Central High School - Warrior Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1947

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Central High School - Warrior Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 11 of 108
Page 11 of 108

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Page 11 text:

L'Ae ffan-Allin-ge5Ii 4004-5lf1fLc!?i1fLgeAlS Aloorlfd-yodrgingedlf CALM THOMAS REYNOLDS BEAL: Acfivifies-Council member, H. R. Presi- dent Honor Sociefy Treasurer and President Green and Gold Conven- Tion Delegafe. Ambifion-Soufhwesfern. MARY SKEAHAN BEATUS: Acfivifies-P.T.A. Represenfafive, Home Economics Club. Arnbifion-Soufhwesfern. RICHARD BELOTE: Acfivifies-"Warrior" Reporfer, H. R. Treasurer, Science Club, Music Club, Hi "Y" Vice-President Track. Ambifion- Arfisf. IRVING BENJAMIN: Acfivifies-R.O.T.C. Band, "Warrior" Circulafion Carfoonist Ambifion-Illinois Tech, Radio Technician on Radar. SHIRLEY BENSINGER: Acfivifies-Spanish Club, Canfeen Commiffee, P.T.A, Represenfafiye, Volley Ball Team Capfain. Ambifion-Universify of Chicago, Commercial Arfisf. EDWIN ALFRED BERGER: Acfivifies-Honor Sociefy, Yearbook Repre- senfafive, H. R. Reporfer. Ambifion-Vanderbilfg Civil Engineer. ROSALIE SHIRLEY BERNATSKY: Acfivifies-Yearbook T in Sfaff YP Q 1 'Warrior" Typing Sfaff, Booksfore, Algebra Class Secrefary. Ambifion- Norfhwesferng Polifical Scienfisf. CAROLYN LOUISE BERTUCCI: Acfiyifies-Phofoplay Club. Ambifion- Sophie Newcomb. HAYS BIGC-S: Acfivifies-Baskefball Capfain, Baseball, All-Memphis Eoofball, All-Memphis Baskefball, "H" Club President Officers' Club, H. R. President Ambifion-Civil Engineer. DELIESSELINE BIRCHETT: Acfivifies: Music Club, Booksfore, Council Member, Tufor, Yearbook Sfaff, Ambifion-Soufhwesferng Journalist JACK BLAKE: Acfivifies-H, R. President Officers' Club Sergeanf-at Arms and Vice-President Ambifion-Lawyer. JEANNINE BLANKS: Acfivilies-"Warrior" Reporler, Gym Sfudenl Leader, Honor Sociefy. GERALDINE BOALES: Ambifion-Universify of Mississippi: Sfenog- rapher. ROBERT HERBERT BOERNER: Acfivifies-Science Club, Hi-"Y" Club. Track, H. R. Treasurer. Ambifion-Georgia Tech: Engineer . HENRY ANDREVV BOLDT: Acfiyifies-Honor Sociefy, Officers' Club, Freshman Class President Junior Class President H. R. President Eoofball Capfain, All-Memphis Eoofball, All-Memphis Baskefball, Base- ball, "H" Club President High School Regisfer. Ambifion-Docfor. BETTYE CLAIRE BONDS: Acfiyifies-Monifor, War Bond Salesman. Am- bifion-Chrisfian College. VIRGINIA DARE BOND: Ambifion-Secrefary. JANE ALLEN BOULWARE: Acfivifies-Monifor, Library Assisfant "War- rior," Office Assisfanf. Ambifion-Universify of Tennessee. JESSE MUSCO BOULWARE: Acfivifies-Monifor. Ambifion-Georgia School of Technology, Aeronaufical Engineer. MARION SPEED BOYD JR.: Acfiyifies-Honor Sociefy, Monifor, Council Member, H. R. President High School Regisfer. Ambifion-Universify of Virginiag Lawyer. KAY BRADLEY: Acfivifies-Malron's Room, Monifor, "Warrior," Con- venfion Delegale, "Capfiyafing Cenfralife," Commissioner of Publicily, Sponsors' Club. Ambifion-Mississippi Slafe College for Women. Q ,... ....,,..,.. g- by iii..- f f hs ru ew:- E Q x K . K " nz IJ 5 ,gk . K. ' fglll' Li an - .. iii: Y G' ,,,,, 3 'vs Kg 'K 'T ..,. R N

Page 10 text:

emyokid, ere we are-LLAQ Acilfalfiffafing Jenior C -aw of ,4 7- 333? ,,:,.. , . . I W -Www. 'W' Q -4 W. 'Fri ROBERT ACKLEN: Acfiviiies-H. R. president Council member, H. R. Magazine Drive capiain, Honorable Menlion in Lalin Tournament Ambi- lion-Memplnis Siale: docfor. ANNA LOU ADAMS: Acfivilies-H. R. Ireasurer, Yearbook Sfait Am- bilion-Soufliwesiernq iournalist BETTY ADAMS: Acfivilies-Speech Club, Bookslore, "Warrior" floor manager, Yearbook Ad Siaff. Ambifion-Hollins: medical Ieclwnician. BOBETTE ADLER: Acrivilies-Speech Club reporrer, Canieen Commiliee secrelary, Spanisln Club Ireasurer, Laiin Club, Science Club, Red Cross represeniafive, Senior Ring Commillee, Ouill and Scroll, Gym sludenf leader, "Warrior," edilor-in-chief and Fashion and Feaiure edilor, "War- rior" represenlafive Io Milwaukee. Ambifion-Sara Lawrence: journalist JANE ALEXANDER: Acrivifies-MaIron's Room, "Warrior," Gold Con- veniion delegafe. Ambiiion-Souilwwesiern. RUTH ANN ALLENBER6: Aciivifies-Spanish Club, Lafin Club, Library assislant Ambirion-Psyclwologist JANE ELISE ALLEN: Aclivifies-F.T.A. represenlaiive, Green Conven- Iion delegale, Council member, Monifor, Yearbook Slalt AmbiIion- Airline Slewardess. MARGIE JEAN ALSTON:Ac+ivi1ies-H. R. secrelary. Ambilion-Univen sily of Alabama. HARRIET CLEVELAND ANDREWS: Aciivilies-Honor Socieiy Council member, H. R, president Green Convenfion delegaie, Library assistant Council member. Ambifion-Randolph-Macon. PATRICIA ANN ANDREW: Ambiiion-Nurse. HENRY ANGUS: Acliviiies-H. R. president Ambiiion-Universily of Arkansas: Melropolilan Opera Singer. ELIZABETH ARCHER: Aclivilies-Council member, Green and Gold Convenlion delegale, Office worker, "Warrior" Liierary Slaft Yearbook Slaff, Honor Society, Arnbilion-Universiry of Tennessee. JOHN ARGO: Aclivilies-Speecln Club, Lunclwroom worker, War Bond salesman, Yearbook Sialit Honor Socie'ry. Ambifion-Banker. DOROTHY ARNOLD: Acrivifies-Spanislw Club, Senior Nominaiing Com- millee, H. R. president Yearbook Staff. Ambiiion-Souflnwesrerng Diplo- mai 'ro Soulli America. BOB ATCHESON: Aciiyiiies-"Warrior" Ad Slaif manager, Monifor, Yearbook Slaft Council member, Green and Gold Convenfion delegafe. Ambifion-Vanderbilt Lawyer. HELEN BAILEY: Aclivilies--Absenlee Slip dislribuior, Magazine girl. Ambiiion-Mississippi Slaleg Secreiary. CLINTON BAKER: Aclivilies-Plwofoplay Club, Spanish Club, "Warrior" reporrer, Yearbook Slalt Red Cross represeniaiive. Ambifion-Emory Universiiyg Diplomat CLARENCE EDGAR BANNING: Aclivilies-Red Cross represenlalive, "Warrior" reporler, H. R, president Moniior. THOMAS EDWIN BARNETT: Aclivilies-Boxing, Track, Foofball, Wresf- ling medal. Arnbifion-Universily of Tennessee: Engineer. WILLIAM JOHN BARTI-IOLOMEW: Acfiviiies-"H" Club, Foorball, Commissioner af Large, Honor Sociely. MARY ELIZABETH BARTHOLOMEW: Aclivifies-Lafin Club, Lunclwroom cashier, Monifor, "Warrior" Ad Sfaft Yearbook Siaft H. R. secretary, Council member, Tufor, Honorable Menfion in Laiin Tournament Honor Sociefy. Ambilion-Memphis S+a+e.

Page 12 text:

ever. cjlm arg? f nr l .! I ' fill if fn- ' Rf. sr- 'u W-WA l Q i 1 fn . M :H A-, Q91 J' vi' Z va All A 1 5 x-if 4 e Aweafer Lnilffelm, Leif c vain Jwingem, an ""' T ,, ,, srl irq:-3' Q' i ' 'Q Wh lk 'lf X R ' is.. i "1 - ' H ., 95? g M . A V il-'S T v 1 12' .gi -- T ik gl bu HHAA :", U ' E55 f A c i an QVIVI TW .. Wx L., rf' ' ii: L ii av- lb- Q.,-i, N-N. Q 1 X if A CHARLES JOSEPH BRADSHAW: Aclivilies-"H" Club, Council Mem- ber, Green Convenlion Delegale, War Bond Commissioner, Commis- sioner of Publicily, Boys' Vice-Presidenl, Boys' Slare, High School Regis- ler, Senior Class Presidenl, Honor Sociely. Arnbilion-Vanderbilf: En- gineer. JAMES FRANKLIN BRANSON: Aclivilies-Speech Club, Hi-"Y" Club, Ouill and Scroll, "Warrior" Sporls Edilor, R.O.T.C. Manual oi Arms ribbon. Ambilion-Universiry of Missouri: Journalist TOMMY RAY BRITT: Acfiviliese-Lalin Club Vice-Presidenl and Presi- denl, H. R. Secrelary, Honor Sociefy, "Warrior," Council Member, Green Convenlion Delegafe, Boys' Slate, High School Regisler, Ambilion- Soulhwesrerng Radio Musician. AL BROWN: Aclivilies-H. R. Presidenl, Green and Gold Convenlion Delegare, Speech Club, "H" Club, Baseball, Foolball. Ambilion-Soullw weslern: Carloonisl. CHARLES BROWN: Ambilion--Vanderbilfg Lawyer. JOE BRUCE: Aclivilies-R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Council Member. Ambi- lion-Universily ol Mississippi: Businessman. BOBBY JOE BRYANT: Aclivilies-Baseball, "H" Club. Ambilion-Low isiana Slale Universilyg Engineer, GERALD BUGBEE: Aclivilies-Baseball, Green Convenlion Delegale, "H" Club, Hislory Class Presidenl. Ambirion-College. MARY BRYAN BURKETT: Aclivilies-Monilor, "Warrior," Boolcslore. Ambilion-Vanderbilt BOB PERRIN BURTON: Ambilion-Universily of Florida: Commercial Arlisl. ELOISE BURTON: Aclivilies-War Bond Salesman, Library Assislanl. Ambilion-Universily of Mississippi: Airline Reservalionisl. DOROTHY ANN CALLOW: Acrivilies-Malron's Room, Paper Girl, Cheerleader, Tickel Salesman, Council Member, Home Economics Club Song Leader, Sponsors Clul Vice-Presidenr, Speech Club, Pholoplay Club. Ambilion-Soulhwesfernq Musician. MARY JO CANNON: Aclivilies-Music Club, Pholoplay Club. Ambilion -Soulhweslern. SHIRLEY ANN CARADINE: Aclivilies-Music Club, P.T.A. Represenla- live. Ambilion-Universily of Illinois: Arlisl. MIRIAM CARROLL: Aclivifies-Ouill and Scroll, Red Cross Represenla- live, Sponsor's Club, "Warrior," Monilor, Foolball Sponsor, Foolball Oueen, Office Assislanl, "Capliva'ring Cenlrali're," Convenlion Dele- gale, Paper Girl, H. R. President Ambilion-Universily ol Tennessee. WILSON MULLORY CARRUTHERS: Ambilion-Universily of Virginia. BETTY CARTWRIGHT: Aclivilies-H. Secrelary, Honor Sociely, Geomelry Class Secrelary, Yearbook Ari Slalf. Ambilion-Hollins Col- lege: Commercial Arlisl. SALLY CASON: Aclivilies-Pholoplay Club, Music Club Vice-Presidenl, "Warrior" Reporfer. Ambilion-Singer. NETTA SUE CAUDILL: Aclivilies-Speech Club, Music Club, Moniror, Tulor, Ticker Salesman, Red Cross Represenfalive, H. R. Sergeanl-ah Arms. Ambifion-Mars Hill: Doclor. BETTY JEAN CHAMBERLAIN: Aclivilies-Pholoplay Club. Ambilion- Barnard, Merchandise Buyer. MELBA DOLORES CHENNAULT: Aclivilies-Lalin Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, "Warrior" Arl Slalf, "Warrior" Ad Slaff. Ambilion- Universily of Mississippi: Airline Slewardess, 'E

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