Central High School - Warrior Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1954

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Central High School - Warrior Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 17 of 140
Page 17 of 140

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Page 17 text:

7 v K r E ? N 12, I - BOND, LARRY W Camera Club, Symphonette, Dance Band, Band Chaplain, Talent Show, A Cappella Choir, Honor Ribbon, Solo Clarinet, Intramurals, Band Letter. Ambition: Perfection. BOWEN, KENNETH-ROTC Drill Platoon. Ambi- tion: Civil Engineer. BOWLES, IANICE-Span- ish Club, HR Sec., Y'RB'K THSPA Conv., Fire Inspector, Office Ass't, Best-All-Around Girl. Am- bition: Baylor. BOYERS, IESSE-A Cappella Choir, Officers Club. Ambition: Engineer. BRADLEY, GAIL-Clubs: Spanish, Commercial, Fire Inspector, Red Cross, Y'RB'K, THSPA Conv., Monitor, Quill and Scroll, Wittiest Girl, Ambi- tion: Success, BRADOW, IOANNE-Clubs: Span- ish, Latin, Honor Ribbon, Intramurals, Library, Monitor. Ambition: Nurse. BRIDGFORTH, IEAN- HR Treas., Ch'leader, Honor Ribbon: Captivating Centralite, Fire Marshall, Monitor. Ambition, SMU. BRIGHAM, ANN-Sec. Spanish Club, Nat. Hon. Soc. Ambition: To do what I do well. BROWN, PATRICIA-First Aid Room. Ambition: Secretary. BROWN, COLLETTE-fMessick, Y- Teens, FHA, Choir, HR Repl, WARRIOR, Com- mercial Club, Candy Counter. Ambition: Allergy Specialist. BRYAN, SHIRLEY--Sharps and Flats, HR Sec., Miss Ir. Model, Monitor, A Cappella Choir. Ambition: Dress Designer. BULLARD, ROGER-Council Member, Spanish Club Pres., Znd Place in 3rd yr. Latin Tourn., Nat. Hon. Am- bition: Baptist Minister. BURNS, ROBERT-Officers Club, Rifle Team, Y'RB'K, Monitor, HR Treas. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. BUSBY, MARY LYNN - Intramurals. Ambition: Airline Hostess. BUTLER, DAWN-Lat- in Club, Nat, Hon. Soc., I-IR Ticket Seller, Coun- cil Member, WARRIOR Rep., Copy Ed. Y'RB'K, Ouill and Scroll, S25 in Lion Oil Essay Contest, Monitor. Ambition: College, BUZARD, GEORGE SHR Treas., Red Cross. Ambition: Georgia Tech. CAEN, IUDITH - Literary Warriors, Sponsors Club, Speech Club, Nat. Hon, Soc., Intramurals, Council Member, First Aid Room, Monitor. Am- bition: Texas U, CAMMACK, IOANNE-Spanish Club, Y-Teens, I-IR Chaplain, Red Cross, Coun- cil Member, St, Leader, Monitor, B'kstore, B'sk't- ball Champs, Prize in Safety Slogan Contest. Ambition: Memphis State. CAMPBELL, BILLY -Boys' City, Monitor, V. Pres, of HR. Ambition: Electrical Engineer. CAMPBELL, CAROLYN - Clubs: Spanish, Sponsors, HR Ticket Seller, Council Member, Office Ass't, Monitor, Fire In- spector. Ambition: College. CARNEY, ROBERT-Officers Club, Band Man- ager. Ambition: Success. CARTER, MARVIN - Clubs: Spanish, Officers, V. Pres. of HR, Cam- era Club Treas, Neatest Cadet of Yr. CASEY, CRAIG-Literary Warriors, Speech Club, HR Rep. Ambition: Angelican Priest. CASON, IOHN -Ambition: Sound and Electrical Engineer. CATHEY, ANN-Arts and Crafts, Monitor, Of- fice Ass't, WARRIOR. Ambition: Secretary. CAU- DILL, PAUL-Officers Club, Council Member, Band Chaplain, Pres., Latin Club Treas., ROTC Treas., Band Citizenship Medal, Most Dependa- ble Band Member, Best Spirit and Attitude, Band Letter. Ambition: Minister. CAUGHLEY, IACK-Ambition: College. CHAMBERS, SAMMY --Ambition: College

Page 16 text:

gfa0!uafe5 0 15 ' ' A.. In ... I : ."vl ADAMS, DOT-Clubs: Latin, Commercial, Capt. Girl's Intramurals. Ambition: Nurse. ALFORD, PAT - Clubs: Spanish, Commercial, Honor Rib- bon, First Aid Room. Ambition: Happiness. AL- LEN, PATSY--Spanish Club, Library Ass't. Am- bition: Bob Iones University. ANDERSON, VIR- GINIA-Commercial Club, Intramurals, Sec. of I-IR, Typing Asst'. Ambition: College. APPLEGATE, HART-Band, HR WARRIOR Rep., Council Member. Ambition: University of the South. BAILEY, BEVERLY-Commercial Club, HR Pres., Ticket Seller, Chaplain, Honor Ribbon, First Aid Room, Candy Counter. Ambition: Homemaker. BAILEY, IOHNNY-H Club, Track. Ambition: Civil Engineer. BAINE, CYNTHIA - HR Charity Comm., Talent Show, Classical Music Program, Fashion Show, Nat. Hon. Soc., Intramurals, Monitor, A Cappella Choir, Sharps and Flats Club. Ambition: Music. BAKER, CAROLYN-Arts and Crafts, Commer- cial Club, Scholastic Art Award. Ambition: Mar- riage. BALLARD, IIMMY - Intramural, Track. Ambition: Lawyer. BANNISTER, IOHN-tPort- ageville, Mo., Letter Club, HR Pres. Geog. Awardl Ambition: College. BARBER, M. C. - CKeiser, Ark., FFA Sec., Science Medal, St. Council.l Ambition: Television Announcer. BARR, BARBARA-Red Cross Program Chair- man, Alt, Council Member, Intramurals, Monitor. Ambition: University of Tennessee. BARREN- TINE, BARBARA - Clubs: Sponsors, Literary Warriors, Pres., Treas. of Commercial Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., 3rd Place Midsouth Commercial Con- test, A Cappella Choir, Council Member. Am- bition: Harding College. BARTON, FORBES - Officers Club, HR Pres., Lt. Col. ROTC, Firing Squad, Drill Platoon. Ambition: Success. BAUM, PHILLIP - F'tball Capt., B'sk'tball, All-Memphis F'tball, Paul Goldstein Trophy, H. Club. BEAUDOIN, IOAN-Clubs: Sharps and Flats, Camera, Science, A Cappella Choir, Quill and Scroll, Intramural, WARRIOR Staff. Ambition: Iournalism. BEEZLEY, RUTH-Clubs: Latin, Com- mercial, Quill and Scroll, Honor Ribbon, Coun- cil Member, Senior Personals Ed. Y'RB'K, Ambi- tion: College: BELL, FRANCIS - Clubs: Com- mercial, Literary Warriors, HR Chaplain, Pres., Sec., Treas., of Sponsors Club, Honor Ribbon. BERRY, IOHNNY-Ambition: Nuclear Physicist. BEVAN, DONALD-Arts and Crafts and H Clubs, Wrestling, Intramurals. Ambition: Accordionist. BISNO, ALAN-Nat. Hon. Soc., Pres of Quill and Scroll, Council Member, V. Pres. of Ir. Class, American Chemical Society, NSPA Conv., Sports Ed. of WARRIOR, Ambition: College. BLAISDELL, DOTTIE-Quill and Scroll, HR V. Pres., lst Prize High School Division, Art, Council Member, Morgue Ed. of WARRIOR, Intramurals. Ambi- tion: To be five feet tall. BLAKENEY, MARTHA IO-Arts and Crafts, Spanish Club, HR Chap- lain, WARRIOR Ad Staff, Fire Marshall Ass't, B'kstore, PTA Rep. Ambition: College. BLANKENSHIP, PAT-Sharps and Flats Club, Fr. and Ir. B'sk'tball Champs. Ambition: Baylor. BOGARD, GAIL-Commercial Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., Pres. of HR, Council Member. Ambition: Homemaker. BOLING, BILLY - Officers Club, Band, Firing Squad. BOLING, I. W.-ROTC Drill Platoon, Band. Ambition: Aviation.

Page 18 text:

ra omfw 0 15 H' 'I "I tt I CHANDLER, IOHN - H Club, Track medals, WARRIOR Rep., Wrestling, F'tball Manager, Swimming Team. Ambition: Cattle Rancher. CHILDRESS, IOY-Sharps and Flats, Y-Teens, Speech Club. Ambition: U. T. CHISM, SHIRLEY -HR Sec.-Treas., Honor Ribbon, Monitor. Am- bition: College. CHURCHILL, BILL -H Club, Officers Club, HR Treas., WARRIOR Rep., Capt. of Golf Team, Fr. Golf Champion, A Cappella Choir. Ambition: Pediatrician. CLOAR, MARY-Commercial Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll. Ambition: College. COBB, BILLIE ANN-Dance Band Librarian, Majorette. Ambition: University of Miami. COBB, TERRY- HR Pres., Intramural All-star, B'sk'tball. Ambi- tion: Baylor. COBB, VIRGINIA-HR V. Pres., In- tramurals, Friendliest Girl. Ambition: Religious Education. COHOE, FLOURNOY-H Club, F'tball. Ambition: Architect. COLE, SAM - Clubs: Latin, Science, Camera, Band Letter, HR Sgt.-at-arms. Ambi- tion: College. COLEMAN, DORIS-Clubs: Com- mercial, Sponsors, HR Sec., Council Member, WARRIOR, Quill and Scroll. Ambition: Airline Hostess. COLEMAN, MARK-Officers Club Pres., HR Pres., Track, Red Cross, Intramural B'tk'tball, Baseball. Ambition: Optometrist. COMPTON, BOB-F'tball, Lab Ass't, Y'RB'K. Am- bition: Millionaire. CONAWAY, FRANK-Officers Club, Cl.'1'l6Gd9I'j All-Intramural B'sk'tball, B'sk't- ball, Golf Team. Ambition: Writer. CONDREY, GLENDA-Spanish Club, PTA Rep., Nat. Hon. Soc., Library Ass't, Intramurals, Commercial Club. Ambition: Christian Service. COOK, BETH -Sec. of Y-Teens, PTA Rep., Ticket Seller. Am- bition: University of Tennessee. COOK, CONNIE-Spanish Club, B'kstore, WAR- RIOR Rep. Ambition: College. COOPER, IULIAN -Literary Warriors, B'sk'tball, Volleyball, In- tramurals. Ambition: Commercial Artist. COOP- ER, LEAH-Monitor, Ch. of Soc. Act. of Com- mercial Club. Ambition: Oklahoma Baptist Uni- versity. COPELAND, BILL-H Club, HR Sec., Fire Marshall, F'tball, Track. Ambition: Happi- ness. COPELAND, NELSON-H Club, Nat. Hon. Soc., HR Pres., Ir. Class Pres., Boy's V. Pres. of St. Govt., B'sk'tball, Boy's State, Cotton Carnival Lord, "Quiz 'Em on the Air," Captivating Cen- tralite. Ambition: Doctor. COPPOCK, DOROTHY -HR Chaplain. Ambition: Success. COX, BILLY -Band, Exec. Off. Mil. Band. Ambition: Mechani- cal Engineer. COX, GAIL- Nat. Hon. Soc., Sec. of Latin Club, V. Pres. of Quill and Scroll, HR Pres., Honorable Mention in Latin Tourn., NSPA Conv., THESPA Conv., HR Rep., WARRIOR Ed. Ambition: Physicist. CRAIG, MARTHA-Council Member, Intramu- rals. Ambition: College. CRAINER, IUDY-Nat. Hon. Soc., Commercial Club, Quill and Scroll, HR Sec., Co-ed. of Y'RB'K, Sharps and Flats, NSPA Conv. Ambition: Northwestern U. CUL- BREATH, ALBERT-Band, Officers Club, Drill Platoon. Ambition: College. CURRY, CHAR- LOTTE-Nat. Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll, Clubs: Commercial, Sponsors, Literary Warriors, 2nd Place Nat. Shorthand Contest, lst Place, Ac- curacy Award Mid-south Commercial Contest, Y'RB'K, Library Ass't, Council Member. Ambi- tion: Fashion Illustrator.

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