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I . 1 , 1 '! A I :. I -e g 1.,.',lu,g V ' ' 'Q W .1 1 f THE TCDUCHSTQNE K '- mf! ., ' ni! ' mf-.Q STATE TEACHERS CCLLEGE MILLERSVILLE -:- PENNSYLVANIA if f f f ff! f f T 1 1 Y' 'K 5 Ps 4- .',L-.. .--A' ' , , -.... ,Q ,lox SEPA x ' 'T' 2' : T- i' '-".,,:,Q- ' , I - 4 f - sig. '-144 ' '-, H Q 4.1 Q A 5. .tl , I f-TC ' be . . .LW-xv 'mx' W. 53, Q' "PAX -,W-..A . . A . X , hz - if, , ,,. W 4 .- N' s. Y fe. Here We Pemsed Many CL Book Together - Nr af 2 i 3253 f , Cl 7 Here the rule is: Early to bed +pZing Lake X I Dedicated to the Atom . . -9591- 5 Jm wwmaawwg men ,- MISS ANNA BULL 'W' l Z2 In , We fwfff' Dedication Because she has not been confined by the boundaries of her school workg because she has willingly devoted her time and energy to the solution of our problenisg because, by her' work, she has done much to facilitate the raising of the status of the l'Il1'211 schoolg we humbly dedicate this volume of the Touch- stone to Miss Anna Bull. . ,,,mzf.JL.f64f The Prexy Takes a Walk . . . ADMINISTRATIG BOARD CF TRUSTEES MRs. I. C. ARNOLD - TO JULY 1932 SUPERINTENDENT ARTHUR P. IWYLIN - FREDERICK L. HOBISHER - - HARRY A. BAILEY - MRS. B. C. ATLEE - HARRY C. MOYER - TO JULY 1933 TO JULY 1934 H. EDGAIL SHERTS, EsO. ---- HON. JOHN M. GROFF MRS. A. M. HERR - AARTHUK P. MYLIN - AIRS. A. M. HEIQIL - H. EDGAR SHEETS - OFFICERS - Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. - Strasburg, Pa. - - York, Pa. - Millersville, Pa. Schaefferstown, Pa. - Millersville, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. President Viceepresident - Secretary and Treasurer STANDING- COMM1'l"l'EES OF THE BOARD Instruction and Discipline: Household: MRs. I. C. ARNOLD, CHAIRMAN H. IEDGAR S1-1ERtrs, CHAIRMAN H. A. BAILEY, LIARRY C. LIOYER Mics. B. C. ATLEE FREDERICK L. IIOMSHER Finance: JOHN M. GROEE, Cr1A1RMAN MRS. A. M. HERIQ FREDERICK L. HOLISHEIC PRESIDENT TANGER Presidents Messa e The traits of character which give us in- dividuality also make an impression upon the lives of our fellows and, therefore, give us a place in their lives. ' The members of your class have manifested themselves to one another and have thus given a meaning to their lives which is worthy of record in the Touchstone. Therefore, the Touchstone is a record and an interpretation of yourselves through your activities while in College. The reading of this volume in after year: will enhance its value. Thus, college life he- conies richer and more meaningful. LANDIS TANGER President - CULLEGE FACULTY Dean of I nstiuction - Dean of Woineii - Education - Handwriting, Wood W ork - Teacher Librarian Course - Social Science - Education - Oral Expression Education - M atheinatics - English, - - Dean of Men, I-lea Science - - Education - Social Science - English - - Art Education - Biology - - Latin and French Music - - Music - F0tL7'lC97Z ltll, Education - LANDIS TANGER, PH.D. - PIOMER F.D1LWOR'1'H A.M. I A- IELIZABETH H. CONRAD BIARK E. STINE, A.M. LESTER R. UHRICH - HELEN A. GANSER - IEREDERICK H. GAXIGE, A.M. - - TALBOT A. IHOOVER, A.M. ESTI-IEIi E. LENHARDT, BE. A JOEL B. THOMAS, A.M. - ISAAC F. SEIVERLING, A.M. - MBARION SPENCER, A. B. - JOHN PUCILLO, A.M. - LIARRY M. BASSLER, A.M. PAUL G. CHANDLER, PH.D. - DEAN DUTCI-IEIQ, PH.D. SANDERS P. BICCOMSEY, A.M. - MARGARET SWIFT, BS. - ARTHUR R. GEIIIJRXRT, PH.D - EMILY H. SNYDER, A.M. - LUCRETIA I, BOYD, A.B BIELZER R. PORTER, B.MUS.ED. CQLLEGE FACULTY A.9si.stant Ltln'f11'i1111- ----- BIAILION C. TERRY, A.B. I11fl1l.strtaIl Arts - EDWIN ELI.Io'I"I' IIOVVAIUJI, B.S. IN TNDIISTRIAI, IEDUCATION SCl0IlC'P ------ G. FR1aI.1If:IcII'K BRCIQMYIIR, M.S. Health Eflufwt-ion, .fl tlzlotic- f'0llf'lI - - - AURORA BIAY NVICRIIY, A.M. Enfllislz. ---- - LYNWDDD S. LINf:11:NIvlcrxi'-Isla, M.ED. TR Al N I N G S if HO O L Director - - - Jluzior H. S. Director - - SAAIIIIQI. B. STAYIIJR, ICILBI. - E'I'lII1:I, -I'. 'I'ow1+:LI., A.M. GRADE SI'.I'EHVI'SORS TlLfi1'1ZG1'f1do - - - Jfzmior Hfiglz. Geogroplly - First Grnrlo Fifth Grarlo - Fo'1u'tl1f Grrldo S'i.I'tlz' Grade - Secoml Grade - DAISX E. HORIMIIRIIQR, A.B. NIAE G. IIAVI'1IiS'l'ICK, B.S. - - NIAY ADAMS, A.M. MRS. 1f1LRI'IIi'1'A f'oIINIfII,1IAN, AB. - BIILDREIJ SIAIIQRSON, AB. - RIARION BII+:M1csImI:1cIf1cIc, BS. IANI1: ISRFJIDIGII If0'lfI'IE,, M.A. IN ED. S UBJECTT S UPER VISOR S Art - - I?'zu'ul S011 ool - Kin dCl"gCl0'!1G7l' - - - CORA L. F1iEY, B.S. - :XNNA BULL, ILM. - S. JUNE SMITI-I, M.A. Assistant L'ibl'flIl"i!lIl - - CARDLXN HOWARD, 1'II.B.. HS. IN LIBRARY SCIENCE J. H. Matlzemotlics mul Sf'lCIICC? - - - E. PAIILINIQ LACIQY, M.ED. Home Economics, Englfislz- - - EDA M. CA'1'oN, BS., A.M. H cftltlz, ECZ'll'Cfl'fi07l ond Athletic Coftclz - - FRANCIS M. JOI-INSON, B.S. Music Supervisor' in T'l'fl'i'Il'i'Ilfj School - 1,0Ii0'l'I-IY TODD HIRIIII-Is, B.S., MUS. ED. GENERAL SCHOOL OFFICERS Pvf'es'icIc11 t ---- Dean of I'n.st1'fuct'io1z. - - - LANDIS TANGRR H. F. ITILXVORTI-I - H. C. SYMONS Bzwsm' and Agent of .llepccrtmoflt of Rczromte - - Superivzftelzldczzvt of G-rofmlcls and Bmlelings and Stcmrn'fl - Dean of TfVO7H,CflL - - - Dean of Men - - - Socretmy to Presfident and Registrar - Se0retmf'y to the Bufrsm' - - Oyjtce Secretary - - R. N. School Nfm'se - - Soo1'etcm'y to Dean of I11,st1"u.ctfiou. SccI'etm'y to Director of T7"Cl't7I't7Lg Postnmstm' and lfCCCl'L7'iIIg Clerk Mcatron of GelLtlemc11.'s Bwildling School - A. H. PALMER ELIZABIQTIYI H. CONRAD - JOI-IN PUCILLO EDNA N. LIABECKER BIAKIAN A. MVAIINIJR DOROTHY H. LIIAIAN MATI-IILDA B. DAVIS - GLADYS E. LEAXSE - LILIZABETH H. ENGLI: - LIAROLD K. 'BRENNEN AIRS. CATHARINIQ FROAIAI Fifteen LKNN FOR "Tame mes' FORTRES5 GANSER: WOU LD YOUR, MAMAVASAY--2 CLASS 1931-32 VVILLIABI CHRIST - JACK SAURINA - EVELYN XVINGST - HAZEL BIARTIN - 1930-31 JOHN RODMAN - XVILLIAM FAGER - GERTRUDE BLOCKSOM JAMES POSTEN - 1929-30 DANIEL CHARLES - JOHN RODMAN - GERTRUDE BLOCKSOM NELSON ERNST - 1928-29 IDANIEL CHARLES - DOIIOTIIY HAAR - NVILLIAM SHIPLEY - MCDTTC: Enter to Wmkg Q0 forth to Serve CDFFICERS Presirlen.r T7'iCC'-lJ1'GSif1l3lIf SCCl'f?1'fll"Ij 7'1'er1s11re1' - Prawidenef - Vice-p1'esifle11.f - - SCCI'GtIl7'y - Treclszlrcl' - President Vice-p1'e.s-iclezzt - - Secretm'y - TVGKLSII-1'UI' President S ccv'eta.1'y Tve'ecas'urev" SENKDR Four Year Histor The class entered M. S. T. C. with an eager desire to gain more knowledgeg ambitious to set new records of achieve- ment, both socially and scholastically. The class entertained the faculty at tea-the first time this had been at- tempted, and one might say, the class of 1932 set the fad for having tea parties at M. S. T. C. This event proved a great success and was given much publicity. Freshmen have a name for being bad actors, but the class of 1932 proved itself by successfully presenting three short plays to a capacity audience. The com- ments on those plays made the class feel a wee bit proud. Then came our Freshman Hop, the talk of the school because of the delightful manner in which it was conducted. At least we weathered the storms and strife of freshmen life and entered our next term, sophisticated sophomores. During the sophomore year we lost some members of our class and gained others. We did not have much time for class activities because we were settling down to a steady pace of study. XVe were, how- ever. instrumental in getting a voting machine to the school for the instruction of the students. And speaking of scholastic activity-we ranked the highest among the teacher's college in Pennsylvania in the Sophomore tests. Honorable Juniors-During our junior year the leaders in our class began making themselves known. There was hardly a member of our class who was not a leader in some phase of school activity. It was in this year that our class was recognized as Eighteen MR. HOOVER containing an unusually large number of leaders by both faculty and students. One of the outstanding features the Memorial Day program, judged to be one of the best programs ever put on the chapel platform. ' At the conclusion of our Junior year, the Touchstone Editor-in-chief, Business Man- ager and class officers were elected by the combined four and two year groups. Almost every officer was elected by a con- clusive majority. At the beginning of our Senior year we immediately got busy: the Touchstone Staff and class connnittees were announced and work was started. The color combinationg blue and gold, was selected as our class colors, while "Enter to workg go forth to serve" became our class 1nott.o. Our class play"The Importance of Being Earnest," was on a much higher level than most of the previous plays, and the class was pleased with the splendid acting of the cast. Then came a series of dances. The Touchstone put on a delightful dance, which was followed by the Senior dance in February. The Senior dance was the best attended dance of the year and pro- duced the greatest profit of any dance con- ducted in the gymnasium. The second Touchstone dance proved to be better than the first, both socially and financially, to the great satisfaction of our class. A lawn fete was arranged for Class Day and the Senior Ball Committee made elaborate arrangements for a grand climax to out activities at M. S. T. C. MISS SNYDER On a new and strange adventure we embarked as Freshmen, in the fall of 1930, ready to accept what the future might hold in store. Upon en- tering we fulfilled our reputation as being "green", but in a very short time we learned to socialize and to become a vital part of M. S. T. C. Our quest for knowledge ha.d now begun, and under the helm of wise and cautious captains we were suc- cessfully steered through our Fresh man Year. Among the highlights were our novel Tea given to the Faculty and the Junior Proin. Quite a few of our members became en- gaged in athletics, the girls' Inter- class Basketball Championship being won by a group of our fair lassies. TWC YEAR HISTCDRY 54.5 Early in ur Senior y ar We learned to know our four-year class- mates more intimately at a "Poverty Party" sponsored by the two groups for the purpose of securing greater unification. This was successfully carried out as well as the many other social activities of our class. Among these were two Touchstone dances Senior Play, Varsity Drag, Senior Prom, Class Day, and Commence- ment. Much credit isldue to our class deans, who have given us their hearty co-operation and unfailing leader- ship. XV e extend to them, to our class' mates, and to underclassmen who have offered us their willing support our appreciation and best wishes for success. N meteen 1 3j . If Ly 4. Y . . A , xx , 1' I I , MI I, I -I, V, , ' I .7 gf M L IL . ' 2 . . I I 'I . , 4 R5 ELEANOR H. ALASTICK She11z111doz1lI, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS AIARION A. ALLEBACH Sellersville, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS JMIRIAM H. AUMENT Quzlrryville, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS DOROTHY AYRES Lititz, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS L A iwqiw Y Twenty S K ! M. VIRGINIA ANDREWS ESTHER E. IALLEN L1l1lSf01'd, Pu. New Park PAGE 2 YEARS NORMAL 2 YEARS ZENUBIA BENSING ELSIE BACHMAN Epllmta, Pa. Cleona, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS NORMAL 2 YEARS ' RIELVIN S. BTNKLEY Denver, Pa. f NORMAL 2 YEARS ESTIIER BLA'r'r Pa111'11y1':1, Pu. NORMAL 2 YEARS g W' W ., wg- fi, 5355.5-am R . if wrftlf- .N '1 1: ff R, ,- "' xu.1I s,.'1',-1-,'j1.w.-, f ..'-,H 1, pix- lv, 1 555 51 -1- -I ,iff A , V. g,, ,gg ,. ,f f A 1 L' , ,, K H- ,, f za'-,s +A: 1.4. A - G1 1 ,n'WJy1..,il -4- - -:LL GER'l'li.UlDE Blmxlisoxl xvillllillgtllll, Dol. NURMAI. -1 YEARS ALXR-Y ,BROWN Bl'idg1?l'U11, Pa. NORMAL 2 YE.-XRS RIIILIJRED R. BOWERS DIARY E. 13R0llERICK York, Pal. Blilllilllljj' City. Pal. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE -L YEARS ICLEANOR IC. BULLUCK FLQRENCE A. BULLGGK Chester, Pu. Wilmington. Del. NORMAL 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS LAURA BURGER Cilt21XViSS2l, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS RUSSELL BURGER Red Lion, Pu. NOR-MAL 2 YEARS CAROLINE IG. Boucn SIIGIIQIIIUUJUI, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS E'l'1IlCI, M. BRURARER New IIOHEIIIG, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS .Q R GG'A E- r se: U V' 'swf' Vx ' ' 1-'S - mi I Twenty-one s 2' Tl- 2 f "5 ' "' ' " Q " " .Q ' J w TX NY: 1'E'.5E .:'f??3" '55 f"1'..--" 7: P 1 -Lx Q in ' "53 4f" E53 A . -Vin 'ifipf' W H-Aff'-5 fgffim PM-Ag U51 2' -E. , 5 : . V - 221: 2:2595-a..L41Vsvw:-13 if R-x1..s!1-A .AEAM6 fi, is! A RIARTIN J. IJURKE JAMES F. CARR Mzxhuuoy City, Pa. PAGE 4 YEARS Xntesville. Pu. PAGE 4 YEARS IJEHORAII CULDR-EN M. LILLIAN CQLYER Marysville, Pa. Lallcaste-1', Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS 's ,H ' v , , ' Li? - E? sv ...X . . x 1 H' Q. , .91 '-af rl .1 , J s 14 V, XVILLIAM M. CHRIST Lauczlster, Pu. PAGE 4 YEARS . ' CECELIA M. CRUAI Iill1H11161StONVll, Pal. NORALAL 2 YEARS A N . L.-wqfqi. ' .rf if 1 if ' if Q23 21f'yif?- ' f?f"f' ?i15 '11 'Q fy- 1 , ,1f'f.'f- M u aj.,Q, -3 igy V +5-F ' ff' f' '35,-1'1i3Z,f fl all X K pf. .W , 1 V , 1 Sf - .. "L ".f'lfa?'i7f Fi IW f Af .315 pT11:5'f-.EIEQZJ3 Turcnvly-1 zro DANIEL W. CHARLES Lil11CZ1St91', Pa. PAGE 4 YEARS 1 CARL CRISXVELL Columbia, Pu. NOR-MAL 4 YEARS IIELEN R. IJANSEURY HYZIITHGY, Pu. PACE 2 YEARS BIARY JANE lJAx'1nsuN C1ili1't011, Pu. NORMAL 2 YEARS A '1 . . A 2 .L . 'l1T1gs?Y 4175.-?ET3?FfG31-.9.'sf?-W fzlggg BICRNICIQ M. 'DAVIES DIARY DIEHAL SI1G11:u1do:ll1, Pu. Elm, Pu. 1-AGE 2 YEARS NGRMAI., 2 YEARS . , - iii-A . x 1Qg:f?if!, fs' , BIAILGAIIIWI' M. DGGLEY HELEN ERY Mr. U:11'111el, Pu. L:1,11r1:1Ste1',I':1. IRXHIC 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS A . .i'3!. .G k 'Ln ,u. X gf 1-' ,R 'B' ALTHEA DIMELGW DIARY G. 15ONOVAN York, Pu. S114:'1l2111d02l11,1'iI. ' Y PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS JANET M. ECKMAN SARA EICIILEK Quamyville, Pa. Millersville, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS C'I,AR.1REL ICLDER I12ll'1'iS1JL11'g, Pu. A PAGE 2 YEARS ' ' DAVID EMERAICH Le1m11o11, Pa. , PAGE 4 YEARS ,wfwwf-wfsF:?s's'3:fRg1:af51q:frfg:f'n rf .4 n :- 'ans Lis I 5 ?-.5 .:G:mv2g1EgZf'Cf?kif 5-I,145 fiEli'i?3.: - A H 1 '5 'diff A Ri R:wa,1.4..fsQM 1 A:-if Fig. LM' 2' . -' 5 X""..lf,"Y V ' zz.: Pe Ara" 31 E954 - 2 S? - !f5c"'Qiff-if Q, ' of ' ' , 5 1, 4:79,-'A '- . ' ,Q ' Q- 0 -E .. A ya. 'ek 1 .,.3.1 ' 1 . .qi A I R .. 7'fwc'u.fy-fl1,r1'C S ' H' F 1 FY' WL --ff vf ' UM! fi? if? 11f.'X:'n?f fsf-zfwfefi :1 'n Q :Z A " A B 54 ,El F2 ij 31235, ff1EX?qia-Rl gfeflfu ' 'wg-L- '- R a ff ,193 ga n, 2353,e1L,1"-Afiliii'--h'i4.E:F7q P-FJA4y f', "wf-.vf'p',5:E ,EL H. NELSON ERN YVILLIAM FAGER Harrisburg, Pa. PAGE 4 YEARS Hu1'riSbu1'g, P FRANCES FR BIARGARET FRIDY Columbia, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS Columbia, Pa NORMAL 2 YE ST NORBIAL 4 YE ARS ARS -OA, 1, A',. .2QL!ZfNx ll 5 Twenty-four JOHN FORRY SADIE B. FERGUSON Spring Grove, Pa. B1-iclgeton, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS NORMAL 2 YEARS NVILLIAM GETZ IGLLA GEIST Lititz, Pa. Lauczlster, Pa. PAGE 4 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS MARY G. GROFF Elizabethtown, Pu. NORMAL 4 YEARS D ' FLORENCE L. GROVES Marsliallton, Del. NORMAL 2 YEARS 1 A V W -' N ' 'P' Vx, :-H+ ,- -. -- -R -. A n'vf'1fz:.- , f-- ..: "rm---f-1-1 ,, ,, ' 'lr vfw - , ro- ." 'W sf, Qin? ,1 'z-if 5' .mr Wi' 'L' H F: 1-ywga:g',1',t-fw Q Q Eg :E 1 gy A A ' ' " tl 9:1 E' ALJ' AY If ' ' 'Vi-' '5 "3 "bi, i'!'4,iL:3E2L,.1.-""LfL:.L...,-L..,l.15'i ,l.iL.filZJ f' 7, 1,Q..,,.I:.s.,Q-rZ.Lf.f,. . ELQ.. f "'- 3 J' 1 V . ,. . Y ,. ,,., , , Y IYOILOTIIY I-I. I-IAAR L:111c:1ste1'. Pal. RAGE -1 YEARS AIAHICI. S. IIARNISH NVifll1Ql', Pal. EVA I'IAI,PE.RlN lfililllillg, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS MARGARET A. IIARSLEY Sllolmlulozlll, Pu. 1-AGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS BIARGAREI' IIARIIAUGH I-Iz11'risbu1'g, Pal. PAGE 2 YEARS ELLEN E. 11A1LTMAN Mountville, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS BIARTON IJEILMAN Clerma, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS BARBARA IIEISEY Jersey Shore, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS ANNA E. I-IARs1IuERGER Port Mzlfihlzl. Pal. PAGE 2 YEARS CIIARLES R. I'1EAPS Columbizl, Pu. NORMAL 2 YEARS '5733lCfZi?'T:'iZLZT.. ,- . " vlf-'N' 54 , -.,-M-:.:f,,7fQf', ' '5LQ2'.' , igj:?' N f .-'4'-1,1 A . cy :fl ggi R,-ff fx if "" fl: pw J' -1-fg - A' -2 if K 1- N 'aff' If I-1' Q, LW' Q1f:,,f,n1f . ,, ,Q ,-, , 4, " ' If N- Q A 1 1-1 - N95 - ? IU 1 - ' ' fi ' - I . 1 -U Twenty-fixvc X ',.' - ' Q1 ' L1 Y I31 DIARY IIERSHEY FANNIE IIEISEY La11caste1', Pa. Lebanon, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS GERTRUDE HOOvE-R GRACE IIOCKLEY Lzlucaster, Pa. Leba-11011, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS ! . 1 fIDLEN I JEIINKEL E. ELAINE HESS ? 311110 GIOXVQ, P-1. Galle-1111, Md. PHE 2 XEARS NORBIAL 4 XEAR-S MARY HOOVIQK HELEN HOQVER ROXZIUUIL P21- Royzllton, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS wwf x.A. -Ji? -wr--'L 1 fs 191 'f u- br- 9 lj V' V' 1 - ggi! :rn ' 1 ' Tuma ty-sm -' L :Lili-ir:v:.l.1L.1i:'4r.-1-11.621-Y ,f-11531. ,-1-fzjig-::z,fz. 11+-GNL ,Y - .Gs '..".11':-': 11. Ls 'E .--SW is 11? ff.. ' zsiffizgeifv 25, wa zig- ..a Tcl' " AT-1 . ff-- muff?-fi W bf . Elm: Y' was 557 PM A-7'1'R:' Q5 I ' " was-'1',. .1 P J -151' ---A w:w.:v.f fy 3 F1 n Ff fffl' Qi. R 1 I , 4 , .,,.f.A. . .. , . :mu ,U f 9 -A,-.4 5,9 I N,-A in -M., 5 , I, -,EGF I :AH A ,Y . . A- ..,.. ..,.,. , ..,. ,.- - ieefhfihjf. maj: H- . .-A .1 Q .. '- . - .vm ,. 1.2 'T --.A-W . ".f.fff .,... E RICHARD L. I'IOOVER IJz111cz1Ste1', Pa. NORMAL 4 YEARS LAURA M. IIOIQNIXEIKGEI Slmllxokin, Pax. NORMAL 2 YEARS -' -X ' X X 'A . .X 'X X r X 'X ,X .. ,. -. X 'A . 1 - . . .1 -N X, 'X X - . X. . v ' - .X AMX lv -. .X - .- . " X ,X X XX -W 'X . 1 . X X X 1. 'ff 5 X IC. FLORENCE HIUBER West Willow, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS ALICE JOHNSON L:111c'z1ste1', Pu. PAOE 2 YEARS X CARROL F. TIUNT NOW F1'60d011'l, 1':1. NORMAL 2 YEARS MARc:AR.E'1' A. JONES S1l6112l11dO211l, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS HELEN IQAUFFMAN ID2fl11ilStOXV11, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS :DOROTHY N. KILGORE - Delta, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS E J- ROALAYNE L. JEFFERY York, Pu. PAGE 4 YEARS DIARY AGNES IQANE Shenandoah, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS . I r BLIARVIN l'. I-IUOILEE New Park, Pu. NORA1A1', 2 YEARS IJOROTIIY A. JONES Mzzrysville, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS T1vclzty-sc'Uc1'1X NU BIIRIAMI M. IKLINGER ESTHER 1fILHEFFER ,J-1' Ashland, Pa. Luiiczister. Pu. 'Ji "A NGRMAL 2 YEARS PAGE 4 YEARSM, jx EMMETT N. KUR.'1'z Es'1'HEE IQUNZE Millersville, Pa. NV2lS11l11gfO11 Boro., Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS l Y w r Twenty-eight IQAY IQRUMBINE Lebzmoii, Dax. PAGE el YEARS IQAYMOND O. LATSHA Spring Glen, Pa. RAGE 4 YEARS AMELIA G. Koprfsxi 1i2ll1Sl12lXV, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS ANNE M. LANGTON Locust Gap, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS ADA LEAMAN Imncuster, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS GEORGE N. LEIU Dover, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS x w 1 4 . - r ROSA LONGENISCKEII Lmldisville, Pu. RAGE 2 YEARS EVELYN NV. MARTIN Goodville, Pu. PAGE 2 YE-ARS BIATTIE E. RIASE Lehzxuon. Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS ' LUELLA luAS'.l' Honey Brook, Pu. Noxmgxr. 2 YEARS M. ELENORE LOXVFIR Altoona, Pal. I' AG I5 11AZEL M. BLXKTIN NORM AT f' fd -aww fl, 1 iv M,xR'111m LESIIER RIARY LONGABACH 1Ii1l4,HGtlJXV11, Pu. llilllllfiilll, Pu.. mule 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS Mrnmxr IG. MAN N Lzmcuster. 1.,2l. DAG IG 4 YEARS " Y ' ui . mn 'L f ' '3q.'.',1-'11 fr. ,M .1 .I ., .Y ,fi - " . ,,. ,M . .,, . .. A , . ...M A ' , 1' . New 3' -.3155 'Tam -. ., v ., .' w-2-R.-za' WW? "fl: . .r 25231241215 .,-5 12-f ,- .xw 3,149 -. : 5 15-gg. Y JEAN RIARSII Gap, Pa. 1-AGE 2 YEARS ' - 4.412 ,- ,... ,.., .... ... 135.:S':z.'1232.1-':55:::f:1::'f5.LM3992 ' M- -+--sv ff . ff w.y,g,E-.-: -.: -4-.: -S.: : -. 54' .1 4 -. . J. Illlllldtd, I .L 4 4.4 V 1: n... .-ma:,:z::2:::.::1:1',:-.Mg G- -ar.-.::.5' ffafzzrzzmi'-:I-11' 1- . 1. '::'1'-ff" zLf1::fw.r. 455:f:2LEk-:5:2:3gf5.E.Q1:f"' .3 '5,f'fZL.Y::4E'f.f,2-''v f:'Q'EIfi!ftj2'f: - V. f Pb'--Ja'-2.15:-2-. -,.,':.:,. - ,Q N QQ , Q ' 1 ?Z? W ,Q , D A f 211 f . ' f 5' I, WW 9 ' Aw? ' I 9 V o ,X 1 iw Ajffme Q K g ' 4 1 lv lv 1 f I 4 3: f 1 K X fi 1 , , 5 , f , Z 1 , R ,, " fx 5 W' N 2.1.5--jf ,:zE,I1E':5ZZ' N552-4 WW Ll'we11,ty-uxin 6 - S Tm i'2ZleW ' ,-1 ' . e .' ., 'ww-ff-wx : 1' . f h - if-11 ,A f it 2E:f1,.:Qg,':'fi lg.f:1,, R"EggyE1 'fl "Q--511 LUELLA M ELLINGER THOMAS VV. BICCALL Co11eStog:1,Pu. Shz11uoki11. Pax. ' PAGE :L YEAR ELEM. PAGE 2 YEARS ,NORMAN K. IIORGAN IUCTA lXIII.I.ElI Dudley, Pa. Terre Hill, Pa. NORMAL 4 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS -A "J-1,3 Y-'2,1L5l,.f-F ii':'1'f'li Qflfz L 1 '- Y V 'YH g.s4Zfi lll' ' -1 A W :RI ' - ' Lil' . A lf if -gm . hirty HIELEN V. BIILLEK Mt. Czumel, Pu. NORMAL 2 YEARS ESTHER BIUSSER R.Ohl,'61'StOXV11, Pal. PAGE 2 YEARS I. fs'2255.1-351-:::W' a .r::.,.. 2- f- - A ...... 1 . , A , .:.:...:. Q -'V-if 'Z. Ili. W6 4 .Y ,. . 5,, gb... ' 2-4 QQ., .E ' 1 ,,, ,' . I 9 ..,,'2l:Q:2 I. , .2 , ,, ,W , .3 v,ff,,.y-.4 V :av-::..': -- 9 .Q if . rf if 4 5 W 1 ,gym 2 5 44 J Y' ,f 1 , E S 1 E , , , . W, 'KW' J , , I I I f is 1 fss.f'P ' ., f . ..,.,, , ,.,. .,. , I Aff '-K If ff , in 1 -. ! a Y? Q, , 'V f If f ' f 'Q xf 4? , , M AKRYISELLE RIILLEN Lzlnczlster, 1':1. PAGE 4 YEARS BIAXINE BIOXLEY Dz'u'liugt011, Md. NGRMAL 2 YEARS GRACE BIUSSER Vintage, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS SUE M. IIYERS Hfxllzlnl, Pal. . ' NOKMA L 2 YEARS ,J-H SUSANNA PFAUTZ Lititz, Pa. R Jr-aw fnrlwyq 51, 7 I 9 U Wang? f I rg xx Y-rdf' ni: -Q., 'fy Af I N 1 1' 1' 'IW W' bf All 3' 1:15. .1 1 JE? A, 1, - I , I - 1 ' w I L J YIRGINIA L. 1'1,1T'r York, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS PIAR-RY 1'owNAr,L SARA QUIPKEL XV11ite Rock, Pal. Denver, Colo. PAGE 4 YEARS PAGE 4 YEARS PIARRIET XV. IIANNELS IiOYVG1'111il. Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS NANCY REAM Lz111c'z1Ste1', Pu. PAGE 4 YEARS LILI IA NAR-DUCCI NCD1'1'iSi'0XN'1l, Pu. PAuE 2 YEARS M .XHGA RE'1"1'A Po Al ILANIN L: Woodbine, Pal. NoR,MAI, 2 YEARS S. B.lYR'1LF NASE QL121k01'StOXVI1, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS JAMES NV. 1'oS'rEN Lz111c::1Ste1', Pa. PAGE 4 YEARS K Vw W. . gig F,-:LTYF xfvq iv -gJv ' A Q 1 we lf'-'11 .my M D , an- 1 n.Jkwf.'mJ 58 -51281 ,Q K S V .,6' SEPT?" ' ,E -A-:M .1-E-.-Q E 1 ,I .fz,.4wiP,,..:,,,, ,W 9--., . 1 rg 2-1+-:+'eem 5.145 WN-.'n.'-1. A 1' 1--'s f,- '. T192 1 "ah 'li aigfxfi' pi, . N' ' W 'jv '.y'i,'?r' J V E V EQQe--wQQi A - Erma 9,15-4 M 'K iff ag "Ang, o-6 -Ez' vu A , - N , P, A Q F . 1, 1- F151 1' g ig 'ig 1- 1 , - -., "'1 . I-1'- SE: J :s?',:, :3i,,, - Q5 i.2'f.. "5r5.:jj! mg T hirty-one 5 ?f ff' f'v N "" W' 3215 ' - - 'J 15-P, ' 'Wi fi'-El'A-XC+l' k"-' ffff-vi 1kJ':1E!-5 GR-ACE M. REINER JEANNE REDDIG TOWQ1' City. Pa. E1'x111':1ta1. Pal. NORMAL 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS RUTH 1i0LAND JOHN H. IYOIJMAN Lebanon, Pa. LZH1C21St61'. Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS PAGE 4 YEARS 1 if ERTRUOE RODKEY Columbizl, Pu. P A GE 2 YEARS KMAL J 2 YEARS j X A ' il Q- , 1 A '-'MP , . A ' -1 8 - A -A ilhigllt I 1' 1 : L . . Vg' .1 Q. . , ,,,g Th iriy-two JOHN H. R11,EY Littlestown, Pal. NORMAL 2 YEARS DOROTHY E. ROSE Pottstown, Pal. NORMAL 2 YEARS CIIARLES A. llU'1"rER L2lllC2lStQ1'. Pm. PAGE 1 YEARS JAUK IJ. SAURLNA Iietlxlellwx, Pu. NOKBIAL 4 YEARS J' I w Y ' I I' ' -. 2'f?1lTT'1'7if 55'-"Af-A' ' 1V"J11D P 'H . -R R I ' R R f ,1 Q, 1 ' Y - f g.fQ3mmf?W-f ' I 1 ' , u A- A ' .4 ,'Sp"jf 'EW 'f,'r LI ' " 1,11 W. SCHMEHL Realdiug, Pa. NORMAL 4 YEARS MARGUE1z.1'1'E SHANARROUGII Rf011l'61'St0XV1l, Pa. PAGE 4 YEARS RIIRIAM SHENBERGER York, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS RGIEERT SHOCK L2111C'P1SfG1', Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS CHARLES B. SCHNERR Fairview, Pu. PAGE 4 YEARS ELIZYYEETH SHENBERGER York, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS JOHN H. ScuxR1:oR.oUG11 NVOUC-Ulillkx, Pu. NORMAL 4 YEARS ADA I. SEITZ Felton, Pal. NORMAL 2 YE.xRs 'E 4' -sf Jon N SU1-mln! L:111c:1ste1', Pu. I? AGE FRANCES YVilShi1lgf0l1 2 YEARS SELLER Boro., Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS r, y Qs' 4 g,"f'Y'fy-W" ,E v R thi? fr-':1w:mfvwX"r'-rn" ia , 'Ji.g.02?.i1efllt?Nk"Eff- sf 3 5 fl? "Em Q Y 4 ,.gf ,..Y4,f'2a-Egan? 'ik-Siam-' . ,'U'tH15'E".fi1' . H I-N 9 ?:5!!'wf1'1Nl?Pf' - 'r?QI ' .g- 5:13556 fm -'14 - Sli 1 Wwiff M pi-:E 19 J are q'f,7',Qf'fg:f: CE E3 LL' - 'J , Thirty-t hree , . , . 4 Iwgww fs. .. ,. , 1'-wha. h MNA, Zak.: :gig :.,l:J1:.5:..,ff,.-Et' - ,b.,?4ff,E4Xi.--I,f- W. "I ff A.- -- A-11911 m.x.:,4-'An-.., . sr. .. .,'- . 4 -:,... . ,. X 1 . , --A - ff lf ' ' -4 ' , ,J nb Q' ,- :eu If. .-,.I:3fg.ggyf,.Z" 5419.3 r V1 .M - u Hg- 312,11 3.4 5,1-'51 N ,-,.-.Iv 'N I.-7:13 , lwlfxx. I, ab , ' . A- A. ,....-- 'tj -UI., -If . ,id '-.A 41.1.-,,f:'.. A :A imc 5, I1 I- nw- -fu 54 1 A A, H, :I A I I A AN--H ESTHER. SLOTKIN Lancaster, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS ANNA SNYIIER Honeybrook, Pu. PAGE 2 YEARS I'IEI,EN SICKAIAN New Danville, Pa. RAGE 2 YEARS LAXVRENCE S. SMITH Terre Hill, Pal. PAGE 2 YEARS Q 'lg 'e-' v A "3 il - ""' ' E 5 W ,J V Tl A2 I. :L f , . Thirfy-folw' .WAY 'K "' JGSERIIINE SMITH HEI,EN M. SMITH IJll11C2l111101l, Pax. Sh811il11dO2111, Pal. NORMAL 2 YEARS PAGE 2 YEARS GRACE J. SPENCER 'WILLIAM G. SPANNUTH Keltou. Pu. F1'8dG1'iCkSb1'l1'g, Pa. NGRAIAI. 2 YEARS NORAIAI, 2 YEARS ANNA IG. STAIIL Bethleham, I'z1. NGRAIAI, 2 YEARS ' fm .,, ,Q ,MV f-f , .W ' .' V-yi! S .1 BIARY E. STRALEY BIZIYUNVII, Pal. PAGE 2 YEARS r . ,. - , W w - . f ., 7""" -. ,, F. , ,, . ,.l"'1. K' vi,-L.. . ' ' .1 " 1. Q ww ,:4- 2if -.153-g-wwfzf-,191 f L fKu.f+-A-- J ., Q 9w"7!Mfg"X"2?k E" L gAN5' -gF"Qgf"' "1'2-:M "W" Jug "Y 5 A . Gmlmys S'1'mo1c1,1a1c MAn'1'u,x P. S'1'UM,PI:' lfiL'lll2l111,I, l':1. Lzl11c:1ste1', Pu. . NURAIAI. 2 ylmus 1'.xuIs 4 YEARS H11,n.x It. Tllmlvolmlc Iilxlucllsrl' E. TRONE L2l11C2lSfQ1', Pal. York, Pu. mme 2 YEARS 1'.xG1c 2 XIQARS IVA SUPPLEE Ho11eylJ1'ook, Pal. NORMAL 2 YEARS Il. IiA'1'u1zYN TREFSGA Mt. C2l1'1118l. Pal. NORMAL 2 YEARS JESSIE E. XYEISB Fawn Grove, Pu. Noxmm, 2 Yluxas FLORA XVEIGEL Cflhllllbill, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS 1 .,.1 ,,, .WF g5 ,,.w, , , Y na, P" LM V 'ii an 1. T 'Af :MM if 'ff-2 ' 1 ' 1-.iw 9 , 17 w w ' ,. N AWN , - -N ,A ,, . , ,, ...,. .--...,.. , .. ?:?w.Ei-3 .1! ll ,O ,ix Sri V Q "2-5 : f1'lJ:g,Yi. L'f 1'k' ,,x' ,23 3 2 ff' .QW .,, . , ,,, f ... .ily 9, N . W .1 :gn,1,u1,fnJf 1 ',g,,...4.-, TlL'i7'fy-fll .fr I f . 'A ,, Qs' ' R . 2 f nr , '- . 4 f gif " 0 R xx' A ' K fm p 'xx 6 ' ' . ,S RUTH ALLEN WELCH FOORDA FRANCIS WELCH if Drun1ore,Pa. Drulnore, 21. W NORMAL 2 YEARS NORMAL 2 R B 4 J ', I fm 1, 'J ' ,L i sf' A EVERETT E. WILSC-N FLO 7ILKES Lancaster, Pa. Ork, PH- . PAGE MIATH. AND SCIENCE E - BIARTHA H. W IKERD Lititz, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS x iii ' i- ll V fl Q 1 ':.Fif' K. - f gif -I flag, f ' 4: 'W,v I , , J LY- A A V71 3 'Y u 1 - .rl ifzifffa--ill - :lv hirty-sign M. VIOLA XVISE Delta, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS DIARY M. XVHITAKER Shenandoah, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS RIARGAREUI' Lo-UISE WISE Delta, Pa. NORMAL 2 YEARS DIIRIAN YEAGLEY West Willow, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS RUTH F. YERGEY Pottstown, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS 1 .. , 1 J , 1 2 , . X X I .ju , .I X .lu-:JI ,ai J., if .Y 9' in A . -va NIARY JANE YETTER EVELYN C. YINGST Metal, Pa. H211'1'iSbL11'g, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS NORMAL 4 YEARS DIARY YOST RIIRIAM GREENXVALT GEORGE STAUFFER Lancaster, Pa. L:1nc'aSter, Pa. Aldan, Pa. PAGE 2 YEARS NORMAL 4 YEARS PAGE 4 YEARS Thirty-seven, I ' ,W I" .Ala WW . A , ' 9 Bai:-Q5T5qb'li5f3 5 1 LII 2 CLASS ACTIVITIES ELEANOR ALASTICK - Coal Cracker Club, Newman Club, Y. XV. C. A., Travel Club. 4 LIARION AALLEBACH - Y. XV. C. A. Travel Club, Art Club Secretary, Girl Reserve, Touchstone Staff, Rural Club. ESTHEIE ALLENiRU1'3I Club, Girl Re- serves, Bible Club, Presbyterian Club, Y. W. C. A., Dormitory Directorate, Volley- ball. BIIRIAM AUMENT-Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Publicity Committee of XV. C. A., Choir, Social Chairman of Rural Club, Treasurer of Art Club, Coinmissioner. ELSIE BACHMAN-Y. XV. C. A., Travel Club, Rural Club. IXTELVIN BINKLEY - Lutheran Club, Rural Club, Senior Dance Committee, Travel Club, Vigilance Committee, Y. M. C. A. ESTHER BLATT-Y. XV. C. A., Rural Club, Travel Club. GERTRUIJE BLOCKSOLI-Y. W. C. A., XV C. A. Secretary, Research Club Secretary. Library Club, Citamard Players, Class Secretary, Basketball, Girl Reserves. CAROLINE BOLICH-C0211 Cracker Club, Y. W. C. A., Travel Club, Dancing Club, Hockey. BIILDRED :BOXVERS-ChOi1', Y. W. C. A.. Basketball, Volleyball, Travel Club, Re- formed Club. BIARY E. BRODERICKiXV91f31'9 Dept. XV. C. A., Curator-Page Literary Society, Modern Authors' Club, Newman Club, Coal Crackers Club, Page Inner Circle. MIARY BROXVN-Tl'Q3.SU1'91' Rural Club, Vice-president Freshman Class, Girl Re- serves, Y. XV. C. A., Bible Study Club, Presbyterian Club, Orchestra, Band, Jazz- ettes, Choir, Fr. Commission, Fr. Tribunal, Basketball, Volleyball. ETHEL BRUBAKER-Y. XV. C. A., Rural Club, Girl Reserves, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tumbling Club. -- LAURA BURGERr-Y. W. C. A., Travel Club, Hockey. R.USSEL BURGER-Y. M. C. A., Vigi- lance Committee, Band, Orchestra, Rural Club. MARTIN BURKE - Coal Cracker Club, Newman Club, Touchstone Stai. 'I' In irty-e ight JAMES F. CARR - Assistant Manager Basketball '31, Coal Cracker Club, Class Basketball, Dormitory Safety Patrol, New- man Club, Chairman Senior Dance Com- mittee, Touchstone Staff, Page President. Vice-president Page Society. DANIEL CHARLES - Class President, Editor-in-chief of Touchstone, Snapper Staff, President Page Literary Society. Vice-president Page Literary Society, Page Curator, Vigilance Committee, Inner Circle, Class Basketball, Debating Team. XVILLIAAI CHRIST-SQ11i01' Class Presi- dent, Page President, Inner Circle, Track. CARL CRISXVELL - Band, Senior Play, Snapper Staff, Y. M. C. A. LILLIAN GOLYER-Y. XV. C. A., Art Club, Choir, Glee Club, Rural Club, Girl Reserves, Modern Authors' Club. CECELIA CRUM-Volleyball, Orchestra. HELEN R. DANSBURY-Gifl Reserves, Y. XV. C. A.. Choir, Senior Play, Volleyball. DIARY JANE DAvIDsoN-Vice-president XV. C. A., Nominating Committee XV. C. A., Welfare Department XV. C. A., Touchstone Staff, Y. XV. C. A., Normal Curator, Chair- man of XV. C. A. Play Committee, Research Club, Modern Authors' Club. BERNICE DAVIES-C0211 Crackers Club. Travel Club, Hockey. DIARY DIEHAI-Rll1'21I Club, Basket- ball, Y. XV. C. A., Travel Club, Lutheran Club, Hockey Team. Touchstone Staff. ALTHEA IDIMELOXV-Y. XV. C. A., Girl Glee Club, Travel Club, Hockey,Vol1eyball. BIARY G. D0N,OX'AXN - Coal Cracker Club, Newman Club, Travel Club, Basket- ball. AIARGARET M. DOOLEY - Basketball. Newman Club, Coal Cracker Club, Travel Club, Dance Club, Hockey, Volleyball. HELEN EBY-G186 Club Vice-president. Nominating Committee C. XV. A., Operetta. JANET M. ECKMAN-Rural Club, Y. XV. C. A. SARAH EICHLER - Snapper Staif, Touchstone Stalt, Glee Club, Senior Dance Committee. H. NELSON ERNs'r - Class Treasurer, Student Council, Y. M. C. A., Roddy Scientific Club, Track. CLASS ACTIVITIES AVILLIAM FAGICH+SGl'll0l' Play, Citanm- ard Players. Touchstone Staff. Vice- president of Class. SADIE I+'EImUsoN-Y. W. C. A.. Bible Club, Girl Reserves. Rural Club. .Ioim FoRRv-Baird. Choir. Operetta. Orchestra. President Rural Club. Senior Dance Connnittee. Travel Club. Y. M. C. A. lC1.I,A Grsisfr-Glee Club. Welfare De- partment, Freshman Connnission, Primary Club. WILLIAM Gmz-Band, Y. M. C. A.. Varsity Club, Football. Basketball. Track. Operetta, Freslnnan Basketball. MZARY G. GROFF-Secretary of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Treasurer of W. C. A.. Depart- ment of Welfare. Modern Authors' Club P. V. P.. XVelfare Play. Touchstone Staff. Basketball. Library Club. FLORENCE Gxovus-Rural Club. Y. W. C. A.. Citaniard Players. DOROTHY HAAR-Glee Club, Vigilance Cmnnlittee. C. W. A. President. Operetta, Senior Play. Basketball. Touchstone Staff. Assistant Business Manager, Page Inner Circle. Class Secretary, Citaniard Players, May Day. EVA HALPERIN - Volleyball, Fashion Show Connnittee. Tea Connnittee. Basket- ball. . BIARGAR-ET I'I.xR1:oUGH-P1'i1na ry Council. Volleyball. ANNA I-IARsH1zE1usER-Rural Club, Y. W C Y . '..:. CHARLES HEAPs-Rural Club, Tennis. MARIoN I'IEIIjMAN-T1'2lV9I Club. Girl Reserves, Rural Club, Bible Study, Y. W. C. A. IIARBAILA HEISE5'-IlU1'tlI Club, Direc- torate Departinent C. XV. A. FANNY HEISEY - Y. NV. C. A., Girl Reserves, Travel Club, Bible Study Club. Rural Club, Freslnnan Connnission, Touch- stone Staff. Citainard Players, Hockey, Basketball. DIARY ELIZABETH I-IERSHEY - Rural Club. ELAINE HESS-W. C. A. President, W. C. A. Secretary, Modern Authors' Club, Citaniard Players, Glee Club, Choir. I-IELEN I. HINKEL-Y. W. C. A., Girl Reserves, Travel Club, Reformed Club. GRACE I-Ioclcrrsv - Touchstone Staff. Rllrill Club. Debating: Teain. Connnissiou. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Page Inner Circle. Citaniard Players. Bible Study Club. LAURA IJORNBERJGEIL - Y. W. C. A.. Citainard Players. Travel Club. Reformed Club, Volleyball. Coal Cracker Club, Danc- ing: Class. HELEN IIOOVER- - Volleyball. Touch- stone Staff. Ifreslnnan Connnission. Bas- ketball, Priniary Club. AIARY Hoovmc-Volleylmall, Touchstone Stal? Basketball,Day Student Directorate. IfICHARll I'IO0VEIi-BH nd, Orchestra. l1'I.oRENea EIUIIERI-IiIl1'?Il Club, Basket- ball. Volleyball. M.xRvrN Huei-ins-Seiiior Dance Coin- inittee. Senior Play Connnittee, President Freshnian Class, Y. M. C. A. CARo1.1. I'IUNT-AIEIIIPIQGI' Track Team. Rural Club. Travel Club. Y. M. C. A. If-OMAYNE L. .IErFE1cx'-lhepartnient of XVelfare. ITOROTHY JoN1-:s - Citainard Players. Page Inner Circle, Y. W. C. A.. Girl Re- serve. Art Club President. Travel Club, Rural Club. AIARGAKET .IoNI-:s-Glee Club, Orches- tra. Choir. Coal Cracker Club. Y. W. C. A.. Operetta, Senior Play. Oratorio, Touch- stone Staff. DIARY IYANE-C0211 Cracker Club, New- nian Club, Travel Club. HELEN KAUF1-'MAN-Girl Reserves, Y. W. C. A., Choir, Hockey, Dormitory Di- 1'ecto1'ate. ESTHER IfIIIHEFFER-BPISkcxtbilII, Inner Circle, Page Secretary, Freslnnan Coin- niittee Chairinan. Equity Department of C. W. A., Directorate Departinent Secre- tary. Touchstone Staff. Nominating Com- mittee of C. IV. A. MIRIARL KI,INGER M Girl Reserves. Travel Club, Y. W. C. A. AMELIA Kovrrski-Coal Cracker Club. Newrnan Club, Travel Club. RAY KRUMIHNE-Baseball. Football, Touchstone Static, Y. M. C. A. EnMET'r KUn'rz-Rural Club, Touch- stone Staff. Snapper Staif, Business Man- ager Senior Play. Th irty-n me I CLASS ACTIVITIES ESTHER KUNZE-Rural Club. ANN M. LANGTON - Newman Club. Coal Cracker Club, Travel Club, Dance Club, Volleyball. RAYAIOND LATSHA-Band, Orchestra. Y. M. C. A., Lutheran Club, Coal Cracker Club. ADA LEAMAN-BEISIKQUJHII, Volleyball. Directorate of C. XV. A., Rural Club. Gnonoi: LEIB-1Ylll'flI Club, Y. M. C. A. BIARTHA LESHER+Fl'6SIll1121Il Commis- sioner, Day Student Directorate, Consti- tution Committee, Basketball, Volleyball, Touchstone Staff. BIARY LONGEBACH-B2lSIi9tbtlII, Volley- ball. RosA LONGENECKER - NVelfare Com- mittee. ' ELENORE LOWER-Lutheran Club, Cita- Inard Players, Hockey, Basketball, Volley- ball, Girl Reserves, Tennis Tournament, Tumbling Team, Y. XV. C. A., Art Club, Travel Club. MIRIAAI BIANN - Touchstone Staff, May Day, Citamard Players, Archery, Research Club, Basketball, Hockey, Glee Club, Girl Reserve President, Vigilence Committee, Freshman Commission, Fresh- man Play. EVELYN INTARTIN-RU1't1I Club. RIATTIE MASE-Y. NV. C. A., Girl Re- serves, Travel Club, Rural Club, Volley- ball, Hockey. LUEIJLA BIAST-11111111 Club, Y. W. C. A. THoMAs McCAI.If-Y. M. C. A., Vigi- lence Committee, Football. LoUi-:LLA IXIELLINGER-Di1'9Qt01'2lt6 C. W. A., Equity C. W. A., Welfare C. W. A. HIELEN VIRGINIA MILLER-Basketball, Coal Cracker Club, Girl Reserves, Modern Autho1's, Travel Club, Hockey. BIARYBELLE IXIILLEN--XVQIf2l1'6 C. W. A., Directorate C. W. A., Program Committee. IQITA AIILLEIG-Dl1'8Ct01'2lt9 C. XV. A. Noni-IAN K. MoRoAN-Business Man- ager Snapper, Touchstone Staff, Y. M. C. A. RIAXINE IYIOXLEY-D2l11CiDg Class, Dor- mitory Directorate, Girl Reserves, 'Mode-rn Authors' Club, Y. W. C. A. EsTHER S. MUssER-Freslnnan Com- missioner, C. W. A. Directorate, Volleyball. SUE BIYEKS-B2lSIi9tIJilII, Volleyball. LILLIAN N'ARIlUCl-P1'llIl2l1'Y Council. BIYRTLE NASE-Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Coinmissioner, Glee Club, Choir, Girl Re- serves, Operetta. SUSANNA E. PFAUTZ--Hockey. VIRGINIA PLITT-Y. XV. C. A., Travel ELIZABETH POMRIANING-IXHPZII Club. Club, Dormitory Directorate, Glee Club. JAMES XV. POSTEN - Snapper Staff. Class Treasurer, Advertising Manager Touchstone, Senior Dance Committee. HARRY POWNALL - Citamard Club. Touchstone Staff, Touchstone Dance Com- mittee, Vice-president Page, Y. M. C. A. SARA QUICKEL - Page Treasurer, Nominating Committee of XV. C. A., Touch- stone Staff. IHARRIET RANNELS-Glee Club, Choir, Lutheran Club, Student Council, Dormi- tory Directorate, Tumbling Team, Hockey. Volleyball, Operetta. Y. XV. C. A., Girl Reserves, Touchstone Staff, Basketball, The Jazzettes, May Day Dances, Nominat- ing Connnittee. NANCY REAM-Snapper Staff, Touch- stone Staff, C. XV. A., Basketball, May Day, Senior Play Committee. JEANNE REIIDIG-Page Inner Circle, Choir, Glee Club, Operetta, Snapper Staff, Touchstone Staff. GRACE REINER-Y. W. C. A., Travel Club, Coal Cracker Club, Lutheran Club, Fire Lieutenant. JOHN RILEY'-CIt2llllH1'lI Club, Travel Club, Y. M. C. A. Joi-IN RODIIAN-Class President Jun- ior, Business Manager - Touchstone, Operetta, Senior Play, Snapper Staff, Class Vice-president, V ice-president of Page, Page Inner Circle, Tennis Team, Basket- ball. IPOROTHY Rosie - Choir, Glee Club Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis Tournament, Dancing Class. Tumbling Club, "Pinafore", Dormitory Directorate. DIARY ROTIIERMEl.-Travel Club, Y. W. C. A., Coal Cracker Club, Reformed Club, Fire Chief. C1-IARLEs IYUTTER-FOOtIl2lII, Varsity Club, Basketball, Freslnnan Play, Chair- man Senior Prom. Forty CLASS ACTIVITIES JACK SAUILINA-Vice-president of Sen- ior Class, Varsity Club President, Secre- tary of Y. M. C. A.. Secretary of Student Council, Vigilence Committee Chairman, Football, Basketball, Track, Newman Club President, Athletic Association. Invitation Committee Chairman, Touchstone Staff Circulating Manager. J 01-IN SC.xI:BoItoUCI-I - Manager Foot- ball Team, Normal Literary Society Vice- president, Varsity Club V ice-president. York County Club 'Vice-president, Y. M. C. A., Baseball. VIRGINIA WRAY SCLIMEIIL-Y. W. C. A., Welfare Department XV. C. A., Nomi- nating Connnittee XV. C. A., Girl Reserves, Lutheran Club, Glee Club, Choir, Basket- ball. .ICIIN SCI-IADT-Iillfill Club. CI.iA1cI,ns SCHNEIIR - Inner Circle, Roddy Scientilic Society. Citamard Play- ers, Research Club, Y. M. C. A., Track. ADA SEITZ - Rural Club, Dormitory Directorate. FRANCIS SELL1-:ns-Priniary Club, Ad- visory Connnittee, Volleyball, Basketball. M.A.I:eUEnITn M. SHANABROUGH--Page Inner Circle, Department of C. XV. A., Nominating Committee of C. XV. A., Re- search Club, Touchstone Staff Associate Editor. ., ELIZABETH SHENBERGER - Glee Club, Choir, Y. W. C. A., Citamard Players. BIIRIAM SHENBERGER - Glee Club, Choir, Citamard Players, Y. W. C. A., Secretary of Freshman Class, Snapper Ronmvr SHOCK-Track, Senior Play, Touchstone Staff, Basketball. I'IELEN SICKMAN-Rl1l'211 Club, Basket- ball. ESTHEIQ SLCTIQIN - Tumbling Team, Primary Club, Freshman Commission. JOSEPHINE SMITH - Girl Reserve, Travel Club, Y. W. C. A., Art Club. LAXVRENCE SIIITII-Rural Club. ANNA SNYDER-Rural Club. AVILLIAM SPANNUTH - Rural Club, Senior Dance Committee, Y. M. C. A. GRACE SPENCER-Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Girl Reserves, Modern Authors' Club, Citamard Players, Y. W. C. A., Tumbling Club, Presbyterian Club, Re- formed Club, Travel Club. ANNE STAIII.--Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, Choir, Dormitory Directorate, Travel Club, Girl Reserves. lillxm' STILALEY-Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Art Club. GI.AnYs STRICKLER-C1l0lI', Glee Club, Tumbling Team. Reformed Club, Travel Club, Y. W. C. A. AIARTIIA STUMPF - C. W. A. Vice- president. Touchstone Stait, Page Society Critic, Girl Reserve, Vigilance Committee, May Day, Basketball, Tennis. Enrru TA.YLou-Priinary. H. ELIz.x1sI+:TII TIzoNIs - Y. W. C. A., Rural Club, Travel Club, Girl Reserves, Reformed Club, Hockey, Citamard Players. Ii.-XTILRYN Tunrsolm - Girl Reserves, Mode1'n Authors' Club, Travel Club, Coal Crackers Club. BETTIE B. TUSTIN-Travel Club, Y. W. C. A. Jnssin ELIz.x1zE'rH WEBB-Y. W. C. A., Bible Club, Girl Reserves, Rural Club. Foium, IVELC1-I - Publicity Committee W. C. A., Rural Club, Hockey, Arrange- ment Committee Rural Club, Class Motto, Color, Flower Committee. RUTH WVELCH-11111111 Club, Publicity Committee VV. C. A., Publicity Committee Y. W. C. A., Senior Dance Committee. MARY XVHITPLKEIV-C0311 Cracker Club, Newman Club, Travel Club. FLORINE WILKES-Y. W. C. A., Choir, Glee Club. Louisn NVISE-Rl11'il1 Club. M. VIOLA WISE-Y. W. C. A., Rural Club. EVEIQET WILsoN - Editor Snapper Staff, Page Inner Circle, Debating Team, Senior Play, Vigilance Committee, Tennis Team. RUTH YERGEY-Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, Dormitory Directorate. MARY JANE YETTER - Y. W. C. A., Volleyball, Hockey, Travel Club. EVELYN C. YINGST-President Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Secretary Y. WV. C. A. Cabi- net, Snapper Staff, Class Secretary, Senior Play, Touchstone Statf, Department of Equity W. C. A. BIARY YosT-Glee Club. OUR AIM To launch ideals in a world of pcmln, To strengthen lives for a greater gain, TfVe make our aihn. To share the wealth of our heritage, The learned thoughts from the stately sage, Pursued in faith. To stretch horizons to wider scope, To teach through song and fits cadence-hope, To set lives free. To pledge in truth to entrusted minds, To quiehen talents, enrich the finds- Perfeet our goal. MARY JANE DAVIDSON OTHER CLASSES . f .Ip BEYER, FIIANCES B. BRAUM, ALBERTA M. CALEY, HELEN CRANVFORD, EDITH DAVIS, ELVA LOUISE DIEEENBAUGH, HELEN DIRIAN, XVILMA FCHL, BETTY SIIEEN FREY, ELIZABETH C. GEIIIER, ANNA R. ADAAI S, ROBERT L. CAULFIELD, MARTIN YV. CRISWVELL, CLOYD DARMSTAETTER, LUTHER ESI-IBACYTI, WVILBUR GAMBER, ROY S. GOCHENAUR, FORD GOOD, LESTER H. Forty-two THE JUNICR CLASS GIRLS GRAY, A. JANE HELII, AMY L. HOUCK, DIARY C. IMHOEE, BETTY KNITTLE, -DIARY K. KREIDER, ICATHRYN KOI-IR LANDIS, ARLINE LA ROSEE, MRS. JULIA G. LONG, BIADELINE M. LUCKENBILL, REBECCA A. BOYS IZIARTMAN, CHARLES INNERS, LAMAR D-. KOONS, RALPH E. KICEIDER, CKENNETH L. NICCLURE, ROBERT D. AXIANIFOLD, DEAN MILLER, EDGAR MILLER, LRONALD C. RICGIIINN, ANNA BICGLINN, MARY LOUISE NIILLER, GRACE B. MILLICHAP, JEAN B. VPAULES, NANCY SCI-ILOSSAAIAN, CHRISTINE SMITH, MARTHA TURNER, ELIZABETH XVHITMORE, RUTH XVITHERS, CLARA PETROSKY, XVILLIAM I RODENIIAUSER, PAUL ROSE, GEORGE F. RfUNK, RAYMOND SAUDER, LEROY SENER, DANIEL STEINER, ALBERT STRADTIIAN, GIEOIiGE JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY From meek, bewildered nonentities to capable leaders ot campus activi- ties-such has been the achievement of the junior class since it entered in 1929. Although each semester has been marked by increasing progress this year has been most successful. As Freshmen we spent most of oui time absorbing the atmosphere, cus- toms, scholarship, and inheritances left to us by the upper classnien, Early in the second semester wt our first public appearance in the play, "Mix Wlell and Stir? Since then members of the class have taken an active part in dramatics, chapel programs, and literary meetings. For our iirst social event we joined with the two-year Freshmen in giving a very successful spring prom. This started the ball rolling, for as strug- gling sophomores we converted the gym to a deck of a yacht and spent the evening aboard ship laughing and dancing amid the levity of friends. This year occurred the big- gest event of alI-the-never-to-be-for gotten masquerade dinner and dance held at the Hotel in Millersville. In all kinds of athletics our class has participated readily. The boy: won the class basketball tournament in our Sophomore year, and the girls also had a very successful team. Into all activities-music, journal- ism, debating, club work, and student government we have entered willing- ly, without sacrilicing our high scholastic standards. XV e are looking forward to the responsibilities and duties which the senior year will bring to us. VVe hope that we may continue our activeness and serve as worthy examples for the underclassmen to follow next year. Forty-thrcc x 19 A .-lf. 4 ,J ,':ii?.'yYx A . 3iSI'QfiIrElPfFT2I4 ll' ' FL! 32 ALLEN, IVIIRIAM AUXER, DOROTHY THE SGPHOMCDRE CLASS GIRLS ERY, N.ANCY E. FOX, RUTH BUCKWALTER, :KATHRYN FRANTZ, BIIRIAM BUCKXVALTEIR., BIABEL BURKE, MARGARET CALKINS, BIAR-JORLIE F. OARRIGAN, EMILY Y. COLLINS, ESTHER MARY DIE'FZ, BIARTHA A. BENDER. A-ALBERT BONVERS, JOHN BRENNERIAN. ROY FREY. ANNE M. GEMMILL. SARA GEORGE, HELEN L. GRISSINGER. BEATRICE I'IESS, NAOMI J, If.-XLENCKI, XVANDA IQELLEINBERGE-R., LOUISE IQAFROTH, S. MARGARET LICHTY, BIARY IQATHRYN LOINGENECIIER. BETTY RIAIER, SUSANNA BIARTFIN. IJARRIET E. MZORRIIS. EDYTHE ROIIRFIIII. ELLA S. ROSS, BIARY E. BOYS FORRY, IVIELVIN B. FORTNEIY. STANLEY FOX. JOHN W. BRUBAKE-Rf. HENRY ENGLE GISH. IDANIEL BRUAIRACH. VVILLIAMI GAULNVELL, PAUL DAVIDSON, PAUL DAVIS, XV,-ALTER EDDY. GILBERT ESIILE3-IAN. YVILBUR FACKLERI, DANIEL Forty-four GR.AYRII,L. BERNARD J. GULDEN. IQERMIT HALL, IRA PIECKENDORN. EARL HOEEECIIER. DONALD IQUFTA, MICHAEL LANDIS, XVILBUR LEONAR-DO. RORIULUS LUCEY, ROBERT LUCKENBAUGH, XVILALER BICVEY, DAVID BIOORE. DOMINIO PARMER-. CHARLES H. IIEIST, EARIL K. RENOLL. CILIRENOE ROHN, I1AROLD SHENK, JOHN B. SHENK, IQERMIT G. SCOTT, ELIZABETH SHEARER. ROSELIE E. SHOOR. BIILDRED SHOE.MA'Ii'lCR. RUTH S IPE, FRANCES ...,SRIITH. BIARGARET C. UNRUH. FRANCES M. YOHN, DORIOTIIY SIEGRIST, LLOYD SIEGRIST, PAUL SLOTHOWVERI, LESTER SAIELTZ, LUKE E. SPANGLERI. PAUL STEIN, BURTON STINSON, HAROLD SWEITZER. JOHN TANOAR. JOHN B. XVEAVERE. J. T. XVILKINSON. XVILLTAM YOI-IE, ILALPH W' SGPHQMQRE CLASS HISTQRY The Sophomore class has developed a. personality all its own. That tl1e class is socially minded, but not to say frivolous. can be judged from the list of two years of its activities. The members of the class are being welded into a unit through a series of parties and good times rather than by study of a common curriculum. Our first step as a unit was to organize under the leadership of Miss Hammond and Dr. Chandler. The class decided they did not care to work under a, regular constitu- tion and by-laws, but preferred a more modified form of government. A standing program committee, in conjunction with the officers has beer responsible for the activities of the class. This committee first planned a card party in the Training School in February of 1931. The guests were members of the class and those faculty members who were then in- structing us. lVe welcomed the entire school to a costume dance in April of that year Our Sophomore year began under the direction of Dr. Chandler and Miss Simerson who was appointed our class dean because Miss Ham- mond retired from school service. Early in October we sponsored a novel affair: a Barn Dance whose in- formality attracted a large crowd. The entire faculty and our class enjoyed another card party in the Training School in January of 1932 Bernard Graybill, our president, changed his course at mid-semester so the class elected Kathryn Buck,- walter to succeed him in that office. This spring the Sophomores hiked to a spot by the Conestoga a few miles from the college where a picnic and games delightfully entertained us. Acting upon Dr. Chandler's sug- gestion a. committee has been ap pointed to determine upon a. memor- ial of the class which is to be given to the college in the year of 1934. Forty-Ave THE FOUR YEAR ERESHMAN CLASS GIRLS: Marian Adams, Eleanor S. Bard, Margaret Bittner, Helen Blaisse, Jane Bradshaw, Louise Brurnbaugh. Laura E. Buller, Mary Arline Ca-se, Ruth Coho, Mary Coolidge, Josephine Darrnstaetter, Dorothy M. DeLong, Kathryn Druck, Madeline E. Fasold, Grace H. Flick, Miriam M. Frank, Hilda Frey, Ethel I. Galebach, Esther Garrett, Jane E. Garothorp, Dorothy Gilson, Alma Grebinger, Ruth Groif, Caroline Grubb, Elva. Gutekunst, Helen M. Hanna, Lillian Harnish, Ruth Haverstein, Beulah Hefferan, Elsie B. HoEer, Elizabeth Hosler, Margaret Howat, Mildred M. Ketrick, Marie Kistler, Ruth LeFevre. Pauline Liehty, Ethel M. Mytle, Genevieve- Mann. Gladys A. Martin, Dorothy E. Moyer, Martha M. Mylin, Betty Oster. Edith M. Reinhold, Mildred D, Roush, Anna M. Scott, Getha. Shuman, Madeline Smith, Mary Swahn, Helen Throne, Gail Tolbert, Helen A. Vllagner, Mary Kathryn Vlfeaver, Ruth lVeidne1', Annabel Nlfeller, Lavilla XVB1'l?Cll, Esther lvithers, Edit-h Xlfood, Mildred Zink, Kathrine Isabel Zuck. BOYS: lVilliam Abel, Richard Bear, Abraham Berger, Alfred Black, Rodney E. Bricker, James Brill, Lloyd Brook- myer, George Broske, Paul H. Brubaker, Donald H. Bush, Benjamin E. Charles, Stanley Charles, Leonard P. Coggin. Stanley Derr, Paul Devlin, Charles Dietrich, John Diller. Paul Diller, Leonard Dodd, Donald Edwards, Paul Fenste- znaker, John Richard Go-lensky, Arthur Grove, Richard Hamilton, Daniel Hartman, Kenneth F. Hastings, Howard Haus- man, Howard P. Holt, Robert Hostetter, Lloyd R. Howe, Stanley Hummer, I1-vin Jones. Robert Kelley, Harry Kofler, Russell M. Kuhns, G. Carl McCo1nsey, Chandler Myers, J. Albert Nestle, lVilliarn J. Otstot, John C. Rathfon, William Richards, Joseph WY Ritchie, Donald J. Rose, Richard Rose, XV. Kenneth Rothermel, J.,lVilbur Sauder, Charles Shafer, Ralph G. Shalter, Raymond Sipple, Grove T. Sollenberger, Alvin Soni-wine, Roscoe Sp'eni:er,'Henry M. Spengler, Andrew Stah, Xllilliam H. Stotz, Daniel Strausner. Isaac Styer, Lloyd G. Trout, Robert J. Xveber, Milton XVeidel, Charles Zittle. THE TWO YEAR ERESHMA CLASS GIRLS: Carrie Adair, Edna. Alexander, Genet Anstine, Louise K, Aurand, Dorothy Bair, Patti Baker, Helen Benzbof, Sarah Johnston Bard, Almeda Bechtold, Almira Blongh, Sara Bolton, Mary K. Bomberger, Lucille Bonebreak, Anne Bonham, Zola Bowers, Evelyn Brown, Irene B. Brubaker. Mary Brubaker, Louise VV. Charles, Sara L. Calvin, Marion Denlinger, Annabelle Dietz, Mary Dourte, Ruth Eash, Phoebe D. Eavenson, Dorothy Eberly, H. Ruth Ecklin, Eleanor Edie, Dorothy Esihleman, Hazel Esslinger, Gladys Fair, Mary Fedigan, Cathrine Forbes, Parthene Frank, Mary A. Garden. Patience Garretson, Marjorie Geary, Elta Graybill, Anne Henderson, Idella M. Henry, Hazel Herr, Julia Hershey, Mar- tha Nolt Hershey, Ruth B. Hess. Mary E. Hively. Virginia Honibaf-h, Erma E. Hyson, Bernice Isrovitz, Carolyn Jacobs. Gladys Johns, XV. Ruth Jones. Margaret Keesey, Daisy Kirchoff, Sadie Klinger. Mary Klopp, Ella. Elizabeth Knight, Julia Kraber, Beatrice Lancaster, Laura Jean Landis, Miriam Leanian, Marian Liggit-, Pauline Litzenberger, Mary Mann. Ruth Martin, Naomi C. llfentzer. L. Madeline Metzger, Eleanor Morris, Louise Myers, Ella. Mae Oeschger, Gladys Overly, Grarie Phauder, Mildred Ramsay, Alice Ra-nb, Florence Ressler. Anne Rose. Adda Rossiter, Dorothy Roth, Miriam Sauder. Rachael F, Saylor, Ruth H. Sein, Mary Senft, Kathryn Sheaifer, Rose She-ar, Eleanor Sheffer, Faye Shernieyer, Velma H. Shire. Dorothy E, Slater, Harriet S. Smedley. Elizabeth Smith, Margaret M. Smith, Carrie J. Spory, S, Elizabeth Star- key, Mary Ruth Stauffer, Margaret Steele, Helen E. Stenhens. Ellen Stuatzrnau, Ruth Thomas. Tybertus lVallic:k. Mildred Avlllllbiillgll. Elizabeth A. Mlarfel, Florence I. Xlleaver, Hermena A. XV6St91'll0H:, Maude G. lVilliams, Elinor P. Xllillils, Lila YVitte. Elsie Zerphey. BOYS: Jacob Berkheimer, Leroy Brinser, XVo0d1-ow XV, Brown, Xlfilliani Burg. Mark Davis, Richard English, .Tnhn Fertig, Lawrence Gerber, Joseph A. Jacobs, Luke L. Keefer, Ralph Kreider, XVilliam J. Livingston. John Miller. Daniel Paulxroek, Ray Shank. Claude F. Smith, Norman Stover, Charles E. XVeaVer, Lester B. XVenge1'. John S. XVenger, Michael Zazis co. Forty-sim ' it -ix. +'lIt53ii? . 'iii 'dim-'-' l-7' 5 19 lJ'i4.f-l3l.i 2 FCDUR YEAR FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY The class of 1935 became a living force on the eighth of September Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-one. There was nothing outstanding about this 'tnatal" day. lVith the ex- ception of the fact that the enroll- ment had increased greatly from that ot previous years this class looked and acted much like any other fresh- man class had looked and acted. lVith the help of our class dean: Miss Haverstick and Mr. Lingens felter we were able to complete the organization of the class. The officers elected were: President, Henry Spangler: Vice-president, Jane Gaw- thropg Treasurer, Paul Brubaker-g and Secretary, Genevieve Mann. After we became more closely acquainted with college lite we de- cided to have our iirst party as freshmen-a "Kiddies" part.y. The freshmen. dressed in socks, hair ribbons and tluftly party dresses es- corted the faculty members to the gym, and for that night they pre- tended that they were our mothers and fathers. The evening was spent in playing games. Later in the year we, not wishing to he outdone socially by our older upper classnien. a dance which we named the "Bi-centennial dance? NVe have enjoyed this year as i'l'0SllI1lCI1 and now it is time to "put away childish things" for we are sophomores-wise hut foolish sophs. TWG YEAR FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY As deans of the Two-Year Fresh- men group for this year, Miss Doro' thy Hughes, supervisor in the Train- ing Schoolg and Mr. Frederick Beck- meyer, science instructor, called the class together in November for the purpose of electing class oiticers. The officers elected were: Wfoodrow Brown, presidentg Irene Brubaker, vice-president gAlice Raub, secretary g and Jacob Berkheimer, treasurer. The Normal and the Page Literary Societies entertained the freshmen at receptions in the Gym, at which times both extended invitations to class members to join their society. A number of girls from this group participated in the annual stunt nite performances held in the Gym during the month of November. The class social was given in the form of an "Old Fashioned Party" near the end of the first semester, The entire faculty was invited and many were there to help in the merry making. A well planned program of old fashioned games, sketches. dances, and a dress parade furnished the eveningis entertainment. Clever costumes of long ago, worn by stu- dents, echoed the spirit of the past. Forty-seven ALMA MATER Millersville, we sing to thee Hymns of praise and loyalty. Sons and daughters, staunch and bold Follow 'neath the Black and Gold. Here we fight for truth and right, Shield and buckler ever bright 5 Rich in truth xve'll ever be. Millersville, we sing to thee. Stately trees and campus Wide Wfe recall with thoughts of pride, Rippling lake and ivied Walls, Memories from thy classic halls. Forth we march to bring thee fame, Spirits light and hearts aflame, Hopeful, faithful, earnest, trueg Still thy standards to pursue. Honor, fame, and glory bright Wfe inherit through thy light: Scholarship, thy first great aim, Proudly still upholds thy nagme. Alina Mater, we adore Thy great spirit evermore, Gratitude and reverence may, Millersville, be thine for aye. GRGANIZATIGNS X., 1 A--" I--A 19 32 lg-LIQLYIR WOMEN'S COMMU ITY ASSCCIATIO WELFARE DEPARTMENT President - Vice-president A S eeretcwy - Treaswea' - Aclvfis ers - MARY TERODERICK DIARY GIIOFF BIADELINE LONG JEAN MILLICI-IAP - ELAINE HESS - MARY JANE DAVIDSON - NANCY PAULES - GRACE MILLER MISS TERRY, MISS CATON, MISS CONARII JANE GRAY RIUTH GRCEE I ELLA ROPIRER . BIARGARIGT SMITH HARRIE1' IEANNIGTS HAZEL Aff.-XR"I'TN ROMAINIE JEEERIES VIRGINIA SCHMELL EQUITY DEPARTMENT President - l ELAINE HESS Vice-president - - MARY JANE DAVIDSON S60V075CH'2! - - - - NANCY PAULES Adv-isers - - MISS TERRY, ELTISS CATON, MISS CONARD EVELYN YINGST CLARA XVITHERS .Fifty WCMEN'S COMMUTI G ASSOCIATIO P-res-idelzf - DOROTHY PIA.-XR Vice-p1'esidenTt - BIARTHA STUMPE Sec1'etm'jy - BETTY TURNER TVGCIV-S1I!7'6l' - XNIILMA DIRIAN EQUITY DEPARTMENT IDOROTHY H2XA1l ESTHEIR EKILHEFFER XVILMA DIRIAN M,xRTH,x STUMPF LOUELLA BIELLING-ER AJQLENE LANDIS BETTY TURNER WELFARE DEPARTMENT DOROTHY IIAAII LOUE1,L.x BIISLLINGICIC ROSA LONOENEOKER BIARTT-IA S'1'UMP1f' BETTY BIAHTIN ELLA CTEIST BlG'l"l'Y TI,'HNER BIARX K. LTCHTY JOsE1'111xE I,ARMS'l'AE'I"1'ICIl 'WILMA DIRIAN LXNNA MCGLINN M.xRc:1iER1T11: SHANABROUG11 Fifty-one -X1 N., frp,'l f Y I f.'iEf,':!iA." ilk ?.:l??.Qi'fl'fffQiif2R 19 5 2 Y. W. C. A. CABINET Presiderit - Vice-president - Secretary - Treasurer - World Fellowship Ohdirincm S ocidl Comrnittee C'liclirmcm. Bible Study Olidirmdii - Social Service O'lidirma,ii - Music Chdirmcm - Chairman of Meetings - fidoiser - Fifty-tivo EVELYN YINGST HELEN DIEEENBAUGH MARY GROFF - JANE GRAY REBECCA LUCKENBILE-A 66'- NANCY EBY A BIIRIAMI AUMENT - MYRTLE NASE MARY STRALEY GRACE HOCKLEY EMILY SNYDER President - Vice-presfideorat Treasurer - Secretary - Adviser - Y. M. C. A. CABI ET CARL CRISXVELL IIAROLD ROHN IQERBIIT GULDEN :XLBERT STEINER LESTER SLOTHOWIQR BURTON STEIN BIfZIiNfXIiD GIQAYTSIIJIJ VVILME R-OBEKT ADAMS RONALD -NIILLEK DEAN BIANIFOLD R LUCKENBAUGH JOHN PUCILLO Ffif ty-three ROLL President - V'ioe-presideovft - Seoretwy - - Assistfmft Secretm'y Treasurev' - - LIAZEL RIARTIN ZENOBIA BENSING RIATTIE RIASE SAIIIE FERGUSON DIARY BROVVN ESTHER ALLEN ELIZIIRETH XVEBB RUTH IRC-LAND RIIRIAM AUMENT BIARION HEILBIAN IPOROTHY IQILGORE ELIZARETII POMRANING ESTIIER BLATT LUELLA BLAST RUTH XVELCH IJLORDA XVELCH ETIIEI. BRURAIQER .IANET EICKBIAN LILLIAN COLLYER Fifty-four RURAL CLUB f ANNA HARSIIREROER RIIRIALI YEAGLEY GRACE BIUSSER ICVELYN RI.-XRTIN ANN SNYDER RIARTI-IA XVIKARD HELEN SICKMAN JOHN SCIIADT BIELVIN I3lN.KLEY FLOSSIE I'1UBER. DIARY DIEHAI ADA LEAMAN VIOLII XVISE LOUISE XVISE PILIZI-k12E'1'1I THRONE EETIIER KUNZE GRACE PIOCKLEY JOHN FORRY E Nl LLETT KURTZ JOHN FORRY GEOIIGE LEIR NAOMI HESS DIARY DIEHM NIARY BROWN PAULINE HEISEY BARBARA PIEISEY DOROTHY AYRES GEORGE LIEB GERTRUDE IIODKEI DOROTHY JONES XVILLIABI SPANNUI H CARROL IIUN T LAYVRENCE SMITH MZILDRED REAPSORIE ANNA BULL ADA SEITZ FIINNY I-IEISEY CHARLES HEADS INR SUPIJLE ELLEN LIARTMAN NAOAII Hmss LAXVRENCE STUART ROIINEY SENER President - Vice-president - Secretary - Treaszwef' - :FANNY HEISEY ESTHER XVITHERS ETHEL LYTEL CLARA. YVITHERS IEUTH FOX GRACE MILLER BIARGARET SMITH BIADICLINE BIETZGER ISLINOR XVILLITS LOUISE I3RUDIBAUGH FILIZABETH THRONE EI.-XRION FIEILMAN G-RACE IIOCKLEY BIAKY IEEDIGAN GIRL RESERVES ROLL BIARY KLOIJP IELIZABICTH I'IOSLEIi ALICE RAUB VIRGINIA LIOMBACH BEATRICE GRISSINGER DOI10fE1lIY BIOYER ETHEL BRUBAIIER DIARY SENFT IESTHER G'ARRETT RIATTIE RfASE ILUTH ROLAND DOROTHY JONES JOSEPHINE SMITH IIELEN HINKLE CLARA XVITLIERS GRACE HOCIiLEY DIARY FEDIGAN GRACE MILLER GRACE SPENCER IELEANOR BIULLOCK ISI.-KRRIET If-ANNELS RIIRIAN IQLINGER Ii.-XTHERINE TREESOAR NIARIAN ALLERACH CATHERINE FORBES DIARY BROWN ESTII ER :XLLEN IVA SUPPLEE :ELIZABETH STARKEY ADDA RIOSSITER ELEANOR SCHEEEER BIAKJORIE CREARY Fifty-five 3 .JE lg 1-IJavf"iEiEf??T51E 5 2 LH..-H-Ll LAURA LIORNBERGER VYIRGINIA PLITT GICIXCTE RICINER MARY ROTIIERMEL NANCY EEY JANE GRAY XTELDIA S1-IIVE GR.-ACE PIIANEER MARY ITEDIGAN GRACE HOCKLEY XTIRGINIA IIOMBACH BI.-XKION HEIIJDIAN FANNY HEISEY ELIZABIQTIYI IIOSLER ETIIEL LYTLE LOUISE 175RUMBAUGl-I AMELIA KOPITSIIIE Fzfty-six TRAVEL CLUB BIARY KANE BIARY XVIIITAKER ELTA GRAYRILL LUCILLE BONEEREAII CATHERINE FORBES ESTIIER XVITIIERS :ALICE RATIB CLARA EITIIERS HELEN IUIFFENBAUGH REBECCA LUCIQENRILL HEIJIDN GEOIIGE BEATRICE GULISSINGEK CAROLYN JACOBS ELIZAEETI-I TIIRONE HELEN HINKLE ELSIE BACI1BIAN ELINOIQ SHEFFER LEVDELLA ILIICNRY LIA'l"17IE RI.-ASE MARION AXLLEBACH DOROTHY, JONES BIADELINE BIETZGER LIIRIAM KIIINIIICIQ ESTIIER BLATT LAURA :BURGER ALXLTHEA IUIMELO BETTY TUSTIN DIARY GROER ZENOBIA BENSING RLTTPI C. Fox CAROL LIUNT BIELVIN BINKLEY XVILLIAIXI SPANNUTII VIGILANCE COMMITTEE Olmfzlvnfnmn - CLARENCE RENOLL, '34 SeO1"etcw'y-To'eavsmmer - DAXVID BICXHDYJ '34 Adviser E' - JOHN IJUCILL0 ALLB1-IRT BENDER, '34 ROY BEENNEMAN, '34 RUSSELL BIQROER, '32 LIELVIN BINIQIJEY, '32 JOHN FOX, '34 IRA PIALL, '34 ALXRVIN HT,TGIlES, '32 THOMAS MCCALL, -'32 LESTER SLOT1-IOWER, '34 IJUKE SMELIITZJ '34 LIAROLD STINSON, '34 LLOYD SIEGRIST, '34 Fifty-seven OlLCL'i7'77'LfHIf Fifty-eight FRESHMEN CGMMISSIGN 1B0ARDING STUDENTS LELLA R-OHRER NANCY EBY NANCY PAULES -.MZADELON LONG I EXLBERTA BRAUM DIARY BROXVN BIIRIAM AUMENT HELEN IJIFFENBAUGH BIYRTLE NASE GRACE HOCKLEY FANNY HEISEY CLARA XVITHERS C h'Clf'i7'791,fl-71, FRESHMEN COMMISSKDN DAY STUDENTS RIITH XVHITMORE BETTY SCOTT BIARGARET IQOFROTH HELEN SICKMAN BIIRIAMI YEIXGLEY ESTHER SLOTKIN BETTY BIARTIN SARA GEMMILL fIELEN HOOVER BIARTHA LESHER ESTI-IER BIUSSER IESTHER IQILHEFFER Fifty-nine Wifi, I I , J. L13 Tj If 1 fd 2 LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB PIresficlen,t - Vfioe-presidewft - Se01I'etcn'y - f Aclmls er .F1'6flSZlf7"G'7' BREXER, FRANCIS BRAUM, IXLBERTA CALEY, HELEN CRAWFORD , EDITH DIFFENBAUOII, HELEN DIRIAN, VVILMA FCHL, BETTY GIEIGEIQ, AINN GIiAY, JANE HELII, AMY MCCGLINN, ANNA BICGLINN, DIARY LOUISE - DOROTFIY HCAAR DIARY JANE DAVIDSON - RUTH XVHITMORE - DIARY GROFF MISS I'IELEN A. GANSER BQIILLER, GRACE PAULES, NANCY SMITH, RIARTI-IA YVHITIIORE, RIUTTI YVILKES, IPLORINE BLOCKSOM, C'ERTRUDI'1 BRODERICK, DIARY DAVIDSON, DIARY JANE GROFFJ DIARY HAAIIJ DOROTHY YINGST, EVELYN SCHMELL, VIIIGINIIL Sixty ALASTICK. ELE.-XNOR AXLLEN, IJOROTHY L. BOLICK. CAROLINE BULLOCN. FLORENCE BURGER. LAURA URUAI. CECELIA DAVIES. BERNICE DONOVAN, DIARY D001LEX'. MARGARET EBY. HELEN EICHLER., SARAH FRI DAY, M ARGA RET ANSTINE. GENET BAIR. DOROTIIY BAKER. PATTI BANZHOF, IEIELEN BARR. SARAH JOHNST BECIITOLD. ALRIEDA BOMBERGERI, BIARIY K. BRESLIN, BIARGE IQROXVN, EVELYN CHARLES, LOUISE ECKLIN, H. RVUTH ESI-ILEAIAN, DOIEOTHY FORBES. CATHERINE GARRETSON, PATIENCE GEARTY. BIARJORIE ON PRIMARY CLUB SENIORS GEIST, ELLA GRACE HARSLEY. RIARGARET HOO-VER. I'IELEN A. I'IGRNBERGER,, LAURA J ONES. BIARGARET IiANE, DIARY A. KAUEEMAN. I1ELEN IQLINGER. BIIRIABI K O-RIT s K I , A M ELIA LANGTON, ANN AIOXLEY, MZAXINE NAKDUCCI, LILLIAN FRESHMEN I-IENRERSON, ANNE PIERSHEY, JULIA I'IO'FFEK, ELSIE B. IIOMBACI-I, VIRGINIA IsOOv1Tz. BERNICE JOHNS. GLADYS IQEESE-Y. BIARG.-LRET IQRABER-. JULIA LOER. ELLA Z. RIARTIN, IEUTH BIILLER-. ELEANOR ' BIORIIIS. ELEANOR AIURRY. VERNA MAW PHANDEK. G-RACE RAUIS, ,:XLlCE HARRAUC H. V. BIARGARET NASE, BIYRTLE IEANNELS, II.-XRRIET IIEDDIG, JEANNE REINER.. GRACE ROSE. DOROTHY SELLERS. RIARY F. SHENRERGER. RIIRIABI SLOTKIN. ESTHER SMITH. EIELEN STAHL, ANNA TAYLOR, MRS. EIHTH XVHTTAKER. DIARY M. YERGEY, F. RUTH IQESSLERI, FLORENCE IEOSSITER, A.DDA ROTH. DOROTHY SAUOER., BIIRIAM SAYLOR, RACHEL SEITZ. ANNABELLE SHEAR. ROSE SHEAR. MARIE SHEAEEER. :KATHRYN SHIYE, X7ELM..-X STAUFFER. DIARY RUTH S'1'U'l'ZMAN. ELLEN THOMAS. IRUTH A. XVILLIAMS. BIAUDE XVILLETS, ELINOR, P. Sixty-onc fi , M lf, . -,L . T1llf,:'f,Q.Orf.x PAGE LITERARY SOCIETY SEVENTY-SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY FRIDAY EVENING, IWIAY THE TIIIRTEENTH NINETEEN HUNIJRED AND THIRTY-TWO AT EIGHT OICLOCK PROGRAM Meeting called to order by the President - Selections - Reading - Oroastus - Piano Solo - If Selections - - AdjOuI'nIneI1t MOTTO RICH IN TRUTH The Moving .F'i71fgG7'U - - HALDY. M. CI-IRIST, '97 YORK Y. M. C. A. CHORUS ANNA HOYLE BISHOP STEPHEN LEACOCK LUCRETIA J. BOYD DR. J. FREEMAN GUY - YORK Y. M. C. A. CHORUS COLORS , BLUE AND GOLD ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE ANNA BULL T. F. SEIVERLING H. C. SYMONS ESTIIEIQ LENHARDT HAROLD GEHMAN D. L. BIEHESDEREER S. P. RICCOMSEY MARGARET SVVIFT MARION BEIMESDERFER G. F. BECKMEYER EDNA CATON S. B. STAYER VVILLIABI CHRIST DANIEL CHARLES GIQACE HOCKLEY ESTHER KILIIEFFER DANIEL SENER GEORGE STRADTMAN HARRY POVVNALL MARY BIKODERICIQ PAUL RODENHAIJSER Siwty-two Pres idcw t - Vrice-presidcrzztt Secretary - T7"6fI'S"N7"C7' V Critic - E75 19 52 PAGE QFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER - D. ROENEY SENER HARRY POWNALL - ES'FI-Iklli KILHEEEER - SARA QUICKEL - - - PAUL RODENHAUSER Curators - U ROBERT ITOSTETTER, PAUL BRUEAKER, DIARY BRODERICK SECOND SEMESTER President - GEORGE STILADTMAN Vice-president - JAMES CARR Secretary . BETTY FOHL Treasurer - ELLA ROTIRER Critic - - - DIARY BRODERICK Curators - - MARY VVHITAKER, PAUL DILLEIK, PAUL RODENHAUSER MOTTO COLORS "RICH IN TRUTHH BLUE AND GOLD FOUNIJED DECEBIBER 8, 1855 S iwt y-t It-rec -v. 51:95 '-'xi 19 lfu 5 2 PAGE LITERARY SOCIETY On the opening day of school the members of the Page Literary Society lost no time in ac- quainting the new arrivals with the true Millers- ville spirit. This cordial welcome was continued when the reception for new students was held in the gymnasium. As this was the iirst social function of the year The Page Society enjoyed the privilege of setting the standard for all social events. The Page programs this year continued the same high standard of former years. The litera- ture appreciation and biographical programs were the highlights of the season from a literary stand- point. A novel, Freshman program proved that Page has acquired an abundance of excellent ma- terial from the new class. The Page Literary Society has just celebrated its seventy-sixth anniversary, and its followers may well be proud to be members of the oldest literary society at Millersville. The spirit of the society was shown by the return of a great number of former Pageites. This year, the society enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of extending its iirst honorary member- ship to Miss Elsie Singmaster, well known fiction writer. Aside from this pleasant feature, the most notable event of the year was the winning of the inter-society debate for the third consecutive time. WVith another successful season closed, Page has turned its interests to the future, ever seeking to grow richer in truth and power. Sixty-fo ur FaIc:uIZty Adfuisevf' - PAGE INNER CIRCLE ANNA DICGLINN BIARY LOUISE EICGLINN JEANNE REDDIG MIIIIAII XYEAGLEY BIIRIAM MANN GRACE HOCKLEY ELIZABETH HOSLEIC BETTY FOIIL MYRTLE NACE DOROTIIY JONES HAZEL HERE ESTIIER KILIIEEEEII DANIEL CHARLES WVILLIAM CHRIST JOI-IN RODMAN EVEIIETT XVILSON MAIIGUERITE SHANABROUGII MII. S. P. EICCOMSEY Sixty-five I PAGE DEBATING TEAM GRACE HOCKLEY IQENNETH KREIDEI! KATHRYN BUCKWALTE1: EVERETT WILSON Coach ---- - Prior. SANDERS MCCOMSEY Assistant Ooafch - - PROF. LYNWOOD LINGENFELTER The Page debating team opened another successful season by defeating its old time rivalsg the representatives of the Nornial Lite1'a.1'y Society. The second debate of the season was held March 5 at Shippensburg State Teachers College. The outcome of the debate proved to mar the record pre- viously established by Page. Sixty-sim 1 ,N I i , A 112 ' .f'f,fl3F',,f iw,,iflQgygitf',l'fgQv' 1 ml Q .1 .ea l NORMAL LITERARY SQCIETY SEVENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY PROGRAM Call to order ,A.....,.....W,.... ...,.... ,,...,. ....,.......... ' I ' resident Presideniis Address ,... A.,...,,...,,...,... I Prof. Hem-y P. Miller, 792 Music-vocal duet .......,.... Karl Aument, Tenor, Dorothy Shock, Soprano Cal "Ships that Pass in the Night"' .,...,....,.....,..,,.... Bruno Huhn fbj "Love's Dream is 0'er" ..,.. . ......,. Joseph Ascher History of Norman Literary Society . A .... Miss Edna Albert, '95 Harp ...,,..,,....,.....................,.,.... Miss Marion Blankenship "Sarabande, from the "Quatriene Concert Royale" , .4..... ,.... C ouperain Debate-?R-esolved: That the control of wages and living conditions by the employer is unfair to the employee. Athrmative . , ..4............,,.,.... . 4 .Mrs. Ross M. Myers, '22 Negative ...... ........,......,.,.. C has. XV. Eaby, ,97 Girls, Glee Club i................... State Teachers College, Millersville, Pa. faj Golden Sun, Thy VV31'IT1fl1 Display ........,..,.,...,.......,... Hook fbj Venetian Love Song ......,....... .... N evin fel VVeep, O Mine Eyes Honorary Address-Philosophy, and the Man of the Street James Ambrose Shook, A.M. Music-vocal duet t......,.. Harold Aument, Tenor 3 Dorothy Shock, Soprano faj "Wl1o Taught Ye All Your Singing ?" .,..,,.........,.....,,. Hildaeh fbj "Passage-Bird's Farewell" ....t..,...t.,,., ,... H ildach SENTIMENT ROLL CALL Miss Minnie Bausman, '99 Miss Maude McAllister, '06 Prof. VVillis K. Sneath, '21 Prof. Mark E. Stine, ,08 Mr. Harold Rohn, :Si Harp ...,t.........,..............., . . . A... Marion Blankenship Gavotte from Ulphigenia in Aulisf' . . .,,,.,,,.... von Gluck Waltz in A Flat .......,......... . , . .,,,....,..,.... Brahms Criticts Remarks .... .,.. B Irs. Ada Rockey VVilson, '93 Adjournment I Sixty-.scuelz NORMAL LITERARY SGCIETY FIRST SEMESTER President - - - - HAROLD ROHN Vice-president - - BERNARD GRAYBILL Secretary - REBECCA LUCKENBILL Treasurer - - VVILMER LUCKENBAUGH Critic - ---- JANE GRAY Curators - - HELEN DIEEENRAUCH, NANCY PAULES SECOND SEMESTER President - - - - - BERNARD GRAYBILL Vice-pesiderit - CLARENCE RENOLL Secretary R- - - NANCY ERY Trecisurer - - WILMER LUCKENBAUGH Critic - - - CLARA WITHERS Curators - - GIQAXCE MILLER, RTADELON LONG Mono COLORS FIGHT FOR TRUTH AND RIGHT RED- AND VVHITE FOUNDED JANUARY 30, 1857 Sixty-eight ORMAL LITERARY SGCIETY 'WVELFOMIC NORMALITl'lCS"-This slogan on a red and white banner stretched across the front of our building greeted the students as they entered the front gate of old M. S. T. C". and expressed the spirit of the Normal Literary Society. This welcoming spirit was very early portrayed in a reception to the new students. A short program was given and the freshmen became acquainted with the upper classmen during the dancing which followed the program. This year Normal has had many interesting programs which portrayed the lives of the different groups of people in our country. The literature, cus- toms, and history of the mountain people, the negro people, and the western people were given at various times. One unique program discussed the poetry during the late war and than contrasted the customs of our ancestors and we. moderns. WVith' its last anniversary the Normal Literary Society has passed the seventy-fifth milestone. The students may well be proud to be members of such a. long-standing organization. At the anniversary program the same spirit of sincerity, loyalty, and service, which, through all these years has kept the society intact in its quest for truth, was still highly manifested. The rules of procedure were practically similar to those formed with the origin of the society. During the year Mrs. Pinchot has become an honorary member of the Normal Literary Society and our debating team added a victory to its list. Thus with the welcoming spirit and the motto-"Fight for Truth and Right," Normal Literary Society has written another year to her history. Sixty-vzimz NORMAL DEBATING TEAM ROBERT ADALIS VVILINIER LUCKENBAUGH CLARENCE RAENOLL RACHAEL SAYLOR Coach - - - - DR. PAUL CHANDLER The Normal debating team had the misfortune to lose its first debate to the Page debating team. This defeat did not dampen the spirit of the quartette, for they proved their true worth by defeating Shippensburg State Teachers College in the College Chapel. Later in the year they niet a strong team from California. State Teachers College in a non-decision engagement. Not one meni- ber of this year's teani will graduate, so the society is looking forward to u very successful season next year. Seventy Musical Qrgzmizations MR. PORTER . . . Musica i Q JR Vi :fi .ff us-ffgrltg-f Til' !!fQQl?i" f ffl GLEE CLUB President - Vice-president - Secretary - Librarian - MISS BOYD . . . Pianist iS'evcnty-two HAZEL BIARTIN HELEN EBY - HELEN EBY - ZENOBIA BENSING Zenobia Bensing. Florence Bullock, Helen Eby. Sara Eichler, Margaret Jones, Jane Gray, Betty Fohl, Betty Longenecker, Virginia Schinehl, Lavilla XVertsch, Wanda Kalenski, Anne Frey, Madeline Fausolcl, Frances Sipe, Marjory Calkins, Anne Henderson, Jeanne Reddig, Dorothy Bair, Margaret Burke, Irene Brubaker, Deborah Caldron. Ruth Fox, Elaine Hess, Dorothy Haar, Rebecca Lucken- bill, Glaclys Strickler, Anne McG1inn. Mary Louise McGlinn. Harriet Rannels, Elizabeth Shenberger, Miriain Sauder, Edith Morris, Dorothy Eshelinan, Arlene Case, Virginia Plitt. Mary Yost. Lillian Colyer, Ella Geist, Althea Diinloxv, Myrtle Nase, Anna Stahl, Naoini Hess. Elizabeth Smith, Par- thine Frank, Hazel Herr. Miriam Shenberger, Hazel Martin. Florine XVilkes, Margaret Smith, Patience Garretson, Elizabeth Frey, Ruth Haverstine, Mary Fetligan, Mary Knittle, Elizabeth Herr, Margaret Howat. Clara XVithers, Julia Hershey, Catherine Forbes, Esther Withers, Sadie Klinger, Eleanor Bul- lock, Mary Weaver, Sabina Bard, Margaret Keisey, Mary Klopp, Katherine Zuch, Ellen Stutznian. VIRGINIA ANDREWS BIIRIAINI fXUMENT SAEINA BARD ZENOBIA IJENSING DIILDRED BOWERS DIARY BROWN FLORENCE 'BULLOCK LILLIAN COLYER HELEN IJANSBURY CATHERINE FORBES RUTH FOX JANE GREY HXXZBIL HERR :ELAINE HESS NAOMI HESS RIARGARET JONES CHAPEL CHCIR HELEN If.-XUFFMAN BIADELINE LONG SUSANNA BIAIER BIYKTLE NASE HARRIET RIANNELS DOROTHY ROSE RUTH ROLEXNIJ BIILDRED ROUSII J EANNE ILEDDIG ANNA STAHL GLADTS STRICIILER ELIZABETH SMITH JVIRGINIA XVRAY SCIIMELL FRANCES SIPE FLORINE WILIQES LAVILLA VVERTSCH GLADYS FAIR JULIA HERSHEY R-OBERT LXDAMS JOHN FORRY CHARLES HAILTBIAN LUKE KEEFER KENNETPI ICREIDER EDGAR MILLER DAVID BICVEY LUKE SBIELTZ IJENRY SPENGLER IRAY SIIANK LAWRENCE STEXVART IRALPH SHALTER LESTER SLOTHAUER XVILLIAM VVILKINSON BIELVIN FORRY Seventy-the-ee Effz- Eg KE vs. , . "'af5vN': C C C , , .,.,, , ., . -S :Eh4L...g,4QL,1:.+1aa4a,, SCENES FROM "THE MIKADCN ENTIRE CAST GIRLS' CHORUS BOYS, CHORUS ,, , . .V ,. .. .-,f .. ,,-1.-- - ..,.-,.- .-.-Q-ne,f-,.-1T.,,q:.-.V -.f--VFX-V-Q. . ins-,1-v':ww:?ng-wr? L. , J ,,,A , V QA, 4x,,,l. ,,,,,. 1 ,z ' ,.,, .:. V QLQQPQQE:-g2ZJ.L""'-:L Seventy-four Qperetta Gets Plaudits of Year's Largest Audience That the operetta, Tl1e Mikado, presented by the students of the combined glee clubs under the capable baton of Mr. Melzer QI?orter, was the best entertainment of its kind presented at the college this year was evidenced by the record crowd that packed tl1e Chapel last Saturday evening. Those who saw the Gilbert and Sulli- van comic opera vouch for the excellence of its rendition. All the members of the cast and chorus handled their difficult parts with a professional manner. Dorothy Haar in the role of Katisha and Kenneth Kreider as the Lord High Executioner stood out because of their exceptionally line portrayals. Nanki-Poo, played by Charles Hartman, and Yum-Yum, by Margaret Jones, sang a lyric contrast to the humorous work of Katisha and Ko-Ko. Pooh- Bah and Dish-Tush, played by Melvin Forry and Paul Rodenhauser, respectively, supplied Iinished support to John Rodman as the Mikado of the exotic headdress, and Peep-Bo, Helen Eby, and Pitti-Sing, Harriet Rannels. Tn the chorus of school girls, of noble guards and coolies, giving a colorful background to thc work of the principals, were Hazel Martin. Ruth Fox, Catharine Forbes, Zenobia Bensing Florence Wfilkes, Myrtle Nase, Jeanne Reddig. Mary Brown, Miriam Sauder, Elizabeth Frey, Gladys Strickler, Mildred Bowers, Gladys Fair, Virginia Sclunehl, Elaine Hess, Florence Bul- lock, Sadie Klinger, Hazel Herr, Anna Stahl Naomi Hess, Madeline Long, Parthene Frank Frances Sipe, Ruth Roland, Elizabeth Smith, Julia Hershey, John Forry, Ray Shank, Henry Brubaker, John Bowers, Edgar Miller, Lester Slothower, Henry Spangler, Lawrence Stewart, Ralph Shalter, Russel Burger, Robert Adams, Carl Criswell, Wfoodrow Brown, Luke Smeltz, and Robert Hostetter. Although the success of this year's operetta depended greatly upon Mr. Porter's effort, the Industrial Arts Theater Club, the electrician. XVillian1 Wfilkinsong the pianist, Miss Lucretia l. Boyd, the dance director, Miss Aurora Wfiekeyg the set painter, Miss Margaret M. Swift, and the drafinatic director, Miss Esther E. Lenhardt, gave valuable assistance to Mr. Porter in making The Mikado memorable. Seventy-five Directof' Seventy-sis: CRCHESTRA CECELIA CRUM LUCILLE HALL DIARY BRONVN JANE G-RAY ESTIAIER VVITHERS ELSIE HOEEER ELEANOR BULLOCK KENNETH IgREIDER ROBERT HOSTETTER' CLARENCE RENOLL JOHN BOWERS XVOODROVV BROVVN ALVIN SOURVVINE -NIELZER PORTER Our Printing PUBLICATIQNS W I V , 'L 0 A AA E ditoif'-iii-chief Assistcmt Editor Associate Editor Spofrts Editor - Art Editor - Picture Editor Head Typist - 1932 TGUCHSTO E DANIEL CHARLES - JEANNE REDDIG - GRACE HOCICLEY - J ADIES CARR - NANCY REAM - XVILLIAM FAGEIR - FANNY HEISY wwq? if f A 9 ff? we Jw 14 PI J '71 7l AMS -Q3-5, L Aiswrm- 5.4122-E4 ...:::'11:f:. A J' 2?2:2EE1:f3' 9:-VJ ff cf " ff g,:g35gggf', 'f?z' . 4.:i -- " T V ILLIAM D ACER EDI'IOll OF PICTURES Seventy-cfiglit DANIEL CHARLES J EANNE REDDIG EDITOIVIN-CI-IIEF AXSSISTANT EDITOR 1 932 Business Mcmafgcr - Assfistamf Business Mcuznfger - Adzrqrtfisivzg Mana-ge1" - C'f'l'C'lLZfLf'l1O'7L lUCHLO'g0'I" - Mcmayger of OI'g6HL'iZU,1f'L0fIZS Assistant McmaAge'1" - TGUCHSTO E - - JOHN ROIJRIALN DOli0THY HAAR JAMES POSTEN JACK SAURINA - - HAZEL BIARTIN ZENOBIA BENSING DOROTHY HAAR ASST. BUSINESS MOR. 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Eighty , V , X 1 ,,-Vx " w,,,,:,-Q2 -' up ' :f,:gigf':, V fJl"i:W: A '7x""!,'li1jl,1" .V LJ M -4l ' L.,,.,1,-,- SNAPPER STAFF Editor-fin-clzfief - M cm Cbg'i71'g Editor - News Edfitowf' - - .4-980C'iCl,7fG News Eclfitov' - Make -up Eclitm' - BusEines.s Mana-gel" - - - - Faculty Aclviscr - Miss BTARION SPENCER DEPARTMENT EDITORS Sports ---- JOHN RODMAN Books - - CARL CRISXVELL STAFF YVRITERS BTARTIX CAULFIELD IRENE BRUBAKER CHARLES HARTMAN FRANCES UNRU1-I SARAH ISICHLER JOHN SHENK BIIRIAM SHENBERGER ASSISTANTS 1CAmf1E'r'r KIJIITZ SARAH IQICI-ILER REBECCA LUCKENRILI. BTAICUAKIGT IIOXVAT EVERETT WILSON - CLOYD CILISWELI, PAUL RODENIJAUSER - JEANNE RIEDDIG - GEORGE STRADTMAN NOILBIIXN BTORGAN Miss Spencer . . Faculty Adviser Eighty-one W.s,2',l- ,, A l tiff? V Q ., 5 T'l'lEi SNFXIDPER f i ' issues WEEKLY 5.1 'ala' ' Viki- 'ol , 1- ,IU 1 K , , - K I , fit!! lnLtlfxc,lnterest of tl1eStuclents of time Millersville State Teachers Collcgel l L ' , aa ' vm..'v1r , V m1LLERsi'1L1.n, PA., SEPTEM,l.iElZ iw, min! i .L ,i .-. -,,,--.,f. '..,,,' 1. ,WA :E , .. -V -E ..,. ,M - ' ,,..T-.,- V .,,,,,..,,.k V ' 1. ,T.i,.l...w,.4.- Four Teachers l oin l l 2 Millersville Faoultyi , . i Three in lTraining'Scl'1ool lanrl Q 1 One in College The Fncully of the Millersville Stare Tnagh- em Pnllegf- has beam enriched by the arrival of fl new instrxwixsr in the college :md three insfrsictnra in the training school. Exinlz mmm. new to the scliojil but vxperiencerrl in upftov. "Tl1eVSnapper"-to Be l Printed Enfery llvgolc All Announcolnonlsluto Mable! Through "The Snapper" This issnu marks a dislinnt change in the publif:ie.inn policy of 'Vim Svmfrzzn. Nifur the mist: trim- ur liver ynnrs Millersville hzua been rwpreeentcd in the reuim of vchoul journalism by n mrlnthly msiimzimi. The material printed dull' Lx-aching rnothofls, some-W well nfbonivllli THE SNAPPHTI llllflnfl thin imflml WM' mended :ind wall prepnreri. . . i Air. I,m55e1ifulwr, tho new iristrilrtor nf English at rlw rolls-ge, ix si grnrhmle ni' Penn Stare mid has rc-cwnily uuvnpinis-fl Q-xtension gvnrlc nn the xzirnevnlleiqo tri sc-r-izrv his Hd. M, l jalmost nnliruly of ar literary nature. How- ever, n gruduail Uhmiigre in the attitude of Un! students'ch a literary publirzition began Ln he ff-lr. The demand was for a piililiiwitimx rho prinrirml fvimire of xvliic-li was ru-ws and nturlent rummvznl. It is 'tu meat lhii ix .'- I v ' " '-F ,, , ,. . ... Ami fl' Xl' ' lmlwlmwr' 'f' 3lld,'L'fm 'fl hw I demand that lun Nl.1i1EKLY sN,avm-zu is bein!! prom-wrilry all Il fvziflxm- nf lunglisn, is an and cowmiiulmrl and cxpnriencefl insinxelur nfl., lie-rmzm, 1 Misa Smirh hns horn nmminmd suporvisurl ir: ilwkiuflv-rg:-irlz-n dl-parivncnt of fthe train- ing si-lmol. Miss Smith is ax prrariuutv ofi Tvxnple Univi-rsiry, nml at pre-senl in cnlnrg-i ing her eriuvnlinn ln- taking 11 Coliimhia Uni-- vnrxity nmirse. i Mis-Q llvithe, fx fcnrsnlrr Millersville Snaiei 'Tmmhvrs Coll:-ge Miidnnt. is also a pfimciluilo, uf 'Yi-mplfr liniwwffity, and has resolved her M. A. in Ed, vlegrm' frnm Columbia Univier- sisy. Miss Roth: is Lnzxclxingfkiri Miss llam- rt1ond's former position ns- fx z-rilic teacher ol' firirnarv grades. k Missa Lacy is also A new tx-amber in the train- ing who-il. Mis-Q Gross, s-upervisnriof math-I nxnatins and auienae. is -tmripinting work mt! Culumhia lirxivm-sity, :md for klha present ,Min lmuy is mzcnpying hor position. Th-: new xupm-visor ls: il greirinate of Iliinois Cnileze, llmlnlille College, and has rcceivr-dl the degree Ljilf' Al. nt llarvmwi Grnfiuzite Sfghimi of llducntinn. - Tim new instructors have :mnonnebrl their pleasure at the cooperation already nmoriled' xhvm by Miilffrivjlle students. and have voiced enthusiasrii for their new iocation. V 0-14- lf has hman unnfilcially announced that now pnrohes ard to he erect'-cl in from of the xziklga' rim-mitnries, The pmsonl pnrchies' are in urgent mend of mbuilrliniz, being ranch dan- gerous and unnttrarflvcf. A flefinile dare for lhe' work has nog bum learned. K K issued, --.........-N.. ' k ..-M..-..-.4-Q "'l'ipslr:r" Fnlhcr tn 'Plus Suznppi-r Tlllii SNAPPER is nm the firanweekly paper zo he published at lvlillerwille. An example of icwprnduiesnnr. "The 'l Spare:-." can be lnuml m xhc collrze library. Thu l I il aprt wasinsued duxing i924 and l9Z5. lllml ir was non a notable success isrilue -- impresvainn cnc. gains fnnrn n conversation on the sulxjecbwith Home of Chr: ranchers who were nt Mille-rsvillee during its era of puiilicntion. The name itself wak noun too H approprinre for A school paper. smacking 1 Loo much ol the shock rrisrkfc nfpom or I Z Nm 'home racing-formal "The Tipsthrn f Q carried no bool: rcviewa. no feature arti- i l cies and. of course. no Rambling Pliilouo- pher. lu. ngwc wnn oi an uninfgrestmg. persona! nature und :he paper mad: nn nrlcrnpm ro lnondcnsi nurlenr opinion, Tim Xl'Ill?IH will prmfsix columns nl nciws' of inlurcsi to all the xmrlmits and uwmhnrs of the iniquity, lr is liopvd tligt. Ehmunlx llwco- izniioms 1hnt ffm: SNAYPER will he uw! exrilueivcly to nnviounr-G and Jiziwrliseicnxning Ginnie. Ry doing this il ii vxpiritecl io'suppll1nL lchif :mfiouuoe:uc-nts iormerly made during lchnpnl gievioda, when :hay were ncarlylnlwnys' iii hit lncongzrnouz. : In mn-lixinn rn eclmfii news Tm: Emi-11:11 :will inrliiiie n colninn ni bool: rc-,viewyi and book gpgmiirm of Lhqx oiliucris ri! all elm vollz-gd organlj i gossip wrnnnm by Carl, Crisu-wil and printnrll i under che cnxgxiiun, "End Pwpvrs, " A sperm du- ipznrlu2enl,cnndurwrl by John Roklmnnpa-ill box vrvgulgr lwwflrly is-:iexirr-. mid the slow llurious, 'illamhlmg Piiilfr-ai-plir-r"' will cominne his pun-. urimlllnns ziiinur vhs- rennpxw in flu- inlc-rest o Tm? SNAl'l'Pli-ii The purgmse of me stall' is to prqducli ' ii well-balanced, inforrnative and f . College'Cluln3 and ,il- ' l Societies Reozganizef' A l for Yenifs Afkotiviti-S5 Many Clubs Dliliimdccl 1 L Page, Normal and Ruial , . A N I , Clul7sv'Aqtive E - . Wim elm opening: mf me lilfll-1932 nghpfsli 'year rimsroff M,illersvilIe's' clubs undxociglicflk hnrvn begunlhqiv nrfizivixios. 'Thy Page rind Normal Literary Suciniies condnctedvtheif with, nm-orilirig to the preiidentg of l.lgb'lbi'6' lemanizallons, ngmarknble regajlgsr. 'I'h9.Ri1'rkllx iillub, the Art Clnh, thi? Iiulugfrixl ,Arislsnl lcikty nnd Lise severalnrgnnizizliorifi of the music dfypaiitn-ight nlknvrasizznk-dv rfiliix-131505 tivitiegs, lvlsnyhf the Siriallgr glubs wl'ii'nh In-ict lmll. year have ,lxeynrdislhnndaflz This action wus- takbh 'partly hmfyixigxh .Of l:ii'k student intntest fxnd'h:irtly"b5Ezg,1iisf3 df' aqlion of thu college nu plxnritilfs. Ei'helRQ3Fog1rnlx Qliib is among those i-Qliiph will prohiiblyime lip 'bnfrlinuvd thisjear. iPlLunS-for lfficinsnr: nigh, nf especial interest ici-mnmbemof the soignqi dfpiiruiufnli, neg be-img proji-elm! hy.. glit- Bizukrnyer, 'I A ' A I ' 1 - , ' 1 Thnvllurnl Climb I ..i, 3 'Z Frrim film Ruqal.Cliil:,, llio 'Smiddnta ofifhi, college will be ahle 'to gel very inlimlxlg' idena anzxcex-ning how a riirnlinchoulcpnhe uanducbedy . - V' ' , Jin meqlings nre held hifmnnlhlyg ' fl'h'e,lii'5Ql3 Qmee-ling, Social onii'wiLh eJsnor'y,lpp6jraii1fi :ivill bc zu gin-together sekgion. Q 3 During the, your 11 series of ixlknoii ans, English, src rind things pertaining iii coianlri life will be prehenlcri tn tliebiixh, .. ' While lim Rm-nl Chiiy, one af 'rho most qiclivg' ol the 'college orgimizixfions, olinrs rm-nmliershipf lp nvniors only, yet nnf :mb oilibf g.liginfn'seniot umyfatlicnd the meetings. r 1 .- " l ily howling nn :mninil mg day, ..n'd"i,y mi-rinsi nf oiher salon, the rixrzil olixli has been able an lilly mid prefarint ei. radio, fx lnonkcnac. ix viclrolpi :mil fs giiann to the Rumi School. 'Thin Yfflf if intrimls io rio scvnelliiiig jmiiimi bbnciicial forilin- Rumi Scliocl, V - 'V il, ii inter:-slimf in lgrlmv Klint Muusfiulrl Millvrsvillo ivbrei flu: only tnficlxcrs' 00lll'i!fi'F from P:-nnsylvunia tri hnvn student roprlrgwnuz- :inn :ir lhe coin-frizion of thx- American Couuiry enserinmmg nexvspxepc-1. ' I rf cimzlnucfi nn ful- mmol ,ig-G, E1,g,'lLty-two 'cnstnnmvy firstidx-xy nicnihlzrahipveizfllvaldhsfv possibilixiex of home ficununiidk, indgiligiiivilr MISS LENHARDT . . . Dramatic Supervisor Scene from The iiifst act of "The Importzlnce of Being Ernest" which was so successfully produced by the 1Il6lI1bQl'S of the senior class this year. SENICDR PLAY The plot thiekens - as the .h.L , .,..A. .,., . ,. .,,. ew.,, , .. ,.,, . ,,.,:,,. ,,.:Q..e.,..,e. .e,.e4... v T ,.ee,,..,4,.,...e:....hZ,,.,.., ,..e..1.:h:,,.,,.e .h.,. . A e.,1,..e.,..e .,.....,,,h,,. .,A.hA..,,,e,:.,:h2.,1.....,:,.?,, T ,.4.,.,.,e., :,:,.,., ..:2,,.:... . , . .,i.:. H1i11iSf9P bGC01HGS iHVO1.Ve.dni!1 H 2 turn out To be Jack at all. As the saying goesg "A11's Weil, that ends Well" and "The Importance of Being Ernestn is no exception To the rule. Eighly-fam' ' J 1 O 1 fit-' . 121115 'Ulu p l Q -'ii'-ilifiliri 1 L3" iY13U SENIGR PLAY "The Importance of Being Ernest" XVIIPII the Seniors pi-odnced Oscar XVilde's play, Millie l'111po1'tn11t'e of Being I':I'I10Sl',U they did an excellent piece of work. The play in itself was extreniely diilieult to 0Il2lC'f, but the piece they produced under Miss LGUil2l1'dt7S capable direction will brook no criticism. The cl1ar'acte1's were very well chosen and seemed to live in their parts. At no time did the acting Of the players strike 21 false note. lt will be at long time before a play is as well enacted as was the play, "The Iiiiportance of Being E1-nest." CAST John W'0rthfin,g - V Rolslanilr SCHACK Ailgewzvon M one1'tiejf e - Evi-:1cE'1"1' XVILSON Rev. Ccmon Chusfuble - r JOHN Rommx ilI'e1"1"in-Lain V - XVILLIAM FAOEH Lan-e - - CARL CRISVVELL P Lady bracknell - - - DOROTHY HAM: Ho-11. Gtuemlolen Fairfax - BIARGARET J ONES Cecily Cawlew - - - EXVELYN YINGSU' MissP1"ism - - HELEN DANSBURY lfighty-five ACTS I AND IV Kenelm Paulton Jael: Greatorezv , Will Lefoeson . . . Adrian T07l'L1Zk'i'lL8 Elspeth Tyrell .. Marlena Leoeson . Eleanor Leoesorn Harriet Phelps . . Norah Gflllflw . , . Dolly Fouliis . . Hubert Wat ............ Sir John, lL vicar M att ........... Ethbert .. ACT I . ACTII "The Road to Yesterday, Presented by the Citamard Players Saturday, Feb'rua'ry 20, 1932 CAST OE CHARACTERS DANIEL PAULNOCK DE.AN BTANIFOLD VVILMER LUCKENBAUGII PAUL BR UBAKER4 ACTS II AND III Lorfl Strcmgeoon. Reformculo Jaeh . . . . . . Wfill wi' the Feulfher .. Tomhih, the lapsfer . Lady Elicabeflz, Tyrrell REBECCA LUCKENBILI, AMY HELM GAIL TOLBERT . . Goody Phelp MARGARET HowAT JOSEPHINE DAICIKI STAETTER JANE GREY SCENES OE THE PLAY W'illLe'ueson,'s The hour is seven o'c1oek of ai Midsunnnei' Eve. The period is 1932. C'omm.on,roomof The hour is seven o'c1ock of a June morning. The period is 1603. . . . Black Malone . . . . Elinor Tyluey s of the Recl Swan . . . Molher Grilluw . . , . Dolly BERNARD GRAYBILL . . . . JOHN SHENK . . . ROBEM VVEBER CHARLES XVEAVER CLARENCE RENOLL Sf'lllli0, limlsihyioru the Red Swim Inu ACT III ..,.....,..............,......... Lady Ellzrlbethis chamber, Strungevorl Castle The hour is eight o'c1ock of the evening of the next day-Midsuiniuex' Eve. The period is 1603. ACT IV .. . ........... ,...,... ' ......,...... I Vill L6'U680I'b'8 stu-dio, Ifl3IInSfllffjlL0IL Eighty-sim The hour is eleven o'c1oek Midsununer Eve. The period is 1932. THE DDED ATTRACTIO by CARL CRISWELL lei A 'U ' .h , , .. W, . . . ,.,, , , ,- 'f ' f 1 A ' ...ali . " : i' if . - my :reg-4.11 ffl " I V -. '.' - we ,. . . my--4 f--V MM S' 'l-iz '- " wg: -- , ry: 525' 7 it 55:43 , . 393 il- ii' ' A .. -- i f . ,.', . J. , .B , .JL In Order of ,:X1l1l62I1'Ellli'G Felix Brady ........,,.......,, Tho Young SCCll'ClLC'1' EVERETT XVILSON IValter Van Wie , , , .... ,...,..... J :asf Tho Iluxbrznfl Ginn, S. CRISXVELL Irma Van NVie ...................,.... , . . Tho Wife AMY HELM Gavin Thompson ................... Yontlzvful A1-tix? Ann Truscott . , Nancy Montaye LUKE S xnsrfrz .............,.......f"l'If'llfI0fII'11lfl IJOROTHY Hmm . . . , Ivopriofrass of the 'iGozou, Shop" BIADELINE LONG Kay Medwick ..... lin Acqzmlin-tance of the Van Wfies Riggs Kinniston Scene . . . EIAROLD ZARFASS Yozmlg Novelist HENRY SPENGLER PROGRAM ACT I . . , , . . The Van XVie Apartinent T-imc .. . ...,...,... A day in late March ACT II Sccnc' ,. ............,............, Same Timc . . . ....... The following afternoon ACT III Scene .. ........................,.,,..., Same Timo . . . ..............,,.... Several weeks later CARL S. CRISYVELL, Author Mr. Criswell, of Columbia, is a IIIQIIIDQI' of the present Senior Class at Millersville. After graduation from Columbia High School, he entered the Secondary Course at the College with English as his major. Last year Mr. Griswell was awarded the Class of 1910 prize for excellence in English. The cast wish to extend their appreciation to the following: Elizabeth Turner, Pianist: Industrial Arts Theater Clubg Esther E. Lenhardt, Dramatic Director. The Added Attraction is presented for the benefit of the Citamard Players. Eighty-seaafm ,-df!i'5ffQl'fi':' 5 ij- :Jltbij ,:,' 19 thier 2 THE, DDED ATTRACTIC by Eighty-eight CARL CRISWELL Following the presentations of The Im- portance of Being Earnest, The Road to Yester- day, and The Mikado, The Added Attraction. Friday evening, April 29, 1932, written by Carl Criswell, member of this yearis graduating class, brought to an end one of the most suc- cessful and varied programs the dramatic department of thecollege has ever offered. lVhile the direction and enunciation of the actors was often faulty, the play itself pos- sessed a tenseness that held the attention of a large and appreciative audience. Particularly was this dramatic quality noticeable in the second act when Walter Van Wie, the sus- picious and wily husband, played by Carl Cris- well, surprised his wife, Amy Helm's role, in a tantrum of jealous rage following her failure to command the respect of the young novelist, Riggs Kinniston, who had become attached to Nancy Montaye, a friend of the Van VVies. The part of the novelist was portrayed by Henry Spangler, who handled it with commendable deftness. Amy Helm received high praise for the professional manner in which she revealed the elusive character of Irma. The naturalness of the 'acting of Carl Criswell and Madeline Long, who played the role of Nancy, lent a nice balance to the hair-brained caprices of Irma and the restrained acting of Riggs, who was quite aware of his part in the comedy. Although the play was built around the psychological entanglements of these four people, a clever bit of characterization was done by Harold Zarfoss in the minor role of Kay Medwick, one of Irma's discarded lions. And the support given by Dorothy Haar, Everett Wfilson, and Luke Smeltz, as Ann Truscott, who has a passion for men with foreign names, Felix Brady, Irma's brother, and Gavin Thompson, would-be artist, aided in making this unique entertainment a fitting climax to the 1931-32 dramatic season. DRAMATIC CLUB President - PAUL H. BRUBAKER Vice-presfident - VVILMER LUCKENBAUGH S6C1T'6fCH'y - - JANE GRAY 7'1'66LS'1M'C1' D'ONAT,IJ H. BUSH BOLTON, SARA BRUBAKER, PAUL H. BUCKXVALTER, BIABEL BULLOCK, FLORENCE BUSH, DONALD H. IJARINISTAEf1fTER, JOSEPH INE DIFFIDNISAUGIYI HELEN J DIRIAN XVILMA J IQDXVARDS, A. DONALD FCHL, BETTY FREY, ELIZABETH GAXIKIKETT, :ESTHER GRAY, JANE GRAYBILL, J. BERNARD GROVES, FLORENCE HAVEIiSTINE, RIUTI-I IIELM, AMY HOSLER, EIIIZABETLI IIOVVAT, MARGARET IQETRICK, BIILDRED ICREIDER, IQATHRYN LANDIS, AILLINE LUCKENBAUGH, VVILMER LUCIIENRILL, REBECCA LYTLE, ETHEL MANIEOLD, DEAN OSTER, BETTY POVVNALL, IIARRY R-ILEY, JOHN H. ROSSITER, ADDA SAYLOR, RACHEL E. SCHNERR, CHARLES SEIPE, JRUTI-I SENET, DIARY SHENK, JOHN SIPE, FRANCES SCHLOSSMAN, CHRISTINE SPANNUTH, XVILLIARI SPENCER, GRACE STERKEY, IELIZABETH STEELE, BIARGARET THRONE, IELIZABETH TALBERT, GAIL UNRUH, FRANCES XVEAVER, CHARLES YVEBER, ROBERT J. XVHITMORE, IQUTII XVITHERS, CLARA XVEAGLEY, BIIRIAM X E 'iyhty-ni11e , -'bow' fam-:fr mfs BUIL owe." ATHLETICS 'Z 1 im ' . WH"-Zhi? " :2':' -.::,f' T 5 41 BLACK . , . CAPTAIN DAVE EMERICH Ninety-two 2552: . ...,... X DEVLIN RITCHDE SAURJNA Y s 4 'J I Q X3 X '11 N S Q :va .2 -1,:.-1:-5.1353- ' ' "' , ,J f z , f W fin, 1 'N I K If GZXQ f 274, 7 ' fb A, ' ' 'Nw 1 ?' ,wich Q M I ,:s5.a:a:v:- ':f1:1:,gg:e . ' 4 ' ?A'4x EDDY C:3N'rEu-XVEAVER FOOTBALL REVIEW The call for football candidates was posted September ninth, and there was an iinuiediate response from some forty men. Coach Johnson was greeted by nine letter men and a wealth of new candidates. The letternien who reported were: Charlie Rutter, a member of the squad of two years agog Captain Dave Einerich, at star 1lllGlII12l11 of last yearg Jack Saurina, a bar-kg Daniel Gish, a tackle and center from last yearg Gilbert Eddy, a tackleg Wfilbur Eshbach, who was forced to the sidelines in 1930 by injuriesg Leon Dissinger, an endg Ted Wleaver and Earl Reist, both backiield men. Around these men, as a nucleus, Coach Johnson, aided by the new inaterial, built the 1932 team. Night after night, Rurricn J Acons ESHBACH S'J:1NsoN Gisli CENTER-SLo'1'HA wma FOOTBALL REVIEW week after week, these men were sent through strenuous drills and every candidate was kept dig- The Varsity and school as a whole pays tribste to the "Scrubs," who regardless of their personal wel- fare, gave the needly opposition in scriininage, and to Whom inuch of the success of the Varsity was due. And so the season of nineteen thirty-two passed with a record of one game won, three tied, and four lost. YVhi1e this record does not indicate an over- whelmingly successful season, it may not be termed a dismal failure, and the team of nineteen thirty- three has as its task the betterment of the record of the '32 team. Uunlclais D1 SSINGER I-IAs'1'INc:s zlx Y .,,, ,. 3 COACH HAPPY IOHNSON Ninety-t7L1'ce A' if 14 'ff . L .7 - -z.ii.,il2clAs,,jf5 ' Riff .. ,I y '11 M T f" '.'+'u-Ai' 'i.q:1f'2-,w Paw: 15 H112 Six ,ag Sig-f-e ,f 'H ,, se M' ff Rafi E31 iff' ,,,',g F955-,N . 'f Ninety-four FGCDTBALL SCORES Millersville Millersville Millersville Millersville Millersville Millersville Millersville G Millersville Californizi .... Mzlnslield . 4 . Bloonisburg .. Lock Haven .. Carlisle Medical Kutzioxvii .... Sl1l1lp6I1SbllI'g . lVest Cliester 4 12 0 T 22 fi 0 14 19 V l I I , I. , Q14 zlf:'01zr-eaifwfi ,lr ,ntl FOOTBALL WRITEUPS CAPTAIN DAVID EMnnIe1'1-Ln1s.INoN HIGH SC1e1ooL "Dave" was probably the best football player to graduate from our College. He pla.yed four years of good hard football and in his senior year was elected captain. Time after time he returned to the game after it seemed impossible for any 1na.n to come back after being injured as severely as he was. All we can say of "Dave" is that as a football player and our fellow student, we wish him our best. WVILBUII ESI-IB.xCIfI-LANCAsf1'nIz HIGH "Esh" came here from Lancaster High. He played at Millersville under "Foss" Stehman, a former coach at our institution. ln 1930 he was injured and was unable to play. However, when the '31 season rolled around. Wish" was right back to the old grind and iinished his best season. A fitting climax to such a season was his election to the co-captaincy of the team with Russ Kuhns. CI-IARLES RUTi'nR-LANCASTER HIGH "Charlie" has been a. mainstay of our football team for three years. It might have been four years had it not been for an accident suffered during a summer vacation. life cannot remember when we failed to see 'fCha.rlief' in there backing up that old line, and plugging away, filling up every gap that opened. ffCharlie" rose to his greatest heights in the Shippensburg game when he was practically invincible. Good luck, Charlie. BENJAMIN CII.I1ILns-LANCAs'rn1I HIGI-I f'Bennyl' was a newcomer to us but we soon learned to like him. His foot- ball playing surely would win any one over. Benny was always in there trying hard and seldom needed a substitute. Nice work, Benney, keep it up next ye-ar. KENNETH HASTINGS-LANCAstI'nIc HIGH "Ken" is also a new figure around our campus and a likeable fellow, too. "Kem, proved to be a bulwark iI1 our line this year and being a, Frosh, great things are expected of him in the years to come. Keep up the good work, Ken. RUSSELL KU1INs-LANCASTER HIGPI 'fRuss" is co-captain elect of our team. Many a, time you could see that blond head dart away from a group of dark jerseys in time to reach into tI1e air for a nea.tly iiipped forward from Devlin, to gallop on over the line for a touchdown. Much could be said of "Russ"' but right now, we can say only this: 4fThat as a football player-you are ideal." Ninety-F126 FOGTBALL WRITEUPS JOSEPH Jricoes-LANCAs'r1sR HIGIJ f'Joe" is that good looking member of our football squad. He's very shy, but manages to get along. Joe is one fine guard as everyone can testify. VVhen Joe went in, someone was in for a tussle. Joe is back again next year and will probably play his usual steady game. GILBERT EDDY-CHURCH FARM SCHOOL 'fRed" is another sheik of our team. Just call me, "Reds"-don't whisper this to a soul-Red has a weakness for blonds-but leaving a.ll jokes aside Red does play nice football. VVhen he gets that fiery temper going, the fur is sure to fly. Lots of luck, Red, in the next two years. 3 EARL REIST-LITITZ HIGH ' Earl is the boy who used to lug that ball around the ends for long gains. Often head be hit three or four times but somehow managed to wriggle away and was off like a shot. Much of the ground gained was due to the efforts of Reist and with two years to go we expect him to become a sensation. LLOYD TROUT-ENOLA HIGH Here's the plunging fullback-and how he could plunge, just plunge. plunge, plunge, from whistle to whistle. He is a great big two hundred pound boy who hits that line time a.fter time for huge gains. Some football player and three years to go-what a break. LEON DISSINCJEIK-LITITZ HIGH "Lee" was a very Capable end, and his ability to bring d0XVl'1 his men saved us in many a critical game. "Lee" played the majority of games without being injured and usually played the entire game. He also was basketball captain- so you can see, "Lee" is quite an athlete. JOHN SAURINA-BETI-ILEIIEM HIClI'I Just call me 'tBig-hearted J 2LC'kU-lIll2l,lT'S .lack all right a.nd a nicer fellow can't be found. Just walk back campus after class in football season and hear Jack barking signals. Jack played great football at Millersville and we all a.ppI-eeiate his efforts. 'In Order to crown a successful football career at his Alma Mater, Jack rose to great heights in the Shippensburg game where his play was the feature of the game. Nine t y-sm 19 52 FCOTBALL WRITEUPS HARRY KorLnn-L1f11s.iNoN TIIGH "Kraft" is a newcomer to us. but his punting certainly came in handy on many a stormy day. Next year we expect big things of yon, Harry, so dig in and work just as hard, and take care of that good old right foot for the '32 season. PAUL DEXVLIN-BLYTIYIIC TONVNSHII' :HIGH WVell, here's Flannagan, the speed artist of the team. Ilow he could throw passes. He just nonchalantly stepped bacluvard and zipped a pass through the air into the hands of a Black and Gold warrior. Wm-'re glad to have you back again, Flanagan, and wish you the best. JOSEPH R-ITCHIE-ENOLA ITIGH Here is "Big Joei' from Enola-you know-the two big boys from Enola. lVell. Joe is the bio' tackle and he ilaved some niiffhtv nice football for M. S. , D 1 . PJ -, T. C. Joe withdrew from school at the iirst semester but we feel sure he'll be back when the time comes to get the Inoleskin out. Tnnroiw XVEAVER-IEAST Laixirlcrlciz IIIGH There goes that blondy again-oh! my, how Ted could hit a line-he just kept right on going and never stopped until three or four opposing men tackled him. Ted, you sure played some pretty nice football, especially over at Kutz- town where you tore the line to pieces. DANIEL GISII-MANOR HIGH "Danny" is the local boy who made good on the M. S. T. C. gridiron. Com- ing out for football in his Freshman Year he won his letter and continued right in his stride this year, winning the coveted "MW XV e hope you are as good next year, Dan, and we'll have nothing to worry about. HAROLD STINSON-S.IX'roN HIGT-I "Stinl' is some fellow. He runs, jumps, pole vaults, plays basketball, foot- ball and what not. Harold seems to take naturally to athletics and it certainly was great to see him dive under that interference time after time. Lots of luck, Harold. Lnsrnn SLOTHAUER-JOHN Hiiinzis "Les7' is the pleasing lad from Harrisburg. He made his letter in his fresh- man ear and then came back strong to win another in '3l. Wfith two 'ears 1 C, 5 more to go we look forward to seeing you go far, t'Les." Niizety-seven LJ 52 STUDENT MANAGER "MURPH" MOORE Ninety-eight COACH "HAPPY" JOHNSON Xl: 19 52 CAPTAIN "LEE" DISSINGER "Lee" is :1 Ind who deserves plenty of credit XVIICII fl' say '4ple11ty" I mean "p1e11ty.'f "Diss" is EL l1z11'd worker, always p111gging and always in good l111111o1-. Hfe proved to he 21. C1111- uble leader, too. Our season can show Tlmt the combination of Dissinger and Bender is very, very, hard to stop. Good luck, 'fDiss", 1lG1'C.S 1visI1111g you so 11111ch success next year as you have had in the past year. Nizzcty-nine JOHN Fox-LEBANON HIGI-In "Johnnie'7 is another product of Lebanon High School. Having played in 1931 as a substitute for that great team of champions which we've had for two years, he seemed to have come into his own as a regular this year. He played great basketball amassing a total of 79 points in nine games. lVe look to you to be another Emerich, Johnnie so here's wishing you the best of luck. ALBERT BENDER-MANOR HIGII Just call me Al-thatts Al's sentiments exactly. Everybody likes him except the opposing forwards and he's poison to them. Al has proved to be a great guard and being a Sophomore has much ahead of him-indeed even a captaincy would not be surprising. Good luck, Al and here's hoping Manor High turns out more like you. LEROY SAUDEIL-LANE HIGH - Here's Eddie-happy go lucky Eddie-and a great fellow. You never get the blues while Eddie's around. Eddie is some guard, plays center, too, and very capably at that. Eddie added much to the reserve strength of our team and next year we expect to see him again in the midst of the fray. HAROLD S'rINsoN-SAXTON HIGIfI 'fStin,' is from Saxton High, up where Hen Fraser them '4rugged". "Stin" is a good forwardg pulling us up from behind many times. Floor work is his specialty and more than once it 'was directly responsible for a Millersville victory. Since he is only a. Sophomore, we also expect much from him i11 the next two years. One IZI'lHl'dI'GfZ t 'AV 3 I' If-f'ff.Lfl,,-, ' y i"2iE2f271?' W I I ' tfrrlfli ' 19 U' I-L XXIILLIARI PALMER-Maxola HIGT-I 4'Bill" is the shy, unassuming lad you see around the campus. There isn't much shyness about him on the basketball court. Ask VVYIITCII of Wlest Chester for the details. Much is expected of "Bill" in the next few years. IEUSSELL KUIINS-L,INCAsTIan LIIGPI "Russ" is that blond fellow who's forever humming snatches of some popular song. But talk about a player, now you've said it. A good player and plenty of courage Russ doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word "quit"L He stays in there as long as he can stand, Great work, Russ. VVILBUI1 SAUDER-BIANOR HIGH Just call him "Little Sanders" as the boys used to, to distinguish him from Leroy Sauder. He's little but he's here, there, and everywhere on the court and what he lacks in height he makes up in pep and tight. He reached his peak toward the end of the season. lYith one year of experience already behind him we look for big things to happen. IEARL REIS1'--LITITZ HIGH Earl is a handy man on any basketball team. He is one of those players who usually come through in a crucial moment. lVhen the team was handi- capped by injuries Earl was a main factor in keeping up the courage of the team. He will be back next year to aid in placing M. S. T. C. on the basketball map. One Hu-ndrocl One i I ,I i ,ifl'.i.f2g3L.. 4-ff. ',w'N' iibfllv 19 5 2 BASKETBALL REVIEW Twelve victories and five defeats is the record turned in by Coach '4Happy'7 -Tohnson's Black and Gold team for this past season. Inasmuch as this yearis team was composed in the main of green material and new men, the record is a good one. Throughout the season, Coach Johnson de- pended, for the most part, on his iirst tive men to carry the brunt of the attack. Captain Dis- singer a.nd his running mate, Bender, were at the guard positions, Palmer jumped center, and Fox and Stinson were the forwards. These live men usually exhibited a fine brand of ba.ll and their teamwork was especially noteworthy. In addition to these men, there was an abundance of excellent reserve material. Kuhns and WV. Sauder were a dependable pair of for- wards, while Reist and L. Sauder could be used at almost .any position. It must be remembered that sickness, the latter part of the season, disrupted the team, and with Fox and Bender out of the line-up the team functioned under great handicaps. The J-V team, although not overly success- ful as far as winning games was concerned, made a creditable showing. This team should furnish excellent material for the '32-333 team. Charles, Devlin, Trout, and Brosey showed up very well. - Next year should be a banner year for the Black a.nd Gold, and M. S. T. C. should be represented by a championship team, because no men are lost by graduation. This fact, to- gether with the strong reserve material from the J-V team, will give Millersville a better team than it had this year. One H und: ed Two Dee Dec: Dec' Dec' Jan -lan Jan -Tan Jan Feb Feb. Feb Feb. Z7 Mitll' M a 1' Ma 1' Ma r- I vx A , 1 r 19 !""W21'? V113 2 BASKETBALL SCORES Elizabethtown College .,.. . . East Stroudsburg S. T. C. . . . , , . Kutztowu S. T. C. ......, . . East SfI'0lldSbll1'g S. T. C. . . . . Kutztowu S. T. C. ....,.. . . . . Shippeusburg S. T. C. , . . . . Elizabefhfown College . . . . , . Wfest Chester' S. T. C. . , , . . Lock Haven S. T. C. , . . . . . Bloomsburg S. T. C. . , . . West Chester S. T. C. . . . , . Alumni ......,,......, ,,.. Shippensburg S. T. C. . , . . . . . California. S. T. C. . , . . . . . Bl00HlSlJLlI'g S. T. C. . . . . . . . lndlana S. T. C. ,... ..., . Lock Haven S. T. C. . . . . . . . Cccptafzln ,, ..., LEON DISSINGER Manager ..,............. J AMES CARR Coach . .FRANCIS M. QHappyj JOHNSON Away Home A wa y Awa y , Awa y Away . Home A way Home A way Home . Home Home Home Home Home Away T. C. Op 51 19 47 46 26 28 24 21 20 23 19 25 45 19 27 24 47 23 22 28 36 27 22 34 28 30 2 34 18 18 24 One Hundred Three x O6 BOYS' INTERCLASS BASKETBALL One Hzmclv-eel Four ik A DANIEL FACKLER FORNVARD IRA HALL GUARD WVILBUR LANDIS CENTER DONALD HOFFACKER GUARD PAUL DAVIDSON FORWARD HENRY BRUBAKER UTILITY GILBERT EDDY STUDENT comin GIRLS, INTERCLASS BASKETBALL The basketball tournanient at Millersville turned out very well. After a great process of elimination the Sophomore IV's and Freshman lV's were left to fight for the much coveted cllalnpionship. The players of these teams are as follows: FRESHMAN IV SOPHOMORE IV Gl'ENEVIEVE MANS l...,.. , .,.. F lJo1coT1-IY AUXER ......... . . .F 1 1,1 , ,I ,W 4 Ls'1'HEu VVITIIERS , . . ...,. F I mm X DHQM "" ' ' ' 'F C M:u:o,uz1aT IxoFuoT1-1 .... 4 . ,S.C. I x Y 1 1 r xv 4, , Y ,Y , I MAHHIA HELD ' ' ' ' 'F IJOROTIIY XOHN Ca Jtain . . . . ,C I GLADYs RIARTIN . . . .G-C ISMILY C.ucu1oAN ....... . . .G PAULINIQ LICHTY . . . . .S.C. ESTHER CULUNS ' ' ' ' 'G V G Frmxcrss UNRU1'-I . . . A AF MARHJ IUMLER ""'A"A "" E LLA R1-lonnit ......... .... F RUHTI-I XVIDIDNEK, Captain . . .... G Louise K15LL1sNmc1ao1s1: . . . . .S.C. Q XY I1 Mmnru FRANTZ ..,... . . .G i NNABELLIQ fnnnmn . . . . , . f 1iU'l'I-I Fox . . . . , .G BETTY OSTER . . .... G SUE BIYICRS . . . . .G Each girl played her best and at the final whistle the score was 18-13 in favor of the Sophomores. One Humlrccl Five GIRLS' HOCKEY TCURNAMENT In Hockey one group of girls challenged another group. The names of the 7 teams were taken from the names of the Captains who were "Dot ' Yohn, Mary Coolidge, "Peg', Dooley, and "Kit" Sheaiter. The teams of "Kit"' Shaeffer and Mary Coolidge played against each other to decide the championship. "Kit's" team Won by a score of 1-0. Those participating were: HIQIT7, SI-IEAEEEII FANNIE HEISEY . . HELEN BTILLER . , . . "Dorn ROTH , , . ALICE RIAUB .... ETPIEI, BIIUBAKEII BTATTIE BIASE . . . ELEANOR XVILLETS "SoNNX" SXVAIN f'BII,L" JOHNSON CAPTAIN , . L. H. , . R. XY. . . L. WV. . . L. F. . . , R.. I. . . . . G. .,.L. I. ..1t.H. One Hzmdred Six VCLLEYBALL CHAMPS The Volleyball tournament was played by Classes, Senior I playing Sophomore IV 5 Senior II playing Senior III: Freshman IV playing Junior III and Junior I playing Junior II. Sophomore IV played Freshman IV to decide the championship. The Sophomore team cap- tained by "Dot" Yohn was victorious. The girls playing on this team were: Captain, "Dot" Yohn, Kathryn Buekwalter, Marjorie Calkins, Emily Carrigan, Cecelia Crum, Martha Dietz, Miriam Frants, Margaret Harabaugh, Louise Kellenberger, Mary Longenbaek, Esther Mus' ser, Ella Rohrer, Margaret Smith, Helen Dans' bury, and 'fDot" Aiuxer. One IIzmd1ed beten TENNIS CHAMP I-IEN" FRASER TENNIS TCDURNAME T Owe Himdred Eight The boys' tennis tournament was held the week of October 8,1931.A large field of contestants were entered this year. Stah and Rodman met in the one semi- finish bracket, and Fraser and Coach Pucillo met in the other semi-finish. Rodman defeated Stah, while Fraser defeated Coach Pucillo. In the finish, Fraser was victorious in three sets. The scores were: 6-0, 6-4, 8-6. The Page Literary Society awarded Mr. Fraser il beautiful trophy in recognition of his prowess on the tennis courts. Other contestants who were entered were: McComsey, Pucillo, Howard, Beck- meyer-facultygnelnbersg while the stu- dents were comprised of, Binkley, Getz, Tanger, Nostel, Shalter, Lucey, Kuhns, Wfilson, Criswell, Inners, Heaps, Heck- indorn, Charles, J. Forry, M. Forry, Luckenbach, Hartman, Manifold, Bru- baker, Hastings, Brwmbach, Statz, Sol- lenberger, Kreider, Rathfor, Hunt, Hoffecher. VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS Presfident - - V ice- pres1lde11,t Seoretafry - T1'easfm'e1' - Faculty Aclvfiser SENIORS JUNIORSO EMERICH ESI-IBACI-I RUTTER GISH GETZ RIQIST SAVMNA MOORE SCA1uaO1:OUGH L. SAUDER SOPHOMO BIGB'DIGIi IDISSINGER EDDY Fox JACOBS STINSON IKREIDER SLOTHOWER R E - 13ANIEL GISH b JOHN SCAHBOROUGH - JOHN Fox ,ALBERT BENDER MR. SEIVERLING FRESHMAN TROUT H,-XSl'INGS CHARLIQS K UHNS IJICVLIN 1'.xr,M1s11 ISTOFLER YV. SA Umm One If1LILdJ'Cd Nine Vitae Pfrismata The shadows of the Future, dull and gray, Portencl the coming of a darker dayg Approaching like a pall, without a ray, To haunt me and to chill me to dismay. O! Future Grim, Ambition dim, Now change my torpid way. The Present with its wrongs, its wiles and woes, The source from which my ill-spleen ever flows, Besetting me with real and fancied foes, Benumbs my mind and wrecks my least repose. O! Wretched Now, New hope allow And ease my mental throes. And ah! that Pastg that thorn within my side, Long since has ruined both my name and prideg The pessimism that did in me abide, Has ever been my melancholy guide. O! Phantom Past, Thy taunting blast, May well 1ny life deride. As placid dawn is tokened by the ligl1t, The rising sun dispelling shades of night, And scattering wide its rays of silver whiteg Just so 1ny Future looms up in my sight, O! Future proud, No staining cloud, Does mar your prospects bright. The pleasures of the Present moments here, The happiness of words and acts of cheer, Inspire my soul and in my heart endear, The joy of life with conscience true and clear. O! Present day, What thoughts so gay, Do steel my mind to fear. The sweetest thing the poorest man can hold, Are memories of a happy Past untold. Now as the pages of my Past unfold, I recognize the good that was inscroll'd. O! Past, thy hand Has shaped my stand, An optimist enroll'd. - J. B. E. May Queen . . . Nancy Paules R W l new aZ7CYwX,S.T.c3X Y D Y The Third Bi-Annual May Fete' was held on the college campus, May 7, 1932. Dorothy Rose. Madelyn Long, Nancy Ream, and Nancy Paules were selected by a nominating committee to be presented to the student body for final election. Nancy Paules of Columbia, a member of the Junior Class was the choice of the student body. Her attendants Were Nancy Reain, Madelyn Long, Dorothy Rose, Ella Rohrer, Esther Collins, Na11cy Eby, Virginia Andrews, Mildred Bowers, Louise Davies, Virginia Hoinbach, Gail Talbert, Hazel Martin, Clara YVithers, and Ann Bonhain. The old tradition of using the lake in the May Day Procession was again carried out. The Queen niet the procession at the far end of the lake a11d proceeded to the throne. There she was crowned by the presidents of the lV0111Gl1'S Connnunity Association and the Coininuting lVonien's Association, Elaine Hess and Dorothy Haar, respectively. T H E P R O G R A M The processional-headed by 2 heralds The March to the throne The Crowning U A Garland Dance A dance by the court ladies The invitation of Spring Response of the Handniaids Spring Flowers Iris Dutclnnen B1'itches Datfodils J acl:-in-the-Pulpit of Spring Rendezvous Shephard-"Peg" Jones Shephardess-Harriet Rannels Villagers Dance-Junior Class May Princess-Helen Rettew of the Train- ing School Ribbon Dance-Training School Come Let Us Be Joyful-Training School Children's Polka-Training School Tuinblers Hothy Horses Villagers Dance-Seniors May Pole Dances-For all classes Recessional The majority of the girls attending the college participated in this great function and all classes were represented. Those in charge were: Directoress, Miss lVickeyg Pianist, lVanda Kalenskig Music, Mr. Porterg Ticket Selling, Miss Davisg Printing Tickets and Programs, Mr. Osburn assisted by Doinonic Moore and Burton Stine, One H-zonclwml Eleven I J i 'L ' ,. 1. e i!f1'Zffffll?we-.I .y,zw.o!2 I-ff an . .-.. l id CLASS WILL lfVe, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-two being about to leave this sphere, in full possession of a sound mind, memory, and understanding, and every member of the said class having a job, do make a.nd publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by us any time heretofore made. First we do direct that our funeral services shall be conducted by our friends and well-wishes, the faculty, on the thirty-fourth day of May, 1932 in the College Chapel. As to such estate as it has pleased the fates to give us, we do dispose of the same as follows, viz: I tem: 'We give and bequeath to Dr. Taner, our principal, the good fortune of the class of '32, Item: We bequeath to the class of '33, the true Millersville spirit in the hope that the 333 class will do as well as we have done. I tem: lVe gladly give and bequeath to the class of '33, the English ability of the Class of '32. I tem: lVe give the undergraduates the following: 1. All the pencil-marked walls and desks marred by classes other than the class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-two. 2. All the failure notices, tardy, and excuse blanks, all demerit slips, not used by us. 3. All lost or strayed articles: such as books, gym-shoes, combs and vanity- cases. I term.: The sub-joined list will be recognized as part of the estate to which we do declare the Class of '33 the real and rightful successors. 1. The choice rows in the front part of Mr. Hoover's class. The money in the Snapper accounts as much as we received-no more, no less. The work, worry, and glory we leave behind also, and hope the new staif will have just as good a time as we did. 3. The making of announcements in chapel.. .VVe hope you speak little and say much. I tem: A few personal bequests to follow: 1. Russel Burger leaves his slimness to Edgar Miller. One H'll-1Ld7'9d Twelve 3. ,f , x VX- M,,'j J ' '- i' ii' 'ii is u .. ....'4 CLASS WILL-Continued 2. James Posten bequeaths his 'fmath rip" to Mr. Seiverling' Keeping. 3. Charles Rutter bequeaths his tardy habit to Charles Hartman. el. Grace Hockley invites all to attempt to debate as well as she can. Helen Eby leaves her musical ability to Betty Fahl. 6. Wfilliam Eager bequeaths his beautiful raven locks to Mr. Ulrich. 7. Nancy Ream leaves her curling iron and make-up materials to Rebecca Luckenbill. S. Florence Bullock bequeaths her quiet habits to Dorothy Yohn. 9. Elaine Hess gives her sedate manner to Nancy Paules. 10. Daniel Charles gives his towering height to "Larry'7 Gerber. 11. Marvin Hughes bcqueaths his good-looks and basketball ability to Kenneth Kreider. 12. Dorothy Haar leaves her maidenly giggle to Miss Spencer-. 13. lVilliam Getz gives his snapping ability to Donald Bush. 14. Peg Jones bequeaths her beautiful singing voice to Kathryn Forbes. 15. Ethel Brubaker leaves her athletic prowess to Eleanor Morris. 16. The overgrown bank accounts of the '32 Touchstone are graciously passed on to Ronald Miller and his staff. 17. Fannie Heisey leaves her come hither eyes to Ruth Shoemaker. 18. Gertie Blocksom gives her jilted suitors to Na.ncy Paules. 19. John Rodman gives his tennis ability to Paul Rodenhauser. 20. Everett Wilson bequeaths his car to Cloyd Criswell, so he will get to class on time. 21. Marion Heilman leaves her sense of humor to Edith VVood. 22. Jack Saurina gives his twinning waysl to Lester Good. 23. Eleanor Alastiek leaves her smile and dimples to Jane Gray. 24. Bill Christ leaves his executive ability to Dean Manifold. 20. To the class of '33 we leave all the pets who ilunk their iinals. Treat them kindly and with consideration in all classes next year. Besides these enforced gifts we leave of our own free will, our blessing upon all who wish it. All the remainder and residue of our property, whatsoever and whereso- ever of what nature it may be, We give and bequeath to our Deans, Miss Snyder and Mr. Hoover, for their use and benefit. And we do hereby constitute and appoint the said Deans as sole executors of this, our last will and testament. In witness whereof, we the class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-two, the testatens have to this our will, set our hand and seal this twentyifourth day of May, Anno Doinini one thousand and nine hundred thirty-two. One Hunclred fl'h,irtccn Most beautiful girl Biggest Bluyfer - Woilld like to be - Married Woman - Married Man - Most organized - Most scientific - Best student - Close second - Most kiddish - Most literary - Biggest loafer - Close second - Largest feet - Tallest - Shortest - - Greatest fusser - Close second - Worst kidder - Thinks he is - Most ladylike - Brightest child in m Noisiest girl - Noisiest boy - Biggest Snapper - Best mathematician Most inftuential - Best dancer - Biggest baby - Most talented - Best athlete - Most school spirit Best soeializer - Biggest hanclshaker Biggest snob - Best natured - WHC,S WHC usic appreciation class - Did most for the Touchstone - Most bashful girl - Most bashful boy - Most likely to be ani old maid - Most likely to be a bachelor - Most industrious - Most reserved Biggest eater Wittiest - Best sport - Most popular One Hundred Fourteen - DOROTHY ROSE - BILL CHRIST - - DICK HOOVER VIRGINIA WRAY SCI-IMEHL - - JOHN RODMAN ELAINE HESS BARON SCIINERR - - JIMMY POSTEN NIARGUERITE SHANABROUGH - - BIARTY BURKE CARL CRISWELL EVERETT WILSON GEIITIE BLOCKSOM THOMAS MCCALL EVERETT WILSON - FLORENCE BULLOCK - SARA EICHLER - HSKIPU YERGEY MARVIN HUGIiES - JIMMY CARR DOROTIIY HAAIQ - - BILL FAGER - - MARY BRONVN - JOHNNY SCARBOROUGH - - - PEG JONES BJARGUERITE SHANABROUGH JACK SAURINA ESTHER SLOTKIN FLOSSIE GROVES J EANNE REDDIG DAVID EBIERICK - DAN CHARLES ELEANOR LONVER JIMMY POSTEN MARY LONGABACII LEANOR ALASTICIQ FANNIE IIEISEY GRACE HOCKLEY JOHN SCHADT EVELYN YINGST BAIION SCHNERR BIARIAN ,ALLEBACH - VIRGINIA ANDREWS R-USSELL BURGER JOHN RODMAN - BLIIRIAM JVIANN JACK SAURINA - E CAN YGU MATCH THE SNAPPERS? Genet Anstine "Pug" Shalter Gertrude Blocksom "Tiger" Fox Caroline Bolich Mildred Bowers Ethel Brubaker Margaret Burke Esther Collins Eleanor Bullock Louise Davis Madeline Fasold Kathryn Forbes Hilda Frey Helen George Dorothy Gibson Florence Groves Margaret Harsley Grace Hockley Laura Hornberger Margaret Hosler Margaret Jones Wanda Kalenski Mary .Kane Sadie Klinger Madeline Long Miriam Mann Eleanor Morris Maxine Moxley Betty Oster Alice Raub Nancy Ream Ella Rohrer Mildred Rousch Miriam Sauder Kathryn Schaeffer Mary Senft Helen Smith Grace Spencer Gail Talbert Helen Weaver Foorda Welsh Chaperones - Cokcn JOHN PUorLLo "Guy Lombardo" Moore t'Hank" Brosey "Bill" Wilkinson 'Je1'k" Ernst Carroll Hunt Ray Shank i'Lon" Dissinger "Lu" Daramstaetter "Ed" Miller "Hen" Brubaker "Billl' Petrosky "Walt" Davis i'Jimmy" Carr "Larry" Sauder Dean Manifold D. Rodney Sener 'iBen" Charles Dan Strausner "Bill" Christ 'iMarty,' Burke "Ken" Hastings "Ken" Rothermel "Spooly" Weaver Carl Criswell "Doc" Shenk "Lesi' Slothauer "Jimmy" Barker "Red" Morgan "Jack" Saurina "Bill" Getz "Dan" Charles "Bob" Kelly "Jann" Scarborough "Andy" Stah "Pete" Stinson "Nook" Renoll "Jean" Tanger Earl Heckendorn 10 5 36 14 27 22 4 13 33 2-1 38 26 21 0 2 29 1 7 40 8 12 25 6 18 4 23 31 16 11 37 32 39 3 17 20 28 15 35 19 30 34 AND AURORA NVICKEY One Humlrcd Fifteen 19 52 OUR QUESTIONNAIRE The Touchstone Staff submitted questions to the members of the class and received the following answers: QUESTION-Hfhat has been your mainstay in keeping body cmd soul together ? 1. I refer your question to the cook-Carl Criswell. 2. A roll on the football Held and a roll at dinner-Rutter. 3. A hot cake for breakfast and a hot dog for lunch-"Fat" Burger. 4. Salt and pepper to fstiflej the taste of the food and bread and butter with which to swallow it-Elaine Hess. QUESTION-What has been your most pleawsafnt how' here? 1. The hour before Christmas vacation began-Mary Donovan. 2. Study hour. T-sh! Tsh!-Mary Brown. 3. An hour in Guidance class-Scarborough. 4. I have enjoyed my college career to such an extent that it would be impossible to select any such hour-Bill Fager. QUESTION-How do you enjoy daily chapel? 1. I have enjoyed it by reading a novel-Dorothy Allen. 2. By studying for my next class-Helen Miller. 3. By counting the number of persons engaged in song-Jimmy Posten. 4. By illustrating the hymnal--Nancy Ream. QUESTION-What 'is the meanest tlbillg you horse heofrrl .sin-ee your a-1'r'iiz:fLZ ? One The uineanf' average-Nelson Ernst. This week-end is closed-Virginia Schinell. The showers are turned oif-Raymond Latsha. 4. Daylight Saving Time-Marybelle Millen. 1 . 0 A. 3. QUESTION-Inf your opfimow. funhet is the greatest use of the Zeke? So they could make an island-Mildred Bowers. 1. 2. To catch bull frogs-Miriam Aument. 3. Its inspiration about 7 o'clock-Eleanor Bullock. 4. A home for mosquitoes-Ruth Yergey. H zmclred S ifefeen ' f'i5?.1f51 ' l "EVERY STUDE T" Here beginneth a treatise how the High Priest of the Faculty sendeth messages to summon every student to come and give account of their lives in this school and is in manner of a moral play. M e.s'sen.ge1l'- Faculty- I pray you all give your audience. And hear this matter with reverence Give audience and hear what is to he said. Every student liveth so often his own pleasure And yet of their studies they are not sure I see the more I them forhear The worse they be from year to year. Therefore, I will in all haste Have a reckoning. Lo, Younder I see Every wandering His mind is on fieshy lusts and snapping Every student, stand still, whither art thou going Thus gaily? ffllhen to E1-ery student lin. Iris zf:cuzflei1"fi11g centetlzf an cq1pa.r'it'iow,.j Eue1'ystuden.t-IV1io art thou? Demeirit-I am Demerit, that each student dreadth. Eeerystudeut- Alas, shall I have no longer respite? Spare me till I be provided of excuse CI cut that class-I had an achej Lo here is Miss Davis to vouch for me. flint, the '11.i1.rse vows that she ccmnot truthfully excuse Eee1'y.9turleut.j E eerystucleiiz t- Good-Deeds Of whom now shall I counsel take I think that I should be helped with speed If I go to my Good-Deed But alas, she is so weak, That she loudly cannot speak. Every student, I am sorry of your fall And fain would I help thee if I were able But I have a sister, Five-WVits, that will help thee all. KEfz:e1"ystade11.t attempts to assemble his jive wits, but they flee from hfim.j Messenger- So also, do Knowledge. Ingenuity, and Discretion fail Demerit appears at the Facultyls hail, And hauls Everystudent to his lair. Now has he suffered what we all shall endure. This moral student may have in mind Ye hearers, take it at its worth There is no excuse for Everystudent But he that hath his account whole and sound By recommendations he sha.ll be crowned. One Humlv-ed Seventeen n ,lf 'iv ' ,rift - -"- - - ,Qin "W-'f'L?ilf5Ii-Q ' vi',x,5,f ex. ,L-1lly,a:'iiD'i-. iilkwfi' 7-in 2 iJ'L -xl EAMCUS REMARKS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE Mr. Mr. Mr. Porter - Bassler - McCo1nsey - Dr. Tunger - Dr. Duteher - Miss Lenhardt - Mr. Hoover - Mr. Brenner - Miss Haverstiek- "Now in Neyjfsvillej' Miss Snyder - Dr. Chandler - Mr. Gaige - Mr. Pucillo - Miss Lenhardt - Dr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Tanger - Porter - Seiverling - Gerliardt - Miss Powell - Miss Caton - Miss Conrad - Miss Spencer - Mr. Thomas - - "Turn, to page 9 'iu the hymuul. - - "About what is the lesson today? - "Perhaps you woulcl like to investigate that, - "This is au 'i1ist'i't'ution,-etc., etc., etc. "Oh, but you must not believe eiierythiiu-y the book says. - - - - - 'tLearu those lines! "Know the book, dearly beloved, know the book. - - - - - - "Ma-il! "Now in. Igllifjlflllidf, "S'" 'tWhere's the money coming from.. - - - - "Something must be done. - - "Now, I'll draw me a line here. "Anal class, she was a flue youuy woman. - "Milk, the most perfect food. - - "The spokeu worcl is still supreme. "Let us go -into this thing with courage and with dispatch. - - - - "Siuy. Dou't s-it and look at mei - "You're growing young man. "Now let's see. Whatis your name ?' - "Did you cheek your sources? - "Work on routine.-Dou't be mechanical. - "Niue o'eloek and all -is wellq - - "Where's Everett ?' - "No, I still tr:-sist meu are honest. Rodman-May I see your watch? Charles-No, there's 21 girl in the ease. 'lb 95 M 9? Baron-But, Mr. Beckmyer, I don't deserve an absolute zero. Mr. B.-I know but that's the lowest I can give you. 99 i': -E Mr. NICCOIIISQDY-IS this theme absolutely original? A Nancy-Not exactly. You will find one or two words in the dictionary. O-ne Hfuudrecl Eighteen 9 1 s 1 1 DIARY S E Ii' il! IC M B ER What a day! Seniors had little chance to greet their old friends for they were ever at the heck and call of the timid Freshmen. 'Hello. and what your nan1e'!" were the chief cries at o11r Get-to-gether Party until later in the evening when refreshments were served. 02111111115 Supper-Sonietliing new at M. S. T. C. and very enjoyable. too. But-my how disappointing to the shy little Freslunen who waited too long for their second helping! Many enjoyed the Page Reception held in the gym. Besides a literary prograni. games were played and refreslnnents served. Just a little competition at M. S. T. C. Another reception was given to the Freslnnen, this time by the Norinalites. Foothall-California-Away. O C TO B ER "Laughing Room Only." The stunts performed by the day student girls were followed by a general good time, consisting mainly of dancing and the sale of refreslnnents. Football-Blooinshurg-Home. Let's hop to the gym for Olll' first dance of the season, given hy the Sophs. Football-Lock Haven-Away. Football-Carlisle Medical School-Home. Pay for the fac11lty! All students who accepted their cordial invitation to this Gala Hallowe'e11 Party enjoyed an evening of dancing, frolic, and fun with their fellow students. NOVEMBER Foothall-Kutztown-Here. Our tirst victory with a score of 13-0. Beware Juniors! This is Friday the-13th, but we feel sure this didn't affect your well planned program of dancing. cards and games. Football-Shippensburg-I-Iolne. Football-West Chester-Away. At last. o11r long looked for vacation has arrived. Don't eat too much t11rkey! After a long and enjoyable vacation all were eager to get back to school? DECEMBER At the annual bazaar of the Y. W. C. A. various articles, representing different sections of the U. S., were on sale. Touchstone Dance scores tri111nph. Delightful music was furnished by Al Gable, a former student of M. S. T. C., and his orchestra. Basketball-E-town-Away. Ba sketball-S troudsbu rg-eHoni e. All who atended the Senior class play surely know "The Importance of Being Ernest." Basketball-Kutztown-Home. TVe feel sure M. S. T. C. can be proud of their Choir after hearing the difiicult oratorio-The Messiah. Baskethall-StroudshurgMAway. After enjoying Olll' delicious t11rkey dinner, and receiving our lovely and most valuable? Xmas gifts, we strolled to the gym and enjoyed dancing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! JANUARY Again the halls ring with chattering and laughter as the students return after a much enjoyed vacation. As the cards Huttered and the scores were added, the fac11lty worked as hard as any, at the Sophomore Party, so that the booby prize might not fall to their lot. Basketball-Kutztown-Away. Exams are over. What a relief! But, did we pass? Thinking of our Basketball team, however, on the Sliippenshurg floor our minds were directed into different channels. One Ilzmdrecl Nineteen F sf----W 1 ,- .. ' ! " l if 'ljxiym if I 5:4 112553. FI: 19 5 2 DIARY-CDNTI0 UED 18. All ready to start? Let's make this semester a huge success! 20. Basketball-E-town-Home. 23. Basketball-NVest Chester-Away. 30. Any old rags for sale? Seniors going to the Poverty Party can readily make use of them. Basketball-Lock Haven-Away. FEBRUARY 6. Baskethall-Bloomsburg-Away. 9. Robinhood. one of A11l8l'lC2l,S finest comic operas, was presented by the Boston Light Opera Company in its entirety, with the necessary scenery, authentic costuming and lighting, 13. Basketball-West Oliestereellome. 20. College was awaiting the first Citamard production. Their play 'iThe Road to Yester- day" was packed with all the thrills, action, and humor an audience could want. 26. Ray for the Rural Club! Girls' Basketball team won from the Alunn1i. and the boys' team also beat the faculty i11 a very exciting game. 27. Basketball-S11ippensburg-Home. Touchstone Dance-enough said-it was a success. The Rural Club Conference proved very educational. Very interesting talks were given, and lovely musical numbers rendered. 29. XVho won Y Teams were rather equally matched, but the Pageites won the debate. MARCH 4. Basketball-California-Home. 9. BasketballheBloomsburg-Home. 11. Basketball-Indiana-Home. 18. Will classes ever be over? This, rather than subject-matter was run11ing through the minds of many as our Easter vacation drew 1162112 APRIL 4. Hello everybodys! Vacation is over, we're back for work. 5. 1Vhat should the well dressed teacher wear? Those who attended the exhibit given by the Primary Club ought to know. S-9. Just think! Wild animals from all parts of the world are living with us and are trying to become educated at M. S. T. G. Of course, we all understand it was the Y. M. C. A. circus. 22. By all tl1e smiles on both students' and mothers' faces, we feel SLll'9 Mother's week-end was a big success. 23. Millersville students suddenly turn Japanese-but, how lo11g did they remain Japanese ? Just until the operetta was over. 29. A future playwright! Carl Criswell's play "The Added Attraction" took the students by surprise. 30. Excitement, lots of it! Much cheering was heard, o11 our track iield at our annual meet. MAY . Qur May Day festivities, with the lovely queen and l1er fair young maidens dressed m their gay colored costumes, resembled the beautiful May flowers. 13. Page Anniversary. T 20. Class work has ended and the Seniors were given their last reception. 21. One of the biggest events of the year-the Seniors farewell dance. 22. Seniors sat most attentively drinking in the helpful thoughts given at the Baccalaureate Sermon. 23. Class Day provided just a last chance for the Seniors to be together in joy and laughter. Donned ill their best silk frocks, the Girls' Glee Club re11dered a most en- joyable concert. 2-l. Coinmencement. The Seniors having entered the gates of dear old M. S. T. C. to learn, must now bid farewell, and set forth to serve. One IIIl'lZiCZI'Cd Tfweniry Tail. Y' , 1 . 'li if all n JIIQTETQH T 19 's1'wk'f!Qi3!'if'jfU 5 2 l.l'l..+.-l CURRENT QUESTIONS 'Watt hour you doing there? "Eating currents? replied the apprentice. "Anode you'd catich me at it." "XVire you insulate this I1l0I'IllI1Qf?,l asked the boss. "Leyden bed. Vifouldntt that jar you ?'t" Can't you relay-shunts get us? Aniperently not. "Fuse going to do that every day you can go OllIl1,H said the boss, and the ten and circuit was broken right there. MIXED A tree toad loved a she toad That lived in a tree FEET She was a 3-toed tree toad, But a 2-toed tree toad was he. The The For 2-toed tree toad tried to win she toa.d's friendly nod, the 2-toed tree toad loved the gr That the 3-toed tree toad trodg But vainly the 2-toed tree toad tried- He couldn't please her whim, In her tree toad, however, with her V-toe power, The she toad vetoed him. ound TTPIE XIAN Rmirnriin V ,xNc:Ulxnn Mr. B.-I hear your son's at college. Mr. G-.-Yep. Mr. B.-HoW's he doing? Mr. G.-Heirs taking three courses. Ifve just paid out ten dollars for Greek, dollars for Latin, and a hundred dollars for Scotch. W it M W Bill-Then it's settled we are to elope at midnight? Caroline+Yes, darling. Bill-Do you think you can get your trunk packed ? Caroline-Oh yes! Papa and mamma have both promised to help ine. 56 N 1- W l Hen. B.-live got my golf socks on today. Fackler-How's that? Hen. B.-Eighteen holes. J udge-It seems to me I have seen your face before. Mr. Porter-You have, your Honor. I gave your daughter singing lessons. J udge-Thirty years. Dissinger-fwho had just finished eating his applej-Let's play Adam Eve. Madelyn-How so we do that? Dissinger-You tempt ine to eat your apple and I give way. One Ilumlrcd Tllfliltflrjj-OIIYZ Mr. Beckmyer-First I'll take some sulphuric acid and then I'll take some chloroform. Burke-That's a good idea. +P N V- 3. Fackler-Holt called me a wit. Brubaker'-Well he is half right. Dr. Dutcher 'E it 94- 96- -VVhen did VVilliaIn, the Conquerer, invade England? Darmstetter-I don't know. Dr. Dutcher- Darmstetter- Open your book and read. 1066. Dr. Dutcher-VVhy didn't you see that before? Darmstetter-I thought it was his telephone number. -76 'XA i-Z' -7? - Fager-fto eighth grade history studentj-Richard, what happened on July 4, 1776 ? Richard-I don't know, I aln only fifteen. 96 -P? -76 -56 Martha L.-Don't you think a cook book is fascinating reading? Rose L.-Yes, it contains -so inany stirring events. Dr. Gerrhardt-IVhat do you do when the air is removed from the straw uhile drinking a soda? Gertrude B.-Keep on sucking. 95 -B6 9? it Coach Pucillo-I want you fellows to be on your backs and move your legs as if you were riding a bicycle. After a short effort Fackler stopped. Coacli-Why have you stopped, Fackler? Fackler puffed back, "lim coasting? 46 56 ii- 56 Morgan-Burke, what causes those marks on your nose? Burke-Glasses. Morgan-Glasses of what? dt- -X- 76 - it I3eg-We have been waiting here for a long time for that Mother of mine. Kelly-Hours, I should say. Peg-Oh, Bob, this is so sudden. -55 -76 96 it Miss Lendhart-All right run up the curtain. Wilson-Say, what do you think I ani, a squirrel? il- T 9+ W V isitor-Does Mr. Saurina, a student, live here. Mr. D.-There is a Mr. Saurina here but I think he is a jewelry salesman. it if it M Mr. Puccilo--VVhat insect requires the least nourishnient? Latsha-A moth-it eats holes. it 96 '76 Morgan-Got any squirrel whiskey? Tommy-No, but I can give you Old Crow. Morgan-I don't want to fiy. I just want to jump around a bit. Ono Humlz-ed Twenty-two The Class of 1932 wishes to extend its thanlcs and appreciation to the classes and organizations for their support and interest manifested in their liberal contributions to The Touchstone. One Ilzuulrccl Turcztty-tIm'c CC ' printed EVERYBODY? When you can say of a printed product, "lt was printed by Every- bodys," you can be assured that you have bought a first class job of quality printing. No job, no matter how large or small, has ever been de- livered from our plant, that has not given satisfaction. O When the Urge is for Something B etter We W 'LZZ VVeIeome the Opportunity to Suvbm-it Om' I deas 0 1 The personal attention that fol- lows e a c h job through our plant assures o u r cus- tomer a product that only strict at- tention to every detail can bring. From calling card to fine printed vol- ume, the s a rn e high quality is evi- dent in every job we produce. veryboclys Publishing Company Hanover ff Pennsylvania MAKERS 'U' OF H FINE H SCHOOL 'H' ANNUALS FINE annuals, like brilliant victories, are brought about by the co-or- dination of skillful generalship and trained effort. The jahn 82 Ollier Engraving Co. is Americas foremost school annual designing and engraving specialist, because in its organization are mobilized Americas leading cre- ative minds and mechanical craftsmen. Tl-IE JAI-IN 82 GLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Nlakers of Fine Printing Plates for Black and Colors 817 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO Carl Schlotzhauer The School Photographer 10 EAST ORANGE STREET LANCASTER, PA. Photographs Lifve Forever MILLERSVILLE NATIGNAL BANK ir MILLERSVI PENNA . FLOWERS FOR EVERYBODY THE ROSERY PHONE 20414 137 NORTH DUKE ST LANCASTER, PA. 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FOOD SIWSCIAIQISTS: Canlicring to l 'lol'cls and Insliifuliions "Fight for Truth and Right" The Normal Literary Society INC. 1857 Alumni, Visitors and new students welcome to our meetings. "Rich In Trutht' The Page Literary Society FOUNDED 1855 We shall miss you, But your fellow Pageites will take up the cause where you left off anal will carry on. C E. GEIKLER, JR. BELL PHONE MARKET 4612-4613 G. G. GEIKLER KEYSTONE PHONE 719 MAIN I A. K. GEIKLER D. G. GEIKLER ESTABLISHED 1850 GEIKLER BROS. MEAT PRODUCTS 405 Sv. 407 N. SECOND STREET PHILADELPHIA ESTABLISHED 1840 A. D. SESSIONS SL CO., INC. Wholesale Commission Merchants In All Kinds Of Sea Foods OFFICE 836 LEXINGTON MARKET Phones Plaza-0860-Plaza-0263 N90 Years Of Continuous Service" BALTIMORE, MD. We Specialize in Serving Hotels, Steamboats, Railroads, Institutions, Fresh Fish Handled SCIIOOIS and Clubs. the Entire Year MILLER SL HARTMAN LANCASTER, PA. Rent A New Car Chester E. Groff 229 North Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. 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Dial Lancaster 2-2820 Millersville 83R-2 W A T S 0 N ' S Qglh Qtnglisb :Wish ants Qibip Shun "A trayful for a trifle" 245-247 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER, PA. J. C.. WATSON F. J. WATSON q QP 'U' f IV I 0 Q f 0 ucv.. MEAT PRODUCTS of Wiseman P A LANs .TER 4 . . ,l." ' - l a ixl glgs, 11' S 1 lf- :if I I .V ,'v I C I N - M M , Q J V PX " 232 For Sale Only bv Ralph W. Coho 22 West Chestnut St. LANf"AS'I7lf1R, PA. Dial 5141 Compliments of Sayres, Scheid SL Sweeton 28-30 East King St. Lancaster, Pa. Watches Diamond Rings Custom Jewelry Lowest Prices Have your watch Cleaned and your dizuuoucl reset by experts. At 1. P. APPLE oo. Retail Store 126 E. Chestnut St. LANCASTER, PA.

Suggestions in the Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) collection:

Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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