Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA)

 - Class of 1935

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Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1935 volume:

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Clizalfefn Grass fiaeidawrslick Daisy 'Hoffmeier 'lfA.'1'loover Carolyn 'Howard e6.c1'lO1l7G1'd fandis Tanger Tlomer E Tiilworfh 'Du Canger l 1 fora! hy 'Hug has Gsfherfenhardf frifingenfelfer 5'Y,7'YcComsey 3.N.Oslmrn .7'ifRfPorfer 5?l1el'Powell JA.'Pncillo Jane'Rofl1e .Mild red Sitnerson Junegsmiih ftnily Snyder Marion Spencer 5.fB.5fayer NE Sfine Nargaref Swiff .7'iarionTerry JB.Tf1otnas Aurora 'Wiclxeg f.R.'Uhrid1 Ghz Facultg 'miss 'lnaefl-laverstick 'mn Qmvood Ilngeufeltet' 12 ach month since the memorable September ot' 1931 Class ot' 1935 has brought us one step nearer to the ultimatef5en' ' gifs: i f 3? :ag Q i ion And now, here we are, Seniors, presumably ready to l ii. Ffzf- ,QB ve- iyagll' -'r.ffa'Ef ' 2, looli the world in the face it' theworld will be so good asto If H' ligiitfg fQgi f'15f 5 give us an opportunity.fBy what virtue do we call ours If jg i 5 is-5 ggi selves Seniors? lbur years oftime? Uesfour years spent if in the pursuit of a more complete life, years crowded.,,9 with activities, scholastic and social, the latter' some' gift 'Aw .Q 'wi v R 4 K 1 if 5. fi ' 5549 ,2 if '9 sz . of ,J ,Lf ,, ,Fi lf.a?,, - is 1 few: Q: re - Lf.,ei.:e 'iff if ir, -wife si ,,g:1ff -- is . 'r .It 3:3 'fs in iris Q is i ' 51 ' is . . h f f . h B times causing t e ormer to ade mtot e achground. site .?,,.g,r?gMe i .- exif- Q 4 . sffsifljfsv-..f ' - , if AJ ' ,Ji Hr those times we apologizeffpleadirig that we were ff if keep . ae,-s W:-Q : 42.1.-f' ., 3, 511,-Li. 1 l ll t h h t l11.2I'6y C0 Rye 5lLtCl6I1 5 LEED!! W Om ad U0 yet 'I' Efsmegg ee ff' or a5i5i.ig:.eeff'-. gras. -i ' ' ' ' if 1 ,711 f?Y"' - '.,1,'7-'QWI Q? - in fiilf i-Lgiiifgfffiizs I5 ZCIl'IlZ5l . :?iff,:f?i:ef:ffii5f if . . , 'wif , if .Wifi fffgff For the success of our class, we owe respect and ' ., igzggtsgr-F .jigfgr Q x 3' gg' l 3,5 ,i!'-, sz':5.'s.5v,5?,A-:tri thanks to our deans and to the splendid leaders we ,e ga 'fi r s '-,gm is Fzgiff, if W1 5 have had throughout our four years. 55"-A ig :ri A fmsggf' ' " 'Hifi .fxfsf ' 0 'Cl l' Tl S l fi :reef Midi Freshman officers: lresr en enry peng er i A ' ' " C? h - 3. . Qi Vfcefpresident Jane .fawt rop - J-! A . ,.., f irf-dw :- ,'-- 1 . -sr at serif, Secretary Qenevieve Mann ,f my - ,'.-ff 55 1 x .. i aff? '-.- 3, ' P S! 4 'E V3 4432? 4 '2'F':'g'P 1l'l2Cl5Ul'2l' .?1l1l Brubaker K1 si-ef' ii 11 ' " wifi 3 f ' '- -xt X -.iiS'If"?5El 4- -1 ,gi " Q :EFL W1 "IIS -- ' 'fi J? Ji- 15' r . , '.L-ftqiia--"fr 5551- if .fifit '5"" fffiig 3251? 1357555 - 'gigfs i,,1e..,ff1'ir -j?N'.:gL.3.fe, 5 'Tiff "' '-1 I t , if 1-54, -,g1,u' A-gg.. .a. 'qnrigw V 5, X' fc- "gf", 3'-"f gif: Ph . 'ffyfw -, 5555, 'a"'j5ffgvlQ, - 1 lie, - 2 5 if fm we River ' -s . ..:-'fieiri-so-wffriqff-'fr if 1. ss'--4 is , ,gifs M... fr. if 'arms ws- -E rg , 1ig5 gg rfg:'agr 5r""r+f,1 A", 'ir s -1 - '5 ff , its ,,.,.f i 15545152 ,f-fjefjj. S? . riliiiz ffii all f 5iQ,jr..ff ' E,,,-ef.-s,Hsw'i"5ief,1sw-S.2,155 -3 gg g ' 7-iggfi 'T H25 5 be sv' 4 W -E2-' --fi iff-:hrf:4: -5 be -Sum: -s J- -figfffv !g.'1:e' - ---li ,. -' ?f. P 'E' - sf-4-s, 3-5 "i."T"':1-QF" 'zifff ,A --me-if i!'?F?1- is' gggggr- 'JR' ff 12" is 1 ez - 'E' ---' - 'is -. .- 1 f -wh? b e 'ii"ff'+"' as Q7 is fir Wilt is' elseif 2i.7 ?1'f fre -:fi -1, 4 -:S-::2i'f-33.- ' 'i Si- 2 ' 7-57 Yi 4 ilf- "':: 'i is...,'ilf""5f1?"I..'w - --2 if' z-- KL-s f' '?r9QffT4i-f2i.i-Hifi.I'ffZ'1ffii'i 'i F, il Q fb 2 'fifit-rf" S5141 'tif 1: :sk ,Q ei if f-is .I ?.2if,fif,ih5:2'Qs,, V -t - -s 2, iw: ,, ,. 11,11 13? , 2- ,E 'rigged 'f 5 3'-if 'fi 'E --,E f'-ig," 'f,rfa-s,'E.- ' A-" - , Q5 A.5s'1?s:'51 92. sifiu -:high-' sJi!g'Q-seE- E. 1 H 'z ilwari 1 A. rf-.ii-'WSF -,"..-:-,1a1'u pw,-..s- 4 - fer.-L 1 4:2391-f'aI2f.fs"E1-'ei 3 '. ,, 5 'r.g:ie,yi-:Barren5fii'1'l?-QIf 13, ffliliii. 5? -,'f"'g..,eg?xi ' 'I g"I'Il , 32:hE:i'lh,z?"if"'5-A'-ggiii.:, ' I ' .-1: 35.115251ffQT?1f:frL?3?3j7.IIf.: .SEM iff' 154335 ., F-gi Pill '.-'L,"Z id gil'-12 gn- ' 13 ,. .. , ':-:'-'-i:f-'--.,,uSf?:ri'-L., 7:.f:f,B-450' ll M 2' N324 ?'1?','4 . -- ATE! 355:312-1- f 2 -- - .A wa g-1 iiyiii.-'xl , '21, , 324-,, ij 3 -g-,.gg- ' 2' Q' .,, 'ffgrf 5.11, EI: fn A .-',::.1'-i s. ffm , " " is z 1 f 1 "' ' 'iilif aw:-iisrzs ' iffsfu, , . . . . , ., naive 51 I5 Their election was a means for unitjfing' us Heshmen who had upon entrance been bedeclied with dinhs and ties, tags and.: black stoctiing, green ribbons and names less other articles. These attachments were secretly and openly resented, tor it was a "come-down"t'rom our high school pres' t ige. Our first social endeavor was our longvremembered lliddies lparty. fit was tun seeing fDr.iHnger as the Farmer inthe Dell and the other members otgs' the faculty as the wellclinown micem and cheese. fln the tield of physical prow' ess, our Freshman boys gave the school a footballteam. Among these bqvs were: B. Charles, Qevlin, fblasting, ltellp,i7alme1g and iroutihe girls advanced our prestige for they were rurmersfup in the hochey and baslietballtournamentsflheir grace and beauty also hehved mahel'layfDayasuccess fblaving ended a successful yean we re' turned as Sophomores. Here was as-' year ot' fun and revelry, of boisterous and cochsure actions, et of serious-rf' study and progress. 'Vinum governed this year byfiiesident ?aulBrubatier Vice-president ?aul Diller Secretary flosephineparmstaetter 'lreasurer fl."lWlbur5auder Although our aim seemed to be to imy press the Heshmen with our importance we had other interests. OurBowery Rrrty which might have heen a scene in any une derivorld dive was socially successfulazls we left this yean we were convinced that we had worked as hard and accomplished as much as we had in our ffreshmon year: As Juniors we elecledr ipresident ?aulDiller , Vhelbresident Qenevievelfcmn ,:, .,:. egg. -I y A e" i Q Y' elim ' N 'Marion Adams Sabina 30rd Secrelary fl'lileia Frey 'lrdasurer Slanley Charles Noi io he ouldone hy lormer years,we '32, held an imposing and successful Junior Prom which was afitting climax fo'May Qayaaigain our girls are lo he eongralu- laled for lheir parf in The fefefw had.: Slarlecl auspiciously and had continued in our Sophomore and Junior years. Three years had passed"5enior5"if seemed impossihleme usual smugness was gone for we sincerely fell regref for lime passedflhis, our Senior year has had for officers: Tlresideni Sfanley Charles 'Vice-Zl'i'esidenl Sabina Bard Secrefary mth Qlhvre 'lreasurer 1'VillvurSauder This year has laeen similar io a merrysgo- round- so much lo he arranged and so much worli lo he done 'thai our heads are reelingfleaching, plays, operaflouchslonee all were ledious lvuf all profiled from our ell'orTs.A5 we wrile, The lasl of May approaches Class Qay and Commence' menf will lvecome ihings ofihe pasf. Our SeniorfBall, alihough delighlful, will fade info unimporlance. All lhal will he leffw will he a bit of culfure, a hif of linowl-f edge, fhnd memories, delighflul expe' rienees and a diplomafhnial now? Are we fo lvecome unemployed drift, wood ? Are we io gel posifions and bee come sfaid and ordinary? Wsinrerely hope ihai fhe world may allow us To -2- forge ahead wilh the same inifiafive and openfmindedness thai has hehved us ai... Millersville, and fhal we may develop our life careers as successfully as wew are ending our college life. Thhard Bear r 17 y Abraham Berger as nl B , i Ella Y, if 2 555, -5 9 egearaeeez is is yy mn y is , In m E, as 9' H K-in use gg N' ' ' a is ffuuior Cfass Tresideni 'Henry 'marfiley Secrefary .Tosepfxine Auleu5acl1 Wee-president Eugene 'myers ffeasurer james Shank 'Margaret fl3iffner Elizabeth fBesf 18 Junior Class ag hach in The gear use There came Toi his campus a new crop of Tres hies, Greenesf ofthe green were we, lvuf noi for long. 5eTore mang weehs had passed we were acclimafed, had., chosen our leaders and were sef To run a swid race Wh Pinion Tless as presv idenf, Miss Powell and Dr Sline as ad, visors we were well sfarled Toward a successful goal. Pcs Sophomores we chose Tor our leadeg Clyde Ramsey. flhe second lap of our race was well run,Tor scholarship and exfravcurricular Triumphs added maTeN riallg To our presfige, Nou! as Juniors we are finishing The Third lap ofthe race Under the leade ership of Tlenrg flarhleg, we are dose ing beffer Things Than euer before, Uur goal is a perT'ecT,well'rounded college career and To This end we aim fo np' hold The high scholasiic sfandardsnz- of our school, give of our Time and Tal' enfs in ifs exiraecurricular acfiviiies and have plenTg of good Times Tor euergw one, 5porTs,ToQ have received our af' TenTion,Tor we have placed firoseg and Kamseg on The Tooflvall Team and 904' Gunfz cmd ciinsleg on The lvaslreflrall squad. hladdifion, dehahng, dramaTN ics and music have claimed The infery esfs and Talenf of various of ourww mem hers. we approach The lasf lap of our journey, eager To underfalre The responsilnilifg' of' Seniors. 'W hope Thaf we may loolr baclt on our Senior gear with The so knowledge Thaf if was our mosT such C655fill gear aT Millersville. fllelen flaisse i gains M, gg annie -Q-Q - E N K H91 gy' Kiwi? w!i?5+ mmemmn me in is-is if me-x Jane 'Bradshaw -K as-K -K E 19 T Sophomore Class 'Fesicfcnf 'Richard 'Diller Secrefmy 'Ula1y'1'ferr Wcefpresidenf Tzuf Torfer 'Ifeasurer 'Hfervin 'miffer Jame5Bt'iU Qgdnozy Bricker 20 Sophomore Class ith great gusto we retumed to coltege this year,no longer as downtrodden freshmen, lmt as sophisticated sophomores ranhing in a ctzss by onrsetveswth ftie assisianceot' 'miss Wichey and 'Uti:Stayer our class advisors,andnnder the leader' ship ot' our presidentsftiayniond Shingter and 'Richard Diller, we have compteted..v two snccesslhl years- She interests and talents of our class are varied,and we have tween represented in all types ot' cottege activity, 'many otour memliers have won highest honors in athleticshoth intercottegiateand interclass. For two years the foothatl team has heen strengthened hy our representation ot' 3Ditzte13Gerlitzhi,'UtcCastin. Tporter, Shinglen5horlzTeinpest,and Zepp,and the trashettiatl team has ctainied1Bishop and Tttarhley- 'Ehe girls have claimed., the interctass volley 'halt championship-' tor the last two years and have tahen the honors in this years hochey tournaments, while many ot' our men have shown prof ticiency inthe art of hoxing. And then , amidst the perttnne of wood pussies-'Ship Pthoyccwe glided on our moonlight Cruise Sea gulls ttew ahout the Captains bridge while the sailors swalilved the dech with music, and the passengers swayed to their rhythm, 'ltoin at the end ot' our second yean we realize that we have not lived np to our own high expeclationsliit we shalt go on and np with the thought that envy is ignorance 5 and that we must tahe ourselves tor hetter orworse as our portiomvthhid adien to the meinliers of the class ot' t 935, certain that their efforts will meet with success, georgefroske fhlenryfrnhatier Fesfunau Class 'Tivsicfenf Tleidemich Secrefcajy jane mcmamw Wasurer 'mary 631165 Iigura Hiller liounse fI3ruu1baugh 'i' lresliman Class he clear, sunny morning of a A day in early Sepfemlver wif U nessedllie beginnings of one-lmndred iifiy college careers. ln sliorf , iliefs fresliman class enferedfi illers ville . fllie nexl weela,a darli cloud sellled..o over ilie campus-freslnnan rules were declared . Our class soon decided fliaf our collegiale riglils were being ims posed upon,andfo1'll1will1 declared a wellorganizecl revolufion. lmagine 'ff'Y1f'.Br11lvalaer1s clmgrin lo walae up one morning in Oclolverfo find liim -f self Nliangecl in effigy". A fronl cams pus free served as gallows lorlliis slan Q clerous oulrage on llie X'igilanceCommiilee's digniiy.Thefrosl1,feeling ilie need of ae cleansing affer ll1is'dirig"worli, decided fo immerse lliemselves in ilie cool , refreshing wafers of flie campus lalie. Class organizalion was effeeled llie sec' ond weela in Ocfolver willilldoiil 1-leidens reicli emerging as presideni. flfien loo, several of our gridiron lieroesz Bra del, Charles,Gillespie,'1-land,1'louiz,Sl1aulw, ..lol1nson,'Ricliards,Swope,'Wfxrner , and Uorlfcs, earnecl lrerllis onllie varsily e eleven.No less aci ive in lraslieilvall were: Neil ,'Pianlain,'Rees,Reiff, and flodcl . Slialler proved llial 'ltnusic halh cliorinsz wliile llielviissescl-loslings and lirilsclier and iliefiessrs. llrsprung ancllluffey uplielcl flie maxim llial llieiven is miglil' ierllion ll1651l90I'Cl,lll1U0l1gl1 their con- frilvulions lo llie Snapper. Win llie eclioes of freshmen clieers ring- ing inllie seniors' ears, we laid fliem ff' "Goclspeecll+will1ll1e modesl addii ion ll1al llie class of 1938 can do much lrelfer. Arline Case ai. ' i. ak . ,eva Us ,, L- xv ,es gen Charles f John fByerly Miriam 3alzer Elizabefh Cooper R3,rll1 Dellinger Malilda Hnli Miriam Frantz Anna Mary Frey Hulk l7ro5l' Qlolm gable V gem gemmill Special Seniors Stanley Charles Bguise Charles 24 Mary grofl' Elwood Hruisey 'Mary 1-lolie Earl llochenour Sylvia fgveranf Mrrm Miller 5lizalvell1 Neiclerlmaaser Zlolm House Ueaneffe Slwllenlverger Qoycl Siegrisl Yauline MHZ he student body is divided into tour governingm groups organized to care for dormitory women, Government commuting women, committing men, and dormitory .wigs --. fr men. Although the women dormitory students have been 5 or anized t'or5 ears, the men dormitor students have ISL' g V---1"'-ETA-if we - -'frfpgi - si had a government for onhf 2 years. ,L 'jff ese governments are in existence to provide a means r. r for expressingstudent needs to the administration and to i bring current problems to the foreground tor study-W 1gTf1'if,i"..n 5 , , , l . ff: ':'4 "?:fE:,-il:i'2',-'A' and solution. Each group is a cooperative agency be' oaggggiifg tween faculty and students.Each1s an entity, govv erning its specific group, striving for rights and c , , , 71" Q privileges tor its members. g Although no definite move has been talien as get, i ,bli 'Millersville students are becoming governmentfwise iv .115 ssice ' -' and are investigating the possibilities of forming acen' , , . s-sr, ' -n ew 3 sei. tral student-governing system. An evidence ot' this -1. movement was the representation of all four govv c ' t' b ir.c nn s' .s eg c. ernments in student con erences at fBlooms Ufgfoeeo egg State 'Ieachers Collegefenn State, and New york. 11. .A 7 ,'?"q.ff3Q,' H 2.5 bg- I t -' ' ' ii1-i fres i 'liffifi '--f ,...,. , , ..., - ,. " " 'i" ' --,si ' --sc' N.t,.?,r, ' 'i-' , ise e f - ' f Z, w+'...,, 434 - 'z""'1"-.2 4 57 ? .""E W 5 -' .-... ws- VL' ' '- -'-1-134 , -f:..ffxf'5'- 'A7 -'f': A -- Y' ir' 'H' 'ia -fl .asfji-!'i'.:X,12 f 1 r -- ..i-, .:e..i '--ef- 'mf I-iii 722 es- A escee -e c ' .- " . -' A f - " Q lf ,. 1 f ' E f fs5'f.f5.?: i' 'fi 2 5' fs- 15. -fsfg. f--'Site' .Qi 'WQH was f e' 1- .2 .' ,s ' as ::. -, if? or .. -i :fir ,,,.f.:c:miss ?,'?521c:d r'ir c i . .::, :--:L-::- -ft- i-"' '... 1-- .-1 - -Q 'f--T' l 1 r 1 f. ,,,.. . i, c, 'I' Q ' 3,i::gc,c:,2gz:, - -gsggihg-fa-g'im-1? H I ' N "' U'dd-zahlllvl ,,,-,.::.cL:r A ggi' ui H21 ' ifii-Eu 'MN' NGA? 414-.-.-. H- Qsgswe 7-7 'HIen3 may Siudeui Pcssociafion 'Fzsicfenf Sfanlgv Charles Secrefcay George 2Broske Wwyresidenf Sanuzaefnewfxirlm Ieasurer John Differ 'Mary Coolidge 'Tifh Coho 28 en's Tay Student Association This association which holds ws. forth inthefDay Student Room,t'ron1.., which issues so much excitement, was reorganized this year with the purpose in mind ot so regulatin its activities as to benefit the majority og its members and ot mahingthe association a leading orw ganization onthe campus. 'Under the leadershyv ot Stanley Charles, the association has continued t hetast pace it set last year hy again mahing improve ments to its room tor hoth study and.: play. Checkers andinng- tPong have he- come so popular that facilities for their play have heen installed. These recrea' tional sports help materially in foster- ing a clean,wholeson1e, friendly tee lc ing that is so vital to an organization. ihey have served to hring ahout ct hetter spirit amongthe men and '2' have developed, to some extent worthwhile pastimes. Social affairs are not neglected for again a successful cl ance was ary ranged as well as a gym exhihition and aiciy Student Smoker: the Men Day Students are not prone to hoast, hut they feel t hat they should matte tenown the tact that, ot' the twenty or more organizations to which men day students helong, ten have drawn their presidents from the Mens fDay Student Assam ciationjiis may give an idea ot' the high type of work heing done hy these students fromhlown underneath? flosephine fDarinstaetter as Dorothy llefong mn ms ms X www Haag W new mn mn ms ms 35:17-, sm mx wxswanm. H BN mms E Emma -H BBB XS H M H mm ww Mm Hwy H 'ESSEX Emma. H WE W me W H E-M mm QW Nagin E Hmm N B Q Q. B .wa Ji n - mn mam uma ma' mam sms uma na www, ez-2' Commufing Wbmerw Pissociafion Tresndeni Josephine Darmsfaeffer Seca-efarg Sylvia fongeneclaer Wee presicfenf iluffz fefzvre Tmsurer Grace 17 ficfl 30 As- Wi sw mam B msn ss nm L ms ms .M wx , mkm 'B' aw wg wma RH .E . 1 fkggwf gig :mmsimg X , - ,V ' E HHH . qamjd. '- I B88 , ra gs Q., me-ff M Hamm " 'S 33 2 ,, fgw mf-is ' mm ws ii? -mi:xN?'Us Kmfxmqm. mglfz 1 wa - WC x-.UL Hasan .'- wgiw-is EX 5156-L -sm if use 5,5 mls g- an F' ' ugmqw ., B ss Q - ' 'I' Commuling 'W'otnensAssocialion his formal organizafion of fhe dag sludenf women which has come inlo being during recenf gears, is conlin N uallg funcfioning wilh fhe dehnile view of becoming a recognized power. Success is almosf assured because of fhe growfh offiillersvilles day sludeufs and because of the enfhusiasfic spiril which ihe major- ilg of ihe members display. Allhough sfudenl recognifion is probably fhe mosl vilal aim of the associafiomif has noi neglecied ils social acfivily. 'lhe MN sluclenf and facully feas whichare given eachsem esler are received with marhed approval as are fhe annual dances .A V' new fealure in fhe social program was fhe lea dance fo which the enfire sfudenf W body was inviled. cfhis gearfhe Commuling 'Womens 'S' i3aulfDiller Jkgnarcl fDodd Associalion has underlahen several new acliviliesflhe officers looh as a purpose fhe furnishing of fhe day sludenl room. M clfieir aim was achieved in parf when a number of comforlable and affraclive 42' pieces of furnihire were purchased .li is hoped lhal fhis worh will serve as a chall- enge lo fhe underclassmen sofhal in lafer gears lhe day sfudenf rooms will have fhew appearanceand comforf ofa well-appoint' ed club room. Anolher acfivily inilinfed ihis year wasihe enlerfaining of lhe mem bers by fhe efiiwrs. 'lhese parfies are infended fo become monthhi affairs lo aid in fesfering inieresf in college affair!! The organizaiion aimslo broaden all fhe lines of ifs acfivily infhe fulure. lfs desire af presenf isacloser union behveen allsfuclenfs which will lead fo a cenlralized sludenf governmenf. Wbmenk Communiiy Associcdion 'Madeline fizsold fDoroil1g Gfshleman 32 'fwixvmens Communilyflssoclolion Qreol progress has been ynocle ly 'this orgonlzolion since ll was slorlecl in I325.ll has been clue large' ly lo lbe efforls of llns orgonlzollon lbol currenl inleresl in sludenl e govermnenl has been orousecl. ff Cllwis assoclallon bas coopercrled willm lbe Commnling'XWamensAssoclolion ln sponsoring many social affairs, some of wlncb are lbe lovely bl-monll1lyleo5.ll bos also conlrlbuled lo lbe comforl of lbe clornnlory women by purchasing lcunpg and o roclio for llme newly an furnlshed Receplion 'Hall Jbe Agsoclollon conslsls of llwree -1- governmg bodfes5XXZlfore Equibr, and Dormilory Direclorole,composecl of facully oncl .sluclenl represenfv lofives. Officers for 1934-I335 'Welfare Vresudenlpbowlly Moyer Vice.presiclenl'Pflice Roub Secrelcujy-fvlorgofel Pllberl Ureusurer-llulb Qcli 4 E uil fpresulenl- gorollbv fvloyer Vice-preslclelrlvailicellaub Secrelorynfvlorgorel lrllberl Represerlloliveswfvlargorelfllownl, l2ncllefl'loll,Z"loujo1iePinclerson Senior represenlcclinesJ'lo1y5wolm, ElQnor'Willefs,5obiuol3orcl15enlalxHcfferan J1m1orrepresenlolive54'laIjorie Ptnclersonfllelen Keisen5aroElsweiler Sophomore represmlollveswfvlorle Carr, Elbel Cuslec Hesbmon represenlalinefolbornneliggell Foculbv aclnlsors+lvlissConorclf'lissl'olon 4 3.3 ?aul fensfermaket' Grace Flick l F 4: w '- E '- Wggms wmiw , gggwgw wwwwqwwww , .. w w Q E . 'Y' main? an E H ' , swim l Azw . .fra ww www I :N , www, BH' H H .H www ,,w1'w'E-ziigw, www nwwiwm ,fmwwww www, ,ff 5,915 wwww-. ww www w w w ww w w w w w w ww -w ww ww ww ww .w w Sw sw EE ww ww iiw iw Bw www wwwm -w .hs w M w w ww w E Sw w w w wwww www www www w ww w www m w w E- . -w w 1 ww ww w www -ww ' w . ww. wa w ww as H .. ww ,J V. w w", wwf! H www X Z Slim. W Haw w miw E www wigix-xw' I 5 mm EEK -- wwgw www:sMs , sm Hwy BEE 1 ' nl HBE ,.Km . sms HBE nl ' ms ww 1 r . HB HEBREW ww -V -www , ww ww H ,ww HW-Wwwwwwrw -wi-rg ww awww Eu. -Em NEVER!! 'B ' ww wwwrh' www ww Mn w f ' ,f --A if N 1 ' wwwwwv -zwgwwwgw. wk W H R l -1 wggyw' Q.. ? .ww whw. w ww w www w www wwpwww gww wwwwm W ww wwwww wmww wm,wxk www' Mens Communiiy Associafiou Tlilcfa Fry 51121 galebach ww w w w ww ww w ww w fw ww w w V ww ww w w ' - www HE? ,ww wwrxss, Mm gw w w,w ww w w w w w w ww E ww w w nw fl - 55 w :,.: w :,: K 'rflherfs Communifg Associafion he fleifs Commuuifg flssociafion was organized in 1932 for fhe pur- pose ofunifging fhe acfivifies of' f he clot: miforg men, After one gear ofsuccess' ful deuelopmenf under the direcfion of Dean Pucillo and fhe presidenfsqmliam r Gfsfof and Richard 'Hamilfonj his organ' izahon has become a Oifal facforas uiell as a cooperafiiie agenf infhe life offhe dormiforg men. 'flhese uirfnes mag be seen opercrfing in fhe social life that is prevalent infhe neuilg furnished social room, formerlg f he Z'l.Cz5i,room, Wirious confesfs, such as pingvpong, we checkers, and baskefsball, haue been Qs- sfarfed uiifli remarkable resulfs. fi secy ondarg facfor in fhe organizafion has been fhe esfablishmenf ofrules and regu' lalions lo which all men are responsible. ilhe organizafion has been working on fhe plan of having an amplifying sgsfem insfalled inf he gymnasium, Pc commiffee has been appoinfed fo make an inuesfiga- fion on fhe cosf ofinsfalling 'fhis equip-f menf. Such fhings speak ulellof' 'this organizafion and uiarranf ils confinuv ance as a beneficial inslrumenf fo bof h fhe dormiforg men and fhe school, Ms. The officers of fhe orgcmizafion are g Ersf 5emesfer: li'esidenfN'William Clsfof Wcepres'l5a1'fon Johnsonfflarold lfepperl Secrefarg- Raymond Siipple Teasurers Roscoe Spencer Second Semesfer: lresidenfw Richard 'Hamilton Vice pre-.i3Valfer Ganfz, Glvin 'Troufman Secrefary' 'Harold Kepperf Zeasurer- Mervin ,Miller :lane Gaurlhrop Alma 51-ebinger , :-. - ':-11 i- , . H. final, , i' 4-7 ... i -fe We Junior Commission he Commission System atlilillers- ville is the Colleges own original scheme tor acquainting the new girls ev with their surroundings, for introducing them to the lite and the traditions ot' the college and tor assisting and guiding them throughout the gear: Jt consisted formerly ot a minimum ot ten girls chosen from any ot' the upper classes, hut with the coming ot' the t933r 34 term the commissioners were chosen solely from theduniorclassirough ten years ot' practice and worti, the system has hecome more unitied and more efficient fthe Commissioners tor the gear 1934435 were lhlen Hem chairman, 1-lelen tteiser: Marjorie Anderson, Josephine Aulenhadi Margaret ldlliert Ruth tzqcti, Grace Grim, Margaret Schaeffer and Miriam Zeller: 'Wgilance Committee This group servesmainlg to introduce the Fteshinen men to college lite. it is in reality two groups, one to tatie care ot the commut- ing students and one to administer to the dormitory studentsffhe representaff tives on the committee are elected trom the respective day-student and dormito' ry governing groupsffhis year the chair man ot the daysstudent committee was 1'lenryfBruhalier and the chairman of the hoarding committee was Charles Stiatic Each ot' these men had a committee com- posed ot men from three upper classes. The committee, in addition to prooidingfs, tor acclimahng the new students anew inducting them into college lite, provided the student body with much entertainN mentfllnf antics ot' some ot? the pitiahle +- freshmen were hoth amusing and touching Arthur grove m i Caroline Gruhh l i t , ig .e 1 'Y ' s or " x hrough the musical organizations, students with special musical aptitudes have heen given the opportunity to display and enlarge their talents. For-.s Music .gat ex. ...l .11 -i 2, ,- I 4 I L.-asm. , 11 the students whose musical interests are ot a more pas' gfa3,'tp sive nature, entertaining and varied programs have at ,if w -Q '- e iii' been presented throughout the yeatt Thus, each ins 5 . . . dividual has heen given the opportunity to enrich ,psig gf, his experience in the held ot' music, hath through -"e f o 0 4 A 4, sly . 'ln it actual participation and through the talented persons 4 o .:""' gif? s 'l ia'-...H presented mr his entertainment. 41 'tlifu ss qheflach and gold Band -2' jffi 'Th G 5 safest ,Millersville campus organizations for many years so .1 lt furnishes the musical support which is so necessa' , 3 at WP mtet"n95 and athletic contests. Mrk Mn Y t . . J 'Q orter hach again as the director: and Anton Hess i' . , e's' isis g as the drum mayotg the hand continued to have the e I o o o ' if hlrfifu-pq-gg' 5. I ..'-.h 'E success and popularity which it enjoyed last yearns . "" Throughout the tall the hand played at pep meetings, , g, ,s 4" e.-' concerts, foot hall games and a hlg Qncaster parade. ' . ' ' "1 'Rf' ' 1 " 1, ', " -' . -,-54 ,..- 1' ' x "MU ?'- 'V ,, e e ' or s S i fi 1 l ' Q5-4 gi 'f Q , We ,Rs ' V 'i :lr ff' - .tial 2 -f ' 235' ' 1 't 1 53 2 25 lien Q-'f'.-54 . H t ' , ' A 55t3f32sf?"t. ?P , f4'?l?5" K ,r'e J ,. .5 ., ge, -. 5 .A E ., ., ., S fu. , . - , ,M ,ir 4..,., . ,ga 2. Qay.. . ew mf'?'n.'-'i- f sit- G-121 as -snfiisifefsgsg sift 5 he wa af' A 'i'5, '-v-ssfrw, 'rugiada 5. IQ -Q" . Q-sw-lik-"f' 32 w Ff' 11+ . ' 'L E' 11 V u . 17-?'fi.?'1g'5Qi' Rai 55 -451532. i.i.F75t-switlk.. P il 5?,15.5a." g r .1 'Y' ' 575 'r " f-rfif-' L' fi '-'1- --1 'w.f"'f'lE:' liE3'v1s--f- 33-I -we-ff f e rtile-2'-ze. 's sia f -- 'f-e'fi!?ff?'-:f.,.f:i""" - f .. if '--- iit' . -sfi ,..i1 1 ' .f - .--,.. --- -- .,-.f-'- . kv... ---.:-H" - ag. .,. . .. .7'Yen's Glee Club ffresiclenf - 'Ha rolcl 'Ha lvle Scare farg - Anfon 'Hess Vice-presideni -Raymond Siipple Treasurer - Mervin .Miller fibrarian - Clyde Ramsey Qlgcile Hall Elva Gutekunst 40 'Wlvmenk Glee Club 'presidenfdxfargarel 'Tfowal Sacrefary-Marygillow Wee-presidd-Margwaver film-arian'cl'lelen famlis Rghardjfamilfon Helen fHcmna 41 'i'fll.en's Glee Club ompleling llie second gearsince ils reorganizalion ,llieflens Glee ww Clulgallliongli siill in ils lormaiive slage, conlinued lo liolcl ils placeas a popularu musical organizalionflrflnorler cons ducledilie clnlv inseveral sparliling con' cerls in wliicli ai leasl a dozen new num' bers were added lollie clulvs reperloirew Win lull inienlions oleniering ll1eSlaie Conlesi,llie clulv lwegan a slrenuous sclied' ule ol reliearsals. 'XViien ii was learned llial llie conlesl could nal lee lield beca useu ol ll1e compeling clulvs' lack ol lundsffen allenlion was iurned lolhe produclione- ol llie lvi-annual opera. Al llie same lime, llieclulv remained aciive as aunil andm made lrips lo fancaslerfgorli, and M:-fs surrounding dislricls, singing lor clulvs, schools, and radio lwroadcasls. 'Wzmens Glee Clulv 'i 'llie'WWJmens GleeClulr,now an organ- izalion ol approximalely sixly metnlvers has lveen persevering each gearlo all il N iale ilsellwill1il1e common cause of sir: Millersville? erlra-curriculargroups. Tlirouglioui lliis gearll1e linecooperaiion oilacully and sludenis has been show n in llie opporluniiies provided for lliis cliorus lo display ils ialenls. Among llne many evenisal which llie clulv Sdl1g,lDQI'Cll12 cuslomary fall concerl on 'llome-Con1ingWYfeelx-end ,an enlerlain + meiiliorllieclvrincipalsfonuerilion held inoureliapel, adeligliliul assemlrlg pre N gram,and programs in lfancasler. As a resuli ofiliis clulis eflorls, inleresl in llie lieller lgpeoi music has been aroused. We size of llie elulv, and llie excellence of ils programs allesl ioils popula rily. lQ,nnell1j'lrI5lingS J?Manfl'larnisli 42 ii 1 Choir Direcfor -'Prof .Mifgvrfer 174111 fHaversIine Howard fHausman 43 Orchestra so 'Vthth Mn iporter leach on the stand.: waving his persuasive haton and with several new and accomplished musiv cians talting their places in the harmony the ,orchestra completed another success' ful year: Ghis despite the scarcity of excep' tional talent it had at its command. It As played most delightfully for all the annu' al dramatic productions remaining ac' tive throughout the year to participate in the Spring Concert. cf' Chapel Choir + The Chapel Chong composed ot' hoth., day and hoarding students has made some very valuable contrihutivns to the religious activities at Millersville. Continuing the precedent established in Hhruary, 1934, the Choir sang at the Wsper Services held on the last Sunday afternoon of each month at three o'clock. Jn addition to the monthly W5 er Serv- ices, t he Choir presented 5aul'sg-lolyca. City'as the annual Christmas Oratorio. fDuring Commencemenflweh the Choir tooh part hy presenting music prepared, especially forthe Seniorf13accalaureate and Commencement exercises. I 'f' lV1i5f'3ffC Male Quartette -rf flfiuring the early tall ot' 1934, a newly organized musical group wasforniecl, and came into prominence on the Mil' lersville Campusftliis group, composed ot'Anton 1'less,fRghert 'Wlliams tflvin flroutman, and ?aul Rarteng hecamem, ltnoivn as the M STC Male Quartelle. Their tirst appearance was in the A.'Minstrel Shouflheir excellent interv pretation ot' founpart melodies s00n gave them many engagements on and ott campus Edith fl'lot't'man Beulah fl'lefteran 3cmcl Drum lwajor - Anfon Hess Direcfov-R'of..MfR.Qrlcr na' wma ss K, ,Q B .: K H B? E B Q B- Efizabefl1fHosler it 525523 H E ,1 H ss Us asm?-W E ,SV F?-aww H KNEE - my , M E E E E Q E 5558888 B Hxmnmw E E Rqberf Hosfeffer 45 gf SUE mfg ' yin. 25'- 'i Clhe Opera nieresl in Music is greall asf roused by ihe.7'lusicClubs' biennial operas which are eagerly loolxed iorwa rd ioirom one produclion lo lhe nexi, Tfiiswz-f years elforls ol lhe combined music deparl' meni was marked by colorlul cosiumes U4 and brillianlsetfings combined wilh glam' orons music of lheGilberl and Sullivan opera1cITieGondoliers: We scene is laid in'Wnelian wafers. Bike all Gilberl and Sullivan operas,lhis one is a salire on llie ildrilish governmeni: an accouni of a ew purely imaginary counlry run on imagins ary republican principles. The produclion,given wilh orcheslral few accompanimenhwas presenlecl on Apri l 27 underlhe compelenl guidance of pro- fessor Plelzercporler and assislance ol Miss Qslher Benhardi ,fiissllurora ef-eee 'lWchey,and l'liss?larian?erry. Credii mnsl be given iolhefF1eaierAris Clubv-f' which produced lhe excelleni scenery or and lighling elfecis. Adding to lhe superior qnaliig of ihem produclion was lhe excellani performance given by lhe enlire casl .Alberl Cbberlfw, and Pinion 'Hess gave splendid inierpreia- lions of ilie lwo gondoliers and were ably supporled by 'B1IlhTis5 inger audbeliy Ficlxes. The lovers were well porlrayed by Arlhur 4' 'lempesi and fllargarel l7ilberl.'lT1e pompous dulxefRoberi'XWilliams,and his liaugliiy dnchess, Margarei 'Howal were ably assisl- ed in iheir comedy pads by'Paul'Porler in his role of Grand lnqnisiior. A line supporlingw- casi, headed by .fllfinda florrison, Gdilh ua iiein hold, Jane 'XY7illtinson,lfennetl1 Eiiuntz 'Paul 'Keiper, and 'Harold 'Killielfer for-A coniribuled enierlain menl and amusemeni. 'Margaret fllowai l georgefblouseal ccording to the accounts and annuals of the past Athletics lVliS.TC. better ltnown in those years as , i SNS. was noted for her strong athletic teamsj-low' eveniit has been only recently that she has had a rev vival ot' those bygone achievements. In just the past two years the teams have revived a flagging interest, and the atmosphere as a whole has changed toward i athletics. In fact, the realization ot' worth seems tow- S .Q , V' I'-I " 5- .' " - . ' ' 1: .gary .' ' have dawnedu on us and we find that throu has .Eta , 555 1 ' - ' if? J-ig. " 9 ' athletics valuable characteristics are developed. ,,, . -Ri-if 1f,- .uf as f , 1 0 O o o fi, 1IF7.,,f .,u,3?1"f,Q,.':w ,-,-f'f'g.,5-3.4, -EM, By teamwork and friendly rivalry, a dettmte f-M ffg, a 51,"f'1" ig..--:'lYi,' 1 54.959, -'-', , , , , A.p.if'5T +53-:I .Fl growth m personality, sportsmcmslnp, and cooperation flying,rifaaife'tsfs,fegs,5,33. V 5 ', -1' 4 AJ .ff - .. ,. v I-'Htl ' 4 4523-V . is made which leads to better men and women. ,aaa Jia-3.1.31 ia L ,.f ' f ge fur t--' ' sh rffftziii-fit. MS.'i.C. has been fortunate in having the services 4- 5, yi,-feng, ' - ot' such an able man as Coach JohnfPuci to direct 31 f-ii, it the athletics. Hs ability in handling men, his tatrv 'cs s 4 fi.-'uf ,zqv .- Qgff Lf- ,J J--.fu fi-3 o o o 4 o . grills t..-158 i. E-51,5 .... tress in dealing with all candidates, and his versatzl' if 'dies ' ' ' ' ' f :il -5 tty in all sports have made him a favorite with the Q ' A - - .rf s entire student bodyfihe class ofl935w1sl1es to htm it aa, - 'J Af -'H---xt. '.: .Ms ' -ai'-u ,r 1 an d to next years teams success and good luck. 2 Q - Jr ' 1 ff If eafgeggefgfifg- e- 1 e " -' ity if 2- " s?7'f- ' . fri. 'T k ..f,J3.,. , 'Q K. J , 'sf "1 A'2fgxygLifZ'.' ffsfr-ef,35-':'i.f.5,h'i 553- E-'15 ' . is u EX ' . if . e 5 .if X is . . . . :tl V . -s . ,. . H , , 3. rf' ,,,A,g'+nf,x.,1..sf4g! .,.,,L33,...-. .4:... 1' 3 - FXZE-,f - . f e 'A -. ,Q si: .,f,4 , .. , .. . L, Tin-. 2, -.a. q. .-, ,. Ig, ..,,,L,,. if '..1.,i Qi- -311 3 . '25, me 1 , I -W -gfgigizgsgi Q Z-.leg-5i5??2 lgjj?gi5f5-,lffgts5:15.-n-7 Q V- 1' -f -, .tc ' ' '13, f 2 ' Gt", 'va-.., -:2""'!"f.T':J nazi, an-PQ ti " '. ,". L 5 f t A 135321Ei5f'i'lf5ilf'553f5QfI-s'E55'--E at -4 ' 1 Q, 31:3 f""5'ji Fifi: .ir M - strife' 'Sf ,,5r,f'y. QL? as e .t -12-M! ?i'S2:iL..:Eu 17 gg-Qt? iii 1. .. :Wm-,V 3 -.-.- --raraiifzg ' -. if pf' gt, hal' .hal , . 1, A .,, v, , 4 M. .-,A h Tk ,tg , ., ,'g:, .. -A. A . . WP -V2 if Q .- . " . , , -serif' " fff-...ri it .fffii if 'fire'-Eg. -we 5 25 1. if 5 -b 3, . . -ggiifg-.IZ:,1T a5g?'fl?55r.nqfl'f5J1::1f:'5:Y13"?"',i-!TY"""'1133:-1 i' eff., 355252 Jw: - .LJ 2: .. FH- c'2'f1'-'St-.i""t"""""i+-ies" 3Q3'j',g ,,,,.:sggav:f:.f 'f"'9"' """9 .. Q- "'- .- - i!'q-'Nxk-,:iii- -j..".f.:-3 ' V -P, 51:-a.:?lgf1Qg1E5,. ' 'M""9'8'5'w'U '- 1045-513 4 ..., sf, e. A .V,..a,f 3:5 41. 41- - --', .L V ,.gs.'-.4,.'- :V .,si5Hs.,g43v-2?-'Ss-v-1-'Q Mg-ns-if-efg.'S"S'?9-'N-!tie4.gfiEi. :stain-HF 'L rv- fb? ' ' ' -p..yQx!'-. ' M: .Mg ' .S.'is-- -11.54 , ,,.1. ,1-,gh -H A,..h', ,yn - fl - - 1. Q .. ,f -- any-:-?::-L ': -- cz:-'Q -s. s ,ls-sniff - A, e 4f:a5.r5,:'-y1z,1,, -' nr r 1, . angel" e "f"' -.:g-i:f?5f'5f43:fc1?.S:.5sxwtrif?5'T"'z?5.- -ee.:q142agwk2?'f9g: " Q Q.:-lifiiu-L4 1 'i 1- ,. 'if'-fb . ' - YN -in 'Y .N - --W -.- . .-it'--L -1' 1- ,Q-ru P' -r- sw .',s- - f- ,.g,7-Q.,Y.-.1'-.- , -- . ..,,1 -, . 5 gn.. -,, .55 ,rl ' -, 44 .a-fm:-xt.:-riff2-'-ts.---1,35-.T , ' " -I-'guage-1eN6.r T, ' .' , 5- - ,,,' 4- wr - .9 f- ve- .- -,.,,--fn A . .rw -..r,- .f -. A t . ,im - ' ' A 3-f't:f'w'335?i.:,,,gvf'k5f' Masizr-Eieif if 'ei-' . tie- ' - 1 ' Q11 'if ' ,. .lzgqswfl Mfffff.. 4 E" ,jf ' '5-EN' all ' - '--"Q-': .g.'52:24 2'5 Jfgz. ,r1-..'- '1-f5,',:'!E'!-:"':-fl"v:x'f'f'f-.z . 1 : af 2 .na f- .fh in!- ' 5- - T!-iiifir ..4iif.29u, -. ...Muffy :EP . -, 4w.aecEi2:,L'2s-Bi.:tzzftrcaaef wi.L-2-:+f::.,.S.faf??312+' 1 - Fooflvall 'Tfzam Capfain -Ben Charles Coacfw 'Prof J.A.cPucnllo Sfuelauf Manager -A Braham Berger mimi magma. HHH W Marie Kaclwl mam as xmas a msn ' .. 'L'-. Gigi' ' 'na was Jonesjrwin 'I' lqvotlrall lamina under adverse circum N stances was an important characters istic ot' the Millersville footlnall squad QL during the past season .As for pluck and nerve none of the opposing teams showed more hut the Millersville men had not worked together long enough to acquire the smoothness and precisionneeded to nzalie a winning teamT1heBlach and field outfit was well drilled in atew plays and in short passesg and as the season progressed the eleven hegan to false on the seinhlance of a lighting machine Tlomecomingllagwifh all its gaiety and "hailflellow-wellcmetvatmos phere provided the setting lhri he most satis' fying game ofthe seasonfehre oneof thee- largest crowds ever to witness allilillersvillel game Capfainfen Charles and his hoys tallied a win over llutztown Stalefllachers Col lege. jbhert My Mildred lletriclt Schedulefor 19344935 Opponent lvhllersville 8 O Bloomshurg 'lVlansf'ield O O lvlontclair 14 6 llutztown 6 12 California I3 O Shippenshurg I4 O 'Md Chester 'Zi 0 Although Millersville was not success' ful from the point of games won, the team deserves to he commended for sportss manship and persistence. Next years schedule which is incomplete as get includes California,Montclair,-M Mansheldfloomshurgand Shippens' hurg anda possihilify of two other games Wifi the majority of lellermen hack, -s- and with an ahundanceof new material, next years season should he highly successful. Qaslxeilvall clfam Capfain - Will iamivalnner Coach -fBvf.J.AfPucillo Sludenlffanager - Charles Shafer ?auline fighfy 'PMB lkfizvre 'Q' f3aslZethall here were two outstanding teas tures which made the hastiethall season a success. One was the team :J wort! which made victory possihle. -Z- After the season closed, Coach?ucillo made this remartefjn sports we try to develop certain traits one ot, which is team worllj dont know ofany other team flcoachect whose players sacriticed more their own interests and desires for the heneltt of the team and school thana' ctid this group ot men with whom fl had toworli. "The other feature characteristic ot' our team was the tighting spirit which prevailed throughout the season. in no less than tive gamesthe lxfhllersville hogs were from tive to eleven points hehind their op ponents at half time, hut in each of these, Q they came through with a victory. fv Ethel fytle Qenevieve 'Mann The team will lose three men: '?almer3 Sauder and Qevliinfut with Thctelfm Rees, Shocli,'Ross'finsley,M'arliley and Rannels andthe veterans:Bishop,N:N 'Wileman,and gantzg to worli with,t here is a bright prospect thru championship next year: Schedule Millersville Opponent Kutztown 5 5 42 Shippenshurg 50 31 'voter Chester 22 37 ltutztown 53 53 Bloomshurg 40 33 'Wst Chester 29 28 Elizahethtown 4 4 24 Bloomshurg 39 28 Mqclnsfield 47 27 Shippenshurg 35 34 4 California 33 32 Elizahethtown 57 28 M.-, 'W was -i'.','is-Hsamn is -' 58.88 .:., 'iiklnks .mf ' 1 - X 'Afu ..: W MDX. ' a m . V E- ' is sa ' L5 V is 1-an . . Ensign ,- gzgigwi MES S Ms N H ::. L.. W 538232 as ., x X . is es a Sis' " sz 5 na wigs, sg 114:-A L 12 U I leig- mn .kai gf -W. ' H ,M M M M 3, ew EE U gi? Qing. by H 5 Qgfimm X is-in Q WMQ wavy R-Wm Y 5-mx Hmm ml. . ,gina i E 111 EH , 68 A B ,,. - 85 my 'Www . B ,U 52 ww ww W5 xx K lr., A X . fBaseball 'Fam Capfain -ivaulflleulin Coach-5311? GC Band for Sfucienf Manager- UUZH1 'xpwlher mel gs Dorothy 'Moyer Carl cMcComsey 54 'liasehall he haselnall team for this year shows ' hue prospects. Jilthough last pears season listed onhr one win as againstw' three losses the ability and cooperation of the players was manifest. C215 ith all hut afew men hash and with the additions of several fine freshmen, Glltillersville is pointing fora successful season. East pears schedule was as follows: Qllillersville Qpponent 'lfutztown 9 0 Shyrpenshurg 5 4' e2lie5f,she5fef 2 5 Qfutztown 4 5 5ince last year,the loothall field has lveen leveled sutficienthr to allow for a regula- tion halttield on the west campus. 'Y rom all appearances the team should have a wealth of hitting and lielding comhina tions toturn hackthe lresf of its rivals, ghis year the team isfortunate in having for coach Qr. N?aul Ghandler who has had playing and coaching experiences in southern and midwestern hasehall. Qllith a new diamond, new equnament, a new hut experienced coach, excellent addi- tions to supplement la-ft years veterans dnd a larger schedule, the team should turn in a winning season. e5chedule for l935 flpril 27 Qloomshurq tlltay 4 .Shyyenshurg ezliay I0 'Kafzrown Qllay I4 Zloomslvurg Qltap I5 Shnipensburagr Qllay I8 fffutztown 27' he Touchstone regrets that it cannot re cord the scores ot any of these 9ames,lvut it goes to press long hetore the season opens. Martha Mylin Samuel Newhirli M H lm mm K migwn xw-SSZHEBK. ma HG. l nagging? ' E Q-gmxgx la Wigs wif?-was as ifxw vaL1:'?'c gf W ..,.,.L as 'Bm ss mms llama M ws ngmiwlnwll usa an H R K gggwmnmnmv-L mga my mms, saga ms m Sgiggj 'Z m y' "Ei3z'1ssn'm-"lQ,"'m gSjgB H -Swnmmm Emi Higwf www Wrsilg Club clnresiclenl - Ben Clwu-les ice-presiclanb floyd 'Haul 5ecrcl'arg-Tl'easurer-'Kennelh 'Plaslnngs 'Wllliam Qrlmer -Afarslly Qlub ' he purpose of lhns cluh rslo prof mole mleresl ln olhlellcs ancllo encourage sporlsmanship lhroughf-f onl lhe college. lf ls lhe only formal alhlelic or onizallon ollvlillersvllle . .Memhershlp ls limllecl lo men who have won lheir leller ln one of lhe Y lhree major sporlsslaollnall, hasliel- ball, or lvaseholl. Zlhe arslbf Club heys are given lo all members who have been ln lhe clulv one yean Zlhe clulxlogelher wlllm lhe scl1ool,glves all alhlelic awards. UheVarsQv Club also sponsors lwo social funclions cluring lheyear: lhe Foollnal l Dance, held on f1'lomefComingDcy:ancl lhe Xflrsibv Drag, he ld ln February. Zlhehllrslly Sweelhearlsn for lhls year were: Josephine Piulenlaach, Genevieve .7Vlann.ancl Dorolhy Zvloyert Uennis -2- cvmnnlng lhree malches oul of fivegiet lhe I954 lennis leam ernoyecl a success- ful seasonllhe learn opened ils season early ancl,hancllcappecl hy a laclcof praclice, fell vlchm lo lls llrsl fowsl' Cheslett Vrofessor fiechmyers laclse came bachin good slv le ancl clroppecl onlv one olher malch. lfasl years scheclule ls as follows: fvlillersvllle Opponenl' 'Wesl Chesler ' O 7 Clizabelhlown 5 Z Ccrlawba 5 6 Shippenslvurg 5 4 Shlppensburg 8 l Zlhe schedule for IS55 will inclucle mm. malches wilh fJloomshurg,Kulzlown and 5hippensbur9 ancl possibly a few olhers which are penclmg. Marion Rrry E. ex-Q Q John Rqfhfon ,. Xu . 1.1, E I . 4 l ffs r J - ' fri- lltvvf' cfinnis Tam Capfain - Samuel Newlairk Coach -'Prof G.C".f5ecl1mger Eclifh 'Rginhold Alice Rgub 7 58 girls' Sports .irls sports, although not so prom- inent as those of the men, have -fe nevertheless assumed an important place in the activities at lVhllersville.lVhmerous tournaments between teams from the gymeere' class have been held in each of the sports. 'thfalley-ball 'i The girls 1934-1935 athletic season open- ed with an outdoor volleyball tournament 'flhere were fourteen teams entered, andfffe after a hard fought battle a sophomore team emerged victorious. 'i fhvcliey 1-lachey followed close on the heels of volley. all. Seven evenly matched teams entered the tournament which was close' ly contested throughoutflhe tinal game was played between a heshman and a sophomore team, the freshmen winning2'Q Qashetball The basltetball season for girls opened sei with a tournament in which all enrolled in gym classes were members of ateam.-se Twenty-one teams played in this tournas mentf-fourteen freshman teams andw seven sophomore teamsflhe winning sophomore team played the victorious freshman team in the tinal game, in which the sophomores were dethated. An interclass basketball tournamentff' closed the season. Each class entered one team and each team was eliminatedwrs' when defeated. Ilhelmosh tinallv won. 'iflrmblingt lhfltssfhmltey, coach of all of these ath' letic teams, is also sponsoring a Qirls' 'Himhling Clubfhiis club has rovided an opportunit for girls at to become prollcient in mat worh. Kennet h itothermel 'Mildred Roush 5,9 f Trofessor lzaac F1Seiverling ln Memoriam .May we pause for a moment to pay lrilvnte to one whose sincere cooperation and loyv alty served ever as an inspiration to those whose interests he had at heart. Pisliicultyflanager ot'Aft1letics,ZWn Sei- verling did everything in his power to bring tothe attention of the flillersvill e student body ,the very best in sportsman ship and team-worlx. Because ol his willingness to give ahun' dantly ot' his time, energy, and support, theCIass of IS35 has felt deeply the loss of this man among men. i oo I college careershould develop wilhin an individ N ual asocial consciousness, a sense ol' well pro V porlioned,well-rounded living. 'He who receives lhe mosl lasiing lrenefils from college l ife is noi always lhe sludeni much engrossed in absorbing lmow' ledge,l2ui is more often ihe siudeni who vigorously and wholevhearledly enlers inloas many phases of campus life as he can supporl cfficienllg. Alvoul the campus organizaiions ceniers ihe life ol' ilie college. ln lhem, persons of kindred minds, wilh lille inleresls and similar purposes uniielo answer a delinile challengeflvilhoul lhe slimulalion lhai comes from lhese group aclivilies developing fra' Orgcmizalions we i .sfpif lx L 12 L I 1-kin: Q -3 -9.53 ' .--ra, 1 . g giraffe- rl .Yi I . ' mia' ' -. ' E -'lil ii 'v 'L Il' I. I ' mqil: .Q V 3 is ills '?!X!fhh-1 . h ' 517 lilfaffk s' 2. D i 'isgrit . ' T I . . J. - U S-. 'Qu r "" L xv 1 Y' Q Y 'W fffef SF i P . 'F Q 'G' 'isvsgl I r"'x -QL? 1 it 'kk -x . vi ' 'L F? ., 1 if E.. " mi if-L 2 'EU' 'H I 5 ll 1 3 i ,gt g ' ,gt ' l I '-igfitrfl . -'. s warg 3 in dilions and cusioms. campus life would become s " 'gi gs ,355 meaningless and lifeless. 3 We Class of 1955 has placed many names upon the rolls of ihe various organisalious. li expresses ihe hope lhal X, each sludeul will realize ihe greoi worih of aff i liaiion with a chosen group and lhal lhe gears ahead will hold w much in siore for each organizaiiou now on ihe campus. - ff-E-feeszm . , - -- - u sen -vs. fr an , F -N:v-.c..ssw:.i,- fil s'.1e1ejx,- H ,gfiv - Ti lcjfl . L ."- o mg gtk e- ,, -. , ,, - w. il' Q se, nr 4 s Q -4 -a 4 X I :ge 1 4 1 . 7 , r 1 - fs .' 1 'E R 255' ,U x ,ff up 'J' 5 5- 352 . 45-Y glut 4' influx? ' H 1 ' Vg, 2 , 1 e 1 1. 3 .. 3 ,.a I , gl ,Q , ' - va "' Flight " no ui'-H 5 ' 1 1 A J f "Rf :Vg 1155 if .. iff: Md ' c' TS. "- 4- e ,-M.:-f e-ff 3 s. 1, . - ,. - . as ew. wig '.. f --'f -in-P 1-5 34.43-' -1 -'i zziif-fi. "5 Jaw- V . . i " el mf 'Silvia 5'-5 5 Q e- if s-tile' F21 - . ' . 3323 'Pegg 4-vfs1121i'. E34 4, V , ' ., f-ftfsfaigihz :ge gi ', P- as c. 1-cf? Tilt: fegNf'3'li ' , ' L' Vil. 53 .. 505 YALE' 2 ' 2 " ' rl my-' I: ".i:.,., - 4 , .1 H in f' - A Y -- . 53 1- , - 'M H -: .q I ig' ' .QQ 12:21 gSQ'g fe 'Isa' Zi Nigara.-:Lg " ' ' I ' .. - f? "' ' xfio I-R jgf -r-'gfbfi' 1 -ffifiy 657' Q' 45 ,L law? . 8 " 'E lfii ess- 244' ggi-fafigif ' .V fpy' xiiaigf ,.j"iI"ti Q if gr' c- e .-v-:.v1 1-Ag . Q SE fix , -+ : -1. 1 iff ' . ,. -v1'1'4 mv '- , . .es 4. -.Sv - Q! .f' -:H f. ',i.f - 3-A JF ,t V .e , - , - l.--1,4 -1 - ., P 1-'bfi' ., ff .. ,' -1- ,glqf wi "L W-.., . 'S 5 A-I 'dl wg 3 .-.:, 31 '. --. """' sf? ' '?""r '-if Q ,'- - .4 . pil as dig. -f'4?gf3.' F in --3 gg Ni,,,E.,,1 ' YES .g 3 D, . 'iz ,A . 35 - , U !i1?L.,gi15g? , ' jg., Egg "ggi Qafggilf :Emp 2?gi:Q1"5qg,Zfi5i ,A Lv 'T . M ffm "2-Eid-Rf 5' " '3f12i.'f,'-ii if if-i?5?s'.i5-iff isis rf-5 1f'wgs""'ifSs V "S 'P-'Q " .. 5 .5152 . 1f"f"i 1: ' , P . . 1' , re .lgsaksirg 1 .2 g . g m :el A 'i v.,r'E,ii Scif ..: -w -.?"g:- ggsa 4 f 1. -- 11 Lgag' fg 1 " 17 :V 1' j 'T 1374. 5 ,gags - -- I.. -',':'5 Lg' ' .f'u1:fgg:1"P1' ,.,i4.'--fy", Q' ' 6 . , Q51 - , ' . 5 L Q:-e I ,gz ,S . az.-Fw ' '. - ' -4 '- H ---r--W' .. ..rff'f-seam: .ff ff.1llii51 vang: mis :af V. fig- iii s 3555153-.'ggfr :iq 5' gi.: .Digg ' gl .g.c,, 'G-Til: .P g , ' '1' Q , -+ , grsffgfjizj. 5f5s?,-.,, s""-uf-,el-52,2 ., -g fig: ci?1.'3e-fS.1tfrm,..,i' Z- e sg itil I Q, , 1-::.- ki' f yin!-.,'H ,R . S.: 1 4-A :AE .EL Q. 5. . 2- wr. 5 5 '. 3, ,Qi,,Q1' g, 'ii-52 . ,Q-9? 1. -5 -if 'if A Q4-' ' .i f ' - T3 L ' '-if , in ' fl': '. 1 5 - i"f?..-"L ifvmf' " " ' ,fi gi- 3 .. , i":5qK5 'g32 ,gz' .4,?L,Q,aE.!1A 5 5- -if Z4 Q' fl 35,925 :Zig lfei. 8+ ia ' 3 , . , -. -- ' -. 1 ' 4 553 E- :.P,,,,,,:-I-l.I.:gui- 3 -iii., 4, 4 V3 1 l'qa'r,.:.,.,.ai?,,1aq4zl91,mLs-z-5 ,Hur Y 15, 5 e6,'i,ceg5g?gf..:',x,1.. V4 -i,M.-Zgllplzggfgz, 326: 31 .. ' - Qfygvr-nge, -Qfegyglavf' ' gf-sr i 5. .-Plu g! 4.4 -. - s,- . P ' P" -fl' " '- ,.w1"" ... 'gf-SS. N .:k' Yfejlf' :DWI - ':f.a.J, ' .. -'5f1--,H "bl',1'!f":' -1'-5 fl "" 7'f'f Q- ..- ,. 5.1 .' .2 ' "' "" i- ' ',n3""57-""'5"f"" . 1- ::2f'f:'3,e- -,-H-.5-. l.':5:'.- is ,, Z V .5?????pQ-fT3QwM:Ha3v?Lt!'b- F . .42-2 J ::s?Liev5l'L:, 'r'-fl-gslf.. . af' f- ' 'z' ,igkss wife- .-1--. e V- . -351-i...1L,..-fe. " - . 1'-H - ' - 'Vg-pta!-Sul? beqgggf- 4 fgvl- - yr- '- - -1 - . ,I iE31raff4:T'!.Si'i?i29:iiQ1g,,,,4:,.5 ,:I:5-- L: - , "' 'ii"i"e'A:L4.x2:-v-a---fe-L-. , h ' fggfiergivrf-feng? tm- .,.:m5'f'f5':"' 5q.2QL.e, 1"2::e.'1124ff"' M wg A. if :zzsref 1:53 I , Q 2 '-,, N.--" ' .I h:.,..j,x 'lbuchsfone Stat' 1' Colilor- flnaul Diller Ff1culfHAclvis0t'-?t'oft f.N.Oslvurn fausimss Manager- golverlf 'Warez' Faculfg Advisor - 'Prof 11.5. fingenfelfev fWIbur5c1ucIer 'Hfmam Sauder e 'Z' jtrge Blterarv Society age hascontinued its poltcvof bring' mg tothe attention of illnlersoilte students persons ol literarv,musical,artis + fa and allure latent. Glue policy has heen promoted hp a schedule of ograms, one ol which was the famous gms from Shakespeare presented hy The Classic Guildg outside spealiers such asthe Prnnif versarv C,Douglasgand COIllQ5l5,Ct1Il0Ilg which 1D2l'2,tj56tl'9 frrt, zzhnateuuand 'Tennis Contests, First semester officers: John QDtller,pnesi' tlZI1ljfR41lPllcPId2Il,DiCtZ'Pf6Sltl2Ilfj .Tenet Casesecretarvg Sabina 3ard,criticg-M and Pclice Ogline, treasurer for both MIM semesters. Second semester: 'Richaut Hlllergpresident fl3arton .lohnsonpiceepresideutg Genevieve 'Ufann,secnztarp5cmd 'ltelen Ogtinecritic. Tlonnal Biterarv Society 'I' was vear Tlonual celelvrated its 186' auniversanv with Dr. Cornelius 'Wevgandt,ot'tl1e University of T7ennsyl- vania,astl1e guest speaker, Pr reception was given at the beginning ot' each semester to welcome the new students. Tlormal continued this send-otfwtth many entertaining programs which proved geners ally heneltdal. ln addition ,the 'tformal Heh ang ru-mi defines as traditional rival the Taye .Debating team. First semester officers: Penton 'l'less,presi' dent: Kenneth Beaversomvteefpresidentg Ethel C115l2t',5KCI'Zlt't1'1JjlKj211lll E'ch,criticp and Charles Daviesjreasnrer for lvoth semesters. Second setr1ester':'H'te1'vin'lllillenpfe5ident: 'Pm1l'Porter,vice'president:Afdella Curry, secretarvgand Esther 'Wtthers,critic. Anna Scott Charles Shafer gm .- Eng W. V V' B . . ma I Exam ,ss msgs 'aft' "g'uwi. an . .1 H' 'Xn'TgguT'-.-:T'1vg-mf' HT- WN. gwmggm .nwgggxw Bmw Magus,- :,a my mx-:maxim wanna .mg'ss'- sf si .H X' ss nm 1,,s'a E V W mn mm ,za a nm as ss , .wr -LV sv- sfgimgg--EERE: xgmkwg. 5,1485-E -mfkiffnsms A 51,5-'2'. :Page Debafing 'Ham Genevieve Mann Gordon fongeneclwr 'Pauliiillar -.. hw Ra baI1Shalte I' Esther Shank 66 sm ,Sm 'Se ss 52?-Ez? www ss ss m. pgs :umm up E375 ss ss -fm .sam ss .W E M ms, ,-X an mm H W W M H .. W -H ,EQ 'fm saws B - 5 Normalflkbaiing 'Dam Marg cHelen95eclaer Jxfintla Morrison Clair Grim .Anfon Hess Getha Shaman Raymond Siipple 1 L 7:-A .' Ll. rfgwvgn,-,fu-ue-f---v-Sin!-.vvv'-allwl -W- Snapper Sfaff Managing Cclifor- :Henry Marltleu Circulaiion Manager- Charles 'Hulvscla Business Manager - Margaref 'I-Iowa! Afvin Souerwine grove Sollenlverger 68 .-F . . I 'f' The Snapper our years ago the Snapper was changed from a monthly literary magazine to a weelily college newspaper lfnder the succeeding editors the paper has proved successful and more valualrle on this new hasisffhe Snapper is not en- tirely a newpapen hoiveveig hut rathera rec- ord ofthe various activities ot' the college. fBesides its function as a college diary, The Snapper is also a vehicle of student expressionffhrough the editorial section andthe Fbrum columns, both faculty and students are encouraged to voice their-es opinions on all topics af vital interest to the college. The Snapper staff is selected on the has' is ot' ability in English composition and general scholarshipflhe higher positions of editorg husiness-manager and departs ment heads are attained Through satistqae tory service and evidence ot'executive.o ahility as a staff writer. As an extra-curricular activity of more than one tenth ofthe student hody,the as Snapper is hecoming increasingly pop- ular: Since the value to prospective teach' ers ofthe knowledge of' managing high' school publications is lieing more keenly appreciated, a worliing stdffof approxi- mately titty people is considered justitif ed. In addition tothe practical experience in writing received as a memher ot, The statt: The theory and methods involved inthe editing ot' any school paper are: presented at the weekly meetings ofthe staff' hy Nss Spenceig the faculty adN visor ofthe Snappeitie literary chars acter of the paper shows Clearly the val- ue to the students ot' this instruction. Roscoe Spencer 'Mary Stautter Cifama rd ?residenl v Gordon Kongeneclxer Secrelary -Jane! Case Vice-presiclenb Jane Gawihrop 'Kvasurer-James Shank 'Wiliam Sfofz Helen Sfephens Z0 'f' Cilamard 'Players flime : flwice Cl monfh M4115 Ffl. Vlace 1 flhe College Chapel Frolog ue Since Their aclvenf iulo college life af S flillersville fhe Cifamarcl 'Players '12 :- have been singing plays ofexceplional merif, Each year the club has added W more and more equuvmenf To l he sfagejh us ma king ilyossible noi only fo produce bigger and befler plays, buf also fo im- prove lhe appearance oflhe slage. Wlh The aid of the lndusfrial Aris iihealre Cluhlhe Cilamarcls have conlribuled lheir porf To The progress of clramalics in lhe college ff he ? lay N fl' he scene opened with fry-outs for new members, followed by fhe division ofllie club info groups. each monlhoneoflhe groups presenfed aone-acf play.Ai flie meefings manv pliys and playwrighls were discussed qhe Translation of .Molnars flhe S wa n ms presented onlrelrruug l6,and prowcl fo be one of l he biggesf hits ever presenfed afN.illersville .Arl ine Case, Gail fblberf, Tlelen Qlineflhel Cusfer, Robert' Webenandhnfon Tless were lhe principles offhe evening. ffhe evening of March8 brought' wilh if the annual Cifamard Hirly, which fea- lured new and novel games,as well ascleli- cious refreslimenfs . Dancing To the music of an amplifying machine ,loaned Through llie courfesy of The Speech Deparfmenl, 'III' proved To be alilTing closing foa most de- liglilful evening. C u rlain qhe curlain was rung down Onlhe :wa season wifh The Annual 17 lay Nighl' and Dance. flsaac Sheer l a . 71 of L as .si na r K ' en 1 'Marg Swalm l 'young 'Womafs Christian Association a 'Pruidenf-'Helenflaisse Secrefarg- Sabina fBarcI Vice-presicleni -Miriam Zellers 'Eeasurar-Beulah Tfefferan Jfbgcl jrouf fail Talberf 72 'U,'Hf,C.Pk, l1e1lmC.R,can'ies on ils aclivilies inaccordance xvifll llievlorldls Sins denlCl1rislia1117ederaf1bn.Omf'1ls'conlad wifl1llneitl1'lvon'l1ol'oll1er colleges has lreen made possilvle by sending delegales lo conf venlious lleld af various colbges, This organizalzbn lias all1ree+loM purpose lor ils lunclioning: development ofllie vidual menlall9,spirilnallp,andsociallv. Turing llie pear llie Ll'lllC.Pc. meefs on all lernale :llmrsdap Evenings inlllelllens Gini numily Pfssociaflbn roomllliese meelings are led 63,1 a sfudenlnvifli a slwrl address by cc laculfp memler oranoufside speaker. jne olganfzalion cooperales xvill1ll1e'llllZC Rin Sunday niglll Wsper Services in llie College Cliapel in xvinlerand alougflze lalie in lle spring,7l1efwo"U5 collalvorale in arf rangiig programs lor lllollierilwfeliend, U.'0llC.Pff' ineiy per een! olflie girls in llie dorm' ifory are memlers ol'll1eLl.WC?cff" Ylirougli memlversliip inlliis organization ,M girls receive l70ll1 spirilualaud social lveuellls- A devolional service is l1eld every 'lllfednes' dag eveningga'Vesper Service, fliree Sum day evenings ofeaclr monlli. Among llie social aolivilies xvliicli flue CH., in conjunciion xvilli llie 'U.'I1T.C1Pt., sponsored during ine pear were: a Get -f fogelher 'Hzrly in lliegymgallvanquel in flue dining room gand llie phyljourisls My Accommodaledffvresenled Salvrdap even- ing ol' 'lloll1ers'Vleelvend, l934"5'5 marlaed a vanner year onlljlll C.?c.records, lecause lliis pearal our cole lege was lield llie ll.VlZC.?c.Pcnn11al Spring Conference oline Stale Ileaclrers Colleges ol' Eastern Qnnsplvania, fl'lelen Wgner Marywaver CRodcly Scieniific Society Firsi Semester Second Semester? 'Presiclenf-J oseph Qmning lon ipresicleni-cpaul fDi l lor 'Vice-presiclenf -'Roberffic Comsey 'Vice-presideui-'Harold 'Rappari Secrefary-cffaasurer-GenevievefYan11 Annabel Mller Rgberf Mber 74 i 'f',7ndustrialAt'ts Society ealizing that professional attitude, social contacts and good telloiv. shipgyare important requisitesot the ln- dustrial Arts instructon all the students enrolled in this course met in 1932 and formed an organization linoivn as the industrial Arts Society. This extrascurricular club tunctionsss under three main committees: the serv. ice committee, the social committee, and the program committceflhrough these committees, this organization has made many contributions to the college. During t he past three years, this society has been striving earnestly to attain its -:- primary purposeu- the organization ot a professional Industrial Arts Fraternity. :this year has resulted in detinite plans se tor thetormation ot' such ci fraternity. H0549 Scientitic Society We science department sponsors this so' ciety which is the only club aimed at des velopment ot cultural scientitic ualueseee- flts purpose is to give prospective science teachers a background ot' material for teaching which cannot be secured inm- class ivorkffhis is carried out through rides hilies contests, student programsn' and speakers from the faculties ot 1-wvu lftantilin and Marshall College andfvi- Millersvillenln keeping with its purpose one program was devoted to a discussion ofthe desirable teaching qualities sought by supervisors and superintendents. im 'this year marlied the founding ot' the u Roddy Honorary Awardffhe prize so named in honor otfn l'llJustinRodcly, former Millersville protesson is to be a senior aivarcl tor excellence in science. t sg 75 licevillafhfrtsch Elinor 'Winks Indus1ricnlArf5 Society cpresiclenf -William Oisfoi Vicevpresideufs Amllicsm Sfofz Harold Habla 'Paul Mikel SHGVYQBQUNH Semiary - 'Raymond Siiyple Teasurer 'fHicf1arc5 Nami Hon 'Mildred WWW Estherwfhers 76 5Pl1i Sigma 'Pi cpresicleni -Samuel Newkirk Secretary' Alvin Souerwine Vice-presideni ' Qoberf 'Hosieffer cffvasurer-Wwlliann qvalmer gflisforian -fRcslpl1 Shaffer : 1 ss 'fm ' Eclifh 4W76od 'ss B ss w E H mn wsmu an mn mn E I ss ss :Vagas ms an n . HH. -Lawn:-an B 1333222 ' fav? ' 5? E H E 'Michael yfmzisko 77 Tcwel Club 'f?residenf ' Ruth Sch Secretary -Helen Ogline 'Thee 'President -Adella Curry iF?easurex' 'Arlene 'lflinger 1VBlclredZ1nki gmybill yhmg ' b Sigma C hapler Flu Sigma 'Pi 6 his honorary educalional fralernily based on fhe ideals of nowledge , slnlhand iblloivship, has accomplishednnich in ilsone pearolexislence. ll hasiinproved ils members in professional and educa' lional oonlacls and has been inslrumenlal also, in malring lvlillersville a finer inf' sfilulion. mis hos been accomplished by l he underlalfing of many college aclivilies, one of lhe mosi imporlanl being fhe pro- molion of chapel programs. fllonorary socielies such as l his have a good in- fluence on lhe cullural and scholarly slandards of lhe under-graduales in manyzakmerican colleges. 'lo xvhal exlenl lvlillersvilles educallonal fra' lernily becomes a power for good on lhis campusdepends upon lhe earneslness olils members during lhe years lo come . Tavel C lub Ghis c lub was added lo lvlillersvil le 's social columninl950. llisanorgan' izalion offering lo ils members a vicarious sorl of experience in llu: sludy of differ' enl counlries and lheir poinls of inlerff esl. ln order lo achieve lhese purposes , lhe club endeavors lo conlacl oulside spea hors who have visiled in olher counlries, During lhe pasl lwo sem- eslers, lhecalibre of lhe programs has been such lhal lheclub has been able lo mainlain ils posilion as one of l he wide- awalie organizalions on lhe campus . Since l he members arenolabh ,al lhe pre- senl llme,lo lravel exlensivelv,l he club provided lor several shorl lrips durlngl he year, So larlhese lrips have included Xhlley fdrge, Grellysburg , Duponl Gardens andlhe5lale Capilol. 'Rm L Charles Lillle Kalherine Zach ie llrimary C lub he?rimary C lub is rapidly seetiing a front place as an important cam' pus activityfthis yecmthe club made a bid for community recognition by playinglganta Clausnto several children ofthe primary grades of theflmining Schoolffhe club pre' sented these children with winter outfits. in girls of theliimary C lub again rev ceived notice when they became interested in the Ehildrenswrds of thellospitals. These children were entertained quite fre' quently bythe story-tellers of the club. This year the club sponsored exhibits of fvoolis for Small Childrenflfahildrens M-- :thysvand others on music and aitfthese exhibits were open to parents and teachers One ofthe last affairs ofthe clubs year was the second Annualfianquet held in the dining-room, attended by members and aluimzi. rf' 'Rural G lub -2' Tieltural Club under the advisorship of lilissflgull, in the past few years has bee come one of the largest campus organ- izationsjt has planned and executed numerous projects during the past year fDelegates were sent tothe National Con ference of theflmerican Countryjltie As sociation held in'hf1shingtonfD.G Jn addition,the club sponsored theAnnual 'Rural C lub Conference, at which fDn Bogardus,fromthe'l,h1iversity oflinns sylvania,was the spealiemzh tagedaygars den project, several food-salesand the annual spring outing were just ohio of the many affairs on the calendar of this live-wine club This club aims to promote interest and under standing of rural problems among the stu- dents to being them into closer tellowshna and develop leadership and service to society. -If English Club-is 'this club originated 2 gears ago was foes malty organized and recognized in Sep- tember 1934. Jts purpose is to bring about a closer co operation among the English maiors and to stimulate wider contacts in the English f ieldflo further this purpose, two projects have beenumdertalien which, we hope, will be completed before the end ofthe school' yean namely, the compilation ofa list of-2' boolis to be read by every English major be fore graduating, and the organization ofa come prehensive testto be passed by these students. Early in the yean the club decided to malie a thorough study of Tlenric ,lbsens we works. Accordingly, one play was re+ viewed and discussed at each meeting. Officers for 1954-551 tliresideni-Morytlsolidge Secretary -treasurer -Arline Case . Qimary Club 'B-esiclenif AlicefRaub Secretary-fBaulaf1 'Hefferan Wce-presiclznf 'Bernice 'Hmlwg 'fiwasurer-Margaref 'Herr Tiurafclub - FTrsf5emesfet' Second Semesfer 'H'esiden'rf1'lessfinfon qvresidenf-Jag 3.611155 V3ce-presidentNorman?-loover Wee-presideui-'Ray5f1ank fibrarg Science Club T fpresiclenl- Grace Flick Vice -Presidenl v Cclilh :Pwhrer his year finds The Qi bra ry Science C lub celebraTing :Ts Third birfhdcly. lT was organized M1932 To meef a social and proTessional need of The Qibrary Science sTudenTs. Every Two weeks T hejunior and senior women majoring in This field meeT To exchange views on problems liferary and professional. jhis years calendar includes a projecT for The Senior members in The form ofa siudy Secrelary- Sara Qisweiler Tieasurer-Kaura Bu l lex- of childrens reading i nTeresTs in The elemenfary and junior high schoolsjvo new TecrTures This year were The clubs radio broadcasf ,and The presenfafion ofa book To The Training school library. 'The club acTiviTy which gives The greaTesT amounf of pleasure To The college is The placing of flowers in The liln'ary.A T und Tor Their purchase is provided by means of T hefood sale pafronized by all sfudenfs. 'e Classical Club hisclub, although established only this past September, has, under the guidance ot Miss Snyder, blossomed into a potent factor in the shaping otflillersf vi iles extra-curricular activities. 'lo carry out the clubs purpose ot' study- ing Greeh and flioman mythology. each meeting was concerned with discussions oi' Classical religions,literary allusions, and mythological expressions. lt was the Christmas meeting, however, which proved the most enioyable.5incethe Christians copied many ideas from the 'Roman festival -Saturnalia- the very MN- same themes were carried out in the program lt dealt with an explanation ot the Saturn- alia and other Roman Festivols.5amuel New- hirh waspresident during the first semes- ter and John Tiller during the second. fldesearch Club rf' llnderthe able leadership otfDr.fDean fDutcher, those students interested in re- search problems have delved into many worthwhile and enjoyable projects.-we invaluable contacts were made withs' speahers on the subject ot' research and actual problems were analyzed. All who have worhed in this club will agree that the time spent was extremely beneficial as well as entertaining . The Research Club most certainly holds ci place of honor in the development ot' a well-rounded college lite and in the future can be made to play an indisv oensable part inthe student activities. 'the otlicers tor the Research Club tor the year 1954-.35 werefPresident-George 1'louseal5 and Secretary-treasurer --N- Josephine fliarmstaetter, ss 'l.TieBoohClube 'ltieBoohClub is one of the youngest clubs on our campus, since it was organized only last year. The membership is limited to -W twelve persons, members ot the freshman and sophomore classesfiiss 'Terry is use hostess tothe club the first andthird-we 'Uiursday evenings of each month. ln order to instill a hnoiv ledge ot' good lit- erature, and to arouse an appreciationsf ot literary worh, the clubs activities ss- consisted ot' programs dealing with boolv and mgazines. Amongthese were reviews ot' current magazines, local color stories, and entertaining poetry readingsme club also cooperated with the fibrary Science Club in presenting a chapel program. Officers for l934'551'President, Cthel 'fr Custerg Vice-president,Alice Coshmangand Secre taryllreasurer, Itfinda Morrison. ln Memo riam John H. Waver 1910 ' 1934 Class M1955 84 ffhe first of the major Senior activities of the 5enior ficfivifies Cl ass ofl935was the .Senior Tlay presented on Qe- cen1ber6,l9 4f'he play was "C'raig's flUife" wnffen i 2 ,f by George 'Kelly 'lfnder 912,155 .9-enfiardl"5 direc- X fion, the cast proved uercdgs Qlfifen fo be one of ffie fi Z besf plays ever sfaged at Millersville. QTL ary 516 : 1. '1 Q , 1, .Swafm infer eled excellenil ine arf of ?l'lrs Gran f. 'gig K ,- 1-'ia 1. - f HE 9 "ff around whom The enhre plot is woven. She be' 1 .1 ew, f . .:' 3.5.1 Q -J-: comes so selfscenfered that she drives away her .ii - ----e - gn . ni ef husbands aunt. played by Ruth .fefevezg her niece- , E ' ' -- -ffafsfifu-. g vi- ,fs -'-'7": 1- 1 porfrayed by 4-Sabma f'3ard, and fmalb her husband, n ,i W. fr-img '-iagrgig 1 ' 15.5 fzl "e.' commendalvha performed by Samuel Qlewlnrfi. ,yogi , p- . . fi ' i :Ge l fi " ' v ' ' f ' . ,'g:.-'- ,I , L ,f:hi:,1, :L wp, - . w ' ff' J hrouqfionf fheylay, 9lbrs. Graiq is unyusfifiafrb jeal- Miigg -. 1-A- -W , . , ,L 2.727-..1"' -"' ..., lj : so YA- :LEM , . 53 : I-11 e ' C' - 9K F11 fe r' i-ff ous of her nei hbor Qllrs. lrrazner la ed . ar aref 'ies , 7 7 ur -- ,, gm ' xx? . 4. H f or fr - ' he I' ' owa. brs. -razzers appearance aff c imachc 1 e, ' N -A 1 Ti.. .5 :rev P0lI'lf f epldy F0110 l'0f 0 52 I5 . LFS. Tqllq Q i f ,gjrfsfffe-A . 1. i wwqg lim., 2.1 9' "'A4"- 1 ' ,,,,.,, -- . -u-u . . ' ,i:,'.- 2 1 ri 1- f in Iv ur r ff we is-so MW ... fhllf leg? 0 W 0 IVE 0 11190 05 QT? QQIIHI' 3 0 M -iq "' ' " iv .' 1- - ,...' 'I ' ,.. :"'-,122 L? .,'- -,, fo themselves' H A V W , F712 , , is in mu' I ollzsses Hall and qoush and ffie ellessers 3ros-lie fe- A ' 4 -' 1 0 ' I I . ff'-T-'Ng : .':ge'-7'f:":'-' , WW: 515541 1 ' , -3? if-is ywse Zmiller fnodd 7'familfon andqiouf com fefed the casf ' Kia W 5 an ga pf , 4 P a E'.e-1g??fi1w1?n1wn, 2:." fizjll-M ii '-f-we-'M-fm-ff 'jfiplglfiiz ' f u " '1 W ' M'-1P""'5""""!h'L"' - !""' ""-'W'-",1f.. .. -if-A-. "' "" "77""'f""'fT"'?f?"?,"f""'1'.' 41- 'I..1'. f2'xv"L'hI1"--3 "- "" 7-w Eg '-1-1 -5-'11 13' mfg.:-.-:..:im-, . qgz, ' :"ff""....:::li-ff-:wa.gL+'?::1'Y.2':.ns. tiara" f':':rE:: ' zip. 'fn W ,p .,: MS 4, A,4'--wrap fff.:n::a:f.c"r'. 7: -' :.4gr5,..--54.218 -'u:1:.f.,' ,,4f"i'g' ,,,,, . "" T'fj"""!. 'f-WE ,, " - H ,NE 4'rffg3"f -3 Q1 ,,.. :.:--- ::-r"z:.,.,if.:. ,iff iff-, 1'--:7.:a.::z:.j1" .422 "'L. so ':f"1.,. 4 :.4..- ,az iw: fEi':,1:,1:i:i3"l 5' ..,, V .e -3 ' If 5 'Pg x f :.z w,,i?'12 Isa., f.--Q. 4. ' 5 A mi' ff5'5E'E'ili 'If'f'f ,' 4 '.":5"?" '.,54,.:?:2ffl 'L ' if: z n.,::...j'v I' Fai 'I j , .iff J1,f,:.1":2!.. 'T' 'K' . -""?'tA:i',:-w-Elk' ,---7' " '5"'3- - - ,355--1-r"--MA i-4i f-9-We2-"?o"v,x--1:--If'-2' 355- Q YW :":5V7m 3 U' .2 'F -H if!z.q2-,.g2f-PQPQ5 ' HY ' Elsie - - ,fgffi 1 if -- ' ' " f' VJ " --"-......, :J .. - . .,,..--v,..- -. U- 1- .,:,1f.':':.. ... zo.. s,L7..:". --' ,z: '! '--- fi-, P " .::'-.':-wp: , ,.-' ' " W ' s - f in i'ei i , :V-v - ': 'wi-H21 .-Yg,i'.1'-rafnrl 'iWiik::-in "f'.-If3'11'1"' if:.1.Ef,ii-':'32.'b." - ' E ff: --Q .nf faiifff f- Mfrs- ' W ff-qg,.g1. k5f ,,., 1 'fy gn'3?f53':'1LL'y4ZQ,,if:Q 4i' - '43-F :,--j.i- - fi jfif - itgzfjyl ,fsiiw-.,: 5,-L., -1 'r is 1 5, 2 . 1f'A ,,"3-,Eb '.?f.:Iu ,gi3:YC:"A:.HgQ'Qgf2' 'Q T.: '. E -7 N:-:Q,f'-Q 75'h:.g:fL::::'-"3'1Ei7'-j- -"' '?'r'je" .. :l':, 151. v-5,5-f,,'f:T Q ff' . 7-52 327m 5353-32. 'MET E", --PTS-f'f-A -' I 413. Hir2fGsmmnwfs2'- , - 'if' f- ' 3 f 1: 'fi' -' W ' ' V 5:4 Y, ,,.. 4... in - . , .. 1, ef VL L--1 '-,.,:,,g.1 .Q . ,klrff x - . "WSH , 1 Y 1:53 , ' ,I-5:35:54 gg-3-, 'A.:" ,'.:1,.g' v, . ,- 3 3 , ' ,::..,:'.., ii 5.5',q.7,' ., u . ,'.. 1. N : 3iI.L.ff,. . 'zz' ,. If-fi: in f ff ""s 4-4: 1. f' ifrefx if' -, - F ,-is :'gi,.4m,5g.,L ,110 kink: ,.,V 53,1 ..-.! h A- 2 iii.: - 1,-9. - A: L ,MEI ,.,.. -1.. . 1,'FLi5",1':, if- .,.s ' i- . .. . . "y-:g:' 1. Q". '?5?Efg:'17'..,:s:J::1L'-21"- g ..:zr ."""'c' W' .m ...e... ',.-:-'::.r:'r:'-r'Y"f:f: ,.., , '.::.::,i .... A-' gg"-1 ,yea-' ::.,v: -' . , ' 'FV' '-"' f5fF'?f,' , :. .' - .fn .' ' -wifi 135'-' ' 'fa-Agar: itk!,1I'11T!:'2-:""ff'L.,fF.QL" '..,,.. I fz?.',:'gg M12" fiw fff- is . - ff ff' -- -4 -'asf-1 e'a2fe2s2zs"ff1 ' 7!+!"7"::1f'f' " e""""f- af- .. M ' is - 1 .Q - We 9 'ZQTfi1ii'f? ,f 1fa f1: '1 'f 5' A 6 1,fnF,au24as"'fi i fe--:e1::,:::- . A - .,.. :sr ' i- on '--i . M -V ew 11 nina.. 0, ,,4.,. .. ,4,,,' ',,,,,......, -. --- My r -ff , , ,5,g:.1 5? . Fl' 1, , ,143 , . , , ,, Q - 3, .353 ' 'i ,qv 1:-gg: If-'li' ..,. 'L - 0 -""' ' fi-'l'2EEQ1'5I-f fijm, ling-Eos'-1 3,3155 ---"s-f 35- ---"- 3:13 ' an ,.4if'-.3.'.Jn - f-.Q f 2 ,Q-2: Fi "" . ' f' s .rriaga ' " -. -M14 3 "fl f "'o f ' liereplion for Seniorsi- Elnd sofrhe Class of I955 comeslo Commencemenlxileehfllle of lllisnseries ofevenls islhe heceplionfor Seniors and lhelr on lhe alien noon offvlayzll. llus lime lheee 5emorClc1ss will be enlerlainecl by lhe faculfy al llle home of Drflangerz 0 Senior ball 6 Friday evenin9.fVlavZAb lhe 5emorsf: and a limilecl number ofgueslso vvi ll Sallier al lhe'1'lolel grunswicli m Qan- casler for lhe lasl social evenl of lhe we Class of IS55. Uhe Bolllhe firsl lo be held in Qanoasler. will be formal and willee have a wellelinown broadcaslingxf orcheslra. Uhe guesls for lhe evening areifvliss Gin- ard,fVi.iss'l'loverslich.?l'Xr.llingenfeller,e fVir.l7ucilloJVXn0sburnDrZlan9en andfvlntllhrich. Alumni Day On Salurda M925 lhe 5eniors are lo be presenlyal lhe meeling of lheklums ni Pcssocialionftllhis limeihe meme bers of lhe Class of l955 becomerff members of lhis associaiionllhey are also lo be guesis al lhe Alumni Ptssocialion banquel al IIOO PM in lhe Main Dining Room ofa.:- lhe College. Baccalaureale Sermons- Uhe nexl clalff, Sundayjhe gradualf ing class wi allend lhelfaaccalaureale Sermon lo be held m lhe Chapelmff fliev. John l1'larries,of.Mariel'la is lo be lhe spealier. Class Day fvlcylz IS55 arrives wilh Class Day and Commencemenl Exercises lhe only lwo evenls remaining on lhe college calendar of lhe Class of IS55 Classpayfhisyean is lo be a dislinclz clepazlure from fhose of olher yearsiil he enlire program has been wr1l'len,arN ranged and direcled by mem bers of lhe gradualing classllheprogramwill open willi alea dance lo be held on lhe fronl campus inlhe open air.Nol only will refreshmenls be served lomembeis of lhe Classof IS55 and llieir 9uesls,bul also dance music of an agreeable nalure will be lixrnislr ed bv a well-lmown orcheslra. Afler lhe dance, lhe enlerlainmenl feal- ure will be sla9edfW7ilh lhe lahe as a bc1chground,episodic arrangemenlsoffff sluclenl and facully aclivilies will be enacled by members of lhe senior class Urealmenl ofa lighl and humorous naiure has been given lo lhese acls by members of lheelass who have collaboraledonlhe produclion. 'Y' Commencement C711 Wesday, The Semor Class will be offi- cially gradualecl af llie Commencemenl 2I9I'Ci525..Tll0 achcal exerciaes will lieywe ceclecl by flie annual academic yrocessiou of the faculty, class, and clioir from llie gymnasium lo flie clicgael. Siarlvecl in flie fraclilional caps and gowns,tl1e class will listen lo an address by tlie Honorable 319 71 gard, Special flssist- arzffliforney-Qeneral of flie Qfnifecl l States. 9yecial music will be provided by flue vested cliapel clioii: ffhe Touclisfone offers 'ds commenda' fions fo lliose memlvers offlie Class of I955 wlw liave received fl1e lradifional lwnors of a graduahug class.5'f1ey areQlZiss Qllil- clred Z:i11lK.?Rv0l1l1l'HQV. Salufafoiiang Qllviss 5dil'l1.7'foffmarn, iamwasfeqifaledidoiiazg W-iss ?IZ,. 6wIine?ruBl1, milfhnlown, lwnor shalenf forepresenf the Secondary Zrouy, ?lZ'l1520l79l'lgQ.HQff6ff0lf .9n0lI1!fgQ9,ll0Il0!' studenf fo rqaresenf flie jndusfrialdirfs ffroup, and Qllmy H- Qlfeaveig Eancastezg fo rqpresenf flie 5lemenlary Srolgm. fflie winners offlie various prizes and awards forfleniors arenof ormozcnced unlil fliefommencemenf exercises buf flwy are comylimenled also, wlioeverlliey may lie. liisl of Zntcllierhsers N The Cenlral Teachers' Ptgencg, Harrisburg, lenna Erclk College Cornei: Millersville, Qnna, 'Harry Eanlz, llancasler, ljenna. Geikler Brolherg Fhilaclelphia, lenna. Gnnzenllauser Bakery, llancaslen Enna, L15 'Herr and Son, fancasfen Penne. Tlillii College flea Room, Millersniille, Enna. lnlelligencer Hinhng Ca, llancaslen lenna. l l'l'inler5 for fflouclislonel fclncasler Einlancl Glass G1,fGHCOSlCQ Enna, .7'Sarroui lce Cream Ca, fancaslery Kenna. Merinvgalilwan, Pliilaclegmliia, lenna, l lnliolograpllers for flouclmslonej flilleig Philclclebvliia, Hmm. .Miller and Tlarlman, faucasler, Enna. Earl E Relnnan, llancasfeip lenna. Kiluie'5,fancasleI1 Enna. The Rosary, llancasfer, Enna. E-tlir Spalola and Sons, ljllilaclelpliia, Fennel. Sagre, 5cl1eicl,ancl Suieeloinfancasferg lenna. Slienk Brolhers, laucasfen Erma, C. 5yolfs, Millersville, Emma, n all-QGCIICPS, Holecfine Agency, fancasfel: Erma. Eoltk, fancasfen lfenna. Six hundred copies ol lhis boohhave been publisl1ed,ol which lhisis number nov Those who have produced lhis book feel a bond ol sgmpalhg wilh lhe medieval monh who wrole "Deo gralias"on lhe lasl pagefl gears planning, a monlhls praclice, and six weehs ol intensive'-W work have gone inlo ils making. Those who have done lhe worh have gained ss some skill al lellering, bul more realm appreciolion olbeauly in books lhaulheg ever could have aquired from reading or olher melhods shorl ofaclual pariieipaf lionflhe enlire group has worked hard and Failhfullgjpecial menlion should be made of Gilberlilohnson and Wed 'yorlis who cheerfully assumed most olihe burden ihe boohplaie is by 'Ralph Flelcher Seymour, of Chicago

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