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i Q E T 13 5 1 ! ! 9 E S E 2 I W i -. Q 1? f i 5 a Q I 3 3 Q i A E I 4 E 2 5 E 2 3 J T A x E 4 S 5 E Z 5 5 9 1 Y z S S U tx E E z l . E f ! 3 Q 2 e H -mg., ma... , -,ur ,- ..V. , ,,1...k .,g..u..-- Y .W . - - Y 1- L, .,.. .ug-f...r.. A W Q QZWVWW , wQJ'3M M , 'WQUQQQ ji x 9 Q yy Q0 ii' 3 QR W QQ QQ ' Sgwxzbg AX3 gpxkkga f ' Ox, .QW 1 msixbimmw Q iv' ,,, . " Q DEDIGATION To Mr. Pittman, our dearest friend and superintendent, we dedicate this memorial book, which holds within its pages our sincere thoughts and the best that was in us to give. To him who has devoted his time, love, and loyalty to the students of Milan High, we offer this tribute which signifies our greatest efforts and endeavors to make it a worthy dedication. S RQ A I Ill jflff f S M ' "' 4, -1- 45.4481 Au, 'hun' ' 'Ju-P" 4""'- Y '-it gi.: 83152 5 f U A A ZZ MAS F he :ggi ! f '53 7251- ' B . 1- . - A A- ,V f -f ' Y rj-"gf :- " B ,Q A Y-1-' X ' Ykmifffsf 'Eff . fr' ' . Q V ' B- f- Q' W- . 5-4 if- ' f"-'-'- .f -- Ww Q M1553 ning f 5 4351 3195565 ix ' 1- s,'3l1,, 1... I: - gf x i-I ' EDITOR BYRON HAYNES BUSINESS MANAGER BOYD WEBB MIMBOGRAPH EDITOR DOROTHY Y s T. Plum SPONSORS Upnms 1-3 L CLARK X X X X X X N . X X! lk. lr. lr. V ..... Q! x Url xr xx -Mx 1 X, A M., . x nf? x 41 . r . Q, X Afwkf. J M, 5 N if-mgegfiiffif, , , W: -Alum n N usjr nrvmom FACULTY ur. w. L. Pittman, supd-annum. P. R. Brewer ihpplo Smith W. S. Baldwin Felix Collins Claude Denney Kiss Johnnie . lin Ruth Troxlor llrs. Ernest Clark Kiss Willie H. Thompson lun mann. cummgnm , 'Lia-LE .yn- "1 .s-lf! .. M, ., .,,4,.v f . W ,fig .pm -L ' A: V ce .5 ,,.f Q is' , h. wwf.-, figb. .f QA,. ' zffffif '."!,'. TW' , - . 1. .,,,i ,Ay V . 147.5 , W, . xv, .i , ..,, X igfiV:xi,vi ff ., .. . ww.. .,v::.:" -'W' Q ?,,f0L.-tlg,-'Z ,v-fiat' kg - pg,-2. , f- --rx .. - ".f:zg,. 9,n,., Q' f1TiE u' Wig? - -X 1- --mv ,, z -nr E-F x . . av' . 'if 1 . .. ,,,, L. ., ..-, .ghgmf . A -,,.., 3-. Q .x W.-' . 1 K .L , . ,-M, . WL.. ....Q V -b"1'?', ,K 3'-cf-531 . 28' , Q Q4T,'-ifki-QV . .- .f '?"z3L?ffL" 95' 'A gt . V f ew , 'Q1Qll"'.u- 4 -.-f ,- A Q 5. 5q:E:,Lfi's.:l,L..gz , J ,rf-ff TA 1- N M -A . ,-v-m..r...,.4e...f. - lr. r-ff' jj ,, Ml - ki IE K , .eq fi? ' " NWO! S A ' N13 A X 1.1 2 dj' . H.: N3 K jfiffif' ' Q 6 if r r f' ' ' r gk 5 ' ,il t ' K K I4 ",h Q,e"f5' x L :Q4, .ii . , K"X A A A .e OFFICERS President Horace Peek Vice-President Emmett Ramer Sec .-Treasurer SPONSORS llre. E. L. Clark and llr. W. D. Pittman 'I Margaret Fly ,Q 24 jfs- 'C' S 5- K5 O 3 WAILAA, lik- 1. Nl 'Il 1..l.. Q...--T 1938 vq.. IA. IL- Y' .k:KjgQ K N! X, X, f H STORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS Ten and two years ago in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-six, the present Senior Claes embarked upon the stormy sea of learning. we continued on our journey without mishap until we entered the eighth grade. There in the storm of county examinations, we lost a few of our able seamen. The remainder of the class was able to withstand the heavy downpour of questions shot to them by the county superintendent and graduated with Reverend R. E. Hamer delivering the address. After graduation from the eighth grade we continued on our sea of learning by becoming Freshmen in Milan High School. we added a goodly number of seamen to fill in the ranks of those who had already fallen by the wayside. Of course, ae committed many ignorant acts as Freshmen always do, but Mr. Taylor seemed to under- stand our ignorance. A little of our ignorance had worn off when we became Sophcmoras. The class wo a prize of five dollars for selling the most football season tickets. One of our classmates, Marion Thompson, was M len's 11. Queen at the Strawberry Festival. When we became Juniors we were well upon our voyage to graduation. Miss Johnnie was our class sponsor and we accomplished much under her leadership. hrtha Rhodes was an attendant to the Milan Queen. The class entertained the Seniors with one of the most enjoyable banquets ever given by a Junior Class. We entered the Senior Class as a polished and re- fined group of girls and boys. One of our most popu- lar Senior girls, M rion Thompson, reigned over the Halloween Ball. As Seniors we have enjoyed the many privileges common to all Senior classes., We.hnvig.9 appreciated the sponsorship of Mr. Pittman and M s. Clark. The Seniors have the honor of being the first class to graduate from the new building. we are keep- ing up our tradition of springing new ideas upon the student body by publishing the Senior Class Annual. We are looking forward to graduation where our voyage on the sea will end at Milan, but we are sure that it is only the beginning for many of us. Boyd Webb X ff! ,fxxxl THE PROPHECYXOF THE SENIOR CLASS OF IQJB As I set there waiting-for the stroke of genius to strike, I fell usleepg and us I slept I dreamed this dream. I wss paying u visit to that celestial city which lies beyond. I had died of thnt terrible mnludy, spring fever. In this city I set upon L lofty hill from which I wus permitted to view ull scenes on earth. The lives und accomplishments of people were unrolled before me es if by magic. I wus enabled to see ull, know ull, prophesy ull. I ndturclly looked up my former schoolmctes, the Seniors of the Cldss of '38. My uttention wus called to u scene in Bruzil. I suw u broad-shouldered msn with un dir of authority supervising the construction of a large dam. In an attractive bungalow nearby I saw a little women con- tentedly going about her duties as housewife and two sturdy youngsters playing in the yard. I recognized these people as those whom I had known as Billy Caldwell and Frances O'Daniel. The scene chsnged. I viewed a beautiful home in the suburbs of s smell but thriving cityl In the liv- ing room of this house listening with greet enjoyment to the program of Americe's most pcpulsr comedians, nbumbelln Jones end 'Pugn Johnson, wee Marion Thompsonn now the wife of the President of Model Milling Com hnya I was permitted to visit u greet publishing company. Sested behind the desk in the president's office was Boyd Webb interviewing the famous novelist, nvelyn Keil. As I walked out I recognized the office boy to be none other than Julien Venn. What could this next scene be? It is n gathering of wonwn, furmer's wives. As I drew necrer I sew Nell Daniels, now u matron discussing the problems of chicken culture with my old classmntes Lurlene Burger, Wustel Fene Ccsey, Bessie Cary, Inez Volner, Audrey Gurmsny, Corinne lcMinn, and Mary Sempson. I stayed long enough to recognize the county demonstrutor to be Helen Stinson. - PROP!-ECY qcom-DJ Again the scene changed, this time to one of horror. On the aory field of bettle I saw General H. H. Peex leading his men, facing death with them brevely not sitting back from the scene om conflict and directina their actiozs. sack behind the lines I beheld an awiul scene, My old friend Mertha Poindexter who had held my.hend as I lay dying of spring fever was oeing equally conscling to our soldier boys as a nurse in the ermy hospital. who could resist such an opportunity to view from above old M. H. S.. School was out and I run in on e faculty meeting. was it n faculty eeeting or merely some oi LHCSU 1938 Seniors loefing in the orfice? The Superintendent is Ray Munnina. He is dearly loved by all the pupils becuuse he cannot reprimend those who ure no worse then he wus ten yeers ago. Other teachers ere Nancy Alexander, teacher of public school music, Geraldine Moore, Letin teacher, Ruth Veughn, instructer in the commercinl department, Willie Annu Teylor, teacher of English, und Catherine Manning, Home economics teacher. Some ms5netic force culled me to the Sterrick building in Memphis. A sign on the door of e eighth floor office ennounced thut Byron Haynes, Architect was out. I welxed on down the hell und 51unCed into the office of L. M. Rdmer, Attorney. Sitting in a stately munner before his desk teking down in precise shorthund whet he dicteted wus his stenogrepher, Mhrthu Rhodes. While in Memphis I visited u nisnt club long enough to hear Dcrris Cogdell accompanied by the orchestra of that muster of rhythmn Ben Denney sing one of the populur songs of the dey end to observe the presence of Louise Mills, still c spinster end her escort, Harry Fuchs. , I was werned thst my time wus limited so I hasten- ed ucross the country to Hot Springs, Arkunsus, to view briefly because here my visionury power wus tuxen the work of Dr. Dorothy D. Wheeler in the hespitel there us she lebored to restore to health those ef the Class of '38 who had fallen by the wayside. Q Harguret Fly. I f K5 SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the cluss of 1938, in forty-five individual and sepurute parts, being about to pass out of this sphere of education in full possession or u crammed mind, well-truined memory, end elmest superhuman under- standing, do make und publish this, our lest will and testament, hereby revoking und making void all former wills or promises by ue at any time heretofore made, or maybe curelessly spoken, one to the other, as the thoughtless wish of an idle hour. As to such estdte ns it has pleused the futes and our strong hsnds end brulns to win for us, we do dis- pcse of the seme ns follows: We give und bequeeth to the deur fuculty, who have been our instructors in ull the wisdom of egos, u sweet und unbroken SUCCoS8ieh of restful nights und pence' ful dreams. They have ell done their duty, und verily, new shell they heve their well-snrned rewerd. To the Junior girls we give end bequeath ull such boys us were not ubls to keep puce with such brilliant girls as cols pose the majority of our cless, trusting that the Junior girls muybe uble to hold firmly to them und ssfely steer them next yeer through the gates of commencement. We desire that they may not share in the humilution that hes been ours ut not being able tv Nhold our msn foldsn--as the women of the world would put it. . To the Junior Class as e whole we bestow .ur Senior dignity. Huy they uphold it forever with all seriousness and gravity endeuvoring to realize its vust importance in spite of their nuturul light- mindedness und irresponsibility. To the Freshmen Class thst is to be--any over- looked ouds of gum we muy hsve left adhering to the underside of desks, benisters, liurury SohtB or any likely or unlikely places. We have sometimes had to X5 5.5 WILL QCONTDQ rid ourselves of these in too much haste to be able to pick and choose the most desirable means of dis- posal. For the words that made Mrs. Clark famous were, Nhoney, spit out your gum.n We also bequeath the following personal property, to Jimmy Woods, Horace 'eek's executive ability, but not his beauty. He'll still feel the need of that, he fears, and would not be coaxed nor cajoled into leaving it behind, even to Jimm . To Louise Belew we will Mary Sumpson's ability to wink at two boys at the same time. To anybody who needs it, Boyd bebb's bluff.t Apply early and avoid the rush. To Bennett Leach, Julian Vunn leaves his timorous air 0 To Marian Harrison we will the ebility to flirt as well as our own Gerry Moore. To Virginia Foster we bequeath Dorothy Dells wheeler's ebility as a secretory. when the boss calls, Virginia, say, NYoo-hoo.n To the next yesr9s American History Class we will Mr. Brewer's downpour of questions and term papers on the Civil Wer, thut he may see fit tc give them. To Janie Lucille Bodkin the musical gifts of Nuncy Alexander and Doris Gogdell, nMusic huth charms to soothe the savage beust.H Audrey Germany sorrowfully leaves her gift of ggb to Carolyn Ford. To next yeur's chemistry class we glLdly..ill . several racks of test tubes und the privilege of cleaning up the laboratory sinks. To Julia Baldwin, Rachel Bsird's red roses. Last we bequeath to the poor pupils who have to write the will for the Glass of '39, the fine ability and originslity we have used in writing this one. In witness whereof, we, the Class of 1938, the testutors, have this our will, written on one sheet of perchment, set our hands and seal this twenty- sixth day of Hay, Anno Demini, QQ thousand nine hundred and thirty eight. xV': The Senior Cldss fff sf' 4l'.l'.4' X X X X X xi THE SENIORS Good-looking Pres.--Horace Peekg Handsome Em. Ramer the Viceg Secretary-Treasurer--smart Margaret Fly, ' Students who do their work nice. Cute Nancy Alex--who has babyish ways, hrtha Armstrong who smiles at allg But being nice to people it seems Is Rachel Baird's worthwhile call. Nell "Shorty" Daniels, a likeable girlg Nice Elsie Nhi Brown, her palg ' Doris 'Delicate' Cogdell, a talented miss, And Lurlene Berger, a very friendly gal. Inez Volner and Catherine Msnningg B Marion Thompson and Bonnie Sue, Good-looking ball-players they ere, And there's nothing these girls can't do. Wastel Fanmcasey with her good lookeg ' Corinne MoMinn with her flirty ways, Ray Manning with his good-looking mugg Byron Haynes with a personality that pays hrths Rhodes our cute Drum Majorg Ve. Osborne who is liked by'all: Cute Dorothy D. Wheeler who says, PLord just any old man atall.' Louise Nhlls with the fiery hairg Velma To erlin, our l5 year oldg- Lovable Mary Ruth Threadgill who is Far from being boldn Mary Sampson and Lenore Whitaker, And CMrs.l Ernestine Jones to you. Two's company and three's a crowdg To them this saying ismnot true. .1'4I'1I'44' X X X X X XO S Walter 'Pug' Johnson a good-natured chap, And so is Ben Denney Jr., too. Plump Raymond Fly, the ladies man, I think will have to do. Ruth Vaughn aig,Julian Venn. Who botha heir work well: And attractive Helen Stinson Who is a typical 'Southern Be1le'. Ethelene Holt, an extra good sport. Tiny and petite Kathleen M rting Sweet Bessie Cary who would do Anything for you I'm 'sartain'. Tiny Martha P., a friendly girl, Evelyn Kbil is sweet and so ' lillie Anna Taylor has her good points, Not to mention a beau. "1Hss Gerry Moore---Our Flirtg Harry Fuchs with many a friend, But when God created Boyd Webb, He should have made that the end. . , Billie Caldwell, our Robert Taylor, Gordon Jones who likes a teacher, But Frances O'Daniel I must say ---- Certainly makes an interesting feature And by now I hope you know Each Senior one by one, But for Goodness Sekes' don't blame me If reading this has not been fun. So my apologies to Longfellow I do extend For doing better work than he, But I have only innocently tried The poet so hard to be. , 'Little Audrey' l 4IQ4fQ,d' 41' . SQQQQQS 'r v xy x v xv xv xl I ,f'.v',vg.v'.f' is 4I'.l"ffQ.4' .4'4f'4f'4l' "uf'-flu. N N.. X N .I Most Most Most Most lost Host Host Best Best Host Host WHO'S WHO IN SLNIOR CLASS Beautiful Girl ---------- ----Hsrion Thompson Handsome Boy ------ --- ------------ Ray Banning Popular Girl-Nancy Alexander-lution Thompson Popular Boy ------ Billie Caldwell-Horace Peek Attractive Girl ------ - ------ Promising Boy--- Promising Girl- Personality Girl Personality Boy- Studious Girl--- Studioua Boy ---- Cutest Gir1---- ---- -- Boybunusln :unc Wittest Girl--------- Wittest Boy----- ---- - Neutest Girl ------ --- Biggest Flirt Gir1--- Biggest Flirt Boy--- Best Best Axhelete Girl--- Athelste Boy---- Best All-Round Girl-- Best A11-Round Boy--- Biggest Baby -------- - Lszzissz------------- cane-scitech: Cnhcnsnbnans ---Martha Rhodes ----Horace Peek ----Margaret Fly ---- ------ ---Marion Thompson -----Byron Haynes ------Ruth Vaughn -----Julian Venn ---Martha Rhodes -----Ray Manning -Audrey Germany --wEmmett Ramer ----wEve1yn Keil -----Gerry-Moore --.--.-..-------G0rdQn Jgneg --H--Inez Volner - '-.--n-.-n-4---Hgrace Pggk -Marion Thompson ----- -- --------Horace Peek -Audrey Garmany ----Emmett Romer 1 V I X11 W V X I V 7 VI A B. 110186 be a T0 S2 3 bb -5 S25 E28 JU il LD N +3 o O fl aa he 8 .3 o 2 'D 5 cn 0 's O Q 5 Q 3 Z E : H .SI 5 rl W :Em Q A-'I +3 is 33 QE a Bovie Actor s To get a diploma b t OOD! DIIC 'D 1-1 I Qu-4 05 WP? on -0 9 O glib H5 if-5 is sf: O aide 5 O sw 'ar sw as 'E if .Q Sf .o -:Vg a as I 9040 V E D-e we w gm FE :E S5 I-14 ll 0000 0 '00 9. 0? EN aw o ll E-Us bb? 50 an qz mi. all Pr . Q grv G3-Pu-I s Psa 3 as H 23 5 du N Q as s as Q is s an '51 N 'Qx On V505 X 5222- Q 5253 N X 6 .lx 3 in se bu xr W W W Zig! SX. X N 1 'v ' ICR C S HORROR SCOPE l7Emmett McCall Ramer z June 10 : Runt s Hunting a To be bossed by women l7D0rothy Dell Wheeler a Jan. 28 a Reelfoot : Fishing a To gain 20 pounds lylhggie Nell Daniels : Sept. 6 a Shorty 5 Doing nothing a To teach school i 17140112158 Cat a June 7 z Cat a Playing ball 3 Teach Home Econamics ldiastel Fans Casey z June 3 s Pet s Running :round a Pass History IV gnilirginia Osborne s May 5 : Gin s Traveling a Get out of school f,fVe1mn Louise Tomerlinz June 26 z Skinny s Reading a Teach in Bradford ,gKathleen Davis Martina Sept. 24s Kat s Reading a Nursing msn fflnez Volnsr a Feb. l'I a Nez z Playing ball : Catch e man filierron Louise Mills a Jen. 29 s Hinkie a Sw' 'ing z To marry a preacher i f7Dorris Evelyn Cogdell: Nov. l'l : Dot a Reiding a To can a car I7 Audrey biulsne Gur ya Feb. 24 a Little Audrey Locking at men x To catch a man 17Willie Taylor : Dec. 4 a WAT a Day dre- 'ng : Join the naw 17i"rances Helen Stinson: July 4- a Punkin a Recding a To make people pretty fplartha Taylor Armstrong Jan. 1 a Mart z Reading Llusic . To be c. musician 18 lslsis Lise Brown s Oct. 15 a Ducky a Reiding a Stay at home lflinry Ruth Threudgill . Aug. 14 s Rudy a Tennis a Get those credits ig Bertha Knthelaggdes z Jan. 26 a Bah s -Driving a U.S. Drum Major I6Lenore J Whitaker a 'June 9 s Poe 5 Driving a To get married lflary Florence Sampson: Feb. ll s Gran s Driving a To get married ,9Frances Gerglsanngal 3 July 9 a France s lioviss a To marry a farmer 1 4"4f'4f' 4!'14"4v' 4!Q,4' 44' SS L4Q,4'4I' mf- 'mg f'f"wf.'3'2 fM,?q w S XXX? e?xx! . ,,Y5f? fff QN,p E YQEQ V " x' x , ' ., ..,A 1 'Lf Q Q5 gf ggg ggg Ej??9 ez- ew - aw . OFFICERS President Jimmy Woods Vice-President Ralph Holt Sec.-Treasurer 311115 Baldlin SPONSORS Irs. Claude Deuney and Hr. ?. R. Brewer 9 Wwvtgfl -1.2.1 " I """aJ ,. F ' o NWS-r X ' 2:ApQQ,...J 4, ,."7 ,J 1 ' ISD4 ,- -K J' f di! X WL 741108, x EUJ 1 V1 L. f, 1 4- 4 'J3l.R.1'Jrb'vl': ff"r5EM!NQ , 1- "2 V ffliiinx . .yy ww M .F 55 . QL I ' .mr , . . , . r-422 'sd .af - -N mf. 6 3,553 V 99 xv SW 1 ,QP lr., ' 4 Q. W 1 E353 ' seg if s VIE? 'U on ' fu. ef .5 Ay 4 , :L QM ,,: ,Q f i ,Aw . V' . Q-vgx " -1 ,,Qi?1Q,f:4" xy X x Ill! '5'x V 35 if JS xv 4111 XS eg 'X 'ali J 1 v 12 ,v 5 ""? ij4 ff 1 P X . 7 i L S0 IDiIi IQ4E-S 'if V is URGES Pruideat ' .Tuba Bruce View-President Boa Duuagan Sec Eu.-ant Dickey Bvomons ls.. nine xmas 'rnmpon ma np. apple saith I lf lf 1.0 1 1 Y X I -M -SOP!-DIDRE ROLL Dorothy Acree Billie Blenkinehip Bennie Joe Browning Cy Durio Yvonne Jackson Martha Sue Ligon Charles Manner launette Presson Nelle Rhodes Elise Sveetcn Billie Grace Walker Russell Wyatt Ben D. Duragan John Dow Bryant Robert Leslie Horton Otis Manner Ernest Mayo Guy Richardson Frances Butler Marie Deberry Uildred Holt Maxine Murphy largaret Hamer Margie Thomason 1. Louise Belew Eddie Sue Brooks James Bruce Winfred Jackson James Jacobs La Verne Lusk Mary Alma Martin Glenn Eauchle ?irginla Stallings Mary Sue Thompson James Williamson Cecil Haun HOFb13 Barkedale edward Craig Taenme Lusk Blake Mayo Robert Powell Ralph Thompron Marie Daniels Harriet Dickey Fanchon Mayo Margarie Powell Wilde Spellings ' Louise Travis , r r ff W M .Mf W xx w 1 A,.w',,- .N X 58: Sk QN':La 2r M1 'Qi' N I rf L3 OFFICERS President Bruce Harrison Vice-President llarie Denney Secretary '. 1-3 Virginia Barber Treasurer Earl Brewer SPONSORS D Miss Juhnnie I-hle and Hrs. Felix Callina fl' "QS 4461441 Q6 666441 ef dig u FRESHMAN ROLL Bruce Burns Harold Below Stone Jones Robert Frank McCoy Lyndel Pnfford Mary N. Altman Adell Crider Hnrgie Goodwin Virginin Middlocoff Doris Mui Neil Dorothy Sires billion Thomas billy npplvton , Jnmoa Browning William L. Brewer Chester Daniela dkyno Hhssell william Lusitor Thonma Northcutt Bon Webb Virginia Bnrbor Bobbie Sue Fields Snrn E. Goldsmith Allovo Horbinaon J 6.110 in Linnie Ruth Thouus Myra whitnker Uprio Joyner John Cursey James Frazier Guy Maynard L. L. Powers. Charles Garmany Ouidu Brown Marie Denney Mnrjorio Greer A Mndelene Mullins Jowell Raines Hnzel Wyatt Lillian Lovell George Bryant Robert Blankenship Josoph Dennay Claronce Daniels bruce Hnrrison Kennio McCrea J. W. 0'Duniel John Thomns Mnrthn Blnnkanship Molton Gregory Lurlu K-to Hicks nliznbftn Jones mnria McLean Bonnie L. Sanford nothin Keeling wilmm Carroll ss, -QV M941 COACHES Girls' Basketball: Hrs. Felix Colli B y Basketball: VI. L. Pittman and P. R F tb 11 W. L. Pittman and P. R B J.. -1 J' FL . I 4 V I , . A V. ,.,V .L l ,. . - ' .1 A ' - v- . The Milan High School Bulldogs approached the 1937 season with a substantial frame-work of veterans on which to build a team. The prospects lookedivery good with five letter men returning from the 1936 team, namelya G. Jones, Lassiter, Rsmer, Leech, and R. Jones. These together with Dunevan, Williams, and Ross were expected to furnish e strong aggregation of griddere. The team had only three weeks of prictice before the first game becsuse of the lets opening of school. Under the skillful handling of couches, Pittman and Brewer, the boys were put in fair shepe in time for the first game. The gume wee n see-sew effeir with the home teem exhibiting ebility in the fundamentals of the game. After u tiresome, us well as boring struggle, the boys munuged to put ecross e touchdown to wih by e score of 6-0. This gems served e purpose, in thut it enubled Mr. Pittman to pick out the rough spots in the team. with en open dnte, the team seemed to get in final trim for the following geme. The teem journeyed to Mckenzie to teke L. very hotly' contested grime from McKenzie 18-7. Hed it not been for the whirlwind dashes of Dunsvsn there might have been u different stcry to tell. The teum wus weakened by the less of Coldwell end Lassiter. 3 Henderson ceme to town for the first time in quite u while end they went beck hoping not to come buck eguin soon. The Milen teem hed d glorious day while they were defeating them 40-O. This served us e breether for the Held grudge gemen, Humboldt. 'Phe Bulldogs, ugein this yeer entered the Strew- berry Bowl with greet umbitiens to be the first teim to lick the Rums.4 There ere severel reasons why the boys were defeeted 13-6 becsuee the njinx seems to hhve the 'Bulldog' by the teil.n The team played an in- and-out game with the puss defense rngged und block- ing very weak. They scored the first hmlf end were FOOTBALL RLVIEW The Milan High School Bulldogs approached the 1937 season with a substantial frame-work of veterans on which to build e team. The prospects looked very good with five letter men returning from the 1936 team, namelya G. Jones, Lassiter, Ramer, Leech, and R. Jones. These together with Dunavan, Williams, and Ross were expected to furnish e strong aggregation of gridders. The team had only three weeks of'prdctice before the first game because of the lute opening of school. Under the skillful hnndling of couches, Pittman end Brewer, the boys were put in fuir shupe in time for the first gums. The gume wee n see-sew effeir with the home teem exhibiting ebility in the fundamentals of the gums. After u tiresome, us well es boring struggle, the boys munuged to put across u touchdown to win by e score of 6-0. This gums served A purpose, in thut it enubled Mr. Pittman to pick out the rough spots in the tenm. with an open dnte, the team seemed to get in final trim for the following gums. The teem journeyed to Mckenzie to teke e very hotly contested gems from McKenzie 18-7. Hud it not been for the whirlwind dushes of Dunevsn there might hsve been u different story to tell. The teum wus weakened by the loss of Caldwell und Lassiter. Henderson ceme to town for the first time in quite u while und they went buck hoping not to come beck egnin soon. The Milln teem hed e glorious day while they were defeeting them 40-O. This served us e breuther for the Hold grudge gumeu, Humboldt. The Bulldogs, ugnin this yeer entered the Strew- berry Bowl with greet ambitions to be the first team to lick the Rums. There ere severel reesons why the boys were defedted 13-6 beceuee the njinx seems to hnve the 'Bulldog' by the teil.u The team pleyed un in- und-out game with the puss defense rngged end block- ing very week. They scored the first hnlf und were leading at the half, but the Rams came back with too m ch power during the last half and the Bulldogs could not stand the attack. The Somerville game was played in mire and slush. Somerville, as is usually the case, brought a well- coached team and got the jump on us the first of the game and scored on us. After a see-saw battle in the mud the bulldogs finally pushed across a marker to tie the score. Dunavan intercepted a pass at the close of the game and raced almost to the goal before he was brought down. The Trenton game was looked forward to with greet concern because of the rivalry that has always existed between the two schools. Milan made the Bulls dance to the tune of 20-6 after an interesting game. Woods, Leach, and Ramer played very good ball with woods catching passes as never before. This game was a treat for the Milan fans. The team rode down to Brownsville and put the Tomcats in the camp with a score of 20-6. The out- standing players, Woods and Dunavan, strode down the field for the winning points. The Greenfield game was very one-sided.' The Bulldogs had a field-day at the expense of the Green- field tsam. They scored 52 points and practically everyone except Hatchet O'Daniels took a part. Leach let go everything hsfhsd to score seven touchdowns. Turkey Day brought the undefeated Huntington team to the home Gridiron and along with them came one of the largest crowds ever to witness Milan High School play football. The game was played in a cold drizzle of ruin. Milan was soaked with a 14-0 defeat after' Leach was taken out with a broken leg. Captain Lassiter, Caldwell, G. Jones, and Romer wrecked most of the Mustangs' plays. Fumbles probably cost the Bulldogs the game. " Q 9 0 x fl 09" 1957-58 GIRL'S BASKETBALL REVUE The M lan Girls went through the usual routine in l957-38 by winning all their regular season games but one, this one being lost to Dixie by a close score after Milan had eked out a win ln the first game. In both of the Milan-Dixie games it was nip and tuck from beginning to end. These two games established Milan and Dixie as co-favorites in the regional meets The girls went through the County and District tourneys with little trouble. hrion Thompson was chosen the best player in the county after exhibiting an uncanny eye for the basket. It was very much the same story in the District meet when Inez Vbluot collected an amazing total of over 200 points in four games to take the scoring honors: In both tournaments the leads piled up by these two girls were well pro- tected by Catherine Manning, Leatrice Thompson and Louise iCountryD Leach, who played their guard positions perfectly. The girls played under a great handicap in the Regional meet, having lost Janie Downing and Bonnie Sue MhLemore. the regular centers. The subs played wonderful basket-ball, but the loss of the two centers was felt keenly. ,The team made a good showing in spite of this and took the first two games easily. when they met Dixie in the semi- finals however, the Milan team got off to a bad start in the first quarter and Dixie piled up a lead that the Milan girls could not overcome alll though they played on even terms in the last half. The girls came back Saturday night, however, and beat Dyersburg by a decisive score. Manning and Volner made the 811 West Tennessee team. Q., Graduation will hurt the team this year as Brion Thompson, Inez Volner, Bonnie McLemore and Catherine Manning go down in history along with the other stars such as Pauline Coleman, Sarah Belew, and Thelma Turner. There will be others just as good next year if everything runs true to form. There will probably be forwards and guards better than ever as Milan had a strong line of reserves the past season. Emmett Ramsr X, f XXX BUYS' BASKETBALL REVIEW Graduation in 1957 left only one letter man to return to the basketball squad for the season of 1938. But with an abundance of material coming in from junior high schools, we looked forward with high hopes to a successful season. le opened the season against an old rival, bdina, and with only a week's preparation won the game by the narrow margin of one point. It seemed that we were gradually improving and would be at our peak at the time of the tournament. The strong Sardis team came to Milan and were able to defeat us in an overtime period by a very narrow margin. we defeated the strong Bemis team and reached the climax when we went to Bradford and defeated the team in an overtime period. Tru1y5 we thought we had a great team and looked forward to the approaching tournaments. But cur hopes were in for a terrible crash. Illness-vpneumonia, measles, and colds-forced some of our best players out of the line-up and weakened others to such an extent that they couldn't play the brand of ball that they were capable of playing. As a result we were only able to win second place in both the County and District Tournaments. But, with the loss of only one man, we are looking forward to the next season which, we hope, will be our most successful one. any fe ff W fglulif Fri? 5 ff L Q Il. f ll Il Ill!! x V ,A-.. Xi M ,St if NL., S . 'j F M if gg sfifbfjgmf Q . wi, ' W- V L if vigi f w X ' -'JN p " N 'L -'N . , ,f ' , A' b W - 1- .f i.-'Q . W . ,. in 7 W.,X.'X ' ff f" ' 3332 ijt . f3j,gff5'S 'f m GI 4 Lap! grin ix 3. ,,tVg,I . gil gigs ,NQ.w by QQ Vi X. s- J Vw-,riff ' , T .- - Q, :YL- V f Q 5 ,fl fix Q EW, kk , ,?XXUx A .fx W YT J 'MN"'1, .ii f',1Wg: 5 la. Z Q ' . 'W' E VEHQTJW V K k If ll ll ikitffik if 7 v N9 1 M THE COUIERCIAL CLUB The students of Milan High School, believing that profitable use of time, is the first step toward success, organized the Commercial Club. The aim of the club is to develop a business per- sonality. Many people make a success in the business world who have very little of what the world knows as education, but much of the priceless asset known as business personality. Since this character trait may be improved by training, the club has tried to use their programs to better qualify themselves for the places they will have to occupy in the business world of tomorrow. all of the programs have not seen educational, some are social altogether. Our kid, valentine, and Christmas parties were of this nature. The following students have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the clubs Byron Haynes, Pres srnestine Jones, Vice-Pres. Nancy alexander, Vice-Pres. Ray Manning, Vice-Pres . Marion Thompson, Secretary Boyd Webb, Treasurer Gerry Moore, Reporter Katherine Manning Dorothy Altman Laverne Brooks Rachel Baird Dorrie Cogdell Bessie Cary Audrey Germany Margaret S. Haley Mildred Harrie ethelene Holt Mary Alice Jones svn Mae Little Louise Hills Mary Nynn Reeves Mary Sampson Cumalia Smith Willie Anna Taylor Velma Tomerlin Inex Volner Lenore Whitaker annie B. Woods Gordon Jones Vergil Jennings Julian Venn Robert Woods Robert Young Bernice Woods elizabeth Jones munzns br Ammon own President Robert Cole VicefProsident Bernice Woods Secretary Byron Spelling Tfeeeurer George Bryan Reporter Ray Burn . H ME BCONOLICS CLUB P ident Mary Martin Vice-Preside t Leatrice Thompson Tre su er Katherine Killa Secretary Marie Deber 1114 11 11 1 S 111 'Ill .SS " Na, 5 1 I 1 1 1 ,41 '1 'QQ.'4'5"Q'c i4'i'i'i'QCx f ,gk 4 W Q PK .JfJ,qg',Q "'05JJv53wn3"f""" AMQJVQ 'Q1e,5j'M if +57 gijwjiff Sf-fam mW"" N V Qi? 540 eff Pio 6' GH QL by 'A Wi! 25, - 1. A 2? K9'ic'fpL x- 2 1 J V gg 1 ff . A - 3? ' Q',M2 - L 1g i2X Q12 X14 jg off? fi 'Sk Iv yy Q, Nf ef F QEQL., k xj Xp 6 nf ,f EJ "2.5'?'ff66, V X 3 '5 I Xp 22-Q! 5? as M7 R :af v an A ' 5 Se xv xy 916416, Gy 3 xy S2 . IWWVVMFNN WOW mga? Q :V ,JWWU - MQ by 'S :Il Q5 5 Ah Qmfk ri A K aww AQ f 34.4, , Dlwf 3 M44 ff, M Qgffwqj LQ 114,24 V A 7+ 1 ., -X4 J an .- 1, l A.. 'Q k'4lL,u-' M 151 1 5 f,'?'74'f Wil .1 1 X ' . ' 4 u ,.-Q 1 I I JW-Q N il 'b YMQY5' A Q new u n 425 ,BAND ,. Directors Mr. M1 R: Penninger Trumpets Dudley Kizer Kennie HcCree Rwwtmdm Otis Manner Frank Brewer Sammy Baldwin Billy Burnett Charles Lacy Fields Clarinets Dale Poindexter Bruce Harrison Mildred Holt Dickey Puckett Meds Richardson Christine Rogers Jerry Flippin Edison Estes Trombones Nancy Alexander Katherine Killen Robert George Threadgill' Jack Denney Bass John Carroll ,Drums Johnnie lcLemore Lofton Fuqua George Horn Nelle Rhodes Marie Denney Guy Harwood, junior Cymbals Virginia Stallings Saxaphones Ethelene Holt R. C. Horn Drum Major ' Martha Rhodes Baton Twirler Earl Brewer Sponsors Gerry Moore Marion Harrison Flag Bearer! Jimmy woods Charles Creswell r4'- frvv .. w '41 f?.Q,.2 A Q me :E 1 1 .Af-"W J - V. 1 I M PM gf.- '9 . O Q v cy .. A A 514 gn oU'59 A hm! 4' ana:-mea , . 18 File sch'-4' B' Same I8 CLF S3 41-ww f4mf'f"3f' 4' H- :I I N -ees gieggi likan ji E Q. A -57. H1 :LQ ' - nth f fl!! CAST M s. Olivia Neff, e devoted mother ------ Nancy Alexander Joan Neff, her charming daughter ------- -Mbrion Thompson Cerise Pink, M s. Neff's colored maid---Ernestine Jones Hubert Florence, in business with kbs. Neff---Boyd Webb Hartley Florence, his son ----- - ---- N --w-- mEmett Ramer Roland Stone, who is all his name implies---Rey Manning Noble Simpson, 'The Lady'----w ---- - ----- ---Byron Haynes Veleska Sleet, 'The F1irt'------- ------ -----Gerry Moore Goodie Rose, engaged to Hart1ey--- ----- Q--Mhrthe Rhodes Mrs. Harold Vene, Goodie's mother- ----- -Corrinne'hW1Hnn Hazel Shaw, bookkeeper--- ------- - ---Q--Ethelene Holt 'A READY IADE FAMILY' cAs'r Hrs. Agnes Martyn, s widower--e-4-Julie Baldwin Bob, her son ---------------- - -------- Jimmie Woods Marilee, her daughter ------- -Janie Lucille Bodkin Gracie, her baby child--e --------- Marion Harrison Henry Turner, a widower-e ------- e ---- --John Ross Ssmmie, his son ------------ ' ----- --Robert Thomas Doris, his daughter --------------- Virginia Foster Begonia, the Mertyn's colored cooke---Esther Fuch Nicodemus, the Mertyn's handy men--5--Jack Denney Lydia Martyn, old maid hunt---e- ----- Louise Leech SYNOPSIS Agnes Hertyn, while vacationing, met an old sweetheart, Henry Turner, and they became engaged. Neither told the other of the children at home, three in one household and two in the other. The young- sters decided to upset the untrimonial upplecert by acting their worst before their prospective step- purents. They had fits, talked baby talk end hdrped on boring subjects. After almost two hours of side splitting laughter, Agnes and Henry emerged victorious end the nkidsn were ready to accept their new parents. ' - - f , Vw Aw-. 1 Q Www. N R5 MR 3 Q L I , 'W-K ,NL " ff , 'ffm - ""'S-.L f . ' EY' - " 'N " .. , . . E? -' ' -1 . . Rf- -W' N. ' ' , 1 Q ' - K Nivikbsml 'f ! 1 1 n - "zmf..g,- Q4 L' , H ,trgggixnfmlg l F N AID UQ mg. L M M.: QR xi? C. QM PLINCIYTS GOO M5619 AOACRWSORYS5 G' M,g,,q,v, 72mm-ssve Qbzxesv Amt: STROMGEST n I Cor-1PL.:Mc.v1-g ARMeRs :MP-,QS BMW KRoGeR's' Grmerev I fakes? Ronrugou, NGK, ,LA N----TENNCSSCC 7::'l.LoR Mwnox.HS1+Mc.g, oTAL RESOURCES owen X Q. J pJ'LLi-e NOWGS ye HALF !'7fll1oN Sekxace S'Th'hoff UDLLAKS' lYf,LAN,7'2nm Ffmeaso YI N7 I x x x X 8 3, N7 N7 'r QQQQ3 III!! QQ! .QQ HI5U'5?HNK A ,f2i?i. N - 'L-gs41Nff'5Y3,.QfL,'. 'Six 'Q ' ' 5? . ' J ' nu.-if ,x,,f'Fy, ' ,gv W1 A ,. ,U b' I Exim, 'I kg 'ff-. 4 .-4. , A I -it egbnxuxjj - V- ...Q o-.-.qu-...-.Q--4-an-u-'G-D QQ -PEWJTQGRA PHY A 29123273 ff? if Kim i Fw E. TT' GJ N 9 KYQ L31 ,, :V 54, 52,1 ffgif ff ooo xx,-' fe If .' 2' ' . f .1 I .v 'J , ,I u-'as 0- ., ff ft ff! -fr S I ,ff fu' If I '. if u', J. 'vi ' ', '. f 'mf I.: fm. L. ' IL. "E-4' f f uv +. MILTON BRADLEY CO. sPR1NGF1ELD, MAss. DISTRIBUTORS B ton N Y k Chicago Ph 1 d lph A I San Francisco H B I K sas City. Mo. 1' ."' EDGAR S K 1 E F E R TANNING CO. Complete Line Of CHICAGO, ILL. x VI W XII 211 Z rn r- m DP +-I E rn uv U3 1 Q X Q III III! x"xfQQiQxf S 5, .Q I Ill xTsT'QQQx 1,-.1---L-:ui fDemand M O R E A THAN PRICE FRCDMYOUR CAP AND G O W N RENTAL CGMPANY .IW an OOO OONATIQNALOOOQ O Guam fACADEMlC Cosrumfas ganization for the promotion of f imp ved Cap and Gown Rental Servicesl X gl ----- x x I I by xy v xv 0 v W fl 11 QSTQQQ3 X X N K EQ 11111111 'QQx"5Q 11 111111111 QQQQQ QQx J OUR COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES TO THE UNDER GRADUATES TO THE SUPERINTENDENT TO THE PRINCIPAL AND TEACHERS V We hope tha p has enabl d y 1 y better Ye B k h ld Othe se haue been p bl HQQVER BROTHERS, Inc KANSAS CITY, Mo. D x ISTRIBUTORS FOR MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY SPRINGFIELD. MASS. rvru,al4,v-L EW ' V ,fy ya m, f of X 1 l a E X i x i I i l ? 5 E I u 1 Y 1 i I I E I f i i i z E Q i .' - ," . , , rf ,, . 7- "5?l?E7'.LZiE5T?!V3fF"5'?T , ' "yi f'95Y'+'-4'24Pf?'E?fiW?bv1 k 1L ' ' .'5"5.i'. TY 1il"AX?!:RI! 'S:C!'7y.f"V,kE':?'iH'1

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