Millersville University - Touchstone Yearbook (Millersville, PA)

 - Class of 1928

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"':T"?' l I 5, 5 i E ? il ? 'T . E 2 Y Y I I S 1 I. v I I X 1 5 l S I 1 i 1 1 I 1 "' lvl Il ' ,,g,.1, . ,, VI ,,,,,. -7-V,-, , 1 51 ' 4 1 .1 ,, I , I -.f, ,'1! I I I , 1 v 11, , . 1 1 u ,. , g'wV1 N ' I1 ' I 'I' "uw: ' mf, - 1- ww 1 "M 111 1-H,-f 1151?T1'1 1 ' Wi-s41..7'flWl 1!'fE!7Jv.'.'f E n A i '1 A Q Q1ffjQ1'L'pQj,1, 1 ' 11 Q 1- 4' 'mmwfl gj'1,'iEf,g5,'wsk1'1k! -" H -HH , Nw' 1 'f1 ff'Ml1fV "'1-'lw' '4' gIMs3!.3m,5mg S! XIIQVII-j,ie11H: 1 ,fx , lL.I1f'Il'- !'H'f'Q X xl 1 " 'IWW il I fl 1 1 ,,1 yy ia1'EgJ 11 V' 115 xg! -5' .-' We 1 1 ,SM11 ' .1 1 .W 2 25 V5 113732 a ,,,'i?'-. 1 A ge I" PT 'A, 1 11,1 1 ,', li! 2" 11-1 ffW 111 ,K 1 Q 4220 I ', 1 W LfjJ.LMl..!1,fl lip 1 mln! F1111 11 1 11 Us ' 1 1' 'WW 1 NN ii 7 1,11 1 ' ' L -I 1 at i '3"Q Vk "-vw, , V ,mi 5 M4111 9 1 MW Q1 -f M5 fl W7 11f1ff 1'Z"QW, 1f f11f.W4.1511f.i1' ' rj 1 1 11111 'JAM I' 11 4l1,,'1'!f K 4 K' "1 ,, If , ,,,, I 1,17 U1 "jim I I, IIVI Nfl ,',"f." 'fx 11 1 11 7759 I9Z8 TDLICHSIOIWE Pubfished by Zfve Samoa CLASS STATE NORMAL SC HOOL Jaffe rsviffe, jenna. 4 S pf il fy a 3 k X r L MW' M ts r First Normal i ' Classes it X ' Organizations X Features I Athletics , Jokes I u Advertisements at , i Q YQ 2 , Saga lx ' xi if ll :fe l ,, X1 1,1 1 1 A I 1 ,ffdjw X 1X!fX X, X X 1X. 1X I YI. :I '1 I "I IX I ' 1 1 1 1 I f"' '1 - 1 - 11 ' '. , '1 I I 2111911 1 I I 11 1-1-f 11121 :W--1f1g9if1-QQ41.LLMNU1 ,.. 1 ,lg..Qf.QQ-m,Q1,,,,1,A,,g-,,-,I '1 Tk! I' ,T ., 1,57 .1-' 11719 'QM X 1 ' 'jf 1 I' , 11 Q '13, ' , ,-Y ' ,'1 ,X 7---J X 1. ,. E, 1' 1 '1-'W 1' "V f 11 ff, -X :J , 1-51112-, 1,..,,-'z-f',.Qf..N....,g.X1-X XX Lmlyh if-DXXX-XX ,.. ,f1 1 X 1-fl- N., ,u f 'Q'-L...,'. -1111 X f ,14 , L... xN-- --"' -1 1 1 1 1 -3: i1f:'L...7 ,ff-em" 17Lf.,' Hu TWH, AI I I II fl 11 I1 . I " S1-f'Q..f'5'li I by-If 3-617 5 YH-:1 1. "'5 " I' I X' .zxwfixq 32. 143-Nfl.-.. ,ff-1'-.. 51131-,,.Zg:x.'ff 'WJ K--N-. . 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I1I1 X1 1 1 111 I fi 11 PM X 1 1' X Xff -. ,il -,1,X,,X,1, , TMR. wr A -X,-XL, X-tvx 1 X X T-.-.---7 X.- iX XA -- E 15 .IIIXX'111X1711 1 fI' I' 1Q"' ' X" QIXX 1 I ' XM' I 1 2-J X X1 X, 1' QTQQ' 1 1 11X XX, IQ, ,X rr X XX X X1 :XXX , , X xv, II 1 1' 'I 1 -2 auf I IIIIWI egg -1 f - I I I- II' I ' -, 1 "I "' 1 .1 L,1,II11f-IQ' IU' I 1 I XZtf?fIT'x 'mf Ki-v-PJ . , - 1'-11,-,-V., I I I I I I11"C'fI1I .1 -I ' VI I - 4 I 95' 5 ,- xiii-" . I, 7:1 ' """ I I II II 1II ' I N " II IX II 1 MIL 1 I ,zlgiglgli -in YI ,1 '-1-5-L4f1.4' 1""1. 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A g save w e if f 'L 43 4 ef f' W if 1 1 29 i Pqjlyvh' .mg f' NW- p A R, 451 A '1 L R Qffaknofwlealgmefiiy N ... 'W 1. W I-X Em I ,fm X xl . , I N f .. 4 51.3 lg l R. ' 'TD A t up The staff Wishes ,to acknowle dge the aid given in the preparation of this book by the fol- lowing people: - R MR. GURWIT . MR. WoLF Q MR. SCHLOTZHAUER MR. FRITZ R Miss COWNARD M MR. MCCOMSEY . DR. DAVIDHEISER MR. SEIVERLING . fax . W0 I 5 ij' 1 -C 4 X 'Dv fx iifxfj L r " -7. f- X.rx X.. Q, K ,fi , . x I " 'X- XELUSF .fel ff . nf 1 1 4 I 'nag ff ii i xibuvgjgoffllbj-jim l 1 635 N ,fy V, x " . fffxx X: 'X ,Y-M,-, .ff -fflf"f s "-- 1 N- f -7,--Q,7,-,,.A,,,, lf." A " "W--V. .X 4 VN 0 , f w , if RN Q 1 13 A U ff Q f Y ii Q QQ ' KI k es f f e ff W iw Q- M 5 ' , gf" 'w H?wEQ Q xx 4 1rstNormal . if ff 'mfjfifj ' More hclhl and liqhi 'Romeo D Romeo and Jul lei 7 ui W - W W ,g, .R 1 gf? , ,4 I. -'e5+fX ,m u 'gif-7 . , ,rj NV ix im Q3 V? ':- V-fx, f 1' , , w -, My ,Y ,. , I ,f 1- , ,T , W 11: pg.. Y! 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'W' ' "Ax 'f -X Q, ' T55 1 f' 'r 1 -W" --iffy slifff' ,fm f X7-' j N 'Lf ' 1 'E' 1 '1 'lfxf' 'Xx9i?f ff -. "f ' '- 'J' 1 'A"1T'1 1 A'...-"-A",: f -'iff x'g'XXxg 15.1, V ,+,. - h, , b jj 151 1 lg iz.-X 1 wi. f --M" ,C ggi? 1 nil., ,Nr ' ' l 1 -ij " X 111 A gr -I' I il-' 1 V-7 111 11, ' 'X Y' ' 1' 1 ' ' -' f '31 E5?.N '1 11'----1. 11 1. 1 ' - ' n , 1- - gg .- , 1 41 Q ' ' "1" 91 , ' - - F ' AY..-. --m ..-. .iT,,, .. ,i..l,,-.--- -s4l. - ' ' N 1 1, 1-fi-:ZEZ1 ' 11 'Q ' " - ' ' - 1 V. " ' 'Tr' ' ' '- Y , - I 2 3 1 ' , 1 1:11 ' ' 1 1 f 1 1 1- 1 11,-f-f 111 - , ' -- -4 . 4- 1 1 f, - . X 41, 3 1 1 f:-f,Y.,,f. ' ' 5 '-T:fA " ' - 4 X gi U' . . .917 -1 1 'Q-2-'Q ' ' 'r f 1 Ng 75 " ' 5'-Ti L -Xu- ' 'V' ' 4, ,, ' N 1 i. ' A- . '1 +1 97- ' -'5-,L-,, W L4 ,fluii ' ,. K -' X' " 1 A XX 1 " ' +1 ,1-1-1 ' -' .1 , 7' 1 f 57 :Q 'fl-1 Y! 1 1 K -.xp f 1 i ,ix 41- N lx IIA Q: XX' :H-S i vi xii! 1 E Zi: 11 " 5 if g- ' pg 1x 1 ,f i - Q, ,ff '1 1- xy ..1 1 1, 1 ':1'Ly ' 1 1 U: . 1, f 1' - - - ,, 1 - . -1 , -W - , xX,-x 4 2 ,ix ,gf . 1 1 ,,,- -1 ,11 - ' ' A, 1 X- Q ,1,11!j:!- Q, -- N Y --3-A Y 1 W 'i3C .,,,-4N I I I I 4--- I II I III I 'I I I I I I I I I1 I II' I I1 I IIIII I II ' I III I I IEII I III Q II I I II II I. II I Ii II II I I I II II I' I I II I I II I I III I II I II I I I I I I Il II I I 'I II I I I II III I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I IIII II' I ' I I I I III II IIII I IIII II III. II III I ' II , IIII II II I III I II I II I I II:I' I I I I III II II I .III II III I IIN I ' ' 'III I 'II' I I I I I I I II I I I V V ' 7 7 " ' " ' -- - -- -- -- Y--.. A-W-A 77,7 -.-..i1..V. ..,!...l--JY. ,1-I II, wg I I II I I If I ,I I AV II I I T III I I ' I II, ' +I' I I I I .IIIIUI IIE, I :rw I II I I I, WI ' Q- I 'A 5252 I 1' I III II I I If JI I :Ei I I I I ' I I , II III fi-,. I I I fy I iff? ,iii I I II I I Ii .iff1I ' ' I I III I 3: 5171- 'I I I I I IIIIIIIIII- III I I I IIIIIIIIIIII. M I I. I' I I I I I, 'I " - I I I I I I I I .I I I , I I I 1 I ,,.,II4,-I III' IL I' I I I -- I I I I I I I F I I Q I II ' I I I Uf'I II ' I I ' LI, ' I I U Y -WT'.Y ' 7 V, I I ! i .- I- I. I . i--' '- -, 31, :gm YH. I df Z.. 'I ., W "' . YQ- a D, 1-. 1' '- ,. G I A. f Je, ,.,., il., 'i'VX53E:? T 5'Tilfx l5ifT1'Y ' 'i ' Y .A . -f -'T' f - x X 1 , , X' -.,. -xx, . , - f f x xf, ,L-,' f ' gT:":: , w iv -f . f .., A, wx M ,,. . -" --- A-1 V ' fx x X X 'W -'f .Si R . g -ff- ' . ff ,ff-:-If 1 I , , , , ' A w - ' 1 , Q f T' fa 'S 'T' ff, A If 5.4 f F' Bw. L J X Fmt, , TB. N THE LIBRARY MAIN BUILDING Av' ATHLETIC FIELD K i-rr HN . f ds -. f? Q x fb WW :f f ' gp a l ly I fl P' ' I ffwi-'fi 1 W J" M K'5f5WM'i Lf X , 0Q X 5 L Za n' ... EICLU t 'Q we 1 o GX ' - ' X WK 'aff' L23 OiyX Lk X yQf :,l cc . . H In Achcevemenf cs comman - Cressida.. Troilius and Cressida. -I I X Q W f.........' -.,. --.,,,... -.-....W.,,... , , - ' 5 r f Y - - . . ' .Q-f-g?jj3,..f,.g,?1 1 AAL- if , ,p Quin ff Itoocilstolsllil ii Neill '- . X ,eWaehiymmww4W l I I Y I' 1 tl fhf l ' ' flf llx . 1 ,ll f ii it Af? l W 5 f We xx 5 I 4 I' 79 f f 1' if l rlzzflpa 5 Q! 65561 ge .wil-1 I 1 W W Y Wiz gel, To flze Claw of 1928: - As you go out to take positions in the educational field, two roads will open before you: one will be marked-"How much can I get out of this position ?", the other-"How much can I pui into this posi- tion ?" With the training that you have had-religious, moral, social and educational, your attitude toward life should be of such now that you will select the right road. In every field of human activity too many people are found whose apparent attitude is "How much can I get out of this job ?", and in order to get as much as possible such people endeavor to get by--as the expression is--by investing the least amount of time, money and energy. On the other hand, those whose attitude is "How much can I put into this job" will answer it by unsparing use of time, energy and money. The latter are the people worthwhile. They do not count hoursg they do not look for pecuniary reward for every bit of extra effortg and their slogan in life is "Service" While it is possible to start one of the above roads and go to the other, it is best to start right and keep right. That shadowy indefinable something known as "success" will depend entirely upon which course you pursue. May your choice be a wise one. You have the best wishes of your Alma Mater and your Principal. CHARLES H. GORDINIER. Millersville, Pa., December 21, 1927. f e 'YQ' A if Qin , o Ne Nixig 'f i , E , Q QWMwmewW,UWMUr in f -1 f rr! if X fm. C THE FACULTY 7 . Y 1 L ' ' Q - ..r'1ff,, 1 S -'pdl X' :T NL-?'L?'7Z:A SX Quai A C A Lil? TQUCHSTUN Yin ll I lt". axwdifxrv f ' iiiimilgflffc .2.'-fwfiif..CY.Tr3.:fD5' 'Y f 1 5x.PggLiA. I' A C 'xl . C g,::'f1iq,' ' 3-f,i.Q,,-IJ -LE .,f'N', X' ...JW .4 lid' W 4 'Iliff' . e j .XXL fi xm l f if ,' 1... I 1-A, W W owne! Fam ty Sv f fl. P. W... , NA' 57 'S 1927- 1928 RN! af fag . E. X X 'pill 1 Y CHARLES H. GORDINIER, A.M., PH.D. S ' W 1, I UH Principal, English 'i S5 HOMER F. DILWORTH, A.M. f5l"f"f Dean of I'IZSfT'1lCl'Z'0'll, English MISS ELISABETH H. CONARD Dean of Women, Health Education MARK E. STINE, A.M. Dean of Men, Education TALBOT A. HOOVER, A.M. Education JOEL B. THOMAS, A.IVI. Education PAUL G. CHANDLER, PH.D. Education ISAAC F. SEIVERLING, A.M. Mathefmatics LEVI Y. DAVIDHEISER, A.M., PH.D. Science HARRY M. BASSLER, A.M. Science ALPHAEUS W. DUPLER, PH.D. Biology FREDERICK H. GAIGE, A.M. Social Science 0 F A X A -f I. X 5 xik lf ' 'N DLS. Aff A Y lm A , f N Y :Tr 5 dw - Q .t5L4sws.E.lL2C1.,6?'..i if , A 511415 ' ig. ,INV RMK lf' N" fTwenty-onejl Q0 3 K'NI Lin 7 fn " ' ' K, fx Q-ff F, ., WWI ,f if ' w Aww ' xgig- IX f , M ., . S., 'S-f i TOUQHSTQNE ' if S' Xb ,L I , . FE I ' gr - 1 S ff- 25 I, f QRS? .. A me f R is X, 'fbil W jf? . fgffkl DEAN' DUTCHER, PH.D. Social Science ' HY? MISS MARION E. SPENCER, A.B XXX English A SANDERS P. NICCOMSEY, A.M. M if English 5 fy- ,lg g Wi MISS KATHRYN BARLEY, A.B. W Latin, French MISS HELEN A. GANSER Librarian 1 MISS AMELIA COLLIER, A.B. , Assistant Librarian LESTER R. UHRICH H antlwriting, Manual Training MISS ESTHER E. LENHARDT Oral Expression MISS MARGARET SWIFT, B.S. Fine Arts HARRIE LEE BLAND, B.E.Mu Mitsic and Voice MISS LILLIAN KEENEII Piano MISS B. LUCILLE WILCOX, B.S Health Education, Athletic Coach JOHN PUCILLO, A.M. Health Education, Athletic Coach SAMUEL B. STAYER, ED.M. Training School Director fx fz- . q R .. Ax E . fam WP Db I 4 if if L3 X I A'N lf: D? L' 'M 9 I Q RSQWL -SMX P Q, X s H509 Sim K ETIUPTLLU twoj L 5 XJ Q I , 211 ,f I Ig: I a . ,poo X QSQ, Ar- Q X I X-s5Q925 fffkfvf5Iv'?LUDM I S L .. Q f ,, ,YV 15 KV L, , , ' S ,gi 'Y -, MISS ETHEL J POWELL B S. -I A A I Junior High School Director 4, I IVIISS ELIZABETH R GRESS, A B AQ - Supervisor, Junior High School XX-5 fx 4 'I J I .1 I I 1 I . ' I, NIISS NIAE G. HAVERSTICK, B.S 'I I . 1 'Q Sicperrisor, Geography I E. I V is K MRS. ELBERTA COUNCILMAN, A.B. va - 'sr , - II -1 uL f 1' . ,.',fe--f" , J" ,U Qu. , - I M A TOUCHSTOIXL ,ISI-,K , ,I N If 14' I - A 1 - 'H I .J -'M f,, A . - rg -' I I .ALJ ,I Q, ,,,,ff' ', 1 Ax, 'Alf A X I K 1 I XXL A1 lv 'B 'X V S 'S3!v9x IW 9 A' fifl' Q' :EWFUL 1 0 U2 sy 'fx--if X " I ff 712 ' '7 II. IW ffl I' I N lx 'I :I 'ff I ' yd 'I JI : Rf A ' S, .. I FX P I 7 I G n I XXX f 9 X ' 'I I N 4 I 1' 1 11 J +A ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 E if l I 0 Supervisor, Intermediate Grades - MISS BIRDIE BELLE RAY, M.A. Supervisor, Intermediate Grades MISS MARION BIEMESDERFER, B.S. Supervisor, Intermediate Grades MISS MAY ADAMS, M.A. Superi'isor, Primary Grades IVIISS JENNIE HAMMOND, A.B. Supervisor, Primary Grades IWISS DAISY HOFFMEIER, A.B. Superfuisor, Primary Grades MISS ANNA BULL, A.B. Rural Supervisor MISS V. AGNES FOSTER, S.B. Kindergarten MISS CORA L. FREY, B.S. Supervisor, Art MISS CAROLINE NISSLEY, B.A. Supervisor, Music MIISS DOROTHY BENDER Training School Librarian and Secretary A-X -. fb J if S A so Ti , z SN, 3 'f 1' A IMAIFV I A 45iRIfQ!SlT?'Sggf,1YY :fe S Ii Ri4WfN'Q?f0'Qi13fJ ' S ' Q' fTwenty-threej ?T Z X XKXXXN MsLrPfmXXX V-X, 5 All 16 " K I If f x k z 'g f M Q 'f I M 1' Sf 6? Q flxlg fflff in Jf MLN d f' A K5Egx2S2QQQwQ Q f X X V N if ::fff !! .1 OR jgl-iff. I .', 0fSV5V2f HSSCS if I -1 xff f Q' 'F Nia. 0 Wehave oonversecl and spenqf our XXMMN+Qw 1 mwwwme ,Af Vj,N M ours 096 e. ae I . QS Two fgenflcmen OF Verona. Q, f f , , ,. - SW Quai 435 OUSI-RSTONE j I M . I f "rf 1 'rss If 6 7 f tim Arty Senzor C 1.4155 I ' I was ' f '23 SKY 7, ' A I -L . A , COLORS FLOWER. M 1, 1 1, Navy and Steel American Beauty Rose H KJ 1. s l XII M . 'lf , 1 -I I MOTTO ji! Out Of School life, into Lifeys school. OFFICERS ' O . 1925-1926 I Semester II Semester President: PAUL HUNSEOKER Vice-President: EDITH WORST Secretary: OLIVE STREMMEL Treasurer: ARTHUR MARTIN 1926-1927 I Semester President: HAROLD GRIFFITH - Vice-President: CLAIR FRANTZ Secretary: EDITH GRIM Treasurer: AUGUSTUS TOWSEN x ' 1926-1927 I Semester . Presutent: HARRY RUDY Vice-President: PAULINE BENEDICT Seeretwry: RUTH KNISELY - Treasurer: CLAIR LENTZ 1927-1928 I Semester . P'I'0S'id67QtJ HAROLD GRIFFITH Vice-President: CLYDE MUSSELMAN Secretary: HILDA MOORE T7'66tS2t7'e7'J .DOROTHY HOLSINGER ROBERT GRAYBILL CLYDE MUSSELMAN ANNA SCHLEGEL ARTHUR MARTIQN 'II Semester HAROLD GRIFFITH MARION HEMMONS EDITH GRIM AUGUSTUS TOWSEN I I Semester JAMES ALTHOUSE AGNES RAMSEY SELMA SHEELER CLAIR LENTZ II Semester GEORGE FLEISCH MAN GRAYBILL YOUNG HILDA MOORE DOROTHY HOLSINGER " W xr-'l ' II 'NX Sm A X If M L Q 4s?WX'R'E11RSf-A 39557 'S EEN X4 A was QQE fqk A , NA . 1 5 x 523 x 1 nj ff, I 7 ! fTwe1zty-szxl, ,J ' . ' 1 KJ fi-r A1 K l x ' ff , XJ!! f 1 I fl, X .fx Q54 : Q! 5 H- ww in ,X I cf 'JH I' !f4f,f 'W I ' XNQ'1'xEQ?L ff , 1 Wd . iw 5 Q 'ff' wg-"! f V 1 x,4 fc, Q if Q4 , ij g ' ,' W M? 4 Q. i 'I -im' v ' .V l , lm L ix., S' 5 1, ' UQ 5 2 ' ' A 0 S V Ng 5'...'.!5 'L-. l f ff W Er 'waude weaver because ' we loved Her' rx f' 3 I 'X H A N' QT I f-2 ,X Wk I P5 1 5 R' l 1 R Q M S X . 44 f '35 ffgi s 4 +1 1 H 5 Z fx A v A ,J X . 1 3 ' '- 9 Niiftfiwififvf Sgr, -X W ' Wxf1SlW 3 I lx , f -'ex,f7x -lf. - g g .. D AY rg h h A .- I, ' 1-I 'lf l -Xrirmlwljfwxxwf zm . X I t XXX: ,p I . TOULHST Olds-li I QQ-fri rAi'.',, 15,.ff ,. ,!.f' A- 13 A 1 in M- I.. I gg, ,wtf-A ykrv lx ' .I f - ' NX , 1' , , -ILAU 9 Iffglx, Y, il,-REQ 5.21 !fr:f 'X' 1 pylbh. K 'lvl I' Xfffffsf Llgfliuj Milli , - gl' ' V 'f ll, If f ty, f WT- ll " wg!! JAMES W. BAILY - kt 1 West Chester, R. F. D. 6, Pa. X 2 IICIWS Normal ll ,S ACTIVITIES! Rural Club. fxll lf" 'J Th' 1 dh '1 - '- - Y f f IS a ai s fiom a large dauy farm near X5 fp, A West Chester. After a year at the West Ches- I ter Normal School Baily decided that a fellow l V X ' N can't run a dairy and still enjoy school life, 1'-VH hence, in 1927, we find him at old M. S. N. S. ,J I 11, enjoying "ye schoole atmosphere" and study- I 4, 1 lg ing like a monk. Baily, at first hand, seems - lf I reticent but to his intimate friends he is full NZ J ' of pep and always primed with a store of good lil, f 1 anecdotes. With his two years experience he ., sl has a start that means much toward a suc- cessful teaching career. Our good wishes go with him. ESTHER BALDWIN Cains, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Bible Study Club, Girl Reserves, Home Nursing Club, Rural Club, Hockey, Vollefy Ball. Strange that one so small could possibly make so much noise, isn't it? Esther is not the type to sit around idly and dream, for she is always busy doing something ftho' not always workj. Social life appeals far more I to Esther than a life of toil. However, she has proven to be quite a promising "school- marm" in her student teaching. Esther is an ardent lover of sports-always faithful at practice. Whenever there is any work to be done, this little lady is always there to lend her cheerful aid. We wish her the very best Success. JESSIE R. BARNETT Woodbine, Pa. 2 'germ-3 NOT?7lfLl ACTIVITIES: Art Clubg Bible Study Club, Girl Reservesg Dcmcing Class, Y. W. C. A. Although Jessie and Sara do not look alike, some people do not know one from the other. For the benefit of those folks, the small dagk e haired, usually laughing girl, is Jessie. say, "usually laughing", because Jessie can get angry when it's necessary, as some of us know. . f Now, J essieg we admire this trait of yours and ho e ou will kee it when you get into that P Y P little red school house next year. fb FI' . 0 I ,fs f' j I as lf! U11 X ,O AW Q,-xwf3,j ,Z. 'At' , ZX IX-J 915-if QQ? KYl1lSc,aIG1eIE'w s fra . Qflfmbfl' an X has 924 .J LTwenty-mnej Xl . IIN III OO x. QQ1GQYx, l wk E TOUC:-EQQNE gl SSE! J j WWM2., A Elly, 9 gun Q LJ MM! ST S 4 fill KATHRYN GLADYS BINKLEY Leacock Pa X 3 years Normal we go to our doom xs Blnk s motto durmg a study perlod befole class There 1S a serlous NX Slde to our Gladys however wh1ch makes her a good student We find, too, that she loves to dance Th1s of course makes her popular Wlth the OppOS1t6 sex because she lS qulte sklllful ln the art Her youthful appear ance makes lt lmposslble for us to tell whlch IS teacher In the Tralmng School and whlch are the pup1ls Well B1nk we hope that llfe w1ll be one long sm1le to you, for you surely have been a ray of sunhght to us CHARLOTTE BITELY 226 Re11y St Harrlsburg Pa 2 'yew s Page ACTIVITIES Muszc Appreczatzon Club Cus toms and Manners Club Gzfrl Reserves YWCA Shlrley Musxc hath 1tS charms It swells the breeze and helps the wagon over many a blaker Th1s fan mald IS one of few who has the ab1l1ty to catch muslc as It comes and expand lt for the enjoyment of others Our M1llersv1lle dances have many t1mes been held up for Shlrleys sklllful manupulatlon w1th the p1ano keys Blue eyes, Whlte teeth sm1l1ng mouth golden halr that 1S a brlef word plcture of Charlotte' HELEN MAE BITZER 410 W Orange St Lancaster Pa 2 years Page ACTIVITIES Glee Club Rural Club Helen IS one of ou1 day students The moln mg' after the mght before fnearly every morn lngj finds he1 wlth an excltlng tale to relate of what has happened and lt makes us wonder how she manages the lessons over Wh1Ch the rest of us worry Th1S gay lassle has a frlendly sm1le for all as well as a remarkable memory for names Wh1Ch Wlll greatly a1d her ln rememberlng the names of her puplls For her we 1JI'6d1Ct a rosy future untll klnd fate brmgs the one who w1ll meet the approval of thls ma1den's expresslve eyes. So Helen, may you dance as gayly to l1feS tune as We know you now dance the llght fantastic. F: l X 'Q a Qs I X at f n Xi xl-QlQlvgtjQgf,Ell5lfQ WX x:3f1lQXj3lf4Tf0's'as o lan All fTlm ty onej Ja L gvub as lep, I .. 'idle ig ff 9532 E W Q F 4-s Url.: n W K Q T K K ' ' l, M N y f Nx ,, , ' R , QQ I ,c , f , a ' 531 ww f -of-' ,el , f f , r - . iffvf we all p p as ,,, I y l - ' e ' ff -H 2 Q 1' ll, In 4 ll! l It Q ' , , Q all 1 .1 V 1 5 T f 'L I 1 ' xx ff! ,JQQ : 4 . ff "Eat, drink, and be merry, for in an hour 2 U1 1' ,H - u ' 7 n ' N X Y X ' . u l n ' . - . N 9 1 , Z F' I '. lvrilllti . . . ' - 4 V1 I M 1 Y . . . Q . 5 I if If gy . . . . . 1 W lx ' A ' , u ' rs lx ,Z V' ' . ' ! I ! V IA ., , . A 4 : . . . c J - A . I S H ' D V ' u - - rr, ' ' , ' . . . . 1 I . ' ' H V . , ,, . 1 . ., , . .l : I 5 4 . M ' 5 , . . . l , , A .-- ' fb -' ef 'T-Tff lb. An, it Rrgjlfrfiif jO"2oxf--M KK' agp .fl rt! IW, 1 T 'I . v 2 W T' - wx fy ' ,": I F 'l ss' assi ny s TOUCHQTON I gimfmvfg jp g yfl, l l 9' xi lqggvl- Q . . ses f 'W WZ ' X, S- tllffdh- K ,I A ' 14 ls ' jf' ll' W X' ?G , ,W ll ll lv K 3, iff! 'lf BEATRICE J. BLOUSE V Q- 1 '417 Locust St., Wrightsville, Pa. W! 2 years Page ,Xl gk ,J ACTIVITIES: Class Historian. . P lf X B'ea,trice,i better known as "Beat", 1S one N-QA77 X l girl out of a hundred in many ways, but par- P I ', ticularly because she is not afraid of work. .1 ll fy, f She takes as her motto "The early bird gets fig 7, the worm," and therefore is the tackle L my a problem, and, because of her active mind, 1 YV WJ the first to solve it. Although there IS no need Q for it, her chief worry is marks, so she anx- Y iously watches the teachers' pencils as they lggf E' proceed to "mark" her. All this seems to tell us that "Beat" does nothing but study, which is far from the truth, for she is popular with both boys and girls as a cheerful, fascinating companion and an all-round good sport. MILDRED P. BOGART Hampton, N. J. A 2 years l Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Bible Study Club, Girl Reserves, Home Nursing Club, Jersey Club, Y. W .C. A., Touchstone Staff. "She's little but she's wise, And shefs a terror for her size." Why, that's "Pill" to be sure. We often see her standing at the mail box yelling, "Vera! Vera! letter." "Pill" has a host of friends and always will with her winning ways. But do not think she has no steadfast qualities for here is a girl who has not neglected her studies in her two years at Millersville. I THELMA MARGARET BOLLINGER Wyebrooke, Pa. 2 ll?-'CWS Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Customs and Manners Club, Girl Reserves, Y. W. C. A. "Oh, Louise! That's a lie!" If you ever heard that expression on fourth fioor, you could be sure that "Peck" was having an argu- ment with her roommate, and if you listened awhile you would soon be convinced that she was rather good at arguing. "Peck" is one of the noisiest members of our class, but in spite of her noise, she is a good sport and all the children in the Training School like her. ' .lx . slr 1 ffl!! ' N 4 rs Ki? , Sw -': 1 Q Y , f iff' QR, E4 ' -A is ' Du, QJJO I ,ai ,Il Y ll f f ll If-X J, 'A 4 ' ' prhilfilwoj- j is K , x J ' Xxx D ,900 x 'fl nigga X - if -be x f. is X 'wer fn- ' P We 1-U 'fe KATHRYN L BOLTZ 208 Sheridan Ave Annville Pa ' !j6Cl.7"S Pagg ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Art Club,' Dramatics Club,' Customs and Manners Clubg Bible Study Club, Girl Reserves, Y. W. C. A., Hockey. lIKay!7 Kathryn is very quiet. This pretty maiden is among the many beauties of our class. One glance at her shapely head crowned with its lustrous black hair easily confirms our state- ment. Having said she is quiet, we must try to prove our statement, but it's a' hard task, especially when we consider how often We have seen her with her friends-and she wasn't quiet. Our best wishes go with her. y J' ill , Aixrljf Y 5:7 I . fr P gli J it-til I Q ibn 7 3 - S T oucr-1sToN5 E ' i YN .J 3- r lx r .- H' K .H Cyl!! . l ANNA M. BRENEMAN Saxton, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Dramatics Clubg Cus- toms cmd Manners Club, Bible Study Clubgg Girl Reserves ,' H oclceyg Volley Ball. "Ann" is the type of girl known as a "good sport", not only in athletics but also in the "dorm." She can smile at all times and on all occasions. She isof an optimistic nature and likes to play practical jokes, so one may readily see why she is well liked. If she were a radio station, she'd be a success because she has "waves" and "length". By this means we could hear from her more often, since she lives in the western part of the state.. The Class of '28 hopes Fate will favor her and give her success. KATHERINE MONICA BRENNAN Yatesville, Shenandoah, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Customs and Manners Club, Home Nursing Club g Coal Cracker Club g Committees. "The early bird catches the worm." ' Katherine came to MXV with this idea and she certainly lived up to it during her two years' visit here. She was never late for any- thing. Her Irish wit and pleasant disposition gained for her a host of friends. She is not without studious traits altho' she does uphold the motto, "Never let studies interfere with your pleasure and good times." . Helpful! Good natured! Love her? Well I'll say. We wish hen all happiness attainable and a journey on 1ife's seas minus all ship- wrecks. ' 1 - i .- 449' f fl 4 l Ax 1" X X X 75 ll tk lull l lil, .ng f--XNWY 0 Ci " in if ff. 0 0 Z' gi' 5 1 .lf it i t Q . fu. fx PQ fel ..ffmgu1is33e.iLi1.iSEailf , GKUW fX'Qif"'w ' r A , -' - ' 2 J fTluo ty tho eel f., A A gf f. . .I 1V,,N-,f ?,.f.r1id gh i V lb V A L I uf. 1 . f ,....,,k, ,,4.d!g.,iis W, .1 lf,-1 fr ll f , if t li. . X -S" A. .YQ 1 I . . . I H V+ . f I I l ref" Elflsgrf-+..iSffg W TV- 2 ri c sl 'f' - ' ' - I Wil ll! W... lilgfg'-ig lf, ELIZABETH MAY BRONG gf Aw,y'f" , ' 626 River St., Peckville, Pa. 2 years Page 'ILX 'fl ix J l fig it Jig Y Q 1 , , ,Mfg l alll! 1 4 J, Q lla. J Pj 1' u........ll.l ACTIVITIES: Art Club: Drarnatics Club: Bible Study Club, Y. W. C. A.g Jumor Pla!!- Elizabeth is dignity personified but that does not mean she is unfriendly, because she is not. Far from it. She can boast of many, many friends in the "dorms." We look up to Eliza- beth to bring old Millersville fame, for how could she help but be one of the really great teachers with her compelling personality and sincerity of purpose. We're back .of you one and all, Elizabeth. When the world seems hard and nothing seems worth while, buck up and remember what your Alma Mater expects of you. - PEARL BRUBAKER Refton, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES! Snapper Staff. This demure young lady firmly believes that "silence is golden" except when she is called upon to recite. As you may have guessed Pearl is a student in the truest sense of the word. 'In class her hand was bound to be up when all others were down, even on "blue Mondays." Being conscientious, she has never been known to mistreat anyone, so we predict that her pupils will be blessed, not only With an excellent teacher, but also with an under- standing friend. ELSIE HERR BUCKWALTER ' Strasburg, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club: Bible Study Club 5 Girl Reserves, Y. W. C. A.g Delegate to Eaglesmere Conference, Volley Ball. Yes, this is the Y. W. President. She is little, but little things are often the best. Elsie is a good speaker, as we have all learned, al- though she claims she never knows what to say. Elsie can do anything from reciting and making speeches, to playing the piano, and' she does everything well, too. She is one of the "all-round" kind-just the type to be a good teacher. We have no doubt as to her success, because we haven't known her to fail in any- thing she tried to do here at Millersville except to convince Mr. Keyburtz that she was a really good singer. V V I . .1-Pr . x - I m f' : K f -7 ' ,A Yr f ,aff X V lqxzix .lfrll Ax, ,D xy 1 if X - e .... -T' -I - A- i 1 h , ,ilu IJ' luv, X, i X, A-- ,Q I ' 1 l 'AR I ,X A Ui 1.2 if ll haf. l X il l:Thzrty-fourj s .K 1'f,,,lM!Qf" .F fi FK 'ul 5 wr L, ,. ,N ,,- ,K f ,sc 1 ' X ,fs -nw ,Q , V . ' . ,' - is .' H 1 rl .Nil M j .Axxl , K s-fs tttt lx lCloVo3l'nlQ'nsa, Nw, .U s S55iifQfi7i?S29tJti2'lTiIzlELif:Jil57X? is ' - X51 1 li lf issyifbffff ., at siigffiy V 'fi -lg" 2 5 -7fQ,1Q x.g,,...f':g1:Lf wisp- wt'-1-. I rxb' ROSE MARY CARR 31 W. Mahanoy Ave., Mahanoy City, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Music Appreciation Club 5 Girl Reseroesg Home Nursing Club. .Anyone who sits near Rose Mary in class knows that she likes to draw or print her name. Just give Rose paper and pencil and she finds a way to pass the time. This char- acteristic of yours, Rose, will greatly aid you in your teaching, especially in the lower grades. If, sometimes, you do not feel in the mood to entertain your pupils by telling them a story you will still be able to amuse them by making sketches of the children, other teachers, or yourself. ' IDA MAE COOPER Glenrock Pa 2 year s Page ACTIVITIES Gzrl Reserves Y W C A Swim 'mmg Club Ida Mae has a wonderful disposition She s kind lovable loyal and friendly to all she knows Ida, as a rule, is very quiet, but that doesn t hold tl ue in gym, for instead of work ing hard like the rest UD she spends the period in laughing and tormenting those near er We don't think that the teaching profession will have Ida among its numbers long The Class of 28 sends their best Wishes with you as you go out from this school EDNA S CUTLER 107 S Tenth St Reading Pa 2 years Page ACTIVITIES Cvlee Club Chapel Chou Gzrl Re serves Y W C A Who ever saw Eddie when she was quiet? It is so funny it hurts, seeing her try to keep a straight face Eddie is rather hard to un- derstand until you know her for she is a per- son of many moods which seem to be ,con- trolled by the weather Who could forget her eiiicient service rendered Y W C. A and Ves- per services? May you play your way through life as Well as you did through, school ,lf l'1.lfm, l .ll Tl X ut f. .,ir.,,, H if 'J I .i Y T' .. -nf X. -, -Ili It " ll al I 'I ,, X 17, fl K. 'Mal' 'I ll! 5 , , fi' Q fi. My x tl Nfl Ns J, W lxlflfv ,fl :fill I lvllli J, l ,flf fl ff-S75 'Yi' , F xxx ,X I ,K x I P' ' H- I i, K .-.E ff g xx l 1 I I, .1 ., .X api H V! V -F , , .C n . .A ,I 3 A , it . '- 'T uv, , f S' .-C, ,H v , ' '-J - A. '- fi H-fa , , 'I' ff- vi ,4' X Q ' if t 5 f.. x . ' I X .,ff, ,xv -, , g,-g x ,f-is H. . ix . w ,. . 1 , i- ,' 1 xo, A X ,, . M f . , I . 1 , 1 - , X s.., Y -JL ' AN Ll MO E-'lfby j H lwrf , l , C ffl will ,ff fThirty-jivej X ' , Z , N , . fl . K Q l li i C7 t Q ,QV V p A ' QQ? ull A W . 4' 1. Vid I ' C E'ti'1 .'5,p,,.,D 'gasp ,Q ' i 16 ',q jj . Q-. W if-A lj EDITH ISABEL DANDCIS 109 W Magnolia Ave Wildwood N J 3 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Art Club, Modern Authors' ,Clubg Jersey Clubg Y. W. C. A. Isabel hails from Wildwood and is very proud of the fact. The Jersey Club can well be proud to have her recorded as one of Its f , ' I I ' A Z? Gof f ' f U up-3 ' 'X AN it L in W, , f X I A' ff--Q. : cg TCCQHSTCNB , I are l, oorfff' g I ale , ' 12 'iglgxffggif M 1 rw lift' x s ,W N r ' 'S f H Q ' X "IW My iw! AQ I Q f 1 Im 1,1 M ,I ll ww 1 ff A1 , A 1 A 5 algal I . 1 ' ' xv! 0 X ' RTV ilk W . Q '11 loyal members for three years. Isabel has one fault-She is never quite on time. One day She did come to class one-half minute early- and it was the wrong class. Good luck, Isabel, the Class of '28 wishes you all success. ESTHER MARY DAUGHERTY ' 662 W. Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa. 2 years . Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs. We have had men who were great authori- ties on Science, History, Education, Mythology, and Foreign Languages, but never before have we had a woman who was such a great author- ity on "State." Although not of a pronounced artistic temperament herself, she has become very much interested in all types of sketching, especially tho-se who find their way to Lancas- ter from the lair of the Nittany Lion away back in the recesses of the Nittany Mountains. We have great hopes for "Doc" in her teach- ing because We expect to find her teaching based upon objective pedagogy as a result of the previously mentioned sketches. HANNAH A. DAVIES I 319 S. Jardin St., Shenandoah, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Music Appreciation Clubg Customs cmol 'Manners Club, Bible Study Clubg Coal Crackers Club. What is that funny noise? Oh, it is just Hannah Davies giggling. She can always giggle over almost anything, although she isn't always heard talking. It takes some one to listen, too, So Hannah-plays the part of lis- tener-for awhile. Now don't think that Han- nah spends all her time in giggling and talking because it doeSn't take her long to get down to hard work. I L" KI il I- .- Q Z-Sn C , I KJ lfQlL5I33Q,Sp4L.iS6ij,3x5i7f . Z g,f , j,f1tQjig,, grim-fy-Sim g g, XJ! lfv ft 1 'I ll Z NA U 'Q U y 4 X2 N.. f all , , i E' u I :woo x 0 F2 gig in Of th E-.9 KRS! Lf jk gun s M' TOUCHSTQN 5 W milfs W - e H252 L.,ff 1f!zw E LOUISE DAVIS Honey Brook Pa 2 years Page ACTIVITIES Art Club Customs and Manners ,Club Bible Study Club Girl Reserves You can always tell when Davis is com- ing, either by her loud Hello there, or by the way she slams doors Did you ever see Davis when she was serious in anything? I suppose not. She is o-ne of those who always see the funny side of things. But when Louise be- lieves something she sticks to what she says. If you don't believe it, ask her room-mate. They certainly make a good pair because one can argue as well as the other, and neither is willing to give up. There's nothing wrong I . x r Hi, fc, will ill 1 l-', I 1 . l 1 1, Q -R ,Ja Q5 f 1 A 'f ff? '31 X X In xv' 4 xx X me f V ' fm ' ' "" lg' 'Ei f , ' ' 4 ' "' 2 I , of ,f it ll' f " lt 'J '9?8- wi' ' Q i f-is 5' ' I A I 'A s ' 4 lllfjgy 1 0 T 97 q I ' , . xy I A l i 2 : l Q ' J i. ' X slit' I ff ca n X V7 Z u u n X D! with you, "Davis," "What's the use of worrying? It never was worth while." LEONA W. DeHOFF 506 W. Duke St., York, Pa. 3 years Page ACTIVITIES: Chapel Choirg Art Club, Dra- matflcs Club ,' Modern Authors' Club ,' Bible Study Clubg Home Nursing Clubg Stu- dent Cou-ncilg York County Club,' YQ W. C. A., Touchstone Staf. "Her voice was ever soft and low-an ex- cellent thing in woman." York County might indeed be proud o-f this representative, for Where can-we find a truer type ofegirl? We cannot enumerate Leona's many good qualities, but we must apply the adjective most often used to describe her, that is, "sweet"-and Leona is just that. She is naturally studious and thorough in whatever she undertakes to do, persevering in every- thing and above all-smiling. Can we help loving her? Certainly not! BERNICE M. DENGLER , 368 Main St., Lititz, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Class Historian. "Barney" came to us as a Junior, demure and shy, but as the saying .goes "things have changed" and so has "Barney," During the summer of her Junior year she blossomed forth in all her glory and her Senior year found her in full possession of all the Wiles of her sex. "Barney,"'we must say, has changed for the better and we love her all the more for it. She also has a special fondness for poetry and used to spend much of her time writing verses. We are of the opinion that some day she may become a poet o-f some merit if she continues to Write her verses in the future as she has done in the past. lv' 4 1 .7- - T5 1 555 e, ,K X AXAE M ' e , Q 1- fax YN il 5 4 Nilkxjw fsffliffflsfajug ' xx s I uf' ,, NJ' l EZ Q! 7 M fTltzrty sevenfl X l AX, gf 1 is fu do 'fi-'sfga fA . Q - -,1,.,,, 111 fi' , .Mews s1,.afasff-111, f 1 -1 1 11Wlli"l 1 1 V I 5 1 YOU 'T Q o11ilf'011f'ii 'fi wg. A A f ,T Q fx.,-,N Zia-i ,s . L" -A A1 ill if 'rl A N ' full ll '1 ' U1 Y ff' K f'7 , 7 ki 1... 1 s K. -f--s-1... 1- w f . .1 ., - - . 1 1 , - -A ' ,Y 1 1 1 1 1 - . , 1 A . 1 fe' . - , mg - . , f 1 ' f fl, P J l X5 X1 7 -T - f ,yu 75,1 If U .T i L 17x54 I-I T s 1 , 1' U. .JZIM1 I, ,I . i1 ,fy 7 I Aff, 'gf V, A' 4.1! J . , , .1 11, 'A' -U 1 ,, Vis- 59+ 72.13. Rlffn :-f . V XX .pf ff: 1.. l .- , . L, f 1 , lf f , I 71, IH Nw . 1, 1 . S U r 1,, , f f,,k 5 ,X ffbf f 11,1 A hzjg H I' K I i 1, ' , . 1 1 io I 11, New 1 A., ' ,f X., 1 .1 1 f ' , 1 f ll NAIL -' ' 1 x ll Iilldi 'ill 'r Rx. . 1 ll 1 ,M y 61'-1 1 pu-sul il W .W -A . . nl, 1 U 1 , 1 1 1' 1 1 ill 1 MPS' iii ll wif 1 1 I, ,113 . ,1 x .L 1 1 i I V -J B. GLENDOLN DILL '3107 Derry St., Harrisburg, Pa. 2 yeafrs Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Chapel Choir, Dfra- matics Clab,' Y. W. C. A.g Operetta. "Dill" is a very fortunate young lady, being endowed by nature with a charming face, wm- ning personality, and above all, aa golden VOICE. She has dramatic ability-remember "Mary" in the Operetta? "Dill" is also quite experi- enced in' affairs of the heart-engagements and a string of broken hearts seem a vital part of her life. We wish you happiness as a home-maker, teacher or prima donna. 1 ELEANOR VICTORINE DRUMM A 134 W. Frederick St., Millersville, Pa. 3 years Page Have you ever seen a tall, stately, young woman lingering about study hall, or trying to study while some frivolous young girls ilit about her and talk of things far removed from the "thoughts of those who think"? Or have you ever seen this young lady flying into Room R at least five minutes after the bell has rung? If you haven't, you should have. "Drummy" is a good chum to those who know her best, and is always ready to enter into anything. Whatever may be your fate as you journey through life, Eleanor, we wish you good luck. ANNE E. DUCHESNE 64 Fairview Ave., Plainiield, N. J, 2 fll6ll'I'S Pagg ACTIVITIES: Gifrl Reserves g Home Nursing Club 5 Jersey Clubg Varsity Basketball. Ann's 'home is not in Pennsylvania, but her heart is here. 'Her thoughts often wander to the bologna town, Lebanon. We wonder who "it" may be. She is not a quiet girl nor is she noisy, but could easily pose for the "happy medium." Who ever saw "Annie" sad? Her cheerful smile that makes life worth while is always and ever present. When you leave our Alma Mater may your thoughts wander back to the many pleasant days spent at M, S, N, S, ffigflfl i l ,eng-'f K N 'f - New Vs 10, Fld' 1 N wi, lei 'Xl Alf, ' x '-I ,1 ye, 6, 1 l .1 l 1 srl! ,X N' 'X K ,L ,wa X.?Nff".., N 'Q 9 Xl! , R .K kiwi' xg,-J,,',xHX'L'5-Q 'f ffl? if--X X V ll L XV X x X W l I ,LSXWX ,A' -i' I 1 4 y,. fviirkkx-' ' l, lr UH pt - W itil! 1 X 1 Hz: 1lll'?',f1 f'1 A 1 X .el ' 1 fTlLio'ty-eightj w 4,1 ' X41 'qwlli ? ,QC R A ,aff Q if e if f 1 v.r'jii gl fm fs ,. N. " .. fQ J' iff' ' W aaa , Ri ,r ,Il c1fN9w Qs ,f-,QM 1, ljlffif ' ,li i cg if Li! ,,, ,gi - 5: i giljgl fifg!l1l'if,"!, 3'i15'i'f ex NJ twill! f. -A -f ' '7,fu,J 1,-,,,,.,'5Lig:7li' .Qi,',i'1'llll'f N 1 ' p " '. Ilpxlrfq X NVQ, ,I MILDRED LILLIAN EBERSOLE ivy ff it I? W Bainbridge, Pa. A R T' 2 y6a'I'S . Page ll M I ACTIVITIES: Music Appreciation Club, Bible XV' ll N71 Study Club, Gifrl Resefrvesg Rufral Club, 'XX if ltjf' Y.'W. C. A., Class Historian. Q' my QQ! It is easier to handle quicksilver than to .lf fe 4 analyze "Billie," such is the elusive and sur- l . Y fr prising nature of her temperament. She may lg il 3 be solemnly philosophical and delightfully irre- ly all in sponsible, all in the same breath. M5 Here is one to whom the Fates have been u fi ly? strangely kind in granting that much-coveted lmfl gift, variously designated as charm, personal V" ,Wi magnetism, and "It." That this maiden pos- ' ' 1 sesses great amounts of that quality is attested by the fact that the name of her host of friends is Legion. As you go forth from us, "Billie," may you, with that subtle power of yours, bring the rest of the world under your spell. RUTH C. ECKMAN 317 College Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 2 'yeafrs Page Step right up and see the young lady who has had enough adventures to fill an eighteen volumed encyclopedia. These adventures in- clude anything from a Ford to the best dressed and best looking man in the United States. "Ecky" has had football stars, politicians, ,big business men, military aspirants, future min- isters and great men from the Nation's Capi- tol in her train. Mr. Thomas once made the remark that a girl, "who could have a date every night, if she wanted to," would make a good teacher. Taking this into consideration we all vote one hundred percent that Ruth will make a good teacher. FLORENCE MAY EGOLF - ' 741 McKnight St., Reading, Pa. 2 'yeafrs Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Chapel Choio-,' Art Club, Y. W. C. A.: Touchstone Staff, Senior Play. By her activities you can readily see that Florence is a popular youngperson. She is quite a talented artist and possesses an inter- esting personality. Her frequent visits home bear mysterious significance, for if she can- not go home every Week she is plunged in .deepest despair. However, Florence occasion- ally has her practical moments, for she is a good student and an excellent teacher. The best of success and happiness to you. :X ,X 'WSIS " xl gl ij 'Rig sig fill? 1 " f-CQQ I ,ERC ff Q xg v ., ,A X ' f to . ,, x .fs pf- e as f at ,y , , ,z N , Af- . , , , , b , lx, if ,fig :g,,-pq ,, eX,.f Ax -rfuLgJ,r--5 V Ui, N-N-fm 'wb , If l!,Ml5 , Y ,N Y I A 1 Q U J.1.,.--e,A,,,,lf,5X fy V s,,.XJ' LX Jill f"X-N !,XJ,,fX ., . ali. if .,f-. f Ji, A .f-., -N ff:-f IL 1,1 F7 'J xx x , fd s g ' 'T fi' fThirty-ninej name rl Ea fNlv -5, Nr K IX l 1-, X fl fa LAW? XZ W X ' H, N 1' x I , 1 4 . 1 ,f y a W Q fb V! X J .aff lf! 2 EMMA HUBLEY ESHLEMAN . Washington Boro-, Pa 2 years Page 'ACTIVITIES' Glee Clubs, Operetta This sunny haired lassie is a product of Manor High. Pight Well may they be proud of this daughter Esh ' has the knack of making friends, f she has many among the boarding as vvell as the day students. She is modest and mild, or do you, too, see a gleam of mischief in those X. x I iv l 4 fair blue' eyes? She is mild but she has a will and loves to argue if occasion demands. As you journey along Life's pathway, may you always see and have the best, Emma. ROMA HUBLEY ESI-ILEMAN Washington Boro, Pa. 2 years P0196 . ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Operetta. Roma is one of those delightful persons Who hides behind a serene and quiet countenance, a ready laugh and Witty tongue. She is exceed- ingly optimistic, Which is a very excellent qual- ity to have when one has to carry on one's shoulders the burden of going to Normal School. Everyone likes her. Perhaps that is because she likes everyone else. That is a very rare characteristic, is it not? Roma loves to read. If she does not have a book "on the go," something certainly must be wrong. May she ever be supplied with books, so that her insatiable thirst may be quenched. l h BEATRICE FENSTERMAKER 631 Third Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club ,' Chapel Choirg Customs and Manners Club gf Home Nursing Club, Y. W. C. A., Student Council, Snapper, Operetta. Although in her Junior year' she was a de- mure miss, in her Senior year she blossomed into all the glory of ultra-modern youth. Dancing is her hobby and she surely can dance! We find "Bee" very optimistic and witty, and her bright sayings, and clever re- marks help make our dormitory life less mo- notonous. She would have us believe she doesnt study, but her class room record denies this. The Class of '28 Wishes you lots of success. . an p 2 X me l . fl li . W lj' eefx 'O 5 l A NL M ? Q 'i itll lf9l'l'lii79ff155lf' iififkbwfllkkjfllg jg, ' I I ' X N-' if lF0rtyl , ' l'l l AJ X., I get he w i 3' 4-4, A lbam '92 , EVLQVJ f I ljl g PMA X S f s Mgt!! K I, , M ,al I l X . I ,ii ' ,if ., N H41 f HELEN LOUISE FERGUSON . - Kirkwood, Pa. 2 years Page ff ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Chapel Choir, Art 'Q f Clubg Bible Study Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Bas- ff lcetballg Hoclceyg Operettag Delegate to 'i l Zh Eaglesmere Confere'nce,' Volley Ball. 1 I' Z' We all give Helen the vote of being the most N energetic of our class. Helen is one of the few l'1I who has time for everything. If you want to ' I talk with her you must do it on the run. The L. . Y. W. C. A. knew her worth when they sent 'ri her as delegate to Eaglesmere last summer. L7 Helen, with all her activities, has time for fun, for on Friday or Saturday night one will see her over in the Gym dancing with as much pep as the most frivolous of us. MARTHA ELLEN FISHER Wrightsville, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Art C'lub,' Dramatics Clubg Bible Study Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Operetta. Martha wins two prizes in our class. One for being the quietest girl and the other for blushing the most. Martha never gave the proctors much trouble during study period. She'd study a Whole evening long and not make the least bit of noise, but as soon as the ten o'clock bell rang and the lights Went out, then Martha enjoyed making funny. noises like a mouse. But she always stuck to her work and never left it until it was absolutely finished. If only some of us could stick to our work half as long as you do We would be happier- perhaps. GEORGE FLEISCHMANN ' 303 Front St., Lititz, Pa. years Normal ACTIVITIES: Junior Playg Senior Play,' Com- 'mitteesg Class Historian. If you have a 'problem or an argument you wish to have settled, call on George. His will- ingness and power in reasoning is quite an asset to his school achievements, and is of great advantage in his majors of Science and Mathematics. He is quite successful as an actor, a- student, and a teacher. It is not difficult for the Class of 728 to imagine George among some of our able- minded men in the future. - Q X K5 lm N ax C123 -0 ff W A E J Qg,-, NX f. :.. Kg Ll an f as A MI-VYFS 1 M I Bi Xffw Gt? If..fvIil?f1+iiCl.f,fSfYf',f"1lV fw f r Wiwb - . I Aj IFO1 ty onej , l I .,, O 1 .'l 4 QQU WQATQI if fwfft-A, " I 1 ' is I ,. if 37,4 f 3 e- Q I , Q .fm . wwf, , ,,ff::fg fl I .1 Ik Q5 slftifiu' if 'V if ' 'ff I lil- ' ---Ao:'if l'g:l!t,Z1ill?i'Q' .ld f f .J I ,, IV!-:y'2?E71! ixylfievf, I HI, L 1 ,'.'llf . ' li ' Ml if -lik' , 5 LESTER J. FLEISCHMANN 'rj ill, V 303 Front St., Lititz, Pa. f, I Z is .l - 3 yeafrs Norma it U, lj A ACTIVITIES: Committees. .lfspplg ,ff This is Lester: Last we knew he was cross- ing strawberries with milkweed to have straw- L yogi' 25? berries and cream from tlgle sialme stalkl: l:li.ifSg61' p ' A 2 has a deep inventive min . e never a e a I ' ll ff great deal: but he did make each. word count ii, .ij l'-rl, for two ordinary ones. Science is his .magor II ju, ,lm and he could not have chosen bmittera Withdhls ' teniency toofopiiilltilgstifcieiu iiE'l1eevZl V iii ma e a go - . bij L y it be, he takes with him the best wishes of. the 'i ggi class. ' V 'wi . A RUTH K. Fox ' 346 N. Seventh St., Lebanon, Pa. 2 'yeafrs Page ACTIVITIES! Bible Study Club g Girl Reserves, Home Nufrsing Club,' YZ W. C. A. 5 Class Historian. "Foxie" is a happy, clever, friendly and utterly adorable girl, with a disposition much to be envied. Why, "Foxie" gets mail from so many places, in so many various masculine scrawls, that even her roomies can't solve the puzzle as to Whether it's Tom, Charlie, or Warren. "Foxie" has quite decided likes and dislikes, which she soon makes known. This only serves to make her more interesting. Every one loves "Foxie," so her future seems bright and joyous. JULE T. FRANCIS Mahanoy Place, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Dframaties Clubg Cus- toms and Manners Club, Home Nufrsing Clubgl Coal Cracker Club, Student Council. We have heard it said that fa person in earnest finds means or if he doesn't find them, he creates them. We are pleased to apply this to Jule. We are rather impressed by Jule's serious manner and good common sense. A girl might consider' herself blessed to display such favor, but this lass is twice blessed, for she also possesses a keen sense of humor, and many a case of "blues" was entirely cured by some of Jule's witticisms. - . Q ,.f':'i 5 ,, 4 ,Ae We, ffm k X C iv . ,fsif ' X, ,Q-i . . !,r,2Q"Q4 tgirl? 4, I Q ,I ,.-.g, I r , . ff 5 fi -X e ,gm -N -. ,nv Xl 'H RQ -. ,," f ,f ' W '.'. . ' -rl' V ' ' ' , .V X.. y, Q or Qi" iff-k"l'll --lille . -e X 9 A N7 f-riflfli' :fff'f'1W'7X! iw. llfxiifl fill' p. , y '12, .gb 37x71 ,I xx xy. ef, yt e " ' LFONU-twcj A ,ilk JA I RN KH' I. 114' u-'GMI x J 1 . X l 1 1 li 1 fi l. , .. gum ffsx M .95 , 'W ill l ,.e?QfTii11il foojifll' 'A" iSf,f'i.ll2.,fllb Tlx . Mi fh iQ rf' VY! ef 5, ul Q UCie-ISTQ1-xii glyiifl. l uEX,'Ll, jf--fffxxgg X ff' ml 'l X' 'iw f "7 f X A 1 EW? ff uw-9 MV BJ - 9' I W 443 X, X ,X Y-, X fl , L3 b f .ifk X l grxfil, 'lp X M I 2 v KYLLY Mi!! , NX.-X I-Af VXJ,,V Q!! !Kl,p,3'J:,M',,1 --, l Si if r ftifl2.i?i:eesf?+g,:zfr,fl!lhl5 if 1 V I x -X11 l 'I lf ll F , ll V 1 ff W, E. CLAIR FRANTZ l V :gl if Lancaster, R. D. 2, Pa. U J 3 years Page .. ACTIVITIES: Snapper Stajfg Vice President I JI 1 Middler Classg Committees. A . Q25 Z You've heard of the man Who smiles on his - ' W A Way to the dentist. Well, here he is in the l ' . g 1' person of Clair Frantz and we can vouch for 1 l it .l this sweeping statement made about this 1' -l bravest of the brave. Clair is a local boy and l xl ME fi ,ff a graduate of Manor High. After spending a R g ml f j M semester at F. KL M. College he joined the class Il 4 i 5,8 in February, 1926, and immediately became one , 1 G, of its most conscientious students. l He is nat- Jil 5+ urally of a cheerful, argumentative disposi- ' tion, always ready for a good debate. HAZEL MAE FRITZ 227 S. Church St., Quarryville, Pa. 2 years Page She doesn't'look it, does she? But she Was! Was What? Why a big husky physical "tor- ture" teacher at Darlington Seminary. She came to Millersville because the demand for "gym" teachers in Maryland is not so great. No, she's not from there g she's from Quarry- ville. We all fell for "Fritz" at sight and envied her mightily when she got 99 plus for teaching gym while we were struggling with our 70's. Cheer-up, "Zel," even though the little angels at Chestnut Street called you "Missus"- Fritz, we hope for the best, and as a parting Word -Maryland is a lovely place td live. KATHRYN S. FROELICH Mountville, Pa. 2 years' Normal Kathryn, more frequently known as "Kas," is one of our most conscientiously industrious students, but she expends more effort on Re- cent History than on anything else-We wonder Why! She also has a- queer habit of peering eagerly into Leinbach's Store Windows every time she passes. That's all right, "Kas," we all admit that the window decorator 1S attrac- tive. She has cne fault--she says, "I hope you don't feel hurt." " fi' I -J f'x lr .JS 2 XX N rllfu x ',fkl'k VG' - . i fx - 'l'- -f Cl-ll If fx lgll lit 'rl li g-f ,-- MLW-yl'l fl l Ml .gfmgg QW sseeee Qyfl5Lffi5Ff5f3f4V if lf, iDlfXVfl'lf ' l ,P haf! 'V rs-A 15,16-ll fForty-threej 'N-"H l . if - 'ff ff if ' Q ' l Q sfxx-,fn . th N X -M 'W-M 'Q SW Q A17 W fr ffiri!-4..':"1'ff X C . K.. ., If X s eize -'+ 'X I-1 TONE ug, - . 4 f , 1- as f CUC Q 1as"?,ffnVQWO- ,f lv' X ' 1 tl N X 'X - a 71 -. fa.-4 f .X-I . .A xv- ,L .. 5, .X r ' ' X111 1, f C .-- .. 5,r'i,! . 1 'ft' 5 ll ff' lit I I MARY LUELLA FRYBERGER Q x l ' 451 E. King St., Lancaster, Pa. : 3 years Normal PXSJV7, , ff Do you remember the day When every clock lg was fast and every teacher was off his schedule? 5 That was the day Luella showed up two +2 x l minutes ahead of time. The reaction on the ,, '4 X fl part of the entire school was so disturbing all fl ,f that after a special meeting of the faculty, 211.4 I I 1 I Luella Was Warned that it must never happen lilly 1 i again. Luella is extremely conscientious, and my 'K Q- ' has been late cver since. Believe the Words of I. l - a Touchstone prophet, when I say unto you, ' I "Luella will not teach school long." ' " v SARA REBECCA FURMAN 238 S. Sixth St., Reading, Pa. 2 years Page Sara is a happy, carefree girl, who never worries about a single thing. She doesn't Waste her time studying-considers it rather a stupid past time, in fact. Sara thinks a girl doesn't need any brains if she's beautiful, so she makes use of her beauty. Her circle of admirers is large and quite varied. What would life mean to Sara were it not for men and dances? She takes teaching seriously and enjoys itg but some wee, prophetic voice insists that Sara will soon be stricken with a fatal attack of matrimonial fever. AGNES E. GALVIN 115 Jacksons, Mahanoy City, Pa. 3 years Page ACTIVITIES! Glee Clabs,' Dramatics Club, Mod- ern Authors' Clubg Coal Cracker Club. Enter-Agnes Elizabeth Galvin, Pageite, teacher-librarian and general good' sport. Whatever Agnes undertakes, one may be sure that she will accomplish and, may We add, she ' ' undertakes many things. Her teaching has been a success, too, which proves -her under- standing of the other felloW's point of view. An ardent sports follower-an ardent school' in , 1 g member-what more can We say of anyone? '. Q gl i Keep it up, Agnes, we wish you luck. llj N lg gig I C xi-XV ill ' T ' ,' : Z, A- A X in A -V .M ? N I K L4llKS2iQ,l:Qil..lY5.g,J3 l5lTX'Q5fl, K g, x1D1lkXJ-jgjvifryjfa gm . if:-If fFort1f-fourj , ' fe' I ' - " J - ll ll l " A K I lk A I I fy .x by Ljll':.N'YF?a ,N Qu is we , li d OUCEISTONL it Q. fy X" A97 1 was 'VV X LILLIAN J. GARTMAN , 517 N Fourth St Reading Pa 2 QJGGXVS Page ACTIVITIES' Glve Club Dramatics Club Moel- eru Authors Club Committees I mean what I say I say what I mean and furthermore also in addition I may state- and so on even unto infinity. Besides her lin- guistic accomplishment, "Phooie" boasts of prowess in aesthetic dancing. We fear greatly that it will become necessary for Lillian either to abandon this skill entirely or to modify it somewhat, for her room-mates are steadily losing weight and developing lines of worry. Let us suggest that you spend all your time on tennis, for we have heard of games and rumors of games being played-and how! 1 X A . ,J K 4 at-f N132 ith 44 ' I W i I if ik KI x i f a ll xp? Q k t., X -:J 51515-Qfffffif jig X We - f ' 'ff' H' N be , N X ffl alma ff ai 1 fm f X J ff . . u 1 l . 'X il 2 1 H Iwi FLORENCE AMANDA GEISELMAN jacobus, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES: Customs and Manners Club,' Gifrl Reserves, Hockeyg Class Historian. "Give every man thy-ear but few thy voice," said the eminent Shakespeare, meaning hold your tongue occasionally, -a thing- Florence Amanda never does. During both years of her career here it had to be fourth floor for "Hank" because such an incessant talker needs to be near the roof. Along with her talking she is a great eater and often boasts that she can eat a tasty cake in one bite and a swallow. "Hank's" motto is "Never what you can put odf till tomorrow." . ERLA JESSIE GERFIN - 322 New Holland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 2 years Page Ladies and Gentlemen, step right this way. We have on exhibition for the first time in the history of the class, the authentic portrait of one of Millersville's "Life of Ease" twins. The other you may find most any day sleeping with Erla on the 4:30 car. Erla is one of the girls who has assisted the F. W. Woolworth Com- pany in assembling its millions. She sells candy on Saturday. Erla is a great deal of scholar, and while we admit she does not look studious, nevertheless she is working hard for her degree-an M. R. S. We all wish "Herr" success. Ca i QC A ff' U ,asiisefi mtezaf l a i Tkxjliitwifl' 'Z S 1 lfForty-fiinej Q 4,51 .g W4 ilu l' A I.. . 1 lllf' .t it 5.52 C as I if 1 I? . of M Nj -I , ,!j.T'.X if xy lp fl V W, I X hi ffl-,,Ln QM , ,,,, .. lgif?j2iPFjQ3y,s.f,Qi32QI .1 My 4, 1 -W, I g. ,V I X 4 M? V g H W .e fiiirsf In- -A V W Q" I, - ' ' fwfr TILL , .f if , 15. R., 2 igg xx. A K f ,A .V A if 7,-J + . X K-kwa -xii If 1 iffy I:V,,.-- I lf! ,vi-f-7 f Y. .MM Y V,,f LVM lglfjff, I f 5 ng ' I-,yi II ff --. f- ll- A .,'fv .' V ,g I I V ELIZABETH N. GIRVIN Q3 V'-, , V Limz, Pa. v. , 1, , ,I xx .N ' I 2 years Page ,, ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Chapel Choirg Dra- 'xf .gjj lg , f matics Clabg ,Girl Reserves. 'F Lg Mfg. "Betty" never misses an opportunity to in' -Wil dulge in some fun and so her laughter may be 244. Q 5 heard from most any room on fourth fioor. ,. i lf, One of her favorite sports, from all outward ,S I'5y,j gi 1 appearances, is tennis, in which shenis said to ,jf f W excel. We are inclined to doubt this because - L 1 ill of the somewhat attractive word in the score lgl if, l' which she probably likes better than the game le itself. I ' If troubles continue to melt at her laugh she will always be happy. 1 MARGARET GOHEEN Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Customs and Mamjlers Clubg Bible Stagg Club: Home Nursing Clubg Y. W. C. . Margaret, like a good girl, obeys the rule of being seen and not heard. However, when she does saysomething it is wortli while. Per- haps if there had been more students of your type in our class, -Margaret, we would have gotten much more real work done and not ,so much talking. If you want to know what kind of a girl Margaret is, ask any of her room- mates, or even any one on third floor, for that's where Margaret has lived during her two years at M. S. N. S. MOLLY CHARLES GRADY 617 E. Pine St., Olyphant, Pa. 2 years " . Page ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Clubg Girl Reservesg Coal Cracker Club. a . Did you ever see "Grady" when-she wasn't dancing or 'at least moving her feet? It is gl maintained that she can dance to anything. Fl even the "Alma Mater" and the "Doxology" provided the right person is playing it. Also that she can find her way to the Dean's office I with her eyes closed. Is Mollylrish? Not I i I I much! Look 'at her, hair! Here's hoping. Molly, that wnen you get out in -the world I 'you'll keep ahead of the crowd in everything as you did here In noise. .. g -' X "I 4 --" '-'r- 63457 -xli- 'QX3 Ki ' ' .Q X. , 'A A 5. N L W ' I1 - - .. if KY XII V112 ' X , 'L R""' 1 U X , ' "X ,X if-'nfl liForty-szxfl , X4 if My Xgd-r'4,.v N Adhl 1 I. ,R I. ,N Y- N M If A K Mgllf Q, Axenvwax. -Q , be 'if r 'I - I' f - -' il Nl N A 'f Y -4 '-A N ,I x I-.' l .1 ll. .- N 1 X WN, Y 7353,-Nyif 1- ,fix J A A 'L-I -A E Q- V 'T '-f7l.xfm"V-,-f". " 'realli N J. .K affair, A if I ll X- . . I v I wr- lllyl lad! , :K ESTHER SUE GRAHAM I I 'feb 1'- .7 ei . 98 Tuscarara St., Harrisburg, Pa. 'I l Qi r ' 3 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, May Day Fete. 'JV Sffyf Another of those Harrisburg girls. Must I if say more? But then Harrisburg is pretty liuz' H handy, especially when the train is late and 'flij-., xl you miss a class or so. Sue can usually be ll., ill If relied upon to set the class roaring at some Hplj will remark or other, so we feel sure that "Gilbert" l M H f will never be blue very long-not with Sue A Nl? I, !l around. , , Ml All ' V 3 -WH is ,lr-.ff L ETHYL MARIE GRAHAM X' 819 Sixth St., Lancaster, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club. Marie's first appearance at M. S. N. S. was in the summer of '27. After two years expe- rience as a teacher, and af'ter attending sum- mer sessions at Indiana State Normal School, she decided to finish her studies with us. W' e may indeed say we are glad to have her and find her quite agreeable and pleasing. Studious? Well, I guess. Many were the J mornings last summer when she arrived on the seven o'clock car and rushed into Room R to study Psychology and Biology. She has a ready smile for everyone. and is conscientious in her work. May life bestow upon you her favorite gifts, Marie. , HAROLD T. GRIFFITH Lancaster, R. D. 6, Pa. 3 years fmxld year graduate Normal ACTIVITIES: Basketball, Football, President Middler Classy President Senior Class, Senior Play. "Grifi'," who came to us from State College in February, 1926, proved an invaluable addi- tion to the class. He is characterized by'a quiet. determined manner with a twinkle in his eyes. Then. too, he was a lion on the dance fioor. as well as on the gridiron. Now, have we left out anything? Ah yes. y0u're rlght. This handsome chap has capt1vated many la fair maid's heart. Unconsciously,-perhaps? But then, we can't hold that against him. With his qualifications "Griff" should easily attain success in every undertaking. - - Ry .f- 5iy3,, iam 4w, fxywgggb IJQ5 f Ar 'N VV V V -'ff at Q YR -' d--ki' ,ft X f"' Hx--J!! , , ll iraqi' ' sfWte31f'1fDf All X ,ff ff 1 ' lForty-sevenfl l 4 , ,, ' f , qs I Ja h .,i'lmLi,27w.,x S ,mxdh My v ,IR , .. ff TOUCHSTGNE QQ-. www ,al y M-HX ' R ' A ' N K ' A n' I Q fxgff f' 01' y - Xx , W Xl' 4,3 . 191133, 1922 we - - M 'bl by WWF X p f VJ ' .1 I Q? Y 'll V li, 'fi .I Q 'h ' H' fl if ffff 5, y EDITH D. GRIM v N C- ' 4335 W, James St., Lancaster, Pa. W lf . Normal ' D3 ' ' ' is I' il '5 years ' f P illii - 1 ll A .Sz D' citics Club,' Secretaouy o 4' 'va 'cmllililcllgller Clrlggg Junior Plctyg Class His- ' f toriaiig Committees. . f-4 -1 il She'll help a pai along, I mi 1, f -' 7 And stick thru thick or tlnn. ji H l 4 She knows the latest jokes l Vll 'I Q . Even if her name is Grim. 3 i 1 l 4 on committees she's "theicats," W, 6 ' ' And unless she'll soon be wed, MH If 'f ll As soon as she leaves this school, ,IQ sw l Just watch her forge ahead. NILA MAY GROFF Quarryville, R, D. 1, Pa. M, , 2 years ' Page Nila is one of those retiring girls who thinks ' a lot but says little. Her ability is obvious in the class room because she always recites when I called upon. If anyone in the class is looking l for a true friend, add Nila's name to your list I l and you will make a profitable addition. Nila is using her head by invading the teaching pro- fession, for it surely takes the quiet as Well as f I the noisy to make the world go round. E i-i I M. EVELYN GROVE Delta, Pa. 2 yecws U ' Normal ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Customs and Manners -Clubg Bible Study Club, Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Club. I "Grovie" is 'known by all of us as the tall, light-haired, and fair-faced girl. Now Evelyn I is not only fair-faced in appearance, but also . in fact. Her conscience bothers her if she is l not prepared to go ahead with the day's duties. ' ll If Evelyn continues to have 'this feeling, we, as a class, can be sure that she will be suc- cessful in either schoolroom or kitchen. Now, Q Evelyn, don't blush, we know that you are in- f y terested in Drummers, or is it Somers? , I . Vid ffl l 9 5 SAX, C . - .Gu "N Xv':CbQ'f ol xy! ifxlb-Ljfog f Y .gig uwreleaifv were - ec fF'oofty-eiglitj if fl flvl 4 ' , li 'I T , . ff-A uffuw T K -Q GUCHSTQNE ' qviggyyffiy., pimp ' I 2-a s f 'wut We, .1-Q as ' - f O ' 1l'l'.L'lf-22 . I , Q' gil" CLARA GUERS ,iff . X 1 ff Yatesville, Shenandoah, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Chapel Choirg Music M Appreciation Club, Customs and Manners V Club, Bible Study Clubg Home Nursing Club. A- ' "Good goods comes in packages small, i il 'ti That's the reason Clara isn't so tall." 'ly That small, dainty creature is Clara, and V' p although small in stature, her heart is over- ' Howing with kindness. In her school life she W Q has always tried to strive onward and upward. lui f Clara is supposedly quiet but really surpris- Jw. ingly gay after one gets acquainted with her. ' In addition to being a loyal friend she is a singer of no mean ability. .We want her to keep on with her dreams of success as a teacher and hope she will realize them a hun- dredfold. MARGARET IRENE HAAS A Harrisburg, Route 4, Pa. 2 yeafrs Normal ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Music Appreciation Clubg Art Club, Bible Study Club, Gifrl Resefrvesg Y. W. C. A.: Opefretta. 'A "Margie" is another one of those girls who always hasg her lessons prepared and possesses great ability in public speaking. She' is one of Normal Society's most active members, being a member of the debating team and critic. Do you remember the week she was proctor on fourth floor? I'm- sure we all do, because her "Sh-h-h!" reminded us quite often that we were too noisy. Always do your best, "Margie." ESTHER M. HABECKER Washington Boro, Pa. 2 years Us Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Rural Club. Esther is one of the sweetest girls -in the school. She has a Very rare gift of imitating childish talk' and is often seen entertaining a certain group of girls during the noon hour. as well as her fellow teachers in the Rural S h ol. cECstl1er has a very exceptional voice, as all who have heard it will admit and we are all sure that it will some day bring her' fame. Whether your profession be teaching, singing, or something else, Esther, '28 wishes you success. - I r f' Kcl ig C 4 Qs : Q ll Q A ie fy. ' '- -I ' f 31 XMIM A . - Y 1 YLNVKSE filly . 4 jtuQni'133gsVQ.t53EA21V v-77 ,47 Kill? an XY Q , ' AJ fF'orty-muejl , l I 3 Wk, 52 Z4 11' Xl 4 41 G f R 2 fi l Y U ff X Vx? ' retiree , Q5sf2s,,m ,, , is we , f l-QUtTil3:TOlXlE X W is f H, X 1 f 5 A 1935 S7 ,glwlffy K4 , ll' I W w HELEN HARNISH 956 E Orange St Lancaster Pa 2 11181178 Pagg ACTIVITIES Snapper Staff Behold this modein Venus, "this unrivaled "Helen of Troy"! She wins hearts and breaks hearts and still the world goes on. One of the questions which we cannot answer, dear reader, is "Wh has this oun lad chosen teachin si, jd Nlfj, .l , . fx , if Qr xgiiq " 'K fi, X W ,lp f M 1 LZEWL. J ,fffrfl Q ZA ' ii fi' , 4 X141 l i Z K l Q' . ., , . rl' 2 , Xl ' ' I cc 1 ' . yr tg X it Wx Y Y 8' Y E as her profession, when a line of followers are traveling in her footsteps?" Doctors, lawyers, musicians, dentists, evangelists, fisher- men, dairymen, curiosity shop owners, and street car motormen. Some night when you are giving a program with a certain famous violinist in the Metropolitan Opera Company, don't forget your classmates of '28. ANNA R. HARTMAN Boyertown, Pa. u 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Orchestra, Music Ap- preciation Club, Girl Reserves, Operetta. Everyone knows Anna. In fact she is one of our truly talented Normalites and we are proud of her. One never misses a social func- tion when they know Anna is to be there to play her 'cello. Anna must see life through rose tinted glasses for however exasperating persons may 'seem to us, Annahas nought but good to say for them. Perhaps that is the reason one never hears anything but the best about her. -We have no fear but what Annals future will be a successful one. MARY IDA HARTMAN Elverson, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Customs and Manners Club, Bible Study Club, Hockey, Volley Ball. ' Here is a girl who can say something very few of us can. She seldom misses breakfast. She is one of those early birds, but we hope the "worm" she gets will not Wiggle away from her.. Mary likes to amuse her roommates and make them laugh until the proctor comes around. She is a very' good roommate. Mary, we hope that, because of your pleasant disposi- tion and winning personality, your future pu- pils will all learn to like you as well as they did here at Millersville. 5 C i O , M '- Y' A , g, t ' - 6 fx i5t7rc4uii3,aQtiSEi2W 33123103 AEM E G 5 . 7 'VJ fFifty orzej w. N -1. .,.l f, 7 4 i I rf Jn 1 ,VK . ikh . f ,Q -P QA' x xx ? r at Qgreiw 9 2 X TOUCHSTQNE , . QVQy19QfT"f I y f,. I' ry, . 1 f 'w I - . A 4' K-3 fl' I, X fx lp if ,., tgp ' z' gli- .-,ps 21. 45 ' W' 1 63254 we Q V j K. . ,, 'ffx,.gsj ff ' . 1' A VH' ' I MARY E. HEILER .aff Q I 52 Jacksons, Mahanoy City, Pa. U ,jj l 'i 2 'y6Cl.'l'S Page fl I E ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Dramatics Club, Cus- Wjij I A ,I toms and Manners Club, Home Nursing V7 gp L4 Club, coal cracker Club. K .V ' "To be merry best becomes her." A ' fi 7 The first glance at this picture will cause 54 I f. you to admire the attractive boy of our class, M1 .fi y M 5 but look again, yes-it's only a sweet little li, 4" li ' girl with a boy bob. "Heiler" has two out- i ll X, I standing characteristics-a beautiful com- t .fi J L l plexion and a sunny disposition. She is a Coal Ml ff N I Cracker and decidedly Irish, for she is the very in 'f personification of Good Nature. "Keep that '-in school girl complexion," Heiler, we all love you with it. p MARIAN MANCHA HEMMONS Ridgely, Md. 3 years m Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Art Club, Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Hiking Club, Y. W. C. A., Touchstone Staff, Vice President of Middler Class, Junior Play, Senior Play, Committees, Outcast Club. Having seen this dark haired maid just once could one forget her? She is a product of fair Maryland and her charming southern drawl is-music to our ears. She is artistic to her finger tips, and very original, too. If you want to find Marian, you need merely to go over to the library and there she will be, parked in some nook or corner, wrapped up in a book. Marian has chosen the Librarian course for her profession, and we know she has chosen wisely. ' . LILLIAN HERR ' - 178 Boiling Springs Ave., E. Rutherford, N. J. 2 years Page ' ACTIVITIES: Girl Reserves, Jersey Club, Bas- lcetball. We present to you Miss Lillian -Herr, in other words, "Lil," She is one of our very splendid basketball players, being one of the faithfuls who came out for the team in order that MXV might find its place in the world of sport. She does not devote her time and talent to just one thing, but is found doing her bit in all school activities. We wish "Lil" the best success in the Wider field of activity which she is about to enter. As she made goals in M. S. N. S. We Wish her all the goals of happiness possible. ' . . A 1' " 5 . ff ii . .ia 6 f PAW! 0 LTD, f-X is ' A A - Nfsfi X M A X-"W - ,il .fgeWafQmilf,Zm.iS :fa Kit' fxlffl -sn I I:F"lffy-HLTGGII Xu R .I C7 1 J I Z J Z5 '51 J, A f f 7 5 My 1 ,f, F ,R :4 up-A V KX Q if -L 'A 0 K il wfyf f U SS awash ., 'mam . r ' Q ,- ,Q .. I A v5 Nude.: uiluwf .155 lf, flu ,,. Q , V wif f lj ANNA MARY HINKLE , jfjll Q , 337 W. Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa. X pl K X 2 '!l90ff'S Page i ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Snapper Staff' Touch- Nl Ji 'K stone Staff. , ix .77 I " f f Anna Mary has a cheerful grin of welco ll whenever she meets you. Of course Anlhlg ' , " Mary has sense enough to know that every- 1,1175 1 thing in life is not a joke. She has shown us 'Nl' p f ZH, that by the ability she has displayed in scho- 1 ly L, lastic lines. She is one of Mr. Sieverling's f I l fp star pupils. This probably is one reason for y "K ' ' her being chosen treasurer of the Snapper fl? Staff. Then, too, she has shown unusual lit- -X erary ability, writing anything from poetry to prize essays. BEATRICE MARGUEBITE HIVELY Brogueville, Pa. 2 yeafrs . Normal ACTIVITIES: Art ,Clubg Dframatfics Clubg Bible Study Club, Gflfrl Reserves, Home Nursing Club, York County Club. . Beatrice, better known to us as "Beat," is proud of the fact that she comes from York County. Perhaps next year Beatrice will be proud of the fact that she's a York County teacher. We have reason to believe that Bea- trice will be a successful teacher, and a popu- lar one, for did not the Training School chil- dren like her very much? And did we not find a large bouquet of iiowers in her room? Good luck always, Beatrice. HARRIET JANE I-IIVELY Brogueville, Pa. 2 years V . Normal 'AcTIvIT1Es: Gzee Club, Chapel Choa, Gflfrl Re- sefrvesg York County Club, Y. W. C. A. Although Harriet was not with us last year, she soon became quite popular among not only the girls, but also the boys. But then thatis not surprising to some of us who know her. Harriet is a good York County student and singer, proven by the fact that she success- fully filled her place in the choir. Because she has had some experience in teaching, We realize that next year she will be capable of doing even better than she has done before. fe ff -pf W 1 Q.. fy f AJ? "' l- Zi tif Y' ff A M lx lx XXI ,l , XA X Q , - ' e , X . yi, LFlfty-fuel C- ' J wgjgfevnf TOUCHSTONK f , li l ff r ' Il mmf'-vm Q A y Q i V HELEN E HOSTETTER 208 Manor Ave, Millersville Pa 2 years Page ACTIVITIES Junior Play, Class Historian The American Division of the International Association of Marathon Walkers will bring before its members at the next bi-decade meeting at Manheim, Pa., the case of one of its number who has been defying union laws by walking overtime. We are proud of Helen's independent spirit and her interested endeavor to expose Millersville to the eyes of the world, but we fear that she is sacrificing herself to the cause. . fi iZf l , all K .T ' . we A Pr "' 'Z ,SEQ xp' f ...K ' 'I X V X ff I K M X 16 1 X 'M , 'Q f m ' . I ' Q- V 4 L ff 1 ,Vw f 'Q f ' "UD 9 I . - X . 2854! Mifpll-Qi! at f . - , - , f - ,YM wk , l' ' ' ' A X ft liz? l U l 4s W4 4 g I --' X flip QW, . l . x Xl ' . ' , . X fl : - . lv il EQ ' RY I I 4 l 1 Nl' Q f, V V.. Altho' we call her "breezy," do not think that she is fast, for it is not our intention to misrepresent this young city lady from the rural sections. G. LAVINIA HOSTETTER W. High St., Manheim, Pa. 3 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club ,' Dancing Class g H ockey. I suppose you all have heard Of "Hostie" and her mid-nite thrills, Of shattering milk bottles in Manheim streets, And driving Fords 'gainst pedestrians wills. 'Cause that's the honest and truly biography of "Gee" for is it onlyi G.?J up to this time. Among her various activities she saws the violin in the Manheim Zion Lutheran Sunday School. orchestra. We all hope for a fine future for "Hostie," but she always was contrary. MAZIE ELIZABETH HOWETT Kirkwood, Pa. 2 years I Page ACTIVITIES: Bible Study Club 5 Girl Reserves, Y. W. C. A. g Mazie, although quiet, is a staunch friend and a good student. This young lady is one who can adapt herself perfectly to .her sur- roundings. Mazie just joined our class this term, having spent several summer sessions at M. S. N. S. With her ready smile, she soon won the hearts of us all. Furthermore, she is a good teacher according to reports from the Training School. !GfXf nigga ZX Ja snjmocsafvalro fmsnrstw Q A K5 Q -sg ' ll c In J X1 l I A - X fix z I IL - 'f -L Q- A . M ., MJ l:Fifty-se'ven:I all W V-Nbk-j:'tQf f-,J 00 I 0 fx! Q I M X KK. I I 4 X K 'rf fxggf 1. -si o'i3?' ...,, A , 1, i, ,,,,,..l . .r 'm e' QW... o f alt, 90 lx f RUTH HUFF , Saxton Pa 2 years, Normal ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs g Chapel Choirg Orches- trag Music Appreciation Club g Art Club 5 Girl Reserves, Student Councilg Y. W. C. A. 5 Senior Playg Operetta. "Eyes of blue and heart so true, Who could keep from loving you?" "I-IuEie's" reserved attitude' often causes one to mistake her disposition but when one knows her well one will find her to have a pleasing personality. She is quite accomplished, and So appears in leading roles in plays and operettas, making a success in this as well as in other undertakings. She has endeared herself to us, and weenjoy her jolly little laugh as much as her vocal solos. Best wishes, "Hui'iie," from the Class of '28. ' MARGUERITE B. IACOVO 25 Henry St., Garfield, N. J. 2 years I Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club 5 Girl Reservesg Jersey Club, Catholic Club.. , "Bert" is onex of the little girls of our class, but even if she is little, that doesn't say that she hasn't any pep. Anybody wishing a dem- onstration of the fact should see her dance and play tennis. In truth she is fond of all sports, including that of iiirting. We have just discovered that she has a fondness for Lancasterp The major reason for this is that "Charlie" is there. We know "Bert" to be a good sport, kindhearted and sociable, and we wish her luck. , I CATHERINE POWELL INMAN 209 N. Prince St., Lancaster, Pa. 3 years - Page ACTIVITIES: Drarnatics Clubg May Day Feteg Touchstone' Stalfg Basketball, Hockey. , "Kitty" hasitwo pet hobbies-hot dog sand- wiches with onions and little menu So all you men under 5 ft. 5 will be sure to rate with "Kit" Oh, I forgot! "Kit" also has a pet aversion and that is green. There's one thing "Kitty" can do besides play basketball-and ,she's good at that-and thatis sing. How- ever, she'1l pass muster in the schoolroom un- less she scares the kiddies with a display of her stupendous. knowledge. ffgf is Q N f , -4. F I ifilliltiulffl liilcflliwx 0 7' I illlgnpflifovwm Q3 f ill? :fx Q J .X gf I 0 if I Uhfty ezghtj . 1 xy ' 1" ' I , N' '-31 A lgQ9m?NT1lI 'D 'X " if 'f 'A M we ff. - , - AV in 1 as I rg 5 XL,ff" ffl, , .-.J kg s, I. A x ,im up ROMAYNE LOVETT JEFFERY I I ll il. K 1284 W Princess St York Pa 2 'y6ll'l'S Page ACTIVITIES Chapel Chou Glee Club Modern Authors Club, Student Council, Commit- tees, Class Histofrian. By her charming accent Romayne reminds us that a part of her life was spent in New Jersey. Her gentle dignity and graciousness have won for her many friends of both sexes. In the classroom, Training School and "dorms" Romayne is equally popular. Of course her pupils love her. Who wouldn't? When asked pa ' -- ,.,,.,- wg Q -:EN , X i I Q 1- 54" L If N OUCESTCJNE all ' M . M t, X.. I .W ,I my , f H' , X' NMI! 1 . U , . XV . ., f ' ' - ' -I li .i an I 3? concerning her love affairs, Romayne simply widens her blue eyes and smiles sweetly-more than that she will not offer. Of course, we have our own opinions. We hope you are very happy and most successful, Romayne. ESTHER M. JENKINS Stewartstown, Pa. 2 yeafrs N ofrmal ACTIVITIES! Glee Clubs, Customs and Mannefrs Club, Girl Reser'ues,' Y. W. C. A., Operetta. "A smooth and steadfast mind." What name is more fitted for her than Es- ther? It is as expressive of modesty, sweet- ness, and niceness as is Esther herself. You will iind her as a classmate, most pleasant and as a friend, most charming. Esther always has something up her sleeve, and whether it be in all seriousness or a joke, her innocent expression is seldom changed. Her presence is comforting and she is a good sport in any crowd. CARRIE IRENE JONES 151 Elm St., Reading, Pa. 3 'yeafrs I Page ACTIVITIES: Music Appreciation Club, Modefrn Authors' Club, G'l'rlRese'rvesg Hzkzng Club. Of all the girls, Carrie is about the jolliest. Her sweet disposition and calm outlook on life have made us all her friends. Carrie has been a splendid student and member of our class since she entered Normal. This young lady takes delight in making trips to her home, and since she can no longer blame it on home- sickness, we wonder what the attraction is. Just be your own sunny self, Carrie, and life is certain to give you some of its treasures. 'U' f ' f 0 0 N 'Dir' YVQQAFXWX GTX 6 7371 XX fb? 'XX Z, x J I:Fzfty-nznefl N X If ill N, ll lllll ll 7 X li Q5 A I gi N ., 'pf X bw Ifxllllgw Iiiiis ,ya 'R 5,155 We ' YF' Z A .4 x A n J 9 , - AV I ll JN 4 'Zcf Q ll Q 'f ' , if - I' xx y , -, f Q 5,1 pf , fm . s , ry 'rea ff ffl 1 . ,QP Nj, Q. , , U' hm Q , 1115 s . 5 .59 Vt W . o., X! I I 'M a . , l vi! I ,',. f 6 ' I , fri" Q ETHEL H. JONES xx I ll C- ' 223 N. Pine St., Lancaster, Pa. l X 3 ygafrg Normal i ,I ACTIVITIES: Senior Play, May Day Fete. Y ' l' f "Jonesy" is one of our day student bunch, Q . A Xx, lg and 1S an ardent supporter of her class. She I Z is always present atbclais mgetiggs, ala? lgler lift! ' "yes" or "no" can e ear a ove a e I I 4 others. She appears to beIa quiet, studious W, l girl, but wait 'til you know her. She is just ,I ll, fi 4 N as full of fun and pep as she can be. That K tl' kind, encouraging word and pleasant smile, llQ N which she is ever ready to bestow upon you. 'T ., I will carry her far. CATHERINE ELEANOR KANE 19 N. Fourth St., Steelton, Pa. 2 .years I Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club This is our attractive little "Kit" upon whom many affections are showered beginning with those of her pupils' and continuing through the ages. Her eyes are those of which a poet might sing, "deep pools wherein are pictured dancing rays of sunlight." "Kit's" popularity is due to her personality, her ability to con- verse delightfully on all subjects, and her be- witching smile. ' We feel sure of her success. . Valley View, Pa. 2 years VERNA IRENE .KEHRES Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Orchestra, Art Club 5 I Bible Study Club: Girl Reserves, Home I Nursing Club. -I t I Don't be deceived, dear reader are deceiving. You should see I room. She is one of the jolliest I the fourth floor gang. Then you 7 solemn face, for this is a case in by Verna's which looks her in her members of should hear . I . her cheer at a football game, a l I S proves her school spirit. She 1 plenty of it. She says that she has always wanted to be a . X teacher and now that she has completed her I preparation for that line of work, We wish her thing which . has it and 4 SUCCESS. ' CZ ll f VN .Cb J ff A T 5' A I . , I'If'??x V I N33lilQ,ilP??Efl'Qw,. 'l gi" fSirty:I U I 'C . 1 ?'- A .,poO , w, til Q, hx E 4, g g, , Q he 1, W Q W 11.-Q 7 OUCHSTONK gf , 1 9 igfl-. E1i5 fVJf!f,ff .lf MAE W KEIDEL Hockessin Del 2 Ylefw' Page ACTIVITIES Art Club' Customs and Manners Clubg Bible Study Clubg Gifrl Reserves,- Rufral Club. Mae is a very diligent, dependable and friendly girl-always willing to lend a helping hand. Most of her leisure hours are spent puzzling over the unanswerable question of how to establish fractions in the minds of her young pupils. However, teaching is not her only interest. She spends many delightful week-ends in Delaware. Mysterious? Oh, I don't know-look at her third finger. We wish you happiness. RUTH KELLER Jackson Drive, Lancaster, Pa. 3 years I Page ACTIVITIES: Dancing Classg May Day Feteg Basketball, Hockeyg Ring Committeeg Class Historian. "Kel," I ask you, do you think it is fair-to leave "five" under the impression that each is the only one? Well, we won't bother about that. We can't blame them though, because "Kel" is one who we are all very happy and fortunate to claim as a friend. She is an all- round girl. She can toss a mean basketball: she can teach you the latest dance stepg and she can write poetry. To rate high athletic- ally, socially, and scholastically is an honor to be proud of, and "Kel" surely has the right of claiming this as her owrf. MARY ELLA KELLY 153 N. Main St., Red Lion, Pa. 2 years lV0'r'mal ACTIVITIES: Art Club: Dframatics Club g Bible Study Clubg Y. W. C. A. Mary Ella, or Mary Ellen, as she is some- times called, lives on third floor. Her room is near the mail box and as soon as our mail man comes up the steps, Mary says, "Any mail for me, Mr. Brenner?" However, if Mary doesn't get a letter that does not change her happy nature, because Mary is always in a good humor. We are positive she will be a teacher who is not bothered with "blue Mondays." ,. ..' Kal . Y. 'I Q! fx Q X f lflxvw A XJ - X fi 1 fr. NI f , ' Q gg., ,ggg f,Tr.E6,,t'3l5WRfQ5?,l1 ,fy , lilly! Ulfsiffl' xy Q f rf' V X' S X I zwty onefl I 3 fx X I X I ' - ,. CNA '57'fQQ-J-3905... fd' 3? W i Q 25, A fi. Qnmix si' ,fe i , X TOUCHSTQNE Q if ji 5,-Q it - N '? N722 went N i XADQGSN 4193: ff fiwlw ' Q .if - - ,m a K il! ! ' , K , ff xv lui, li all wi, 7 fr . l rl ll. iff I 2 j VF M , lf, .Y fi -Zi HARRIET E. KERN Q l 235 S. Ann St., Lancaster, Pa. J years Normal P' l,'Q.h ACTIVITIES: Glee Club f Committees. Y, ' l' u If there were more people like Harriet in this world, what a pleasant place it would be! IV, U 1 Harriet's motto is "laugh and the world laughs iff with you: don't bother about weeping." ijt ii Harriet is one girl who has acquired the art l I3' of make-up. Who would think for one minute 1 lp 1 ,fi that her rosy complexion is due to anything Atl 4 A else but the' fresh country air of Millersville I lt! 12 or Churchtown? Yes, just what is it that attracts you so much at Churchtown? We wonder. MARIE KILBURN . H 34 N. Seward St., York, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Chapel Choirg Cus- torns and Manners Clubg Bible Study Club, Girl Reserves 5 Home Nursing Club g York County Club. Marie is one of our many classmates who hails from York County. She is ever talking -sometimes seriously. She studies quite a bit but does not devoteall her time to this, for on days when the. team plays, she takes her part by urging it on with her cheering. Marie is very fond of her practice teaching and she is very anxious to have a big roomful of her own pupils to teach. ,Your classmates wish you the best that the future can give, Marie. EDNA MAY KISER 36 Hanover St., Hanover, Pa, 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Club: Rural Clubg Student Councilg Y. W. C. ,A.g Basketballg Refo-r'm.ed Club. Miss Edna Kiser is this young lady's name, but few know it, as she will only answer to the call of "Eddie," "Eddie" is a very active and - wide-awake girl, especially in gym and in her clubs. Shirley and Irma know what a very good roommate and hard worker she is. The Class of '28 hopes she will always master what- A ' ever she tackles. I A FA fl t of rio fivf l' s"K -Q . A 5 M 'A l f 9 A . ik a4ml,QmsCsl.tE3lf 23231 a n iflikibiilbjfrw -l fS'ioJty-twoj H ' is -'fr W g' f C' 1 ll ' 40 . A Qu Q TOUCHSTQNE "' fi 1 X - -W A 'gf if f Q .mu lump Q .. ' ' ' All he GLADYS KLEINDINST ' ill 1029 E. Centre St., Mahanoy City, Pa, 2 years page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Dramatics Club,' Cus- toms and Manners Club g Bible Study Club, Coal Cracker Club. Don't be deceived! Gladys at first glance appears to be a shy, demure lass, but wait be- fore you express an opinion. ' In the "dorm" we all know Gladys as a- cheerful, wholehearted, good-natured girl. To add toi her credit-she's a Coal Cracker and Pageite. We know that "Glad" will be a successful teacher, but we also know that she won't stay long in the pro- fession which she has chosen. Isn't that true, '28? ALMA KLINE 1027 E. Pine St., Mahanoy City, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club,' Chapel Choirg Dra- .matics Clubg Customs and Manners Club 5 Bible Study Clubg Coal Cracker Club. This blue-eyed lass came to us from Ma- hanoy City and she shows us this by being such a fervent member of the Coal Cracker Club. She's a good 'sport and can always be seen on back campus. or in the gym, cheering our team to victory. Alma, like her roomie, believes in feeds and many of them. She's a good singer and if you don't believe us, just listenvto the chapel choir. We know that you will climb the ladderof success. RUTH KNISELY 422 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Art Club, Customs and Manners Club., Bible Study Clubg Student Councilg Y. W. C. A., Snapper Staff Touchstone Staff, Secretary of Junior Class, Operettag C om m i t t e e sg Freshman Commission. - Ruth is the source of many noble thoughts and original ideas. Her artistic talent as shown by the Snapper, is highly developed. She is not temperamental nor subject to moods as many artists but possesses' an even 'and pleasant disposition. Ruth never shirks duty and is always willing to help others, conse- quently she has few spare moments. "We sin- cerely hope she will continue to radiate joy to others as she has had to her friends in the class of '28. ' ei. 7 ill 66 0 KN Q OX n I if? A was We ' r im will fi K m,QtulLPfJggVI:ISS .Jo 'fffly fu .gi 'Qgifllf-Jlf ' x I , 'w -x K . f gill P lv X t I 1 iw "6 4515 l' 'xl tr I1 will I l I 1 6 - I I C I - sim W ' t il fSixty-threej 1 fgffafisi, sn Q 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club 5 Bible Study Club 5 Girl 7 Q 14.1 4 TQUQHSTQNE " V NS: ff- 1, my rm we-'S I sl Will? . nl f . ff, . U ,II QS Q 7 MARIAN ELLA KOCH is i' A ' I W. Main St., Strasburg, Pa. M lu as 1 Reservesg Y. W. C. A. Marian has known' both boarding and day student life at 'M. S. N. S. However, in chang- ing ,her flquarters to Room R in her Senior year, she only had to move across the hall be- cause as a Junior she was a member of the Music Hall gang. Tho-se who remember when Marian was 'Proctor know how she liked to have everyone obey the rules. Marian, we feel sure that if you carry this idea into your teaching, your school will have good discipline. MARY A. KOCHENOUR 1555 W. Market St., York, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club: Customs and Manners Clubg Home Nursing Clubg Junior Play. Mary is another one of the girls who found boarding life "too much" for her in her Senior year and so has become a member of the jolly day student group. We have never been able to find out just why Mary gave up the noble profession of nursing for that of a "school- marrn" unless it was due to the awful pangs of homesickness which befell her while she was in training. At any rate, no matter what her reason may be, we are glad to say that her intended profession is just as noble and we wish her Success in it. LAURA ELIZABETH KREADY 433 N. George St., Millersville, Pa. 3 years I ' Page ACTIVITIES: Touchstone Stajg Junior Playg 'Senior Play. If you were in Arabian wastes surrounded by banditti who would be the best pal to have by you? Laura. Why? Because, she is loyal and she is jollyg because she is original and she is luckyg because she can by a toss-of auburn hair or a far-flung word provoke mirth or ire, rebellion or obedience. We would say "Friend, your quest is distant, in foreign legionsg your path from Normal is narrow and far. Tread it fearlesslyf' FN ffl . Q35 ffl ' - ,-N 'XIX ' 'JH . -. . U de vaSLQm.0 m7T' 1 ,iii K f If Ak , nk ' ' .A fl QW QS' fSixty-fourjl " 5 Q ,f -x3 l5f:-M ,Ja iffggffif . 'KK-jj? il! ' X E - 1,1 9 ,-4 f lrlcll fl H 'Il' li, 1 li iff .AR e .li hh gkil .000 I rQ,Z?lfi?iQ1 ' ' ff f M sf w A t ,Q 0 g,.,,f"7L,1 I Vt LAURA F. LAIRD 'W . A Port Matilda Pa I f lar'- ' zz:-xkkxwxxgxgix pas rr' SQ sw I-1 Q G Q53 5 are on mr-1 u Osh!!! ,1 .. sd? 13" EWS. :Qs naive. In L' NLQ sei i 2259 r-'Vim U, Q :: 023 2 3" .S-'ZSCJ 4 39 cn . 5 ,U US. gg 1 CQ za . .dxf N '- rfb: , and a good worker. However, Laura believes Ml Q 911 . that, "All work and no play make Jill a dull will l' I I are sure Laura will be a very successful ' A 3, ,A teacher provided-she does not become too L f Q much interested in "State affairs." I, . - '. girl', so she finds time to make merry. We lily? ml, f I KATHRYN B. LEARY Ellangowan, Shenandoah, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Customs and Manners Club, Home Nursing Club, Coal Cracker Club. Here's one we are proudto introduce as one- half of the Coal Cracker Club. Kathryn is a hard worker, and one of the best sports. We know that she has a score of friends not only at Millersville but elsewhere according to the amount of mail she receives daily. We know she will win the faith of her pupils by her charming ways. . ANNA LEIDY Mountville, Pa. 2 'yeafrs Page Often on a dreary morning there was a sud- den peal of laughter in Room R. There, seated at a table, one could find "Anne" surrounded by a group of girls who laughed while she told jokes. Even in the most serious classes Anna's keen sense of humor never failed her so we can predict that, come what may, she will not become a solemn teacher. As you may already have guessed, "Anne" is very sociable and a brilliant conversationalist. In short, she is just the kind of a companion for either a sad or a gay mood. 3 K? ' X I li I, ,XYYQ lf- ff xx x-r: Z6 A I 'J ' a , N fs . 0 L gp B' U iflixzfzfiflbiffr as - all 5,1 I:Sixty-fi've:I ,. X 0' fi ?,.3x Od 1, an ' Q. IQ l' ' ' X hiv Wiliam' ' 'lm' i . A sf-as-A --+1 ', fed I A -I as , :rs I w wf A -I f lg N TOUQHSTQNL ' x fu II M: wif ig j 2 I if Ai. I f ' A Riff A f pgnfflllar 7 I 1 ' , :IJ , f 3 ' uw fly ? X M4 wwf fl , I A j .. , W if Q l ' ffl l V l' I4 - X X! l I ' , . X af ff P, P lsfv K S W 2 l 5 , . ?. QI 2 1. Y. l t x J r l l 2 wee .. wi A silk . " ll M Q ' ' it - . A J. f' 14 :-, V . 0. , ,Y f , , X Qlffiix ra if Qi 5 r TOUCI 28 . - - -- . -N57 " X -1.9 se .,,, X. 4 Q . yy me 9 an Y es ,f f fgjalht .el if-A vafffi ?-'v f J A figze .sJ,. 1 fl I ' ' l vi" '4 , W1 9 s ll at ' 15. ft" , ' - all U, ge j t lil CLAIR LENTZ -X WW ' Millersburg, Pa. ,3!,,e 1 2 years I Page XI ACTIVITIES: Y. M. C. A.g Touchstone Stagg -.JM , ,I Assistant Baseball Manag er, Football ll 5- Managerg Junior Class Treasurer. y N W l You can?t help but know him, especially you W2 girls. You've read about him, seen him, spent mf fr 3 'X , some of your happy hours with him, and you'1l "ll . 5, fi probably never forget him. He is a brilliant Vp I i looking and handsome youth. I QV! , Tell him a joke, and he in return will tell a Mil K' A score, causing the whole world to -laugh. H l Y '- Clair's great ambition is to secure a beautiful ' .H l and wealthy Wife and live happily the rest of his life. Clair, We find it quite a pleasure to extend to you our best wishes. VIOLET M. LIST A 1111'Watson Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Chapel Clioirg Y. W. C. A.g Touchstone Stayf. Mythological times had their Sirens, with their beautiful voices, to lure shipmen from courses, and We today have Violet, our Siren, to sing for us and lure us from' our courses of study. Some day we expect to hear her singing in the world's greatest operas, luring, not only shipmen, but everyone from their path of lifes . Violet'also has brains for she Won a year's stay in the "dorms". Violet is a student of which we are all proud and to her go our best wishes. ELVIRA- A. LOMBARDI 311. Sunbury St., Minersvi11e,'Pa, 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Music Appreciation Clubg Customs and Manners'Clubg Home Nursing Club 5 1 Coal Cracker Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Class A Basketball. p 'Wi' If all our Normalites were as enthusiastic football fans as "Vee", old M. S. N. Sqwould hold the line of any team in the state. "Vee" has many other virtues just as commendable as her loyalty to our team for she is always on deck for all the fun going and coming, yet it seems her classes never suffer loss of con- centration-because of it. VVe all like avgirl of such firm character and hope to retain "Vee's" friendship long after the Class of '28 has graduated. . . 'S h K! a fan -,, X - I X Qsib wx, Q X ' 2 ye ,, ,ax 2, A ,sz f 2 x A ,X 10 Q Qjill'rLui333l5Ll9rlol555-f'9ilff?.fsf 'ffe i3FKi11f4Efl'QfyQl' 1' N9 fSi:vty-sizczl ' Q il kj . .X . X :" ,I ' f Q 'V' K li . - ,, . rl. QU g ouciliyg-AGN 'i' ! 5'gVSQf7Q2fz f , fp-fl ' T... 2 WW! - f ' UP y 'mu X-if 'ililiiifefi ' W T rl Q N- 3 le - A ,U 1 4 l ,jj ' gif" , X l., all 5' 1' ., I Y Q 4 R. Pa. X X 1 ' 4 f 2 years Page . X fl ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Clubg Modern 'Authors' Q lqi 5 Clabg Bible Study Club, Lathercm Club, A XX , M. C. A.g Touchstone Staff Senior yt K , ,fl lay. . Z x 5' . f ' ' Ruth is a very dependable girl and is in- W - ffl terested in practically everything that goes on I ful? about her. In spite of diversions, Ruth has N , Q 4 maintained a splendid scholastic record. if' Q I I Although her interests are varied, Ruth enjoys is doing some things more than others. Accord- 7 ing to several persons who have-been closely "- U associated with her during the past two years, the thingslshe loves to do best of all are to eat and ta k. SARAH G. LOWRY 1112 Watson Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 3 years ' 'Page VACTIVITIESZ Dramatics Club 5 Class Historiafng May Day Fete. "'Sally" is one! of the most determined girls in our class. Yet this very quality makes us admire her greatly. Then, too, there's a little bad in .every good little girl. That's "Sally," Her fairness and sweet dignity havelmade her Well liked by all those who know her. This . l young lady surely did a wise thing when she 1 transferred from the Class, of 1927 to the I Class of 1928. It seems that she supplied the y cob 'necessary to make our wheel complete. RUTH MCCLUNE V ' Lancaster, General Delivery, Pa. 2 years P090 Here is a born orator, a direct desizendait of Patrick Henry. What would Ruth 0 wit - . out hervocal apparatus? We can only recom- mand six hands to take its place. All joking v aside, Ruth knows what to say and when to ' say it. At the present time she is giving a world-wide lecture entitled, "What mould the World be Without Electricians." ay your -life be a path of roses, illuminated by the light which never grows dim-electricity. ,. rx , 14- '. f. f. ff - a 1, I -ua - A fr 5' fn A - I LH N. M s s 4 I:S'irvty-seoenfl - C- " an 'R -,Q e gp J fzoosv x. TON A Th , ,A - -Ig ,fe rf.: ,gf 'Q X T UCHSTQIXIE W 4, l 'tgj:,,l,7.,f ,f p fj, QU X? f , Q 17 I 28 , . - ' if Y fl' i ,YI4 ,I Twbsgjjfij wif 4 'f X . .'pmQ -'l f f ' I i f 1,554 Til fl1'lll312l' li lm ,f l 5 ' affair. ffxlf is--f"i ' A ,lg IN U 'lx If ff ' 'px 'Y4' 3. . w g 1' MARGARET MELEGH f ll il I K W I ' 134 Eighth sr., Mcxeesport, Pa. NK 2 years Page I ' . I 1 v l X X' ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Dramatics Club 5 Bible X l kj Study Club, Girl Reserves, Y. W. C. A., X , if Touchstone Stajg Senior Play. Xbby all This dark-eyed, dark-haired lassie is a rep- ' ' resentative of McKeesport, but we have dis- ful- .fi 3 ' covered that although she likes her home town, ' lg Il ll there is another place that she likes better, l 1 namely, the West End of Lancaster. "How I f H ly' ly ' 1 about it Margie?" Her favorite mottoe is , ,n W! I "Lux et Lex" and so we think that she will li Q5 probably teach little folks until "LX" comes p kilt in his chariot and steals her away from the - school room. D . y ' THELMA MERTZ Honey Brook, Pa. 2 yeafrs N ofrmal Ah! here is a dancing mermaid. Thelma came to us from Honey Brook and lives up to her town's name very Well as she is one of the sweetest young maids in our class and is continually dancing and frolicking along just like a brook. We are certain Thelma will take 1 her profession seriously as daily one may hear ' her discussing her schoolroom problems with her friends. Here is a toast, classmate-to your winning personality-we shall never for- get you. STELLA E. METZGER 134 S. Second St., Columbia, Pa. y 3 'years Page . ACTIVITIES: Customs and Manners Club, Hik- '4'- i 'ing Club, Y. W. C. A. To look at "Stell," one thinks, "what a nice, quiet, little girl," but wait until you know her. V She surely is lively enough. During this young U lady's three years exposure to learning at M. - ,n S. N. S., she has pulled down good marks in , all her studies. This is indeed a good record, for how many of us fall by the wayside? A fRoom Cl "Stell," your friends at M. S. N. S. -- are many. We hope that you will always ' make and keep friends in the same way you A A attracted us. , f 0 I f 5953 b J W fx cw f A A I nj I , ' ,, .,'s y ' .. QD' 3KXjlfr'Q33i's?e I sly if Lsmy-meg X-, fl k j L X 1 . f' .4 v,l X x i Val -0000 N SUQTIQ 4 X K! S? x fy six In TOUCHSTONB is mmm an A rj E7 Q-,ff ,M M ELDA MILLER ' Ruffsdale R D 2 Pa 0 yea? S Normal ACTIVITIES Music Appreciation Club , Dra- matics Club, Customs and Manners Club, Bible Study Club, Girl Reserves, Hiking Club , Home Nursing Club, Student Coun- cil, Y. W. C. A. i V, ,t t , ----T Y i 1 Ni' v . S' ,9 Z . A -Q fs - ,gn lr up 5 401 W s xg i X I X L wi FPVYVNK ,713 X' X9 29 JL? .sYV.i.',f titt " ff 4' f, lily W mQ A f Whip '9?5,. .- wi-Lf X ic. A fffligggffgf, ffii l?g?i'f?lm l I XM C, ff , - ' II x 4A . , ' ' ' ' ' I Nad l ' l 1 l Y' kg Elda is a very capable girl. Look at her long list of activities, and decide for yourself. She is always willing to do her share, and more, if need be, in everything. Elda has one weakness, however, and that is talking. But after all it really counts, be- cause due to the flexibility of her tongue, she held a prominent position on the Normal De- bating team. Elda's perseverance and keen determination are bound to carry her far. SARAH LOUISE MILLER 202 W. Main St., Annville, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Home Nursing Club. Another of our Lebanon County boosters. No one loves to dance and sing more than "Sus.", And does she play the piano and the uke? Night after night third floor resounds to the tune of some popular music played by "Sus," She is always Willing to lend a help- ing hand. We cannot foretell what her future will be but We sincerely wish her the best. MARIE H. MILLS 829 Willow St., Lebanon, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Art Club, Modern Authors' Club, Customs and Manners Club, Bible Study Clubg, Dancing Class, Student Council, Y. W. C. A., Snapper Stajf, Senior Play. Another of our loyal Lebanonians. Who doesn't know Marie? She is always willing to do or explain anything you may ask of her, even if it comes to explaining what "Bud" is. This, you understand, is not a reference to Biology, but to "articles" used at our popular dances. Chief' among Marie's talents is bar- gain-hunting, for she has the natural gift and makes good use of it. We wish you happi- ness, Marie. 'fill 1 W4 It :lil , ull? ,, 1, 'll 1 QB - L - f . . ' f-N x it s L XX l .tWgwiLe.e.igV2iAtE'j2liV3'eQ?r1i sr e 33t'Krjf1tf4Ufl'Qaw is .E Q ' .M fi 'f' , f, ' ' N Q ' Ml! I:Se'venty-onej I l ' l in J -' Q 17190 w J Ll aa n fs'tf9Ws1iz,f'w lt 5 as f Alf, Q TOUCHSTQKIE ' 'e K - I ji, Yf,Xf1y!f"'l?:75 'ff I W -. ,X s 1 ,,,. .--- X-isig- E ,f. N I 'Q xr -,aff-X ff nl QV QU XQL 1 . ff f , '92-54, - bSQf!Wf?f'f all lui ' Wm .ff of E fllllfz i' 1 - . l .lil ll ... WL 'I of 'S 'jj f ANNA MOHLER ' 5, 'lvgjif f' Lancaster, R. D. 1, Pa. W 2 years Page ill X Wilt thou?-and she wilted. That's all xlkflfl f right, Anng it's a good picture, anyway- one Mk ' day last September Ann -meandered out to tl I Millersville and decided to secure some educa- l if tion there. At the same t1me she meandered M V, ' ' Q into the hearts of all of us. A ,sincere student M1 ff 'Z is Ann-but she must do most of her studymg 1 -' il' I 9 in Room R because Dame Rumor tells us that 1 p l a great many nights Ann takes her brother , N4 Q ' to the movies? l l C With those brown eyes and that sunny smile .Nil 1 Ann is bound to outshine many of her class- mates--but, go to it, Ann, we are back of you. HILDA FRANCES MOORE 54 N. Main St., Mahanoy City, Pa. 3 'years Page ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 5 Modern Authors' Club, Customs and Manners Clubg Coal Cracker Clubg Student Councilg Suappefr Stajfg Secretary Senior Classg Commit- teesg Class Historian. "Agnes, where's Hilda?" is the question that Agnes has to answer a thousand times every night. You see, "Hil" was one of the best Student Council Presidents in MfV's history, so that accounts for the question. Other rea- sons why she is sought out from among the rest 'of us are, her charming personality, her honest sympathy for her fellow students and her keen sense of humor. f'Hil," we know from your work at MXV that you always give your best and we all feel sure that this big World will give its best back to you. EDITH MORTCN Ninth and Locust Sts., Columbia, Pa. 2 years Normal .ACTIVITIES1 Glee Clubs. Let us introduce to you this forthcoming Metropolitan star. Edith was one of our fre- quent entertalners during our Junior year. Some day she will bring laurels to her home town, with her beautiful voice. Words are futile things when it comes to describing this mgenuous classmate so we will say no more. When. your name becomes famous on Broad- way sing a little song about your Alma Mater. '7 B Kflqkqil , Q 5 ff it fnxs ff J ,J ' lb , 'iff ,, S lk, 1,1 1 N A KX. , X xfNlgiis,,lgV,ilr,Qi,:5fx N f X X:Q11iQj,Ujv,.XtQjfg.wQgm . E7 fScvcnty-twoj ' fl M 7011 1 K ,I A ,L wogo gjfhcif-'wl"'cjIV2, QQ J ,411 ggi. n ' XR VK sis.. . OUCHSTQNL ,Q Q, 5 5g " " 'A -f 'Wm 'sw w swat-f f f if 9, If A l CLYDE V MUSSELMAN Millersville Pa years Normal ACTIVITIES Snapper Staff Touchstone Staff Vice President Junior Class, Vice Presi- dent Senior 'Classg Senior Playg Com- mittees. f Picture of a busy man. C1yde's activities represent three years of active, extra-curricu- lar work. He was our dependable mang he won all the difficult jobs and handled them well. And then, he was a real student. But best of all Clyde is one Who always has time for a decent word or a chat with anyone, no matter how busy he is. He hustles without bristling. Then there is a girl too. She's far away, now, but we suspect that she won't be, long. Best of luck, Clyde. CATHERINE MURPHY 319 W. Centre St., Shenandoah, Pa. 2 years A Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Art Club: Customs and Manners Clubg Home Nursing Club,' Coal Cracker Club. n "Murph" is one of the Coal Crackers' stand- bys. She is just another pleasure seeker and surely gets her share of fun. Who was that whose laugh "bubbled" over during study period. Like most people of her type she is jolly and good natured. She always has time for a joke and a laugh but seldom has time to study. Really it isn't bad though for she gets there just the same. ERLA B. MURR 359 Third St., Boyertown, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs: Art Clubg Customs and Manners Clubg Girl Reserfvesg Student Councilg Operetta. One hears about these lightheaded and frivo- lous blonds. Our Erla. is a blond but far from lightheaded and frivolous. True, she has a gay personality and no cloud seems to dim her sun, yet she has a steady sense of responsi- bility and a firm goal to Work towards. The students knew what they were doing' when they elected her the Council's secretary. Best wishes, Erla. . ' A igem 62-4 E5 f P Q R x S XX' K Q-gl tf7ifacgxiii't3zi,sQJ2i6s'cisW3 ff Elie Rf as F -0 V z K -r' -J I 5 , J fSeventy threefl l ' . ff f fe- ' I pi ssh . f fr to l :maj f C Q Q ' - " ,t X lf p .-f i 1 ... I , ia TOUCHQTONK - K., ,, ,J Q 'xx X f W e liwmgy, '995 .. funn fell? Z7 l Q - fs 5 r f fn' is ' 4 We 'Syl 'W I fi f N if, 'll gi ' ' N 4 rr--1---, , XXL ALDA M. NICKEL 529 N. George St., York, Pa. i 2 years ,Xxsyt ACTIVITIES: Chapel Choirg All Club, Bible I Study Club, Lutheran Club, Girl Re- serves, York County Clubg Y. W. C. Ag 'X-fff cessful. appliances. Hockey, Class Historian. Aida is a gay, vivacious little girl. She lives her own happy life unmindful of what other people do and say. That is her charm, and she possesses much of that rare quallty. Have you ever seen her when her lovely, dark eyes were not dancing with imps of m1sch1ef? Alda is quite a lover of outdoor sports and ranks high in them. May you be ever suc- A. GERTRUDE ORR 2 years ' Normal ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Dramatics Club, Bible Study Club, Girl Reserres. Here we have quietness, goodness, persis- tence, good nature-all these to make one of our ideal students, Gertrude. We have never heard of "Gerty" getting in trouble and you will always find her a good chum. But with that quietness of hers is mixed a righteous sense of humor. We appreciate "Gertie's" friendship for us during her two years at Millersville and we hope that she fares well wherever she may be. MABEL R. PFAUTZ N. Penn St., Manheim, Pa. 2 years n Page It come as no surprise to us that Mabel de- sires to be a school teacher, because We have found that this tendency runs in the family. Besides this, Mabel has all the characteristics necessary for the teaching profession. She is industrious, studious, lovable and indepen- dent. ' She hasn't much use for the "men," but she and her mother are the best of pals. We expect her to of our superior teachers Of the future, 11S1I1g all the modern means and lil' 'fi- lm ,gl lf .X LQ Ie I 'X f 2 I , H-l ,fl Y: 'WZ - .wi N ff. 63 24 J Mee.a,.ee s W4 CXUEM l.. .. f- , f ' -dk A. . . . A i I 1 fx i' I 3,5 ,I rg, X x . I L' X-'N-jjo 67: M f XR-,Isp kg? fScvorlt1f fouzj xi 7 jjj C' ' 4, .- "' 95319 'iff' ja N . Y, . , k-.. kg? Lx Quays 541 S - gs OUcHsToN5 f., . 'P -of ? QEEIQVJ ff ,fxf yy FRANCES PIAZZA 381 Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. 2 yeafrs Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club g Girl Reservesg Jersey Club. Have you seen this young lady hiking to- ward New Jersey? Probably you have not but at least you have heard her running through "dorms" calling her followers from Jersey to- gether for their regular evening tete a tete. Frances is an active member for she has a pleasing personality and good looks. We won- der why she has chosen school teaching for her profession when she seems to be better versed on the marriage problem. ' ESTHER PONTZ Lancaster, R. D. 5. Pa. 2 years Page Esther is only one of our many fortunate day students and a very studious one too. She can always be seen in Room R at noon, pour- ing over Sociology or Recent History, for she would never go to class without first preparing her lesson. Her one weakness is her appetite, and she often tries to conquer that by dieting. But alas! when the next meal arrives she forgets all about dieting. Esther, the Class of '28 are sincere in their wishes for your happiness. A. CATHERINE PRICE 918 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa. 2 yeafrs Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Afrl Club, Customs and Manners Clubg Bible Study Club 5 Stu- dent Council, Y. W. C. A.g Operettaj Committees. "Kit" declares that Reading produces many good and valuable things. Of this we have no proof but We do know that she is a "Price- less treasure" from that city. All her moods are jovial ones and her hobby, next to dancing is joking. She has two characteristics which serve asridentification marks, namely, her curly hair and her ability to make friends. One can learn to know her almost immediately after meeting her and be sure of a true friendship arising therefrom. 652 . . . ff k fs X, ' 6 ZX .,f.jfmgxsi'i3,stmQSSrS'r't:g,Al5V5 lf .. gl KJPAUEM - E Fi ll fSe'tenty flvej G I l I N x 99 , . J Q A Q. TOUCHSTONE fa , y ie - .928 A qwbf J sn LENA REIFSNYDER Ephrata Pa 2 years Page Lena is one of oui members who make It possible for the stockholders of the Electric Company to weai high hats and swallow-tail coats, by her extiaordinarp, rate of consump- tion of current during mid-night seances with her books. However, do not let the looks of this Miss! deceive you. We are told, that upon further acquaintance, we would find her very jolly. We feel sure Lena will make good in the future, for she has already taught two l ,9 W Q9 n I Q SM a ps If N , I ,- ,X .pe ts.. -if , . sessfb ff 6 M , va ' vi f" ,' 4 J I X, l ill l N 1 iw , . 1 I f' rp , . .af . . Ji I E' years and, we have heard, has been very suc- cessful. A BLANCHE JEANETTE RELYEA 218 Pearl St., Reading, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Customs and Manners Club,' Bible Study Clubg Home Nursing Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Touchstone Staff. Blanche should rightly be called the Dorm Mother. Anyone with disappointments or troubles need only go to Blanche to find a sympathetic listener. She can probably boast ofmore friends than most of us. Not only is Blanche popular with the girls, but our young men seem to think she is prettynice. If you don't believe it just look in the Chapel or Room R after supper. OLIVE MAE REMLEY 111 E. Main St., Hummelstown, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES! Art Clubg Bible Study Clubg Y. W. C. A. The large hamlet of Hummelstown sends this sweet girl to our midstj Olive is well liked by everyone who knows her. We all know that Olive is full of fun too. Olive's quiet. dignified personality and pleasing man- ner are exactly the assets she will need when she becomes a teacher. ffi lg 5 jg: X ,X I X X, QB fc K5 or fs . f- fs: v if i:3Wk,wf-iEZ9WmI fl law f Q11 IfSeventy sevenfl as We no Q . " Jfffesiif nffjiiif ij ff Qgfgbykr- . DOROTHY W. RENGIER Lawn, Pa. 2 WMS ' Normal ACTIVITIES: Gleo Club, Chapel Clwirg Bible ' Study Club g Girl Roseroesg Home Nursing Club, Y. W. C. A., Junior Playg Opofrettag Committees. A People who have heard beautiful clear notes in the morning wonder why the birds stay ln Millersville all winter. We who live in the "dorm" know 'tis not the birds-but.'fDot." Morning, noon, and night she giV8S.V01C6 to her merry heart and sweet disposition. She is conscientious in her work and can be relied upon to execute responsible duties. May she "scale" the ladder of fame and find the "key" to success. - ETHEL IRENE RESER Honey Brook, Pa. 2 years N07'1rl,6Ll Acrivirms: Art Cluby Bible Sturby Club, Danc- ing Clubg 'Vollcy Ball. This black-haired lassie hails from Honey Brook. Whether or not the name of the place has anything to do with the making of her disposition I cannot say, but most of the time her disposition is rather sweet. It never takes Ethel very long to prepare her lessons, and when she has finished, she is ready to snatch fun wherever she can. Ethel has her' weakness-she does "fall" for the opposite sex. Sometimes we wonder if it will be a school contract that she signs. Ethel, whichever contract you choose, the Class of '28 wishes you the best of success. ELIZABETH RESH Mountville, Pa. 2 ifears A Normal r Here is one of our fair damsels' who hails from Mountville. Elizabeth doesn't seem to like dates, not even the kind we buy by the pound-but what is this we hear about her friend of the shore, who has just passed the stage of being pleasingly plump?, This young ladyfs chief hobbies seem to be dancing and playing the piano, both of which she does with -grace and poise. Our class gives you all the wishes for success you can carry. i WYE if 9 is ffrrwif it its Awe . ll ,lj 7,1 Kff' .ix NR ,f W , 3? 'fmjln ,Wi Wg f 3 ,x. I 214 ' 11 lp: lj- lu f 1 5 x f My x fbcvwtfu czghtfl -I fifx Xjf Q Lily-NJJQ 2, Sigh l ' ' . -, ,rj I h 9 we fl e 9i+f' gt f-t r .' 2' fl, X 1 1 . if M i 1 XX X -xx 1 f ,-if M1- E' u as gifsi fe TOUCHSTONE 1 Q- , e . W R. - en f f I I . x , - , DOROTHY I. RILEY 220 Main St., Peckville, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Art Clubg Customs and Manners Club, Bible Study Clubg Y. W. C. A.,- Delegate to Eaglesmere Conference. "Dot" or "Dottie" has a host of friends, and the reason is simply this-she's just a real girl. Your class knows, Dorothy, that your little tots next year, and in the years to come, will like their teacher, Miss Riley. Everyone knows with whom Dorothy rooms for two rea- sons: first, Elizabeth and Dorothy are almost as inseparable as twins, and secondly, we re- member in our Junior .year who got the prize for having the prettiest room. V MARGARET R. ROHRBAUGH Manchester, Pa. 2 years ' Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Bible Study Club, Lutheran Clubg York County Clubg Y. W. C. A. This is the most elusively exclusive member of the Senior class. For weeks we have had a vigilance committee shadowing the actions of this victim of the historian's pen. Not a trace of the desired goods could be found. Margaret's list of activities shows her school spirit. We commend you and trust that you were not one of the persons Whose S. S. was dissolved, literally wash away, during the Junior vs. Senior football game. EVA ROMBERGER Tower City, Pa. ' 2 years t Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs, Art Clubg Customs and Manners Club ,' Bible Study Club ,- ' Girl Reserves: Coal Cracker Club, Stu- 'dent Council, Y. W. C. A.,' Snapper Staff Senior Play, Operettag Committees. Just look at the list of Eva's activities and judge for yourself the type of work that Eva is doing in school. Needless to say, she is always busy but never so much that she neglects her friends. . "Math" seems to be her one big point, but it is by no means the only one. She has perseverance and We feel that With this she will conquer all. Ci -ii X Q W1 x "iff Y X X, Nbr? ,V . 1 1 fin ...U ' f .QM X3 X65 606 fx My V ' me f QB -.N I ' 'lib 'wc . 1 ' ,f'N A 'P 4 A-fl ' it 5 I , X522 vsursfa Cftwjiia Usirnbffri an - Q gi lSeventy-ninej . . ,, ' ef? . 5105, I i I 'Nfl vi . fi s ' ' ' ' . "Q 1 -1 'W Qwix xg.. TOUQHSTQNE 1 f.,i,.l,.y , ' . '- ' zip N ' 25 I s . are 'ffl fy , 1 ,.- - Q I M ., 1 1 IV , X l , Zi A Vw A -44 5 ESTHER H. ROYER l . Ephrata, Pa. f'.5glg., , 2 years 5 Page ,X ll ff Here's one girl we won't introduce, for every- l ly one knows "Es", and "Es" knows everyone. ' It is nice to have this happy-go-lucky girl for Vayf we l a friend toog for, although her mam hobby A , , " seems to be athletics in all shapes and forms, ,tal H. y 7, which she usually takes in double doses, she flpui 1 is quite expert in chasing the blues. Who I. l I could frown while listening to her relate' the 1 'IW , numerous arguments she enjoys over "b1l1s." if Demand the best uESn, fOI' we feel l free, happy spirit of yours will take you far. H GRIACE A. SAYLOR A 418 Reynolds Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 2 years P0196 Grace is the guilty one who has been caus- ing so much dissension in Lancaster's economic circles. Lancaster city's mail clerks are com- plaining bitterly of being over worked. Grace ought to be a pretty good kinder- garten teacher for she has every accomplish- ment with which to entertain the children. They do enjoy seeing her laugh because her nose wiggles so delightfully. Grace should be a history teacher, we all agree, because she is so interested in the study of "State's men." CMARIA ESTHER SAYLOR H . Lime-rick, Pa. , 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Clubg Modern Authors' Club: Bible Study Clubg Girl Reservesg Y. W. C. A.g Touchstone Staff: Commit- teesg Delegate to E. Strousbury Con- ference. . Marial or "Spis" as we all know this clever lass, is one of our prominent debators and because of her great talent in debating was sent to Shippensburg' where she met-and this is why "Sins" is always near at mail time. "Spis" with a glance from her impish blue eyes has won her way into the hearts of all her friends. Then her philosophy of life is backed by psychological reasons-"get the most out of 11fe you can." We are confident that "Spis" will be successful. 0 Cl G45 Q55 ffljf UW . yi JK- M L X131 ij XX EJ X QU ir 'L f -, il K- ,D ' ' ,jf J Of W I X-X CM K. N gf iEfgE3Hkl ' L J l Kumi kj W3- l EMMA S. SCHAMBER . fee 1QQTa',, 1- , X H7 2 fee X-'Q' QW J 'Jonestown Pa V 2 years Normal Ac'r1vmEs: Afrt Club,- Bible Study Clabg Y. W. C. A. -A Complaints about noise are never filed against this quiet lass, for with heart and hand prepared for work she goes about her daily tasks. We must learn to know Emma before we profit'from her kind disposition. Her staunch friends have found that she is the possessor of this trait and Wish her success in her chosen-profession. ' ,ff f,?gf -' X' 'la X-ff' 50 31. TOUC:zggfQNH, j 55E L if M ' M ill f 1 JENNIE SCHRACK Honey Brook, Pa. 2 years Normal ACTIVITIES: Dancing Classy Volley Ball. "Why have you such great big eyes, Jennie?" "All the better to see my text in Technique Class, my dearsf' g , . So that is how you-on theback row estab- lished a reputation at the. beginning of the semester and slumbered during the rest of the term. Jennie is the kindg of girl who could commit murder at Scotland Yard and have all England wondering who did it. All the in- formation which we could get on the life of Jennie can be concentrated in this problem: "Why is Jennie like Napoleon?" Let it be known to whomsoever it may concern that we have no idea what may be the answer. ' MARIETTE SEAMON 1 17 Farnham Ave, Garfield, N. J. . 2 years ' . A Page ACTIVITIES: Girl Resefrvesg Jersey' Clubg Bas- ketball Resefrves. Q We know it is hard for you totake your eyes from Mariette's dark curly locks and her beautiful brown eyes. Those who hear her strumming her Nuke" can easily understand that she has a remarkable sense' of rhythm and a taste'for music. Perhaps her teaching ability willibe used to teach grace and aesthetic dancing since .She has allthe necessary charac- teristics. . 'E ,H , -5 .-. - X Q fl We A 1 f, fs dei sfQtFS'?l'i13f x ' 2f'2o': Kxjff futmjf' QU 3 1 lfE'Lghty onej - lf' A . '95-see In woot I-if Tim .l A f Qu i sf llflf vit Q TOUilSTOIslH Nl"'i ' will fs Rf fn C , ii -'et A f f - N Q Q 4 If f,fi'll Gif-f iw YQ jl'7f'fN-sx X ,l , h mmm T' I 1 f . 'fff f . x K xy XL lr iltlliapl,-,X , 5 sf " x ,,-'f,Q' 1 .3513 my l im IC! :VMI gi n. 3 It Af, y SELMA HELEN sl-IEELER ll' Aly g llllif " 24 S. West St., Shenandoah, Pa. J 3 ll' 2 years Page X 3. l '- 1 ACTIVITIES: Art Clubg Customs and Manners ,X Jgrg Qt Clubg Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Clubg gl X 4 Coal Cracker Clubg Student Councilg Sec- 11,4 retary of Junior Class. lv uzelv came to MXV and has smiled her way in 11 511 pf into the hearts of everyone. All work and no ',-I l 7, play doesn't agree with "Zel" and one of her 2 ml . l chief means of recreation is dancing. She is w il . pl , always full of pep, and can make you laugh l rj lf J too. We know of no one who enjoys "just WW 5 - gvintg? as inuch as "Zel." Whatever you do, fall H on orge us. Ulu HELEN GERTRUDE SHENK 129 Pearl St., Lancaster, Pa. 2 years Page Twinkling of eyes-twinkling of toes, that's "Sparky". Ask this young lady for instruc- tions in the art of dancing. Maybe this accounts for her grace of carriage which few of us can ever hope to attain. Her sunny nature is contagious. She possesses that qual- ity which makes for the spice of lifeg namely, . ' versatility. In addition to this, our "Sparky" is a good student and can be depended upon I when she is needed. May she live long and 4 happily! in the "House That Jack Builds" f for her . it SARAH S. SHERMAN I 216 N. Tenth St., Reading, Pa. 2' years Page ACTIVITIES: Art Clubg Dramatics Clubg Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Club. Sarah, the cynical one! No party is com- plete without Sarah's hearty giggle. She had a great fear of demerits and never broke a rule consciously,-but, Sarah, what about the times you were unconscious? We know Sarah will be a success as a teacher because she likes to teach boys how to dance. Her only Worry is that candy might be fattening. When Sarah has taught her two years she will keep an immaculate home for a certain dentist from Philadelphia. - , g J...- fl s l ' fa' " f fp , N N-'L cf YQ sfj f W fi L fs 1265 Q . fs ' Ag - w L if ' . i X 31 X-fa Klligaailsitfw 7510? Alba an Q v C I AJ fE1ghty-threej l X327 g6'QX..47 -wo N QS-gfitlifsl TX CTU KN N XIX or C 2 , .C , ' 1' g V, 1 as 1: ff' l ji A ' Sgr . ,iq ILL' , W it FRANCES EWING SPENCER , -V l Kelton Pa , . " 1, J 2 years Page 5 . N . I ll 41 P 'IW . ACTIVITIES: Art Club 5 Hockeyg Volley Ball. I Frances is the little light-haired Senior who roomed on Music Hall. Frances is a rather N A lk ' . . -- I 'fl , -- 'CX "'-' l'fTf1:l9g':E , . ff 4 jg s U effgfl 1. I - .. ,f 2 I I ' " K A? TOUCHSTGNEHQQQJS, ,',,Y1?? ,A ,lb ,, MN Z! ' I X tj N ' X K 1 AQ I M ,l ,H X l Cm , LL ' KJLQXK4, J! W! Wt jx, A 1 Q 5' S IX' X , f ' f fl Q If fi. r,wf1 I 1' I I -.-- I , Oxy , 11 l l N' y g ll Af f ' fu I l I ' , . xxx :KW N' l A . Zell l e ' Z 7 i ll a quiet girl. That is why not very many of us learned to know her. But those who have not made her acquaintance have missed, quite a bit because she is one of the! best friends a person can have. Don't think that Frances can't talk, because she can, but since it pays to keep quiet sometimes, we are all certain that Frances will not get into any trouble by speak- ing at the wrong moment. JOSEPHINE A. STANULONIS 338 W. Lloyd St., Shenandoah, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club g Customs and Manners Clubg Girl Reserves, Home Nursing Club 5 Y. W. C. A. J oe" believes it is good policy to get all the joy that one possibly can out of life. This finding joy has somehow become a hobby with "Joe" and she radiates happiness. Naturally athletic "Joe" shows a promising future in this line, and as for dancing-well, go over to the "gym" any Friday night or at any dance and you'll see this graceful figure gliding about. We all love "good sports", "Joe", and Life- well it appreciates them too! H VERA ADELE STAPLES Hampton, N. J. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Music Appreciation Clubg Girl Reservesg Jersey Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Touchstone Staff. 'Small in stature with corresponding dainty features, we see Vera flit here, there, and everywhere about her work and play. Her personality is the one quality which is not in proportion to the others and it is through this that she gains her friends. A faithful foot- ball fan, an artist, and a graceful dancer-no wonder Millersville felt her loss in -February. May the best wishes of the Class of '28 follow her where'er she may venture. li A I, 'b ll ., flnyl. IJ. I lyk Wx s E 4 ff N a- Zn 42, Q "1 6 g xy f eawtm wSafZStfTrfiDQjM2QwwaTi .col all . ,.l,f -A luggvfgg L XA! I lliiyhfy-Jivel lf l -. f . 9: W wee - X. x'5iD9r.3ififNwfff iiffq w. .I f .l9 eff.- f Q M A 'P Q49 A em - Glyn ' W 1: fm - TCUCHCTGNE -. ,sf ,IWW 'X 1 A fi 1' 1, uqaa, -vrfffl fL.5lg?" i',NfQf'ff' ir--.-E.- l Z x, ."f2mm 1 ' ' Xx2ESmfiCv.'.-- fxfTbQcki,5XQS,gIL4Yf 4:,b,f43N,, :NW y . aff A 35lfAfr7,,f if VL ' 1l!,?,'if3 ll ly 5-f ROGER P. SULLIVAN 'Ill V l X 804 Manor St., Lancaster, Pa. f 3 years page I 'P f X - ACTIVITIES: Basketballg Footballg Baseballg ,fwg fl " Committees. QS N lf' if "Sully" ranks as the most consistent fol- fgfgll lower of athletics in the Class of 1928. In ml' l truth, this lanky youth can be found wherever . 'lfjjj there is plenty of fresh 'air and elbow room. U '- " How's that? Oh yes, Roger is decidedly popu- l 1,41 n lar with the girls. Any member of the Room X p Nr' .Ll y R crowd can tell you that. Then, too, this l L.. V chap never appears to have the slightest Kill A' worry. Even Psychology failed to baffle his fmljk, defence. And if he can keep that trait many 'S l 7 a barrier will fall that might other wise have been insurmountable. LAURA MAY TROUTMAN Valley View, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Art Club, Bible Study Clubg Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Club. Laura is known not only by our Normal students, and they find her usually where there is a "feed", but also by the Training School children. A little boy proved this fact one day by informing Laura, when she was writing her name on an observational slip, that he already knew it. When Laura looked puzzled he said, "It's Laura." We hope, Laura, that in all future teaching your pupils will be as much interested in you. MARGARET E. VILLEE 621 N. Pine St., Lancaster, Pa. 3 years P0196 ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubs 5 Chapel Choirg Modern Authors' Clubg Touchstone Stafg May Day Fete. She is tall, she is stately, she is very well liked by all who know her. Who is she? Why, she is "our own Peggy." To find a person better informed than "Peg" about Literature, from Chaucer down to the latest present- day writer, is a hard thing to do. She .made a wise choice when 'she selected the librarian course. Some day "Peg" is going to -make the Class of '28 famous when she begins to write. Don't forget, "Peg", we all want an auto- graphed copy of one of your books. ,. Cl 6+ f lil 3 Q - ,fi A fit? U fs Q X. new ' "L, ' -- XJ E U Aff X' ' 'fx p"Q D iff 'I' 1 - Z-R ,- A tranquil aryl 3315115 fl W tj l:E"lghflQZj-S9'U6'l'L:I ,J ' l . 9 as oo I' isafsfvsfsyd - f , - F- s 'sl ' v A ll' Q -IN Aj r., W' Q ff - A i ,U L, H-. fl ,,,. ix f :lf is 5- 'J-,Y ' 1 V R I l' '- iv-ef-57 lf' 1 I ' M V QU 1 , . mw1f '9?5,,, - .3Q3zs-fefblfff fgillffsv-ll-, M Vf ' 'X . 4' -Q w I A vc ff 4-5. ' Q- 1, 1, 'f 'A,f ,lf ffm" J 235 Nw M523 "yi W ,W ll lm ll ,553 ll :V ,.. X l XV f .t f C ! il I twill W, 'J t ,fl ntl . lg' X ymynn S L, I 11' 'U 'Q f-up 0 --f f' f TOUCHSTONE f ' way , , JU T I. , f 771 BELVIA MAE WAGONER ! I Quarryville, Pa. 2 'years Page ACTIVITIES: Gag 0zubS,- All Club, Bible Sway 'yi Club, Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Clubg Junior Play. One's first impression of this girl 1 that she is quiet and serious, but first im- iplgvfl pressions are not always lasting. .How long lwma she will follow the teaching profession we can- f not tell because there is a certain impulse lf, K which draws her to- the mail box about twice a week for certain letters bearing the post- P mark of a town in the state of Virginia. How ' ggi about it, Belvia? GRACE MARY WALKER - 156 William St., Pittston, Pa. 3 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Art Clubg Customs and Manners: Clubg Hiking Clubg Home Nursing Club, Coal Cracker Club. Mary Grace Williams Walker is one of the bright lights at MXV. She's: full of pep every- where and especially at our games. She's an ardent Coal Cracker and proud of it, too. Her Training School work?-A-Number One. She belongs to , that' very select class-teacher librarians-and shows her sunny disposition inside and outside of class. Keep that up, "Walker", and '28 is sure of your success. I ANNA S. ,WARFEL ' Quarryville, Pa. 2 'years A Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Art Club, Modern Authors' Clubg Bible Study Clubg Girl Reservesg Home Nursing Clubg Student Councilg Y. W. C. A., Hockey g Valley Ball. Though."Ann?' has been with us but one .winter she has made her strong personality felt in many ways. She is very active, and a splendid mixer, but she has the most unconh trollable laugh. No matter how hard she tries, it persists in breaking out at the most unex- pected moments. We belieye "Ann" could laugh on the eve of final examinations. The ::JCi01'I1'l,SH would have been dull without you, . nn. ,S O, fr fi i C A D y Q , p L i Q 43 wi slsllPmi.SVXlffrSwrlVlrf?i ef in X4 'A wat 4: 6' Q 1 ' T' A xv ' ,K r-- il l f I X' ,1 L f My will I' ' use from Wh 64 X K,,,1,'Peeeee1esk,..f Q, ' ,X N, J.. .I ,S I I4 XV' EF'lUl2.fQl1-0291211 - ' 6 ' 7 Qi b ' ll . I I oO f2 l K Ad m X F9 fKX'9cfmil1Q U ?k 0 ID 1928 S V Q VCV! X C As , n f Zffqn i " J' 'ii K A g .gh a Q this if OUCHSTGIXIE ' l I X311-.ef my ' ' ,. Ziyyivm .1 f 'l lip - - f K 4 ,' .f , fef , E, . ,Y ' I, U " - 'f ' dl '-I Q LS, Iwljxqf-Z ' Jffff 'H !f1'A,'.,' sr - X- safe ar. v , ', ff My Wa l'Nz Milf REBEKAH H. WARFEL W ,QR lk Safe Harbor' R' D- 1, PH. X V ,473 ,f 2 years f Nom 1 , Ill N Mg f This girl i522 proof of the statement "Th AJ " 7 j f always come back for more." Aft , elf I if 7 4344 ing from theg Manor Township Hlzghglrglqgllloanl N A Q1 she left us to :attend another school. But this Q 1 Z year, finding Millersville was a good place, she 97" lla if N jg, Came ba-Ck and enrolled as a Senior in our at ll fl 1 Normal. .Rebekah IS one of those persons who t LI, 'E f believes in bemg seen and not heard. She fr N I makes up for her silence in class recitations, l '." R , however. Call again, Rebekah! ML Q 0 ALICE WEAVER Ronks, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: May Day Feteg Basketball. When you speak of half-pints you're not referring to "Petie" for she's only a half-gill. Once "Petie" had a date with a man six feet tall but it hurt his back to say good-night so she had to pick some one her size. She even had the nerve to play side-center on the bas- ketball squad and right in the middle of a hot practice we had to stop and hunt "Petie." You had better find Alice in Wonderland's secret for growing taller. ESTHER B. WEBER Lititz, Pa. 2 yeafrs P 0190 ACTIVITIES: Modern Authors' Club, Rural Club, Student Council, Snapper Staff, Touchstone Staff, Cormnzttees. "Teddie" is a most unusual girl. We find so many ideal qualities in her that we are in- tensely proud of her. 1-Ier personality' 1S charming and her mental powers are amazing. Poetry flows from her pen like magic, and. We sit spellbound to hear her unfold her philos- ophy of life and discoveries in psychology. Really, it's quite rare to find a girl so sen- sible, so discreet, so clever, so appreciatlve of the best in life as is our "Ted." ff' -A J l g54...i'1 uv? ft L r f ei ' an Q . L fx J ef! mfwvx Qstigiwhlij-TSISX73--e.f52flr ? b 9 z X ! af? If f ff Y Agfa. W f f X also rv X f ff Sim ' li jf f ,XJ L x 5,5-1 5 ef, X y I: ,r X V oo ' Q fi n l ksrifllf-xl 'D q N I L , 'H .,., - ' E '-,, S- v-.Qs r H+' + V, J, X . E f :. xigg-:jr l A,-v'2yT .X 1,-L .ffl f, 3... '- f f L21zLX'922gju3?'lfljf1QlpQQg,L ,Tiff It Il l ll A sf ' 'E HY: 'filllllff FLORENCE A. WILL Ill' 'lil I ll H' ili1'.lifi 7" Ephrata Pa WERTH ll fs! I W xx - 9 . ' 2 yeqfrs Page ' X Thls fair, young lass comes to us from I ,AQ f Ephrata I-Iigh School. She has always been Piixilp-'H X very studious, hence final examinations never Nl 'J A worry her. I . , N , Florence isnvery good-natured and sociable 'Ml' f Z but the opposite sex never seemed to be an at- I ' YT. . lg traction to her, however it is needless to say .Hill 'll l that many fell victims to her charms. A ' H-lg I Q She has spent three, summer terms at M. S. I ill 1 N. S. and has successfully .taught 9, rural I 1. F- ' school for one year in addition to being suc- lgll if L, cessful 1n the Model School. 3 A . llfgql S. G. ELEANOR WILSON y 133 Pearl St., Lancaster, Pa. 3 years 1. I l Page ACTIVITIES: Art Club g May Day Feteg Snap- . per Stafg Touchstone Staff, Basketball, Hockey. ' . "What ho! just another athlete! Come up, ye braves, and dare compete, A child in mind., 'tom-boy' lshe's called, I With a little -more hair cut, she'd surely be bald." ' ' I y Eleanor is the last of the three funnies- Funny Peculiar, Funny Pathetic, and Funny Ha-Ha, and the bigger the Ha-Ha the better. , Did you ever ,hear a dog 'cough on a cold morn- ing? Well, that's the way Eleanor coughs, whether she has a cold or not. In the future, if you ever go to the Olympics, look for Eleanor. She'll surely bel a competitor. , ELIZABETH ELEANOR WILSON Mifflintown, Pa. 2 years Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubsg Music Appreciation Clubg Customs and Manners Club, Bzble Study Club, Y. W. C. A., Operetta- Elizabeth is one of these quiet studious girls. She is the kind who always has that excel?- tionally hard assignment worked out or has found the apparently last reference book In the library. She is always willing to lend a help' ing hand. Whenever one.meets her 111 the halls she has a ready smile and a cheerful word. We know she will be a huge' Success as a school "marm." L....- fs fi gig I . N X il Q35 H or .5 L so f' l V 1 hee- X ' I . M L. X g L. , 13 , .I . .s9fQlmls.1isT?:fI.SV,il.....f9i'ff"1llA' 552.1 If or fl If A fNinety-onefl Xxnf' v llllllg, I ll fi , Q - ,411 E jggfbf-M Q5 i q filwglil im W s X 1 1""' Q :INV C 11 Nh ' QW , -sf X ,J HQTGNE . 1-gf . .. V M :iw f ' ' Q ef . If ,sy 'X iafflwf- f ' pfi.'fI,f'e1,-F, I ISI, flfifjlizr V 1. A ,, ww- 51 EDNA WISE I 1 lil" 2 years Page Mi , V xx I. x ' - , .. . 1 . i 5 . Qulet and unassumin , d ' t I, IS .the character sketchgonglgihingtigfguig 3 I Q this classmate. We do not know if a "Prince vi ' E., N I 4 ?lIarl311ng has. yet captured the heart of this I' A! ii . f dalr - angel kwith the brown curly hair and W"-,D I 1 y 311011182 I 30 fiYeS,.bl1t we. do know that such I . if A - I - a charming miss w1ll-attam success not only ' If V .. In her chosen profession but in the realm of iff Q society as Well. ji MARIAN A. WOLF Stewartstown, Pa. 2 ZJGIWS A Page ACTIVITIES: Glee Clubg Art Clubg Girl Re- serves 5 Home Nursing Clubg Operetta. Don't look at this blonde-haired young lady too intently, for she is ,very apt to laugh. It is one of her characteristics which she simply cannot hide and we don't Want her to try. "Woliie" is a realvulaugh dispenser" making merry wherever she goes, brightening those who have fallen into a melancholy mood. We take our hats off to "Wolfie", the chaser of gloom! GRAYBILL L. YOUNG Lititz, Pa. 2 years ' P1190 ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Clubg Y. M. C. A. g Senior Playg Committees. . Don't push, girls! You may all copy 1115 address, but no interviews today! Ah YGE, such has always been the demand for thls popular member of our class. No ed1t1on'of "The Snapper" was complete w1thout.some choice morsel from Graybill's pen or Wlthout a picture that included him in some forbidden snapping pose. Graybill is the sort of a per- son Who doesn't do things by halves. He 11VeS out the "Do it right or not at all" theory- K? ,- f .A Q 5 A ,y1ey2l'VK?31 ,f ie , mr sqm ,rw Kwlszsiamifiin Ki3...e.y-...eei l i xx I I x J W KW ep mx' X v f A, A A-. .. gg5sQ, ,V r X ' Oo f- f- are I ff ' X "' Q9 6 'NQ R s 0. . J .. '4 0 1 X X Ex , is e e ff. l.. i X 'Ns X .il P 4M I. - B' G Y A I Q X. X-xl Wgflafy, . f DJ I N x x x -,Q N, fi fl rl , iff - Law , 4 4 M ' if x 1 . is ff! . il, I I ! ' 7 l R i V GEORGE H. SCHRECK BEATRICE SINGER 558 S. Lime St., Lancaster, Penna. Kinzer, Penna. J, years B. S. in Education Normal 4 years B. S. in Education Normal Mr. Schreck is one of those to receive To Miss Singer belongs the honor of one of the first degrees granted by this being the first oi tame faig sena todobtain institution. a degree from . . T. . ra uating He as an alumnus of Millersville Nor- from SfeVen5,Hi2?1 SCl1i'fl1g1LancaSteg ill mal returned in September, 1927, to com- 1923, MISS, lmgell, emo hem as 3 Stu en plete the requirements for a degree, hav- in Mluersvllef ti? mg a t 5ie'yli9'r fgoursfg ing graduated in 1926. George special- and graduatlnggiln t it enl ggi ized in English, History, and Mathe- for a year ans 9' 1 9' Dal alfre 'Q mira: matics during the four years he spent at Warez anF it my1ni'628e iwaile' 1eA1ma school. His foresight and progressive- Hg mt e ruin? Q hl, dig eil' Miss ness are aptly demonstrated by the fact ,ater 9 WET f 11 hi f lgr niet and that he was one of the first to seize the Smgfer 15 Cdefr E 1- illhlgbgst Wishes opportunity of possible higher certifica- Sgudlflousfhanl 0 61 g tion. He goes forth as one of an entirely 0 t 9 SC 00 ' ' new product, of his Alma Mater. The class and school join in wishing him, suc- cess in his life Work. ' 4 X . 'X E 'Q ' ff W yy 1 f-x 5,1 1 .'p 'vf Z5 . F 'tllfs 7' ll ' E' L krjlwfxfftjfr' f X DQ- -- hrvgs-fri H mfyillff ,fir -'49 all H .391 5. fp , V j dmf rftlu ' Q J ' fNinety-jivzej U- "' lx ' - ' ,. S, 1 ' -.-L J I", -- f' "f" --'TK--, ' AQ.-fr A ef-'T , by ' N-, .Q ' f Ks GU i Q il Elf? v If X, B If H ,gl Q M 'J' L37-K' l , :A ' ,, , , ' Q iff-'3-'L' f 'J 1"7 441' , x A 'I ' Nr? 'lf' 7' A -AJ 1' If ff' Y !' ' ' X, .Ll L, K! LEW!!! ,Wm lf-, ff I - , Z W' 9 MWAWM g b jj I92 XO' EQQ5., 'fy .J M l ' l W , QJ?ffz'ddler 7 C 14155 K 5 x,lf, ul 1 COLORS FLOWER Navy and Silver Yellow Rose J In ll lvl' ff Fifi I '1 MOTTO f Ad castla numen lumen I Semester P1 eszdcnt CASPER KREIDER Vice Preszdent DOROTHY E ADAMS Semetcwy HFLENM KELLER Toeasurez STANFORD OFFNER Adams Dorothy Benedlct Paul1ne Blake Dorothy Carper Ruth K DeLong Margaret Frantz Edna Grayb1ll Margaret Guthr1e Mary E Kauffman Ethel Keller Helen M1ller Alma M1ller Ruth M Nace Naome N R1chart Mary Sutton Nelda Stohler Mae Webber Alma C Wllllams Els1e Wltmer Nma F Worth Alberta Oyfic ev S II Semestel P7 eszdent HENRY KAUFFMAN Vzce P1 eszdent EARL MAST Sem etcwy HELEN M KELLER Treasm eo STANFORD OFFNER CLASS ROLL Althouse James S Bertzfield Robelt Harsh Samuel Hartman Halold Hamm W1lson Jocken Henry Kauffman Hen1y Khnedmst Paul E K1e1der C Caspel Mast J Earl Montgomely James Olfner Stanford P1nke1ton NRIISOI1 H Roehm Albelt D Rudv Hally E Shoffstall James Stauffel GQOIOG F Weax 91 Benjamm Weston W1ll1am C2-l X666 gif J f" XX 7 f W ji glfht X XQWP flag!! Wir ! tb' f UN mety sevenzl 1 n' fl lg! j Q only , . I J . 1 A' ' , 1 " ' 1 .7 ' 7 ' . 7 7 4 7 - 7 7 ' 73 1 ., . , , 7 . 7 ' . ' . ' A . , . l 7 ' 7 A 7 ' 0 7 7 ' . , . . 1 l 7 ' . ' . , a 1 7 A ' . , . , . A . , U , .. . , 1 7 1- , . 7 .D . ' . i 7 ' 7 1' . . . , . a ! 7 'N ' . ,. M x Q f 7 ll Y db Q cfs- Yfazjfw A . fx - 2-fm ' , FMS ! 'fl is Ol' 5 I 4 xy A ' - ff if Tooclilsromi SD af S ' M ' 1 at in 9 umm' 15155 , 1 l x XX.. Sf .fi b A ,-. A X lf? 1 9 XX-lx ooooiyw ' ,T A 'SER xx buf y Jqdrr V Nh G lf- .., A Y I I Q P' , . f J - x x w 4 1- 1, 9 I W A X x A 4 lx 'AN Wx A xn','7,X A gf , , "9 'ff ln 1 X X "' x Q f ' ' j j gl 'I' ,N 'X N fvf 014' ',f, l l 410 A A A le f f T gl I NA x, 1""',f I, ! EXW NA, 'i I ff 1 W ,, X A Q ' N qxfya I r WA ' ' C r H11 XR COLORS ' FLQWER Blue and Gold Yellow Tea Rose I Semester P76S'Ld6'I'L?f EDWARD C KRAFT V100 Pfreszdemf SARA WISE Secfretcwy ANNA THOMAS Treasmefr LUTHER SHADEL Anderson Helen Aptekal Ethel Aument Velma Bender Helen B Benald Blanche Beyel Frances Blttle Grace L Blake Em1ly Bortner, Maly A Bowman Geneva May Boyer Edna I Brenneman L1l11e Blown Rachel E Blown, Jean Brubaker Naom1 C Bulns, Flolence Butler, Lena Caldwell, Cathellne Oyiicevs II Semester Pwsvdent EDWARD C KRAFT Vzce P1 eszclent ROBERT WILLIAMEE Secretary ANNA THOMAS JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Cale Ruth Clalk Lena Costello, Kathlyn Delhnger Thelma M Denlson, Emma Denhngel Kath1yn Drennen Llnda I Drlver Ruby Dyen Mauan V Eby Luclle A Ehalty Nell1e Ma1ga1et Em11ch Ehza Eshleman D01 othy Fauth Maly Irene F1nk AIX elta E F1Sh81 J osephme Fleeboln Ehzabeth Fley Helen M fi RNA X .f- Treasm C7 LUTHER SHADEL Gaughan Malgalct GIDSOH Cathel me Good M1ld1ed G1aham Josephme Grat er M1ldred I Gnffith Catheune Grlffith Maly Elwabeth Guflith Nell1e M Gloss Dorothy HGIHS Sarah J Hamm Ellzabcth Halt Evelyn B Ha1tman Flolence Ha1tman Madellne Hawkms Mzugalet Hen Kathryn Hlldenbland Rhea HIVC Dolothy ,, 4 be A 424 wfxlib '6YJW'ff'Z 2ff og fyiwmtifl' Ky 5 ff 411 fNmety nmefl GLASS W L f . J 1. EA, ,L K! K an If I E U A - T339 f . . - , . -' . Q lr ,- .. .. ..' 'I -' I . .. , . - Q Y, . . 4. .- . O , n 9 3 , 'A FJ A , . A ll . . - r ' ' . A Wx M Y Y .. ,- M , . . .- f 'EW + ' , . - T A 'MV' - , . " , - . ' ' , H -o . Q- I l .- ' xxx, wx ' 1 4 . . A X Ns j QQ XXX W , - ' . V - ,z . Q' --I-. . , 1 f--a. Q I E . ' I I fl 'six I ., 1 ea' ' ' A l In ,Z -4 . 'n y v w l a " E .. A j - - 4 .n ' a a ' ' v -: 4 4 -.. ". -4 I. " " e Q '- . .. . - Y 5 , , . ' 5 I ' . A . . : ' - A' . . T F , . Af Q 1 . -A X-, 'xx qfsxixgx- ,,, f f --.,.,J'1 fx LG v f R f ffyf A fl f, X LI ff ip 'fa f fQf2 , gk f X A ' 1 eff , , zz Q VX ,, ' X ' -4 Tiff 1 ' A , If ff N X 14,4126 X ! ,1 Q Wm! H ' P7 A A .,... X A Ax 2 V ' ' Qf A mf .i Kb ' WHHIZHIIOH Q Q Q - 1! I fgf 9 mm .S KQQP ever g Q X 11 Theanrllkees.-Cf155Iu5 Q Julius Caesar, -1 as ..,. - H , T Q i Us ' UCI-SQQNE QDWW, My U .i.:yx. in ,Zv i N' My ! Id ii' M' i O "il . I , 4 " g g f o x' f M' M sw Q1 x , x N rx I -J.1- F W , ' ' ii b ij X i X Y ! W 5 M y ormazl Sorzety Ofirem' I . First Term Second Term President ............,........ ......... C lyde Mussehnan George Sfuauffer Vice-President ............ ......... A . N. Towsen Stanley Offner Secretary ................ ......... R uth Huff Mary Maze Treasurer .....,.... ..,...... B enjamin Weaver Benjamin Weaver Critic ......,....,.,,. ......... M argaret Haas Lyndon Hess Third Term President ....,................ ....i 1 ...............A....-.. J 2tH16S Daggett Vice-President ............ ......... S 'C6W211'13 Stuffle Secretayy ,,-.,.,,,,,-A,, ,,,,,.,., 1X Targaret Hawkins Tyeasuygy' ------.-,. ,,,,,,,,. B G1'1j2LI1'1i11 Weaver Critic ,,-.,,.-,,.,,-A, ,,.,4.,, , Lyndon Hess 'QE X I fx if AX wgxfzw r H, N 6 :11 my K Q vibe '1VY6QA'x 0 'Qjlflifx - Q2 D 'jq Kg! IOne Hunclred Threej m Lf 1 fx., J al X K , 4 I 'fi , ,, .A .41 fl fp 1 4 f , V 1 if , 1 V, 1 f Nl vN,. ' Q , 1 i F39 if 7 wif 'i ii 1 1 4 if H S' 31 ,AE 'f x' QW Rx -Q's lk 5. I .xx TOUC:-122-01815 "' 9 'Z f T1 'W 22 CL 'f' A ff, 1- , .. j,. ' 0 P KJV? 1 ,f Page Soczety IR I A 'm 54 1 X C2 Ui' I : ff l , 1, Ex" FOUNDED-DECEMBER STH, 1855 '- Morro I ' COLORS Rich in Truth N Blue and Gold - SEVENTY-THIRD ANNIVERSARY FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 18, 1928 PROGRAM Sdections .,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,...,,,,,,,, ,.............................................. 1 ..................................... O RCHESTRA A P1-egidenifs Address .............. ........... P ROF. WAYNE R. PARMER Music-Piano Solo Q Reading Music-Vocal Solo ............ ............A........... P ROF. H. L. BLAND Honorary Address ............ ............. J OHN DENNIS MAI-IONEY Music--Violin Solo Seleotion .......................,...... ......................................,. O RCHESTRA ' ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE HILDA MOORE, '28 ESTHER LENHARDT, '10 PAULINE BENEDICT, '29 MARIAN BIEMESDERFER, '21 JAMES SHOEFSTALL, '29 S. B. STAYER, '13 S. P. MCCOMSEY, '13, CI1,a,irfma'n , KST 7... h X 'P E fufx x ':' I AQWXIJ 1 ,fi C36 QQQQEHAHSISEEAEVJAN-5656 'E fifwofalbiffffgm - S: ' LONE Hrmzflrcd F0'2l.T:l 51 5 'J , I. X PCQK-3"if-sfmr Tl ,Q I ,44 df ' Q 'U I Q f viz B315 TOUCHSTONWJK for XX- me hw y 1928 El W f ,. l . , , if-f . T ll fl 1 F , Q". f , .V xfj' 1 I J' '9 X. IWWFBQ, N . f Ylyidi. -f-f' 'lg , X I KB P1 esldent VICE Presldent Secretary Treasurer Cr1t1c Tazge Society Uffieery Fwst T erm James Shoffstall R00 er Sulhvan H11da lVIoore Helen Keller Clalr Lentz Second Tevm Paul Ful low W1lS011 Hamme Romayne Jeifl ey Helen Kellel Charles M1ller Presldent Caspel K191d81 V169 Presld nt lsa1ah W1Ht61S Secretary H1lda Moore Treasurer Helen Keller Cr1t1c Anna Thomas f l X A Gi f Baez fx 2 gf fOne H undred Fwej l Q' 'H :K X g . 1 wx T1 X H l Z! ' ,fglyi lf H. 'IW 2 W6 l K2 ll T T 1 2 5 ..........................................v........... 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HELEN FERGUSON TI'ecIswev': DOROTHY RILEY BEATRICE INIILLER CATHERINE PRICE MARIA SAYLOR ELIZABETH BRONO DOROTHY RENGIER RUTH KNISELY ELDA' MILLER RUTH LONG ,. 2 'rvwn W N, I , -1-,fi ' ,. 7 f 4 z - . N. . ,----E .-I --:. - . A , Mx, 1:1 A fff-f f ' -1. In --A ' ff: TIA ,, A I 1 ,L f fifk, T gy vjxw A-:jf ff. HJ Q IAASEXEI ,411 'J X67 fin-f fs ,QI 5 'J , fxx-,rx-J I !4f' lj ,-. ,., V- my .: '-'Y I if f J--' W,-P lf. If- mf" 'I'-Mg-J -5 I I if . ' ' 77f'fI:? ,ff M,'.fj'f, ' I N F X X . JJ. , ! ,kk .. 4 , , I ,K Y fx, A, I A ff 14, I,A. f,-. Q ' 1: ff, n- I - - ,.- -1+ - 'T' Ik !j,G,f Vg X fx iv, Q !,jIJ,g-Nxffi F! I -E-xv - X-1-'ZX kg-Zfxf' Xi . ..A IL , , ' .,-13, ' 'ri J 1f A - ,Ef , - f ' Az, j,,HN4f L. ,Lx .A Y.: 2 VM ,V .EV ,F X f X 7 x - --,y ff If 'ffff ff .ff .z - ff Qfyjfg f 'I fOne Hzmclred Nmej -ff' I-'t , -1. fy .X 5,4 X 'S -, Abiluh 11+ :" -S1Sf+fF" ' TFQSSA V9 Uf9?Q3l S ! ' A I .KN I, " 1111 li ' ,Qz":fJ,fzw1,AfRA "Q'1'+a?if' ' Y ' ' Simian! Council for S U6'01Z!f Swfzcffw' MFMW' HW! G3 '51 W A 1 Eff? OFFICERS A S , 1 , x ga Y 4 f 2 N gil J I P'residevzt.' HILDA MOORE Vzce-PAresz'dent.- ROMAYNE JEFFERY S6C7'6fJCL'l'2j.' ANNA VVARFEL A 1 ., TfI'GfLS'IL'7'6I'.' ESTHER JENKINS i , ' I X 1 AM' COUNCILLORS Q MARTHA PEARSON ETHEL RESSER DOROTHY STOUT ANNE THOMAS SARA VVISE JULE FRANCIS JOSEPHINE GRAHAM BEATRICE HIVELY HELEN KELLER MARGARET MELEGH : . f' 'NX C-A ' 5 R K !f'7'Kl',fjfE: ,A- gx Q f'fJNfJf5f1Rfb-f2. 1, , ,fffi ff' -L,,fl'ffA' A 'Z V xi.-xdf XJ ffe QKJ' , el-xX1 rg "',' 'gg-QXQ fix F RQ Q XXX .gl kiX'Lfg-lx ' f me y X X1 X .35 in AfmJ'5,,fQ:-x-SLX jxx X'f.f.,'-,L,.f,j,77!. ' x,.Nf+'i-I si? fr- A-' '- A A n ' - Sv A -Al S ,4 ' f --- f wfx "HL fi? OfL,fR w wi y' f W L7 ff."f""xl P H' xx X 9 " I A 51,34 1 f 1' Nl.ff 1. ' 1 X . g . f, A f f Rig 5 XQ f 117, I,, M, , df. 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FACULTY ADVISORS im in LUCILE WVILCOX 15319 l f J AGNES FOSTER li N-ljlff l L Ilene CABINET Pre.siden.t.i BEATRICE MILLER Sect:-etwry: HARRIET HIVELY Vzce-President: BESSIE WEAVER To'easu're1': NAOMI NACE NELLIE EHART ALICE HALL MARGARET HAAS EDNA KISER AGNES RAMSEY MEMBERS Dorothy Adams Helen Anderson Sara Atkins Vilma Aument Esther Baldwin Jessie Barnett Frances Beyers Mildred Bogart Thelma Bollinger Emily Blake Rachel Brown Elsie Buckwalter Ida Mae Cooper Edna Cutler Louise Davis Nellie Ehart Elliza Emrich Ruth Fox Mildred Grauer Elizabeth Griffith Evelyn Grove Margaret Haas Sarah Heins Alice Hall Margaret Hawkins Matilda Hills Beatrice Hively Harriet Hively rs wwf EX Dorothy Hoffman Lillian Howell Ethel Hughes Emma Jackson - Lelia Jackson Esther Jenkins Ethel Kauffman Verna Kehres Mae Keidel Mary Kelly Marie Kilburn Lauretta Kirk Edna Kiser Helen M. Kurtz Augustina Lebo Martha Mack Edna McCue Emma McLane Margaret Melegh Beatricel Miller Ruth Miller Genevieve Morris Naomi Nace Gertrude Orr Agnes Ramsey Eva Rombergcr Pauline Ruff Maria Saylor CI C y V K ff Q Q 'X f 0 yi ' fx 'W me VN if A53 -Z 3' f ef i lfQuvsfjjQLSVf?1Q5f'52 E529 ., Q 2 gist M 1 Helen Secders Selma Sheeler Sara Sherman Anna Spaneth Lena Spaneth Kathryn Speck Josephine Stanulonis Vera Staples Eleanor Sterling Mae Stohler Minerva Sweigart Madeline Taggart Laura Troutman Belvia Wagner Florence Walter Sadie VValter Anna Warfel Bessie NVeaver Kathryn Weaver Kathryn Weinhold Ola Welsh Anna XVise Edna Wise Sara XVise Luella lVitmer Alverta YVorth Olive Yoder , fX L2 Jilrlkxjp fxfkffffi em fO1ze Hundred Tlzirteenj 'rp 126 A 1 S ! 1 e ' : i w 3 5 l . . 2 Y ' 5 Q : x . 2 I 9 I V 5 I , X 3 1 I 3 C hx . n 5. 1-000 - I. ci'if'7"ilQ Effie, , . N 4' UQ 5 TOLJQEETONE W i M141 J Q95 FN Gvfff f f T 1 PJ was was Ink? -1- VJLI, It I W. 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Helen mlt Elizabeth Brong Lauretta Kirk Anna Spannuth Rachel Brown Gladys Kleindinst N ' B b k Ruth Knisely , fa i ' EZQIBUZEWZIFSQI- Augustma Lebo Eleangjg Sailing Ida Mae Cooper Ruth .LONE Magth Ostel. .is Louise Davis Romaine Luclkenbaugh Mxemfjlva Slxggart Linda Drennen Martha Mac. , ..-H Mildred Ebersole Anna Martin Katli1yn.Te111 Eliza Emrich Ruth Mast Eaufa Tafscgfgggan Martha Fisher 'Emu ggfecglfifllglfigin Bgfvgglwagnel. Elith bFi?lii Freeborn Elililag Miller N ' Bertha Wiiltii' I iza e . I - 1- Josephine Graham Mai-tha.M1lle1 Efggnsgarfil e Mildred Gralier Rut1Q.fMfH1iii11eI- Bessie NVeaver Elizabeth.Gr1fHth Eaziiig-CMil1S Iiilda Weiss Ee1hEhG1amth Helen Morgan ma Weigh 01'0 Y T055 . . Laoie X ite Evelyn Grove Edna.-MVQIS Elsie Williams Sarah Heins Naoml N306 Elizabeth Mfilson Alice Hall Ruth Oakes Anna Wise Evelyn Hammer Geliisliudepgggqon Sam 'ufise Evelyn Hart Malgll-QP uock Edna Xvige Madeline Hartman Luci Q. OPNCG Luella yrritmel. M2L1'2fl1'Ct Hawkins Cat.?11.nE Rancli Alberta lVorth Virginia Herbst Mglgiue . Olive Yoder . . Mmnie Rachel Beatrice Hively ' as K fir. . ' F f- RJ 65 59 6 A A 1 .9 as I tfQwI3!3Qf,1',IlS5CQf5 fgilj Z-T T,Z31iQj1ryfNQjff'I an fOne Hundred Fifteenj X f , A lg L- If ll J .epapg X, A0 f x X W .f- it I ,V , 4 lr 4 'Vi C IV A 94121, L--f qrl, ,. - , l . I V I in E, V fiQi1j,+f5lli?3' lf!!-5,55-W "Ax 1 I lf' 4 f X :rx ' W' --f 'T-',,: , , -E , K if '-" i 5 7- ' ' fi, I ' ff f If , f" ' fy , ,fi--Q J' '- .ir ,I ,U,f!,x'l-Qlsg- jfiyr-se-.NN 7 52 kjfg Y -fe , , ,L j fuflf' Q 7 - .gf X We rsf:1lgS3:L!Xs14Lg'.ff+i4r'f?z1i2"l" A" R'ifrebllf-IQii1,l'i::"1..lUf I I ' 5 llllylfif 5,203 a on -so b A , q .I iihgfrf 'Cl' ' " !""'! fl I lf-!fVi'l it 'A xiii if lyla A ,f York County Club lzxyff, I gy, y OFFICERS f55+L'f'9lfQ President.- ISAIAH J. WINTEES Secretcw'y.- LEONA DEHOFF llll '- X . . ' 1 .5f4j5q57W' Vzce-Po'eszdeint.' HARRIET HIVELY Trectsurc9'.' IVAN MORRIS ' , MEMBERS iQ A Helen Anderson Martha Fisher Esther Jenkins Gertrude Orr , Sara Atkins Helen Frey Anna Kaufman Lelia Reed lil lllljl, Jessie Barnett Florence Geiselman Henry Kauffman Grace Beever I Qll?lff1 Sylvia Barton Mary Griffith Helen Keller Margaret Rohrbaugh Beatrice Blouse Nellie Griffith Mary Kelly Sarah Ruclisill Qzllll ll' Mary Bortner Dorothy Gross Marie Kilburn Pauline Ruff lllllkgg Benieva Bowman Evelyn Grove Edna Kiser- George Stauffer ' Edna Boyer Wilson Hamme Paul Kleindinst Margaret Stauffer ' Rachel Brown Evelyn Hammer Ruth Knisely Stewart S-tufrle Lena Butler Margaret Hawkins Mary Gochenour Robert Wilhammee Ida Mae Cooper Virginia Herbst Romaine Luckenbaugh Isaiah Winters Leona DeHoff Beatrice Hively Genevieve Morris Anna Wise Marian Dyne Harriet Hively Ivan Morris Sarah W,ise Mary Irene Fauth Ethel Hughes Alda Nickle Marlo Yinger Alverta Fink Romaine J etfery Ruth Oakes I 1 :vi I1.,,vV4,-ft V f.'l"! . .N 'kv,'NX'fc' , I N- Q V 4 vel Y Q, X! 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X Ji' fu f fflgf I I ft President: HILDA M'OORE Coal C7l'6l6,L6l 'Yi OFFICERS Sem-etwry: RUTH SHAEFFER Grace Bittle Katherine Brennan MEMBERS Myrtle Hall Mary Heiler ' Club T'1'ecLsufrer: GRACE VVALKER Reporter: EDWARD SUTT Dorothy Ryan Ruth Shaeifer Florence Burns Rhea Hildebrand Selma Sheeler Ruth Cole Gladys Kleindinst Josephine Stanulonis Rose Carr Alma Kline Martha Steif Catherine Costello Kathryn Leary Ann Thomas Hannah Davis Elvira Lombardi Grace Walker Jule Frances Helen Lustusky Elsie Williams Margaret Gaughan Hilda Moore Basilia Zimliki Katherine Gibson Marion Muldoon James Daggett Molly Grady Catherine Murphy Luther Shadel Catherine Griffiths Martha Pearson Edward Sutt Agnes Galvin Elizabeth Reese Rudolph Zimmerman Clara Guers Eva Romberger ' fmfiiilfilfs-XC ill X X- "' 3 miyxlgf f' 'X 'Ei 'Z llifffljliw 11,32 ' 1 , 1- A f "1 -rf !A.,,,'...iX. 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MARY MAZE Tor-eczisweli'-: DOROTHY ESHELMAN - MEMBERS, Emily Blake I Lena Butler Marian Dyne Dorothy Eshelman Elizabeth Freeborn Clarence Fretz Helen Frey Anna Hartman Madeline Hartman Mary Heiler Lyndon Hess Matilda Hills Dorothy Hoffman Dorothy Leinbach Elvera Lombardi Bernice Loser Mary Maze Herben Marsteller Alleine Mest Edna Myers Mildred Redlus Dorothy Rengier Sarah Rudisill Helen Seeders Emma Schamber Marjorie Swope Edna Wise Murlo Yinger .Nik v , IOM' HIlJ1!II'l'!I- 7l1l'f"I7tjjJ ,. V--f1'I X 7 . f -Xf -iff-so X ,V i ,. fq- ,Dx Q. e . mf 1. x., U- W 'vf ,Xi ,Yrg 7 -t .. , .X v 'A 1 -if ' 1 vxx.-X '. . ,. -.f , . x X' . ,l,Xi,wX.7 f W X K KKK f ,nf , 4, 4 . nl. X. ff ie.. f ilq, df l f it W ., AQN "Fx, 'ff ,L f V lv ' ,J f fx X ' ' X fl Amis " HZQHQNEQLLTFESVQ fQf'99't9iliQ fi 7 E - TO U C T Q rs? 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CHARLES MILLER T1'easwer.- NIILDRED EBERSOLE g4EV.4gEl V1 , l,"'l,f1 Ml y lp, DEQ! ED N , X xr '- N. Ii, OFFICERS FOR SECOND SEMESTER President: CHARLES MILLER SGC'l'6ZlCL'l"fIj.' REBEKAH WARFEL Vice-P1-esident.' ESTHER HABECKER TfreaVsm-eo'.- lVlILDRED EBERSOLE . MEMBERS James Bailey Esther Habecker Hermine Steudler Esther Baldwin Mae Keidel Rebekah Warfel Helen Bitzer Charles Miller Esther NVeber Mildred Ebersole Lena Spanuth . .,k4:Xf Q I '-I .5 lp x . 4 I H, I ,"'f' '73 A K ill' ,., lxf J II, 'f 'tff' If 'lla V 'ff K Tl". -.A-X ,A I Q nf NE 551 -I, V N' ..A- .S ,V I . fy,-. - 3, I V, nf : V SX I, XMII-x rg SN, Q I ' ' ' ' f T ' lk 1 ' 'jf . ,Q -V I , ,M,X,,f - X, Y YY K Y , K , . ,X XX ,x ANL. .EV ,X K , S ,. .3 V , , .I I ,X ,V . , CA I Illl I f I 'I' I A A XA wil: -Im rvqfr I X I V V , I In kb X Xxlzlw XIX, . I n V X ITC.. , LOW Hzanrlzwl 'l'1cfv11Iy1-Izvoj I If H1 K ' , .63 , ,L , N ,-1'-,WY -rx! at izflfx N .Q ,wi f - .x , ' FX g ff':'A?, f A-' X---"' mf -wx!-' ' - K r , - fmlffjf, V . . gm F ms ll 172 1111 C om 121 15.91011 ,, r, A 1 lxflff ncxjgljf I, lt' ALJ? ' W 2 f VQB CJ ClLlL'1i'l'7IlCLll.' ALICE HALL MEMBERS LEONA DEHOFF RUTH HUFF RUTH KNISELY EDNA MCCUE KATHRYN PRICE AGNES RAMSEY BLANCHE RELYEA SELMA SHEELER Xxgxflf K-:,,1'T'rT1 . . f' Ct JQZKQ J fir 2 x,fli'f6'4 'y' "T Q' EQ?-xzzif XY 5103 E9 ,555 V V XXL! ,X , X v ,. 2,5 f 175--X.,, Q L '32 fx -V WZ' -X mr xf'ff'V'E'fk"-535531.17553 F93 U9 75ls"5!fLiJ QQ' xx , if X-X X-wff , , -. , -,.- X ,X J -Q ., V I: . ,,ffQp1'l ,,f'-1 JLAJJ7 if K XJ X, W r 'A 'X' 'fe , 'X x! ff, Sify X' L f'A 'TQ' fOne Hzmclred Twenty-th7'eej . l Il., 1 u f ri , 121-: , Q f ' " + up -AQ I ' - 'w il' W A ' 3' llfn E "nl lil' ! KR ' 5 I ri illlf . ff I l ,pn J a 1 fn pl' V , Class Song M ll I . - ' l ,ff - fe , CTO be chcmted with Nocturne by Chopinl Gazing toward the portals of new life, Hearts entwined about thy noble halls, Loath are we to leave thee, O Millersville. Marching onward, upward to the heights, Mem'ries ling'ring 'round thine ivied walls, Twenty-eight goes forth now, O Millersville. Let honor be our goal And this our ,banner be, For ye the truth shall know And the truth shall make you free. So we bear thy flaming torch aloft, Precious symbol, light of all who pass. ' Thus we bid last Fare thee well, Millersville. 5 , gb Cl' sl A , If' r f' Qlilfxxg . ll f x if C l ff' I 6 L1 IH f J N f Q luT"'afvf1lQ. N' fe 4 L- ' i A Swat Masta M l we f ' 'ji fOne Humlvwrl Twcozhf-fourj I4 S 2" ' L l Q 4 1 1 'mln- 1 ,. A V' N HN ,4 1' ' Vit N if X rx-. QIIL N A ult il a-1fEYilJl4Qfff ghk 'l K X 1 QD w s, .t.E'V . n- t' fx- 'W' ew. Nw N14 M -+ W.ffH: K ,N . JXP i A+ If 3 lx X NPV 1 " '41 l y: V - N 5 LX Q N ,3h'1Lii: me 'fx All- , I . T' V J iA - -1 - 'fhgfc :if-.4f,,, A 7' W5 E QEQ K Gf q s J N . ,, . Lei: musnc Sound. Portra. ' ' 'Wll MZ I f Merchani of Venice e ' 4 x A 700 CQ.-jclil 'il W N lx c' - , K N - A E C4 JM XJ' KK EW A Q ww, ' 28, .. it s E- ' A 7' ' x....fft - f,sap'x'gif,' L L E 'wllb l 6671107 Qlw lub 'Wi Si lk TGUCFQDSTONE " 2 .QL ' H2 If N ' la D D , X Tl JIIQJ, f ,Mff :ffl K t 4 Xi x X fy !j , . A 3 li lly' J J 6 X f H- - u 47 aff' fi W fc'. v f,-Un ' P ilu li irq Rx lla Dm-ectoow HARRIE LEE BLAND Piam'st.- LILLIAN lWAE KEENER M OFFICERS Ulf- S+ ? , I 4 , E E ff! Pw"esicleut: ANNA HARTMAN N T1-lf x 6 li Vice-Pfresidenh' FLORENCE EGOLF l Hy L l Secretcw'y.- RUTH SHAEFFER .-z Tre''ev'.' V1oLE'r LIST ' ' H A Lib1'cw'icm: lVlARIE lVlILLS Business Mcmager: ALMA KLINE MEMBERS A Dorothy Adams Esther Jenkins Helen Mae Bitzer Catherine Kane Kathryn Boltz 1 Verna Kehres A Rose Mary Carr Marie Kilburn Edna Cutler Gladys Kleindienst Hannah Davies Alma Mae Kline Glendoln Dill Ruth Knisely Florence Egolf Kathryn Leary Emma Eshelman Viloletlxlffiit Roma Eshelman E 1121 C L19 Beatrice Fenstamaker M211'g2U?9P Mefegh Helen Ferguson 1g2i1'11iVIM111S Martha Fisher ' r a urr Jul Franggg Aggies Galvin Catherine Price Lillian Gartman Elizabeth Reese Elizabeth Gervin D01'0thY.R9118'191' Evelyn Grove Mary Richart Clara Guers Eva Romberger Margaret Haas Ruth .Shaeffer Esther Habecker Eulalia Smith 1 Myrtle Hall Hermine Steudlei Evelyn Hammer Mae Stohler Anna Hartman Laura Troutman Mary Heiler Belvia Wagner H- 1 Grace Walker Eiliiitaoilf Y Aw Warfel Mazie Howett Hllda Welss . Ruth Huff Catherine White Romayne J effery Elizabeth Wllson F 1 Ipxf I 'QE 6 - 56 , Aj EX . ' , T Z-X ' f'-x f-. A L A Q53 X-X. f A l l A rfragsabiriifi-1QflY2llF 351515, is lm HC Q fl i'W'JIfOne Hundred Twenty-sevenj i"- ' W' 'M"" -' ' ., Y Y-1'-A--Y - ------ - - -A-sA-g- W - sw- -- 4 Y Y -5 Y-,W ,,,-,,. ..,,,,...-,..T-., W Y -- -W-V. Y .uf I x I l N ,jfqxggbz zooo q i -QI' ,IN I IX Q - 5 rouse T 1 Q WMM -1 4' D S .- -- M PQK,o-flxg-'Law ff: f f -ich 4 'H-PQEQU X:a,3 ' 'Milf M it 19511: I I amor Qlee Club NV - r fa '23 D11 ectofr: CAROLINE KNISSLEY P'l.CL?lI'S.fI LILLIAN llIAE KEENER Q . ' - I 3, 1 lic A ' OFFICERS it l l Pol-esfideom NELLIE EHART Vice-President: MARION DYNE Sec1'etcw'y.' RUTH GVERLY Tre-rts'wr'er.' LUCILE EBY Librcwiam: RHEA HILDEBRAND I Asszfstafnt Libowricm: HELEN M. KURTZ Emily Blake Geiiieva Bowman Lena' Butler Ruth Cole Emma Denison Marion Dyne Lucile Eby Nellie Ehart . Alverta Fink Helen M. Frey Catherine Gibson Margaret Hawkins Rhea Hildebrand Lelia Jackson Helen M. Kurtz Lucile Lane Augustina Lebo MEMBERS Ng. .4 rr Dorothy Leinbach Martha Mack Mary Maze Alleine Mest ., Emma McLane Ruth Overly Margaret Rank Abigail Righter Ada Rudy Helen Smith Eleanor Sterling Minerva Sweigart Marjorie Swope Nellie Sylvester Sadie Waltei' Sara Weidman Luella Witmer Xp fw l if fx 13? X , WL: VVLYSQQWE mf f off Elini? Uniifl' f QN ,TT S E I N 6 P A of x A b y i fx' sim ' - Haw 45 'EM liOne Hzmdrecl Twenty-ninej ' L I 1 ' A ' H K' f Wiz' MT K ' f N 5 'T ""' ifff f:j.'Tii1"" gf-W " :.:.:'.-:gi.i1ii:':ff:Ti ff- pf 9"l'f"i i ' K' ' ' ' Ml .V -f-f-f- -2- +A ff--f , ,gd Ya, ,H 10 ing 47, -Aiur, rg. A- .A In I 'L W sr Q - YVQV , YW ,M --A,-,i,A,gYJ,,,.-ill?-,7 , Y W, , , ,.Y.,-Y,,., . , ,T n 2 I Q 1 I 1 0 5 . G n v x ,aff it E foil fel'-f1ff MMM lx Quai at l-OUCl'lSl-CNE if M 'till xi 'N 1J.!'f sl X , '7 f jif j 1925 Cg,575?'f' fgyrxikifff ,fsffw A 1 J 4 f X, mmm .1 f 1 C A . . M 9f,CkQ?i'31N1-,lfsff ,fyzffi F I .Qin I Wil l 65? X"r7ffQfLgL? NX-.--JF? 'T l ll- 'li 1 'liljllf lil E ,l I he Chapel Choir l y ,1 n X tw X l gf 'N , E 6l iw J. .Va ' I 'll !l F41 l if HARRIE LEE BLAND, Difrectov' 3 ML L i LILLIAN KEENER, Accompcmist E T? lil! ,ff jfkl H OFFICERS P'l"6SiCl671lfI BENJAMIN VVEAVER Se0fretgL7'y,' RUTH HUFF SOPRANOP5 Edna Cutler Violet List Glendoln Dill Mary Maze Beatrice Fenstamaker Ruth Overly Clara Guers Elizabeth Reese 'Harriet Hively Dorothy Rengier Romaine Jeffries Ruth Huff ALTOS Florence Egolf Marie Kilbourne Leona DeHoH Alma Kline Helen Ferguson Aida Nickel Alverta Fink MHTY Richart Elizabeth Girvin Nettie SY1V9S'CG1' TENORS Henry Kaugman Robert McClure Paul Kleindinst Marlo Yingel' BAssos V Allen Gable Benjamin XVeave1' William Hess Robert Williammee X- - -5 1 'Q QXI 6 Z-X is ' r -Q 53 ' Q- N. C- Y 'X - l LN fV XX' 2 ' R ' R .M 5 rgaeqriigegsfiiiilzi QV 'Ei-Qilf , :l1'Ti'l 'rbi FD F gf thi! IiOne Hzmdrecl Tlzirty-onej FW NX f p P ,, gg A my f X y f W fff .5 ffl F5 p H W ' "' j? X MYR ff if - 2 My A: V i I g full. K , jzb w I 'sf' ' 'Z-T N.CAH.l P mQQ 9 f ' Q ' ' T am EL I1 cs f ,637 6 X4 . ' " XQQIW wig X Q Q! K ' 9:60 3 , E XW IX AH the worlds a Stage u X X "" and all the men and wom- U en mebrefy players? Jacques-A As You lkke li. , A -, , W-.- Y :,4:,..,..,,,1,,,,. ., , ,, , ,, , Q NA" Wm' ' 'M' K "M" ' 1 A HY, ,Y , ,, ..,,.,Y,,, Y,,,Y 4,7 7-777 ,Y,Y -rd Y- . , -,A.,,-...- ,A v.-YY? M7777 .Y ,,,, f 2 V I I v -an ' ha LX QT fx .l' A-.M W 5 hw 1926 A 73 gui S 4 Wm kb XM sr K 3 A..v Salazar Pfrzy ,, . . I 7 A A lx x K 'v .- Y., ,aff he 0 63 wxjfh r 3 TOUCHSTQNE "ii - . X. K ' is X .LH xcxtgglriirzillylxwjf 152,01 :I 'Q' W ' W ll 'ill' I ' I N il! YM f '23 1 1 iw f D"'f"mf"tiC Director '---- ----- .A....,.,.,. E S THER E, LENHARDT Olrchestyfl' Director "AA --4----A- ..........., H A RRIE LEE BLAND glfjtfli Stage Dwector '--'---------A---- ...,.... . NGEORGE STAUFFER Busmess Mcmagefr ,.,.,,,,,,,,,. ...A.'..Vw.V"' J AMES BAILEY W 6 :fel S A Lucky Break A Farce Comedy CAST OF CHARACTERS Martha Mullet, Proprietor' of Hotel Mullet ,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,., .,,..,,,.. R uth Long Nora Mullet, her daughter ..,..,...,,..,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,.,. -,,.,,,,.,,, R uth Huff Elmine Ludine Smith, a servant ............. .,,..,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,., E thel J Ones Benny Ketcham, a super-salesman .,.,..,,..,., ,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,.,,. C hal-les Miller Abner Ketcham, his uncle ......................... George Fleischman Mrs. Barrett, a guest ................. ...Marion Hemmons Claudia, her daughter, ................... ........... L illian Gartman Tommy Lansing, a painter... ................................,.,....... ........... I saiah Winter John Bruce, a man of business ,.......................................... ,.............. H arold Griffith Charles Martin, general manager for Bruce ............. ........,.... C lyde Musselman Jura Charente, a French dancing teacher .............. ............. M a1'ga1'et Melegh Var Charente, her brother ..................................... .......... ................. D a Vid Neideli Bella Maewatt ................... ............ ........,.. E v a R0mbe1'g:e1' Alehiba Spinster ,.,,,.,,,.,,,. guests ............ .......... F lorence Egolf Alphecca Spinster .,......... ,................................-.----'-----.--e -----------.------------------ M Sf T19 M1115 Spiving, a bugman ,.,,,,,.,,,, .,,,,,.,,,.......,................................................. . ..Grayb111 Young Other guests: Edith Grim, Laura Kready, Harriet Kern, Grace. Walker, Vera Staples, Mildred Bogart, Violet List, Dorothy Holsinger, Clair Lentz, and Clair Frantz. SCENE - Office of Hotel Mullet, Matasquam, Connecticut. TIME The present. Music furnished by the Normal School Orchestra. H- f I rx ' ,sb f y lfv fl y i, fx if f-1' 'O i ffs , ' .. it F tbl t gg X Mfg lOne Hundred Thirty-fiz'ej L i ' oo " QQ i N tsafhifwe 'U A we ri A '4 4 J A , TOUCHSTONE . aa ' Mi 'bww H926 kg Dfwgff A .L Limzof Ployj A CLASS OF 1928 f . . r r 1 ei Musical Director ..... 5 A Business M cwiager ,A Stage M cmciger ,,.,.,....... Drcimcttic Director ,,,,,,,, ,Q.A,...,,.,.,,,,, . A.,,,-.,q ,.,,,.,,..,.,.,..-...AqQ-'.W4."V.-4'. H .ESTHER E. LENHARDT L. BLAND ...............LYNDON HEss j. .X XX' il al' I ll lu! mf' I, ,411 ' ff I rw, A D '-2337 x X Q 4' XT K X ' I X i U l wr' A I, X.. Xb- TN . f 'QI L- KL lifl' Srflm- Q4 fff7,4 f .-.- il . ' if lf' v ,A ll f , l f If ,' , , l T' x 1 X ' l A x XV ff xx i '93 1. ffl its Nl ? I I . I-THE COQUETTE . . . . H-YOUNG AMERICA Scene-A Judge's oiiice. Mr. Doray .... Mrs. Doray .... Judge .......... ' H Nutty Beemer ..... Art, Nutty's pal .... Bob, Art's dog .... III-HAYA .......... IV-THE KITE. Chorus . . . L1 Chee ................................... Tu Fu ........................................ Yuan Mei, Ruler of the Rose-scented kingdom .... Musician .................................... Po Chu I ................................... Tung Chih, Usurper of the Mountain kingdom. . . Ming Huang, Prince of the Golden kingdom ..... Kivei Fei, daughter of Yuan Mei ............. V-SUNSET LAND .................... ...... . . . VI-A WOMAN OF CHARACTER. Scene-The home of Mrs. Adams Mrs. Adams .... ............................... The old lady. . . Mrs Perkins .... Mrs. Mrs. Mrs The Mrs Mrs Albright ........ Lee ............... Barrington-Gross ........ . . . bride ........................... Kline .................................... Lange, the Woman of Character ............. Musical numbers by ANNA HARTMAN MADELINE HARTMAN HELEN SEEDERS ' f-X ,V .-1 i f ....,,...GEORGE STAUFFER .............Deppc'1z . . .Howard XVilson .... . . .Mary Maze . . .Robert Williamee . . .Arthur Hackman .. . . . .David Niden . . . .Buddy Symons ...... . . .Ma.urz'ce Warren Shaddinger . . . . . . . . .Paul Furlow . . . . Herben Marstellar . . . . . . Stewart Stufiie . . . . . Clarence Fritz . . . . Merle Hartzell . . . .Luther Shadell . . . . Edward Kraft . . . . Grace Reever .. . . . .Karvelo . . . . Dorothy Eshleman . . . .Margaret Hawkins . . . . . . .Leila Jackson . . . . . .Minnie Recker . . . . .Dorothy Leinbach ...... . .Lucille Lane . . . . . . . .Lena Butler . . . . . . . .Lillian Howell . . . .Josephine Graham f if X Q We 027 5 NX j '96 Zi' HA xx 3 V ffl fOne Hmzdo ed Tim ty seienj i A 'Q -'X l V tgtrssiiiitifpttitjilif a t i331+QjviArif an S S B F i A ' " ' ' ll? C its .- fb i ' :sg U i .Lys yjnqw Touclasromfi 1 4 WU, ,j Q fi 1,35 . jj Q D lk I X l K+ fl.. - -asa .l Po esefnt QLD LADY 31 By Rachel Crothers Dramatic Director: ESTHER E. LENHARDT XE? 1 1 ll Q YW my -.' Vx I ' Co rse Q A Q6 TE V W U X 4, 14" M W i ff y N u C? Rx y X ff X K xy y X 1,1 R ya N x f ! dn 1 5 ' x xkzt L 'V Nlf ' !, K avvqxnllf f ab: x My 'fl ' 'ii fin" ' N Ella 75' ' . H ,flfi ' ' M A if Y W C A7 X W X 'H Y Q G 0 0 I 0 ' 1, I A ' I 5 I Pxlllf, l 1 XXX! lj X f V u i ll 1 4 ' N M fl g X f ll I Angie ............. Abe ............................ L Nancy .......................... ,.. ....,.... . Music afrfrcmged by HARRIE LEE BLAND Business Mcmciger: GRAYBILL YOUNG ACT I The veranda of "The Home." An afternoon in late summer of 1860. ACT H The sitting room at "The Home." An afternoon in late autumn. ACT III The sitting room at "The Home." Two months later. CAST OF' CHARACTERS Ruth Knisely ','.' ,'fffu7515iiQ5h shaddinger .Elsie Buckwalter Mrs. Homans ...........,. ................ H arriet Hively Sarah. Jane ............. .......,..... C atherine Price Ablga-11 --------------- .................. O live Yoder EIIOSSY ------.-- J ------ .............. M artha Mack ary ................,,...., ,, ........................ Jean Brown 501111 -------------------------------- ............. J ames Shoffstall Samuel Darby ----------- ........... H enry Kauffman J 3149 ------------------------------- ........... . ...Walter Hicks Elizabeth A--------- .................... L eila Jackson Mmefva -----'------ ,,............ H elen Ferguson 'Granny ---- ---- .......... ................ A nna Warfel ,fy B Clk? f Q . ff Qlfl tf ' 4 Y f 'TN x 'ff' '-nfs -nyc s THX WX V!! . 0 L KT ij K" VXUUSZLSC-N -ff x3I1'fbJJm fxrbjfw A Q - Xin . - - . '-' Q27 M xc--"V J --f fOizc Huizdicfl Tlm'ty-ciglztj . - 174401 I If 1. f 1 -- 0' G .G-.9-, - r. . . ,llIQ 5 ' oo N J I I in mild 'C I 'ff I -f e r Cl-lST I " ' V- . I I If I ' 7-5 I 'J 1925 Q xii E455-1-3' ff y1LfU"fT,J T l,. X, 027mm .C f I , V Q 1 glimiyib-x ,U 'Lillie' l I- If l ' 09'KA' o " ?ff1f7?-5' S+ ,,-' I 1 " 9l,""'lF-If i 'iii I I V ll 'M H . . I' 1135 if 7, . . il " W lip zmzor Ojbef etm . i l lsvfi XJ' 5 ,I 'NX W if ll f Y MQ' I3 ' 1 ' li 52 l li I I ' ',-, , IN INDIA if I- I -I ill If il N ' A O ,. - . lilfi g n peietta in Two Acts by Paul Bliss .IQ I Presented by the Junior Glee Club under the direction of Caroline E. Nissly CAsT OF C1-IARACTERS Meerah-The 'beautiful one ......................... ...... N ellie Ehart , Simla-The village pet .......... ,,,,,,,,,, R uth Cale How-Now-The village scold ..... . . . , . .... . . . . ..... Augustine Lebo Veerah-A beggar ............ ............................... M argaret Hawkins Hear-no-evil ................. .... I Marian Dyne See-no-evil ....................... Three Old Women from the temple Mary Maze Speak-no-evil.' .................... I Lucille Eby Chorus of Indian maidens of the village of Fishni. ACT I Overture ................... .......... ..... I n strumental Opening chorus-"Oh, Ahu". .. ....... ............. C horus Happy dancing girls ......... .... S imla and Chorus My mother told me so ...... ...... S oli and Chorus Orphan Song ............ ................ C horus Elephant Song ................ . .How-Now and Chorus Oh, my pretty blossoms ........... ................ M eerah Beggar Song ...................... ................ V eerah When the temple bells are tinkling ..... .... V eerah and Chorus Snake ............................. ........ I nstrumental . By the Ganges River .,............ . . . . . ............. Chorus I ACT II i Fm Wet! y0u,1'e Wet, She's Wet, XVe,1'e - - . I Cluck Song ......................... V Carrying tales ............................ ---- H OW-NOW and Ch0f11S Yawn Song ........... I .......... ..How-Now and Chorus All in the Valley of Dreamland .... ----- S lmla and lghofui VValtz SOhg ............. . ..... I .... """' C581-is We come to choose a dancing girl .... Omen an Choli Sticks crossed .............. . ...... ---'----"---'- C holius Put a pretty poppy in her hair. . . ----""""' ' Chgliui Dancing ...................... ---- ggr'a'H Veegglg Under shady palms-Duet .... "" C horuq L In India-Finale ........... ........ ------------ - - - l I- . X . , If 71. 516 x ff C 'W GTX F66 6 ?JllQ.iWi2Ba'i Q30 4s1lfJlllSyd,BVfil JDO' IJ lf f gif fab A M Z ff M f X fx .U A - X ,fx ,f If A f K, l ' Civ' ' fOne Hzmclred Tlzirty-ninej il L l ' I . V F 1 I ,oO N ,. fibai T, 4' 7 Oucr-15To1s15 W in eg 1 .Wilm a A L., Qu . if . L tx il. S lam Toem As so- many others have been ere our day, Now we, too, are ready to journey Life's way, And "Out of School Life into Life's School" advance Quite ready and eager for luck--and a chance. 'frr 1 filfl T f' X ', 5 x V. X7 fl H 7 'y Ili ll f , l 4, ,Vi ff? 4f X ff yi , f X X uf A, f gl , J . 1 XX 1 " If xv' lljyk' .M '4 ffl , l ly lille l F ' ft P-12 My GE? in JN N S , f f- '922 f f fw lj l 1, all Q ' j ' il Ill' My T 51 ff ' xx l f r 5 li Z f v .eb J GW X L51 The years we have spent to prepare for this time Can ne'er be described by a whimsical rime. But oh, how the Class of Nineteen Twenty-Eight Will look back at those years spent inside this gate. 4 We've played, we have sung, we have worked, we have sighed We've made 'friends who'll be friends whatever betide, We've been led and guided and trained as we grew To meet problems wisely, and no work to rue. ' But now we are ready to start life anewg To see it and live it as wiser ones do. - Oli-Life! What a subject for one to discuss! And endless array of descriptions meet us. They say Life's a see-saw of ups and of downsg That Life is a mixture of smiles and of frownsg That Life is a mirror of slave and of king- If you fail to give, you get back not a thing. I Then classmates of Twenty-Eight give all you can. Just do something-be something in Life's short span. We can't all be famousg we can all be great. Get busy tomorrow, before it's too late. We'll watch the horizon for one to appear Against the bright sunset a silhouette clear. Perhaps 'tis a. deed or a word or a rule T That you'll teach the new ones just entering Life's School. ' , . I f x ' . f 12" or Q. A Q. ,. . -ff lift ? Lslwl flllfvffwflfbffrsaf if IOM Huvzflwcl Frwfyj t T XM 1 , . is - .? 'fl "Rl U gg dll! A Xbl IVX f ' .f Q N .1 L v, f'4Yg.gEf 1' ff - .5579 gg ff-T Wg ,J OJ' f g ' f' 'v '.' ' tb. 'qv . IO W xg ' A5 1f'0m11IWNx . In P Q 5, K N 4. Im H11 .x j fgk' X My 'ibfggf met us on avi Piblshop Qi X J JL -' VC Hermfy N , Y, Y .....-- ... , Y. .WgY .,.Y,,, , . , WA W, , A YA WW , , U , , ,, gw, ,A.- - . .. W-- ., ....,....,- ,777 ,,7,,, -.rrfwr Y Y 4 , , Q 1 x n if iiii 7 Ai fw 'YUZW xx Quai EE Z 2 A TOIJQHSTQNL fizfz I X - N ' ' A ,:4' IQEB 157534 Lfgpwlkffff' ffffj AJ, 2' , Q '. MJYWI4. 1 K mb K p, ,, Q- ' . NCNTQXX'-XxgQ1L 5.3, V!,:,ffy'f , A ,Inf 1 4 it who Qzibu Af ,K ff gb',f,',g.:wg - f xxx -f,H,f'mU , ! l 'Uiif' Z ,I J, i X gf A I fl Touchstone Staff C Q ry:-'A I Q X K A Q Q . . . EdZi50T'Z'n'ChZef ......,.. ------v-." A LTA HERSHEY 5 2 Aswtfmt ------------------------'---'- .......... E STHER WEBER Ed7'l?07' of CZCLSSGS ................. ,,,,-.,.,- M ARGARET VILLEE 1' jkllli E A r A3'5:7f3taf76t ............................,,,,,,,.,,,, ',,'...',..,---.-. M ARIA SAYLOR A ' ' Editvi Of O'f'QCb'Hfi2'fLIfi0?2S .....,..., A.,,.,,,,,,,,,A,A,.,.,,, ,,.,,.,, H 1 LDA WEISS W1 f X ' ' - - 4 ,I - Assistant ----.-------------------.--4----....-...... .......... A NNA MARY HINKLE QQI, ' Editor of Athletics .,4,4,,A,4A4, ,,..,,-,....--.-- A GNES RAMSEY I A8S'iStCt'l?,If ............. .....,,,,,.,,,,,Q,,, -.A-,,-,-,- I S AIAH WINTER Edif0'f of Feflfwes ..................., ...........,.............. ............ B E ATRICE MILLER Art Editors LEONA DEHOFF VIOLET LIST ELEANOR WILSON NAOMI HOCH ELIZABETH BRONG VERA STAPLES RUTH KNISELY Joke Editor .........................,......... ..... ............. F L ORENCE EGOLF Editor of Social Calendar I....... .,.......... M ARIAN HEMMONS Faculty Advisor .....,,.,,, .,....,,.......... .................. M R . MOCOMSEY BUSINESS STAFF Bugifnggg Manager ,,,.,.,,,,,,,,.,. ,,..,.,,....,.I.,.,.................... C LYDE MUSSELMAN Assistant ........................................,...... ........................ R UTH LONG Secfrotary and Treasiwei' ............ ...............,-----------.- M ARGARET ADAMS Advertising M anagers CATHERINE INMAN MARGARET HERE Civ'cidation M anagers EDNA MCCUE MARGARET MELEGH BLANCHE RELYEA LAURA KREADY MILDRED BOGART CLAIR LENTZ . DR. LEVI DAVIDHEISER Faculty Advisors ....I.............-...--,---- -'-A--'---------'- M R. SEIVERLING fi- I IN. 'ST is 1 ,Q J Q3 QW my L f-X 51,6 5' fd A X, I fb- 'fglw i if f i' A-N CO' ' QAEILQRTQEESFAAEIVL AV v ig Zmkxji' fbi ER T gwfgyffiwi Lone Hundred Forty-threej x '-- V 1 4 WY YY 7- f ----- ----- - -' - Q I x I I s I i 1 4 P I - , I X pfkkxi CO fkfig ,,,C'ilf5q Q. Uni . Q xv W' X' Q1 IIN A G "ff G 4, 'f A Ci-ISTONE ' "4'7iQ'1f7f ' IRON. I A: C. xx I !4'Z,l'! 3- 7 f x W 7 fi' fuffff ,A I W, I J E037 R- ff:5if5IJf:W ,L ',jq,fg 'V5 "Q Xxx- QUHI 1, "" pf, ' ly lx!!-" 'I WI 4 ' M if ff Ny MP I XMI A Jw .' BIN! 1.32 J! H 0 - .1 I A A 6155 O utorzczny - W k V 1 Ili, lm' I I 4 ' C2 V Il! IH . L Indztofr of Classes ...................,.......................,.......... MARGARET VILLEE rw DOROTHY BINKELE BEATRICE BLOUSE ELSIE BUCKWALTER BERNICE DENCLER NIILDRED EBERSOLE RUTH FOX FLORENCE GEISELMAN ESTHER GRAHAM EDITH GRIM HELEN HOSTETTER ROMAYNE JEFFERY RUTH KELLER LAURA LAIRD SARAH LOWRY MARY MARSHALL HILDA MOORE ALDA NICKEL GRACE WALKER KATHERINE WHITE GEORGE FLEISCHMAN CHARLES MILLER - Cl a I ,A A 'b Nuff ,W 4' , fi A i Y QV-X-,ff Ili' rf I '- X ' Ai bulk N H LQAISEIQAIARQV 'f if A T Hflmf IMP l:One NH1L72d7'8Cl Forty-jivej GRI ! R 1 X lx i UM " ,H -Aff f ', 4' X' 'off' ',?I?rAN' N --IN QU P snr: A TOUCHSTQNS i A ACL, fx i If I XM K , YV M28 D H V LLL: ' W, ff in 09450 123255 sgfxto Q' :iif"'1'fi'fm L fr R ross. ee' 1 ff WK LQ' Y fi W .gy ' Rr if A . j MQ 4 WN i A, Al A . .1 , The Snapper Stal? Fw, .N ' Vi in 'Q-f iii' at A L. v Edif0T-in-Chief --.... ............ C . CASPAR KREIDER ifb' Assistant' Editor ..,....,... .......,........ P AUL R. FURLOW Associate Editors .............. ............ .2 PAULINE BENEDICT PEARL BRUBAKER Whlofs Who .....---.---.-. HELEN M. KELLER ESTHER WEBER L?7te,.m.y Ed.5t0,.S 3 BEATRICE FENSTAMAKER LELIA REED S ,.t Ed-t ..-'--- '.-.h .S HENRY J. KAUFFMAN po' S ' WS 3 MARIE H. MILLS News Editor ............. ............. P AUL E. KLINEDINST Alumni Editor ............ ...............,... E DNA HABECKER Library Notes .............. .......... H ELEN A. GANSER Poetry Editor .....,....... ......... D OROTHY E. ADAMS AN Editoys S RUTH KNISELY Q l ---........... ......--......-.. 'Z Typing Editor .........,... .......... N E1LsoN H. PINKERTON Joke Editor .... .................. . ............ E VA R. ROMEERGER Exchange Editor ............... ............. C HARLES W. MILLER Circulation Manager .......... ............ J AMES SHOFFSTALL Staff Treasurer .,,,....,,,.,. .,............... A NNA MARY HINKLE Staff Advisor ............... ........... M ARION SPENCER A. B. J p f Q1 60 0 if f ew T31 V fxrgkjii .gn Ax LQKLKCE ff-N552-73 ...JW Q 'LW 0 K-E X ,, . me :arf K yi WA A V V Y L W, in E E 'N Al E xi" 6697 'C' MQ fOne Hundred Forty-sevenj air : 5 '52 I , . , , , . ' , - J , f?f A?W ffl 'l,53 lf ff HMM f 1 xx A N ' m x K 7 :ff Z " Q UCPICTG ,xv "' -,6 rig, ' A ,. ,N in Q X ' f I Q H -1 i U 4- fi' 'N uf, fv h ,V ' f f Ix E if fl ,2- ,Y du XT' v gf f ,-brig .-6 . , , , I I I vvv. .VA-. A M ' x Q- --4..1,""'Qf.LJ'Qf'Tl Mg! , U "4 W ,f W 'W' - f Xu ff' l 7 N XX X - X V Q E9 " . fl U f 1 Q ig 'AF , M, rw CYDSNS +57 W. jff1i.f2 1 4 ' K?-+211 QE5 X 1 , v 1 ,N D1 3 , F, A X73 .iifid Q ff mm wyu: , L W fxxf-VX--1 M N Q N M +7 fx- .Ml ,,4f.'.m3X WK? ff L' U ,qv X35! -V ..- ya f -, xmyjv NIV X l ,,AXw 1 Xqmjw !JHWWWH+ 2f'vXMwfW4uSQM QF . MFI' 4 N Zfffyqj Xfm' X!! A, - ' WW: 5-"" I' ' fi X A if 0 fu'1ffz,xI7iFxl-wvfw. Ig, If gl ! . - 1 - if '. 2' 'X A ! J f fl XR H i fl, X W' 'Q X I V V H W I J in N K N Q W i3,, ,.5!, X V N V iw ' --4 , ' -V 2 N X 32: 55 .MNW1 5 i , E! 4f5Wf11'f xx I2 S1 K ff RW 'C 7 4 ,.-- D ' 7 X X H 0 viii ' A XM MN? 5 'a 1 eatures t ux lx f -f f ed - X I Yhlx WI VW! rl Prince Henrq Henrg E7 I " K .Qf 'Noihinq pleasealh but rare accidenfs 5 f m .c NK QU, 1 4' O i 0U?E?'l-OIXIE lla K '. 2 , ,A M119 "- wg e " '928 , .. Q -'L as-dgazswgbvef f 4 An X, k b fef MfZ rI+g, 4 " lp I 1 I M34 ff! y , f, ' ' ' 1928 Wd! lawns zn Qterature- Q! 0 6 5 ,X .W ' , in if Ml' V' l HAMLET l NW T! Last night the boss slips me a ticket For a show by the name Barrymore Y , What was Wrote by a bird they call Hamlet An' believe it or not, kid, I'm sore. , Fer it's gloom from the moment it opens, Till the time the theayter shuts An' the company's half of them looney, An' the rest 0' the cast is all nuts. This Barrymore lad is called Hamlet, But his real name's George- W. Gloom, He's a regular Life o' the Party, He's as jolly and gay as a tomb. His old man was king of the Denmarks, An' the poor simp's gone weak in the bean Fer his dad has been croaked by his uncle, Who, right afterwards, marries the Queen., So young Hamlet just hangs around sad like An' he talks to hisself like a nut. But as yet he ain't hep that his father Was bumped off by his uncle, the mutt! One night he slips out of the castle And goes up on the roof for some air V When along comes the ghost of his father An' he shoots him an earful for fair, "That lowlife, your uncle, has croaked me, An' has went off an' married your ma. Will you let that rat hand you the ha-ha?" Says Hamlet, "Just notice me, Pa!" Young Ham has a frail called Ophelia, An' her pop is a dreary old goof An' they can't dope why Hamlet's gone batt They don't know what he seen on the roof. KT - Qlb . . Ca ll H V 1 TW lj f N 2 Aff Wxffj V Qlgll t 1' N-kg f'X, A jill lllllx 2 5 31, i e,.J1ifX- qv g ilftfjtwwm 4 LOne Hundred Fiftyj in ' H K U Qyjfifi oc mf. is if TOUC1-ISTONE 2' 2-'ie 'M' 'ass 'Jgff,1V14 M M25Un...fr4w I Well Ham Ooes an calls on h1s mothel An he bawls the old 0111 out fo1 T111 Then he sees something mme ln the Cult-uns An he th1nks that the uncle IS there So he Jalos with his sword through the curtain An he cries Now we re even my lad But It isn t the King it s Polomus An Hamlet s killed poor Ophelia s old dad Then Ophelia poor kid Just goes daffy When she hears how her old man is C1 owned An she Ooes ai ound singing l1ke crazy T111 she walks into the lake and gets drowned There s a Jolly old scene in the Oraveyaid Where Prince Hamlet gets into a scrap With Ophelia s big brother Laeites Who wants to muss up Hamlet s map Then the king says Now boys don t act nasty I know how to fight this thing out I Ve got some tin swords at the castle An we ll frame up a nice friendly bout Then he winks at Laeltes and whispers We ll knock this here nut for a goo I 11 smear up your sword with some poison An we ll make Hamlet look like a fool So they pull off the bout like they plan it But the king thinks his scheme may slip up So he orders a cold drink for Hamlet An some poison he sneaks in the cup Then Ham and Laertes start fighting An the king slips Laertes the wink But the Queen she a1n t wise to whats do1ng An she swallers the king s poisoned drink Then Hamlet gets stuck 1n the shoulders, An' he sees how he's framed from the start, So he switches the swords on Laertes, An' he stabs the poor bum through the heart, Then he- runs his sword right through his uncle An' he says, 1'lWell, let's call it a day," Then the Queen dies, the King dies, an' Ham dies Some play, I says. . 'Tl 1 Q33 ' 512 U ,IAN , M ,T 1 pf? 1.1 41 ,, M 251 xJ53f"NQj111 .1 ' 17,21-'JC' FI df' '4' ky c15Q5111fx,N,111S,3,t,g,8ff-lm, ,J f d EOM Hmmd F1 fm OM 3 if , X ,Jn TP- , 4,', Z2,-'fri -logp l' , 'axvv lc"fjll?a9 gl I .. 14 A, Q X 1 Weber 7 1 1 7-is I "fl, 'lf?'cy"l' . 17 ' lI X1 X 4 N , p ,, L alan N . 1 f' 2 11 1711, gg" :"0 - f ' lqag. 1. K ' ' 'y 'H If VL ! 111' 1 ' " 1 I " N1 1 . 411 11,- V "ll , 1' .' 111 15' 1,11 N , 11 l ' A - 1 ' - - 1 X If , ' -' - 1. '. ' . I 1 an c . f - ' . - - ' fl 7 - 1 ' . 1' C 7 ' - . I ' ,f - .1 ' 7 l H 2 77 C , 1 1 9' - ' 7 , . l ,Z ' 7 "' .. ' 7 - l 7 1 7 y - , . , 7 C c . 1. 1 . . , lx 1 Y 1 ' 7 7 ' , I U . '. ' . .Y C C 7 1 , ' D I . ,I . n - U C . . , . ' A 7 7 ' ' u 7 ' 7 . 7 . 7 7 . . . , Y , ' 7 7 ' ' 77 aa 7 ' . . , 7 , . . 7 7 ' I 77 ' 7 7 ' ' 7 ' . ' ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' . 7 ' J ' ' . J V - Q. ,j'li"3T. I T """ , jlffgjii X 'X ' RH? A ' A Ol , 3? TOUCHSIGNE ' L A ji RQQ, L f X! A x. Q, rw, f-Emerg , ilk ' u ' 'ff-f A. ff lf' QR - I .. f f f ml 1926 av Dfw If' A-P-4 I A ff A A A .- V- I A A rm SRDM ff 'll' lt R' . MQTQ I ill fwfr' X , All A X ,fi , , ,? L' J I ,I ,ff I Through the Crystal Ball! f k r ' TEN YEARS HENCE -lp' l f , V7 lf 'f. 4 I . ll I ,, B GLENDOLN DILL-MZGITIDGI' of the Metropolitan Opera Company 'l ANNA HARTMAN-Member of the New York Symphony Orchestra A ' If A I I HARRIET HIVFLY-OWVDQF of several large hair-dresslng establishments 'L MILDRED EBERSOLL Wlfe of an absent mlnded Professor VIOLET LIST Famous concert p1an1st EVA ROMBERGER Mathemat1cs teacher at State Teachers College M1llersv1lle ESTHER WEBER Author of My Ph1losophy of Llfe ISRAEL DANDOIS Nurse at State Teachers College M1llersv1lle ROSE MARY CARR Edltor of an Anme Laur1e column DOROTHY RENGIER Muslc Supervlsor of the Lebanon County Schools RUTH KELLER Coach of glrls athletlcs at Temple Un1Vers1ty Jo STANULONIS Star 1n Zlegfleld Follles MILDRED BOGART Tenn1s mstructor at State Teachers College M11 lersv1lle RUTH HUFF S1ng1n0 lullables to l1ttle Ruth and Junlor CHARLES MILLER-Rad1o announcer DOROTHY HOLSINGER-Travehng wlth the Chautauqua ANN BRENEMAN Fat lady In the clrcus ALTA HDRSHEY Edltor of Scr1bne1 s Magazme ELDA MILLER Pr1nc1pal of Manor Townsh1p H1gh School HILDA MOORE Dean of Women at State Teachers College Mlllers N1 e ELSIE BUCKWALTER-Natlonal Presldent of Y W C A LOUISE DAVIS-Pres1dent of the Red Headed Club MARIA SAYLOR Member of the House of Representatlves LEoNA DE HUFF L1brar1an at State Teacher s College M1llersv1lle RUTH FOX Owner of a hotel 1n Atlantlc C1ty EDNA CUTLER-Matron of State Asylum at Harr1sburg BLANCHE RELYEA Real Estate agent RUTH LONG-Selllng automoblles LILLIAN GARTMAN AH aCtI'6SS SARAH MILLER-Leadef of Mlller s Syncopators well known dance orchestra composed of the followmg KATHRYN SPECK KATHRYN BOLTZ MARY HEILER LAURA LAIRD SARAH SHERMAN LILLIAN HERR Natlonal sw1n1m1n0 champlon The rest of us are elther marrled or st1ll teach1ng Ol A f' X dbg 0 Q 'Z'-U31 fx gf 5 DT y g Ti? MR Ixus ,IIAVZA LEQTQWN R2 ff 0 KRW EL to W A J xl fl ljOne Hundred Fifty threej fe S, I l fl? ll 4 , . - L 11. Q! 1, K 4, ' . . f fl I R- ' - ' . I "ll . - , 1 ' - EDNA MCCUEiManlcurist. u O t ' . I ' I S I Q53 5 975 of ' fff .21 A 'FX SQA .' QW S' l .' '-6 A f-N u f' A F if A L A - I .4 f I ' j f! ! gf, Q 30 Fl' hQ,j7:3IG5mEiSgn " xt EX l f 5 - .. f o Q ucHsToNL T x ,f 5. 1 , . f J j- QMEX f. . 2 will N it i Q e ' 15, la ' ' . . l lla Tv c , . ,, ly ol, Unique Imlorefszonf of Knowledge "Say there! What makes you so Wonderful?" ' I ' 'fFo1: cat's sake, go fly up a tree." 'fl "Good gravy girl, I'll 'bopi you." ' Xixxy WA C"The pineapple! Who'd thought it?5 Goo-goo! I'll bite!" . 3 "I don't care. I'll shoot you, Flopsof' b Ulf!! ,fl l "Boo-hoo, I Want my dear father." l Eff! y V "Ha-ha! I'll kill you!" D . y "My earth! It's a cruel World." .4 u " "My cow! For cracking the ice! Let's eat. How about that now T" y v "Goody-goody. Hey-hey. And how ?" "Bologna I'm a lion." I "Oh for heaven's sake! I'll slap your sassy face." "Why?" p "Jiminy Pats! You answer your own questions." "No, not much. Ta Heck. I have the 'crods'." "Oh run up a knotted rope, Krazy Kat." f "It Won't be long now. Confound it." fHot "zickity"V and what a loving little talk they had!! P. S.--We furnish no English interpretations. People Who Bore You The person who is never "broke" The person who dogs your footsteps with autograph album opened and fountain pen unscrewed. I ' - ,The chronic volunteer in class recitations. i The person who displays "manners" at a feed. The self-appointed proctor. ' The person Whose only descriptive term is "cute." The girl Who raves incessantly about the boy friend. The originator and perpetuator of "now I must study." The habitual dream narrator. The boy who rouges. The person Who calls "state-aid" syrup. A I The girl Who conceals lack of funds by pretending she zoomts to let her hair grow. I I The person who feigns sophistication. Men." . KT of Q23 l , A f V mp' ,fe u L gy Ji' .lfaifsllifi-itomf'f.vwsi!f imxiwgkiw' silt H1711 e n 1.-f Xxff Xbfg S- lOne Hunelred Fifty-fourj I fl MJ Q we -' mais. . .X - T . P r nv' JH sl Vsr f-,jlf,g',2f :' ' W fx' l . ff 73-X G'-'1!ilT'l?Q IN x :Q 4, Q M if " xl A l i Q, X fe OUCHSTONE 'f I . Af f f " I 5' J I lf!! ,QZUZW V431 1 4 X N -1 f ' 1 928. 1 X ,Sf vs, A ,cf I ' . 'E' fi if Wflllllwzll . HL I t I .1 f y 1 x 1 I I NAME Dorothy Rengier Esther Baldwln Anna Hartman Helen Bitzer Pearl Brubaker hose Carr Helen Hostetter Ruth Keller YIar1e K1lburn Elvera Lombard1 Le1la Reed Exa Romberger Marle Mllls M1ldred Bogart Mar1etta Seaman Grayb1ll Young Harrlet Hlvely Anna WISE Kather1ne Speck V1olet Llst Dorothy R1ley Ruth Huff Mary Kelly Elsle Buckwalter Hermme Steudler Kather1ne Leary Charles M1ller Ruth Fox Esther Habecker Ruth Shaeffer Beatr1ce M1ller Frances Spencer Ida Cooper M1ldred Ebersole Beatr1ce Hlvely Vlarle Saylor Anne Brenneman Obzfuczry DIED OF Sell1ng candy Hurrying Too much music Maklng dates Rec1t1ng 1n class Boredom Fusslng Play1ng basketball Proctormg L1sten1ng Sm1l1ng Mathematlcs Excess talkmg ProJects Teachlng muslc Too much snappmg Curllng her halr Inact1v1ty D1et1ng Studylng What? Learnlng Dutch Belng teased G1ggl1ng Rece1v1ng compl1ments Pr1mary methods Oratmgf Popular1ty Rural Soclology Sleeplng' Respons1b1l1t1es Wr1t1ng storles Gettlng letters Readlng Palms Eatlng Debatmg' Refereelng fe l KK X LAST WORDS What w1ll you have ?" Am I late? What instrument do you play? Ton10'ht? Sure' I know that Oh thls place' Oh dear What next? Sh h h h' Hear that Whlstle? I ll help 1 and 1 equals 2 What do you lQh1Hk9 I Want an A Do re m1 4 15? Oh for a perm' Why hurry? No butter' Seven classes tomorrow' Oh you know Ve b1cht S11de Kelly shde' I thought I d d1e' Oh thank you Save that for my project Lend me your ears One at a tune Stat1st1cs prove Z z z z z z z Yes I ll do It Once upon a t1me Only 6 th1s mornlngf Your future Hash, please Therefore honorable Judges Guard out' l fsxf XXX! fi? J cffjllllf llllWJ,llQffid IIITJJAIW ff? lf f gl! mfr Sim 7 2 ll Al fO'ne Hundred Fzfty fivej fl f. .fin 42 7, "'f A ff. ,Lf , X ,N Y ,X 1 Nm Xx , bl 11 , ,I Rf 1, N W 7 I I ll f l I lk l' ll i l 1 ll' I J , , l X ' 'es P ml l X l I 1 l . ' X! i N ji . . My l 77 ' A lx. ,l cc 0 l MV' N 1 If W ' n xt' 4 L ' cc - . ,, ll 4 lf . . . ca - - JQLV, ' KK yy Y. , . U ' n . 2 - ' H an ' ' ff ' n I 1 ' ' ' - H - - - sa I . . . H ' H ' ' ' ' - as a yy ' 7 ' I ' U . yy . . I , H 1 H ' - ' H 29 . ' ' . ' 4: - - ' as . ' . ' an , gy . ' ' ' . ' H . ax , Q ' ' ' ac xr ' ' ' . aa 1: . . - - ' 46 ' ,, ' A . cc n I . , . - , cc ' an - , xc - . ' ' as 1 r ' - - - ax . 1 ' 1: Q - u . . 46 ,, . , . - - u ' as . . l - ca A jr . - as ' 79 . - , xc - ' . n - cc - - - - - - -n . . . . . . az 2 ' rr , . . . - cr ' Jr . u u ' : as , . I cc u , , . V as 19 , . u 1 ' as , . H . 77 S ,L -" VN fi S I I 05' , 'Q' A -7' Q ' A 5 ' X T' 1' Q Q x- lyli fx f cf I I W fx ,IM ' xg '54 'xg-K ik-if ,wld 'D rig!! I I? I Q 4 .Q5.:.- A 0 K V .- ,I - W Q an A l s .H L .D,,Oo .,w1 ma Qfigwgljjfn ' ily N 1 Q TOUCHSTCNE X1 rigid S 'K U W lf? I f 'X f 1 9595. A K X651 gf 451405: fiftlfi' , Nl . Ha. ' ii' Q ' "H ' 7' ,Zi QW, ,I l 'Ti K . 3 x 'li :u,,f'4,1 H' dj! ,gk f CLAIR LENTZ. Bathed babies . . . rose down . . . pipe-twinkling eyes .... lp Sf BEATRICE MILLER. Red sombreros . . . angled blondness . . . squared words . . . .gil evened bites .... ' l MARION I-IEMMONS. My Maryland . . . petitioning hands . . . olive tea cups on 'fl il ll A crimson velvet .... 'ii 'N . . 1' A lm LEONA DEHOFF. Veiled willows . . . bleating phrases . . . shy comradery. . . 4 J ARLENE HAUCK. England's fox hunts . . . trumpets . . . curled blue .... Wlgg - EDITH GRIM. Madonna thrones . . . pleated silk . . . baby's pillow .... ELEANOR WILSON. Priscilla in disguise . . . Rosalind with a paint brush . . . child clasps .... . GLADYS BINKLEY. East India . . . blue elephants . . . red diagonals. . . . RUTH KELLER. Autumn's pools . . . classic ankles . . . Slavic consent. . . . CLYDE MUSSELMAN. Pointed attention . . . sprayed chestnut trees . . . leaning help .... STELLA METZGAR. Brown studies . . . roundness . . . colonial pewters above brick fireplace .... DOROTHY HOLSINGER. Bananas on green silk ., . . day coaches . . . glassy seas. . . ISABEL DANDOIS. Little boys on chairs . . . salt water bubbles . . . horses by rose trellis .... GEORGE FLEISCHMAN. Earnest Hindu venders . . . harvested grain in sacks . . ruined wheat pit occupants .... LESTER FLEISCHMAN. Good bad child pleading . . . red valentines with cupid . . Himalayan slants in vision .... ' CLAIRE MILLER. Squirrels on chestnut boughs . . . beaded eyes . . . lace waists of '78 .... ETHEL JONES. Cooling fundant . . . winding satin . . . arched expanse, with bubbles .... - GWENDOLN DILL. Chinese spring . . . cream puffs in moss . . . be-diamfnded fingers .... I I ELEANOR DRUMM. Cool pens . . . Marching foot . . . Y. W. service in France. . . HAROLD GRIFFITH. W-hirr of dynamos . . . cushioned canoes in summer camp . . . London drizzle from pipe smoke .... CATHERINE INMAN. Tennis among shamrocks . . . X in art . . . ostrich feathers on a tramway .... . . CARRIEIJONES. Knitted heels . . . looped explanations . . . classic pantries. . . 5' 'X X ' , ' ff I .,P-C Q45 J - fx 9525223392 fx XJ 516 ,, A?-I, x - M 1- ' n if TQ S will M fOne Hundred Fifty-sevenj Y? L - i ia. . 'f?'ilf4lllL,gc.S cw o refer! .6 Q f . it I 519.593 . l 1 X hum W H728 - QZBVJ 7 Tower-moms i .Jil Suggested Letter' Form or OU87"'UZJ07"L6dl Stzeefenzfs fPlace check in the proper spacej y State Teacher s College Deal- r - My dear-f T Father- t Dai ling- Mother- Dearest' Brothei- Sister- ' G. F.- B. F.- We . , M70 A J flex' A kg I fx J Q ix N 5 ,Q e -. we , xx. If K ti' X ,nv lxgli -4 Nag l' pf. M w e vfmff.-2 ?-'cw ' ' ""-.bee QW X-ff W el? l If f' , 1 i g, :- v, ik I x -i 1 ' .-----192 at J w X ' ii ' QU .Qgiwreiir S.. I am D0 YO? homesick miss me- having a good time- feel lonesome-I . I broke- enjoy the moonlight without me- overworked- have any spare cash- starving- Yours Please send SIIICGIZGIYF' letter.. ' ' affectionately- box of eats- lovingly- phonograph- ferventlb'-' 3-l--- forever- fSignedJ We PV01zfle1' What f1V0zelel Happefz IF: Marian were socially privileged and Pinky sent home. The girls got a night out. ' Floss Egol did not get a' certain letter every day. g .To Stanulonis and Shadel played a sensible game of tennis. Everybody got up for breakfast. Ruth Long would stop eating and giggling. Everyone came to meetings promptly. There were as many boys as girls here at school. Ann Breneman grew a foot taller. Floss Geiselman stopped talking. That queer sound coming from the boiler-room would cease. Mr. Gaixre failed to smile. Lillian Herr and Elizabeth Hawthorne came to classes on time. The Wilson sisters proved failures in athletics. , No one cut classes just before vacations. . Clair Lentz acquired the proportions of Mr. Hoover. The benches were left on the campus all winter. The 'Walker-Smith Corporation broke up. Eddie Keiser stopped playing tricks on Miss Wilcox. ' Sus Miller and Blanche Relyea took life' seriously. Mary Heiler grew up. Violet List stopped studying. Ruth Knisely became a famous comedienne. Helen Hostetter lost her vanity-case. Mr. Brenner was in a bad humor. . ' Kay Boltz got a roadster and a fur coat with her first pay. Esther Jenkins talked rapidly. Beatrice Hively were ready- to go visiting on time. fo' 'X ff A "eqf:,,,.f r is 'XX W Hi' tl ill' if X 31 .ix . ff-5 F30 lfgigcflgs-,tiff-.jc 1 - Dwxdjkf-N .NJA X fi .X N. 1 X f' W , 1,40 GBA K C, ,Ay-!'D 'tg X-,flip n 5 l fOne Hzmdred Fifty-eightj if Wt fx , I Q, qv? I QI Xe: ---A 3 TOUCHSTCNB 'f I .. ' eg-, y . fx Illllyill' f X I 'I . K A lx I Q 1 ' "I, , -XII' I fn- i -' ' I, M, . sf - :wIv,l-A I V' -s T, ' g-,gf -,iw . H191 . If il . Q ' 163 1 1 ll, Q jf is Model Lemon Plans 1 l WZ . . X I. ff lk , I. TOPIC-Geography-Written review. .li 5 ff II. PUPIL's AIM: Q---???????? ' .Nt III. TEACHER'S AIM! To keep the class occupied while I finish writing that gg 5 I 3 letter to father. il 251 Y I 5 IV. MATERIALS! hi, 7 . ' ' 1. School stationery. Q jg' i , garllieg fountain pen. i - -. oo il. 'E . ., 4. Dentist's biu. Sill - 5. Doctor's bill. J- 6. Dressmaker's bill. 7. Report card fwith slight correctionsj. V. PROCEDURE: I will make a psychological approach, gradually leading up I to the subject of the! letter, following this general outline: 1. Salutation-Cof a very affectionate naturej. 2. Inquiry as to health and happiness of family. 3. Expression of homesickness and loneliness. 4. Statement of scholastic accomplishments of the past week. 5. Declaration of complete bankruptcy. 6. Complimentary close--fof a very, very affectionate naturej. QThe class will receive slips of paper containing the following ques- tions, and will do what they think best about itj : 1. Bound Dixie. 2. From what countries do the following come? - a. Gazotskiesg b. Ukulelesg c. Oomphasg d. Oolalahs. 3. When it's night time in Italy, what o'clock is it in America: a. By Eastern Standard Time? b. By Daylight Saving Time? VI. ASSIGNMENT: Letter to grandmother. CStates and their capitalsj ll. I. TOPIC-Arithmetic-Division of labor. II. TEACHER'S AIMS To see if the class can work the examples that I can't. III. PUPIL'S AIM! To practice printing my name on the blackboard-to see what the person next to me gets for an answer to the problem. IV. MATERIALS! a For Board Work-- ' K J 1. Blackboard and chalk. 2. Book of answers. 3. Ruger orkstifzk. b For eat 'or I- , . , . C D -1. "College Life" or "True Story" faccording to the puplls dis- criminationl . 2. Chewing gun. 4 V. PR0CEDII3EE1yI?NfJ13c?1I. the gum has been collected and checked. I will haze the class pass to the blackboard and copy the problems to .t e count of 1-2-3, 1-2-3, using good larmgmovement. I will particu- larly stress posture and tone quality In this leSSOI1- VI. FUTURE ASSIGNMENT! . l , The Lymphatic System of Decimahzation. fp ' fnjlyif gi-4 Q X 4 A 9 2 .KN I X 7' :,""Ni .O A '- I Lx-i 'gl xlf-, I M fi ,M I . M :fit IfsiisIsLf.QI:JfDfJ:-iifllfif 2.53a m f-U Z 3 3517, big ' T fl Lf ii' lfol fOne Hundred Fifty-mnel n . Q -, f :nf w , we fr , KX Mix '1 ,- , Q! -fb" vfrx Vo 1 f - fx f Q :gr ' Q 1 X aw UK Q l 'ZW J w f f ' 'Wm J,7T5-QGN5 ' gf fx.. 51 . lx ll' I . UI 1 . V' r I' fdiilfi .1 .fxxyigf V A J I . w 5Al1p':,- fM j W 1 4 wifi - M4215 -X-Q ""flj'f,,ff1ff'fVxf Q" 1 W ' X-"'4f1JlJy9' ': j'fyIfz,w TwLY1fff' f 1f ' 'E : 43 ' f W 1x 47 E 3 7 L: f, 3 X5 U, Q in kg EY , gf NF I ' LU P isjxn. L 54 I' 'xii J , M f N' .I w if x ' - -rf ,,, u. " F U sl 2 0 -- ' -2 ffl- Q '-I if "I lg 'Is XB "'. Q' vi 3 T 3 'vii if 5 W A lx gg a 'v 5.4 N 5 LB WW :F U if vu Omit .I DQ ' rx -1- : f" o GJ GU ' 2 2 H .2 F O- rr 6 E . : - 4 0 4-4. - 0 53 - ,cn 'E x- 3 E 013 u 2 K -C f N ,if 'L - 2 0 17 m M J E fu L 476 .3 A S 5, QU l U +3 1 On: 5 U7 a as J E Q5 ..,.-F 2 - - , - E R 53: 3 5 X .- c . 5 S ' bl' Q . 5--1 . -' Q 4 E.. gg 'S' v IE -Q E 0: f .5 ' 5 G -I " lil ' --.. 3 : Us J 'E - ------ t . A ' 1 W 'w W, c 4? ff V -1 1- O T9 Q. A .- U ,fl i If, ' .-if 1 if-5 ' +5 c H+ .1 s W gg -'J 43 en '- 5 qi, A ri-x 45 Q ii f .MQ rs-L Yi I X V I 'ff X 'Nan ' g-X X1 X , 'Ml :rev 'JWWQ Q-Fm Q25 L yi A QQ xr hx x Lfxiimi L .f f Lf-.227 'cl I M ix l . '-Riff' 6 " A XF Q3 WA, hi J- f xJ.f,,0,,,K X, 4 Y KW fu WN Linn-s , Him ' X kf'f -C-OO'D?ffl-T1--fxX25'i'Qf'lf "il ff y KN ,ffff , Q I-.XXX V "2 ff Vf' -- xxrffrf ff' K- L 'giflxi':'L'SXx'3"3!QNMXx"' ,..' V-xtif vi MR:-f' XX '- " W - F wfl 4 Fw L if 1-+f'C Q f 4 xfwg' 1!pk5yg?jjggvwfg1A2?Lm A," iff ,g J -Q V iQ I JN. g., ' f Qgypiff 1. ' , N f - X, . X, -Q 1' , ,-,fx , ysffff. . QI J? N rx fw , 1 wx, . f , . , , . N "Wy 'Zum .--,---if-4 f 0443 X 'QQ-T' K1flN,5J' J X N Q Q - ' QX','T'i 1-4 ' f -M, , ' v ' - ' U W' 1 SAI Mm!! I AIDVN ..-V X, X-J xx .y.5,f-N-f t4A j"VVViYg1 .1 :nf Ny.KEf'f,f 5fi,',,f! 1 X- Y it-jig fwl aim xrfsff- ,f f f fwltfif N, -fx..4JJ Xlwf ily 41' JN5,'flTf,'X ww x sT:'5?"c7' MJ1- -' Q1 by xtv- 'YJ VH, Xml !!WW1,f,fl , xl W W 41 1-.aW1w5,H' fy' 1 1 A ff ww f M , X2 2 x ,X ' ,fl , X f, 2 H I , ,, wk ,j A. fl- -X xy 41 -L .. H ,n Evff UM -i X Ll, ' ' 15:1 rg -CAMPUS- '-E4 . ,, V - A Q N M f QJN.? v i ' - , , ,-'MR sw, an-54' 4 5 .3 ,Q 'IT1 x .4- '1' -r ' 4 9- in an 'i QV. ,- xg-xlv, Q-'ff' S ,ff ,fy x XXX v N 'II -,abxiyxkf i ' 1 ,mg Ev '1r7:X ,A 3 X-ql.jxjX,,f 1 il wq, X 1 W 1, HA! ,Aim th X. fiilxjyk V VFW M K 'H Alf' ' x lp ffifff W. J ffff1?v1if, Jia'-2 , '--ffffxf -biiifjjjgn 546255 V.gF1'JX4,pf.U1Xffw QQ, W? 1, 2 ,Ly 2' - -J x -M1 KX-In gin- . 2145. V if 74571. Zmzlgfa M " 4.1" : Ki i x 1 x A. l F L. f V A- ffl X 'li we T UO-lo il - ,F f 7 2 ,ff ' J X Yrxx fp ' X 1 28 'X 54 is 5l'il'if-L' M ,N in f f r mmm Q ,Vgf gf, V I V I i ' ily . ll, 6 6 9 9 QQ! gf P j Our Royal Road to 130111617166 X W 1 ' ,Q ' I X lil lv' K ' WITH APOLOGIES TO R. HALLIBURTON 4 We started on a long, long' tour A YV K , .,l From East Side to the Land of the Moor. .M fi r f ' We had to sit in Room 21 to go tfgw ,. 42 And at first it seemed, oh so slowg M l But your names and your faces Xl f Qi i l Brought in all the distant places. ls 5 Z 'N So with What We did see - i. l We hope you Will now agree. Clt doesn't matter if you don't-We Went-anyhoW.J ln New York City: , In the "Congested Sections": Salvation Army Lassies-Ann Breneman Belvia Wagoner East Side: Irish Landlady--Mary Keller Bohemian Quarters : Mistressof a White Candle Shop-Elizabeth Resh Mistress, of a Russian Tea Room-Dorothy Rengier Food in the tea room: - Buns-Katherine Speck Celery-Lena Spanuth Mushrooms-Jule Francis Mush and milk-Clara Guers Striped candy sticks-Marie Mills Gum drops-Ruth Huff Cocoa--Carrie Jones Bread pudding-Jessie Barnett - J unket-Sarah Atkins A In. the theater: An usher-Rose Mary Carr I ,Chorus girls-Vera Staples - Mary Heiler On Wall Street : Broker-Clair Frantz Stenographer-Myrtle Hall ' Having tea at the Ritz-Carlton: W President of the Women's Federated Clubs of America--Isabel - Dandois .X . KN M4123 K ' aw ' ' Y: kqua,-x :rm A 5 X ' '1'. M L.x..,Q gig!! -.X cBlllllg,n,lcaasl2f+ vmfdffxfbflw S7 I:O'rz0 H1L?ldJl'l'CZ S'in:ly-twoil ff' fl X.. f. 1 pf' 1 1 Quia ax Toucl-:aroma " W- as N N N. RX: f w hip 1928 I W ff ow! . l ll I it N I . I . I - ll? 'F ' I 1 On Mitchell Field: - ll 'Il X Mail Pilot-Eleanor Wilson X if',i, g I In a book shop: g 1 D011 Quixote-George Fleischman 5 lghite Sister-Edith Grim L if I f X ec 'S Bad Boy-Mildred Bo -at Lady Dedlock-Ruth Eckmang 1 XXV' K X 4' Becky Sharp-Louise Davis Ulm 4 - 14 Pinocchio-Molly Grady ll l' . f Punch of Punch and Judy-Gertrude Orr A I Pippa from Pippa Passes-Anna Mohler fir" XL ' I Rebecca-Katharine White MM Q I ' " Rowena-Edna Wise ' Aunt Polly-Florence Egolf Little Lord Fauntleroy-Agnes Galvin In England: In London: In Buckingham Palace: Prince of Wales-Harold Griffith Maid-Eulalia Smith In the zoo: . Squirrel-Hannah Davies Cecropia moth-Romayne Jeffery St. Bernard dog-Dorothy Holsinger Lynx-Catherine Inman Eagle-Agnes Ramsey Rabbit-Elizabeth Reese I Chipmunk--Florence Geisleman Pussy cat-Mildred Ebersole Crane-Roger Sullivan J aguar-Marietta Seaman Ferret--Martha Fisher Deer-Matilda Hills Bantam-Helen Hostetter ' Grizzly bear-Graybill Young Leghorn hen-Anna Hinkle Tiger-Margaret Adams Moose-Elsie Aungst With Shakespeare: Lady Macbeth-Elizabeth Brong Cleopatra-Edna Cutler Ophelia-Katherine Price c Katherina the Shrlevv-Thelina Bollinger P k-E ther en ins Mlafrgarets Gay-Harriet Hively Alice May-Beatrice I-Iively at -X W ', Xt 'X ' KJIM - I AX A Q I Awlwllf axes I is . gg YUKWDW Q- ,jo Qgjl ,7 O7 L4 T 1 . fOne Hzmdfred Sixty-tlw'ee:I I'I II I II ,I I EI II II ,II II II I -,II I I 'I II II Ii I I: 'I . I YI I I I I I, I I II l I I I, III II I QVI, I I,I IIII QI, III III 'III I 'II I II II I ,I I I. II I QIII ,Ik I III' II III II II' ' 'I' :II II II IIIII II I III III I . IIIIIII I"' I I I III I, I I 'IIIIII I I I II II II I IIIII I III -IIII .I III I III! III III. IIIIIII ,I .I I IIII III I ,l, V I, I ' I I 1 I y I II' I1 I. I I I III-I II I III, I II I IIII II I IIIIII IIIIII ,I I I III II III ,I I I I fi ,if f , OO M, I F75 af, I, I XI- Kxifiiifs zr: , II ' 'I 'Q QM197 I In I Is I I I , 1926 III If I wefgvep V ,Ik F IX gf ,I y I Juliet--Anna Hartman I xg g II I 'Z Portia-Hazel Fritz I QE!! I Rosalind-Laura Kready I In Scotland: I IIIIIYII Q X Milkmaid-Mae Keidel I In Germany: D , I I Inn-keeper at Heidleberg-Evelyn Hammer I H' II I ' 4 Boss of mining camp-Eva Romberger I I I In France: ff I ' I In the art galleries: I ig E. It Mona Lisa-Hermine Steudler I I I I Age of Innocence-Alda Nickel Baby Stuart-Clair Lentz Song of the lark-Roma Eshelman Blue boy-Isaiah Winter 5 Dorothy Riley Three graces , Helen Ferguson , I Esther Daugherty Madonna-Anna Hartman In Parisian Art Shop: Leona DeHoff I In Marseilles: . Flower-girl-Ethel Reeser In Deauville: Bathing in the Mediterranean-Ruth Keller . In Paris: Selling Perfume-Florence Wilwerth In Norway: Shepherdess--Emma. Eshelman In Spain: I Dancer-Margaret Melegh H Gypsy-Thelma Mertz 4 1 In Switzerland: Skiing at St. Moritz-Josephine Stanulonis In Italy: . Oracle of Delphi-Hilda Moore In the garden of an Italian villa: Cupid-Leila Reed Flowers: - Purple hyacinth-Edna McCue Dog-tooth Violet-Laura Laird Primrose--Bernice Dengler A J' ,fD,.-N C, fx' A X 3 ,rj X l h I Q-,ET QI : vIfIf:II?1fb1fI's:II - YN fOne Hundred Sixty-fam-j il id H4 , I n + I. I F -- Qfemfg llc' ' H 'X-f ' -f . SW S ,faffgf ' Pansy-Violet List . A I Irish iose-Selma Sheeler 4 Ja 4 I? X9 X X 'haf p X1 .5 Q 7ilr.,E4,mDf"'sO 1 ff 'Lb , Q H J Nb g I 44 XS 'I ,X 40 X qw K1 X 4 X ss. ' I f xv N I L, ,M 'Y G I, 4, X' Wwffg N f ' . ,. K ' A ' , ' .Q " V Q ff X " ff, valid. 43 4 1 - - W W 4 , If . N 1 x l C JOIWHY-jllmp-up-Ida Mae Coopei Straw flower-Elizabeth Wilson ' ff Hollyhock-Eleanor Drum ' Crocus-Beatrice Blouse xi Phlozt--Naomi Hock N gl J ack-in-the-puIpit-Dorothy Hoffman f ' 5 Butter cup-Mildred Stauffer l , ff Violet-Kathryn Boltz l, l l Dandelion--Frances Spencer 5 V ' In Africa: I , I Hunting lions-Alice Hall Pauline Stauffer In Egypt: Soothsayer-Helen Bitzer In India: In a street bazaar: Silver necked hot water bottle--Ruth Fox Oriental teapot-Gwendoln Dill Aluminum sauce pan-Pearl Brubaker Bisque doll-Elsie Buckwalter French doll-Blanche Relyea , Yellow toy bungalow--Marguerite Iacovo Toy Ford sedan-James Bailey White china elephant-Claudia Shack J umping J ack-Esther Baldwin 'I Dresden china shepherdess-Josephine Haverstick ' In China: Silk merchant-Gladys Binkley: On China seas: Pirate-Vera Lombardi In California : In Hollywood: , Director of "Stolen Sweets"-Charles M1111-21' At Santa Barbara: I Franciscan monk-Lester Fleischman At Santa Cruze : Bathing in the Pacific: Anita Loos-Sarah Lowry If you're not here, Please. don't shed a tear- , , We were just gone a yearp fWe may go again in the near future.J ,Z I' f Eadm ,fx cj, X ca , f a I r f1 .0 rx - I itil Xa 'f N .A X-X ,fl in It lf I G S2 7 ' I:One Hundred Sixty-fivej V' 335 W5-e .,-,cf 511 '1 all V J. N' XM gg, sq, : ?,: , 4 l , r I 1 I I. lim' ' l ll 1 I 1 56: '15 x A W xvfjv, X., N, K ,fgx f . , , ,K 1 1 fffr: 31,15 I f 'W ,, - QC'-""'f .,f3JfgQ f'-YV" ,ga V?" f I ' , fl Ki 1 :X 9,1 f .Au xwjl, Qixiyf , X! I H ffl! 1 4 gwasf QQ MCFZ, '25, 21-731-,,,lIgjfiQLfef:QMyQ "" fiMmWdJ TUUCPETU1l X C7215 fxiffff ,AQ J 1 b-JJDXXNX! ff 2-v,fQ,f -v---x-,,'f,X1 . ,Mx . ,Z- X X74 x ,rf-,,,4-x..xN -if ., L-. 41l'jQ,,gV 1- -. J 1x-.,?lf,f-f! ,U 411' A ,f A , , QE xfj '31 M-V4, + ,K ., .. Kgs x X X ix JJ V ,- f""f-55 : KQQ ITU' xx x, , ,.f"S-x H .ff .5x:- ,,f:,xjxXU I W' ,T 4, , LX N., . , , f f -K v-Vg Hn .ggf,-x-. Q,-rw x I I f I ,X,915,f fV,,Y ,HM XX' " fn I -in 'fi . "ff ff Wful' mi" y , .- Qffq ff , 2 yzffw, V W, 'ff J fupf yffff .ffyf,'f'f.1 ,. M. f , -.,,-JJ ,f gf: f,f,.,1f,+,fI7: 2 ' 1? I ,Hifi , , J' ,Hgh ff, 4 My f fff ffff 1 'x I., ,fm , 75 , fi? ff f' C , ff, -lf!! 77' I . z 1 , , K X, , . ZQQQE ,, ,X , ' I fg,j'1,, 1, ,1 5, ,If , , qw W . g 1, ,X , ,Q ..ff. S J M ,X gf' Jw 'yr . 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Toxic!-nsromsmr l. ..,., ,, ,i A IW! R a h .M -P Z The Dozngy and Undozngf at Jlizllerwzlle i l 023 , ,er .lf . ,ir jc Xxx xiii? 1 Mil l af! VA Ei .1 'l X ' .. A gl' K XXTX f ,ing-T I it l IN x Q 'jfgiy e ff y 4, fb. Q , f U b M A 1 ,,,. Acrgi ' . X x - Y, A if I, fy 1 U X f f Ei.. , 4 ff u '92e.-w-r""i f gs f if f if 'V I ' b N 0 Q I K KZ! ji Q lik if 3 x fi 1 f ' if ll Cf, NX., I a li A 5' Q Z 1 1 l. BV!! ' 2- ' ' H ' XFX l N :X v ' SEPTEMBER MONDAY, 12-School days, etc.! Wistful, joyous, gay, forlorng in-coming Seniors find- ing old friends g in-coming Juniors about to find new friends, gallantly but tim- idly getting through the rituals of matriculation-merely the first day of the fall term-but-and how! . I TUESDAY, 13-Programs do get mislaid, and ,classes suffered many and varied dis- turbances. ' ' WEDNESDAY, 14-The old school is brightening up. Rooms begin to fairly sprout per- sonality. That's nice. FRIDAY, 16-The idea of a Get-to-gether Party is a pretty trick. "Af good time Was had by all!" A SATURDAY, 17--Don't breathe a word but mark it down in red ink. Dance in gym , ,fee lasts till 11:l5! A SUNDAY, 18--Our first Sunday. Ordinary. Even dinner didn't prove original. TUESDAY, 20-The atmosphere is improving--seems we're accepting our fate. Guess we'll get to like it? FRIDAY, 23-Tonight the traditional Page "Tea," cake and ice cream being served. Pretty jolly. SATURDAY, 24-And at Normal Cocoa we were up late again! Drs. Pickle and Good will soon be rushed with nervous breakdown cases. This night life! TUESDAY, 27-Practice-teaching is no joke! Seems every! child over at Training School is doing his most devilish bit. , - VVEDNESDAY, 28-Football practice begins! Whose betting on the winning team? We a-re! Who will have the winning team? Millersville! ' OCTOBER A ' ' SATURDAY, fl-Saturdays means a lot to break up the week-anyhow the Lancaster shows are well attended. York High game--too hot-lost--score 0-26. MONDAY, 3-Touchstone Staff on the job. More work! Will Touchstone '28 be the very best? WEDNESDAY, 5-Eaglesmere delegates show slides and pictures of conference. Must have been fun! THURSDAY, 6-Pep meetings this year are pcppy. Millersville isn't going to lose a game with "Davy" as cheerleader. , 4 FRIDAY, '7fWe hear murmurings of a dance-yeah! Sometime in December. Are the Seniors giving it? , .X mr . ' "H ,- . 'sb . f it! i' ' ij! if -.Q A 5. le g Y -if es ill X-' ffl , ,',.i ., X' -X WW' Sl YA J KONG Hzmdrcd Sc1icr1,ty-,fourj X fl L' Q All Q 00 I F P-fe xxixgx, fxl 7' X, Of we si, TOUCI-ISTONE ' I 1 2 I ff! kx, SATURDAY 8 Ray' Ray' Team' Beat Kutztown' Sco1e 13 6 SUNDAY, 9 Almost ex elyone s away Lonely doesn t GXPIGSS lt f MONDACELII1-1?enALgMiCsla1'fn:0tout fo1 plactlce football hockey tenms tlack and vlllftgc WEDNESDAY 12 Dr Go1d1n1e1 ve1y glaco l lt X k C 13 X L days Wish We all hved In York' 1 us y e s 01 oun y students of fo1 fou1 FRIDAY, 14 Both Page and Nolmal Soclety Intelestmg ploglam and we can snap they say SATURDAY 15 F01 football men call MfV 110' Beat Stevens Tlade School' Scole 280 SUNDAY 16 Anothel popular out of town Sunday Only elght tables filled at d1nne1 but who ca1es we got mole to eat MONDAY 17 Yolk has returned to M1lle1sv1lle back to the old grmd PUESDAY 18 Tl11S wonderful weather couldnt last fO16V91 Ram and mole of It WEDNESDAY, 19 We all felt solemn tonlght Follow the Gleam the candle hghtmg SGIVICG was qu1te lovely and Impresslve THURSDAY 20 Aftel th1s pep meetlng and Dawys calt wheels well beat Beckley College can t help It FRIDAY 21 1Ve d1d not' Valslty and few 100t61S came off w1th sco1e of 0 27 B1 day Nolmal ann1ve1sa1y plogzam In evenlng SATURDAY 22 The campus was a b1t 11161181 Fleld meet fo1 county schools Faculty thought we wele too tlled to dance' MONDAY 24 Great' Both chapel and Room R open for 1ec1eat1on every mght' Thanksguvmg Day IS hele WEDNESDAY 26 Doctol Gordmlel led chapel muslc It was wonderful THURSDAY 27 A play commlttee repolts ' The Lucky Bleak chosen fO1 the SEHIOIS L1ght and snappv FRIDAY 28 If we dont teal F KL M Academy oif the face of the ealth well watch us' Are ue fa1me1s '7 SATURDAY 29 Rudys threat IS fulfilled F 8z M IS defeated Snake dances b1g dance' Scole 6 0 Blggest and best Hallowe en palty ever' Fun' SUNDAY 30 Day students ' caught In dolms Ho111d offense Isnt 1t" MONDAY 31 Student teachels 1n ecstasy' Plpes bulst ln T1a1n1ng School We 16 happ1er than our angels NOVEMBER TUESDAY 1 A bulst plpe 1snt so good Classes In the annex of the dlmng loom ale try1ng WEDNESDAY 2 Play practlce 1n evenmb tulns Snappels away to Room R THURSDAY 3 Mr Bland needs no apology fo1 h1s olchestla We sulely enjoyed chapel FRIDAY 4 D1 Dutchel s talks sound good but lots of us haxe somethmg dlffelent than b1a1ns SATURDAY 5 A da1l1ng dance New o1c1eS 1 goodness dance' 1 t '1 What a Iellef to haxe an honest to ,A l N -r' f mega 'Tj fx f-' V-X A l A Kr 6 I Q H ZW fo' ' J K gif' A X' , ' ' I: 117 f W ' V' L' L' O M Ax' lfO'ne Hundo ed Seventy fivej A e X I xg, Wbsfewlllxx 1 ' 1 S 'Y-j'Q""-Jtj 5315 L Q... X 4 A ' 1 65 f SM ja S A 'pf P' ' - A 'X '53 T S .X S QR ,4 T: 0 Q ' sq- U N Q "1 F ' ,"""' W C' f K I A M I ' A 'fn X v ' - X . ,, I. f f QNX' ' ' W N' L R 'X 19 V. if Q , vl 1, ' f l v fw ' X - X' Q- 019. - f I . ... t . ' ' l "Q ' 1 ' VIN' f4f""', 5-T sl -- , . - .f ,' ,f ff 1 4 1 -4 ' I "'3' I t ' ' ' A ggi' """""',' f':i"" 17" ' , - f -- 1 xi n' nf, K l, '- ll, 13 ' 4 , 1 ' ff Q I I I X, Q ll ffl . p 3 Zi , . . v ff! , X ,V . 1' .ll f 1 "' - . . , . - - X K X , . , A43 -A f - 7 , . - if 1 , - . . ' . . It ' " , X f ' A Q ' f f f - f r 'ap ' - K 1 f A ' ' ,, 1 - V w pf 7 ' ' Y ' - . X g, I . . A f 1 - , J Xlgf' w ff 4 A 4' T 1 ' ' . ' - . - . cc as 'fi' ',5 R 4 . , l 1,4 4 ln rl- I If - 1 . L ' ' ' 9 ' - I , - . J' I M- . ' "1 I . cc . . N C s 1 l 7 L . 1 - - . ' , ... ' 4 7 4 1 ' . ' A A . . . . I . ' ' 2 1 1 , . . 1 , . , 1 I Z . A . . . - . . 'I fl 'l 'l 'l ' 7 . 1 - . . 7 . A . 1 4 , h . . , . . . . . . 4 1 I Q . . .1 . l ' l a ' , 1 . an . ' . , - . . s . 7 1 1 T i. 4 , -- . . y , xc . . 77. 2 ' ' - 1 ' 9 4 . X I Q A . . " . A ' ' 4 n ' . ..' ' 7 ' ' J " ' ' ' 7 ' - cc ar 4 . , , ' ' ' ' -- , . A l L 1 . . . - O, , . D 1 , 1 - , W I . Q D , 1, I , L 7 ' ' , -- . ' . . . A I ' . 7 ' ' m Ca , .. . ,ef V 4 .H Q ffqf-,S f..,,jfygTi?rg ,Y fgh, Ja W, foggy l k l X A . F .X fg ,, Q Q V- -l-OUCHQT K 10,12 7 j' EJDJ A X e' . Dr - 12 Y '92s .mill . '25 5 1S:ew3QVsff f f f WI' 'filfli ' f 1' SL ffgr: "" it xxga-f 4 - , EH I If .' Qt.- N a f Va D if wlll W Ill X lx! if lr I I 'X If X L Q- ' llIONDAY, 7-The landscape workmen are qu-i-te busy. Our campus is bea-u-tiful. Red n and gold. A Frenchman entertained us in chapel-his piano concert was most impressive-Jean Jolas-notes light, gay, fanciful. , 'JW ff TUESDAY, 8-Snow! We love it! Q 7 WEDNESDAY, 9-Distracted frovgns evegywhgre. Senio1's getting out mid-semester ,X p grades for the Training chool cieru s. ' , N THURSDAY, 10-Our music faculty gave us a charming music recital. Mrs. Bland, with ,Mit , her Violin, was an appreciated addition. ' 1 M, 4 -A 4' 'V md'dd1- ll-V FRIDAY, 11-Our first wintei enteitainment was a most delightfully bioa mln e ec , M K., ture. We enjoyed it. X-I ' ' E SATURDAY, 12-Everyone went to Vlfest Chester and made much noise-but the score was 0-43 with poor Hutchinson in the hospital. It's a brutal shame! Flu SUNDAY. 18-It was cold, but Snappers snapped. The reception room proved popular till 8:30. R M:ONDAY, 14-Nine more weeks of teaching-and then-programs for next semester's ' teachers. . TUESDAY, 15-Room R left in disreputable condition-so says the faculty. Poor snap- pers-since chapel is used by play practice ' WEDNESDAY, 16-The Science building and Library steps are suffering from much popu- larity. Pictures by-Corot? THURSDAY, 17-Big football game staged between Juniors and Seniors! Started out with a push but the winds came and the floods descended on a score of 0-0. Seniors on the offensive. Who did get an extra bath? Did you see Jimmy's eye? FRIDAY, 18--Nothing coherent. Everybody leaving for-home! Poor old gobble-gobble! MONDAY, 28-It's surprising how we drift back into the old routine grind, but Christ- mas is December 25! TUESDAY, 29--Directors' meeting and a big dinner. Just like Sunday. WEDNESDAY, 30-Miss Ganser's Senior Librarians organized and catalogued the new Manor High School Library. DECEMBER THURSDAY, 1-Winter is here! B-r-r, how cold. , FRIDAY, 2-"Appel" pulled OH: an ex-tem-por-aneous program for Page society. No casualties. , SATURDAY, 3-Everyone has turned into a probable Santa Claus, and so is consequently crippled financially. V SUNDAY, 4-Snow, sleet-and the second "Sundayish" dinner this week. MONDAY, 5-Miht as well publish the dastardly fact that certain very undignified yoiglng ladies of the Millersville Normal School surreptitiously borrowed sleds an -L TUESDAY, 6-Injured, 0. Casualties, 0. Monstrous snow slide bounced onto sky-light in boys' fmen'sl lobby, smashing same-Qboys'-lskylightl. Choose either ' as answer. VVEDNESDAY, '7-Mr. Bland entertained us in chapel. - ' THURSDAY, 8--"Abraham Lincoln" was a splendid play. We hope no one stayed away from the chapel. . fi . xg -O1 Ar, tg-lskeaxmxff GX 6 S-1 'X Q - W ff if ,T . . cm W GT' A X" i "K L7 ,223 I f ln V ff M Q ' ' if E ,NJ-J'7 ' AJ 'W-tual? , y. , - , S y 1 W f ' f . ,V , 1 , f. -. ,. - ' .o ' V E I:O1zc Hzmrlzcrl Smmztvf E111 H 54 fi xy N00 X 333 Tl 14" Qi R ' 'isa A lb Q! 5 R Us TQUCHSTUNK 'r f 1. -. -- A " twlwff' xiii 1 K J 'tlv ' Qfljfqjz f , f i W,,,,...2 214. mm 1922, mm gm Q 5155+ Q f , gilifq All ,W 4 1 .l -I .X , Q I l 7 1 K V FRIDAY, 9-"Gordy's Night Hawks" ar b ' - - by paying ten cents to dance in Eheegsrmling Quite cosIH9pOl1tan-and we Suffer X SATURDAY, 10-Millersville bask tb ll - . Millersville victorious. G a men VS. Lambda Chl Alpha, F' SL Ml, Wlth Pi SUNDAY, 11-Chicken for dinner! V MONDAY, 12-We all went to th T 1' ' , I. . . at the Bible Class Servicee mining School chapel and got the Christmas spirit TUESDAY, 13-Just informed that our cha ' - '11 . . 'Vi 'ffl holidays. 'Poor old rooms, never geA1gnani?eStTOmS W1 be used by guests Oval the tl fi WEDNEt.ZD?Eg11:1ggah,eSglfliic-3giTEgi1'istmas service was lovely. .It's rather nice to be able . il, THURSDAY, 15-Now we know what to do to our rooms to make them attractive. Miss kill Swift was quite delightful. JQ FRIDAY, 16-Dress rehearsal of Senior play. Up till 11:30! Boys won basketball game 1n afternoon and the "Lucky Break" broke long and loudly. A clever Broadway farce. ' SATURDAY, 17--MXV has successful day. SUNDAY, 18-Chapel was filled again on Sunday, not with Snappers, but with guests who enjoyed our annual Christmas Cantata. MONDAY, 19-"Smile at my handsome face," quoth Mr. Bland. "That reminds me"- from Dr. Gordinier-and don't forget the joke. 5 TUESDAY, 20-Not many lessons prepared-why? ' WEDNESDAY, 21-We're going home! Awakened by beautiful Christmas carols in the early dawn, to the glorious fact that we'll soon be home! Oh, boy, we're happy- JANUARY TUESDAY, 3-We're here because we're here. Didn't make any resolutions-wouldn't keep them anyhow. WEDNESDAY, '4-Blues-every kind. THURSDAY, 5-Training School ninth grade in ,State of hysterics. Dr. Dutcher's Dumb Doras are conducting "interviews" V FRIDAY, 6-Fleischman brothers were to have "dialogued." George's sore throat kept away many attendants. SATURDAY, 7-"Gordy's Night Hawks" have become famous. Finances booming! .15 per. SUNDAY, 8-"Bad little boys have gone far away and good little boys have come back to Stay." F. Kc M. well represented. 'MONDAY, 9-"Griff" carries our best wishes with him to Neffsville. TUESDAY, 10-Everyone's singing "Varsity Drag." WEDNESDAY, 11-New Era prints ten attractive pictures of MXV graduates of Janu- ary, 1928. Now we're in the air! THURSDAY, 12--Seems like we've been back a month. H 1 1 FRIDAY, 13-Page program was exhilarating. "Iiew. and the Hartmans we1e sou- satisfyingg Sutt and Jimmy were-J11S'C Satlsfylflgi H SATURDAY, 14-"Seventh Heaven" at the Capitol and Blue Heaven at the dazics. SUNDAY, 15-Chicken dinner today spells S-0-11-P,f0F"1f11eSd21Y- Dld anyone Wan 0 seek the "ole swimmin' hole?" It are S0 W9fTm- - 1 Q ' ' - ' h el MONDAY, 16-Next semester's programs being made. D1. Go1d1n1e1 says in c ap , "Keep all engagements." fe -A ff ly 6 by ' N ' im X4 At!! as ' TK N 'oils' Alf xv' W "hwy 7 . Q W L-Xmg-e,r'isLgf:-LJSEZZL digg!! fOne Hundred Seventy-sevenj A l'- ' ,I pr l V W. 'li iw A a 1 ia! l ' 1 w X XR 1 l A ,A ff 9: - 1099 A--Y. R W M Tb . ll? A I7 'gy Sf l f S S' ' 'fd il. " , , gxlff- ' .5 .V W Quai X it s TWC'-'STONE . ,1 Af me li N f xx f A A 2 Ii H725 at "' . if-. lb 'ML75Q.f W 'V !'fQ7'ii'i','i"-Q W 1,1 N.. . I7 , 1 lm 4, 4 -. ,lf ,,l1l,r,, 7 Y QD., ,WWW , . f A f it vi, al, A allay. ilj ' ls. , Nj .T 1 f Q . W if f FEBRUARY xp W i SATURDAY, 4-"If I could capture your heart as easily as. I take this one!"-'spect ji 1' most every girl heard that at tho Touchstone Valentine Dance. P KJW' ll ff SUNDAY, 5-Coach says we eat too many big dinners. Then Sunday was hard on f- A' our health. I . I W, MONDAY, 6-Lancaster city teachers start upon the orgies of practice-work. The poor I 1-A Y dear children! ' ilu I l TUESDAY, 7-Just February 7. .' WEDNESDAY, 8-Slips were handed out at supper and we boldly stepped into a new lp g table to conquer. ii: l i FRIDAY, 10-Our girls cleaned up Thompson Business College with a score of 40-3. Ni l "- SATURDAY, 11-We liked the Junior plays, especially those exotic Chinese costumes-+ .I I ' ..' and the actors in them. I 1 il SUNDAY, 12-A few -of us took long hikes. p Hill MONDAY, 13-Lincoln's Birthday was observed. in chapel by an appropriate program. IW TUESDAY, 14-Poor Harold was rushed-and how! Valentines are sweet but silly l p aren't they? ,y Q, NVEDNESDAY, 15-We sang and sang. Wednesday chapel is nice. THURSDAY, 16-Peg Villee held the kiddies spell-bound in the Y. W. C. A. Children's gi 15 ,story-hour. A V FRIDAY, 17--Four men of Russia harmonized in the chapel tonight. For a Russian A ' quartet they spoke good Greek. Try to forget the bass in the scarlet tunic as wi 1 they sang the Volga Boatman! ' pf M SATURDAY, 18--And we poor innocents had cherished such idealistic views of our fac- il g ulty. The Mock-Faculty Meeting put us straight, and now we are lost-whom T! liiytl can we look up to? ' j pr. A SUNDAY, 19-Sunday-chapel, food, sleep, letters. ll MONDAY, 20-Mr. McComsey's Contemporary Poetry class boasted as many visitors as I members when they put on a Longfellow program with reading and dramati- . pglllg zation. il lil TUESDAY, 21-A representative from the Western Book Company was here. Wonder It W ij how many Victims will sign up to sell books this summer? fl WEDNESDAY, 22-The surprise hit hard. Special Senior chapel called forth a pledge Q of five of our hard-earned dollars next year to buy a pipe-organ. l li Q THURSDAY, 23-Seniors listen to a lecture by a representative of the Inter-State Diary Council. FRIDAY, 24-Normal Society again. Page is behind. . EH SATURDAY, 25--Mr. Book,.an artist, entertained us with a chalk talk, and four mem- gmilr - bers of the Dramatic Club put on a farce, "The Lawyer and the Manicure." My SUNDAYUC26-The only open-week-end before Easter and the choir was mostly substi- lg m u e' ' . 5 WEDNESDAY, 29-This is the day that made Leap Year. f 3 - . - Y MARCH ll THURSDAY, 1-F. Sz M. Glee Club and Orchestra were here, 'and we all turned out and then they left, and then we went to bed. il . . 5 FRIDAYb5TPage Society with a well-loved number, "The Rosary,". sung by Glendoln W I l -A W 3 V Vx S Q-kvkj g AA. is . 'Q ff Qxlih l xy y I f BT'-N llj il -A 0 fx W A 'JAY' .Ej5l.lfN.Llhg,pcgY:CX-iso cya ' D . a f ffjr? fxtlffffl san ' H0726 H?.l.1ZCl'7'6Cl Seventy-ciglitj Ti ,tid 'J . L . I ' 1 Tl N f XX ' 1' N 5 Y "-X A xv' X fx MLW? -' Mi f I Giwvlllyeiwew if Bd l wlN woo x gxgr-Efilixxxg T1 W N fh 2 WF' Q A N ffl' l 1 If wb bww, IQE gf QVCH fff4 M y fx3?59,,.1f,,f'1,L SATURDAY 3 The Intel S0C1ety Debate was won by Pageites two to one Ray' SUNDAE'1a?ScB1l3JiEJ'liOJE:1aiCgld1I1161 has 1athe1 '1 bad cold Isabel Dandois taught his Sun MONDAY o And today the Jun d d Organ 101'S 1 then bit by pledging one dollai towald the TUESD1gSt6 0fTa1Se glggllgiddlei class staged a banquet in the New East Annex and the WEDNE5DEAYh'ii Dcilctiol Gord1n1e1 announced in chapel that we must absolutely bc e ac e an mean we most always are specially ou1 minds 1n the class 1oom THURSDAY 8 Wonder 1f anyone has been noticing a certam green Studebake1 that comes out from town eveiy day? FRIDAY 9 Today we have been receiving ou1 mothels SATURDAY 10 Town and new clothes Tea and cakes Games and chee11ng and a play that enteitained with the zest 1ts t1tle plomised Old Lady 81 Motheis Went to bed tired SUNDAY 11 The mus1c 1n chapel was exqu1s1te Most of us took ou1 mothels to church fSomeone sald Gabby Young taught Mr D1lWAO1thS class J MONDAY 12 Today Dr GO1d1D16T piesented gifts to the vsinneis of the Room Con test The rooms were lovely THURSDAY, 15 A very lovely concelt The last enteltalnment numbei was g1ven to nlght 1n the Chapel The plogram was one of eXqU.1S1te haimony FRIDAY, 16 Both of our SOC1St18S debated Page with West Chester and No1mal here at home with Shlppensburg Both lost SUNDAY 18 From our chapel oifeung of the yea1 students today voted S100 to be donated to the organ fund MONDAY 19 The faculty ale qulte proud and su1ely have reason to be f01 the11 new Loungmg Room 1S charming VJEDNESDAY 21 Chapel was different today From a selection of five well known fax o11tes Dvoraks New World Symphony 1eC61V6d highest numbei of votes THURSDAY 22 Touchstone pictures ale belng auctioned Bidding was peppy today 1n Room R FRIDAY 23 Vocal number was a very gieat attraction on the Page plogiam We all were at Room R Most everyone was present elght meetings Iequiredl SATURDAY 24 In India was fantastlc It lived up to the t1tle 1n both costume and song SUNDAY 25 Spring b11ngs us guests MONDAY 26 Th1s week thele IS to be a basketball tournament Today the Jun1o1 and Mlddler girls played and the J umors won TUESDAY, 27 The game today was 2 yea1 Seniols Xs 3 year Sen1ors and the 2 yea1 Seniors won WEDNESDAY, 28-Today was Page vs. Normal-Page 34 and No1mal 30 . THURSDAY, 29-The biggest game of the season ' Motley Crew" ffacultyl vs. Hopping Haymakers fRural Clubj+and the Rural Club won. FRIDAY, 30-Home again! Home again! Ten days! - 1 I t ood-bye because you shall have to travel to e p 'll b lonesome losing these last days, but, littlecalendar, you need not feel badly bggalivsie Ieshall tell you now that the most important events before YOU Come gang tg me in the Touchstone, are May Day, and Class Day' and Commencement' es O luck little calendar. 7 . 5 A 1-4' "x be 63 fx XX l 1 we ti:11eaU1A1Q1fff+a at IQQSAPISXXT' ,ff 'll ' 'ff A K, L T' I Q' p AJ lfOne Hundred Seventyminel Ax 1 r fd +5 . J9:fl,g,: QT' 1 If ' -1 Q, Tftx ttf' liiflqx-,, fx J. A Y" F T 3 N ,f- ml i X 95 xl: X ' ' fn 4-K X mf 'l1fRYf?Lx5f7 1 V ' V L H -N I 8 5 ,.' 'EZ I , , fl I .. 'ft Q We ' 1 , ,I - w- 9 t ' X 1 'X X- ' 'yi fl iffy! Qi . f I Q A M A 1, w Yf'?1yf,:1Esia Q I I XII gd I' 7 W " . C - ' i X , 1. A . - , 1 C Q Q C I . ' . 1 - N33 I if I , X Q5 I J W . ' ' ' - ' .' . , U 4 - ' . . . xx ' , " . ' gf t . - - , . l flf 1 ,, . A lull , 1 , 1 0 I ' l I . t . 3 ' ' - K ii. l y A h . H - . I , 1 g N , 1 I ' . I? 1 , . - 1 X 1 l ' L ' ' . ' u n , JQ? . 2 - I , L- ' ' . . I Q 1 . K ' cc n , - Y Q , 7 "' 0 ' . . ' . Y' ' - , ,,, 'I' 'I I , 1 ' 1 cc . ir , - A ' . . , Q . 1 -1 . 1 ' 1 Q I , I I 1 I -cc I- n ' ' ' ' , . , 'T' 1 5. . I 0 l , ,. . -. ' U ' 7 . e . l 4 . xc H 'HQ Quan , Toucestomri X 1 1 x li v I., A ' FIELD' DAY gain our campus oveiflovved with people who did not belon ' to the M S N S Student b0dY On October A9 the Lancaster Yoik aid Leba- 11010 Qpfilulity Schools WSIS lfepresented here at their 15th Annual Field Day h 6 elements Were kind for the Weather was most encouraging and ll 9 gYI1'1113S131C events Went off with enthusiasm In the Gymnasium Chapel and Training School elocutionary and intellectual competition ran high. Wild cheering bursting out at intervals during the day added to the spirit. We MXV-ites got our excitement f " ddl' "' h t d - d soft drinks. "Official" sounds important, ddeJsi1i't igte? mg O Ogg an HALLOWE'EN PARTY The faculty have proved in the class-rooms that their degrees of A. M. fl' il!! I l xi ll A-F ,gli X 7 ' OD D I r Nerja C'-L1 K W Km A N , if fl , S ef it New " A .I V x 'J it l I ' if i W l i l . .... , .L q Z V , ' 1 as l . ' 2 XXX 1 ll l . ' . N i 3 lin f and Ph. D. aren't "gifts of the Magi," but honest-to-goodness -badges of intelligence, yet on October 29, we passed through such Weird Hunterres- tial" UD horrors and enjoyed such a clever evening that we now Wish to confer upon "each and every" member of the faculty of Millersville State Normal School, the degree of G. S. e. g. i. e. etc., Good Sport! The dining room had been put under a spell and as we passed, one-by- one through the gate, tended by Mephistocles, We held our breath and ut- tred a fervent prayer that if this be Purgatory, We'd send a "special'? back to Saint Peter to add up our grades again. We expected to find spirits from other ages, and did, for therewas La Fitte, the pirate, one of the weird sisters of Macbeth, and many others Who Would naturally feel at home in such an atmosphere. But, by the Way, did any one catch up the sleep lost by being up until twelve o'clock? P. S.--And the Devil was Mr. Dilworthl . FIRST TOUCHSTONE DANCE It really Was a delightful success, now Wasn't it, both socially and financially Qfinancially because We didn't quite go into debtb. Someone had a clever idea to decorate in red, White and blue, since Armistice Day was such a near holiday UD. Windsor-Terrace Orchestra rates with us. Who didn't dance, who could keep himself immobile While the music syncopated? The first dance of the season! Millersville's formal debut to society with F. Sz M. men in the lead! Why ?-because the BANN has been lifted f smothered gigglej . We're out for Bigger and Better Dances. V THE VARSITY DRAG This Was our first football dance sponsored by our heroes of the grid- ' -' ' was inevitable. Iron Cdifgiggilifgons are due the line-up and the Wearers of the "M". Jay Morrison's Golden Dawn Orchestra was an innovation in. our gym and could perhaps, have been a bit more golden-anyhow We d1dn't get to see the dawn. "Substitute" was cut, but "Penalty for holding" rather made up for it. The dance stopped at 11:15, With a final wail from its orchestra echoed by the! dancers. More music! 5 .V if 1 ffl! 21. I A X l Sb I Z fy +- if Q wo , x , A , fx Q L fx I X 1 J ' ' 4 ' - Q... f All I:One Hundo ecl Ezghtfy onel ,,, , , lil I' V I 4 lrgo m ,K ,Pl 4 A .J X F Q X. I ln, Shu 4 M N' ' 1 TUUCTTEQQNE 6' "A T gfnwiffflf f 1 XX 6' N ' 5-. I 'L' ' . 't A x "5-4 X ' L "J 161 Vw L-I ,Q Whiflg - f ' 9 F23 INQLK' ll ll 26, ll, JZ! ,A LANCASTER COUNTY CLUB NIGHT tj! W , i lj With the College Club Orchestra syncopating, the Stevens House as 1 ll A X v the ballroom, and the group as dancers, Friday evening, January 27, 1928, ll . Went off With a bang. It was a very attractive dance-everyone enJoyed I ll, ', ,Q ,f it. We 'thank our charming chaperones. 'W 'il it 4 VALENTINE TOUCHSTONE DANCE :ll Is W l Good Touchstone dances-good Touchstones. The dance Was a suc- I lj 3 I a t cess-may this, our Touchstone, be as much a one. Our gym Was quite 'pill f ll , I , 4 charmingly decorated With hearts scattered in such profuse abandon and W. l fl 4 1 ' I yet so cleverly, that every one caught the festive air. Furthermore, and .I Ki I, il in conclusion, the orchestra knew harmony. ' , I . I 'I ,MCCK FACULTY MEETING 'Z 1 lr E' When Dr. Gordi-nierf strolled in late and casually stated the cause of ,A W ' the gathering everyone howled. CNote. it-e. g.-i. e.-Dr. Gordinier-- 1 If ew James Daggettej And When the very severe and august faculty meeting lil I, I proved to be almost aimless and uncontrolled, our real faculty blushed in shame and consternation. They Were found out! One bit of business iz passed to another with characteristic remarks from the members. A : tl It lr carload of chewing-gum was ordered upon the recommendation of Mr. lf, Hoover. And things were going quite smoothly When the supper gong 2, rang. Restless and non-hearing our faculty sat on the edges of their xl mfg., chairs While Dr. Cordinier talked on-and the second gong rang. Every- Q one filed out and over to Gockley's! Curtain! Q 1 GLEE CLUB CONCERT 3 The Franklin and Marshall College Glee Club and Orchestra gave a con- ' cert in the chapel on March 1, 1928. The program Was an enjoyable one I . . With numbers Well chosen, and rendered, and received With an excellent J Vw spirit. l lull, ll Q, I . fugiy MOTHER'S WEEK END ' March 9, 1928, represented the. beginning of lVlother's Week End. ll? I About one hundred and twenty mothers spent this time at Normal School. M ll An elaborate program for the three days' visit had been prepared. It opened With the Gala Reception in the Main Dining Hall on Friday eve- 3,2 gl , ning. On Saturday afternoon there Was the basketball game with Blooms- 'Q burg State Teachers' College and the Tea in the East Annex. On Satur- lilly day evening the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. gave their play, "Old M Lady 813' And then on Sunday morning there Was a special choir pro- Lllx gram at the regular chapel exercises. Faculty, students, and mothers Elll found genuine joy in each event that made up this lovely Week End. iljj, .. ll gm IN INDIA - A . Exotic scenery and costuming' made of the Junior Operetta a charm- .1 mg presentation. The theme of the drama, enacted and told through song, I centered around the .choice of a beautiful orphan girl, by three old hags, to 5 , be the V1llQg9,D3HC111g' Girl. The leading roles were cleverly worked out 1 l 4 by Nellie Ehart, Ruth Cale and Augustine Lebo. 55 W f l A Augie Fug- I 2-Ty L ., 'I F Ox! pf-V fOne Hzmdred Eiighty-twojl is ' L 5 - All f n ma Q' fmfioii at 9 Tlx TOtlCr-13ToINlE 1. 3 ,ga W Sao fsm o Q5 eil I M ffm " ? X W X ' Zu 4 M " QAEZVFY' fl! N ' . N m uh .. ' ' ,., .8 1 9,1 , mafia 31, 45 Mlm 4725922 H ' 71535117 egfifzffffzf5111151 I , l 'A D I 1, L1 9 . lx , lf l If ff? l ay K , ' x I ' , 1- A x l X f Um' gntertczznnment horzzs Nzzwzberf ABRAHAM LINCOLN M1llersv1lle enjoyed a rare pr1v1lege ln seemg Dr1nkwater s play of the beloved Llncoln portrayed by a cast of twelve New Yolk actols It was br1ll1antly presented We appreclated It A LECTURE Ammal nature was the theme of a lecture by Dr W1ll1am Clapp of the Boston School of Technolooy 1n the chapel Saturday ex en1ng January 21 1928 Dr Clapp has spec1al17ed 1n the study of reptlles and It was th1s phase of the anlmal klnffdom that he elaborated 1llustrat1ng h1s very 1n terestlng lecture by lantern slldes RUSSIAN CATHEDRAL QUARQET The RUSSIHH Cathedral Quartet a group of men sent to th1S country by the former Russ1an Government appeared at M1llersv1lle on February 17 1928 These men chosen for the1r unusual quahty and range of vocal tones sang several Amerlcan folksongs and some class1cs The outstand lllg feature of the evenmg was the s1ng1ng of Russ1an Cathedral anthems whlch are the Iinest and most d1fficult of all Russlan mus1c The art1sts appeared ln costumes that lent charm to the1r 1nterpretat1ons A CONCERT On Thursday even1ng Malch 15 1928 Mr Wh1te of the K M Wh1te Attractlons lntroduced to us the three art1sts who gave a very dehghtful program Dorothy Curt1s p1an1st rendered 1n a very sp1r1ted manner some of the best of modern muslc Especlally d1d she excell IH the br1ll1ant ghssando work so thoroughly sponsored by the new French school Henry Clancy tenor took us under calm blue sk1es where apple blossoms are flutterlng 1n the sunhght as he sang For the clear even calmness of h1s tones one can only say genre gentlle 1n the superlatlve Ellse Sorelle harplst by her ve1y appearance carr1ed us under sparkhng' crystal chan dellers 1n Venetlan drawlnff rooms Her numbers were once glochevole and agaln paventato altooether entranclng Throughout the program candles of appreclatlon burned brlghtly 1n the soul of the aud1ence fa' A Y Vs, , , f1 4? X , f H .X 1 S00 Qi Max fx Q carb Qatmtaw law filly l All l:0ne Hundred Fzghty thfreej M C Ny! ,, f 1 e1 N fl fl . . . , , t , Nfl ly 1' ' 5 . ' ' ' ' I D , P itil' ll I' fy . . . . . ' c " . 1 ' ' ' llll' V 154 A ll 0' 'ml .I H If IH 9 ' Y . I ' l ' IV , . , - , , . , A I "1 'N X lt QB A Z dpi , 1: 0 gl., Sk G' Q. H I if SAR Q - i f J- - l" I f - " Q 251 ,E f-on 'SWS E ll I . 3'.!:2,.ETL? f99t, .Aa N kx V fl, K i x 5 I '. gr!! , N-. . 2 M . f ' D LLL Hgrx ff f' I ff I , 'V LL v ' W Zl? 5f95XWff?3 ff is lf, ....- .. . -. H K ,fldfiazblpf ,ffl W A3 ' f Q Q ! I t I 'I If ,..V U A , I H I I V r W' W 'ff A I I . VVVVVV , It at A'h 1 ' mizlQYSV:lkQAb V. A Hag! Qhag is I, HWS? A '33 xl sf wwx, W .So gf N X3 my jx Ji! 'Qx cy J J 4, Y ' X ,V . 1 I X ,CIT fl x fd fm . ,X yk A , ff nf , f if X, Xfiyf -Dx V, X N f xx ,fr , 6 J , mL V L. M Q' Tig , ,I , f A iw JLQN J 4, f , A , . 'fo Fm aggfjzwglg ,nw N 0 Q rf 1 Qt X U f Q 5-N ly N fcff iff LT ,- 41 ' uw e x 'ff ' u x X 0 ,..- ' 5 , Wf fr, XM' ,X i L T0U5j2fT zz M 'N ew' ' ' ' " 1 Q ONE W ELX, A Tb 8 , , . M. Q Asif 'ggyA,1A,,,f f X-"" 2y'f'fx?SQ X ,, vu ,4 Ragga! ZX. if C. lxqpxxxixbj 'ffl 417 Q! U f yf gp!! KJ rfOf'XtwfM EJ' fx! .,X f 'pl , ' N 1 A - . P, i 3- V , , I I I M JD W , A 3 ' - Yx ff 5 ' - A 'L AA A A , A ff, I A 2 K 41 wi I ty - I I , i . X' yf. I V X ' ' . if A 1 ,XJ f Ax f A 9 K, . 7 , A y ' V 'sf M ' A A ' , ' A M' AM v , J A A i ' Q 'f' if 7 A 5 . 2 i it ff VA ' fl A f ' A , ,AeA gi A f A 2 -A' f '1 ,',- f' . . A I , ,gg A ' ' A 1 V fr, Av V,V, A ,. firm 1 ,.,,, ,V ,V 1,731 A ,," ' a , A , h 7 ,',,, 1 I ,glfy fr, V V, I vm ,,vAv I LV H , ZA V A I, ' S. V. L: , JV I Qs, Y I . ' X 2 'A ' . 3 V 'V J ,X - z y A W -P' U I ' ' ' YA ffl A Q M KZ, - , Qi X .gg K- g xX.N,Q WLS rs X1 1 xx fi V 6:1 , Q V AM 1- , mt xxxi , ' s- ' if 9 - I '. I ll f ,L ,l W , I x , V, W A 1 K if " Sin X ' 2 'z-DOG fs, kin x L fi 4. M tixlgjlfi 5 hs- E 'N . ' ,Q 7 fff C 11 ' 4 'tj wrcyflf , Q w 3, pw . 4 UCHQT ,-, I .Jf , f !.,V 4 . AL T0 , 28 .L , ff f ?,,1 w, f, Gm ' -, , ' bw gp Cl -' X 'X 'M 'MHA X 6 4 f V ,, Q M WL fx 'INV ' WK ,lA, V ..4, .. .. ..A. T5 ,1, 55,1 1 Y,, - w M Q A V f , V !,i. ! V ir, . ,. If I I x f ,ifgrgfl Ely f Ill V P SH!! ' V wiv 1 'N 'f w X Q A r .i' 'fi 4"i,',!' l V L ' 1 ,f A L Q11 SIM iff K iff? uw Ha '5 J' Q 'QYQLJWQHCS mas x -1 v Tii: aC4'3 for I A ' QT XOTX- , , H h . ' ff S if fl I- 5X 1,1 X ? 1 f fx A M 5 A f f"X.tM!f,fc'9Q,gi?i s UQwgwcisgviwmgwf f1'l 5S5i3?5C2511'W' 77 1, XJ 3 K f x v ,f Z K -D I7 Q- W af Q H W Q I fx gy fa 'BX 5? x A Q If 3532 if f.---' -I IM Q Sw X f , X if Q 3 , QL' Q k - A L M V ' Q I QHCS A1 X 1 M fl uUp qenilcmen 5 qou shallisee sport anon. -Hurd. Merrq Ulves of QIl1dSOIT ' i N ff 'ZAR' ' 'PTY Mhixil-', FT! 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' .' it lil will Q U . f ' COACH JOHN PUCILLO The past season has been one of the most successful ones for years. We cannot give too much credit to Coach Pucillo Who has Worked hard to turn out Winning teams to represent Millersville on the gridiron, cage, dia- mond, and track. With our coach's ability and with most of this year's stars returning next year, We know that Millersville Will have athletic teams of Which she Will be proud. We Would say, Coach Pucillo, that our praises and best wishes are inspired by your vital, boyish, enthusiasm and your frank sincerity, qualities Which have compelled our lasting respect and admiration. f.-Qxpfi H f . 1 -Q .. "Wed lfQ'.Rfl 5 all lil- I ,J N rg ,i an ix il llllf' R75 'Wm fl 2' +71 , - f :, fff' t TT--. ,ff ,Cx xl. X-TTA, '.',1lz".1RxQ ff- 'llgxlig X ,.. ., ' , . 3.1 ., ,M ' sf K- 1' ' fs-W 'f X.vlXhe'XX1'-ffl A4- - ,L ' in itil JL! Vx .N V.,--Ygfx I . xx? fri, . Xxzix MV.- mil 4,-,fx s.fTf ,f f X -gm X X' ,w .lu -,4'xX, :-,- -, 1,5 QT, X X 4"'iN-ff' X18 ,Cx 'wil-45 5' -L9 iliyr, - ,--., X211 ,Q . l i f . , , . -Q 5 X. i Ye .wi-.w .frm N-:C if Ks., . . ti- 1"-T. 'ii ' .1 mf , , f lm V p, 1 'i " -.1 657: Q lf, Nc fn 5: "'f' sl- .X 5:4 NX-X-,.,f1f,5 ,X 1.1 ixxt' 11,1 yi-ly V. , i . -x - .t . t-. X Q X X tx , x, ,V ' f -V ' 4 ' Q :'f,-.'fw', X. sf xi, ,f -. .. .if fi-ff f rf X LOne Hundfzsad Einglatgf-eiglzij it ', ii'x 1 'ix' xl-. - fissgifg A Ng, . 'S' - I " X- 1 5 --,V - "-'- .wi ---fx. ,V ww- P -'we X , i , . -' S 1 ' ffl . , K ' 1 K ax"-. ,. f. 1, .. Umar?" "' fl ' ll 'J '- ' ' - , rift! - fy . in v 'fp ,ly Z. ,xttlwj .NM iifflhuil . iff wif -iw.. '. uv, ?l."Vf.l3ff , iff' l'Wl9'll -r fr' v4Qgf,1fff IE: syywy'-.' ciluw , lu M M ' Vx .f"4f'. 'k J 5: ', 'fi 'A ix ' fri U: ll' . 'ilfifgz f Willie igllllfl ll l,1Lf?: 'v 1511, , 5 1 , 'Q f' ,f 'A ' 'uv '4 f on, K Al 'NZ-1-- X. 'i - f " ' V -:V - . f . . sr . ff' . ' ,-., , N-Qs Xi' v '-:ff-'ff f',fr ,. ,ff ,, ' ,V . " " ' N: -X75 13: -ii-.N s-'f 27151, T2M"xg,clf!l'f'R ' 'V X' 'Av A l'5T?-- - ,M . ' QI-. -3-,QL ' 'Nf'gx,g,,i Q jf .- V 'xx-,lf :J 'Q ff, X45 CGACH "BILLY" WILCOX We, of M. S. N. S. are proud of our coach, Billy Wilcox. Her bril- liance and versatility have made her indispensable to both the faculty and student body. The cooperation which the girls display when Working ' ' ' " "b t to her power of leadership. She has with her is, in itself, a t11 u e Worked faithfully to give to our school a girls' basketball teani of which ' ' 1928 extend to you Miss Wilcox it may Well be proud. The entire class of , , ' f' uccess in the past and sincere Wishes hearty congratulations foi your s for your continued success in the future. ll 1 j,."ai',,, . 1 "fd x fi . .f 'f'ff.-, s. " . ' 1,-f5..",3 9 'ir fo W i' is ' 4 S 4. 5 ' S, ..., ..,jrlg"rc ,i ffijvf ff j 1 X ,-N 1 X' N"'l"'2', fl LONG Hmzclfrecl E'ighty-nincj ff N 'Ig i 'V , 'J fri, Y f 1 V if 7 W-,rv Y WY, W, ,,w,. .,,-.f,,. , -.iw VVV. V-Y -V 7- Y W ,,,.,,-,M.-, ----W .wvm W YYAW-,777 in Y W , , 4 , - V , ,. V 77,7 ANNA- ---- -- --- -, ' - ---4 - .1 J.,.7,..---,- H W 7,,,,,W,,,,f4, , 4 I 1 x 5 Q E 5 " , e .-- f ,, M N A- E -gn vibn irii pbffip-N. . N Xb fr W ' U .ff ESQ-we 'or fc 1 , .. Nx ' f 5 X 22 S HQTUNE f ' - U S, F" All lf .. - W f WM . if K . in lf - " L 1 'lf fy 4 , P4 ' ll 353 x iii! R F f if A I4 'Tl f fl N. ' l 3' 1 1 si lh' .PwMwU MW 1 1 X ll' l l, I . I ly! .2 Q3 Mig Il 4 SCHEDULE ' Mv. Opp. 0Ct- 1-YOI'k High School, away ,,,.,,,,,,.,, ,..,,--. 0 ' 26 .Oct. 8-Kutztown S. N. S., home .................. ......,. 1 3 6 Oct. 15-Stevens Trade School, home ,,.,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,. 2 3 0 Oct. 21-Beckley College, away ...,,,.,,,.,,l,,,,, ,,,.,,,, 0 27 Oct. 29-F. Sz M. Academy, home ,,,.,,.,,,,,, ,,,,.,,. 6 0 NOV. 5-Shippensburg T. C., home ,,,l,,,,,,,. ,,.,,,,, 0 19 NOV. 12-West Chester T. C., away .,,,,l,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0 43 The "Black and Gold Te-am of 1927" experienced one of the most suc- cessful seasons for years. It achieved its greatest triumph by defeating F.i8z M. Academy for the first time since 1914. We all know the fight - that "good old line" put up at the most crucial and trying moments of the game and here's to every member of the team-may they iight as fairly and squarely in Life as on the gridiron! Captain Griffith, who played a stellar game at tackle, and Roger Sullivan, the right end, are the only varsity men who do not expect to return next year. We Would give credit to the scrub team and the managers also for their faithful Work. A glance at the schedule recalls glorious victories, hard defeats, Wonderful autumn days, terrible fields of mud, -banquets, and great cheering squads-an ideal football season. i ' l F S' lx ,. f lim 0 ,X six f ci :ml we Q sw, ,X lab ' 1 6 i C jp l 'R A X, Y ,QQ :Q l -5- 'I uk x Q3 li lfQtl1ll'L7"? ff-lflflijl 55431 ,W . cf KJ 3 SA M O Q fOne Hundred Ninety-onel . L . . I 5 x 1 l H I as gi pigb s m ff-gjilf lm l Q0 5 TOUCHSTUNE it 41 M , , X., WWWW, X . f 1 WM N228 V K . . 'rff SI H, .Ml 1. al 1 fr W X ' riff: ,Xl lr. 0 I, W ,f'f,l'L,,f!' Efflllflgfy , ll lf . A Wg, , zrlf Uaryzty faykefball f f U 7, M Z xl 1 i f 5 l' 5 - "l.l'?fl r Katherine lvlowey ,,...,,.,4Q,.- .:"-.V,'.--.- F Orward Q ff. pl. . Eleanor Wilson ,,.,,,,,,,,,,., -.--..-,...--, F Orward .f lp ' Agnes Ramsey ............,.. .............. F orward Lf Elsie Wilson ................ .............., C enter JQN Ruth Keller ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,.,,,,,,, --.---.-.-- G uard Katherine .Inman -,...,.---q-'. --'-..'-.'-----. G uard Claire Miller ,,,,,...,,,,,,.,,,,, ----l--.-'--.---.--.-----. G uard Nettie Sylvester ,,..,,,..,,,,. ,.-"-,-..-4 S idegentel. ' Beatrice Miller ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,.,.,,,,-.,.-A ,,....-.'-',,, M anager SCHEDULE Home team Visiting Team January 7-Lancaster Y. W., at home ,,,,,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,,, 29 23 January 21-Philadelphia Coaches, at home ,,,.,,,,,,,, 34 22 F9bI'l13.I'y 3-Albright College, away ,.,, 7 ,,,,.,,.,,,,,...,,,,..--, 23 34 February 10-Thompson School, away ,.,,,.,,,,,,.., ,,,,,,, 4 0 3 Febfualfy 22-Thompson School, home .........,,l..,,,,,,,,,,.,, 34 3 F9lOI'u9.I'Y 25-Philadelphia Coaches, away ,.,,,,.,l,,,,,, 52 23, A March 2-Lancaster Y. W., away ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 28 32 MaI'Ch 17-Albright College, home ...............,..,....,.,,,,,,,,.,, 23 20 The girls have had a splendid season of basketball. In all, Coach Wilcox's proteges gained the upper hand in six of the eight matches. . With only Kit Inman, Eleanor Wilson and Ruth Keller of the regular 1926-27 team as a nucleus, Coach Wilcox moulded together a team that swept through the first two games with Lancaster Y. W. and the Phila- delphia Coaches With Very little effort. New supporters that aided in- these victories were Claire Miller, Elsie Wilson, Lavinia Hostetter, and Agnes Ramsey. As a result of the team's splendid showing, the girls were awarded varsity letters. Coach Wilcox will again have charge of the team in 1928-29, and with such stars as Kit Mower, Nettie Sylvester of the first team, and Emma Dennison and Mary Fauth of the second team, the, prospects are bright for another successful year. ' ffl f as Q5 I Sify A H E531 Wifi' ao ' - if if gpm, Y ,. or X C4 , U Wgjp !iflfQf6Q'45 fx V 1,145-. gg! A KJ Ulf-X im kd 7 gg!! 1 fOne Hundred Ninety-tlweej 1 x ' fx! ' , , if ESSEX 'J S X O ' K l . Qi 4- M l , Wil 'igli N ,g H Q n I my H928 , . ' -7 'gf jfj :sm my it s ' W 2 gm ' "D , 'N' il, na Nl l T," f Q 44l5f. l a In f fl 1, WB' 4 , 5 y l F 5 Q 9 L ii Aly, vb, l Qzrls asferve Team ", X . s 5 '23 Marietta Seaman, captain ,.,,.,.,,,, Eleanor Wilson ..,,,.,.,,,,,,, g ,,,.,,,..,,, Esther Baldwin .......... Mary Fauth ,........,,,.,,.,,,,,, Lavinia Hostetter ,.......... Emma Dennison ..........,,,,. Abigail Iahter ..,........ Edna Kiser ...................,.,. Anne Brenneman ............. . Beatrice Miller ............. SCHEDULE .........ForWard .........ForWard .........ForWard .,...........Side Center ........................Guard ...................Guard Side Center ..........:...........Center .........lVIanager Home team Visiting Team January 11-Manor High School, home ........................ 21 January 21--Stevens High School, home ........... ..... 1 2 February 2-Manor High School, away.. February 13-Linden Hall, home ........................... ..... 1 2 February 24-Linden Hall, aW-ay ........................ ----. 2 7 March 16--Stevens High School, away .............. V -,-- 13 ,Z ' f Q5 Q23 m l l f - r A ' "N w AW Xl. .2 - vw M fx Html X Q if " F lf V 'GJ fOne Hundred Nmety fivel ll? il llr v V I 4 N Sis? Sill Ekw Qqgi,-N.. Q wi wx .. f im Q53-.2'1Qfu . Xi Q I2 Katie-sf 5 411 . - .e ff 3 gf fi Q ,ia Q0 f -3 I, lx , ua. M . L'-'la N- K ' V f2,V s"' 1 xggw Q5EX,Mf,. 5 WWFM kb 5.371 Q2 8 3 qflmliigyilf iff gy 2' . 'xglyllff ifaryiiy Svlzedzzle fe W1 December 10-Lambda Chi Alpha, home ............,.,,,,,, - Home team Visiting Team . 40 22 December 17-All Scholastics, home .,.,,, 37 04 3 .........,.,,,.,.,, 3 January 7-Y. M. C. A., Lancaster, home ............,,, 37 21 January 14-Kutztown State Normal School heme --------------------------------- ---- - 1 --------------......... .................... ,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,, ' 4 5 39 January 18-F. 81 M, Academy, home .4".--........--".-'--.--.-' 40 29 January 21-Shippensburg State Teachers C01- lege, away ............................... ..............,,,..,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,.,.l,.l,,.,,,,,,, ,vuuhlh 2 9 4 6 February 4-Thompson, away ......... ul 38 13 February 11-Thompson, home .,.,..,,,.,,,-,-..,--...-.,,--',-.hh- ..--- 6 3 23 February 18-West Chester State Teachers Col- lege, heme .........................................,... ...................,,..,.,,,,,.. ,,.,,,,,,, 3 6 46 Kutztown State Normal School, away ,,,,.,,,,,,A,.,,-.,,.,,--,,,,. 21 44 March 3-Shippensburg State Teachers College, 1101119 --------------.-----------.............................................. ..........................,... 3 1 28 March 19-Bloomsburg State Teachers College, home ......................................................,..,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,.,,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,,, 4 0 32 March 17-Lock Haven State Teachers College, 3W3Y -------------------------------------------------------------------..-...-....................,.. ..... 6 1 27 March 21-F. Sz M. Academy, away .........,.,,.,...,,,,,,,,.,,,,., 33 34 HARRY RUDY, Forward, Captain. "Coming through" in the pinches was I-Iarry's hobby, and it is for this characteristic that we admire him. His ability to drop "two-pointers" and his floor' work were above reproach. WARREN GOCKLEY, Forward. Gockley's flashy passing and sensational shooting were always the outstanding characteristics of the game. EDWARD KRAFT, Center. Ed's coolness combined with his smile helped to win many of our games. As our center he was in every play. U EARL REIST, Guard. Of Earl we say, "He knows how to play the game and always fights to the final whistle." He was one of the fastest men on the team. WALTER HICKS, Guard. Walter was one of thesmall boys on our team who showed his ability by his brilliant floor work, and his clever passing. CLYDE WENGER, Guard. Wenger's ability to check his opponent proved him to be an important aid to the strength of the team. ARTHUR HACKMAN, Guard. "Art" plays a consistent defensive game, and we predict that he will become a Millersville star of highest rank. JAMES WITMER, Guard. "Jim" will always be remembered for his coolness which steadied the team and helped to win the Bloomsburg game. . u DAVID EMERICK, Forward. Emerick surely can play basketball as his passing and clever shooting soon proved. X rx 1 L- ,-M F Vx ' , 6 L KT taalrb ei,tfgfxse5a1f iw1xSjwf,1g1fr+eej -X: ,, . , A. I K7 . . X T s 'A1l fOue Hundred Ninety-sevenj kj K . 'NX B "-' ..- ' -0- Q C, -1-91 .X ,411 V??8 l Ejilfiil b px' W N if OUCHSTQNE ' '- M W ' N wffbh a f ' Mlm '925 KC 9 1 QNQW 151' 1 f rw' N sf rf ww I Za N 5' O ' TLT 1 N?g2ai"f u wife M f 'I Wx X ,' W wi X N M . I I 1 QWT1 ' 3' H. Y I f M M1 Qserve Scfzedufe V? Q9 , Home Team Visiting Team December 10-Manor EX-High ........... ........ 3 2 38 January 7-Paradise Club .............................. ,,,.,,.. 4 0 53 January 14-Phi Kappa Tau ................................ .Q ..... 19 ' 13 February 11-Lancaster All-Scholastics ..,.... .... . .. 48 37 February 18-West Chester Reserves ........ ........ 1 5 46 March 3-Lancaster Presbyterians .........A. ........ 4 4 27 March 10-Phi Kappa Phi .............................. ........ 2 9 28 , fx ' WL- 1 Q23 we af 5131 ' as xqegwwh QQP"'1Q,Q w f vor T Kxjflj ff J , A , is 'M L X3 fx fm me TW V122 1 W: 6' AQ? X XS? , QM 'I , V One Hundred Ninety-'nine X-f-fj c C ,, ,lo 4-,,- N 'Af' 7-lx C. j, CQf"c1:,,,V'V VL 5 ' f, ,l i, fi nf!! ,f W - -fA ' N1+fIQ9?"l'5-i1fffVX4fiile'i'fQV W -5 fl' ill. f'Z.V'! 'l. M 1 4li"l', ' V "l-Qs., . ,,"' -TilXl1"x""--lifwx' Xl: - uf!" 1 "ll 4. " K' . 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Dickert, c. Nace, lb. Sutt, l.f. Niosi, c.f. Hughes, r.f. Furlow, 2b. Sullivan, r.f. Offner, p. Gockley, c. Witmer, 3b. Hamme, s.s. Shadel, p. Umstead, 2b. Hickes, r.f. Kauffman, lb. Hackman, p. . X 4 filly Q, -.ell ff, f'f-'SN e ,Ai 6 ci 1,f ?:i , C NQffY-- If-"fXX.'1C. I I X rx-kg v f!fmzlFEVM-Mu X'-1i'gf-Xin-sf :jf Xl' ' 'K "5--.llilllrj-X61--fx yglxll,-jlrlll. '!,kiiTJjisl- ky, JN, W ,V br' Q lm, .A '- A .1 QEQKE. lll 1 f--' X X.f' ill xx -ll ,Nj . ' - "Q f ,-fff' .1 f X' x- ' xX""'lll li A . F, -Miz gqlfi: 4' V YV K' A N ' filfil i"- 7 li V xXx if X l fT'wo 1'l.'IHlfI'I'C'!H :J ' ld 'Alf' if I J, ,, V 1 l I ,4,l. I. 0 M - x ,,..- xlzsggix Q X H ff I K ' ', I, XJ CY A ' ' f' :2TgwS,Wjf4f will I f xxqvifgy SVI' I' W , , , ' They W 120 Wear the JW , KV, fx' X h I f R W If' Ii I 4 '93 'W W ' I W W QI SUTT , RUDY ' - BERTZFIELD HARTZELL ' GULDIN UMSTEAD REIST GOCKLEY DAGGETT SHADEL MOWVER WILSON RAMSEY WILSON FURLOW HUTCHINSON KRAFT OFFNER SULLIVAN HIOKS WILSON I KREIDER WINTER KELLER INMAN MILLER SYLVESTER WILSON F Q S 2 m .J Z3 X 0 E1 W K-NEW I . 5 K QNNN Q f' If f 150 J OAI - If I I '52 SRT ,',, K I' lTwo Hundred Onej fix .fi W" W K af fn!!! fe r: eq 0 e 4 fi XX xg Z ,N Thus men qrou wuser every dag TouchsTone As You Luke It e 2-' n , 1' : Q W N x Nl- k,j xx N gg! A e L' , f 0 e f -' I J v X ' ? 1 wi f U -2:2 e -:Iraq 3 QIX L 1 5 if Xl f- f f! . -W f e J 'Q , Q, K I X W "R v X X , -X ,,, ,X - J QJS 7 "N .. - H 1' J . I I V I ,ga X 1 B oy? ' 'I 19 - C TOUCHSTONL A. . I E . ,I if , . H' up I 5 51 I M 1 I' ,L XX 'xffl 5 I I f NJ 1 I R- I List 0 f Adfvertzfery I E qw A K II' I AGRICULTURAL TRUST CO. NTL BACON Sz VINCENT fig-'fl B. F. BARR Sz CO. CONESTOGA NATIONAL BANK CONESTOGA PUBLISHING COMPANY DARMSTAETTER'S ' DIETRICH'S CONFECTIONERY EDISON ELECTRIC CO. C. H. ESHBACH FINKLESTEIN GOCKLEY'S ' GROFF L. B. HERR Sz SON J. C. HERTZLER HOUSER 82 COHO IMPERIAL DRUG STORE JAHN Sz OLLIER ' J ONES-LEVAN KANDY KORNER I MILLERSVILLE NATIONAL BANKA MIIILERSVILLE PRESS , W. SCHAEFFER CARL SCIILOTZHAUER SHENK BROS. ZOOK'S JEWELRY STORE X I ' , ,N WE x Q1 MIM 1? MMWjMW5VwW'W l'pfSm QB I X69 Q Z4 f'N W Ken In AJ, fTwo Hundred Fwefl . l . x . ,Aa Z3 ljvfio m I W M viii L2 Toucr-1sToNr1 H ... .. , ly I il ,N ! 4 n .7 N X' --f 1 iff' 'F' fl EF-XT, I 4 il ' Q ess? se J 91 ill lilifi? I 1 X . V.: W ' ' DISQUALIFIED Q it 9351e.ia,fk.z3k:3.51tf1a.55i11555522 dfisisma him to i y , ' ' ,Q an you're no use' cause 7 X you re scalped already. ' .S ff - r ls-'a u f 1,- f' 4 At 12 she stifled a yawn. The poor boob h l h Xmxy . l ningrand milhing elsefasiffedf TAFG YOU Sleepywsoo Spent t G eve- Q 3 Oh, 110, S119 Feplled, 'lf'-S Just my retiring disposition." if li 1 ' ' km i Al' in , Two small boys were puzzling their brains to invent a new game. At l li 'Q T l . . last one of them said eagerly, "I know, Bobby, let's see who can make the lil? .. ugliest face. JQ., "Aw, go on l" was the reply. "Look what a start you've got." Ediici M cCiLe' to class-"Did you ever see a crooked river that doesn't run straight ?" , The country school-board was visiting a school and the principal was putting the children through their paces. "Who signed the Magna Charta, Robert?" "Please, Ma'am, 'twasn't me," whimpered the youngster. The teacher, in disgust, sent the boy to his seat, but a member of the board was not satisfied, so he said, "Call that boy back! I don't like his manner. I be- lieve he did do it." , Gather your kisses while you may, Time brings only sorrow, For the girls who are so free today, Are chaperones tomorrow. ,lll.ll- Miss Loiufry--Try this sentence: "Take the cow out of the field." What mood? Victor fof the Training Schoolb-The cow. ,,li.1-..l-- Miss Dcwis fto Wilsonb-It is nothing to worry about-just a boil on the back of your neck. But you must keep your eye on it. ,, -li '.. ' f gtfl,' 'the'? , 122,25-ILsl1vbu1liiSsiiyOsCoF Xt dance last night I had to keep remind- ing him that it was me he took and not you. - Visitor to Hcwtzcill-How do yoy make Your haiht? .t Hwrtzcill-We don't make it ma am, we aCCL1I1'1U H 9 1 - 3 .f' X pa, VY e lb 1 . FT311'QjfPA'lffl' Q I V l:Two Hundred Sevenj . ' ' L- , , .W I 1 ,lyk -N , , 3 N 7? Q x X-X YJ j Z5 A X, , fx if I by f I " l f ' 'l VT' e gigf i fy I 1 T WJ 5 Our Service Means Satisfaction to You Remodelmg offewelry-Repaz'rz'ng of Wggghey FAVORS-PRIZES-TROPHIES FOR EVENTS zooK's JEWELRY sToRE 50 North Queen Street ' Lancaster, Palma. BACON E? VINCENT The Kandy Korner 49 East Swan Street Buffa1O,N. Y. Where Quality cmd SMR, Agent, for Serwzce Count Q Art Education Drawing Books, Duke and Chestnut SJUTCCJCS Aids for Teachers and all Lungiwy S045 Wafer General School Supplies Magazines THE PEDESTRlAN'S NOTEBOOK AGAIN Walking is a method of getting from place to place by leaps and bounds. ' For every pedestrian who believes that what is good enough for him is good enough for his son, there is a motorist to see that they both get it. It is a wise. pedestrian who jots down the number of the motor car that is about to run over him. V When a pedestrian really wants to reach his objective, he disguises himself by taking a street car. Your true pedestrian is a person who, if he owned an automobile, would have it swept from under him by a motor-truck-Exchange. RECIPE FOR A MODERN NOVEL One dozen assorted red lights. . One set "collected works of Elinor Glynn." Seven Grade-A complexes. Three nudes. Four cases fpathologicalb. Two cases fginj. One man of affairs. Two ladies of same. Eleven sneers. Nine liquors. ' Serve as half-baked frothy paste- cOneSwggPub11Sh1ngllElO GEO. S. WOLF, PRESIDENT PRINTING AND PUBLISHING . , ,- ' ',21,III X V .:q School' and C ollege P 7771 te Vs of Annuals S - Ill IQ lll I'I ' I llll Q I l, l yi il' . The Touchstone ,j iffl esei Catalogues, Connnerezal ' ' -'i13 5-igfjff Iell Qg,Q5QjJf ,-,IQ 5ys. ifffEll1 sell,ip - - .tlf and Color Prznfzng 1014-1020 North Christian Street Opposite New Pennsylvania Sfalion BELL PHONE 15 ' ESTABLISHED 1906 - - i The I Agricultural Trust I ana' Savings ' LANCASTER CO. PENNA. Yfeffy 2 W, Q23 M,--2 bring., Y KK? Qff "fx " .-jfpittjfbs 5 1 ! I ,.- I ... Til ll l s JCff?'t"57ie ., I: ."' N . . W .. fl, ET . 4qq - w,,5?J .L ,T ' j l., c , " w- c... - gl .Q A- -. , 'CAS - . ' -'W X W 1 .- A.. K -L.. -. Us auss i ' 2 ' f' A , , ,L , . rg-:J -'W anesfaga Eiaizenaf Wann Lancaster, Penna. A. K. Hostetter, President . Frank McGrann, Vice-President ' A. H. Landis, Cashier r J. F. Aierstock, Ass? Cashier D John A. Coyle, Counsel Capital, Surplus and Undivided Proiits - - 31,050,000 Total Resources Over - - i 6,800,000 We have S648,000 Trust Funds notincluded in above amount. We are authorized to act as Executor, Administrator, Guardian and Trustee , - We pay Four Per Cent. Semi-Annually on Savings Accounts ' -- Q -fan . .' . ,,Qi"- ff fog N . ' "N-'liaxfs - X S M ',. 4. 3 I J Jn L W 7 f msg, FQ fwfozjii 'wow IW - --I f" ff Q 'Tw' 1 YM . If as-L .M - I ToocHsToNE :A . if N 1 Q Qs- '5 -0f 'J"' '925 wif Kfilllsiifl Q gli' - . 1 ff g..fJ f xp., .geglmfy if AFTER oHILDREN's LITERATURE EXAMINATION ' 257 X Q ' Th tfilmg fff:6Z7Z-KKMGFCUFY is the Goddess of Temperature, isn't she? X a 's W a put on my paper." I . A Miss Kcme-"Johnny, can you tell me what the connecting link is be- i' 'W ki tween the animal and vegetable kingdoms ?" Q ' N l J olmny--"Yes, ma'am, 1t,S hash!" 3 I . -l-L iq '1 fi N, 3 Miss' Stauyjfefr-"Correct this sentence, 'It was me that spilt the ink'." tl il R Pupil-"It wasn't me that spilt the ink." VM ,R 1 L -l-li A g . , "My roommate has packed already." lil? "Is that so ?" JQ '- . "I can't locate my new Tux." 'iSch-nitz-"Hey, your radiator cap is missing!" Fritz-"I know, I took it off myself." , Schfnfitz-"What's the idea ?" Fritz-"I can't go to a formal dance with a cap on." "And at the end of his letter he put a couple of X's. What does that mean?" "Simple girl, it mean's he's double crossing you." .Since seeing is believing, there is little wonder that people believe in the modern girl. ' Doc-"Absence makes the heart grow fonderf' R Ecky-"That's why I miss so much school." ' "That girl gave me her phone number and it was certainly a descrip- tive one." . "What was it?" "8888." "My wife dropped a diamond ring in the pipe-now as one gentleman to a plumber, which will be cheaper-for you to get It out, or for me to buy another ?" Q It is said that a beautiful dimple may be acquired by sleeping on a collar button. . Ojice B071-"Here's a lady what insists on seein' you, sir. She's f l Xcited!" , aw uE5itor-"Then escort her to the composing-room, my lad." H ealrcl in Sociology Class-A'Why do Americans like to drink liquor?" Answer-"Nothing else to o." A 3 . I I ff iw 'f f I fi Q : N ,ff Q 0 - I , .--Q , .M - fx 1 "1 A g,- L 1' xx: 1 'lv' "1 A ZS N l rgiicqiiilfri -AV GKUW Qi RD if ' tf . lTwo Himclrecl Tliirteenj STYLE CENTER . ' 9 Approved by Braeburn Clothes Undergraduates 222.2 Manhattan Shirts Sportsmen Merton Caps ' Men of Affairs . Merton Knickers I A Sinart Apparel for Every Occasion ' - 19 EAST ORANGE STREET LANCASTER, PENNA. ' The Golden Rule rf Printing The Millersville R Press Quality-Service-Satisfaction At your own door in your school town Printing of All Kinds on s Short Notice Automatic Presses, Linotype Machine Composition Special hVeico1ne to Sttialents Read the MILLERSVILLE PRESS-a home town weekly ' W. D. 'Marburger Editor and Proprietor C. H. ESHBACH STAR Hn to Accessories Diamond Grid Batteries Kelly- Springfield and ' ' General Tires and Tubes Gas and Clil MILLERSVILLE, PENNA. Bell Phone 28-R-3 w ' l F w fm Syfifixw MO 1, 4 ,XLR 4-Q00 H ip, 'xy P vq A IN Q - f - I X ff -71 , , 1 1 1 1 P 5 N ' 'rlig-L4 V, 'X ' LU dc". N 29 fy If N u ,X of ,if lqgg W Q , .. 46. FXS Nzgf ff7ff5 I hx vfg " f i i f if L A TOUgTl1E,f A .f f , - VN., . T Q X N- If l 1 ab w fi I' I I A Mk Y . Y' r I N v X V 4 X ff. , , , . I - 5 x Q. - :5 E wg I N J' ' V A ly . I no-r-ance Q x blrss. b xssful. uruors 5 VN C23 45 JG Sa Zi Zig-J Y QQQFQHMYEQSQ siniiaff QQ if M GKUW GLW lf 5 ff! w Z If K' rllmllm 'V V' ' V I' Q is ' ' A if "g I M VIVV I K , ,UW ,Q.V, WM l V 1 x 4 , 5 2.1 , i V I lr , , ,. Q , l ! Q,,Q,,g, ,A,,,, , Lg, .A . ...' 1 ' , f ---HY - f ---' U,,, ,.,-..m.- A....,,, Tj hx I 6 X f , ff W 'Q -ax. f QVC ,V a " fx A N, X "y'l5 Q 1 ' 'M 8 . Q . M -fxfny-i '40 fx . Sim Q A E A ki 'J' I f Ac' 71 4 Q N zffers zlfe Neil' fm! q me I 1 ' I w, : 1 'l ,M w s 1 , 1 1 1 U Millersville, Penne. 1 U k g :fl T1 A Y ff ,X IWW Q28 CS :XX VLVCVZMX iff , Umps- Gonna make any New Yeai s 1eso1utions'P Lew- Dont need any' n , Umps- How come? . eeeee i if-lf, " ALL ' ' eeee L Lew- Haven t used the ones 1 made in 1995 yet I M D ' ' A 1 I say Doctoi did you ox C1 doctor anothei doctoi 'P A .Lf Oh yes , Well tell me this Does '1 doctoi doctor 'L cloctoi the way the doctoi ed 4 doctor wants to be doctored oi does the doctoi doing the doctoiing doctoi Q 17 J, ' 9, OO M ,, A X ,, f gg Q11 - cm ...K 14 " A .1 Q 7 Q girl' 'x u W Q ff ts t 1: X l D v l' l 'I 1 T!!! I flu if T '2 f f . - pf rr I Q f , il if ' ,QM llf, I .f X 1 , f ON ICE ,ff V H J H ' W N I C I 1 X K 5 at 9 Q, I , u n ' I as 2 0 . ,, X5 , A! - . Qx IW o lj . . i gl U 1 7 . . . , H I Q' l N Q 7 ! . H' l :K , ff , nl Wm W r fl cc , : C . C . . MV? , '. 1 U I t the other doctoit in his own way?" I , , is iii gfisitor-"So you're the circulation manager of the team! What do A I you O?" . Leiitz-"Why, I give the rub-downs." DEDICATED TO MARY HEILER "To those who talk and talk This proverb should appeal The steam that blows the whistle, iNever turns the wheel." Ruth Huy?-"How far are you from the correct answer ?" Catherine Kane-"Two seats." One absent-minded professor was ideal, from the student view. "Miss Romberger, what is the cosine of"--he began. "Why, I'm absent today, professor," Eva interrupted. "Ah, pardon me. Miss Smith, will you answer the question ?" Miss J erikins+"Shame on you for being so dirty. I can tell what you had for breakfast." ' Training School Pupil-"What '?" Miss Jenkins-"Eggs." PupiL-"Wrong, I had them yesterday." Fremont student-"Miss Kane, did you hear about the robbery in Steelton ?" Miss Kane-"No, what was it?" Pupib-"Two ,clothes pins held up a pair of pants." What would you do if you were in bed and wanted a drink of water and didn't want to get up for it? Answer: There's a spring under the mattress." "Do you know how to make a peach'cordial?" "Sure! send her some candy." 6- .f ' X B . z ix ,'-it ' K' Q -ax 0 Kip X' ,--.. X ,9 hm-F-faux, ' I Q 'M - D1 f-X M , or 77 - ' fx 'lEfEIlj ",ffl,, Q . ,Jo 5, gl 8, fTwo HubejSeve'nteenj l"' ' I . -. y it pQUALlTY CLEANING QF FANCY DRESSES Our cleaning is betterthan ever. Improved facilities have been in- stalled this Week and greater care is given each garment entrusted to us. Constantly keeping abreast with the best accounts for the phenomenal growth of our business. When we say We are careful-We think in terms ' ' ' t d do 'ses fashioned in the sheerest of the dainty and attractive Wais s an res of georgette crepe and Silks and the most difficult of fabrics to clean. i We Know How S . 43 wee L T S Esiizzz King 'DELIVER Street Bell Phone 4789 Dyers-Cleaners K Inticoclucing J. Ci Hertzler 14-16 W. Orange Street Lancaster? New ana' Most lbfetifopolitan Drug Stone Latest Creations in Toiletries Always Socla Fountain fooitli g ' Specialties Kodak No inatter what the occasion Talze Pictures ancl then have thein carefully clefvelopeel oy DARMSTETTERS 59 N. Queen Street ' n oe i ggdjififiiy nw WA xx Q Q ' tif. -sf ?:Ti11:f ,f' ' K I? f . Ten little co-eds ' 1 if ' Stinding in a line ,Ly ' 1 I JH ' ft ' is f' "EL NITQ. WN - '4 'L' f X I Q WM K X " Th X 'JA 5 X vt . 0 X X u 4 EX? A," V Oil X' ,wffl s s H Q JJ y x I ' ,zz-ff 1 I 7,42 V hx! ll ' gllx Wm 31, 45 f 'JD X again NK? '11 Qllliii I 5 -- I :I 'X . Xl, l my. If I I Q M f W ' One smoked a cigarette K ' 'jg Then theie were nine. ' NN! Nine uma co-eds P up 1 fr Counting on their fate Ike ' r D Then there were eight. ,, 'f ' il night little Q0-eds Thinking much of heaven ' 1 ' I! C l X X - I' We One went off cam us X y, d I I j ll One ate too much hash kid! dk ,gl , Then there were seven , Seven little co eds In an awful fix One decided to go home Then there were six Six little co eds For their Psy did strive One flunked in the exam Then there were five Five little co eds Going to the stole A trolley car hit one Then there were four Four little co eds Went out on a spree One came back drunk Then there were three Three little co eds Had not a thing to do One got too lazy Then there were two Two little co eds Sitting in the sun One was chosen valedic Then there was one One little co ed Having lots of fun She got married Then there were none' f W Z. njn,Qiii3,zi,cfX EPJAWWE W or ffl, UPAUUW 5 ol fTwo Hzmdoed Nmeteenj kj i i M B N 5 A Q i n . 1 5 i 'fsiigu a I 1 T4 'N - an Q Q 7 - ' l "Use your Head to Save your Hands" -. ---is simpb mzozffzer way of saying- "Make the fullest possible use of Electric Service " EDISON ELECTRIC COMPANY The Students Home 1 GOCCKILIEYQSS' Wayne Gockley, Proprietor MILLERSVILLE, PA 4 A xx W QM CJMT N Q if H1 X TGUQ: TEQQNL Q?4XmAfN by JN! k5'4x xfffj jg X X Shall LJ arf F WK? G? X fbitl fx gas gfqhfffaw wfie,1k,Amii fm ,X , Uv if X 4 XA if IXJ ', I r If I' X' - V ,GoOo , .. A -, Q 'fix Qi" KtQiQfV.'T A 'U' A F-'S , ri X Q mV. f N W- J., ' A Q F ' N X 7 -at 'o - 'fi V ff " Tw Izff ' 5 - g "X 4 x ' 1 v -L vj Q"'f'Q, ,,: Q , U -, 4 N 'J , , Y J' ,,,, - ' , 1 nf' 5, , X U 5 VN In vis X ik A w X fn 1 - 'N QL :IL , ISK? NTxL3DJxS!,f Xfjkf ,NI I-Iv I W ' N AA xxsfif 2' 4,4 A' mf-Vi, 3 ' - X-if ' 'fb' V 5"'f'lFV2 M fp , , ,,,4 U iff X-xx, --V' ' X ' xw, x .- TY wi. , ' ' W. My 41 'N ' f D I fr lx A I . . ,U ,Jjf g, ,f f AV 'ff f f l f ' x l' 1 , A A -.- ' - . ,fax , .Q 4'-gsgf. 1, 3 I ' " 1 'X-' ' , ". ff' ig ' lk 4X . . ---'-f'f"':f fix mr: f : X ' ws 3' ,f f 1 ru ,S 43 ' W X tk, r QL' W., L m x - Nl' K 1 11 ., . , x if A- . V. , , i , V r , A ., wi 4 ' . K' if .P , ? ' 5 I ' . V' 1 E , m VV, Q5 4 5 V A ,. , . 'wg' ' . ' ,fx ' L ' rf J - . fl ' 4?M. f Mgr ,Q iw i, -y V, :I x x , Q. , A , -, bw ,I Vrv, Q ,, n M I ,, Y , . l fx ' , ' A2 -1 ,, r f Q 5 Q, , 'F g 'IV' V , . K - 3, , - - "w' V A f ' f , , - P ' ' '1E:g, . 2 lf.L',,,'.L.-,:.l ..' 4 'ff ' f -177: ll Q -ox' Q Z ZX ff I lg' x I 2 ,M ? V X Q fx. K W TB? TW X A ff Q X f fx' f- ' Sim ' - my 1 fi ,. rdf A V, 'Q - .xsxg-E1 ' I' .X ' oo un I - 1 I, 1,1,,ll,, i f g W i . ff :Lge p - min. TOUQHSTQN5 " I f' if I' X B I, 2 3 f f Ti ml jjj 'qagfu ' ' ' ,fQC?iff"i'!f'. li d I swim: ff ireefifecv sr.,-A M' il, -. 'ff iw X-I 7 4' ' jill' M, P 51 HEARD iN PLAY PRACTICE , , Q- ' Eva Romberger, taking her cue, rushed up th st t th t ' ' t it ,fi I as Mr. Winter thundered-"There's the bus now."e eps O e S age Jus , -J A If HEARD IN FIRST GRADE IN THE TRAINING SCHOOL .ff i Teacher had just iinished explaining that the first picture of the Age 'KY l N of Innocence Was hanging in the National Gallery, London. ml, tgg . Teacher-"Geraldine, you tell the class Where the first picture like li 1' ll l- Z! this 1S hanging." Lilkil Gemlciiffze-"On the wall." 1 I if I I.: f Li ' Guy :A fellow has to treat the Normal girls rough so they will leave a '4 g one. Wanted-A face that will stay shaved-Lew Shadell, Room 289. Wanted-A neck-tie like nobody got-See Wilson Hamme. Help Wanted--Laborer to carry Professor McComsey's books. When a girl thinksthat no man is good enough for her, she may be right, but then again-she may be left. June-"Did you do your outside reading?" Gockley-"No, it's too cold." Matron-"Do the girls here kiss?" C0-ed-"You'd be surprised how much goes on right under my nose." I PURE AND SIMPLE "Does my question embarrass you?" inquired Professor Gage of Miss Girvin. . "Not at all, sir," answered Betty. .f'The question is perfectly clearg it's the answer that's puzzling me." ' , A MATHEMATICAL BAR Mfr. Bctssler-"Say, old man, do you know any cure for insomnia ?" D'r. Dfwidheiser-"Why, they say that counting up to a thousand is a sure remedy." I Mr. Bassler-"DaWgone it, that's what everybody tells me. But the baby's too young to count." J 0 Stcmulonis-"Vera, is it lunch time yet?" Vem-"No, darling, not for another hour." Jo-"Then my tummy must be fast." Stauyffer-"What was Elsie angry with you about?" Jimmy Shoyffstall-"She sent me to the drug-store to get some cold cream, and I got ice cream. That was the coldest I could get." 'CSD X l i. . 6 ' KX is I ' f fx A X, , is I, A- 1 T- K-X Agn.--Qilii3,21,flCA.iifSt't'.L,J9'V' .gr T 33? Rift Wit' an X , 5 I ggi! 5 .7 Lvl fTwo Hundred Twenty-thfreefl Q I, TM -C 3 i ll? 3 L. B. HERR 6? SON BOOLS--SldZl.07Z67i1' P1'z'm'z'ng Fozmmin Pom Engmfving School Supplies of All Kinofv 46-48 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER, PA. 117121272 in LJWCQSKEV-171466Z your .F7"Z'E7Zdl.S' at the 66 IMP 99 - The Friendly Drug Store I ' if I The Imperial Drug Store HARRY M. KNIGHT. Mgr. On the Corner - North Queen and West Chestnut Streets LANCASTER, PA. STOP! SEE BILL '23 Dietrich's Co t1fectione1'y . "GROFF" X fd M 'goo f' WI f- 4 "two 14 -f X hu Yw ' Q NX Q F-B 0,4 - it Q, X V N X , 1 J 4 N 5 -.X 5 K M X x I - N N 5 1 f I , 'wx 1 I P X f 22 f P . -, K " V ' f ' - ' 'J fb x -1 f , mf 41 . , 1, X Mf f wym L!! Zn ' f K.-f 2121 ,bi ' ,l ar ' 3 1 If Al Xu ,x 1 11 I LX ffl ,M f L-"1 1' Lf x - i n Q' f'm5"1QfT Q A ' m f L ' Zlf0g7'6l10f2S , -, ff 3- .A ff ' 3 ififfff, W-4, ' - 1914125 Q . ,V 25 i K -WWW UAH! f N' R- ft ' U"fAA.A I my. K1 . A t KPQ Us 1 Q ' f . 1 'K X Q13 A ' x g x fix' 559 Qjiafxmlsi 3pf21lSF6T'p3'S h 331224113 fxlifff' QQ 5 X Q ' J ,f f,' N 0 3 OUCHSTONE ' K J., H im? f ' M '9 ff-' bwayff . W , xp, H' ii KI JM uf f X X zz 0 m 125 ix ff .. , gi , p , 1 Z fb if - ' !lffwf'f'f!jW"'Aff ' WM4' AJ V C ' iw! ba . f h f X Iiyf, N " 06"'v--CJ! f'.,012yya'., nl! QQf,7fu!!,6x4! 'Q kg' . A xv s Q 1 X R X x . .QB .XX E I qify I' 'K A x- ffl 55 ' '-L . ..," L fx , QQWVQMYGEAQQQV X Z 5 3339 fxtlxiw' ww X - "' .u......... -.. .,,........ ......--Q-Q.w.n-W -...,.........,x,......-.vw-Q..-, ........-1-- ........ ...,..n.i.,........-v- 1........-.U-,.. Q .Q v - Q, .A 1 x X 1 --.....,,,,, , "-- -be-f-1..q..-,np 1-+..v- 0- www., nn,-N..--nqn.. ' ""'-- vr'-vw--www-:vnu uuvuv:--wr-v-f--.MQQ--..-uuvwhnu -.-..,,..,.,,..,,,-A , U '- .-...fu--...-.,..,,,,,, E , .ui LI A.. M ff 'E ,v l lx w I ii x 7' Q-, V? 1 H' X. 1. I'-i 1, Y 14' If ,VN jj ll Ea 'r X1 J 4. F X . V 1 u K -Lu ,,,,, ,.u 44.1 vw a it E Lg . ., A I 2' 5 . 32,3 . ' ' i l 4 5, si, . , , 2 - . P J , a ' , 1 if 4 ' ' 5 . f ,V E . . .

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