Central High School - Warrior Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1947

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Central High School - Warrior Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 14 of 108
Page 14 of 108

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Page 14 text:

LZVLCJ A,0l'IfL8lf1fL6L .QPU 6LIfL 58Cl"8f6Ll"l:8:5 0 ?0lfl,l" lflflflftlne. 8 61,148 6 "fx was .... . ,Q Y ,f tem s 4' E 'AAZ ::E' as A my fir: Q 5 , I' rf Z ik iz Bow! 'iii- . 5. is Q iii. YB! an 4 its . 2 5. JOHN EDWARD CURRY: Aciivilies-Yearbook Ari Slaff, Radio Club, Rifle Team. Ambilion-Reallor. JOAN ARA DALVE: Aclivilies-Speech Club. Ambilion-William and Mary. HARRY DANCIGER: Aclivilies-"H" Club, Gold Convenfion Deleqale, Track Tearn, Baskelball Team, Pole-Vaull and Mile Run Awards. Ambiiion -Soufliwesfernq Businessman. DOROTHY DAY: Acfivilies-Home Economics Club, Book Slore, Red Cross Represenlalive. Ambiiion-Memphis Slale: Nurse. ANNE MARIE DESAIX: Aclivilies-Lafin Club, Red Cross Represenla- live, Home Economics Club. Ambiiion-Universily of Tennessee. HELEN HOLT DEUPREE: Aciivifies-Monilor, "Warrior" Ad Sfaff, Yearbook Ad Siaif, "Warrior" Circulalion Manager, Home Economics Club. Arnbifion-Ole Miss: Airline Hosfess. ROBERT HARRIS DEZONIA: Acfivilies-R.O.T.C. Lieulenanl Colonel, Officers' Club Treasurer. Commissioner ai Large, H. R. Presideni, Boys' Slafe Delegafe, "Hello Cen+raI" Edilor. Ambifion-Wesf Point ANNE BRISBANE DIGBY: Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee. MARY ALYCE DILLMAN: Acfiviiies-Sponsor. Ambilion-Ward Bel- moniq Airline Slewardess. WILLIAM MERIWETHER DORR: Aclivifies-Speech Club. Ambirion- Sourlwwesiernp College Professor. ERLENE DOWNS: Acfivifies-Council Member, Green and Gold Con- veniion Deleqale, Senior Class Corresponding Secreiary, "Warrior" Liferary S+aff, Lalin Club Aedile, Honor Sociefy Secrelary, Home Makers Club, Honorable Menlion and Disfinclion in Lalin Tourna- menl, Moniior, Losl' and Found, "CapTivaling Cenlraliief' High School Reqisler. Ambifion--Soufhweslern. BETTY JO DREWRY: Aclivilies-Gym Sluclenf Leader, Girls' Basker- ball Team, H. R. Serqeanr-a+4Arms, Tickel Salesman, Council Member. Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee. JOANNE DU EEER: Ambilion-Secreiary. JAMES RUSSELL DUPUY: Aclivifies-Baskelball Co-Capfain, Council Member, Gold Convenlion Delegale, Baseball, Track, Fooiball Mana- ger, "H" Club Secrefary, Broad Jump Medal. Ambifion-Souihern Mefhodisf Universifyg Archileci. MARION LEMMAN EDDINS: Ambifion-Universily of Tennessee: En- gineer, IRIS JUNE EDWARDS: Aciivilies-Green Conveniion Delegafe. Am- bilion-Mernphis Slaie. BARBARA JEANNE ELLIS: Acliviiies--Spanish Club, Council Mem- ber, Honor Sociely, Green Convenfion Delegale, H. R. Vice-President Ambifion-Memphis Slale. MARY ANN YARBROUGH: Aclivilies-Yearbook Sfafl, Abseniee Lisl Colleclor, H. R. Treasurer, Spanish Club. Ambifion-Secrefary. WILLIAM EPSTEIN: Acliviries-Bowling Team. Ambifion-Universiiy of Tennessee: Engineer. BETTY KATHRYN ESCUE: Aciivilies-Gold Convenlion DeIega+e Honor Sociely, Laboralory Assisfanl, Candy Counler. Ambifion- Universily of Tennessee. JAMES WILLIAM EVANS: Aclivifies-Ari Prize. Ambiiion-U. S, Marine Corps: Radio Technician.

Page 13 text:

fgloewrilfer poem ,em of focfay NANCY CHILDS: Acriviries-War Bond Salesman. Ambiiion-Ole Miss: Airline Hosiess. THOMAS CLARK: Acfiviiies-Yearbook SI'aI"F. Ambilion-Ariisi. MARY JEANNE CLARK: Acfivifies-"Warrior" Ad Sfalf, P. T. A. Represenlafive. Ambilion-Sie-nographer. JIM CLAY: Acrivifies-Moniior, Honor Sociely, Yearbook Slaff, Track Team, Council Member. Ambilion-Vanclerbili: Lawyer, JEANNE ELDRIDGE CLOYES: Aclivilies-"Warrior" Reporfer, Lirerary Sfaff. Ambilion-Memphis Sfaiez Journalisl. MARY LOIS COGHLAN: Aclivifies-War Bond Salesman, Red Cross Represenfaiive. Ambiiion-Universiry of Mississippi: X-Ray Technician. MARILYN JULIET COHEN: Acrivifies-Booksiore. Ambi+ion-S+enog- rapher. BARBARA JEAN COLEMAN: Aclivilies-Red Cross Represenfalive, H, R. Reporfer, Moniror. Ambilion-Texas Slafe College for Women: Inferior Decorafor. MARY JOY COLEMAN: Aclivilies-"Warrior" Ad Slaff, H. R, Presi- dent Green Conveniion Delegaie, Council Member. Ambirion-Texas Sfaie College for Women, MARY STACY COLLINS: Acrivifies-Moniror, "Warrior," War Bond Salesman. Ambilion-Universiiy of Tennessee: Inierior Decoralor. ELIZABETH ANN CONNOR: Acriviries-Sponsors' Club, Los? and Found, Honor Sociery, "Warrior" Lilerary Slall, Yearbook Slalf, Spanish Club Secrelary and Vice-President MaIron's Room, H. R. Secrelary. Am- bifion-Universify of Tennessee: Laboralory Technician, WILLIAM WHITSON CONWAY: Ambirion---Universily of Mississippi. IRBY COOPER: Acfivifies-H. R. Secrelary, H. R. Reporler, Foolball, Baskelball, "Warrior." Arnbifion-Journalisf. FRANK COSCIA: Acfivifies-Bowling Team, Track, Hi4"Y" Club, "Warrior" Ad Sfaff. Ambiiion-Mechanical Engineer. JOE LESTER CRAIN: Acjivilies-Speech Club Vice-President Spanish Club, H. R. Reporfer, Boxing. Ambilion-Texas Universiiyg Business- man. PAUL EVERETT CREWS: Aciivifies-Boxing Team, Wresfling Team. Am- bilion-Denfisl. NANCY MILLER CROCKARELL. Acfivilies-Monilor, Candy Counler, Booksiore, Spanish Club, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Arnbiiion-Universily of Tennessee. HAROLD CROOK: Arnbilion-Universily of Tennessee: Engineer FRANCES RALSTON CROUCH: Acliviiies-I-I. R. Secrelary, Honor Socieiy, Convenlion Delegafe, "Warrior" Ediior, "Warrior" News Ediior, Freshman, Junior, and Senior Nominaiion Commiliees, Freshman and Junior Par+y Commiirees, Ouill and Scroll, Lalin Club, Phofoplay Club, Fire Prevenrion Trophy, High School Regisrer, "Warrior" Delegare Io Milwaukee Convenlion. Ambifion-Soufhwesfern: Journalisi. MARY EMILY CRUM: Arnbifion-Universiry of Alabama: Wrifer. ELAINE ALICE CURRY: Aciiviries-Camera Club, War Bond Sales- man. Ambifion-Universiiy of Tennessee. 6Ll"8 E!!! ZULLUVZP5 6Ll'L6! 6!0Clf0l".'5 fs 4-ml 'Y "'2'ff' fee 36' if is . I I s' I ,,,' QEEP g I - .,., itn g x I T is 4 .sf" al ml M ., '- V fs, H 'SW is MM I A5 "1" "-' I., ' f .,., ii iili E X - , I H'- . 5, QNX it P-- N i -I ,. . zuzz, Z . 9 ,115 - :,. .

Page 15 text:

H-oyskry OF Kmhoxi Hdll FAE fiillgy 9l"0lfi!9 O! gl"6LJ:5 WAO JECZPFQC! FAQ lflfeblldzff l!0L6!5-'EAQ ELIZABETH ANN FERGUSON: Aclivilies-Girls' Vice-Presidenl, Junior Class Secrefary, H, R. Secrelary, High School Regisler, Fire-Marshall, Los? and Found, "Capliva'ring Cen+rali+e," Foolball Sponsor, Gym Sfudenl Leader, Honor Sociefy, Sponsors' Club. Ambifion-Texas Slale College for Women: Secrelary. MURRAY LEE FIELDS: Ambilion--Universify of Tennessee. MORRIS MACK FINGER: Aclivilies-Camera Club, "Warrior" Typing Edifor. Ambilion-Memphis Slale: Sporling Goods Slore Owner. JEAN TERRY FISHER: Aclivilies--Spanish Club, Boolcslore. Arnbi'fion- Sfephens: Concerl Pianisl. MARTHA JANE FLETCHER: Acfivilies-Home Economics Club. Am- bilion-Business Woman. PATRICIA LOUISE FLIPPIN: Ambilion-Soulhweslern: Inferior Decora- lor. JACK FOSTER: Acfivilies-Foofball, Baseball, Track, "H" Club, "War- rior" Slaff. Ambilion-Lawyer. JEAN FOWLER: Aclivilies-lalin Club. Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee: Laborafory Technician, EDWARD FOX: Aclivifies-Officers' Club, Council Member, Green Convenlion Delegale. Ambilion-Universily of Tennessee: Doclor. SARA MARGARET FULLER: Aclivilies-Sludenl' Governmenl Secre- fary, H. R. Secrelary, Monilor, Red Cross Represenlalive, "CapIivalinq CenIraIi'fe," P.T.A, Represenlafive. Ambifion-Soulhweslern. VIRGINIA ANN FURBISI-I: Aclivifies-Red Cross Represenlafive, Sec- refary, President Ambilion-Universily of Mississippi. CI-ILOE GAINES: Aclivilies-Speech Club, Music Club, Sponsors' Club, Monilor. Ambilion--Dancer. MARTHA GENE GAINES: Acfivilies-Science Club, Sponsors' Club, Paper Girl, Magazine Drive Caplain. Ambilion-Mississippi Slale Col- lege for Women: Bacleriologisl. FRANCES CAMMIEL GEORGE: Aclivilies-Camera Club, Pholoplay Club Presidenf, Pholoplay Club Program Chairman, Home Economics Club, Chairman of Inslallafion Comrnillee, Miss Home Ec. Ambilion- Dielician. JAMES YOUNG: Aclivilies-Officers' Club, Firsf Year R.O.T.C. Club, Radio Club Vice-Presidenf. Ambilion-Texas Agriculfural and Me- chanical College: Slalion Manager. JAMES LAWRENCE GLASS: Aclivifies-Council Member. Ambilion -Universily of Tennessee: Doclor, BETTYE JEAN GOFORTH: Aclivilies-Cornmunily Chesl Chairman. Ambifion-Sfenographer. LUCILLE GOLIGHTLY: Ambilion-College. MARGARET ELIZABETH GRANTHAM: Aclivilies--Canleen Commil- fee, Speech Club, Monilor, Speed Demons Treasurer, Ambi+ion-- Universily of Tennessee: Denial Technician. MARTHA ANN GRAVES: Acfivilies-Boolcslore, Monilor, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Red Cross Represenlalive, Council Member. Arnbilion- College. MARILYN GREEN: Aclivilies-Spanish Club, Council Member, Senior Nominafing Commiflee. Office Assislanl, Gold Convenlion Delegale, Yearbook Represenlalive, Yearbook Slaff. Ambilion-Soulhweslern. ..,,, rd?

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