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 - Class of 1939

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in Q N, if ix, 1 x, 1 Q Q- -. lx X- . -, By 9 5X TU! x',,. lv' -JZ A J! Ali! iff! 5242 1 fn 1 1 un u.,.Qf.J.4.L.1.u.1.1h.'...u,...fl.. nu -4 411:14-,.J, ,.,. ..: ...,1-. L A v 4 v K 'nl u k.m-.ll..LQ.nL1! f l3llHlhu.ul ll L I if 1 nn mu. -14 Ia JA AJ.: A.4u1iUl5!xll-2,..-L, an I Wy: ,Vi VJ' ,mv . '!: .Tuff .IM H31 33? - 23 'H Q' ,, ji.: l",'! 5? 92" , , .'-,Q - ,, , Q56 QV? 2,42 L3 5 . . ' . ,- .A 4 -1 . All .4 , ..'. ,., . .. , , ,-vA,,,-,,f.4. -- ...Nfl , 1 fm, , Q, L. ,. .: ,. ,QI , 4-,Y3,9,,,. U., J.J44v4l,m,3:A,,f-, M. .X ' 'A 7,7 . 3.141 :,1f:. -,..g. 4.x .. La.-. J .. , f,' A." THE 1939 T0 UCIISTCINE EDIT IN - CHIEF BUs1 MANAGER ,F J Q' - gp, Y.,. ,, :E ,, , MH X I ll!-Q: '- WS Eu' W ,I 9, Q Z' 2' mxw K ESHYXX mx xmyw umm WN E it is typicai oi coiiege students to he constantiy prying into the iuturefto thinh l3Cl'SD6CtiV6iy. And so it is that we have come upon ar theme ior the iQ50 "Touchstone"-eperspecliue. Xwe carry this theme through rim hook not mereiy in pictures and arrangement aione. hut aiso in thought. in our opinion zr yearbook is to make stucients conscious oi ax changing point in iiie-'particuiariy those stucients in the graduating, ciass. This picture and woric hooic wiii he at tangihie remincier oi the years oi preparation spent in order to attain one's perspective icieas and icieais, as weii as zr source oi enioyment zrnci rehection n inter years. . . ' , - - :,l ',U"U," f- , V ' ' .11 - . v s g-Z5-3'-j'1"fZg'f45:U'-fi ,. 'I ' ' '.'i:'Ei-ref: A ry' bi' f 'I - V H-im, , ,1 .1.,-,r,f:fxif'1- ' V , ' . ., 'j:5f7'Qf ,- I . ' A RWWNN W IRS NNY. SEE XX YEK mmxxs wxuxsmxs- -wmwu mm Wim HUMHI ume I0 xou The claw of 39 declu lies H115 xo Blr Uhrlch rewlmlng' that m xou we ave 1 frmencl who has deeply lmpreseed hm klndllness and per sonallty upon us as neu 'LQ having Qet up .1 fme cvzmple of manhood for ull xoung people to emulate HS wr su H . A i A. ,iadai ww .. , Mischa fini. . . , Y, gl? KS. P Jima, , f fam 1m emails 4 Wx A. Q . , H- Q if H . -N-yqw , A .K W .1 ' pd. 'RQ 'N W. - Q va . Q- .ff 1' "4" iw 'xx' I f 1 " , . '. T 'fy ' '-X 1 '- L" . f ., -A -Q-X ss. ,yygffffv - vw. ,QA RW iii fa " A ., .ef , ,, . 1- V -.: -, -4 . . ..,, FE , NL D .- -,,,..f - - -' ', 45:6 L KAW- H mf-mzgwk. ,Tk g . J L , V, A 'Q fm- - - 455 4-,:. 1-QW "N-ax -5-f" ,,.'j if . -.: - -.. "',-7.94. HQ? 'W-'L' "' ' ,x-. -,rj -Q. ' l A ff ' -vm R -355 ...p E A QL ' , 4 f- ,- A , P 1 -'Z - mi - ' - '51 . "X ' W '35 - QS.. . ' -.5 Q- 93 w . , 1.'. Q - ,gl - V' lf, . f ' it If ,f V , K . h 1 - ' I - A rfgfpy lf! Av: R, H xln Mtlgk. ,L -K ifvlix ' liifgffj , , QW" ' J H K ' K , ,Q A I 'LL xr , In -U W ,2- -.- 3f'n-., gg g , ,4., P9 . " M' ' p ,., . ' ff' .n 1, A 1 X 1 1 U' , - if N, Xi .lx 5 M. me ,ww V M :Q v '- a Suafdelwv T ., rees Vohn c Ykxxxcys. Our Vw-Km rcxmies. 'U od SUI rgc is Rose Xa , Xwo xk FCUUCKXXX. Y ei, Geo veuvy wmkkxxgu Xw can C OT H 51? llip lllin 55 Lak e Saxnkn 'NHS s, Xo New 'nod "Dc Xusc sewkccf' Skum pxuoxngyupxxet PM 3nX1Ye ox Ks Xxwkr mokm. qiocs xmcuxkc. tx usvesxwicf' wld. 'vu '. T.-'1 4 fx." if . , ,. 1. A - QKVQ 9' , fre 4 ' 6 I 1 , 1 'H . K,qf , sb ' ff' J -,,,,,,.f" ,,. l Q 1 ,v QQ., '- P.. , . VA., L Lu' V ' my L yi: , Y' i A I .r L' ' 7 ' -- KY I. ,1 g,, . Y L I Ls ' ' A , . i1lg,'....- " 1 Lf. ,, 1 V .,- i h I I .-44- -fi' ' ,-3,.rl, 'L . H eva- iv .S+ A jgfuiig EZ' U R A-H 4' "' J fjT'7f'g1 ,. 17 P EE.- ' Q11 71 F lg k, ,, 1 Q1 ,,f.m':--". ,j 1: ' X, 1 L... M ,X T111 IIA- :I 1 3 E-:J LJ ,, N ,s'F1iiFij Y.i, , ' , Ay ' if.,--f"'-'J A fd mr ,t .. ji A I 1? -W Xa' EI ag ' Y : 4 -11 gl- llQ+ 1 . 1. 51 uf-L+ f - A H , lg: . . fu" UH' 4 1 Hi- N , ' 'A :if -ok I A , .,,..-! .. - ,1 -, I, 'l'- . r 5 11. 5 , a x, , ll f I ,,, J ffh X ri--I! 'iff T, B, 1 . K, 1 l ul' " ' f . :YF f Classic. .Halls Sublimiiy I5- wsg ,. f ff.-f u I Mk X f ,y , , .wx , , ', ' I ,T-' U 31,5 T' 4 , Eg :I -2 ,. n "4 .4149 " ' ,3-' ' -sf ' - I 5,17 W , ' Y f fxgxi sg: ,,W, M , , .- .., 2 W E: 4 S I J in I -V N: if " lx if W -- - 2 1 11. , -L is . rw, AT, . f '14, : 'J L,.. -.K A .fig W . I it I' , if iv , 4f,f .- M . ggi' I W f . -, .-.. ,A A+.. . I . , 5 4 .i 1 a " -I, ... A ' A --.SA - ,'-1 V " V -e J as , ik ! , .F gig ' 2 V is as i QV 5 1 . , ,ME-pfff,:4?' f , - I L 1- s.- . . Q, , .. A , ,fd , , 1 ,414 " f Q . , il: ,J 1,- 'S ,X I , L LJ, L N 1, i I I V . iw ru 6' il , X F' K am 1 K ,Qu YV., A - 412- ., ' in if i ff ' E fair V. Q 5, , I A. ,,v,., , ,X K, X +L . J X ,V L, .D iff. Gil 1 , , M , 1 gr ,gfvfgn M1417 k 4' A , ,,, f I 'i 1-1 Q -, ' ' - V ,Q H W 5' gags' .ffrzfliix . V M L 4 Y f , 1: ' ,Y -ur X 1 ' 1 ,WWA A S , 3 1 5 ,, I vga. 2, .,i,,. V Q, ,A - , 135, , . my - 1 iii-1 -fifzal 'S ' 1 : I' Pix ' ""f7-5X Y, 54557 y Af, , , v ' Vi. asv 3 -sq f ' 4 - 1, L. i . i If kr K pan? 71 W, ,r ..? ' Q 1 '-. J N rg: ,, , -4 PIHSUNHIIHIS eff f J . V: K'r J" 49" Nic, SENIUR CLASS Iii-" E 'Ohms K ' uzow ,h . CH I fvsufp, ll I RA Scrum, V. l , :cc -Presirlgn, L Omgp VV ' ELCH s.1c,e,,,,y X- 1 Noam BROWN Trffllsurgy- IN CONCLUSION .. . lt's all over hut the shouting! But what about alter the shouting has laclecl into the warm temperate air-then what? There will he a period of silent reflec- tion, a retrospect ol a four year sojourn at Millersville. Vvhat there will he to rellect will he entirely up to the inclivicluals themselves. They ancl only they lcnow what their lour years in college means to them. However, turning away from the incliviclual sicle ancl looking haclcwarcl as a class, the '59ers have their share ol accomplishments to he proucl ol. True they had their shortcomings as do all classes. hut these may he clefinitely complimented lay their achievements. A As seniors, the group really hit their stricle clue to the capalole officiating of the president, Nici: Kuzovich, and other individuals who came through in respon- sihle positions with llying colors. The first important social function of the year was the Senior Dance, and next weelc the Prom Committee is saifl to he putting on the most spectacular Senior Ball ever to grace the campus. From indications this affair is houncl to meet the expectations ol everyone. To Aaron Stoner goes a vote ol appreciation lor his lincl handling of "The Snapperf, Franlc Thomas also turnecl in a goocl recorcl as prexy ol the Stuclent Council. while Lalnan Heisey institutecl many vital propositions as heacl ol Phi Sigma Pi. Also a sincere "thank youu to lxfliss Gress ancl lVlr. Beclcmeyer, the class cleans, lor their genial ancl gracious aclvice ancl guiclance during the four years they have actecl in that capacity. 19 JEAN BARNES Precise, practical, pleasant. F. cc? NI. profs daughter, Oberlin trans- fer, Nlillersville graduate. Pri- marily a primary teacher. Drives a Ford for no good reason. Car- ries Nancy Herr along with the Ford. lvlanaged to stay alter school for Primary and English cluhs. Judging hy appearances. lcnitting and horseback riding are her hohhies. EUGENE BABLE Blonde, broad shouldered, con- noisseur of Esquire. Ran inter- ference as editor of Snapper and Touchstone. ln the lalce as a frosh. Still all wetl Gene played J-V haslcethall. His dramatic pursuits left him no time to play Varsity. ls counting on a swell joh, if the Republicans don't lind out he's a Democrat. GLADYS BOMBERGER Bonney, with the sparlcling blue eyes and liashing smile, is a Leha- non contrihution. Interested in Girls' government. Travel cluh and sports. Was ahle to accom- plish in three years what it tool: the rest of us four years to strug- gle through. A loyal rooter and hearty supporter. Easy to get along With. SAMUEL BEAR Quiet, reserved, deliberate. Potts- town's gift to Nl. S. T. C. Re- fuses to hecome inlatuated by anything with high heels. Hard- est exercisef--getting in position to talce a picture from the new smoke-staclc. Prominent in lndus- trial Arts. Included on the rolls ol' the Industrial Arts and Roddy Scientific Societies. Target ol the First floor haunting gang. JOELE BOYD Began as a commuter: later lalos- somed into full-Heclged Hclormerf' Taught her little cheruhs with a Will. Loves a good time. Did Snapper and Touchstone work worthy of a Boyd. Although she lilies apples, she eats none-leap ing that an apple a day might lceep her Udoctorn away. T URBAN BROMMER An amatgamatlon of Barney Qtcl Ind Casanox a ElDStCll1 wood butcher and Cvrouctao Wlarv Fax orrte college pastimes were bultlng and attempting to snare naments Ink splea er for u Kappa Mu and member ol Plan bugs Greatest rrntltron to Ins epndermrs was In at Cass 'lramxng School Study rn sercmiy FLORENCE CARCAQ Ta grateful and attractne Varsity Ctula Sweetheart for two vears rims les Nllllersvrlte rn tlaree and a half Vears Stew ttae opposite sex Lllltll Joe came alolaff Helped make numerous dances successful Prexv of Travel Club Sec 'lreas of Classical Club ar cl served on Das Welfare I erennral Iaeggal of dunes for booster tags Touchstone Staff L WOR'lH BROWN Brownre Busmessmrn Boot Room A Iaarcl TICIIHQ' Malta mayor from Ovforcl x Iao c n quote prices on rmgs pennants taats books paper Banker for pn Slgs and Seniors Polrtrman Council Helped lo engineer bemor and Mu kappa Blu eIeC tlons DOROTI-IA DICK Qur fourletter glrl a dlStII1Ct asset to basketball laockey and volleyball teams vuta a Ilttte ping pong on the slcte A verv goo naturecl person who lends taer un personatrtx to entwen the rat races Has one pet word ort A steadyworlcer wtnte m Claolr Prlmary Club and teaclalng qttl graders lr A, .'1','. , . " ' "' ' .I . T. N c c 1: I ' ' f 1 - .7 - H . ,H . L If , I' Hd, 1 , H' ' . a S C . . ' ' ct - , - f T ' .. , '. " QI' ' S ' ' f ' . v a L X Q 1 . Q , 'c B. r Q, , t . ' Clmampionstaip in ping pong tour- ' . 'f I ' ' L ' . ' ' fr , . . ' cl Nl . '4 . - . enough to 'make the Student C i L , ' .- . ' if , ' . ' ' W. . . . . ' . 'f , '. ' " ' E . ' 'l -7- . r r , .,- ' 1 ' 1' . 's r in 'J " 1' ' ' 4. 41' ' 4 . . 1 -. ' - , '92 , 7 P- I . H . . L ' c. , , It -, f' I ' r A d- c ' U I. fd Q . J . .. K - i C W H . I . C RUTH DUN LAP Sincere, dependable, ready lor lun and hlushes easily. Lover ol sports'-loaslcethall, hoclcey, tennis, volleyball. Did her share in ex- tra-curricular activities-prexy of Classical Clulo, Critic lor Page Ur. yearl, on Welfare for Day Student Association, Snapper and Touchstone Stallf, memloer of English Club. Nlade many friends here, lout won't he too sorry about getting a joh. VVILFORD BUCHER, Jr. Loquacious, lcinlcy-haired, stoclcy, College Corner cavorter. Rugged, periodic gridder lor four seasons. Got many headaches trying to lceep account ol hasehall equip- age as team manager. Proudly exhibits handiwork of "girl loaclc homey' who lcnits and crochets cute little apparel lor her uVVil- per, lief' Another "shop, shop. shop- MIRIAM EISENBERG Petite, darlc, and quiet. Spent year at Philadelphia Conserva- tory olq Music. Keeps up her in- terest lay attending Community Concerts and teaching the same to those little ones. Her main in- terests are cats and Harrisburg. Very sincere to her intimate friends and has a cheery smile for everyone. JACK COX Blond, captivating, scintillating, palpitating, idol of the fairer sex. annihilator of many a lonely heart, man-about-Altoona. Even more compelling as a Stehman grid standout and as Hcapn and ace hurler for Pucillo's diamond demons. Varsity Club prexy. member of select Phi Sigs, one ol lVliss lVlae Cvfs uFour Horsemen." EVELYN FAHS HHoney,'--a small hut mighty 'rat- racer. Full of vim and vigor. A member of Roddy, Welfare, Ath- letic Committee and Riding Clula. Just aslc her how lar it is from the laacli ol a horse to the groundl Her life here in Millers- ville has been very colorful, and speaking of colors,-Honey prefers Brown. JOSEPH CRNKOVICH Friencl of the upipplef' clay stu- clent sympathizer, staunch Irish- man, walks arouncl with his Uteeth hanging out." Notorious as lrosh--suppressor of yearlings as a soph. Ace athlete in clay stucle sports. hflost emphatic pinochler to gracluate from 'Relay den" in y'ars. Fiery member of "Four Horsemen" fBable. Cox, Eclmiston, Crnlcovichl. Natures frameworlz. HELEN FARRAND Vivacious, energetic reclheacl. Spent two years at Linclen Hall before joining us. Divides her attention between here and F. S' M. Active in campus life-fCita- marcl, Choir, Classical Club, English Club. Her hobbies- sleeping and eating at anytime. anywhere. Thinks one year of teaching is plenty. STEWARD EDM! STON Six feet of smooth, smiling, curly- haired, ever-worrying manhood. upeten to the rabble, Uiluniorn to intimates. Baby ot the family. As a lrosh, made Hades seem tame. Settled down to become inspiring cage captain after four seasons on varsity. Hitless won- cler on Puclcys nine, suclcer for a tennis lob. Of "Four Horsemeny' l1alTlB ETHEL FREIDMAN Small, but mighty. Never trou- blecl by trilles, inclinecl towarcls slow motion, harcl worker when interested, ardent follower of community Concerts. Ethel spent her last four years travelling be- tween Yorlc and lxflillersville, for which she deserves much aclmira- tion. Her giggle can be louncl almost anytime in the lcincler- garten. A goocl sport and lots of fun. DORIS GARNER lvlajorecl in liistory and Library laut is enougli ol a lbotanist to recognize a "Sweet Vvilliamf, Typed ancl penned for Touch- stone ancl tlie Uweelclyf' Pet liobloy was stealing time slwow in Dr. DUlCl'l6f,S classes. Still louncl time to play secretary in Nlailor- Nlacle lVlan," and act as cliiel "grub-gettern lor Englisll Clulz. BETTY FRITZ Tall, slencler lassie from Quarry- ville, Sl1e also lilies tllem tall, clark, and hanclsome, and plenty ol tliem too. lnterestecl in aero- nautics. Vice-Prez of Classical Club. Serious at times but can laugli until slie cries. Called .'Fritzie" even lay the cllilclren across tlxe street. Leaves a sister liere to carry on lno implicationli. JOHN H. EVANS The Senior Class presents its All American Handicap for IQSQ. This dizzy drama wet blankets many a loriglit iclea. Pet expres- sion, ul clon't get it,H and the sail part is lie cloesn't. Seriously. .lol1n's a wortlwy uartsu man, Con- ll UTTXOF. GEORGE FLOWER Super lousy speller. Has many abilities--musician, singer, atli- lete, poet, and tlaespian. Did a swell jolt: as time latluer in "Ali- son's House." His inseparable pal, Carver, engineered a sticker campaign tliat macle llim prexy ol lxflu Kappa lxflu. Originally from Lititz, now luails from Springlielcl, lwissouri, lout prefers South Queen Street. scientious, and lias a sense ol LOUISE OIBBLE Tennis c l1 a m p i on , live-wire teacller, VVicl4ey lieclcler tlien and now. Became stage-minclecl in ulfberlfley Square," uTailor- lylacle lVlan,U and UAlison's Housef, Qne and only woman class presiclent. Courageous enough to climb trees, wall: to school, major in Science, ancl play practical jolces. Occasionally pennecl for the Snapper, fre- quently visitecl and was visitecl lay Coatesville. RICHARD GARVER From tlie metropolis ol Nliclclle- town. Very stuclious, serious. marriecl, Pappy, Doc DUtCl16T,S chief lieclcler. Joined rosters of laotlu Plii Sig and iota Lamloda. Spent four years trying to teacl1 Flower to spell'-lailecl. Olcl man and leacler of time Unholy Five. Deluatecl for Page Society wlien a sopli. Vtfinter spreads its tgvlrinlzel. MARGUERITE GREEN Tall, clarlc and sophisticatecl, but more than tl1ese-intelligent witll juclgment respected by all. Gut- standing as "Aunt Agatlian in Senior Play. Has a Hare for clotlies and a passion for react- ing. Margie is the LlDUCl'l6SS,, of tlie Library Science Club. A cer- tain Kappa Sig lias uclmeereclu lier on lor tlle last four years. CHARLES GOODHART Callecl ucrooclien but not because of liis laeliavior. Spent first three years malcing clay sports program quite a riot. Lost some excess pounolage doing a goocl jolo of teaclmingi-'even Art. More as Snapper sports eclitor. Mu Kappa Nlu. Coiner ot time phrase,-"ls Millersville laig time or peanut?" lvl. D. A. Athletic Committee representative. Also Industrial Arts Society. BERNITA GROFF Good naturecl. Conscientious. UB. Gf' Spills a contagious cliuclcle. A silent partner wlio pulls clever quips when least ex- pected. Liked to cliallc time laoarcls lor lxfliss Rotlie and Wliss Hoff- meier. Vvas even temptecl to give up Columbia for lite in tlie Training Scliool. Nleasures up as ace socla cleric in spare time. CHQ!" i,, X i . .Y -is .x . A ,.. '. -ee '. ' - -A 3' -I---sZigg.a?j?:P 5 Ax ' .-,.x 'ra -- -9 SARAH GROFF Simiriey Tempieis onyiy rival.- wi1en sire remembers to put iwer iiair up. A Porter songstress for four years. a day-student iaw maker, and First iaciy of the Pri- mary Club. Her favorite pas- times are sieeping and ioaicing caices, not to mention eating tiiem. Her most prized posses- sion--a fraternity pin. PAUL GRAMMES Sirort. ioiond, quiet, cieiinite Dutch accent. Enjoys iiquei-ying siesta in Spanish setting. As- serteci ilimseif as varsity iootibaii manager. Lousy card player iaut fair cager. Grew aged teaching Art pius tire iiiiitil section ixfiatii ciass. Active member of iViu Kappa Niu and inciustriai Arts Society. Property manager for NANCY I-IERR Smaii, petite, iyionci and iJiue eyes wilen ti1ey're not oinscureci ioy a giggie. Gavei-tapper for time Day Stucients and a good one, too. Unioeiievaiaiy, a raving poet in time Citamarci Play. Chief piioioia is "Dirt," Page trusteci iwer for two years with iwigii finance. Siwuici ine a successiui icinoiergarten teaciwer in sciiooi anci otherwise. PAUL GREBINGER Comes to us via tiwe Training SCi'l00i. is an ainie cartoonist wimo ciici a nice join on tile hanciiuooic. Thought he was an expert table tennis player but found out ciii- ferently. Aiso mistaken on imis pinociwie aiaiiity. Presided over tiwe ciass when we were fresiimen. Vvorifeci ilarci as IIHSIT-SIil'1gCI' at Dutch Kitciwen. tiie i. A. T. C. DOROTHY HESS Taii, tan. terrific feven fourtir gracie noticed iti. Aiso carefree. absent-mincieci, serious when nec- essary, popular. Acid to aii this a marveious ciancer, fine ixorse- woman, and exceiient swimmer. Devoted taients to this iyooic, starred as Citamarci actress, anci upimeici Page as an oiviicer. And not tiie worst ixocicey piayer in coiiege ivy any means. CEORGE CJROVF Rough tough and trlclcy our Carlisle lndlan who argued with a truclc endgate Result store teeth Trades gal lrlends In on a yearly basis Has beard trouble Promment grldder for lour years Ardent Isaac Walton lan Svs ap pe lsh stories with Smitty Roddy 'lower enhanced bv lime JUSTINA F HCI I INCER Wledlum snzed sl nder very blond hair thats dusty Per formed m the class play where she dld an excellent Job as an aged mald Has sung for Mr lorter lor three years An ac tue worker ln Y being a mem ber of nts governmg body En teaching ROBERT GROV L ulet but elifectlve withdrawing but ambitious fourth lloor but studlous would be salesman Goes to Ephrata frequently for r e n e w e d msprratxon Yor County s gilt to the rur ll schools Led Rural clu bers two xears debated his way mto Phi Sudini staff Dramatlclan Roddx :te and Y lxl Cabmet member RUTH HORTING A reserved nd sllent gurl who isnt that way when you really lmoxs her Goes travemg with Traxel Club and belongs to Ru ral Club Has made her practice teaclung quxte extensxve 2 3rd 'md 6th grades Fnjoy ed dancing class very much A wrll mg xsorlcer when brought into the limelight 1' N I '. -4 J I I Q : , c . , , I . - . y e i Q . , . I .n Y ' . . ch Q . I i . . . I ' k ' ' . 3 ' . - ' ' z ' . d i . Q . .b U . . I - y . . . .b I Nlember of the Shop boys and joys basketball. Also liked her Pi. Active reporter' on Snapper d V - A ' ' 's .. JI 0 . . a ' ' 1 ' ' . -' . . ' L 4 RUTH JACOBS .lalcie to you. Amialole. At your service. Ruralite plus. Worked behind the scenes in Primary Clulo. Lets herself go when she Iaughs. Rural School caused her mixed emotions. However, aI- ways came out on top with cle- Iighttul sense of humor Spends summers romancmg and msurmg people Kept Iaappv Iav social duties church worlc anc Ian mal LABAN HEISEY Blond lararny Iglase 'The I1ttIe emperor of Phr bugs Attends to Iyusmess end of .Snapper a ente Fnglrsh major Clear logical thmlcer wlttv De ater Ill true sense of the word Tears rountryslde up n Ins green Ilvmouth IVIade one mlstalce gth grade teaching' Was over whelmed hy Tnamrng Scaool bhrrlex I emples XRLFNE JONES Joined us as a sophomore a ter one xear at West Chester Teach ers College One of lVIr Porters loyal hand members who reaIIX knows the Instrument she IS pIav mg Adds hen lrttle touch to the power of the orchestra Takes a more than average Interest ln Englnsh and Prlmary Clu s MARK HFRR Bram lruster versal1Ie Vvxcc e r s I1 a n scholarshlper and campus drgmtary Besrdes Iaelng Ph Sig olhcer and Government treasurer IVIac tooIc care ol purse strmgs of Inotla qnappcr and louchslono Also class head as soph and former Page Ieader Spent last summer tourlng coun trx Passes wxeelc ends un nulet retreat on Oregon Pike R D BETTY JUNGHANS DIHIIHUIIVC Iaunlx of mlellrgentsn 1 from Puerto Rico Trax eled honored Linden Hall and Busr ness College wlth her presence but finally condescended to at ten lVIlIIersv1IIe Not 0 IX a Geography uhm a d Illnrarx Iover but also IVIr IVIcComsey s chrome crrtlc Bcttys mam un :hon ts to trave ut there l11l0'l1I he a Cross m Iaer Irle W ' ' a C H 5 p' , ' ' , . I . V r if ' A . 1 , . o wr I Q ' I' T I 111 11 11 1 1 . - Cl . . N . . . .c , 1 I , i. be ' ' 1 '. , D i A H . 4, 1- 1 c . . 1: - , . -- I . . . , 1 , 1x S 1 1 .1 ISM' Z, 555111 111555 . an ' ,,"1 1 , 1 V A A A I T . , I . -A . , ' , -I- ' ' . L ' c r - ' c I . f ' . . . - ' , ' ' 1 1 A u n 1 u . . . L . .. I r . . c - c .1 . V -7 I ' . c ' ' 1 ' . c i- Q , c ' . A . c - ' . ' ' ' ' . . . I J se ' c cl S . Il 1' r, I rf T , , ' ' ' r.. "' c ,,. ' L ,, ' - U ,I c ' . . , . . . - ' ' ' , . w . . . . , ' . - c ' IJ . . . - - - A s C E ' f. - 1 - - ' ', In' ' '. . I, b . 'D T . It I! . ' ' . r. . . e . PAUL E HORN Il'1ClllSll'lOUS preslclent of lnclus trml Arts Society Member ol ot'1 1 Cl Plu sg Desp1te ap pearames IS not a woman mater Vlacle up fox laclc of stature lay laeatlng a lmg nolse out of tlme bands lmass clrum lxlemlaer of HCll7CCl I-IHFVGQ ITIOVB SCCHCFY 'llid pissed Calculus A plloloqrapluc sluclx I-IILD A RFILPORTS Lrle VVIt1Ol1t a QITII e I5 not VNOTll'lVVl1llC IQ l1er most practltccl theory A sllmmg rg t rn tle l1l9rarv N calamet member who gave her all NVltl1ll1 two sears A jumor vxellare member of note Smooth l'l1VtllITllL clancer xxlncll r1cula1 '1CtlVltICb Also ffoocl o cml m1xer NICHOLAS lxU7OVICH personable entliuslastu man about college l l'CSldCCl 'ably over lactlonal Senxor Class Student enough to mwlce Pln Slg Donnecl a cl1o1r gown regularly Playecl a bang up Clnet n Cltamarcl s 320 College Avenue AUfll0flt5 names lor Dr Dutchers llISl'OlY loouts CLADYS KEPNER lines questuons QIVCS lreev ol wlt shares oclcer and lunclw Pamcs lmer publrc Wltll MIUTIIC At The Slmtrng Rrnlc Slmtes lllce tlmt llerself At 'some IH front of lootlrgluts or rn lVlr Hooxers class Frozc as 5101 lceeper on lmoclcev team Peace loxmg slme lwpcs all teaclwlng 1sn t lrlce the lwrllli gm e 5 7 4 7 u A .4 , . .4 A. . F 4' . 1 .I A .I .L L ' . L .i - ' lc " . t 7 ' 'H '. ' . .fi , - . J . c l..n 'i. ' - . I'l1' 1 ' ' . . " I" . - v 14 - . ' ' 1 3 . ' . 1 . . n . 's a 9' u 1 ' f . - 1 ' L . f , V , -, Fd Y .Q ..' . 7 Cl1oir's. sturcly loass section. is one of ller favorite CXlTEl-CIll'- on pronunciation ol: Russian ,f . Q ' ' C ' " '. D s - ' ' . . ' ' 1 c ' 1 'r . , . I l MQW ' - . .' wr- I ,- 'Q .K A I 4. : . , . If , v . Q V . . I ff . . - F A V , , - u w A . I 5 ' 1 . I ' . f ' . .. ' - - , all Vu , Av . T q ' ' ' , ,.1. 1. Imliv. ll' NANCY KLINGENSMITH Nancy joined us two years ago to complete her Rural Course, after trying it out. A good student, she hopes to specialize in Bioi- ogy. Spencls lots of her time walking and studying Nature. In spare time at sctiool she can be seen sitting over some yarn and fast-moving needles. A ROBERT LAUDENSLAC FR bupei actor who needs no stage nn fact prefers not to have anv Secret 7 loves onions 'mtl 1 nurses Home in Allentown Iotx pievy and Pin Srg member Vo calmed Wlttl Choir s tenors Kept Roddy and Nlu Kappa Nlu mem bers cheerful and helped to solve many 'i pro olem ln stigecrwft for Theatre Club MARY Li:FIIVRE llie quiet bio cl 'md shy song stress lrom Ron s Scored a int sevual of Nleizers pro uctions Also one of J B s government representitlxes t Harris aurg Rural cluialaer Niain virtues 'ire studiousness capalallzty and con scxentiousness Likes teachlng playing piano and Dick DISIIICCS raw tomatoes RICHARD LEFEVRE IVICCIILIITI SlLCd El I' IC N 6 I I FOLIHCICCI EIITIIHIJIC E1 ci CIOCI S Pmiq by the boys Reason un known His a certain Iii mg for tioises 'md rl mg Also stu ies our mysterious universe with fel low Rodclyites A Dav Student but never ll'lhBIJIfS the lyxsement IEIIT Confmes extra actlvltles to I ampeter MARGARET LOSE Viargaret Nlickey lo ails from Yor Gifted Vklfll '1 like success of tier tewcinng 'ln one of twose rare In lvl u1is w io actuwily enjoys lt Fxen xiuove Benny Goodmans swing musu tier greatest interest is Nlusslmg ln on moonlight Ctmevv rides An ardent sports rooter 'ind dance goer I .4 . I -- f-7 P- ' f . 2 ' . 2 ' . c . I . - 1' , tx X. Q f . I ' 1 f - . , . H V . 'Xxx' Z .H n,c Q S - . Q., ,d ' va - lit F ., ,, uS'h.s, as an operatic prima donna in gift to Lampeter. D ubia ecl alale personality, stme has made a K' 5- - 3 r CI ' ' H ' ru . - c . c fl is g , f 4 , ,, - '5 i 'd' 'dir I z'f. a li V. C 'cl' . - CP- ' ' . h "7 E ' . , C W . . . - A . I - . I . I 1 , ' ' C ' ' H ' 5. C C . -C ' ' ROBERT METZGAR As good a pinochle player as ever pulled cards out of his sleeve. Served up gas and oil while not in school. Buys a new car every year and spends the Christmas holidays in Florida. 0ssie's star type slinger. Scared his Training School cheruhs to death. lxflemlner of Shop Society and lVlu Kappa lVlu hy proxy. Nlaiesiic spires. BETHEA MYERS Lithe, little hundle ol' smiling per- sonality. The other member of class who decided to complete her worlc at Millersville alter at- tending Linden Hall. Her pet ex- pression, "I'lI do that next period." Always seen at noon- time hunting someone who also wants to eat. Does her part for English and Classical Clubs. PAUL MUSSELMAN Cheerful, lilcealule, recipient of practical jolces such as the plac- ing of molasses in his gas tanlc. Man of the outdoors. Prizes the calain he louilt. Note lceeper lor lVlen's Day group, a Roddyite and Mu Kappa Mu standby. Un- luclcily drew a fifth section sci- ence class in Training School. But he can't LOSE all the time. ANNE PEIFER Quiet, reserved, and lull of lun when you lmow her. Knows every inch ol the road from Sa- ws t ' lunga to Millersville. Keeps her J .Sy ,I artistic talent hidden for no good reason. Thinlcs hoclcey heats everything feven readingl. Served on Athletic Council during Sen- ior year. Loves leaving school to enjoy a movie in Lancaster. l X'-... H 'Nus1" xg ar ' im' ' ' . It I ' . , f 79" ' .ill fag . if . .- ' jf if 'E ,i ' .. V-Q' ' -Ft' - ki 1 in 1, ' - ' 'H 1, . ' " ' Vjiv - ' ' . if .X A- N ...Q V, l' ' i W " x-4-44 . I ' L ,,1 ...iv ,A 1, Kass: V --,. A. , . ,..if',.'g 1 n , t v ... f ., . '-3 ,.Nj.2 ky gf lxATHl FEN SELDOMRIDGE ing lrer wor efore it was as signecl Snatcllecl forty wrnlcs be tween classes Qwns a merrv twrnlcle '1 year s teaclung ercperi ence ancl a love for Dr Stine s classes Buclcecl traffic from Terre Hll clarly Easect out one lialf year linelore us to keep liouse for '1 liustymncl RUTH L. REACHARD Cllief Hsliuslxern of tlle dormitory. ls musically inclined, liaving oc- cupiecl a place in ttle alto section ol the clioir and enlargecl tlie larass section of ttle laancl lay tlmc lalasts from lmer trumpet. Also an elementary librarian. Has a great interest in tlme football team, ancl enjoys lmilces ancl clancing. ROBERT 0 CONNELL Known 'as Bullet Eye Halls from up Dunmore way H1 '1 special i ing lor a cert'un up town l mcaster 'mcclress 'xong wltli Sclrella incl Cvrammes Got serious suclclenly alter llls rst contact with the Training School 'xnffels ls an Industrial Artsman an is on the rosters of the Slwp 'lncl Roclclx qcrentltlc Societies HARVEY RETTEW 'incl reserved Has line 'nrtlstxc talents D cl a swell job is laoss of t el A T C Conlirmecl laacluelor for ttlree years laut Both frats cl um Harvey as '1 larotlier Active as a member of tlie Roclcly Scientific and Indus trial Arts Societies one time prevy of time former ffroup MARY SIEGEL always seems to e in urn Smal wonder for slue is going tlirouglu lxflrllersville lilce ouse on tire in tliree years Knows NVl'l'llf stre Wants ancl gets it Her primary interest is primary teactm ing 'mel Primary Cl ly Always telling Gooclle uint to clo ' . c S rs V ' f r ff 7 r ' , - oi . . c I I cl A 4 ' . ' Kate. Bewilclerecl us lay complet- Diligent, incliviclualistic, quiet, Dark-llairecl, energetic girl who ' lg b " 1 L' r- c , l C I l c . I3 . H lfl ". -t . ' - . l ' ' L N ' I 1 - --H ' :: . . H li .... " . ' S ' ' li - .i.....' H. U U7 I --C . uu V ROBERT ROBISOIX C ymcil erlatle clrscontented aloof Good as Eben m the SEIIIOI' plax Artlstlca x 1 cmecl p'1ys piano an pamts Doesn t lrlxe the lxgliter tlmmgs ln fe except '1 periodic tennis Game A llloeral rn vlewpomt Colletts 'mtlques second llan :oo s and plmonogmpr recor s An 'xll nglat guy when you get Jene1tl1 the outer slmell Dllllllllllq O Cl HGUJ CFC! MARION SKEEN C estnut lmrred tall smrlrnff nonelmalant Usually late lJut'1l xx 'xys manages to get tllere Ch el' xtzer at 1 afternoon teas Helps to govern tlxe D S gals A laude m'1ny hmes ln laslnon s ows l or tl1ree yewrs slme lrve wrt 1 heart ol stone llien sie met llme Jones Joy 't RALPH SAVAC E Came to Nl S T C lJeC ruse of tus professor lorotlmer S t a 5 e d tlere xxllen lorotller lelt A lme liorseman lnetter singer suaxe well mannered Lover hs sax Cltamard stalvxart Rldmo' Clulo and Mr Porter s Cluorr nude use of aforementioned talents lndus trral Arts Society Iwl es em IJ5 storm wrtll lus Nexv Enffl'1n 'xc cent K7 ANNA MARY SMITH Evpoundmgly pleasant vrva crous vocnlerous a cl marvel ously mobile Emanated ller dl versrhed talents as mlstress l Crtamard and English Clubs emotional Interpreter of lqlsa rn Semor Play tllree letter athlete and clmoral Lontralto for lvlelzers many musical moments Some laody found ller last year finders keepers I 1 BEATRICE SMITH Never recognized when not grinningj IVIade Ruth .Iacohs her secretary. Showed serious side through poetry. Time Iceeper for English Vvilling worlcer for Lingy. Lilies to dangle her feet in Ioroolcs while hilcing. Starred in many a Iaaslcethall game and hoclcey squall. VVas one of Miss VViclfey,s three Usourpussesf' Humor columnist and Touchstone "faithful" IRA SCHEIB Tall, thin, easy-going. Chief fuse blower ol the I. A. T. C. Une ol PucIcy's star hurlers. Ira spent three years free Iancing with the lair sex hut was tied hy one in his Iinal year. Leader of the Three IVIusIceteers. Handed his coupons to the Roddy Scientific and Industrial Arts Societies. HARRIET SPANGLER ELWOOD SCHREFFLER SARA STEIGERWALT Energetic, tireless, and efficient. One of the go-getters for athletics, government and clubs. Her suc- cess with IVIother's Week-end Iast year 'proved what welve al- ways thought of Harriet,-good things come in small packages. Interested in industrial arts and wants a school near Yorle-Hum, must he the countrysidel Never a spare moment. Kept busy hy membership in Iaoth Ira- ternities, hand and choir. Tem- porarily deserted scenery shovers of Theatre Club to talce part in senior play. Serious student and member of Y. IVI. C. A. Hobby- repairing his creation,-a rattle- trap deslc. Vvealcnessr-'cruelty to dumh animals. Separated mice from candy stand. A most helpful assistant direc- tress lor the Senior play, "Ali- son's House." Drama, concerts. opera, and Shakespeare are Sara's favorite Ieisure activities. Used her good taste to help col- lege select its varied entertain- ments. Dancing, swimming, and diving aIJiIity of which she can he proud. Performed admirahly as English umarmu in Training School. HARRY bMITH 5 rm smrlmg energetic bag min extraorclmwry ancl luaunter supreme If you see a xulcl splash ol color clont run its only Smit ty s tres ancl soclcs Talentecl artist ncl Miss l-rex s ace 'lfl prof btuclrecl some rn fact a Pln S g larotlwer Truelecl wltll T Urlnn Fvms ancl Cooclre Nalure s mollwr mstmcl DOROTHY M STURC ES Une of tl1e lassres from Pl1oe mmnlle who attenclecl Drexel lor one year Has been a memlmel of Prrmary Clulo lor tour years Toolc part rn Rural Club ancl Englrsli Clula Also a memlnel ol Y Loolcs tom arol Lancaster actrvrty Jef' wi AARON Sl ONI' R fall quiet clllrgent contern platlve Pln Slg 'lncl lVlu K'1pp'1 lVlu Vice Prez of Du Sh Ft Arclent supporter ol commuters at etlcs A pmg ponger xx 10 lcnows tl1e clllzlerenre laetxx een W plug ancl a pong, Got mam man ol tlwe Snappcl Recipient 0 sex er ll onion rol s xxlnle teacll IH ANNA F IANANIS loxes to dwnce dncl can Cl'll1CC too Can '1ppe1r Verv soplilstl citecl ulien slme wants to A Mrs Hodges 'lclclecl an amusmg 'ntmospllere to tl1e class PI'1X qmgs xxltln ll1e cl1o1r ancl lrave s x xtl1 tlwe Tm el Clululners Talces m actlve part rn girls sports 'ln lvoys too t 'nl I9 is '1 rooter w -M.. wif- N " . V , n - Q ,ML .":, Y 9 . - V r , , ,, . - 1 - W N - w - - ., . 7 A -4 1 I f -'F ' I . ' . c c c S . 1 ' Y' ' . ' . ' a I i . ' . 7 v - H 7 1 , 1 - , ' ' ' , . fp '. ' ' O .' hl ' 'I El I. f fl c . ' . , ' Y , ' . ' f - , , , , ..,,. A , 1 .. ' f f. ' ' n' ,. 1 ' ' . .f . lor a source ol extra-curricular lweaclaclies ancl carpetingsas lleacl ,ff .,. 1 H ' ' .H , an . ' ' f 1 i ' l. -f ' . gl 1, . x 11. f - J 'V YH - 'A C 1 ' ' c v . ' . 1 c 1 . .S '- z ' If . . s , w' , K . c ' cf. v' 'v . .. . i I . I 'l " 1: cl I .' f-'llc V lc, L. r . A , CARL VVIEISINOER Prexy ol Normal. member ol lota Lambda Sigma. Vvhen il comes to wielding a lettering pen Carl is the real lVlcCoy. Spent goocl deal ol time in print shop working for athletic committee. Frequently gassecl in Calculus class. Also livecl a lile of leisure as baslcetball manager alter ap- prenticeship ol three years. FRANK THOMAS Tall, bloncl, blushing, ruggecl specimen of humanity. A whirl- wincl in football togs-meelc as a lamb otherwise. propellecl fles- tinies ol Stuclent Council. Phi Sig ancl Varsity Clubber. Extra terrible ping ponger ancl worse pinochle player, but not basl at Hauthorsf' Hacl a Dial:-ens ol: a time lceeping his mincl on his teaching. HARRIET WASI-IINGTON The human question-boxl Oth- erwise quiet, easy-going. good naturecl, ancl unassuming. Dr. Stineys star long-winclecl reporter. HKiclclefl" in the Kindergarten. Supportecl Rural Club with her coupons. Completed her work in the winter. Then went South to follow her mothers footsteps in social work. LOUISE S. VVELCH "Beeze," one ol the V a r s i ty Sweethearts, always has a smile lor everybocly. Though she hurts the triclent over the girls' clorm. she is lilcecl by everyone. Une ol Wlelzervs warblers. Seems to he an efficient secretary, serving for the class ancl Primary Club this year ancl VV.C.A. last year. JOSEPH VVOLFE Jovial, carefree. naive, boister- ous. Bus company for lVlan- heim's femininity ancl Chester hlann. Uses mathematical mincl to win arguments. Nlost elon- gatecl mouth on campus. Uses that as heacl cheerleacler ancl as Nlelzefs louclest bass. Tool: oll enough time lrom noise making career to be in senior play. ls a cheerful Givler. .S 'ITM lflzxsk in lnunrl Hands nfl' l,igI,l.l,4:-nr Tm lvuing you . . U I.lHN"l-HIIIQ' Dvvp in an flrc-mn . . . ul' you? Before Mu-r Engle-f-ye "Vic" "They sluup in conquer liur nmzl d in Effigy That ole feeling "Hold light" IURIUB norzcr Rlilllll HINRY Qczummxr. Prem ent Vrco Preemcleut -l IS versatile group ol potential IQLLO gracluwtes prov: ecl mum h ol the season mg sprmlxle over lvl S 'l C i1Ct1XllflCQ this past xewr The first Colcl blast rhw claws procluceol was their Snow Shullle clunce with Davxcl Booth chairman ol the commlttee Alter this blew ox er prepar xtxonb Jegwn lor lhe Junior Prom lhat was llelcl on lxlay 6 encllnd the M15 Day l'6bt1Vltl6S Queen were from the Junior clan n lmelg GlCl1lll lVlav lwloreme Muller Nino Shreve Eleanor Llpplalt Lucille l-'oller telld Nlarxe Hwelner incl Carolvn Hall Outetanclmg sportemen were George Ehemwnn the popular haslcethall Star Rutherlorcl Dotter Dettmger incl Smith other mem bers ol' tue cage Gquacl Henrx Counemin late ai loot all Ldptam lor the lQ3b Qeason M l S8 -.Xe . -... Q 1, 1 . x . 1 ' 'Hp :'.. A ' c,- 'd. - ',' 1- ,- Y -M Q . I Q , - " - ' "P C ' . . . . ' , .Q ' I , i . 1 I C H ,K A ,ly .blq C7 It might he interesting to note that seven ol the twelve cancliclates lor IQSQ lxflay x ' . e', 2 ', e -, " T ' , f. j . ' , ' I . V, I 4 . S c ' c ', c r . , N , , ' V , f ' , . l : l , , 1 , . , ..i-fl. bv- W 1le.EMgQmgWg'2Ft ' CLASS Xxrsu DIIRLXI N1 XROXRVI brows becrelarx 'I reusurer Another outstanding feature ot tie gloss is its seraplaoolc containing recor ol ull its activities Carrrecl on since ille Freshman year Arlene PCEIONVIC tlle class historian unclertakes tlme jolo ol lCCOi'ClIl1f7 lliese mementos tional life Merv Sneatlw clicl rnucli to put Ni S T C on tlle map wil s publicity Eleanor Llpplxtt Almi bmrtli iviarian Elaersole anal Cathryn Connor were the presrclent vice presrclenl secretary and trefxsurer respectively of the Y VV C A Nlary Georde was secretary of the Vvomens Community Association an Fditil Burlcev ws is tresnsurer Actne in sports goxernlng' bodies eclucationil programs am SOClll events tht class LOIltlllJlltCCl mucll to tlie spice tl1'1i was needed to m ilu. tlus '1 xedr fu ol 1 p Lasanl vfmely ol events 39 . I' 51 1 I U' rr W Not only olicl this class lollow tlxe social lights but also tl'1e beacons of educa- - f -. " " - .... i--L hi- ' ' I B y N x I Z 1 . . V . . d , 1 Cl 'a 1 , 2 ' 7 ' ' E ' if , , E ' .' L V' 1. 1 la ' c I V . SOPIl0MORE CLASS l'IEnm5m' ENNETIA President Rox' DUNGAN Vice-Presiclent Having aclvancecl one rung in the laclcler of college life, the class of '41 now appears uncler this cover in the role of sophisticated sophs. The most preclominant of the activities ol' this group was the 'Swing Quiz." that unforgettable dance which remindecl all those ill at heart from tlunlcing rouncl about semesters that they hacl a few snaps after all. Then came the class party in which everyone from A to Z participated. The class has heen well represented in most of the college extra-curricular activities. Among those talcing responsihle positions on Stuclent Council we lincl Fern Everhart, Alma Smith, Howarcl Hershoclc ancl Vvilliam Nlaza. Of course they have athletes tool Dan lVliller tool: his share ol' the lmoclcs on the foothall 40 Burn STAUFFER Secretary Elm-'IN SUMMHRS , rrf'USUrCl' field and Jake Shirt-: kept things cheerful on the hastcethait court. Nancy Nteisicey, Niarityn Crook, Dorothy Bruhatcer anci Ruth Nestteroth all ctincheci the hockey sticics in an outstanding manner in intramural hockey tournaments. Sophomore dramatic talent appeareci when Jack Lenharcit and James Ehhert ciict fine work in the production, H520 College Avenue." Keeping on the state in the literary field and gaining recognition in both usnappern and nTouchstone" staffs, the Sophs founct themselves right there in the persons of Beth Stauffer. Date Nturphy anct Howard Hershocic. Ntiss Hofimeier anti Dr. Gerhart Contrihutect their timely suggestions as actvisers to the ciass. 41 LEON BILLONX -Z. Treasurer F B E S II M A N GEORGE IQLEMMER Presicleni lbetll' MHZ l soon discovered that the freshman class is some classl At l' t l l . 'irs tie on y time l met them individually was when l "leap-lroggedn over their laaclcs. We soon realized that we had a lot in common, since we all were under the oppression of the Uvigilantesu--they certainly toolc the polish off us, if high school ever gave us that. All freshmen protested against the terrific regalia, which were in "coal yardn shades ol' hlaclc and yellow. The girls' rihhons yelled HFreshyl" louder than any hillhoards could possihly yell. The uduclcyu dinlcs ol the boys seemed to unintentionally talce the square out ol their shoulders. The lahels and rules we were to accept as assets: th. lil -l' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' e '1 Je s lo marlc us as new personalities with sup- posedly many possibilities: the rules to uwalien our Hsrnugu souls hy their antagon- 42 JANE XXIUESHINSKI Secretary CLASS Rouiairr FAGAN Vice-pmsictelll ism. As for our possibilities, upper Ciassmen dict ttieir hctarnctestn to keep ttiem from being hidden! Our dance in April was time ciass,s biggest undertaking. This occasion must stances sponsored ily upper ciassmen who insist that time wimicil time iresiiie siiouict strive is to grow in time image of his predecessors. How near time iresiiies are approaching this goat 'is questionable, timeir ciiains to contribute their talents to the college they stand comparison with ultimate attainment for but many have broken now love. Uh, Nia, my report will be oun enc , Jendin' money too, that is, if Pop ieeis so inciined. Your devoted Offspring. i ci iosecl ttoo mucii encioseci I tilinicf. Anci I COUICI USC SOITIC Sl 43 ncnppyn lulurs I xXl00llf'l'l'NYily .lull Not XX'.P.A. - P-l1lll'l'0 5 0 Ilm Collegc and Suzy C-irccl N.Y.A. venus lu - ' rrowcl lnervl I ll! ul Hem worsllip Dram Dilworkl: expouncls Silll0llPllCl,l mmnvnl Secrclnrics go H nmymg Crnllsnmn. Bernicvs Imll in-mn Tlnrvf- pens Calling umlxrclla mzml pclmfs slill lrying in il poll One Sawlmcli, plcasel X-nuns Evo carol les! EHMPHS UIVEHSIUNS orlflciiRs STUDENT CUUR CI L Prvsictmil ....... ..............,..........,........... F mimic Ttnomzms Viwvprufsirivrml ..... .......... X Viilimn Bucket .Qt-crvlury ......,. .......... C fattrryn Connor Tn-usnrvr ..........,. tvtnric Herr Gradually working its way to a position ot importance and prominence otespite a nunmlner ol tmancticaps, time Student Council ctevotect its seconct year on time campus to improving stuctent relations, lmottm tmere at ttie college and wittm ottmer colleges. Time Council cooperated wittm time Student Activities Fund Committee in pulmtistming ttmis yearis Hanctlmootc. Following ttmis, time group outtinect a Deanis list proposal wtiictm was tounct impractical imecause ot time marking system. Prolaalaty time greatest actmievement ot time term was time reorganization ot time Frictay assembly system into a series ot ptannect entertainments wittm stuctent attenetance voluntary. in time tietct oi inter-college reiationstmips ttme Council also macte significant steps iorwarct. Time group was representect at a state-wicie conclave in Btoomsinurg lay Presicient Frantc Ttmomas, Louise Xwetctm, Ntaric Herr, Ctwartes Nieote. Vvittiarn Niaza, iVtiss Lee anct lVtr. Nave. At ttmat conference a cooperative association ot Teactmers Colleges was tormect ol' wtmictm Cimarles ivteote was etectect vice-presictent. Later time Council sent a cteiegation to time New Yortc Conference ol ttme Eastern States Association ot Teactmer Training institutions. iviammmtmrs: Lalman Heist-y. Nancy Hr-rr, Louise Xvelcli, Xvortti Brown. Cimrtes ixtcote. Fern Everimarl. Eugene Rutiu-rtorci. Eclillm Crockett. Victor Ntnimiciim, Alina Smittm, X-Vitiinm Niartiim, Xvittimn Wiazax. Howarft Hersirocti, Carlton llnyl, lvteriet i5C'HCll?lll1. 47 1939 TOU CHSTUNE -18 STAFF E rto: m Clue Eugene I B xl le BUSITIPSS NIGHGQGI bliflx R Htfl lf0I'lClI BOGFJ Joete BOXCI FIOFCIIL9 Cargas Evelxn F1115 Ruth Duullp DOFIS CHTDEF LOUISE CIIJIJIC 1X'IElI'gLICl'lf8 IX ess Betts Jungtmans Hilda Keeports Anna Nlarx Smith Beatrice bmlttx Harrlet Spangler Beth Stauffer Robert Croxe CIITTIQS Goodtmart Aaron Stoner HWFTQ Smith B LLSHIGSS BOCITCI LOUISE XVCICB NlCllOldb IQIIZOVILII N013 Wolfe Ie Duerstuclx Joeeptm Editor Beulah puncture Ill: Nlllhl Editorial Qtnn cl' '-' - ' I ..........,..... V J. i J , , ' , ' .........,..,... "1 ' . r ' Ed' ' . f , - , ' ,' . r t . E . . y y . y , F . Green, Sam Groff, Dorott j Hg , j , . Q, if ,' . ' 1 i . , 1 , , v 7 7 - K - , . c ' . . ' ' , A ' - ', ' I9 NN orcls it this tame xx outcl mcleecl seem supelftuous for txere xou 'ne perusmg the lnnclmxxorlx xxtuetm represents the xears do ngs of the Touchstone Stiff Nou 'Ire glx en the opportunltv of judging for xoulselxes 'ls to the xx ortlxxx tnleness of our endcax ors Vve tnve only to Nav that this boolx sxmbolxzect 1 sincere and extensive effort on the pwrt of the people mxolxecl to dive the student boctx the best xewrlnoolx posslble We re'1lxze and xxe hope xou do also that this cross sechon of the xe'1r 1938 39 'at Nllllersxllle ts the futf1Hment of the lcteas of only a ew people 'incl ttus bemg the c'1se the I should be juct I g xt ln ITIIHCI And a xx ord of gratitude goes to txlr Beekmx er XVIIOSC timely comments 1s adviser to the book greatly HICICCI the ectltors A ttnnlc vou IN also evtenctect to the students and faculty for ttlelr flne mooperatlon 'md support vxtuct1 xx as 1 xntal stxmutus 1U 'xlong the xx 'ax 39 TOUCHSTONE Bu-ml Nb Aan 49 'XX xxx NSS' Hur eng med 7 c .' ' , ' ' ' . . - .' -1 ,V Q A , ' C ' v f 1 ' - - - j - 1 P 1 . 7 . V . . . 1 7 H Y C Y v C: , , ' k -x v V. C y 4, I . 7 7 B. .' I' - .7 1 ' ..' . c I , I 3 'Y L ' .N 5 . b X H, 1 ,, -- L , . r. . . . I f. 1 , ' " C ' , nook : ' gec with that thou I ' ' . 1 ' , ' v . A I my C , . '. C V l . V, . . Q . K 7 . 7 I K 'I ' ' c c 'c '7- V - .N -LV A. 'J a L E.. Vi 2 V WOMEN'S CODlM'INITly OFHCERS Prvsid zfrl I .......... ..,...,........................ l.. ouise XX'elcli A S S 0 C I I 0 N Vice-prvsiclenl ..... ......... l Qlllll R chzl rlxard Secretary ....... ..,...... 5 ia ry George Tre zlslnr 1 r ......... Edith Burlwy Successl Yes, government had another successliul year alter the lulliillment ol its many duties. Their tasl: was started when the commissioners helped the freshmen to establish the dormitory as their home. Qne of the main events of the year was the Room Contest and Open House. which caused a grand rush on the mops, lyrooms, dusting pans, and dust cloths. Open House gave the laculty, day-students, and dormitory men a chance to see the girls, mode ol living. lxflonthly teas attracted not only the women, hut also many ol: the men who participated in a social chat over a cup of tea. Again this year, government lur- nished the magazines which helped the girls entertain their friends while in the Reception Room. The event ol the year came when the mothers were guests during Nlolliers' VX7eel4-end, Nlarch 24-26, which only terminated after they had been supplied with varied entertainment and many samples of dormitory life. The last activity of the year was "move-up-dayf' At this ceremony the seniors sadly relinquished their seats to the juniors, and thus each class advanced. Faculty Advisers: lwliss Dorothy Lee, Nliss Edu Calon. lxliss lVlilrlrr-il Siunorson 50 1 0'V"L"t MlIN'S COMMUNITY Prr' ull nl CII nrle eu L lu Inman! Clenn VX ellxel Q1 crelurx Wlllllllll Hvtnclt From Pllflh Hall on ttxe llr t lloor to Deacl I nel on tlle lourtlm tlme men III tlme clorm I11xe tI1rougl1out lI1e year m lcle their Home Sweet Home Iium NVllll activity FI I1e fun amenta lone Ill ttus clormrtory llum was the low drone of serious stuclx Oxertones wh th supplementecl ttme fundamental rangecl from the Imrs ler rgller pxtcllecl bun 0 Ju I sessions to tI1e clung o Ire a alms anc t e tru c of lrre wor s In 'ldclltlon to tlmese mte Iec tLl'1l an emotional actlvltles tme men have organ nec nncl supported Iauslcet all Ieagues ancl a ping pond tournament I'I1e o1I trac Us are tI1e unaroxxne mxllncnl Inasltetlnall clmamps wlule freshman B II Roorlc came out on top as lung ol ping pong The Iausmess of gm ernment ol tI1e IVI C A has been han e III mne 0 eloclc meetings m tI1e recrewhon room These eonclaves Imve een ma e srngu arlv colorful Iav Ialenclrng tlne clwaratterlstlc Iwues of pammas ancl Jatlmro es incl clemorratxc D3 strict a lerence to twe prmup e ol free speeclm Anotlmer oppor tumtx for tlme men to express tI1e1r originality was alforclecl by the mterxor clecora hon fostered Ivy the rmnual Open House ancl Room Contest 31 f' I' W I .ff if Q 4 s'- ...................,.,.......................... I -S M,I- Vw-'-,-'lt ...,..................,.............,. ..1, f"- 1 Tr ffff surer ............,..........................,.. Nmvin XVIIM fllf- re ., Y.. - - d rl, . . . Q ..-I ,Iii V II I-: -' Q -. It' I-- Ih N.-I ' -I k. C " .- ' I - . . d ' v' " , I - r a fs -In ' : , ' - U - . ' "C C - e' ' I .' . - . . IJ QI -' I I ' , A ' , ' : '. f I ta . f ' I 1 - ' dl A I ' -' I . . - WODlEN'S COMMlITlNG OFHCERS presiflenl ....... .............................. ..,.... N 2 rnrty Herr A S S 0 C I A T I 0 N Vice-Presiflenl ,... ....,... S ara Gmli Secretary ...... ..,..,.... D orulhy Hess Tri-usnru ......... Nlargaret Stokes "Are all the soft chairs taken for this period? is the cry ol almost every clay stuclent girl when she enters the Day Stuclent Room, especially on a Nlonclay morning. Bus-riding, auto transporting along with Hnights he-lore" certainly show their effects if the large numlaer of Usleeping beauties" means anything. As for its social activities, this organization helcl its traclitional Christmas party which was very well attenclecl for more reasons than one. The annual Barn Dance, when olcl clothes were clonnecl ancl any costume was acceptecl, created an intimate atmosphere with everyone in gay spirits. The other social activities were in the form ol teas. The main aims of the group are to govern the women clay stuclents, discussing any problems for the well-being of all, and to furnish the Day Student room attractively. This has been clone very satisfactorily this year it the appearance of the lounge is taken as the criterion. 52 OFHCER5 MENQS CUMMUTING pn suit nl I 1 J Ill Helsex X ICK Presrrlvnt A mm Stoner A S S 0 C I I 0 N Wcrelurx I wut Niue elnnn 'Iron mer In epll Xvolfe xx lien ttlex xx ere 'lIEil'l'Hll'1Q'IX quiet Ttlex traxe had only one clxfflcultx ttns semester trouyte xx ltl the t'11cHo1c the lJo'1r Ing men course tue rrst semester the treasurer tmct some CIIHILLIIYB rn securing the allotment of cash from ttre Actrxrtres Commrttee Truet A Comparwtrxely calm xear As rn other xe'us football Insketloatl 'md Iyrselowll seheclutes xxere atolx tnnctlecl by in 'lppomtecl committee Table termrs 'rtso clemancted much atten hon md energx Carl Stimdler xx as eroxxnecl champ rn ttns sport The dav men upset the boarders rn the first inter 'lS9OC1'1tIOl'1 tournament Fx en xx ltll less trouble less nolse less smoke less c'1rds fexxer meetings fexx er HCIl11IfllStI'ElfIV6 visits some of the feltoxxs moxecl from the Hole to a certaln alumnus of ttr s The atmosphere not bemg conclucrxe to stuclx some of the sophomores tools permanent possessron of the sluctx room up stairs We cant blame them' Next xear mav lmct this group m 1 nexx lu r If t e nexx burlclrngs 1re placed rnto serxrce 13 ' ..........................,.......,.............,. ,Jr ' 7' 1- ' " ...,....,.........,,.........,.,....,.... .. 1 A Q 3 .........,,.,......,...........,.,,........... 3. .' as . - S ' ...........,.,........Y.,.,......,,...,...,.....x S' . The so-called nRacticaIsH of the college took a nexv lease on lite this year. l My c . l 1, . . J 1 y . -I . S ,H - I fl cl -1- . cl' . Of . I 'f',. 5 . - 1 C W . .N Y . k . I M I . 7. . Y . . . C ' 7 7 . ' ' ' H' 1. ' , 1, , L r L ' ' ' I Q c C D - . K l. L . . - . E J. L . I N Y " " . .A I '- r . ,. A . -I K .C . - X A ' " ., . A, . ' , , - 1 , ' ' ., 7 .. i --- .," 1 3, ' ' - ' c - ' . ' j - ' . I K ' ,Y 'Y H j. . . C 7 ci , . h 7 . . L 1 ' 'I . 1 PAG E IITEBAJUI SOClETl l age again procluces a laanner year of varied ancl entertamxng actlvrtles Up holding a stan mg tra ltlon as being one of the lea mg campus organmahons Page through its olhcers lost no time IH rlnglng ln a nevx school 5e1r The Society s hrst encleavor was III aiding the hewlldereol freshmen accllmate themselves by may of a receptxon and dance ID the gym Following this lxvelv get together the annual Page Tennrs tourney was run off To the surprise of many a lanlxy smooth stroking freshman Dutch Relfsnvcler rompecl off wlth the hrst place trophy Next to be sponsorecl Jx the directorate was a concert v the York slngers who appeared rn the Chapel wrth a versatile repertoire of sonds Another cllstmct communlty enterprise for vxhrch Page may clarm authorshlp was the all county hrgh school spelling hee helcl m the Chapel the wmners of xxhrch were awarcle prues up to five o 'lrs As a general vsxnclup of the year the society presentecl one of nts perenma spouses'-the Art Contest a cl thls ye'1r a talented sophomore Alvl Eshelmm xx allcecl off with top honors rs! sonwstor OI VICIIRN nr srmc slrr lxlerun Snr-ml 1 f rvwlvnt Euqenc Rullmrlorfl Swrr Groll' IC m 1 1 IIONN lfll Hefillllflx gpcrgmrv Dorothy Hose Beth lunglmns Crlhc AVON qlfllilf :Inu Q utr u 14 Bn x llowarcl llors mort urczlors Dorothy :ll e Nm l CN lout' C ll' lon S Hllllltl' 1 ' ' V v . 4. - Cl- Cl- - .S - cr y. - -- ' Y . . , . 1 .... 1 L Y C . 1 ,L 1 s v . - v - 4 L x - I 3 ' - . , Ia, ' , D . , i . A . Y . r . . - . L g K . . y . I . I N d .r i ' d IL ,. N I. r y S . . . I 5 , f-I I1 - c C . ' , 'c . t. , . . . A 2- - S 2 lc' -. - " . 1' ,r l .......,.............................................. J ...,.......................,...................... Louis Sz .l 'z II A 2 ...........,........ . ..................... Vice-President ..........................................,. ' fi , , : ' 1 1 ' ..,................,....................,........,.......... r H , , .,.................,...................,....,.......... . ., , 'Y . I . -.....,-......................-.............-........... . . ........................--............----.-.......,...-.... 4 l -V A' Be: "1 en ' l . .l r-' all-', ' 1 " -. ,l rl' .... C ' .. L' 'l , e U' ' lc. 2 l r l ' , 2 , 54 IWOHmlAL L ITEBAJFY SGCIETY he campus slogan heard ahout t l magic glohe the familiar cl lance at tie Normal" is ice a hurrie g N rmfnl join 1 Let's ta fthe society. l Freshmen "Be 0 . , ' ' l rush seasol . 't cloings o , ' .eption or cluring the trachtlona ancl lool: for a hriei moment into the pas September 16-opened the college social season with a rec " 'Fi ir that the uJan'1 Session Boys" hegan their career. ' i- ' ncl anniversary in the college Chapel ' n "The Rehirth ol' s at this in a ts eightx seco teci lecture o ancl it wa ' celehratecl is 1 ' ' an illustra Ocioher 21'-f with Wir. Van Warmer VValsh giving ireland." Noifernher- tl-entertained stuclents with the movie "Saturclay's lVlillions." Norzenliner 18--presentation of the UlVlinstrel Show" to start the weelc-end ol Alumni Homecoming oft on the right loot. This goal was accomplished lay the l l 'mn Slah Foot, Robert Fagan, and the Normal Romeo, Vic Nlanlcin. theirt Specialtyn held in the college gym with Gil Twit- G l Twice Boy" affair provecl a novelty. cl l with nature ancl Aan 4 ' 111-"Swee f ' ' t. Then ir C ' h ving to ea Fehrucug heating it ou ' ' the Lihrary a mire and his De-hs - resentation oi hoolcs to l hy Dr. H. L. Rodcly. Normal's calendar, it is February p science which were given to Norma Having summarizecl the most outstanding clates on clearly seen that she is more than alive in her activities. ls! srznuslm' OFFICERS President :cv Prvsirlenl ...... Carl Vviesinger Secrelclry Critic ..... George Rishell Kitty Dowling ........ Beth Stauul-icr ............. ,....... . . .... Treo su rer Aclviser .lohn Sllorh ............,.. hir. Lester R. Uhrirflu ..... 1 1 21141 semester Elwnocl Smith Charles Nicole- lvlary George .. Louise X!XlGlCl1 John Shorln hir. l- T H E Y. W. C . A ' OFFICERS Prvsirlenl ............................................ Eleanor Lippiall Vice-Presirlent ,...,.. .............. A lma Smitlx Secretary ......... ......... IN 'larian Elmersolc Treasurer .,........ Callnryn Connor NYU is a vital part of dormitory life tllrouglwout the year. It began its program with tlme NYY' get-togetlmer for the lreslnnen in tlme Fail, ancl was followed lay a marslimallow toast lor olcl as well as new friencls. Arouncl the flying emloers one caugllt tlie gleam wliicli has loriglltenecl the year. Cl'1l'iSt1T1E1S time was the lausy season. First tlle annual Christmas loazaar followecl by time tea room. Next came tlue 'presentation of The Golden Flame, tlie Clnistmas play, followed lay miclniglit caroling, alter wllicll relrestnnents were servecl in tl1e foyer. Tlwe tea 'room was so successful the memlvers cleciclecl to try it again ancl so the iclea ol liaving a tea room alter tlwe lnig plays of time year was initiated. Nlotllersy Vveeli-encl again callecl lortl1 clramatic aloility, and everyone laugliecl at The Trail of the Lonesome pine, and siglmecl a little, too. On lxlay first the group spreacl cldeer to our less fortunate lriencls lay piclcing violets and taking tliem to the hospitals ol' Lancaster. A successful year closecl as it began, out-of-cloors, witli an inspiring lalce-sicle service. Cnlninei: Rulli Nesllerullx, Program Clxairnxang Blargarci Kilcullcn, Cancly Cliairlnunz Glnclys Bom- lwrger. Xvorltl Fellowsllip Cliairman: Eslelln Kevports. Pulnlicity Clliliflllaliz Rutlx Corwin. Social Clmir- man: Justina Hollinger, Flusic Clxairman. rlrivisers: 5liss Snyrler ancl Bliss Powell. 56 OYVKERN Tllll Y.M C A Ppem 0 XX IHI 1111 Bucket C0 P 1 u c t Rota rt Crow 50ClPfa1x X 1 11111 Brenn r Ire nwuru F' xrl XX xlton Durmd the xem o11e N lnterests ne llketx to leave t1e more spmtuil aspects of I1fe 1f there are 110 11161115 of helpxno oneself to luotxer tllll md Pl he purpose of the Y txt C A I5 to supptx these me 111s 'tnct to Create a eIoQer bonct of fellow sup xx1t1 El common '11111 for 1 Jlgfler and mcttcl seruce lo t1um'1111tv The 5 FI C PX '111 tle Y VV C 'X t1etetjo1ntmeet1nffQ earth XM6dl165d1N met bundu exemng: QQCIltl'1IIX TCIIQIOUN these n1eet1nm 1ece1ved LFQCIHHIJIG stuetent SUDIJOII IIOQIBIHQ lnetueleet open d1bCLlbbl0I1S totes an ITILISIL XCIIIIIIIIBIQFIIIU to the ptn sleal neeetb of ltle Joxb tlle X Nl C A lT1llI'll"lll'lQ 1 Qorml uoom for CI1f9ll'llllll'l0 parents 'met fr1en Q Ax CHIICB room Ill t e d0l'lTtlf0lX operwtes on '1 Cash or ercdlt bane A eomfnne Y Vlnquet etrtx 111 the fan xx IS the 1111111111661 of SOCIHI lfe XI'111x Ire SIIITVIII boxs found then frt lfe eontlet 1tt1 College ll frrenelx 1 n1e1111e1s etuuuo tt1oQe f1r:t eu ctxu 71e11er unc 1narst11naHoxx ro1stQ fu1t1er helped the neu stue enti o11e11t themselxec mul 1 L 111 N IL tr xxoo N rf Bm mgc-r XX 1tc-r qporx Leg I1 zirme 51 i S 4 ,O 0 'lint ...........................,.................. " 'E ' Vi - r1s'I'11 ..,.......................,............... ' V '? Q - ......,........................,......,..... N"ll': .- e- . , . X I Q . A J ,ti W ' kr f'. .1.1elI1'. . - " ',, i ,N C-Y V . U Eu .C 'I . . :A . Us 1 . x v . -1- 1 1 -11 ' ..,. .4 I , .cv ' 'Q' . b' r f c ' CI.. 1 I Pl I 'i' l f N 5: e ji " is ' '21 ' W' '1 ' If H fu -C, 1 1 f W- ,f 1 1 - .- -1 Cut' 1: Frm! Krinj. Frau fp' ' Ct :l'll1'HL'f. George- L' , Val. -. :Iyar jttsk PHI SIGIVIA PI fft OFFICERS Prvsi1IunI ...,...... ....,...,.........,.............. I ,.nIran I'Ieisey VICE?-PFl'SIlIl'llI ..... ........ I 'If nrxf ey E. Rcllcw Secretary ..... ............. A IarIi Herr 'Iwreusnn r .. ........ XIXIOFIII Brown Ilisiori rnrx ......... ..., ....... I 3 n uI E. I'Iurn Assist crlr I Svc I'1' tory . .............. IosepIr I'I. Bishop Sponsor .........,.. ....... P roI. S. P. NIrCurnsi-y Under tI1e aIJIe IeadersI1ip of I.aIJan Heisey and tI1e sponsorship ot IVIr. NIcCom- sey, INIiIIersviIIe's Sigma chapter of PI1i Sigma Pi enjoyed a year oI significant activi- ties. At various times during tI1e term, tI1e IJrotI1ers Ixearcl discussions of ecIucationaI topics Iay Dr. H. E. Gress, retired superintencIent oI tI1e Lancaster City ScI1ooIs. Dr. IVIiIton B. SteinI1auer and ProIessor S. P. Nlccomsey OI: tI1e CoIIege IaCuIIj'. ancl IVIr. D. I... BiemeseIerI4er, PrincipaI oI Ixflanor FI-ownsI1ip sCI1ooIs. SevernI in- formal discussions and initiation ceremonies rounv:IecI out tI1e meeting program Ior tI1e term. President Heisey, together with Aaron Stoner, VVortI1 Brown, ancI .IosepI1 Bishop represented tI1e IocaI chapter at tI1e Iraternity's nationaI concIave in CIeve- IancI. At tI1at meeting IVIr. IVIcComsey was eIeCtecI counseIIor to tI1e Grand CI1apter. 'Under tI'1e capaI3Ie I1ancIIing of PauI Horn, EIwoocI ScI1reIIIer and otI1ers. tI'1e annuaI Inanquet and inter-fraternity cIance Iaecame tI1e outstanding part oI tI1e years activities. IN'Ir. S. B. Strayer. Dr. IVIarIc E. Stine, Dr. I.an1Iis Tanger. Dr. Dean Dul4:Iuer. Dr. IVIiIlon Ii. Stein- Iiuuer. Elwood ScI1rcIIIer, RicImrcI Carver, Ellwood SrnilI1. DonaIcI EsI'xensImcIe, .Iack Cox. Urtvan Bmrniner, I'Inrry SmilIr. Robert LanLIensIager, NicIroIas Kuzovi1:Il. Benjamin I"unIi, Aaron Stoner. I:rzmIc 'I"Ixomas. Robert Grove, Raymond BucIcwaIIer, CarI Furniss, Xvarren Good. Norvin XA-'Initrnore. EarI XVeIIer, PauI Rc-sscI, Dan IX'IiIIer. Harvey StauIIer, RusseII Se-aber, Alva EsIrIenmn. Edwin Sunnncrs. 58 0""'4'CER5 IIITA LAMBDA Prvsizlmif ......,..... ..,................... l tolmcrl Lauclenslager x',lCP'I,l'0SillPlll ...,,., ......... E lwoocl Srtlirelller Serralury-Trvusurer ,............, Paul Horn Hisloriun .. ....... Harvey Rm-rtlevv lota Lamlncla Sigma is tlie lraternity created lor the outstanding men in tlie lnclustrial, Arts fielcl. The Ulrat's" tliree major objectives are recognition ol profes- sional training, scliolarsliip ancl tlie creation ancl maintenance of a Closer fraternal lyoncl between actual ancl prospective teacliers. The organization sent representatives to tlie national conference in St. Louis in Decemlaer, 1938. Socially, the group comloinecl witli, Plii Sigma Pi to lsnolcl tlie lnter-Fraternity Ball on lVlarcli 18. Tlien, too, lota played a prominent part in the Industrial Arts Conference wliicli was lielcl on the campus on April 15. Altliouglm only organized and estalolislied on tlie campus in IQ35, this lmrotllerly group is making huge strides towarcl recognition in lvraternal Circles. ln slrrort it is ttle acme of acllievement for tlle Industrial Arts memlaers. Mr lrrz lrers: Clmrlr-s lxl firw le, George Rislrell. Cnrllon Hoyt, .lolm Sclrall. Norvin Xvluilmore, Ellwoocl Sniillx. .lr niiirs s Sellers. Frank Nlyers. Vvillarrl Flyers. Henry Bucliwallvr, Oliver Nlorgan, Donald Esbcnslwacle. Carl Xviusinger, Rnlaert Lnuclenslnger. Paul Horn. Elwoorl Sclrrelflvlcr. Harvey Reitew, Riclmrrl Gurvur. Alf. E. E. Howarcl, Fucnlty Advise-r, 1 irrc l Nlr. l... R. Uliriclu. Assistant Azlvisvr. 59 SIGMA TIIE QNAPPEII 5 VAFI' Eclrfol U1 Clue Ayrron H Stoner Bllbllli-'SS ZXICUICIQQI LTIJHI1 I-Iel GX Assrstanl Ecllfols Charles Coocllnrt Robert Rotor on Sports Eclztors C arles Coodhwrt Louise Cllbble Art Eclllor Hwrrx Slnlth feature Xvrriers Robert Robrson Beatnce Smith John Huzzvd Anni Nhrx Smith Dale Nlurphx Beth Stiuffel Harrx Srmtrr 'md Blervm Sneatlm News Reporters Nlarlc Herr Joele Bond Edxxrn Summer Alxa Eshleman Harxex Retlexx John Lenllarclt Robert Crose Helen Savlor Bc-ttv Cameron Hxlda Adam Dor othea Krercler Dorottn Cllbert anc Wllllilll Brenner Czrculatmn Theodore txlrcomsex Carl XAIICSIDUEI' 'md Bettv Iqornev Txpzsts XICIEI HHIHEQ IfS"ll'IJ'lI'E1 FEIICHIJGUIH HIICIT ACI Ill X SIDE! Nloucty HDCI DOFOHIX BFLIIJHICCF Faculh f'xdULSGl NI fxlarron Spem er t L, e - ' f .............................. . ........... . . ' ' . ....... , ........................... 1 ' . 's ' - . 1 . ' , ' ....... . I C , ' ' 5 . ' ...........,. I1 . 1 I , ' 1' 'V ' . ...... ........................ ........ c V' . Circulation Manage1'....., .........,................... . .... .... B etty Brock 4 f' . . . V l. . ' ' w a 1 1 ' C , I r ,' I , ,', c '. . ' . , c X I . "5 , ,' . " ' '5, V I' , A 1 v V, - I ' -- V V 1 - 1 f ,v 1 . I ' 1 ' . . , n' 1. , ' I A 'L , . -7 . I ' .. -, 1 c 'c , . I I il y VI 'N 7 , Y 1 , ,1 ' ' ...,................................ L iss ' I Every Vvednesday ttiere is a continual stream ot re- porters going to time usnapperu room, as the copy is being prepared for tire weeidy appearance oi tile campus paper. Friday is time time this instrument of college publicity reaches its critical readers. This year, for time liirst time in its history, "Time Snapper" ran a series of articies contributed by time tacuity. iVIany ot time students realized tiie possibilities of tilese contacts and eagerly digested timeir content, white ottlers were out- spoken on iiaving faculty tiiougtlt in ttme student puibtica- tion. Besides tiiis column, Current Literature, fest A two- lnenl, and Ramtnling Reporter were introduced. Editor Stoner was given added financial support tny time increase ot ads secured toy Ntanager Heisey, and the Fine wort: ot time Assistant Editors carried time edition tilrougti its dotdrums. The ,5Q model of U-fire Snapperu sougtmt a cioser reta- tionstiip with tire Publicity Committee and tmotil profited by the cooperative enterprise. it is hoped tilat ttuis step may be a paramount factor in improving time journalistic iguture of time college. Ntay next year's edition show even greater progress. THE SNAPPER G1 'xx 'CK 'C Xxxcm 65AL IQ0 y N, S H0 USE, Pre Sgnte d b y th e Senior Cl llss Dir 0131. ' 5 I b y Miss pst J, 1 lla., 'lm SXWCEZ 5114K wutax XX. XM as X ,cnxxm Ax Wvxxc X . -x Q05 X. 'XM cab ABN . mx fyfgixgux keeps Xwr Xmck, you Xu yx Squid. "We ax s pkcmt c f DHAC TX LA 'X , Ax X urxuxk 'c mxxxsf Ciy -mM Ba A x N Annexes x Xue 4 C0 LLF 4GF . AAQTENITQE 439 Ma. -'ol' C. ll annul-q Pro' I 'lcli 0n og wtimcnk Hg . Kgxxo. QA QM 1 L Jprkxx Ykels Ac. vc We c Hwy C up Xu THE COLLEGE CIl0Ill Aliegrol The loyal Porterites opened their season with a long siege ol prac- ticing. The result of all this harci worli was a most enjoyable Convert presented as an outstanding feature of the Home-Coming Day activities. A luew days laelore Christmas vacation the ever popular Nlessiuh hy Hamlet was rendered to a capacity house. This presentation has always larought the Choir many Compliments and this year was not an exception. In aciclition to singing several nurnlaers lor the Flay Day Fete. the Choir also presented a Scliuherfs Rosfununcle to rounct out its years worlc. lwernlwrs: Ethier Bowers, Nancy Slim-vc. hlury DeLong, Sara Gross. Alu-rta Rohn-r, Dorothy Siple. Dorothy Hess, Anna hlary Smith. Kathryn Letlerer, Maria Lwargus. Ezlilh Crorlcett. Ruthv Rutherlorci, Betty Brock. ,lune Bally, Joseph Bishop, .luhn Lenhnrtlt. hlanrivv l"crrec-, Rnhert Ge-lhartl. Nh-rvin Sneath. hlarion Thomas. Suzanne Hahn-clcvr, Virginia Xvcavur. l'lon'artl llerslmcli. Esther Hanvrsticlc. Blarian Ehersole. Helen Fnrrancl, Quentin Kr-mtl. Diary Ellen Croft. blilfhllyll Font. Eclwnrci Ditzlcr. Ruth Givler. JoSl'hh Xvolle. hlarli Herr, lxlilfj' Lv'l:cvre, Anne Tananis, Nirhnlas l'iumvirl1, Anna Zimnu-rxnan, ,lustina Hollinger, Louise Xyelrh. Verna ixlnunly. Alma Sniith.Eclilh Burlcvy. hlarjorie Young. hlairy Xvcttcn. ixlargnret Stokes. Estellu Kecpnrts. Florence Klinger, Ruth Rc-mthnrrl. Gnlclie IPIillCll'IllilIl. Helen Hcrsll. Elimlmlt Snnrle-rs. .lalnes Ehhcrt, Carmen hlignoni. Allen Oaliuln. ,lanms Slmclc. Edgar Clarla. Emlgar Pulsgrove. Xvilliaxn Brenner. Leon Billnw. Elwnutl Svlnreltler, .lznnes Ranlflill. Paul Horn, Frnnris Spivliler. James Smith. Carl Youtzy. Rohn-rt Bi-slum-. Date Trump. G4 THE CIILLEGE BAND Presenting the college hancl, under the direction ol hlelzer R. Porterl Fore- most activity ol these musicians is to arouse college spirit at all the loothall games played on the college tielrl, Asiole from this they also went to Shippenslaurg to enhance the teamrs lighting spirit, even in face ol a heavy clownpour ol rain. Besicles playing at the Hpepn meetings ancl giving short concerts in the Chapel lor the stuclents, the hancl presentecl an inspiring concert for Homecoming Vveelc- end which macle the olcl gracls forget their rheumatism and talce on a sprightly air. Being a versatile group the hand also portrayecl the general elation at the col- legels cornerstone laying lor the new gymnasium, Brooks Hall. ivlornlmrs: Quentin Keath. rlruin major: in ilu- snxuphone section, Richarcl Dennis, Henrietta Hess, Altrezl Thorp, Frank Nliller: in the riornet section, Erlgar Pzilsgrovv, Roy Dungan, Ruth Reacharfl. Ella Nine Vveaver, Rolmert Beshorc, Arthur Hanlny. Dwight Heilancl: in the clarinet section, Arline Hess, Graceyelsell Collins, Nlnriorie Young: the piccolo plnyc-r. Kenneth Greenlielfl: tronihonists, Betty Cameron Florence Klinger, Eclgar Clark, Evelyn Keener, Elwood Schreltlc-r, Thomas Greene, John Shorty: alto horns plnyerl hy Frank Peoples nncl James Shade: haritonv players, lwlarion Thomas ancl Don Peiler: bass horn played hy James Ebhert: cymbals hy Dorothy Little: E-flat clnrinet played lay Glen XV:-rncr: ClI'Llll'llllEl'S Eclwnrcl Ditzler, Leon Billow. :incl Paul Horn. 65' Tl-IE CIINCEIIT QIBCIIESTIIA Betiold the true musicians ot our campus-minus Prince Albert coats, dangling loclcs anct looking quite up to clate. Tliis organization, wtlose reatm is tliat ol! Orpheus, spencts its time in strenuous practice so ttmat we may loe encliantecl lay its lovely overture and inciclental music loefore and atter the college plays. Ensembles, or groups ot musicians, picked from the orcliestra, lmave lent ttieir talents to various outside activities. Certain of ttlese groups playecl for iVlay Day ancl otller ensembles tiave participatecl in Literary Society programs anct ollier programs teaturect on ttie campus. Individuals in the orcllestra liave macle soto appearances cluring tlme sciiool year. Rutli Sliiclcly anct tier violin cello are often going places ancl ctoing ttlings. Golclie Halclelnan is an accompanist wlmose services are very mucli in demancl, wliite Frank Peoples spends muctw ol- his time in tlie improvement of tiis own orchestra. ttfernlzers: Franli Peoples. Francis Spicliler. Date Nlurpliy, Nlarion Tlxomas. violins: Rutli Sliicliiy, violincello: James Etrizert. lmss viol: Kenneth Cvrcentielcl. Piccolo: Arlene Jones, Glenn XVerncr. clarinet: Henrietta Hess, saxoplloneg Roy Dungan. Eclgur Palsgrove, trumpet: Jotm Sliorlv, lmmlmneg James Slmcle, Frencti lxorng Leon Billowe. clrums: Goldie Halclcinan, piano: Director, Nlr. Ntelzer R. Porter. 7 G6 P 'I 0V'f'f3ER5 LIBRARY SCIENCE rcsn ent ............ .............................' W 'larguerilc Green C L B Vice-Prvsirlenl Secretary .... rI'0tlSUl'L I' ...........b'lary George ........IzLlll1C Rulllerlord ........Bc-:tty .lunglians Rainl Tliafs wliat greeted tlie eyes ol tlie members ol tlie Library Science Club wlien tlley attempted to bold tlieir initial Ugfet-together," a doggie roast. Entbusiasm undampened liowever, tliese future librarians forged aliead. Eager lor professional enriclnnent and lceenly aware ol lbe satisfying lellowsliip ol lilce- ininded companions, lliey loLmd in tlieir club meetings a stimulating outlet lor their interests. Boolcs were reviewed, a library play was presented, and tlie latest news in tlie professional world was discussed. ln order to continue tlie flower lurid lor tlie library, tlie girls cooperated wliolebeartedly to malce tlieir annual food sale a success. Perliaps tbe greatest contribution ol tlie club to campus lille was its continuing sponsorsliip ol Sunday niglit boolc reviews. Guest spealcers were invited, and pro- grams of outstanding cultural value were presented to tlie college. Tlirougli tliis medium tlie Library Science Club liopes to slmare its literary ardor. Meirllxers: Soplio illzi res-lvlurinn Dennis. Nlargarel Dilcliey. Henrietta Hess, Nlabel Lyncll. Mary' Ann lVlcKclvey, Katliryn Nlartin. Rutli Nleyers, Rullx Nestlerollm, Plvyllis Snyder, Fay Tyson. Rutll Xvarlel, Ruili Rogers: .l iiin iursf-'Belly Bcclnlcr, Catluryn Connor. Jean Eyzle, lvlary George. lvlary Ellen Grolll. Carolyn Hall. Ruill Hunt. lxlary E llilin a Lcacliey. Eleanor Lippiali. Nlargaret Kilcullen, Arlene Pc-lmwic. Ruilue Rullnerlorcl: Seniors--Doris Garner, lvlarguerite Gro 1er1. Bcity ilunglians, Hilda Kr-eports. Rulli Reaclmrd, Anna blary Smitli. Sora Sleigerwall: Special Students-Dnrotliy Jones. Elizabetli Saunders, Virginia XVQ-uver. 67 MU KAPPA MU Preszdenl Vrce Prvslnlenl gecrelury Treasurer Facull AJ y I wer Successfully weatlmermg the t s orms of lfS emlo mow ecl for cl OFFICER S CNEOIQC F-ll!!! I' xfxl0l'lll Bron n UIIJH n BIOUIIIIPT olmert gflrrellyer xlr Le-1, Boxer ryonIc stage Mu Kappw Blu war to a lnglm posItIon among campus organrzatrons Durmg the l'Irst vear under the permanent constrtutron and name tlle memberslup of tlme club doubled Itself Guldecl loy George Flowe l1 In r t e aCtIVItlCS lm magnltucle The ave greatly Increased members have shown an unparalleled Interest In the fraternrtw malcmg ltS meetmgs both entertamlng and cl Th e ucatronwl IS IS a selectrve organrzatron admIttIng to memb outstanclmg I lm erslup only tliose xx l1o are I1 t e held of Inatllematlcs In order to become elIgIlole to recene a certrfrcate and wear the OHICIHI key of the club one must have been an actIve mem er for tlmree semesters and must lmave perform d e some outstarxclmg servrce lor 68 ' . .....,............,.....................,...... , ,I L 'C I . ......... ,......,. , .... .,....... ........ T . 11 .......... ....... ..... . ............. I ' . ' -' . . . I it .V 7 . Y. . . . . . Q , I - . , . . . . . V - , . . . . . . . c ' - . . . . . . . . 7 . . . . . . . Y MU KAPPA MU 16 approval of H the association In actchtlon to this the applicant must receive tt majority of the memhers This has 'lssured the fraternlty of a group vsrthm its fold that has set as its Ideal the ads aneement of mathematlcs The association cl the an ard upon fourteen of its members cturmg the year n the Plath Room Outstandmg features B fer and an The club held mon of these meetings were the reading ot a paper written lI1Sl'I'LICtlXC talk hy Miss Ehzahelh Gress supelvlsor of Mathematics and Science m the Training School Fotlovung her talk the group votect Nhss Gress an hon orary memhershlp m the organlzuhon A permanent hhrary was hegun hy the xeral hooks and magazines 6 purchase of S6 a - - . . I . . Q K . Y. . . conferre 1 ' ' . , thty meetings i A . ' ' ' ' ' hy Mr. oy . . . K . I . 7 I B H 9 E N G I. I S ll C L UB OFHCER5 Pmsirlenl ........... ...................,....,.1 A una Niary Smilin Vice-president ....... .....,... N ancy S. Ht-rr Secrelury ........ ......... I Beatrice Smith Treasurer ......, Rutiie Rutilerforcl One iiundreci and forty-five iovers of cirama, prose, poetry. and essays comprise this club which is becoming iarger anci more active every year. This year time club struck a new note by having recordings of famous poets reading their own poetry, such as Lincisay, Frost, anci others. Ar other meetings Nirs. Niaric Stine gave a dramatic interpretation of time Pulitzer prize play, uOur Townf' and Nlrs. Steinman was guest speaker. Book reviews preciominateci time program ciuring Book Week. Another important feature of SHCII meeting are time creative worics of tile inciiviciuai members, VVI'liCh are reaci, jucigeci, anci awarded nominal prizes accordingly. 70 ENGLISH CLUB Then, of course, we must mention the sociai sicle of the iiterary element. At each meeting refreshments are served and each year a Christmas party and picnic is held, at which times you can see everyone throwing care to the wincis, inciufiing the ciuh's adviser, Nir. Sanders P. Ntccomsey. For those who have literary ieanings, it might cio Weil to put forth your hest foot in English classes, because each year on Commencement Day, the ciuh awards a prize of five dollars to a graduating senior for outstanding proficiency in English. Such are the activities of the English Ciuh, open to anyone so interested. 71 INDUSTRIAL ARTS SQICIETY OFFICERS Presiiionl .,........ .......,,.........,.,. ............ P z mi Horn Vice-Presiilent .,.... ,........ C ixarif-s Nicole Treasurer ...... ........,,,....,, G gorge Grove Secretary ..,..... Donairi Esiaensiumie Historian ..,....,. Uriunn Brnmmer The Industrial Arts Society is an organization for the advance- ment of professional study and rendering campus services under the sponsorship of time Colleges department of industrial Arts. The group is open to all men in time department. This body of Woodworkers, electricians and metal men ciid outstanding work in erecting the Cilrishnas decorations on the front campus, carrying out programs and projects, sponsoring social events and rendering services in time interest of the college. 72 INDUSTRIAL ARTS SOCIETY At time montiiiy meetings, topics pertaining to time fieici oi inciustriai arts are ciiscusseci and frequently iiiustrateci witii moving pictures. Guest speaicers are invited Io express tiieir viewpoints to time members. One of time most popular of tiiese speakers during tile past term was uUncie Georgen Bourcieiais from Swartinnore. Anotiier ciiscussion tilat vilaiiy interestect tire i. A. S. men was given by Dir. Burl Qsiyurn of the iavuity. His topic was time Art of Xfveaving. In recent years time organization iias cieveiopeci into a fast' moving, far-reaciiing society tiiat iiroaciens time industrial arts students' perspective of iris fieici by bringing to tiieir attention reiateci information. lx PRIMARY CLUB OWCUQS Presulc-'nl 'S urn Vice Presnlmnl Dlwrmn Elucrso e been fury ou: XX lcl lI'PC!9Ul'll'S kllllftll IIKCTQ YN AIIFV lvvll, trrvmg to estalol1sl1 '1 lnetter unclerstanclmg ol tlle lunclergarten ancl tlte llrsl by presenting a varlecl program of professlonal value Its monthly meetings openecl with a get aequamtecl partv as tlwe llrst socml event of tie year 'md was lollowe 5 fx seues ol lectures lay 'lUtl1OlItlCQ on tlxe sulaject of Reaclmg m the Elementary Gracles Among those who macle tlle meetlngs so notewortlwx for the Prim 115 em tmusnasts were Dr E Kearney Smltlm elulcl spetmlrst lxflr lmanlc well lmown teflclxer of reaclmg NIISS BIEITIOTIC Harcly reading specrallst D1 Annw D Corclls an lVllss Gladys Williams represenhtlves ol prominent boo comp unes Havmg gamecl a NVC'lltl'l of mlormatlon tlie elula enclecl as It loegwn ln lewst Iliff leaving a very good taste In tlle moutlis of wll nutty Aclrtsers Nlnss lunc I1 Xllss Xlxrx 'xr un Xll I1 tc lx R vc Xln 1 x llollmener l 1 -L A I I 2 ' ' . , ......,,.,...,...........,........,..,,..............,. 4 'z 1 Gmll , ' I ...,.................,.............. '. 1 f ' l w. 4 Y ...................................,,............. l- 'sc lc: 'I H . '.' .......,........ If -I A-l tru l if I S . . .W I y E . A ,. . V tl1ree gracles of the elementary scllool, Sara Croft ancl company reached a new lrigll , I . . V Q. L . . J v . v . S fc I ,. ff vdbf. f. 1 ' - , dr I 1 t ' i - r I . L . C , , - - y - I - -v CI . S . . , C . Q. I k 1 i . :- . . C . . , N x . it '-" 1, 1 S - ' ' D,-1 ,K ' A I c . F ' l 1' : ' '. ' . Smil, . t'z H' E li S, . 'ss .rr 2 '. ollu-, all L 'ss D1 is-' li. RURAL CLUB II e Rura Clu J arms to supplement tlne rural course and assist rural teaclxers I-Xlfrlntron xxrtI1 tlle American Country lrle Assoclatron gnes tlre cluo contacts wrtlm otller natronal rural o1g'anI7'1t1ons Rcprcsentatrves will be sent to tlue annual natxonal eonlerence ol tlus assocntxon to lac llelcl at Penn tate Cllll1dXll1g' tI1e actlvltres was tie srxteentlr annual Rural Conference 1e lVIa1cI1 18 Dr O II Balcer Senior Agrnc ultural Economxst among otlwers con trlbutecl to a more L0lTlDT6l'l6H9IXf' understanding of The Gutloolx for Rural I outll tI1e tlleme ol' tI1e conference At tlle regu lr meetings Dr Lanclls 'I-anger and lxll Samuel qtayer xx ere outstanclmg rn crvstallwmg the problems of lura teachers tn proflermg suggestions Tlme Rural Club rs proucl ol :ts reeorcl of lrwmg sponsorecl tlle lust rural Conference of Its tgpe among the State Teac laters Colleges Ist somr slr r Rolls rt Crow- N nz 5 f rclx Qarrre Be L Jacol D x 0 INIurplw I wura lNIcI nam Xlr Ruyxnoml Q Hows OIHVICTRQ prewar ull ice I msn ull ecreturt Irvusurr r ftsszstunf qmrf lurv Iuvu lx Ac ursrr I J 2lI4 semeslcr ma You y XIWFEITPI lxlnlone 1 e IXIurpIny num BILEIXVTIII X r ymoncl S 'Ions "1 I I ' 1 Q . - ' A . .2 . I. . 7 4. . . .v Y I C V: c '. ' . . ut . ' ' S . - 1 . . .,I,Id . I N . I l . ,H r I t Y 7 I H ' c -I 1 : f I ' ' - , , . - - I . E d - . 4- l L 1 . ? 1 , ...........,........,....,..,......................... .,.,,...................,........,..,.,,................ 1 I r lx 2 In j ..,...............................,..,.............. V' - 7' ,. 'I' ................................,..,...... Evelyn Riclxarclson I' ' ll 1 I Js ,.........,.........,...,..,.............,.. S j ..........................,......,.........,.,,. L" I .2 . ' 1 fl, f 3 ..,.............................,.......,.,........... " . I f .............................,.......,...,..,........... D.I ' , v ,. . .il ..................,.......,............. . :I , ..,......,,..........................,.... La .' I . 4 1 ..,......,..............,....,,... : .Ig 'I .................................. tI.Raf I INIIUSTBI AL ARTS THE Ol'l ILERN CL U, B lvruu fl ATIIE ll1nev Rzitexx lsszslunt lxlunugtr C nrlc Fleole Clue rleclrlcmcm ln Sclxellr Assn lunt llerlraczan Yom: m lcnclerecl Bur mv scenery clecolatmg tlie stvfe lmancllmd the footlrdlmts and spot l0'l'ltS ue lout a less of tl1e lunctrons ol tlle lnclustrlal Arts Theatre Club wlnch stcmcls n the loredrouncl amond campus 'lCtlVItIES Tlus Group alvly direct cl Rettew ancl Cliarles lxfleole worlcccl lonff lu cl to tlwe success of all th v contrrlaute rmmeasulalaly ramatrc offerings Tlneg assisted m tlme stagmg ix Dav ancl tlme lnclustrnl Arts Conference as well 'rs tilcmg cure of t e xg tmg 'mc wclcstclffe wor or tie plogrwms presente lov tlle Entertwmment Committee Another step towircl tl1e moclenmzwtron of tlle lnaclcstuge cqurpment vas tue mstwlldtron by tlme clula of a telephone sxstem to lacllrtate commun1c'1t1on lnetxx een tlxe control room ancl tlie laaclcstage Onlx upper classmen 'xre elrgr le lor mem erslup rn tlrus select 0l0'll'l1L'1tlOY1 Member: Suplwmores lnlm fluid Jose-ph MLCMIN Charles Rellcxx Edwin Qu-umm Glenn XVe11tel J rrlm lor Dum Booth I-fum Bucllnller Domld Ellenlmflc XMllmm Ish-lnclt Clmrlf 'Neale Nornnn Pendercfl Olwer lxlmrqxn genmr Robert I lunlrnslwgu Robert OCD: I Elmmd Qclrclller Pwl Horn John Emu: lr1 Gtllerlw H ll'1l l lwul Grwmmes 'lrxex Rell 16 A , : '. If 4 ' rl nr ...,,,,..,.............,.,.........,....,..,.... 'L ' Y 2 ' ' .- ' I .,.,.......,...............,.. lc :s ' 3 -' ' ...,..,.,................................,.. . ', ' 'S f ,: ' ' ..........,............. l z 3- D A r, I . I 5 y . D .D Q 1,5 E ' 7 , ' ' , I ' c . ' 1 ' D ,, 1 r Q ' ' ' . ' D D, ' e by Harve, . '- ,,, ar llours to ' ' ' ' e colleges cl ' ' -. f '. , ' ' ol tlme lvlf j Y 1 f . z ' .L lm In . c IJ: . L B ' li f l ' ,c. ' d n ' c . ' ' ' c . ' I c ' . . r . ' -t ' ' I 4 . C I . , 7 , 'V . nc . -7 V c . .13 I3 . I . .' " 'Esc xc . . 1 .: ' -L f' . . , K , , - f, " -. " 3 ' s- f"cl , - I' ix . 1 s"sf , " I ' '. ,C :s.l , , , ' fr, M2 3 e ' 5- -2 -: 4. -, A .' v , Je L . ' ..l 'I , A . 'f t. f e' ' . C 'I' 1 ew. 0"'fFRS CLASSICAL Rui 1 Dunl up Preszr en! Beth l'r1t7 X :ce Prem vu! Secretary fmnsurrr l Ir renee area FHL!! lx Al IIWPF I Il X SYNCILY e Classical Club laefran the Sear 11gl1t by laolclmg a Roman banquet a Oggle roast Ill a near y woocls Tlsnrouglmout lJotl'1 semesters this organnzatlon has trlecl to live up to its name lay presenting varlecl programs dealing mainly wxtli tlle Roman and Frencll phases of the Classrcal Worlcl The most enrrclung ancl Interesting program of the year was tlle lecture lov lVllss Sh of the Latin and French teaclmer at Lltrtz High bclmool Slxe gave an excellent picture of Roman private llle wncl to supplement l1er speecll slwwecl sllcles from luer own Among l1er other materials xx ere several projects completed lay her Latin Vvrtlm the seconcl semester came sexeral new members to the club lm a loo sa e was elcl m t e annex to tota o room As a trttmg celebratlon lor amt Vxlentrnes Day a novel program was presentecl clealmg Wllll tl1e Roman conception of Valentine s Day ln May as '1 IS ancl goocllave to tlle otllers tlle clulu llelcl a PICHIC collection pupxls ma mg a the mug l lforty On February nmt farewell to tlfxe Senior memlye ID true classical stvle Il CLUB ' I' fl . .ff A 1 Il ..,....,..,.....................,.........,......, l 2 "' .- -'l ...,.....,...,..........,...,..............,.. j -' . S . '-' ' ., I .........,.............,...... : 1 ', C jfs ' Ig . lf. .,..........................., lx'l'ss En ily C g - Tlm . ' ,D if " , E ' . f - d . . IJ ' - 4 . . . C . 1 . r v . 'V A L 7 , H ,-, . ' cl : l f . lm ' lr . cl' 'x . . . . ' S . E . v y C IIIIDDY SCIENTIFIC SUCIETY Roddy Scientific Society, one of time iargest ciuins on time campus, has fostered scientific interest in every-ciay iiie. it was named in iionor of tixe weii-known naturaiist, Dr. H. Justin Rociciy, wilo was formeriy a science professor at Niiiiers- viiie and wilo now ilas charge of time museum at Franiciin anci Niarsilaii Coiiege. Since time number of meetings for ciuias ixas been iimiteci to one a montii, Rociciy iwas naturaiiy not iaeen as active as iormeriy. Tile initiation meeting was i1eici in November wilen a tour of the Science Buiiciing was macie. Severai science majors tooic ciiarge of tiwe various departments, giving information tiirougii experi- ments anci time ciispiay of ciitierent specimens. Foiiowing these presentations a test was given on tiiis materiai, the two prizes ineing awardefi to Lioyci Dougias anci Josepii Bisilop. Dr. Steiniiauer, a memiaer oi ti1e iacuity, was time ciiiei attraction at time January meeting. His subject was usociai impiications invoived in tiie Fieici oi 78 RUIIDY SCIENTIFIC SIICIETY Sciencef, At that meeting, Dr. Steiniiauer was made an ilonorary member of the society and at the following meeting he was presented Witil the Roddy Key. Student members were time cilieiq participants in tile programs of the remaining meetings. Rociciy has contributed to the ioeautification of the campus tiirougii a fund set asicie to iouy iiower iouiios whicii are pianteci eacil year. ls! semester George Grove' ,. Nicimius Kuzovivil EN'LtI!'ll l:RilS ...... Roioerl Nicimis ...,,. Ted Xvilman . OFFICERS President .... .. Vice-President ,. ........ Sl'Lirl5lllf5"TfCUSlifer Historian. . News Reporler .. mul semester Samuel Bear Josepin Bishop Doroiiiy Bruimiicr Francis Spiciiier . .. . Lioyci Doi,lgiins 79 F - i kg ,xiii i -.,f Tsfe gl X x 44 ,fs Yi' M TRAVEL CLUB 0'f'i"CER5 Presiclvnl .,.,,..... ............................. l :lore-nce Curgas Viceeprvsimlenl ..... Eleanor Lippiall Secretory ......... ........... V Vilma Bcarcl Treasurer ..,...,... .Rulh Nesilerolh 1,rfJgrfl'll Cllfliffllf ll ........A A rlene PffIl0YY'iC flrlvisvr ..-Bliss Dim-:ner This year the Travel Cluh upheld its aim, the studying of various Countries ancl their special points of interest, through the meclium ol- spealcers, who have visited in other states anal countries. The travellers tourecl the world hy listening to such lecturers as: lVliss Snyclefs visit to Panama and the Vvest Indies: Polly Nissley's trip to Europe: Lucy Snycleifs journey to Floriclag and Marguerite Green's stay in California. North ancl South Dalcota, and Utah. However, not all the events were of the same nature for on December 12 a general merrymalcing toolc place in the form of the annual Christmas party. Later in the year, the club went exploring in Philadelphia and Valley Forge. During the past two semesters, the calilore of the programs has lneen such that the clulo has been alole to maintain its position as one of the wicle-awalce organizations on the campus. Honorary Members: Nlrs. Pucillo, Mrs. Stayer, lwiss Davis. Members: Fresl iiii en-Nlary Ellen Fryinire, Marguerite Green. Lucy Snycler. Pauline Nissly: sophomores-Ruth Nestlerolh. Alma Smith. Phyllis Snyder: Juniors--Vvilrna Beard. Genevieve Boyer. Eflilh Burlcey, Cathryn Connor. Kathryn Dowling, Marian Ehersole. Lucille Fuller, Nlary George. Mary' Ellen Groll. Carolyn Hall, Ruth Hunt. Nlargaret Kilcullen. Eleanor Lippialt, Arlene Pel-iowic. Sara Stenson: Seniors--Glailys Bomhergc-r, Florence Cargas. Ruth Hurting, Sara Steigerwalt. Anne Tananis: Spf-Cinl-Kathryn Krall. 80 THE VARSITY CLUB OII ll LRN 1 lc 41 1.4 mu tllf'lUlX 4 I X ntl IXllllf'FNXlll6 Q Plwmuclers Score Allllll Victorx IXI mv timee ine xxc re ic sum u Iieicllinu. in tlie neu spipele Tlie xI'lI'NllV lu is marie up ol tlie Joxs tlllt ue responsible lor these l16'1ClllllCQ Tley C'xrrx llie Blult 'incl Golcl into IJ iltll on llu sportb Ironte To Jerome Cllffllllf. lor mem uerslup tlie IJO3 muQt lmxe e'1rnec a xurntx INI in one spoit suc I1 we Inslxetlnll loot fill or Iaabelnall Alter a mem Jer has receiwecl txxo letters tie clula axxzlrcls Ium '1 Qxxeitcr will Qervice stripes xclclecl lol eacli 1clcIit1on'1I letter ment Inelcl A 1 lIC'llLll6 ol Homecoming Deny tliey sponaorecl tlie Vareitx Drwg us xpring tie 'itliletes prewntecl tlle luglily entertfunmg Varsitx CILIIJ Revue -Xulstino in tliese actnitleb were tlie V1rsity Clula Sweetllearts Florence Cirgas Stella Ixlarie Haelnei Cmolxn I'l1II 'incl Louise Welch lx lfll ,PrS xl HIOY IL Ox Sli YK lff Fc Illl lin COYQL rflxf' I' In lollll I l 1l'llllllHS XX I l Jrcl BLlClll r JU ID AJC! IU tl Cir ll lllgtf IX f N li ll ,X If I lrxl qc If ll illnlflr I1 xsrooc Sllllll I I LUrf,1 E It In Inn D n ll l S Il lkll lll'X Oungln III JIHIQ PFIIIXC lllf Io Ill PIHCRX 'qc Vanin XX Iulmorn l ugun Ru! utr u Bm rn in Ru lx nmonc Bllllxtt 'xllcr llosvml Driller Noplmumres in XIII cr 1 L N :lin I-1 um X I I f.1LorL,c Ix :miner :ment H111 ey DL 'HI N I er I 4 N11 1 I1 Ioun 83 IM-sn! 1-f. 1 .,..................,..,...........,..........,......,.., lurk CIN Vim- I' f-1- slim: .............................,...,...... G-,rp G 'r 4,-- T .'t't. 5 llfe -1- .........,..,...,...,........... illw tytu LI In 'I H ' 1 . uf '.' f" 'I' " 'r vu" 'f v " . Ia f ff: .z I "Ir ,a ' ' 1 x . :' , C In . I j 2 2' 5' . . " .. I f L if .I 1 " . ' I 1 ',' A I Ip ' f - if . I 5 3 " " Besicles tlie sports activities tlie cluln was in tlie foreground in tlie entertain- -, " . s . Q ' - ' L ' .' j C . TIL- g ' I . Q ' ' . 'lf I :ij-' S-.lf-If Cf, I .I 'si,G L-G w. F1IfTl as, JHIICQ "IG I I -I I. .al "-rg-. 'i-IIIQNKZI-'-I, z..If'Ig. 'S-'I' If 'I. ,nil . iller, C- If I . U I I flu ck, - 5 C . I . t -s V ,-I -Ie. . I ' I wg , . -' " -,ig-g I-Ird, -II usp, 'fy I :,- I., mf :.- Da i'I-, ,like Qlnrk: F rifs Ii.: -gl " X 'I-'s. V g 'IH -. V' :- . I -. at i'I'II., .limes In '11, .wk ' CW ' T.-HN IJ E' : C rl. ElmM,5TOw murfl ' Xoui VUCMQ C,k1LlCxV C ENV, RLXTII 'TER xauvomm Huwmm Dm F or u7u.l'f1 Cuioumz Exxxammixi 1 Mui Sunni x Ccnlcr Guard Forwurcl 84 TEACHERS' CIILLEGE CHAMPS Niillersvillels crack cage team gained recog- nition as Niythicai Teachers Champions of Pennsylvania for the third straight year during 1958-59. Under the clever guidance of Coach Puciilo and the leadership of Captain Pete Eclmiston, the Niarauders chalkecl up thirteen victories while chopping three contests. This year the Black and Gold stepped into outside competition hy playing La Salle College, Westminster College, Newark University, and Pennsylvania Nlilitary College. In this field they were successful in turning in three wins. However, La Sane College overpowered ECI- miston and Company twice. In the mythical conference the Puciitomen were defeated once hy Shippenshurg. The impressive recorcl made hy Coach Pu- ciiloys squad received national acknowledg- ment at the conclusion of the season. The team was inviteci to compete in the National Collegiate Association tournament in Kansas City, MiSSOUlTi. Along with Duquesne Uni- versity. the Pucillomen were chosen from a ciistrict including Pennsylvania, Nlarylanct, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. The hid was rejected because of a lack of the neces- sary financiat hacking. Dias Biiianrnik 1 r : NFF-" . C uu.VN 'LS' V Homin-- ELWOOU Sfirril A Dyliimagcrg Dems Niu.i.iaR GUN' Psi. Dif:rriNT'3R Glmrfl 1 x xN Ri1.iifsNYmiR F"""'m1 FU,-U-tural Season Recorcl b'l.S.T.C ......... 46 Llniversity of Nexxfark 55 ......... 49 Bloomshurg .............. 58 NI.S.T.C ......... 40 P.iVl.C. ...................... 25 lVl.S.T.C ......... 47 West Chester ....,....... 24 h'I.S.T.C ......... 50 La Sane College ...... 51 M.S.T.C .......,. 57 Vvestminster College 55 iVl.S.T.C ......... SQ Shippenshurg ............ 49 1VI.S.T.C ......... 39 Kutztown .................. 57 iVl.S.T.C ......,.. 45 West Chester .... , ...... 5 4 iVt.S.T.C ......... 49 Nlanstield .......... ..... 2 1 iZ'I.S.T.C ......... 40 Kutztown .................. 25 tVI.S.T.C ......... 57 Shippenshurg ............ 42 i I.S.T.C ......... 2Q La Salle College ...... 40 NI.S.T.C ......... 55 Indiana .............. ..... 5 4 iVt.S.T.C ......... 46 Bloomshurg .,..........,. 27 i5'I.S.T.C ......... 56 California .... ..... 2 5 In the initiai fray of the season the Black and Gold clashed with Newfark University on the State Armory Hoor in Lancaster. Witl1 Captain Edmiston and George Ehemann shar- ing the scoring honors, each having fourteen points, the Nlarauders opened fast on the first tap-off and continued to lead throughout. The Jersey coach started his reserves hut soon rushed his regulars into the battle. This team took the lead with a whirlwind attack. This lead was shortiived. Millersville came hack fast to hold a 26-17 advantage at the inter- mission. During the second half, Hank Ehe- -, 2 f-A 1,551 mann ran wild and dropped shots from all angles. The final standing read 46-35 in favor of Wlillersville. After polishing off the cadets of P. Nl. C. hy a 40-25 score the Pucillo-coached squad met La Salle College on the Armory court in what turned out to he a whale of a battle. Playing almost faultless ball the Nlarauders main- tained a slim lead through most of the contest. A stirring La Sane rally capped hy Ed Krupas beautiful long shot sent the score to 51-30 in their favor. Wirlm hut Five seconds to play left. Al Dettinger was fouled Ioaclccourt. The 1200 fans were tense as AI stepped to the foul stripe. Nliliersviiles chances faded when Dettinger missecl the charity toss. The game enclecl with the score still 31-50. Shippenshurg, Vvest Chester ancl Kutztown tell easy prey to the fast going Pucillomen cluring the succeeding two weelcs. Then Nlil- lersville travelled to Philadelphia where they sulvterecl their second defeat at the hancls of La Salle. The Philaclelphians presented a fast larealcing ollfense, featuring little Johnnie Brnich and lanlcy Tom Carrol, that hewilclerecl the Black ancl Gold. The hlillersville attaclc collapsed during the seconcl hall ancl the Ex- plorers coastecl to an easy triumph. ST Coming haclc to the State Teachers ranlcs Coach Pucillo,s hoys scorecl three consecutive wins. Their victims were Bloomslaurg twice and Vvest Chester. At this point in the sea- son an extra clash was scheclulecl with Vvest- minster College. In this hall game the Bla- rauclers reachecl perfection, fighting as they never haul lnelqore. Witli hut three minutes ol the linal periocl left to he playecl, the score stoocl at 52-47 in Nlillersvilleys favor. Then they momentarily relaxecl ancl the visitors were prompt to tie the score at 55 all with less than a minute to go. Captain Pete Eclmiston tool: the hall ancl calmly clrihhlecl to the iniclcourt stripe ancl let a shot lly that cut the corcls for the winning twin-pointer. Euclie Rutherlqorcl and Hanlc Ehemann with 24 ancl 20 points respectively were impressive in this victory. ln another step up the championship laclcler the lnaslceteers elcecl out a 59-37 triumph over Kutztown on the Berlcs County court. This win marlcecl the first time in three years that Nlillersville 'prevailed on the Kutztown tloor. The game was marlcecl hy rough play ancl sev- eral hanishments via the personal loul route. Following an easy win over lxflansfielcl, the Nlarauclers journeyecl to Shippenslzvurg where they were lorcecl to hencl their lcnees to the Red Raiclers hy a 42-37 score. The upstaters unleashecl a triclcy offense and accurate shoot- ing attaclc that kept them out in front through- out, thus hancling hlillersville its only confer- ence defeat, The following weelc Coach Pucillo sent his charges against Incliana and California with two triumphs as the result. This clinched the mythical crown lor the Nlarauclers lor the llourth time in five years. Coach Pucillo will lose hut one man through graduation, Captain Pete Eclmiston. IIN Tlll hllIIlIll0N NILI VRSVILLE BI OONSBURG TIFF ENDS SCORELI SS Otto Jer 1 IQJS PIay1ng Jr1II11nt cIeIens1xe J1II to SITWG oII '1 Iast per1ocI threat the Ma raucIe1s st'1Ie I'Il'lICCI BIoomsJurg rn the1r 19,8 QYICI cIeIJuI It BIooms UIQ In the IInaI Ilvc minutes oI pI1y the I'IusIues pushec to within n1ne x ucIs oI p13 cI1rt onIv to he repuIse JV IVIIIIersuIIes stub orn I-orwar waI The BI1cIx '1ncI Q oIcI s oIIense was marred by poor me Pmc IX age s puntmg were the high Ig ts NIIILERSVILI IS HOLDS ROCKFTS TO SCORFI FSS DFADLOCK Qcto Jer S In their In1Il'1I home appe trance the IVI u'1ucIer were Iorced to 1epeI 'x Iourth perxocI thre It to e'1rn tI1e1r seconcI score ess ea ocIt The Invaders cIrove to xxrthm Iour yards of p1voII I 1ncI hefore the Black and GoIcI cIeIense trghtenec uncI prexentecI '1 score T e IVI1IIersx1IIe juggernuut marche deep mto encmx tcr1Ito15 on 1 sustwme drive Ie Inv FmnIt Imhonms TI IS rue Ilzz ecI when t1e Rockets IJ1oIxe up an '1er1'1 att'1cI xxhnch the 'VI'1raucIers usecI Pmcavage Vermeychuck Croxe inc the txxo Smiths st xrrec for IVI S NONTCI NIR INDIANS SCAI P NARAUDERS 10 o OctoIJe1 15 A I11g5hIy IavorecI BIacIc '1nCI Co and machine hovsecI to the NIOIIICITII N JI Te nchers on the IVI1IIersv1IIe I1eIcI The vusntors sco1ccI 1 IIeILI go1I rn the second quar ter mc '1 toucm own ancI 'ln extra pomt In the Iourlh per1ocI Ior their ten points CIaucIe VVaIcI scored the six pomter wInIe Joe Co y Q toe xx 'Is respons1I3Ie Ior the I1eIcI goaI un con versnon The IVIar1uoIers as a xnI1oIe showecI over COITIIICICHCC 1ncI IacIc of Irght hut some IDCIINICILVIIS pI15ecI well nfu-neIx Don S ocIc ITl'1llIx Thom IS Vmcc I'I1nIey 'md Dan hI1IIer MANSFIFLD IVIOUNTAINEERS CRUSH CRIPPLFD IVIII LERSVII LE SQUAD Ocloher 22 IecI Iay Berme ISeIcIman '1ncI Tom xIanIey the grant IVIHIISIITCIKI gr1cIcIers smashed the IVIlIIersv1IIe Teachers, 28 2, on the r e 5 o J c LI Sion 1 S r n u 1 Iev Iac c upstate grlchron The INIount'11neer p1gsIc1n toters were never extencIecI hy the BI 1cIt 1ncI GOICI FeIcIman crossed the goaI twice '1ncI 1 cecI three exIr'1 points to amwss a tota 0 Ilfteen points Tom IxI'1nIev trocI pav cI1rt twxce Ior his tu eIve point LODIFIIJLIIIOII In the second per1orI the IVI1r1ucIers sc0recI their Ione two points when Tom IVI'1nIex was Iorcecl own Inehm the go1I Irne hy P111 NIrIIer Ior '1 s'1IetS The IVIlIIersvxIIe squ 1cI numhere nine teen on the m1urecI I st it the end of the Ir'1x BI ALR AND COI D REGISTERS FIRST VICT ORY DOWNINC' TRENTON Oc toher 29 On Jersey turf the BI'xcIc '1nLI CoIcI trnnp ecI tle Trenton Teachers Inv '1 21 , score Ior their mrt1II victory of the season Alter two mmutes of pI xv I-'r'mI Toro 9roI e through Iast to Iorne '1 Trenton Intl cown Ior 1 s'1Iety for NI1IIersvrIIe Torok aIso scored Ixxo touchdowns Ior the IVI'xr1ucIers the lrst on a JIocIxecI punt an tue other on a Ime p unge ECI Vvelst scorecI In the tI11rcI c'1nIo when he mterceptecI a Trenton pqss 1t mrcII1eIcI 'ln g'nI Iope to '1 store RED RAIDERS NOSE OUT MARAUDLRS 1, o IN LAST PERIOD November 9 AIter 1 Inf Iouffht mtte Ior three per1ocIs Coach Poss Stehman s NI1 rauclers suc cumhed to Shrppenshurg 13 0 Ihe I5I1cIc 'md GOICI muIIecI Its onI5 scormff chance III the tI1IrcI quwrter when aIter 1 hrrIInnt ,J v1rcI clrxve they were staIIecI on the two y'1rcI strnpe The Red Raiders scorecI twice rn the Iourth period Johnnie Bax ace hack shot a short piss to Jack Stokes for the 1n1t1'1I score and SpangIer IJroIxe Ioose around right encI -. 1 J N , Z A A f 0 0 0 0 'I -l W I '- A ' ' IncIix'icIunIs on opposite page nrt-: Inn row. If-:Il In ight-f + Vern: ycIlucIi, center: IJ. hIIIIer. tm'IiIe: D. NIiIIer, Iiu:IiIe: , V I l ,I. Smith. encI: E. Smith. 0ncIg TI, mas, In Shock, I.mcIi: I I -' v T - f I C I immmliant-Iy Iwlmv-Conelws I'Iz1IIer, I'uciIIo. an ,I nan: I c . L ' 1 , ' , , - hInnn-e Grnmmes n cI Captain "I'Ieinieu Co nslnfu: Iam! - h I , C ' ' -. Imn row-,I. SI1irIi. 0ncI: Cox, Imck: Han 1 . IiIc: Reese, - Y 2 V - l . V. A Imck: Grove. guard: Ijincnvage. I'1n:Ic: rIIoroIi, Imc'Ii, . in C V 1 ' Q . 'N W I . . ' . - C f ' , I . CI I, ' " '. f- Ib , 1 UI I. . N 3 . r I I ' 7 I9IocIcing. Frank PI-IIOITIEISIS running ancI John- , , - , , , , . . qi 'C V -J . N . h U ' ' , C ' N . , c ' F V - Q V . . , S I c 1 - , , 1 - .41 - I I .AAD A I' ' f - - -. I Y 1 . I K - I A I .1 . E r , I ' I ' . ' - - ' i 'c S ' , ' ' 1 . A t 1 ' ' D CI '. l ' fl ' I CI i r I I A 1 I ' c It . c 1 I i . ' . c -V. ' ' . ' I , E . - - . I I I c . I1 I V , I . , I. r 1 HV. ' Y- - - . , .1 - I, . . ., ' ' c .1 I c C 4' I J I I 4. . ,l , , S - - f ' '- I 1 I .C. 1 C I I I .1 -' ' . 1 1, 2 I 4 If I 1 !f A W c I ' 1. I I I I 1' - C but A ' ' . w L ' V Q Q . . 7 " I c ., In . . . C ' I r cl I ' I . I r - I . , . I. 1 ' -r . 2 1 ' A . ' C A L . . I n . ' L-- c I I . 4 CI c - . I L "' E ' c I . , - cl : - . E I L I cI c 2' 1 I l C vc S x. Y. Y C cl - I. .T , ?- y I ' , E , 7 ' 1 f. . I d ' ,, hz I - f T ' ' , .. ,, , , . L- C L . I ' '. 1 S c I , c if Il , ' Q w . - v-4 3 1 ' i , ' '- 4 I ' ' , . ' I I , A ', I ' e , c ' ' ' I 5 A ' ' ' . c , L I hc "- " . , . A ' I , 1 y ' ' 1 -, d -, V . V . V . W . . . 1 . . ' , . -A ' " c . . . -I. t . , 'I I I , ' I 1 h . I ' c D l lc SS .. f wg! 1155" uk 'ru N 1 L. N and sprinted 47 yards for the second score. For ixqiliersviiie time best bets were Captain Heinie Counsman, Dan Nliiier and Frank Toroic. BLACK AND GOLD ROUTS SHEPHERD TEACHERS, lj TO 6 SCORE Noxfeiniaer 12. Showing a highly improved offense the Mararlders racked up their second grid victory. The victim was Shepherd Teach- ers of Siiepilerdstown, Vvest Virginia, who went down under n 15 to 6 score. Bernie Rei gels workout. Nlorc drive lin I Extra point good. Nlnesiro strikes No failing, lmys. Drag it down, i ll Reese, diminutive quarterback, crossed time goal line twice for Nliiiersviiie. In time First .period Bernie skirted right end to score and in the third quarter lie imurtied the line to break a 6-6 deadlock. Snuffy Smith ciiaiiced up the extra point. Jack Cox put on a brilliant dis- play of offensive and defensive play. KUTZTOWN TEACHERS SHADE MILLERSVILLE 7-6 IN FINALE November 19. Playing on a sea of mud time Flarauders lost a heart-brealcer to Kutztown by lxloniclnir scores. Neat double-team! Xvaiiing coacllls call. Pnliw lciclis oui Bancl gives crowil El lreatl Figlli. Nl.S.T.C.. Fight! of cldnger. He dir.ln't get far. Tlronms rips oil lrig gain. TL plnying in mud! a 7-6 score before a small Homecoming crowcl. ln time first play of tile game Johnnie Polisclmlc, Kutztown loaclc. gallopecl 70 yarcls to a six pointer. Time same man plunged for the fatal extra point. Millersville fought luarcl, and early in time llourtlu stanza Jalce Siiirlc recoverecl a fumlale over tlwe goal line for a touclldown. The game enclecl with the Marauders on the invaders' ten-yarcl stripe. The wllole Black and Golcl squacl perl-ormecl well lout were lwin- clered by tlwe muclcly condition of the gricliron. Schedule lxflillersville ........ 0 Bloomsburg ...... 0 Millersville ........ 0 Slippery Roclc ........ 0 Millersville ........ 0 lxflontclair J., .... IO Millersville ........ 2 Nlanstield ................ 28 lVlillersville ........ 21 Trenton ll ........ 7 Millersville ........ o Sirippenslaurg ........ 1 5 ivlillersville ........ '15 Slxepilercl Va., 6 Millersville ........ 6 Kutztown ................ 7 fHo1necoming Day, BASEBALL ROSTER Catchers-.l. Slwirk, Nleole. Pitchers-Capt. Cox, Sclueib. Sclxwalm. Rank. lnllielclcrs-Buckwnlfcr. Sllerker, Roorke, Vviesl. Smith. Radcliffe. Rullmerforcl. Outficlclcrs-Eclnmislon. Pinczwage, Reese. Head coach-.lolm Pucillo. Assislnnl coach-XN'iHian1 Palmer. Senior nmnngerf-Niclmlas Kuzoviclm. CAPTAXN WCK Cm BASEBALL E. April April April Nlay Nlay Bflay Nlay BASEBALL SCHEDULE -Kutztown ...... ,-Bloomsburg ..... AVI-ren ton ....,... 9-Shippenslourg .... 12-Kutztown ..... . 15'-'VVCSt Chester .... 20-Sllippenslourg .... away where away where where where away Members I,lTl'!l'l Rlllillyflef d Tll0fpK Cifllilll Sllll'KllPl' FlXN0lDfl B111 S HPHYQ BULlxXN lllel' VlLlUI' MHnkIll rlllCOCl0rC lx1CCOlllSCV Ctrl BLCLPI' Conrlx TENNIS SCIIFDUI E APT! BIOOIIIQIJUTEI ISYS T E N N I S T E A nu 'V uv VX es! Clleslcr mere N nv qlnppc-nslmun, xwcxy bl RLS' BASKETBALL LHAMPS Nlcmlners Anna Nlnry qmxilm Beilnce qnntl llnrmj Spangler Hllclw Kceporl: Rutlx Dunl up Ju lmx Hollinger Ixwllmryn lxr II I ounce G lilnle Anne rl 'un ll'llS ancl Rullx Revuclrxrcl 93 :,'. e'. , e - l' flc.. .' "'a. ' ' 1 I v ,'l26- K K ..................... . .... l I W - May 9-Slnippenslaurg .................,...... lmere lla, l5-- 7. .3 .,.................... l , 'lf' 20-.. ' . J ......,............. z f -N1 ' 1 : -',1'--'1.'z'- .'c-,. a . , , , . . - . S i , C ' El p 4 . I , L i , ,L i . l l Fred IF Groff, lm: FUNERAL SERVICE West Orange St at 234 LANCASTER PA Central Teachers Agency Mellxber National Assocxatlon f Teachers Agencles C H GORDINIER M1111 r 702 Walllut Street I-IARRISBURG PA CANDIDATES CAREFULLY SELECTED EARLY REGISTRATION ADVISABLE Bell Phone 7 4736 SPALDING REACH SHENK BROS Sportmg Goods and Toys 30 32 West King Street LANCASTER PENNA PARKER PENS AND PENCILS KCDAKS REBMAN S HOLIDAY STORE NOISEMAKERS PAPER HATS AND DECORATIONS WEST KING AND WATER STREETS LANCASTER PENNA ,, . . . 0 0 ' 4' N . . , z .Q 1 - O O . NO CHARGE TO SCHOOL OFFICIALS 9 0 l "BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS" HILL COLLEGE TEA ROOM BENDER I 8 BARBER PUQMVS THE SHOPPE UNUSUAL GIFTS 11 West K g St LANCASTER PENNA COMPLIMENTS Oregon Home M No th f L MILLERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA Q g ll OF 9 S in rect OF h uUbie" MillIler9s K 5 iles r 0 t : on re on P'k MEAT PACKERS LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA H C IFRANTZ 414 West Walnnut St eet LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA COMI LIMENTS OF THE MOORE DAIRY Har nsbl g Plke LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA ' A 0 0 WHOLESALE CONFECTIGNER COMPLIMENTS OF D E STAUEEER BISCUTT CO, TNC YORK PENNSYLVANIA Good Bread Good Bread Garrzenhaasers Bread H b GOODf THE COLLEGE BARBER SHOE C A SPOTTS, Proprnztor 113 WEST FREDERICK STREET MILLERSVILLE PENNA O 0 O o 7 . . . Is your most hea u ood. . . . Is your most economical food. 9 . . . as een or more than half a century. 3 Corzzgrtrtvucltttuomzs on the preparauon you have made to fit yourself for your hfe s work Teachmg It has meant many sacnfices and PFIVHIIOIIS on your part Our best w1shes for success 1n your profess1on attend you When you secure a teachmg pos1t1on the full reallzatron of the tanglble value of your educat1on w1ll be felt You w1ll reahze that your educat1on represents a large sum of money ID monthly cl1v1dends your salary checks It w1ll be a pleasure to acqualnt you w1th the Income Plan as offered by the Teachers Protectwe Umon A plan whereby 1n case of d1sab1l1ty from ANY s1ckness or ANY acc1dent you wlll ICCSIVC from 3525 OO to 5537 '50 per week A copy of our booklet A Word to the WISG w1ll be sent upon request C-O0 116 118 NORTH PRINCE STREET LANCASTER PA TEACHERS PROTECTIVE UNION Vesztmenzts fm Clwvior cmd! Pulpit THE C. IE. WARD COMPANY NEW LONDON, OHIO GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWNS, BAND UNIFORMS GOWNS FOR SCHOOL CHOIRS AND GLEE CLUBS Write for Free Catalogs B. HJERR Sz. SON 46-48 West King Street IE UL zt LANOASTERS 9 LEADING WRT GH T S STATIONERY AND BOOK STORE H PRINTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES REAMS The B1 Store wlth the L ttl F 0 Men S Wear The Book and Statlonery Store of Tomorrow Savyres, Scherdl SL Sweeton Tmdliw L C SMITH TYPEWRITERS ALL MAKES OF PORTABLES 28 30 East Ku g Street 54 No th Que 1 St LANCASTER PENNA LANCASTER PENNA Dml 5771 Robert CQ Rerfcz LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA Contractor for New Burldlmgs Y 1 7 H . v. . 9 g 1 e r 66 Q 77 , .1 Distributors for - ' 1 r e 1 reet , . , . 0 7 O C Savery, Sclleetz, and Gilmore PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Architects lor New Buildings Cllnrles V, Keesey Heating and Plumbing Contractor LEBANQN, PENNSYLVANIA I 1 I F 3O0W,a30iwfkQ LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA Dial 36286 MEN'S FURNISHINGS FIELDS-CLOTHES SPORT, BUSINESS AND DRESS CLOTHES PRICED AT 3515.00 to 3533.50 TRY OUR TEN PAY PLAN-TEN WEEKS TO PAY-NO EXTRA CHARGE WE SELL THE FAMOUS ADAM HAT - 52.95 24 NORTH QUEEN STREET LANCASTER, PA. COLONIAL THEATRE HOME OWNED AND OPERATED "The Showplace of I.ancaster9' I FRED E. EORRY, Manager KiRK1IoHNsoN Rt Co. Music HOUSE HEADQUARTERS FOR "Lancaster Symphony Assn." AND ALL " MUSICIANS 9' Wllyf not make this your headquarters too? We carry a complete line of Band and Orchestra instruments of famous makes such as MARTIN -f SELMER - BUNDY - PEDLER - INDIANA - MANI-IATf TAN - EPIPHONE - DEAGAN - LUDWIG - SLINGERLAND - RECENT Piano Accordions EXCELSIOR Q ACCORDIANA - Rio C55-Q 'VicTRoiLA Riscosios We have the largest complete stock of Records in Lancaster R C A f VICTOR 'A BLUEBIRD BRIJNSWICK - VOCALION COLUMBIA -- DECCA R CA f VICTOR RECORD PLAYERS and R C A RADIOS .................... 59.95 up R C A - Victor Combinations MAKE YOUR OWN RECORDS Speaking - Singing - Instrumental on the exclusive PRESTO recorder in our Sound Proof Recording Studios Y-f-PRICES 531.00 UP?- QQ All mail orders promptly filled Kiius IIOHNSON Rv. Co. 16 WEST KING ST. Dial 5237 COMPLIMENTS OE OF WESTENEERGER MALEY AND MYERS Trophies Medals Rings FoR COLLEGE AND SCHOOL EVENTS THE AUTHENTIC M. S. T. C, RING ON SALE AT ZOORIS JEWELRY STORE LANCASTER, PENN A. TRY LAND O'LAKES QSweet Creamj D BUTTER A Certificate of Quality in Every Package Approved by the American Medical Association Sold by A Red Rose Foocl Stores AND OTHER INDEPENDENT GROCERS W here Quality Counts SEAFOOD - FRUIT - VEGETABLES Prepared Seafood: fried fish, crab cakes, clam balls, codiish cakes, clam chowder, turtle soup, steamed and fried shrimp, stewed and fried oysters and clams to eat in our restaurant or to take along. SPECIALISTS IN FILLING GIFT FRUIT BASKETS F. METTFETT SL BRO. Northern Market House LANCASTER, PENNA. Open 7 a. m. to Midnight CGMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSONVS R R E T Z E L S EZRA W. MARTIN CO. MEATS and PROVISIONS LANCASTER, PENNA. GERMAN VILLAGE LANCASTER, PENNA. I. B. MUSSER WHOLESALER IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LANCASTER, PENNA. 110 JFS, APPLE Qu, INET. Manufacturing Iewellers LANCASTER, PENNA. STANDARD COLLEGE JEWELRY BE SURE YOUR JEWELRY BEARS THE APPLE TRADE MARK WHICH GIVES YOU PERMANENT GUARANTEE NVITH FREE SERVICE SARCDNY, INC. I 1206 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. QFFICIAL PI-IOTGGRAPI-IERS FOR THE 1939 TOUCI-ISTONE PHONE: PENNYPACKER S771 Printing by . . . LYCDN 81 ARMOR, Inc. 147 North Tenth Street Philadelphia, Pa. Engravings by . . . PI-IOTCDTYPE ENGRAVING CCD 147 North Tenth Street Philadelphia, Pa. LMLDLE J!! .T1FLii'13ll3l1'.lf'l1 I 71 1:45 ifliiill A211 ULU :JJ Lin 11 ur ffl 41 9 M 2:Ji1J:1i.1um:n1,r:f: Z4 11: unasJnuufaa.f.-41194114-1'.-.11:.-:..LJwr...1u 5 17' M I W ! J 1 SZ!! 5 -4 :LS ,,!! ' V' ' w ,y iff? ip ., Q13 1-:Q ES? 1 175 ' 5 SM .fl If KM ,F-x.. -fi. Sq- "Nu C.: --.n . MW Q 9' EAR: Q-ff? '-751191 ' 424:q af zu -QE :iw-, 59:3 Uv U, .M 4, M31 747 Wa W 'f if 1 I I ffl? ,1 1 'MM 'IJ r ,wi 635 Ifafg 1 Af NE .,,,' .91 , --,MA mn WD. lx 5 Hx .im njax if ST Q 4 4: ,.. 1- : .- . 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Suggestions in the Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) collection:

Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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