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Gc 977.20; F77mi 1976 M.t wi Mfi ' i OQi ii i nrrinn ECCLESIASTES 3 To everything there is a s iison, and lo every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to he born, and a lime to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluek up that vvhieli is planted; 3 A time to kill, and a time lo hi ' al; a time to break down, and a time to build up; 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a lime lo mourn, and a time to dance; 5 A time to cast away stones, and a lime to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; 6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time lo keep, and a time to cast away; 7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war. and a time of peace. Administration Our Administrators Lead The Way To A Successful Year Left: Mr. Max Lake Below: Dr. Glenn Mulligan Counselors .304797 Our Counselors Guide Us Through Our Problems Above: Mr. Hull Right: Mrs. Armstead Below: Miss Moore Aides Left to Right: Mrs. Roussey, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. VanCamp, Mrs. Campbell Secretaries Left: Mrs. Sterling Below: Mrs. Toor - Cooks Left to Right: Isabell Miller Sue Baughman Berniece Ginter Sylvia Bibbs Audrey Heyn Custodians Back Row: Russell Sponseller, Dorothy Dolin Middle Row: Paul Claymiller, Catherine Polley, Frederick Haas Sitting: Charles Dumford Custodial Foreman To every effort there is A season, and a time For every attempt Under the heaven: A time to prepare, And a time to be rewrarded For one ' s preparation; A time to work individually. And a time to work as a team: A time to win. And a time to learn One can ' t always be victorious. !. I I l Mni imiipyiiiiiHmapiB— wwBB J D nr Varsity and Reserve Gridmen P ' 1ST ROVV-Mgr. Chris Lebamoff, Neal Schoenle, Marc Young, Brian Alter, Gary Wallace, Dwayne Hall, Brent Gorrell, Tony Loew, Joey Guy, Steve Kuntz, Mark Trainer, Mark Loebert, Mgr. Randy Rousey. 2ND ROW— Chris Denney, George Gladding, Bob Beito, Kamal Macon, Ron Easily, Randy Books, Matt Govan, Stewart Sills, Mark McDanell, Mike Gould, Kent Noble, Greg Moore. 3RD ROW-Phil Talarico, Mark Reginold, Pat Nycum, Chad Green, Charles Adamonis, Kent Adamonis, Chris Freeman, Ray Konger, Dan Bates, Jim Dick, Tracy Minniefield, John Kile, Mr. Perkins. Football Have Successful Season s$ 1ST ROW-John Mileff, Mark Smith, Gary Warstler, Mike Belcher, Robert Rem bert, Pat Flanigan, Tony Davis, Alan Hallback, Omega Graham, Brian Haruff, Rick Kerns. 2ND ROW-Ken Johnson, Andy Lebamoff, Don White, Jim Siela, Tony Moore, Reggie Sanders, Fred Hanson, Dan Edwards, Thomas Walker. 3RD ROW-A. Scatena, Chuck Favory, Jeff Magginnis, Steve Gronou, Troy Grabner, Mark Dalman, Steve Fanning, Erick Stoops, Bruce Crist, Tim Berry. ♦, •, ? 1ST ROW-Bob Dunlap, Rick Sprinkle Sheldon Sills, l()n Talarico, Lloyd Peterson, Kenderick Boyd, Todd Ames, Gary Moore, Tom Retzios. 2ND ROW-John Kuntz, Mike Brandt, Sam Bolden, Kevin Cook, Greg Simon, Bob Lebamoff, Bryan Dalman, Jeff Putt, Kirt Klingerman, Dick Woznick. 3RD ROW-Mr. Baker, Greg Trainer, Dave Snook, Dave Reith, Bill Corn, Erick Thomas, Dave Jones, Greg Bunsold, Scott Steinforth, Phil Christman, Randy Ulrich, John Lebamoff Spikers Have Good Year 1ST ROW— Laurie Armstrong, Lisa MaydweU, Lori Noble, Lisa Helms, Brenda Bowman, 2ND ROW- Gwen Boyle, Colleen Clare, Paula Ramsey, Robin Armstrong, Erica Hoham, Miss Post Volleyball Girls Volleyball 3 Lane Harriers Run to Victorious Season Cross Country 1ST ROW— Mark Thompson, Fred Barnoske, Brad Farlow, 2ND ROW-Mr. Swinford, Mike Hunkler, Gerry Stover, Chris Mattes 1ST ROW— Greg Roth, Lauren Bunnell, Brent Parker, Joe Andorfer, Ed Cannon, 2ND ROW-Todd Tsiguloff, Ted Johnson, Tom Adams, Greg Baker, Dave Wilson, Mark Holbrook 3RD ROW-Kurt Finton, Scott Wilson, Kent Bailey, Kevin Weaver, Line Schneider, Brad Manes, Mr. Swinford Grapplers Capture Second in City 1ST ROW: Steve Kuntz, Mark Shultz, Chris Denney, Brian Alter, Brent Gorrell, Matt Govan, Jim Dick, Neal Schoenie, Stewart Sills, 2ND ROW: Ray Konger, Greg Causey, Lawerence Davis, Gerry Stover, Chuck Adamonis, Mike Bennett, Dave Stouder, Greg Moore Wrestling 1% UjKJv V ,. m HI i m cores 54 Portagt ' g WeW ft Miami 39 Fairfield ' ■ 27 ; Miami 60 Kekionga 3 Miami 39 Geyer 29 ' ■ ' Miami 39 Concordia 33 Miami 49 Franklin 15 Girls Display Enthusiasm Ninth Sj Miami Mi OH ■ Mia ' n Miami Miami Miami rfagi 15 Frank 18 Ge r Touril ;jT -f 27 Fiiirfipld ' % f Girls ' Basketball Ti T I I 1ST ROW: Michelle Weeks, Laurie Armstrong 2ND ROW: Laurie Bliven, Theresa Sloan Brenda Bowman, Gwen Boyles 3RD ROW: Miss Froehlich, Theresa Bell. Lori Noble Gloria Gnffin, Francine Harvell, Lisa Helms, Erica Hoham. Varsity Cagers Show Potential fi?i 1ST ROW: Walter Ervins, Dwayne Hall, Ray James, Ronnie Underwood, Ricky Stallings. Kamal Macon, George Gladding, Tonly Lowe, 2ND ROW: Mr. Shaidnagle, Phil Talarico, James Chapman, Dan Bates, John Kile, Willie Edwards, Joey Guy, Chris Freeman, Walter Harendeen. Basketball Miam: Miam Miam Miam: Miam Miam Miam wm FaiHiekl Cahce ' Tournament Miami 43 Miami -.43 F • , Reserves Gain Experience 1ST ROW L-R: Andy Lebamoff, Todd Tsiguloff, Ron Foster, Brade Manes, David Wilson, Mgr. Ron Miekle, 2ND ROW: Bruce Crist, Ron Sutorius, Steve Fanning, Eric Stoops, Ron Starks, Kenton Bailey, Tim Berry. Reserve Basketball 0i 1ST ROW L-R: Brent Parker, John Lebamoff, Loren Bunnell. John Kuntz, Leonard Maydwell, 2ND ROW: Tony Talarico, Tom Adams, Greg Baker, Sheldon Sills, Tom Retzios, Randy Ulrich, 3RD ROW: Mr. Blosser, Scott Wilson, Greg Trainer, Dave Snook, Scott Steinforth, Stuart Freimuth, Lloyd Peterson. Gymnasts Work for Perfection L-R: Laura Smith, Mona Bellis, Regina Chapman Pom Pons ' -is: ■m:=- A 1ST ROW L-R: Rae AnnGrilo, Julie Van Olden. Mnlanie Crouch, Lori Armstrong, Delores Davenport. Paula Ramsey. Lisa Maydvveli, Chris Reynolds. Sheila Boone. Kay Richards, Melinda Cooper 2ND ROW: Laura Smith. Carol Lemay. Denise Henshen. Linda Dove, Laura Woznick. Lisa McDonald, Sue Andorfer, Kathic Shuherl, Crelchcn Mover, Teresa Kendall, Denise Gronau. Girls Cheer Teams to Victory 1ST ROW L-R: Gretchen Smith, Gail eppler, 2ND ROW: Ruanne Berger, Mancy Demetre, 3RD ROW: Sandy Tate. ,aurie Gerding. Cheerleaders 1ST ROW L-R: Robin Moscr, Siieila Alexander, Molly Korte, 2ND ROW: Lori Leamon, Julie Peppier. Joel Specht, Cathy Peppier. STUDENT ACTIVITIES To everything there is A time and a season. A time in which One participat(!s, Whether alone or In a group: A time for one to Observe others. A time to be Serious or merry; A time to enjoy and appreciate The fellowship of friends. Afro-Heritage Club ISTROWL-R. r. C.iuscc, A, Kazee. L. Underwood. R. Chapman, D. Bush. G. Lawrence. E. Ayers. ]. Glenn. Mrs. Watkins, 2ND ROW: B. Melvin. D. Macon. M. Mims. M. Weeks. A. Grayson. J. Lewis. R. Foster. S. Harris. 3RD ROW: T. Dennis, G. Griffin. L. Underwood. M. Turner. F. Harvell. L. Maydwell. Z. Hagler. E. Belcher. Y-Teens lSTROWL-R:D. Schrieber. T. Mumm.i. |, Rrv.d. ]. Brandt. B. Fell. T. Richey. G. Jackson. J. Kryder. T. Graves. 2ND ROW: T. Ritchey. L. Noble. |. Radu. MissHahn, B. Powell, ]. Feber. Mrs. Gargett. M. Barany, ]. Ebbing, R. Mendenhall, S. Manes. Spelling Club ■ N S 1ST ROW L-R: M. Armstrong, L. Holston. P. Matti. E. Cannon, 2ND ROW: M. Korte, L. Bushe. B. Saylor. L. McDonald, 3RD ROW: R. Moser, J. Altenburg, Mrs. Garvin. Drama Club t - ' I 1ST ROW L-R: L. Ralph, D. King, M. Werling, T. Kendall, 2ND ROW: K. McFnInrs, K. Quinn, G. Meyer. |, Andorfer, M. Leamon, . Griggs, R, Fish, R. Gotrick, C. Mcintosh, 3RD ROW: J. Andrew, N, Ellis, S. Huber, S. Andorfer. M. Franke, K. Peppier. S. Boone. L. Leamon. J, VanOlden. T. Reinking. R. Mendenhall. 4TH ROW: C. Sanders, M. Stoner, M, Ort, T. O ' Dell, R. Dclu. K. Johnson, J. Specht. J. Bauer, C. Nimtz, R. Rowe, D. Shepler. Seventh Grade Choir 1ST ROW: Y. Elwurd, G. Simon. B. Dilllon. T. Adam. B. Parker. T. Gonya. R. Schultz. T, Bade, C. Pyard 2ND ROW; K. Cooke. G. Baker. L. Wane. D. Shultz. J. Brovvndenville. K. Steven.s, D. King, D. Childre,ss, M. Robinson, [. Lambert. C. Sanders, Mrs. Patton, 3RD ROW: S. Sanders. T. Denton, S. Bolder. K. Klingcrman. R. Ayres. A. Willitt. A. Husband. L. Binner. R. Gotrik, L. Olson. K. Tinker. B. David. 4TH ROW: D. Loyd, P. Bozarth. C. Hammerstcin. ]. Andorfer. N. Ellis. R. Mcrriman. R. Meyer, T. Parquette. C. Govan. R. Wright. F. Trout. K. High. 5TH ROW: G. Smith. R. Bridges. R. Saylor. M. Imel. G. Trainer. G. Bunsold, S. Steinforth. S. Friemuth. P. Totlen. S. Bell. K. Starks. E. Anderson, C. Bibbs. Eighth Grade Choir 1ST ROW: M. Cooper, E. Killen. C. LeMay. T. Kendall, D. Masierak. S. Griggs. K. Richards. S. Boone, B, Lahmann, S. Fowler. 2ND ROW: ]. VanOlden. B. Fredrick. R. Rowe. R. Ladd, C. Sanders, A. Hollovvay. L. Bigler. B. Harrison. R. Mosser. Mr. Moening, 3RD ROW: S. Harmaii, K. Bauer. B. Minniefield, C. Nimtz, M. Stoner. D. ShepltM-. | Bauer. L. McDonald. B. Armington. ]. Leitch. Ninth Grade Choir 1ST ROW: R. Keller, S. Hoehn, L. Bliven, K. Bennet, 2ND ROW: A. Suel, M. Sfrack, L. Fousnaugh. R. Armstrong, L. Dove, 3RD ROW: S. Clifford, C. Wood, D. Helmke, B. Paflon, Smith. Student Activities 1ST ROW: I. Andrew, D. Korman, R. Shultz, [. Dcnnex. 2ND ROW: B. Beilo, Mr. Fuik, W. Edwards, T. Minniefield, N. Schoenle. Ninth Grade Band 1ST ROW: D. Migm. P. Stanczak. M. Summers. C. Busche. J. Flohr, B. Busche, 2ND ROW: D. Hess. M. McDannell. |. Dick. R. Konger. S. Kitchen. L. Noble. C. Reynolds. Eighth Grade Band 1ST ROW: D. Kohrman. M. Dalman. T. Tsiguloff. G. Stanczak. I. Andrew. ]. Griggs. M. Bossc. P. Flanizan. T. Berry. B. Crist. B. Harruff. A. Hallback. A. Lebamoff. 2ND ROW: D. Holloway. K. Peppier. [. Specht. B. Saylar. C. Borntreger. S. Markloy. J. Roman. L. Bushey. S. Andorfer. M. Korle. C. Hess. B. Miller. M. Crouch. L. Weber. L. Wickliffe. M. McCaustland. L. Hammerstcin. Seventh Grade Band % ' - I l - 1] 11 ISl ROW: |. Denney, D. Reith, T, Ames, S. Dove, G. Acker, J. Lebamoff, R. Ulrich, L. Schneider, B. Dalman M Leamon 1 lohnson, W. Corn, T. Peppier, J. Kuntz, 2ND ROW: D. Schreiber, J, Walter, L. Koehl, J. Allenburg L Zimmerman T Russell, S. Tsiguloff, S. Manes, B. Fell, J, Reed, B. Bouser, J. Parker, J. Fawcett, L. Noble J Wilkerson Seventh and Eighth Grade Orchestra 1ST ROW: |. Zimmerman, L. Leamon, M. Franke, R. Mendenhal. K, Hit h, R. Schultz, 2ND ROW: C. Mcintosh, M, Robinson, |, Lambert, R. Ebey, Mr, Moennig. C, Hammerslein, B. Piirkcr, P, Christman, R. Barley. Ninth Grade Orchestra 1ST ROW: S. lohnston, D, Denny. P, Hansel, L, Armstrong. 2ND ROW: D. Baker, M. Hunklcr, Holt, G. Mover, Art Club 4 shs -iW ' 1ST ROW: B. Dillon. S. Dove. P. M ittrs, M. Werling, T. Richey. A. Willett, B. Dirr. R. Mciklc.. 2 n ROW: M. Gabrial, K. Richards. M. Cooper. A. Holloway. T. McClelland, L. Helms. L. Maydvvell. S. Boldcn. B. Lahmann. 3RD ROW: J. Brandl. M. Crouch. R. Moser. M. Armstrong. D. Lloyd. G. Moore. C, Hammerstcin. S. Andorfer. M. Ri-amon. D. Kohrman, 4TH ROW: R. Moser, B. Giant, K. Enkoff, D. Powell. M. Ort. L. Hammerstein, C. Mcintosh, B. Saylor, L. McDonald. B. Arminulon. Needlecraft .r 1ST ROW L-R: L. Grunden. R. Fish. K. McFeters. 2ND ROW: S. Sm.ith. P. Rus.sell W. Neal. D. Powell. 3RD ROW: |. Radu. D Powell, T. Hundley, L, Taylor, 4TH ROW: R. Mendenhall. T. Mumma. S. Smith. A. Kazee, Mrs, K, Autenrieth. A s S Boys ' Intramurals Club 1ST ROW L-R: Y. Elward, M. Salyers, T. Talarico, T. Gonya. D. Hinos, Mr. Swinford, 2ND ROW: G. Simon. M. Lyons, R. Neibslr, M, Armstrong, M, Shannon, A. Fugate, K. Klingprman, 3RD ROW: ]. Hey, W. Gooden, H. Altnr, K. Adamonis, G. Trainnr, E. Cannon. 4TH ROW: K. Haln, T. Causey, K. Boyd, S. Causey. P. Talarico. G. Bunsold. D. Snook. Boys ' Gymnastics Club 1ST ROW L-R: C. Essex, Y. Elward, M. Salyers. |. Griggs. M. Peacock. G. Landis. Mr. Swinford. 2nd ROW: M. Landrum. E. Thomas. T. Bronaugh, D. Kohrman, M. Armstrong, j. Andorfer. |. Mileff, K. Klingerman, 3RD ROW: V. Fish, D. White, T. Haag. R. Foster. T. Causey. R. Baner. W. McCoy. 4TH ROW: M. Shannon, J. Hey, M. McDonnell. R. Reed. K. Adamonis. R. Rousey, F. Barnoske. L. Tinker. K. [ohnson. Girls ' Gymnastics Club 1ST ROW: R. Wiocins. A, HoUoway. G. Jackson, R. Chapman, D. Macon, A. Willelt, C. Trigg, 2ND ROW: T Freeman, ), Anderson, L, Topp, T. Elward, M, McCaustland, Z. Woods, D, Wall, S. Hcnschen, V. Ward, C. Mcintosh, 4TH ROW: |. Anderson, R. Roeers, D, Watson, F, Harvell, L. Undc-rwood, R. Brantlrv, A, Kazoo, B. Hoy. K. Forlior, L, Wober. Chess Club 1ST ROW: R, Schubert, G. Stanczak. 2ND ROW: M, Hamrick, R. Mendenhall, 3RD ROW: Mr. Baker. V, Craig. Office Runners Isl Row L-R; B. Parker, D. Moslcy, D. Sadler, S. Weaver. L. Underwood, 2nd Row: B. Steffey. M. Ankenbruck, L. Spencer, C. Downing. C. Noel, R. James, O. Moore, 3rd Row: C. Freeman, S. Vogel, G. Stover, M. Barfield. K. Hale. L. Maydwell, S. Harris, F. Harvell, 4lh Row: D. Helmke, J. Chapman, L. Russell, T. Minniefinld, L. Tinker, M. Lyons. W. Eruins. E. Beleher Library Club i iS -.J 1st Row L-R: B. Miller. M. Crouch. C. Hess, D. Henschen, S. Andorler, L. Bushey, M. Korle, D, Kohrman, ], Griggs. 2nd Row: A. Lebamoff. T, Berry, L. Weber, R. Franklin, M. Barney. ], Ebbin , M. Sloner. |. Karuda, 3rd Row: D. Marquart. |. Landin, C. Harber. C. Schubert, G, Boyle, L, Armstrong, N. Demelre, S. Anderson Bowling Club 1st Row L-R: T. Scribener. |. Lambert, S. Borko T Addins L Bunnell S Senders G Smith | Flohr. 2n(l Row: L- Smith. M. Imel, P. Bozarth, T. Denton, M. Robinson | Anilortc r M.Lcamon R EIt Mr Wea ( i (Sponsor), ,ir(l Row: R. Moser, L. Weber, I. VanOlden, D. Dafforn. B. M( eis M Ankt nbriiuk. K. Hale, 4ih Row: R. Moser, ). Bauer, J, Burke D, Stuck. M. Stoner, K. Neate. L. Key, R. Ward, T Ho nq Shop Club 1st Row L-R: Mr. Klausing, M, Landrum. M. Salyers, M. Armstrong, M. Ralph. [. Siela, G. Warstler. J. Brandt. Mr. Coleman. 2nd Row: V. Fish, B, Hutchins, K, Hale. M. Donaghy. Mr. Ankenbruck. B. Dafforn. G. Stanczak. K. Enkoff .3rd Row: C. Brock, T. Haag, B. Alter, T. Causey. R. Foster. P. Stanczak. R. Rousey, P. Talarico, B. Christopher, 41h Row: B. Gorrell. C. Freeman. D. Stouder, S, Gronau. B. Movers, B. Prezbindowski Trail Blazer Staff TRAIL BLAZER STAFF editor in chief sports MARK SUMMERS BRENDA BOWMEN JIM DICK KEVIN HALE SONIA HOEHN CHRIS MATTES PAXJJYflyM Li ERI M DLtt P T NYeOM EYNOLDg. iHGE SMITH ,»,.f?rLARICQ KW ' CLIFFGR ■ FORRESTER sHERSiXOOD DEB SONIA HOEHN CCOLLY Reservation ' 76 Academics 1904797 To all learning there is A time and a season To all wisdom Under the Heaven: A time to help others, And a time to achieve By Individual effort; A time to hear, And a time to be heard; A time to speak. And a time to be silent; All of life ' s experiences demand Time that we must spend wisely. Top Left: Mr. Fishel— English Top Right: Mrs. Mack— Latin Middle Left: Miss Guillot— French Above: Mr. Moden— English, Social Studies Left: Mrs. Gargett— English, French Left: Mr. Blosser— Special Education Middle: Mrs. Watkins— Business, English Bottom Left: Mr. Reynolds— Social Studies, English Bottom Right: Mr. Perkins— English Right: Mr. Weaver- Math Above: Mr. Smith— Math Below: Mr. Shaidnagle-Math, Health Above: Miss Froehlich— Math, Gym M k — J M g 1 =. ' (C WCl i 5 i £j S-;. M E , , J|H M Above: Mrs. Thomas— Math Right: Mr. Scatena— Social Studies Above: Miss Hahn— Math Right: Mr. Johnson— Biology, V Gym I fi :.( Left: Mr. Fulk— Science Above: Mr. Walker— Science Above: Miss Kampschmidt— Biology Below: Mr. Hole— Biology, Health Above: Mr. Ebetino— Science, Spanish Right: Mrs. Pauwels— Home Ec, Above: Mr. Shearer— German Above: Mr. Moennig— Band, Musical Arts, Choir Below: Mr. Davis— Library, Mrs. Van Camp— Aide Above: Mr. Meyer— Art, Mrs. Patton— Art, Choir Above: Mrs. Mileff-Study Hall Student Section Freshmen To everything there is A time, and a season For every purpose Under the heaven; A time to get involved; A time to stand up for what you believe in; A time for all to v rork together, And a time to find the real you. Tom Williams Andrea Williams Connie Wilhelm Wayne White Kellie Weisenauer Charles Adamonis Kent Adamonis Brian Alter Brenda Anderson Janice Anderson Edward Anderson Michael Ankenbruck Carol Ansberry Laurie Armstrong Lori Armstrong Robin Armstrong Ella Ayres Dawn Baker Roslyn Baker Melinda Barfield Renee Barksdale Frank Barnhart Fred Barnoske Carl Bartels Daniel Bates Robert Beito Evelyn Belcher Quinzena Bell Teresa Bell Monalee Bellis Kathryn Bennett Michael Bennett Stanley Bennett Ruanne Berger Terry Berkey Eugene Bibbs Laurie Bliven Randy Books Stephen Borkowski Adrienne Bostwick I t il . % Bourne Brenda Bowman Gwen Boyle Edward Bradley Michael Bradley Ronald Bradley Tony Bronaugh Bonita Brown Jeffrey Burke Brenda Busche Connie Busche Diana Bush Sylvester Carlisle Gregory Causey James Chapman Regina Chapman Brad Christopher Collen Clare Billy Clare Sara Clifford Bob Cragg Mark Crickmore Doug Dafforn Delores Davenport Phil David Lawrence Davis Nancy Demetre Chris Denney Debbie Denney Glenda Dennis Jim Dick Matt Dikty Linda Dove Kristy Downing Linda Durtschi I. ti? f Frank Dutt Ron Easly Willie Edwards Dennis Ely Walter Ervins Brad Farlow Teresa Fish Jan Flohr Teresa Forrester Lane Fosnaugh Chris Freeman Jane Friedrich Linda Fritze Kim Fry Richard Garland Marjie Gatchell Kenny Gephart Laurie Gerding George Gladding Janet Glenn Sherri Good Will Gooden Regina Gordon Brent Gorrell Mike Gould Matt Govan Tyease Graham Addie Grayson Debbie Greaf Chad Green Gloria Griffin Joe Guy Molly Hagan Zandra Hagler Kevin Hale X- t % , •V tV A v: I Chiirlcs H.ill lohn Hall Puuhi Hansel Cathy Harber Pat Haber Sandra Harris Mike Harrison Shead Harrison Francine Harvcll Denise Helmke Dennis Helmke Lisa Helms Angela Hensler Richard Herber Walter Herendeen David Hess Jeff Hey Lori Hicho Mike Hilker Steve Hines Sonia Hoehn Madeleine Hofrichter Erika Hoham Terrie HoUins John Holt Terri Hoyng Mike Hunkler Robert Hutchins Raymond |ames Susan Johnston Raymond Jones Cindy Kazee Nancy Keller Rita Keller Lisa Key ' w ' ■■■■ , .i:d m |ohn Kile Suzettn Kitchen Riiymond Konger Steve Kuntz Julie Kurudii Gene LaMaster Janet Landin Greg Lawrence Chris Lebamoff Richard LeMay Joleen Lewis Mark Loebert Brian Lowe Louise Loyd Maurice Lyons Dierdre Macon Kamal Macon Don Marquart Christopher Mattes Vicki Mattews Patricia Mattingly Lisa Maydwell Jane McColly Kevin McAfee Michelle McCain Willie McCoy Mark McDanell Holly McElhiney Lee McGee Deborah McMillei Beverly Melvin John Metzger Deborah Meyer Gary Meyer Gary Middleton flES ' TV ! f V K 4 f%. ■ii V - ■ V ■J n.irrel Mihm Mcianic Mims Tracy Minnii ficki Onigory Moore Ora Moon Ronald Moore Rhonda Moscr Honald Mosley Orelchcn Moyer Robert Myers Kathy Neate Lori Noble William Noble Kathleen Noel Patrick Nycum |anet Obrien Kathleen Obrien Tamra Ormiston Abigail Parker Brian Parker Sandy Parker Tammy Parnin Cheryl Parqiiette Dan Paschall Brian Patton |ana Peacock Gail Peppier Jeff Phillips joe Pierce Rosie Porter Bob Prezbindowski Mark Ralph Paula Ramsey Jay Rauschenburg George Revis Joy Reed Mark Regenold Christine Reynolds Chris Rofflesen Sebrena Rogers Randy Roussey Mark Rowles Carol Russell Liz Russell Ronald Ryse Debra Sadler Sandra Safford Darryl Sanders Judy Sanders Raymon Sanderson Patti Schell Joseph Scheumann Kevin Schilling Neal Schoenle Jonathan Schoeph Denise Schrock David Scott Jeffery Scott Addie Sewell Michael Shannon Katherine Shubert Mark Shultz Stevi art Sills Stephanie Sims Norman Sizemore Darrell Slayton Davis Slayton Theresa Sloan Belinda Smith Erick Smith W- . NH J i -. ' - rV ' , Gretchen Smith Laura Smith Michael Smithson Lisa Sorg Joe Ann Sparks Lori Spencer Ricky Stallings PhilHp Stanczak Brian Steffey David Stouder Gerry Stover Margaret Strack Diane Stuck Mark Summers Phil Talarico Sandy Tate Josephine Teague Mark Thompson Larry Tinker Roderick Tolbert Carol Tonkel Mark Trainer Matricia Turner Laura Tuttle Jim Underwood Lavern Undervviood Ronnie Underwood Richard Vachon Kathy Veith Glen Vogel Gary Wallace Rolland Ward Mark Weaver Stephanie Weaver Michelle Weeks Eighth Grade mr j ' k I sy ilV i lj ' Sheila Alexander Gregory Allen Sheila Anderson Susan Andoefer John Andrew Brenda Armington Michael Armstrong [ames Austin Brian Badger Angelic Bailey Kenton Bailey Mary Ann Barany Tracey Barksdale Wayne Bartels Layonne Bates Jennifer Bauer Kevin Bauer Michael Belcher Timothy Berry Bobby Bibbs Karen Bibbs Linnea Bigler Douglas Bird Linda Boone Sheila Boone Cheryl Borntreger Marland Bosse John Bourne Janice Brandt Carolyn Brewer Charles Brock David Burke Batrice Burnett Laurie Bushey Jack Byrd Renee Cannon Brenda Carter Tony Causey Debra Cole Melinda Cooper Dale Copley Steve Cotton Robert Cox Virgil Craig Bruce Crist Melanie Crouch Laurie Dailey Mark Dalman Tony Davis Renee Delu Bret Diehm Mark Donaghy Henry Dunbar lames Dunbar Labeatria Easley Julie Ebbing Paige Ebersole Daniel Edwards Richard Eitniear Teresa Elvvard Kelly Enkoff Steve Fanning Charles Favory Julia Feber George Fields Kurt Finton Vincent Fish Patrick Flanigan Ronald Foster Susan Fowler Myra Franke Rhonda Franklin Brenda Friedrich James Fuqua Lance Galloway Carl Gammons William Ganaway Jon Gideon Troy Grabner Omega Graham Barbara Graves Jimmy Green Judy Green John Griggs Sandra Griggs Rae Ann Grile Denise Gronau Steve Gronau Timothy Hagg Alan Hallback Laurie Hammerstein Michelle Hamrick Wayne Hanks Fred Hanson Scott Harman Brenda Harrison Brian Harruff Rhea Harvell Timothy Hein Larry Helms Denise Henschen Carol Hess ;.jv, ' m A)H mzi Felecia Hicks ' Elizabeth Hilker Angela Holloway Deborah Holloway Ken Hormann David Hoying Paula Hubbard lames Hundley Brenda James Denise Johnson Kenneth Johnson Bernard Jones John Jones Lisa Jones Verna Jones Theresa Kendall Ricky Kerns Bobby Killen Elana Killen Debra King David Kohrman Molly Korte Rosemary Ladd Bonnie Lahmann Darryl LaMaster Marcus Landrum Priscilla Layman Carol Le May Laura Leamon Andrew Lebanoff Rosanne Lombardo Jeffrey Magginnis Brad Manes Susanna Markley Douglas Martin Gary Martin Thomas Martin Denise Masierak Sheila Mayer Valerie Mayes Marleen McCaustland Tana McClelland David McConnell Lisa McDonald Neal McFeters Sandra McGee Charlene Mcintosh Ronald Meikle Ronda Mendenhall John Mileff Barbara Miller Daniel Miller Merri Miner Barry Minniefield Tony Mooroe Robin Moser Steven Nicholas Carla Nimtz Larry O ' Quin Teah O ' Dell Chris Oberkiser Michelle Ort Denise Paschall Charles Patton Julie Peppier Kathy Peppier Danny Phillips Raymond Pickrell Jerome Pierce Deborah Powell Thomas Quarles Jacqulene Radu Kelly Rainey Elida Ramos Terri Rauschenberg Karl Reavis Richard Reed Tracy Re inking Robert Rembert Katherin Retzios Melissa Revett Kay Richards David Richardson Anthony Ricketts Signe Rogers Jeanette Roman Robin Rowe Marvin Salyers Christina Sanders Diane Sanders Reginald Sanders Rebecca Saylor Brian Scott Steven Shelpman Deirdre Shepler Laura Shie Linda Sholl James Siela Stacey Sims James Slusher Jacquelin Smethers Mark Smith Sheri Smith Calvin Soil Joel Specht Twyla Sprinkle Gregory Stanczak Vaughn Starks h k ' , Maxine Stoner Eric Stoops Randy Stucker Ronald Sutorius Kimberly Swain Vickie Thomas Mary Thompson Howard Trosper Tami Tschappat Todd Tsiguloff Julie Van Olden Thomas Walker Scott Walter Beatrice Ward Vickey Ward Gary Warstler Bridget Watkins Kevin Weaver Linda Weber John Weisenauer Matthew Werling Donald White Laurie Wickliffe Kevin Williams Toni Williams Christine Wilson Danny Wilson David Wilson Joan Zimmerman p M p 4 : ,1 ■ ' iHHf mm t 1 V 1 1 1 ' ' J Bobby Dillion Kevin Reavis Steve Wilson Felica Hicks Seventh Grade Grant Acker Tom Adams Julie Altenburg Phil Ames Ernestine Anderson |udy Anderson Joe Andorfer Marilyn Ash Dave Austin Roy Ayers Toni Bade Greg Baker Leslie Barnhart Vyanna Bates Sandra Bell Cheryl Bibbs Beth Block Arnold Boese Sam Bolden Sandra Boone Brenda Bowser Kendrick Boyd Phil Bozarth Michael Brandt Regina Brantley Robert Bridges Laurie Briner Tim Brown Jeannette Brownderville Loren Bunnell Greg Bunsold Steve Byrd Darrell Cannon Eddie Cannon Melvin Carlisle Danita Childress Phil Christrhan Regina Church Kevin Cooke William Corn Ernie Curry Bryan Dalman Belinda David John Davis Jon Denney Terry Denton Bobby Dillion Brett Dirr I « J l hy . tr TI ScotI Dove Bob Dunlap Rob Ebey Cindy Edwards Holland Ellington Natalie Ellis David Elward Jeff Emrick Chris Essex Eddie Farmer Max Farrell Jennifer Fawcett Beverly Fell Rita Fish Kelly Fortier Tonya Fortier Theresa Freeman Doyle Freibuger Stuart Freimuth Austin Fugate Maricriss Gabriel William Carver Robert Gerardot Brenda Giant Anthony Gonya Steve Gonzalez Renee Gotrik Cheryl Govan Terri Graves Carol Grover Lisa Grunden Chris Hammerstein Kristie Harman )ill Harmeyer Pat Harrison Tammy Hathaway Wesley Hayes Robert Henley Shelley Henschen Maurice Herndon Beth Hey Gary Hiatt Robert Hibbs Kelley High David Hines Gerald Hochstetler Mark Holbrook Lonnie Holston Margaret Hopkins Sandy Huber Lammy Hundley Amy Husband Rebecca Imbody Mark Imel Giiil Jackson )ohn lohnson Robin Johnson Ted Johnston David Jones Bryon Kathrcns Alicia Kazee John Keller Sherry Kelly Debbie King Kirt Klingerman Lisa Koehl Karla Kope Janice Kryder John Kuntz Robin Kuruda Janice Lambert Gary Landis Laura Learning Mike Leamon John Lebamoff Bobby Lebamoff Edwin Leshore Bill Levy Elizabeth Lombardo Donald Loyd Sidney Lyons Christine Mahoney Sue Manes Randy Marty Pat Mattes Leonard Mavdwell Kellv MC Peters Arthur MC Call Larry MC Gee Edward Meier Dennah Mclvin Rhonda Merriman Renee Meyer Lori Middleton Robert Mills Gary Moore Rhcta Moser Reba Mosley Teresa Mumma Wilma Neal Danny Nellems Nancy Neuman Lisa Noble Debbie O Quin Jim Oberkiser Lisa Olson Lorraine Owen Brent Parker ' B M M Jennifer Parker Teresa Parquetti; Benny Paschall Marty Peacock Tony Peppier N4ike Perreila Cindy Peterson Lloyd Peterson |oe Phillips Maggie Phillips John Pierce Donna Powell Richard Price Jeff Putt Cherie Pyard Karen Quinn Lisa Ralph Kevin Reavis Johnna Reed Mark Reed David Reith Tom Retzids Terri Richey Michele Robinson Regina Rogers Shaun Roman Greg Roth Patsy Russell Tamara Russell Alice Rutherford Cindy Sanders Steve Sanders Rickey Saylor Lincoln Schneider Dawn Schreiber Regina Schultz Terry Scot I Tracy Scribner Daniel Sewell Ross Shubert Douglas Shultz Sheldon Sills Greg Simon Stacy Slayton Darnella Smith Greg Smith Randy Smith Sheila Smith Shelly Smith Tina Smith Scott Snider David Snook Richard Sprinkle Wallace Stalling Kim Starks Scott Steinforth Kim Stevens Karen Stewart Sharon Stewart Kevin Stiverson Tony Talarico Rosie Thomas William Thomas Kim Tirtker Lisa Topp Purley Totten Greg Trainer Jeff Trent Cynthia Trigg Freida Trouten Sharon Tsiguloff Randy Ulrich Greta Underwood Linda Underwood Sandy VanHorn Lori Vinson Terry Wade Denise Wall [ana Walter Goldman Ward Larry Ware Marilyn Wash Dawn Watson Jill Wilkerson Anita Willett Kasandra Wilson Scott Wilson Robin Winans Zandra Woods Richie Woznick To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven; There is a season and a time to build a person ' s basic character, to make him strong when he is v feak; A time to make him brave when he is afraid; A time to build courage when courage seems to fail; A time to have a heart that is clean, and a goal that is high; A time to reach into the future, building and learning from the past; A time to have an open mind filled with true wisdom and meekness. Let God create in your heart a sense of love, brotherhood, peace, and joy. Whatsoever God does, it shall be forever. WiVMHM ' v, - ' ' ' : ' , ' hii . ■:i i , ' : % 1 ' ■■1;, » .-■ ..1 ■ ■ ' ' ' . ■ , tf. ij -va

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