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rrr.THE EnTIRE STAFF HlimBLV PRESETSPUBLISHED flfinUALLV STATE TEACHERS COLLEGEI KDITORIAL STAFF Mary Louise Bowman Editor Louise Hemphill Assistant Editor Lorno Kshleman Margaret Harsh Miriam Haines Ellen Smith Kathrvn Newkirk Typists V irginia Webster Jane T. Wilson Barbara Landvater Miss Spencer Faculty Adviser Helen Courtin Peggy Saylor IVggy Woerner Kathryn Schenck irginia Livingston Mary Louise Marley Gwen MeCombs Bl SI NESS STAFF Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Evelyn Colvin Mary Zimmerman Beatrice Weaver Alice Bubv Creamer Polly Burkins Marv Belle Potter Ivadcne Mearkle Nancy Wood Nancy Greiner Mildred Barteh John Hinkle Art Mary Brunner John Lantz l)r. Duteher Louise Ludwig Jack Loose Faculty Adviser BV THE S6M0RS miLL€RSVILL€, PEnnSVLVfllllfl■¥ ★ ★ ★ A SINCERE THG7 EIGHT TO ADAMS. PHILIP ★ ALESSI. IN CENT ★ BECHTEL, W ALTER ★ BKICKKK. Rl DOLPH ★ CLEMENS, WILLIAM ★ DeMAKTINO, JOHN ★ DERKAC. JOHN ★ 1)1 NKELBERCER. WILLIAM ★ DLNKI.EE. lewis ★ ELI SON. GEORGE ★ ENGARD. RICHARD ENTENMANN. THOMAS ★ ERDOSY, ALEXANDER ★ ESHLEMAN, EARL ★ FIZZANO. JOHN ★ FI NK. RICHARD ★ GRIESEMER, WALTER ★ HARNTSH, ROBERT ★ HUBER, DONALD ★ III NTER. DAVID ★ JASPER. NAT ★ LENTZ, PAUL •jTRIBUTE ★ ★ ★ ★ mfwe US fR6£ LUTZ. JAMES ★ McCOY. CHARLES ★ McG LATHERY. DONALD ★ MKCK, ROBERT ★ MOWERY, CHARLES ★ NESTEL, ROBERT ★ O'NEILL. JAMES ★ ORL CHARLES ★ PETERS, HUBERT ★ RATHBl R . BRUCE ★ REITHOFFER. PATRICK RICE. EARL ★ SCHWARTZ. JOHN ★ SHI PP. ROBERT ★ St PI'LEE. GERALD ★ TARR. HOWARD ★ I NGER. ALEXANDER ★ WALLER, JOHN ★ WAR EEL, WILLIAM ★ WENGLASZ. MIKE ★ WOERNER. GEOR(;E ★ WRAY. ROBERT 5viewsI). I.. ISIKMKSDKKFKR I resilient 10TH€ fflCULTV CKNKRAI COl.I.KGF OFFICERS I). I.. BiniK'Mlrrfti .. ........................ President Sander I . MrConwy .................Dean » Instruction II. ( , Synion . ................................... Bursar Jiilm S. Bi-hop .. . ...............Mointcnancs Foreman Kilna M. Mi'Kct ................................. Dietitian Kllifl J. Powell ......................... Dean at II omen C. Maxwell Myer ............................ Dean of Men Kilim lluhecker ............. Secretary to President Matilda II. Davis . ........... ... ("licit, Xurse Mary Elizabeth Bailer, Secretary to Dean of Instruction Dorothy II. I.........................Secretary to Bursar M.IIX Kllrn Copeland ................ Secretary to Director of Training School Mr-. Until ('■ Killmrn .... Issistant Secretary to Bursar Harold k. Brenner ............................. Postmaster Mr-. Kiln . .................................. Housekeeper FACULTY College I). I.. Bicme-derfor ........................... President Sander I . MoCom-ey .... Dean of Instruction. English C. Maxwell 'Ivor- ...........Psychology and Education, Dean of Men Helen Ganger ............ ... .. Librarian; Director, Teacher Librarian Course K-tlier K. I.enhnrdl .................... Oral Expression Mark K. Stine...... .........Psychology and Education Marion Spencer ................................... English John Pucillo . ......................... Health Education Harry M. Ba -»h'i .............................. Urography Dean Dulehei ............................. Social Science Mnrpnrel Swift ....................................... Art Arthur B. Gerhart ............................. Iliologi Kmily II. Snyder................ Latin. French, English Mclzor K. Porter ................................... Music Marion C. Terry ...................... Issistant Librarian (.'. Frederick Beekmyr ........................... Science Burl N. O-biirn .................... .. Industrial Arts K. Boye.................................. Mathematics limit M. Dinner ........................ Health Education Henry J. Kauffman ..................... Industrial lets A Laboratory School Samuel B. Stayer ................................ Director Bayriiond S. Movie ............... Junior High Director Crude Supervisors l)ai«y K. Hoffmeier .................. May Adam ............................ Mr-. Klherla Coiineilliiaii .......... Jane Kreider Hut lie ................. Harold M. Bailey ..................... Ethel Thom peon....................... Mr-. Kiln II. Challfanl .............. Sublet Supervisors ('.ora L Frey ..........................................Mt Kli uheth II Gre— ................ Junior High School, Mathematics and Science Mae G. Brcnneniun ... Junior High School, Ceography Kdu M. Cat on ................ Home Economics. English Dorothy T. Ilu he- .................... Music Supervisor Ethel J. Powell ..........................Social Science Mr . Anna Jane Smith ................ ■Issistant Librarian Third (irailc . First Crude . Fifth Crude Second Crude . Sixth Crude Kindergarten Fourth Crude 11MARGARET ANKRl M 820 Rundalc Avenue; Ycadon, Pennsylvania Primary Education Margie, a loyal member of ihe L.B. Club, is the lively vivacious type. A jitterbug to the ninth degree. The floor of the Old Gym will certainly miss her twinkling toes. Faithfully writes that one letter a day to Chum. Excellent teacher in kindergarten and first grade. January graduate. Member of Delta Phi Eta. Secretary of Normal. Stands in front row of Choir. MILDRED BARTCH 37 North Seventh Street; Columbia, Pennsylvania Primary Education Mildred entered the dorm in her junior year. Liked teaching the third graders very much. Sport interests include swimming, volley ball, biking and tennis. Collects novelty jewelry. Girl Scout leader. Member of Primary Club and English Club. MARA LOl ISE BOWMAN I Highland Avenue: Ephrala, Pennsylvania Library Science and Social Studies Efficient editor of the Touchstone. Dark, energetic Mary Louise believes in being true to the principles of the L.B.’s. Shows her pupils who’s boss. Helps the Travel Club travel. Sang for Mr. Porter. Write- for the Snapper. Favorite spot around Millersville is the “bush." Appeared in WHO’S WHO AMONG ST I DENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND I NI ERSI’lTES. ESTHER BOYD R.l). I: Manheim. Pennsylvania Primary Education Precise, practical, pleasant, that’s Esther. Taught her little cherubs with a will. Ruled the girls' dorm the last semester. Deserves much credit for her work in Welfare and on the Election Committee. Sharp shooter for the Dorm Dames. Primary and Travel Clubs will miss her hearty support. good catch for some lucky man? Who is he, Esther? 12 KITH BRITT Liberty Street: Smithfield. PennsyIvnnia LlHHAin SCIENCE AM) EnOI.LSII Smiling Krill numbered among her clubs the L.B.’s and our own version of that famous intellectual fraternity while al M.S.T.C. W as summer librarian at Point Marion Public Library. Ruth likes any color as long as it’s blue and matches her eves. Travel Club. English Club, and Hill's will miss her cheery presence. o attachment to the opposite sex. MARY Bill NNER New Bloomfield. Pennsylvania Primary Education Tall. dark, and slender Mary believes in being slow but sure. Miss Diemer's four letter girl. Usually seen making a poster for some organization. Proxy of tin Primary Club. Efficient third grade teacher. Good note taker for the class and foi the ’Travel Club. Likes housework, but he is so far away. Let us know when you’re ready. Mary! PM LINK BURKINS R.l). I; Drumore, Pennsylvania Intermediate Education Polly became a dorm student her senior year, and with her came loads of good humor and fun for the other dwellers on the third floor. However, a very important outside interest look her home for many weekends. During her four years at M.S.T.C.. she has been outstanding in all -ports. Lent her talents to Primary Club and to the TOUCHSTONE SlafT. Also sang for Mr. Porter. ANNA CARPER R.l). 1 : Mauheim. Pennsylvania I NT HR M EDI ATE Eui CATION Extremely conscientious and able. Enjoyed teaching the fourth graders. Even worried just like a regular old sehoolmarm. Member of English Club and Delta Phi Eta. Dutifully aired her vocal chords every Thursday evening for Mr. Porter. Dorm student her senior year. We hear that she has a serious heart attachment. W hat is the secret. Anne? 13EVKI.YN COKWN Della, Pennsylvania In ramkih tk I'.im cation During her slay al M.S.T.C.. Evelyn contributed liar skill lo Travel Club, Primary Club. and ilia ToucifSTONK Stall. Maid ilia '•(ring's T Ilia numay hag foi ilia Senior ( ‘.lass. Did someone niaiilioil i|iiial hour? Hal pad rule ilia dorm in Welfare and ilia Dormitory Directory. Sorry fallows, that sparkler means that she belongs i Mill. HELEN CGI KITS .'1722 North Nineteenth Street; Philadelphia. Pennsylvania llSTEKMBDlATK Km C ATION Dimpled Court. wa calls her. This gal was a staunch siippnitei oI every activity of the K.M. s. Known for her corn) jokes and hei incessant laughing. Had an excellent lima leaching history and music. Business manager nl ilia Tot i iistonk, inemher of the Snappai Staff, and Travel ( Ink Keeps up ilia rnoiale of several men. Never been •ei ions. There'll come a day. A KICK IHirt CMKAMKM K.D. 2: lloltwcMid. Pennsylvania Iktkkmkimatk Education Cel- around in a flashy Oldsmohile. Member of English and Kii i a I Cluhs. rdanl I’agcite and inemher of the Totcustom: Staff. I mistral in that aha was anxious to begin taaahing in the I. s. Enjoys music. One of the few conscientious students. When she isn't •tudying. slur's “working." Aflai many of Mr. BasslerN classes she concluded that climate lasts all the time weather only a few days. KSTHKH DA MX)IS 10') West Magnolia ventie: Wildwood, New Jersey Intkkmkdiatk Education K. II. Dnndois is the name Wildwood. . J. is the station Heaven help the man Who makes the alteration. The oilier half of the Dandois twins. Worked like a heaver while she taught. Attributes her success in I he nur-sery rhyme contest to her many nieces and nephews. Brill's companion. Brimary and Travel clubs. itCHKIS'I IM. |)K I.Al KKNTIS 22«l Iliiiri l 111 rp: Avenue: Kuneasler, Pennsylvania Intkii mkimatk Km cation herevcr you find lliis senior laughter i- present. Pit fers "Christie" lo Christine. She is a member of Page, hul is not interested in elubs. Mopes lo study uit someday and lo g.i abroad. We don’t know where her heart lies, in fact, we wonder it she Inis one. Manx envy her Mark waxy tresses. MAKIIAN PI.KM INC !I2d Helen venue: Lancaster. Pennsylvania Phi ni n y Km cation Skip eamr into the dorm her senioi year. Kikes her job as waitress because “she gets more to cal.” kindergarten mama and a third grade teacher. Member of Citamurd, Primary Club. Knglish Club, and Normal. Portrayed the pari of Graee Poole in JANK KY l K. I lei heart belongs to the Navy. KI.OKI ACK KOKMAN 211 lliiby Street: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Intkumkihatk Kim cation l.ess talkative of the “twins." Joined Normal Literary Soeiely, Primaly Club, and Knglish Club. She lueak- a record by keeping hei love interests a seerel. Kirmly believes that respiration is a handy tiling lo have, especially it yon live lai from a doctor. JKI.IA KOKMAN 21 I Kuby Street: Lancaster. Pennsylvania PlUM All v Km cation The othei half of Lot man. Inc. Always ready for a good laugh. She likes | study at times. Believed in being Normal. Also shared in Knglish Club and Primary (duh activities. Julie is the giil who tried to make us believe liial rhubarb is a kind of celery gone bloodshot. 15 m.JEAN CRAY Manor Road: Wexford, Pennsylvania Library Science and. English Jean transferred from Pennsylvania College for Women in 1912. Proved her dramatic talent in the part of Blanche Ingrain in JANE EYRE. Took hotli junior and senioi li-brarv courses in one year. W orked like mad. In addition, she “slung hash" daily. Member of English Club. Library Science Club, Citamard and 'l . .C.A. Enjoyed summer school of 1913. NANCY GREINER Church Street: Landisville, Pennsylvania Primary Education One of the tall, dark, working girls of our class. Adds to her daily activities by working in the Landisville P.0. She ranks among the champions in tennis. Instructed the freshmen in manners! Also found time to be active in English and Primary Clubs. Her comment at the end of her final year “Hallelujah." MIRIAM HAINES Maytown. PennsyIvania Library Science and English This gay commuter daily “hums" a ride with Mary Belle. Between studying and sleeping she spends her time writing letters to the Army and the Navy. She officiates at the meetings of the Library Science Club. Also a member of English Club and of the Addlepated fraternity. “Where's Miriam?" “That Pageite is over at Hill's eating ice cream with Arlene Mylin." MARGARET HARSH Barovilie. Pennsylvania Library Science and English The tall, quiet girl with a turned-up nose. English Club president and secretary of Library Science Club. l akes her responsibilities seriously. Member of famous intellectual fraternity. Rules her ninth grade with an iron hand. Has an outside interest in Lititz -just ask her about “censored." Answers to the name of Mars. K,LOl ISE HEMPHILL 28 Parsonage Street: ewville. Pennsylvania Liukaky Science and English Looks are deceiving as far as Louise is concerned. She is not the quiet, timid, little mouse she appears to he. Liked teaching very much. Active member of the L.B.’s and Fie Beteha Cap. Member of English Club, Travel Club, and Snapper Staff. Assistant editor of Touchstone. Has an interest in the A.S.T.P. known as Fred. Collects miniature elephants. EDITH HEKR R.I). I: Millersville. Pennsylvania INTEH.MEDIATE EDUCATION Tall, slim, athletic Edith is chairman of the Intramural Sports Committee. Member of Rural Club, Primary Club, and business manager of the Snapper. Also worked on Touchstone Staff. Helped keep day student organization from falling apart. Liked teaching very much. Handles a gun well nothing to be alarmed about use- her energy on game only. MAin ELIZABETH HERSHEY R.I). " ; Lancaster, Pennsylvania IN T EK M EDI A T E Ed IJC ATI ON This is the second time Man has attended M.S.T.C. The first time was 1930-32. After that she taught in Lancaster County for Five years. The next five and one-half years were spent in India supervising schools and doing evangelistic work. She plans to return to India next yeai. Member of Rural Club and Page. JANE III BBELL 731 East King Street: Lancaster. Pennsylvania Social Studies and English Dorm life appealed to Jane so much that she spent a year and a half there. A great friend of Stoner. Sho-waltcr. and Sharpless. The Hill Quartet! Likes to drive the family car. Member of Page Literal) Society and English Club. I ses V-Mail service to write to Don in Egypt. 17ISABELLE III STON 227 Moorcland Avenue; Carlisle, Pennsylvania LtlSKAHY SCIENCE AM) SOCIAL STUDIES i . .y. the industrious library student and tin capable president of Student Council. Collects post curds, many of which she receives from George. Keeps up the morale of two Marines her brother and Bob. Member of Travel Club. ‘Y." and Cilamard. Can usually be found in the library. Liked student teaching. Appeared in WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES D I MYKRS1TIES. MARA JANE IRMN 519 South lame Street; Lancaster. Pennsylvania I NTKItMKDI TE EDUCATION Here is the president of the Page Literary Society, secretary of Delta Phi Eta, club editor of the Snapper and a member of English Club. Likes to sing and to cook. One of her favorite calls is Dr. Gerhart's science class because there she made "pin wheels which went around when the wind blew it. " Appeared in W HO’S W HO AMONG SI I • DENTS l AMERICAN COLLEGES AND I NIVERSI-TIES. BARBARA LAN'DY A TER South Market Street: Florin. Pennsylvania Libkakn Science and English Short, blond and always laughing. Study-happy. Spent her summer working for Uncle Sam at the Marietta Depot. Ask her sometime who she met there. Finds time from all her studies to be treasurer of the Library Science Club, an active member of English Club and Speech Choir. W henever a stack of books is seen, rest assured -that'' Barb behind them. IRGINI LIVINGSTON 2022 Sunshine Avenue: Johnstown. Pennsy Ivania INTER M EDI ATE EDUCATION Ginnx's two greatest problems are the Navy and sixth grade. Treasurer of the Travel Club. A ice-president of Primary Club ami senior member of Welfare. Did someone hear a noise in the dormitory? Yes, Ginns must be in. Likes dancing almost as. well as eating. Even studies sometimes. Famous for her sewing ability—perfect little homemaker. L.B. member, too. , I ' IS i 1 I I ■ GWENDOLY YlcCOMBS 333 East Orange Street; Lancaster, Pennsylvania English and Geocraphn This active miss is another of those juniors who suddenly became a senior. One can usually find her behind a great armload of hooks hurrying to a class. Feature editor of the Snapper, president of the great gang of W omen Day Students, and tallest member of Delta Phi Eta. Also lltlds time to attend Page and English Club meetings. W ill she follow in the footsteps of her sister into the arms of the Army? MARY LOl ISE MAULEY 122 South Sixth Street: Columbia. Pennsylvania Intermediate Eni cation During Mary Lou's three years here she has added to the gaiety of the Travel Club and the L.B.’s. She is tin carrot-topped member of Mr. Bailey’s first semester quartette of student teachers. The typical English Mrs. Fairfax of JANE EYBE. She and her little Ford have saved the bus fare for many of her fellow students. MARTHA MARTIN 10 North Ninth Street: Akron, Pennsylvania Primary Education Small, hut mighty. Added her name to Page. English Club. Primary Club and Delta Phi Eta. One of Miss Roth's prizes. Drove to school in a fuel utilizer. Conscientious, studious, but always ready for a good time. Her middle initial stands for EARL. Lots of luck, Martha. ANN WOLF MART . 509 W yndmoor Avenue: Chestnut Hill. Pennsy lvania Social Studies and English In August. 1913, Vnn changed her name when she married Ensign Leon Martz. a graduate of M.S.T.C., 1912. Vnnie served as president of the Dormitory this year. She was also secretary of Student Council. Having come to summer session, Ann was graduated in January. 19-11. Loyal member of the L.B.’s. Chose Normal Literary Society. English Club and Travel Club. It 1VADENE MEARKEE Box 101: Everett, Pennsylvania Library Science and English Ivadene. the Bedford girl with a contagious smile, a variety of coiffures and lots of pep, is a leader in scholastic activities—vice-president of Delta Phi Eta. “Y” Cabinet member. Deeply engrossed in hooks true library student. Beads 'em. buys 'em, and sells 'em. Member of English Club, Speech Choir, and Snapper Staff. “Better late than never,” says she. ARLENE MY UN Route I. Willow Street: Lancaster. Pennsylvania Mathematics and Geography Another of M.S.T.C.’s famous sportswomen. Member of that championship basketball team. Real!) clamped down on her eighth grade. Often seeks relief from the cares and troubles of T.S. by indulging at Hill’s. An able curator for Page: member of Equity. One of English Club's loyal members. Interest in Air Corps. KATHRYN NEWKIRK 638 East End Avenue: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Library Science and English Yes, sin is the girl with the many suits! Newkirk has an air of efficiency. President of the Fie Betcha Caps. Enjoys struggling with her eighth grade English classes. One-third of the Haines, Harsh, and Newkirk trio. Member of Choir and Library Science Club. Chairman of Finance Committee. Shining light (?) of Mr. MeComsey’s English classes. MARY BELLE POTTER 201 East Main Street; Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania Primary Education Dark, glamorous mama of the second graders. And how those little boys love her! Mary, the belle, lent her charm and talents to the Middletown Air Depot, where she had great difficulties with the G.I. wolves. Champion coiner of new “words." Balances the budget for English Club, and served as vice-president of the Day Students. Found time to he on the Orientation Committee and member of Primary Club. 20 LOIS REED Woodbine, Pennsylvania INTERM EDIATE EDUCATION Lovable, laughable. Responsible for shrill whistles from male elements. Member of English Club and Normal that's what she thinks! Spent first semester of her freshman year in dorm, but now prefers the gay life of the city. Breathed a sigh of relief at the end of Mr. Porter’s music eourses then had to teach music! Betravs men successfully. NAOMI RESCH 1027 North Lime Street: Lancaster. Pennsylvania Primary Education "Betty" is active in English Club, Primary Club. Welfare and Page Literary Society. Likes the first grade and from what we hear first grade likes her. Admits it took her four years to find out what she didn't know. Has a special interest in the armed services. Possesses ability t" win friends and influence people. FREDA KESSLER I 12 Coral Street: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Intermediate Education Proud possessor of the W ickersham Award and president of the Delta Phi Eta. Member of English and Primary Clubs. Commuted from Lancaster her first three years. Enjoyed dormitory life her Senior year. Don't let the serious look fool vou. There's plenty underneath. WHO’S WHO l AMERICAN COLLEGES AND I Nl ERSITIES. Capable teacher of fourth grade youngsters. MARGARET RHOADS Martinshurg, Pennsylvania Primary Education Quiet, ambitious. One of Mr. Porter's music-makers. Member of Primary Club and Delta Phi Eta. Chose Page Literary Society. Patronized summer school. Finished in three years. Likes to cook- -and expects to teach "all my life". W ould you like to bet on that, Margaret? 21MARGUERITE SAMPSEL Martinsburg, Pennsylvania 2% Florida Avenue; Shenandoah Heights, Pennsylvania Library Science and English Graceful, likeable Margie, the Jenny Line of M.S.T.C., is Melzer P.'s faithful treasurer. A Normal girl, she tries to keep the Normalites together. Keeps faithful record of her doings to send to Walt. Added her personality to English Club and Travel Club as well as being a member of the L.B.'s and Fie Bats. W HO’S W HO l AMERICAN COLLEGES AM) I 1 F.RSITIES. EDNA SAYLOR 502 Fifty-second Street: Altoona. Pennsylvania INTER M EDI ATE EDUCATION Vivacious president of the Class of "II. For four years Peggy has helped to put the “snap” in the Snapper. Knows all the news prints the best part of it. Assistant business editor of the Touchstone. Critic for Page. Miss Saylor to grade five. Plenty of wit and fun behind that. KATHRYN SCHENCK 212 Carbon Street; Minersville, Pennsylvania Intermediate Education Kay. out happy-go-lucky blond, whose only serious moments were spent in the training school with Mr. Bailey. alcalde member of Mr. Porter's singers for four years, a loyal attendant of the rat races and a worthy member of the L.B.'s. She served as president of Travel Club and secretary of Primary Club in her senior year. LAI RA LEE SH ARPLESS 3 Chichester Avenue: Boothwvn. Pennsylvania English and Social Studies Laura Lee entered M.S.T.C. while her brother. Norm, was making the old walls ting. When he left. Laura Lee took over the bell-ringing. Did quite an excellent job. Proved Iter dramatic talent by playing the feminine lead in JANE EYRE. Spent Christmas vacation in Florida visiting Norm. Member of English Club and Snapper Staff. Critic of Normal. Adores her puppy.  RUTH SHOW ALTER 154 Parkway Avenue: Chester, Pennsylvania Mathematics and Science Ruth is another one of those "iris who came lo summer school and stepped up her graduation one year. She is proud of her station. Student Auditor of school finances. Secretary of Page Literary Society. Spent her spare time at Hill's with Laura Lee. Summer school was her favorite term. ELLEN SMITH ardley. Pennsylvania Library Science and English Ellen, a shy and piiet little girl, greatly enjoyed the Community Concerts in Lancaster during her four years slay at M.S.T.C. She will he missed by the English Club and the Library Science Club, as well as by the Snapper and Tot custom: staffs. Always in a hurry. Sophomore soda-jerker for Hill's. A friendly smile for everyone. Regular attendant of Dr. Hull’s Friend’s Meeting. Does her job well. NELLIE SPALDING Neffsville. Pennsylvania Primary Education l she a junior or a senior? Of course, this dark senorita is a senior, for she has taken four years work in three. While in her home town, sin- keeps house, writes letters and studies. Primary Club. English Club, and Page Literary Society have gained her attentions. Nellie, they need first grade teachers in Alaska, too. The best of luck to you! COLA STILLEY 503 West New Street; Lancaster, Pennsylvania Intermediate Education No amount of eating could make her fat! Acted as guardian angel to the fourth grade for a semester—and those stories during their library period! It is rumored that she has a definite interest way down in the heart of Texas. Can often he seen conferring intellectually with Christie. Member of English Club. 23 BETTY UTZ 103 Brandon Avenue; Williamsport. Pennsylvania Library Science and English Betty, a dark. trim, smartly dressed, reserved girl, daily corresponds with once, her Navy man. Hers is the one room department store of tin dormitory—you name it. she has it. A place for everything and everything in its place -the librarian instinct. Y" secretary, vice-president of Citamard, member of English Club and Speech Choir, and an active Lutheran student. MARY KATHRYN WALIZHR 103 Bishop Street; Bellcfonte, Pennsylvania Library Science and English Kay snappy, vivacious, versatile and efficient. Dorm senior who is always ready for a good time. Took the part of Lady Ingram in the Senior play, JANE EYRE. Made frequent trips to Philadelphia to see Jerry stationed at the University of Pennsylvania. Collects bookmarks. Enthusiastic pianist. President of Citamard, member of English Club and member of ' Cabinet. BEATRICE WE AY ER R.D. I: Stevens. Pennsylvania Intermediate Education This loyal Pageite was Mr. Porter's pride and joy in Music I and II. Dark brown eyes and a lovely manner characterize this mcmbei of the eaver-Zimmerman duo. Her quiet efficient manner i always accompanied by a friendly smile. She combines her scholastic activities with the vice-presidency of Rural Club and membership in English (’.I ub. JEANETTE WIKE North Race Street: Richland. Pennsylvania I intermediate Education Jeanette, a genial, fun-loving, all-round good sport and everyone’s friend, was a good gift to M.S.T.C. Who hasn’t heard her melodious laughter? On good terms with the ”Y" Room. Firm believer in hearty breakfasts. Pacifier of hungry girls on Sunday nights. Rural Club president. On ‘Y " Cabinet, and a contributor to Snapper. Room 215 open house at all times for second-floor seniors. 24 JANE WILSON 202 North Chancellor Street; Newtown, Pennsylvania I NTF.RM EDI ATE EDUCATION Jovial Janie! V ice-president of the Senior Class. Touchstone typist. “V" Cabinet. Program chairman for Primary Club. Another one of the Travel Club's travelers anti an L.B. Typical outdoor girl. Loves fun and is a good sport. Collects dogs in miniature. Always busy, but never too busy to help a friend. A “quiet" little Quaker who regularly attended Dr. Hull's meetings. BERTHA WISE Delta. Pennsylvania Likrary Science and English Capable, jolly, dependable Bert is one of Miss Causer's proteges. Has a number of headaches in arranging Snapper materials. Practical and original in decorating her room. Summer defense worker. President of “,iMember of Rural Club. English Club and Welfare. Helps keep up the morale of the Army. Favorite food—pickles and graham crackers. Mistaken for ike. HELEN BUCKW LTER WOEKNEK R.D. 3: Litilz. Pennsylvania Primary Education November 19. 1943, Peggy became the wife of Lt. Woer-uer. a former member of the Class of ’ll. Received a medal for participation in intramural sports. First grade teacher for Miss Adams. Member of English Club, Primary Club, and Page Literary Society. Enjoyed her senior dormitory life. Anxious to have a little nest for two or maybe three. ALTA ZIMMERMAN R.D. 2: Conestoga. Pennsylvania INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION This lively addition to our class was with us only one semester. She was completing a course begun previously. A member of the Snapper Staff. Primary Club and Rural Club. She has taught for six years. Her reputation as an excellent teacher was well established in the training school. I- alert and active in all of her classes.MARY ZIMMERMAN 1103 Helen Avenue: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Intermediate Education Attractive “Zimmie" is usually quirt and reserved. Init did you ever hear her during a giggling session? She keeps up the morale of every branch of the service through her daily letter-writing. "Let's play pinochle!" Kept the minutes for Rural Club, and liked to attend English Club meeting?. Pagcite extraordinary. Got lots of practice in house keeping during her four years. JOHN HENKEL R.l). I: Pequea, Pennsylvania Industrial Arts m Science Tin only proud papa of the Senior Class. Married Betty Gerhart, one. of our former classmates. Student pastor of Clearfield and Martinville Methodist Churches. Transfer from Drexel Institute of Technology. Along with his scholastic and pastoral duties. John has been able to contribute his time to the Men’s Commuting Association and to intramural football. Ellicient president of day students. MKR 't JONES 130 Washington Street: Taylor. Pennsylvania Industrial Arts and Mathematics The name of Merv will long be remembered for his portrayal of Rochester, a leading character of Charlotte Bronte’s novel. JANE EVRE, the Senior class play. Merv is a two letter man in baseball and basketball. He is a member of the Theater Arts Club, president of the Men’s Community Association, and chairman of the Student Athletic Committee. JOHN KAMMERER 107 Wesl King Street; Littlestown, Pennsylvania Social Studies and English Kammerer, another married gentleman, has always taken a keen interest in school activities. An eloquent member of our class recitations. Musically talented. Remember the operettas? ice-president of Men’s Community and treasurer of Normal. Did well in the part of Mason in JANE EY RE. Graduated in January, 1911. Entered Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary. 26jumors OFFICERS I reside nl V ice-l’resulent Secretary Treasurer Marion Kanck Mary Kby Mary Moisey licit - DonnaIlc Behold the Juniors! ow. alter three years, we consider ourselves wiser and better abh- to assume responsibilities- and they are many. Our class has been well represented in the campus organizations. Ever notice the trim young Pin Oak that i growing west of iekersham Hall? Well, the planting of that is our handiwork. Soldiers, sailors, aviators, marines, oonstguardsmen it was wonderful to have some of our classmates here during their brief leaves, 't on heard them speak in Chapel, didn't you? And just think, we. the class of 15. were the first ones to have regular periods of observation in the Training School. My. but that wa helpful, it will surely make us more confident next year. As the succeeding Senior Class, we dedicate ourselves to carry on the traditions of Millersville. 28SOPHOmOR€S OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Rirhard Keller Ruth Powell Geraldine Yolie Betsy Slchman We held a Spring dance in collaboration with the Freshman Glass to which we invited the V-5 and -12 I nits stationed at Franklin and Marshall College. As a fund-raising activity, we sponsored a movie benefit in April. U'.»fRtsHmen President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Advisers OFFICERS John Hess Anna Mae Wcavei Geraldine Izei Esther Ganne Jean Ward Miss Hughes and Mr. Beckmeyei Septeml er 13. 1913. . . . Through Millersvilie's gate walked forty-six freshmen. We were all green, innocent and shy. Complications set in and our troubles began with the sophomore Orientation Committee. Arrayed in dinks and umbrellas and sandwiched between Navy dance billboards, we entertained the public and lost our Frosh bashfulness. The first big event was the ‘N " W atermelon Party ... a certain red hear! slipped into the main dish. Normal entertained us with a hay-ride, corn roast and fun galore, at Miss Snyder’s home. We were happier now. for homesickness vanished with the many exciting events that followed—the Cootv Party. Commissioners' Doggie Roast, and the Page Reception. Dr. and Mrs. Biemc-derfer entertained us at tea at which we were formally introduced to our president ami our faculty. At a party given us by our advisers and held at Mr. Heck-meyer's home, we cemented the friendship which we hope will continue for veats. 3" STUDCnT councn President I tee-President Secretary Treasurer First Semester Second Semester Isabelle Huston .......... Mary Reisinger Donald McGlatbery (U.S.N.R.) Ruth Bertolette Ann Wolf Mart Frances Keller Margaret Ankrum Patricia Wilson The Student Council for the 1913 11 term put into effect the Point System. Several members of the Council attended a Student Council Conference at the I Diversity of Pennsylvania in the spring of 1913, where they received information in setting up this system. The sale of school rings and pins was handled by Student Council for the first time this year. Many fine activities were arranged by the standing committees which were headed bv the following student chairmen: Finance- Kathryn Newkirk. Athletics Mervyn Jonc-, Kntertainmeiit—Margaret Kambo. Publicity Laura Lee Sharpless, Social Margaret Ankrum. Freshman Orientation Frances Keller. Flection Harriet Osburn, Intramural Edith Herr. . Editor STAFF Marion Ixanek issociate Editor Faina Saylor liusiness Manager Edith Herr dirts' Sports Editor Helen Courtin Slat] Secretary Ellen Smith (’tub Editor Mary Jane Irvin feature Editor Gwendolyn McCombs C.i rcu la lion Man age r Marion Stchman Make-up Editor Bertha Wise irt Louise Ludwig As was the case last year, the Snapper was published bi-weekly this year. However, under the able management of Kdilor Kanck and the coun-cilship of Miss Spencer, the Snapper Staff issued especially fine material in tin- college paper throughout the year. The whole staff cooperated to the nth degree in helping to keep students. alumni, and classmates in the service, informed of activities related to the college. With a spirit of willingness, interest and enthusiasm, the staff earnestly tried to fulfill its obligations as representative of the student body. SnflPPCR .'{3CHOIR MUSIC COMMITTEE President Kathryn Schcnck Secretory-Treasurer Marguerite Sainpsel Members Ruth Schwarx, Ruth Powell. Joanne Manifold. Kathryn Newkirk Adviser ... Mr. Melzor Porter The choir made its first public appearance at the Normal meeting in October. They have always been asked to sing on this anniversary program and always are received appreciatively. At this time the sextette made its. appearance. Hiese i girls proved to be a hit with their number- PI T ON YOl H OLD GRAA BONNET and MOONLIGHT BAY. The members were Marguerite Sanrpsel, Margaret nkrurn. Joanne Manifold, Mary Jane Irvin, Frances Keller, and Kathryn Schenck. The choir presented the annual Christmas Concert on December 12. sang for the School Directors January 27. and held their Spring Concert in April. Besides these performances, the choir sang in chapel every Tuesday and at tin Baccalaureate service and Commencement Day. Members: Margaret Ankrum. Catharine Bassler. Mary Louise Bowman. Pauline Burkins, Anna Carper. Mary Kbv Nancy F.rb. Maty Elizabeth fox. irginia Gehman. Esther Cannes. Mary Heisey. Arlene Henning. Mary Jane Irvin. Frances Keller. Ethel Wise, Lois Landis. Joanne Manifold. Margaret Neff. Kathryn Newkirk. Harriet Osburn. Ruth Powell, Freda Kessler. Margaret Rhodes. Alice Robb. Mary Rupert Griffith. Marguerite Sainpsel. Arlene Sann. Ruth Schwarz. Kathryn Schenck. Betty Jane Stehman. Mildred Stigleman. Margaret Thomas. Jane I orbert. Lydia I lanilsky, Dorothv W aters. Virginia Webster, Sara Jane W'einhold. and Ada Ziegler. 34VUICfl OFFICERS President Bertha Wise I ice-President Kay Walizer Secretary Betty Utz Treasurer Marjorie Kambo Advisers Miss Ethel Thompson. Miss Margaret Swift The Y.W .C.A. held impressive vesper services every Sunday evening and also held informal meetings every Wednesday evening. The “Y" greeted the freshmen girls on the opening day of the first semester with a gay bunch of flowers. They also helped the freshmen get acquainted through a treasure hunt. At the annual banquet, held in November, the “Y“ bad as their special guest. Mrs. Mary Moss Cuthbertson. who is regional secretary of the Student Christian Movement. Prior to Christmas vacation, the " presented a Christmas play entitled, “Once I pon a Christmas.” At this season, the " also collected gift which were given to the children at the Mennonite Children's home located outside of Millersville. The students also went caroling followed by refreshments. The month of March was a busy one for during that month the "Y” sponsored a Flower Tea, presented a play for tin visiting mothers, and served breakfast to the mothers. The annual violet picking gave members an opportunity to pick violets which were then given to patients in Lancaster hospitals. 3. .PRimDRV CLUB President Vice-President Secretary, Treasurer Advisers OFFICERS ......................... Mary Bruner irginia Livingston Kathryn Schcnek Josephine Imhoden Miss Daisy HolTmeier. Miss Jane llothe. Miss May Adams, Miss Ethel Thompson The Primary Club has a varied and successful program this year. The first meeting was the Hallowe’en Party. At this meeting the program for the year was presented. The girls decided to make Christmas gifts for the children in the Crippled Children's Home. This year tin girls added something new to their meetings. Hostesses were selected for each meeting and these girls served tea to the others while the meeting was in session. In January. Mrs. Smith, the Training School Librarian, spoke to the girls about “Investigations in the Library." In February, they had dramatizations of well known children stories. In March, the girls enjoyed exchanging favorite stories. In April, there was a panel discussion of a teacher’s personal life. These were guest speakers. The last meeting was the annual picnic of the club. 30DELTA PHI ETA OFFICERS Freda Kessler Ivadcne Mearkle Mary Jane Irvin ... Anna Carper Miss Ethel Jane Powell Della Phi Eta honor sororitv stands for character, service, scholarship and leadership. Only Junior and Senior rirl who have an average of 2.5 or heller are eligible for membership. Each year an initiation ceremony is held after which tin new members are entertained at a dinner party. The sorority has ! een doing its part for the war effort by selling war stamps after chapel. During the year they sponsored Mis Ona Schreiner, of the Westminster Choir School, in a program of harp music. Members: Margaret Ankrum, Anna Carper. Isabelle Huston, Mary Jane Irvin. Martha Martin, Gwendolyn McCombs, Ivadcne Mearkle. Harriet Oshurn. Marion Ranck, Margaret Rhodes. Freda Kessler, and Margaret Stauffer. 'nwiilt'lit I iced resident St’crrtary Treasurer Adviser 37 nORfllRL First Semester Marguerite Sampsel Margaret nkruiu John Kammerer Laura Lee Sharpless Mrs. Brenncman, Mr. Hovis OFFICERS President I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Critic Second Semester Harriet Osburn Edith Walton Ruth Powell Joanne Manifold Louise Ludwig Ad idsers The Normal Literary Soriet is as busy as any organization on the campus and affords many interesting activities and programs for the students which gi c them opportunities to display their talents. The first activity of the year was the reception for new members, which this year was a hay ride followed by a corn roast. The next event was the Eighty-Seventh Anniversary meeting held on October 22. Dr. Stine presided at the meeting. The College Choir sang several selections. The speaker of the evening was Mrs. May Lanberton Becker, writer for the hook review section of the eiv York Herald Tribune. At the first regular meeting on October 7. a musical and literary program was presented. Tire second regular meeting was held on November 15. at which time a very interesting sketch of an average day in the life of a Freshman dormitory student was presented by Freshmen. 3S PAGE OFFICERS First Semester I resident Marx Jane Irvin Vice-President Nancy Clime Secretary Ruth Showalter Treasurer .....Jean Keener Critic .................Edna Saylor Second Semester Mary Elizabeth Fox Anna Carper Peggy Buck waiter Woerner. I Sccretary-Treasurcr I Pauline Burkins Page Literary Society, founded May 16. 1855. is the oldest of the college organizations. It was named in honor of David P. Page, the fir-t principal of the State Normal School. Albany. New A ork. The Societx affords excellent facilities for students to gain experience in public -peaking, reading, debating and music. ilh the usual type of social life lacking. Page has kept more strictly to its primary purpose and has held regular monthly meetings. At one of these meetings the Page Choir introduced the Page song. RICH IN TRl’TH. The last spring meeting of the Society is known as the Anniversary Meeting and is the outstanding meeting of the year. The speaker this year was Dr. Arthur James who presented an engrossing travelogue on northern Europe. 39communiTv W omen's Community Vssociation “What’s that, did you 'ay?" You mean that you have never heard! Let me introdure the girls who lead us. We have Ann Wolf Mart , our president during the 19-13-11 semester, who worked hard to make everything a success. Next, our vice-president F.slhci Boyd who has had her troubles keeping the noise down to a shout and who became our president for the 1911 semester. Then our secretary. Bette Donnalley. who keeps the minutes and plans the social functions. Last, our treasurer. Mary Rupert Griffith. irginia Webster took over the job of keeping the books balanced in the second semester. The representatives from each cla», our two fucultx advisers, and our Dean. Miss Powell, complete the organization. First, we had Open House and held our regular monthly teas. Our most important event was Mothers Weekend, a special entertainment was planned to give the boarding and day students’ mothers an insight to our !i es on the campus. 40commuTinG And on this side of the page, ladies and gentlemen, we have the Women - Commuting Association. Step right up and meet its president. Gwendolyn McCombs. Following in her wake, we find the remaining officer- Mary Belle Potter, vice-president: Ozetta Croft, secretary: and Harriet Osbum, treasurer. What have we been doing during the past year? We really didn't Come out of our shell until our Thanksgiving lea. I his event was succeeded by the Christmas Party where we collected gifts for the McnnonilC Orphan’s Home. We certainly did come out of hibernation when we were instrumental in having our lair repapered and repainted. Drop in when you re not busy and see the fresh and handsome green wall paper. 41enGLISH CLUB President I icc-President Secretary Treasurer I 1 riser OFFICERS Margaret Marsh Mary Moisey Kathryn Newkirk Mary Belle Potter Mr. Sanders P. McComsev There was no shortage of entertainment at the club’s meetings, as any member will tell you. Local talent took the spotlight! Eating “doggies." while not exactly a literary pursuit, proved to be sufficiently soul-satisfying at our initial gct-acquainled meeting in the fall. Especially interesting to those of us who are inveterate bibliophiles was Lieutenant Lingenfeller- informal chat on autographed books. Army life certainly has not impaired his inimitable reading technique! Perhaps tin- most notorious event look place at tlu “Talent Night" program, when long-suffering club members swooned to the music of the Kitchen Band. 'These artists were in top form: and their selections were greatly enjoyed by the audience. At other gatherings we heard from Miss Gwendolyn McCombs, who kept us laughing at the antics of a little boy. and from Miss Norma Aston, one of M.S.T.C.’s well-known alumnae. 425P66CH CLUB Pr esidenl I ice-president Sec re l a r ■ rer Historian Director OFFICERS Nancy Clime Ivadene Mearklc Lizzie Caslow Evelyn Sensenig Miss Esther Lenhardt lids year the group continued their work on the pageant of the history of the Speech Choir in Literature. n introduction together with a group of illustrations has heen compiled for each period. This pageant was presented during Mothers Weekend. Mecause of the demand for postcards of various campu scenes, the club adopted the idea of printing postcards in order that we might add more money to the treasury. These cards were very attractive and were sold quickly. The club had a large enrollment this year and we feel sure that the purpose of this organization, which is to gain an appreciation of poetry-in an enjoyable manner through concerted participation, has been fully attained. 43CITflmflRD President I ice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser . . OFFICERS Mary Kathryn Wali .ei Betty I 11 Marjorie Rambo Nancy Clime Miss Esther Lcnhardt Citainard. dramatic spelled hack ward', is one of MillersvilleTs most active cluhs. The dub was organized for the purpose of entertaining and educating in the art of drama. The annual Citamard Baity was held on December sixth for the purpose of welcoming ami initiating the year's new members. The meetings held twice a week are made interesting by the presentation of one act plays directed and enacted by students. The efforts of the club culminated in the middle of the year, in a comedy entitled K ER'l FAMILY HAS ONE by George Batson. You know the family skeleton that vou try to hide hut someone is forever dragging out of the closet. That was COUSIN LITDY. Lois Hoover. The re-l of the family include LAI RA REARDON, Marilyn Fleming, who is trying her best to get into the “400" class, her husband REGIN LD, Edwin Dunkle. a husines man by profession but a thinkerer by heart. PENELOPE, Geraldine Izer. a preeociou eleven year old, MARCIA, Anna Mae Weaver, the beautiful sweet tempered daughter, her brother WARRY. John Walker, a modern Shakespeare, and NANA. Kathryn Wali .er. frank and cynical grandmother. There are Mr. and Mrs. James Barker. Richard Keller and Jean Gray, members of the town’s elite society forever striving for a pal of butler, and their son SHERWIN. John l.antz. who is MarciaN fiancee. TODD. Russell Shriver. i the steady faithful hoy friend. ESSIE. Mice Ankrum. the maid of all work, concludes the cast. 44TH€IITR€ ARTS Arthur Ricci Mcrvyn Jones Robert Graham John Walker George Schwab John Lantz OFFICERS Manager issistant Manager Secretary Treasurer Electrician Assistant Electrician “The show must go on!" is the slogan of the Theatre Club and the fine spirit the hoys have shown thi- year proves how well they exemplify their slogan. Although reduced in number, they have accomplished their task well. While rendering this service, members acquire much experience in back-stage work. Since all work done is of this nature. Cilamard considers all Theatre Arts men as being honorary members. As a token of their appreciation. Citamard presents to all seniors who have been members of the rheatre Club for three years, a key. This year the Theatre Club men exhibited their ability as “stagehands" by the elaborate scenery produced for the Senior play, the “'t play, and the Citamard play. Moreover, the club contributes to the success of college entertainments by taking care of the back-stage settings which are sponsored by the Entertainment Committee. As the college year draws to au end. the club will hold its annual banquet, as a reward for services of members. 43RURAL CLUB 'resident lice-President Secretary Treasurer tdviser OFFICERS Jcandle ike Rcatrice Wcavci Marj Zimmerman Janet Heilman Mr. Rayinoiul Hovis Rural Club is one of the oldest and most famous Organizations on the campus. Its function i to give aid to prospective teachers through informal discussions and lectures solving the everyday problems of the rural school and community. This year’s meetings were centered upon the topics of co-curricular activities in the rural school and the so-called “busy-work” of the rural school. The Rural Conferences held on and off campus inspired the club and brought to the club's attention new topics for discussion. The climax of the year is the May outing and hike which all members attend. 46 LIBRARY sconce CLUB President I ice-Presidcnl Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS ........................ Miriam llaim ' Marguerite Sainpscl Margaret Harsh Barbara Landvater The future teacher-librarians are here pictured in a story hour atmosphere with the president as the narrator. This group likes to sing and to eat. The Biggest meeting of the year was a doggie roast on a cold fall day. One day a little squirrel was listening to the sounds front the Library Science Classroom. Suddenly, he heard the senior students hurst into the song I'M DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS. He supposed that this was for moral support because he had heard that they were having an examination just before Christmas vacation. The club sponsors Sunday night book reviews. This year Mrs. Stine, Miss Ia'nhardt. Mrs. Chalfont and Mr. Porter have been guest reviewers. 47men's communuv nssoemnon OFFICKKS President I ice-President Seeretar Treasurer lervyn Joiii ; John Kammerer Arthur Kicri Rohcrt Craliam men s communnc OFFICKKS nssoemnon President I ire-President Seeretar Treasurer John Hinkle Richard Keller John Hesse Rush'll Shrciher These two organizations cooperate in holding athletic tournaments. Knrlv in the fall they arranged a ping pong contest. A joint basket hall team known as the "Collegian!-" had many successful games. 48TRAVEL CLUB President Secretary Treasurer It riser Ol'KICKKS Kiiilii) n Schenek Mary Brunner Virginia Livingston Miss Kthel Mae Thompson "Do you lliink il will burn?" “Watch out! the fire is coining out along the edge! ’ “Quick, somebody, throw on some more sticks!' "Gosh, do I ever love bacon and eggs! “Ouch, my tongue! this chocolate's hot!" That's what you hear when Travel Club goes on one of those much loved breakfast hikes. ()i course we don’t eat all the time we also do some traveling. One of out jaunts look place on a beautiful November Sunday, at which time we trolleyed our way to Kphrata to isit the historic cloisters. One of our Trayelites, Mary Louise Bowman, imited us to her home that evening. The day may have, started out beautifully, hut oh. how it did pour on our way home. Wheatland, the home of Kobcrt Fulton, and other historic spots of Lancaster and vicinity, come within our range. IP ☆ Compliments of BLUE LINE HOSIERY MILLS, Inc. DENVER. PENNSYLVANIA ☆ 55 SPALDING REACH Sam’s Diner Shenk Brothers AND Sporting Goods and Toys Pastry Shop JO-32 West King Street LANCASTER, PENNA. EPHRATA, PENN A. PARKER PENS AND PENCILS KODAKS J. R. Stokes Son “BEST WISHES COUNTRY DRESSED BEEF, VEAL 8c PORK TO THE ALL KINDS OF SMOKED ME ATS GRADUATING CLASS" MT. NEBO 8C LANCASTER MARKETS WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING HILL’S DIAMONDS. WATCHES. CLOCKS ENGRAVING, JEWELRY TEA ROOM Victor F. Bernhard 14 South Prince Street LANCASTER. PENNA. “LATEST IN HAIRSTYLE" COMPLIMENTS OF Rhoads Spanish Tavern QUARRYVILLE, PA. Lillian DeLaurentis BEAUTY SALON 425 N. Queen Street LANCASTER, PA. Phone 32519 ."liEverything Under One Roof! First step in making a house a home is to come to Benesch’s where you'll find furniture of quality at the right price. And we’re equally famous for smart apparel for every member of the family. It's so easy to shop here where there are nine floors chock-full of outstanding values. BENESCH’S 4 AND 6 W. KING ST., LANCASTERCongratulations on the preparation you have made to fit yourself for your life's work,—Teaching. It has meant many sacrifices and privations on your part. We extend our best wishes for success in your profession. When you secure a teaching position, the full realization of the tangible value of your education will be felt. You will realize that your education represents knowledge, ability to transmit, control of pupils and self, and understanding of ability, conditions and possibilities. May the teacher and the pupil continue to increase in wisdom and mental stature. It will be a pleasure to acquaint you with the Protection Plan offered by the Teachers Protective Union. A plan whereby, in case of disability from ANY sickness or ANY accident, you will receive under the “Peerless” Certificate or “Peerless-Hospital" Certificate from $25.00 to $37.50 per week in the event of loss of time and salary through disability. This represents “Protection at Cost.” Complete information will be sent upon request. Teachers Protective Union T. P. U. Building 116 N. Prince Street Lancaster, Penna. 58COMPLIMENTS HARVEY S. ESHLEMAN OF Eshleman’s Garage W. E. Gockley WASHINGTON BORO. PA. Phone Columbia 347J2 COMPLIMENTS Established 1909 OF Kendig’s Dairy Mylins 314 N. Queen St. LANCASTER. PA. Pure. Pasteurized. Cream Top Milk CREAM BUTTER COTTAGE CHEESE Dial 3481 MILLERSVILLE, PA. Commercial Printing House Sayres, Scheid Sweeton PRINTERS Dial 3-3808 28-30 East King Street LANCASTER. PA. Market and Grant Sts. LANCASTER. PENNA. MEN'S WEAR COMPLIMENTS OF Harry M. Bartch COMPLIMENTS OF A COLUMBIA, PENNA. FRIEND 09L. B. Herr . Son COMPLIMENTS OF STATIONERY — BOOKS PRINTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES — ENGRAVING Paul W. Hoover MEATS AND PROVISIONS 46-48 West King Street LANCASTER. PENNA. 416 N. Pine St. LANCASTER. PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF Wade’s Gift Shop Eugene Jacobs FEATURING MANHATTAN SHIRTS, TIES AND SPORTSWEAR Penn Square LANCASTER FLOWERS FOR EVERYBODY and FOR ALL OCCASIONS DIAMONDS — WATCHES 51 ■sr Zook’s The Rosery 1J7 North Duke St.. Lancaster, Pa. Phone 2-0414 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS GOLDSMITHS SILVERSMITHS Fifty N. Queen St. LANCASTER. PA. J. A. Miller Co. 56 NORTH QUEEN ST. LANCASTER'S LEADING DRUG STORE “AIR CONDITIONED” 60Hager’s Studio LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA » « Official Photographer 1944 Touchstone tine tiue IJecir loot’ . . . is the product of the efforts of a capable editor plus the interested cooperation of a seasoned specialist. To an editor, who wishes to make a success of his first publishing venture, specialization offers innumerable advantages that are most helpful—in fact—indispensable. It is advisable to have a specialist handle your yearbook. Investigate the services of ‘‘Campus." an organization whose entire business is college and school publications. I N C ORPORATE I) 1316 Arch Street. Philadelphia. Penna. LETTERPRESS • ENGRAVING • OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY • AR P SERVICE 62G3Autographs (54

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