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 - Class of 1941

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I 2 v J A 4 N 4 1 T r 1 I I i E151 . -Vg u v I I A F I 5 E A ri S 2 5 5 r Y if i E IIXRXI3 I5 IXIIIIR IDIIOR If IIN X IIURIS ISI IINI IXX V I R le 1941 lufkfone STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE IVIILLERSVILLE. PENNSYLVANIA 55 gu i ? ' 3 ffl-21 hfktifn :sw wink, Nw wigwdggmiwm Q B - A :hx .1,.:4,, t has ,,f V?-ynqggfg 11, 31,1 12 11 - fx -f 1 K I 'XIX 3 Nw Q35 1 1 13'-el an f-9. .,- DS, .Vg ., .. - k X , A...m..f.... .1 ,, :Naam 'isfu 'vw azsiavl 15: ,yr 1 u J' " Ns 'A ,,..g , . . - Kb' 1. 5. J .Ml ..,f.. . H v-'f.f W .Hr J K Q IHi IHEME.. Teachers of tomorrow! What a challenge! Upon the shoulders of the teachers of today and those of tomorrow rests the responsibility of promoting the ideals of democracy it such a AS WE SEE IT 266' 2I"5 thing is to exist in the future. Can we meet that responsibility? Only if we believe in the principles of democracy, live according to those 4 principles, and teach those principles can we BEHIND THE DESK AFTER 4:15 of jomorrow. . . . . . even hope to meet it. can. We shall be worlcing that most valuable Yesterday we came: today we are leaving: plastic on earth-the human being. There is tomoqow we shall he laced with the challenge no limit to the amount which can he accom which teaching presents as no other profession plishecl. ls there a greater challenge? BEFORE THE DESK ON FIELD AND COURT THE YEAR IN RETROSPECT ,MJ OW gooclgyed, For twenty-one years iwir. Hoover,s famiiiar figure has heen seen passing in and out of our front gate as he waiiced to and from his daiiy tasicg that of hetter fitting ixiiiiersviiie students for their future work. Famiiiar to thousands of our aiumni are "Pappys, many anecdotes and the tradition of HR0om CH-fuvvhat does the hooic say?" As freshmen we first met Wir. Hoover in his Place and Purpose ciass. We now ieei that this is the Place to record our Purpose, nameiyg to express our gratitude for the principles which he has instiiied in us during the four years we spent at this coiiege. Mr. Hooverys heipiui guidance and personai example of service Wiii iive iong in our memories. Jlrfwwhm LBQT P-Qxyiiaq., Q ' '--Q.. . :J y.: Tqrgaq . Q, QI. - ' "' ' . - ' ' ., ' ,:.je4Fw5x. Q1 uf' L:Q,'.,g.Qm. 4 1 .f,.-RM. ' an .:,i,,,-x'X'. -N ' 2,-'eff- I., ',r'.:m'3E:3 s. ' -1.1 fgg, - 'E . 4, Hffg'-J!-Y . , 'NJ-A-JZ' -I, . L-rif:-E.3ffJg'3 Q '-1, 1. rr'-1.61. i . V g4ff.,h 5 -. yrrggw-fu f, ',-...usa w il-1 A. v- '-., ,TP 1 . ,I'5'H.,b' :FH in-,:E,gxii,-f ' .S -A ' ,- 'jg-:.1??' ff-, 54- , Fu Aw .t ' ' - "' aixiflj '.m.'Ta" -1.3" A -rgg, - F-.V 4 .3 Lfff- 5?3f9fg2 Wi fift- .'Y"'fEI-E,:'4:?4 ""f"G- V. -, .. , : ,,. H , g...1-sl . xv -'v'1.k'lf:l'? 59351, - ,Mn-,.,:yx-f ,. -' '.t:,. ,w-f','..'.g-3 .w I-'fit f .'s,',f1Q.i"4a ' 1' nn. Fw' ERE" ' 4" ' V' -.qiuf , 131.41511 f .ii .7.-'-fs. , ' 3 5'- f f,,.f.-'I-'figs xg 4 5-..,.,v - - . e-,V ff? w if? J, L it ' , ,s-'A-Fe ...iv'f,M.L5.3 'llfligir we f W .K gg A Wfm - Q, 'Q'g,, ' xJ,15,gKl'-'. .- -2 .-4 f-ap Q. 1' ff H5531 ee, .?+R.i!",.P . fJ,va1z1 1 Q-ig! A f,,f.ffQ Wa , , i:ELf1.13Fq'5i-, 1532 if f 'M' -4.1 'Q .-f 'Az .'- fl, .fig .v.f,'g--:1'g, 1. .Ji YV E-H5732 X ,ff-' E-if -1.4, 1 . -Q1 :.,-J!-. , Z. . fi. l - -i"2f1a' ls. A f 'Q ,, iglkg, ., A. .X'x..vs1-fgafxb 1 - 'Sim j 4 o , 21. -..f . xg ,,. ,Xw,1:-ujkfga . qw gl? -f -X ' 1 A, , Q. .b Zvi-T'.'igL . .' 'fb-7 ?'QfS5'5i? f543:'fL3 1 iz1L.kN.'.,AF'- .45 1:34. . . y.. .9 A ., 1 .1 I".' 'H 722 :V A,:A-gd... fill-, , F" , 1 ,Ei 323. V--'-,.y,f.,:'?o 3' ,:g 1-'AT .. 'Liv 'a.Q.'l'rgi3"' fi,-E -' '..,v': -, -.--. 1.-21. A X ,H-4 asf?-ii?fn'V J f 'H 1-115 - Y,Sp-.4155 , -PN-,J L, .av :Fr .'v'.fR s- ' 'Wg-, V55 -31-. 'Zi . a fri. .1 , ::,'-- .- 1- -1 . M- Wg. Q: p.1 .r f-' : EFI f .-ff1'.,?,'f. . ' 1.1, . -. M jp., Mfg?-. .- ff . :ff -13? --viii? X 7 L- QL: , Q' ... ' g Q vgeimiise- .2 Hgafi-gi-tx J-'qjg?f. 151- 5 , .- 33:--fx - V ...W --s-J: u N - '- vvfnfw 1 .4 ya., 51024. J.. 5. mfg '.4 ,- r '- , .x 'QI 'gf' - - -, ,gbgfnnf A-z Q- I , A 1 fr-1-" 5137 A. , ,'x-..4sQ'v2,jf,!- ' ,, gf 'ggfly 5.6.3 f 7f3fi1? l'1f-ff3f- :i.Lw'k'5'?x tt? gifaitj K RCE wr mf -,Sf-xi-z.' 'n':V'., M - a, .-4, -.'fg'i.iyi'g,,, f"Q'rQxL ,.:.-'r' -'vw Sy-f 5'-f?'.'.'P:.l'55?,: ! . ff' ' g.z.-:Efws - v"- . : 'ns H g .. ri g'x9A"Rv 53, ,Q :JAMES - A-J. :Tri T. ? if 11525-r TPI: .3 . 1 . "M-1 -:sf . .:f:5:1:t" ' ' - . ,., ., 'Ma .-r.1?t,:w' 'lf' V- -'ggi-3' ?X:i,4x:g" ..-,' v - A ' Q' . -'MV .-I' ' U , .. if L11 ,af - bf. - .Vat Kd'-gl -,V .iaih LJ. 9.35 11 3 1 1 ,T4.!'J,75 'QQ' ,, 'ani' , y...'L,,,:m. .,?xM .'- . ' Lu 1"' , ,W :s:.,,-.ang 1 - s,L1"vg,'fQf sfs 5 . H-K: '- 11 . . ,X . . .,4, - - sv-:F 'w 'xy 1 -. mfxlif, fkbvl .f ,gf , .jg"'i.? 'Q Ll Q- " 1 3' 7 I-.' ni-lil! 41:4 v ff-.fgwi tj- ,..,-,,,Q .xqifm 52 t 11: L- 'gl , A'f-sy.:-13 O 1'31'r:f24s:? X V 1 1,-G? Q '?lf?4'2'l'fi f 4 , .b .5,.:. 1. ,J , -. HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL steeped in tradition-Rich in scholastic achievement, Millersville State Teachers College, located on a picturesque campus in quaint old Lancaster County, fulfilled the dream of its founders when they estab- lished it as the first state normal school in Pennsylvania, hy maintaining a reputation for cultivating the finest of men and Women in the teaching Held. Steady advancement and expansion has heen the hyword as attested to hy its record, 1854, an academy was erected hy a number of citizens of lwillersville and vicinity for the purpose of furthering the educational standards of the surrounding community: 1859, the Millersville authorities toolc advantage of the Normal School Act of 1857 and estahlished the llirst State Normal School of Pennsylvania: 1927, Millersville became a State Teachers College and was authorized to confer the degree of Bachelor of Science of Education upon its graduates. To say that the college has loeen hoth progressive and conservative in its policies may seem paradoxical-however, it is true. For, a sound and conservative huilding program as well as a development of the philosophy of teaching and education, has been undertaken. However, Millersville has been most progressive in making advances in curriculum construction including the special courses in Library Training and Industrial Arts. In the hearts of the graduates forever will linger memories of this, their Alma Mater, Within whose halls they have labored for four long years to attain the standards set up hy the thousands of graduates who have gone before them. 'wn-u..- f ' I7 Y ,, , I ' . ww, ,Q .S . 4 - r , 4 A , .M 5 .1 f , Q ,. - N x , -. - X . wr xv 1 X Q . Q . 4 v 5 -. .X M1 it . X ,w N W Y ' as-' 'N' 'Va f . ' 2 P? L 'fs A. . vw , Q. ,M L "',' A W Q is kwa' A. +'ji f'- If N A r A ' I 1 Ag Q L. . in 1 4. , 5 is f . .f - x - . .X 1 X N Q X X K N I ,Q . 'X K m .,,. U , X ,gs Y A ,Q f Q, fi . . J X is Q if 1i XS ' 1 ' tffjl- , QQ Q v i. 4 tv m .wif Q-8 a,L,.s- '- ' W - . K , Q wg, L.. ' ,- QF 1,-,L ". K EY " 'btw Q gf. if Ax -, 4 9 in . i 5, ty, M. Q Q Q A X ..f,f-"' ' , ' N ns. 1 ' W ' I. ' W' r - ' X. ' 'fl Y' f ,E dw W H ' L- f 'Q4': M-5 Q A i -1 0 "' -. m ,' . ' A 1. ' A Af. f - 3 - . 5 '40 ' . , ,-" . , N-Q5 .y 4 , Q bq U A ., ' Q 1 1 '- A' Q Q 8 s ' 4 g 'A yr 49 ' f Q Q., Q ,A 5 , ,Q .X F ., K , A ., , , 4, , Q.. a xr, .J - f 4 ' , . ' 5 1 x K X r Q I . , W A 1 .EMS A In k wi- iw , ' , C N' ' m- fb' ,r --f N , y J. 7 . I ij I 1 with v,h, 'W' ' v ' ,' ' Q .Q v' 'sk N -' wg. 1 8' aim M ' .v ' 9,,,,,, 44 H A ' Q , . ' . ,I Y' V. ig' A ' Q . v '- x K N-. ' X k M 'S S' .3 ' 'K Y -33 A sf A F-r ug . . b ' , s s. A Cr 5 All .Nb if I Q 5 i V ? I 'A ,. A' 'A ?? A Qs, 5 E' 1 i it 9 I . ,var 3 ' L'L ' , , ' In ,"- . K - i ' Mx, f f A i K hh V 'fff n. As' K x 8 E , ,.,. . get 'X4 xi lv- g ' , 4 N ,,, .L....v"'A 'L MY... gxis X "7" 'S N N N N 'Q 'Q N 'Q .fglrlm inijfrafiolz glifckng MlNIS'l4RA'I'lON IS C'IfN'I'IfRl HLRIZ - RlfC'I'l'A'l'ION IS UIVI X IHQRH - MANY S I'l'l7IiN'l'S l.lXl I IIQRIZ YIQS IN I ILI .I .I4C"I'l ' XI RIVIRI' YI' UA 0 OZEA Fa ry 3'il'l1 Cl' Mlizhllg SCENE Ulf C Jl'R lil IJIJIXK I IX 5ll.INS AND CfIil.l.I VRADITION REICZNSI Off! gm 1 lgrediclen f if ,Home MORE VVISDONI HHRIZ FOR ITS THE PREXYS HOME Q12 , My .7 VU Hlf 'l'AlK1IIT AND TO 'l'IfACH -THIQY BOTH HAVE THIZI GINNINCZ HERE R Bl' Y - QI? tary Zzlifcbng ..A PERFECT COORDINATION OF K A MENTAL AND PHYSICAL LIFE- P00 5 OUR N O D E R N GYBINASIUN -Na!! HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DE- VELOP SOUND BODIES I'IIIi I.,'XIiIf - .X I'ROSI'IiC'I'IX'Ii I f 4 I 1' xx ,K I 1 'X X I X I4IIIi NIOIJICRNISIIC' II.fXI.I. BY WCLUPJA alll C' I" Y 'I' I" R OI" IYI4I"I I I"C'I'II'XI NIJX'fXNC'IfNIIfN'I' ADMINISTRATIVE HIGHLIGHTS Did you lcnow . . . lVIiss Ganser presided over the Institute for Demonstration School Librarians held by the American Library Association at Cincinnati, Ohio . . . May 26, 1940 lVlr. Thomas received the honorary degree oi' Doctor of Pedagogy from the Central Normal College, Danville, Indiana . . . June 7, 1940 lVIiss Haversticlc became lVlrs. A. Roy Brenneman . . . July 28, 1940 lVIrs. Councilman and lVlr. Bailey attended Penn State while lVIiss Lee furthered her education in the French language at Syracuse University during the summer school of 1940. lVIiss Smith recently received her psychologistls Certificate irom the state department. lxfliss Hughes has written a looolc called Rhythmic Games and Dances which will be published about the middle oi June. Dr. Osburn's booli Expioring the Graphic Arts will be published in the near future. lVIr. Lingenfelter received the degree of Doctor of Education from Pennsylvania State College. .Ianuary 28, 1941 Dr. Tanger has been made chairman oi the Drama Committee and a member oi the Education Committee lor the Defense Council Organiza- tion oi Lancaster County. lVIr. Shenlc received the degree of lVIaster oi Science in Education at the Llniversity oi Pennsylvania . . . February 1 5, 1941 lVIr. Howard was elected president oi the Lancaster County Vocational Association for 1940-41. Dr. Gerhart acted as chairman oi the Conference on Science for Elementary School Teachers . . . February 15, 1941 lVIiss Swift was a member oi the Eastern Arts Association participating in the Teacher Training Division and also acted as a judge oi Art Vvorlc at the Yorlc County Fair. Dr. Hull was in charge oi the meeting held by the Lancaster County Principals' Association. lVliss Simerson has been worlcing towards her psychologists certificate during the past year. lVIr. lVIcComsey has been worlcing on his doctorate at the University oi Pennsylvania. Dr. Stine is one oi the llive members on the executive committee repre- senting the State Teachers Colleges at Harrisburg. N-'Nc Ax -5-,. 9 f A .,,, 2f'f6!'x., f-,,.Qf.. W. ., , . . Y ,I-Fvsg K 5 .fx, x . 1 x JJ. 4-- k ,kv . 1 ' ' Q 1-glivf. J, V Fwwwg' an -ns V M aw. .. E mv-z......m.,, , , - ,. . , 5 - V 5 K K A STS' E'S'f5f" Awww. R H we Ss I A L 5 "Q 5 , ' Tis 5 f wi X ' ig.,-Q. 5 L... . 1. S'-vfiijg . L5 3 we .Q , 'g'k fm S Q , 4 z .L M W If Q Q ? 5 4 ,L f R was 5 . .. xwilbv Nl - Q , .J ' P : L- ., 'F-fl s- . .-N ,.,,. '55- L if. J ES' liki- k:'.as Q 11 5: dj 'S 'R if 1' 1 3' fr. sf' .- I -4. Q 145, bg 'fr 4 'kv as H342 M H f,glp -Em ,fx Y' :J ii 5 a P4 r , E 'ZR I .",',:-, g, "Sk, -.ff:T1.i,y?' 5-ws .M Zz, 5- my , AQ. UA. in-'1 4 '- fy. "P-"-. A ?'.5"'.if5'1F': - . 1.5 --12' X N. . '1"f:5'Tf'?'35L,., ' 72 N"2' :1575 'J Q' Pl' 1 ' ' N . .- .,.12::'f1 . A .J- Ef' I AW'-v 1, 'QE - f 3 1 if-' ' 4 1 "' m HQ- A Q " Jr! .-,. " - 4.'24x,'u3,'4 :if .. V mu : . '63, R: , x. .Ir .f 1- iw., Q, ia.. :1 . -. ,, , -A-.,r:N . b -x .V -1 ,I V ff'-fa:5f:f:i:'- 1 v L' ra., ag J :f .-hgggln. J .V 'iilffifif ' 5 1 ,-:..,5,X,i.4Ix f Q' f' n 1'Lf'L'2:74 ,. -, . ., ,:. '. . ,:: 1. :I-Sri. 137 4 . - lf. ',1'gir1, ,':..'j.Qi"' it .- - A 313:- V .,,- M Y. . .., msg, -.,, , .N . ,.,, ..,.. . W A 'gri 'P-N:-2 x . 4 .- g- ,.., .u... Rr -,, .. , ., v-Xp 51.3. x- W x . M- sv? ' 'ii -Ju' - 'N THE FACULTY GROUP1 Ixliss Slwmw-r, lfnglislxz X112 Nlffxnlllsn-y. ling- luelmp Nliss 5wifl, Ari: Nliss IA-llfmurrll, Spf-will Nliss Snyfls-r, lguvgaxugc-: Nlr. Purh-r, fwusirz fxlissing funn pi: lun-f Dr. l.ingm-nIvIh'r, ffngilislu. UROUIJ 2 Nlr. Bnilvy, Sllpvrvisur nl Sixill Urmlv: Nliss Huglu-s, Flush' Supvrvisnrp :xliss Rnilu-, Supvr- Visor ol' SPLUINI tzfillllf KITS. cxfillllfillllilll, SU' pvrvisnr of Vihlu flrzulz-1 xlisf Iyrvy. Ari Supor- XISUTC NIINY XXCIRIIIIF. FIIITPYNISHI' ul "IfSt CYHIIIPI fxlissing from pin Iurm-3 Nliss Slllitll, Kimlc-rgurlvn SlI'N'fNi5llI'Q Fliss Sinn-rsun, SlllN'l'X'iSUl' of Fmlrill flrmlv. GROUP 3 Fliw Hmm-rstisk, C s-fr gmpluy Supa-rvisurg Bliss Qwilifin, SIlIN'l'YiSUl' of lllbllll' Iif'OUOIYlif'S Flnfl English: xliss Ijxmru, ,Iunior High Srlluol lbirvmior: Nliss Grvss, Supvrvisur of BIRIIIIU' nmlirs mul Slit'I1lK'Z Nlrs, Hovii, SlIllC'l'X'i50I' nl' He-ullll mul Rum' Scxllmml, THE FACULTY ClROl'I' .4 Ur, ',l't'Nl4lI'I1lI Hr. Fxnmm, lgurmr lr. Dulunrllu, D4-.un 4-I lnxlrluliunz xlr. Slanvr I,ir1'rlnr nl 'I'mining Nlmul. f. C1RUl'I' 3 f Dr. H031-I3 Nlullu-nl.1lu4g Hr. fwrlmrl, Biology Dr, Ns-inlmm-r. 5:-:mary fximlez Hr. Isvmlurlu-r N lvnz 1- ClROl WI' rm r. l lnmI1, H.uulxxrlhng, lmlualrinl Aria: Nlr Xiu-nk, lmluslrlall Arie: NIL Nuvv, Immun ul XI1-ll. IIIIIIINIYLII Arlx: Ijr, ffslnlrn, lllllllslfiill rlxg NIL Hmnurnl, Din-4Ior of lIl4'lIN'I'i-Il :Xrls THE FACULTY GROUPT hir. BASSIPF, flvtlgrilpllyl UHIUIIILIS, Iitlllril- linng NTL Hmmm-r, Ijsyrlmlugy um' liflluulinlmg Dr. Dlxl1'Ilc'r. Suviul Srimnv. GROUP 8 Dr. Slim-, ljsyrlmlogy mul liilllfillillllill FL-us ure-lm-mls: Nliss Ilullllwim-r, Supvrvisor of Tlxirc Urmh-1 Ur. Hull, Social Stix-luv, I 1, . , 1 J J 'W 'J GROUP 9 Ixlisi lJi1'Ill1'l', Hruhll Iimllu aliull. Allulvlif cifHll Il Mr. Puciuu, Hcnllix ELIucalim1, .Axllxle-lic' fiom I1 ,f f-V' THE FACULTY GROI 'I' no xlr. :Navy Iyvilll UI XIUIIZ Nlix- I.l'x', Iyvnn UI XXVUIIWII. URUI Il' II II I X I nl I NI' I . Iss 1m.nr4 , 5 ssl: .un .1 rnurmn: . nw I-nv, Aisixlulll I.iIrmri.m: 'iw fault-1-r. I.iI.r..r1..-1 CIRUVI' I2 Xlre, Nlump, Ilullsm-Iwz-pm-r: Nliee I,.n'iQ. Nurse-: xlr Pm-nm-r, I,usllll.usIvr: Ixhwing Imm IYIIIIIYUT XIie, NIIIIIQIQII-r, Dim-IiIi.n1: NIL IIiNImp. Nluin- I1-lmlu 4- I'nrs-m.m -IJLMD MQTER- . L 1nn.-,v 'lo Hannon 5, P. M'Comu 'IT Mnzsa R. Poaren 11 141 J lay ,J V r JJ :rj V V MlLLtlSVll.lS WL SING TD zpli, MYMNS QI Fill!! IND LOVQLY 4 . UQJE J WJ M jf QOIOS AUD DAUUNTIAS Kluucrnul QLD, Uouou lun-u 'rug ILISI moo I uJ-JJHEJJ 4-JJJJFJJW P ' f Q 1 n l J 1' my AJJJFJTQJJ V ' lo V V ' Q Run on vuuvu wt'u. SVLI li., Mu.Li.l9vn.u. wi. uno vo 1 E '1!:::7?7 'z ililgiiizif-Q ' Hvffaw 1. Huw -rv if 'EW' . QVLW ..- l..,54.l.f . Lg - y 4, . s EAT? ' ri li -. W ' fl' V Y 4 ' . 1 ' mf A -vi D ' . O 1 I ' 1 O --Q 0 t I 4 'N' 5 k 7:4 , b L? mi". ea 11 ,Ya 1' -g Xa f . X-5 1 r. Q 4 if wx 5 My QM 11" M gf? ,I,w-1, ' wg, 7 ' 'A LM: i . f ,Awww 'iii sn- Q ' f 3 T H E 1 9 4 1 add OFFICERS Presirlenl JAMES C. EBBERT Vice-Presiclenf ANN M. BUCKVVALTER w Serrelary ANNETTE F. EVANS Treasurer EDVVIN M. SUMMERS Wm. as wh X 3 if And: is .vw -Ngvx pf vom DR, GER! tAR'I' MISS HOFFMEIFR Vve, the Class of lQ4I, hereby see it fitting and proper to set aside this page in commemoration of the thoughtfuiness and help- fulness that these faculty advisers have contributed by their timely suggestions. We will always remember bliss Hoffmeier supervising in the third grade of our training school, while Dr. Gerhart helped us become more widely acquainted with our biological environment. To these members of our faculty, we extend our greatest appreciation and sincerely wish that they may Continue to offer guidance to future hliiiersviiie students. 30 sir Before you turn this page . This year we have divided the classes into three groups: Elementary, Industrial Arts, and Secondary. By this method we may lceep intact our old familiar class rolls. Another change is the style of the individual write-ups. ln lceeping with the theme, "Teachers df Tomorrow." we have procured the services of a foremost astro-analyst. The writer has never come in personal contact with any individual hut has made this write-up purely loy a reading of your horoscope and name. Perhaps the information definitely suits you and perhaps it does not re- semble you in the least. You alone may he the judge! Editor's Note: We are unable to disclose the writer's name here because of commercial con- tracts. However, we might state that we are quite certain that you have read some of the writer's articles which have appeared in many of our popular magazines. These articles are in the form of readings of famous people. Please rememher that because of limited space these readings are quite brief and general. Sk sf? MILDRED BAUSTICKER September 23, 1920 ffjlnral Very dillicult to keep tliis vilwration contentedly at llome. Desires travel and clrange. Critical, versatile and adaptalule witlr love of tile Hloig idea." Quickly irritable over trilles. Poised in time of danger. Desires pliysical comforts. Friendly personality. Dynamic intuitive mind. Attracts pulwlicity. Tile native is usually affectionate, sociable and artistic, making friends easily wlierever slie goes. The native is often violently repelled lmy ugliness and cruelty or any evidences ol' injustice. Tire lucky stones are pearls and FLORENCE BOAS Dvcemtzer 2, 1919 fsugitturiusl You are genial, courteous, idealistic, and romantic. You liave a good practical understanding ol tlle world lout donlt tend to get into action witli it. You are pllilosoplric and rapalale ol alxstract tllinking-so mucll so tllat you are capalxle ol' letting your self ideology alosorlw your practical purpose, Tliis indicates an excellent wife. You are con- stant witllout lreing puritanical, an excellent and rare virtue. Xvorldliness and sense of liumor keeps you from smugness. wlii a lundamentally serious undertone keeps you lrom frivo ity. f-X Horan'-W 0045 opals. ff! - Lil ir? ef I LU '? J Us WILLIANI BOWERS DON R Iielzruury 15, 1020 fAquuriusl fune Q, 3 eminil independence ol mind and action, tliouglrt and expres- sion are tlre keynotes ol your nature. You are an intellectual ilnfl. FAS YOIII' llZlS glllle Ufl, yOU llRVC IJCCII Hl'DlC to focus your emotional and passionate nature in intellectual con- cepts. and to approacli time pliilosopliic ideal of olvjectivity. independence, courage, and efficiency give you a fine foundation for success. You are a great reader and student, sell-suliiicient at times, wlmile at otliers you crave society- any company king preleralzle to none. Nerves are your luete noir ands ki d o o lliglu voltage runs tlirouglr you restlessly a ecting lwotli yonyiqnental and emotional nature. You are quick to enter into and quick to jump out of romances, and lmelore you marry you are pretty sure to know lrom experience wllat you are up to, You will rarely admit tllat you are fickle for you lrave some nlausilmle explanation to offer lor all tlue variations in your lreart-life. You lmve intellectual and artistic alwilities. .- DOROTHY BRUBAKER ANN BUCKVVALTER Away 23, IQIQ ffieiniriil Irulnury 21, IQIO fftquariusl Sensitive, nlnlnitious. nutlioritutivz- ond origins: . log- Creative, individual, sensitive, intuitive, Apt to tue sell- netic: personality. conservative, advisory me zx 't . iapl' me-ntered, Daring. independent tliinlcer. Natural leader. Wlll'll ln-firing ri-sponsilxility. Dovoloi to mily. lriencl Pioneer spirit witll Courage to tnlie n rtlmnre witll lite ill an und rountry. Responsive' to sorinl in-insures. ro an pioneer undertaking. iligll ideals. rllle Aquarian is rllylllm. S0lllt'lilllt'S in lnrlc ol dex , ot tru' berce ion, fielnocrzxtir' und tolerant as well as independent in tllougllt or cl:-ep pnssion will stomp time n' "e in Ili 'es ol lliotiglit- ond ortion. Often tlirouglx zu Saturn vibration tliere is less oliservers ns do -' ul rl lrf r s. Ililiere is' 'usfeptilrility lo moods ot depression und exnltntion. aller- innnle lllvliiill mul p 'nl rew ,sness not eos" o r- nntively. line lzest moles are lllose lxorn between lxiay . , rome. und t 's is w 1 pe in urn strongly under t ' sig 22 and ,lune 21, or in-tween Feptemlwer zz to Ortolmer 13. ser-in ever t rw wlmt y wan , f x IA Af , 1' l -f 1. I , ,, , L, 'ug' 1 in l I 1 L 1 ' , P ' fx-0 , BARBARA H. BYERS I April 23, IQID fiiuurusl I iltlu- stulrlvornm-se tlmt :mule you an liiglily rlillirult rliilcl rlmnges os you grow older into gn-nt determination nncl H'6lSUllilltl1'IH'H!4?W'llil'll gives you ilu- irresistilvle power lwotll over people und over your own environment. You liave an lim- insiglit into nil mnnner ot tliings. people, arts, lmusi- ni-ss, mul an fixed izic-an of your own wortlu und nlmility tlmt illtpl'1'!4Sl'S otllef people strongly. You assume responsilmility ra-aulily mul your slnoulclr-rs ure lwrozul and capalmle ot carry- ing olmost ony loml, D1 RUTH A. CORVVIN Novvnlimr 28, 1916 fSugitlnrinsl Nervous energy is your strengtli-and your weakness. You lmve n pliilosopliirnl mind, jumping from tile particular to time gem-ml ns it lry serond nature. ond seeing timings, people. pI'UlJl6lllS in large, ratlier tllan specific terms, Time devotional onolit is strong in your nature, and you tend to rituolistir' urceptz:m'e ot some religion. rode, or lmsic set ol lnelii-ls to VVllif'll you relate tile tllreucls ot your pllilosopliy and Illilldl' zi worliing ideology lor your lite. You are very sensitive. KATHRYN JULIA CUTLER February 8, 1916 fAquariusl The scientilzic hent is strong in you. You are an analyst, an organizer as well as a finder ot information and knowl- edge and you see your knowledge in loroad, social, and philosophic sweeps. Your hent is critical rather than creative or executive, though in your executive power over the minds of men you are not easily excelled. You are lilcely to collect odd assortments of people around you. H' U MARY DE LONG january 7, 1920 ICapricornI Ambition is powerful, and seli control almost a tetich. Vvorldliness comes naturally to you. and a passion to impress yourself on the world through an ideal. an idea, or a moral formula gives impetus to your career. There is a cold. hard invulneraiale strealc in you that resists close personal associations at the same time that it linows how to appeal to the imagination of the people. You aren't amenahle to an appeal to the affections. 5- D5 LU Ui 1-I LL! MARION D. DENNIS Iune 19, 1920 fGeminit A regular Ngo-getterf' Firm with plenty of ideas turned into action. Lover oi nature and lite. Desires the thrills and strongly attracted to opposite sex. Loyal, secretive, cannot he commanded and must have freedom ot action and of thought. This native ol' Gemini is courteous. icind, affectionate, helpful hut indolent. There is an indication oi intuition and strain of liatalism. Most favorable marriages are contracted with those born hetween January 21 and Fehruary 18 or between September 25 and October 25. 'W' HILDA DUTTERER March 12, 1909 fpiscesl You are an unusual person, interested in unusual and out-of-the-way studies, people, ideas-and a good deal inter- ested in yourself. You are highly introspective. with the resuit that the outer world seems odd. A tendency to withdraw into yourself to nurse some private idea that you rant get across makes you strangely inaccessihle. Use this creatively and constructively. and your understanding will malce you valuahle in the world ot practical affairs. if 77' WHANNETTE EVANS bf ,f May 17, 1920 ffaurusl Scientific tendency. Highly intuitive. First impressions apt to he correct. Good judge of human nature. Magnetic personality. lfirm, sell-confident mentality. Can finish any undertaking with scientilic perfection. Good in science. The nature is all-ectionate and often sensuous with a ten- dency to lmestow it too generously. The Taurian. as a rule. gives generously hccause ol her instinctive knowledge ol rirh supply in the earth lrom which she sprung. Moss, ognte and emeralds are their fortunate stones. FERN EVERHART September 19, IQIS fvirgol You are dominated and motivated by your intellectual interests. You are loyal. affectionate, sentimental rather than romantic and can develop a great interest in domestic matters. Your high sense of discrimination protects you lrom getting involved with intellectual interiors, lor you have a very tiniclcy taste in matters ot people. dress. food and house-furnishings and can he extremely critical when your sense ol good taste is olzlended. There will he major llaws in any enterprise you conduct, due largely to your con- servatism ancl reasonableness. 1 1 mg JEANNE FREY Deceniher 7, 1918 fsagittariusl Creat e mincl along the line ol' art, literature, music or humanitarian service, Poor money-saving quality hut lceen sense ol humor and enjoyment of social pleasures. Must learn to control temper and tolerate others. High-strung physical vihration, sensitive to environment and people. A mentality with fine organization ahility. Too apt to talce chances and talie a gamhle with lite. The native may have nomadic tendencies: she may he a dilettante and seldom live long in one place. FU t"' F11 F11 i ELLEN HERR February 15, 1919 fAquariusl persons horn with their sun in this sign are unusual. different. either in appearance. ideas or attitudes toward life. Honesty is one ot the Aquarians' virtues. The native has a natural love for her lellowmen regardless ol class or station in life. She is often to be louncl among the ioiners handed together in groups or societies, working for a common cause. Aquarian finds her occupational outlet in unusual callings. Clever, curious, kind, expressive, in- ventive. Mind is active, courageous, sometimes passionate and magnanimous. FRANCES HORNIG Iune 16, 1922 fGeminil You receive impressions like a wax plate, rememimer tliem well, and give tllem oil readily. Tlmere is a liine cliance Ior intellectual and Iiterary acliievement. Under tI'1ese condi- tions your sensitiveness finds a constructive outlet, you Iearn to overcome personal toucltiness and to concentrate. Vvitliout tllese concentrating iniluences you are just as sensitive, your memory as good, and you give off wI1at you Ieel and tI1inIc voIuI'mIy lout more in personal ways. D- Qi LU V" x I ' , I Ji I 3-L." II 2 , . 1 if dl jf -,M jx yzff' jf: If ff Z f' f ESTELLA KEEPORTS Iune 1.1, 1919 fGeminil You I1ave extraordinary gifts of Ioresigiit and insigiit-1 a kind oi visionary intellectual quality tiiat makes time potentialities of tI1e future clear to you in terms of the present. You I1ave a ready intuition for tilings and lor people, and tI1rougI1 airility to organize and express wliat you understand so clearly. can acllieve success in most any Iurancli of activity tllat controls over tile minds of men. Tliis is tliereiore an excellent position for a teacimer and wlwatever waIIc ol: Iiie you may ine in. CARRIE BELLE JACOBS December 19. 1919 fsagitt iusl ns is 1 comunatron or inte ect p e to ring qeneriwatlons own to a details in tierr re ations lp wltl roa cohc t v e is wer very warm-Iiearted person, t ' 2 t I es r or You Ilave wI'iat is o as c scious and calm var t tI1a s I st ea .X K TI".-I'.' I 'II .I ' th ., in ' l ' d ' il n 0 ' ' J 'I' I'.I1' "Ib STI1' Y anything petty or small ainou you, nd o yo a I K d impressive is time detacli t yo is Idle t ' 9 t ea . . an is t n- I . v -,ij MARGARET E. KENNEDY December 27, 1919 fcapricoml Firm in convictions. Natural student. Strong religious or occult Ieanings. Ratiier teII otiiers imow to do timings than do them Iierseli. Refined and cultured. Lover ot nature and of reading. Power ot quicic decision. Amorous nature witli many affairs oi time Iieart. One wI1o Ioves wisely Inut too weII. Favorable for pleasures and for speculation. II tlnere is a marriage. tlie imest partners are tlwose Ioorn between April 21 and Ixlay 21 or In-tween August 23 and Se-ptemlmer 22. S Wfgg wr , yn WJARBARA M. KIENZY KATHRYN LEDERER Hvcvnllmr 21, 1918 fSugilturiusl Mrly 19. IQIQ fraurusi fxlusivnl or lite-rury nlrilily mul in lu-en sense ol lxumor. Rc-stlvss. ilu:-nt ol' speerli. Strongly magnetic personality. cil'Ilf'I'lNlS, illilf' lil llilllllll' KHYUPS illlll hi' illl ilfllilfilltlf. D4-sin-s to opp:-nr prosperous lmelorc' tlu- worlml. Apt to lv: ogotistiraul. liirm. sm-lt-atonlrirlr-nt, irule-pemlc-nt mentality. Cam ln- stulmlxorn. Dc-sire-s llrve-clorn ol lllougllt anti action. Give-n tlu- rs-sponsilmility ram linisll anyttling will: srivntilic ll1'l'll'l'lilllI. fillltlll :ln wvll on tile slugs-. Her mintl is uriginnl, invi-nlivv nml pionf-e-ring. ilu- turquoise is tlie lurliy stunt-. Diplomatic. responsive to music nncl pvacv loving. Larlis sell-esteem. Collective. Genial personality. Dynamic, svnsitivo nnrl liigllly intuitive mvntnlity. Has Sttlllliillillg ol' on inner ronlllivt lletwevn ulmility to put lmvst loot foremost mul n llesitancy, tlirougli a lack nt sell-confidence to do so. Conservative mind. Advisory llome loving. devoted to lrivnrls nnrl lnmily. Pours nnfl lmrlnonious surrnunrlings am- lore-ver tlie guiding clesire. Nlarringes are most happy witln mote-s lmorn lwetwccn Deaf-lnlxer 21 and .lnnuury 20. xloss ngntf- nnrl vnu-frnlxls are tlieir lortunnte' stomv. . ' gal'-4 WW W 69495 'Q Ju M.5.V-M i F4 FU F17 DOROTHY LITTLE DOROTHY I-. LUTZ Urlolmr zo, IQIQ Uibroi Novmnber 2, 1919 fscorpiol lmln-pc-rule-ru'v ol miml mul nrtion, tliouglit :incl Pxprvssinn. nn- Ilw outstnnfling troits of your nature, You ure quiclx nn-nlnlly, witll an pvnn-trnting mul nlmsorlming ruriosity so tllut you uri- si rvmly stucli-nt. prurorious mul clocile. You mnlu- mpirl strirlvs in ilu- worlrl nml urs' stnmpml witll ai lu-en umlmition tin- lhollowing ol wliicli is an intimate nec-cl witli you. You nn- inte-re-sh-cl in lxrosul, swvf-ping matte-rs, 1-mt lor tllis ri-nsnn you nn- more- lilu-ly to S.-If-fi RI prolffs- sionnl or urlistir tlmn an lDll5ill!'SS career. 29 lmlepz-rule-m'v murlis you lor lu-r own. Your scope nnfl inlluencv may become very wide, lor you lmve tile reol tliing in tliouglit :incl inlllu-ru'v nnzl lmow llow to expr:-ss your rirclv. your times, witll torn- mul witlu courage. You nrv ilu- lrieml ol tlu- umlvr Llog--n sort nl nvcusing nngvl, ionscious ol' moral and sorinl values mul Pager to impress your ronvvpts on any wllo Form' witliin your lcon. Emo- tionully you urv sinrvrf-. lionorulrlv. loyal, nnrl nrflvnt. THELMA R. McCLUNE February 6, 1920 fflquariusl You are intuitive, something of a mystic. leaning on your hunches and your inspirations and capable of going far, either toward truth or toward fallacies through the following ol your swift mental processes. You have a feeling o the combination ol the real and the ahstract, the ima i ti and the demonstralole, the mystic and the earthly. whi s you a loroad hold on all hranches of human knowle and thought. ln your emotional lile you are ' s , loyal, and sensitive. HILDA V. MACKLEY December 16, 1919 fsagittariusl Sensitive amhitions. Desires physical comlorts. Firm mentality. Loyal, secretive, demanding freedom ol action and thought. Should learn tolerance of views. Can he stuhhorn. Ahle to finish any undertaking with scientific perfection. The native ol Sagittarius is generally amhitious. enthusiastic, impulsive, lrank. Vvill never resort to deceit or trickery with people. The hest mates hose horn hetween March 21 and April 21 or laetwe 23 and August 22. The turquoise is the lgcyybne. or-'i .5 9' be Qi P LQ . .1-0' t4P"vla,st Ld ., A U1 NANCY IVIEISKEY June 23, 1919 lcancerl This is the sign where the lvloon sits upon her silvery throne in the cosmic heavens and like a great, hut sometimes tickle magnet, draws to those coming under its influence the desire lor sensation and change. innate executive ahility and sense ol justice. Desires to Uhossu in any undertaking. Good memory. Quiet personality. Dress neatly in style and with good taste. The native is sociable and fond of amusement though often too easily affected hy the world ahout her. V" yu' 9 1 .p Op JW' VERNA L. MOUDY April 21, 1919 fAriesl You are individualist, first, last, and always: you believe in yourself, you helieve in your own ahility to overcome the forces of heaven and earth in order to arrive at the goal ol personal amloition which is so clearly defined in your mind as to he already an actuality. You express readily and forcefully and with considerable dramatic ellect. All in all you are an impressive person and more likely than not to go places and do things with that excellent quick intelligence. ,. W' 5 ,ef Y MARY E. NYCE Uctotwr 1'j, 1910 fhihrui D: 'lihis is an irlvalistiryaspiring. zuivvnturous. ami romantic position ami Illilxlxhnxt' the- torn: oi high-mimic-cl rlimhing tht- larlrlvr otddtirnfss. You have' an ahility to sw- things in tlu- largu- ami to juclgv tlu' luturv hy the prvsvnt anti the post. whiz ll'llllSxilIl almost proplu-til' quality to your insight arusl lvlriniglnto P1-oplv te-:ul to rc-spc-rt vou hut sawn-llu-r tlu-v vlovc- von or not mlm-4-luis on how rvaciil vou s , , . - Y . 'ran to llllll4'llll illljljiiinl' 1 n to tlu'ir lvvvl. a .V 4 u" MARY ELIZABETH PFENNINGER Svptoruhvr 50, 1919 fhitzrai You arf- a reaiist. You arrnit intervstccl in generalizations or ahstractions, your amhition is mic-l-initc ami highly pvr- sonal: your loyaltivs are to peopie rather than to iris-as: your loves, your hats-s, your rvsentnu-nts me all tonne-ci in terms of inriiviriuals. You are me-ntaiiy quiclc, shrewd. and highly protc-rtivv, with an accurate, ztritifai lninri capahie ot harci worli anci long scivntiliic analysis. You are ciomancling, vxarting, a hit vain, mul require- the uitimate in mievotion anrl ronsirieration. if ff, ,Q NW? 4 i rn r- rn D1 ,rr 'ri af .X if I.UCll.I.E RIFE DOROTHY A. SHIRK luiy 18, 1919 Uimoi You ara' a W-II intvgratvcl pvrson with an inslinrtivr' lilltPW'll'llHl' ol. how to lnalu- yours:-ll live' up to tlu- lu-s that is in you, You art- int:-nsv. svnsitivv anti have souiu aommon si-ns:-, so that your powvrs ot organization anrl munag:-nu-nt an- ol' artislir' rn-ation, aiul iiiui goocl przu'tir'al 1-xprvssion. You ara- llvvolml to your homo ami arc- hos- pinttllt- ami 0lN'll'llt'iII'lt'Kl, with a warm 2lDlH'lfiEllillll ot thi' ir 7 llIllll'lIllH'S Ill ttlll1'f' lll'l'S0llS. You Mft' filpklllll' Ol 2if'lliCVitlg l wizla- rvrognilion lor your pc-rsonal gifts ami talvnts. 50' t svlriom that pvrsons horn with thvir sun in this sign urc- l UH V Iunuary 30, 1021 fftquoriusl Ruiui hy Uranus, tlu' planet ot' tlu' ru-w ag:-, it is not usual, riiile-rn-nt. oithf-r in apps-aranr'c', irivas or attitucics towarri lit.-, Critical. vvrsatilv, miaptahie. Natural stu- zic-nt. love-r ol' naturo ami hoolis. Partirular in cirvss. Con- svrvativv, acivisory mimi. Gr-niai pr-rsonality, Dr-votvcl to amily anrl trivmis. ifnthusiasm gone-rator. Thr' hs-st matt-s aro tuwse horn hetwf-on ixlay 22 ami .lunv 'xl or lu-twf-c-n wh-mlu-r 23 illltl Ortohvr 13. 31 MARY SHOWAI -TER Iunuury 5, 1919 fcupricornl Rulecl try Saturn, tile great clisriplinarian, tllose tmorn witll time sun in tlris sign are generally in control nt tltemselves. Innate executive atiility and a sense ot justice, hence ctesiring to toe tlwe utwossu in any unclertaliing, flood memory and vibration tor Iong lite. Quiet personality, dresses neatly. Ttlritty. Responsive to gooti toort and social pleasures. lout riisiiiies formality. II timers is a marriage, time iles! partners are ttlose loom imetween April 21 and May 21 or loetween August 25 ami Septemluer 11. PAULINE SIMMONS Fetwruory 10, 1920 fflquariusl ixiincl power ami atmility to cietacli yourself trom personal ronsicterations are your cliiel assets, You can reason timings out witll a tine, imarel, critirai analysis anci, tiuough being alwle to lieep your emotions out ot situations, you acilieve an unusually sane judgment. You can reason from a minimum ot evirienre ami ttmruugim intellectual suI1tIety can matte time worst appear time tretter imecause you are sensitive ami very conscious ot reluutts, pertmaps imagining tiiem wlten tttey rio not actually exist. 6 4 N Lil si' Li 5,3 Ui I I DEBORAH SINGER Inna 1, 1919 fceminil Rulezi tmy tI1e quiclc, voiatile ixierrury ami symtyolizeci Ivy tile Twins, one may expect splenriici intellect ami a lite in many ways ctualistic. Versatile ami usually cimarming, time Gemini person is frequently sougtit alter tweitause ot tire airy, Iiappy, caretree Clisposition wltiett tltis sign ldestows upon tier cllilrtren. Executive atlility and a gooct sense. Keen Iiumor, restless musical or literary aIniIity. IIIOHPY Ijistinrtive personality, atmle to iranfile tier own alitairs. I.over ol nature ami imoolis anei likes tile finest Ialwric in lter clotlies. ALICE SOWERS Fetmrunry 17, 1921 !AfllIflftIlSl Domestically inclined witlr love ol' lamily ami il0lllC. Atlvisory. Should iiave a gooci voice. Can tie argumenta- tive. Creative mind. Strong tor social pleasures. gooct looci. Keen sense ot tlumor witix poor money saving atrility. Tire Aquarian usually lzimis occupational outlet in unusual railing wilere tier almost psycilic intuition, in a universal sense, lincis its tlullest expression ami in sur'I1 activities as liave prominence in tile new age. Blue sappltire ami jacie are tlie stones inciicatefi. UYUTA ..9-QAJU ' w Y lfI.J,J-K- o..J1Au..,4AC,c2, Wk" r l.g4.,vuL.- RUTH VVARFEL 1 I ARLENE WERTSCH August 15, 1920 fI.eol lxlusiral and literary ahility with marlced interest in art. Restless. lluent ol speech. responsive to color and rliytlun. Distinctive. sensitive personality. ahle to handle lier own nllairs, Minster mind with organization ahility. Possesses intuition and logic. Should have wide contacts and he lwlore the puhlic in some leading capacity. Can handle cle-tails and carry out large plans methodically. You will llind the person in this Sun in this sign usually is at the lorelront in her own circle. February 20, 1920 fpiscesl Your aesthetic qualities are strongly marked: you strive lor self-expression through the arts or through religion or philosophy. Wliatevfer you go in lor, you have a sort ol concentrated and devotional attitude toward it. You are strongly sensuous, and you give whatever you touch a romantic and idealistic glamour. Appeal to the eruotions rather than to the intellect should he your aim. You have a deep and active suhconsciousness and hring about the lluent expression ol it. l i HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '41 September '37 l.ower gate . . . hadges. green rihhons, dinlcs. how ties . . . no malce-up . . . putting all our "eggs" in one laushel bag . . . Where's Room C? . . . S25 lor hoolcs . . . What is the Bush? VVhere?ll Really?l . . . Hurrah for Home- coming, no more regalial . . . Clever Freshies putting on the ulVlistletoe Shag" . . . Every- one lmrolce lnelore Christmas . . . Baclc again . . . Cramming lor examsl Blue lmoolcs 2 for 5. Second Semester . . . S20 lor looolcs. Found: Room Cl . . . "Death Talces a Holiday" avec "The Tailor-lwlade lxlanu . . . Basketball champsl . . . Brolce ground lor new louildings lstill hrealcing our neclcs trying to get in them ll . . . Ended year with "The Collegiate Hop." September '58 Uclimhing up the ladder" . . . Froshl Pull in that chin . . . wipe off that grin . . . Learn that Alma Mater. Step downl . . . Room C down therel . . . S15 lor hoolcs . . . Bush simply scrumptiousl . . . Bridge, pinochle . . . ice- cream cones . . . He's pretty stifll . . . You won't even craclc a laoolc in therel Who only allows 5 cuts? . . . saving those lor springl . . . Sophisticated Sophs present "Swing Quiz" . . . Novelty "Turkey in the Straw" . . . Hepl Hepl . . . Home lor money . . . Cramming again . . . Best way to crily? . . . Second Semester . We find uAlison's House" on H520 College Avenue" quite chicl . . . A young man's fancy turns to . . . Dottie Hess chosen queen ol the lwlay . . . our beau- tilul class clehs sharing honors . . . September '59 Hi Bolal Hi Nlary, and all the gangl . . Sure was glad to see old laces again . . . "Now listen, you Cherubs fhumfflu . . . Train- ing School heclcons . . . Teach coyotes how to play London Bridge . . . S10 lor lnoolcs . . . some bridge, some pinochle . . . Been loushing? . . . Flashlight? . . . Campused . . . Wowl . . . "Junior Diary" tmemoirs of a post-deb in dignified swing a la model . . . Nlusic lay the ever-popular La Casa . . . Hitch-hilced home . . . ul hated to do it hutn . . . l had to open. that uEncyclop." 2C's . . . semester ends . . . fcontinued on Page 411 LEON BILLOW March 17, 1917 tpiscesl You are a somewhat contradictory person. alternately aggressive and reticent. anal at all times overcoming a lunda- mental timiclity which your rather expansive personality belies it one cioesn't loolc below the surtace. You have private tears, lorelmoctings ancl worries that do not limi expression in your apparently fearless anct competent manner. GARTH BURNS March 26, 1917 fAriesl Symtpolized by the Ram ancl ruled hy Mars, something ot the tempesluous nature is not to he unexpected in those horn with the Sun in this place in the heavens. Selt-reliance ancl a great hopetulness are always apparent and the native will holcl himself in high esteem. This is the sign ot the pioneer. always willing to unclertalce new responsibilities. Th r d ll ' 'O th 1 f I ..::,:1i .,fF2..:r.f :31,1rf'3.i21"55:..:f.:rS:.. 3.. ifmsfszli ,ff any QW 00. W., Q4 1 E . , . . . . . f HYVRTEEI motrpnaly Eoin aqe romantic, IQTWIVE, nnpres- I U N6 l XL Q srona e, sensl ive an o a . Q y 0 of l .S ,Aja C901 Q AQ UO, 1 LZ! X' U f, 'tw' stil o' i"5s.5 U3 it' .I A Jai," P' OJ' or Sf D5 4 V iii' -' J VJ, mit K ,Y .ft .W ' 5 -- J ,rv A ff 4 Od F UD D D Z ,ss , JOHN B. CHILD June 15, 1917 ffieminil You have a cleep, precise, and ahove all, serious mental outloolc, ranging trom the protouncl to the melancholy but never trivolous. A certain power ot authority, amounting almost to pompousness, attaches to your manner ot speech. You don't merely say things. you state them: and this has its ettect on your listeners, who will have to have strong wills not to tall in line with your suhtle reasoning. Nobody is ever going to sell you any golcl loriclis or phony oil stoclc. Y V' RALPH DILLER April 5, 1918 fAriesl This is the sign which hestows great strength and vitality and a love ot action. Symlaolizeci hy the Ram and ruled hy Mars, something ol the tempestuous nature is to he exe pected in those horn with the Sun in this place in the heavens. Has initiative, creative aloility. Genial personality and pioneering mentality. Plenty ol sell-esteem. lnnate executive ability. Good viloration tor memory and long lite. Unohtrusive personality. Ditticient. Sensitive. invene tive. Lilcely to lollow many occupations lzvelore tincling one loest suitect. W txt f I M 'V V, uf" 1 M I ,I I f ' 'nfl' I U I ROY DUOAN A X 1 E 1' ' Iunv 1, IQZO lfivininil wif Ruin 1 1 ilu' quirlc volutilo lxlr-rvrrry nnrl sylnlmolizr-rl liy ilu- , om lllily 1-xpi-rt u splvnrlicl intvllf-rt ami rx litr- in num WM Allltlli!-ilif. VI-lltlllgll lrriglut, cl:-yor and quirk- witl rl, 1- pf-rson lrorn unfle-r llnis sign is ollon u clnlmlmle-r, lurn ng n My' living to illlllllN'f in rnpicl surrrvssion. Tlwrc is n nnola' nu-nlul nnrl pllysirnl ri-stlvssrwss not onsily ovi-r1'onu-. fzuivt. re-si-rvi-cl, cliglliliml, int:-lligvnt: ol-ten an lanlx ol :lolz-nnimulion lmut goorl lnusine-ss sr-uso-ollvr pros- pvrily olong rulturaul lin:-s, prolmlrly lnusir: ff Lf' ' uf il 1 JAMES EBBERT Sept:-inlmr 5, 1917 fvirgoi You lnwf- clmnn, poisv. lmlnnrv, nnrl nclrnirolnlc Common sa-nso anti you ext:-ntl ilu-st' qlmlitivs to your own intellectual nnrl rconolnir mlvnntugv. Your lrouncllvss energy, intelli- gvnrf-, will rnrry you lar. in eitllvr on intellectual unrler- tuleing or on artistic career. Your vxf-rutive qualilivs are woll lllRl'li9Ll. also any mental unclertnlcings. You learn sic-mlily mul vp it up lvoy ' long time. You will always iso rw-mlinq. st lying, nml ing wllat otlier people lmve to gin' ' ' .f 1 ' ' V 1 ll HIiRBtiRT ENNIZTT Svplwnlwr 13, IQIQ lvirgol St'llSiliYl', original, ilUlll0IililliVt'. invvnlivv uncl amlmitious. to ln- goocl loolcing. rlvsirm-s tin- goocl timings in lile. Apt lluvnt ol spot-flu, willl u love' ol rolor mul rllyllnn. lvlvntal 4 npurity, ulmlytirul, t'Ill'fg1'lll2, olxlo to lmmllv Llctuils. Cun- srivnlious, tllrilty, prompt on lu-c-ping appointments and apt to ln- ilnpntiz-nt witll tllosn- wllo ore not, Usually Virgo -rsons Iikf- lo worlt unzlc-r sup:-rvision wllirli. ol Course, 'ml not lllt'tlll inlvrior or nwniol or'1'upntions. ililwy are 'vllvnt Wlll'H'Yl'f mlm-toil is l't'tllIifl'tl. Rvlllvlrllwr Virgo is 1 llIl'llIOKlil'ill sign. VW' "' UD WMV!! L ffl DVVIGHT HEILAND April 25, 1918 IFHIIFIIS, fluite at prolounrl tllinlwr nncl tl Carelul slurlvnt. You llnve n vast lunci ol information, stories, quips. Somelliing is always rominrling you ol sornvlliing. nnrl llw result is lilicly to ln- tile deligllt ol time nsse-rnimle-rl multitucle. lnfliviflualistic. versatile, a tighter wllo wins tlw lmttle ol life lay Llirect Ftllllllill. Pluysivol avtivity will ln- lllilI'lif'll, ami wllatever lit-lrl you muy lie in you will ln- on ilu' move all tlle time, not only me-ntnlly, lmut olso plnysivznlly and geographically. 35 HOWARD HERSHOCK September 5, 1919 fvirgol Your idealism finds good practical expression. You bave translated your very intimate type ot ambition into large symbols and set yourself a liiglm goal at wliicll to aim. Tliere is a wide strealc oi sentimentality in you. Vvllere your own emotions come into play, you do pretty mucli as you please. feeling that your pliilosoptiy in some way justifies wluat would be mere Ficldeness or sensationalism in someone else. Your philosophy and your intellec go deeper into tliings tltan do your emotions. MIRON HLYVVIAK May 16, 1919 lTaurus, Symbolized by tl1e Bull. emblem ol' eartliiness, and ruled by Venus. tliis sign manifests love ol' pllysical and material comforts. Ttiere is a desire for abundance, for tile com- forts and luxuries of lite. All tlie arts are embraced by Venus and excellence may often be acliieved in tliis direction. This negative vibration is time strongest for financial and business success. Desirous for material power, energetic, analytical and skeptical. Always busy mentally and pliysi- cally. Very reliable and conscientious. Genial personality. UD P D5 V13 P14 Od P cn til MERLE JONES luly 4, 1915 fcancerl You are able to translate your lmowledge of yourself into terms of people around you and, in wltatever circle you may move, tlius gain considerable prestige for being considerate. Your splendid voice, magnetic personality. and quicli. ac- curate mincl will bring you acclaim. Tliere is a certain detacliment about you. wl1icl1, as you appear to dwell in liigli and magnificent places. can translate this feeling to otliers and malce tliem feel important. DONALD KEE SEY February 28, 1916 fpiscesl You lmave a judicial type of mind. aware, alert, and intuitive, relating lcnowleclge, life, principles and ideas strictly to yourself, and tlien allowing your concepts to talce general principles. You are naturally reserved. altliougli a vitality of manner malces you appear less than you really are. Your sell'-respect is tremendous and, worlring band in tiand witli your independence ot spirit, carries you along in the world. rf' M ROISERT KUNKEI. ,lily 11, IQI8 4f'fIlIl'l'l'l Tort is some-tliing you lrauvc- to ln-urn, lor your unroms promising Irullnlulnvss mul lionvsly lllillil' tart Sl't'lll wastvfl linu' lo you. You ure' si-nsitiw' ol tht- lr-s-ling ol otlwrs, mul onu- your liigli spiriti-clnf-ss is rr-im-rl you are ilu- most sympnllu-tic' :incl umlm-rslnmling ol lric-mls. 'lliis is onf- ol' llu' rnnrlcs ull tht- iulvmutvrl tllinlcvr. You un- itll-wllislir. lllllllilllllilflllll in your outloolc, Illlllllillfii lxy gonuinv rlmrity QW mul' prolmlx rin an posifmridilfrlnlj il pfnrtipnl. I. ' . M lvl ,M JOSEPH A. NCCAVITT lun? 22, 1018 fcuncvrl ln convvntionality, solrrivty, rlmmcls-r, tllis is vvry similar to tlif- trim- ol tht- lxloon to Jupiter exe:-pt tlmt it ilocs not give- you tlu- lrumanitarian and clmritalmle qualities ol' tlmt expansive unrl goml-nature-cl planet. You incline- to lw St'l'l0llS, S0llPl', il pl'0lld Rnd l'i'S1'l'V9ll. YOU Nfl' fiipilllll' ol vonsiflvmlxlv sell-sm'rilire il you tlrinlx your mluty rvquirvs it. You run and will go lar il' you worli up stvzun in lllc lmoilf-r so tlmt llw 1-ngine ram go plum-s. it X P-1 cu ipl F I 6-'Vs t Lx al Q ,l 'RL :rl CHIQSTER MANN jill ' NN August 26, IQIR fvirgol Fe ua, 2.1, 1 is , ,es -- You orc- an ronsf-rvntivv. r'onv4-ntionul, wc-ll-lmlnnrf-cl in- Sensitive-. mnlmitious, nutlioritativf-. intellectual. .rvs ' rlivilluail. You uri- intf'rvstv1l in the wr-ll lwing ol your lrii-mls mul woulcl go out ol your wuy to lm olvliging. You will lwvvr H'ill'll tlu- vvry lligllvst surrvss in lite nor lie poor: lnlt will striln- an lmppy rm-rlium anil enjoy lille vc-ry rornlortulrly, You ure- not wi-ll unrle-rstootl lry llie average pvrson ln-railisv tlwy nz-vc-r go ln-m-ntl: any surlace. It tlrey woulrl go nn inrll cle-1-pvr ilu-y woulrl liml ii niurli mon' -iinu-ri-. wr-ll-nu-inning rlmp, pluysical cornlorts, coulil llc ve-ry se-llisli ancl sell-rvnterml. lfirrn mentality. Loyal, se-rrrvtivv, sell-mnliclvlit. irlrls-pvnclc-rlt tliinlcer. Given tlie responsilrility lie can rarry ri pmivrt tlirouglr will: sricntilic pf-rle-Ction, Slrould lm an nutliority in luis own lielfl ol' expression. Slloulcl fullivah- luli-'rancv ancl nrvorfl to otlmrs tlie lilw-rty ol tlrouglit nml nvtion lu- ilvlnanrls lor llllIlSf'll-. Altlmugli innntoly tlie disposition is lcinrl and loving, lmppim-ss is oltvn civnic-cl tlirougli tln- wliole roursv ol lite. DAN MILLER October 13, 1919 fLil1rut Ruled hy Venus and symholized hy the scales, this sign endows the native with a desire lor balance and a deep love of order, ease and peace. Responsibility hearing, gen- erous, advisory, argumentative, lover ol lil-e's good things. Apt to he good looking.--Nlentally a lover ot world travel and ol' all the hig and heautitul things. It he went into a new enterprise he should first have to know all the details of the proposed venture, lor there is an economical streak ln you. PAUL J. MONKAITIS October 15, 1918 Hsihrat You will have to watch out tor a tendency to he too accommodating and ohliging. Your good nature will either get you in troulale or cause you to he imposed upon. You are sure of yourself. Creative and artistic force is strong. You are aware ot social matters that you know how to please people and you are inclined to he too selfesacrificing. You are hest when working in impersonal matters. UD ,J C-4 UQ f J' L M ff' , 7 W, ,lil t '01 'MM jp! ,V Lf E, ft V" ,A DENNIS MYERS September 3, 1916 tvirgot Lover ol physical comforts, even in clothes, highly sensitive and intuitive mentally, intended to occupy the limelight in a leading capacity. Daring, he should watch his desires lor speed it he doesnt wish to court accidents. Desires travel, change and the wisdom ohtained through experience. He is often rendered unhappy through many disappointments. Cleanliness, neatness, quiet, are passions with the Virgo person. Vvhat passions are present are largely confined to the mind, lor there isn't very much emotion in the temperament, which makes lor ntonservativeness, steadiness. RQBERT A. NICHOLS August 29, 1919 fvirgot You are a pioneer--fearless, philosophic, dynamic, anxious and ahle to control others and. despite large personal amhi- tion are capahle of working for the common good. You are likely to have your own way hut are willing to com- promise up to a point. You're intensely honorahle and will not compromise with the truth as you see it. You aren't interested in tooling or lyamlmoozling others, preferring straightforward dealings. EDGAR PALSGROVE August 14, 1919 ffreol You are iclealistie ancl lil-cely to have your feelings imposed upon. You are religious according tn some iaith or fashion, prohahly orthodox, helieving in the reward ol' the righteous. Your reserve ami timielity are your strength which can he useri to reat alivantage. You use it mysteriously upon your lrien s. N tive oi Leo will find much contentment anti , ity, sheltereml lite, peaceful anci calm. X V J OJ' 411471 .ij CHARLES RETTEW luiy 15, 1919 tcupricornl Shows natural devotion to tamily, advisory. responsihility-1 hearing and usually too good natured. A strong sense oi humor. creative mental ahiiity along the lines oi law or mecticai practice. The gooci things ot lite have a very strong pull with this native. Ruled hy Saturn the great cliscipiinarian, those horn with the Sun in this sign are generally in control oi themselves. The tireless energy and patience of the Capricorn person tits him for many occupations. RICHARD B. SHERKER Oetoizer 11, 1916 U.itJmi intuitive, sensitive, intellectually aggressive, authoritative. Desires physical eomlorts even in flothes. Firm mentality. loyal, secretive, run he stuhhorn, Desires ireeclom oi action ami thought. Can linisli anything with scientific perleetion il given the responsihility. Lover oi nature, and hoolcs. Sell-reliant, imiepenztent thinicer. Your aims are tif-Finite. nnri your physical, mental, ami intuitive powers woric in unison to help you. t i-1 UD F1-t L' I 4 FU e U1 JOHN SHORB March 16, 1919 fpiscesi Ruled hy the mysterious, suhtle, sensitive Neptune. tile Sun is generally regarded as heing unfortunately placert in this sign, rendering the native greatly misumierstooci hy his teilowmen. He is extremely sensitive anti almost constantly concerneci with universal values, the higher meaning ot lite. however much ot his heliets may fluctuate. Arivisory. riomesticaiiy inciineci. Niagnetic personality. Great mental capacity, ciipiomatic. apt to he self-sacrificing. Peace loving anri imitative. Collective. responsive to music, sensitive and soriahle. FRANCIS SPICKLER November 1, 1916 fscorpioi Ruled negatively hy the tempestuous ixiars. that planet imprints many ol its qualities upon those horn with the Sun in this sign. Hence the native is usually Firm and oizstinate. energetic and sell-confident. Sensitive, amhitious. original and authoritative. Could he inconsiderate. Desires physical comforts, should have good health, and he mentally firm. loyal, self confident, independent thinlcer, lover of nature with strong religious or occult tendencies. Finishes anything with scientific perfection. HARVEY STAUFFER August 26, 1919 fvirgoi Cleanliness, neatness and quiet are passions this Virgo person confines largely to the mind. He will make an excellent statistician or a professional where a capacity lor detail is required. Proud, reserved, dignified, secretive. There is danger oi excessive sensuality. Pleasures are erratic. Ex- cellent tor accumulation ol money. Mind is cralty, subtle. jealous and introspective. ldeaism ermeates the mind. Cancer indicates many trips as l a a life full of fluctua- tions. 1 fi fi if Xa-.Z KI K m X ., 1' ' -'N 4 X JY 1 P X7 V all Q: X ,J ,J 1- D5 F UD til EDWIN SUMMERS November 16, 1912 lscurpibi This native is usually firm and obstinate. energetic and sell'-confident. may he the highest kind ol an idealist. Vvhat- ever he does. once moved in action he does it with all the gusto and energy oi the lziery Mars. He is usually direct in his action and his thought. This Scorpio person has remarlcahle intuition which olten assumes almost psychic aspect. Refined. philosophical, idealistic. There are signs ol a preference for solitude and seclusion. lnclines to litera- ture, painting and music. ALFRED H. THORP April 2, 1917 fAriesi This is a curiously difficult position. presenting a problem of the emotional and mental natures. You are ambitious. eager to get ahead and anxious to please people. This person is highly individualized. You have powerful person- ality, great ahility hut perhaps sometimes lack inertia. You are a lover ol the out-ot-doors, haclc to nature. Your extreme coordination enahles you to have perfect control and in all prohahility he a true athlete. GLENN L. VVEIKEL September 21, 1917 fvirgoi A sharp, hrilliant. critical mind, with strong mechanical leanings. You are lilcely to worlc your way to a position ol respect and authority in mechanics or electricity. Your manner of speech is quiclc and incisive: hut the words come out with a clipped force and a curiously inexplicahle charm. Your judgments hear the marlc ol a certain detachment that removes the personal sting. You are an individualist and strive to satisly your individuality realistically. KENNETH GREENFIELD October 24, 1917 fscorpioi This aspect in-tween Sun and Moon energizes the mentality giving drive. iorce, and quickness and perceptive power to whatever other intellectual gifts you might have, and warns of letting the mind run ahead ol the body and exhaust it, An environmental or hereditary hias is set up giving one ol those psychological quirlcs which malces for success. Rapid mental development follows, and success through ahility to ohiectilly and depersonalize your life hy mental processes. THEODORE WITMAN September 29, 1918 fLilzral Having a fine education and a trained mind malces life easy. You are just. honorable, and somewhat proud of your mental achievements. You are anxious to impress people with your lcnowledge and are very sure oi yourself. You philosophize a good deal, and may he hard to pin down to details. You incline to the professions, your mental hen! heing somewhat more philosophic and academic than the hent that normally leads to husiness. Keep your feet on the ground, for an inclination to go into generalities can destroy your husiness sense. lfwg 1 i 1 fcontinued from Page 35, Baci: againl Party in Kunlcs room . . . Lights out . . . Smolcing in outer lohhy only! . . . Escaped, dangerous love hug . . . "Night of January 16th" . . . Junior Prom, first time off campus . . . frilly gowns . . . old sachet . . . Be- ware ol' those dainty damseisi . . . When you leaving? Gosh. how l hate to leave the place . . . New credit system . . .'s see. 5D's -i- 2C's . . . Well, quantity hut not enough qualityl . . . House lights dim . . . Curtain falls . . . September '40 Zip . . . IO days early . . . Who said cheruhs? . . . Lesson plans . . . conferences . . . units . . . roll hook . . . green student teachers . . . Autumn . . . season of mist and mellow iruitfulness for . . . those who have teaching second semester . . . S0 l-or hoolcs . . . no hridge . . . no pinochle . . . "Oh dear, who said hushingffi . . . Again no malce-up . . . no sport coat . . . no sweaters . . . Say. what is this? . . . Senior play . . . "American Land- scapeu . . . Citamard Play . . . "Pride and Prejudicen . . . Football season + Dan Miller . . . Bang! . . . Pictures talcen . . . some lun . . . announcements ordered . . . measured for gowns . . . application letters written . . . inter- views . . . suhstitute worlc . . . friends auto- graphing cherished yearhoolc . . . Candid camera . . . farewells . . . how dear to our hearts . . . goodbye . . . Alma Nlater. MALCOLM ALLISON RICHARD F. BRENNER Marcin 5, 1915 fpiscesl Innuary 19, 1918 Kjopricornl Because tlie Piscean generally lives in a world of llis own creation, a strange loneliness is often attriiouted to liim. it is time sign of a dreamer and poet and tiiose born under its vibrations are rendered impractical in a practical world. A propensity to sell-sacrifice sometimes results in time Piscean ioeing too easily influenced iuy liis environment and made a tool ol: otliers. Natural student, firm in convictions. Lover oi nature. Refined and cultured. intrr qctive, witli reli- gious or occult learning. Particular, ' 1 X O- O 'Cx I0 9 7' .rd K 7 P' . 1. xj-fr. rf Sw U1 xf -J il N UD EDGAR CLARK Illllf' 29, 1919 Urol You will malxe an excellent lluslmand and provider, Nlay iw argumentative at times, but is apt to ive lcept from reacli- ing luis goal tlmrougli too little strengtli or lack of time. The native is dignified, noble and capalwle of rising to positions ol wealtli and power. Tile nature is generally lcinrl, gener- ous. socialale, altlaougli sometimes assuming and imperious. Time native llere will find it difficult to adapt himself to inlverior positions, luis nature and almilities demanding respon- siimility ol a lxigli order. You are liiglwly aware of your world, especially of tile seriousness and sorrow of people. You iiave an insiglit into tlieir liearts and lives wliicli seems intuitive. You are a moralist and a humanitarian: you tiiinlc in terms oi t wliole mass of society witli a real personal feeling for tli underprivileged. Tlirougli e development oi vtliis ' and your own insiglit an s ipatlwetic n s W u can go far and acliieve c si r orespmin . Www 7 I I My rfgw X' MARGARET A. DITCHEY November 22, 1919 fscorpiol Tin-rv is never any doubt about wliere you stand, your mental activity. your awareness oi tile world around you. and your willingness to express wliat you tl1inlc and feel, color your opinions witli an amazing lionesty. Awareness ol time world makes you volulmle in expression old political opinions. in any Case. you are a liigllly critical person. iuotli of otlmer persons and of alastract, artistic or literary matters. You l wlwn y slraulml 'N'I'SlllHll you on- le-:Iuolly lish-nc-rs You nn- lrul you ALVA ESHLEMAN VVALTER P. GIBBI .E fvlyruury 8, 1911 fflquuriusl july 26, 1915 flzeol novo an lnigluly pu-rsonolizc-cl uppronrli Io liiv, mul oven ou am- uiosl lllll'lll'l'llIill, mos! .Ir-fm-In-fl, lnosl nl:- in your tliinliiug mul rc-osoniug, ilu-rv is o slrong mule-flying molil' mul o :le-vp ronsriousnf-ss tliol imporlaml, You on- nmgnc-lir. romnmnxling, intel- lrrilliunl oncl inls-use-: mul you tmnslnlv to your n svnsc- ol' your own iIlllNll'lZllN'!' iluil is llypnulic. nol o supf-rlirinl pc-rson. ln-ing cl:-vp oml inlensfn nmy uppvur supf-rl'i1 inl llirougll your sf'll'-uinsorplion. You lmow wlu-n lo liglit oml wlien to go away. A com- luinolion ol oggrs-ssion oml rf-rf-ssion, urcuruh-ly lime-fl lo suit llw m-mls ol llw worlcl, brings you succvss. You nn' no moworcl in ony svnsc ol llie wonl: lm! you unclersioncl Ilif- vnluc- ol mol:-riol expezliency, lliougli in moral issues will noi givf' on lllfll, Tlius you ore' H gooml liusinvss lllilll willi an lorgi- slroin ol' liumonilorionism, so tlmt you are nlmlo lo lu- siirrosslliil willioul lwing lmrml-lmoilecl. You orc ii llvll , .IOIIN HAYES lcuuulrv 11, 1017 ffiuprivorul llu' quoliliu-s wliimli sm-nl you will: ilu- sa-ul ol SIIITPSS orc qunlilir-s ol, imnginolion. lorvsiglil, l,l'ilYll'SSl1!'SS, Sl"li-I'UIIlilll1'IN'f', illlil llIlNlilllll'lllill llOHl'Sly ol IIIITINXSP. VYllif'll yflll lN'Vl'l" lose siglul ol lor an momvnl. lour nmlrilion is imporlzml to you, lvul your lionor mon- so. olul il you lnul lo snrrilim- one or Ilu- ollu-r, il woulml ln- your mnliilion. You ron SlICI'l'l'll in 'llllllll lil:--lllougll il ruggvcl lIllllViilIHlllSIll lirvnlis clown. llnis won'l lu- lrua- ony long:-r. You ure lluinnniinrinn, lml.illr MISSOURI HEILNAN Ioly 28, 1918 fllvol You lmvo llw lwsl possilrlv insuronrv ugoinsl wont mul pow-rly lor no ninth-r liow limi tlnings muy iw. you nlwoys si-vin lo go! wluii you nec-Ll. You simply lmow liow Io gel your mom-yis worlli uncl, lu-ing ull:-rly loir nnml llonornlmlv, nn- just ns willing lo give- loir Villllf' VVll0l1 youirf- on ilu- sr-lling c-ml. Nvlwllwr you orc' pronlinvni nnrl powf-rl-ul or quir-I mul rc-scrvr-rl, your cliorzivtslr wins you rospm-cl on an if-rluin pn-slige uml oullaorily in vvliuh-'vc-r splu-ro you move-. HENRIETTA HESS ljelrruary 29, 1920 fpiscesl l,aclcs sell-esteem. Diplomatic, peace loving. responsive to music. Collective, imitative. Very particular in clress ami language, clesiring always to give a prosperous appearance regarclless ol tlne actual amount in tlle llanlc. Sensitive. inilepenrlent mentality witll lligll ideals, Lilies to lllaze lier own trail. Daring. witll promoting almility. Tliis native lmorn uncler tlie sign ol Pisces is sensitive. receptive ancl imaginative. Excessive slnyness ancl too great susceptilmility to environmental inlluences are to lme guarrlerl against. JOHN HUZZARD August 8, 1918 Halal ixlincl power is your strengtll anfl your wealiness. lt is your strengtll lxecause you are rational, capalxle ol figuring timings out analytically, and oi grasping cletails and intricacies. lt is your weakness lrecause tlrrouglx albsorption witll mental matters, you are lilcely to neglect tlme emotional siile ol your lite. You are a conscientious stuclent and worlcman. suc- ceecling, lmest in personal or inrlependent types ol intellectual activities. You luave to lme carelul tllat too murln mental worli cloesnit procluct nervousness Hall worlc ancl no play-H . . . ,',1., ,l 1 'R '7 X X 'AZDP X ,f R fx , i- if I . I ' i 5 bf if Y. MW wr i x if M . m . E. DONALD JACKSON Nlny 21, 1919 frllaurnsl Your ailalrility, sunniness, goocl looks, and general easy iiflfl gl'RCl0llS llli'll1Ilf'l" CUYICCHI Ei VOIP ol llafd pUI'pOS6. You give grouncl witli a smile, you yielcl iup to a pointi, you lmacli, and lill, ami sasliay arounrl tactlully ancl cliarmingly, laul you never lorget lor a single instant wllat you want. You HFC to l1llllPI'SlHflfl p60pll' l'K'l'2lllSt' yOU I1I'lClPl'Sl2illLl y0Ul"- sell. You are inrlepenclent, a sell-starter capalvle ol going lar, anrl youill rarely asli lielp lrom time outside. X- N. xA' ., "fi jwii FREDERICK S. KRING Decemlzer 20, 1019 fsagittnriusl Honor is your gocl: all your energies. your amlmitions, your strong love ol nature are lwasezl and rootecl in your concept oi lmnnr. Vlilirougli energy. definite aims, ancl integrity, you are lilcely to go lar anrl win wide admiration. respect. ancl rlignity. You are intellectually pllilosopluic, lrroad-minclecl, imaginative. anrl creative, so tlwat any sclleme you envisage. or any goal at wllicll you imagine yourselli, lwecomes very nearly an ilCK'0lllpllSllBLl lact wllen you llave tlle picture clearly in mincl. MABEI. M. LYNCH Nolwrniwr 1.1, IQI8 fscorpioi 'Huis is a visionary ami icieaiistir polarity oi' Sun ami Nioon. Priric- is strongly maria-ri in you, ami you set grvat store- ily int:-iii-rtuni ami artistir' arrompiisiinn-nt, so tilat your l7l'I'!if'l'iiUlliSi spirit may iimi expression in some iuigix form oi' artistir IHTUIIIpIiSIllllf'l1'. You arf- a powvriui and inde- pi-mif-nt iilit"tkf'f, a gooci stucif-nt, bringing a piliiosopily ami vie-wpoint oi your own to in-ar on intf-iiertuai ami sorial proixim-ms ami so iiiwiy to iw iniiuc-ntiai in moiciing tin' opinions of tinosi- aroumi you. MARY ANN BICKELVEY Iuiy 11, 1910 ffonceri You are aimie to translate- your iinowieiige of ynurseii into tvrms of tile' peopir- aroumi you ami, in wimtever Cirrie you may movr-, tilus gain consicif-raimin prestige for being umivrstanding, sympatiwtir, ami ronsicierate. You imve ix lim' oixierttivf- inteiis-rt, 4-apairiv oi iargv vivwpoints, espe- riaiiy in sociai matters. Tilis, romirim-ci witil a critical. srie-ntiiir, ami arruratc' mimi, ran win you nimost any amount oi nrrinim you want to iooii for. J-A t KATHRYN F. MARTIN AM 1 1 f JANE l.. NOVVRER Ionnory 3, 1010 K'opric'orni ,armory 4, IQIO ffoprivorni XVH. iim-my ami uminition romirim- to tain- you a iong way, You nn- a voiuiriv ami 1-xpn-ssivr person witii a sense oi vnim-s ami ciisirimination ami an aixiiity to nmicc your opinions ii-it. in tin- worifi oi imivas you are iiiiz-iy tn iw an powvr, wiwtili-r tiuat worifi is narrow ami iimitrri or imromi ami im'insiv1-. A sort oi' nervous vntinusiasm pervacii-s aii tiuat you rio-an l'llillll4i2lSlll tilat works on nerve force ratiwr tilan pilysiiai vitaiity. You ronrvai a iargv amount oi' timiciity umior a ralilvr impressive exterior. Your best position in life is iounci !i1tIll1'XVilPYC' in tin' mimiciic' ranic--not as a rornpivtc suimrriinatc ami not as n top r-xvrutivz-. You arv iligil-strung ami iligiliy organize-ci and civmami satisfaction of your desires. You ilavf- 1-xreiivnt prinripivs ami won't equivorate nn time-rn: you stami square-iy ami aixsoiuteiy for tin- ilonomimie course. You arf' ronvvntional, no mattvr ilow vrratir you may appear. x 4 , 'Nj A DALE MURPHY RUTH L. MYERS August 16. 1920 fleol The person with his sun in this sign is usually at the loretront in his own circle. The nature is generally kind, generous, sociahle. The native will find it dillficult to adapt himself to inferior positions, his nature and abilities demanding responsibility and authority ol a high order. Puhlic spealcing or almost any vocation where the native is at the front of things, getting the attention and respect which he demands and sometimes deserves is suggested. De cr Y x 5-. .XX it V M L.. Qi its Iune 7, 1919 fGeminii This adds an element of luclc to the life and will tencl to strengthen any good, or minimize any evil. It inclines to a strong. sound hocly and an ahility to take the ups and downs ol the world in your stride. Nvhile it will not negate in any large degree the difficulties of the powerful aspects. it will cushion the hlow. give you internal resilience and external poise, as well as an elastic power to hounce lwaclc to normal. U3 a at ee. it , N f, mftwt' WMA RUTH P. NESTLEROTH KERN G. PANEBAKER November 28, 1919 fsagittariusi You are a builder, willing to start at the bottom ol a career and work your way deliberately to the top. This may make you an actual architect or it may make you figuratively an architect of your own late, laying your plans lar in advance, and worlcing soundly for their accomplish- Hlent. You have RH QXCCIICHI balance of holdness and reticence, aggressiveness and tact. Your judgment is excel- lent. and you lcnow exactly how each hricli is going to lzit in the eventful product. 46 June 19. 1919 fGeminil This adds stahility to the character and in some degree to the fortune, giving an element ol luclc to the economic status and hroadening the mental outloolc. lf creative power is shown, this will give it great breadth. scope, and social humanitarian appeal. This aspect accompanies spiritual thought and spiritual leadership: and is found in the execu- tives ot the Church and ol' spiritual and occult organizations. it gives you a spiritual insight into the affairs ol earth. SARAH AZELIE RICE RUTH M. ROGERS l'1'Ilrllllry I, IQI7' fflquuriusl Illllllllfy 25, 1910 fflqllarillsl You Inova- Iiiglu vitolity. roumgv. niognonimily. A rrcrtain nnlount ol mote-riol Iuili, ovvu in oclvorsity, will always Iuovvr orouml to prvsvrvm- you Iron: Ilw worst Irlows tlmt tlle unite-riol worlml nvigllt otlwrwisv tl:-ol you. Rosponsilwilitivs ili-volvo on you vorly in Iilvf- mul tIic-y clisrourage you sono-- wluut, rousing you to willulrow into yours:-Il, You clislilu- r'ompl'Iition unfl wont rliic-lily IIN- worI1I to Ioove' you alone-. IIIIH- Iwst lnuti-s on' tlloso Ilorn In-Iwo:-n Nloy 21 ontl .IUIIP 21 or In-Iwi-on S1"DlI'IltlN'f rg oncl Urtolwr 23. fine' ol tln' intl:-xos ol' Iong Iitv, ii strong pliysivol Iwroclity, onrl viloIiIy. In rulmlition to tllesv pllysifnl qualities, you Imve o progressive- nu-nIoI oulloolc, strongly tingcfl witli originality. mul ony plons tImt you orgonize will lie pusI1ccI tllrougli witli o rc-rtnin msluu-'ss onrl conipri-Iiension ol total results tllot Imit ports logotlmr strongly. Organization, c-itlier ol unclc-rtolcings or ol' Icnowlemlge, is your strong point. Your originality is not tingecl witll Iliv Iiizorrf-, Iwut Iias a wliolv- sonn- prortirol quolily olrout it. RUSSILLI, Y. SEAISER Ionoory zo, IQIO Kfopricornl Norm-s, in ont- lI0I'Ill or onotlwr, will lu' o PIOIBIPIII to you mon- or I4-ss vonlinuously. You Imvo an pliilosopllirol llltllil jumping lroin tlu- portifulor to tliv gf-norol os iI Ivy seconml noluri-. oncI si-4-ing tliings, pvopls-, prolilc-ins, in Inrgf-, rotlier tlion slufilqir' tvrnis, 'I'I.r- clvvotionol Illfllili is strong in your noturv. oml you Ivnrl to ritualistic' ou'0ptnnC0 ol some ri-Iigion. 4'o1Ic', or Inuit- svt ol Iwlii-ls to wllirli you l'f'Iill1' IIN- Ilirc-urls ol your pliilosopliy oncl nmlu- ai worliing icloology lor your IiI.-. I UD F11 VIRGINIA SHERTZ April 2. 1920 fAriesI You Imve- oxlroorclinory Imusinz-ss iumlginent oncl tllrougli ronsorvativv oncl sounrl tactics usually I1uiIcI yourself a l0l'lUnl'. You HH' Lllll"il-COITVCIKIIOIHII. You HIC S0 SEll1'C0l'l' IroIIf-CI yoursoll. tlmt you rIon't unclerstancl wlly otller people Inova to In- olllorwise. You arch pe-one-loving oncl wisli notlling Iwtter tliun to Iive in Imrmony witli your If-Ilownlf-n, nltlmugli you orrn't f'spe'CioIIy toleront of IllPlll. You Imverft had tIu- eoiolionol vorivly to your life to lllElkC you umlvrstamling ol' Iiumon wr-olcness. r RUTH E. SHICKLEY ' W .,f'- ' 'Deb fn f ' A ' ' CAT RINE M. STUMPF ' October 8, 1920 fLil2ml D A, i920 ffiriesl Your reserve and sllyness are your strengtlms, for in soli- tude and timidity you lmuild up strength and inner poise wliicli, when expressed in time world, lends your personality a peculiar cllarm that comes from your reserve. You are capalzle of grasping alwstractions and intricacies, lzotli mentally and emotionally and you llave a triclc oi appeari very olwvious and plausible wlmen you may ine actua yl very sulotle and involved. You can cliangbe lrom x nsive to Ylqliere are daslx and vitality lwere. proceeding lrom an alert, quiclc mind, eager lor knowledge, alwsorptive. and magnetic. You are alale to see all sides ol any question from time otlmer lellow's viewpoint as well as your own: tllis malces you tolerant and intelligent, a good listener. a lair opponent in a detached intellectual encounter. You are capable ol a good deal of mental objectivity: large ideas appeal to you, and you can tliinlc almstractly, Artistic and intellectual matters interest you. secretive in a minute. f WN VZ? Rv. LLJ U3 cc VVARREN SVVARTZ August 18, 1919 fleol You are inventive and meclianically inclined and are lilcely to lie a mechanical genius. Electricity. railroads. steel and meclianics of all sorts are tile natural media in wllicli you work, and your liiglily original tone of mind will find new uses and combinations in connection with all timings. On time intellectual side, you are critical and analytical- df-tacliecl, and impersonal ratlier tlian emotional. 't ESTHER E. WENGER lime 2, 1920 fGeminil Your emotional and intellectual sides are nicely blended and give you a good deal ol quiet cliarrn and magnetism. Your intuitions are strong. and your critical faculties are aided lmy innate good taste. You are likely to lxave time wislm to create artistically. You l1ave, in any case, a genuine appreciation ol loeauty. poetry and music. Tllis aspect also supports tlie llealtlw and aids tlle general material welfare. I I I I I IINIIIIIIHISII ,dvwofw-e - .1 . ffff., H-ff ff , iHt JUNIUH HHS Dear ixtu. Gotty, tio you reatize ttlut your pride unit joy tifj is ttiree-tourttis ot tile wuy ttlrougti crot- tege? t.oot4ing imurtt over ttlis junior yeur, it is certainty oimyious to me ttmt it is one ttuit witt never tue torgotten. it just ctoesnit seem possitmte ttmt so many events ot suctl great importance fun ire puetiect into one stiort year. iiy ttiis time t guess we can tmoust ttult we ure reutiy grown up. fiosti, even tile soptiomores ure tmeginning to iooti up to us. Vve iunve onty ttlis summer tett in wtiietl to cteveiop ttiut ctignity tor wtiieti time seniors are tmnous. Uur eiuss eertuinty tins tmeen going ptuees ttiis year. Tile .iuniors on tile toottmtt squact were tile strong tintcs in ttie iong Ctmin of victory ttmt wes torgect tiiis year. Donit ttlinic tor il minute timt our taients end ttiere. ri-ilC Juniors ure weti represented in Citamard, ttresittent. .,.......,...,. Artiiur i tuntmy iiirensurer, ..,..... Xviiiienn ixinrtin Secretary ......,....,..,., i'ny i'mtey Virefttresimient ..., .... I totmert tngun ttie ciioir, time Snapper, unct most ot ttle ottmer etutJs on ttie campus, not to mention our stu- ctent government ixocty. ttonestty, Btu, t know ttiut it souncts as til0lIQi1 i were tarugging an uwtui tot, tmut t just runit tieip it tmeeuuse i teet so prountt Conti- ctentiuiiy. t tiiiniq ttmt il great pilrt ot' time erettit goes to our etuss cteans Niiss Cuton anct Dr. iioyer. Ttley ure uiwuys rigtlt ttiere wittl tile necessary axctyiee unct assurance. Hint. ttis utmost time tor time Junior Prom anti my uiiowume tiusnit come yet. i just eunjt uttorct to miss ttmt extra-speeiut event. Before i sign ott tor unotiier yenr, ixiom, I guess i tmct tmetter tett you ttmt my iutest report earct wiit tue in time next maii. Vvtien you get it pie-use try to rememtper ttmt iiii oniy ine young once. Your Devoteci Ottspring. 'WUHIY-IWHH 'VIHf SECTJNWMXRY CIRCJIW' TTIH lNHDl'S112LXl.fXR'VS C1RCJlW' f" I 5, QJ4k11g41LlfAW - I fu.f'f. - ' H 1 ,f VR Maja . ' ixjlffjj , , , f 1,4 ' 1 ,4f ff. , 2-' .,' I VIHf lHJfNHfNWf , XRN' C2RKJl1' ruqigrsj ASG Q4 X qo'S".k gl- fff y OFFICERS Presic en .... , ..,.... .. ....... ...... , ...,........ an Vice- ,rcsicvnl .. ....,......,................ . oger ft o ,4- ld- .3 ,O o ir a isen lar Secretary .. ..., ,. .,..,......... iviercedes Flynn -t ' Norman His orinn . . ............. , ......, ..,.... ,.... . . . fnussmq from picture, .. r. Sharpis-ss ie oo lr -asure .......,..,.,. . ,............. ...... , .... ,..,. X X mn C ic RM a A Huw N t:.Ql1f:zE?fi Wggygggtyhysnvuumnn W' A fffvwffvdkf W ,off Fiashiu The ciass of y 5 has arrived for their second year. What iuni Worrying the poor Freshies with those rules and regaiia. Why, We're upperciassmen nowi Fiashiii Election extra! Vveyve chosen Alan, Rog, iViyrt, Vvrinnie, and Norm to he our leaders this year. Vveii, Good! Fiashiii An undefeated ioothaii teami And ii you don,t think the Sophs were in there plugging, just turn hack to the sports page! Fiashiii Vve hold our first social affair of the year, the Dogpatch Party. Daisy Niae and Lil' Ahner hoid sway for the night'-and who , Z MW couid forget those Skunk Hoiiow Boys? Fiashiii Basiqetioaii season turns our interest toward the cagers. And from the first game to the iast-halt the team were sophomores! Fiashiii Thne for sociai things again. And what a time was Nieiodie Time! Red Mc- Carthys was the hand. Look among your souvenirs for that program-and remember the fun you had! Fiashiu And Springtime came! Baseioaii, vioiet picking, rippiing iaice r- and the young Soph's fancy tightly turns toward thoughts of . . . of next year! .Q W n .lHSSRHflH43 uv X' . 1 - 17 . ,IX 'J-3 R -X x-nxm 6 . fl. ,N ' I-1 5 'j v ., X N , ' Ari? tx. Of," ' V Q -- ly " 'fxvrljlrx LX My . , f ' f'- - if X 1,3 tl. sq, gc .n..TpI:Jwxv :std , --rzdijlp LAmn.4V0vLf ,M +R , ' . WM W :Oifrf + J' W ' I . 1 . .. U ' 1 . 1: ff rf' , .ff x ' ' -1 ,J 'V' , v , f - f X Dill k HQ QLMVQ X df'f?I v N-4 4 'I 'H E f ,,, . 1 .J uv K b ,Q , ... ' .J lfl.IfNliN'lI-UU ' mi .4 GROUP J , , 4- Z- . A fs ' ' - 'I 'XGA -f y kt-XJ f 43, Q r - Lf X . f - if, THE Q A K. INOOSTRIAI. ARTS R GROUP .Kp xl THE Lf, SECONDARY 1 in GROUP V f 4 . iH,t tHtSiH,aMHN HIS ' 1 H 5 ' v A V ,N x t Nl.. U71 Registration . . . tiustte anct tmustte to get unpactcect anct setttect . . . Frestnnan tests . . . ts cottege as tmact as ttris? . . . wear your regatia . . . no matte-up, girts ,... putt ttl0S6 tams ctown anct keep in step . . . Hey, trostm, potistl my stioes . . . ntine upu toctay . . . Class etection . . . posters, tmoasters . . . NVll0.l'6 you votin' tor? . . . tit. Society rustmees and rustiers . . . Noxxfs ttwe time tor every good man to join a society . . . I 1 i Big :tate . . . band first rate tStar Dusters, . . . l:l"0Sll stiinclig . . . sighs, otl myvs . . . Exams, exams, and weyre safety ttlrougti one semester . . . some ctrop out, anct new ones drop in . . . New profs, new tmootcs . . . Bustiing, waiting, wistiing . . . new romances, more ctances . . . music smoottw, in ttie groove . . . more etections, time tor selections . . .' again weyre fronted wittm tinat tests, soon time tor a rest . . . . . . Vvett, txetto, Soptmt 54 UHIY FUUH Maj vxlwu' H 77 8 ,,.VCCZ"a IJ f" f UWM J ,f,Jf1'A LL,,,,f' .. ,diff Tl Hi lil .Iii ll-QN'IlXRY ORCH 'P INDL 'S'l'RI,'XI. ARTS ORCH YP ,5 aw-4' Www 36-5"""' 60.w-fffw-'4"""' 7'uW -fdwfdv Tr Tlui WW' V7 'www sl-iccnwmm' c:Rol'v Mfwxillw We J ,. V! If-40-f CLASS HIGHLIGHTS Seniors opened sociai caiendar witil Dicic Feeser piaying for "Moon- iigilt Cruise" on tiae iower ciecic . . . Gctoioer 5, 1940. Dog Patcil styies were created by tile Littie AiJner's and Daisy iViae's wilo attencieci tile intormai party ioy time ,45er,s . . . October 26, 1940. Nigilt Ciuio atmospilere strucic tile gym wilen tile Junior ciass gave its patrons a tzioor si1ow anci everyttling tilat goes with it at uciub ,42n . . . November 23, 1940. Time ciass of 1941 showed tileir dramatic taients in presenting Elmer Rice's "American Landscapef' a patriotic play of time Daie family, wimicil stresseci American Democracy . . . December 7, 1940. Tile Frostl renewed tiie oici time feud between tile Martin anci Coy cians in time guise of an iniormai usilindign oi mofiern and barn ciancing to tile tune of time Star Dusters . . . December 15, 1940. uiVieiociie Time" featuring nReci" iVicCarti1y's swing was one of tiie most successiui semi-tormai dances ileid on tile campus ttlis year ciue to time unique ideas of time Hsociain Sopiis . . . March 15, 1941. 56 'va ,Q ff 'W' 154 'wwf f K rl lj '5 Q YY Q i X 3? Y . Wig. -wa ' Ah 3 A , LW-" V A w , 1 A . - A ff, ' 1 V1 - V 5 g X , 12 3 15 Y A :iv , A K .sl MQ Q f ' ,-M228 Q if Q 2, ' P Y -Sf Q , f V .h 5 s X!-AQ Q :Pap fm, W, , , , aa Xu Misra-W af 4 1 N I ze' 'ffiwfd " Q, iv' will TOUCHSTONE Eoliioriol Staff: Edwin Summers, Catherine Stnrnpf, Dorothy Brn- baker, Annette Evans, Ruth Warlel, Robert Nichols, Barbara Kienzy, Donald Jackson, Frank Peoples, Riohard Dennis, Maroella Nissley. Millicent Jones, Jane Wnesohinski, Helen Saylor, Norman Sharpless. Tom Harris, Dorothy Neal. Business Staff: Henry Shissler, Henry Ferich, Louise Wall, Carolyn Jacobs, Dorothy Lutz. Sioff Photographers: Bruce Romberger, Jay O'Neil, Ray Rowe, Glen Werner, Edison Engle. Staff Ariistr Laurence Olewine. N l V X TOUCHSTONE Q T ' ersvill nappeiijwy November I, 1940 Number 7 "AMERICAN LANDSCAPE" ELILIAN T. MOWRER T0 CHOSEN AS SENIOR PLAY lLECTURE HERE NOV. 11 . , . 5 -1-1 Elmer Rlces American Landscape, To Speak on ulournalistfs wifen has been chosen as the annual Seniorj 1 Class play to be presented in the' ln Chapel at 845 P' M' Chapel 017 Saturday UVEUAUK' Decvm-Z Lilian T. Mowrer, wife of the pron' bel' n finent journalist, and herself a writl Wlih American DCWUCYHCY HS fhefof no mean reputation will be pre theme, American Landscape. publish- j sented he,-Q in the Chapel by the Er ed only last year, relates the story terminment Cmqmittee at 3:15 P, n of the Dales, an old and proud family Mondp- um. november 11. of Dalesford, Connecticut. up-as as ily is suddenly faced n th Y fb ,ff ff' the wif Europ news. Mowrer's first as first it seemed rs she came t Austriar ing e won and 3 day men. cnmprise 57 day is lil 2 dormitory women, and men, I fC0l'it'd 011 WW wwf H W wwffeifff 9 fy iff' A M' W .fi of mf ' Each weelc for the past school year you've piclced up your Snapper and anxiously scanned its pages for news, gossip, sports and novelties-hut haven't you often wondered what goes on behind the news and how this paper came into being? For the inside dope let us peep in on a Snapper meetingl . . . lt's Wednesday, 12:40. Reporters, feature writers, editors and staff members slowly saunter down the steps into the Snapper room. Alter repeated efforts to quiet an enthusiastic group, Editor Eshleman raises his voice and makes the assignments for the paper which is to appear the following weelc. While all this is going on Carolyn Jacobs and Irene Troutman are typing at the deslc. Dot Buclcwalter, malce-up editor, is checking her material, and Hilda Adams is checking the material that has been assigned. The argument in the other corner involves Buclc Fagan, Norm Sharpless and Henry Shissler-it's all over who's going to write what on the sport page. Old and new business is talcen up-that is Halter a fashion." Helen Saylor, in no quiet manner, inquires as to "VVho's got a snap for the gossip column?" Then Mill Jones wants to lcnow why her last short story did not appear in print. This brings a laugh from everyone-the title of the story loeing Screws Loose, as only Mill could 'write it. A dictionary would have to accompany each copyl All other incidental business is handled, and with that the bell rings and the meeting is adjourned. Yes . . . lt's all in the life of a Snapper reporterl The 1941 Staff has cooperated exceptionally well. Each member has done his part to bring the best possible paper to the students. However, special recognition should go to the editors and a most capable and helpful adviser-Miss Spencer. 59 SNAPPER SNAPPER I i i MENS DAY STUDENT ASSUCIATIO Comes fall . . . and ttie boys are again :mfr in the Milla.-Q tmeiow tide 1,016 in time groundu . . . Frestlmen dislike catacomtds so mucti ttiey torget to come to iine-up . . . are ctiastised, ttle way ot att trostl . . . tast yearis otticers were iatatists, tiiereivore spent att our money . . . so we donit tlave a smoker ttie iirst semester . . . dirtiest game on earttl partaicen ot by tlardy day students . . . we caiied it toottnaii . . . red-tiot competition in tile oid gym at noon . . . noivody caiied it tmasicetimait . . . snow tails . . . unsuspecting trosii stops a quantity oi snow in iuti iiigilt . . . resutt, two iyiacic eyes and fewer discipline protriems . . . pinoctiie majors tlave ttleir day tgood and imadi . . . ping-pong imas vanished . . . aiso ping-pong equipment . . . janitor tlas requisitioned a snow-piow . . . cigarette imutts imewaret . . . we get along surprisingly weit wittl our cousins upstairs . . . ati except time music department . . . seniors are iooicing iorward to iiirst sigiit ot daytigtlt in tour years . . . underciassmen are ieryentty iloping tor a ctrange ot scenery . . . ttiere migftlt even ine iigjilts in tile next one . . . seniors are expecting dipiomas written on paper iuncti-lungs . . . taut we toyed every bit oi iti . . . til? M iN,S CQMMU ITY ASSUCIATION scraping cilairs . . . Smoke iiiiieci room . . . ixiuiti-cotorect robes anct pajamas . . Raiseit voices . . . flueries . . . How tiley bitini? , . . Vvbat goes on tonite? Cali to orcier . . . No quiet . . . firactuai silence . . . Reacting ot tile minutes . . . Any oiri business? . . . Any new business? . . . Any business? . . . How lnucii in time treasury? . . . Vvtiat to rio wittl it? . . . Vviio gets it tonite? . . . Niore raiseci voices . . .'s go to bert . . . Aw stick-a-rounct . . . Nir. Nave bas a ivew worcis . . . Lengtby lecture . . . Sleepy students . . . Clock runs clown . . . ite sits clown . . . ixianiiin rises . . . iwtanicin speaks . . . Comes tile revolution! . . . Kunkie ztict it . . . As usual, uDoc" Kring orates . . . General ctisrespect . . . lntermurai sports . . . Btab . . . Biaii . . . Btab . . . No . . . Yes . . . Maybe. Anotber note . . . Guest speaker . . . Bernie mounts tbe rostrum . . . Subtle jokes . . l.augbter . . . VVowt . . . iternie gets serious . . . ixiore iaugbter. ixiore Iormaiity now . . . New civic improvements . . . New iigbts . . . Dining room rules . . . Sanitary precautions . . . Preparing for a tea . . . Vve surprise tile girls . . . VVbatta year! . . . Democracy reigns. G1 W - wfqyw 7 , int ucing to if u tile representatives ot ttxe vw OMEN s fy' if ct rmitory t'c1N1Q40-41 . . . conscientious . . . n era te . . . ciearfiueacieoi and congeniai ASSUCIATION . . . . . say naught ot ttuittrness. 5 Representatives from eacix Ciass-pius two tacuity advisers--and our dean tWVilO is Mtopsn NV' in our language? have rione 'spar exceiientn in Aft -I iwanniiing inevitaioie protaiems ot ttie ctorm. 95 it The annuai attairs . . . Niontiiiy teas-Room 7ZVL"""l9 fggqlm, Ur, Contest,-rflpen House-Ttlat crazy Ctlapei sicit ' -and iwlOti1Cl',S weeic-enci have tween carried ttlru with an unusuai zest, repaid imy a supreme tilriii Wh., WM Mijn J' .iff 'V Q '3TIT'c..-Bnglrmii. 'AJ Hs -vf' wif JN G V. fr' ,M-.54,.z 0.4 ot accompiistlment. Oil, yesi Successtui business cieaiings- popsicies-fseiiing ot stationery and time rum- mage saie aii tlave served to repienisi1 the treasury. The spienciici woric ot ttme oiticers-supported toy time Cooperation ot' time Ciorm Ugaisn--iias made for a successtui year CilUCii6C,i tuii ot activity and enjoyment, aiways to be retaineci in our memories ot Niiiiersviiie. VVelromel . . . Day Student Girls' head- quarters . . . Sicle cloor, Froshl . . . XNhere's my "Big Sistern? . . . Any hooks to rent or sell? . . . Be a fourth at hriclge? . . . lwlass meeting at 12:50 toclay . . . No eating in this room . . . veaseless Chatter . . . hlare of the raclio . paging ol magazines . . . lsn't that a swell iclea lor an evening gown? . . . Thanksgiving Tea lc-aturecl . . . Santa Claus at annual Christmas Party . . . svacls to eat . . . Welfare today . . . new carcl tahles needed . . . how about those tapestries? . . . Vvatch the rug . . . Finished with your lunch? Then clean up this messl . . . hot in here, how about opening some winclows? . . . Aren't there ever any towels left lor me? . . . Card Party held with hoarding girls . . . lots ol lun . . . Spring lever . . . Farulty honored at tea . . . Did you see that noiive in the mail box? . . . Are there any hrolcen pretzels in the Can? . . . ls it all right if l owe the candy stand a nickel? . . . Beautiful models in lashion show . . . Welfare laanquet . . . Lawn Party lor High School gracluates . . . Another season closes. WOMENS COMMUTINO ASSOCIATION W WMSQ-M M 29 1533 sf Q S Q15 17X ,gig 'Q RJR 5 62, JQVQ Q-J Cla'-fe M98 ea, 70,4 f Hflffiiy' ilild til? SHIUIKP Ci9Z1l'PCt Up'-tilt' Cillnpfligit FOI' HPNV ill0llIiJ0l'S NYHS vspvfiuity tu-en tliis year-wiien the ijugeitvs izntxrictwct out in tiwir zlvtivitics tor tiw new year witii il imng. Xvittl tilt' nrt Contest, Cillllt' .infic i:iSil0l' unit iron Ninrtz, NVil0 rope-iltvct tilvir il0ll0l'-f,ftliilt'FillQ vin some rvuiiy iiinv worix. Xviien our super toottmit tvam rmne tiirougti llI1CiPiiPilif'Ci tor ttw tirst timv in Ni. 5. hi. Cfs tiistory. Page rose royuity to tiw occasion witit a niity iootimii tropiiv. wiiicti now rf-poscs nmjestiraiiy witti our voiiection oi nwarcts. ptr. Rzunsvy, til? internutionui forresponctcnt, irvstl from iiuropv. jostivct us nwiltic witil tlis summing up oi ttw iorvign situation. it is tilis organization wtiifii inns inuctv us Hcuiture l'0tlSi'i0lIS' '... nvw imooics tor ttu- iiimrnry, pius ttw presentation, woviiiy, oi ttw uixietropotitun Opera iiuiic-tin." Come-s tim Spring, inorv ijzxge-sponsorvct vontests ....' ite-nnis, urrtlc-ry. nmt igilftlllilltllll contests tor ttlf- atilictic' .... ijtlotogfrzxptly fontcsts ior time artistic' ....i A spelling iw? tor the county iligil sctioois ..., Fun, compctition, tiiriiis tor uii. Ttlo woric oi time organization unct ttw untiring f-ilergfy oi its tvucivrs is prim'- ticfliiy trzutitionui on tim Campus. No nvvct to turn ovvr El now HiJ2lQt'.-i P GE LITER RY SOCIETY ,4""" ,V ,M Jw 'f W ' W2 Q, ' YQ. . 34' , - 2? " . KN .bb Ywmn in Xi.. .Hi X Ji. .Sn gr 'V iii? ,C ,-. 1 ' A HMQ5 4 ii, 1 5 " 1 , A x f YW, x A ll.m- you nolicml llu- xulllulmlz' mul inlvrvslingg progjrmns lll' V ' ' Sm in-ly lun s ions '- " V V A .nl Xmnml l.mlc-rzux g ,mul llus yvnrf lllv - ' " X lril V I mnlcrlfunmvnl lms lwc-I ' 'xl nl all XUVIIH Q , 1 vurlwl 1-uilinglx , nl sllnrlml ull xxilll an lmng ul lllv l:l'CNllIIl zlll Rc-44-pliml. Vllll. nucplmn wasc'vrlninlym1v Qruml way ol muliing lllosv ll0lN'l.IIl l'l'f"lllll1 ll lf cl ul lmmc-. ll-llc ll1'lkl'YNllX ol sr lltllllfl Ill 5 - H rifflml ,- u ,, 1 smxlvly ln XYlllllI tlwv ' ' ' numnpalnic-rl lax' llu u 4 XXl'I1'QOIll!-flll In-long F x sunl lu-cn 1'Ul1llN'llll0lI mantle- llmw lr:-wlnm-n IMI llm llwx' xw'l'c- Qorl ul impml ml .Illia .III , " ili llQll , 'i ' X" . V - I k , llns l..II Nornml fc-lc-lrmlc-cl ils Hlllm ul1nix'vrsury. Vllln- progjrmn uns lliglu liglllm-cl lmy llu- lolloxxingg llvulllrr-sz sr-xvrnl piaum ac-lm-climls lay C11-urgv liurrmx' am ilulc-uwlillgl slam-mln lmy 5lr. ljfillllillll fl. llunlmm, .mel al lmrilom- mln lry bllllllllhli l,c'rlQins. flush ol lllv mu sl Cllillyilllli' lima-s ul lllm' x'1'nr was llle "nl l nl lmx clunu ll, x'c"1ril xx IN mllffl llu Xmnml l, W 1, 'QI'-sich "' , H D , ,. '. ns . rom l5.ml4. llllu- wlmlf- iclmln xnxx wry vlz-xc-n' mul Uflfflllnll Vlqlu gxm was Qillly flc-ummlm-cl mul llu- music wsu 1-vm-llc-nl. plqllis clnnu- NllI'l'lX gm-Q lo prow- llml Nlillc-rsvillv girls il!'l' sm-uwsllll cwmorlx. w OR TAL LITERARY SUCIETY X , N N' Dwx Y' nrmal Stat Fllitr rarg Sn ' MP1 e Te H achers Coll Mill ' age ersvxlle, Penna. .. FEW" , w Q4-..L'T,vf A J.ezfz':1e:i inset, Q'l'v'x f-"0 . .. ,. ,A an W A ,. Q ,..-:. .1 -L1+13'f1x3.lm :al . xv' - n- ,-1 ., : cxylw-.' .H ALLGI' EM. Q 1 K TFL ,L..e :':' L Ill' 1' H' W" 0 x4 4 '. . ' 4 , ' -Mor . I ' Wu, NMWAX . Luetgiv ' W some X ' x Um' x N. xx VMI Vx "II , A xx . xx .XO .M xr, kxxxxx xtyxfx R, xl I . xxxdm xxxxxwxw' .ie " iifz .I Ix- iq X' 4.x,.w' R ,xxx 'fn' "Is 244 xxxxofwkatgx xma , ,rl ' xwk UV Wu -, px. pow xx 1' Gxxxi wvw A W . w Y-Iecwn um!5 ti,t gaxxx A Ol I I 1-W 1 ww x .. -.L V , +q.,,.x 5:?Lf.a.,'.: x., M A 3 QT! , 'si X xv- x , .fi ? x A-I ' XY! lI'i.' N . . i 1 ' ' ,-- Q. . . 4 . IIN' UNIX' -urn' CYIXQIQ I mm xx I xlI4 muh IIfllll1lI xxx lxmxr xx1lIx Inu pmlmx.1I UI SII. 3 .umm xlnxmclmu IIIN IllI1lIlIlI1lI mx xx xx xl mxx IIINIQIII mln IIN Is UI IIN gur.nln1.ulrr IIl'- IHUQMIIII xx ns m.1.Ic lllJOI1XllllJINI'l0lll SOIIIL UI IIN In Hu I xn pI.: x I'mI1 I xlI1 lx 1NIDlll1lIIX IIIIIIUIIN Im In IIUIII 1x.xI oI I 1xIxl.lII IIl.lIlIxs In Xmnu.xI N mi: If xlmg IJIULII ml UI 1x1 nlx IIIIN xnu .xl XI1IIcuxlIIm Il: In 1 an .x vcnnnglx NIIUII mu Ima IMI lull UI cnlnxnm nl Il IIIHNI In' xx IIN NIUH II: Xmnml Imn Xmm.xI :Ill U1 - H 137 1 S HN Y. W. C. A. Presittent ....... ....... F tary Etten Frymire Vicefpresittrnt ..... .... Clolctle Haldenlan . ....... Ruth Nestle-mill Secretary ....... T rf-.. S Ilrgfr ......... I reneTroutn1an Even before students come here as freshmen they tlear about the 'N 7." The warm welcome extended by this organization makes every frestiman feet at tiome. This welcome is made even tleartier by the Get-Together-Party. The UY'sH activities do not encl at ttle beginning of the year. Its program ot events is widespread. In Oc'totJer it held a fellowship loanquet. Christmas week would not tue complete with- out ttle Christmas play and ttie Christmas caroting, which was followed by warming re- freshments served beside ttie fireplace in ttie dining room. This spring ttlere was a ctetigtatiut Flower Tea, wtiicti tmrougtit the first signs of spring to Ntittersvitte. Ot course, no Btottiers' Vveek End could tae complete without the NYU play. This year it was uSeconct April." As a special treat to the mothers, the Cabinet Nlemtaers served Iareatciasts in bed on Sunday morning. This year the "YH has matte a special effort to promote interest in its organization. btany ot its programs have proved to tue great suc- cesses. VXfednesc1ay evening meetings and Sunf day evening vespers constitute ttxe usual week- ty schedule. The Y. hi. C. A. encteavors to he the renter oi the stuctentis reiigious iiie during his years in coiiege. insteaci oi cienominationai cieavage. he iincts in the "YH a Christian ieiiowship anct purpose which is most heipiui in maintaining spirituai iiie. The prineipies ot the Niitiersviiie Y. txt. C. A. are in afrorci with those oi the inter-eoiiegiate HY." Soriai iiiie is not iorgotten hy this reiigious organization either. The provictes a weii iurnishect room on the iron-t campus grounct iioor ior the in-neiit oi the stucients anct their soriai aitvairs. This year it has he-en equippeci with current popuiar magazines in aciciition to the Sunciay newspaper that has aiways in-en a Y. M. C. A. teature ot this room. Together with the Y. XV. C. A. it eomiuets the Vveeiciy Vesper Serviees, piays, parties, earoiing, and sencts cieiegates to the inter-eoiiegiate conferences. This year the HY" has heen encteavoring to provicte more interest on the Campus. A varieci and extendeci soeiai pian has nmcie this organi- zation more popular than ever. txt:-'miners ear- nestiy tieei the reiigious spirit and teiiowship tounci in the Y. hi. C. A. wiii continue with them throughout their tives. OI"l-'lt'i-IRS Presitient ........... .................... .......... I D ah' Trump Vi 4ri'- Presici c-l1 t ,..... ............. A ianUaiuun S r'c'r4- tary ........ .......... i twin-rt ixiil'iN'lll'l' ,iirt'ilSlIft'f .,,....... IQOIJOTI IBYHNVII An tlonor fraternity, tota t.amtxta Sigma exists as a nationat proiessionat inctustriat ectu- fation organization to give recognition tor SCIl0tilI'ty attainment in ttlat tietct, anct to give opportunity tor tettowstlip to ttlose XYtlO are engagect in ttlis wortc. Due to ttle tart ttiat ttle national convention tor ttlis year was tietct in Catitornia it was im- possitmte tor iota Ctiapter to tue representect. A totat ot' titteen neoptaytes were initiatect cturing ttle .40-'41 term. The tiigtitigtlt ot ttiis seasonis artivities was estatmtistiing a new ctiapter at ttle University ot txtarytanct. At ttle request ot ttle Grand Ctiape ter ot Iota t.amtxta Sigma ttle ctegree team, wittl its equipment, iourneyect to ttme University ot ,90f amgcla Sgma jrafernifg AM.,-Q , 'Sl' g,,..f"'f 'J v l ',-1" rj tlmmm Ewan.: jf, I, . 1 J, l, f ,X mnxffl llluwlrr lllurlrr nn-nhlu.-..-,........., ,. .....n....-.-fu...-.......,..,..- ,., -v.-.--.1---.luv-uuAfawnu vdrlnlnnnllff ---' 'W' .--Q-.-.................-...,. ---v...---- .: nun -.- ly ---' --:u:,,,, -::...-ur 0 Jw-7 -'V-gv4s..: , ,lvynn-B-14-,-,,, . ol' svvvnly In-opllylvs. Duc' lo llw lad flml lol nluryluncl lo conllc-r lllv clc-Qrmfs on il floss il fillanplc-r is only six ye-urs olcl, il is inrleecl an llonor lo ln- vllosc-n Io alssisl in 1-slulmlislnng ax :ww 1llilpll'r. loln wus also inslrumc-nlul in sponsoring ills' ronslrurlion ol un 1-lx-rtricnl score-lmonrcl for our nr-w LfyHlIl2lSllIIH. .rffm -Q' The minute year ol proli lmcl lay allf, lfalrlllly Aclvisvrs lin-sirlc-nl ........,. Vin'-l,rm-siclm-lml .. Sw'r1'lury-Yl'rvusur llisloriun .....,..... 71 s for this tvrm migllt well rvurl, HA lnlmlv avliviiy nncl lvllowsllip was Ii. lluwnnl. I.. H. l'I1ri4-I. .,........... lfmlwin S 1111 IIIIPYS ..........l0Im t'lnIJ 4-r .,... ,.,..,.. X Villn .lll Klum .......ljuul lxlonlmilis PHI SIGMA PI Sigma n'I1aplc-r oi' I,I1i Sigma Pi I:l'ilI6'l'llIIy takes pIvasurc- in prescniingf a g1oaI lowarcI wiiivli all NIiIIf-rsviIIe men sI1ouIcI slrivc. Atiaiuim-nl in SCIIOIEIFSIIID ancI gooci moraI CIl2ll'illiIl'l' are IIIQ rvquirvmcnls Ior mPmIucrsIiip. VI-Iw im-clings oI lIiv ye-ar If-aiurc-LI suc'I1 men as Dr. IIaryvy SmilIi, super- intemIonl oI'asle-r scI1ooIs, I'roIc-ssor IiI7l'l'SOIP oI IXIcCasIwy I'IiQIi ScI1ooI, amI programs suc'I1 as a clisrussion oI gradual? sluciy If-fl Ivy Dr. Ste-iuI1auc-r ancI Ur. Slime , ., I oi our own Iafu ly. I:oIIowing1 IIN- custom oI IIIQ pas! Ivw yvars, ImrotI1vrs oI IIN- Irah-rnily Iiaye- IZIIQPII IXIHIVQQ' UI' Ollf ,I-Ul'SiIily l'Ililp6'I pI'0Ql'illllS. IX QYOUIJ OI lllK'lllIH'l'S HIIllfIIli'l'0lI IIN' vausc- Ixy prvsvniing a raciio rouncI laImIv cIisc'ussion, Sigma rinaplvr was rvprc-scnlc-QI at IIN- uaIionaI com'Iayc Imy I1roIIwrs I,roIi-ssor S. Il, BIVCIUIIISFX, .IOIIH oIIwr l'IIilIlIl'I'S. ac-liyilics sIiouIiI IN- an im'c'niiys- Ior sliII In-llvr worI4 In-rv al xIIII1'l'SYlIIC'. TIN- som'iaI afliyilic-s oI lIw yvar are lIu- Inlc-r-Irraicrnily I5aII ami IIN I"ouncIc-rs Day Ijinnvr. Sigma i'IlillJIi'I' cIoc's lIllIiiIl lo IuIIiII IIN' IIOPCI Ior rcrognilion oI lIw quaIilivs IIiaI go to maIw up lI1v Iwsl I1 I'4:uuIIy :X1Ixi41'r .,...., IDL XIiIIon Slc'illIlall1'r Ilrm-ficls-nl ...,..... ......,..,...... ' XIx'a I'.eIsI1-ulan vim'-Iirr-Niiivlll ....... I ,MMIII III-iI.ulnI Sm'rr1'I.lrv ...... .....,..., I Que51'II Si'aIwr 'I-I't'ilSllH'Y ........ K4-rn I'am-I:.iIu-r I Iislorian ...........,... .,...... I Iaryvy Sl.iuIIm-r .xvixlanl Sm rviary , .,,...... JXIIHI fIaIxuun I 1 I.0nI1arcII, ami KIim' IIaImIP. TIN- PllIIlllSIilSIIi' rc-por! oI Xam'Iwrs Imui r0aIizc-S II1al umany sions-s arf- sIiII unlurm-II. v Olll li'lflC5 lll4--i4l4'nl , .,.,.,.,., ...,...,.. ........ l l 44mI4l lllllm X 14 4- l'u4-4n4l4-nl ....., xlirium llulwr , 4 51414-Lux lnwuxulul XX .ml llnu-4l4wl , .....,. lfslln-r l.4'nll.ur4ll 'II14- lll'XX1'Nl llllll Ull lln' cwilllllllli, lu ln' rcvogjnizvcl as il mll4-g4- aulivily. is lllv Spr-4-4 ln flluuin. llllu- 4l.4.if ln-gun lllI'l'4' yvurs ugjo lllll lms lvormully orgalnizvcl nml .ulnplvfl llN1UllNlIllIllUll pus! l'1'tl'HllX. l lu- iclvu oriQinul4'cl in om' ul Nliss l.t'IlllilI'lll'S f NlIlllllH'l' N114-4-4 ll 4 I4.N-5. IIN- pllrlmsa- ul lll1'Ul'Q4llllZiIll0ll ie lu Quin illllll'i'lXlillllll1 ol povlry in un vnjoy- .nlnlv xnxx lllI'llllLflI lUIl11'l'll'll pm'li4ip.1lim1. l.4nsl yvnr lln- vlmir nppvnwcl in S4-X-4-ml lliglu 54 lmulx ull l.m14 .ulvr clllllllly mul provlnlvfl 4.SS4xmI,Iv pl'0Lfl'4llH 1'lllt'I'lilllIIlll'lll ll lIN4'1l llUl'IllN ul llll' lllilSll'I'S. Slll ll 415 Vlillt' Igfll'l'l'l CDFQUII 4'xllll'4'Il lYily1'S, illlll xlil1lll'l l.lIlllNilXlN flongu, Slll!Illf'IlH'Ill1'Il lry an numlwr ul Svolrlr nncl lfnglisll lmullmls. ll lmix nun' lln- xxurlx wan 4ml4vnlr.ul1-rl on nn uclupluliolm ull lllklXYilllI4l. wllirll xnxx IlI'l'Nl'llll'!l lurlln' pl4-.ullre-ullllwmoll1vrs1luring,f Nlollwrsl Xvvvli liml. . ,S .X . Ylllu- mf-mln-rs ol lln- 8,14-4-4-I. Cllmir vxpvrl lo Q0 llnr in lluslm-ring povlir uppr4-4'in- lion. llllnulllw ln llw g4414l,w44- ul Nlix I4nI144r4lll ,V f ' SPEECH CHUIR T2 Ul'l'Il'ifRS Ijrq-Niciviwl ,..,... ..,.. i nlnvs i'.iviv1'll Xiigp-Pri-,iiii-111 4,,4 .,... I 'lrmivriiii Kring MU K Svvrx-tary ..,.. . ...,.. ifmhxin Sunnnx-rs iiirvaqm-r ,,,. ..... X iirwwn iiiuxiaiy Mix-ig-r ...,.. 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Yin- i'l1-siuim-nl , .,.'Xlllu'iI1' lixanle , . . . ilu' IIIOIIIIIIY IIIPPIIIIQS wvrc' llll'lll0l'Y Illiliit'I'S Nmlwl-:lx vlmiyx Iiursl ' ' 'MMM' m,K..,lm,n Hmm, wilil rf-nciings imy Nir. 5icf0r11sc-y, lin' C iirisl- mus purly, n Praxis-ssor fQuiz SIIONY. slory imurs, luirmimiimi In lilis urguniznlion wouici iw nnci soriaxi imurs. iQl'i4l'0SIll1ll'lliS Svrvvci Yvry NlIIN'I'iillUllS. ,I-IITUIILIII lin' svusmls, lilruugjil lin' iirompliy. vm-du, umiu-r 5ir. Nicfininsvyis ulmic- gliicianiiu-, il ii iw gomi cniws, wiliril wx-rv lin- spa-riuilivs 'ms lxiuvrniu-ci into an iluii Iii-rim-ci rmnpus lrmii- oi tin- ifngiislu Ciiuimis iioml suivs, 'mn' nnuir' limi. 'liN'lIlllllllil1il'ii5l'iI'Si imixi im' rr-fogjnilioll, IYIIIIIHIS ilislory. 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Their First taslc, which was conquered in great style, was the annual home-coming day concert presented before an appreciative audience. Then the ever popular Oratorio, The Mes- siah, by Handel, was beautifully sung during the pre-Christmas holidays before a capacity Cl'0Wd. Wm Appropriate selections were given by the choir when the school directors gathered at Millersville for their conference and during "Democracy Days" they toolc part in the de- fense program for this community. The male section also rendered selections at the Industrial Arts Conference. The largest project of the year was the presen- tation of Gilbert and Sullivanls opera, Princess Ida, which was well executed and received on April 18th by a throng of music lovers. The last duty of this group was performed at the Seniors' festive climax-the baccalaureate service and commencement exercise,-when the old classic walls rang out with our dear Alma Mater. t we Choir .f f it y Mix 8 E, if P -S ii gg x 'WN gig W Climaxing a successlul season under the leadership ol Melzer R. Porter, the College band welcomed Alumni haclc to Millersville with its annual Spring Concert. This marlced the close of an eventful year which was high- lighted during the football season by the un- defeated team--supported and spurred on hy the Black and Gold Band. Had not this ag- gregation of musicians been present at the va- rious pep meetings and home football games, the team might not have found that extra sparlc which led to victory. The presence of the hand at Shippenshurg aided in contrilouting to the "Take a day oil to tune up!" . . . Mr. Porter, the man on the podium, worlcs for perfect in- tonation . . . a more complete concert instru- mentation achieved than in past years . . much needed aid received from services ol Dr. Oshurn, celloistg lVlr. Howard, tlutist: and Mr. Smith. olaoist . . . graduation will talce its toll .742 Em! success ol that occasion. Perhaps the most laudable achievement of the hand has been its steady presence at all the Friday chapel programs. At many of these assemblies the stirring strains of the great com- posers rendered by the loand were the sole source of entertainment. The splendid results achieved hy this group are due in no little measure to the loyal and steadfast cooperation of the memhers who have given generously of their leisure time through- out the year to malce this organization most outstanding. SA? Ol"CA86fl'6l . . . losses including Roy Dungan. John Shorh, Edgar Palsgrove, Francis Spiclcler, and James Elohert . . . orchestra performed during inter- missions of plays . . . many of personnel helped augment professional orchestra that accom- panied opera and Messiah . . . much commen- dation due but little received. VARSITY CLUB One ol the most active clubs on the bl-ville campus is the Varsity Club, composed entirely ol wearers ol the Varsity "Flu Qne of the functions ot this organization is to finance the purchase of sweaters for its members. Remember the big-time announcing at out home football games this year? This is the club responsible for that innovation. Delving into the held ol? entertainment, they sponsored the Varsity Drag on homecoming clay, introducing that sensational Red lVlcCarthy,s band from Harrisburg. Plans have been carefully macle and elaborated upon lor an inter-class lielcl and traclc meet of much wider scope. Sales ol booster tags boomed this year with the acldecl feminine allure of the Weethearts,-Fern Everhart, Dorothy Brubaker, Marion Dennis, ancl Varsity S Ellefl HCYF. OFFICERS President ........ ...........,.................. ................ D a n lvliller Vice-President ....... ,........ l -yman Reilsnycler Secretary-Treasurer ...,........... lvlerle Jones Adviser .......... ......... iN flr. Pucillo I DU TRIAL ARTS SOCIETY lnciuslriui ,Kris nwn only '... no otilvrs aliowvci . . . FilFIJPIItf'l'S-'l'illJil1f'iflllilkf'TS - puinlc-rs - ineuiiinisis - js-wvivrs- lminricsliiiills - iinsnliliis - molders - 4-lc-c'ir.cim1s - prinii-rs - nriisls - CIfil'.tSlTN'll . . . in Iuimor union? . . . Nfl file- lnciuslrinl Arls Socivly ',.. wc- Qc-I ncqllzlillleci wilil lilo iresinm-n ul an sinoiu-r . . . Nir. lxllfifll rc-pic-nisln-s iris supply of figars . . . frosll if-urn lo ciislingfuisii planes iuroin lil:-s . , . sopiis clispluy tilvir superior lmowivcigc- ov:-r frosil . . . iuniors In-,Qin lo lininlx ilu-y imva- if-nrnvcl soincliling . . . seniors limi out 'low Iilliv lilcy ilnvf' l1'ilI'lH'Il mul rlruw Hoof piuns lo prow- ii . . . incelings ure' nmriv inlvrvsiing 'my sp:-nk:-rs, clvinonslrulions, mul movic-s . . . all for line ilKIYilIll'9Il1Plli of proic-ssionul incluslrini url s 1-mluunlion . . . wi' civrorniv ilu- rznnpus ni CNIITTSIIIHIS iiinv . . . prolil lilnninifilix' ann' proif-ssionaiily ns sulmsliluls-s fiimnixs lo lim clrnilcvsi . . . spring ionws io lin- sox E1-ly so si-niors uri' lrucixillg clown jolms . . . iiivy rv oul io Illilllllrilfillff' IIIUIT' fill'lH'Ill4'i'N, IHITIIIUTS. filllilN'i-lIliliiI'l'S, Fil' .... illlil HIPX XYTH . . . INCH' IDUXYPI' Io lin-in i'n-.nil-ill UH I1'l'R'4 X lm 1' Iii:-snle-nl N-uwhiv llmusulll Ailvisa-r SIIIIIIIIUTS .. ...,..,.. Ijqlii' rivflllllli y ..,..,.. loo Xvillogroiisixi .,,l7.ux'v Rolwrls ..If. If, ll-mimi . ,Q Tm .mms X " j 1 i I X yXiJwf?f3 i A . """ PRIMARY CLUB Once again Primary Club has completed a year full of interesting and varied programs. The initial meeting, a get-acquainted party, began a successful term. Monthly meetings were given over to such speakers as: Dr. Gingrich, whose topic of discussion was uspellingng Mrs. Diner, the speech specialist of Lancaster, who presented a worthwhile talk and demonstration: and Dr. Herbert Cooper, a practicing dentist, also from Lancaster, whose illustrated talk was entitled, "Speech Correction Through Dentistryf, The grandest event of the year was the annual hanquetx Primary Club was responsible for bringing Dr. and Mrs. Gary Cleveland Myers, Editor of the Childrens Activity Magazine, to Millersville. Many students had the opportunity of hearing them speak throughout the day, and finally, at the Primary Banquet in the evening. President ........... Vice-President . Secreta ry ....... Treasurer ...... Faculty Advisers OFFICERS Niiss June B. Smith, Niiss May Adams, Niiss Jane Rothe. Nliss 86 Verna hioudy ........iVlary Nyce Nlinnie Gruber Estella Keeports Daisy Hoiimeier lxlm--just loolc at tllat clisplay of luscious calces, coolcies, ancl candies. Alil Rural Clula is at it again, liaving a food sale so tl1ey'll lie alole to liave tlmat spealcer tl1ey've lmeen waiting so long to llear. They also llave otller means of promoting linances sucll as Htag clay." Eacll year Rural Clulm strives to present memlwers witll practical information to supplement tlie rural course. lxleetings once a montll contain wortliwliile cliscus- sions clealing witli prolxlems ol teaclling ancl stimulating learning in tlme rural sclmol. An outstancling visitor at one ol time meetings was lxfliss l.ois Clarlc, lrom tlle Department ol Pulrlic instruction, Harrislvurg. wllose topic was entitlecl, Seat Vvorle Activities. lliglrliglits ol' tlle annual Rural Conference lielcl lxlarcli lj were: tlie panel cliscussion, Saturclay morning: tlie banquet at noong ancl tile afternoon speaker, Dr. Vvalter Kollmorgen, a social psycliologist, lrom tlle Bureau ol Agriculture, Vvaslmington, D. C., wlmo spolce on How Lancaster Countians Live. The activities ol' tlle year wound up witll the usual outing at wllicll all Ruralites liad a "super-swell" clay. OFF ICFRS FHS' S,.,,,,,sf1.,- Sr-cnml Senwster llresicli-nt ...,............,............,...... fynrrie Belle ,lnculms Pwsirlem -'4A--.'.--'AA. .'.-....,-,---,4A..A- IN Inmiff. Hoover . . V, , . Zire-Presulent .... .......... X X .NBII BrEwl1no11 Vin.-president mmnxvarrpn Brannon , -I. ' ............. .............., 0 pe venn Mn wry - I Q I Secretary ............... ............. l 'lope Glenn Assistant Secretary ......,--. HP Hn -- Pa W 4 Treasurer ..,........... ....,.... V ema Nuurly Assistant Secretary ..,.. ........ t lelen Spalur X ft WW7 RURAL CLUB lj if .+ XV NXXXJKW yu. , '10 I 87 6 CLASSICAL CLUB 0 I President ........ .....,.......... s. .. ..,. ...... ........,.. B e tty Cameron Vice-President ......,. ...,..... ....., . ........... V irginia Sherlz Secretary-Treasurer ,.....,....,..........,......... ...............,. ....,..... J n ne Mowrer Program clmrfman ........... .......,. . P .......... ......,. ........... ,,..... ...,......... 1 1 e I en 'rare Adviser ........ ,... T, .... ,. ...,.... Miss Emily Snyder sf it vt rf,16.fnV The Ciassicai Club opened a successful year of activities in September. As a fitting celebration for the presidential eiection, held in November, a program dealing with a Roman election was presented. Membership in the club is composed iargeiy of those students interested in the customs and language of the German, French and Latin people. The programs presented by the club are usually rendered by club members. At one of the meetings this year a movie showing different types of Roman games was shown: at another the buriai oi Julius Caesar was enacted in which Hilda Adams eloquently recited Brutus, speech. During the year ali members cooperate in holding a food saie in the foyer oi the dining room. Just before the holidays a Christmas party is given. In the spring ail members are rounded up and a doggie roast is planned. These are aii annual affairs and are Weii attended by ati members. 88 TRAVEL CLUB OFFICERS President ............. .............................. ........, R u nh Nestlemth Vice-President ........ .......... IN flinnie Gruber Serretnry-Treasurer ......,.... Vvinilred Coolce Adviser ............ ....... .... ........ ....... .....,. ..,........,.......,. IN 'l i s s R uth Dienier Lithely swaying, gently slcating round and round, watch those lads and lassies tall to the ground. Bang!! And I dare say a few of you dusted the Olympia Rinlc at the two slcating parties held by the Travel Club. This is one motivation of travel, although we didn't get very lar. But, didn't we have lun? "Sweets lor the sweet" . . . was the slogan of the "Going Places" Club at its Valentine Party. You lmow. one ol those paiama affairs that brings everyone clown to that cozy, friendly atmosphere. in Nlarch the girls were talcen on a trip by Julia Coleman through the Orient and stopped for a lengthy spell in india, Miss Julia's lecture was both entertaining and educational to the Travel Club members. ln the fall. the Club attended the football game at Blue Ridge. However, the southern hospitality didnt appeal so much to these northern lassies. On the last lap ol happenings the Travel Club takes one big trip in the Spring -New York. Vvashington. Atlantic City or some place. in the future, here's hoping the Travel Club does more traveling "physically" than just "mentally," MEMBERS Sr-ninrs: Ruth Nostlcrnth. Juniors: Nlinrguerilf- Green. lvlinnie Gruber, lvlilliccnt Jones. Ruth Dusman, .lane Vvueschinslci. Florence Klinger, lrom- Troutman, Sophmnores: Jennie lwlanrlrille. Arleve Eschlxacll, Vvinilred Cooke, .lane Pollenberger. Louise Xvall. Rehn Keene-r, Alina Scachrist. ltrvslnnvn: llc-lon Courtin. Ann Vvoll, Betty lvliller, lsabelle Houston. 89 THE NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Ciuh, a comparatively new organization now in its fourth year oi existence, has recently hecome affiliated with the National Federation of Newman Ciuhs. The club is made up oi ati the Catholic students in the coiiege. It is a national organization on college campuses formed for the purpose of keeping a closer contact hetween the students and the church. Under the able guidance of our adviser, Father Kane, and our president, Paul ixionicaitis, we have had pleasant and proiitahie meetings and activities. It had been the good fortune of the ciuh to procure outside speakers for most of their meetings. Their discussions proved to he of great vaiue and interest. The club members attended the lectures that were held in the Educational Forum in Harrisburg during the winter months. The ciuh took charge of a Friday chapel program hy presenting the Reverend Father Brown, Pastor of St. iViary,s Church in Lancaster. Another activity of worthy note was our participation in a combined retreat at Sacred Heart Church for the F. and M. and Nliiiersviiie Newman Ciuh memhers. it is the amhition of the club to hecome an indispensahie part of coiiege life. OFFICERS President ........,. ............................. .,..... P a ui Nionicailis Vice-President ..... ......... J ames Niccvuckin SeCrelary,Treasurer ....... ivlargaret Ditchey Advise, IIAI.. ..,...... R ev. Anthony Kane 90 LIBR RY SCIENCE CLLB fonslunl purauiv In ilu- iilrrury '... fruncii of imooiiworms . . . classroom on imiumiiy . . . aulllmriiivs on wilvrv ami imw to limi llNIli'TiilI . . . Doggiv Ronsl . . ruin in-vps us insiriv . , . Ianni: rvvivws io training sfiiooi fin-ruirs . . . Hook Xvvcii clispinys . . . givv Nc-wlwrry pmnpilic-is to ifngiisin Ciuia nwmlwrs . . . ufopvy on lJic'k1-sis" . . . XVQ- lrluslri . . . Sunciny night book reviews . . . Niiss Ganser enlerlains nl low-ly lc-an . . . Si. lleiiricifs Daly Food Snic . . . ou! of doors for last spring meeting. . . SPC' YOU ilt il Iil7l'Ilry l'0Ilff'l'f'IN'0! 01 QRGANIZATION HIGHLIGHTS The English Ciub brought to us poetry lovers Ted ixfiaione, ml-he Voice Between the Book Endsf' who took a sympathetic and interested audience on a upiigrimage of Poetry."-'October 16, 1940. Presenting the four Varsity Sweethearts-Dottie Brubaker, Marion Dennis, Ellen Herr, and Fern Everhart who presided over the festivities at the ever-popular Varsity Drag on Homecoming Day--November 13, lQ4O. Page, the champion contest sponsor, presented-Nancy Greiner and uDutchH Reifsnyder with the tennis trophies-our undefeated football team with a trophy-John Fisher and Leon Martz With prizes in the art contest. Jane Austen's Welt-remembered play, Upride and Prejudice," was cleverly acted by the dramatic talent of our Citamard Club before a capac- ity crowdf-February 7, 1941. Normal once again gave us that much looked-forward-to event, The Girl Take Boy Dance, in the form of a Normal Prom Bank.-February 15, 1941. A vote of thanks goes to the Primary who presented two eminent psychoiogists and editors, Dr. and Mrs. Garry C. Myers, who gave a series of beneficial lectures.-Nlarch 4, 1941. Dr. Waiter Koiimorgan headed the speakers for the Eighteenth Annual Rural Conference held by the Rural Club.-March 15, 1941. The tremendous success of Mothers' Week-End was due to the efforts of the Community and Commuting Associations when their members presented a play, skit, and choral reading.-March 21, 22, and 23, 1941. 92 E? sgwfm .wage ww ,eww vp -1.-wwf 5 4 ,Q 55,-f ,, M ffff? QMS, X,E?5?, vw x W' r 'T A ff, , 'Q ' 'Q x Q . 5 A ' 1 ,, 4 W ,. rw , r G " . 'im .. 51' 'ww-'if:f,'9Q5ie..'4 xr ' t 2ugM,f', V, 4,1 ' f N: 'Ligi1r,,1j, gh:- 'snfwf Wy, dit! 3l?i xiii HQ!! 4255! Ski: I li Ill! Ill! lil! Ill! lil! ,J 'M-1 'iv 'fix 1:11.81 -3111 -an wmakm VAR S ITY LE TTER MEN 1941 Dan Miller Merle Jones Paul Monkaitis Al Thorpe Carl Becker Richard Brenner 1942 Carl Youtzy Dean Miller Ed Weist Jim Smith Vince Hanley Homer Ruth Victor Mankin Walt Waetjen Bill Martin Lyman Reifsnycler Don Shingler Robert Fagan 1945 Robert Dively Don Hoover Robert Thompson Jay Eshbach Ray Bertolet Bill Mahoney Kenny Herr Elmer Blevins 1944 Howard Tarr Mike Wenglasz Hubert Peters John Fizzano Elwood Buck George Weorner 1010 SEASUN - UNDEFEATED. UNTIEDI XVv Tlmy I2 ....,.,. ...,....... I ilomnslmrg .. ............ 0 1 1... .,.....,. Slum-plu-ral .,....... ...... . , 0 ll ........ Nlflllfflilil' .... 0 20 ........ :XIilllSI'il'lCl ..,...... 0 zo ...,.....,. mm- Rirlgv ....... 0 2 ....,.... Sllipps-nxlrllrg ,.... ,L ......,. Kulziuwn .... O 933 flppmwnls Puinls Fira! Uowns Cmnplciv Pussvs Inunnpfclv Passes Pc-rlaxllivs Orzxrcisf T . , oluf Yurclngv ffnuxwcl Tulnf Yardage' flnslf Punling .xvvrzlgv fYurclsQ 73 rl T3 30 180 5 Jam 33' ILO PYSYH 100 00 .21 ll 300 IUTI IMT ILM IXIJIYIIJI '.Xl, SCT HQINKL I clclu Xvr-is! lmlHmau'li Alllxl XYc'l1gl.uL qum'ivrlm fnurw XX'Kl1'I'lH'I' 1-ml U1 .nn Mlllvr fjllill'tl'I'I?il4'li Pc lc I:ll'l' Illlllllilili lilll vm' Hmmx Uh-Ill Immun Ii lv :mx Ilvrr lulllmclx :lm I,f'l!'l'N Im'Hm.u'L Intl IHIIIPNHIU hulxlc' 'mlm Illlzlllfl Qllallfl .,f mvihw frm? Poinlx m ll I3 ll I2 S 1 1 U 11 l Q' Aw in m m El 10 IE E A., . M, 1-..-...,'s.---,.-,, ,-,.-.-. .,..,,-,, fn' nun nun Y - Q-, , ruzgg,-,-25-Zlr,gag-,ywv ww nw- 'fluwa-..-. ui. o I 11 A Owl! L YO Mnnll rv ' Y A. mu" 'V-.JK . ...... 4. .... ..... , ...W ... Huy.. "W -....,.... 1... .. ........ KICK ' ln va. Lu. -.uf Rus ww- "--'--- " ""x"'J,IZI.........,...,u::L..z..!:':-x::.,r.1..'.:1::'....... ..........,, , .....---- --. . ......--...--- H5 -.-...------ ' W.. .. . .......r2. ...... . ' 5 'So 4.1. L-5.57 3,93 A A Y -V --.51-5-,597 33.555 3,--.:x:fA.A:.5:fA Y H A runnu. -n.uu.u PEN!!-TVO-0-U-0-I-D W MILLLISVIUA, - O C X .W u -W-nun. um..-m.....,.......... ww-W,,,,,.D I , . ..,..... .... I W , v... ......... .. ........... ,.,... .... .. -... N fi I Er Cup or IIRCT Muon Suegq, - un-vnxu 0 , n-'mum 0 l Ld J Ylll IWMIAKQ A ?v...... ...nm W... W. . .- .. .. N... ..... F-.vm-um .W mm :....-mae: -ff ..::::::.. f-fy 3.-51:23:21 A-,-'E-.Lv -jg.--. A.: j ...Q ...v - n n 'X-lf' 'H' 0"1"U mug-uv. nu uv u ww. vw..-.1 -. 9'l"'lKl 'U::5Ll ill.: III5 -' - NVUKI lifhllll C A ....... . ...Wd v. , ....... ...W I mu,..5.,dA V-5...mmmd ........ . 4' QQQ:-EL.:.:v.v "Q..,. 'Nm "HN" w......... ... . .. 5 6:15 or surfer mn.: Sfmu - sq-vm.g 7, K-TOWN 0 X4 E D OF PERFECT SEASO 9 wp! ,A 'ff'!!, :Lv "' U... ...... ..- "' "' "' "nj 1-bmw. ww. Qwu .-N... www mm wx-nun mx ouw, 1-es ,........ ,................... 'Al vu. mx Cub Ol ........... uv.. I.. Y,.3A....... 4... Y... uw-. - muu.uxZT.2'.TI1:fIfl uv ...' ' ' nu u n TN . .mc yu N,-nu -mn .J!.E'S!'.!A.33.!!N E.. nun.-:U-:Ann n am 1.-vnu 1-nm wu- nvn- nv.-va nun., 1, mn... VIH -1 v an V 'qw-ul ,.,,.1 nun -.-mx 7 Kiwi Y in nun nun nw vu. - -'-me-Q-1' '- Scam. uf wmv ur n. Lu 0 , K-vowu O L- X nu u u mrs' mnuu aqua Siu-I ' lxvvl Eu or 0 1 S . :Tn If A1 eq anus ..f. "fl ' mm irfrvur-VA fliggllllmgsr """' ..!i'1'ff2...l'f... .' pgg ' M-VILL! 2 , n-'roam 0 mn. - nn . ..... ., ...... .. ,. .'32'i!..'i-?""' J X , of Q no flvllwikl 10 lvl!! Tr P , N I" I' P1 U vx 4 I' F' F1 , A 96 AND THE BELL RANG Ringing with a joyous sound, the like of which it had never before uttered, the old bell in the tower of Nlillersville proclaimed to all within hearing that the 1940 edition of the Millersville lxflarauders had accomplished a feat unique in the annals of football at this college-an undefeated and untied season. It was a happy throng of "grads" and students who listened to the clanging from the tower as they cluttered up the campus on the nintli Annual Homecoming Day and paid enthusiastic tribute to the teamwork and sportsmanship which had brought lxllllersville to its rightful place in the sun of Pennsylvania football. As the celebrants looked in retrospect, they viewed a pageant of pigskin in which a squad of 36 men looked at a long, hard schedule with mingled emotions of hope and apprehension-and then set to work. Head Coach Poss Stehman with his able assistant Bernie Santaniello drilled the boys hard in the early pre-season workouts as the squad was composed for the most part of inexperienced men. Of the three seniors, Captain Danny Miller was the one most familiar with the land of the side line markers as this was his fourth year of varsity competition. Paul Monkaitis and Merle Jones, the other members of the class of ,4l, were back to the field of combat after a year's absence. Fate had much in store for these three however, as they became an outstanding trio during the course of the season. ln the very first game Danny Miller of Altoona gave a foreshadowing of the worth of his abilities as he played the full sixty minutes against Bloomsburg. "Dashing Ed" Weist was the star of this affair as he paced the 12-0 win by personally scoring both touchdowns. The Millersville team had difficulty in con- centrating its very evident power. Though our team rushed the ball up and down the field easily, the Marauders had trouble in reaching touchdown land. However, they put on a fourth quarter drive that scored twice to win. Shepherd State Teachers College of West Virginia visited our campus for the first home game and were much saddened by the 34-O defeat they received. Merle Jones, Lancaster's representative on the squad, alternated the center position with his fellow classmate Paul Monkaitis, one of the last of the Chester football dynasty. Kenny Herr, Dean Miller, and Ed Vveist led the scoring spree. The only unwelcome event was the leg injury of plucky Barney Diehl in a practise session which kept him from playing for the remainder of the season. By this time it was evident to all observers, both within the college and outside it, that something new had developed at Millersville. A spirit was evident which was making a winning team of virtually the same type of material that had in previous years been doomed to failure in their encounters. The students and faculty had also become infatuated with this new concept and gave support to the players in a manner that warmed the hearts of all who loved our college. All Millersville looked toward the remaining games on the schedule with a zest for the action to come. 97 f is, Q R JW5 if M,,x,,uvu1ll' ""'N'+-A..,...!ba 5 vw, -,aw ' Q aydd' ini: I 1 -um gy 5 wfw 1"-avflfm 1-. And they were not disappointedl With the new freshman star Mike Vven- glasz acting as running mate, the shitty Ed Vveist began to hit his stride in the game with Montclair which was won 21-6. The Marauders had begun to cliclc against worthy opposition, which tact did much to bolster confidence in the squad. Conlidence was what they had needed, and this they displayed along with sheer grit in the Mansfield game. Traveling up-state to face the mighty mountaineers as the underdogs, the men of Millersville saw a veteran lvlanstield team score on the ltirst play to lead 6-0. Never admitting defeat, the Marauders tool: the bull by the horns and completely surprised their hosts as they scored three times to Win 20-6. This game really established the squad of '40 as a power to be reclconed with in the teachers college mythical league. The liberal arts representative in our oppo- nents' list, Blue Ridge College, also felt the power that had defeated previous foes when they lost to Millersville 20-6. Jones, Monkaitis, and Miller, the three seniors, were all in the forward wall brealcing the holes and paving the way for the lwlarauders' baclctield. Shippensburg and Kutztownl Shippensburg and Kutztownl Those two words were on the lips ot every student and faculty member. it we can only get by theml We must get by theml Shippensburg tirst:-Eddie Weist runs wildl Weist, one of the high scorers of the east, was the spearhead of the teachers' devastating attaclc that scuttled Shippensburgs serenity to the tune ot 27-7. And then there was Kutztownl They had spoiled a season for Millersville before: would they do it again? The answer is now history. The visitors were badly outclassed, 32-0, by the Marauders dazzling playing. Danny Miller, one of this colleges greatest players, opened holes in countless numbers: Wenglasz and Howard Tarr dashed through them like a pair of Mercurys. Eddie Weist provided the greatest thrill ot' the game when he ran Q5 yards with the opening lciclcott of the second hall to score the season's most spectacular touchdown. And that is why on the ninth Annual Homecoming Day, the old bell in the tower rang with a joyous sound, the lilce ot which it had never before uttered. Engraved forever in the hearts of students and faculty will be memories ot the IQ4O football season: memories that reflect the injection of a new and vigorous spirit in Nlillersville: memories of which we are all proud. 99 ASKETB LL SEASQN lxlillersville Nlillersville Nlillersvil le Nlillersville Nlillersville Nlillersville lvlillcrsville Blue Riclge Universily of Scranlon Allsriglll College Davis and Elkins Slnippenslvurg BlK!llHlSl'lUfg NVE-sl Clue-sier lxlillersville lxlillersville 5lillersville lxlillersville lvlillersville Nlillr-rsville Blillersville Nlillersville Nlillvrsville Ixlillrrsville lxlillersvillv Rizler College Bloomslyurg xvesl Clwsler Vveslminsler Nlnnslielcl Blue Riclge College Fas! Slfllllflillllfg Slxippenslwurg Cnlilorniu lnclinnzx East Sirnuclslrurg Attempting to continue the complete domi- nation over the mythical State Teachers Col- lege league-which it had held lor lour years-f the lxlillersville lmaslcetlnall squad entered the 10.10-41 season fortified with hope, a will to win, and good spirits. However, those lactors were not ol sulvlicient calihre to offset the ter- rilic disadvantage placed upon them hy the graduation ol the stars in June ol 1940. Names now murmured with a revered air ahout the lxlillersville campus were missing from the line- up, and the hrunt ol the lmurden was placed largely upon underclassmen and the incoming freshmen. liven so. the fxlarauders pleased their followers in defeat as well as in victory hc-cause they were constantly exllihiting HSIJIIIIICH and a will to light. ln many games, ilu- linal quarter proved to he the most thrilling as the lxlillersville men put on a last minute drive. However, in diagnosing the season one realizes that the lxlarauders were a nhot and cold" team. At times they slipped into losing strealcs and were heaten lay scores that did not do justice to their lull ahilities. On other occasions, the squad responded to the cheers ol the crowds hy deleating teams that were greatly favored over them. Some ol the games that were lost provided the most thrills and pleasure to the fans present. ln this category could he placed the Vvestminster game and the lirst game with East Stroudsburg. Though playing against tremendous odds in those two trays, the lxlillersville team received much com- mendation lor the last ditch lights that almost decided the contests in our favor. The only real veteran of the hunch was the captain of coach John Puciiioys squad, uDutchH Reifsnyder, the lanky hgiond high scorer, who received honorable mention on the ali-state team. HDutchu was aided hy two Sopho- mores, quiet and capahle Bill hfiahoney and stocky Kenny Herr. Bill was the huh ahout whom the others clustered and then radiated forth with scoring plays. Of the incoming Freshmen, iwike Wengiasz and Bob Wray were the most outstanding. Fiery Niiice was the spark plug of the group and instilled plenty of pep into the games. The others, Neff, Peters, Derkac, Eshhach, Bitzer, and Rathhun, aided considerahiy and saw much relief work. As to the season itself, there were certain highlights. Our double win over West Chester was one of the happier things tallied ahout on the campus. The week-end which saw the Marauders traveling by train to take on Cali- fornia and Indiana was the most spectacular. The first game went into an extra period during which our hoys rallied to win. in the second game, thrills aplenty were in evidence as we won 46-43. Our inexperienced team placed third in the mythical league-no small honor in itself-and they deserve our utmost congratu- lations! 5,,,.,...onv'-""'s?l wmv 1 Y .,..,. if f u-at., 9 it i .A-fi .1 ., s, 'ii ' L... gf f ,Y ff ,F V. gf, M I ' f .. .117 L" 4'J4"1. I Agn K -LlI.,J viii-A -A 7 5 N wig .Ml ,- fi :lik 7.17.1 1 - 1' , ,Lj,,1fJl ' 'Y w 5 J -I vf' J 4 v-'L .JM r xy' Lk. BASEBALL April 26 .......4. April 29 ......... May 5. May 7 ..... May 1 2 ........ . lxflay 1 7 ..... May 2 1 ..,...... Pitchers .. Catchers Infielders Ouffieldgrs .... Captain Coach ....... Marlager .... SCHEDULE Kutztown ...,...... ........Home Sliippenslnurg ,..,.. ........ H ome ........Trent0n .,.......Kutzt0wn ........VVest Chester .. ........AWay ........Away ..,..,..Home .........Sl2ippenslJurg ........Away .,.......BloomslJurg ..........lay Eslmluach, lxlilt Ranclc, ancl Jaclc Youtzy Vviest, and Elwoocl Buclc ...........VVenglasz, Peters, Neff, Blevins, and Jones 104 Eisenlmart, Nlartz, lllig, and Bitzer Wiest ...........J0l1n Pucillo ........Jim lVlcGucldn 1 Q J' 2' 1' ' WM 2 'W y SCHEIDI THQ April 20 ...,.... ........ K ulztuwn ..... Home lxlaly '3 ...... Trvnlon Away fxluy " .....,... Kulzluwn Away Ixluy 1.1 ......... XV1-si Cllvslvr ....... Home Wlny lj' ........ Slmipps-nslmurg Away Ixlily 'll ,....... Iglflillllbllllrg ..... IIOIHG' K urmc-n Nlignuni, Allvrc-ml 'Hmr x, l.c-on Billow. .launes Slmm-r, Donald Xvvlmer. I Hmm-r Rlllll, virior Ixlnnkin, I.ymnn Rc-ilisrmyclvr, mul Donald .Im'I4son. 105 TENNIS GIRL ' SPORT Cr-r-r-aclcl As tlie lioclcey stitlc sencls tlle lxall clown tlie tielrl lor a goal. From early Fall until tlle annual Hocliey Play Day in lYoyemlier, attenclecl lay tlie girls at Vvesl Cliester tllis year, tlie clasli ol stielis ancl tlie ring ol merry yoifes can lie liearfl two niglits a weeli Coming lrom ttie llocliey lielcl. Tile sporting way tlie girls playecl was lmalm enougli lor lnruises ancl sore sliins. Sw-w-w-islll ,lille last lnaslqet is macle lmy tlie Drilmlmling Delis in tlie rounml- rolain tournament. At tlle last souncl ol tlie relereeis wllistle, tile Fresliman team, Stiooting Stars, outsllot tlie senior No Nrlnicfrs. Tliis year was really Utlieu year lor Bl-ville lassies. From players to timelceepers tlle girls tooli fllarge ol tlie games. Tlirougll tlle entliusiastie interest ol tlde sturlents, next year slioulfl luring twig tliings lrom tliis yearts winning team,-tlie Coming Sopliomores. lti-n-n-ngl A solt tliucl, ancl tlie arrow sinlis into tlle Center ol tlle target. Tlie stavfato ol llying arrows as tliey tlit tlie marlc, Comes lrom tlie ampllitlieatre in Fall anal Spring. During tlle Vvinter, lioweyer, tlie catacomlp uncler nlusic' Hall was conyertecl into an Arrliery Range. l.anc'aster. Page literary Soeiety also sponsorecl a tournament lor tlie competitors ol lmotli sex. ilillis year tlie Arfliery Team competent witli otller rolleges in a tournament in GIRLS' SPGRTS llo u n oppl Vlglu- vollc-y lmll is will-yl-ll lwlwvc-11 llu' clillcrvnl class ls-inns, 'l-llis spurl wus run us in l'0llllCl-I'0lJlll l0llI'llilIT1CIll jusl us lmslivllmll. ll llu- clmers 1 ll nlinuu- ns lu-nrlily lu-xl yc-nr ns lllis, llu' new gym will lw in orcler, ns llu' roolv on llu- ulcl gym wus loosvlu-rl, lllll luxl quilc misml. lllllllil llllllllil Illillllil lllf' XYllllN'fl Nillllxf' c:l'0lIN'I', il l:l'CSlll11illl, XVOII lllfx ljilgft' le-nnis ll-0lll'llilllll'lll. Cv0IlLfl'illlllilll0lIS will: lu-sl wislu-s lor luxxl year, Nmuy. llll ljingl pmugl llu- lilllv wlmitv lmll is missvcl lmul vusily rvfovvrocl, in llu- room, wn llu- lmsvnu-nl, llunl wus llixm-cl lo lmvc- il ping-pong lalmlv srl-up in il. .lusl .n lwnsl ul llu- wrlsl mul llu- gals url- wimuxrs or lose-rs. Rvwnrcl--loiuls mul loauls ul lllll. fllinlxl filunlal an ring:-rl fQuoils lor llu- wunu-n, iluloors mul oul-ol-floors, nl flf-wlups llu- nmsrls-s plus lumurs ol 4-njoyzxlmlc play. Xvlllflilltl UD il Slli'l1'5Slllll Sll0fl SWISOI1. il lnulminlnn lournzmufnl is lu-lcl. ll is surprising lu sm- so many wllilc- lmircls llying lllI'0lIQll spnrv. lmul llu'y musl lzuul NUI ru- linu-, sunu-wlu-rv. Xvv look lorwnrrl lo llu' lnmilinr lwillvr ol llu- llaulminlon llirrl. , fx: 'li 4 SPQRTS HIGHLIGHTS liDUtCh,, Reifsnyder regained his tennis crown by defeating last year's champ, Al Thorpe, in time menys ctivision of tile Page Tennis Tournament. Nancy Greiner, a freshman, was crowned women,s champion. Coaches ivan Steiaman and Bernie Santanieiio produce first undefeated footioaii team in the history of M. S. T. C. HEdciien Vveist has time distinction of making one of tire longest runs of the 1Q4O footioaii season. HEcidie'sU run came in time Kutz- town game and was good for Q5 yards. Hats off to the ttlree seniors, Captain Dan Miller, Merle Jones, and Paul Monkaitis, VVl'1O have been tile mainstays of the iine. Captain uDanny" Miller has played 60 minutes of every game for time past two seasons. HBeef" Thompson was the heaviest football player in State Teachers College circles. "Little Brucen only tips tile ioeam at a mere 295. Scoring iionors for time 1Q4O-41 basketball season go to Captain Reifsnyder who scored 285 points in 18 contests. Captain HDutct1H Reifsnyder was picked as center for the All State Teachers College Team. The frosii came through again-girls, freshman team annex basketball iaureis in interciass league. 108 '10 .1 ,k D i7 5,E,.. - Aw , ,fn-. ,-113, Kg 11,1 f. Ha, ' .':,w 2 w if-, 1: 12. -'A . T- ' f - , 1 - - . r 4 1 1 f P' , .. .2X ,, A , , A54 ., -1 , '. W ,gm-,?g,Z,,Q,-Rggfrx.-lx.i,r:fxvgf 1 3. 4,1 ,, X - . i fv q J, wa.. . - t , - f - z A. .,,,-,- nf . 4, V . 1 M' : 4--4 5- 1 f f v ffffvig 1 ., fi- - ' e , , j 5 s '-l . . q f . . .I i . ., "1 -4 ., ab 1 .. Il 1 J 1 - - . ,. , 1 'Z' .4 1 , Q , 4 'tif .-,1 ix 1 , V 4 c , 1 1 Wx, K 'E' sql. ,,,-u -J in Q 'B R Q . 8 xg. Ek f 1 .E ., MQ., 5 . e ' 'Q Q . V X A W. , Q 4 2 5 WW' ft I .pr -5 ws., K :?X9??':X 9, 5 5 awe.- .sk Vu, 1. , Q Sw -.. ' S .Q x . .,.. ..,, N' N' . Nw 1 N Q1 N fi F Sw' 'x 4 in Uv QE Y he .. AMq,..... A Q K. A. Nfl. . 4 . W . 5 A - 523 xii i' -. uw., .2- . .. f. Q . 5- N N? W M.: ,W 4. - S aw. fj.5f'1' A 11:-9 ' AS? - KSSS W : :SL -..wg .m...,,..,w. . . Qi- I .ml K3 5. i'L.h.?-i,5f1'5'AlAf "fl 1 ' ag. I W .N m , .- 7Llif3155!'9L ' 3,5 . ,l -L , 1 ', N--f-, ,- if A r'.f,.?cf rf. Ali JS X H :- -,aQ-f. 'T.ff2'f3.:- --.7?q?3'4.f- ' 'GJRZJ F- 3? "' .,,:.:. -,,..5,, , .. . , . X. -q,,s-gg, .. - '. , fi ygsfgi. M: Y: IZ, 1 r fi? Ex-751: Q4 av- an iff.. f fl 8 ag.. ,.f. , S. . Efffiiw- A +' isa . . 1 .. :HEP ' 1 ' ' ' '-'Qi 47.1 Z' fg: k-r' -5.1 il. 1' .' ' .w- -,.., mi" Iifififylf 5' :lf '- - gifik-'H lf.. 3 'g. ' . H311 --ggi, X Q ! 041: Q .G -- wr: -f ams- 1' .-. A'-.xv '?5:,r1:4' .wg 7, ., 1-B: ax -.ha - M' ,. ,H :-..,: . qna. ,Q ., ,...! '1Tu.f:- 'inff' 1 N f ,. I-wg .Nil-Q, ' f 1- I mgh , .I - .551 A . L.,'g,,.. 4-5. 355,735.5 '. ff' ex .,,. .,.,. .H ':..1-9- . .. : 1.-ff 3,14 , .' N. .' Z "f5'..'?. 3' .'-gg:-if + 1.-,.s 1 -n,.af4x . .- ." 1M - k zwgghi. 1 Ls. . ., .-,is-'-1 :-,- gil... :ggi FFL V- Qifpfi " :fw- .W 15- 2 K", Qi-Ty. iff - -'ill P-ff 1.. . f., . 1'.f?f.?f:.: . 1 .r,v .. .Q-. . f.'5'a' . 51, 5:F.:f.,,, 5,5 .wi 7 .QPS I SI '5 B 17: 1',E,j. ., 95? 1.x 'VA ck.: . , - -13 usvrx fexz f A W, G. 1154, .ali .f K. P L ' s. my 'ff ' vu ,, -,..,, . .'i. . .v,,. ,hu . . 3 1 --sz. , ,gg 1' Z '.1.g.9,. r . '3..5":g 1 oi lx.. -3.-,f H ' 'Yi Q ' . "iv:-'37 - 4 - ww Z? 4 , 'riffs ai vi.. x r -K-, .. -Eifrifi Q.. ref. nw- ' 1-gag? -' x. .. ., 1575? -52 .FZ 4- lv- IL. M L . Q 5 11+.:eg:f , 5215 'H , 1,,,Ss1:3:i 1 . - in tgf....:-' . - ,. I ,-11531. 3.1.1 4 533:-. -.-,.1.a:3-.--- 'Lf . , , 7 -1.4351 'ff-Q15 A "H QLWQK - " 7- lgfs-QE 41. kr, 15551 -. gg., . QQ,-3311: fp. i K V 'fi-r 'gxibf bzalviqis J dt. an-Q13 Q05 KK: -xg., 3 Q ,... . ... . -. QQ-..5' ,git X "i1'.ff air". 'f'-'iff ".,- L ik '.--.1"'.g:g' ff' x - , ' 'ilf 535' fp .it-.gif ... - "fbi TA 1 . . , , .. N. ,. ,. ,,, -.432 ,-'T-. - ..7"4t,.l L, '!. X'.4 A Y.. 1' -. -1 ' gtgfel :'b.xf!- . ff- ,ffsi --L - 'A 5.-. '-KN J ,, . , 4... f- EN-'f' 312513 K' Wg- P .,1A.l . .,5,fEl-3-Yr J' 'J .4.J51"- . wr. -- 4 IZ? rf 1 1352 -. .fpfzrgf ja ax ' rig --. .z ,W Q . .. ' -Q-arf?-. ' T' -:-bf 1? ., ,-.1535 .D-,,: , ,..gQ'r5s w.- .A Sq .1 f ,- .vi TN:- vial-:v -.,-' ."5A' ina., ' :. 'gi-.y-' --Yr- X' 'J --1'f:rA:r . -m U K' '11-.,'Qi5.. -' ts, -r,. 3. uw: '. - 'nl .' "'- .fl Y. :nf 1. -NV A -fr-fa: .-.. . ug Q 1' 'Lf ' I 7231 'ff-if ps: "sw Vg?- Ijkf' a . ..:1fi5i. "xSfr Dfsf' .. - '5'.1'Ng'5,,Bi' Q... ' K'-1,35 '-C? V 4-J. . ?9 . QTY ,, 'H J. ,,-3 my ,qki . 62.21.-3-'x. . 2-1, I-zevfv in vi. ' .g-,,.,, ,.. we 'Tin If , ,y,.e. .J gf. ,A . J " A - 1,,f5W-111 - V ut fin Muff gi?"-ggi K-1 ...yah gm .5 -.A .- ...., . " f . u.,.'g.1 5.4: 5 1 1? G ' -Vi. .. 451. .. . 5 . .f ,. . ' 33.1. Y 'L 1v'.l?"1e2::'J ' Wt , T1 1-"T .3 ny- ' -43.5 -.f'f.i'- :L .M BER -rx-HQ, F R TVQBEQU 40 Y DE Tu 7 7 1 Q4 261 W. .fs . .,.- we gffsf NOVENIBE TUE ' WE TI- lHu SAT Fnlisig f I my 'J . V fi E l . 251115: 59 f Lim!" ,196 ' r-W' 1 Z is . Wag' '- 44 -.ri ' A Dear Diary, Weil, here I am hack for another year . . pay here, piiz . . . hiacic and gold regaiia. . . . The piace seems alive with freshmen . . . shap- ing up niceiy .... it's not long hefore the frosh become a part of us . . . iiie setties clown . . . autumn ages . . . pigsicin pushers un- touched .... The games certainly have been thrill-packed . . . memories of the Senior Dance and Varsity Drag .... Ciuh ,42, a night ciuh novelty . . . Autumn rececies, and Baby Vvinter takes over . . . snow scrambles and good skates .... Christmas relief, something eagerly anticipated by ali . . . E AR Q B if UAB ED T I X MARCH UE i WED Ti 1 4 MON 22 X 933 19" at S Fi U FF . January ixrings semester finals . . worrying. wzxils . . . new start . . . new imooks. . . Vviiy? . . . Cwilillllilffik prociuction of Pride anfl Projurliee is ax tremencious sucvess likewise, time Normal Prom Bunk .... ixiotilers enjoy college life on their amnuui week-enci. . . Air, Spring nt lust .... Easter lmonnets . . il young munvs funey . . . einsses cut . . . lmusin- wnrd lmounci . . . sweet nostalgia .... ixlr. Porter relaxes after iris prociuetion of prinvvss ,fill . . . more proms and promises . . . gowns and mortar lmoarcis . . . siieepsicins . . . time nmrfimes on .... Little man, wilnt now? THE SENIOR DIRECTORY ELEMENTARY BAUSTICKER, MILDRED 226 Vvest Jaclcson Street, York, Pa. Y. VV. C. A.: Normal Literary Society: Primary Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Rural Club 3, 4: Roddy Scientific Club 1, 2. BOAS, FLORENCE 128 Pearl Street. Lancaster, Pa. English Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Primary Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Page Literary Society: Rural Club 3. BOVV ERS, VVILLIAM 132 East New Street, Lancaster, Pa. a Page Literary Society: Rural Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play. BOYER, DONALD 981 Nladison Avenue, Yorlc, Pa. Normal Literary Society. BRUBAKER, DOROTHY 505 North Duke Street. Lancaster, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Primary Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Roddy Scientific Society 1, 2. 3, 4-Secretary-Treasurer 3: Com- missioner 3: Entertainment Committee 4: Vveltare 4: Nominating Committee 3, 4. BUCKWALTER. ANN 523 East King Street, Lancaster. Pa. Member of Page Literary Society-'Secretary 4: English Club 1, 2, 3, 4-President 4, Secretary 3: Citamard 2, 3. 4: Choir 3: Senior Play: Day Student Vvomen-Vice-President 4.ITreasurer 3: Student Council 4: Vice-President of Senior C ass 4. BYERS, BARBARA Lampeter, Pa. Ivlember of Primary Club 1, 2, 3, 4: English Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Snapper Staff 3: Page Literary Society. CORVVIN, RUTH Fern and New Holland Roads, Reading, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Rural Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Y. VV. C. A.-Vice-President 3: Choir 2, 3: Primary Club 1. 2, 5- 4- CUTLER, KATHRYN JULIA Dunmore, Pa. Page Literary Society: English Club 3, 4: Primary Club 5- 4- DE LONG. MARY 523 West James Street, Lancaster, Pa. Choir 2, 3, 4: Page Literary Society--Curator 3: Primary Club 2. 3, 4: English Club 2, 3, 4: Speech Choir 2: Snapper 3: Wonien's Commuting Association: Freshman Vigilantes Committee 4. DENNIS. MARION D. Millersville, Pa. English Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Science Club 1. 2, 3, 4- Secretary 4: Choir 3: Vigilantes Committee Chairman 4: Page Literary Society. DUTTERER, HILDA 16 Landis Avenue, Millersville, Pa. Graduated Twoeyear Intermediate Course in 1931: Speech Choir. EVANS, ANNETIIE S08 North Dulce Street, Lancaster, Pa. English Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Primary Club 4: Citamarcl 2, 3, 4-'TFSBSUIEF 4: Senior Class Secretary: Welfare Meniber of VVomen's Commuting Association 3, 4-Secretary 4: Snapper 2, 3: "Touchstone" Staff 4: Speech Choir 2: Senior Play: Page Literary Society. EVERHART, FERN 232 North 25th Street, Mt. Penn, Reading, Pa. Member ol' VVornen's Community Association 2: Student Council 2: Secretary to VVomen's Community Association 3: Vice-President of Student Government 3: President oi VVomen's Community Association 4: Student Government 4: Normal Literary Society. EYDE. THELMA 433 Lancaster Avenue, Lancaster. Pa. Page Literary Society: English Club. FREY, JEANNE 340 North West End Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. Page Literary Society: English Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Primary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HERR, ELLEN 550 Vvest Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa. VVomen's Commuting Association: Page Literary Society: Primary Club 1, 2. 3. 4: English Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Vice- President of the Freshman Class. HORNIG, FRANCES 134 North Broad Street, Lancaster, Pa. Roddy Scientific Society 1. 2, 3, 4: Rural Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Normal Literary Society. JACOBS. CARRIE BELLE R. D. No. 2, East Berlin, Pa. Roddy Scientific Society 1. 2, 3. 4-Secretary and Treasurer 4: Rural Club 1, 2. 3. 4-Secretary 2. President 4: Y. VV. C. A. 1, 2. 3, 4'-'TFCHSUTCF 3: W. C. A. 3, 4: Equity 4: Senior Play: Athletic Committee 4: Commissioner 3: Primary Club 4: Normal Literary Society. KEEPORTS, ESTELLA 426 Vvest Broadway, Red Lion. Pa. Roddy Scientific Society 1. 2, 3, 4: Rural Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Primary Club 3, 4-Treasurer 4: Choir 2, 3. 4: Secretary Freshman Class: SY" Cabinet 2, 3, 4: Student Activity Committee 4: Normal Literary Society. KIENZY, BARBARA 210 South VVest End Avenue. Lancaster. Pa. Citamard 3: English Club' 1, 2, 3. 4: Classical Club 1, 2, 3, 4: mrouchstoneu 4: Snapper: Page Literary Society. LEDERER, KATHRYN 219 East Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa. English Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Primary Club 1, 2, 3, 4-'Treasurer 2: Page Literary Society: Citamard Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Day Student Government'-Equity Committee: College Choir 1, 2, 3: Radio Troupe 3. LITTLE, DOROTHY 1 1 Vvest Lincoln Avenue, Lititz, Pa. Page Literary Society-Curator 2: English Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Primary Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Citamard Club 1. 2, 3, 4-Secretary 3. President 4: Senior Play: Day Student Government 4: Radio Troupe 1. 2, 3, 4: Campus Seven 4. LUTZ, DOROTHY 609 South West End Avenue. Lancaster, Pa. Citamard Club 1, 2: Primary Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Snapper Staff 2, 3: Intercollegiate Government Conference 3, 4: Hwfouchstonen 4: Page Literary Society. MCCLUNE. THELMA R. 431 East Chestnut Street. Lancaster, Pa. Page Literary Society: English Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Primary Club 1. 2. 3, 4. MACKLEY, HILDA 148 Vvest Higli Street. IVIanI1eim, Pa. Primary Club 1. 2, 5. 4: Classical Club 5, 4: Rural Club 1, 2: Page Literary Society. MEISKEY. NANCY 555 Wlest Orange Street. Lancaster, Pa. Englisli Club 1. 2. 5, 4: Choir 1, 2, 5: Snapper 1: Citamard 1: Page Literary Society: mI'ouclistone, MOUDY, VERNA L. R. D. No. 1. Holliclaysburg, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Primary Club 1, 2. 5. 4- Treasurer 5: Roddy Scientilic Society 1, 2: Rural Club 5. 4: Women's Community Association 2, 5, 4-Treasurer 5: Equity 4: Y. YV. C. A. 1. 2, 5. 4: Student Council 5: Band 1: Cboir 1, 2, 5. 4: Commissioner 5. NYCE. MARY E. - 549 Mt. Vernon Street, Lansdale, Pa. Normal Literary Society-Critic 5, Secretary 4: Roddy Scientific Society 1, 2: Primary Club 1. 2. 5, 4--Treasurer 2. Vice-President 4: Rural Club 5. 4: Y. VV. C. A. Cab- inet 4: Commissioner 5. PFENNINGER, MARY ELIZABETH 606 VVest Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa. Page Literary Society: Primary Club 1. 2, 5, 4: English Club 1, 2, 5. 4. RIFE. LUCILLE 420 Yvest .Iamcs Street, Lancaster, Pa. Page Literary Society: Primary Club 1, 2. 5, 4: Englislu Club 5, 4: Classical Club 1. 2. SHIRK, DOROTHY R. D. No. 1, Gap, Pa. Page Literary Society: Englisll Club 5. 4: Classical Club 1, 2: Primary Club 1. 2, 5, 4. SHOVVALTER. MARY Cliurcli Street, Landisville, Pa. Classical Club 1, 2: Englisll Club 5, 4: Primary Club 1. 2, 5, 4: Page Literary Society. SIMONS. PAULINE Gap, Pa. Page Literary Society: Englisll Club 5, 4: Classical Club 1. 2: Primary Club 1, 2, 5, 4. SINGER, DEBORAH Nlanlieim, Pa. Page Literary Society: Cboir 5, 4: Englisll Club 2, 5. 4: Primary Club 2, 5, 4. SOWERS. ALICE Brownstown, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Englisli Club 1. 2. 5, 4: Primary Club 1, 2. 5, 4: Classical Club 1. VVARFEL, RUTH 117 Ruby Street, Lancaster, Pa. Page Literary Society-Treasurer 5, 4: Englislx Club 1. 2, 5. 4-Treasurer 5: Citamarcl Club 1, 2, 5, 4--Secretary 4: Clioir 5. 4: Senior Play: Day Student NNomen-President 4: Library Science Club 2. 5, 4-President 4: Student Council-Treasurer 4: Snapper 4: Junior Class Secretary: Speecli Cboir 2: Art Editor l.TOUCIISt0H8.'-l VVERTSCH, ARLENE 39 East Main Street, Epllrata, Pa. Member of Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 5, 4: Primary Club 1, 2, 5, 4: Rural Club 1, 2, 5, 4: Normal Literary Society. INDUSTRIAL ARTS BILLOW, LEON 502 Cliestnut Street, Waynesboro. Pa. Normal Literary Society: Mu Kappa IVIu 2. 3. -1: Iota Lambda Sigma Pi Fraternity: Snapper Stall 2. 5: Plli Sigma Pi Fraternity: Band 1. 2, 5. 4: Citamard 1, 2, 5. 4: Treasurer ol Class ol 1942: Industrial Arts Society: Senior Play. BURNS, GARTH I.. Gougli Avenue, Ivyland, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Mu Kappa Mu: Plii Sigma Pi Fraternity: Iota Lambda Sigma: Industrial Arts Society: Senior Play. CHILD. JOHN 248 E. .lolmson Street, Germantown. Pa. Normal Literary Society: Industrial Arts Society-Vicc- President 4: Industrial Arts Tlieatre Club: Iota Lambda Sigma Fraternity. DILLER, RALPH 61 Green Street, Lancaster, Pa. Page Literary Society: Industrial Arts Society: Cliairman ol Freshman Rules 4: Student Atbletic Committee 4. DUNCAN. ROY H. 6019 Erdriclc Street, Pbiladelpllia. Pa. Normal Literary Society-Pre ident 4: Band 1. 2, 5, 4: Orcliestra 1, 2, 5. 4: Industrial Arts Society: Vice-President of Sopbomore Class: Cbairman ol Music Committee. EBBERT, JAMES C. R. D. No. 1, Biglerville. Pa. Normal Literary Society--Vice-President 4: Clioir 1. 2, 5, 4: Band 2. 5. 4: Orcbestra 2, 5, 4: Industrial Arts Society: Citamard 1. 2. 5. 4-Vice-President 5: Industrial Arts Tbeatre Club: Class President 4: Mu Kappa Mu-President 4: Senior Play. ENNEFIT, HERBERT 1554 East Montgoniery Avenue. Plliladelpliia, Pa. Class President 2: Normal Literary Society: Student Coun eil 2: Industrial Arts Society. GREENFIELD, KENNETH 44 Cottage Avenue, Millersville, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Industrial Arts Society: Band I. 2, 5. 4: Orcliestra 1, 2, 5. HEILAND. DWIGHT' I0 East Main Avenue, Mycrstown, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Band 2. 5. 4: Roddy Scientific 2, 5. 4: Pbi Sigma Pbi Fraternity-VicePresident 4: Iota Lambda Sigma Fraternity: Industrial Arts Society. HERSHOCK, HOWARD R. D. No. 4, Lancaster. Pa. Page Literary Society: Industrial Arts Society: Student Council 2: Cboir 2, 5, 4. HLYWIAK, MIRON 211 Hayes Street, Cbester. Pa. Normal Literary Society: Industrial Arts Society: Iota Lambda Sigma Fraternity: Mu Kappa IVIu-Treasurer 5, 4: Industrial Arts Tbeatre Club: Cliairman of Senior Ball Committee: Senior Play, JONES. IVIERLE Q29 East Orange Street. Lancaster, Pa. Normal Literary Society: Football 2, 5, 4: Varsity Club... Secretary 4: President of Class ol '42 5: Industrial Arts Society. KEESEY, DONALD Stewartstown. Pa. NormaI Literary Society: Band 1: CI1oir 1: IndustriaI Arts Society. KUNKEL. ROBERT 2327 Penn Street, Harrisburg, Pa. NorrnaI Literary Society: IndustriaI Arts Society: PI1i Sigma Pi Fraternity: Iota I..amIJcIa Sigma Fraternity: Mu Kappa Mu: Industrial Arts Ttieatre CIuIJ. MCCAVITF. JOSEPH A. Defiance, Pa. Normai Literary Society: Newman CIuiJ: IndustriaI Arts Society--Vice-President 3: IndustriaI Arts Ttieatre Club: Roddy 'Scientific 1, 2: Mu Kappa IVIu 1, 2. MANN, CHESTER 21 Soutii Grant Street. Mantieim, Pa. Page Literary Society: Mu Kappa Mu 1. 2. MAZA. WILLIAM 419 East Ci1urcI1 Street. Nanticotce, Pa. NormaI Literary Society--Vice-President 3, President 4: Student Council 2, 3: FootIJaII 1, 2: Industriai Arts Society: Industriai Arts Tiieatre CIuIJ: Roddy Scientific Society: Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity: Iota Lambda Sigma Fraternity-Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4. MILLER. DAN 712 First Avenue. AItoona, Pa. Iota Lambda Sigma: PI1i Sigma Pi--Vice4PresicIent 3: IndustriaI Arts Society: Varsity CIuI3-'President 4: Page Literary Society: Men's Community Association--President 4: Varsity FoottJaII-'Captain 4. MONKAITIS, PAUL 642 Potter Street. Ctiester, Pa. Historian ot Iota Lambda Sigma: President ot Newman CIuIJ: Roddy Scientitic Society: Industriai Arts Ttleatre CIUIJ: Industriat Arts Society: Rod and Gun CIuI1: Varsity CIuIJ: Varsity FootIJaII. MYERS. DENNIS 566 Battimore Street, Hanover, Pa. IndustriaI Arts Society 1. 2, 3, 4: NormaI Literary Society 1. 2. 3, 4: Mu Kappa Mu 2, 3, 4: Ctioir 4: Senior PIay: Y. M. C. A. 1. NICHOLS, ROBERT A. 239 AtIcins Avenue. Lancaster, Pa. Iota Lambda Sigma: Piii Sigma Pi: Mu Kappa Mu 3. 4: IndustriaI Arts Society: Men's Day Student Association-1 Treasurer 4: Roddy Scientific Society-Historian 1, 2: Sportsmans CIuIv 3. PALSGROVE, EDGAR 121 Parkway, SCI1uyIICiII Haven, Pa. Normai Literary Society: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Orciiestra 1, 2, 3. 4: Roddy Scientitic Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Y. IVI. C. A.- CaIJinet Member 1. 2. 3, 4: Snapper Statt 1, 2, 3, 4. RETTEW, CHARLES R. 181 Windefllefe Avenue, LHHSITOWHC, PEI. NormaI Literary Society: IndustriaI Arts Society: IndustriaI Arts Ttieatre CIuIo: Roddy Scientific Society. SHERKER, RICHARD B. 616 Weiser Street, Reading. Pa. Varsity CIuIu: Industriai Arts Society: Senior PIay: Normai Literary Society. SHORB. JOHN R. D. No. 2. Hanover, Pa. Treasurer ot Freshman -CIass: Industriai Arts Society: NormaI Literary Society: President of .Iunior Class: Busi- ness Manager of ulQ4l Touctistonen: Iota Lambda Sigma: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Choir 1, 2. 3, 4. SPICKLER, FRANCES H. Vvesttown, Pa. Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Ciioir 1, 2. 3, 4: Student CounciI-f Secretary 3: Y. M. C. A.-President 3: FootIJaII Manager 1. 2: Roddy Scientitic Society 1. 2. 3, 4: IncIustriaI Arts Society: Iota Lambda Sigma: PI1i Sigma Pi. STAUFFER, HARVEY B. 336 Nortti George Street, MiIIersviIIe. Pa. Iota Lambda Sigma-Vice-President 3: Ptii Sigma Pi- Historian 3: Mu Kappa Mu: IndustriaI Arts Society: Editor uToucIistone" 4: Student CounciI 1: Normat Literary Society. SUMMERS, EDWIN R. D. No. 3, Montrose, Pa. Treasurer ot CIass ot 1941-2, 3, 4: IndustriaI Arts Society -Secretary 3, President 4: IndustriaI Arts Ttieatre CIuI1-- Assistant Manager 3. Manager 4: Iota Lambda Sigma- President 4: Phi Sigma Pi: Mu Kappa Mu 1, 2- Secretary 3, 4: CI10ir 1: NormaI Literary Society: Snapper Staff 3: "Touchstone" Statt 4. 'II-IORP, ALFRED H. 535 Nortil Lime Street, Lancaster. Pa. Vice-President ot Day Student Association 4: IndustriaI Arts Society: Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4: Frestnnan BasIcetIJaII: Page Literary Society. VVEIKEL. GLENN L. Cvowen City, Pa. IndustriaI Arts Ttieatre CIuIx: IndustriaI Arts Society: Roddy Scientific Society: Vice-President ot Men's Com- munity Association 3: NormaI Literary Society. VVITMAN. THEODORE 521 Freidensiuurg Road. Reading, Pa. - NorrnaI Literary Society: IndustriaI Arts Society: Roddy Scientific Society: Iota Lambda Sigma Fraternity. SECONDARY ALLISON, MALCOLM LoysviIIe, Pa. Matiiematics CIuIa: Roddy Scientific CIuIJ 1, 2, 3, 4: NormaI Literary Society: RuraI CIut.1 2, 3. BRENNER, RICHARD F. 333 Manor Street, MiIIersviIIe. Pa. Normai Literary Society: BasIcettJaII Manager 4: Varsity CIuI1: Roddy Scientific Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARK, EDGAR 1015 18tIi Avenue, Attoona. Pa. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2. 3. 4: Student Council 1: President ot Normat Literary Society 2: Senior Play: Vice-President ot NormaI Literary Society. DITCHEY, MARGARET Main Street. Locust Crap, Pa. VVomen's Community Association 1. 3, 4-Vice-President 4: Roddy Scientific Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Science CIuIJ 2. 3. 4--Secretary 3: Newman CIuItm 1. 2, 3, 4'-'SECICIBIY and Treasurer 4: NormaI Literary Society--Secretary 3: VV. C. A,: Equity 3. 4: Y. VV. C. A. 1: VVomen's Dormi- tory CounciI-Secretary 2, President 4: Commissioner 3: Student Government 4. ESHLEMAN, ALVA R. D. No. 1. Conestoga. Pa. Editor-in-Chief of Snapper: Page Literary Society-Vice President: Entertainment Committee 4: Student Council 3: Phi Sigma PI Fraternity-President 4: Y. M. C. A.: EngIIsh CIub 1, 2. 3. 4: Classical Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Citnlnard 1. 2. 3, 4. CIBBLE. WALTER P. 42 East King Street, Lancaster. Pa. Page Literary Society: Roddy Scientific Society 3. 4: Rod and Gun Club. HAYES. JOHN G. BIaIcesIee, Pa. Roddy Scientific Society 2. 3, 4-President 4: Matineniatics CIub 2, 3, 4: Band 3. 4: Y. M. C. A. 2. 3. 4-Cabinet 3. 4: Transferred Irom East Stroudsburg Teachers College. HEILIVIAN. MISSOURI 31 Wilson Avenue, Elizabethtown. Pa. Normal Literary Society: English CIub 1. 2. 3. 4. HESS, HENRIETTA W. 223 North George Street. IVIiIIersviIIe. Pa. Page Literary Society: Library Science Club: Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4: EngIish CIub 1. 2, 3, 4: Roddy Scientific Society. IIUZZARD. JOHN 703 Yoric Street. Yorlc. Pa. Snapper Staff: Phi Sigma Pi: Radio Troupe. JACKSON. E. DONALD 305 Howard Avenue, Altoona. Pa. Choir 4: Snapper 3: m'I'ouchstone" 4: President oI Rod and Gun 3: Curator of Page Literary Society: President of Page Literary Society 4: Phi Sigma Pi. KRING. FREDERICK DavtdsviIIe, Pa. President oI Student Government 4: Vice-President oi Roddy Scientific Society: Vice-President oI Mu Kappa Mu: Phi Sigma Pi: Vice-President of Cooperative Association of Penns Ivsnis State Teachers CoIIeges: Chairman oI MiI- IersviIfe DeIegation to Intercollegiate Government Confet- ence. LYNCH. MABEL 534 St. Joseph Street, Lancaster, Pa. English CIub 1. 2. 3. 4: Classical CIub 1. 2. 3. 4: Library Science CIub 3. 4: Snapper Staff 3, 4. McKELVEY, MARY ANN HoItwood, Pa. Library Science CIub 2. 3. 4: Classical Club 1, 2. 3: English CIuh 1. 2. 3. 4: Roddy Scientilzic Society I. 2, 3. 4: Newman CIub 1, 2. 3. 4. MARTIN. KATHRYN 18 CorneII Avenue, Lancaster. Pa. English Club I. 2. 3. 4: Classical CIub li Library Science CIub 2, 3. 4-Treasurer 4: Page Literary Society. MOWRER, JANE 229 Miller Street. Strasburg, Pa. Page Literary Society: English CIub 2, 3. 4: Classical CIub 1, 2, 3. 4-Secretary-Treasurer 4. 5 MURPHY, DALE E. BrogueviIIe. Pa. Band 1, 2: Orchestra 1. 2: Citamard 1. 2. 3: Rural CIub- President I3i, 1. 2. 3: Editor-in-Chiet ot Snapper 3: Roddy Scientific Society 1, 2. 3: NormaI Literary Society: English Club 3: Student Council 3. MYERS, RUTH R. D. No. 3. Lancaster, Pa. EngIish CIub 1, 2, 3. 4: CIassicaI CIub 1. 2. 3. 4: Library Science CIub 2, 3. 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4: 'Snapper Staff 3, 4: Page Literary Society. NESTLEROTH. RUTH P. EIm, Pa. TraveI Club 1, 2. 3, 4-Treasurer 2, 3. President 4: "Y" Cabinet 2. 3. 4-Secretary 4: Library Science Club 2. 3. 4: EL1gIish Club 4: Roddy Scientific CIub 1: Normal Literary ciety. PANEBAKER. KERN R. D. No. 1, Hellam. Pa. Roddy Scientific Society 1. 2. 3. 4: IVIU Kappa Mu: Phi Sigma Pi-Treasurer: Page Literary Society. RICE. SARAH AZELIE ' 444 Codams Street. YorIc. Pa. Page Literary Society: Classical Club 3. 4. ROGERS. RlfI'H M. 104 North George Street. MiIIersviIIe, Pa. Page Literary Society--Critic 3: Choir 4: Library Science Club 2. 3. 4-Vice-President 4: English Club 3. 4: Roddy Scientific Society si. SEABER. RUSSELL 124 East Main Street, Lititz. Pa. Roddy Scientific Society 1, 2, 3. 4: Mathematics Club l. 2. 3. 4: Phi Sigma Pi: Student Council: Student Activity Committee: Page Literary Society. SHERTZ. VIRGINIA 530 East King Street, Lancaster. Pa. Transferred from Ship ensburg State Teachers College: English Club 3. 4: Clhssical Club 3--Vice-President 4: Snapper Staff 4: Page Literary Society. SHICKLEY. RUTH 903 Barber Street, CoIumbia. Pa. English 1, 2, 3: CIassicaI Club 1. 3. 4: Orchestra 1. 2. 3: Choir 1: Mu Kappa Mu: CIassicaI CIub 4: Page Literary Society STUMPF. CATHERINE IQ Dauphin Street, Lancaster. Pa. Choir 3. 4: "Touchstone" Stait 4: VVomen's Commuting Association 4: English CIub 1. 2. 3. 4: Mathematics CIub 1. 2, 3. 4: Speech Choir 2: Page Literary Society: Member of Athletic Committee 4. SWARTZ. WARREN 111 Maple Avenue, Lancaster, Pa. Transfer from Franklin and MarshaII CoIIege: Phi Sigma Pi: Page Literary Society. WENGER, ESTHER E. BareviIIe. Pa. English Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Classical Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Delegate to History Convention 4: Page Literary Society. CENTRAL TEACHERS FRED F. OROFF, lnc. AGENCY "Member National Association of FUNERAL SERVICE Teachers' Agencies" C. H. GCJRDINIER, Mgr. 202 Walnut Street ' HARRISBURG, PA. CANDIDATES CAREFULLY SELECTED W O S 234 est range treet at Early Registration Advisable LANCASTER, PENNA- No Charge to School Officials Bell Phone: 3 -5797 SPALDING REACH M HOLIDA Y STORE SHENK BROS. O SPORTING GOODS and TOYS NOISEMAKERS ' PAPER HATS 30-32 West King Street and LANCASTER, PENNA. DECQRATIQNS ' 0 PARKER PENS and PENCILS West King and Water Streets KODAKS LANCASTER, PENNA. 111 FLOWERS ' FRESH f BEAUTIFUL Lloyd l-lollmger For Corsages, Dinner Tables, Convalescent BEEF, VEAL and LAMB Bouquets - All Other Occasions 0 0 MEAT PRODUCTS FRED RUOF SONS WHQLESALE QNLY 601 South Queen Street O 814 Sixth Street LANCASTER, PEN NA. LANCASTER, PENNA. Phone 26814 O Free Delivery to Millersville COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Congratulations on the preparation you have made to fit yourself for your life's work,-Teaching. It has meant many sacrifices and privations on your part. We extend our best wishes for success in your profession. When you secure a teaching position, the full realization of the tangible value of your education will be felt. You will realize that your education represents knowledge, ability to transmit, control of pupils and self, and understanding of ability, conditions and possibilities. May the teacher and the pupil continue to increase in wisdom and mental stature. It will be a pleasure to acquaint you with the Protection Plan offered by the Teachers Protective Union. A plan whereby, in case of disability from ANY sickness or ANY accident, you will receive under the "Peerless" Certificate or "PeerlessfHospital" Certificate from S25 .00 to 53750 per week in the event of loss of time and salary through disability. This represents "Protection at Cost." Complete information will be sent upon request. TEACHERS PROTECTIVE UNION T R U BLDG. 116 N. PRINCE STREET LANCASTER PENNA 118 Graduation Portraits and Year Boolc Photos Are Our Specialty! D ON NEXT YEAR'S BOOK! O WATT 8g SI-IAND WHERE QUALITY COUNTS SEAFOOD - FRUIT - VEGETABLES Prepared Sea Food: Fried Fish, Crab Cakes, Clam Balls, Codfish Cakes, Clam Chowder, Turtle Soup, Steamed and Fried Shrimp, Stewed and Fried Oysters and Clams to Eat in Our Restaurant or to Take Along Gift Fruit Baskets a Specialty C F. METTFETT 8. BRO. LANCASTER, PENNA. If Your Hair Is Not Becoming You Should Be Coming To: "TI-ie College Barber Shop" C. A. SPC'-FTS Your Barber 0 113 West Fredrick Street MILLERSVILLE, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF THE MOORE DAIRY MEN'S WEAR SAYRES, SCHEID 8g SWEETON 28-30 East King Street LANCASTER, PENNA. 1 0 G O O D B R E A D . . . Is your most healthful food. G O O D B R E A D . . . Is your most economical food. OUNZENI-lAUSER'S BREAD . . HAS BEEN GOOD FOR MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY M E A T P A O K E R S LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF D. F. STAUFFER BISCUIT CO., Inc. YORK, PENNSYLVANIA 121 Lancaster Paint and Glass Company MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY PAINT 235 NORTH PRINCE STREET LANCASTER, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF A. K. MANN AND SON REDXROSE GUARANTEED FEED Backed by nearly a century of service, the Red Rose line of feeds is complete, and includes balanced rations for poultry, dairy cattle, calves, steers, dogs, and all livestock f-- each feed sold quality guaranteed. Ask your distributor for details about Red Rose Feeds, Jolwn Eslnelman 8: Sons LANCASTER, PA. L. B. I-IERR 81 SON SC 46-48 West King Street 0 LANCASTERS LEADING STATIONERY and BOOK STORE 0 PRINTING I-IOOL SUPPLIES 1 es of Smilesn wilh ED. ST UMPFS SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR RICHFIELD PRoDucTs Gasoline, Oils, Kerosene, Fuel Oil Phone Orders promptly Filled-Dial 3-3806 KELLY TIRES O OFFICE: 521 FREMONT STREET Lincoln Highway West at Millersville Road South Prince and Furnace Streets Lincoln Highway East Harrisburg Pike BULK PLANT: Manheim Pike and Fruitville Pike, LANCASTER, PA. ALL OF THE CANDID PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES FOR THE H1941 TOUCHSTONEH WERE FURNISHED BY DARMSTAETTERS 37 North Queen Street LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA o PRINTING-DEVELOPING-ENLARGING l i COLONIAL THEATRE "The Showplace of Lancaster" Home Owned and Operated H. C. FRANTZ WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER 414 West Walnut Street LANCASTER, PA. BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT QUALITY WALL PAPER and WALL TEX WM. K. C3RAUER'S SONS, INC. 18 North Prince Street LANCASTER, PA. I. B. MUSSER COMPLIMENTS WHOLESALER IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES OF LANCASTER, PA. WESTENBERGER J. H. TRouP Music House MAI-EY AND LANCASTER and HARRISBURG, PA. Sixty Years of Musical Service MYERS COMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSON PRETZELS TRY LAND O'LAKES QSwcer Creamy BUTTER A Certificate of Quality in Every Package Approved by The American Medical Association O sand By RED ROSE FOOD STORES and other INDEPENDENT GROCERS WINNING FAVOR BY QUALITY and FLAVOR NEW TENDER WONDER HAM IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT More Flavorable Quickly Prepared Manufactured By Ezra W. Martin Company LANCASTER, R. D. 5, PA. Sold By ALL LEADING FOOD STORES GOMPLIMENTS OF SNYDER'S BAKERY 238 Centennial Avenue HANOVER, PA. POTATO CHIPS EGG NOODLES ANGEL FOOD CAKES O Telephone 102 5 Lancaster Business College 48 NORTH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER, PEN NA. Founded 1855 SECRETARIAL, ACCOUNTING, STENOGRAPHIC COURSES 'Wit -- . vw. Wh-Q PAUL W. FELKER, Manager FLOWERS FOR EVERYBODY and For All Occasions THE ROSERY 137 North Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. BAKERS OF QUALITY Phone 2fO414 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS PRODUCTS SINCE 1907 B U Y MEADOW GOLD BUTTER GARDEN COUNTRY MEATS B. D. S. CHEESE 0 B. D. S. COMPANY 615 South Plum Street LANCASTER, PENNA. Phone 8131 1 6 CAPS AND GCDWNS worn by 1941 GRADUATES furnished by THE C. E. WARD CO. NEW LQNDON, OHIO I 127 YOUR LOCAL STUDIG Shelley FOR FINE SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS LANCASTER, I PENNSYLVANIA ARCHERY Real Sport for Young and Old Range Open to Public Pay As You Shoot Complete Line of Archery Tackle Bows - Arrows f Accessories f Feathers f Nocks Piles f Staves f Target Faces f Targets f Etc. "CLAYT" SHENK'S ARCHERY SERVICE Keller Avenue and Lititz Pike Prlvite Instruction By Appointment Tcl 6926 COMPLIMENTS OF BO0HAR'S MEN SHGP 10 West King Street LANCASTER, PENNA. 0 MEN'S FURNISHINGS 1 8 NO EVENING IS COMPLETE WITHCIIIT A VISIT TO BARCLAYS BARBECUE "Barbecues in the Southern IVIanner" KIRK JOHNSON 84 CO. 16 West King Street . DANCING Curb Service f Fmmtain Service EVERYTHING MUSICAL LINCOLN HIGHWAY I Miles West of Lzmcustcr 'Portraits of Distincfionn ZAMSKY STUDICJS 1007 Market Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FUR THE 1941 TOUCHSTONE I D 'clefwelry of the Better Sort Since I8Q3H J. F. APPLE COMPANY, INC. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA A HOUSE TRADITIONED IN QUALITY, SERVICE AND EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR THE STUDENTS OF MILLERSVILLE S. T. C. FIELDS CLOTHES ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT All Models-Regulars, Shorts, Longs and Stouts Fabrics of Hand Worsted Coverts and Shetland Tweeds Priced at 519.50 to 529.50 Use Our Ten-Pay Plan - Ten Weeks to Pay - No Extra Charge Adam Hats 62.951 Are Sold Exclusively in Lancaster at Fields 24 NORTH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER, PENNA OF INTEREST TO M. S. T. C. STUDENTS A New Line of Lockets, Bracelets, Keys, Charms, Tie Clips, Knives, Lighters, Trophies, Medals, With School Seal AT ZOOK'S JEWELRY STORE 50 NORTH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER, PA 130 "BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS" HILL'S COLLEGE TEA ROOM COMPLIMENTS OF LANCASTER WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY 231 North Shippen Street LANCASTER, PENNA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATION CLASS H FROM GALL'S BAKERY O ROUTE No. 6 LANCASTER, P COMPLIMENTS OF JEROME H. RHOADS E. A. SHREINER "FAVORITE BUTTER" LANCASTER, PENNA. BE CRITICAL! KOI-I-I-NOOR OFFERS A PENCIL FOR EVERY PURPOSE Discriminating artists -- those who take the proper pride in craftsmanship - are never satisfied to use just "any old pencil." Instead, they experiment with different makes until they find one worthy of their skill. It's by no means surprising when such careful experimentation ultimately results in the choice of KOH-I-NOOR, for here tx 'Xt is a pencil made by particular people for particular people. 4. Qs' I Y K.. 'NN' QUALITY PLUS ECONOMY Th f KOH-I-NOOR 'I , long 221:32 for their qualilxrcairi to See available at a new low price of 10c our Display each. KOH-I-NOOR pencils are made in our factory at Blooms- bury, N. J., U. S. A. KOH-I-NOOR PENCIL CO., INC. - 373 FOURTH AVE., NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH I MILLERSVILLE PENNA. BUTCHER 0 All Kinds of Meats, Bologna and Sausage A on Hand LANDISVILLE ' PENNA. 132 SIGNIFICANT FACT, too obvious to require much elaboration, is the growth of the Campus Publishing Company. From seven to seventy yearbooks in three years, to make us the largest exclusive year- book publishers in the east. One way to explain it is to say that Campus in not an engraver, a printer, or any other type of processor, but a service organization well acquainted with the "ins and outs" of yearbooksg co-ordinating all the hases of earbook lannin and rocessin . Not bein a P Y 8 8 8 processor, we can cover the field more completely. There is no bud et too small or too lar e in which we are not interested, nor an 8 8 Y reproductive process that we cannot supply-letterpress printing, engraving, offset printing, or gravure. Using these processes to the best advantage, we now make available five different means to a good book. In letterpress printing, "MASTER-PRINT" and UENGRAV-PRINT." In offset printing, "MASTERTONE" and "VELVETONE" -and in gravure, "REGENTVURE." All five, from start to finish, are handled alike, receiving the same "Perceptiplan" servicing, specialized handling of your yearbook from the "infant idea" to delivery of a fine finished edition. All five are Campus books through and through. These five - differing in price only as they differ in desired effect and budget limita- tions - possess in full those superiorities in appearance, economy, and general effect that have, in three years, made Campus the leading service organization that it is. PUBLISHING COMPANY,INC. li!! SPRUCE ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. This is :1 LYZIIIIIIIIS uxl1lSll"I' prim" yvurlmok. v s 1 1 ,W , A. lf' 4, if WSW JQHQQW 53' gg J dr' 9v-und dw WW , I 'P-QC. M ,Lf .5 ,.f':'."iQ:,f1 '4 'nyf h 'han-E ALR i.1:'.X1 el 510 ,K .1-r" wig nlfige , ,I A A1,fnu',Afd 'H E 1 E L 3 5 z E' Q 1- as P H H 11 E E E 1 5 I fs.

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