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" The Medical College by Moonlight " THIS MASTERFUL, stirring photograph of the Medical College was successfully taken, after many efforts, by Mr. William Edwin Booth, Richmond, Va., from the top of the State-Planters Bank Building. The photograph is copyrighted and is used by the kind permission of both Mr. Booth and the Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia lual Publication of the Students of The P MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VI VL4 ™ VOLUME 37 LUKE R. RADER Editor CHARLES L. RANDOLPH Business Manager Gratefully Dedicated to President William T. Sanger Given a Quarter of a Century or More of Unselfish, College of Virginia as ♦ MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY WHO HAVE BEEN CONNECTED WITH THE MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OR LONGER Appointed Name and Present Title 1895 ROSHIER W. MILLER, Ph.G., M.D. Emeritus Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 1899 J. F. BRIGHT, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Anatomy 1899 CHARLES M. HAZEN, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Physiology 1901 THOMAS W. MURRELL, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology 1901 WORTLEY F. RUDD, Ph.B., A.M. Dean Emeritus of Pharmacy 1903 E. H. TERRELL, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Clinical Proctology 1903 ST. GEORGE T. GRINNAN, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics 1904 J. R. McCAULEY Secretary-Treasurer 1904 STUART N. MICHAUX, M.D. Emeritus Professor of Gynecology 1906 DANIEL D. TALLEY, JR., A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Radiology 1906 DOUGLAS VANDERHOOF, A.M., M.D. Emeritus Professor of Medicine 1910 F. M. HODGES, M.D. Professor of Clinical Radiology 1911 E. C. L MILLER, M.D. Emeritus Librarian 1911 J. MORRISON HUTCHESON, A.B., M.D., LL.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine 1911 JAMES H. SMITH, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine 1912 ROBERT F. McCRACKAN, B.S., A.M. Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry 1912 ROBERT S. PRESTON, A.M., M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine 1912 C. C. COLEMAN, M.D. Professor of Neurological Surgery 1913 E. P. McGAVOCK, A.B., M.D. Emeritus Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology 1914 HARRY BEAR D.D.S. Professor of Exodontia, Anesthesia and History and Practice Management 1914 WILLIAM H. HIGGINS, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine 1914 F. S. JOHNS, A.B., M.D., D.Sc. Professor Clinical Surgery 1914-18,- 1927 WILLIAM B. PORTER, M.D. Professor of Medicine 1914 L. T. STONEBURNER, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor Clinical Medicine 1915 CARRINGTON WILLIAMS, B.A., M.D. Professor Clinical Surgery Appointed Name and Present Title 1916 R. FINLEY GAYLE, JR., M.D. Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology 1917 H. P. MAUCK, M.D. Professor Orthopedic Surgery 1919 H. WALLACE BLANTON, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor Clinical Medicine 1919 J. L. TABB, M.D. Associate Professor of Radiology 1919 A. M. WASH, D.D.S. Professor of Exodontia, Anesthesia, Radiology, and Oral Surgery 1920 WYNDHAM B. BLANTON, A.B., M.A., M.D., D.Litt. Professor Clinical Medicine 1920 J. B. DALTON, M.D. Associate in Orthopedic Surgery 1920 A. I. DODSON, M.D. Professor of Urology 1920 E. T. GATEWOOD, M.D. Professor Clinical Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology 1920 HOWARD MASTERS, M.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology 1921 R. H. COURTNEY, M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology 1921 T. D. DAVIS, M.D. Professor Clinical Medicine 1922 P. L. CHEVALIER, D.D.S. Professor of Restorative Dentistry 1923 HARRY LYONS, D.D.S. Professor of Periodontia and Oral Pathology, Diagnosis and Therapeutics 1923 A. S. BRINKLEY, M.D. Professor Clinical Surgery 1923 H. L OSTERUD, Ph.D. Professor of Anatomy 1923 EMANUEL U. WALLERSTEIN, B.A., M.D. Professor of Clinical Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology 1923 LAWTHER J. WHITEHEAD, M.D. Associate Professor Radiology 1924 T. NEIL BARNETT, M.D. Associate Professor Clinical Medicine 1924 H. B. HAAG, Ph.G., B.S. in Phar., M.D. Professor of Pharmacology 1925 C. M. CARAVATI, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine 1925 F. E. HINCHMAN, A.B., M.A., M.D. Associate in Urology 1925 WILLIAM T. SANGER, Ph.D., LL.D., L.H.D. President 1925 J. B. STONE, B.A., M.D. Associate Professor Pediatrics " t o t w a t and His Associates on the Faculty Who Have All Loyal and Devoted Service to the Medical Builders of Our Future President ' s Message THE PASSING YEARS have confirmed two convic- I tions: that a good physical plant is an important convenience, for it will attract the varied types of personnel required to insure an advancing institution,- that a college like ours resembles in many broad respects some of the characteristics of a home, for while it is relatively easy to build a house, a home within is never finished. During the past twenty-five years of my association with the Medical College of Virginia, many hands have labored to bring us where we are today, with good buildings, good students, good teaching, good research, good care of the sick, but we cannot rest here. Our facilities and our functions both must be improved. First, certain additional needs must be met, some of them forthwith: another nurses ' residence, new dental school building, a gymnasium, a large housing project for single and married students and faculty personnel, In ' fiifittf " allied hospitals in the specialized fields — eye, ear, nose and throat, tuberculosis, chronic diseases, and others, more research resources and research work, better teaching and learning, ever better care of patients, keener awareness of public needs, a program of outreaching service to other hospitals and communities wherever requested, enlarged opportunities for con- tinued growth in practice, including a building to house a program of postgraduate or continuation studies. And even then there will be unmet needs, responsibility for which new leaders must be found among alumni and others. The classes of 1950 are here challenged to con- sider what their part in the next twenty-five years is to be. My best wishes to each of you. Sincerely yours, W. T. SANGER, President. Foreword ♦ THE GRADUATION of the present classes marks fifty years of prog- ress in the healing arts — a half century of achievement that is yet the beginning. We are proud of the high standards set for us by our predecessors. Our profession must make progress to keep the incidence of suffering and disease on the decline. Our plans for the future can be fulfilled only with the freedom that has made the past so great. We hope and pray our system, believed the finest in the world, will be allowed to improve rather than revert to methods proved impractical and costly in other countries. Unhampered, we will go forward in educating, healing, and dis- covering — using the very elements of democratic life that have molded our land from the wilderness. Thus with the beacon light of the past to guide our future we will strive to bring greater benefits to all people. Contents I FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION II SCHOOLS Medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Nursing Physical Therapy Public Health Nursing Laboratory Technology X-Ray Technology Dietetics III ACTIVITIES IV FRATERNITIES V ADVERTISEMENTS Atrial View of Medical College of Virginia Buildings and Area 1 — Egyptian Building; 2 — Monumental Church; 3 Cabaniss Hall; 4 — M.C.V. Hospital, 5— Clinic Building,- 6— College Social Center; 7— Putney House; 8a — Wickham House and 8b — Valentine Museum; 9, 10— Sheltering Arms Hospital; 11— Old Virginia Hospital; 12 — McGuire Hall; 13 -Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and Detention Home; 14--AKK Fraternity House; 15— Alumni House; 16— M.C.V. Library,- 17— Richmond Academy of Medicine and Medical Society of Virginia,- 18— White House of the Confederacy; 19— M.C.V. Power Plant and Laundry,- 20— Hunton Hall,- 21— St. Philip Hall; 22— St. Philip Hospital; 23 — Dooley Children ' s Hospital. {6} ADMINISTRATION J. R. McCAULEY GEORGE W. BAKEMAN BOARD OF VISITORS ♦ OFFICERS ROBERT T. BARTON, JR., B.S., LL.B. . . . DOUGLAS VANDERHOOF, B.L., M.A., M.D. J. R. McCAULEY . . Chairman Vice-Chairman elary-Treasurer ROBERT T. BARTON, JR., B.S., LL.B., Attorn 3 y-at-Law . . . SAMUEL M. BEMISS JOSEPH D. COLLINS, M.D., F.A.C.S., Surgeon .... J. B. FISHER, M.D., Physician W. L. HARRIS, M.D., Physician DAVID A. HARRISON, JR., B.A., LL.B., Attorney-at-Law . . EPPA HUNTON, IV, B.A., LL.B., Attorney-at-Law .... LEWIS G. LARUS, Larus and Brother Company HUGH LEACH, B.A., M.A., President, Federal Reserve Bank WILLIAM H. SCHWARZSCHILD, President, Central Natior DOUGLAS VANDERHOOF, B.L., M.A., M.D., Physician . . W. W. WILKINSON, M.D., Physician DOWELL J. HOWARD, B.S., M.A., Superintendent of Publ Instruction, Ex-OFficio Richmond, Virg Richmond, Virg Portsmouth, Virg Midlothian, Virg. . Norfolk, Vii Hopewell, Virg, Richmond, Vi, Richmond, Virg, Richmond, Virg, lal Bank, Richmond, Virg Richmond, Virg LaCrosse, Virg Richmond, Virg, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE DOUGLAS VANDERHOOF, Chairman ROBERT T. BARTON, JR. HUGH LEACH SAMUEL M. BEMISS WILLIAM H. SCHWARZSCHILD EPPA HUNTON, IV LEWIS G. LARUS WILLIAM T. SANGER, Ex-Officio ♦ WILLIAM T. SANGER, Ph.D., LL.D., L.H.D President J. R. McCAULEY Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE W. BAKEMAN, B.S. . Assistant to the President and Associate Dean, School ot Medicine C. P. CARDWELL, JR Director of Hospitals MAJ. GEN. W. F.TOMPKINS, B.S. , Comptroller (U. S. Army, Retired.) HARVEY B. HAAG, Ph.G., B.S. (Phar.), M.D., Dean, School of Medicine HARRY BEAR, D.D.S., Sc.D., F.A.C.D., Dean, School of Dentistry R. BLACKWELL SMITH, JR., Ph.D., Dean, School of Pharmacy SYBIL MacLEAN, R.N, A.B, M.A. . Dean, School of Nursing ARCHER W. HURD, Ph.B., M.S., Ph.D., Director of Educational Research and Service MARVIN W. TOPPING, A.B, S.T.B, Director of Public Relations MARGARET McCLUER Librarian WILLIAM R. KAY, B.S, M.D. . . . Student Health Physician C. P. CARDWELL, JR. MAJ. GEN. W. F. TOMPKINS THE DEANS vV vc ' S fc. V " Sc hoo FACULTY LYNN D. ABBOTT, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biochemistry THANNING W. ANDERSEN, B.S., MA. Assistant Professor of Anatomy FRANK L. APPERLY, M.A., M.D., B.Ch. D.Sc., F.R.C.P. CLond.) Professor of Pathology WEBSTER P. BARNES, M.D. Assistant Professor of Surgery T. NEILL BARNETT, M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Medic HARRY BEAR, D.D.S., D.Sc. Professor of Exodontia, Anesthesia, History and Practice Management WILLIAM S. BENICA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Pha ISAAC A. BIGGER, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Surgery H. WALLACE BLANTON, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine WYNDHAM B. BLANTON, A.B., M.A., M.D., Dlitt., F.A.C.P Professor of Clinical Medicine NATHAN BLOOM, Ph.G., M D., F.A.C.P. Associate Professor of Medicine RANDAL A. BOYER, M.D. Assistant Professor of Radiology ALTON D. BRASHEAR, A.B., M.S., D.D.S.. F.A.C.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy ARTHUR S. BRINKLEY, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery JOSEPHINE J. BUCHANAN, A.B , M.A., M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medicine GEORGE W. BURKE, JR., D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry JAMES O. BURKE, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine R. D. BUTTERWORTH, 8.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery MARGARET CAMPBELL, R.N., B.S. Assistant Professor of Medical Nursing CHARLES M. CARAVATI, M.D., F.A.C.P. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine ADRIAN L. CARSON, JR., M.D. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics MERTON E. CARVER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psycholog DOUGLAS G CHAPMAN, A.B.. M.D., F.A.C.P. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medici P. L. CHEVALIER, D.D.S., F A.C.D. Professor of Restorative Dentistry EDGAR CHILDREY, B.S., M.D Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology CHARLES C. CLAYTON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biochemistry OLIVER WENDELL CLOUGH, B.S., M.S., D.D.S. Professor of Operative Dentistry and Anatomy CLAUDE C COLEMAN. M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Neurological Surgery FRANK PHILIP COLEMAN, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Surgery M. A. COMPTON, M.D. (Lt. Col., United Slates A my Med. Corp) Professor of Military Science and Tactics ROBERT H. COURTNEY, M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology HERBERT D. COY, D.D.S. Professor of Operative Dentistry r {ii FACULTY EVELYN DAVIS. R.N. Assistant Professor ol Public Health Nursing T. DEWEY DAVIS. M.D., F.A-.C.P. Prolessor ol Clinical Medicine MARGARET J. DENNISTON, R.N., B.S., MA Associate Prolessor ol Nursing AUSTIN I. DCDSON, M.D. Professor of Urology R. FINLEY GAYLE, M.D., F.A.C.P. Prolessor ol Psychiatry and Neurology PAUL GIBBONS, B.S., M.S., D.D.S. Assistant Prolessor ol Denture Prosthe A. STEPHENS GRAHAM, M.S., M.D., . F.A.C.S. Associate Professor ol Surgery HARVEY B. HAAG, Ph.G., B.S. in Phar M.D. Professor of Pharmacology I " " .- PATRICK H. DREWRY, JR., B.S., M.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry GEORGE W. DUNCAN, D.D.S. Assistant Professor ol Oral Anatomy LESLIE E. EDWARDS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physiology EVERETT IDRIS EVANS, Ph.D., M.D. Prolessor ol Surgery JACK K. FINNEGAN, Ph.D. Assistant Prolessor of Pharmacology ERNST FISCHER, M.D. Professor of Physiology C. VIOLA HAHN, R.N., B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Public Health Nursing WILLIAM T. HAM, JR., B.S.E., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Prolessor of Physics W. TYLER HAYNES, B.S., D.D.S. Professor ol Orthodontia ERLING S. HEGRE, Ph.D. Associate Professor ol Anatorr FRANCES A. HELLEBRANDT, B.S., M.D. Prolessor ol Physical Medicine KATHRYN HEITSHU, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Dietetics P " « " ■ " »«. RUSSELL H. FISKE, B.S., in Phar. Assistant Prolessor of Pharmacy J. C. FORBES, Ph.D. Research Prolessor ol Biochemislr; RICHARD W. FOWLKES, B.A., M.D. Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology CORNELIA FRIEND, R.N., B.S. Assistant Prolessor ol Medical Nursing LOUISE F. GALVIN, A.B., M.D. Assistant Prolessor of Pediatrics ARTHUR B. G ATHRIGHT, JR., A. B., M.D. Assistant Prolessor ol Clinical Medicine HAZEL HIGBEE, R.N., B.S., M.A. sociate Prolessor of Public Health Nursn WILLIAM H. HIGGINS, A.B., M.D. Prolessor ol Clinical Medicine SUSANNE HIRT, B.S. ttant Prolessor of Applied An EBBE CURTIS HOFF, Ph.D., B.M., B.Ch. Associate Professor of Neurological Science and Lecturer in Physiology RANDOLPH H. HOGE, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Prolessor ol Gynecology EDWARD M. HOLMES, JR., A.B., M.A., M.D., M.P.H. Assoc iate Prolessor ol Public Health •{12} FACULTY r f GUY W. HORSLEY, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Associate Prolessor ol Surgery ERNST HUF, Ph.D., M.D. tociate Prolessor ol Physiology ROSCOE D. HUGHES, Ph.D. Prolessor ol Biology J. MORRISON HUTCHESON, A.I M.D., F.A.C.P. Prolessor ol Clinical Medicine EVERETT H. INGERSOLL, Ph.D. Associate Prolessor of Anatomy EUGENE L. JACKSON, B.S. in Phar. Ph.D. Lecturer in Pharmacology LOUISE L. JONES Associate in Anatomy WILLIAM R. JORDAN, B.S., M.D. Associate Prolessor ol Clinical Medic RAYMOND D. KIMBROUGH, M.D. Associate Prolessor ol Dermatology and Syphilology, and Public Health SEYMOUR J. KRESHOVER, A.B., D.D.S., Ph.D., M.D. Prolessor ol Oral Pathology and Diagnosis JOSEPH R. KRIZ, B.A., M.D., M.S., F.A.C.P. Assistant Prolessor ol Clinical Pathology PAUL S. LARSON, Ph.D. Associate Prolessor ol Research ology HERBERT C. LEE, M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Prolessor ol Surgery WALTER J. LEE, B.S., M.D. Associate Professor of Physical Medii JOHN P. LYNCH, JR., A.B., M.D. Assistant Prolessor ol Clinical Media HARRY LYONS, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Prolessor ol Periodontia and Oral Pathology, Diagnosis and Therapeutic RALPH F. MacDONALD, BA., MD„ M.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery SYBIL MacLEAN, R.N., A.B., MA. Professor ol Nursing FREDERICK B. MANDEVILLE, M. Sc (Med.), M.D., F.A.C.R. Professor of Radiology R. CAMPBELL MANSON, B.S., M.D. Assistant Prolessor of Clinical Dermatology and Syphilology HOWARD R. MASTERS, M.D. Associate Professor ol Psychiatry and Neurology DONALD W. McCORMACK, B.S., D.D.S. Associate Prolessor ol Radiology and Exodontia ROBERT F. McCRACKAN, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Biochemistry JAMES E. MclVER, D.D.S. Assistan t Professor ol Denture Prosthe JOHN MOYER MEREDITH, A.B., M.D. Associate Prolessor ol Neurological Surgery PHILIP J. MODJESKI, 3.S., D.D.S. Assistant Prolessor ol Dental Materials and Crown and Bridge Prosthesis JOHN WILLSON MOORE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics CHARLES W. MORHART, A.B., B.S., D.D.S. Professor ol Denture Prosthesis THOMAS W. MURRELL, JR., M.D. Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology BENEDICT NAGLER, M.D. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology CLAUDE L. NEALE, B.S., M.D. Assistant Prolessor of Psychiatry SIDNEY S. NEGUS, Ph.D. Prolessor ol Chemistry and Biochemistry M {13} FACULTY CHARLES M. NELSON, B.A., M.D. Assistant Professor of Urology E. CLIFFORD NELSON, D.Se. Associate Professor of Bacteriology and Parasitology KINLOCH NELSON, B.A., M.D. Professor ol Clinical Medicine MILTON L. NEUROTH, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy MARGUERITE NICHOLSON, R.N., B.S. Associate Professor of Nursing H. L. OSTERUD, Ph.D. Professor ol Anatomy C. L. OUTLAND, M.D. Assistant Professor ol Public Health SIDNEY GREY PAGE, JR., M.D. Associate in Medicine and Lecture in Pharmacology PETER N. PASTORE, A.B , M.D., M.S. Professor ol Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology EDWARD C. PEPLE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English ALLEN PEPPLE, M.D. t Professor ol Clinical Dermatology and Syphilology FRANK P. Pins, B.S., M.S. Professor of Chemistry RENO R. PORTER, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate Professor of Medicine WILLIAM B. PORTER, M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor ol Medicine ROBERT W. RAMSEY, Ph.D. Professor ol Physiology BENJAMIN W. RAWLES, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor ol Surgery EDWARD S. RAY, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine J. D. REID, D.Sc. Professor ol Bacteriology and Parasitology WALTHER RIESE, M.D. Assistant Professor of History of Medic and of Psychiatry and Neurology SIMON RUSSI, M.D. Assistant Professor ol Clinical Pathology SABRE SADLER, R.N., B.S. Assistant Professor ol Public Health J. HAMILTON SCHERER, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine and Hematology THOMAS M. SCOTTI, A.B., M.D. Associa ' e Professor of Pathology RICHARD LEE SIMPSON, JR., D.D.S. Professor ol Crown and Bridge Prosthes, J. DOYLE SMITH, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry JAMES H. SMITH, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine LEROY SMITH, M.D. Assistant Professor ol Surgery and Oral Surgery MAYNARD P. SMITH, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor ol Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology R. BLACKWELL SMITH, JR., Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacy and Assistant Professor of Pharmacology HFNRY C. SPALDING, M.D. Assistant Professor of Obstetrici SAMUEL STEVENSON, Ph.D. Professor ol English JAMES B. STONE, B.A., M.D. Associate Professor of Pediatrics V {14} FACULTY k L. T. STONEBURNER, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine WILLIAM DURWOOD SUGGS, B.S., M.D. Associate Professor of Gynecology and I Professor of Obstetrics LEE E. SUTTON, JR., B.S., M.D. Professor of Pediatrics J. LLOYD TABB, M.D. Associate Professor of Radiology ROBERT V. TERRELL, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Proctology HERMAN P. THOMAS, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and Economii GEORGE NATHANIEL THRIFT, B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology FLAM C. TOONE, JR., A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Assistant Professor of Medicine FMANUFI. U. WALLERSTEIN, B.A., M. D. Professor of Clinical Otology, Thinology, and Laryngology H. HUDNALL WARE, JR., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Obstetrics HARRY J. WARTHEN, M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery ATWOOD M. WASH, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Exodonlia, Anesthesia, Radiology, and Oral Surgery T. B. WASH:NGTON, M.D. Assistant Professor of Urology J. H. WEATHERBY, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Pharmacology W. L. WEAVER, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Public Health EDITH WEST, R.N., B.S. Assistant Professor of Nursing «■ -r. | RALPH C. TOLER, B.S. in Pharm. Associate in Pharmacy CHARLES E. TROLAND, B.S., M.D., F.A.CS. Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery JAMES T. TUCKER, A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery H. ST. GEORGE TUCKER, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine CHARLES J. VINCENT, B.S., D.D.S Assistant Professor of Oral Diagnosis and Pedodontia PORTER P. VINSON, B.S., M.A., M.D., D.So, F.A.C.P. HARRY WALKER, M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Clinical Medicine LAWTHER J. WHITEHEAD, M.D., Associate Professor of Radiology CARRINGTON WILLIAMS, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Surgery GEORGE Z. WILLIAMS, M.D. Professor of Pathology J. POWELL WILLIAMS, B.A., M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine MYRA WILLIAMS, Ph.D. liioci ' ofe Professor of Scier.c WASHINGTON CARLYLE WINN, B.A., M.D. Associate Professor of Obstetrics NELSON F. YOUNG, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemical Pathology 15 FACULTY MARY CATHERINE ABERNATHY, B.S. Assiitanl in Chemistry RAYMOND A. ADAMS, B.A., M.D. Instructor in Medicine ERNEST H. ALDERMAN, B.A., M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology MARY JACQUELINE ALLEN, R.N. Assistant in Nursing MARY JANE ALLEN, B.S., M.S. Associate in Dietetics DOROTHY L. ANDERSON, B.A. Assistant in Physical Therapy LUCY M. ANDERSON, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry R. DAVID ANDERSON, B.S. in Phar. Instructor in Hospital Pharmacy SAMUEL A. ANDERSON, JR., A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics WILLIAM M. ANDERSON, B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine F. L. ANGELL, M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics JOHN S. ARCHER, JR., A.B., M.D. Instructor in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology CLAUDE R. ARMISTEAD, D.D.S. Associate in Periodontia PAULINE ATKINS, R.N. Assistant in Nursing KENNETH D. BAILEY, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics ROBERT L. BAILEY, B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine AMANDA BAKER, R.N. Assistant in Nursing VIRGINIA BARDIN, R.N. Assistant in Nursing JOSEPH E. BARRETT, M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology CATHERINE B. BATES, B.A. Assistant in Occupational Therapy ROBLEY D. BATES, JR., A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate in Medicine DORA BAXTER, B.S., R.N. Instructor in Nursing Arts RALPH G. BEACHLEY, M.D., Dr. PH. Assistant Professor of Public Health DAVID M. BEAR, B.S., D.D.S. Associate in Operative Dentistry JEAN CONWAY BIBB, B.A., M.S. Research Assistant in Pharmacology JAMES B. BLACK, JR., A.B., M.D. Associate in Medicine JAMES F. BLADES, A.B., M.D. Lecturer in Surgery and Associate in Anatomy JOSEPH R. BLALOCK, M.D., D.Sc. (Med.), F.A.C.P. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology REX BLANKINSHIP, B.S., M D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology WILLIAM R. BOND, Ph.G., M.D., B.S. in Pharm. Lecturer in Physiology D. COLEMAN BOOKER, B.S., M.D. Associate in Surgery and Gynecology BARBARA L BORDEN Assistant in Physical Therapy PAUL BOWDEN, B.S., M.D., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Public Health DONALD L. BRAWNER, M.D. Assistant in Surgery LUTHER C. BRAWNER, A.B., B.S., M.D. Associate in Ophthalmology MEADE S. BRENT, M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology JULIA T. BRITTON, R.N. Assistant in Physical Therapy JAMES W. BROOKS, B.S., M.D. Research Fellow in Surgery ALEXANDER G. BROWN, HI, M.D. Associate in Medicine MARY ELIZABETH BROWN, B.A. Assistant in Psychology WILLIAM M. BRUCH, B.A., M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics EVELYN C. BRYCE Instructor in Bacteriology and Parasitology R. C. BUNTS, M.D., F.A.C.S. Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology ERNEST P. BUXTON, JR., B.A , M.D. Instructor in Medicine PAUL D. CAMP, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate in Medicine RALPH E. CAMPBELL, B.A., M.D. Instructor in Psychiatry and Neurology H. CANTOR, B.S. , M.D. Associate in Surgery F. A. CARMINES, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery WILLIAM J. CAROON, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry EARNEST B. CARPENTER, B.S., M.D., M.D Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery EDWARD K. CARTER, M.D. Assistant in Radiology M. CATHERINE CARY, A.B. Instructor in Pathology GRACE CASHON Instructor in Medicine JENNIE CAULKINS. R.N. Assistant in Nursing WHITNEY CAULKINS, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Surgery RICHARD C. CECIL, A.B., M.D. Associate in Medicine THOMAS S. CHALKLEY, B.S., M.D. Associate in Pediatrics THOMAS CHEEK, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Medicine KENNETH J. CHERRY, M.D. Lecturer in Anatomy and Associate in Surgery C C. CHEWNING, JR., B.S., M.D. Instructor in Proctology JAMES W. CHOATE, JR., A.B., M.D. Instructor in Urology MARY CIBULA, R.N. Instructor in Operating Room Technigue KATHLEEN J. CLARE, B.S., M.N. Assistant Professor of Nursing BEVERLEY B. CLARY, M.D. ,4jioc are in Orthopedic Surgery •{16} FACULTY THOMAS F. COATES, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Psychiatry and Neurology DEAN B. COLE, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine CUSTIS L. COLEMAN, M.D. Associate in Anatomy FRANCES COLLINS, R.N. Assistant in Nursing RUTH WHITEHEAD CROCKETT Instructor in Medicine J. B. DALTON, M.D. Associate in Orthopedic Surgery WILLIAM E. DANER, A.B., M.D. Associate in Orthopedic Surgery DONALD S. DANIEL, A.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Surgery EDWARD G. DAVID, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant in Pediatrics HOWARD DAVIS, Ph.D. Associate in Sociology A. RAY DAWSON, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medi EDWARD A. DeLARUE, JR., B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate in Medicine WILLIAM M. DEYERLE, M.D. Associate in Orthopedic Surgery JOHN J. DOBBIE, M.D. Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery HUBERT T. DOUGAN, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics JOHN P. EASTHAM, M.D. Instructor in Surgery ALBERT M. EDMONDS, M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics KATHERINE EDWARDS, R.N. Assistant in Nursing RUFUS P. ELLETT, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant in Obstetrics ROBERT M. EUBANK Research Assistant in Physical Medicine W. HUGHES EVANS, B.S., M.D. Associate in Obstetrics OLIVE J. FAULKNER, R.N., B.S., M.S. Instructor in Public Health Nursing SARAH DANIEL FABER, R.N. Assistant in Nursing F. L. FINCH, M.D. Assistant Professor of Public Health GEORGE W. FISHBURN, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Medicine WILLIARD M. FITCH, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Radiology MARIE LOUISE FLINKER, A.B., M.A. Assistant in Physiology MERRITT W. FOSTER, JR., A.B., M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology JOHN H. FOULGER, Ph.D., M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate Professor of Public Health GERALD E. FOX, M.D. Instructor in Pathology WILLIAM C. FRENCH, D.D.S. Instructor in Pedodontics MILTON FRIEDENBERG, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Psychiatry and Neurology HUNTER B. FRISCHKORN, JR., M.D. Instructor in Radiology DOROTHY FUGITT, B.S. Assistant in Physical Therapy GEORGE S. FULTZ, JR., B.S., M.D. Instructor in Psychiatry and Neurology JAMES B. FUNKHOUSER, S.S., M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology EDGAR C. GARBER, JR., B.A., M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics EMILY GARDNER, B.A., M.D. Associate in Pediatrics S. D. GARDNER, M.D. Associate in Physical Medicine E. TRIBLE GATEWOOD, M.D , F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Otology, Rhinology and Laryngo ogy G. H. GEHRMANN, M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate Professor of Public Health JAMES T. GIANOULIS, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Surgery DONALD GILBERT, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Urology HAROLD GODWIN, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Medicine IRVING B. GOLD, M.D , M.Sc. Associate in Anesthesiology CAROLINE GOODE, B.S. Instructor in Biology L. FRANCES GORDON, R.N., M.S. Associate Professor of Nursing EDNA GOULD, B.S., M.A. Instructor in Field Experience ELI S. GRABLE, JR., B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics ROBERT GREEN, M.D. Assistant in Medicine AUSTIN E. GRIGG, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Psychology WILLIAM S. GRIZZARD, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics DuPONT GUERRY, III, B.S., M.D. (D.Med.ScO Research Associate in Ophthalmology JESSIE GUILL, R.N. Assistant in Nursing EDWARD E. HADDOCK, A.B., M.D. Associate in Dermatology and Syphilology LOFTON H. HARRIS, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Surgery MYRTLE HARRIS, R.N. Assistant in Nursing WILLIAM H. HARRIS, JR., B.A., M.D. Associate in Medicine NELSON HASTINGS, M.D. Instructor in Neurological Surgery G. DOUGLAS HAYDEN, A.B., B.S., M.D. Instructor in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology RUHAMAH HENSHAW, R.N. Assistant in Nursing WILLIAM H. HIGGINS, JR., B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine WILLIAM R. HILL, B.S., M.D., M.S. Associate in Surgery F. ERNEST HINCHMAN, A.B., M.A., M.D. Associate in Urology 417} FACULTY FRED M. HODGES, M.D. Professor of CfftlicaJ Radiology R. A. HOFFMAN, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics LILA HOLDEN, R.N. Assistant in Nursing ELEANOR HOOVER, B.S. Instructor in Nursing Arts M. JOSIAH HOOVER, A.B., M.D., Th.M. Assistant Prolessor ol Orthopedic Surgery JULIUS H. HOPKINS, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology SARA JANE HOUTZ, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Physical Therapy JULIUS C. HULCHER, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Otology, Rhino • and Laryngology ARCHER W. HURD, Ph.B., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Prolessor ol English, Psychology and Sociology HAZEL IRVIN, M.T. Instructor in Clinical Pathology EUGENE L. JACKSON, B.S. in Phar., Ph.D. Lecturer in Pho G. WATSON JAMES, III, A.B., M.D. Assistant Prolessor ol Medicine FONTAINE G. JARMAN, JR., B.S., M.D. Assistant in Surgery G. A. C.JENNINGS, D.D.S. Assistant Professor ol Pedodonlia FRANK S. JOHNS, A.B., M.D., D.Sc. Prolessor ol Clinical Surgery WILLIAM A. JOHNS, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Associate in Surgery BESS JONES, R.N. Associate in Nursing E. PALMER JONES, M.D. Instructor in Anesthesiology GEORGE R. JONES, Ph.D., M.D. Assistant in Obstetrics MURIEL JONES, B.S. Instructor in Bacteriology and Parasitology SARAH HOOVER JONES, A.B., MA, M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics WILLIAM R. JONES, JR., B.S., M.D. Instructor in Urology CHARLOTTE JORDAN, R.N. Instructor in Orthopedic Nursing WILLIAM R. KAY, B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine SIDNEY KAYE, M.S. Assistant Professor ol Legal Medicine JOSEPH F. KELL, JR., B.A., M.D. Assistant in Neurological Surgery EDWIN L. KENDIG. JR., B.A., B.S., M.D. Associate in Pediatrics NANCY B. KING, B.S. In Phar., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics ARTHUR A. KIRK, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery NANETTE KIRKLAND, R.N. Assistant in Nursing ARTHUR KLEIN, A.B., M.D Associate in Medicine MABLE KNOWLES, R.N. Assistant in Nursing L. X. KOLIPINSKI, M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology KARL F. KUNDERT, M.D. Instructor in Ophthalmology HENRY G. KUPFER, M.D. Instructor in Clinical Pathology CARL W. LaFRATTA, M.D Associate in Medicine MARGARET LANG, R.N. Assistant in Nursing QUENTIN S. LEGG, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Radiology JAMES B. LEONARD, A.B., B.S., M.D. Assistant in Clinical Pathology JOAN L. LEVENTRY Assistant in Physical Therapy JASON R. LEWIS, B.S., D.D.S. Instructor in Pedodontics VIVIAN LOCK, R.N. Assistant in Nursing R. COLEMAN LONGAN, JR., B.A., M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology ELIZABETH LOUNDS, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Dietetics JAMES M. MacMILLAN, A.B., M.D. Associate in Medicine JOHN P. MAGNER, B.S., M.D. Lecturer in Medicine GEOFFREY T. MANN, LL.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Legal Medicine MARTIN MARKOWITZ, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Surgery JOHN ROBERT MASSIE, JR., A.B., M.D. Associate in Surgery EMMETT C. MATHEWS, A.B., M.D. Instruc tor in Medicine H. PAGE MAUCK, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor ol Orthopedic Surgery CLAYTON F. MAYO, B.S., M.P.H. Associate in Public Health thelma McAllister, r.n. Assistant in Nursing ALBERT D. McCOWN, A.B., M.D , Dr.P.H. Associate in Public Health CAROLYN MOORE McCUE, A.B., M.D. Associate in Pediatrics HOWARD McCUE, JR., B.S , M.D. Associate in Medicine CHARLES E. S. McKEOWN, B.A., M.D. Associate in Medicine VIRGINIA McPHERSON, R.N. Assistant in Nursing CHARLES MEEKS, M.D. Assistant in Anesthesiology ROBERT P. MEYERS, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Urology RICHARD A. MICHAUX, M.D. Associate in Gynecology ROBERT I. MILES, D.D.S. Instructor in Operative Dentistry EUSTACE P. MILLER, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Obstetrics H. CLIFFORD MITCHELL, B.S. Instructor in Public Health {18} FACULTY J. WARREN MONTAGUE, M.D. Instructor in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology F. P. MOORE, II, B.A., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics WILLIAM T. MOORE, M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics VELMA MORGAN, R.N. Assistant in Nursing ELSIE MUSSLEMAN, R.N. Assistant in Nursing HERMAN NACHMAN, B.S. in Phor., M.D. Assistant in Surgery J. CURTIS NOTTINGHAM, B.S. in Phar. Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence M. E. B. OWENS, JR., B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine ALBERT J. PAINE, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology JOSEPH C. PARKER, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics ELMER E. PAUTLER, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Pathology FRANCIS R. PAYNE, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Obstetrics WILLIAM E. PEMBLETON, B.A., M.A., M.D. Associate Professor of Anesthesiology E. W. PERKINS, A.B., M.D. Associate in Ophthalmology MARGUERITE PETTEE, B.S., MA. Associate in Nutrition OLGA PETTERSON, B.S. Research Assistant in Biochemistry M. MORRIS PINCKNEY, B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine COLLEEN POINDEXTER, R.N. Associate in Operating Room Technique FRANK POLE, A.B., M.D. Associate in Urology LEONARD D. POLICOFF, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Medicine J. B. PORTERFIELD, B.S., M.D., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Public Health HUME S. POWELL, D.D.S. Associate in Operative Dentistry WATSON O. POWELL, D.D.S. Instructor in Crown and Bridge Prosthesis ROBERT SHEFFEY PRESTON, A.B., A.M., M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine WILLIAM T. PRICE, A.B., M.D. Assistant in Neurological Surgery OLIVER J. PURNELL, JR., A.B., M.D. Research Fellow in Surgery JOHN H. REED, JR., B.S., M.D. Associate in Surgery WELLFORD C. REDD, B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine HELEN REESE, R.N. Assistant in Nursing WALTER J. REIN, B.S., M.D. Associate in Ophthalmology HERBERT P. RIGGS, B.S., D.D.S. Assistant in Crown and Bridge Prosthesis RALPH M. ROBERTS, B.S., D.D.S., M.S.D. Assistant Professor of Periodontia and Oral Pathology ELOISE R. ROBINS, A.B. Instructor in Social Welfare SPOTTSWOOD ROBINS, M.D. Associate in Gynecology and Obstetrics W. L. ROBINSON, LL.B. Instructor in Legal Medicine ELIZABETH ROE, R.N., B.S. Associate in Dietetics CATHERINE ROGERS, R.N. Assistant in Nursing BERTHA C. ROLFE, B.S. in Phar. Associate in Pharmacy CHARLES ROMAINE, IV, B.A., M.D. Associate in Ophthalmology L. J. ROPER, M.D. Lecturer in Public Health EDWIN RUCKER, A.B., M.D. Associate in Gynecology ELIZABETH RUFFIN, R.N. Assistant in Nursing DORSEYE RUSSELL, R.N., A.B. Associate in Nursing PHILIP F. SAHYOUN, M.D. Professor of Surgical Pathology A. M. SALZBURG, B.A., M.D. Research Fellow in Surgery J. R. SAUNDERS. M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology ERICC. SCHELIN, A.B. , M.D. Associate in Obstetrics ROBERT G. SCHULTZ, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics THOMAS M. SCOTTI, A.B., M.D. Associate Professor of Pathology L. L. SHAMBURGER, A.B., M.D. Associate in Obstetrics JEROME J. SHAPIRO, B.S., M.D. Associate in Gynecology L. BENJAMIN SHEPPARD, M.D. Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology JAMES ASA SHIELD, M.D. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology R. C. SIERSEMA, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Associate in Surgery CHRISTIAN F. SIEWERS, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery REUBEN F. SIMS, M.D. Associate in Dermatology and Syphilology ANNE M. SKINNER, B.A. Assistant in English ESTELLE LACKEY SMITH, R.N., B.S. Instructor in Pediatric Nursing MASON SMITH, B.S., M.D. Associate in Ophthalmology LOLLIE D. SMITH, B.S. in Phar. Instructor in Pharmacy SARA SMITH, R.N. Assistant in Nursing GLADYS V. SNEAD, R.N., B.S. Instructor in Psychiatric Nursing JOSEPH SOLOMON, M.D. Assistant in Pathology WILLIAM P. SPENCER, B.A., M.D. Instructor in Pediatrics {19 FACULTY DITA STEELE, R.N. Associate in Nursing JOHN E. STEVENS, B.A., M.D . ,4jjoc ' a e in Medicine JAMES H. STONE, B.S., M.P.H. Instructor in Public Health FLORENCE STRAYER, R.N., R.P.T.T. Associate in Physical Therapy MARY CLAYTON SUMNER, B.A. Instructor in Mental Hygiene ADNEY K. SUTPHIN, M.D. Instructor in Medicine RHETT TALBERT, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Medicine WILLIAM H. TALBOT, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Pathology ISABEL TALIAFERRO, B.A., M.A., M.D. Assistant in Medicine and Fellow in Ph DANIEL D. TALLEY, JR., A.B., M.D., F.A.C.R. Professor of Clinical Radiology DOROTHY TATE, B.S. Instructor in Dietetics GERVAS S. TAYLOR, JR., M.D. Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery E. T. TERRELL, JR., B.S., M.D. Associate in Psychiatry and Neurology J. WARRICK THOMAS, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.P. Associate in Medicine RUDOLPH C. THOMASON, M.D. Associate Professor of Ophthalmology EVELYN THOMPSON, R.N. Assistant Professor of Obstetrical Nursing W. TALIAFERRO THOMPSON, JR., B.A., M.D. Associate in Medicine J. V. TURNER, JR., D.D.S. Associate in Crown and Bridge Prosthe t and Denture Prosthesis GILMAN R. TYLER, B.S., M.D. Associate in Medicine NEWTON VAN HORN, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Pathology KARL K. VAN SLYKE, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Surgery EDWIN D. VAUGHAN, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology GEORGE D. VAUGHAN, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Proctology JOHN W. VESTER, M.D. Assistant in Medicine CLYDE VICK, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Surgery MEYER VITSKY, A.B., M.D. Instructor in Obstetrics THOMAS WALKER, M.D. Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology FRED WALLS, B.S., M.D. Assistant in Surgery LUCILLE H. WARD, R.N. Assistant in Nursing ANNA C. WATSON, A.B. Assistant in Clinical Pathology T. DuVAL WATTS, M.D. Associate in Surgery RACHEL F. WEEMS, M.D. Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medicine HENRIETTA WEIDENFELD, R.N. Assistant in Nursing GEORGE A. WELCHONS, M.D. Instructor in Radiology and Tuberculosis HERBERT J. WELSHIMER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Parasitof IRENE ESTELLE WHITE, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry JAMES M. WHITFIELD, B.S., M.D. Associate in Obstetrics J. HUNDLEY WILEY, Th.M., Ph.D. Associate in Sociology ARMISTEAD D. WILLIAMS, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Medicine CARRINGTON WILLIAMS, JR., B.A., M.D. Instructor in Surgery WILLIAM L. WINGFIELD, M.D. Associate in Medicine ANN G. WINSTEAD, R.N., B.S. Associate in Nursing HILDA WOODRUM, R.N. Assistant in Nursing SARA E. WOODY, R.N. Associate in Nursing EDWIN WORTHAM, B.S., M.D. Associate in Ophthalmology SARA WRENCH, R.N., B.S. Instructor in Public Health Nursing ANNE WRIGHT, R.N. Assistant in Nursing WILLIAM W. ZIMMERMAN, M.D. Assistant in Ophthalmology {20 ,--« : c,S ? - •{22 I 1 The True Physician By JOSEPH AUSLANDER ♦ Who is the true physician? He Who feels a sense of ministry,- Who knows our ills are intertwined With tentacles of heart and mind; Who knows that man is truly, whole Only when body rhymes with soul; That the world ' s sickness will not cease Till man is with himself at peace. Who is the true physician? He Who from despair and fear sets free Vexed spirit and tormented flesh Struggling together in the mesh Of human passions. Undismayed, He takes the challenge on him laid, And from facts cruel and uncouth Creates the cold pure terms of truth. Physician, you it is to whom Man ' s body is a treacherous room Where day and night and breath by breath You face infirmity and death, Confront the furies that by stealth Slip past the sentinels of health, And, with no quarter asked or given, Strive as your gallant dead have striven To win new ground, and to obtain Some desperate reprieve from pain, To fight the valiant fight until Your faith, your sacrifice, your skill At first confound, at last confirm Man ' s conquest of the Conqueror Worm. This, true physician, is your story, Stripped of the accidents of glory, Beyond all title, all esteem, Servant of a tremendous dream: To give man back his right to be The master of his destiny, To rescue from the mortal clod The bright immortal son of God. SENIORS IB MEDICINE Lee Shaffer Charles Garrett Eileen Thorpe L. O. Snead CLASS OFFICERS LEE SHAFFER President CHARLES GARRETT Vice-President EILEEN THORPE Secretary L. O. SNEAD Treasurer JOSEPH SMITH Historian PAXTON POWERS Executive Committee RALPH SCOTT Honor Council JOHN POWELL Dean ' Committee EARL ALLARA X-Ray Representative JAY WEMPLE Skull and Bones Representative JOHN SMITH Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY WITH THE AID of a great number of obstetricians, pediatricians, and baby-sitters, to say nothing of almost fourscore wives and half a hundred progeny, the Class of 1950 has gotten that much-dreamed-of " sheepskin " . This diploma is a milestone in our careers, but wait, beyond is the cold, cruel world with no more Gl checks or parental benevolence,- but who are we to worry, we can face the world unafraid with our one " acquired " green syringe. Our developmental age ranges from the " chillun, " whose anterior fontanelles are not yet closed, to the fellows who just discovered that half the people in the world are women, on to the majority of us whose average is thirty, waistlines forty-four, and with a startling incidence of alopecia totalis. From the beginning of the year our professional dignity was enhanced by the addition of white trousers and the casual question, " Where are you going to intern? " All dispositions were improved by the return to nine o ' clock classes, a month of elective, and the psychiatry service; but came the bitter with the sweet: Saturdays in the Pit, beaucoup CBC ' s, twenty-four-hour stats, and blood pressure q fifteen minutes. It wasn ' t easy, but we covered everything from Ayerza ' s Disease through periarteritis nodosum to xanthomatosis. We did strike out, however, on a few of the more common maladies — remember phlegmonous gastritis and Letterer Siwe ' s Disease? The Home Care Service, which was introduced this year, was designed to give us a glimpse into General Practice of Medicine and was thoroughly enjoyed by all as the majority of us intend to be G. P. ' s. What a Utopia! I Where else could you get two " city doctors " to call on you for free? Our history has been written,- the physical examination con- cluded; we at last come to our prognosis. To borrow a few famous phrases we can say, " I ' m not at all certain, " but " I, myself, feel t is excellent. " What do you think? You ' re the Doctor! " t otw ax in ' M f i {25} School of Medicine ROBERT ANDREW ABERNATHY, JR. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa College of William and Mary, University of Virginia; Oklahoma A M, Hamilton College; Editor, Skull Bones, ' 48- ' 49, Managing Editor, Skull Bone;, ' 47-48; Copy Editor, X-Ray. 1948, MCV Chorus, ' 46 ' 50,- President, Chess Club; Chaplain, AKK, ' 49- ' 50, Corresponding Secretary, AKK, ' 47- ' 48; Military Service: Army (99th Inf.) WILLIAM BURDETTE ADAMS CENTRALIA, VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi I.A., University of Richm I and Crippled Childr. EARL DOUGLAS ALLARA IAEGER, WEST VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi I., West Virginia University, Sigma Chi, Fi Batar par; X-Ray Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Varsity Basket- I, ' 46- ' 50; Intramural Basketball, ' 46 ' 50; Varsity eball, ' 47-48; Vice-President, Athletic Council, ' 46- ' 47 Appoii tent: Ohio Valley General Hospital Wheeling, West Virginia NICHOLAS IVAN ARDAN, JR. NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Phi Chi i.S., Virginia Military Institute Military Service: Army THOMAS WILLIAM AYRES RICHWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Chi Charity Hospital, New Orle WILLIAM MAURY BANGEL PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Epsilon of William and Mary, Treasurer, Phi Delta Epsilon, ' 49- ' 50 •ointment: Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland {96 } WILLIAM WALTER BECKNER, JR. ROCKBRIDGE BATHS, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa -., Hampden-Sydney Col Service: Army (Parachute Appointment: Gorgas Ge WYNDHAM BOLLING BLANTON, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi B.A., University of Richmond,- Williams College, Hampden- Sydney College; University of Virginia; President, Student Body, ' 49- ' 50, Executive Committee, ' 48- ' 49; Honor Council, 46- ' 48; Alpha Sigma Chi; Sigma Zeta; Alpha Omega Alpha; Intramural Basketball, ' 49- ' 50,- Military Service: Navy ,4ppornrmenr RUSSELL VERNON BOWERS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi M.C.V.; A.B., Lynchburg College; Executive tittee, ' 46- ' 47; Alpha Omega Alpha; Military Service: Army Appointment: Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia LEROY PARRY BRAGG RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., Randolph-Macon College al Hospital GEORGE MINSON BULLARD ROSEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Kappa Kappa DOUGLAS WILLIT S CARR NORTON, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa ..Class of ' fifty {27} School off Medicine ROBERT THOMAS CAUTHORNE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi ersity of Virginia, Pi KENNETH LAWRENCE CLARK CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Chi THORNTON RITENOUR CLEEK STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi Cincinnati, Ohio IRA CONNOLLY, JR. PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi JOHN J. COOGLE RIVESVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Chi B.S., West Virainia University, A.B., Fairmont St College, Tou Beta P., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Got Epsilon; Military Service: Army Air Force Appointment: Ohio Volley General Hospital ROBERT NOBLE COUNTS PORTSMOUTH, OHIO Alpha Kappa Kappa ersity (Ohio), Si ary Service: Arm ' Ohio State Univ Columbus, Ohio {28} MARTIN CADE COVINGTON STANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Kappa Kappa Elon College; North Carolina State College Military Service: Army Air Force ROBERT CALTON COWAN, JR. MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi Appointment: Ohio Valley General Hospital Wheeling, West Virginia WILLIAM VICKERS CRABTREE WELLSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi IS., A.B., West Virginia University; Alpha Epsilon Delta EVELYN PATTON DANIEL LOUISA, VIRGINIA ' ginia Polytechnic Institute; Sec.-Treas GRIFFITH BOYD DANIEL LOUISA, VIRGINIA B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Appointment: Roanoke Memorial and Crippled Childn Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia ALBERTO M. DOMINGUEZ CAYEY, PUERTO RICO Phi Beta Pi ;ity of Puerto Rico; Phi Sigma Alpha; Military Sen Ho Jital Class of ' fifty •{29 } School of Medicine HUGH PEARSON FISHER, JR. NEW KENT, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa Randolph-Macon College; Lambda Chi R.O.T.C; Military Service: Army MARION WHITE FISHER WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Epsilon lota HUGH FITZPATRICK, III RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa B.S., Hampden-Sydney College; Theta Chi; Intramural Basketball, ' 46 ' 50,- President, Alpha Kappa Kappa, ' 48- ' 49; Marshal, Alpha Kappa Kappa, ' 47- ' 48; Dean ' s Committee, ' 47- ' 48; MCV Chorus, ' 46- ' 50; Military Service: Navy Air Corps Appointment: U. S. Naval Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JOHN MORGAN FOLEY FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA B S., West Virginia University; Fairmont State College; Tau Beta Iota; Lambda Delta Lambda; Military Service: Navy Air Corps DAVID CHARLES FORREST ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Phi Chi DORSEY CARLYLE GAMSJAGER GRAFTON, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi A.B., West Virginia University; Alpha Epsilon si 430} CHARLES MELVIN GARRETT, JR. WINSTON, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Chi A.B., Potomac B.S., West Virginia Unive College,- Phi Sigma Nu, V Military Ser Navy Appointment: Robert Packer Hospital Sayre, Pennsylvania WILLIAM WESLEY GILLESPIE BOISSEVAIN, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi Appointment: Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia JOHN T. GLICK, JR. BRIDGEWATER, VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi ,t: Medical Colleoe of Virgin!. Richmond, Virginia HELEN ELIZABETH HALL RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Epsilon lota JAMES K. HALL, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi FLORINE KIRK HAMPTON KERMIT, WEST VIRGINIA Alpha Epsilon lota Univ • • Class of ' fifty {31 School of Medicine f m? WARD HARSHBARGER, JR. SAINT ALBANS, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi ! S., Hampden-Sydney College, Pi Kappa Alpha; On Delta Kappa,- Military Service: Army Air Force ppoinfmenf: Charleston General Hospital Charleston, West Virginia THOMAS BOWLES HEDRICK ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi B.S., Roanoke College; Kappa Alpha; Skull Bones Staff •46- ' 48,- Bursar, Theta Kappa Psi; Vice-President, Alpha Sigma Chi, ' 49- ' 50i Alpha Sigma Chi Appointment: Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia RUSSELL EDWARD HERRING, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., University of R Sigma Alpha Epsil. :hmond, University of North Carolina; n,- R.O.T.C; Military Service: Army it: Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia JOHN WILLIAM HESEN, JR. MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi M.S., B.S., A.B., West Virginia University; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Military Service: Army JOSEPH HAVEN HOGE, JR. PEMBROKE, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Pryton, Theta Kappa ' 49-50, Vice-Pryton, Theta Kappa Psi, ' 48- ' 49 ( Alpha Sigma Chi; Military Service: Army (Inf.) Appointment: Fitzsimmons General Hospital Denver, Colorado JAMES REUBEN HOLSINGER BROADWAY, VIRGINIA Phi Chi sity of Virginia; Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' ' Appointment: DePaul Hospital Norfolk, Virginia {32} EMERY HIGHSMITH HONEYCUTT CLINTON, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Kappa Kappa A.B., Duke University; Pi Kappa Alpha; Intramural Basket- ball, ' 46- ' 50, Military Service: Navy ROBERT CLIFTON HUGHES WAVERLY, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi , Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Military Service: Army Appointment: Lewis Gale Hospital Roanoke, Virginia ROBERT McCLAIN JAMISON COVINGTON, VIRGINIA !.S., Appalachian State College; Military Service: Navy ELLEN KATHERINE JOHNSON ENFIELD, NORTH CAROLINA Alpha Epsilon lota B.A., Meredith College; Secretary, Senior Class; MCV WILLIAM HAROLD JOHNSON CASTLEWOOD, VIRGINIA Thefa Kappa Psi 3amma Phi; Blu i Delta :ex Hospital of Yale Unive e, Middletown, Connecticut iity THOMAS LELAND LARGEN HILLSVILLE, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi; President, YMCA, ' 49- ' 50, Secretary, YMCA, ' 48- ' 49j Alpha Omega Alpha, President, , 49- ' 50; Secretary, Theta Kappa Psi, ' 47- ' 48; Dean ' s Committee ' 47-M8; Alpha Sigma Chi, Sigma Zeta, R.O.T.C Class of ' fifty 33 School of Medicine i JAMES LASTER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HARVEY A. MARTIN KEYSER, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi M.S., B.S., West Virginia University, A.B., Concord State College; Phi Sigma Kappa,- Phi Sigma Phi, President, Phi Beta Pi, ' 49- ' 50; House Manager, Phi Beta Pi, ' 47- ' 50 MARGARET LEE MASTERS CANTON, CHINA Alpha Epsilon lota A. A,, College of William and Mary, Kappa Kappa Kappa; Secretary-Treasurer, Class, ' 46- ' 47; Class His- torian, ' 45; MCV Chorus, ' 49- ' 50 JANE McMULLEN WELLSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Alpha Epsilon lota B.S., Bethany College, B.S., West Virginia Univ Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon ■49- ' 50i MCV Chorus, MS- ' SO Appointment: Cincinnati General Hospital EUGENE ERNEST MIHALYKA BALTIMORE, MARYLAND A.B., Johns Hopkir ROBERT CATCHINGS MOORE, JR. BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute i Hospital , Virginia {34} ELMA ADOLPHUS MORGAN PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Phi Chi HELEN LUELLA MORTON RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Alpha Epsilon lota DONALD STOVER MYERS BRIDGEWATER, VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi iity of Ne Clo MATHEW E. O ' KEEFE, JR. COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Phi Chi 8. A., Washington and Lee University; University of Colorado, Kappa Sigma; Pi Alpha Nu; Military Service: Navy Appointment: University of Minnesota Hospital Minneapolis, Minnesota JOHN WILLIAM PAINTER SYLVATUS, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi ioanoke College; Sigma Chi,- Blue Key,- Vice-Presi- Sophomore Class, ' 47- ' 48, MCV Chorus, ' 46- ' 48 Appointment: Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia ANDREW JIM PASQUALE WILLIAMSON, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Chi ...Class of ' fifty {35 School off Medicine . FORREST EDWARDS PEELER BELWOOD, NORTH CAROLINA Theta Kappa Psi ., Lenoir-Chyne College, University of North Corolino; Gamma Beta Chi,- Military Service: Navy Appointment: Charlotte Memorial Hospital Charlotte, North Carolina JOHN WILLIAMS POWELL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi Hampden-Sydney College, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa a, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chi Beta Phi, President, or Class, Dean ' s Committee, ' 49- ' 50, Military Service: PAXTON PITTMAN POWERS STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Phi Chi Hampden-Sydney College; Potomac State College, Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 50, Presidins Junior, Phi Chi, ' 48- ' 49; Presiding Senior, Phi Chi, ' 49- ' 50; Student Council Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Alpha Sigma Chi, Military Service: Navy LUKE RALPH RADER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa B.A. (Chem), University of Minnesota; Universit Alabama, Phi Delta Theta, " M " Club; Editor, X-Ray 1950, Fraternity Editor, X-Ray, 1948, Medical Edito Skull Bones, ' 46- ' 49, Skull Bone; Representative ' 46- ' 48, Intramural Basketball, - ' SO, Varsity Basketbal •46- ' 47, Inter-FraternityCouncil, ' 46- ' 48; Publicity Dlrecto YMCA, ' 48- ' 49, Warden, Alpha Kappa Kappa, ' 47- ' 48, Marshal, Alpha Kappa Kappa. ' 48- ' 49, Warden, Alpha Kappa Kappa, , 49- , 50, MCV Chorus, - ' SO, Alpha Sigma Chi, Military Service: Army (Parachute Inf., 82nd Abn. Div.) STUART RAGLAND, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi Virginia Military Institute, University of Richmond, Presi- dent, Sigma Zeta, ' 49- ' 50, Vice-President, Alpha Omega Alpha, - ' SO; Secretary, Phi Chi, ' 47- ' 48, Art Editor and Associate Editor, X-Ray, 1950, Advertising Assistant, X-Ray, 1948, Alpha Sigma Chi, Military Service: Army CHARLES NELSON RICHARDS, JR. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa ersity of Chicago; Military Service: Army (MAC) I • York Air For. al Hospital Appointment: New York Hospital-Cornell Medic Center, New York, New York {36} GEORGE GORDON RITCHIE, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi IRMA HOPE RIVERA SANTURCE, PUERTO RICO Alpha Epsilon lota ■sity ( JOHN BERTRAM ROSE, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi Appointment: U. S. Naval Portsmouth, Virginic THOMAS CARROLL ROYER BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Phi Chi B.S., Loyola College, West Virginia University, Militar, Service: Army HARVEY BROWN RYDER MONTEREY, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa i.O.T.C, Military Appointment: Medical College Richmond, Virginia F Vir RALPH MASON SCOTT PARKSLEY, VIRGINIA Phi Chi niversity of Virginia, Pi Kappa Alpha; Vice- t, Freshman Class, Honor Council, Senior Class; si Basketball, ' 46- ' 47, Military Service: Navy Class of ' fifty {37} School of Medicine LEE WELDON SHAFFER, JR. PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi B.S., West Virginia University University of Louisville; Phi Kappa Psi; President, Senior Class,- Intramural Basket- ball, ' 48- ' 50; Military Service: Navy LEO FRANKLIN SHERMAN BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Delta Epsilon ROBERT DAYTON SHREVE GLENVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA DONALD GABRIEL SIEGEL CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Phi Delta Epsilon West Virginia University; Ohio State Univ ersity of Illinois School of Pharmacy; Wilson College; R.O.T.C; Military Service: Army EUSTACE HENRY SMITH VALLEY CENTER, VIRGINIA Davidson College; Sigma Zeta; Alpha C Alpha; Sisma Zeta; Military Service: Navy Appointment Medical College of Virginia Richm nd, Vir JOHN EARLE SMITH HIGHLAND SPRINGS, VIRGINIA Theta Kappa Psi oir-Rhyne College; Gamma Beta Chi, Varsity ' 46- ' 50; Athletic Representative, ' 47- ' 50, Military Service: Navy 38 JOSEPH ALDERSON SMITH SUTTON, WEST VIRGINIA Phi Chi Appointment: Charleston Gener Charleston, West Virgii LAWRENCE OWEN SNEAD, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi Un ty of Richmond; Phi Beta Kappa,- Phi Delta Treasurer, Senior Class; Treasurer, Phi Beta Pi, ■48- ' 49 ARCHIE C. STANTON NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Colleoe of William and Mary; Columbia Junior Coll Sigma Zeta; Alpha Omega Alpha; Sigma Zeta; Mil Appointment: Marine Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia JOHN MOORE STONEBURNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Beta Pi B.S., University of Richmond; Varsity Basketball, ' 46- ' 50; Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 50; President, Athletic Associa- tion, ' 49- ' 50; Athletic Representative, ' 46- ' 47; Alpha Sigma Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha, Secretary, ' 49- ' 50; Sigma Zeta; Secretary, Phi Beta Pi, ' 47- ' 48; Military Service: Navy GRADY MONROE STRICKLAND CLAVTON, ALABAMA Phi Chi A.B., Washington and Lee University; Military Se, GENEVIEVE JUNE THOMAS ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Alpha Epsilon lota B.S., Roanoke College Appointment; Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylv Class of ' fifty 4 39} School of Medicine EILEEN AGNES THORPE PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND Alpha Epsilon lota A.B., Pembroke College; Secretary, Senior Cla tary. Alpha Epsilon lota, ' 4B- ' A9, MCV Chorus President, ' 47- ' 48; Alpha Sigma Chi THOMAS WILLIAM TUSING NEW MARKET, VIRGINIA Alpha Kappa Kappa B.S., Ge Appointment: U. S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland orge Washington University; President, Sopho- more Class; Military Service: Navy ALLAN MEYER UNGER PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Epsilon Bowdoin College, University of Virginia; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Council, Phi Delta Epsilon, O- ' SO; Alpha Sigma Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha; Sigma Zeta; Military Service: Army Appointment: Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM PHILIP WAGNER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Chi M.S., B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Appointment: Medical College of Virginic Richmond, Virginia •{40 } LEROY WEBB GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA versify of South Carolina; B.S., Wofford College, ident, Junior Class Military Service: Army (CAQ JAY NEVIN WEMPLE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Theta Kappa Psi A.B., Washington and Lee University,- Skull Bone; Representative, ' 46- ' 47; ' 49- ' 50; Sophomore Class Historian, Medical Editor, X-Ray, 1950; Military Service: Army Air Force Appointment: Walter Reed General Hospital Washington, D. C. PHILIP JAMES WINN, IV FORK UNION, VIRGINIA Thefa Kappa Psi J.S., Marshall College; Military Service: Navy Appointment: Saint Marys Hospital Huntington, West Virginia MARY ELIZABETH ZUMBRUNNEN PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Alpha Epsilon lota B.S., West Virginia University; B.S., West Virgil Wesleyan College; Marshall College; MCV Chor Treasurer, 49- ' 50 Appointment: Philadelphia General Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Class of ' fifty {41} JUNIORS EE MEDICINE v: ::ihM Robert Phillips John Fairly David Clark CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT PHILLIPS President JOHN FAIRLY Vice-President DAVID CLARK Secretary-Treasurer JOSEPH TRENT Historian MARTEL DAILEY Executive Committee WALTER BRADY Honor Council KENNETH HEATWOLE Dean ' s Committee STANLEY COHEN X-Ray Representative WILLIAM HOTCH KISS Skull and Bones Representative HAROLD MILLER . Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY SEPTEMBER saw the Juniors scurrying to and fro in white, new, immaculate jackets and coats decorated with dangling stethoscopes, shining new flash-lights, percussion hammers, and the so-called black " Pearl Book " (a must for every Junior). One might even see a tourniquet, fountain pen, four-way color pencil, and not infrequently, an ophthalmoscope. This latter instrument serving to identify the clinical neophyte with his service, ophthal- mology. While on one hand, the gyn tyro gave himself away with his insistence on shaking hands with the index and adjacent fingers pressed together, the OB novice, on the other hand, was simply identified by observing his tired and haggard but sleepy face, this serving to indicate that the night before had been spent on OB-stat at St. Philip ' s. One should rule out mere sleeplessness which was present on most everyone ' s face due to the 8:00 o ' clock classes. This was the first of our clinical years and one which we all had looked forward to with great interest. Dr. Schelin ' s " Half a pound per week and twenty pounds for the entire pregnancy, " seemed particularly applicable for West Virginia students, but as a good measure, one could toss in " no bags, boogies or Braxton Hick ' s maneuver " . The strain of a possible Surgery " Pop " Quiz got to be quite a load but the storm finally broke just before Christmas. Dr. Bigger was certain but we were uncertain. The usual problem of settling exam dates and twisting the Professor ' s arm was handled admirably by our Class President, Bob Phillips. Dr. Mandeville ' s colorful teaching and illustrative problems in radiology, supported by his " needling of the boys in surgery and pathology, " were par excellence. We certainly will take his advice, because who wants to lose his swimming pool, penthouse, and Cadillac? Not us — if and when we get them! The avalanche descends in June. May we all be able to meet successfully for the final year next September as dignified Seniors. " QOtw at d In ' jji-ktu " {43} JUNIORS m MEDICINE GEORGE ARRINGTON, JR. Huntington, West Virginia HUBERT E. BATTEN Portsmouth, Virginia CARLOS BERROCAL Mayaguez, Puerto Rico WILLIAM J. BERRY Oak Hill, West Virginia R. H. BOONE Wheeling, West Virginia J. F. BOS Buckhannon, West Virginia COURTNEY C. BOWEN Tazewell, Virginia WALTER M. BRADY Richmond, Virginia JOSEPH H. BRITTON Richmond, Virginia JAMES D. BROWN Craigsville, West Virginia RALPH B. BURNER Buckhannon, West Virginia MIRIAM CARMICHAEL Richmond, Virginia DAVID S. CLARK Huntington, West Virginia STANLEY N. COHEN Richmond, Virginia THOMAS J. CONATY Huntington, West Virgin ia WILLIAM A. COOK Madison Heights, Virginia PHILIP COWHERD, JR. Glade Spring, Virginia EDWARD H. CURRIE Charlotte, North Carolina MARTELL J. DAILEY Tye River, Virginia JOHN S. DARDEN Richmond, Virginia " Jonah and a Whale " ■ ' Our Pal, Pop " JUNIORS IB MEDICINE OSCAR B. DARDEN, JR. Richmond, Virginia MERLE B. DAVIS Fairmont, West Virginia PRESTON C. DAVIS Morgantown, West Virginia JULIA DICKINSON Richmond, Virginia ALBERT DICKSON, III Greensboro, North Carolina FRED R. EDENS Norton, Virginia JOHN L. FAIRLY, JR. Richmond, Virginia DONALD FLETCHER, JR. Horsley, Virginia CALVIN H. FRAZIER Huntington, West Virginia JANE FREEMAN Adrian, West Virginia JOHN D. FRENCH Bluefield, West Virginia R. FINLEY GAYLE, III Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM F. GIBBS Norfolk, Virginia MATTHEW C. GLYNN Portsmouth, Virginia RICHARD GREENBANK Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM GRIGSBY, JR. Bristol, Virginia JOHN M. GRUBB Charleston, West Virginia FREDERICK A. GUNION Coral Gables, Florida LUTHER J. HAMLETT Ripplemead, Virginia A. EPPES HARRIS, JR. Blackstone, Virginia Med. Students on O.B. Surgery Medicine Pediatrics, Wot Variety, t ' t 1 m r i i v ' i ■ Ml i.- " J r.jB. -- JBfct ' jM v xSfi £?V£j " i. 3SCL-i.--jMft JUNIORS EE MEDICINE Pediatrics " Pit " LEWIS B. HASTY Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina KENNETH M. HEATWOLE Richmond, Virginia CLARENCE HICKS Spring Hill, West Virg inia NORMAN H.HILL, JR. Norfolk, Virginia WILLIAM J. HOTCHKISS Meyersdale, Pennsylvania AUBREY A. HOUSER, JR. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM IRVINE Lewisburg, West Virginia STANLEY JENNINGS Fentress, Virginia THOMAS JENNINGS Appomattox, Virginia EDWARD P. JONES Mill Creek, West Virginia ERNEST J. KEFFER, JR. Roanoke, Virginia LOUIS H. KEFFER, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia EDWARD A. LEWIS Aylett, Virginia JOSEPH J. LINDLEY Snow Camp, North Carolina EUGENE B. LINTON Richmond, Virginia HENRY R. LITTLE, JR. Alta Vista, Virginia THOMAS D. McCAHILL Portsmouth, Virginia JOSEPH F. McGUIRE Grundy, Virginia v.« u. FRANCIS H. McMULLAN Richmond, Virginia V. ARCHER MARKS Hopewell, Virginia " Service Beyond the Call ol Duty Wr ' TLJUUt JUNIORS m MEDICINE ERMA J. MARRA Morgantown, West Virginia ARTHUR J. MARTIN Highland Springs, Virginia HOMER D. MARTIN Montrose, West Virginia JOSEPH E. MATHIAS Mathias, West Virginia FRANCES N. MILAM Sutherlin, Virginia HAROLD W. MILLER, JR. Woodstock, Virginia BROOKE M. MOFFETT Washington, Virginia GARNETT MONEYMAKER Clifton Forge, Virginia PAMELA R. MOORE Lewisburg, West Virginia WILLIAM E. NEWBY Richmond, Virginia A. L. NEWMAN Phoebus, Virginia JAMES L. NORTHINGTON La Crosse, Virginia ALLAN C. OGLESBY Richmond, Virginia WILMER G. OLIPHANT Mount Hope, West Virginia ROBERT M. PHILLIPS Colonial Heights, Virginia ANGELO I. PORTELA Arecibo, Puerto Rico CHARLES RANDOLPH, JR. Richmond, Virginia ROBERT A. REPASS Richmond, Virginia CARL RONCAGLIONE Amonate, Virginia BERNARD M. SAVAGE Richmond, Virginia JUNIORS IE MEDICINE ROBERT F. SCHNABEL Huntington, West Virginia GEORGE O. SHIPP Norfolk, Virginia PAUL E. SHUTTS Vienna, West Virginia VICTOR SKORAPA, JR. Richmond, Virginia CHARLES SPIVEY, JR. Columbia, South Carolina PHILIP R. THOMAS Richmond, Virginia NORMAN TINGLE Richmond, Virginia HUBERT TOMUNSON Duffield, Virginia PAUL E. TOTTEN Charleston, West Virginia JOE W. TRENT Blackmore, Virginia JESSE M. TUCKER, JR. Richmond, Virginia HAROLD T. TURNER Richmond, Virginia ALBERT VALENTINE Morgantown, West Virginia H. CHARLES WALKER, JR. Richmond, Virginia ALBERT WASSERMAN Richmond, Virginia JULIAN WEINSTEIN Richmond, Virginia ROBERT F. WILLIS East Bank, West Virginia EDWARD WOODWARD, JR. Staunton, Virginia JAMES E. WOTRING Morgantown, West Virginia YALE ZIMBERG Richmond, Virginia Not Pictured: Elmer F. McHugh, Arthur W. D. Mears, Levi Old, Jr., Earl Roles " The Real Thing ' Dr. Cherry Does An I D Burn Surgery at its Best SOPHOMORES lE MEDICINE i Benson McCutcheon Robert Burns Robert L. Gibson Emily Jones CLASS OFFICERS BENSON McCUTCHEON President ROBERT BURNS Vice-President ROBERT GIBSON Secretary-Treasurer EMILY JONES Historian JACK LAWSON Executive Committee PETER SQUIRE Honor Council VAUGHAN BELCHER Dean ' s Committee WILLIAM TABOR X-Ray Representative THOMAS SALE Skull and Bones Representative POWELL FOX Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY " TWO DOWN AND TWO TO GO " — that is the I slogan of the Class of ' 52 at the present time. It doesn ' t seem like two years has passed since we started out on our " dead subjects ' ' in anatomy, does it? We are progressing: Thisyearour subjects really breathed — even when we got through examining them — just give us time and " patients " and we will make the grade. We started in with physiology in September, and one great accomplishment in this class was in keeping Goode quiet by feeding him a stomach tube. Then Dr. Haag got him in pharmacology and tried to make him talk every day — poor Goode, right or wrong, he got his " dose " . Remember how we paid in " blood " for the first clinical path test — and how Shirley kept calling one of the slides " Leukocytosis " (swing to the right)? There are many new diagnoses on record here since our class hit M.C.V. that were never heard of before. None of us could forget how " foreign " that " foreign body reaction " slide looked in pathology. Dr. Apperly really gave us wonderful lectures and his sense of humor brightened up many dull hours for us. How about all the specimens he showed us in the museum? We always developed symptoms of every pathological condition he demonstrated to us. This has been a good year for us despite the many hard hours of study and work ... as for me, it has been quite a " thrill " . " jjotw at d in ' fit ' k tu ' ' {49} SOPHOMORES IE MEDICINE v ' • j i dhl WILLIAM C. AMOS, JR. Richmond, Virginia B. NORWOOD ANDERSON Hot Springs, Virginia RICHARD ARNEST, JR. Hague, Virginia WILLIAM M. ATKINS Petersburg, Virginia HENRY V. BELCHER Norfolk, Virginia ELAM BOSWORTH, I Brownsburg, Virginia DAVID W. BRANCH Richmond, Virginia DAVID M. BRILLHART Troutville, Virginia JOHN E. BRYANT, JR. Franklin, Virginia ROBERT O. BURNS Lebanon, Virginia CAREY J. BUTLER St. Pauls, North Carolina JOHN BUTTERWORTH, Richmond, Virginia LEONARD C. CANTOR Richmond, Virginia MARSHALL J. CARPER Bluefield, West Virginia SHIRLEY CARTER Richmond, Virginia GENE E. CLAPSADDLE Roanoke, Virginia JAMES W. CREEF South Norfolk, Virginia KENNETH D. CRIPPEN Richmond, Virginia CHANNING EWING East Lake Wier, Florida POWELL G. FOX, JR. Raleigh, North Carolina ROBERT L. GIBSON Winston-Salem, North Carolina J. WILLIAM GIESEN Radford, Virginia WILLIAM C. GILL, JR. Richmond, Virginia HARVEY W. GOODE, JR. Richmond, Virginia •{50} SOPHOMORES II MEDICINE JEROME S. GROSS Norfolk, Virginia CARROLL S. HAMILTON Lynchburg, Virginia W. EDWARD HOLLADAY, JR. Gordonsville, Virginia RAYMOND C. HOUGHTON Portsmouth, Virginia HARRY H. HOWREN, JR. Richmond, Virginia CARMEN JIMENEZ Mercedita, Puerto Rico JUAN JIMENEZ Santurce, Puerto Rico EMILY E. JONES Smithfield, Virginia JAMES B. KEGLEY, JR. Waverly, Virginia EARLE J. KERPELMAN Richmond, Virginia CARSON M. KEYS Nathans Creek, North Carolina KEITH E. KINSEY Richmond, Virginia PAUL R. KLEYKAMP Sandston, Virginia JACK A. LAWSON Hampton, Virginia BENSON McCUTCHEON, JR. Durham, North Carolina JOHN R. McDONOUGH Irwin, Virginia ELLIS F. MAXEY Rustburg, Virginia BERNARD MILLER Norfolk, Virginia ROSE MARIE MORECOCK Richmond, Virginia ROBERT A. MORTON Portsmouth, Virginia THOMAS MOSELEY, JR. Richmond, Virginia HARRY L MUNSON Richmond, Virginia MAURY C. NEWTON, JR. Narrows, Virginia THOMAS OVERTON Richmond, Virginia {51} SOPHOMORES H MEDICINE £ 9 9 9 BERNARD PATTERSON Roanoke, Virginia JOHN S. PRINCE Stony Creek, Virginia HARVEY P. RAWLS Suffolk, Virginia WILLIAM RIGGINS, JR. Hampton, Virginia RICHARD ROGERS, JR. Bluefield, West Virginia HERBERT L. RUBEN Norfolk, Virginia THOMAS W. SALE, JR. Hampton, Virginia ERNEST SHACKELFORD, JR. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM A. SHELTON Keysville, Virginia RICHARD C. SNOW Hilton Village, Virginia PETER W. SQUIRE Emporia, Virginia WILLIAM R. TABOR Bluefield, West Virginia JAMES R. TARRY Brookneal, Virginia THOMAS R. TRAVIS Fredericksburg, Virginia WILLIAM TRIGG, JR. Petersburg, Virginia PHIL E. TRIMMER, JR. Richmond, Virginia THOMAS W. TURNER Mouth of Wilson, Virginia DAVID TYLER Richmond, Virginia HERBERT WEINBERG Suffolk, Virginia LOUIS R. WILKERSON Raleigh, North Carolina F. QUINBY WINGFIELD, JR. Richmond, Virginia MELVIN E. YEAMANS Richmond, Virginia JAMES R. YORK Stephens City, Virginia LLOYD U. YOUNG Richmond, Virginia Not Pictured: Robert W. Wash; Clayton Yerby, III {52} FRESHMEN B MEDICINE Pau I Tanner William Fletcher Jean Fensom Samuel Morrison CLASS OFFICERS PAUL TANNER President WILLIAM FLETCHER Vice-President JEAN FENSOM Secretary-Treasurer SAMUEL MORRISON Historian GEORGE CHAPPELL Executive Committee WILLIAM GEE Honor Council ROSS ORR Dean ' s Committee ALLAN FORBES X-Ray Representative ROBERT BARBE Skull and Bones Representative THOMAS STRATFORD Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY THE Admissions ' Committee reached half-way around the world in filling the ranks of the Freshman Class in Medicine this year. Fifty-five of us are veterans, and every foreign theater of operations has its representa- tive. Twenty-one per cent of the class is married. An accurate count of the " offspring " was never attempted. We ' ve had a grand year and are happy that Lloyds, of London, can now decrease the premium rate on the survival of our class constituents. From the very begin- ning, back on that September day in 1949, we ' ve had nothing but kindness, patience, and good instruction and all the assistance possible. We are confident that within all of us lies the ability to become good doctors. With the continued help from our instructors, we look forward with great expectations to the accomplishments of our class. " fiotwat d In ' fiifity " 53 FRESHMEN IE MEDICINE ft trv -1 . K EAl 1 SIMEON H. ADAMS Gastonia, North Carolina ROBERT F. BARBE Bristol, Virginia WESLEY C. BERNHART Richmond, Virginia CHARLES BOATWRIGHT Jonesville, Virginia HOYLE E. BOWMAN Richmond, Virginia D. EARLE BROWN, JR. Berryville, Virginia HERMAN W. BRUBAKER Rocky Mount, Virginia CARMEN CACERES-ECHANDI Juneos, Puerto Rico LILLIAN CHAN Hong Kong, China GEORGE CHAPPELL Crewe, Virginia KENNETH CLEMENTS Portsmouth, Virginia ALVIN E. CONNER Manassas, Virginia CATHERINE CRAUN Crawford, Virginia JAMES F. CROSBY Richmond, Virginia PAUL DEATON Statesville, North Carolina ROBERT E.DeBORD Chapman Hill, Virginia ERNEST G. EDWARDS Hampton, Virginia CECIL F. EVANS, JR. Richmond, Virginia HUGH FARRIER Montreat, North Carolina JEAN FENSOM Richmond, Virginia " The City Doctuhs Get the ' Call ' " Shown the Place " " On the Way " WILLIAM FLANAGAN Bremo Bluff, Virginia FRESHMEN EE MEDICINE WILLIAM FLETCHER Harrisonburg, Virginia ALLAN L. FORBES Richmond, Virginia EARL R. FOX Naruna, Virginia JOSEPH E. GARDNER Hillsville, Virginia CALVIN S. GARRETT Madison Heights, Virginia WILLIAM N. GEE, JR. Kenbridge, Virginia FREDERICK GIVEN, JR. Chase City, Virginia OTA T. GRAHAM Richmond, Virginia JULIUS GRIFFIN Los Angeles, California ROBERT GROVES, JR. Lowell, North Carolina WARREN C. HAGOOD Clover, Virginia CHARLES HARWOOD Richmond, Virginia ERNEST C. HERMANN Richmond, Virginia RAYMOND C. HOOKER Richmond, Virginia FARRAR W. HOWARD Richmond, Virginia ROBERT O. HUDGENS Lynchburg, Virginia EDWARD C. IRBY Blackstone, Virginia ALVIN Q. JARRETT Norfolk, Virginia WILLIAM JOHNSON, JR. Mount Sydney, Virginia f fi uA i- FRESHMEN IB MEDICINE ERIC V. KEMP, JR. Richmond, Virginia HAROLD KIMMERLING Roanoke, Virginia LEROY S. McDANIEL Petersburg, Virginia WILMORE R. McLEOD Glen Allen, Virginia MOIR G. MARTIN Hillsville, Virginia PHILIP R. MASON Norfolk, Virginia GEORGE B. MASSIE Pounding Mill, Virginia HARVEY E. MELTON Richmond, Virginia SAMUEL S. MORRISON Richmond, Virginia ROSS ORR, JR. Chapman Hill, Virginia ALLEN C. PIRKLE Prince George, Virginia CHARLES RICHARDSON Salem, Virginia FRESHMEN EH MEDICINE RICHARD H. SMITH, JR. Radford, Virginia RIXEY SOUTHALL, JR. Pamplin, Virginia WALTER J. STANFORD Galax, Virginia THOMAS P. STRATFORD Burlington, North Carolina CHARLES E. SWECKER Roanoke, Virginia PAUL A. TANNER, JR. Quitman, Georgia TERRY F. TANNER Quitman, Georgia WILLIAM TARRY, JR. Brookneal, Virginia !M f 3 ' .» 4 W. NELSON TAYLOR Hanover Court House, Virginia RAYMOND THABET Charleston, West Virginia CHARLES THEDIECK, JR. Suffolk, Virginia CHARLES TOWNSEND Harrington, Delaware GEORGE TUNSTALL, JR. Petersburg, Virginia ROBERT E. WARE Alexandria, Virginia WILLIAM WATSON Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM G. WAY Winchester, Virginia THOMAS H. WEBB Portsmouth, Virginia GEORGE L. WILKINSON South Boston, Virginia FRED WILLIAMS Derby, Virginia WOODROW WREN Richmond, Virginia ALLAN WRIGHT Norfolk, Virginia ELLIS ZUCKERMAN Petersburg, Virginia Not Pictured: Harry Johnson, Jr.; Henry S. Spencer 57 HERBERT D. COY, D.D.S. EDICATION ♦ THIS SECTION OF THE X-RAY IS DEDICATED RESPECT- FULLY BY THE CLASS OF 1950, SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY, TO DR. HERBERT D. COY. HIS ENTHUSIASM INSPIRES US, AND WE ADMIRE HIM AS A MEMBER OF THE PROFESSION, A STUDENT, A GENTLEMAN, AND A FRIEND. •{58} SENIORS LB DENTISTRY James Cannon G. L. D. Burnett John Dilday Woodrow W. Poss CLASS OFFICERS JAMES CANNON President G. L. D. BURNETT Vice-President JOHN DILDAY Secretary-Treasurer WOODROW POSS Historian WILBUR SHEARER Executive Committee JAMES WEDDLE Honor Council WILLIAM FITZHUGH Deans Committee E. S. H. GREENE X-Ray Representative CORNELIUS RAMSEY Skull and Bones Representative LEWIS JOHNSTON Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY UPON a note of joyful despondency we have reached the ultimate goal of our tenure in the Dental School. For four long work-laden years we have struggled as one, with the bonds of friendship being drawn ever closer. Only a few minor mishaps to mar our familial relationship, but, what the heck, disagreements occur in the best of families! In retrospect we see ourselves entering the Freshman lab for oral anatomy and prosthetics, neither pleasing ourselves nor the profs with out efforts. That long haul to gross anatomy with " Old Brash " giving us words of wisdom and the works! Enzymes and amino acids in Sid and Molly ' s Emporium got us through biochemistry; none of us ever knew what got us through bacteriology. As we ascended into the Sophomore lab, we felt as though we were well on our way to the goal. Dusting technique, partial dentures, inlays and crowns — just like being in the Clinic! That is, almost! We were to learn that it is a far cry from green teeth in a dentoform to what-have-you-teeth in a patient The clinic, patients, services and Dr. Coy! All of these thrust upon us as mere Juniors. But we soon were to know that after the initial fright, none of these were too bad, and that in reality, The Whip was a pretty good Joe after all. Hygroscopic invest- ment replaced (?) Gray ' s, foils for all silicates, and prophylaxes given beneath the rubber dam! What a life! The dungeon for our lab, the " pruf " of the pudding per se, root canals, and The Cowboy. And despite this we became Seniors. It was as Seniors that we first began to grasp the meaning of the whole maze, and then the " C " rule was abandoned placing us back in a dilemma again. Talk of infant formulae (by our many lucky fathers of the class), locked-in for life by our Sweeneys, phenol swabs, office plans, lab time, periodontal checks, in- structors smoking in the museum, war surplus supplies, ad infinitum, all were our topics of conversation and gripes. And how about those abutment teeth that were inadvertently extracted? Lest we forget it was in our Senior year that occurred the loss of a friend in whose Bible we had caused many a sad story to be written. Whatever the future may hold — poverty or wealth, sorrow or happiness — we have one thing in common: our days together at M.C.V. Let us treasure them, for these days were good. " A otw at L in -ki-ktu " {61 School off Dentistry .. . MARVIN WARREN ALDRIDGE VANCEBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta University of North Carolina, Wake Forest College; E. Carolina Teachers ' College; Louisburg Junior College; Dean ' s Committee, ' 49- ' 50; Athletic Representative, ' 48- ' 49; Varsity Baseball, ' 47- ' 50; Intramural Athletics, " 46. ' 47; Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Army LOUIS EDWARD ALEXANDER RICHMOND, VIRGINIA B.S., Hampden-Sydney College JACK DAVID AMOWITZ LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Alpha Omega A.B., Lynchburg College; Dean ' s Committee, - ' SO; Dental Students ' Society; Inter-Fraternity Council; Military Service: Army Air Force DAVID LEON BALLARD ELLERBE, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta A B., Dulte University; Beta Theta Pi; Dean ' s Committee, ' 46- ' 47, X-Ray Representative, ' 47- ' 48; Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Navy ARCHIBALD C. BUCHANAN TAZEWELL, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta B.A., Hampden Representative, ' 47- ' 48; Dean ' Sydney College; Pi Kappa Alpha; X-Ray ' 48- ' 49,- Skull Bones Representative, Committee, ' 46- ' 47; Dental Stude LEIGH CARTER BUDWELL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Psi Omega :hnic In ety, Se Society Military Serv {69} GORMAN LEE D. BURNETT LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta A.B., University of Rochester,- Hobart College, Theta Delta Chi; Vice-President Senior Class, Honor Council, ' 48- ' 49,- Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 49,- Dental Students ' Society; Sigma Zeta; Military Service ' Navy JAMES ERVIN CANNON, JR. HARTSVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Clemson College,- Mu Beta Psi; President, Ser Class; X-Ray Representative, ' 4o- " 47; Dental Stude Society; Military Service: Navy WILLIAM REGISTER COVINGTON HALIFAX, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta ersity of North Carolina; Vice-President, ' 49, Presi- t, ' 50, Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Army CECIL ARTHUR CREASY GRETNA, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta ALLAN THORNTON DAVIS, JR. CHATHAM, VIRGINIA Psi Omega JOHN SPARKMAN DILDAY AHOSKIE, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Wake Forest College; Sigma Zeta; Alpha Sigmc Vice-President, Sigma Zeta, ' 49- ' 50; Treasurer Sigma Delta, ' 49- ' 50; Secretary, Inter-Fraternity Co ' 48- ' 50; Sophomore Class Secretary,- Junior Class torian,- Senior Class Secretary; Intramural Baske ' 46- ' 47; Dental Students ' Society, Executive Co ' 49- ' 50; Military Service: Navy Class of ' fifty {63} School off Dentistry .. • WILLIAM BATEMAN FITZHUGH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta MAJOR DALBY GAYLE, JR. URBANNA, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta Randolph-Macon College; Military Service: Navy JAMES HAMILTON GOETHE HAMPTON, SOUTH CAROLINA EDWIN STONEWALL HUNTER GREENE, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta Colleoe of William and Mary; University of Virginia; Kappa Sigma; X-Ray Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Varsity Basketball, ' 47- ' 48, Intramural Basketball, - ' SO; Military Service: Navy WILLIAM JOHNSON HELSABECK KING, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Wake Forest College, Kappa Sigma; President, Athletic Association, ' 48- ' 49; Grand Master, Delta Sigma Delta, ' 49- ' 50; Worthy Master, Delta Sigma Delta, ' 48- ' 49; President, Freshman Class; Athletic Representa- tive, ' 47- ' 48; Vice-President, Y.M.C.A., ' 49- ' 50; School Representative, Y.M.C A., ' 47- ' 49; Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 50; Varsity Basketball, ' 46- ' 50; Varsity Baseball, ' 46- ' 50, Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 48- ' 50, Alpha Sigma Chi; Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Navy LEWIS DUPUY JOHNSTON, JR. SOUTH BOSTON, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Hampden-Sydney College; Kappa Sigma; Y.M.C.A., ' 46- ' 50; Historian, Freshman Class; Dean ' s Committee, ' 47- ' 48; Athletic Representative, ' 49- ' 50, Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 50; Corrector, Faculty Take-Off, ' 49- ' 50; Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Marine Corps {64 HENRY LEWIS KENNETT ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Roanoke College; Pi Kappa Phi; Executive Committee. ' 46- ' 47; Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Army Air Force THOMAS EDWIN KING MARLINTON, WEST VIRGINIA Psi Omega B.S., University of Richmond; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Kappa Alpha; Dental Editor, Skull Bones, Dental Students ' Society, Executive Council, ' 48- ' 49; Military Service: Navy (Submarine Corps) MALCOLM BAKER LACY, JR. SOUTH BOSTON, VIRGINIA Psi Omega sinia Military Institute; Chief Inauisitor, Psi C Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Ar MAX DALE LARGENT WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Psi Omega ersity of Virginia; Junior Grand Master, Psi Omega. Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 49- ' 50, Y.M.C.A.; Dental Students ' Society,- Military Service: Navy HAROLD W. LUDVIGSON SAINT JAMES, MINNESOTA Delta Sigma Delta versity of Richmond; Military Service: Navy VIRGIL HARRISON MARSHALL NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Psi Omega Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Sfcull Bones Representative, ' 48- ' 49; Military Service: Army Air Force (Pilot) Dental interneship- Medical College of Virginia Class of ' fifty {65} School of Dentistry... LAWRENCE GRANT MATHEWS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Psi Omega B.S., Virginia Military Institute Vice-President, Student 8ody, ' 49- ' 50 ; Vice-President, Junior Class; Secretary- Treasurer, Freshman Class; Dental Students ' Society,- Alpha Sigma Chi,- Military Service: Army Air Force VERNON STEADMAN NICHOLSON, JR. PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Delia Sigma Delta B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute,- Junior Page, Delta Sigma Delta, ' 49- ' 50,- Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Army (C.A.C. A.A.) O. R. PEARCE, JR. DUNN, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta I.S., Wake Forest College; Military Service: Navy WOODROW WILSON POSS CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., University of Virginia; Historian, Senior Class; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Historian, Delta Sigma Delta; Dental Students ' Society WILLIAM HENRY PRICE MONROE, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Duke University; Wake Forest College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Historian, Sophomore Class, Treasurer, Delta Sigma Delta, ' 48- ' 49; Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Navy CORNELIUS HERBERT RAMSEY LINCOLNTON, NORTH CAROLINA Psi Omega IS, Roanoke College, Pi Kappa Phi; Blue Key, Grand faster, Psi Omeca, ' 49-50; Alpha Sigma Chi; Military Service: Navy ■{66} w ! » 1 1 , ■ - ' " T- jr CLAUDE DAVID RICHARDSON, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Psi Omega WILBUR LEE SHEARER, JR. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Jtive Committee, ' 48- •49-50, Military Sen CONWAY WILBUR SMITH, JR. HILTON VILLAGE, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Randolph-Macon College , Pre sidei it, Alpha Si gma Chi, ' 49 ' 50, President, Junio, r CI. Honor Cou ncil, omore Class, Vice-Pres.der it, Fn ssh ' mi an Class,- Sci •ibe, Delta Sigma Delta,- Member of M.C.V. Constiti Comn littee, ' 49; Alpha Sigma Chi; Sigi na Zeta; Dental Students ' Society; Military St ; Army WILLIAM ALBERT STOKES NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Norfolk Division of William and Mary, Dental Students ' Society; Military Service: Army WALKER PETTYJOHN SYDNOR LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA B.S., Lynchburg College; Secretary-Treasurer, Jun Class; Dental Students ' Society, Class Representati 49- ' 50, Military Service: Army WILLIAM BERNARD TEMPLETON MOORESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Class off ' fifty {67} School of Dentistry HARDING LESTER THOMAS MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta VINCENT SHARPE TILLER PENNINGTON GAP, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta CURTIS PIERCE WAGNER STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Psi Omega william Mcdonald walker WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Wake Forest Colleoe, Kappa Siama; President, Sophomore Class, Honor Council, ' 46- " 47j Intramural Basketball, ' 46 ' 47, Alpha Siama Chi, Dental Students ' Society, Military Service: Navy EARL WILLIAM WARD CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA Psi Omega ersity of Virginia; Military Service: Army JAMES GUY WEDDLE, JR. PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Delta Sigma Delta id, Honor Council, •{68} WILLIAM LEE WOLTZ, JR. RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Delta Sigma Delta B.S., Wake Forest College; Varsity Baseball, ' 46- ' 47, Intramural Basketball, ' 46 ' 50, Freshman Athletic Repre- sentative; Dental Students ' Society, Class Representative, ' 47- ' 49; Military Service: Navy HUGH ORIAN WRENN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Psi Omega Hampden-Sydney College, Kappa Alpha; Secretary, Psi Omega, ' 48; Dental Students ' Society; Sigma Zeta; Military Service: Navy EDWARD KENDALL WRIGHT, JR. WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA Psi Omega Class of ' fifty {69} Courtesy o( MCV Alumni Associatio THE EGYPTIAN BUILDING in the " Good Old Days " {70} JUNIORS IB DENTISTRY Carlton Gregory Jay Caldwell William Artrip William Martin CLASS OFFICERS CARLTON GREGORY President JAY CALDWELL Vice-President WILLIAM ARTRIP Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM MARTIN Historian ROLAND ELLIOTT Executive Committee JOHN REYNOLDS Honor Council THOMAS PETERSON Dean ' s Committee WILLIAM DITTO Dean ' s Committee VAN HEELY X-Ray Representative ALEXANDER HODGES Skull and Bones Representative ROLAND ELLIOTT Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY THE doors we passed for two years with only a sneak-look ' were now to be opened. The Clinic, with all its mysteries, was now a part of our schedule. Our dentoforms, which had patiently withstood the lacerations of chisels and burrs, were now to have people attached to the other end. With greenish tints to our white Clinic coats we entered this room of 800 chairs, and were introduced immediately to the rubber dam. It took us a very short time to realize that the word had been mispelled. Later we entered dental floss and rubber dam clamps on the instrument list for a gingivectomy — the technique varied slightly but the end results were the same. We became the " people " attached to the dentoforms, and lacerations abounded after the first session in the debridement technique. The chart, that essential item, was explained. Such a simple device — a sheet for each department so there would be no confusion . . . confusion prevailed. In spite of it all — blue slips, green slips, white slips, and X-Rays — a questionable degree of regularity was attained, only to be halted by: " I ' m sorry, that chart is in the drawer. " We were introduced to the services: X-Ray, prosthetics, diagnosis ' and exodontia. We learned to administer anaesthetic. A few of us extracted teeth — even though the patient was handcuffed. We constructed bridges using the crowns made the preceding year. The chief complaint was explained and just what relation- ship it had to the present illness. Ping pong was exposed in a new light. Oral pathology was found to consist of more than dental caries. New conditions and clinical pictures were opened to us. We saw that under-fed and over-danced young ladies had significant X-Ray findings — though not pathogenic. So we continue, the ever-decreasing line of bachelors reduced to eleven and no sign of that figure becoming static. The Heely ' s increased our family by one; now we are wondering about that casting furnace near the head of the alphabet. Hutch and Russell are still swearing that they are the babies of the class. We wish to extend a word of appreciation to the staff of instructors, who have contributed time and patience and a help- ing hand throughout our first year in the Clinic, without whom we would be as helpless as the Mighty Mo. " p otw at d In ' bihtu " OO JUNIORS EH DENTISTRY dl : i mAdi tAJt 141 THOMAS W. ARMSTRONG, JR. Culpeper, Virginia WILLIAM J. ARTRIP Skeetrock, Virginia EDWARD S. BARNWELL York, North Carolina JACK D. BRADY Arlington, Virginia JOSEPH B. BRAGASSA, JR. Lynchburg, Virginia RUDOLPH H. BRUNI, JR. Richmond, Virginia JOHN R. BURTON Richmond, Virginia JAY B. CALDWELL Concord, North Carolina WILLIAM A. COLEMAN Lynchburg, Virginia CALVIN B. COREY, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia DAVID B. COX Camp, Virginia WILLIAM M. DITTO Charlotte, North Carolina IRA P. EFIRD, JR. Oakboro, North Carolina ROLAND J. ELLIOTT Danville, Virginia EUGENE H. ESKEY, JR. Norfolk, Virginia CHARLES L EUBANK Phenix, Virginia JAMES D. FABER Charleston, West Virginia ROBERT P. FULTZ, JR. Roanoke, Virginia JOHN T. GOODE, I Chase City, Virginia CARLTON E. GREGORY Callands, Virginia AUBREY S. HARLOW, JR. Ashland, Virginia VAN K. HEELY Portsmouth, Virginia ALEXANDER W. HODGES South Boston, Virginia {72} JUNIORS EE DENTISTRY JOHN C. HOGE Pembroke, Virginia CHARLES E. HUTCHINSON Farmville, Virginia JAMES T. JONES, JR. Petersburg, Virginia JAMES E. KILBOURNE Big Stone Gap, Virginia DAVID H. MARSHALL Roanoke, Virginia WILLIAM G. MARTIN Roanoke, Virginia VAN B. McCARTER Galax, Virginia KEMPER McCLOUD, JR. Richmond, Virginia HERMAN M. MIDKIFF Keeling, Virginia DANIEL R. MILLER Floyd, Virginia ROBERT L. PERDUE High Point, North Carolina THOMAS W. PETERSON Norfolk, Virginia JOHN M. REYNOLDS Meadowview, Virginia LEWIS T. ROGERS Kannapolis, North Car olina WILLIAM B. RUSSELL Petersburg, Virginia JOHN J. SALLEY Richmond, Virginia JAMES C. SMITH Onancock, Virginia JOHN D. STEPHENS Richmond, Virginia JAMES V. STEPP Big Stone Gap, Virginia JOSEPH E. WALLACE Columbia, North Carolina HOWARD B. WATKINS Floyd, Virginia WILLIAM C. WILLIAMS Roanoke, Virginia ROY W. WILSON Charlotte, North Carolina {73} SOPHOMORES B DENTISTRY . li h George Tate Julian Way William May James Wayhorn CLASS OFFICERS GEORGE TATE President JULIAN WAY Vice-President WILLIAM MAY Secretary-Treasurer JAMES WAYHORN Historian BENJAMIN HOUSTON Executive Committee WILLIAM SESSOMS Honor Council HENRY THAXTON Dean ' s Committee BRUCE DONALD Dean ' s Committee RAY COLLINS X-Ray Representative JOHN GOODE Skull and Bones Representative THOMAS LAYMAN Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY FORTY-SIX " Eager Beavers " rushed into the Sophomore laboratory that early September morn to demonstrate to the professors the abilities of the Class of ' 52. It wasn ' t long before smiles turned to frowns and the cry, " Hey, Bill, pass the iodine, " rang through the laboratory. To the theme song, " Do It Over Again, " we slowly learned the art of making wax patterns, castings, cavity prepara- tions and crowns. Speaking of clowns, you should see the new hat one of our members bought. We had been wishing he would get a new hat; but what a change! Many hours were spent over the scopes learning to identify diseased tissue. It was surprising how things had changed since histology. Towards the end of our course in physiology we learned how to insert a cannula. All of our members became more interested in the course when we heard that one member of our class was putting his knowledge to practical use. The only trouble was you needed three white rats under twenty-one days ' old to run the test. There was a fellow student who had trouble getting to class on time. One day he appeared early for a pharmacology lecture, but he left the room saying he couldn ' t stand to be on time, and that he would come in later. We move forward knowing the difference between fun and work, as told to us by one of our able professors. We hope our first dentures will fit and that we shall perform our duties in the Clinic as becoming members of the School of Dentistry. " t a t w a t in {74} ' M 9 9 f SOPHOMORES IE DENTISTRY CHARLES L. BALTIMORE Altavista, Virginia STUART A. BARKSDALE Falls Church, Virginia DEWEY H. BELL, JR. San Antonio, Texas STANLEY M. BOYD Ararat, Virginia JAMES W. BRADSHAW, III Harrisonburg, Virginia JEFFERY M. BROGDON Hopewell, Virginia CLAUDE W. CAMDEN Glasgow, Virginia FRANK A. CAVEDO, JR. Richmond, Virginia ARTHUR D. CHAMBLISS Hopewell, Virginia JACK W. CHEVALIER Richmond, Virginia RAY A. COLLINS Front Royal, Virginia BRUCE H. DONALD, JR. Lexington, Virginia WILLIAM M. DUNCAN Pearisburg, Virginia JAMES J. ELLIOTT Lincolnton, North Carolina CARL F. FLANARY Jonesville, Virginia CHARLES F. FLETCHER Middleburg, Virginia HARRY W. FORE, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia GERALD Q. FREEMAN Jeffs, Virginia JOHN H. GOODE, JR. Suffolk, Virginia CARLYLE GREGORY Rocky Mount, Virginia KENNETH S. GUSLER Roanoke, Virginia SIDNEY G. HALL Danville, Virginia ROBERT L. HOPKINS, JR. Norfolk, Virginia S {75} SOPHOMORES IB DENTISTRY 4 M jiM BEN H. HOUSTON, JR. Weldon, North Carolina HAROLD E. KILLAM Richmond, Virginia THOMAS O. LAYMAN Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM B. MASSEY, JR. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM B. MAY Richmond, Virginia WILEY S. MAYO, JR. Salem, Virginia EDWIN R. MINETREE Chester, Virginia GEORGE J. ORR Dryden, Virginia LOUIS W. PAINTER Pulaski, Virginia JOSEPH M. PAYNE Clayton, North Carolina JACOB A. PEARCE Dunn, North Carolina RALPH K. PICKELS Richmond, Virginia JAMES E. RAYHORN Richmond, Virginia AUBREY T. RIVES Norfolk, Virginia E. H. ROBINSON, JR. Norton, Virginia WALLACE C. ROWE Achilles, Virginia RICHARD A. RUCKER Monetta, Virginia WILLIAM W. SESSOMS Richmond, Virginia GEORGE S. TATE, JR. Petersburg, Virginia HENRY F. THAXTON Lynchburg, Virginia JULIAN M. WAY Nesmith, South Carolina ROBERT M. WITHERS Davidson, North Carolina JOHN S. YOUNG Lynchburg, Virginia {76 FRESHMEN EH DENTISTRY Thomas Warrick Robert Adams Leland Horton Carl Pedigo CLASS OFFICERS THOMAS WARRICK President ROBERT ADAMS Vice-President LELAND HORTON Secretary-Treasurer CARL PEDIGO Historian WILLIAM DAY Executive Committee WALTER PIERCE Honor Council EDWIN BAKER Deans Committee CHARLES FRALIN X-Ray Representative AUSTIN McCLELLAN Skull and Bones Representative HENRY McCOY Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY LIKE a new pack of Bicycles — Congress to the elite — fifty- two Freshmen, stiff with wonder and shining with pride, were shuffled, neatly stacked, and dealt upon a table of bewilder- ing perplexity. There were no jokers in this deck. They were all cards. It was early autumn — hot and humid. A perfect setting for mental mayhem. Orientation. Instruction. Convocation. Pro- vocation. Ten hours of placement tests. A hundred pieces of new equipment: hammer, pliers, roach carver, impression com- pound, base-plate wax, scalpel, urrp! Swallow again, you ' ll need that too. With all their heartaches and broken backs, financial gloom, and eyes filled with soot from burning midnight oil, the Freshmen " Dents " struggled valiantly through the trauma of their kinetic initiation into dental school. The boys of D-1 — probably called DOG-1 in the Navy — began to settle down to smooth sailing with the attitude of, " Maybe I can do it after all! " Gross anatomy lab ruined a few meals for some but by the time the World Series came around these true American boys couldn ' t bear Dr. Brashear ' s inning-by-inning account without their cokes and peanuts. By quarter ' s end it was not uncommon for a fellow to palpate with one hand while munching his after-lunch ice cream with the other. Class elections, intramural basketball, and week-end frolics through the courtesies of the Delta Sig ' s and Psi O ' s began to " t otw at enliven the activities of our gallant knights. An enthusiasm fo, working together began to be expressed with the first class meeting in October. The concern of this meeting was over many potential failures in their new mystery course — bacteriology. The winter quarter brought biochemistry, denture prosthesis, head and neck, and Christmas. Dr. Negus succeeded in his objective to confuse the students with bio. The class entered prosthesis confused and left Dr. Gibbons bewildered. Dr. Brashear, with head and neck, showed what a hard life a dentist could have. Christmas brought its own fortunes including the marriages of Class President Tom Warrick, and Ed Irish. D. W. Fawley had started the rage for marriage during the fall and Ray Ernest finally caught the bug to become a " yes " man in January. Winter waited for spring but dental students had no time fo r seasons. The golfers teed off, regardless. Spring dances and free Saturdays made life joyous as long as Swenson ' s Complete Dentures was on the shelf. Dr. Burke ' s red-face jokes made histology bearable while Dr. Caroon began to diminish home work carving assignments. There was also the return of Dr. Modjeski with his dented materials. Dr. Duncan continued to bark on his " dog teeth. " With a sigh of soothing relief, the fifty-two " cards " put away their tools and teeth in May to answer the call of the wild goose for a summer. As Oliver Wendell (Holmes) Clough might say: New places, new faces, You ' re off — way to blazes! in {77} ' M 9 f f FRESHMEN IB DENTISTRY - m fJ, 4 rf fc. J dtkdM ROBERT W. ADAMS Portsmouth, Virginia JOHN W. ATKINS Norfolk, Virginia EDWIN L. BAKER, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia GERALD W. BLACK Luray, Virginia DONALD S. BROWN Richmond, Virginia RICHARD T. BRUCE Harrisonburg, Virginia PAUL BURBANK, JR. Hampton, Virginia OLIVER L. BURKETT Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM M. CALLAHAN Lynchburg, Virginia CLIFTON E. CRANDELL Stokes, North Carolina WILLIAM C. DAY Richmond, Virginia GROVER C. DILL Norton, Virginia BERNARD DOLSEY Richmond, Virginia ROBERT T. EDWARDS Franklin, Virginia RAYMOND ERNEST Richmond, Virginia DORMAN W. FAWLEY, JR. Broadway, Virginia CHARLES S. FRALIN Danville, Virginia CLYDE E. GODBOLD Marion, South Carolina CHARLES W. HARPER Staunton, Virginia JOHN W. HARPINE, JR. Nokesville, Virginia Diagnoslix-ray " ' Treatment " ' Whadaya think, I hope " FRESHMEN EE DENTISTRY LELAND C. HORTON Wendell, North Carolina MARBURY M. HUTCHINSON Herndon, Virginia EDWIN F. IRISH Arlington, Virginia THOMAS R. JARRETT, JR. Norfolk, Virginia JACK W. JULIAN Richmond, Virginia BURRELL E. KANOY Durham, North Carolina JOHN T. KELLY Richlands, Virginia HENRY P. LAMB, JR. Hampton, Virginia RONALD W. LEVIN Richmond, Virginia JOHN L. LILLY Suffolk, Virginia ROBERT H. MAHANES Rustburg, Virginia WILLIAM L MAJOR Clifton Forge, Virginia WILLIAM A. McCLELLAN Kenbridge, Virginia JAMES S. McCOWN Lexington, Virginia HENRY D. McCOY Eastover, Virginia WILLIAM D. MOORE Hopewell, Virginia SAM H. NICHOLSON Edgefield, South Carolina GEORGE T. PARKER Bedford, Virginia CARL S. PEDIGO Roanoke, Virginia ERNEST M. PENNELL, JR. Ashland, Virginia " Alas, Poor Yorick " ' Yorick ' ' Whad ' lll do now? " FRESHMEN IE DENTISTRY PHILIP B. PETERS The Plains, Virginia WALTER L. PIERCE Gate City, Virginia LUKE PILLIS Roanoke, Virginia KEITHEN D. POE Upperville, Virginia JOHN H. QUINLEY Pennington Gap, Virginia JAMES D. REASOR Richmond, Virginia THERIL REEDY Clintwood, Virginia FREDERICK C. SHAW Harmony, North Carolina OSCAR P. SMITH Covington, Virginia WILLIAM J. SWEENEY Ewing, Virginia THOMAS G. WARRICK Norfolk, Virginia ROBERT M. WELLONS Conway, South Carolina :i a WILLIAM S. BENICA, Ph. D. DEDICATION ♦ TO OUR TEACHER AND FRIEND, IN SINCERE APPRECIA- TION FOR HIS UNDERSTANDING AND HELPFULNESS, THIS SECTION IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED BY THE CLASS OF 1950 (82} SENIORS !E PHARMACY Linwood French William Jackson Wanda Harre Hiram Whitehead CLASS OFFICERS LINWOOD FRENCH ' President WILLIAM JACKSON Vice-President WANDA HARRELL Secretary JOHN MINAHAN Treasurer HIRAM WHITEHEAD Historian ROY MOON Executive Committee THOMAS BRUCE Honor Council RUFUS MILLER Dean ' s Committee THOMAS BISHOP X-Ray Representative ANDREW KITTINGER Skull and Bones Representative DOUGLAS THOMAS Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY IT is well for anyone who has just terminated a major chapter of ' his life to pause for awhile before advancing onward to the next endeavor, to pause and think of the significance of his past actions. By so doing he is reminded of incidents that have de- lighted, benefited, and irritated him, and realizes that they can never be lived again. Each member of this class, when remember- ing his years associated with the School of Pharmacy, will recall incidents that are meaningful to him only, but there is much that we all share. We have had happy moments together, worked hard, and at times been uncertain. Our class actually gained its identity when students from various institutions joined together to form the Sophomore Class of 1947-48. The courses were not easy. We were required to study and perform in an exact, efficient manner. We had much to learn, but we applied ourselves diligently, and our instructors were both teacher and friend. Soon everyone became a personality. This class was unique to begin with. It was composed largely of veterans, fresh from World War II, who had earned the right and were anxious to complete their education. A more mature group than those of normal times characterized it. Its members have displayed aggressive and capable leadership, originality, and exceptional ability. Various school organizations have been strengthened and have profited because of the activity of these members. The class as a unit has been co-operative, conscientious, and promising. It has shown great interest in the profession of pharmacy and for pharmacy ' s future. Through the years as students, the class members kept abreast of advancements and problems in the field of our profession, and are thus better qualified to enter the profession. This, our Senior year, has been most swift. Pleasant interruptions in the routine of daily school life have been frequent. We ' ve had many social functions to attend, a trip to supplement our educa- tion, and cigars to smoke from new fathers. We ' ve seen the younger men and women of the class develop into fine individuals. Always in the subconscious mind was the thought of graduation and that which follows, for we will have then earned the privilege to work. The Senior year is the best year. We leave the School of Pharmacy knowing that our instructors have equipped us as best they could for the years to come. The rest is up to us. Although many of the events of school will be forgotten in the busy task of living, let us not allow our friendships to die. And let us do our utmost to bring honor to the Profession, the School, the Class of 1950, and ourselves. " footw at d In " kihty " School of Pharmacy RANDOLPH L. ARTHUR, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi iity of Connecticut,- X-Ray Represent :an Pharmaceutical Association, Seer Military Service: Army JR. WALTER PARKINS BAILEY WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Apprentice School; Pharmacy Editor, X-Ray, 1950, Secretary of Student Body, ' 49- ' 50, Vice-President of YMCA, , 48- , 49,- Editor, Skull £ Bones, ' 47- ' 48,- MCV Chorus, ' 47. ' 50,- Librarian, ' 49- ' 50, Vice President, Junior Class, American Pharmaceutical Association,- Mortar and Pestle Club; Historian, Kappa Psi; Alpha Sigma Chi; Military Service: Army (Inf. 78th Div.) MARRION LEE BAKER GATE CITY, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Business Manager, Skull Bones, ' 49- ' 50; As Business Manager, Skull Bones, ' 48 ' 49; Sauar« Compass Club; Treasurer, Kappa Psi; Mortar and Club; American Pharmaceutical Association,- Sigma Chi; Military Service: Navy GRAHAM JACKSON BARKLEY STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Skull Bones Staff, ' 46- ' 48, Military Service: Navy THOMAS CALVIN BISHOP CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi University of Virginia; University of Richmond,- XRay Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Varsity Baseball, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Mortar and Pestle Club, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, President, Freshman Class, Military Service: Navy OSCAR BROWN PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA Virginia Polytechnic Institute; American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Sigma Zeta; Military Service: Navy {84} THOMAS ELLISON BRUCE, JR. SCOTTSVILLE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Washington a • Council, Associate nd Lee University,- Phi Kappa Sigma 49- ' 50; American Pharmaceutical 3n, Mortar and Pestle Club JACK BERTRAND CARSON COVINGTON, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi American Pharmaceutical Association CARL R. CHRISTENSEN HIGHLAND SPRINGS, VIRGINIA Council, - 46- ' 47,- Executive Committee :an Pharmaceutical Associt Club; Military Service JAMES CARRINGTON CORNELL SANDSTON, VIRGINIA MARCE ODIS DUNN ABINGDON, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Phi Emory and Henry College; Secretary, YMCA, ' 48- ' 4°; Intramural Basketball, ' 42- ' 43, ' 47- ' 50; Baseball; American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Army Air Force LINWOOD JOHNS FRENCH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi Clc Coir, ' 47- ' 48, sident, Phi ' Delta Chi, " 49- ' 50i American " Phari„ u « Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Alpha Sigma Chi; Military Service: Army Air Force Class of ' fifty {85} School of Pharmacy MARVIN H. GOLDSTEIN RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Rho Chi RICHARD CORBETT HARGIS RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi lones Representative, 1947; Military Servic WANDA ELIZABETH HARRELL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phi Gamma Epsilon Vice-President, Phi Gamma Epsilon, Mortar and Pestle Club, ' 48- ' 50; Ame Association WILLIAM EDWARD HEMBY RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi □surer, Junior Class; Military Service: Navy WALTER CONRAD HOFFMAN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi College of William and Mary, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Roanoke College; Military Service: Army Air " Force RICHARD DUNKLEY HUDSON STUART, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi 186} EDWARD ELMER HUGHES, JR. HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Intramural Basketball, ' 44- ' 47; American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Army WILLIAM GILLESPIE JACKSON RICHLANDS, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi GEORGE JAMES JANOSIK HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA Phi Delia Chi University of Richmond; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Secretary, Junior Class; Phi Gamma; American Pharmaceu- Kappa Alpha; Vice-Pre ident, Senior Class; Historian, tical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Junior Class; America n Pharmaceutical Association; Service: Navy Military Serv ce; Navy Air Corps JOHN CYRUS KIRKPATRICK PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi College of William and Mary; Emory and Henry College; American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Navy ANDREW KING KITTINGER ROCKY MOUNT, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi ROBERT GARRETT LAYMAN NEW CASTLE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Varsity Baseball, ' 46- ' 50; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Vice President, Mortar and Pestle Club, Military Service: Navy ..Class off ' fifty { ' 87 School of Pharmacy LESTER FRANCIS LINTHICUM COVINGTON, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Honor Council, - 48- ' 49, Vice-P Class; Decn ' sCommittee, ' 46- ' 47; Am Association; Mortar and Pestle CI Army ident. Sophomore :an Pharmaceutical Military Service: JOHN S. McFALL, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi College of William and Mary,- President, Junior Class; Skull Bones Staff, ' 47- ' 48; Historian, Alpha Sigma Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Army Air Force RUFUS EDWARDS MILLER CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi sity of Richmond; Deans an Pharmaceutical Associati Club, Mililary Servic Committee, ' 49- ' 50; n; Mortar and Pestle -. ■ B JOHN JOSEPH MINAHAN, JR. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Virginia Polytechnic Institute ROY ALLEN MOON SPOUT SPRING, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Virginia Polytechnic Institute; President, Amer ceutical Association, ' 49- ' 50i Executive ' 48 ' 50; Alpha Sigma Chi HUGH ANDREW MORSE, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Treasurer, YMCA, ' 48; Baseball, ' 45; Executive Com- mittee, ' 44- ' 46; Intramural Basketball, ' 44, ' 48- ' 49; Pharmaceutical Association, Mortar and Pestle Club, Mililary Service: Navy •{88 EDWIN ALLEN MYRICK PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi ute; Am Sen tar and Pestle Army Air Force PAUL KRUGER PICKERING, JR. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi l, Mortar and Pe Navy WILLIAM BENJAMIN POLAND, JR. BOyKINS, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi Mortar and Pestle Club, Secretary, Phi Delta Chi, ' 49- ' 50, Military Service: Army Air Force MARGARET ANN POLLARD HALIFAX, VIRGINIA Phi Gamma Epsilon Averett Junior College,- Skull Bones Staff, , 48- ' 49; Secretary, Phi Gamma Epsilon, Q- ' SO; Secretary, Junior Classj American Pharmaceutical Association, Mortar and Pestle Club BARBARA JUNE POWELL SAINT ALBANS, VIRGINIA Phi Gamma Epsilon . Phi Gamma Epsilon, O- ' SO; Secre ipsilon, ' 47- ' 49,- Secretary, Sophomo Alpha Sigma Chi MACEY TAYLOR PRIDGEN, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi College of William and Mary, Military Service: Air Force Class of ' fifty {89 School of Pharmacy BRYAN PUCKETT, JR. WINTERPOCK, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi KATHRYN VAUGHAN SCOTT NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Phi Gamma Epsilon College of William and Mary; Alpha Society; America Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club RAY CLEVELAND SCOTT, JR. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi GEORGE WAYNE SEWELL JONESVILLE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Secretary, Sigma Zeta, ' 49 ' 50, Vice-President, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, ' 49 ' 50; Mortar and Pestle Club LINWOOD HAYNES SHELLHORSE GRETNA, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi in ' s Committee, ROGER AUSTIN SMITH VARINA, NORTH CAROLINA Kappa Psi North Carolina State College,- American Pharr Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Ser •{90 GLADE GILBERT SOUDER HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA Vice-President, Freshman Class; Athletic Representative, Sophomore Class, Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 48, American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Army ERNEST CLARK SPITLER, JR. NOKESVILLE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Strayer College; Regent, Kappa Psi, 49- ' 50, Vice-Regent, Kappa Psi, ' 48- ' 49, President, Sophomore Class; Vice-President, Alpha Sigma Chi; American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Sigma Zeta; Military Service: Army Air Force WALLACE BRYAN THACKER COVINGTON, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi DOUGLAS MOORE THOMAS DREWRWILLE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi CI Athletic Representative, Varsity Baseball Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 48; Mortar ant Pestle Club; Military Service: Navy HARLEY ANDERSON TOMEY, JR. WAYNES80RO, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi Treasurer, Phi Delta Chi, ' 49- ' 50, Varsity Baseball, ' 46- ' 50; Intramural Basketball, ' 46- ' 50; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Navy EUGENE VADEN WHITE CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Sophomore Class; American Pharmaceuti n. Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Serv, Army Air Force Class of ' fifty {91 School of Pharmacy HIRAM HUGH WHITEHEAD, JR. HAMPTON, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi Historian, Senior Class, Business Manager, Skull Bones, ' 48 ' 49, Assistant Business Manager, ' 47-48, Circulation Manager, ' 46- ' 47, Secretary, Kappa Psi, ' 48- ' 49, Sauare and Compass Club, American Pharmaceutical Association, Mortar and Pestle Club Alpha Sigma Chi,- Military Service: Army (94th Inf. Div.) JAMES ANDREW WICKLINE BUCHANAN, VIRGINIA Phi Delta Chi Master of Arms, Phi Delta Chi, - ' SO; Inne Phi Delta Chi, ' 48- ' 49,- Tr ( ' 48 ' 49, American Pharrr Servi SAMUEL W. WILKINSON KENBRIDGE, VIRGINIA Kappa Psi FRANK THOMPSON WOODWARD PHOEBUS, VIRGINIA College of William and Mary, American Pharmaceutical Association, Mortar and Pestle Clubj Military Service: Navy JAMES SAUNDER WOODWARD, JR. PHOEBUS, VIRGINIA American Pharmaceutical Association; Mortar and Pestle Club; Military Service: Army Air Force ■{92 JUNIORS n PHARMACY Nancy Miller Norma Davis CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES COUNTS President JOHN TABB Vice-President NANCY LEE MILLER Secretary WALLACE KLEIN Treasurer NORMA JEAN DAVIS Historian SAM KETRON Executive Committee RALPH DEATON Honor Council CHARLES ASHBY Deans Committee CARL BAIN X-Ray Representative MILLS DOYLE Skull and Bones Representative BOYD GLOVER Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY THREE years ago we were Freshmen, sixty of us, coming from all parts of the State to enter the School of Pharmacy. We were uneasy and anxious. However, these emotions were soon replaced by hard work, confusion, and more hard work. We struggled with chemistry, biology, and other subjects which are familiar to all Freshmen. We came through it all right though — or, rather, most of us did. So we moved on to the second of the four years. We soon became used to being called Sophomores, and to answering to that name. The transfers who came stepped right into the places of those who had dropped out. The strange faces soon became familiar and we worked together as a class with our problems of analyti- cal balances, cat anatomies, and S=}4 qt 2 . We lasted through that Sophomore year although many of us had doubted that we would. At the beginning of our Junior year the thought that made us happiest was often expressed aloud: " Only one more year! " but at times that year has seemed remote and unattainable. While involved with rosettes, hot water bottles and incompatabilities we thought we would never be successful in our efforts to understand and be understood. The trip we took with the Seniors to Indianapolis did much to strengthen our morale and determination. It was fun and educational. Who would have even thought that those words could apply to the same subject? Throughout the whole year things must not have been as hopeless as we had imagined them to be, because we are still together and preparing ourselves to face that " one last year. " Cross your fingers, everybody! " j otw at a in nintu •{93} JUNIORS IB PHARMACY HENRY W. ADDINGTON, JR. Richmond, Virginia CHARLES J. ASHBY Harrisonburg, Virginia JOHN ATKINSON, JR. Richmond, Virginia CARL E. BAIN Ironton, Virginia HAROLD R. BARR Strasburg, Virginia OTHA C. BAYNE Richmond, Virginia ROBERT P. BENDALL, II Danville, Virginia CHARLES S. BOYETTE Norfolk, Virginia ERVIN P. BROOKS Richmond, Virginia HARRY W. BROWN, JR. Richmond, Virginia IRVING R. BYRD Martinsville, Virginia HARRY E. CASH Buena Vista, Virginia HENRY W. CHAPPELL Crewe, Virginia JAMES M. CHRISTIAN Narrows, Virginia CHARLES COUNTS Coeburn, Virginia ROBERT E. CREGER Scarbro, West Virginia NORMA JEAN DAVIS Highland Springs, Virginia RALPH W. DEATON Clifton Forge, Virginia M. HENRY DOYLE Emporia, Virginia ROBERT G. GILLESPIE West Graham, Virginia " Dc uble Brew " HMH f : :.4 1 ' 1 " Tedjus Titration " I .4 ii P R ' Aft f«. JUNIORS EE PHA ACY ARMSTEAD B. GLOVER, JR. Victoria, Virginia ROBERT F. HALE Richmond, Virginia DANIEL N. HAMILTON Glen Allen, Virginia HELEN H. HARGIS Richmond, Virginia THOMAS H. HOLLAND Lynchburg, Virginia CHARLES R. HOUCHINS Crewe, Virginia OWEN F. IRWIN Portsmouth, Virginia WILLIAM G. JONES Richmond, Virginia WALTER H. JORDAN, JR. Danville, Virginia SAMUEL G. KETRON, JR. Lebanon, Virginia WALLACE S. KLEIN Suffolk, Virginia W. C. LAMBERT Tenso, Virginia ROBERT V. LESTER Grundy, Virginia HARRY P. LEWEY Pulaski, Virginia VIRGINIA A. LINTHICUM Arlington, Virginia ELBERT B. LIPPS, JR. Aldie, Virginia JAMES L. LOWMAN, JR. Charleston, West Virginia CLYDE C. LYLE, JR. Roanoke, Virginia william r. McAllister Richmond, Virginia DALTON E. McCOY Norfolk, Virginia iL V i S »A k " " ' %L. id? s ' Lab Jam " " It ' s in the Balance " " Double Duty " JUNIORS LB PHA ACY r» lT ' GORDON F. MARTENS Portsmouth, Virginia CHARLES S. MASON Charles Town, West Virginia CALVIN M. MASSIE Bryant, Virginia NANCY LEE MILLER Richmond, Virginia EARL PERRY Wise, Virginia BENJAMIN W. POWELL South Boston, Virginia THOMAS J. ROBERTSON Lynchburg, Virginia ROBERT E. ST. CLAIR Radford, Virginia HERBERT L. SCHWAB Waynesboro, Virginia GERALD M. STAHL Richmond, Virginia JOHN M. TABB Clover, Virginia JOHN E. TIMBERLAKE, JR. Fredericksburg, Virginia T. LEE WARDEN Hill Top, Virginia CHARLES A. WORNOM Phoebus, Virginia SOPHOMORES » PHARMACY Jackson Ellis Floyd Bennett Charles Rector Marjorie Hodges CLASS OFFICERS JACKSON ELLIS President FLOYD BENNETT . . . ' Vice-President CHARLES RECTOR Secretary-Treasurer MARJORIE HODGES Historian MALCOLM ROBBINS Executive Committee FREDSARVER Honor Council GEORGE RICK Dean ' s Committee BILLY BRAY X-Ray Representative ELIZABETH BAGWELL Skull and Bones Representative JOHN GIRAGOSIAN Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY UPON our return to M.C.V. in September, 1949, we found that eighteen of the familiar faces we had known were no longer with us. However, there were twenty new faces in our class, thus making a total of sixty-two. As we look back and recall the struggles we had all through our Sophomore year, we cannot help but remember the " lighter side " also. A brief review of the year ' s happenings brings forth memories of: Dr. Hughes and Cally ' s cats and EPICULES . . . " You didn ' t pay for this in your tuition " . . . " Little Napoleon " with his demand for blood . . . Kappa Psi ' s dance . . . Santi I la ' s baby . . . Class picnic at Bryan Park (Where was Bud?) . . . " Jessie, you ' re breaking my heart " . . . No more comparative! ! ! Wedding bells for Lokie and Grace . . . Flow sheets and equations . . . Christmas dance . . . " VOCATION " . . . Bud ' s pin . . . More flow sheets and equations . . . " Goat " weeks with peanuts and " Jail-birds " . . . Pharmaceutical Prepara- tions and Uses ... Phi Beta dance at which Sandy wore a " Frat " pin . . . " Calculate weights to three significant figures " . . . Cupid strikes Liz with Berny ' s class ring . . . " This pharmacy math isn ' t hard " . . . Phi Delta Chi dance. As we end our Sophomore year, with these memories and many others, we are looking forward to our next two(?) years at M.C.V. " QOtw at d in ' -kiktu " {91 SOPHOMORES EH PHARMACY ELIZABETH J. BAGWELL Beach, Virginia f ELZA M. BALLANCE Garysburg, North Carolina FLOYD F. BENNETT Rainelle, West Virginia STEVE R. BERMAN Portsmouth, Virginia JOSEPH A. BINFORD South Hill, Virginia GILBERT P. BLANKINSHIP Lynchburg, Virginia DONALD BLETZ Lynchburg, Virginia BILLY J. BRAY Coeburn, Virginia WILLIAM B. BROWN Schley, Virginia ROBERT E. CHRISTOPHER, JR. Kilmarnock, Virginia JOHN H. COLEMAN, JR. Wilmington, Delaware KENNETH E. CONNER Chatham, Virginia WILLIAM H. CONRAD Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM E. CRICKENBERGER Lewisburg, West Virginia JACKSON L. ELLIS Richmond, Virginia GEORGE E. FORESMAN Bluefield, Virginia MILLSON S. FRENCH Woodstock, Virginia JOHN GIRAGOSIAN Richmond, Virginia RUDOLPH L. GURLEY Chase City, Virginia WILLIAM R. HALE Washington, D. C. " Lab Confab " " Now, Gentlemen " Goode Advice " SOPHOMORES EH PHARMACY WILLIAM HANTIN Richmond, Virginia BERNARD T. HARLOW, JR. Arlington, Virginia MARJORIE L. HODGES Nathalie, Virginia VERNON J. HONEYCUTT, JR. Virginia Beach, Virginia MARY M. HOOPER Norfolk, Virginia BEVERLY K. HORNSBY Belle Haven, Virginia GREER P. JACKSON Richmond, Virginia ALTON E. JESSEE Bassett, Virginia DOUGLAS L. KELLER Newport News, Virginia SOLOMON S. KESSLER Richmond, Virginia RUSSELL A. KRANTZ Lynchburg, Virginia JAMES P. LAMAR Albemarle, North Carolina WILLARD E. LYLE Radford, Virginia JAMES L. McNEELY Beckley, West Virginia CHARLES MANGANO Richmond, Virginia KATHERINE V. MOORE Bedford, Virginia NICK G. NICHOLAS Petersburg, Virginia LEWIS R. NOBLES Petersburg, Virginia PAUL L. OREBAUGH Timberville, Virginia ROBERT H. PICCOLO Ashland, Virginia ' Pharm Follies " ' The Nose " " You Name It " ' Jail Grads " SOPHOMORES m PHARMACY JACK D. PROCTOR Vinton, Virginia CHARLES T. RECTOR Fredericksburg, Virginia BEATRICE M. RICE Norfolk, Virginia GEORGE E. RICK Colonial Beach, Virginia H. MALCOLM ROBBINS Richmond, Virginia MAYNARD B. ROBERTSON Amherst, Virginia THOMAS W. RORRER, JR. Coeburn, Virginia GERALD M. ROSENBERG Newport News, Virginia RUTHERFORD D. ROWE Norfolk, Virginia EUGENIO M. SANTAELLA Santurce, Puerto Rico FRED J. SARVER Roanoke, Virginia SANDRA J. SCHNEIDER Kenton, Ohio MAYNARD H. SHELTON, JR. Martinsville, Virginia SYLVESTER R. SINK, JR. Vinton, Virginia GEORGE E. SURBER Pearisburg, Virginia WILLIAM E. TANT Arlington, Virginia IRVIN M. TATUM Petersburg, Virginia LOKIE L. VOIGHT Richmond, Virginia EARLE B. WATKINS South Hill, Virginia WILLIAM F. WHITE, JR. Richmond, Virginia PERCY H. WILLSON, II Staunton, Virginia Not Pictured: John P. James, Jr., Salem, Virginia { 100 } FRESHMEN IE PHARMACY John Ballentine Jean Moore Jackie Lackey CLASS OFFICERS JOHN BALLENTINE . ' . President JEAN MOORE Secretary-Treasurer JACQUELYN LACKEY Historian EAMES POWERS Executive Committee FERMIN TOVAR Honor Council MALCOLM DUNKLEY Dean ' Committee HARRY PLUNKETT X-Ray Representative IRVING DARBY Skull and Bones Representative FAY CARR Athletic Representative CLASS HISTORY OUR college days at M.C.V. began on September 6th. Many a heart swelled with pride when we entered the doors of McGuire Hall for the first time. From the first day in class we all felt as though we had known each other all our lives. Yes, we knew then what good friends we would all become. The proof of this was shown in the enthusiasm we shared at a party on Dr. Hughes ' farm. This class history would be incomplete without the mention of Dr. Hug - hes and Ral, who frequently confuse each others name. It is almost a legend of Prof. Pitts walking into class, laying down his cigar or pipe to pick it up again and light it whenever the lecture has ended. Neither should we forget Dr. Neurath and his " Factors Involved " . Now that our task for the first year has come to an end we look back and cherish the fond memories of Shias, the S.U.B., and all the other school functions. We are going to take advantage of a needed vacation and return, in the fall, looking forward to our next three years. When we graduate we hope to make the " Class of 53 " the pride of the School of Pharmacy. " k o t w a £ a in h H 9 f •{101 FRESHMEN IB PHARMACY C Cs C O 4i JOHN S. BALLENTINE Portsmouth, Virginia NORVIN C. BOONE, JR. Boones Mill, Virginia JAMES K. BRADY Richmond, Virginia TERRY D. BROWN Lynchburg, Virginia FAY I. CARR, JR. Emporia, Virginia JACOB J. CHERNITZER Norfolk, Virginia ROBERT W. CLYBURN Norfolk, Virginia WILLIAM C COMBS Jonesville, Virginia GEORGE A. COOLEY Front Royal, Virginia EDGAR E. CROCKETT Bishop, Virginia RICHARD M. CRUMP, JR. Chester, Virginia SAMUEL W. CUNDIFF Huddleston, Virginia IRVING E. DARBY, JR. DeWitt, Virginia RICHARD M. DRIVER Carrollton, Virginia GERALD W. DUFFER Randolph, Virginia MALCOLM D. DUNKLEY Sandston, Virginia EUGENE B. EASLEY Clarksville, Virginia AUSTIN W. FARLEY Richmond, Virginia HUNTER M. GAUNT, JR. Winchester, Virginia MARSHALL D. GAYHEART, JR. Culpeper, Virginia ' The Old Shah " " The Real Thing " 1 « ■! ■ • ■ ■ ««■■■ - H » »«. - + ! ' ££ " Hughes ' Views " FRES EE PHARMACY BEN B. GEE South Hill, Virginia JOANNA J. GORDON Coeburn, Virginia FRANCIS W. GRAVES Huddleston, Virginia JAMES K. GRAVES Petersburg, Virginia WILLIAM P. GROSECLOSE Pulaski, Virginia JOHN C. HAISLIP Roanoke, Virginia NORMAN L. HILLIARD Richmond, Virginia EDWARD J. HOBAN Newport News, Virginia TOMMY J. HORNE Castlewood, Virginia BRANTLEY M. JEFFERSON Red House, Virginia JOSEPH F. JONES Norfolk, Virginia ROBERT S. JONES Smithfield, Virginia PHILLIP H. KIRKPATRICK Petersburg, Virginia JACQUELYN LACKEY Hampton, Virginia MAYNARD D. LUNDY Pound, Virginia EVERETT C. LYON, JR. Cradock, Virginia RAYMOND C. McFARLANE Pocahontas, Virginia GERALD A. MAXEY Rustburg, Virginia WILLIAM B. M. MAYHEW Fincastle, Virginia BARBARA J. MOORE Bedford, Virginia L fll „.-jM L ' •Wheels ' ' Paw Toler " " Deals " FRESHMEN EH PHARMACY ROBERT G. MORTON, JR. Richmond, Virginia MAY LOU MOTLEY Gretna, Virginia WALTER R. MUNDEN Craddockville, Virginia EARL V. PADGETT Richmond, Virginia ALAN B. PEARSON Lynchburg, Virginia JOHN W. PEERY Grundy, Virginia N. JACK PETERS Richmond, Virginia HARRY G. PLUNKETT, JR. Vinton, Virginia EAMES A. POWERS Petersburg, Virginia FREDERICK RAHAL Beckley, West Virginia ISABELL C. REITZ Huntington, West Virginia GUY B. RICE, JR. Richmond, Virginia JAMES A. SELPH, JR. Richmond, Virginia JAMES H. SMITH Richmond, Virginia JAMES M. THROWER Petersburg, Virginia FERMIN A. TOVAR Woodstock, Virginia CHARLES E. WEBBER, JR. Salem, Virginia NANCY LOU WEBSTER Roanoke, Virginia Not Pictured: Robert T. Poland, Richmond, Virginia ' No Dull Moments " Ah, Elixir " ' The Spirit of the Occasion ' ) EVELYN DAVIS, R. N. DEDICATIO TO OUR UNDERSTANDING TEACHER AND SINCERE FRIEND WHO WHILE GUIDING US DID NOT FORGET THAT SHE WAS ONCE A STUDENT, THE NURSING SCHOOL CLASS OF 1950 RESPECTFULLY DEDICATES THEIR SECTION. { 106 SENIORS iH NURSING Evelyn Eades Peggy Ragland Doris Aldhizer Pat Dai ley CLASS OFFICERS EVELYN EADES President PEGGY RAGLAND Vice-President DORIS ALDHIZER Secretary LOIS BARKER Treasurer PATDAILEY Historian BEVERLEY LACKEY Executive Committee MARGERY ABERNATHEY Honor Council CAROL THOMPSON Honor Council AGNES STUART X-Ray Representative CLARA JONES Skull and Bones Representative CLASS HISTORY " So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man,- When Duty whispers low, ' Thou must ' , The youth replies, ' I can ' . " THESE past years have not seemed long. Each of us has been discouraged because good things came slowly. We have tried to do daily that good which lies at hand; to be diligent and patient in our studies and work. Out interests in the special services have enabled us to decide in which field we can offer a larger sphere of usefulness and in which our interests are unswerving. With sincere appreciation and respect we would like to thank each individual who has skillfully guided us during our training period. " The vision of the ideal guards monotony of work from becoming monotony of lile. " " kotWG ' zd In jpifitu 107 School of Nursing MARGERY BUXTON ABERNATHEY GLOUCESTER, VIRGINIA Alpha Sigma Chi; Honor Council, ' 50, Secretary, Junior Class; Vice-President, Freshman Class; President, Pre- clinical Class DORIS REINE ALDHIZER HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA Averett College; Secretary, Senior Cla LOIS MAE BARKER MILTON, NORTH CAROLINA Averett College; Treasurer, Senior Class KATHLEEN P. BARNES IVOR, VIRGINIA MARIAM ELIZABETH BILLINGS CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND MARIAN G. BRANTLEY MIDDLESEX, NORTH CAROLINA {108 } MARY SOULE BOWLES SABOT, VIRGINIA X-Ray Representative, ' 47; Military Service: W.A.C. MARTHA ELIZABETH BROWN LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Alpha Sigma Chi, Treasurer, ' 49. ' 50,- Tr. Body, ' 49- ' 50, Constitution Revision Commit Chairman, Budget Committee, ' 49- ' 50, Pres Class, President. Freshman Class LYDA ANNE BULLINGTON SAINT ALBANS, WEST VIRGINIA CLARA BELLE CORL WAVERLY, VIRGINIA NANCY PATRICIA DAILEY KINGWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA Alpha Potomac State Colleg Treasurer, Athletic Association, 48- ' 49, Clr. ' 48, Class Historian, , 48- ' 49,- Basketball, Secretary- Treasurer, 47- ' 48- ' 49 EVELYN PAIGE EADES PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA College,- President, Senior Class,- M.CV. Cho ' 47- ' 48 Class of ' fifty ■{109} School of Nursing.. ■w , JANET ANN EATON CHEW CHASE, MARYLAND EVELYN MAHONE GANTT ROSELAND, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH ANN HARRELL SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA MILDRED WILKINSON HAWTHORPE DUNDAS, VIRGINIA Basketball, - - - ' SO NORMA JEAN HESS BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA isketball, ' 4B- ' 49- ' 50, M.C.V. Chorus, ' 48. ' 49- ' 50 CLARA ROBERTSON JONES ROMNEY, WEST VIRGINIA •I 110 MARTHA ANN KING WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Basketball, ' 47, M.C.V. Chorus, ' 47 BEVERLEY JANE LACKEY OLEANA, VIRGINIA I.S. (Nursing), M.C.V.,- Mary Washington College, ixecutive Committee, ' 49-50, Basketball, ' 47- ' 50, Captain, ' 50, M.C.V. Chorus, ' 47- ' 48 MARY LOU LAMM ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Radford College BOBBIE LOUISE MARKS WARSAW, VIRGINIA Treasurer, Pre-Clinical Class MARGARET DAWN MATTHEWS RED OAK, VIRGINIA Longwood College MARILYN MILLER SAINT PAUL, VIRGINIA Limestone College Class of ' fifty { m School of Nursing JOAN JAR ' VEL MOYER ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA B.S. (Nursing), M.C.V.; Women ' s College, University of North Carolina, Adelphian Society; Basketball, ' 47- ' 50 ; M.C.V. Chorus, ' 47- " 48, Treasurer, Freshman Class VIRGINIA GARLAND NEWTON KING GEORGE, VIRGINIA Madison College; X-Ray Representative, ' 48 VIVIAN JOAN NOBLIN PHENIX, VIRGINIA Milligan College; Vice-President, Junior Cla WANDA LEE O ' DELL SAINT ALBANS, WEST VIRGINIA JANE BOARD PARKER BEDFORD, VIRGINIA CALVINE BRADSHAW PEGRAM APEX, NORTH CAROLINA B.S. (Nursing) M.C.V., Women ' s College ol University of North Carolina; Honor Council, ' 48; Executive Committee, ' 48, M.C.V. Chorus, ' 48 ■{112} DORIS ELIZABETH PRUSA BERGENFIELD, NEW JERSEY PEGGY JANICE RAGLAND CREWE, VIRGINIA Roanoke College; Alpha Sigma Chi, Sigma Zeta; Vice- President, Senior Class; President, Pre-Clinical Class; Skull Bones Representative, ' 48- ' 49 CORDIE FAYE SCOTT DANVILLE, VIRGINIA B.S. (Nursing) M.C.V., Averett College; Secretary, Freshman Class DOROTHY WHITEFIELD SMITH RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MARY ELIZABETH STANTON NORFOLK, VIRGINIA AGNES ELIZABETH STUART ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Mary Washington College; Skull Bones Representative, ' 48- ' 49,- X-Ray Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Social Committee, ' 49-50 ..Class of ' fifty {113} School off Nursing RACHEL McLIN SUTTON ABINGDON, VIRGINIA ELLEN ROANE SWETNAM LURAY, VIRGINIA B.S. (Nursing), M.C.V.; Mary Washington, Alpha Phi Sigma, M.C.V. Chorus, ' 47- ' 50, President, Chorus, ' 49- ' 50; Sigma Zeta, Treasurer, ' 49- ' 50; Nursing Editor, X-Ray, ' 50; Executive Committee, 49- ' 50 CAROL MARIE THOMPSON WARM SPRINGS, VIRGINIA B.S. (Nursing), M.C.V.,- Madison College; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Sigma Phi Lambda, Vice-President, Freshman Class; Honor Council, ' 48- ' 49 ' 50, Basketball, ' 47 M.C.V. Chorus, ' 47; Sigma Zeta, Alpha Sigma Chi BILLIE DOVE WHITE GRIMESLAND, NORTH CAROLINA :retary, Athletic Association, ' 49- ' 50; Basketball ' 47- ' 50 JANET ADELLE WINDSOR RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Council, ' 49- ' 50; President, Freshman CI sident, Pre-Clinical Class; M.C.V. Cho ' 47 ' 50, Sigma Zeta, Alpha Sigma Chi { 114 JUNIORS » NURSING everley Glover Betty Timberlake Evelyn Dunevant CLASS OFFICERS BEVERLEY GLOVER President BETTY TIMBERLAKE Vice-President EVELYN DUNEVANT Secretary IRIS KISER Treasurer ANN WATSON Historian EDITH BROOKS Executive Committee RAYMONA KISER Honor Council JACQUELINE WADE Honor Council ANN MEADER X-Ray Representative POLLY BELLAMY Skull and Bones Representative CLASS HISTORY AS we came to our Junior year we suddenly realized that we were halfway through our training period and wondered how time could fly by so quickly. We pause for a few moments to reminisce: Remember relief and night duty? As if we could forget! We were important then. Our sponsor, Miss Friend, whose very presence brought life into all of us. The constant race with the clock, both on and off duty, repeated warnings from exasperated housemothers about coming in on time — oh, to be a graduate! Books opened, but ignored, as bull sessions lasted until all hours. The Cabaniss Hall " grape-vine, " which overworked itself at times — discussions about men, patients, and other world-shaking topics — one such session followed by another in the Dean ' s office. All the parties we had, most of them informal, then there were the " get-togethers " at the skating rink, the B.S.U. picnic, the capping party for the Pre-Clins, and, of course, at the dances. Trips to the library, which usually terminated at the " Skull, " bridge or ping-pong at the Student Union. New students arriving in September and February . . . dire predictions from upper-classmen about how long they would stay " t otw a t . . . getting the usual once-over and big rush from the boys. The " gathering of the clan " at all hours in Bettee ' s room . . . release from long hours of duty found in water battles — juvenile but such fun! " E-day " with a knack for pleasing everyone . . . Ramona with the contagious giggle . . . Jenny keeping busy with her " Nursing Notes, " basketball, and top grades . . . Lorraine wishing that West Point wasn ' t so far away . . . Joanne planning a June wedding . . . Jackie making frequent trips to Davidson . . . Iris, who is undoubtedly the only one who has never thought of quitting . . . Lee and Carlos, one seldom seen without the other . . . those wonderful spaghetti suppers at Bev ' s home . . . tall and queenly Pat Lowe reigning as " Miss Holly " . . . Loretta and Faith in O.R. searching vainly for those tubes . . . " Virgie, " Bobbie, and Mary, the " Inseparables " . . . Jane and June with those southern drawls . . . Seigle and her wonderful musical ability. Complaints about the food, classes, and hours . . . the inevitable six o ' clock alarm — just a few more winks . . . yet something odd binds us to M.C.V. . . we ' d probably still gripe if we had it to do over again though. All in all it ' s been a good year, and although we ' ve had our ups and downs, we are looking forward to getting those black bands. in ■{115} ' ffl ' r t f JUNIORS 15 NURSING ANN E. ALLEN Enonville, Virginia POLLY B. BELLAMY Jonesville, Virginia ANNE S. BERRY Falmouth, Virginia ERMA G. BONINSEGNA Wyco, West Virginia EDITH D. BROOKS Farmville, Virginia JUNE C. BULLARD Barnesville, Georgia RUTH E. CATE Hampton, Virginia PATRICIA COGGINS Wilmington, North Carolina EDNA F. COLLINS Scarboro, West Virginia JOANNE D. CRONISE Roanoke, Virginia RUTH T. CROWDER South Hill, Virginia KATIE E. DUNEVANT Enonville, Virginia JUDITH M. DUNFORD Richmond, Virginia VIVIAN E. EDMONDSON Damascus, Virginia SUE MAE FRANKS Black Mountain, North Carolina EVAGELINE A. GANAKIS Hopewell, Virginia BARBARA C. GLENN Farmville, Virginia BEVERLEY GLOVER Petersburg, Virginia BILLIE M. GOODWIN Monroe, North Carolina " Charting ' ' Tending " ' Stabbing " ' Chowing " JUNIORS IE NURSING BETTIE L. GUNN Richmond, Virginia LORRAINE C. GUYTON Raleigh, North Carolina VIRGINIA L. HAYZLETT Hagerstown, Maryland BEVERLY A. HEINIG Richmond, Virginia DOROTHY V. JONES Staunton, Virginia IRIS R. KISER Big Stone Gap, Virginia RAYMONA KISER Romney, West Virginia ALICE M.KRAMER Bluefield, West Virginia MARY LEAHY North Charleston, West Virginia MAE BELLE LEE Four Oaks, North Carolina PATSY JEAN LOWE Greensboro, North Carolina JOAN E. MARTIN Marion, Virginia ANN L. MEADOR Victoria, Virginia HELEN MEADOR Arlington, Virginia THELMA MENDEZ Caperton, West Virginia ANN MICHAEL Broadnax, Virginia MILDRED PRESTWOOD Frederick Hall, Virginia MARGARET REUTER Ft. Monroe, Virginia MARY E. ROWE Heathsville, Virginia JEAN SEIGLE Staunton, Virginia ' ' Checking ' ' Checking " " Checking ' JUNIORS IB NURSING BARBARA J. TAYLOR Arlington, Virginia JOANNA F. TAYLOR Romney, West Virginia BETTY L. TIMBERLAKE Fredericksburg, Virginia JANE W. VAUGHN Winston-Salem, North Carolina JACQUELINE B. WADE New Bern, North Carolina ANNE D. WATSON Roanoke, Virginia LORETTA F. WHANGER Roanoke, Virginia ELIZABETH A. WILSON Rural Retreat, Virginia MARY L. WITHERELL Charleston, West Virginia FRANCES WOOD Boones Mill, Virginia MARY JANE YATES Hampton, Virginia £r , if™ FRESHMEN » NURSING Mary Jane Hilling Peggy Cogbi Nancy Swecker CLASS OFFICERS MARY JANE HILLING President PEGGY COGBILL . . . . ' Vice-President NANCY SWECKER Secretary HELEN FULTZ Treasurer BARBARA DALE Historian LOIS BLAIR Executive Committee LORETTA THOMAS Honor Council RUTH CARSON X-Ray Representative CLAIRE WILLIAMS Skull and Bones Representative CLASS HISTORY SO we were Pre-Clins, or it shouldn ' t happen to a cadaver. It started off good at least. At first we stayed awake all night and all day, at night to study and during the day to go to classes. Then we slept all night and all day too — even if we didn ' t progress the classes did. The night of capping arrived. Some classes marched down the aisle, but we dragged down — you see we had worked " straight " that day. Some Pre-Clins have cried or laughed over receiving their caps, but we howled (our class sang " My Task " ). After waiting six long, blood-filled, bed-pan-passing, brown bottle- washing months we still couldn ' t wear those caps, for a month ' s vacation followed that night. Then came medications and hypo ' s, and, as always, was accompanied by relief. At first we loved relief, but after a while — do you think we always looked like warmed-over deathl Definition of night duty: Scrub and clean everything, q 3 h penicillins, admit two or three neuro patients q night, and dozens of broken flashlights, not to mention the numerous accident reports. Although we don ' t know what our Junior year and the future holds in store for us we know that what we have learned will be doubled, plus the achieving of a certain maturity of mind, as we thus look forward to our Junior year. " t otw at in •{119} ' M ' f f FRESHMEN IE NURSING MARJORIE J. ANDERSON Broadlands, Illinois ANNETTE AUVIL Salem, Virginia BETTY BARNES Orange, New Jersey CARRIE L. BIGGER Chase City, Virginia JANE BISHOP Monterey, Virginia LOIS BLAIR Wytheville, Virginia MARY K. BOWMAN Lumberton, North Carolina BETTY JO BROOKER Richmond, Virginia JOYCE BROWN Statesville, North Carolina MARY JANE BRUIN Falls Church, Virginia MARGARET R. CARSON Concord Depot, Virginia BARBARA CARTER Jackson Springs, North Carolina JEAN CHAPPELL Weldon, North Carolina BARBARA CHEEK Garver, North Carolina ANNA M. COBB Leesburg, Virginia PEGGY A. COGBILL Chester, Virginia NORMA J. CORL Waverly, Virginia ANNE CORNETT Wytheville, Virginia BARBARA DALE Richmond, Virginia BEVERLY DELANO Rumford, Maine MARGARET DUNCAN Mount Hope, West Virginia RACHEL EDDY Fairville, West Virginia CHRISTINE ERICKSON Westmont, New Jersey JOCELYN FRAHER Dundas, Virginia {120} FRESHME N UR SING r tf % F? HELEN C. FULTZ Romney, West Virginia FAYE FUNK Gastonia, North Carolina LULA GARRIS Lilesville, North Carolina CAROLYN GROCE Greensboro, North Carolina SARAH B. HARRELL South Norfolk, Virginia EMILY HASTINGS Richmond, Virginia LLEWELLYN HAVERTY Smithfield, Virginia MARY JANE HILLING Newport News, Virginia JUNE HOPKINS Big Stone Gap, Virginia ETHEL JOHNSON Trenton, New Jersey CAROLINE JORDAN Roanoke, Virginia ROSALIE JUDY Romney, West Virginia MARGARET KAY Halifax, North Carolina JANE KEITER Dayton, Virginia GRETTA JO KELLISON Glen Allen, Virginia DOLORES A. KINCHELOE Arlington, Virginia FAYE LANDERS Troutville, Virginia SUE LANDIS Harrisonburg, Virginia NORMA J. MARRS War, West Virginia JEAN MOODY Scottsville, Virginia ANN MOSER South Nyack, New York MARY E. MOTLEY Nathalie, Virginia MARILYN OGDEN Milton, Kentucky ANNA PATE Jackson, North Carolina {121 FRESHMEN E NURSING T V; o ' EMILY PAYNE Troy, Ohio JACQUELIN PITTMAN Richmond, Virginia KATHRYN POSS Norfolk, Virginia MARY JANE POWELL Roanoke, Virginia JUDITH ROCKWELL High Point, North Carolina ALICE ROSSKOPF Luray, Virginia MARGARET SANDERSON Four Oaks, North Carolina JOYCE SAUNDERS Dallas, Texas JANE SCHULTZ Arlington, Virginia MARY C. SPENCE Kinston, North Carolina ORA SUE STRONG Wilmington, North Carolina NANCY J. SWECKER Richmond, Virginia LORETTA THOMAS Staunton, Virginia BEVERLY A. THORNTON Richmond, Virginia MARY ANN TISDALE Suffolk, Virginia RUTH ULLOM Arlington, Virginia MARY ANN WAGSTAFF Richmond, Virginia EMMA MAE WHANGER Roanoke, Virginia LIDA ANN WHIPPLE Richmond, Virginia ANN L. WILBOURNE Roanoke, Virginia FRANCES WILKINS Hilton Village, Virginia CLAIRE M. WILLIAMS Chattanooga, Tennessee BETTE WINN Leaksville, North Carolina DOROTHY WINTERS Maxton, North Carolina •{122 } PRE-CLINICAL Class of 1953 RSES LEFT TO RIGHT Sitting on Floor. AUDREY STRONG, Wilmington, North Carolina; DOROTHEA HALL, Lynchburg, Virginia,- ELAINE BERRY, Buckroe Beach, Virginia. Sitting on Bench: RUBY STEPHENS, Rocky Mount, North Carolina; EILEEN BAYLEY, Miami, Florida,- ELEANOR LEACH, Raeford, North Carolina; ORA LEE FLANAGAN, Farmville, North Carolina; MILDRED CHRISTENSEN, Norge, Virginia,- BARBARA GOOCH, Newport News, Virginia; NORMA HOBSON, Boonville, North Carolina; SUE RUFFNER, Luray, Virginia. Standing: FRANCES THARP, Luray, Virginia; ETHEL McLEMORE, Wade, North Carolina, ANNE CARNEAL REYNOLDS, Port Royal, Virginia; JANE ANDERSON, Wake Forest, North Carolina,- MILDRED BILLHEIMER, Montgomery, West Virginia; ROSEMARY COOK, Oldtown, Virginia; BETTY BAME, Carolina Beach, North Carolina,- MARTHA WILLIAMS, Youngsville, North Carolina; GARNETTE JAMERSON, Pamplin, Virginia,- ELAINE HOWER, Washington, D. C. Not Pictured: Shirley Berry, Durham, North Carolina " p otw at d in ' hi r fi tu f •{123 PHYSICAL THERAPY TRAINING SCHOOL Baruch Center of Physical Medicine FACULTY Left to Right, Sitting: Dr. Walter J. Lee,- Miss Ruth Latimer, Miss Florence Strayer, Mr. Robert N. Eubank, Miss Thelma Pedersen, Dr. Frances A. Hellebrandt. Standing: Mrs. Ruby L. Scherer, Miss Suzanne Hirt ♦ THE Physical Therapy School of the Baruch Center of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical College of Virginia, was established in 1945. This is a twelve months ' course which begins in September, and the curriculum includes the basic sciences (Physics, anatomy, physiology and pathology), medical and surgical lectures, technical subjects, and clinical prac- tice. The school is approved by the American Medical Association and the minimum requirements for admission are those set up by the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of the A.M. A. Ours is one of the largest physical therapy schools in the United States, and serves more than the Common- wealth of Virginia. At the present time we are repre- sented by almost every state in this country, and we have previously had students from various parts of the world. Since our school began we have trained 206 students. Our doors were opened to men for the first time in September, 1947, and their number has been steadily increasing. This year ' s class of fifty-two members has a fifty-fifty representation. The Physical Therapist gives treatments prescribed by the physician, using such agents as heat, light, water, electricity and massage. Physical therapy is important in the total rehabilitation of the disabled, and increasing attention is being given to remedial exercise, convales- cent training and the acquisition of the skills necessary for daily living. The Medical College of Virginia is particularly proud to report that our student membership is 100 per cent in our national organization, the American Physical Therapy Association. " q otur at d in ' -ki-ktu " {125} V%°5o PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL L " jIM " . MICHAEL ANDREOSKY Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania B S., Pennsylvania Slaie College MARTIN AVIGNON Washington, D. C. B S., Georgetown University MRS. MARIAM AVIGNON Washington, D- C. B.A., Hunter College, New York LOUIS E. BAKER Providence, Rhode Island B.S., Richmond Professional Institu SARA FOSTER CORNWELL Mathews, Virginia B.S. Richmond Professional Institute WARREN CROUCH, JR. Butler, Pennsylvania Slippery Rock State Teachers College JOHN DICHKEWICH Milford Connecticut R.N., Westchester School of Nursing LOIS ELLIOTT Silver Creek, New York Grove City College, Pennsylv. HELEN C. FARRELL Easthampton, Massachusetts B.S , MA, New York University GILBERT FINE Annapolis, Maryland Rutgers University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins GLORIA JEAN FITZPATRICK Rochester, Michigan A.B , University of Michigan M. GRANT FOSTER Jerome, Idaho B.S., University of Idaho D. ROSE FUNK Rowlesburg, West Virgin M.S., West Virginia Univ MARGARET GALAMBOS Princeton, Indiana Indiana University JAMES C. GRUBER Palmerton, Pennsylvania B.S., Penn. State Teachers College EWING R GUTHRIE Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas S ' ate Teachers College ELINOR L. GUZA Richmond, Virginia B.S., Richmond P-ofe CHARLES M. HAAG Reading, Pennsylvania B.S., E. Stroudsburg State Teachers College MARTHA JANE HENDFRSON Charlotte, North Carolina B.S., Richmond Professional Institute EDWARD HERMAN Meadville, Pennsylvania B.S., Slippery Rock State Te ' The Oueen and Carooms ' ' Muscle Rehabilitation ' PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL CLASS OF 1949-1950 LESTER L. HIMMELREICH, JR. Reading, Pennsylvania B S., East Stroudsburg State Teachers College REBECCA S. HOLTON Belmont, North Carolina A.B., University of North Carolii AMALIA KRAJEWSKA Elmont, Long Island, New Yorl B.S., Richmond Professional Institute PAUL M. LAUX Williamsport, Pennsylvania Lock Haven State Teachers College CHARLES LEEDECKE Saugerties, New York R.N., Schreiner Institute IMOGENE LINEBURG New Market, Virginia B.S., Richmond Professional Institute WILLIAM H. LIPPITT Albany, New York B.S., Ithaca College, New York CARL N. LLOYD Sunbury, Pennsylvania B.S., East Stroudsburg State Teachers College VIOLA McCORMICK North Java, New York B S., Cortland State Teachers College MARY FRANCES McDOWELL Baltimore, Maryland B.S., Richmond Professional Institute ALMA F. MARTIN Twin Falls, Idaho B.S., Richmond Professional Institute FREDERICK P. MILLER Sandston, Virginia B.S., Pennsylvania State College MERTON E. MJLLER Warsaw, New York B.S., University of Buffalo CHARLES T. MUSTO West Pittston, Pennsylvania B.S., East Stroudsburg State Teachers College MAGDALENA OANEA Wyandotte, Michigan B.S., Richmond Professional Institute ANDREW A. ORSINI North Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas State Teachers College JOHN F. O ' TOOLE Yonkers, New York Richmond Professional Institute WILLIAM D. OTTERMAN Traer, Iowa B.S., University of Iowa THERESA PINTADO New Orleans, Louisiana B.S., Richmond Professional Institute KATHLEEN J. RECTOR Erie, Pennsylvania Grove City College The Class in Proud Array . ©L t M 9 A 1 ! M ' fL v ' ,i ' Diathermy Treatment ' ?, L 4V. S „?5 PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL CATHERINE P. RHOADES Davton, Ohio University of Daylon JEAN ELLEN RUSSELL Smyrna, Delaware B.S., Furman University MAZIE E. SERGEANT Charlotte, North Carolina A.B., Winthrop College JOSEPH T. STRUNK Scranton, Pennsylvania B.S., East Stroudsburg Stati Teachers College BARBARA E. TEASDALE New Haven, Connecticut A B., Skidmore College PAUL R. URDA Palmerton, Pennsylvania 8 S., East Stroudsburg State Teachers College ROBERT C. VICKERS Huntsville, Alabama University of Georgia WINIFRED WILLIAMS Pine River, Wisconsin B.A., Ripon College PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: Mrs. Clare Short, Miss Elizabeth Clanton, Miss Georgia Russell, Miss Christine Carter, Mrs. Jean Miller, Mrs. Wilhelmina Sachers, Miss Doris Bazzichi. Middle Row: Miss Mary Leeper, Miss Zora Wilson, Mrs. Dorothy Brooks, Mrs. Kate Botts, Mrs. Gladys Gordon, Miss Edith Hurt, Mrs. Anne Gore. Top Row: Miss Margaret Arbuckle, Mrs. Frances Hoffman. Margaret Arbuckl Frances Fernandez Not Pictured: Jean Lang Florence Sackett T HE public health nursing program of study, which requires twelve months for completion, is a major for the B.S. Degree in Nursing Education. This program, accredited by the National Organization for Public health Nursing, prepares well qualified graduate nurses for staff position with public health agencies in both urban and rural areas. These nurses function in the home, the clinic, the school and in industries. Their chief objective is health education, however they also care for the sick in the home on a visit basis. Whether their emphasis is prevention of disease or caring for the ill patient they always function under the supervision of a physician. In addition to graduation from an approved school of nursing, and the completion of the public health nursing program of study, it usually requires two years of speci- fied academic work to be eligible for the B.S. Degree in Nursing Education. " t Ot W L t in ■{129} ' M ' 9 t f EDICAL TECHNICIANS LEFT TO RIGHT Sitting: Helen Chan, Jean Tabor, Constance Weeks, Katherine Standing: Elizabeth Matthews, Claudia Lucas, Wanda Grubb, Mathews, Rose Peluso. Diane Games, Patricia Eagan. ♦ ALTHOUGH there have been student technicians at M.C.V. for many years, the School of Medical Technology has been a really organized school for the last three years. A sixteen months ' course, accredited by the Registry of Medical Technologists is offered, and is designed to equip the student for general hospital laboratory service. Among the services included are: clinical pathology, hematology, bacteriology, serology, bio- chemistry, histiological technique, E.K.G., B.M.R., and blood bank. At the termination of the course students are eligible for the registration examination of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. In the modern practice of medicine the technician is becoming increasingly more important as evidenced by the number of laboratory tests requested by physicians. Quite often a complex diagnostic problem may be solved with the aid of a relatively simple laboratory procedure. •{130 X-RAY TECHNICIANS LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row (Seated): Candy Powers, Joyce Griggs, Garnett Adt, Dee Powers, Carolyn La Prade, Virginia Ingram, Jean Flowers. Center Row: Dr. Kent Carter, Pamela Murphy, Janet Rough, Beverly George, Shirley Davis, Ruth Wilder, Stella Craighead, Chris James, Dr. F. B. Mandeville, Jean King. Socle Row: Margarette Matthews, Ralis Edwards, Verenice Brock, Elizabeth Moore, Delores Thompson, Merwin Hamner, Dr. John Compton. ♦ THE Department of .Radiology offers a twelve months ' practical apprenticeship in x-ray technic and therapy to a selected number of young women graduates of accredited high schools. The course includes: x-ray physics, technic, anatomy, physiology, filing, management and ethics applicable to a general department of radi- ology. Certain students are invited to spend a second year in the department in preparation for the examina- tions of the American Registry of X-Ray Technicians and the designation of R.T. (Registered Technician). ■{131 IETETIC INTERNES LEFT TO RIGHT Silting on Floor: Jane Fowlkes, Virginia Beck. Standing: Sitting on Couch: Maude Wood, Virginia Turner, Janette Sara Burts. Locker, Evelyn Clark. Jean Carothers, Mary Smiley, Suzanne Seese, THE Medical College of Virginia Hospital offers a one-year course in hospital dietetics to young women who have a B.S. Degree from an accredited college or university and who can meet certain specific course requirements. The course is approved by the American Dietetic Association, and upon completion, internes are eligible for membership in the Association and may hold positions in Class " A " hospitals in the capacity of administrative, therapeutic, clinic, or teaching dietetician. At present the Department is able to accept only twelve qualified applicants. Training is begun in September of each year, and students are housed in the John B. Newton House, one of the college dormitories. During training, students receive 113 hours of lecture work, as well as practical experience in the various units. Instruction is given under the supervision of graduate dietitians in the Department of Dietetics. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, dietetic interns are granted a certificate from the Hospital Division, and are eligible for membership in the Medical College of Virginia Alumni Association. •{132} " STUDENT GOVERNMENT ♦ OFFICERS WYNDHAM B. BLANTON, JR President LAWRENCE G. MATHEWS V:ce-President WALTER P. BAILEY Secretary MARTHA E. BROWN Treasurer WYNDHAM B. BLANTON, JR. L G. MATHEWS W. P. BAILEY M. E. BROWN THIS year has seen a dramatic demonstration of the initiative and incentive of the Student Body of the Medical College of Virginia. As proposed by the Executive Committee a year ago, the Constitution was revised to provide equal rights to all of the schools and per capita representation from the schools to a Student Council. The Constitution was designed to conform to the best interests of the Student Body, and its purpose of organ- ization is perhaps best stated in its preamble: " In order that all members of the Student Body may participate equally in all affairs of the college, enjoy all rights and privileges on an equal basis, and to promote the better integration of the affairs of the student organizations of the Medical College of Virginia, we, the members of said Student Body, pursuant to authority conferred, do ordain and establish this Constitution. " With each of us lies the challenge of carrying out these ideals and of contributing our best to the student life at M.C.V. in such a manner that we may attain those things which go toward making the Medical College of Virginia greater in every way. May this ever be our aim, and may the forthcoming classes of future years help us in our responsibility of furthering the purposes and future of M.C.V. •{134} STUDENT GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 3 9 9 FIRST ROW LOIS BLAIR N-1 EDITH BROOKS N-3 GEORGE CHAPPELL M-1 MARTEL DAILEY M-3 WILLIAM DAY D-1 ROLAND ELLIOTT D-3 BEN HOUSTON D-2 SAM KETRON P-3 SECOND ROW BEVERLEY LACKEY N-4 JACK LAWSON M-2 ROY MOON P-4 EAMES POWERS P-1 PAXTON POWERS M-4 MALCOLM ROBBINS P-2 WILBUR SHEARER D-4 HONOR COUNCIL FIRST ROW MARJORIE ABERNATHEY N-4 WALTER BRADY M-3 LORETTA THOMAS N-1 THOMAS BRUCE P-4 RALPH DEATON P-3 WILLIAM GEE M-1 RAMONA KISER N-3 WALTER PIERCE D-1 JOHN REYNOLDS D-3 SECOND ROW FRED SARVER P-2 RALPH SCOTT M-4 WILLIAM SESSOMS D-2 PETER SQUIRE M-2 CAROL THOMPSON N-4 FERMIN TOVAR P-1 JACQUELINE WADE N-3 JAMES WEDDLE D-4 4135} SKULL AND BONES ♦ EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFFS JOHN E. TIMBERLAKE, JR Editor M. LEE BAKER Business Manager AUSTIN FARLEY Managing Editor JAMES F. CROSBY Medico Editor TOM KING Dental Editor W. H. JORDAN Pharmacy Editor JENIFER GANAKIS Nursing Editor ELLEN RUSSELL Physical Therapy Editor BILL McALLISTER Sports Editor C. S. MASON Asst. Sports Editor CHARLES WORNOM ... Asst. Business Manager GIBBS MORTON Circulation Manager SPECIAL EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS WILL KING CARL BAIN JAY N. WEMPLE KITTY ABERNATHY WINSTON COWHERD LUKE R. RADER WALTER P. BAILEY GEORGE ARRINGTON M. LEE BAKER REPORTERS CHARLES RECTOR BOB BARBE JIM LAMAR BEV LACKEY PHOTOGRAPHER BILLY BRAY LARRY SNEDDEN ADVISORS PROFESSOR FRANK P. PITTS MARVIN TOPPING •{136} The 1950 LUKE R. RADER X-RAY EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFFS LUKE R. RADER Editor-in-Chiel CHARLES L. RANDOLPH Business Manager JAY N. WEMPLE Medical Editor VAN K. HEELY Dental Editor and Art Editor WALTER P. BAILEY Pharmacy Editor ELLEN R. SWETNAM Nursing Editor WILLIAM McALLISTER Sports Editor GEORGE E. ARRINGTON Fraternity Editor ROBERT M. PHILLIPS .... Asst. Business Manager STUART RAGLAND Asst. Art Editor JOHN TIMBERLAKE Asst. Pharmacy Editor BILLY BRAY Photographer LAWRENCE SNEDDEN Photographer LEE BAKER Asst. Photographer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES EARL ALLARA M-4 STANLEY COHEN M-3 WILLIAM TABOR M-2 ALLAN FORBES M-1 E. S. H. GREEN D-4 VAN K. HEELY D-3 RAYMOND COLLINS D-2 CHARLES FRALIN D-1 THOMAS BISHOP P-4 CARL BAIN P-3 BILLY BRAY P-2 HARRY PLUNKETT P-1 AGNES STUART N-4 ANN MEADOR N-3 RUTH CARSON N-1 WILLIAM LIPPITT P.T. ADVISORS DR. HARVEY B. HAAG PROFESSOR FRANK P. PITTS CHARLES L. RANDOLPH {137} . O. T. C. RESERVE OFFICERS ' TRAINING CORPS SECOND ARMY 2454TH AREA SERVICE UNIT MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA LT. COL. MARTIN COMPTON. M.C. Professor ol M.S. and T. MASTER SGT. S. N. CARR Administrative N.C O. d M M ht ' r .ti.tit. ROSTER OF R. O. T. C. STUDENTS FIRST ROW WILLIAM BECKNER, JR. LEONARD C CANTOR THOMAS J. CONATY . ALVIN E. CONNER . . EDWARD H. CURRIE OSCAR B. DARDEN, JR. PLEASANT P. DEATON JOHN L. FAIRLY, JR SECOND ROW M-4 HUGH P. FISHER M-4 M-2 CALVIN H. FRAZIER M-3 M-3 JOHN D. FRENCH M-3 M-1 RICHARD K. GREENBANK . . M-3 M-3 JOHN M. GRUBB M-3 M-3 JUAN F. J ' MENEZ M-2 M-1 EUGENE B. LINTON M-3 M-3 ELLIS F. MAXEY M-2 THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW FRANCIS H. McMULLEN . . M-3 PAUL E. SHUTTS . M-3 BROOKE M MOFFETT . . . M-3 DONALD G. SIEGEL .... . M-4 ABRAHAM NEWMAN . . . M-3 JOHN M. STONEBURNER . . M-4 ROSS M. ORR, JR M-1 PAUL A. TANNER . M-1 CHARLES L. RANDOLPH, JR. M-3 TERRY F. TANNER . M-1 MAX S. RITTENBURy .... M-1 HUBERT G. TOMLINSON . M-3 HARVEY B. RYDER M-4 JOE W. TRENT . M-3 WILLIAM A. SHELTON . . M-2 JAY N. WEMPLE . M-4 {138} ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ♦ ALAN J. CHENERY, M.D. President E. CLAIBORNE ROBINS, Ph.G. Secretary MRS. HELEN M. SELLER Director, Alumni Fund OFFICERS ALAN J. CHENERY, M.D. President ROBERT J. WILKINSON, M.D. Immediate Past-President DONALD S. DANIEL, M.D. President-Elect J. B. HALLER, D.D.S. Vice-President (Dentistry ' ) W. E. LOCKE, Ph.G. Vice-President (Pharmacy) JULIA D. WATKINS (MISS), R.N. Vice-President (Nursing) E. CLAIBORNE ROBINS, Ph.G. Secretary HARVEY B. HAAG, M.D. Treasurer HELEN M. SELLER (MRS.), Asst. Secy.) Director, Alumni Fund Half-Century Beginnings STARTING your car eer as the half-century begins the second revolution of its orbit affords an opportunity to observe the usual " looking backward " , in retrospect, generally indulged in by those who would review the road which has been traveled, as a means of recounting the progress made during the preceding half-century. Blessings, opportunities and advantages, uncon- sciously taken for granted during your period of training, will be flashed in print as a reminder that the advances were made over exactly the sort of struggle, search, experience, experiment, trial-and-error road upon which you are embarking and back over which you, too, will look when your half-century of practice will have reached the " turn of the century " . Your training period has abounded with products of the ad- vances of the past fifty years, in techniques, drugs, instruments, sources of information, scientific developments which have made more readily recognizable types of disease, causes thereof and the methods and means of combating their spread or harmful effects. Yours, then, is at once a tremendous responsibility and a chal- lenge, to " carry on " , as your contemporaries before you, using your knowledge, your training and your ability to chalk up a 100 per cent score when, as the century turns over the page to " 2,000 " and the indulgers in retrospect again check the score of accomplishments. By July your Alma Wafer will have " looked backward " over a quarter-century of progress under the guiding hand and able leadership of its President, and countless advances in medical education, in hospital administration and techniques will have been paraded in review to prove statements of progress at the Medical College of Virginia, all of which have been to your personal advantage during the past four years. Your task, then, is to use the training, the advantages and the opportunities which have been yours, for a complete fulfillment of the oath which you take at graduation; and, to keep currently informed on all future advances in the healing arts, avail your- selves of the further opportunities offered by M.C.V. for graduate study, refresher courses, seminars, symposiums, lectures, so that you may earn a high score when, a half-century hence, you will be called to account for your personal contributions to the " half- century of progress " . As you receive your diplomas, attesting to the seal of approval given you by M.C.V., you will at once become a definite part of the annually increasing great body of Alumni of the College, without which no school can advance or progress. Again, a challenge is yours ... to make that school the greatest of its kind, by actively aligning yourself with the program of the Alumni Association (and the College which it serves), of which you became a member upon graduation, and participating in all its activities — " To Make a Great Institution Greater " . Every member of the Alumni Association extends to each of you most sincere and hearty congratulations upon the successful com- pletion of your course at the Medical College of Virginia and sincerely wishes for you a future replete in opportunities and success in abundance, with a full measure of happiness and pleasure in your work and in your personal pursuits. •{139 } YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA BRANCH OFFICERS AND CABINET THOMAS L- LARGEN President WILLIAM J. HELSABECK .... Vice-President WALTER H. JORDAN Treasurer OSCAR B. DARDEN . . . Recording Secretary WALTER P. BAILEY Membership ROLAND J ELLIOTT Social JOHN E. TIMBERLAKE Publicity EDWARD J. WRIGHT Church Affiliations GEORGE RITCHIE Missions JONAH L LARRICK Executive Secretary DR. L. BENJAMIN SHEPPARD COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT Chairman DR R. L. SIMPSON . . . . DR. J. V. TURNER MR. T. W. ANDERSEN DR. PAUL D. CAMP MR. C. P. CARDWELL DR. O. W. CLOUGH DR. DONALD S. DANIEL DR. H. B. FRISCHKORN, JR. DR. E. E. HADDOCK DR. W. T. HAYNES DR E. S. HEGRE DR. W. y. LEAGUE DR. H. C. LEE MR. R. F. McCRACKAN DR. C. L OUTLAND DR. WM. H. PARKER DR. B. W. RAWLES, JR. DR. R. B. SMITH, JR. DR. H. P. THOMAS T. L. Largen W. J. Helsabeck W. H. Jordan O. B. Darden THE Medical College of Virginia Y.M.C.A. with directors and a paid secretary was organized in 1916. Mr. Mimms W. Lee, who was then State Y.M.C.A. Secretary, was influential in helping a group to get it started. The first secretary was Mr. Phil B. Trigg, who served until 1920, when he was succeeded by Mr. Walter C. Cralle. The latter served for one year and was followed by Mr. Earl T. Sullenger, who remained for the next two years. In September, 1923, our present secretary, Mr. Jonah L. Larrick, was appointed, and has guided the activities of the association in a most able and efficient manner for the past twenty-seven years. The association, as an independent corporation with twelve directors, was granted a charter on April 16, 1918. One of its undertakings was the operation of a cafeteria and dormitory for seventy students. At first the budget had to be raised by sub- scriptions, and the association had to justify its existence. A student membership in the Central " V " ' at about half the cost to others, taking over the cost of ath letics by the student athletic association in 1923, and aid rendered by the Richmond Community Chest, all helped to ease the heavy burden carried at first. In December, 1928, the association became a branch of the Richmond " Y " , and allowed its charter to lapse. Mr. Larrick, as executive secretary, has rendered invaluable and unstinting service in behalf of student activities and athletics for over a quarter of a century, and the Medical College Branch has been indeed fortunate in having such a willing, enthusiastic, and capable coordinator of student affairs. { 140 } ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO DR. WILLIAM H. PARKER ♦ OFFICERS DR. WILLIAM H. PARKER Graduate Manager JOHN M. STONEBURNER President T. O. LAYMAN Vice-President BILLIE DOVE WHITE Treasurer FACULTY COMMITTEE DR JOHN P. LYNCH School ol Medicine DR. OLIVER W CLOUGH School ol Dentistry DR. JOHN MOORE School ol Pharmacy MRS. DORA BAXTER School ol Nursing CLASS REPRESENTATIVES JOHN E. SMITH M-4 HAROLD MILLER M-3 P. G. FOX M-2 THOMAS STRATFORD M-1 L. D. JOHNSTON D-4 ROLAND ELLIOTT D-3 T. O LAYMAN D-2 HENRY McCOY D-1 DOUGLAS THOMAS P-4 BOYD GLOVER P-3 JOHN GIRAGOSIAN P-2 FAY I. CARR P-1 THE Athletic Association was organized in 1923, and now ' provides activities for all of the schools of M.C.V. The aim of the Athletic Association is to create a means of relaxation, exercise and diversion, and to supply the spirit of competition which accompanies any sports event. A complete schedule of inter-collegiate play is maintained for men ' s basketball and baseball, and girls ' basketball. The Athletic Association also supervises intramural basketball, Softball, and ping-pong, and has made available student golf memberships at the Glen- wood Country Club. In 1924, Dr. William H. Parker became Graduate Manager, a position which he still holds, and under his able leadership and guidance the Association has made continual progress. Much of the success attained during the past twenty-seven years must be attributed to the efforts of an enthusiastic leader and friend, Jonah L. Larrick, who has worked tirelessly in student interests of all types. The Association has given their whole- hearted backing to the soon-hoped-for building of a Student Field House and Athletic Building to be erected in the Campus area. JOHN M. STONEBURNER T. O. LAYMAN BILLIE DOVE WHITE {141 VARSITY BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: " Bootsie " Dolsey, Jim Gruber, Earl Allara, Harold Back Row: Bill Helsabeck, Bil Miller, John Darden. Clarence Hicks, Roland Elliott. (Not Pictured: John Stoneburner.) Otterman, Charlie Webber, WITH Coach Jack Sanford at the helm this year the Medicos hung up a record of nine victories and seven defeats. However, the brand of basketball played was much better than the record indicates. The team lost some close ones which were heart breakers. The opener of the season was lost to Lynchburg in an overtime by three points and the same team came back later in the season to take a six-point overtime decision. The Medicos dropped two decisions to their traditional rivals Hampden-Sydney, with the first game giving the Bengals the scare of their careers. Another loss came at the hand of the Yellow Jackets of Randolph- Macon. This also was a four-point decision decided in an overtime. Highlight of the season was a record win of 136-15 over Smithdeal-Massey Business College. Other high- lights of the season were two wins over a local pro team, the Richmond Royals, and a 84-54 rout of Ap- prentice School. Newcomer Clarence Hicks, a transfer from West Virginia University, was the sparkplug of the team until he injured his knee late in the season. Harold Miller then shouldered the scoring burden for the Medicos. Ace Earl Allara was troubled with an ankle injury most of the season and wasn ' t quite up to par this year. Bernard Dolsey, a new addition to the team, played outstanding ball all year and served as a steadying influence on the floor. There were others also who played key parts. Bill Helsabeck, Johnny Stoneburner, John Darden, Roland Elliott and Bill Otterman were standouts all year. Freshmen Charlie Webber and Jim Gruber gave some mighty fine exhibitions of ball handling. High scorer for the year was Harold Miller with 213 points in fifteen games followed closely by Clarence Hicks with 203 points in twelve games. The team had a very successful year at the foul line making good of 58.35 per cent of their charity tosses. The Medical College will sorely miss Earl Allara, Bill Helsabeck and John Stoneburner who will be lost through graduation. These boys have played stellar ball for four years at M.C.V. MEDICO ' S FINAL RESULTS Won 9 — Lost 7 67 15 79 78 47 85 44 65 55 54 38 53 81 46 34 M.C.V. . . ... 64 M.C.V. . . . . . .136 M.C.V. . . ... 64 M.C.V. . . ... 53 M.C.V. . . ... 66 M.C.V. . . ... 71 M.C.V. . . ... 74 M.C.V. . . ... 59 M.C.V. . . ... 70 M.C.V. . . ... 84 M.C.V. . . ... 53 M.C.V. . . ... 49 M.C.V. . . ... 55 M.C.V. . . ... 56 M.C.V. . . ... 55 Lynchburg College S.M.U Richmond Bills . Richmond Bills R.P.I Hampden-Sydney McGuire Hospital . Lynchburg College Richmond Royals Apprentice School Richmond Royals . . Randolph-Macon Hampden-Sydney McGuire Hospital . Alumni •{142 } VARSITY BASEBALL LEFT TO RIGHT Seated: R. D. Rowe, Rudolph Gurley, Phil Trimmer, Bob Layman, Tom Bishop, Bill McAllister, Wally Rowe. Kneeling: John Kelley, Ernie Pennell, Warren Crouch, Bill Dun- can, Henry McCoy, Fred Sarver, Bill Helsabeck. WITH their new coach Jake Pearce, the Medicos are enjoying a successful season on the diamond. With a starting line-up of Bob Layman behind the plate, Wally Rowe on first, Phil Trimmer on second, Bill Helsabeck on short, Bobby Clyburn on third, George Surber in left, Harley Tomey in center, Warren Crouch in right and Bill McAllister alternating in the infield and the out- field, they have beaten such teams as SMU, Apprentice, and Hampden-Sydney. The win over H. S. was one of the state ' s biggest upsets. The Medicos poured it on and came out with a 12-2 victory. Third Row: John Goode, Charles Fralin, Joe Chernitzen, Wil- lard Lyle, Sam Nicholson, Dan Hamilton, Jake Pearce. Back Row: Richard Rucker, Clarence Hicks, Robert Clyburn, Marbury Hutchison, D. W. Fawley, Tommy Horner. The Medicos have dropped some close ones too. These include losses by one run to Apprentice and R. P. I. with the loss to the latter going into extra innings. The Hampden-Sydney game marked the comeback of Marvin " Henry " Aldridge who twirled excellent ball that day. Other hurlers include Pearce, Rudy Gurley and R. D. Rowe. The Medicos are looking forward to the last part of the season with relish and hope to win the remainder of the games. So here ' s wishing them the best of luck. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL THIS year ' s Intramural League saw one of the best operating quints of all times at MCV. The Junior Meds, led by Harold Miller and Clarence Hicks, swept away all opposition with no difficulty whatsoever. Other members of the team were Harold Boone, Tom Conaty, John and Oscar Darden, Martel Dailey, Cal Frazier and others. The Juniors won all seven league games but were defeated in the all-star game in an over- time affair which was settled by a set shot by Bernard " Bootsie " Dolsey of the Freshman Dents. Close con- tender to the Juniors were the Senior Meds who lost only two games. INTRAMURAL LEAGUE FINAL STANDINGS Team Junior Meds . . Senior Meds . . Junior-Soph. Dents Senior-Fresh. Dents Won 7 5 5 3 Lost 2 2 4 Per Cent. 1.000 .714 .714 .429 Tean Fresh. Meds . . . . Senior-Fresh. Pharms Junior-Soph. Pharms Soph. Meds . . . . Won 3 2 2 Last 4 5 5 7 Per Cent. .429 .286 .286 .000 {143 URSES ' BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT Seated: Joanna Taylor, Bev Lackey (Capt.), Polly Bellamy, Thelma Mendez. Standing: Mrs. Dora Baxter (Faculty Advisor), Ginny Ganakis, Mickey Hawthorne, Nancy Swecker, Jean Chappell, Bill Mc- Allister, Coach. 1 1 V E RE gonna win the trophy, " was the slogan of Wthe M.C.V. Nurses ' Basketball Team. Dubbed with a new nickname, " The Medicettes, " they were entered in the Girls ' Recreation League sponsored by the City Department of Recreation. Miss Ruth Latimer, of the School of Physical Medicine, started the year off as coach, but due to teaching assignments was not able to carry on. Bill McAllister, Junior Pharmacy student, took over in January for the rest of the season. Beverly Lackey and Pat Dailey were chosen as team captain and business manager, respectively. With last year ' s veterans, Jenifer Ganakis, Nancy Swecker, Polly Bellamy, Thelma Mendez, Joanna Taylor and Mickey Hawthorne plus Lackey and Dailey, the team proceeded to mop up the league. Game after game went on the record books as wins for " The Medi- cettes. " Jean Chappell, a newcomer in the pre-clin class was a pleasant addition to the team. She averaged approximately seventeen points per game which was tops in the league. This, combined with the excellent work of Polly Bellamy, who set up the plays and was a consistent point-getter, and Thelma Mendez, " The Mighty Mite, " who consistently got the rebounds, proved to be a mighty big scoring juggernaut. Down at the other end of the court were the guards who held opponents to such scores as nine, eleven, and fourteen points per game. Led by " Bev " Lackey, the guards had little trouble all year with their opponents. Nancy Swecker, Ginny Ganakis, and Mickey Haw- thorne, who was converted from forward to guard played outstanding games all year. Jo Taylor proved to be of great value as a " telegraph man " because of her ability to play both forward and guard. Due credit must also be given to Emily Payne, Jane Bishop and Carolyn Groce who rounded out the team. The Medicettes " got through the first half without a defeat and went through the second half until the last game when they were upset by the VIRB team 38-28. This was due to the " flu " which hit the team severely the week before the game. However, " The Medicettes " came back strongly two nights later and copped the League Championship with a sterling 31-25 win over the same team. This gave them the well-earned trophy. However, the next Monday night they faced the strong Grace Hospital Nurses ' Team for the Nurses ' Championship and came cut on top of that one by a score of 46-24. Thus they were crowned Nurses ' Champions also. Now the girls are looking forward to next year. With two of the best players graduating, Mickey Hawthorne and Bev Lackey, it is going to be hard to fill their shoes. However, the girls are hoping for a very highly successful season next year. Mrs. Dora Baxter, the faculty adviser this year, ought to be con- gratulated for her fine support and faithfulness to the team. Many thanks go to General Tompkins for his fine support also. To quote the Skull and Bones, " Or- chids to Mac ' McAllister for being the bestest coach and the grandest sport we know. For the energy expended pacing the floor and turning grey. — The Medicettes. " { 144 } SEASON ' S HIGHLIGHTS " Polly " Hooks Coach ' s Consternation, or Twins!! The Long Awaited Presentation MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA CHORUS SOPRANOS: MARJORIE JANE ANDERSON ... N-1 ANNETTE AURIL N-1 ELAINE BERRY N-1 BARBARA CARTER N-1 ETHEL CARLTON MIRIAM CARMICHAEL . . M-3 RACHEL EDDY N-1 CHRISTINE ERICKSON .... .N-1 CAROLYN GROCE N-1 MARGARET GALAMBOS P.T. DIANE GARNER Tech. GERALDINE GLICK CAROLYN GOODE Staff LILLIE GOODWIN N-3 MARIE L. FLINKER Staff DOROTHY HALL HELEN E. HALL M JUNE HOPKINS N LLEWELLYN HAVERTY EMILY HASTINGS NAN JOHNSON MARY SUE LANDIS N JANE McMULLEN M FRANCES MILAM M MARILYN OGDEN N JACQUELINE PITTMAN N ANN RATHSCHILD IRMA RIVERA M MARGARET SANDERSON N JOYCE SAUNDERS N DOROTHY W. SMITH . N LOIS STEPPE Tech POLLY STEPHENS N-1 AUDREY STRONG N-1 ELLEN R. SWETNAM N-4 EILEEN A. THORPE M-4 MARY ANN TISDALE N-1 PATRICIA ANN WARNER N-1 ANN WILBOURNE N-1 WINIFRED WILLIAMS P.T. JEANNETTE WINDSOR N-4 ALTOS: PATRICIA ARRINGTON ELIZABETH BARNES N-1 JANE BISHOP N-1 MILDRED CHRISTENSEN N-1 FLORA COBB N-1 IMOGENE CURRIN N-1 GLORIA FITZPATRICK P.T. RUTH GALSON NORMA JEAN HESS N-4 E. KATHERINE JOHNSON M-4 CLARA R. JONES N-4 ROSALIE JUDY N-1 FAYE LANDERS . N-1 ERMA JEAN MARRA M-3 NORMA JEANNE MARRS . . .N-1 MARGARET LEE MASTERS . . . M-4 ELIZABETH MATTHEWS Tech. JULIE MOLLER M-1 ANNA MAE PATE N-1 EMILY PAYNE N-1 ELLEN RUSSELL P.T. MAZIE SERGEANT P.T. BARBARA TEASDALE P.T. FRANCES WILKINS N-1 MARTHA WILLIAMS N-1 WINIFRED WILLIAMS P.T MARY ZUMBRUNNEN M-4 TENORS: GEORGE ARRINGTON, JR. CAREY J. BUTLER . . JOHN T. GLICK, JR. SIDNEY GUY HALL . HAROLD KIMMERLING DONALD MYERS . . ROBERT SCHNABEL . BASSES: WALTER P. BAILEY P-4 DAVID CLARK M-3 ROBERT CLYBURN P-1 ALVIN CONNER M-1 HUGH FITZPATRICK, III . M-4 HUGH FARRIER M-1 GREER P. JACKSON P-2 THOMAS H. JENNINGS . . M-3 BEVERLY JONES Staf f HENRY P. LAMB, JR D-1 LUKE R. RADER M-4 EARLE B. WATKINS P-2 E. K. WRIGHT, JR D-4 OFFICERS ELLEN R. SWETNAM President MARY ZUMBRUNNEN Vice-President CAREY BUTLER Secretory WALTER BAILEY Librarian GEORGE M. BULLARD Accompanist MIRIAM CARMICHAEL Accompanist ERLING S. HEGRE Director THE Medical College of Virginia Chorus, composed of approximately eighty voices under the direction of Dr. Erling S. Hegre, presents two concerts a year. These concerts occur at Christmas and Easter, and are open to the public. In the new plan recently formulated, a secular and religious program will be heard each year. The organization draws its members from all schools of the college and staff personnel, and selects its own officers and programs. The repertoire of the Chorus has grown to include about fifty selections and several Cantatas. Dr. Hegre, Associate Professor of Anatomy in the School of Medicine, has had wide experience in various musical fields. { 146 - -. J I i£ Alpha Omega Alpha OFFICERS THOMAS L. LARGEN President STUART RAGLAND, JR Vice-President WYNDHAM B. BLANTON, JR. . . Secretary JOHN M. STONEBURNER .... Treasurer ♦ ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA, Honor A Medical Society, was founded by William W. Root at the College of Medicine of the University of Illinois in 1902. The Beta Chapter of Virginia, known as the Brown-Sequard Chapter, was organized at the Medical College of Virginia in 1940 under the counselor- ship of Dr. William B. Porter. Selection to membership is based upon the qualities of scholarship in the broad sense, which connotes continuous in- dustry, effectiveness in method of work, facility in correlating facts, and an intellec- tual grasp that permits the application of information to new problems. LEFT TO RIGHT Sealed: ARCHIE C. STANTON, JR., WYND- HAM B. BLANTON, JR., JOHN M. STONE- BURNER, DR. WILLIAM B. PORTER, Faculty Counselor, THOMAS L. LARGEN, STUART RAGLAND, JR., RUSSELL V. BOWERS. Standing: EUSTACE H. SMITH, THOMAS W. AYERS, ALLAN M. UNGER, ROBERT T. CAUTHORNE. Junior Medicol Student Members Not Pictured: WALTER M. BRADY, LOUIS H. KEFFER, JR., HAROLD W. MILLER, JR., ALBERT J. WAS- SERMAN. •{149 Alpha Sigma Chi FIRST ROW MARGARET B. ABERNATHY N-4 WALTER P. BAILEY P-4 CARL E. BAIN P-3 M. LEE BAKER P-4 WYNDHAM B. BLANTON M-4 MARTHA E. BROWN N-4 MIRIAM W. CARMICHAEL ... . M-3 NANCY P. DAILEY N-4 JOHN S. DILDAY D-4 WILLIAM M. DITTO D-3 KATIE E. DUNEVANT N-3 THIRD ROW JOHN S. McFALL, JR P-4 ROY A. MOON P-4 PAMELA MOORE M-3 EARL PERRY P-3 BARBARA J. POWELL P-4 PAXTON P. POWERS M-4 LUKE R. RADER M-4 PEGGY J. RAGLAND N-4 STUART RAGLAND, JR M-4 CORNELIUS H. RAMSEY D-4 CONWAY W. SMITH, JR D-4 SECOND ROW LYNWOOD J. FRENCH P-4 BEVERLY ' A. GLOVER N-3 THOMAS B. HEDRICK M-4 VAN K HEELY D-3 WILLIAM J. HELSABECK D-4 JOSEPH H. HOGE, JR M-4 LOUIS H. KEFFER . . M-3 THOMAS L. LARGEN M-4 LAWRENCE G. MATHEWS D-4 ARTHUR J. MARTIN M-3 WILLIAM G. MARTIN D-3 FOURTH ROW JOHN M. STONEBURNER M-4 ERNEST C. SPITLER P-4 CAROL M. THOMPSON N-4 EILEEN A. THORPE M-4 JOHN E. TIMBERLAKE, JR P-3 ALLAN M. UNGER M-4 WILLIAM M. WALKER D-4 JEANETTE WINDSOR N-4 HIRAM H. WHITEHEAD P-4 OFFICERS CONWAY W. SMITH, JR. . . President ERNEST C SPITLER Vice-President THOMAS B. HEDRICK Secretary MARTHA E. BROWN Treasurer JOHN S. McFALL, JR Historian A LPHA SIGMA CHI, honorary leader- f ship fraternity, was founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1937. The primary purpose of this society is to serve the College and student body, and to recognize these students who have demonstrated the qualities of leadership in the promotion of student activities. A spirit of fellowship and co-operation is created among the students, with the hope that this will be carried out into their respective professional relationships. •{150 Sigma Zeta OFFICERS STUART RAGLAND, JR President JOHN S. DILDAY Vice-President GEORGE W. SEWELL Secretary ELLEN R. SWETNAM Treasurer FACULTY ADVISOR DR. SIDNEY S. NEGUS ♦ JHE GAMMA CHAPTER of Sigma I Zeta, National Honorary Scientific Society, was organized at the Medical College of Virginia in 1926. Incorporat- ing all four schools, it recognizes unusual scholarship in the field of science. FIRST ROW THOMAS W. AYRES M-4 WYNDHAM B. BLANTON, JR. . . . M-4 WALTER M. BRADY M-3 OSCAR BROWN P-4 GORMAN L. D. BURNETT D-4 HENRY W. CHAPPELL P-3 PATRICIA A. COGGIN N-3 CHARLES COUNTS P-3 JOHN S. DILDAY D-4 KATIE E. DUNEVANT N-3 THIRD ROW HELEN L. MORTON PEGGY J. RAGLAND STUART RAGLAND, JR RAY C. SCOn, JR. . GEORGE W. SEWELL CONWAY W. SMITH, JR EUSTACE H. SMITH ERNEST C SPITLER ARCHIE C. STANTON, JR JOHN M. STONEBURNER M-4 N-4 M-4 P-4 P-4 D-4 M-4 P-4 M-4 M-4 SECOND ROW MARION W. FISHER M-4 WILLIAM B. FITZHUGH .... D-4 MARVIN H. GOLDSTEIN . . . . P-4 LOUIS H. KEFFER, JR M-3 SAMUEL G. KETRON, JR P-3 THOMAS L. LARGEN M-4 PATSY J. LOWE N-3 DAVID H. MARSHALL D-3 VAN B. McCARTER D-3 HAROLD W. MILLER, JR. M-3 FOURTH ROW RACHEL M. SUTTON N-4 ELLEN R. SWETNAM , N-4 CAROL M. THOMPSON N-4 ALLAN M. UNGER M-4 ALBERT J. WASSERMAN M-3 JEANETTE WINDSOR N-4 HUGH O. WRENN D-4 YALE H. ZIMBERG M-3 {151 } Alpha Epsilon lota FIRST ROW MIRIAM CARMICHAEL M-3 SHIRLEY CARTER M-2 CATHERINE CRAUN M-1 JULIA DICKINSON M-3 JEAN FENSOM M-1 MARION FISHER M-4 JANE FREEMAN M-3 HELEN HALL M-4 FLORINE HAMPTON M-4 SECOND ROW CARMEN JIMENEZ M-2 Kirry johnson m-4 EMILY JONES M-2 ERMA MARRA M-3 MARGARET MASTERS M-4 JANE McMULLEN M-4 FRANCES MILAM M-3 JULIE MOLLER M-1 OFFICERS MARION FISHER President JANE McMULLEN . . . First Vice-President JUNE THOMAS . . . Second Vice-President MIRIAM CARMICHAEL . Recording Secretary FLORINE HAMPTON Corresponding Secretary PAMELA MOORE Treasurer ! THIRD ROW PAMELA MOORE M-3 ROSEMARIE MORECOCK M-2 HELEN MORTON M-4 IRMA RIVERA M-4 JUNE THOMAS M-4 EILEEN THORPE M-4 MARY ZUMBRUNNEN M-4 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA, National Medical Sorority, was founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1889. The Pi Chapter was organized at the Medical College of Virginia in 1923. There are at present twenty-five function- ing chapters of the sorority. { 152 } Alpha Kappa Kappa OFFICERS PHILIP R. THOMAS President FRED A. GUNION Vice-President JOSEPH J. LINDLEY . . Recording Secretary RAYMOND C. HOUGHTON Corresponding Secretory LOUIS H. KEFFER Treasurer ROBERT A. ABERNATHY .... Chaplain CAREY J. BUTLER Marshal LUKE R. RADER Warden ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA, National A Medical Fraternity, was founded at Dartmouth College in 1888. The local chapter, Alpha Kappa, was organized at the Medical College of Virginia in 1906. There are now forty-seven chapters in the United States and Canada with over 17,000 alumni. FIRST ROW ROBERT A. ABERNATHY, JR M-4 WILLIAM C. AMOS, JR M-2 GEORGE E. ARRINGTON M-3 WILLIAM W. BECKNER, JR M-4 WESLEY C. BERNHART M-1 CARLOS S. BERROCAL M-3 GEORGE M. BULLARD M-4 CAREY J. BUTLER M-2 DOUGLAS W. CARR M-4 GEORGE E. CHAPPELL M-1 ROBERT COUNTS M-4 THIRD ROW LOUIS H. KEFFER M-3 JOSEPH J. LINDLEY M-3 EUGENE B. LINTON M-3 THOMAS D. McCAHILL M-3 HARVEY E. MELTON M-1 SAMUEL S. MORRISON M-1 ALLAN C. OGLESBY M-3 LUKE R. RADER M-4 ARTHUR M. REYNOLDS M-1 CHARLES N. RICHARDS M-4 SECOND ROW CADE COVINGTON M-4 PAUL DEATON M-1 FRED R. EDENS M-3 ERNEST G. EDWARDS M-1 HUGH L. FARRIOR M-1 HUGH P. FISHER M-4 HUGH FITZPATRICK, III M-4 FRED A. GUNION M-3 CHARLES P. HARWOOD M-1 EMERY H. HONEYCUTT M-4 RAYMOND C. HOUGHTON . . M-2 FOURTH ROW MAX S. RITTENBURY M-1 FRANK E. ROWELL M-1 HARVEY B. RYDER M-4 VICTOR SKORAPPA, JR M-3 PHILIP R. THOMAS M-3 GEORGE T. TUNSTALL M-1 THOMAS W. TUSING M-4 ROBERT E. WARE M-1 JAMES R. YORK M-2 ■{153} Delta Sigma Delta FIRST ROW MARVIN W. ALORIDGE D-4 THOMAS W. ARMSTRONG, JR. . . . D-3 EDWIN L BAKER, JR D-1 DAVID L. BALLARD D-4 STUART S. BARKSDALE D-2 EDWARD S. BARNWELL D-3 JACK D. BRADY D-3 ARCHIBALD C- BUCHANAN ... D-4 GORMAN L. D. BURNETT D-4 JOHN R. BURTON D-3 JAMES E. CANNON, JR D-4 THIRD ROW JAMES D. FABER D-3 WILLIAM B. FITZHUGH D-4 CHARLES S. FRALIN D-1 R. PAUL FULTZ, JR D-3 MAJOR D. GAVLE D-4 JOHN T. GOODE, III D-3 EDWARD S. H. GREENE, JR D-4 CARLTON E. GREGORY D-3 AUBREY S. HARLOW, JR D-3 VAN K. HEELY D-3 WILLIAM J. HELSABECK D-4 FIFTH ROW VERNON S. NICHOLSON, JR. ... D-4 JACOB A. PEARCE D-2 OSCAR R. PEARCE D-4 WOODROW W. POSS D-4 WILLIAM H. PRICE D-4 AUBREY T. RIVES D-2 FREDERICK C. SHAW D-1 CONWAY W. SMITH D-4 JAMES C. SMITH D-3 JOHN D. STEPHENS D-3 SECOND ROW JAY B. CALDWELL D-3 JACK W. CHEVALIER D-2 CALVIN B. COREY, JR D-3 WILLIAM R. COVINGTON D-4 DAVID B. COX D-3 CLIFTON E. CRANDELL D-1 CECIL A. CREASY D-4 JOHN S. DILDAY D-4 WILLIAM M. DITTO D-3 IRA P. EFIRD, JR D-3 CHARLES L. EUBANK . D-3 FOURTH ROW L. CLIFFORD HORTON D-1 LEWIS D. JOHNSTON, JR D-4 JOHN T. KELLY D-1 HENRY L. KENNETT D-4 HAROLD E. KILLIAM D-2 HAROLD W. LUDVIGSON D-4 WILLIAM L. MAJOR D-1 DAVID H. MARSHALL D-3 WILLIAM B. MASSEY, JR D-2 VAN B. McCARTER D-3 KEMPER McCLOUD, JR D-3 SIXTH ROW WILLIAM A. STOKES D-4 HARDING L. THOMAS D-4 VINCENT S. TILLER D-4 WILLIAM M. WALKER D-4 JOSEPH E. WALLACE D-3 J. GUY WEDDLE, JR D-4 WILLIAM C WILLIAMS D-3 ROY W. WILSON D-3 WILLIAM L. WOLTZ, JR D-4 OFFICERS WILLIAM J. HELSABECK . . Grand Master JAY B. CALDWELL Worthy Master CONWAY W. SMITH Scribe JOHN S. DILDAY Treasurer CARLTON E. GREGORY .... Senior Page VERNON S. NICHOLSON, JR. . Junior Page WOODROW W. POSS Historian JACOB A. PEARCE Tyler ♦ P)ELTA SIGMA DELTA, National Dental i-S Fraternity, was founded at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1882. Omicron Omicron Chapter was established at the Medical College of Virginia in 1931. w. s I Ifc,: V 1 - 9[£ tot LJ ■(154 } Kappa Psi OFFICERS ERNEST C. SPITLER, JR Regent WALTER H. JORDAN, JR. . . . Vice-Regent CHARLES J. ASHBY Secretary THEDFORD L. WARDEN Treasurer JOHN E. TIMBERLAKE, JR. ... Historian LESTER F. LINTHICUM Chaplain l APPA PSI, National Pharmaceutical l Fraternity was founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1879. Theta Chap- ter was organized here the same year. It is the endeavor of Theta Chapter to advance the profession of pharmacy, both in college and after graduation, and to direct our aim toward high ideals by cultivating good personality and social improvement, and by observing good pro- fessional and business ethics. FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW RANDOLPH L. ARTHUR . P-4 ERVIN P. BROOKS . . . P-3 C RHEA HOUCHINS . . P-3 CHARLES J. ASHBY P-3 WILLIAM B. BROWN P-2 RICHARD D. HUDSON . P-4 JOHN ATKINSON, JR. P-3 THOMAS E. BRUCE, JR. . . P-4 EDWARD E. HUGHES . . P-4 WALTER P. BAILEY ... P-4 JOHN H. COLEMAN, JR. P-2 GREER P. JACKSON . . P-2 M. LEE BAKER P-4 WILLIAM H. CONRAD . . P-2 WILLIAM G. JACKSON . . P-4 GRAHAM J. BARKLEY P-4 ROBERT E. CREGER ... P-3 W. GRAySON JONES . . P-3 HAROLD R. BARR P-3 JACKSON L. ELLIS ... P-2 WALTER H. JORDAN, JR. . P-3 FLOyD F. BENNETT . P-2 GEORGE E. FORESMAN . . P-2 JOHN C. KIRKPATRICK, JR. P-4 JOSEPH A. BINFORD . P-2 MILLSON S. FRENCH . . . P-2 ANDREW K. KITTINGER P-4 THOMAS C. BISHOP . P-4 BERNARD T. HARLOW, JR. P-2 JAMES P. LAMAR .... P-2 CHARLES S. BOyETTE . P-3 WILLIAM E. HEMBy . . P-4 W. C. LAMBERT . . . P-3 BIU_y J. BRAy P-2 BEVERLY K. HORNSBy . . P-2 ROBERT G. LAYMAN . P-4 FOURTH ROW FIFTH ROW SIXTH ROW ROBERT V. LESTER .... P-3 ROBERT H. PICCOLO . . P-2 GEORGE E. SURBER ... P-2 HARRy P. LEWEy P-3 PAUL K. PICKERING, JR. P-4 WALLACE B. THACKER . . P-4 LESTER F. LINTHICUM - . P-4 MACEy T. PRIDGEN . . P-4 DOUGLAS M. THOMAS P-4 JAMES L. LOWMAN, JR. . P-3 CHARLES T. RECTOR . P-2 JOHN E. TIMBERLAKE, JR. P-3 DALTON E. McCOy . . P-3 THOMAS J. ROBERTSON P-3 THEDFORD L. WARDEN . P-3 JOHN S. McFALL, JR. . P-4 GEORGE E. RICK P-2 EARLE B. WATKINS .... P-2 JIMMy L. McNEELY . . P-2 THOMAS E. RORRER, JR. P-2 EUGENE V. WHITE . . . P-4 CHARLES MANGANO . P-2 GEORGE W. SEWELL . . . P-4 HIRAM H. WHITEHEAD, JR. P-4 JOHN J. MINAHAN, JR. . P-4 HAYNES L. SHELHORSE P-4 SAMUEL W. WILKINSON . P-4 ROy A. MOON P-4 MAyNARD H. SHELTON, JR. P-2 PERCy H. WILLSON, JR. . P-2 HUGH A. MORSE .... P-4 ROGER A. SMITH .... P-4 CHARLES A. WORNOM P-3 EARL M. PERRy P-3 ERNEST C. SPITLER, JR. . . P-4 {155} Phi Beta Pi FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW WILLIAM B. ADAMS M-4 ROBERT C COWAN, JR. M-4 JOHN J. GLICK .... M-4 BENJAMIN N. ANDERSON M-2 P. WINSTON COWHERD M-3 JOHN M. GRUBB M-3 CHARLES BOATRIGHT M-1 WILLIAM V, CRABTREE . M-4 WARREN C, HAGOOD . M-1 COURTNEy C. BOWEN . M-3 MARTEL J. DAILEY . . . M-3 WARD HARSHBARGER M-4 HOYLE E. BOWMAN M-1 PRESTON DAVIS .... M-3 LEWIS B. HASTY .... M-3 WALTER M. BRADY . . . M-3 ALBERTO M. DOMINGUEZ M-4 J. WILLIAM HESEN . M-4 DAVID M. BRILLHART M-2 CHANNING L. EWING . M-2 CLARENCE HICKS . . . M-3 J. HERBERT BRITTON . . M-3 ALLAN L. FORBES . . . M-1 WILLIAM J. HOTCHKISS M-3 J. DAVID BROWN . . . M-3 CALVIN FRAZIER .... M-3 JUAN F. JIMENEZ . . . M-2 JOHN E. BRYANT . . M-2 DORSEY C. GAMSJAGER M-4 CARSON M. KEYS . . . M-2 RALPH B. BURNER . . . M-3 WILLIAM N. GEE .... M-1 H. REESE LITTLE, JR. . M-3 IRA CONNOLLY. JR. . . M-4 J. WILLIAM GIESEN . . M-2 LEROY S. McDANIEL . . M-1 FOURTH ROW FIFTH ROW SIXTH ROW V. ARCHER MARKS . . . M-3 CHARLES RANDOLPH M-3 JOHN M. STONEBURNER M-4 ARTHUR J. MARTIN M-3 ROBERT A. REPASS . . . M-3 CHARLES C SWECKER . M-1 HARVEY A. MARTIN . . M-4 CARL J. RONCAGLIONE M-3 CHARLES THEDIECK . . M-1 HOMER D. MARTIN M-3 JOHN B. ROSE, JR. M-4 JESSE M. TUCKER .... M-3 GEORGE B. MASSIE . M-1 THOMAS W. SALE, JR. M-2 ALBERT M. VALENTINE M-3 JOSEPH MATHIAS . . . M-3 E. D. SHACKLEFORD . . M-2 H. CHARLES WALKER, JR. M-3 BROOKE M. MOFFETT M-3 LEE W. SHAFFER .... M-4 WILLIAM G. WAY . . M-1 HARRY L. MUNSON . . M-2 WILLIAM A. SHELTON M-2 THOMAS H. WEBB . . . M-1 DONALD S. MYERS . . . M-4 LAWRENCE O. SNEAD, JR. M-4 WOODROW WREN . . . M-1 ROSS ORR, JR M-1 RICHARD C, SNOW . . M-2 ROBERT M. PHILLIPS . . M-3 RIXEY SOUTHALL, JR. . M-1 ANGELO 1. PORTELLA . M-3 OFFICERS HARVEY A. MARTIN Archon H. REECE LITTLE, JR V,ce-Archon ROBERT C. COWAN, JR Secretary CARL J. RONCAGLIONE .... Treasurer DONALD S. MYERS Historian P. WINSTON COWHERD Editor LEE W. SHAFFER, JR. . . Honored Guardian JESSE M. TUCKER, JR Chaplain ♦ nHI BETA PI, National Medical Fra- r TERNITY, was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1891. The Phi Psi Chapter was organized at the Medical College of Virginia in 1901. There are now forty active chapters throughout the nation with over fifteen thousand alumni on the rolls. i •{156 Phi Chi ilk fflMU i i n ri r» nfli h llaii i H ' Aft ! OFFICERS PAXTON P. POWERS President A. E. HARRIS, JR Vice-President W. B. McCUTCHEON, JR. ... Secretary G. O. SHIPP Treasurer R. O. BURNS Editor ♦ JHE PHI CHI Medical was bunded at I the University of Vermont in 1889. Theta Eta, the organization ' s fourth chap- ter, was established at the Medical College of Virginia in 1904. Phi Chi is the largest national and in- ternational medical fraternity both as regards chapters and total membership. FIRST ROW SIMEON ADAMS ... NICHOLAS I. ARDAN THOMAS AYRES .... HUBERT BATTEN .... HENRY BELCHER .... WILLIAM BERRY .... WYNDHA M BLANTON HAROLD BOONE . . . JOHN BOS DAVID BRANCH .... ROBERT BURNS ROBERT CAUTHORNE GENE CLAPSADDLE . FOURTH ROW RAYMOND HOOKER AUBREY A. HOUSER HARRY H. HOWREN EDWARD IRBY . . . WILLIAM D. IRVINE EDWARD P. JONES . JACK LAWSON . . EDWARD A. LEWIS . WILLIAM B. McCUTCHEON JOHN R. McDONOUGH . JOSEPH F. McGUIRE . . . FRANCIS H. McMULLAN . ELMA A. MORGAN . . . M-1 M-4 M-4 M-3 M-2 M-3 M-4 M-3 M-3 M-2 M-2 M-4 M-2 M-1 M-3 M-2 M-1 M-3 M-3 M-2 M-3 M-2 M-2 M-3 M-3 M-4 SECOND ROW DAVID CLARK . . KENNETH CLARK . JOHN COOGLE . WILLIAM A. COOK KENNETH CRIPPEN EDWARD CURRIE . JOHN S. DARDEN ALBERT DICKSON . JOHN L. FAIRLY . DAVID C. FORREST EARL FOX .... POWELL G. FOX . JOHN D. FRENCH FIFTH ROW WILLIAM E. NEWBY . . JAMES L. NORTHINGTON MATHEW E. OKEEFE . LEVI OLD WILMER G. OLIPHANT THOMAS P. OVERTON ANDREW J. PASQUALE JOHN W. POWELL PAXTON P. POWERS STUART RAGLAND . HARVEY RAWLS . . JOHN REBMAN, III . GEORGE RITCHIE . . WILLIAM W. TRIGG . . . M-2 PHIL E. TRIMMER M-2 THOMAS W. TURNER . . . M-2 DAVID TYLER M-2 SEVENTH ROW WILLIAM P. WAGNER . . JOHN W. WATSON . . . LOUIS R. WILKERSON . . . M-3 M-4 M-4 M-3 M-2 M-3 M-3 M-3 M-3 M-4 M-1 M-2 M-3 M-3 M-3 M-4 M-3 M-3 M-2 M-4 M-4 M-4 M-4 M-2 M-1 M-4 M-4 M-1 M-2 THIRD ROW R. FINLEY GAYLE . . . CHARLES M. GARRETT ROBERT GIBSON WILLIAM C. GILL HARVEY GOODE O. T. GRAHAM ROBERT GROVES JAMES K. HALL CARROLL S. HAMILTON ANDREW E. HARRIS NORMAN N. HILL . . WILLIAM E. HOLLADAY JAMES R. HOLSINGER SIXTH ROW RICHARD O. ROGERS THOMAS C. ROYER RALPH M. SCOn GEORGE O. SHIPP . PAUL E. SHUTTS . . JOSEPH A. SMITH . CHARLES G. SPIVEY PETER W. SQUIRE . . THOMAS P. STRATFORD GRADY STRICKLAND . JAMES R. TARRY . . . WILLIAM B. TARRY . . FRANK Q. WINGFIELD ROBERT F. WILLIS . . . JAMES E. WOTRING MELVIN E. YEAMANS M-3 M-4 M-2 M-2 M-2 M-1 M-1 M-4 M-2 M-3 M-3 M-2 M-4 M-2 M-4 M-4 M-3 M-3 M-4 M-3 M-2 M-1 M-2 M-1 M-4 M-2 M-3 M-3 M-2 157 Phi Delta Chi FIRST ROW HENRY ADDINGTON CARL E. BAIN O. C. BAYNE GILBERT BLANKINSHIP JACK CARSON HARRY CASH HENRY CHAPPELL . . . ROBERT CHRISTOPHER CHARLES COUNTS .... WILLIAM CRICKENBERGER THIRD ROW thomas holland george janosik . alton jessee . . sam ketron . . wallace klein elbert lipps . . clyde lyle . . . willard lyle . samuel mason william McAllister FRED SARVER . . ray scon SYLVESTER SINK JOHN TABB ' - SECOND ROW P-3 MILLS DOYLE . . P-3 P-3 MARCE DUNN P-4 P-3 LINWOOD J. FRENCH P-4 P-2 ROBERT GILLESPIE P-3 P-4 BOYD GLOVER ... P-3 P-3 RUDOLPH GURLEY P-2 P-3 ROBERT HALE P-3 P-2 DANIEL HAMILTON P-3 P-3 RICHARD HARGIS P-4 P-2 WALTER HOFFMAN ... P-4 FOURTH ROW P-3 RUFUS E. MILLER P-4 P-4 EDWIN MYRICK P-4 P-2 NICK N ICHOLAS P-2 P-3 PAUL OREBAUGH P-2 P-3 WILLIAM B. POLAND, JR. P-4 P-3 BENJAMIN POWELL P-3 P-3 JACK PROCTOR .... P-2 P-2 U. B. PUCKETT ... P-4 P-3 ROBERT ST. CLAIR P-3 P-3 EUGENIO SANTAELLA P-2 FIFTH ROW P-2 IRVIN TATUM P-2 P-4 HARLEY A. TOMEY P-4 P-2 WILLIAM WHITE ... P-2 P-3 JAMES A. WICKLINE P-4 OFFICERS LINWOOD J. FRENCH Worthy Chief Counsellor CARL E. BAIN . . . Worthy Vice-Counsellor WILLIAM B. POLAND, JR. Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals HARLEY A. TOMEY . Worthy Keeper of Finance CHARLES COUNTS Worthy Prelate JAMES A. WICKLINE . . . Master at Arms RUFUS E. MILLER Inner Guard ♦ A LPHA DELTA CHAPTER, a member of f Phi Delta Chi, National Fraternity of Pharmacy and Chemistry, was activated at the Medical College of Virginia on March 20, 1925, and was active until February, 1934. Recognizing the need for another fraternity for the School of Pharmacy, a group of ten men re-activated the Alpha Delta Chapter on September 16, 1948, under the leadership of E. J. Hicks. Phi Delta Chi had eighteen chapters and fivegraduatechapters located through- out the United States. 4158} Phi Delta Epsilon OFFICERS ALLAN M LINGER STANLEY N. COHEN . . . YALE H ZIMBER Vice-Consul WILLIAM M. BANGEL . . . ABRAHAM L. NEWMAN . . Chancellor Historian ♦ FIRST ROW SECOND ROW WILLIAM M. BANGEL .... M-4 ABRAHAM L. NEWMAN . M-3 LEONARD C. CANTOR . .... M-2 LARENCE C. ROSENBERG . . M-1 STANLEY N. COHEN . . .... M-3 MALCOLM L. ROSENBLATT . . . . M-1 MERLE B. DAVIS .... M-3 HERBERT L. RUBEN M-2 JEROME S. GROSS . . . . . . . M-2 LEO F. SHERMAN M-4 BERNARD H. MILLER . .... M-2 DONALD G. SIEGEL . M-4 HHI DELTA EPSILON, a National Medi- I cal Fraternity, was founded at Cornell University in 1904. The Alpha Mu Chapter was established at the Medical College of Virginia in 1924. There are forty-four chapters and twen- ty-two graduate clubs in the United States and Canada. THIRD ROW ALLAN M. UNGER M-4 ALBERT J. WASSERMAN M-3 HERBERT L. WEINBERG M-2 JULIAN WEINSTEIN M-3 YALE H. ZIMBERG .... . M-3 ELLIS W. ZUCKERMAN M-1 { 159 Phi Gamma Epsilon OFFICERS BARBARA POWELL President WANDA HARRELL Vice-President MARGARET POLLARD Secretary NORMA JEAN DAVIS Treasurer VIRGINIA LINTHICUM Historian FIRST ROW ELIZABETH JEAN BAGWELL . . . . P-2 NORMA JEAN DAVIS P-3 WANDA HARRELL P-4 MARJORIE LEE HODGES P-2 VIRGINIA LINTHICUM P-3 NANCY LEE MILLER P-3 SECOND ROW MARY LOU MOTLEY P-1 MARGARET ANN POLLARD P-4 BARBARA POWELL P-4 SANDRA SCHNEIDER . . P-2 KATHRYN V. SCOTT P-4 ♦ PHI GAMMA EPSILON, a local organ- l ization for women in the School of Pharmacy, was founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1945. It succeeded Delta Kappa Phi which was organized here three years previously. SPONSOR CAROLINE GOODE M ci •{160 Psi Omega OFFICERS JOHN J. SALLEY Grand Master DEWEY H. BELL Junior Master JAMES E. RAYHORN Secretary HARRY W. FORE, JR Treasurer S. GUY HALL Chaplain JOHN H. GOODE, JR Historian ♦ THE PSI OMEGA, a National Dental I Fraternity, was founded in 1892 at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Gamma Omicron was established at the Medical College of Virginia in 1908. FIRST ROW LOUIS E. ALEXANDER D-4 WILLIAM J. ARTRIP D-3 DEWEY H. BELL . , D-2 JAMES W. BRADSHAW D-2 JOSEPH B. BRAGASSA, JR D-3 RUDOLPH H. BRUNI D-3 LEIGH C. BUDWELL D-4 FRANK A. CAVEDO, JR D-2 WILLIAM A. COLEMAN D-3 ALLEN T. DAVIS, JR D-4 THIRD ROW ALEXANDER W. HODGES D-3 ROBERT L. HOPKINS, JR D-2 JAMES T. JONES, JR D-3 THOMAS E. KING D-4 MALCOLM B. LACY, JR D-4 MAX D. LARGENT D-4 THOMAS O. LAYMAN D-2 VIRGIL H. MARSHALL D-4 WILLIAM G. MARTIN D-3 LAWRENCE G. MATHEWS D-4 SECOND ROW BRUCE H. DONALD D-2 WILLIAM M. DUNCAN D-2 JAMES J. ELLIOTT D-2 EUGENE H. ESKEY, JR D-3 HARRY W. FORE, JR D-2 GERALD Q. FREEMAN D-2 JOHN H. GOODE, JR D-2 CARLYLE GREGORY D-3 KENNETH S. GUSLER D-2 S. GUY HALL D-2 FOURTH ROW WILLIAM B. MAY D-2 HERMAN M. MIDKIFF D-3 THOMAS W. PETERSON D-3 CORNELIUS H. RAMSEY D-4 JAMES E. RAYHORN D-2 JOHN M. REYNOLDS D-3 CLAUDE D. RICHARDSON D-4 ELDRED H. ROBINSON, JR D-2 LEWIS T. ROGERS D-3 WALLACE C ROWE D-2 FIFTH ROW JOHN J. SALLEY D-3 EARL W. WARD D-4 JAMES V. STEPP D-3 ROBERT M. WITHERS D-2 GEORGE S. TATE, JR D-2 HUGH O. WRENN D-4 CURTIS P. WAGNER D-2 EDWARD K. WRIGHT D-4 { 161 } Theta Kappa Psi FIRST ROW EARL D. ALLARA M-4 WILLIAM M. ATKINS M-2 ROBERT F. BARBE M-1 RUSSELL U. BOWERS M-4 HERMAN W. BRUBAKER M-1 THORNTON R. CLEEK M-4 THOMAS J. CONATY M-3 ALVIN E. CONNER M-1 JAMES F. CROSBY M-1 JOSEPH E. GARDNER M-1 WILLIAM W. GILLESPIE M-4 THIRD ROW WILLIAM H. JOHNSON M-4 ERNEST J. KEFFER, JR M-3 HAROLD W. KIMMERLING . . . M-1 KEITH E. KINSEY M-2 THOMAS L. LARGEN M-4 MOIR G. MARTIN M-1 ELLIS F. MAXEy M-2 GARNETT B. MONEYMAKER . M-3 ROBERT C. MOORE M-4 ROBERT A. MORTON M-2 HAROLD W. MILLER M-3 SECOND ROW RICHARD K. GREENBANK WILLIAM C GRIGSBy FREDERICK T. GIVEN . LUTHER J. HAMLETT . THOMAS B. HEDRICK ERNEST C. HERMAN . JOSEPH H. HOGE FARRAR W. HOWARD ROBERT C HUGHES ROBERT C HUDGENS WILLIAM S. JENNINGS M-3 M-3 M-1 M-3 M-4 M-1 M-4 M-1 M-4 M-1 M-3 FOURTH ROW JOHN W. PAINTER M-4 FORREST E. PEELER M-4 NORMAN C. RATLIFFE M-1 CHARLES W. RICHARDSON M-1 JOHN E. SMITH M-4 RICHARD C. SMITH M-1 WALTER J. STANFORD .... M-1 PAUL A. TANNER M-1 TERRY F. TANNER M-1 RAYMOND J. THABET M-1 FIFTH ROW NORMAN R. TINGLE M-3 JOE W. TRENT M-3 HUBERT G. TOMLINSON M-3 HAROLD T. TURNER M-3 PAUL E. TOTTEN M-3 JAY N. WEMPLE . M-4 CHARLES J. TOWNSEND M-1 PHILIP J. WINN ' M-4 THOMAS R. TRAVIS M-2 OFFICERS JOSEPH H. HOGE Pryton G. B. MONEYMAKER Vice-Pryton JOE W. TRENT Recorder ERNEST J. KEFFER Bursar THOMAS B. HEDRICK Historian THOMAS J. CONATY Chaplain ♦ THETA KAPPA PSI, National Medical ' Fraternity, was founded at the Medical College of Virginia in 1879. Beta, the original chapter, was organized at that time. " q 3 a { 162 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATIO STUDENT BRANCH George Sewell OFFICERS ROY A. MOON President GEORGE W. SEWELL .... Vice-President RANDOLPH L. ARTHUR Secretary B. K. HORNSBY Treasurer CHARLES A. WORNOM .... Historian ♦ " THE STUDENT BRANCH of the Ameri- ' can Pharmaceutical Association was established at the Medical College of Virginia with some twenty charter mem- bers in March, 1942. The organization has continued to increase its numbers, and now has over ninety members. HENRY W. ADDINGTON, JR. RANDOLPH L. ARTHUR, JR. . JOHN ATKINSON, JR. . . . ELIZABETH J. BAGWELL . . WALTER P. BAILEY M. LEE BAKER GRAHAM J. BARKLEY . . HAROLD R. BARR O. C. BAYNE, JR FLOYD F. BENNETT JODIE A. BINFORD THOMAS C. BISHOP . . . . BILLY J. BRAY THOMAS E. BRUCE, JR. . . HARRY E. CASH CARL R. CHRISTENSEN . . . WILLIAM C. COMBS . . . . JAMES C. CORNELL . . . . CHARLES COUNTS WILLIAM E. CRICKENBERGER SAMUEL W. CUNDIFF . . . . MARCE O. DUNN JACKSON L. ELLIS GEORGE E. FORESMAN . . . LINWOOD J. FRENCH . . . MILLSON S. FRENCH . . . . ROBERT G. GILLESPIE . . . . MARVIN H. GOLDSTEIN . . R. F. HALE WILLIAM R. HALE WANDA E. HARRELL . . . . MARJORIE L. HODGES . . . MARY M. HOOPER BEVERLY K. HORNSBY . . . EDWARD E. HUGHES, JR. . . GREER P. JACKSON . . . . WILL IAM G. JACKSON . . . GEORGE J. JANOSIK . . . . ALTON E. JESSEE WILLIAM G. JONES . . . . WALTER H. JORDAN, JR P-3 SOL S. KESSLER JOHN C. KIRKPATRICK, JR. . . ANDREW K. KITTINGER .... RUSSELL A. KRANTZ JAMES P. LAMAR ROBERT G. LAYMAN MEMBERS P-3 ROBERT V. LESTER P-3 P-4 HARRY P. LEWEY P-3 P-3 LESTER F. LINTHICUM P-4 P-2 VIRGINIA A. LINTHICUM P-3 P-4 WILLARD E. LYLE P-2 P-4 CHARLES MANGANO P-2 P-4 GORDON F. MARTENS P-3 P-3 CALVIN M. MASSIE P-3 P-3 DALTON E. McCOY P-3 P-2 JAMES L. McNEELY P-2 P-2 NANCY L. MILLER P-3 P-4 ROY A. MOON P-4 P-2 KATHERINE V. MOORE P-2 P-4 HUGH A. MORSE, JR P-4 P-3 MARY L. MOTLEY P-1 P-4 EDWIN A. MYRICK P-4 P-1 CALVIN ORCUTT P-3 P-4 EARL M. PERRY P-3 P-3 PAUL K. PICKERING, JR P-4 P-2 WILLIAM B. POLAND, JR P-4 P-1 MARGARET A. POLLARD P-4 P-4 BARBARA J. POWELL P-4 P-2 EAMES A. POWERS P-1 P-2 BEATRICE M. RICE P-2 P-4 GUY B. RICE, JR P-1 P-2 HERMAN M. ROBBINS P-2 P-3 M. BLAIR ROBERTSON P-2 P-4 SANDRA J. SCHNEIDER P-2 P-3 HERBERT L. SCHWAB P-3 P-2 RAY C SCOTT, JR P-4 P-4 JAMES A. SELPH, JR P-1 p " 2 GEORGE W. SEWELL P-4 p " 2 MAYNARD H. SHELTON, JR P-2 p -2 GERALD M. STAHL P-3 p " 4 GEORGE E. SURBER P-2 P-2 JOHN M. TABB P-3 P-4 WILLIAM E. TANT P-2 P-4 LOKIE L. VOIGHT P-2 P-2 THEDFORD L. WARDEN P-3 P-3 CHARLES E. WEBBER, JR P-1 EUGENE V. WHITE P-4 P-2 WILLIAM F. WHITE, JR P-2 p -4 HIRAM H. WHITEHEAD, JR P-4 P-4 JAMES A. WICKLINE P-4 P-2 PERCY H. WILLSON P-2 P-2 FRANK T. WOODWARD P-4 P-4 JAMES S. WOODWARD, JR P-4 •{163 } ENTAL STUDENTS ' SOCIETY First Row: Covington, Coleman, Bell Second Row: Sydnor, Dilday, Russell, Salley Third Row: Bradshaw, May, Kelley, Adams ♦ OFFICERS WILLIAM R. COVINGTON, JR. , . President WILLIAM A. COLEMAN . . Vice-President DEWEY H. BELL, JR. . . Secretary-Treasurer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES D-4 JAMES W. BRADSHAW, III ... . . D-2 D-2 . . D-3 J. T. KELLEY D-1 . D-1 DR. P. J. MODEJESKI . Advisor THE DENTAL STUDENTS ' SOCIETY was organized ' in its present form in the fall of 1946 with the aim of promoting scholarship and professionalism among the members of the dental student body. The officers of the Society and two representatives from each class form an Executive Committee whose function it is to deal with matters of importance con- cerning the program of the Society and student activities of the School of Dentistry. Membership is open to all students in the School of Dentistry and a student membership in the American Dental Association is encouraged by the Society. Through the guidance and help of our advisor, Dr. Modjeski, the Society has reached its peak in member- ship and activities. Two highlights of the Society were the student, " Faculty Take Off, " and the annual Dental Students ' Society Picnic. These events, sponsored by the Society, provided much gaiety and laughter. •{164 ORTAR A PESTLE CLU Wanda Harrell Sandra OFFICERS EARL M. PERRY President WALLACE B. THACKER . . . Vice-President WANDA E. HARRELL Secretary ERWIN P. BROOKS Treasurer SANDRA J. SCHNEIDER . Historian and Reporter THE MORTAR AND PESTLE CLUB had its beginning ' during the school year, 1908-09, when a small group of students of the Department of Pharmacy of the Uni- versity College of Medicine met together and formed a fraternity organization. After the amalgamation, in 1913, of the University College of Medicine and the Medical College of Virginia, the group was known as the Pharmaceutical Association of the Medical College of Virginia. Later the name was changed to the Mortar and Pestle Club. Its prime purpose is to offer programs which, although not covered in the school curricula, give the student an insight of what is ahead of him in his field of endeavor and increase his professional relations in such a way that he wili know more about and create an interest in other fields of science and health, to the end that the professional man will become more interested in the student and in pharmacy. {165 OFFICERS MRS. H. W. LUDVIGSON President MRS. WARD HARSHBARGER, JR. Vice-President MRS. DONALD G. SIEGEL Treasurer MRS. JOSEPH A. SMITH Medical Secretary MRS. J. GUy WEDDLE, JR. Dental Secretary THE DAMES CLUB OFFICERS MRS. ROY A. MOON Medical College of Virginia Chapter NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY DAMES SPONSORS MRS. EDWARD S. RAY, Medical MRS. HUME POWELL, Dental MRS. R. 8LACKWELL SMITH, Pharmacy i 11 WHlPfi p s J7£J l m V I X u iii X J. A i y DAMES PICTURED Vlesc omej: HENRY W. ADDINGTON NICHOLAS I, ARDAN, JR GEORGE E. ARRINGTON, JR WILLIAM M. ATKINS GRAHAM J. BARKLEY STUART A. BARKSDALE THOMAS C. BISHOP WYNDHAM B. BLANTON RALPH H. BOONE ELAM W. BOSWORTH RUSSELL V. BOWERS DAVID M. BRILLHART HERBERT BRITTON . GEO. M. BULLARD HENRY W. CHAPPELL THORNTON R. CLEEK KENNETH E CONNER CHARLES COUNTS . ROBERT M. COUNTS CADE COVINGTON W. R. COVINGTON . WM. E. CRICINKBERGER KENNETH D. CRIPPEN ALBERTO M. DONINGUEZ BRUCE H. DONALD, JR. JACKSON L. ELLIS CHARLES J. EUBANK JAMES D. FABER . . M-4 M-3 M-2 P-4 D-2 P-2 M-4 M-3 M-2 M-4 M-2 M-3 M-4 P-3 M-4 M-4 D-4 P-2 M-2 M-4 D-2 DONALD F. FLETCHER, JR. CHARLES M. GARRETT, JR RICHARD K GREENBANK W. C. GRIGSBY, JR. . . JOHN M. GRUBB . . . KENNETH S. GUSLER WARD HARSHBARGER, JR LEWIS B. HASTY . . RUSSELL E. HERRING, JR. NORMAN L. HILLIARD JOSEPH H. HOGE . . WILLIAM J. HOTCHKISS W. G. JACKSON . . . ROBERT M. JAMISON . E. PAUL JONES .... H. L. KENNETT .... ANDREW K. KITTINGER WALLACE S. KLEIN . H. W. LUDVIGSON ROBERT J. MAHANES WILLIAM L. MAJOR VIRGIL H. MARSHALL ARTHUR J. MARTIN . L. G. MATHEWS . JOSEPH E. MATHIAS ROY A. MOON . . M-3 SAMUEL S. MORRISON, JR. . M-1 M-4 MAURY C. NEWTON, JR. . . M-2 M-3 V. S. NICHOLSON .... D-4 M-3 MATHEW E. OKEEFE, JR. . . M-4 M-3 BERNARD L. PATTERSON . . . M-2 D-1 FORREST E. PEELER . M-4 M-4 BEN W. POWELL P-3 M-3 PAXTON POWERS . M-4 M-4 MACEY T. PRIDGEN, JR. . . P-4 P-1 LUKE RADER . M-4 M-4 ROBERT A. REPASS .... . M-3 M-3 FREDERICK C. SHAW .... D-1 P-4 ROBERT D. SHREVE .... . M-4 M-4 DONALD G. SIEGEL .... . M-4 M-3 JOSEPH A. SMITH .... . M-4 D-4 ARCHIE C. STANTON . . . . M-4 P-4 JOHN D. STEPHENS .... D-3 P-3 WM. J. SWEENEY D-1 D-4 W. P. SYDNOR D-4 D-1 VINCENT S. TILLER .... D-4 D-1 P AUL E. TOTTEN . M-3 D-4 CHARLES J. TOWNSEND . . M-1 M-3 H. CHARLES WALKER, JR. . . M-3 D-4 WILLIAM M. WALKER . . . D-4 M-3 J. G. WEDDLE, JR D-4 JAMES A. WICKLINE NOT PICTURED R. W. ADAMS R. P. BENDALL LEIGH BUDWELL, JR. . . . CECIL A. CREASY ED. W. CURRIE PRESTON C DAVIS .... WM. B. FITZHUGH .... M. S. FRENCH R. P. FULTZ JOHN T. GLICK R. F. HALE VAN K. HEELY WM. E. HEMBY T. H. HOLLAND CHAS. MANGANO ... R. E. MILLER M. E. NEWBY JOHN W. PAINTER .... CARL J. RONCAGLIONE LEE W. SHAFFER, JR. O P. SMITH GEO. E. SURBER FERMIN A. TOVAR . THOS. W. TURNER .... JAY N. WEMPLE ROBT. F. WILLIS PHILIP J. WINN D-1 P-3 D-4 D-4 M-3 M-3 D-4 P-2 D-3 M-4 P-3 D-3 M-3 M-4 M-3 M-4 M-2 M-4 M-3 M-4 ' Dames Dieting " ' The Pres. Has A Word or Two " 1950 X-RAY TEA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: John Timberlake, Assistant Pharmacy School Editor; George Arrington, Fraternity Editor; Jay N. Wemple, Medical School Editor; Stuart Ra gland, Assistant Art Editor and Editorial Advisor; Charles Randolph, Business Manager,- Lawrence Snedden, Photographer; Lee Baker, Assistant Photographer. Back Row: William McAllister, Sports Editor, ----, Robert Phillips, Assistant Business Manager; Ellen Roane Swetnam, Nursing School Editor; Walter Bailey, Pharmacy School Editor; Luke R. Rader, Editor-in-Chief; Billy Bray, Photographer; Van K. Heely, Dental School Editor and Art Editor. In Appreciation Others, not pictured, who gave valuable assistance, inspiration, and encouragement are: Mr. J. R. McCauley, Secretary-Treasurer, M.C.V.; Miss Thelma Hoke, 5ecrefary to President Sanger; Mr. Melvin Shaffer, M.C.V. Director of Visual Education; Mrs. Helen Seller, Director, Alumni Fund, Miss Louise Von Levern, Secretary to General Thompkins; Mr. William Blankenship, Richmond Engraving Company; Mr. John Ruble, Everett Waddey Company; Mr. Fred Minardi, White Studios,- Mr. Marvin Topping, Director of Public Relations, M.C.V.,- Mrs. Dorothy Rader, Copy Typist and Editorial Assistant, and Elane Rader, Copy Typist and Fea- tures ' Assistant. We, of the X-Ray Staff, have hoped by our efforts in this history of the Students of the Medical College and their activities to give you the spirit of . . . " t otw at in ' M i i f ■{167} ■Qutojtaphl ADVERTISEMENTS CHARLES C. HASKELL CO. INCORPORATED " Pharmaceutical Manufacturers RICHMOND, VIRGINIA With Best Wishes to Members of the Graduating Classes •{170 Offices and Plant of Wm. P. Poythress Company, Inc., Richmond, Virginia Manufacturers of " SOLFOTON " " URO-PHOSPHATE " " TCS " " PANALGESIC tCHl J, iltinJi J-ke e l l alU anie tke Lncete t air l i iike ret a ( J— lifetime or -rapvineu, c 4-cco ntvlukntent anJi V Ccvice UJ I L L I Pi m P. C7S .1 " rcru hyteA -4_ Cs. co.. inc. RiCHmono. viRGinia Since 1856 ■{171 } •{172} JOHNSTON- WILLIS HOSPITAL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA i i " i-ti i Tii Tf i :J ! i ; i i VIEW OF HOSPITAL AND NURSES HOME FROM FAMOUS BATTLE ABBEY A Private Hospital Located in a Quiet Resi- dential Section, Overlooking the Grounds of Battle Abbey. Fireproof Construction. Most Modern Equipment. Medical, Surgical, and Obstetrical Depart- ments. Accredited Training School for Nurses. Approved for Training Interns and Residents. 225 Beds, Single and Double Rooms. Reasonable Rates •{173} GRACE HOSPITAL RICHMOND, VIRGINIA hjgl mm ■W ' n hi BL sa .... ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ " . _ Officers A. L. Herring, M.D., President J. A. Rollings, M.D., Vice-President E. T. Trice, M.D., Vice-President T. B. Washington, M.D., Secretary-Treasurer Managing Director Director of Nurses R. H. Thomas Miss Harriette Patteson, R.N. • Our school offers many advantages to those who wish to enter the nursing profession. Complete information furnished upon request. {174 McGUIRE CLINIC ST. LUKE ' S HOSPITAL RICHMOND, VA. M i. jk 1 v ■ ' jf ijH ff: JHkjft L J t?ra@iIfc i- " ' HilnK fefff ' ' [ ' " % xn-J| GU i; glp fci » ln|l||fBlfllift , ii Iff " : . I-ft - - - -ilB ' jJLi rsSJtKM - . . . MEDICAL AND SURGICAL STAFF . . . General Medicine: General Surgery: Obstetrics: James H. Smith, M.D. Webster P. Barnes, M.D. H. C. Spalding, M.D. Hunter H. McGuire, M.D. John H. Reed, Jr., M.D. w - Hughes Evans, M.D. Marga ret Nolting, M.D. John Robert Massie, Jr., M.D. w T M lvr n John P. Lynch, M.D. W. Lowndes Peple, Jr., M.D. y jj q ox m j) W. T. Thompson, Jr., M.D. Wm. H. Harris, Jr., M.D. Ophthalmology: Francis H. Lee, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery: Wm. Tate Graham, M.D. Otolaryngology: Bronchoscopy: Thos. E. Hughes, M.D. George Austin Welchons, M.D James T. Tucker, M.D. Beverley B. Clary, M.D. Roentgenology: Earnest B. Carpenter, M.D. J. Lloyd Tabb, M.D. TT i „ , , n Stuart T. Eisenberg, M.D. Urology: Dental surgery: J Austin I. Dodson, M.D. John Bell Williams, D.D.S. Pathology: Chas. M. Nelson, M.D. Guy R. Harrison, D.D.S. J. H. Scherer, M.D. 1000 WEST GRACE STREET •{175 } POWERS ANDERSON SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS and HOSPITAL SUPPLIES DENTAL INSTRUMENTS EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES HEADQUARTERS, 2 4 SOUTH 5th STREET, RICHMOND, VA. POWERS ANDERSON SURGICAL INSTRUMENT COMPANY, INC. 227 West York Street, Norfolk, Va. POWERS ANDERSON OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC. 58-60 Burke Street, Winston-Salem, N. C. POWERS ANDERSON OF SOUTH CAROLINA, INC. 1318-20 Taylor Street, Columbia, S. C. POWERS ANDERSON DENTAL CO., Inc. 2 SOUTH FIFTH STREET, RICHMOND, VA. Dental Branches (1) 223 West York Street, Norfolk, Va. (2) 10 West Franklin Road, Roanoke, Va. (3) Allied Arts Building, Lynchburg, Va. POWERS ANDERSON DENTAL CO., INC. 301 Liberty Life Building, Charlotte, N. C. •{176 STUART CIRCLE HOSPITAL 413-21 Stuart Circle RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Medicine: Alexander G. Brown, Jr., M.D. Manfred Call, III, M.D. M. Morris Pinckney, M.D. Alexander G. Brown, III, M.D. John D. Call, M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology: Wm. Durwood Suggs, M.D. Spotswood Robins, M.D. Orthopedics: Beverley B. Clary, M.D. Pediatrics: Algie S. Hurt, M.D. Charles P. Mangum, M.D. Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology: W. L. Mason, M.D. Patholog y: Regena Beck, M.D. Bacteriology: Forrest Spindle Surgery: Stuart N. Michaux, M.D. A. Stephens Graham, M.D. Charles R. Robins, Jr., M.D. Carrington Williams, M.D. Richard A. Michaux, M.D. Urological Surgery: Frank Pole, M.D. Oral Surgery: Guy R. Harrison, D.D.S. Roentgenology and Radioing y: Fred M. Hodges, M.D. L. O. Snead, M.D. Hunter B. Frischkorn, Jr., M.D. Physiotherapy: Irma Livesay Director: Charles C. Hough {177} WESTBROOK SANATORIUM RICHMOND, VIRGINIA A Private Sanatorium for the Care and Treatment of Nervous and Mental Disorders, and Those Addicted to Alcohol and Drugs There are twelve buildings for patients, providing accommodations for 130, situated in the midst of 120 acres on the outskirts of Richmond with a home-like atmosphere. A special training school is maintained Department for Men James K. Hall, M.D. (1875-1948) Ernest H. Alderman, M.D. John R. Saunders, M.D. Department for Women Paul V. Anderson, M.D. Rex Blankinship, M.D. Thomas F. Coates, Jr., M.D. ■{178 } lour Future In Peoples Service Drug Stores offer you inval- uable training in pharmacy, store operation and management — whether you plan to seek advancement through the opportunities offered by the chain drug stores or eventually to operate your own drug store. At Peoples you will have the advantages of excellent pay, good working conditions, paid vaca- tions, and business association with qualified leaders in the drug store field while learning the practical aspects of pharmaceutical practice, and the many phases of successful drug store operation and management. Peoples Service Drug Stores 427 EAST BROAD STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Operating 35 Drug Stores in Principal Virginia Cities {179 Compliments of SKULL and BONES GRILL AND SHAIA ' S GRILL { 180 ' OVUJ2L. ICE CREAM { 181 A Prescription for the Doctor For the economic health of young doctors we prescribe our Modified Life Protective Plan. This is the plan for young professional men who at the time of purchase cannot afford to own, on a regular plan, all of the life insurance they need, but who can look forward with reasonable assurance to a good futu re income. Ask a Life of Virginia representative to tell you about the many advantages of the Modified Life Plan. LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA Richmond, Virginia l SM Robert E. Henley Since 1871 Wti£lf 8n President HARRIS DENTAL COMPANY, Inc. Medical Arts Building Medical Arts Building RICHMOND, VA. NORFOLK, VA. ! • ' ORAL HYGIENE MAGAZINE " A monthly dental publication, available to all Dental Students, upon request, with our compliments {182 } ST. ELIZABETH ' S HOSPITAL RICHMOND 20, VIRGINIA STAFF Guy W. Horsley, M.D General Surgery and Gynecology Leroy Smith, M.D Plastic and General Surgery D. Coleman Booker, M. D General Surgery and Gynecology Austin I. Dodson, M.D Urology Douglas G. Chapman, M.D Internal Medicine Elmer S. Robertson, M.D Internal Medicine Fred M. Hodges, M.D Roentgenology L. O. Snead, M.D Roentgenology Hunter B. Frischkorn, Jr., M.D Roentgenology Howell F. Shannon, D.D.S Denial Surgery Helen Lorraine Medical Illustration VISITING STAFF W. K. Dix, M.D Internal Medicine William H. Higgins, M.D Internal Medicine Harry J. Warthen, Jr., M.D Surgery ADMINISTRATION N. E. Pate Business Manager The Operating Rooms and all of the Front Bedrooms are completely Air-Conditioned SCHOOL OF NURSING The School of Nursing is affiliated with THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING for a three months ' course each in Pediatrics and Obstetrics. Address: Director of Nursing Education TUCKER HOSPITAL INCORPORATED Private hospital for neurological and psychiatric patients under the charge of D. Howard R. Masters and Dr. James Asa Shield Residences and Internships Offered in Neurology and Psychiatry Staff Dr. Howard R. Masters Dr. George S. Fultz Dr. James Asa Shield Dr. Amelia G. Wood 212 West Franklin Street Richmond 20, Va. {183} " Don ' t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket " MANY years ago, when a man wished to invest a portion of his earnings in security for the future, there was a proverb which warned him: " Don ' t put all your eggs in one basket! " But today that old proverb has been outmoded with the modern facilities of life insurance. Yes, that ' s one of the fine things about life insurance — a man can " put all his eggs in one basket! " When he has provided for his own and his family ' s financial independence through life in- surance, he is certain of the future, and he can feel free to spend the rest of his income for his own and his family ' s enjoyment. A Home Beneficial agent has a plan to fit your needs and your budget. Let him help you plan a program of security for yourself and your family. Home Beneficial Life Insurance Company, Inc. " The Home of Protection " HOME OFFICE— RICHMOND, VIRGINIA VANPELT BROWN INC ORPORATED Pharmaceutical Chemists Manufacturers of PHARMACEUTICALS ETHICAL PRESCRIPTION SPECIALTIES .-i Laboratories: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 184 J- THE BAUGHMAN COMPANY Printers - Typographers - Lithographers 1418 WEST MARSHALL STREET RICHMOND, VA. •{185 Grant Drug Company, Inc. Prescriptions 610 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia • OPEN ALL NIGHT " The Downtown Prescription Center ' 1 ' ' McCLEARY ' S Good Home Cooked Food One Block From College 1100 East Broad Street " a Aea A foot? PET ICECREAM We Carry A Full Line of Delicious PET ICE [REAM Made ONLY of DAILY FRESH WHOLE MILK and DAILY FRESH SWEET CREAM Taijrfe life -frzetd, $ aMMff £ e Ctet w ou tike it... it ikes you 1108 East Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia •{186 FOR YOUR GOOD HEALTH DRINK RICHMOND DAIRY MILK For " deliriously different " ICE CREAM Try RICHMOND DAIRY or DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM OWENS MINOR DRUG CO INCORPORATED RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Wholesalers of DRUGS, CHEMICALS AND PHARMACEUTICALS Sixty-eight Years of Experience in Serving the Druggists of VIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE For INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES and GROUPS The Society also issues attractive accident policies, including monthly disability income, at low rates to men, women and children. Our Master, All-inclusive, Hospital Expense Policy will pay all of your hospital bills up to $1,000.00 for each separate hospital stay, not exceeding 60 days, for each separate cause. Over 250,000 Virginians have bought policies in this Company since its establishment. Write for full particulars TODAY. NORTH AMERICA ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA, Inc. Home Office — Richmond, Virginia " The South ' s pioneer and Leading Hospitalization Company " {187} Howard Johnson ' s Restaurant 28 Flavors of FAMOUS ICE CREAM • FRIED CLAMS • Two Locations: 110 North 5th Street and End of Chamberlayne Avenue Bus Line RICHMOND, VA. SOMETHING NEW ABOUT MILK Something new has been discovered about the nutritious quality of milk. Science reports today that milk, because of its high protein value, is an important source of nia- cin, a vitamin required by the body for normal health. Working on a four-year research project at the University of Wisconsin under the sponsorship of the National Dairy Council, Dr. Elvehjem and his associates point out that niacin ' s dietary values be- came known in the search for a cure for pellagra, a skin disease with a history of several thousand fa- talities annually, particularly in the southern United States. Patients fed milk improved in health but no one seemed to understand why. More recent research discloses that milk prevents early signs of niacin deficiencies which may occur even in persons who think they are well nourished. The University of Wisconsin study proved that milk, generally thought to be low in niacin con- tent, acquires an abundance of the much-needed vitamin for health from the protein in the milk, through the process of synthesis in the body. Better Milk — Better Health VIRGINIA DAIRY COMPANY " The Home of Better Milk " Richmond, Va. Dial 5-2838 ARNETTE ICE CREAM CO. Manufacturers and Distributors of FINE ICE CREAM 3121 West Broad Street RICHMOND, VA. MEMORIAL INN Delicious HOME COOKED MEALS AND SANDWICHES to meet — A Friendly Place — to eat Television Proprietors Al and Ruth Fadool Phone 3-9662 Congratulations to the Class of ' 50 RICHMOND - PETERSBURG ROANOKE - NEWPORT NEWS CHARLOTTESVILLE and WASHINGTON, D. C. { 188 Hospitality That All America Understands LAFAYETTE PHARMACY 1011 Lafayette Avenue Phone 5-1777 and WESTWOOD PHARMACY INCORPORATED 5605 Patterson Avenue Phone 6-2835 Frames Copy Work Portraits Oil Paintings Candid Weddings Formal Weddings WHITE studio X-RAY PHOTOGRAPHERS 213 East Grace Street Fred Minardi, Manager PHIPPS BIRD, Inc. 303 South 6th Street Richmond, Virginia for microscopes hemacytometers hemoglobinometers ophthalmoscopes otoscopes glassware solutions stains and GENERAL LABORATORY APPARATUS JUST five blocks from the medical college w •(189 Medical Arts Pharmacy Wm. C. Garter Prescriptions SECOND AND FRANKLIN STREETS Phone 3-2723 Richmond, Virginia Physicians ' Apothecary, Inc. Pharmacists Professional Building Phone: 2-8365 What Is a Doctor ' s Investment? In addition to long years of hard work and preparation, it is estimated by one authority that a doctor ' s investment in his profession is approximately 830,000. The doctor ' s investment is unlike that of a business man who can show a tangible business property that can be sold when he wants to retire, or at death, whereas the value of a physician ' s business, except for office equipment and furniture, lies solely in his ability to earn during his earning years. How, then, can a doctor protect his investment for absolute security? The sure way is through ownership of adequate life insurance to safeguard against the two inevitable threats to every man — death or old age. For absolute protection of your investment for future security, buy all the life insurance you can. An Atlantic Life representative will be happy to assist in planning your life insurance estate. Atlantic Life Insurance Co. Richmond, Virginia ' HONESTLY, IT ' S THE BEST POLICY ' BEN PARKER, Florist 202 East Grace Street • Corsages for M. C. V. Students at Special Rates Phone: 3-3056 Nis?ht Calls: 2-0201 { 190 TABB BROCKENBROUGH RAGLAND • Insurance - All Lines • Telephone: 2-6546 1101 E. Main St. Richmond 4, Va. Compliments of VALENTINE COMPANY, INC. AND VALENTINE ' S MEAT-JUICE CO. Manufacturing Chemists 1853 1950 There is, without question, something fundamentally right about a business organization that exists and functions successfully for over 97 years. Cer- tainly, such business continuity is due to fair and ethical dealing and com- plete and intelligent service. STROTHER DRUG CO. Lynchburg, Virginia 1853 1950 Compliments of a Friend { 191 CPC 30 Compliments of RICHMOND DENTAL LABORATORY BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBP Distributors of BAUSCH LOMB PRODUCTS OPHTHALMIC INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS TO THE OPHTHALMIC PROFESSION General Offices: Richmond, Va. Offices Throughout the South to Serve Toil £23 FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY THIS PIONEER WHOLESALE DRUG FIRM HAS SERVED THE DRUGGISTS WHO HAVE GUARDED THE HEALTH OF FIVE GENERATIONS OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES S3 P P S3 P P P P P P P P P g ieS odekerS mg, , P P TAe 1949 X-RAY is bound in a KlNGSCRAFT COVER Manufactured by the KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENN. Compliments of a Friend { 192 Best Wishes to the Members of the Graduating Class RICHMOND ENGRAVING COMPANY INCORPORATED RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Platemakers for the 1950 X-RAY {193 { 194 » l- 1 " » r af.,

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