the honor roll of Millersville seniors, was chosen. I he following seniors have reason to l e proud of their records and deserve a vote of thanks for their contributions to MSTC:NEV1N R. FRANTZ KARL E. CETTLE IX)NNA KAY HENRIEJUNIORS ES I HER |. JOSEPH E. WALKER Junior girls preparing to entertain their little sisters. In 1909 there were only three classes here at Millersville-juniors. middlers. and seniors. The middlers corresponds to our present day junior class. "Obta bene facia"—the middlers class motto and this cheer was often heard around the campus I loo Rah! I loo Rah! I loo Rah! Rem! Middlers! Middlers! 1910 T his year the Junior Class kept busy by sponsoring many activities such as the "Shipwreck Ball" and record dances. Making ]»m jxims for vile at football games was another money making venture of the class. Class advisers arc Miss Esther Ki I heifer and Mr. Joseph Walker. Bub Wright, vice-president; S.mi Shnhib, president; Barbara Jeffries, treasurer; Judy Garrett. secretary, Peggy Diet , historian. 1 iFront Haw: Fat Cavanaugh, Shirley Weaver, Mickey Shoemaker, Boh Lorenz. Middle Row: Dorothy Canter. Jo Knotwell, Doris Mellinger, Sue Kline •Lust. Toy Row: Bob Airland. C harles Moore. Front Row: C onnie Ycaglcy. Pam ( on nid. Sue l.cihy. Middle Row: Jane 1 hire, Jane Siddall. Kay Shiffer, Judy Stroup. Toy Row: Stephanie Wozney. Joan Zvvaan. Boherta Scott, Elaine Branyan. l:iont Row: Jeanette Thomas. Dotty I'yxon. Pat Simes. Boh Wright. Middle Row: Anne Kiminerlc. Beatrix Bickcrt. Winifred Adams. Boherta SHdwaltcr. Joanne Sanders. Toy Row: loin ( raver, linger Diehl. front Row: Norma Geder, Nancy Laf ferty, Joan Si pc. Middle Row: Mary Anne Malhiot, Eva Stcttcr. Julia Steb-nian, Bosalind Sprenklc. Toy Row June Stcllcr. Louhe Worley. From Row: Alice Ann l ong, Gail Bowman, Sandy Norford, Cathy I till, Suzanne Sterner. Second Row: Jeanninc Johe. Mac Paul, Peggy Mentzer, Jane I iarkinson, Carolyn l omlinvm. Third Ron-: I md.t Haas, Lou Patton. Pauline Umberger Top Row: Vcndla Ray. Front Row: Peggy Diet , Deanna Moyer. Elaine Ko ura. Middle Row: Joan Bishop. Nancy Stev ens, Gwen Delp, Carolyn Bur hank. Top Row Darlene Snyder. Phyllis Wolfs n. Martina Smith. •'rout Row: John Pete, Judy Gar rett. Sandy Foster. Middle Row: Barbara Ruyak. Frances Quigley. Joy Daniels. Frannic Vcscio. Top Row: Maryanne Cantwell, Margie Kile. Front Row: Margie Royer, Cynthia Snyder, Patricia Lee, Carl Fcrrec. Top Row: Mary Mohan cik, Annette Fishel. Sue Becker. Truman Brown. 58l:ro it How: Saul Weinstein, Pat Bachcr, Doris Reitenbaugh. Middle How: Elizabeth Leighton. Phyllis Hahn, Judy Crist. Top How: Patricia I loover. Front H iw: Ken Hess, Linda An derson. Trudy Wallace. Louise Kristiek. Middle How: Allscrt Brack bill, Lewis Jury, Whedon Mvers, John Wagner. Top Hour Ralph Day wait. Wayne Wjgu man. Carl Ernst. I rout Raw: Bob Bvkowski, Donald Zdgler, William Paul. AI Miller. Middle How: Charlie Axarlis Boh Cooper, Larry Osman, Dale Wolgeniuth. Top Row.- Lyle Rosenberger, Sain Shuhclo. D m Morrison. Mike Lacktnun. From How Eony Mioli, Earl Guinthcr, Ellcrslic Blyler. Dun Corbin. Middle Row: Gene Brown, Edgar Royer, Alan Lit lie, Dennis Spancakc. lop Row. John Mann, Ron Kerr. Ron Yoder. 59SOPHOMORES DR. VIRGINIA BECK JOSEPH RHEN "Won scholao scd vitae discimus,- but don't let that scare you, it’s only the class motto of the juniors, or lirst year students of MSNS in 1909. Nevertheless (. lass of ’61 take heed! do you have a catchy little verse to represent your class like that of the Class of 1911? Ding! Dong! Keystone seven, Come eleven! Juniors! Juniors! 1911 I he Sophomore class this year, sponsored various activities in chiding a I lomccoming exhibit, the "Slop I lop" and other informal dances; and one of the main highlights of the second semester, the Sophomore Prom. Class advisers arc Dr. Virginia Heck and Mr. Joseph Khcn. E 1 Hoover, vice-president; John Price, president; Gary Wendt, student council representative; Jane Smoker, secrc tary; Nancy Royer, historian. Absent when picture was Lois Julius and Phyllis Wolfson work ut taken—John Slambonlian, treasurer. schedules for the next semester. Front How: Barbara Yeager, (Jinny Goering. Susan Zeeh. Middle How: Linda Smoker, Janet Kreincr. Barbara Br.night, Linda McNcely. loy Bote Hazel Durham, Janet DeHart. Jeanne Heroux, Elaine Senscnich. I'roni How: Joni Ciampaglin. Rhodessa Lee CroWder. Mary Jane 1 la gey. Mid die How: Nonna Brown, Carol Berger, Eat Stover, Sally Bearer. Toy Bou’; Bette Wefnmann, Anna Marie Troilo, Babs Much. r-roul Bow’: Dick ILilbrittcr. David Spain, Charlc% Lit tel, Itv. Sticly. Middle How: Terry Snook, Ken Jones, Rus cll Faux, George Hollendcn. Toy How: Vic Scango, Harold Walter, An gelo Ciarrocco. Cl From How: Richard Jones. Charlotte Piconc, Mary Ellen Cuddy. Lynn Licberman. Middle How Jov Mora'ky. Ruth Waybright. Elaine Shaffer. Barbara Stalker, Janet Daub. Toy How: Joan Weaver, Jack Lrembath, Donna Shuc.l:ront How: B c 11 y Richards, Joan Kooni . Cary McFcelv. Jane Wolfe. Larry Shrnk. Middle How: Joyce l eft uich, Debbie Large. Sylvia StelFv. Bar hara Price. Top Row: Dick DiNoia. Lee Walker. From Itou': .Nancy Flanders. Priscilla Wallace. Middle How: Lynne Kapp, Louise Alexander. Sandy Van Fossen, Nadine Dick. Maxine Wickman. Top How: Linda Evans, Maryanna JDungnn, Reha Harris. Mike Bnbb. Iron: How: Mary Alice Dtchm. Mary Ann Felly. Darlene S|x n ellcr, Virginia Crook. Middle How: Jane Nevin. Jane Rir man, Laura Rich. Dolores McKenna. Top How: Carol Kaltritrr. Ruth Osborne. Betsy Courrlesv From Hour F.ilcen Heller. Louise Berk-stresscr. James Herman. Middle Row: Barbara Ubcrsole, Kay Sharpe. Gail Walker, Rosanna Sweden. Top Row: Gary Wendt, Barbara Vondcrcrone. Barbara Spolar, Barbara Becker Front Ron': Roxanne Lehman, Helen Schuler, Harriet Herman. Middle Ron-: Patricia Bord. Ruth Good, Linda Irvin, Carole Ruck. Joan Kearns. Top Row: Mary Ellen Mycr, Marilyn Gcrlach. Connie Raab. Front Roue Jean Sicllor, Ingcborg Gucldncr, Elgic Miller. Middle Row: Lois Rader. Sara Henry, Ann Rudolph. Par Ross, Roberta Hahn. Top Row: Gerry Olshefsky. Joan Pringle. Sandra Wincmillcr, Kathy Hartenstinc. t rout Row: Torn Ackerman. Boh Me han, William Gotwald, Ray Wallace. Middle Row: Tom Brown. Dale Hoff, Andrew Bryant. Ron Marcello. Top Row: Bob Prcttym.m. James Clark. Bernie Stein. Front Row; Jane Smoker, Peggy Brels lord. Helen Ryrw . Middle Row; Ella Graham, Judy Graham, Helen Nohren-hold, Carole Lock, Pat Kirchkesner. Top Rote; Joyce Donohue, Ncala Eyler, Linda Rambler. Amy Kncibler.■ Front Row: Barium DeVink, Nancy Landrcth, Barham Hck, Anna Jane Shaulis. Middle liou Barb Bushong. Patricia Smytlic. Shirley Moore. Nancy Klinefelter. Patricia Bvers. Top Rom-.' Nancy Humphrey. Alice Gundrum. Front Row: Inez Parker, Arlene Braun-mg. Linda Hofmeister, Ruth Stevens. Middle Row: Joanne Gchntan. Terri Jacobs. Barbara Doyle. Top Row: Pat Langley. Joyce Fenstermacher, Nancy Stitehbcxry. Front Row: IX’lrnar Bowers. Ge irgia Luke s, Sails Grimes. Lois Julius. Middle Row; Bar hara Brubaker. Sally Deputy, Lots Adams. Tiop Row: Nancy Rover. Sylvia Buchert. Roberta Main. Mary Jean l.illartl. Front Row: Mary Jane Smith. Pat Williams. Barbara Wilds. Second Row: Barbara Dealer, Margaret Fanner, Sandy I.uciot-ti. Third Row: Linda Poorman, Ann Mel verson. Jo Ann Kunkel. Top Row: Ruby James. Joan Dockcy. C4front How: John Price, Dave Wardmp, Ken Cross. Middle How: Robert 11s posito, George Riggs, Dick While. Ed wars I Barden. Top Row: Kenneth Fcgelv, John Stambonliun. John loll. front Row: Jim Houser, Dennis Idler, Beau Smith. John I’av-lick. Middle Row: A1 Waltcmy-cr, Jon Martin, Ed I loover, Jim Creighton, Jim i larf. Top Row: I con Matthew, Ken Htmeisen. Michael White. Dick llalhrittcr and Jack Elliott try to enjoy a game of chess while surrounded by kibitzers. 65 _FRESHMAN CLASS "We love the upper classmen" rang loud and clear from Old Main to Roddy I lall as the Freshman Class assembled for its weekly lineups at the beginning of the year. Graduation from lolly-pops and balloons provided the first major advance in accepting college responsibility. Class advisers are Miss Mabel Mobcrg and Mr. Louis Jennings. Joanne Ycuglcy, historian; Jim Graham, student council representative; Unda Uocslcr, student council represents! live; Virginia Bean, secretary; John Sunders, vice president; Jim Shuhdu, president; Lirry Cralcy, treasurer. COl:roui How: 1:1.line (aroperanith, Carol Anderson. Betsy Dillon, I’.msino, Vija Vitols. June Talpcv- Middle Row:! Altlevbergcr, Jane Warner, Do lores Rehrcr. Sonia Sponsctlcr, I Iclcn Weir. Top Row: Robert Graham, Boh Wisslcr, Tom Spa naugle, Wilbur Amand, Car)' Miller. 67 I rout Row: Elizabeth Cross. Barbara Fox. Lee Shepherd, Charlotte Vogt, Deanna Myers, Joyce Hess. Middle Raw: Ann Holland. Janet Catillield, Janet Brandt. lx»is Fittaluga, Mary Francis Noonan l‘op Row: Von Kessler. Linden Crawford, Brenda lk-ehtold, Mary Farr. Zaferula Valudcs. I nun Row: Bertha Caul ton. Joanne Ycaglcy, Joan King. Joyce Bavicr. Joan Schant . Fat Rea. Middle Row: Joyce Weaver. Marlene Luckenbjugh, Barbara Light. Marjorie Bronson. Judy Lynn, Ronald Davis. Top Row: Tony Di Fietro. Richard Hibshntan, Audrio Smith. Herman I ink. Bruce Robinson. I rout Row: Jim Currie. Blanca Villaviccncio, Mary Ann Danko, Beverly Heath, Carol Crain. John Sanders. Middle Row: Judy King, Donna Ftsscl, Bette Jane Kier, Judy Murphy. Joyce Shatter. l op Row: Terry CmlT, el Son Gl.itlcltcr. Randy Bauer. Karl Minnuk.Front Row: Ik'vcrlv Zeller, Jeanette Bcchtold, Gale Genslcr, Lorraine Hess, Times Vassady. Jane Kimble. Middle Row: Linda Long. Carol Evans, Phoebe Rudy, Heidi Schrocdcr, David Knisely. Top Row: Norman Peck. Richard San ford. Theodore Jarrctt, Robert Ehl man. Sid Landrum. Steve Zolomij. Front Row: Nancy Thompson. Ann Vinyard. Judy Judge, Evelyn Melott. Sue Pat Schank. Middle Row: Dave Grumbine, Jim Shnhda. Janice Rocco. Gail Morris. Bill Harshaw, John Sladicka. Fop Row Bob Schwciger, lX n Kistler. Dale Unger, Glenn Shaffer, George Simpson. Front Row Sue Miller, Nancy Gott-shall, Joan Pattscb, Shirley Gelt . Jane Fcnstcrrnakcr, Nancy Eicbholt . Middle Row; Diane Zook, Stephanie Yut cic. Patricia Shilling. Kathy Menges. Rhoda W i k e r. Top Row: Edward Sober. Glenn Badorf. Judy Robertson. Ronald Snavely, Paul Rod gets. Front Row: Mertu E. ILuch, Rosemarie Pogwist. Sonia Shutter, Ruthanne Wei ler, Brenda Worley. Patricia Yea ricks. Middle Row: Virginia Bean. Beverly Artin, Joan Welch, Melinda Strayer, Joyce Barnes, Margie Growl. Top Ron': Raymond Kopf, Gary Bell, Ben Dicket son, Larry Cralcy, Joe I fartman. 1 1 iron! Row: Judy Fdhcy, Judy Gable. Margaret Louise Kriebel, Julia Ross, Kathy Jcstcadt. Mary La eski. Middle Row: Su y Gilbert. Julia Snyder. Bonnie Rosa. Joan Davis. Elaine Suntich. June O'Hara. Top Bote: Bernatd Lu-binskv, George Starr. Pete Ores ko. Bill Lincawcavcr, Nancy Bocrckcl. I'ronl Bene: Kay Vandergrift, Sue Davidson. Beverly Bingaman. Jean Anne Moore. Anna Marie B.irick. Marjorie Sawhook. Middle How: Sue Drayer, Joyce Sltenk, Dot tie Angle, Laurie Kissinger, Rachel Noll. Top Rote: I rank lltontas, I larold Cinder, Lee Pisano, Henry Taylor, Claude Uliner. From Row: Bonnie McCoy, Margaret Schroeder, Martha Minnig. Margie Douros. Ruth Waite, Linda Roesler. Middle Hon Sue Schiele, Sandy Dale, Kay Stratford. Helen Heiscy. Jean Wells. Barbara Erwin, lop Row: Don aid Crownover. Jim Suininar, Melvin Strausbauglt, W'illiam Short . From Roto: Lois Fuhtman, Frances Vonce, Pat Hillard, Joyce Bedger, Kathie Koons. Middle Row: Carole Paydock. Joan Gentmel. Nancy Ken-eagy, Elaine CrolL Top Row: Lucille Groff, Mildred Rhoades, Rhoda Shcnk, Julie Hollingswortlt.Front How: Hcdda Schwarz, Joan Gallagher. Dorothy Kirk. Dorothea Brown. Cecilia Pon■ sting], Jessie Shutt, Gavlc Andrews. Middle How: Carolyn Poverty, Sandra Zepp, Carolyn l.uithlcn. Bonita Alwine. Geraldine Bulthaser. Ullcn Paul. Top Mon-: George Beider, Pont Weir-ich. DjIc I leinpfing. I lenrv, Danny I ritsch. Arthur George. Front Mow.- Pat Parley. Elizabeth Allen, Jcanic West, Carolyn Dietz. Judy Folmer. Sandra Woodward. Middle How: Peggy White, Caroline Davis, Fred Rinkcr, Torn Rodgers. Jean Elliott. Sandra Stomtfell . Pop How: Hick 1 litzelbcrger, Joel McCarter. Jack Stewart. Steve 1 Icnch, Dun Bell. 70 Front How: Judy Mosebach, Ruth Cal Itoun, Zee Hodkey. Joan Creveling, Carol Smith. Ann Keefer. Middle How: Richard Milter, Erank Kestner, Edwina Uartenstinc. Linda Riley. Patrick Men denhall, Tom Amidon. Top How: Joseph Kobar, Robert Warcham, John Hess, Gerald Stcidlc. John Nietl. Front How: Edith 1 liddeman. Kay, Dec 1 lines. Yvonne I am liert. Joan McGlaughlin, Anne Marie High. Middle How: Edna May Nichols, I nis Blouch, Barhara 1 leek. Pat Shelfer, Ruth Miller. Carol Wert. Top How: l-irrv Ocsch. Bradley Locrchcr, Ray Kendig, Clyde Camper. Elaine Strauss.FRESHMAN ORIENTATION Holt! your breath! 71ORGANIZATIONSAcademic Clubs ALPHA BETA ALPHA iron! How: K.iv V.mdergrifl, Maine CxipcrMnitli, Janet Caulfield. Jmlv Graham, Sydney Stugomycr, Wall Evlcr. Carole I «ck, Murgret •• k, Judy Robcrtvm. Sealed: Pat Kirchkesncr. Put Hoffman, Saul Weinstein, Phyllis Halm. Marv Ann Nixon. Middle How. Ann Vinyard, Peggy Brels ford, Amy Kndhltr, I ind.i B.nnblcr, Marie Wct cl, Pat Bachcr, Jean Stradtman, Elizabeth Leighton, Patricia lltaner, Gvnthia WiJc ’, Joyce Donohue, Susan Miller, Margie Sawhook. Btuk Hou Dorothy Angle, Sandra Zcpp, Carolyn Luithlen, l llen Paul, Judy Crist. Helen Nohrcnhold, Nancy C unningham, Geraldine Balthaser, Rachael Noll. Alpha Beta Alpha is a national under graduate library science fraternity with chapters at colleges and universities in all sections of the United States. Kappa Chapter was established at Millersville mi May 3, 1950, The purpose of the fraternity is to encourage young men and women to become librarians, to promote fellowship, and to further the professional knowledge of its memlrcrs. Membership is open to students pursuing the library science curriculum. There arc also professional memberships for faculty ntcinltcrs, as well as alumni life-memberships for graduates. I his year the four teentli annual library conference was held at Kutztown. 74 MISS CORAL E. MELSON 1 n 1A L in! l£ ASSOCIATION FOR CIIIFDIIOOD EDUCATION From Hou. Beverly VanZandt, Rat Carr. I.ymla Schmut lvt, Carol Fleming. Shirley IHtli. (Jail Hartley. Seated: Carolyn Oumn. Jim Weeks. Ralph Smith. Sally Moran. Marjorie- Scott. Middle Kou- Patricia McCoy. Sue Parry. Judith I au. Phyllis Hohrer. Connie Folkenmth. Irene McCulloch, Donna Hcnric. Jane Cairns. Cuil llommigh. Phvllis Doldc. Back Hou Robert Noll. arlton Hoffer. Ray Smith. Annette Pri er. rite Association for Childhood Education International is .1 professional organization on campus for students enrolled in tlu elementary curriculum. Its purpose is to work for the well being of children through the education of prospective teacher. Membership in this organization may continue even after the present students become in-service teachers. I lu- major project of the club this year was I lean I laven in Lancaster. Every week members entertain the children with games and stories. t Christinas CEI undertakes the responsibility ol seeing that the children have a happier holiday. 75 MISS CHARLOTTE M. GOOD iront: Ann . Middle How. IxRoy Robinson, Marcella crchcr, Clayton Bixlcr, Jeanne Swart , Dale Moil. J'o i How: Drew Darruh. I.ewiv jury, i’lnwnas Groff. Wayne 1 lershey, Ronald Rrenncman. BASSLER GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY l lt. ItolIMt I N. I OKI) I ENGLISH CLUB From How: Carolyn Cramer, Sheila Knoll, lngcborg Guiblncr, Anna Rarick. I Icrta Raw It. ahcth 'iltompMin. Soned: Ethel Keller, Dorothy Drencher, Ncdra Grim. Junto Rcnnix. Kathy Sinkovich, Mary Yurnall. Middle How: Joan Weaver. Market Zook. Pat ( av.inauj-h, Jurrett Pll.innt. Ray Wallace, Woo I row Snell. Hack How: Lee Rhodes. Drew Darruh. Walt K.i|ilan. Dick Jones, Ken Zimmerman 76INDUS'! RIAL ARTS SOCIETY Membership in the Industrial Arts Society is comjjosed front HURL N. OSBIIRN both the faculty and students of the Industrial Arts Department. This organization is designed to aid the development of a professional attitude in the prospective teacher. The organization is re sjHinsihle for many of the very excellent displays and programs at various conventions on both the state and national levels. I hesc displays have greatly helped to educate the public as to the aims of industrial arts education. Front Row: K.irl Celtic. Earl Cuinthcr. Ncviti Frantz. Edgar Royer. Middle Hour Irvin N.ithnn.vtn. Jay Sniink. C.ilen I ether, Francis Folk. Dick llarvev, Ken Knchcy. I.ynn Paul. Herb Schocnlv. Top Rout Joseph I alii. John Stauiler. Charles Bustard. 77Front Row: Rosanna Sweden, BUI Wasylyk, Paul Wolfgang, Barbara Bcaler. Hack Row; Bob Mellow. Roy Strumbaugh, I rank Thomas. Fred Indictor, Jerry Pasternak, Darryl lair, Edward Gallagher, Chuck Pnrtser, l-m Henderson. Royce Walters. MU RICHARD c. Ktt.l i:rt INTERCOLLEGIATE CONFERENCE ON GOVERNMENT ML KAPPA MU Front Row: Joan Pringle, Sandra VVinemillcr, C arole Miles, Charlotte Cruickshank. Middle Row; Janet Daub, Rob ert Wolfe, Paul Bolt , Thomas Klinger, Joann Eplor. Toy Hon-: Robert Todd. Taylor I .unborn. Jim I pier. Kenneth Kochey. Glenn Shader. Dale I lentphng. 78 Front How: Pat Cavanaugh, Linda McNcaly. Lynn l.ieberman. Seated: Linda Smoker, Elgie Miller, Mary Yarnall, Stephanie VN'o nev. Joan Gallagher. Hack Ron1; Mary Ellen Cuddy. Barbara Fasnaeht, Carolyn Lavcrty. Lee Pisano, Sandra Norford, Gail Bowman, Pat I angley. UK. IHEOUORE II. RUPP XENOPIIILE SOCIETY RODDY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY Front liow: Cordon Sneath, Betty Aiken, Kenneth Miller. Wayne 1 lershev Hack How: Taylor Lanihorn. Charles Cronebergcr. Joann Eplcr, James I pier. 79STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF PENNSYLVANIA Informing pros|Xx-iive teachers about professional activities in their chosen field and arousing their enthusiasm for teaching are the objectives ol Student Education Association of Pennsylvania. SI’AP j crforms many services to mtr campus, including helping to record assembly attendance, and serving as guides for the high school groups which visit our campus during the year. Some of SEAP’s programs consist of educational films, panel discussions, exchange programs, sjxjakers in the held oi education, and student teaching experiences. I he James P. Wickcrsham chapter takes an active part in the district and state SI P's allairs also. I rout How Dorothy Banks. Beverly V.inZai»dt. Carol Fleming, Donna Knisdcv, Margaret Mundis, Melon Kling. Phyllis Duldc. Sealed: Susin Zwli. Barbara Becker, Al Braekbill. Barbara Wilds. Mary Jane Smith. Middle How Shirley Bath. Kathy Sinkovich, M. Jane Myers. Marie Wetzel, Frances Keefer, B.iv Smith, Jane I lvers, Jean Stradtrnan, Bon Good, Darrell (Upper, Balph Smith. I uke Scipioni, Bovce Walters, Annette Pri ei Brick Mow: Barbara DcCluck, Sus.m Junes, Dorothy Grater, Saul Weinstein, Ben Kneislcv, Nancy Cunningham, Edward Gal higher. MR. DAVID Q. VOIC'I Seated: Al Brackbill, Jack Flick, Jcunnc Swart ., J.iiih- Snmmar. Standing: Fat Bach or, A1 Wnltcmycr, Mr. David Voigt, Jon M inin, Margie Doums. Dale Diwnger. John Repack, Li Vanover. SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB Seated: Jon Martin, John Stcincmann. Nancy Osborne, Rhodessa Crowder, James C lark, Al Wiiltcmycr. Standing: Mr. Charles Lonl, Stan Decn. MR. (.11 ARI.fcS A I.ORD 81Athletic Clubs MR. JAMES I ZWAII V Put Scliimk. Sue SVhank (front). Joyce Weaver, Dolores 1 kilter, mid Bonnie Rosa. juvvee cheerleaders practice lx: fore a coining game. CHEERLEADERS n added impetus to this year's school spirit and enthusiasm was due in part to the pep and interest shown In our Varsity Cheerleaders led In cocaptains Carole I leming and Mary inn Holcnius. I hese girls are chosen for poise, personal appearance, personality. and general eheerleading ability. mong some of their activities this year were Ixmlircs, pep rallies, parades, snake dances, and impromptu dorm cheering sessions. Carol Miming ifcuev iiig , Sandy LoOcr, Idua Willis, Joy Daniels. Margie Kile, Alice (hindiiim. 82Seniors and club officers pose for Touchuone photographer. I'hcy arc (hoitom to top) Jurict Cooper, Join Zwann, Joy Daniels. Marvannc ( antwell, Judy Garrett, .Marion Powers, Carol Lvnes. DOLPHIN CLUB l-.iilt year women with an interest in creative swimming arc invited to tr out for the Dolphin Club which is a member ol the Association of Synchronized Swimming for College Women, a na tional association. During the spring of the year, the club presents a synchronized swimming show which is o|x?n to the public. This year the production. "Broadway," was presented on Match 19, 20, 21 in Brooks Hall. Phoebe Rudy, Carol I.yncs, Judy Garrett, Marion Powers. Marvannc Cantwell. Carol Wert. Peggy Brchfard, Jovee Lcftwich. Joy Daniels. Blaine (oopcriniith, Janet Cooper, Diane l ewis, Kuth Waybright, Judy Mnsebuch, Nancy Flanders. Jean West. Jran w.nni. 83John Pavlick, victim of initiation. DU. RAYMOND J. RllNKLE Membership in the Men's .irsitv Club is open to .ill male students who have earned a varsity letter. I hese athletes are awarded sweaters and keys; the senior varsits loot hall members are pie sented with gold footballs. I heir activities during the year include sponsoring the "Stairway to the Stars," publishing the footba.ll and winter spirts programs, running the football refreshment stand, and organizing the spring football game in order to work towards an electric score board. I nun How: Bob I odd, 1-cc Rhodes. Leo Wangle. Scaled: Walt Kaplan, Jim Sweeney, Drew Dtimih. Lou I louser. Dick Morrow. John Kop.ak, J1 ’ late. I.eRoy Robinson. Standing: Jim Creighton, Jim Wallis, Joe Savage, Ken lies'. Dave laux, Larry Osman, Hill Paul. Lari Cuinihcr, Dick I liirvcy. Jolin DcLaurcntw, Don Corbin. 84I l»c main purpose of the Women's Varsity Clul is to promote sportsmanship, h also helps to provide social contacts, to develop group loyalty, and to give special recognition to women students w ho have represented this college in varsity sports l awarding them with pins and blazers. These girls sell rain hats, sponsor the annual IWIKP dance, sell the "mums" on Parents Day. and check coats at the various school functions. I rout ton': Alice Ciindrum. Nancy 1 Tompson, P.a McCoy, Barbara F.bersole. Sailed: Santlv Foster, Janet CmiF. Connie Antes. Margie Kile. Mary F.hrhart. Buck ton : Joy Daniels. Cary McFccly. Elizabeth Thompson, Sue Parry. Mary Alice Dielnn. Edna Willis. Pat 1 -ingley, Carol Fleming. 8SSealed: In Nathauson, John Strincmann. Dick Leader. Luke Scipioni. Charles Conyers, Dick llann, John Gaines. Middle Row: William (lotwald, Perry Snook, Dave Ovack, Hay Smith, Stan Dccn. Lewis Jury, I.eHoy Bnbinson, Preston Miller, Gary Wendt. 'op Hum Dave Crumbinc, lid Gallagher, Stew Zolomy. J M I)R. C. M WWI I I MV I RS Honor Societies ALPHA PHI OMEGA DELTA PHI ETA front Row: Pat McGoy, Marian Davis, Margret Zook. Middle Row: (arolvn Cramer, Nancy Cunningham. Don no llcnric, Jutlie Stott. Kath Sinkovich. Ion Row: Barbara DcTtirck, ( arolvn HikUmII, Jane Clever. Mary Yurnall, Phyllis Rohrer. 86Do MOLAY INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCI I, Charles Conyers, lulgai Rover, I tike Scipioni, Herb Schoenly, Rob l.ut , Itoycc Wallers engage in a lively debate. I)R. ARRAM J. losil It 87DR. GLOKCG II. 1)11 LOW MR. I lll. W. LMII I MAN Sailed: Edgar Royer, Ron Rover, Herb Schoenly. Standing: William Becker. Earl Cuinthcr. Dick Leader, George Altltouse, Richard Hartman. Nevin Frantz. IOTA LAMBDA SIGMA Pill SIGMA PI Seated: Ron (xk.xI, Darrell C.leppet, Ron Royer, Bob Lutz. Rovee Walters. Glenn Banner. Standing: Mr. Joseph Porcltij. C arlton Holler. John Moore. Sterling Ort, lzirne Ruby. Ken Kochcy, Ronald Rowe, Don Konschnik. Herb Schocnlv, Edgar Royer. Dr. Abram Foster. 88Dramatics MR n. Min i os mi i i i it CITAMARU Front How: Ruth Wavhright, Elaine Coopcrsinith, Pat Farley, Rosalie Shepherd. Helen Weir, Huhy James l .it Hoffman. Seated: Connie Raab, James Herman. Bill Smith, Royce Walters, Annette Fishcl. Middle How: Sydney Stagentyer, Beverly Heath, ( arolinc Davis, Gail Bow man, Samira Norfurd, Frank Fhomas, Virginia Gocring, Bowers. Darryl Martin, Jessie Shutt, Nadine Dick. I.ynnc Kapj . Jon Martin. Back How. Roy Strausbaugh. Jon Stuart, Ray Wallace. Mike Buhh, Jim Shahifa. Paul Wolfgang. Mike Burke. A! Waltentycr. THEATER ARTS Front Rote; Ronald Yoder. Ben Kneislcv. Bill Fra .ec, Dick Leader, Saul Weinstein. Middle How IXmn Parker, George Starr, Bussell Faux, l ewis Jury, Bemie Stein. Jack Huggins, Terry Snook. Top How: Ron Kerr. Joseph Lalli. Nevin I rani . 89Religions Clubs front How: l it I loffman, Sally Deputy. Roxanne Lehman. Sue l-eihy, Joan Doe key. Sealed: Linda Poorman, Andrew Bryant, (.ary Wendt, Judith Iju. Middle Row: Nancy Osborne. Sonia Shutter. Margaret Meiit cr. Darlene Sjv.nscller. Jane Marc. Jane Siddall, Margaret Mun-dis, Mae Paul. Charlotte Vogt, Darlene Snyder, Phyllis Doklc. littek Rou Susan 7xch. Ia is Julius. Judy Rennix. Carlton I (offer. Sue Drayer. Dottie Angle. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION MRS. MARC.UI RUT Wtll.U 11 MR. SAMLH L I’ W LI ACL INTERCOLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP front How: Helen Nohrcnhold, Roberta I illey, Patricia Shilling. Arlene Brauning. Ruth Stevens. Seated: Mr. Freas Downing, Robert Prettymnn, Charles Bustard, Doris Reitenbaugh. Hack Hou ( arolvn Tomlinson. Patricia Hoover, Diane Zook. Fred Cover. Adam Fisher, RIhkIii Wiker, Jeannette Dombach. 90Front How; Helen Ryno, I ynn IJebcrman, Wall Buiby, Adams. Janet Caulfield. Back How; Ptjjgy BreHford, Caroline Davis, Anna June Shaulis, William Gotwalu, Julie Fri el. Marge Hum ion. Ruby Janies, Ellen Paul. i»n. ;»« !».i ii. nntow METHODIST CLUB NEWMAN CLUB Front How: Sally Bearer, John Pavlick. Jim Sweeney, Barbara Ruvak. Back How: Kathy Sinkovich. Adrienne Quinn. Lou Houser, Robert Noll. Suvan Jones. 91Frances Keefer, Virginia Crook. Man- Anna Duncan. Phyllis Rnhrcr and Stephanie Woznev plan the coming meeting’s agenda DR. PAUI Z. RUMMEL STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION I he Student Christian Association is an interdenominational religious organization com|x $ed of students and faculty working together with the purpose ol promoting high Christian standards and Christian fellowship on campus. Various programs which are held every Wednesday evening of the college year include speakers, films and discussions that help to aid students in the growth of their Christian faith. I his year, the group is undertaking several service projects to promote Christian brotherhood and good will in this area. Settled: Cynthia Snyder. Phyllis Rohtcr. Vcndlu Hay. Carolyn Cramer, Mary Anna Dungan, Stephanie Wo ney, Connie I'ulkenroth. Middle How: Donna Knisley, Linda Rambler, Frances Keefer, Marie Wit el. Dorothy Grater, Nancy Cunningham. Helen Kling, Margrct Zook, Dr. C atherine Keever. Hock How: Rettv Ann Gilbert, James Weeks. Edward Gallagher. Yvonne Johnson. 92From Row: Run Eshleman, Lester Gross, Charles Bustard, Robert Bukowski, Walt Ferry, Ray Smith, Mr. Mclzcr ',R- Ml-I-ZLR I'ORTER Porter. Back Row: Gary Bell, Robert Esposito, Dale Wolgcmuth, Donald Zcigktr. Dave Grurnbine. Jerry Mulroy. ROD AND GUN CLUB Mens Clubs VETERANS CLUB Seated: Ken Jones, Jarrett Pll.ium. Dick Jones, William Wasylyk, Richard 1 litzclberger, Dale I leinnfing. Standing: Jim Eddy. Jack Appleby, Jctc Rutherford, Jake Mu va, Elliot Snitzer. Ken Zimmerman. Ray Smith. Dale I loff. 93 IR. RAYMOND C. MUL1.INm SPORTS p09.,q5q 1 ? 'v }. 1 « ji T r li: N V 1 - £ -■ 4 wFrom Row: Inn Wallis. George Hollendcn, loin l.ynn. Second Roie: Leo Winkle, loin Craver, Jim Creighton, Walt Price, Pat Kelly, Jim llarf. Don Lacey. N'evin Weit, Jim Sweeney. Thini Row: John Deldiircntis, Eugene Groff, assiitant couch; Jack doodling, Drew Darrah. Jutlc Schlager, Dick I lalhritier. John Pavlick, Hon Carnicella, Bob Strong, Jack Neal, Jack Appleby. George Katchmer, haul coach. Top Row: Joe l ate. Jack M.i va, Liu Houston, Dennis Teller, Nelson Weber. The MSTC Gridders . . . VARSITY FOOTBALL Tor the tirst lime in eighteen years Millcrsvillc was victorious in its first five varsity football contests. I he Marauders' record of 6-3 is their best since 1940 when thev were unbeaten. Otherwise the record of six wins is the best in the past 48 years, excepting the 1910 team's score of 6-1 I. Couch GEORGE A. KATCHMER Co captain Don Laccv and Joe l ate surround coach George Katchmer. In Jim Sweeney. Walt Price, and Nelson Weber the back row are assistant coaches Lou Hampulla. Gene Groff. Art Hulmc prepare for the big game, ami John Hartman. 96With Determination . . From How: Joe Tale, Hon Carnicclla. Jim Wallis. Donald Lacey, John Delaurentis. John Pavlick. Jim llarf. Hock How: Jim Creighton, Nevin Weil. Jim Sweeney. la u Houston. 1958 SCORES Millersville 14 Randolph Macon 0 Millersville 20 1 rt’nton 0 Millersville 6 Kut Iown 0 Millersville 41 C'heyncv 6 Millersville 20 Last Stroudsburg 14 Millersville 0 Hlooinshurg 12 Millersville 0 Wot Chotcr 68 Millersville 0 Lock 1 laven 32 Millersville 14 1). C. Teachers 0 1909 SCORES Millersville 12 Buckncll Reserves 6 Millersville 5 Rucknell Reserves 0 Millersville 5 Allentown Prep. 0 Millersville 5 Lancaster A. C. 5 Millersville 5 Baltimore Poly. 0 Millersville II Baltimore C its 24 Millersville 5 Middletown A. ('. .. 0 In the season’s opener the Marauders beat Randolph-Macon of Virginia in the first football game ever played between the schools. Millersville scored twice in the fourth quarter for a HO triumph. The first touchdown came on a 70-yard pass-run play and Joe Tate scampered 40 yards for the second I D after snaring a pass. The Marauders trampled Trenton STC of . J. by scoring a touchdown in each of the last three quarters. In a steady rain, and before I.(XX) fans, quarterback Drew Darrah set up and scored two of the six-pointers and then combined with Jack Coodling for the other score. I hen after edging Kutztown, 60. the Marauders shcl lacked Cheyney. 41-6. These wins set the stage for the Marauders' biggest victory of the season. Trailing, 14-0, they scored twice in the second quarter to narrow the gap to 14-13, and then rallied in the final minutes of pla to nip hast Stroudsburg. 20-14. and celebrate the official opening of I). I.tike Biemcsderfcr f ield. Nelson Weber, sophomore halfback, scored the clincher for MSTC. 97The Marauders move in. Had Best Season . . . Bloomsburg STC broke the Marauders winning streak to the tune of 12 0. The Huskies made use of a break in the Marauder line to score a touchdown in the lirst period.' and scored their second touchdown in the third. midst a gratifying display of school spirit, the Marauders were crushed by the illustrious Rams of West Chester In a score of 680. Bill Shockley of West Cites ter scored three touchdowns and eight conversions for 26 points. His running through the Marauders defense was effected with miraculous ease. The rest of the 68 points were piled up by the Rams with equal ease. I here was no doubt among Marauder fans as to why the Rams are recognized as one of the lx. st college teams in the East. I he Marauders lost their third in a row to Lock I la ven. 1’he Eagles capitalized on all of Millersville's fum hies and pass interceptions to hand them a 320 defeat. Winding up the season and their college football careers co captains Joe l ate and Don Lacey, quarterback Jim Sweeney, halfback Lou Houston, and guards John Del-amends and Jim Wallis defeated DC leathers by a margin of 14 0. DC Teachers have never beaten Mil lersville in any of five contests. I'he first touchdown was scored by Jim Creighton's 63-yard run, while the second was racked up by Walt Price's plunge from the two-yard line. Lou Houston (32) goes after a p.iN for MS'TC .From Row. Lou Rampulla. asttstant coach; Ham- Nelson. Rodney Vorkapich, Elijah Reid. Fred Uui, William Roll ter. Bill VVurst. Second Row: Rolla Snyder, Joseph Noel, Jerome Mulroy, John Stamboolian. Austin Quick, Tony DiPktro. Richard Hibshman, John Hartman, awitant coach. Third Row: John Price, Dave Holt, George Rcider, William Thompson. Art Lesh. James Myers, Gene Lehman, Dan Wilt. 7'op Row: Hatold Stcinbciscr. Phil Kaiser, Frank Thorp. IX-skin Spaulding. In 17 Years . . . JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Millersvillc 0 Bainbridgc 24 Millcrsvillc 13 Shippensburg 26 Millcrsville 18 F. and M. (Frosh) 12 Millcrsvillc 6 Stevens Trade 19 Millcrsvillc 18 West Chester 13 Millersvilie’s JV Football squad ended its season with a record of two wins and three losses. Its memlicrs con tained many high school all stars, and their contributions to the varsilv squad are looked forward to next year. Some of the outstanding players were I larold Steinbeiser, Harrv Nelson. David Holt, Phil Kaiser, Gene Lehman, Fred l.euz. and Joe Noel. I lie Javvees saved their best game until the end. They surprised the powerful West Chester JV squad by regis tering a stunning 18 13 upset win in the finale. Nelson and Price paced the triumph. Rodney Vorkapich. Dick Hann, Fred l.euz. and Harrv Nelson congratulate John Price after the Wetl Chester game. 99Girls All Even DR. MARY E. DIXON Man' Ann Bolcnius drives the ball to receiver l n I anc ley. IIOCKEY Fine defensive playing enabler! the women’s varsity hockey team to gain a .500 record of three wins, three losses and one tie. Edna Willis and Connie Antes, cocaptains. guided the team in scoring a total of nine goals, three of which were scored against Shippensburg by Alice C.undrum. Sue Pam , Edna Willis. Carol l.vnes, and Pat McCov are the team's only graduating members. With this. Coach l)r. Mary E. Dixon has much to l x»k forward to as she views next vear’s team. SCORES Millersvillc 2 Mdlcnvillc 1 Millersvillc 0 Millersvillc 4 Millersvillc 0 Millersvillc 1 Millersvillc 1 Lebanon Valley 1 Lebanon Valley 1 Elizabethtown I Shippensburg 1 Gettysburg 2 Albright 0 Elizabethtown 2 I Front Row: Joyce Lcftwich, Edna Willis, Connie Antes, Alice Gundrurn. Mary Ann Rolcnius, Barbara Ebcrsole, Barbara Von-deremne. MitUle Row: Carol Lyncs, Rat Langley, Janet Cn (f. Bonnie Rosa, Mary Alice l iclnn. Mary Ehrbart. Pat McCoy, Dawn Hulford. Top Rou': Dr. Dixon, coach; Joan Koont . Cary McFtcly. Fay Kramer. Margie Kile. Deanna Moyer. Sue Parry. Dcbora Large, Mrs. I lill. asihtunt coach. i j tooFront {an Betty Andrews. Yvonne Lambert, Thelma Bolin. Butli Waybright, Joan Kearns. Midtile Bow: Mrs. Kathryn Hill, RSfitfaur coach; Helen Schuler, N’ancy Thompson, Hedda Schwarz. Joan Welch. I)r. Mary E. Dixon, coach. Toy How: Bertha Coulton, Sue Schiele, Helen Heiscy, Helen Weir. Joan Long, Mari' Ann Felly. Alice Gundrum. Edna Willis, Margie Kile, Connie Antes. Janet Groff, Fat Langley, Mary Alice Diohtn. Sue Parry, C an McFcely. Mary Ann Bolenius. SCORES Millersvillc 2 Linden Hall 1 Millersville 4 Elizabethtown 1 Millersvillc 2 Shippcnsburg 0 Millersvillc 2 Albright 1 Millersville 4 Elizabethtown 0 Speed and teamwork save the day for the Maraudercttes With .500 Mark . . . HOCKEY (JV) 101■ Coach Dei lari gives last minute instructions. Captain John Laszck get' into shooting position. Despite Handicaps MEN’S VARSITY BASKETBALL 1958-59 SCORES Millcrsvilie SB Millersvillc 87 Millcrsvilie 90 Millcrsvilie 61 Millersvillc 87 Millcrsvilie 91 Millersvillc 69 Millersvillc 49 Millersvillc 70 Millersvillc 76 Millcrsvilie 73 Millersvillc 68 Millersvillc 59 Millcrsvilie 99 Millcrsvilie 80 Millcrsvilie 52 Millcrsvilie 67 Millersvillc 61 Millersvillc 84 Millersvillc 75 Millcrsvilie SI Millcrsvilie 85 Millersvillc 71 LaSalle 85 Chcyney 6-1 Last Stroudsburg 47 West Chester 74 Chevnev 77 Shippcnsburg 67 Lock 1 Liven 55 Mansfield 77 Elizabethtown 65 Mansfield 71 Ilk Kim'burg 65 East Stroudsburg 59 Ku tv. town 75 DC Teachers 47 California 76 Steubenville 63 Shippcnsburg Elizabethtown 61 73 Westminster 88 Bloomsburg West Chester Kut town 63 72 89 Lock Haven 59 1909 SCORES Millersvillc 34 Millcrsvilie 20 Millersvillc 16 Millersvillc 34 Millersvillc 67 Millersvillc 20 Millersvillc 25 Millersvillc 31 Juniata College 18 Susquehanna University 29 i'orcst Academy 39 iluckncll Academy 30 Buckncll Academy 99 U. of P. Reserves 13 S. F. A. 21 Kutztown S. N. S. 11 1 ) : 102I ' I row Bow: Tom Wdrich. Prank May, John I as ck. Ken Keener. Jim Bolden. Back Bow: LeBoy Robinson, manager; John Smaller, Gary Cable, Jim Bishop, Art George, Don Shelton, Richard DeHart, coach. Cagers Are 15-8 . Although the 1959 basketball season of the Millcrsvillc Marauders failed to produce results worthy of the State Teachers College title, the team must be complimented for an impressive job. The final tally shows 15 wins and eight losses. This is quite commendable considering the obstacles which had to be overcome. first of all. the Marauders sacrificed four of their best players on the altar of mid term grades. The second blow to the winning power of the team came in the form of injuries to stars Jim Bishop and Johnny I aszek. Coach De-I lart, however, never let his confidence in his boys lag. I le replaced the lost players with Don Shelton, lorn Weirich, John Smailer, and I rank May. These new varsity Marauders displayed good work, and provided hope for the stricken team. Another blow to MS IX pride came in the February loss to Kut town. I bis broke a record of no losses on the home floor to a teachers college team in six years. I bis year’s high scorer was Jim Bolden, with a 17.1 average per game and a 408 jx int season. Johnny Laszek with 290 points, and Jim Bishop with 274 got the runnerup honors. This past season seemed to be one for many personal victories. Marauder fans were thrilled by the dual role played by freshman Tom W eirich during the W;estminstcr game. I le racked up the most points on a single evening since fans were awed by the sharpshooting of famed Johnny Parker. I le scored 40 jxiints in the jayvee game, only to come back and score 15 more in the varsity contest. Although the loss to Westminster was a bitter one, it must Ik- kept in mind that Westminster has a very high rating among teams of schools of comparable size. MS 1 C playing was certainly praiseworthy in their opponents eves, for Dave Colton, sports publicity director for Westminster, |x)inted out that he found the performance of Jim Bishop to lx- the best individual one of any single opponent they met during this season. Dan Shelton dodges opponent to 'ink .mother. The Marauders try for another basket against the Chcyncy Wolves. AvTMiyCoach Dcllutl outlines tlu- tactics to: kneeling: Ken Keener, | hn I-o ek, F.«l I loom, standing: Henry Lee, Clary lU-ll, Scigr I.ukacliik. Jim Itishop. John Smaller. Don Sheldon. Jim Bolden. Fast action and skill help Serge Lukachik put one in. 104 A Successful Performance . . . MEN’S VARSITY BASKETBALL For the past three years the Marauders have avenged themselves against West Chester during their second meet ing. after having lost the first games to the Rams. Deter initiation on the | art of fans, coach, and players doubtless had a great deal to do with this season's revenge, lor the whole game was a nip and tuck battle. Millersville was trailing by 16 jxiints in the first half, hut made a brilliant come-back by racking up 23 points in the last six minutes. Again in the second half the clever Rams regained the lead, hut injured Johnny Laszck saved the day during the last eight minutes and produced a final winning score of 81-72. Other outstanding performances during the West Chester game included those of Jim Bishop, l orn Weirich. Frank May. and Art George.Jat vees Look Good . . . i i RAYMOND C. Mill I IN Conch The Marauders try for a rebound. JV BASKETBAI I SCORES Millcrsville 61 LaSalle JV 77 Millcrsville 62 Shipjiensburj J ' 65 Millmvillc 87 Gheyncy J ' 60 Millcrsville 73 Elizabethtown JV 50 Millcrsville 81 Bainbridgc 65 Millcrsville 65 Olmstcud Air Force Base 64 Millcrsville 55 West Chester JV 58 Millcrsville 63 York Junior College 80 Millcrsville 79 York Junior College 76 Millcrsville 90 Allentown Bovs Club 82 Millcrsville 84 Chcyncy JV 71 Millcrsville 77 Phila. West End AC 74 Millcrsville 57 Shippcnsbtirg JV 65 Millcrsville 48 West Chester JV 85 Millcrsville 91 Elizabethtown JV 68 Millcrsville 90 Hcrshey Junior College 97 Millcrsville 85 1 Ictshcy Junior College 60 Millcrsville 60 Steven Trade 56 Millcrsville 70 Stevens Trade 81 Millcrsville 78 Alumni 72 Millcrsville 84 Ohnstead Ait Force Rase 58 From Rote; John Cfivuro, Ron Miirccllo, Tom Wcirich. Charles Little, Bill Goba. Back Hou': Ron Trimmer, ossisfrnif coach; Lurry Shenk. Leon Gile, Randy Raver, Gary Cable, Charles Ecr-guson. Mr. Mullin, coach. 105Front Hon' Lee Walker, Marion Gallagher, Connie Ante . Dawn Hufford. Bitch How Mary Alice Dichm, Helen Hciscy, Trances MeGrew, Janet Groff, Gwen Help. I ('■•tapiaim Dawn Huffotd and Gwen Delp discuss strategy with Mrs. Kathryn Hill, coach. 103 Girls Too, Finish . . . WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Millersville 52 Shippcnsbucg S I C 41 Millersvillc 48 Elizabethtown 51 Millersvillc 36 Gettysburg 56 Millcrsvillc 64 Albright 38 Millersvillc 47 Ixbanon Valley 48 Millersvillc 47 Elizabeth town 55 Millersvillc 55 Lebanon Valiev 53 Millersvillc 58 St. Ji Nurses 24 Millersvillc 52 St. Joe Nurses 27 MS IC women's basketball team under the instruction of Mrs. Kathryn II. Mill had a record of three wins and four losses. In spite of the losing season much cooperation took place as the team worked with its new mentor. Juniors Dawn 11ufiord and Gwen Delp were elected by the team as co-captains. Although (oven was high scorer with an average of IS.I points per game Dawn, Marion Gallagher, and 1 ran ces MeGrew shared in the scoring. Guards Connie Antes, Man Alice Dichm and Janet Groff, who rounded out the starting six, aided the forwards by stern defensive play.With Winning Slate . . . JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL JAYVUE KIISUI IS Millcrsvillc 15 Shippenfburg S I C 37 Millersvillc 22 Elizabethtown 33 Millcrsvillc 14 Gettysburg 33 Millcrsviilc 29 Albright 21 Millersvillc 33 Lckanun Valley 29 Millersvillc 35 Elizabethtown 38 Millcrsvillc 26 Lebanon Valley 57 The JV basketball team. coached In Mrs. lone Dor wart, ended the season with two wins and live losses. rite team chose Barbara Jefferies ami Joyce Barnes as co-captains. I lie JV’s, consisting primarily of freshmen, offerer I promising possibilities for next year’s team. In spite of opposition Dawn Hufford scores for Millcrsvillc. Front Row: Margie Damns. Betty Andrews. Nancy Thompson. Joyce Leftwidi, Gretchen Detchcrt, Margie Hoffman Buck Raw: Joyce Barnes, Barbara Jclfries. Elaine Strauss. Elaine Shaffer. Ivcba Harris. Barbara Price. Carol Evans. June Talpcv. 107Victorious Mat men 1 red I oiler, Robert I odd. Matthew Farley. Stephen Micio, Stuart Meycrxm, Walter Kottmever. Walter Price. 1 311] Bilker, varsity squad members. WRESTLING Robert Todd. Fred Follcr, Stephen Micio. and Paul Baker receive instructions from James Maurev, coach. JAMES MAUREY Coach SCORES Millcrsvillc 33 Fairlcigh Dickenson ... 3 Millcrsvillc 33 Lincoln 3 Millcrsvillc 24 Fast Stroudsburg 6 Millcrsvillc II Blixmtsburg 15 Millcrsvillc 20 Shippcnsburg 8 Millcrsvillc 20 Wayncsburg 6 Millcrsvillc 21 West Chester 11 Millcrsvillc 31 Indiana 3 Millcrsvillc 8 Lock Haven 19 Millcrsvillc 18 Appalachian. N. C. 11 Under the guiding hand and eve of new Coach Jim Maurev, the MSTC gntpplcrs finished their season with an S 2 record. I heir most memorable victors was over Wayncsburg, the Marauders first win over that school in history. Walt Kottmever and Walt Price had unde fcated records. Kottmever with a 100, and Price with 8 wins, no losses and a tie. Co-captains Fred Fuller and Paul Baker did consistently good work, while senioi Steve Micio lost only two matches in his four years of wrestling. With such outstanding records, the matmen have made wrestling one of the major sports at Millcrsvillc. 108 Enjoy Big Year . . . JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING SCORI-S Millcrsville 14 Stevens Trade 16 Millcrsville 13 Rloumsburg JV 17 Millcrsville 15 Shippensburg JV 13 Millcrsville 8 West C hester JV 25 Millcrsville 11 Lock 1 luven 14 Due to tin- loss of four men to the varsity team, the jayvee wrestler were handicapped, ending their season with a record of one win and four losses. I heir lirst meet with Stevens Trade was lost by a very narrow and heart breaking margin, 16-14. Special notice should be made of the wrestling of heavyweight John Wagner. Bill Bankert, Don Corbin, and Tom Graver also brought victories to the JV team. Marauder vies for points against Wavnesburg matman. loin Craver shows determination. front Row: Paul Raker. Walter Price. Walter Kottmcyer, Matthew Parley, Stephen Mum. Stuart Me verson. Robert Todd. Fred Fuller. Back Row; James Maurcy, coach; Bcrnie Stein. Beau Smith. John Wagner, Donald Corbin, Rill Hutchinson. 103Ron Schlaybach, l om Rogers. Mike allrirs, l .irl (.uinthcr, Ed Brenner, and Dick Schaeffer line up for practice. DR. RAYMOND J. RUN RLE Coach MEN’S TENNIS Earl Cuinther. Ron Schlaybuch, Mike Valldes. uml Dick Schaeffer begin pro-season wamiup.%. 1958 SCORES Millcrsvillc 7 E. Stroudsburg 2 Millcrsvillc 9 Lincoln 0 Millcrsvillc 9 Lincoln 0 Millcrsvillc 2 West Chester Millcrsvillc 8 E Stroudsburg I Millcrsvillc 3 Elizabethtown 6 Millcrsvillc 2 Elizabethtown 1959 SCHEDULE April 7-Elizabeth town Home April 9—Lincoln University Away April 15—East Stroudsburg Away April 16 Kut town Home April 24 -Kut town Army April 25—East Stroudsbuig Home May 7— Elizabethtown lieay May II Lincoln University Home Front How: Ed Brenner, Ron Schlaybach, Lorn Rogers. Bade Bow: Dick Schaeffer. Earl (luinthcr, Mike Valldes. Millcrsville’s 1958 varsity tennis team started strong by racking up three consecutive victories, but then tailed off at the finish to log a 4-3 record. Senior captain Stan Stout, the Marauders’ No. I singles player, paced the team to its winning season. Sophomore l'arl Cuinther lost one singles match during the season, his first in two years of varsity competition. I he men opened the season hy blasting East Strouds burg, 7-2. and then put together back to-hack whitewash ings of Lincoln University b scores of 9-0. Minus two first-stringers the team's winning streak was rudely broken by West Chester as the Rams administered a 7-2 shellacking at West Chester. The men immured back to beat Stroud for the second time, 8 1. A long layoff followed as rain forced several jx»t-poncmcnts and the team never regained its early poise. They dropp'd a pair of matches to Elizabethtown to close the season. The 4-3 record was considered a real accomplishment because the team was forced to play all matches off campus since the Brooks I fall courts were not usable. noWomen Undefeated MR. RICHARD Del IART Coach From Ron .- Ginnv Gladfcltc:, Barb Ruvak. Inc Parker. Edith lliddcmi-n. Joyce Lcftwich, Bctwy Court less. Second Row: Mary Jean Lillard, Roberta Scott, Judv Garrett, Judy KircholL Pat Langley. Pat Lee. Third Row: Richard DeHart, coach; Nancy Osborne. Barbara Cott. Donna Klinger. Joy Daniels. Audrey Smith, Helen Schuler. Herta Rasch, lay Kramer. WOMEN’S TENNIS 1958 SCORES Millctsville 5 Elizabethtown 2 Millersville 4 Elizabethtown 3 Mdlersville 4 West Chester 1 Millersville-Gettysburg—Rain. 1959 SCHEDULE April 16—Shippemburg Aiut April 18-Kut to vn Home April 23—Elizabethtown Aiun April 25-E.m Stroudsburg Home April 30-Shippenshurg Home May 2-East Stroudsburg Away May 9—Elizabethtown Home May 16 Kut town Airut Led H senior Betty I'hompson and juniors Nancy Osborne and Barbara Cott the women's varsity tennis team captured all three of its matches during the 1958 season. I'he undefeated campaign was all the more significant in light of the fact that the team was the first varsity women's tennis squad in MSTC history. The Marauderettes opened the season by trimming Elizabethtown, 5-2. with the "BigThree" sweeping their singles matches. After the scheduled match with Gettysburg was rained out, the women came back to register their second win as they edged E-town again. 4-3. I he meet was held at Elizabethtown. Most enjoyable victory of the year occurred in the final match when the women trounced West Chester. 4 1. to complete the all-winning season. After Barbara Cott lost a tough opening match to the West Chester No. I player, Nancy Osborne and Bcttv I'hompson annexed their singles matches to give MS IT' a 2-1. Then the CottOsborne and Thompson-Pat I angles tandems won their doubles matches to finish the rout. Athletic director Ravmnnd Runklc coached the team during its first campaign. Co-captains Nancy Osborne am! Barbara Cott wish each other a good mauh. IllCharles Littcl, Jim Graham. Joe Sav Hill I lackulich prepare for a race. Hill I lackulich gets set for the gun. Harriers Split . . . Starting its first league season, Millersvillc's harriers finished with a record of two wins, two losses, second place in a triangular meet, and third place in the SIC title contest. Veteran Bill I lackulich finished high in the scoring, while Joe Sax-age took eleventh place. Othei harriers who figured in the final scoring were Jim Graham, Miller, I ran Folk. Lee Rhodes, and Charlie I.ittcl. Coach I Inline will lose I lackulich. Savage and Folk, but is depending on the other top scorers of this year to give next year's runners a successful season. Millers villc 43 West Chester Millcrsvillc 34 C hcvires Millcrsvillc 16 Bowie Triangular meet: Millcrsvillc 45 Chcyncv. 46; l.incoln 31 Millcrsvillc 15 Gettysburg S I C Championship Ihir.l Front Row: Jim Graham. ! .- Savage. Bill I lackulich. Charles Conyers, liitck Row: Jim McKenzie, manager; Lee Rhodes, Dave Slump!. Arthur llulinc. coach; Charles I ittel. John Sanders. Beau Smith, manuger. ARTHUR R. IIUI.ME Coach CROSS COUNTRYPat Kelly lake time out lrctwccn race . Cinder men 3-4 1958 SCORES MiDcnvillc 71 rreriton STC 55 Millcrsvillc 75J 3 Chcyney 50 2, 3 Millcrsvillc 102 Kutztown 23 Millcrsvillc 59 1 3 Bloomsburg 66 2 3 Millcrsvillc 58 12 Lock Hum 72 1 2 Millcrsville 53 Shippensburg 78 Millcrsvillc 44 2 3 1 ast Stroudsburg 86 1 3 1959 SCHEDULE April 14—Trenton SIC Home April 18—Cheyney STC Away April 21—Bloomsburg STC' Au-fl) April 24—Penn Relays Aii’itv April 25—Lock Haven SIC Home April 29 - -Shippensburg SIC Away Mav 2- Kutztown SIC.' Home May 6—East Str ■udsburg SIC Away May 9—S I C' Championships Home 1 hi 1958 track team opened its third varsity season bv defeating I’renton SIC. 7155. I he track and lield men copped the next two meets with Cheyney STC and Kutztown STC. but took the short end ol the score with Bloomsburg, Lock I laven. Shippensburg and East Stroudsburg in that order. Coach Art I lulme is looking forward to a profitable 1959 season with the return of several letter-men along with some fine potentials. The trackmen are now participating in twice as many meets as they were four years ago as the s|x rt continues to grow. Front How: Arthur llulmc, coach; Pat Kelly, Dick White, Jim Graham, Elijah Reid. Middle iioitv Joe I linchcrick, Jake Mara, Charles Littel, Leon Gilo. Third Haw: Jack Sanders. Let XVinglc. Andv Bryant, Lester Miller, Lee Rhodes. Top How: Joe Yurkicwicr, Gene Lehman.Swimmers Dunked . . I rout How: Dave Gnnnhinc. Nnmun Peek. Bob Mhlman, Tom Sponauglc, Bruce Nobinson, Bill Whim lop How: Ken Cross, I ulc llcinpfing. lirry Front , Bob Anmsohn. Wavnc llcrshcy. Pr.m Folk. Dick Hedrick, Jack While EUGENE GBOFF Coach SWIMMING RESULTS Millcrsvillc 29 I Inward 57 Millcrsvillc 30 Morgan State 55 Millcrsvillc 41 Lycoming 44 Millcrsvillc 29 t. Stroudsburg 57 Millcrsvillc 41 l ock Haven 45 Millcrsvillc 39 Lyo lining 49 Millcrsvillcs lirst varsity swimming team lost ill six meets in its initial year of intercollegiate competition, but not without a struggle Three of the meets were not decided until the final event on the card and Coach Eugene (.roll feels that prospects for next year are good. Jack White and Ken Cross were the biggest |X»intmakers for the Marauders all year. At the starting signal Jack While and Ken Cross take oil. Swimmers get reads for action Couth Harold W'drich show baiting technique to Toni Ackerman, Cliff Nock, and Frank I andrum 5-7 Diamond Log . . . BASEBALL 1959 SC III Dili I. April 7 Lincoln Auwy April 10-Juniata Auuy April II Lycoming Au«» April IS I Slmumburg Away April |6—Kut .town Home April 25—Kutztovvn Auriv April 28—Lebanon Valiev Home April 30-Shippcn hurg (2 game ) . Auay May 2—Bhaansburg Home May 5—Elizabethtown Away May 6—lzick Haven Home May k Wert in m Homo May 9-Shepherd Home May 12—Wot Chester Aiiav Millcnvillc 1958 SCORES 4 Lincoln 2 Millcnvillc 4 Law Stroudsburg 9 Millcnvillc 9 Km (own 15 Millcnville 3 West Chester 20 Millcnvillc 4 Lock Haven 1 Millenvillc 16 D. C. I cachets 2 Millcnville 3 Kut town 8 Millenville 8 Elizabethtown 4 Millcnvillc 8 Shippcnsburg 19 Millenville 4 Lebanon Valley 2 Millcnvillc 3 Shepherd 15 Millenville 5 West Chester 6 ' From Hem: Ken llerneisen. Donald Efb, Dale Hoff, Jack Kieicr, R» Kendig, Gordon Kohl, Earle Hershey, led I amparter. Harry lower. Second Hou: Fom Lynn, Ronald Suavely. Al Gam brine, Barry Girvin, Handy Bauer, Ken Fagcly. Frank I andrum. Toni Ackerman. Third lime■ Toni Morrison, Paul Dodson, Lanv Oaiun, W illiam Paul, Harry Finlawm, Cliff Nock, Tom Jones, George Kovac. Top Hem : Steve Kovach, I con Motuk, Fed l aylor, Bob Sage, Dick C' yw.czon. Harold VVcirich, coach; Earle Hire, muiilmrl coach.WCA mass meeting in Lyte Auditorium. WOMEN’S COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION All the women students from I vie I lull, Old Main, and the two new women's residences. Forrev and Reese, comprise the organization known as the Women’s Community Association. Stressing cooperation and harmonious living in the dormitories is their main project. The group is governed by the Welfare Council with the Dean of Women acting as its adviser. Santa Claus pays visit to Christmas Party. n l:rc ni Row: Jeanne Swart . Gerrv Olvhcfskv, Joy Daniels, Adrienne Quinn, Donna Ilcnric, Jane C airns. Second Row: Louise P3tton, Linda Anderson. Pamela Conrad, Elizabeth Forrev, Dean Valborg Elcttv, adviser; Jane Myers, Carole Buck. 118WOMEN’S DAY STUDENT ASSOCIATION The women commuting students can enjoy "all the comforts of home" and more in the Day Room which is located under the Old Chapel. Fellowship and studv alike are provided for in this multipur-| ose room. In addition to study areas and lockers, there are refreshment facilities and pianos. Among the activities included on this year's program were the Rig-1.itlle Sister Picnic, a Christ mas party, a tea for the women dorm students, a dance for all the women commuters and their guests, and spring picnic for the women and men day students. Officers—Seated: Barbara Brubaker, Beatrix Kickcrt, Fat Baldwin. Kay Shiffer. Standing: Carol Moore. Carole Bossier. Jean Stellar. I.inda Evans, Harrietc Orcn. While eating their lunch, Linda Evans and Barbara Brubaker discuss an art project. I'ho day room is a scene of various activities as demonstrated by Mary Mohancik, Cynthia Wyley. and Jane Smoker. 119MCA meeting. Roddy 11.ill Officer' Hues Faux. Don Anderson, K.irl (•ellIc. Fred Indictor, Dean C lvdc Stine. Old Main Officer- -Seated: John Price, vice-president: Rob ert Mehan. | revident. Standing: Dale Hoff, treasurer; Totn Ackerman, secretary. MEN’S COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION The Men's Community Association directs the activities of the men who reside in the dormitories. This group provides the resident men with ping pong tables, a variety of games, television sets, and a canteen. In addition to the provisions of these facilities, meetings are held to discuss current problems. Don Anderson and Charles Axarl on their studies. i concentrate 120OflicerS: Cionlon W'olfer. Jack I lick. AIIr-m Hr.itkbill. cvin W'eit. MEN’S DAY STUDENT ASSOCIATION Every (by. on the spacious second lloor of tin-new Student Center, members of the Men’s I)a Student Association may Ik.- found. This group lias provided study and relaxation facilities for tinmen students who commute. When not studying, the men can play cards or dart games and enjm the use of several refreshment machines. In addition to this, the group has sponsored several dances Anybody for hot dogs and baked beans? this year. June Cairns, Donna I lenrie. Norinun Fogcl, Nevm I rani , and Cary Wendt attend committee meeting to discus student center allocations. STUDENT COUNCIL I he student governing group of Millersvillc State Teachers College is the Student Council. Hu- representatives arc elected by the student I k1v. Chartering of all student organizations, allocation of activity funds, initiation and sponsorship of student activities which promote the welfare of the students, and the supervision of freshman orienta lion comprise the powers of the student council. Mr. Kent discusses plans with Hubert Tichcl. Karl Celtic, and Carole Buck. CHARLES I. KENT Adviser Officers—Sealed: Daryl l air, president. Standing: Norman Frigid, vicepreiidcnl. Cathy Mill, uccretury; Ncvin Frant , ireauirrr. 122Front How: C-ennari, Pat Ross, Judy I fist. Jo Knotwell. Pat Carey, Ned Kenner, I unces Quinn. Pat Warner. Middle How: llariett Oien. Jane Gev'dr, Dorothy Dreseher. Charles Portscr. John Hess. I a try Slunk, Phil lt «e, Carolyn Rudisill. Ruth McLain. Top How: R liotl ess.i Crowder. Carol Rcssler. Sheila Knoll. Barbara Yeager. Nancy Hoke. 1 laine Shaffer. Dick Fra cr, Barbara Stalker, IX ris Reitcnbaugh, Darlene Sponsellof. I-ARLE M. HUE. JR Adviser THE SNAPPER The Snapper, advised l»y Mr. Marie M. Mite, is MSTC s weekly publication. It helps the students keep up with all the latest news tips around campus. The stalf. headed l junior coeditors, Pat Carey and Jo Knot-well. is comprised of those people who have a special interest in newspaper work, with the added help of the journalism class which covers regularly assigned Itcats. New to the Smpper are the delightful cartoons o! Snapperisws and Basil, which arc sketched hv art editors Pat Smith and Cloria Baum. Keeping the student IxkI accurately and promptly informed of all the latest news is the policy of the Snapper, which again captured a first place award at the Columbia School Press ssociation convention in New York, with the additional honor ol Freshman mcmlx-ts — Front Row: Joyce Weaver, Judy Robertson, Delores Reiner. K.itliy Menge . Middle Row: Joyce Ba-vier, Susan Miller, K.iv Kauffman. lop Ron': Bonnie McCov. Barbara 1 leek. Lee Shepherd, Kav Stratford. having co-editor Pat Carey elected president of that or guni ation, ACT also awarded the paper a lirst place honor. Pat Ross. Dolores Rehrcr, Joyce Weaver, Phil Itzoc Fdimrs: e l Benner, Judy Crist, Pat ,nd Mr. Hite look over an iwuc of The Snapper. Carev. and |o Knotwell, aniidlnti. Business managers Joy Daniels and Sandy Foster talk with co-editors Nancy Osborne and Margie Boyer. Staff members work on 1959 Touclntonc. TOUCHSTONE FAKI E M. HITE, JR. Ailriier Once again this year students received .1 copy of the Touchstone, MSTC's yearltook, as part of their activities fee. Under the leadership of co editors Margie Rover and Nancy Osborne, the staff has prepared a Ixiok which students should Ik-proud to own. I'he theme is the comparison of the ol l to the new, as this is the Golden Anniversary for the Touchstone, known as the until 1909. On pril 2$. Touchstone joined with Snap vr for its second annual publications banquet. Those who worked on the staff for two years were given a certificate and a key was presented for three years’ work. I bis year a new award, one for Snapper and one for Touchstone, was presented to qualify ing members of the graduating class. Trent Ron Pat Bather. Connie Antes. Tony Miuli. Margie Royer. Nancy Osborne. Cathy I fill. Bill Smith. Kav Shiffcr. Middle How: Sue 1 eiby. Pat I anglcy. Nancy Stiichbcrry. Nancy Raver. Carol Strohmct . J wn Bishop. Barbara Beuler. Top How: Kathv Ktn.nv Joan Ciampaglia. Inez Parker, Jean West. Pat Cavanaugh, Betsy Allen. IHand in formation on football held. The concert band, one of the two sections of tin Millersvillc band, performs at college musicales and lor local high schools. I lit marching hand, which is somewhat smaller, participated in this vear's Millcrsville Red-Feather parade as well as their usual activity during the football season. Re sides instrumentalists, there are baton and Hag twirlers and the newly added color guard. BAND JAMES I ZWAI I Y Direetur jutlit- Stott, Sheila Knoll. Carole Miles. Pat Shcffct. Color Guard: Pat Yea ricks. Nancv Rover, Pat Smith, Ann Rudolph. Barbara Erwin. Hatliara lick. Linda Rambler, Mary Jane llagey. 125I rout (mi : Mary Jane llugcy, Judie Slot . Yeagley. Juan Doc'key. Andrew Bryant, Ccorge Biggs. Walt Busby. Ronald Davis. John llorNt. Virginia Crook. Carolyn Cramer, Maxine W ickman, Zafcrula V .dudes, Julie 1 lizzcll. Ruth Wuite. Second (me: Sails Sandt, Carolyn l.uithcn, Ann I onise Boyer, Shirley Moore, Marjorie Scott, Kathy Koons, Mary Yoder, lljrold W alter, Barry Mason, W («. Horner. I rank Bergman. Charles Scigcr, Mettz Dungan, Anne l asthurn, Jo Ann Kunkel, Barbara Brubaker. Su y Hilbert. Middle Hmr Carolyn I uvetly. Maty Mien Vntter, Loretta bishcr. Cynthia Clocklev. Sue Draycr, Joyce Shcnk, Carol K.iliriter. Inez Barker, Michael Bubb, Darrell Clcppcr, |ohn lolls, I aw rente English, Bub lutz, David hniscly, Pamela Conrad, Carole Paydock, Betty Ann Gilbert, Ann Yinyatd. ■ Top lUni-: Anne Kimincrlc, I.oKicl Bunion, Darlene Snyder. Connie Raab. Ilettie Peters, IXittic z ngle. I r’udy P.nglish. Deanna Mvers, Baehel Noll, Alfred Schneider, Ronald Suavely. Rolicrt lairenz. had W Kcncpp, Jack White. Ilazcl Durham, Nlarv Jean l .dlard, I ois Bader. Pat St hank. Sue Schank, Joan Weaver. AcannponisH: Dotothv Confer. Jurlv Folmer. CHOIR JAMES I ZWALLV l)imlot Loading the musical organizations on campus is the college choir which has followed a very busv schedule. I his schedule has varied front high school tours, church and civic club engagements, to the traditional Christmas candlelight service and spring concert. Under the capable leadership of Mr. James h. Zwallv, the choir also entertained on Parents' Day. Executive Council Sealed: Julie Iri zdl, Mr. Zwallv. |oAnn Kunkle Stand nig Sully Sandt, John Hurst, Robert Lorenz, AikIv Bryant. Ronald Davit. Mr. Zwallv leads the group in a practice session.Miss Marie R. Cast at the organ. M1.1 1H R. I'oim.n Director I his years String Hnscmble is composed of eight members, who organize and play primarily for their own enjoyment. Directed by Mr. Melzer Porter, they play several engagements in a season. Phe group is incorporated into the orchestra when musicalcs arc given by the college. Sydney Stugemyer, Audrey Smith. Barbara Eck. Betty Richards Mary Mathiot, Pat Cavanaugh, Julie Hollingsworth. STRING ENSEMBLE 127ON THE CAMPUS Barbara Price and Barbara Doyle add ihe finishing touch to their pastels in an class. Louise Berkstresser. Man,' Jane Smith. Susan Zeek, Joyce Fenstennacher, Barbara YVild and Barbara Becker lixik forward to another gym class. Pat Baldwin, women’s day nx.m association president, checks shelves lor reference material. Bonakl Yoder and John Hnanokc en route to B Kldy, pause for a backwards glance (at a coed, maybe). 128 n rMSTC 1959 Student teacher Don W.illick instructs a new song. Roger Diehl prepares to preview a film for one of his classes. Heroic Stein and Judy KirchofF enjoy a breath of Charles Dulfv uses a deft pair ul hands with the lathe spring at a campus haunt. as lie works to complete an IA project. 129HOMECOMING Queen Joy Daniels poses with attendants Betty rhompsou unci Bonnie Rosa. 1'hc festivities of Homecoming were centered around the selection of I lomccoming Queen Jov Daniels. Lite activities of the day commenced with the dedication of the new I). Luke Biemcs-derfer football field, followed by a rousing football game. 'isitors and students alike shared the beauty of the colorful club displays and campus decora tions. A perfect dav was climaxed with a futuristic themed Varsity Drag. Queen Joy loach dance with escort Jim Swcencv. 130lAI Cathy Mill is crowned Sweetheart Queen by Mrs. I). I . Bictiws-derfer as runnetups Sheila Knoll and Ann Rudolph look on. THEART DANCE Cathy Mill was crowned queen of the traditional Sweetheart Dance by Mrs. I). L. Biemes-derfer. The president of Student Council, Daryl Fair, headed the receiving line and greeted the guests. The music for the dance, which was held on February 20. 1959, was provided by The Tunc Stylists. A canopy of white ribbons and two large satin hearts framed with cupid statuettes formed the background for the decorations. Queen candidates-hVonf Row; Donna Hcnric. Lorraine Barth. Arm Rudolph. Second How; Sheila Knoll. Lois Fuhrman. Cathy Mill. Barbara Brubaker. IXdore RehrcrCandidate for Spring Fling Queen— Seated: Nadine I ick. Joan Ciampaglia. Standing: Jane Myers, Maxine Wickman and Betty Richard . I he initial activities of the Spring I ling weekend. 1958, began on Friday night with the talent show, whose winner was Iietty Richards. Saturday afternoon's entertainment included the annual faculty-student baseball game. Mcmlxrs of the faculty, arrayed in mad, gay costumes, did their best to beat the women student's team and did. I he highlight of the weekend, which was expertly planned by Student Council, was the dance on Saturday evening over which Joan Ciampaglia reigned as queen. SPRING FLING Mr. Wallace coaches Dr. Runklc in faculty-student baseball game. Queen Joan Ciampaglia leads a dance with escort Ronald drove. 132DANCES Members of the band who entertained at the Shipwreck Ball sponsored by the Junior Class. Informal Bermuda Hop in Brooks Hull. Festivities of the Homecoming week end were climaxed by a dance. "Stairway to the Stars." sponsored by the Men’s Varsity Club. Mexican friends pose for a farewell picture before leaving campus. In their native costumes, some of the girls chat before their performance. INTERNATIONAL LITE In January the campus was host to ten vivacious Mexican women who were tour ing the country under the Experiment in International Living. During their stay here, the voung ladies attended classes, club meetings anti enjoyed a new experience—dormitory living. They were dinner guests of President and Mrs. Biemesderfer and the honored guests at a tea. Their visit was not confined to campus, for they S| okc and entertained at various civic organizations as well as toured various industrial and historical spots. I he Mexicans took with them pleasant memories of MS I C students and the campus, and students, in turn, have many fond memories of their visit CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION Ronald Allies, technician, and Dr. V. A. Champa, director of Visual Aids, review plans for closed circuit television. The first closed circuit television installations in any Pennsylvania state teachers college became a reality in the educational psychology building on the campus during the second semester. These facilities have opened the door to many new possibilities for mass observation and instruction. Classrooms in the lahornton school have been equipped with portable television cameras; receivers have been placed in the educational psychology building for use by the college classes. 1 though still in its infancy, college officials are pleased with the pro- gram and are working to improve and to expand the facilities. Mr. Allies examines one of the cameras before the telecast. Dr. Raul Hummel's class observes a televised program of a class in the l-iboratorv School. 135Seniors Dale Dissingcr, Shirley Hath, Hem Ann Gilbert, Kdward Rodonis. lave Kline, and Francis Folk get a glimpse of tin future as Carol Fleming models for them, COMMENCEMENT AND BACCALAUREATE Nothing hangs heavier over the head of a senior than commencement. Nothing seems to take longer in arriving and then, at one swift moment, is a thing of the past. One moment a student is a senior and the next moment he is a member of the alumni group, worrying about his first teaching assignment. Onlv years later, in a meditative and lucid moment, is he able to look back and objectively evaluate what commencement actually meant to him. I hat day has arrived for the Class of 1959 and the world is theirs. Dr. V.illxirg Flcttv extend' her ! ot widles to Doris Groff anil classmates Dwight Mostoilet. Nevin White, and Sally Young. . ft 136A (Campus Memory CONCLUSION Conclusions have a double meaning. Ihev can he llie termination of something greater and better. Iouciistonb claims the latter in that each year it may grow in some wav. I’o those who have had an opportunity to leaf through the original I oiiciistone, published in 1909, there would lie appreciation of the progress yearbooks have made at MSTC. The stair sincerelv hopes this same note of gratitude descends to all future members ol the Touchstone family. And just as a yearbook advances so will the class members, leaving a fine heritage, as thev pro feed to make their mark in a science-mad world. The Editors 137 p09.|9» » ADVERTISERSSHEJNK BROS. Sporting Goods ami Toys 30-32 Vwl King Slrcrl UiSCASTEK. PA. HKKK AM) BRENNEMAN Ekso Has — Oil — Lubrication Complete Auto Repairing OfViciul Inspection Station 237 Manor Avc. MIIJ.ERSVII.I.K. PA. FORRY and HACKER Printers of the ‘‘Snapper” 619 N. Jefferson Street Pit. EX 3-4452 LANCASTER, PA. Congratulations on your Golden Publications Anniversary from lIn Class of l%I Citamard spelled backwards lias meant dramatics for 25 years at MSTC Port William Meredith autograph, hi nn»i recently published lunik for Pat Boss ami Archie Loss. 143I SCHOOLS WEDDINGS GROUPS PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATION DIRECT COLOR 141 THE GERHART COFFEE CO. George Eddie's Sandwich Shop Distributors of Fine Coffee Italian Steaks — Subs Bar B-Q‘s — Soda Fountain Service S4-1-S46 N. Christian St. LANCASTER, PA. 801 Manor St. EX 2-1593 Best Wishes From ENGLISH CLUB ALPHA BETA ALPHA Undergraduate Librar y Science Fraternity GOOD LUCK 155 E. King St. CLASS OF ’62 JOHN HERR’S FOOD MARKET WEAVER AND THUMMA 10 Manor St. Electrical Contracting Known throughout llie county Appliances and Television for quality foods Specialists in Color TV 215 N. George St. MILLERSVII.I.E, PA. M2 For Men s Fashions SAYRES, SCHEID and SWEETON Wrollers Tom Craver and Fred Fuller are tough hut gentle. Compliments of W M AN S C()MMUNITY ASSOCIATION Telephone: EXprnt 4-7221 Guiizenhatiser Bakery, Inc. LANCASTER, PA. DEMIJTII TOBACCO SHOP L. B. IIERR SON “SNUFF AM) CIGARS” EHiiiltli'hed 1770 114 E. King St. LANCASTER. PA. The Portable Typewriter Store Office and School Supplies Furniture Hooks Stationer ' Printing Toys 143Gloria Haunt, the only ro-od in tin I A curriculum, works til a wood lio|» project. Best Wishes — SENIORS WOMAN’S VARSITY CLUB FOR PURE PLEASURE tyemupmi£ QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS PENN DAIRIES, INC. LANCASTER. I'A. MANOR VIEW DAIRY and LUNCH BAR MILLERSVII.I.E, I'A. Good Luck. SENIORS DOLPHIN CLUB NEWMAN CLUB WESTEN BERGER, MALEY MYERS, INC. Congratulations — SENIORS Furniture, Carpets, Etc. 121-131 E. Kin St. LANCASTER. I'A. 144Ivunzkrs FINE MEAT PRODUCTS. B()WERS’ PH()T )GRAPHIC SERVICE Photographic Headquarters Congratulations, Seniors 19 E. Frederick Si. MIIJ.KRSVILLE. PA. STUDENT SERVICES, INC. BOOK STORE-FOOD SERVICES STUDENT ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTING ESI I BACH’S GARAGE AUTO SERVICE — TOWING GAS—OIL 172 . George St. M1I.LERSVII.LE, l»A. XER HOUR 1980 Philadclpl LANCAST1 Complete Automatic Coin-Operated Food Service . . . Whatever You eed HERSIIEY Call Collect LANCASTER or KE 3-9141 CF. 8-2842 EX 7-2831 BROS. SERVICE Did ia Pike SR, 1»A. Merle Sc liner demonrtMte jii experiment in j science Ink. 145Autographs m i

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